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Revolution 56 – 2/15/09


The arena is silent for a moment before the sounds of “Marcia Religiosa” by The City of Prague Philharmonic plays.  The fans are all abuzz until they hear the voice of Jay-Z.

I know you can feel the magic, baby!

Turn the muh fuckin’ lights down…

The arena lights dim down, and the fans begin to boo, realizing who it is.

I mean…it’s what you expected, ain’t it?!

Let’s go.

“Black Republican” by Jay-Z and Nas plays and the fans boo loudly as a HUGE BOOM of pyros bring the lights back up followed by a monochromatic crown on the SHOOTTron.  Out from the back emerges NEW SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION DONOVAN KING.  He stands there, the fans booing, though some still cheering.  He wears a pair of black Armani dress slacks and dress coat, Gucci shoes, a perfectly pressed green dress shirt buttoned up and just…clean.  He wears a pair of black Oakley Juliet-X sunglasses.


King walks down to the ring, the golden SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt on his right shoulder.  He walks down, saying nothing to the heckling fans.

Eryk Masters:  Love him or hate him, this is our NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!

King enters the ring and takes the microphone from Samantha Coil.  He stands there, glaring out at the sea of fans.  “Black Republican” dies down.  He slowly brings the microphone to his lips.

Donovan King:  At Redemption…the SHOOT Project came back here to Las Vegas…and we debuted the SHOOT Project…Epicenter.

He looks over the silent fans.

Donovan King:  Seatin’ somewhere around six thousand for smaller events all the way up to a solider twenty three or four thou for a pay-per-view event..the Epicenter is the nerve center.  Casino, apartments, corporate offices…the Epicenter is Jason Johnson’s way uh tellin’ Las Vegas dat Sin City…is our home.

The fans cheer for that.

Donovan King:  He also wanted a big time moment to bring to Las Vegas.  He wanted Redemption to be somethin’ big.  He put his brother’s boy Corazon in the main event, he put Jonny Johnson World Champ in the main event…an’ he tossed in golden boy Jester Smiles in there, too.

It was supposed to be a big main event for alla y’all…but it was more of the same.

He begins to pace.

Donovan King:  Y’all might be willin’ to accept the same tripe…but not me.  Dat’s why you’re not watchin’ some lame ass Defiler has a sandwich while his lackey pals say the F word a lot kinda moment.  That’s why you’re lookin’ at…me.

The fans give their mixed reaction again.

Donovan King:  I’ve sat back…an’ I’ve had to listen to each an’ every critic uh mine down me an’ down me hard.  The fans don’t cheer him hard enough, he’s just not…popular.  He’s lyin’, he’s secretly evil all along.  He’s the big bad, an’ Real Deal…he was right all along.

I fight Josh Johnson, I end his career after he was willin’ to whore out his own protégé…after he was willin’ to ally with Jonny Johnson an’ bore all of you to tears…an’ the critics still say Donovan King isn’t real.

I lead the Sons of Liberty to victory, sit back an’ let Corazon get the number one contender spot…an’ I hear ‘bout how I’m gonna just prove all them naysayers right.  How I’m gonna…how I’m a spoilsport for walking away from the Sons of Liberty.  How Donovan King…isn’t real.

I didn’t even get close to any awards in the Year Ends.  Hell, Tommy Black has an award for Match of the Year…Donovan King?  Nada.

Apparently, when the votes were tallied…each and every one of you thought like those critics.

Every one of you…thought Donovan King…wasn’t real.

He laughs.

Donovan King:  It broke my heart, you know.  I did things to take years offa my life in this ring.  Ninety minutes with Cade Sydal.  Get my face smashed in wit’ an ASP by Corazon.  Get slaughtered again and again and again and again as The Real Deal makes me jump through hoops.

It wasn’t ever enough.  It wasn’t enough for those guys in the back.  It wasn’t enough for those guys on the internet.  It wasn’t ever enough…for all of you here tonight.

He laughs as the boos begin.

Donovan King:  What?  THIS is what you wanted, right?  THIS is the man you wanted, right?  THIS IS THE REAL DONOVAN KING, RIGHT?!

The fans boo even more.

Donovan King:  I came to you all…I bared my soul to y’all.  I laid it all out there for YOU.  I stopped throwin’ them punches.  I paid respect to my foes dat deserved it.  I gave you matches dat’d throw dat cluster fuck Under Siege Match on its ASS.  I did all I COULD…

…an’ when y’all had a chance to show me it was appreciated?  Dat my tireless work to stop Jonny Johnson was appreciated?


He pauses.

Donovan King:  I sucked it up.  I moved on.  An’ I set my sights on one thing an’ one thing only.

He holds the belt up for all to see.

Donovan King:  Y’all would love to see dis around the waist of Adrian Corazon, wouldn’t you?

The fans cheer.

Donovan King:  Jester Smiles?

The fans cheer even more.

Donovan King:  Y’all woulda loved it if Azraith DeMitri walked outta Redemption the Rumble winner, right?

The cheers continue.

Donovan King:  Well…too…bad.

The fans boo once more.

Donovan King:  I did somethin’ I wanted to do for a long time at Redemption.  I won the Rumble.  I won the World Championship.

I destroyed Adrian Corazon’s moment in the sun.

He starts to grin.  The fans continue to boo.

Donovan King:  I’ve done all I could for you ungrateful people.  I did all I could to show you people I could handle the weight of this place.  I could be the cornerstone, the foundation, I was purported to be.


Now I take what I want.  When I want it.  And there is nothing you people here…those people in the back…or those people watchin’ from home…are gonna be able to do to stop me.

King glares at the booing masses.

Donovan King:  So I leave y’all with this.  No more Jonnylutions.  No more cool bad guys.  No more sacrificial heroes.  No more games.

I said a new era would be born…and it has.

I’m not the big bad like people thought.

I am Donovan King.

The REAL…Donovan King.

He smirks for a second.


“Black Republican” by Nas & Jay-Z kicks back in as King walks from the ring, the boos erupting from the fans.  King leaves the ring, glaring at all of the fans, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship to his chest as he walks up the ramp.

Eryk Masters:  I…wow.  No show opening tonight, ladies and gentlemen, as Donovan King…the NEW SHOOT Project World Champion…got to say everything that’s been on his mind for…God knows how long.

Jeff Hansen:  I’m not trying to jump on the bandwagon…but I kinda like this new Donovan King.  I hope he grows on me a bit more.

Other Guy:  I…I just don’t know.  Man, can we just get on with this show?

King turns to the booing fans one final time before he leaves.  He stares out at the sea of fans, unmoving, before he disappears to the back.




Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit, and is for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships!

The fans begin to buzz in anticipation, and the buzzing slowly turns to cheering as “Ready to Brawl” by 3seven7 hits! Jerry Eisenhower steps through from the back in his black trunks and white boots, while Alex Brooks steps out in a pair of baggy jeans and a SHOOT Project black t-shirt!

Eryk Masters: The perennial underdogs and challengers, look to be the first ones out here!

Other Guy: But these people love them!

Alex Brooks jumps up and down, pumping his arms to the crowd, as the crowd cheers louder! Jerry Eisenhower starts down the ramp, and Alex Brooks excitedly follows him!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 395 pounds! They are the team of Jerry Eisenhower and Alex Brooks! MAAAAAAAAADE FOOOOOOOOOOR TEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEE!

The youngster hops onto the apron while Jerry walks up the ringsteps. Jerry wipes his feet on the ring edge as Alex Brooks slingshots himself over the ropes. Jerry steps through the ropes and the music slowly fades out. “Defy You” by Offspring replaces it, and the fans instantly begin to boo. Both members of the Flying Avengers step out from the back, with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! Weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds! They are the team of Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite! The FLYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEERS!

The Flying Avengers start down the ramp, polishing the face plates of their title belts as they walk, grinning under their masks. The fans shower them in jeers, but they don’t even seem too bothered by the lack of respect any more, as Kid Lightning turns and places both thumbs near his ears and waves his hands while sticking out his tongue at some fans near the ramp! Kid Lightning slides under the bottom rope when they make it to the ring, and FLASH Dynamite leaps onto the apron before stepping through the ropes. Kid Lightning throws both arms out wide, and FLASH steps behind Kid Lightning and flexes his arms. They hand their titles over to Samantha Coil as she makes her way out of the ring.

Other Guy: Those guys sure are proud of themselves!

Jeff Hansen: You say that like it’s a bad thing!

FLASH Dynamite steps through the ropes into the corner, and Alex Brooks slowly does the same, leaving Kid Lightning and Jerry Eisenhower in the ring to start the match off. Chris Jenkins signals for the bell, and Kid Lightning bounces from foot to foot as Jerry Eisenhower motions for Kid Lightning to tie-up with him. The two start to circle, and they move to tie-up, but Kid Lightning ducks under the reaching arms of Jerry, and sticks his tongue out at Jerry when he turns around.

Eryk Masters: Kid lightning looks like he’s playing some mind games with the oldest member of the active roster, and Jerry Eisenhower doesn’t seem impressed at all.

Other Guy: It just looks, to me, like Kid Lightning is scared to lock-up with the guy, honestly.

They start to circle up again and meet in the middle, and Kid Lightning ducks under the lock-up attempt again. Kid Lightning turns around to stick his tongue out once more, but Jerry snaps a chop into his chest! Kid Lightning stumbles back and Jerry chases him down with another chop! Jerry grabs Kid Lightning’s left wrist and wraps under it, twisting the arm, before snapping his right fist into Kid Lightning’s jaw to push him to the ropes! Jerry Eisenhower sends Kid Lightning off the ropes and catches him with a hip toss! Jerry grabs the arm of Kid Lightning and pulls it into an armbar!

Other Guy: Jerry Eisenhower is in firm control of Kid Lightning’s arm, and all those little childish games from Kid Lightning are out the window as he realizes that Eisenhower is serious!

Jeff Hansen: He kinda took a cheap shot to get the advantage though. I mean, to be fair.

Kid Lightning turns to his knees and starts to push to his feet. Kid Lightning reaches his right hand around and grabs the hip of Eisenhower’s trunks and starts pushing back on it, using it for an advantage to push Eisenhower to the ropes. Kid Lightning tries to shoot Eisenhower off the ropes, but Jerry keeps a hold of the left arm of Kid Lightning and turns into an arm drag and turns up to keep the armbar!

Jeff Hansen: That was pretty impressive from the old man though, I’ll give him that.

Eryk Masters: He’s a wily veteran, and none of Kid Lightning’s limited technical talents are going to get him out of that armbar.

Kid Lightning rolls backward and pushes off his knees again, this time he kicks into Jerry’s thigh. Kid Lightning shoves his right forearm into Jerry’s face! Another kick into the left thigh, followed by a forearm to the face and Kid Lightning breaks free of the hold. Kid Lightning turns to run toward the ropes, but Jerry grabs him by the tassles of his mask and pulls him down to the canvas! Jerry grabs Kid Lightning’s arm and pulls it back into a deep armbar!

Other Guy: A little creative way of regaining control, right there!

Eryk Masters: If that had been hair, that would be cheating…as it stands that’s still a gray area, but either way, Jerry Eisenhower is right back on the arm and Kid Lightning is getting frustrated!

On the apron, Alex Brooks claps his hands excitedly and reaches out for a tag. FLASH Dynamite reaches his own hand over the top rope. Jerry pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and whips him off the ropes! Kid Lightning rebounds and ducks under a clothesline attempt! FLASH reaches and slaps Kid Lightning’s arm as he rebounds off the ropes again, and Kid Lightning leaps for a cross body! Jerry ducks under, and FLASH is right there to kick him in the chest, as Kid Lightning turns a side-somersault to roll back to his feet! Kid Lightning leaps up with a dropkick to the back of Jerry’s head as FLASH Dynamite smashes into Jerry’s chest with a clothesline! Eisenhower crumbles to the side, his body unallowed to go forward or backward.

Jeff Hansen: Oh! Now THAT was some good teamwork!

Eryk Masters: Certainly was impressive, and they sandwiched Jerry Eisenhower in a unique way.

FLASH drops to cover Eisenhower, placing his left hand on Jerry’s mouth.



Eisenhower kicks out, pushing both his hands into FLASH’s face in the process. Jerry turns over to his stomach, and FLASH quickly slides into a rear mounted position and pulls Eisenhower up into a Camel Clutch! FLASH takes his right hand and pulls it back before driving his forearm down on the side of Eisenhower’s face with a stiff crossface!

Jeff Hansen: Oh God! That crossface-forearm had some fire behind it!

Other Guy: FLASH Dynamite definitely bringing the heat!

FLASH pulls his right arm across his own body and drives the point of his elbow into the other side of Jerry’s face! He grabs Jerry by the back of his head and shoves him, face-first, into the canvas! FLASH pushes to his feet and flexes his biceps, eliciting jeers from the crowd, and he shrugs at them before turning Jerry over and covering him again!




Eisenhower kicks out again!

Eryk Masters: FLASH unable to pick up the win there, and you have to think that if he hadn’t spent so much time flexing, he could have possibly won there.

Other Guy: There’s no denying that FLASH spent a little more time showing us how strong he is than he did going for a victory right there.

FLASH pulls Jerry to his feet and pulls him into a front facelock, before backing into his corner. Kid Lightning tags himself in, and together they send Jerry off the ropes. Kid Lightning rushes to catch Jerry on the rebound withy a drop toehold! FLASH comes off the ropes to the side with a knee drop across the back of Jerry’s head! FLASH quickly gets out of the ring as Kid Lighting turns Jerry over and goes for the cover!

Other Guy: Kid Lightning, however, isn’t wasting any time!




Jerry Eisenhower kicks out!

Eryk Masters: But unsuccessful, as there’s still some fight in the old man!

Kid Lightning grabs Jerry and pulls him to his feet. Kid Lightning whips Jerry off the ropes, but the whip is reversed and Eisenhower grabs the back of Kid Lightning’s head, throwing him over the top rope! Kid Lightning grabs the top rope and lands on the apron with both feet. Kid Lightning springboards into the ring as Jerry turns around, but Jerry drops to a knee, delivering an inverted atomic drop!

Eryk Masters: Oh! That is NOT how Kid Lightning wanted to land!

Jeff Hansen: Chris Jenkins is just going to allow that shot to the groin go?! What the hell!?

Eisenhower pushes off his knee and clotheslines Kid Lightning to the canvas before cradling his head. Jerry grabs Kid Lightning off the canvas and pushes him back toward Alex Brooks, and tags in the youngster. Alex springs over the top rope and grabs Kid Lightning’s other arm. Together they send Kid Lightning off the ropes and they catch Kid Lightning with a back elbow, and Kid Lightning crashes to the canvas! Alex looks down at Kid Lightning and leaps into the air, and drops a leg across Kid Lightning’s chest!

Jeff Hansen: Alex Brooks got some height on that leg drop, I’ll give him that!

Other Guy: He’s pretty damn excited just to be there right now!

Alex turns his body quickly and grabs a leg, hooking it deep for a cover!



Kid Lightning kicks out quickly, and Alex Brooks pulls him up and sends him into a corner! Alex rushes behind Kid Lightning and catches him with a running forearm in the corner before grabbing his arm and sending him to the other corner! Kid Lightning drops to a knee and reverses the whip, and Alex hits the corner instead. Kid Lightning runs at Brooks, but Brooks steps to the side and Kid Lightning hits the turnbuckles! Kid Lightning turns around as Brooks jumps up for a monkey flip, but Kid Lightning flips through to his feet!

Jeff Hansen: Jesus Christ! With Alex Brooks in, the pace of this match has changed drastically!

Eryk Masters: He’s being suckered into working at Kid Lightning’s pace, and this can’t end well for him!

Kid Lightning turns as Brooks pushes to his feet, and Kid Lightning charges! Brooks drops to the side, and drop toeholds Kid Lightning into the bottom turnbuckle! Brooks grabs Kid Lightning from behind and pulls him to his feet with a waistlock and throws Kid Lightning’s arm up over his head before throwing Kid Lightning up and driving him down with a back suplex!

Eryk Masters: Right now, however, this isn’t working out too bad for the kid.

Other Guy: No, it certainly is not!

Kid Lightning bounces off his shoulders to his feet a little wobbly and Brooks sends him off the ropes! Kid Lightning rebounds and Brooks drops down to catch Kid Lightning with a sort of monkey flip that sends him down on the middle rope, throat first! Brooks pushes to his feet and hits the ropes opposite Kid Lightning!

Other Guy: He’s going for the GO! ALEX! GO!

Alex runs full speed at Kid Lightning and grabs the top rope and middle rope before swinging his legs through the ropes, ala Rey Mysterio’s 619! Kid Lightning ducks under the swinging legs, however, and Brooks swings all the way through and lands on his feet!

Jeff Hansen: And he misses!

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet as Brooks turns around! Kid Lightning runs at Brooks, who catches him with a scoop and slams him back down! Alex Brooks climbs up to the top rope, his back to Kid Lightning! Alex Brooks leaps off the top rope and jumps high! He rotates backward! His arms out to the side!

Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks is taking to the air!

Jeff Hansen: This isn’t going to end pretty!

Kid Lightning rolls out of the way! And Alex Brooks lands on his forehead instead of his chest! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet and Chris Jenkins immediately moves to check on Alex Brooks! Kid Lightning pushes Chris Jenkins out of the way and pulls Brooks up by his hair before pulling him into a side headlock! Kid Lightning turns through a headlock takeover and squeezes at Brooks’ head!

Jeff Hansen: I’m not really sure a headlock is Kid Lightning’s best strategy, but with Brooks landing on his head, it could be more effective than we’d normally think.

Other Guy: Yeah, I’m not real sure what Kid Lightning is thinking, keeping this on the ground, but maybe he’s got something in mind that we’re not aware of yet.

Brooks hooks under Kid Lightning’s leg and rolls him back, and Kid Lightning kicks out of the sudden pin attempt before Chris Jenkins can slide into position! Kid Lightning quickly grabs Brooks by the arm and twists under it, before whipping him into the Flying Avengers corner. Kid Lightning comes in and tags in FLASH Dynamite, who steps into the ring and pulls Brooks out of the corner and hooks him for a back suplex. Kid Lightning grabs Brooks by the legs and quickly swings Brooks’ legs around to assist in a Blue Thunder Bomb from FLASH! Kid Lightning catches Alex by the neck and falls with a neckbreaker to add to the impact!

Other Guy: Oh! Wow!

Eryk Masters: Whatever his reason for throwing that headlock in there, I think its safe to say they just put the hurt on Alex Brooks right there!




Jerry Eisenhower runs into the ring and kicks FLASH in the chest to break up his pin attempt! Chris Jenkins moves to escort Eisenhower out, while FLASH pulls rooks to his feet. FLASH sends Brooks off the ropes and catches him with a tilt-a-whirl that spins him through to land on his feet, FLASH snaps back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! FLASH pushes to his feet and flexes both of his arms!

Eryk Masters: Impressive display of strength, spinning Alex Brooks around like that!

Jeff Hansen: Impressive indeed! Jeeze!

FLASH grabs Brooks off the canvas and pulls him to his feet before tagging in Kid Lightning. FLASH quickly turns Brooks around and snaps back with a Backcracker, holding onto Brooks’ shoulder to keep him in place! Kid Lightning slingshots over the top rope into the ring, landing on the second turnbuckle, Kid Lightning moonsaults straight back across Alex’s chest!


Jeff Hansen: Did you see that shit?!

Other Guy: Good God! The way Alex Brooks was held, that had to seriously hurt his back and ribs!

Brooks rolls off of FLASH’s knees before FLASH steps out of the ring, Kid Lightning hooks both legs for the pin!




Jerry Eisenhower quickly runs in and stomps on Kid Lightning’s chest! Chris Jenkins moves to grab Eisenhower and starts backing him out of the ring as Kid Lightning holds his chest. Kid Lightning turns and pulls Alex to his feet. Kid Lightning sends Brooks off the ropes, but Brooks reverses! Kid Lightning rebounds and catches Brooks with a flying head scissors, and swings through into a DDT, driving Alex Brooks into the canvas!

Other Guy: Jerry Eisenhower saved Alex Brooks from being pinned with that tandem move, but can he stop it from happening after THAT?!

Eryk Masters: That spinning, head scissors, DDT…thing…that was crazy!

Kid Lightning kips up off his back and throws his arms out wide, though the fans boo his arrogant display the smirk never leaves his face. Kid Lightning kicks Brooks over to his back and hits the ropes, Kid Lightning springs off the ropes and turns through a corkscrew moonsault across Brooks’ chest, and hooks both legs!




Jerry Eisenhower runs in and grabs Kid Lightning’s leg, pulling him off the cover!

Jeff Hansen: Eisenhower definitely just kept this thing alive for Made for TV!

Other Guy: Which means their championship dreams are still good.

Kid Lightning pulls Brooks to his feet, when suddenly Brooks throws a forearm into Kid Lightning’s abdomen! Brooks follows with another forearm to the gut! A third forearm follows as Brooks pushes to his feet and hits the ropes! Kid Lightning swings a clothesline, and Brooks ducks under! Alex hits the ropes, but FLASH Dynamite is there with a hard clubbing forearm across his back!

Other Guy: Oh come on!

Brooks stumbles forward and Kid Lightning jumps up onto his shoulders and snaps back with a hurricanrana! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet and tags in FLASH Dynamite!

Eryk Masters: FLASH definitely kept Brooks from building momentum!

FLASH pulls Alex to his feet and throws him striahgt into the air, catching him in a fireman’s carry! Kid Lightning hits the ropes behind FLASH as FLASH throws Brooks off his shoulders! FLASH drops to his back as Kid Lightning grabs Alex by his head and falls straight to the canvas on his back, planting a knee in Brooks face, as Brooks lands with his ribs across FLASH’s knees!

Eryk Masters: Oh God!

Jeff Hansen: Say whatever you want about their attitude, but when the Flying Avengers work together they work TOGETHER! And they do so very, VERY well!

Brooks bounces off the three combined knees to the canvas, one hand holds his chin as the other arm wraps around his abdomen! Kid Lightning quickly leaves the ring, as FLASH pushes to his own feet and drops into a cover!




Jerry Eisenhower is quick to break up the pin attempt as he dives to club FLASH in the back with both arms! FLASH pushes to his feet as Chris Jenkins quickly moves Eisenhower back out of the ring. FLASH turns and mounts Brooks and starts driving straight jabs into Alex’s face with both fists! Chris Jenkins turns back to FLASH and quickly moves to stop the assault! FLASH finally pushes away from Brooks and flexes, to a chorus of boos!

Other Guy: FLASH is very sure of himself!

Jeff Hansen: Why shouldn’t he be, though?!

FLASH finally pulls Brooks to his feet and sends him off the ropes! Brooks ducks a clothesline as he rebounds! FLASH turns around as Brooks rebounds off the opposite ropes, and Brooks turns his body and leaps into FLASH with a wheelbarrow! Brooks pushes himself up and grabs FLASH by the head, and rides FLASH to the canvas with a bulldog!

Eryk Masters: This could be the moment Alex Brooks needs to get his fresh partner in there!

Jeff Hansen: You could be right!

FLASH pushes to his feet, holding his face, as Brooks starts crawling to his corner! FLASH grabs Brooks by the ankles and stops him before grabbing him off the canvas and swings Alex onto his shoulder, looking possibly for an Oklahoma Slam! FLASH starts to run toward his corner when Alex slides down FLASH’s back and shoves FLASH into the corner!

Other Guy: He escaped!

Kid Lightning slaps FLASH’s chest!

Eryk Masters: Run, kid! Run!

Kid Lightning springs over the top rope as Alex Brooks turns and runs for his corner! Kid Lightning catches him quickly with a waistlock! Alex throws an elbow back into the side of Kid Lightning’s head! Brooks runs and tags in Eisenhower!

Jeff Hansen: Jerry Eisenhower is in!

Jerry steps through the ropes and runs in! Kid Lightning swings a clothesline, but Jerry ducks it! Kid Lightning turns, and Jerry snaps into him with a chop! FLASH pushes out of the corner and runs at Jerry! Jerry drives a jab into his jaw! FLASH stumbles back as Kid Lightning runs back at Jerry, who snaps his elbow back right into Kid Lightning’s chin, driving Kid Lightning to the canvas!

Other Guy: Jerry Eisenhower is hitting anything that moves!

Eryk Masters: He is on fire!

FLASH rushes Jerry, who jumps into the air and swings his arm hard into FLASH’s chest, driving FLASH down with a leaping clothesline! Kid Lightning slowly pushes to his feet and Jerry sends him off the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a HIGH back body drop! FLASH pushes to his feet and Jerry grabs him by the arm. Jerry whips FLASH, but FLASH reverses! Jerry catches the top rope with both arms, stopping himself from rebounding right into FLASH as his hands clap together for an attempt at a Polish Hammer! FLASH runs at Jerry, but Jerry drops at the last moment, grabbing the top rope with both hands! FLASH sails over the top rope to the floor!

Eryk Masters: Whoa!

Jeff Hansen: Jerry just cleaned house!

Jerry starts talking trash over the rope at FLASH, as FLASH slowly tries to pick himself up off the floor. Jerry turns around as Kid Lightning pushes to his own feet! Kid Lightning kicks at Jerry, but Jerry catches the leg! Jerry throws the foot to the side, spinning Kid Lightning full circle, before kicking Kid Lightning in the gut! Jerry grabs Kid Lightning with a standing head scissor!

Other Guy: Jerry’s going for a piledriver!

Eryk Masters: Watch Alex Brooks!

Alex runs along the apron and leaps at FLASH! FLASH catches Alex in mid-air with a Polish Hammer!

Jeff Hansen: Hammer of Justice, plucks Alex Brooks out of mid-air!

Jerry has his back turned to the action outside as he grabs Kid Lightning by the waist! Kid Lightning drops to a knee and swings around behind Jerry, rolling him up from behind with a schoolboy! Chris Jenkins slides into position!


Kid Lightning hooks the tights!


Other Guy: He’s got the damn tights, ref!


Chris Jenkins signals for the bell, and Kid Lightning quickly slides out of the ring, raising his arms in victory!

Eryk Masters: They stole the win!

Jeff Hansen: It doesn’t matter how they did it, all that matters is that the Flying Avengers are STILL The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions!

“Defy You” by Offspring hits the speakers, as the fans begin to boo loudly! FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning move toward the timekeeper’s table to retrieve their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Title belts, as Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 34 minutes and 41 seconds! And STILL SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions! FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning! The FLYYYYYYYIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEERS!

Jerry Eisenhower continues to complain to Chris Jenkins about his tights being pulled, when the Flying Avengers slide in behind him! FLASH drives the face plate of his belt into Eisenhower’s back, and he falls to the canvas! Kid Lightning starts stomping on him, while FLASH fastens the belt around his waist. FLASH starts stomping down on Jerry Eisenhower as the fans boo loudly, and Kid Lightning steps back to fasten the belt around HIS waist! Kid Lightning rejoins in the stomping of Jerry Eisenhower, when suddenly the fans begin to cheer!

Other Guy: Here comes the cavalry!

FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning turn as both members of PERDITION come sprinting down the ramp! FLASH and Kid Lightning both quickly jump through the ropes to the floor to avoid contact the moment Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman slide into the ring! Jonas and Diego point at the titles around the Flying Avengers’ waists and drag their hands across their waists!

Eryk Masters: Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes are sending a message, loud and clear, to both members of the Flying Avengers! They’re coming for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships!

FLASH Dynamite, and Kid Lightning, for their parts are shown shaking their heads. A look of worry etched on their faces as they back up the ramp slowly.


The indoor Talent-Only parking lot of the SHOOT Project Epicenter suddenly finds itself the home to a roaring beast of an automobile as a jet black Mustang screeches into view, drifting around a concrete pillar and almost floating effortlessly into a parking space. The engine cuts out and the doors pop open.

Osbourne Kilminster, dressed in a baggy black hoody and combat pants, steps out of the passenger side and glares over the roof at Thomas Manchester Black.

Osbourne Kilminster: You told me… No, you PROMISED me you wouldn’t drive like that, man. Cars like this aren’t designed for all that street-racing rubbish…

TMB: You said you wanted to get here as soon as possible. I think I’ve achieved that for you. Plus…what’s the use of having this baby if you don’t open it up?

TMB smiles as you can fully see what he is wearing – black boots and jeans with an official Snap or Tap Wind-breaker that TMB has designed. He tips his shades and flashes a smile to his friend who isn’t buy one word Thomas is saying. Osbourne hauls his massive kit-bag out from the back seat and slings it over his shoulder, catching his keys from TMB so he can lock the passenger door before they make their way toward the Epicenter’s entrance.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know what? I had to pack ten bottles of water for us, just because I don’t trust that Kilgore and his penchant for spiking people’s drinks.

TMB: I wish a muthafucka would spike my "water". I mean after all the trouble I went through empting those bottles of Vold…Vold Kamp Training Water, I’d be piss.

Osbourne Kilminster: What the Hell are you on about?

TMB: Nothing, buddy…let me just make sure I mark my bottles when we get in.

Kilminster shakes his head, as they walk on. As he reaches out to open the door, he nods over to a point behind TMB where Jada’s black 86 Trans-Am is parked. TMB nods as they enter the arena’s network of inter-connecting corridors.

Osbourne Kilminster: Look, I don’t want to be a pain or anything, but I need you to be watching my back pretty closely all night, man. We know the kind of stunts Kilgore pulls and I don’t want to be caught out. The problem is, it could be anything… so, yeah, if anything remotely suspicious catches your eye, you need to let me know, right? He’s not silly enough to try anything with Jada, but he’ll be coming after me… no doubt about it.

TMB: Bro, you don’t even have to ask. If you would like, I could go handle things right now and really make sure the night goes smooth for us.

Kilminster stops in his tracks and slowly turns his head to face his friend.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, that’s a pretty interesting proposition, but I want to prove a point that we’re better than that. We’re a cut above him and all his rubbish, and this is our chance to prove it, right?

TMB: Not exactly the fun way…but I get your point. But maybe we should take some preparations like making sure the officials understand the importance of this match.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, actually, I wanted to have a little chat with Tony Lorenzo about how this match is going to work. Let’s drop this stuff off and go sort that out.

Setting back off along the gleaming, tiled corridor, the two men head off to find Kilminster’s locker room…

Cutting to the Commentary Position, Other Guy, Jeff Hansen and Eryk Masters look to the camera from the SHOOT VideoTron at the top of the walkway.

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black is one guy NOBODY wants hunting them down. I think Kilgore owes Oz a debt of thanks for stopping him!

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think Kilgore is the kind of guy to care too much! Besides, he’s a tricky guy to find when he doesn’t want to be found.

Other Guy: That may be, but up later tonight – our MAIN EVENT of the evening is that Law of Endurance match between Kilgore and Kilminster, which means 2 out of 3 falls! I can’t wait!

Jeff Hansen: None of us can, OG.


The scene fades in to the Epicenter ring. Various cheers are heard randomly throughout the crowd as Eryk Masters stands in the middle of the ring.

Eryk Masters: SHOOT Project fans, WELCOME to Las Vegas, Nevada and the SHOOT Project EPICENTER!

The fans erupt in cheers. Eryk just smiles.

Eryk Masters: Just two weeks ago, we saw SHOOT Project put on one of it’s biggest events, the Redemption Rumble, live on PPV, and it was a great show, wasn’t it?!

More cheers.

Jeff Hansen: Stop milking it, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: Now, as we saw, on that night, we saw the World Heavyweight Championship change hands, not once, but twice.

A few cheers, a few boos, and a very low, but noticeable “FUCK KING” chant.

Eryk Masters: Joining me now, live from his home, is one of the participants of that match. He suffered an injury midway through the match-

Figuring out who the interviewee is, the fans begin to build with cheers.

Eryk Masters: And was unable to continue. Ladies and gentlemen, a SHOOT Project solider, a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and the HERO of SHOOT Project….JESTER SMILES!

As Jester’s face appears on the titanatron, the fans ERUPT in cheers. Jester grins, though not from the cheers, as it is clear he can’t hear them. The crowd seems to ignore this, as they cheer louder and louder.

Eryk Masters: Now, Jester, I know you can’t hear this right now, but it is SO loud in here!

This actually makes the cheers louder. Jester just laughs.

Jester Smiles: SHOOT Project fans have the loudest voices in all of professional wrestling, and, hell, I’d even say in all of sports, so that doesn’t surprise me.

BIG pop for Jester.

Eryk Masters: So, Jester, let’s get down to business here. What happened at Redemption, and when can we expect to see you back in a SHOOT Project ring?

Jester’s grin is lessened, and he is silent for a moment.

Jester Smiles: Eryk…uhh….guys….it’s….

Jester is no longer smiling, and there is an odd silence over the crowd.

Jester Smiles: I dislocated my…my leg. When I went for the suicide dive, my knee just popped out of place. Normally, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve had dislocations before, and if that were all, I’d be able to be in that ring tonight.

Jester snickers.

Jester Smiles: Except I dislocated the leg I’d already injured. The bruising is really severe, and my muscles, my joints, and even my bones are weakened after all the stress I’ve put on them. My doctor says if I don’t take some time off, I could severely injure my right leg.

‘An injury that could jeopardize your entire career’ is what he said. So, the good news is that, I’ll be okay, and we will see me back in that ring.

The bad news is, it won’t be for the next PPV. I need take a month or two and just heal. With any luck, I’ll be back in time for Reckoning Day.

The crowd remains quiet. Eryk looks solemn.

Eryk Masters: With any luck?

Jester Smiles: Nothing is set in stone. There’s a chance I’ll miss Reckoning Day, and while it’s not necessarily a good chance, it could happen. We just have to wait and see how my leg heals over the next few weeks.

Jester sighs.

Jester Smiles: Look, I’ve sacrificed my body time and time again in that ring, for all of you, and I don’t regret a single moment of it. I went into that triple threat match knowing that something like this could happen, and even if I could see into the future, I still would have jumped right back in that ring with Corazon and Jonny, with a big smile on my face.

For you fans.

And for me.

But right now? I have to stop, just for a little while guys. I don’t want to, and I’ll miss every single one of you fans out there. I love you all. Every single one of you are my friends, and I cannot WAIT till I am back in that ring, listening to all you people cheering my name, or even booing my name. But I have to stop, or I may never wrestle again.

Jester tries to smile, but he finds it difficult. His eyes have become watery. Eryk just nods, understanding.

Eryk Masters: Well, Jester, you’ve got the heart of a lion, the heart of a SHOOT Project soldier, and no one can take that away from you.

The fans begin to applaud, standing up from their seats.

Eryk Masters: These fans will miss you, and SHOOT Project will miss you while you are gone. Get well soon. Any final words?

Jester grins.

Jester Smiles: Yeah, I’ve got some words. To the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Donovan King…you better hold onto that title REAL tight. You want to start your reign through bullshit? You go ahead and do that. If that’s the Donovan King legacy you want to leave, that’s what you are going to do. You want to piss on what the Sons of Liberty worked so hard for, what Corazon and myself worked so damn hard for? You do that.

And I hope you have a long, title reign. I hope you hold that belt tight while Azraith, Corazon, Stein, Cade, or Jonny come after. I hope you are still holding that belt…

When I come back.

But to the champion, and anyone who may become the champion, you keep this in the back of your head.

I’m going to come back. And when I do.

I’m taking the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship back.

Thank you all.

The scene fades. Eryk Masters makes his way back to the announce table. The fans cheer loudly, still standing, and the cheers give way to a “THANK YOU JE-STER!” chant. The scene fades out.

The shot goes to the back, where Dutch Harris is standing by with…CADE SYDAL! The fans cheer loudly as the camera pans out to show Cade standing next to Dutch, and Cade’s lips curl up in a grin at the reaction, and he starts to laugh before wincing and his arms move, on reflex alone, to his ribs.

Dutch Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the SHOOT Project Iron Man, and my best friend, Cade Sydal! Cade, I gotta ask you, because its my job and all, how are you feeling after Redemption? After going nearly two and a half hours straight, in back to back matches?

Cade shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: Well, I don’t feel great about it. My ribs hurt. My back is killing me. I’ve chipped a couple molars. Physically, I feel like hammered dog shit to be perfectly honest. Mentally, I guess it feels good knowing that I’ve got about six minutes shy of two and a half hours of straight ring time. That’s kinda cool, but really, it kil–

Cade stops talking as the shot widens even more, Cade looks past Dutch to the right of the shot where Pestalance stands, right behind Dutch. Pestalance shakes his head and walks through the shot, turning to look over his shoulder one last time as his lip curls up, almost in disgust. Cade turns back to Dutch.

Cade Sydal: What the fuck is his problem?

Dutch Harris: I…I don’t know, man.

Cade Sydal: I’m gonna cut out. That shit just killed my mood man.

Cade slaps the palm of his left hand into the palm of Dutch’s and heads to the right of the shot, opposite the direction where Pestalance went.

Dutch Harris: Well, uhh, I was hoping to get some perspective into Cade Sydal’s mindset. Hopefully next week we can catch back up with him. Back to you guys in the booth!



We cut back to a sweeping shot of the SHOOT Project Epicenter and the crowd begins to cheer as they recognize that they’re on  the big screen.

Eryk Masters: A sold-out crowd here tonight in the brand new SHOOT Project Epicenter and we’ve got lots more to come  including…

Masters is soon interrupted as the crowd begins to boo upon hearing the opening strum of Marilyn Manson’s "Cruci-fiction in  Space" followed by none other than Ron Barker and his new friend, Sammy.

Jeff Hansen: Just when I thought I’d have to hear you drone on about this place, a miracle happens! I believe, Eryk! I  BELIEVE!

Other Guy: Give me a break.

Ron Barker saunters down to the ring with a smile on his face as Sammy is in tow. As the fans reach out to touch either men,  Sammy shies away and clutches the mysterious sack closer to his chest. Within moments, Ron Barker is making his way to  Samantha Coil and retrieving a microphone before entering the ring while Sammy has already climbed into the ring with his  hair strewn over his menacing face.

Eryk Masters: Well, Ron Barker definitely made quite the showing at the Redemption Rumble despite having spent a good  portion of the match outside of the ring with our own timekeeper, Mark Kendrick.

Jeff Hansen: That was some smart strategy, Masters. Everyone needs a break now and again and I imagine that he is  entitled to them under employment law. Open a book and learn something!

Eryk Masters: In any event, he’s got something on his mind.

The music dies down and the fans continue to boo as Ron Barker grins from cheek to cheek. He soaks in the response before  casually glancing at Sammy who seems somewhat agitated. Barker raises the microphone to his lips, still grinning.

Ron Barker: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. THANK YOU! You know, I have come out here in the past and I have run you all  down for being mouth-breathers, hillbillies, morons… the list goes on and on and on…

The crowd boos hard! Barker, however, is still grinning.

Ron Barker: But tonight… tonight I change all of that as I come out here to personally thank each and every one of you  who have sent in cards, written emails, even called the SHOOT Project offices wondering about my health and safety following  the attempt taken out on my life! It really means oh so much to know that you care. All of you really do care!

He stretches out his arms and closes his eyes as if to soak in the energy of the crowd who show their disapproval for the  Canadian.

Ron Barker: Now I won’t let this new lease on life go stale and I won’t hide in the shadows and thank my lucky stars… as  a token of gratitude for your continued support during this difficult time, I will come out here week in and week out and  absolutely destroy everyone who happens to get in my path! People like Corazon, Azraith, Cade Sydal, hell… when he can walk  again, even Jester Smiles! I’ll do it all for you. (He points to someone in the front row…) And you. (To  another) And yes, even you! (He points once more.)

The crowd boos intensely as Barker smirks.

Ron Barker: Finally, I want to personally thank my NEW friend, Sammy, for sticking with me and being there as a beacon of  hope that friendship can indeed withstand these uncertain and dangerous times and that I appreciate the fact that he is  looking out for me as I’m looking out for him.

He turns to Sammy, and cautiously puts a hand on his shoulder.

Ron Barker: Sammy… I’m not going to lie to you. I am not your family nor will I treat you like a brother… but you,  sir, are the best friend a guy could have.

The crowd continues to pour on the heat.

Eryk Masters: Oh give me a break! That man should never be trusted and I hope that Sammy will wake up and realize  that. He’s one of the most manipulative, self-interested, and cunning people I have ever seen and this just won’t bode well  for anyone if Sammy doesn’t clue in.

Jeff Hansen: What’s a matter, Eryk? Jealous that Sammy has more friends than you? What’s a matter, MySpace not working  out for you?

Other Guy: He’s got a point, Jeff. That Ron Barker is a vile son of a bitch and shouldn’t be trusted under any  circumstances. Sammy will realize it one way or the other. It’s a matter of time.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t know why I bother with you guys. You’re both doom and gloom when we’re witnessing true friendship  here! A rarity for SHOOT Project!

Ron Barker smiles as Sammy shows a hint of a grin.

Ron Barker: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that as a sign of my appreciate for your concern… Sammy and I  will be sitting at ringside for the next match of the evening!

The crowd boos as both Sammy and Barker make their way out of the ring to a pair of chairs set up near the announce position.  Barker hands the microphone to Samantha Coil as she climbs into the ring.

Jeff Hansen: An unexpected treat! I like it!

Nickelback’s "Side Of A Bullet" begins to blast over the speakers as the crowd rise to their feet and show their disapproval  as Eightball emerges from the back with a scowl.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring… from  Oakland, California… weighing in at 240 pounds… EIGHTBALL!!!

Eightball, indeed, makes his way to the ring while ignoring the fans and looking over towards Ron Barker and Sammy seated at  ringside. He cautiously rolls into the ring while maintaining eye contact with Barker as Sammy begins to look agitated.  Barker smirks as he tries to calm Sammy down.

Eryk Masters: Well for those of you unaware, Ron Barker and Eightball have had some issues in the past. It was Ron  Barker who drove Eightball’s face through a plate glass window in another company.

Jeff Hansen: OPW, Eryk. You can say it. They’re dead. They’re not going to come after you!

Other Guy: It’ll be interesting to see if Eightball can stay focused on Lockup here tonight with all of his legal  issues beginning to surface.

Eryk Masters: Excellent point, OG. You have to wonder how difficult it will be for Eightball to concentrate on not  only Lockup but also a former enemy on the outside as well.

Jeff Hansen: You guys have no faith in Ron Barker and frankly, it makes me sick. The man is sitting there like any  normal fan as a token of gratitude. Why do you ALWAYS have to assume he’ll be a distraction?

Agent Provacateur’s "Red Tape" interrupts and the fans begin to cheer and rise to their feet!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Honolulu, Hawaii… here is… LOCKUP!!!

He comes out from the back full of energy and with a smile on his face as he looks fired up tonight! He tags the hands of  some fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Lockup is certainly a fan-favorite here in Las Vegas but make no mistake about it, he’s got a tough task  ahead of him tonight with Eightball!

Other Guy: But one has to wonder, Eryk, what kind of distraction will Sammy and Ron Barker prove to be as we know  Lockup has been having some issues with the man-child as of late.

Eryk Masters: It was just mere weeks ago when Lockup got involved in an altercation with Sammy after the big man went  on the offensive on a hot dog vendor.

Jeff Hansen: Wrong place, wrong time. Happens all the time. Those hot dog vendors are sneaky bastards. Maybe he gypped  him out of his change!

Lockup slides into the ring and Eightball is wasting NO time as he begins to stomp Lockup on the back of his neck! Lockup  isn’t given a chance to get to his feet while Eightball continues the assault. Eightball picks Lockup up and sends him to the  ropes and delivers a HUGE lariat that sends the Hawaiian down. Eightball with the quick cover!




Eryk Masters: Eightball is trying to end this one early, guys!

Other Guy: He’s wasting no time, that’s for sure.

Eightball looking frustrated he couldn’t end this one early as he picks up Lockup again. Eightball hooks Lockup up for a  suplex but Lockup floats over and sends Eightball crashing into the turnbuckle chest first! As Eightball stumbles backward,  Lockup charges off the ropes for a lariat of his own but Eightball ducks! Lockup charges to the other side and is met with a  devestating boot! Eightball tries to catch his breath as Lockup tries to shake the cobwebs.

Eightball looks towards the guests at ringside as Barker smiles. Sammy, however, seems restless and looks as if he can’t  contain himself.

Other Guy: Man, Sammy doesn’t look too pleased. It’s as if he wants to get in there himself and tear shit up!

Eryk Masters: And that doesn’t bode well for either Eightball OR Lockup should that happen! Sammy is one mean dude who  just enjoys hurting people and with Ron Barker in his ear, we may yet see the true potential of this monster.

Eightball picks Lockup up but is met with staggering shots to the body! Lockup is up to his feet and still throwing punches  to the midsection of Eightball who counters with a vicious knee, sending Lockup to the mat while gasping for air. Eightball  picks Lockup to his feet and sends him to the ropes and delivers a back body drop!

Eightball, firmly in control, begins to stomp away at the chest of Lockup as the referee tries to back him off of the attack.  Eightball eventually relents and raises his hands as the crowd boos. Eightball glances to the outside and notices that Ron  Barker is even applauding him!

Eryk Masters: Look at the smugness on the face of Ron Barker as he mockingly applauds Eightball.

Jeff Hansen: Oh please, Eryk. The man is sitting here as fan and is appreciate of the hardwork of his former foe!  What’s so smug about that?

Lockup crawls to the corner and Eightball goes on the offensive. He nails Lockup with a clubbing blow to the back not wasting  any time. Eightball irish-whips Lockup to the other corner and charges in after him. At the last second, however, Lockup  moves! Eightball is sent crashing into the turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: This could be the break Lockup needs!

The crowd is on their feet as Lockup stumbles in a daze to the center of the ring. Eightball is clutching at his chest as he  stumbles backwards into the waiting arms of Lockup!

Other Guy: Cross-face! This could be it!

Lockup begins to wrench the Cross-face Chickenwing as Eightball’s free arm begins to flail! Having presence of mind,  Eightball charges backwards into the turnbuckle which causes Lockup to break the hold.

Jeff Hansen: What great ring presence by Eightball! Smart move getting out of that quickly!

Eightball looks noticeably frustrated with himself for allowing Lockup to get any kind of advantage in this match up as he  begins to stomp the mid-section of Lockup until he is flat on the mat. With a scowl on his face, Eightball drags his fallen  opponent to the middle of the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: This could be it! Eightball going up top!

Other Guy: San Quentin, baby!

Eightball signals that this one is all but over as he cocks his fist! He leaps in the air for the San Quentin Sucka Punch and  connects! He goes for the cover!

Jeff Hansen: YES! This one’s academic, guys.




Lockup somehow gets the shoulder up! Eightball can’t believe it! Visibly frustrated, he stands to his feet and begins to  argue with the referee about a slow count! Lockup begins to stir and Eightball turns his attention back to him. As he reaches  in, Lockup surprises him with an inside cradle!

Eryk Masters: The referee is in position!




Other Guy: SO CLOSE! Eightball can’t believe it!

Eightball is able to kick out at the last minute and quickly charges in at Lockup who rolls out of the way. Lockup is quick  to his feet and charges at Eightball and ducks a big boot before bouncing off the ropes and charging back at Eightball with a  HUGE crossbody!

The momentum, however, causes Lockup to float over and Eightball is on top! The referee begins to make the count! Lockup  struggles to escape the pin but Eightball puts a foot on the rope for leverage!




Lockup with the kickout! It’s all for naught, however, as Nickeback begins to play over the speakers.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner… EIGHTBALL!!

The crowd boos as Eightball smirks at Lockup before raising his hand in the air and making his way up the aisle and to the  back. Lockup is pleading with the referee and saying that Eightball had the ropes but the referee wants to hear none of it as  he quickly leaves the ring. Lockup, however, remains in the ring and looks disappointingly at the fans.

Eryk Masters: Definitely not the classiest way to get a win as Eightball clearly had his feet on the ropes for the  assist!

Jeff Hansen: Well, if the referee didn’t see it then it’s the same as it not happening. Eightball with the clean  victory!

Lockup shakes his head as he momentarily glances at a chuckling Ron Barker and a very agitated Sammy. Sammy looks as if he’s  practically seething as Lockup turns his back and begins to make his way towards the ropes.

Other Guy: OH SHI~!

Within seconds, Sammy is practically mauling Lockup as he catches him from behind!

Eryk Masters: Lockup was about to make his way out of the ring and for some reason, Sammy is on him like an animal  being let loose! What happened? What set Sammy off?

Ron Barker walks over toward the broadcast position as he shouts audibly at Eryk Masters.

Ron Barker: You see that, Eryk? That fucking GLARE! Who does that kid think he is?

Eryk Masters: WHAT? What glare are you talking about? He just lost his match! Let him go already!

Sammy continues pummeling with left and rights as Lockup is defenseless. The big man picks up his prey and begins to squeeze  the life out of him with a blatant choke! Ron Barker climbs into the ring and stands over Lockup as he begins to shout at  him.

Other Guy: I don’t know what you expected, Eryk, but this is exactly the kind of shit we knew would happen. Ron Barker  has found himself a new monster here in SHOOT Project!

Barker taps Sammy on the shoulder and gives him the ‘thumbs up’ sign. Sammy, as if on cue, picks Lockup with nearly one hand  and delivers a DEVESTATING falling reverse chokeslam! Lockup is out cold as Sammy looks down at him, almost trembling with  rage!

Jeff Hansen: That’s it. Lockup’s dead. I’d like to be the first to send my condolences to the Lockup family.

Eryk Masters: This is uncalled for and disgusting! We need help out here now! Someone needs to stop this monster!

Barker smirks as a flurry of officials and referees make their way from the back to try and stop the carnage. Lockup is  laying in a broken heap as Barker looks at Sammy who looks back at him. Barker then smiles and nods before holding up his  finger indicating ‘one more time.’ Like a crazed child at Christmas, Lockup is quickly in the grasp of Sammy’s monstrous  hands and on the receiving end of ANOTHER crushing chokeslam!

Eryk Masters: NO! NO! NO!

Jeff Hansen: Again, our thoughts and prayers to the Lockup family through this difficult time…

Other Guy: This is too far, guys. Too fucking far. Someone needs to end this before it gets any worse.

Ron Barker is laughing as Sammy stands over Lockup with a sinister look. Barker taps him on the shoulder as the two make  their way up the aisle. The crowd is booing incessantly as officials tend to the fallen Lockup.



Osbourne Kilminster strides stealthily along the almost brand-new SHOOT Project Epicenter’s corridor, his wrestling shoes squeaking ever so slightly on the polished tiles as he looks to his left, where Thomas Manchester Black strides beside him.

Kilminster smirks to his friend as the stop outside the door clearly marked "Ringside Officials" by way of an exquisite graven brass plaque. He knocks the door and the two men wait for a moment before Tony Lorenzo opens it.

TMB: Just the man we were looking for. Isn’t that right, Oz?

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, that’s right… Tony, look, we’re not here to cause a-

Lorenzo steps out into the corridor and closes the door behind him.

Tony Lorenzo: Look, you know better than this, Osbourne. You can’t strut around here, harassing the referees and everyone else. I suggest you-

Before he can continue, Osbourne places his hands on Tony’s shoulders and stoops ever so slightly to look him right in the eye.

Osbourne Kilminster: Hey, we’re not here to cause trouble… are we, Tommy?

TMB: Not unless things forbid us from acting civil. Then…well, we can’t be held responsible for what may…or most likely can happen. You can understand that Tony.

TMB grins a little bit, before patting Tony hard on the back.

Osbourne raises an eyebrow at TMB and shakes his head before regaining eye contact with Lorenzo.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re my re… THE referee for the Main Event tonight, right? You’ll be there to officiate my match with Kilgore Stochansky, right?

Tony Lorenzo: Why do you need to ask? You know that’s the case…

Osbourne Kilminster: I just wanted to clarify. Well, I’d like to request a little change to the way that’s going to proceed. You see, I want to win that Championship. Actually, I need to win it… and I don’t want that match stopped for anything other than knockouts, submissions or 3-counts… Any 2 of the above will be fine… but I don’t like the idea of disqualifications… Do I, Tommy?

TMB: It makes him a sad Panda…and the last thing we need is Ozzy as a sad panda. Because they tend to take it out on other people. And I know you wouldn’t want to see that Tony.

Osbourne chuckles ever so slightly, shaking his head at TMB for a moment as he drops his hands from their comfortable resting spot atop Lorenzo’s shirt. Clearly disconcerted, Lorenzo brushes the creases out of his shirt.

Tony Lorenzo: A change to the rules has to be made by management or by consent from both parties involved in the match, you know the rules.

Osbourne Kilminster: You can trust me on this one thing if nothign else – Kilgore Stochansky will not argue the point. I know the kind of guy he is, and so do you. This suits him just fine. Trust me on it.

Raising his eyebrows and shrugging his shoulders, Kilminster already knows Lorenzo can see his point, but the Head Referee glances behind him at TMB.

TMB: I think you should trust him. Unless me and you need to walk back into that locker room and speak upon the issue of trust?

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, come on, Tommy. There’s no need to talk to Tony like that…

Leaning forward, Osbourne spins Tony back around to face him and brushes some of the creases out of his shirt for him.

Osbourne Kilminster: So, what do you say?

Lorenzo narrows his eyes and bites his lip thoughtfully for a moment…

Tony Lorenzo: OK, I’ll do it, but I don’t want HIM (gesturing to TMB) anywhere near that ring at any time during the match. You understand me?

TMB: You mean you want me to leave my good friend out there by himself, with all of Kilgore’s lackeys floating around to ruin what could be a fair match. I just would like to be there to help you out. To make sure you don’t get hurt.

Both Osbourne and Lorenzo look right at TMB.

Osbourne Kilminster: Even Tony here knows Kilgore has no friends… But yeah, anyway, Tommy, you can stay backstage, right? Or maybe WAAAAAAAAAAAY up at the top end of the walkway or something, right? It’d mean the world to our buddy, Tony…

TMB: But…I had this cool shirt that said, I roll with Vikings that i was gonna wear to the ring. But I guess I’ll wear that another time. Can I at least buy a ticket for the front row?

Kilminster’s jaw drops a little with confusion and he silently mouths "what the Hell?" over Tony’s shoulder, unseen by him. He spins Tony right back around to face him again.

Osbourne Kilminster: Trust me, Kilgore will want these stips and, trust me again, Tommy won’t be involved in any of it. Are we cool?

Tony Lorenzo licks his lips and reaches up to polish the badge on his T-Shirt which reads "SHOOT Project Head Referee" as he ponders for a moment…

Tony Lorenzo: Yeah, we’re cool.

Smiling, Osbourne nods to TMB and the two men walk away, happy with their achievement.


Kenji is leaning against a wall in the back, there is no real reason for him to be here tonight. His right eye had a thick bruise around it and his upper lip had a vertical cut on it that went just below his nostrils. He seems to be keeping weight off his right leg.

There is a smug smile on his face, regardless of his disposition.

He can hear low footsteps coming down the hall…

A long shock of ebony curls framing a pale face, a strategically cut bang hanging over the blind right eye of the Revolution Champion, Sinnocence.  Looking to head to her locker room to get in a few more moments of preparation for her title defense later in the show, she flips a stray lock of hair out of her face, revealing a healing black eye.  Jada keeps her steps light, seemingly favoring her left foot.

She looks up, seeing the former Iron Fist Champion as she gets closer.

Sinnocence: Kenji.

She gives him a gracious nod and a wide berth.

Considering the circumstances, one would assume a fight was about to break out. However, Kenji just ran his tongue over his inner lower lip and nodded. The hint of a devilish smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, but it never fully appeared.

Kenji nodded slowly at the ebony haired Revolution Champion.

Kenji: Sinnocence.

 As she passed, she nods again heading a little further down the hallway and enters her locker room, closing the door behind her as the scene cuts back to the ring.

Backstage, Shinya and Maya are seen coming out of their locker room. Maya has a determined look on his face but Shinya grabs him by the wrist with a serious look on his face. Maya turns his head downward looking at Shinya’s hand in confusion then looks him in the eyes.

Maya: Shinya…what’s wrong?

Shinya doesn’t immediately talk, but he looks away from Maya. He turns to face the door to their locker room instead.

Shinya: Maya, we can’t tell everyone. Listen, what we do in our free time is our own business…we don’t have to air it on national television, right? I mean, we can have private lives too, you know?

Maya looks confused, he reaches to grab Shinya’s hand but Shinya awkwardly starts to rub his hands together to casually avoid holding hands.

Maya: Shinya…what are you talking about? You’re acting really weird, we’ve been gone so lone and I don’t see what the problem with telling people that…

Shinya turns around in a hurry with a worried look on his face and interrupts Maya.

Shinya: Have you already forgotten!?

Maya’s brow curls in confusion.

Maya: Forgotten…?

A heavy sigh leaves Shinya’s mouth as he puts a hand on his forehead.

Shinya: Remember what happened when those three men only THOUGHT they KNEW us? Remember what they did to us? We weren’t even sure then…

Shinya’s voice trails off for a moment; he is worried about Maya without a doubt. He doesn’t want that episode repeated; he doesn’t want to be afraid to walk the streets.

Shinya: Maya, I don’t want to see you hurt and for that very reason…we can’t tell everyone about…about IT. Who knows what people will do if we tell them…last time we were put in the hospital, Maya. I don’t want to see that happen to you ever again. That, Maya, is why we HAVE to hide this…for now.

Maya seemed to understand, but his eyes wandered toward the floor.

Maya: Shinya…are you…umm…embarrassed…of…of me?

A casual smile crosses Shinya’s face as he ruffles Maya’s blond hair.

Shinya: I could never be embarrassed of you…I’m just worried about…I’m worried about us…



Samantha Coil:  The following match is scheduled for one fall; and is for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship.

The lights in the area begin to flicker and turn red as static fills every television screen. Firestarter by Prodigy begins to play over the speakers as crowd reacts with a mixture of cheers and boos. Pestalance makes his way through the curtain as pillars of fire ignite on either side of him. He stands at the top of the ramp looking around the arena before making his way toward the ramp.

Samantha Coil:  Introduction the challenger, hailing from Plainfield New Jersey and weighing in at 255 pounds. He is The Firestarter…PESTALANCE!!!

Pestalance makes it to the ring and slides in under the ropes. He stands up grabbing the top rope and puts a fist into the air as he music dies down.

As the lights in the area return to normal, "Gets Me Through" by Ozzy Osbourne starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls as the crazy bitch, Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain and walks down the ramp. She is dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin-tight leather pants that have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, save for a strategically cut bang that hangs over her right eye.

Samantha Coil:  And here is your Revolution Champion, currently residing in Las Vegas, NV; weighing in at 160 pounds…SINNOCENCE!!!

In her hand she holds the Revolution Title, which she sets down on the corner of the ring as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring.

Eryk Masters:  This is going to be a great match. This is going to be an absolute clash of styles as Pestalance is a power based wrestler and Sinnocence has more of a high flying background.

Jeff Hansen:  All of that won’t matter…fifty bucks says Pest beats her.

Other Guy:  I’ll take that bet.

Both Pestalance and Sinnocence prepare in their respective corners as Dennis Heflin signals to the time keeper to ring the bell. Pestalance removes his shirt and tosses it to the outside before beginning to circle the ring with Sinnocence.

Eryk Masters:  And this match is underway.

Sinnocence shoots in and connects with a sharp kick to Pest’s leg. Pest tries to create distance but Sinn is right on him with another kick. Pest tries to shove her back, but she side steps and connects with another kick. Sinn throws one last kick, but Pest catches her leg. Sinn hopes on her free leg a couple of times before jumping up and driving it into Pest’s stomach. Pest doubles over as Sinn lands on her back and scurries to her feet. She then runs towards Pest and connects with a high knee to the forehead. The momentum causes Pest to stumble back into the turnbuckle. Pest regains his bearing and slaps the top rope in frustration.

Other Guy:  If Sinnocence keeps this up she’ll have this match in the bag Jeff; and you’ll owe me fifty bucks.

Jeff Hansen:  Shut up…the match is just getting started.

Sinnocence charges into Pest and connects with rights and lefts into his torso. Pest tries to cover up as best he can, but takes shots to the ribs in the process. After a couple more shot Pest shoves her away causing Sinn to crash to the mat. Sinn grabs at he back before getting to one knee. By now Pest is out of the corner walking toward the ground Revolution Champion; as he get to her, she hits a drop kick to Pest’s legs cause him to drop to a knee. Sinn hops up, hit’s the ropes and connects another dropkick, this time to Pest’s head; knocking him to the canvas for the first time. Sinn taunts Pest before dropping down and locking in the Iron Maiden.

Eryk Masters:  And Sinnocence looking to end this match quick.

Pestalance struggles as he’s locked in the submission, but his able to grab the ropes. Sinnocence utilizes the five count before breaking the hold. Pestalance grabs at his throat as he rolls out the ring taking a time out. Sinnocence has other plans as she springboards to the outside attempting a suicide dive. Pest catches Sinn in mid-air, repositions her into a bear hug, and drives her lower back into the ring apron. He maintains the bear hug and drives her into the apron a second time. Sinnocence lets out a painful grunt as Pest rolls her back into the ring. Pest follows and goes for the quick pin.

Eryk Masters:  And here’s our first pin attempt.



Pest rolls on his side and puts Sinn back into a bear hug. Dennis slides in, asking Sinn if she wants to give up. She shakes her head "no" as she tries to squirm out of the hold. She gets an arm free and throws a wild rear elbow that connects to the side of Pest’s head. This causes Pest to squeeze tighter and Sinnocence lets out a yell. Sinn connects with another elbow…and another…and another. Pest lets go and Sinnocence rolls away, and both make their way to their feet…Pest holding his head and Sinn grabbing at her back. Sinn sneers at Pest before charging and connecting with a gore. Although Pest stumbles back it’s not very effective. Sinn hits the ropes and connects with another gore; this time doubling Pest over. Sinn wraps her arm around Pest’s head and attempts a DDT. Pest pulls his head out at the same time and Sinn slams into the mat hitting the back of her head. She grabs the back of her head and tries to roll away; but pest grabs her, lifts her to her feet and puts her back into a bear hug.

Jeff Hansen:  What the hell is Pest doing? Drop her on her head man.

Eryk Masters:  Well, earlier in the week he did say he respected women…maybe he wants to win without doing much damage to her.

Pest is squeezing as tight as he can as Sinn is clearly struggling to breath. In a last ditch effort she rakes at Pest’s eyes causing him to release the hold again. Pest grabs at his eyes as Sinn drops to one knee and hits a low blow on Pest. Pest doubles over as Sinn smiles in approval. Pest, however, slowly raises his head a reviles a smile on his face. Sinn’s smile turns into a look of confusion as she hits a second low blow. Pest’s body surges as the smile leaves, but returns just as quickly followed by a chuckle.

Other Guy:  What the hell? How is that not hurting him?

Jeff Hansen:  Cause Pestalance is a sick motherfucker.

Sinn tilts her head to the side before going for a third low blow. This time, Pest grabs Sinn arm before it connects. Pest squeezes and twists Sinn’s arm causing her to scream in pain. Pest lifts her arm causing Sinn to rise to her feet before lifting her up and hitting a hard body slam on her. As soon as she hits the mat, Pest connects with an elbow drop to the chest. Pest rolls over onto his knees and begins to grind his elbow into her sternum. Sinn is trying to get Pest off of her, but he is using his body weight against her. Sinn puts her hand out teasing the tap out, but pulls it back in trying to fight through the pain. Pest lifts his elbow up and drive it back into her grinding once again. Sinn screams out in pain once again thinking about tapping. She reaches behind and gets her fingertip on the ropes.

Eryk Masters:  It looks like Pestalance is done showing Sinnocence shivery.

Jeff Hansen:  And it’s about damn time.

Pest picks up Sinn and connects with a short arm clothesline sending her right back to the mat. Pest then hits the rope and hits a body splash on Sinn and hooks the legs.




Pest looks up at the ref, who flashes him two fingers. Pest picks Sinn up and sends her into the ropes, she rebounds and is sent into the air with a sunset flip. Sinn hits the mat hard and tries to roll away, but Pest is right there to bring her back to her feet. Pest lift her up into a staling suplex. Pest holds her up for a few seconds before falling backwards driving Sinn’s back into the mat. Pest goes for a cover, but Sinn puts her foot on the rope before the ref can even count. Pest drags her to the middle of the ring and covers her once again.




Pest goes for another cover..




Pestalance stands and grabs the ref, telling him to count faster. Pest goes to lift Sinn up, but she counters into a small package.




Pest hops up and looks at the ref, who shrugs his shoulders.

Other Guy:  He did tell him to count faster.

As Sinn uses the ropes to pick herself up; Pest turns and charges her, looking for a clothesline out of the ring. However, Sinn pulls the top rope down causing Pest to flip out the ring, landing hard. Sinn steps through the ropes and leaps, hitting an elbow drop on the prone Pestalance. Sinn gets to her feet, takes a few steps back and hits a low drop kick to Pest’s face. Sinn gets up and begins to stomp away at Pestalance trying to prevent him from getting up. She backs off allowing Pest to get to his knees before grabbing Pest’s head and hitting a DDT to the floor. Pest rolls over onto his back as blood begins to trickle down his forehead. Sinn slides back into the ring and waits for Pest to begin to stir. Pest slowly slides back into the ring and is greeted with a baseball slide. She then rolls him to the middle of the ring and goes for the cover.




Eryk Master: NO!!!! Pestalance just barely got the shoulder up. This match is not over folks.

Sinn grabs her head in frustration before stadning up, stalking Pest. He’s beginning to stir as he rolls over onto his stomach. He slowly brings himself onto his hands and knees, when suddenly Sinn locks in the Iron Maiden.

Other Guy:  She’s got the Iron Maiden locked in right in the middle of the ring. This one is over.

Sinn’s got the it locked in tight as she lays on top of Pest’s back, wrapping her legs around him. It looks like Pest is going to tap when he brings himself back up to his hands and knees. Then up on his knees…Then up to his feet.

Jeff Hansen:  It looks like Pest is gonna power out of his.

Pest grabs at Sinns hands to break the hold, he pulls one arm free with his right hand and unwraps her legs with his left. He pops his body upward, causing Sinn to land in the fireman’s carry position. Pest gets his bearings and yells out…


Pest tosses Sinn and connects the knee to the face to complete the H.A.Y.L.B. Sinnocence crumbles to the mat and Pest goes for the cover.




The bell rings as Pest rolls off of Sinn and rests on his knees with his hand on his hips.

Samantha Coil:  Here is your winner and NEW Revolution Champion…PESTALANCE!!!!

The ref hands Pestalance the title and he makes his way to his feet. Pestalance stares at the title before laughing out loud at his latest accomplishment.

Jeff Hansen:  I’ll take that fifty in ones please…Someone’s getting lap dances tonight!


Kilminster and Black open their locker room door and step in, but as soon as they do, Osbourne notices something’s wrong. All ten bottles of water he’d brought along are lined up on the stained beech, slatted bench… with the caps unscrewed and ripped off, lying on the floor.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, for The God’s sakes! Look at this…

TMB: Fuck, we weren’t even gone for that long!

Clenching his jaw, Kilminster’s face reddens until he snaps and drives his fist into the steel locker to his side.

Osbourne Kilminster: That bastard’s trying to irritate me…

He sucks in a slow, deep breath, closing his eyes as he exhales slowly, calming himself.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s only water, right?

A sudden knock on the door captures both men’s attention as they turn to see a man in a brown three-piece suit and trenchcoat, flanked by two uniformed LVPD officers. Kilminster raises an eyebrow to TMB.

TMB: Oh really…this is how the game is gonna be played this week. Let me guess, someone told you I had doughnuts hidden in my locker?

The cops instantly turn their attention to Black, the one in the trenchcoat holding up his ID card and badge.

Detective Rourke: I’m Detective Rourke, from the Narcotics Task Force. We have reason to believe that you, Thomas Manchester Black, are in possession of narcotics with the intent to contaminate fluids intended for human consumption. Might I ask if those bottles of water on that bench are yours?

Osbourne Kilminster: Are you serious? This is all a big joke, right?

TMB: Fucking son of a…Yeah those are all mine.

Osbourne Kilminster: No. No, they’re not. I brought them with me, left them here and Tommy’s been with me all night. He hasn’t done a damned thing. You’ve been tipped off by-

Rourke is paying very close attention to Osbourne, but interjects-

Detective Rourke: I’m sorry, but that’s contrary to the intelligence we’ve received. I’d advise you not to get involved in this, just allow us to go about our investigation and everything will be resolved that much quicker.

Turning his attention back to TMB, Rourke reaches to the back of his waistband for a set of  handcuffs.

Detective Rourke: Thomas Manchester Black, I am arresting you on suspicion of the possession of Narcotics. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your… Wait, something tells me you’ve heard all this shit before, right? Many times, I’ll bet.

TMB: Heh…funny guy behind the badge. I gotta remember to look you up after I get out. And don’t mind my friend, he is just excited over a match he must win. This is my shit. Now lets take a ride in the doughmobile and leave this man to his thoughts.

Kilminster watches as TMB holds his hands out to reluctantly accept the handcuffs and is led away by the Police Officers and the Detective. Two men in low-grade Haz-Mat suits enter the room as the cops leave, placing all of the open water bottles and the caps in a transparent plastic box and taking it away with them.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, this is just great…

Cutting right back to the commentary position, we see all three men are wide-eyed and open mouthed!

Eryk Masters: What the Hell?!

Other Guy: They just arrested Thomas Manchester Black!

Jeff Hansen: And it looks like THIS TIME, he didn’t do anything to deserve it!

Eryk Masters: That Kilgore Stochansky’s one sick puppy…

Other Guy: I don’t think that was the right move for Kilgore, pissing Ozzy off like that…

Eryk Masters: But between now and that match, we have a lot coming up…


Close up on those eyes, those cold grey eyes and you immediately know who has suddenly appeared on camera. The camera pans back slowly revealing none other than Christopher Davis standing in front of the SHOOT project logo. He appears calm, cool and collected dressed rather formally for the evening in a black, pin-stripped suit and white silk shirt.

He lowers his head for a moment, as if gathering his thoughts and then raises it once again.

Christopher Davis: So I’m here tonight. I really don’t have a reason, it’s not like I have a match or anything.

He pauses for a moment, placing his hands in his pockets.

Christopher Davis: But, here I am. I’ve had some time to sit back and reflect after losing the Redemption Rumble. I, just like everyone NOT named Donovan King, have had a moment to sit back and reflect on exactly what went wrong. Why I am not the anointed one?

Plain and simple, I fucked up. I let a momentary lapse cause me to fuck up a golden opportunity. I let an obsession allow me to become distracted.

My obsession? None other than Vincent himself.

Davis removes his right hand from his pocket and raises it up.

Christopher Davis: Don’t! Don’t even go there! I know what the fuck I saw. I know he was in the arena that night! I know he’s out there waiting for the right time, waiting til I’m so fucked up that I’ll be easy pickings for him. He should know better than that.

Davis lowers his head.

He should fucking know better than that.

He raises his head and smiles an eerie smile for the camera.

Christopher Davis: But, none of you want to hear that from me. No one wants to hear about Vincent Mallows anymore so for now I’ll stop. For now I’ll talk about something else. Something like whatever shall I do now?

Obviously I didn’t make enough of an impact to get myself booked this week; I suppose that’s fair enough. So, what should I do? Should I just go around attacking people backstage in a desperate attempt to show everyone how bad I am?

Been there, done that, already had it imitated.

Should I stand out here and beg?

Davis shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: How about just finding some random guy, taking him to the ring and reminding everyone who the fuck I am?

No, I have a better idea. How about an open contract? How’s that sound? Anyone want to step in the ring with me next week is welcome to put their name on the bottom line and we can dance. The way I look at it, there were about nine people better than me in the Rumble. Nine people that kept me from getting that which would have done wonders for me at this point.

I need to make some fucking noise and I need to make it LOUD! So, sign up, let’s do the damn thing, it should be fun.

Davis smiles again and walks out of frame, the camera does not move. After a few seconds he appears once again.

Christopher Davis: Oh, on the off chance that the champ decides he wants to take me up on my offer. I highly doubt he will, but just in case, make sure you bring the fucking belt with you.

Make that shit worth my while…


A smirk comes across his face as the camera fades.


The scene shifts to Jason Johnson’s new office. He sits at his desk, and on one wall are the SHOOT Project Championship belts, replicas, framed in shadowboxes. On his desk are pictures of some people, presumably his family, and his new computer, as well as miscellaneous papers and files. He also has two file cabinets behind him as well as the SHOOT Project Helmet on the wall behind him. He seems hard at work, keeping an eye on Revolution via a special HDTV set up on the opposite wall of the Championships.

A knock is heard at his door.

Jason Johnson: Enter.

Stepping into the room is none other than SHOOT Project’s World Heavyweight Champion Donovan King, still dressed to the nines, as it were, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his right shoulder. Jason stops what he is doing and turns the HDTV off via his remote and looks up at the new World Champion.

Donovan King: You…wanted to see me?

Jason Johnson: Actually, yeah. Yeah, I did. Have a seat, Donovan.

King sits down in a plush leather chair across from Jason.

Jason Johnson: That was one hell of a stunt you pulled at Redemption, Donovan.

Donovan King: I earned my title shot, Mr. Johnson. I went through every other roster member with the stones to get in dat Rumble, an’ I walked out number one contender.

Jason Johnson: Oh, don’t worry, Donovan. I’m not angry you did it. Part of being in SHOOT Project is being able to handle whatever comes your way. You read the words in your contract carefully. The winner gets to fight for that World title of yours at any time. You earned it, no doubt about it. But, see, I asked you in here for a couple of reasons.

King sits back, smirking.

Jason Johnson: First, to congratulate you. You walked into Redemption with a not so cozy spot in the Rumble and walked outta the pay-per-view the World Champion, not an easy feat. So…that said…congratulations.

King grins.

Donovan King: Thank you, Mr. Johnson. You know, ever since I openly rebelled an’ took it upon myself to embark on the quest to create a change around here, you were always so kind as to let me do it my own way. Nobody can ever guess how much your absence helped my cause.

Jason Johnson: Oh, I know. Part of why I never even got involved was as a favor to your mentor. Be glad you have friends in high places.

Donovan King: Oh, I am. Believe me.

Jason Johnson: But…see…I’ve always said you can’t have real friends in high places…if you don’t have just as many enemies in those same high places.

King’s smirking face slowly grows into a small scowl.

Jason Johnson: And, see, Donovan, what you did at Redemption may have won you the World title and may have even won you some more respect from the boys in the back…but I know a couple of guys who are more than a little annoyed with you.

King laughs.

Donovan King: Please. Who? Azraith? He knew goin’ in the Rumble was every man for himself. He can go back to DSI an’ collect his paycheck fuh all I care.

Jason Johnson: No…I’m talking more…the gentlemen involved in the main event that you came down at the end of.

King says nothing.

Jason Johnson: I haven’t spoken with Jester Smiles yet, but believe me I’m going to. He was injured in the match and wasn’t able to be there at the end. I’m taking mercy on him for that. He deserves a legitimate shot.

Donovan King: No, he don’t. Fuck dat. No. He. Don’t. He had his shots. He failed. He failed to stop Jonny Johnson. He failed to stop Corazon. He is a failure. Callin’ him a hero does us real heroes no favors. He’s had his time. He didn’t capitalize. I did all I could for him an’ his worthless career wit’ the Sons, but only so far can I support somebody before they collapse under the weight uh their own haplessness.

Jason leans back, chuckling.

Jason Johnson: Easy, Champ. No need to fret. As I said, I haven’t talked to Jester yet. As far as I’m concerned, he may deserve a shot…but he isn’t getting one any time soon.

Donovan King: Good.

Jason Johnson: But…you know…funny you should mention failing to stop Jonny Johnson. See, I didn’t see you do that, either…and he was World Champion at Redemption.

King says nothing.

Jason Johnson: Jonny has a rematch clause in his contract that he can use at, really, any show he wants. And given the way you ruined the ending of the show, he may not be as happy a camper as you’d think. Maybe I don’t like him for all he’s done, but you’ve bounced around in his face for a looooong time, Donovan…and now you’ve gone ahead and stepped on his toes.

King continues to stay silent, rocking in his seat.

Donovan King: Okay. So. Jonny’s waitin’ in the wings against me, right? No big deal. I don’t care. Let him come. I’ve watched him for long enough to know how to close the curtain on his worthless career.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, see, he’s not your only problem.

King stops rocking, going completely still.

Jason Johnson: Someone I have already spoken to is Adrian Corazon. He’s not as…calm and collected as you’d think he’d be, given the attack you gave him. He’s demanded a rematch…or, rather, a match…against you.

Donovan King: When?!

Jason Johnson: Oh, I told him he could have it next week if he wanted it. Just have to get you to sign the dotted line.

Jason slides a contract over to King.

Donovan King: No. No match next week. I ain’t gotta fight for a month. He don’t get no match.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, you kinda forgot you’re not talking to my brother, huh? Let it slip your mind that even if you are Champ I’m still…Boss?

King goes silent again.

Jason Johnson: Sign it so you can get paid, Donovan. Next week, you’ll face Corazon…and your title will be on the line.

Donovan King: Wait. Waitwaitwait. I sign dis thing…I want something for me.

Jason Johnson: Something for you?

Donovan King: Yeah…yeah…uh…I wanna add a stipulation.

Jason looks at King for a long second.

Jason Johnson: Alright. I’ll have it added if it’s not too stupid. What is it?

Donovan King: Alright…aight…remember how I gave him his freedom?

Jason Johnson: I do.

Donovan King: I wanna…take ’em from him.

Jason Johnson: I can’t really add a stipulation putting him in jail again.

Donovan King: No no…if I can beat him next week, I want it stated he will never get another World title shot so long as I’m Champion.

Jason Johnson: Seriously?

Donovan King: SHOOT Project’s had enough Corazon at the top. It’s time I made the bookers think a little bit harder about what they’re putting in their title matches. I want that stipulation. Hell, I’ll agree to the same for me if he wants. He’ll agree to it.

Jason Johnson: You really think so?

King gets up out of his seat.

Donovan King: I busted the back of his head open an’ took his moment in the sun, Mr. Johnson.

Jason Johnson: …true enough.

King grins.

Donovan King: Oh. Make it no holds barred, too, maybe. You know…if he ain’t too busted up from Redemption.

King walks towards the door and leaves Jason alone. Jason stares at the door for a long moment before it fades to black.


We cut to the backstage hallway, where the first thing we see is Osbourne Kilminster, walking slowly and stretching himself out.  It is obvious that he’s going to the main event:  He’s wearing his chainmail coif, and he’s punching his hands, apparently getting pumped up.  Throughout this, though, he is silent. 

Jeff Hansen: Are we experiencing some sort of technical difficulty here?

Eryk Masters: No, look!

As Osbourne passes a hallway, out walks Kilgore Stochansky, wearing his tracksuit and his TRIAD Belt, and wielding an old familiar face: The Cricket Bat!  Before Kilminster can make it more than two steps, Kilgore goes back and swings with the edge…


Kilgore Nails Osbourne right in the side of the neck with the bat!!  Kilminster hits the ground quick, screaming and clutching his neck.  Stochansky takes a long few moments, pacing around his fallen foe, seemingly debating on whether or not to hitn him again. 

Kilgore: You asked me to do this…

Stochansky reaches down and snatches Kilminster’s chainmail, and then starts to tery and force it into his mouth…when he gets bit for his trouble, he screams and lays the bat across Ozzy’s throat, cutting off his air!!

Kilgore: No!  No!!  You listen for once!!

Osbourne’s face begins to redden, his teeth grit tight.

Kilgore: You wanted this, remember that!  You wouldn’t say it and you couldn’t articulate it because you just simply lack the ability to.  But understood, Ozzy!  I understand what you want.  You want to walk in there…

Stochansky leans in, letting off of the bat for a moment, allowing Kilminster to gasp for air.

Kilgore: The broken man who puts up the valiant fight.  You wanted to be the wounded tiger!  Well, here I am.  You wanted Valhalla so…badly, huh?

The Champion quickly lays the pressure back on, smiling almost genuinely when Kilminster begins to grab onto the bat, trying to shove it away.

Kilgore:  I am honored.  I am the most honored man in the galaxy tonight.  Because my best friend Osbourne Kilminster wants me to cripple him.  He asked me!  He asked me.  I am truly blessed!  And Ozzy…

He leans in close, to Kilminster’s ear…

Kilgore: …I promise that I wont back down from this responsibility.  I am, after all…a man of my word.

Stochansky stands up, letting Ozzy breathe once again.  He looks about for a moment, then regards the cricket bat…and stuffs it into a trashcan before walking down the hall, presumably to his match.  We cut away…



Eryk Masters: This is it… The Main Event is upon us.

Other Guy: God damn, it’s electric in here.

Jeff Hansen: After all we’ve seen tonight, we’ve been waiting for this, guys. The waiting is over. We’ve got the very first EVER defence of the Triad Championship.

Eryk Masters: And it’s being fought under the Law of Endurance, which mean to win…

Other Guy: …you have to beat your opponent TWICE.

Eryk Masters: Exactly. Not an easy task by any means.

Jeff Hansen: Has anybody got money on this?

Other Guy: No. Have you?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, in fact, I have.

Eryk Masters: On who?

Other Guy: And why?

Jeff Hansen: I’m not going to tell you that!

Other Guy: You suck.

The lights dip to almost darkness, save for a few blue spotlights swirling over the Epicenter’s packed stands. Muse’s �Take A Bow� resounds throughout the arena as a single blue spotlight finds its mark just ahead of the curtains at the top end of the walkway, drawing loud boos from fans all around the building!



You bring death, and destruction to all that you touch


You must pay

You must pay for your crimes against the earth

Yeah hex

Feed the hex

Feed the hex on the country you love

Other Guy: Our Ukrainian friend ain’t exactly Mr Popular, is he?

Eryk Masters: Maybe not, but he is the current TRIAD Champion.

Swaying as he walks, Stochansky is almost grooving to his music. His face is hidden by the large hood of his blue Adidas tracksuit jacket, just his mouth visibly displaying a large smile. Stopping just shy of the ring-ropes, he pulls down and kicks away his tracksuit pants and then slowly unzips and peels off his jacket to reveal his gleaming golden TRIAD Championship Belt.

Now beg

You will beg

You will beg for their lives and their souls

Jeff Hansen: There it is, ladies and gentlemen!

He points to the belt and nods his head, recognising his own awesomeness before stepping through the ropes and pirouetting gracefully to its centre with his smirk growing by the second, regardless of the unabated jeering from the stands.

Other Guy: Could he actually ever be less popular than he is right now?

Eryk Masters: I don’t know, but I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t care.

As his music cuts out, Stochansky reluctantly hands his belt to Tony Lorenzo, who passes it out of the ring to Mark Kendrick.

Samantha Coil: And first, your current SHOOT Project TRIAD Champion… hailing from Verona, New Jersey… weighing in tonight at 265lbs… KILGORE STOCHANSKY! STOCHANSKYYYYYYYYYYY!

There’s a gasp of anticipation from the fans in attendance as they await the arrival of his opponent…

Other Guy: This is taking a while…

Eryk Masters: Yeah, something should have happened by now.

Jeff Hansen: Where the Hell is he?

Eryk Masters: Nobody seems to know… there’s a lot of confused chatter coming from the back… I don’t know if I’m hearing this right…

Other Guy: Damn…

Jeff Hansen: Just look at the smile on Kilgore’s face! He thinks he’s already got this one in the bag!

Suddenly, red spotlights appear from all corners of the arena and focus on one point in the ring, on one person – Kilgore Stochansky. He smiles and raises his hands nonchalantly as Jack Nickelz’s voice breaks out over the Epicenter’s PA system with �Break Your Face�. A single red spotlight finds its mark just in front of the curtains.

Other Guy: There he is! Here we go!

Jeff Hansen: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a match!

Wearing wrestling shoes, tiny knee-pads which just about cover the kneecaps, plain black grappling shorts, black crepes around his hands and up his forearms and his heavy chainmail hood, Osbourne Kilminster steps forward and flicks his head back to throw the hood off and reveal a massive ice-pack taped to his neck. Some of the fans actually cheer him as he makes his way toward the ring!

Eryk Masters: That chatter we were hearing… seems that Osbourne was attacked backstage!

Jeff Hansen: Well, I thought the ice-pack was a fashion statement…

Other Guy: Oh, I think we know who did that. Just look at that animal in the ring…

Jeff Hansen: Come on, we can’t be too quick to accuse…

Other Guy: Get real, Jeff! Kilgore did it and everyone knows it! He arranged to have TMB arrested and then he caught Osbourne backstage and did… something… to his neck.

Kilminster steps under the top rope, tosses his chainmail to Mark Kendrick and rips off the ice-pack, throwing it out into the tenth row as his eyes lock with Kilgore’s! Referee Tony Lorenzo is quick to charge into Osbourne and physically force him into a corner of the ring as the music cuts and the lights are brought back to full.

Samantha Coil: And now, the challenger… competing in SHOOT Project’s home of Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Birkenhead, England… weighing in at 235lbs… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! KILMINSTERRRRR!

The fans take their seats as Lorenzo talks to both men in their corners.

Eryk Masters: Law of Endurance, but earlier tonight, we saw Osbourne Kilminster and Thomas Manchester Black compelling Tony Lorenzo to make this a contest whereby there will be no disqualifications. Anything goes now.

Other Guy: You’ve got to wonder whether Oz is regretting that decision now he’s already suffered at Kilgore’s hands. He’s banged up before we even get into this.

Jeff Hansen: He’s intelligent enough to know when he’s healthy enough to compete. He’s out here, and he’s telling Lorenzo that he’s good to go.

Lorenzo points to Kendrick and the bell is rung!


Kilminster holds his fists high as he storms out from his corner, throwing a BOMB of a right hand into Kilgore’s face! Stochansky weaves out to his left and stays light on his feet as Osbourne stalks him, looking to cut off the ring. Kilminster gets into striking distance and sticks Stochansky with a STIFF jab… and another… and another… Kilgore’s back is against the ropes and Osbourne pulls back for another big right hand, but Kilgore steps out! Osbourne falls forward against the ropes and Kilgore dives at him from behind with a HARD clothesline across the back of the neck that sends Kilminster tumbling over the ropes to the thinly-matted ringside area!

Other Guy: OUCH!

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore knew EXACTLY what he was doing, baiting Osbourne in with those punches…

On the outside, Osbourne writhes in AGONY, rolling up onto his knees and clutching his neck, sucking in long, deep breaths through gritted teeth! Kilgore charges the ring-ropes and bounces back across the ring with a baseball slide, connecting with the side of Kilminster’s head and leaving him sprawled out on the mats as he pulls himself to his feet, smirking as he admires his handiwork.

Eryk Masters: He’s a calculating man, Kilgore Stochansky, and he’s zeroed in on Osbourne’s head and neck already.

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore’s only landed two moves and look what he’s achieved!

Reaching down, Kilgore pulls Osbourne to his feet with a handful of hair, but Osbourne bends double, still clutching his neck, dropping to one knee for a second and struggling back up to both feet. Stochansky turns Osbourne to lean him up against the ring apron before sliding back into the ring, sticking his leg out between the first and second rope to drive the blue toe of his black boot RIGHT INTO THE FACE of Kilminster, rocking his head back and snapping his neck over the edge of the ring! It’s taking all Kilminster has to bite down hard on his gumshield as he slumps to the mats!

Eryk Masters: Dear God!

Other Guy: That’s just… I don’t know… Osbourne doesn’t ever expect mercy from his opponents, but this? This is… Ugh.

Jeff Hansen: Even still, he’s getting up!

Reaching up, Osbourne clasps the bottom rope and uses it to pull himself to his feet and slide into the ring, but no sooner is he back on the canvas than Kilgore STOMPS the back of his head and his neck VICIOUSLY and repeatedly! Osbourne covers up and rolls onto his back, but Stochansky merely rests the very tip of his boot on Osbourne’s chest as Lorenzo drops to the mat!




Lorenzo stands and points to Mark Kendrick to note that Stochansky has, indeed, taken the first fall!

Other Guy: This is looking REALLY bad for Osbourne right now.

Eryk Masters: He’s never, ever been beaten so quickly.

Jeff Hansen: He’ll need to somehow… some way… manage to win both of the next falls to win this match…

Other Guy: Just look at him! I don’t think he can…

Tony Lorenzo pushes the cocky Kilgore away from Osbourne and into a corner of the ring as the Englishman rolls over onto his knees and slowly pushes himself up to his feet, pacing around his half of the ring, massaging his neck with his fingers and rolling his head to stretch it out.

The fans begin a �KILGORE SUCKS!� chant, drawing a smile from Kilminster and a �couldn’t care less� shake of the head from the Ukrainian.

Eryk Masters: Whether they’re right or not, the fans are responding to Stochansky and making their feelings known.

Jeff Hansen: Well, yeah, that’ll happen.

Other Guy: Excellent commentary, Jeff. Pure gold.

Osbourne finally bounces on the spot and holds his thumb up to Lorenzo. A small cheer escapes the stands as Lorenzo allows Stochansky the freedom of the ring and it’s back on!

Eryk Masters: Round two now!

Other Guy: It’s do or die for Osbourne, now. One down, he needs this one to stay in it!

Stochansky adjusts the waist of his back trunks and circles Osbourne. Kilminster, like before, holds his guard high, but unlike before, holds back from making the first move. Kilgore steps in with an open-hand slapping combination, but Kilminster blocks and fires back with a trio of hooking punches that ROCK Kilgore’s chin and force him back! Tony Lorenzo chastises Osbourne for the punches!

Eryk Masters: That’s one of the things Kilminster needs to remember. No gloves means no punches. He may have given up a valuable advantage when he ditched them.

Jeff Hansen: Still, it’s no DQ, so he can’t really enforce that.

Eryk Masters: True.

Shaking his head, Kilminster begins to stalk Stochansky. He feints a leg kick, waits for Kilgore to raise his leg to check the kick and switches his tactic in the blink of an eye to shoot in for a single-leg takedown! Kilgore seems disorientated for a moment and Kilminster seizes the advantage with a cartwheel guard-pass to take side control and OFFLOAD some elbows! Stochansky’s hands are everywhere as he tries to block and secure a grip on his opponent, but Osbourne switches to knee-on-stomach and RAINS DOWN THE PAIN with punches! Lorenzo shouts at him to quit punching, and Osbourne heeds his advice, switching to full mount to rain down with elbows instead! Kilgore pulls his opponent’s head down and manages a bridge escape, landing in Kilminster’s guard and pulling back for a bomb of a punch, but the Englishman uses the opportunity to swing his legs high and catch the Ukrainian with a Triangle Choke!

Other Guy: Look how this thing has turned around!

Eryk Masters: Wow!

Blood pours down from Kilgore’s face all over Kilminster’s body as he squeezes his legs tightly, constricting Kilgore! The bigger man gets his feet under him and, slowly, manages to stand up and summon all his power to raise Kilminster up and SLAM him down to the canvas with a powerbomb! It’s not enough! Kilminster holds on, but Kilgore manages to use the recoil of Osbourne bouncing back up off the canvas to lift him again! As Kilminster gets up to shoulder-height, he drives a vicious SPIKE of an elbow down into Kilgore’s face, but he’s SLAMMED back down again! This time it’s for keeps as Osbourne’s legs unravel and he clutches the back of his neck! Kilgore drops back, sat down on the canvas and sucking in huge breaths!

Jeff Hansen: That’s a risky move by Kilgore to make the escape, but it paid off!

Other Guy: Look at his face though! Talk about a crimson mask…

Eryk Masters: He’s got some NASTY cuts right around the T-zone. I dread to think how many stitches he’s going to need…

Almost throwing himself forward, Kilgore flops over Osbourne with a sloppy lateral press. Lorenzo drops for the count…



Almost with ease, Osbourne bench-presses Kilgore up and throws him off to the side, rolling up onto his knees and taking his time getting to his feet. He barely has time to rub his neck before Kilgore is up too! Both men circle eachother…

“KILGORE SUCKS!� rings out across the arena as a few more fans here and there join in the chant!

Osbourne strikes first, his shin COLLIDING with Stochansky’s head as a right roundhouse kick connects. Kilgore stumbles, but shrugs it off and charges in to catch a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Kilminster lands a tight European uppercut, but Kilgore fires back with a MASSIVE headbutt and brings Kilminster to the canvas HARD with a twisting neck-breaker! Kilminster instinctively rolls up onto his hands and knees to avoid being pinned, but that leaves him vulnerable to a HUGE leaping leg-drop across his neck with flattens him out. Smirking, Stochansky wipes the blood from his face and kicks Osbourne over onto his back before dropping for the pin…



He gets the shoulder up! There’s a gasp of surprise from the fans as Kilminster rolls back over onto his hands and knees and pushes himself to his feet. Kilgore follows suit and the two men stare down in the centre of the ring. Stochansky has a few choice words for Osbourne, who shakes his head slightly and bites down even harder on his gumshield.

Other Guy: Uh oh.

Eryk Masters: Not going to be good…

Out of nowhere, Osbourne SMASHES his right elbow into Kilgore’s face and follows up by pulling him into a tight Thai Clinch and dropping to one knee, bouncing Kilgore’s face right off it!

Eryk Masters: WAKE-UP CALL!

Other Guy: WAKE-UP CALL!

Jeff Hansen: WOWZERS, PENNY!

Eryk Masters: What the Hell?

Kilgore drops to both knees and Kilminster slaps him across the face to put him down before making the cover! Lorenzo drops down!




Kilminster stands, not elated but nodding confidently as he strides to a turnbuckle and watches on as Lorenzo makes sure Kendrick records the fall and then helps Kilgore up to his feet and to a corner of the ring. Stochansky doesn’t make it that far assisted, however, breaking free from Lorenzo and angrily gesticulating.

There are more fans chanting �KILGORE SUCKS!� and a few cheering Osbourne’s pinfall victory as he arches and massages his neck in his corner of the ring.

Other Guy: He did it! He drew level.

Jeff Hansen: I thought it wasn’t going to be possible, I’ll be honest with you. I thought Kilgore had him when he was pinned inside of what, two minutes?

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure on the exact time just yet, but yeah, it was pretty quick.

Other Guy: It’s odd because we’re seeing Kilminster being more instinctive and Kilgore being more premeditated and calculating, which is almost a complete role reversal from the ordinary. How often have we seen Kilminster as the man with a plan?

Eryk Masters: In fairness, almost everybody who has anything to do with SHOOT knows Kilminster’s neck is a massive chink in his armour. Kilgore would have been foolish not to have used that to his advantage, in some senses.

Jeff Hansen: So you’re, effectively, condoning what Kilgore did to Oz backstage?

Eryk Masters: Oh come on, you know I never said or meant that!

Jeff Hansen: Do I?

Tony Lorenzo leaves Kilgore, takes his place in the centre of the ring and gestures to both men to let them know it’s back on again!

Osbourne storms over toward Kilgore, but the defending Champion rolls back over the ropes and paces along the matted area, soaking up the boos and jeers of the fans before lifting the ring apron and rummaging around under there. Osbourne is intrigued and shakes his head before baseball sliding Kilgore! The Ukrainian’s back SLAMS against the guardrail and he falls forward onto his knees, but as Osbourne raises his leg to throw a kick, Kilgore checks his cup with a vicious punch that drops the Englishman!

Other Guy: Kilgore’s a Champion. You’d expect more from him, really, wouldn’t you?

Eryk Masters: It’s a nasty move, but it’s effective.

Kilgore stands, wincing slightly and clutching his ribs, but Osbourne isn’t far behind and he notices the weak point, jumping in with a side thrust-kick into the sternum that sends Stochansky reeling into and ricocheting off the turnbuckle with a SICK THUD! Osbourne charges over and throws himself on top of Kilgore, drilling him with a series of fast elbows, opening up his cuts even more! Kilgore gets his hands up, eventually blocking the blows as they come in slower. Osbourne stands and steps off him, taking a deep breath as he watches Kilgore get up and drape himself over the guardrail for support.

Jeff Hansen: I think both men are getting tired now.

Other Guy: Osbourne’s neck must be screaming all kinds of obscenity at him for competing right now.

Eryk Masters: It looks to me like Kilgore’s ribs are suffering too.

Other Guy: Yeah, I’d heard he was over those particular problems, but maybe not. Maybe this match has aggravated them!

Kilminster steps toward Kilgore and reaches for his head, but as he does, Kilgore grabs something from behind the rail and SMASHES Osbourne over the head with it! A STEEL CHAIR! Kilminster falls to his knees, his eyes rolling up and back as a trickle of blood tears its way down his face from the fresh wound, and he eats  A SECOND CHAIR SHOT which flattens him out completely! Kilgore smiles and throws the chair behind him into the ring as he makes eye contact with the front row of fans who have joined in the �KILGORE SUCKS!� chant!

Jeff Hansen: I think everybody in this arena felt those shots. Nevermind heard them, we FELT them.

Other Guy: Ouch… Just… Yeah. Ouch.

Eryk Masters: And there’s nothing Tony Lorenzo can do about it because this match is no-disqualification, at Osbourne’s own request!

Other Guy: I bet he REALLY regrets that now.

Kilgore grabs a handful of Osbourne’s hair and a handful of his shorts to pull him to his feet and force him into the ring under the bottom rope. Barely conscious at all, Osbourne’s instincts kick in and he rolls over onto his hands and knees, EATING a soccer kick to the chin from Kilgore! Laughing slightly to himself, Kilgore wipes more blood from his face and reaches down to pull Osbourne up into a front head chancery before DROPPING back and DRIVING Kilminster’s head into the steel chair with a DDT! Kilgore takes him time getting to his feet and paces around the ring, stretching his back out and smiling as he regards the crumpled mess of Kilminster.

Other Guy: Not good.

The ever-growing chants of �KILGORE SUCKS!� don’t seem to phase him at all as he reaches down AGAIN to pull Kilminster up, this time holding Kilminster around the waist and lifting him up, ready for a pile-driver, positioned perfectly above the steel chair. As he holds him there, surveying the thousands chanting �KILGORE SUCKS!�, he smirks.

Kilgore Stochansky: God bless you too!

With that, his legs shoot out from under him and he SMASHES Osbourne’s head down into the steel chair with such force that he bounces back, clean out of Kilgore’s grasp and rolls to the other side of the ring with SHEER AGONY etched into his face! Stochansky stands and laughs, pointing at Osbourne and bending double as he does!

Eryk Masters: Oh… Why? Why did he do that?

Other Guy: He wants to win, he wants to retain his Championship, but this is just sick.

Jeff Hansen: This is amazing. Look!

Osbourne’s face has changed from one of pain to one of rage as he pulls himself up by the ring-ropes. Kilgore’s not smiling anymore as he takes a step back from Osbourne. Some of the fans actually cheer Kilminster’s ascent to his feet and his stride toward Stochansky! He throws a CHIN-CHECKING right hand, following with a left! Kilgore blocks a right, but doesn’t see the knee coming right up the middle and BLASTING his chin! Pushing Kilgore back into the ropes, Osbourne MACHINE GUNS punch after punch into the ribs, following Kilgore and he tries to side-step out of it! Stochansky FIRES BACK with a knife-hand strike to the side of Kilminster’s neck with an immediate result as the Englishman steps back and clutches his neck! Kilgore steps forward off the ropes, but his legs wobble slightly under him!

Other Guy: Kilgore might be on the way out!

Jeff Hansen: So might Osbourne!

Eryk Masters: Osbourne’s head is swaying, and Kilgore’s legs aren’t looking so steady… Could go either way now…

Osbourne steps toward Kilgore and swings his right elbow, but Kilgore ducks and steps through with the go-behind, his right arm around Kilminster’s neck and the left pulling Osbourne’s left arm behind his back with a chicken-wing! Osbourne knows what this is and tries to fight it, but the bigger man still has the strength and the torque to drives himself back and over, flipping Osbourne over and face-first onto the mat!

Eryk Masters: NONE SHALL PASS!


Osbourne twitches as Kilgore slowly gets back up to his feet. Smiling down at Kilminster, he kicks him over onto his back and bends down to fold his arms over his chest, once again placing the very end of the toe of his boot on Osbourne’s chest as Tony Lorenzo drops to make the count…




Samantha Coil: And at a time of… 38 minutes and 42 seconds… STILL your SHOOT Project TRIAD Champion… KILGORE STOCHANSKY! STOCHANSKYYYYY!

Kilgore holds his fists high in the air as the fans rain down their jeers from all angles with �KILGORE SUCKS!� chants. Tony Lorenzo drops to his knees and pulls Osbourne’s gumshield from his mouth whilst Kilgore snatches his belt as it’s handed to him by Mark Kendrick, climbing to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and holding it high for all to see!

Eryk Masters: It’s official – Kilgore’s done it!

Jeff Hansen: He’s successfully defended his Championship!

Other Guy: Yeah, but Jeff, did you win or lose on your bet?

Jeff Hansen: I’m not telling you that!

Kilgore’s broad smile is caught in close-up as he holds the TRIAD Championship next to his face, and in the background, medics storm the ring and swarm around Osbourne Kilminster.