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Revolution 55 – 1/25/09

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Then a shot of Long Island Hardcore tossing weapons into the ring.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process. We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Perdition is seen next hitting a spinebuster and Neckbreaker Combo. Then a quick shot of Sinnocence battling Ainsley Lake. Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring. From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Nightmare throwing a striking combo at a helpless opponent… Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Eryk Masters: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Super-imposed over the backdrop of men and women fighting in the ring is the SHOOT Project World Tag Team titles. And faded into the front portion of the titles we see quick clips of the eight teams currently vying for the championship titles on Sky High.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Next seen is the Revolution Championship title. And slightly faded within the front portion of the title is Sinnocence who we see holding the title with a sly seductive grin on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next title that appears on the screen is the Laws of Survival Championship title. Within the belt, we see Cade Sydal standing victorious.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

From there is seen the Iron Fist Championship title. Inside the front portion of the title we see Dan Stein holding the Iron Fist Championship up high over his head.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

And the last image seen is the prestigious SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title. Within the front portion of the title belt you see Jonny Johnson once more holding the title, and the words “HOPE IS ILLUSION” scroll across.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


Eryk Masters: Welcome, to this, the 55th edition of Revolution!

Before Other Guy and Jeff Hansen can chime in, the lights dim a little. Red and white spotlights move about.

Drums beat. The fans start to cheer. Guitar riffs. The opening chords for “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint hits the speakers.

You forget I got this far without yooooooooou

The spotlights move about some more, the fans cheer loudly!

I’m not the person that you think I aaaaam

The camera pans around!

The life I want to lead needs no approvaaaaaaaaal!

From someone who will never understaaaaaaaaaaand!

The spotlights stop right on the entrance ramp, the red disappears, leaving only the right white!

You’re foooooorgetting my broken boooooones!

Cade Sydal explodes from the back! Dressed in a red Affliction shirt, a pair of naturally faded loose-fitting jeans, a backwards black baseball cap, and the Laws of Survival Title around his waist he pumps his arms at the crowd, the cheering gets even louder!

Forgetting I’m not alooooooone!

Cade starts his way down the ramp, smiling as the spotlight follows him the whole way.

Hard to stand aloooooone!

When this feels like hoooome!

Cade suddenly turns to his right and throws his back into the guradrail! Fans rush to start slapping his arms and chest, anything they can get ahold of!

In this croooooowd!

Cade pushes away from the guardrail, grinning fully now as he makes his way to the ring.

Just because you lived a little longeeeeer!

Doesn’t mean your will is any strongeeeeer!

You forget all these scars remembeeeeer!

Everytime you say I need to chaaaange!

Cade grabs the top rope and slingshots himself into the ring. He quickly ascends to a top turnbuckle as the chorus hits again!

Yoou’re fooooooooooooorgetting my broken boooones!

Cade points out at the cheering fans!

Forgetting I’m not alooooone!

Hard to stand alooooone!

When this feels like hoooome!

Cade jumps off of the turnbuckles and turns full circle!

In this croooooowd!

The music slowly fades out, as the lights start to come back up. The fans continue to cheer loudly as Cade Sydal politely asks for a microphone.

Other Guy: Will you listen to this ovation!

Jeff Hansen: Its ridiculous. Jesus.

Cade holds his hands up, and the fans slowly quiet down.

Cade Sydal: Kansas City, motherfuckin’ Missouri…how the fuck are we doin’?

The fans cheer loudly, and Cade grins.

Cade Sydal: Wow. That good, huh?

They cheer more, and Cade starts to laugh a little before he pats the air with his hands.

Cade Sydal: Alright, alright. That’s good. I’d hate to come out here and find out you guys were having the same kind of day that my esteemed opponents are going to have at Redemption.

Cade pulls the Laws of Survival Title from his waits with his free hand and raises it in the air.

Cade Sydal: As I hand this title over to Jason Johnson. Dan Stein hands his over to Jason Johnson. And a brand new title will be raised high above the ring, for four men to climb ladders and attempt to get at. And I’m out here to be the first to publicly tell you all…that the man that succeeds will be me.

Cade lowers the Laws of Survival Championship and starts a slow pace around the ring.

Cade Sydal: I’ve served proudly as your Laws of Survival Champion. I’ve withstood the challenge of Trey Willett. I’ve withstood the constant harassment of Kilgore Stochansky. And during that time, I’ve stood proudly by my best friend, Dan Stein, as it appeared our two problems would continually overlap. But…all of that ends in a week.

Cade slings the title belt over his shoulder and rubs his face with his now-free hand.

Cade Sydal: In one week, a ladder and three other men will be the only thing that separates me from winning the new TRIAD Championship! Trey Willett…will not be able to stand against me and prevent my victory. Kilgore Stochansky will not be able to sleaze his way into victory, not here, not now, not ever. And my best friend, Dan Stein, knows just what to expect from me…and if I gave him anything less than my best, I would be doing him a great disservice.

Cade stares out into the stationary camera.

Cade Sydal: I will not do him a disservice. On Sunday, at Redemption, you will see the absolute best Cade Sydal you’ve ever seen. You will see a Cade Sydal determined to do nothing but win. I will push my body past the limits, if need be. As the song says, the three men I’m facing have forgotten all about the bones I’ve broken for this business. For the right to call myself the very best in the fucking world, and at Redemption I will remind them with scars of their own! There will be blood. I’ll go out on a limb and say that all four of us will shed our blood in order to prove we’re the worthy first TRIAD Champion! And only one of us will be right…that man stands here, right now, in this ring! That man is a champion you can always be proud of, a champion that will always stand up for you and for what is right! Kansas City, Missouri…everyone watching at home…you’re looking at the last Laws of Survival Champion…and the FIRST TRIAD Champion!

They can break my body! They can shed my blood! But those three men can NOT break my spirit! They can NOT free me of my very real, very grim determination. They will pour their hearts, their very souls into that ring, or they will suffer in ways they never believed possible! For I have walked through the very fires of my own personal hell, and I have emerged victorious! And I have once again ascended to a position to call myself what I, and all of you truly know to be right…I have earned the right once again to call myself the very fucking best! And at Redemption, all doubts anyone could ever have will be washed away!

Kilgore Stochansky! Trey Willett! Dan Stein! Whether I hate you, loathe you, or love you like a brother…I will stop at nothing to take home the TRIAD Championship. And years from now, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see the scars…and you will absolutely remember the man that gave them to you, and the man that was your better, in that instance. Cade. Sydal.

Cade throws the microphone in the air, as the fans erupt into cheers! “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint hits again. Cade starts through the ropes and up the ramp, slapping hands with fans.

Eryk Masters: Determined words from Cade Sydal, and what a hell of a way to start off the show!

Other Guy: We just knew that Cade would be making a statement at some point tonight, but never did we think he’s kick off the show in such a fashion!

Jeff Hansen: That’s true, Cade doesn’t usually start the show off, he’s usually more comfortable being somewhere in the middle. Maybe he is a little more confident.



"I’m going to shut you down, put you down and run you out of this business."

The Osbourne Kilminster soundbyte heralds the entrance of the former Iron Fist Champion as he steps out from behind the curtains to the head-thumping beats of Jack Nickelz and the custom track he made just for the man – "Break Your Face".  He circles his shoulders, clicks his neck from side to side and kicks his legs out as he checks the velcro wrist straps of his MMA gloves.

Jeff Hansen: Listen to the Kansas City crowd, guys. I think there’s a mixed reaction here.

Other Guy: Yeah, I think some people here agree with what Oz has been going on about this week, and some people still just can’t stand the sight of the guy.

Eryk Masters: Very… emotive words this week from the Englishman… Yeah, I guess it’s struck a chord with some of the people here tonight.

Slowly stalking his way down the ramp, Kilminster checks his kneepads and the waistband of his urban camouflage-coloured shorts before he ducks under the top rope and makes his way across the ring to the furthest corner, affording him the best view of the walkway as his music cuts.

Samantha Coil: And first to the ring… standing six feet and two inches tall… weighing in at 235lbs… hailing rom Birkenhead, England… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!

The fans barely have time to make their feelings known before their ears are assailed again by a soundbyte playing over the PA system –

"Say what you want – anger dulls your instincts, it makes you weak."

There’s distinct cheers for Azraith’s soundbyte even as the arena rumbles to the strains of "The Sundering" by The Sword, but in the ring, Osbourne shakes his head defiantly.

Slowly, almost emerging from the shadows between the folds of the curtains, Azraith DeMitri appears, his black hooded trenchcoat hiding his head of almost neon-blue hair and blue-jeans, with only the external steel toe-caps of his boots visible beneath. He holds his hands wide, as though in the throes of stigmata as he seemingly floats toward the ring, his faithful fans slapping his hands as he passes them.

Other Guy: That guy is just creepy.

Jeff Hansen: About as creepy as a huge guy with anime hair can be…

Eryk Masters: Hey, the guy’s a legend. For all that he is and all that he isn’t, I don’t think his choice of hair colour defines him, and I think the Missouri masses garee with me on this one.

DeMitri stops just short of the ring’s ropes and tears off his coat and the black T-shirt beneath, his eyes locking with Kilminster’s as he steps through the ropes and takes his position across the ring from him. His expression is cold, almost completely emotionless as he takes a deep breath in through his nose. The music cuts and he is left looking completely relaxed.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… standing six feet and five inches tall… weighing in at 270lbs… here tonight by way of Omaha, Nebraska… AZRAITH DEMITRI!

Other Guy: This is about as intense as it can get… just LOOK at these two.

Jeff Hansen: I know I’ve supported the Oz-man in the past, but just look at the size difference here…

Eryk Masters: On paper, it’s only about three inches and 35lbs, but it looks a lot more in person. I’d say Az probably looks closer to 290 or 300. We should probably look to updating his talent information sheet.

Just then, the ref claps his hands together, points to the canvas and steps back! It is ON and the fans roar their approval as both men almost run to stake their claim to the centre of the ring! Kilminster rips out his gumshield and gets right in DeMitri’s face, running his mouth at ten rounds per second, but Azraith keeps his cool. We can’t tell what Osbourne’s saying, but it doesn’t take a lip-reading expert to make out a succinct "Fuck You" from DeMitri! That sends Osbourne into a real rage as he jams him gumshield back in and delivers a vicious slap with his right hand. The sound reverberates throughout the arena as the bigger man’s head is rocked, but slowly returns to its original position and he looks down his nose at Kilminster!

Other Guy: Uh oh…

Osbourne shakes his head and swings a SECOND slap into Azraith’s face, even HARDER than the first! DeMitri is forced to take half a step back and Osbourne nods his head with a proud smirk, but that second he takes to admire his work bites him in the ass not five seconds later when DeMitri fires a missile of a right elbow into Osbourne’s left eye! Kilminster staggers back, as much with surprise as anything else, raising his guard high as Azraith approaches and winds up for another. Before he can throw it, Kilminster’s down at his legs, powering forward for a double-leg takedown, but DeMitri jogs backward as he gets his underhooks in to pull Kilminster upright before catching him unawares with a corkscrewing neck-breaker!

Eryk Masters: Azraith must be friendly with the medical staff…

Other Guy: He doesn’t need to be. Everyone knows Oz’s neck is his Achilles’ Heel.

Osbourne pushes himself up to his hands and knees  as Azraith stands over him, but as he looks up at the bigger man, we can see his body isn’t heaving because he’s breathing heavily – he’s laughing. DeMitri steps back to allow Osbourne up, but immediately reaches in for a tie-up. Kilminster switches his hands inside and pulls Azraith into a Thai Clinch, firing off with a right knee, then a left and as he winds up for another right, DeMitri drops a level, reaches around the left leg and powers up with a twist and a sit-down to smash the Englishman into the canvas with a Michinoku Driver that sends the fans wild!

Jeff Hansen: Holy…

Other Guy: I’ve never seen that before…

The bigger man points to hi hand holding Kilminster’s left leg and the ref drops for the count, but before he even makes 1, Kilminster kicks out and rolls away from DeMitri, clutching his neck. There are some boos, but it’s impossible to tell whether they’re for the fact that Azraith came close or for the fact that Osbourne has survived!

Eryk Masters: Interesting fan reaction…

Both men slowly get to their feet, but Osbourne is the quicker of the two, chopping deep into DeMitri’s leg with a low-kick to the right side which pairs up with a sister kick right into the floating ribs not a second later. Azraith bends almost double and Osbourne ducks under to pick him up in a Fireman’s Carry, dropping down into a squat position and standing back up… and again… and again…

Jeff Hansen: Az DeMitri – The Human Squat Rack?

Other Guy: I’ve never seen anything like this either…

Jeff Hansen: Are your eyes EVER open? You don’t see a whole lot, do you?

Osbourne makes six reps before Azraith begins his fight back, driving his left fist into Osbourne’s face… and again… and again. On the third attempt, he slacken’s Osbourne’s grip and slides off behind him, reaching around his chin and yanking him down onto his knee with a brutal backbreaker-type move! Osbourne immediately rolls onto his hands an knees as soon as he hits the canvas, to avoid being pinned, and takes a brutal soccer-kick to the ribs for his trouble! Using the ropes to pull himself up, He’s barely up before DeMitri grips his throat and his groin-guard, hoisting him up to shoulder-height and then to full arm extension… and again… and again!

Eryk Masters: Now Azraith with the display of power! That’s a Hell of a military press!

Other Guy: I’ve seen that move in the World’s Strongest Man. They have a weird little log machine and they call it a Viking Press! Seems almost fitting!

Jeff Hansen: I’m not surprised you haven’t seen it in a gym, OG. The last time you went to a gym, it’s because you heard members got Burger King vouchers.

Hitting four reps, Azraith hold Osbourne high over his head and launches him over the top rope! Soaring through the air, Osbourne’s chest collides with the guard-rail and he crumples to the matted area outside the ring. grinding his fingers deep into his pectoral muscles and biting deep into his gumshield to stop himself screaming out in pain!

Other Guy: O.M.G.

Jeff Hansen: O.M.F.G.

Eryk Masters: Dear Lord…

Somehow, Kilminster drives his heels beneath him and forces himself to his feet, albeit by holding onto the guard-rail. Throwing himself from the guard-rail to the ring-apron, he rolls in, but his face is still contorted into a twisted portrait of pain. Azraith helps him up by his ponytail and leaves him stood there, his chest flexing and spasming beyond his control as Demitri circles him. Eventually, the bigger man grasps Osbourne from behind with a standing Kata-Hajime sleeper-hold, squeezing Kilminster’s oesophagus for a second before torquing right back and over to slam him into the canvas with an almost RING SHATTERING IMPACT, the back of his head and neck leading the way! Azraith doesn’t release the hold and, instead, wrestles and hauls his opponent back to his feet for a split second before hitting the DEVASTATING slam AGAIN!

The fans erupt as Azraith locks on, getting his hooks in and straining ever muscle from his shoulders to his fingertips to sink the choke as deeply as he can! The referee pays CLOSE attention as Osbourne’s face turns plum purple!

Eryk Masters: This could be it now…

Other Guy: Azraith has got to be the strongest man in SHOOT right now… That kind of power just can’t be matched!

Jeff Hansen Although Kilminster looks to be getting the worst of this, atleast they’re on the round now… If he can get out…

Osbourne reaches around the back of his head and pries at Azraith’s fingers with both hands, slowly peeling them off one… by one… by one… by one… pulling Azraith’s hand away and switching his hips over to turn into DeMitri’s guard the very instant the choke is released! He doesn’t do much from there, securing his base and just resting, breathing heavily, sucking in oxygen by the lungful as some of the fans cheer the escape!

Other Guy: He’s got eight more where that came from and then all his chips are cashed.

Eryk Masters: Maybe you were right, Jeff. This may well be the turning point now the action’s hit the canvas.

Jeff Hansen: I’m always right, but I’ve grown to accept that a genius like myself can never rceive the accolades I rightly deserve in my own lifetime.

Osbourne begins his attack, driving his right fist DEEP into Azraith’s ribs time and time again. DeMitri maintain’s control of Osbourne’s head and rocks his shoulders on and off the mat to avoid being pinned, grimacing as each shot digs through his obliques and into the bone tissue. Risking it all, Azraith reaches around to secure a whizzer of Osbourne’s right arm, posts his feet out, bridges and angles his body to pull off a textbook hip-heist sweep, taking a mount position on Kilminster and not wasting a second as he BLASTS a right hand into his victim’s gumshield! Osbourne instinctively grabs that right arm, positions his feet and rolls over, again landing in Azraith’s guard… but this tim, he breaks the guard and steps back, getting to his feet and pacing to the other side of the ring!

Eryk Masters: A nice, technical exchange there, but I’m suprised Osbourne wants to take this upstairs.

Other Guy: He’s quite recently been the Iron Fist Champion, so it’s not a real surprise that he wants to bang it out…

Jeff Hansen: Maybe with the damage he’s taken to his chest and neck, he feels like he’d be safer stood up?

Other Guy: Good point.

Osbourne paces, visibly getting his breath back as he stretches out his chest and neck. He smirks and nods his head as Azraith stands, not giving him so much as a second before moving in with a BASEBALL BAT of a right shin BLASTING into DeMitri’s tender ribs and a left hook that ROCKS the big man’s chin! Azraith staggers back and EATS a flying knee! No sooner have Osbourne’s feet touched the mat than he’s in the air again, SMASHING a Superman punch right into Azraith’s face, which backs him right up against the turnbuckle! He steps back toward the centre of the ring, giving DeMitri space to move away from the ropes and turnbuckles, though he does so slowly.

Other Guy: Look at the blood!

Eryk Masters: Ouch, yeah. It looks like either the knee or the punch tore the rught eyebrow of DeMitri and it’s pouring blood everywhere.

Jeff Hansen: Weaker men have been knocked out by less.

Azraith holds his hands high, suddenly respectful of Osbourne’s stand-up game as he steps out of the corner. Osbourne ducks a Rolling Elbow, probably because it’s telegraphed by a loud roar from DeMitri, and peppers the ribs of Azraith with lefts and rights, but catches a Japanese Knee-Kick that checks his chin and forces him back just enough for Azraith to follow-up with a step-through clothesline that turns Osbourne inside out! As soon as his back hits the mat, he uses the rebound to roll onto his hands and knees, but DeMitri steps over his head, wraps his massive arms around Osbourne’s waist and swings him up onto his shoulders and right back down with a sit-down powerbomb that threatens to SPLIT the canvas! He secures the leg to make the cover and the ref counts…



Kilminster kicks out and it’s a race for he and DeMitri to get to their feet! The both make it at the same time and both men reach out! Osbourne locks on a Thai Clinch and Azraith slaps a left hand onto and around Osboune’s throat! Both men stare dead into eachother’s eyes for that split second!


Kilminster releases the Thai clinch and slaps Azraith’s left hand off his neck with his right hand and brings it right around with a back-handed slap to the face of the bigger man, rocking his head before pulling him back into the Thai Clinch, spitting his gumshield out into DeMitri’s face and dropping downn to one knee, bouncing his face off it and holdng the pose with his Azraith on his knees, Osbourne’s hands around the back of Demitri’s head and his face firmly planted on the upward-pointing knee.



Pushing Azraith off his knee and onto the canvas, Osbourne leans down over him to make the cover on his bloodied opponent.




Samantha Coil: And your winner… at a time of 18 minutes and 19 seconds… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!

Standing back up, Kilminster unfastens his gloves and throws them down at DeMitri before leaving the ring as the fans look on at the unconcious man who lays almost motionless save for the gentle rising and falling of his chest, adorned with the gloves of his victorious adversary.

Eryk Masters: Osbourne was never going to out-power DeMitri, but he still managed to pull through and pick up a win here tonight, perhaps avenging the wrongs he feels Azraith did Sinnocence, not to mention securing himself a spot in the match to decide who will be the new Triad Champion.

Other Guy: I can’t wait for that.

Jeff Hansen: You have to. It’s the nature of linear chronology.


Abigail Chase stands in front of the ever present SHOOT project backdrop and utters words that cause everyone in the arena to rise to their collective feet.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome back to the SHOOT project…Christopher Davis!!

Davis steps into the scene, dressed in black jeans and a white button down shirt.

Abigail Chase: Chris it’s been a while since anyone has seen you around here. I’m sure the SHOOT project fans would like to know what you’ve been doing lately.

Christopher Davis: Abigail as you know I’ve been going through a bunch of bullshit lately. My life has been thrown upside down recently because of the actions of one selfish bastard. I’ve spent most of my time away from SHOOT trying to fix the damage that that man has caused to my life.

Abigail Chase: Of course you’re speaking of the recently released Vincent Mallows.

Davis shakes his head in disgust.

Christopher Davis: Recently released, yeah I heard all about that shit. You know I’m torn about that whole thing. You would think that I’d be able to breath again knowing that that ass isn’t going to be around here anymore. You’d think I would have a bit of relief, I’d be able to focus on shit in dis game.

You would think that I’d focus on going to the Redemption Rumble and reminding people exactly who the fuck I am and why the fuck they need to keep my name out of their mouths.

But there’s this part of me that just can’t let it go. It’s not right that Jason Johnson took things in his hands to end something that was mine to end. Who is Jason Johnson to take away MY right to take Vincent Mallows out o dis game?

So I’ve come to this decision. I’m not going to walk out to the ring, grab a microphone and talk shit. I’m going to stand right here, right now, look into the camera and BEG Vincent Mallows to come back to SHOOT and we finish this properly.

Abigail Chase: Are you serious? You actually WANT Vincent Mallows back in SHOOT?

Christopher Davis: I want Vincent Mallows back in SHOOT for one night, for one night. I want Vincent Mallows to come back here so he and I can finish things properly. I told Vincent that when this was over that he wasn’t going to be breathing. I promised Vincent that there could only be one proper ending to this thing between us and him being released by Jason Johnson is NOT the proper way!

I want Vincent Mallows. I want to END Vincent Mallows so I’m sending this message to Vincent. I know that somewhere he’s fuming. I know that somewhere he wants to end this as badly as I do. I know that that dark heart of his will never be satisfied until he gets the proper opportunity to destroy the legacy of Christopher Davis so I’m giving him that chance.

I don’t care if Jason wants it, I don’t care if anyone else here in SHOOT wants it. If my memory serves me correctlyI believe I have done enough in my time in SHOOT to ask that this one thing be done for me!

One match Vincent, that’s it. One match.

You win, I’m done…

I win…

Davis pauses, his eyes narrow.

…there will be an ending Vincent.

Hell, you might be able to save SHOOT from watching me win the Redemption Rumble again.

Davis looks into the eyes of Abigail and then walks away leaving her with more questions then she knows she will ever get an answer to.


The scene opens to TMB in his locker room. He has been staring into the mirror for a few minutes now. His mind and demeanor seems to be focused on something he has been trying to run from. He is interrupted by the sound of a knock on his door. He murmurs for his guest to come in, and in steps Abigail Chase dressed to the nines in her usual finery.

Abigail Chase: Mr. Black!  Do you have a moment for a few questions?

TMB: Questions…seems like for the past few days, that’s all I’ve been answering. But feel free to begin.

Abigail Chase: In just a few moments, you’re going to be facing Sinnocence for her Revolution Championship…do you think you can beat her?

TMB: No…no I don’t.

Abigail Chase: Why is that, Mr. Black?

TMB: Because I’m not here to beat her. I’m not here to become the new Revolution champion. Tonight, I have other plans on my mind.

Abigail Chase: Would you care to share those plans? Rumor has it you’re trying to start a new revolution in SHOOT Project and trying to recruit the very woman you’re facing tonight.

TMB: Sinn gave me a gift during this week. A gift of clarity. She made me look at the truth of myself. Of who I really am…and what I really want. I want the challenge to succeed where the so called greats failed. But more then that I want a fight. I want Ozzy and Sinn by my side because they have what it takes to walk among the oncoming chaos. But as always first I must show that I’m worthy of her allegiance. Even if she isn’t conscious by the end of the match to willing give it,

Abigail Chase: She does seem like a hard woman to get along with, judging by her actions when you guys were part of Jonny’s Friends.  We all wish you good luck tonight when you step in the ring.  What will you do if you do become the new Revolution Champion?

TMB: One word, Abby…Ragnarok.

Abigail Chase smiles.

Abigail Chase: I see Sinn isn’t the only one who’s taken a few pointers from SHOOT’s resident Viking!  Good luck with your match tonight, Mr. Black

The scene slowly fades as TMB goes back to looking into the mirror as Chase exits the room.



The shot goes back to ringside, where “Style Warrior” Curtis Rose stands in the ring already.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit! Already in the ring, from Palm Desert, California! Weighing in at 172 pounds! He is “Style Warrior” CUUUUURTIIIIIIIIIS ROOOOOOOOOSE!

The fans give off a mildly negative reaction. “Lies” by Evanescence (Jay Remix) hits the airwaves, and the fans turn toward the entrance ramp as an unfamiliar, large form steps through the entry way. The large man rolls his shoulders as he starts down the ramp, in a pair of black leather pants and black boots, a silver St. Jude’s pendant hangs around his thick neck, as he makes his way toward the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Weighing in at 275 pounds, from Los Angeles, California! He is BRAAAAAAAAAD JAAAAAAAAACKSOOOOOOOOOON!

Brad Jackson, as he is called, continues down the ramp before he starts up the stairs and steps through the ropes calmly. He removes the silver pendant as the music slowly fades out.

Eryk Masters: Not a lot of fanfare, or need for one, where it concerns Brad Jackson here tonight. He looks like he’s here for business!

The bell sounds, and Brad Jackson immediately grabs Curtis Rose up in a lock up, swings him up, and spikes him down with a sort of Michinoku Driver without any hesitation!

Jeff Hansen: He calls that Therapy, and Curtis Rose might just need some after getting rocked on top of his head like that!

Jackson doesn’t waste any time in pulling Rose up to his feet with him and hooks him in a Russian leg sweep position before kicking his leg out front and sweeping Rose’s feet and driving his face into the canvas, eliciting a loud “OOOOH!” from the fans!

Other Guy: Ego Trip connects!

Jackson grabs Rose up off the canvas and underhooks both arms from behind before turning and dropping to his rear, driving Rose’s face into the canvas once again with an Unprettier variation!

Eryk Masters: And that’s Something Wicked, completing a trifecta of high impact moves from Brad Jackson!

Jackson turns Rose over and hooks the leg.




The bell sounds and Brad Jackson pushes to his feet, as “Lies” by Evanescence (Jay Remix) hits again.




We cut backstage, where we see SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion Dan Stein walking the halls.  He’s decked out for his match, title over his shoulder, and every now and again hemoves his head from side to side, stretching his neck muscles.  Everything seems to be fine, but as Stein turns a corner, There’s a loud wooden crock sound, and his knee goes out from underneath him—Courtesy of Kilgore Stochansky, who is wielding a cricket bat!!  As Stein hits the ground awkwardly, Stochansky sets the bat on his shoulder, shaking his head.

Kilgore: Dan, Dan, Dan…

Stochansky begins to pace around the champion, his burgundy leather coat flowing behind him with almost cape-like quality.  Stein glares up at Kilgore, gritting his leeth and holding onto his knee.

Kilgore: …You and your kind could never understand, you just—

Dan Stein: You fuckin’ snake, I’ll—

Before Dan can get his word in edgewise, Kilgore flies into a rage and slaps the bat’s flat end on the concrete right next to Dan’s face, then leans down and starts screaming.

Kilgore:Shut Up!!  Shut Up, Dan!!  This isn’t your time to speak!!  We’ve all heard your golden words!!  So Golden no one realizes you’re screwing them, except for Me!!

To punctuate this, Stochansky raises his bat high…and brings the edge of the bat down on Dan Steins Knee Again!!  Stein screams in pain, clutching his leg and rolling about, and Kilgore drops to his knees right next to Dan’s head, placing the title over the fallen champion’s chest, his eyes still filled with rage.

Kilgore: If you could just pass this along to your Boss for me?  He seems wound a little too tight!  You idiots, the both of you!!

There’s a moment where Dan could probably try to roll over and hit him, but his eyes show that he’s at the very least confused in addition to the deep pain.

Kilgore: Oh, Kilgore is this, Kilgore is that!  Kilgore’s the bad guy!  Morons!!  You just don’t get it, you don’t have the capacity to understand it!! You, Dan Stein, and your Boss, Cade Sydal…You’re the ones who are at fault!! 

At this point, Kilgore grabs Stein by the head and gets uncomfortably close to him, his eyes glinting a little in the fluorescent lights.

Kilgore: Out there every day, seducing the fans with pure smiles and false words!!  I’m the one who tries to run vermin like you off…But you Keep Coming Back!! That’s okay!  It’s okay!

His tone drops from the rage filled timbre of just a moment ago to a very calm near-whisper.

Kilgore:  It’s okay, Dan…Because I’ll remain ever vigilant.  And I will never…ever stop until I get what I deserve.  You tell Cade that he’s playing with snakes, man.  You tell him that if he keeps staring a wild dog in the eyes, eventually he’s going to get bit.  And above all, you let him know that I’ll show him great mercy, just as I can show him great pain.  Then again, you know all about the latter right now, don’t you?

Stochansky stands to his full six foot five, absently spinning the cricket bat, looking incredibly ominous over the frame of Dan Stein. 

Kilgore: Have fun wrestling!  But don’t forget what I said, friend.

For good Measure, Kilgore brigs the heel of his engineer’s boot right onto Stein’s head, giving him a little stomp before storming off-camera.  We cut away…



TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN make a solemn journey down what seems to be a pretty lonely stretch of corridor inside the Sprint Center.  All three men are in their street clothes, and, in an unrelated note, receive a pretty audible “BOOO” from the fans watching live at the arena.  They look a little on the troubled side;  Frustrated young men with chips on their shoulders. 

All three of them are silent, though Riley keeps sighing a lot, making it fairly obvious that he has something on his mind.

Rogue: Dude, just stop worrying about it, man.  Okay?  They call it the REDEMPTION Rumble for a reason…

Riley shakes his head.

Riley: Yeah, but we shoulda fucking won last week…  I mean, we were the better team, like…  BY FAR, dude.  It should be us and Perdition for the belts, four on four…  not fucking us and God knows how many people trying to gayishly throw each other over a top rope.  How random is that shit?

Calahan shrugs.  He doesn’t disagree with Jason’s point, which is apparent by the way he also nods.

Super Fan: I know, man.  But maybe this is karma biting us in the butt.  Right?  Hell, maybe it’s just dumb-fucking-luck and we’re getting raped.   Who knows?  The fact is, we’re here, and we can either be pissed about it or…  I guess…  DO something.

Quinn nods, while they start to turn down another hallway, enroute to visit Jason Johnson.

Rogue: So then it’s a pretty simple equation, right?

On Sunday…  we…

His voice trails off, and all three guys stop dead in their tracks.

The awkward confrontation was bound to happen.

With the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT over his right shoulder, JONNY JOHNSON is standing alone in the hall.

Rogue: (Carrying over his thought) …Win.

Jonny gestures toward a television monitor hanging over head.

The DEFILER: I uhh…  I put one and one together.

Quinn looks up and sees himself staring at himself, while Riley cuts to the chase.

Riley: What the fuck do you want?

Jonny nods, as though he deserved that sort of response, or, at the very least, expected it.  He adjusts his title and sniffs loudly, taking a little bit of time to respond.

The DEFILER: (Hesitating at first) I just…

Quinn looks more disappointed than anything else and interrupts.

Rogue: You just WHAT, dude?

Jonny holds up his hand, trying to gesture for peace and responds.

The DEFILER: I wanted to say that I’m… 

…That I’m Proud of you guys.

This was the last thing either of trio had expected to hear and they fall into a very bewildered silence.

The DEFILER: (Explaining further) You don’t make it in this business by taking orders from assholes like me.  You make it…  by DEFYING them.  That’s how it works, and the three of you, well…  you had a fucking plan.  A goal, and you were unrelenting in your pursuit of it.

He couldn’t be any more sincere, which defuses any aggression from the young R and R and SF.

The DEFILER: Obviously, we can’t really…  be Friends anymore, but…  But you don’t need friends like me.  The Future TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS of our PLANET…  heh they don’t need anyone but themselves.  And that’s a good thing.  It’s a great thing…

Quinn, who was ready to possibly throw down a few moments ago, now tries to reason with the World Champion.

Rogue: Jonny…

The Champ holds up his hand.

The DEFILER: No.  Just…  It’s fine.  You guys fucking did it.  You’re on the map, and…  uhh…  I made sure to write Jason a long letter with..  with glowing praise for your work, and by the sounds of it, you three are gonna be getting a nice little contact extension after your old ones run out in February.  (Smiling) Big people salaries too from what I understand…

He keeps talking before anyone else can say anything.

The DEFILER: Of course you’re on your own for the Rumble.  I didn’t really talk to Jason about that…

Riley steps forward.

Riley: Dude I…

Jonny AGAIN cuts them off.

The DEFILER: Stop, okay?  That’s all I needed to say so…  Go (waving his hand, gesturing down the hall) do whatever you have to do and leave before I… uhh…  Have a panic attack and kill you, okay?

The last part SOUNDS like it should be a joke, but he says it very seriously.  Quinn, Riley, and Calahan aren’t exactly sure how to respond.

Super Fan: Jonny…

The DEFILER: (Holding up his hand) EH! Just…  leave, okay?

There’s hesitation, but after a moment or so they comply.

They walk past the World Champion, who’s eyes stay firmly on the ground.

Not another word is spoken.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit, and is for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship!

“Line ‘Em Up” by Freeway with Young Chris hits, and the fans immediately begin to boo as Thomas Manchester Black steps through from the back.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, from Charlotte, North Carolina! Wieghing in at 265 pounds! THOOOOOMAAAAAS MAAAANCHEEEEEESTEEEEEEEER BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Thomas Manchester Black starts down the ramp, bobbing his head to the music, as he ignores the boo birds for the most part.

Eryk Masters: This is an interesting match, in that there is a lot of behind the scenes drama associated with it, not to mention the challenger is more than a hundred pounds heavier than the champion.

Other Guy: Psychologically, and physically even, this match might just favor that man right there. He broke into her house to spread some message, and he outrageously outweighs her, and is almost a foot taller than her, too.

Black makes it to the ring and hops onto the apron. He wipes his feet on the apron then steps through the ropes, smirking, as his music hits. “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry hits, and the reaction is a bit more mixed, with only a few cheers mixed into the boos, but the cheers are noticeable nonetheless.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Weighing in at 158 pounds! She is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! SIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCEEEEEEEEENCE!

Sinnocence steps through from the back and raises her Revolution Championship high over her head, and the mixed reaction from both sides of the fence gets louder! She starts down the ramp,a look of grim determination on her face.

Jeff Hansen: Don’t sell her short though. She put up a helluva fight against Azraith DeMitri last week, and she’s looking to do so again, this time with her title on the line.

Eryk Masters: Absolutely. Sinnocence won the Newcomer of the Year award, with good reason. She is not someone you should take lightly inside the ring, no matter what the size difference.

Sinnocence slides into the ring and raises the belt high over her head again, as Samantha Coil steps out of the ring. Sinnocence hands the belt off to a ringside attendant, and stares directly at Black. Austin Linam signals for the bell, and as it sounds Sinnocence and Thomas Manchester Black circle and come together for a lockup. Sinn ducks under Black’s arm and catches him in a waistlock before dropping to her knees and pulling his feet out from under him, and Black hits the canvas face first. Sinn rolls over Black’s back and hooks him in a front facelock before driving hard knees into his face!

Eryk Masters: Looks like Sinnocence has picked up some techniques from her byfriend, Osbourne Kilminster, as she’s just driving those hard knees into Black’s head and face!

Jeff Hansen: A well-placed knee can knock a dude out, no matter how big they are.

Sinn suddenly rolls forward, the front facelock still applied, and ends up on her toes bridging and pulling Black backward with a crazy bridging hold!

Other Guy: Wow! Impressive bridge from Sinnocence, and she’s in firm control of her much larger opponent.

Sinn releases the hold and turns quickly to keep control of Black’s back as she tries to lock on her rear-naked choke and body scissors! Black pops his hips and turns his body to avoid letting the hold get locked on, he shifts his body to his back, and Sinn is now in the mounted position, before Black grabs Sinn by the hips and shoves her sideways to get her off of him. Black rolls to his feet as Sinn rushes at him, Black catches her with a scoop into a fireman’s carry! Black shoves Sinn off and in front of him, with her back to him, Black grabs her in a waistlock and snaps back with a release German suplex!

Jeff Hansen: Thomas Manchester Black just hit a wicked German suplex, and I’d say the control of this match has shifted significantly.

Black turns and rolls Sinn off of her chest and hooks a leg, going for the early cover.



Sinn gets a shoulder up! Black grabs her by the arm and pulls her up into a Muay Thai styled clinch and starts driving knees up into her face! He releases and shoves Sinn back into a corner and runs at her in the corner, and drives the bottom of his boot into her face with a Yakuza Kick in the corner!

Eryk Masters: Oh God!

Black pulls Sinn out of the corner and throws her forward, rolling her onto her back, he quickly covers again.




Sinn kicks out once more! Black pulls Sinn to her feet and sends her off the ropes, he swings a hard clothesline, but Sinn ducks under and continues off the opposite ropes! Black turns around just as she leaps into the air with a cross body! Black doesn’t go down, and instead he pops Sinn up onto his shoulders! Sinn elbows Black in the side of the head and hooks her legs around Black’s arm, she wraps her arms around the other arm, and snaps backward with a high-angled crucifix pin!

Other Guy: A crucifix bomb from Sinnocence could do it!




Black kicks out hard! Sinn scrambles to her feet quickly as Black makes it to his knees. Sinn runs at Black, and Black rises to his feet and snaps into her with a wildly stiff clothesline to the face, and Sinn hits the canvas hard!

Eryk Masters: Black has taken control of this match right back into his hands with that hard clothesline!

Jeff Hansen: The Revolution Champion could be in a lot of trouble if he keeps this up.

Black pulls Sinn to her feet and rushes her into the corner before hoisting her up to place her on the top turnbuckle. Black snaps an uppercut into her face as he turns his body to place his back to her. He reaches up and grabs her arms. Black swings Sinn out off the top turnbuckle, but she tucks forward and wraps her legs around Black’s head, sending him rolling forward with some flying head scissors!

Other Guy: Big reversal from Sinnocence, as that could have spelled the end right there!

Both of them scramble to their feet and Black rushes her! Sinn catches him with a drop toehold, and Black snaps to the canvas. Sinn pushes to her feet and turns to roll over Black with an Oklahoma Roll!



Black kicks out hard, and Sinn rushes at him again as he gets to his feet! Sinn leaps up onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana, but Black holds her legs and pulls her straight up and slides her leg through to place her in a fireman’s carry! Black shoves her upward and drops to his back and lifts both legs! Sinn lands with her stomach across Black’s knees!

Jeff Hansen: Phone Check, Homie!

Eryk Masters: That will slow Sinnocence down real quick!

Black turns and hooks her leg as she clutches her abdomen in pain.




Sinn kicks out! A small cheer comes from the fans in attendance as Black wastes no time in pulling Sinn to her feet and pulls her straight into standing head scissors. Black pulls Sinn up onto his shoulder for a powerbomb and runs her straight at the corner, driving the back of her shoulders down on the top turnbuckle! Sinn slumps down in the corner, her head lulls back!

Other Guy: Black just destroyed Sinnocence with that powerbomb into the turnbuckle!

Black grabs Sinn by her ankle and drags her out of the corner before dropping to make the cover.




Sinn kicks out, just barely! Black grabs her by the legs and turns her over to her stomach. Black pulls her by the ankles up into a deep wheelbarrow and snaps her backward with a wheelbarrow suplex! Sinn backflips through the release and lands on a knee. She groggily pushes to her feet as Black scrambles to his own feet! Black catches Sinn with a boot to the gut and sends her off the ropes! Sinn springs to the second rope and leaps backward with a springboard moonsault! Black doesn’t go down with her and swings her up, but Sinn wraps aorund with flying head scissors, and right behind Black with a schoolboy!

Eryk Masters: Out of nowhere, Sinn is coming up with these roll-ups!




Black kicks out! Black scrambles to his feet and catches Sinn with a boot to the stomach again! Black hooks Sinn for a suplex and pulls her upward, but Sinn thrusts a knee into Black’s face! Sinn slides through Black’s legs, hooking the right leg tight! Small package!




Austin Linam jumps up and signals for the bell, and Black finally breaks free at the same time! Sinn slides out of the ring, cradling the back of her head and her gut as “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry hits again.

Jeff Hansen: Wait, what the hell?!

Other Guy: That quick, and Sinnocence retained her title!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, and STILL SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! SIIIIIIIIIINNOOOOOOOOOOOOCEEEEEEEEEEENCE!

Thomas Manchester Black pleads with Austin Linam, telling him he kicked out, but Linam is hearing none of it, as Sinnocence gets her Revolution Title and raises it high above her head!



The shot goes to a hallway in the back, where Abigail Chase stands, with both members of the Flying Avengers to her left. FLASH Dynamite is smirking, with his arms crossed, while Kid Lightning stands slightly ahead of him, grinning.

Abigail Chase: Guys, I’m back here with one-half of Redemption’s Tag Team Title match, the Flying Avengers. FLASH Dynamite, Kid Lightning, I’ve got to ask you the question I’m sure you get all the time…what’s up with the drastic change in attitude?

FLASH leans closer to Abigail Chase as she slowly turns the microphone toward him.

FLASH Dynamite: What do you mean, Abigail? You mean when we stopped caring about what these…sheep have to say about us? When we stopped harnessing ourselves to the strictest of rule books? Why don’t you go out there and ask everyone why they chose to have villains instead of heroes stand before you.

Kid Lightning: That’s right Abigail, baby. See, we’ve explained it a thousand times, and we’ll explain it again. Those idiots out there…

The fans boo, and Kid Lightning just continues on.

Kid Lightning: …they had their chance. That’s right, ya did. We tried to show them that they really needed us to be their heroes, but they kept pushing to make us villains. They did this to themselves. We are what the SHOOT Project needs, or at least thinks it needs, and so when the SHOOT Project Citizens continue to shovel crap on us, we decided it was time to stop holding back. Maybe in a few months they’ll respect what they see in front of them, when we’ve been the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions for awhile.

The fans boo again as Abigail Chase looks at them incredulously.

Abigail Chase: Do you mean to tell me that you’re actually blaming this on everyone else instead of your own selfish needs for attention?

FLASH grabs the microphone from her forcefully, his jaw clenched beneath the fabric of the mask he wears.

FLASH Dynamite: That’s enough questions Abigail. Now scram!

Abigail Chase hesitates but finally does start to walk off as the camera turns its angles to focus directly on Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite.

FLASH Dynamite: Now, what all of you people out there need to realize is that we two? We are the greatest collection of super human athleticism, speed, and aerial skill joined with super human physicality, power, and intellect. Just as every team put in front of us since the inception of that ill-fated Sky High tournament has come to discover, sooner or later.

Kid Lightning takes the microphone from his partner, and grins.

Kid Lightning: Because we took out Long Island Hardcore. Twice. Now where they at? Used to be that your precious jerks would have come and attack us by now. We handled former Tag Team Champions, Tres Bien, back in Sky High. We got vengeance for our draw in Sky High by snatching victory out from under them against the other team that have wronged us, Made For TV. The fact is, there really is only one team in our way, and they’re a pair of mercenaries. A pair of thugs for hire.

From down the hallway, behind Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite, two forms start walking toward the pair. They remain oblivious, however.

Kid Lightning: And at Redemption, we’re going to take them to their limit. FLASH here is gonna punch ‘em, and punch ‘em. I’ll dizzy ‘em with my blinding speed and skill. And together, we’ll destroy them with our unparalleled team dynamics. And then? And then we’ll become YOUR SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champio–

Kid Lightning is suddenly cut off by the hand of Jonas Coleman reaching over his shoulder, as Diego Reyes puts both his hands on FLASH Dynamite’s shoulders. Jonas grabs the microphone straight out of Kid Lightning’s hand and pulls it to his mouth, as Kid Lightning’s eyes go wide.

Jonas Coleman: No talkie.

Kid Lightning turns around as Diego Reyes releases FLASH Dynamite, allowing him to turn around with his partner.

Kid Lightning: Oh, hey guys, we were just talking about how awesome you guys are…

Jonas Coleman: I said…no talkie.

Kid Lightning nods his head, as Diego Reyes crosses his arms over his chest. Kid Lightning grabs FLASH’s arm.

Kid Lightning: C’mon, FLASH. We got places to go and stuff…

The Flying Avengers slowly back out of the shot, as Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes turn to each other, shaking their heads slowly.

Eryk Masters: Just when I thought the Avengers had grown a set, they chicken out of the perfect opportunity to actually tell someone how good they are to their face!

Other Guy: Perdition ain’t no joke, though, Eryk. And those two are smart enough to realize that.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Toronto, ontario, Canada! Weighing in at 280 pounds! “Ravishing” ROOOOOOOOOOON BAAAAAAAAARKEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

The fans begin to boo as “Cruci-fiction in Space” by Marilyn Manson hits the speakers. Ron Barker steps through from the back and raises his left arm in the air, as the fans boo more. He saunters down the rap.

Eryk Masters: Not a lot of fans rallying behind the self-proclaimed King of Survival in this contest!

Other Guy: Or any other contest, for that matter. I gotta wonder how his opponent is going to even be able to compete here, though.

Ron Barker makes it to the bottom of the ramp and walks up the ring steps. He steps through the ropes, and smirks out at the sea of jeering fans. Slowly his music fades out, and is replaced with “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse hits. The fans begin to cheer loudly.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Weighing in at 215 pounds! He is the current Iron Fist Champion! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAN “The Lights” STEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIN!

The fans continue to cheer, as Dan Stein slowly steps through from the back. He’s careful not to put any pressure on the leg that Kiglore Stochansky attacked just moments ago. His face etched in pain as he raises the Iron Fist Title above his head. The fans cheer loudly, supporting him, even though his leg won’t support his own weight.

Jeff Hansen: Well I’ll be damned…Dan Stein is gonna go through with this match.

Dan Stein starts limping down the ramp gingerly. His face scrunches up in pain as he bites his lower lip, preventing himself from screaming out in any more pain.

Eryk Masters: He’s a fighter, Jeff. You shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Dennis Heflin, the referee assigned to the match, is waving Ron Barker back to his corner before he turns to watch Dan Stein continue his slow hobble down the ramp. Stein stumbles sidelong into the guardrail and props himself up on it. He uses the guardrail to help support his weight as he limps toward the ring.

Other Guy: Fighter or not, dude can’t even stand…

Dan Stein finally makes it to the edge of the ring and rolls gingerly under the bottom rope. He pushes off his good leg and stands as upright as he can before hoisting the Iron Fist Championship high into the air. The fans cheer at the display, as Stein cringes to turn around. His music slowly fades out and referee Dennis Heflin approaches Stein. He takes the title from him and passes it on, and starts to have a conversation with him.

Eryk Masters: It looks, to me, like Dennis Heflin isn’t going to allow this contest to take place!

Other Guy: After what happened earlier, I don’t really blame him. That was a vicious assault on Dan’s knee, man.

Jeff Hansen: I’m not going to disagree that the attack was a little outrageous, but I mean, come on guys. This is professional wrestling. These things do happen, and Stein is at least doing the right thing. He’s manning up, and he’s here to wrestle his match.

Dennis Heflin waves over Samantha Coil and starts to talk to her through the ropes. Stein forcefully shouts out “NO! Let me fight!” but Dennis Heflin waves him off. Stein turns to plead with Heflin as Samantha Coil starts to raise the microphone to her lips. Suddenly, and from the side, Ron Barker runs and kicks Dan Stein right in the wounded leg! Stein crashes to the canvas, and Dennis Heflin turns to start trying to wave him off!

Eryk Masters: Like a shark smelling blood, Ron Barker is attacking that leg! The bell hasn’t even sounded one way or the other yet!

Jeff Hansen: If Dennis Heflin lets this match go down, Ron Barker is going to make Dan Stein regret begging for it…and if Heflin doesn’t, he’s going to piss off these people here who want to see a fight!

Barker stomps down at Stein’s knee recklessly! Dennis Heflin moves to get between them, and Barker nudges Heflin aside before bending down and grabbing Stein by the ankle. Barker lifts Stein’s leg up high and drives the point of the knee down into the canvas hard! The fans groan, sympathetically, as Stein curls up and clutches at his knee, screaming in pain! Barker kicks Stein in the back and flattens him on his belly before dropping a knee to the back of Stein’s own knee, Barker wrenches back on the ankle, tearing at the knee by doing so!

Other Guy: Come on! This isn’t even an official match! Do something!

Suddenly the fans cheer loudly as they spot someone run down the ramp! Ron Barker spots it too, and he releases the hold just as Cade Sydal slides straight under the bottom rope! Cade is quick to rise to his feet as Barker rises to his own, and Cade drives a right fist into Barker’s face! Cade continues with a flurry of fists before Barker drops through the ropes to the outside! Cade moves toward him, then turns back toward Stein when he’s satisfied that Barker isn’t coming back in right away.

Eryk Masters: Ask and you shall receive, it appears, as the Laws of Survival Champion is still pumped up from his speech earlier in the evening!

Jeff Hansen: Unfortunately for him, he’s not booked to compete tonight, so I mean while that’s great, he coulda just split after he said his piece. I guess its lucky for Stein that he didn’t, but still.

Cade signals for a microphone and is handed one, as Dennis Heflin helps Stein to the edge of the ring.

Cade Sydal: Kilgore Stochansky! You wanted to send me a message?! You wanted to target my best friend’s knee before his match to send ME a message? Well, motherfucker, pay close attention, because I’m gonna send you a message through Ron Barker’s dumb ass. You won’t let Dan fight, ref? Well ring the fucking bell, because I’m gonna fight for him!

Dennis Heflin turns to Cade, and starts to argue the point, but Cade quickly raises the microphone back to his mouth.

Cade Sydal: If you don’t ring the fucking bell, I’m going to kick his fucking ass anyway. So ya might as well get paid for doing your job while I’m at it, right?

With that Cade tosses the microphone back out, and Heflin does, in fact, signal for the bell. Cade moves to check on Stein real quick while a pair of security guards move to help Stein up the ramp. Cade turns around just as Ron Barker slides back into the ring and rushes at him, driving Cade to the canvas with a hard clothesline!

Jeff Hansen: Be careful what you wish for, Cade Sydal, because you just might get it in the form of Ron Barker’s arm to your face!

Other Guy: Very opportunistic of Ron Barker to strike when Cade had his back turned.

Jeff Hansen: Like it wasn’t opportunistic of Cade to slide in earlier and start punching him repeatedly? Really now?

Ron Barker grabs Cade by his left wrist and pulls him back to his feet before pulling him right into a short-arm clothesline! Barker maintains his grip of Cade’s arm and pulls him back to his feet and sends him into a corner, hard! Barker rushes immediately after and smashes into Cade with a running avalanche splash!

Eryk Masters: Whatever the case is, we have a match now. It might not have been the advertised match, but it is starting off stiffly with Ron barker in firm control!

Barker grabs Cade’s shirt with both hands and rips it open! Barker then takes his right hand and chops into Cade’s exposed chest! A second and third chop quickly follow before Cade slumps in the corner! Barker pulls Cade back to his feet and sends him flying out of the corner with a HUGE hip toss that sends Cade almost completely across the ring!

Jeff Hansen: Ron Barker just sent Cade Sydal flying!

Cade slowly pushes to his feet, clutching his back, as Ron Barker charges at him! Barker lifts his foot for a big boot, but Cade ducks under and rolls forward a little! Cade hits the ropes as Barker slams his foot down, over-balanced! Barker turns as Cade rebounds off the ropes, and Cade leaps into the air with a jumping calf kick! Barker hits the canvas and Cade pushes back to his feet just as Barker turns and pushes to a knee! Cade snaps his right shin into Barker’s chest! His left shin snaps into barker’s back! His right foot snaps into Barker’s head with a roundhouse kick, and Barker goes down!

Other Guy: Cade is not out here wrestling! He is out here fighting!

Cade hits the ropes and comes running back at Barker before leaping into the air, running Shooting Star Press! Cade pops off of Barker’s chest, clutching his own briefly, before he grabs Barker’s legs and rolls into a cover!



Barker kicks out hard just after the two!

Eryk Masters: Cade might not be using his technical arsenal, but he is using every bit of his speed to his advantage right now.

Cade pulls Barker to his feet and forearms him repeatedly until Barker is reeling on the ropes. Cade lets out a roar, before turning back to barker, who places his hand on Cade’s face and shoves him backward! Cade turns a complete reverse somersault and runs back at Barker, who dips his shoulder and sends Cade over the top rope! Cade grabs the rope and swings his momentum to land on the apron as Barker steps away from the rope, rubbing his jaw. Barker turns around as Cade springboards to the top rope and off again, spinning wheel kick connects!

Other Guy: Cade Sydal with amazing elevation before connecting with that big kick!

Jeff Hansen: If he wants to win this match in honor of his buddy, he better take advantage right now and go for the cover.




Barker gets a shoulder up! Cade pulls Barker to his feet and kicks him hard in the thigh. He follows with a kick in the hip! Cade kicks higher up into the ribs! Cade moves to kick even higher, into the chest, but Barker gets his arms up to block! Barker shakes his arms out as the block stung him too, and Cade quickly turns his momentum for a reverse roundhouse kick! Barker catches under the leg! Barker pulls Cade’s body closer to his and snaps Cade up and over with a reverse capture suplex!

Jeff Hansen: That’ll break a neck right there!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal just got sent flying backward and he landed on his head!

Instead of going for the cover, Barker kicks Cade over onto his back and stands over his chest, facing his feet. Barker bends down and grapevines Cade’s legs with his arm and turns Cade back over onto his chest, his left thigh under Cade’s lower abdomen, Barker’s left foot wraps around to press up against the back of Cade’s head as he leans forward, bending Cade backward awkwardly!

Other Guy: Oh that’s just a nasty sort of reverse Texas Cloverleaf, and Cade has nowhere to go!

Barker leans forward more, and Cade’s back bends even more at an awkward angle, as Cade screams his refusal to tap out at Dennis Heflin. Barker suddenly throws Cade’s legs down and pulls him up off the canvas from behind before snapping him back with a back suplex! Barker quickly goes for a cover!




Cade kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Ron Barker is relentless, and he’s out to prove he is among the absolute best!

Jeff Hansen: A win over Dan Stein would have gone a long way to prove that, but a win over Cade Sydal will do just as good, I’d wager.

Barker gets to his feet and pulls Cade up to his feet. Cade grabs behind Barker’s head and drops to a knee, driving his head into Barker’s chin with a jawbreaker! Cade runs to the ropes and comes back with a dropkick into Barker’s knee! Barker crashes to the canvas and starts pushing up as Cade runs to the ropes at the side and dropkicks Barker in the side of the head! The fans begin to boo, and the camera turns to the ramp as Trey Willett runs down the ramp!

Other Guy: What the hell is he doing coming down here?!

Cade is oblivious though as he turns Barlker over and hooks the leg!




Barker kicks out as Willett makes it down to ringside. Willett ducks down and peers just over the edge of the ring, as Cade waves his hands at Barker, begging him to get to his feet. Barker starts to push to his feet and Cade hits the ropes! Barker grabs Dennis Heflin, pulling him between himself and Cade, but none of that matters as Trey Willett grabs Cade’s ankle when he makes it to the ropes, and Cade smacks down to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Oh! Trey Willett just halted Cade Sydal’s momentum!

Trey turns to the booing crowd and points at his head, grinning, as Cade rolls out of the ring behind him. Cade grabs Trey by the shoulder and whips him around! Cade, at the same time, pulls his right fist back for a punch, but Trey kicks his right foot up, right into Cade’s groin!

Jeff Hansen: Correction…NOW he’s stopped Cade’s momentum. Wow!

Trey grabs Cade and rolls him back into the ring, grinning fully now, as Barker relases Dennis Heflin finally. Barker moves to Cade and pulls him to his feet before sending him off the ropes, catching him as he rebounds with Perfection!

Other Guy: Son of a bitch!

Jeff Hansen: No, that move is called Perfection. I can see how you’d be confused though.

Barker hooks the leg deeply, as if he needs it, and counts with his fingers along with the referee!




The bell sounds once more, as “Cruci-fiction in Space” by Marilyn Manson hits once more. Barker pushes off of Cade and raises his hand, before backing out of the ring, as the fans boo loudly and Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner. ROOOOON BAAAAARKEEEER!

Barker starts up the ramp, as Trey Willett slides into the ring now. Dennis Heflin moves to interject, but Trey Willett pushes him aside and bends over Cade. Trey starts shouting inaudibly at Cade, before beinding down and slapping Cade in the face! The fans continue to boo loudly, as Trey stands over Cade, a foot on Cade’s chest, he raises his arms up high!

Eryk Masters: How can Trey Willett stand there and take all the credit like that?!

Jeff Hansen: It really doesn’t matter how he can,. The fact is, he’s standing over the man that at the top of this show declared that he would stand as the sole TRIAD Champion, and here he is, down and out.




The scene fades to the outside of Sprint Center, the loading dock area, specifically. The camera is following a man wearing jeans and a purple t-shirt that, from the back, reads "Diamond, Boston, Crash?" Anyone familiar with SHOOT merchandise instantly realize this is the "I BEAT A CARVER" t-shirt worn by none other than Jester Smiles. Jester stops and scans the area, as if he were searching for someone.

Jester Smiles: Where did he…THERE!

Jester walks off towards his left, and the camera pans over, continuing to follow. Soon after, Adrian Corazon enters the frame, leaning against the wall.

Jester Smiles: Well, heya buddy! Quite a show so far, I’d say so myself.

Oh, by the way, just, you know, fun little tidbit of knowledge. I’m cleared for Redemption, medically speaking. So, you know….

Jester cocks his head to the side, a sly grin on his face.

Jester Smiles: Should be a grand ole time.

Corazon looks up, at Jester Smiles, and shrugs.

Corazon:  Good to know. 

His demeanor is smug, and he’s being short. 

Corazon:  You’re welcome.

Jester fakes confused. He then fakes enlightenment.

Jester Smiles: OH! I get it. Cuz, you could have killed me or something like that. The inhuman one in his great mercy didn’t end my little ole career.

Jester’s facial expression changes again, a look like he just remembered something.

Jester Smiles: Oh, yeah, there was another reason I was looking for you. Just kinda curious about something. You still gonna push the "I’m what SHOOT needs, this is about the FUTURE OF THE COMPANY" bullshit going into this?

Corazon yawns, uninterested. 

Corazon:  I’ve yet to lie, throughout this entire ordeal.  Perhaps that’s something you should take into consideration.

Jester just grins.

Jester Smiles: I did. It seemed illogical. It also seemed to make everything the both of us fought for at WAR completely meaningless.

Jester stops grinning.

Jester Smiles: Redemption, Adrian, it’s not about saving the company. Jonny’s ‘power’ is gone. The tyrant has been defeated. My problem was that I realized this a couple of weeks too late.

It’s not about SHOOT’s future. It’s about our individual futures. We can compete for a belt. THE belt. The whole reason we all jump into this sport in the first place, Adrian. The Sons of Liberty, we made it solely about the competition. Donovan gets that. I get that now.

Question is, why don’t YOU get that?

Corazon laughs. 

Corazon:  I think it’s hilarious that through each and every single one of your failures, that you’ve yet to learn anything.  You don’t GET or UNDERSTAND anything. 

Corazon sighs. 

Corazon:  You’re just towing the line.  While Jonny Johnson is still the World Heavyweight Champion, the tyrant has NOT been defeated.  I KNOW you’re not this stupid.  SHOOT Project cannot BE the SHOOT Project while Jonny Johnson reigns. 

He shakes his head, obviously disappointed. 

Corazon:  But Eric?  You make this about whatever you need to make it about.  Maybe this time it’ll amount to more than a week long title reign.

Jester clinches his fist, taking a step foward, face to face with Adrian. He’s tense, pissed, but he keeps his cool pretty well, other than being nearly nose to nose with Adrian.

Jester Smiles: Fine. YOU wanna be the hero, Adrian? The beacon? The savior?

Jester grins, and his eyes go a little wide.

Jester Smiles: You aren’t strong enough to bear it. You want the weight of ALL of SHOOT on your shoulders? You want the burden? You want to be judged harsher than ANYONE else because YOU are the big hero? Take my yolk, Adrian. You can have it.

I’ll watch it crush you.

Their eyes lock like magnets.

No one says a word.

“This is what I’m talking about…”

They don’t turn their heads because they don’t need to.  Corazon and Smiles know full well who’s here.  Jonny walks into view and stops just on the outskirts of the frame.  He simply watches the proud Soliders before saying anything, stares at his “soon-to-be-opponents” through casual, icy blue eyes.

Streams of white breath swirl in front of him.

The DEFILER: As though YOUR reigns would produce more favorable results.

He pats the jeweled surface of the SHOOT Project WORLD TITLE hanging off his shoulder.

The DEFILER: It’s getting ridiculous, guys.  This facade.

His eyes continue to float between both men, the winter wind howling in the background.

Corazon:  Oh here we go.  This will be a tremendous good time.  Hey Jonny… 

Corazon pauses. 

Corazon:  Remind us all how your first title reign started, would you? 

He holds his hand up. 

Corazon:  On second thought, don’t bother.  But you’re right, this facade IS getting pretty ridiculous, and that’s why when you’re NO LONGER the World Heavyweight Champion after Redemption, things will be a lot clearer, and really? 

He smirks. 

Corazon:  Just…  a lot better.

Jester sees a nearby  ledge and hops up onto it, sitting down.

Jester Smiles: …For me.

As usual, Jonny allows Corazon to get away with murder.  There’s a strange respect he shows for the kid, and as such, the former World and Iron Fist Champion seems to get away with doing and saying things that other guys simply…  don’t.

The DEFILER: I don’t hold your ignorance against you.  Either of you.  You haven’t been here long enough to know any better.  (Looking to Corazon and then to Jester)  You weren’t here to witness the horrible things this organization has done…  to SEE the countless bodies this place has so casually disposed of…  Like…  they were nothing.  Like they were toys.

He pauses mostly for affect, and then soon proceeds.

The DEFILER: What I did…  I did for everyone who ever had to job to OutKast.  I DID IT for every victim of Del Carver’s backstage politics.  I committed my crimes IN THE NAME OF EVERY MAN OR WOMAN who ever sold their soul to this beacon of injustice that IS…  The SHOOT Project.

I needed to hurt this place.  It’s all I could think about…

Jonny manages to smile, but it’s hardly out of joy.

The DEFILER: But in the end…  Heh…  You can’t.  You can’t hurt it.  You can’t kill it…  It just FEEDS off your every attempt .  It BREATHES the chaos and disorder that come with mutiny, and it WILL eventually win.  It always wins.

He stares deep into the eyes of his enemies.

The DEFILER: Our only chance is that it eventually kills itself… 

Through stability.  Through order. 

And I’m the only one capable of making that a reality.

He swallows back his own frustration, his own hatred and falls silent.

Corazon shrugs. 

Corazon:  Hey, it’s great you did that.  We’re all so in awe of you, and everything like that.  How come you didn’t ACTUALLY do anything, though? 

Corazon smiles. 

Corazon:  I mean, at least I retired Del Carver, you know?

Jonny smirks and looks off into the distance, shaking his head.

The DEFILER: Only to let him come back…  But I’m not going to sit here and cut promos with you two.  I’m not here to dissect how STUPID you both sound.  I’m just here to give you the explanation I felt you deserved…

Because after Sunday…  everything is going to be different.

Jester shakes his head and smiles.

Jester Smiles: Wow. Just….just…wow.

Jester grins and hops up.

Jester Smiles: Neither of you are heroes or big bad wolves. I mean…Jesus, the delusions of grandeur are…you know what, whatever.

Things will be different after Sunday. After Sunday, there will be a new World Champion. And it’s going to be me.

I’ve said my peace. You guys have fun being ‘gods’.

And with that, Jester simply leaves.

Corazon breaks any possible tension with a laugh, while Jonny stays silent.

Corazon:  He’s a cute kid.  Really dumb, but still pretty cute.  I don’t care if it’s me, or if it’s him, that beats you.  Just that one of us does. 

Corazon stands up, moving back towards the arena. 

Corazon:  Ponder THAT one for a bit, mastermind.  I’m going to go try my hand at dodging interviews from inside.

And with that, Corazon walks away, leaving the World Heavyweight Champion…


Jonny stares out into the frigid night, nodding to himself.

The DEFILER: And then there was one…

Just one.







The SHOOT Tron crackles to life with the sound of the bell and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen, now interspersed with gold.





The green and gold electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed. He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up, taking the hooded sweatshirt off and letting it fall to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Donovan King is all business here tonight!




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King screams out to the fans in attendance. The reaction is mixed, more leaning towards the cheering, but it is MASSIVE.  He is wearing his usual trunks, but with kneepads, elbowpads, shinguards, and his fists taped up.  On the rear of his trunks is the crown of Charlotte, North Carolina, the Queen City.


King enters the ring by sliding under the bottom rope.  He pops himself up and immediately slides back out of the ring as “Out Here Grindin’” dies down.  He looks under the ring apron and withdraws a chain, wrapping his right fist up in it.  “Firestarter” by The Prodigy plays, bringing the mixed reaction to much more boos.  Out from the back emerges Pestalance, who is glaring dead ahead.  He wears his usual face paint, red and black, and his eyes have their usual all white contact lenses in.  He walks down the entrance ramp as his trenchcoat billows in the wind behind him.


Pestalance slides in under the bottom rope and stands up slowly, eyeing the booing fans, not paying attention as King slides in behind him and immediately NAILS him in the back of the head with the chain wrapped fist!  Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and we are off!

Other Guy:  King is wasting no time in taking the fight to Pestalance and show him he’s not afraid of him.

Jeff Hansen:  Let’s be honest here, OG.  Pestalance is probably the scariest guy on this roster who didn’t get in a faction with Vincent Mallows…King’d be better off not letting up one bit on the guy!

Pest drops holding the back of his head and King unwraps the chain, using it as a whip and NAILS Pestalance in his back, dropping him to the mat.  Pest tries to get back up, and King hits him AGAIN in the back…and AGAIN…and AGAIN…and AGAIN…and AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!  Pest holds his back in pain as King steps off of Pest, soaking in the fans’ cheering.  Pest, however, rolls to his back and pulls himself up slowly, laughing like a giddy child.

Eryk Masters:  What a sick individual!  He actually enjoyed those chain shots!

Other Guy:  I hope he keeps that grin on his face, because I’m sure he’s gonna have one fun ass fight here tonight!

King immediately attacks again, wrapping the chain around Pest’s neck and trying to choke him violently, but Pest manages to pull the chain off of his head and neck.  He shakes his head, trying to get his bearings back, and King immediately is there, NAILING him with a clothesline that sends BOTH men sailing over the top rope to the floor!  King, however, is up quickly, pounding his fist against his chest, screaming out to the fans who pop for him.  Pest, on the other hand, is grinning as he pulls himself up, albeit slowly.

Jeff Hansen:  One thing King don’t need to do here is take his eye off the ball.  Pest is nuts, didn’t he see the vignettes SHOOT aired this week with the whole Meet Rande and Meet Pest thing?  Fucker is INSANE.

King turns back to Pest, who hits King in the midsection with a HARD kick, doubling King over.  Pest whips King into the guardrail, and King bounces off HARD, falling to a seated position.  Pest pulls his coat off and he wraps King’s head in it, using it to drag King off of the guardrail and to the ring steps.  He pulls the coat back, lifting King’s head, and RAMS King’s head down onto the steps!  He unravels the coat and lets King hold his head for a moment and he begins to search through his coat’s pockets.

Eryk Masters:  What’s he looking for?

Pest drops his coat and reveals to the fans a STRAIGHT RAZOR.

Other Guy:  Well fuck that whole ‘blading’ thing.  I guess Pestalance is going to show King how you REALLY bleed!

Pestalance stands over King, holding his head up to the camera.


With a sick grin on his face, Pest DRAGS THE RAZOR ACROSS KING’S FOREHEAD…and blood just POURS.  Pest RAMS King’s head down onto the ring steps, dropping the razor down as well.  The fans are in shock as Pestalance continues to laugh.

Jeff Hansen:  Oh…oh I’m gonna be sick.

Other Guy:  At least…it wasn’t…you know…TOO deep…

Eryk Masters:  Jesus Christ…what the hell did Jason Johnson do when he let this guy back in?!

King picks himself up, and Tony Lorenzo slides out of the ring to check on him.  King grabs Lorenzo and hugs him tightly, wiping the blood from his face with Lorenzo’s shirt!  He turns to see Pestalance looking under the ring for more weapons and he shoves Lorenzo away, lifts the bloody top section of the ring steps up OVER his head, AND DRIVES THEM DOWN ONTO PEST.  King’s face is a crimson mask ALREADY in this match and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping.  He pushes Pest out of the way and finds a kendo stick!  Pest is trying to shake the cobwebs loose again, but King gives him no time to relax, NAILING him with the kendo stick RIGHT on the top of the head!  He hits him AGAIN!  Pest looks up at him, groggy, and King SLAMS THE STICK INTO PEST’S FACE LIKE A BASEBALL BAT, SPLINTERING IT.

Eryk Masters:  SHIT!!  It looks like Donovan King didn’t forget HIS hardcore roots, either!

King picks Pestalance up and throws him onto the entrance ramp.  He picks Pest up and tucks Pest’s head in between his legs.  He lifts Pest up…and hits a piledriver!  Pest crumples into a heap as King picks himself back up.  He looks around and lifts Pestalance up, ripping Pest’s shirt off of him and spitting on it before throwing it in Pest’s face and chopping the SHIT out of Pest’s chest!  Pest staggers back and leans against the guardrail as the fans WOO! in response!

Other Guy:  Now THERE’S a Queen City King!

King lines himself up again and NAILS another HARD chop, prompting another WOO!  Pest tries to shake it off, but King takes his hand across Pest’s face and smears Pest’s face paint, spitting in his former idol’s face as he does so!

Jeff Hansen:  Man, King’s just as nuts, thinking he can do that to Pestalance and get away with it!

King picks Pest up and hits him with an atomic drop ONTO the guardrail.  Pest calls out in pain, and King follows it up with a clothesline INTO the fans!  Security tries to scatter the fans, but King tries to take a hold of a steel chair from a fan, only to have Pestalance shoulder tackle King into the guardrail!  King drops the chair and Pest picks it up, RAMMING it into King’s head, denting it in the process!  Pest charges with the chair one more time, but King ducks under, back body drop OVER the guardrail back onto the entrance ramp!  King pulls himself up, hopping up onto the guardrail, and springboards onto Pest with an elbow drop!

Other Guy:  King is trying his best to show no mercy against the psychotic Pestalance, but I just don’t know how long he can keep this up with all that blood loss!

As if on cue, King stops fighting Pest, trying to catch his breath as the blood looks to be stopping the downpour on his head.  King picks Pest up, but Pest hoists King up onto his shoulders, possibly going for the Holla At Ya Later Bitch but King squirms free, grabs Pest’s head, looking for the Dealbreaker, only for Pest to NAIL King with the Fuck ‘Em Uppercut!  King staggers backwards and then falls at the base of the ramp, breathing heavily.  Pest walks over and grabs another steel chair.  He calls for King to get up, which King obliges him with, slowly.

Eryk Masters:  Oh…oh this can’t be good for Donovan King!

Once King is on his feet, Pestalance charges at him and NAILS King with the steel chair, using the steel chair to hit King with a shoulder tackle!  King lands on the ground, seemingly out of it, but Pestalance won’t stop there.  Pest takes the steel chair and SLAMS it down on King’s body again and again, causing King to curl into a fetal position to try to avoid any serious injuries.  Pest throws the chair down in disgust and walks over to the ring apron, looking for something new to hit King with.

Jeff Hansen:  Look at King now!  This is what happens when you fuck with a psychopath like Pestalance!

Pest drags out a TABLE, nodding his head.  He leans it up on the side of the ring and looks back under the ring and brings out…LIGHTER FLUID.

Other Guy:  Oh…oh fuck.  Ohhhhh fuck.

Pest begins to COVER the table with lighter fluid, laughing as he does so.  He starts to walk around the ring, looking to the fans, asking if any of them have a light.

Eryk Masters:  Get up, King!

Suddenly, the camera shows Pestalance standing tall, having gotten a lighter from a fan at ringside!  He holds it up, flicks it alight, and walks over to the table.  He takes another look at King, who is starting to stir.  Without a second thought, Pest flicks the lighter open…AND LIGHTS THE TABLE ON FIRE.  He nods his head, looking down at King.  He picks King up and goes to whip King into the flaming table…KING COUNTERS!  HE HOOKS PESTALANCE!!  BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX INTO THE FLAMING TABLE!!!




Eryk Masters:  Holy shit is right, fans!  My GOD!

Jeff Hansen:  I think my heart just peed a little.

Other Guy:  Yeah…Jesus.

Road agents charge down and douse both Pestalance and King with fire extinguishers, trying to get the flames off of them, as both men have EMTs surrounding them as well.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen…I think…I think this match may be over, I don’t know.  Pest and King got burned in that fire, and the EMTs are working immediately on both individuals.

Other Guy:  I guess Jason Johnson doesn’t want them to kill one another this close to Redemption.  Still, though, it sucks it looks like we won’t get a clear finish—WAIT!

After an EMT wraps King’s forehead, King shoves the EMTs out of the way, tackling Pestalance!  The fans ERUPT as both men begin to trade punches on the ground!  King goes to whip Pestalance into the ring, but Pest rolls King in instead!  Pest looks under the ring, desperate to find something and he happens across a long box!  King shakes it off as Pest slides the box into the ring!  Tony Lorenzo ushers everyone away from ringside and FINALLY we are back in the ring!

Jeff Hansen:  It’s not over!  It’s not over!  Fuck yeah!

Pest’s back is showing obvious burns as he opens the box and kicks King for good measure, keeping him dazed.  He picks the box up and dumps it out onto the mat…and it’s revealed TO BE A BOX OF LIGHT TUBES.

Eryk Masters:  We really need to get a better storage area for equipment than underneath the ring!

Pest nods his head, approving as he looks down at the pile of light tubes at his feet.  He walks over to King, who gives Pestalance a low blow!  Pest doubles over in pain and King looks over to the pile, whips Pest to the ropes, lifts Pest high…AND SLAMS PESTALANCE DOWN INTO THE LIGHT TUBES, SHATTERING THEM WITH A HUGE SPINEBUSTER!!!!




Other Guy:  OH MY GOD!!

Jeff Hansen:  Donovan King isn’t backing down one INCH against that crazy mother fucker Pestalance!

King sprawls over Pest, hooking the leg, and Tony Lorenzo’s there for the count!




The fans POP as Pest manages to kick out after that HARSH spinebuster.  King picks Pestalance up, and Pestalance counters…IMPALER DDT!!  PESTALANCE NAILS A VARIATION OF THE END ON KING INTO THE LIGHT TUBES!!!

Jeff Hansen:  As insane as that was, that was desperation!  Pestalance couldn’t make it to the top rope to hit the move with the brutal efficiency he’s known for, so he does what he can to put King down!

Pestalance puts one arm over King, and Tony Lorenzo’s there again for the count!





Pest slams his fists on the mat in frustration, the camera seeing the burns and the bloody marks all over Pest’s back as he does so.  King, meanwhile, is barely stirring, if at all.  Pestalance shakes his head and picks King up, slinging King up onto his shoulders!!

Pestalance:  HOLLA AT YA LATER, BITCH!!!!

Pest goes for his move, but King COUNTERS!!  King is up on his feet, dodging the knee!  DEALBREAKER!!!  KING NAILS THE DEALBREAKER!!!  BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!!  BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!!

Eryk Masters:  Don’t let this match end in a double KO!  GET UP!!

Tony Lorenzo begins his count!!!





King starts to stir!


King tries to drag himself over to Pestalance!


Other Guy:  This is it!  The last spot in the Rumble is there for the taking!!!


King is INCHES from Pestalance!


Pest slowly pulls himself to a seated position!


King locks eyes with Pestalance, who is now missing one of his contact lenses, and a drunken, dazed look of some strange violent glee comes across Pestalance’s face, while grim determination envelops King’s!  King backs off of Pest and Lorenzo stops the count, both men back up to their feet!  Pest goes for a clothesline, King ducks it, King turns Pestalance around, BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!  King drops Pest HARD on the mat, rolls through and picks Pestalance up…AND NAILS ANOTHER BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!  Pest is dazed, and King modifies the hold to hook in a German suplex!

Donovan King:  ONE MORE?!

The fans ERUPT as King throws Pestalance back with ALL of his might, NAILING a picture perfect German suplex!  He bridges!!!  Tony Lorenzo goes for the count!!!




Other Guy:  WHAT?!



The fans ERUPT as King releases the German suplex, breathing heavily.  He drags himself away from Pestalance, who is slowly pulling himself up as well.  King looks at Tony Lorenzo, nodding his head with a knowing look…BUT LORENZO LIFTS PESTALANCE’S ARM!!!  “Firestarter” kicks in and the fans are LIVID!!!

Other Guy:  NO!!!  NO NO NO!!  DAMN IT!!

King looks stunned as Pest barely figures out what’s going on.  The fans are booing loudly as Samantha Coil makes it official.


King gets himself the rest of the way up as Pestalance rolls out of the ring, holding one arm up in celebration.  King staggers over to Tony Lorenzo, trying to make heads or tails of what just happened.

Eryk Masters:  Wow…I can’t…I can’t believe it!  Let’s take a look at the replay.

The scene shifts to the replay for the fans to see as well as Pestalance and King.

Eryk Masters:  You can clearly see where King was unable to bridge completely, more than likely due to all those cuts on his head from the light tubes and the razor from before.

King sees his shoulders on the SHOOTTron, visibly on the mat.

Other Guy:  Pest just managed to get his one shoulder up, I bet purely on instinct, too.

Jeff Hansen:  Well, damn.  That’s crazy.  Simply fatigue, that’s all it was.  I can’t even hate on King for that.  You can see how tired both men are.

King’s head drops as Pestalance walks up the ramp, eyes locked on King.  King looks up to Pestalance, who shrugs his shoulders as if to say “Hey, shit happens” and he disappears to the back.  King breathes deeply, angry and disappointed with himself.

Eryk Masters:  Well, ladies and gentlemen, we can only hope Donovan King can land himself a comfy spot in the Rumble.

Jeff Hansen:  But not too comfy, because he’s not gonna get the best seat in the house now, is he?

Other Guy:  No, damn it.

Eryk Masters:  Stay with SHOOT Project all this week as we finish our Road to Redemption!  Perdition and The Flying Avengers go for the World Tag Team Championship belts, The TRIAD Championship is up for grabs as four of SHOOT Project’s best fight for the right to be the first ever TRIAD Champion under the unified titles!

Jeff Hansen:  Don’t forget that Jonny Johnson’s gonna put his World title up against Jester Smiles and Adrian Corazon, as well as the 2009 Redemption Rumble, where everyone gets their shot at being the number one contender!  Pestalance has the final entry number, but where will Donovan King and the rest of SHOOT Project wind up in the random draw?!

Other Guy:  Not to mention the Rumble winner earns the right to, AT ANY TIME, challenge for the World Championship!  It ain’t all about Reckoning Day, it can be any time!

Eryk Masters:  So from all of us here in SHOOT Project, and for Jeff and OG, this is Eryk Masters wishing you all a good night!

The final shot is Donovan King, glaring at the entrance, fists clenched, a look of pure rage on his face.