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Revolution 54 – 1/18/09

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Then a shot of Long Island Hardcore tossing weapons into the ring.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process. We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Perdition is seen next hitting a spinebuster and Neckbreaker Combo. Then a quick shot of Sinnocence battling Ainsley Lake. Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring. From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Nightmare throwing a striking combo at a helpless opponent… Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Eryk Masters: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Super-imposed over the backdrop of men and women fighting in the ring is the SHOOT Project World Tag Team titles. And faded into the front portion of the titles we see quick clips of the eight teams currently vying for the championship titles on Sky High.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Next seen is the Revolution Championship title. And slightly faded within the front portion of the title is Sinnocence who we see holding the title with a sly seductive grin on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next title that appears on the screen is the Laws of Survival Championship title. Within the belt, we see Cade Sydal standing victorious.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

From there is seen the Iron Fist Championship title. Inside the front portion of the title we see Dan Stein holding the Iron Fist Championship up high over his head.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

And the last image seen is the prestigious SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title. Within the front portion of the title belt you see Jonny Johnson once more holding the title, and the words “HOPE IS ILLUSION” scroll across.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


“Time draws nearer, ladies and gentlemen…”

The voice of Diego Reyes rasps out over the airways, as the scene opens to a similar shot from last week’s Revolution.  The tag team championships are in the same glass case, and the sheen of light beams over their gold plated, diamond encrusted pieces of craftsmanship.  With them, sits the members of Perdition.  Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes.

Jonas Coleman:  As the remaining three teams sit and watch in wonderment of these two championships, know that we too, are sitting and watching.  Watching your every move.  Listening to your every word. 

Diego Reyes:  Last week, we warned you all that if you were deemed unworthy, you would be disposed of.  The irony of that fact, is that while someone paid us to decimate Alexander Vaka…  we…  well, we would have done it anyway. 

Coleman snickers, delighting in their destruction and subsequent elimination of Fear and Loathing, last week.

Jonas Coleman:  As per the usual, we will not reveal who it was that paid us off, for Alex Vaka.  Just know that that was a job that we enjoyed VERY much, for much different reasons.  But now, let’s pay homage to the teams that are no longer a part of this tournament.  Teams that are lost. 

Diego Reyes:  Long Island Hardcore…  you fizzled out.  Lost.  It was pathetic.  My only regret is that we did not get to destroy you like we stated we would, many many weeks ago. 

Jonas Coleman:  Tres Bien…  you two had the most unbridled potential of all the teams left in this race.  It is a shame that we will not get to meet again.  Time limit draws are not how I want to end things. 

Reyes clears his throat.

Diego Reyes:  Fear and Loathing…  it’s unfortunate that you were eliminated in the manner with which you were.  Unfortunate for you, anyway.  Vaka and Rose, at the end of this journey, I hope you’ve both learned something about yourselves. 

Jonas Coleman:  And I do hope you make an attempt to return and claim the top of the tag team throne, no matter the outcome.  Though I REALLY hope you come after us, no matter what.  We would take an extreme joy in locking horns with you once again.

Reyes looks to the tag team titles.

Diego Reyes:  Tonight, we all get to see just who is worthy of actually facing us for these coveted titles.  Obviously not those three teams, but a slew of new and fresh faces, just like we are.  No matter what, SHOOT Project will be seeing new Tag Team Champions and, really, no matter what, those champions are going to be The Butcher Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes.

He smiles.

Diego Reyes:  Such change…such…stability…should bring great comfort to SHOOT Project.

Jonas Coleman:  As well it should, too.  Tonight, the question is…  who will stand tall, to stand against us?  Will it be Made for TV?  The Flying Avengers?  Perhaps, Rogue, Riley, and/or Superfan?

Coleman grins. 

Jonas Coleman:  Truthfully, it matters little.  Either way, you face a brick wall at Redemption.  Either way…  you will be cast aside in our rise.  Your defeat?  It will be glorious.

Diego Reyes:  So, SHOOT Project…take it from your future World Tag Team Champions Perdition.  Sit back, enjoy the finals of this long beleagured tag team tournament.  See just who has gone to great lengths to get sacrificed upon the altar of Perdition.  Enjoy this match between The Flying Avengers, Made for TV, and RnRnSF.  We know we will.

Reyes grins, resting his elbows on the arms of his chair, his fingers interlocking in front of his face.


“Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls as the crazy bitch, Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain and walk down the ramp. Dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin-tight leather pantsthat have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass.. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, save for a strategically cut bang that hangs over her right eye.

In her hand she holds the Revolution Title, which she sets down on the corner of the ring as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring.  Samantha Coil takes center stage, as she pulls the microphone to her face, for the introduction…

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of Austin, Texas…  she stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at one hundred, sixty pounds…  she is the REVOLUTION CHAMPION!!  SINNOCENCE!!!

The crowd gives a nice reaction for Sinn, who stands in her corner, watching the ramp and ring entrance. 

Jeff Hansen:  I’m a little surprised that the champion here got introduced first. 

Other Guy:  I think there are two factors at work, as far as that’s concerned, I think.  First, this isn’t a championship match.  Second, this is Azraith’s first match since—

“"The Sundering" by The Sword plays, as the lights dim. Brief flashes of Az hitting high impact moves flashes across the main screen as the acoustic guitar plays, and right as the distortion hits the lights strobe bright, and Az steps out of the entranceway.  The reaction is LOUD for him, a solid mix of booing and cheering, but the LOUD cheering really starts to take over. 

As he walks down the ramp, he graciously slaps hands with a few of the obvious Azraith fans, sitting at ringside, but keeps his attention on the ring, and on Sinnocence.  He’s wearing loose black leather pants and boots, along with his trenchcoat. Black T-shirt with "WE ARE THE DEAD" scrawled across it in bright red.  When he climbs into the ring, he TURNS HIS BACK on Sinnocence, and removes the trenchcoat and the shirt.  He turns back around, with a smirk on his face, as Samantha Coil takes over.

Samantha Coil:  And now…  returning to the SHOOT Project…  he stands at six feet, five inches, and weighs in at two hundred, seventy pounds…  HE IS AZRAITH DEMITRIIIII!!!!

The crowd explodes at the announcement, as the two meet with Chris Jenkins, in the center of the ring.  Jenkins goes over some last minute information, as Samantha Coil exits, and the two are sent back to their corner. 

Eryk Masters:  WOW.  NICE reaction here for Azraith, and the fans are loving AND hating him.  The look that those two have on their face?   Shew, I’m glad I’m not a wrestler anymore. 

Jeff Hansen:  Not like you weren’t some cheap Azraith knockoff anyway.

The bell rings before Eryk can respond, as Sinn and Az rush each other.  Sinn fakes a right hand, and drops down to her knees, NAILING Azraith with a BRUTAL low blow!  Az is doubled over, as Sinn quickly gets back to her feet, and flips over with a swinging neckbreaker!  She straddles him and immediately begins dropping elbows into Az, who entertains this for a few moments, before using his extreme power advantage by shoving Sinn off!  The two get to their feet immediately, but Sinn is already charging at Az, and flies into him with an elbow smash!  Az is rocked, but not down, and she hits him AGAIN with an elbow smash.  And again!  AND AGAIN.  Az is backed into the corner, so she takes a few steps back, and runs at him again, nailing him with ANOTHER elbow smash!  The crowd is HOT at this!

Eryk Masters:  Sinnocence not giving Azraith a MOMENT to breathe here, truly trying to take her piece of him early. 

Jeff Hansen:  When Azraith powered out of that ground and pound, I thought FOR SURE that this was going to get ugly quick.

Other Guy:  Listen to you two agreeing!  How cute! 

Sinnocence has taken another few steps back to get a running start, but this time Az is waiting as she tries to hit a hurricanrana!  Az catches her, takes a couple of steps away from the turnbuckle, and DROPS here with a powerbomb!  He holds on, picks her up, and DROPS HER AGAIN.  He stays on her for a moment, causing Jenkins to drop for a count, but as soon as Jenkins drops, Azraith picks her up and slams her down ONE MORE TIME!  TRIPLE POWERBOMB!  Sinnocence is flattened!  Az covers! 




Eryk Masters:  HOLY HELL. 

Other Guy:  Yeah, you’re telling me, Eryk.  Az really dropped a payload on Sinnocence right there.

Jeff Hansen:  Nice attempt at wrestling commentary turned innuendo, OG.

Azraith has Sinnocence up, pulling her around the ring by her hair.  He pulls her up so she’s standing up straight, shouts LOUDLY at her, and DROPS her with a vicious short arm clothesline!  He grabs her again, yanks her up, and does it again!  He picks her up one more time, locks her in a front chancery, and nails a DDT!  Az covers! 




Other Guy:  IMPRESSIVE kickout.  VERY impressive. 

Jeff Hansen:  She’s not gonna fuck you, dude.  Just move on.

Az is a little surprised at the two count, and talks to Jenkins about it.  Sinnocence gets to a knee as Azraith finishes his business with Chris Jenkins.  He turns to Sinnocence, amused at her effort.  He allows her to get to her feet.  She’s a bit slumped over from the really quick damage.  Azraith runs at her and tries a clothesline, but she ducks him.  She pops back to her feet as Azraith rebounds, and hits him SQUARE IN THE JAW with an ELBOW SMASH.  Az is rocked back, rebounds off the ropes, and throws another clothesline, but Sinnocence catches his arm, and swings around, nailing HIM with a DDT now!  Sinnocence covers! 



Azraith practically throws her over the rope as Sinnocence only gets a one and a half count.  Both are to their feet, and Az is the aggressor now, as he applies a front facelock once more.  He torques the neck a bit, reminding Sinnocence where she is, with a smile on his face.  He torques on her neck one more time, and then swings around, hitting Sinnocence with a swinging neckbreaker of his own!  He stands up, and drops down, landing a legdrop, but the fun isn’t over, as he pulls her to her feet once more, and whips her HARD into the ropes.  She hits the turnbuckle hard, and cries out in pain before she topples to the ground.  Azraith walks over to her, pulls her into the center of the ring, and locks her in a recliner-like move, with extra emphasis on her neck!  Sinnocence is SCREAMING.

Eryk Masters:  That is positively blood curdling, guys.  Yeesh.

Other Guy:  This is what Az wanted, though.  He wanted this.  Fuck man, SHE wanted this.

Jeff Hansen:  They’re both pain freaks, man.  This isn’t all that surprising, to me.

Unsatisfied with her lack of effort in the escape department, Azraith simply let’s Sinnocence go.  He stands up, shoving her face into the center of the ring.  Then, he pulls her to her feet, and backhands her across the face.  This INCENSES Sinn, but Azraith does it again!  He goes to do it again, but Sinnocence blocks it, NAILS him with a right hand, and then KNEES him in the crotch!  Azraith’s had the wind knocked out of him, as Sinnocence springboards from the second rope, and NAILS him with a legdrop across the back, and drives his face into the mat!  She follows up, as he’s trying to get to his feet, by hitting him flush in the side of the head with a knee level dropkick!  Then, she goes to the top rope, poses for a second, and flies off with a sky high elbow drop!  Sinn covers!

Eryk Masters:  The SUICIDE LEAP!!

Other Guy:  Sinn’s trademark elbow drop did NOT miss the mark.



THR–  Az BARELY gets a shoulder up!  Sinnocence is not deterred, as she quickly scurries to her feet, ascends the top rope, and nails it AGAIN.  She covers! 




Jeff Hansen:  WOW. 

Az’s foot is on the rope, as Jenkins breaks the hold!

Eryk Masters:  Azraith will just NOT go down.  I LIKE IT.

Other Guy:  You WOULD say that. 

Sinnocence, up again, actually starts to pull Azraith to his feet.  When he REACHES his feet, however, she DRILLS him under the eye with yet ANOTHER elbow, and Az is busted open!  This sends Az into a rage, but Sinnocence sees this coming, drops down, and sweeps Azraith’s legs out from under him.  She springboards off the second rope, following that, and flips over, hitting a moonsault!  She doesn’t cover, instead intent on continuing the barrage, which has her mounted on Az again, punching him in the face, over and over again, COMPLETELY opening up the laceration under his eye!  Az has had enough, and he grabs Sinnocence around the neck, and works his way to his feet.  Sinn’s fighting, but essentially at Azraith’s mercy.  Az whips her into the ropes, and half blindedly throws a clothesline.  Sinnocence ducks and goes behind him, locking him in her modified Katahajime, the IRON MAIDEN! 

Eryk Masters:  OH WOW.  Sinnocence has it sort of locked in here.  It’s gotta be hard, though.  With Az having such a big size advantage, it’s going to be difficult to really cinch that in.

Other Guy:  I had so many dirty thoughts go through my mind just then.

Jeff Hansen:  Professional.

Sinn is trying mightily to lock the Iron Maiden in completely, but Az is just too big.  She gives it one last shot, but Azraith grabs behind her head, and SNAPS her over with a RIDICULOUS snapmare takeover.  He does NOT waste any time getting her to her feet.  He holds her behind the head now, pulls her down, and nails a NASTY DDT!  When she rolls over onto her back, her forehead is burning bright with a crimson trail!  Sinnocence is busted open! 

Eryk Masters:  This is just brutal.  Just brutal.  I can’t even begin to think what the rest of the show is going to be like, if this is how we’re kicking things off! 

Other Guy:  Gotta hand it to Azraith.  Took a TON of damage, got busted open, broke a submission, and now he’s firmly back in control.

Sinnocence and Az both are back to their feet, after a brief moment where they were both on the ground.  Sinn runs at Azraith, but Az catches her around the neck with his left hand!  He lifts her up and SLAMS her on his knee! 

Jeff Hansen:  The Presence!  This may be over soon! 

Other Guy:  GROSS.  You could HEAR the thud!

Following this, Azraith makes the motion, signaling for THE EXTINCTION, and the crowd goes BALLISTIC.  He picks Sinnocence up, doubles her over, and pulls her up, but she fights once she reaches Az’s shoulders!  She’s pounding him over and over again in that cut, but it doesn’t matter, as Azraith DeMitri SNAPS HER DOWN WITH THE EXTINCTION!  He hooks the leg as he covers! 




“The Sundering” hits, as the bloodied mess that is Azraith DeMitri, stands to have his hand raised as the victor in this contest.  Samantha Coil obliges, as she makes the announcement. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner, at a time of sixteen minutes and forty four seconds…  AZRAITH DEMITRI!! 

Sinnocence rolls out of the ring, as Az has his hand raised, the bloody mess that he is, as the fans begin a “WELCOME BACK” chant! 

Other Guy:  GREAT win here for Azraith, and I’d like to be the first to say, WELCOME BACK, man.

Eryk Masters:  Unfortunately for you, OG, the whole arena full of people beat you to it. 

Other Guy:  Well, whatever.  At least I’m not Jeff.

Jeff Hansen:  The fuck?  How does that even make sense? 

Eryk Masters:  I’m getting word that we’re going to a previously recorded video?!  Thank goodness, because this exchange was going to be really really dumb!

Previously recorded

We cut to a large room with a table at the head of the room.  There is one microphone set up, and a single chair sitting behind it.  Behind the table, there is a SHOOT Project banner hung on the wall.  There are no chairs in the room in front of the table.  After a few seconds, several reporters file into the room.  A little while after that Curtis Rose comes into the shot, and sits at the table.  He adjusts his elbows on the table, and makes sure the mic is at an appropriate height for him.  Clearing his throat, he looks at the reporters standing in front of him.

Style Warrior:  Thank you all for coming this evening.  As many of you know, this has been a very trying week for me.  Last week, My partner was attacked by SHOOT’s resident Mercenaries.  Now, I’m not exactly sure who would have ordered such an attack to be carried out, but as you would imagine, I am devastated.  Fear and Loathing had just made the first step in our journey towards becoming the SHOOT Project Tag team Champions.  As you may have seen by the recent release of bookings, we are out of the running to finish the tournament that Ed Raymond started months ago. 

Alexander asked me to address you all in regards to the injuries he sustained at the hands of Perdition last week.  After being attended to paramedics, he was rushed to the hospital, and it was determined that he suffered a tear in his A.C.L.  It is a common injury among athletes, but is a rare injury suffered from an attack.  It appears that the actual injury was suffered not by the attack, but from Alexander attempting to stand following the attack. 

Curtis adjusts himself in his chair, and grabs a bottle of water from under the table.  He coughs a little, and takes a drink of water.

Style Warrior: Apparently he has been having issues with his knee for months now, and it was only a matter of time until he put enough stress on those tree-trunk legs of his to snap something.  It appears that following the exertion of the match, he was attacked by perdition, then tweaked his knee attempting to get help from paramedics for his injuries.  As of right now, he has come out of surgery successfully.  The doctors say that he should be out of commission for at least two months.  Until then, I have another announcement to make.

With no tag team to speak of, I will be forced to begin singles action.  With that in mind, there is not doubt in my mind that I need to make a splash in this company and establish myself as a name in the singles arena.  Therefore, I will officially be tossing my name into the ring for the upcoming Redemption Rumble.  I have full confidence in my ability to make a good showing among the other very talented wrestlers in the federation.  Perhaps I will be coming here again and announcing my plans to take on the World Heavyweight Championship.  That is all for now, thank you for coming out.  I will not be taking questions at this time.  Thank you for your time.

The reporters begin clamoring loudly, and Style Warrior gets out of his chair and moves out of the shot.  The camera pans up to the SHOOT Project banner and we fade to black with the sounds of the reporters in the background. 

We cut backstage to the Willenium leaning against the wall in the hallway.  He leans, smoking his cigarette, with one foot up against the wall.  From the distance we can see a man coming towards Trey.  His eyes perk up, and he moves his head to see who is coming his way.  As the man approaches closer, he flicks his cigarette on the ground and pushes off from the wall.  After a few seconds, Cade Sydal comes into the Shot.  Cade, not noticing Trey, continues to walk past.  Seeing that Cade hasn’t noticed him, Trey moves to stand right in front of Sydal.  With a swift motion, he swats the water bottle Cade is Carrying right out of his hands!  The moment the water bottle hits the floor, Cade is livid.

Cade Sydal: What the fuck man?!

Cade turns to look at the man that hit the bottle and clenches his jaws.

Cade Sydal: You, you motherfucker! Tell me why In shouldn’t punch you in your fucking mouth right now?

Trey, smiling, looks down at the bottle on the floor.

Willenium: Well, for starters, because I just saved your ass.  Who’s to say that that bottle wasn’t another one of Kilgore’s "Special" tonics?

Cade smirks.

Cade Sydal: Because I open all my bottles, and I drink them…and if I leave it unattended, I get a new bottle. I learned my lesson from that little moment.

Trey stands back a little.

Willenium:  Indeed.  That would make sense.  Well, you shouldn’t punch me in the face because your fight isn’t with me.  Just like I have nothing to gain from hitting you right now.  Thus, the bottle got it.  I just have one little question for you.

Trey looks Cade up and down.  Offering Cade a cigarette, he leans up against the wall next to him.

Cade declines the cigarette, and Trey lights one of his own.  He looks back up at Cade, blowing smoke in the other direction.

Willenium:  You wouldn’t happen to know why that no-account friend of yours has been dodging me would you?

Cade narrows his eyes.

Cade Sydal: I disagree, actually. I have quite the fight with you, given that you admitted supplying the drugs for Kilgore to put in my water. But I’ll save it…I’ll save it until after I take care of him.

Cade releases a deep sigh and shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: As for Dan Stein, he’s not hard to find. Why don’t you ask him yourself?

Trey gives a small chuckle and loses his eye contact with Cade.  As if talking to someone else entirely, he looks away.

Willenium: I asked him to come out last week.  I asked him to come to me this week.  He has yet to make any announcement, and thus, figured you would know why he decided to grow himself a mangina. 

As far as you, go.  Assuming you do manage to not get killed by Kilgore, or arrested for parole violation, or any other number of likely situations, then by all means, attempt to take vengeance out on me.  But I assure you, I’m not as easy to deal with as that big Ukrainian dolt.

Cade rubs his left hand over his chin and pushes his tongue under his bottom lip, pushing it out, as he shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: I was handling you pretty well last time we squared off. I’m not bothered by dealing with you again. Look, if you want Dan’s answer, you’re gonna have to find him and talk to him yourself. Fact is, Trey…maybe he hasn’t answered you because you’re not worth his fucking time? Huh?

Trey pushes himself from the wall, and right into Cade’s face.  They are just about nose to nose, and Trey exhales a little smoke from his pursed lips.

Willenium: Dan has had it easy up till now.  I have only given him a small taste of what I’m capable of.  You should know that.  I could have ended your life in that match.  Not just your career.  Your life.  You both have something I want.  I want those belts.  I would have had yours had it not been for that whelp putting his nose in where it doesn’t belong.  As of now, I’m done with you.  I would suggest you watch the way you talk to me before I change my mind.

Cade cocks his head to the right, so much so that his eyes are almost completely perpendicular to the floor, slowly.

Cade Sydal: Are you forgetting you were eating canvas after a Nightcap off the top of the cage or…are you just that damn cocky?

Cade slowly turns his head upright again.

Cade Sydal: I mean, I you had plenty of chances to win…and his involvement almost did let you win. But let’s go ahead and call a spade a spade…you’re good. But you were hardly good enough, on that night, to take my title let alone end my career or my life, ya dig? Now, if you wanna get real serious, I suggest you watch how you talk to me before I change your mind for ya, m’kay?

Trey leans back up against the wall.  He exhales heavily, obviously not excited about what he’s about to say.

Willenium: You know what, fine.  I’ll keep looking for Dan, since he’s a little too scared to find me himself.  After that, I’m going to go to Jason Johnson’s office, and I’m going to ask a little favor.

Trey pushes the hair from his face and looks Cade straight in the eyes.

Willenium: If by some stretch of the imagination you manage to walk away from Redemption.  I want a shot at you.  I don’t want your damned title.  I don’t care if you lose it or retain it.  I just want to take another shot at doing what no one else seems capable of doing.  Shutting that mouth of yours.  I don’t really care when, but everyone can look forward to you and I hooking up…very, very soon.

Cade winks and rubs his fingers against his lip piercings.

Cade Sydal: You won’t be the only person to ever try that, and you won’t be the last, that’s for sure. I look forward to it, Willenium. I really, really do.

Trey drops his cigarette to the ground and snubs it out.  As he begins to walk away, he kicks the water bottle further down the hall with him.

Willenium: Oops…


Cutting backstage, we can see Osbourne Kilminster stalking his way along one of the Bradley Center corridors. He’s already wearing his loose-fitting urban-camouflage coloured MMA shorts, his black wrestling shoes and kneepads as he winds a roll of black athletic tape around his left hand, tearing it off with his teeth before going to work on his right hand.

Though his eyes are concealed by his blue-tinted sunglasses, he exudes calmness as not a line can be seen on his usually expressive browline.

He tears off the tape again and finishes winding the dangling piece between his fingers, around his knuckles and down to his wrists before throwing the unused reel down behind him, reaching into the back of his waistband, beneath the bottom of his infamous "Victory or Valhalla" T-shirt, to pull out his MMA gloves, pulling them on tight and securing the velcro wrist-straps as he continues his striding pace down the corridor.

Suddenly, he stops, and as the camera pans around, we can see that he’s stopped by a door marked as "TMB" by way of some Sharpie scribbled on a piece of paper Sellotaped to the door.

He hammers it twice with the side of his fist.

Osbourne Kilminster: Come on! It’s time to get this thing done!

A few moments later, the door opens and the hulking frame of THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK steps out into the corridor.

The two men stare into eachother’s eyes. TMB looks down at the shorter man with a raised eyebrow and Kilminster sneers, but that sneer quickly turns into a smirk as the two men bang their fists together and head off down the corridor, making their way to the ring for their match.



“Red Tape” by Agent Provocatuer hits the arena, and the crowd breaks into cheers as Liho Masahashi, better known as “Lockup”, makes his way down the ramp, giving a few folks high fives along the way.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following Tag Team contest is set for one fall…Introducing first, from Honolulu Hawaii…weighing in at two hundred and fourty pounds…LOCKUP!!

He rolls into the ring, discarding his white shirt and stretching his shoulder, getting ready.  A comical “record scratch” sound cuts his music off, only to be replaced by the dulcet tones of The Misfits.  As “Crimson Ghost” plays, Crimson Ghost appears, his blue outfit offset by white lightning designs, his bat wings flapping.

Samantha Coil: and Introducting his partner…hailing from Parts Unknown, weighing in at Two hundred and twenty four pounds…THE CRIMSON GHOST!!

Ghost himself makes the rounds, high fiving as many folks as possible before sliding into the ring, shaking Liho’s hand as soon as he gets up.  “Break Your Face” by Jack Nickelz cuts off Ghost’s music abruptly, and in a single spotlight appears Osbourne Kilminster, the sporadic camera flashes glinting off of his chainmail. 

Samantha Coil: And Introducing the challengers…first, hailing from Birkenhead, England…weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds…OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!!

Ozzy stops short of the ring and very casually steps to one side, pointing towards the entrance.  The beat for “Line ‘em Up” by freeway starts, and out walks TMB, grinning slightly and cockily strutting down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: And his partner, from Charlotte, North Carolina…Weighing in at two Hundred and sixty Five Pounds…THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!

Both TMB and Ozzy both shakes hands, then slide into the ring simultaneously, and Willie dean makes sure both teams make it to their corners without incident.  Once the bell has rang, both sides quickly pow-wow, the result of which is Lockup and TMB starting out.  Willie Dean backs away as both men start to circle each other, moving closer and closer.  Finally, as the anticipation of the crowd begins to amp up, they move into a collar and elbow tie up, both men trying to work into an advantage over each other.

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black came out on top the last time they met, let’s see if it’ll be any different now!

Black starts to use his weight advantage to push Lockup to the mat, but the former S.W.A.T. officer quickly slips out of the tie up and shoots for TMB’s knee, which the bigger opponent dodges.  Both men tie up once more, and this time Lockup goes on the offensive, getting a hold of Black’s arm and twisting him into a textbook hammerlock, causing Black to grab at his shoulder in pain.

Jeff Hansen: That move’s a little pedestrian if you ask me, but it cant be argued that it’s ineffective.

Other Guy: But more importantly, the delicious irony, man!

TMB, fast on his feet, spins his body to get his arm free, but Lockup anticipates it and folds Black’s hand downward, hooking him into a z-lock!  The crowd begins to cheer as Lockup raises his hands upward, tourquing TMB’s wrist and forcing the bigger man down to one knee, gritting his teeth in pain!

Eryk Masters: That police background paying off here, as Liho Masahashi is in complete control!

Liho lightens his hold, letting Thomas get to his feet again—and then swings into Black’s exposed side with a big thrusting knee strike!!  The crowd breaks into cheers as Lockup walks back to his corner and makes the tag!  The Crimson Ghost leaps over the ropes and sprints over to Thomas Manchester Black’s rising frame. 

Other Guy: Quick tags, keeping the man fresh, and big moves like that knee are what’s gonna win this for Lockup and m’boy, Crimson Ghost!

Jeff Hansen: For those of you wondering, OG will be hosting a seminar on objectivity in the world of broadcast media later this week…

Ghost runs to the ropes of the neutral corner, leaping and springing off of the middle—and nails Black right in the head with a flying front dropkick!!  The crowd is rocking now as Thomas hits the mat and Ghost leaps to the top turnbuckle.  He takes a moment to steady himself, the anticipation rising—He leaps off, executing a forward flip and causing his bat wings to flap—But TMB rolls out of the way as Ghost hits the mat with a senton bomb, landing in a crumpled heap!

Jeff Hansen: Ouch!  That’s why you cant get too cocky, and especially not this early on in a matchup!

Black doesn’t even capitalize on his fallen opponent as he stalks right over toward Lockup, who slips through the ropes to meet him, but Referee Dean interposes between the two, keeping the obvious from happening.

Eryk Masters: And Thomas Manchester Black is out for blood tonight, it seems!  Lockup is lucky that Referee dean is there to stop it!

Jeff Hansen: Black is also entirely unfocused, because Crimson Ghost still has some fight left in him, sad to say!

Ghost has gotten to his feet at this point, shaking his head and sneaking up towards Black, who is still arguing with Lockup.  Ghost sneaks up and is finally right behind TMB, the crowd screaming in anticipation.  Crimson Ghost finally grabs the back of Black’s tights and hoists upwards, trying to give the much larger opponent a wedgie!

Jeff Hansen: Oh come on!!

Eryk Masters: The Ghost resorting to some schoolyard tactics, but I don’t know how effective this is supposed to be!

Other Guy: Effective nothing, it’s just hilarious!

Ghost appears to be cockling as Black tries to grab him, but his smaller opponent is maneuvering out of the way of Thomas’ arms.  Finally, TMB simply swings his foot backwards—catching Crimson Ghost right in the crotch and lifting him off of the ground!

Jeff Hansen: Aaaand that’s why we don’t see the “wedgie” that often in this sport!

Thomas angrily adjusts himself and storms over to his corner, tagging in his partner, Osbourne Kilminster!  Kilminster wastes no time, diving on top of the still-reeling Ghost and driving two punches into his skull!  Ghost gets into a block, but leaves his midsection open, which Ozzie’s elbows capitalize upon!!  Finally, after a series to Crimson Ghost’s ribs, Ozzie stands up, raising his arms over his fallen opponent!

Eryk Masters: Kilminster unloading a series to the midsection of the Crimson Ghost, and he might be in trouble here!

Other Guy: Not really, Masterlock!  Ozzy barely even seems to notice that he has an opponent!

Kilminster gives ghost a derisive kick, then calmly struts over towards Lockup, yelling at him.  Liho’s jaw sets, but he doesn’t make a move.  Ozzy begins to make a few rude gestures, but his act is cut short by the cheers of the crowd, which ratchets up as Ghost slowly gets to his feet!!

Jeff Hansen: You know, it’s gallivanting like that that could seriously open up the possibility of Ozzy and Thomas losing!

Kilmister Rushes Ghost, looking for a lariat, but the smaller opponent ducks to dodge, then cocks his arm back and lets loose with a big knife edged chop!!  Ozzy reels for a moment, giving Crimson Ghost enough time to twist his body—and take Kilminster to the mat with a swift wheel kick!!  The crowd breaks into cheers as Ghost grabs Ozzie’s arm and rotates, pulling him into a La Majistral Cradle pin!!  Willie Dean hits the mat…




Other Guy: So close!  But Mah Boy Ghost’ll show ‘em!

Eryk Masters: He’s tagging in Lockup, OG.

Ghost tags Lockup in to the cheers of the crowd!  Kilminster gets to his feet and stands for a moment, looking at the Hawaiian and rubbing his sore jaw—before booking it back to his corner and tagging in TMB!!  The crowd boos as Black gets into the ring, a smirk playing on his face!

Eryk Masters: Osbourne Kilminster’s entire purpose so far has been making sure that TMB is facing Lockup!

Lockup is first to act, rushing Thomas with a series strikes, all of which Black parry!  TMB responds by knocking Liho to his knees with a headbutt!!  Lockup holds his nose, as Thomas hauls him to his feet, then whips him right into a neutral corner!!  The crowd has started to boo as Black grabs Liho by his injured arm and whips him as hard as possible into the opposite corner!!  Lockup’s back slams against the turnbuckles and he falls to the mat, screaming and holding his shoulder in pain!!

Jeff Hansen: And Black shows us why he’s such a dominant force, re-aggrivating the injured shoulder of Lockup!!

Black calmly walks over to Lockup’s fallen body stomping him on the shoulder for good measure.  He simply hauls Liho to his feet, holding him at bay with a simple armbar, using his hand to make the shoulder the fulcrum point.  Thomas transitions this to a hammerlock, even if Lockup is trying his damndest to get out of the hold!  Finally, TMB combines the hammerlock with a front headlock, and whips Lockup to the mat with a hammerlock DDT!!  Liho tries to put some distance between himself and Black, but he gets covered…




Thomas stands up and glares at Willie Dean, who holds up two fingers.  In the meantime, Lockup has gotten his senses enough to realize that Black’s back is turned to him, and swiftly kicks low and backwards, Sweeping TMB to the mat!!  The crowd erupts as the Hawaiian swings back and nails TMB right in the side of the head with a soccer-styled kick!  Black rolls on the mat, trying to get his bearings back as Liho runs to his corner, and makes a tag to Ghost!  The crowd pops as Ghost gets on the top rope, and Lockup crouches down into a rush position…The anticipation in the crowd rises as Black slowly gets to his feet…he turns to Lockup’s corner, and as he does, Liho runs forward and dives into Thomas’ midsection, driving his good shoulder into TMB’s solar plexus and taking him to the mat!!  As soon as he hits, Ghost leaps off of the top and lands a somersault leg drop!!  The crowd goes wild as Crimson Ghost hooks the leg…



Th—Osbourne Kilmister rushes in and shoves ghost off of his partner!!

Other Guy: If it weren’t for that dummy Kilminster, Lockup and Ghost woulda had this one in the bag!!

Eryk Masters: An amazing comeback to be sure, but the aforementioned “dummy” is still in the ring, and he doesn’t look pleased!!

Despite Willie Dean’s warnings, Ozzy raises his leg up and simply Stomps the daylights out of Crimson Ghost, Wanderlei Silva style!!  The crowd screams in anger as Ozzy gets another stomp off—But he’s shoved back by Lockup, and a fracas ensues, resulting in Willie Dean forcing both men back to their corners, as neither is the legal man. 

Jeff Hansen: Kilmister simply brutalizing Ghost with those heel stomps, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is it for the masked competitor!!

Both Black and Ghost are having trouble getting their bearings, but it’s still Thomas who gets to his hands and knees first, shaking his head and trying to regain his bearings.  Ghost, on the other hand, looks like he might be legitimately hurt, and Willie Dean kneels down to check on him.  After a moment’s worth of conversation, Crimson Ghost shakes his head in a “no” motion, causing the crowd to break into cheers!

Other Guy: He aint finished yet, Jeffies!

Black hastily makes his retreat, tagging Ozzy in.  Kilmister, despite walking through all the boos the crowd can muster, mounts Ghost and cocks his arm back, ready to unleash a sickening ground and pound assault—But Ghost thumbs him right in the eye!!  Ozzy rolls off of him and screams, ready to attack again…but the opening is all Ghost needs and he dives to make the tag to Lockup!!  Liho rolls in the ring and lets Kilminster get to his feet.   Both men tentatively approach one another—But Osbourne books it, trying to tag Black—but his legs get taken out from under him by Liho, who executes a picture perfect knee clip!!

Eryk Masters: Liho making sure that Osbourne stays in and pays for what he’s done!!

Both men get to their feet fast, and Kilminster telegraph’s a low left hook, which Lockup intercepts—but the Hawaiian falls for the trick, as he’s nailed RIGHT in the FACE with a HUGE Right Handed Punch!!  The crowd’s anger can hardly be contained as Liho hits the mat, blood pouring from his nose!!

Jeff Hansen: That was simply Brutal!!  Osbourne with one of the cleanest shots I’ve ever seen to a man’s head!!

Ozzy looks down at Liho with rage in his eyes, apparently intent on crippling him—but he stops himself and looks over to his corner, where Thomas Manchester Black is nodding and grinning.  Kilminster turns to walk that way, the boos almost deafening—But Lockup grabs hold of his leg!!

Eryk Masters: His nose is surely broken, he’s been walloped on and hurt once more…but he wont stop!!

Jeff Hansen: There’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity, Eryk!!

The crowd’s cheers are rocking the Bradley Center as Ozzy turns to face Lockup.  He goes to get to a mounted position once more, but Liho rolls out of the way and to his feet in one fluid motion, much to the delight of the crowd!!  Lockup runs at top speed and lifts his leg high, Going for the Yakuza Kick—Kilminster Ducks!!  Ozzy tries to lock in a rear naked choke, but Lockup counters by grabbing Ozzie’s arm and pulling it through his leg, hauling him back with a snapping pumphandle suplex!! 

Other Guy: He still has some fight left in him, boys!!

The crowd has been whipped into a frenzy as Liho plays up to them, raising his arms and getting into more and more of a locked and ready stance, waiting for Kilminster to stand up.  Ozzy finally does, and as soon as he sees Liho, swings with a perfect front punch—But Lockup blocks it and gets him into position for a STO, looking for the Prosecution Op—But Kilmister counters by brutally bringing his elbow RIGHT into Liho’s cheek!!  He reels backwards, screaming, long enough for Ozzy to tag in Black!!

Jeff Hansen: Lockup’s gonna be lucky if that didn’t crack his orbital bone!!

Other Guy: TMB’s back in!!  Focus, man!!

Thomas grabs Lockup by the hair and hauls him to his feet, quickly locking Liho into a Dragon Sleeper!!  The crowd starts to boo as Lockup struggles against the hold, trying to get free…Ghost starts flapping his bat wings as he slowly climbs the turnbuckles, looking to take Black down!  Ozzy runs through the ring and dives at the tope rope, crotching the Crimson Ghost!!  Lockup nearly gets out of the dragon sleeper, but Black hoists him into the air…and down!!  CAROLINA CRUSH~!!  TMB makes the cover, as Willie Dean slides down to make the count…




The bell rings and boos begin to fill the arena as Samantha Coil grabs a microphone…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your winners, by pinfall…at a time of seventeen minutes and twenty six seconds…THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK, AND OSBOURNE KILMINSTER~!!

Eryk Masters: A valiant effort on everyone’s parts, but in the end, Black and Kilminster take it!!

Other Guy: With cheating and disregarding the referee!!  I don’t think anyone should even count this!  It should be stricken from the records!!

Willie Dean attempts to raise both men’s arms, but neither of them are having any of it, and they raise each other’s arms instead.  Ozzy begins to point towards TMB, who is nodding with smug assuredness as Ghost tends to Lockup.  We cut away…

The camera opens up to see Donovan King standing side by side with Abigail Chase, with the ever-present SHOOT Project backdrop behind them.  The fans give a mixed, albeit more towards the friendly, reaction as they see King.

Abigail Chase:  Joining me backstage tonight is a man who is going on to face one of his idols in professional wrestling.  Ladies and gentlemen, Donovan King.

The fans pop again as King nods.

Abigail Chase:  Now, King, a lot of people have criticized you of late.  Your role on the show has somewhat diminished, despite your claim that you were targeting everyone in the SHOOT Project leading up to Redemption.  With the Rumble only a couple short weeks away, what sort of impact do you plan on having now?

King laughs an uneasy and nervous laugh as he speaks.

Donovan King  Look, Abigail.  Half SHOOT Project’s been put on notice when I made the decision to leave the Sons of Liberty.  Take a look at what that move did, girl.  The Sons broke down.  They called it a night once I did dat.  Ainsley Lake, Danny Evers, Nightmare, where they at?  Even the rest of ‘em, Corazon an’ Jester, they shut out dat part of their careers just like I did.  I was just the only one with the balls to say it in public.  I tell the SHOOT Project I’m comin’ to get mine an’ what happens?  The hall ways go bare.  People don’t leave locker rooms, pissin’ in bottles rather than steppin’ out to the restrooms.

King laughs.

Donovan King  I ain’t sayin’ it has shit to do wit’ shit, but I tell you dis.  SHOOT’s taken a little vacation, but with Redemption comin’, with the Road to Reckoning Day underway after dat, what else am I to do but get myself ready for the new war?  I changed the face of this company, Abby, can’t say anybody else but dat no show Jonny Johnson can make dat claim.  Everybody SHOOT’s put love behind, nada.  It’s time SHOOT Project realized I ain’t goin’ away.  It’s my time.  My time.

Abigail Chase:  And what about Pestalance tonight?  People say you were too lenient on him with the blatant disrespect he showed you—

Donovan King  Listen, I grew up on Pestalance in dis game, feel me?  I looked up to the guy.  Fuck, all I wanted to do was show him a guy like me, who’s earned everything he’s gotten, learned by watchin’ him.  What he showed me was disrespect, but I ain’t gonna attack the guy like everybody else.  His career?  He earned dat caution from me.

Abigail Chase:  But, King, Pestalance still doesn’t seem to really care about your respect—

King rips the microphone from her hand.

Donovan King  Look, bitch, maybe you ain’t heard me.  I’mma make it clear to yo’ ass, to his ass, an’ to everybody else who doubts.  I’m the LAST mother fucker on dis roster you need to doubt.  I NEVER gave nobody watchin’ me a reason to doubt me.  You doubt me, Abigail?  Do you?!

She shakes her head no.

Donovan King  Go ask yo’ dickless boyfriend what kinda man it takes to get where I am in dis company, ask him if he even remembers what it feels like to be where I am, feel me?  Pestalance, he getting’ ready for his return to the ring but when he gets in dat ring, he’s gonna be face to face with the man who earned what he got.  He’s up against a man who ain’t ridin’ off his past from other company.  He’s up against a man who has one title reign to his credit, an’ even if it was years ago now, it was a belt I fucking EARNED.  Don’t EVER question Donovan King, girl, because when you start to doubt me you’ll find yourself learning a very, very, unpleasant surprise.

He throws her microphone at her.

Donovan King  Now get the fuck out my face, I got a match to get ready for.

He storms past her, shoving her out of the way.  She looks positively shaken as the fans are quiet at how angry King had become.  She takes a deep breath, watching him as he leaves.

Style Warrior: I was hoping I would run into you here, Mr. Corazon.

We open the scene to Corazon standing in the doorway of his lockerroom.  In the middle of the room, Curtis Rose is sitting on the bench in front of the lockers.  Rose looks up at Corazon and motions Corazon to come closer towards him.  Corazon, a bit taken aback at the intrusion, sighs. 

Corazon:The Flying Avengers last week…  you this week…  I really hope that this isn’t going to become a commonality, around here.

Nevertheless, he relents a bit.

Corazon:  How can I help you, Rose?

Rose stands from the bench in the room and points a finger in the direction of Corazon.

Style Warrior: First and foremost, you may call me Style Warrior.  Secondly, I have heard many things about your past.  Many…Dirty things.  I have reason to believe that you may have been the man that put the hit out on my good buddy, Axe.

Corazon scrunches his face, confused, at the remark. 

Corazon:  Honestly…  I’ll call you whatever I want to call you.  You’re in my lockerroom, and…  really?  The insinuation that I’d put a hit out on your ‘good buddy Axe’ is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.  Think about it… 

Corazon cocks his head to the side. 

Corazon:  I have absolutely nothing to gain from that.

Rose, backing away a little, obviously intimidated, shakes his finger around a little bit.

Style Warrior:  Does everything have to be about gain?  Isn’t it enough that you are a little bit of a renegade?  A bit of a "Bad apple?"  Perhaps you didn’t do it, but I bet you know who may have. 

Corazon waves a hand. 

Corazon:  Curtis?  I know this is going to sound really harsh, and I apologize in advance…  but I don’t care.

Rose, pounding one foot on the ground, balls his fists up and shakes them at his side.  Obviously throwing a tantrum of sorts, he begins to whine incoherently. 

Style Warrior:  But you have to know something.  I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt my little buddy.  We’re fun guys.  I mean, if you didn’t do it, and you don’t know who did it…I need clues!  How can you sit here and say you don’t care, when my buddy could be dying of a broken pride!?

Corazon sits down, across from Curtis Rose.

Corazon:  …because I DON’T care, Curtis.  If you want to find out who took your hit out, my suggestion is to go ask Perdition, and if they won’t give you that info?  Start investigating. 

Style Warrior: Are you crazy!?  I go ask perdition, they answer me with a crowbar.  I love Axe like a brother and all, but I like having a career too.  You really are as crazy as they say man.  I’m just gonna keep taking shots in the dark until someone cops to it.

Rose makes his way past Corazon and opens the door to the room.  Right before he leaves, he tosses a wallet at Corazon.

Style Warrior:  Oh, here.  I was looking through this for clues.  You can have it back now, though.

Corazon checks his back pocket, and pulls out a wallet of his own. 

Corazon:  I’d recommend giving that back to whoever you lifted it from, because mine’s right here.  Good luck in your search.

Rose, pats his own back pocket and realizes that it is missing.  He slides the wallet back into his pocket in disbelief and leaves the room.


Eryk Masters: Apparently, we’re getting word that something is going on in the back with Sammy Rochester.

Other Guy:That doesn’t sound too good.

Jeff Hansen: I’m moderately nervous.

The scene fades into the back. Sure enough, you see multiple SHOOT Project security attempting to hold down the monster child that is Sammy Rochester. Attempting is the operative word here, as he seems to be tossing them around like rag dolls, really only able to succeed at diverting Sammy’s attention away from the stage crew and keeping it on them.


One security guard manages to trip Sammy, knocking him to the ground. From there, they all pounce, doing all they can to hold down the seven foot plus, four hundred plus pound monster child. The camera closes in on Sammy’s, who’s words have become jumbled and not understandable. Tears stream down his face as he tries to fight through the security, screaming sounds more than words, the occasional curse word being picked up. Once it seems like the scene is basically under control, the camera fades out.

Jeff Hansen: That was….

Other Guy: It…ummm…

Eryk Masters: Yeah.


The shot backstage opens up with Dan Stein leaning against a wall, thin black wires running to each of his ears, his head bobs to whatever music his mp3 player is pumping into his ears, as the fans pop at the sight of the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion! The fans suddenly begin to boo a little as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning walk up to the right of Dan Stein, smirking.

Kid Lightning: Ya know something, Dan Stein? Tonight, when we win our match, we’ll be closer to holding tag team championship gold than your failed team of Technical Ecstacy ever got, huh?

Dan Stein’s head continues to bob as he listens to music, he’s staring straight ahead, and his bobbing is mistaken for nodding, and the Flying Avengers grin widely.

FLASH Dynamite: Now don’t get us wrong, Danny boy. It’s nothing personal. We like our teacher well enough. And we sorta used to think you were cool. But you’re a challenge ducker now, and we don’t like challenge duckers very much.

Kid Lightning: That’s not exactly showing a lot of amazingocity, after all.

The two slap hands up high, as Dan Stein continues to bob his head to the music playing into his ears.

FLASH Dynamite: What we’re trying to say, basically, is…the Flying Avengers are miles ahead of Technical Ecstacy ever was…or ever will have been if Cade hadn’t ditched you in OPW to come to SHOOT way back when.

Kid Lightning: And maybe he wouldn’t have ditched you if he didn’t know, deep down, that you’d be ducking people’s challen–

Kid Lightning is cut off as Cade Sydal slowly walks up to Dan Stein’s left and looks at them.

Cade Sydal: Hey, is there a problem here guys?

The Flying Avengers look into the eyes of their oft-angry mentor and slowly shake their head from side-to-side.

FLASH Dynamite: Absolutely not.

Kid Lightning: In fact, Dan here has agreed with every word we’ve said…so, no problem at all. We’ll just be going now.

The Flying Avengers slowly back up, as Dan Stein continues to bob his head. Cade Sydal looks at him and sighs befor putting his hand on Stein’s shoulder and shaking a little. Steinjumps, startled a little, and slowly pulls the earphones from his ears.

Dan Stein: You shouldn’t sneak up on me like that, bro. I was zoned out.

Cade Sydal: Yeah, I can see that. C’mon, we gotta talk about some shit.



Samantha Coil: The following triple threat tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit, and is for the right to face Perdition at Redemption for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship!

The fans begin to cheer, the anticipation for the match being incredibly high! “Defy You” by Offpsring hits, and the fans turn toward the entrance way as Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite step out from the back. The fans begin to boo the two obnoxious masked men!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Metropollis, Illinois! Wieghing in together at 415 pounds! They are the team of Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite! The FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!

The two start to make their way down the ramp, FLASH rolling his shoulders and wringing his hands together, as Kid Lightning generally smirks at the fans in attendance.

Eryk Masters: If you had told me, a year ago, that these two would be anything but loveable fan favorites I would have probably slapped you. But these two have taken a complete 180 with their attitudes, as they’ve gone out of their way to annoy several people on the roster in the past few weeks!

FLASH Dynamite hops onto the ring apron as Kid Lightning slides in under the bottom rope. FLASH steps through the ropes as Kid Lightning gets to his feet and spreads his arms wide, FLASH moves behind him and crosses his arms over his chest as they stare at the hard-camera. Their music slowly dies down, and is replaced by “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies! The fans begin to cheer, with a smattering of boos thrown in.

Samantha Coil: And their first opponents, from Chicago, Illinois!

“Super Fan” Tim Calahan is the first to emerge, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a faded yellow shirt, reading “RnRnSF > Puppies” in italic black lettering on it. On his right hand, a giant blue foam finger, with “RnRnSF” in the center of it, and in his left hand is a simple white sign with black-Sharpie writing on it as he holds it up, it reads “WILL NOT JOB FOR FOOD!” Right behind him steps Tom quinn and Jason Riley, both dressed in blue trunks and boots with black wingtips, Jason Riley has his fists wrapped much like his older cousin, Jonny Johnson would, and a hemp necklace on, while Tom Quinn proudly sports black knee pads and elbow pads, and a white bandana around his head that reads “Est. 2002.”

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at a combined weight of 359 pounds! Being accompanied by the third member of their group, “Super Fan” Tim Calahan! They are Rogue and Jason Riley! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR n RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR n SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

They continue to make their way down the ramp, with Tim Calahan shouting out encouraging words to his friends, as Jason Riley waves his hands at the fans cheering for them, hamming it up big time! Tom Quinn, for his part, stares straight ahead as he looks to be determined. Together they slide under the bottom ropes, and they show no fear as they get in the faces of FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning!

Jeff Hansen: Rogue and Riley could be looking to get this under way before Made For TV even gets out here, guys!

Austin Linam quickly moves between both teams as the music fades out. “Ready to Brawl” by 3seven7 hits, and the fans turn to the ramp once more as Alex Brooks and Jerry Eisenhower emerge from the back!

Samantha Coil: And their final opponents! Weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 395 pounds! They are Jerry Eisenhower and Alex Brooks! MAAAAAAAAAAADE FOOOOOOOOOOOOR TTTTTTTTTTTTTTVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!

The fans cheers are a little louder at the mention of Alex Brooks’ name, which elicits a smile from the youngster, before the two start down the ramp. Jerry Eisenhower looks to be giving Alex Brooks last minute instructions, as the two start for the ring. Alex slides under the ropes like he saw RnR and Kid Lightning do, while Jerry walks up the steps and wipes his feet on the canvas. The music slowly fades out as Eisenhower steps through the ropes.

Eryk Masters: A very old school guy, that Jerry Eisenhower is. He’s wiping off the bottom of his boots to show respect to the ring, something none of the other guys did, I should point out.

The bell sounds, but none of the six exit the ring right away, leaving Austin Linam slightly confused until Jerry Eisnehower suddenly lunges at FLASH Dynamite with a punch! Jason Riley quickly rushes Alex Brooks and forearms him! Tom Quinn kicks Kid Lightning in the gut!

Eryk Masters: Whoa! These guys aren’t waiting to sort out legal men at all!

FLASH turns the punches around on Eisenhower and backs him into a corner, while Riley continues to forearm Brooks into a corner as well! Quinn forearms Kid Lightning back to the ropes and whips Kid Lightning off the ropes! Quinn swings a clothesline and Kid Lightning ducks! Kid Lightning rebounds back with flying head scissors, twisting around and sends Tom Quinn through the ropes with an arm drag out of the head scissors!

Jeff Hansen: Crazy quickness from Kid Lightning there!

Alex Brooks, at some point during that quick series, turned it around on Jason Riley and breaks free! Kid Lightning pops to his feet and Alex Brooks runs straight at him and takes him down with a cross body block! Brooks pops off of Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning rolls out of the ring as FLASH Dynamite turns around and rushes Brooks, driving him down with a brutal clothesline that turns Alex Brooks upside down!

Other Guy: Holy shit! FLASH Dynamite just killed young Alex Brooks!

Jason Riley springs to the top turnbuckle and flies off, driving both feet into FLASH’s face with a missile dropkick! FLASH hits the canvas and rolls out of the ring! Riley turns around and gets caught with a kick to the stomach from Jerry Eisenhower! Eisenhower backs Riley to the ropes and whips him off just as Quinn slides back into the ring! Riley rebounds and Eisenhower launches Riley into the air with a high back body drop! Riley crashes to the canvas as Quinn rushes Eisenhower with a jumping calf kick, Dean Malenko style!

Eryk Masters: With everyone else out of the ring, it looks like its officially Tom Quinn and Jerry Eisenhower in the ring as legal men!

Other Guy: That was as wild a start to a match as we’ve seen in a long time!

Quinn pulls Eisenhower off the canvas and sends him off the ropes, and catches him with a drop toehold on the rebound! Quinn pushes up and hits the ropes as Eisenhower tries to push to his feet, Quinn comes off the ropes quickly with a dropkick to the side of the head, and Eisenhower snaps around onto his back! Quinn quickly goes for the cover!



Eisenhower kicks out!

Other Guy: Tom Quinn went for the quick win, but Eisenhower kicked out relatively quick considering no one ran in to break things up!

Quinn pulls Jerry to his feet and tags in Riley quickly before hooking under Jerry’s arm and lifting him up for a back suplex! Riley springboards off the top rope and catches Jerry on his way down with a sort of reverse bulldog and stays on top for the cover!



Kid Lightning sprints into the ring and kicks Riley in the chest before leaving quickly!

Jeff Hansen: Kid Lightning was not taking chances with that pin attempt, which speaks volumes of RnR’s tandem offense!

Riley pulls Jerry to his feet, but Jerry punches Riley in the gut! Jerry straightens up and snaps into Riley with a big elbow, and Riley goes down! Jerry quickly tags in Brooks, and then they both pulls Riley to his feet and send him off the ropes! They catch Riley on the rebound with a double hip toss before Jerry exits the ring! Brooks goes for the cover!



Kid Lightning starts in, and Riley kicks out anyway! Kid Lightning continues his sprint undeterred and dropkicks Brooks on top of the head anyway!

Eryk Masters: Even though Jason Riley kicked out, Kid Lightning still got a shot in on Brooks!

Riley and Brooks start to get to their feet, and Jason catches Brooks with a forearm! Riley sends Brooks off the ropes, and Kid Lightning slaps Brooks’ back, tagging himself in! Riley swings a clothesline, and Brooks ducks as Kid Lightning springboards to the top rope! Kid Lightning springs off and starts flipping! Riley ducks under Kid Lightning as Brooks continues to run, and Kid Lightning catches him instead with a flipping neckbreaker!

Other Guy: Huge move from Kid Lightning, but something tells me that’s not who he expected to hit with it!

Kid Lightning gets to his feet and grabs Brooks, sending him out of the ring quickly, he turns right into a perfect dropsault from Riley! Riley pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and tags in Quinn. Together they send Kid Lightning off the ropes and Riley catches Kid Lightning on the rebound with a back body drop right into Tom Quinn’s waiting arms and Quinn sits out with a powerbomb!

Eryk Masters: Wow! Great tandem maneuver from Rogue and Riley!

FLASH Dynamite quickly steps through the ropes and kicks Quinn in the back before Austin Linam can slide into position for the count, and FLASH quickly makes his way bakc out of the ring!

Jeff Hansen: It was so good, FLASH didn’t even want to chance letting a count be made at all!

Quinn holds his lower back but still pulls Kid Lightning to his feet before driving a hard forearm into his head! Quinn sends Kid Lightning into the only neutral corner of the ring before running at him and hitting a running dropkick in the corner! Quinn pops to his feet and snapmares Kid Lightning out of the corner before hopping onto the second turnbuckle and jumping right off with a leg drop!

Other Guy: Quick, effective offense from the very focused Tom Quinn!



Kid Lightning quickly kicks out before FLASH can start through the ropes. Quinn glares at FLASh and pulls Kid Lightning to his feet, before Kid Lightning quickly throws Quinn’s arms out wide before snapping into him with a European Uppercut! Kid Lightning sends Quinn to the opposite corner, which happens to be the Avengers’ corner, and runs in at Quinn. Kid Lightning runs up Quinn with a moonsault-type kick under the chin, before tagging in FLASH as Quinn stumbles out of the ring! Kid Lightning jumps onto Quinn’s shoulders and rolls back with a hurricanrana and continues rolling backward as FLASH drops a big elbow!

Eryk Masters: Speaking of effective double teaming, that was unique from the very odd and bitter Flying Avengers!



Jason Riley sprints into the ring and lunges at FLASH, clubbing him with both arms in the process. As Riley is escorted out of the ring, FLASH grabs Quinn by either side of his head and pulls him off the canvas, tosses him into the air, catches him and spins with a big spinebuster in the center of the ring! FLASH pops back to his feet and flexes his arms, as the fans boo loudly at the arrogant display of self-confidence and strength!

Other Guy: As impressive as that was, gloating about it is not getting FLASH any closer to victory tonight!

FLASH reaches down and pulls Quinn to his feet into an armbar. He drags Quinn toward the Made for TV corner and waves Quinn’s hand at them, taunting them as they reach to tag and get in the match!

Jeff Hansen: Brooks and Eisenhower are smart to try and tag. Not to save Rogue, but because they can’t win if they’re not in the ring.

FLASH quickly pulls Quinn out of their reach though and drags him over toward Riley and swings the hand at Riley, who jumps into the ring angrily! Austin Linam quickly moves to detain him, and FLASH quickly turns and forearms Quinn in the back! FLASH sends Quinn off the ropes and clasps both hands together, and swings with a Polish Hammer!

Other Guy: Hammer of Justice!

Quinn ducks it!

Eryk Masters: MISSES!

Quinn stops his momentum and catches FLASH as he turns with a HARD kick to the chest! Quinn turns and starts for the Made for TV corner because its closest, but FLASH grabs him in a waistlock from behind! FLASH snaps back with a release German Suplex! Tom Quinn backflips through a little sloppily and lands on a knee!

Jeff Hansen: Rogue showing us some agility!

Quinn turns around and lunges to tag in his partner, Jason Riley springboards off the top rope and catches FLASH as he pushes to his feet with a bulldog, riding FLASH down to the canvas face first! Riley hits the ropes, and Jerry Eisenhower quickly slaps HIS back, tagging himself in! Riley continues running and hits the ropes, leaps to the second rope and springboards back with a moonsualt onto FLASH’s chest! Riley pops up and turns around right into a Jerry Eisenhower inverted atomic drop before Jerry dumps Riley through the ropes!

Other Guy: Made for TV has sat on the sidelines long enough, I guess!

Jerry turns and covers FLASH!



FLASH shoves Jerry by his chest and thighs, launching him into the air to kick out!

Jeff Hansen: Eisenhower tried to steal credit for Riley’s hard work!

FLASH starts working his way to his feet and Jerry balls his fists, ready for him, as the fans start to cheer for the crazy old man. FLASH turns into Jerry, who drives a punch into his face! FLASH’s head lurches back, and he responds with a jab of his own! Jerry swings again, and FLASH pulls his head back to avoid contact before coming in quickly with a left jab, followed up by a right hook! A left cross follows, and then an uppercut from the right catches Jerry in the chin, and Jerry snaps down to the canvas! FLASh throws punches at the air, shuffling his feet and bobbing his head, as the fans boo the arrogant display some more.

Eryk masters: His arrogance is not only not winning him the match, it’s also not winning him any fans!

Other Guy: Something tells me he doesn’t care if he’s got any fans any more, Eryk.

FLASH pulls Jerry to his feet, tucks his shoulder into Jerry’s gut, and rushes toward the Flying Avengers corner! KL tags in, before FLASH whips Jerry to the opposite, neutral, corner! FLASH runs in at Jerry and drives a clothesline into his chest! FLASH grabs Jerry by the head and shoves him out toward Kid Lightning who runs at him and jumps, riding him down to the canvas with a leg lariat! Kid Lightning hooks the leg!



Quinn comes into the ring and kicks Kid Lightning hard in the head!

Jeff Hansen: That’s one way to break up the count!

Quinn pulls Kid Lightning to his feet the rest of the way, by the tassles on his mask, and starts driving kicks into Kid Lightning’s face as he backs into his own corner! Austin Linam yells at Quinn, ordering him out, and Quinn finally steps through the ropes and then slaps Kid Lightning on the back and sends him out of the ring!

Other Guy: And Quinn is back in now!

Jerry Eisenhower starts toward his corner and Quinn quickly runs to catch his leg! Jerry turns over and shoves his foot up into Quinn’s chest, and Quinn flies back to the canvas! Jerry turns over and tags in Brooks! Brooks hops into the ring as Quinn runs back, and Brooks hits him with a running forearm! Brooks pulls Quinn to his feet and sends him off the ropes! Brooks swings a clothesline, and Quinn ducks it! Quinn rebounds as Brooks turns around, and drives a Yakuza kick into the face of Alex Brooks!

Eryk Masters: Whoa! Rogue with a wild kick to Alex Brooks’ face, and we saw it last week as it set up for Jason Riley to his the Riley Movement!

Quinn runs and tags in Jason Riley before running across the ring and foreamrs Jerry Eisenhower off of the apron! Quinn then turns and runs straight at FLASH Dynamite as he starts through the ropes, tackling him with all his weight to spill them through the ropes to the floor as Jason Riley leaps off the top rope with a Shooting Star…LEG DROP!


Kid Lightning slings into the ring and turns, springs off the second rope as Riley turns toward him! Kid Lightning backflips and catches Riley with an inverted facelock and drops back with a reverse DDT!

Other Guy: Sonic Boom!

Kid Lightning throws Jason Riley out of the ring and turns quickly to cover Alex Brooks!




The fans boo loudly as the bell sounds! Offspring’s “Defy You” hits, and Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips as the fans continue to boo!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 29 minutes and 10 seconds, and advancing to the match at Redemption for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship! The FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!

The fans continue to boo, as Kid Lightning raises his arms in the air, grinning.

Jeff Hansen: They stole the match from RnRnSF!

Other Guy: You’re right, Kid Lightning wasn’t even the legal man!

Scene fades into the back. Jester Smiles walks around back, a very slight limp. He’s wearing jeans and SHOOT Project t-shirt with black and white wrestling sneakers. He has a brace over his right knee. He looks focused, maybe just a little pissed off, and definitely seems to have some sort of a purpose. Despite the limp, his walk is determined. Jester is there more than just an interview.

And word must have gotten to Jason Johnson about that, because, as Jester passes Jason’s office, Jason is standing there, standing in Jester’s way. Jester stops, looking down at Jason.

Jester Smiles:Hi boss.

Jason looks at Jester Smiles, a little surprised.  He excuses those in the office, and addresses Jester Smiles personally. 

Jason Johnson: Not real sure why you’re here, Eric.

Jester just grins.

Jester Smiles:I’m booked, am I not?

Jason sighs. 

Jason Johnson: You’re booked, but you’re not cleared.  You know that.

Jester nods, thinking this over for a second.

Jester Smiles:That’s true. But…

Jester looks away for a moment, considering his next words. He then looks back at Jason, having decided what he was going to say next.

Jester Smiles:I don’t see how that’s relevant.

Jason simple shakes his head. 

Jason Johnson: You also know why it’s relevant, Eric.  It’s a legal nightmare for me to knowingly ALLOW you to compete in the situation you’re in.  Not to mention how bad it would be for business if one of my commodities got put on the shelf permanently. 

Jason sighs again. 

Jason Johnson: I know you want to compete, and I ESPECIALLY know that you want to compete against Adrian Corazon, but I really can’t let that happen.  Not officially.

Jester pops his neck.

Jester Smiles:Then let me do it unofficially. I can’t ‘wrestle’ a match when I’m not cleared. That doesn’t mean I can’t put on a show.

And I’m not one of your commodities if I’m sitting at home, doing nothing, now am I?

Jason Johnson: I don’t have any control over what you do, unofficially, but what you said is sort of my point.  If you get hurt even worse, you’ll be stuck at home, being a non-commodity. 

Jason is very emphatic in this statement. 

Jason Johnson: You can still be useful for promotional business, even if you’re only just sorta walking.  Hell, there are tons of other ways to use you.  Just…  please think about what you’re going to do, before you do it.

Jester Smiles:Been thinking about it all week, boss. Whatever consequences there are, I’ll face them. Alone.

Nothing will come back to you. This is all…on…me.

Jason waves his hand, and looks back down at his desk. 

Jason Johnson: Suit yourself, man.

Jester grins and nods.

Jester Smiles:Thank you, Jason.

With Jason Johnson out of the way, Jester moves on.

Jester Smiles:Now the hard part.

The scene fades out.

The camera opens to a sharply dressed Tyrone Johnston as he pokes his shinny black bald head into the dressing room of an unknown SHOOT Project all star.

Tyrone:  Hello, anyone here?

No answer.

Tyrone:  HELLO, IS ANYONE HERE? AWWW shit! I was hoping I’d catch him before his match.

It was at this moment that Tyrone decided to invite himself into the dressing room and wait. However, once Tyrone made his way completely into the dressing room he was abrubtly surprised by the feel of cold steel pressed against the back of his head.

Unknown voice – Break yourself…Nigga!!

In a surprisingly calm voice, Tyrone responds.

Tyrone:  Rande, is that you?

At that moment a manically familiar chuckle ensues.

Unknown Voice – What’s up Ty? Didn’t your mama ever tell yo ass that it’s not polite to walk into another niggas personal space uninvited? You know that’s how mother-fuckas get shot.

At that moment, Tyrone turns around and see’s that Rande’s “gun” is nothing more than the back end of a pair of hair-clippers.

Tyrone:  Shot with what…a cheap ass pair of clippers?

Tyrone reaches over and playfully grabs the clippers from Rande’s grasp.

Rande:  Whatever nigga, what’s good? Long time no see, so what you been up too?

Rande brushes past Tyrone and heads over towards the couch on the other side of the dressing room.

Tyrone:  Not too much…you?

Rande sits down on the aforementioned couch and pulls his wrestling boots directly to his front. Rande slides on foot into his boot as he responds.

Rande:  You know me…same shit different day. Bout to go teach this punk ass motherfucker King some respect.

Tyrone smiles slyly as he responds.

Tyrone:  You need me out there to watch your back? You know like in the good ole days?

Pest quickly shoots his head up in Tyrone’s direction and responds.

Pest:  You know damn well that I aint never needed you to watch my back.

Rande slides his other foot into his boot as Tyrone responds.

Tyrone:  I was just fuckin with you Rande. Look, I know you got some shit to take care of tonight so I’m gonna let you get ready, I just wanted to stop by and say what’s up.

Pest:  Cool. Hey, you still got my number right?

Tyrone:  Did it change?

Pest:  Nope.

Tyrone:  Then I still got it.

Pest:  Hit me up later tonight, maybe we’ll go get something to drink or some shit.

Pest stands up and grabs his long black leather trench coat. Pest slides his right arm into the sleeve and then his left; he then makes one jerking motion with his shoulders until his coat sits comfortably on his upper torso. He glances over toward Tyrone and speaks.

Pest:  Time to go slap some dick to some much deserving lips.

The two “cousins” laugh as they make their way out of the dressing room.

A few seconds later the camera angle changes to Rande and Tyrone as they walk toward ring side area, the two continue reminissing until they’re interrupted by an unassuming gentleman dressed in an off the rack, grayish tweed suit.

Unknown gentleman – Ummmm, Tyrone Johnston?

Tyrone and Pest look at the gentleman with a mixture of disgust and confusion. Pest looks at Tyrone and speaks.

Pest:  Who the fuck is this lil bitch?

Tyrone shrugs his shoulders and responds?

Tyrone:  Shit, I don’t know…a fan?

Pest:  I doubt it.

Tyrone turns his head toward the gentleman and speaks.

Tyrone:  So, who are you…bitch?

Pest shakes his head in disbelief as he interrupts.

Pest:  Look Ball, I gotta go. Holla at me later.

Tyrone:  Cool, I’ll get atcha later tonight.

Pest turns and continues toward the ring side area as the unknown gentleman reveals himself.

“ Hello sir, my name is Gregory Higgins and you sir…”

The gentleman reaches into his inner coat pocket and pulls out a couple of sheets of folded up paper. He hands them to Tyrone as he continues.

Higgins:  Have just been served.

The gentleman nervously turns around and walks away as the camera focuses on Tyrone reading the papers. The camera pans in tightly as Tyrone places his right hand on his forehead and speaks aloud.

Tyrone:  Aw shit?!


We cut backstage to the locker room of the Revolution Champion, Sinnocence, just walking out of the shower after her rather brutal match with Azraith DeMitri.  Clad in nothing but a white towel, she shakes the excess moisture from her long black hair with a smile.  Ozzy was off getting some ice packs for the both of them, leaving her all alone to take a hot shower.  She walks to a nearby bench, sorting through her gym bag for fresh clothing to wear.

Sinnocence: Damn it…where is my shirt?

The door to the locker room slams open, and Curtis Rose enters the room, with one foot up in a kicking motion.  He looks Sinnocence up and down, and as opposed to leaving, he just stands, awestruck for a moment.  He takes a few steps into the room.

Style Warrior: Uhhh, hey there.  I was…uhh…looking for Ozzy?

She quickly turns, holding the towel up with a rather pissed off look on her face as he leers at her.

Sinnocence:  Well obviously he’s not here, jackass. 

The Revolution Champ tucks the towel tightly and steps back, not wanting to be accosted in her present state.

Sinnocence: What the hell do you want anyway? 

Rose, still glaring up and down at the Revolution champion, manages to stammer a coherent sentence.

Style Warrior: Well, if you must know, I have business with him.  My partner seems to have gained the hatred of someone enough to get them to hire thugs to take him out.  I know Ozzy is a bit of a "bad banana" and assumed he would be a good place to start. 

Rose makes his way further into the room with cautious steps.  He leans up against a locker, still close to the door.

Sinnocence: Then obviously, you don’t know Ozzy.  If Ozzy had a problem with your…partner, he’d take care of it himself.  I’m more likely to hire Perdition than he is.

She lets out a little chuckle and moved back to digging around in the gym bag for her shirt.

Sinnocence:  You can leave now, numb-nuts.

Rose, not budging from his perch on the wall, never breaks his gaze on the champ’s chest.

Style Warrior: So you admit it then?  I assume this had something to do with a failed advance you had towards Axe during your "Dark times?"

Rose lets out a chuckle himself and finally breaks his line of sight with the champion.  He doesn’t look away, but moves his eyes to lock on hers.  She turns toward him fully, a hard look in her eyes.  Well, at least in the one good eye.

Sinnocence: You’re walking on thin ice, Douchebag.  Even if I wanted to delve further into the ranks of the tag team division…it wouldn’t be for a fuck-up like your partner.  Now get the fuck out of here.

Rose starts to turn around to leave, but a smirk comes over his face, and he turns to face Sinnocence straight in the eye.

Style Warrior:  Easy big fellah.  I understand that Mother Nature sometimes delivers her gift at the most awkward of times, but that is really no excuse to take it out on me.  I’m just trying to get some information about my partner.  So fine, I’ll leave you to the daunting task of picking all of that sand out of your vagina.

Her hand comes up out of the gym bag clenched in a fist, the arrogant prick actually had the nerve…

Sinnocence: I’m only going to say this once, asshole…

She stalks toward him and if looks could kill, Mr. Rose would be eviscerated ten ways to Sunday.

Sinnocence:  If you ever say anything like that to me again, I’ll personally cut your nuts off and wear it as a damn necklace. 

Rose holds onto his stomach and gives a small laugh.  Without backing down, he looks at the patch of hair covering her bad eye.  Looking back into her good eye, he breathes deep.

Style Warrior: Fine, message taken.  But before I go, let me ask you one last question.  Listen carefully, this is pertinent to my dilemma. 

He laughs a little bit more, trying to get the question out.

Style Warrior: Can you tell me which member of Perdition you were bedding when you lost your eye to an Ohio-sized load?

She lets out a scream of frustration and brings her fist up to connect with his jaw.  For a few moments, Sinnocence sees nothing but red as she throws fist after fist at Rose.

Sinnocence: You son of a bitch!  Get the fuck out!  Get out!  Get out!

Attempting to hold his fists up to protect him from some of the blows, we can hear Rose let out a muffled "You Bitch."  He tries to get a few blows of his own, but it is clear that he was not expecting to be attacked.  After a flurry of punches to his face, and mid-section, Rose is able to back away enough to get a kick to the mid-section of Sinnocence.  She flies back and smacks into the wall, knocking her gym bag off the bench in the process.  Sinn lets out a groan of pain, but reaches for the baseball bat near her.  The one Ozzy left just in case.  She gets up, the bat in hand ready to swing and take his head off with it.

Sinnocence: GET OUT!

Rose manages to scream out as he runs towards the door.

Style Warrior: This isn’t over bitch.  No one lays hands on me.  NO ONE!

We cut to black with Rose slamming the door shut and Sinnocence, still holding the bad, breathing heavily, trying to wrap her head around what just happened.


We cut to a backstage hallway, where we can see a locker room door.  On the door, placed with a little bit of care, is a sheet of paper that reads “CADE SYDAL”.  There are a long few moments where no one and no thing move in the hallway, and then finally, a ways down the corridor, we see the man himself.  Decked out in a “LOVE KILLS SLOWLY” Ed Hardy shirt and legitimate torn jeans, Cade makes his way towards his locker room, his pace as brisk as ever.  As he gets closer, we can see the faint ghost of his black eye, and he regards the cameraman with curiosity before opening the door. 

Cade Sydal: What the…

The cameraman follows behind him, to show what exactly is surprising to the Laws of Survival champion:  His locker room has been converted into a well-wisher’s depot, cookie bouquets and flowers covering every surface one could lay something on.  Balloons, in heart shapes that read “Get Well Soon!”, crowd the ceiling.  The piece de resistance, however, is in the center of the room: An eight foot tall stuffed bear, wearing a goofy grin, and holding a sign that reads:

”I Want You To Vacate Your Title BEARY Much!”

Cade himself walks about, poking a few of the items, obviously on edge.  Obvious, really: he’s excpecting an ambush.  But when it doesn’t come after a few long moments, he seems to relax, even going so far as to sigh and cross his arms. 

Cade Sydal: Fucking Stochansky just doesn’t know when to quit.

He walks over to the stuffed bear and gives it a little bit of a kick, then turns heel to walk off, but a voice stops him dead in his tracks.


Cade turns around, looking a little more than freaked out.  The little girl’s voice waits a long moment, then speaks again…

”Daddy, are you here?”

The Champion is able to pinpoint the noise, and he looks directly at the bear’s lap, wherein sits a gift-wrapped box.  Cade walks over and picks up the box, wasting no time in shredding the paper and opening the box to reveal…a girl’s doll, wearing a sundress, with a small tape player taped to it’s back.  The player continues…

”Daddy, could you give up the title?  I miss you so much…”

The cameraman moves around Cade to show why the Champion has a furious gleam in his eyes: The doll is wearing a “Hi! My Name is…” tag that clearly reads “Erin Michelle.”  The name of Cade’s daughter. 

Cade Sydal: That sleazy…!

He explodes into action tearing the tape recorder from the doll and throwing it at a locker, causing it to break into a few pieces.  He starts grabbing things and throwing them, lost in a rage, and finally field goal kicks the cookie bouquet into the corner before turning and glowering directly at the cameraman.

Cade Sydal:Move.

The cameraman shuffles to the side and follows Cade, as he busts through the door and slams it behind him with a definitive “Slam!”  The camera focuses on the trashed room, one of the “Get Well Soon!” balloons floating poetically in the air.  We cut away…



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit!

Eryk Masters: This match was born out of a little in-ring moment last week, and this could turn into a real classic!

“Firestarter” by Prodigy hits, and the fans turn to the entry way, some are cheering while still some more are booing, splitting the crowd about sixty-forty, as Pestalance steps through the curtains leading to the back beyond the elaborate entrance set-up!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! Weighing in at 255 pounds, from Plainfield, New Jersey! He is “The Firestarter” PEEEEEEEEEEEEESTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!

Pestalance starts down the ramp, unbothered by the reaction the crowd gives him. He slowly rolls under the bottom of the rope and rises to his full six-foot-three height, raising a clenched fist in the air.

Jeff Hansen: Back when he was an active competitor before, Pestalance was known for a brutally stiff brawling style, and if King isn’t careful here, it could get ugly for him.

The music slowly fades out, and is suddenly replaced by “Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled! The fans begin to cheer the recognized music instantly!


The fans cheer louder, as Donovan King finally emerges from the back, raising his arms in the air!

Other Guy: Do you hear this reaction! CRAZY!

Donovan King starts making his way down the ramp, grinning. King quickly hops up the steps and slingshots over the top rope and into the ring, he climbs up the turnbuckles to stand on the second rope and raises both arms in the air again, eliciting more cheers!

Eryk Masters: Donovan King had a hell of a year last year, and Pestalance is a name from SHOOT’s past! This could be an instant classic!

Referee Dennis Heflin signals for the bell, and Donovan King approaches Pestalance in the middle of the ring. King slowly extends his hand out to the Firestarter, offering a handshake, and the fans begin to cheer for the showing of respect, before Pestalance slaps the back of King’s hand, and the fans boo at the disrespect!

Other Guy: Wow, that cannot sit well with Donovan King!

The two circle and meet up with a lockup, and King pulls Pestalance quickly into a side headlock before pulling him down into a headlock takeover. Pestalance immediately turns his body toward King’s and pushes to his knees and forces King back to his feet, before King swings through with another headlock takeover!

Jeff Hansen: Pestalance is not going to win a wrestling match against Donovan King.

Eryk Masters: That’s true. This is one of the rare times where wrestling favors King far more than his usual brawling mentality.

Pestalance clasps both of his hands in front of King’s face and shoves him backward into a headscissors! King turns to his right and Pestalance turns to a more seated position as a result. King pushes up on his toes and rolls forward suddenly and catches Pestalance with a side headlock again! Pestalance slaps the canvas in frustration!

Other Guy: Donovan King is keeping Pestalance grounded, he’s wearing down on that neck, and he’s keeping this match at a pace he wants it. All very smart things for him.

Jeff Hansen: If Pestalance starts to get to use his hands and his wild style, it’ll be a different game and that’s something King has to watch out for.

Pestalance turns back into Donovan King and gives him a sharp punch to the gut. A forearm follows to the back, and Pestalance shoves King into the ropes! King rebounds hard and drives a shoulder tackle into Pestalance, and Pestalance hits the canvas hard! King hits the ropes to the side, and Pestalance turns over quickly in an attempt to trip King, and King jumps clear of him and keeps running! Pestalance scrambles to his feet as King rebounds, and Pestalance side steps the shoulder tackle attempt and shoves King to the ropes once more! King hooks the ropes and halts his momentum as Pestalance rears back for a clothesline!

Eryk Masters: King spotted the arm ready to swing a clothesline and wisely stopped himself, keeping things at the pace he wants.

Other Guy: Wise move, as for once I don’t think King would be the favorite in a brawl as Pestalance has made an absolute living and career out of just pounding on dudes.

Donovan King comes off the ropes and looks to lockup with pestalance again, but Pestalance turns to the side and lifts a knee into King’s gut! Pestalance drives a forearm into King’s back and then lifts a sharp knee up into King’s forehead! King snaps to the canvas, and Pestalance immediately moves into the mounted position and holds King by the head and starts driving fists into his face! Dennis Heflin starts to admonish Pestalance, and he quickly turns out of the mount and hooks a leg for a cover instead!



King pushes his shoulder up quickly!

Ery Masters: Pestalance with a solid combination of strikes, and King manages to kick out quick!

Pestalance pulls King up off the canvas and sends him hard into a corner! Pestalance charges in at him, and King moves to the side to avoid the running splash! Pestalance turns out of the corner clutching his chest and turns as Donovan King scoops him up and back down with a body slam! King hops onto the second turnbuckle and jumps back off with a leg drop and quickly transitions into a lateral press!



Pestalance quickly kicks out!

Jeff Hansen: Pestalance looked to build more momentum, and King turned things back around. He might not’ve scored the pin there, but he’s definitely pressing the advantage he’s gained by avoiding that splash!

King grabs Pestalance and pulls him up to his feet before Pestalance breaks the hands away and drives a punch right into King’s face! Another right fist flies into King’[s face! A third, this time from the left, hits King square in the cheek, and another from the left catches him a little lower in the jaw! Another right drives into his chin and Pestalance comes off the ropes with a clothesline, driving King down!

Other Guy: That advantage was short-lived indeed, as now Pestalance just drilled him with punches and a wild clothesline!

Pestalance quickly goes into a cover and grinds his elbow in King’s face!



King kicks out and Pestalance pulls him to his feet right away before whipping him off the ropes and leaps from the side to catch King on the rebound with an outside crescent kick! King goes down, and Pestalance drops to a mount and starts driving vicious punches into King’s face!

Eryk Masters: I was going to comment on that elbow during the last pin attempt but Pestalance is just driving more punches into King’s face now!

Pestalance moves to a lateral press again, and again grinds an elbow in King’s face!

Jeff Hansen: That elbow, Eryk?




King kicks out again and holds his jaw!

Other Guy: Pestalance’s brawling has got to be a sort of shock to Donovan King, as he was definitely expecting a respectful match with Pestalance and that is not what he’s getting.

Pestalance pulls King to his feet and whips him off the ropes and swings a clothesline! King ducks the clothesline this time and catches the arm as he moves behind Pestalance, hooks the other arm, and drops into a backslide!

Jeff Hansen: Whoa, quick pin!



Pestalance kicks out hard! King comes at Pestalance again and Pestalance raises a knee, but King rolls over it right into a schoolboy!



Pestalance kicks out again!

Eryk Masters: Another one, and King is getting this back into a wrestling match instead of a fight!

Both of them scramble to their feet again, and Pestalance suddenly jams a thumb in King’s eye! Pestalanc etakes a step back and launches himself at King, driving him down with a back elbow!

Eryk Masters: Damnit! I spoke too soon.

Pestalance stomps down at King and starts stomping away at him. Pestalance suddenly jumps up and drops a knee on King’s chin and then slides his shin over King’s throat, choking him blatantly! Dennis Heflin gets in Pestalance’s face as King kicks his legs trying to break the choke!





Pestalance finally gets off the choke before Dennis Heflin can disqualify him.

Jeff Hansen: Pestalance got real close to getting disqualified there!

Other Guy: I don’t even think he cares at this point, he’s just trying to hurt King!

Pestalance pulls King up lazily, and King throws Pestalance’s hands out wide! King kicks Pestalance in the gut and sends him off the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a drop toehold! King rolls up and locks the arm in between his legs before reaching for the head, but Pestalance rolls forward!

Eryk Masters: Pestalance avoided the Carolina Crossface!

Pestalance scrambles to his feet and runs at King, and King catches him with a huge turning spinebuster, planting him in the center of the ring!

Other Guy: That could do it!

King covers and hooks a leg!




Pestalance kicks out! King pulls Pestalance to his feet and whips him off the ropes! Pestalance ducks under the arm to reverse the whip and lifts a knee up into King’s abdomen instead! Pestalance hits the ropes to the side and comes back for a boot to the side of King’s head, but King straightens up and moves out of the way just in time to grab Pestalance by the back of the head and fall back into a neckbreaker!

Jeff Hansen: Donovan King is picking up momentum in a huge way guys!

King pushes to his feet as Pestalance does the same, holding his neck, and King hits the ropes and drives Pestalance down with a clothesline! Pestalance starts back to his feet as King hits the ropes and King leaps up at him with the jumping Yakuza kick, and drives it into Pestalance’s face! Pestalance flies through the ropes to the floor outside!

Eryk Masters: The Penalty Kick scores! Pestalance might be knocked out, outside the ring!

Dennis Heflin leans through the middle and top rope and looks down at Pestalance, who’s head appears to have gotten under the ring skirting. King throws his arms out, confused a little, as a count-out appears to not be the way he wants to win, but Dennis Heflin starts counting anyway!




Pestalance’s arm joins him under the skirting.


Other Guy: Pestalance must have been hit really hard with that last series of moves, as he has not started to get to his feet yet!


Pestalance pushes out from under the ring edge, a long slender corwbar in his hand!

Jeff Hansen: Or he was getting some help! Wow!


Pestalance pushes to his feet, his back to the ring, and he tucks the crowbar in close to his body as he turns and rolls in under the bottom rope, stopping the count!

Eryk Master: Dennis Heflin and Donovan King don’t even know about the concealed weapon!

Pestalance pushes to his knee and starts up to his feet as King waits behind him, waving his hands eagerly! Some fans rally behind King, while others boo as that half of the arena saw Pestalance get to his feet with the crowbar in hand! Pestalance turns and King comes at him! Pestalance swings his arm up and brings it back down, driving the crowbar right into the top of King’s head! King drops to the canvas, instantly busted open from the shot, as Dennis Heflin calls for the bell!

Other Guy: Motherfuck! That was vicious!

Pestalance throws the crowbar down, grinning, as Samantha Coil makes the announcement!


Pestalance steps through the ropes, grinning, as “Out Here Grindin’”by DJ Khaled hits. Pestalance starts toward the ramp as the fans boo.

Jeff Hansen: Pestalance was getting worked over there at the end, and I mean, at least that stopped him from getting pinned I guess, huh guys?

King staggers to the corner, blood dripping down his nose and cheek as he begs for the microphone. As Pestalance is walking up the entrance ramp, King orders his music to be cut off.

Donovan King: God…DAMN IT.

King looks at Pest, who is smirking at King.

Donovan King: You…get my respect…my fucking…AAAAGH.

King’s scream is one of pure frustration as Pestalance is handed a microphone.

Pestalance: Something the matter?

Donovan King: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Pestalance cocks his head to the side with a laugh as King is obviously furious.

Donovan King: You slapped me in the face for the last fuckin’ time, Pest. I don’t care…I don’t fucking give a fuck what happens or how it happens…next week is the last show before Redemption. Fuck if you get me at the pay-per-view, I’m focused…but you? I WANT YOU NEXT WEEK.

Eryk Masters: Whoa!

Donovan King: I don’t care…I don’t fucking care…I swear to God, mother fucker, you will NOT disrespect me again.

Pestalance: How you gonna stop me, mother fucker?

Donovan King: How’m I stoppin’ a bitch like you? Easy. I’mma take you back to my roots, an’ back to your roots. I’mma embarrass you on your own turf. NEXT WEEK…DONOVAN KING WILL FACE PESTALANCE IN A NO DISQUALIFICATION HARDCORE MATCH!!!

The fans ERUPT as Pestalance laughs.

Pestalance: You think that’s wise?

Donovan King: I don’t give a fuck! I tried to show you love fuh comin’ in to SHOOT, dis is how you repay dat kindness? Well, mother fucker, I got no problem sheddin’ your blood next week!

Pestalance shakes his head.

Pestalance: I don’t think so.

He turns to leave.

Donovan King: Oh, you gonna bitch out, homie?! YOU GONNA TURN YOUR BACK ON ME?!

Pestalance stops, turns his head and smirks.

Pestalance: Yeah.

As he’s walking away, King stops him again.

Donovan King: Okay, man. Since gettin’ your ass handed to you by me ain’t enough…you tell me what you’ll agree to so I can send you BACK into retirement next week!

The fans pop again as Pestalance turns fully around.

Pestalance: You want me in a hardcore match so bad next week, man? Fine. On ONE condition.

Donovan King: Name it.

Pestalance: When I beat you next week, I am handed the FINAL slot in the Redemption Rumble.

The fans boo LOUDLY as King sneers at him.

Donovan King: So…you wanna get the last spot in the Rumble? Winner gets the last spot in the Redemption Rumble?

Pestalance nods his head.

Donovan King: Fine, mother fucker, YOU GOT A DEAL.

“Out Here Grindin’” kicks up again as Pestalance walks out of the arena, the fans popping BIG at the announcement!

Other Guy: Holy SHIT.

Jeff Hansen: Can King even put that spot up like that?

Eryk Masters: I think he just did! Next week, Donovan King will face Pestalance for the right to the final spot in the Redemption Rumble!

Other Guy: Oh man oh man oh man!!

The shot goes backstage to Jason Johnson’s office, where he appears to be handling standard paperwork, until the door flies open! Jason Johnson looks up at the intruder, and sees the large Ukranian, Kilgore Stochansky, wearing a white shirt that reads “I WAS ROBBED” in large blue, block letters, a pair of jeans, and burgundy ankle-high boots, and a gold chain around his neck and gaudy gold rings on his fingers. The Ukranian doesn’t break his stride as he walks up to the desk and slaps the desk, eliciting a loud boo from the live crowd!

Kilgore Stochanksy: This is unfathomable, Mr. Johnson! You not only keep a known drug abuser and all-around brigand in your employ, but you do NOTHING about it when he costs me a title?! This…this is…

Jason Johnson: Mr. Stoch–

Kilgore doesn’t even stop to acknowledge that Jason Johnson was trying to speak, and shouts out at him.

Kilgore Stochansky: This is INJUSTICE! And I will not stand for it! You either take his title from him or I will have to respond with legal action!

Jason Johnson starts to talk as the door is once again thrown open, interrupting the conversation, and this time it is Cade Sydal that barges in!

Cade Sydal: You motherfucker! Tell me why I shouldn’t fucking kill you right now, you sonofabitch!

Cade turns toward Jason Johnson as he starts to open his mouth.

Cade Sydal: This motherfucker is pushing shit too far, Jason! I’m going to fucking kill him and you need to know this bec–

The door flies open again and Trey Willett storms in, and the fans begin booing again, as Trey Willett pushes Cade to the side to stand in the center of the desk.

Trey Willett: What the fuck are you going to do about Dan Stein refusing to accept my challenge, huh? What kind of champion is allowed to deny challengers?!

Jason Johnson starts to talk, and Cade Sydal shoves Trey Willett.

Cade Sydal: Fuck you, Trey!

Trey shoves Cade back, and turns back to Jason Johnson.

Trey Willett: If you won’t give me Dan Stein, how about giving me Cade Sydal next week for the Laws of Survival Championship, huh?!

Before Jason Johnson can start to talk, Dan Stein walks into the office, and sees the other three. He looks at them, shruugs, and starts to talk.

Dan Stein: I hope I’m not interrupting anything, but I really gotta talk to you Mr. Johnson.

Jason Johnson pushes out of his chair and shouts at them.

Jason Johnson: SHUT THE FUCK UP. This is ridiculous! You two are champions! Act like it!

Cade Sydal and Dan Stein glance at each other.

Jason Johnson: You’re going to get obnoxious and annoying challengers like these from time to time, it happens! And YOU TWO! What the hell are your problems? Are you two that unable to behave like grown men?

Kilgore starts to open his mouth, and Jason Johnson grabs something off his desk, a pen apparently, and throws it at Kilgore’s chest!

Jason Johnson: WHAT DID I SAY? Don’t even try to answer that question, because it was rhetorical! You wanna fight Cade, Kilgore? You wanted Dan Stein’s Iron Fist title, too, huh? FINE! And you, you can’t decide what title you want either, is that it, Trey? And you two wanna, what? You wanna be the best champions possible, right?

All four men slowly start to nod their heads.

Jason Johnson: Excellent! Because what we’re going to do is, at Redemption, the Ladder Match Cade Sydal challenged Kilgore Stochansky to WILL happen! But it will also include you, Trey Willett, and you, Dan Stein! And it will be for the unified Laws of Survival and Iron Fist Championships. Between the four of you, there will only be ONE champion to walk out of Redemption…now get the HOLY FUCK out of my office.

The four men hesitate, just a moment.

Jason Johnson: NOW.

Jason throws a stapler at the wall, and the four men quickly make their exit, as Jason Johnson sits back down at the desk and straightens his tie with an exasperated sigh.

Other Guys: Whoa! That is huge news!

Jeff Hansen: Jason Johnson was not about to put up with any shit there!

Eryk Masters: Things between those four have just gotten even hotter!


“I Want You So Hard” Hits the P.A. in the arena.  From behind the curtain, The Willenium emerges, holding a very large ladder in his hand.  He gingerly walks towards the ring, ignoring all of the fans the entire way down.  Reaching the apron, he slides the ring under the bottom rope, then vaults himself over the top.  He prances around the ring for a couple of seconds, the leans through the middle rope, and calls for a microphone.  He slides it into his pocket, then sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring.  After it is brought up, it appears to be in excess of 8 feet tall!  With the greatest of ease, Trey scales to the very top of the ladder, and perches himself atop of it. 

Willenium:  Well, well, well.  Here I am again.  “What does he want to spew his mouth about this time?”  Well that’s a simple answer.  Since Dan Stein was so nice to not accept my challenge for his Iron Fist title, I went above his head.  I went to Jason Johnson himself.  I’m sure you all know by now, but Stein’s mangina has become a non-issue.  It has come from the man himself.  Redemption.  Dan Stein.  Trey Willett.  Cade Sydal.  Kilgore Stochanksy.  This ladder.

The fans erupt for a second in appreciation of the amazing match to come.  There are a few chants of “Sydal” and “Dan The Lights” echoing from the arena.  Trey crosses his legs against the ladder, and begins to easily rock back and forth, repeating the chants back at the crowd.

Willenium: It’s clear to me that you people have picked your winners already.  You know, at first, I was a little upset about changing the match before I had a chance to beat either man fair, one on one.  Too many ways for them to excuse me winning.  “Oh, you didn’t beat me Trey,  Cade helped you.  You had Kilgore’s help putting me down.  God knows you couldn’t beat me one on one.”  You know, I thought that would bother me.  I thought my pride would hurt  al little at the prospect of being accused of not being able to fight my own battles.  Oh man, was I wrong.  I have to think about this the only logical way there is.  Regardless of how it goes down, I walk away with TWO titles.  Unification!  It’s a beautiful thing. 

The crowd boos vehemently at the prospect of The Willenium holding the unified Triad title.  Trey just shakes off the boos of the crowd and looks around a little bit. 

Willenium: Are you finished yet?  Can I finish my goddamned train of thought yet?

The boos of the crowd gets louder for a few moments, and Trey waits patiently as they begin to die down a bit.  He heaves a sigh into the microphone as he puts it back to his face.

Willenium: You are all just going to have to get used to the idea of seeing me walk around with that big belt strung over my perfect shoulders.  Besides, don’t blame me, Dan brought this on himself.  I have given him several opportunities to come out here and speak his peace.  I didn’t want to go to Jason.  I wanted to knock him out in the middle of the ring for his belt.  Unfortunately,  Dan chose the path less traveled.  He chose to cower in the back, cry on the phone to the tombstone of his dead mommy, begging her to tell him why she cursed him with inferior genes…

At that, The fans scream with cheers as “Knights of Cydonia”  blares over the speakers.  They all wrench their necks to looks towards the ramp, completely ignoring the Willenium.  Dan Stein emerges from the curtain to thunderous applause.  Stein stands at the top of the stage with a microphone as the fans’ cheering starts to die down. His Iron Fist championship is over his shoulder, Stein looks down at the ring with very, very violent intentions.

The Lights: When you’re done being a Dead-Beat dad, we’ll talk about my dead mother. Until then, you should know the lines of moral and immoral, and should try your damnedest to stay on the correct side of it, or you might end up enjoying the same fate as the woman you speak of.

Trey holds his hand up to his mouth in a mocking "shock" expression.  He kicks his feet against the ladder in delight as he has obviously gotten Stein’s ire up enough to come down to the ring.

Willenium: Strong words, man.  Strong words.  I’m going to ignore your dad comment for now.  I’m just so glad to see you down here tonite.  I know we have a match at Redemption.  You know, Cade, and Kilgore knows it.  I just thought the people should know that I am the one who had to push for it because "The Lights" just happens to be a little scared of the big, bad Willenium.

Stein scoffs and begins to walk down towards the ring, very slowly.

The Lights: No, Willett, that’s where you’re wrong. Just because you don’t get your way, doesn’t mean you go around making accusations. Last week when you challenged me to a shot at my title, you did so when I was NO WHERE around a television, NO WHERE around the sound of your voice. You timed your challenge PERFECTLY around my match with Kilgore so that it made me look like a fool for not coming out to accept your challenge. Congratulations, Willett. You and Kilgore will go down as the Champions of Cheap Shots and Hypocracy. Meanwhile, men like Cade Sydal and Dan Stein will go down in SHOOT Project lore as men who brought the fight each and every night, to a man’s FACE, in stead of to a camera.

Trey puts his eyes straight at Stein, and gives his a come hither motion with his hands.

Willenium: Well that is all a matter of opinion.  I see that in the last few weeks of your "Defending every week" you have managed to have your ass saved by Cade in the one and only defense you have made.  Wait, who are you defending that belt against tonite?  I don’t think arguing over the price of your diet coke at the concession stand counts as a title defense.  Talk about hypocrisy.  I have been coming out here week after week, laying hit after hit on you.  I’ve been trying to get close to that title.  How many times have you defended it since you’ve had it?  One?  Have all of the words spewing out of the crowd’s hero been nothing but a lie to make them love you like Daddy didn’t?

As Stein gets closer to the ring, Trey holds his arms up in a questioning motion.  Stein shakes his head.

The Lights: Oh, boy, you got me there. The week after I win it I didn’t defend my Iron Fist championship, that is correct, and the Revolution after that, I didn’t defend my Iron Fist championship. Don’t you remember why? That was because you and Kilgore faced Cade Sydal and I after you two brutally attacked him the week before, you know, after your Laws of Survival championship match you were so PUMPED for – like that kid you had. And exactly like you lost that kid you had, you lost the match. Man, for everything you’re so PUMPED about, you sure do lose a lot, Willett.

Trey gets an obvious frustrated look on his face.

Willenium You know what, That’s fine.  Talk about my son.  Talk about how I don’t love him.  Run your mouth about me losing him.  That’s cool.  Hey, that’s fine.  I didn’t kill my parents, so I think I’ve got a step above you, trash.  Actually…

Trey looks up and down the ladder, Raises his hands, testing the height. 

Willenium: Actually, looking at it now, I think I have about eight steps above you.  So you know, make your excuses for your inability to defend what you "Won" from Ozzy.  Go ahead, send your jabs my way to make these idiots forget that you have no business holding on to one of the SHOOT Project titles.  Go ahead, and when I put you and Cade out of the business you can both go to your loft in Vermont and cry into your pillows on your penis-shaped bed.  Here’s a thought.  When you guys adopt your first child, you can name him Trey to remind you of that time you almost had a wrestling career.

Stein slides into the ring now, looking up at Willett with his hand on his Iron Fist title.

The Lights: Willett, when you’re done cracking Gay jokes, done trying to justify in your head why I get more title shots than you, done trying to justify your inability to support a child by putting off your problems on to me with severely unfounded reasoning, maybe then you’ll realize that I’ve come to terms with the losses of my parents. Maybe you should come to terms with all the things that I have done, all the people that I have beaten to get here – and that you wanted a shot at MY title, because I was the one that won my title shot.

Trey looks down at Stein, cracks a large grin, and leans down to talk to him.

Willenium: Ok, you’re right.  I’ll accept that.  I’ll accept all of that.  Just as soon as you accept that deep down, you like to have man-junk in your mouth.  Now give me my title!

He reaches his hands down and motions upwards for Dan to throw his title up to him.

The Lights: Sure, I’ll give you this title.

Stein walks to the side of the ladder, putting his hands on either side of it.

The Lights: When pigs fly.

The fans errupt as Stein shoves the ladder off its base, sending Willett flying over the top rope and against the guardrail. The ladder bounces off the ropes and down to the mat as Stein walks to the side of the ring. Stein smirks as he looks down at Willett, rolling around in pain on the ground.


The fans begin to cheer as Trey holds his side, laying on the concrete.  Dan holds the title in the air for all to see, and Paramedics rush to ringside to attend to Trey.  Dan makes his way up the ramp as Trey is loaded carefully onto a stretcher.  The two men lock gazes for one moment with Trey pointing angrily at Dan, who is pounding his fist on the title slung over his shoulder.  The scene fades to black.


Backstage, Abigail Chase finds herself outside of Adrian Corazon’s lockerroom.  She’s tried for awhile to get an interview with the brutal and inhuman, but has thus far been unsuccessful.  This time, though, she knows that Corazon is there, waiting, watching.  She’ll get her interview this week.

Abigail Chase:  Mr. Corazon…

Corazon looks up from his somewhat meditative posture.  He unlocks his fingers, makes eye contact with Chase, and leans back. 

Corazon:  Ms. Chase…  it seems you’ve finally caught me.  Have a seat. 

He kicks a loose chair over her way, and she obliges, taking a seat. 

Abigail Chase:  Indeed I have.  First things first…  picking on a guy with an injury?  Really?

Corazon smiles.

Corazon:  Something like that.  In all honesty, as far as ‘being good’ is concerned, I’m in sort of a lose-lose situation, you know? 

Abigail Chase:  Explain that, please.

Corazon:  Well, think about it.  I’m at odds with a guy who’s got leukemia, and a guy with a messed up leg.  I’m the healthy one, so it’s IMMEDIATELY viewed as an advantage, and people are IMMEDIATELY assuming that I’m some sort of heinous miscreant, preying on the weak.

He draws a deep, deep breath, as she hangs on his words. 

Abigail Chase:  I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.  But, all this talk about an insurance policy, and all that…  doesn’t really lend itself to the idea that you’re some sort of protector of the weak.

Corazon:  I suppose it doesn’t, and honestly, I can’t say I’m concerned too much about my public image.  The right people know that I’m doing the right thing, by taking matters into my own hands, and bringing Jonny Johnson down to his knees, in one swift, and final judgment. 

Abigail Chase:  That’s a pretty bold statement.  And what of your event with Jester Smiles tonight?  The word in the back that he’s actually not cleared to wrestle, but still plans on doing SOMETHING. 

Corazon shrugs his shoulders. 

Corazon:  It makes no difference to me.  Jester Smiles will do what Jester Smiles does, cleared, or not.  You’ll notice that he wants a piece of me pretty badly.  I got inside his head very nicely this week.  I’m still going to walk out there, in the next thirty seconds, actually, and uphold my part of this little…  whatever it is. 

Corazon stands, signaling to Abigail Chase that it’s time to leave. 

Corazon:  And, like it or not…  if Jester Smiles makes the mistake of coming out and trying, well… anything? 

Corazon snorts, walking out the door. 

Corazon:  …I’ll make him pay.











Static hits the PA.  The fans go quiet.  Then…  the lights go out. 



Orange pyro flies from the ramp, as “Torcher” by DZK explodes over the public address system!  The video wall illuminates with an assault of images, from Corazon taking on Dave Marz, to Del Carver, to Dan Stein, to Jonny Johnson.  Shots of the Act of Inhumanity being hit over and over again are shown next.  Then they stop.  What looks like a strip, is torn from the video wall, replaced only by the blood red lettering that draws out his name.

Finally, the orange spotlight shines down on the ramp, and the fans give a very split mixed reaction when his silhouette is revealed. 


The fans give Corazon a decidedly mixed reaction, which he promptly ignores, as he climbs into the ring, and removes his coat and shirt.  He looks at Coil, and then to the ramp, as he leans against the far top turnbuckle, awaiting the arrival of Jester Smiles.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon’s shed the 10 or so pounds he put on from awhile ago, and he looks pretty good.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the bulkier Corazon, so this streamlining will probably do him some good. 

Jeff Hansen:  Not like this is going to be much of a challenge for him anyway, what with Jester Smiles being a gimp and all. 

Other Guy:  I’m surprised to hear you defending Smiles. 

Jeff Hansen:  I’m not, I’m just saying, I really don’t expect Corazon to work too hard here.

All this chatter is going on, as the buzz has started to creep over the arena.  Corazon’s looking at Coil, asking what the holdup is, and as she shrugs her shoulders, the crowd pops over at the right side of the arena!  Once the attention is turned, the whole arena explodes, as Jester Smiles is coming down through the crowd! 

Eryk Masters:  Well, this is new.  A quiet, no music entrance? 

Other Guy:  Gotta give Smiles credit.  He’s doing what he can to throw Corazon off, as far as I can tell.  Good move. 

Jeff Hansen:  He’s still walking sort of gingerly, though. 

Smiles stops by the timekeeper’s table and grabs a loose microphone.  Corazon, seeing this, calls for a microphone of his own.  Smiles grabs another one, and tosses it to him.  Obviously, something is about to be said.

Jester Smiles:  Well Adrian, I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news.

Smiles pauses, watching for Corazon’s reaction.

Jester Smiles:  The bad news is, that tonight?  I’m not cleared to wrestle.  So, I’m not going to be able to OFFICIALLY get my piece of you.

The fans BOOOOO loudly at this announcement!

Eryk Masters:  That sucks.

Jeff Hansen:  HA.  What a PUSSY.

Jester Smiles:  So, Tony Lorenzo, you can head back to the back, man.  Your night is over.

Confusedly, Lorenzo drops down from the ring, and starts to head back to the back, leaving Samantha Coil and Corazon standing together in the ring. 

Jester Smiles:  The good news, though, Adrian…  is that I don’t really care if I’m not going to OFFICIALLY get my piece of you.  I know how you like things, and I KNOW you’ll like this.  You and me?  Heh…

Corazon has heard enough, as he raises his hand, interrupting Jester Smiles.

Corazon:  Since I’m sure you’re about to say what I think you’re going to say, and since that’s something I’m MORE than willing to partake in, I need you to verbally sign a waiver.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon:  I got in some trouble the last time I did something unsanctioned.

Jester Smiles nods his head. 

Jester Smiles:  Consider it done.  What happens now, is not Adrian Corazon’s responsibility, but mine.  That good enough for you?

Eryk Masters:  Corazon’s smart, here.  He doesn’t want to get put in jail again. 

Jeff Hansen:  No shit Corazon’s smart.  Now he can murder Jester Smiles on camera and get away with it.

Corazon nods. 

Jester Smiles:  Good.  Because Adrian…?

He climbs over the barricade, and slides into the ring.  Samantha Coil exits the ring.  Corazon and Jester Smiles stand face to face, though Jester has three or so inches on him.  The fans are starting to get a little rowdy, as Jester goes to finish his thought.

Jester Smiles:  I intend to take my piece of you.  Official, or not.

And with that, Jester DROPS the microphone and throws a wild haymaker that catches Corazon!  Corazon staggers back, and Jester throws another!  And another!  Jester’s going wild on Adrian Corazon, who’s completely stunned, and the fans are absolutely WILD.  Jester whips Corazon into the ropes, and without moving an inch, DROPS him with a nasty clothesline!  Jester TAUNTS Corazon, DARING him to get up! 


Eryk Masters:  The hell?  Are you stuck on that Jack Heart thing? 


Other Guy:  He didn’t even get sucker punched, though.  That shit was right in his grill, man.

Corazon manages to get to all fours, but Jester uses his GOOD leg to deliver a swift soccer style kick to Corazon’s midsection!  Corazon doesn’t flatten out, so he does it one more time!  Jester taunts Corazon AGAIN!  Corazon gets to his knees, and Jester starts driving big right fists into the side of Corazon’s head, but Corazon will not fall.  Jester nails one more big fist, and then BACKHANDS Corazon, as a bit of blood spits out from the side of Corazon’s face! 

Eryk Masters:  WOW.  Corazon’s busted open from that onslaught! 

Jeff Hansen:  That’s not going to sit well with the brutal and the inhuman!

Corazon is almost back to his feet, when Jester rears back and hits him with an elbow, where that cut is.  Corazon’s got a stream of blood all the way down from his lip to his chin, and on the way down his neck.  Jester is just BRUTALIZING him, and he’s just LETTING it happen, almost SMILING as the blood streams down his face.  Jester uses his good leg to boot Corazon in the stomach, doubling him over.  He hooks him around the neck, and drops him with a FIERCE DDT!  Corazon’s flat on his stomach in the center of the ring!  Jester Smiles panders a bit to the crowd, SHOUTING at Corazon at the same time!

Other Guy:  Well, this is what Corazon wanted.  You think he still wants it?

Jeff Hansen:  Please.  This is the same guy who fought WARS with Del Carver, man.  This is the guy that was absolutely INTEGRAL in the Sons of Liberty’s victory at WAR.

Eryk Masters:  I’d have to concur with Jeff, honestly. 

Corazon’s getting to his knees again, the wind knocked out of him, and blood streaming down his face.  He brushes the hair out of his eyes.  Jester stops pandering and runs at Corazon, but Corazon rolls out of the way!  He gets back to his feet!  Jester turns and throws a punch!  Corazon catches Jester’s arm, looks down at Jester’s leg, and shakes his head.  Corazon twists the arm, and HEADBUTTS Jester Smiles.  Jester IMMEDIATELY begins gushing blood from his nose!  Corazon doesn’t stop there, as he retains control of Jester’s arm.  He RIPS Jester’s shirt open, uncovering the bare chest, and shoves him against the turnbuckle, and starts ruthlessly chopping him!  Jester’s chest goes from it’s normal color, to red, to purple, as blood vessels and the like begin to burst.  The fans are BOOING each chop.  Finally, Corazon relents, but only long enough to step back and deliver a SHINING WIZARD.  Jester CRUMPLES against the turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters:  And so, the tides have turned.  Those were some VICIOUS chops, guys. 

Other Guy:  Love him or hate him, that’s how Corazon rolls.  Nothing he does is superfluous.  It all has meaning.

Jeff Hansen:  In this case, he just wants to fuck Jester Smiles up. 

Eryk Masters:  Good enough reason for him, I suppose.

Corazon looks out to the crowd, and then back to Jester, zeroing in on Jester’s bad leg.  He shakes his head again, runs, and hits a clothesline in the corner!  He holds on, turns around, and pulls Jester down, driving his head into the mat with a bulldog! 

Eryk Masters:  So I’ve seen Corazon focus on that bad leg, and turn away twice.  You think he’s purposely avoiding doing anything to it? 

Other Guy:  Of course he is.  He’ll do what has to be done, but even though he might feel like Jester is letting everyone down, it’s not up to Corazon to ruin the rest of Smiles’ career.

Now it’s CORAZON taunting Jester, DARING him to get up.  Jester obliges, getting to one knee, and then to his feet.  Corazon makes the “bring it” motion, and Jester, sort of haphazardly does, limping towards Corazon.  Corazon sighs, and then DROPS HIM WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!  Jester’s down in the middle of the ring, and Corazon SPITS HIS BLOOD OUT on him.  The fans share their feelings on that, by nearly booing Corazon out of the building.  Corazon pulls Jester to his feet, drops back, BRUTALITY CHECK.

Jeff Hansen:  This is DISGUSTING.  Someone needs to make it stop. 

Eryk Masters:  You said it yourself, Jeff.  Corazon can basically MURDER Jester Smiles here if he wants to, and Jester SIGNED THE DEATH WARRANT.  This does NOT make my heart pee.

Other Guy:  This is what Corazon does, though.  He picks people apart, and Jester, right now?  Looking pretty picked.

Corazon has Jester up again.  He’s standing groggily in the middle of the ring.  Corazon rebounds off the ropes and throws ANOTHER Brutality Check, but Jester manages to shuffle out of the way.  On the recovery, Corazon’s met with a FIERCE right hand, and is staggered again!  Jester throws another one, and as the crowd is starting to rally, Jester’s starting to feel it a little bit. 

Other Guy:  Jester Smiles is a gamer, guys.  He’s not going to even think about giving up, even when he has a bum leg, and has taken a sick beating. 

Eryk Masters:  No joke, OG.  Jester Smiles is professional.

Jester throws right hand after right hand after right hand.  Corazon’s backed into the turnbuckle, and Jester winds back and throws another one, but Corazon ducks and moves out of the way.  Jester Smiles turns around, but gets caught with ANOTHER ACT OF INHUMANITY.  Corazon SPITS BLOOD OUT on Jester again! 

Other Guy:  WOW. 

Eryk Masters:  He can hit that move out of NOWHERE it seems like. 

Corazon is DRAGGING Jester to the corner by the remains of his shirt.  He pulls Jester up, SLAPS him in the face.  He looks at the leg, THINKS about attacking it, but is conflicted.  Jester is able to shove Corazon off.  He walks towards him and tries to throw a short arm clothesline, but Corazon avoids it and pulls him down with ONE MORE ACT OF INHUMANITY. 

Jeff Hansen:  I’m going to go off the record here and say that I really admire Jester Smiles resilience.  I’ve never seen someone keep fighting after something like this, but this is getting out of hand.  Really out of hand. 

Eryk Masters:  I’d once again have to agree with you, Jeff.  This is…  well, it’s pretty sickening, honestly.  Not attacking the leg or not, Corazon’s out of line.

Corazon calls for a microphone.  He wipes the blood from his mouth, and shakes it off on the mat, as Samantha Coil hands him a mic. 

Corazon:  THIS is your hero, SHOOT Project.  THIS MAN…  who…  (he breathes in heavily) who would be SO STUPID as to jeopardize EVERYTHING we’ve worked for…  EVERYTHING WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR…

The crowd BOOOS Corazon.

Corazon:  Boo me if you want.  Hate me if you want.

He sighs, taking another deep breath.

Corazon:  I don’t care.  Just know…  JUST KNOW…  that when it comes time to take care of Jonny Johnson…  when it comes time to CLEANSE the SHOOT Project of that evil…  I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.  I WILL DESTROY JONNY JOHN–

Almost as if on cue… 


The Bradley Center bursts into an anxious chatter.  Flash bulbs begin to go off across the arena.

Eryk Masters: I think I have an idea what this is about…

Other Guy: Shit, man.

Jeff Hansen: Someone just woke up the Champ!

Amidst the flashes of light, Adrian Corazon stands stock still, calm despite the looming chaos.  The crowd gets louder and louder and louder.

Corazon stares at the entranceway.

He waits.

The crowd waits.


Surprisingly, there is a fairly GIGANTIC ERUPTION!!!

Eryk Masters: Wow.

Jeff Hansen: Only about two hours outside of Chicago… Welcome to JONNY COUNTRY boys and girls, and most especially ADRIAN CORAZON!

A guitar croaks out a single note…

And a whirring, violin screams like a wounded banshee!

Camera flashes go off in succession…  hundreds, thousands of lights, illuminating the Bradley Center, and holy HELL IS IT LOUD!

THE DRUMS ROLL ROLL IN LIKE AN OMINOUS CLOUD and bring with them a dissonant storm!  The siren like madness of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene has the SHOOT Project fans in Milwaukee ON THEIR FEET AND SCREAMING LOUDLY!!!  It’s been quite some time since He’d received a reaction such as this one, but it’s happening, and it is absolutely, and TOTALLY INSANE!

Corazon doesn’t so much as flinch, while at the same time, JESTER SMILES is seen trying to pick himself off the mat.  He seems out of sorts, perhaps even lost in this extremely surreal moment.  However, both Smiles and Corazon can do little but wait.

The mind bleeding sounds seep deeper and deeper into their skulls, swelling…

And swelling, and SWELLING!!

The drums ROLL IN A SECOND TIME, the wick on a stick of dynamite…


There are no pyrotechnics, but the curtains rustle.


“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

At the crack of the first verse, the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION pushes through the curtains and emerges from the shadows.  His features are lost in the eye of the camera, a body brought to life only by the crowd’s schizophrenic light show.  He moves past their outstretched fingers and ignores their adoration, eyes glued on the ring.  His WORLD TITLE BELT hangs off his left shoulder and proves to be one of the few things we can see in detail, the rest of his appearance going in and out of darkness.  He has a jacket on, and is wearing jeans and a shirt of some sort.

That’s all you can possibly gather from the picture in front of you.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

The announce team stay silent during his specter-like stride toward the ring, allowing this very bizarre moment to speak entirely for itself.


”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

He stops about seven-eights of the way down the aisle, just about eleven or twelve feet away from the steel steps that lead up to the ring.  The music continues to play in the back, while he simply gazes into the ring… 

He looks at Corazon, a proud, dangerous figure, on-guard, ready for anything.

He stares at Jester Smiles, watching the resilient hero pull himself to his feet as he has done many times before.

Jonny takes it in. 

Standing in darkness, he takes it ALL in.

Before the song can make it to the chorus, The DEFILER raises his right hand, holding what appears to be a microphone.

The DEFILER: Enough.

One word.

The song cuts out immediately and the lights again rise.

They see him…  and they CHEER.

Jonny, though is quick of tongue, and attempts to extinguish the Milwaukee fire.

The DEFILER: I am not here for your meaningless, adoration so SAVE YOUR FUCKING VOICES and do me  a favor…  Open your ears.  (Gesturing out to the fans, while keeping his eyes planted dead ahead) All of you…  JUST.  LISTEN.

Despite his lack of interest in the pops and cheers, the fans roar with approval, while Corazon and Jester Smiles match Jonny intensity with their own body language.  Corazon hides back a subtle snarl, while the still somewhat groggy Smiles, lowers his eyes and returns the DEFILER’s glare.

The DEFILER: As though my demise were some sort of foregone conclusion…  (Shaking his head, disgusted) Heh.  I miss ONE SHOW.  One show…  one week, in ALMOST A YEAR and everything around this organization begins to crumble.  The idiots panic,  and out storm the vigilante HEADHUNTERS with their righteous spears, making claims and statements that they will NEVER, IN A HUNDRED YEARS, BE ABLE TO BACK UP.

He continues to show his absolute disgust with this situation.

The DEFILER: I am DONE with it.  Do you understand me?  I AM FUCKING DONE.  For over a year, I have bared the torch of the SHOOT Project’s elite, and I have DEFIED EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CRITIC who decided he or she knew their shit better than me.  I did what I had to do to survive, and whatever biased opinion of my methods you might have, you cannot tell me that I have been ANYTHING SHORT OF DEATHLY EFFECTIVE.

His words pierce like diamond daggers, and everyone listens.

The DEFILER: Whatever you two thought tonight was going to be…  IT ISN’T.  Adrian Corazon is not the SHOOT Project World Champion.  Jester Smiles isn’t the SHOOT Project World Champion…


He pauses and speaks in a softer tone.

The DEFILER: I am the SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion.  Not either of you. 

Not…  ANYONE, but me.

The fans respond with another SURPRISING POP, but the Champ is not done.

The DEFILER: How much more pathetic can you two get?  Huh?  FINALLY, the truth comes out and we see your that behind your masks of pride and heroics lie the faces of GREED and SELFISHNESS.  Behind the good guy gimmicks are two men who will do or capitalize on ANYTHING to claim their throne.  You saw the witch’s body beneath a pile of rubble and like the SELF INDULGENT RATS THAT YOU ARE, you scurried after her ruby, red shoes hoping to capture THE MAGIC POWERS YOU WERE TOO WEAK TO EVER OBTAIN ON YOUR OWN ACCORD.

WELL DING, DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS ALIVE and she is ready to end this farce ONCE… 

…And for all.

He manages to cast a sinister smile despite the brooding thoughts circling his mind.

The DEFILER: I am going to end this circus, fellas.  I am going to KILL (Pointing into the ring) TWO BIRDS…  (Putting his hand back down) With one stone.

He pauses, allowing for the moment to linger.

The DEFILER: At Redemption…  The NUMBER ONE CONTENDER will have his shot.  The HERO will have the opportunity for revenge.


Where it all started…

Is where it will end.

The fans can’t help but continue to cheer, while Corazon and Smiles do nothing but listen.

The DEFILER: Me…  (Pointing to Corazon) versus YOU…  (Shifting his gaze toward Jester, and then pointing at him next) versus YOU.  FOR THE SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD.


Jonny waits out the moment.


He lowers his voice.

The DEFILER: Because I’m done waiting on all of you to finally get it…

I’ve had enough.

He drops his microphone and turns away in defiance.

Corazon and Jester don’t show any emotion whatsoever.

They have to let it sink in…

Just like everyone.

The show reaches its conclusion.