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Revolution 60 – 6/14/10

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter. 

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell 

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena. 

Train a little harder than you can or ever will 

A shot of Azraith DeMitri lifting weights can be seen, he is glaring up at the camera, sweat pouring down his face.  A second shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking. 

Get a doctor, or a priest 

Corazon is shown, standing in the center of the ring, glaring at the camera through the strands of his hair, wearing a black trenchcoat. 

Not an animal, I’m a beast 

Donovan King gritting his teeth, in full wrestling gear, is shown next.  He stands of the center of the same ring, smoke emanating around him. 

Got news if you think you bad 

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed. 

All you other fellas make me laugh 

Lennox Ferguson, Caleb Knox, Dina Bryce, Jerry Eisenhower, Michael Kage, Alex Brooks are all standing in the ring now, all of them ready to begin to brawl with one another. 

Grabbin’ you with both of my hands 

Dan Stein is shown next, alone in the ring, puckering slightly to the camera and pulling his shirt up to reveal his washboard abs. 

Takin’ you home an’ tearin’ you in half 

Osbourne Kilminster and Sinnocence are shown, Kilminster screaming to the heavens while Sinnocence bounces from one foot the other, ready to take on all challengers. 


Ainsley Lake steps up the ring steps, looking back at the camera with a knowing smile. 

You need a miracle 

Eli Storm locks up with Dave Marz in the empty arena, suddenly cut with a shot of the Flying Avengers rushing at PERDITION. 

Nothing’s gonna save you 

Jester Smiles checks his knee and smiles, nodding his head in approval. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world! 

The SHOOT Project roster, each and every one of them glaring at one another in the ring now. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 

The SHOOT Project Soldiers charge one another. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 

The arena is full, cheering and screaming as loud as possible. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 

A final shot of the Soldiers brawling, interspersed with images of OutKast, The Real Deal, Del Carver, Christopher Davis, Chris Lee, and Jonny Johnson in their glory days are shown. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 




Eryk Masters: It’s time for the first match in the tournament that will crown the next SHOOT Project Champion! This is going to be intense, O.G.!

Other Guy: There’s been some pretty harsh words flying between The Willenium and Dan Stein in recent days, and we’re certain to see some of that animosity reflected in the ring tonight!

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a first-round match in the World Title Tournament, and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 215 pounds, and fifth seed in the brackets, he is… THE WILLENNIUM, TREY WILLETT!!!!

Willett stalks his way to the ring with a determined expression, barely acknowledging the fans booing him, while "Carry On Wayward Son" takes us to country-western heaven. There’s a noticeable number of fans cheering for Willenium in amongst the boos as he gets the once-over from ring official Willie Dean.

Other Guy: Willett’s clearly won some fans over with his performance during the Re-launch Rumble.

Eryk Masters: You mean they’re not just cheering for him because he’s about to kick Dan Stein’s ass?

Other Guy: Stein’s pretty motivated for this match too, Eryk – he’s been trash talked all week by Willett.

Eryk Masters: Don’t forget Willet also eliminated his good friend Cade Sydal. Man, that was sweet.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, fighting out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the fourth seed in the World Title Tournament, he is DAN "THE LIGHTS" STEIN!!!!

Stein comes out to a decent pop as his Rocky Theme Remix inspires a little shadow boxing from him on the entrance ramp, before he slaps hands down the guardrail on the way to the ringside area.

Eryk Masters: Hey, did I hear fans booing Dan Stein? That’s a sound I could get used to.

Other Guy: It seems neither man in this match has thee crowd entirely on their side… maybe Stein’s new-found arrogance is rubbing a few people up the wrong way.

Eryk Masters: Arrogance? Strong words, O.G., sounds like you might be one of them… HEY WAIT FOR THE BELL GUYS!

Willenium has indeed charged at Stein before he’s fully vertical, clearly too impatient to wait for the official start to the match! Stein got caught as he was rolling under the ropes, and now Willett is laying forearm shots into Stein’s head and neck! Stein guards as best he can, then snakes a hand around Trey’s ankle for a single-leg takedown and goes straight to mounted punches!

Other Guy: … and finally, there’s the bell! Clearly these two men have been eager to get at one another ever since the Rumble! Willett jumped Stein before the bell but now he’s on the receiving end!

Willett manages to fend off Stein’s fists for long enough to give him a decent shove, sending Stein to the mat on his back. Willett doesn’t waste any time once he’s on his feet, running over and nailing a fistdrop to Stein’s midsection!

Eryk Masters: The early minutes of this match are already fast-paced, but pretty it ain’t.

Other Guy: That’s for sure. Stein’s striking skills and Willett’s brawling style don’t exactly make for a technical showcase. But when you can slug like these two can, who cares?

Willett lays a few kicks into Stein’s ribs, then pulls him to his feet and raises him to a fireman’s carry, but Stein wriggles loose and lands on his feet, then dropkicks Willett in the knee from behind! Willet’s leg buckles, but he doesn’t go down, so Stein snap kicks him in the thigh, then catches him in the knee with another as he turns around! Willett down to one knee! Stein runs to the ropes, and flies in with a Shining Wizard that knocks Willenium to the mat! As Willett drags himself slowly to his feet, Stein works the crowd!

Other Guy: Dan Stein has himself a game plan here, and it mostly involves keeping Trey Willett off his feet. Slowing Willett down gives Stein more chance of hitting those high-risk moves.

Eryk Masters: Posing for the audience, on the other hand, wastes time and lets Willenium get the jump on him!

Willett has just slammed down on Stein’s shoulder with a big double-axhandle while Stein had his back turned! Stein eats a kneelift to the head! Willett scoops Stein up and whips him to the ropes, following him in with a big stiff-arm lariat that catches Stein on the rebound and nearly takes him out of his boots! Willenium drops for an early cover…



Eryk Masters: Stein just got his bell rung, but Willett oughta know that a former Iron Fist champion won’t be that easy to pin. D’you think he’s just trying to make Stein waste his energy kicking out?

Other Guy: Hey, if you’re gonna call this match all by yourself then I’ll just go get a hotdog.

Willett rolls away and shakes his head in frustration, but Stein sweeps his feet out from under him! Stein kips up, bounces off the ropes and drills a big kneedrop into Willenium’s ribs! Stein heads to the corner and jumps up to the second turnbuckle, ready to spring when Willett gets up… FLYING CLOTHESLINE!


Stein rolls towards the ropes as he lands, but he’s not quick enough to avoid Willenium getting in a couple of good stomps on his gut and hip! Stein back to a vertical base on the apron, Willenium charges at him – Stein with the shoulderblock in the midsection, then he fires a roundhouse kick over the ropes that drops Willett to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Holy Toledo! Last time I saw anyone that flexible, it was a Vegas showgirl!

Other Guy: The Willenium just about got decapitated by Dan Stein!

Stein’s back in between the ropes and he goes for a cover!


T- Willet kicks out!

Stein takes out his frustration with a couple of stomps to Willenium’s legs, then hoists him to his feet by the arm. He swings a right, but Willett blocks it, and flings Stein to the opposite ropes at high speed, chasing him for another lariat – but Stein jumps off the second rope and smashes The Willenium with a brutal back elbow in the face! Stein shakes out his arm as he takes a moment to regroup.

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein might’ve hurt himself a little with that vicious elbow. Nice work, genius.

Other Guy: You know as well as I do that it’s Stein’s legs which are the bigger danger. Besides, Willenium looks pretty groggy from that hit.

Stein takes advantage of Willett being woozy to fire away with a snap kick to his knee, then another to his thigh! Willett rocks, but doesn’t go down, as Stein swings another kick into his ribs! Stein tries for the roundhouse again but Willett ducks under, grabs Stein and dumps him with an inelegant slam! The crowd cheers as both men slowly get back to their feet.

Other Guy: The fans are loving this! Two men of virtually the same weight and height, so evenly matched but with such different styles… we’re seeing some real back-and-forth action here.

Eryk Masters: That’s what your mother saw last night, O.G.

Other Guy: Screw you. Stein seems to be trying to work a cramp out of his hamstring there, Willett must’ve pulled something with that throw of his. Meanwhile, Willett’s favouring that left leg a little after Stein went to work on it.

Willett looks furious as he stomps over to Stein and starts swinging away with rights and lefts! Stein manages to get his hands up to block, so Willet nails him with a stiff knee to the gut! And another! Stein catches the third, and takes Willett down with a dragon screw legwhip! Stein goes after Willenium and throws an elbow to his temple! Before Willenium can shake off the cobwebs Stein cinches in a front facelock, he points to the corner –

Other Guy: He’s going for the Power Surge! This could be it!

Stein kicks off the turnbuckle and starts to swing around, but Willenium grabs him around the waist, powers out of the headlock and flattens Stein with a devastating spinning spinebuster!!! Willie Dean scrambles into position as Willenium hooks the leg!




Eryk Masters: That was a long two! Willett nearly had things sewn up with that big counter-move!

Willett takes a moment to argue the count with the ref, giving Stein a chance to catch his breath and haul himself to his feet using the ropes. Stein slips outside to the apron, but before he can set up for a springboard Willenium is right there, swinging punches over the top rope! Stein blocks, throws his own punch – Willett blocks – Stein blocks – Stein goes for a hiptoss!

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD! Trey Willett has just crashed to the concrete floor off a ropeflip hiptoss out of the ring by Dan Stein! Someone call the EMTs!

Stein jumps up to the turnbuckle and again showboats for the crowd, as Willett lies stunned in the ringside area! Willie Dean the referee is outside the ring, making sure Willett is okay to proceed… Willett’s alright, and clambers back to a vertical base, but Stein is still in the ring and jumps up for a springboard off the top rope…


Other Guy: What a maneuver! Great athleticism shown there, but Stein and Willett both crashed into the ringside barricade on their way down!!

Stein is first to stir, and the crowd cheers! He takes a moment to catch his breath at the guardrail, high-fiving a couple of fans as The Willenium slowly gets up with murder in his eyes. Willett blocks a Dan Stein fist, and lands a punch of his own! He nails Stein with a hard elbow smash, Stein’s back arching against the guardrail as he takes the impact! Willenium grabs Stein by the wrist and tries an Irish whip down ringside, but Stein counters and sends Willenium crashing into the guardrail! Stein charges him with a Spear, but Willenium sidesteps!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein just ate guardrail! Someone send the janitors to sweep up his teeth!

The Willenium picks up Stein and tosses him back over the apron into the ring. Making his own way in, Willett pulls Stein to his feet before whipping him into the corner. Willett follows, and hits him with a running forearm smash! Willett pulls Stein away from the corner, and drops him with a snap DDT in the centre of the ring!

Other Guy: Things are really not looking good for Dan Stein here.

Willett stands over Stein, gloating for a few seconds… then drags him to standing, kicks him in the gut, and locks in a double underhook!

Eryk Masters: He’s gonna hit the Dawn Of A New Era!

Willenium goes to drop Stein on his face, but Stein won’t budge! The two men try to out-muscle each other… and Stein backdrops Willett! But Willett still has the double underhook, and uses his weight to pull Stein off his feet and into a pinning predicament!




Willenium shouts and slaps the mat with frustration! He goes for another cover, trying to wear Stein down!




Willenium slaps Stein, then hauls him vertical – Stein goes for a kick – Willett blocks!

Willett brings Stein down with a single-leg, and starts stomping a mudhole in his midsection! Stein rolls away and jumps to his feet – just in time to catch a chop-block from willett!

Other Guy: We’re seeing some relentless offense from Trey Willett here!

Eryk Masters: He’s been dominant these last few minutes – and now he’s got Stein right where he wants him!

Willett doubles Stein over with an elbow to the gut – DOUBLE UNDERHOOK!






Samantha Coil: Your winner by pinfall, at a time of fifteen minutes twenty seconds…. THE WILLENIUM!!!!

Eryk Masters: A great contest, but Willenium took control at the end!

Other Guy: There was a hell of a lot of animosity in this match – Dan Stein won’t let Willett have the final word if he can help it!


The scene opens to the office of Jason Johnson. In his office is a very imposing figure. The large man bends over in order to sign the paper that Jason has placed in front of him. Jason smiles as he knows he has just brought in a wildcard into the new SHOOT era. 

Voice: Well, didn’t think I’d be signing one of these contracts again. 

Jason chuckles, giving the old newcomer a fair glance.   

Jason Johnson:  I think most people feel that way at least once in their SHOOT Project career. 

Voice: So is it back to the bottom again or do I get to finish what I started? 

Jason shrugs.   

Jason Johnson:  Both.  You know the drill, man.  Everyone starts at the bottom.  Consistency is key.  If you can make your unfinished business work with that in mind…  and I know you can…  you’ll be fine. 

The man smiles as he pushes the contract towards Johnson. 

Voice: Heh, you know me better than I thought. Thank you for having your lawyers draw this up so quick. 

Jason nods his head.   

Jason Johnson:  Of course.  You know me, I like watching things happen. 

The man is about to leave the office, but stops in his tracks, 

Voice: And what about king? Do I get a chance to settle a old score? 

Jason lingers on the thought for a moment before answering.   

Jason Johnson:  In due time.  Donovan King is going to have his hands full, very soon. 

Voice: Fine by me…as long as there are some pieces left for me. And if there is any problems that you need taken care of…well you know the rest. 

Jason Johnson: I do indeed.  Enjoy the show. 

The figure smiles as he turns around to leave the office. The scene begins to fade as the camera focus on the writting on the back of the figure’s shirt… “Queen City Kings”.


As Chevelle’s “The Red” pumps through the PA, CJ Nelson steps through the entranceway. He looks angry, in his Brothers of Fenris motorcycle jacket over desert digicamo pants, holding a folding chair. He stalks his way to the ring, tossing the chair up and in, and climbing through the ropes with a purpose. He wordlessly demands a microphone, and is given one in short order.

Eryk Masters: CJ Nelson not scheduled to appear tonight, and one has to assume he’s a bit upset.

Other Guy: He certainly doesn’t look happy, but we had a pretty full card with the tournament going tonight, what exactly did he expect?

CJ Nelson: So they came to me last Revolution, when the show was over, and they said, “CJ,” and I said, “Mr. Nelson,” and they said, “Mr. Nelson, we are so sorry we didn’t get you on the show this time, but don’t worry,” they told me. “Don’t worry, because you will have a match for sure next show.”

And I believed it. Call that what you want, but I bought it. And sure enough, I see the next lineup, and it’s all World Title Tournament matches. That’s cool, I guess.

He unfolds the chair, sitting down.

CJ Nelson: But I REALLY hate being lied to. You tell me I’m gonna have a match? I damn well better. Or this is what you get. Because now I’m pissed off.

And I’m not leaving this ring without a fight. The next person who walks through that entranceway is going to get a fucking beatdown, and I don’t give a flying fuck who it is. Anyone from the back, security… I don’t give a shit if it’s Jason Johnson himself, I’ll grind his face into the mat. So if anyone out there wants this show to continue, man up. There isn’t a single person back there who can handle me, but I know that at least SOMEONE has to have more balls than sense. So who’s it going to be?

I’ll wait.

Austin Linam, who is already at ringside, attempts to get in the ring to reason with CJ, but CJ just stands up, picking up the chair, ready to swing. Linam slides back out to the outside.

Eryk Masters: He was gonna hit a SHOOT official!

Other Guy: Thankfully, Linam’s to the outside and Nelson has sat back down… this looks like it could get bad really soon unless someone puts a stop to it.

CJ Nelson: C’mon, seriously, someone’s gotta have a pair back there… otherwise, you might as well just hand me the Iron Fist right now.

Oh, I get it… all the World Title contenders are afraid because they know I’ll hurt ’em and fuck them over tonight, and everybody else knows they haven’t got what it takes. Is that it? You people are fucking sad.

Nelson folds his arms across his chest and leans back in the chair as the fans begin to boo.

Other Guy: The fans are getting a bit restless here Eryk.

Eryk Masters: Well, why shouldn’t they? The show is being held up by this-

Who the hell said any of you get a taste, stupid?

Do you ever wanna get up all in your face?

You better take it.

And nothin’ you can do could make me ever go away.

Fake it.

Poor baby I’m gonna make it all okay.

The opening lyrics to Mindless Self Indulgence’s "Lights Out" blast over the speakers as Lennox Ferguson, aka The Ox, shoves his way past the curtains and out onto the rampway. He is being pulled back by Sarah King, his manager, but to no avail.

Ferguson has a microphone in his hand, which he bring up to his lips.

Lennox Ferguson: Now who the hell do you think you are?

Nelson stands up from his chair, walking up to the ropes, looking at Ferguson.

Lennox Ferguson: These fans… these FUCKING AWESOME FANS paid good money to see some wrestling here tonight – not some blowhard whining about not getting a chance to play with the big boys.

The fans oblige the cheap pop, putting a shit-eating grin on Lennox’s face and a dejected look on Sarah King’s. CJ leans against the ropes with a smile on his face.

CJ Nelson: Hey, we’ve got a contestant. Lemme see if I can answer your question there, Richie Rich.

I’m CJ Nelson, former 2-time SHOOT Project Tag champion, and the baddest motherfucker you’ve ever met. I AM the big boys. Now, I double dog dare you to just try to prove me wrong. You’re right about one thing: these fans paid good money to see a fight. And trust me, whether you or your monkey wrangler back there like it or not, they’re gonna get one.

Lennox holds up his hands in feign terror.

Lennox Ferguson: Oh no.

He turns to his side, and then back to the other, looking at the crowd.

Lennox Ferguson: Oh shit. A … t-t-t-tag champion!?

Lennox looks back to CJ.

Lennox Ferguson: Maybe you can bring your partner out here and THEN it’d be a fair fight.

Sarah King slaps herself on the forehead.

CJ Nelson: Hey, that’s funny. You’re pretty funny. So, are you just gonna stand there and tell jokes all day, or are you gonna come up here and put your money where your mouth is? Because it seems to me your little friend there knows you’re talking out of your ass, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s making little no-name, "I’ve been on one show so I’m obviously big-time shit" bitches like you eat their words.

Don’t worry, the cameras are rolling, though. When you wake up from your coma, they can remind you of that blank spot in your memory.

CJ pulls his jacket off, tossing it to the mat, and peeling the black T-shirt off his massive torso.

Lennox Ferguson: Alright then, if I lose, everyone but this little shit-

Ferguson points at CJ

Lennox Ferguson: …gets a free drink on me after the show.

The crowd roars in approval while Sarah King slaps Lennox on the back, obviously furious, but Lennox pays no attention to her.

Lennox Ferguson: But I’m not going to let that happen…

The crowd begins to boo slightly.

Lennox Ferguson: Because real winners don’t drink.

The fans guffaw at this statement.

Other Guy: Oh please.

Eryk Masters: What? You condone alcoholism?

Other Guy: Doesn’t everybody?

Eryk Masters: I can think of one person, anyway…

Lennox throws the microphone down and removes his robe, letting it fall on the rampway as he walks down the ring towards the now obviously enraged CJ Nelson.

The Ox doesn’t get too far down the ramp before CJ is on the floor, chair in hand.

Lennox breaks into a run, and CJ tosses the chair to the floor, waving him on. Ferguson attempts a clothesline, but CJ grabs a hold of his arm and throws him down with force, slamming his chest into the apron!

That one took the wind out of Ferguson’s sails, and he coughs a bit, as Nelson grabs a hold of his arm and drags him up, throwing all of his weight away from Ferguson, sending him into the guardrail!

The fans are roaring with approval at the sight of Ferguson retching as the metal is driven into his sternum.

Eryk Masters: The fans here tonight would love to see The Ox knocked out and a free beer on their tab because of it.

Other Guy: Damned straight. I’ve already got mine on the way down to me. By the time it gets here it’ll be time for Lennox to pay up.

Nelson is behind Ferguson, landing several more shots to The Ox’s face as he turns around. Lennox throws a forearm into CJ’s face, which causes him to stagger backwards but Lennox’s attempt to follow up the move with a haymaker goes horribly wrong as Nelson grabs his arm once again and tosses Ferguson into the ringpost with a clang!

Despite the impact, The Ox stumbles a little, but doesn’t fall!

CJ turns around to grab the chair from the ground, and Lennox, somehow, lands an elbow to the back of Nelson’s head! It staggers Nelson, barely, and Lennox takes another swing!

A solid right hand to Nelson’s jaw!

Lennox smiles, immensely pleased with himself while Nelson just looks pissed off!

CJ swings the chair, and it connects right on the top of Lennox’s head with a deafening clang! A chorus of oos and cheers rises from the audience at the sound.

Eryk Masters: Jesus, CJ’s fists are bad enough!

Other Guy: But The Ox is still on his feet!

The "oos" turn into "boos" as blood behind to trickle down from Lennox Ferguson’s skull, dripping onto the cement floor beneath his feet.

Ferguson stumbles forward… his eyes seemingly desperate to find focus, and CJ uses the opportunity to connect with the chair again, this time on Lennox’s back!

Lennox falls to one knee, shaking his head and immediately getting back up. CJ doesn’t wait for him to regain his composure before slamming his head into the ring apron! And again! And once more! And– Lennox blocks, and throws an elbow into CJ’s gut! And another! CJ staggers back, but throws a hard left to the Ox’s face! Ox staggers again– CLANG! Another solid shot to the rookie’s head with that chair! Lennox is bleeding profusely now, a crimson mask adorning his face, but he stubbornly refuses to drop!

CJ Nelson: Fuck!

The fans’ negative reaction towards Lennox begins to turn as he throws his head back, an arc of blood flying up into to the air, and smooths the blood through his hair… a white smile standing out harshly against all of the rust-colored blood seeping from his head wound.

Crowd: OX! OX! OX!

Eryk Masters: Ferguson clearly has a concussion, and I can’t imagine his neck is in good shape, either. Someone needs to stop this!

Other Guy: Like hell they do! I want my free drink GODDAMMIT!

Ferguson supports himself a little on the ring apron, looking at the ground. He drops his hand from his head and turns his attention toward the bloody smears on it, not really seeming to register.

He swings wildly at where he thinks Nelson is, missing by a good five inches. CJ steps forward, kicking Lennox’s in the gut.

Lennox spins around and vainly swings at Nelson again, missing by about an inch this time… CLANG! Another shot to the head! Lennox doesn’t go down!

Security’s starting to make their way down– CLANG! Lennox is still standing! CJ is furious! He throws the chair at Lennox in a rage!

Crowd: OX! OX! OX!

CJ Nelson: Just fucking drop, you son of a bitch!

Security swarms Nelson, and Lennox flips him off, almost by instinct! Nelson tries to push through the crowd of security personnel, but can’t manage it!

In the midst of the chaos, Sarah King runs in between security and Lennox holding up her hands toward him, shouting something. Lennox’s attention is still on CJ, motioning him to come back for more.

Eryk MastersWhat in the hell is Lennox Ferguson’s problem!? What in god’s name could make him want to provoke Nelson like that?

Other Guy: I don’t know Eryk but the fans certainly don’t want Lennox to stop.

Sarah has to slap Lennox across the face, a sick, wet sound from the blood still pouring from his wound. Lennox blinks, finally seeming to register his manager standing in front of him. Sarah points toward the rampway, grabbing a hold of Lennox’s arm and pulling him away from the scene as CJ Nelson is still trying to get back security.

CJ Nelson: We’re not done, bitch! This isn’t over! Next time you leave on a stretcher!

Lennox turns back to go after Nelson but one of the security guards breaks from the four holding Nelson back and goes to assist Sarah King in getting Lennox back up the rampway.

The crowd is still cheering, screaming for more as Lennox is pulled behind the curtain and CJ Nelson is led off by security, in the other direction, toward the back, still cursing and shouting Lennox Ferguson’s name.



Samantha Coil: The following World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round Match is scheduled for One Fall at a time limit of Fifteen Minutes. The winner will continue on to the Second Round of the Tournament!

Eryk Masters: It’s time to see if the lady has any tricks up her sleeve for Smiles, or if the clown gets the last laugh.

The Other Guy: This is probably going to be one of the more ‘fun’ matches that the audience has been clamoring for.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first. From Richmond, Virginia… Weighing in two hundred and forty-five pounds. He is ‘The Hero of SHOOT Project’. This is JESSSTTTTER SMILLLLLLES!

The Final Fantasy Victory Theme blares into the SHOOT Project Epicenter and "Chiron" by All That Remains starts up as we see Jester Smiles enter to head out to the ring. He’s slapping hands with the fans as he swiftly moves to the ring. He stops to let the crowd start getting touchy feely with him as they’re slapping his shoulders and fist bumping him. Then, the clown enters the ring as Samantha backs away for a second. That whole woman hitting thing, of course. He moves to a turnbuckle and motions for the fans to keep making noise.

Eryk Masters: I think Samantha wants to make sure the Clown isn’t in a woman hitting mood again.

The Other Guy: I’ll admit, the promo was a bit wrong. However, as you can see from these fans giving him cheers… I think most of them realize he just has bad humor.

Eryk Masters: I’m sure Ainsley might fix that for him…

Samantha Coil: His opponent. From Wataugh, New York… Weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds. She is AIIINNNSSSSLEY LANNNNNNEEEE!

"Girl Anachronism" by the Dresden Dolls starts playing as Ainsley Lake moves down the ramp and slaps a few hands on her way to the ring. She moves to the stairs and enters into the ring. The Black Widow stares right at someone whom she has a pretty long history with. Smiles takes in the stare, as the history starts piling up for the both of them.

Eryk Masters: Let’s just hand out facts, audience. Miss Lane is giving up eighty-five pounds to Smiles. She’s going to need to pull out every bit of skill set she’s got to get him down for the three count.

The Other Guy: Or she could just give him a swift kick to the cajones and match over…

Eryk Masters: For her, yes. As Jester Smiles will go to the Second Round. Which means, this match will go as such. For Ainsley, she’ll need speed and her superior agility.

The Other Guy: For the Clown, he needs to use his strikes. He gets too close to her, and we can see her superior agility come into play.

Austin Linam separates the two competitors as they keep staring at each other. Ainsley and the clown move back to their corners and keep eyeing each other. As the bell rings, both competitors move towards each other and bump fists.

Eryk Masters: Ainsley and Smiles showing a bit of respect. Both competitors have constantly been in wars together and against each other.

The Other Guy: I think the Clown said it best he’s loved her and hated her in the same career. I wouldn’t be too surprised if a little of that hate came out in this matchup…

As soon as The Other Guy states this, Jester tries for a hard kick to Ainsley’s shins. He almost connects as she backs away slightly. Smiles seems to be trying for a game of keep away, respecting the agility of his smaller opponent. Ainsley tries to get in a bit closer to possibly trap the clown. As she moves in closer, Jester knocks in a knee to the midsection and follows it up with a quick snap suplex. Ainsley snaps up afterwards and gets that kick to the side of her leg.

Eryk Masters: Smiles trying to keep her grounded and keep her away.

The Other Guy: Smart move by Jester. Keep her away or he gets to experience the roller coaster ride by a well timed huricanrana.

The Clown moves back and forth with his hard kicks to the sides of her calves. As soon as he lets up, though. The lady comes up with a hard kick to the kneecap. She decides to run back to the ropes and whip for enough momentum for a hard drop kick to Smiles’ chest. As she nails him, she stays on the ground for a second to try to keep her legs a bit fresh, as she’s taken a few hits to her shins.

Eryk Masters: Lake’s legs aren’t feeling too great after taking those low kicks. The clown tried to take out her offense.

The Other Guy: If he takes out her wheels, man… She ain’t flying!

Ainsley gets herself to her feet. The clown hasn’t picked himself up yet, either. She moves to the near ropes and slings herself over for a moonsault. As she connects with her full weight across the clown’s chest, she hooks a leg and…



Kickout by the clown!

The Other Guy: Ainsley trying to get a fast one on the Clown, who looks pretty pissed off, to say the least.

He springs up, takes a knee, and punches right in the solar plexus. Ainsley is doubled over from the sudden loss of breath. He runs back to the ropes and vaults forward into a rising knee strike. Jester waits for her to fully stand up before he throws her into a vicious belly to belly overhead suplex. Ainsley’s back connects to the mat with a huge thud! Jester connects with the side of her head with a quick low kick. Pin attempt…




Eryk Masters: Seems that Miss Lake can take more abuse than people think. She took a nice suplex by the Clown, but she’s still up.

The Other Guy: Let’s see if the lady is like a Timex… Because if she wants to get the belt, she better be!

Jester pulls her up for another suplex attempt, as she vaults up and over for a quick head scissors takeover. The bigger man gets carried over by the momentum as he goes into a hard thump onto the mat. Ainsley pulls her legs out for a high leg drop which connects with Jester’s chest. Jester bounces back up and starts clutching his chest. Ainsley pays him back with a hard soccer kick to the chest. The clown hits the back of his head against the mat and moves around to keep from being a stationary target.

The Other Guy: Seems Ainsley is playing the role of the attacker in this dance.

Eryk Masters: If she’s going strike for strike against Smiles, she’d better hit a lot harder.

Smiles pulls himself up and stands across from Ainsley and throws a hard right to the shoulder. Ainsley throws a right to the ribs. Smiles responds with a right hook to the jaw. Ainsley tries to go to the knee again, but the clown moves to the side and strikes with a well timed low kick to the hip. Ainsley pulls herself up, only to be thrown into a picture perfect T-Bone Suplex by Smiles.

She picks herself up and clutches her back for a second, as Jester tries to punt her with his own soccer kick. She moves to the side and sweeps him up with a hook motion to the legs. He falls to the mat hard as she starts to leap up and meet him with a hard elbow drop to the sternum, followed by another quick, hard elbow drop. Jester moves out of the way of the third attempt and mounts her in a front guard.

Eryk Masters: Jester has the mount, and he’s going to try to pummel her with those precise blows.

The Other Guy: If he connects, she’s probably not even going to know she’s even in a tournament.

Jester unloads with rights and lefts. Ainsley does her best to try to duck and throwing her own shots. Her agility comes into play again, as she pulls her legs under his arms and gets into a pinning situation!




The Other Guy: She almost owned his ass. Jester might want to rethink that mess.

Eryk Masters: The clown had a good idea, but he didn’t keep her legs or a leg trapped.

Jester unloads with a series of hard kicks to her right side, alternating from low to a high kick to the right side of her jaw. Ainsley pushes off and moves back to the ropes and springs back with a leaping clothesline! Jester lands hard, as Ainsley follow through with her flip over. She lands on her feet and looks to head to the turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters: Ainsley looking to end this match with the Higher Side of Low.

The Other Guy: If she hits this, it’s going to be lights out for the clown! And on to round two!

She waits for the clown to spring up. He springs up and sees her on the turnbuckle as she leaps!

PUNCHLINE!!! Jester nails her with a vicious crescent kick to her skull!

Eryk Masters: Smiles with the Punchline! She took it hard on the skull!

The Other Guy: If Ainsley can’t get up, her dreams for the title are over!

Ainsley crumples to the ground hard as Jester gets the pin. Linam counts it off.




Austin Linam with raises Jester’s arm up in victory.

Samantha Coil: Your winner, advancing to the 2nd Round of the Championship Tournament! JESTER SMILES!

Jester goes out into the ringside area and gives his slaps to the crowd. As he knows he got a pretty lucky shot out of that one.

Eryk Masters: One of the most accurate strikers in SHOOT Project shows us why you don’t give him an opening to fire one of those accurate blows!

The Other Guy: Ainsley will get another shot down the road, but brother, send in the clowns! Smiles going on to the next round and possibly another shot at the World Title!


We cut backstage.  Trey is standing in front of his locker.  He reaches into his locker and pulls out a large bandage roll.  He sits down and wraps his knee with the entire bandage.  He stands up and starts walking towards the whirlpool in the far end of the locker room.  He wraps his torso with a towel and kicks his pants to the ground.  He eases himself into the whirlpool and gets himself comfortable.  Just as he is starting to relax his back against the rest, a hand comes into frame from offstage.  It plops a white fiberglass mask into the pool, and the ensuing splash hits Trey in the face, jarring him from his relaxation. 

Style Warrior: Sorry to interrupt, but I just figured I would let you know that I’m here.  And I had a couple of damned questions for you.

Trey sits up in the whirlpool just as Curtis Rose comes into full frame.  Trey digs the mask out of the tub and hands it back to Curtis. 

Willenium:When the Hell did you get back into town? 

Style Warrior:You see, that’s the thing.  I never left.  I was in the hospital for a few days, followed by six months of rehab.  How many times did you come see me in the hospital?  That would be a fat fuckin’ none.  I still have no idea who attacked me, and you were the one that supposed to be checking into that for me.  You and that snake Eddie.  Do you have any leads? 

Curtis takes a seat at the corner of the whirlpool and takes the mask out of Trey’s hand.  He wipes it dry with the towel Trey sat on the floor.  He reaches behind him and grabs a small bag he had brought into the locker room.  He slips the mask, then perches himself in a mocking state of suspense waiting for Trey’s answer to his many queries.   

Willenium:I never forgot about you, Curtis.  I just got caught up in a lot of shit.  This place closed down, and I just went back on with my life, like I had assumed you had.  I’m sorry man, but I just kind of gave up on it. 

Style Warrior: Well that’s just great.  You gave up.  Meanwhile, I’m laid up.  It’s kind of hard to get on with your life when your arm is cast up to your shoulder.  Axe went back home, You went about your own business, meanwhile I’m stuck here waiting for you to take revenge on whoever attacked me that night.  Here’s a thought, why don’t you ask me about my attack, and we can take it from there, together. 

Willenium: Yeah, about that.  I’ve kind of got a lot— 

Curtis storms up from his position and puts his hand over Trey’s mouth.   

Style Warrior:  You have a lot more important things to do than help your bestest friend in the whole wide world?  I didn’t think so.  Look, I wasn’t mugged.  I didn’t see who did it, but it was a wrestler, that’s for damned sure.  He put me in some kind of hold.  Have no idea what it was, I’d never done it before.  But his style seemed to be like a lot better version of you.  You know, more crisp, almost more trained.  And he was waiting for me.  I was totally fine backstage until I came up to watch your match on one of the prompters in the back.  That’s when it happened.  Now that’s what I’ve got, go get em tiger. I’d do it myself, but I still don’t think I’m ready to go full force just yet.  You gotta do this for me, bro.  You just have to 

Before Trey has a chance to respond, Curtis gets up and makes his way out of the locker room.  Just as the door shuts, Trey hears his cell ringing on the small table beside him.  He picks it up and looks at the screen.  The phone says in all caps “JANET.” 

Willenium: Great, now this.  Guess I can rule out relaxing 

Trey answers the phone, and the sound cuts out as we see him talking calmly into the phone.  The screen cuts to black… 


The arena is at a state of hushed anticipation for the next exciting bout.  “Indian Outlaw” by Tim McGraw hits the PA, and all eyes go towards the entrance ramp at this unfamiliar entrance music.  After a few moments of the opening riff of the song, a man emerges from the curtain.  He stands about 6 foot 3 inches tall.  He has a dark and, and a long black pontytail sticking out of his white Stetson hat.  He is wearing a tight pair of light-washed, well worn jeans with a few mud stains on the knees, and a prominent ring protruding from the right hand back pocket.  He has a white V-neck t-shirt, and a pair of tan work boots, scuffed at the toes.  He takes a strong pace to ringside, and grabs a microphone from the announcer.  He kicks through the middle rope, and signals for his music to be cut off. 

Buck Dresden: Shit fire boys!  Hasn’t this been one helluva shindig so far?  I gotsta tell ya folks, I aint never seen nuttin like it.  I reckon y’all want to know who you got yer peepers on, huh.  My name is Big Buck Dresden.  I’ve been everywhere there is to be east of the Mississippi, but I aint never been no place like Las Vegas.  I gotta tell you, when I got a call telling me that some scout-type person had seen me wrestle back home, I didn’t know what to think.  I certainly didn’t think I’d be in this SHOOT Project ring.  Hell boys, I’ve seen this place hundreds a times on the tv.  Never thought I’d actually be here.  But here I stand. 

Buck paces back and forth in the ring, to get a feel for his new surroundings.  He finally gets to one of the ring posts and takes a seat on the top rope.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a shining can of Copehagen.  He puts a rather large wad of the stuff in his mouth and reaches down at the ring announcer. 

Buck Dresden: Hand me a cup will ya, darlin’. 

She obliges, and Buck spits a glob of brown into the bottom of the cup. 

Buck Dresden: Well, Hell.  I figured if I’m gonna be here, I may as well get all comfy.  Hope you guys, don’t mind.  Now, we here got some business before I take myself back to the back for the night.  I figure this is the time I should tell y’all bout how I’m here to win myself a whole slew o’ titles.  I didn’t figure I had to say that, but I reckon if I’m here, I may as well state my intentions like any fine gentleman would.  The thing is this.  I know there’s an awful lot a people coming in this here ring, and spoutin off their mouths about how great they are, and how they’re gonna take home the gold and pound everyone that gets in there way.  But I’m here to tell ya fellers, you aint never gone toe to toe with this ole cowboy, and until you do…Well, ‘scuse my tongue ladies, but you aint shit.  Now, from this day on, Imma make my way out to this here ring every single show, and give you fine people out there every dimes worth of the price of admission. 

Buck spits again in his cup and readjusts his ludicrously large horseshoe belt buckle. 

Buck Dresden: Before I leave you fine folks, let me just say this.  Big Buck Dresden is finally here in SHOOT, and this rodeo is about to get to be one helluva show. 

“Indian Outlaw” hits the speakers, and Buck climbs his way out of the ring.  He waves to the fans as he makes his way back to the dressing room.  The music continues to go on until he slides his way through the curtain, still poking his out his hand to give the fans one last thumbs up.   



“The Hounds” by the Protomen hits the arena’s speakers to a loud response of boos, and stepping out onto the entrance ramp is Azraith DeMitri, his trenchcoat billowing behind him as he stalks towards the ring. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Master of the Mat Tournament contest is scheduled for one fall…Introducing first, from Omaha Nebraska…weighing in at Two-hundred and Sixty pounds…The Broken Avatar, AZRAITH DEMITRI!! 

He steps into the ring and calmly removes both his coat and his ‘Witchcult Today’ shirt, calmly tossing them over the ropes to the floor as he cracks first his knuckles, then his neck.  His music is abruptly cut off as “Amazing” by Kanye West blasts over the audience to cheers…out steps Osbourne Kilminster in his standard Tapout shorts and Gi Top, walking to the ring with infrequent pauses to stretch. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent….from Birkenhead, England…weighing in at Two Hundred and Thirty Five Pounds…OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!! 

Kilminster calmly steps into the ring and removes his gi top–Before even allowing the bell to ring, Azraith rushes Osbourne, kicking his leg high for a Big Boot—And he connects!!  Kamura calls for the opening bell, the music is cut off, and Az starts laying boots into the downed Ozzy, who is doing his best to cover up and block most of them!   

Eryk Masters: And Azraith DeMitri not even waiting for the opening bell! 

Other Guy: The Broke-ass Avatar isn’t exactly known for being nice and/or forgiving, Russ! 

DeMitri turns to raise his arms to the booing crowd, a bemused smirk on his face, giving Oz enough time to swing a kick RIGHT to the back of his knee, toppling Az to the mat!  Kilminster floats over to a mount and gets a good left punch in before Az physically tosses him off of his body.  Both men rise to their feet and Oz shoots low, landing a punch RIGHT into Azraith’s solar plexus!  Az barely doubles over, and responds with a BIG chop across Kilminster’s chest!!  Oz reels backwards, and DeMitri is right there, dismantling him with a plodding but effective offense: a right punch, followed by a big kick to the gut, followed by a twisting European uppercut!! 

Other Guy: Is it just me, or is Oz not even HERE right now?  That was a EUROPEAN uppercut!  That’s a move YOUR PEOPLE INVENTED!  Get your head outta your ass! 

Osbourne is bend over, and Azraith regards him with contempt, grabbing him by the back of the neck and hooking him into a standing headscissors…he attempts to lift Oz for a impact DDT, but Oz plants him feet and lands a quick hookshot to DeMitri’s kidney before shoving him off!  Without giving his opponent a moment to react, Kilminster takes two steps and jumps up into the air, coming down with a SCARY Overhead right punch!!  Azraith crumples, and Oz goes for a pin!! 



Eryk Masters: I think you may have spoke a little too soon, OG! 

Oz grabs Az by the hair, hauling the larger man to a vertical base, and quickly takes him to the ground with a snapping belly to belly suplex.  Az still seems dazed, as he gets to his feet with help from the ropes, and Kilminster goes from his normal shooting stance into a Muay Thai one, keeping his hands high and his leg ready.  He hauls off and nails the still rising DeMitri in the ribs with a beautiful kick, impacting his whole shin into his midsection, and then looks to follow with a big elbow to the skull—Az blocks and grabs Oz by the neck, backing him towards the center of the ring at arms length!!  The crowd starts buzzing as Ozzy starts throwing kicks that, though wild, are connecting.  DeMitri gives up his move to the center of the ring and grabs the back of Kilminter’s head with his other hand, then HAULS HIM into the CORNER with a twisting neck toss!!  Oz lands against the turnbuckles upside down and hits the mat with all of his head and left shoulder!! 

Other Guy: Shabooms!  Ozzy either looks like an accordion or a complicated Kama Sutra position! 

Eryk Masters: DeMitri utilizing his strength to it’s best advantage! 

Azraith shakes his head, getting his bearings back, before rushing over to Ozzy and pulling him to the middle of the ring by his arm.  He bounces off of the ropes and leaps high into the air, dropping a BIG legdrop onto Kilminter’s neck!  They both roll away, Ozzy the slower of the two, and Az catches him with a boot to the midsection.  He hooks around Oz’s waist and hauls him upwards, holding him high above he air with both arms outstretched, CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB—Ozzy breaks the hold before he’s brought down and lands behind Az, then turns and leaps up, catching the still standing DeMitri in a rear naked choke!!  Az spins around, coughing, the strain obvious, but Ozzy’s feet are still hanging off of the ground!! 

Eryk Masters: And listen to that crowd as Kilminster locks in that devastating hold! 

Other Guy: The crowd can go wash, I’ve got enough proximity to hear the strain in Azraith’s screams! 

Azraith blindly grabs backwards, looking to break his opponent off, but it’s to no avail!  He drops to one knee just in front of the corner—Then vaults his entire body backwards, actually getting air before sandwiching Ozzy between his back and the turnbuckle!  Kilminster is still holding on Strong!! 

Other Guy: Jesus!  Do we have to make a “tenacity slash stupidity” Venn diagram for this guy?! 

Eryk Masters: Say what you will, but that kind of dedication has not only won Kilminster matches, but also titles! 

Az turns around, and in desperation runs directly to the other corner, spearing his upper body between the top and middle turnbuckles—And IMPACTING Ozzy’s skull RIGHT on the top one!!  The hold breaks!! 

Eryk Masters: Oh, WOW! 

Other Guy: It’s a rare thing, but I’m gonna have to agree with you!  That was brilliant! 

Both men are lying in a crumpled heap in the corner, Azraith trying to get the blood back into his brain, and Ozzy trying to make sure his head is still attached.  Ozzy gets to his feet, stumbling so hard you’d think he was drunk, shaking his head.  DeMitri also slowly gets to his feet, coughing all the while.  Ozz backs away, getting his bearings, and Azraith seems thankful for the respite, rubbing his throat and glowering directly at his opponent.  Az storms forward, his guard up, and Oz puts his up too, both men walking forward to meet in the middle of the ring.   

Eryk Masters: This match has been ugly already, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse! 

They lock up, and Oz presses forward with a basic wristlock—Az lifts a knee into his midsection to break it up!  DeMitri takes a few steps backwards and runs forward, leaping into the air, ROARING ELBOW and Kilminster is on the ground!  Az looks to capitalize with a BIG stomp, But Kilminster rolls out of the way and gets to his feet! 

Other Guy: Oh damn look at Ozzy’s face!  It’s ten kinds of swollen!  THROW IN THE TOWEL!! 

Kilminster goes for a left hook, Azraith ducks and looks for a kata-hajime, but Kilminster drops to the mat and rolls forward to evade!  Az rushes him as he gets to his feet, BIG LARIAT—Ducked, and Kilminster hauls off and just BLASTS Demitri in the back of the neck with a hammer strike!!  He doubles over, holding his neck, and Osbourne grabs him in a Thai clinch, Leaps up, WAKE UP CALL—Az breaks his head free before he can impact!  DeMitri slams a knee into the now kneeling Kilminster’s face, then hooks him upward—and SPIKES him to the mat, EXECUTION!!  He hooks the leg and Kamura hits the mat… 




Other Guy: THAT is how you get things done! 

Eryk Masters: Will you listen to yourself?  That was a desperation Execution, he hardly got him all of the way up! 

Other Guy: Exactly!  Desperation maneuvers that target the spine and skull are how you get things done! 

Kamura calls for the bell, and “The Hounds” starts filling the arena to the response of hefty boos.  DeMitri stands up, still holding his neck, and allows his hand to be raised.   

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your Winner at a time of Ten Minutes and Twenty-two seconds…AZRAITH DEMITRI!! 

Azraith rolls out of the ring as Ozzy is getting up and starts making his way to the back, wincing in pain the entire time.  Kilminster, still hazy, glares at him from the ring, leaning against the ropes for support.  We cut away…


The camera shifts to the locker room area where we see a black man with thin rimmed glasses and a three piece suit.  He storms past road agents and various other workers until he runs into the office door of SHOOT Project CEO Jason Johnson.  He bangs his fist on the door, his face contorted in anger. 

Rasheed Arif:  Jason Johnson!  Open this door! 

He waits for a moment before he bangs on the door again. 

Rasheed Arif:  Jason Johnson!  I repeat, you OPEN THIS DOOR! 

Nothing.  Once again, he bangs his fist against the door. 

Rasheed Arif:  Jason Johnson, I represent one Donovan King!  I am his attorney, Rasheed Arif, of Arif, Faulk, and Herveaux.  It is of the utmost importance that you open this door and we discuss these terrible injustices you’ve been thrusting my client into.  I DEMAND YOU OPEN THIS DOOR. 

Slowly, the door opens as if it had been open the whole time.  Arif lets himself in, glaring at the desk of Jason Johnson.  The chair is turned away from the camera. 

Rasheed Arif:  It’s about time you started to listen, Mister Johnson.  After all of these ridiculous mistreatments suffered by my client, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Donovan King, it is imperative before any further moves are made against either my client or myself that I sit down with you and we discuss these things. 

Nothing is said.  Arif sighs. 

Rasheed Arif:  I was paid handsomely to come down here on behalf of my client.  I suppose after all of those unanswered phone calls that I should have expected this from you. 

Arif grits his teeth. 

Rasheed Arif:  Well, Mister Johnson, you won’t answer these allegations, but if this is how you’re going to play it, then I suppose we’ll be seeing much more of one another.  How do you feel about that? 

Arif’s gamble does not seem to have paid off.  Nothing. 

Rasheed Arif:  Fine, then.  But at least you can answer me! 

Arif moves to the chair and spins it around to reveal…ADRIAN CORAZON.  Arif shouts and moves back. 

Rasheed Arif:  Holy…you’re…where is Jason Johnson, then? 

Nothing.  Corazon glares at him. 

Rasheed Arif:  Is he unwilling to answer to the issues he’s obviously put in front of himself by mistreating his own employee, one World Champion Donovan King? 

Still.  Nothing.  Arif straightens his tie. 

Rasheed Arif:  Well, then.  Here’s my card. 

Arif hands his card to Corazon, who does not move to take it.  Arif drops it on Corazon’s lap, but Corazon’s gaze never shifts. 

Rasheed Arif:  Tell your boss to give me a call, then. 

Corazon looks down for a moment before he picks the business card up and tears it in half in front of Arif, who swallows hard. 

Rasheed Arif:  Alright, then.  Um… 

Arif sits another card on the desk. 

Rasheed Arif:  …thank you. 

He leaves Corazon alone, who glares Arif the rest of the way out of the room.  Arif nods one final, nervous time, and he closes the door behind him.  The camera focuses in on Corazon, who never removes his eyes from the doorway.



The video starts up with a sepia grained appearance with Jaime Alejandro bouncing from side to side.

Take these plastic people

Read their lips, now let it linger

A short haired Jaime appears at his first NAFW match eyeballing his opponents, and then delivering a vicious lariat to Mike Stryker.

Is there anything that makes them sound sincere?

Tightly hold your hand

A visual of Jaime leaping off the top rope taking out VYC with his own finisher, the .77 Shooting Star DDT

Take a deep breath, give them the finger

Are you worried

That your thoughts are not quite clear?


Jaime taking out Trevor Cunning with a vicious Crimson Revolver Inverted Angle Slam onto a buffet table.

Overlooked, unfit appearance

Jaime performing a falling powerbomb on the Intruder through a craps table.

I remember falling

I remember marching

He’s now in a gym bench pressing a 45 lbs. bar with three 45 lbs plates on each side.

Like a one man army

Through the blaze

He’s doing crunches out in the middle of a sidewalk in San Antonio as the crowd gathers around and watches in amazement

I know I’m coughing

I believe in something

The clip shows him visiting various troops on a USO tours, as he is proudly wearing his Special Forces T-shirt.

I don’t want to remember falling

For their lies

The heinous punch from the Intruder that blinded Jaime’s eye is shown from a hidden camera.

Unbutton your clothes

Undress your soul, show them your vigor

Are those inhibitions easiest to fear?

The shirt ripping begins, as the Saint unleashes his washboard abs upon a mirror, checking his progress so far.

Take this gasoline tin

Head up high, walk like a winner

Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear

‘Dangerous’ David Graves is on the bad end of a Widow’s Peak delivered by Jaime.

Over looked, unfit appearance.

I remember falling,

I remember marching,

Like a one man army.

Jaime coming out to meet the FLF with a kendo stick and firing shots at will to the horror of his fellow NAFW stable mates.

Through the blaze,

I know I’m coughing,

I believe in something.

I don’t want to remember falling,

For your lies.

Jaime making Mike Lane tap out to the Cobra Clutch STF.

But I know I, know I, but I.

Jaime delivering the Shining Wizard to a TTW wrestler.


I remember falling,

I remember marching,

Like a one man army.

He’s attacking the heavy bag with hard punches, as we see the sand leaking out with each hit.

Through the blaze,

I know I’m coughing

I believe in something.

I don’t want to remember falling.

He’s mercilessly taking out his sparring partner with a vicious Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex.

I remember crawling,

Through the way,

I know I falling.

I remember marching.

The notorious brawl at Revolution between he and Cade Sydal which saw him escorted out promptly.

I don’t want to remember falling.

I don’t want to remember falling,

for your lies.

The video ends simply…

Fighter.  Wrestler.  Champion.  Soldier.


The last visual that the viewer sees is Jaime punching the camera hard, as the screen goes to snow…



"Pressure" by Skindred hits and the fans turn to the entrance ramp. 


Samantha Coil: The following first round contest in the Master of the Mat tournament is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Southport, North Carolina…weighing in at One-hundred seventy-eight pounds…CADE SYDAL!! 


Cade Sydal steps through from the back, his arms down at his side, his eyes narrowed in an almost angry stare before he smirks. He brings his right hand to his throat, extending his forefinger and middle finger connected, while he walks down the ramp. He drags his thumb across his throat before pointing his two fingers at the camera and mock-fires a gun right into the lens with a wink. Cade makes it down quickly to the ring, tagging a few hands along the way, and leaps up onto the ring apron before slingshotting himself over the top rope. He turns and plants his left foot on the middle rope and raises his right foot up to the top, he again points the two-fingered gun out to the hard camera as his music fades out.  

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… 

"Living Dead Girl [Subliminal Seduction Mix]" by Rob Zombie starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls… 

Samantha Coil:…from Las Vegas Nevada…weighing in at One-Hundred and Seventy-One Pounds…The Killer Queen, SINNOCENCE!! 

The crazy bitch, Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain and walk down the ramp. Dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin-tight leather pants that have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring.  The music dies down, and both competitors do some last minute stretches as Tony Lorenzo calls for the opening bell.  There’s a bit of a standoff to start, with neither Cade nor Sinn making the first move.  They start into the makings of a slow circling, but Cade rushes Sinn, ducking her hastily thrown right hook and hooking her left arm, armdragging her to the mat!  Both stand, and sin lowers her head, smirking, shaking the pain out of her arm.   

Other Guy: I should be saying that it’s despicable to fight a woman, but I’ve been doing this so long that it doesn’t even phase me.  You figure that’s a bad thing? 

They tie up, and Sinn moves around Cade and hooks a waistlock, going for a German Suplex fairly early—Cade rolls forward, hooking her leg in the process and stretching her with a basic leglock!  Sinn  immediately grabs the ropes, and Tony Lorenzo breaks the proceedings up.   

Eryk Masters: As Cade Sydal has said time and again, he might be the best pound for pound wrestler in this company! 

Both stand, and while Lorenzo is making sure they both get to a vertical base, Sinn HAULS off with a elbow to the side of Cade’s head!  Cade reels for a moment but regains his composure, and ducks Sinnocence’s followup clothesline.  Sinn turns and shoots for Cade’s leg, hooking it and attempting to upend him.  Cade plants his feet and slams her in the spine with an axehandle strike!  Her grip loosens, and then she straightens her body out and lifts him up, then slams him down HARD with a modified spinebuster! 

Other Guy: Whoa-ho-ho!  Check out the m’arms on Sinn! 

Eryk Masters: You cant discount her, EVER.  We all did that at the rumble, and look how it turned out! 

Quick as she can be, Sinn floats over to a mounted position and starts letting the punches fly, but Cade already has his guard up!  He waits for a break in the pattern, and hooks her around the back of the head—And rolls her over so he’s now in the mount!  Sinn throws punches, intending on stopping him, but this gives Cade the opportunity to catch her left arm!  He looks to be going for the KIMURA ARMBAR, but she’s struggling too much, so he settles for a basic keylock! 

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal with another display of technical prowess! 

Other Guy: Cade Sydal with another yawn-inducing rest hold!  Did he eat a big dinner before he came out to compete? 

Sinn struggles, gritting her teeth and moving their combined mass towards the rope.  Cade starts struggling himself, trying to prevent her momentum, and as a result loses his grip!  Sinnocence rolls away, getting to her feet and holding her left arm.  Cade gets to his, cracking his neck, no smiles, all business.  Sinn rushes him again, telegraphing a clothesline—Cade ducks, and she lays into him with a running knee right to his crown! 

Other Guy: That’s some schoolyard tricks!  I thought Sydal was supposed to be smart?! 

Cade stumbles back, fire in his eyes, and starts peppering Sinn with lefts and rights, causing her to reel backwards herself.  Cade brings a swift kick to the gut, doubling Sinn’s body, then sidesteps her and swings his heel WIDE—and nails her DIRECTLY in the face with a monster reverse roundhouse!! 

Other Guy: Ouch! 

Eryk Masters: You cant discount Cade’s striking game, he’s damn near deadly with his feet! 

Sinn crumples to the mat, and Cade doesn’t skip a beat, springboarding off of the middle ropes and catching excellent airtime before landing a Tyson Kidd-style diving elbow!  The crowd is screaming now as Cade hauls Sinn to her feet and hooks her around the waist, looking for a Northern Lights Suplex, but she wraps his leg with her own, raining down elbows onto Cade’s back!!  Cade pauses long enough, and Sinn snaps backwards—DDT!  Cade gets to his feet but Sinn is a figure of rage, hooking him instantaneously for a swinging neckbreaker to a big pop!! 

Eryk Masters: Sinnocence has plenty of fight left in her, folks! 

Cade seems to be shaking off the cobwebs for the time being, and Sinn glares at him…She gets a running start and leaps high into the air—and Brings down a double stomp on Cade’s right knee!!  Cade screams and rolls out of the ring, holding onto his leg with pain in his eyes.  Sinn doesn’t give him a moment, bouncing off of the opposite ropes and through the near ones with a SUICIDE DIVE—Cade Vaults off of his good leg and catches her MIDAIR with a PELE KICK!!  

Other Guy: Oh My God!! 

Eryk Masters: What a display of agility!  Sinnocence caught ALL of that!! 

they both fall to the floor, but it’s obvious that Cade caught her in the head on that, as Sinn rolls around clutching her skull and kicking her feet.  Lorenzo begins the ringout count… 

Other Guy: So what’s the official rule on double countouts in a tournament? 

Eryk Masters: I don’t think we’ll have to find out, Cade’s moving! 

Sydal shakily gets to his feet, just as Lorenzo hits five.  As quick as one and a half legs can carry him, Cade grabs Sinn by the hair and rolls her into the ring, followed by himself.  Sinn is very obviously bleeding from the nose at the point, and Cade hauls her to her feet before Irish whipping her into the ropes…she bounces back at full speed, and cade ducks—Fujiwara Armbar!  He has it hooked on her left arm in nearly the center of the ring! 

Other Guy: Oh COME ON. 

Eryk Masters: Complain all you want, but Cade’s been working that arm for the duration of this match!  We might have the end right here!! 

Sinnocence is screaming, spraying blood and spit onto the mat in front of her—that being said, she isn’t tapping.  With what seems like all of her strength, she sticks her ass up into the air, folds a leg under her body, and vaults forward, dragging them both to the ropes and hooking the bottom one with her good arm!  Tony Lorenzo calls for the break!! 

Other Guy: Listen to the crowd on that one! 

Eryk Masters: Once again, both competitors are back to a vertical base!  Both are hurt, and this is still anyone’s to take! 

Sinn gets to her feet, holding her left arm, and Cade does the same, obviously trying to keep weight off of his right leg.  Sinn doesn’t even take a moment to wipe the blood from her mouth, and rushes cade with a clothesline.  Cade ducks, and leaps backwards for a pele kick, but Sinn sidesteps, and cade lands on his feet, wincing!  The crowd starts to get unhinged as Cade kicks Sinn in the side, and she throws punches to Cade’s head, and they keep trading, back and forth, breaking each other down in the process!!  As a desperation move, Sinn swings for a leaping knee strike, but Cade blocks with his forearms and actually lets loose with a Headbutt!! 

Other Guy: Ha!  Where’s your god now, Eryk?!  Cade “Mr. Technical Prowess” Sydal just used a friggin’ Coconut Crush! 

Eryk Masters: But it’s a smart move!  Sinnocence’s nose was already bleeding, and now she’s disoriented!! 

Sinn stumbles backwards into the ropes, and Cade uses the moment of respite to shake his leg, trying to work the pain out of his knee.  He moves towards her, and Sinn rushes forward, SPEARING Sydal!!  Cade is reeling, but has enough presence to lock in a surprised front headlock, but Sinn slips out of it and rolls off of him!  Cade is getting to his feet as she rushes him, looking for a NASTY running kick to the skull, but he ducks under her leg!!  Sinnocence puts the breaks on and turns, and Cade VAULTS off of his good leg, NINJAGURAI—SINNOCENCE DUCKS THE KICK!!  Without giving him a moment to breathe she pounces on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist just as she snakes her right arm under his chin—IRON MAIDEN!!  The crowd is going insane as Cade starts moving forward an inch, his arm outstretched…Sinn rolls onto her back, stretching him as hard as she can, blood dripping on Sydal’s head… 

Eryk Masters: CADE’S STILL MOVING!! 

Other Guy: He could still make it to the ropes!! 

Cade keeps shoving their bodies towards the rope with his feet, and gets to maybe a foot from them—CADE SYDAL TAPS!! 

Other Guy: Whoa!!   

Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell!! 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner, at a time of Fourteen minutes and Six Seconds…SINNOCENCE!! 

Sinn peels herself off of Cade, and they both lay on the mat, one coughing and one bleeding.   

Eryk Masters: The Press was calling her the upset queen after the rumble, but time and again Sinnocence has PROVEN why she belongs in this tournament! 

Other Guy: Speak for yourself, Russ, she’s still the upset queen!  I didn’t expect that in a million years! 

Sinn doesn’t even wait to have her hand raised and simply rolls out of the ring, hobbling towards the back.  When she hits the ramp, she raises both of her hands in the air, grinning even though the lower half of her face is streaked with blood, and that’s the image we’re left on as the show fades to black…