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Revolution 57 – 2/22/09

It’s the night of the show and TMB has been sitting in his ceil for a few days now. He isn’t in the most happiest of moods. His hands are bloody from punching the wall in order to stay focused. The other men in the cell have wisely decided to stay away from him. He stops punching the wall as he hears the guard call to him.

Guard: Thomas Black. Someone has paid your bail, lets go.

The guard opens the door as the big man walks past the others and through the barred door. He looks at the guard as if he wants to tear his arm off. But stops as he hears a familer voice. He sees his stablemate, the lovely Sinnocence clad in her usual leather ensemble.  She doesn’t look overly happy…but then again, losing her title at Revolution probably didn’t help.  She glares up at the taller man, a dark grin on her face.

Sinn: You owe me five grand.

TMB: I’m shocked to see you here instead of Ozzy.

Sinn: Ozzy apparently had better things to do.  Someone had to bail you out.  Call it a gesture of good faith on my part.

She raised an eyebrow.

Sinn: You didn’t become someone’s bitch, did you?

TMB: No, but I think I could have had a few of my own if I wanted. but don’t worry about that. Tonight, I’m in the mood for hurting some people. How about you?

That thin black eyebrow stayed up.

Sinn: I lost my title.  What the fuck do you think?

TMB: It looks like fucking a Viking won’t make you happy this week. Looks like you want the same thing I want…blood. Question is, who should get dealt with first?

Sinn: I don’t care.  I just want some form of compensation for losing my damn belt.

TMB: Sound like a lovely plan. I’m sure we can find ourselves a little bit of fun tonight that will make both of us happy.

TMB smiles and cracks his knuckles.

Sinn: Buckets of blood.

She matches his smile with her own.

Sinn: Oh, and don’t forget my five grand. 

TMB: Oh don’t worry, if I get my way, I’ll be sure to make a withdraw from the bank of Kilgore.

She starts to walk down the hallway and TMB follows.

Sinn: Good, seems like this is the beginning of a friendship.

TMB: Naw…it just means that tonight is gonna end up bad for somebody.

The scene fades as TMB follows Sinn and get his things as they head out towards her truck.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue letterin, the camera zooming over Vegas until it comes over the roof of the SHOOT Project Epicenter.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project Soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Cade Sydal is seen first hitting the Ninjaguiri. Adrian Corazon is shown next hitting the Act of Inhumanity. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Then a shot of The Flying Avengers posing with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Donovan King is shown standing on the entrance stage, dressed to the nines with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. It’s followed up with Sinnocence locking in the Iron Maiden on Ainsley Lake. A shot of Christopher Davis being sent over the top rope by Pestalance is shown next. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Jester Smiles nailing the Virginia Sidekick to an opponent.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ utter disregard for your body in the pit”

Kenji Yamada is shown next attacking Azraith. Then a quick shot of Sammy Rochester getting attacked by Cade Sydal, Jack Heart, and Lockup. Cut to a shot of Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Super Fan together. From there a cut to Jonny Johnson and Adrian Corazon trading shots in the center of the ring while fans lose their minds.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ linebackin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Osbourne Kilminster hitting the Wake Up Call on a helpless opponent. Cut from there to Dan Stein holding the Iron Fist Championship, Cade Sydal holding the Laws of Survival Championship until it stops for a moment on Kilgore Stochansky holding the newly unified TRIAD Championship. Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Donovan King nailing a helpless opponent with the Dealbreaker.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Eryk Masters: There’s nothing like it!

Other Guy: Real lives, real violence!

Jeff Hansen: That’s what it’s all about!

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no single soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Super-imposed over the backdrop of men and women fighting in the ring is the SHOOT Project Helmet.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

First seen is the TRIAD Championship title belt. Slightly faded within the front portion of the title is Kilgore Stochansky who we see holding the title, exhausted, having gained the upper hand in his title defense, leaving the ring with a grin on his face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next title that appears on the screen is the World Tag Team Championship titles. Within the two belts, Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite are shown, posing with their titles.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

From there is seen the Revolution Championship. Inside the front portion of the title we see Pestalance holding the Revolution Championship up high over his head, having just won the belt.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

And the last image seen are shots of the prestigious SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title. Within the front portion of the title belt you see Donovan King holding the title high above his head, standing over his fallen foe, a look of pure determination on his face.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, know

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this, yo

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, settling back on the Epicenter, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


Shinya and Maya are in their locker room, they are both putting the last few strands of tape on their hands before their match. Maya stands up with an uneasy look on his face.

Maya: Shinya…I…ummm…I just wanted you to know that…

Shinya is quick to stand up himself. He puts a finger over Maya’s mouth to make him stop talking.

Shinya: Not right now, Maya, we have much bigger things to worry about right now. There are thousands of fans out there that want to see us compete…we can’t be thinking about anything but Jack Heart and Irish Wolfhound right now, understand?

Maya: I understand…I’m sorry, I keep forgetting that we can’t…tell everyone about it.

Maya looks down at the floor, almost embarrassed. Shinya puts both hands on Maya’s shoulders and leans his forehead to Maya’s.

Shinya: Don’t worry about it, Maya, I feel the same way about you, alright? Now come on…we’ve got a match to win and I can’t do it alone out there.

Maya: Yeah, for the fans…

Maya’s voice is noticeably less excited as he and Shinya walk out of their locker room.



Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit!

“Club Foot” by Kasabian hits. Jack heart steps out from the back, bouncing up and down, as his larger tag team partner steps out behind him, rolling his wrists.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 403 pounds! They are the team of The IIIIIRIIIISH WOOOOLFHOOOOUUUUND and JAAAACK HEEEEAAAART!

The two make their way down the ramp, with jack heart moving to slap any hands that reach out for them, as they receive a relatively warm reception. Not quite loud, but the reaction they get is positive nevertheless. The Irish Wolfhound quickly walks up the ringsteps and steps through the ropes, as Jack Heart jumps onto the ring apron and slingshots over the top rope. The music slowly fades out.

Eryk Masters: The Irish Wolfhound is looking to be all business tonight in his debut, while Jack Heart seems to just be excited to be competing again.

Jeff Hansen: I did some research, and it turns out this Wolfhound guy is the cousin of Jack Heart, and he’s done a lot of work over in…you guessed it, Ireland. This is his first match in the country, let alone on a big stage.

Suddenly the tune of “Bell the Cat” by LM. C hits, and the fans begin to cheer loudly! Shinya and Maya bounce out from the back, smiling out at the fans!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! From Nagano, Japan, at a combined weight of 332 pounds! They are Shinya Nakamura and Maya Nakashima! TREEEEEEEEEEEES BEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIN!

Shinya and Maya move down the ramp, excitedly tagging hands as they go, before they both slide under the bottom rope and put their backs to each other! They raise their hands and slap hands overhead, with their backs to one-another, then move in opposite directions to climb the posts and point out at the fans! The music slowly fades out.

Other Guy: Shinya and Maya are looking ready to be back in tga team action this week as well!

Jeff Hansen: This match could have a huge impact in the tag team rankings for either one of these teams. I’m sure the Flying Avengers are back there watching things closely.

Jack Heart and The Irish Wolfhound throw their fists down three times at each other before stopping, with Heart throwing out two fingers and Wolfhound throwing out an open hand. Wolfhound steps out onto the apron, while Maya steps out onto the apron himself.

Eryk Masters: Looks like a game of rock, paper, scissors decides who starts the match for the team of Jack Heart and the Irish Wolfhound.

Other Guy: While Shinya has decided to start things off for his team. Should be interesting.

Shinya and Heart circle and quickly meet with a lock up in the center of the ring. Heart grabs Shinya by the arm and whips through an arm drag! Shinya rolls off his shoulder to his feet as Heart rolls the other way back to his own feet and runs at Shinya! Shinya hooks under Heart’s arm and backflips through a Japanese arm drag, holding the arm for an armbar as he lands on his knees! Heart rolls backward off his right shoulder to his feet and Shinya whips him off the ropes! Shinya swings a back elbow, and Heart ducks under it, grabbing Shinya’s other wrist, Heart twists through and whips Shinya off the ropes!

Jeff Hansen: What the fuck?!

Eryk Masters: This thing got fast, in a hurry!

Shinya handsprings into the ropes and bounces back to his feet and leaps off his feet and leaps back, while turning for a cross body! Heart ducks under it, and Shinya rolls over his back and hooks a leg, rolling back into a schoolboy! Heart rolls backward through the schoolboy attempt though and then dives over Shinya’s back into an Oklahoma Roll! Shinya rolls backward off his shoulders before Chris Jenkins can slide into position for the count, and both men are to their feet, staring at each other, as the fans clap and cheer!

Other Guy: Wow!

Jeff Hansen: I…what the fuck? Are these two on speed or something?!

Eryk Masters: Absolutely not…these two, and their partners, want to climb up the tag team ranks and a win here tonight would go a long way in doing that.

They only spare a moment before rushing each other for another tie-up! Heart ducks under Shinya’s arm and gets into a waistlock quickly behind Shinya! Shinya runs straight for the ropes ahead of him, though, and grabs the ropes, using the momentum to bounce Heart free! Heart releases the hold as he’s bounced back to his shoulders, and rolls all the way back through to his feet. Heart hits the ropes, and the Irish Wolfhound slaps his hand as he does, tagging himself in. Shinya turns and catches Heart on the rebound with a dropkick! Wolfhound is through the ropes as Shinya gets to his feet, and Shinya ducks a clothesline!

Other Guy: The Irish Wolfhound just got himself involved in this match, and the pace may just be slowed!

Jeff Hansen: Not if Shinya can keep avoiding him like he just did there.

Shinya hits the ropes and extends his hand to Maya, tagging Maya in, as he rebounds off the ropes and leaps for a cross body! Wolfhound catches Shinya and throws him up over head with a fall away slam! Shinya crashes to the canvas and Wolfhound pushes to his feet as Maya rushes at him from the side! Maya swings himself through a flying head scissors that sends Wolfhound spinning to the canvas!

Other Guy: Maya, slightly larger than Shinya, is in now. Probably to lessen the size advantage, even if just by a fraction!

Eryk Masters: His speed isn’t any less dangerous, though, as that flying head scissor just send Wolfhound flying to the canvas!

Maya is quick to his feet as Wolfhound pushes to his own feet. Maya rushes at Wolfhound and Wolfhound ducks behind Maya and hooks him for a back suplex! Wolfhound throws Maya up and over, but Maya lands on his feet and pushes Wolfhhound from behind into his own corner, and Jack heart tags himself in! Heart slingshots over the rope and ducks a kick from Maya! Maya turns, and Heart snaps his own left shin into Maya’s chest, driving Maya to the canvas! Maya quickly kips up to his feet, but the moment his feet hit the canvas, Jack Heart’s right foot snaps into his forehead with a roundhouse!

Eryk Masters: A kick like that will change the complexion of this match drastically! Good Lord!

Jeff Hansen: No kidding!

Heart immediately follows the roundhouse with a standing moonsault across Maya’s chest!



Maya hooks under Heart’s ribs and bridges himself out from under him before turning and dropping a leg across the back of Heart’s head before Heart can get to his feet!

Jeff Hansen: Or maybe not! THAT can change things though!

Other Guy: Just when we think someone has control, the tide changes again!

Maya pulls Heart to his feet and grabs his arm, before tagging in Shinya. Maya whips Heart off the ropes and catches him as if Heart were going for flying head scissors, but Shinya catches him by the head! Maya pushes Heart’s legs off his shoulder and Shinya runs to the side, dropping Heart with a DDT! Shinya turns Heart over and hooks a leg!

Eryk Masters: Wow! That could be it!




Heart kicks out, as Wolfhound is through the ropes! Wolfhound backs out of the ring.

Other Guy: That was a close call, definitely, but Jack Heart dug deep and kicked out!

Shinya pulls Heart to his feet and sends him off the ropes! Shinya ducks a llittle for a back body drop, but Heart places his left foot on Shinya’s left thigh and turns his body to land seated on Shinya’s shoulders before snapping backward with a reverse hurricanrana! Heart cradles his own head as he turns Shinya over and hooks a leg!




Maya quickly runs in and pulls Heart off by the ankle!

Jeff Hansen: Maya just saved things for his team right there, you’ve gotta believe.

Other Guy: Like I said earlier, the tide of this thing keeps changing.

Chris Jenkins escorts Maya out, though Maya doesn’t resist at all, as Heart pulls Shinya to his feet. Heart tags in Wolfhound before driving forearms into Shinya, backing him into a neutral corner. Heart whips Shinya to the opposite corner as Wolfhound joins Heart. Heart starts to whip Wolfhound, but Wolfhound reverses the whip and pulls Heart up into a military press before launching Heart head first at Shinya in the corner! Heart thrusts forward with a forearm strike to the jaw as he’s launched like a missile!

Jeff Hansen: Oh wow! That couldn’t have felt good!

Eryk Masters: That might be a bit of an understatement!

Shinya stumbles out of the corner, right into Wolfhound who catches him and launches him high overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Shinya crashes to the canvas, and Wolfhound chases after him on his knees to push him to his back and hooks both legs!




Maya slides into the ring and lunges with a double sledge to Wolfhound’s chest, breaking up the pin attempt! Maya quickly gets out of the ring before Chris Jenkins can yell at him, and Wolfhound pulls Shinya to his feet.

Other Guy: Maya might’ve kept this match going for now, but Wolfhound doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of stopping now that he’s got the momentum!

Eryk Masters: That’s not going to be a good thing for Shinya, either.

Wolfhound snaps a chop into Shinya’s chest! A second chop, and Shinya collapses to the canvas! Wolfhound grabs Shinya and pulls him to his feet before lifting him into the air and dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker! Wolfhound lifts Shinya off his knee and rises to a full-stand before throwing Shinya up over his head onto his shoulders and falls back with a Samoan Drop!

Other Guy: Nice combination of moves from Wolfhound, and this could do it!

Wolfhound turns over and hooks a leg!




Maya is quickly in again and this time he runs and jumps, double stomping down on Wolfhound’s chest! Maya quickly goes back to his own corner!

Jeff Hansen: A little bit more forceful on the break-up there from Maya!

Wolfhound holds his chest before he pulls Shinya back to his feet. Wolfhound throws Shinya straight up into the air for a powerbomb, but Shinya snaps backward quickly enough to turn Wolfhound over with a hurricanrana!

Eryk Masters: Shinya desperately needs to get out of there!

Shinya starts crawling toward his corner, holding his lower back! Wolfhound is quickly back to his feet and he grabs Shinya by the leg, pulling him away from Maya before pulling Shinya up into a waistlock! Wolfhound backs into his corner, and lets Heart tag himself in. Heart steps through the ropes as Wolfhound moves away from the corner and turns around, still holding the waistlock. Heart lunges at Shinya with a thrust kick as Wolfhound snaps back a release German suplex!

Jeff Hansen: So much for getting Maya back into the match!

Other Guy: That suplex-kick combo didn’t do Shinya any favors in that regard.

Wolfhound steps out of the ring, as Heart scrambles to make the cover!



Maya starts through the ropes and Jack Heart pushes off of Shinya before Maya can break it up. Heart pulls Shinya to his feet by the hair at the back of his head and starts thrusting kicks up into Shinya’s forehead! Jack heart runs to the ropes to the side and throws his foot at the side of Shinya’s head on the rebound! Shinya straightens up at the last second, and Heart stomps his foot down, off-balance! Shinya hooks Heart from the side and snaps his right leg into the front of Heart’s left leg, taking him down with a Front Russian Leg Sweep!

Eryk Masters: Oh! That could be the opening Shinya needs!

Other Guy: Now he just needs to make it across the ring to his partner.

Heart starts crawling toward his corner, holding his chin! Shinya turns to the side and starts crawling to his corner, holding his lower back! Heart lunges and slaps his hand against Wolfhound’s! Wolfhound steps through the ropes and runs at Shinya! Shinya pushes to his knees and dives forward, tagging Maya’s hand! Maya slingshots over the rope and dropkicks Wolfhound in the chest, Wolfhound stumbles back!

Eryk Masters: Maya is in, so is Wolfhound!

Jeff Hansen: Might not be the best scenario for Maya, but its better than Shinya getting beat up even more, I guess.

Maya is up quickly and Wolfhound swings a clothesline at him! Maya ducks and kicks backward into the back of Wolfhound’s knee, buckling it! Wolfhound drops to a knee as Maya jumps up with a jumping calf kick to the back of Wolfhound’s head! Wolfhound collapses to the canvas, and Maya turns him over!




Wolfhound kicks out hard, throwing Maya off of him! Maya scrambles to his feet as Wolfhound gets to his own feet! Wolfhound lunges for Maya, but Maya ducks to the side, now closer to Jack Heart! Wolfhound turns and lunges at him again, and Maya dropkicks Wolfhound in the front of the knee! Wolfhound lands with his face on the second turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Maya is just too quick, and too fresh, for Wolfhound to get a handle on!

Jeff Hansen: That turnbuckle isn’t too quick for Wolfhound to catch and eat though, haha, wow!

Heart, perhaps sensing trouble for his partner, tags Wolfhound’s back and leaps over the top rope! Maya turns around as Heart swings a clothesline, but Maya ducks and catches the arm! Maya turns Heart through quickly and snaps through a neckbreaker! Maya moves toward Shinya, and Wolfhound runs at him! Maya grabs the top rope and drops, and Wolfhound sails over the rope to the floor!

Other Guy: Wolfhound can’t catch a break right now!

Eryk Masters: You’re not kidding!

Maya gets back to his feet and tags in Shinya! Maya moves to a neutral corner as Shinya walks the apron to the opposite neutral corner! Maya faces Heart on the canvas, Shinya turns his back to Heart! Maya leaps off the top rope with a shooting star press! Shinya leaps off and back with a diving moonsault! Maya rotates through a leg drop across Heart’s face, as Shinya crashes chest-to-chest on Jack Heart!

Jeff Hansen: STARSAULT!

Maya pushes off of Jack Heart and turns to make sure Wolfhound won’t be sliding into the ring to break it up as Shinya hooks both legs!




Chris Jenkins signals for the bell! The fans cheer loudly, as “Bell the Cat” by LM. C hits the sound system!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 22 minutes and 59 seconds! Maya Nakashima and Shinya Nakamura! TRES BIEN!

Shinya pushes off of Heart as Chris Jenkins raises both Shinya and Maya’s arms! Wolfhound slides into the ring, and Maya and Shinya immediately move to a defensive position, but Wolfhound moves directly to Jack Heart and starts checking on him, helping him to his feet.

Eryk Masters: A hard-fought victory to kick things off on this edition of Revolution!


As one, Christopher Davis walks through the backstage area he is suddenly stopped by none other than the second best backstage interviewer currently employed by the SHOOT project.

Dutch Harris: Chris, Chris a minute of your time.

Davis, dressed in a grey pin-striped suit, pauses for a moment allowing Dutch and crew to catch up to him.

Christopher Davis: What can I do for you Dutch?

Dutch Harris: Well, to my knowledge no one came forward to answer your challenge from last week so I guess I’m wondering what you’re doing here tonight?

Davis smiles.

Christopher Davis: You know Dutch I’m glad you asked that question. It seems since good ole Vincent decided to tuck his tail between his legs and leave SHOOT I haven’t had too much to do lately.

I mean I’ve called Vincent out several times and since I know his ass is somewhere listening that will remain open until he decides he’s ready to end this.

The thing is though Dutch, not only has my challenge to Vincent gone unanswered it seems that no one else in SHOOT wants anything to do with me either.

So Dutch what’s a former world champion to do?

Dutch Harris: I can understand your frustration…I

Davis stops him mid sentence.

Christopher Davis: Can you Dutch? Can you really understand my frustration? Do you have any fucking idea how frustrated I am at the moment? Do you?

Davis stares directly into the eyes of Dutch Harris, his words growing intense. Suddenly he steps back and smiles.

Christopher Davis: So you can understand my frustration eh Dutch? Well, good for you.

So last week, I called the roster out and no one answered. I showed ZERO respect to the current world champion and got nothin for my efforts. Obviously I’m not doing something right so tonight I’m here as a spectator. Tonight I’m going to sit back here and watch the current King and the brutal inhuman rip the shit out of each other.

And when it’s all said and done…

Davis smirks.

…well let’s just see how things go.


Suddenly, the PA comes to life with what could possibly be the strangest entrance tune it’s ever played. It’s the sound of a kazoo being blown REALLY loudly, and really badly. Then, someone comes on, screaming.


CBP comes out from the back, smiling brightly, carrying a bag of Tootsie Pops.


CBP makes his way to the ring, throwing the candy to the fans.

Eryk Masters: I just got word that CBP has a big announcement to make, guys.

Other Guy: Really?

Jeff Hansen: I’m with OG on this one. Really?


Jeff Hansen: I mean…really?

CBP is about halfway down the ramp when, suddenly, his music cuts out and is replaced with "Combat" by The RZA and P. Dot. TMB suddenly makes his way down the ramp, not even looking at CBP. The fans boo the interruption. CBP simply looks confuse. TMB walks past CBP, but suddenly stops as CBP, very innocently, yells "Hey!"

Other Guy: Oh, don’t be stupid Charles.

TMB turns around and walks back to Charles. The nearest camera picks up what they are saying.

CBP: I was gonna say some stuff.

TMB fakes a punch, and CBP squeals, running away, dropping his bag of Tootsie Pops. TMB laughs, looks down, and grabs a Chocolate Tootsie Pop before walking to the ring.

Jeff Hansen: See, win win. We don’t have to listen to Charles Bryant Penze, and TMB gets his favorite candy. Isn’t SHOOT wonderful?

TMB steps into the ring and calls for a mic as the music begins to die down. He paces the ring for a moment before putting the mic to his mouth and speaking.

TMB: You know Kilgore. You want to go ahead and fuck with me and Ozzy’s water bottles, that’s one thing. But the fact that you got me arrested…that was the wrong mutha…fucking move

You can see the anger on Black’s face as he continues.

TMB: Now I’m not concerned with the Triad Championship…that thing right there is all Ozzy’s as far as I am concern. But what I am focus on is the fact that when I left the lock up, I swore that I would never, ever, be back in a cell again. And you, you made me go back on that promise. What!?! Did you think that I was just gonna let that slide and not approach you on that shit? Did you think that you could go and have a nigga arrested and not have to deal with it. But you know what unlike other muthafuckers I’m not about to play games with you. I’m gonna give you a chance to prove that you have a pair of balls behind that title of yours.

The fans start to get excited at the chance of the meeting of the two wrestlers.

TMB: I don’t need a match…you don’t have to put the title on the line. Just bring your ass down here and get that ass whuppin’ that you have coming to.

TMB lowers the mic and stares up at the rampway and waits.

Other Guy: I don’t think Kilgore is about to come down.

Jeff Hansen: You think…would you want to come down to the ring with a pissed off TMB.

Before Masters can chime in TMB begins to speak again.

TMB: OK…I see that we are going to have to do this the hardway. Fine by me. What I’m going to do is put this mic down. Then I’m going to grab a chair from that fat guy who rings the bell. And I’m going to go to the back and head towards your locker room. Then, I’m going to kick in the door and bash your head in. And Kilgore if you run or hide…that beating is going to become a lot more worse then what it would have been if you would of just came down to the ring.

TMB drops the mic and slides under the bottom ropes.

Eryk Masters: Someone needs to call security and make sure the Triad Champion doesn’t get hurt.

Other Guy: Someone should…but for the sake of seeing a good ass kicking, I hope no one does.

Jeff Hansen: I hate to do this again…but I gotta stick with O.G. for that one.

He walks over to the timekeeper and sticks out his hand. The timekeeper wisely hands TMB his chair and the big man turns around and starts to head up the rampway as the cameras switches back to the announce team.



The scene fades into the ring. Quentin Saint and Black Ice stand in the ring, their eyes shooting back and forth between one another and the entrance ramp. Willie Dean seems to be going over the rules with the two men as they wait for the last entrant, but neither man seems to be paying attention.

Eryk Masters: Two brand new soldiers to the SHOOT Project, and both of them look formidable, but-

Jeff Hansen: But they’re up against the monster child.

Other Guy: I’m with Jeff on this one. Best thing to do, in my mind, is gang up on Sammy or, even better yet, run like hell.

The lights go out.

I will show you fear in a handful of dust

“Hello Zepp” by Charlie Closer hits over the PA. A single spotlight illuminates a massive, hulking figure, carrying a large sack, wearing a burlap sack mask. Sammy Rochester makes his way to the ring, never looking away from his two opponents.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 425 pounds! He is SAMMY ROCHESTER!

Sammy stops at the ring apron and puts the bag down, very gently.

Eryk Masters: Everything about that man is just…creepy.

The lights come back on, and Sammy’s music stops. He continues to stand outside of the ring, staring at his two opponents, who simply stare back, a frightened look on both mens’ faces. Sammy slowly stalks his way up the ring steps and steps over the top rope, glaring at both men the entire time. Once Sammy is in, Willie Dean signals for the bell!

Jeff Hansen: Both of those men should have been attacking Sammy from that very moment.

Other Guy: They looked too afraid to do anything, and, honestly, I don’t know if I can blame them.

Suddenly, Saint lunges at Black Ice, throwing punch after punch after punch, sending Black Ice reeling into the corner.

Eryk Masters: Saints gonna kick this off against…Black Ice?

Saint continues to throw blow after blow into Black Ice until, suddenly, a large scream is heard from the other side of the ring. By the time Saint can turn around, Sammy is there, slamming both Saint and Ice against the turnbuckle with a mighty shoulder block! Sammy proceeds to start throwing wild haymakers, hitting both Saint and Ice with unfocused, but incredibly powerful blows! Both men stumble out of the corner, and Ice is the unfortunate victim of a HARD Polish Hammer, slamming Black Ice straight in the face. Saint tries to jump Sammy from behind, but Sammy simply shoves Saint away. Quentin charges in again, but eats another VICIOUS Polish Hammer, knocking him flat. Black Ice seems the most weakened, having suffered attacks from both Sammy and Saint, so Rochester decides to focus on Quentin. Sammy picks Quentin up and whips him to the ropes. On the rebound, Sammy throws Saint HIGH in the air and just lets him fall flat on his face!

Other Guy: SICK display of power there. Saint is not exactly a tiny man.

Black Ice has begun to stir as he gets to his hands and knees, trying to get his bearings straight. Sammy sees this, but does not immediately attack. He lifts Saint back up and lifts him HIGH over his head in a guerrilla press. He then walks Saint over and TOSSES Saint down on TOP of Black Ice! Sammy then lifts Black Ice from the ground, grabs him by the head, and LAUNCHES him at the turnbuckle. The center of Ice’s spine connects with the top turnbuckle, and Ice flops flat on his face!

Jeff Hansen: This is difficult to watch. I love it.

Eryk Masters: Not everyone can make it in SHOOT, and men like Sammy Rochester are the reason why.

Sammy sees Saint stirring. Rochester goes over to Saint and grabs the back of Quentin’s neck, dead lifting him from the ground into the air and back down with a falling reverse choke slam! Sammy then lifts Quentin back up and puts him in the head scissors. He lifts Quentin HIGH in the air and tosses him out of the ring with a power bomb!

Other Guy: Good god! Did you SEE the way Quentin landed after that move?

Eryk Masters: We’re going to need some medical staff after this match, that’s for sure. Definitely a stretcher.

Jeff Hansen: Or a body bag.

Sammy sees that Black Ice is on his knees. Sammy stalks over and SLAMS Ice in the face with a boot! Ice bends backwards awkwardly and then falls over. Sammy once again grabs Ice by the back of the neck and DEAD LIFTS him from the ground before dropping him FLAT with a Falling Reverse Chokeslam! Sammy doesn’t let go! He lifts again…ANOTHER FALLING REVERSE CHOKESLAM! Sammy lets go this time, letting out a loud half roar/half cry!

Other Guy: Saint is definitely not going to be breaking up any pins, so this one is just about-is that Ron Barker.

Sure enough, Ron Barker is seen jogging down to the ring in a suit and tie, smiling. He slides under the ropes, which, of course, causes Willie Dean to quickly get in his face to tell him to leave. However, Ron shakes his head no and pulls some papers out of his jacket. He hands them to Dean, which Dean reads. Dean then sighs heavily and frowns, calling Samantha Coil over. Meanwhile, Ron begins to talk with Sammy, who seems somewhat confused by everything going on.

Eryk Masters: Ron Barker just joined the carnage, and…I have no idea what is going on.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this match will be started over. Quentin Saint and Black Ice will still participate, but now, instead of Sammy Rochester, “RAVISHING” RON BARKER!

Other Guy/Jeff Hansen/Eryk Masters: WHAT?!

Ron finally talks Sammy into getting out of the ring. Sammy doesn’t seem happy, but he does so without much hesitation. Ron then turns to the fallen Black Ice and plants a HARD kick to the downed man’s side. He then lifts Ice up and tries to whip him to the ropes, but Ice just falls flat.  Ron seems irritated and plants another kick into Black Ice’s side and lifts him back up, once again trying to whip him, but again, Black Ice just falls flat. Finally, Ron lifts Ice up, starts a whip, but then quickly pulls Black Ice back and PLANTS him with the PERFECTION! Ron covers and Willie Dean makes the count!




Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of 1 minute and 23 seconds…”RAVISHING” RON BARKER!!

Sammy, meanwhile, holds the large sack with one hand, scratching his head with the other. Willie Dean, begrudgingly, raises Barker’s hand, who beams with sick pride. Barker then exit’s the ring and takes a second to reassure Sammy before guiding Sammy to the back.

Other Guy: I’m not sure what we just witnessed, but that was just sickening.

Jeff Hansen: I’m just not sure what we just witnessed.

Eryk Masters: I…uhhhh…yeah.


We cut backstage to Dutch Harris who seems to be out of position without any fancy backdrop other than the curtain by the gorilla position.

Dutch Harris: We just witnessed Ron Barker apparently "winning" the triple threat match we just witnessed with Sammy, Quentin Saint, and Black Ice without being part of the match. Both Ron Barker and Sammy have made their way backstage and I’m going to try and get a few words with them if I can. Ron! Ron…

Dutch Harris shouts to someone off camera as the camera shows Ron Barker and a frustrated Sammy talking to two men dressed in suits. As Dutch and the cameraman make their way over, Ron pats Sammy’s shoulder re-assuringly.

Dutch Harris: Ron! A few words, please.

Ron Barker: Make it quick, Dutch. I don’t have time for this.

Dutch Harris: Your so-called "friend" Sammy destroyed not one but two men here tonight and some how you were credited with the victory. It’s confusing to say the least. My question is… how is this possible?

Sammy appears to become somewhat aggravated but Ron Barker begins to speak.

Ron Barker: Listen, Dutch… first off, I don’t appreciate you questioning the sincerity or the validity of my friendship with Sammy. Alright? I don’t go around to your place of work and start making criticsms of your friends, Cade Sydal notwithstanding. The bottom line is, and I know Sammy won’t mind me saying this because I’m his friend… he’s stressed out. We both know this isn’t an easy business, Dutch. Travelling, media appearances, autograph signings, press conferences… these things stress out both emotionally and physically and the fact of the matter is that while Sammy may not do a lot of travelling nor make any media appearances or even sign autographs… he feels it. You know? He just… he feels it, Dutch.

Ron puts his hand on Dutch’s shoulder and nods as if trying to convey sincerity.

Ron Barker: He feels it for all of us and that is why I have spoken to not only my attorney here but also to a medical physician to back up my assumptions with fact… Sammy Rochester is both emotionally and physically stressed and I would be a pretty horrible friend if I stood back and let that to continue! Effective immediately, I am taking charge of Sammy’s affairs while he tries to get himself back in top form. If it appears that he is too stressed to continue in a match? I will substitute myself in his place. If he looks as if he is about to explode and crumble under the pressures of this business? I, as his friend, will step in. It’s that simple.

Sammy, still looking agitated, angrily sulks while staring at the floor.

Dutch Harris: I don’t really know what to say to that. Sammy, what do you think of all of this?

Dutch raises the microphone toward the monster but Barker directs it back at himself.

Ron Barker: You see, Dutch. It’s people like you that make Sammy the way he is and it’s stressful to me to have to put up with people like you trying to question the decisions that are made in his best interest. I’m not doing this for me, Dutch… it’s all for him. A win for me tonight is for Sammy’s greater good and when Ron Barker wins, well… Sammy wins. That’s what friends do for each other, Dutch.

Ron Barker looks back at Sammy and again, reassuringly puts his hand on his shoulder.

Ron Barker: It’s what friends do.

Ron Barker, Sammy, and the two men in suits begin to leave as Dutch addresses the camera.

Dutch Harris: Well, guys… more questions than answers, I guess. Back to ringside.


Trey is walking backstage at the epicenter.  He pulls the handle out of his bag and checks to make sure he has everything from his truck.  Satisfied, he moves his way to the locker room.  He finds the dressing room door with his name on it, and walks in.  Sitting on the bench in front of his locker is none other than Eddie E.

Eddie E.: Man, it’s been a long while since I’ve been in the SHOOT backstage area.  I have to say, this new epicenter is a little nicer than I would have imagined.  Can you imagine if we had this sort of place when we were just starting out?

Trey puts his bags down next to Eddie and opens his locker door.  He opens his bags and begins to put his stuff away.

Eddie E.: Look, I know you want to do this match and all, but there is still a chance to get out of it.  The doc doesn’t want you to do this.  Jason doesn’t want you to do this, and I don’t want you to do this.  I got here about an hour ago, and I talked to Jason.  Without medical clearance, he’s going to let you go out there, but you have to sign this waiver that makes you, and only you responsible for anything that happens to you out there tonight.  I have to say, it’s not a good idea.  Cade is fuming at you right now.  All that stuff about the drugs and the water bottle?  He’s going to kill you out there.

Looking at the form, Trey stops unpacking his equipment.  He flips through every page of it and props it up on a wall.

Trey: Do you have a pen?  I need to get this shit signed.  Look, man.  Cade’s gonna do what Cade’s gonna do.  I’m already here.  There’s no way in hell that I’m gonna back out now.  If Jason wants me to sign his waiver, then I gotta do what the boss wants.  Now give me a pen.

Eddie hands Trey a pen and he signs every line he needs to.  He tosses the paper at Eddie.  He sets it down and looks back at Trey.  Trey goes back to unpacking his stuff into his locker. 

Eddie E.: There really is no talking you out of this one?  Alright them, man.  Do what you gotta do.  Just make sure that when you come out of that curtain, you are ready to go.  Cade’s gonna throw everything he has at you.  You’re gonna have to remember everything anyone has ever taught you about wrestling.  I’m not gonna lie, he’s better than you at Wrestling.  You know that.  You’re gonna have to dig down deep into that arsenal of death-defying non-sense you have deep down in you still. 

Still not looking away from his locker, Trey addresses the comments made by Eddie.

Trey:  It’s simple, Eddie.  This , just like every other match I have for the rest of my career, will be the last match of my career.  If I go in there with the mentality that I don’t have another shot, leave it all out there, I can’t lose.  No other man in this fed is as crazy as me.  They don’t stand a chance.  Look, get this waiver to Jason.  I have to get ready for this match. 

Eddie grabs hold of the waiver and begins to walk out of the locker room.  He stops at the door.

Eddie E.: Good luck out there Trey.  And for Christ’s sake man, be careful.

Eddie turns and leaves the room.  Trey stops unpacking, and sits on the bench.  He grabs a syringe out of his bag and aims the needle just under the patella.  He clenches his teeth and injects the contents into his knee.  We fade to black with Trey stretching his left leg, trying to get some kinks out of it.


The scene opens to TMB standing around the corner, just staring at Kilgore’s locker room door. He looks like he is about to do something, when he is stopped by a familiar voice, from behind him.

Voice: I wouldn’t do anything right now. I’m not saying you should forget about it, because I sure as Hell won’t… but trust me, we’ll get right back to it as soon as I get clearance to get back in business, you know what I mean? Just… try to relax for now. Clear heads prevail.

TMB nods and follows the voice back around the corner. As the camera tries to get a quick view you see the back of SHOOT’s own Viking. And so the plot thickens…




“Lies” by Evanescence(Jax Remix) hits over the PA system. Brad Jackson comes out to no real response. He just simply makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans, who seem to return the favor by ignoring him. There is a very moderate “booo-ring” chant, but it’s very low.

Other Guy: Not exactly the loudest we’ve ever seen the SHOOT Project crowd.

Jeff Hansen: Well, in all honesty, Brad hasn’t really done anything. He destroyed Style Warrior, whom we haven’t really seen anything from since, and then he had a sub-par showing at Redemption.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, but, if he can pull of a win tonight against Dan Stein, well, people might start talking about one Brad Jackson. It’s an important match for this man.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…BRAD JACKSON!

“Lies” is suddenly replaced with “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse. The crowd ERUPTSwith cheers, and Dan Stein bursts out, an intense look on his face, high fiving fans, but keeping his focus on the ring and Brad Jackson.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, the former Iron Fist Champion…DAN STEIN!!

Dan Stein starts a sprint and slides into the ring.

And is immediately attacked by Brad Jackson! Brad Jackson puts the boots to Dan Stein, and Linam decides that it’d be better to call for the bell than try to break anything up! The bell rings and the match is on!

Eryk Masters: Jackson instantly going on the attack.

Brad lifts Dan up and whips him to the ropes. Dan comes off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline! Dan hit’s the ropes and springboards off..CROSSBODY! Dan immediately hooks the leg, looking for an early pin!

ON-Jackson powers out quickly. Dan throws a few quick forearms before lifting Jackson up. Dan locks in a Thai Clinch, hitting a few quick rabbit punches, followed by a few quick knees. Dan attempts an irish whip, but Brad Jackson reveres. Stein goes for the springboard again..CROSSBODY! NO! Jackson catches Stein! FALLAWAY SUPLEX! Jackson is the one making a quick cover.


T-Dan Stein gets the shoulder up. Jackson hit’s a few quick punches and stands up, dropping a quick elbow on the fallen Dan Stein. Jackson brings Stein back to his feet and launches a quick kick to the previously injured leg of Stein, which causes Stein’s knee to buckle!

Jeff Hansen: Jackson working on that leg Stochansky injured a few weeks ago.

Brad launches a quick boot to Stein’s face, knocking Stein down. Brad stomps down on Stein a few times and again makes a quick pin.


TW-Stein gets the shoulder up!

Other Guy: Jackson may not be the most noble or ethical of wrestlers, but he’s damn sure ambitious, and he’s doing the smart thing here, keeping Stein grounded and going for quick pins.

Jackson lifts Stein back up and launches a punch to Stein’s gut. With Stein doubled over, Jackson snaps back with a quick suplex. Stein arches his back, and Brad holds on, lifting Dan back up and hitting another snap suplex! Brad again lifts Stein up, pulls Stein in, and DROPS Dan with a belly to belly suplex! Jackson covers again!



Kickout! Brad looks a little frustrated by Stein kicking out, but he keeps on, lifting Stein back up. However, Dan is able to push Brad away and launches a quick, low dropkick to Brad’s right leg! Brad doesn’t go down, but is stunned long enough for Dan to get back up. Dan launches a series of slaps…SPINNING BACKHAND! Brad is dazed by the attack, and Dan hit’s the ropes. Brad counters with a clothesline-NO! Dan dodges, turns, leaps, and SLAMS Brad in the back of the head with a high dropkick! Brad drops flat on his face, and Dan again hit’s the ropes. Stein leaps and SLAMS Brad in the back with a double footstomp, and then, while standing on Brad’s back, hit’s a standing moonsault!

Eryk Masters: Impressive display of martial arts and high flying attacks by Dan Stein!

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, but that footstomp looked to have aggravated Stein’s leg.

Sure enough, Stein is up a bit slowly, nursing the leg. Brad is up to his hands and knees as Stein is up, and Stein simply plants a hard kick to Brad’s head, knocking Brad back down. Stein again runs to the ropes, leaping onto the top rope, flipping backwards, and landing with his knees on Brad’s back! However, Stein seems to feel it equally, as he rolls back, clutching his leg.

Other Guy: Stein can’t continue this high flying assault. I don’t think his leg can continue to handle too much more of it.

Stein is again up, limping slightly, and he tries to lift Brad up, but Brad counters with an eye gouge! Linam admonishes Brad, but Jackson doesn’t seem to care. Stein throws a wild punch, unable to see yet, and Brad is easily able to catch it. He then pulls Stein violently forward and SLAMS Stein down with a mean clothesline! Brad mounts Stein and begins to pummel him VICIOUSLY with rights and lefts! Linam, however, leaps at Brad and manages to push him off Stein. Brad argues with Linam for a moment, and while Jackson’s back is turned, Stein is able to lash forward, grabbing Brad’s leg and locking in a QUICK heel hook! Jackson falls forward, grimacing in pain, but he is near the ropes, and is able to quickly grab them. Stein lets go, and both men are able to get up at virtually the same time! Stein lashes forward first, but Brad is able to launch a quick kick to the stomach, doubling Stein over. Brad lifts Stein up high with a vertical suplex, stalling and letting the blood rush to his head-STEIN attempts to wiggle free! Brad loses balance, and Stein falls forward, hooks Jackson’s head, spin, POWER SURGE!


Eryk Masters: Stein not taking that advice, though, as he seems to be waiting, sizing Jackson up.

Other Guy: Oh yeah, he’s looking for The Lights!

Brad begins to get up. Once he is up to one knee and one foot, Stein hit’s the ropes, springboards, ENZIGURI!

BRAD DUCKS AND STEIN CRASHES! Stein gets up, a little woozy, and doesn’t see Brad directly behind him. Brad catches Stein from behind and tosses him with a release german suplex! STEIN HIT’S THE TURNBUCKLE! Brad is up quick and pulls Stein away from the ropes before pinning!





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of ELEVEN MINUTES and THIRTY-FIVE SECONDS….BRAD JACKSON!

Stein clutches the back of his head, standing up slowly while Brad Jackson has his arm raised. Stein shakes his head, clearly disappointed, but makes his way over to Jackson, extending his hand. Brad looks down at the hand, sneering.

Other Guy: Dan Stein takes a hard loss here, but he’s still a good, respectful soldier.

Jeff Hansen: Now the question is, is Jackson?

Jackson looks down at the hand, and then back at Stein, and then back at the hand.

And then shakes Stein’s hand! The crowd cheers loudly at the respect!

Other Guy: Apparently, he is.

Jackson smiles at Stein, shaking his hand. Stein nods, still frustrated, but keeping things respectful. Stein then turns and tries to pull away, but Jackson holds on.

Brad’s smile turns into a glare.

And then, Jackson launches a HARD kick at Stein’s leg!

Jeff Hansen: Apparently, he’s NOT.

Jackson turns Stein around, traps the arms, turns…


Eryk Masters: Dan Stein OBLITERATED by that variation on the reverse DDT.

The fans boo loudly as Brad Jackson spits at Stein and walks out of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: The fans had nothing to say about Jackson when he walked into this match, but I think they have something to say now.


Following the cleanup from the Jackson/Stein bout, the camera begins to cover a decent ammount of the crowd, in big, sweeping Tony Scott style shots. They all cheer when they’re seen, like any good crowd—but that reaction gets turned upon it’s head once The synthesized opening of “Take a Bow” by Muse hits, blasting and trying to compete with the crowd noise.

Other Guy: Oh, this is great. I was just hoping that Kilgore would come on out and talk us to death.

Jeff Hansen: Hey, like him or dislike him, he has a right to be here. He’s our TRIAD Champion, after all!

The boos and jeers ratchet up as the guitars hit, and out walks the man, the champion: Kilgore Stochansky. Wearing a blood red blazer, weathered jeans, a black shirt, rockabilly-era black shoes, and his TRIAD Belt over his shoulder, he pauses on the entrance ramp and holds his arms out, soaking in the incredibly negative crowd reaction.

Eryk Masters: It’s like he doesnt even seem to realize that no one likes him!

Stochansky finally makes his way into the ring, awash with guitars and screams, his smile as easy as ever. He calls for a microphone and one it thrown to him, and he reverently places his belt on a top turnbuckle as if a musuem display. “Take a Bow” fades as he walks about the ring, grinning.

Kilgore: Thank you and thank you, America. Without you, every single one of you out there in the audience, I wouldnt even be here.

He pauses, just enough time for the crowd to respond with a roundly negative tone. He remains unfazed.

Kilgore: Yes, I love you too. But unfortunately, there are some…some people who are ill-informed, and I…

He pauses to rub his eyes and pinch the bridge of his nose, looking like the classic exasperated man.

Kilgore: …Listen.

At that, the crowd starts to boo and scream with a renewed vigor, trying to drown Stochansky out. He should be looking angry, but he drops the microphone to his side and seems to break into a genuine grin, his shoulders even shaking with a little bit of a chuckle.

Other Guy: I know he’s about ready to snap…

Jeff Hansen: Wouldnt you be too, if you were being constantly disrespected?

He paces for a few moments, at certain points pantomiming with a finger to his lips, other times using his hands to ask the crowd to be quiet, which all only spur the crowd on to further, louder volumes. Finally, Stochansky decides to talk, and he has to speak pretty loudly into his mic to be heard.

Kilgore: Hey! I know you are all very excited to see me, okay? I know that I rarely come out here and all that, but I have some very important things to discuss.

Louder, angrier reactions are flowing from the crowd. Small bits of trash begin flying into the ring, but Stochansky deftly dodges them, his smile undiminished.

Kilgore: There are some Poor, misguided souls who are calling me a monster for what transpired between Osbourne Kilminster and myself last week. Heck, some of those folks are even calling me cruel! How ridiculous is that, I ask you?

The crowd hasnt stopped booing, and from the look on his face, Kilgore is taking their response as validation.

Kilgore: Now, now, I’m angry too! But that doesnt mean you have to be…as I said, They’re misguided. I mean, if an animal is suffering…isnt it the humane thing to put it down? Now, what if thast suffering animal asked you to do it? That’s the position I was put in. And I performed as well as I could, and tried to carry out Osbourne’s wishes to the letter.

The trash has begun to fly more frequently, but Kilgore keeps dodging it, not even paying any mind to the fact that a packed house are trying to bean him with pretzels and cups.

Eryk Masters: It’s so loud in here I can barely hear myself, and he doesnt seem to be fazed at all!

Stochansky walks calmly to the corner, picks up his TRIAD Belt, and puts it on, over his jacket. He smiles and does a few turns, making sure everyone in attendance can see it around his waist.

Kilgore: And although I havent heard from him yet…I know that when I do, he will thank me for what I’ve done. Osbourne Kilminster was smarter than my average opponent, Ladies and Gentlemen: He understood that he couldnt dare hope to stop a revolution as glorious as mine. He understood that I was more talented than him, that this Belt belonged on me. But above all, he was very very reverent. He knew the distinct honor that having his career ended by me would be.

He starts to pick up trash, throwing it into the audience to incredibly loud jeers. He keeps throwing, and eventually he starts to cover the first few rows, making sure the ring is immaculate.

Kilgore: I couldnt begin to accept gifts from you folks. After all…

Stochansky picks up a half full water bottle and throws it hard into the audience.

Kilgore: …Your support is gift enough. Thanks!

He drops the mic, causing feedback to blast over the speakers before it’s cut off, and “Take A Bow” starts up to replace it. Stochansky begins to walk out, the screams and boos attempting to match the music in volume. He finally pauses at the entranceway, undoes his title belt, and riases it into the air, before we cut away…

The shot goes backstage, where Dutch Harris stands by…with Cade Sydal! The fans cheer, and Cade offers a smile at the camera, indicating that he hears them all the way in the back.

Dutch Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back here with Cade Sydal. Cade, last week, you were interrupted by Pestalance, and I just…I just kinda wanted to get your thoughts on that.

Cade Sydal: Dutch, I don’t know what that was about, but I’m not going to worry about that. Tonight, I’ve got a match, and I am fucking PUMPED!

The fans cheer again, and Cade cracks another smile and even a wink.

Dutch Harris: Fair enough. But speaking of your match with Trey Willett…you should know, he wasn’t medically cleared to compete.

Cade’s jaw drops.

Cade Sydal: What the fuck?! So the match is off? Fucking lame! What the fuck, man?!

Dutch quickly puts his hand up, slowing Cade’s tirade down.

Dutch Harris: He has insisted on going through with the match, and he’s signed a waiver to compete tonight anyway.

Cade cocks his head to the side.

Cade Sydal: Really?

Dutch Harris: Yeah.

Cade Sydal: Wow. I’m impressed.

Cade turns to the camera.

Cade Sydal: Trey, I’m genuinely impressed that you signed a waiver to compete against me. That takes a lot of balls, because I should tell you. That knee of your’s? It isn’t safe against me. I will do whatever it takes to put you away, and if that means putting you on the shelf, so be it. Tonight, I’m going out there to compete. I’m going out there to win. I’m going out there…to fuck you up. I hope you brought you’re a-Game. I hope you took my advice and you took a crash course in wrestling these past few weeks. I’ll see you out there, champ.

Cade turns back to Dutch and claps his shoulder.

Cade Sydal: Dutch, I gotta get going. Got a match and all. As always, it’s a pleasure talking to you. We’ve gotta do this again sometime buddy.

Cade turns and walks off, and Dutch blinks a little.

Dutch Harris: Well, folks, there you have it. Cade Sydal is ready for tonight. Let’s hope, for the sake of entertainment, that Trey Willett is as well.



“Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas begins to play, and the fans begin to boo.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Staten Island, New York! Weighing in at 191 pounds! “The Willenium” TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEY WIIIIIIIIILLEEEEEEEEEEETT!

Trey Willett steps out from the back in his customary white pants, with white boots on and white tape around his wrists and fists. A black knee-brace is around his left knee, as he walks slowly and carefully down the ramp.

Jeff Hansen: That nasty spill Trey took at Redemption kept him out of the Redemption Rumble, and I heard almost needed surgery. Frankly we’re lucky he’s here tonight!

Other Guy: He had to sign a waiver to compete, though, which isn’t necessarily a smart thing to do when you know you’re facing someone that will exploit that injury at the first opportunity.

Trey slowly walks up the ringsteps, ignoring the reaction he gets from the fans, as his music slowly fades out. “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint hits, and the fans cheer loudly!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Weighing in at 181 pounds! From Southport, North Carolina! He is “The Shoot Project Iron Man” CAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade rushes out from the back and leaps into the air as the fans cheer louder! Cade moves to the left of the stage and waves his hands up at the fans, encouraging them to get even louder! Cade moves to the other side of the stage and pounds his fist against his chest, roaring at the crowd to get even louder, and they do!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal has got this crowd eating out of the palm of his hand tonight!

Other Guy: He is pumped up, and they are definitely feeding him the same amount of energy he’s feeding them!

Cade makes his way down the ramp, pumping his arms out at the crowd in all different directions every couple of steps! He finally makes it to the ring and leaps onto the apron, grabs the top rope, and springboards to the top rope, he turns in mid springboard and springs off with a backflip into the ring, landing on his feet! The fans cheer loudly! Samantha Coil exits the ring as the music fades out.

Other Guy: This match is going to be big, I can feel it!

The bell sounds and Cade Sydal meets Trey Willett in the middle of the ring with a lock-up, before Cade drops to a knee and picks Trey’s left ankle, sweeping him to the canvas! Cade wraps the ankle up with a standing toehold before Trey turns over to his belly. Cade reaches down and grabs Trey by the waist and pulls him to his feet right into a waistlock. Trey throws an elbow back into the side of Cade’s head, and Cade releases the hold.

Eryk Masters: Trey Willett doing everything he can from the early goings to keep Cade from getting a hold of any kind locked on.

Jeff Hansen: An admittedly smart idea when dealing with Cade.

Trey runs to the ropes, but Cade follows just a step-behind him! Trey rebounds off the ropes as Cade baseball slides under the bottom rope and hooks his ankle from the side, and Trey crashes face first on the canvas! Cade hops back onto the apron and grabs the top rope firmly before slingshotting over and turning to drop a leg on the back of Trey’s head! Trey rolls to the side, avoiding contact!

Other Guy: Cade met nothing but the canvas with that leg drop!

Jeff Hansen: Trey is doing a good job at avoiding anything solid right now, I hope he can continue that.

Trey pushes to his feet and hits the ropes and flies into Cade’s chest with a basement dropkick! Trey grabs Cade’s legs and stays on his chest, for a jacknife style pin!



Cade bridges up, bringing Trey with him, and turns through into a backslide attempt! Trey fights to avoid going back and spins Cade around into a hip toss! Cade flips through onto his feet and jumps and turns to monkey flip Trey! Trey hits the canvas and rolls under the bottom rope, holding his back!

Other Guy: Cade with a sudden monkey flip, and it looks like he’s going to look to capitalize!

Eryk Masters: That’s one hell of an understatement!

Sure enough, Cade is quick to his feet and he hits the ropes! Trey turns as Cade rebounds and sails over the ropes in front of Trey, corkscrewing through the air as he flips over the rope with a corkscrew diving press, landing with his back in Trey’s chest and both men hit the arena floor! Cade pushes to his feet and tags hands at ringside! Cade turns and grabs Trey and rolls him under the bottom rope back into the ring, before turning and slapping a few more hands as the fans cheer loudly!

Jeff Hansen: Pandering to these idiots in Las Vegas isn’t going to win the match, Cade.

Eryk Masters: But there’s nothing wrong with showing some appreciation, from time to time, Jeff.

Cade slides under the bottom rope and hooks Trey’s leg!



Trey kicks out quickly! Cade pulls Trey to his feet and sends him to a corner! Trey gets his right foot up on the middle turnbuckle and catches Cade as he charges in at him, delivering an elbow to the chin! Cade stumbles back and Trey springs to the second rope and leaps back, turning, and connects with a cross body!

Jeff Hansen: Trey Willett taking to the air, haha, wow!

Trey stays on for the cover!



Cade quickly kicks out!

Other Guy: Definitely not something we expect to see from Trey Willett and it almost got him the pin, as it obviously caught Cade by surprise too!

Trey drives a forearm down into Cade’s back as Cade tries to get to his feet! Trey straightens Cade up and snaps a hard chop into his chest! A second chop follows, and Trey quickly pushes Cade up into the ropes before sending him off! Trey ducks his body down for a back body drop, but Cade turns at the last second and rolls with a back flip through the attempt, landing on his feet! Trey turns around and Cade leaps onto his shoulders and rolls back with a hurricanrana, through the legs, and Cade holds onto the legs for a cover!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal with a quick cover of his own!



Trey kicks out quickly!

Other Guy: That was a close call, for Trey Willett!

Cade pushes to his feet as Trey turns to a knee! Cade wastes no time in running to the ropes and rebounds off! Trey lunges to his feet and snaps into Cade with a hard clothesline, riding him down to the canvas! Trey pushes to his feet and holds his left knee while moving his left calf around, working out an apparent tweak in his knee, before he bends and pulls Cade to his feet. Trey sends Cade off the ropes, catching him with a tilt-a-whirl, spinning Cade all the way through into a gutbuster!

Eryk Masters: Slick transition from Trey Willett!

Jeff Hansen: Maybe he spent the last three weeks learning some new moves?

Trey pulls Cade off his knee and turns him through into a backbreaker before pressing down on Cade’s chin and knee, bending Cade back sharply! Trey presses down and Dennis Heflin moves into position to ask him if he gives up! Cade waves his hand and presses it against Trey’s chin, trying to push him away, before Trey pushes down harder on the knee and chin of Cade, bending him over the knee even more!

Other Guy: Trey is really putting the pressure on Cade’s back there!

Jeff Hansen: Not a bad idea if you’re Trey Willett. Cade has a documented history of back injuries dating back almost three years ago, easily.

Dennis Heflin asks Cade again, and he again refuses, as the fans start to clap their hands in encouragement! Cade shakes his free, right leg and waves his right hand up-and-down at the crowd, riding the momentum of their cheering before thrusting his right knee up into Trey’s head! A second knee follows! A third and Trey releases Cade, holding the side of his head!

Other Guy: So much for that backbreaking submission!

Eryk Masters: Cade needs to create space and quick, now!

Cade holds his back as he gets to his feet, as Trey holds the side of his head still. Cade runs at the ropes and rebounds, just as Trey rises off his knee and throws his right knee into Cade’s abdomen, spinning him over with a kitchen sink! Trey moves and pushes Cade down on his back quickly, pressing an elbow in the side of the ribs!




Cade pushes both hands into Trey’s face, shoving him off to kick out!

Jeff Hansen: Trey with an impressive kitchen sink, and that was dangerously close.

Eryk Masters: Those ribs and that back are getting a workout courtesy of Trey Willett, that’s for sure.

Trey pulls Cade to his feet and whips him hard to the nearest corner! Cade crashes into the turnbuckles chest first and stumbles back right into Trey, hwho hooks under Cade’s arm and snaps back with a back suplex! Cade bounces off his back to his belly, wisely avoiding a pinning situation from the start! Trey moves to Cade’s side and bends Cade’s right foot behind his left knee and grabs the ankle, while grabbing Cade’s chin, Trey rocks back onto his back, pulling Cade over his knees with a Bow And Arrow Lock!

Jeff Hansen: Trey Willett busting out some submission wrestling! Who says he can’t wrestle?

Other Guy: I’ve heard rumors of him working with his old friend, Eddie E, on improving his wrestling game but I didn’t quite expect to see this!

The hold isn’t as secure as Trey would have liked, however, as Cade manages to get his right leg out from behind his left knee and quickly throws his weight over, landing on Trey for a lateral press, pushing Trey’s shoulders to the canvas!



Trey pushes Cade off of him quickly! Cade tries to push to his feet, and Trey catches him with a double sledge to the back! Trey grabs Cade by the back of his shorts and his left shoulder, pulls Cade to his feet, and runs at the opposite side of the ring, throwing Cade under the bottom rope to crash to the floor!

Eryk Masters: There was nothing fancy about that!

Other Guy: But it was definitely effective!

Cade’s body hits the floor with a thud, and Trey quickly steps through the ropes and hops down to the floor to start throwing boots into Cade’s chest and back! Trey pulls Cade off the ground as Dennis Heflin leans over and starts counting!



Trey lifts Cade up for a body slam then drops him, chest first, on the edge of the guard rail! Cade’s ribs crash on the rail!


Trey kicks Cade in the chest with his left leg, while Cade holds himself up on a knee.


Trey pulls Cade to his feet and whips him into the nearby ringpost, and Cade hits the post with his back!


Trey rolls under the bottom rope, and back out, disrupting the count!

Eryk Masters: Trey Willett using the environment to his advantage as the ringpost and guardrail do a lot of the work for him in wearing Cade down now!

Trey measures up on Cade as he slouches against the ringpost, as Dennis Heflin leans through the ropes to start the count again!



Trey finally feels good about the position and throws a hard left kick at Cade, but Cade ducks to the side! Trey’s knee brace crashes into the post with a “ping” sound!

Jeff Hansen: The metal support rods of Trey’s knee brace just broke!


Trey crumbles to the ground, holding his knee!



Cade pushes to his feet, as Trey pulls himself up! Cade quickly dropkicks Trey in the knee, and Trey goes back down!


Cade grabs the knee brace and pulls the velcro strapping off before throwing the nee-brace to the side! Cade rolls under the bottom rope and rolls back out, breaking up the count, holding his lower back still. Cade grabs Trey up and rolls him under the bottom rope, back into the ring, before pulling him by his legs to the ringpost!

Other Guy: Obviously Cade didn’t want to risk the loose metal in the brace stabbing him, and now he’s about to turn things around on Trey!

Jeff Hansen: Oh come on! Trey’s injury is recent, Cade’s injuries are old. That’s not fair at all!

Dennis Heflin starts shouting at Cade to get back in the ring, but Cade shakes his head and points at Trey’s knee! Trey kicks his legs, trying to get out of his grasp as the fans cheer Cade on! Cade smashes his forearm down on Trey’s left knee and drags him even closer to the ringpost before stepping as far from the post as he can! Cade runs at the post and wraps Trey’s knee around it!


Other Guy: Oh! Trey’s knee just cracked into the post WITHOUT the protection of the brace this time!


Cade rolls back into the ring quickly.

Eryk Masters: Cade, the hunted, now has his sights locked on a body part and that is definitely dangerous for Trey Willett!

Cade rolls back out of the ring, holding his back, and Dennis Heflin starts yelling at him. Cade pulls Trey closer to the post and bends his left knee, placing his left foot under the right knee, and pushes the right foot under him, Cade locks Trey in a sort of Indian Deathlock, using the ringpost in place of his own leg! Cade backs up, as Dennis Heflin starts counting again!



Cade backs all the way to the other side of the ring and slaps hands with some fans before pointing at Trey’s trapped knee!


Cade runs full speed and throws his right foot up with a Yakuza Kick! TO TREY’S KNEE!

Jeff Hansen: Jesus fuck!


Cade turns and tags hands with fans, who cheer him on LOUDLY! Trey quickly leans forward and pushes his right foot out from under himself to unwrap himself from the painful position and pulls his left knee close to himself, his eyes clenched tight in pain!


Cade rolls back into the ring and pulls Trey away from the corner, hooking behind the left knee for the cover!

Eryk Masters: That kick to the knee could have been enough to make Trey think twice about continuing this match!




Trey kicks out and turns to his belly, but Cade keeps a hold of the leg and quickly bends Trey’s right foot behind the left knee, grabs the left ankle, and spins to snap down next to Trey, his left foot pressed against Trey’s right ankle as he pulls back hard, in a Haas of Pain submission hold!

Jeff Hansen: As much as I hate to admit it, that was a very smooth transition, and he could have Trey tapping out here in an instant!

Other Guy: Why does that surprise you, Jeff? Cade is very quick on his feet, and has a great mind for wrestling. He was once called the Technical Messiah, with good reason!

The fans cheer loudly, as Trey shakes his head repeatedly at Dennis Heflin. Cade rocks back harder, making sure to keep his right shoulder off the canvas! Trey gets his left arm between himself and Cade, before pushing up on his right hand and driving the left elbow down on Cade’s ribs! And again! And again! Cade releases the hold as he clutches his ribs!

Eryk Masters: Trey, perhaps in a moment of desperation, managed to free himself, but the damage to his knee might have already been done!

Other Guy: Those elbows definitely bought him a little bit of time to regroup, though.

Trey pushes up, trying to get to his feet, as he clearly favors the left knee. Cade quickly runs to the ropes in front of Trey and dives low with a chop block to the front of th left knee! Trey is sent flipping over to his back on the canvas, cradling his knee! Cade pushes back to his feet and grabs Trey’s left ankle before rolling him over to his belly and drops his right knee across the back of Trey’s left knee! Cade pulls back toward himself on the leg, tearing at the knee even more!

Eryk Masters: Cade is relentless! Like a shark smelling blood!

Jeff Hansen: So much for creating space like you guys said earlier, huh? Looks like the best thing he can do now is stay glued to that knee!

Trey starts clawing at the canvas, inching closer and closer to the ropes! Trey lunges and grabs the bottom rope, and Cade is quick to release the hold. Cade grabs the ankle and pulls Trey away from the ropes, and Trey turns over to his back! Trey pulls his leg closer, puts his rightfoot in Cade’s chin, and shoves back! Cade hits the canvas!

Other Guy: Trey is trying to turn things around right now!

Jeff Hansen: A kick to the chin will usually do that, too!

Trey turns and pushes to try and stand, though he’s still hesitant to put weight on his left leg. Cade kips up to his feet quickly and Trey turns around on wobbly legs, right as Cade leaps up and snaps off a spinning wheel kick to his chin! Trey hits the canvas, as Cade is quickly back up to his feet! Cade quickly moves to a nearby corner, grabs the top rope, and slingshots himself to the top turnbuckle, turning to face Trey! Cade leaps off!

Other Guy: Cade is taking it to the air!

Cade comes straight back down with both feet! ON TREY’S LEFT KNEE!

Eryk Masters: Oh God! That trademark double stomp of his just crushed Trey’s knee!

The fans explode into cheers as Trey pulls the knee to himself in absolute agony! Cade quickly rushes at Trey and slides into a cover, hooking the left leg deep!




Trey kicks out hard! Cade quickly grabs Trey and pulls him to his feet, hooks the left leg, and lifts Trey up for a kneebreaker! Trey rolls over Cade’s shoulder into a sunset flip!

Jeff Hansen: Trey could score the quick pin right here!



Cade rolls backward and hooks his arm under Trey’s left knee and turns over quickly, right into a single-leg Boston Crab!

Eryk Masters: He could have, but he didn’t, and Cade was quick to isolate that leg and now he’s pulling back on a single-leg crab!

Trey struggles, and refuses to submit as Dennis Heflin asks him. The fans clap for the smooth transition, as Cade arches back harder! Trey claws at the canvas and starts to crawl toward the ropes, before Cade turns Trey back over to his back, stopping him from breaking the hold with the ropes! Trey reaches up and pulls Cade into a small package!




Cade rolls backwards, his leg wrapped in Trey’s legs, Cade spins through and quickly drops down with a figure-four leglock! The fans cheer loudly, some even let out “WOOOOO!”

Jeff Hansen: Trey almost had Cade there!

Other Guy: But he didn’t,m and now Cade has Trey locked in the quickest figure-four I’ve ever seen!

Trey flails about, and leans forward to try and push Cade’s left leg off his ankle, but Cade pulls back harder and Trey snaps to the canvas in pain! Dennis Heflin starts asking Trey, but Trey shakes his head! Trey suddenly throws all of his weight over to his left, rolling Cade over to his stomach, reversing the hold!

Eryk Masters: Trey Willett just reversed the figure-four, and now most the pressure is on Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: I’m surprised Trey has withstood so many submission holds on his knee in a row!

Cade quickly Army crawls toward the ropes and grabs the bottom rope! Dennis Heflin moves to Trey and starts counting for him to release! Trey loosens his legs, allowing Cade to get his legs free, at three. Trey pushes to a stand, favoring his left leg heavily, and turns just a little before Cade is behind him with a waistlock! Cade rolls backward with an O’Connor Roll!

Eryk Masters: Cade escaped the hold, and now he’s got Trey’s shoulders to the canvas!


Cade bridges back!


Trey grabs under Cade’s arms and rolls backward, reversing the roll and putting Cade on his shoulders with an O’Connor Roll of his own!



Trey bridges back!


Cade kicks out, but Dennis Heflin signals for the bell!

Jeff Hansen: Trey Willett did it! In the middle of the ring, Trey Willett just won, clean!

The bell sounds as Trey rests on his right knee against the ropes, rubbing his left knee, as Cade tries to tell Dennis Heflin he kicked out, but Heflin hears none of it, and Cade quickly drops it by throwing his hands in the air!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 32 minutes and 57 seconds! “The Willenium” TREEEEEEEEEEEEEY WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT!

Trey pulls himself up on the ropes, as the fans boo a little at the decision, tough there are a smattering of cheers and applause in the crowd, as “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas hits. Cade approaches Trey and slowly puts his left hand out!

Other Guy: Trey proved Cade wrong, so Cade is showing him a great sign of respect!

Trey stares at the hand and slaps the back of it away, eliciting a renewed chorus of boos from the crowd, as Cade rubs his face and shakes his head, backing out of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Haha, but Trey just showed Cade his respect means nothing to him! Priceless!

The shot goes to the back, and the fans immediately begin to boo as they see The Flying Avengers walking the hallway! The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles are around their waists, as they seem to be enjoying themselves, when suddenly a door opens behind them and Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman step out behind them and immediately club them in the back! Jonas sends Kid Lightning flying forward to the floor, while Diego’s forearm to the back drops FLASH to a knee, and the fans cheer!

Jeff Hansen: What the hell?! Can’t anybody walk the halls without being assaulted these days!

Diego turns FLASH around and starts punching him hard in the face, as Jonas follows Kid Lightning with a kick to the ribs! Jonas pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and throws him into a wall, as Diego punches FLASH up into a wall!

Eryk Masters: Ever since Redemption, PERDITION has felt like the Flying Avengers owe them, and they’re not going to stop until they get what they want!

Other Guy: A World Tag Team Title shot, no doubt!

Jonas grabs Kid Lightning by the throat in both hands and lifts him off the floor! Diego continues to punch FLASH in the face! Suddenly Kid Lightning kicks his right foot up into Jonas’ groin, while FLASH throws his own knee up into Diego’s groin! Diego drops to a knee, coughing hard, as Jonas drops Kid Lightning to the floor and doubles over as well!

Kid Lightning: We need to make like an egg and beat it, FLASH!

FLASH Dynamite: I’m with you on that, let’s go!

Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite, their World Tag Team Titles still around their waist, take off running down the hall before both menacing members of PERDITION can recover from the low-blows.

Eryk Masters: FLASH and Kid Lightning resorting to some dirty tactics there to get out of a beating!

Other Guy: A well-deserved beating!

Jeff Hansen: Oh come on! Who honestly blames them?


Cutting backstage, we find SHOOT Project interviewer, Abigail Chase standing outside the mahogany-stained door marked as the entrance to the Owner’s Box by a large, finely engraved brass plaque. Almost right at that moment, the door opens and out steps a man who seems very surprised to see Chase there… almost as surprised as she is to see him coming out!

Abigail Chase: Osbourne Kilminster!

Osbourne Kilminster: Abigail Chase! How lovely to see you!

The vaguely sarcastic grin on his face quickly fades as he realises the camera is right on him, paying less attention to his new flame-themed �Victory or Valhalla� T-shirt and more on the hard plastic support around his neck.

Abigail Chase: Can we assume that you were in there for a meeting regarding your health status, or perhaps what Kilgore had to say earlier about you?

Rolling his eyes, Osbourne takes a deep breath and folds his arms across his chest.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, both of those issues came up in conversation.

Abigail Chase: Can you tell us anything about that? Do you have a solid return date for active competition or-

He cuts her off-

Osbourne Kilminster: I’d be happy to return tomorrow. In fact, if I really had my way, I’d be competing TONIGHT and against Kilgore… but The Gods and the powers that be won’t have it. My neck was in pretty bad shape, and had been for a while, so they did what they had to do to fix it and I’m going to be out for another three weeks or thereabouts. It’s not set in stone, but they’re checking my progress almost daily and you never know. Watch this space. Haha.

Abigail Chase: SHOOT Project management has been very quick to release information about your treatment and how that’s all been covered by your revised working contract. It seems that you’ve become something of a case study for the new deal slowly being offered to existing SHOOT Talent.

Unable to nod his head in agreement, he raises his eyebrows to indicate positively.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, that seems to be the case. SHOOT have been really good to me. Just now, back in there (gesturing to the door behind him), they told me that I can and should take off all the time I need to make sure I’m back to full strength and able to bring all I have. They’re being very supportive in every way they feasibly can. I can’t fault it.

Abigail nods as journalists do when over-emphasising their interest before changing the subject.

Abigail Chase: To go back to Kilgore Stochansky and what he’s said tonight and in the run-up to your match, he continues to imply that you’re eager to find a way out of the business and have literally begged him to be the facilitator of that… which seems to starkly contrast what you’re saying. Why do you think he’s saying these things?

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s about the people who have been here longer than him who’ve already established their reputations and are looking to establish a legacy. He thinks the way to get ahead is to attack that concept and cast aspersions as to how sincere guys like myself and Cade and Dan are about our passion for the sport. He’s not the first to try that route, but he’s taking it further than anyone has before. He’s wrong, and he knows he’s wrong in what he says and what he does, but he’s not going to realise it or accept it until he gets the kind of smack in the mouth that’s going to knock him back into the real world.

Abigail Chase: When do you think that might be?

Osbourne Kilminster: As soon as I’m cleared to get back in the ring.

His expression remains deadly serious, the camera focusing on his calm demeanour as we cut away…



The bell rings, bringing the fans’ attention into the ring, where Samantha Coil is standing with Tony Lorenzo.

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is your MAIN EVENT…of the evening!  It is scheduled for one fall and is a NO HOLDS BARRED match for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!






The fans are already popping as the lights go out, only getting louder.



“Torcher” by DZK plays as orange pyro ERUPTS from the ramp, the fans popping HARD.  We see, of course, the shots of the challenger taking on his foes from the past, hitting his Act of Inhumanity over and over again until a tear is shown, unveiling his name being spelled out.  The fans cheer even more once the orange spotlight shines down and reveals…


Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen, it might sound cliché…it might sound contrived…but this match here…is the biggest match, in my opinion, of this young man’s career thus far.

Jeff Hansen:  Even I have to agree there, Eryk.  I mean, here’s a guy who’s made it to the top and just when it seems like he’s climbed back up there…somethin’ has stopped him every time.

Other Guy:  And let’s not forget this is his ONE and ONLY chance at that World title.  He agreed to it, if he finds himself cheated here in any way, it won’t matter, this is IT for him!

Corazon enters the ring and stands in the center of the ring, removing his coat and handing it to Mark Kendrick on the outside of the ring.  He stands there watching as “Torcher” dies out.  The lights come back up and there’s a long moment of silence before the epic sounds of “Black Republican” by Jay-Z and Nas plays, the cheering turning to boos.  The SHOOTTron shows the single black and gold crown on the screen, interspersed by images of the World Champion’s back to the camera.

DONOVAN KING steps out onto the center of the entrance stage, wearing long black tights with golden crowns on his kneepads and “KING” written in gold down the sides of his wrestling boots.  He also has on black elbowpads with golden crowns on them as well.  The same crown and “KING” are interwoven on the rear of his tights.  King stands there, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship buckled around his waist.  He walks down to the ring as the fans boo, saying nothing.  He has no pyro, no special effects, he just walks down to the ring.  He sneers at the fans before he enters the ring.  Tony Lorenzo holds Corazon back as King unbuckles his belt, showing it off to the booing fans as “Black Republican” dies out.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…hailing from Mexico City, Mexico…he weighs in tonight at 226 pounds…he is the former Iron Fist Champion and two-time World Heavyweight Champion…HE IS…CORAZON!!!

Corazon doesn’t acknowledge the cheers from the fans, glaring at King.

Samantha Coil:  His opponent…hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…he weighs in tonight at 246 pounds…he is the former Revolution Champion, the winner of the 2009 Redemption Rumble and the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…HE IS…DONOVAN…KIIIIIING!!

The fans boo loudly as King doesn’t acknowledge the fans.  He simply hands the belt over to Lorenzo, who motions to Corazon, who pats the face plate.  Lorenzo holds the belt up for all to see before handing it to Mark Kendrick.  Lorenzo looks to King and then to Corazon before calling for the bell and the match to begin!

Eryk Masters:  The tension is THICK in the air tonight!

Other Guy:  They haven’t even moved yet, they’re just watching one another.

King stands there, watching Corazon, who watches him back.  They walk to the center of the ring and continue to stare at one another.  Slowly, they begin to pace in a circle around one another.  Corazon reaches out to lock up, but King deflects the attempt and goes for one of his own that Corazon deflects.  They get into their stances and tie up for a moment before Corazon ducks under and King sprawls, prompting Corazon to roll through and King to back off of him, both men back to their feet, staring one another down.

Jeff Hansen:  C’mon!  Let’s see a low blow!

Other Guy:  Jeff, they’re the progeny of two of the pillars of SHOOT Project, maybe all of wrestling.  Let’s be honest, both guys know one another rather well offensively.  They’ve faced off several times in the past and now it’s the biggest match they’ve had against one another.  They’re gonna be tentative.

Corazon and King pace once again before King dives in for a single leg take down, only for Corazon to sprawl over him and hook him in a front face lock.  King spins himself around to his back and bridges up, Corazon holding him as if attempting a reverse DDT now.  King turns himself around again and sends Corazon up and over with a Northern Lights suplex with a pin!  Tony Lorenzo’s there!



Corazon rolls away and King immediately gets a small slap across Corazon’s face before rolling away himself.  Corazon glares at King for a long moment before King is back up on his feet.

Eryk Masters:  Blatant disrespect from the Champ.

Corazon goes to lock up again, but King jerks Corazon’s neck, forcing Corazon to lose his footing and land on his stomach.  King immediately nails a quick elbow strike to the back of Corazon’s neck and hooks him up in a front face lock and a chickenwing, rolling Corazon over into a pinning predicament and Lorenzo’s there!



Corazon gets up, irritated as King backs off of him yet again.  Corazon shakes his head and goes to lock up again, but stops, opting instead to slap King across the face HARD.  King staggers back and shakes his head, the fans popping as King glares at him for a long moment.  Suddenly, King goes for another slap, but Corazon counters and slaps King again!  Corazon snatches King up and arm drags him to the mat, hooking him up immediately in a Dragon Sleeper, only for King to wrap his legs in the ropes to try to get Corazon to break it!  Corazon won’t however, and King DRAGS both he and Corazon to the ropes and lets his body go dead weight, slipping to the outside of the ropes once he does so.  Corazon shakes his head as King is breathing heavily on the outside.

Eryk Masters:  King is looking to control the pace here, I think.  He’s not making any sudden moves against Corazon here tonight.

Jeff Hansen:  Well, he DID say there was no way Corazon was winning tonight.  Gotta say he’s out to not look like a fucking moron for saying that, you know?

Corazon gets annoyed and leaves the ring, only for King to immediately catch him and SLAMS Corazon’s head into the announce table!  Corazon’s head bounces off of the table and King immediately whips Corazon into the ring steps!  King walks over to Mark Kendrick and shoves him off of his chair, picking it up and folding it up.  He holds it high over his head and walks over to Corazon, who looks to be in pain on the ground beneath King.

Other Guy:  It’s gonna get sick here in a minute, fellas.

King holds the chair up high, but Corazon kicks up into King’s midsection!  King drops the chair down and Corazon picks himself up, picking the chair up himself!  The fans pop BIG as Corazon holds the chair up and King TACKLES Corazon before he can attack, sending Corazon down to the ground!  King gets up on top of Corazon and begins to PEPPER Corazon’s face with shots!  He stops punching Corazon for a moment and then BACKHANDS CORAZON ACROSS THE FACE.  The fans boo LOUDLY as King gets off of Corazon and picks the chair up.  He aims it squarely for Corazon’s face and SLAMS IT DOWN…CORAZON ROLLS TO THE SIDE!  KING MISSES!!  Corazon snatches King’s head ACT OF INHUMANITY NO!!  NO!!  KING THROWS CORAZON OFF OF HIM, SLAMMING CORAZON ONTO THE CHAIR!!!  King staggers backwards as Corazon cradles his back in agony!

Eryk Masters:  Oh!  Corazon was SO CLOSE to ending this match!

Jeff Hansen:  And look what that gamble cost him!  King’s right, Corazon puts it all out there too much and it’s gonna cost him!

King picks Corazon up and rolls him into the ring.  He slides in behind Corazon and hooks both legs, putting his feet up on the ring ropes as he does so.  Lorenzo can’t help but count, given the nature of the match, and he’s there!




King shakes his head as Corazon picks himself up off of the mat slowly.  King charges him and rolls him up into an inside cradle and Lorenzo counts again!




Corazon kicks out again and starts to get up, only for King to wrap him up in a small package and Tony Lorenzo is there yet again!




Corazon kicks out and shakes his head, getting to his hands and knees, but King is RIGHT THERE and hooks him in a LA MAGISTRAL CRADLE and Lorenzo AGAIN counts!




Corazon kicks out for a FOURTH time as King shakes his head in irritation.  Corazon, meanwhile, gets up to his hands and knees again.  King goes to pick him up, but Corazon NAILS a rising clothesline on him!  King falls to the mat and Corazon is on top of him, NAILING him with punches!  The fans are cheering loudly as King is getting the shit beaten out of him by Corazon!  King blocks many of the shots until Corazon gets off of him, looking out at the fans who are cheering him on.  King, meanwhile, slides back out of the ring to catch his breath.

Other Guy:  King’s had enough, it looks like!  His strategy doesn’t look like it’s paying off whatsoever!

Corazon looks back at King, who shakes his head, waving off the ring and he begins walking to the back!  The fans begin to boo as Corazon looks at Lorenzo, who shrugs.

Eryk Masters:  Is he quitting?!

Corazon jumps from the ring and power walks to King.  As he gets right behind King, KING SPINS AROUND AND NAILS HIM IN A SPEAR!!  King pops up and puts the boots to Corazon before he picks him up and hooks him up…EXPLODER SUPLEX ONTO THE ENTRANCE RAMP.  King gets up almost immediately and picks Corazon up again BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX.  Corazon is dazed as King picks him up again and hooks him up for a PILEDRIVER…NO!!!  CORAZON GOES LIMP!!  King tries again…NO!  CORAZON BACK BODY DROPS HIM.  The fans erupt as Corazon staggers forward, King being planted FIRMLY into the ramp!

Jeff Hansen:  King is showing us he’s pulling every trick he knows on Corazon here tonight!

Other Guy:  One thing’s for sure, he’s keeping Corazon on his toes!

Corazon tries to catch him breath as King begins to pick himself up again.  Corazon turns to King, who is glaring at his foe through groggy eyes.  Corazon walks over to King and picks him up, hits him with an elbow strike to the face and hooks him up in a standing headscissors of his own…PILEDRIVER NO!  KING PLANTS HIS FEET FIRMLY NO!!  PILEDRIVER!!  CORAZON NAILS KING WITH A PILEDRIVER ONTO THE ENTRANCE RAMP!!

Eryk Masters:  If he can get King back into that ring, he could have this thing now!

Corazon pulls King up and slowly drags him to the side of the ring.  He rolls King’s body into the ring and slides in, sprawling over King’s body…and Lorenzo counts!!!




The fans release a collective AWWW as Corazon sighs in frustration.  He picks King up and whips him to the ropes NO!  Corazon whips king up onto his shoulders!!  FURY OF THE DARK HEART!!!  Corazon SPINS King…KING COUNTERS!  HE LANDS ON HIS FEET…DEALBREAKER!!  DEALBREAKER!!!  DEALBREAKER!!!

Jeff Hansen:  OH SHIT!!

Corazon lands FLAT to the mat as King rolls him over onto his back and hooks his leg!  Tony Lorenzo’s there and goes to count the pin!!





King shakes his head, frustrated.  He picks Corazon up and hooks him up for a Fisherman’s Suplex.  He hoists Corazon up…FISHERMAN’S BUSTER.  King sits up, glaring at the fans.  He rolls from the ring and begins to rummage around underneath the ring.  He stands up outside the ring, laughing as he holds something small and black in his hands.  He slides into the ring and begins to crawl around Corazon, getting himself into position.  Corazon slowly picks himself up as King snaps his arm out, revealing the black object to be…an ASP.

Other Guy:  Oh…shit.

King grins as Corazon staggers to his feet.  King charges him, CORAZON DUCKS!!!  King turns around, Corazon kicks him in the midsection…ORIGINAL SIN!!!  Corazon NAILS the Original Sin on King, the ASP sliding from the ring!  He hooks the leg and Tony Lorenzo’s there, the fans counting along!




Corazon slaps his hands against the mat in frustration as he stares at his foe.  He shakes his head in frustration as King slowly starts to stir.  He looks around and can’t seem to find the ASP that King was holding.  He picks King up and makes sure he’s standing before…ACTS OF BRUTALITY!!!  ACTS OF BRUTALITY!!!  King staggers back before Corazon lifts King up onto his shoulders!

Jeff Hansen:  It might be time for some more of the Fury of the Dark Heart!

Corazon looks at the camera for a long moment before…FURY OF THE DARK HEART!!  FURY OF THE DARK HEART!!!  Corazon looks out at the sea of fans cheering loudly as they feel it, they see it, they know the time has come!  He gets up and starts pacing the ring, beckoning King to get up!

Eryk Masters:  The Original Sin, Acts of Brutality, AND the Fury of the Dark Heart…he’s gotten King set up for the coup de grace, the finale, the Act of Inhumanity!!

Corazon continues to summon King to get up, and King is on his hands and knees now, the fans LOVING this moment.

Other Guy:  King’s dazed!  He’s confused!  If Corazon can get him in position, this is IT for him!

King slowly gets up to his feet and he staggers away from Corazon, the fans are ready!  King rests against the ropes for a moment before he staggers forward…CORAZON GRABS HIS HEAD…ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!  HE CONNECTS WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!  KING BOUNCES OFF OF CORAZON’S KNEES TO HIS BACK ON THE MAT!!!!

Eryk Masters:  PIN HIM!!!  PIN HIM!!!




Fans:  THREE!!!


KING’S FOOT IS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!  The fans ERUPT into stunned boos as King rests his foot on the bottom rope!  Corazon gets tapped by Lorenzo, and he gets up, sighing in shock as he think he’s won!

Other Guy:  This match continues!!!

Jeff Hansen:  Oh my GOD!  FUCK that was awesome!

King is still visibly out of it from all the power moves, but his foot slowly hooks he bottom rope and then hooks itself around the bottom rope until his knee is roped around it.  He is breathing heavily as Tony Lorenzo explains to Corazon that he didn’t win.  The fans are stunned and breathless as Corazon shakes his head, frustrated at the situation.  Corazon looks down at King, who is cradling the bottom rope now.  He goes to pick King up, and King LOW BLOWS HIM!  The fans boo LOUDLY as Corazon cradles his injury!

Other Guy:  OUCH.  Talk about an act of inhumanity!  Any man that does that to another man is a low down mother fucker, man.  I swear.

King rolls to the ring apron now, breathing heavily as Corazon lies on the mat in agony.  Tony Lorenzo can’t really make a count here, so he simply tries to tend to both competitors.  King flops to the outside, down back onto his hands and knees on the outside as Corazon pulls himself to a corner, trying to catch his breath after that stiff as fuck low blow from King.  Tony Lorenzo looks over to see King on the outside now, still on his hands and knees.  He seems to be crawling around on the outside as Corazon is on the inside, nodding his head as if to push the pain out of his body.  He pulls himself up, the fans cheering as he slowly limps around the ring, looking for where Donovan King landed.

Eryk Masters:  The way King is crawling, it seems like he’s still trying to escape this match.

Other Guy:  Wouldn’t you?  Fuck…Corazon is out to do what he does best…and that’s not gonna work out very well for Donovan once Corazon finds him!

Corazon slides from the ring and finds King on the outside of the ring, sliding him into the ring under the bottom rope.  He gets up and King is up and KING NAILS HIM IN THE STOMACH WITH THE ASP!!!!  KING HAD THE ASP WITH HIM!!!  Corazon doubles over and King NAILS him in the back, sending him the mat!  The fans boo loudly as King DRIVES the butt of the ASP into Corazon’s head!  The fans are booing even louder as King stands over him for a long moment, holding the ASP up in the air for all to see for the final time…AND HE RAMS IT DOWN ON CORAZON’S HEAD!!!!  Corazon is NOT moving.  King throws the ASP aside, staring down at his fallen foe with a sickness in his eyes.

Jeff Hansen:  Now THAT is some sick shit!

Eryk Masters:  Corazon isn’t moving, guys.  He’s NOT moving.  We need some EMTs or something out there.

King uses his boot and rolls Corazon over onto his back, the fans booing loudly to voice their hatred of what he’s just done.  He stands triumphant over his opponent, placing one boot firmly in Corazon’s chest, glaring out at the fans as he commands Tony Lorenzo to come down and count the pin fall attempt, which he does so reluctantly!





Eryk Masters:  He MUST be going off of complete instinct now!  His body’s instincts are to stay OFF his back in the ring!  He will NOT die!

King slowly drags Corazon to his feet, blood starting to come from Corazon’s mouth.  King glares at Corazon’s glassy eyes for a long moment…AND HE SNAPS AROUND INTO A DEAL BREAKER.  Corazon is OUT on the mat, and King sits up, glaring out at the fans.  He rolls back to his stomach and he continues to glare at Corazon before he rolls him over onto his back again and points for Tony Lorenzo to get into the position for the count.  He sprawls over Corazon’s body and hooks the leg, glaring at the camera as Lorenzo makes the count!




The fans ERUPT into boos as "Black Republican" by Nas and Jay-Z plays, the bell ringing to signify the end of this match…and Corazon’s hopes of getting another World title shot.  EMTs rush in to tend to Corazon, who they attempt to get on a stretcher, but seems to be fighting them off, though blindly.


Other Guy:  Despicable.  I can’t believe it.

Jeff Hansen:  Believe it.  This is SHOOT’s new face.  Congratu-fucking-lations!

King lets loose a small smirk as he’s handed the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship from Tony Lorenzo.  He allows Lorenzo to lift his hand up and he stares out at the sea of booing fans, holding his World Heavyweight Championship high over his head.  Corazon, meanwhile, staggers away from the ring at EMTs struggle to try to get him to stop so they can examine him.  He seems drunken from the head shots he’s taken.

Other Guy:  Corazon is struggling to get back to the back.  It seems he’s just…flying blind out there.

King watches him leave as "Black Republican" continues to blare out through the PA system.  He smirks again.  Amidst the celebration the lights suddenly flicker.

Other Guy:  What’s this?

The EPICENTER buzzes!  “Black Republican” by Jay Z comes to a screeching, unexpected halt, and the SHOOT Project World Champion, Donovan King can’t help but stop his reveling to cast an irritated gaze.

He shouts something at a ring hand, but the cameras don’t pick it up…

Within seconds, the arena is filled with the sound of haunting chimes.

And the place unexpectedly EXPLODES.

Jeff Hansen: YES!

A guitar croaks out a single sound.

Followed by the wailing scream of a whirring a violin!

Donovan King stays calm despite the scowl on his face.



The siren-esque dissonance rains down from the rafters in maddening fashion as “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) by Broken Social Scene kicks off in full gear!  Despite his infamous stature, the former World Champion’s entrance garners possibly the biggest reaction of the evening, which sends the announce team into a stunned silence.

“NO. Goddamnit. Stop!”

The curtains rustle and a CLEARLY frustrated JONNY JOHNSON storms through the entranceway, shouting into his microphone.

The DEFILER: Turn this shit off. FUCK! You IDIOTS! No music! Kill it. RIGHT NOW.

Although it takes a couple of seconds, the production team responds fairly quickly and cuts the music. This doesn’t, however, stop the DEFILER from pacing frantically along the top of the ramp-way, while the fans CHEER EVEN MORE LOUDLY.

The DEFILER: (Head down, holding a microphone to his lips, while he paces) I guess this is my big face turn, huh? Heh. I’m a terrible face. Seriously. So awkward… So let’s just keep things normal, okay?

You’re still SHEEP. Misguided idiots, who are mostly incapable of critical thought…

He stops pacing and pauses, eyes on the steel at his feet.

The DEFILER: But I’ll give the devil it’s due… I agree with you, guys.

Jonny’s lifts his head and GLARES at Donovan King

The DEFILER: That guy in the ring right now is a GIANT PIECE OF SHIT.

The crowd POPS despite Jonny’s derogatory remarks, making this moment even more bizarre than it already is. King bucks up and takes the comment without so much as a grimace, and the DEFILER continues once the noise dies down.

The DEFILER: Do you know why I held onto that World Title Belt as long as I could? Hmm? Why I clung to it… why I… did EVERYTHING in my power to keep it around my waist even if it meant doing horrible, terrible things?

He gives time for the question to set in.

The DEFILER: It was to keep it the fuck away from guys like YOU.

You’re one thousand percent right, King.

Guys like me WERE holding you down, but not out of spite… Nah, man. Not out of disdain or fear that you would URSURP our… “Spots”. I wasn’t worried that Donovan King was going to get more over than me or steal my thunder.

Fuck all of that mid-card whining nonsense.

It’s the fact that a guy like YOU… whose been doing this shit how long now? What? A whole two years? A guy like you has a “marketable” name for barely TWO YEARS and has the FUCKING BALLS to come out with this… I DESERVE THE WORLD, I’VE BEEN HELD BACK, ME ME ME ME ME ME cry baby stuff?

Jonny smirks, while the fans continue cheering VERY, VERY loudly.

The DEFILER: That’s the fucking UNDERCARD ANTHEM isn’t it? Guy A gets a teensy bit over… starts selling a LIIIIIITLE bit of merchandise, and now suddenly he’s ready to be the fucking MAIN EVENT. He’s ready to get the ball and stand tall as the face of his organization and anyone who disagrees is “OBVIOUSLY” playing politics.

Fuck you, King.

I don’t know what sort of kool-aid you’re drinking, but just because you were trained by a megalomaniac, doesn’t give you the right to BECOME ONE.

He shakes his head, quite CLEARLY angry as he proceeds to poor his heart out.

The DEFILER: I don’t want you to ruin this organization. See, despite popular nomenclature… I BLEED SHOOT Project. And it hurts me a LOT when I have to listen about how Del Carver and Benjamin Biggs are “namesakes” around these parts. How a guy like… your mentor, OutKast, who came to this company AFTER ME are more synonymous with the word SHOOT than I am. But ya know what… I take it on the chin and go about my business because I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE. I help out in the back. I sit in on all the creative meetings and I look out for EVERYONE. I look out for this ORGANIZATION.

And don’t you DARE tell me otherwise, because you and I BOTH KNOW it’d be an outright lie.

He looks down at the ramp again before

The DEFILER: Are my methods always squeaky clean? Nah, but that’s life, Donovan. I’ve said and done a lot of things over the last year that were intended to hurt. That were… said or done to make a FUCKING POINT. Some people get it. Some never will… But I’m sick of playing cryptic games. All right? I told it to Adrian… I told Eric.

I’m telling the world.

And I’m telling you.

His voice quivers with rage and he pauses to collect himself.

The DEFILER: (Lowering his tone, speaking very straight forward) I’m the only person capable of being SHOOT Project World Champion. I’m the only one who understands what it means to be the face of a company. I’m not ready to die, man. I’m not ready to give in to all the shit that wants to take me out of this world. And I’M SURE AS HELL not ready to watch a self serving prick like Donovan King ruin all of the good things this organization has done.

He sniffles and takes a moment, while the crowd begins chanting.


The Defiler smiles to himself and continues.

The DEFILER: Luckily I have one of those pesky rematch clauses to exercise.

He pauses, eyes locked on King, who stares right back.

The DEFILER: So let’s do something totally unprecedented. Me and you, Donny. NEXT WEEK. How ‘bout it man? Back to back FREE TV WORLD TITLE DEFENSES…



And Donovan King remains as stoic as ever.

The DEFILER: Yeah. That sounds good to me too, dude. And hell… we can even end it the same way as you did tonight…

With the Champion sending his defeated opponent out on a stretcher.

Jonny smirks one last time, the crowd for whatever reason, eating out of the palm of his hand.

The DEFILER: Or I guess… the NEW World Champion.

The ONLY World Champion.

He puts the microphone down to his side and the two men continue to lock eyes, while the SHOOT Project Logo comes over the footage.  King’s face never flinches while Jonny’s smirk continues to flare across his face.

Show’s over, folks.