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Revolution 65 – 9/12/10

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.  The next show is of Azraith with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship held high above his head.

You need to think fast 

The shot of Cade Sydal taking Lennox Ferguson down with a Ninjaguiri is next, followed shortly by Cade taunting the fans with the Iron Fist Championship (of the World).

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Adrian Corazon, snapping an ASP down, ready to strike.  Then, Thomas Manchester Black destroying Ainsley Lake for the victory is next. 

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed.  

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Dan Stein, pounding his fists together. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Trey Willett is next, running his fingers through his hair in an empty ring, his mind obviously racing. 

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Mr. Heart grins as we see the slaughter he has wrought against Jaime Alejandro. 

You need a miracle!  

PERDITION are shown completely destroying the Flying Avengers, Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman rallying the fans from the turnbuckles after the onslaught. 

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Osbourne Kilminster is shown staring at all the SHOOT Project faithful in the stands before the camera shifts to The UK Dragon attacking Charles Brandon Magnus with a serious combination of kicks. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

The individual faces of the SHOOT Project roster, each and every one of them, are flashed at the screen one after another.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Lennox Ferguson defeating Jester Smiles is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Azraith DeMitri hitting the Extinction on Osbourne Kilminster. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Trey Willett performing The Dawn of a New Era on Dan Stein. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Ainsley Lake. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 





“Miracle” by Nonpoint is immediately cut off by “The Tudors” by Trevor Morris. The bell rings, bringing the fans’ attention to the middle of the ring and to the lovely Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is non-title! Introducing first…weighing in tonight at 265 pounds…he is CHARLES…BRANDON…MAGNUS!

Magnus emerges from the back, wearing black and purple tights, with a stylized rendition of “MAGNUS” running down both legs. His hands are taped up in black tape, and he says nothing to the booing fans as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring.

Eryk Masters: Welcome to Revolution, ladies and gentlemen, and as you can see we’re bringing you right into the action!

Other Guy: Yeah, I don’t know who’s running things tonight, with Jason Johnson and Instant Heat all unaccounted for now…but if they’re bringing us the fight at the start, I’m liking their style!

As Magnus enters the ring, his music fades out and is replaced by the cheers of the crowd, and “Kiri” by MONORAL. Jaime Alejandro steps out from the back wearing his SHOOT Project Sin City Championship around his waist. He walks slowly, and with purpose.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…from San Antonio, Texas…he is the CURRENT Sin City Champion…JAIME…ALEJAAAAAAAAAAANDRO!

Other Guy: You know, I don’t think anybody has a less enthusiastic theme song than these two guys.

Eryk Masters: It’s not all about the music, OG. Jaime’s been on one hell of a streak since he came to SHOOT, and he’s our first Sin City Champion to boot!

Other Guy: And on the other hand, Charles Brandon Magnus hasn’t scored a pin on anybody yet in this company and I don’t really know if he’s gonna have that chance tonight. Alejandro’s crafty, wily, and intelligent. Magnus is gonna have to kick it up a notch like Emeril if he wants to even just hang with the Sin City Saint!

Austin Linam takes the Sin City Championship from Alejandro and calls for the bell, and the match is on! Alejandro stretches against the ropes while Magnus begins to pace in his corner. Alejandro walks to the center of the ring and extends his hand! Magnus stops pacing, notices the hand, and walks to the center of the ring. He stares at the hand for a moment and then looks in Alejandro’s eyes before taking the hand and shaking it. The fans cheer a little bit until they see that Magnus took the handshake and snapped Alejandro into a lock up! He ducks under and gets behind Alejandro, who slides his hand through Magnus’ waistlock and breaks the hold, moving around to get behind Magnus now. He lifts Magnus up and brings Magnus to the mat and sprawls over him, but Magnus powers through and gets into a seated position, but Alejandro takes Magnus’ head and locks it up, dragging him to the mat in a half nelson, hooking Magnus’ leg for a pin fall attempt and Austin Linam is there!



Alejandro hooks in the head lock once again, but Magnus drops down to his back and slides through the head lock, bringing his knee up to RAM it into Alejandro’s head! Alejandro falls back to a seated position, and Magnus rallies to his feet, leaping over him with a seated Blockbuster neckbreaker! The fans are silently observing this down to the mat scientific exchange as Magnus goes for his own pin attempt and Linam is there once again!



Magnus lets Alejandro up and picks him up off of the mat, whipping him to the ropes and almost catching him with a hip toss, but Alejandro counters, landing on his feet! He is about to turn around, but Magnus catches him from behind and hits a side Russian leg sweep! Magnus floats over into a pinning position and Linam counts once again!




Other Guy: My God they’re going so fast we can’t keep up!

Magnus picks Alejandro up and whips him to the ropes, but Alejandro counters and whips Magnus to the ropes and NAILS a back body drop! The fans pop as Alejandro rallies them behind him! Magnus picks himself off of the mat and Alejandro hits him with an inverted Atomic drop! Magnus grabs his crotch in agony as Alejandro nails Magnus in the face with a slap! Alejandro quickly hits a second slap, then an elbow strike, then a ROARING ELBOW and Magnus is ROCKED into the corner. Alejandro nods his head and catches Magnus in the corner with a chop!


Then an elbow strike! Then a chop!


Then an open handed slap to the face! Then another elbow! Then another! Another! A slap! Magnus staggers from the corner and Alejandro snatches him up…CORNER STO. Magnus shouts in pain as his cry is cut off after all the air is sucked from him!

Eryk Masters: Jaime Alejandro gets Magnus with a little Violence Party and then culminates it with a HARD STO into the turnbuckle!

Alejandro takes a few steps back…AND CHARGES in with a HARD Yakuza Kick!

Other Guy: 50 Calibur! My GOD Jaime Alejandro is puttin’ the hurt on Magnus!

Magnus tries to hold himself up in the corner, but he staggers outward…and Alejandro hoists him up…CRIMSON REVOLVER! Magnus is DOWN on the mat as Alejandro nails his old finisher on him! Alejandro drops to his knees and covers him, and Austin Linam rushes in to count the pin fall attempt!




The fans are shocked that Magnus managed to kick out! Alejandro, however, does not seem too fazed by the whole ordeal. He picks Magnus up and whips him to the ropes, but Magnus manages to counter…ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Magnus hooks the hold in and holds it tight, bringing the fans to their feet as Alejandro calls out in pain! Magnus takes the time given to him by this hold and begins to catch his breath while Linam checks on Alejandro.

Eryk Masters: Wise move from Magnus here, hooking in a submission move while he gets his wits about him.

Other Guy: Alejandro just went through a flurry of some of his sickest and most devastating maneuvers. If I were Magnus, I’d probably be taking that walk he normally does right about now, but for some reason he’s sticking this one out.

Eryk Masters: He probably knows Alejandro will hunt him down. He’s in this match for the long haul!

Magnus finally releases the hold and lets Alejandro go. Alejandro staggers forward and Magnus immediately hooks him up…GERMAN SUPLEX! Magnus bridges it into a pin!




Magnus rolls through and hooks Alejandro in a full nelson…DRAGON SUPLEX! Magnus bridges it into a pin!




Magnus rolls through AGAIN and wraps Alejandro’s arms around himself…X-PLEX! Magnus lets that one go and slides over to Alejandro and hooks him up for a pin!




Eryk Masters: I think Magnus is certainly learning SOMETHING from Alejandro, OG. He just pulled out Alejandro’s own Chimera-Plex!

Other Guy: That same move, I might add, Alejandro tore him up with at Master of the Mat!

Magnus picks Alejandro up and NAILS a snap suplex. He then hooks his arm around Alejandro’s head and hooks Alejandro’s arm…Dragon Sleeper! He’s got Alejandro in a Dragon Sleeper! Alejandro quickly gets his legs around the bottom rope and Magnus lets the move go, irritated with himself for trying a move like that so close to the ropes! He shakes his head and picks Alejandro up, but Alejandro wraps him up with a small package!




Magnus is stunned, but Alejandro catches him with a kick to the midsection…he lifts Magnus up in a suplex position!

Other Guy: Hashimoto Special!

Magnus COUNTERS into a backslide!




Alejandro rolls away from Magnus and Magnus immediately tackles him and forces him back down for another pin fall attempt and Linam is back once again for the count!




Alejandro rolls Magnus over for a pin fall attempt of his own!




Magnus gets back to a seated position, but Alejandro brings him back down and, instead of going for a pin attempt, Alejandro bounces off of the ropes, he goes for a forearm drop, but Magnus rolls out of the way and Alejandro catches nothing but mat! He grasps his arm in pain as Magnus IMMEDIATELY hooks the pained arm up…LA MAGISTRAL CRADLE!




Other Guy: My GOD these guys are doing their BEST to pin one another!

Eryk Masters: Short of school boys, we’ve seen small packages, now a La Magistral? Wow!

Magnus and Alejandro roll away from one another. Alejandro picks himself up, shaking his head, but Magnus is eyeing him with fury twisting his face! Magnus picks himself up from the mat and begins to pick Alejandro up from the mat until Alejandro goes for another small package, but Magnus sits down on it and pins Alejandro!




Magnus gets up, extremely frustrated as Alejandro picks himself up off of the mat yet again. Magnus walks over to Alejandro and whips him to the ropes, but Alejandro counters, Alejandro with a Roaring Elbow MAGNUS WITH A ROARING ELBOW and both men are down!

Eryk Masters: I have to say I’m impressed, OG. Magnus is showing that he belongs in the ring with an esteemed veteran like Jaime Alejandro.


Other Guy: Look, I love spunk as much as the next guy, but a double KO isn’t gonna prove dick to me.

Eryk Masters: For the record, you used a sentence with ‘spunk’ and ‘dick’ in it.


Other Guy: I miss Dave Dymond right now.


Eryk Masters: I bet you do!

Other Guy: That is NOT what I…shut up!


Magnus rolls to his side and then back to his back while Alejandro rolls completely over onto his stomach.


Alejandro slides over to the corner and stares Magnus down, who has yet to do any legitimate attempt to get off of the ground.


Alejandro scurries over to Magnus and hooks his far leg for the pin fall attempt!




The fans pop as the match continues on! Alejandro shakes his head, looking down at Magnus, who still seems somewhat out of it. He slowly smiles to himself as he looks down at his opponent. He picks himself off of the mat and slowly picks Magnus up as well. He stands his opponent up, sizes Magnus up, and goes for his standing corkscrew elbow he calls the Revolution, but Magnus moves out of the way! The Saint’s up, Magnus kicks him in the midsection, he hooks Alejandro’s arms as he tucks Alejandro’s head between his legs…he HOISTS Alejandro up!


Magnus NAILS the move he calls Scorched Earth and Alejandro is PLANTED. Magnus rolls the Sin City Champion over and hooks the leg with Austin Linam there!





“The Tudors” by Trevor Morris kicks in as Alejandro kicks out RIGHT as the hand for the three falls! He seems dazed as Magnus throws himself into the ropes, shouting in excitement as Austin Linam holds his hand up in victory!


Magnus walks over to the Sin City Championship from Austin Linam’s hand! He walks over to Jaime Alejandro, who seems a little bit stunned at what just happened. He cradles the top of his head as Magnus stands over him, holding the Sin City Championship. The two rivals lock eyes for a long moment as “The Tudors” continues to play. Magnus slowly holds the Sin City Championship out towards Alejandro. The fans pop as Alejandro takes the title, the two of them saying nothing.

Eryk Masters: Love him or hate him, Charles Brandon Magnus just defeated Jaime Alejandro, earning his first win in SHOOT. Hell, in his CAREER.

Other Guy: One thing I find insane about all of this is how this one win most definitely catapulted Magnus right back into the thick of things for that Sin City Championship!

Alejandro rolls from the ring as Magnus soaks in the boos from the audience.


The boos pick up even further as the camera shifts to the backstage area where we see none other than SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion…Donovan King. Of course, he’s the World Champion in his own mind, but that’s another story. King steps out of his jet black Challenger, wearing black jeans with black boots and a black blazer with a hunter green button up shirt underneath. He adjusts his Oakley Aviators as out from the passenger’s side steps Kilgore Stochansky. King pulls his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt out from the backseat and throws it over his right shoulder.

Kilgore Stochansky: I hear they want to bring yet another authority figure in to try and corral us tonight.

King laughs.

Donovan King: Seriously? Who’s left on the Board? What, they gonna get Del Carver? Shit, Kil, we got Pestalance an’ Corazon on our side, homie. PESTALANCE AND CORAZON. Have you KNOWN any wilder dudes than them?

The camera focuses in on King, who stands in front of Kilgore, facing away from him.

Donovan King: We’ve crippled Jason Johnson. We’ve crushed Instant Heat. No one will be stupid enough to rise against us. People can say what they wanna say about us, Kil, but the fact of the matter is who out there that loves dis company…would dare stand against us? We wanna make dis company great, man. Feel me?

King stops talking, waiting to hear some sort of response.

Donovan King: …Kil?

King slowly turns around to see Kilgore Stochansky slowly being brought to the ground by a rather rough looking sleeper hold by the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…AZRAITH DEMITRI.

Donovan King: What the..

Without warning, Azraith POUNCES King! King’s title goes flying across the ground as Azraith HURLS King over Kilgore’s body! King begins to back up, sliding himself against the driver’s side wheel of his car as Azraith paces towards him, cocking an ASP in his hand!

Azraith DeMitri: Didn’t your mentor ever tell you to always look over your shoulder?

King says nothing, frozen and stuck against the wheel well. Azraith suddenly SMASHES the driver’s side window of King’s Dodge Challenger! King gets up fast, fists raised.

Donovan King: What the FUCK!

Azraith holds the ASP at King’s face, aiming the tip directly at the bridge of King’s nose. He backs King up and smashes the driver’s side headlight! King is shaking, he’s so infuriated. Suddenly, however, the sounds of brakes are heard as both men turn to see Corazon LEAPING from Pestalance’s passenger side! He rolls and, in one fluid motion, is on his feet charging Azraith! Pestalance leaps from his car and slides over his hood to give chase as well! Azraith gets in close to King and grins as he takes King by the collar.

Azraith DeMitri: I don’t have to do flashy, I’ll get you any way I can.

He JABS King in the gut and HURLS the ASP at Corazon and Pestalance! The two of them move to dodge the object, only to find that Azraith has disappeared into the arena!

Pestalance: Mother fucker…Donovan, you okay?

Donovan King: …fine. I’m fine!

King picks himself up, clearing his throat. He turns to look at his Challenger and the damage done as Kilgore slowly begins to come to.

Kilgore Stochansky: What…happened?

Donovan King: Azraith happened.

King shakes his head as Corazon watches the entire scene unfolding. He walks over to King and looks at the damage done to King’s car. King and he look at one another for a long moment until Corazon shakes his head, walking away. King sighs.

Donovan King: God damn it.

Other Guy: Holy shit! Did you see that?!

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri said he doesn’t do flashy, but he made one hell of a statement tonight!

Other Guy: I hate to agree, since there’s nobody busted up too badly back there, but it looks like Azraith’s not the kind of guy who’ll wait for the main event of a show to tear somebody up, he’s gonna hunt you down and find you on HIS time!


The door of a large but plain locker room bursts open as Osbourne Kilminster kicks it to enter the white-washed and bleached, sterile room and throws his wife’s over-sized gym bag onto the fold-up table set up in the corner of the room. 

Looking back over his shoulder, he smiles as his wife enters behind him, his eyes keenly upon her even as he takes off his digital-camo windbreaker. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Do we get the bigger room because we’re married or because they actually like us? 

She goes to the table, quickly digging her leather halter top out of the bag and goes behind a changing screen to strip out of her t-shirt.  Sinnocence emerges moments later, a slight smile on her face as she finishes tying the straps around the back of her neck. 

Sinn: I think it’s just because we’re married, but I’m not questioning it either way.   

Halfway smirking, Osbourne grabs one of the folding chair from against the wall and opens it out right next to the door. 

Osbourne Kilminster: I suppose. 

Shrugging his shoulders, he reaches into the back of his jeans to pull out a pair of black nunchaku, which he places on the floor next to the chair as he sits down. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Such a nice room. It’d be a shame if we were interrupted by unexpected guests, wouldn’t it? 

Sinn: I’d say it would be rather amusing, especially if you were to go all Johnny Cage on their asses. 

The stripper crosses her arms, glancing over to him with a rather bemused expression on her face.  Snarling slightly and shaking his head, Kilminster’s gaze fixes upon his wife. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Rather Johnny Cage than some cheap chump trying to play Jimmy Hoffa with his buddies.  Takes a big man to have his boyfriends watch his back when he threatens a woman. Fucks me right off. 

Jada lets out a dark laugh, shaking her head. 

Sinn: Oh tell me about it, Ozzy.  You weren’t the one being threatened.  I told you not to worry about it.  You are my husband, but you know I can take care of myself.   

He shakes his head, unimpressed and silently seething as he reaches for his nunchaku, practising underhand and overhand spins, his eyes locked on the door for a long moment before he vocalises his thoughts.

Osbourne Kilminster: Took three of them to wait until I wasn’t with you to make their move. That’s cowardly. Pretty shitty play from a second-class OutKast wannabe who thinks he’s going to strong-arm the whole fucking company. That’s what all the shit with the Instant Heat boys was all about – wannabes bitter they’ll never really compare to the old guard. Fuckers! Why’d they have to bring that shit to you and us?

Sighing aloud, Osbourne tries to calm his obvious anger, soothed ever so slightly by the presence of his beautiful wife and his desire not to lose his cool completely in front of her.  She flashes him a small smile, running her hand down the side of his cheek. 

Sinn: Because he sees me as a threat, especially considering the way he came in and essentially tried forced me out of the World Title run.  He knows I’ll have you to back me up in that and you’re dangerous enough in your own right.  That’s why he threatened me and my family.  He’s wanting me to join him or stay out of his way.  He knows I’m not going to take what he’s doing lying down. 

The Englishman stops spinning his nunchaku and looks up into the eyes of his wife. 

Osbourne Kilminster: What about the clown? What do you reckon he wants? How long before he comes around here with some lover-boys, threatening you? 

She gives her husband a slight frown. 

Sinn: Jester wants strong allies…to be the hero in this upcoming war.  He won’t be threatening me, he’s smarter than that.  Donovan King is scared of me…of what I could possibly do, I think. 

Standing up, Osbourne rests his forehead against his wife’s and sighs.

Osbourne Kilminster: Fuck ’em and their war. You do what you want – do your thing and I’ll be here to cover you like I should have been before. Fuck everyone else. Just me and you, yeah? 

The frown fades into smirk, as her fingers grasp at the fabric of his shirt, holding him close. 

Sinn: Yeah, babe.  You and me against the world…


Other Guy: You see, If you just clench really tightly you hardly feel anything at- OH! We’re back on. Hey! Where are you going? 

Eryk Masters: I’m going over to the Spanish announce table… I don’t feel exactly clean anymore sitting next to you. 

b>Other Guy:  You don’t even know how to speak Spanish! 

Eryk Masters: Donde está la biblioteca mi llamo Eryk la araña discoteca. 

b>Other Guy:  …  

Eryk Masters: What? 

Other Guy:  Just go. 

Who the hell said any of you get a taste, stupid? 

Do you ever wanna get up all in your face? 

You better take it. 

And nothin’ you can do could make me ever go away. 

Fake it. 

Poor baby I’m gonna make it all okay.


The opening lines to Mindless Self Indulgence’s "Lights Out" hits the speakers in the Epicenter as Lennox Ferguson appears from the top of the rampway and begins to walk down to a chorus of cheers.  

Other Guy:  Ox isn’t scheduled to fight here tonight and he’s not his usual chipper self, I wonder what this is about. Any ideas Eryk? 

Eryk Masters: No tengo ninguna pensamiento. 

Other Guy: Stop that. 

As Ferguson steps into the ring he waves his hand to have the music cut. Wearing jeans and a Mastodon t-shirt, Ox waits for the crowd noise to die down before bringing the microphone he grabbed from Samantha Coil to his lips. 

Ox: For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a professional wrestler. As a kid I had the action figures, I had the bed sheets, I had it all. I was where all of you were right now. I was a FAN. 

The crowd responds to the unintentional cheap pop from Ox, who holds up his hand to quiet the audience down. 

Ox: But the one thing I always hated… the one thing that I could never stand was when wrestlers would bring eye candy down to the ring and they would interfere in matches. 

The fans cheer at this and begin to chant. 





Ox looks up. 


Ox’s shout is so loud the sound level peaks and the speakers feedback. The audience noise immediately drops down to a hushed silence. 

Other Guy:Holy crap. What’s up with Ox?  

Eryk Masters: No Idea OG. 

Other Guy: Hey! You’re back. 

Eryk Masters: Yeah yeah. I got kicked out of my seat… apparently I was telling people to go sleep with thier mothers or something.  

Other Guy: Well, in any language, it’s obvious to see how angry Ox is. 

Ox begins to pace around the ring. 

Ox: Even more than that though, I hated it when their interference would backfire and the manager, the vallet, the girlfriend, the wife, whatever… would get blindsided by a punch to the face, or a clothesline, or a kick to the gut. That…  

Ox lowers the microphone briefly. 

Ox: Quite frankly, that’s fucking bullshit. 

Ox points to the jumbotron, which jumps to life and replays the scene from last Revolution: 






Eryk Masters: We should have a new champion right now! 

Other Guy: But with Lorenzo trying to get Sarah back to her seat and Ox yelling at her, he can’t make the count! Talk about a lucky break for the champ! 

As Lennox grabs a hold of Sarah King’s hand, causing Dina Bryce to get up, the video shows Cade rolling out of the ring and vanishing underneath it.  

Eryk Masters: Wait…where did Cade go?! 

Other Guy: Who cares? Watching Ox get berated by Sarah king AND Dina Bryce is priceless! 

Ox turns away from Sarah King but as she tries to grab a hold of his shouler, Dina hops up on the edge of the mat and get sucker punched by Ox, crashing down to the outside.  

Other Guy: Ox knocked Dina Bryce right out! 

The video pauses with a closeup of Ox looking horrified before cutting to black. 

Ox: I didn’t come out here to berate Cade for cheating… I didn’t come out here to yell at my manager for coming down to the ring when I asked her not to… I’m here about Dina Bryce. Specifically, I’m here to make a formal apology to Dina Bryce. 

Ox looks up to the ramp. 

Ox: Dina, you have a match tonight so I know you’re in the back. Please. I’m begging you… come down here and let me apologize. 

Ox lowers the microphone, waiting for Dina Bryce to walk down… 

I can almost taste it… 

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly. 

Eryk Masters: This isn’t Dina Bryce’s music, folks! 

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?! 

A spotlight slowly comes to stop on the entrance ramp. 

Other Guy: No, it definitely isn’t! This should be interesting! 

I can almost taste it… 

I can almost see it! 

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?! 

I can almost taste it… 

I just wanna be famous! 

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, Cade adjusting the Iron Fist Championship on his left shoulder. Cassi with a microphone in her hand. The music slowly dies down, and Cade hands the title belt over to Cassi in exchange for the microphone, holding the belt with both of her hands across her torso. 

Cade Sydal: First of all, I’m not Dina Bryce. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Lennox, I know you wanted to apologize to the grown ass woman that chose to be a professional wrestler and hang with the men…but the one you should be apologizing to… 

Cade lowers the microphone and smirks. 

Cade Sydal:…is me. 

The fans begin to boo loudly again, and Cade just rolls his eyes. 

Eryk Masters: You can’t be serious! 

Cade Sydal: You see, you forgot to show the best part of that clip and that was me knocking you out with just one NINJAGUIRI. Not three. Not four. Not seven. Just…one. 

The fans begin to boo again, and Cade just shakes his head. 

Other Guy: He’s right, Eryk! 

Eryk Masters: You’ve got to be kidding me! He had a crowbar in his kick pad when he delivered that NINJAGUIRI! And everyone knows he did, because he pulled it out and bragged about it! 

Other Guy: Exactly, everyone knows about it so why should he have to say it? 

Lennox Ferguson raises the microphone to his lips in the ring, and Cade holds his hand up. 

Cade Sydal: Hold on, junior. You had your chance to talk. Now, I don’t want to be accused of being an egomaniac or taking up too much time on the air or anything like that, so I’ll make this brief. 

He looks back down the ramp at Lennox and smirks. 

Cade Sydal: Chance…bring her out here. 

Cade holds his other hand out behind himself and suddenly from the back a large (especially in comparison to Cade) man steps out form the back. Holding, in both arms, a struggling Sarah King! 

Other Guy: Oh shit… 

The larger man hands Sarah over to Cade, who grabs her by the wrist. Chance, apparently, walks back to the back without any further incident as Sarah stares hatefully at Cade. Meanwhile Ox begins to let himself out of the ring, looking like he’s out for blood. 

Cade Sydal: Calm down there, Ox! I don’t want anything to happen to Sarah any more than you do! 

Ox stops as he’s halfway out of the ring and brings the microphone to his lips, his eyes locking in on the Iron Fist Champion. 

Ox: Walk away Cade. Walk away now. 

Cade smirks and rolls his eyes. 

Cade Sydal: Come on now, Ox. You and I both know that isn’t going to happen. You need to learn… you can’t protect everybody. And besides… even when you try, you end up hurting them instead. In fact, maybe if you tried to protect me you could have beaten me by now. 

Ox spits on the mat.  

Ox: You want an apology Cade? Fine. 

The crowd begins to boo. 

Ox: I’m sorry that you’re a pussy who can’t win a clean match to save his life and need to use women as bargaining chips. 

Cade smirks at Ox. 

Cade Sydal: Oh you… you know me so well. You’re right. Miss King isn’t of any value to me outside what I can get out of her… 

Ox sneers. 

Ox: If you want me Cade, I’m right here. Lets go. Right now. 

The crowd goes insane.  

Eryk Masters: Woah! A rematch between these two tonight? That’d be amazing! 

Other Guy: And the fans are loving it! They want to see it happen! 

Cade shakes his head. 

Cade Sydal: Easy there Fergie. I’m a champion. That means I don’t engage in fights without my title on the line. Now … if you’re challenging me to a match? Well… why would I give you another chance at the Iron Fist Championship of the World? 

The fans boo. 

Now it’s Ox’s turn to smirk and laugh. 

Ox: Why? Because maybe this time you can put a crowbar in your OTHER pad and see if you can knock me out using your off foot. Or maybe because, before you went and did that last week, I had you down for a fucking thirteen count. Because, last week, I. BEAT. YOU. 

The fans errupt, and Cade’s smirk immediately drops. 

Cade stares at Ox as the fans cheer loudly and he releases his grip on Sarah King’s wrist. 

Cade Sydal: Fine. You’re on. 

Eryk Masters: Woah! We’re getting Ox v. Cade III! 

Other Guy: Yeah, and Cade is just going to win again. 

Sarah King, running down the ramp, reaches the ring and stands outside, just below Ox.  

Cade Sydal: BUT there will be one condition. You need to learn your lesson about having these Superman fantasies. I’m not going to let you try to keep Sar-Bare safe in the back this time. You want a match with me Ox? Then Sarah King is going to be a part of the match. She’s going to be our timekeeper. 

Eryk Masters: What!? 

Other Guy: What!? 

Sarah King’s eyes grow wide and she looks up while Ox rolls his eyes. 

Ox: Do you think I’m stupid Cade? 

Cade: Yes. 

Ox: Why would I agree to a ‘match’ where you would just use Sarah as a human shield? Even if it is for the title, I’d be walking into a death trap. 

Eryk Masters: True enough OG, that’s a pretty stacked deck against Ox.  

Other Guy: Are you kidding? Cade is basically giving Ox the okay to have outside help! 

Cade Sydal: That’s a reasonable assumption. But you have my word, I won’t lay so much as one finger on her. Scout’s honor. 

Cade holds up his hand.  

Cade Sydal: If I do, then I’ll forfeit my title. 

Other Guy: Look at this! What more do you want!? 

Eryk Masters: I just don’t trust Cade OG… and Ox shouldn’t either. 

Cade smiles while Ox nods. 

Ox: See you at Under Siege then… champ. 

Cade Sydal: I look forward to it. 

Cade smirks before dropping the microphone on the stage as “Almost Famous” starts through the arena. He takes Cassi’s hand and together they walk to the back. 

Meanwhile, Sarah King goes to help Ox out of the ring but he ignores her help. The two of them walk up the ramp after Cade and Cassi, Sarah waving her hands, trying to talk to Ox, while Ox just shakes his head and gives Sarah King the silent treatment. 



Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit! 

Back to Shalla-Bal by Joe Satriani blasts out of the sound system in the SHOOT Project Epicenter, and the fans rush to their feet and turn to look up the aisle.  Sure enough, Crash Carver leaps from behind the curtain and charges down the aisle, taking the time to exchange high fives with the fans who reach out to him.  Mr. Xan discreetly follows behind, staying out of the spotlight.  Crash slides under the bottom rope and performs a couple of standing flips, absorbing the cheers of the fans. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, currently in the ring – he hails from Jackson, Mississippi and weighs in at 202 pounds, this is CRASH CARVER! 

Carver’s music is interrupted by the sound of One Second of Insanity by The Butterfly Effect, and much like Crash Carver did, Dina Bryce literally sprints out into the aisle and to the ring. She leaps onto the apron and then springboards herself over the top rope.  

Samantha Coil: His opponent – hailing from St. Cloud, Minnesota and weighing in at 186 pounds, here is The Daredevil DINA BRYCE!  

No sooner does Samantha exit the ring and Dennis Heflin call for the bell, when Carver and Bryce charge at each other. Dina Bryce grabs Crash Carver and tosses him through the air in a perfect hip toss. Crash Carver hits the mat at full speed, but rolls with the throw, leaps up and runs at Dina Bryce again. Dina Bryce is ready, and digs down for a deep arm drag, and hurls Crash high through the air again!   

Crash Carver hits the mat at full speed, but this time he gets up slowly, and holds his tailbone, backing off. On the outside, Mr. Xan pounds the apron with both hands and nods in approval, glad that Crash Carver has been successful in breaking the momentum in the match. Dina Bryce advances on Crash Carver, and locks up with him, shoving him back into the corner. 

Crash Carver grabs Dina Bryce around the neck, reverse positions, throws Dina Bryce into the turnbuckles at full speed, and then starts to launch a flurry of sidekicks, smashing his shins repeatedly into the legs of Dina Bryce.  

Bryce is rocked by the barrage of kicks, but he stands his ground, and after a moment, fires back with a knife-edge chop, which gets a "WHOO" from the crowd. Crash Carver answers with another kick. Dina Bryce responds with a knife edge chop. The two competitors start to pummel each other, back and forth, over and over, and the fans rush to their feet cheering. 

Eryk Masters: Crash Carver and Dina Bryce are starting off quick here, OG. After Bryce tossed Crash around a bit, he decided to turn it into a brawl! 

The Other Guy: Of course he did.  He’s a Carver.  We should be happy he didn’t decide to turn it into a drinking contest. 

Suddenly, Crash Carver side-steps Dina Bryce’s chop, grabs her in a belly to belly lock, takes one step into the middle of the ring, and plants Dina Bryce into the mat with a Gutwrench Suplex! 

It appears that Crash Carver has knocked the wind of out Dina Bryce for a moment, and he wastes no time going to work. Crash Carver begins to circle around Bryce, firing a rapid succession of lightening fast kicks which repeatedly hammer the legs of the fallen man high flyer. 

Dina Bryce rolls around on the mat in agony, holding her shins in pain, and Crash Carver starts to lay the boots to the lower upper legs and thighs of Bryce. Finally, Crash Carver pulls Dina Bryce to her feet, stands her up, measures her off, and then leaps into the air with deadly precision and blasts Bryce’s legs out from underneath her with a spot dropkick!  The crowd groans in sympathy as both of Crash Carver’s feet smash against Dina Bryce’s knees, driving her back down to the mat! 

Eryk Masters: Well, Crash’s strategy is pretty obvious here. 

The Other Guy: Simple but effective.  You take the wheels out from underneath, and the car ain’t going anywhere, no matter what kind of engine you have. 

Dina Bryce lays prone on the mat, and Crash Carver makes the cover. 




As Mr. Xan nods in satisfaction on the outside and paces back and forth, watching the action, Crash Carver pulls Dina Bryce to her feet again, hoists her up, and then drops her shin first over one of his extended legs in a shinbreaker. Crash Carver pulls Dina Bryce up to her feet again, extends his knee out, and drops Dina Bryce over his knee with a shinbreaker on the OTHER LEG! 

Cover by Crash Carver:  




Eryk Masters: Crash is sticking to his game plan here, OG.  He is really focusing on those legs! 

The Other Guy: He knows that they match up well with the high flying flippity floppity stuff, so I guess he wants to make sure she can’t do it. 

Crash Carver gets up, and gets in the face of referee Dennis Heflin. It’s clear that Crash Carver is accusing Heflin of a slow count. As Crash Carver holds up three fingers, and waves them in the face of Dennis Heflin, Dina Bryce sits up, grabs Crash Carver, and rolls him up in a surprise school-boy small package from behind! 



At the last minute, Crash Carver kicks out of the surprise roll up.  Mr. Xan is speaking strongly at his charge in the ring, clearly telling him to stay focused. With a shocked and angry expression on his face, Crash Carver stumbles to his feet. Dina Bryce also gets up and stands back, rubbing her legs and wincing in pain.  

Crash Carver reaches out, grabs Dina Bryce’s arm, and whips her into the far corner. Dina Bryce stumbles from all the blows to her legs but still hits the turnbuckles at a fair speed, back first. Crash Carver tries to follow with a clothesline, but Dina Bryce gets her foot up. 

Crash’s head snaps back as he gets Dina Bryce’s boot to the face. Crash Carver falls right in front of the corner. Although she is in obvious pain, Dina Bryce quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle, steadies herself for a moment, and then launches herself off with a spinning body attack! 

Cover by Dina Bryce! 



Crash Carver gets the shoulder up. 

Eryk Masters: Dina Bryce showing us why she is called The Daredevil, and showing us a ton of heart as well! 

The Other Guy: I have to admit, I’m impressed.  She took a beating there, but she is coming back full speed. 

Dina Bryce staggers back to her feet, desperate the keep the advantage, backs up, and comes off the ropes. Dina Bryce launches herself into the air, and lands a rolling back splash across the torso of Crash Carver! 

Crash Carver folds up, the air driven out of him, so Dina Bryce heads outside, and climbs to the top rope. As she is doing so, Crash Carver quickly scrambles to his feet, and heads up after her. Dina Bryce and Crash Carver start to trade punches as Dina Bryce is perched up top and Crash Carver is half way up. Crash Carver is winning the slugfest, and he swings with a wild haymaker left hook, and clocks Dina Bryce upside the head! 

Dina Bryce goes limp, slumped on the top turnbuckle. Crash Carver wastes no time, and locks up Dina Bryce. With a smooth effort, Crash Carver hoists Dina Bryce into the air…for the suplerplex! 

Both wrestlers hit the mat with a resounding thud, and bounce off the mat a few inches with the impact. Crash Carver wastes no time, and goes for the cover. 



Dina Bryce slings her leg over the bottom rope, just as the ref’s hand is coming down for the three count! Crash Carver is irate. He gets off Dina Bryce, and violently shoves Dennis Heflin, accusing him of a slow count. Crash Carver turns back to Dina Bryce, and once again begins violently stomping away at her, over and over again. 

Eryk Masters: Crash Carver is obviously getting very frustrated here that he can’t seem to put Dina Bryce away. 

The Other Guy: Yeah well getting on Heflin’s case isn’t going to do him any good.  The ref is an idiot, but shoving him is just going to get Carver disqualified, and that’s pretty stupid.  It ain’t easy to get DQ’d in SHOOT, and Carver does get one, he’ll prove how stupid he really is. 

Crash Carver pulls Dina Bryce up to her feet, and then spikes her back down to the mat with a one-handed bulldog! Dina Bryce lands with great impact, and Carver immediately leaps into the air and lands on the back of both of Dina Bryce’s tender legs again with a double foot stomp! Dina Bryce spasms in pain, clutching at her legs. 

Crash Carver locks up Dina Bryce, pulling her to her feet. Dina Bryce deftly leaps over top of Crash Carver, then leaps into the air, and nails Carver with a flying kick! Crash Carver is rocked, and Dina Bryce leaps over him and drives him to the mat with a sunset flip… 




Crash Carver breaks free again. 

Both competitors untangle from the pinning combination and scramble to their feet. Crash Carver rushes forward, and fires a quick flurry of kicks on Dina Bryce, almost lifting her off the ground with the impact of each blow on her lower body. Crash Carver starts to follow up with some wild roundhouses to the upper body, and finally stuns Dina Bryce with a right hook to the face. Dina Bryce staggers back into the corner under the relentless pounding from Crash Carver. The crowd is roaring, as the flying fists and kicks from Crash Carver are a blur. 

Eryk Masters: Carver’s frustration really showing now, OG. 

The Other Guy: No matter what he does, he can’t put Bryce away, and this match is turning into a back and forth contest, not the easy win Carver was hoping for. 

Crash Carver backs up, measures the groggy Dina Bryce off, and then fires a wicked flying kick at Dina Bryce…who ducks! Dina Bryce leaps into the air, and nails Crash Carver on the jaw with a spinning thrust kick of her own. Crash Carver hits the mat, and Dina Bryce dives on him for the cover… 




Crash Carver kicks out! 

Crash Carver is back up, and fires a quick knee to the gut, and attempts to toss Dina Bryce over the top rope. Dina Bryce lands on the apron, and grabs Crash Carver by the back of the head, and drops…pulling Crash Carver neck first across the top rope! 

Dina Bryce wants no part of brawling on the outside with Crash Carver, so she slides back into the ring, and throws the staggered Crash Carver into the ropes. The Irish whip is reversed by Crash Carver, but Dina Bryce comes off with a leapfrog, and lands on the other side of Crash Carver. 

Crash Carver spins around, and is met with a spinning heel kick! Carver’s head snaps back, and he is dazed! Dina Bryce grabs him by the back of the knees, and Crash Carver falls back first to the mat! Dina Bryce leaps over and holds onto the knees of Crash Carver as he lays on top of him for the cover… 



Crash Carver kicks out! 

Eryk Masters: The momentum in this match is back and forth like crazy! 

The Other Guy: These two do match up well, they’re close in size and have similar wrestling styles, I can see why it was booked.  I think the person who wins is going to be whoever can capitalize on the first big mistake. 

Dina Bryce rolls off Crash Carver, and they scramble to their feet at the same time. A rapid-fire right hand by Crash Carver stuns Dina Bryce, and Crash Carver takes advantage, and ties Dina Bryce in the ropes. Crash Carver hits a swift kick on Dina Bryce. Carver tries for another, but Bryce vaults his feet into the air, and kicks Crash to the mat with both feet. 

As Dina Bryce untangles herself from the ropes, Crash Carver rolls outside of the ring. Dina Bryce measures the distance, and then flings herself over the top rope in a suicide plancha! Dina Bryce lands directly on top of Crash Carver, and the two crash to the floor! The capacity crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter starts to chant in unison… 


Dina Bryce is up first, and jumps right on Crash Carver, pulling him to his feet, and then running him shoulder first into the stairs! The steel steps go flying! On the other side of the ring, Mr. Xan bangs both his hands on the apron and yells at Dennis Heflin to order the wrestlers inside the ring. 

Eryk Masters: This is pretty much what we expected, and what these two said it was going to be, a high risk, high impact spectacular. 

The Other Guy: Why is it that whenever Crash Carver wrestles, the match always seems to go outside, or chairs end up getting involved?  This kid can’t seem to follow the rules, so I don’t feel bad for him getting a steel post in the shoulder! 

Dina Bryce rolls the stunned Crash Carver back in the ring, and follows behind. Dina Bryce pulls Crash Carver to his feet, and tosses him into the ropes…but the whip is reversed. Dina Bryce comes off the ropes, but she still launches herself at Crash Carver and drops him with a flying clothesline! Dina Bryce gets back up, comes off the ropes again, but gets caught…and hurled over in a powerslam!  

Crash Carver does not go for a cover, but instead fires off a boot as Dina Bryce starts to get to her feet. Another kick as Dina Bryce staggers, and then a high backdrop on Bryce from Carver! Dina Bryce is totally disoriented, and falls backwards into the corner. Dina Bryce staggers out of the corner…right into a Double Arm Suplex! 




NO!  Bryce kicks out! 

Eryk Masters: Dina Bryce is showing everybody that she is a force to be reckoned with!  She will not go down easily! 

The Other Guy: Considering that she’s a female, there are a load of jokes to make there, but I’m going to be a gentleman and resist it. 

Crash Carver pulls Dina Bryce to her feet, and then throws him over the top rope to the outside! The fans come to their feet again, buzzing in anticipation and hoping to see some more high flying high risk action!   

On the outside, Mr. Xan shakes his head, yelling at his client to be careful, and not to risk it. Crash Carver slides under the bottom rope, and immediately grabs a steel chair, folds it up, and waits patiently for Dina Bryce to stumble to her feet. Dina Bryce gets up… 

Crash Carver NAILS Dina Bryce in the back with the Steel Chair! 

Crash Carver rolls the battered Dina Bryce back into the ring. Crash Carver scoops Dina Bryce back up, and nails her with a flying wheel kick to the jaw! 





As the fans gasp in shock, and at the very last second, Dina Bryce barely lifts her shoulder! 

Eryk Masters: I think we may end up seeing a time limit draw here, OG.  Crash can’t put The Daredevil away, and I’m not sure she has done enough damage to put him away either. 

The Other Guy: Yeah you could be right.  I don’t know how much time we have left, but I don’t see either one of these two keeping the advantage long enough to get the win at this point. 

Crash Carver grabs a handful of hair from Dina Bryce, pulls her to her feet, and slams her head to the buckle. Dina Bryce crumples to the mat, and Crash Carver stomps on her legs again. Crash Carver pulls Dina Bryce to her feet, and begins unleashing yet another barrage of kicks, and a gives her a swinging backhand shot to the face for good measure. 

Crash Carver rams Dina Bryce’s head into the turnbuckle again, grabs her by the wrist and whips her toward the opposite corner, Dina Bryce reverses, then charges…but due to all the damage her legs have taken, she runs across the ring far too slow and she eats a boot to the face from Crash Carver! 

Dina Bryce staggers back, and Crash Carver goes behind, and slaps on a rear waistlock. It appears the Crash Carver is going to try and nail Dina Bryce with a German suplex.  

Eryk Masters: If Crash can execute this German Suplex and keep a bridge applied, he could win this… 

The Other Guy: Look at Bryce, she’s fighting it hard! 

Dina Bryce starts to struggle. While Crash Carver still has his arms locked around Dina Bryce’s waist, Bryce manages to fight her way over to the corner, and walks UP THE TURNBUCKLES, while Crash Carver hangs on to the waistlock! 

With a huge effort, Dina Bryce shoves off the top turnbuckle with both of her feet, but Crash Carver keeps the waistlock on, and they crash backwards to the mat in the bridge position! 

Crash Carver arches his back to slide Dina Bryce’s shoulders to the mat, but Dina Bryce drops both his legs down on either side of Crash Carver’s body and presses down, which forces Crash Carver’s shoulders to the mat! 

Referee Dennis Heflin goes for the count… 



At the last minute, Crash lifts his right shoulder off the mat. 


The fans erupt in total shock as the bell rings, Dina Bryce and Crash Carver both scramble to their feet, and Dennis Heflin leans over the top rope and shouts the results to Samantha Coil… 

Eryk Masters: What happened there, was that a double pin?  

The Other Guy: I think so, but Carver might have lifted his shoulder at the last minute, I’m not sure… 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner – Crash Carver! 

Crash Carver leaps into the air, pumping his fist.  Dina Bryce yells and starts pointing at the mat shaking her head. While Bryce and the ref continue to argue, the replay is shown on the television monitors and over the video screens in the Epicenter. 

Eryk Masters: Okay – here we can see Crash Carver trying to lift Dina Bryce up for the German Suplex, but then Dina Bryce vaulting into the air while Crash Carver holds on, and Dina Bryce uses the top turnbuckle to launch both of them backwards! Crash Carver holds on and they both hit the mat with their shoulders down! You see there – and it’s clearer in slow motion – Crash Carver arches his back to make sure that both of Dina Bryce’s shoulders slide back onto the mat – but then Dina Bryce drops both her legs on either side to hold both of Crash Carver’s shoulders down! See? At this point BOTH of them have their shoulders on the mat and are being pinned…but now right at the last second, before a double pin – Carver gets his shoulder up! 

The Other Guy: Damn that was one hell of a last second desperation maneuver!  

Crash Carver’s music is playing as he makes his way up the aisle celebrating. Dina Bryce is still in the ring, arguing loudly with the official as the scene changes…


Back inside the locker-room of Jada Kaine and her husband, Osbourne Kilminster, we see him stood in front of the doorway, spinning his nunchaku fluidly with over and underhand passes, back passes and figures of eight, casting a sidelong glance at his wife, who seems a little irritated by the noise he’s making. 

Stopping his practice, he places his nunchaku down on the chair he’d previously been sat upon and turns to his wife. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Hey, you alright? 

Sinn: Yeah, I’m fine. Just trying to get my head on straight, not like the Clown is going to go down easy. 

She frowns slightly, before standing up and crossing the room to dig a water bottle out of her over-sized gym bag. 

Osbourne Kilminster: He always used to go on about how good his kickboxing and Judo was, but he never made much use of it. I think he’s full of himself and full of shit, for the most part. Quick for a big guy, but got nothing on you in that regard. You’ll take him to school. 

Shrugging his shoulders, the Englishman steps toward his wife and wraps his arms around her shoulders. 

Osbourne Kilminster: You worry too much. You know as soon as they call your name, the adrenaline will be pumping and all this shit’ll be gone from your mind. Just calm yourself down a bit. 

Sinnocence doesn’t return his embrace right away, the look of anger evident in her eyes. 

Sinn: It’s kind of hard to calm down when I’ve got a huge match with SHOOT Project’s hero, as well as King threatening my son’s safety should I decide to take up arms against him. I don’t like this shit, Ozzy. 

Raising an eyebrow slightly, taken aback a little by her tone, Osbourne loosens his grip so his hands just about clasp her shoulders. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Don’t get all fucking shitty with me – I haven’t done fuck all. I’m here now to make sure King doesn’t do anything to you this week, your son’s safe with friends and fuck Jester being a hero. If he fell over and cracked his neck, there’d be a new "hero" to take his place by next week. Don’t put so much faith in it. Don’t put so much faith in anything – King’s talking shit to try and scare you and you’re acting like it’s worked, Don’t let it. It’s all bullshit. 

Sinn: I know it’s all bullshit, it doesn’t mean I fucking like it.  

She places her hands over his, slowly pulling them off of her shoulders, and holding them tightly. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Well, neither do I. Just got to make the best of it now, haven’t we? 

Sinn: No stranger to making the best of a shitty hand, remember? 

Pulling his hands away, Osbourne nervously breaks eye contact and turns away from Sinnocence, uncomfortably silent for a long moment before bending to rummage through her gym bag,  standing back upright after a few seconds and shaking his head. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Forgot my fucking dinner! I’m going to have to go and find something. Maybe the buffet cart in the canteen won’t be full of greasy shit tonight. Do you want anything? 

She looks at him with an eyebrow raised and just shakes her head. 

Sinn: No, I don’t want anything. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Right… Fair enough… 

He reaches down for his nunchaku, stuffing them into his waistband at the small of his back as he reaches for the door-handle without looking back. 

Osbourne Kilminster: I won’t be long. Nothing will happen, OK? 

Sinn: I know, babe. Go on, I’ll be fine for five minutes. 

Still without casting a backward glance, Osbourne takes his leave, closing the door behind him as he marches out into the corridor and along it for the short distance to the unattended canteen area, a large, open space with tables and chairs everywhere, but not a soul in sight. 

Heading over toward the solitary table in the corner bearing food, he rubs his stomach as he considers the possibilities, his appetite obviously paramount right now. As he gets to it, he paces back and forth along the fold-out table laid out with tubs of various foods, shaking his head with disappointment as hot dogs, pizza slices, potato salad and cakes flaunt themselves in front of him. 

Osbourne Kilminster: For fuck’s sake! No steaks or pasta? 

Clearly displeased that there’s nobody to hear his complaints, he turns to depart. 

???: Looks like you’re just going to have pack your own lunch, huh? 

Kilminster turns around. An almost incredulous look begins to appear across his face as walking up to him is a man he hasn’t seen in months… RON BARKER. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Well looky looky. Is this a ghost I see before me? 

Smirking, The Englishman regards the Canadian, quickly glancing him up and down, determining that he’s still obviously in reasonable shape. 

Ron Barker: You know what they say… seeing IS believing. 

Barker tosses a spoonful of potato salad on to a plate. Before eating, however, he ‘inspects’ his meal with a sniff only to recoil and put down the plate immediately. 

Ron Barker: You know, if there’s one thing I can safely say about this company… catering is terrible. It’s as if they hired some school cafeteria workers and got them to bring whatever they could. I imagine next week’s gourmet meal will be ‘meat surprise’ or something. How can you stand this stuff? 

Turning up his nose in disgust as he examines the offerings once more. 

Osbourne Kilminster: I don’t. I came here hoping to find some paste or chicken or something and find this shit. No wonder half the guys here are fat as fuck… 

Stepping back slightly with pre-emptive caution, he tilts his head to the side as he peers into the eyes of Barker. 

Osbourne Kilminster: So, what brings you back then? 

Feeling the steely gaze of the man in front of him, Barker smirks. 

Ron Barker: Business, actually. I also figured that while I was in town that I’d stop by and say hello to old friends. It then occured to me that I haven’t exactly endeared myself to anyone. I suppose that’s one of the drawbacks of being a ‘dastardly’ son of a bitch. Those things tend to hang around and leave a lasting impression. 

Clenching his jaw ever so slightly, Kilminster clearly recals some of the Canadian’s infamously reprehensible actions from the past. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, funny thing that, isn’t it? 

Barker nods concedingly. 

Ron Barker: It’s alright, though. I’m sure you can attest that there aren’t many here I’d want on my Christmas card list anyway. How are things going with you, anyway? I see you’re not exactly holding the big gold… 

Barker begins to chuckle. 

Ron Barker: You’re not slipping, are you? 

Disgruntled, Osbourne shakes his head as he’s forced to concede a point. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Slipping? No. Just been busy with other things, you know? It’s coming, one of these days. 

Barker laughs. 

Ron Barker: Of course! The proverbial ‘one of these days.’ Well I’ll be sure to knock that off on my calendar and put it in my schedule. Wouldn’t miss that for the world. 

A moment of silence wafts through catering as Barker, still smiling, looks directly at Kilminster who is clearly not returning the gesture. Sensing the tension, Barker chuckles again before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a business card. 

Ron Barker: I suppose that’s my cue, eh? I tell you what. I’ll be in Vegas for a few more days. Give me a call. We’ll get some real food. Catch up on things and all that. If you can, try and see if you can bring along your world famous sense of humour, too. 

Osbourne snarls ever so slightly as Ron pushes the card into his hand, taking a second to look at it before turning on his heels and looking back over his shoulder at the smirking man. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Fuck you, Ron. 

Walking away slowly, Kilminster shakes his head. Barker smirks and turns back to the food table, picking up a slice of what appears to be cherry cheesecake. He takes a huge bite before gagging and spitting it out into a napkin. 

Ron Barker: Godammit, SHOOT Project. Ugh. 






The fans erupt as Trey pushes his way through the curtain. He slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans as he heads towards the ring. Trey is clearly not in his usual cheerful mood.

Eryk Masters: Trey is clearly all about business tonite. We’ve all been wondering what Trey would have to say after that vicious attack on his friend Rose last week, I guess we don’t have to wait anymore.

Other Guy: Trey hasn’t really had much to say about anything. King’s people decimate the man that gave him so many chances, and basically made his career in Jason Johnson. Then his good friend Real Deal gets demolished by the same people, and Trey has still remained neutral in this whole situation. Jester Smiles didn’t even bother to ask Trey for help taking them out. Looks like Trey has finally decided to come out and speak!

Trey slides under the bottom rope and picks himself up to standing. He walks to the far side of the ring and reaches over to grab a mic. His music dies down as he paces slowly in the middle of the ring. He waits for a few moments for the crowd to grow silent, eventually motioning for quiet. He is not smiling. He stops in the middle of the ring, and pulls the mic to his face.

Trey: Two years. It’s been almost two years since this nightmare started for my friend. He was on the top of his game, when someone cut him down. Then SHOOT closed, taking away any chance of a comeback that he had. Then we came back. So eventually he made his way back. But whoever was behind that first attack came back as well. As the weeks went on, it became more and more evident the actua target of these attacks. That would be me…

So here I am. I’m in the middle of the ring, waiting. I got to thinking this last two weeks of who could be so inhumane? Who could do something so vile to another human being? Who would have the stomach to carve into another mans chest with a box cutter? Well, there aren’t too many people that fit that. I know who you are, and I’m here to get my pound of flesh for that indiscretion. What I don’t know is why? Why me? What have I done to you that is so terrible that you would potentially end another mans career? Why, when there are young children watching, would you leave my friend a carved, bloody mess?

The only answer I could come up with? I don’t care. I don’t care why you targeted me. I don’t care why you were too much of a coward to come after me. All that matters is right now. I know you’re here. I know you’re back there right now. You are going to man up, and get your ass out here to take the beating that you deserve.

The fans pick back up as Trey motions for whomever to make his way down the ring. Trey signals for the crowd to begin cheering for the mans entrance. He starts to pick his pacing back up in the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Trey is done talking, and is ready for a fight, OG!

Other Guy: No kidding. We haven’t seen Trey this fired up since his exit in the Master of the Mat! He’s ready to kill someone!

Silence. The crowd is raring for a fight, but nobody is coming out. Trey continues to pace around the ring, livid.

Trey: Come the fuck on already! Let’s handle this like men!

Still nothing. The crowd is growing restless, as Trey keeps with the angry walking.

Other Guy: Are we seriously going to get no answer?

The video wall lights up as the lights in the arena go down. All that’s displayed is a simple, bloody smiley face. Nothing more, nothing less.

Trey: Fuck this mindgame bullshit! If you won’t come out here, I’m going back there. I’ll take EVERYONE out if I have to!!

The crowd pops as Trey drops down from the ring and heads up the ramp backstage.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know if Trey will find what he’s looking for, but I hope he does soon. In the meantime, we’ve got a camera crew backstage with Mr. Heart.


We head backstage to the locker room of Mr. Heart. Heart is bust taping his wrists with black tape whilst his four bodyguards stand watch. Heart notices the camera man walking into the room and looks towards the camera. 

Mr. Heart: Ahhh, I did wonder how long it would be before you guys arrived to harass me. Do you not have better things to be getting on with? You could go and listen to Donovan King and his band of vagabonds… Or perhaps hear Charles Brandon Magnus repeat his name ten times a minute. 

Heart smirks towards his bodyguards who say nothing and do nothing. 

Mr. Heart: However, you decide instead to come here… To witness the most gracious man in professional wrestling prepare for a match with a man who likes to dress as an overgrown lizard. I suppose I could use this time to talk about him… To say how I am going to tear his arms from their sockets… To mention how I am going to snap his puny legs and break the hearts of his legions of fans. 

Mr. Heart continues to wrap tape around his wrists and hands. 

Mr. Heart: But let us be honest… You already know that. You know that I will do all of those things and more. So what would be the point in rehashing old material? 

Heart brushes a stray hair from out of his eyes before sitting down on a bench behind him. 

Mr. Heart: I may as well fill this time to the best of my ability. So listen to me and take note. Jaime Alejandro, I am talking to you. Last week, Charles Brandon Magnus moaned, bitched and whined his way into a match against yourself… Evidently, Mr. Magnus did not deserve that opportunity. Also, last week, UK Dragon relinquished his title match against yourself.  

Heart points towards his bodyguards as he speaks. 

Mr. Heart: Now I have been in conversation with my Associates here and we believe that with you at the helm… The Sin City Championship is a laughing stock. The number one contender does not wish to face you because he knows that the title is worth nothing in your hands. Magnus only wishes to face you because he is on some kind of career suicide and he truly is an egomaniac. So he can crawl back to his father for all I care. The Sin City Championship will be mine soon enough… Come hell or high water. I am the only one who has the quality and the skills that is needed to handle the prestige of being a SHOOT Project champion.  

Heart grins. 

Mr. Heart: I can promise anyone that gets in my way will suffer greatly. No one will keep me from getting the Sin City Championship around my waist. This is not the time for Mr. Heart to be nice. The nice Mr. Heart is gone. 

Heart motions for the camera crew to leave. 

Mr. Heart: Now please remove yourself from my sight. You insipid morons make me sick.



“The Almighty Dollar” by Ozzy Osbourne hits as Mr. Heart makes his way out to the ring.  He ignores the crowd around him, focusing solely on the task ahead. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, from London, England…  he stands at six feet, two inches, and weighs in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds…  Mr. Heart!

Other Guy:  Mr. Heart looking very focused here.

Eryk Masters:  He’s definitely ready to go.

Samantha Coil:  And introducing second…  he stands at five feet, ten inches, and weighs in at one hundred eighty-five pounds…  he is the UK Dragon!

Dragon bolts out from behind the curtain with no theme music, and makes his way down to the ring, to the delight of the fans in attendance.  He gets to the ring and takes to his corner.

Eryk Masters:  There’s a high energy guy right there.

Other Guy:  UK Dragon is an interesting kid, for sure.  He needs some theme music, though.

Mr. Heart and the UK Dragon start to circle the ring as Willie Dean signals for the bell. They meet in the center of the ring, and lock up, with Dragon ducking under Heart and pulling his arm back into a hammerlock. Dragon wrenches on the hold before Heart reaches his other arm back and grabs Dragon by the head, countering the hold into a headlock before Dragon immediately forearms him in the side! Dragon pushes Heart off into the ropes and quickly follows behind him, sliding down to his belly for a trip attempt, Heart leaps over the masked youngster and continues off the ropes! Dragon quickly springs to his feet and follows Heart, catching him on the rebound with a Japanese arm drag!

Eryk Masters: Whoa!

Mr. Heart scrambles back to his feet and turns right into Dragon, who catches him with another arm drag, this time holding on to maintain an armbar!

Other Guy: Someone should make sure the kid isn’t holding Mr. heart by his hair, E!

Eryk Masters: Don’t be ridiculous…

Mr. Heart turns toward Dragon and starts pushing him to his feet, backing him up to a corner, he forces the break! Willie Dean tells Dragon to break the hold and immediately Heart drives the point of his thumb into Dragon’s eye through the mask! As Willie Dean admonishes Heart, he pulls Dragon out of the corner and sends him into the opposite corner, following behind him with a clothesline, crushing Dragon into the turnbuckle pads!

Other Guy: That’s one way to change the momentum!

Eryk Masters: You mean the thumb to the eye?

Other Guy: Well, no…I meant the clothesline.

Heart backs away from the corner, smiling broadly out at the packed crowd in the Epicenter. They return his smile and outstretched arms with a chorus of boos! Heart turns back to Dragon and whips him to the opposite corner, but this time Dragon ducks under the arm and pulls Heart into an elbow strike to the side of the face! Dragon turns and hit’s the ropes and rebounds at Heart, who steps toward him and swings with a clothesline! Dragon ducks and hit’s the ropes behind him, rebounding as Heart turns around, Dragon leaps up onto his shoulders and snaps backward for a hurricanrana! He holds the legs to cradle Heart for a pin!




Heart kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Whoa! I thought the UK Dragon almost had Mr. Heart there!

Other Guy: You’re not kidding, that was close!

Dragon gets to his feet and suddenly sprints to the ropes, but Mr. Heart is to his feet quickly and he follows Dragon, catching him on the rebound with a high back body drop that sends Dragon high into the air and crashing down hard on his back! Mr. Heart takes a slow bow to the crowd, eliciting jeers!

Eryk Masters: As impressive as that move was, bowing isn’t going to win you the match, Mr. Heart!

Other Guy: Relax, he’s just having himself some fun…

Dragon starts pushing to his feet and Heart approaches him from behind quickly, locking him in a waistlock. Mr. Heart snaps backward for a German suplex, but Dragon back flips through, landing on his feet! Mr. heart scrambles to his feet in a hurry, Dragon steps toward him and kicks at Heart! Heart catches the leg and quickly snaps toward Dragon, with a dragon screw leg whip, sending Dragon to the canvas clutching his knee!

Other Guy: I think he just tore UK Dragon’s ACL, E!

Eryk Masters: There’s no telling what kind of damage that sudden twist put on the Dragon’s knee, but I don’t think it was sufficient enough to tear any ligaments, OG.

Mr. Heart sits up and points to the side of his head before moving to cover Dragon, hooking the targeted leg for more leverage!




Dragon kicks out, turning his body toward Mr. Heart to do so! Heart gets to his feet, holding Dragon by the left ankle as he does so, and lifts up on the leg, smashing Dragon’s knee down into the canvas! Heart points down at Dragon, who lies on the canvas holding his knee in pain, and starts trash talking him. Heart bends to grab Dragon’s ankle and lifts again, but this time Dragon lands his right foot on the canvas before kicking it backward and rolling forward with a mule kick, sending Heart down to the mat!

Eryk Masters: All of that showing off, and now UK Dragon has found a sorely needed opening!

Other Guy: Mr. Heart’s Associates better be paying attention, I think their services might be needed…

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe you!

Dragon pushes to his feet, and Heart does the same, but is met with a hard kick to the thigh! Dragon sends a second kick into Heart’s chest before jumping up and landing a spinning back kick to Heart’s chin, dropping him to the canvas! Dragon pushes to his feet rubbing his knee, with the crowd cheering loudly! Dragon points to the top rope, and the fans cheer even louder!

Eryk Masters: I think Dragon’s looking for the Shooting Star Leg Drop!

Dragon limps toward the corner and steps through the ropes. Two of the Associates jump onto the apron and start through the ropes, and Willie Dean immediately moves to intervene, stopping them from getting involved!

Other Guy: I told you they’d come in handy!

Eryk Masters: Come on, Willie! Get those guys out of here!

As the two Associates distract the official the third and fourth run around the ring and one quickly climps up onto the apron just as Dragon makes it to the top rope! He grabs Dragon’s leg, but Dragon kicks him hard, sending him falling to the floor! The fourth leaps onto the apron though and pushes Dragon’s other leg out from under him, crotching him on the top turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Oh! That’s gonna hurt!

Eryk Masters: Willie, turn around man, come on!

The Associate quickly gets off of the apron as the other two abandon their mission. Mr. Heart pushes to his feet, rubbing his chin, while Dragon falls gingerly from the top turnbuckle to the canvas. Heart slowly pulls Dragon up by the mask before snapping him right back down with the Heart Break Neckbreaker!

Other Guy: That’s it! It’s over!




Eryk Masters: Yeah, with the help of those damn “Associates!” Hired thugs is all they are!

Samantha Coil: Your winner at a time of thirteen minutes, twelve seconds… Mr. Heart!

"The Almighty Dollar" kicks up as Mr. Heart celebrates in the ring, before making his way back to the back.


We find ourselves backstage in a rather quiet locker room… the only audible sound being that of the rapid fire of keystrokes.  As we pan around, we find none other than Ethan Delgrotta… clad in a very classy charcoal button up dress shirt with a brown tie and dark gray slacks.  As he continues to work, the door slings open as it catches his attention.

Julian York: Yeah, I’ll see you around.

Then the door shuts.  Our man stands clad in a light gray cardigan with dark washed jeans.  A white button up shirt and a black tie with horn rimmed glasses.  He stares back at Ethan who looks at him with a look of almost disbelief.

Julian York: What’s got your balls all twisted?

Julian heads over to the bench, quickly grabbing his gym bag as Ethan shakes his head.

Ethan Delgrotta: Might have something to do with your disappearance last week… would make sense, right?

Julian just looks up at him, not bothering to answer.

Ethan Delgrotta: Speaking of, you were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago… and who the hell was that?  

Julian looks up and smirks before turning his attention back to fetching cologne from his bag.

Julian York: Name’s Jamie.  She’s an intern here.  Not really sure what she does, and I really couldn’t give a shit.  I saw her last week walking through the hallways and decided to talk to her.  Turns out she apparently gives good head, or atleast that’s what I hear.  Got QUITE the reputation around these parts it seems…

He grins. Ethan’s face goes completely blank.  Almost as if he’s about to go into a fit of rage.

Ethan Delgrotta: So… that’s where you went last week?  When you left me ALONE in what was supposed to be YOUR contract negotiations with YOUR boss?!  You’ve got to be kidding me, Julian.  Please tell me that this was some kind of practical joke… that this isn’t some kind of foreshadowing of what’s to come.  PLEASE just give me that…

Julian looks up, almost confused.

Julian York: What are you talking about?  Do you think I wanted to sit around and read a bunch of contractual obligations and this and that and all of this bullshit?  No.  I have you go over these things, and then we discuss it.  That’s how things go.  

Ethan Delgrotta:  We were speaking over YOUR contract.  He is YOUR boss, Julian.  (He tosses his hands in the air) He’s BARELY MET YOU.  He knows NOTHING of you… not to mention he looked pretty perturbed while I was desperately trying to make up reasons as to why you hadn’t shown…

Julian laughs.

Julian York: Tell him the truth next time. Tell him that I simply had better things to do.

Ethan Delgrotta: And what’s that… run around backstage with a nineteen year old intern?

Julian York: She’s almost twenty.

Ethan puts his palm on his face, sighing.

Ethan Delgrotta: So next time, I tell him that his own egotistical, narcissistic prick of an employee had ‘better things to do’?  That’s your answer to this?!

Julian thinks for a moment, then shrugs.

Julian York: Or you could always just tell him that all of that mumbo jumbo is like morse code to me.  And I’m no Helen Keller. 

Ethan looks at him… in what appears to be shock.

Ethan Delgrotta: When I think you can’t stoop any lower, you do.  Impressive.

Julian smiles as he slings his bag over his shoulder.  

Julian York: Do me a favor, Ethan.  Snatch a few hundreds out of my bag and get a blowjob or something.  I’m serious… you need to destress.  You’re giving me some serious anxiety right now and that’s the last thing I need.  

Julian picks himself up, heading for the door as he opens it… Ethan’s voice stops him.

Julian York: OH, and do me a favor.  Find Jason and make sure I get a nice little in ring segment slot for next week, okay sugar?

Ethan spins his computer chair, watching as Julian heads out.

Ethan Delgrotta: Where are you going?!!

Julian looks back for a moment, standing halfway out of the door.

Julian York: To a photoshoot for my campaign…

The door closes as Ethan calls out.

Ethan Delgrotta: Campaign for what?!!

But he’s gone.  Ethan leans back in his chair… chewing on the top of his pen.  He eventually just shakes his head as he gets back to work.


‘Combat’ by RZA with P Dot starts up over the PA system, drawing a loud amount of cheers and boos for the man known TMB. Black makes his way down to the ring and steps through the ropes. He waves for a mic as his music dies down. 


TMB: It’s been a few weeks Donnie. And you and your band of back up dancers have been playing rough will all of the boy and girls in the SHOOT sandbox except for one person. So why don’t you come down here and try to do to me what you did to Az…


TMB waits along with the crowd for a response, but one doesn’t come.  The fans start to boo as TMB gets a little restless.  Suddenly “I’ll be dat” by Redman hits the speakers and the fans give a 75/25 mixture of boos and cheers.  Pestalance comes out from behind the curtain wearing normal street clothes, no face paint, and no contacts.  It would appear that Rande is currently in control as he puts the mic to his lips and speaks.  

Pest:  Well, well, well…if it isn’t my punching bag, TMB.  Sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but Kings just a little bit busy dealing with important people.  I, on the other hand, really don’t have much going on.  So I’d be happy to come on down there and beat the fuck out of you.  It will be just like old times back in OPW.  

TMB: So…instead of the would be champion, we get Night at the Museum wit Rande. Why don’t you save us all the pain of actually seeing you in the ring again and go get the asshole that yanks your chain. 

Rande sarcastically laughs into the mic.   

Pest: Night at the museum!  That was kind of cleaver…I mean it sucked…but it was still kind of cleaver.  At this rate, in about five or six years you’ll be able to hang with me on the mic.  Now hangin’ with me in the ring…That’s a totally different story.  So I don’t blame you for trying to avoid this ass kicking I got for you.  Unfortunately, if you want to holla at King…you kinda have to go through me.  

TMB grins and rubs his chin. 

TMB: Rande, you know that I would love nothing more than to ruin those AARP cover model looks of yours. But we gotta make this a little more interesting…if you think you can be more of a man then a lap dog. 

Rande looks over himself before responding. 

Pest:  Wait a minute…when did I become old?  Anyway…let’s cut to the chase, bitch boy.  I’m gonna do you a favor tonight and let you walk out of here breathing.  But here’s what I’m thinking…You and me…Under Siege…deathkore rules.  Anything goes.  You win…I step aside and you get your face time with King. What do you say Tommy?  You got a little hardcore up in you?  Or you still on that “Anti-extreme” bullshit you were on in Outlaw Pro? 

TMB: You know, Rande…I wouldn’t mind seeing your face on the receiving end of a chairshot. You want that ass kicking you got coming in the form of a Deathkore match…then you got it…BUT…there is also one more thing that I would like involved in this match. 

Rande laughs. 

Pest:  What’s that? 

TMB: Last time I checked…in the record books, you have the honor of being the last Revolution Champion. Heh, I think that honor is way too good for a garbage wrestling waste like you. 

Pest: So you want me to put a retired belt on the line?  That’s the fuckest thing I’ve ever heard.  But you’re on…You dumb son of a bitch, you’re on! 

TMB: Perfect…Now remember Rande to wear your best make up…I like all my bitches to look their best come show time. 

‘Combat’ by RZA hits causing the crowd to pop as Pest mouths "You motherfucker!" Pest drops the mic and makes his way to the back as TMB soaks up the cheers from the crowd.


The Kaine-Kilminster locker room door flies open as Osbourne stomps in and throws it shut behind him, his jaw clenched in apparent rage as he slumps down onto one of the folding-steel chairs, jumping back to his feet to pull the nunchaku out from the back of his jeans before sitting down again.

Osbourne Kilminster: No wonder I was so fucking happy away from this shit-tip. The food’s a right load of old shit and then, to make it worse, Ron fucking Barker tries playing smart-arse with me. 

Sinn: Ever wonder why I always pack a dinner? 

Her eyebrow rose slightly, as she bent down to tighten the laces of her knee-high boots.

Sinn: Ron Barker?  Haven’t seen him around here in weeks.  Why’s he popping his head about now? 

Osbourne Kilminster: He reckons he just happens to be in the area. Handing out business cards and stuff. Proper fucking dick. Called me out on not being the World Champ yet.

Shaking his head, Kilminster tries to shake away his rage and focus on more pressing matters.

Osbourne Kilminster: You feeling any better about things? 

Sinn: He always was a prick, just like Donovan King.  I’ll be fine.  I just need to get through this match and not have the Clown kick my head off.  It’ll be fine.

Satisfied with her laces, she stood up stretching slightly. 

Her husband smirks, cracking his neck from side to side as he stands back up.

Osbourne Kilminster: The Clown couldn’t kick the skin off a rice pudding. You’ll be fine, darling. 

She laughs softly, pushing him against the wall.

Sinn:  I know that.  Just keep the idiots away that might try to interfere, would you?  I don’t want him coming down mid-match and cracking me in the skull. 

Smirking, he whispers in her ear.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ll see what I can do


Suddenly, the strange opening of Pharoahe Monch’s “No Mercy (Instrumental)” kicks in and the fans are all staring at the entrance.

Eryk Masters: Okay, what’s all this now?

Out from the back emerges a team of security guards, all dressed in SWAT gear. They have batons in hand, and three on either side flank the Revolution Entrance. A slender man steps out from the back, dressed in an immaculately pressed three piece Gucci suit. His hair is slicked back and he has a grin on his face.

Other Guy: HEY!

Eryk Masters: NO WAY! That’s…THAT’S EDDIE E!!

Eddie E walks down to the ring, flanked by the security. He walks up the ring steps, looking out at the fans with a nod as they seem hesitant to cheer or boo him. Eddie E steps into the ring, taking Samantha Coil’s microphone from her. The security force encircle the ring, their eyes on the crowd and the entrance ramp at all times. “No Mercy” dies down as Eddie E brings the microphone to his lips.

Eddie E.: Ladies and gentlemen…my name is…Eddie E. Some of you may know who I am…and some of you may not. Suffice to say, I have seen this company from every single corner. I have opened shows, I have main evented shows, I have held titles here, and I have seen this company grow from a tiny little nothing warehouse with a ring to an international powerhouse. I have seen a great many things in my time on this planet, and I have always called The SHOOT Project…my home.

He paces the ring, removing his sunglasses and tucking them into his coat pocket.

Eddie E.: You might ask yourselves why I’m here. None of you really…can remember too far back, can you, to the days where I was Mr. PPV, and I was a technical scourge in this squared circle. I was dangerous, to be sure. After my career came to its eventual demise…I used that dangerous logic, that dangerous mentality…and I began to invest my funds into the things I loved. You see, I come from a nice, well off type of background, ladies and gentlemen. But…above all else? I wanted to give back to the people and the place that I loved.

He smiles to the audience.

Eddie E.: Jason Johnson used some of my money for this place right here! The Epicenter, yes, ladies and gentlemen! The next time you buy yourselves a large nacho plate at the nacho cart, perhaps you can petition it be renamed the Eddie E Nacho Cart!

He gives a belly laugh that nobody really seems to find that funny.

Eddie E.: Bare with me, ladies and gentlemen. I haven’t had to come out in a very long time…but after the heinous past few weeks, SHOOT’s Board of Directors were stunned into silence. SHOOT’S CEO Jason Johnson found himself teetering dangerously on the edge of a long term wheelchair stay, and the Board looked to SHOOT’s two Vice Presidents, OutKast and The Real Deal.

The fans cheer loudly.

Eddie E.: But…even then…Instant Heat was taken down, weren’t they?

The fans boo as quickly as they cheered.

Eddie E.: I’ve known Josh and Sean and Jason for years, you see. I may have spent my career playing a villain for the most part…but there are sometimes, ladies and gentlemen…that you can’t…play anymore. I’ve made very few friends in my life, but I’ve always been blessed to call men like Josh…Sean…Jason…among them. One of the last of my best friends in this business is back there right now in the locker room, perhaps you’ve heard of him…eh…Trey Willett?

The fans cheer LOUDLY drowning out the very, very few boos.

Eddie E.: Trey’s back there, and nobody knows who’s been screwing with him, but all I can tell you is…I won’t let that stand. I won’t let my friends fall…anymore. I don’t know if King, Pestalance, Corazon, and Kilgore Stochansky are involved in what’s happening to him, but both of these instances are indicative of the terror that permeates this place now. So, you see…I asked my fellow boardmembers…I BEGGED my fellow boardmembers…I told them there’s only ONE of them who had the experience, the mentality…the cunning…to stand up to all of this rampant terror.

Eddie grins.

Eddie E.: ME.

The fans cheer LOUDLY at this.

Eddie E.: First thing’s first, ladies and gentlemen, and that’s to set a certain someone in the back straight. I know you’re back there, I know you’re watching, and I know you’re having a bad night already…so DONOVAN KING…if you please?

The fans ERUPT in boos as the camera pans to the entrance. Then…the chant begins.






“Power” by Kanye West featuring Dwele kicks the fans into a booing frenzy as out from the back steps Donovan King. He stands at the entrance, wearing what he wore earlier in the show, with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. He walks down the entrance ramp, glaring at Eddie E as he does so. He looks at all the SWAT in front of him, who separate for him to enter the ring. Once he’s in the ring, he gets handed a microphone.

Eddie E.: Cut his music.

King looks at the fans as they cheer for “Power” to be faded out. King looks at Eddie for a long moment.

Eddie E.: First off, let me thank you for coming down here by yourself, like I asked. Second, don’t think for one moment your crew can bum rush this ring. You see, Jason was caught off guard. Instant Heat got too hot headed and your crew took advantage. Me? If you lay one finger on me…besides the fact that these six men out here will be on you faster than stink on shit? If you lay one finger on me, Donovan…you, your Mexican friend, your black Ultimate Warrior friend, and your weird little European friend…you…are…FIRED.

King says nothing…but the fans LOVE this.

Eddie E.: I covered my bases, you see. Josh, Sean, Jason…THAT’S where your carnage STOPS.

Donovan King: You don’t have clue ONE what our next step—


The fans ERUPT.

Eddie E.: I’m willing to let you walk around here with the former World Championship, because you were the last incarnation’s champion, you deserve to keep it. But you’re no champion, Donovan.

The fans pop.

Eddie E.: You will NOT walk around backstage and fuck my show up, Donovan. You need to get some rest. You’ve been waiting since we came back for a match, right? Well, Donovan…you’re going to get your match. Under Siege…you’re going to get your match. No belts on the line, I’m afraid, Donovan. You haven’t earned that. However…I have decided…you will be fighting somebody near and dear to you. You, Donovan King, are going to take the night off tonight.

Donovan King: Wait wait wait, I’m getting a match at Under Siege? Against who? That bitch Sinnocence? Surprise opponent? Instant Bitch X-Calibur? YOU?!

Eddie laughs.

Eddie E.: Goodnight, Donovan.

Donovan King: TELL ME.

Eddie shakes his head as the security guards enter the ring.

Eddie E.: Goodnight, Donovan.

King looks at the six men surrounding him and he bristles. He backs away from Eddie E. and slowly backs out of the ring. He continues to glare at Eddie E. as he slowly disappears to the back, the fans singing him goodbye.





Eddie E.: Ladies and gentlemen, how about a hand for our FORMER World Champion, Donovan King!

The fans boo LOUDLY.

Eddie E.: Lastly, Under Siege is our next show…and since I’m running things? Under Siege will be about the HONOR…the PRESTIGE…that SHOOT Project once had. Matches that hearken back to our youth…to our glory days…shall be out here for all to see! Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen…

You WILL see an Iron Fist Match!

The fans cheer.

Eddie E.: Ah ah ah…you will ALSO…get to see…a RULE OF SURRENDER MATCH.

The fans cheer LOUDLY.


The fans are loving all of this.

Eddie E.: We are always moving forward, people, but we must also show love and respect to those who come before us. There are a few more matches to be announced…but for right now, allow me to announce to you the Laws of Survival Match. We have no Laws of Survival title, but that belt’s history is still as important as EVER to this company.

So at Under Siege…the Sin City Championship will be defended under those Laws.

He smiles.

Eddie E.: That’s Laws…PLURAL. Because, you see, ever since Master of the Mat, the Sin City Championship has been contested by four individuals…and it’s become one of the hottest contested title in professional wrestling. It’s only fair these four individuals have one last match for it, right? So we’re going to see an ULTIMATE Laws of Survival Match. All four enter, and every time one is eliminated? They will have to adhere…to a NEW Law.

Could it be a cage? Barbed wire? A ladder? Stolen thunder? Ladies and gentlemen…this is a NEW SHOOT Project.

This…is OUR SHOOT Project.

Thank you!

“No Mercy (Instrumental)” kicks back in, and the fans are LOVING it as Eddie E. slaps a few hands as the guards allow. He walks to the back, nodding his head and waving as the fans are absolutely ecstatic for these announcements.

Eryk Masters: Eddie E. is on the scene! He’s sent Donovan King home, he’s announced several BIG things for Under Siege…AND he’s laying the law down tonight!

Other Guy: No doubt about it, Eryk. He’s been planning this night for some time! Look how he’s dotted ALL his Is and crossed ALL his Ts!

Eryk Masters: GOD yes!



Samantha Coil: This match is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit!  

‘Combat’ by RZA with P Dot starts up over the PA system, as the crowd erupts for the return of the man known as ‘The Queen City Hitman’. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing, from Hartford Connecticut, by the way of his hometown, "The Queen City" Charlotte, North Carolina… 

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie & his forearms and fists taped up. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air. 

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at a cut 265 pounds… 

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the far right corner. He turns around and faces the referee, who proceeds to give him the mandatory pat down. 

Samantha Coil: This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!! 

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin. 

Immediately The Ronald Jenkees remix of the Rocky Theme starts to play throughout the arena. The SHOOT video screen comes to life with an artistic montage of various shots of Dan Stein all in different locations.  Spliced between the shots of Stein are brief moments of him in active competition.  All of the montage is tied together with the words “Dan Stein” and “The Lights” that flash up on the screen every so often. 

Samantha Coil: His opponent hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and weighs in at 215 pounds, here is DAN STEIN! 

Stein steps out into the view of the jam packed SHOOT Epicenter, and is met with a mixed reaction as he just walks to the ring. Stein rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and as he gets up to his feet he stands more than ready. 

Stein enters the ring as Samantha exits.  Referee Scott Kamura slides into the ring and gives the nod to Mark Kendrick to ring the bell and start the match.  The lights go down all over the arena, leaving just the spotlight over the ring to illuminate the action. 

The two men lock up and engage in a struggle for position, back and forth, tussling, with neither man able to gain the advantage.  Thomas Manchester Black has the slight weight advantage, so he eventually forces Dan Stein back first into the ropes.  Scott Kamura calls for a break.  Thomas Manchester Black holds both his arms in the air, and steps backwards slowly. 

Eryk Masters:  Clean break by Black. 

The Other Guy:  This Black is a complex dude.  Sometimes you think he’s going to do whatever it takes to win, and sometimes he acts like a sportsman.  You never know what he’s going to do. 

The two men lock up again.  Once again, Thomas Manchester Black gains the advantage but this time, Dan Stein drops to his back, places both feet on Thomas Manchester Black’s midsection, and flips him through the air using his leverage to his advantage. Thomas Manchester Black falls over Dan Stein, and crashes to the mat.   

As Black starts to get up, Dan Stein goes deep, and hurls Thomas Manchester Black through the air with a deep arm drag!  Thomas Manchester Black sails over Dan Stein and hits the mat again, but Dan Stein keeps him locked up in an arm bar. Thomas Manchester Black is now flat on his back, and Dan Stein kneels over him, keeping him locked up in an arm bar.  Thomas Manchester Black keeps his cool, looking for any sign of weakness in Dan Stein’s grip.  Black cannot seem to find any sign of weakness at all in Dan Stein’s arm bar, so he reluctantly sticks his leg out, touching his foot to the bottom rope.  Scott Kamura sees this, and calls for Stein to break the hold. 

The two men get to their feet, and lock up again.  Once again, Black has the weight advantage and backs Stein into the ropes.  Kamura calls for the break, and Black steps back.  Stein goes into a fighting stance, and starts to fire a rapid barrage of chops at Thomas Manchester Black, stinging him on the chest with open handed slaps and then alternating into knife edge chops.  Black staggers backward for a moment, stunned, but then he retaliates! 

Black hits a left knee strike and a right knee strike to the sides of Stein, then quickly follows up with a palm jab to the chest, followed by a stunning palm jab to the face that hits Stein with such impact that it causes Stein to spin away from Black. Thomas Manchester Black stays on the acts, hammering Stein from behind with a hard standing clothesline!  Stein collapses to the mat face first, holding the back of his head in pain. 

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black started this match off trying to wrestle clean OG, but Stein decided to trade blows and that backfired on him in a hurry. 

The Other Guy: I wouldn’t say Stein is cheating, but he’s going to do what he has to in order to win this match.  He wants to stay in the hunt for that Iron Fist Championship. 

Thomas Manchester Black reaches down and scoops up the temporarily stunned Dan Stein, but then he slams him back down to the mat as quickly as he picked him up.  The body of Dan Stein actually bounces a few inches off the mat from the force of the slam.  Black is poised over Stein in a cat-like stance and as soon as Stein’s body comes to a rest, Black scoops him up again, and powers him back to the mat yet again, using his slight strength advantage to his best ability by performing another perfect bodyslam.  After the second slam, Stein’s body spasms slightly from the impact. 

Thomas Manchester Black deftly rolls Stein over onto his front, then measures him off and drives a knee smash right into the upper back of Dan Stein.  It appears that Black has decided to focus on the back of Dan Stein with the repeated bodyslams and now the knee to the back.  Stein is feeling the effect of the attack as one of his hands instinctively goes to his back, rubbing it in pain.  Black zeroes in and drops a second knee smash to the back of Dan Stein.  This time we can clearly see the discomfort on the face of Stein.  Black backs off, and leaps into the air, aiming for the back of Stein with yet another precision kneedrop. 

Just in the nick of time, Dan Stein rolls out of the way, and Thomas Manchester Black hits the mat at top speed, knee first!  The fans cheer in relief, as Stein escapes and Thomas Manchester Black grabs his knee in pain. Stein struggles to his feet, still holding his back tenderly.  As Black cradles his knee painfully, Stein takes a moment to rub his back, but finally he reaches down and locks Black up for a suplex.  In a crisp, smooth motion, Dan Stein snaps Thomas Manchester Black backward through the air with a perfectly executed snap suplex. 

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein finally getting his game together here, after being on the receiving end of some punishment from Thomas Manchester Black. 

The Other Guy: I have to question the wisdom of Stein using a suplex as an offensive maneuver here.  Black just did some decent work on his back, but now Stein is using that back to deliver a suplex.  He might be letting his competitor’s ego get the better of him.  Wouldn’t he be better off focusing on some mat wrestling and giving that back a rest for a few minutes? 

As predicted by The Other Guy, Dan Stein indeed seems to be using the suplex as his preferred method of attack.  After landing the snap suplex, Stein reaches down and locks up the stunned Black for another suplex.  Wincing with the exertion, Stein hoists Black high into the air with a vertical suplex, and then sends him crashing back to the mat.  As soon as Black lands, Stein goes for the first cover of the matchup… 



Black kicks out with authority.   

Dan Stein gets to his feet, locks Black up again, and goes for another vertical suplex, but Thomas Manchester Black wisely sticks his foot out and blocks it.  Stein tries again, but once again Black sticks his foot out and blocks it. Black plants his feet, grabs Stein by the tights and reverses the process, hoisting Stein up into the air and powering him backward with a suplex!  Stein bounces and once again scowls in pain as he absorbs the impact on his back.  Instead of going for the cover, Thomas Manchester Black does exactly what Stein did to him, and locks him up for a second suplex!  Black swings Stein backward through the air and slams him back to the mat with a second perfectly executed vertical suplex!  Just as Stein to him, Black goes for a cover… 



Stein kicks out, but he is still visibly wincing in pain, his back clearly hurting him.  Thomas Manchester Black reaches down and pulls Dan Stein to his feet.  As soon as Stein is vertical, he leaps into action and rolls forward, nailing Thomas Manchester Black squarely in the chest with a rolling kick!  Black is caught totally off guard and falls back to the mat, stunned.  Stein goes on the offensive and starts to unleash a blinding flurry of kicks to the body of Black.  Thomas Manchester Black lifts both his arms up in a boxer’s stance to protect his head and cover up, as Dan Stein repeatedly smashes him in the sides with precision kicks.  The crowd is loving it. 

Eryk Masters: This match is really back and forth OG, and now Stein is back in control. 

The Other Guy: Yeah and he’s showing some good aggression too, which is probably what he’s going to need to do in order to win. 

As Dan Stein continues his blistering assault on Thomas Manchester Black, TMB has battled back to his feet.  Black starts to weakly return fire on Dan Stein, answering the kicks with some chops and palm strikes of his own.  A few of these strikes land, and Thomas Manchester Black gains confidence.  Finally Black reaches out and grabs Dan Stein by the back of the head, and drives a knee up into his face!  Stein reels backward, and Black sends him to the mat with a kick. 

Thomas Manchester Black reaches down and picks up Dan Stein in a side suplex position.  Stein starts to flail around madly, kicking his legs wildly and Thomas Manchester Black is unable to hang on to him.  Both men collapse to the mat at the same time, but Dan Stein is only down to one knee.  Stein pulls Thomas Manchester Black to his feet by the hair, steadies him in place, and then flattens him with a spinning backfist!  Black crumples to the mat, dazed. 

Dan Stein slowly climbs between the ropes and heads to the apron.  He climbs the turnbuckles, and then perches on the top rope, steadying himself for a moment, and then launching himself high into the air with a swandive headbutt…which connects perfectly! Stein nails Thomas Manchester Black dead on with the headbutt, and makes the cover… 





At the last possible second, Thomas Manchester Black lifts his shoulder! 

Eryk Masters: Was that…that was three, wasn’t it? 

The Other Guy: No it wasn’t, but it was about as close as you’re going to get.  Look at Stein’s face!  He’s shocked, holding up three fingers in the face of the ref, he’s sure he got that three count! 

Dan Stein shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts.  Black pounces on Stein, and pulls him to his feet.  Black locks Stein up, and fires him quickly backwards with a snap suplex.  Stein hits the mat at full speed, and bounces with the impact.  Black locks him up again, and pulls him to his feet.  Black grabs Stein by the wrist, and throws him into the ropes.  Dan Stein comes off, and Black throws a spinning kick…but Stein ducks!  

Dan Stein puts one hand on Black’s shoulder and spins him around, and then starts firing rapid-fire punches at Black.  Thomas Manchester Black’s head snaps back violently from the impact of the shots from Stein.  Finally, Dan Stein grabs one of Black’s flailing arms, and pulls him in quickly with a short clothesline.  Black hits the mat.  

Eryk Masters: Stein is doing his best to keep the advantage now… 

The Other Guy: We’re getting to the point in this match where either guy could be ripe for a pin, if the other can maintain the advantage and hit their finisher. 

Stein circles around behind Black and crouches, waiting patiently, as Black slowly gets to his feet.  The fans are clapping their hands and stomping their feet, as Black slowly stands up.  Dan Stein grabs TMB, sets him up, and powers him into the mat with a backbreaker!  

Stein rolls over for the cover…  



Black sharply kicks out.  Dan Stein gets to his feet, comes off the ropes, and then drops a leg across the chest of Black. Stein pulls Black to his feet, and he grabs Black by the back of the head, and runs towards the corner.  Stein smashes TMB’s head off the top turnbuckle, and then does it again. Dan Stein starts to repeatedly ram Black’s head into the turnbuckle over and over again, but suddenly Thomas Manchester Black spins around and shocks Stein with a quick kick to the gut, knocking the wind out of him!  Dan Stein doubles over, and Black spin kicks him to the mat again! 




Stein kicks out. Black starts to pick him up, but Stein reaches up, loops his hand around Black’s neck and rolls him up in a surprise small package pin attempt!  




Black kicks out with all his might, breaking the small package up, as both men go sprawling. Dan Stein and Thomas Manchester Black both get to their feet and the same time, and charge towards each other.  TMB leaps into the air and plants a kick right in the chest of Stein, sending him back to the mat! 

Black covers…  




At the last minute Stein kicks out, as the fans are on their feet!  Black pulls Dan Stein up to his feet, but Stein buries a shoulder into Black’s midsection.  Stein hoists Black up, scooping him up in a body slam position.  Dan Stein powers Black into the mat with a powerslam staying on him for the cover…  



Black kicks out.  

Thomas Manchester Black is slow getting to his feet, so Dan Stein takes advantage of the break.  He sprints across the ring, bounces off the ropes and rebounds off them, then flies into the air and just as TMB is getting up, Stein absolutely smashes him upside the head with a horizontal kick! 

“THE LIGHTS” and it’s lights out for Black, who crumples to the mat, and Stein goes for the cover… 




Eryk Masters: Dan Stein pulls it out!  Huge win for Stein here! 

The Other Guy: That was his patented “ninjaguiri” and he used the ropes for that extra springboard momentum – he almost took Black’s head off! 

Samantha takes the microphone in hand on the outside of the ring, as Scott Kamura hoists Stein’s arm in the air and his music starts to play… 


Eryk Masters: A huge win for Dan Stein! 

The Other Guy: Damn right, he may have just earned himself another title shot at the Iron Fist, and if he didn’t, you know damn sure he has the attention of the roster and the office!


Jester Smiles: Hey! Azraith! 


Jester Smiles runs onto the screen. He keeps looking around him, slightly nervous. Azraith, however, looks moreso, especially after his hit-and-run attack earlier in the show. 


Jester Smiles: Listen man, I really need to talk with you, and you know what it’s ab- 


Azraith: Hey man, I know what you’re thinkin’. Trust me because I’ve thought it before, a dozen times. I’ve crunched the numbers and I’ve been working this over…I just don’t think it’s a good idea to clump up and make y’all a bigger target than you need to be. Those fucksticks are after me…King wants me on a goddamn platter after what I just did… 


Jester Smiles: Listen man, I know you’re the lone wolf guy, the Avatar, the big bad mother fucker who can take on all challenges on his own, but I’m telling you dude, you can’t take Donovan King and this group on alone. They will break you, and they will take everything from you. I’ve seen it first hand, and I know King better than ANY of you. I know how he works, and I know what he is capable of. If you don’t join me, he’ll break you, and then he’ll break this whole company. 


Azraith DeMitri: Join you? 


Azraith’s eyes narrow, he almost looks indignant before he shakes his head quickly, patting Jester on the shoulder. 


Azraith DeMitri: Listen Jester…I respect what you’re trying to do. Honestly I truly do but right now ain’t the time to line up to get shot by the fucking redcoats. You might know more about King but I’ve sure experienced the fucking abridged version these past few weeks. If we start a fucking crusade now…it’ll just be another Carver’s Army vs Ascension, and that didn’t quite work out that well for the ‘good guys’…trust me. You’re looking at this like a war and you need to be looking at it like…like an insurgency… 


It was obvious Azraith was having a hard time explaining it, but Jester waves him off with a glare, shaking his head. 


Jester Smiles: Fine, man, fine. Just watch the world burn, man. Do NOTHING. Like everyone else, do nothing, and watch this company fall. Because without a united effort, it’s going to fall, and none of you get that. Not a damn one of you seems to understand what is going on here. 


But whatever man. Do what you gotta do. Just…fuck it. Whatever. 


Jester stalks off camera, disappointed.


The camera shot slowly pans the crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter. Suddenly two spotlights come on, and we hear the unmistakable sound of Joe Satriani’s guitar ripping into Back to Shalla-Bal. 

The shot zooms in on a special set, constructed in the upper levels of the Epicenter. There are two full sized cars in the background, but they are smashed together, and look like they have been in head-on collision. 

In front of the cars there is a video screen set up, and we can see it is playing the entrance music and video for none other than Crash Carver… 


From somewhere in the darkness behind the cars, amid a huge puff of smoke, the young superstar leaps into view. Crash Carver is wearing bright white jogging shoes, blue jeans, and a purple T-Shirt, with a pair of Hollywood style sunglasses covering his eyes. His blond hair is wet and shiny, his perfect white teeth are exposed in a huge grin, as he leaps down in front of the set, and holds a microphone to his mouth… 

Crash Carver: Hey babies! Welcome once again to the most exciting five minutes in history, since your Daddy climbed your Mommy and made you! It’s THE CRASH PAD, and I am your host with the most, the straw that stirs the drink, CRASH CARVER! 

The fans cheer and Crash grins. 

Crash Carver: Now I know what you’re thinking babies! You’re thinking, hot DAMN Crash is sexy! And also, you’re thinking “How does Crash do it?” He just finished whupping Dina Bryce, and now he’s here again, hosting The Pad? 

Well I’ll tell you, babies. The bosses, they know that the ratings would suffer if Crash wasn’t here, so here I am. So without further ado, let me introduce my guests tonight… 

Raining Blood by Slayer starts to play, and The Crimson Riot emerge from behind the cars into the spotlight. 

Crash Carver: So here we have the newest sensation in SHOOT Project. The Crimson Riot. The problem is, you boys – I have to be honest – you look damn cranky! 

Of course, I’d be pissed off like you guys too, if I was a Tag Team in an organization that doesn’t have any other Tag Teams. Guess they aren’t going to just hand you them belts, and who would you defend them against? 

Evan grabs a free mic, and he looks like he’s about to hit the cameraman with it, until he puts it to his mouth. 

Evan Garcia: It’s real easy, Crash… We’ll defend this belt against all of these putas in the SHOOT Project. Ain’t no team going to be able to hang with La Familia Alejandro. 

Logan pulls the mic away from his twin. His muscles rippling through that red shirt with the Crimson Riot logo of the Aztec Eagle. 

Logan Garcia: Of course, we can also defend this strap against loudmouth punks who think their uncle bleeding like a tampon earned him a right to be here. 

Crash Carver: Hey, to quote Jessi Slaughter, don’t be a hater, babies. You know I’d be happy to take a match with you if there was only somebody as good as Crash Carver, that deserved to be my partner…but there isn’t. Of course I could beat you both by myself, but I don’t know if the bosses would book it, babies. 

Logan Garcia: You don’t think they wouldn’t pay to see a little perro like you get his ass handed to him like he deserves? 

Evan snatches the microphone back. He looks at his larger twin, as his sleeveless red shirt seems to be a bit looser to the viewer. 

Evan Garcia: What he’s saying, Crash… You find a partner, jefe. I think you’ll still lose, because we’re the best team in this company. PERIOD! 

Crash Carver: You know what, seriously? Quit wasting my time. You’re a team in a place with no teams, and your attitude sucks. So either carry my bags out to the car, or buzz off and make room for people who actually matter to this place! 

Logan grabs Crash by his throat and lifts him in the air with both hands. He then throws Crash into one of the cars. Evan picks up the young Carver and sizes him up for a hard roundhouse kick to the jaw! 

Logan picks up the mic. 

Logan Garcia: Hey Crash! You want to throw around Mexican cracks, cabron! Time for you to get tossed. 

Evan Garcia: Hey, Crash! Cagaste y saltaste en la caca! Vete a la chingada! 

He motions for his big brother to pick him up. Logan lifts up the dazed Crash in a Crucifix Power Bomb. Evan moves to the top of one of the cars. 

Logan throws him for a BORDER TOSS! Evan nails him on the way down with a HANGOVER! 

Logan Garcia: Get fucked, Crash! Oh, and tell that Japones he can chupa mis lluevos! 

Evan and Logan raise their arms to a chorus of boos, as the Alejandro nephews make their trademark bad impression. 

The Other Guy: HA!  It’s about time somebody shut that mouthy little punk up, and now The Crimson Riot did it! 

Eryk Masters: Well, the fact that Crash already fought tonight, combined with the fact that he was outnumbered 2-1 here didn’t help, OG. 

The Other Guy: That loudmouth jerk has no friends, and even if he is dumb enough to want to get into the ring with those guys, who will help him?  He has no friends in SHOOT Project.  Nobody likes a loudmouth.   

Eryk Masters: Well, you’d know I guess.



Eryk Masters: Alright folks, it’s the time we’ve been waiting for…

Other Guy: Az and Tori put out another sex tape?!

Eryk Masters:

Other Guy: What? Too soon?

Eryk Masters: I…what does tha…

The camera cuts away from the announcers abruptly and to the center of the ring, where Samantha Coil waits with a bright smile.

Doo doo doo dooooo, doo dooo DOOT DA DOOT!

"Victory Fanfare" by Nobuo Uematsu plays cheerily over the arena’s speakers before "Chiron" by All That Remains blares through it. Jester Smiles steps through the curtains and moves to the top of the ramp, the crowd going nuts.

Eryk Masters: Jester coming out to a loving crowd, but he doesn’t look all that happy tonight.

Other Guy: Rampant, consistent rejection will do that to ya, Eryk. Figured you knew that by now.

Indeed, the Hero of SHOOT Project isn’t smiling. He makes his way down to the ring quickly, slapping hands with a few fans idly before sliding under the bottom rope, nodding to Samantha Coil briefly before moving to his corner.

What’re you thinking about…?

The same thing you are…

"Living Dead Girl [Subliminal Seduction Mix]" by Rob Zombie thuds over the speaker system deeply as Sinnocence makes her way to the top of the ramp, Ozzy Kilminster close beside her, her reaction from the crowd decidedly more mixed.

Other Guy: She put on a show of a lifetime with Azraith DeMitri in the main event of Master of the Mat this year, and she earned a lot of respect from the crowd recently for numerous reasons, but Sinn still tends to rub people the wrong way…

Eryk Masters: One of them being Jester, who she declined to work with against King’s newfound army.

Sinn wastes no time running down to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and hopping to her feet spryly. She takes a few steps backwards to lounge in her corner, her eyes narrowed. Ozzy takes a stoic post near the announce table, keeping an eye on things.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our MAIN EVENT! It will be contested under standard rules and will have a sixty minute time limit! Our first competitor tonight, hailing from Richmond Virginia…he is JESTER SMILES!

The crowd ROARS as Jester slowly turns around to face some of the fans, throwing his arms up momentarily before turning back to his opponent.

Samantha Coil: Our second competitor is from LAS VEGAS NEVADA! Accompanied by Ozzy Kilminster, She is SINNOCENCE!

Sinn remains stoic as the mixed reaction returns, staring holes into Jester as she readies herself.

Eryk Masters: Samantha Coil has left the ring, and it’s time to get this action started!

The two opponents move to the center of the ring, eyes locked as the bell rings! The two instantly take a few steps back, circling for a few seconds before Jester snaps forward for a quick grapple, only to eat a vicious kick right to his calf! The crack is loud enough to reverberate throughout the arena as he staggers forward a bit, Sinn sidestepping him and cracking another kick to his opposite calf.

Other Guy: Sinn with a quick, defensive offence here to start things off.

Eryk Masters: Defensive offence?

Other Guy: Yeah, her defense hurts so bad you can call it offence.

Jester once again lunges at Sinn, but as she turns to sidestep again he stops short his feint and snaps a vicious left hook into her ribs, the crowd ‘ooooh’-ing at the sudden burst of violence. Jester quickly hooks her neck and lifts her up, snapping her back down with a sharp vertical suplex. In a fluid motion, Jester goes for the early pin attempt.



Eryk Masters: Jester with a quick strike, forcing Sinn to use up some energy to kick out.

Other Guy: It’s still very early in the match though, he knew he wasn’t gonna squeak a victory off of Sinn that easily.

Jester gets to his feet, dragging Sinn up with him. He methodically starts throwing lefts and rights, every punch a precision strike; however Sinn is blocking well, and after one sloppy hook Sinn manages to latch onto Jester’s arm and rolls with it, dragging him down with a modified armdrag. However, as Jester hits the mat, Sinn still has a hold of his arm, and in one lightning fast motion, she twists and falls, wrenching Jester’s arm!

Eryk Masters: Sinn is definitely prepping up her submission game here, working on any piece of Jester that she can grab onto.

As Jester attempts to get to his feet, Sinn is quick to pepper him with stinging kicks and punches, and as he finally gets to a vertical base, she SPIKES a kick directly into his left knee, the force of it sending his whole leg flying back, sending him just off-balance enough for her to hook his neck and drop him with a rapid-fire neckbreaker!

Other Guy: I…I think she hit Jester about six times in about two seconds there, did you see his leg snap back like that?! Sinn is on her game tonight!

Again, Sinn doesn’t let up, as soon as she sprawls to her knees after the neckbreaker, she attempts to lock in a modified side armbar…but as soon as she latches on Jester struggles violently, ripping his arm free and shoving her away, hopping to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Jester saw where that one was heading and he didn’t like it one bit!

Sinn attempts to lunge forward again, but Jester catches her with a thrust kick right into her abdomen, doubling her over instantly. With the match slowed down to a pace he’s more comfortable with, Smiles wraps his arms around Sinn’s waist and lifts her up and then DOWN with a gutwrench suplex! Sinn writhes around on the mat in pain as Jester pushes himself to his feet, rubbing his left knee tenderly before ripping Sinn to her feet once more, only to drop her with ANOTHER gutwrench suplex!

Other Guy: Jester is using every bit of his size advantage here tonight. I think he knows that the longer this match goes on, the more it might benefit Sinn. The more she bangs up his arms and legs, the more she works on his neck, the quicker it’ll be for her to get him to tap out.

Eryk Masters: Perhaps, but the longer this match goes on, the more he’s going to punish her up close with strikes and drop her with suplexes. I’d say they’re on pretty even ground as time goes on.

Jester goes for another pin attempt but Sinn once again kicks out at two. He still pulls her up again, throwing a quick jab into her face to keep her stunned long enough for him to run off the ropes, picking up momentum for the vicious knee he throws into Sinn’s face! Or, at least that was the idea until Sinn ducks under it at the last second, waiting for Jester to stagger forward behind her before rebounding off the ropes herself, leaping into the air and NAILING him with a flying dropkick!

Other Guy: Between Jester being off balance for that and Sinn getting a good running start, Jester smashed chest-first into the turnbuckle there pretty damn hard.

Eryk Masters: He’s having a bit of a time catching his breath actually and it looks like Sinn wants to take advantage of it…

Jester goes for another pin attempt but Sinn once again kicks out at two. He still pulls her up again, throwing a quick jab into her face to keep her stunned long enough for him to run off the ropes, picking up momentum for the vicious knee he throws into Sinn’s face! Or, at least that was the idea until Sinn ducks under it at the last second, waiting for Jester to stagger forward behind her before rebounding off the ropes herself, leaping into the air and NAILING him with a flying dropkick!

Other Guy: Between Jester being off balance for that and Sinn getting a good running start, Jester smashed chest-first into the turnbuckle there pretty damn hard.

Eryk Masters: He’s having a bit of a time catching his breath actually and it looks like Sinn wants to take advantage of it…

She can’t, however, as suddenly the ring is swarmed by two men who rush Sinnocence. The fans begin to boo as they can easily see who it is.

Eryk Masters: What the hell?! That’s Kilgore and Pestalance!

Jester gets to his feet, but before he can do anything, Corazon appears behind him and quickly subdues him. Pestalance and Kilgore quickly produce a pair of handcuffs and they hook Sinnocence to the ropes. Pestalance charges at Jester and hooks Jester up to an opposite side of the ring.

Other Guy: They’re cuffing both our main event competitors to the ropes, what are they…what are they going to do?

Corazon begins to pace the ring when the fans begin to boo. The camera shifts to the locker room area, where we see Osbourne Kilminster charges out of his locker room to be suddenly surrounded by six armed guards. He clenches his fists and gets ready for a fight as he sees Thomas Manchester Black appear behind the six of them. The camera shifts quickly back to the ringside area, where the fans RIP into cheers as TREY WILLETT charges the ring!

Other Guy: Trey Willett’s here! I guess he’s as sick as anyone about not getting any answers from these psychopaths!

Just as Trey slides into the ring, Kilgore and Pestalance RUSH Trey, pinning him to the mat. They lift him up and Pestalance produces a THIRD pair of handcuffs! He cuffs Trey to the ropes and now all THREE of them are cuffed to the ropes!

Eryk Masters: What are they going to do? For some reason Ozzy and Black are fighting guards in the back, Azraith’s been sent home, King was sent home, but we still have THESE three here!


The fans POP as Corazon, Pestalance, and Kilgore are frozen in their tracks as EDDIE E. comes out from the back area.

Eddie E.: It looks like I must have made a mistake letting Azraith go home tonight.

Eddie walks down the ramp, infuriated.

Eddie E.: The whole lot of you think this is funny? You think you can come in here, lock our main event up, and then try to do with them as you wish? This is NOT Instant Heat, boys, this is EDDIE. E.

The fans pop as he walks up the ring apron.

Eddie E.: You don’t scare me. You don’t intimidate me.

Eddie gets in the ring. Jester looks up at Eddie as he checks on him. He glares at Corazon, Kilgore, and Pestalance as he walks past them to Trey. He smiles at his old friend and then walks to check on Sinnocence. He turns to the three villains and squints at them.

Eddie E.: You think you’re so smart, eh? Jester there…fighting the good fight…Trey…searching for answers…Sinnocence…?

Eddie turns to her and his face slowly contorts…into a grin.

Eddie E.: You. IGNORANT. Cunt.

Eryk Masters: WHAT?!

That does it, as the crowd resumes their almost deafening boos.

Eddie E.: We GAVE you a chance! We OFFERED you a place…and you SPIT on us?!

Other Guy: Oh…no…

The fans boo their asses off.

Eddie E.: Oh yeah, go ahead, scream your fuckin’ heads off. Like that’s gonna stop me? Like I’m gonna start shaking in my shoes because YOU lot dont like me?

Eryk Masters: Well, they are trying…

Eddie E.: You all NEVER liked me! Like your love or adulation means half a piss anyway. You just never could figure it out, huh? The power void, the sudden ascension of a man who’s been retired for more years than I can count, THIS lot all of the sudden acting like buddies?

He starts laughing, and this only spurns the crowd on more. 

Eddie E.: I’m the one behind it all! I wasn’t Ted Dibiase, I actually had alla that money I talked about…and nothing, NOTHING to spend it on. Hm. Couldn’t compete anymore, too broken down. Hmm. And here I see a number of malicious and violent beasties all waiting to sink their teeth into the viscera of this company once more. Huh. What’s an honest guy like myself to do?

He pauses, for effect, and rubs his chin. 

Eddie E.: Spend it! Spend it on mercenaries and thugs and goons! Because if I can’t live like this any more, with the thrill of conquest and blood pumping in my veins and my knuckles sore from breaking bones, THEN NONE OF YOU WILL. Glorious conquest! The smell of despair and rage, stinking up the works with victory. It’s MY show. I’M calling the shots. And every one of you…

He casually spits at Jester, who is staring absolute murder at him.

Eddie E.: …are witness to the greatest con of Eddie E.’s career.

Eddie walks over to Sinnocence.

Eddie E.: You think you’re so smart, girl? Well, trust me…while your pathetic husband tries to run out here and fight for your honor, it gave me a great idea.

Eddie smirks.

Eddie E.: Jada Kilminster nee Kaine? Let’s see those marital bonds put to good use. At Under Siege…Sinnocence will get to go one on one with her LOVING HUSBAND…OSBOURNE KILMINSTER…in a RULE…OF…SURRENDER Match!

The fans RIP into boos as guards march down to the ring.

Eddie E.: And don’t think for one second you can forfeit this match, you weak bitch. If I don’t get a match brutal enough for my satisfaction? You and your pathetic husband…are FIRED.

Eddie grins as Sinnocence glares a hole through him. The guards step into the ring and uncuff Sinnocence. She struggles, but they subdue her.

Eddie E.: Gentlemen…take her away.

The fans are furious as one of the guards sticks around. Sinnocence kicks at everyone she passes, even Jester, as she is escorted from the ring. The one guard who stuck around slowly removes his helmet to reveal…DONOVAN KING.

Other Guy: That figures doesn’t it?

Eddie E.: Jester? When I heard about your little attempt at an insurrection against us, I wanted to suspend you immediately. Then…this man here? He told me to hold off. Do you have something to tell him, Donovan?

King takes the microphone and kneels down face to face with Jester.

Donovan King: …I’ve fought with you for years, Jester. Since we first joined here in dis company. Eddie E. sent Azraith home so I could focus completely on this moment…with you. You see, Jester, you’re here tonight in the middle of a war where the side you want to fight hasn’t attacked you and the side you want to fight with doesn’t want you. Well, Jester…

…I want you.

The fans boo as King holds Jester’s head up to lock eyes with him.

Donovan King: You deserve better than fighting a losing battle. You deserve to be in the main events because you EARNED it, homie. These people in the back? They won’t work with you. They turn their BACKS on you. So while you sit there…wantin’ to be SHOOT’s Hero…don’t nobody wanna help you get there. But I do. We’re not heroes, Jester. You are. And you deserve to stand head and shoulders side by side wit’ us. We’re the future, the pure blood in dis company. You might’ve strayed to other places, but you’re OUR hero, man.

So the choice is yours.

King hands the microphone back to Eddie as the camera focuses in on Jester’s shell shocked face.

Eddie E.: You get Under Siege off, Jester, to think about it. Meanwhile…

Eddie turns to Trey.

Eddie E.: Let him go.

Pestalance slowly unhooks Trey’s handcuffs and he immediately charges to the center of the ring. Trey stands in the center of them, glaring at Eddie with a look of agony on his face. He looks over to the others and motions for them to come and fight him. He spits at them, pounds his chest, and demands they come get him. Slowly, King, Pestalance, and Kilgore move in on him until Corazon holds his fist up, stopping the advance. He takes the microphone from Eddie and glares a hole through Trey.

Corazon: …allow me.

Corazon holds an arm up, and waves off King, Pestalance, and Kilgore. He carefully removes his sunglasses and places them in his jacket pocket, before removing his jacket. Trey is looking at Corazon with a wild, wide set of eyes, daring him to approach. Donovan King has a huge grin on his face.

Other Guy: This is not good. 

Eryk Masters: Donovan King seems to be pretty thrilled, OG.

Other Guy: He knows what’s about to happen, Eryk… we’re about to see Adrian Corazon unleashed.

Corazon drapes his jacket over the top rope and moves to the center of the ring, facing Trey Willett. Willett, who has absolutely had enough of this, lunges forward and throws a big right hand, which nearly catches Corazon, who moves his head to the side. He catches Trey’s right arm and SNAPS him down with a modified backbreaker!

Other Guy: And so it begins. 

Eryk Masters: What could he possibly do, dude? I mean… seriously. We’ve seen this sort of thing before.

Other Guy: I don’t think you understand, Eryk. Everything Corazon has done has been predicated by Donovan King’s challenge to do something different. Do something NEW.

Corazon motions for Trey to stand up. 

Corazon: …stop wasting my time. Get up.

Trey gets to his feet, but Corazon rushes him and drives several rights and lefts into his face! He switches to elbows, as blood starts to pour from various welts on Trey’s face, and from Trey’s nose! The crowd is absolutely letting Corazon have it, and beginning to chant for Trey! Corazon IMMEDIATELY silences any noise by hoisting Trey up on his shoulders and dropping him with a Fury of the Dark Heart!

Other Guy: Yeah… not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Eryk Masters: And nobody can do ANYTHING about this. 

Corazon: GET. UP.

Corazon let’s his patience go, and picks Trey up by the hair. He gets in his face and shoves him against the ropes. Trey rebounds, and Corazon then drives his face in towards his knees with a VICIOUS Act of Inhumanity. Corazon gets up, disgusted. 

Corazon: Pick him up.

Pestalance and Kilgore lift Trey up, holding his arms so that his head is hanging. 

Eryk Masters: Well…

Other Guy: It’s about to get really ugly, Eryk.

Corazon motions to Donovan King, stretching his hand out. 

Corazon: ASP.

King grins, and hands Corazon an ASP. Corazon smirks and then drives the ASP right into Trey’s forehead! Kilgore and Pest are both stunned a bit, and let Trey go, as he slumps to the ground, totally unconscious. The crowd boos vociferously, and it gets louder and louder, as the group boasts at the situation they’ve created. Corazon calls for a microphone.

Eryk Masters: I’m sickened at this, and now Corazon is going to rub it in?

Other Guy: That’s the name of the game, Eryk. 

Corazon surveys the audience, and looks down at his now fallen foe. He spits on the back of Trey Willett’s head, essentially turning his nose up.

Corazon: Ladies and gentlemen… what you’ve just witnessed? 

This is how you squelch a symbol of light. 

You see, when a fire begins to burn, it’s small. If it’s lucky, or if it makes the proper moves… it begins to grow. It can grow into an unstoppable, harsh wildfire, and nothing can put it down, or even weaken it. 

I’ve sat back and watched all of you. Jester. Sinnocence. Azraith. Watched, as you’ve all tried to approach this your own way. Watched as you’ve all been systematically dealt with. None of you have the heart to stand up to us. None of you can begin to fathom the courage to try and overcome the cloud of darkness that has overtaken the SHOOT Project.

We’ve rolled, like a well oiled machine, over SHOOT Project’s heroes. Jason Johnson. The Real Deal. OutKast. These men EMBODY the SHOOT Project. They WERE the SHOOT Project.

Now we add Trey Willett to our list. 

Why Trey, you might ask? Why go after the Willenium? 

It’s simple. Until now, he was on a serious road to redemption. He’s taking the steps to become a force here. He’s embracing LIFE. He is becoming a symbol. Well… he WAS becoming a symbol. 

Look at him now. 

Go ahead… 

…I’ll wait.

Jester Smiles, Sinnocence, Azraith DeMitri… your efforts are pathetic. You keep doing the same thing, and running into the brick wall as a result. Look at you now. Handcuffed, restrained, and in Trey Willett’s case? Beaten and bloodied.

Corazon smiles, as the wheels turn in his head, watching the carnage at his feet, and listening to the hatred that the Epicenter’s crowd is throwing his way. 

Corazon: Trey, you wanted to know who it was behind the attacks on Curtis Rose. You’re DYING to know. Who is sick enough to carve a smile into another man’s chest? You want to know why. Why target you, through him? 

Well, for awhile… like, at the beginning… I needed a hobby. I needed something to keep me occupied, while other things took shape. Now, though… now the meaning is so much more.

Other Guy: Did he just say what I think he said?

Eryk Masters: He’s the one behind the Curtis Rose attack?! HE’S the one that carved that face into Curtis Rose’s chest!? 

Other Guy: It makes sense, Eryk, and I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Corazon LOVES to permanently scar his victims. Now he’s done so, both physically to Rose, and now mentally, to Willett.

Corazon stalks the ring, circling the Willenium. 

Corazon: Now, Trey? I want to end you. I want to kill the beam of light that radiates from the symbol that you’re becoming. It doesn’t matter who I have to reach to make this happen. If I have to get at Curtis Rose… your ex-wife… your son, I’ll do it. 

I want to… no… I WILL… take everything from you. 


You represent everything that I cannot, and will not be. 

You represent hope. I represent desolation. 

You represent good. I am pure evil. 

You represent the SHOOT Project. I represent the SHOOT Project’s demise. 

Remember this moment, Trey. Remember the words I’ve spoken.

Know that the SHOOT Project’s day is darkening. 

…and we are its angels of death…

King walks over to Corazon’s side and looks down at Trey’s body. King turns to Jester, who has yet to look at the carnage in front of him. Eddie takes the microphone and stands in the center of the ring.

Eddie E.: At Under Siege…we will see Donovan King…teaming up with Adrian Corazon…against AZRAITH DEMITRI…

Eddie looks down.

Eddie E.: …and Trey Willett.

Eddie grins.

Eddie E.: Goodnight America!

“The Point of No Return” by Immortal Technique kicks in as the five of them lord over Trey’s body while King walks over to the captive Jester, rubbing Jester’s head somewhat reassuringly. Eryk and Other Guy are stunned as the SP Helmet shows up on the bottom of the screen.

Eryk Masters: Ladies…and gentlemen…I…

Other Guy: This is the Other Guy for Eryk Masters. We’ll see you at Under Siege. Goodnight, everyone.