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Revolution 66 – 10/10/10

“Sarabande” by Handel plays, the official Under Siege theme.  A black and white image appears on your screen.  It is a simple one.  It is the SHOOT Project Helmet.  Suddenly, it fades in to a black and white Jester Smiles. 

Jester Smiles:  Here I am, guys.  This is my locker room. 

So, tell me something, SHOOT? 

A shot of Jason Johnson falling is shown. 

Are things bad enough yet? 

Instant Heat falls, and Azraith is attacked by Sovereign. 

Are you all ready to stand up and fight for something? 

A quick shot of Mr. Heart defeating Charles Brandon Magnus by climbing the ladder and claiming the Sin City Championship for himself is shown, followed by The Ox defeating Cade Sydal for the Iron Fist Championship. 

Or are you complacent and apathetic enough… 

Black scoffs at Jester.  Sinn blows Jester off.  Azraith shakes his head as Jester pleads. 

…to just watch this place die again? 

Donovan King, Adrian Corazon, Pestalance, and Kilgore Stochansky stand triumphant over the bodies covered by trench coats in the ring. 

…mark my words… 

Pestalance destroys Thomas Manchester Black, defeating him. 

…if people don’t realize how bad things are soon… 

Azraith Goeren makes his arrival to the SHOOT Project, shaking hands with Eddie E. 

…you’ll lose it all anyway. 

Azraith DeMitri and a wounded Trey Willett stand facing off against Donovan King and Adrian Corazon. 

…you’ll either learn how to fight the Devil… 

A quick flash back to older times now, where Jester defeats Donovan King for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship, followed immediately by Jester being face to face with Corazon in a match for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. 

…or become him. 

Cut back to Under Siege now, the footage still in black and white.  Jester walks down to the ring slowly, while King and Azraith are both downed on the mat. 

Eryk Masters:  I guess Jester Smiles is here to show the world what a hero truly is! 

Jester picks Azraith up, glaring at Sovereign.  Suddenly, he takes a hold of Azraith and finishes him with the Last Laugh.  The camera catches King’s damning words to Azraith. 

Donovan King:  Hey, Azraith…SHOOT Project is…MINE. 

The next shot shows King pinning and defeating Azraith DeMitri.  Jester Smiles stands with Azrael Goeren, Pestalance, Donovan King, Adrian Corazon, and Kilgore Stochansky when suddenly they are sent SCRAMBLING from an attack by Thomas Manchester Black, Dan Stein, and Kaji Sugimoto.  Black’s voice is heard. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  We might not see eye to eye… 

The camera shows the faces of Trey Willett, Azraith DeMitri, Thomas Manchester Black, Dan Stein, Lennox Ferguson, Sinnocence, Osbourne Kilminster, and Jaime Alejandro from various times in their SHOOT Project careers. 

…but we WILL fight, kill, an’ DIE for what we believe in! 

The fans cheering is LOUD and a chant of SHOOT-PRO-JECT, SHOOT-PRO-JECT, is heard as the final image of the Soldiers at the end of Under Siege is shown before the screen fades to black, the chanting still as loud as ever. 

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.   

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell   

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.   

Train a little harder than you can or ever will   

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Trey Willett is shown, standing proudly at the entrance.  A third shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking. 

You need to think fast  

Cade Sydal is shown taking The Ox down, then quickly shown betraying Dan Stein.  That is followed quickly by a shot of The UK Dragon bouncing from one foot to the other in the middle of an empty ring. 

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!   

Adrian Corazon, snapping an ASP down, ready to strike.  Pestalance is shown grinning, having just hit his finishing maneuver on Thomas Manchester Black. 

Got news if you think you bad   

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed.  Suddenly, the screen flickers quickly, and Del Carver is replaced by The Purple Haze, no longer in the shadows. 

All your other battles make me laugh   

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Osbourne Kilminster, painstakingly locking in his submission on his own wife, Sinnocence.  

You need to start runnin’…  

Charles Brandon Magnus and ‘Big’  Buck Dresden pound their fists in unison in an empty ring, ready for their next challenge. 

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!   

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders.  


Mr. Heart is shown decimating Charles Brandon Magnus with a hard brass knuckle hit, quickly followed by Mr. Heart holding the SHOOT Project Sin City Championship high over his head. 

You need a miracle!   

The Crimson Riot pose with their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts, cocky grins on their faces. 

Nothing’s gonna save you   

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown, followed quickly by Jester Smiles standing side by side with Donovan King over a fallen Azraith. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!   

Jeremiah Sloan is shown, his arms folded, quickly intercut with Alexander Freamon glaring intently into the camera, quickly followed up by Julian York adjusting his hair in the lens of the camera. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Alex Brooks giving a thumbs up to the camera is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Dan Stein is shown nailing his own Ninjaguiri to Thomas Manchester Black. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Ainsley Lake.  

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 





The bell rings, bringing the fans’ attention to the middle of the ring and to the Samantha Coil. 

Samantha Coil: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!  Introducing first, weighing in at 185 pounds.  He hails from the United Kingdom…UK DRAGOOOOOOON!!!!!!!! 

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC picks up throughout the Epicenter bringing the crowd to their feet.  Suddenly, UK Dragon makes his through the curtain raising a fist in the air as cheers fill the arena.   

Eryk Masters: And here we go with our first match of the night.   

UK Dragon slaps hands with the fans before sliding into the ring and adjusting his gear while waiting for his opponent.   “Thunderstruck” is replaced by “Another Body Murdered” by Faith No More/Boo-Yaa Tribe. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 230 pounds.  From Toronto, Ontario, Canada….ALEXANDERRRRR FREAMOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!  

Other Guy: UK Dragon looks to add a mark in his win column against a SHOOT newcomer.  But I gotta be honest, I don’t like his chances.  Freamon outweighs UKD by 45 pounds.  

Eryk Masters: True, but UKD has a lot of heart.  This looks to be a great match between these technical experts.  

Dennis Heflin does his mandatory checks on both competitors before signaling for the bell starting the match. UKD and Freamon circle the ring before meeting in the middle in a collar and elbow tie up. Freamon uses his size advantage to push UKD back into the corner, before Dennis steps in to break the two up.  After a second Freamon raises both hands in the air and takes a few steps back.  

Other Guy: See…UKD doesn’t stand a chance.  Freamon is gonna man handle him the whole match! 

Just as OG finishes, Freamon rushes the corner, but UKD uses his speed to move causing Freamon to crash chest first into the turnbuckle.  Freamon stumbles back into a STIFF kick to his leg from UKD. Freamon grabs at his leg and UKD hits another kick to the other leg.  

Eryk Masters: Freamon won’t be doing anything if he can’t stand.  This is great strategy from UK Dragon.  

UKD continues to hit kicks to Freamon’s legs before taking a few steps back, clapping his hands over his head trying to get the crowd on his side, and rushing in for a double leg takedown.  Freamon immediately hits the mat and UKD scurries around to his knees.  UKD then hits a series of downward elbow strikes trying to knot up Freamons thighs. 

Eryk Masters: UKD really focusing on taking out Freamon’s legs. 

Other Guy: Well he better say on him, cause I think he’s just pissing Freamon off.  

On cue, Freamon pie faces UKD sending him rolling away. They both get to their feet and Freamon charges attempting a clothes line.  UKD ducks, connects with another stiff kick to the thigh…then the gut…and ROCKS Freamon with a hard spin kick to the face.  Freamon crumbles to the mat and UKD goes for the quick cover.  

Eryk Masters:  UK Dragon trying to end this one early folks.  



Freamon kicks out with authority.   

Other Guy:   And it wasn’t enouph.  UKD’s gonna have to do a lot more to keep this big man down.  

Freamon shakes his head trying to shake out the cobwebs. He gets to one knee and UKD dropkicks Freamon to the mat. UKD taps his right elbow pad before pulling it off he winds his arm up, as Freamon gets to his feet UKD charges in but is caught with an armbar takedown.  Freamon follows up with a series of stiff knees to the arm before spinning into an actual armbar.  Freamon cranks back HARD trying to get UKD to submit. Dennis slides in to check on UKD.  UKD shakes his head no and he tries to get a foot on the ropes.  After a few seconds he is successful and Freamon is forced to break the hold. Freamon picks UKD up and whips him into the ropes. UKD ducks and Freamon clothesline, but catches a back body drop on the return. Freamon stomps away on the prone UKD before picking him up a second time and whipping him into the ropes. Freamon bounces off the opposite rope and catches UKD with a HARD lariat that sends UKD flipping into the air before crashing into the mat.  

Other Guy: Holy shit.  Freamon just rocked UKD!!!!!!! 

Freamon hooks the leg and goes for a cover.  



THR….UKD BARELY gets the shoulder up and Freamon instantly gets in Dennis’ face to argue the count.  

Eryk Masters: Dragon is taking a bit of a beating, but refuses to lose this match.  

As Freamon argues, UKD slowly gets to his feet.  Freamon notices and goes for another lariat, but this time UKD ducks and goes right back to the kicks to the leg. After a few kicks, Freamon drops to a knee.  UKD lets out a battle cry before connecting with a series of exposed elbow strikes to the head before connecting with a HARD enziguri taking Freamon to the mat.  UKD with the cover. 




UKD grabs his head in frustration as Freamon tries to get to his feet.  UKD sees this and goes right back to elbow strikes trying to keep Freamon grounded.  Freamon shoves UKD away and gets to his feet. UKD gets his footing as Freamon rushes, and connects with a beautiful dropkick that sends Freamon into the corner.  UKD rushes the corner and pours on elbow strikes before hitting a standing dropkick, slumping Freamon into the corner.  UKD hits kicks to the ribs before backing up and connecting with a strong European Uppercut.   

Eryk Masters: Dragon literally has Freamon on the ropes here folks.  

Other Guy:  Is this really happening right now? 

Freamon stumbles out of the corner, but has enough to throw a WILD right hand.  UKD ducks and goes for the Imperial Lung Blower, but Freamon grabs the ropes at the last second and UKD hits the mat hard with the back of his head.  Freamon lets out a yell before picking UKD up and hits a hard running power slam before hooking the leg.

Other guy:  He almost slammed UKD through the mat. This one is over.  




Freamon gets up still shaking the cobwebs out as Dennis raises his hand. 

Samantha Coil:  Here is your winner… ALEXANDERRRRR FREAMOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!! 

Eryk Master:  UK Dragon gat it his all, but came up just short as the new comer has an impressive debut! 

Other Guy:  I knew he was going to win the whole time.


We head backstage, to the parking lot. The parking lot has many vehicles parked in individual bays. As the camera pans around a black limousine begins to drive into shot. After a few moments the car stops and a door opens. Four guys in black suits with black shades get out of the car. They straighten their ties. One of the guys reaches back into the limo and seconds later he rolls out a red carpet from the car door across the parking lot floor. Within seconds out steps Mr. Heart with the Sin City Championship on his shoulder. Heart takes a sniff of the air and smiles… That smile is soon removed by an unwanted interruption. 

Alex Brooks: Mr. Heart! Mr. Heart! Why didn’t you come back to your room? I saw you win and everything. I wanted to congratulate you. 

Heart looks sternly at the young Brooks.

Mr. Heart: Hmm… Excuse me… But… Am I supposed to know who you are young boy? 

Alex Brooks: Yes. Yes. You let me watch your match in your locker room at Under Siege. It was so good. 

Mr. Heart: Ahhh… Yes. I remember you now…

Heart’s expression shows that he finally remembers the young Soldier. 

Mr. Heart: You are that little cleaner boy… Right? 

Brooks misses the cleaner reference completely as he tries to get a look at the Sin City Championship. 

Alex Brooks: Can I see your belt? 

Brooks reaches out to touch the title. Mr. Heart holds his hand out, stopping Brooks from putting his hands on his newly acquired championship.

Mr. Heart: My boy… You cannot just touch things that do not belong to you. You see this title? This title is mine… All mine. I deserve to hold this Championship as I defeated three buffoons single handed. 

Alex Brooks: I’m sorry…  

Brooks hangs his head. 

Mr. Heart: So you should be. Now.. You can come to some use to me mop-boy.

Heart notions to three bags that lay on the floor next to his Associates.

Mr. Heart: These bags are awfully heavy… Come along… 

Brooks struggles to pick up the bags that lay on the floor. He eventually gets all three up on his shoulders and follows along behind Heart and his Associates.


A buzz can be heard among the fans as the camera returns arenaside; in time to catch all the lights in the house immediately cutting to black.  

Suddenly, the speakers spark to life, that rumbling hiss of background noise cranked up to the max, giving way to the voice of Sean Kygon, also known as OutKast.  

SHOOT Project has, for as long as I can remember, molded boys to men, men to heroes.   

The audio clip from SHOOT’s return at the end of May fades out into the voice of Azraith DeMitri, a clip taken from his addresses to Adrian Corazon and Donovan King before Under Siege:  

We ain’t no goddamn heroes.  

His voice then, gives way to Donovan King himself, his address to SHOOT just before laying out its president, Jason Johnson.  

Where did your fucking heroes all run away to?  

A smattering of boos can be heard before the audio cuts to Azraith again, from a later address.  

The heroes left a long time ago, they left a long goddamn time ago.   

Then, the boos begin in earnest, when Adrian Corazon’s voice plays:  

We’ve rolled, like a well oiled machine, over SHOOT Project’s heroes.  

…followed swiftly by Eryk Masters’ call from Under Siege two weeks ago…  

We might have seen the Death of a Hero…   

…and then, Other Guy…  

Let’s face it. 

We have no heroes in the SHOOT Project.  

As the words of Other Guy hang in the air for several seconds, the buzz of the crowd magnifies. Then, suddenly, a bath of yellow light covers the arena and turns the buzz into a roar.   

Other Guy: Wait. What’s going on?   

Eyrk Masters: I’m… not sure OG.  

Suddenly, a powerful guitar riff crashes through the speakers, bringing the jumbotron to life:  

So young, so brazen, so unholy…


A black-and-white shot of Adrian Corazon fades in, bringing an ASP down on Jason Johnson, then fades out.


I come to you in painted skies… 

A shot of Donovan King, smirking at a helpless Sinnocence as she is restrained in her locker room fades in and then out.  

Your broken saint, your ancient story… 

Jester Smiles hitting Azraith with The Last Laugh at Under Siege.  

The living challenge to your lies…  

Suddenly, a flash of a figure on screen, back turned to the camera, black hoodie and jeans. Hands curling into fists.  

They wanna force my hand…  

A quick succession shot of Kilgore Stochansky, Pestalance, Eddie E., Cade Sydal, Mr. Heart, and Azrael Goeren all flash across the screen…  

Until I… 

The man in the black hoodie reappears and turns toward the camera.  

Eryk Masters: YES! 

Other Guy: You’ve got to be shitting me.  

The Ox


Take what I wanted!

And break all the lies!

And defeat the fuckin’ liars…  

The fans absolutely EXPLODE as the refrain to “Last Of My Kind” by Alice in Chains hits and with, it, The Ox appears at the top of the rampway. Dressed in the same black hoodie and jeans, with microphone in hand, Ox walks his way down to the ring, Iron Fist Championship slung over his shoulder.  

Smash all the temples!

And crawl through the rubble!

And cry to the fallen! 

I’m the last of my kind still standing. 

I’m the last of my kind still standing down the law.

The fans continue to roar as Ox stands and looks around the arena, his face cold and unemotional.   

Other Guy: Who the hell does this guy think he is? He wins one title and suddenly he gets a main-event entrance?  

Eryk Masters:But you seemed fine with Cade-  

Other Guy: Shut it. I thought Ferguson was supposed to be in New York at his father’s funeral, some son he is.  

Ox: Listen up because I’m only going to say this once… 

As Ox pauses, the crowd immediately quiets down.   

Ox scans the audience.  

Ox: Two weeks ago at Under Siege, there was every reason for me to give up. To just cut my losses and leave SHOOT. 

The fan begin to boo but Ox cuts them off.  

Not only did I get the call about losing my father seconds before my match with Cade, but then during that match my manager Sarah King seemed determined to make me lose, beating me down with a kendo stick. No one came to my aide. No one ran out to save me. 

Ox’s voice trails off as he raises a shaking hand to his head. He pauses for a second, taking in a breath before continuing:  

Ox: Even when I finally fought back and gave that sorry excuse for a human being Cade Sydal a taste of his own medicine with the business end of a kendo stick…   

The fans roar with approval but Ox doesn’t pause.  

Ox: …all I could think about was how, in that moment, I had broken every fucking vow I had made to myself since I was a child.   

When I won that title at Under Siege, I didn’t just become Iron Fist Champion… I also became everything I had ever hated. I had become greedy, violent, and hate-filled 

It was almost like my father was laughing at me from beyond the grave.  

Ox lowers his head and some of the fans begin to boo slightly, others just murmur.   

Other Guy: Man, what a buzzkill.  

Eryk Masters: Shh!  


The Ox looks up, causing the fans cheer. 

Ox: I remembered what happened to Charles Magnus at the hands of Mr. Heart and his associates, how Eddie E manipulated Ozzy and Sinnocence, what ‘Deathkore’ really meant to Pestalance with the interference of Kilgore Stochansky.  

And afterwards, what happened to Azraith DeMitri at the hands of Jester Smiles and… the Sovereign.   

The fans boo.  

Ox: And I began to realize… Jester was right about things being bad in SHOOT Project. Except, it’s not because your heroes have left you, it’s because you never had any to begin with. 

Ox pauses, letting the words sink in as the fans begin to buzz with excitement. 

Ox: Oh, sure, numerous superstars have come and gone and professed their roles as heroes or villains, sometimes playing both roles. But to what end? Going after championships simply because they are there? Cade Sydal? Forming amorphous factions to control others by force? Donovan King? Stringing your friends and fans along only to rip out their hearts when you join the ‘other’ side? Jester Smiles?  

And how about Azraith DeMitri? A man who is deemed SHOOT’s ‘hero’ simply because he’s the one Donovan King has chosen to go after. Sinnocence? A big name who would rather let the world crumble down around her than risk getting her husband involved. Or Jaime Alejandro? A man who sticks his neck out to make things ‘fair’ rather than letting the rabid dogs go after each other.  

Ox shakes his head. 

Ox: Oh, yes, SHOOT Project. You’ve had as many villains come and go as you have heroes. What SHOOT Project is suffering from, what was on display at Under Siege, is a blatant disrespect for you as fans. 

Ox looks around. 

Ox: Heroes aren’t what SHOOT has been missing, it’s what SHOOT’s FANS have been missing. 

The fans absolutely erupt with approval as Ox readjusts his strap and begins walking around the ring, pointing to sections of the crowd.  

Ox: I stand here with no tricks, no fancy organization, no ultimatums, just a promise to you that I will be YOUR hero. YOUR champion. YOUR voice. 

If the members of the Sovereign want to clamp down and control SHOOT, then they are fighting you and I will fight back against them for YOU! 

If the rest of the roster wants to wallow in the varying shades and gray and bemoan their own existence as the defacto defenders of this federation than I will show them just how black and white the situation really is. You’re either fighting for the fans or you’re fighting against them.  

And whomever wants to fight AGAINST you all… is my enemy. 

The fans roar and then begin cheer in unison. 


Ox looks up to the sky, taking in the cheers, before lowering his head and turning towards the rampway. 

Ox: I will give you, as the FANS of the SHOOT Project, a reason to have hope again. 


Ox points to the back and readjusts his belt, his tone becoming frighteningly cold. 

Ox: And if anyone in the back gets in my way…  

Ox just smirks.  

Ox: I will destroy them. 

Ox lowers the microphone and raises his Iron Fist Championship above his head as the a mix of cheers and the refrain of “Last of My Kind” hitting the Epicenter’s speakers fill the area.


A bang on the rear double fire exit doors facing the Epicenter’s underground talent car park alerts the two security guards to open them and thereby permit the entrance of Osbourne Kilminster and Jada Kaine. As the doors are closed behind them, the couple walk into the arena’s backstage maze of corridors.

Osbourne Kilminster: Surprised those guys are awake. Last week, I swear, I was hamemring that door for five minutes solid. 

She turns, glancing down the hallway with a wary eye. 

Sinn:  It’s still early, they’re probably not completely trashed yet.  That’s the only reason I can think of for them not hearing your hammerfists on the door for five solid minutes. 

She chuckles, leaning over to kiss his cheek. 

Sinn: Promise you’re not going to leave me alone for too long this week?  I don’t fancy another visit from Donovan King and his goons. 

Osbourne Kilminster:  I won’t be long, no. Hey, I’m the one the fan-sites made a big deal about telling Eddie to fuck himself on live TV. If anyone’s likely to get a visit, it’s me.

He shrugs, smirks briefly and kisses her cheek in return. 

Sinn:  Fansites…gotta love ’em.  Like I said, I don’t want anymore surprise visits.  The next person that tries, is getting a baseball bat to their fucking kneecaps.  Actually…I’m kind of hoping they do try.  That would be fun.

She stops just short of their shared locker room. 

Sinn:  I’ll wait in here for ya.  Just don’t be too long, yeah? 

Osbourne Kilminster: I won’t. Promise. 

Grinning slightly, he blows her a kiss as he turns and walks off down the corridor, leaving her to enter their locker room with a smile.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first, making his SHOOT Project debut! From Trinidad and Tobago…weighing in at 245 pounds! He is JEREMIAHHHHHHHHHHHH SLOOOOOOOAN!

“I Shot the Sherriff” by Bob Marley sounds over the Epicenter and the attention of the fans in attendance immediately goes to the entrance ramp as Jeremiah Sloan steps out, raising his right arm to the crowd, he walks down the ramp with a look of determination and focus on his face.

Eryk Masters: Here’s a man looking to make a big impact here in SHOOT, and he’s got just such a chance tonight!

Other Guy: A man who was once given the nickname of Ice, because he’s so cold and calculated inside the ring, E!

As Sloan gets to the ring and steps through the ropes, still showing very little emotion, his music slowly fades only to be replaced by “Jukebox Hero” of Foreigner fame! The fans turn toward the entry way again, and a few small groups break out into cheers when Alex Brooks steps out and onto the stage!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! From Aurora, Colorado, weighing in at 165 pounds! AAAAALEX BROOOOOOOKS!

Alex Brooks starts to excitedly make his way down the ramp, high-fiving a few fans along the way toward the ring.

Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks isn’t so new to SHOOT. In fact, he was part of a team that could have gone far in Made for TV.

Other Guy: Maybe after he gets smashed by Ice there, he’ll find his old partner and rejoin the tag ranks!

Brooks makes it to the ring and the music slowly fades out. Samantha Coil gets out of the ring allowing Willie Dean to signal for the bell, and both Alex Brooks and Jeremiah Sloan begin to circle. Both men meet in the middle and lock-up, with Sloan immediately pulling Brooks into a side headlock! Brooks tries to find an escape from the larger man’s grip, but finds none before Sloan grabs Brooks by the left wrist and swings under it, transitioning right into a wristlock.

Eryk Masters: Jeremiah Sloan looks to be keeping himself one step ahead of the former Made for TV member, Alex Brooks.

Other Guy: With something like an eighty pound and like over half a foot of a size advantage over the kid, I can’t say that I’m too surprised by him controlling so early on.

Brooks rolls forward to his shoulders and nips up to his feet before falling back suddenly and twisting his body to throw Sloan over with an arm drag! Brooks is quickly back to his feet, as is Sloan who reaches for the youngster, but Brooks ducks under the arms and catches Sloan when he turns around with a drop toehold before rolling over Sloan’s body and locking him into a side headlock of his own!

Eryk Masters: Some impressive technique shown, however, by the young man!

Other Guy: Do you think his mom still lays out milk and cookies for him? You know, as a reward for doing something like he just did?

Sloan starts pushing to his feet, with Brooks being pushes up into a standing position, before Sloan shoves Brooks off of him and into the ropes! Brooks rebounds with a shoulder tackle, but Sloan stays standing and it’s Brooks that reels back from the impact! Brooks shakes his head and hits the ropes to his right and comes back at Sloan with a full-head of steam, but Sloan swings for a clothesline! Brooks ducks under it and rebounds off the opposite ropes before leaping and turning to deliver a big flying back elbow!

Eryk Masters: So far it’s been Alex Brooks that’s been taking Jeremiah Sloan down!

Other Guy: Yeah, but do you think he’s motivated by milk and cookies or what?

Eryk Masters: You’re not going to leave me alone until I answer, are you?

Other Guy: Nope.

Eryk Masters: Then no, I don’t. And there’s a cover, this could be it!

Sure enough, Alex Brooks scrambles to make the cover and hooks the leg deep!



Sloan kicks out hard and Brooks is quickly back to work pulling Sloan back to his feet. Sloan swats the helping hands away and turns to thrust his knee up into Alex’s abdomen! Sloan grabs Brooks up under his arm and lifts him into the air before dropping to a knee and driving Brooks down on it with an inverted atomic drop! Brooks stumbles backward as Sloan backs up a step as well just before exploding into Brooks with a thunderous clothesline that turns the kid inside out!

Other Guy: Did you see that?! Alex Brooks is in a whole ‘nother time zone after that clothesline!

Eryk Masters: That heavy arm definitely changed the complexion of this match-up, that’s for sure!

Sloan drops an elbow on Alex’s chest before hooking the inside leg himself!




Brooks kicks out! Sloan quickly pulls Brooks up by his hair before grabbing him by the wrist and whipping him to the nearest corner! Sloan rushes at Brooks, but Alex gets his right foot up into Sloan’s chest! Sloan stumbles backward out of the corner and Brooks runs right at him! Sloan steps to the side and snaps Brooks up and over with a huge power slam, hooking both legs after the impact!

Other Guy: That did it, right there!




Alex Brooks kicks out again!

Eryk Masters: Not quite! Looks like there’s plenty of fight left in Alex tonight!

Sloan looks down at Brooks before pulling him up by the arm. He sends the young man off the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop, but Brooks kicks up into his chest! Brooks turns and hit’s the ropes again, this time jumping as he rebounds back, he turns his body to catch Sloan in a wheelbarrow position, he pushes himself up high and catches Sloan around the head, riding it down to the canvas with a bulldog!

Eryk Masters: Plenty of fight indeed, as it looks like he’s not quite ready to be counted out!

Other Guy: It’s obvious that it took a lot out of him too, though, E! He’s not exactly quick to get back to his feet!

Brooks is, in fact, slowly making it to his feet. He spots Sloan pushing up and doing the same, and starts wiggling his fingers at him, gesturing for Sloan to get up some more as he looks to be ready to inflict more damage. As soon as Sloan pushes up to a vertical base, Brooks launches into him with a forearm shot! Several more and Sloan is backed up to the ropes, only to be whipped off! Sloan reverses the whip, however, and Brooks rebounds back with a big dropkick that sends Sloan down!

Eryk Masters: He might be hurting, but he’s going to see to it that Jeremiah Sloan is hurting just as much, with big time dropkicks like that!

Other Guy: It was a nice dropkick, I’ll give you that, but I don’t think it was enough to put Sloan away!

Sloan starts pushing to his feet again and Brooks is already running to the ropes! Brooks rebounds off the ropes and leaps up for a flying clothesline, but Sloan ducks under it! Sloan quickly turns and grabs Brooks by the back of his pants before grabbing his arm and snapping back with a Side Russian Leg sweep! Sloan floats over and hooks both of Alex’s legs!

Other Guy: Brooks went to the well once-too-often and Sloan made him pay! This could be it!




Brooks kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Big time Russian leg sweep, couldn’t seal the deal!

Sloan pushes to his feet and gets in Willie Dean’s face, showing him three fingers! Willie Dean retorts with a showing of only two fingers and gesturing with his shoulder that Alex Brooks kicked out. While the two argue, Alex Brooks slowly starts to push to his feet. Sloan turns around and spots him just in time, and snaps toward him for a super kick, but Brooks ducks under it!

Other Guy: Alex Brooks ducked the Lights Out super kick!

Sloan turns around, a little off-balanced from missing the kick, and Brooks meets hi m with a kick to the gut right before hooking his head and dropping down quickly with an Evenflow-styled DDT! Brooks quickly turns Sloan over and hooks both legs deep!

Eryk Masters: And then hit a big time DDT on Jeremiah Sloan! This could be it!




Willie Dean signals for the bell, and Alex Brooks looks up, almost in disbelief! Foreigner’s “Jukebox Hero” kicks in over the PA and Brooks gets up, throwing his arms in the air to celebrate!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 11 minutes and 54 seconds! AAAAAAAAALEX BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS!

Eryk Masters: Huge win for that young man!

Other Guy: He pulled out a shocking win over a veteran of this sport…I’m sure Sloan isn’t going to be too happy about this when he realizes what happened!


The shot goes backstage, where Abigail Chase stands with her microphone in hand. An expression of annoyance on her face as the shot pans out to see Cade Sydal standing next to his girlfriend, Cassi Ryan. The couple seem to be engaged in a private discussion, before Abigail coughs to get their attention.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time, the former Iron Fist Champion. Cade Sydal.

Cade turns his head to watch as Abigail introduces him, and slowly shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: Is that…is that all you’ve got for the former Iron Fist Champion of the WORLD?! That’s the kind of enthusiasm you show to a stranger’s kid that just won the second grade science fair, not the kind of enthusiasm you show for greatness! Is that clear, Miss Chase?

As Abigail starts to talk, Cade holds his hand up and snatches the microphone away from her.

Cade Sydal: Ya know what? I asked to have this time with you, but honestly…I can do this by myself. You can go. I mean it…go. Walk away.

Abigail Chase looks at Cade, her mouth open a little in shock as Cade waves his hand mockingly toward her and waving it down the hall.

Cade Sydal: Abs…get the fuck out of here before Cassi has to tell you.

Abigail looks between Cade and Cassi for a moment, ad the couple just smirk at her together before she slowly turns around and walks down the hall.

Cade Sydal: That’s much better. The positive mental attitude of this interview area has gone up at least fifty percent already and she’s not even all the way down the hall yet, folks! It’s going to be a good day. Now…a lot of people have asked me over the course of the past couple weeks…how do I feel? What happens now?

Cassi leas in close and whispers in Cade’s ear. He turns to her and kisses her forehead before nodding.

Cade Sydal: You’re right, but it still needs to be said, doll. Now, I’m not here to go stand out in front of all you people in the Epicenter and take up a lot of your time. In fact, I wanted to do this interview back here so you people would all just listen instead of try to heckle me…it’s very rude when you try to do that. Aaaanyway…I have a couple things to get off my chest, and the first is…Ox.

Cade’s casual smirk slowly vanishes as he stares hard into the camera.

Cade Sydal: I know you’re watching…I want you to enjoy your moments with my Iron Fist Championship of the World. I want you to savor the feeling of being champion, even if it means wallowing in your own hypocrisy. Because soon…soon it will be mine again. The Empire will still grow, while I work to attain my crown again…and believe me, I will reacquaint myself with that championship you’re holding on to.

Cade runs his free left hand up to his hair and brushes it out of his face.

Cade Sydal: That is just the first piece of business I wanted to address. The seco–

Suddenly, before Cade can go on, Cassi lets out a scream interrupting him. Cade turns toward her to see Dan Stein already just a few steps from him, and running! Stein ducks his head down and tackles Cade to the ground! Stein quickly gets into the mount position before punching Cade repeatedly in the face while he tries to cover up!

Eryk Masters: Looks like Dan Stein isn’t waiting for any more announcements from that self-important asshole!

Other Guy: He could have at least waited until Cade was done talking!

Stein continues to rain punches down on Cade’s arms, and sometimes face, before Cassi takes off both of her high heels! She takes one and swings it hard into the side of Dan’s face, clocking him with the heel of her shoe, Stein grips the side of his head, allowing Cade to push him off of his body! Cade grabs the shoe from Cassi’s hand and swings it again, into Stein’s face, dropping him to the concrete floor!

Cade Sydal: You want to interrupt me, huh, Danny?

Cade smashes the heel of his girlfriend’s shoe into Stein’s forehead for a third time, finally busting Stein open along his hairline. Cade starts digging the corner of the heel into the open wound to split the flesh more!

Cade Sydal: Wanna interrupt me with violence, Daniel?! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!

Cade drops the shoe and starts punching his knuckles into the open wound. Letting the blood pour down Dan Stein’s face as he continues to drive the point of his knuckles into the cut! Suddenly several members of the road agent staff, as well as a pair of referees, Willie Dean and Tony Lorenzo, rush to the scene! A pair of the road agents grab Cade up under his arms, while a third moves in front of him to push back against his body to restrain the violent Sydal.

Other Guy: Come on! We could have let them fight!

Eryk Masters: It was getting out of control, and fast, OG! These men had to step in!

Other Guy: Hey, Dan Stein started it…he was getting what he deserved as far as I’m concerned!

The two officials and the fourth road agent quickly move to check on Dan Stein, who tries to shove past them! The three men hold him down, while Cassi quickly retrieves her shoes and moves to stand next to her man. She grabs Cade’s hand and starts trying to pull him away from the scene while the three road agents restraining him move in between him and Stein. The shot goes back to ringside, with Other Guy and Eryk Masters.

Eryk Masters: This situation between Dan Stein and Cade Sydal has been boiling over since before Master of the Mat, and Dan Stein was getting his much-deserved revenge!

Other Guy: You’re just mad because your guy was getting his ass kicked!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein was getting his shots in before that little–!

Other Guy: You better watch what you say with that next word…you don’t want Cade hearing you say something bad about his girl, do you?

Eryk Masters: Whatever…you get the idea! Before she got herself involved!

Other Guy: What can I say, E? Good women are hard to find.


The scene heads backstage where we find a stern looking Mr. Heart dressed to the nines, tailored suit, expensive shirt and tie, sat behind a solid oak table. The scene shows nothing higher than the head of Heart. The Sin City Champion looks directly towards the camera as a tiny smirk appears. Dance of the Knights by Sergei Prokofiev is heard playing softly in the background. 

Mr. Heart: Ladies and gentlemen, we find ourselves in tough times both in economic terms and in the realms of SHOOT Project. Drastic action is needed to pump life into both of the aforementioned topics. The first I have a huge role to play in. As some of you may know, I run successful companies worldwide and have a bank balance some could only dream of. 

Again, a tiny smirk appears but this time along with a pause. 

Mr. Heart: Not only that but I have expansive training and education programmes in place to elevate my staff to levels they thought they could never reach. The other week I promoted my Car Polisher in England to Chief Car Polisher. As a bonus to his new job title I now pay him three-pounds extra each week. In turn, the taxman takes away that three-pounds and gives it to government officials who have swindled their expense claims… I am just doing my bit to help a struggling economy. 

Heart attempts a full blown smile but fails, looking awfully like he cannot control his own mouth. 

Mr. Heart: Now, onto more pressing matters and the latter topic I mentioned. For you see, SHOOT Project has been something of a graveyard when it comes to entertainment. People around the world do not want to see the likes of Jaime Alejandro or hear the dulcet tones of Dan Stein any longer. They cry out for structure and for something they can relate to… They cry out to see the struggle of the little man climbing a ladder of success… And I will give them what they want to see. 

Heart nods in appreciation for his own words. 

Mr. Heart: I, Mr. Heart, have assembled a group of Soldiers who want to show they have what it takes to be the best. They are chomping at the bit to put their mark on SHOOT Project… They also desire something far greater than that… They all want to become my first ever Apprentice… 

As the camera zooms out we can plainly see the banner stationed behind Mr. Heart. It reads, simply: “The Apprentice”. The “Dance of the Knights” begins to get a little louder. 

Mr. Heart:: These Soldiers will stop at nothing to impress and entertain. Each week they shall be given a series of tasks… The loser, judged by myself, will be fired from the competition. I hear you ask what incentive will the contenders have to win the competition… Well, other than becoming my first ever Apprentice… They will receive a Sin City Championship title shot to take whenever they so wish… Plus… Yes, I said plus… They will receive five-hundred-thousand-dollars… Cash. 

Heart holds his right hand out and the camera follows to a briefcase containing the cash. 

Mr. Heart: This is not just a ridiculous tournament thrown together to keep people in jobs… This is a tournament to separate the boys from the men… The cubs from the lions. I shall literally send the contenders to hell and only the winner shall fly back first class. 

The scene begins to fade away with the “Dance of the Knights” coming to an abrupt end and Mr. Heart sniggering away with his cash by his side.


I’ll be dat by Redman begins to fill the Epicenter as fans instantly start to boo knowing that this is the “Segment” music for our resident Firestarter, Pestalance.  Pest walks out from behind the curtain wearing normal street clothes, no face paint or contacts, and the defunct Revolution title on his shoulder. Pest smiles as he steps in the ropes and raises his title in the air.  As the music dies down he grabs a mic. 

Pest: And still your Revolution champion!!! 

The crowd boos loudly as Pest soaks up the response.  

Pest: Isn’t it a damn shame that TMB came oh so close to beating me and getting not only this belt, but also his little meeting with King.  But that’s classic TMB for ya…Never can get the job done.  I feel real bad too…he just seemed so determened to finally pin my shoulders to the mat and raise his hands in victory.  Hahaha…tough luck, loser.  

Voice: Hahahahaha…wow, I keep forgetting how funny you are sometimes, Rande. But all jokes aside, let me be the first one to say…congrats. 

TMB comes down the rampway clapping his hands at Pestalance. He slides into the ring and looks at his rival for a moment. 

TMB: I mean…damn, you know…you may just have a future in he tag ranks when you are ready.     

Pest chuckles. 

Pest: Tag ranks?  Really Black?  Just face facts, you lost.  You can’t beat me and you never could.  There’s no shame in owning up to that. Nobody here is gonna think less of you.  The majority of the people in this arena that are dumb as fuck, will still cheer you when you step through the curtain.  

TMB: Maybe you’re right. Maybe that finisher that you hit on me was just too much. What was the name of it again…Oh that’s right it wasn’t your finisher that I got nailed with. But then why would you bring that up right…I mean why would the big bad pestalance bring up that he needed little Kilgore in order to win the match. I mean I can’t really complain about it, because in the match rules it was legal. And I figure, hey…Pest is gonna do anything he can to win and keep from gettign shown up. Even if that means getting one of his pals to help out a little, Right…


Pest: Well, as you said, it was legal.  But see, I get why you might be a little pissed.  After all of these years of getting the shit kicked out of you physically, I beat you this time mentally.  I outsmarted you Black.  And it’s eating you up inside, isn’t it?  Cause who would have thought that a guy who makes a living out of getting hit in the head with shit would be smarter than you. But see…I’ve learned that sometimes, this business is a thinking man’s game.  And now you’ve learned that…You’re welcome.   

Pest smiles as he looks around the arena soaking in the boos from the crowd.  

TMB: You’re right, Rande…you out smarted me. I underestimated your skills of using your brain. I mean, you knew in your heart that you couldn’t beat me one on one, so you made sure you had help. I can’t fault you for that. Hell, that was most likely the smartest thing you’ve ever done. Problem is, in your "win", you proved my point for me. You see you can’t beat me now, Pest. I have surpassed you in skill and it eats at you. Thats why you had to have Kilgore come down. Not because you were smarter…but because at this point in your career, you are weaker man…and weak minds tend to do things like what you did at Under Siege. But if you are happy in that fact that you needed help to beat me…I’ll leave you alone.     

TMB smiles and starts to walk towards the ropes. 

Pest: Bitch…what?!?!?!?  I can beat you any place, any time, any where.  And you know that. 

TMB stops and turns around.

TMB: Any place, any time, any where huh?

Pest: You’re damn right!

TMB: Hmmm…Well then why don’t you put you money where your mouth is Pest. Next Revolution, you and me, one on one.  Everyone but us banned from ring side.  Submission match. What do you say?  I mean…unless you’re scared.

Pest thinks about it longer than the crowd wants to wait for an answer, and a “You’re scared” chant begins to fill the arena.  The chant angers Pest as he squeezes his microphone tighter.

Pest: YOU’RE ON!!!!!!!

As Pest slams down the mic, Combat by RZA with P Dot fills the arena. TMB steps out the ring and makes his way to the back as Pest stares a hole through him.


We find ourselves backstage as Ethan Delgrotta stands in front of a full sized vanity mirror… clad in a nice pinstriped medium gray and white button up dress shirt with a red and white striped tie. He shakes his head as he tightens the tie up… obviously in a state of confusion.

Ethan Delgrotta: I don’t understand why I have to get dressed up tonight… is there something I need to know?

We pan to the corner of the room where Julian York sits in a luxurious black leather chair. He sports a simple black and white striped sweater with a pair of dark washed jeans… he shifts in his chair, straightening his horn rimmed glasses.

Julian York: Two weeks ago I specifically explained to you that I wanted an ring segment slot, did I not?

Ethan just shakes his head… turning around to face Julian.

Ethan Delgrotta: You asked me to speak to Jason Johnson. Are you not aware he was ATTACKED a few weeks ago and hasn’t been around since? Or did that not occur to you?

Julian sighs.

Julian York: Am I supposed to keep up with everything around here? Fuck. And you didn’t try any other source to try and make sure that I made my face known… with THIS many people in attendance? You… you let me down, man.

Julian shrugs.

Julian York: But that was last week. This is this week. This week I have other plans.

Julian takes a sip of his Maker’s Mark whiskey and coke. Ethan just stares at him.

Ethan Delgrotta: And those plans entail what, exactly?

Julian cracks a slight smile.

Julian York: I’ve thought it over, and to be honest, it’s too early for me to appear onto the scene just yet. There’s just… just OH so many things that go into a good first impression. And… and this? Here? It’s exposure, yeah… but with Azraith and Donovan King having a fucking pissing contest in the main event that the fan’s are shitting themselves over for some ungodly reason…

He pauses. Smiling.

Julian York: It’ll make me forgettable, won’t it?

Ethan nods.

Ethan Delgrotta: I suppose so. So what do you do this week? Nothing?

Julian plays with the ice in his drink… twirling the cup around. His face despondent.

Julian York: Right… nothing.

He then looks up as if he’s suddenly got something to say. Ethan looks on… knowing the news he’s about to receive.

Julian York: That is… I… will be doing nothing. Not we. (Ethan looks on… his face red with anger.) You see, I don’t think I’ve quite got these… these fucking people’s attention just yet. They haven’t really been grabbed by their proverbial balls yet. I haven’t really… well I haven’t necessarily made my CLAIM, so to speak. And I do have a few things to say, Ethan. The only problem is I’m not really in the mindstate… or… in any state really to do it…

He looks at him smirking, pointing down at his whiskey and coke.

Julian York: Therefore, you’ll be announcing my… my PSA… if you want to call it that.

Ethan throws his arms in the air, obviously frustrated with Julian’s sudden change of plans.

Ethan Delgrotta: That’s what this is all about? This dressing up and being here on time… and… ALL OF THIS? God, you’ve GOT to be kidding me, Julian. I am not some hypeman or personal spokesperson of yours. I came here to help you with your legal agreements and go over contract negotiations. I NEVER wanted it to be taken this far…

Julian just looks at him… Ethan can tell his words are going through one ear and out the other.

Ethan Delgrotta: Fuck it.

As Ethan starts to storm for the door, Julian quickly jolts up and grabs his by the collar… pushing him back against the wall.

Julian York (restraining Ethan): Listen, you sniveling little piece of shit. We came into this as a TEAM, Ethan… you told me I should follow my heart. You told me I should pursue this… and you said you’d be here to BACK ME. And now you try to abandon me at the most pivotal moment of my career? I won’t… no… I CAN’T… let it happen, Ethan. And it won’t happen. Tonight you will get on camera and you will read what I’ve written off. You will do it because you WANT to. You will do it… because we’re friends…

Ethan looks at him as if he’s almost confused… looking down at the death grip he’s got on his collar. Julian suddenly lets go as he fixes his color and smirks.

Julian York: Now that we have that settled… (He stares at his tie. A disgusted look on his face.) Change that tie, man. It’s an eyesore. If you’re going to represent me, you have to look good. Switch to a solid black, alright?

Julian pats Ethan on the back as he exits the room. Ethan begins to untie his tie as he fetches the black one from his bag… shaking his head…

Ethan Delgrotta: Man’s bipolar… I swear.

Cut to black.



We go to the ring as Samantha Coil steps underneath the second rope, getting ready to introduce the next match.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is the first ever SHOOT "Goeren International Invitational" match!

Almost immediately, the crowd erupts with a chorus of boos. Samantha smiles and continues.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he hails from Eberswalde, Germany…

The arena lights dim as a light show of alternating red and gold colors illuminates the Epicenter. The video screen flashes to life with the letters "A.G." in Old English font and "Sieben" by Subway To Sally begins to play over the arena’s sound system. The fans’ booing intensifies.

Ich habe sieben Nägel

die schlag ich für dich ein.

Und schling dir sieben Ketten

um Hüfte, Arm und Bein.

Samantha Coil: …standing at 6’1 and weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, he is the self-proclaimed Megastar of SHOOT and the Sensation Not From This Nation! Making his in-ring SHOOT debut tonight…AAAAAAAAZRAEL GOERENNNNNNNNNNN!

Azrael steps out of the back, looking completely focused on the ring. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with red trim and has the loose back hoodie pulled up over his head. He wears black leather pants with bright red ring boots with his initials printed along the side. He ignores the deafening jeers of the crowd and quickly makes his way to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope.

Other Guy: Here we go Eryk, your new favorite star in SHOOT!

Eryk Masters: Please, all Azrael has done since he showed up at Under Siege is run his mouth about how he saved this company with Sovereign. I hope whoever accepted this challenge beats the holy hell out of him.

Other Guy: Well all I know is that Goeren has been PISSED OFF all week long since he found out who he was fighting tonight.

Eryk Masters: We’ve all heard the rumors. Former legend making his in-ring return tonight. An icon of SHOOT. Goeren’s already promised the most competitive and controversial match of the night. You…you don’t think its Del Carv…

Other Guy: Shhhhhh! We’re about to find out!

Goeren’s music dies down as he unzips his back hoodie and tosses it to the arena floor. He’s got his back turned to the announce crew, his eyes fixated on the ramp. He shifts his weight from one leg to the other as he starts shaking his hands out.

Samantha Coil: And introducing his opponent…

Samantha pauses. The crowd is quiet, anxiously looking at the ramp.

Samantha glances down at the ring card in her hand again and suddenly stops. She looks over at Azrael…who suddenly breaks into a wide grin.

Samantha Coil: His…his opponent…Mark Kendrick?

The crowd reacts with a loud "AWWWWWWHHHHHH!" as Penn State’s Fight Song blares over the speakers. The camera spins around to show a shocked Mark Kendrick at ringside, looking up from his Sports Illustrated magazine and giant-sized Slurpee at the timekeeper’s station. Goeren bursts out laughing, holding the ropes open and signaling Kendrick to come on in.

Eryk Masters: WHAT!? OUR TIMEKEEPER!? Damn it, we should have known this was a set-up all along!

Other Guy: Hey now, don’t sell Mark short! He played football for Joe Paterno!

Eryk Masters: For like a week! Then he tore his ACL. AND he sucked way before that. I mean come on, even Mark didn’t know he was fighting tonight!

Mark Kendrick slowly stands up from his timekeeper’s position, looking nervously at the ring. Goeren continues to motion for him to enter, still holding the ropes open but barely able to contain himself as he almost doubles over with laughter. Mark walks cautiously to the ring steps as a slow but steady "MARK! MARK! MARK!" chant starts up from the SHOOT faithful.

Other Guy: It’s like the movie Rudy! Just…without Frodo.

Mark Kendrick slowly approaches Goeren who is smiling ear to ear inside the ring. Mark stares at him from the ring apron…BEFORE WINDING BACK AND SMACKING GOEREN RIGHT IN THE FACE!

The crowd explodes with cheers as Mark ducks underneath the middle rope and SPEARS Goeren right in the middle of the ring!


Goeren feverishly tries to kick Mark Kendrick off of him, but Mark continues with a wild barrage of hammer blows and elbows. Referee Willie Dean is hauling ass down the ramp, sliding into the ring as Samantha Coil herself rings the bell to start the match.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Goeren’s little plan to humiliate one of SHOOT’s favorite employees has backfired!

Other Guy: Goeren looks to be in a load of trouble, his shoulders are down!




Azrael finally manages to push Mark off of him as he slides underneath the bottom ring rope and to the outside. He forms a "T" with his hands, making the universal timeout signal.

He angrily storms his way over to Samantha Coil and whispers something in her ear before he climbs the ring steps again and waits, screaming for the referee to contain Mark Kendrick.

Mark is playing it up to the crowd, climbing on the second turnbuckle and flexing his non-existent guns to the raucous crowd.

Samantha Coil: I have just been informed that under Goeren International Invitational rules, Azrael Goeren is awarded 3 thirty-second timeouts. He has just used his first timeout.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is this garbage? If Kendrick hits him again, does he get flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct?

Mark Kendrick jumps down from the top rope, holding his arms out to his side and giving a "what the fuck" look to the ref. Referee Dean shrugs his shoulders which causes Kendrick to get in his face about the rule change.

Before he can get another word out, Azrael chop blocks him from behind and gives his rib cage a series of vicious kicks!

The crowd starts booing heavily again as Azrael grabs hold of Kendrick’s leg and drags him to the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: This is so typically Goeren. Change the rules on a whim, screw the fans who actually wanted to see a fight.

Other Guy: Well Mark was never in the best of shape to begin with, even if he has technically wrestled here in SHOOT before.

Eryk Masters: Come on OG, you know Kendrick’s only in-ring experience was basically collecting dust on the ring apron.

Goeren delivers another hard stomp right into Kendrick’s gut, looking out over the jeering crowd. He reaches down and grabs Kendrick’s legs, holding them up for dramatic effect before he steps through and right into a vicious cloverleaf! He clasps his hands together and folds Kendrick’s exposed ankle down, rearing back HARD.

Referee Dean is right there as Kendrick slams his hands down repeatedly on the mat, screaming out in anguish. The bell rings as Goeren releases the hold and holds his arms up in victory.

Eryk Masters: God damn it.

Other Guy: Smart move by Kendrick, just get the hell out of this.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this…match…I guess…is AZRAEL GOEREN!

Goeren slyly rolls out of the ring again and approaches Samantha once more. He leans in and whispers something in her ear, causing Samantha to pull back in disgust. She shakes her head, but Goeren angrily points down at the microphone.

Eryk Masters: What’s this now?

Samantha Coil: I have just been informed that under Goeren International Invitational rules, Mark Kendrick is granted an…immediate rematch. That rematch will be a no disqualification, no count-out match in which SHOOT medical personnel are not allowed at ringside until two minutes after the match has ended. If any medical personnel tries to come down to the ring, the ENTIRE ring crew staff will be terminated. That match will take place…it’ll…it’ll take place right now!

Eryk Masters: WHAT!?

The bell rings as Azrael confidently grabs a black metal folding chair from ringside and slithers back into the ring, stalking Mark Kendrick who is still clutching his legs and cowering in the corner of the ring.

Goeren shoves Referee Dean out of the way and brings the chair high into the air before sending it crashing down into Kendrick’s leg with a sickening THUD.

Eryk Masters: COME ON! THIS HAS GONE ON FAR ENOUGH! Big tough guy Goeren beating up on our friggin timekeeper?

Other Guy: Yeah…Yeah…come on, enough of this.

Goeren continues his assault, crashing the chair over and over again down onto Kendrick’s prone body. Mark tries to curl up and protect himself, only to be dragged back into the center of the ring by his hair. The crowd starts throwing garbage into the ring as Goeren puts Kendrick up into a sitting position…winds up…and CRACKS the chair across his head with a baseball swing. Kendrick slumps over slowly, not moving.

Eryk Masters: This is absolutely disgusting, someone get in there! Screw Goeren’s rules, help Mark!

Azrael tosses the dented chair down and calmly approaches the motionless Kendrick. He leans down, propping him up against the ring ropes into a sitting position once more. He takes a few steps backwards, smiles out at the deafening crowd and connects with a brutal buzzsaw side kick that smashes into Mark Kendrick’s skull.


Goeren drags him away from the ropes and makes a relaxed cover, signaling for the referee to start his count. Referee Dean makes the quickest count in history, trying desperately to get Kendrick some help.




The bell rings again as Goeren celebrates wildly in the ring, pumping his fists and climbing the top turnbuckle. Samantha climbs back into the ring and disgustingly gets on the microphone.

Samantha Coil: Your winner…Azrael Goeren.

She tosses the microphone down and rushes to Kendrick’s side in the ring along with Referee Dean who are attempting to keep him stabilized. Goeren picks up the microphone where she dropped it, casually glancing over at the carnage in the ring.

Goeren: Your two minutes start now Marky.

Azrael attempts to sound out of breath, as if the match was incredibly strenuous on him.

Goeren: Friends, your Megastar is now an astonishing 2-0 in SHOOT. UNDEFEATED! Be the first to get your Azrael Goeren "Undefeated" t-shirts and retrospective DVD which I shall be selling myself out in the Epicenter lobby directly after this match. Also, bring your old OutKast, Real Deal, Diamond Del Carver or any other past SHOOT failure t-shirt to the table for a trade-in and get 50%…no…25% off your brand new Azrael Goeren t-shirt! See you there!

Azrael drops the microphone as his music starts to play again. He steps over a still motionless Mark Kendrick, stopping for a brief moment before he suddenly digs his heel right into Kendrick’s face before he exits the ring. Azrael nonchalantly walks up the ramp, trying to slap hands with some of the fans at ringside who pull away and scream obscenities at him.

Two minutes are thankfully up as medical personnel swarm the ringside, quickly attending to SHOOT’s fallen timekeeper.

Other Guy: You were right Eryk, this is bad. This is real bad. Mark has got to have a concussion and some broken ribs in the very best case scenario.

Eryk Masters: I…I don’t even know what to say. This psychopath is the guy our SHOOT Board of Directors thought was their best option to help run this company?

Other Guy: Maybe they…

Eryk Masters: Don’t. Just don’t. I don’t want to think about that right now. What we need is more people out here to help Mark, he’s hurt bad ladies and gentlemen.

Other Guy: Real bad…


We cut backstage to find the lovely Sinnocence making her way down the hallway with her gymbag in tow, blissfully alone and obviously heading for the locker room she shares with husband Osbourne Kilminster. Just steps from the door, she stops and bends down, digging in her bag for something. An arm emerges from one of the side hallways, just behind Sinn. It wraps around Sinn’s neck and pulls her back into the hallway. The camera man runs, turning the corner to see Jester Smiles holding Sinnoncence by the neck. Sinn tries to fight him off, but Jester is clearly the more powerful of the two. 

Jester Smiles: Just calm down. I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to talk. 

Sinn continues to fight and throws hard elbow into Jester’s stomach. Jester winces, but he holds on tight. 

Jester Smiles: Calm down and listen, or my new friends are gonna find your new hubby and snap his legs in two. 

Sinn: You traitorous pussy ass son of a bitch!  If you bitches lay one hand on my husband, I’ll fuck your asses with the sharp end of my knife. 

She pulls hard against his arm, showing her love of a colorful vocabulary is not gone, despite the situation she’s found herself in.  The stripper unwillingly stills herself. 

Sinn: Fine…you want to talk…fucking talk. 

Jester turns, pointing Sinn at the end of the hallway, where there is no exit, putting her between a wall and him. He lets go and pushes her forward. He’s grinning. 

Jester Smiles: Good, glad to see you’ve got plenty of fight. I’m here for one reason, and one reason only. Statement of intent. 

See, Jada, can I call you Jada? 

She quickly turns around to face him, anger written all over her face. 

Sinn: I’d prefer if you didn’t, Eric.  Just fucking get on with it. 

Jester’s smile gets brighter. 

Jester Smiles: Fine, Sinn, whatever. Here’s the thing, Sinn. I think that you have a lot of potential. So much fire, passion, and talent. But, see, here’s the thing. As much potential as you have, your career here has never been, well…never been that much. I mean, your last run here, you didn’t really do anything THAT significant, and now, yeah, you were runner up at Master of the Mat, but then what happened? You went it alone, and now? You aren’t even close to being in the title picture.  

The lone wolf, the bitch of Vegas, whatever you want to consider yourself, it’s not working for you, and, let’s be honest, it’s not working for SHOOT. 

But you could be SO MUCH MORE! I see it in you. I have so much faith in you. 

Jester’s smile remains, but it gets strangely…darker. 

Jester Smiles: So, I’m going to push you in the right direction, so to speak. Next week, we’re going to have ourselves a little match, and I’m going to try and teach you the proper way to be a real hero. I’m going to help you ascend to something greater. I’m going to try and make you apart of something greater than yourself. 

Or, I’m going to kick that pretty little head off your neck. That’s mostly up to you. So, like I said, you and me will be squaring off next week. Come ready to learn, Jada. 

Have a good one! 

Jester turns around and leaves, leaving Sinnocence alone in the hallway. The camera turns back to SHOOT’s alpha female, fury still written on her face as she walks forward to pick up her bag and enters her locker room, slamming the door shut behind her.


Osbourne Kilminster brushes seemingly invisible creases from his T-shirt, the chest bearing his initials – OK – and the back bearing the slogan "it is now", all in deep red which matches the flame designs of the arms of his sunglasses. 

Turning a corner, his heart almost visibly sinks as he sets eyes on a certain person he hadn’t expected, or wanted, to see backstage this evening. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Really? You again? Security asleep on the back doors already?  

A slight snicker can be heard as the camera pans away from Kilminster and on to the man he’s looking at… Ron Barker. Almost as if he was expecting his on again/off again friend, Barker leans against a wall with his arms folded. He smiles as he pushes himself from the wall. 

Ron Barker: I don’t know if security is asleep at the back door because tonight I walked in through the front. More business meetings. You know how it is. Speaking of which… what’s going on with you? Gotten over that slump or are you still stumbling on that ladder of success? 

As if it’s contagious, Barker begins inspecting his suit jacket for possible creases. 

Smirking slightly, Osbourne tilts his head back as he regards Ron through his tinted lenses. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Business meetings? In a fifty dollar suit? Interesting. What kind of business would that be then?  

Barker laughs. 

Ron Barker: Easy, killer. No need to come out swinging. Whatever reasons you have to be hostile these days? I’m not the one behind them. I’m your pal, your amigo, your bud… I’m just meeting with some people about some future contracts. It’s all boring stuff, really. Nothing to really be concerned about. But while I’ve found you… perhaps you could do me a small favour.  

Kilminster’s eyes narrow, unseen behind his lenses as a cloud of intense suspicion descends upon him. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Me? You want me to do you a favour? What kind of a favour? 

Ron Barker: Well, see… I’m still in town and I’ve got more meetings to attend. Some which you could be of assistance. I guess you could say that I need you as a character witness.  

The Englishman’s brow furrows with confusion as he tries to process Ron’s request. 

Osbourne Kilminster: A character witness? Ron, I always thought you chose a character witness who could recount endless anecdotes abot how awesome you are or, if not, atleast paint a half-decent picture of you so that other peope might not think you’re a complete asshole. Before you go getting your knickers in a twist about that, trust me that it’s from one self-proclaimed and proud asshole to another, but why the Hell would you choose me?  

Putting his hand on Kilminster’s shoulder, Barker smiles as warmly as he can. 

Ron Barker: Let’s not go getting caught up in details just yet. Why ruin the story? The bottom line is… I’m asking you to help me out here. One proud asshole to another. You don’t really have to do much… your mere presence will be plenty. Should you have to throw in a platitude or two, I imagine whatever you say will be enough.  

Grimacing, unconvinced, Kilminster shrugs the Canadian’s hand off his shoulder. 

Osbourne Kilminster: And if I were to do you this… favour… when would it be?  

Barker smiles… teeth baring and all. 

Ron Barker: Next week. I’ll meet you here at the Epicenter. No need to get all fancy and look presentable. Whatever you’re wearing will do. 

Barker sneers as he gives Kilminster the once over.  

Osbourne Kilminster: You realise there are fans out there who would pay more for this T-shirt than for your whole fucking suit? How much do your fans pay for Ron Barker T-shirts? Wait… I haven’t seen any lately. Have you? If you see someone selling anything with your name on it, bring them to me and I’ll give them twice the asking price. 

Shaking his head with mock fury destroyed by his broad Cheshire cat grin, Osbourne leaves Barker to stew for a moment. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, I’ll wear what I want when I’m doing you a favour, OK?  

Laughing once more, Barker nods before backing up slowly. 

Ron Barker: Alright, alright, alright. Calm down, man. I’m only messing with you. Listen, I have to go. Another meeting shortly. I’ll see you next week?  

Osbourne Kilminster: Only for you, Ron. I can think of a thousand reasons not to, but what can one favour hurt between old friends, right?  

Ron Barker: Good man! I appreciate this, buddy! For Valhalla or however that goes! 

Barker fist-pumps the air before disappearing down a hallway, leaving Osbourne to suck in a deep breath as he ponders what he’s let himself in for.


The camera cuts to the Epicenter lobby where a large crowd of fans have gathered.  In the middle of them is Azrael Goeren, still dressed in his ring gear and standing in front of a folding table with a large SHOOT banner draped across it. 


Goeren:  Step right up friends, be the first to get your new "Undefeated" Azrael Goeren t-shirts!  Only $24.99!  Stitched by only the finest small Venezuelan hands!  Who needs to be bullied and sodomized in school for wearing an OutKast t-shirt when you can be sporting one of these babies?  Trade in those sad old SHOOT shirts for an exclusive Goeren Gear discount!


Azrael holds up a DVD case, complete with a picture of his grinning face and the words "Undefeated Megastar" printed on it.


Goeren:   Pre-order your SHOOT Azrael Goeren retrospective DVD today, watch minutes of action and listen to hours of commentary from yours truly!  Only $29.99!  Re-live my classic encounters with Mark Kendrick!  Watch my debut over and over and over again until your DVD player begs for more.  Special 12-hour Blu Ray edition comes out next month!


As Azrael makes his impassioned shill, a sudden blur flies and smacks him in the face!  After a set of German curse words flies out of his mouth, he pulls what seems to be a t-shirt off of his face and looks at it.


It’s a familiar symbol.


It’s the old OPW logo, scratched out and replaced with the words "THE ROW" in bright red font.  A low laugh rumbles through the crowd as a blue haired figure cuts through it.

Azraith:   What’ll I get for that one?  The way I look at it, it’s gotta be a one-to-one conversion.


Azrael pushes the table over and quickly retreats, trying to push a fan between him and Azraith.


Goeren:   Whoa there old friend, not a step closer.  Let’s not do this with all of the kiddies around.


Az raises his arms up in that stereotypical "HEEYY OOOH" fashion, his face one of artificial hurt and sorrow.

Azraith:   I’m hurt, Azrael.  How many times did I sit across from that big oak desk of yours…asking you for advice?  Shit, it doesn’t seem like too long ago I called you asking if it’d be a good idea to even come back to SHOOT.  You think I’d expose myself like this just to blindly attack you?  I’ve got more…

Az pauses a second, trying to mull over a good word…

Azraith: …Style…than that.  I just heard about this little abomination you had goin’ on down here and had to see it first-hand.


Azrael slowly releases the fan, pushing him back towards his friends as he seems to have become more at ease.  A sly grin creeps across his face as he picks up the old Row t-shirt, staring down at fabric.

Goeren:   Christ, you and I sure had some fun back in the day, didn’t we?  If we weren’t beating people into bloody pulps in the ring we were burning the candle at both ends during some of the after-parties.  Good times Azraith, makes me wonder what changed with you.

Azrael neatly folds the old Row t-shirt and drapes it over his shoulder.  He leans down and brings out a new "SHOOT is Sovereign" shirt and extends it to Azraith.

Goeren:   Even trade, for an old friend.


Azraith seem to look at the shirt a second before taking it, actually eliciting a bit of boos from the fans surrounding the table.  Azraith seemed to ignore them as he slings the shirt over his shoulder casually.

Azraith:   I appreciate it.  As for what I’m doing…I guess you can thank Timothy Roy for it.

Azraith can see Goeren’s eyes light up at the name, and Az grins a bit more broadly.

Azraith:   Yeah, I was wondering if you heard about that.  The past is in the past though, and the month I spent in a coma is pretty much water under the sleepy bridge.  Anyways…to avoid an odd silence, or the fact that I’m sure some of your boys are watching both of us right now, I think I may cut this a little short, but end on a high note.

Azraith extends his hand to Goeren, the fake emotion on Az’s face becoming quite a bit more genuine.


Azrael glances around, noticing how some of the fans have crept closer around him and don’t look too pleased with his continued presence.  He produces a shady smile and grasps Azraith’s hand, waving to the crowd with his free hand.  He continues smiling, playing up to the crowd before he leans in closer to Azraith.

Goeren:   That’s right, smile for the sheep Azraith.  Lets get our nostalgic photo-op out of the way.  Just know that I won’t be able keep the wolves at bay much longer.  King wants you out of SHOOT, its only a matter of time now.


Azraith smiles warmly and nods at Azrael’s words…but with one violent tug, Azraith pulls Azrael into a ‘brotherly’ embrace, hugging his old friend tight and leaning in to snarl a few words into his ear.

Azraith:   I just wanted to let you know that what you did to Mark?  It’s low-budget UCWL crap compared to what I have planned.  I think you’ll be ‘impressed’.

Azrael shoves out of the embrace, and Azraith quickly takes a few steps backwards into the confused, but cheering crowd.  His voice seems to echo as he disappears and the camera fades out.

Azraith:   Hey, you haven’t seen Kilgore around at all have you?  Wonder what that guy’s up to…



Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is a Tag Team Contest and is for the CWC World Tag Team Championships! 

The capacity crowd in The SHOOT Epicenter starts to cheer, as the lights go down, and ‘Nightmare’ by Avenged Sevenfold starts to play.  Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden start slowly walk down the aisle to the ring. The fans seem to be having a mixed reaction to the team, some are cheering and other fans don’t seem to care for either man, and are raining down a jeers and boos.  

The theme to the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” suddenly starts to play, and the spotlight heads to the top of the ramp. The Wrasslin Wrangers appear, and with a whole bunch of flipping, the Yellow and ‘Herbal’ Green Ranger start to head to the ring.  They reach out to the fans for high fives, but find that only the younger members of the audience are interested in interacting with them – the rest are booing quite loudly. 

The two costumed wrestlers reach the ring, leap over the top rope and do some odd stretches while the music fades out, and Samantha steps into the center spotlight with the microphone in her hand. 

Samantha: Introducing first, in the corner to my left at a combined weight of 524 pounds: Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden! 

The fans react loudly.  Some are cheering the team representing SHOOT Project, but others are jeering simply because Magnus has not won a lot of fans in his time in SHOOT Project. Dresden totally ignores the reception but Magnus looks disgusted.  

Samantha:  Their opponents, at a combined weight of 438 pounds are the reigning and defending CWC Tag Team Champions – here are the Wrasslin Rangers! 

The fans give The Lightning Yellow Ranger and The Herbal Green Ranger another mixed ovation as Samantha exits the ring. Scott Kamura signals for the bell, to start the match.  Magnus calls on the two men across the ring as Dresden heads to the apron. 

The Lightning Yellow Ranger and Charles Brandon Magnus start off, and lockup in the middle of the ring. Both men start fighting in the tie-up, The Lightning Yellow Ranger applies a side headlock, chain wrestles into the hammerlock, but it gets reversed into another hammerlock by Charles Brandon Magnus. The Lightning Yellow Ranger back elbows out.  

Magnus whips The Yellow Ranger into the ropes, and then Charles Brandon Magnus drops down, a leapfrog by The Lightning Yellow Ranger, who comes off the ropes, and stuns Magnus with an amazing spinning kick to the jaw! 

Eryk Masters:  Quick cover by The Lightning Yellow Ranger!   




Kickout by the shocked Charles Brandon Magnus! 

The Other Guy: I don’t know what is weirder, seeing the CWC Tag Team Championships defended on a SHOOT Project show, or seeing The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers defending them.  This whole experience is pretty surreal. 

Magnus gets back to his knees, still with no expression whatsoever on his face.  On the apron, Buck Dresden applauds The Lightning Yellow Ranger in a mocking way. Charles Brandon Magnus gets up, and leading with his right foot nails The Lightning Yellow Ranger right in the face with a Big Boot!  

The Lightning Yellow Ranger’s head snaps back, and Magnus grabs him by the back of the head, and smashes his head to the buckle.  The Lightning Yellow Ranger collapses into a heap.  Charles Brandon Magnus stands back as The Lightning Yellow Ranger struggles to get to his feet. Ranger reaches out to make a tag out to The Green Ranger, and Charles Brandon Magnus lets him! 

Eryk Masters:  Why would Charles Brandon Magnus let The Lightning Yellow Ranger make a tag when he has him at a disadvantage? 

The Other Guy:  I’ll tell you why! Charles Brandon Magnus is telling both of these men that he is not afraid to face them! Magnus and Dresden outweigh these guys by almost 100 pounds and besides, would you be intimidated by somebody dressed like a damn Power Ranger? 

The Green Ranger cautiously approaches Charles Brandon Magnus.  The Herbal Green Ranger fires a forearm smash at Magnus, which connects, and then he throws him into the ropes, putting his head down.  

Charles Brandon Magnus sees that The Green Ranger telegraphed the move, grabs the top rope to stop himself, and then he nails a brutal double handed axehandle smash across the back of The Green Ranger!  

The Herbal Green Ranger hits the mat.  Charles Brandon Magnus goes behind the stunned The Green Ranger, and slaps on a sleeper! The Green Ranger starts to thrash around wildly, but he cannot escape the hold. 

In the champions corner, The Lightning Yellow Ranger climbs up top and nails Charles Brandon Magnus in the back with a missile dropkick! As the fans roar, Magnus releases the sleeper.  

The Green Ranger rolls over to cover the stunned Magnus…  

Eryk Masters:  One!  



Charles Brandon Magnus kicks out! 

Charles Brandon Magnus grabs The Green Ranger and tries to throw him into the ropes…but it gets reversed!  Charles Brandon Magnus comes off the ropes, into a textbook hip-toss by The Green Ranger!  

Both men are down, as Charles Brandon Magnus is still feeling the dropkick from Ranger. The Green Ranger is up first leaps forward…and gets the hot tag to The Lightning Yellow Ranger!  Magnus realizes he needs to be ready, and he scrambles to his feet. 

The fans cheer, as The Green Ranger ducks a clothesline attempt from Charles Brandon Magnus, comes of the ropes, and hits a flying forearm smash right upside the head of Dresden on the apron!   

The Lightning Yellow Ranger whirls around, throws Charles Brandon Magnus into the ropes, Magnus reverses, and runs at The Lightning Yellow Ranger, but The Yellow Ranger responds with a high back bodydrop and Magnus hits the apron like a ton of bricks. 

Charles Brandon Magnus is pulled to his feet and thrown into the ropes by The Lightning Yellow Ranger. Charles Brandon Magnus ducks a clothesline attempt, comes off the far side but eats a swift quick. Magnus is just getting to his feet again when The Lightning Yellow Ranger nails him with another shot. 

Eryk Masters:  The Yellow Ranger is smart, he isn’t letting Magnus use his size to his advantage, he is sticking with sharp moves and then backing off. 

The Other Guy:  Yeah and Magnus has been cut off! Ranger and Ranger are showing great teamwork, and plus look on the outside, Dresden got knocked off the apron by The Lightning Yellow! 

Magnus now gets to his feet in the middle of the ring with The Lightning Yellow Ranger, who Irish Whips him into the ropes, but it is reversed, Magnus ducks the clothesline, gets the boot up and hammers Ranger in the face with another power move. 

Charles Brandon Magnus is up, and chop blocks the back of The Lightning Yellow Ranger’s leg, just as he was getting up. The Lightning Yellow Ranger goes down.  Charles Brandon Magnus drops repeated knees on the back of the head of The Lightning Yellow Ranger. The Yellow Ranger is stunned.   

Charles Brandon Magnus hoists The Lightning Yellow Ranger up, and drops him down in a perfectly executed suplex! Charles Brandon Magnus repeatedly stomps the head and neck area of The Yellow Ranger, then drops an elbow to the back of the head. Charles Brandon Magnus pulls The Lightning Yellow Ranger to his feet.  

Eryk Masters: I am really surprised Magnus isn’t going for the tag here now that he has the chance. 

The Other Guy: Hey, Magnus and Dresden don’t have the teamwork and experience that The Rangers have – as goofy as they look – and you and I both know that just because you make a good singles wrestler, that don’t mean you’re a good team. 

An Irish Whip into the corner is reversed…but Charles Brandon Magnus gets a boot up. The Lightning Yellow Ranger collides with the foot of Magnus and staggers backwards, Charles Brandon Magnus comes out of the corner with a clothesline attempt, but Charles Brandon Magnus runs into a spinning kick and both men are down! 

As both men start to get up, Ranger nails a shoulderblock to the midsection of Charles Brandon Magnus, and the larger man is tossed into the ropes, followed by a back elbow by The Lightning Yellow Ranger. A fast whip into the corner and The Lightning Yellow Ranger follows in with a lightning fast clothesline!  

The Lightning Yellow Ranger grabs Charles Brandon Magnus, and smashes his head to the buckle, gives him a big slap, and another head to the buckle. The Lightning Yellow Ranger with a scoop…and a slam on the bigger Magnus! 

Eryk Masters: These Rangers are showing why they are champions now. 

The Other Guy: You know what I’m wondering?  I’m wondering how The Crimson Riot feel about some other tag team coming onto their turf, claiming to be champions?  Those guys just won the SHOOT Tag Team Titles, and now some other team is coming in here trying to get the glory! 

The Lightning Yellow Ranger goes for a tag, and The Green Ranger is in. The Green Ranger with a clothesline for Charles Brandon Magnus and throws the larger man into the ropes, and hits a big backdrop. The Green Ranger lays into Charles Brandon Magnus in the corner with some sharp knife-edge chops! 

Magnus hits a knee to the midsection, catching The Green Ranger by surprise. The Green Ranger fights his way right back to his feet, slaps a quick facelock on Charles Brandon Magnus and hits a SNAP SUPLEX! The Lightning Yellow Ranger is back in, and The Green Ranger and The Lightning Yellow Ranger throw synchronized punches at the overwhelmed Charles Brandon Magnus.  

Charles Brandon Magnus is hammered into the opposite corner by The Green Ranger, The Green Ranger with the follow-up  clothesline, then The Lightning Yellow Ranger follows up with one of his own, as the fans cheer loudly! 

Eryk Masters:  The Rangers continue to work as a well oiled machine, one unit… 

The Other Guy:  Meanwhile Charles Brandon Magnus hasn’t been able to get to his corner for a tag! 

The Green Ranger hoists the quickly tiring Charles Brandon Magnus into the air, and just holds him aloft in a vertical suplex.  Instead of dropping him, The Herbal Green Ranger holds him high for a moment, as flashbulbs pop all over the arena, with fans taking pictures.   

Finally, The Herbal Green Ranger drops Charles Brandon Magnus, and makes the tag to Ranger.  Ranger climbs to the top rope, and as the fans cheer, he leaps off, and nails Magnus with a knee from the top rope! 





Dresden enters the ring, and makes the save, busting up the count! 

As the fans cheer, Buck Dresden SLAPS Charles Brandon Magnus on the back, for a TAG!  The big man charges into the ring like a bull. The Lightning Yellow Ranger rolls over, and reaches up, and makes the TAG to The Green Ranger!   

The Green Ranger vaults over the top rope, and rushes at Buck Dresden!  The Green Ranger starts throwing WILD punches at Dresden.  Dresden shakes off the punches and starts to return shots of his own, pounding the smaller man badly. Dresden goes to whip The Green Ranger into ropes, but The Green Ranger reverses and whips Dresden into the opposite corner at a high rate of speed.  The Green Ranger tries to hit Dresden with a clothesline, but the big man shrugs that off, and almost knocks The Green Ranger out of his boots with a wicked uppercut.   

Suddenly, the fans start booing loudly. 

The camera shot switches to the top of the ramp, where we see The Crimson Riot standing, wearing their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship title belts.  They are pointing at the ring, and seem to be shouting angrily at The Wrasslin Rangers. 

Eryk Masters: Looks like you were right, OG.  The Crimson Riot are here, and they don’t like other champs in their territory. 

The Other Guy: How would you feel if you just won what you thought were the most important tag team belts, and then the next show some other team comes in with their titles?  It’s disrespectful.  Let me tell you, in the world The Crimson Riot come from, you don’t walk onto somebody else’s turf flashing gold.   

The Crimson Riot are standing at the top of the ramp, pointing to their title belts, pointing at the ring, and shouting angrily.  They start to walk down the ramp, toward the ring.  Suddenly, from behind them Crash Carver and The Purple Haze appear!  Crash Carver is wearing his street clothes, and The Purple Haze is wearing a purple workout suit, but he has his mask on, and the two men jump the Crimson Riot and start throwing punches like mad!  The Crimson Riot turn to defend themselves, and it’s on! 

The crowd in the SHOOT Epicenter are going mental, as The Crimson Riot and Crash Carver and The Purple Haze break out into a full fledged brawl.  Both teams are on the ramp, slugging it out like crazy, back and forth.  The Green Ranger and Dresden are standing in the ring, watching the brawl. 

As The Green Ranger starts to turn around, Dresden falls back into the ropes, and then bounces off and comes across the ring, and almost takes The Green Ranger’s head off with a lariat!  The Green Ranger’s body literally spins 360 degrees in the air from the impact, before he face plants onto the canvas.  The crowd gasps loudly at the incredible impact of the move. 

The Yellow Ranger charges into the ring, knowing that his partner is out cold.  Dresden comes to his feet and charges at The Yellow Ranger, and NAILS him with the same brutal clothesline!   

Charles Brandon Magnus comes in, and picks up The Green Ranger, hoists him over his shoulder, and then leaps into the air and plants him into the mat face first, with an inverted sit out powerbomb! 

Magnus stays on for the cover, and Kamura turns around, sees the cover and slides down for the count… 




The fans go nuts, as the lights go up and the theme music of Magnus starts to blast over the Epicenter sound system.  Scott Kamura grabs the wrists of Magnus and Dresden and raises them into the air, as Samantha takes the microphone in hand outside… 

Samantha:  Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your winners – and your NEW CWC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS:  CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS AND BUCK DRESDEN! 

The crowd continues to cheer as the two men accept their title belts and hold them high.  Meanwhile, at the top of the ramp, The Crimson Riot and Crash Carver and The Purple Haze continue to brawl. 

Other Guy: Big ups to Magnus and Dresden, capturing SHOOT Project’s first CWC Championships! The CWC Tag Championships will be defended on the CWC Pay Per View called Destiny, on October the 30th!

Eryk Masters: It is unknown yet who will be their challengers, but we hope the SHOOT Project will prevail! CWC of course, functioning like the NWA, means that these two guys are gonna get some big exposure!

A crowd of security staff has emerged from the back, and hustled The Crimson Riot and Crash and The Haze into the back, as Dresden and Magnus make their way to the back, and the Rangers slowly get to their feet in the ring. 


We cut backstage where we see a single man standing in front of a mural. The mural? A very abstract and nicely done portrait of Julian York standing valiantly with various bright colored lights behind him… signifying his hometown of Las Vegas itself. The man? It’s none other than his ‘friend’ Ethan Delgrotta. He stands in a pinstriped medium grey and white dress shirt, and a solid black tie… peering down through his glasses at a clipboard. Before he starts, he clears his throat… it’s painfully obvious he isn’t used to the cameras.

Ethan Delgrotta: The following is a PSA from none other than Julian York himself.

He clears his throat once more before beginning.

Ethan Delgrotta: Over the past few weeks I’ve been nothing more than a spectator. A spectator with the eye of an eagle. I’ve watched closely to everything that’s been going on… atleast those things that I find important. Namely, the Sin City Division.

He pauses momentarily.

Ethan Delgrotta: And while I am impressed with the performances of the beloved SHOOT soldiers involved in said division, I have to say that from a fan’s point of view… it’s been rather dull. The way all of these men have come about, it’s almost seemed like the division has been scrapped together. Not saying that talent is lacking, however… charisma is. There are many things that factor into being a champion. You have to be able to compete on a champion’s calibur… something that the two men who’ve held this championship have been. However, you also have to portray yourself as a champion, talk like a champion, and LIVE like a champion. Something neither have accomplished.

Another pause as he continues to read…

Ethan Delgrotta: This division is a symbol of everything SHOOT Project. It is a simple of it’s recent roots. Las Vegas is the home of the SHOOT Project, and what better home than a place where nothing is ever consistent. Things change. Views change. People change. As do champions…


Ethan Delgrotta: At Under Siege we witnessed that. We witnessed that inconsistency. Nothing is ever set in stone. Things evolve, new challenges arise… it’s that old adage.. out with the old… and in with the new. While Mr. Heart is atleast a tad more refreshing than that disillusioned grizzled ‘veteran’ Jamie Alejandro is… he still isn’t the champion I want to see of a division that’s home to where I was born and raised. Where I learned to walk and talk.


Ethan Delgrotta: This is a division that deserves a leader it can be proud of, and be entertained by as well. Someone who carries themself like a champion and is always evolving… always changing. Someone who is more innovative, and someone who can spice up this division and breathe a new life into it. In an even bigger way than UK Dragon, Jamie Alejandro…

He pauses and looks off camera. It’s obvious that Julian is nearby. He shakes his head… however eventually looks back and swallows hard.

Ethan Delgrotta: Charles. Brandon. Magnus… and Mr. Heart could ever. It’s Sin City afterall, right? It’s time that I… Mr. Deviant of Debauchery… the Sin City Slayer himself… Julian York… put the ‘SIN’ back in Sin City…

With this… he puts the clipboard to the side on a black stool before staring into the camera.

Ethan Delgrotta: Thusly begins the Julian York campaign for the Sin City Championship.

With this, Ethan Delgrotta walks off camera. We’re left with a shot of our mural before we fade out to black.


Eryk Masters: So it looks like our next match is fast app…wait, what… 


Other Guy: What’re you loo…oh… 


The announcers are quick to hush themselves, but the crowd starts to buzz as they see commotion from the gorilla area, but before anything can be seen too clearly, the lights suddenly cut out. 

Turn it up, listen to the shit they pump into your head…filling you with apathy…

The SHOOTtron screen and the illuminated boards beside the entrance area cut to a blinding white, like a massive torch in the darkness. A figure steps out of the back, seemingly…dragging something. 

Hold your breath…wait until you know the time is right…on time…the end is near…

The crowd is squinting and holding their hands to their eyes, trying their best to see the figure slowly, methodically walking down to the ramp, the violently destructive industrial beat behind the raspy lyrics adding to the confusion. 

Eryk Masters: I can barely hear myself talk, much less see! Can you see anything OG?! 

Other Guy: WHAT?! 

I hope they cannot see…the limitless potential living inside of me…to MURDER EVERYTHING.

The mysterious figure gets to the ring, and rolls his ‘package’ under the bottom rope before it slides underneath it itself, calmly dragging whatever it is to the center of the ring. 

I hope they cannot see…I AM THE GREAT DESTROYYYEEERRRR!!!!

The lights go out again, the arena silent for several seconds except for the confused buzz of the crowd. A feral roar seems to emit from the center of the ring, and on the SHOOTtron, two simple things flash across the screen in bright blue for those that are looking. 



The crowd FLIPS as the screen and boards go glitchy as the song devolves into an insane mishmash of industrial-electronic breakdowns. The flashes on the screen finally illuminate the scene in the ring, as Azraith DeMitri stands calmly in the center of it. In front of him…lying nearly unconscious…is Kilgore Stochansky, his face bloody and beaten. As the glitching on the screens gets brighter and more frenetic, the crowd can see what looks to be a piece of rusted rebar held tightly in Az’s free hand. A mic held in his other. “The Great Destroyer” by Nine Inch Nails slowly growls to a conclusion as the lights raise to fully educate the crowd, and anyone else watching, on what Azraith has done. His grin was small, but unflinching as the crowd roared. 

Eryk Masters: I…oh my god. Look at the trail of blood on the ramp! 

Other Guy: Jesus…Azraith has really beaten the ever-loving hell out of Kilgore it looks like… 

As the crowd finally hushes, Az brings the mic up to his lips, looking at the ramp with narrowed eyes. 

Azraith: Let’s see…I’ll give them about thirty seconds before they realize what’s goin’ on, so I’ll make this quick. What you see before you? This isn’t the first chapter. This isn’t even the prologue. The bloody sack of flesh you see before you? This is the fucking TITLE PAGE to all of your personal extinctions… 

As if on cue, the Sovereign scatter out from the gorilla position. King, Corazon, Pest, Jester, Azrael, even Eddie E. All of them look furious, but King? He looks like he’s about to burst. He starts to bring a mic up to his lips but Az kneels down, crouching beside a bloody, beaten Kilgore, propping him up so all of them can get a good look. 

Azraith: Woah woah woah there…before you say a goddamn thing…know that for every step forward your little bitchsquad takes towards me, that’ll be a bone I’ll be breaking in Kilgore’s left hand. Every smart-ass word outta any of your mouths, will be a little wiggler on his left. So just stay the fuck there, shut the FUCK UP, and listen.  

The crowd ROARS at Azraith’s apparent ultimatum while Sovereign huddles around King, all murmuring and whispering to him. Az continues. 

Azraith: I told you, I told everyone…I’ve made my declaration of hostilities clear. There isn’t a single one of you up there that’s going to stop me from picking you all off. You know it and I know it. However…one of you can save yourself. ONE of you, will spare yourself a beating so goddamn inventive it’ll make DeSade blush.  

Jester smirks, ripping the mic from King’s hand and motioning out to the crowd. 

Jester Smiles: See everyone? Some HERO you ha… 


Kilgore Stochansky: AaaaAAHHHH!!!  

Az had brought the mic down to Stochansky’s lips as he viciously snapped his pinky finger backwards…but just at the top joint. It hung disturbingly backwards as the pain woke Kilgore from his barely conscious state. Az brings the mic back up to his lips, sarcastically stroking Kilgore’s forehead. 

Azraith: Shhh…shhh. It’s alright. Maybe they just didn’t believe I had it in me. Jester! You should know better than to doubt my word. As for that little outburst, I ain’t a fucking hero. I’ll leave that up to the rest of them. There’ll be time for heroics after this is all said and done. You all? You beat…brutalized…and sadistically removed what little heroics I had left outta me. Actually…ironically enough…you up there should all thank Jester for this. Without his…hm…without his incredibly encouraging words, I wouldn’t have had the motivation to do this. So before another one of your silly little generals open their mouths, perhaps you should take the mic King.  

Slowly, King takes the mic away from Jester, but he doesn’t say anything. The crowd is silent, not sure what to make of this tense standoff. Az is grinning from ear to ear as he continues. 

Azraith: As I was saying…ONE of you can save yourself. Donovan…you can save yourself, right here, right now from the wrath YOU KNOW is coming, by doing one simple thing. 

Say yes. 

Go ahead, I’ll let you talk for this one.  

King scowls, obviously furious that he’s being fed orders from Azraith. 

Donovan King: What the fuck would I ever say yes to you for?  

Az laughs, shaking his head as he idly flicks his finger back and forth against Kilgore’s dislocated pinky, causing a cringe and a wince of pain every single time. 

Azraith: You don’t know? What POSSIBLY could I want from you, King? Could it be the one thing I’ve asked for this ENTIRE time? The one thing you’ve been to goddamn COWARDLY to answer? What I want, “champ”, is a match with you, at RECKONING DAY.  

At that, the crowd explodes into cheers. Az’s eyes seem to dance with excitement as his grin grows. 

Azraith: Before you ask and get another one of Kilgore’s fingers in the wrong direction…yeah, I’ll put up the SHOOT Project championship. If you think you can beat me in a singles match, without THEIR help, I’ll spare you. I’ll keep you at one-hundred percent so there’ll be no excuses come match-time. The rest of your crew? I can’t speak towards. They get no reprieve. They’ve gobbled up the bullshit hook-line-and sinker, so they can sink with your ship. If I don’t get to them, I know quite a few people that can’t fucking wait to.  

Eddie E snatches the mic outta King’s hand, taking a few steps forward on the ramp. 

Eddie E.: Kindly FUCK OFF, DeMitri.  

The crowd boo’s heavily at the sudden outburst, but Az grins sadistically. 

Eddie E.: You dare presume to make demands of us? Of ME?! You must think I’m something like Jason Johnson. You pathetic little runt, I RUN THIS SHIT NOW.  



Azraith: Another step closer I’m just gonna skip the hand all-together and shatter his fucking kneecap, mmkay? You don’t run SHIT. You’re a fucking shadow…a spectre. A ghost of what this place deserves…and your pride WILL be your fall Eddie. Just like every other fucking Ed I’ve known. Save your boy, make the match. You all have so much goddamn pride, he’ll probably beat my ‘runt’ ass right down, right King?  

Eddie takes a few steps backwards, shaking his head ‘no’ at King intensely, but King snatches the mic back and glares at Azraith. 

Donovan King: What, Az? You think you some kind of lone vigilante? Some wannabe superhero like Batman or Punisher or whatever else bullshit from the comics you like so much? Trust, my man, you ain’t dat tough. This is REAL, boy. Not some game.  

King seems to hesitate a second, and Az’s eyebrows raise in expectation. 

Donovan King: Nah, you know what? Fuck it. You want Donovan King at Reckoning Day? YOU GOT DONOVAN KING AT RECKONING DAY.  

The crowd screams out in excitement at the long-overdue finalization. 

Eryk Masters: FINALLY! Az vs King! We’re going to get it! 

Other Guy: It’s ABOUT TIME!! 

King flashes a grin of his own. 

Donovan King: An’ when I finally bring home the belt, the title, dat’s rightfully mine? I’m gonna do it in a way you ain’t NEVER gonna want it back, feel me?  

The crowd hushes instantly, and Az’s grin fades. 

Azraith: That’s all I wanted to hear, Donnie. I’m so happy you agreed to the match, I’m sure we’ll have the lawyers chisel out the final details. I hate to bail on ya, but I’ve got some things to plan.  

Az stands up, pulling the bloody and beaten Kilgore to his feet. The Sovereign bristle, starting to stalk down to the ring. 

Azraith: Prepare for Extinction, Sovereign. 

Az suddenly spins around Kilgore to face him and doubles him over. Using the long piece of rebar to underhook Kilgore’s arms behind him, Az lifts the man up and one sickening motion, SPIKES him down on his neck. The crowd cheers wildly once again as Az quickly slides out of the ring, leaving Kilgore lying motionless in the ring as Sovereign runs down. Before any of them can even get to the ring, however, Azraith is cutting halfway through the crowd, “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum throbbing over the speakers. 

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri might not be acting ‘heroically’, but he’s definitely thrown down the gauntlet tonight, and laid a decisive blow on The Sovereign! 

Other Guy: He’s the SHOOT Project Champion, and he’s not going to let these guys run rampant without a fight. 

The last shot is of Pestalance slowly dragging Kilgore’s body from the ring as we move to the back.


The locker room is abuzz as Abigail Chase scurries into the locker room where we see none other than ‘Big’  Buck Dresden and ‘The Walking Nightmare’ Charles Brandon Magnus sitting around several people who are cheering them on and applauding them. 

Abigail Chase:  Guys, guys, I just had to get back here and be one of the first to officially congratulate you on your win! 

Buck Dresden:  WOOOO!  YEAH!!! 

Buck kisses her in a frenzy and hugs her neck. 

Buck Dresden:  WE DID IT, ABBY! 

Buck slaps hands with Magnus, who has his CWC World Tag Team Championship on his shoulder.  He stands up and gets in the camera’s face. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  We did it, Abigail!  We did it, SHOOT!  We went out there, we fought those crazy Rangers, we showed the CWC that the SHOOT Project is FOR REAL! 

Magnus slaps hands again with Dresden. 

Buck Dresden:  Darlin’, my first match in SHOOT.  Hell, my first match EVER.  This guy over here?  His FIRST title win!  Do you know what we did, darlin’?  Who we are?  We’re a couple of bona-fide bad asses! 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Yeah we are! 

Magnus holds the CWC Tag Team title up for the camera to see. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Buck Dresden…I’ve figured out what my next step is gonna be.  We won these belts, and I don’t care who comes next, I do know this. 

He pauses, the raucous slowly going quiet. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  We are The SHOOT Project’s resident bad asses, do you hear me?  CWC?  SHOOT Project?  Charles Brandon Magnus and ‘Big’ Buck Dresden…we are two of the baddest men in this company. 

Buck Dresden:  Trust us, it don’t get no badder!  Here on, me an’ Charlie?  We are brothers, Abigail!  We are a team! 

"The Bad Ass Brotherhood." 

Jonas Coleman interrupts the victory party, walking into the locker room.  He looks at Magnus and Dresden, and only smiles.   

Jonas Coleman:  How does that sound?  The BAD.  ASS.  BROTHERHOOD. 

Magnus looks at Dresden for a long moment before he purses his lips and nods. 

Buck Dresden:  I think I like that, man.  Buck Dresden!  Charles Brandon Magnus!  The Bad Ass Brotherhood! 

Magnus nods some more, slapping the face plate of his CWC World Tag Team Championship. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  After we show those CWC guys we aren’t a team to be trifled with, I think it might be time for you to go get your little Mexican friend, Jonas, get PERDITION back together, and we can really light this company on fire. 

The fans can be heard cheering loudly for that possibility. 

Jonas Coleman:  Aye, well…  I’m having some issues finding my little Mexican friend.   

Coleman shrugs, sort of nonchalantly.   

Jonas Coleman:  He’s still got our money, too.  I will more than likely be flying solo for the forseeable future.  I’ll continue to look for Diego, since yes…  PERDITION is awesome…  the uncrowned SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions…  but for now, I think The Butcher is a solo act.   

He laughs.   

Jonas Coleman:  I’m a lone wolf without the director’s cut. 

Buck shakes his head and walks over to Jonas.  He slaps him on the shoulder and then puts his CWC Tag Team title belt over Coleman’s shoulder and nods his head approvingly. 

Buck Dresden:  It looks good on ya, man.  Tell ya what. 

Magnus stops looking so understanding and starts to look at Dresden, concerned. 

Buck Dresden:  We just beat them two Rangers for these belts.  We made it look pretty easy.  But, really, let’s be honest, we don’t know first thing one about what in the world we can do to fight the SHOOT roster’s best tag teams.  You know who does, Magnus? 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I’m really hoping this isn’t going where I think it’s going… 

Buck Dresden:  …YOU, Jonas Coleman.  So, hey, tell ya what.  You get tired of huntin’, you wanna impart some of that tag team wisdom to this here Bad Ass Brotherhood…I think we’ll be more’n welcome to have you. 

The fans cheer as Magnus puts his hand on Dresden’s shoulder. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Whoa, hey, wait a second, Buck.  You want him to…what?  Freebird with us? 

Dresden laughs, nodding. 

Buck Dresden:  Think about it, get back to us? 

Coleman nods his head with a smile.   

Jonas Coleman:  I’ll think about it and let you know.  The Bad Ass Brotherhood is awesome with 2 people…  but with 3…  might be even better.  Thanks, guys.   

Coleman shakes the hands of both Dresden and Magnus before turning his attention to Abigail Chase.   

Jonas Coleman:  So…  Ms. Chase.  What’re you up to after th–  you know what?  Not my time.  Ladies and gentlemen…  Charles Brandon Magnus…  Buck Dresden…  your NEW CWC Tag Team Champions.  The Bad.  Ass.  Brotherhood.  

The cheering recommences as Magnus continues to look at both Dresden and Coleman puzzled. 

Abigail Chase:  You heard it here first, SHOOT Project!  Your newest tag team, your new CWC Tag Team Champions…The Bad Ass Brotherhood!


The camera shifts to the back once again, this time with Abigail Chase standing beside none other than ‘The Uncrowned’ Donovan King.  King is pacing, ready for his match.  On his shoulder is HIS SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. 

Abigail Chase:  Donovan, Donovan…after what happened earlier tonight with Azraith and Kilgore…what are you thinking right about now as you’re facing one of the best in the business in Jaime Alejandro? 

King glares at her and tears the microphone from her hand.  He continues to glare at her until she slinks off screen.  Slowly, he turns his face to the camera. 

Donovan King:  Azraith…tonight, you took Kilgore Stochansky outta the game.  He’s gone, he’s hurt, we don’t know for how long, but you did it!  You took him out. 

King grins for a second. 

Donovan King:  You wanna go one on one with Donovan King at Reckoning Day?  SHOOT Project’s biggest event?  The big time main event match is set in stone now, ain’t it?  Know dis, Azraith. 

King grits his teeth. 

Donovan King:  I’ve gone toe to toe with greatness before, Azraith.  I’ve torn down bigger an’ I’ve beaten down badder.  I always used to idolize you.  I looked up to you.  I wanted to BE…you.  I went to the Outlaw Pro shows, I watched the shit you did, I watched the Avatar be born. 

King pauses. 

Donovan King:  But when it was my time to shine, Az…I shine.  Nobody can do the things I can do in dat ring, boy, nobody.  You want what I bring?  Why don’t you watch your monitor right now.  Watch Jaime Alejandro go up against ‘The Uncrowned’ Donovan King.  Watch as I take his ass down, watch every counter, every suplex, every slam…because I promise you, Azraith… 

King walks closer to the camera. 

Donovan King:  …it pales in comparison to what you got comin’. 

King throws the mic down and storms off from the set, leaving an offscreen Abigail Chase to slowly slink back into view. 

Abigail Chase:  …back…back to you guys?



The lights in the arena go dark as the guitar cranks up.  The fans begin to cheer as the lights begin to blink blue and white.  Dax Riggs comes in, singing “Say Goodnight To The World”. 

Oh man, I can’t believe 

That you did what they said you did 

And to this day 

I’ve still gotta say 

That in my mind I question it 

I wish 

I knew 

What you had meant 

Before you went 

And left me wondering 

To just an echo of your voice 


Blue pyro ERUPTS as Jaime Alejandro stands at the entrance to the arena.  He storms down the ramp with a focus and a vigor few in SHOOT can compare to.  He wears his blue camo pants with a sleeveless camo button up shirt, which he slowly unbuttons as he walks.  He throws it into the crowd as he slides into the ring and quickly kips back up, turning to glare at the entrance as “Say Goodnight To The World” dies down.  As soon as it does, the boos kick in. 

Eryk Masters:  Here we go! 

The lights stay dim, only the blue and white is replaced by green and gold.  The chants begin to pump through the PA system, and the fans are booing heavily. 

We livin’ in that twenty-first century

Doin’ somethin’ mean to it

Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it

Screams from the haters

Got a nice ring to it


“POWER” by Kanye West BLASTS over the PA system, green pyro SHOOTING up either side of Donovan King, who stands at the entrance.  He wears his hunter green hoodie pulled low over his head, the shine of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship glistening in the golden spotlight.  He lifts his head as he walks down to the ring, pulling the hood off.  He drops it to the ground and slowly begins to unbuckle his World Championship from his waist.  He walks up the ring steps, both he and Alejandro locked in one another’s gaze.  Once “POWER” finally dies down, Samantha Coil begins to speak. 

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! 

The camera goes back to King and then to Alejandro. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 235 pounds…HE IS THE SAINT…JAIME…ALEEEEJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 

The fans POP as Alejandro holds both his fists high in the air, still glaring at King. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…weighing tonight at 245 pounds…HE IS THE UNCROWNED…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! 

The fans BOO as King slowly holds his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship high over his head.  Tony Lorenzo calls the both of them to come to the center of the ring, where Samantha Coil holds the microphone to his lips. 

Tony Lorenzo:  Alright, gentlemen, this is a good, clean fight, understand?  No Sovereign, no Soldiers, just the two of you, clear? 

King says nothing.  Alejandro says nothing. 

Tony Lorenzo:  We went over the rules in the back, so head to your corners and come out fighting! 

King and Alejandro continue to look at one another until King slowly extends his fist towards Alejandro.  Alejandro looks down at it for a moment before he pounds it and the two fighters move back to their corners! 

Eryk Masters:  A rare show of respect from Donovan King here tonight as he’s set to go one on one with The Saint. 

Other Guy:  Say what you want, King loves this business and he loves SHOOT even if he has a terrible way of showing it. 

The bell rings, bringing the fans’  attention to the center of the arena, in the ring.  Jaime Alejandro and Donovan King stand opposite one another, neither man moving.  King’s eyes flinch suddenly, and Alejandro stretches against the ropes.  The two men circle one another, pacing slowly, until Alejandro reaches out for a lock up that King swats away.  Alejandro reaches back for King, but King swats it away.  Quickly, King dives for a leg, but Alejandro steps back and King is back up, neither man catching a definitive move.  The two men eye one another for a long moment before Alejandro nods.  The fans are growing silent, watching intently. 

Eryk Masters:  I think we need to hunker down for this one, OG.  This doesn’t look to end any time soon. 

Other Guy:  Donovan King might not have had any serious mat time in over a year, but he’s bound to be showing signs of anxiety when he’s faced with a guy like Alejandro. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro’s had a hell of a career.  Going up against Donovan King is still gonna be looked at as a new experience for him. 

Alejandro looks at King and slowly points out to the fans, who begin to cheer as he does so.  King nods his head and smirks, saying nothing.  Alejandro grins at the cheers and slowly squats down into a proper wrestling position.  King does the same just as quickly and the two men lock up at long last.  Alejandro pushes forward, then King does the same.  Suddenly, Alejandro tries to jerk King’s head down, but King instead dives for a single leg takedown, quickly tripping The Saint up and bringing him to his back.  Alejandro is quick to spin to his stomach and King moves in one fluid motion into a front face lock of his opponent. 

Eryk Masters:  From the looks of this, I think Alejandro wants to test King’s training under OutKast. 

Other Guy:  Don’t forget, Eryk.  Dude shittalked his pedigree, you know?  He has every right to want to shut the detractor up, right? 

King grinds Alejandro’s head into the mat, and a small red rash is visible from the rug burn.  Alejandro’s face is squeezed tightly as the camera focuses in on their faces.  Alejandro’s is one of pain, King’s is one of intensity.  Both have their teeth gritted.  King quickly releases the hold, and the camera gets a good solid look at Alejandro’s rug burned face. 

Eryk Masters:  King is definitely trying to send a message to Alejandro here tonight. 

Alejandro and King circle one another yet again, the welt on Alejandro’s head slowly becoming more and more evident.  King shakes his arms, keeping them loose, while Alejandro pops his neck a few times back and forth, getting himself ready for the next go.  King suddenly locks up quickly with Alejandro, who counters into a side head lock, but King whips him to the ropes, Alejandro comes back, and he shoulder blocks King to the mat, prompting the cheers of the fans!  King rallies to his feet and Alejandro whips him to the ropes, but King catches HIM with a shoulder block, and the fans cheering turns to solid boos! 

Eryk Masters:  It feels like the two of them are in a game of one-upmanship.   

Other Guy:  Everything King can do Saint can do better, you think? 

Eryk Masters:  King was taught by the greats, OG.  He’s got the pedigree to be a Hall of Famer in any company he goes to.  But, he’s chosen to be here and he’s chosen his own path…and Jaime Alejandro is gonna make him pay for it! 

King picks Alejandro up, but Alejandro quickly breaks free and chops King HARD in the chest! 


King staggers into the ropes and Alejandro whips him to the ropes, only for King to leap frog Alejandro’s back body drop attempt.  King bounces off of the ropes and Alejandro catches him with a hip toss, but King counters, landing on his feet, and turns it into an arm drag which he quickly turns into a seated sleeper! 

Other Guy:  I have to commend King for deciding Sovereign can stay in the back.  After the way this evening’s gone for them, with the exception of Azrael’s so-called match, I’d be amazed to see an actual CLEAN finish tonight! 

Eryk Masters:  Whether he wants to admit it or not, OG, this match is a matter of pride for Donovan King! 

King wrenches in the hold and Tony Lorenzo asks Alejandro if he’s quitting, and Alejandro cries out NO!  He reaches for the hopes but King suddenly drops back to the mat and hooks his leg around Alejandro’s midsection, effectively cutting Alejandro off from the ropes altogether!  Alejandro reaches with his feet to find the bottom rope, but is completely unsuccessful.  King keeps the sleeper in and it looks like maybe Alejandro is fading until Alejandro pushes back HARD with his legs and manages to bridge into a pin attempt and Tony Lorenzo is there to count! 




King quickly rolls away from Alejandro, glaring at the wily veteran as he rolls to his hands and knees, trying to shake the cobwebs loose.  Alejandro slowly pulls himself up to one knee and King quickly SNAPS off a swinging neckbreaker to bring Alejandro BACK to the mat!  King bounces off of the ropes and hits a flying fist drop right to Alejandro’s welt!  King quickly gets back up…snap leg drop to Alejandro’s head!  King keeps the leg draped over Alejandro’s head and pulls up one leg for a pin fall attempt! 




King stands up and picks Alejandro up, dragging him to the turnbuckle.  He hits The Saint with a HARD European uppercut and whips him to the opposing turnbuckle.  King holds his hands out to the crowd, calling forth for some level of support from the fans and is met with total jeers!  King shakes it off and charges at Alejandro, but Alejandro ducks away and King is met with the turnbuckle!  Alejandro schoolboys King over for a pin fall attempt yet again! 




Alejandro shakes off the effects of King’s offense and quickly has King up and in his grasp…belly to belly suplex!  King bounces off of the mat and seems to use the momentum to get right back on his feet…YAKUZA KICK.  King is PLANTED to the mat as Alejandro drops him with the harsh boot.  Alejandro bounces off of the ropes and hits a quick front face driving elbow drop to King’s head, quickly stands up, and quickly hits a senton splash!  King cradles his chest as Alejandro flings him back onto his back and hooks the legs for another pin fall attempt! 




Eryk Masters:  Both of these guys are, seriously, taking my words away from me. 

Other Guy:  It’s the makings of a clinic, Eryk!  So many pin attempts, so many counters, we are witnessing a classic right here and right now! 

Alejandro picks King up and goes to whip him, but instead keeps the arm and PLANTS him with a short arm clothesline.  He keeps the hold on the free hand and quickly jerks King back up to his feet and brings him in close…inverted Atomic drop!  King’s head bends down just enough…Muay Thai High Knee!  King is DROPPED to the mat.  Alejandro sizes King up…REVOLU—KING ROLLS AWAY.  King rolls to the ring apron as the fans POP. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro had King set up for the painful and utterly devastating Revolution elbow of his, but it looks like King is well aware of how close he just came to defeat! 

Other Guy:  Jaime Alejandro knows what happens when a man gets caught in that elbow of his, after being eliminated by it at Under Siege for his Sin City Championship! 

King stays on the ring apron, trying to shake the cobwebs loose.  He sees Alejandro talking to Lorenzo, who seems to be protecting King from being attacked.  King turns his back on Alejandro and Lorenzo and faces the fans, who are busy flipping him off and insulting him.  Suddenly, without King being able to stop it…Alejandro is behind him and has him in a full nelson! 

Other Guy:  Okay, what is he planning on doing with King on the ring apron?  He can’t submit him! 

Alejandro DEAD LIFTS KING OVER THE ROPES INTO A DRAGON SUPLEX.  The fans ERUPT as Alejandro bridges for just a moment before he rolls away, lifting King up.  He hooks King up in a double under hook…TIGER SUPLEX…he rolls King up yet again and crosses King’s arms…X-PLEX.  Alejandro stands up, lording over King’s body, the fans popping as The Saint slowly bends down to pick King up…KING HITS A SMALL PACKAGE! 



Eryk Masters:   Donovan King ALMOST ON INSTINCT there…BARELY gets Jaime in a small package, but Jaime is much, much stronger than he is right now, he powered right out of it! 

Alejandro picks King back up…back waist lock…GERMAN SUPLEX…he rolls back through, HALF NELSON SUPLEX…he picks King back up…DRAGON SUPLEX AGAIN…he rolls BACK through…picks King back up once again…TIGER SUPLEX AGAIN…rolls through AGAIN…X-PLEX AGAIN…HE ROLLS THROUGH ONCE AGAIN…GERMAN SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE! 




The fans hold their breath and release with a LOUD cry of disappointment as King BARELY manages to power out of the SIX suplexes in a row! 

Eryk Masters:  That was…that was what? 

Other Guy:  Dragon, Tiger, X-Plex, German, Half Nelson, Dragon, Tiger, X-Plex, and then ANOTHER German.  Dude, King HAS to be seeing stars right about now. 

King rolls over onto his stomach, breathing heavily and very obviously dizzy.  Alejandro picks himself up, holding his own head, and he wraps his arms around the prone form of King yet again! 

Eryk Masters:  Oh…oh dear. 

ALEJANDRO DEAD LIFTS KING UP…BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX.  The fans POP as King has been suplexed almost TEN times in a ROW.  Alejandro gets back up to his knees and looks down at King’s tired and weary form on the mat as the fans cheer loudly for The Saint! 

Other Guy:  My God!  What a series of moves!  Jaime Alejandro is the SHOOT Project Suplex Machine! 

Alejandro looks up at the fans and gets to his feet, slapping his chest as the adrenaline is in full effect!  The fans are cheering LOUDLY as Alejandro nods his head and points down to King, who has yet to move!  Alejandro slowly picks up King and looks ready for another belly to back…KING COUNTERS…DEALBREAKER…NO!  KHATA HAJIME!  TAZPLEX FROM ALEJANDRO!!  The fans ERUPT as King is AGAIN driven to the mat!  This time, Alejandro rolls over onto King’s body and goes for the pin attempt! 




Alejandro shakes his head and again covers King for the pin attempt! 




Alejandro slaps King in the face and goes to pick King up…KING with a Samoan Drop!  Alejandro is on the mat!  King staggers back to his feet and hits a knee drop to Alejandro’s head!  King rolls through, bounces off of the ropes, hits a second knee drop to Alejandro’s head that he rolls through and AGAIN bounces off of the ropes…and HITS THE REVOLUTION!  King covers Alejandro without hooking the leg! 




King grimaces as the camera gets a shot of King’s eyes, dazed and somewhat running off of instinct!  He gets back up and pulls Alejandro up as well.  He whips Alejandro to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Alejandro catches him and goes for a neck breaker, but King manages to overpower Alejandro just enough and nails his OWN neckbreaker!  He falls to the mat with Alejandro and keeps the arm and neck locked, rolls Alejandro over to his stomach, and BRIDGES up…WRENCHING up on Alejandro’s neck and arm! 

Other Guy:  That looks kinda similar to the Horns of Aries! 

Eryk Masters:  King has Alejandro locked in a spectacular submission maneuver! 

Alejandro’s fingers barely brush the bottom rope as King keeps the hold locked in!  Tony Lorenzo asks Alejandro if he’s had enough, but Alejandro can only cry out in pain!  He reaches again for the bottom rope, but barely brushes against it!  King grits his teeth and holds it in even tighter until Alejandro manages to grab full hold of the bottom rope!  The fans cheer as Lorenzo orders King to get off of him, but King refuses! 





King releases the hold finally…just in time to drag Alejandro just slightly into the middle of the ring and tries to apply the Carolina Crossface! 

Other Guy:  King is using his submission maneuver taught to him by his mentor!  He’s out to prove one hell of a point here tonight! 

Alejandro struggles against the Crossface as King keeps trying to lock his legs around Alejandro’s arm.  Alejandro quickly hooks his arm around one of King’s legs and rolls King over onto his back! 




King releases the hold just in time for Alejandro to get back to his feet.  Alejandro tries to shake off the effects of the Crossface and the Horns just as King charges at him!  King grabs Alejandro’s arm but Alejandro COUNTERS INTO AN STO!  King is PLANTED!  Alejandro keeps the arm…he rolls King over, hooks the other arm…FLIPS…NEGOTIATION! 

Other Guy:  Jaime Alejandro has Donovan King LOCKED UP TIGHT in the Negotiation, Eryk!  It’s only a matter of time before Alejandro secures the submission victory over the former World Champion! 

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King has too much pride to tap out tonight!  Not after everything that’s happened!  I have to disagree, OG, I don’t think King’s gonna tap out…but I DO think Alejandro’s gonna KNOCK him out! 

Tony Lorenzo gets down in King’s face and asks him if he’ll tap, but King screams NO!  Alejandro tightens the hold as King continues to cry out in agony.  King slowly gets his knees underneath him and he begins to rock back and forth.  This subtle action causes Alejandro’s bridge to suddenly lose its balance!  Alejandro tries to keep his stance wide, but King FINALLY manages to cause Alejandro to topple over and release the hold! 

Eryk Masters:  It’s amazing to see how well these guys have one another scouted, OG!  King isn’t able to get Alejandro tap, Alejandro can’t get King to tap, it’s gonna take a serious miracle to get either of these two guys to fall! 

King rolls away from Alejandro and steps out onto the apron directly in front of Eryk Masters and The Other Guy.  He holds himself, trying to block out the pain of the Negotiation when he turns and sees Alejandro doing the same, trying to shake off the effects of the Carolina Crossface.  Both competitors lock eyes and Alejandro, on instinct, charges King!  King holds down the top rope and Alejandro SAILS OVER…but Alejandro has his hands on the top rope and LANDS on the ring apron!  Alejandro with a HARD slap!  King immediately follows that up with an ELBOW STRIKE!  Alejandro with ANOTHER slap!  King rallies with ANOTHER elbow to Alejandro’s face!  SLAP!  ELBOW!  Alejandro goes for another slap, King ducks the slap, hooks his arm around Alejandro’s chest, balances himself…KING WITH AN EXPLODER SUPLEX OFF OF THE RING APRON TO THE FLOOR!!!   





Other Guy:  My thoughts exactly! 

Eryk Masters:  My shirt is gonna be soaked tonight after all this peeing my heart’s been doing!  Tony Lorenzo with the mandatory count! 






Other Guy:  Don’t let this end in a count out! 


King pulls himself up finally, on his knees… 


King throws himself against the ring apron, trying to keep himself up. 


King picks Alejandro up himself… 


He rolls Alejandro into the ring and slides in behind him!  He rolls Alejandro to the middle of the ring and hooks the leg and Tony Lorenzo is there for the pin and the win! 




Eryk Masters:  I LIKE IT! 

King clutches his face in frustration as Alejandro has kicked out of the Exploder to the floor.  He drags himself over to the corner and slowly picks himself up to the middle turnbuckle.  He looks over to Alejandro and then slowly pulls himself to the top turnbuckle.  He looks at Alejandro one last time and slowly stands himself up on the top turnbuckle…ALEJANDRO SPRINGS UP…he scales up the corner…TOP ROPE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX ON KING!  King is DOWN!  Alejandro is DOWN!  Tony Lorenzo has no choice but to begin the mandatory ten count! 




Other Guy:  I don’t care what company you work for, who you’re a fan of, THIS is the kind of match that makes me proud to be here in SHOOT Project! 



Alejandro slowly slides over to King… 


Alejandro drapes his arm over King’s body and Tony Lorenzo counts for the pin! 




Eryk Masters:  And somehow!  Someway!  This match continues here tonight! 

Alejandro shakes his head at King’s perseverance.  Slowly, Alejandro shrugs and pulls himself the rest of the way up.  He slowly walks over to King’s body and nudges it slightly with his foot.  He bends down and slowly picks up the former World Champion.  He hooks the head underneath his arm and the fans begin to pop! 

Eryk Masters:  They know what’s coming next, OG! 

Alejandro throws King’s arm over his head and looks out at the fans one last time before he reaches down to grab King’s tights.  He braces himself, but King hooks his leg around Alejandro’s to halt the Revolution! 

Other Guy:  If Alejandro can connect with this move, Eryk, he can call it a night!  No way does King get out of this one! 

Alejandro goes for the move again, but King blocks it yet again!  Alejandro braces one final time…KING SPINS AROUND DEALBREAKER!  DEALBREAKER!  ALEJANDRO IS DOWN! 

Eryk Masters:  OH MY! 

Other Guy:   King managed to turn the Revolution into a variation of the Dealbreaker! 

King slowly rolls to his side so he can see Alejandro’s body on the mat.  He begins to drag himself over to Alejandro’s body and hooks the near leg! 






Tony Lorenzo points to the ropes, Alejandro’s far leg is on the bottom rope!  The fans ERUPT!  King holds his head in shock!  He can not believe this!  King looks down at Alejandro before he looks to the skylights, shouting out in frustration! 

Other Guy:  Jaime Alejandro was DONE!  I’m amazed he found that bottom rope! 

King picks Alejandro up and whips him to the ropes, bends down for a back body drop, ALEJANDRO COUNTERS!  He stops himself, hooks King’s head and arm quickly…QUICK REVOLUTION!  KING IS PLANTED!  Alejandro is down yet again! 

Eryk Masters:  Both men are down!  Alejandro did his finisher in a last minute desperation move!  He’s got King down if he can just pin him this is all over! 

Other Guy:  Tony Lorenzo’s starting the count up again, Eryk, these two guys are not giving up without a fight!  This is insane! 







Alejandro is on his hands and knees, shaking his head in bewilderment.  He looks up to King’s body. 



Alejandro picks himself the rest of the way up and walks over to King, picking King up as well.  He drags King to the corner and starts to wail away on him with chops and elbows, mixed in with punches! 

Other Guy:  Violence Party! 

King is dazed in the corner as Alejandro sizes him up once last time, and he hooks King up for the Crimson Revolver! 

Eryk Masters:  I bet Alejandro’s hoping this is the move to end it all!  He can’t be happy about how much punishment King can take! 

Other Guy:  King’s gone something close to 90 minutes against Cade Sydal before, I think Alejandro knows what level of punishment King can take! 

Alejandro steadies himself and he throws King over…KING CATCHES ALEJANDRO’S HEAD ON THE WAY DOWN!  DEALBREAKER! 


King quickly hooks BOTH legs and Tony Lorenzo’s there! 





The fans ERUPT into boos for the most part, but the cheers of respect are there! 


“Power” by Kanye West picks back up as Alejandro cups his face, out of breath and barely able to focus.  King, meanwhile, has pushed himself away from Alejandro while Tony Lorenzo holds his arm up in victory. 

Eryk Masters:  Wow.  There you go, I guess.  There’s your message, Azraith. 

Other Guy:  Yeah.  Donovan King can go with The Saint, who is NOT REMOTELY the same type of wrestler as Azraith DeMitri. 

Eryk Masters:  King and Alejandro left it all on the floor tonight, OG.  If anything, I think that’s what King wanted Azraith to see. 

Other Guy:  Either way, a rare clean match from a member of Sovereign.  I guess it helps their goon Kilgore is injured now. 

King looks at Alejandro, who is slowly coming to.  They lock eyes as King rolls from the ring.  He is handed his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship as Alejandro gets up to one knee.  King slowly begins to smirk as he holds the World Championship high in the air, bringing more boos. 

Eryk Masters:  Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we got our main event set in stone for Reckoning Day.  That man right there, Donovan King, is set to challenge Azraith DeMitri for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship! 

Other Guy:  I guess this is what?  A unification match of sorts? 

Eryk Masters:  No doubt about it.  For all of us here in the SHOOT Project, we wanna say goodnight, and we’ll see you next time…here on REVOLUTION! 

“POWER” continues to play as the final image of Donovan King, his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship held high above his head, is shown. 


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