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Revolution 63 – 8/15/10

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt.  A second shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.  The next shot is Corazon glaring hard onto the camera, his black trenchcoat, with a split second shot of him standing over ‘Diamond’ Del Carver from years past. 

You need to think fast 

A shot of Dan Stein flying off the second turnbuckle is shown, nailing Trey Willett with a flying clothesline is shown, followed quickly by Killian Reilly grinning at the camera, saluting with a beer.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Donovan King gritting his teeth, in full wrestling gear, is shown next.  He stands of the center of the same ring, smoke emanating around him, with a split second shot of him standing over Jonny Johnson from years past. 

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed.  

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera as CJ Nelson is shown immediately following hitting him again and again and again with a steel chair. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Dan Stein is shown next, alone in the ring, puckering slightly to the camera and pulling his shirt up to reveal his washboard abs.  

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Cade Sydal is shown immediately afterward, hitting the infamous Ninjaguiri to Eli Storm, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Dave Marz connects with Marz Attacks on Dina Bryce, followed immediately by footage of Buck Dresden’s arrival on the scene. 

You need a miracle!  

PERDITION are shown completely destroying the Flying Avengers, Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman rallying the fans from the turnbuckles after the onslaught. 

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Osbourne Kilminster is shown staring at all the SHOOT Project faithful in the stands before the camera shifts to him locking in the beginning of the Wake Up Call on Azraith DeMitri. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

The individual faces of the SHOOT Project roster, each and every one of them, are flashed at the screen one after another.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Crash Carver hitting the Crash Landing on Lennox Ferguson. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Azraith DeMitri hitting the Extinction on Osbourne Kilminster. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Trey Willett performing The Dawn of a New Era on Dan Stein. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Ainsley Lake. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


The scene goes backstage where Abigail Chase can be found, holding a SHOOT Project microphone and standing in front of a SHOOT Project logo. Alongside her stands Mr. Heart wearing his usual wrestling gear. Stood directly behind Heart are two, stocky, bald-headed guys wearing sunglasses and black suits. Each guy has an ear piece in their left ear and has their hands locked in front of their bodies.

Abigail Chase: Hello everyone. You join me backstage with a man who has a chance to win the Sin City Championship tonight against the current champion, Jaime Alejandro.

Heart looks down the camera lens with a sly grin on his face.

Abigail Chase: That man is Mr. Heart. Mr. Heart, can I firstly ask you… What’s with the reinforcements?

Mr. Heart: Reinforcements? My dear girl, you have judged this situation all wrong. These two men you see behind me are not reinforcements… They are hired protection. As you know, I am a man with many business enemies. Just recently I have had threats made against my good self. Those threats are not to be joked at.

Abigail Chase: I’m sorry. I might be wrong but it does look awfully fishy that you choose to bring this “hired protection” to Revolution the very same week you face Jaime Alejandro for the Sin City Championship.

Mr. Heart: Let me stop you right there. As I said earlier, these two are here for my personal safety… They are not here to play any part in my wrestling career. As for my opponent… I have an apology to make. For you see, before Master of the Mat I said some hurtful words that I believe now were unjust and duly uncalled for. I wrote off Mr. Alejandro before the match as being too elderly, out of practice and a loser.

Heart looks down towards the floor, takes a moment to regain his composure and then continues.

Mr. Heart: This is very difficult for me, as you can expect, but tonight… Tonight I want to apologise to Jaime Alejandro. At Master of the Mat I came to realise that you are not a washed up wrestler looking to make a few extra dollars before he retires or dies… I realised that you are a man of great enthusiasm… That you posses a great desire to win… That you hold a gigantic respect to each of your opponents. So tonight… I offer you my hand… I offer you my hand out of respect.

Heart holds out his hand as if going to shake an imaginary being in front of him. The two bodyguards still standing rigid behind him.

Mr. Heart: Tonight Mr. Alejandro, I say we put on a great spectacle… One the fans should have been treated to at the pay-per-view. For once, let us bask in the glory of a true wrestling match between two high calibre individuals.

Heart bows his head towards Abigail before motioning for his “hired protection” to follow him. Heart walks off screen leaving Chase staring in the direction he went.



Samantha Coil: This opening match is for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!  It is for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! 

“Kiri” by MONORAL starts playing over the SHOOT Project Epicenter sound system.  Jaime Alejandro slowly walks out holding the Sin City Championship over his shoulder.  He wears his black pants with the blue flames slowly crawling his leg and a towel behind his neck.  The eye patch is firmly over his right eye.  As he stands still, the pyrotechnical chain pulls out a set of blue “wings.” The crowd pops in complete awe, as he moves towards the ring.  He slaps a few hands along the way to the steps. 

As he moves over to Denis Heflin, the zebra slowly checks him for any foreign objects. 

Eryk Masters:  And we start this show off with the first title defense of the Sin City Championship.  Jaime Alejandro, in a very short time has made his impact inside the SHOOT Project. 

The Other Guy:  No doubt, E.  He’s come into the company with no illusions of what was expected of him.  And he’s been hustling since day one in the company. 

Eryk Masters:  He gets to defend the title against one of the more prominent rising stars from the UK… 

“The Almighty Dollar” by Ozzy Osbourne cranks up over the sound system for all to hear and promptly boo.  Mr. Heart comes out with his purple tights.  As he checks his taped black hands, four large men in black suits surround him on either side.  All five men come to the ring slowly.  As the purple lights flash over the entrance, Mr. Heart points orders for the men to surround the ringside area. 

Mr. Heart enters the ring through the steps slowly.  As he does, Heflin checks him for the foreign objects of any sort.  Yet, we feel the imposing nature of the four men surrounding the ring.  Jaime simply is squatting down with his back against the corner staring at Heart. 

Other Guy:  Holy hell!  This is what Heart called for at the end of the promo!  He’s got thugs at ringside!  So much for turning over a new leaf. 

Eryk Masters:  There might be a logical explanation for this, OG.  You never really know. 

Heflin looks around the ring for a second before he nods to Samantha. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first.  Hailing from San Antonio, Texas.  Coming in at six foot four and two hundred and thirty-five pounds.  He is the SIN CITY CHAMPION!  This is “THE SAINT” JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

Jaime shoots himself up and holds up the title over his head for the audience to see.  He then moves the title in front of his face for Mr. Heart to see with his own eyes. 

Eryk Masters:  Help or no help, Mr. Heart isn’t intimidating the champ by any means. 

Other Guy:  Jaime Alejandro is simply wrestling dominance by the fact that you can put in one man, two men, three men, or the damn locker room against him.  He’s just ready to fight. 

Jaime tries to stare a hole through Mr. Heart… 

Samantha Coil:  The Challenger.  Hailing from London, England.  Coming in at six foot two and two hundred and twenty-five pounds.  He is MR. HEART! 

Mr. Heart holds both of his hands up in the air, as the crowd boos incessantly towards his general direction.  He seems uncaring about what the crowd thinks of him, as he asks Samantha for the microphone. 

Other Guy:  What the hell?  He’s asking for a mic already? 

Eryk Masters:  Let’s give him a chance.  He can’t be any worse than Charles.  Brandon.  Magnus. 

Other Guy:  Point noted, good sir. 

Mr. Heart clears his throat and puts the microphone up to his mouth. 

Mr. Heart:  Allow me to explain the hired suits, Jaime.  If I may…  I want this match to be a nice tete-a-tete between you and I.  I don’t want any bloody interference in this match from that jackass with three names he loves to repeat or from the UK Dragon.  If they want their shot at that championship, they better earn it in the following match.  Don’t you agree? 

Jaime nods to Mr. Heart and hands the belt to Heflin.  Heflin hands the belt to Mark Kendrick, who places it beside his bell.  He readies the small hammer, and then… 


Eryk Masters:  It’s time for the first match after  Master of the Mat!  And this one is for the new championship! 

Other Guy:  And both men are ready to move! 

Mr. Heart holds his hand out for Jaime to shake.  Jaime is a bit hesitant, at first.  However, that code of honor he holds himself to seems to win out.  Both men shake and then separate for a bit. 

Other Guy:  Jaime Alejandro shaking the hand of Mr. Heart to begin this match.  If you had to compare him to anyone, E.  Who? 

Eryk Masters:  He’s the true mystery of SHOOT, honestly.  He seems more out of the book of Miyamoto Musashi than out of the modern wrestling book.  I’d say he’s closer to a nicer Jun Akiyama. 

Other Guy:  Almost like his Batman analogy? 

Eryk Masters:  Without the whole insanity. 

Both men lock up arm to elbow and try to jockey for any position they can get.  Considering that both men are of the same size on paper, it’s a nice back and forth struggle for momentum.  As one man tries to gain an advantage over the other, the other man usually counterbalances. 

Eryk Masters:  This is what we didn’t get to see during the four way matchup.  An actual match of strength and skill between Heart and Alejandro. 

Other Guy:  Both men seem to be unable to get a clear advantage over each other.  This one might not go as easy as we thought it would. 

Jaime tries for one last surge and pushes Mr. Heart back hard.  He follows through and sends over Mr. Heart with an Irish whip.  As Heart comes back, Jaime tries to nail him with a hard clothesline.  Mr. Heart ducks under and redirects himself, only to meet a hard backhand chop from the Saint! 

The crowd yells, “WOOOOOOOOO!” 

Other Guy:  Holy shit, that one stung, E! 

Eryk Masters:  The man known for his strong style doesn’t disappoint, as he leaves a huge welt across the chest of one Mr. Heart… 

Other Guy:  That’s gonna hurt in the morning, man! 

Mr. Heart holds his chest for a second and comes back with a chop of his own for Jaime!  Jaime flinches as the crowd starts getting a bit excited over what they’re seeing.  Jaime lands another chop on Mr. Heart.  Heart lands one in return.  Jaime lands another hard chop!  Mr. Heart gets another good one that nails Jaime across the pecs and punches him right in the jaw. 

Jaime goes back hard! 

Eryk Masters:  Mr. Heart showing a bit of fire on his own, OG!  He’s taking the fight back to the Saint! 

Other Guy:  He’s going to have to, E!  Jaime isn’t going to lay down and give him the belt for being a good boy.  You’re going to have to beat it out of him. 

Jaime kips up from that shot and stares down Mr. Heart.  He’s saying a few unkind words to his opponent, and Heart’s had his fill of angry talk as he slaps Jaime across the face.  Jaime rubs his face and… 


Mr. Heart hits the ground hard from that patented Inoki style slap! 

Other Guy:  Straight from Tokyo Fucking Japan, express delivered from Antonio Inoki to Mr. Heart’s face, man!  That slap echoed to the cheap seats! 

Eryk Masters:  The Toukon Slap aka “The Fighting Spirit” slap first used by Antonio Inoki back in his prime…  Jaime Alejandro just added a whole new element of hurt to it. 

Jaime moves down to pull Heart back up slowly by his arms.  He pulls him over to a front facelock and quickly vaults him over for a snap suplex.  As quickly as he can, The Saint pulls Mr. Heart up for a chinlock and grinds it in.  Mr. Heart seems to be looking for his position, as he feels the large bicep of the Saint on the right side of his jaw, and the forearm over his left side of his jaw.  He slaps Jaime’s arm to keep from going out quickly. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime’s got that textbook chinlock on Mr. Heart.  It’s not pretty.  It’s not exciting.  But it is effective. 

Other Guy:  The Saint is realizing that he needs to get Mr. Heart down to where he can use that dominant style over him.  And fans, that might involve wearing out the opponent. 

Mr. Heart scoots himself around the ring trying to get any position he can to break out of the hold.  He taps Jaime’s arm again and tries to get to a knee.  After a bit of struggle, he gets to both knees.  From here, he moves to a standing base where he can get Jaime moving slowly.  Jaime tries his best to halt the momentum.  Yet, the backpedal begins as Mr. Heart slams Jaime back first into the corner. 

He starts getting Jaime with a series of quick rights to keep the champ honest.  Slowly, Mr. Heart tries to give it all he’s got and whips Jaime to the other corner.  Jaime hits the opposite turnbuckle hard and goes down face first! 

Eryk Masters:  Mr. Heart had to muster everything from the gas tank for that shot.  The Saint took a hard shot! 

Other Guy:  Jaime might actually be in a bit of trouble, E!  He’s not faced a challenger like this, and Heart wants that belt. 

Jaime is holding his back gingerly, as Mr. Heart tries to get a jump on him.  Jaime gets assisted upward and delivers a hard shot to Mr. Heart’s midsection. Mr. Heart backs up a bit and gets a reverse punch to the stomach.  The Saint stands toe to toe with Mr. Heart near the ropes when all of a sudden… 

Other Guy:  What the hell is this?!! 

One of the bodyguards gets the referee’s attention.  Heflin is trying to get the large suited man off of the apron. 

Eryk Masters:  You wondered when the hired help was going to get up close and personal! 

Other Guy:  I knew this was too good to be true! 

Alejandro seems to have had enough and pops the suit in the mouth.  He promptly lifts him up in the air.  Jaime stalls for a bit. 


Other Guy:  Jaime reminding the suit why you don’t interfere in his match. 

Eryk Masters:  The Saint, almost coldly, involving that hired gun in the match.  Although, not for too long! 

Mr. Heart goes to the man and starts yelling at him.  Telling him not to interfere in the match?!!  He picks the man up and throws him out of the ring.  The man hits the floor, as his co-workers assist him up.  Mr. Heart screams at them to not interfere in the match! 

Eryk Masters:  Heart is telling his help to keep out?!! 

Other Guy:  It sounds like it. 

Mr. Heart turns back to the ring and looks at Alejandro and nods to him.  Both men lock in again and this time, Mr. Heart gets the push for an Irish whip.  Jaime comes around for the clothesline attempt from Mr. Heart, but Jaime ducks under and nails him with a hard back kick to the jaw.  Mr. Heart falls back hard. 

As soon as this happens, another bodyguard hops up on the ramp.  Heflin moves over to tell him to get off of the ramp.  Jaime takes exception and moves down on one hand for… 


The suit takes his shot to the side of his head and falls down to the apron!  As soon as Jaime gets back to his feet… 


Other Guy:  What is this shit?!! 

Eryk Masters:  Mr. Heart was playing possum!  He timed that one just right for when the Saint hit the ground. 

Jaime feels the breath leaving his body, as his boys have been crushed by a well placed shot.  Heflin turns around to see Mr. Heart roll up the champ in a schoolboy! 




Eryk Masters:  Either Mr. Heart didn’t hit him hard enough… 

Other Guy:  No…  Look at that expression. 

Jaime kips himself up and stares right at Mr. Heart.  He’s not very happy with that stunt, to say the least.  He grabs his opponent by the hair and slings him to the corner.  The Saint starts chopping in rhythm, followed by a series of punches and topped off with a rolling elbow! 

Other Guy:  Did someone call for a Violence Party?!! 

Eryk Masters:  I don’t think Mr. Heart did. 

Jaime inhales deeply and slings Mr. Heart over to the opposite corner.  As Heart hits against the turnbuckle,  Jaime takes off running and takes a leap into the corner! 


The swinging clothesline hits the throat of Mr. Heart with all it’s worth.  Mr. Heart slowly lumbers out and falls face first.  Jaime pulls himself back in and pulls Mr. Heart to the middle of the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  Why isn’t he going for the Hashimoto Special, OG? 

Jaime pulls the arms into a double chickenwing, as he does, he flips himself over driving Mr. Heart’s head right into the mat! 


Other Guy:  Because he’s going to make Heart suffer!  Bryan Danielson calls this Cattle Mutilation.  Jaime calls this Negotiation.  Because with the Saint, the only way you get out is to tap, bitch, tap! 

Mr. Heart screams out, “I give up!” 

Heflin taps on Jaime to let go of the move.  Jaime releases it, and Mr. Heart goes limp for a second.  The ref raises the arm of the Saint. 

Samantha Coil:  The winner and still SIN CITY CHAMPION!  “THE SAINT”… 

Samantha is pushed out of the way by the guards as they all bound into the ring.  They decide to surround The Saint. 

Other Guy:  Seems the Saint is in a bit of trouble here! 

Eryk Masters:  No seems to it, he is in trouble! 

The guards gang up, as Jaime throws every shot he’s got to the guards.  He’s putting up a good fight, until Mr. Heart pops him again in the balls.  Jaime goes down this time hard. 

He tells his guards to lift up the champion.  As they follow his orders, they lift up the fallen Saint.  All four men push him to a waiting Mr. Heart.  He readies his leg… 


Jaime takes a hard kick to his right eye!  He holds his face in seething pain.  Mr. Heart pulls up Jaime and calls for a mic. 

Mr. Heart:  You see, Jaime.  When it all comes to it, I’m turning over a new leaf.  I’m going to make sure I take that bloody title!  Even if I have to cripple you, because you won’t take my money.  You won’t take my hints!  So, let’s speak in a language you understand, you cretin!  VIOLENCE! 

He takes the microphone and smashes it above Jaime’s eye! 

Eryk Masters:  I would say he’s a sore loser, but Alejandro’s the one taking the lumps tonight! 

Other Guy:  Man, this is jacked up!  Mr. Heart said he wanted to fight fair.  It seems his idea is to cripple the champ! 

He then pulls the back of Alejandro’s neck over his shoulder and crashes it down hard! 


The champ is out cold and in a prone position…  Heflin calls for the EMTs as Jaime is motionless. 

Other Guy:  The opening match, and we have our Sin City Champ out cold.  He might have won the match, but he ain’t looking so good, E… 

Eryk Masters:  I think Batman just met his Joker… 

Mr. Heart then lays the belt over Jaime’s body and motions for his guards to move out behind him.  The audience boos insistently as they react to what they’ve just seen.  The people start throwing insults and sign language at Mr. Heart as he looks back at Jaime’s motionless self.  Then, he raises his arm in victory. 

The audience starts to erupt in more boos, as he starts to leave. 

Other Guy:  It seems that the Saint is now a marked man, and does he have enough left to stay on top of the mountain?


We cut backstage to Abigail Chase. She is standing with Trey Willett in front of his locker room door. Trey stands with his left arm propping him up against the wall behind him. Trey appears to have just arrived to the arena, and has his gear bag lying on the floor in front of him. He is wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a solid white T. 

Abigail Chase: Abigail Chase here with The Willenium Trey Willett. Trey, other than your promotional videos for you upcoming match tonite, you’ve been kind of quiet since your defeat in the Master of the Mat tournament. In fact, we didn’t see you at all at the pay per view. Can you give me your feelings on the way the tournament turned out?

Trey pushes himself from the wall and leans in towards Chase. She pushes the microphone into his face. Trey swiped a stray bang from his face and looks towards the camera.

Trey: Well Sinn and Azraith fought like hell through the whole thing, and I guess I owe Azraith a big congrats on the win. I’m sure he’ll make a fine champ.

Abigail: So, after teaming with Azraith to defeat Sinn and Ozzy, have you heard anything about getting a shot at Azraith for the world title?

Trey: No. While I would gladly challenge Azraith for his belt, there has been no contact between myself and management, or myself and Azraith about a possible title match. Right now, I’m focused on my match with Dan tonight.

Abigail: Speaking of Dan, there has been a lot made over some sort of bad blood between the two of you. You’ve made it no secret your feelings towards him. Tell me, what can we expect to see out there in the ring tonite? Are you going to be more aggressive towards Dan than you are your other opponents? Or is this just another match to you?

Trey: I’m always aggressive in the ring, and I will go out there like any other match and just give it everything I have. That being said, to say this is just another match to me would be a lie. Dan and I haven’t had a great relationship over my career, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t looking forward to locking up with him tonite. But as far as being more aggressive? No. I’m not going out there to hurt Dan, just to beat him. If he wants respect from me, this is the place to get it.

Abigail: Thank you, Trey. This has been Abigail Chase backstage with your main eventer Trey Willett.

Abigail drops the mic to her side as she walks off. The camera crew starts to follow as Trey opens his locker room door. Just as they are about to leave, they catch a glimpse of Curtis Rose sitting in the locker room. They follow Trey in, hoping to get an interview with the former SHOOT wrestler. Curtis is sitting on the center bench in front of Trey’s locker. He is holding a handful of shattered, white fiberglass. Trey’s locker door is swung wide open. On the floor in front of Curtis, is a scrap of black paper. Curtis stares at the mask in his hand, his gaze unwaivering.

Trey: Curtis? What the hell are you doing in my locker? And what is all this?

Curtis: I wasn’t in your locker. It was open like this when I got here. This stuff was sitting on the floor of it. It’s my mask, man. If they’re after me, why would they put this stuff in your locker?

Trey reaches down onto the floor and picks up the black piece of paper. It’s folded horizontally. On the outside, scribbled in orange ink reads "To Trey." He opens the page to find a large orange smiley face drawn in the same orange as on the front. Trey looks at it for a moment and tosses it back at Rose.

Trey: Because it’s not for you…


We go to the announcers position, and see Eryk Masters and The Other Guy seated at the desk, monitors in front of them, and headsets on. 

Eryk Masters: Okay fans, our next match is going to be a good one because… 

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out, leaving the entire Epicenter in total darkness.  The fans murmur uncertainly.  After a few moments, a strange purple mist starts to descend from the rafters, and purple lights start to flash all over the arena. 

The Other Guy: Either we’re being gassed by The Joker, or I’m having some sort of flashback. 

The purple mist and lights continue, and then “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix starts to play over the Epicenter Sound System.  A spotlight comes on, and focuses in on the jumbo video screen in the arena.  After a few moments of the purple mist, lights and music, a graphic appears on the screen… 


The graphic flashes in time with the music, and then suddenly the mist dissipates, the music stops, and the lights in the arena go back to normal. 

Eryk Masters: Uh…what the hell was that? 

The Other Guy: I know exactly what it was.  That was Crash Carver’s massive ego looking for even more attention. 

Eryk Masters: What? 

The Other Guy: Never mind, Masters.  I’ll explain later.  Let’s just get back to the action.



The fans in attendance begin to buzz as the opening chords of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC begins to pick up. 

Eryk Masters:  Who is this? 

Other Guy:  Ohh aha ah ah ahaaah… 

Eryk Masters:  …was that your Thunderstruck opening? 

Other Guy:  I approve of AC/DC.  I mean, so long as Del Carver isn’t the guy coming out to it. 

Eryk Masters:  …right. 

Other Guy:  …this isn’t Del Carver, is it? 

Samantha Coil:  The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL…and is for the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP to the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP…introducing first…from the United Kingdom… 


The UK Dragon rips through the curtain, screaming at the top of his lungs as the fans are cheering for him.  He races down the ramp and slaps hands all around the ring side area as the fans are loving this newfound passion. 


Other Guy:  Oh no…I was singing for the UK Dragon… 

Eryk Masters:  HAHAHA!  It sure beats the Other Guy rendition of Take That! 

The Dragon slides into the ring and is up on his feet, pointing out to the fans and nodding his head to the beat of his NEW THEME SONG.  He shakes hands with Willie Dean as his theme music dies down and is replaced by the mythical opening strains of “The Tudors” by Trevor Morris, bringing the fans who were loving this fire from the Dragon to die down and boo as Charles Brandon Magnus steps out from the back. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent… 

Magnus walks down to the ring, slapping no hands and acknowledging no fans.  He sneers his bearded face and brushes the hair from his eyes as it cascades behind his ears. 


Magnus walks up the ring steps and then onto the ring apron.  He steps into the ring and glares at Dragon for a long moment.  He nods to Dean who immediately orders the bell to ring and the match to be on! 

Other Guy:  Here we go! 

Dragon immediately rushes Magnus, who steps through the ropes and demands the referee to move Dragon away from him.  The fans are booing as Dean shoves Dragon back and orders Magnus back into the ring.  Once Magnus finally gets back into the ring, he glares at Dragon who paces on the opposite side of the ring.  Dragon charges at Magnus and Magnus IMMEDIATELY begins to DEMAND Willie Dean check Dragon for weapons! 

Other Guy:  Sound idea.  God knows what Dragon has underneath that mask. 

Eryk Masters:  Are you serious? 

Other Guy:  Just sayin’, E.  Look at the dude’s junk.  No British guy has a piece ‘tween his legs like that. 

Eryk Masters:  Are you SERIOUS?! 

Other Guy:  All I’m sayin’, man, Dean needs to check up on Dragon. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh my God… 

Dean begins to check Dragon for weapons once again to assuage Magnus, who is stretching against the ropes, flexing his muscles, and completely ignoring the massive amount of boos echoing through the arena in his direction.  Once Dean has checked Dragon to Magnus’ satisfaction, Magnus quickly locks up with Dragon to avoid a quick assault from the masked Soldier.  However, this might not be the best strategy for Magnus as Dragon ducks underneath the lock up and twists his arm around into a hammerlock.  Magnus reaches back to counter, but Dragon manages to counter Magnus’ attempt into a side headlock.  He grins as he wrenches the hold in deeply.  He wrenches it in a second time, but Magnus counters!  Belly to back suplex!  COUNTER!  Dragon is on his feet!  He pushes Magnus into the ropes, but Magnus catches the ropes and Dragon bounces off of him, rolling back into a standing position, and he runs at Magnus WHO HURLS DRAGON OVER THE TOP ROPE! 

Other Guy:  Magnus is NOT one to be made a fool of, Dragon!  Gotta realize, dude! 

Dragon, however, keeps a FIRM hold on the top rope and lands on the ring apron!  He hops up, stands on the top rope AND SPRING BOARDS INTO A DROPKICK TO MAGNUS’  CHEST!!  The fans POP as Magnus falls to the mat and rolls to the ring apron on the opposite side of the ring!  Dragon is on his feet and he rushes at Magnus, but Magnus hooks the head…STUN GUN!  Dragon’s throat SNAPS off the top rope!  Magnus steps into the ring and shakes his head, annoyed at the fiery Dragon (no pun intended). 

Eryk Masters:  You can see how Magnus wants to control the pace here…but the UK Dragon is not so willing to go easily! 

Magnus steps into the ring and picks Dragon up, but Dragon shoves Magnus back and kicks his thigh!  He kicks him again, as if completely on instinct!  Magnus is reeling, and Dragon goes another kick, but Magnus is ready to block it, only for Dragon to NAIL a leg sweep!!  Magnus is DROPPED to the mat!  Dragon is off the ropes and NAILS a back senton!  He hooks both legs and Willie Dean is there! 





Dragon slaps the mat, but does not hesitate as he gets his opponent up to his feet.  He whips Magnus to the ropes and on the rebound, Dragon hits a drop toe hold, rolls over Magnus’ back and locks in a headlock!  The fans are waiting in anticipation as Dragon ARCHES UP…and LOCKS it all in with a BRIDGE! 

Other Guy:  OUCH!  FUCK! 

Magnus cries out in pain, but before Dean can even check for a submission, Magnus BARELY manages to hook a toe on the bottom rope!  The fans boo as Dragon lets the hold go.  He stands up and begins to clap, getting the fans riled up as Magnus picks himself up to his hands and knees.  Magnus looks out at the sea of fans and shakes his head as he slowly gets to his feet.  He holds himself up with the top rope, and Dragon quickly moves in for a kick…but Magnus counters and catches the kick!  He flips Dragon up, but Dragon lands on his feet!  Magnus curses under his breath and goes for a clothesline that Dragon ducks under, leaps to the middle rope, and SPRING BOARDS another kick to Magnus’ chest!  Magnus is down! 

Eryk Masters:  My God…I gotta tell you, OG.  Magnus is a VERY addictive personality…but he’s up against a guy tonight who is READY. 

Other Guy:  I know Magnus is hating it right now, man, you can tell.  Dragon’s got, what?  Who knows how much experience on Magnus.  This is Magnus’ THIRD match, dude…EVER. 

Magnus is on his knees at the opposite end of the ring, his teeth gritted as Dragon claps to the fans and points to Magnus that his time has come!  Magnus slowly pulls himself up and Dragon quickly gets in there…he goes for a spinning kick to Magnus’ midsection, but Magnus blocks!  Without warning…Magnus NAILS Dragon in the fans with a DEVASTATING punch!  The fans boo as Magnus SLAMS his open palm…DIRECTLY across Dragon’s face! 

Other Guy:  Oh…oh shit, dude.  I think Magnus is trying to kill him! 

Dragon staggers back, and Magnus steps back…AND HE NAILS A REALITY CHECK SUPER KICK to Dragon’s face!  Magnus SHOVES Dean out of his way and he picks Dragon up, who seems amazingly stunned at the strength of Magnus’ onslaught…and Dragon gets LIFTED onto Magnus’ shoulders!  Magnus glares at the fans and spits at them before DRIVING DRAGON’S HEAD DOWN WITH A DEVASTATOR.  Magnus rolls away as Dean holds his head in shock!  Magnus stands over Dragon and then he GRABS Willie Dean! 

Eryk Masters:  What is he doing?! 

Magnus suddenly HOISTS Dean over his head!  DEVASTATOR!!  Magnus stands up, glaring down at Dragon and Dean, the fans booing LOUDLY as Magnus walks over to Samantha Coil and DEMANDS the microphone! 

Other Guy:  Dude, Magnus!  Dude, you coulda just pinned Dragon and called it a night! 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I…TIRE…of this. 

The fans are PISSED. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I DO NOT ANSWER TO YOU PEOPLE!  SILENCE! 

That, of course, does little to silence them.  They boo even more as Magnus shakes his head. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Dean…whenever you wake up…you go ahead and you give this damn match to Dragon.  Give him that title shot on a silver damned platter! 

Magnus walks over to the ring apron, glaring at the back. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  JAIME…ALEJANDRO. 

The fans boo some more. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Give…the Dragon here…a fair shot.  He deserves it.  And when you’re done with him? 

Magnus grins. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I’m going to destroy the both of you all…over…AGAIN. 

With no music whatsoever, Magnus storms from the ring, dropping the microphone as road agents and EMTs swarm the ring.  Magnus says nothing as he leaves the ring.  He acknowledges no one and nothing as he leaves. 

Eryk Masters:  I can…NOT believe that guy. 

Other Guy:  Dude, he HAD Dragon. 

Eryk Masters:  It all happened so fast, OG, to be honest…he just swarmed all over Dragon and I guess…I can only fathom a guess here…Charles Brandon Magnus was sick of being shown up by the smaller UK Dragon.  Be that as it may, he just screwed himself with his little tantrum. 

Other Guy:  I can only imagine that the dirt sheets are gonna HATE this…


“Since they wanna know 

Since they wanna know”

As Obir Trice’s “Wanna Know” plays, the scene opens to a dark alley way in the Queen City.  

Voice: The thing about a hunt is being able to stay focus even when the path changes.  

To be able to connect the dots when nobody else can see the connection.  

Especially when it makes your prey think you are off the trail.  

“I said since they wanna know 

Here’s the formula on O, now let’s go…”

Voice: So I bet King is resting easy thinking this is one less problem that he has to deal with.

And as with all his thoughts, he’d be in the wrong…  

Do not mistake a break for the end…  

I’ve waited this long, I don’t mind drawing this out for a while longer.  

Thomas Manchester Black walks out from the shadows. He is wearing Black boots, Blue baggy jeans and a Black and White “Welcome to Queen City” shirt.   

“{All I want is what’s mine I don’t care who I hurt} 

Since they wanna know”

TMB: Now the big question is way, Cade Sydal…why did I target the current Iron Fist Champion.  

Well he is a nam that has been linked to that title. He has also been none as pound for pound the best wrestler in the business…  

…And his technical skills are some of the most talked about in the sport.  

TMB stand on the corner by the alleyway. This is a corner that has become very important to him. This was the corner where he was bagged and ended up doing his first long bid in prison. For a long time he didn’t know why…but recently he found out.   

TMB: He has stood toe to toe with some of the best in the business and has lived to talk about it. OutKast, Jackman, Real Deal, King and the list goes on. Who better then he, when you are looking to carve your notch into the world of SHOOT. Who better to beat for the Iron Fist Championship then the man who is one of the best IF Champions in the Championship’s history.  

“{All I want is what’s mine I don’t care who I hurt} 

Since they wanna know”

TMB: And it the end, it helps me connect one more dot, Donnie…one more dot… 

TMB smiles before pushing his way past the camera and down the street… 


The screen goes red, as two large Mexicans appear on the screen.  Both men look almost like a certain SHOOT Project Champion… 

A large bald headed man moves the camera over to him.  His bass voice makes you feel unsettled. 

The Big Man:  People say that the young don’t respect the people before them.  The ones that paved the way for us.  I say, that’s bullshit. 

The other man, almost at tall, but more lean and lithe moves the camera over to him.  His long black hair is a stark contrast to the other man, who looks almost like a twin…  His baritone voice rings. 

The Small Man:  You see.  We lived and breathed wrestling from the day we were born.  Our grandfather was a great luchador.  Our mother was also a lucha.  And you people know of our uncle… 

The big man puts a hand on the shoulder of his brother. 

The Big Man:  Not yet, hermano.  These people don’t even know our names.  And it’s not too polite to not be known.  So…  My name is Logan Garcia. 

The Small Man:  And I’m Evan Garcia.  And for our credentials…  Our grandfather was Hawkeye.  Our mother is Sirena…  Our uncle.  You people know him as… El Santo.  The Saint. 

The screen goes normal as you see two younger looking versions of our Sin City Champion… 

Evan Garcia:  You see, our uncle didn’t call in any favor for us.  He didn’t even want us to come to SHOOT… 

Logan Garcia:  Not that I don’t blame him…  You weak ass tag teams can handle the full power of La Familia Alejandro… 

Both men look at you, almost like they want you to be scared.  You should be. 

Logan Garcia:  You see, SHOOT Project.  Our uncle may be one of the greatest singles stars you got.  So, let’s continue the tradition.  All you pussy ass tag teams, let’s get it going.  PERDITION, don’t make me laugh. 

Evan Garcia:  Flying Avengers…  Really?  And who else is left in SHOOT?  Or did you all get scared?  Don’t worry, there’s enough of us to go around.  We got plenty of time to go around and beat the shit out of whichever team decides it wants to get brave. 

They start chuckling to themselves. 

Logan Garcia:  We’ll also go after any of you other “wrestling kids”, too.  Punks like Crash Carver.  Who’s hanging onto the coattails of an old borracho.  Grow some balls, you little bitch. 

Evan Garcia: Not to worry, Crash…  It ain’t your fault.  You just ain’t got the blood we do.  And we’re going to make all of SHOOT knows.  We’re the CRIMSON RIOT.  And you punks are just victims. 

Video goes red.



Samantha Coil: This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Hartford, Connecticut, by way of his hometown, "The Queen City", Charlotte, North Carolina…

‘Combat’ by RZA with P Dot starts up over the PA system, as the crowd erupts for the return of the man known as ‘The Queen City Hitman’. Thomas Manchester Black strides out from behind the curtains, in his black and white MMA shorts and boots and a Tar Heels hoodie. He cracks his knuckles, then raises both hands in the air, the taping on his wrists clearly visible.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at 265 pounds, at a height of six feet five inches…

Eryk Masters: … is one scary sumbitch!

Other Guy: TMB is definitely an imposing figure, E, but if there’s one thing we know about Ainsley Lake it’s that she won’t ever back down from a fight!

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd, most of it positive, though there’s quite a few boos coming his way as well. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the far right corner. He turns around and faces the referee, who proceeds to give him the mandatory pat down.

Samantha Coil: This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!

The crowd pops and TMB nods in their direction, once, his only acknowledgement of their enthusiasm. Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black’s eyes remain focused as he sits in wait.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, fighting out of Wantagh, New York…

"Missfit" by The Horrorpops kicks in, and after a moment of confusion amongst the crowd Ainsley Lake runs out from behind the curtain, and does a handspring onto the entranceway to a huge pop! She makes her way to the barricade to slap hands with as many fans as possible, heading towards the ring at a jog rather than her usual flat-out sprint.

Samantha Coil: At five feet two inches, and 165 pounds, she is … AINSLEY LAKE!!!

Other Guy: TMB is still popular despite his long absence, but from that reaction I reckon you’d have to call Lake the crowd favorite. She’s been cleared by the SHOOT medical team to wrestle tonight, but with her recent illness there’s no telling if she’ll be able to show off her usual fast-paced style here tonight.

Eryk Masters: Have you seen the size of her? And the size of him? And she’s had pneumonia?! Ainsley Lake is gonna be lucky to get out of here with all her parts.

Ainsley bounds up the steps two at a time and slides between the ropes, getting the usual talk from Austin Linam as he checks her and runs through the rules.

Other Guy: Last time she was in this ring she was knocked out cold by Jester Smiles. Say what you like about her chances, but you know that Lake will fight until she’s unconscious or she just can’t get up again.

Eryk Masters: When TMB’s done with her I don’t think she’ll be getting up again. Ever.

Austin Linam calls for the bell and Lake steps to the centre of the ring as TMB uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet and faces off opposite her. Ainsley looks TMB in the eye, craning her neck to do so. She offers her hand, but Black just stares at her. She shrugs, and pops up for a standing dropkick to his chest that puts him back in the corner on his butt! TMB snarls and launches himself out of the corner in time to meet a Lake cross-body, but he catches her in mid-air and lifts her up higher before smashing her down over his knee with a wicked side backbreaker!

Eryk Masters: Looks like our heroine couldn’t get high enough for a proper dropkick, and it’s cost her already.

Other Guy: It’s not that easy hitting a target a foot above your head, Eryk.

Lake rolls around in pain, holding her ribs. TMB watches for a few seconds, plotting his next move, then scoops her up and shoots her into the ropes. Lake grabs the ropes and swings between them, a slick tiger feint modification putting her on the apron!

Other Guy: Looks like TMB was hoping to catch Lake with a spear off the ropes then, but she’s mixing it up and forcing him off his game plan!

TMB gets up from his three-point stance and heads over towards Ainsley, who springboards off the ropes and somersaults into TMB’s chest, taking him down with a seated splash that lands his shoulders against the mat!

ONE- TMB gets both hands under Lake’s ass and THROWS her across the ring to break the pin!

He roars in anger and stalks to where she’s tangled up in the ropes, and hangs her throat over the middle rope before driving down on the back of her neck with his knee!

Eryk Masters: You talked about TMB’s game plan, O.G., well this is it. He’s got such malicious intent behind everything he does, he even finds a way to get extra pain out of a rope choke.

Other Guy: I think his plan at the moment is to stop Ainsley Lake getting a full breath, E. If she has no oxygen, she can’t use her speed against him.

Austin Linam has separated the fighters and is giving TMB an earful about using the ropes. Lake takes advantage and rolls to the outside, giving herself a few seconds to recover. TMB drops to the mat and rolls out after her, methodically stalking her as she clambers up onto the barricade. He gets within arm’s reach and goes to grab her, but she slaps his arm away and leaps off with a spinning leg lariat – but TMB ducks! Ainsley lands on her feet but isn’t quick enough to get away and Black grabs her by the arm, slinging her hard into the apron, and immediately following up with a brutal Yakuza kick to Lake’s left shoulder! Lake screams and crumples against the steel steps, clutching her shoulder.

Other Guy: Goddamn, did something just pop? Ainsley Lake may very well have a dislocated arm!

Eryk Masters: So, as I was saying. Malicious intent. Black is looking to dismantle Lake.

Other Guy: It takes a lot to dismantle this woman, E. She took much worse than that kick when she fought her friends in Long Island Hardcore!

TMB pulls Lake to her feet by her good shoulder and manhandles her back into the ring. She slowly gets to her feet, still holding her left arm gingerly. TMB rolls in and immediately Lake drops her knee in his back, landing kicks to his ribs and legs as he gets to his hands and knees. She pulls back to the corner while TMB regains his vertical base, then leaps off the second turnbuckle with a flying huracanrana!

Eryk Masters: See? She needed the turnbuckle to get the height! Lake’s not flying high anymore!

Other Guy: Yeah, Lake seems to have lost a step since she’s been sick, but she’s still out-pacing Black and his, shall we say, methodical style.

Eryk Masters: Haw haw. You don’t need speed when you’ve got power like his!

Lake heads over and helps TMB back to his feet, then sends him to the ropes with an awkward one-armed Irish whip, and spins up for a spinning heel kick, but Black ducks! He hits the opposite ropes, and just as Lake spins around he drills her with a vicious lariat!

Eryk Masters: THE CHIN CHECK! He damn near tore her head off!

Other Guy: This could be it!




Lake is groggy as Black drags her back up, and twists a wristlock straight into a hammerlock, then set up the front facelock… wrist-clutch exploder suplex!

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, Mister Black has picked a body part.

Other Guy: TMB does seem to be focusing on Lake’s shoulder, and right now he’s in complete control!

Black drops a knee into Lake’s shoulder, then gives her a kick in the ribs. He crouches down and watches her as she grimaces, pulling herself up to standing again and favoring that left arm. Lake swings a wide kick for his head, but TMB blocks it, then drives up with a punch straight into Lake’s midsection! Lake doubles over, and TMB sets up standing headscissors, grabs her around the waist, pulling her up for a powerbomb – but Ainsley slips out of his grasp, swings her legs back down and shifts her weight – Samurai driver – NO! TMB catches her around the waist again and takes her over with a thunderous backdrop!

Eryk Masters: Ainsley Lake nearly countered that powerbomb attempt into the Burning Saints! It could’ve been all over just then!

Black grabs Lake by the ankle and drags her back to the center of the ring. Before she can get up, TMB locks one of his huge hands around her throat and lifts her straight from the mat to a choke-lift in mid-air! She kicks for his head, and connects! She hits again, and he stumbles… one more, and he releases his grip! Lake collapses and gasps for air, as TMB shakes out the cobwebs.

Other Guy: Desperation from Lake there, and she’s clearly having trouble getting her breath back.

Black grabs Lake by the bad arm and roughly sets her up in a fireman’s carry. He walks around for a moment before dropping her stomach first over his knees. Lake rolls around as TMB slowly stalks her.

Eryk Masters: Black has murder in his eyes here, O.G.! 

Black locks in a headlock on Ainsley and starts to fire knees to her head. Lake is trying to break free, but Black floats over into a bridging arm triangle choke!

Other Guy: That’s the Death Row Stretch!!! Once again Black is giving Ainsley Lake no chance to breathe!

Eryk Masters: He’s also got that injured arm of hers crushed in there!

TMB cranks on Lake’s head and arm, and the agony is written all over her face! Austin Linam is down and checking, Ainsley is refusing to submit…

TMB arches all the way back, and Lake taps out! TMB releases the hold as Austin Linam calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Your winner, by submission, at a time of ten minutes forty seconds … THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!!!

Ainsley lies slumped in the corner, gulping in lungfuls of air, as the ref raises TMB’s hand. Black glares at Lake with contempt.

Other Guy: A pretty dominant display by a returning favorite here! Ainsley Lake was just not in her best fighting shape tonight, and despite a few decent counters she just didn’t have the answers for TMB’s onslaught!



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you at this time, the current Iron Fist Champion! CAAAAAADE SYYYYYDALLLLLL!

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to stop on the entrance ramp.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up in trenches

You run around defenseless

There is to much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As Eminem’s “Almost Famous” continues to play, Cade Sydal steps through from the back, the Iron Fist Championship slung over his right shoulder. Cade’s blonde hair hangs wetly in front of his face in curls, and he looks directly into the faceplate of the belt with a grin before snapping his fingers and out behind him steps a young lady, with dark brown hair down in curls framing her face. A wry little smile on her face as she comes up next to Cade and he wraps his arm around her waist before the pair begin to walk down the ramp. Cade wearing a pair of torn-at-the-knees jeans, authentic and not store-bought, and a light green shirt with an orange dragon on the front, while the young lady is dressed with a dark green halter top and a black skirt, revealing a flat and toned midriff, pierced with an emerald stud.

Eryk Masters: There’s been a lot of buzz over the Iron Fist Division right now, lots of hungry competitors looking to make their name at that man’s expense.

Other Guy: First of all, you should mention the fact that Cade has seemed to have found himself a nice piece of candy for his arm there! Now THAT is what champions do, E! And of course everyone is hunting for his title and looking to make a name at his expense! He’s used to that, he’s Cade Sydal!

Eryk masters: When did you become his cheerleader?

Other Guy Look, I didn’t always like where Cade was coming from, but Cade can go and people have been trying to get their name on the big stages at his expense several times. This isn’t anything new to him, that’s all I’m saying.

Cade and his lady friend continue down the ramp, for the most part ignoring the jeers surrounding them, instead apparently deep in conversation with each other instead, a microphone is handed to Cade as soon as he gets to the bottom of the ramp. Cade holds the young lady’s hand as she walks up the steps, quickly stepping behind her to stop most of the crowd from looking at her from behind, keeping that view for himself as he openly stares at her ass before she walks half-way down the apron. He sits on the middle rope and holds the top and middle ropes apart for her to step through, leaning forward to kiss the small of her back as she bends over in front of him to step into the ring. He hands the Iron Fist title belt to her before stepping into the ring himself.

Other Guy Maybe Cade will call out Dan Stein and we’ll see him break his jaw this time!

Eryk Masters: He doesn’t look like he’s here to fight…but he doesn’t really look like he’s here for business so I mean, I guess we’ll find out.

The music slowly dies down and Cade Sydal holds the microphone upside down in his hand, thumping the top of it into his other palm while the young brunette next to him smiles at him warmly, holding the Iron Fist Championship in her hands.

Cade Sydal: First of all, Samantha, you did a pretty good job at the introduction. There’s one tiny problem you made, however, and that is that you got the name of my title incorrect.

Cade stares out at the crowd, their booing having not quite died down just yet.

Cade Sydal: Listen fuckheads, I’ve got a microphone. I can, and will, be heard regardless…but if you don’t want to have to be the guy asking at work what happened on a show YOU WERE AT then I suggest you shut the fuck up right now.

The fans boo louder, some even rejoin in it, and Cade rolls his eyes slowly.

Cade Sydal: Someone in the back owes me fifty bucks because I bet them you filthy drunks and gambling addicts would boo if I said that. And that’s your problem, you people are too damn predictable. I should know, I used to be just like you.

The brunette leans toward Cade and whispers into his ear. Cade nods his head before shrugging.

Cade Sydal: You’re right. Anyway, you got one small thing wrong with the name of my title Miss Coil. It’s the Iron Fist Championship…of…the…world. It’s okay, really. I understand. You were just excited to be introducing me, as you should be. But, Sugar Crotch, if you fuck it up again, my girl Cassi here might take exception to that.

Cade looks at, apparently Cassi, and shrugs.

Cade Sydal: Or maybe not. Who knows.

Other Guy: Wait, did he say his girl?

Eryk Masters: Why do you care?

Other Guy: Well I mean, look at her. She’s smokin’ hot!

Cade brushes his hand along Cassi’s face and smiles.

Cade Sydal: Now, I’m not one to sit out here and take up a lot of time that I don’t need to be taking up. So let’s get down to business. There’s been a lot of chatter about how I won at Master of the Mat. There’s been, frankly, a lot of talk about how I got into the match at Master of the Mat. Fuck, why beat around the bush?

Cade looks down Cassi’s body, seemingly below the title belt in her hands, and smirks.

Cade Sydal: Or lack thereof, for that matter. There’s been a lot of talk about my Iron Fist Championship of the World, so I’m out here to set everyone straight. A lot of people think that the Ox…a man too stupid to stay down after being kicked in the brain not once but twice courtesy of brrrrrrutal NINJAGUIRIS…deserves a shot.

He doesn’t.

The fans begin to boo, and Cade just shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: I’m sorry, but he doesn’t. A lot of people seem to think that just because he knocked out Dan Stein and Jester Smiles, that means something to me? Well it doesn’t, kid. I knocked them BOTH out in one match. Don’t believe me? Ask Jester Smiles how he felt after I NINJAGUIRI’d him through the ropes? Better yet, ask Dan Stein how he felt when I dusted off my new brass knuckles on his face.

Face it, Lennox, you knocking them out back-to-back just doesn’t impress me.

Cade shrugs smugly.

Cade Sydal: Some people think Dan Stein deserves an opportunity…like he deserves redemption. Some sort of false vengeance for my actions. But what you people fail to realize is I’ve done nothing warranting vengeance. I did exactly what I said I was going to do, and that was whatever it took to win the match. Did I feel a little more satisfied going the route I went? Absofuckinglutely. But, I mean, I still woulda done it, it just would’ve taken longer.

So the answer is, no.

Cade leans into the ropes and looks down directly into the camera at ringside.

Cade Sydal: Jester Smiles has openly stated that he believes he deserves a shot. He has the quickest knock out in the match, and indeed he does. But what does that say about you, Jester? Does it say you’re powerful? Or does it say that “Die Hard” Dave Marz is just a lot weaker than anyone else? I mean, did you knock Crash Carver out that quickly? Not at all…in fact, you might credit yourself to why Ox lost, which is stupid because he lost because he was in the ring with me, but I credit Crash Carver for why you lost to the Ox. There, I said it.

The fans begin to boo again, and Cade sighs into the microphone, exasperated.

Cade Sydal: That’s fine, hate all you want, but deep down you all know its true. Be that as it may, that pretty much covers the here people most of you drones out there believe are deserving contenders. And the fact is, none of them are.

No one is.

Cade smirks, looking directly into the camera, and runs his free right hand through his hair.

Cade Sydal: But you’re all worthy victims.

Cade pushes away from the ropes and turns a full circle, pointing with his middle and forefinger at the crowd, like a mock gun.

Cade Sydal: You see, as far as I’m concerned, no one coming after MY Iron Fist Championship of the World is a contender. They’re all victims, waiting to be knocked off one by one. I told you guys before, I would do whatever it takes.


To become Iron Fist Champion, and I did it. And now that I am, I will do the same damn thing to keep it! I know there are a lot of people gunning for me, and I welcome it. But you want to be a champion around here you earn it! You want a shot? Earn it. Like I did. I don’t care how you win matches, but you want a shot at MY belt? You better fucking win and earn that shot. I’m not putting my body on the line against just anybody, against any Joe Schmuck off the streets. I learned my lesson when I tried to do that with another valuable title I once had.

Cade looks down and shakes his head slowly, allowing the words to sink in for a moment, before he stares back up, looking through the ropes from the middle of the ring right into the ringside camera once again.

Cade Sydal: I will not make that mistake again. You wanna be famous? You wanna take from me what is MINE? Well, I fuckin’ dare you to try. Enjoy your journey to the top of the Iron Fist Division, of which I am your sole Emperor. Enjoy looking up at greatness…because you’re all gonna be doing that for a very. Very. Long time.

Cade releases his grip on the microphone and it drops to the canvas with a loud crack of static. He reaches his right hand out and Cassi hands him his Iron Fist Championship (of the World) and he slings it over his shoulder before putting out his left hand, which she gladly takes in her own hand as “Almost Famous” by Eminem hits again. Cade walks Cassi toward the ropes and sits on the middle rope, holding the middle and top open for Cassi to step through, her back to him of course, a sight he takes an obvious great pleasure in looking at.

Other Guy: You heard it, E! There aren’t any challengers for his title, only victims.

Eryk Masters: Those are some pretty strong words, though.

Other Guy: You and I both know that Cade Sydal, whether people like him or not, has always been very capable and dangerous. And I think this new attitude, or old attitude, whichever it is…well, it brought a whole different element of dangerousness to the table.

Eryk Masters: I’m not disagreeing with you, OG, I’m just saying that there are a lot of heavy hitters in SHOOT, and Cade Sydal might be biting off more than he can chew!



We go back to the arena, the camera scans the capacity crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter, and they are obviously excited in anticipation of the next match.  The shot swings to Samantha Coil, standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand. 

Samantha: This next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit!

“Back to Shalla Bal” by Joe Satriani erupts from the sound system, and the fans roar and come to their feet.  The curtains in the entranceway fly back, and Crash Carver appears, and sprints toward the ring.  He is decked out in his trademark yellow tights and black kickpads and boots, and as he runs toward the ring he takes off his bright yellow ring jacket with his “Crash” logo on the back, and tosses it aside. 

As Crash Carver runs to the ring, he has both arms extended so he can exchange running high fives with as many fans as he can touch.  Far behind him, Xan appears and casually walks to ringside, his face expressionless as always. Crash jumps up to the apron, vaults himself onto the top turnbuckle, and stands with his arms over his head, soaking in the ovation from the sold out crowd.

Samantha: Introducing first, from Jackson, Mississippi, weighing 212 pounds, this is Crash Carver!

As his name is announced, Crash leaps into the air, performs a somersault, and lands on his feet in the ring, right next to Samantha.  He gives her a big wink, as the Final Fantasy Victory Theme starts to play.

Jester Smiles appears in the spotlight, resplendent in his purple and green camo Mardi Gras mask, purple skullcap with the big green and blue smiley face,  sleeveless green t-shirt and purple and green camo wrestling pants with red wrestling boots. He is tightening his green and purple open fingered grappling gloves, as he makes his way to the ring, taking time to slap hands with a few fans himself.

Samantha: His opponent is now making his way to the ring from Richmond Virginia, he weighs 245 pounds, this is Jester Smiles!

Smiles stops for a moment to strike a pose in the aisle, before heading for the steps into the ring.  Suddenly, Crash Carver sprints across the ring, literally runs up the turnbuckles, and without stopping, he launches himself into the air, outside the ring, down toward Jester Smiles!  The fans scream in shock as the young high flyer rockets through the air, heading right toward Jester Smiles!  Carver’s body collides with Smiles, and the two men unceremoniously topple backwards on the concrete in a heap! 

The capacity crowd breaks out in a chant…


Eryk Masters: That was unreal!  Crash Carver hurls himself from the top rope to the outside of the ring, nearly killing himself and Jester Smiles in the process!

The Other Guy: That wasn’t unreal, it was stupid!  That kid almost broke his neck!  If Smiles hadn’t been there to break his fall, his brains would be splattered all over the concrete.  Wait a minute…no they wouldn’t, because I’m not convinced that kid has a brain.

The announcers show an instant replay of Carver diving toward Smiles, and then we go back to live action, and see both men on their knees on the concrete, trying to get back to their feet. 

Jester Smiles is the first man to his feet, and he grabs Crash Carver by the hair, and pulls him to a vertical position – and then keeping his hair clenched in his left hand, Smiles starts to pummel Crash in the face with his closed right fist, over and over again.

Crash’s head snaps back with each shot, and a trickle of blood starts to come from his nose as Smiles mercilessly smashes the young man in the face with hammer-like punches repeatedly.  Finally, Smiles grabs Carver by the wrist and Irish Whips him toward the ring.

Crash Carver is propelled wildly right for the ringpost, and he sure enough he collides with the steel post, head on.  His skulls smacks the steel and he falls backward, dazed.  Jester Smiles calmly walks over to him, grabs him by the hair again, and hurls his semi-conscious body under the bottom rope, into the ring. As soon as Jester Smiles rolls under the bottom rope himself, the time keeper rings the bell to officially start the match.

Eryk Masters: Crash’s strategy of using a high risk, high flying move to start this contest off seems to have backfired badly, OG.

The Other Guy: That’s because Crash Carver is a complete idiot.  It doesn’t take courage to jump off the top rope onto the concrete, it shows a total lack of intelligence.  This kid is going to end up as crippled as his Uncle in a year, if he keeps this nonsense up – and I’m not going to feel sorry for him, because he’s doing it to himself.

Jester Smiles pulls Crash Carver back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.  Carver bounces off and careens towards Smiles at full speed.  Smiles throws a clothesline, but Crash ducks and flies under to the other side.  Crash Carver leaps into the air, bounces off the middle rope, and vaults backwards with a perfect back-elbow, before Smiles can even turn around!  Jester Smiles is stunned as Carver’s flying elbow connects with the back of his head.

Smiles crumples to the mat, and Crash Carver wastes no time, jumping into the air, performing a standing somersault and landing with his knee into the small of the back of Jester Smiles.  Smiles yells in pain, and places both hands over his back, grimacing in pain.  Crash gets to his feet and starts to stomp away on the lower back of Jester Smiles, placing his boot right on the spot he previously smashed with his knee.  Every time Crash hits Smiles in the back with the boot, Jester’s body convulses from the impact.

Confident that he has Smiles sufficiently softened up, Crash runs to the apron, climbs the turnbuckles, and leaps off without even taking a moment to steady himself.  Crash descends from the air at full speed, aiming for the back of Jester Smiles with his knee extended…

Jester Smiles moves.

Crash Carver hits the mat, knee first and bounces from the high impact.  The crowd audibly groans in sympathy, and Carver grabs his knee and screams in pain.  On the outside of the ring, Xan leans against the apron and starts shouting instructions at Crash.

Eryk Masters: Going high risk blows up in Carver’s face again OG, as he misses the knee drop from the top rope.

The Other Guy: This kid misses as many moves as he hits.  You know why?  You know who he idolizes and models himself after?  Sabu.  Jake Carver might want to be like his Uncle, but he wants to wrestle like Sabu – and Sabu is known for trying crazy moves that blow up in his face.  Just like Crash Carver.

Both men are down, but it looks like Crash Carver is now in worse shape than Jester Smiles thanks to the botched flying kneedrop. Jester Smiles gets to his feet, rubbing his back in pain.  Seeing Crash Carver laying on his back, holding his knee, Jester Smiles rears back and boots the youngster in the leg, as hard as he can.  He repeats the attack twice more, and then makes the lateral press for a cover.  Scott Kamura slides down and makes the count…



Crash Carver kicks out with authority. 

Jester Smiles drops down over top of Crash Carver, and takes what is known as the “mount” position in Mixed Martial Arts.  Smiles starts to rain down a furious flurry of closed fist punches on the head of Crash Carver.  Carver’s head is snapping back with each punch, and it is clear he will not be able to handle much more of this type of attack. 

Suddenly, Crash lifts his legs and smoothly slides Jester Smiles back first to the mat with a surprise sunset flip!  Even Scott Kamura is caught off guard by the sudden flip, but he quickly recovers his wits, slides down and makes the count… 




Jester Smiles powers out of the sunset flip pin attempt, with authority. 

Eryk Masters: Crash almost had him there! 

The Other Guy: It was a desperation move, nothing more, nothing less.  The fact is, Smiles has Crash’s number.  He’s beaten the kid twice, and he’s pounding the hell out of him here tonight. 

Jester Smiles actually gets to his feet before Crash Carver does, and he roughly grabs Crash by the arm and flings him into the ropes at full speed.  Amazingly, Crash leaps into the air, lands feet first on the top rope, and then flips backward, over the head of Jester Smiles! 

Smiles spins around and Crash Carver fires a kick toward the midsection of Jester Smiles, but Smiles catches the foot of Crash and twists as hard as he can, sending the high flying youngster spinning through the air roughly.  Crash lands in a heap on the mat.  He is looking worse for wear, his face is mottled and bloody from the brutal shots he absorbed from Smiles, and now he is holding his leg in pain. 

On the outside, Xan is slowly pacing around the ring.  He reaches the apron closest to Crash and he leans over and starts whispering instructions to his charge.  Crash is nodding.  Jester Smiles walks over to the ropes, points down at Xan and says something unintelligible.  

Eryk Masters: Smiles seems to be taking issue with Xan on the outside. 

The Other Guy: Face it Masters, whether Jester Smiles wants to admit it or not, there is a lot riding on this match.  Smiles needs a win to keep himself in contention for any of the title belts in SHOOT, the Sin City Championship, the Iron Fist, and especially the World Heavyweight Championship.  He doesn’t need Xan out there causing trouble. 

Eryk Masters: Crash needs this win just as bad, if not worse.  He needs to prove to himself that he can beat Jester Smiles, and he needs to prove to Jason Johnson that he has what it takes to hang with the talent in SHOOT Project. 

The Other Guy: That’s true…after looking impressive in his win over Lennox Ferguson, Crash has lost to Dave Marz, and was eliminated in the Gauntlet by Jester Smiles.  He needs this win bad.  This is almost a must-win for both guys. 

Jester Smiles has started stomping away brutally on Crash Carver, who is still rolling around on the canvas in pain.  Crash Carver slowly crawls over to the corner, and uses the turnbuckles to help pull himself to his feet.  Even though he is getting back to his feet, Crash is continuing to absorb punishment from Jester Smiles, as Smiles is battering Crash with a series of well timed, precise kicks and punches. 

Finally, Smiles grabs the disoriented Crash Carver and propels him across the ring toward the opposite corner.  Midway across the ring, Crash digs one leg in, and reverses the whip, sending Jester Smiles stumbling across the ring at a high rate of speed.  Smiles collides with the turnbuckles back first, and falls to his knees. It is clear that the back of Jester Smiles is still tender where Crash Carver hit him earlier with the knee. 

Meanwhile, the fans in the SHOOT Epicenter are being extremely vocal about this matchup.  Both men are clearly fan favorites, and there are loud dueling chants coming from the capacity crowd: “Let’s Go Crash!  Let’s Go Crash!  Let’s Go Crash!” With an equally loud: “Let’s Go Jes-ter! Let’s Go Jes-ter! Let’s Go Jes-ter!” in response. 

Jester Smiles is on his knees, and is about to get up, when Crash Carver leaps into the air, and aims a precision dropkick toward him, and he connects perfectly, hitting the low, spot dropkick on the jaw of Jester Smiles, sending the larger man’s head snapping back. 

Suddenly from outside the ring, Xan slides a steel chair into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Uh oh!  This isn’t going to be good for Jester Smiles! 

The Other Guy: What the hell?  Why is Scott Kamura allowing Xan to slide a chair in there?  Oh wait a minute, I get it.  I remember!  Kamura and Xan are old buddies!  They managed Masato Kasai together a few years back!  Xan has Kamura in his pocket! 

Eryk Masters: First of all, Scott Kamura was the translator assigned to Masato Kasai by SHOOT Project, he wasn’t managing him.  He worked for SHOOT. Secondly, you know that SHOOT has a relaxed disqualification rule, OG. You can only get disqualified due to outside interference, or for hitting the official. A disqualification is totally at the discretion of the ref, and yes…Scott Kamura will let just about anything go, but that’s one of the things that makes SHOOT Project unique! You actually see violence and blood here…we’re not rated PG! 

Crash Carver picks up the steel chair, but rather than swinging it at the head of Jester Smiles, he simply holds the chair, and waits patiently.  Crash Carver is crouched like a cat, ready to pounce.  Jester Smiles slowly stands up, and as soon as he does, Smiles tosses the folded steel chair into the air, right in front of Jester Smiles!  Before Smiles can even figure out what is going on, Crash Carver leaps into the air and dropkicks the chair right into the face of Smiles!  Smiles hits the mat like a ton of bricks! 

Xan reaches in and pulls the chair out of the ring, while Crash scrambles quickly up the turnbuckles!  The fans come to their feet, as Crash Carver stands on the top turnbuckle for one quick second, and then leaps forward and presses his knees into his chest, executes a backflip in mid-air, and lands on the prone Jester Smiles with a perfect Shooting Star Press!  Kamura slides in for the count… 

Eryk Masters: CRASH LANDING! 




The Other Guy: I’m sorry, but this is bullshit!  Firstly, Xan and Kamura are buddies, and secondly Crash used a chair to knock Jester Smiles loopy before hitting him with the Crash Landing! 

Crash Carver leaps to his feet and allows Kamura to haul his arm into the air in victory, as his theme music hits and the fans continue to cheer.  Samantha takes the microphone in hand on the outside… 




Dan Stein walks up to a sink, dipping  his head as his places his hands on the sink.

I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid)

To take a stand (to take a stand)

Stein steps back and grabs a soap dish on the side of the sink, throwing it at the mirror. The glass falls down to the ground as he turns around.

Everybody (everybody)

Come take my hand (come take my hand)

Stein walks out of the backstage area to the entrance ramp, looking around at all the fans before stepping down the ramp.

We’ll walk this road together, through the storm

Whatever weather, cold or warm

Stein walks through the crowd, grabbing the hands of people around him as a group of people follow him.

Just lettin you know that, you’re not alone

Holla if you feel like you’ve been down the same road (same road)

 Stein stands in front of the camera, his hands on his hips. Behind him is the group of people from the SHOOT Project epicenter. He wears at t-shirt that reads, “Not Afraid” across the chest. Stein crosses his arms over his chest as the music fades away.

Stein looks back at the people behind him, and back to the camera.

 THE LIGHTS: It was my decision. I might’ve had a push, but this change is my decision. I have let everyone in this world control me, take advantage of me and use me as a pawn in their plans. I’ve let people that I once considered friends to abandon me, because I was too nice to say anything about it to their faces.

I was once the shining star in SHOOT Project, and it was because I made everyone laugh and went along with what everyone said. When I wanted to do something for myself, I had people telling me that I wasn’t good enough for that. I had people whispering in my ear that I’ll get my time, just not now.

I thought that was normal.

I thought that was okay, because that was all I ever knew.

Stein looks at the people behind him again.

THE LIGHTS: That’s all we ever knew. And that’s all that some of you out there ever knew. If you’ve ever been the guy that everyone likes, but you never get what you want because you can’t step up and grab it yourself, if you feel like you’re better off being the guy that goes along with the plan – stop.

Stand up for yourself. If people don’t like you because you want what’s best for you? Fuck them. You’ll know who your true friends are. You’ll see what’s right for you.

The crowd of people behind him steps forward and encircles him.

 THE LIGHTS: If you think this could be you, but you can’t push yourself, watch the main event tonight. Watch what  happens you finally stop being Mr. Nice Guy, and start doing what you do for YOURSELF. Watch us begin our ascension from the ashes.

Watch as Dan Stein shows the rest of SHOOT Project the reality they face.

He pauses.

THE LIGHTS:  We’re not afraid. And we’ll get through this. Take my hand, and

start living. For YOU.

The crowd points towards the camera.



The opening bell rings, and Neither Trey or Dan seem willing to make the first move.  Stein smirks and walks to the middle of the ring, and calmly sticks his cheek out, motioning for Trey to give him a shot.  The Willenium looks around for a moment, then grins and shakes his head. 

Other Guy: “I’m smelling a trap here.”

Stein shakes his head and sticks his jaw out, tapping it with his finger.  He even goes so far as to put his hands behind his back.  Trey looks to the crowd with his arm out, and they cheer, wanting to see them trade blows.  Trey quickly bounces off of the ropes and leaps into the air, looking for a flying elbow, but Stein rolls out of the way!  Willett crashes to the mat, and Dan Stein holds his arms out to accept cheers. 

Eryk Masters: “Well that was pretty unnecissary!”

Other Guy: “But funny, and isnt that what SHOOT Project is all about?”

Willet Kips up while Stein’s back is turned, and doesn’t waste any time, swinging with a short-distance lariat to the back of the head!  Stein doubles over, grabbing his neck, then straightens out and spins—backhand to Trey’s face!  Willenium takes a couple of steps back, rubbing his jaw, then lets loose with a HARD overhand chop!  Stein yells, his chest reddening already, but doesn’t take any time, responding with a knife-edged chop of his own!  Trey gives another overhand, and Dan goes for another Knife-edged—Willett blocks it, then UPENDS Stein with a spinning european uppercut!

Other Guy: “Sheboygan!”

Eryk Masters: “Willenium didn’t come to play tonight, folks!”

Trey hauls Dan to his feet, and they lock up.  He transitions to a headlock, and Stein begins laying into the small of his back with punches.  Willet’s grip loosens enough for Dan to get an arm under his leg, and he hauls him up for a quick backdrop, but Trey spins with the momentum and lands on his feet!  Stein turns, and Trey goes for a leaping clothesline, but Dan meets him halfway with a midair wheel kick!  Willenium crumples!

Eryk Masters: “Wow!”

Other Guy: “Succintly put, partner!”

Not wanting to give him any time, Stein bounces off of the ropes and lands a running somersault legdrop!  He hooks the leg, and Lorenzo hits the mat…



Eryk Masters: “A bit too early, but Dan Stein is in control of this match!”

Stein jumps to his feet and starts laying boots to the rising Willenium.  Trey gets to the ropes and hauls himself to his feet, catching boots to the midsection.  Dan leaps back, then forward with a roundhouse kick—it connects!  Trey falls to the outside, landing hard!

Other Guy: “Whoa!  Lights has some of the most devastating feet in the business, and you can see why!”

Stein waits for Trey to get to his feet, which he does, leaning against the guardrail.  The crowd starts buzzing as Stein sizes up the situation, then runs to the ropes and leaps to the top, SPRINGBOARD INTO A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA, BUT TREY MOVES!  Stein catches all of the guardrail with his back! 

Eryk Masters: “My god!  Stein might have broken something!”

Other Guy: “Understatement!  Understatement!”

Dan is still stuck upside down, his body flat against the rail, and Trey climbs to the ring apron and dives off, Flying Crossbody to Stein!!  Both men crumple to the floor, Stein obviously feeling the worse for wear, the crowd chanting, but Tony Lorenzo is making the count.  Trey quickly grabs Stein around the head, gets him to his feet, and rolls him into the ring.  As soon as their back in, Stein gets to his feet, holding his midsection, and Trey locks up with him.  A bit of a struggle, but Trey gets the upper hand, Taking him to the mat with a basic snapmare.  Willenium grabs the now seated stein by the back of the head and leaps forward—Mr. Perfect-style neck snap!!

Other Guy: “Trey’s in control of this thing!”

Eryk Masters: “You cant ever discount the Willenium, he’s a very cerebral fighter, and he’s got confidence to spare!”

Stein is actually to his feet the same time as Trey, and although he’s worse for wear, he looks ready.  Trey grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes, catches Stein on the rebound, Single leg Monkey flip—Stein lands on his feet!  Trey rushes him, but Stein gives him a BIG kick to the midsection!  Dan signals for a DDT, grabbing trey around the head, but the Willenium hammers him in the ribs and hauls backwards—Release Northern Lights Suplex! 

Eryk Masters: “The crowd is loving every moment of this, OG!”

Other Guy: “Stein probably isnt loving how he’s getting his ass kicked right now, though!”

Willenium doesn’t waste any time, springboarding off of the middles rope and NAILING Stein with a diving elbow!  He hooks the leg…



Kickout!  Trey stands up and walks over to the corner calmly, crouching down.  Stein is slowly getting his knees, and the crowd starts buzzing, as we can plainly see that the Willenium is stalking his prey.  Stein finally makes it to his feet, shaking his head, and Trey EXPLODES out of the corner, SPEAR—Stein Leaps in the air and Trey Misses completely!  Stein turns, and a furious Trey is already on his feet, Stein shoots with a high Mule kick—Willenium sidesteps and hauls off, kicking Dan’s other leg out from under him at the knee!  Stein crumples!

Other Guy: “Seriously, did an old version of Trey from the future come back to this time and give Willenium and almanac with what Dan was going to try tonight?”

Willett takes enough time to stomp Stein in the gut before pulling him to his feet.  He grabs Dan by the arm and whips him towards the corner—Stein reverses, and Trey slams into the turnbuckles!  Stein runs towards him, Elbow—Trey gets the Boot up!!  Willenium climbs up to sit on the top as Stein stumbles right into range…Trey LEAPS off and catches Dan Stein Midair, TORNADO DDT!!

Eryk Masters: “If Stein doesn’t come up with a game changer soon, he can kiss this match goodbye!”

Trey doesn’t cover, and instead gets the dazed Stein to his feet, then hauls him upwards…and holds, keeping Dan vertical for a good five seconds, as the crowd cheers—Brainbuster!!  Stein rolls about on the mat, holding his head, and Trey makes it a point to pose for the fans, getting bathed in flashbulbs. 

Other Guy: “Isnt it great how no one seems to realize that jawing to the crowd always ends badly?”

Eryk Masters: “Maybe, maybe not: Dan Stein is getting up, and it looks like he’s bleeding from the scalp!”

Stein gets to his feet, very obviously bleeding, very obviously hurting, as he wipes blood from his eyes and stumbles to standing.  Trey notices him and turns, adopting his wrestling stance.  Dan Stein…just stands there.  The crowd starts to get noisy in it’s confusion, as Stein simply stands still, occasionally having to readjust his footing to stay upright.

Other Guy: “Did he get knocked stupid?”

Erk Masters: “I’m not sure he knows where he is!”

Trey finally shrugs and runs to the ropes, bouncing off and speeding towards Dan with his arm ready—Stein springs to life and ducks the lariat!!  The crowd explodes as Trey bounces off of the opposite end, powering forward with another Lariat—Stein ducks this one, and when Trey comes back for the rebound, Dan Stein leaps in the air, twists his body, and brings Trey down with a PERFECT inverse headscissors!! 

Other Guy: “Ahaha, the old ‘You think I’m confused/headscissors takedown’ trick!  The oldest in the book!”

Willett rolls through and gets to his feet, and a bloody Dan Stein is waiting for him, running forward with a BIG Yakuza kick—Trey catches the leg and sweeps the other, taking Stein to the mat!  Willenium moves in, looking to get his other leg for a figure four, but Stein traps his arm!!  Willett struggles, attempting to get out of it, but Stein wraps his legs around Trey’s shoulder…and locks in an armbar!

Eryk Masters: “And this could be it, folks, The Willenium ios nearly in the middle of the ring with nowherwe to go!”

Trey struggles, finally throwing all of his strength into trying to haul Stein up by the arm, but he’s too heavy and the angle’s too off, so he starts dragging their entangled bodies toward the ropes.  As soon as he gets too close, Stein rolls his body around, attempting to get Trey off of his feet—But the Willenium is holding on!!  He drags one last bit, then screams, his face showing the severe pain he’s in…

Other Guy: “God, the twisting motion!  Listen to Trey screaming!!”

Trey finally crumples to the mat—and Hooks his foot onto the bottom rope!!  Lorenzo calls for the hold to be broken, which Stein does, as he gets to his feet.  Willett stands up, his arm hanging almost limp to his side, obviously hurting.  He still rushes Stein, who stops him in his tracks with a quick jab.  Trey reponds with one of his own!  Stein grabs Trey by his hurt arm and whips him into the ropes, and on the rebound catches him with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!  Willenium lays on the mat, and Stein wastes no time whatsoever, Running to the closest ropes and leaping to the top, Springboard High Angle Moonsaut!!  He covers!!




Eryk Masters: “Wow!  I thought that would have been it!”

Stein looks at Lorenzo in disbelief, and Lorenzo holds up two fingers.  The Lights shakes his head and and pulls Trey to his feet, locking up with him, but Trey breaks it with a ROUGH knee to the midsection!  Stein stumbles back into the ropes, coughing, and Willenium runs to the opposite side and bounces off, building up a head of steam…he leaps into the air, his body tucked, and as soon as he’s close to Stein he SHOOTS his legs outward—Super Impact Dropkick!! 

Other Guy: “Gaaaawd Daaaamn!”

Eryk Masters: “Dan Stein had nowhere to go, it was just the full force of Trey’s legs and the ropes sandwiching him!!”

Stein gets to his feet, coughing, as Trey rests against the ropes, getting his bearings.  Stein all of the sudden rushes the Willenium, and Trey rushes to meet him, swinging with a big midsection kick, but Dan catches his foot and SHOVES him to the mat!  Stein leaps in the air, looking for a senton splash on his fallen opponent—Trey rolls out of the way!  Stein reels on the mat, his back arches in pain, and Trey gets to his feet, goes for a jumping double stomp, but Stein rolls out of the way!

Other Guy: “They both still have some fight left in them, Elryk!”

Eryk Masters: “Indeed, and it’s still anyone’s game!”

Both men get to their feet and lock up, and Stein shoots around to behind Trey, grabbing him around the waist, GERMAN SUPLEX!!  Stein bridges the pin!!




Stein hauls Trey to his feet and boots him in the gut, then hooks him upwards for a suplex—Trey slips out of it and lands behind him!  Stein turns with an elbow, Trey ducks, boots him in his midsection and hooks his arms, DAWN OF A NEW ERA—NO!  Stein breaks the underhook and plants his feet!  Trey Tries for it again, but the same thing happens!!

Eryk Masters: “His arm is just too hurt from that wisting armbar, he cant get a secure hold!”

Other Guy: “Brilliant move by Dan Stein!!”

Willenium finally grabs the back of Stein’s tights, trying for a stump pulling piledriver, but Stein straightens his body out and backdrops Trey!  Trey leaps to his feet, rushes Stein—Stein leaps in the air, catches Trey and Spikes him with a tornado DDT—POWER SURGE!!

Other Guy: “Eryk, hand me my coat, will you?  I’m gonna bounce early and beat the traffic!”

Eryk Masters: “You’ll sit right there!  Dan Stein could have this, and the crowd is almost deafening!”

Stein signals to the cheering crowd and steps to the apron, biding his time, as Trey groggily gets to his knees.  Dan Stein stomps his feet, and the crowd joins in with claps…Willenium gets to his feet, slowly turning…Stein leaps to the top rope and Springboards off, THE LIGHTS—TREY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!  Stein crashes HARD!!

Other Guy: “JESUS.”

Eryk Masters: “At least an eight foot drop right onto his side!! “

Trey runs up to the corner, climbs to the top, and leaps off without a second thought—TREY FIFTY SPLASH!!  Cover!!




Other Guy: “Wow!  What a finish!”

Eryk Masters: “It was anyone’s game throughout, and two seasoned competitors have shown us just what they can do!”

Lorenzo calls for the bell, both men lying on the mat in pain.  The crowd is cheering, the gratitude showing in their applause. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner, at a time of Nineteen Minutes and Seven Seconds…THE WILLENIUM, TREY WILLETT!!

“Carry on my Wayward Son” starts to blast from the speakers, as Trey gets to his feet.  Lorenzo raises his arm to the cheers of the crowd!

Other Guy: Well, that was quite a finish to quite a main event! Trey and Stein really went at it, and truly brought the house down.

Eryk Masters: Trey and Stein both have made their exit now, as we’ll shift our focus back to the ring.

The bell rings as the camera focuses in on a plexiglass case which has been rolled out to the ring.  The camera looks up to Samantha Coil, who stands beside the ring.  She smiles widely as she brings the microphone to her lips. 


The fans ERUPT as “Fight Club”  by Fat Joe, M.O.P, and Petey Pablo picks up.  The fans cheer LOUDLY as JASON JOHNSON comes down to the ring.  He grins, slapping hands as he walks down to the ring.  He steps into the ring and nods his head to his theme song.  Once it dies off, he opens the ropes for Samantha Coil to leave the ring.  He waves to the fans and then looks at the belt. 

Jason Johnson:  Oh man…if you’d have asked me a year ago that I’d be here tonight doing this…I’d have told you to kiss my ass. 

The fans pop as Jason laughs. 

Jason Johnson:  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not often I can be as proud as I am right now.  But let me go ahead and tell all of you…this is a moment for SHOOT Project.  This is a moment for all of you.  Every single fan, past and present…THIS is a moment for ALL OF US. 

The fans POP. 

Jason Johnson:  I can’t keep the suspense going all night.  Ladies and gentlemen…it’s only fair that the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion comes out here to claim his title…so…without any further ado…AZRAITH…DEMITRI!! 

“The Hounds” by The Protomen picks up and the fans ERUPT INTO CHEERS as AZRAITH steps out from the back.  He stands at the entrance, looking over at the sea of fans as a small “AZ-RAITH” chant picks up into full blown, throughout the arena.  He walks down to the ring and, even if it is reluctantly, slaps hands with a few fans as he walks to the ringside area.  He walks up the ring steps and then stands in front of Jason Johnson for a long moment. 

Jason Johnson:  Azraith… 

Without any warning, “Shoot Outs”  by Jadakiss and Styles P kicks in.  Azraith slowly turns his head to the back of the arena, glaring at the entrance as the ENTIRE ARENA…is bathed in the BLUE…of INSTANT…HEAT.  The fans are LOSING IT as OUTKAST…AND THE REAL DEAL…STEP OUT FROM THE BACK.  They slaps hands with the fans, all of them dressed in three piece suits as they surround the ring.  OutKast grins as he takes another microphone or two from Mark Kendrick. 


The fans are DYING from happiness as the two of them enter the ring.  Kast throws a microphone to Real Deal, who is smirking as he stands behind Azraith, ready for action.  “Shoot Outs” slowly dies off. 

OutKast:  I hope nobody gets too mad at us for ruining this little party. 

Real Deal:  God no.  Please oh please, SHOOT Project Soldiers and fans in the Epicenter, please pretty please don’t be mad at us! 

The two of them laugh. 

OutKast:  So…what do you think, Josh?  Should we…oh, you know…fuck this blue haired mother fucker up here tonight? 

The fans grow silent. 

Real Deal:  Azraith here has tried…for YEARS…to get under our skin, hasn’t he? 

OutKast:  From Ascension to that whole Outlaw Pro affair… 

Real Deal:  Nasty business, really… 

OutKast:  Azraith DeMitri has been on every single side of this damn company. 

OutKast moves right into Azraith’s face. 

OutKast:  But he’s never had to go face to face…with BOTH…OF…US. 

The fans…LOSE IT.  Real Deal, however, walks over to OutKast and puts his hand on his shoulder. 

Real Deal:  Whoa there, man…whoa.  Azraith and me…we went round and round this place.  He’s opened shows…and now…he’s ended shows. 

OutKast smiles. 

OutKast:  And now?  Now Azraith DeMitri gets to call himself…CHAMPION. 

The fans POP. 

OutKast:  Jason, c’mon, man.  Let’s give the 2010 Master of the Mat his proper recognition! 

The fans cheer some more as Jason Johnson walks over to the case and opens the lid, pulling out from the inside the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. 

Real Deal:  Sorry, Az.  We know this is your moment…but, above all else?  Azraith DeMitri needs to know he’s part of a special class now.  Something hardly anyone in this business can lay claim to. 

OutKast:  You’re one of us, man.  You’re a cornerstone of this business, and now?  Now you’re a cornerstone…of this company. 

Real Deal takes the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt from Jason Johnson and OutKast takes the other side  Jason walks over to Azraith and motions for him to lift up his hands. 

Real Deal:  Congratulations, Azraith.  You have MORE than earned this moment. 

Azraith nods his head, smiling as OutKast…and The Real Deal…buckle the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt…around Azraith DeMitri’s waist.  The fans ERUPT as Azraith holds his arms in the air in excitement. 

Other Guy:  Okay.  Jason Johnson didn’t want us to talk…but my God. 

Eryk Masters:  I have to admit, OG…this is momentous.  Truly…momentous. 


The fans RIP into boos as out from the back emerges…RASHEED ARIF…AND KILGORE STOCHANSKY. 

Jason Johnson:  Oh what the FUCK do you want?! 

Azraith slowly turns his head to Arif and Kilgore. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  I…warned…you. 

Rasheed Arif:  Ladies and gentlemen…Donovan…KING. 

A tribal chant echoes throughout the arena. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh…my…God… 






“POWER” by Kanye West kicks in as the fans are STUNNED as out from the back emerges…DONOVAN KING.   


He stands there at the entrance, the golden spotlight shining down on him.  He wears a pair of Oakley Hinder, the lenses tinted in a polished golden bronze.  He also wears an all black suit with a black undershirt, a black tie, and black shoes.  The only thing that is not black?  THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. 



Other Guy:  Oh man… 


King stands there, Kilgore Stochansky and Rasheed Arif standing behind him.  He looks at the fans as “Power” dies out.  There is a stunned silence.  Jason Johnson slowly walks to the ring ropes, staring King down. 

Jason Johnson:  Okay…what the… 

Donovan King:  SHUT…THE FUCK…UP. 

The fans are silent.  As is Jason Johnson. 

Donovan King:  You had…MONTHS…to speak your mind.  You had MONTHS…while I stayed quiet.  MONTHS, JASON. 

King sneers, adjusting the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. 

Donovan King:  This…is…MY TIME. 

He glares the four men down in the ring. 

Donovan King:  It’s not YOUR time…it’s not Real Deal’s time…it’s not OutKast’s time…it DAMN SURE isn’t Azraith DeMitri’s time…THIS IS MY TIME. 

King paces the entrance. 

Donovan King:  Do you…do ANY of you…know what I’ve been through? 

He does not wait for an answer. 

Donovan King:  Ladies and gentlemen…I came to this company to become the best.  To work with and against…the best. 

I wanted to be counted among the greats in this business. 

I wanted…to matter. 

King slowly stops, turning to glare Jason Johnson down. 

Donovan King:  When SHOOT was crippled, broken…dying…no one came to the rescue.  NO ONE. 


King slowly pulls his sunglasses off. 

Donovan King:  I never used a lawsuit to become World Champion.  I never screwed people over to get to the top of this company.  No…I EARNED IT.  DO YOU HEAR ME, JASON?!  I FUCKING EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE YOUR WORLD CHAMPION. 

King grits his teeth in some sort of pain. 

Donovan King:  From day ONE…all I wanted was this moment.  I sat back when Corazon got it.  When Kenshin got it.  When Roland Caldwell got it.  Trevor Worrens.  I…NEVER stopped working.  NEVER. 

Then…Jonny Johnson came along. 

He tried to KILL the company I loved. 

King slowly smiles. 

Donovan King:  So I tried to kill…him. 

The fans boo somewhat as King continues. 

Donovan King:  But…dat wasn’t enough, was it?  Jonny Johnson, cancer he was…had already struck the company down.  While Jester Smiles did nothing but waste time…Jonny poisoned us all. 

In the end…Jason…you proved to the world…and to me…the type of COWARD YOU ARE. 

Jason Johnson:  Excuse me?! 



Donovan King:  You talk a good game, Jason.  You always did.  When the piss poor rank amateurs came out of the woodwork, main eventing the same TRASH…you claimed a difference.  You claimed the new generation.  Jester Smiles.  Adrian Corazon.  Donovan King.  Those other companies who put Del Carver out there, those companies who thrived off of old and dead names like X-Calibur…THOSE companies had NOTHING on SHOOT, did they? 

Then…you decided to damn near hand Jonny Johnson the keys to the fuckin’ kingdom. 

And while he slowly killed us, I rose up.  I fought back.  FROM THE BOTTOM, JASON, I FOUGHT BACK. 

King looks down. 

And this is what you gave me. 

Slowly, he looks back up to Jason. 

You never handed me a shot.  I took what I needed.  I became SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. 

Jason Johnson:  Donovan… 


The fans boo once more. 

Donovan King:  The moment…THE MOMENT…I became SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion…YOU WALKED AWAY. 

King tenses up. 

Donovan King:  And what happened when you closed your fucking doors, Jason? 

Where did your fucking heroes all run away to? 

Jester Smiles, Cade Sydal, Thomas Manchester Black, that fucking Flying Avengers tag team, even your precious Master of the Mat up there…where did they go? 




The fans are silent. 

But I stayed, Jason.  I stayed and you know why?  Why did I stay when I could have been just another glorified loser to the stars of some other company?  I stayed because I believed . 

I believed in these fans. 

I believed in this company. 

I believed…in you. 

King takes a few steps forward. 

What was my payment for that loyalty, Jason? 

A voided contract, a vacated World title, and a God damn pink slip. 



Oh, I remember. 


King swallows hard, choking back the pure emotion in his body.  He is, however, visibly shaking. 

So, when the time came…those SAME selfish sons of bitches who were the very REASON you closed the company…ARE REWARDED WITH TITLE SHOTS AND MAIN EVENT SLOTS. 

…and I was kept away because I didn’t have some fucking paperwork. 

King shakes his head. 

The Master of the Mat, the World Championship, was decided between a girl who, in a moment’s notice, ran to get a payday at some piece of shit ran by a friend of hers…and a veteran who, prior to winning this tournament, was ONLY famous in SHOOT BECAUSE HE LEFT IT. 

Congratulations, Jason Johnson…you turned SHOOT into the same thing you swore UP AND DOWN…it wasn’t. 

At the first sign of waning attendance, you slid some faggot like Jonny Johnson into the top spot because of the bullshit name he supposedly carried. 

I showed you how stupid dat was. 

Now…trying to be…different…you gave Sinnocence and Azraith DeMitri the World title ON A SILVER PLATTER. 

King chuckles to himself. 

So while I had to deal in contractual bullshit, you had to sweat bullets because you thought giving a girl and a guy with a bad rep in the business a shot at the top made you fucking edgy. 

Do you know what makes dis company, Jason? 


Real Deal? 


Any of you? 

He shakes his head no. 


The fans boo LOUDLY. 

Go on, Azraith, TAKE dat belt you claimed you EARNED while you procrastinated and bullshitted until Jason, by process of elimination, HAD to give the shot to you. 

You broke my heart, Jason. 

You killed the last vestige of honor and goodness I had left in me. 

I coulda…I coulda given this company such greatness. 

…such greatness. 

Jason is slowly starting to look nervous. 

Jason Johnson:  Okay, listen, Donovan.  Please.  Whatever you’re thinking…you don’t have to do it, man. 

Donovan King:  I don’t? 

Jason Johnson:  No, Donovan, you don’t.  You want first crack at Azraith, Donovan?  It’s yours.  Right there.  All yours.  Sign up.  Donovan King versus Azraith DeMitri. 

The fans ERUPT as Azraith nods his head. 

Donovan King:  Just like dat, huh? 

You wanna make right just like dat. 

Give me a title shot rematch FOR MY TITLE. 

King grits his teeth. 

No, Jason.  You know what, man? 

I broke my body down for you.  For dis belt I have with me tonight.  I took years off my life, bled, cried…for this. 


It’s nothing personal, Azraith…but we all know the moment your free ride is up, you’re gonna walk away yet again. 

Just like Cade will. 

Just like Jester will. 

Just like they ALL do, Jason. 

When they’re not handed something…where are they?  Where do they go? 

King sighs. 

So, no, Jason.  I won’t be accepting dat match. 

I will, however, deliver what I think is gonna be the biggest and best eulogy dis world has ever heard. 

Other Guy:  Eulogy? 

Donovan King:  Tonight…on the first Revolution since Master of the Mat 2010…the SHOOT Project died. 

Tonight…the company that was always scrappy, always tenacious…finally fell. 

No selfish cowards to save it.  No flashy heroes.  It died in a whisper.  A death rattle. 

And Donovan King…is the murderer. 

Jason Johnson:  Donovan, wait… 

Donovan King:  The fans in the Epicenter will cry tonight, Jason.  They will wonder what happened.  Why dis happened.  And when they ask?  When they find me and ask me…what happened? 

I’ll tell them… 

…it was time. 

Slowly, from behind King, comes a man wearing a leather jacket, a hoodie underneath it, the hood pulled over his head. 

Donovan King:  OutKast.  Real Deal.  Azraith. 

Dis is your only warning. 

Get out of the ring. 

Go home. 

King, Kilgore, and the hooded man walk down to the ringside area.  Instant Heat and Azraith stand in front of Jason, but King shakes his head. 

Other Guy:  Does that guy’s hoodie say Queen City King? 

Eryk Masters:  Why is Thomas Manchester Black out here? 

As if on cue…the hooded man slowly removes his hood…AND PESTALANCE HAS MADE HIS RETURN. 

Other Guy:  Oh…my…God. 

Pestalance climbs onto the ring apron, while Kilgore climbs up as well.  Walking up the ring steps is Donovan King.  Suddenly, a commotion from the audience kicks up…AND THE FANS ERUPT WHEN CORAZON SLIDES IN BEHIND JASON JOHNSON!!  King, Kilgore, and Pest back up as Corazon SNAPS an ASP out and points it at the lot of them! 


Donovan King:  GOD DAMN IT, ADRIAN!! 


King gets into the ring, as does Kilgore and Pestalance. 

Why, Adrian? 

What now?  Are you gonna stand dere between us and Jason like these three here?  Par for the course, huh?  Here comes ANOTHER stereotypical threat to SHOOT…UH OH, HERE’S JASON JOHNSON’S PERSONAL FUCKING HERO TO SAVE THE DAY! 

King shouts an infuriated howl. 




Why are YOU the hero? 

When’s it gonna change, Adrian? 

When are YOU gonna change?! 

Corazon clenches his jaw. 

For GOD’S SAKE, Corazon! 

Do something NEW. 


Give the world something ORIGINAL. 

Give the world something UNIQUE. 

Give the world something…BRUTAL. 

And on that note?  Corazon gives one of the most sinister smirks in existence, snaps the ASP out…AND DESTROYS JASON JOHNSON’S FACE.  NO ONE is moving. 

Eryk Masters:  …oh…oh…God… 

Azraith turns to Corazon, and Corazon QUICKLY jabs him in the stomach with the ASP and SLAMS him to the mat!  Pestalance QUICKLY swarms OutKast and peppers him with strike after STRIKE while Kilgore DECIMATES Real Deal with a Lariat!  King stands there in silence as Corazon SLAMS the ASP on Azraith’s head and picks the World Champion up, throwing him to Pestalance. 

Pestalance:  Nothin’ personal, homie. 

Pest LAUNCHES Azraith from the ring.  Meanwhile, Kilgore and King roll OutKast and Real Deal from the ring as the fans begin to throw garbage into the ring.  Corazon stands over Jason, who is clutching his bloody face.  Without warning, Corazon NAILS Jason in the THROAT with the ASP.  King picks up Azraith’s SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship and holds it in one hand while he holds his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in the other.  Pestalance kicks Jason a few times while Corazon stares King down. 

With Jason’s face bloodied, his breathing slows.  King slowly lays Azraith’s SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt down on the mat and picks Jason up, dragging him to the belt, laying his head on the face plate.  Corazon lifts Jason’s head up…AND BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH A CURB STOMP ONTO THE BELT.  Azraith’s SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is bloodied in Jason’s blood, a small dent in the center from the HARD impact of Jason Johnson’s skull.  Jason is NOT moving as the fans are BOOING THEIR ASSES OFF. 

EMTs scurry the ring as Instant Heat is slowly coming to.  Azraith slides into the ring, crawling slowly over to Jason’s body.  He slowly drapes himself over Jason’s body while Kilgore Stochansky, Pestalance, Corazon, and Donovan King loom ominously over the two of them. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  Shall we finish the both of them? 

Donovan King:  Jason Johnson IS finished. 

King slowly grins. 

Donovan King:  Azraith…is mine. 

King brings the microphone back to his lips. 

Donovan King:  Azraith…I’m gonna cut you a favor.  You can’t hear me now, but if you care so much about Jason Johnson you’re willin’ to lay your life down for him here tonight? 

Then the solution is simple. 

Forfeit your title. 

King grins as the fans boo. 

Hand your title over to me, Azraith. 


You have two weeks to decide. 

And if you don’t have an answer for me in two weeks, Azraith? 

King kneels down, lifting Azraith’s barely cognizant face up to lock eyes with him. 

I’ll answer for you. 

King looks up to the camera and inhales deeply, tears in his furious eyes. 

The show is over. 

Kill the feed.