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Revolution 53 – 1/11/09

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Then a shot of Long Island Hardcore tossing weapons into the ring.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process. We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Perdition is seen next hitting a spinebuster and Neckbreaker Combo. Then a quick shot of Sinnocence battling Ainsley Lake. Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring. From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Nightmare throwing a striking combo at a helpless opponent… Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Eryk Masters: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Super-imposed over the backdrop of men and women fighting in the ring is the SHOOT Project World Tag Team titles. And faded into the front portion of the titles we see quick clips of the eight teams currently vying for the championship titles on Sky High.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Next seen is the Revolution Championship title. And slightly faded within the front portion of the title is Sinnocence who we see holding the title with a sly seductive grin on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next title that appears on the screen is the Laws of Survival Championship title. Within the belt, we see Cade Sydal standing victorious.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

From there is seen the Iron Fist Championship title. Inside the front portion of the title we see Dan Stein holding the Iron Fist Championship up high over his head.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

And the last image seen is the prestigious SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title. Within the front portion of the title belt you see Jonny Johnson once more holding the title, and the words “HOPE IS ILLUSION” scroll across.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


The scene opens up on the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts. They are beautiful, golden, elegantly sculpted pieces of jewelry attached to pristine leather. These are brand new titles, very similar to the older models, with no name plates and no overt differences. The two titles rest on red velvet and it is revealed that the two titles sit in a plexiglass case. Sitting on either side of this case are Diego Reyes and Jonas Butcher. PERDITION.

Diego Reyes: For too long, these titles have sat in this case. We’ve been sitting here, watching them, waiting.

He clears his throat.

Diego Reyes: We’ve sat by and watched the tag team division rot. We got paid to dismantle fools left and right. We watched that idiot Raymond try to save the tag team division, only to die before he managed to see his vision through to the end. All we COULD do was watch. It made us sick.

Coleman makes a fake wretching sound.

Jonas Coleman: This… mmm. This bandaid fix, created by Ed Raymond’s stupidity, it’s… well, it’s amusing to me. Amusing to us. We’re stuck here. Watching. Waiting.

He smiles.

Jonas Coleman: But… with watching and waiting, comes studying and learning. We’re learning about all of you. Your quirks. Your little intricacies. The things that make you tick. We’re learning all of that. We’re learning your tendencies in the ring, how you work your team, if your team even works that is… We’re learning everything about you. Everything you don’t want us to know.

Diego Reyes: And we’re judging you. All of you. From your ring gear to your finishing moves to the shitty music you picked as your entrance themes. Our dominance in Sky High afforded us this right. The rest of you toiled with one another, tried so hard to be something more than just…adequate…and you all failed.

He grimaces.

Diego Reyes: And we ended Sky High undefeated. We ended Sky High on top. It’s why we sit here tonight and you all fight to prove yourselves worthy to get to us…and get to these.

He motions to the titles in their case.

Jonas Coleman: The look… the way the glass case smells… it’s all intoxicating. Watching you all fight and claw to be as close to these as we are… amusing. Watching you fail… well, that’s just awesome.

Coleman laughs.

Jonas Coleman: All of you… every last one of you… you desire the position that we’re in. Call it the ‘jesus push,’ if that makes you feel better. Fact is… not ONE of you put the work in that we put in. Not ONE of you were ambitious enough to get the job done. We are committed, and we have been committed to excellence. Tag team excellence. Our title reign will legitimize our side business, and our side business will make our title reign one that breeds fear and contempt within the likes of you.

Coleman runs a finger across the glass case.

Jonas Coleman: I cannot wait for that.

Diego Reyes: And yet…this is as close as we can get. We sit here and stare, gawking like this is the first time a kid sees a tiger in the zoo. I’ve stared, counted every visible stitch of fabric in these precious belts. Jonas has told me at length how this is the fulfilment of his dreams…and it’s mine, too. We sit here, talk about how many notches we need to clip together to fit on our waists…it’s all we can do to not break the case open and caress those titles there.

Reyes smirks.

Diego Reyes: We’ve come to treasure the position we’re in, see. We’ve come to respect the fact that we are where we are because none of you had the ability to be. It’s that understanding that’s led us to the conclusion that those of you unworthy…will not be making it to the finals, or even the next round. Winners, losers, it doesn’t matter.

Jonas Coleman: So understand something, from us to you, if you please.

Coleman smiles, brightly. Mockingly.

Jonas Coleman: Struggle. Fight with all you have. Do everything you can. We want to believe in the victory that we shall achieve. And if you can’t?

He snorts.

Jonas Coleman: If you won’t? We’ll deal with you. We will deal with you the only way we know how. The PERDITION way.


“Defy You” by Offspring hits, and the fans turn to the entrance ramp, curiously. Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite slowly step out from the back, and stand on the stage, and the fans begin to boo at them and their new music.

Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Metropollis, Illinois! Weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds! They are Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite! The FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!

The Flying Avengers make their way down to the ring, their familiar capes absent, as FLASH Dynamite hops onto the apron and Kid Lightning slides under the bottom rope through his legs! FLASH steps through the ropes and crosses his arms behind Kid Lightning as Kid Lightning stays on one knee with his arms out wide.

Jeff hansen: It’ll be interesting to see how the Flying Avengers match up tonight with long-time rivals, Long Island Hardcore. They say they’re throwing the rule book out and their going to play by their own rules.

Other Guy: Well if you believe that, then this could get very interesting. Personally, I think the Avengers are afraid of being outdone once again and they’re getting desperate.

Slowly, the music fades out. The guitar intro for AC/DC’s "Back In Black" starts up, and as the house lights die, a record scratches. Another guitar starts up, and Thin Lizzy’s "Bad Reputation" takes its place. The crowd reaction, while mixed, is overwhelmingly loud as a single white spotlight catches CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh stepping through the curtain in their street clothes: CJ in jeans and a black-and-white LIHC T-shirt, Jared in a pair of black jeans with a purple wifebeater, and most importantly, carrying a chair with the words "AVENGE THIS" scrawled across the back. Jared raises it into the air, causing the crowd to pop once more.

Samantha Coil: Making their way to the ring, from Westhampton Beach, NY, weighing in at a combined 545 lbs, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

The Flying Avengers quickly get out of the ring as Jared slides under the top rope, and heads up the turnbuckles, holding the chair high, while CJ steps over the top rope and into the ring. Jared tosses CJ the chair, sliding down to his knees mid-ring with his arms out, and CJ leans over the front of him, facing the chair to the nearest camera right under Jared’s chin, pointing to the words on the back.

Eryk Masters: Long Island Hardcore has that chair from their Sky High encounter, and they’re looking to send a message not only to the Flying Avengers, but also to the rest of the SHOOT Project Tag Team division!

The music slowly fades out and the Flying Avengers slink back into the ring as Samantha Coil takes her leave. Both Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite stay in the ring, waiting to see who steps out on the other side, as CJ Nelson appears to do just that, leaving Jared Walsh to start things off. Kid Lightning quickly steps out of the ring, leaving FLASH Dynamite in there with Jared, and the bell sounds. They come together fiercely with a lockup, and Walsh quickly twists FLASH into a wristlock and pulls him right into a headlock!

Other Guy: I’m not sure this headlock is a smart move for Walsh, as he definitely needs to use his spped advantage against FLASH here.

FLASH quickly shoves Jared into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a drop toehold, and FLASH rolls over Jared’s back into a side headlock!

Jeff Hansen: You’re actually right, OG. If it’s a wrestling match, it will favor the Avengers. If it’s a brawl, I have to believe it’ll favor Long Island Hardcore.

Jared starts pushing up and magaes to get FLASH back to a vertical base, before he starts punching FLASH in the gut! Jared drives four punches into FLASH’s abdomen before sending FLASH into the ropes! Jared quickly runs at FLASH and drops to his belly to try and trip FLASH, but FLASH leaps over him! FLASH keeps running and Jared scrambles to his feet and leapfrogs as FLASH rebounds! FLASH grabs the ropes and halts his momentum as Jared lands on his feet! Jared turns and runs at FLASH, and FLASH ducks his shoulder down to launch Jared over the rope, but jared grabs the top rope and swings through to land on the apron!

Eryk Masters: Great athleticism shown by Jared Walsh there!

Other Guy: He needs to keep it at this pace, and he needs to throw bombs if he’s got ‘em.

FLASH turns and reaches for Jared, but Jared shoots his shoulder through the ropes and thrusts his shoulder into FLASH’s gut, doubling him over. Jared grabs the top rope and slingshots over the rope, rolling over FLASH’s back, Jared lands on his feet and runs off the ropes! FLASH turns as Jared comes bakc, and Jared dropkicks him, spilling him through the ropes onto the apron!

Eryk Masters: That dropkick is keeping things heavily in favor of Jared Walsh, and FLASH Dynamite needs to regroup!

Jared runs at FLASH, aiming low to spear FLASH off, but FLASH turns sideways and thrusts a knee up into Jared’s chest! Jared stumbles back into the ring as FLASH uses the moment to catch his breath.

Jeff Hansen: That could be the moment FLASH needs to regroup!

FLASH starts through the ropes, and Jared kicks up suddenly, catching the middle rope and driving it into FLASH’s groin! FLASH doubles over and Jared grabs him by the wrist and drags him along to the Long Island Hardcore corner, and tags in CJ Nelson!

Other Guy: But that kick to the rope into the groin will stop anyone!

CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh whip FLASH off the ropes, and Jared follows FLASH and slides just as FLASH rebounds, sweeping his legs out from under him! CJ comes off the ropes on the side and drives an elbow drop down on the back of FLASH’s head! CJ Nelson turns FLASH over as Jared leaves and heads back to his corner, and CJ goes for the cover!



Kid Lightnoing darts into the ring and dropkicks CJ Nelson on top of the head!

Eryk Masters: Wow! Kic Lightning was in like a blur and broke up the pinfall, very uncharacteristic of the Flying Avengers!

Jeff Hansen: All week they told us they were done upholding a moral high ground, given the lack of respect they got for doing so, and I guess they weren’t bluffing!

CJ pulls FLASH up by the hair hanging through the top of the mask, angered more by the dropkick than hurt by it, it would seem. FLASH suddenly swats CJ’s hands away and snaps into CJ with a fierce straight jab into the chin! CJ rocks back half-a-step, as FLASh shuffles his feet and throws another jab into the side of CJ’s face from the new angle!

Other Guy: FLASH Dynamite now doing more uncharacteristic things for the Flying Avengers, he’s boxing with CJ!

Jeff Hansen: And even you guys have to admit, he’s got some very crisp punches right there!

FLASH shuffles his feet and ducks as CJ swings his own wild punch, and FLASH comes up with a hook this time from the left, catching CJ in the side of the eye! FLASH follows the hook with a right jab and then shoots in with a left-fisted body punch! FLASH runs off the ropes and Kid Lightning quickly slaps FLASH’s back, as CJ runs at FLASH catching him on the rebound with a back elbow! CJ sneers down at FLASH as Kid Lightning quickly springboards to the top rope and off, sailing over CJ Nelson with a flipping neckbreaker, and CJ crashes to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Wherever those boxing style punches came from, they were impressive indeed, and that blind tag caught CJ off guard allowing for the aerial assault from Kid Lightning to strike more effectively!

Kid Lightning pops up to his feet and grins widely, throwing his arms out wide in arrogant celebration, and the fans begin to boo at him. Kid Lightning waves his hands dismissively at them. CJ starts to push to a knee, and Kid Lightning turns to him and struggles to pull him up more before snapping a European Uppercut into his chin! Kid Lightning hits the ropes and CJ Nelson ducks down as Kid Lightning runs back at him, and launches Kid Lightning HIGH into the air with a back body drop!

Other Guy: That back body drop almost sent Kid Lightning into the RAFTERS!

Kid Lightning bounces straight off the canvas to his feet, clutching his back. He turns around and CJ Nelson drives into him with a vicious clothesline that spins Kid Lightning through a full backflip and onto his back with a clothesline!

Jeff Hansen: That clothesline made Kid Lightning do a reverse four-fifty! Holy shit!

CJ grabs Kid Lightning by his wrist and drags him effortlessly to his corner and tags in Jared Walsh, who slingshots over the ropes and lands on the middle rope adjacent to where he started and backflips through a moonsault onto Kid Lioghtning’s chest!




Kid Lightning gets a foot on the rope ans FLASH Dynamite starts through the ropes to break it up anyway! Jared pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and twists under his arm before backing him to a neutral corner and sends him across the ring to the opposite neutral corner! Jared rushes at Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning launches both feet up into jared’s chest, and Jared hits the canvas as Kid Lightning uses the kick to roll over the top rope!

Other Guy: Kid Lightning’s speed is going to become a very big advantage, and if he’s given space like that he’s going to make Jared Walsh or CJ Nelson pay for it with his dizzying offense!

Eryk Masters: And he might be looking to capitalize on just such an advantage, as it took him only a second to recover and throw both boots into Jared’s face!

Kid Lightning is quick to the top rope, as it doesn’t take Jared long to get to his feet either. Jared turns just as Kid Lightning dives off the top rope and lands with his arm around Jare’ds head and spins through, spiking Jared down with a torndo DDT! Kid Lightning sits up and claps his hands slowly, eliciting more boos from the fans in Chicago!

Jeff Hansen: Picture perfect DDT, and Jared Wlash is damn near unconcious I’ve gotta believe!

Kid Lightning gets to his feet, grinning, and he quickly tags in FLASH Dynamite before both of them move to Jared and pull him to his feet! Together they send Jared off the ropes, and FLASH catches Jared on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl into a backbreaker, and Kid Lightning hits the ropes and runs right at Jared Walsh from the side before sliding to a knee and hooking Jared’s head and spinning under him into an ace crusher off of FLASH’s knee!

Other Guy: Whoa! That was like a tandem version of their trainer’s Nightcap!

Eryk Masters: Its not out of the ordinary for students to take their teacher’s moves and alter them to their own designs, but that was impressively done!

Kid Lightning quickly gets out of the ring and FLASH drops to hook the legs!




CJ Nelson runs in and kicks FLASH hard in the side to break up the pin! FLASH shoves off of Jared, angrily, as C steps back through the ropes, and FLASH rushes at CJ and swings a vicious right cross into CJ’s face!

Jeff Hansen: Oh snap! The fight is on!

Other Guy: You’re not kidding, CJ is pissed from that cross!

CJ starts to come in, and FLASH yells at the Dennis Heflin to get him back! CJ shoves past Dennis Heflin, though, and runs in at FLASH and drives into him with a wildly strong punch to the face! FLASH fights back with a sharp jab, followed by a left hook, and CJ responds with his own straight punch into FLASH’s forehead! Suddenly, Jared Walsh rolls FLASH Dynamite up from behind with a schoolboy! CJ Nelson runs across the ring and smashes into kid Lightning, shoving him off the apron!



FLASH kicks out as CJ gets out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: That surprise roll-up was almost enough to get the win on that exchange!

Both FLASH and Jared scramble to their feet and Jared runs for his own corner, but FLASH quickly snatches him up in a waistlock, stopping his mad dash! FLASH quickly moves his hands up into a full nelson then snaps back with a Dragon Suplex, bridging!

Jeff Hansen: Perfectly executed Dragon Suplex, and Jared Walsh’s neck took ALL of the impact!




CJ Nelson quickly comes in and kicks FLASH in the ribs, breaking up the pin!

Other Guy: CJ Nelson just saved Jared Walsh from being saved there, and Jared desperately needs to tag out!

FLASH pulls Jared to his feet and clutches at his ribs before tagging in Kid lightning. FLASH whips Jared off the ropes, and Jared ducks under the clothesline FLASH throws at him on the rebound and Jared hits the ropes and runs back at FLASH and leaps up onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana! FLASH doesn’t go through with it and pulls Jared back up onto his shoulders with a powerbomb position, and Kid Lightning runs in at Jared from behind and leaps straight up, grabbing Jared by the shoulders he falls back as FLASH swings Jared down into a Backcracker on Kid Lightning’s knees and a powerbomb combined!

Eryk Masters: Good God! That was sick!

Jeff Hansen: Jared Walsh is in a world of trouble right now!

FLASH exits the ring and Kid Lightning hooks both legs deep for the cover!




CJ runs in and stomps down on Kid Lightning’s chest, breaking the pin attempt up again! Kid Lightning pulls himself to his feet, holding his chest a little, before pulling Jared to his feet and driving a European Uppercut into his chest! Kid Lightning hits the ropes and runs at Jared! Jared catches Kid Lightning with a tilt-a-whirl, and Kid Lightning swings under Jared’s other arm and back through another tilt-a-whirl flying head scissors that spins Jared inside out and Jared rolls for the ropes!

Other Guy: Satellite head scissors and Kid Lightning is a blur of action! Wow!

Kid Lightning runs right at Jared as he’s on the ropes, and Jared sidesteps and throws Kid Lightning over the top rope! Kid Lightning swings on the top rope and lands on the apron and Jared turns around, before Kid Lightning jumps up and kicks Jared in the side of the head! Kid Lightning springboards to the top and off with a flying cross body, and Jared is down!, Kid Lightning quickly runs and tags in FLASH before slingshotting over the ropes onto the apron then springboards to the top and off again with a picture perfect Shooting Star Press on Jared’s chest!

Jeff Hansen: Fucking hell that kid IS fast! Kid Lightning slides out of the ring as FLASH runs in and drops to cover Jared!

Eryk Masters: After that dizzying offense from Kid Lightning, this could be it!




CJ starts through the ropes, but Jared Walsh kicks out on his own! FLASH grabs Jared and pulls him to his feet, but Jared grabs FLASH’s head and drops to both knees with a jawbreaker! Jared hits the ropes and flies at FLASH with a flying forearm, and both men hit the canvas!

Other Guy: Jared Walsh absolutely needs to get the hell out of the ring right now and get CJ Nelson in there!

Both of them slowly push to their feet, not even allowing Dennis Heflin to count them down, and Jared hits the ropes and CJ slaps Jared on the back! Jared flies at FLASH, but FLASH suddenly drives a Polish Hammer into Jared’s face, driving him down!

Jeff Hansen: The Hammer of Justice scores! FLASH has no clue that CJ Nelson tagged himself in though!

CJ Nelson quickly comes into the ring and drives a jab into FLASH’s face! A second jab follows! CJ winds up and drives FLASH down to the canvas with a clothesline!

Eryk Masters: Oi! Oi! Oi!

Kid Lightning runs into the ring and runs at CJ Nelson, who turns in time to catch him in a military press before dropping him down with a huge powerslam!

Other Guy: Purgatory hits!

FLASH slowly gets to his feet and CJ grabs him by the wrist and pulls him into a short-arm clothesline!

Eryk Masters: End of a Short Rope! CJ Nelson is on fire!

Jared extends his hand, apparently having gotten a second wind, and CJ tags his hand quickly! CJ Pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and onto his shoulders with an Electric Chair! Jared goes to the top rope and leaps off at Kid Lightning, pulling Kid Lightning off of CJ’s shoulders with a DDT!

Jeff Hansen: Under Siege scores!

Jared turns Kid Lightning over and hooks the leg, but Dennis Heflin starts waving his hands wildly at Jared!

Other Guy: Damnit! Kid Lightning isn’t the legal man!

Jared looks up at Dennis Heflin as the fans boo his Dennis Heflinusal to count, and CJ kicks the bottom rope in frustration! CJ moves quickly toward FLASH Dynamite as Jared sends Kid Lightning out of the ring. CJ slowly hoists FLASH up onto his shoulders in the Electric Chair as Jared goes up to the top rope! FLASH starts driving punches into the top of CJ’s head and CJ stumbles toward the corner Jared is starting to stand in! FLASH punches Jared in the gut, stopping him from jumping, and FLASH gets both feet on the second rope! FLASH kicks his right foot back into CJ’s face, sending him stumbling back, before hooking under Jared’s arms and snaps off with a belly-to-belly suplex!

Eryk Masters: FLASH Dynamite just stopped a second Under Siege from scoring!

FLASH gets to his feet and CJ rushes at him, but FLASH drops and grabs the top rope, and CJ spills over the top rope to the floor outside! FLASH turns around as Jared pushes to his feet, and Jared dropkicks FLASH and FLASH spills out of the ropes onto the floor next to CJ Nelson!

Other Guy: Come on Jared!

CJ pushes to his feet and pulls FLASH up just as Jared grabs the top rope and springs to it and springs off with a twisting corkscrew body press onto both of them, wiping FLASH out!

Jeff Hansen: Amazing athletic move, but he took pout his own partner with it as well!

Kid Lightning slowly pushes to his feet on the floor, on the adjacent side of the ring, and he rolls into the ring before running up the turnbuckle and turns his back to them all as the three start getting to their feet, CJ and Jared driving punches into FLASH! Kid Lightning leaps off with a moonsualt, but rotates all the way through into a second moonsault, landing on CJ and Jared as FLASH manages to duck out of the way!

Eryk Masters: WHOA! Double moonsault!

FLASH grabs Jared and rolls him into the ring and follows, both legal men back into the ring now, as Kid Lightning clutches his ribs on the floor and CJ starts to push to his feet. FLASH pulls Jared to his feet and sends him off the ropes, catching him with a tilt-a-whirl into a capture DDT position! CJ runs in behind FLASH and drives both arms into FLASH’s back, preventing the move from being successful!

Other Guy: CJ nelson prevented FLASH Dynamite from hitting the Dynamite Drop on his partner, and he potentially saved the match right there!

Dennis Heflin tries to maintain some order and he quickly starts shouting at CJ Nelson to get out of the ring as Kid Lightning slowly gets up on the apron. Jared drives a punch into FLASH’s gut before running for the ropes! Kid Lightning quickly grabs Jared’s hair and pulls Jared down to the canvas, halting the momentum Jared was trying to build! CJ rushes into the ring, angered by the dirty trick, and FLASH turns and dropkicks CJ in the knee, taking him down to a knee! FLASH hits the ropes to the side and drives a boot into the side of CJ’s head, driving him down to the canvas!

Jeff Hansen: Not a good time to be from Long Island if you ask the Flying Avengers, holy shit!

FLASH pulls Jared up into a fireman’s carry and tags in Kid Lightning who quickly scales the turnbuckles and leaps off the top with a double sotmp onto Jared’s back! Kid Lightning leaps off Jared’s back and flips forward and rotates through with a 450 onto CJ’s chest as FLASH dumps Jared down with a DVD! Kid Lightning turns quickly as FLASH leaves the ring, and hooks both of Jared’s legs!




Jared kicks out!

Eryk Masters: This match is intense! These four men are throwing everything they’ve got at each other!

CJ pushes to his feet and swings a wild punch at Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning ducks! FLASH runs through the ropes and tackles CJ, and both of them spill through the ropes to the floor in an angry tangle of swinging fists! Both men roll around, trading punches, as Kid Lightning turns and pulls Jared to his feet! Jared breaks Kid Lightning’s hands away and kicks him in the gut!

Jeff Hansen: That kick is a good window for Jared Walsh to mount a comeback!

Jared hooks Kid Lightning with a bulldog and runs at the turnbuckles, but Kid Lightning shoves him forward and Jared hits the corner with his chest! Kid Lightning rolls Jared up from behind and Dennis Heflin drops to make the count!


Kid Lightning quickly throws both feet onto the middle rope for added leverage!



Jared kicks out!

Other Guy: Jared Walsh went for You Dissolve, and Kid Lightning countered, but even hooking the ropes didn’t help score the victory!

On the outside, CJ and FLASH are back to their feet, and CJ is hammering FLASH, backing him into a ringpost before he charges at FLASH! FLASH steps to the side and grabs CJ’s head and drives it face first into the post! FLASH jumps onto the apron as CJ collapses! Kid Lightning kicks Jared in the chest, and turns and tags in FLASH, before turning right into a Jared Walsh clothesline!

Eryk Masters: Jared Walsh isn’t going down without a fight!

FLASH quickly steps through the ropes and turns Jared around with a kick to the gut! Kid Lightning rolls under the ropes and FLASH turns his back to Kid Lightning before pulling Jared into some standing leg scissors! FLASH pulls Jared up into a powerbomb position and Kid Lightning springs off the top rope, turns, and lands on Jared’s shoulders facing the same way before snapping back with a reverse hurricanrana!


Kid Lightning quickly moves to the ropes, making sure CJ isn’t stirring, as FLASH hooks Jared’s legs deep!




The bell sounds and the fans boo loudly as “Defy You” by Offspring hits again. The fans continue to boo, as Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite roll out of the ring, both of them breathing heavily.


Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite make their way up the ramp, grinning proudly at their victory.

Eryk Masters: No matter what your opinion is of those two teams, they put on a hell of a display tonight and on this night, the Flying Avengers have won and advanced!

Other Guy: Its hard to say, but they did bring some unexpected moves to the fight tonight, including those punches from FLASH Dynamite!

Jeff Hansen: Who knew the dude was like a boxer or something? Awesome.

The camera cuts back to Scott Richardson, who seems to be going from a full sprint to a dead stop right as the feed jumps to life.

Richardson:  Mr. DeMitri, Mr DeMitri!

Azraith stops in mid-stride, slowly turning to face the interviewer, and the camera.  He was wearing his trademark trenchcoat, with a black T-shirt underneath, a bright red exclamation point across the front of it.  Az raises a brow, grinning slightly.

Azraith:  Yeah, Scott?

Richardson:  I heard…I heard you had an announcement for SHOOT Project tonight.

Az’s eyes light up, and he nods quickly before looking at the camera.  To the fans that were watching him in the arena on the screens.

Azraith:  Very true.  It’s pretty clean cut, to the point really.  A few days ago, my doctor finally cleared me.

The crowd in the arena is mixed, but the bulk of the reaction is a roar of cheers.  His grin grows a little.

Azraith:  Not one to waste any time…I talked to the right people, and as of about a day ago, my name was officially entered into the Redemption Rumble.

THAT got the crowd on it’s feet, roaring out at the news.  Az nods.

Azraith:  I just thought it’d be fitting, yanno?  I’ve done a lot…I’ve done some shit that I’ll never be able to take back.  Redemption is kinda a theme nowdays, dare I say ‘cliche’…but…

From the right, a curvaceous figure enters the the frame and the subtle pop from the crowd is enough to bring a small smile to her face.  It’s Sinnocence, clad in her usual skin tight leather pants with "Victory or Valhalla" stitched over the ass, a Betty Page t-shirt, and her favorite knee-high boots.  She looks over to Scott Richardson and the expression on her face is enough to tell him to get lost.  The SHOOT Project interviewer takes the hint, remembering what the the woman named Jada Kaine had done to Azraith last week and not wanting to receive the same treatment.

Sinnocence: Funny you talk about redemption…

As she turns back to Azraith, her expression softens and she looks unsure of what to say.

Sinnocence: Look…about last week…

Az’s eyes seem to narrow as she opens her mouth.  He doesn’t let her get far.

Azraith:  Listen…I know that look.  I can see it in your eyes, and your body language.  I know what you’re going to say, and I’m tellin you right now to save your fuckin’ breath.

The crowd doesn’t seem to know how to react as Az closes the already slim distance between the two, violent blue eyes glaring a hole into the Valkyrie in front of him.

Azraith:  I’ve done what you were about to do, about twenty dozen or so fucking times in my life.  It sucks…plus I can tell by your…previous accomplishments, that you ain’t the sort.  So save it.  You’re doin this to try and save whatever that little spark of feeling your heart is churning out right about now.

A large hand, lightning quick, snaps around her shoulder as he shoves her against the closest wall.  For one that seemed so intent on Redemption, Azraith seems a bit harder to forgive than some.

Azraith:  Don’t say a fucking thing.  Just…show up.  Next week.  I’m going to be in that ring, waiting for you.  I want you to bleed your apology.  I want you to scream your apology.  I want you to mean it.

As she struggles free and takes a few steps back, his grin grows into something vintage Azraith.

Azraith:  I want you, to WANT to mean it.  The only ways I’ve heard you’ve been able to get that fiery emotion out, is through two ways, one being a way I’m liable to get divorced over, the other being in the ring with someone that’s more than just a diversion.  So, can I count on you, dearest opponent?

She brings a hand up to rub her shoulder and glares at him with her one good eye, her growing smile mirroring his grin.  Sure, she wouldn’t have to apologize now, but she was also getting the chance to face someone of main event quality.  It was almost enough to make her quiver with anticipation.

Sinnocence: You can count on me, DeMitri…I certainly wouldn’t want to be the cause of a divorce between you and Victoria.  I have a feeling she’d kick my ass worse than you will.  I’ll be there next week, ready to bleed, ready to scream…ready to…apologize the only way I know how.

She takes a half a step back, before turning and making her exit down the hall. He flourished his trenchcoat and made a long, sweeping bow to her back, something he knew she saw in some way only she could, before standing tall, turning on his own heel and stalking off.

Static suddenly fills the SHOOTTron as the lights in the arena slowly dim. After a few seconds “Firestarter” by Prodigy blasts through the PA system causing patches of pops within the crowd.  The name “Pestalance” appears on the SHOOTTron as fire burns behind it.  After a few seconds Pestalance makes his way through the curtain causing louder pops from the crowd.  Pestalance scans the arena before raising the SHOOT Project Deathkore title in the air. After a few seconds Pest places the belt on his shoulder and makes his way to the ring.  Once he is in the ring, he grabs a mic and begins to speak as his music dies down.

Pestalance:  SHOOT Project…I would have never thought in a million years I’d be back at this place.

The some fans in the arena begin a “Welcome Back” chant as Pest continues.

Pestalance:  But here I am, and this place will never be the same again. 

Pest smiles as he gets another pop from the crowd.

Pestalance: You see…I’ve got big plans.  I plan to pick up right where I left off in this company.  I plan to be the most dominate force this place has ever seen.  And I plan to do exactly what I do best…

Pest pauses briefly.

Pestalance: Slap dick to the mouth of every punk ass bitch and bitch ass punk in every corner of this company.  I plan on beating the shit out of whomever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.  I will do whatever I want, to whomever I want, whenever I want.  Would you expect anything less of me?  Of course you wouldn’t.  You all know that’s my style.  So…get ready SHOOT Project…It’s bout to get real ug…

Suddenly, "Out Here Grindin’" by DJ Khaled kicks in and the fans in attendance instantly cheer louder.  Pestalance glares at the entrance as out from the back emerges, sans pyro, Donovan King.  King stands there, wearing a black lambskin car coat, a black t-shirt with the green King crown on the front, a pair of blue jeans and grey suede Timberland boots.

Eryk Masters: Well, this is a man I wouldn’t expect to see out here!

Jeff Hansen: Oh, c’mon!  Where’s your King knowledge at, Eryk!  King’s been a big Pest fan since who the fuck knows when!

Other Guy:  Why the hell do you know anything that intimate about Donovan King?

Jeff Hansen:  Know thy enemy, know thyself, fag.

King enters the ring, microphone in hand.  He points to the fans and then nods his head as "Out Here Grindin’" dies out.  Pestalance continues to glare at King as the two men stand face to face.

Donovan King:  I was beginnin’ to think you’d never show, Pest.

King pauses.

Donovan King:  You don’t know me, I don’t know you.  Now, I ain’t here to swing my balls or get all up in yo’ shit, an’ my bad fuh interruptin’, but you see.I been watchin’ you since OPW, man.  I watched from Fire an’ Ice all the way to when you was on top!

King grins.

Donovan King:  I gotta tell you, homie.  I never thought I’d see Pestalance in a SHOOT Project ring.  Hell, I never thought I’d ever be in the same ring as you in the first place.  But damn here we are.  First I get face to face wit’ Azraith DeMitri, now you.  Kinda think you stuck in the past wit’ dat old ass belt you got there, but hey, that’s cool.

King holds his hand out to slap Pest’s, smiling.

Donovan King:  Welcome back.

Pestalance continues to glare at King before looking down at his hand.

Pestalance:  Welcome back?

Pestalance points at King with his thumb and looks around the arena almost as if to say, “Who the fuck is this guy?”

Pestalance:  Are you for real yo?  Ok…ok so you’ve been watching me for all these years, right?  But for some strange ass reason you seem to have missed the part about me not liking to be fuckin interrupted.  What makes you think that YOU of all people can come out here during MY TV time, run off at the motherfuckin mouth, and shake my hand afterward?  You think I care about how long you’ve been watching me?  Seventy-five percent of the people here have been watching me as long as you have. How about we invite them all into the ring now to shake my fuckin hand and have a good ol conversation?

King drops his hand, his lips pursed as the fans start to boo.  Slowly he starts to laugh.

Donovan King:  Ahh, I see…okay, I get it.  Bad ass stigma an’ all dat.  Nah, man, it’s cool.  I got it.  For a second there, I thought you was serious.  Then I realized you just clownin’.  Playin’.  It’s hard fuh me to really figure dat out, but I got it.  Maybe it was the old, unused title.  But, nah.  It was when you said seventy-five percent of these people been watchin’ you.  That’s where the joke was.

King looks Pestalance up and down.

Donovan King:  I come in here, show respect, apologize fuh the interruption, an’ I wanted to give you your props.  Apparently, you down to spit in my face.  Frankly, homie, considerin’ how long you been out the spotlight, I’d thought you’d welcome bein’ in the ring wit’ me.

King takes a step forward.

Donovan King:  An’ if you don’t know who I am, man you DEFINITELY need to brush up on yo’ SHOOT knowledge.  While you was bein’ retired, I was holdin’ dis company on my back.  I was fightin’ my way to the top.  I raised an army.  I took dis company to war.  Still foggy on who the fuck I am?

Pestalance chuckles

Pestalance:  Bitch…Please…I don’t give a fuck about what you’ve done.  I don’t give a fuck about your army.  I barely give a fuck about this company to be straight up with you “homie”.  I carry this belt around solely to slap dick to the mouth of the entity known as SHOOT Project for fucking me over way back when.  You don’t like it?  Well guess what King…I…don’t…give a fuck.

Pestalance pulls the mic away from his mouth as the fans boo even louder.  Pestalance soaks it in for a second before putting the mic back to his lips and continuing.

Pestalance:  So here’s what I suggest you do.  Pump your motherfuckin brakes…take some of the bass out of your voice when you speak to me…and get the fuck out of what is soon to become my ring. Feel me “Donovan”?

King sighs.

Donovan King:  Or you’ll do what?

Pestalance smirks for a second.  In one swift motion he drops the mic and delivers a jab that connects to King’s forehead.  King stumbles back, before charging towards Pestalance.  Before King can get to Pest security hits the ring and grabs him.  A few members move toward Pest, who puts his hands up in the air while backing up, still smirking.  Pest rolls out the ring and calmly makes his way to the back as fans continue to boo.  As security continues to prevent King from perusing, King sneers and points at Pest before yelling in-audible comments.



“Line ‘em Up” by Freeway f/ Young Chris hits the PA, causing the crowd to come alive once more tonight.  The reaction is mostly mixed, with the booing side being the more dominant, but the pops come just a little bit more, when Thomas Manchester Black stands atop the Allstate Arena ramp.  He’s dressed in his typical cargo shorts with black boots, as he makes his way down the ramp, ignoring every fan on the way down.  He stays focused on the ring, and the ring alone, as he climbs the steel ring steps, and moves through the second rope.

Samantha Coil takes center ring, as TMB moves behind her, for his introduction.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  fighting out of Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Hartford, Connecticut…  he stands at six feet, five inches, and weighs in at two hundred, sixty-five pounds…  THOMAS.  MANCHESTER.  BLACK!

TMB simply stands behind Coil, his gaze focused to the top of the ramp, awaiting the inevitable introduction of his opponent. 

“Red Tape” by Agent Provocateur gives Black his target for focus, as Lockup makes his appearance now, drawing a large pop from the crowd, due to his donning of a Chicago Bears jersey!  He’s got a huge smile on his face, as he moves down to the ring, making a point to high five as many fans as possible! 

Eryk Masters:  Lockup going for a little cheap heat here, guys.

Jeff Hansen:  Yeah, he’s hamming it up pretty good.  Too good.

Other Guy:  I think it’s entertaining, personally.  Maybe a little cheesy, but what the hell, does nobody remember Osbourne Kilminster’s face run? 

Lockup heads into the ring now, feeling satisfied with his crowd service for the evening, but as he rolls, he favors his right shoulder a bit.  Samantha Coil takes the center of the ring once more, for Lockup’s official match introduction.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing second…  fighting out of Honolulu, Hawaii…  he stands at six feet, one inch, and weighs in at two hundred forty pounds…  he is LOCKUP!

Eryk Masters:  Dunno if you guys caught that or not, but Lockup was pretty ginger with that right shoulder when he rolled into the ring.  You have to wonder if that agonizing and long match with Crimson Ghost last week had a somewhat more lasting effect.

Other Guy:  I’d be surprised if it DIDN’T, honestly.  That was a weird and brutal affair.

Jeff Hansen:  I only hope that TMB saw the gingerness and is planning on exploiting the fuck out of it.

Chris Jenkins is the referee for the occasion, as he explains last minute rules and such to the two competitors.  They break back to their corners, and Jenkins signals for the bell.  Black immediately charges Lockup, grabs his right arm, and applies a hammerlock!  Lockup grimaces with pain, but tries not to show too much!  TMB torques harder, and Lockup is immediately forced to one knee.  Once on that knee, Black drops an elbow into the shoulderblade area of Lockup’s back! 

Jeff Hansen:  Guess he saw the gingerness, guys. 

Other Guy:  Thomas Manchester Black is quite focused, for sure.  It doesn’t shock me at all that he’d see that sort of thing. 

Eryk Masters:  You just have to wonder what EXACTLY the shoulder problem is, though.  How bad IS it? 

Black, almost as though he’s heard Masters, goes to work on Lockup’s shoulder once more, simply using his weight, and torquing back on the arm, which at this point, doesn’t look much like an arm should.  Lockup’s howling in pain, and moves quickly to the ropes, causing Chris Jenkins to separate the two.  Lockup gets to his feet, as Black backs off.  He rotates the arm a little bit, and engages Black himself this time, choosing not to lock Black up, but instead, pecking away at him with a flurry of rights and lefts, but then he throws a choice kick to the back of Black’s knee, and Black staggers, but sort of gets back to his feet.  Lockup uses this to rebound off the ropes, and nail a vicious clothesline.  He follows up with a snap elbow drop, and makes a cover.



Black EMPHATICALLY kicks out, surprising Lockup, and the crowd.  Both men get to their feet.  Lockup engages once more, but Black turns it into a front chancery, holding onto Lockup’s neck pretty fiercely.  Then, he ELBOWS Lockup’s right shoulder, but doesn’t allow Lockup to fall to the ground, instead holding him up, in the same place!  He does it AGAIN, and Lockup tries to shove Black into the rope, but Black holds steady, and hits that shoulder a THIRD time.  Finally, Lockup is able to back Black up into the turnbuckle, which draws a break from Chris Jenkins.  Lockup FAKES a suckerpunch while Jenkins is between them, which causes Black to attempt a dodge.  This folly gives Lockup the chance to pull Black over, and down into a DDT!

Other Guy:  Nice sequence!  Nice fakeout, by Lockup.

Eryk Masters:  I think there might be a bit more to this guy than the cheeseball entrance and the overbearing cheap pop stuff.

Other Guy:  You might be right, Eryk! 

Jeff Hansen:  He’s not right.  That was just luck on his part.

Lockup sits Black up, and drives a knee into BLACK’S shoulder, replicating what Black was trying earlier in the match.  Black arches his back in pain, but Lockup bounces off the ropes, and does a low level dropkick, right on Black’s shoulder! 

Other Guy:  Lockup is pretty creative here.  He’s interested in taking that right arm, right out!  Just like Black was! 

Eryk Masters:  It should be interesting to see how things play out, if there’s a somewhat more level playing field.

Lockup rotates his arm again, trying to work out some discomfort, but Black is back to his feet, and with a head of steam, he rushes at Lockup.  Lockup ducks, but Black bounces off the ropes, and catches Lockup with a bulldog!  Black doesn’t let much time go by after the execution of the bulldog, however, and goes right back to work on Lockup’s shoulder, torquing that arm against his weight once more.  Lockup struggles for a bit, Black applies more pressure, but Lockup eventually gets to the ropes, and Jenkins breaks once more. 

Jeff Hansen:  Thomas Manchester Black is an intense and smart individual.  He’s a threat to anyone in the SHOOT Project, as far as I’m concerned.

Eryk Masters:  You’re most definitely right about that, Jeff.  He’s certainly becoming quite feared, as far as I’ve heard. 

With both men back to their feet, Black is the aggressor once more, engaging Lockup and throwing a big right hand the Hawaiian’s way.  Lockup is nailed, and Black turns him around, picking him up for a HIGH back suplex.  Black turns in such a way that most of the damage is on Lockup’s shoulder!  Black follows up by simply stomping on the front of Lockup’s right shoulder, repeatedly!  Lockup gets to the ropes, and the crowd boos at TMB for his callousness!

Jeff Hansen:  I LOVED that back suplex, holy shit.  What an intelligent move.  TMB’s wrestling IQ his super high. 

Eryk Masters:  I could arrange a date for the two of you, after the show, if you’d like. 

Jeff Hansen:  I’m not into black dudes, Eryk.  Sorry.

Black shrugs the boos off, almost mocking Lockup, and daring him to get up.  Lockup obliges, and Black charges him again, but Lockup ducks under Black, causing Black to hit the turnbuckle chest first.  Lockup delivers three right elbows into TMB’s back, in rapid succession, stunning the larger man, and giving him a more permanent residence against the top turnbuckle.  Not one to miss an opportunity, Lockup grabs Black from the side, drives his head into the top turnbuckle, and then RIPS backwards, NAILING a sick Russian leg sweep!  Lockup hits an elbow drop, and then gets up and does it again!  He covers!




Jenkins signals a two count, to the chagrin of Lockup, who panders to the crowd for a moment.  Black gets to his feet, which Lockup sees and reacts to, by going behind Black, kicking back at Black, which drops him to one knee.  Lockup then rebounds off the ropes and delivers a somewhat weakened lariat with his hurt arm!  This causes Lockup AND Black to grimace in pain.  Lockup is against the ropes, as Black starts to get to his feet.  Lockup goes forward, executing a knee lift, keeping Black against the proverbial ropes, while on the literal mat. 

Eryk Masters:  Lockup’s doing a pretty good job of maintaining pace and control, here.  He’s not letting Black’s size and weight advantage be too much of a factor.

Other Guy:  Beyond that, he’s done a solid job at covering for that shoulder problem, using his feet as his more virile weapon. 

Jeff Hansen:  I could arrange a date for you guys after the show, if you want.

Lockup panders to the crowd for just a split second again, not wanting to lose his focus.  He goes to Black once more, and starts to get him to his feet.  Black responds by throwing an errant fist into Lockup’s gut, doubling the Hawaiian SHOOT Soldier over, and giving Black enough time to get to his feet on his own accord.  Black uses the brief window, and whips Lockup into the ropes.  The Hawaiian bounces off the ropes, but comes flying at Black with a flying forearm!  Black catches him and just DROPS onto his shoulder!  Lockup yelps in pain!  Black gets to his feet, and motions as if to say “This is over!”

Jeff Hansen:  HERE we go.  Black is going in for the kill, guys.  Get your Lockup memorabilia now, it’s almost over! 

Eryk Masters:  A little premature, Jeff? 

Other Guy:  That’s how he rolls, Eryk. 

Black pulls Lockup to his feet, and shoves him against the top rope.  He then winds back and nails a BIG elbow to Lockup’s side, rocking him.  He tries it AGAIN for good measure, but Lockup’s ready this time, and dodges it, putting Black against the top rope now!  Lockup goes NUTS, throwing right hand after right hand into the face of Thomas Manchester Black!  The crowd is LOVING it!  Lockup goes for a followup bulldog, but Black instinctively SHOVES Lockup while he’s in motion, sending him crashing to the mat!  Black follows Lockup down, and starts delivering HURTFUL knee strikes to Lockup’s SHOULDER!  He then floats over and applies a triangle choke! 

Jeff Hansen:  The Death Row Stretch!

Eryk Masters:  Lockup is fighting HARD, but Black has him in the middle of the ring, with nowhere to go! 

Lockup struggles and struggles, moving just centimeters at a time, towards the ropes!  He goes limp!  Chris Jenkins checks on him, lifts his arm!  ONE.  He does it again!  TWO, but Lockup snaps to it after that two count, and starts working his way towards the ropes again!  Black is holding his arm as tightly as he can!  You can see the vein in his forehead pounding! 

Other Guy:  This is INSANE.


Eryk Masters:  Listen to the fans rally behind Lockup!  

Black sees that Lockup is inching ever so slightly to the ropes, and looses the hold, giving him the time and energy to pull Lockup BACK to the center of the ring.  He TIGHTENS the grip even more!!!  Lockup is EXASPERATED, and is UPSET that his chance to escape this hold is JUST as far away as it was two minutes ago!  Black PULLS even HARDER!  Lockup goes limp once more!  Jenkins immediately hits the mat to check on him! 

He raises an arm…


Once more… 


Lockup doesn’t stir.  Jenkins raises it again… 


BOOOOOO.  The crowd let’s Jenkins have it, as he stands and calls for the bell! 

Eryk Masters:  That’s such a SHITTY way for this match to end, I really feel for Lockup here. 

Jeff Hansen:  He PASSED OUT from the pain.  Despite what I’ve been saying throughout this thing, that is the sign of a true badass, cheeseball or not. 

Other Guy:  I’m EXTREMELY impressed with Black here.  Not only did he work that arm the ENTIRE match, but he cut off any hope of Lockup escaping that Death Row Stretch, when he gave enough leeway to pull him back.  Just, EXCELLENT.

Samantha Coil has joined an exhausted Thomas Manchester Black in the ring, as Lockup is starting to come to.  She raises Black’s hand.


“Line ‘em Up” by Freeway f/ Young Chris hits the PA again, and the crowd let’s Black have it for his callous attack on Lockup’s shoulder, that caused the crowd favorite to take the fall here. 

Eryk Masters:  Say what you want about the tactic, it’s something that A LOT of SHOOT stars use in this day and age.  Good or bad guy, or not.  Black used it effectively, and it worked out for him in the end. 

Other Guy:  There is a LOT to be said about a man’s threshold for pain, if he PASSES OUT before he TAPS OUT.  Lockup should be commended, and I see FANTASTIC things in that man’s future.

Backstage, we open following the conclusion of Thomas Manchester Black and Lockup.  None other than Adrian Corazon sits in his lockerroom, quietly, watching the monitor and watching the events of the night unfold.  He’s here for two people.

Jester Smiles.

Jonny Johnson.

He’s been searching them out, hoping to glean some sort of information from them…  hoping to identify his purpose within this little un-love triangle, beyond being the man who is supposed to be the “number one contender.”  Lately, he hasn’t quite understood the actions of one Jester Smiles, and one Jonny Johnson, but right now…  for the SHOOT Project, it’s not up to him to understand any of it. 

He was put in place as an insurance policy, should Jester Smiles fail again.  Nothing more, nothing less.  His train of thought is focused and calm, but then he hears a knock at his door…

Corazon:  I’m not really interested in conducting an interview right now, Abigail.  I apologize, and hope you understand…

The door swings open, and the men that step in seem to ignore the words of the former Iron Fist and former World Heavyweight Champion, as they walk in grinning. Corazon looks up at the door, looking right at the masks of the Flying Avengers, both men grinning proudly.

Kid Lightning: That’s great you don’t want to conduct an interview. Neither do we…not just yet anyway.

FLASH Dynamite smiles behind his partner, and claps him on the shoulder.

FLASH Dynamite: We just wanted to know…did you? Did you happen to catch that awesome display of incredibleness out there? Because if you haven’t, you missed the begining of a new era in SHOOT Project’s tag team division, and you do NOT want to miss something as big as that, do ya, Adrian?

Corazon furrows his brow, and sighs.  Not who he was expecting, at all.

Corazon:  Avengers…  if you look behind me, you’ll see a monitor.  The purpose of this monitor, is to watch the going’s on as Revolution moves forward, so to ask me if I caught “that awesome display of incredibleness” out there, while a somewhat objective statement… 

Corazon smirks.

Corazon:  …is rather asinine.  You both understand that…  right?

Kid Lightning actually starts to laugh at Corazon’s statement, before FLASH bends and whispers in his ear, and Kid Lightning’s eyes open wide.

Kid Lightning: Wait, he didn’t say the a-word?

FLASH shakes his head, and Kid Lightning twists his lips into a frown as FLASH quickly whispers an explaination of the word into his ear, and Kid Lightning’s mouth drops open.

Kid Lightning: Be that as it may, Mr. Inhuman! You just answered our question, so there! And you witnessed the dawn of a new era in  SHOOT!

FLASH Dynamite: We’re going to continue our path of incredible destruction as we will mow through our competition next week. And the week after that. And so on until we’re recognized as the greatest tag team in SHOOT Project history.

Kid Lightning: Weren’t…weren’t you in a tag team? Well, more like a stable once, right? We’re going to blow that out of the water with our amazingocity.

FLASH looks at Kid Lightning, almost baffled by the made-up word.

Corazon:  I’m not really one to argue semantics, but just in terms of numbers…  it’s sort of impossible for you two to blow a stable out of the water.  I mean, sure, you both could very easily be one of the SHOOT Project’s elite tag teams, and I wish you luck in achieving that… 

Corazon pauses, looking at the duo.

Corazon:  But in all honesty…  I’m not entirely clear on why you two felt it necessary to come share this “important” bit of information with me.  Don’t get me wrong…  you guys have solid potential.  Is all this weird fanfare, barging in on random locker rooms…  is this all part of your plan? 

Corazon shrugs.

Corazon:  If so…  seems sort of rudimentary to me, you know?  I mean, “amazingocity” is a cool word I guess.  So, you’ve got that going for you.

FLASH Dynamite’s mouth drops, and Kid Lightning’s does as well, in shock, before Kid Lightning can start to stammer a response.

Kid Lightning: W-we’ll have you know we came here to declare something very specific. Something you might actually care to hear…

FLASH Dynamite: Something that will effect you. When we capture the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles at Redemption, we’re going to break your record as Iron Fist Champion.

Kid Lightning: We’re going to hold the Tag Titles longer than any team, ever. And longer than anyone has ever held any title.

FLASH Dynamite: THAT’S what we came to tell you, pal.

Corazon chuckles, and nods his head.

Corazon:  Well, men…  My only suggestion to you, then, is to get out there and get it done.  Good luck in your quest.

FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning turn on their heels, obviously flustered by Corazon’s response, apparently not getting the reaction they expected to, and they slam the door closed behind themselves.

The camera cuts backstage to the hallway serving as a storage area for stage equipment.  Perched up on one of the boxes is the Killer Queen herself, Sinnocence, fresh off of her encounter with Azraith DeMitri.  She massages her right shoulder, the one he grabbed to shove her against the wall, still sore from his grip.  Sinnocence looks up when she hears footsteps approaching and smiles weakly when her lover, Osbourne Kilminster, walks into the camera’s view.

Sinnocence: He took it better than I expected. 

She laughs, wincing slightly as a bit of pain shot through her shoulder.  It was the same shoulder she’d injured a few years ago at the hands of the father of her son and still have her trouble every now and then. He raises his eyebrows above the silver frame of his blue-tinted sunglasses for a moment and tilts his head back slightly.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re brave to go anywhere near him.  I wouldn’t have done, but then I wouldn’t have lashed out at him in the first place. You should have asked me to talk to him…

He leans back against the wall opposite her, glancing both ways to make sure the corridor is void of other competitors.

Sinnocence: And let you have all the fun?

She smiles and leans back, closing her eyes for a moment.

Sinnocence: He wouldn’t let me apologize directly.  Says that he wants me in the ring so I can say it with all the fiery emotion I can muster…probably when he’s got me in some back-breaking submission.  Maybe Black was right…maybe I am just wandering.  No real focus.  Did I tell you he broke into my loft two days ago?  Bastard was lucky I didn’t shoot his ass.

He smirks as he brushes invisible creases out of his famous "Victory or Valhalla" T-shirt.

Osbourne Kilminster: If I have anything to do with it, a submission is the last thing anybody’s going to catch you with. Black’s a strange man, and yeah, he’s lucky he’s not under half a ton of sand with two cartridges worth of shot buried in his abs. Do you want me to talk to him?

Sinnocence: Yeah, Ozzy, I know.

She leans forward, stretching out her shoulder and giving him another smile.  This time, the smile had a more…mischievous glint to it.

Sinnocence: I’d love it if you talked to him…with your fists.  Yeah, a nice big Viking fist right to the center of his ugly face.

He shrugs and smiles simultaneously, leaning over to kiss her cheek before heading off along the corridor.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ll see what I can do.

With that, the camera cuts back to the ring.



Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a 45 minute time limit! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 562 Pounds!

“Where We At?” by Hangar 18 starts up and the fans come out of their seats and turn to the entrance ramp.

Samantha Coil: They are the team of Alexander Vaka and “Style Warrior” Curtis Rose! FEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAR & LOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAATHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

With those words, Alexander Vaka and the ever-stylish Curtis Rose step through the curtains proudly, with a smattering of jeers thrown at them from the live crowd as they make their way to the ring with smirks on their faces.

Eryk Masters: There is no shortage of confidence in these two men!

Jeff Hansen: And why shouldn’t there be? They haven’t enjoyed a lot of success, but they are still one of the hottest teams in this tournament, and frankly they could go all the way!

Curtis Rose slides under the bottom rope into the ring, as Alexander Vaka climbs up the steps and then steps effortlessly over the top rope, his immense size dwarfing his partner as their music fades out. It is slowly replaced with “Bell the Cat” by LM. C hits and the fans start to cheer immediately!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! From Nagano, Japan! Weighing in together at 332 pounds! Theey are Maya Nakashima and Shinya Nakamura! TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

The tandem known as TRES BIEN step through the curtains and the fans cheer more, as Maya and Shinya point out at the crowd. They turn together and they both sprint down the ramp and slide under the bottom rope and pop straight up to their feet!

Other Guy: The high energy style of TRES BIEN is going to need to be utilized here tonight as they are outsized in the worst way, but they don’t look to be intimidated!

The bell sounds as Alexander Vaka steps over the ropes and onto the apron, showing off his size, leaving “Style Warrior” Curtis Rose in the ring opposite Shinya Nakamura. Shinya and Rose start to circle the ring and finally meet in the center with a lockup, and Shinya quickly swings under Rose’s left arm into a wristlock. Rose rolls forward to his shoulder then nips up to his feet and swings under Shinya’s left arm into a wristlock of his own!

Jeff Hansen: Athletic reversal from the ever-stylish, Curtis Rose.

Shinya quickly dives forward and handsprings off his right hand to his feet then turns and cartwheels one-handed before slapping Rose’s right hand away and reversing into a wristlock again! Rose kicks both of Shinya’s hands and turns, grabbing Shinya by his head, and snapmares him over, but Shinya pushes off of Rose’s shoulder and flips through to his feet!

Eryk Masters: Whoa! There’s some athletic counters from Shinya Nakamura!

Shinya hits the canvas with both feet running straight for the ropes. Rose rushes to catch him and swings a back elbow, but Shinya ducks it and catches Rose’s other wrist and swings through, sending Rose off the ropes! Rose rebounds and Shinya dropkicks Rose in the knee, and Rose goes down! Shinya quickly moves to tag in Maya Nakashima, as Curtis Rose pushes off his hands and knees to a full stand, Maya hits the ropes behind Rose as Shinya hits the ropes in front of him! Maya dives low with a dropkick into the back of Rose’s leg, and Shinya leaps into the air with a spinning wheel kick to Rose’s chest and Rose goes down again!

Other Guy: Impressive team work from TRES BIEN!

Jeff Hansen: Utilizing that five-count is a key part of strategy for every successful tag team, for sure.

Shinya leaves the ring as Maya quickly scurries to get a cover!



Rose kicks out and Maya pulls Rose to his feet, but Rose quickly jabs a thumb out into Maya’s eye! Rose quickly pulls Maya by the arm and tags in Alexander Vaka! Vaka steps over the ropes and Rose whips Maya off the ropes! Vaka catches Maya on the rebound in an impressive military press! Vaka launches Maya for the turnbuckles, looking for his Dragonlance, but Maya turns his body to land on the second turnbuckle with his feet! Maya springs back and turns for a crossbody, but Vaka catches him and Rose quickly comes off the ropes with a dropkick to Maya’s face! Vaka uses the momentum to swing Maya out into a faceplant!

Jeff Hansen: And some incredible team work from Fear & Loathing! Wow!

Eryk Masters: They almost risked a disqualification there, as the official almost made it to five, but yeah that was impressive!

Rose is ordered out of the ring, and Vaka pulls Maya to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Maya rebounds and Vaka swings a clothesline right for Maya’s head, but Maya ducks under and continues off the ropes on the other side! Vaka turns just as Maya leaps at him and wraps him up with a flying head scissors! Vaka rolls through the move right into a corner and Maya runs at him with a jumping knee strike to the chest!

Other Guy: TRES BIEN needs to utilize hit-and-run tactics against Alexander Vaka! That dude is scary huge!

Maya quickly runs to his corner and tags in Shinya! Shinya in and the two move to the corner opposite of the one Vaka is in, and Maya whips Shinya in at Vaka! Shinya leaps up and delivers a running forearm to Vaka in the corner! Shinya quickly drops to his knees as Maya runs in behind him and runs up his back, leaps off, and dropkicks Vaka in the corner!

Eryk Masters: That’s a slightly modified version of SEDUSA, and this could stun the big man long enough!

Maya quickly leaves the ring and Shinya catches Vaka as he sutmbles out of the corner with a small package!



Vaka POWERS out of the hold! Shinya beats Vaka to his feet, but Vaka shoves Shinya hard to the ropes near Rose, and Curtis Rose kicks Shinya hard in the back! Shinya stumbles forward right into Vaka as he straightens up with a BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Shinya collapses!

Jeff Hansen: Good Jesus!

Other Guy: Huge impact on that boot, wow!

Vaka moves to Rose and quickly tags in Rose. Rose comes in quickly and covers Shinya!



Shinya kicks out! Rose pulls Shinya to his feet and whips Shinya off the ropes, but Shinya reverses! Rose twists under the arm to reverse then slaps down at Shinya’s hands before kicking his foot at Shinya! Shinya catches the foot, and Rose kicks his other foot straight up into Shinya’s chin as he backflips to his feet!

Jeff Hansen: Switch-It-Up-Girl connects!

Rose rushes at Maya suddenly and drives a hard forearm into maya, sending him flying off the apron! Rose grabs the rope and springs to the top, turning in mid-jump to face the middle of the ring again, as Shinya slowly pushes up to his feet holding his chin. Shinya turns and Rose leaps off the top rope, driving both knees into Shinya’s face and riding Shinya down to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Gimme Danger connects!




Other Guy: And just like that, Fear & Loathing advance to round two of the tournament to see who faces Perdition at Redemption for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles!

“Where We At?” by Hangar 18 hits again, as Alexander Vaka steps into the ring and together Curtis Rose and Alexander Vaka raise their arms.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 11 minutes and 29 seconds! Alexander Vaka and “the Style Warrior” Curtis Rose! FEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR & LOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAATHIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

Alexander Vaka and Curtis Rose make their exit from the ring as Maya slides into the ring and starts checking on his partner.

The shot goes backstage as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning are walking through the halls, both of them grinning proudly, until they run into Dutch Harris! The fans cheer at the sight of Dutch Harris, and Dutch turns to look at the young kids that bumped into him. He starts to speak, but Kid Lightning cuts him off.

Kid Lightning: Did you see that, Dutchie? Huh? We won!

Dutch Harris looks at the scrawny little cousin of his former tag team partner and sighs, before he speaks in a perfect deadpan tone.

Dutch Harris: I’m sure your mothers will be so proud.

FLASH Dynamite pushes Dutch Harris with one hand into the wall, and sneers at him

FLASH Dynamite: You don’t get it, do you? We’re going to prove that we’re the greatest tag team this business has ever seen. Not Long Island Hardcore. Not the Beautiful People. Not Instant Heat…and damn sure, not D & C.

The fans begin to boo, but they quickly cheer as Dutch Harris shoves FLASH’s hand away from his chest and puts his hand in Kid Lightning’s face as Kid Lightning moves to intervene.

Dutch Harris: I think you kids forget that one of them men in that team trained you pathetic little weasels.

Kid Lightning slaps Dutch’s hand away from his face and smirks.

Kid Lightning: Oh, we haven’t forgotten. We were actually talking about you. You see, if it weren’t for you being a gimp, D & C might have actually amounted to something more than a flash-in-the-pan. How about when we win the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles at Redemption, you come down and interview us?

FLASH Dynamite: You know, since we’ll actually win the titles instead of buying them and christening them as ours.

FLASH pushes past Dutch, and Kid Lightning follows, smirking at Dutch.

Kid Lightning: We’ll see you at Redemption. Bring your A-Game of interviewing skills, chump.

The fans boo a little more as Dutch Harris just shakes his head.

Other Guy: Those kids have no damn respect, pathetic!

Jeff Hansen: Why should they respect Dutch Harris though? They weren’t wrong, D & C is hardly the best tag team in SHOOT Project’s history.

Eryk Masters: That’s one opinion, and it is a big topic of debate, but the fact remains that that man right there is a man that deserves respect for all of his accomplishments both in and out of the ring.

Two weeks ago I almost won the Laws of Survival Title from that loser Cade Sydal.

The crowd stirs, and a few boos can begin to be heard among them.  They all begin to look around for where this voice could be coming from.

Last week, I beat Dan Stein half to death.  He gave it everything he had, but at the end of the day, we were just too much for them to handle.

The boos in the crowd get louder.  It is clear who is speaking, but still unclear where it is coming from.  They all begin to look towards the curtain for him to arrive.

This week, I will watch Dan, The Lights, Stein attempt to defend his Iron Fist Title against my partner.  My main man, Kilgore Stochansky.  This will be fun to watch.

“I Want You So Hard” by the Eagles of Death Metal this the audio system.  The fans stare at the curtain, ready to boo, and yell at the Willenium.  After a few seconds, Trey emerges from the back.  With a microphone in one hand, and what appears to be a small replica of the Iron Fist title in the other, he makes his way towards the ring.  He brushes the hair from his face and slings the small, foam replica over his shoulder. 

Trey: That’s right, I’m here.  BOOOO!  BOOO!  Oh noes, I can’t believe he actually showed up after what he did to Cade and Dan.

The music fades out as Trey slides into the ring.  He paces around a bit and lets the crowd officially welcome him to Revolution.

Trey: BOOOO!  There are a few reasons I’ve come out here tonite.  It’s not just so I can listen to you lovely people boo me for about ten minutes.  So howsabout you people do me a favor and clam the hell up?  Please, for me?

Trey positions himself on the ring rope, foam title still slung over his shoulder, and he stares back at the entrance ramp.  The crowd silences a little bit, only in anticipation on what he has to say.

Trey: Dan, Dan, Dan.  The last few weeks you have been nothing more than a thorn in my side.  All I’ve tried to do is make my way back into the federation that I love.  However, all you seem to want to do is hold me back.  You have done everything you can to make sure that I can’t get ahead in this wonderful place.  All I wanted was my Laws of Survival Title back.  I wanted to bring attention back to the division that has been faltering as of late.  I was almost there two weeks ago, and what did you do, Dan?  You butted in, and cost me the opportunity of my life.

I know that Kilgore butted his face into my affairs.  Perhaps it was because he was jealous of my abilities.  I had the match won before he showed up, and I had the match in hand after he showed up.  I know what he did.  I’m not stupid.  He knew you would come to Cade’s aid if he interrupted out match.  He knew that you would attack me, and I would get upset, and I would divert my attention from what he thinks is his long enough for him to take his shot at Cade.  Don’t worry, Dan, I’ll deal with Kilgore later.  He was right about one thing.  He was right that I would get upset with you.  He was right when he thought that I would forget about the LOS title long enough for him to be in the spotlight that he craves so much.

He was right.  I am here, not to talk about Cade, but to talk about Dan Stein.  Ohh, but what has Trey done the last few weeks?  It just seems like Trey has been used by Kilgore to get closer to the LOS title.  That’s the furthest thing from the truth.  You know, Cade and I have a lot in common.  We were both stripped from our children.  We have both struggled from previous addictions.  We both most likely still have many connections to get our fixes if we were to relapse.  Kilgore did put the drugs in Cade’s water bottle.  Regardless of what he may say to you, the public, Kilgore did drug Cade.  I blame most of that on his insecurities as a wrestler, but mostly on his general cowardly demeanor.  But the question Dan, The night in shining armor, Stein should be asking himself is this.  Where did Kilgore get the drugs?  Where oh where could he have gotten the stash that he put in Cade’s water?  Do you really think Kilgore would get his hands dirty enough to actually go out and get something like that?  I think not.

There are a few gasps in the crowd, followed by a sudden wave of boos.  Trey leans back against the ropes and begins to laugh a little bit.

Trey: Why?  Why Trey?  Why would you do that?  It’s easy.  I am pissed, Dan.  I am tired of being passed off as a wash-up.  Tired of being looked at as a pawn in Kilgore’s sick little games he’s played these last few weeks.  In case all of you didn’t remember, I have been doing this shit for a decade.  I invented the shit Kilgore is trying to pull with Cade.  Now, I don’t really feel like getting involved in Kilgore’s little mess he’s started, but I do feel ready to take on the only piece of the triad that I did not hold during my tenure with SHOOT.  The Iron Fist Title.

Trey pats the foam title on his shoulder, and holds it high above his head.

Trey:  I know you people think that I may be turning my back on Kilgore, Far from it.  I wish him all the best tonite.  I really do.  I don’t hold it against him costing me my title and all.  I think everyone here knows that if I were in his spot, I would have done the same thing.  I really would have.  So, Kilgore, good luck tonite.  Good luck with the title match.  But I do have something for Dan.

Stein, I see you come out here week after week talking about how you are not afraid to put your title on the line.  This week is evident of that.  Kilgore is a worthy opponent, but I got one better for you.  After this week, if you manage to hold onto that title of yours past tonite.  I want you.  I want you.  I want your title.  Here’s the best part.  I want to take it from you in front of as many of these asshole fans as possible.  Pay-Per-View.  That’s the grand stage.  That’s where legends are made, and re-born.  That is where I will be taking what you hold so dear to you.  Redemption.  If you have the balls to put your title up against the stiffest competition you will ever have, just accept my challenge.  Believe me, you will be put to the test.

The fan reaction changes from boos to instant cheer at the idea of Dan Stein vs. Trey Willett at Redemption.  Trey pulls the mic away from his face for a few moments, and looks back at the curtain.  After a few minutes, he turns back to the center of the ring, and the crowd begins to die down a little bit.

Trey: I figured you wouldn’t come out and answer me now.  It’s ok.  I’d be preparing too if I didn’t even think I had the skill to defeat Kilgore tonite.  Don’t worry, I’ll be here all night.  And I’ll be here all week, just waiting for your answer.   Think about it hard, Dan…

Trey drops the mic to the mat and begins to walk out of the ring.  We cut to commercial with Trey stepping out of the ring, foam title still in hand.



“Side of a Bullet” hits the PA, as Chicago’s Allstate Arena gets up and makes some noise for the man they’ve come to know as Eightball.  Eightball takes to the stage, in his usual attire, featuring a white tanktop and loose black slacks.  His boots are monogrammed with an 8-ball.  He makes his way down the ramp, and climbs into the ring, as Samantha Coil goes to introduce him.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, hailing from Oakland, California…  he stands in at six feet, one inch, and weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds…  he is EIGHTBALL.

Eryk Masters:  Eightball looking pretty focused, pretty ready.  We don’t know a WHOLE lot about him yet, but we’re learning more every week.

Jeff Hansen:  Learning more every week…?  Seriously?  That’s like saying “I didn’t do my homework on this guy, so I’ll say some bullshit and hope that flies.”

Other Guy:  Like you’ve got any business talking about that sort of thing with Masters.  You’re the worst when it comes to reading up or finding out about the guys here.

Before Jeff Hansen can implement a witty comeback, “Club Foot” by Kasabian hits the PA interrupting him, and the crowd opens up in a round of cheers, for the man who’s coming into his own as a threat here in the SHOOT Project, Jack Heart. 

Heart appears at the top of the ramp, and holds his arms up proudly, soaking in the modest amount of cheers.  He slaps hands with some of the fans on the way towards the ring, but once he gets there, focuses squarely on Eightball, never taking his eyes off of him.  Samantha Coil stands in, now…

Samantha Coil:  And introducing second, hailing from London, England, he stands in at five feet, nine inches tall and weighs in at one hundred, seventy-two pounds…  he is THE BRITISH KICKING MACHINE…  JACK HEART.

Other Guy:  Now THERE is a guy who looks focused.  Think Heart has something to prove here? 

Eryk Masters:  Well, with everyone calling his victory over Barker somewhat of a fluke, you have to think that’s in the back of his mind.  Heart is coming along here in the SHOOT Project, so this is a great, great way to test some of the going’s on here.

Jeff Hansen:  Slurp slurp, Eryk?

The bell sounds, as the two meet in the center of the ring, and immediately begin exchanging blows!  Heart and Eightball both fire rights and lefts intensely, with no man gaining much ground!  The flurry is intense, and the crowd builds into it, becoming frenzied at the sight.  Finally, Heart blocks a punch and quickly delivers a kick to Eightball’s midsection that staggers him!  Heart follows up and just BLASTS Eightball in the side of the head with a stiff kick!  He makes a cover!



Eightball kicks out! 

Jeff Hansen:  Jack Heart making a fucking STATEMENT right there, guys.

Eryk Masters:  I’d have to agree with you on that, Jeff.  That was an intense side kick, and it looks as though Jack Heart plans on pushing the pace as best he can, trying to score an early victory.

Other Guy:  Let’s not forget that Eightball kicked out, and did so pretty emphatically. 

Heart follows the two count up by immediately rushing and bludgeoning Eightball in the face with his boot, causing a gasp and a cheer to eek out of the crowd!  Heart starts kicking Eightball in the side, over and over again, letting his fury carry these actions out, but Eightball starts blocking, and eventually catches Jack Heart’s foot!  He trips Heart up, and now Heart is down!  Eightball quickly recovers to mount Jack Heart, and begins driving fist after fist into the face of the British Kicking Machine!

Other Guy:  Jack Heart’s in a bit of trouble after making that statement just moments ago, with the much larger Eightball driving vicious fists on top of him! 

Eryk Masters:  Yes, this is where Heart’s weight disadvantage will make itself known.  Eightball is said to have quite the ground game, so Jack Heart is definitely in some trouble.

Eightball continues raining down hammerfists, forcing Heart to try and cover up, while squirming, inching his way towards the ropes.  Eightball, in his frenzy, doesn’t pick up on Heart’s goal, and just keeps continuously throwing punches, but when referee Austin Linam breaks Eightball’s control, he’s made aware, and is angry!  He gets in the face of Linam, but doesn’t lose line of sight on Heart, so as to avoid the whole surprise attack thing.  Still, Heart begins to get to his feet, as Eightball jaws with Linam.  Heart is up, and rushes Eightball, who despite having line of sight on Heart still, is somewhat caught off guard.  He shoves Linam out of the way, and attempts to hip toss Heart for his trouble, but Heart is one step ahead, and ducks the attempt.  He stops in his tracks, back kicks Eightball, doubling him over, he then turns around and throws a knee into the side of Eightball’s head!  Eightball is stunned, but not down, so Heart does it again! 

Eryk Masters:  OUCH.

Other Guy:  You’ve got that right, man.

Jeff Hansen:  I LOVE Jack Heart, guys. 

Heart doesn’t go for a pinfall, instead he chooses to bring Eightball to his feet, remembering the weight disadvantage from before, should something go wrong.  He whips Eightball into the ropes, drops to a knee, and elbows Eightball in the midsection, doubling the larger man over once more.  He gets to his feet, and delivers a NASTY European uppercut.  Heart, the clear aggressor, doesn’t give Eightball time to hit the ground before he’s back to his feet.  He steadies Eightball, whips him into the ropes once more, and hits a spinwheel kick that flattens Eightball!  He covers! 




Linam waves a two count, which incenses Heart, but doesn’t keep him from his focus.  Heart tries to cover again! 




Linam waves for a two count once more!

Eryk Masters:  Heart trying his hardest to put Eightball away quickly here, but to no avail, as Eightball is QUITE resilient.

Jeff Hansen:  I love that Heart is wearing him down here.  Even if he’s not scoring that three count yet, you HAVE to believe that those kicks and quick hits are going to tire even the most resilient guy out.

Other Guy:  Heart is definitely using his speed to his advantage here, and I can’t blame him, since I wouldn’t want to be caught by a guy who weighs nearly seventy pounds more than I do, either.

Heart, somewhat annoyed, goes to pull Eightball up, but Eightball slides under him and drops him with a drop toehold.  Heart crashes face first to the mat, allowing Eightball time to get back to a vertical base.  Heart is up at the same time too, and they both run at each other!  Heart tries another spinwheel kick, but Eightball is ready, catching Heart and dropping him down HARD.  Eightball makes a cover!




Jeff Hansen:  How’s THAT for some resiliency?

Other Guy:  Yep, dude’s hanging in there pretty well. 

Linam motions for a two count, and Eightball doesn’t waste any time, putting the boots to Heart.  He relents when Heart scrambles for the ropes, allowing Heart to get to his feet.  The two circle each other, with the crowd firmly split between the two.  Heart isn’t entirely sure what to do now, but Eightball doesn’t give him much time to think about it, as he charges Heart.  Heart ducks, Eightball turns around, and Heart hits ANOTHER side kick, stunning Eightball and sending him into the turnbuckle.  Heart uses the momentum and has a head of steam as he rushes the corner, attempting a shining wizard!  Eightball moves!  Heart crashes into the turnbuckle, but doesn’t take much damage, as he’s able to somewhat catch himself!  He takes to the top rope, and as Eightball turns around, he flies off with another spinwheel kick!  It connects!  Both men are down!

Jeff Hansen:  COVER HIM. 

Eryk Masters:  Jeff, they’re both down, I don’—

Jeff Hansen:  COVER HIM.

Austin Linam begins to count! 





The crowd is cheering fiercely, changing “GET UP!  GET UP!  GET UP!”



Other Guy:  This might be it! 


But it’s not, as Jack Heart and Eightball both begin to stir! 


Both men are to one knee! 


Other Guy:  They might make it! 


Both men are to their feet, and the crowd rewards them for their effort!  Heart is leaning against the middle of the ropes, while Eightball is against a turnbuckle!  Heart, seemingly more alert, moves to attack Eightball with another kick, but Eightball ducks and moves out of the way!  Eightball throws a clothesline, but Heart ducks that!  Heart tries a superkick, but Eightball CATCHES Heart’s leg!  He lifts him up and delivers a DEVASTATING BRAINBUSTER!  Heart is STUNNED.  Eightball gets to his feet, and makes a motion to signal the SAN QUENTIN SUCKA PUNCH.  He ascends the turnbuckle, looks down at Heart, and takes a leap!  IT CONNECTS! 

Jeff Hansen:  NO.  FUCK, I HATE that name!

Other Guy:  Jack Heart just got SUCKA PUNCHED, Jeff.  He got SUCKA PUNCHED.

Eightball covers! 




Eightball rolls off of Jack Heart, and both men are breathing heavily!  Samantha Coil heads to the ring, as Eightball begins to get to his feet, and Heart rolls out of the ring.  Coil raises Eightball’s hand, as she announces the winner! 


The crowd gives Eightball his proper due for the match, and Heart is seen now, walking his way to the back.  The crowd gives him a proper pop for his efforts as well! 

Eryk Masters:  Solid contest right there, and we saw a lot of potential excellence from both guys on this night.  Jack Heart has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here, he put up one HELL of a fight. 


Other Guy:  Oh good lord. 

The scene opens to TMB in his locker room. He is looking into the mirror in front of him tryign to focus on what must be done tonight. But…a things usually go in sHOOT Project he hears a knock at the door. He barely lifts his head as he speaks.

TMB: Is That you, Ozzy dear?

The door opens and closes without a word being spoken as Osbourne Kilminster steps in, pulling tight a pair of black gloves.

Osbourne Kilminster: Of course it is. You’ve been expecting me, I assume…

TMB: You don’t do what I did and not expect to see a Viking later on, if not sooner.

Kilminster slowly takes off his blue-tinted sunglasses and folds them up, placing them carefully on a fold-up steel chair to his right.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s an odd thing, that, isn’t it? You know, people not neccessarily welcoming strangers just turning up in their homes, quite uninvited and all…

TMB: Motivation comes in many form, Kilminster. You of all people should know this.

Taking a deep breath, the former Iron Fist Champion tilts his head forward slightly, almost looking down to his feet, his long hair falling about to conceal his face, for the most part.

Osbourne Kilminster: If you knew what the end result would be, why would you do it anyway?

TMB says a quick prayer before forming a cross on his chest and standing up. He turns from the mirror and towards Kilminster.

TMB: I could ask you the same thing, Ozzy.

Osbourne Kilminster: What the Hell are you on about?

TMB: When you where standing in front of that door, Ozzy, you knew that this would end one of two ways depending on how you came in. And even before you came to my locker room, I think you already knew how you were going to play this and in turn knew how this may end. But even still…you entered the room anyway. Now where does that leave us…on the thresholds of a brawl or the realization that we both have the same goals and concerns.

Osbourne takes a deep breath, something between a sigh of frustration and one of relief as he pulls another steel fold-up chair behind him and sits down.

Osbourne Kilminster: Same goals and concerns? Right now, I’m not seeing how that’s the case… but never let it be said that I won’t hear someone out. I’m all ears, Tommy boy, but get on with it. I haven’t got all day.

TMB: I’m not going to tell you about your piece of ass. I figure you have heard enough about her to last a lifetime. But I will tell you that she is on a downward path. A path that like it or not, you will eventually share with her. So I’m here with an offer…an offer to be more than what you are right now.

Kilminster waves his gloved hand, beckoning TMB to continue.

TMB: Like I told Sinn, right now at this moment SHOOT is ripe for the taking. It just needs the right mind with the right focus to do just that. Sinn has all the potenial to be apart of the new wave…but she needs to be yanked off her self destructive ways. And then we have…YOU.

Osbourne Kilminster: I don’t think breaking into a vulnerable woman’s home is the way to persuade her to listen to your ideas. But anyway, talk more about me. I like that.

He smirks, revelling in the moment.

TMB: But Ozzy, whats a better way to show someone just how foolish their path is. I break in to show her that instead of laying down and taking what comes to her, that she was ready to fight to survive. And in turn proving that her self destructive ways are nothing more then a cover for what she really needs. But on to you. You are the perfect example of what a company like this can do to a warrior…on a leash.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, this is boring me already…

He stands and kicks the chair back into the wall with a clang as he steps in toward TMB.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re luckier than you’ll ever know, Tommy boy. You’re lucky she didn’t fill your gut with shot. Yeah, you think she points that thing around for fun? No. Her fuse is shorter than mine, so yeah, you just lost one of your nine. And as for this leash thing… forget it.

Flicking his head, his hair falls away from his face so he can stare right into Black’s eyes.

Osbourne Kilminster: You don’t want to be the first person around here to find out just how little I’m holding back.

TMB: You know, Ozzy…everytime something goes down, you always talk about holding back. You ever thought that maybe…the time for talk is over. Like I’ve always said, I’m not hard to find…that is if you REALLY want to find me.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m here right now, aren’t I?

TMB points out his chin.

TMB: Then by all means, big man…make your bitch happy.

Kilminster smirks and shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: Maybe you should quit beating around the bush and get to the damned point of all this rubbish you’ve been spouting at me before we let this degenerate to that level, huh? Come on, Mr "Right Mind". What exactly IS your sales pitch?

TMB: Me, you and Sinn. Like I said SP is ripe for the taking…who is to say that we can’t take it? I mean, there really isn’t anyone around to stop us, as long as we stay on the same page.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m not so sure Jada and I are interested in being your gimps.

TMB: Equals, Ozzy…not like when you were with Lonewolf or any of the others. Equals, no one as a lackey.

Kilminster takes a step back and runs his tongue around his teeth, his brow furrowing as he contemplates TMB’s suggestion.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’ve got some balls to come up with an idea like that, but then again, I guess I saw a glimmer of that when Jonny took you on. Still, it’s odd how the guy who breaks into my woman’s place suddenly thinks he can make me offers…

He shrugs.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ll think about it. I’ll talk to her about it and we’ll reach a decision together… and then we’ll get back to you… But, in the meantime, it’ll be in your best interests to stay the Hell away from her and ALL her properties. OK?

TMB: I’ll wait for your answer.

Osbourne turns toward the door and opens it as he reaches down to pick up his sunglasses. Stopping for a moment, he puts them on and looks back over his shoulder to Black.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’ll have it at the next Revolution. In the meantime, if anyone asks, you’re nursing a VERY sore leg.

He doesn’t look back again as the door slams shut behind him, unable to see the smile start to open up wide across TMB’s face.



It’s cominggggggg….

Will you stand up?

Will you survive?

Is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in your future?

The Redemption Rumble.

Can you outlast everybody else?

…we’ll see…


Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit! Introducing first, accompanied by Maureen Collins. Michael and Rowland Collins, The COOOOOOOOOOOOOLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!

“Barroom Heroes” by Dropkick Murphy hits and the fans begin to boo as Michael and Rowland step through the curtains, with Maureen right behind them waving a massive Irish Flag proudly in the air!

Eryk Masters: Michael and Rowland are not getting a warm welcome from these fans here in Chicago tonight!

Other Guy: Why should they? They’ve been very lackluster in their performances since returning, and have generally had a bad attitude!

The Collins’ make it to the ring, and slowly step into the ring, as their music fades out, only to be replaced by “Where is My Mind?” by the Pixies! The fans immediately cheer at the familiar music representing their own Chicago natives!


Tom Quin and Jason Riley step through the curtains waving their arms out at the fans, encouraging the warm reception from the crowd, with “Super Fan” Tim Calahan following closely behind them!

Jeff Hansen: These guys, on the other hand, are getting a great response from the fans here in attendance tonight!

Quinn and Riley suddenly run down the ramp and slide under the ropes together!

Eryk Masters: JasoN Riley and Tom Quinn are definitely ready for some action tonight!

As soon as Tom Quinn and Jason Riley go up opposite turnbuckles to play up the cheering crowd, Michael and Rowland Collins rush them from behind! Rowland clubs Quinn in the back, while Michael pulls Riley off his turnbuckle and drives his face into the top turnbuckle! Referee Dennis Heflin starts yelling to try and get control of the situation, as Rowland starts driving forearms into Quinn’s face and Michael is punching Riley in the other corner!

Other Guy: The Collins Twins are taking exception to the reaction they got here tonight, and they’re taking it out on the hometown boys!

Eryk Masters; With what happened earlier between them and Jonny Johnson, I can definitely see how these fans reacted the way they did for Rogue and Riley, and the Collins’ are definitely trying to press the surprise advantage!

Rowland pulls Quinn out of the corner and suddenly Quinn breaks Rowland’s hands away and turns, thrusting a stiff back kick into Rowland’s gut! Quinn turns back the way he came and lifts his knee up hard into Rowland’s chin, and Rowland drops to the canvas and rolls under the bottom rope! Michael pulls Riley up vertically out of his hunched position in the corner, and Riley ducks a wild punch and runs for the ropes! Michael turns through the missed punch, and Tom Quinn runs at Michael with a stiff STO takedown that is accompanied by Jason Riley rebounding off the ropes with a dropkick!

Jeff Hansen: No matter what your opinion is of them, RnR, in this case, are working exceptionally well together!

Other Guy: Absolutely, I have to agree with you. That was a great double-team move, and it looks like Dennis Heflin is finally calling for the bell!

Dennis Heflin does, indeed, call for the bell as Jason Riley gets out of the ring, while Tom Quinn tries to lock an armbar in on Michael Collins! Michael squirms and squirms until his foot gets on the rope. Quinn quickly releases the hold and pulls Michael to his feet. Quinn whips Michael, and Michael reverses the whip! Quinn rebounds as Michael ducks his head for a back body drop, and Quinn grabs his head and swings through with a neckbreaker!

Eryk Masters: Michael Collins tried to regain momentum, and it backfired!

Jeff Hansen: In a big way, too, and now Tom Quinn is letting jason Riley in!

Quinn does tag in Riley, and Riley comes in and hits the ropes with a springboard and flies back with a moonsault! Michael lifts his knees, and Riley lands with his chest on the knees, as Michael rolls towards his corner and tags in Rowland! Rowland comes through the ropes and runs at Riley, but Riley straightens up and leaps into the air with a dropsault on Rowland!

Other Guy: Those knees to the chest almost stopped Riley dead in his tracks, but he’s still got a lot of fight left in him!

Eryk Masters: And he hit a beautiful dropsault in the process on Rowland Collins!

Riley pops up to his feet and pulls Rowland to his feet. Rowland reaches up and thumbs Riley in the eyes and whips him off the ropes! Rowland ducks down for his own back body drop attempt, but Riley turns and backflips over Rowland and backs up to the ropes! Tom Quinn tags Riley’s back and slingshots over the ropes as Rowland turns around! Tom Quinn rushes Rowland and drives him to the canvas wwith a vicious running Yakuza Kick!

Jeff Hansen: That running kick took Rowland Collins’ head off!

Quinn then turns and runs at Michael and drives a forearm into Michael’s face, sending him off the apron, as Jason Riley is up top! Jason Riley leaps off the turnbuckle with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS! He rotates through into a LEG DROP!


Riley bounces off of Rowland’s chest and Quinn rushes to make the cover!




Dennis Heflin calls for the bell, as “Where is My Mind?” by the Pixies hits! The Chicago fans rise out of their seats to cheer loudly as Dennis Heflin raises both Tom Quinn and Jason Riley’s hands, as “Super Fan” Tim Calahan slides into the ring to celebrate with them!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners at a time of 7 minutes and 36 seconds! Tom Quin and Jason Riley! RRRRRRRRRR n RRRRRRRRRRRR n SSSSSSSSSSSSFFFFFFFFFF!

The three members of the trio take corners and the fans cheer loudly as they celebrate their victory!

Eryk Masters: Rogue and Riley made quick work of the Collins Twins here tonight, and they’re advancing to round two of this tournament!


"Alexander Vaka, right?"

We immediately switch backstage, where Alexander Vaka is seen toweling off, following his post match shower. The large half of Fear and Loathing isn’t expecting any company, especially not this tandem. As the camera pans out, it becomes painfully obvious, and painfully visible, as to who it is that’s intruded on Vaka. They are Perdition. Diego Reyes, and Jonas Coleman.

Jonas Coleman: Yep, that’s Vaka. You sure you don’t want me to take care of this by myself? I mean, you’re not really needed, and honestly… we weren’t paid all that much.

Reyes waves Coleman off, as Vaka watches this transpire.

Alexander Vaka: What is the mea–

Coleman slaps Vaka in the face, quieting the giant.

Jonas Coleman: No talkie.

Diego Reyes: Obviously, if you’re seeing the two of us, one of a few things has happened. One, you’re having a really bad day. Two, you’re having a really bad day, and someone has paid us off to destroy you. Three, you haven’t held up your end of the bargain, and as per our edict at the beginning of this show… we’ve deemed you unworthy.

Vaka goes to speak once more, and Coleman simply throws a right hook into Vaka’s jaw. He follows that up by taping Vaka’s mouth shut.

Jonas Coleman: I said no talkie. And with that in mind, we found it necessary to inform you, even amidst your apparent argumentative nature, that you’re suffering from numbers two, and three. Not only are you unworthy, but someone has paid us off, to take you, and by proxy, Fear and Loathing, out.

Diego Reyes: Man, how come you got to tell him which numbers… I was really looking forward to that.

Vaka chooses this time, to stand up and move towards Perdition. Reyes sees this, brandishes a crowbar from behind him, and with TONS of force, hits Vaka’s knee, causing the big man to collapse in agony!

Jonas Coleman: I got to tell him the numbers because I knew you’d get to do that.

Diego Reyes: Fair enough. Shall we get to work?

Coleman smiles at Reyes, and then turns to the camera man. He casually ushers the camera man out the door, shutting it behind him.

"We shall."

That’s the last thing you hear, before the video cuts back to the ring.



The lights go down, and there’s a buzz in the crowd, until the opening notes of “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse are heard.  At which point the crowd begins to cheer loudly, a noise which is only reinforced once a spotlight lands upon the first man out: Dan Stein. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is under Iron Fist rules, and is for the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP…Introducing First, at a weight of Two Hundred and Fifteen pounds…He is Your SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPION…DAN “THE LIGHTS” STEIN~!!

Dan begins his walk to the ring, the Iron Fist Belt strapped to his waist as he smiles and even slaps a couple palms.  As he slides into the ring, Muse continues on…

And how we can win

When fools can be kings

Don’t waste your time

Or Time Will, Waste, You…

The Champion hands his title to Referee Tony Lorenzo and begins to stretch out, pausing to jump onto the top turnbuckle and raise his arms to the crowd, causing a big round of cheers.  All of the sudden, Muse cuts off, replaced by a long, wavelike synth line.  “Moving In Stereo” by the Cars begins to play as the lights in the arena go to a combination of red and golden hues.  Kilgore Stochansky finally appears in the entranceway, ignoring the boos and smiling as he struts down to the tune of the music.

Samantha Coil: And Introducing his Challenger…at a Weight of Two Hundred and Sixty five Pounds…KILGORE STOCHANSKY~!!

Stochansky makes his way to the apron, the lights moving in time with the synthesizer as he steps into the ring.  Stein eyes him for a moment, looking as if he’s formulating a gameplan.  Kilgore peels off his track suit and the music fades while the lights come up.  Lorenzo holds the title up in the air and then calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters: And there’s the opening bell for this main event, title matchup!

Stein does a little bit of a pace, stretching his arms out.  Stochansky simply walks directly towards him, a smile on his face.  Stein stops his walking short and eyes his bigger opponent, his hands raising into a defensive stance more and more as Kilgore gets nearer.  Stochansky telegraphs a wide right cross, and Stein is ready for it—but he gets caught in the gut with a big kick instead!

Jeff Hansen: Stein already falling for one of the older tricks in the book.

The fans are indeed booing as Kilgore chuckles and taps his temple, doing the standard “Smarter than you” taunt.  Stein shakes his head, and starts moving very slowly.

Other Guy: I think Kilgore might have seriously hurt my Main man Dan!

Eryk Masters:  Dan Stein has taken many worse blows than that and kept walking, OG!

All of the sudden, and taking Stochansky entirely by surprise, Stein vaults upward, catching the big man Square on the chin with a shotei palm strike!  Kilgore’s’ big frame falls backwards, hitting the mat to a big cheer!

Eryk Masters: There’s a slim chance that Kilgore’s knocked out!

Referee Tony Lorenzo begins to count…


Kilgore begins to stir…


Kilgore clambers to his feet and backs off of Stein, who can’t help but let a smirk show through his serious demeanor.  He keeps advancing on Kilgore, who keeps backing up, causing the crowd to vocalize their displeasure.  Finally Stein shoots for a leg, but Stochansky jukes out of the way and rolls outside to the floor, pacing about and rubbing his chin.

Other Guy: Oh come on, with this coward’s stuff again?

Jeff Hansen: It’s actually a tactically sound move, you imbecile.

Dan is trying to get Kilgore to come into the ring, but his bigger opponent continues to put on a smile and invite Stein to the floor.

Eryk Masters: Stochansky is trying to get Stein to give up the high ground, and the smirk on the Champion’s face is saying that he just might!

There’s a bit more talking, and Stein finally rolls out of the ring, to the floor.  He hasn’t been standing for any more than a half a second before Kilgore shoots forward, sprinting, and blindsides the champion with a roaring elbow strike!  Stein stumbles sideways, but Kilgore decides not to gloat, keeping on Dan with a series of stiff blows to the ribs! 

Jeff Hansen: The tactics payed off, and Kilgore’s showing Dan why he should never trust a guy like…himself!

Other Guy: Poetry, Hansen!

Stein has finally come to a rest on the ring apron, trying to clear the cobwebs out of his head.  Stochansky raises both arms, looking for a double axe handle—But he’s cut short by a Big thrust kick from the champion catching him right in the solar plexus!  Kilgore almost flies backwards, hitting the ground coughing!! 

Eryk Masters: Good Lord, Kilgore must have flown backwards a good three feet!!

The Champion shakes his head, trying to get his bearings, as his opponent shakily gets to one knee, glowering, his face marked with pain.  Stein scrambles up to the apron, as the crowd buzz begins to wash over him.  Stochansky finally gets to his feet and groggily turns to face the ring—and right at the same time, Dan jumps and springs off of the middle rope, diving towards his bigger opponent…and taking him to the floor with a flying spear!!  The crowd erupts!!

Other Guy: That’s the sense of Daring that wins you Titles, boys!

Jeff Hansen: Oh like you know what that’s like—

Eryk Masters: We can debate on how little both of you know about winning title later!  Referee Tony Lorenzo has made his way to the floor outside, and Dan Stein’s in the process of getting up!

Both men lie on the floor, neither particularly happy about their situation.  Stein is, unsurprisingly, the first to get to his feet, and he walks over to Referee Lorenzo, requesting a count on the still-fallen Kilgore Stochansky.



Kilgore shoots an arm up, using the guardrail to hoist himself to his feet!  Stein maneuvers towards him and easily gets a hold of his dazed bigger opponent’s arm.  He goes for an Irish whip toward the steel steps, but Kilgore reverses it, sending the champion flying towards the steps– but Dan puts the breaks on before he crashes into them!!

The crowd’s anticipation is quite loud, and both the competitors circle each other slowly, neither wishing to make the first move. At long, long last there is finally a true lockup, and both men try to gain an advantageous position.  Stein actually appears to be gaining the upper hand, positioning himself for greater leverage, but Kilgore puts a stop to that—with an incredibly blatant eye rake!!  The crowd starts to boo very loudly as Kilgore locks Stein into a suplex position and hoists him high into the air…and then drops him forward , right onto the ring apron!!  Stein crashes to the floor violently!!

Jeff Hansen:Whoa!!  I wouldn’t be Surprised if that knocked Stein out cold!!

Eryk Masters: He’s definitely still conscious, but his ribs might be in bad shape!!

As Stein doubles over in pain and the crowd screams, Kilgore walks over to the Spanish announce table, climbing on top of it to bask in the camera flash and constant booing.  He begins to do bodybuilding poses, which only serves to redouble the efforts of the fans to show their displeasure.

Other Guy: Get down off of there! You Haven’t won yet!

Stein has shakily gotten to a sitting position, and he is slowly trying to stand.  Kilgore, noticing this, leaps down from the announce table and looks about for something available.  He finally reaches down onto the announce table and holds up one of the prompter screens, taking the time to undo the power cables from it. 

Eryk Masters: Stein Might be in trouble with this one!!

Jeff Hansen: You have to hand it to him, the man Is innovative when he needs to be!

The crowd is rising in volume as Kilgore stalks over to Dan’s now standing frame, screen positioned on his shoulder in a shotputting fashion.  Stein proudly holds his ground, his back to the corner post of the ring.  When Kilgore is about 10 feet away, he suddenly shoves off, sending the screen flying straight for Stein’s head– Dan Stein Ducks At The Last Moment!!  The crowd’s cheers reach something of a fever pitch as the prompter screen cracks and falls to the floor, and Dan Stein rushes Kilgore!!

Other Guy: And The Main Man Dan Still has some fight in him yet!

Stein rushes and leaps in the air, hooking his legs around Kilgore’s head and making him do a frontflip with a simple headscissors!!  The crowd’s cheer keep on going, as Stein hurriedly moves over to pick Kilgore up off of the ground—Only to get caught right in the crotch with a swift boot!  The crowd’s momentum turns on a dime, from elation to hatred as the Champion tries to walk it off. 

Eryk Masters: Stochansky’s gotten a bit of breathing room with that last little stunt, but it’s looking like he’ll need more than that to win this one!!

Stochansky has gotten to his feet, and Stein tries to meet him, looking for a lockup—SLAP!  The big man blatantly slaps the iron Fist Champion right in the mouth!  Dan looks Kilgore dead in the eyes, confused for a moment—SLAP!  Another smack, this one backhanded and much harder!!  Stein responds this time by booting Stochansky in the gut, then whips him down to the ground with an Arm Drag! Though Kilgore is starting to get up already, Dan runs over to and jumps onto the ring apron, looking for something big, but his opponent grabs him by the ankles, trying to put a stop to it!  There’s a brief moment of struggle, and Stein gets one leg free, then brings his heel right into Kilgore’s Face!!  Stochansky grits his teeth and responds by yanking Dan’s foot out from under him, causing the champion’s head to bounce off of the ring apron!!  Stein falls to the floor in a crumpled heap, and Tony Lorenzo begins counting…




Stein begins to stir…


Stein makes it to a knee, causing the crowd to erupt in cheers!!  The Iron Fist Champion starts to get to his feet, but he’s cut short—Kilgore Stochansky begins to choke him from behind with what looks like a length of tape!!

Jeff Hansen: I was wondering why he was unwrapping his wrist tape!!

Other Guy: That’s just damn despicable!! 

The crowd’s boos become nearly deafening as Kilgore grits his teeth, wrenching back.  Stein’s face begins to turn red, and finally, the undone wrist tape gives way, allowing Dan to fall back to the floor face first!!  Stochansky runs over to Referee Lorenzo, yelling at him to make a count as the fans continue to boo…






Dan begins to groggily get to his hands and knees, causing Kilgore’s eyes to widen in frustration…


Dan Stein gets to his feet, to wave after wave of cheers!!

Eryk Masters: It seems that no matter what, you Can’t keep Dan stein down!!

Jeff Hansen: I’ll give it to him, the guy has tenacity for days!

As Stein tries to catch his breath, coughing, Kilgore has gotten a head of steam, his face etched with rage.  He begins walking around the ring, grabbing anything he can– A chair, the ring bell, a trash can—and simply throws them into the ring!!  Finally, as if to put an exclamation point on it, he reaches into his tights and comes out with his shiny brass knuckles on his left hand. 

Other Guy:  Kilgore might be angry, but I don’t think this is even remotely called for!!

Kilgore rolls into the ring, softly punching his hand, screaming at Stein to get into the ring.  Dan, for his part, looks over and rushes in, eager to get back at his opponent.  Stein rushes Stochansky, and goes for a high roundhouse—but Kilgore drops to one knee, then hauls off and Blatantly uppercuts Stein right in the crotch with his brass knuckles!!

Jeff Hansen: Oh!!  That’s why Kilgore’s so dominating in singles competition, he’s always one step ahead of his opponent!!

Eryk Masters: It was a nutshot, Jeff!  He isn’t Sun Tzu!!

Stein crumples to the mat, screaming in pain.  As the crowd attempts to take the roof of the buildings off with boos, Kilgore climbs to the second turnbuckle, raising his arms for the fans.  Dan, climbing to his feet, his eyes filled with rage, grabs the trashcan in the ring and Hurls it at Kilgore!!  The crowd breaks out into cheers as not only does the can connect, but Stochansky topples to the mat!!

Other Guy:  That’s why Dan Stein holds onto championships, Jeffie!

Dan wastes no time, leaping onto Kilgore’s frame and raining blows down on his face from a mounted position!!  The Cheers are beginning to soften just a little, as Stein even throws in a couple of headbutts—before stopping Abruptly!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein seems a little surprised at himself, and I can’t blame him!!

Stein finally gets up, backing away and taking what appear to be a number of deep breaths.  Kilgore clambers to his feet looking flat out angry, blood trickling from his nose.  Both men rush each other and tie up, and Kilgore goes for an eye rake again, but Stein slips out into a back grapple, and then swiftly takes the big man to the man with a leaping Russian Legsweep!  While Stochansky is still reeling, the Champion jumps up to the middle rope and leaps off—Landing a MASSIVE three-Sixty Legdrop!!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein with the Big air!!

Other Guy: I think Stein might have the advantage all across the board here!  He’s faster and more agile, and—

Jeff Hansen: Weaker and sitting at a fifty pound weight disadvantage!

Stein, not allowing a moment for Kilgore to regroup, immediately hauls Stochansky to his feet, then whips him towards the corner—Kilgore reverses, and Stein crashes into the corner, but meets his charging opponent with a Big double-boot to the face!!  Stochansky reels as stein clambers to the top turnbuckle…

Other Guy:  Stein’s just waiting for the apropos moment, boys!

Dan waits for the proper moment, bathing in flashbulbs, and as soon as Kilgore turns to face him, he leaps into the air…his body seems to move in slow motion as he rotates forward…and crashes RIGHT into Stochansky’s frame with a Somersault senton!!  The crowd pops huge as Kilgore hits the mat, and Lorenzo begins to make a count…




The crowd begins to chant along at this point, joining in…




Kilgore begins to stir…


Stochansky makes it to his feet, even if he used the ropes!! The crowd boos due to the stopped count, and we can actually see Stein looking a little bit confused, trying to catch his breath.

Eryk Masters: The Champ not looking too happy that his opponent isn’t going down that easy!

Stein sprints over to Kilgore’s position and leaps into the air, looking for a flying forearm—but Stochansky rolls out of the way!  The big man grabs the trash can and hurls it at Dan, but the Champion ducks, causing the can to crash to the floor!  Both men stare at each other for a long moment as the crowd continues the cheer in appreciation.  There’s a long moment, interrupted only by Dan popping his neck and Kilgore spitting a bit of blood onto the mat.

Jeff Hansen: There’s a battle of wills going on right now, and neither of them are backing down!

Both competitors begin to circle the ring, getting ready for action.  Kilgore grabs the steel chair he threw in earlier, getting a good swinging grip on it.  Stein, for his part, actually smirks and invites Stochansky over with a hand motion.  Stochansky rushes Stein, chair cocked back as if to do some serious Damage, and The Champion runs to meet him—Ducking the big swing at the last moment and grabbing Kilgore from behind!  The big man drops the chair and quickly reverses, placing himself behind Stein.  There’s a moment of struggle, but Stochansky locks his hands and hauls backwards with a BIG German Suplex—but Stein backflips and lands shakily on his feet to the increased cheers of the crowd!  Kilgore turns as he rises up, looking for Stein’s fallen body…but instead he gets met with a running front dropkick from the Champion!!

Other Guy: Ooh, I’m no doctor, but it looks like Stochansky just got a broken nose!!

Kilgore Scrambles to get to his feet, blood now pouring from his nose.  He stalks over to Stein, his body language even showing his rage.  Stein looks to tie up, but Kilgore simply hauls forward with a BIG Punch, right into Stein’s face!!  Stein reels for a moment, before shooting forward with a gut kick—But Kilgore catches his foot!!  There’s a moment, then the champion leaps off into the air, twisting and looking for an enzugiri—But Stochansky ducks that and then lifts Stein’s captured leg high into the air…before driving Dan’s knee into the mat!!

Eryk Masters: Brutal move from Stochansky!!

Jeff Hansen: Brutal but Smart, Eryk!  If Stein can’t walk, then he can’t go flying around!!

Stein rolls about in pain, clutching his hurt knee, as Kilgore stalks over to the chair and picks it up.  The crowd’s boos intensify, then redouble as Kilgore places Dan’s leg In the chair, with the folding mechanism as a fulcrum on his hurt knee.  Stochansky very calmly walks over to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle…but while doing so, Stein has shakily gotten to his feet, the chair still on his leg!!  Stochansky sees this and laughs, leaping down from the middle turnbuckle and rushing The Champion with his fist cocked back, looking for another wild haymaker—Dan Quickly dodges, and uses his moment of opportunity to Leap in the air and Twist…Stein Brings the Chair Into Stochansky’s Skull!! 

Eryk Masters: Oh My God!!  Stein with that Chair Assisted Shining Wizard, and that Might have been lights out for Stochansky!!

Both men roll about on the mat.  Kilgore is clutching his skull, screaming in pain!  Dan finally removes his leg from the chair, gritting his teeth and massaging his knee!

Other Guy: Stein’s knee is still hurting off of Kilgore’s assault, and the chair didn’t help things!!

Jeff Hansen: Like I said, Strategy!

Tony Lorenzo begins to count on both men…




Eryk Masters: Stein might win this if he could get to a standing position!


Stein is rolling about on the mat, trying to get the pain in his leg to subside…


Stochansky rolls to his stomach and starts shaking his head, trying to regain his bearings…


The champion, once again utilizing the ropes to help himself, makes it to his feet, and the crowd jumps to life with cheers, but Lorenzo’s still counting…


Kilgore shoots an arm up and grabs a hold of the middle turnbuckle, trying to drag himself up!!


He makes it!!  The crowd erupts into boos as Stein glares at Kilgore, who for his part is wiping the blood from his eyes:  The chair busted open a gash along the side of his forehead!!

Jeff Hansen: Half of Kilgore’s face is coated in blood!!

Eryk Masters: But Neither of them are looking too well off at the moment!!

The Tension in the ring is thick, as Kilgore finally cleans his eye out and glowers at the champion with fire in his eyes.  His mouth curls into a disgusted sneer as he approaches Dan, grabbing the aforementioned chair in the process!!  He rushes Stein and swings wildly—Stein easily ducks!!  Moving faster than he has in the past, Stochansky attacks again, jabbing for the midsection—The Champion backs out of the way!!  The big man pauses for a moment, then swings high, but at the last second dives forward, chair-first, looking for the ducking Stein’s knee…Dan Stein Leaps out of the way, and Kilgore lands flat on his face!!

Other Guy: Stochansky is acting like a Wild animal!!

Not content to sit around, Stein stomps the back of Kilgore’s head and then gets a running start, then leaps in the air for a BIG Elbow drop—But Stochansky rolls out of the way!!  Both men get to their feet, and Kilgore boots Stein straight in the gut, then ties him up, hooking both of the Champion’s arms!!  The flashbulbs are going off and the crowd is going wild as Kilgore flips Dan up for a Tiger Driver, but Stein hooks his legs around his challenger’s neck and flips with the full force of his weight—Hurricanrana!! 

Eryk Masters: Stein with a BIG Counter and—Wait, What’s Going on over there?!

Jeff Hansen: There’s something going on over in the crowd!!

Other Guy: Is that…is that the fucking Willenium?!

Stein, unaware of The Willenium’s entrance, grabs his fallen challenger by the head, hauling the man to his feet, and he begins signaling for the Lights Out!!  The cheers get louder as Trey makes his way to the ring apron and quietly steps in, holding his finger to his lips and miming for the crowd to shut up—an order that they don’t listen to, as the cheers and screams get all the more Deafening!!

Jeff Hansen: He’s certainly taking his time and choosing his moment, but all that lollygagging might cost him!


Willett reaches into his coat and pulls out his Foam souvenir Iron Fist Title!!  He gets a good hold on it, as if he’s about to Clean Stein’s clock with it!!

Eryk Masters: He isn’t serious, is he? 

Jeff Hansen: Eryk, he’s always serious.  And we never expect him to be.

Trey finally taps Dan on the shoulder, and the Champion turns around—RIGHT into a shot from the Foam Belt!!  Stein actually cracks a grin as he starts to advance on The Willenium, who is laughing uproariously…but before he can, Kilgore shoots an arm outwards and grabs him by the elbow!!

Other Guy: Lookout, Dan!!

Jeff Hansen: the Strategy paid off, Dan’s too distracted!!

Before Stein can react his arm has been pulled between his legs, and Kilgore quickly positions himself and launches the Champ RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!!

Eryk Masters: DEAD BENT!!  This has to be it for Dan Stein!!

Stochansky smiles through the blood on his face as he walks over Stein’s apparently lifeless frame and grabs Willenium in a quick bro hug, before both men shake hands Vigorously.  The crowd begins to blow the roof off with boos and screams as Lorenzo begins to make the count…



Other Guy: It shouldn’t end like this!!  C’mon Dan, Get up!!


Kilgore’s and the Willenium turn away from Stein to face the crowd and begin posing for them, dodging a few scraps of trash that fly their way.


Stein is still unmoving…



Jeff Hansen: Like I’ve said all along, brawn is all well and good, but you need brains if you want to really succeed!!

Other Guy: Don’t count Dan out just yet, Jeff!!


Kilgore and Trey are now patting each other on the backs, and Trey holds Stochansky’s arm up, proclaiming him the winner, but neither notice that Stein has started to stir, grabbing the bottom rope for support!!


Stein makes it to the middle rope and hazily gets a leg underneath him…


The Champion Stands straight up!!  The crowd bursts into Cheers and Kilgore turns to look at Stein, surprise and a little bit of fear in his eyes!!

Eryk Masters: I’m shocked that Stein is still standing!!  He’s either tougher than I thought or he might not know when to go down!!

The Big Ukrainian calmly grins, looking at Stein’s condition: His midsection is bruised up, his neck still red from being choked, his lip busted open, and standing shakily on his injured knee.  Kilgore starts to walk towards him—But Stein rushes the big man!!  The crowd’s cheers intensify as Stein leaps in the air and grabs his surprised opponent by the head midair…he twists his body as he falls, and brings Kilgore to the mat With a HUGE Spike Tornado DDT!!  Power Surge!!

Other Guy: There it Is!!  That’s the tenacity that wins the Iron fist title, baby!!

Eryk Masters: Lorenzo hasn’t even begun to count, OG!! 

Dan gets to his feet and levels his gaze on Trey, who is currently sliding out of the ring!!  Stein runs to the ropes and baseball slides under them to the floor, where he and The Willenium meet face-to-face!!  Meanwhile, Tony Lorenzo begins his count…




Stein and Willett are exchanging words outside, and Trey simply slaps The Champion in the face!!



Stein responds by kicking The Willenium RIGHT in the gut, But Trey rushes him directly afterward, taking Dan to the floor with a big spear!!


Both men are brawling on the outside, and Willett is getting the upper hand!!  He rains down blow after blow to Stein’s already battered ribs, encouraging and redoubling the near deafening boos!!


Jeff Hansen:  I don’t know why Willenium wont stop beating up on Dan Stein, but it’s damned entertaining!!

Other Guy: He needs to get off of him, Dan Stein poured his heart into this match!! He’s batted and exhausted!!

Kilgore manages to roll over onto his Stomach as the fracas continues outside!!


Stochansky shakily gets to his hands and knees, shaking his head and spitting more blood-laced saliva from his mouth…


The Big Man Stands up quickly, and immediately stumbles backwards into the corner, resting on the turnbuckles and holding his skull, wincing.

Other Guy: Over in the crowd, what’s going on?!

Jeff Hansen: I don’t Know, Someone’s moving through it…

Out from the crowd steps CADE SYDAL!! 

Eryk Masters: The Laws of Survival champion is here, out of the hospital!!

Jeff Hansen: And just look how disrespectful he is of the belt—he just dropped it to the floor!!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Cade drops his belt and runs to the defense of his Friend, shoving Trey off of Stein with violent force!!  Though still sporting a black eye from Stochansky’s assault, Cade looks to be all healed up—if not incredibly angry!!  He helps Stein to his feet as Trey gets to his.  There’s a moment where Trey takes up arms, getting ready to take them on, adopting a fighting stance…but Cade and Stein rush him, and the Willenium books it back into the crowd!! 

Eryk Masters: And We see the Willenium’s true Colors!!

Jeff Hansen: Oh, they made a ‘smart’ color?!  Because when you run away from an outnumbered fight, that’s exactly what you are!!

Cade is conversing to Dan in a rushed fashion, making sure he’s okay—But both men have to dodge out of the way as the Ring Bell comes flying at them, Hitting the floor with a definite CLANG!!  Stochansky is at the ropes, pacing, his face etched with anger, and he’s pointing at Cade Sydal!!

Other Guy: Kilgore is Crazy!!  I think he wants both belts in one night!!

Eryk Masters: It’s beyond that, OG!!  I think Stochansky just wants to hurt them!!

Kilgore keeps shaking his head, yelling for Cade!!  Sydal and Stein have a quick word with one another, and then, slowly but surely, Cade walks towards the ring apron, causing the arena to ramp up its deafening cheers!!

Jeff Hansen:  Wait, is Dan letting Cade Sydal fight for him?!  that is cowardice, OG!!

As soon as Cade Rolls in the Ring, Kilgore Stomps him right on his head!! The crowd’s screaming Turns Negative as the Ukrainian keeps stomping, but Cade’s still managing to get up!!  Stochansky has to adjust as Cade deftly gets to his feet, and both men are standing, staring each other down!!  Flashbulbs go off at a strobe light pace as Kilgore and Cade meet face to face, pressing their foreheads together and yelling at one another!!

Other Guy: This could End badly, Cade still looks a little beat up, and Kilgore’s got murder in his eyes!!

Eryk Masters: Jesus, OG!!  “Murder In His Eyes?!”

Stein has made his way to the ring apron, and he bides his time, Crouched low towards the corner.  Cade finally elbows Stochansky straight in his Mug, and Stochansky walks backwards a few feet before shooting forward with surprising speed—swings with the STRONG ARM TACTICS, But Cade ducks the Lariat!!  Before he can turn around fully, Cade Launches Himself in the air and Brings his foot towards Kilgore’s head—NINJAGURAI, BUT KILGORE DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY!!

Eryk Masters: If this is a little preview of these two meeting in the ring for the title, Then Cade might want to start worrying!!

Stochansky doesn’t have too long to gloat, as the until now dormant Stein Springboards off the top rope…And LANDS THE LIGHTS OUT RIGHT TO THE BACK OF KILGORE’S HEAD!!

Other Guy:HOLY SHIT~!!  Stein and Cade with the Tactical Move Combo!!  Kilgore Never Saw it Coming!!

Eryk Masters: Stochansky is out cold, guys!!

Stochansky Faceplants Hard as Stein gets held up by Cade Sydal, both men supporting one another!  Tony Lorenzo goes for the count…





Jeff Hansen: I call this a tainted victory, is what I call it!!

Other Guy: You didn’t have any problem with Kilgore drugging Cade’s water, and—

Jeff Hansen:Allegedly!!




Cade Raises Stein’s Arm to the cheers of the capacity crowd…


Eryk Masters: I can barely hear myself over this crowd!!


Kilgore starts to stir, but can’t get up in time…


The Backup Bell is Rung as Samantha Coil grabs a microphone…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winner, At a Time of Thirty-Six Minutes and Forty-Seven Seconds…And STILL SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPION, DAAAAN STEEEIIN~!!

The Belt is Handed to Stein as Cade shucks his red Cade Sydal Shirt and grabs his Laws of Survival title.  Lorenzo raises Stein’s arm in triumph as Cade raises his own title, and “Knights of Cydonia” begins to play, and Cade walks over to Dan to re-raise his arm.

Eryk Masters: It was a brutal affair, but Dan Stein came out on top once more!!

Both men are having a conversation, and Dan nods emphatically, even breaking into a little bit of a grin as the music cuts off.

Jeff Hansen:  Oh man, more of this guy.  Did someone piss test him before he came out to the ring?

Cade Sydal waves his fingers for a microphone and upon getting it he makes his way to stand over Kilgore Stochansky. He raises the microphone to his lips, and before he can speak, the fans cheer loudly, and he smirks.

Jeff Hansen: Jesus…this cheering is like crack to this guy. Which, I mean…

The fans die down as Cade pats the air with his free hand.

Cade Sydal: Wow.

The fans cheer again at the one word, and Cade shakes his head slowly with a slight laugh. He then looks down at Kilgore and raises the microphone to his lips again.

Cade Sydal: I know you can’t hear that right now, Kilgore. I know you can’t because you’ve been knocked smooth the fuck out. But, I’m pretty sure you’ll watch this again, and you’ll wanna see what went wrong…and you’ll listen to what I’m saying, because you really need to know what I’m about to say.

Cade slowly moves down to mount Kilgore and grabs him by the back of the head with his free hand. He could drive his fist into Kilgore’s face right now, but he doesn’t. Instead, he keeps the microphone in his hand and speaks more.

Cade Sydal: See, Kilgore, I made you a promise. You get a Laws of Survival match at Redemption. Now, there are two options laid out before you right now. One, I could go the route you went, and I could press charges. I could tell have you locked up for drugging my water in an attempt to gain a cheap advantage and damn near killing me and then I can go and focus on the Rumble and only the Rumble.

The fans begin to boo, with a little bit of cheers mixed in, but those cheers are barely audible. Cade nods his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: Oooooooooooooooor you can face my by my rules at Redemption. You can face me, for the Laws of Survival Championship…in a Laws of Gravity match!

The fans cheer at that offer, loudly.

Eryk Masters: I think these people know which one of the two offered options they’d like to see most!

Cade drops Kilgore’s head and smacks him lightly on the cheek a couple times before pushing back to stand. He walks to the corner where he left his Laws of Survival Title and raises it in the air, eliciting loud cheers.

Cade Sydal: We can raise this belt high above the canvas. We can raise it up there, and we can fight just to climb up a ladder and REACH for the belt. We can defy our own basic instincts to keep our feet on the ground, and we can climb the highest of heights for the Laws of Survival Championship.

Cade shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: fuck that…for MY Laws of Survival Championship! The choice is real easy to make, Kilgore. It’s real simple. We either play by MY rules…or YOU can be the one sitting in prison. I know the answer want to hear! I know the answer these fans want to hear! But what choice will you pick, Kilgore?! You have ONE WEEK to step up to the plate. And one week only. I’ll see you then, you son of a bitch..

Cade drops the microphone as “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint hits, and Cade climbs up on the turnbuckles on the hard camera side of the ring, raising the Laws of Survival Title high above his head, as the fans cheer loudly!

Other Guy: A huge decision lies ahead of Kilgore Stochansky!

Jeff Hansen: Who the hell does Cade think he is, throwing his weight around like that, though?

Eryk Masters: With the video evidence at hand, he’s the man that has the power to send Kilgore Stochansky to jail for a long time if he chooses to, and if Kilgore is wise, he’ll play by Cade’s rules!

Cade moves to another turnbuckle and raises the title belt high above his head again, and the fans continue to cheer!

Eryk Masters: For Other Guy and Jeff Hansen, I’m Eryk Masters! And we’ll see you next week for Revolution 54!