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Revolution 62 – 7/11/10

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt.  A second shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.  The next shot is Corazon glaring hard onto the camera, his black trenchcoat, with a split second shot of him standing over ‘Diamond’ Del Carver from years past. 

You need to think fast 

A shot of Dan Stein flying off the second turnbuckle is shown, nailing Trey Willett with a flying clothesline is shown, followed quickly by Killian Reilly grinning at the camera, saluting with a beer.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Donovan King gritting his teeth, in full wrestling gear, is shown next.  He stands of the center of the same ring, smoke emanating around him, with a split second shot of him standing over Jonny Johnson from years past. 

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed.  

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera as CJ Nelson is shown immediately following hitting him again and again and again with a steel chair. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Dan Stein is shown next, alone in the ring, puckering slightly to the camera and pulling his shirt up to reveal his washboard abs.  

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Cade Sydal is shown immediately afterward, hitting the infamous Ninjaguiri to Eli Storm, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Dave Marz connects with Marz Attacks on Dina Bryce, followed immediately by footage of Buck Dresden’s arrival on the scene. 

You need a miracle!  

PERDITION are shown completely destroying the Flying Avengers, Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman rallying the fans from the turnbuckles after the onslaught. 

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Osbourne Kilminster is shown staring at all the SHOOT Project faithful in the stands before the camera shifts to him locking in the beginning of the Wake Up Call on Azraith DeMitri. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

The individual faces of the SHOOT Project roster, each and every one of them, are flashed at the screen one after another.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Crash Carver hitting the Crash Landing on Lennox Ferguson. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Azraith DeMitri hitting the Extinction on Osbourne Kilminster. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Trey Willett performing The Dawn of a New Era on Dan Stein. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Ainsley Lake. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


Abigail Chase is standing in the interview area with the SHOOT Logo directly behind her.  She looks up at the camera, and… 

Abigail Chase:  Ladies and gentlemen, here is “The Saint” Jaime Alejandro. 

Jaime moves over to the interview area and nods to Abigail slowly. 

Abigail Chase:  Jaime, what do you think of your first two matches in SHOOT Project so far? 

He looks down at the shorter woman with the microphone, and he starts to speak very slowly with his bass voice. 

Jaime Alejandro:  If it were Dutch, I’d probably would have decked you by now.  But all things considered, Abby…  Let’s sum it all up for the people at home watching.  I got my ass handed to me in the debut match.  Which let’s call it like it is.  Ox got fucking lucky.  Next time we meet, I’m bringing out all the stops.  My second match, against a catch wrestler.  I’ll let it all process for me after I’m done with the match, but I can say that this is what I expected. 

Abigail Chase:  And that is? 

Jaime glares at her for a second, wanting to just say something arrogant and sarcastic.  However, he decides to play the game within her rules. 

Jaime Alejandro:  A lot of talking and no fucking action, sweetheart.   There’s a few people doing what they say they will.  Yet, there’s a lot of people talking about it.  And it’s time for a few of you fuckers to MAN UP!  Because as you see in every match, I will move fast.  I will hit hard.  And dammit, I will punk out anyone who’s fucking slacking. 

Abigail stands back, almost a bit shocked.  Yet, she wants to know…  Why does he have this attitude? 

Abigail Chase:  Is this a part of that “military” mentality, Jaime? 

Jaime Alejandro:  It is, Abby.  Which when you bust your ass every day for years, you start to expect others to do the same.  Which, I’m also going to take the time to acknowledge the military out there in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are busting their asses… 

All of a sudden, he’s interrupted by someone the viewers weren’t expecting. 

Mr. Heart: Ahhh, I do see we are back to talking about the illegal war in which the American inbreds are so obsessed with. An obsession that seemingly runs through your veins, controls your life and morphs you into, what can only be described as, just another brainless drone. 

Jaime Alejandro:  You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve, Heart.  And in fact, you should remember that you’re in our country, getting paid in our dollars.  Not like you’ve ever had to earn a fucking check in your life. 

Mr Heart: Jaime, Jaime, calm down. There is no need for obscenities. The tension inside you is unbearable, I can see that but resorting to foul language is unacceptable. But onto your comments, I have worked much harder than you my friend. Pray tell, how many successful, multi-million pound companies do you run? Again, pray tell, how many multi-million dollar companies do you run? I stress the word… Run. 

Jaime stiffens up a bit as he looks at Mr. Heart.  He’s trying to size up the Brit in front of him as best he can.  He’s heard of this man a bit. 

Jaime Alejandro:  I don’t run many multi-million dollar companies.  Let’s be honest.  I do run one wrestling school, but it’s probably hardly multi-million.  Maybe thousands.  I also help run charities, but again, nowhere near multi-million dollar corporations.  I haven’t used my family wealth to place myself in favorable situations, by any means.  And honestly, I don’t need my family’s wealth. 

Mr. Heart grins. He looks at Jaime as if he can see right through him. 

Mr. Heart: Both you and your family are poor. I get it now. This is where all your frustration stems from. It is understandable. Not knowing where your next dollar is coming to come from. Not knowing when your lazy father will actually do some work and raise his children like any normal father would. I understand you Jaime. You and all the other dimeless Americans in this arena tonight believe that by cheering on your men in an illegal war you will prosper in the long run. Unfortunately for you, this is an untruth. 

Here’s the point where the big man’s blood begins to boil… 

Jaime Alejandro:  First off…  My father’s dead.  He was killed by a wrestler who didn’t agree with his booking decision.  Second…  You believe all Americans are dimwitted and clueless.  Yet, you forget that your British fellows aren’t much better in the scale of intelligence.  Case in point, British Petroleum.  My father was a Cuban immigrant who escaped the Castro regime on a boat.  He came from dirt poor to a star in his own right with his own hands.  I choose to do the same.  So, you think you know me, Scott Heart…  Do you?  Because I know you, a spoiled rich boy who’s daddy sent him to the finest education, in and out of a wrestling ring.  So, tell me, Scott… 

Heart steps forward, not allowing Jaime to continue. 

Mr. Heart: That is Mr. Heart to you, boy. I allowed it to pass the first time, but the second is unacceptable. Mr. Heart. As for your background, your father was the masked wrestler named Hawkeye, am I correct? Of course I am. Just like your father, you hide behind a mask. You hide behind a collective mask. The mask of America. You fools cheer on pointless shenanigans going on in countries far away. Yet you cannot even see what is under your nose. 

Jaime glares at him, with a bit of fury. 

Jaime Alejandro:  Educate me then, good sir. 

Heart smiles. His face lit up by having a level of control over Jaime Alejandro – all be it, very little. 

Mr. Heart: My boy, do you really think I have the time or the patience to stand around here and educate you in matters that you would never understand? I have far more pressing matters. Matters far greater than you. Now, if you excuse me, I bid you good day. 

Jaime smirks at him for a second and laughs. 

Jaime Alejandro:  I guess I wasted my Rhodes scholarship on nothing, then.  Yes, you do have pressing matters.  And let this be known…  Don’t go trying to make an example of me or my country, sir.  You won’t like the result.


Backstage at the Epicenter, and we see a somewhat familiar face: Lucha Libre Legend and trainer of many of SHOOT’s stars El Diablo Verde.  He is sitting on a bench, blatantly puffing on a jet black cuban cigar while underneath a ‘No Smoking’ sign, his cane leaned up against a wall.  As he contemplates, Trey Willett, the Willenium, walks into frame and nearly passes the old man up. 

Verde: Willett. 

He stops in his tracks and smiles.


Trey: Well if it isn’t Verde. What’s brings you here? 

Verde: Oh, nice surroundings. The sweet stench of too many men in too tight a space, airing out their funk. Nervous paramed students hoping no one gets hurt. The stuff I took for granted. 

The old man leans back, blowing smoke rings. 

Trey: Well if you’re telling me you miss the game, there’s not much to miss. All of that tefhnical jazz you tried to forcefeed me has officially dead. I’ve been main eventing with a bunch of strikers, not wreslters. You’re better off. 

Verde: Maybe, maybe. How are things here? For you? 

Trey: other than me losing my first big shot at the strap to a lady, and then being forced to spend the next week wrangling ratings for her big PPV match? Just wonderful. 

He shakes his head, a ghost of a smile still on his face.  Verde, for his part, simply shrugs his shoulders. 

Verde: It’s the way of things. You cant honestly be expectin’ to stay on top forever. 

Trey: No, just wanted to be on top for once. To be fair though, I think the fans are finally starting to dig where I’m coming from. It feels good to be cheered for once, instead of having shit thrown at me. 

Verde grins and laughs a little bit, smoke pouring out of his mouth like a wheezing exhaust.  Trey looks down, then decides to sit next to him. 

Trey: At least me losing is giving me a chance to focus on my friends. Rose is chomping at the bit trying to get me to find out who put him out. I’m actually glad you’re here. I was looking at his injury pattern. It reminds me of that kid you put out in school. You remember when we were going over submissions and that kid got mouthy with you? It looked exactly like that. Weird. 

Verde: Yeah…weird is exactly the words for it. What are you driving at? 

The Willenium crosses his arms and looks directly at Verde, his eyes vivid. 

Trey: I gotta find this guy. I don’t have many friends around here, and the only one I had left is out of the game now. I’m not driving that you did it. But I think someone you trained did.  

The legend calmly drops the stub of his cigar to the concrete and grinds it out with the heel of his cowboy boot. 

Verde: I…I trained a lot of people. And Johnson’s been putting out the feelers for new talent. So I guess it could be anyone. Most of my students, at least in the later years, left with a certain degree of bloodthirsty. 

Trey: You’ve never stammered in the entire time I’ve known you. You know something. 

Verde: I dont know shit so long as he’s standing here. 

Verde doesnt motion towards the cameraman, but being that these three are the only signs of humanity within a good 40 feet span, we can assume. 

Verde: And you dont know shit either, you suspect it. So I’d be very careful. 

Trey: Careful my ass. That’s my friend. Besides, no one you can possibly say is so intimidating to make me back off. I may not have made it through your "camp" but i’m damned good in that ring and you know it. 

EDV grimly stares at Willett, smiling.  But there’s no warmth behind his smirk, just resignation.  

Verde: Yeah, but you’re still made of the faulty flesh and bones like the rest of us. Major design flaw that God had. I spent a career trying to overcome it, and look where it got me. So dont make the same mistake. 

Trey: I tell you what, you keep being afraid of this boogeyman of yours. Whenever you decide to tell me what’s goin on, you know where to find me. 

With that, Trey stand up and calmly walks down the hall, leaving el Diablo Verde to absently rub at his stiff leg and fish another cigar from his breast pocket.  We cut away…



Samantha Coil:  The following match is set for one fall!  Introducing first!  From London, England, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds.  He is MR. HEART! 

Eryk Masters:  The debut of the middle child of the Heart family, who calls himself Mr. Heart. 

The Other Guy:  He seems to have the very bad attitude towards the American culture, which means I probably don’t like him already. 

After a spooky guitar rift, the even spookier tones of Ozzy Osbourne kick in to the tune of "The Almighty Dollar". Mr Heart slowly walks out onto the entrance walkway. His demeanor sour and unaffected. He looks around to the crowd, hearing their boos, hisses and heckles. He slowly walks down towards the ring. A few of the fans attempt to touch him as he gets too close to them. Mr Heart takes a few steps back, stares at one of the guys in a Jester Smiles t-shirt, before wiping his shoulders. 

Eryk Masters: This guy has been sucking lemons. 

Mr Heart continues towards the ring, climbs onto the apron and demands that SHOOT referee Willie Dean holds the ropes open for him. Dean walks over to the ropes, not looking too impressed, and sits on the middle of the three ropes. Mr Heart gets into the ring slowly and then turns to a standing Willie Dean. Heart reaches into his tights and hands the referee a five dollar bill. 

OG: Did Mr Heart just pay the referee? 

Eryk Masters: He might need to pay the referee to stop Ron Barker from tearing him a new asshole by the end of this one. 

Samantha Coil:  His opponent!  From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and eighty pounds.  He is RON BARKER! 

OG:  We ain’t heard a hell of a lot from Barker, to which I don’t know if he ain’t got a lot to say…  Or he’s going to tear Mr. Heart a new one after that last promo. 

Eryk Masters:  Probably the latter.  Hell, I’m offended by that last one. 

“Natural One” by Folk Implosion starts up as Ron Barker slowly walking to the ring with a very calm mindset.  He doesn’t regard the fans at all until he sees a sign that says “I FOUND RONALD (BARKER) MCDONALD.” He takes the sign and tears it up promptly.  He jaws at the fan for a second until he looks back in the ring and moves a bit quickly to the ring and enters in under the bottom rope and pulls himself up quickly. 

Eryk Masters:  Barker taking a hard stare at Mr. Heart.  I think he just wants an excuse to tear Mr. Heart limb from limb. 

OG:  I think he may have it, E!  All he needs is for the bell to start ringing. 

Willie Dean is only so happy to oblige, as he looks over to Mark Kendrick and throws the signal for the bell to start ringing.  


Both men are off and running.  Barker is circling with the ring with Mr. Heart to try to get a better position.  Barker has the obvious height and size advantage, but Heart is confusing him slightly with his movements. 

Eryk Masters:  Barker’s just looking for an opportunity to get in a good pounding on the seemingly arrogant Brit. 

OG:  It seems Heart is trying to keep that one from happening.  I wouldn’t want that big man to get his hands on me, E. 

Mr. Heart circles around and drives a shoulder into the back of Barker’s knee.  Barker goes down in a bit of pain.  Mr. Heart wraps his arm around Barker’s neck and wrenches back for a tight sleeper hold.  Heart keeps the pressure on the neck as Barker is gasping for air.  Dean goes over to check on the arm… 


Eryk Masters:  Dean checking on Barker, making sure that Heart’s hold is legal. 

OG: If that arm goes down three times, it’s over for Ron! 

Barker’s arm drops down and comes back up.  He rallies himself back up ever so slowly as Heart is sinking that hold in.  Then Ron elbows backwards with both arms alternatively.  Heart is keeping it in, Dean goes behind Heart to check the hold.  Barker gets in a hard shot, which forces Heart to let go.  Mr. Heart goes to one knee and slides an arm under Barker for that unseen low blow.  The Brit with a school boy… 


TWO…  Kick out! 

Eryk Masters:  Barker took one to the groin, without Dean seeing, and he’s still up for the two count! 

Heart goes up to the referee and  tries to pay him a five dollar bill.  Dean refuses it. 

OG:  Oh, come on, man!  You can’t be serious. 

Heart then pulls out another five!  Dean still refuses it. 

Eryk Masters:  I think he is… 

Heart then pulls out a fifty and shoves it over to Dean.  Dean shoves it back to Heart, as Barker gets up and tries to mow over Heart with a clothesline.  He misses as Heart ducks under and nails him with the Broken Heart Neck Breaker.   Heart with a pin, as Dean starts to slap the mat. 

OG:  Barker missing that huge clothesline, man.  This might be it! 

Eryk Masters:  A perfect neckbreaker for the win! 




Heart gets up and raises his own arms.  As Dean tries to raise Mr. Heart’s arm, the Brit moves away from him and shoots him a look of disdain.  He then pulls out the one hundred dollar bill and lays it over Barker’s mouth. 

OG:  C’mon, dude!  That’s not even cool! 

Eryk Masters:  I think Mr. Heart trying to show the people that does talk. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner!  MR.  HEART! 

Heart moves out of the ring, smirking at the prone body of Ron Barker.  He seems proud of his handiwork as he slowly moves along to the back.


The camera pans into the hallway of the SHOOT Project Epicenter backstage area.  We see Jaime Alejandro in his black pants with large red flames climbing up the leg.  The man known as the Saint is shown simply stretching himself out on the floor with a series of splits to the left side. 

Jaime Alejandro:  I hope the man in the mask realizes what he’s stepping into.  I hope he was watching the previous show.  Because tonight… 

He shifts his motion to the right side, making sure to get a good stretch on his legs. 

Jaime Alejandro:  He has to go blow to blow with me.  Catch-as-catch-can against Japanese Strong Style.  So, UK Dragon.. 

He straightens himself up and glares into the camera. 

Jaime Alejandro:  Prepare to have another British loss to the Americans yet again.  Because you don’t have what it takes to man up against the Saint. 

The Saint then walks towards the camera and smirks. 

Jaime Alejandro:  See you in the ring, Dragon. 

As quickly as he appears, he starts to leave quickly. 

Eryk Masters:  No change in the methodical attitude of Jaime Alejandro, OG!  I think he said in very few words about how he’s going to systematically go after the UK Dragon. 

The Other Guy:  I admit, I made a mistake in thinking the man was timid, E.  I think UK Dragon might want to hope that Jaime is still feeling the effects from last week, or it’s going to be a short and painful night for him.


Backstage Sarah King rubs her temples with her fingers as she stands, cross-armed in front of a Hispanic janitor who just looks confused as she talks. 


Sarah King: I’m looking for Lennox Ferguson… he’s just over 6’2… umm… auburn hair… cocky attitude? Have you seen him? 


Janitor:No habla ingles.  


Sarah throws up her hands. 


Sarah King: Well then how the hell did you get a job here!? 


Suddenly, from behind her, Azraith DeMitri appears, looking amused.  


Azraith DeMitri: Now Sarah… what are you doing to my friend Rodrigo here? 


Sarah turns around with a look of frustration at Azraith as the janitor uses the opportunity to escape from her questioning. 


Sarah King: For your information, I’m trying to track down Lennox… as if you even gave a shit. 


Azraith recoils in mock horror. 


Azraith DeMitiri: Now that hurts Sarah… I care about all of my fellow wrestlers.  


Azraith smiles. 


Azraith DeMitri: In any case… no, I haven’t seen him. Has he gone missing or something? 


Sarah sighs. 


Sarah King: Nevermind why I’m looking for him. I just need to find him. If you see him, come find me.  


Azraith pulls index and middle fingers up toward his forehead and gives Sarah a solider’s salute. She pauses a second and then turns around and walks away from Azraith, down the hallway. As soon as she’s out of ear shot Azraith’s face sours. 


Azraith DeMitri: …crazy bitch. 


The camera focuses in on Eryk Masters and The Other Guy, who sit at ringside. 

Eryk Masters:  We want to take this time to discuss something that you fans at home may not have had the chance to take a look at. 

Other Guy:  As you might know, SHOOT Project, like so many wrestling promotions, perform matches just for the fans in attendance in the arena called dark matches.  They are made to evaluate talent who may or may not be ready for the big lights and big name of the SHOOT Project. 

Eryk Masters:  Normally, we don’t discuss these matches too much on our telecasts, namely as some sort of gift for our fans in attendance in the Epicenter.  This week, however, the dark match went down…in some sort of…well, it was without question controversial. 

Other Guy:  Oh no doubt.  Our newest talent signed to this company, Bobby Denali and Charles Brandon Magnus, were set to square off to wow our fans and to wow the agents in the back for a shot at the big time.  What happened, however…turned out to be something else completely unexpected. 

Eryk Masters:  We were at ringside for it, and we also had cameras rolling as we often do.  What you are about to see…not that it’s scary or overly violent…it’s just…very… 

Other Guy:  Unexpected. 

Eryk M asters:  Yeah.  Let’s roll clip. 

The camera switches over to an “Earlier Today” screen.  As we see the small Bobby Denali in the ring.  He is slapping his chest, calling out to the fans as he haves his fur coat to Samantha Coil.  His theme music, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2 keeps playing. 

Other Guy:  Wow.  This guy is small. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s built just like Cade Sydal, man. 

Other Guy:  I’m well aware of that, E.  Not to say Cade’s not skinny as shit.  Dude looks like he does blow or something. 

Eryk Masters:  That’s the type of comment gets you in trouble if it ever sees air, dude. 

Other Guy:  Thank God this is just a dark match. 

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” dies off and is replaced by the haunting “The Tudors Main Theme” by Trevor Morris.  Out from the back emerges Charles Brandon Magnus.  He wears a pair of purple tights, with the infamous SHOOT Project helmet on both the crotch and the rear, with matching knee pads and black boots with gold trim.  He also has on elbow pads, which can be seen underneath his golden tunic, his brown hair pulled back into a small ponytail.  He walks down to the ring and immediately asks for a microphone that Austin Linam gets him immediately.  Magnus stands there, looking at the fans for a long moment until his theme music slowly fades out. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Good evening, SHOOT Project fans.  My name is Charles Brandon Magnus.  I am Charles Brandon Magnus and the one thing I do not do…is fight in something as tragically dull as a dark match. 

The fans boo somewhat as Magnus motions for them to be quiet. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Do not be upset with me.  It’s not your fault, nor is this mine.  Bobby Denali, are you ready for a fight? 

Denali shouts “YEAH!” as he bends down and slaps the mat. 


The fans pop as Magnus points out to them.  He pulls his tunic off and stops himself, pursing his lips. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Did you not hear what I just said?   

He looks at the fans and then to Denali again. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  My name is Charles Brandon Magnus.  I strive to be called the Epitome of Excellence.  The Pinnacle of Perfection.  For some, those are nicknames, titles, things said to sell t-shirts.  For me, it’s how I have to live…to survive.  Bobby Denali…you say you’re ready for a fight?  These fans…are ready for a fight? 

He sighs. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Then the lot of you will have to wait just a little bit longer. 

Other Guy:  Huh? 

Magnus leaves the ring as the fans boo.  Linam calls for the bell to begin and begins to count.  Denali paces the ring, calling for Magnus to get back into the ring.  Magnus shrugs as the fans boo him.  He slowly pulls his tunic back over his head and walks up the ramp. 

Eryk Masters:  Does this guy know that could get him fired? 

Other Guy:  …wow.  Is he really walking out? 

Linam makes it to ten and waves it off, calling for the bell to ring.  “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” picks back up as Linam holds Denali’s hand up in celebration for his victory.  Magnus puts the microphone back up to his lips. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Congratulations, Bobby! 

The music stops. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  The rest of you…I’ll see you…in the lights. 

Magnus grins as the music picks back up.  He leaves the arena as Denali rolls from the ring and slaps hands with the fans at ringside.  The camera shifts back to the backstage area, where we find Charles Brandon Magnus standing in front of the backdrop featuring the SHOOT Project Helmet. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  SHOOT wanted to give me a chance to speak my mind…and tell all of you in attendance and those of you watching at home…why I decided to walk out on what could have been my biggest and only chance at stardom.  They want me to tell you fans in the Epicenter and, by proxy, the fans at home…why I walked out on a match with a guy that could have given me a ticket to the top.  To the…lights. 

To that, I have to tell you fans out there one thing… 

He grins. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Here I am…in the lights.  I didn’t even have to win a match to get here.  Here I am…on your screens, in your homes, telling all of you right now who I am. 

I am Charles Brandon Magnus. 

I am here to be SHOOT Project.  To conquer SHOOT Project. 

Because I can.  Because I will. 

Because I am Charles…Brandon…Magnus. 

He smirks as the camera fades out on his flawless face.



Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is a one fall contest, with a 30 minute time limit.  Introducing first, already in the ring, hailing from the United Kingdom and weighing 185 pounds: THE UK DRAGON! 

A spotlight hits the entranceway, and illuminates The Saint, Jamie Alejandro, who is standing at the head of the runway. The Saint looks as if he doesn’t even hear the reaction from the fans.  The NAFW veteran walks down the aisle, climbs into the ring, and heads towards the corner.  

Samantha Coil:  And now hailing from San Antonio Texas, and weighing in at 235 pounds, here is THE SAINT, JAMIE ALEJANDRO! 

Alejandro raises both arms over his head as Samantha Coil makes her exit from the ring, and the bell sounds to start the match…  

Eryk Masters:  A contest featuring two men who could very well both be a big part of the new SHOOT Project… 

The Other Guy: How can you say that?  At least we know The Saint.  What do I know about this Dragon?  I don’t trust him.  He’s wearing a mask.  I don’t like masked wrestlers.  They always make me worry that they have something to hide. 

As soon as the bell rings, The UK Dragon charges at The Saint at full speed.  At about three-quarters of the way across the ring, Dragon launches himself into the air, and flies at Alejandro, connecting with him, and driving him right back against the corner with a flying splash!   

Alejandro looks shocked at the attack from Dragon.  Dragon starts to fire rapid chops against the chest of the NAFW veteran, as the fans cheer.  Dragon is swinging madly, smacking the chest of Alejandro with repeated chops.  Alejandro is rocked.   

Finally, Dragon backs up and folds Alejandro up with a boot to the gut.  The Dragon steps back a few inches, reaches through and secures Alejandro’s arm, and then heaves him over the top rope in a huge hip toss!  The crowd erupts as Alejandro sails over the top rope and lands flat on his back on the floor outside.  

Eryk Masters:  Dragon came charging right out of the gate, and nailed Alejandro with that running splash, and now he’s tossed him over the top rope! 

The Other Guy: Why did he do that?  What did The Saint ever do to him?  See what I mean about masked wrestlers?  You can’t trust them!  This guy is a criminal, mark my words.  I bet he’s on the FBI’s most wanted list.  Hell, that could be Bin Laden under there, for all we know! 

Dragon quickly looks down, measures Alejandro off, and then grabs the top rope, and slingshots himself over the top rope to the outside, nailing Alejandro with a leg drop!  The shocked fans cheer loudly at the sight of Dragon flinging himself over the top rope and falling all the way to the floor outside with a legdrop.  

Dragon gets up and rubs his tailbone painfully for a moment.  The Dragon reaches down and pulls Alejandro to his feet, and then runs with him, and fires him into the steel ring post.  

The fans gasp at the sight of Alejandro being fired into the steel post, shoulder first.  Alejandro staggers backward, dazed.  Dragon wastes no time in grabbing Alejandro by the back of the head again, and running full speed, propelling towards the ring steps!  

The Saint reverses! Alejandro propels Dragon right into the steel ring steps!   

There is a loud CRASH as Dragon collides roughly with the steps, and somersaults over, landing on his back on the other side. The referee has been standing at the ropes ordering the two men to get back into the ring this whole time, and Alejandro finally complies and rolls Dragon back in.   

Dragon is still a bit dazed as Alejandro pulls him into a sitting position in the middle of the ring.  Alejandro backs up, and then fires a vicious soccer kick, with his shin nailing Dragon right across the back, followed by another boot to the back of Dragon’s head. 

Alejandro moves around, and fires another sharp kick, this one slamming his shin right across Dragon’ torso!  Alejandro returns, and repeats the exact same kick to the back of Dragon again, his smacking him across the back, and then he again ducks around to the front of the Dragon, and fires a lightening quick powerful kick across his chest! Dragon is wobbling from the repeated kicks, as Alejandro backs off, measures Dragon carefully, and then fires one last kick, this one smashing the shin of The up side of UK Dragon’s head!   

Dragon slumps to his back, appearing to be out cold. 

The Saint quickly rolls UK Dragon onto his back, makes the cover, and hooks the leg…  



Right before the count of three, UK Dragon lifts his shoulder from the mat, as the fans cheer the close call.  

Eryk Masters: That was a close one! 

The Other Guy: That’s that Strong Style The Saint likes, lots of high impact kicks and close up strikes.  That stuff will kill you.  That’s why I won’t even eat at a Japanese restaurant.  If you piss off the waiter, that’s what they do to you. 

UK Dragon shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts.  Alejandro pounces on Dragon, and pulls him to his feet.  Alejandro locks Dragon up, and fires him quickly backwards with a suplex.  Dragon hits the mat at full speed, and bounces with the impact.   

Alejandro locks Dragon up again, and pulls him to his feet.  Alejandro grabs Dragon by the wrist, and throws him into the ropes.  Dragon comes off, and Alejandro attempts a clothesline…but Dragon ducks! Dragon puts one hand on Alejandro’s shoulder and spins him around, and then starts firing rapid-fire right hand closed fist punches directly to the face of The Saint. 

Jamie Alejandro’s head snaps back violently from the impact of the shots from The Dragon. Finally, Dragon grabs one of Alejandro’s flailing arms, and pulls him in quickly with a short clothesline.  Alejandro hits the mat.  

Eryk Masters: The pendulum has swung again, and now UK Dragon is back in control! 

The Other Guy::  Dragon is fired up for this match.  He wants this win. 

Dragon circles around behind Alejandro and crouches, waiting patiently, as Alejandro slowly gets to his feet.  The fans are clapping their hands and stomping their feet, as Alejandro slowly stands up.  UK Dragon slaps on a rear waistlock, sticks his head under The Saint Jamie Alejandro’ left arm, and propels him backwards, with a back suplex!  

Dragon rolls over for the cover…  



Alejandro sharply kicks out.  Dragon gets to his feet, comes off the ropes, and then drops a leg across the chest of Alejandro.  Instead of covering, Dragon applies a scissor lock on the arm of Alejandro with his legs…and falls backwards while holding The Saint’s arm. Dragon grimaces, and applies pressure by pulling down on Alejandro’s arm, so his elbow is hyper extended across Dragon’ body.  

Eryk Masters: Armbar submission attempt by the Dragon! 

The Other Guy: This Dragon character has a crazy combination of that high flying stuff, martial arts, and some good British style catch-as-catch can mat wrestling and submissions.  I have to admit I’m impressed.  Even though he is likely a criminal. 

Alejandro bellows in agony, and starts to thrash around trying to pull free from the submission hold.  Dragon has the hold sunk in, and is applying full pressure.  The fans are on their feet, cheering in suspense, wondering how long Alejandro will be able to hold on in this famous Martial Arts Submission Maneuver.   

Alejandro looks to his left, and measures how close he is to the ropes.  The Saint digs his fingernails into the mat, with his free hand and starts to pull himself, inch by inch towards the ropes. Dragon does his best to stay in place, but Alejandro slowly drags the two men over to the ropes, inch by painful inch.  Finally, Alejandro reaches up, strains, and grabs the bottom rope.   

The Ref orders Dragon to break the hold.  

Dragon pulls The Saint to his feet, and he grabs Alejandro by the back of the head, and runs towards the corner.  Dragon smashes Alejandro’s head off the top turnbuckle, and then does it again. Dragon starts to repeatedly ram Alejandro’s head into the turnbuckle over and over again, as the fans count along.  When Dragon reaches TEN, he lets Alejandro go, who collapses to the mat.  

UK Dragon slowly climbs to the top rope, and then comes off with a flying fist drop into the head of the stunned Jamie Alejandro.  Dragon makes the cover…  




Alejandro kicks out.  Dragon cusses, and then pulls Alejandro to his feet.  Alejandro shocks Dragon with a quick uppercut to the midsection, knocking the wind out of him.  Dragon doubles over, and Alejandro hoists him into the air…into a knee smash to the face!  




This time Dragon kicks out. Alejandro starts to pick Dragon up, but Dragon reaches up, loops his hand around Alejandro’s neck and rolls him up in a surprise small package pin attempt!  




Alejandro kicks out with all his might, breaking the small package up, as both men go sprawling. Dragon and Alejandro both get to their feet and the same time, and stumble towards each other.  They lock up, and Alejandro places his arm over Dragon’s shoulder, and reaching across the his body with his right arm…he lifts Dragon up, and falls back, throwing Dragon over his head in a German Suplex!  

Dragon hits the mat and Alejandro covers…  




At the last minute Dragon kicks out, as the fans are on their feet!  Alejandro pulls Dragon up, but Dragon buries a shoulder into Alejandro’ midsection.  Dragon hoists Alejandro up, scooping him up in a bodyslam position and then dropping him to the mat with a slam, staying on him for the cover…  



Alejandro kicks out.  

Eryk Masters: This match is really swinging back and forth here, OG. 

The Other Guy: That’s SHOOT Project!  We’re heading into a huge Pay Per View with Master of the Mat coming up, and everybody wants to make a statement! 

Dragon now gets to his feet as the fans buzz in anticipation.  Dragon gets himself up as he points at Alejandro. The Saint gets up, and quickly goes behind and slaps Dragon in the full nelson!  Dragon is fighting for all his worth trying to find a counter. Alejandro puts Dragon back in the full nelson, he takes him backward with a Full Nelson Suplex!  



Dragon kicks out as Alejandro can’t believe it. He’s too tired to argue as he just his shakes his head in amazement. Alejandro slowly climbs the turnbuckles, first, second, third, he eyes the fallen Dragon and leaps off but Dragon rolls out of the way. Both men are down, and both start to get up. 

As soon as The Dragon is up, The Saint charges at him and almost takes his head off with an unbelievable lariat!  The Dragon literally does a 360 degree flip in the air from the impact and then hits the mat!  The Saint reaches down, hooks him up, and then hoists him into the air for a high vertical suplex.  For a long moment, The Saint just holds the Dragon there…until he suddenly drops down, spiking The Dragon into the mat headfirst, with a vertical brainbuster! 

Eryk Masters: Hashimoto Special! 

The Other Guy: Gesundheit. 

As The Dragon crumples from the impact of The Saint’s patented Sheerdrop Brainbuster, Jamie Alejandro makes the cover the ref slides in for the count… 




Kiri by Monoral starts to play over the epicenter sound system, as the ref grabs the rising Saint’s arm and hoists it into the air, and Samantha takes the microphone into her hand on the outside, as the bell rings… 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, HERE IS YOUR WINNER: THE SAINT – JAMIE ALEJANDRO!


We cut backstage again and Sarah King is walking away from a group of interns, all shaking their heads, only to run head-on into Jaime Alejandro.  


The veteran smiles at Sarah who forces a smile back even though it’s not convincing.  


Jaime Alejandro: You should watch where you’re walking Ms. King.  


Sarah King just stares at Jaime. 


Sarah King: You haven’t seen Lennox around have you? I can’t seem to find him. 


Jaime Alejandro: No, Ms. King. I haven’t. I thought you kept on top of things in your world, including The Ox. 


Sarah’s eyebrows furrow at that statement and Jaime puts a hand on her shoulder. 


Jaime Alejandro: But you know and I know he’s NOT going to screw up his chance at gold. Understand? 


Sarah eyes Jaime’s hand and pulls it off of her shoulder.  


Sarah King: Well if you knew Lennox like I do, you’d understand how much growing up he has to do. His absence tonight is an indication of that.


Jaime opens his mouth to say something but Sarah holds up her hand to stop him from responding. 

Sarah King: Just… let me know if you see him; alright? 

Jaime nods and Sarah sighs, walking past him – still searching for The Ox while Jaime shakes his head in disbelief.  


We cut backstage to follow Sinnocence walking down the hallway. The seemingly unstoppable beauty has a pair of headphones nestled on her ears, swaying the hips to the beat of whatever she’s listening to.

Sinn: Alejandro. Alejandro. Ale-ale-jandro. Ale-ale-jandro. Ale-ale-jandro. Ale-ale-jandro.”

She continues to walk, moving her body to the beat and lost in her own little world…that is, until she sees SHOOT Project soldier, Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro, walking in her direction. The raven-haired beauty stops for a moment, pausing the song, and sprints over to him.

Sinn: Dude! You’re Jaime Alejandro, right?”

Jaime looks up at this woman in front of him, mentally whistling to himself. He tries to compose himself.

Jaime Alejandro: Yes, I am…And something tells me you’re Sinnocence.

The former Revolution champion just rolls her eyes and smiles widely.

Sinn: Gee, what was your first clue? But whatever, I heard your entrance song last week…and it sucks, darlin. Really, really sucks.

He chuckles at her for a bit. The big man is trying get his gloves off, as she’s got a look of the cat who ate the canary. Jaime is waiting to hear what comes next, of course.

Jaime Alejandro: Blame my anime-obsessed wife, if you want. So, tell me, bonita… What would you recommend, then?

Sinn: You let your wife pick your music? No offense, but she’s got shit taste, mi querido

She accented the term of endearment, making it sound more like an insult than an adoring nickname. The smile remained on her face as she pursed her lip for a moment. Jada laughs, leaning in to put her headphones in his ears and hands him the mp3 player.

Sinn: I’ve got a song for you. It fits your…unique style and attitude. It’s fucking perfect for you!

Sinnocence presses a friendly kiss to his cheek and chuckles.

Sinn: Just hit play and enjoy. I’ve got to run and get ready for my match.

As she walks off, Jaime presses play to hear the so-called amazingly perfect song for him.

Don’t call my name. Don’t call my name, Alejandro. Don’t call my name. Don’t call my name, Alejandro.

He listens to the mp3 for a second and cracks a stern look at the raven haired lady.

Jaime Alejandro: Miss Kaine, you are a bitch.

He cracks a smile, trying to keep in his laughter. She hears him from down the hall and turns around as she keeps walking.

Sinn: You know, everyone keeps telling me that!

He shakes his head at her as he takes off a kickpad.

Jaime Alejandro: It’s not going to stop you, is it?

Sinn: Not while I’m still breathing! See you later!


The camera shot returns to the announce position, where we see Eryk Masters and The Other Guy seated at the announcers table, complete with headsets and television monitors. 

Eryk Masters: Fans, before we get back to the action, I am being told that we’re taking you to some sort of new interview segment, so without further ado, let’s go to… 

Masters squints at the monitor, looks confused, and then shrugs… 

Eryk Masters: The Crash Pad? 

The camera shot slowly pans the crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  Suddenly two spotlights come on, and we here the sound of Joe Satriani’s guitar ripping into Back to Shalla-Bal.  The shot zooms in on a special set, constructed in the upper levels of the Epicenter.  There are two full sized cars in the background, but they are smashed together, and look like they have been in head-on collision.  In front of the cars there is a video screen set up, and we can see it is playing the entrance music and video for none other than Crash Carver. 

Sure enough, from somewhere in the darkness behind the cars, the young superstar leaps into view.  Crash Carver is wearing bright white jogging shoes, blue jeans, and a yellow baseball jacket with his CRASH logo on the back – and he is shirtless under that.  His blond hair is wet and shiny, his perfect white teeth are exposed in a huge grin, as he leaps down in front of the set, and holds a microphone to his mouth… 

Crash Carver: All right babies…welcome to the very first episode of THE CRASH PAD!  This is the show that makes The Cutting Edge, Piper’s Pit, and every other wrestling interview segment look so boring you’d think you were watching GOLF! 

The fans enthusiastically cheer the playfully boastful young man, and he holds both his arms out, soaking it all up. 

Crash Carver: I know what you’re thinking, babies.  Crash Carver wasn’t scheduled to be on the show this week.  I got the cards, the letters, the telegrams, begging me to be here.  I know that the ratings fall faster than a fat man on an icy sidewalk, whenever Crash Carver ain’t on your screens, so here I come to save the day! But don’t be waiting for my first guest…because I ain’t got one!  For the debut of The Crash Pad, you can’t get any better than…ME! 

The crowd cheers and laughs at the same time, and it appears that the fans are starting to catch on that the young man is being deliberately braggadocios for the sake of attention, and is probably not meant to be taken seriously. 

Crash Carver: So this week, I am going to debut my new COUNTDOWN.  That’s right babies, I am going to list off for your benefit some names that you all know.  But this ain’t the SHOOT Project Rankings.  This ain’t a list of who deserves a title shot.  And this sure as hell ain’t a list of sexy people…because that would just be MY name listed over and over and over, and as much as we’d all love to see that, it might be predictable, because when you say sexy, you think Crash Carver. 

So without further delay babies, may I present to you, the Crash Carver list… 


The crowd roars again, as the number 7 comes up on the video screen behind Crash Carver.  The 7 slowly fades, and is replaced by a picture of none other than Ron Barker. 

Crash Carver: Coming in at NUMBER 7 is RON BARKER!  Ron, you suck because you tried to turn my Uncle into a servant.  You suck because you use your money to screw with people’s lives.  Don’t think we all forget the hell you put Chris Lee and Cade Sydal through, you big ugly jackass.  So you might be rich, and you might be mean, but you also SUCK! 

The crowd roars in appreciation as the picture of Ron Barker fades, and is replaced by the picture of…Jason Johnson?!  Sharing the screen with the president is a split shot of Donavan King. 

Crash Carver: NUMBER 6 is MY BOSS…JASON JOHNSON!  Now I know it ain’t smart to criticize your boss, babies…but hear me out.  Boss, you’re making two big mistakes.  Firstly, everybody knows that whether you love him or hate him – and everybody hates him, including his own momma – DONAVAN KING is the rightful SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion. And it should be DONAVAN KING as NUMBER 6, not you! So stop being so bossy, and let the man come in and fight!  And then correct your second mistake and give Crash Carver the first title shot!  You know you want to!  You know you should!  People want to see Donavan King defend his belt, and lose it to Crash Carver baby, so Jason…make it happen! 

The fans continue to laugh and cheer, as the face of the boss fades, and is replaced by the face of none other than CJ Nelson. 

Crash Carver: NUMBER 5 is CJ NELSON!  Nelson, let me tell you something, baby. You suck!  You’re a big doofus, walking around talking like you deserve to be the Iron Fist Champion.  You know how you win the Iron Fist Championship, CJ?  By being hardcore.  You ain’t hardcore.  You can’t even spell hardcore.  All you can do is be big, and stupid, and they don’t give out championships for that.  So I’m sorry CJ, but welcome to suckville, population…YOU! 

Carver grins and actually laughs as Nelson’s picture fades.  You can tell the young man is having a ball, stirring the pot and irritating the roster while doing his best to entertain the fans.  Nelson’s picture is replaced by a picture of Jester Smiles.  Crash Carver holds up a wrinkled T-shirt and waves it in the air. 

Crash Carver:  Recognize this, Jester? It’s a shirt with a saying on the front, and that saying is “I BEAT A CARVER.”  It’s a shirt you had printed up after you beat me a few years back.  Well let me share some information with you, you big dork.  Beating a rookie with no experience ain’t a reason to go print up a damn shirt.  It just made you look like what you are, and that’s a dribbling idiot who couldn’t find his own ass with two hands and a map!  I’m back, Jester and let me tell you something else, you couldn’t beat a Carver now…hell you couldn’t beat your own meat in a porno theatre, so that earns you the NUMBER 4 spot JESTER SMILES…because YOU SUCK! 

Crash Carver tosses the shirt aside, and gets a much more serious look on his face, as the picture of Jester Smiles fades, and a picture of the man known as The Firestarter, Pestalance comes up on the screen.  Crash Carver points at the camera. 

Crash Carver: Anybody here remember Fire & Ice?  My Uncle, and this guy. NUMBER 3 on the SEVEN PEOPLE WHO SUCK countdown, PESTALANCE. You don’t just suck, Pestalance.  You’re a rat bastard.  You’re a backstabbing son-of-a-bitch. My Uncle…hell, my whole family trusted you.  You and 8-Ball and my Uncle were tight, years ago.  And then you betrayed him when he needed you.  Don’t think you’re going to sneak into SHOOT Project under the radar, and I’m going to forget that.  My Uncle might be gone, but you’d better get down on your knees and pray that Jason Johnson never books you against me, pal.  Because if he does, I’m going to take your fancy tricks and gimmicks away from you, and light your ass on fire, you back jumping punk. 

The fans roar, as the picture of Pestalance fades and is replaced by an image of Corazon. 

Crash Carver: NUMBER 2 is CORAZON.  Yeah, I know people love you now.  Yeah, you’re a big man on campus.  Well as far as I’m concerned, I’m NEVER going to forgive you for retiring my Uncle, Adrian.  So as long as you and I are in the same organization, you’d better have eyes in your back.  Just because people love you, doesn’t mean that they are going to forget that it was you, Corazon who ended the career of my Uncle forever. 

Finally, the picture of Corazon fades and is replaced by an image of Azraith DeMitri.  Some fans cheer, but others are silent, and Crash Carver has a deadly serious look on his face as he speaks. 

Crash Carver: NUMBER ONE on the SEVEN PEOPLE WHO SUCK countdown.  Number One with a BULLET.  Azraith DeMitri.  DeMitri the liar.  DeMitri the fake. DeMitri the evil, nasty, sadistic, low down, no good, dirty, rotten, filthy, stinking son-of-a-bitch who BLINDED MY UNCLE. 

The cheers fade and the SHOOT Project Epicenter becomes almost eerily quiet. 

Crash Carver: When was it, Az?  2005?  Well I don’t care.  Could be five years, could be ten, could be fifty.  I will never, ever forget that night, when Pestalance lit the cigar and YOU rammed it into my Uncle’s eye.  For no reason, other than to prove what a big badass you are.  To prove how evil you are.  And now, you change companies, and you actually think your past won’t catch up with you?  Think again.  Corazon might have gotten rid of my Uncle, but I’m here, Az.  Crash Carver.  The fastest, most dangerous man in SHOOT Project.  And one day, some how, some way, our paths will cross.  But it won’t be your eye you need to worry about, Azraith.  Because if I ever get the chance, I swear to gawd I will cut out your (censored by a bleep) heart. 

The fans murmur in excitement, maybe anticipating the possibility of Crash Carver attempting to avenge the wrongs done to his Uncle – his hero.  Crash slowly smiles again, lightening the mood.  He points at the screen behind him. 

Crash Carver: So here’s how it shakes down, babies.  Seven names.  Seven people who I got beef with.  Don’t matter.  I could take them all down.  At the same time.  Look at me, babies.  Breathe it in.  You know it, I know it, we all know it.  The future is here, the future is now, and the future is CRASH CARVER.  Line ‘em all up.  It don’t matter who…Ron Barker, Donavan King, CJ Nelson,  Jester Smiles, Pestalance, Corazon or Azraith DeMitri.  You step into the ring with me, you’ll find out what the people already know. When you get beat by Crash Carver, don’t feel bad, babies!  Getting beat by Crash Carver don’t make you a bad wrestler, it just makes you like EVERYBODY ELSE! 

Crash grins as his music plays and the lights go down on this episode of The Crash Pad…



Samantha Coil: The following triple threat contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the third spot in the Iron Fist Gauntlet at Master of the Mat! 

The fans turn their attention quickly to the entrance ramp, as “Pressure” by Skindred starts up. The fans rise out of their seats and start clapping excitedly as Cade Sydal steps out onto the stage, wearing a pair of green baggy shorts, with orange dragons wrapping around them, highlighted in silver, with black kneepads and matching kick pads. White tape wraps around his fists and up to nearly his elbows, and he grins out at the cheering fans. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Southport, North Carolina! Weighing in at 178 pounds! He is CAAAADE SYYYYYDALLLLLLL! 

Cade starts his way down the ramp, his blond mohawk tipped with alternating green and orange slightly bouncing with each step. He extends his hands and slaps a couple hands on his way down to the ring. 

Eryk Masters: From the minute this match was announced, Cade Sydal has been quite vocal about stepping up his game here tonight. 

Other Guy: Well, we’ll see about that. He’s got his two buddies to face, and anyone can TALK a big game, but it’s a whole ‘nother story to actually be willing to hurt your friends enough to beat them. 

Eryk Masters: More difficult? Sure. But hardly unheard of, this is professional wrestling, not ballet, OG! 

Cade continues down toward the ring, and walks along an edge of it before grabbing the middle rope and pulling himself up onto the apron, he walks the length of the ring and slides to a knee, pointing his index and middle finger out at the crowd like a mock finger-gun, he swings his hand out to “take aim” at the entire side of the audience that the hard camera is on, before pulling himself to a stand and slingshots himself over the rope and into the ring, as his music fades out. The “Rocky Song (Remix) by Ronald Jenkees hits, and the fans turn their attention back to the stage area. 

Samantha Coil: And his first opponent, hailing from Cedar Springs, Iowa! Weighing in at 215 pounds! He is DAAAAN “The Lights” STEINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! 

The fans begin to cheer, though there is a small section of people that boo, as Dan Stein does, in fact, step out and onto the stage. He raises his hands out to the crowd, choosing to ignore the small section booing him, as he starts his way down the ramp. 

Other Guy: Now here’s a guy that could win. He feels like this could be his last match, and there’s nothing more dangerous than a man out to survive! 

Eryk Masters: He’s a hell of a talent, OG, no one’s arguing that. Where he gets his mentality that this could be the last match in SHOOT for him, though? Well, no one really knows. 

Other Guy: it doesn’t matter where he got that idea, what matters is that its in his head now and that’s a dangerous place for it to be. 

Dan makes it to the ring and quickly walks up the steps, before wiping the bottoms of his shoes on the edge of the ring, he grips the top rope and slingshots himself into the ring, tucking through a forward roll as he does so, he rolls right through to a knee, his arms stretched out wide. Soon, the music fades out, before the Final Fantasy Victory theme starts up, leading right into “Chiron” by All That Remains. 

Samantha Coil: And their opponent, weighing in at 245 pounds, from Richmond, Virginia! He is JESSSSSTERRRRR SMIIIIIIILESSSSSS! 

The fans cheer loudly as the beloved Clown steps out and onto the stage. Like the two before him, he smiles at the reception, before his face straightens back up and he starts down the ramp.  

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles has been highly successful here in SHOOT, since his debut when he became the Revolution Champion! 

Other Guy: Something he’s set his sights on again, becoming a champion, this time in the Iron Fist division. But it’s not an easy feat. 

Eryk Masters: You could argue, though, that Jester’s striking expertise is tailor-made for the division, and I think he’ll do really well in it. 

Jester makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands happily along the way. He quickly makes it to the ring and jumps up onto the apron before stepping through the ropes and marching up to stand on the middle turnbuckle, he raises his right fist in the air, eliciting another loud set of cheers as Samantha Coil quickly gets herself out of the ring. 

Eryk Masters: its interesting to note, OG, that neither of these three guys have made the effort to even so much as shake each others’ hands once they got to the ring. 

Other Guy: because they’re about to fight each other,k that’s why! At least they recognize this! 

The bell sounds and immediately Cade Sydal, Dan Stein, and Jester Smiles each begin to circle counter clockwise, their hands stretched out toward each other, each waiting for someone else to make a move before Cade steps in and locks his hands with Stein to his right and Jester to his left, and immediately the other two lock their other hands together and all three press toward each other in a three-man test of strength! 

Eryk Masters: Locking knuckles with Jester Smiles and Dan Stein might not have been a wise decision for Cade Sydal right here! 

Other Guy: No kidding, Eryk! He’s about half as small as each of them, so that’s like trying to push around four of you! 

Eryk Masters: What? 

Other Guys: It’s a joke about him being small, Eryk, try and keep up! 

Jester twists his right wrist toward Cade, bending his hand down awkwardly, and Dan follows right behind him in pushing down on Cade’s other hand. Now only Stein and Smiles have an advantage as they lean toward each other trying to find the advantage against the other when Cade rolls backward off his shoulders, reversing the angle of the grip on both Jester and Stein! 

Eryk Masters: With them both taking their concentration from Cade to each other, he’s managed to find a way to reverse it into his favor now against them both! 

Other Guy: He probably should have waited until one of them over powered the other, if you think about it…it’s not THAT smart of a plan when you break it down. 

Cade runs toward Stein and Jester both, and they both swing their arms at him for a clothesline attempt, and he ducks under, keeping his grip on their knuckles he twists his body around and pulls them toward him as they spin like a yo-yo coiling back, pulling them right into a double Japanese arm drag before nipping up into the air and landing on his knees, tucking forward he springs seamlessly off the top of his head through a handspring to his feet, both Stein and Smiles scrambling to their feet and all three turn to face each other, with the crowd standing on their feet clapping! 

Eryk Masters: That was a quick exchange, and Cade Sydal looks like he might have found his old spark back! 

Other Guy: He hinted at it all week, he’s reborn! 

Dan Stein steps toward Cade Sydal first, and they both lock up with each other, and Stein overpowers Cade, pulling him right into a side headlock, while Jester turns to the crowd and points at Sydal and Dan, shaking his head, and mouthing the words “Really? Like I’m not gonna get involved?”, rolls his eyes and turns around to approach them when Cade snaps rapid forearms into Stein’s ribs and shoves him toward Jester, who only barely manages to leap frog over him as Stein manages to duck under to avoid a collision! Jester lands on his feet and Cade runs at him while Stein hit’s the ropes, Jester ducks his shoulder down and launches Cade up with a back body drop right into Stein as he rebounds off the ropes, and both men hit the canvas! 

Eryk Masters: Cade isn’t the only guy fired up though! Jester Smiles sees the Iron Fist Championship as a Championship he was DESTINED for! 

Other Guy: He’s got two tough bastards to contend with that happen to know what being an Iron Fist Champion is all about, though. 

Cade pushes to his feet as Smiles grins to the cheering crowd. Jester turns around and rocks Cade with a forearm that sends him reeling back into the ropes. Jester follows and whips Cade off the ropes, but Cade swings under the arm to reverse. Jester doesn’t budge though as Cade doesn’t have enough leverage, and he swats Cade’s hands off his wrist with his forearm before Dan Stein springboards off the apron and to the top rope out of nowhere, and sails in with a dropkick to both Sydal and Smiles, and now Stein nips up to his feet and the crowd cheers loudly! 

Other Guy: Like I said, one of those tough bastards is a two time champion, and he’d love to make it a third! 

Eryk Masters: I’m sure he would, no one is disputing that! All three men are hungry for success here, just like everyone else is! 

Jester is the first to his feet as Stein turns back around, Stein grabs Jester’s wrist and twists under it to secure a wristlock before whipping Jester off the ropes and follows quickly with a drop toe hold right after Jester rebounds off the ropes! Stein pushes to his feet and runs to the ropes but Cade leaps up off the canvas and lands on the middle rope and pulls up on the top rope just as Stein turns to hit the ropes, instead causing Stein to spill through and land hard on the edge of the ring before hitting the arena floor! 

Eryk Masters: Whoa! 

Cade releases the top rope and springs backward, turning he spots Jester on his hands and knees and tucks into a forward roll, catching Jester with a springboard Oklahoma Roll, trying to lock his fingers together to tighten the hold! 

Other Guy: Holy shit, that was quick! 



Jester kicks out quickly! 

Eryk Masters: That’s not quite it, Jester Smiles saw to that, but I’ve never seen someone adjust quite like that! 

Stein starts to push to his feet on the outside and Cade spots him. He hit’s the ropes and Jester pushes off his knees in the ring suddenly, catching Cade as he comes off the ropes with a tilt-a-whirl right into a backbreaker, cutting off his potential dive attempt! Stein gets to his feet and reaches for the middle rope to pull himself up when Smiles lunges into him with both feet, dropkicking him away from the side of the ring ad he lands with his back against the security barricade with a loud thud! 

Other Guy: Oh! That could have broken Dan Stein’s back! 

Eryk Masters: These three friends are holding true to their words I guess, they aren’t holding back at all! 

Jester gets back to his feet as Cade has managed to get to a knee while holding his back. Jester pulls him up the rest of the way from behind and snaps him back with a perfect back suplex, floating right over into a cover and hooking both legs! 




Cade kicks his shoulders off the canvas and rolls to his side immediately! Jester backs up as Cade starts to push to his knee, Jester snaps into him with a hard kick into his back! Cade cringes and arches his back, before Jester snaps a second left kick into Cade’s exposed back, causing him to grimace again! 

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles looks like he might have the first real stretch of sustained offense, and that could really help work in his favor! 

Other Guy: if Dan Stein is smart, he’ll let Jester and Cade fight it out and rest as much as he can on the outside. He might as well, he’s already been isolated out of this match by both the other men. 

Jester pulls Cade to his feet and whips him into a corner. He rushes in at Cade, but Cade kicks his legs sideways and spins through the middle and top rope to land on the apron facing Jester as Jester hit’s the turnbuckle pads with his chest first, missing his intended body avalanche in the corner! Jester stumbles back as Cade grips the top rope, and the crowd begins to come alive before Stein grabs Cade’s ankle just as he jumps up, pulling him back down forcefully, driving him chin first into the edge of the ring apron! 


Other Guy: Holy shit! My thoughts exactly! 

Eryk Masters: That may have actually been a good opening for Stein, to counter your argument, OG! 

Jester starts to turn as Stein leaps up onto the apron and grips the top rope himself, spring boarding immediately he turns for a cross body into Jester, but Jester backs up quickly and drops to a knee, catching Dan over his top side and shoving him onto the exposed knee with a gut buster! 

Eryk Masters: But giving Jester time to rest for a second didn’t do him any favors! 

Other Guy: That looked like it hurt! 

Jester grabs Stein over his outside shoulder and under his inside leg before turning him up and over with a spin, bridging with a sort of tabletop suplex! 




Dan Stein kicks out, getting his left shoulder off the canvas! Jester pulls him to his feet by his wrist quickly and sends him off into a corner, but Stein swings through and reverses the whip sending Jester in instead! Stein rushes at Smiles and Jester ducks his shoulder down, sending Dan up over the top rope, but he turns and lands with both feet on the apron, Jester turns around and Stein kicks over the top rope with a roundhouse that drops Jester down near the center of the ring! 

Other Guy: Looks like the pendulum has finally swung someone else’s way, Eryk! 

Eryk Masters: I’m impressed you used a big word like pendulum, and you’re right! 

Other Guy: Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?! 

Stein grips the top rope and measures up before spring boarding to the top and off, spinning through a beautiful Shooting Star Press right across Jester’s chest! The fans in the Epicenter explode out of their seats, cheering excitedly as flashbulbs go off to try and capture the move in mid-flight! Stein hooks the legs deeply, clutching his own ribs as he does so! 




Cade Sydal dives into the ring under the bottom rope with both hands leading the way to pie-face Stein off of Smiles! Stein pushes to his feet then bends to start pulling Cade up! 

Other Guy: I’m telling you, Eryk, Dan Stein almost won there! 

Eryk Masters: These three are just too good, though, OG! It’s going to take a lot to pin one, because you’re going to have to keep the other out of the picture! 

Cade breaks Stein’s hands away and kicks into Stein’s thigh hard! Cade quickly leaps up right after and turns with a thrusting back kick into Stein’s chin that drops him to the canvas! The fans let out another loud “OHHHH!” before Cade turns around and spots Jester pushing to his feet. Jester swings instinctively at Cade, who raises both arms to block and pushes Jester’s arm away, spinning him toward him, Cade turns and catches him with a quick arm drag before pushing to his feet and catching Jester as he gets to his own with a snap hurricanrana that spills Jester through the ropes and to the floor, landing safely relatively as he rolls off the balls of his feet to his knees and tumbles.  

Eryk Masters: Cade’s gonna fly! 

Jester pushes to his feet and Cade has already hit the far ropes and is running back at a dead sprint, he dives through the middle and bottom rope before tucking through a Hilo Suicida! 

Other Guy: A Heat Seeking Missile with a flip thrown in, holy shit! 

The crowd cheers loudly as Cade pushes to his feet and quickly leaps up onto the apron. Dan Stein starts back to his feet and Cade springboards off the top this time and twists his body through a springboard spinning wheel kick right into Stein’s face! Cade scrambles on top of Stein and hooks the leg deep! 




Stein kicks out, and the fans cheer loudly, not wanting the match to end! 

Eryk Masters: I could have sworn that kick knocked Dan Stein out! 

Other Guy: Cade doesn’t look like he can believe it either! 

Cade pushes to his feet and points his index and middle finger at him, his thumb raised up, he fires off with his mock finger-gun as his right toe starts tapping excitedly on the canvas! 

Eryk Masters: He’s gotta be thinking about the NINJAGUIRI right now! 

As Dan starts to push to his feet, rubbing his jaw with his left hand, Jester pushes to his feet on the outside and grabs Cade’s right ankle from outside, preventing the jump! Cade turns around and Jester pulls harder, causing Cade to fall on his back, Jester pulls Cade out under the bottom rope! Dan Stein runs off the ropes and comes rebounding back as Cade forearms Jester! Cade turns around and Stein sails over the top rope with a somersault, and Smiles quickly steps out of the way and slides into the ring! Stein pushes to his feet and rolls into the ring as well, but Jester quickly grabs him up with a Muay Thai styled clinch and drives a pair of knees into Stein’s chest! 

Other Guy: Jester Smiles utilizing his striking game with more than just his feet, something that could lend him the advantage! He’s got more natural weapons at his disposal! 

Eryk Masters: That’s a good point, and I’m sure Dan Stein is feeling the sting of that right now! 

Stein breaks free of the clinch and shoves hard against Jester’s chest, pushing him back to create some space before he leaps up with a dropsault into Jester’s chest, dropping him to the canvas! Stein rolls toward the ropes and rolls under the bottom before pulling himself up on the apron. Smiles starts to stir and Dan grips the top rope with both hands. He springboards to the top, and suddenly Cade Sydal jumps onto the apron and pulls on his ankle, twisting him and Stein lands with his chest on the top turnbuckle before falling into the ring in the corner in a heap! 

Eryk Masters: Oh! That’s not what Dan Stein had in mind, I’m sure! 

Other Guy: He was probably looking for The Lights, but his buddy Cade saw it coming and stopped it dead in its tracks. 

Cade grabs the top rope, more toward the middle of the ropes, and slingshots over as Jester turns around, landing on Jester’s shoulders for a hurricanrana, Jester turns and suddenly sits out with a power bomb to counter the maneuver! 




Cade kicks his shoulders off the canvas, and Jester slaps the canvas, apparently frustrated, before he starts pushing to his feet. He cocks his right leg back, waving at Cade to get back to his feet! 

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles might be thinking about the Punchline, and if he hits that spinning crescent kick it’ll be all over! 

Cade starts to push to his feet and just as Jester starts to move, Dan Stein pushes to his feet and turns Jester to face him before swinging a clothesline! Jester ducks, and Stein’s momentum carries him through awkwardly and his body collides with the side of the referee, and he goes down! 

Other Guy: Stein put a stop to the Punchline, but took out the ref in the process! 

Stein looks down at the ref before turning around, right into a hard roaring style elbow from Jester Smiles! Cade pushes the rest of the way to his feet while Jester bends to shake the ref, and Stein is laid out on the canvas! As the referee starts to stir and starts to push up to his feet, Cade leaps up and drills Jester with the NINJAGUIRI, that sends Smiles through the ropes to the floor! 

Other Guy: Dan Stein and Jester Smiles are both laid out! 

Eryk Masters: Now all Cade needs is for the referee to get to a position where he can make a count! 

Cade pushes back to his own feet with his right hand inside the waistband of his shorts as Dan Stein starts to push back to his feet. As Stein gets to a knee, Cade looks over to see the official’s back to them, and pulls his hand out of the top band of his shorts and drives his fist into the side of Stein’s skull, a glint of silver flashes off the lights as Stein drops instantly to the canvas! 

Other Guy: What a punch! 

Eryk Masters: Wait…were those? Were those brass knuckles, OG?! 

A hush falls over the crowd as Cade quickly tucks his right hand back into his shorts for a split second before dropping onto Stein and yelling for the referee to turn around and count! The referre turns on his knee and drops to count. 


Other Guy: They might have been, but it doesn’t matter now, does it? 


Cade counts with his fingers along, a big grin on his face! 


Cade gets to his feet, shoving off of Stein’s chest with his left hand, and raises his right hand as the bell sounds! 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 28 minutes and 54 seconds, and advancing to the Iron Fist Gauntlet! CAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! 

Cade looks out at the nearly silent crowd, before a group of fans in the Epicenter begin to boo. More join in, and he stares out at them, shaking his head slowly as “Pressure” by Skindred begins to play again. He steps through the ropes and heads up the ramp, as more join in on jeering him, Cade stops at the top of the ramp and turns around to face the camera, a smirk on his face. 

Other Guy: What a match, Eryk! That had everything! 

Eryk Masters: Everything but a proper finish! Why in the hell did Cade use brass knuckles? 

Other Guy: You can’t even be sure that he did, you’re just assuming he did. Maybe he learned how to throw a good solid jab in the past year, we don’t know. 

Eryk Masters: It certainly LOOKS suspicious, and I think the fans here are agreeing with me on this one. They seem to be less than pleased.



We cut backstage and back to Sarah King, still looking for The Ox as she is walking along the row of locker room doors and knocking on every one… with very little response… either people weren’t there or they just didn’t want to answer the door. 


Sarah, looking tired, knocked on a door reading PERDITION. 


As she knocks, the door opens, revealing the tag team chilling out in their locker room; Jonas texting on his telephone while Diego Reyes sips on a beer. Jonas does not look up from his phone while Reyes eyes Sarah up and down. 


Diego Reyes: Oh hey, Jonas, the stripper we ordered is here. 


Jonas looks up, amused, while Sarah turns red and begins to leave but Reyes grabs her hand and stops her. 


Diego Reyes: I know who you are chica… what do you want with us? 


Sarah pulls her arm away from Reyes and straightens out her suit.  


Sarah King: I’m looking for Lennox Ferguson… The Ox. I haven’t seen him around tonight. Have either of you two seen him? 


Diego Reyes: Sorry, chica. Don’t think we’ve seen hide nor hair of him tonight. 


Jonas Coleman: We’re in the business of kicking ass for hire, not looking for dumbasses who get lost in the arena. 


Diego and Sarah look over at Jonas, who has turned his attention back to his phone. 


Diego Reyes: Don’t mind him, we’re just restless. Sorry again. 


Sarah King: Not as sorry as Lennox will be when I find him… 


Sarah closes her eyes and turns around. 


Sarah King: Good luck… with… whatever. 


Diego shakes his head as Jonas walks up behind him, watching as Sarah walks away. 


Jonas Coleman: …crazy bitch.  


Diego Reyes: Yup.


The fans instantly boo as they see the face of Rasheed Arif, the attorney for Donovan King, standing in front of Jason Johnson’s door.  Behind him stands Kilgore Stochansky, who places his hand on Arif’s shoulder.  Arif looks back at Kilgore and swallows hard, the fear behind his bespectacled eyes is evident. 

Rasheed Arif:  Mr. Stochansky..if I may… 

He brushes Kilgore’s hand off of his shoulder. 

Rasheed Arif:  I’ve come to see Jason Johnson for three straight shows now, and he has yet to actually be willing to sit down with me and discuss the devastating issues he’s put upon my client.  Every time I come to… 

He motions to the door. 

Rasheed Arif:  …that big, scary, Mexican guy looks like he’s ready to shank me with something sharp and made out of the handle of a toothbrush. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  Relax, Mr. Arif.  That is why I’ve come with you today.  Jason Johnson shall hear you out this time. 

Arif stops and looks at the door once again.  Slowly he looks at Kilgore, who closes his eyes and sighs before reaching past Arif to knock on the door before letting himself in.  The duo are actually surprised to find, sitting in Jason Johnson’s seat…is Jason Johnson.  Jason puts his pen down and looks at the two of them. 

Jason Johnson:  Rasheed Arif. 

Rasheed Arif:  Of Arif, Faulk, and Herveaux! 

Jason Johnson:  …right.  I suppose I know how I can help you, hm? 

Rasheed Arif:  For as long as you’ve brought this company back, for I think the eleventh time, you’ve not allowed the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Donovan King into this arena while you let some psychopath inmate like Adrian Corazon traipse around in your own personal office, frightening and intimidating good, law abiding citizens such as myself.  Now, I tire of these games, Jason Johnson, my client and I demand an answer. 

Jason Johnson:  To what question? 

Arif stammers, looks back to Kilgore who nods at him, and then looks back to Jason. 

Rasheed Arif:  …uh…well…the fact that you’ve not allowed Donovan King, your top representative, into your arena to participate in these Revolution telecasts. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  And why, pray tell, you keep him away but allow his attorney to move perilously amongst your roster. 

Jason Johnson:  You want to know why I don’t let Donovan King into the arena? 

Arif nods. 

Jason Johnson:  He’s not a SHOOT Project employee, Mr. Arif.  I allow his representative, his attorney, you, come into my backstage area because each time you’ve come, I’ve known you’ve had business to attend to.  Sadly, you’ve always just shown up at the wrong time. 

Arif’s eyes go as wide as saucers. 

Rasheed Arif:  The wrong time!  The wrong time! 

Jason Johnson: …the wrong time, yes. 

Rasheed Arif:  Outrageous!  Inconceivable! 

Kilgore Stoshansky:  Mr. Arif, please. 

Jason Johnson stands up, glaring at the two of them. 

Jason Johnson:  I’m not afraid of some suit wandering my halls, Mr. Arif.  I’m also not afraid of some guy who’s stayed on payroll and gotten away with it because he’s close to one of my shareholders. 

Kilgore says nothing. 

Jason Johnson:  But, the fact is, Mr. Arif, your client?  Your client made his name in SHOOT Project by devastating the careers of several of my biggest stars.  Jester Smiles, Cade Sydal, Jonny Johnson, my own brother…your client, Mr. Arif, ended the career of Jonny Johnson, he retired my brother, he nearly ruined Jester Smiles and Cade Sydal and was single handedly responsible for the civil war my company nearly died from.  Frankly? 

Jason leans forward, resting on his fists as he stared a hole through Arif. 

Jason Johnson:  The damages he’s caused to this company on a personal level almost outweighs his name value.  You combine that with the fact that Donovan King never signed a contract to join this company— 

Rasheed Arif:  Yes, he did!  Yes, Mr. Johnson, he did! 

Jason Johnson:  …you know what?  You’re right.  He did.  In 2008 he signed a contract with us…a talent contract that was declared void once the company’s wrestling division was shut down.  Now, you’re a lawyer, you know your way around fine print…so you’ll understand me when I explain that once a business is closed, all talents contracted wherein as removed from payroll. 

Rasheed Arif:  You mean to tell me Donovan King is not under contract anymore and that’s all I need to take care to allow him back into this company? 

Jason nods. 

Rasheed Arif:  Well, draw the paperwork up!  Sweet sassy molassey , man!  Hop to it! 

Jason chuckles. 

Jason Johnson:  I have no problem giving Donovan King another go in the SHOOT Project, Mr. Arif.  A man of his talents is always a money maker.  But, so long as he does not have a contract with us, he will not be allowed backstage.  I’ll have my people send you the paperwork necessary, Arif.  I’d say…after Master of the Mat…we’ll have it all completely ready for Donovan King to rejoin the SHOOT Project. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  Wait.  Wait a minute.  After Master of the Mat?  You mean after the crowning of your new World Champion? 

Rasheed Arif:  Mr. Johnson, what are you trying to pull over on us, sir?  Donovan King is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, are you seriously thinking you can get away with not giving him his due as World Champion?! 

Jason Johnson:  Gentlemen, if you please…I do have other work I need to do tonight.  If you would…? 

Jason motions for the door. 

Rasheed Arif:  No!  Gosh darn it, sir, no!  You will hear us out!  You will NOT replace Donovan King as SHOOT Project World Champion!  I say to you, sir NO! 

Jason looks behind Arif and Kilgore. 

Jason Johnson:  …if you would? 

Arif freezes. 

Rasheed Arif:  …the Mexican’s behind me, isn’t he? 

The camera pans back to reveal, standing in the doorway behind Kilgore and Arif…is ADRIAN CORAZON. 

Jason Johnson:  Gentlemen. 

Kilgore locks eyes with Corazon.  Corazon does not budge.  Kilgore sighs and leaves the office with Arif behind him, his eyes down, looking at the floor.  He shuffles past Corazon, who shakes his head as they leave.  Corazon and Jason look at one another once the two of them are finally gone. 

Jason Johnson:  You know…sooner or later you’re going to speak your mind on what’s been going on, aren’t you? 

Corazon smirks, closing the door behind him and leaving Jason Johnson alone once again.


A black slate quickly cuts to a pair of olive-colored eyes, which now fill the screen. 

Voice: Some want to call me a joke. 

Others want to laugh at me behind my back. 

Some want to control my every move. 

And then there are some who look at me like an idiot-savant when I succeed.

I hear the whispers… 

I see the looks I get… 

From the big brass in their backstage offices to the fans in the stands, I am seen as nothing more than a side show who’s just gotten a lucky break. 

The eyes close and a laugh can be heard. 

Voice: Now that Master of the Mat is almost here… it’s time to put me back in my place… it’s time to teach me a lesson… it’s time to let the veterans run the show. 

I’ve given it some thought… some serious consideration… 

…and personally I think it’s time you all shut the fuck up 

The camera pans back to reveal The Ox… standing by himself outside of the SHOOT Project Epicenter, arms crossed, with a shaved head… wearing nothing but a pair of black pants with gold trim… and based on the scene, the video couldn’t have been made much more than thirty minutes ago.  

Bathed in the lights from the arena, one can see a countless number of scars on The Ox’s mid-section… some smaller than an inch and others running from his hips all the way up to his collarbone. Ox stares down the camera, his demeanor significantly more somber than most are used to. He uncrosses his arms and forms a fist which he holds up toward the camera. 

Ox: Meet your new Iron Fist Champion, assholes 

With that, the image cuts back to black and then… 




The house lights dim, a huge spotlight hits the ring, and the bell rings three times, letting us know it is time for the Main Event of the evening. Amazing by Kayne West begins to play and the fans rise to their feet and look up the aisle into the entranceway expectantly.  Sinnocence and Osbourne Kilminster step into the aisle, and make their way to the ring, walking side by side, looking intense, and confident. The fans don’t seem to appreciate the competitors as they walk to the ring, and the reaction for Oz and Sinn is largely negative.  

As Ozzy and Sinnocence enter the ring and walk over to the far corner, The Hounds by The Protomen starts blasting over the loudspeakers. Azraith DeMitri and the man known as “The Willenium” Trey Willett emerge from the dressing room into the glare of the spotlight and head up the aisle.  The reaction from the fans is much more positive for the second team to enter the ringside area. Azraith DeMitri and Willenium slide into the ring, and raise their arms over their heads to a chorus of cheers.   

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for your MAIN EVENT of the evening!  This is a Tag Team contest, scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit, or TV time remaining! Introducing first, in the far corner, at a combined weight of 406 pounds, here is the team of Sinnocence and Osbourne Kilminster! 

Sinn and Ozzy look totally focused and do not even acknowledge the announcement of their names, or the chorus of jeers from the sold out crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter. 

Samantha Coil: And now, their opponents!  In the opposite corner, at a combined weight of… 

Before Samantha can finish making her announcements, Osbourne Kilminster charges directly at Azraith DeMitri, and starts swinging madly, throwing a flurry of insane punches at the man known as The Broken Avatar.  Azraith had been in the process of extending his hand to Sinnocence, so Az is caught totally off guard and is driven to the ground from the onslaught. 

Tony Lorenzo curses loudly and calls for the bell.  The bell rings to start the match, and before things get out of hand, Lorenzo interjects himself between Sinnocence and Trey Willett, and orders them to their respective corners, leaving only Osbourne Kilminster and Azraith Demitri in the ring. 

Eryk Masters: We’re off to a quick start here fans, with Osbourne Kilminster going berserk and attacking Azraith DeMitri before the bell can even sound to start this match…

The Other Guy: Ozzy looks crazy!  When he saw Azraith DeMitri extend his hand to Sinnocence, he went crazy! 

After peppering DeMitri with punches, Ozzy starts to pull Az to his feet. DeMitri grabs the arm of Osbourne Kilminster and Irish Whips him into the ropes. Kilminster bounces off hard and DeMitri nails him with a perfectly timed lariat style clothesline.  

Both men climb to their feet and Azraith DeMitri connects with another punch to the jaw of Kilminster, then follows it up with a series of blows which Kilminster unsuccessfully tries to fend off. Osbourne Kilminster fights back with a sharp, perfectly placed knee strike, which catches Az right in the midsection, doubling him over.  

As Az struggles to get his air, Ozzy grabs his arm and propels him into the Kilminster & Sinnocence corner, smack into the turnbuckle, with some serious authority. DeMitri slumps down into a sitting position and Osbourne Kilminster runs at him and delivers a martial arts style kick right to the face of Azraith DeMitri!  The sold out crowd gasps loudly at the sight of Osbourne Kilminster nailing Azraith DeMitri with the precision move. 

Kilminster tags in Sinnocence and then props DeMitri up, leaving him open for the shot to the gut that Sinnocence delivers. Sinn starts to drive a series of sharp chops to the head and neck area of Azraith DeMitri, over and over again.  Az is still having trouble breathing from the knee to the gut, followed by the kick, and now he is being stung by the chops from Sinn.  Az falls to his knees. 

The Other Guy: Sinnocence is showing that size doesn’t matter here! She’s chopping DeMitri down with those strikes!

Eryk Masters: You know OG, one thing I have already noticed about this match – and I suspected it as I saw the teams come to the ring – is that Sinn and Ozzy are working as a team.  You can tell that they have discussed strategy. I’m not sure Az and Willenium are the same page here, and it’s costing Azraith DeMitri right now.

Sinnocence looks down as DeMitri slowly gets up to his feet. Azraith DeMitri, visibly wavering on his feet, throws an awkward punch at Sinnocence that misses and sends him spinning around. Sinnocence leaps into the air and executes a perfect spinning kick, right to the back of Azraith DeMitri’s head! 

Sinnocence slides to the mat and hooks DeMitri’s leg. 



Azraith DeMitri kicks out with authority, and as he does so, Willenium enters the ring for the first time, charging towards Sinnocence.  Willenium knocks Sinnocence off of DeMitri and then gets on top of her, beginning to pound away at Sinnocence without any control.  

Kilminster quickly gets into the ring and pulls Trey Willett off of his tag team partner. Willenium turns to face Osbourne Kilminster and lifts him clear off the mat with a devastating uppercut. Sinnocence is on his feet now and he spins Willenium around and is about to lay into him when his face turns to shock…as Azraith DeMitri sneaks up behind and executes a school boy roll up! 



Sinnocence escapes! 

Tony Lorenzo starts to shout at Willenium to leave the ring, and Willett does so grudgingly as Osbourne Kilminster lays in the corner of the ring still trying to recover his senses. Sinnocence jumps right up, furious at the attempted sneakiness from Azraith DeMitri, and knocks DeMitri straight to the mat with another spinning kick.  

DeMitri fires a boot at Sinnocence, but she grabs his foot. An instant later the standing leg of DeMitri goes airborne and he connects with a boot from the other leg which drops Sinn hard to the mat! 

Eryk Masters: Wow, Az almost separated Sinn’s head from her body with that huge boot.

The Other Guy: She was doing well for a while, but the bottom line is that Az is a big, powerful, and most of all experienced guy, and he can capitalize on that one mistake, just like he did there! 

DeMitri slowly walks to his corner and almost angrily tags in Trey Willett. Sinnocence is on her feet now and faces Willenium, who leaps into the air with a flying clothesline that sends them both down to the mat. 

Willenium gets up quickly and immobilizes the head and shoulder of Sinnocence as he brings her to his feet. Trey Willett lifts Sinnocence up and bounces her off the top rope, then snaps her over with a quick suplex, using the ropes for extra force. 

Willenium releases Sinnocence on impact and springs to his feet. Kilminster looks like he wants to go at Trey Willett, but holds back as Willenium once again moves in on Sinnocence. Sinnocence rolls to the side, climbing to her feet, holding her lower back as she circles around Trey Willett.  

Willenium engages in a tie up and quickly pushes Sinnocence back into the corner. Sinnocence grabs the top rope and Lorenzo calls for the break. Willenium takes a few steps back and then suddenly whirls around and delivers a devastating backhand to the head of Sinnocence! The fans go nuts as Trey Willett leaps on top of Sinnocence, pinning her in the corner, driving her down to the mat, and sending a barrage of punches at her. 

The Other Guy: Looks like Trey has lost his cool here, and he is taking his frustration out on Sinn.

Eryk Masters: He was trapped on the apron for quite a while, and he is showing Sinn that if she wants to be the new number one star in SHOOT Project, she’s going to have to take a beating.  Uh oh, look out!  Here comes Ozzy! 

Kilminster gets into the ring and rushes in to break up the beating, but Azraith DeMitri intercepts him with a vicious boot that knocks Osbourne to the mat. Trey Willett continues to unleash on Sinnocence, delivering three or four successive blows straight to her face.  

In the middle of the ring Osbourne Kilminster ducks a clothesline from Azraith DeMitri and runs and leaps on top of Willenium, trying to pin his arms so he can’t keep hitting Sinnocence.  

Sinnocence, somewhat dazed from the beating Trey Willett gave her lays mostly still as the struggle ensues just a few feet away from her. Suddenly Azraith DeMitri flies into the picture, dropping an elbow on the struggle between Kilminster and Trey Willett, hitting both of them! 

The Other Guy: Well, that put an end to that!

The crowd watches on pins and needles as all the competitors slowly recover. Lorenzo has sent DeMitri out of the ring, who watches as Lorenzo now tries to get Osbourne Kilminster to crawl to his own corner. Sinnocence drags herself to her feet at roughly the same time as Trey Willett. They lunge at each other, tying up a second time.  

Willenium tries to push Sinnocence back into the turnbuckle again but a quick flick of her foot up between Willenium’s legs stops that. Willenium gasps in shock and doubles over from the low blow.  Sinnocence takes the time to go over and tag out to Osbourne Kilminster, while Willenium lays on the mat in pain from the low blow. 

Osbourne Kilminster stands over Willenium with a big smirk on his face. Finally, Kilminster reaches down, dragging Trey Willett back up to his feet and stunning him with a forearm shot to the head. He pushes Willenium against the ropes and then sends him flying into the opposite ropes. Trey Willett comes off and gets taken down with a perfect drop toehold.  

In an instant Kilminster is on his feet and flips Trey Willett over, splitting his legs. Kilminster steps between and crosses Willenium’s legs in front of him. Osbourne Kilminster gets a cocky smile on his face and tries to turn Trey Willett over, who fights it. With one powerful movement Kilminster gets Willenium over and Trey Willett immediately yells in pain! 

The Other Guy:Grapevine submission!  Osbourne Kilminster has Trey Willett locked up in a Sharpshooter/Texas Cloverleaf style submission hold, and look at the torque he is putting on those legs as he twists them!

Eryk Masters: Everybody knows Osbourne Kilminster is a master of technical grappling and he probably has hundreds of submission holds in his arsenal, and this is an oldie but a goodie…and he has Willenium locked up tight! 

Willenium pushes himself up, and tries to walk on his hands towards the ropes. He gets a bit closer to the ropes, but the smiling Kilminster simply applies more pressure to his back and Trey Willett collapses back to the mat. On the apron, Azraith DeMitri begins lifting his arms, gathering the crowd behind Trey Willett, who is clearly screaming in pain as this crippling submission hold goes on. 

The Other Guy: The fans aren’t going to break this hold with some cheers.  Ozzy is going to break Willenium’s legs and back!

Willenium once again props himself up and in two quick hand steps and a lunge grasps a hold of the bottom rope! 

Eryk Masters: He did it!  Willenium finally grabbed that rope, but how much damage has been done?

Osbourne Kilminster releases the hold, shrugs, and walks over to his corner, tagging in Sinnocence. Willenium pulls himself along the bottom rope towards one of the neutral turnbuckles, slowly getting up. As he turns around, Sinnocence is right there, and surprises him by throwing him into the far ropes with an Irish Whip. However, Sinnocence doesn’t realize how close to the corner Willenium got, and as he bounces off, Azraith DeMitri slaps Willenium’s back tagging himself in! 

The fans erupt again, but Sinnocence still guns for Trey Willett, clinching him in a rear waist-lock. But before she can execute any type of maneuver on Trey Willett, DeMitri leaps around and delivers a crushing overhead shot to the kidneys of Sinnocence, causing her to release the hold. Trey Willett drops to a knee and quickly rolls out of the ring. 

The Other Guy: Oh man, DeMitri just punched Sinn right in the ovaries!

Eryk Masters: That’s called a kidney punch, OG.

Azraith DeMitri grabs Sinnocence’s head and drives it into the mat with a bulldog. He gets to his feet and leaps into the air with a standing elbow smash, but at the last minute, Sinn rolls out of the way and Azraith DeMitri hits the mat hard. Sinnocence staggers over and brings in Kilminster! 

Azraith DeMitri is up, holding his arm but he gets promptly knocked back down with a thunderous elbow to the head. Osbourne Kilminster immediately reaches down and brings Azraith DeMitri up to his feet. The fans boo loudly as Osbourne Kilminster nails Azraith right across the throat with a martial arts style chop! 

Azraith grasps his throat and thrashes on the mat as Osbourne Kilminster smirks above him, stalking around in a circle. As Azraith DeMitri brings himself up to a single knee Kilminster grabs him and Irish whips him. DeMitri runs right back into the waiting arms of Kilminster who picks him up and drops him down with a slam, staying in position for a casual cover. 



Kickout by Azraith DeMitri! 

Eryk Masters: I can’t figure out if Ozzy is afraid of Azraith DeMitri or if he hates him.  He is acting aggressive but he looks kind of scared. 

The Other Guy: He also looks kind of crazy.  Maybe he is facing his fear or something, I don’t know. I’m no shrink.

Osbourne Kilminster laughs as DeMitri shakily gets back up to his feet. He sends DeMitri with power into a vacant turnbuckle chest first. DeMitri hits with a ton of momentum chest first and staggers, back facing towards the center of the ring. Kilminster spins him around quickly and hooks a leg in the air…cradle suplex! 

The Other Guy: That could be it! ONE! TWO! 

Eryk Masters: Here comes Willenium!

The fans cheer in relief as Willenium lifts Osbourne Kilminster completely off Azraith DeMitri with a powerful kick to the ribs.  Kilminster gets to his feet, and nails Willenium upside the head with a high martial arts style kick! Willenium hits the mat, and Osbourne Kilminster slaps on an ankle lock! 

Both men are screaming loudly enough to be heard over the racket caused by the fans. Osbourne Kilminster is screaming at Willenium to quit, to give up. Osbourne Kilminster’s face twists in a demented visage of rage as he cranks on the ankle of Willenium even further. Willenium stretches out, desperately trying to get out, but the ropes are two meters away on either side, and he’s dead center of the ring! 

Eryk Masters: Wait a minute – Willett didn’t tag in, he just came in to make the save!  Azraith DeMitri is still the legal man!

Willenium’s hand is just inches off the mat, trembling as he fights the urge to tap, Kilminster still screaming at him! Azraith DeMitri breaks the hold with a forearm to the back of Kilminster’s head! 

The fans boo loudly as Azraith DeMitri is being ordered to the apron, even though Willenium never got the tag! Willenium is laying on the mat, in agony. Sinnocence is now in the ring, firing chops at Azraith DeMitri, who is now being held in place by Kilminster! 

The Other Guy: Lorenzo has totally lost control of this match, Masters. Both teams are coming in and out without tags, breaking up pins, and doing double team moves.  This is chaos!  I love it!

Sinnocence knocks the wind out of Azraith DeMitri with a kick, and Kilminster lets him fall to the mat. Kilminster turns and looks down at Trey Willett, measuring him up for something when suddenly Azraith DeMitri weakly springs back up and boots Kilminster in the back tumbling him over the top rope! 

DeMitri doesn’t know that Sinnocence is right behind him however. DeMitri grabs the top of the ropes and looks like he is considering going outside after Kilminster.  Kilminster looks up and screams as Az grabs him by the hair and pulls him back into the ring.  Just as Ozzy is dragged back into the ring, Sinn nails Az right in the back of the knees with a dropkick! 

Azraith DeMitri is laying on the canvas holding his legs, Osbourne Kilminster is laying a mere foot away from him, holding his head, and a few feet away from that Willenium is laying there, holding his ankle. Tony Lorenzo seems confused as to who is legal but he is delivering a standing ten count to the downed fighters.

Sinn decides she is not done with Azraith DeMitri, so she bends over to try and pull him to his feet, which is a mistake. As soon as DeMitri is up, his arms reach out and grab Sinnocence around the neck! DeMitri straightens up and lifts Sinnocence up for what appears to be the beginnings of a powerbomb, but suddenly he sits out and force-spikes his Sinn’s upper back and neck into the canvas with a highly modified sit-out powerbomb! The whole ring shakes with the impact of the move, and DeMitri stays on top for the cover as Lorenzo slides in for the cover… 

Eryk Masters: Extinction!  That might be it!

The Other Guy: You kidding me?  The whole arena shook from that! 



Osbourne Kilminster lunges to break the count, but Willenium weakly tackles him, preventing him! 


The bell rings and the fans explode in cheers as Azraith DeMitri’s theme music starts to play over the Sound System in the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  DeMitri slowly stands up and allows Tony Lorenzo to hold his arm in the air, as Samantha Coil takes the microphone in her hand from outside the ring… 

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 20 minutes and 40 seconds…Trey Willett and Azraith DeMitri! 

Remarkably, Azraith DeMitri bends down and helps Sinnocence to her feet!  As the fans cheer, DeMitri offers his hand to Sinnocence for a handshake, but before she can decide, Osbourne Kilminster scrambles to his feet and charges at DeMitri again, shoving him away.  Az looks like he has had enough of Ozzy, so he starts to trade shots back and forth with him.  

Sinnocence looks like she is about to get involved but before she can, Willenium spins her around and fires a wicked chop to her chest.  Sinn immediately returns the favor, and fires back with a chop of her own.  As Az and Ozzy trade bone crunching punches, Willenium and Sinn are also standing toe-to-toe chopping away at each other. 

Tony Lorenzo is trying in vain to break up the brawl but he is having no luck.  The bell rings over and over to signal for more referees to help out, and every fan in the arena is on their feet, cheering their hearts out at the continuing brawl. 

Eryk Masters: You said you loved chaos, OG and it looks like we’ve got it!

The Other Guy: This is SHOOT Project, Masters!  Total war, just like the Pay Per View is going to be!  Oh crap, we’re out of time… 

The scene fades as the SHOOT Project logo appears on the screen, with a reminder to order the Master of the Mat Pay Per View, and we are out…