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Revolution 51 – 12/07/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Then a shot of Long Island Hardcore tossing weapons into the ring.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process. We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Perdition is seen next hitting a spinebuster and Neckbreaker Combo. Then a quick shot of Sinnocence battling Ainsley Lake. Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring. From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Nightmare throwing a striking combo at a helpless opponent… Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Eryk Masters: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Super-imposed over the backdrop of men and women fighting in the ring is the SHOOT Project World Tag Team titles. And faded into the front portion of the titles we see quick clips of the eight teams currently vying for the championship titles on Sky High.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Next seen is the Revolution Championship title. And slightly faded within the front portion of the title is Sinnocence who we see holding the title with a sly seductive grin on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next title that appears on the screen is the Laws of Survival Championship title. Within the belt, we see Cade Sydal standing victorious.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

From there is seen the Iron Fist Championship title. Inside the front portion of the title we see Dan Stein holding the Iron Fist Championship up high over his head.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

And the last image seen is the prestigious SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title. Within the front portion of the title belt you see Jonny Johnson once more holding the title, and the words “HOPE IS ILLUSION” scroll across.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


All the sudden, Revolution kicks off with HUUUUUGE pyro as “Fight Club” explodes over the PA, signaling the entrance and re-introduction of SHOOT Project CEO… Jason Johnson. The crowd comes out of its skin with noise, welcoming the SHOOT CEO back to his domain… his SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: And heeeeere we go. Even I’m excited for this, guys.

Other Guy: I’m giddy. Fucking GIDDY man.

Flash bulbs are going off and the noise just keeps getting higher, as a well dressed, luminous figure in Jason Johnson makes his way down the ring ramp, a big grin across his face. He climbs the stairs into the ring, and takes a microphone from Samantha Coil, kissing her on the cheek as she moves out of the ring.




The chant rings from the Quicken Loans arena all the way down the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, as Jason turns, watching the entirety of the sold out arena welcome him back in true SHOOT Project style.

Jason Johnson: Cleveland MOTHERFUCKING Ohio…


Jason Johnson: Well hellllloooooo to you too. WELCOME TO REVOLUTION. WELCOME TO THE SHOOT PROJECT. Fuck, man. Just… welcome.

Jason begins to walk around the ring.

Jason Johnson: There’s been A LOT of shit going on while I’ve been gone, hasn’t there? Josh went crazy, then he came back. Jonny… fucking… heh. I’m gonna stay away from that. The WHOLE SHOOT PROJECT entered into a state of fucking anarchy, and if my suit, and my fucking fat wallet are any inclination… that state of anarchy means that business was good, and because of that? The SHOOT Project is expanding and doing something that has NEVER been done before. We are taking this promotion, and we’re making it a STAPLE of the Vegas lifestyle.

He smiles.

Jason Johnson: We are introducing the SHOOT Project EPICENTER. Inside this street block will be casinos, other places of business, restaraunts, and of course a brand new, state of the art arena that will make the SHOOT Project experience unique and new to everyone, EVERYWHERE. In short… the SHOOT Project will cement itself as a global fucking phenomenon, and for that, I have to thank you all. So… consider myself humbled.

He makes the ‘bow down’ motion, as the crowd gets even LOUDER.

Jason Johnson: But that’s not all I’m here for, no no. Tonight, marks the date that I return, IN FULL, to the SHOOT Project, and that of course means that some things are going to change. FIRST. The Laws of Survival Championship. There’s been a lot of controversy regarding the old Laws, the new Laws, and whatever we’ve got now, which in all honesty was sort of a transitional thing. That said… I’m going to announce to you all officially, that starting tonight… the Laws of Survival are being reinstated. Cade Sydal and Trey Willett will battle in a LAWS OF CONFINEMENT match. And that?

He laughs.

Jason Johnson: That fucking has me hyped.

The crowd pops.

Jason Johnson: Second order of business… The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. Corazon never lost it. Jester had it, then he lost it. Jonny has it now. I FULLY expect Jester Smiles to exercise his right to a rematch, and I also FULLY expect Adrian Corazon to take his shot, as he is our number one contender, and Jonny Johnson? I’ll only say this about you…

He looks cold, dead into the camera.

Jason Johnson: You better be thanking the fucking gods that I didn’t ALLOW Adrian Corazon to be turned loose on you. I’m not going to lay down an edict, or make a match… YET. I’m going to watch this materialize, and see what happens, but you best rest a-fucking-ssured, Jonny, if you try to pull some bullshit?

He smirks.

Jason Johnson: I WILL intervene.

The crowd pops again!

Jason Johnson: Man, what else is there… Abigail Chase is back (POP.) I’m happy with Eryk Masters in the commentary booth (POP.) OH. RIGHT. The REDEMPTION RUMBLE.


Jason Johnson: The SHOOT Project Soldiers, if they want to, are cordially invited to sign their name up to the Redemption Rumble, in an attempt to become the NEXT number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. IN ADDITION… wrestlers, fighters, and the like from OUTSIDE the SHOOT Project are ALSO invited to test their mettle amongst my soldiers, so no matter WHERE you’re from, all you have to do is give me a call, and I will add your name to the list.

The crowd pops at the possibilities.

Jason Johnson: Y’all are rowdy tonight. Donovan King has already thrown his name into the proverbial hat, and he wants to win this thing fucking BAD. Can you stop him? WILL YOU stop him?

He smirks again.

Jason Johnson: I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

He twirls the microphone in his hand, before continuing.

Jason Johnson: Now then… you all have PLENTY to think about, and I’m not about to take up more time. Understand this. I am BACK. Plain, simple, and factual. With that said… I have but one last thing to add.


“Fight Club” kicks up again, and the Cleveland crowd ushers Jason Johnson from the ring behind the RAUCOUS “WELCOME BACK” chant. He turns to face the fans once more, before disappearing to the back.

Other Guy: HOLY SHIT. It is extremely rare to hear a reaction like that.

Eryk Masters: People LOVE Jason Johnson. They always have. They always will.

Jeff Hansen: I do NOT love Jason Johnson. I don’t like that he basically threatened Jonny Johnson. I don’t like that at all.

Eryk Masters: Right. Anyway. There is a TON of stuff going on here. Laws of Survival… Redemption Rumble… The EPICENTER… and that’s just… that’s future stuff! Let’s kick this show off! Vincent Mallows versus Christopher Davis… coming up NEXT!

"I’m Me" by Lil Wayne blasts into the arena.

Eryk Masters: Well it appears that we are going to have a rare speaking appearance by none other than SHOOT project Hall of Famer Christopher Davis.

Davis appears at the entrance ramp taking a moment to bask in the fan’s adoration. He is already dressed for competition and the fans are on their feet and showing their love.

Jeff Hansen: You know what, Davis just doesn’t seem to be himself lately. Rumor has it that Vincent Mallows has something on Davis. From the way Davis is acting I’m thinking it’s something pretty good.

Other Guy: I’m gonna go ahead and agree that Davis ain’t been himself, but sayin’ Mallows has something good on him? This is life, Jeff, ain’t a game to Davis or any of his loved ones.

Jeff Hansen: Oh listen to you all high and mighty, like you’ve never wanted to know a juicy secret even if it harmed someone. Give me a break.

Davis begins his walk down the ramp, towards the ring. He jumps up on the ring apron and steps through the ropes. He looks around for a microphone to be handed to him. Finally someone hands him one, he pauses a moment to take in the fans for a few seconds more before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Christopher Davis: I tend not to do this too much anymore, so excuse me if I make a few mistakes. See week in and week out people come out here and they tell you what they are going to do to this person and what they are going to do to that person.

They come out here and tell you how much greater they are then that person or the next. They stand out here and attempt to get you all to stand up and either boo or cheer them for their words.

Davis begins shaking his head.

Christopher Davis: But none of that bullshit is real.

He starts walking back and forth in the ring as he speaks.

Christopher Davis: None of that bullshit is real ladies and gentlemen. Don’t get me wrong I’m as guilty as the next person. For years I’ve come out here and told you that I’m better than this person and that person. For years I’ve proclaimed that I’ve fought wars inside this very ring. I’ve told the world that each and every fight I have had in this ring was the single most important thing going on in life at that moment.

He stops walking and stands dead center in the ring.

Christopher Davis: But none of that bullshit was real.

You know what real ladies and gentlemen? What’s real is that a man calls me on the telephone to tell me that he is attempting to remove custody of my son from me.

The fans fall silent.

Christopher Davis: See THAT’S real! The very flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood is being taken from me. Let’s add that to the fact that the very people that helped mold me into the man I have become today have been manipulated into reliving one of the worst moments of their lives.

The very people that raised me, brought me to the point that I am today are being forced to face memories of a tragic event for no other reason than a man’s bruised ego.

You see THAT’S real!

Davis’ words grow more intense with each word.

Christopher Davis: Excuse me if I don’t give a fuck about Jonny’s latest bullshit. Excuse me if I haven’t paid much attention to the failed experiment that was Jester’s title run. And please for the love of fucking God forgive me if I don’t care about Donovan King’s sudden departure from SOL.


What’s real is that Vincent Mallows has gone too far. What’s real is that this man’s ego is taking US on a path that neither one of us will survive. What’s real is that Vincent has decided to put the legacy of Christopher Davis on the line against his very life. Because Vincent make no mistake about it you ARE playing with your life! What happened to you last week, the violence you faced last week was only a small, very small portion of what I have in store for you Vincent.

We cannot come back from this. The legacy of Christopher Davis cannot come back from this. I promise you that I will fight to preserve everything I have worked for but the reality is that the legacy will be tarnished. I will not be able to come back fully from this.

But I fucking promise you that YOU will not come back from this either Vincent! I fucking promise on my very life that you will NOT survive this Vincent and you have no one but yourself to blame.

Where Azraith failed, I fucking promise you I will succeed!

Chris pauses for a moment; he again begins to shake his head.

Christopher Davis: This is not a fucking angle, this is not a game. I’ve heard the whispers; a best of seven series always goes seven matches. People have rolled their eyes and prayed that this doesn’t reach is predictable end.

Trust me ladies and gentlemen when I tell you that if it is in my power this will be over tonight. The powers that be have decided that it be best to keep Vincent and myself away from each other until we actually step into the ring. But once in the ring Vincent…

Davis pauses, he breathes deeply and exhales.

Christopher Davis: If it were in my power Vincent Mallows would breathe his last breath here tonight!

He stares out into the crowd.

Christopher Davis: Ladies and gentlemen please believe that THIS is a REAL as it gets!

Davis drops the microphone; you can almost hear a pin drop in the arena right now as no one quite knows how to react to the words that Davis has spoken. From there he stands in waiting, waiting for his match to begin…


Samantha Coil: The following contest is match number three of the on going BEST OF SEVEN SERIES!

The fans continue to cheer as Christopher Davis paces in the ring now, “I’m Me” still playing.

Eryk Masters: An official welcome to Revolution fifty-one as we are ready to start tonight’s in ring action. Davis already out in the ring after some seriously emotionally driven words and you gotta wonder if they had ANY effect on the cold and calculating Vincent Mallows.

Jeff Hansen: Doubt it.

Davis’s music fades out, leaving just the sound of the sold out Cleveland crowd to accompany the legend and hall of famer.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, already in the ring, and weighing in tonight at 275 pounds… here is CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Davis stops pacing as he focuses his eyes on the entryway. The tension already builds as the lights flicker and then fall into a dim shade of red.


The chant of the Gregorian monks echoes throughout the Quicken Loans arena and as the chanting continues it is joined by a heavy metal guitar rift to create an ominous and driving beat. Vincent Mallows heads out from the back to a loud chorus of boos, something he has become more than used to. His demeanor is unreadable as he looks with cold expression towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 273 pounds… here is VINCENT MALLOWS!!!

Other Guy: Davis wantin’ nothing more than to end this whole ordeal and really I’m with him. If he can make Mallows breathe his final breath inside a SHOOT ring tonight, then more power to him.

Jeff Hansen: You know there is implication in those words that Davis wants to see Mallows dead and…

Eryk Masters: I think it’s the emotion talking, Jeff, so don’t start thinking this is another case for one of Jonny Johnson’s crackpot lawyers.

Jeff Hansen: I’m just saying… it’s an implied threat and if Mallows REALLY wanted this to go his way, he could make it happen.

Mallows slowly walks up the side ring steps, but doesn’t enter just yet. He continues to stare at Davis and Davis is more than ready to pounce into action. However referee Chris Jenkins is yet again on hand to officiate the match and he sees to it that Davis keeps his distance.

Other Guy: You can still see the tail end of the bruises and that gash in Mallows’s face courtesy of Davis’s victory at the Revolution VIP show and I bet that’s a constant reminder to the man as to what Davis is capable of.

Eryk Masters: Definitely we saw a different kind of Davis and have continued to see a different kind of Davis ever since this ordeal started. I mean the fact you can tie this whole saga through the past eight years is just proof how big this thing really is.

Finally Mallows enters the ring and then flashes a sly smirk in Davis’s direction. Davis nearly plows over Jenkins, but again Jenkins holds him back. Mallows’s music fades away and the fans can be heard shouting loudly in favor of Davis. Davis finally backs further away, realizing the bell won’t sound until he does. Once the referee has complete control he looks to Davis, then to Mallows and then motions for the match to begin.

Mallows shows a surprising drive as he willingly approaches Davis. The two meet closer to the lower right corner of the ring and lock up into a power struggle of a grapple. Mallows pushes Davis the rest of the way back into the corner and then FIRES with a quick chop only to dart away as Davis comes right back at him. Davis falls into the chase and Mallows quickly drops to the mat, executing a drop toehold! Davis’s jaw SMACKS on the mat and from there, Mallows attempts to lock on an STF submission, only Davis is much to fresh to let himself get caught in that situation. Davis powers up to his feet turns around and Mallows meets him with a SECOND stinging chop, but this time Davis fires right back with a hard right hand.

Mallows stumbles and Davis just CHARGES with a wild clothesline that nearly takes Mallows’s head off!

Other Guy: What a powerhouse clothesline right there by Davis!

Eryk Masters: But he’s not going for the cover. Showing you that this isn’t just about winning, he wants to hurt Mallows… put him out of this thing before it can end.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll admit Davis is dangerous in this mind set, but he may be costing himself the match if he keeps that kind of mentality up.

Davis drops immediately to the mat, SMASHING his elbow right into Mallows’s throat. He gets up and drops a second elbow, again targeting the throat. Mallows writhes on the mat, clutching at his throat in pain, and Davis continues on the offense, pulling Mallows up and then violently whipping him into the upper left corner of the ring. Mallows slumps and Davis charges in, only for Mallows to lift the boot up and clip Davis in the jaw. Davis’s head snaps to the side, but he comes right back in again, and attempts to attack, but the second time around Mallows gets his knee up and catches Davis in the gut.

Davis staggers back, slightly doubled over and Mallows nails him over the back of the head with a double axe handle. Davis almost falls to one knee but suddenly springs back up… HUGE SPEAR TAKE DOWN!


Eryk Masters: And look at Davis pulling out the southpaw punches! The man’s right-handed but he’s surprising Mallows with those hard as hell left handed punches!

Jeff Hansen: Almost seems natural.

Mallows forces his body to the side, swatting Davis’s arm away as best as he can, but Davis just won’t let up on the punches the left handed shots just fly with quickness and Mallows finally gets a desperation shot in that allows for him to roll away and in turn roll out of the ring.


Other Guy: Look at that damn coward. He can’t handle that Davis ain’t lettin’ the mind games bring him down.

Jeff Hansen: I think they’re starting to, OG. Davis is heading down a path that like he’s said time and time again, neither of these men will be able to return from.

Mallows paces back and forth on the outside, showing clear signs of frustration as he wipes at his face. Davis jaw jacks at Mallows from inside the ring and Mallows fakes sliding back in, only to pull back as Davis approaches. He grabs Davis by both legs and trips him up onto his back. Mallows then slides back into the ring, rises up to his feet and STOMPS down hard on Davis’s face. He repeatedly does this and now Davis manages to slide his body out of the ring and he turns around and grabs Mallows by the legs. The fans cheer but Mallows holds onto the ropes and then pushes Davis backwards with his left foot. The referee calls for Mallows to let Davis back into the ring, but each time Davis approaches, Mallows throws a boot or a knee shot through the ropes. Davis grows increasingly frustrated as he takes each blow head on, finally though he dives in at a time that Mallows can’t get his leg up quick enough and he once more tackles Mallows down to the mat.

Eryk Masters: There is just no quit in Davis tonight ladies and gentlemen!

Other Guy: Yeah not even worried about how the match looks, hell I don’t think the cat even sees it as a match… every time they square off, it’s a damn fight.

Davis and Mallows battle on the mat with neither man getting a clear upper hand, but both throwing punches like nobody’s business. Finally though Davis gets up to his feet on his own accord and pulls Mallows up with him. He holds Mallows in a headlock and lands clubbing blows to his back, but Mallows pushes his shoulder into Davis’s gut and then manages to lift him up and over with a standing back body drop! Davis sits up, arching his back in slight pain and Mallows slows the pace considering, driving his knee into Davis’s back and then grabbing both of his arms and pulling them back.

Jeff Hansen: And this is where Davis doesn’t want to be. He wants a fight but in turn Mallows is going to make this as much of a wrestling match as possible.

The fans boo as Mallows continues to pull on the arms while pressing his knee into Davis’s back, causing Davis to clench his teeth in pain. He tries to fight it though, working on getting up, but Mallows pulls him right back down and then with the knee still pressed into the back he locks on a full nelson! Davis continues to struggle and referee Chris Jenkins checks on the situation but Davis doesn’t give up. Mallows breaks the half nelson hold for a moment, only to CLUB Davis repeatedly in the back of the neck with hard forearm shots and then he re-applies the full nelson hold!

With Davis faltering, the fans start to chant and cheer him on, hoping it can get some momentum going for Davis. Davis’s arms start to shake as he tries to pull them down to the sides, and he slowly but surely does, forcing Mallows to lose his full on grip of the full-nelson submission. The fans only get louder as Davis starts to stand up, much to Mallows’s chagrin.

Other Guy: Like ya said, Eryk, no quit. Davis fighting right back!

Davis is up to his full vertical base and as he breaks free of Mallows’s hold all together he turns around and fires A STRAIGHT LEFT JAB! Mallows’s head snaps straight back only for Davis to grab Mallows by the arm and pull him down into a headlock. From there Davis hoists Mallows up and just holds him upside down for a moment, shouting out loudly, veins popping out of his neck!

Eryk Masters: The superhuman like strength of Davis being shown here tonight and here we go…. BRAINBUSTER!

Mallows is dropped straight on his head and Davis follows up with a cover from there. The crowd buzzing with excitement as the referee makes the count.



THR… kick out by Mallows and the fans settle in a bit.

Eryk Masters: First cover of this match but not quite the three count as match number three continues.

Davis pulls Mallows up into a sitting position and drives a couple of hard right hands into the top of Mallows’s head and then pulls him all the way up and throws him into the ropes. Mallows comes bouncing back and Davis SPINS with a right-handed discus punch!

Jeff Hansen: And right back to firing those right-handed shots. Hah, maybe that’s the secret… that Davis is both right and left handed!

Other Guy: I don’t think this big of a fuss would be goin down, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Usually you do a better job of sensing my sarcasm, OG.

Mallows is once more stirring on the mat and Davis stalks over him, breathing heavily and eyes showing nothing but absolute hatred. He grabs a fistful of Mallows’s hair and yanks him up to his knees. Mallows winces in pain as Davis yanks at his hair again and this time pulls him all the way up to his feet. Mallows suddenly snaps both his arms out in front of him JABBING both of his thumbs right into Davis’s throat, which catches Davis off guard! Mallows continues on the offense landing a stiff left-handed European uppercut, and then a second one. Davis’s arms flail behind him and Mallows with a knee to the gut, followed by a swinging neck breaker…

NO! Davis with a quick backslide…. But Mallows actually kicks out before a count can be made and gets up to his feet. Davis up as well, only for Mallows to lift him just enough to hit an inverted atomic drop! Davis winces in pain and Mallows follows up with a standing clothesline…but instead of taking Davis down, he wraps around behind him and once more locks on a sleeper hold.

Eryk Masters: Again Vincent Mallows looking to basically wear down Davis, sort of take some of that fire out of him with another sleeper lock applied.

Davis again finds himself fighting to break free of Mallows’s hold, he grabs both of Mallows’s arms and tries to pull them away from his head and neck, but each time he makes progress, Mallows just locks on the hold even tighter. The fans buzz with concern as Davis’s body starts to droop a bit, his energy draining and now Mallows drops to a sitting position, bringing Davis down with him.

Referee Chris Jenkins hovers over both men, checking on the situation and asking if Davis gives up. Davis’s muffled no can just barely be heard and Mallows only wrenches at the neck tighter, but when Davis refuses to give up, Mallows breaks the hold on his own, SLAMS Davis’s head to the mat and starts BLATANTLY CHOKING HIM!

Other Guy: And just what we’d come to expect from a man like Mallows. He can’t get the job done so he resorts to this kind of shit. Flat out… makes me sick man.

The crowd boos as Davis gasps for breath. Referee Chris Jenkins yells at Mallows to break the choke, but Mallow doesn’t and actually starts choking him with BOTH hands now!

Chris Jenkins: Break it up! C’mon!


Mallows breaks the choke hold and rises up to his feet, arms raised slightly in the air. This gets the crowd going more as they boo loudly and Mallows just scowls at them before turning back towards Davis. Davis is sitting up, coughing profusely and Mallows charges at him!

Eryk Masters: Mallows with the running boot to the face and this one has become advantage, Vincent.

Jeff Hansen: Correction, this whole series is advantage Vincent, Eryk. I mean lets face it, he’s hanging something over Davis’s head and sooner or later I think we’re going to find out what that is.

Mallows makes a cover on Davis now, shouting at Jenkins to make the count. He drops to the mat and the fans again voice their hatred for Mallows.



YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! The crowd pops as Davis manages a strong shoulder up to keep the match going. Mallows pulls Davis up to his feet from there and fires with another European uppercut but as Davis stumbles back, Mallows again with a quick boot to the gut, then he grabs Davis by the shoulder and the waist and turns… LAUNCHING him shoulder first into the lower left corner post!


Davis drops to one knee, holding his right shoulder in pain and Mallows right behind him with an arrant kick to that shoulder! Davis falls forward, his face resting on the second turnbuckle pad and now Mallows positions himself by his side.

Eryk Masters: And what the hell does Mallows have planned here…

Mallows steps up onto the second rope, bounces to gain elevation and STOMPS down on the right shoulder! Davis gets up to his feet but staggers away from the corner, doubled over in pain and cradling his right arm in close to his body. Mallows is unrelenting though and he comes up from behind Davis, grabs at the right shoulder and SPIKES his elbow into it! Davis SHOUTS out in pain and Mallows from there… quick executed Russian Leg Sweep…

Followed by a cover.




Other Guy: Atta boy Davis!

Jeff Hansen: Its comments like that, OG, that gave me this job. Clear biases allowed for me to come here in a balance out the opinions being given.

Other Guy: I don’t know ANYONE who is cheerin’ for Mallows in this thing, Jeff.

Eryk Masters: Well who’s cheering for who doesn’t matter as Mallows now up to his feet and he’s waiting patiently for Davis which could very well mean the end of this match!

The arena is alive with nervous concern as Mallows nods his head slowly, waiting oh so patiently for Davis to get up to his feet. Davis struggles, his right arm clearly injured, but he gets up, back turned to Mallows. The fans try to shout a warning, but Davis obviously not paying attention.

Mallows lunges with a HUGE spinning European uppercut, but Davis steps back, avoiding the shot, and as Mallows spins around Davis hoists him up onto his shoulders… NO! Davis’s own arm causes him to drop Mallows back down and Mallows grabs the right arm, steps over it and then KICKS HIS FOOT UP RIGHT INTO DAVIS’S PIT!

Davis’s arm FLIES upward and Davis shouts out in immense pain as he clutches at it and Mallows takes him down to the mat with a stiff lariat! Davis is down and Mallows drops down as well, making a forceful cover on Davis.

Jeff Hansen: That could be it!




Eryk Masters: Davis tried for Angela’s Ashes but Mallows has damaged that right arm and capitalized on it.

Other Guy: Not entirely though because bottom line is Davis kicked out. Davis has still got some fight in him and that’s what’s keepin’ him alive.

Davis writhes on the mat in pain and Mallows sits up right beside him. He wipes some sweat from his eyes and then slowly rises up to his feet. From there, Mallows exits the ring, shaking his head as he turns and flips up the ring apron.


The crowd is up in arms as Mallows pulls out a steel chair and slides it into the ring. Referee Chris Jenkins shouts at Mallows to get the chair out of the ring, but Mallows ignores the referee. He slides back into the ring and picks the steel chair up, gripping it tightly in his hands. The referee shouts at him again and stands in Mallows’s way, blocking Mallows from attacking Davis. Mallows threatens to hit the referee and as he does so Davis starts to get up once more. Mallows sees this and angrily tosses the chair to the side and charges at Davis.

Davis lowers his body, looking for a desperation back body drop, but Mallows puts on the breaks and PUNTS Davis in the shoulder! Davis staggers back and Mallows charges in at him….

But Davis SOMEHOW manages to lift Mallows up with JUST his left arm and NAIL A BIG TIME SPINEBUSTER!!!

Other Guy: Holy shit! What a spinebuster!

Eryk Masters: And it was one handed… Davis’s right arm pretty much out of commission in this match but some how he pulled it off with his left arm. Impressive.

“DAV-IS! DAV-IS! DAV-IS!” The chant echoes loudly throughout the Quicken Loans Arena and both Mallows and Davis are down on the mat. Davis rocks back and forth; holding his right arm while Mallows has rolled onto his stomach, holding at his back in pain. Davis fights through his pain though and manages to shove Mallows over back onto his back and then he drapes the left arm over him for the cover.

Fans on their feet.



THR… Mallows shoulders out!

Both men are slow up to their feet, but Davis gets up a little bit quicker, he throws a left punch, then another and Mallows fires back with some quick chops of his own and then a hard straight punch to the jaw. Davis sways from the shot but comes back with more left handed punches, knocking Mallows for a loop. Mallows comes right back though but Davis with another left handed shot… Mallows comes back… ANOTHER left handed shot from Davis. Mallows is swaying a great deal and now Davis stomps his foot once…

He lunges for a super kick but at the same time, Mallows grabs the referee and pulls him right into place!


Other Guy: Damn it! Damn it son of a bitch… a ref bump!


With the referee down, Davis looks on stunned for a brief second, and in that brief second Mallows grabs the steel chair and CRACKS IT ACROSS THE FACE OF DAVIS! Davis goes down and Mallows… unrelenting…. WAILS AWAY ON DAVIS’S RIGHT SHOULDER!

Eryk Masters: And everything has just taken a turn for the worse here as Mallows has complete control and he’s just demolishing Davis now.

Jeff Hansen: Payback’s a bitch!

With wild rage and loathing in his eyes Mallows lands ONE last sickening shot to the entire upper torso of Davis before flinging the chair out of the ring. Davis is bloodied up and Mallows just drops to his knees before Davis and then looks to the back. With somewhat of a dizzy roll of his head he turns his focus back to Davis and then drops for a cover.

The crowd boos loudly as Mallows just lies there, and soon referee Dennis Heflin is running down to the ring.

Other Guy: No way is this one goin’ down like this… c’mon!

Eryk Masters: A second referee on hand and now Dennis Heflin with the count…



The crowd holds their breath.


Only to exhale right into a chorus of uproarious booing!

Heflin calls for the bell and as it sounds “Ave Satani” echoes throughout the arena.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… VINCENT MALLOWS!!!

The booing continues as a barely with it Mallows rolls out of the ring, but he doesn’t exit, as Davis lies in the ring, Mallows snatches a microphone from Samantha Coil.

Vincent Mallows: LISTEN TO ME!


Mallows breathes heavily into the microphone as he scowls out at the sea of fans.

Vincent Mallows: Fine… then just look with your own eyes!

Mallows points to the Revolution Video screen and shown is a document of some kind. The Ann Arbor Police Department official seal is seen at the top of the documents and random cuts show various parts of the document. The most highlighted words that appear multiple times are the words CRASH and CHRISTOPHER DAVIS.

Eryk Masters: What the heck…

The fans buzz with confusion and Mallows continues to breathe heavily.

Vincent Mallows: It’s all you get for now. Christopher Davis was involved in a very serious car crash.

Mallows looks to Davis who is being checked on by referee Dennis Heflin.

Vincent Mallows: And history will repeat itself. That man’s life will come to a screeching CRASH!

Then his face, once showing anger and hatred turns completely expressionless… almost calm.

Vincent Mallows: That is all.

The music picks up in full volume again as Mallows heads away from the ring area all together.

Other Guy: A car crash? What’s going on?

Eryk Masters: Your guess is as good as mine as now we’ve had random information dropped upon us all. We’ve met Christopher Davis’s parents and now this… a car crash.

Jeff Hansen: The genius mind of Vincent Mallows… that’s all I got to say about that.


We head into the corridors of the Quicken Loans Arena where we see the familiar and beautiful face of the returning ABIGAIL CHASE. Her looks are a bit understated tonight, hair in a tight pony tail and sporting the traditional SHOOT Project, black Polo T-shirt which hangs at the waist line of her black dress pants. She clutches her microphone and looks straight ahead into the camera, ready to do her job.

In the background, she receives a noticeable pop for her return to television. However, she says nothing about the situation and gets right into the heart of matters.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I would like to introduce my guest at this time… the NEW SHOOT Project Heavyweight CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, “The DEFILER”, Jonny Johnson.

The cameras pan back, and we see the solemn figure of the, now, TWO TIME, SHOOT Project WORLD CHAMPION. In a blue, zippered hoodie and tight, blue jeans, his presence alone draws the ire of the fans in the arena, who begin booing furiously, though his distant eyes tell the story of a man who could not be any less concerned. He stands there and takes it, head angled toward the floor, looking more and more like a crazed bum than the elitist indie rocker most had come to consider him. (Though in some circles, the two looks are synonymous) Scraggily locks of brown hair hung hung down around his nose, melting into a grizzled, unkempt beard that was growing longer and longer every week.

The SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TITLE hangs off of his shoulder, and you almost forget he ever lost it to begin with.

He patiently waits for Chase to start the interview.

Abigail Chase: First of all, I guess I should say congratulations on your victory. What we saw last week was perhaps one of the most violent battles in the history of the organization, and I will give credit where credit is due. You survived…

There’s a pause, and it’s so obvious that Abigail has more to say that Jonny reads her like a book.

The DEFILER: (Glancing curiously at Chase) But?

Chase loses a little bit of her earlier swagger and hesitates just a tiny bit.

Abigail Chase: …But… (Pausing a second) But it has not come without more doubts and more controversy. Jester Smiles, who you defeated, poured his heart out. He gave everything he had, but as we witnessed the horrors of the Eleventh Hour contest, you couldn’t help but wonder if he EVER had a chance.

With a discomforting smirk, Jonny shakes his head and laughs under his breath.

The DEFILER: (Very calm) I told Eric and I… told all of you that November Twenty-Third would not be a night of chance or hope. It wasn’t going to be a parade or a… uhh… a happy circus. I stated VERY CLEARLY that Jester Smiles would not be able to do what was NECESSARY to defeat me.

Chase attempts to interrupt with a follow-up question.

Abigail Chase: Yes, but, Jonny this is about RULES. And you did NOT have…

Jonny simply holds up his index finger and she shuts up.

The DEFILER: Rules, Abby? Maybe you were too busy sucking down chocolate cock to notice, but I MADE the rules. Okay? I never told Eric he had to make public announcements. I never said his guardian had to… be with him at ring side. Eric made those choices on his own. RECKLESS, STUPID, and WREAKING, Abby, of the HOLIER THAN THOU arrogance that I said would eventually backfire on him.

He looks up, his smirk turning into something more of a sinister sneer.

The DEFILER: All he had to do was play by MY rules. All Eric Rohkar had to do was put self righteous ideals on the shelf and PROTECT THE PRIZE HE CLAIMED TO HOLD SO DEAR. So close…


Not dear enough. Not close ENOUGH.

The person in charge of my towel was given VERY SPECIFIC instructions. He understood what was being asked of him, and unlike the morally driven Adrian Corazon, was able to do job to PERFECTION.

He pauses and sniffs loudly.

The DEFILER: And because of it… I am again the NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. And I did it… ON MY OWN. Because apparently… a guy like me… That’s how I have to do things.

Before Abigail can say anything further, the interview is interrupted by a loud and high-pitched "HARRUMPH!" coming from off camera. NOVA LYNN JACKSON, in a little black dress with a pair of hot pink opera gloves and a strand of artificial pink gloves, steps into the frame, frazzled and somewhat hysterical. She has her hands on her hips, her hair permed in an old-fashioned 1940s movie glam ‘do. The pout on her lips expresses all of her frustration.

Nova Lynn Jackson: (Clearly upset) Excuse me, Mr. World Heavyweight Champion, but you have got some explaining to do! I can’t believe you’d be so mean! YOU MADE ME CRY, JONNY!

Nova looks close to tears, and THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK follows her into the frame, a protective arm around her shoulder. He can tell she’s VERY upset and gently moves her to his side so he can get a “closer look” at Jonny.

TMB, standing a good couple of inches taller than the Champ stares Jonny down, a firm grimace etched into his angry face. The DEFILER does not back down from the gaze

TMB: This shit you throwin’ ‘round…? BRO. (Staring even more intently into Jonny’s eyes) It’s not working for me and the lady. (Gesturing to himself and Nova and then toward Jonny) Friendship’s a two way street. You wanna do BIDNESS on your own? Then be a MAN… CHAMP, and say it like it is. Tell ‘em you wanna be alone. (Shaking his head) But don’t take it out on me and Nova like we been sittin’ pretty like a couple punk ass CHUMPS.

Jonny stays silent, while TMB’s intense gaze continues to do the talking.

VOICE OFF CAMERA: Oh, I never thought I’d live to see the day.

Her cracked voice makes them all turn. Dressed in little more than sweat pants, sneakers, and a tank top, the former lover of Osbourne Kilminster also wears a grin that would make most people want to refer her to a shrink. In her right hand, she drags a shiny aluminum baseball bat. It has obviously not been a good week for the woman known as Sinnocence…around her right hand, a bandage that hides lacerations caused by large pieces of glass. The trio stare at her, and a moment of silence passes before she speaks again, swinging the bat up to rest on her shoulder.

Sinnocence: Dissention in the ranks again, Jonny? You poor boy…shitty personality, leukemia….making you so miserable you have to make everyone around you just as miserable as you, don’t you? Of course you do. You come between people, undermine other’s decisions, and fuck with people’s heads just so the spotlight is always on you. You’re so insecure, you douchebag. Just like any other playground bully…tearing others down just to build yourself up.

She laughs softly, playing with the end of the bat.

Sinnocence: I have had a very, very bad week, Jonny…and I just figured out the cause of it all a few nights ago. Would you like to know who it is?

Nova steps in front of Sinnocence, blocking her from Jonny. Nova’s angry pout morphs into bewilderment, and she points to the bat. She tries to gently pry the bat away, but fails miserably. Nova takes a step back and puts her hands on her hips once more.

Nova Lynn Jackson: I think you want to hit my Jonny and I don’t like that, so please don’t do it, or I’ll have to make you not do it, and like… I mean, I like you a whole lot but like…

Jonny speaks, which immediately shuts up Nova.

The DEFILER: (Ignoring Nova, responding to Sinnocence’s initial question) I have even LESS time for you NOW than I did before, Joyce. You and Ozzy lost sight of what mattered, and now you’ll pay for it.

Sinnocence shakes her head as she reaches a new level of anger and insanity.

Sinnocence: Losing sight?! All Osbourne Kilminster ever did was stand by you and support you…even when I told him you were a soul-sucking pile of shit! You fucked with him…you made him leave! Goddamn it!

She tightens her grip on the bat and glares at Nova and then toward TMB.

Sinnocence: How can you guys still see no wrong in him?

Nova frowns and steps closer to her friend, putting an arm out to comfort her friend.

TMB: C’mon J…

Nova Lynn Jackson: Sinnybunns!

Sinn whacks her hand away, the glare not leaving her face. The lovely brunette looks almost hurt at her friend’s action until Jada lashes out and SMACKS HER HARD ACROSS THE FACE!!!

Quickly TMB steps in front of Nova and grabbing Sinn by her throat lifts her off her feet and pins her against the nearby wall.

TMB: Are you out of your mind. She is just trying to help.

She kicks her feet, landing more than a few blows to TMB’s stomach. It doesn’t make the giant fall, but at least hurts him enough that Sinn can slide out of his grip. The Revolution Champion drops to the floor and grabs the baseball bat she dropped as he picked her up and swings in Jonny’s direction…only to meet air.

The DEFILER has disappeared.

Sinnocence: Goddamn it!

Her face contorts in anger and she swings the bat again, landing a perfect blow on TMB before backing her way out of the room. Nova scurries over to TMB with wide, terrified eyes. She points at his chest in concern.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Are you, like, OK!? Ohmigod, you poor thing!

Hunched over on his knees, TMB takes a deep breath and holds his hand up.

TMB: (Strained, but not overwhelmingly so) I’m okay… (Taking another deep breath, in pain) I’ve had worse.

Nova stays crouched by TMB’s side for the remaining few seconds of the scene.

The lights dip in the Quicken Loans Arena and dazzlingly bright flashes of white flicker across the upper reaches as a thundery rumble reverberates before a familiar yet unexpected theme plays out. Panning across the crowd, faces bear confusion and bewilderment.

Other Guy: What’s this dude doing here?

Eryk Masters: We’d been lead to believe that-

Jeff Hansen: Led to believe whatever you wanted to believe, maybe?

Jack Nickelz’ "Break Your Face" brings forth the former Iron Fist Champion, bursting out from behind the curtain and into his spotlight. His chainmail strobes slightly under the lighting as he surveys the crowd from behind his blue-tinted sunglasses and brushes the creases out of the black sleeveless tee bearing his "Victory or Valhalla" motto in crimson red, Olde English font. His baggy urban camo shorts sway against his bulging thighs as he strolls leisurely down the walkway toward the ring, ducking under the top rope and bounding into the centre of the ring.

Other Guy: Now, come on, I’m intrigued as to what the Hell he’s doing here in Cleveland after all the rumours we’ve been hearing…

Eryk Masters: Rumours from very reliable sources, no less.

Jeff Hansen: The same reliable sources that told you that in Ohio, a ‘park and ride’ is where you pick up hookers?

Eryk Masters: You’re not one of my sources, you douche.

The lighting raises again, allowing everyone in attendance to gaze into the centre of the ring, almost in disbelief as a smirking Kilminster pulls a mic from the back of his shorts’ waistband and raises it to his mouth. The hushed whispers become all the more audible as the music cuts away, leaving just the sound of Osbourne patting the mic impatiently.

Osbourne Kilminster: Are you all done gossiping yet or do you need another minute to ask yourself and everybody unfortunate enough to have bought seats next to you what I’m doing?

Shaking his head with a trademark smirk, he allows the boos to rain down on him.

Eryk Masters: Is he surprised that people are asking questions?

Other Guy: Of course he’s not. He’s loving the attention.

Jeff Hansen: Says a guy who gives a bull-frog a run for his money so far as loving the sound of his own voice…

As the fans quieten down, Osbourne paces the middle of the ring and begins again.

Osbourne Kilminster: You people are so damned gullible. I bet every last one of you has been lapping up all that rubbish on the internet this week, haven’t you? All those juicy little tidbits of supposed information… I’ll bet it’s had you salivating right? Well it must be absolutely soul-destroying for pathetic little beings like yourselves to realise… once again… that you just can’t believe everything you read. Maybe it’s taught you a lesson, and maybe not. Something tells me it’s more likely to have NOT taught you anything, but I’m open to surprises. Perhaps… yeah, perhaps… next time some chump from a filthy little dirt-sheet puts his fantasies up on the internet and purports it to be truth, you’ll think twice. Maybe. Perhaps. I’m not sure. What do you think?

He holds his microphone out toward the crowd, thousands of boos rising from the stands again. Smiling, he shakes his head and takes a deep breath before continuing…

Osbourne Kilminster: So, what really happened this week? Well, I decided that I wanted more… yeah, that’s about it. I lost the Iron Fist Championship and I needed to clear my head, but I utilised the opportunity to break away from everything and finally get around to renegotiating my contract. Just to prove that you people really don’t know as much as you think you do, I’ve been in negotiations about my contract for the last few months, but WAR got in the way and my contract actually expired before new terms were reached… so, in the strictest of terms, I suppose you could say that I was no longer a part of the company… but LEFT the company? Nah. The thing is, it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would to get sorted out. I went to England, thinking that it might be a couple of weeks or even a couple of months before I knew what my next move would be… I said goodbye to everybody and I went home… and now I’m back.

Shrugging his shoulders, he pauses for a moment.

Osbourne Kilminster: So now, I’m still in SHOOT, because I never really considered myself to be gone. I’ve got myself the best medical insurance policy money can buy and I’m picking up the biggest paychecks I ever have… and that’s all thanks to a very close friend of mine, but more of that later. Being back, I bet you’re all wondering what I’m going to do now, right? Yeah, I lost my Iron Fist Championship and it breaks my heart every time I reach to my waist and can’t trace my fingertips across the contours of the Championship Belt, but what happened has happened and now I have to move on.

Other Guy: Move on? What does he mean by that?

Eryk Masters: I have the feeling he’s going to be another one of those guys who jumps divisions after losing a title match…

Other Guy: That’s an unfortunate trend we’ve seen developing in this company lately.

Jeff Hansen: Listen to you two, dreaming up your own little scenarios before you even give the guy a chance to speak.

The fans wait on Osbourne, who licks his drip lips an clenches his jaw.

Osbourne Kilminster: As Iron Fist Champion, I went to great lengths to make sure that it was seen to be the most structured and exciting division in this company, and that’s still a work in progress whether I’m the Champion or not. You see, I could do what everybody else who loses a title does and run away with my tail between my legs… or I could knock on Dan Stein’s door and demand a rubber match to try and get my title back just like that… but I’m not the kind of guy who walks the beaten path. No, I’m going to do this the right way – the same way I would have made Dan Stein do it if he’d lost and I was still Champion…

Other Guy: I’ms till not following… He’s not making a whole lot of sense…

Eryk Masters: I think I see what he’s getting at…

Jeff Hansen: No you don’t, Eryk. Admit it – you’re too stupid to understand it.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m not going to leave the Iron Fist division, but I’m also not going to demand my Title shot just like that. I’m going to go right back to the grass roots and earn my way back to it. You heard me right, I’m going to start right at the bottom of the division and work my way back up to where I was, knocking people out at every given opportunity. It’s my plan… my intention… my destiny… to take out everybody in this division and THEN go to take back what’s mine, and when I do, there’ll be NO doubt as to whether I deserve it or not. No, I’m not completely broken up inside because I lost to Dan Stein because we’re still 1 for 1 and when the time ticks around for our third and final meeting, assuming that he can hold onto the Championship for that long, it’ll be once and for all… but UNTIL then… the ENTIRE Iron Fist Division is on notice…

Despite glaring from behind his tinted lenses, he stares long and hard into the camera pointed directly at him.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m back. You can thank or curse whoever you want – Jason Johnson for agreeing to my terms… RON BARKER for helping me decide exactly what I wanted and show me how to get it… The Gods for making EVERYTHING possible… It doesn’t matter – I’m back and there’s not one of you out there who I won’t go through to get what I want. Patience… is NOT weakness.

Throwing the mic clean out of the ring and to the time-keeper’s table, it’s barely been caught before Kilminster has exited the ring and vanished behind the curtains at the top end of the walkway, leaving a chorus of heavy boos and jeers behind him, but as the cameras pan across the crowd we can pick out a number of banners which are clearly supportive of the Iron Fist Division.

Jeff Hansen: I bet that’s not what you guys expected to hear, is it?

Eryk Masters: It’s definitely that.

Other Guy: So Oz wants the Title back, but he’s going to put in all the hard work to get there? Yeah, that’s got to be one of the last things I’d expected to hear from him.

Eryk Masters: It should make for some interesting matches in the near future…

Jeff Hansen: Check out you two Einsteins…



The cameras cut to the ring where Samantha Coil is ready to announce the contestants for the next contest. Official DENNIS HEFLIN is also there too, checking the ring over for any possible problems.

”Side of a Bullet” by Nickelback begins to play over the arena PA and what follows is smattering of boos and general spitefulness. The curtains rustle, and, in a very business-like manner, the EIGHTBALL arrives on to the scene. He rolls his eyes and sneers at a few of the fans who reach over the rail to slap him high five, but otherwise stays very focused on making his way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: The following THREE MAN contest is scheduled for one fall with a television time of TWENTY MINUTES…. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Oakland, California, weighing in at two hundred, forty-one pounds… EIGHTBALL!!!

Jeff Hansen:: As Tyrone Johnston heads to the ring, I will go ahead and clarify a couple of things. First of all… That graphic you just saw is incorrect, and I’m sure someone from production is going to get fired for not doing their job. This WILL be a three way affair, but it will be Lockup, Eightball and CRIMSON GHOST. RW Randolph, who was scheduled to fight this evening, did NOT pass his mandatory physical upon signing his contract and has, at least for the time being, been temporarily suspended. We apologize to our fans for the mishap, but things like this happen in our business.

Other Guy:: Did you just say something respectfully AND without being a biased jack off about it?

Jeff Hansen:: Yeah, maybe you can try it sometime, OG. It’s not as hard as you think.

Eryk Masters:: Guys. C’mon.

Jeff Hansen:: Shut up, Eryk.

Other Guy:: I kind of agree. Let the men discuss our business. Doesn’t your heart have some peeing to do or some shit?

Eryk Masters:: …Not yet. Someone has to go through a table or break something. Usually, anyway. I guess I don’t really have rules for it.

With the banter continuing, Eightball makes it into the ring and checks in with Heflin before residing to one of the corners, where he props himself upright and waits patiently, the look of vile intentions still etched into his scowl.

Jeff Hansen:: So could it pee right now?

Eryk Masters:: Why would it? He’s just standing there.

Other Guy:: What if the cat vanished into smoke or some shit?

Eryk Masters:: Is this really happening? You guys know I could kill both of you in a fight. Right?

Jeff Hansen:: Good point.

Other Guy:: Hansen, you goddamn puss, dude.

The music starts to fade as the next competitor gets ready for his entrance.

Eryk Masters:: Okay, ENOUGH. You guys are going to get us fired for not putting over the talent. So let’s can it and just do our jobs.

The talkative duo of OG and Hansen finally shut up, and right in time! ”Red Tape” by Agent Provocateur starts to play and the fans go from booing to serving up a nice little helping of pops and cheers. The man known as LOCKUP comes through the curtains in a BURST of energy and pumps his fists excitedly into the air. He sports a CLEVELAND BROWNS jersey which he proudly shows off for extra loooooove from the crowd. He slaps hands and pounds fists and seems to genuinely appreciate the people around him.

Samantha Coil: And introducing next, from Honolulu Hawaii, he weighs in at two hundred-forty pounds… LOCKUP!!!

Jeff Hansen:: 28 year old kid out of Honolulu Hawaii. Pretty new to the company, but obviously gonna be looking to make a splash tonight. He’s well put together and has all the talent to be something worthwhile, but it’s gonna take more than a town’s home jersey and a big goofy grin to win me over. And yes… I said TOWN. Chicago, LA, New York… THOSE are cities. Cleveland is a pile of bullshit.

Lockup slaps a few more hands before reaching the ring where all of a sudden the focus kicks in. In one fell swoop he leaps onto the apron and looks up at Eightball and nods. The two men lock eyes and Lockup cautiously enters the ring. Eightball stays put and Lockup takes the time to climb the nearest turnbuckle and pose for the fans. He points at a couple dudes in the front row and throws them the Shaka and a smile. He then leaps down, where he is greeted by an approaching Eightball! Heflin wisely moves in between the competitors and administers the pre-match check-in, killing two birds with one stone.

Eryk Masters:: Well, Jeff’s comments aside, Lockup, otherwise known as Liho Masahashi, comes from a VERY prominent martial arts background and will look to hone those skills into a legendary SHOOT Project career.

Other Guy:: So far, so good, Eryk. Very likable guy, but don’t let that fool you… when the dude needs to get shit done… He GETS. SHIT. DONE.

Eightball has a few words for his opponent who does a good job of just laughing them off. Both men stand at opposite ends of the ring, and await the third and final opponent.

Fittingly so, “Crimson Ghost”, by the Misfits starts to play and Eightball and Lockup look on with interest. The fans don’t seem to know how to react, or WHO, exactly is coming out, since they don’t necessarily have the benefit of knowing what the song is called. A few moments go by, and suddenly the very frenetic CRIMSON GHOST steps out from behind the curtains where he stops and looks around.

Samantha Coil: And they’re opponent… Weighing two hundred, twenty-four pounds, hailing from Chatsworth, California… This is CRIMSON GHOST!!!

He sports a skeleton mask and matching black and white, skeleton apparel, and looks from side to side before CHARGING down to the ring. He gets a small pop, but because he’s mostly unknown and has an unsettlingly chaotic, appearance and demeanor most of the fans don’t react with anything more than stunned expressions.

Jeff Hansen:: This guy is a fucking not job.

Eryk Masters:: But a very accomplished luchador performer, Jeff. He’s had a VERY productive career, and tonight he’ll showcase in front of a SHOOT Project crowd for the first time.

Ghost stops running close to the ring and starts hamming up how tired he is. He looks up to the ring and gestures to his opponents that he’ll need a minute. Heflin shouts for him to get inside, but Ghost actually drops to a knee and pretends to be MORE winded.

Lockup stands next to Heflin, staying out of things, but then is suddenly BLINDSIDED by Eightball who nails him in the back with an axe handle smash! Lockup falls forward into Heflin who’s attention is now had. He turns his back on Crimson Ghost and faces the now battling, Lockup and Eightball. Eightball goes for another slugging blow, but Lockup quickly ducks his shoulders and counters with an over the shoulder toss! Eightball finds himself flipping in the air and landing HARD on the mat.

Eryk Masters:: Great counter from Lockup, and it looks like we’re under way early!

Crimson Ghost continues to watch the action until he sees Lockup go for a quick pin fall attempt!

Heflin down for a count!

Ghost moves toward the ring…

Heflin in position! RAISES HIS HAND…

Eightball is EASILY out before a count of one is even administered, which prompts Ghost to lose his breath again. A few fans at ringside chuckle at his antics, and Ghost turns to them and gives a quick high five. Inside the ring, though, it’s a little more serious! Eightball pushes Lockup away after his kick out and both men scramble to their feet! Eightball is in a better position and Lockup turns around, only to be taken to the mat with a double leg take down! Eightball follows by stepping forward and dropping a quick elbow drop across Lockup’s chest! Eightball now goes for a cover of his own! Crimson Ghost looks at this and SPRINTS toward into ring!

Helfin with a count!



Ghost gets close to Eightball…

But Lockup Kicks out before Ghost can break the count. Ghost stops in his tracks while Eightball starts to get to his feet.

Jeff Hansen:: Well… it looks like Crimson Ghost is going to be a participant now.

Ghost is already trying to plead with Eightball, as the dirty brawler turns around to face the strange luchadore. Ghost puts his hands out in a begging fashion and back tracks toward the ropes. Heflin is in a bad position and COMPLETELY misses Ghost suddenly KICKING Eightball BELOW THE BELT! Eightball automatically hunches over in pain and Crimson Ghost leaps over with a SUNSET FLIP! But pulling Eightball over on to the mat is a little difficult because from behind, LOCKUP COMES OUT OF NOWHERE from behind and rips Eightball down with a CROSSFACE!!! Ghost has to scurry out from underneath Eightball’s legs and scrambles to his feet!

Helfin asks Eightball if he wants to tap! But the SHOOT Project veteran will not give in! Ghost, realizing he could lose this match, leaps on top of Lockup to try and break the submission. He’s successful, but Lockup is able to muscle up to his feet and SLING Ghost over his head and slam him down to the mat!!! Ghost grabs at his lower back and scurries up! Lockup moves in for a clothesline on the luchadore, but Crimson Ghost counters with one of those wild spinny things where he sort of spiders around Lockups body and lands back down on his feet! Lockup is stunned by whatever the hell just happened and Crimson Ghost follows with a SWEEEET HURRACANRANA! Lockup flips to the mat!

Eryk Masters:: The crazy action continues. Three very distinct styles, all coexisting in this very fast paced contest!

Other Guy:: These guys are puttin on a show… that’s for sure!

Jeff Hansen:: That’s what you have to do in a match like this, OG.

Lockup gets to his feet near one of the corners! Ghost charges, but Lockup dips his shoulders and hoists Ghost over his body and into the air! BUT GHOST IS ABLE TO CLING TO THE TURNBUCKLE! Lockup turns around! Ghost FEIGNS a moonsalt! Lockup ducks!!

Ghost stays put on the top rope!

Lockup gets back to his feet but looks the opposite way…



Eryk Masters:: I have NEVER seen anything like that happen! What a sick bump Ghost just took as he landed chest first into the mat!

Jeff Hansen:: And now Eightball is trying to serve up some punishment! He has Lockup in a very precarious spot and he is not letting up with those sick right hands!

Eightball does indeed have Lockup trapped in a mount position and is trying to pummel him! Lockup manages to block most of the shots, but not enough of them as Eightball is REALLY starting to get his licks in. Dennis Helfin starts to pull Eightball away, though, reminding him that this isn’t a UFC bout! Eightball violently shrugs him off, which gives Lockup the opening to suddenly counter with a drop toe hold! Eightball falls forward and Lockup cinches in an STF SUBMISSION HOLD!!!


Ghost continues his string of attacks and runs toward the middle rope! Eightball is able to get to his feet with Lockup a little slower after taking all those shots and the brunt of the senton! Ghost leaps off with a moonsalt!




Eryk Masters:: What a counter! Ghost is ABSOLUTELY PLANTED, guys!!!

Lockup rolls the wrong way, having obviously pulled something and Eightball has an opening to go for a pin!!! He falls forward and hooks Ghost’s leg! Heflin drops down to start the count!!!



Lockup looks hurt! He doesn’t move!


Heflin looks up and calls for the bell, and Eightball IMMEDIATELY ducks out of the ring, realizing he probably caught quite a lucky break.

”Side of a Bullet” by Nickelback plays and the fans start booing. It’s a moderate one, but heat is heat! Eightball drops to a knee outside and looks back into the ring at a recovering Lockup who is realizing what just happened. He holds at his back and checks in on Crimson Ghost.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of this bout… EIGHTBALL!!!

Eightball looks back into the ring and shouts something unpleasant at Lockup, who shakes his head and has a few words to say back. Eightball smirks and starts walking away, while Lockup stays in the ring to check on Crimson Ghost.

Jeff Hansen:: A great effort by all three men, but it’s Eightball who manages to get a victory amidst the chaos. Better than I thought it would be, guys. Not a bad match at all.

Other Guy:: I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic to know they got the great Jeff Hansen:’s approval.

The cameras stay on the scene of a very disappointed Lockup and referee Dennis Helfin checking in on a mostly unconscious Crimson Ghost, before cutting away to other activities.

Cutting to the back reveals returning interviewer Abigail Chase on hand with none other than the self-proclaimed Miracle Worker, Paul Jarvis.

Abigail Chase: I am here right now with a man who has stirred up some controversy as of late, and who tonight makes his debut in ring appearance against Thomas Manchester Black.

She turns to face Jarvis.

Abigail Chase: Paul Jarvis, do you have anything you’d like to say regarding the controversy.

Jarvis nods his head.

Paul Jarvis: I do, Abigail. You see people just don’t get me. They don’t see the big picture, they don’t see what I am trying to accomplish, and so of COURSE what I am doing is controversial.

Jarvis shakes his head “no.”

Paul Jarvis: No. It’s not. What it is, is the truth. But because of my methods, certain words got banned if used in a certain context. Certain wrestling promotions cannot be mentioned for how crappy they really are… because SHOOT Project management doesn’t want that to be associated with their own views. But you know something, Abigail? I only did what I did, said what I said, to try and bring this place together.

He pauses and looks right into the camera now.

Paul Jarvis: I do this for you, SHOOT Project. I am doing all of this… for you. And see it’s not a matter of me getting anything out of it. It’s a matter of me….

The Crimson Ghost walk by, garbed in his red mask, and wearing a straw farmer’s hat, with over alls and giant galoshes. He walks right through the scene, a fishing rod slung over his shoulder, and as he walks past we see it is a rubber chicken that’s on the hook. Even stranger, it’s attached to a plaque for fish, none of which bothers the Ghost. He is whistling as he walks past. Paul looks on, brows furrowing in anger.

Paul Jarvis: Hey!

Crimson Ghost turns around, and though his back is turned to the camera we see him raise his hand in a friendly gesture, and he speaks jovially.

Crimson Ghost: Oh, hey! Fancy meeting you here!

And in a moment of classic awkwardness, Crimson Ghost turns around abruptly and walks off; marching like a soldier this time as from unexplainably off camera a hundred kazoos are playing fanfare. Jarvis just stares on, dumbfounded. After a moment he shakes his head.

Paul Jarvis: What was I saying?

Abigail continues to watch on down the hall where Crimson Ghost had marched off, completely dumbfounded herself. Jarvis becomes clearly annoyed by this.

Paul Jarvis: Abigail, my interview.

She shakes herself out of it now and looks back to Jarvis.

Abigail Chase: Oh yeah… I’m sorry where were we?

Jarvis sighs.

Paul Jarvis: Forget it. Just watch my match tonight. Watch the start of my miracle working abilities. Watch as I go out there… to lose!

Jarvis walks off in a huff, and from there the focus shifts elsewhere.

The camera opens up outside of the Quicken Loans arena, in the SHOOT Project superstar parking lot, peering out into the night time sky. The camera begins to rotate slowly, as a figure resting up against a Mazda 6 is shown. The figure, male, is dressed in a pair of black dress pants with grey pinstripes barely loose from his legs, a white dress shirt with black suspenders, gold rimmed sunglasses and his hair in a blonde faux-hawk.

The man is Dan Stein.

SHOOT Project Iron Fist champion.

Stein has the Iron Fist title over his shoulder, and is looking at the camera from behind the sunglasses. His face is somewhat healed from the beating he took at the hands of Osbourne Kilminster just a week before in Philly, though his lip is still a bit swollen and his cheek seems a bit puffy. Stein has his ankles crosses, his left toe touching the ground with his heel on the back bumper. It’s a cold night, Stein’s breath freezes in front of him before he starts to speak.

THE LIGHTS: Last week, I began trotting down the path to my Redemption, one where I could look back at the things I’ve done and know that I’ve done the best I could do, been the best I could be and lived the best life I could live. Last week was the first step on the road to my salvation – it started the set of events that will help me change history… FOREVER.

Stein’s voice stopped, and he patted his belt.

THE LIGHTS: However, I know that this path is not a short one, and I know that the road is not a straight away. I will have my speed bumps, and I might hit a deer or two along the way – but I will not stop believing in myself, and I will not stop believing in something better for myself – or this SHOOT Project Iron Fist championship.

Stein used one hand to slide his sunglasses off of his head and tuck them into his shirt, which had two buttons undone.

THE LIGHTS: The belt is in good hands now – but that doesn’t mean I’m content. There will always be someone bigger than I am. There will always be someone crazier than I am. There will always be someone richer than I am, and along the way new foes will align themselves across the ring from me. But one thing holds true, now more than ever.

Stein smirked, patting the title again, before holding it out in front of him, looking at it while speaking. In the background, the guitar solo from “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse plays softly, until a loud symbol crash is heard. Then, the music starts playing loudly.

THE LIGHTS: You and I must fight to survive.

Cut into the ring. “Knights of Cydonia” is still playing in the arena. The fans are on their feet as the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with a few of the fans at ring side. The title is around his waist now, and bounces as he walks up the stairs, to the middle of the ring apron and under the second rope to walk into the ring. He makes his way to the ring corner nearest the announce table and climbs it to the second rope, before throwing his fist in the air. Everyone in the arena POPS huge.

Eryk Masters: Listen to this crowd! They love him!

Other Guy: Why wouldn’t they? He dresses as well as he fights, Eryk.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t know, maybe because he QUIT and walked out on his best friend?

Other Guy: Jesus Christ. Give the guy a break, Jeff.

Stein walks to each of the turnbuckles, climbing them and throwing his fist in the air, pointing at his title with the other hand. Each time a louder pop is invoked. As he reaches the last turnbuckle, Stein walks to Samantha Coil and receives a microphone, which he turns on as he walks to the center of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: And now he’s going to talk… a lot.

Stein waits for the fans to die down before putting the microphone up to his mouth, the music dying out with the fans.

THE LIGHTS: That is why I love doing what I do. That is why I love coming out here week in and week out, trying to raise the bar by doing myself one better than the previous week. That’s why I work on my body –

The women scream, causing Stein to lower the microphone a little bit.

THE LIGHTS: It’s why I train for hours, each and every day. It’s why I get bumps and bruises, black eyes and swollen lips.

It’s why I knock men’s teeth clean out of their faces with a simple kick.

Everyone pops loud now as Stein refers to his finishing move.

THE LIGHTS: It’s also… it’s also why I don’t see myself losing this belt any time soon. Not to Kenji Yamada or Donovan King or Jonny fucking Johnson, not to anyone… but it’s also why I won’t degrade them OR this belt in saying they aren’t worthy of it.

Other Guy: Stein’s always tried to be as respectful as he could be, and tonight’s no different, Eryk.

Jeff Hansen: How respectful can you b-

Other Guy: I was talking to Eryk.

THE LIGHTS: The SHOOT Project Iron Fist champion is a man who won’t back down from anyone – man or woman – when they step up to take the challenge. Nobody is too big or too small, to fat or too skinny, too white or too black to hold this title. Nobody is bigger than the title, no champion is too small. And I won’t be the first one to break that tradition.

It could be argued that Ozzy ducked the competition, that he found ways of running out defending this title. I won’t do that. Starting next week, every singles competition I am in, I will be defending my Iron Fist Championship under strict Iron Fist Championship rules.

The fans cheered loudly. Stein stopped to look at the camera, rubbing his hand over the faceplate of the belt with “Dan Stein” inscribed at the bottom.

THE LIGHTS: You will see me defend this title as much as possible, in hopes to break the records for all time defenses, defenses in a title reign and maybe…


Longest title reign in SHOOT Project history.

Eryk Masters: Stein’s out here showing that he really, truly cares for the Iron Fist division – wanting to break all the records it holds.

Jeff Hansen: I give him two weeks and a turned ankle. Guy looks like a pussy.

Other Guy: Uh… wow.

THE LIGHTS: With Ozzy taking his ball and going home after I beat him, and Kenji chanting “I’m a weapon” in his sleep, the Iron Fist division is lacking numbers. As the champion of this division, I am calling on each and every underappreciated, underutilized, over-their-heads wrestler in the back to come out in the next few weeks and declare yourself for the division.

I want everyone in the back that looks at me, and says, “How is a pretty boy like that holding the title, I can beat his ass any day!” to come out here and tell me that to my face.

I want everyone in the back who thinks I’m a quitter, who thinks I don’t deserve this title, to come out and tell me that to my face.

And anyone else, who just feels like a fight. Whether you’re Jared Walsh, Azraith DeMitri, Jester Smiles or Ainsley Lake. Hell, if Eric Wolfson wants to come out and step in the ring with me, I. won’t. say. no…


Stein drops the microphone from his face a bit, quickly taking the Iron Fist title and holding it in the air with one hand.

THE LIGHTS: That is what this belt represents. And that’s what I’m going to live my life representing. No Valhalla. No defeat. Just… history.

Stein turns the microphone off, dropping it to the mat. He holds the title up to the loud pop from the fans, and slowly makes his way over the ring ropes.

Other Guy: Focused. Determined. One hell of a talker.

Jeff Hansen: If only he fought as well as you think he talks.

Coming back to the ring area, “Line Em Up” by Freeway with Chris Young starts up over the PA system, drawing a loud amount of boos for the man known as "The Queen City Hitman".

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing, first from Hartford Connecticut… Weighing in tonight at 265 pounds. This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie & his forearms and fists taped up. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

TMB: (Off Mic) Miracle or not…the truth will set you free.

Jeff Hansen: The last time we saw TMB he took down the monster of a man, Azazel. Hate him or love him, TMB is fast becoming a man to watch for in SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: I’ll give it to TMB, he showed he has what it takes to be a big name in this business. But as long as he keeps the company he keeps, he’ll be nothing more then a lackey that never capitalized on his talent.

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the boos that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the far right corner. He smirks at the crowd as they hurl insults at him and he just brushes them off. He turns around and faces the referee, who proceeds to give him the mandatory pat down. Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, waiting for the match to start.

Eryk Masters: Good to see Chris Jenkins is right back out here to officiate. That was some kind of super kick he felt earlier.

Other Guy: Yeah but even the referees in SHOOT Project are tough, not just the wrestlers.

Black’s music cuts out and The Revolution video screen shows a serene image of pure white rolling clouds moving across an even purer blue sky.

Then God Said… Let There Be Jarvis.

The voice seems to echo throughout the Quicken Loans Arena and the fans begin to boo once more.

And there was!

“Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down” by Collective Soul begins to play and Jarvis struts out from the back, bobbing slightly with the beat of the song. He has his arms spread out wide as if ready to embrace the world in one big hug. He’s all smiles too, showing of his nearly perfect white teeth as he heads towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 203 pounds… he is the self-proclaimed Miracle Worker… here is PAUL JARVIS!!!

Jarvis is decked out in a flowing white cloth shirt and flowing white cloth pants, but you can see there is something underneath the attire and as he reaches the ring he takes off both pants and shirt to reveal a sky blue wrestling singlet, complete with golden angel wings on the front.

Other Guy: Correct me if I’m wrong, guys, but isn’t this Jarvis’s first official match in SHOOT Project ever?

Eryk Masters: I believe so. He showed up in two thousand six when SHOOT Project made a brief comeback, but aside from a farce of a match, he’s never wrestled one that was official.

Jarvis walks up the steel steps and then pauses for a moment to look upwards. He nods his head with a smile before vaulting over the top rope to land inside the ring. He bounces off the nearby ring ropes a couple of times, obviously loosening up, and Black just shakes his head with an annoyed look on his face.

Jeff Hansen: We taking bets on how quickly this match ends?

Other Guy: I don’t like Jarvis anymore than I like Thomas Manchester Black, but ya can’t be rulin’ out either of them in this thing.

Jeff Hansen: Jarvis is here to lose, OG. He said it himself and so I for one can’t wait to see how quickly he ends up losing this to TMB.

The bell sounds and Jarvis slowly walks out of the upper left corner, still smiling as he somewhat approaches Black. Black steps up and cocks his head to the side slightly.

TMB: So you gonna give me a challenge or not?

Jarvis just shrugs, which seems to irritate Black. He charges in, and Jarvis ducks an attempted clothesline, but turns and walks right into a HUGE RUNNING BOOT SHOT! Jarvis spasms on the mat, screaming loudly. Black rolls his eyes and pulls Jarvis up, looking him right in the eyes… and then LIFTS him high into a body press position, only to drop him down with a Samoan Drop!

Jeff Hansen: This isn’t even a match, guys; it’s a demonstration courtesy of Thomas Manchester Black.

Again Jarvis spasms all over the ring, shouting in immense pain. He rolls away from Black, but Black is up to his feet and he gets a hold of Jarvis and lifts him up from behind. Black whips Jarvis into the ropes, chest first, and as Jarvis comes staggering back, Black LEVELS him with another big boot shot, only this time to the back of the head!

Jarvis goes down hard and then bounces OFF the canvas and actually stumbles to the edge of the ring and in spasming pain, he flips himself over the top rope and crashes to the outside.

Other Guy: Are you serious?

Jeff Hansen: TMB’s a monster of a man, OG. He’s really putting the hurt on Paul Jarvis.

Eryk Masters: Even I can see the over-exaggeration here. Jarvis isn’t even attempting to fight!

The fans boo loudly as the referee starts the ring out count, but Black won’t have any of that. He quickly gets out of the ring, hoists Jarvis up no problem and just throws him through the space between the middle and top rope. Jarvis struggles his way up to his feet and Black comes in now with a series of quick kicks to the legs. Jarvis falters and eventually drops to his knees and Black PELTS him in the face with the tip of his knee meeting the bridge of Jarvis’s nose! Jarvis’s head snaps back and his whole body falls to the mat. From there Black pounds his chest, but the crowd just continues to boo.

Eryk Masters: Well it looks like Black is done playing around with Jarvis and calling for an end here.

Jeff Hansen: Just goes to show how dominant TMB really is.

Other Guy: Yeah cept if Jarvis keeps this shit up, EVERYBODY is gonna look dominant.

Black lifts an apparently unconscious Jarvis up to his feet, he holds him there for a moment, then turns him around and elevates him high up into an inverted suplex position. Black doesn’t hit the inverted suplex though, instead he swings Jarvis into a piggyback position and then DROPS WITH A STIFF STUNNER!!!

Eryk Masters: And he calls that the Carolina Krush!

Jeff Hansen: Goodnight Jarvis.

Black makes a cover, but seems to be frustrated by the whole ordeal. Referee Chris Jenkins makes the count.




The bell sounds and Thomas Manchester Black gets up to his feet while shoving Jarvis away from him.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of this match… THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!

“Line Em’ Up” starts to play again and Black just looks down at Jarvis, shakes his head and walks out of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: So another big time victory for Thomas Manchester Black. Good stuff.

Other Guy: Even TMB don’t think it’s good stuff, Jeff. Look at how upset he is.

Eryk Masters: I’d have to agree, Black was looking for a challenge here and what he got was a push over in Paul Jarvis.

Jeff Hansen: He’s the miracle martyr, what did you expect? And what’s the big deal anyway, TMB looked like a bad ass and Jarvis accomplished his goal. Everyone’s a winner.

Jarvis rolls out of the ring, groggy as all hell, and while Thomas Manchester Black heads up the ramp way, he looks at the Revolution video screen to see Jarvis standing up on the outside motioning for a microphone. Black stops walking and just turns around. Frustrated he puts his hands on his hips. Jarvis takes a hold of a microphone and looks straight across the ring to Black on the outside on the other side.

Paul Jarvis: I know it’ll be hard for you to say it… but I know you’re thinking it.

The fans boo and now Jarvis smiles.

Paul Jarvis: So I’ll respond… your welcome, Thomas Manchester Black. You’re oh so very welcome.

With the smile still present, Jarvis raises his arms up towards TMB as if looking to give him a hug. Black just glares at Jarvis and then turns away while swatting his hand back behind him.

Other Guy: Wow, the nerve of Jarvis. He thinks anyone is gonna thank him for that?

Jeff Hansen: Maybe they should. And you know what it’s refreshing to see a guy who isn’t all about the wins and losses. I like TMB, but he really should be thanking Jarvis for the good deed done here today.

Eryk Masters: I guess that’s a matter of one’s opinion. But fans we have plenty of REAL wrestling action still to come, including our main event… the Laws of Survival Championship to be defended inside of the steel cage hanging over head as the original seven laws have been brought back. It’s Cade Sydal and The Willenium still to come tonight!

The scene fades into the ring, specifically, the video screen. The words “Pre-Recorded” appear on the screen before fading into none other than Jester Smiles, sitting on a sofa at his home, leaning forward, his arms resting on his knees. He wears a a black t-shirt with golden letters at the bottom right hand corner that reads “To Write Love On her Arms” and blue jeans. The fans cheer loudly, which Jester can’t hear, cuz, you know, pre-recorded. Jester looks tired.

Jester Smiles: I wish I could be there, guys, I do, and I know I promised and interview and such, but….

Jester sighs heavily.

Jester Smiles: Well, I’ve broken a lot of promises lately, haven’t I? Look, I’m not going to waste too much time here. I can’t be there right now, because the doctor’s are afraid I’ll do something that’ll further injure my leg. It’s just badly bruised right now, all around and on the knee. Nothing career ending. They just aren’t sure, if I’ll be…

Jester is quiet for a moment.

Jester Smiles: If I’ll be able to make Redemption or not.

The crowd begins to boo loudly.

Jester Smiles: I don’t know what’s fixing to happen. I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t know what I have to do in order to be at the top of SHOOT again. All I know is what I feel is right.

And I know that somehow, I have to take out Jonny. Somehow, some way.

Jester looks down at the ground. He then looks up, like he has something else to say, but decides against it and turns off the camera.

Other Guy: That guy looks…Jester just looks…

Jeff Hansen: Defeated. Jester Smiles looks defeated, beaten, and broken. Just like every other time in his miserable career. Jester Smiles has once again been beat down, made a fool of, and now, he’s going to do what he does best. He’s going to sulk. Way to go, botch king.

Neither Other Guy or Eryk Masters has anything else to say. The scene fades out.

The corridors of the backstage area of the Quickens Loan Arena find themselves consumed by the sound of heavy footsteps and the slight slinking of metal. From around a corner, we see why as the ominous figure of Osbourne Kilminster emerges from a less-well illuminated hallway and steps into that which leads toward the locker rooms.

His heavy chainmail vest/coif sways in his hand and his chest rises and falls slowly beneath the tight black sleeveless tee as he scans the corridor through his tinted lenses.

He finds it – a plain, chap pinewood door bearing a laminated sign reading "RON BARKER".

He knocks and he waits, licking his dry lips almost impatiently.

Ron Barker: Enter.

Osbourne opens the door to see the man himself lacing his boots. Their eyes meet and Ron smiles.

Ron Barker: Osbourne! How are you doing, man?

Kilminster breaks into a grin as he regards Barker. His shoulders and arms visibly flex as he sees the bigger man lacing his boots, preparing for battle.

Osbourne Kilminster: Wow. Getting ready for your match? You know, I’m almost jealous. Haha. Did you catch my little speech earlier?

Ron Barker: Can’t say that I did. Sorry. You understand, man.

Ron looks up with a smirk as he points towards his boots.

Osbourne raises a surprised eyebrow, a little taken aback that Ron hadn’t watched, but he shrugs as he quickly realises Ron must be pretty focused on his match.

Osbourne Kilminster: I made a point of thanking you for helping me get everything sorted to help me get back so quickly. Man, I thought I was going to be out of the game for weeks or months… I really appreciate what you’ve done for me lately…

Finishing the last bow on his laces, Ron Barker sits up and looks at Osbourne, who has since sat down.

Ron Barker: Well, I won’t lie to you, man. It wasn’t easy. But hey… it doesn’t matter how we got there… the point is, you’re standing to make a lot of money and that’s the bottom line. I do, however, have a request. You know, kind of like a favour.

A small grin begins to form on the face of Ron Barker.

Kilminster leans in closer, raising his eyebrows acceptingly.

Osbourne Kilminster: Sure. What have you got in mind?

Ron Barker: Well, I’m going to be straight up and honest with you. As prepared as I am to fight Kenji Yamada here tonight, I simply don’t want to. I’ve got bigger things to worry about and in terms of priority, Kenji just doesn’t make the list.

Ron smiles as Osbourne looks to be taking it in.

Ron Barker: I was wondering if you wanted to take my place in the match tonight? You know, a chance to get right back in there. How about it?

Osbourne slumps back against the white-washed wall and takes a deep breath, gulping down a proverbial bitter pill.

Osbourne Kilminster: I can’t do that, Ron… I mean, you know as well as I do that I’ll take any fight at the drop of a hat, but I want to do it the right way. I don’t want to screw Kenji over with the old last-minute switcheroo rubbish. Another time and another place, maybe, yeah… but not tonight… not like this…

Kilminster shrugs apologetically, reluctant to give the answer that he has, but his furrowed brow belies his wracked conscience.

Ron Barker sighs as he tries to reason with him.

Ron Barker: Come on, man. I know you’re principled and you’ve got morals and all that… but I would think that you could grant me this one little teeny tiny request.

Ron smiles as warmly as he can.

Ron Barker: As a friend.

Kilminster slams his head back hard against the wall. It’s clear that his heart and his head disagree.

Osbourne Kilminster: Look, I want to… you know I want to, but it’s just not the way to do things. I want to be able to do things the right way and DOMINATE so that nobody can question what I’ve done, so if I do something like this… it taints all that… and not just for me – think of how it’ll make you look. You see my point, right?

Chewing on his gum, Barker looks into the eyes of Osbourne Kilminster. You could almost see the mischievous intent in his eyes as Osbourne looked back, obviously conflicted.

A smirk forms on Ron’s lips.

Ron Barker: Nah… you’re right. It’d make me look pretty weak.

Ron Barker sighs but smiles.

Ron Barker: Well, there’s no shaking you. It’s cool. You’re sticking up for what you believe in. I get it.

Osbourne Kilminster: If there’s anything I can help you with preparing for it, you know, I can and will. I beat the guy myself…

He sighs, remembering the day he first won the Iron Fist Championship by knocking out Kenji Yamada, before he pulls off his sunglasses and looks directly into Ron’s eyes.

Osbourne Kilminster: Er… I know you’ve been busy and all, but I was wondering if you’ve seen Jada around?

Ron Barker: Can’t say that I have, man. But if it’s all right with you, I need to finish getting ready for this match.

Both men stand as Ron leads Osbourne to the door.

Osbourne pushes his sunglasses back on and nods, though his expression isn’t one of notable happiness. He pats Ron on the shoulder as he takes his leave and heads away back down the corridor. He doesn’t look back to see Barker’s wicked smirk as he shakes his head before closing the changing-room door.

“Club Foot” by Kasabian hits the PA, and the fans start to boo. When Jack Heart makes his way onto the ramp in his typical black trunks and Union Jack knee pads, the fans booing is somehow justified.

Other Guy: Jack Heart is a guy looking to make a statement tonight.

Eryk Masters: And quite a statement will be made, if he manages to beat King tonight.

Heart heads down to the ring, ignoring the fans around him. He climbs in, and Samantha Coil takes center stage.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… fighting out of London, England, he stands in at five feet, nine inches tall and weighs in at one hundred seventy-two pounds… he is the BRITISH KICKING MACHINE… JACK HEART!

Jeff Hansen: Heart is at a size disadvantage here, but I don’t think that’ll matter. This kid is hungry.

Other Guy: Hungry to get his ass beat, maybe.



The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed. He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance. The reaction is mixed, more leaning towards the cheering, but it is MASSIVE. King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest, his lone tattoo across his right breast of “est. 1983” in plain view of the camera. On the rear of his trunks is that symbol of the Sons of Liberty.


Eryk Masters: Quite a matchup we’ve got coming up here, guys. Donovan King takes on Jack Heart, in Heart’s first singles match in… quite some time.

Other Guy: Nobody even knew who the fuck this guy was, that’s how long it’s been since he wrestled.

Jeff Hansen: I’m surprised he’s still employed.

Willie Dean, the referee presiding over the action, stands between the two men, a seething Donovan King, and a smug Jack Heart. He appears to be going over some last minute rules and instructions, the typical referee pre-match fare. Finally, King and Heart separate to their corners. Dean nods at King, then at Heart, then to Mark Kendrick, who rings the bell as the match gets under way.

Jeff Hansen: King looking pretty annoyed or angry, where Heart is pretty smug.

Eryk Masters: King obviously ready for the fight here, and I’m not sure if Heart knows what he’s gotten himself into.

King and Heart begin circling one another, before Heart takes the offenseive and launches a series of kicks King’s way. King, however, is quick enough to avoid most of the damage. Heart follows up, trying to throw melee King’s way, but King still dodges. King finally stops one of Heart’s punches, and throws a hard right elbow at Heart, which catches him in the jaw and catches him off guard. King follows up by throwing a shoulder into Heart’s gut, and then executing a double leg takedown. He mounts Heart and begins throwing lots of punches!

Other Guy: King the obvious aggressor here, despite Heart’s early attempts.

Jeff Hansen: Whatever, King ‘absorbed’ a lot of Heart’s kicks, so he’s taken some licks of his own.

Heart’s covering up, trying to deflect as much as he can, but finds his best course of action is to get to the ropes. Achieving that goal, Dean orders King to let up, but King chooses to ignore Dean, prompting the mandatory five count. King punishes Heart as much as he can, as Dean reaches four, but obviously moves away from Heart just in time, to avoid the disqualification. Heart gets to his feet as King backs off. King charges Heart, but Heart moves out of the way. King rebounds from the rope, and hits a spear! King mounts Heart one more time, and drives his fists into Heart’s face once more!

Eryk Masters: Pretty obvious gameplan here.

Jeff Hansen: If by “gameplan” you mean “mugging.”

Other Guy: That’s racist!

Heart scurries to the ropes once more, and Dean calls for the break, which King obliges immediately this time, choosing now to immediately descend upon Heart again, then pulling him to his feet, hoisting him up with a front chancery and then driving him downwards with a brainbuster! King makes the cover!




Eryk Masters: Heart not quite ready to die here.

Other Guy: Good thing too, because then people would just not care about this kid.

Heart’s to a knee, shaking the cobwebs out, as King circles him like a vulture. King chooses to not wait any longer, and pulls Heart to his feet, but Heart catches him off guard and nails him with a boot to the midsection, and then a side kick to King’s head! King’s rocked, but bounces off the ropes, into ANOTHER Heart kick! King topples to the floor, and an excited Heart makes a QUICK cover.



King EMPHATICALLY kicks out.

Other Guy: If King is out to make a statement regarding what he plans to do in the Redemption Rumble, he needs not get himself into situations like that, where he’s having to kick out.

Eryk Masters: Well, any time you take two stiff kicks to the head, you’re bound to be a little more worse for wear. Heart doing a good job of utilizing the best part of his game; the kicks.

Jeff Hansen: King’s lucky he kicked out. That’s all.

Heart is the aggressor now, working King back to his feet. He begins throwing kicking combinations into King’s sides and midsections, hurting the former Revolution Champion. King’s clutching his sides, as Heart continues to work him over, nailing thigh after thigh, and then in the midsection. Heart rebounds off the ropes, and flies at King, but King catches him and hurls him over head with a belly to belly suplex, sending Heart to the mat with the quickness! King continues, pulling Heart to his feet, but Heart breaks King’s hold, hits him with a jab, and then NAILS him with a thrust kick, sending King to the turnbuckle! Heart rushes King and just THROWS his feet at King’s face, nailing him with a dropkick! King is rocked, and Heart executes a small package!




King has a foot under the rope, as Dean calls for the break, and then gets an earful from a very exasperated Jack Heart who really wanted that pinfall. This allows King some time to recuperate, as Heart is stating his case to Willie Dean.

Other Guy: Heart is making a mistake here. Do not give Donovan King time to recuperate or stand up or anything like that, you’re just asking for it.

Jeff Hansen: I personally feel that Jack Heart has this match in hand, and it’s just a matter of time before he puts Donovan King away.

Eryk Masters: Really Jeff? I mean, seriously?

Heart has finally had enough of Willie Dean, and as such, turns around to regain his focus. Unfortunately, Heart’s mistake comes to life, as King is there waiting, and nails Heart with a harsh right hand, followed by a deep European uppercut, which rocks Heart’s head. King pulls Heart’s head down hard, and then pulls him over, driving his head into the mat with a piledriver! Heart crumples over, and King makes the cover.




Eryk Masters: Heart with an impressive kickout this time.

Jeff Hansen: You call that impressive? Please, THAT was a foregone conclusion. Nobody loses to a piledriver.

Other Guy: Are we even watching the same match?

King resumes on Heart, pulling him up, and whipping him into a turnbuckle. King stalks Heart over, slaps him across the face, and then nails a BRUTAL European uppercut! He measures him, and does it once more! Heart’s barely hanging onto the top rope, as King nails ANOTHER European uppercut. He pulls Heart off the turnbuckle, and immediately throws him over with a snap suplex. He floats over and mounts Heart again, but Heart is too close to the ropes this time, and King can’t get any damage in.

Eryk Masters: Heart is ROCKED here. King really messed him up with those uppercuts.

Jeff Hansen: Just watch… Heart’s time is now. I’VE GOT YOUR BACK BUDDY. YOU ARE AWESOME.

Other Guy: …wow.

Heart is gasping for breath in the corner, as King heads his way again. Heart throws a kick at King, but King dodges. King pulls Heart to his feet, but Heart QUICKLY drops down and hits a drop toe hold, as King crashes into the turnbuckle! Heart doesn’t take advantage of the turnbuckle position, instead choosing to pull King back to a vertical base, Heart throws a punch, but King blocks. Heart throws a jab, which connects, and Heart hits a HARD kick to the head, which rocks King back. Heart grabs King and hits an STO! Heart with the cover!




Dean says no, as King got his shoulder up! Heart is livid! He’s really vocally arguing with Dean, as King gets to his feet. Heart pulls himself away from Willie Dean, not wanting to make the same mistake twice. Heart tries to whip King from his knees, but King doesn’t budge. Heart makes a “GET UP” motion, and King obliges.

Eryk Masters: Heart may have possibly let his emotions take control here. He wasn’t happy about that non-three count.

Jeff Hansen: Would YOU be, Eryk?

King is to his feet. Heart throws a high kick. King catches it, pulls Heart in, and BOOM.


The crowd comes off its hinges! King covers!




Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, at a time of fourteen minutes, and fifteen seconds… DONOVAN KING.

Willie Dean goes to raise King’s hand, as “Out Here Grindin’” hits the PA, the crowd loving every second of this.

Other Guy: Good, solid win for Donovan King here, and a surprisingly not bad outing for Jack Heart, coming up with a couple of near falls.

Jeff Hansen: I think it’s bullshit that a guy can just hit a move like that, and the match is over. Whaaaaatever.

Eryk Masters: With that said, I think it’s okay to just ignore Jeff Hansen at this point. Heart put up a great fight here, but King is way more seasoned, so experience was a factor. Heart will need to get his emotions in check, if he wants to start winning here.

The cameras open up to find Cade Sydal, still in street clothes, walking the halls. His eyes are narrowed and his jaw is visibly clenched, as his right fist is balled around several sheets of paper. Nevertheless, the fans cheer at the sight of the Laws of Survival Champion.

Jeff Hansen: What’s his problem?

Other Guy: Looks like dude is PISSED!

Cade seemingly finds his destination and stops outside the door, presumably leading into a locker room. The camerta pans around, showing the name on the plaque. Kilgore Stochansky. Cade grabs the handle with his free hand and throws the door open, barging right in.

Cade Sydal: What the fuck is this shit, Kilgore? Did you serve me a fucking summons?!

Kilgore looks up from his magazine calmly, not even cracking a smile or even bothering to close it. Clad in a black suit with an incredibly loud multi-pattern shirt, he crosses his legs and sighs slightly.

Kilgore Stochansky: Now, Caned, there’s no reason for profanity.

He finally closes his magazine and looks at Cade, giving us a chance to see how he looks: A black eye and two strips of bandage, one at his forhead, one at his lip. He throws on a pair of blocky sunglasses before smiling.

Kilgore Stochansky: Didnt your mother teach you any better?

Cade Sydal: Fuck that shit, Kilgore! This is wrestling, Stochansky. If you can’t take being beat up because you crossed the line then you probably should do one of two things. Stop crossing the fucking line, or get the fuck out.

Stochansky affixes him with a cold stare, standing to his full six feet five inches. He still gives him plenty of space, though

Kilgore Stochansky: And you listen, you simpering little title warmer. What you did was above and beyond what’s called for, even by my admittedly more…creative standards.

Cade, considerably shorter, has to peer up at Kilgore to meet his perceived eyeline. He doesn’t back down however, and shrugs his shoulders.

Cade Sydal: What I did, I warned you would happen. The way I see it, you got what you deserved. But you want something, and I want something. So how about you drop this fucking court bullshit and I’ll give you what you want?

Kilgore opens his mouth eagerly, but Cade quickly speaks again.

Cade Sydal: No, I won’t vacate the title.

Kilgore’s mouth slowly closes, making it clear that Cade read him right, and Cade continues.

Cade Sydal: However, assuming I walk away as the Laws of Survival Champion tonight, I’ll gladly give you a shot at winning it properly at Redemption.

Stochansky chuckles and pushes his glasses to his forehead, then leans down until he’s right in Cade’s face, smiling to meet Sydal’s scowl.

Kilgore Stochansky: Heheheh…Tell you what, friend. I want to make sure you realize the gravity of your crimes. I want you to burn in court for this. I want my millions of fans to stop burning dummies of you in effigy. I want a whole great deal of things. But, if you want this…

Kilgore reaches out and snatches the summons from Cade’s hand

Kilgore Stochansky: …To go away? Well…I’m nothing if not benevolent. A shot at Redemption?

Cade nods his head in the affirmative, his jaw set. At that, Stochansky rips the summons in two and let’s it’s halves float the ground.

Kilgore Stochansky: Shall we shake on it, then?

Cade stares at Kilgore, almost as if he’s debating on whether to trust the man in front of him. Finally, he slowly extends his hand.

Cade Sydal: Yeah. Let’s do just that.

It’s a hearty shake, a four-pump politician’s handshake. Kilgore smiles even broader and claps Cade on the shoulder.

Kilgore Stochansky: See how much nicer things are when you talk to someone like they’re a fellow human being? Now…

Stochansky lets the handshake goes and pumps his fist with flourish, grinning.

Kilgore Stochansky: …Go get ‘im, Caged Tiger!

Cade shakes his head with a roll of the eyes before turning and exiting the locker room, as Kilgore takes his seat again and resumes reading his magazine,

Eryk Masters: That could be big! If Cade Sydal wins tonight, he just named his challenger at Redemption!

Jeff Hansen: That’s a big assumption though.

“Daremo Inai” Ie hits over the PA. The crowd begins to boo loudly, knowing who is about to come out from the back.

Other Guy: Definitely not a battle of the fan favorites here.

Kenji Yamada emerges from the back, a determined, focused look on his face. He entirely ignores the booing fans around him and simply starts towards the ring.

Jeff Hansen: And that, right there, is a scary man when he’s fo-OH SHIT!

The reason Hansen yelled ‘oh shit’ is in the form of one Ron Barker, slamming Kenji to the floor with a lariat to the back of the head. The crowd at first cheers, but then begins to boo as they remember that they hate Barker the same, even not more so than Yamada. Barker plants a few boots to Kenji before picking him up and tossing him into the guardrail. He then grabs Yamada by the hair and lifts him up, walking him to the ring while throwing a few punches to Yamada’s face, just to keep him sufficiently beat down. Upon reaching the ring, Barker slams Yamada’s face into the ring apron and tosses him under the bottom rope, following closely behind. Austin Linam, seeing that he probably can’t break this up, signals for the bell.

Eryk Masters: And this one is off, with Ron Barker having a clear advantage early on!

Yamada has rolled to his hands and knees, but is quickly flattened when the much larger Ron Barker drops an elbow on Yamada’s back. Barker is back to his feet quickly and he begins to plant stomp after stomp to Kenji’s back, every so often switching it up with the kick to the ribs. Barker then grabs Kenji by the hair and lifts him up, tossing him to the ropes, catching, and spinning around! PERFECTION!


Jeff Hansen: You guys have to admit, all personal feelings aside, that was a pretty awesome counter.

Eryk Masters: And Yamada is just wrenching on that head, as if he is trying to pop Barker’s head clean off!

Kenji now has his legs wrapped around Barker’s waist and he continues to pull tightly with the choke, trying to strangle Barker within the early stages of the match. Barker, however, is much larger than Yamada, and he is able to stay on his feet. He lines Kenji up with the turnbuckle and charges forward, slamming Kenji’s lower back against the turnbuckle. Kenji buckles, his lower back sore from Barker’s early attack, and releases the hold. However, Kenji is able to slip out of the corner and he launches a dropkick at the back of Barker’s leg, causing Barker to crumble to one knee. Yamada is up quickly, and he SLAMS Barker in the side of the head with a buzzsaw kick! Barker crumbles to the mat!

Other Guy: Kenji now in control, and Barker is about to get all KINDS of fucked up.

Ron Barker clutches his head, rolling to his back. Kenji leaps in the air and brings both his feet down on Barker with a double foot stomp! Kenji then places Barker between his legs and grabs hold of Barker’s arm. He steps over and locks in the Fujiwara Armbar! Barker cries out in pain, but he’s near the ropes, and is able to grab hold! But Kenji does not let go! Austin Linam begins the count!





Kenji releases the hold, but plants a kick to the back of Barker’s head for good measure. Linam admonishes Kenji, but Yamada laughs it off.

Jeff Hansen: Kenji is focused tonight, and attacking him before the bell may have just made him angry, as opposed to helping Barker.

Kenji lifts Barker to his feet and throws a knee that hits Ron square in the chest. Ron buckles to one knee, and Kenji stays on him with more knees! Kenji then runs backwards, hits the ropes, and leaps forward! Barker catches him, going for the powerbomb! Countered! Kenji with the hurricanrana-NO! Kenji locks his legs and has Barker in a TIGHT Triangle Choke! Barker is caught off guard and drops down to his knees, giving Kenji even more position.

Other Guy: Kenji just going submission after submission. He knows he can’t go pound for pound with Barker, so he’s just going to cut the guy down.

Eryk Masters: And this could be it here. That’s a TIGHT choke.

Kenji pulls down on Barker’s head, choking him even more, while Ron tries to work his way to his feet. It seems rather futile, though, as Barker is unable to breath due to Kenji’s choke. Surprisingly, though, Barker is able to work his way up to one foot, and then onto both feet, standing up, causing Kenji to hang, upside down, still holding the choke! Barker lifts Kenji up, though, into a seated position, much like the set up for the powerbomb, but he can’t get Kenji off to hit the maneuver. Suddenly, Barker just lashes out, slamming Kenji in the throat with a fist! Kenji is so stunned by the move that he loosens the hold, and Barker is able to SLAM Kenji to the mat with a sloppy powerbomb! Kenji arches his back in pain, and Ron Barker falls against the ropes.

Other Guy: Barker still alive in this one, slithering away like a snake.

Jeff Hansen: Hey, what better way to get out of a choke than punching a dude in the throat? Worked pretty well right there.

Kenji is up to his feet relatively quickly, and he charges forward, slamming Barker with a flying forearm. Barker throws a wild punch, which Kenji is easily dodges. He then catches the extended arm and leaps, flipping over and applying a standing armbar-NO! Barker is able to slip his arm, and Kenji falls to the mat. Barker backs away and hits the ropes. Kenji is up to his feet. He turns and is nearly flipped over with a SICK clothesline from Barker!

Eryk Masters: LARIATOOOOO!

Jeff Hansen: What are ya, Ben Caban?

Barker is up to his feet. He looks down at Kenji, a smile forming on his face. He grabs Kenji by the hair and lifts him up, launching a few punches to Kenji’s head before tossing him to the ropes. On the rebound, he tries to catch Kenji, but Kenji slides between Ron’s legs! Kenji is up quick, and he launches a kick to Barker’s back! Kenji then goes to the ropes, and when Barker turns around, he springboards off, turns in mid air, and looks for the crossbody! CAUGHT! Ron spins him around, drops him, PERFECTION! Ron pins, and Linam counts!




Kenji’s shoulder is up just a millisecond later!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of ELEVEN MINUTES and TWENTY FOUR SECONDS, “RAVISHING” RON BARKER!

Barker, seeing Kenji beginning to get to his feet, wastes no time in leaving the ring, not wanting to deal with an upset Yamada! Yamada, meanwhile, begins to punch in the mat in frustration, screaming out in both English and Japanese. Barker, meanwhile, leaves the scene, smiling like a bandit.

Other Guy: Barker takes the win this time, and he quickly high tails it out of there.

Jeff Hansen: Can you blame him? I mean, it’s Kenji Yamada.

Eryk Masters: I can’t blame him.


Unexpectedly so, we see THE REAL DEAL backstage at Quicken Loans Arena. His presence, of course, elicits a pretty GIGANTIC POP from the fans watching live at the show.  He’s in a blue SHOOT Project Polo and Jeans, and although it looks like he might be on his way out for the night, he’s stopped to have a few words with a couple of production guys at one of the camera stations in the back.  They nod and listen attentively to their pseudo-boss, giving him the respect he rightfully deserves.

Real Deal: It’s simple stuff, but Jason wanted me to run it by you guys before I took off.   A cage match on free television is always a pretty big deal so let’s try to keep the shots as close to the action as we can.  (Pausing) Any questions?

The production guys both seem to think the situation is straight forward, and shake their heads.

Production Guy 1: Sounds about right, man.

VOICE OFF CAMERA: Actually, I had a question…

Real Deal is not happy to hear that voice.  He keeps his cool, though, and slowly turns around.


Jonny Johnson.

Josh stays quiet as Jonny approaches.  Not out of fear, but out of knowing the situation.  If he said anything, he’d be interrupted and he wasn’t in the mood to play games tonight.  So he opts for silence.

Jonny stares him down for a moment, glances at the production guys and then looks back at Josh before finally saying whatever is on his mind.

The DEFILER: Can I get my towel back?

There’s a strange buzz that follows.  Both production guys look confused, while the audiences at home and in the stands, try to make sense of what Jonny just asked.  Real Deal shakes his head and has to look down to the ground for a second, as he tries to avoid punching this smug son of a bitch in the head.  He eventually looks up and shoots the production guys a glance of his own.

Real Deal: Mike, Bill…  Give us a minute, okay?

They both nod and leave relatively silently, giving Josh and Jonny their alone time.  As soon as they’re gone, Real Deal looks at the DEFILER like it was the last straw.  It takes every once of will power not to strike.  He shakes his head and makes sure to let Jonny know that he’s skating on thin ice.

Real Deal: You make this shit quick.  What the fuck do you need?

Jonny shrugs.

The DEFILER: I just… wanted my towel, Josh.  That’s what I said.  Remember?  It was a… uhh…  It’s a nice towel.  I liked it and I…  I’d like to have it back.

Josh isn’t buying the act and smirks off the DEFILER’s antics.

Real Deal: I have to go, Jonny.

He starts to walk past Jonny, but the WORLD CHAMPION puts his hand up on Josh’s shoulder and stops him.  Of course, this doesn’t settle terribly well with the Real Deal who again seems to be holding back his violent urges.

The DEFILER: I want you to send a little message to our mutual friend, Adrian Corazon…

Real Deal pushes Jonny’s arm off his shoulder and stands defiant.

Real Deal: No man.  We’re done.  No more favors.  No more plots.  Do you understand?  You have a message for Corazon, you can fucking waltz into his locker room and tell him yourself.  (Raising his arms up, showing his palms) My hands are clean, dude.  I have a family to take care of and a company to help run.  That’s my life, now.  When I lost that match to Donovan, I made a promise that I’d stop wrestling which also includes being involved in other people’s bullshit.

He continues to cast his icy stare on the champion.

Real Deal: Now excuse me, but I need get going.

Jonny can’t help but smile as Real Deal starts to leave.

The DEFILER: You’ve always made the right choices, Josh.  You’ve been a good Friend, and I wanted you to know that I…  appreciate you.

Josh stops but doesn’t turn around yet.

The DEFILER: You’re right about me.  About the organization.  You’re right about a lot of things, man, and I…  I don’t think you want to fuck this up.  I’m on your side, Josh.  Okay?  I’m…  I’m on your side.

He continues to listen with his back turned on the Champion.

The DEFILER: I want you to tell Adrian that I haven’t forgiven him for what he did to me, and that I will take pleasure in finishing what I started six months ago.  Tell him that for me, Josh.  As one of my very few true Friends.  Let him know.

Josh slowly turns around.

Real Deal: Like I said…  tell him yourself.

His expression is matter of fact and final, and Jonny absolutely HATES it.  The smile stays on his face, but it’s only there to mask his frustration.

The DEFILER: (Submitting) Fine.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Please don’t say it.

Something Jonny said makes Josh laugh, and he looks back at the World Champion as though he just remembered something.

Real Deal: (Raising his index finger, clicking his tongue up against the roof of his mouth) It’s funny you should bring up warnings because let me give YOU a quick little warning.  I was talking with Jason a little earlier and it seems Jester Smiles is pushing awfully hard for a rematch.  (Shrugging) Not sure what truth there is to the rumor, but… ya know…  just a warning of my own.

The crowd POPS HUGE at the idea of a third, Jonny, Jester bout and Real Deal could not look any more pleased with the situation.  Meanwhile, Jonny looks like HE’S going to punch something now.

The DEFILER: No.  It’s not happening.  I won’t give him one.

Real Deal shrugs.

Real Deal: Just sayin, bro.  Just sayin.

And with that he turns around and starts to leave.  No goodbyes or anything.  Jonny is FREAKING OUT.

The DEFILER: Josh…  JOSH!  He’s not getting a rematch!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND!  I don’t care what clauses he thinks he’s entitled to, but HE IS NOT GETTING ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY!  I AM DONE WITH ERIC ROHKAR!!!!  JOSH, GODDAMNIT!!!

It’s obvious that Josh isn’t coming back anytime soon.


He sneers and his body quakes with rage, but he falls silent and after a moment or two the scene finally cuts away.

“I want you so Hard” by the Eagles of Death Metal blares over the arena speakers. The camera focuses on the curtain and the lights go out. After a few seconds, there is a small, purple spotlight cast in front of the curtain. Emerging with a burst of energy, The Willenium pushes his way out to the ramp. He is wearing his signature whilte pants, and a pair of sneakers. Taking his time on the ramp, he pulls his hair back into a tight ponytail. Obviously missing a few strands, he pushes them behind his ears.

Eryk Masters: Always one to make a bit of an entrance, Trey is taking full advantage of his spotlight time here.

Other Guy: Are you kidding, this is the best part of any Willenium match.

Trey looking up at the cage, points to the top of it. He takes a running start, and charges the ring. Instead of making his way into the ring via the cage door, he leaps onto cage itself. With quick agility, he scales the cage and perches himself on the top. Straddling the cage, he looks over the crowd.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen. This is tonight’s MAIN EVENT. It is for the SHOOT Project LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It will be decided in a Law of Confinement match. Introducing first, the challenger…He stands 5 feet 11 inches. Weighing in at 191 lbs. He is…THE WILLIENIUM, TREY WILLETT!!

Trey raises both arms in the air, and begins to climb down the cage, into the ring. The music cuts and the lights come back up.

Suddenly “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint hits, and the fans explode! Cade Sydal steps through the curtains and red and white pyro erupts on the stage around him as he raises the Laws of Survival Championship above his head!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Hailing from Southport, North Carolina and weighing in at 179 pounds! He is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Chammpion! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade starts down the ramp, slapping every hand he can get to on his way, as the fans cheer loudly to rally him on! Cade stops at the bottom of the ramp and hands the Laws of Survival Title over to Tony Lorenzo, outside the cage door, and then quickly hops up the steps and through the door!

Eryk Masters: These two men have a helluva task ahead of them! Trey Willet is famous for his Laws of Survival title matches, back when it was only ever defended inside a cage of some sort, and that gives him the advantage! Cade Sydal has only competed in one other cage match in his entire career, and it was a long time ago, and he lost it!

Other Guy: But it’d be foolish to count Cade out! He’s adapted very well to his environment within these past few years!

Jeff Hansen: But Trey Willet is going to prove to Cade that he still has a long way before he can ever claim to be a master of the cage like Trey is!

Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell from outside the ring. As soon as the bell sounds, Cade Sydal lunges out of his corner to meet Trey Willett in the center of the ring for a collar-and-elbow tie-up.

Eryk Masters: And we’re off! Remember fans, our senior official is outside manning the door and he’s joined by Chris Jenkins and Austin Linam on the outside to watch for the competitors escaping over the top, as the only way to win is to get out of the cage!

Cade twists under Trey’s left arm right into a hammerlock. Trey throws a hard elbow back into the side of Cade’s head immediately!

Jeff Hansen: Cade Sydal just ate an elbow, wow!

Other Guy: Its obvious that Trey isn’t going to try and let Cade wear him down with holds, and he’s going for heavy blows as soon as possible!

Trey snaps his elbow back hard again, but Cade ducks under it and Trey spins a full 180, before Cade catches him with a drop toe hold that takes Trey to the canvas face first! Cade rolls up Trey’s back and grabs Trey’s left arm, twisting it into a hammerlock again!

Eryk Masters: Cade, persistent as ever, has gotten Trey’s arm locked up again! If you weaken the arm, you could potentially hinder the climb out of the cage!

Jeff Hansen: But not the walk out the cage door.

Trey turns into Cade, into a seated position, while Cade maintains his grip on Trey’s arm. Trey grabs Cade’s head with his free arm and uses the leverage to push to his feet. Trey quickly snapmares Cade over, but Cade flips through and lands on his feet!

Other Guy: Cade is just one step ahead of trey it seems!

The moment his feet hit the ground, Cade runs for the ropes and rebounds back. Trey swings a clothesline to meet him, but Cade ducks under and catches Trey’s arm before swinging Trey around right into a European uppercut to the jawline! Cade runs for the ropes again and springs to the middle rope, springing back Cade twists for a cross body block! But Trey leaps upward and dropkicks Cade in the chest!

Jeff Hansen: Cade Sydal just got picked out of the air with that dropkick!

Eryk Masters: It should be noted that Trey Willett is wearing shoes for this match, though usually he doesn’t, perhaps so that blows like that could deal more damage!

Trey gets to his feet quickly, while Cade writhes on the canvas clutching his ribs. Trey hits the ropes and comes back with a hard kick upward into Cade’s ribs! Trey pulls Cade to his feet and sends him into a corner before charging in behind him and leaping with an avalanche splash in the corner! Trey snapmares Cade out of the corner to a seated position before dropkicking him in the back of the head!

Eryk Masters: A great chain of offense from the Willenium, and it looks like the challenger has the definite edge right now!

Trey grabs Cade by his head and pulls him up to his feet as he hops ono the second turnbuckle, Trey pulls Cade into a front facelock before swinging out of the corner with a spiking tornado DDT!

Jeff Hansen: And that could be a nail in the coffin of Cade Sydal’s Laws of Survival Title reign!

Trey pushes to his feet and moves to the ropes. He starts scaling them before he can start a true climb up the cage, but Cade rolls to his side, cradling his neck.

Other Guy: I wouldn’t count Cade out yet. He’s got a rubberneck it almost seems.

He spots Trey moving and pulls himself to his feet on the ropes before grabbing Trey by his ankle! Cade pulls hard, and Trey comes free of the cage but lands on his feet! Cade quickly snaps backward with a reverse roundhouse kick, driving the heel of his foot into the soide of Trey’s head! Trey falls back into the corner, slumped against the bottom turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal with a big time kick to the side of the head, and he’s showing that he is absolutely still in this!

Cade hits the ropes and sprints right for Trey in the corner before throwing himself low with both feet, facewashing Trey with both feet! The cage wall is the only thing stopping Cade from going through the ropes to the floor, as the fans cheer loudly!

Other Guy: Whoa! Big double-facewash! Cade Sydal is in control!

Jeff Hansen: But for how long? He should take advantage of this moment to get the hell out of the cage, but it looks like he wants to pander to these morons here tonight some more.

Cade pulls Trey out of the corner and turns him around to face Trey’s back. Cade hooks Trey up for a back suplex before dropping him on the top turnbuckle, and Cade locks Trey’s legs up for a tree of woe! Cade clubs Trey in the back before chopping him with a downward swing to the chest, dropping Trey all the way down, and now Trey is hopelessly tied up!

Eryk Masters: If history has told us anything, its that Cade Sydal is about to stomp Trey Willett’s chest in!

Cade climbs the ropes beside Trey and turns. He places the sole of his left shoe on Trey’s knee and digs, forcing Trey to sit up to try and relieve the pain, but Trey bursts up quickly and pushes Cade’s ankles, crotching Cade on the top rope instead!

Jeff Hansen: That’s one way to stop Cade! Haha, wow! I told you guys he shoulda tried to climb!

Trey pulls himself up and hooks Cade in a front facelock and snaps back quickly with his legs still tangled up, with a spider vertical suplex! Cade crashes on the canvas hard!

Other Guy: This could be the opening Trey needs if he can untangle his legs quick enough.

Trey sits up and then stands on the outside of the second turnbuckle, untangling his legs, Trey gets his feet on the top rope slowly. Trey starts climbing up in the corner slowly, his left knee apparently bothering him as he keeps shaking it out after putting weight on it. Cade pushes to his feet.

Eryk Masters: That big suplex off the top rope could have bought Trey time, but Trey’s left knee seems like it was tweaked, and that’s only doing favors for the champion and NOT the challenger!

Cade looks up and spots Trey as Trey gets his hands on the top of the cage! Cade runs up the turnbuckles and leaps up! Cade grabs the top of the cage with his right hand and reaches his left hand across the grab Trey by the back of the neck! Cade shoves off the cage with both feet and brings his right hand to Trey’s head as well as he turns his body to pull Trey off the cage with a BIG neckbreaker!

Jeff Hansen: What the fuck?!

Other Guy: Holy shit that was amazing!

The fans explode out of their seats and the vast majority of them appear to agree with Other Guy, as a chant rings out while both men lie on the canvas almost completely motionless!


Cade is clutching at his back on the canvas, while Trey is cradling his head, but other than that both men remain on the canvas, unmoving!

Jeff Hansen: As “awesome” as that was, how did that help Cade? Is he any closer to winning now?

Other Guy: No, but Trey could have won there and Cade laid it all on the line to prevent that!

Eryk Masters: I actually have to agree with Jeff on this one. There are far more conventional ways that Cade could have prevented Trey from winning that would have left him at a far better advantage. But…that was awesome!

Cade rolls to his belly and slowly pushes to his feet, while Trey manages to roll to his side. Cade turns to Trey and bends to pull Trey up by his arm and head, before grabbing Trey by the back of the head and running full speed into the cage, driving Trey’s face into the cage wall! The fans cheer loudly as Trey bounces off the cage and drops to the canvas again!

Other Guy: How’s this for getting closer to winning, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: Shut up.

Cade is quick to pull Trey back to his feet by his arm and this time he grabs Trey by the back of his head and runs for the opposite cage wall, throwing Trey through the top and middle rope head first into the cage! Cade keeps ahold of Trey’s pants and pulls him back into a waistlock and snaps off a release German suplex that sends Trey past the center of the cage on his neck! Cade pushes to his feet and lets out an animalistic roar before pointing to the cage, and the fans cheer!

Eryk Masters: Looks like the champion senses victory, and these fans are rallying him on!

Cade marches to the cage deliberately while Trey rolls onto his side. Cade starts climbing the cage, very careful of where his fingers and hands go, making sure he gets the best possible grip before he starts climbing further. The fans continue to cheer, even as Trey starts to push to his knees when Cade clears the top rope!

Jeff Hansen: Your beloved Cade Sydal had better hurry his climb up if he doesn’t want to come crashing down the hard way!

Other Guy: You might actually be right about that, unfortunately.

Cade continues to go higher and gets his hands on the top of the structure! Trey is to his feet and he scrambles to make it to the corner, Trey climbs the turnbuckles quickly before holding the cage and balancing on the top rope! Cade pulls himself upward, but his foot slips out of its spot in the cage and he has to quickly regain his footing, while Trey Willett catches up to him!

Other Guy: Climb! Quick!

Other Guy’s pleas are too late as Trey grabs Cade by the back of the cage and smashes his face into the wall! Cade manages to hold on, so Trey tries to slam his face into the wall again! Cade struggles to stop the attempted slam, and elbows Trey in the side of the head! Cade grabs Trey by the head and tries to slam Trey’s head into the cage, but Trey blocks it as well! Trey grabs the top of the cage with his inside hand, and turns his back to the cage and hooks under Cade’s arm and neck! Trey pushes off of the cage and drives Cade down to the canvas with a HUGE Uranage suplex!

Jeff Hansen: Whoa! Now THAT was fucking awesome guys!

Eryk Masters: I’m agreeing a lot with Jeff right now, it seems, but he’s right. That was an incredible move from Trey Willett and his hopes of capturing the Laws of Survival Championship remain in tact because of it!

The fans rise out of their seats and begin to applaud the maneuver, not necessarily the man that delivered it, which is perhaps the only thing preventing them from chanting in the first place. Trey clutches his abdomen and ribs, while Cade is clutches his back in agony from the impact! Trey somehow manages to push to his feet though!

Other Guy: Incredible showing of determination from Trey, I’ll give him that!

Jeff Hansen: This is his moment to win that title, right now!

Trey pulls Cade to his feet and turns him, hooking Cade for a back suplex! Trey lifts Cade up and runs toward the cage before dropping Cade on the other side of the ropes into the cage! Trey grabs Cade by the back of the head and smashes Cade’s face into the wall repeatedly before using his other hand to help grind Cade’s flesh into the wall of the cage! Trey hits the ropes on the opposite side and charges in with a big clothesline to the back of Cade’s head, driving Cade’s face into the cage again and Cade slumps down against the cage and the ropes!

Eryk Masters: And it looks like we’ve got the first bit of blood from this contest, as the impact from that clothesline appears to have opened two gashes, in a criss-cross pattern, on Cade’s forehead! Almost like X marks the spot!

Other Guy: That blood is coming out quick, and I think you’re right, Eryk. I think it is two cuts!

Jeff Hansen: And All Trey has to do is climb the hell out of this cage now!

Trey holds his head, apparently the neckbreaker from earlier still having its effect on Trey, and he starts stomping on the back of Cade’s head, driving Cade’s face back into the cage with each blow!

Eryk Masters: I think Trey would have climbed out already if his neck wasn’t clearly bothering him still!

Trey finally breaks away from Cade and moves to the nearest corner and starts climbing it. He clears the turnbuckles and gets a good grip with his hands and starts climbing up the structure, using both walls of the corner for better balance! Cade spills through the middle and bottom rope and looks up through the blood soaking his face, and spots Trey.

Other Guy: I know you’re hurting Cade, but you gotta get up and fight it!

Jeff Hansen: You know he can’t hear you, right?

Other Guy: I’m echoing the thoughts of everyone watching at home and everyone in the stands tonight, Jeff. And if he can’t hear me, that’s fine, I’m still gonna will him on!

Jeff Hansen: Pathetic…

Cade pushes to his feet as Trey’s hands reach the top of the cage. Cade, with a burst of adrenaline, runs up the turnbuckles and leaps straight up! Cade turns sideways and drives his shin into the back of Trey’s head with a sort of enziguiri! Cade obviously falls straight back down to the canvas as Trey’s face bounces off the corner of the cage and he drops to the canvas of the ring as well! Trey rolls toward the camera with a narrow gash above each eye from the two different walls of the cage his face collided with, the crimson already flowing!

Eryk Masters: Good God! This thing is becoming a blood bath!

The fans appear to appreciate the efforts as they start applauding, even though both men are down! Cade pushes to his feet and stumbles back to the cage. He turns around and starts climbing up, as Trey rolls to his belly and starts crawling for the cage door just ten feet from Cade!

Other Guy: Climb, Cade! Climb!

Jeff Hansen: Crawl, Trey! You can do it! Put this idiot in his place!

The door swings open as Trey gets closer to it! Cade grabs the top of the cage and starts to pull up! Trey gets his arms through the cage door, and Cade looks over at him! Cade quickly pushes off of the cage to his feet, and scrambles to grab Trey’s ankle, preventing him from making it out the door!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal perhaps realizing he wasn’t going to clear the top of the cage before Trey could make it through the door, and he did the smart thing to keep his championship in his possession for the time being!

Cade starts dragging Trey back away from the cage, and the door closes. Trey turns over to his back and kicks his free foot up into Cade’s bloody face, and Cade falls back hard! Both of them scramble to their feet, and Cade charges in for Trey! Trey lifts his foot up right into Cade’s groin, stopping his charge in its tracks and dropping him to his knees!

Jeff Hansen: There’s the Giant Killer, although in this case we might call it the Midget Killer! Haha!

The fans begin to boo the lowblow, loudly showing their disapproval.

Eryk Masters: For the most part this encounter was a straight up affair, but perhaps Trey Willett dug into desperate measures as he maybe senses that Cade Sydal could build have been building up momentum!

Trey pulls Cade into a standing leg scissors before hooking under both of Cade’s arms!

Jeff Hansen: Keep crying because you don’t agree with what Trey did, but right now he’s about to kill Cade with the Dawn of a New Era!

Cade drops to a knee as Trey starts to lift, preventing the movement, and Cade quickly spins out on his knee and around behind Trey, pulling him into an inverted facelock!

Other Guy: On second thought, jeff, it looks like Cade is going in for the Nightcap!

Trey furiously reaches into his pocket and throws a ball of glitter up into Cade’s face, most of it sticks to the blood oozing out, but a lot of it covers Cade’s eyes and Cade releases the hold to dig at the glitter!

Eryk Masters: Cade has been Bedazzled instead, and Trey is heading for the cage to climb out!

Trey starts his climb out, as Cade continues to get the blinding glitter out of his face! Trey gets his feet on the top rope, but Cade has apparently gotten the glitter out quickly and he’s right behind Trey! Trey starts to climb up higher, but Cade grabs Trey by the pant leg! Cade starts climbing up and clubs Trey in the back, stopping him from climbing more! Suddenly, Trey lifts a knee into Cade’s abdomen, and Cade barely gets his feet on the top rope as he doubles over, and a hand on the cage to prevent falling!

Other Guy: This could be real bad for either one of these two!

Trey hooks under both of Cade’s arms and pushes away from the cage! DAWN OF A NEW ERA! Cade’s face drives into the canvas as the fans actually pop for the move!

THAT WAS AWE-SOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWE-SOME *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWE-SOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Trey grabs at his lower back from the impact, while Cade covers his bloodied face! Trey tries to push to his feet but falls back to his knees, pain shooting up his lower back!

Jeff Hansen: That was a great move! If Trey could pin Cade, it’d be over right now! No doubt about it!

Trey turns around, opting not to climb the cage apparently, and instead starts crawling toward the door!

Eryk Masters: You may be right, Jeff, but Trey could still win if he gets to the cage in time!

Trey continues inching his way toward the door, as Cade slowly crawls behind him!

Other Guy: How is Cade Sydal moving?!

Trey gets closer as the fans buzz with anticipation! The door starts to swing open for Trey! Trey grabs the edge of the ring and pulls himself closer! Cade suddenly lunges off the canvas and grabs Trey by both ankles! Trey tries to fall, tries to allow gravity to get him the win, but Cade braces his shoulder against the bottom rope preventing Trey from getting his legs free!

Jeff Hansen: Trey is touching the floor!

Eryk Masters: But his feet aren’t, and that’s what’s important!

Cade turns his feet to the bottom rope and pushes, pulling Trey back into the ring as his arms flail wildly! Cade gets his feet under himself and starts to drag Trey back into the ring! The cage door closes and Trey visibly sneers as he turns over onto his back and shoves both feet into Cade’s chest! Trey rolls backward as Cade is shoved so hard he hits the ropes! He slingshots back and Trey swings a hard clothesline, but Cade ducks! Cade stops dead in his tracks and backflips, snapping his foot into Trey’s head as Trey turns around, with a huge Pele Kick!

Other Guy: There’s a window of opportunity for Cade!

Eryk Masters: That kick came out of nowhere!

Cade pushes to his feet as the blood continues to ooze out of his wounds down his face, as the camera shifts to see Trey’s own anguished, bleeding, face! Cade lets out another roar and waves his hands, motioning for Trey to get up! Trey slowly pushes to his feet and turns, just as Cade leaps upward! Cade snaps his right leg across for a NINJAGUIRI! Trey ducks and Cade lands on his feet, hunched over, and Trey shoves Cade from behind, head first into the cage in front of him!

Jeff Hansen: That’s one helluva way to stop that knock out kick of Cade’s, haha!

Trey stumbles toward the cage and starts climbing it! The fans buzz continues, as at this point they have no idea when this will end! Trey clears the top rope before Cade starts pushing to his own feet!

Eryk Masters: Looks like this could be it for Trey Willett after all!

Trey grabs the top of the cage and starts pulling himself up, while Cade starts climbing up the ropes behind him! Trey pulls a leg up and over the structure, when suddenly Cade grabs his other leg, preventing him from getting the leg up and over to the other side!

Jeff Hansen: Kick free!

Cade keeps both hands on Trey’s pant leg as he pumps his legs to climb up the cage! Cade kicks his own leg up and over the top of the cage, behind Trey!

Other Guy: If Cade can disorient Trey, he can climb down to victory!

That doesn’t appear to be a possibility as Trey throws an elbow back into the side of Cade’s head, preventing him from going further. Cade retaliates with a clubbing forearm to the back before pulling Trey back into an inverted facelock!

Eryk Masters: Is he…

Cade doesn’t give Eryk the time to finish the statement as he pushes his leg inside the cage against the cage, turning under Trey and pulling him with him!







THAT WAS AWE-SOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*


THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! *clap clap clapclapclap*


THAT WAS AWE-SOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*



Eryk Masters: I don’t know how anybody could survive that folks, but somehow both of those men have, because they are both stirring!

Both men remain on the canvas, Cade on his side, while the impact spun Trey off his front onto his back. Cade starts struggling to push himself up, while Trey twitches and tries to roll to a side! Cade struggles and gets a knee under himself. Suddenly the fans begin to boo loudly!

Other Guy: What the hell is he doing?!

The camera pans to the ramp to see Kilgore Stochansky sprinting down it! Kilgore runs toward the cage door and moves Tony Lorenzo out of the way and jerks the door open and climb in! Cade’s back is to him and he doesn’t see him! Cade turns, and Kilgore meets him with a huge uplifted boot to the face, driving him back to the canvas!

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore is gonna have to out the hurt on Cade for awhile, I’m afraid, because Trey Willett is still barely even moving!

Kilgore pulls Cade to his feet forcefully and scoops him up in a bodyslam! Kilgore runs for the cage wall opposite the door and throws Cade like a lawn dart, headfirst into it!

Eryk Masters: This is becoming a devastating assault from Kilgore Stochansky! If Cade Sydal weren’t already bleeding, he might be from that throw!

Trey slowly gets a knee under himself, while Kilgore fishes in his pocket and pulls out his brass knuckles! Kilgore motions to Trey to join in on the beatdown, and Trey slowly staggers his way over to join Kilgore by stomping down on Cade! Kilgore stops Trey’s stomps and pulls Cade to his feet and sends him off the ropes, only for Trey to catch him with a clothesline on the rebound, and the fans boo loudly!

Other Guys: This amazing match has been tarnished by the presence of Kilgore Stochansky and it looks like Trey Willett is going to STEAL the win and the Laws of Survival Title!

Cade somehow stumbles to his feet, and Kilgore takes him straight to the canvas with a stiff STO-style takedown!

Jeff Hansen: Big time Caput Mortuum!

Kilgore quickly swings into a mounted position and starts driving the brass knuckles down on Cade’s face! Trey turns toward the cage door and starts to stumble toward it!

Eryk Masters: Trey Willett is going to owe Kilgore Stochansky big time for this win he’s about to get! He could have very well won it on his own, but Kilgore has made damn sure of it with his assault on Cade Sydal!

The door opens as Trey gets near it, and suddenly the fans cheer wildly! Trey steps through the ropes, obliviously!

Jeff Hansen: What the fuck, guys?!

Suddenly the door is KICKED right into Trey’s face and he flies back through the ropes to the canvas!

Other Guy: DAN STEIN!

Eryk Masters: The Iron Fist Champion, and Cade Sydal’s best friend, has come to even things up!

Dan Stein pulls the door back open and slides into the ring! Kilgore spots him and pushes off of Cade just as Stein flies at him with a Lou Thez Press! Stein starts driving punches down into Kilgore’s face, and the brass knuckles fly off of Kilgore’s hand! Trey stumbles to his feet and Stein pushes away from Kilgore and leaps at Trey with a flying forearm smash! Stein scrambles to his feet as Kilgore is up now and Kilgore rushes Stein looking for a spear!

Other Guy: Ole!

Stein grabs Kilgore by the back of the head as he moves out of the way, and Stein sends Kilgore through the top and middle ropes, right where the door is and Kilgore spills to the outside of the ring!

Jeff Hansen: This is outrageous! Dan Stein should be ordered to the back! He is disrupting this match!

Trey slowly gets to his feet, and Stein meets him with a dropkick! Cade slowly pushes to his feet, while Stein mounts Trey and starts hammering him with punches! Cade hits the ropes suddenly and dives through the open door on the rebound, right into Kilgore Stochansky with a suicide dive! Cade’s feet hit the ground, and the bell sounds!


The fans cheer loudly, as Cade Sydal starts raining punches down on Kilgore! Kilgore, from his back, throws fists of his own and both scramble to their feet and continue to trade punches! Stein pushes off of Trey and heads toward the door to go help Cade, but Trey is behind him and he knees Stein in the back, dumping him to the floor awkwardly!

Other Guy: Cade Sydal will retain the Laws of Survival Championship, but this fight between these four men is still raging on!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know how Trey Willett or Cade Sydal can keep fighting with their faces a bloody mess, not to mention their bodies have got to be worn out from this intense match!

Trey leaps down onto Stein and starts punching him, while Cade manages to land a hard kick into Kilgore’s chest that sends him into the cage! Cade runs at Kilgore, but Kilgore ducks and back body drops Cade high into the middle of the cage, and Cade falls HARD on the arena floor after bouncing off the cage wall! And the fans let out a loud groan of sympathy!

Jeff Hansen: Cade Sydal might have won, but he definitely will be leaving here with a few less memories after landing on his head like that!

Stein pushes Trey off of him and hurries to his feet. Stein turns immediately for Kilgore, but Trey is right behind him with an uplifted foot to the groin from behind, with a Giant Killer! Kilgore turns Stein around, right into Trey’s standing head scissors! Kilgore pulls Cade to his feet into a crossface chickenwing!

Other Guy: This is going to be bad!

Trey underhooks both of Stein’s arms and pulls him up and back down, just as Kilgore snaps Cade up and over!

Eryk Masters: Dawn of a New Era and None Shall Pass in stereo!

Kilgore pushes to his feet while the fans boo loudly, some throwing trash as the scene in front of them! Kilgore helps Trey to his feet and both men sneer down at the fallen foes below them, Trey’s blood dripping down onto Stein’s back, while Cade is a bloody and crumpled mess!