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Revolution 64 – 8/29/10

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.  The next show is of Azraith with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship held high above his head.

You need to think fast 

The shot of Cade Sydal taking Lennox Ferguson down with a Ninjaguiri is next, followed shortly by Cade taunting the fans with the Iron Fist Championship (of the World).

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Adrian Corazon, snapping an ASP down, ready to strike.  Then, Thomas Manchester Black destroying Ainsley Lake for the victory is next. 

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed.  

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Dan Stein, pounding his fists together. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Trey Willett is next, running his fingers through his hair in an empty ring, his mind obviously racing. 

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Mr. Heart grins as we see the slaughter he has wrought against Jaime Alejandro. 

You need a miracle!  

PERDITION are shown completely destroying the Flying Avengers, Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman rallying the fans from the turnbuckles after the onslaught. 

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Osbourne Kilminster is shown staring at all the SHOOT Project faithful in the stands before the camera shifts to The UK Dragon attacking Charles Brandon Magnus with a serious combination of kicks. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

The individual faces of the SHOOT Project roster, each and every one of them, are flashed at the screen one after another.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Lennox Ferguson defeating Jester Smiles is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Azraith DeMitri hitting the Extinction on Osbourne Kilminster. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Trey Willett performing The Dawn of a New Era on Dan Stein. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Ainsley Lake. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


“Miracle” by nonpoint is cut off immediately with the scratching of a record until you hear the words of Mr. Kanye West.


“Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)” by Kanye West, Nas, and KRS-One plays as the symbol on the SHOOT-Tron displays for all to see, and the fans begin to cheer.


OUTKAST power walks from the back, dressed in a cobalt blue jacket and matching slacks, not to mention the Gucci shoes and a black undershirt. He storms down to the ring and points to Samantha Coil to hand him her microphone. Eryk Masters and Other Guy put their headsets on, but OutKast motions for them to remain silent as he enters the ring. He paces the ring, staring at the camera as he does so. After a little while, “Classic” fades out, and Kast continues to pace as he speaks.

OutKast: Under normal circumstances, I’d be out here telling each and every one of you how good it feels to see you out here, payin’ your money and watching Revolution on each and every other weekend, but the fact it this: tonight…shit is different on a whole other level.

He stops pacing.

OutKast: Last time you saw all of us, we saw the formation of some new crew. I don’t know WHAT they call themselves. I’ve heard ‘em called the Evil Empire, I’ve heard ‘em called Instant Hell, but here’s what I know about each of ‘em. I trained one, I know all about one, one was close to an old rival of mine, and the other is some stuck up European fuck with a Tom Selleck mustache and fucking dick for a career.

The fans cheer a little bit.

OutKast: Last week, you four took down Instant Heat, you took down Jason Johnson, you took down SHOOT’s WORLD CHAMPION Azraith DeMitri…but there’s one problem with that.

One person is down who…all he did was give each and every person involved in that assault a chance, for some a second chance…others a third, fourth chance.

The other three?


The fans ERUPT.


Some more pops. Big time love here.

OutKast: Adrian Corazon, you been awful quiet. You and Donovan King played the quiet game for a long time now…only now I guess Donnie’s had some serious stuff to get off his chest. Together with that black ass Ultimate Warrior meets Kane bitch ass Pest and that Borat with muscles lookin’ mother fucker…the whole lot of you came out here…cried, bitched, you moaned…and then what?

You took your fate…you took this company’s fate…into your own hands.

Kast grimaces.

OutKast: Well, Jason Johnson’s not here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Matter of fact? We don’t know when he’s comin’ back, if he CAN come back. Life goes on for SHOOT, but for Jason Johnson? He’s laid up, in a location unknown to everybody but the SHOOT Project Board of Directors.

Ah, yes.

The SHOOT Project Board of Directors.

Kast smirks, holding his finger up.

OutKast: Quick story, folks. Jason Johnson brought SHOOT over to the United States and guess what he did? He knew the type of business we’re in, it’s a dangerous business. He knew that he’d be a target from some overzealous FUCKS…who thought they knew what time it is. Well, ladies and gentlemen, what that means is SHOOT Project will never…EVER…be without somebody at the helm.

And when Jason Johnson, President…owner…goes down?

Guess who picks up the MOTHER…FUCKING…SLACK.

The fans…LOSE IT.

OutKast: Ladies and gentlemen…tonight marks a brand new era…and that era?


Guess what? Marking out? The fans are.

OutKast: So, you boys back there think you can handle it when a guy in a suit gets taken down because he runs a successful business? Tell me how you can handle it when the guys who run this shit now…has more titles and more accolades in any ONE of us than all four of YOU bitch ass mother fuckers COMBINED.

Kast laughs a smug, evil little laugh as the fans continue to cheer.

OutKast: So tonight is OUR NIGHT, SHOOT PROJECT!

We take this company back…because this is OUR SHOOT. This is YOUR SHOOT!

The fans continue to cheer.

OutKast: Tonight, I got together with my fellow brother-in-arms, my comrade, my friend, and we booked this show up for ALL of you out here tonight. We wanted to see Ozzy Kilminster and Tommy Black get into a fucking brawl. We wanted to see Magnus and Heart get their shit smacked from the Saint and the Dragon. We wanted to see CJ Nelson put on a fucking CLINIC against Pestalance. We wanted to see The Willenium go ONE on ONE with Sinnocence. We wanted to see the man who ended my career, Cade Sydal, go up against the rookie sensation who put on a fucking SHOW at Master of the Mat…TONIGHT.

The fans continue to applaud.

OutKast: That brings me to my next point, ladies and gentlemen. On September 26th, 2010, the SHOOT Project will be bringing things back to the forefront. We will be bringing to all of you a show that harkens back to our olden days and calls out for a new REVOLUTION. September 26…a special edition of Revolution comes to you LIVE…when the SHOOT Project brings to you…UNDER…SIEGE.

The fans love it. You should, too.

OutKast: On a night like that, you’d expect to see one HELL of a war, right? Well, I know I’M ready. But there’s a problem there. A few years ago, I was defeated by Cade Sydal in a loser leaves town kinda match. That night? I lost. Lost my belt. Lost my career. I lost.

The fans boo a little bit, but OutKast waves his hand to stop them.

OutKast: How it works normally is when you’re retired by someone, you have to get the guy’s permission to come back. As you’ll find, I didn’t get to have that luxury. Cade? Cade said he was fine for having me back to help him a while ago…but now?

Well, OutKast gets to sit this one out. Thanks, Cade!

The fans boo LOUDLY for the Iron Fist Champion (of the World).

OutKast: I’m cool with that, actually. I’m good with that. I can get myself a nice active wrestler contract if I wanted one…but we need some power behind the throne. So, Cade’s stipulation against me gets to stand. I’m an old school soul, I can live that.

Sadly, while I don’t have any cool stips in my contract, that don’t mean I don’t get to be in the forefront. This don’t mean I’m not gonna be front and center…and I know somebody who’s gonna be right out there WITH ME…

OutKast points to the back with a smile.


As the harmony explodes over the PA, that one line… echoes out. The lights go dark, as the SHOOT Project faithful light the world on fire for a man who’s been through, and done it all. 

As a red light hits the top of the ramp, Bun-B’s "Chuuch!" takes over. 

"Yeah! – I’m back baby and better than I ever was (was!)

I got the streets on fire! – So forget a buzz! (buzz!)

I ain’t tripping on sounds scan a beat DS

It’s easy to find with or without your GPS. (S!)

And now we riding next – Biden (Biden!) – on Obama (‘Bama!)

Go ask the hustlers! – The gangstas! (gangstas!) – Ask your mama! (mama!)

And they’ll tell you the best that ever did it is still in

Here – doing it, you can fuck with it. (fuck with it!)

And I’m a hit it on the head with a hammer. (hammer!)

Rep-ing Chuck-town like five slam a jamma;

Am I hard enough? – Am I real enough? – Am I ready?

Bro well you already know – on your march, set; ready? – Go!"

Real Deal appears at the top of the ramp with a blood red suit jacket, black slacks, and a black Under Armour shirt under said jacket. His air his longer than usual, the typical grey streaks in the front. He’s got a pair of black sunglasses covering his eyes. His face has no smile. 

This man… this man is all business.

"I came to tell the truth,

The whole truth and nothing but the truuuuuuuth. (tellin’ that, bitch!)

I came to represent for the South

In the streets and in the boooooooooth! (hold up!)

I came from the bottom to the top

And I’m out here doing my thaaaaaaang. (that’s it!)

So if you’re tryna get it like I get it

Let the congregation siiiiiiiiing! (CHUUCH!)"

Real Deal makes it to the ring behind a loud, loud chant from the sold out Epicenter crowd. He takes to a turnbuckle and raises his arms to the delight of the capacity crowd. He nods slightly to OutKast, who nods back to his old friend, and partner. He steps into the center of the ring, and as an incensed Real Deal takes a microphone, "Chuuch!" by Bun-B dies down. The crowd is at a dull roar, paying respects to the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, Veteran, and Executive Vice President.

Real Deal: I’ve been… thinking, ladies and gentlemen. Thinking about how to react… how to handle what’s happened. How do you react to your brother nearly being killed on television, ladies and gentlemen? How do you handle that?

Real Deal silences himself, for what feels like an eternity. The crowd doesn’t know what to do, but a small "Real Deal" chant kicks up, and grows into a roar. He smiles, his eyes glint under the bright lights, and he raises a hand, bringing the roar back down.

Real Deal: Having that kind of control will never get old…

He laughs. 

Real Deal: I watched the video from last Revolution more times than is probably healthy. I saw over and over again what Adrian Corazon did to my brother. Let me be clear. I treated Adrian Corazon like a brother. I was integral in bringing him into this place. I got him the training he’d need to be what he is. I helped him learn to speak English. He is familia

He cuts himself off. 

Real Deal: …well. He WAS familia. People from all over wrestling, some who’ve never even been involved in the SHOOT Project, have asked me what I’m going to do about the man who assaulted my brother. Jason, you see, has sort of an aura about him. Nobody attacks him. Nobody accosts him. Nobody even really steps to him. He has that kind of power, and because of that, people never even consider the possibility that they should harm him. After all…

He smiles.

Real Deal: Jason had the smarts to employ Instant Heat as his backup plan.

The crowd pops. The Real Deal chant turns into an "Instant Heat" chant. 

Real Deal: So while I was watching this video, images were running through my head. Fire burned in my eyes. My wife was scared, my daughter wouldn’t come near me. They saw this look on my face that they hadn’t seen in years. YEARS, ladies and gentlemen. And I swear to you all… I’m trying to keep my cool. I have executive responsibilities here. I’ve been tossing and turning at night, trying to sleep. All I see is Adrian Corazon slamming my brother’s face into the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. And then it hit me…

Real Deal stops cold.

Real Deal: What Adrian Corazon, Donovan King, and Pestalance did? That was a desecration of what the SHOOT project is. THAT was an assault on the very essence of the SHOOT Project. What they did… they spit in the face of everyone of us in the back, everyone of you out there, and anyone who’s ever borne the mantle of SHOOT Project Soldier, or fan. And that, my loyal friends and compatriots… 

…that is completely UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE.

The crowd goes NUTS.

Real Deal: NOBODY… nobody… does what you did. So, I spent some time looking over the paperwork as far as my contractual status goes. I’m a pretty smart guy. When I signed the contract that stated I would retire if I lost to Donovan King, I made sure there was a clause that granted me the ability to return to the SHOOT Project ring, in the event that an extenuating circumstance would do irreparable harm to the SHOOT Project as we know it. 

And guess what, motherfuckers… 

Such an extenuating circumstance has happened.

The moment Jason Johnson was laid out, the minute you felt like it was necessary to lay your hands on him, that… that, my friends, was when the Real Deal… the ILLUSTRIOUS JOHNSON… decided he had a FEW MORE REALITY CHECKS LEFT IN THE TANK.

The crowd goes absolutely fucking wild. 

Real Deal: You see… I’m going to get my pound of flesh from Donovan King. I’m going to get my pound of flesh from Pestalance. And you KNOW I’m gonna get me about three fucking pounds of flesh from the shit stain that is Adrian Corazon. That motherfucker… you wanna stay silent? Wanna not say anything?

That’s fine. 

I’m going to make you fucking squeal, you piece of shit. You think you can fucking touch anyone in my family, after what we’ve done for you? You think we’re just going to sit back and let this stand as it is? You think that we’ll just watch as you rip the heart out of the SHOOT Project? Nah man… it’s not going to be like that. If I have to fucking kick the fuck out of everyone to get them to stand up, you can bet your ass THAT… that’s what’s going to motherfucking happen. 

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It doesn’t matter what I have to do. All of you… you signed your SHOOT Project Death Certificate. Consider me the grim motherfucking reaper of this bitch. Get me? 

You’re fucking dead, Adrian. 

Didn’t catch that? Need me to make myself a bit more clear?

Usted es muerto.


OutKast holds his hand up one last time.

OutKast: Folks, like I said…Real Deal here? He’s got himself a nice contract, he gets to come down to the ring, he gets to bring the pain…and OutKast?

I’m gonna make DAMN sure Instant Heat REMAINS…in control. To paraphrase a man greater than I…I done told y’all we the best that’s ever been!

The fans pop. OutKast leans in to Real Deal and the two of them speak into one microphone for this one.

Instant Heat: …BITCH.

“Shoot Outs” by Jadakiss and Styles P. picks back up as the fans are cheering loudly for the NEW boys in charge: INSTANT HEAT. OutKast and Real Deal bump fists and leave the ring, slapping hands with the fans as they do so.

Eryk Masters: Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen…INSTANT HEAT IS BACK!

Other Guy: No question about it, E. Kast and Real Deal called down the thunder tonight, man. King, Pest, Corazon, Kilgore…I hope you guys are watching this tonight. Instant Heat doesn’t go down easily! Hell yeah!


The scene opens to a Black GTO pulling into the arena parking lot. AS the car comes to a start out steps Thomas Manchester Black. Black grabs his bag before hitting the car alarm and making his way to the entrance. As he does he is stopped by Abigail Chase. 


Abigail Chase: TMB, a word please? 


TMB: I got a few minutes to spare. 


Abigail Chase: First, last week Cade Sydal came out and said that he has no challengers to the Iron Fist Title. What do you think about that? 


A slight smile comes to Black’s face… 


TMB: He is right. 


Chase stares at Black, shocked at his response. 


Abigail Chase: He is? 


TMB: Of course he is. While he is also right that some of the others that are chasing after him are victims. I am another animal altogether. I am no challenger…I am a taker. And rather our former Teen Idol wants to admit it or not, when I get my title shot…I will TAKE the Iron Fist title from him. 


TMB lets out a little chuckle. 


Abigail Chase: Ok, what about the return of Petalance and King’s new stable. 


TMB stands still for a moment as if the thought has frozen him. 


TMB: I… 


TMB’s smile turns into a very serious look. 


TMB: Ok, King…so you got another group of jackasses to drink the koolaid. Good for you…but let’s be honest about one thing, at the first sign of cracks you are gonna dump them like you did the S.OL. And to be real honest it doesn’t matter who you have to put in front of you. Eventually you will run out of places to hide and bodies to put in front of you. And when that happens, I’m going to crack your fucking head wide open to the white meat and remind you that you never betray the family. And Pest…Rande…you get in my way and I swear to every God in the book, I’ll make you wish that your career ended in between the legs of the hooker that you were with before King brought you back. Now excuse me…I have a meeting with a old friend in the middle of the ring to get ready for. 


TMB pushes his way past Chase as the scene fades. 




The shot goes to the ring, where we can see Samantha Coil standing in the spotlight. 

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, our opening match this evening is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit! 

Combat by RZA with P Dot starts up over the PA system, as the crowd erupts for the return of the man known as The Queen City Hitman. 

Samantha: Introducing first, from Hartford Connecticut by the way of his hometown, The Queen City Charlotte , North Carolina… 

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie & his forearms and fists taped up. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.  

Samantha: Weighing in at 265 pounds… 

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the far right corner. He turns around and faces the referee, who proceeds to give him the mandatory pat down.  


Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin. 

TMB’s music fades, and Indestructible by Disturbed starts to play. 

Samantha: And now, his opponent!  Hailing from Birkenhead, England and weighing 235 pounds – this is OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! 

Ozzy emerges from the backstage area into the aisle, and starts to march toward the ring, with a look of intense concentration on his face.  Osbourne Kilminster looks totally oblivious to the fans in the SHOOT Epicenter, as he climbs the stairs into the ring, tosses his gi aside, and takes his place in the corner opposite Thomas Manchester Black.  The two men proceed to stare a hole into each other, neither man blinking or showing any sign of fear.  Sensing the tension, Samantha quickly exits the ring, and referee Austin Linam enters and immediately calls for the bell. 

Eryk Masters: I am really looking forward to this match, OG. It’s time to see if the return of Thomas Manchester Black matches all the hype. 

The Other Guy: I’m old school.  I don’t believe the hype. 

The bell rings, and the two men cautiously approach the center of the ring, both in a semi-crouched, MMA stance.  It is obvious neither man is sure if the other wants to take this fight to the mat, or keep it standing, so they are both being very cautious. 

Osbourne Kilminster strikes first, throwing a vicious looking right cross directly at Thomas Manchester Black. TMB does his best to move to the side and avoid the force of the blow, but Ozzy’s shot has been delivered too fast, and TMB takes some of the impact in his side.  Black winces in pain as he absorbs the force of the body shot, but he quickly returns fire with a violent left hook. 

Ozzy mirrors TMB and tries to dodge the violent swing by Thomas Manchester Black, but just like TMB, he cannot evade the shot in time, and he takes the punch in the side of the head.  He staggers, steadies himself, and then takes a striking stance. 

And now it’s on. 

Eryk Masters: Here we go! 

The Other Guy: This match didn’t take long to heat up, did it? 

The two men start to fire punches at each other – but this is not your typical wild pro wrestling brawl.  Both men are highly skilled strikers with training in the Mixed Martial Arts.  The two men are circling in the middle of the ring like classic prizefighters.  One man will fire a wicked strike, and then the other will answer.

The fans come to their feet, cheering their hearts out in appreciation as TMB and Ozzy are exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. 

Fists are flying, but each punch is measured and precise.  TMB seems to be aiming for the jaw of Osbourne Kilminster, going for a knockout.  Ozzy is holding his arms up defensively and is doing his best to block the worst of the shots from TMB, and absorb the impact with his forearms.  

Osbourne Kilminster is taking a different tact, and he is aiming mostly bodyshots at the sides of Thomas Manchester Black.  Every time TMB aims a punch at the head of Ozzy, Ozzy either attempts to block the shot with his arms, or duck to either side.  As soon as TMB has thrown the punch, Ozzy takes the opportunity to fire a swift uppercut to the body of Thomas Manchester Black.  TMB is trying to back away out of the reach of Kilminster, but there is no doubt that some of the shots are definitely connecting. 

Eryk Masters: The fans are loving this unusual display of pugilistic perfection! 

The Other Guy: Thank you, Howard Cosell. I have to admit, this is fun to watch, and it’s definitely a change from what we’re used to seeing in SHOOT. Both these guys know how to throw a punch with skill, not just strength, and not just anger. 

Both men continue to cautiously circle each other, trading carefully timed and measured shots, back and forth, but neither man seems to be gaining the advantage, although both are taking their share of punishment.  Finally, Osbourne Kilminster decides to try something different, to break up the strategic stalemate. 

Ozzy sidesteps a fast right cross from TMB, and he falls back into the ropes, and comes off full speed, leaping into the air and throwing a wicked roaring elbow strike at Thomas Manchester Black… 

TMB ducks! 

Osbourne Kilminster is caught off balance by missing the roaring elbow attempt, and Thomas Manchester Black sprints across the ring, rebounds off the ropes, and just as Ozzy is straightening up, TMB smashes him across the jaw with a lariat!  TMB’s patented Chin Check!  Ozzy goes down in a heap, and TMB makes the cover as the referee slides down for the cover… 




Osbourne Kilminster kicks out with authority. 

Eryk Masters: Incredible impact from that Chin Check lariat from TMB, but not enough to keep Ozzy down for the count. 

The Other Guy: That was a hell of a shot, but let’s face the facts, Osbourne Kilminster is a tough man, and that just wasn’t enough to get Black the win here.  He’s going to need to do more to soften him up. 

Thomas Manchester Black reaches down and pulls Osbourne Kilminster to his feet, and then he immediately lifts Ozzy up into a Bearhug! Ozzy starts to fire elbow after elbow forcing TMB down to one knee. Then before TMB can do anything, Ozzy crushes his jaw with a brutal looking roundhouse knee!   

TMB is staggered, and Ozzy fires a rapid succession of knife edge chops, and then follows it up with a vicious kick to the jaw! Thomas Manchester Black is sent sprawling back to the mat from the impact, and Osbourne Kilminster capitalizes and wastes no time in going for the lateral press for a cover… 




TMB kicks out angrily, rubbing his jaw as he does so. Before he can start to get up, Ozzy grabs the wrist of Thomas Manchester Black and applies a scissor lock on the arm with his legs.  With a shout of determination, Osbourne Kilminster falls backwards while holding TMB’s arm in the scissor lock! Ozzy applies full pressure by pulling down on the TMB’s arm so his elbow is hyper-extended across the Ozzy’s body.   

Crucifix Armbar! 

Eryk Masters: Textbook MMA style armbar by Osbourne Kilminster on Thomas Manchester Black! This is like a reverse Fujiwara armbar, made famous by Japanese Shootwrestling legends like Kazushi Sakuraba, Kyoshi Tamura, and Wing Nakamura! 

The Other Guy: Man, this makes me uncomfortable to even look at, it looks like TMB’s arm is going to pop out at any minute…the pressure on his shoulder is incredible!  This is a recipe for a dislocated shoulder or hyper-extended elbow for sure! 

The fans come to their feet again, cheering and shouting at the sight of Osbourne Kilminster twisting and pulling away at the arm of Thomas Manchester Black!  The amount of torque that Kilminster is putting on Black’s arm is unreal, and Black is obviously in agony…but he will not quit! 

Referee Austin Linam has dropped to one knee, and he is asking Black if he wishes to quit, but TMB is shaking his head in anger and defiance.  He will not give up, even though it is clear that he is in so much pain.   

TMB looks from one side of the ring, to the other.  He measures off which rope is closest, and then digs his fingers into the mat, and tries to pull himself to the ropes.  He is about two feet away from the rope, but that may as well be two miles, due to the amount of pain Thomas Manchester Black is in.  Ozzy screams “ASK HIM” and leans back as far as he can.   

The fans are stomping their feet and clapping their hands in unison, supporting TMB and encouraging him to not give up, and keep fighting. Sweat is pouring down the face of Thomas Manchester Black, as he continues to slowly pull himself towards the rope, inch by painful inch.  He is getting closer, but Osbourne Kilminster is not giving up one inch of ground without a fight.  TMB is getting closer to the ropes, but it is hard to tell if he will make it without having to tap… 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know how much more of this Thomas Manchester Black is going to be able to take, OG.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody in a armbar this long without either tapping out, or passing out from the pain. 

The Other Guy: I don’t know how much more of this I’M going to be able to take, Masters.  That’s too much.  Black is getting closer and closer to the ropes…but is he going to make it? 

TMB is close to the ropes, and he reaches out, straining with the tips of his fingers, stretching and pulling with every muscle and tendon in his body, desperate to reach the rope and break the hold… 

He does it!  Thomas Manchester Black reaches the bottom rope and grabs it!  The referee leaps to his feet and orders Osbourne Kilminster to release the submission hold! 

Ozzy gets to his feet, cursing and swearing.  He looks down at Thomas Manchester Black with a look of anger on his face.  Suddenly, Ozzy leaps into the air and comes crashing down on the right arm of TMB, with an elbow smash!  Black screams in pain and cradles his arm in hand, rolling around on the mat in total agony. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know how he did it, but TMB managed to break that hold!  What a show of guts and determination by Thomas Manchester Black! Win or lose, in my eyes his stock has gone up in this match, with his awesome striking, his timing and now this show of amazing courage. 

The Other Guy: He sure has shown us a lot tonight, but you have to figure that arm of his is going to be numb, and pretty much useless for the rest of this match. 

Osbourne Kilminster grabs Thomas Manchester Black by the back of the head, and starts to pull him to his feet.  TMB shocks Ozzy by firing a precision kneelift right into the midsection of Kilminster.  Ozzy doubles over, and TMB follows up with another lightening quick knee smash to face of the man from England.  Ozzy falls back to the mat, holding his face, and Black makes the cover! 




Osbourne kicks out with anger, and starts to get to his feet.  TMB is up and ready, and he strikes a fighter’s pose and starts to fire a rapid barrage of shots at the jaw of Ozzy Kilminster, with his left hand!  Ozzy’s head snaps back from the impact of the strikes, and the fans are going nuts in excitement at the comeback from Thomas Manchester Black. 

Ozzy backs into the ropes, but then he uses the tensile rebound action from the ropes to leap into the air, and he nails TMB right in the side of the head with a picture perfect “Superman Punch.”  Thomas Manchester Black is temporarily stunned, and he staggers backward slightly.  Ozzy follows up with a discus-style lariat, and TMB crashes to the mat. 

Osbourne Kilminster makes the cover! 



NO!  TMB kicks out! 

Eryk Masters: This has turned into one hell of an opening match to kick off the show this week.  Just when you think one man has the advantage, the other comes surging back. 

The Other Guy: Both of these guys could use a win, Masters.  Ozzy has been out of the spotlight for a few weeks, and TMB is trying to keep a high profile in the Iron Fist Division. 

Frustrated that he only got the two count, Osbourne Kilminster gets to his feet and pulls Thomas Manchester Black up.  As soon as he is vertical, Thomas Manchester Black places both his palms on the chest of Osbourne Kilminster, and violently shoves him back!  Kilminster looks determined and only takes a couple of steps back before squaring off again with TMB! 

Osbourne Kilminster is the aggressor now, and he charges at Thomas Manchester Black.  Black lets him come, and fires a brutal knee right into the midsection of Ozzy, who doubles over in agony.  TMB does not waste a minute, and he hooks Ozzy up and hoists him high into the air with an inverted vertical suplex!  Flashbulbs are going off all over the epicenter as Thomas Manchester Black is holding Osbourne Kilminster high up in the air with the inverted vertical suplex… 

Suddenly, Black simply releases Ozzy, and Kilminster starts to drop to the mat.  TMB leaps up, secures the head of the descending Osbourne Kilminster in a ¾ facelock, and then he sits out, driving Ozzy’s chin right into the shoulder of TMB with an amazing amount of force, due to the added impact from Kilminster height in the air! 

The Carolina Crush! 

Ozzy’s body literally bounces high into the air from the impact of the stunner-type maneuver, and then he collapses to the mat on his back, out of it.  Black makes the cover, making sure to hook the leg tight out of respect for the recuperative abilities of Osbourne Kilminster.  Referee Austin Linam slides down for the count, and the fans count along… 




TMB’s music starts to pound from the sound system in the SHOOT Project Epicenter, and Black allows Austin Linam to raise his arm high in the air, as Samantha makes the announcement from ringside… 


The crowd roars in approval, and Black holds his arms over his head in victory, as behind him Osbourne Kilminster gets to his knees, holding his jaw tenderly and shaking his head in anger. 

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black gets the win here, but just barely. We were less than a minute away from this going to a time limit draw, and I’d be surprised if TMB doesn’t need medical treatment for that arm after Ozzy almost pulled it out of it’s socket.  Kilminster may have lost a battle, but he has nothing to be embarrassed about, in my opinion. 

The Other Guy: Both Kilminster and Black are top level talent, and I for one would love to see a rematch with these guys – hell, I’d love to see a whole series of matches with these guys – they really match up great.  Hell of an opening contest! 


The scene fades into the back. It is directly in front of the locker room of one Sinnocence. Jester Smiles walks onto camera, wearing jeans and a grey “Crappy Tees” t-shirt. He knocks on the door and waits. 

From behind him, a hand comes up to tap softly on his shoulder.  He turns around quickly to see the raven-haired beauty staring at him with an eyebrow raised. 

Sinn: I think your locker room is further down the hall, Sweetheart.  

Jester smirks. 

Jester Smiles: I’m not here to gear up. Rumor has it, you’ve had some rather nasty words to say about Donovan King and his band of douchebags, lately. Was wondering if you’d be willing to back those words up? 

Sinn:  Straight to the point, aren’t you?  I don’t say anything I’m not willing to back up.  You should know that by now. 

She walks forward, pushing him back and away from the door. Jester nods, moving back and showing no resistance or hostility. 

Jester Smiles: That’s exactly why I’m here. I want to put that to the test. See, you’re good, I’m not denying this. But, you are not in a good place right now, not by yourself. You are in title contention, honestly, you are the  rightful number one contender. You have three problems. One, Donovan King and his crew are not going to let you have that title, and they’ll destroy you and everything you love to keep you from having that title. Two, your allies are limited. Ozzy, obviously, has your back, but Azraith? Man, he’s not the ‘take up allies’ type. Not in this situation. Three, did you see how quickly Jason Johnson was going to hand Donovan King your spot at a shot at Azraith. 

If people don’t stand together and take Donovan, Adrian, Pest, and Kilgore head on, this place is going to burn, and everything that any of us love about this place is going to go away. 

And it won’t come back. So, I know we don’t have the best relationship, being that last time there was a war, we were sorta on opposite sides, but I don’t see the same Sinnocence. I don’t see the same Jada Kaine. I see someone better, tougher, and someone I’d be willing to call an ally. 

Jester extends his hand. 

Jester Smiles: You want my help or not? 

She looks down at his hand and back up to him. 

Sinn:  Look, Eric…I know you’re a good guy and all, but this isn’t a simple case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".  I’m not getting mixed up into an all-out fed-wide war again.  We all saw how quickly things went to shit the last time around.  I’ll take care of Donovan King and his merry band of assholes.  I’ve got all of the help I need right now. 

Jester sighs. 

Jester Smiles: You’ll see…you’ll see… 

And with that, Jester simply walks off.


AWESOME GUITAR RIFT! The fans in the epicenter go nuts!


The sound of Vendetta Red’s “Date with Destiny” echo out of the speakers of the PA system. From behind the curtains steps an unfamiliar face, with the red and dark brown, almost black, lights looking around the arena and spotlighting him. The rather tall, 6’4” man walks down the ramp, his medium length black hair covering his eyes and most of his upper jaw.

“When you’re broken from the break up

And those cold tears smear your make up

And you’re wishing he made sure you were dead when he left…”

The man slides into the ring, underneath the bottom rope. His jean shorts had holes in them, and the pockets were missing on the back. He grabs a red handkerchief as he beckons Samantha Coil to toss him a microphone. He catches it in one hand, and rubs the handkerchief over it with the other, before looking around the ring.

“Tied with barb wire and guitar string 

to a junkie’s soiled box spring

you were thankful for those gym socks stuffed in your mouth.

‘Cause the blood soaked through the tissue

When your teeth broke, when he hit you

You denied him the pleasure he gets when you scream”

He looks out from behind his safety net, his hair, and puts the microphone to his mouth. The sound of the music fades away…

“When I was a little boy, my father used to smack me on the hand every time I tried to reach for one of his Nabisco cookies. The sweet, sweet chocolate morsels melted in my mouth, every time I bit into one. It’s hard to look back and wonder why he smacked me like that, why he was so abusive to me. Why did he treat me like dirt?”

The man flips his hair back with the hand not holding the microphone, tilting his head back as he does.

“Actually, now that I stand here before you, I know exactly why…”

He looks around the ring, not the fans, and then back to the camera.

“He didn’t want me to be anything like any of YOU.”

He points out at the fans, smirking an evil little grin. Angrily, the fans start to boo. In one of the corners of the arena, a “Who dat!” chant begins to break out.

“He knew that I was different – that I was special. He knew that I would grow up and I wouldn’t want to be like any of you. Drunk, obnoxious, sinning frat boys and sorority whores. He knew that I’d grow up respecting my body and treating it like the temple that he and my mother created that faithful night back in 1985. He wanted me to treat my body like I would a prize. Not abuse it with drugs and chemicals, alcohol that corrodes your liver. He knew that I’d be more of a human being than any of you out there tonight!”

The man paces left and right, running his hands through his grubby hair.

“I… I came to Las Vegas because I saw SHOOT Project before. I saw the stars that all of you go nuts over; Real Deal, OutKast, Del Carver… the guys of yesteryear. Now we’re subjected to guys like Jester Smiles and Azraith DeMitri – guys that couldn’t even hold a candle to me on my BAD days. I… I just wanted to be a fan. But last week awoken something in me. Watching Adrian Corazon strike down Jason Johnson with that ASP made my stomach flutter, like pretty little butterflies were trying to escape. It started a competitive fire.


The bloodshed… it made me feel alive again.”

He grins, tilting his head back. Hair falls over his eyes. He looks at the camera, smirking. The fans continue to boo.

“So I asked for a try-out match here. I didn’t have to beg much, they practically BEGGED me to show you all what they know I can do. They begged me to show you all what a real human being is capable of. They begged me to stand here in this ring and wait for my opponent, so that I can brutalize him and show him a world of hurt.


I scoffed. But, if it will let my competitive fire burn… I’ll wait. And I’ll show ALL of YOU what I am capable of doing on this poor, poor soul that has the displeasure of facing me for the first time in SHOOT Project!”

The man throws down the microphone, and the fans look around as Samantha Coil walks over to the bellman.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for ONE FALL under Iron Fist rules!

The fans explode.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first already in the ring, weighing in at 240 lbs, from Barstow, California, he is Ben Delta!

The fans boo heavily. Samantha pauses for a second as to let the build-up.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent!

She pauses again, and the fans go quiet.



The fans absolutely erupt as Ronald Jenkee’s “The Rocky Song Remixed” screams over the PA system. Stepping out from the backstage area is Dan Stein, wearing a black “Not Afraid” t-shirt. The entire epicenter erupts with cheers as Stein stares down at the ring.

Samantha Coil: …weighing in at 215 pounds from Cedar RAPIDS, Iowa, he is a two time former SHOOT Project Iron Fist champion, DAN “The Lights” STEIN!

The fans continue to cheer as Stein slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Delta runs up to him and kicks him in the side as the bell rings. Stein slides back out of the ring and the official pushes Delta back to the opposite corner.

Other Guy: Listen to these people, Eryk! Going nutso for Dan Stein here!

Eryk Masters: Absolutely, OG. They just want someone to step up and shut Ben Delta up, and Dan Stein is just the guy to do it!

Stein slides into the ring and stands in the corner, no emotion on his face. Delta paces back and forth, wiggling his fingers manically as Stein takes off his shirt and throws it out into the crowd. Stein motions for Delta to come forward.

Eryk Masters: Stein beckons Delta here, AND DOES HE GET AN ANSWER!

As Stein beckons him forward, Delta releases a primal scream and charges Stein. Dan side steps Delta, who goes into the ring corner chest first. Stein stands behind him as he stumbles backwards out of the ring.

Other Guy: INVERTED NECKBREAKER! Stein just FLOORED this new comer!

Dan rolls off the mat as Delta grabs his head and neck, rolling around. Stein hurries out of the ring to the apron and climbs the turn buckle.

Eryk Masters: Stein to the top turnbuckle, where he’s most lethal!

Other Guy: He’s an innovator, and this guy doesn’t seem to be moving any time soon!

Stein stands up straight, looking down at Delta. He points at him, then out to the crowd, mouthing something. Stein sets himself… leaps into the air…



Stein rolls off of Delta, grabbing his ribs. He pulls the dazed and confused man up by his hair, pushes Delta’s head under Stein’s armpit, runs up to the turn buckle, uses it to jump off of and DROPS him RIGHT on the top of his skull.

Other Guy: POWER SURGE! Delta’s not moving!

Eryk Masters: But Stein is! What’s he going to do now?

Stein kicks the man’s arms next to his body, and falls down on top of him, grabbing the man by the front tuft of his hair. He clenches his fist into a ball and starts driving it into his face, over and over and over and over. The fans look on in shock as their cheers start to fade away with every punch.

Other Guy: Stein busts open Delta.

Eryk Masters: It looks as though Stein is getting some extra aggression out on this poor guy.

Other Guy: Someone… someone come out here and do something.

Stein looks around the ring and the arena as the people go quiet. He throws down the man’s head and tells the official to start counting.

Eryk Masters: I think this count out is just a formality right now. There’s no way in Las Vegas this man is getting back up.





















Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match… DAN “The Lights” Stein!

The fans look on, still shocked. Dan looks at Samantha Coil and asks for a microphone, wiping the blood on his fist on his trunks. Stein shakes his head as he puts the mic to his mouth.

The Lights: I… I’m sorry. That crossed the line… I’m sorry.

Stein paces around the ring.

The Lights: I shouldn’t have even mounted him after the Power Surge… but I did. Someone come out here, get this guy some attention.

Stein drops the microphone from his mouth to his side, as EMTs rush down to work on him. They quickly pull Ben Delta from the ring, leaving Stein there, shirtless. With a microphone. No emotion on his face. Stein looks at the man, then back to the ring.

The Lights: He promised me pain…

Stein shakes his head, as if erasing the thought like an etch-a-sketch.

The Lights: I don’t know what’s gotten into me these last few weeks. I don’t know what I’ve become, I don’t understand the things I’ve said, or done, or… anything. I thought that I was fine when I signed back up for SHOOT Project. I thought the head games I pulled on myself were done and gone, but… they’re stronger than ever now. Even before my best friend became SHOOT Project’s LeBron James, my heart just wasn’t the same as it was last year, or the year before… or ever before.


I became something I never wanted to become. I was ignorant… irresponsible. I didn’t care about anyone or anything. I sat down and I ridiculed a man for the way he treated his family, when I had no business doing it. I blamed my friends, Jester Smiles namely, for letting me down when I was in that match with Cade – the one that ended with me eating the bad side of a brass-knuckle sandwich.

Other Guy: That was never proven.

Stein walks to the edge of the ring, looking down at OG. He nods and points.

The Lights: Yeah, it’s not on the video, clearly. But I’ve felt Cade’s punches before, and I saw the bruise that was left after, OG. The man’s a sneak. Iron Fist rules says it was legal, sure, but… that wasn’t the Cade Sydal that I knew. That wasn’t Cade’s way. No no no.

Stein turns away from the announce table, walking back to the center of the ring.

The Lights: Cade… was a brother to me. He taught me a lot of things. Honor… loyalty… respect. Obviously none of that shit matters to Cade now.

He pauses.

The Lights: Nobody seems to care about that shit anymore. Donovan King comes out with his posse and does what he does… Adrian Corazon comes down and bashes Jason Johnson in the skull with the ASP. Absolutely ruining the moment for Azraith- why? Because Jason screwed him over? Fine, you have a problem with Jason Johnson, talk to Jason Johnson. Don’t shit all over Azraith DeMitri, who worked his ASS off since SHOOT Project reopened, to get his time to shine with the belt.


Nobody gives a fuck about honor or respect anymore. Nobody cares about anything but themselves. Donovan, you closed the company down as SHOOT Project’s World Champion. Not a great track record, Champ.

Stein drops the microphone a bit, pacing around the ring.

The Lights: Tonight, Cade has a match with Lennox Ferguson. Tonight, Cade has more than a good chance of LOSING to Lennox Ferguson. Regardless of the outcome of the match, I want to talk to Cade Sydal, next week.

The crowd cheers a little, the first show of emotion since Stein laid Delta out with the Power Surge.

The Lights: And if Cade doesn’t show, I’ll find him. I want answers. You all want answers. If I have to beat them from his short-stack ass, I’ll get my answers. Or he’ll enjoy the view from his back…

The crowd cheers again as Stein slides out of the ring with the microphone. The EMTs are halfway up the ramp with Ben Delta as Stein walks up to him. Stein pats him on the chest.

The Lights: …Like this guy.

Stein drops the microphone on the stretcher, and walks up the ramp to the curtains.

Other Guy: Wow! Stein laying down a challenge to Cade for next week!

Eryk Masters: I can’t wait to see what Cade has to say about all this!


We find ourselves in the backstage area as a figure appears from around a corner… walking down the hallway at a rapid pace.  A voice calls out.

???:  Mr. York?!

He immediately throws his head up… mouth agape… mouthing the words ‘fuck me’ quite clearly.  He then spins around… meeting face to face with Abigail Chase.  Our man is clad in dark washed jeans, a black Fred Perry polo shirt, and black leather boat shoes.  He’s somewhat dark skinned, and his hair is black and curly, reaching just to the bottom of his ears.  He feigns a smile… nodding.

Julian York: Oh Ms. Chase?  Didn’t think I’d run into you… and yes.  You can uhh…

He turns around, staring down the hall as if he’s looking for something.  Almost in a trance.

Julian York: You can just call me Julian.  

She smiles… nodding.

Abigail Chase: I actually just had a few quick questions if you have the ti–

He puts his finger up to her mouth as she stops talking.

Julian York: Actually, that’s the thing, dear. (He checks his watch) I really DON’T have the time.  I’m actually… uhh… I’m heading to Jason’s office right now.  Have some final paperwork to go over…

She cocks her head.

Abigail Chase: But Jason’s office is on the complete opposite side of the building?…

Julian York’s eyebrows raise.  He knows he’s been caught in a lie.

Julian York: Yeah, I was just going to make a quick… wait, I don’t owe you any sort of explanation whatsoever.

She shrugs, confused.  

Ethan Delgrotta: JULIAN!

He drops his head immediately… palm on his face.

Julian York: Good god…

Ethan rushes over to the pair, dressed in a very fitted, tailored black suit with a lavender button up… in his right hand.

Ethan Delgrotta: Julian, where are you going?!  We need to get to Jason’s office, we’re already running a little late….

Julian just shakes his head in frustration.

Julian York: You know what?  How about… how about I have a little ME time?  Jesus christ.  

Julian starts to walk off, apparently feeling overly stressed.

Ethan Delgrotta: YOU TIME?! You’ve practically be on vacation since I’ve been dealing with ALL of your paperwork and ALL of this legal mess!  

This doesn’t stop Julian as he continues his stride.

Abigail Chase: What about my interview?!

He doesn’t even look back.

Julian York: Talk to Ethan.  He’ll be working as my permanent advisor and manager for my stay here.

His voice continues to echo off.  That’s when our shot focuses on Ethan’s face.  His eyes cutting… his demeanor suddenly changing.

Ethan Delgrotta: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You get back here RIGHT NOW, Julian!  We already agreed that my stay here was a TEMPORARY stay!  This isn’t… JULIAN!!

At this point, York cuts a corner and continues his stride… now out of view.  Ethan just grips the folder in a fit of rage.  

Abigail Chase: Well if you don’t mi–

Ethan Delgrotta: I can’t do this right now… please excuse me…

Ethan then storms off down the hallway in the direction Julian was headed… leaving Abigail Chase in a daze.



The opening of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC brings the crowd to their feet as out from the back comes The UK Dragon. He is pumping his fists with his theme song as he slaps hands with the fans on his way to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Now, in recent weeks, we’ve had the chance to see four distinctly different competitors fighting over the newly minted Sin City Championship. We’ve seen this man here, The UK Dragon, going for the Sin City title and he even managed to earn himself a title shot against the current champion, Jaime Alejandro.

Samantha Coil: The following is a tag team match scheduled for ONE fall! Introducing first, from the United Kingdom…weighing in at 185 pounds he is…THE UK DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOON!!!

Dragon rolls into the ring and nods his head to the fans as his theme dies out. He looks back to the entrance ramp as “Kiri” by MONORAL picks up, the fans beginning to cheer once again as out from the back comes the SIN CITY CHAMPION.

Samantha Coil: And his partner…hailing from San Antonio, Texas and weighing in tonight at 235 pounds…he is the current reigning Sin City Champion…he is THE SAINT….JAIME ALEEEEEEEEEEEEEJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDRO!!!

Other Guy: Don’t call my naaaame…don’t call my name, Alejandroooo…

Eryk Masters: Here I was hoping to go his whole career without having to hear somebody serenade him with Lady freaking Gaga.

Alejandro slides into the ring, unbuckling his belt. He looks at Dragon and nods, shaking his hand. He holds the belt high in the air as his theme music dies down. Then, the boos begin. People know what’s coming next. “The Tudors” by Trevor Morris kicks in as out from the back comes CHARLES…BRANDON…MAGNUS.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Hold on…hold on…kill my music, kill my music.

The fans boo.

Eryk Masters: Seriously? He’s gonna talk again? AGAIN?

Charles Brandon Magnus: Jaime Alejandro…UK Dragon. The two of you have been the bane of my existence since I signed on to compete here in this company. Dragon, I just can’t seem to beat you. Jaime, I can’t seem to get a match with you. It’s frustrating, maddening, to see the two of you in there…on a roll, and there seems to be so little I can do about it.

The fans begin to boo, but Magnus holds his hand up.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Every time the two of you have talked, you’ve constantly sold me short. You’ve started to…overlook me. I’m not threatening the two of you. But I will say this. Tonight?


And Mr. Heart and I are going to show you what we’re made of.

The fans boo loudly.

Suddenly, “The Almighty Dollar” by Ozzy Osbourne kicks in as Mr. Heart steps out from the back. He looks at Magnus, who is still standing at the entrance. Heart glares at him as Magnus smiles back to him. Behind Heart are his associates, his entourage.

Samantha Coil: And Magnus’ partner…from London, England…weighing in tonight at 225 pounds…he is the Most Gracious Man in Wrestling…MR…HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!

Heart and Magnus get into the ring as Dragon and Saint stand on the opposite end.

Other Guy: Dude, you forgot to mention that Dragon turned DOWN his number one contendership.

Eryk Masters: He did, didn’t he? I get the whole sportsmanship thing, but why give up a golden opportunity like that? Especially when you can capitalize on your opponent’s faults.

Other Guy: I guess the dipshit wanted to be a fair sport.

Eryk Masters: I wonder why…

Other Guy shrugs as Scott Kamura calls for the bell!

Eryk Masters: And we’re off!

Heart is on the ring apron as Magnus is starting the match off. Dragon is in the ring, but Magnus shakes his head no! He points to The Saint, who looks dead ahead at Magnus. Heart leans over and begins to talk to his associates, as the camera shows one of them writing something down on a clipboard.

Eryk Masters: It would appear Mr. Heart is using this match as a means to scout his three top rivals for the Sin City Championship.

Other Guy: He can do all the scouting he wants, Jaime Alejandro’s beaten him. Far as I’m concerned, only one man in this match hasn’t been beaten by Alejandro and that man is Charles Brandon Magnus.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, well…the thing about that? Everybody else has beaten Charles Brandon Magnus.

After a while of blatant refusal to face Dragon, Magnus again demands Saint. Saint looks around at the fans, as a small chant from the front row can be heard.





Saint shrugs and throws his hand out to Dragon, who slowly slaps it. Saint gets into the ring and charges towards Magnus, who quickly tags Heart in, unbeknownst to Heart himself! The fans are booing as Heart looks at Magnus, obviously very irritated as he was still talking to his associates. Magnus steps out of the ring and drops to the floor and begins to jaw at the associates himself!

Eryk Masters: I guess Magnus wants the associates to take notes on Heart.

Other Guy: …wow.

Saint shakes his head as Heart steps into the ring and he locks up with HIM instead. Almost immediately, Heart ducks under the lock up and hooks in a waistlock and lifts Saint up…and brings him back down to the mat! He sprawls over Saint and hooks his head up in a front face lock and begins to grind the Sin City Champion’s head into the mat! The Dragon complains to the referee and while Scott Kamura’s distracted, Heart calls for Magnus to get into the ring!

Other Guy: Heart’s out to show Magnus how to be a bad guy!

Magnus stops talking to the associates outside the ring and sees Heart calling for him to get into the ring, but Magnus shakes his head no! The fans seem to be happy about this, but Heart isn’t! Heart gets up and immediately gets in his partner’s face, the two of them yelling at one another. Suddenly, Alejandro rolls Heart up from behind and Scott Kamura’s there!




The Saint picks Heart up and slowly drags him over to Dragon, who he tags in. Dragon leaps into the ring and immediately, Alejandro and Dragon hook Heart up for a double suplex! Dragon covers Heart and Scott Kamura’s there once again!




Dragon hooks Heart’s head in a side headlock, and he reaches forward with his legs and hooks Heart’s arm and now has the Most Gracious Man In Wrestling in a LeBell Lock! Heart immediately gets a hold of the bottom rope and Kamura demands he be released! Dragon lets the move go and calls out to the fans, who are loving this! Heart starts to pick himself up, only to catch a HARD slap from Jaime Alejandro! Dragon drop toe holds Heart to the mat, rolls over his body, hooks in a side head lock, but Heart gets to his knees and sits out, picking himself up off of the mat! He lifts Dragon up and connects with a belly to back suplex!

Eryk Masters: Despite what we might think of Mr. Heart, he’s without question one of the best technically trained Soldiers on our roster.

Heart dives and tags Magnus in, who steps into the ring and immediately hooks up with Dragon. Dragon attempts to duck under, but Magnus sprawls over him, hooking him in a front face lock, which he spins Dragon over onto his back and holds him down for a pin and Scott Kamura’s there!



Dragon powers out, but Magnus rolls him to his stomach and locks in a modified Carolina Crossface, not hooking the arm as he does so! He arches back hard, tearing at Dragon’s mask, until it’s evident he’s got the Crossface on only by holding on to the mouth pieces of Dragon’s mask! The mask begins to rip and Kamura forces him to break the hold! Magnus glares up at Kamura…and Kamura starts the mandatory count!





Jaime Alejandro THROWS Magnus off of Dragon! The Saint and Magnus lock eyes as Kamura starts ordering Saint back to his corner, and Magnus picks Dragon up and whips him to the ropes, on the return, he locks in an abdominal stretch! Kamura is still dealing with Alejandro and Heart steps into the ring and DRIVES elbow after devastating elbow into Dragon’s exposed ribs! Dragon calls out in pain and Magnus lets him go, getting in Heart’s face, the two of them jawing back and forth yet again.

Eryk Masters: It seems like Magnus has refocused himself. He doesn’t want Heart to get into the ring and ruin his chance to prove himself!

Other Guy: Who’d have thought that Charles Brandon Magnus actually DOES care what people think of him.

Eryk Masters: Think what a win would do for him here, OG. He’d be out of his rut, he’d have a win over the Sin City Champion and The UK Dragon, he’d be getting his career on track!

Heart finally has had enough, and he pushes Magnus back, right into a schoolboy attempt from Dragon!




Magnus rolls away and Dragon hops over his body and dives for Alejandro! It’s the moment Magnus has been waiting for! He stands up, the Sin City Champion finally in the ring with him. There is no show of fear in him, but Saint seems to sense the trepidation. He points to Heart and offers to let Magnus tag him in. This time, however, Magnus does not seem quite as willing to tag his partner in, and instead, he marches straight to Alejandro and the two of them tie it up! Saint whips Magnus to the ropes, but Magnus ducks his clothesline, and on the turnaround, he sees Alejandro bent down for a back body drop, and Magnus leapfrogs over him! Alejandro gets up and Magnus quickly bounces off of the ropes and CONNECTS with a Roaring Elbow! Alejandro staggers back, and Magnus hooks The Saint’s head, then his arm, then his leg…and Mr. Heart tags himself in blindly by slapping Magnus’ back…and Magnus CONNECTS with a Fisherman’s Suplex!






Magnus releases the hold when he gets told by Kamura to get out of the ring! Saint is shaking his head, trying to get his wits about him as Heart casually gets back into the ring, and he immediately picks the Saint up and NAILS him with a jawbreaker! Magnus complains to Kamura that he’s still the legal man as Heart rushes over to Dragon and knocks him from the apron! He quickly gets Alejandro up in position for the Broken Heart Neckbreaker…but Magnus shoves Kamura out of the way and then throws Alejandro down to the mat! Heart turns and MAGNUS KICKS HIM IN THE MIDSECTION…ANGEL’S WINGS!!! Magnus rolls away from Heart, glaring at his partner, the fans are somewhat shocked and cheering! Not so much for Magnus, but for Heart getting planted!

Eryk Masters: WOW. What is Charles Brandon Magnus thinking?!

The associates all yell at Magnus as he immediately rolls out of the ring! He piefaces one of the associates to the mat and he walks up the ramp! Magnus has LEFT Mr. Heart! Alejandro looks up at Magnus as he leaves Heart on the mat, and a knowing glint flickers in his eye and he IMMEDIATELY hooks in the NEGOTIATION!!

Other Guy: Heart’s locked in! He’s in the perfect place for Alejandro to beat him now!

Heart cries out in pain, seemingly coming to. He calls out for Magnus to come in and save him, apparently unaware of what Magnus just did. He looks up at Scott Kamura who is asking him if he’s submitting! Heart grits his teeth, but Alejandro sinks the hold in tighter! Heart exhales suddenly and waves his arm! IT’S OVER! Scott Kamura stands up and calls for the bell!


“Kiri” by MONORAL picks back up as Dragon takes Jaime’s Sin City Championship and hands it to the Champion. Heart has submitted once again, but this time Alejandro knows there’s more to the story than just a simple submission.

Eryk Masters: Jaime and The Dragon might have won, OG, and Magnus might have chalked yet another loss up, and Heart might have tapped out once again…but this isn’t over, not by a long shot!

Other Guy: You’re tellin’ me! Magnus refused to work with Heart and vice versa, and that spelled their undoing. Not to mention, it looks like Magnus has made an enemy of the one person I think on this roster he had a chance at being a friend in Mr. Heart.

The camera pans back up to see Alejandro and Dragon celebrating in the ring, while Heart glares up at where his tag team partner just disappeared to.


We cut to the SHOOT locker room, where "Daredevil" Dina Bryce is seen in her yellow and orange ring tights and a Paramore t-shirt. She’s taping her wrists up, a determined look on her face. 

???: Didn’t think you were working tonight, but either way, you look like you are gearing up for war. 

The camera pans over to reveal Jester Smiles leaning in the door way. He himself is not geared up, but is rather in simply jeans and a grey “Crappy Tees” t-shirt.  

Dina gives a half-smile and finishes up her strapping. 

Dina: I’m not, mate just here to keep an eye on things. What’re you doing here, laughing boy? 

Jester grins. 

Jester Smiles: To keep on eye on things? That’s good. That’s very good. People need to be keeping an eye on things. But, I don’t know if they are keeping an eye on the right things.  

You need to be keeping an eye out and gearing up for war, but I have a feeling you are focused on the wrong issue at hand. You know the issue I’m talking about, yes? 

Dina snaps her head sideways to glare at Smiles. 

Dina: I’ve got enough on me plate at the moment without dealing with your next little crusade, Joker. Get over your Messiah complex, Eric, you’re not the savior you think you are. 

Jester shrugs. 

Jester Smiles: No, I’m not. Which is why I need help. I can’t take four of the most evil men in the history of SHOOT Project down alone. But, hey, whatever. You’ve got more shit on your plate to deal with. Fine, whatever. 

And when Donovan King has raped this place of everything good about it, and Jason Johnson has become so disheartened by it that he closes the doors, again, and you are out of a job, assuming you aren’t already crippled from crossing King alone, then, hey, don’t come crying to me. 

Jester glares right back. 

Jester Smiles: Remember something, rookie, I was at the frontlines when Jonny Johnson was here. I’ve seen what ONE asshole can do to a company. If everyone wants to sit back, do their own thing, and go it solo, fine. But it saddens me, because it means that we will all, on our own, watch this company burn to the ground. 

Have fun tonight, Dina. Enjoy gearing up in the SHOOT Project. You know, while you still can. 

Jester simply turns and leaves. 

Dina makes a face then stretches out her hamstring on the bench, muttering as she does so. 

Dina: One arsehole at a time, mate…


We cut backstage to see the lovely, and newly married Jada Kaine pacing slowly in the locker room she shares, Osbourne Kilminster.  Her husband, is seemingly nowhere to be found…most likely getting them a drink, or giving her a few moments of solitude to prepare for her upcoming match.  She pauses for a moment in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror to adjust the ties on her leather halter top, when someone knocks on the door.   


Sinn: Goddamn it, why is he knocking?  He knows I’m not indecent or anything.  Just come in, Ozzy! 


She shouts to the person standing behind the door, when it suddenly bursts open to reveal Kilgore Stochansky, and Pestalance!  Her eyes go wide as she rushes for the baseball bat stood in the corner, but is stopped short by Kilgore and Pest.  The two giants grab her arms roughly as she fights back, but they prove to be far stronger and hold her fast.  She tries to scream, when Kilgore slaps his hand over her mouth, rendering her effectively mute. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  Easy, love…this shouldn’t take long. 

He holds her head up as Donovan King steps into the locker room. He stands there in the door way, for a long moment.  He closes the door behind him and slides the deadbolt locked.  King looks down at her, wearing a black pair of boots, black jeans, and a plain black t-shirt with the SHOOT Project Helmet on the front.  On his shoulder?  The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt. 

Donovan King:  I heard through the grapevine you’re officially off the market.  That true? 

King motions for Kilgore to remove his hand. 

Sinn snarls at him, struggling futilely against the grip of two much stronger individuals.   

Sinn:  Not that it’s any of your fucking business, but yes it is.  I’m so going to hurt you for this, King.  Now tell them to fucking let me go! 

King kneels down and holds his finger to his lips. 

Donovan King:  We’ve never truly met, have we?  Didn’t fight when you served under Jonny, didn’t meet up for anything serious…this is kinda our first big…meeting, right?  So tell me, Jada. 

He leans forward for a second, pursing his lips. 

Donovan King:  Are you gonna be quiet and hear me out? 

She gives him a dark laugh, and raises an eyebrow. 

Sinn:  You honestly think I’m just going to let your damn cronies hold me like this and listen to your delusions of grandeur?  Fuck you, King. 

She inhales deeply, obviously set to scream her lungs out, before Kilgore’s hand covers her mouth again.  She stands there, red in the face, glaring at King.  King shakes his head, sighing. 

Donovan King:  Wow, Jada.  Wow.  I come to you, like an adult, to talk to you.  And you’re wantin’ to give me your best Fay Wray. Either way, little girl, I’m not here to blatantly threaten.  I’m here to talk, to teach you a lesson. 

King pulls up a chair and has a seat. 

Donovan King:  When you first made it big in SHOOT, you were working with Jonny Johnson.  You were dis…vile villain…jeered by the masses out there every night.  Do you know what Jonny’s mission was? 

Sinn says nothing.  King shrugs. 

Donovan King:  Of course not.  You’ve been insultin’ me since I came back an’ for what?  You think I’m whinin’?  You think King is bein’ a bitch now? 

King sighs. 

Donovan King:  You worked for a man who didn’t wanna earn his World title, he wanted to threaten dis company with a lawsuit.  Take a look at the title history on the website, girl, he’s the only one with an asterisk by his name.  He never earned shit, and you followed him.  Yet…I’m the bitch.  But, see, dat’s water under the bridge, Jada.  It ain’t the reason I’m here tonight.  I won’t hold it against you, maybe you was ignorant to the terrible things he did.  Who knows?  But what I do know is this, Jada. 

King inhales deeply. 

Donovan King:  The time has come for a new dawn in SHOOT.  A new leader needs to rise up, take control, run things.  And when a new leader rises, he needs an army to back his play.  Now…I an’ mine…we saw how good you were bein’ Jonny’s underling.  I always felt like bein’ a lackey was beneath you and as it turns out…I was right. 

Sinn slowly calms down, still alert.  Watching him, waiting. 

Donovan King:  Now, tonight…later tonight…I’m goin’ down to dat ring and demanding to be recognized as World Champion.  Azraith will forfeit his supposed win, and he’ll walk away from me in peace.  I’m not takin’ his Master of the Mat from him, he earned that hard fought victory over you.  No no, Jada.  But this is the start of somethin’ never before seen, never before realized. 

King grins. 

Donovan King:  I know you probably don’t much like me.  Truth be told, I don’t much like many people.  Pest here is insane. 

Pest chuckles. 

Donovan King:  Hell…Kilgore there is too…European. 

Kilgore Stochansky:  Much too European for him. 

Donovan King:  Exactly.  But, you see…I ally with power.  We are power.  I am power.  You don’t have to like it, but even the dodo wasn’t exactly overjoyed as it faced extinction in the face.  S’all good, sweetheart.  For some on dis roster…they will be like the dodo.  Evolve…or die. 

King licks his lips and smiles. 

Donovan King:  So…really, the choice I want you to make here, Jada…is simple.  You keep callin’ for war, cryin’ my name out like you been doin’.  Dat…distraction goes against my mission.  I’d like to see it stopped.  What I’m askin’ from you is to…not…be the dodo.  Evolve.  We are the natural selection, we are what Darwin spoke of, and the last thing I want is to wipe you from this place.  So, two choices, darlin’. 

King holds up two fingers. 

Donovan King:  Step aside.  Stand down.  Take no part in this.  Don’t fight FOR us…don’t fight AGAINST us.  Just…step aside.  Completely.  Mind your own business.  You have a husband now…a son…you have a life outside of dis business, Jada.  Why waste it all?  To prove a point?  Your second option? 

He slowly drops the index finger, showing her his middle finger. 

Donovan King:  You tell SHOOT Project to go to Hell.  You tell the Johnson Regime to fuck off.  You give your husband this same ultimatum, you give your son the message dat you will NOT be so casual about life.  Teach your child to take a stand against injustice.  Stand by the side of the man who will completely overtake dis company and FINALLY push it forward.  Stand by MY side, Jada.  Be not my lackey, not my sidekick…my ally.  Leave the fans to rot.  Leave those heroes out there to rot.  Burn away the leeches with me, Jada. 

King smiles earnestly at her. 

Donovan King:  Don’t answer right now, Sinnocence.  We can forgive easily.  Pestalance won’t hold your jokes about his name against you.  Won’t even pick on you for having a name like Sinnocence.  Kilgore won’t cripple Osbourne.  Hell, we might even allow him to follow in your footsteps.  And me? 

King adjusts his belt, and he chuckles once more. 

Donovan King:  You’ll get first crack at the True Champion.  That…and Cade Sydal can attest…I’m one Hell of a babysitter. 

Kilgore and Pest laugh. 

Donovan King:  Give it thought, don’t answer now.  Think of your family.  Think of your son.  Because we’re going to tear our opposition apart at the root, Jada.  We won’t just beat our victims in the ring, we won’t just end their careers. 

King sneers. 

Donovan King:  We will bring the war to their front porch.  We will beat their women.  We will attack their children.  We will burn these infections away once and for all.  Clear? 

Kilgore’s hand slowly came away from her mouth and surprisingly, the stripper did not scream.  She just glared at King and slowly pulled her arms free of Pest and Kilgore’s bruising grips at King’s slight nod.  For a moment, Jada just stood there, her face going blank. 

Sinn: Crystal clear.  You can leave now, King. 

King smiles and winks at her. 

Donovan King:  Osbourne’s a lucky man.  Mazel tov.  Come, gentlemen, we have Azraith’s announcement to prepare for. 

King nods to her. 

Donovan King:  Ma’am. 

Kilgore waves goodbye to her as the three of them depart, leaving Sinn alone.  They close the door slowly, letting the latch echo in the dead silence of the locker room.



Eryk Masters: That was one hell of a display from some of SHOOT’s newest soldiers… our next match sees two 

SHOOT veterans battle it out!

Other Guy: Two veterans with decades of hardcore experience between them. And judging from the way the fans at ringside are pulling out foreign objects, they’re expecting this to get ugly!

Samantha Coil: Our next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Plainfield, New Jersey… at a weight of two hundred fifty five pounds, and standing at six feet, five inches, he is The Firestarter… PESTALANCE!!!

The lights throughout the Epicenter flicker and turn red, and the video wall shows static snow as the synths of "Firestarter" by the Prodigy hit the PA … and Pestalance comes out from behind the curtain to an explosion of boos from the crowd, with only the occasional cheer breaking through the wall of noise. Two pillars of fire ignite either side of him as he stands at the top of the ramp for a second, then heads to the ring, a cocky smirk on his face.

Other Guy: Pestalance is only making his in-ring return tonight but clearly he’s already made an impression on the SHOOT fans with his actions two weeks ago.

Eryk Masters: These fans are fine with violence and unnecessary beatdowns, but they hate to see Jason Johnson and their World Champion blind-sided! Pestalance and his new allies delivered an ultimatum to Azraith DeMitri on the last Revolution in a very physical way!

Other Guy: You say ultimatum, I call it a shakedown. Pestalance and Donovan King seem like unlikely allies, but there’s no denying that a legend of hardcore wrestling like Pest is a dangerous man you’d rather have on your side than against you!

Pest rolls his eyes as referee Dennis Heflin does the usual pat-down, then tosses his sleeveless shirt to a ring attendant.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, fighting out of Westhampton Beach, New York… at a height of six feet eight inches, and weighing in tonight at three hundred twenty two pounds… C! J! NELSON!!!

The arena fills with the guitars of Chevelle’s "The Red" and CJ Nelson jogs out onto the rampway to a decent pop, slapping a few hands and pointing out fans with particularly inventive weapons.

Other Guy: It looks as though the crowd has decided this is a BYO hardcore match, E! I know that we were never going to see a technical showcase between these two men, but this is shaping up to be utter carnage!

Eryk Masters: I gotta say, both men are in their element, and Dennis Heflin is going to have his hands full trying to stop somebody dying tonight!

CJ also gets the pat-down from Heflin, then heads to his corner and stretches his neck out a few times.

Eryk Masters: Is Heflin blind?! They’re going to have weapons in about three seconds after the bell rings, what’s the point in checking them for foreign objects?

Other Guy: Hell if I know. It’s only a matter of time until this leaves the ring and gets bloody!

The bell rings and right away Pest charges at Nelson with a big boot, Nelson ducks and shoves Pest into the ropes, taking him down with a big shoulderblock! Pest gets straight back to his feet, locking up with CJ in a collar-and-elbow, the two men fighting to gain dominance.

Eryk Masters: Who do you like in this one, OG?

Other Guy: I reckon it’s too hard to call. If this were to stay a straight-up wrestling match, on paper Nelson has the size and weight advantage .. and right now he had Pestalance backed into the corner!

CJ lays kneelifts into Pest’s midsection, slamming his back against the turnbuckle with each shot, but tries to go to the well once too often and Pestalance hooks his leg, dropping CJ with an improvised slam. Pest follows up by burying his boot in Nelson’s ribs.

Eryk Masters: Some kind of spinebuster variation there to get out of trouble. What were you saying about size and weight?

Other Guy: CJ Nelson has seventy pounds and five inches of reach on Pestalance, E, but when it comes to the kind of fighting these two are best at, those things go out the window and it comes down to who can sustain the most punishment!

Nelson is on the receiving end of the punishment at the moment, as Pestalance has him in the corner and is stomping away. Pest puts a foot across CJ’s throat, drawing a four-count for the blatant boot choke before he releases it … but as soon as he lifts his foot Nelson grabs his ankle and swings his body onto the apron, pulling Pest down awkwardly onto his butt! Nelson pulls Pest out to the floor and starts hammering away with punches, forcing Pest onto defence! Nelson lands a hard right that dazes Pest long enough to set up an Irish whip, but Pest reverses and Nelson hits the barricade hard! Pest grabs a chair held out by an excited fan, rears back and –


Nelson eats a chairshot to the head!

Eryk Masters: Yeah, this is where the match rules go to hell. Heflin, you can go home.

Other Guy: Someone still has to count the fall, E. You want to put on the striped shirt?

Eryk Masters: Hell no. I’m not getting in between these two. Besides, I’m lazy and this chair is comfy.

Pest tosses the chair away and hammers CJ with a STIFF elbow to the head. He follows up by ramming CJ’s head into the barricade, then whips him into the ring apron – but Nelson uses the momentum and slides back into the ring, then nails Pest with a baseball slide as he tries to get back in too! One of the fans hands Nelson … a toaster? Nelson smacks Pestalance hard with it, opening up a cut above Pest’s right eye.

Other Guy: Pestalance has been busted open, folks! Not in the most orthodox of ways…

Eryk Masters: Isn’t that what Staff Sergeant Nelson always says? "One mind, any weapon"?

Pest stumbles a little, dazed from the shot to the head, and Nelson grabs the smaller man in a scoop lift.

Other Guy: What’s he setting up for here, a powerslam?

CJ steps over towards the steel ring stairs as Pest starts struggling to escape … and brings him down hard with a Northern Lights Bomb, crunching Pest’s shoulder against the metal! Pest writhes around clutching his shoulder, his arm limp at his side.


Eryk Masters: I’m not sure if Nelson just screwed up, or if that Snow Plow was meant to target Pest’s shoulder… but the damage is done and Pestalance may have lost the use of his left arm there!

Other Guy: I’ve gotta believe that was intentional… Nelson is a veteran and he carried Pest to exactly that spot. In a match between two powerhouses like this, if you take out your opponent’s arms you take away his big moves.

Eryk Masters: Pest must be in agony, but he’s grinning! That’s one sick bastard…

Sure enough, Pestalance has a grin on his blood-stained face even as he drags himself up onto one knee. CJ rolls back into the ring, nonchalantly sitting on the top turnbuckle and beckoning Pestalance to come after him. The fans start throwing empty cups and random objects into the ring, but whether it’s a gesture of support for Nelson or annoyance at his cockiness is hard to say. Pest spits blood onto the floor and slides into the ring, getting hit in the back with a hockey stick thrown by a fan as he uses his good arm to get to his feet. CJ jumps down from the turnbuckle and scoops up a bike helmet lying nearby.

Other Guy: Some fan isn’t going to be riding home safely tonight… and I think this is about to get even more bloody!

Eryk Masters: Dennis Heflin wisely deciding not to try and dissuade the foreign objects. I’m not sure if he’s more scared of the potential response from the fighters or the crowd!

Pestalance backs up a little as CJ closes in, swinging the helmet as a blunt weapon. Pest gets a punch in between swings, rocking CJ back on his heels, but the next attempt hits the helmet and Pest yells in frustration. He ducks another helmet shot and takes Nelson down with a hard Spear!

Eryk Masters: Even with only one arm, Pestalance is still proving dangerous!

Before CJ has a chance to move Pest has the bike helmet out of his hands, smacking him hard across the face with it. Pest goes and grabs the hockey stick that was thrown into the ring earlier, and jabs CJ in the ribs with the end. He turns it end for end in his hand, grabbing it by the handle and propping CJ’s head against the bike helmet, which he keeps in place with his foot.

Other Guy: Oh hell no, this is just sadistic…

Pestalance: FORE!!!

Pest swings back and SMASHES the hockey stick into CJ Nelson’s head, snapping the end clean off! A huge gash has been opened up on the side of Nelson’s head and he convulses with the hit in an unnatural way.

Pestalance tries to drag the larger man to his feet, but seems to be having trouble without full use of both arms. Eventually he manhandles Nelson to a vertical base, but Nelson’s still woozy from the multiple hits to the head. Pest grimaces in pain as he hoists CJ up in a fireman’s carry, clearly having trouble keeping a heavier opponent up on an injured shoulder. Without any theatrics Pest drops Nelson and nails the GTS!

Eryk Masters: That’s his move! Holla At Ya Later, CJ!

Other Guy: Have I mentioned today how white you are, Eryk?

Pestalance hooks the leg, and Dennis Heflin slides down for the count…




Pestalance wipes the blood away from his face, smirking at the unconscious Nelson, as Heflin raises his arm.

Samantha Coil: Your winner by pinfall, at a time of ten minutes and eleven seconds… PESTALANCE!!!

Eryk Masters: You said it’d come down to who could take the punishment better, OG, but luck also played a big part tonight! Pest landed a lucky Spear that changed the whole momentum of the match!

Other Guy: Sure, but there’s so many variables in a match like – what the hell’s Pestalance doing!? Get him off of him!

Pestalance has jumped CJ again, locking in the Gangsta Stretch and wrenching in like his life depends on it! Heflin is yelling at Pest to release the hold, but he won’t budge!

Eryk Masters: You already destroyed him, Pest, what’s the point?

Other Guy: Pestalance is making an example of CJ Nelson, E. He wants to make a statement about his return to competition, I think!

Security guards hit the ring and grab Pest, forcibly separating him from CJ and removing him from the ringside area. EMTs are in the ring and checking on Nelson, carefully loading him onto a stretcher to get him out of the ring to the cheers of the crowd. Ring hands work quickly to clear away all the debris of the match.

Other Guy: I don’t think Pestalance is done making his mark in SHOOT Project, not by a long shot!


The camera shot slowly pans the crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  Suddenly two spotlights come on, and we hear the unmistakable sound of Joe Satriani’s guitar ripping into Back to Shalla-Bal.   

The shot zooms in on a special set, constructed in the upper levels of the Epicenter.  There are two full sized cars in the background, but they are smashed together, and look like they have been in head-on collision.   

In front of the cars there is a video screen set up, and we can see it is playing the entrance music and video for none other than Crash Carver… 


From somewhere in the darkness behind the cars, amid a huge puff of smoke, the young superstar leaps into view.  Crash Carver is wearing bright white jogging shoes, blue jeans, and a purple T-Shirt, with a pair of Hollywood style sunglasses covering his eyes.  His blond hair is wet and shiny, his perfect white teeth are exposed in a huge grin, as he leaps down in front of the set, and holds a microphone to his mouth… 

Crash Carver: What’s up babies?  It’s time, once again for your favorite Revolution Rocking SHOOT Project Interview Segment – THE CRASH PAD! 

The fans cheer in appreciation. 

Crash Carver: I don’t want to bore y’all – let’s be honest, now that we got Corazon, King, Stochansky and Pestalance running around here, we’re ALL going to be bored enough from interviews soon – so let’s get right to the point.   

My guest this week is the hottest newcomer to SHOOT Project since Crash Carver – he is, the ONE, the ONLY, UK DRAGON!  

There is another loud roar of appreciation from the fans as the Masked Sensation suddenly appears next to Crash Carver in a puff of pyrotechnic smoke!  The UK Dragon holds his arms over his head.  

Crash slaps The UK Dragon on the back affectionately. 

Crash Carver: Now Dragon, I gotta tell you, baby.  You’re damn exciting to watch.  Hell, next to Crash Carver, you might be the most exciting man in SHOOT Project.   

And next to Crash Carver, you might have the most exciting and innovative aerial wrestling style in this whole place.   

And the fans baby?  The fans LOVE you, almost as much as they love… 

The Dragon interrupts… 

The UK Dragon: Let me guess, almost as much as they love Crash Carver? 

Crash looks shocked. 

Crash Carver: That’s RIGHT baby!  How’d you guess?  Anyhow, this ain’t about me, baby.  This is YOUR time.   

This is DRAGON time, so what’s on your mind, brother?  Lay it on us…we’re all ears!  

The UK Dragon: Thanks, Crash. I’d just like to make an announcement if I can. As you all know I have been granted a Sin City title shot.  

Crash Carver: That’s right, baby.  You’re on the way up, brother.  You’re climbing the ladder.  You’re getting your shot.  You’re… 

The Dragon holds his arm up, cutting Crash off. 

The UK Dragon: This is probably going to sound weird, but here goes. I am turning down the offer of the title shot. 

Crash Carver: WHAT?  Turning it down?  Why, brother?  That’s a hot belt.  That’s a big ticket!  Why would you turn that shot down?  Did you hit your head?  Do you think that you don’t deserve the shot, because you’re not as good looking as Crash Carver, so you have to wear a mask?  Don’t let it get you down, baby!  You gotta take your shot!  Why would you turn it down? 

The UK Dragon: Why? Because I didn’t earn that shot. I got it through a technicality. I don’t want to become a champion through a title shot that was given to me. I get that you and the fans won’t understand my decision but that’s just how life is. I want to earn my title opportunities so I am truly a champion when I become one. 

With that announcement, The Dragon holds his arms over his head again, acknowledging the fans, and then he turns and disappears into the dry ice smoke drifting across the Crash Pad set. 

Crash shrugs and smiles. 

Crash Carver: You heard the man!  One thing I learned early on in life is never argue with a man wearing a mask!  So if The Dragon don’t want his shot, then we’re gonna have to wait and see what the head honchos up in the ivory tower decide to do.  This is gonna be interesting, babies.  What is next for the UK Dragon, and for the Sin City Championship?  Stay tuned, babies. Stay tuned. 

And with that, we’ve reached the end of another exciting episode of THE CRASH PAD, and I know what you’re all thinking!  The pleasure was ALL yours! 

Crash Carver grins again – even though he has never really stopped – and he gives a big thumbs up as his music plays, and the camera slowly pans away from the set of his interview segment…


The scene opens backstage, but there is nobody there.  No Abigail Chase, no wrestler waiting to give an interview, nothing.  All you see is a hallway, the picture isn’t even that clear. 

Eryk Masters:  What’s going on here?  Why are we looking backstage right now?

Other Guy:  There’s nothing in my notes…  nothing says we’re supposed to be here right now.  We’re supposed to have a hype video following the Crash Pad…

Suddenly, there’s a loud groan, and the camera shifts down, revealing someone.  Someone who’s injured.  Someone who’s been beaten, and bloodied.  There’s a trail of blood following behind this man as he’s crawling down this hall. 

Eryk Masters:  Is that…  is that Curtis Rose?

Other Guy:  Oh my God, Eryk…  he’s a mess.  We need medical back there now. 

The camera focuses a bit, Rose’s mask is on his face, but it’s ripped…  no, it’s been cut…  almost in half.  His hair and face are bloody messes.  He continues to crawl, dragging himself down the hallway.  There’s a lockerroom in his view.

Eryk Masters:  That’s the Willenium’s lockerroom!  That’s where he’s crawling to!

Other Guy:  That makes sense, considering their friendship.  That means…  do you think the man who’s been haunting Rose is the one responsible?

Medical finally arrives on the scene, with a stretcher.  They turn him over to pick him up onto the gurney, and a few of the medics turn their heads away at what they see.

Other Guy:  Oh my…  oh my god.  Eryk…  someone’s…

Eryk Masters:  …you don’t have to tell me, I already see it.  That’s fucking disgusting. 

One of the medics vomits off to the side.  Rose is livid.  He’s screaming, but it’s incomprehensible.  The camera zooms in on his chest, revealing what those few had already seen.  They find a box cutter covered in blood not ten feet from where Rose was.  Shreds of torn skin are evident, and all over the weapon.

Eryk Masters:  Someone’s carved a smiley face into Curtis Rose.  That’s what you’re looking at.  I’d advise anyone who has a weak stomach to turn away from this right now.  I’m completely…  I don’t even know what to say.

Other Guy:  Who would have the gall to do something like this?  This is beyond good and evil, face and heel.  You don’t cut someone up with a box cutter.  Fuck, you don’t cut someone up like this at all.  Curtis Rose is going to be permanently scarred in this way. 

Eryk Masters:  Cut that feed.  We’re going to get back to the show.  This is ridiculous.



Eryk Masters: Trey doesn’t even know what just happened to Curtis Rose, OG. If he did, he’d be back there, and not out here.

Other Guy: Are you sure? I mean, yeah, it’s his friend, but he’s got a statement to make here by taking on Sinn. That might be more prevalent.

Eryk Masters: I dunno, OG. I still can’t believe what I just saw.

“Carry On, My Wayward Son” by Kansas starts to play over the sound system in the SHOOT Project Epicenter, and the fans cheer loudly, knowing that means the imminent arrival of “The Willenium.” 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 25 minute time limit.  Introducing first, on the way to the ring – he weighs in at 191 pounds and hails from Staten Island, New York, this is THE WILLENIUM – TREY WILLETT! 

The fans give Trey Willett a rousing ovation as he emerges into the aisle and starts to make his way to the ring.  Trey has a serious expression on his face as he strides straight down the aisle, slides under the bottom rope, nods to Samantha and referee Willie Dean, and takes his place in the far corner, cracking his neck, rubbing his wrists and loosening up. 

"Living Dead Girl [Subliminal Seduction Mix]" by Rob Zombie starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls as the crazy bitch, Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain and walks down the ramp. Dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin-tight leather pants that have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring. 

Samantha Coil: His opponent hails from right here in Las Vegas and weighs in at 171 pounds, this is SINNOCENCE! 

Sinn looks across the ring at Trey, and as soon as her music fades and Samantha has left the ring, she rushes towards him and leaps into the air, throwing a spinning heel kick! 

Trey ducks, and throws a wild punch at Sinn. 

Sinn ducks! 

Sinn leaps into the air and aims a perfectly timed dropkick at the head of Trey Willett, but he dodges out of the way!  Sinn crashes to the mat! 

Trey leaps into the air, and aims a violent looking elbow smash at Sinn, but she deftly rolls out of the way, and kips up, back to her feet!   

Trey gets back to his feet, holding his elbow and staring at Sinn, and she stares back at him, as the fans come to their feet in a loud standing ovation! 

Eryk Masters: The classic “Indy Stand Off” to start this match! 

The Other Guy: These two know each other pretty well, they’ve already faced off, and obviously they remember the other’s moves – and I’m betting they’ve also studied tapes of their past encounters to prepare for this match. 

The two competitors rush at each other and lock up.  They start to grapple back and forth, but for once, Sinn is not at the disadvantage that she usually is, since Trey Willett also weighs under 200 pounds, he is only marginally heavier than Sinnocence. The two grapple for position, but Trey finally backs Sinn into the ropes, and holds her there.  Referee Willie Dean calls for the break, and Trey Willett raises his arms and backs up, giving Sinn the clean break. 

As Trey Willett backs up into the middle of the ring, Sinnocence leaps into the air from a standing position, and demonstrating an unbelievable vertical leap, she secures her legs around the neck of Trey Willett, and with a forcible twist, she spikes him down, head-first into the mat with a Hurcanrana! Sinn stays on top, and reaches back to grab the back of The Willenium’s legs for the cover… 



Trey kicks out, and as he does so, he lifts his own legs up, places his boots on the shoulders of Sinnocence, and pushes her backward, shoulders to the mat in a perfectly executed sunset flip reversal!  Now it is Sinn who is in danger of being pinned, and Willie Dean simply moves a couple of feet to the right to make the count… 



Sinn lifts the shoulder! 

Eryk Masters: I’m getting exhausted just watching this match and calling it, what a pace these two are setting! 

The Other Guy: Obviously, Sinn knows she isn’t getting paid by the hour here.  She started this match off at full speed, and even though she was on the receiving end there, she clearly is the one who is setting this pace.  She wants to just sting Willett with a sequence of high impact, high flying moves, and get the win. 

Trey Willett gets up first, and he somewhat angrily grabs Sinnocence by the back of the head and starts to pull her to her feet.  As she starts to rise, Sinn reaches forward, hooks the back of the knee of Trey Willett, and then she rolls forward in a somersault, pushing him down to the mat in a surprise small package! 



The Willenium angrily kicks out! 

Sinnocence is standing first, but Trey Willett reaches out and angrily pulls his legs right out from underneath her, sweeping her to the mat.  She lands back first, and he jumps up and buries a kneedrop right into her midsection.  The fans actually groan loudly at the sight of Sinn doubling up from the knee right to the stomach. 

Trey stands up, measures her off, and leaps into the air, throwing another elbow drop, but this time he connects fully and Sinn shudders from the force of the impact.  The Willenium pulls her to her feet, grabs her by the back of the head, and forcibly propels Sinnocence into the corner, mashing her face first into the turnbuckle. 

Eryk Masters: That could slow Sinn down a bit, that looks like it hurt. 

The Other Guy: You can’t count this woman out.  She came within a split second of being the World Heavyweight Champion at Master of the Mat, and this is her first match back.  She is really firing on all cylinders in this match, and she has proven that she can put anybody away in the blink of an eye. 

Sinnocence staggers backward, and Trey Willett expertly stands behind her, letting her back right into him, and then he throws a rear waistlock on and pivots, hurling Sinnocence over his shoulder, back first into the mat with a German Suplex, but he stays on top with a bridging cover for a pin… 



Sinn lifts her shoulder, but it is clear she is a bit groggy.  Trey reaches down and grabs her, scoops her up, and powers her down towards the mat with a powerslam, but Sinnocence hooks both her arms and legs around the body of The Willenium in a bodylock type maneuver, so when he tries to slam her, he ends up falling to the mat with her…and then she uses the momentum of his slam to roll him over for a cover! 



Trey Willett kicks out, and he looks angry and embarrassed by the near fall.  He gets up, stands over Sinn, raises his leg and starts to violently stomp his foot down towards her, but she reaches up, grabs his foot, and twists! With a shout of surprise mixed with a bit of pain, Trey Willett spins through the air, the victim of a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! 

The Willenium spins across the mat, holding his knee.  Sinnocence goes to her high flying arsenal and leaps into the air, performing a perfectly placed senton splash! Trey folds up from the impact, and Sinn takes that opportunity to rush to the apron, scale the ropes, and leap off the top rope with a flying legdrop!  Sinn lands full force on the torso of Trey Willett, and rolls over for the cover, hooking the leg… 



Trey kicks out, and literally pushes Sinnocence off him.  She lands in front of him, and he reaches out, grabs her by the back of her leather pants, and then he swings from overhead and buries an absolutely punishing shot right into her kidneys.  Sinn screams in pain and drops to her knees. He repeats the process another two times, so that she is literally being held up by his hand on the back of her leather pants.  Finally, he spins her around, and almost takes her head off with a clothesline.  Sinnocence hits the mat, and he makes the cover… 



At the last possible second, Sinnocence lifts her shoulder. 

Eryk Masters: It’s hard to say who has the advantage here, the momentum keeps shifting back and forth so much. 

The Other Guy: Right now, I think Trey Willett may have turned the corner with those awesome punches to the back and kidneys of Sinnocence. She won’t be flying anywhere after those shots! 

Trey propels Sinnocence into the ropes.  She rebounds off the ropes, and he turns and fires a wicked back elbow right to her jaw, which drives her back down to the canvas. 

The Willenium slowly circles Sinnocence, and then he drops to one knee behind her, props her up into a sitting position, and slaps a tight rear chinlock around her neck. Willett clamps down hard and squeezes, and you can see right away that he is cutting off the air supply of Sinn dramatically. Her face starts to turn bright red with the exertion of breathing. 

Willie Dean also drops to one knee in front of Sinnocence, and carefully checks to make sure that the arm of Trey Willett has not dropped below her jawline, so that this wear-down hold has not turned into a chokehold.  The referee seems satisfied that Trey is not choking Sinnocence, he is simply pressing down on her neck with his forearm, making it harder for her to breathe. Trey Willett snaps at the referee to ask Sinnocence if she wants to give up.  Dean asks Sinn if she does want to submit, but she does not respond. 

Eryk Masters: Trey is in the driver’s seat now, but I don’t think he’s going to get Sinn to quit, under any circumstances. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, she’s not much for giving up.  And if she did tap or verbally submit, it would probably take more than a rear chinlock.  He’s doing a great job of wearing her down though! 

Willie Dean has received no verbal response to his question, asking Sinnocence if she wants to submit, so he lifts her arm, and lets it go. 

It drops. 

The fans murmur in excitement, knowing that if her arm drops three times, Sinn will be considered unable to continue, and Trey Willett will be declared the winner of the match due to referee stoppage.  Every eye is on Willie Dean as he grabs the wrist of Sinnocence, and lifts her arm again, and then lets go. 

It drops. 

The fans are on their feet now.  One more drop and this match is over.  Willie Dean grabs Sinn by the wrist, and starts to lift her arm, when she flips the referee the bird.  The fans roar in laughter and even Willie Dean smiles as Sinnocence gives him the finger. 

Trey Willett does not seem as impressed.  He releases the rear chinlock on Sinnocence, and raises his arm over his head, and brings his elbow down sharply on top of her head, stunning her.  She starts to slump over, but Trey will not allow that to happen.  He stands up, reaches down, hooks Sinn up for a vertical suplex, and in one smooth motion. 

Eryk Masters: The Willenium appears to have given up on the rear chinlock, and he sends Sinnocence to the mat with a suplex. 

The Other Guy: The great thing about Trey Willett is that he is a total pro, and he has such a solid grasp on the fundamental moves.  It’s great if people can jump off top ropes, or fly around, but if you don’t have a good grasp on the basics, none of that matters.  And Trey Willett is one of the most fundamentally sound wrestlers on this roster. 

Trey Willett looks down at the prone figure of Sinnocence.  You can tell he is trying to decide if he has her softened up enough to go for a cover, and after a brief moment he decides to reach down, pull Sinn to her feet and whip her into the ropes. 

Willett fires a wicked looking clothesline at Sinn as she rebounds off the ropes. It is thrown with such violence that it would take her head off if it connected – but it doesn’t.  Sinnocence ducks under the clothesline, rebounds off the ropes on the other side, and as Trey turns around, she leaps into the air and almost takes HIS head off with a flying knee to the face! 

Trey Willett crashes to the mat holding his face, and Sinn lands next to him.  Both competitors look exhausted now.  Trey has suffered a high impact blow to his face which has him dazed, and Sinn is obviously feeling the after effects of the tight chinlock she had been stuck in. 

Eryk Masters: Both wrestlers are down, and the fans are raising the roof for this top notch action! 

The Other Guy: The tide has turned again, and it looks like right now this could be anybody’s game. 

Trey Willett is the first one of the two competitors to his feet, but he is holding his nose tenderly, there is every chance that it might be broken.  Sinn also starts to get up, right in front of The Willenium.  As she starts to stand up, Trey simply reaches out, places both hands on the back of her head, grabbing her by the hair, and then he jumps up in the air, and sits out, spiking Sinn back to the mat face first with a facebuster! 

The “Dawn of a New Era” from The Willenium! 

Willett makes the cover… 




The music of The Willenium starts to play over the sound system in the SHOOT Epicenter, and Trey Willett gets to his feet and allows Willie Dean to hoist his arm into the air in victory, although Trey still looks slightly annoyed and he is holding his nose in pain. 




Lennox Ferguson is sitting in his locker room, the door open, as he begins to tape up his hands. 


Ox: I don’t want to hear it – I know what happened at Master of the Mat, you don’t have to remind me. 


Walking around the corner from the locker room’s bathroom is Sarah King, looking like she’s ready to go have a business meeting.  


Sarah King: Obviously I DO have to remind you. How do you think I felt watching you get the shit kicked out of you by Cade not being able to help?! As much as you might hate it Lennox, you are my responsibility. 


Ox finishes taping up his hands and stands up, turning to face Sarah King. 


Ox: How do I think you felt? You want me to tell the truth or tell you what you want to here? What would look best for the cameras? Huh? Jesus Christ, stop treating me like I’m some goddamned classroom pet that you’ll get in trouble for neglecting. You’d just be getting in the way. 


Sarah King just stares at Ox. 


Sarah King: If you don’t like our arangement then get your father to fire me – if that’s what you want. Or would you rather make matters in your own hands… so to speak? 


Sarah’s words are said with such contempt that it takes Ox just stares at her for several seconds before sitting back down on the bench he had been sitting on and begins to reach for his boots.  


Ox: Just say away Sarah. I can’t control what might happen during the match… and if you get in the way…  


Sarah just shakes her head, not responding to Ox’s ominous warning, and walks back into the restroom. 


Ox continues to get ready for his match as the camera pans backwards, revealing Dina Bryce eavesdropping on the conversation that had just taken place between Lennox Ferguson and Sarah King.  


Dina’s hands are clenched into a pair of fists as she quickly turns away from the locker room door, heading down the length of the hallway, picking up speed as she rounds the corner, out of the sight of the camera.


The lights in the arena go out, leaving the entire Epicenter in total darkness.  After a few moments, a strange purple mist starts to descend from the rafters, and purple lights start to flash all over the arena.  

The purple mist and lights continue, and then “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix starts to play over the Epicenter Sound System.  A spotlight comes on, and focuses in on the jumbo video screen in the arena.  After a few moments of the purple mist, lights and music, a graphic appears on the screen… 


Eryk Masters: Well fans, we saw this warning last week, and now here again we are being notified – or warned maybe – that somebody called The Purple Haze is coming to SHOOT Project? 

The Other Guy: More like Crash Carver is trying to fool SHOOT Project, get second chances at matches he already lost, and bring attention to himself all at once. 

Eryk Masters: What does this have to do with Crash Carver, OG? 

The Other Guy: I’m going to pull the mask right off the Purple Haze before he even has his so-called “debut” Masters, trust me.  You’ll see, soon.



I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to stop on the entrance ramp.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is to much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through from the back and out onto stage. The Iron Fist Championship worn around his waist, a black shirt with an orange “No Fear” logo on it worn with his green and orange shorts. His blonde hair is wet and in his face as he walks down the ramp, followed by Cassi Ryan, hand-in-hand.

Eryk Masters: I’m surprised the champ is bringing his girlfriend out here! It could get real ugly out here, real quick!

Other Guy: I’m sure they both know the risks, Eryk.

As the couple make their way down to the ring, they talk to each other, ignoring the fans yelling insults at them. Cade holds her hand as she walks up the steps, watching her before following up the steps behind her. He sits on the middle rope and pushes the top up over his shoulder, allowing Cassi to step in through the ropes first.

Other Guy: Who said Cade wasn’t a gentleman? He’s holding the ropes for his girl!

Cade looks down as she bends at the waist and steps through the ropes, her back to him, and he grins to himself before quickly stepping through the ropes himself.

Eryk Masters: Yeah…he’s a real gentleman alright…

The music slowly fades out and the fans begin to buzz with anticipation when suddenly…


The camera swings, wildly, trying to find Lennox Ferguson when a section of the crowd erupts! And there’s Ferguson, walking down the steps toward the ring!

Eryk Masters: There’s the challenger! And listen to this hero’s welcome!

Lennox slaps hands as he makes his way to the ringside area before hopping over the barricade, staring right at the champion. Lennox rolls into the ring, keeping his eyes on Cade, who for his part holds his hands up neutrally. Lennox turns to the corner and climbs up the turnbuckles, raising his hands he pumps his fists to the chorus!



The music slowly fades out, and Ox steps off of the turnbuckles and turns to face the champion. Samantha Coil hesitantly takes the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main event is for the Iron Fist Championship!

Cade raises his hand quickly and starts to say something, before Coil rolls her eyes.

Samantha Coil: …The Iron Fist Championship of the World! Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from New York City! He is “The Little Bastard That Could!” LENNOX! “The Ox!” FEEEERGUS–

God money I’ll do anything for you…

God money just tell me what you want me to…

Samantha Coil is interrupted by Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole” and a figure walks out from the back slowly.

Sarah King.

The fans begin to boo loudly! Sarah stands at the top of the ramp, staring at the Ox.

Eryk Masters: You could cut the tension between these two with a knife, OG!

Other Guy: Well yeah! There’s been rumors that the black eye Sarah King sported at Master of the Mat came at the hands of her client, Lennox Ferguson!

And then Dina Bryce walks out from the back, right next to Sarah King. The two exchange words and they begin to make their way down to the ring. They sit at the timekeeper’s table, and the music fades out, before Cade walks to Samantha Coil and snatches the microphone from her.

Eryk Masters: What’s Dina Bryce doing out here too? What’s going on?

Other Guys: She’s been asking all kinds of questions about the Ox, but right now’s not the time. There’s a match about to happen, and it looks like Cade has decided its time to carry on!

Cade Sydal: That’s very cute. Can’t even get your own introduction uninterrupted, huh? That’s a shame…let me show you how a champion gets an introduction, Lenny.

Cade hands the microphone to Cassi Ryan, who smiles warmly and steps into the middle of the ring.

Cassi Ryan: And the champion! Hailing from Southport, North Carolina! He is the pride of the Atlantic Coast! A national treasure, and a wrestling icon! Standing five-foot-nine, and eight-and-a-quarter inches, and weighing in at 178 pounds! He is the current reigning and now defending Iron Fist Champion OF THE WORLD! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

The fans boo loudly as Cade steps to the middle of the ring, removing the title form his waist slowly and raising it high over his head. Cassi slowly hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil and rejoins Cade’s side as Tony Lorenzo gives both the Ox and Cade last minute instructions near the middle of the ring.

Eryk Masters: These two men could very well go all night, OG!

Other Guy: After the way the Iron Fist Gauntlet ended, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right. Look at the way they’re looking at each other!

Samantha Coil quickly gets out of the ring, followed by Sarah King and Dina Bryce before Cade Sydal backs up toward the ropes and opens them for Cassi Ryan. He hands the Iron Fist Championship over to Cassi and nods his head to the official, Tony Lorenzo. Lorenzo signals for the bell and Cade grips the bottom of his shirt, pulling it over his head, before quickly whipping it toward Lennox Ferguson, catching Lennox in the face with it!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on!

Cade follows right behind his shirt, taking advantage of the surprise with a quick running forearm shot to the side of the face. Two more follow before the shirt falls from the Ox’s face, and Cade quickly spins backward to launch a spinning thrust kick into the Ox’s abdomen, doubling him over, Cade immediately hits the ropes to the side and leaps toward Lennox, extending the point of his right knee right into the side of Ferguson’s face, taking him to the canvas quickly!

Other Guy: Hey, whether you like how he did it or not, Cade took the crucial early advantage, E!

Cade scrambles to quickly get on top of Lennox, pressing his left palm against the Ox’s throat he smirks down at the disoriented, larger, man and starts jabbing him in the face with his right. Cade pushes off of the Ox after about the fifth punch and backs away from him completely, and tells Tony Lorenzo to start his count.

Eryk Masters: Is Lorenzo seriously counting? It’s not going to be that quick…



Other Guy: When the Iron Fist Champion of the World tells you to count, you count!


Ox pushes to his knees, and Cade shakes his head, waving Lorenzo off and walks back toward Ox and grabs him by the head. Ox swats Cade’s hands away from him and shoves Cade backward hard! Cade stumbles back a few steps then rushes toward Ox, who quickly catches Cade with a high back body drop! Cade crashes to the canvas and pushes to his feet, holding his lower back, he turns right into a hard right cross from the Ox that sends Cade reeling back to the ropes!

Eryk Masters: There you go, get you some Lennox!

Other Guy: Haha! Listen to you, E!

Eryk Masters: I’m sorry, but that cocky little asshole just…he needs to be shut up!

Cade ducks his body under the top rope as Ox approaches and holds his hands up defensively! Ox reaches for Cade under the rope, and Cade grabs the top rope and pulls back on it, snapping it abruptly into Ox’s face! Ox grabs his nose and scrunches his eyes up, backing away from the ropes as Cade smirks toward the nearby ringside camera.

Other Guy: Someone got shut up, but I don’t think it was Cade!

Cade steps toward Ox and ducks back under a wild swing as Ox regains his bearings. Cade straightens back up with a quick kick of his shin into Ox’s ribs, lurching him sideways with an obvious gasp for air before following with a second kick, this one with his other leg into Ox’s knee, buckling it a little, before leaping upward and dropkicking Lennox in the face with a perfectly placed dropsault that drops the challenger to the canvas! Cade pops up to his feet and drags his right hand across his throat before turning it to point his extended for and middle fingers at the hard camera and shoots his mock gun with a grin.

Eryk Masters: See? Its things like THAT that just…

Other Guy: I’m not saying its smart, but come on, E. He’s in the driver’s seat, and flaunting that isn’t anything new in wrestling.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, he’s in the driver’s seat, but he won’t be for long if he doesn’t buckle down!

Cade turns toward Lennox as he’s already starting back to his own feet and shrugs before grabbing the Ox by the arm and kicks him in the chest once before trying to whip Lennox off the ropes. Lennox reverses the Irish whip and sends Cade off the ropes instead and follows him, clothes lining him over the top rope the moment his back hits it, spilling Cade up and over to the outside!

Eryk Masters: There you go!

Other Guy: Whoa!

The ox follows Cade out of the ring and pulls him up off of the arena floor by the arm! Ox whips Cade toward the security railing, but Cade throws his foot up into the barricade and stops himself before throwing his foot backward into the approaching challenger’s abdomen! Lennox doubles over and Cade quickly grabs the Ox by the head and spins around, throwing the Ox into the ring! Cade springs onto the apron and quickly climbs to the top rope!

Other Guy: Cade’s going to fly like a missile!

The Ox gets to his feet and Cade leaps off! The Ox swings his arm hard, catching Cade right in mid-air with a THUNDEROUS Clothesline from Hell!

Eryk Masters: Not this time! Lennox Ferguson just took Cade’s head off!

The Ox pushes to his feet and backs up, waving his hand for Lorenzo to begin his count.





Other Guy: Cade’s not moving, E! I think he’s hurt!


Eryk Masters: Good! Serves him right!


Cade begins to stir, and the Ox keeps his eyes glued on the champion!



Cade pushes up to his knees, breaking the count, but then drops back down and quickly rolls away from Lennox and under the bottom rope! Lennox is quick to follow, but Cade pulls himself up on the ropes and kicks over them right into Lennox’s face, sending him stumbling back a few steps. Cade springboards to the top rope and snaps right off with a spinning wheel kick and the heel of his foot catches the ox directly in the nose! Blood starts to roll from both nostrils as Lennox hit’s the canvas, and Cade pushes himself to his feet, with a smirk, before cocking his right foot back and kicking it directly into the already bloody nose of his challenger!

Other Guy: Oooh! If Lennox’s nose wasn’t broken before, it definitely is now!

Tony Lorenzo looks down at the now-limp body of the Ox and has no choice but to begin his count as Cade backs up and grins down at Cassi at ringside. Jeers rain in, but he doesn’t seem to mind.




Eryk Masters: The Ox! Look at his eyes! He’s coming back to his senses!



The Ox pushes to a knee and gets his other foot under himself, breaking the count!

Other Guy: No way! After two kicks like THAT to the face, I would’ve thought he was done for!

Cade stares down, incredulously, at the bloodied challenger while Sarah King and Dina Bryce look on from the timekeeper’s table, talking amongst themselves. Cade grabs Lennox by the hair and pulls him the rest of the way to his feet, turning him to the center of the ring, Cade spits down at the canvas before launching into the Ox with a punch, but the Ox ducks! Lennox fires back with a punch of his own, that does connect with Cade’s temple and hiss head snaps to the side!

Eryk Masters: That one caught Cade for a loop!

The champion volleys back another punch, this time connecting with Lennox’s forehead! Followed right away by a punch from the Ox that catches Cade in the cheek! Cade to Ox’s chin! Ox to Cade’s jaw! Cade to Ox’s ear! Ox to Cade’s mouth! Both men jump back, their fists raised and ready to strike again, but both men are breathing heavily as the blood rolls down Lennox’s face from his nose.

Other Guy: These two are unleashing hell on each other right now!

Eryk Masters: That’s no joke!

Lennox wipes the blood from his nose with the back of his fist then comes at Cade, who catches the challenger over the shoulder, but Lennox wraps his arms around Cade’s waist as well! The Ox lifts Cade off the ground, before Cade drives his elbow into the back of Ferguson’s head repeatedly , which sends Ox stumbling forward toward the ropes with Cade still on his shoulder, Cade grabs Lennox by the head with both arms and kicks his feet off the middle rope, swinging out for a DDT! But Lennox holds on to Cade’s waist and swings him back upward before snapping him off of his head and spiking him to the canvas back-first with a Sky High-styled sit-out power bomb!

Other Guy: Holy shit!

Eryk Masters: You stole the words right from my mouth!


Sarah king leaves her seat and gets on the apron, and Tony Lorenzo moves to meet her immediately, telling her to get back to her seat!

Eryk Masters: Tony! Turn around and count! Cade is out cold!

Other Guy: The back of his head hit the canvas something fierce…you might be right, E!

Lennox doesn’t see Sarah King, or Tony Lorenzo arguing with her, and backs away from Cade and waits for the count…that doesn’t happen! Sarah looks over Tony’s shoulder and sees Lennox standing up and starts to climb down, but Lennox turns and spots her and starts to yell at her!

Eryk Masters: I don’t think Sarah saw the reversal…did you see how she started to leave when she saw Lennox stand up?

Other Guy: I think you’re right! She probably thought she was stopping a count for Cade, not the other way around!

Lennox turns to Lorenzo and tells him to start counting, before turning back to Sarah, but the official doesn’t appreciate being told how to do his job and he tells Ox to back off! Several fans at ringside have started a count, an now enough people have joined in to make the count VERY audible!






Eryk Masters: We should have a new champion right now!

Other Guy: But with Lorenzo trying to get Sarah back to her seat and Ox yelling at her, he can’t make the count! Talk about a lucky break for the champ!

As Sarah continues to try to explain the situation to Ox, he just seems to get more frustrated as Cade starts to stir now! Ox grabs Sarah’s wrist, and that brings Dina Bryce out of her chair! Dina gets on the apron swiftly and gets in Ox’s face, yelling at him!

Eryk Masters: Wait…where did Cade go?!

Other Guy: Who cares? Watching Ox get berated by Sarah king AND Dina Bryce is priceless!

Ox turns around, and now he notices that Cade isn’t in the ring any more! Sarah reaches over the ropes to grab Ox’s shoulder, and Ox turns around swinging a punch! Dina pushes Sarah out of the way and instead catches the punch herself right in the face and she hit’s the arena floor hard! The fans begin to boo the situation as Ox quickly steps out of the ring and bends down to check on Dina!

Other Guy: Ox knocked Dina Bryce right out!

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he meant to, OG! I think he thought Cade snuck up behind him, or something, but whatever that was that swing was NOT meant for Dina!

Ox looks up and waves to the back, waving his hands for EMTs, and Cade slowly slides out from under the ring behind him! Ox waves frantically, and when EMTs finally start to rush down the ramp, with fans booing loudly, Ox turns around right into a NINJAGUIRI! A loud thud resonates as the kick connects and Ox crumbles to his knees and to the floor in a heap!


Eryk Masters: DID YOU HEAR THAT?!

Other Guy: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a NINJAGUIRI with that kind of…thud to it!

Cade slides into the ring slowly, as EMTs rush to the scene and look around, unsure of who to tend to. They choose Dina Bryce, as the first victim, and with Lennox still being in a match. Tony Lorenzo looks down at the scene as Cade slowly pulls himself to his feet using the ropes, he points down at Lennox and shouts.


Lorenzo, reluctantly, begins his count as the fans in the Epicenter are relentless with their boos!





Cade reaches his hand into his right kick pad and slowly pulls a long, black piece of metal.


Eryk Masters: …oh my God. Is that…is that a crowbar?


The fans begin to boo loudly as Cade raises the crowbar high over his head, and he grins.





Tony Lorenzo quickly waves for the bell, and Sarah King immediately rushes to Lennox’s side, while the EMTs continue to try and evaluate Dina Bryce. “Almost Famous” by Eminem hits, and the fans continue to boo louder.

Samantha Coil: And the winner of the match, at a time of 21 minutes and 57 seconds. And still Iron Fist Champion…

Cade turns his head to stare at Samantha Coil, almost threateningly.


Cade drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, gripping the crowbar tightly in his hand, he walks toward Lennox Ferguson, Sarah King standing over him checking on him herself. Cassi Ryan walks to the timekeeper’s table and takes the iron Fist Championship from it, as well as a microphone. She takes the microphone to Cade before backing up, and the music fades down.

Cade Sydal: Ox…consider this a lesson. Consider this…a message…

Lennox pushes his arms up under himself, trying to push himself into a seated position, Cade shakes his head slowly and drops the microphone before pushing Sarah King forcefully out of his way and knees Lennox in the face! Cade drops into a mounted position, on top of Ferguson, and drives the sharp point of the crowbar into Lennox’s forehead and starts grinding it, ripping into the flesh on his forehead!

Eryk Masters: This is uncalled for, OG! Cade won the match!

Other Guy: Apparently he wants to send a message in blood!

Tony Lorenzo gets out of the ring and moves toward Cade to try and break it up, but Cade snaps his gaze upward at the official and glares at him for a moment before the referee backs up and starts trying to talk to Cade instead. Cade looks back down and gets off of Ox, before swinging the crowbar right into Lennox’s ribs! Not once, but twice, before turning and throwing the crowbar down.

Eryk Masters: Well he accomplished that, the Ox is bleeding heavily now!

Other Guy: And now he’s got broken ribs, I’m sure!

Cassi comes within three feet and hands the iron Fist Championship to Cade before Cade raises the title high over his head. “Almost Famous” kicks back up. Cassi Ryan and Cade Sydal start to walk slowly back up the ramp, as the fans in attendance boo loudly. Some even throw litter at the champion and his lady friend.


I’m livin’ in that twenty-first century

Doin’ somethin’ mean to it

Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it

Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it 

I guess every superhero need his theme music. 

“POWER” by Kanye West kicks up and the fans begin to boo and jeer as out from the back emerges DONOVAN KING.  He stands there, Aviators on, wearing the same outfit he wore from earlier in the evening, with his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt on his waist.  Beside him is none other than the trenchcoat-clad Pestalance.  The two men walk down to the ring, ignoring the fans altogether. 

Eryk Masters:  I shudder to think about what these men are capable of now. 

Other Guy:  Maybe they just wanna talk, you know?  They just wanted to talk to Sinn… 

King stands in the ring now, Pestalance beside him, applauding as King takes the microphone from Samantha Coil, trading his Aviators for it.  “POWER” fades out, and King looks over the sea of fans before he finally speaks. 

Donovan King:  I come to you tonight, SHOOT Project, a changed man.  

He lets the words sink in. 

Donovan King:  For too long, I sat idly by while Jason Johnson saw fit to parade a slew of journeyman superstars from companies of yesteryear before all of you.  For too long, you have had to cheer for people who could care less about you unless you’re wearing their t-shirt, or watching their DVD, or playing with their action figures.  You might not like me, you might spit on me, and you might spit on my cause, but when you’re looking at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion and the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion before you now…two men long bereft of the respect we have earned from dis company…you can’t help but cry foul.  

The fans remain silent as King continues. 

Donovan King:  Last time, I was too fueled by emotion, too clouded by my feelings…to speak to you calmly and casually.  Tonight, on an Instant Heat-led Revolution, I feel…safe.  I feel safe to speak my mind and tell each and every one of you out there tonight that you’re not the enemy.  The truth is…Pestalance, Donovan King, Kilgore Stochansky, Adrian Corazon…we might be four of the purest Soldiers on dis roster.  

The fans boo at that statement. 

Donovan King:  You see, take a long look at the fallout from when SHOOT closed its doors the last time.  Take a long look at the roster members and where they went.  Go ahead, I don’t mind.  Click over to some of those competitors’ websites, go download their year old shows.  You’ll see Sinnocence and Osbourne Kilminster in one company.  Jester Smiles and Cade Sydal in another.  Even now…people like Dan Stein or Trey Willett or that bitch ass Thomas Manchester Black are out there…trying to make extra money on the side, workin’ somewhere else.   

King laughs to himself. 

Donovan King:  Us?  We did somethin’ Jason Johnson never had the balls to do.  Somethin’ all y’all in the back couldn’t do.  We stuck it out.  We tried to make it work.  We never walked away.  We wanted dis company back.  Pestalance, he might’ve thought about goin’ somewhere else, Kilgore might’ve wanted to go back to Europe, Corazon might’ve wanted to go back to his old life…but when the time came for us to rally?  To say we want dis company…even if the man who owns it doesn’t?  We did.  

The fans let him continue. 

Donovan King:  So, Jason Johnson is out there somewhere, unable to take command of his ship.  He leaves it in the hands of his two second in commands.  His brother, Josh Johnson.  The Real Deal.  His partner, my mentor…Sean Kygon.  OutKast.  

The fans pop for Instant Heat’s mention. 

Donovan King:  Kast…Real Deal…sit back back there.  Stay back dere.  Because I’m not out here for y’all.  We not out here for y’all.  Pest and King?  We got history.  More than dat?  We got history with the man Jason wanted to reward for his treachery.  We’ve both loved and hated him, and now…we’ve given him the chance we…never gave Jason.  So…AZRAITH DEMITRI?  

The fans pop. 


A few seconds after King puts the mic at his side, a hush falls over the arena.  King looks around, his eyes narrowing before a modulated voice cuts across the speaker system. 

"In a Trail of Fire, I know we’ll be free again.  In the end we’ll be one." 

The crowd perks up as the lights darken, the building beat revving them up. 

"In a Trail of Fire, I’ll burn before you bury me.  Set your eyes for the Suuuunnnnn…" 

The bass hits like a frieght train, and the lights strobe in time as Azraith steps out to the top of the ramp, holding HIS SHOOT Project championship high.  "Propane Nightmares" by Pendulum accompanying his slow, calm walk to the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  Our champion comes out in audacious fashion, but is it really wise for Azraith to step into the ring with these men? 

Other Guy:  Say what you will about Azraith DeMitri, but I don’t think the guy has ever shyed away from a fight, even if it’s one he knows he can’t win.  I mean, the crazy jerk is smiling! 

Indeed, Az has a huge grin on his lips as he finally gets to the steps, the music dying down as he slides in-between the ropes, pulling his trenchcoat smoothly behind him before coming to a halt in front of Donovan.  Despite the entourage, DeMitri’s eyes never leave King’s, nor does that knowing smile fade. 

Azraith DeMitri:  You rang, Don?  

King looks at Azraith’s World Championship and then looks at his own World Championship.  He smiles and holds his arm out to his former acquaintance. 

Donovan King:  I ain’t had the chance to tell you last time, Az…but it is SO good to see you!  Doin’ dis good, too.  Crazy shit, man.  You done come a long way.  

Az looks at the hand a second in bemused disbelief before shaking it, chuckling as he nods, seeming to ignore the chorus of boos that come from the crowd. 

Azraith DeMitri:  You know how it is, hombre.  You work hard, you pay your dues, knowing that one day, it’ll be worth it.  I’ve had my ups and downs…I’ve been a hero, a monster…and everything in-between.  You know how that is, right?  

The irony in Az’s words are biting, but sometimes even he’s too good at it, with the pleasant sound of his voice bringing more heat from the crowd. 

Donovan King:  More than you know, my friend.  More than you know.  Now, no offense intended last week, right?  Wrong place, wrong time, you of all people know how THAT is, right?  

Az nods slowly, his smile fading somewhat. 

Azraith DeMitri:  Yeah…true enough.  Y’know man, something I need to tell you.  I don’t think your boy slowly flanking me is gonna like it that much.  

Az’s eyes finally waver from King, drifting to Pest creeping in on his left before moving back to Donovan.  Az took a step forward, ignoring the defensive postures of the Pestalance, his grin fading into something more of a snarl. 

Azraith DeMitri:  I ain’t here to give you this strap.  

The crowd ROARS out its approval at that, but Az’s hands raise, hoping to calm them down, albeit facetiously. 

Azraith DeMitri:  Now now…I mean…no disrespect of course.  I actually kind of agree with you on the point that you shoulda been around.  You shoulda had a chance at this thing so that there was none of this…confusion, but let’s get something really…REALLY fucking crystal clear here, King.  

Az took a step forward, ignoring the defensive postures of the men on either side of him, his grin fading into something more of a snarl. 

Azraith DeMitri:  I am the one…and I am the ONLY…SHOOT Project Champion.  That gold and leather on your shoulder might as well be a fucking replica.  

King flinches as the fans cheer at Azraith’s defiance.  King looks at Pest and shakes his head. 

Donovan King:  It’s dat easy for you, huh?  Why, man?  Why have you let your greed cloud your fucking logic?  I respect you, man.  I looked up to you when you threw up a middle finger to SHOOT an’ played up bein’ Outlaw Pro’s Avatar!  I watched you from the jump!  What?  Do you NEED to be some company’s World Champion again to feel important?!  FUCK DAT, AZRAITH.  

King clenches his teeth. 

Donovan King:  Back.  DOWN.  

Azraith’s eyes narrow into slits as his body posture becomes more…ominous. 

Azraith DeMitri:  Greed…you come here talking to me about greed?  Greed, is asking for a championship WITHOUT FIGHTING FOR IT.  You gonna threaten me with a lawsuit if I don’t?  Gonna send your bitch squad on me if I decide you ain’t worth my fucking time?  Fucking please.  This is the worst kind of parody.  The kicker is that you don’t even see what you’re turning into.  

Donovan King:  I’m turnin’ into what I ALWAYS shoulda been.  Tell me somethin’, Azraith.  And be honest.  When I was fightin’ to keep this company alive, where were you?  Tryna get a contract somewhere else?  Tryna be some kinda bad ass underneath Greyson Blade again?  Face it, Azraith.  You became World Champion of SHOOT because you never had to face…ME.  ME, Azraith.  

King ignores the boos and continues to talk. 

Donovan King:  Once Jason Johnson WALKED AWAY…SO…DID…YOU.  You, Sinnocence, Cade, Jester…YOU ALL LEFT.  You left like the COWARDS I never ONCE believed you were.  I BELIEVED in you!  In Cade!  In Sinnocence!  In Jester!  What did you people do when this company needed you?  YOU LEFT US.  

King slaps the face plate of his World Championship. 

Donovan King:  I REMAIN.  I MANNED UP.  NONE of you deserve to be here!  Not you, not Jester, not even Jason fucking Johnson himself.  Do NOT make us do this, Azraith.  GIVE ME YOUR TITLE.  

Azraith straightens up a bit, his heavy, aggravated breathing slowing and his eyes going from narrowed slits, to closed all together.  He stays silent a second before opening his eyes and bringing his mic back up to his lips. 

Azraith DeMitri:  I was gonna go on about my life story between SHOOTs…about how I nearly lost everything…and how Jason gave me an opportunity for true, real redemption…but you don’t give a shit.  I realize now that all of this passion you’re throwing at me is empty.  Hollow.  If you believed half of the things you were saying, regardless of what kind of false ownership you think you have of MY championship…you’d still have the balls to be a man and challenge me for it, instead of trying to persuade me…TALK me into giving it up.  

Az sighs, rolling his neck. 

Azraith DeMitri:  You can have this championship…soaked in Jason’s blood…dented by your brutality….you can have it…  

Az’s grin is downright sadistic as his eyes gleam, knowing what’s about to come. 

Azraith DeMitri:  …when you earn it.  

Eryk Masters:  This is bad, OG…the crowd is going insane and King looks like he’s ready to burst. 

Other Guy:  Yeah…bad would be the understatement of the year. 

Az drops the mic, and kicks it out of the ring idly as he keeps his gaze on King, who is shaking his head and backing, apparently trying hard to restrain his anger.  After a second or two of this, those lucky fans in the first rows can hear Az snarl the words "FUCK IT!" Before snapping his left wrist to the side, a familiar metallic clicking noise heard before he LUNGES at Pestalance, cracking him across the face! 

Other Guy:  ASP!  Az just smashed Pest’s face in with an ASP and he’s not done yet! 

The crowd is on their feet as Az instantly takes a dominant position over Pest’s body, wailing away at any and every exposed body part until King dives and takes Azraith to the mat! 

Eryk Masters:  King trying to take control of this situation…but it doesn’t look like it’s happening soon! 

As Azraith and King roll, Az’s size advantage comes into play as he snaps his free hand around Donovan’s throat, trying his best to throttle him with a single hand while attempting to swing the ASP with his other. 

Other Guy:  Azraith is fighting like a wild animal…but Pest is getting up and this isn’t looking good… 

Az quickly looks up to see Pest and throws his hand up to stop him, but Pest’s fury overwhelms him as he SLAMS his boot into Az’s face! 

Pestalance:  YOU MOTHER FUCKER! 

Pest pushes Az back to the mat and puts the boots to him, and King begins to pull himself up. 

Eryk Masters:  Where’s the help?  My God, Jester!  Sinn! 

Other Guy:  What are you talking about?  Sinn’s not working with Azraith, why should she? 

Pest takes a firm hold of the ASP and begins to choke Azraith as King throws his World Championship down on top of Azraith’s.  Suddenly, the lights dim and the fans ERUPT as “Shoot Outs” by Jadakiss & Styles P kicks in. 

Eryk Masters:  HERE THEY COME! 

INSTANT HEAT emerge from the back, dressed for battle!  The Real Deal and OutKast look down at the ring and then slowly look to one another.  The brothers in arms nod, and they charge the ring!  The fans are loving it! 

Other Guy:  Look at King’s face! 

King’s face is one of pure horror as Azraith sees his old enemies, now his allies and now in charge of the very company he fights for, and laughs up at Pest and King.  Suddenly, King’s face twists into a sinister grin as OutKast and Real Deal are DROPPED from behind!  The fans are stunned as “Shoot Outs” dies out, as both members of Instant Heat are down…by CORAZON and KILGORE STOCHANSKY, both wielding ASPs.  King walks over and picks up a microphone. 

Donovan King:  Bring them bitch ass niggas in here!  

Corazon and Kilgore pick Real Deal and Kast up, Kilgore grinning while Corazon’s face is contorted in a fierce silent rage.  They throw the two of them in as Pest keeps Azraith pinned down.  King rolls both OutKast and Real Deal over onto their stomachs. 

Donovan King:  We gon’ send a message tonight.  Az, you see dis?  

Real Deal starts to stir…

Corazon: (Very quietly) Usted es muerto.

Corazon DRIVES AN ASP INTO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD.  The fans are STUNNED as Real Deal falls flat to the mat. 

Donovan King:  One down… 

Other Guy:  Oh Lord…play dead!  Stay down! 

Azraith glares up at Pest, who is grinning as he watches down at his longtime rival. 

Pestalance:  Watch, homie.  This is gonna be good. 

Slowly, OutKast starts to turn his head to see Real Deal, who has blood trickling from the top of head as he is unmoving.  A look on his face of terror grips him as he turns and locks eyes with Azraith before it all goes BLACK…from Corazon’s ASP.  The fans are stunned, but some begin to boo as Corazon drops to his knees between both of their bodies.  He slowly turns and locks his cold eyes with Azraith’s.  Azraith grits his teeth as King asks for Pest to pick Azraith up.  Kilgore walks over and the two of them rip Azraith’s coat from his body, tossing it next to OutKast’s body.  Then, sickeningly mirroring earlier tonight with Sinnocence, Pest and Kilgore holds Azraith up to his feet, locking his arms and not allowing him to move.  King walks over until he face to face with Azraith. 

Donovan King:  Last chance, Avatar.  

King looks down at Real Deal and OutKast’s bodies, then slowly locks eyes back with Azraith. 

Donovan King:  Give me…your belt.  

Az struggles against Pest and Kilgore a moment, snarling before looking at King, his face contorting into a haunting grin. 

Azraith DeMitri:  …Jonny’s gotta be so proud of you right now…  

King’s eyes widen before he yells out and SMASHES a fist into Az’s face, instantly splitting DeMitri’s lip, causing a splatter of blood to splash onto Pest’s chest.  Az’s head hangs down as his hair covers his face. 


The crowd has quieted down somewhat, trying to hear what the two are saying from what’s left of the mics that are rolling around on the canvas.  Az raises his head, glaring at King, blood coating his jaw. 

Azraith:  Give…me…YOURS! 

King cries out in a cry of rage, mixed with fear and sadness as he rams his fist again…and again…and again…into Azraith’s face.  He continues to strike Azraith until Azraith’s eye is swelling and his nose bleeds.  The fans boo loudly as Pestalance and Kilgore Stochansky hold Azraith up, who is out on his feet.  Corazon puts his hand on King’s shoulder, causing King to jump, snapping out of his rage.  He looks over at Corazon, who shakes his head no.  King drops his fists and inhales deeply.  Then, he looks over to Pest and Kilgore and motions for them to let Azraith go.   

The two of them shove Azraith away…AND KING SNAPS AROUND AND LEVELS HIM WITH A DEALBREAKER.  Azraith is OUT on the mat as the four men stand over their fallen victims.  Corazon slowly removes his trenchcoat and drapes it over the body of The Real Deal.  Pestalance removes his coat and drapes it over OutKast’s body.  King walks over to Azraith’s trenchcoat, and slowly drapes it over Azraith’s body.  He kneels down next to Azraith’s covered body, drops his head as if to pray, and gently lays Azraith’s World Championship across Azraith’s waist. 

King looks up to Kilgore, Pestalance, and Corazon.  He picks himself up and slowly picks his World Championship up as well.  Standing there, looking down at their fallen foes, no music is playing and no words are spoken.  There are just stunned and jeering fans, and four men standing still and stern, glaring down at their only obstacles to dominance.