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Revolution 58 – 3/8/09


The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue letterin, the camera zooming over Vegas until it comes over the roof of the SHOOT Project Epicenter.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project Soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Cade Sydal is seen first hitting the Ninjaguiri. Adrian Corazon is shown next hitting the Act of Inhumanity. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Then a shot of The Flying Avengers posing with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Donovan King is shown standing on the entrance stage, dressed to the nines with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. It’s followed up with Sinnocence locking in the Iron Maiden on Ainsley Lake. A shot of Christopher Davis being sent over the top rope by Pestalance is shown next. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Jester Smiles nailing the Virginia Sidekick to an opponent.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ utter disregard for your body in the pit”

Kenji Yamada is shown next attacking Azraith. Then a quick shot of Sammy Rochester getting attacked by Cade Sydal, Jack Heart, and Lockup. Cut to a shot of Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Super Fan together. From there a cut to Jonny Johnson and Adrian Corazon trading shots in the center of the ring while fans lose their minds.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ linebackin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Osbourne Kilminster hitting the Wake Up Call on a helpless opponent. Cut from there to Dan Stein holding the Iron Fist Championship, Cade Sydal holding the Laws of Survival Championship until it stops for a moment on Kilgore Stochansky holding the newly unified TRIAD Championship. Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Donovan King nailing a helpless opponent with the Dealbreaker.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Eryk Masters: There’s nothing like it!

Other Guy: Real lives, real violence!

Jeff Hansen: That’s what it’s all about!

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no single soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Super-imposed over the backdrop of men and women fighting in the ring is the SHOOT Project Helmet.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

First seen is the TRIAD Championship title belt. Slightly faded within the front portion of the title is Kilgore Stochansky who we see holding the title, exhausted, having gained the upper hand in his title defense, leaving the ring with a grin on his face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next title that appears on the screen is the World Tag Team Championship titles. Within the two belts, Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite are shown, posing with their titles.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

From there is seen the Revolution Championship. Inside the front portion of the title we see Pestalance holding the Revolution Championship up high over his head, having just won the belt.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

And the last image seen are shots of the prestigious SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title. Within the front portion of the title belt you see Donovan King holding the title high above his head, standing over his fallen foe, a look of pure determination on his face.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, know

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this, yo

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, settling back on the Epicenter, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.




Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 275 pounds! He is BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKSOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

“Lies” by Evanescence (Jax Remix) starts up, and the fans begin to boo mildly as the six-foot-four Brad Jackson steps out from the back. He cracks his neck from side to side as he walks down the ramp, his eyes focused clearly on the ring.

Other Guy: Brad Jackson is all business here tonight, and some of the things said between these two throughout the week have been intense!

Eryk Masters: Definitely no love will be lost when Brad Jackson locks horns with his opponent tonight, just as it has been every time he’s stepped into the ring really.

Brad Jackson steps up onto the apron and through the ropes slowly. Calmly. His music slowly fades out and is replaced by the familiar heavy beat of “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint! The fans cheer loudly!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Weighing in at 181 pounds, from Southport, North Carolina! He is CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade Sydal bursts through from the back and leaps high into the air! He starts down the ramp, slapping hands, and quickly makes it to the bottom of the ramp. He leaps onto the apron and slingshots over the top rope, staring right at Brad Jackson!

Jeff Hansen: be careful, Cade. Ya might bite off more than you can chew right now, haha.

Other Guy: Cade is, for lack of a better word, irritated with Jackson’s lack of respect, and with good reason. On Revolution 57 his own best friend was a victim of that disrespect!

Chris Jenkins signals for the bell, and the two men immediately meet in the center of the ring for a collar-and-elbow tie-up! Brad Jackson shoves Cade Sydal back hard, and Cade tucks through a back handspring to avoid crashing onto the canvas! The fans cheer, as Brad swings a haymaker! Cade ducks under it, and Brad turns right into a chop across the chest!

Eryk Masters: Cade is going to have to rely on hard, swift strikes and lots of movement!

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, and Brad is gonna have to catch Cade and pummel him into a pulp.

Cade snaps off another chop! And another! And another! Brad takes a step back and swings another hard punch, and Cade ducks that! Brad turns around, and Cade’s right shin crashes into his chest! Another kick snaps into Brad’s chest. A third drops Brad to a knee!

Other Guy: Cade is bringing those hard, quick strikes!

Jeff Hansen: Its gonna take a lot more than that to put Brad Jackson down though.

Cade slaps the canvas with both hands and raises up, he swings a high roundhouse kick at Brad’s head! Brad ducks under the kick and straightens up right under Cade’s left arm, and throws Cade up and over with a release back suplex, that sends Cade crashing to the canvas on his chest!

Other Guy: Oh! Brad Jackson just caught Cade Sydal and threw him up and over with no effort!

Eryk Masters: Brad Jackson is scary strong, and he just let Cade taste a little bit of what that feels like!

Brad bends over and grabs Cade by the head with both hands, and pulls him straight off his belly to his feet! Brad turns and throws Cade into a corner, with ease. Brad rushes at Cade for an avalanche splash, but Cade swings his body through the rope onto the apron! Brad collides with the turnbuckles and stumbles back! Brad spots Cade on the apron, and lunges for him! Cade tucks his shoulder through the ropes into Brad’s abdomen!

Jeff Hansen: Jesus! Cade is full of these cheap tricks, huh?

Eryk Masters: Are you insane, Jeff?!

Brad stumbles back, clutching his abdomen, and Cade quickly springboards to the top rope! Brad Jackson straightens up, and Cade snaps right into him with a springboard spinning wheel kick!

Jeff Hansen: Where the hell did that come from?!

Cade scrambles quickly for the cover!



Brad Jackson shoves Cade into the air as he kicks out!

Other Guy: Brad Jackson just muscled out!

Cade lands on his feet, and Brad pushes to a knee, before Cade snaps a kick into his chest! His other leg snaps into his back, hard! Cade rushes the ropes to the side of Brad, as Brad tries to push to his feet, and Cade runs up his leg and snaps off a hurricanrana that sends Brad tumbling through the ropes!

Eryk Masters: Holy! Cade is just so damn quick and intense, its hard to tell which direction he’s coming from!

Other Guy: There’s no mistaking where he’s gonna be coming from right now though!

Cade bounces on his feet as Brad pulls himself to his feet. Cade rushes the ropes and rebounds! Cade rushes the ropes and dives through right for Brad! Brad moves out of the way! Cade grabs the middle rope with his left hand, and swings to land on his knees on the apron! Brad smirks at the crowd and turns just as Cade leaps off the apron and lands on him with a Shooting Star Press!

Eryk Masters: WHOA!

Jeff Hansen: Brad thought he had him out-maneuvered! Damnit!

Cade pushes up to his feet and slaps hands with the fans at ringside! Cade turns back to Brad and starts struggling to pull him to his feet, before Brad puts his hand on Cade’s face and shoves him backward into the guardrail! Brad grabs Cade by is arm and pulls him right into a bear hug, lifts him off the ground, and turns! Brad rushes right at a ringpost, driving Cade’s back into the post!

Other Guy: That is definitely one wya to turn the tide!

Jeff Hansen: Cade’s back is going to break tonight, fellas!

Brad maintains his bearhug grip and slings Cade effortlessly under the bottom rope, and follows right behind him. Brad presses his elbow to Cade’s chin as he covers him.




Cade kicks out, pushing the elbow off his face in the process! Cade turns over to his chest, and Brad follows, mounting him from behind, Brad pulls Cade right up into a camel clutch!

Other Guy: Brad is relentlessly targeting Cade’s back!

Eryk Masters: Not a bad strategy. Not only does Cade have a history of back injuries, it’s also a great way to keep Cade grounded and keep him from building momentum up.

Cade claws at the canvas! Cade manages to slowly inch toward the ropes, and Brad releases the hold with his arms, lifts his right knee and turns a little, dropping his right knee across Cade’s back! Brad turns Cade over and hooks a leg, resting on Cade’s chest!




Cade kicks out again!

Jeff Hansen: Cade might’ve kicked out, but the way Jackson covered him made him use those worn down muscles in his back to do so.

Eryk Masters: Brad Jackson definitely did his homework.

Jackson pulls Cade off the canvas and drives a punch into his chin! Another punch follows, and a third sends Cade reeling back into a corner. Brad starts driving rapid fire punches into the side of Cade’s head, gradually driving him further and further down in the corner, as Chris Jenkins starts warning him to get out of the corner! Brad finally backs off when Cade is slumped to a seated position in the corner.

Jeff Hansen: Jackson just having his way with Cade at this point, haha!

Other Guy: He damn near got himself disqualified, too.

Cade comes back at Cade and reaches for his legs, and Cade starts kicking, shoving Brad away from him! Cade reaches up and grabs the top rope with is right hand. Brad comes back at him and grabs an ankle, and Cade kicks him off quickly! Cade reaches his left hand up, crossing his arms, and grabs the top rope. Brad grabs Cade by both ankles and pulls him forcefully out of the corner, and Cade spirals through a back flip to land on his feet!

Eryk Masters: Out of nowhere, incredible athleticism from Cade Sydal shines through!

Cade runs at the shocked Brad Jackson, right into his arms! Brad turns and snaps Cade down with a hard spinebuster!

Other Guy: Jesus! Brad Jackson just shattered Cade’s back!




Cade kicks out! Brad pulls Cade to his feet quickly and whips him off the ropes! Brad swings a clothesline, and Cade ducks under it! Cade rebounds and Brad turns quickly, catching Cade for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Cade backflips through though! Cade runs up Brad’s back and stands on his shoulders! Cade drops to his shins and quickly rolls through a flying head scissors, sending Brad Jackson’s face into the second turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: Even after all that punishment to his back, Cade is still firing off with the quickness!

Jeff Hansen: Brad, you gotta recover and take his head off!

Cade clutches his back and starts pushing to his feet as Brad pushes out of the corner, holding his chin. Brad rushes at Cade and raises his foot, trying to drive a big boot into Cade’s face, but Cade ducks under it! Brad turns around just as Cade leaps up with a back flip, Pelle Kick connects!

Other Guy: Cade just scored with a big kick!

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think he’s got it in him to capitalize, though!

Cade pushes to his feet, as Brad does the same holding his head! Cade snaps a hard kick into Brad’s chest! Brad straightens up and punches Cade right in the cheek! Cade drops to a knee and pushes back right into a hard kick across the ribs! Brad swings a hard punch right back into Cade’s forehead, and Cade stumbles back a step! Brad uses that moment to swing a hard clothesline, and Cade ducks! Cade runs to the ropes and Brad turns and ducks for a back body drop! Cade turns and rolls backwards over Brad’s back and lands on his feet!

Other Guy: Jackson telegraphed that back body drop, and Cade countered it flawlessly!

Eryk Masters: In doing so he didn’t do his back any favors though!

Brad turns around and Cade leaps right up onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana! Brad pulls him  back up right and turns, running right for a corner, Brad drops Cade across the top turnbuckle!


Brad stares down at Cade, as Cade writhes on the canvas in the corner, clutching his back. Brad grabs Cade away from the corner and drops for a cover!




NO! Cade kicks out, and Chris Jenkins quickly shows only the two fingers at timekeeper Mark Kendrick!

Jeff Hansen: Brad Jackson almost won it right there!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know how, but Cade managed to kick out!

Brad grabs Cade by his thigh and his throat and pulls him straight off the canvas into a military press! Brad moves closer to the center of the ring and moves his left hand off the thigh and swings Cade down with a chokeslam! ACROSS THE KNEE!

Jeff Hansen: Oh fuck!

Other Guy: …Brad Jackson just fucking killed Cade.

Brad pulls Cade off his knee, still maintaining the chokehold, and moves his left hand under Cade’s arm, releases the choke, and heaves Cade over the top rope with a Beel Throw! TO THE FLOOR!


Eryk Masters: No…now…now Brad killed him.

The camera moves to show Cade’s face scrunched up in pain as he lies on his side, his left arm draped over his back, as his right leg awkwardly kicks the floor.

Other Guy: Wow…yeah…

Brad slowly steps through the ropes and drops down to the floor as Cade starts to push to his feet. Brad grabs Cade by his head and throws him back into the ring and follows behind him. Brad pulls Cade to his feet and scoops him up for a body slam and walks around the ring!

Eryk Masters: Brad Jackson might be looking for that variation on the Micinoku Driver of his, Therapy!

Jeff Hansen: If he hits it, Cade’ll need some therapy! Haha!

Brad turns to the middle of the ring, and Cade throws his knee into the back of his head! Cade slides down behind Brad, pulling him backward in an inverted facelock!

Other Guy: Cade countered! We’re gonna see a Nightcap!

Cade turns through, and Brad swings with him and locks Cade’s arms up in double  chickenwings!

Jeff Hansen: Jackson countered! He’s going for Something Wicked!

Cade drops to a knee, breaking the grip on his arms, and swings out wide to drive a forearm into the side of Brad’s face! Brad stumbles to the side and turns right into a jumping calf kick that catches him right in the chin! Brad hits the canvas! Cade pushes to his feets and grabs the top rope. He springboards to the top turnbuckle and looks down at Brad! Cade leaps off!


The fans cheer loudly as Cade’s feet crush Brad’s chest! Cade rolls forward and turns and scrambles for the cover, hooking both legs tight!





Eryk Masters: Cade can’t believe it!

Cade grabs Brad by the head and starts pulling him up. Brad shoves both hands into Cade’s chest, sending Cade stumbling back! Cade comes back at Brad, and Jackson explodes off his knees with a clothesline to Cade’s chest, taking him to the canvas! Brad rolls out of the ring and holds his chest with his left hand. Brad moves to the timekeeper’s station and pulls the chair out from under Mark Kendrick as Cade starts pushing to his feet.

Jeff Hansen: Don’t get yourself DQ’d, Brad!

Eryk Masters: Frustration is obviously setting in for the SHOOT Project newcomer.

The fans suddenly begin to cheer as Brad Jackson steps into the ring! The camera pans down as DAN STEIN is running down the ramp!

Jeff Hansen: What the hell?!

Stein slides into the ring and Jackson turns to meet him! Jackson swings the chair, Stein ducks! Jackson turns around, and Stein sweeps his legs with a double leg takedown and mounts him for some punches! Chris Jenkins signals for the bell!

Other Guy: He…he just got Cade disqualified!

The bell rings, and Cade grabs Stein, pulling him forcefully off of Brad Jackson! Cade pulls Stein back to a corner, as Jackson rolls under the bottom rope, pointing at Stein, as the Jax Remix of “Lies” by Evanescence plays!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, via disqualification, at a time of 22 minutes and 25 seconds! BRAAAAAAD JAAAAAAAAACKSOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Stein tries to get past Cade, but Cade quickly hooks his waist and pulls him back, trying to calm him, as Brad Jackson slowly backs up the ramp.


The screen is black.  Completely.  Totally.  Black.  Buh-Lack.  So black, Manute Bol would be like ‘damn’.  And a voice is heard.  Not just any voice.  But an AWESOME voice.  A sexy voice.

The SHOOT Project.

Home to countless superstars.

Well, I could count, but I’m not.

Heroes.  Villains.  Engaged in a neverending war plagued with casualties and strife.

Amongst these soldiers there is only darkness.  Kind of similar to the black screen you stare at now.

But soon.  Very soon.

Suddenly, another voice is heard.

Dude, not that soon.

Shut up, bro.  I got this.

Dude, no.  It totally doesn’t work if you say soon because we’re not ready yet.

A third voice is heard.

But what about if we get ready really soon?

He’s got a point, bro.

Hell yeah!

The sound of a high five is heard.  Follwed by a sigh.

I’m just saying.

Soon.  Very soon.

SHOOT Project.

The greatest tag team to have ever graced the squared circle will make their debut, shining a beacon of light into your darkness.

Are we technically a tag team if there’s three of us?

Yes, Jay.  We’re like Freebirdin’ it and shit.

Guys!  Yo!  Bros!  I got this!

Alright, sorry…

And when the light shines down upon you, SHOOT Project, you will be bathed…in our…awesomeness.

Awesomeness?  That’s how you’re ending this vignette?

Look, bro, I didn’t see you coming up with better!

The bickering continues, but it can’t be made out.  Simply put, however…there is only one thing you should know.  They are coming.  And SHOOT Project may never be the same.


“Carry on my Wayward Son” Hits the PA.  There are a few boos in the crowd, but not a thunderous reaction.  Trey comes out from the curtain and walks very purposefully to the ring.  A few fans slap him on the back, but the reaction is still pretty negative.   Trey slides into the ring, and pulls a microphone from his pocket.

Willenium: Last week I came out here and did something that many of you may not have thought was possible.  I came out here and out-wrestled Cade Sydal.  No.  I didn’t come down to the ring and, with the help of some cheeky shenanigans, squeak past Mr. Sydal.  No, I out-lasted the SHOOT Project Iron Man.  Even with my bum knee, I still managed to take him to the limit.  And when the bell rang my hand was raised.

The fans roar in disapproval at the mention of him beating Cade.  He takes a moment to soak in the hate being spewed at him.  Trey raises his hand and tries to settle the crowd down a little.  The booing slows a little, but there is still an obvious feeling of unrest among the fans in attendance.

Willenium: You know, that wasn’t all that I got to think about last week.  I did have other things on my mind.  You see, that’s the real reason I came out here tonight.  The thing is, I really thought that my career was over there for a second.  I’ve seen so many people in my life go down for the count over smaller things.  It really got my head spinning.  I thought to myself.  What have I accomplished?  I still haven’t reached the pinnacle of the sports world.  If my career were to end tomorrow, all anyone would remember is that I shot my mouth off, and had a few funny encounters with people.  I would go down as a joke.  Someone to laugh at.  That’s really not all the Willenium is about.  I decided last week that I am worth more than just a funny afterthought to the rest of the SHOOT Project.  I am better than that. 

So I made a tough decision.  From this week on, The Willenium is no longer going to degrade himself by taking part in any of the standard wrestling dramatics.  There will be no more chest-hair submissions.  Never again will I Forfeit a match due to a stunning case of Taco Neck Syndrome.  This is the dawn of a new Era.  This is me, putting my hat in the ring.  I will fight.  I will wrestle.  I will win.  And when it’s all said and done, I will be crowned the World Champion.  That’s all that matters anymore.  Nothing else is important to me.  There is no one in this federation good enough to make me sink to their level of theatrics any longer.  So be prepared, main event.  The Willenium is here…And goddamnnit, you better like it.

The Willenium drops the mic on the ground, and climbs out of the ring.  He hastily makes his way back down the ramp.  The fans are still in a little bit of shock at the serious tone of the Willenium, and we fade to black.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and will be confined to a twenty-five minute time limit!

The lights black out. A few moments later, a red strobe light takes over, blinking at roughly 4 beats a second. The crowd doesn’t really respond in anyway, not really sure what is happening next.

Never gonna catch me

Never gonna catch me

Never gonna catch me

I’m the Crimson Ghost!

“Crimson Ghost” by the Misfits takes over, and out from the back bursts the similarly named SHOOT soldier, Crimson Ghost.

Other Guy: The hell is he wearin’?

Crimson Ghost is decked out in a rather odd costume. He is wearing his usual red skeleton mask with a black hood, but he has added a white spandex suit with what seem to be dinosaur scales, roughly drawn on with thick black lines, all along the torso and arms, with bright neon reds, blues, and greens running randomly across the costume. On his back are large foam stegosaurus like spikes. To top it all off, Crimson Ghost is wearing a tail with large foam spikes. There is a smattering of laughter and applause from a few in the crowd, but everyone else remains relatively quiet, not exactly sure what they are looking at. Crimson Ghost, however, seems amped, as if he were getting the ovation of a lifetime, and runs down to the ring, high fiving as many people as he can.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at TWO-HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR POUNDS, he is The CRIMSO-Hehmm-

Samantha Coil is cut off, as Crimson Ghost is suddenly giving her a gigantic, Bug’s Bunny-esque kiss. Once he releases, Samantha Coil hauls off and slaps the taste out of Ghost’s mouth! The fans cheer and laugh.

Jeff Hansen: The fuck is this?

Eryk Masters: Crimson Ghost is…unique?

Jeff Hansen: Shut the fuck up Eryk.

Coil glares at Ghost, who returns the glare with a comically over exaggerated shrug. “Crimson Ghost” by the Misfits fades out, and the crowd begins to pick up in anticipation for the entrant.

Other Guy: Shits about to get REAL serious now.

"Chain gleaming"

"Switching lanes"


"Hate him or love him"

"For the same reason (wish)"

"Can’t leave it"

"The games needs him"

"Plus the people need someone to believe in (this)"

"So in God’s Son we trust"

"’Cause they know I’m gonna give ’em what they want"

"They looking for… a hero"

"I guess that makes me… a hero"

As "Hero" by Nas blasts into the arena the name Christopher Davis blazes in large white letters across the screen as the man himself steps through the entrance curtains. The fans erupt as he stands, taking in the moment.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, from Battle Creek Michigan, weighing two hundred sixty-eight pounds he is CHRISTOPER DAAAAVVIIIISSS!!

Dressed in his usual black mid-length tights and black boot he strides towards the ring. His eyes focused and determined he steps through the ropes and into the center of the ring. A smile comes across his face as he pauses for another moment to take in everything. He then slowly raises both of his arms to shoulder height, fist pointing straight out.

Other Guy: Davis must really be getting back into the swing of things. I don’t think he’s struck that familiar pose in weeks.

Jeff Hansen: Um, he hasn’t wrestled in weeks ya idiot.

Other Guy: Nonetheless it does appear that Davis is returning to his old self. Which probably doesn’t bode well for his opponent tonight.

Davis has a grin on his face, but otherwise, he’s all business, rolling his neck very slowly and cracking his knuckles. Crimson Ghost, meanwhile, just gives a big thumbs up to Davis, which causes Davis to quirk an eyebrow. Willie Dean signals for the bell, and both men begin to circle.

Eryk Masters: This should be an…interesting match up.

Jeff Hansen: No, seriously, Eryk, shut the fuck up.

Other Guy: The fuck is up with that tail?

Crimson Ghost suddenly stops and offers a handshake to Davis. Davis looks a little confused, but goes ahead and accepts the handshake…

And then suddenly withdraws his hand, shaking it as if he had been shocked.

Because he had. Crimson Ghost removes a hand buzzer from his hand and holds it up. A few fans laugh and cheer at the shenanigans. Willie Dean takes the buzzer away from Crimson Ghost and admonishes him. Crimson Ghost bows his head in mock sadness. Davis, meanwhile, just stares at Ghost, still grinning.

Eryk Masters: Willie Dean is admonishing Crimson Ghost for the use of an illegal…novelty gag?

Other Guy: Just admonishing, because Willie Dean doesn’t want to be the first referee in professional wrestling history to disqualify someone for using a hand buzzer.

Jeff Hansen: Did that really just happen?

Ghost and Davis begin to circle again, but once again, Ghost stops and extends his hand.

Other Guy: Oh come on now.

Davis shakes his head, sorta laughing. He then extends his hand and grabs Ghost’s…

But he doesn’t grab with the opposite. He grabs hold of Ghost’s wrist with the hand opposite Ghost’s extended hand and YANKS Ghost forward, catching Crimson Ghost and DRIVING him to the mat with an STO! The fans cheer loudly as Davis begins to drive fist after fist into Crimson Ghost’s face! However, Willie Dean quickly steps in, and Davis backs off, doing a ‘shame shame’ sign at Ghost.

Other Guy: And that was Christopher Davis’ way of saying ‘get serious Mr. Ghost’. I think the point was heard.

Ghost rubs his masked nose and stands up, rolling his neck. He then lunges forward, as if he were going to tie up with Davis, but when Davis goes to tie up with him, Ghost moves quickly, catching Davis’ right arm and quickly going behind Davis, locking in a wicked hammer lock. Davis is quick to throw a left elbow, but Ghost ducks it and releases the arm. Davis spins all the way round, disorienting him a little bit, and Ghost goes low, catching both of Davis’ legs and pulling them out from under him. Ghost holds onto the legs and flips over, briding for the pin!



Ghost stands up quickly, and as Davis is getting to his hands and knees, Ghost lashes forward, but instead of any real offense, he simply gives Davis’ bald head a good noogie. Davis swats the hand away and gets up, an irritated look on his face.

Eryk Masters: I have to say, that may be one of the goofiest wrestlers in SHOOT Project, but that was still an incredibly impressive display of wrestling.

Other Guy: The man can move, that much is for certain.

Both men begin to circle again. Davis goes for the collar elbow tie up, and this time, Ghost goes with him. However, Davis easily overpowers Ghost and pushes him into the turnbuckle.

Jeff Hansen: And this is where we see how stupid the man is. He’s giving up forty-four pounds to Chris Davis. The last thing he should be doing is a collar-elbow tie up.

Davis releases the turnbuckle and IMMEDIATELY begins to unleash right hands! Ghost covers up pretty well, but Davis’ blows are so powerful, they begin to weaken Ghost’s arms, and a few of the punches land their mark. Again, Willie Dean steps in, and we actually see Ghost grab a hold of Willie Dean’s shirt, hiding behind Willie Dean! Willie then stops and turns to admonish Ghost who, during the confusion, gives Davis a thumb to the eye! The crowd boos this action, but Ghost simply points innocently to himself, as if to say “Who…me?”

Eryk Masters: Seems that some of the buffoonery has a purpose, and whether you agree or disagree with the tactics, Ghost just saved himself from a wicked pummeling.

While Davis is still having a hard time recovering, Ghost dashes forward and leaps, turning sidways at the last minute and snaking his arm around Davis’ leg. He then spins around back of Davis and rolls onto his back, rolling through with a School Boy Pin! Willie Dean counts!


T-Davis gets the shoulder up. Ghost goes to lift Davis up-NO! Davis launches a mean elbow to Ghost’s gut, doubling The Crimson Ghost over. Davis peppers Ghost with a few jabs before landing a kick to the stomach. He then looks in the front facelock and lifts Ghost up for a vertical suplex! Davis holds it for a moment, letting the blood rush to the Crimson Ghost’s head before throwing him forward and allowing Ghost to fall flat on his face and torso! Ghost grabs his chest in pain, but is quickly flattened by an elbow drop from Davis. Davis rolls Ghost over for the pin!


TW-Ghost kicks out!

Jeff Hansen: And just like that, Davis is back in control.

Other Guy: What do you expect, Jeff? Davis is an accomplished SHOOT Project veteran. It’s going to take more than a few silly antics and cheap shots to keep the man down.

Jeff Hansen: Wow, way to be a total douche bag OG.

Davis lifts Ghost back up and peppers him a few more times with jabs. Davis attempts to irish whip Ghost, but Ghost counters! However, Ghost is once again overpowered, and Davis recounters, pulling Ghost back into a Kitchen Sink Knee Lift! Ghost flips over Davis’ knee and lands on his back, clutching his stomach. Davis lifts Ghost back up and whips him towards the ropes. BIG BOOT! NO! Ghost baseball slides under the leg, catching the extended foot at the same time. The momentum causes Davis to fall forward, landing on his face!

Eryk Masters: Very unique move by Crimson Ghost. Like a modified drop-toe hold.

Ghost is up quickly, and he hit’s the ropes, spring boarding off the second rope and flipping backwards, landing with both of his knees on Chris Davis’ back! Ghost has some difficulty pushing Davis onto his back, but manages, and Crimson Ghost pins!



Davis gets the shoulder up. Ghost gets up, snapping his fingers in an “Awww shucks” manner. Davis lays on his back, trying to catch his breath. Ghost gets up quickly, sprinting for the ropes, going for the moonsault knee drop again-NO! Davis moves, and Ghost’s knees hit nothing but canvas! Ghost rolls on the ground for a moment, clutching his knees, while Davis stands up, holding his back with one hand and tapping his hand in an “I’m too smart” motion.

Other Guy: Surprisingly back and forth match up here.

Jeff Hansen: I know. Davis seems very focused, and Ghost doesn’t totally suck.

Davis and Ghost are both back up, but Ghost’s back is facing Davis. Davis lashes forward, catching Ghost’s tail! Ghost shakes his head back and forth, stamping both his feet, trying to get away and looking incredibly silly while doing so. Davis smiles devilishly before YANKING the tail and pulling Ghost back, locking in a waist lock and using the momentum to THROW Ghost across the ring with a Release German Suplex! Ghost clutches his back on impact, getting to his knees quickly. He is quickly knocked back down by a running knee lift from Davis! Davis drops for the pin!



T-Ghost gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Eryk Masters: That was a close one, but Ghost lives to fight on.

Jeff Hansen: Why? Davis is going to fucking KILL this kid right now.

Ghost gets to his hands and knees, but Davis drives his boot into the gut of Ghost, knocking Ghost back down on his back. Davis then bends down and wraps in a front waistlock. He then deadlifts Ghost from the ground and SLAMS him with a Belly To Belly Suplex! Davis holds on, floats over, and stands up, lifting Ghost back up and slamming him back down with another Belly to Belly Suplex! Again, Davis holds on, floats over, and stands up, lifting Ghost to his feet. Davis again dawns that devilish smile and TOSSES Ghost with an overhead Belly To Belly Suplex! Davis goes for the pin!



THRE-Ghost gets the shoulder up! Davis looks a little frustrated. He stands up and begins to measure Crimson Ghost. Crimson Ghost gets to his hands and knees, and Davis stays put, still measuring. Ghost is now on his knees, his back to Davis. Davis stays put. Ghost is up to one foot. Both feet! Ghost turns around, and Davis charges! BIG BOOT!

NO! Ghost slides under the foot and is up quickly! He hit’s the ropes and comes running back with a HUGE UPPERCUT! Ghost with a one two combination and follows it up with a high angle dropkick! Davis is down, but he’s quickly back to his knees. Ghost, however, leaps over Davis and catches him on the way down, rolling through and putting Davis into a pinning predicament!




NO! Davis just barely manages to get the shoulder up.

Jeff Hansen: Wow…that was really damn close.

Eryk Masters: That dropkick was solid, but those punches were text book. I’d say that uppercut probably knocked Davis more for a loop than the dropkick. Had the uppercut been a little harder, I’m not sure if he would have had the clarity to get out of that pin.

Ghost tries to lift Davis up, but suddenly, Davis uses all his strength to shove Ghost away! Ghost collides with Willie Dean, and Willie Dean goes down in a heap with Crimson Ghost! Davis, meanwhile, takes a moment to breath.

Other Guy: Willie Dean is down, and that means anything could happen.

Crimson Ghost suddenly leaves the ring. He crawls under the ring and is gone for a little bit. There is some russling under the ring. Davis is not sure what’s going on, but he just continues to take a breather. Suddenly, Ghost emerges from under the ring. His ring attire has changed. The mask is the same, but now, it’s black spandex with white lines to show scales. The tale also seems larger and heavier.

Other Guy: How did he change that quickly?

Eryk Masters: Maybe he had a costume under his other costume?

Jeff Hansen: A better question is…why the hell did he change costumes?

Davis rushes forward, but Crimson Ghost spins quickly, his tail slamming into Davis’ leg. Davis suddenly goes down in a heap, clutching his leg!

Other Guy: The hell just happened?

Crimson Ghost walks over to Davis and stands over him. He turns around and lifts his tail up, dropping it onto Davis, his tail slamming into Davis’ chest! Davis coughs and sputters, clutching his chest. Crimson ghost suddenly removes the tail from his costume and unzips it, revealing a mess of bricks in the tail! Ghost does a ‘shhhh’ motion and slides them out of the ring. The crowd boos loudly, not enjoying the shenanigans against Davis, but Ghost ignores it, pinning Davis!




Is what would have happened, if Willie Dean weren’t down.

Eryk Masters: Can you say backfired!?

Jeff Hansen: Can you shut the fuck up, Eryk?

Ghost moves over to Willie Dean and begins to shake him. After awhile, Willie comes to, and Ghost again pins. Willie Dean starts to count, but really slowly.




NO! Davis gets the shoulder up! Ghost looks incredibly frustrated. He lifts Davis back up, but Davis, out of nowhere, throws Ghost onto his shoulder. Torture rack!

Other Guy: Angela’s Ashes!!

Davis pins!




Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, at a time of TWENTY ONE MINUTES and SEVENTEEN SECONDS…CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!

Davis leans against the top rope, catching his breath. “Hero” by Nas takes over on the PA. Crimson Ghost rolls out of the ring, regaining his composure after Angela’s Ashes.

Jeff Hansen: You may not like his tactics, but Crimson Ghost almost beat a SHOOT Project legend.

Other Guy: Yeah, but that legend just showed the Ghost that you can’t play a playa.

Christopher Davis calls for a mic, which he receives. “Hero” cuts out.

Christopher Davis: I need to let everyone know something. I need everyone to really understand where my head is at right now. Years ago I was hungry, focused and determined. I wanted nothing more than to be a world champion. I took on whoever they decided to throw in front of me and I worked my ass off to get to my ultimate goal.

He starts pacing around the ring.

Christopher Davis: I feel like I’ve arrived at a new beginning. This is a feeling that I haven’t had since I first started doing this and I have to say I REALLY like it. You may not consider this match an epic and that’s fine with me.

But, if you happen to be the man wearing the world title after tonight, you better seriously pay attention. I have nothing keeping me from coming after whomever wears that belt. I have no more burdens to hold me back. Mallows chose to run away like a little bitch, which is bad news to whomever has that belt because the path to the world title is wide open to me right now.

I’m not going to ask anymore, I’m not going to wait in line. I don’t give a fuck who wears the title, I just want it!

I’ll see you kiddies real soon.

Davis drops the microphone as "Hero" once again plays in the arena. He makes his way towards the backstage area.

Other Guy: Big words from a big man, and if anyone can make them true, it’s that man there.


Osbourne Kilminster steps out of his changing room, the door closing slowly behind him as he guides it shut so that it doesn’t slam, so that it doesn’t attract attention.  He looks each way down the corridor as he steps out into it properly, cautiously walking along to his right, toward a soda vending machine. As he reaches out with his quarter, a hand slams into the front of the machine and startles him.  Osbourne’s face quickly repaints itself with anger and impatience as he regards the familiar countenance: Kilgore Stochansky, dressed in a suit, title on his shoulder.  He holds a hand out, expecting it to be shook.

Kilgore: Osbourne. We should talk.

Kilminster steps back from the TRIAD Champion, quickly glancing back over each shoulder before his eyes settle on Kilgore’s.

Kilminster: That’s funny, You didn’t seem so interested in talking the last time I bumped into you back here, away from the crowds and the security and everyone who might have seen what a loser you are…

Stochansky retracts the hand and smiles, shrugging, not affected in the slightest.

Kilgore: We’ve had our differences.

Osbourne shakes his head and narrows his eyes, staring down the TRIAD Champion.

Kilminster: So what do you think we have to talk about now? Maybe you’ve come to apologise for attacking me with that cricket bat? Perhaps you’ve come to apologise for all this rubbish you’ve been saying about how I’ve been begging you to end my career?

He raises his eyebrows expectingly at Kilgore for a moment, but soon drops them as Stochansky begins a long, almost humorless laugh. 

Kilgore: Oh…no. None of that. But I was wondering if you’d be interested in making this thing official. After all, you and your friend Mr. Black could continue to slander me up and down and say I’m dodging you, or…

He looks at Osbourne expectantly, drawing the anticipation out. 

Kilminster: Or what?

Stochansky throws an arm around Osbourne and begins gesturing with his free arm, much to the confusion and disguist of Kilminster.

Kilgore: Or I can allow us to be put into a binding legal agreement.

Osbourne pushes Stochansky’s arm off of his shoulder, his patience wearing even thinner.

Kilminster: What kind of legal agreement?

Stochansky holds his hands up, his smile easy, the classic placating motion.

Kilgore: Chill out, Friend.

He leans against the wall, his smirk on full blast.

Kilgore: Quite simply put, I’ll have the legal department draft up a binding contract. It’ll say that I have to face you come the next Pay Per View, for my TRIAD Championship, no exceptions.

Osbourne’s eyes narrow and his head tilts back as Stochansky’s words pique his interest.  He leans against the soda machine, considering this.

Kilminster: No exceptions? Come on, Kilgore – credit me with more intelligence than this. What’s in it for you?

Stochansky smirks.

Kilgore: In it for me? You call your dogs off, Friend. I dont want to see sight one of Mr. Black unless we’re booked against each other. And…

His smirk breaks out into a big grin, replete with a small chuckle of amusement.

Kilgore: …well, I know I can beat you, so I’m not sweating it. What’s your choice of law, friend? I’m benevolent.

Osbourne smirks and nods in the direction of the camera watching them, winking to Stochansky.

Kilminster:Tommy Boy’s going to see what you just called him, and that’s going to make it that little bit harder to talk him into letting me… wait, letting US do our thing. My choice of Law?

Osbourne smirks and shivers ever so slightly with excitement.  The anticipation in his eyes is plain.

Kilminster: Run them by me. What are my options?

Stochansky claps his hands together, his grin undiminished, obviously excited.

Kilgore: Oh, the options for us to visit violence upon each other are numerous. But I think, for you and me? How does the law of Confinement sound?

Osbourne pauses for a moment, considering this…and then shakes his head.

Kilminster: No. I might have gone for it, but I’ll pass on it out of principle… just because YOU suggested it. In fact, I’d like some time to think about this whole thing. I want to see how things go tonight and then take say… a week, just to decide how I’d like it to happen.

The Englishman smirks, crossing his arms.

Kilminster: How about we do this at Revolution… NEXT WEEK. Just you and me, in the ring… working this out? That sound good to you… ‘Champ’?

Kilgore laughs a little bit and stands up to his full height.

Kilgore: Yeah, that sounds fine by me. But hey, good luck out there tonight.

He leans in and pats Osbourne on the cheek, nearly slapping him, and Kilminster stiffens, the muscles in his arms tensing.

Kilgore: Wouldnt want anyone to mess up that handsome mug of yours, would you? Have a great evening.

He walks off, leaving Osbourne to look after him, his jaw clenched, obviously fuming.  He shakes his head as we cut away…

The shot goes backstage, where Abigail Chase stands by with Cade Sydal! The fans cheer, and Cade sort of smirks, as Abigail clears her throat.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I’m joined by Cade Sydal.

Cade waves his right hand, as his left clutches at his lower back still.

Abigail Chase: Now, Cade. We saw you earlier tonight compete against Brad Jackson. And you lost. You were disqualified. Because your best friend ran in and attacked him.

Cade Sydal: I’m sorry. Is there a question here, Abs?

Abigail Chase: I was getting to that, actually. The question I’ve got to ask you is…what are your feelings about that?

Cade Sydal You mean, am I pissed off? Am I questioning my best friend? Am I going to turn green, get really big, and smash shit up? Is that what you wanna know, Abby? Because, I gotta tell you…nah, I’m not gonna do any of those things. I’m not pissed. The truth is, I understand where he’s coming from. Besides, if he hadn’t shown up, my skull would be caved in, so I mean…

Cade slowly trails off and looks to his left, to the other side of Abigail. The shot widens to see Pestalance staring at Cade, a nasty sneer across his face as the Revolution Title rests over his shoulder. Pestalance shakes his head slowly and turns around, walking away. Cade clenches his jaw and looks at Abigail.

Cade Sydal: This interview’s over.




The cameras pan around the arena, showing the crowd of thousands packing the Epicenter. A few "Nightmare come back!" and "KING SOLD OUT" signs are being waved around as the fans entertain themselves before the next matchup. Samantha Coil gets a few catcalls as she steps out to the middle of the ring.

Samantha Coil: Our next match is scheduled for one fall!

The crowd lets loose a healthy mixture of cheers as boos as the quiet guitar intro to "The Sundering" breaks into power chord chaos across the PA and Azraith DeMitri emerges onto the entryway! He strides down the ramp and walks to the ring, ignoring the fans abusing him but slapping hands with a few with their hair dyed the same vibrant shade of blue.

Az slides under the bottom rope and starts taking off his trenchcoat.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 270 pounds… fighting out of Omaha, Nebraska, he is The Avatar … AZRAITH DEMITRI!!!

Az strips off his t-shirt and throws it to a young woman in the front row wearing an improvised imitation of his trademark hooded coat. She quickly tucks it somewhere beneath its folds.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa…

Cheers ripple across the arena, replaced with murmurs of confusion as some familiar-sounding organ music comes out over the speakers…

… and once again the fans ROAR with cheers as Dan Stein bounds out through the curtain!

Samantha Coil: At a weight of 216 pounds, he is DAN "THE LIGHTS" STEIN!!!

Eryk Masters: Stein deciding to change things up a little this week, pulling out a remix of the Rocky theme song! It’s "The Rocky Song Remix" by cult internet personality Ronald Jenkees…

Jeff Hansen: That’s the guy with the beanie and Downs Syndrome, right?

Dan runs down to the guardrail, grinning at the fans and slapping hands all the way down. He pauses for a quick self-taken portrait with a young guy waving a "Lights Out, Azraith" sign before springing up to the apron, vaulting the rope and locking eyes with DeMitri.

Austin Linam pats down down the competitors and runs through the rules of the match.

Other Guy: Azraith hasn’t had a lot of luck in his matches with Stein, but from what he’s been saying this week he’s ready to shake things up.

Jeff Hansen: Dan Stein, on the other hand, hasn’t had much luck against anybody lately.

Eryk Masters: So who’s your pick for tonight, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: Gee, let me think… the Blue-Haired Freak or Mister Losing Streak? I can’t decide.

Other Guy:(under his breath) Jackass.

In the middle of the ring now, Stein and DeMitri getting up in each other’s faces and talking smack that the mic can’t pick up… Stein extends his hand for a handshake, but Azraith just smirks and holds out his fist. Stein shrugs, bumps fists with Az, then Linam calls for the bell and we’re underway!

Eryk Masters: Looks like both competitors showing some respect here … however grudgingly.

Other Guy: Stein’s a recent former champion in a non-title match, and Azraith’s facing a guy who’s beaten him twice in a row. I don’t think either one of them is really thrilled to be in this match.

Collar and elbow lockup to start, with both men struggling for the advantage. Az gradually powers Stein down into a front facelock, but Stein hooks his leg around DeMitri’s and tries for a quick inside cradle! Azraith powers out before Linam can get into position and shoots back to his feet. Stein goes back in for the tie-up but Azraith meets him with a stiff knee to the midsection, then hooks the head and arm and drops Stein with a modified DDT!

DeMitri gets back up without attempting the pin, taking a few second to consider his strategy as Stein shakes off the impact. Once Stein’s up to a vertical base, Azraith comes in with a lariat, but Stein ducks and hits a standing dropkick to Azraith’s back and sends him into the corner.

Eryk Masters: Some impressive elevation there from the former Iron Fist champion!

Other Guy: Yeah, but he’s still fifty-some pounds down and fighting a sadist. Both guys have their work cut out for ’em here.

Stein charges into the corner but Azraith sidesteps, shoving Dan hard into the turnbuckle and catching him on the way back with a delayed hangman’s neckbreaker. Az hooks the leg.

ON- kickout with authority by Stein!

Jeff Hansen: C’mon, that was never gonna be a pin!

Eryk Masters: It looks to me like Azraith’s deliberately trying to keep this match slow and on the mat. Smart tactics here, against a flyer like Stein.

Jeff Hansen: After losing to him this many times, it’s about time he came up with an idea.

Azraith pulls Stein back to his feet and goes to pick him up for a powerslam, but Stein cinches in a Thai clinch and nails a quick knee to the head! Two! Three! Stein runs to the ropes and comes back with a charging forearm smash, but Azraith drops under it, grabs Stein around the waist and flattens him with a ring-shaking spinebuster!



Jeff Hansen: Hey, Masters, looks like you’re right after all. DeMitri trying to knock the wind outta Stein here after Stein surprised him with some quick shots.

Eryk Masters: Stein will have to be careful trying a striking game here. Both men are former Iron Fist Division mainstays, but if this comes down to standing striking or ground-and-pound you’d have to give the edge to DeMitri.

Jeff Hansen: And to Stein if it’s all Flippy McFlipFlip stuff.

Eryk Masters: Is there anything you can’t trivialize, Hansen?

Jeff Hansen: If there is, I’m yet to find it.

Stein and Az circling one another, Stein feints another dropkick, then goes straight to Azraith’s knee with a hard swinging kick! Azraith buckles, and Stein nails another to his thigh! Switching legs, he hits Azraith’s gut! His back! Stein finally rears back and nails a roundhouse to the head, and Azraith is down!


TW- KICKOUT as Azraith almost bench presses Stein across the ring!

Other Guy: Nice series of rainbow kicks from Stein there.

Jeff Hansen: And the Award for Gayest Name For A Maneuver In A Match goes to… DAN STEIN!

Other Guy: Eryk, can you put a muzzle on this mutt?

Eryk Masters: Sorry, OG, but he does kind of have a point.

Dan Stein works the crowd for a moment as Azraith finds his feet, eliciting cheers as he heads to the apron. Azraith is up – Stein springboards – and connects with a SWEET flying dropkick almost the length of the ring from where he took off!!

Eryk Masters: Stein laying it all on the line here with a high-risk maneuver!

Other Guy: Dan Stein shows he’s willing to gamble in this one – Azraith’s not a guy to take lightly!

Stein immediately grabs Azraith’s left ankle and grapevines the leg, before turning him over into a variation on a single-leg Boston Crab. Austin Linam over to check for a submission, Azraith shakes his head… and kicks his leg out hard, powering out of the hold and sending Stein tumbling out of the ring!

Az steps out between the ropes and drops down to ringside, and before Stein can get his bearings Azraith has him up over his shoulder and drives Stein’s back HARD into the ring apron! And again!

Azraith flashes that sadistic smirk of his again, still holding Stein around the waist … and arches back, driving Stein’s head into the floor at ringside!

Other Guy: Holy hell, I think I heard something crack in Stein’s neck!

Eryk Masters: Azraith showing some versatility there, hitting Stein with something between a backdrop driver and a modified Northern Lights suplex! It looks as though Azraith’s digging deep into his bag of tricks this week.

Az picks Stein up by the scruff of his neck to line up an elbow strike, but Stein fires off a forearm shot to free himself! Az hits back with a stiff elbow to the jaw – Stein again with the forearm – Azraith with another elbow, and Stein reels back into the guardrail!

Eryk Masters: Austin Linam attempting to get the competitors back in the ring here, but he’s allowing them substantial leeway.

Jeff Hansen: Shouldn’t he be counting them out or something?

Other Guy: Even he doesn’t want to cut short a match this good, Jeff.

DeMitri approaches Stein intending to capitalize on his advantage, but Stein nails another dropkick to Azraith’s left knee! He follows up by jumping the guardrail into the crowd, then springboarding and catching Azraith with a big cross-body onto the floor!

Eryk Masters: It looks as though Stein’s attempting to slow Azraith down by focusing on that left knee.

Jeff Hansen: Maybe he just wants to discourage Azraith from going for The Presence. Would you wanna chokeslam someone onto your own injured knee?

Other Guy: That was … surprisingly insightful, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Shut up.

Stein rolls back under the bottom rope into the ring. As Azraith heads after him, Stein runs to the opposite ropes and goes for a high-speed baseball slide – Azraith side-steps – Stein lands on his feet and nails a stiff kick to the thigh! Az takes the hit and sneers – and keeps advancing on Stein! Stein nails a backfist across DeMitri’s chops which rocks him, but it’s not enough to slow down the larger man as he spits out a little blood and locks in a Thai clinch of his own, nailing Stein with a vicious knee to the forehead! Stein is woozy!

Other Guy: Azraith just walked through a backhand that would’ve dropped most men! We know he’s not afraid of a little pain, but he’s gotta be careful taking that much damage in order to land a hit!

Eryk Masters: Azraith started this match a little tentative off the back of his narrow loss in the Rumble, but he seems to have found his groove now!

DeMitri again tosses Stein back under the ropes and into the ring, sliding in after him. Azraith’s up on his feet, Stein taking a little longer due to having his bell rung… Az grabs Stein and flings him into the corner with a hard Irish whip! He chases Stein in, drops his shoulder – BREAKDOWN!

Jeff Hansen: Didja see the whiplash there? Someone get some EMTs down there, check if Stein can still feel his legs!

Eryk Masters: It certainly looks as though Azraith DeMitri has taken control of this match, and now he’s got Stein up against the turnbuckle and he’s hitting him with those elbows again!

Stein takes a few hard hits before he slumps down onto the canvas, sitting against the turnbuckle. DeMitri takes a second to size things up, takes a few steps run-up and charges in with a knee at Stein’s head!


Other Guy: Dan Stein just narrowly avoided being decapitated by the right knee of Azraith!

Eryk Masters: Azraith is down on one knee, holding his other knee and yelling in pain! He wanted to land a knockout shot but Stein avoided it purely on instinct! DeMitri hit nothing but turnbuckle!

Stein pulls himself up by the ring ropes, coming back to his senses. Azraith limping a little as he comes away from the corner… Stein slings himself up to the top rope, springboards –


NO! Azraith had it scouted! He catches Stein over his shoulder mid-air… and drops him into a high-angle powerbomb! He covers!



NO! Stein gets a shoulder up!

Eryk Masters: Stein had a chance to reverse the momentum of this bout, but Azraith just countered his finishing move!

Other Guy: And how the hell did Stein kick out of that powerbomb?

Azraith shows visible signs of frustration, punching a fist into the mat! He stands and pulls Stein to his feet, but Stein drops down and sweeps Azraith’s legs out from under him! Stein’s got the legs – and he’s got a figure-four leglock on Azraith!

Jeff Hansen: Azraith has been sporting enough not to pick on Stein’s injured knee in this match. Pity Dan hasn’t shown the same decorum.

Other Guy: Azraith hasn’t had his knee taken out by a guy with a pipe in recent weeks! He’s not exactly a cripple.

Azraith is struggling to power his way out of the hold, but Stein is just able to keep it locked on! Azraith howls as the torque wrenches his knee! Austin Linam is in position, checking the hold, asking Az if he wants to give up. Azraith nearly slaps him away! Stein strains to keep his position now, as DeMitri tries to drag him over to the ropes! He’s a foot away, but Stein isn’t budging any more, bracing himself against the mat. Az takes the opening, and forces his way out of the hold with a roar of pain!

Stein quickly rolls away and watches warily, not giving Azraith a chance to get fully back to his feet before sending him to the corner with an Irish whip – which Azraith reverses, and Stein gets the wind knocked out of him again by the turnbuckles!

Jeff Hansen: Azraith still hasn’t found a way to put Stein away yet, but this could very well be it! He’s lifting Stein up onto the top turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Hey, he’s setting Stein up for a superplex! Has Azraith ever used a superplex before?

Jeff Hansen: Not that I can recall. He’s throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Stein here!

Eryk Masters: Austin Linam is over to start the five count, and … what the hell is going on in the crowd?! There’s commotion near the guardrail … it’s BRAD JACKSON! Brad Jackson is down near ringside, and neither competitor has seen him yet!

Azraith locks in a front chancery and – Stein goes to the midsection! Another punch, and Azraith is shoved off the turnbuckle, knocking over Linam on the way!! Now Stein has an opening while Az is below him … but Jackson hops up to the apron and yanks on the ropes, sending Stein crashing down to the ring!

Other Guy: That bastard Jackson is determined to screw Dan Stein over! Azraith and the ref didn’t even see him!

Eryk Masters: Stein doesn’t look so good… I think he may have landed on his injured knee in that fall!

Other Guy: It looked like Dan could’ve hit the Power Surge then, if not for Jackson!

Jeff Hansen: It could still go either way, but I think Jackson just tilted the odds against Stein!

Stein struggles to his feet, limping heavily. Azraith is standing as well, and charges straight for Stein with a thunderous clothesline! Stein ducks! Azraith hits the opposite ropes and comes storming back – this time Stein doesn’t quite duck in time! Stein is laid out with a BRUTAL high-impact clothesline!

Eryk Masters: This time Azraith DeMitri isn’t giving Stein a chance to recover at all! He hooks in an inverted facelock, and – INVERTED FISHERMAN BUSTER!

Jeff Hansen: Nice to see our match official has finally made it back to his feet, the weak little girly-man.

Azraith hooks the leg, but before Linam can start counting, he releases the cover. Az rolls Stein to the centre of the ring, face-down, and hooks a full nelson on him and leans back!

Eryk Masters: That’s the Ne Han! Azraith doesn’t want to just win this match, he wants it to be decisive! Stein’s in pain, but he’s not giving up yet!

Other Guy: Azraith’s really cranking back on that submission…

Jeff Hansen: Far enough to grind Stein’s knee against the mat, it looks like! You reckon that’s deliberate?

Eryk Masters: I don’t think Azraith has any idea! He didn’t see Stein aggravate that injury, and now he’s just trying to get a tapout!

Stein shakes his head as much as he can in that hold, but he’s screaming as DeMitri’s body weight drives down on him! Azraith yanks back harder – AND STEIN TAPS OUT! Linam calls for the bell, as Azraith drops Stein back to the canvas!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by submission, at a time of seventeen minutes and three seconds… AZRAITH DEMITRI!!!

Linam raises DeMitri’s hand and the crowd erupts in a mix of cheers and boos!

Eryk Masters: A fairly even match-up and a hard-fought win for Azraith, but tainted by the interference of Brad Jackson. Stein’s just made it back to his feet, and Azraith comes over looking for a handshake… Stein slaps his hand away!

Other Guy: Stein looks pissed! We can’t make out what he’s saying, but he’s sure letting loose! Now he’s pointing into the crowd … and Jackson, that arrogant sumbitch, gives both men a cocky salute!

Azraith frowns and glares at Jackson, saying something to Stein out the side of his mouth. Stein nods.. and the two men shake hands.

Jeff Hansen: Even with Jackson’s meddling here, these two men still demonstrate great respect for one another. But I think they both have unfinished business with him.


Osbourne Kilminster returns to his changing room, opening the door and stepping in quickly, with a glance back over his shoulder as he does so, but an expression of surprise etching itself across his face as he regards the visitor within.

Kilminster: How long have you been here?

The visitor is none other than his lover, the lovely Sinnocence.  Dressed in her usual leather wrestling gear, the raven-haired beauty smiles up at him from the bench.

Sinnocence: Quite a while, Ozzy.  Where’ve you been?

Osbourne shakes his head and sits down on one of the folding steel chairs next to him, slipping out of his wrestling shoes and pulling on his kneepads.

Kilminster: I went out to get something to drink and bumped into Kilgore.

Sinn raises her eyebrow, the smile fading from her face.

Sinnocence: Good to see that you didn’t kill each other.

Tugging the first kneepad sharply up his calf, Osbourne winces ever so slightly as it rakes his skin, but sits tightly and comfortably over the intended joint.

Kilminster: I wanted to, but now’s not the time. Not before the match anyway. He’s already got something up his sleeve for next week and he’s trying his best to mess with my head. He failed.

Osbourne smirks ever so slightly as he pulls his second kneepad into place.

Kilminster: How’re you anyway? Seen Tommy anywhere?

Sinnocence: I’m just peachy, Sweetcheeks.  I haven’t seen Tommy at all, but he’ll be here soon.  If he doesn’t show, I’ll have to murder him.

Kilminster: He’ll be here, yeah… I just don’t want him trying to take a piece out of anyone before he does, you know?

She smirks.

Sinnocence: I would have said the same thing of you this week.

Osbourne doesn’t answer immediately, instead focusing on pulling his wrestling shoes back on and lacing them up. Eventually, a moment later, he stares at Sinnocence.

Kilminster: Heard any more from Kenji?

Sinnocence: Not since his promo.

Her eyebrow raises again, pulling herself to her feet and giving him a look.

Sinnocence: Are you getting paranoid on me again?

Osbourne inhales slowly as he looks up at her.

Kilminster: No, but I’ll be a Hell of a lot happier once you’ve sorted that situation out.

Sinnocence: Well, get dressed…we do have a match to prepare for tonight.  Don’t worry about me and Kenji.  It’ll take care of itself soon enough.

She leans over and kisses his cheek.

Sinnocence:  I’m looking forward to you demolishing Kilgore later on.

He kisses her cheek back, softly whispering into her ear-

Kilminster: I’m looking forward to demolishing you later on…

The two smile to eachother as we cut away.

The fans are abuzz when all of a sudden, Rage Against The Machine’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man” begins to play, and they all get up on their feet!

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen…I think we’re gonna get to hear from our SHOOT Project mercenaries!


Reyes and Coleman step out from the back, the fans cheering for them as they wear their new PERDITION shirts, with PERDITION written in plain white block font across the chest with nothing else on the back.  The two men walk out and step into the ring, Jonas nodding his head to the fans, pointing as Reyes gets a microphone from Mark Kendrick and another from Samantha Coil.

Diego Reyes:  Yo…first…kill the music.

“How I Could Just Kill A Man” dies out once he requests that.  Jonas is nodding to some more fans as Reyes is standing dead center in the ring.

Diego Reyes:  Second…the t-shirt was my design.

Jeff Hansen:  Well, that’s explains it.  Boring with a side of boring.

Other Guy:  Don’t need to be entertaining when you can slaughter a guy.  That’s entertaining enough.

Diego Reyes:  Third…we’ve got a lot on our minds…so we’re takin’ this moment to discuss it with all the fine folks of Las Vegas this evening.

The fans cheer for the somewhat cheap pop.

Jonas Coleman: It’s been pretty brutal lately, hasn’t it, Diego? I mean… we wanna get our hands on these Flying Avenger fucks real, real bad… but every chance we get?

Coleman shrugs.

Jonas Coleman: Those bitches just run away, or slip through our fingers.

He begins pacing around the ring, a little frustrated.

Jonas Coleman: So, we’d been trying to figure out exactly how we were going to get our hands on them… exactly how we’re going to do what we want to do, to the Flying Avengers. Diego and I… we’re simple in this regard.

He snickers.

Jonas Coleman:  We just want to maim them.

The fans cheer.

Diego Reyes: You see, and my Latin people in the audience tonight can attest to this…

The fans cheer some more.

Diego Reyes:  …where I come from, if you start somethin’, you’re there to finish it to the very end, comprende?  Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite managed to tear from the jaws of certainty the single act in the SHOOT Project nobody else could accomplish.  They beat us.  They became World Tag Team Champions.  Cheap, clean, whatever.  Uno, dos, tres, we were beaten.  We can accept that.

The fans can’t, however.  They’re booing at the mention of the Redemption outcome.

Diego Reyes:  What we can’t accept is that if they did it like bitches…which they did…that they won’t stand up an’ take the consequences of their actions.  It’s interesting to me…this is what they wanna show the world…this is how tag team champions oughtta act. 

Reyes shrugs.

Diego Reyes:  So me an’ Jonas?  Well…you people out here know PERDITION don’t go out without a fight.  We don’t go out without a plan.

Coleman smiles.

Jonas Coleman: Indeed we do, Diego. Indeed we do.

Coleman continues pacing the ring, carefully picking his words.

Jonas Coleman: You guys remember how we came into this piece? People paid us to hurt people. They paid us to make a difference for them, that they couldn’t make themselves. Didn’t matter who it was, didn’t matter why it was. If they paid us?

Coleman makes the finger rubbing gesture to make his point.

Jonas Coleman: Then we provided a service to them.

He smirks.

Jonas Coleman: But believe me… when it comes to the Flying Avengers? What we want? What PERDITION wants? We WANT The Flying Avengers allllll to ourselves.

The crowd pops. Coleman looks to Reyes.

Diego Reyes:  We made a LOT of money fuckin’ you idiots up in the back.  From day one, it was our job…and we were employee of the month every single month.

Reyes grins.

Diego Reyes:  So, with that money, we make a request.  We call this PERDITION Gives Back.  We’re here to tell all of you people out there…from the fan in the front row to the nosebleeds.  From the curtain jerkers to the main eventers.  Champions to perennial losers.  Whoever.  You wanna get paid?  You listen to us loud an’ clear.

Reyes looks dead at the camera.

Diego Reyes:  We’re offering cash money for ANY information leading to the annihilation of Kid Lightning an’ FLASH Dynamite.

The fans POP.

Jonas Coleman: The best part about all of this? And I mean… this is good.

Coleman smiles.

Jonas Coleman: The BEST part about this, is that while we’re offering OUR money for this particular opportunity? It’s the specifics… the details, that really matter.

Coleman pauses for suspense.

Jonas Coleman: The money that we’re offering? Ahaha, man… the money that we’re offering is money that was paid to us by the one, and the only…

Coleman almost giggles.

Jonas Coleman: …Kid Lightning. Ain’t that some shit?

Diego laughs.

Diego Reyes:  Now, you give us the info, we investigate its veracity…we find the Avengers…we make their lives utter Hell…and you?  Whoever you are?  You get paid.

Reyes grins, as does Jonas.

Diego Reyes:  So, Kid?  FLASH?  You’ll be seein’ the original SHOOT Project bad ass mercs real…real soon.  This interview’s over.

Reyes drops the microphone as “How I Could Just Kill A Man” picks back up.  Reyes and Coleman walk out of the ring as the fans are cheering.

Eryk Masters:  I hope Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite just saw that!  It’s Kid’s own money that’s gonna spell his undoing!!

Jeff Hansen:  Oh MAN.  I gotta find out where the hell the Avengers are!  I wanna get paid!!

Other Guy:  Pfft, I’m ALREADY on the phone with the Epicenter Hotel’s management.  Yes, I’ll hold.

Eryk Masters:  PERDITION lets the world know what time it is and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next between these two explosive teams!!

Reyes and Coleman disappear to the back as their theme song continues to play.



The lights in the arena dim.  “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC blasts over the SHOOT Project Epicenter to a chorus of boos. Kenji Yamada makes his way from the back, his eyes stare forward in complete ignorance of the crowd booing him.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall and is a Six-Man tag team match…Introducing first, weighing in at One-Hundred and Ninety pounds…KENJI YAAAAAAMADA!!

Kenji continues to stalk down to the ring apron and slides into the ring. Kenji walks to his corner and rests his head against the top turnbuckle, Kenji is talking to himself before the arrival of his teammates. Without warning he snaps backwards and faces the entrance ramp. His cold eyes stare forward.  MUCC cuts off abruptly, as the opening strains of “Firestarter” by the Prodigy blast over the speakers, drawing boos once more, almost continuous.  Pestalance makes his way to the entrance ramp, smirking and folding his arms. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing one of his partners, from Plainfield, New Jersey…Weighing in at Two Hundred and fifty-Five pounds…He is the revolution Champion…PESTALANCE!!

Pestalance sprints and slides underneath the bottom rope, then shoves himself to his feet, pausing for a moment to stare down Kenji, who is returning the favor.  He slips his T-Shirt off and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms to even more anger from the Epicenter crowd.  He hops down and begins to stretch out, as “Take a Bow” by Muse replaces “Firestarter”, and a strobe effect hits the entrance. 

Samantha Coil: and Finally, their partner…From Verona New Jersey, weighing in at Two Hundred and Sixty-Five Pounds…He is Your TRIAD CHAMPION…KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

Stochansky appears, drawing almost deafening boos, but he refuses to let it get him down, grinning broadly and raising his belt for all to see as he walks down the ramp to the ring.  As he climbs into the ring, he pats both of his partners on the shoulder, grinning and nodding, and he absently hands his belt to Referee Dennis Heflin before stretching out. 

Eryk Masters: they Certainly are a motley bunch, aren’t they?

Jeff Hansen: Motley nothing, You’re looking at two champions and one of the sickest men in SHOOT Project today!

“Take A Bow” is cut off Abruptly, and there’s a moment of silence, drawing the attention of the three men in the ring.  Finally, “Break Your Face” by Jack Nickelz blasts over the P.A., the cheers filling the arena as Osbourne Kilminster, Thomas Manchester Black, and Sinnocence come out of the back, raising their arms.

Samantha Coil: And Introducing their opponents…at a combined weight of Six Hundred and Fifty-Eight Pounds…The team of THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK, SINNOCENCE, AND OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!!

The team walk to the ring, and their grins fade as they get close, all three of them staring down their opponents with fiery glares.  There’s a moment of Pause, as Kilgore, Pest, and Kenji all stand their ground, and Sinn, Ozz, and TMB stand at the apron.  No words are exchanged, but the crowd starts buzzing, anticipating a pre-bell brawl, but they relent, and the opposing team slides into the ring and makes their way to their corner. 

Eryk Masters: You know, Ozzy’s neck doesn’t appear to be bothering him.  Maybe this match could be where he finally gets one up on Kilgore Stochansky?

The teams make their way to their respective corners, and Heflin calls for the opening bell! 

Jeff Hansen: Here we go!

There are a few moments after the bell, and both teams debate who will go in first.  As the crowd starts to buzz, our opening order is established: Kilgore Stochansky and Osbourne Kilminster.

Eryk Masters:  It’s no mistake that both of these men have a huge amount of bad blood between each other!

Both men walk to the center, and Stochansky calls for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock.  After a moment of coaxing, Ozzy locks fingers with him and they both begin a test of strength, pressing forward.  Stochansky gains an immediate size advantage, but Kilminster digs deep and forces himself forward, pushing Kilgore backwards.  Just as it appears Kilgore is going to hit the mat, he kicks forward and tags Osbourne in the crotch with his boot!  The crowd breaks into boos as Kilgore starts things off, stomping down on Kilminster’s guarded head!  Heflin pushes Kilgore back as the boos resound, and Stochansky grins and makes an easy tag to Pestalance. 

Jeff Hansen: Kilminster’s a consummate ring tactician, and making frequent quick tags is going to make a big difference here!

Other Guy: Yeah, it’s a smart tactic and all, but isn’t it a little early to be calling this over?

Pestalance calmly struts over to Ozzy’s rising frame, Grabbing him by the head and hauling him up—But Kilminster fires at him, peppering his ribs with strikes!  The crowd breaks into cheers, and Ozzy hooks Pestalance into a collar and elbow.  There’s a small bit of struggle, and Kilminster finally hooks Pest into a front headlock—and kicks his legs out from underneath him, dropping him to the mat with a DDT!

Eryk Masters: It certainly seems like that neck injury isn’t slowing Ozzy down any, he looks to be in tip top shape!

Ozzy doesn’t even bother to follow up, and stalks over to the opposing corner, pointing at and calling out Kilgore!  The crowd starts to buzz with anticipation, and Kilgore leaps to the floor just as Pestalance NAILS Kilminster in the back of the head with a lariat!

Other Guy: Come on!  When his back is turned?

Jeff Hansen: You cant hate a man for taking the opportunity when it arises, OG!  That’s just smart!!

Ozzy sprawls on the ropes, trying to recover, and Pest lays into his ribs with a soccer-style kick before making a tag to Kenji.  Yamada steps into the ring, his face all an intense glower, and he grabs Kilminster by the arm and whips him over to his corner!

Eryk Masters: Kenji appears to be letting Osbourne tag out!

Jeff Hansen: That’s just moronic, man!

With the crowd cheering, Kenji points at and motions for Sinnocence to come into the ring!  After a quick conference between her and TMB, She slaps the still hurting Kilminster’s hand and steps in to a big cheer!

Other Guy: You know, seeing these two really calls to attention that this match is rife with Bad Blood…

Kenji goads her towards him, and they both circle each other for a moment, neither wanting to make the first move.  Then, fast as she can, Sinnocence rushes Yamada and leaps in the air, taking him to the mat with a leaping Calf kick!  Kenji hits the mat and rolls backward, getting to a standing position, and rushes Sinnocence—and stops about an inch from her face!

Jeff Hansen: I’m shocked with all of this!  Kenji’s throwing this match away, and for what, to prove some sick point?!

Sinnocence sets her jaw and hauls off, punching Kenji right in the mouth!  The crowd’s cheers ratchet up as she lays into him with a number of strikes, and finally brings Yamada to his knees with an elbow! 

Eryk Masters:  And that looks to have busted Kenji right open, his lip is split!!

Other Guy: She isn’t letting up, and he still isn’t fighting back!!

Sinn, with an almost murderous rage in her eyes, grabs a fistful of Kenji’s hair and brings his head into her knee!!  Kenji drops to his hands and knees and spits a mouthful of blood onto the mat, then shoves himself to his feet again, holding his arms out! 

Jeff Hansen: Neither of his team mates look happy, and I cant blame them!!

Sinnocence smiles and rears back, and the crowd’s screaming nearly tips her off in time—But not quickly enough, as Pestalance rushes in and nearly takes her head off with a big boot!!  The crowd breaks into boos as Kenji turns to his partner, his eyes filled with a murderous rage, and starts screaming at him!

Eryk Masters: Kenji’s angry at the wrong person!!

Kenji gets right in Pestalance’s face, both men yelling at each other!  Meanwhile, Sinnocence is rolling over onto he hands and knees, shaking her head and trying to regain her bearings!  Heflin is trying to put himself between the two partners, and he’s calling for Pest to get back to the corner!

Other Guy: Remember when this was a nice, normal six man tag match?

Sinn, noticing that no one is paying attention to her, sneaks over to her corner and tags TMB!!  The crowd begins to cheer as Black steps into the ring, and Kenji casts his gaze onto him, ignoring Pestalance!

Jeff Hansen: There we go, now Kenji’s head is in the game!

Pest finally backs to his corner, and Black gives Kenji the classic “Come on!” hand gesture.  Kenji looks over to Sinnocence, almost sad—and then Rushes an unsuspecting TMB, and causes his bigger opponent to reel with a vicious knife-edged chop right to the throat!  Thomas fires right back, nailing Kenji in the face with a punch, and Kenji responds by thrusting forward with a headbutt!  The crowd starts to go wild as both men trade blows, moving towards the center of the ring!

Eryk Masters: No clear advantage here, but Kenji’s clock has already been cleaned pretty well by Sinnocence!!

Kenji finally rushes Black low, and grabs both of his legs, tripping him to his back!  Yamada leaps in the air, looking for a knee to TMB’s skull, but Thomas rolls out of the way!  Both men are to their feet, and Kenji rushes his opponent with a lariat, but Black ducks and grabs him…then takes Kenji to the mat with a quick back drop suplex!  The crowd is screaming as Kenji kips up. Then locks up with TMB.  Yamada goes for an Irish whip to a neutral corner, but Black reverses it, and Kenji crashes into the turnbuckle with force! 

Jeff Hansen: TMB really shouldn’t rush him in that position…

Other Guy: Why not? 

Black sizes him up and then sprints forward, his elbow cocked back, but Kenji jumps to the middle rope and springs off—and Nearly backflips Thomas with a Springboard Clothesline!!

Jeff Hansen: That’s why!

Eryk Masters: Kenji ddoesn’t look finished by a long shot!

TMB is still dazed, shaking his head, and Kenji is on him faster than he can react, blatantly choking him!!  Heflin warns Yamada to let go as Black struggles, and Kenji stares directly at Sinnocence, blood coating his mouth and jaw!  Finally, Kenji lets go and storms to his corner, tagging in the TRIAD Champion, Kilgore Stochansky!! 

Jeff Hansen: And here comes the champion to clean house!

The crowd makes their displeasure known as Kilgore calmly strolls over to TMB and kicks him straight in the ribs, causing Black to roll away in pain.  Ozzy and Sinnocence are stomping in unison, and the crowd is joining in, egging Thomas on.  He starts to make his way to his corner, finally getting to his feet, and when he’s close, Kilgore grabs him by the shoulder—But Black turns with a VICIOUS Right hook, sending Stochansky flying to the mat!!

Eryk Masters: The crowd erupts as TMB takes Stochansky down!!

Other Guy: I have been Waiting for that to happen for the better part of two weeks!

Kilgore slides back on the mat, slowly getting to his feet and rubbing his jaw.  Black looks like he’s about to advance, but Kilminster screams at him, and after a quick conference, TMB Tags Ozzy!!

Jeff Hansen: Let’s try this pairing again, shall we?

The crowd is cheering loudly as Osbourne gets in the ring, absently rubbing his neck.  Kilgore stands, smiling, and shakes his arm out, rubbing his shoulder.  The buzz in the crowd ratchets up as both men get closer to each other, nearly in the center of the ring—Kilgore telegraphs a punch and goes for a low blow, but Ozzy sidesteps it and takes Kilgore down with an STO!!  Kilgore rolls backwards, getting to his feet, and he sprints forward, taking Kilminster to the mat with a spear!  Stochansky tries to get up, but Ozzy has hooked him in a front headlock!! 

Eryk Masters: On the mat is the last place you want to be with Osbourne Kilminster!

Jeff Hansen: Ozzy’s one of the better mat fighters we have, Kilgore has to return this to a vertical base!

there’s a long moment of struggle, but Kilgore’s reach helps him out, as he blindly feels for Osbourne’s face…and once he does, he starts jabbing his thumb into Ozzy’s eye!!  Kilminster lets go, and Kilgore backs away, the boos of the crowd washing over him.  Both men stand and stare each other down, and Kilgore is the first to approach, running at top speed and looking for a Yakuza kick—Kilminster rolls out of the way and comes up, his guard high!  Stochansky takes advantage of this, peppering Ozzy’s ribs with lefts and rights, and Ozzy responds with a WICKED Overhead right punch, nailing Stochansky right in the Eye!!  Kilgore reels backwards, then Rushes Ozzy—STRONG ARM TACTICS!!

Other Guy:Jesus!!  Ozzy isn’t looking so hot after that!

Jeff Hansen: He got him right on the neck!!

Ozzy hits the mat screaming, his hands on his neck, and Kilgore immediately hooks the leg…



Kickout!!  The crowd Cheers as Kilgore hauls Ozzy to his feet, and whips him into the opposing corner.    Kilgore tags in Pestalance and they both start to beat Ozzy down, Both men raining down hammering fists until Kilminster has dropped to his knees.  Kilgore gets out of the ring, and Pest hauls Ozzy to his feet, and grabs him around the waist…Pestalance walks forward a few steps, then Drops Kilminster to the mat with a Sidewalk slam!  The crowd starts booing as Pest hauls Ozzy to his feet again, and then grabs him around the throat, blatantly choking him—and then Headbutts him, letting Osbourne’s nearly limp body fall to the mat!!

Eryk Masters: Pestalance is in complete control now, and his team mates need to get Ozzy out of there!!

Pestalance jaws to the crowd for a moment, drawing nothing but derision from the fans, and then he looks to the rising frame of Osbourne Kilminster.  Ozzy’s nose appears to be busted, and as he gets to his hands and knees, Pest rushes him and nails him right in the head with a running kick!!  Ozzy hits the mat as the crowd starts to scream at Pestalance, who for his part looks to Ozzy’s corner—and then rushes it!  He tries to lariat TMB, who wisely drops to the floor rather than get his head taken off!!

Jeff Hansen: You just CANNOT split your attention like that!

Heflin pushes Pest back, and then immediately has to interpose to prevent Black from entering the ring!  While he’s distracted, Kilgore quickly gets into the ring and directs Pest towards him—Pest grabs Ozzy and draws him upward…then puts him in a piledriver position!  The crowd starts to scream, trying to draw Heflin’s attention, but he and Black are arguing!!

Eryk Masters:  Osbourne’s in trouble!!

Other Guy: Dot do it!!

Pestalance hauls Osbourne up…and Kilgore grabs him by the ankles…Kilgore shoves down and Pestalance drops, and they SPIKE Osbourne right on his HEAD!!

Jeff Hansen:Good God!!  That’s just brutal!!

Other Guy:  This match seems almost a forgone conclusion at this point!

Heflin turns around, and Kilgore quickly slides out of the ring as Pestalance hooks Kilminster’s leg…



Sinnocence breaks the pin up!!  Pest shoves himself to his feet and starts pacing towards her, the crowd going wild with excitement…Pestalance grabs her by he hair, holding her still, a smirk spreading on his face—Sinn hauls back and lands a BIG field goal kick right to Pestalance’s crotch!!  The crowd breaks into cheers as the goes for another kick, but Pest catches her foot, and she leaps up and nails him with an enzugiri!! 

Eryk Masters: Heflin’s trying to break that fracas up, but the teams are coming in now!!

Kenji rushes Sinnocence and gets uncomfortably close to her again, and before she can do anything, Black rushes Kenji and shoves him into the corner with authority!  The crowd is going crazy as an all-out brawl is breaking out, and Kilgore calmly steps into the ring, apparently in no rush.  Pestalance hazily drapes an arm over Ozzy, and Heflin misses the count for a good five seconds, busy trying to break Kenji and Thomas up, but he finally notices and hits the mat…


Sinnocence shoves Pestalance off of Osbourne, and she looks like she’s about to follow up on him, But Kilgore grabs her by the shoulder…and points to her corner!!

Other Guy: Kilgore’s trying to boss Sinn around…that wont end well for him!

Jeff Hansen: And someone needs to get a handle on this match, it’s pandemonium in there!!

As Black starts brining knees into Kenji’s midsection, Sinn looks at Kilgore incredulously, and then rears back—and Punches him right in the mouth!!  The crowd is going wild now, and they immediately turn to boos as Pestalance hooks Kilminster’s leg!!



Osbourne SHOVES Pest off, his eyes wide with anger, and the crowd explodes with cheers!!

Eryk Masters: And Osbourne still has some fight left in him!

Other Guy:…Some?!

Heflin is desperately trying to get a handle on the chaos in the ring, and as Kenji hammers Black with headbutts, Sinnocence boots Kilgore in the gut and then Elbows him in the temple!!  The TRIAD Champion takes a couple steps back, and then affixes Sinn with a glare that could melt steel! 

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore’s almost willfully trying not to hit Sinnocence, and for what?  Chivalry?

Heflin Places himself in between Ozzy and Pestalance, and shoves them both back towards their corners!  Pest tries to Rush Ozzy, but Referee Heflin blocks him, and then points to his corner, his face resolute!!  Meanwhile, Sinnocence swings on Kilgore again—but Stochansky blocks her and then Swings back…and NAILS her with a huge haymaker!!  Sinnocence hits the mat, and Kilgore looks to capitalize…But Osbourne punches him right in the back of the head!!

Eryk Masters:  Slowly but surely, Referee Dennis Heflin is getting a handle on this match!

Jeff Hansen: But Osbourne isn’t about to let something like “The Rules” get in his way!

As Heflin shoves Kenji and Black to their corners, he rushes Ozzy, trying to break him free of Kilgore—but Kilminster hooks Stochansky in a Thai clench and starts unloading knees into the champion!!  The crowd is going insane as Sinnocence rolls out of the ring, and they start counting along with the knees after five!!

Other Guy: Kilgore’s not even the legal man, Ozzy’s almost certainly injured, but he just wont quit!

After the tenth strike, Kilminster drops Kilgore’s now bleeding frame to the mat and nearly collapses himself, holding his neck in agony.  Heflin moves him to his corner, then simply rolls Kilgore out under the ropes!!  Breathing heavily, the crowd begins to applaud Referee Dennis Heflin!!

Other Guy: You know, I agree with the applause!  I think I’ll join in!

Jeff Hansen: Oh come on, he’s taking the focus away from the battle going on in the ring!!

The in-ring chaos having died down, we’re now left with our two legal men in the ring: Pestalance and Osbourne Kilminster.  Kilgore, wiping blood from his nose, sporting a black eye, calls for Osbourne’s blood from outside of the ring, very plainly telling Pestalance “Cripple him!”  Pest smirks…and tags Kenji!!  Yamada enters the ring, and he spits blood into his hand and then slaps himself in the face, leaving a red handprint!  He grins and points to Sinnocence, but Ozzy, despite the pain in his neck, walks forward, getting into a high guard stance. 

Jeff Hansen: That high guard is a smart idea, but not nearly as smart as getting out of the ring!

Ozzy shoots for Kenji’s leg, but he dodges to the side, and swings up with a roundhouse kick—Ozz blocks it!  Kenji tries to follow up with a Yakuza Kick, but Ozzy catches his leg, and turns it into an ankle lock, but Kenji boots him in the skull and gets out of it!!  Both men get to their feet, and the crowd starts cheering,but neither man wants to pause, as they lock right back up, struggling for advantage!!

Eryk Masters: They both seem to be one step ahead of one another, but how long can a stalemate last?

Ozzy gets one up quickly, bringing a big muay thai knee to Kenji’s midsection, doubling him over!  He tries to capitalize—But Kenji leaps forward with an explosion of movement, violently nailing Kilminster in the face with a Shotei Palm strike!!  Ozzy stumbles backwards, holding his neck and gritting his teeth!!

Other Guy: Jesus!  His head snapped back hard, he cant be pleased right now!

Jeff Hansen: Someone get him out of the ring!  There’s a thin line between honor and stupidity!!

Kenji wastes no time, grabbing Ozzy by the arm and swinging him into a fireman’s carry…he swings him down into a driving position — Onifuusha Hurricane Driver!!  He hooks Ozzy’s leg…



TH—Sinnocence breaks it up!!  Obviously bleeding from a cut above her eye, she throws Kenji to the mat and starts laying the boots to him, then quickly runs towards the ropes…and springboards off of the middle with a Moonsault, nailing Kenji!!  Osbourne attempts to get up, and Sinnocence simply rolls her partner on top of Kenji…



Kickout!!  Heflin tries to get Sinn out of the ring, but she actually helps Osbourne to their corner while Kenji is still dazed!!  Thomas holds a hand out, and Ozzy tiredly slaps it!!  The crowd breaks into cheers, especially when Kilgore gets tagged in—He and Manchester meet in the ring, locking up, vying for position!!

Eryk Masters: Two fresh men in, which is good, because Kilminster needs to recover!

Manchester whips Kilgore to a neutral corner, then rushes him, nailing the TRIAD Champion with a running Lariat!!  Kilgore stumbles out of the corner, dazed, and TMB grabs him around the arm…Reverse Russian Legsweep!!  Kilgore’s face ricochets off of the mat, and he rolls about in pain, kicking his feet.

Other Guy: Kilgore’s mug is getting messed up pretty good, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me happy!

Jeff Hansen: He’s objective, folks!

TMB smirks and hauls Kilgore to his feet, and hauls him into a reverse suplex position…He hauls Kilgore up and holds him vertically, Looking for the Carolina Krush—But Kilgore wiggles his feet and reverses it, holding Black in a reverse DDT Position!!  Black struggles and gets a hold of Kilgore’s wrist, making it out of the hold—and he pulls Stochansky’s wrist through his own legs, And hauls him backward…DEAD BENT! 

Eryk Masters: The Dead Bent!!  TMB just Nailed Stochansky with his own signature maneuver!!

Jeff Hansen: Much as I hate to say it, I think this is academic!!

Black hooks the leg as Heflin hits the mat…



THR—Pestalance kicks Thomas right in the face and breaks the pin up!!  The crowd is on their feet, the excitement of the match getting the better of them, as TMB and Pest begin to trade punches!  Unfortunately Black isn’t paying attention to Kilgore, and the Champion takes him down with a Schoolboy Rollup, placing his feet on the ropes for leverage!!




Black rolls to his feet and back to his corner, tagging in Sinnocence to a big pop while Osbourne tries to recover.  Pestalance goes back to his corner as Kilgore stands up, shaking his head, trying to clear the cobwebs out.  Sinn moves around him, not fazed by her bloodied face, and she runs at Kilgore full speed, and jumps in the air…Sinn goes for a wheel kick, But Kilgore sidesteps, stumbling a little bit, obviously still a little dazed!!

Other Guy: Kilgore’s gotta be running purely on fight or flight right now, I’m not sure if he even knows where he is!

Sinnocence runs past the escaping Kilgore and leaps to the top rope right in front of him, and before he can react, she flips off of it, grabbing his head in the process—and following through with a moonsault ddt!!  The crowd goes crazy as Kilgore rolls about the mat, and Sinnocence makes the pin…




Eryk Masters: I pride myself on being objective, but how did he pull that off?!

Jeff Hansen You all don’t recognize how tough Kilgore can be, he’s our TRIAD Champion!  You don’t get there being a scrub!!

the crowd is booing as Sinnocence starts arguing with Heflin in disbelief!  Meanwhile, Kilgore is slowly crawling to his corner, where the outstretched hand of Kenji Yamada awaits!!  The crowd buzzes as he gets closer, and Sinnocence finally notices him and grabs him by the foot, dragging him back to the center of the ring before going to her corner and tagging TMB back in!!

Other Guy: Those quick tags are going to make or break this match, and that team has gotten a real good rhythm!  That’s why they’re being so dominant!

Black hauls Kilgore to his feet—But Stochansky boots him in the gut and then whips him around, locking in a crossface chickenwing, looking for the NONE SHALL PASS…There’s a long moment of struggle, and TMB breaks out of it!   TMB takes a couple steps back, then rushes Kilgore with a spear—But Stochansky dips low and Nails Black in the ribs with a hard elbow!!

Jeff Hansen: He’s digging deep, we might see a comeback!!

Other Guy: That’s just the last desperate lashing out of someone who’s already defeated, Jeffry!

Kilgore lays two more hits to Thomas’ ribs, and TMB responds with a big roaring elbow of his own—But Kilgore ducks and spins behind him, grabbing him around his leg and standing up!!

Eryk Masters: What the heck is this?!

Black is now hanging upside down behind Stochansky, being held by his legs, and he struggles to get free—But the champion finally gets a hold of his head, hooking him into a headlock!!  Kilgore stands straight up, bleeding and beaten, with a cold detachment in his eyes—And he leaps down to the mat, flattening Black face first!!

Jeff Hansen: Jesus Christ!!  That’s was like a reverse Emerald Fusion, Black has to be out of it!

Eryk Masters: It doesn’t look like his team are wasting any time finding out, Jeff!

Kilgore hooks the leg as Pestalance and Kenji rush the ring, meeting with Osbourne and Sinnocence…


Kenji forces Sinn her corner and she starts beating on him as hard as she can, but he barely falters backwards…


Kilminster leaps in the air and nails a HUGE Punch to Pest’s face, but as he passes him, Pestalance nails a desperation elbow strike to the base of his neck!!


Kilgore stands up, smiling through the blood on his face and patting Black on the head, while Kenji and Sinnocence still brawl in the corner…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners…at a time of Thirty Minutes and Twenty Eight Seconds…KILGORE STOCHANSKY, KENJI YAMADA, AND PESTALANCE~!!

Eryk Masters: Folks, everyone in that ring is covered with bruises, most of them are bleeding from multiple wounds, and even though the bell has been rung, they still aren’t stopping!

Stochansky kicks Kilminster in the side of the neck, causing him to scream in pain.  The crowd starts to boo intensely as Kilgore hauls Ozzy to his feet, then viciously whips him to the corner!!

Other Guy: Oh come on, you won!  Leave it!!

Sinnocence is trying valiantly to get past Kenji, but he keeps getting in front of her, taking what she dishes out with a twisted grin on his face!!  Kilgore sets Kilminster on the top turnbuckle, then climbs up himself, the boos and screams becoming deafening…

Jeff Hansen: I don’t like the looks of this at all, guys!!

Eryk Masters: And neither does this crowd, I can barely hear myself!!

Kilgore climbs up and slides behind Ozzy, pulling him up to his feet, both men standing on the top!  The TRIAD Champion quickly hooks Kilminster into a crossface chickenwing…the camera flashes are going off now, as the screams get even louder…

Other Guy: He cant even be considering this!

Eryk Masters: Look at his eyes, he’s not even registering anything, he’s near emotionless!

Stochansky finally leaps forward while throwing Osbourne backward—And NAILS the NONE SHALL PASS, Dropping Kilminster’s Head DIRECTLY onto the top turnbuckle!! 

Eryk Masters: Oh my God!!

Jeff Hansen: That’s too much!!  Someone get a stretcher out here!!

Kilminster stalls on the turnbuckle, folded like an accordion, then finally disengages and rolls to the floor, limp!!

Other Guy: Good Lord, Ozzy’s neck wasn’t 100 percent to begin with!!

Stochansky grabs his belt and raises it high in the air, drawing even more boos.  As the paramedics make their way down, Sinnocence runs away from Kenji and to the floor, obviously desperate to make sure that he’s alright!!

Eryk Masters:He’s Smiling! That vicious S.O.B. Is smiling!!

Kilgore actually helps Pestalance up, then pats Kenji on the shoulder as he makes his way out of the ring, holding his title in the air to the continued boos of the fans!! 

Jeff Hansen: That was too much, even for me!

Other Guy: And right after he promised Ozzy a legal agreement!

Eryk Masters: As soon as we can get Kilminster safely to the back, we’ll bring you the World Championship Main Event!  Stay Tuned!!


”Hope is an illusion…”

Revolution 58.  The Epicenter is at full capacity.  One of SHOOT Project’s most prolific competitors will step into the ring once again to gain what he believes is rightfully his.

We cut to a shot of Jonny Johnson standing at the entranceway at Revolution 57.

”I’m the only person capable of being SHOOT Project World Champion. I’m the only one who understands what it means to be the face of a company”.

Tonight, the grandest prize of them all is at stake.  The SHOOT Project World heavyweight title.  One man hopes to keep what he worked so hard to achieve.  The new face of the SHOOT Project has been making statements of his abilities ever since the Redemption Rumble.

We cut to a shot of Donovan King, Sitting in a black, plush chair.

”I proved I’m the best in dis company, comin’ in at number nine an’ lastin’ until the very end of the Rumble, eliminatin’ more folks than almost everybody else in that thing. Top all dat off? I’m Your Champion. The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.”

Sunday, March, 8th.  Revolution 58.  One man enters the Epicenter a champion, but which one will leave that way?

There is a shot of Jonny Johnson standing atop the ring post with the title held in the air.

The Defiler, Jonny Johnson…

There is a shot of Donovan King hitting Corazon with the Dealbreaker at Redemption.  We follow to another shot of King hitting Corazon again with the Dealbreaker at Revolution 57.  This is followed with a shot of King standing at the title slung over his shoulder.

Donovan King… 

We cut to a shot of both men staring each other down at Revolution 57.  The shot freezes, and shatters like a glass pane with the SHOOT Helmet logo revealed as the glass clears.

SHOOT Project Presents…Revolution 58.

The scene fades to black, the logo the last thing seen before hitting complete black.




We cut to the backstage area in which we see none other than FORMER SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Jonny Johnson walking with intent towards the ring.  It is the proverbial gimmick shot, the final moment before the hero steps out of the mouth of the go position and finds himself out there in front of the masses.  The fans are instantly reacting to seeing the DEFILER.  Some cheer, some boo, but they all react nonetheless.  He seems intense, he seems ready, and once he turns the corner to the go position, he is suddenly NAILED in the back!  The fans boo as he stumbles forward and the camera catches just who has attacked.  The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Donovan King stands there, holding an ASP.  Jonny is on the ground, cradling his head.

Jeff Hansen:  Oh wait a damn minute!  That’s not cool!

Other Guy:  I have to agree with Jeff man…what the hell?!

King motions to a producer, who hands him a microphone.

Donovan King:  I was gonna give an interview prior to the match, but I figure dis is as good as that, ain’t it?

King kicks Jonny in the back before he picks Jonny up.  He drags Jonny through the go position to the entrance ramp.  He throws Jonny forward and Jonny rolls down the ramp, the fans booing as Jonny seems completely out of it.

Donovan King:  Ladies an’ gentlemen…dis is where you’d all get ready to see the main event for the evening.  Jonny Johnson was gonna go after the World Heavyweight Championship in a match wit’ me, Donovan King.

King walks halfway down the ramp.

Donovan King:  The stipulation was…if Jonny doesn’t win dis title tonight…if he don’t beat me tonight…he’ll leave the business.

King walks down to Jonny and holds the ASP high above his head…AND SLAMS IT DOWN into the BACK of Jonny’s head!  The fans are STUNNED.

Donovan King:  Jonny…he didn’t notice the fine print, as is his way.  While he was busy missin’ his drugged out dead pal Eddie Ray, I was makin’ moves.  Jonny, dis is only for your own good, brother.

King picks Jonny up and rolls him into the ring.  King steps into the ring and shakes his head as the fans begin to boo again.  Jonny is slowly starting to stir.

Donovan King:  Don’t get up, Jonny.  You ain’t gonna be fightin’ tonight.  I already made sure uh dat, man.  While your pride was raped dis week, I decided I was gonna let you have an ‘out’.  Most the time, you hear the bullshit people speak, right?  Where the bad guy tells the good guy you ain’t gonna make it to the match, or you may as well forfeit…some uh that casual evil speak?

King crouches down as Jonny lifts his head, his teeth gritted in agony.

Donovan King:  Officially, it’ll go down tonight that Jonny Johnson was unfit to compete.

The fans RIP into boos.

Donovan King:  You’re free from the fact you can’t beat me, Jonny.  Tonight, you don’t have to deal with the humiliation.  Couldn’t ever beat Kast, imagine the embarrassment dat goes wit’ losin’ to Kast Junior.

King laughs as the fans continue to boo, trash being thrown into the ring.

Donovan King:  GO AHEAD, PEOPLE.  Throw dat trash!!  C’mon!  Storm the ring!  Tear YOUR Champion apart for doin’ what NEEDED to be done!

Jonny is up to his hands and knees now, clutching the back of his head.  EMTs and road agents scurry down to the ring.  King immediately charges the side of the ring they were coming in on.

Donovan King:  NO.  NO!  This man deserves ALL of this!  These fans were…SHOOT Project…was subjected to countless terrible things this man has done for YEARS.  You people think some stipulation he throws out every other week is gonna stop him?!  You people think Jonny Johnson is just gonna go AWAY!?

King laughs as Jonny drags himself over to the turnbuckle, trying to pick himself up.

Donovan King:  I KNOW you people wanna jeer me fuh dis.

And they do.  Loudly.

Donovan King:  Four months ago, you’d call me a hero for this.

King is laughing as he says this.

Donovan King:  All this is…is the ill-timed just desserts that this piece of shit earned long ago.

Jonny is up on his feet now and King turns slowly, the fans ERUPTING as Jonny grits his teeth, glaring at his opponent.

Eryk Masters:  Jonny Johnson…is…UP.

King drops the microphone as Jonny CHARGES from the other side of the ring!  King goes to hit Jonny, but Jonny counters!  Jonny NAILS King and staggers him, the fans RIPPING into cheers as King steps back, Jonny peppering his face with constant blows!  King is turned around, and Jonny hooks in the chicken wing!

Jeff Hansen:  Jonny’s goin’ off pure instinct!  See the blood gushing from the back of his head?!  He won’t be stopped!  He can’t be stopped!

Jonny SPINS King for the DEMORALIZATION PROCESS…but King spins through and powers out, landing on his feet!  The fans are STUNNED, as is Jonny!  Suddenly, King takes full advantage of the confusion and NAILS Jonny with a DDT!  The fans boo as Jonny cradles his bleeding head, King sitting up next to his foe.  King rolls over to the microphone, glaring at Jonny.

Donovan King:  STAY…DOWN.

The fans boo at King’s comment but cheers as Jonny is STILL stirring.

Donovan King:  Damn it, Jonny, can’t you see dis is for your own good?  The company is tired of you, man.  Sick of seein’ you in the main event.  The boys in the back, even the stars you said you made, they can’t even stand your ass.

King picks himself up, glaring at Jonny, who is still struggling on the mat.

Donovan King:  Give up.  Stop.  None of your old Friends are gonna come out here.  None of your old Friends are gonna challenge me.  Nobody’s gonna take up the DEFILER Revenge banner an’ try to put one over on me.  I’m puttin’ the final nail in your miserable coffin, Jonny Johnson.  Tonight is your final moment here in the SHOOT Project.

King walks over to Jonny and hits him in the face with his boot, putting Jonny back onto the mat.  Jonny is breathing heavily as King continues to pace around Jonny’s body.

Donovan King:  I’m doin’ this for you, man.  I’m doin’ this for these people out here…

The fans boo LOUDLY.

Other Guy:  Somehow I don’t think they approve of his sentiment!

Donovan King:  But…most of all, dis is for you, Jonny.  This is the closest you’ll get to respect from me.  My mentor couldn’t do this.  Corazon couldn’t do this.  Nobody could do this to you.  They’d let you play around, dance around, tell the world it’s your career on the line, put this up, put that up, stip stip stip a match to death all night long…I’m the first man you’ve ever faced who truly loves dis sport enough to stop you from yourself.

King kneels down, staring into Jonny’s glazed over eyes.

Donovan King:  Thanks ta me, you can stop, Jonny.  Go home.  Be with your family.  Live out ya last days on dis Earth before you rot away in a box.  Go to Hell, where a man like you belongs.

The fans are livid at this point, King dodging a beer bottle.

Donovan King:  Who knows, Jonny…maybe once you’re there, Eddie Ray can give you the World title he never could in life.

The fans ERUPT in cheers at this, ONLY because Jonny has had enough, and Jonny immediately pushes himself up enough to pounce on King!  King drops the microphone as Jonny is wailing away at King!

Other Guy:  Jonny’s goin’ at him!  If this is Jonny Johnson’s last stand, THIS is how the man should go out!  I may not have ever liked the son of a bitch, but I can admit when a man deserves better than he’s bein’ given!  TAKE your legacy, Jonny!  Don’t let King dictate how you go down!

Jonny gets off of King, staggering around.  He looks around the ring for anything he can find to attack King with.  After a while, he merely picks King up and whips King to the ropes.  King, however, counters and IMMEDIATELY drops Jonny with THE DEALBREAKER.

Eryk Masters:  OH!  Damn it!  The move that put a stop to Corazon!  The move that ended the career of The Real Deal!

King drags himself away from Jonny, picking the microphone back up.

Donovan King:  Okay…you don’t wanna stay down?!  YOU WANNA MAKE ME ANGRY, JONNY?!

King picks himself up and picks up the ASP.

Donovan King:  Well, Jonny…I hope you survive long enough…to watch dis tape on playback, you son of a bitch…

King rolls Jonny over and picks him up, balancing him so he’s up on his knees, kneeling before King.  King stops, staring at Jonny’s face, blood dripping down Jonny’s back from the head wound.

Donovan King:  …because THIS…is the NEW face…of The SHOOT Project.

King pulls his arm back, AND DESTROYS JONNY’S FACE WITH THE ASP.

Jeff Hansen:  Holy GOD.  Oh my FUCKING God.

The fans are being restrained by the very people who had come out to help Jonny at this point.  The road agents and even the EMTs help keep the fans from storming the barricades.

Eryk Masters:  This goes beyond good and evil.  Beyond what you call face or what you’d call a heel, whatever quote unquote insider terms you wanna use.

The camera focuses in on Jonny’s face, the jaw very visibly broken.

Other Guy:  Oh my God…Jonny’s face is bloody and bruised…you can see his jaw busted…

Eryk Masters:  Jonny Johnson’s head is bleeding, I don’t want to speculate, but I’ve seen those types of injuries before…

King slowly picks Jonny back up, sliding the ASP between Jonny’s lips, forcing Jonny to bite down on it.  King steps behind Jonny, holding the ASP as if it were stirrups and WRENCHING back on it.  Jonny cries out in pain before King drops it again.  He picks Jonny’s head up by Jonny’s bloody hair and pulls on it HARD, putting Jonny’s bloody face on the camera for all to see.  King’s face is cold, unfeeling, and not a hint of emotion in it.

Eryk Masters:  Jeff, you okay?

Jeff Hansen is very visibly shaken, tears in his eyes.

Jeff Hansen:  Fuck that mother fucker, Jonny Johnson may be fucking nuts, but I have known that man for YEARS.

Other Guy:  Jeff!  Jeff.

The camera switches to the announcers, where Other Guy has his arm around Jeff.

Other Guy:  Don’t do anything stupid, man.

Jeff Hansen:  Jonny Johnson was there for me when NOBODY gave a FUCK if I lived or died, man!  FUCK.

Other Guy:  Look, relax.  I’m sorry.  Uh…Eryk, I’m gonna get him out of here.

Other Guy takes his headset off and removes Jeff’s as well, physically having to restrain Jeff from charging the ring.  Eryk Masters is left alone, watching the carnage unfold.  Meanwhile, back in the ring, King is GRINDING the heel of his boot in Jonny’s wound on the back of his head.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen, I…my broadcast colleagues have all left me here…and I have to tell you…I’m just speechless.

King begins to PUNCH Jonny over…and over…and over again in the face, Jonny’s blood splattering on King’s white ring gear and fists.  King looms over Jonny, stepping off of him and moving to the microphone once again.

Donovan King:  I…


Eryk Masters:  Oh…my…God…

King turns to Jonny, who can’t even speak through the pain, who can’t even see King from the swelling of his black eyes, who can’t even comprehend where he is.  King stares at the man he’s seen as his target ever since Jonny arrived in the SHOOT Project.  King nods his head, understanding Jonny is acting completely on desire.

Eryk Masters:  There’s…there’s something both tragic and uplifting about this moment, ladies and gentlemen.  To me, at least.

Jonny staggers forward and hits King as hard as he can in the face!  The fans are in a hushed silence as King barely flinches, the punch akin to a breeze brushing over one’s skin.  King looks at Jonny, who tries to keep himself up still.  The crowd is still silent.  King continues to stare at Jonny, who simply will NOT fall.  Suddenly, KING SNAPS INTO ANOTHER DEALBREAKER.

Eryk Masters:  OH MY GOD.

King is on one knee over Jonny Johnson, who isn’t moving whatsoever now.  There is Jonny’s blood and spittle on King’s shoulder, and Jonny’s entire head seems to be covered in his own blood.  King simply stares down at Jonny, watching, waiting for him to get back up.  Jonny is still not moving.  The EMTS abandon their blockade of the fans and slide into the ring, uncaring for what King may do to them.  King doesn’t stop watching Jonny, who the EMTs are struggling to help, since Jonny is completely dead weight. 

No music is playing.

No cheering is heard.

No booing is heard.

There is only the commotion of the EMTs struggling to help Jonny Johnson.

And Donovan King lording over his fallen foe.