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Revolution 68 – 11/7/10

The scene opens to a black GTO pulling up to the arena. Out from the car steps Thomas Manchester Black. Black is wearing baggy blue jeans and black boots. He adjusts his black button up shirt as he walks towards the back of his car. He pops the trunk and reaches in. He pulls out a black steel pipe and slams the trunk close. TMB starts to make his way inside the arena when he is stopped by Abigail Chase. 

Chase: Thomas, you aren’t set to be here and… 


Before Chase can finish, Thomas places the pipe on his shoulders.  

TMB: Heh, do I look like I give two shits about where I am supposed to be right now. Where you not watching the show, Abby…come on tell me the truth… 

Before Chase can answer, black cuts her off  

TMB: You had to have seen what happened. An ace reporter like you always stays on top of things. How about this…I already know what you are going to ask. So just stand over there, and let me enlight the crowd and fans that have tuned in tonight. 

TMB waves Chase over to the side and signals the camera to focus in on him. 

TMB: Congrats Pestalance…you have my full undivided attention now. And now we get to have a little fun. You see I don’t need to drag anyone out to the ring and force you into a match. That’s not my style. What I’m going to do is give you until your match to agree to a match with me at Reckoning Day. If by your match, I don’t have an answer…there will be no match. Because me and this pipe are going to make sure you don’t make it to the ring. And don’t worry…I’ve already contacted a lawyer just in case we have to do things the hard way. And I have field a few contract offers just in case Eddie wants to threat to fire me if I touch you. So, Rande…tick tock, tick tock….I’ll be watching the clock… 

TMB pushes past chase and heads into the arena as the scene fades to the announce table.  

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.   

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell   

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.   

Train a little harder than you can or ever will   

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Trey Willett is shown, standing proudly at the entrance.  A third shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking. 

You need to think fast  

Cade Sydal is shown taking The Ox down, then quickly shown betraying Dan Stein.  That is followed quickly by a shot of The UK Dragon bouncing from one foot to the other in the middle of an empty ring. 

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!   

Adrian Corazon, snapping an ASP down, ready to strike.  Pestalance is shown grinning, having just hit his finishing maneuver on Thomas Manchester Black. 

Got news if you think you bad   

The next image is Crash Carver smirking an extremely confident smirk, pointing to the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of Del Carver is standing behind Crash, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with the eyepatch is seen, his brow furrowed.  Suddenly, the screen flickers quickly, and Del Carver is replaced by The Purple Haze, no longer in the shadows. 

All your other battles make me laugh   

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Osbourne Kilminster, painstakingly locking in his submission on his own wife, Sinnocence.  

You need to start runnin’…  

Charles Brandon Magnus and ‘Big’  Buck Dresden pound their fists in unison in an empty ring, ready for their next challenge. 

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!   

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders.  


Mr. Heart is shown decimating Charles Brandon Magnus with a hard brass knuckle hit, quickly followed by Mr. Heart holding the SHOOT Project Sin City Championship high over his head. 

You need a miracle!   

The Crimson Riot pose with their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts, cocky grins on their faces. 

Nothing’s gonna save you   

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown, followed quickly by Jester Smiles standing side by side with Donovan King over a fallen Azraith. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!   

Jeremiah Sloan is shown, his arms folded, quickly intercut with Alexander Freamon glaring intently into the camera, quickly followed up by Julian York adjusting his hair in the lens of the camera. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Alex Brooks giving a thumbs up to the camera is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Dan Stein is shown nailing his own Ninjaguiri to Thomas Manchester Black. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Ainsley Lake.  

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


The security guards watching the entrance from the talent car-pack open the doors to allow Osbourne Kilminster entry to the Epicenter. He strolls right past them, his jaw clenched and a scowl on his face as he marches with determination, already wearing his MMA shorts and wrestling boots in preparation for his match later in the evening, accompanied by his O.K. T-shirt. 

Turning a corner, his eyes widen as he immediately finds himself face-to-face with Thomas Manchester Black. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh looky looky. Name number one on the list. It’s Tommy Boy. 

TMB: Not now, Ozzy…I’m not in the mood to pop your ego and I don’t have the time to say I told you so. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Excuse me, was you sayin’ somethin’? Uh-uh. You can’t tell me nothin’! 

Smirking slightly, the Englishman quickly returns to a much more serious demeanour as he narrows his eyes at Black. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Go on then – told me what? 

TMB: Tell you what? Tell you that the hype and the smoke and mirrors aren’t there for you anymore. You are a shell of yourself because you forgot how to respect those that respected you. But hey…you don’t have to listen to me…my win over you is enough to prove my point. 

Kilminster shakes his head in disbelief for a moment before locking his eyes back on TMB’s and stepping in just a little closer. 

Osbourne Kilminster: This isn’t about that one time you caught me on a bad day. In fact, this attitude of yours is why I’m here. Someone thought it was funny to cheap-shot me last week and it just so happens you’re a suspect, Tommy Boy. 

Sinn: It wasn’t him, Ozzy.   

From behind the two men, the Valkyrie appears, her baseball bat in hand…still trolling the halls looking for her quarry –  the clown, the elusive Jester Smiles.  A frown spreads across her lovely face as she stares down her husband and ally. 

Sinn: Why would he ally himself with me and then cheap shot you?  Especially when he knows what will happen if he does? 

Black grips the black steel pipe on his shoulder a little tighter and looks at his "partner". 

TMB: One…If it was me, Ozzy…I’d make sure you saw it coming. It’s no fun taking you down a notch if you don’t know that I did it. Two…If I would of done it…trust me when I say, I’d be ready for any shitfall that would come from it. But then again this is me we are talking about. If I take one out, I’m making sure both are out. but we don’t have to worry about that now, do we, Sinn? 

Sinn: Yeah, and you know exactly what I would do to you, Tommy.  Now be on your way.  I’m sure Pestalance is hiding somewhere with the clown.  Shoot me a text if you find them.   

She turns back to her husband, pulling him down for a rough kiss. 

Sinn: You be careful, Ozzy. 

Slowly, Osbourne pulls back from her, looking her dead in the eye. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, I’ll be careful. I just hope you know what you’re doing. 

Looking back around at TMB, Osbourne tilts his head to one side. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Fuck my wife over and I’ll fuck you, simple as. 

TMB looks at Ozzy and licks his lips. 

TMB: Oh Ozzy…you make it sound oh so tempting. See you around. 

Shaking his head with mixed contempt and disbelief, Osbourne pushes past TMB, leaving him alone with Sinnocence.



“Carry on Wayward Son” hits the PA, as the crowd comes alive for the opening match for this week’s Revolution, and the introduction of Trey Willett!   

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  he stands at five feet, eleven inches… weighs in at one hundred and ninety one pounds… he is TREY WILLETT!!! 

Trey appears on the top of the ramp, to the delight of the fans, as pyro shoots off.  He raises his arms at the top of the ramp, and makes his way down to the ring, a look of extreme focus across his face. 

Eryk Masters:    There’s a man with a lot on his mind, and a lot at stake.   

Other Guy:    He looks like the pinnacle of focus, though.  He is absolutely ready for this matchup. 

The lights go down, and an orange glow takes over the ramp. A black image with only an orange smiley face takes over the video wall, drawn in a way similar to what happened to the chest of Curtis Rose. The fans boo, recognizing the SHOOT Project Soldier who’s on his way. 


Orange pyro EXPLODES and then dissipates into nothingness. Out from the back walks none other than Adrian Corazon, hair down, eyes covered by sunglasses. He’s got his typical scowl across his face.

The overcoat covering him nearly sweeps the floor as he makes his way down to the ring. He ignores absolutely everything going on around him, keeping his eyes trained solely on the ring. 

This is the point from which I could never return

And if I back down now then forever I burn

This is the point from which I could never retreat

Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace

This is the point from which I will die and succeed

Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed

From now on it can never be the same as before

Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico… he stands at six feet, three inches tall… he weighs in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds…  he is a former Iron Fist Champion… a former World Heavyweight Champion… he is the BRUTAL and the INHUMAN… CORAZON! 

Other Guy:    I know I say this a lot, but I think this is the baddest man in the SHOOT Project right now.  No disrespect to Azraith or Donovan King, but this man is all scary, all the time.   

Eryk Masters:    This guy gets on my fucking nerves, I’ll tell you that.  Did you hear his fairy tale this week?   

Other Guy:    Really only serves to further my point, E.  He’s a bad motherfucker. 

Dennis Heflin stands with the competitors in the ring.  Corazon and Trey’s eyes are locked on one another, and there are absolutely no smiles.  Heflin goes over some last minute details, before dismissing the two back to their own corners.  Satisfied, Dennis Heflin calls for the bell, and we’re off!  Trey immediately charges across the ring and flies into Corazon with a flying elbow!  Corazon’s caught off guard against his turnbuckle, and Trey goes to town with a flurry of rights and lefts into Corazon’s body!  Trey hooks Corazon around the neck and flies forward with a bulldog, driving Corazon’s face into the mat!  Trey hangs on and pulls Corazon to his feet.  He SLAPS Corazon across the face with a big right hand, and he follows it up with a snap suplex.   

Eryk Masters:    Sort of unexpected start to this match, I gotta admit.  Trey came out as a house of fire, clearly wanting to get him some.   

Other Guy:    Well, think about what he’s gone through at Corazon’s behest.  Obviously, he’s got a bone to pick. 

Trey pulls Corazon up by the hair, earning admonishment from Dennis Heflin.  Trey measures Corazon and then BLASTS him with a right hand.  Corazon’s rocked against the ropes, as Trey follows up, whipping him to the opposite side.  Corazon rebounds, and Trey lifts him up and over with a back body drop!  Corazon hits the mat hard, as Trey drops down across him with an elbow.  Trey covers! 



Corazon kicks out!   

Other Guy:    Corazon, though caught off guard, isn’t going to get beat by a back body drop and an elbow drop.   

Eryk Masters:    You never know, that was a particularly fierce elbow drop.   

Trey continues his attack, dropping a series of elbows across his opponents chest, each one with more downward torque.  Trey doesn’t go for another cover, instead opting to bring Corazon to his feet.  He hooks Corazon around the waist, and throws him over his head with a  belly to belly suplex!  He scrambles to Corazon’s position and picks him up once more, again hooking him around the waist, for yet another belly to belly suplex! 

Eryk Masters:    Trey is uncharacteristically crisp here.   

Other Guy:    You’re right.  Trey typically has a bit more of a sloppy, powerful style, but this is a much cleaner, more technical version of Trey Willett than what we’ve seen before.   

Corazon is heaving for breath, as Trey methodically goes to work.  He kneels down over the top of Corazon and begins laying into the face of the Inhuman, unleashing a vicious series of right hands!  Corazon reaches the ropes, as Heflin calls for a break, but Trey ignores him, continuing the assault!  Heflin counts all the way to 4.9 before Trey finally releases the hold.  Corazon holds his face in pain, as Trey taunts him, much to the delight of the crowd!  Trey doesn’t boast for too long, as Dennis Heflin scrambles out of the way.  Trey viciously kicks Corazon in the face, and Corazon rolls out of the ring and down to the floor.   

Other Guy:    Corazon making a good decision and getting out of the ring.  It’s clear that he’s completely overwhelmed here! 

Eryk Masters:    Trey definitely came to fight tonight.  That is one angry man.  You’re right, Corazon made a good decision escaping to the floor. 

Trey drops to the mat, and follows Corazon out to the floor.  Corazon is on his feet, and Trey is right behind him!  Trey pulls Corazon by the hair, as Heflin begins a count.  Trey turns Corazon around and whips him into the barricade.  Trey runs and clocks him HARD with a lariat, as Corazon clutches his back. Heflin makes it to five, as Trey rolls Corazon back into the ring.  He runs up the ring steps, and takes to the top rope.  Corazon gets to his feet, as Trey comes off the top rope with a diving clothesline!  Corazon rolls out of the way, and Trey sees this, rolling harmlessly away!  Both competitors are to their feet!  Trey rushes Corazon once more, but Corazon ducks, as Trey hits the turnbuckle chest first!  Trey turns around, clutching his chest, and Corazon NAILS him with a right hand that rocks him!   

Eryk Masters:    Well, it’d been all Trey, all the time with this match, but Corazon FINALLY got away from him and was able to land a punch!   

Other Guy:    And I think we’re about to see the Brutal and Inhuman live up to his name.   

Corazon punches Trey hard in the face again, and then wipes hair out of his face.  He measures Trey up and then hits him with a NASTY knife edge chop to the chest!  Corazon gives Trey no time to react, as he does it again and again and again!  Heflin comes over and gets between Corazon and Trey, warning Corazon about the impending DQ.  Corazon backs off, and Trey moves forward, but Corazon catches him and hooks him before throwing him with a T-Bone Suplex!  Trey crumples onto the mat, as Corazon gets back to his feet.  Corazon pulls Trey to his feet, takes a couple of steps back, and then rushes forward and drops him with a VICIOUS clothesline.   

Other Guy:    Yep, it’s gametime, E. 

Eryk Masters:    Corazon’s offense, of course, is all about suplexes and dropping people on their head so he can set up for the Act of Inhumanity.   

Other Guy:    He has also, of course, added some signatures to his repertoire, “borrowing” the Reality Check from Real Deal and calling it the Act of Reality, for one thing.   

Corazon pulls Trey to his feet, and basically facemasks him, shoving him into the corner, where he goes to work with the knife edge chops once more!  Heflin gets in the middle again, but Corazon gives Trey no time to recover.  Corazon pulls Trey forward, swiftly moves behind him, hooks his neck, and drops him across his back with a reverse back cracker!  Trey stays standing, though clutching his back, as Corazon gets back to his feet.  Corazon boots Trey in the gut, doubling him over.  He grabs Trey in a front facelock and hoists him up, before dropping him down hard on the back of his head with a brainbuster!  Corazon goes for the cover! 



Trey kicks out!   

Eryk Masters:    Trey taking a lot of head, neck, and back damage here.  Corazon’s wanting to make sure he doesn’t walk out of this match with no ill effects. 

Other Guy:    Well, that, and you know these two guys are headed for a throwdown again.  Corazon is a genius to work Trey over like this. 

Corazon beats Trey to his feet, as Trey is to his knees.  Corazon lines up and NAILS Trey in the chest with a stiff kick.  Trey doesn’t go down, and Corazon hits him again!  Trey STILL stays on his knees!  Corazon backs up and rebounds off the ropes, but Trey pops to his feet, and FLOORS Corazon with a clothesline!  Trey lets loose a primal scream that the crowd responds to!  Trey beckons for Corazon to get up, as Corazon gets to a knee.  Trey bounces off the ropes and NAILS Corazon in the face with a knee!  Corazon falls back, and Trey goes for a cover!   




Eryk Masters:    Close call there!  Trey nearly had it!   

A chant breaks out for Trey, as the crowd begins to chant “BRAN-DON!  BRAN-DON!  BRAN-DON!”  

Other Guy:    WOW.  They’re chanting his SON’S name.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that happen!  What do you think that must mean to Trey?! 

Trey grins, and stands, pulling Corazon up to his feet.  Trey flips Corazon off and pops him in the mouth once more!  Trey whips Corazon into the ropes, he attempts to throw a clothesline but Corazon ducks!  Corazon rebounds off the ropes and attempts the Act of Inhumanity, but Trey catches him in mid air and just SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!  The crowd goes WILD.   

Other Guy:    LOVE that.   

Eryk Masters:    Corazon’s Act of Inhumanity gets stuffed by a simple spinebuster, and Corazon’s down on the mat!   

Trey goes for a cover!   




Heflin signals for a two, and Trey is frustrated!   

Eryk Masters:    Really surprised at the kickout right there, I gotta be honest!   

Other Guy:    I’m with you on that one, E, I thought that might have put Corazon down!   

Trey slams his fists into the mat in frustration, and doesn’t notice Corazon getting to his feet!  Trey stands up, Corazon stands up, and Trey turns around RIGHT into a superkick from Corazon!  The Act of Reality!  The crowd’s chant IMMEDIATELY transforms into a RAUCOUS series of boos! Corazon smirks as Trey is laid up against the turnbuckle.  Corazon begins SHOUTING at Trey!   


Eryk Masters:    That’s just a little bit disturbing.   

Other Guy:    A little bit?   

Eryk Masters:    Corazon in COMPLETE control here. 

Corazon SLAPS Trey across the face!  Trey’s eyes open and he stares a HOLE into Corazon, who just smiles back.  Trey shoves Corazon away and explodes out of the turnbuckle, but gets caught with a HARD right elbow.  Corazon lights Trey up, and Trey is busted open!  Hard elbow after hard elbow, followed up by a series of vicious rights and lefts!  Blood pours down Trey’s face, as Corazon signals for the end of this match.  Trey comes alive though!  He’s FURIOUS!  He drops down and hits Corazon with a low blow!  Corazon’s doubled way over!  Trey draws a thumb across his throat!  He pulls Corazon into a double underhook!   

Other Guy:    The Dawn of a New Era!?   

Corazon breaks the hold!  He’s standing upright!  Corazon hits Trey with a knife edge chop!  Trey returns the favor!  Corazon nails him again!  Trey responds with a big right hand punch!  Corazon throws a left!  Trey is rocked!  The crowd chants for Trey!  Trey throws a right hand, but Corazon blocks it!  Corazon shoves Trey against the ropes, and Trey rebounds right into the ACT OF INHUMANITY.   

The life is sucked out of the crowd.   

Eryk Masters:    That’s probably going to do it.   

Other Guy:    No heart peeing?  Nothing?   

Eryk Masters:    Nah.  I fucking hate Adrian Corazon.   

Corazon goes for the cover. 

Heflin makes the count.   




Heflin calls for the bell, as Corazon stands with his hands raised!   

Samantha Coil:  Your winner, at a time of seventeen minutes and twenty four seconds…  CORAZON.   

Other Guy:    I don’t think Corazon’s finished, E.   

Corazon knees down over Trey, and wipes some of the blood from Trey’s face 

Eryk Masters:    Fucking gross.  Get this fuck out of here.   

Other Guy:    Is he…? 

The crowd erupts into a mess of boos, as a bloody image on Trey’s chest becomes visible. 

“ 🙂 “ 

Corazon stands over him, raising his hands, as “Point of No Return” by Immortal Technique picks up over the PA system.   

Eryk Masters:    Can we go to the back?  Something?   


A dark mahogany door bearing a gleaming golden-coloured plaque engraved with a single word stands between one man and the answers he needs. 

Osbourne Kilminster’s shadow darkens the door as he studies the word “Sovereign” upon the plaque, his eyes narrow and his jaw clenched. His hand reaches out for the door handle, but he pulls back, sucking in a deep breath, the air forcing out his initial hesitation as he reaches out, opens the door and steps in almost as a single, fluid motion, the door slamming shut behind him. 

Looking right ahead of him, he sees Donovan King sat on one of the padded chairs, but glancing back over his shoulder he can see the ominous form of Pestalance, but his attention immediately returns to King. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Been a while, Donovan. 

King slowly looks up at Osbourne Kilminster as Pestalance slowly circles back to King’s side.  Pestalance is silent still as King motions to Pestalance to relax.

Donovan King:  Before dis gets too outta hand…you here for war or peace?

Pestalance clenches his fists, grinning. 

The Englishman tilts his head as he locks eyes with King. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Hopefully, neither. I came to talk. You know that shit isn’t my style. 

Donovan King:  So…okay.

King stands up and holds his hand out to Pestalance.

Donovan King:  Give me a few minutes, homie.  Anything pops off, pretty sure I can take it.

Pestalance slaps hands with King and walks past Kilminster, his eyes burning a hole through him.

Donovan King:  So…what’s up, Viking? 

Osbourne turns to watch Pestalance leave the room, his eyebrow raised as his attention returns to King. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Your boy’s determined to start a fight from the moment he wakes up in the morning, isn’t he? 

Sighing, Osbourne grabs one of the padded chairs and sits in it, all the while his eyes unwavering from his conversing partner. 

Osbourne Kilminster: So… Yeah… Some fucker jumped me last week. Did you hear about that? 

King takes a seat in front of Osbourne.  He says nothing, simply letting his nod of acknowledgement speak for him. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Heard about it, right? Didn’t happen to hear who it was? 

Donovan King:  Contrary to popular belief, the center of evil doesn’t always equal Sovereign.  You…DO realize I can’t answer for them crazies out there like Pest there.

King shrugs.

Donovan King:  Not to mention Corazon…Goeren’s ego…sorry, big man.  Like I said.  There’s more to SHOOT than Sovereign.  You gone an’ found Cade Sydal?  He’s a dickhead, too.

King rolls his eyes.

Donovan King:  Don’t mean no disrespect, Viking.  Fact is, I don’t keep my ear to every door in the Epicenter. 

Kilminster in a deep breath, raising his eyebrow at King. 

Osbourne Kilminster: I could find Cade, yeah. He’s a dick and he knows I’d have no problem checking his chin, but the fact is… it wasn’t Cade who threatened my wife a few weeks ago. Wasn’t him who told her I’d be hurt if she fucked around with your shit. You see why logic’s brought me to your door, right? 

Leaning forward, Osbourne narrows his eyes a little. 

Osbourne Kilminster: You can’t answer for your dogs, maybe, but if you tell me you had nothing to do with it then we kind of both know it means they didn’t either, don’t we? I’ve made it my business not to get involved in your business, but I remember your roots. You’re old-school, deep down. Give me your word and I’ll take it. 

King leans back in his seat.

Donovan King:  I made…mistakes, Kilminster.  I don’t apologize for any shit I did with your lady.  Fact is, I had ideas on what I wanted for dis company and, at the time, it made sense to harm people on a personal level.

King shakes his head. 

Donovan King:  But that?  That ain’t how I want dis company to be.  You notice, every time I came at Az, I came at him face to face.  He knew the hell comin’ his way.  I’m still the Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion.  I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to shatter your legs, I wanted to hurt your wife…and I wanted to maybe do something to her son. 

King leans forward now, eyes locked on Kilminster’s.

Donovan King:  But if I want to beat your wife down, take her apart…I’ll do it the same way I’d do it to you.  I’ll do it in that ring out there.  I don’t operate in sneakin’ around.  If you find it’s one of us doin’ shit to you…I won’t answer for them…but I’m not gonna stop a man gettin’ hit up from behind from comin’ to take his pound of flesh. 

Kilminster holds King’s gaze, unwavering, unblinking as the two men try to read eachother. Slowly, the very corner of Osbourne’s mouth curls into the tiniest of smirks. 

Osbourne Kilminster: It takes a man to admit he made mistakes. You were out of line going for her the way you did and I’m glad you see it that way. She stopped me getting involved, playing the tough bitch. That’s her prerogative. I did come here with a plan to tell you exactly what I’d do if you ever tried that shit again, but I can respect you see where you went wrong. I trust I can take this… "confession"… as a promise that I ain’t going to need to rattle that shit off… Am I right? 

Donovan King:  Trust, I couldn’t care less if you wanted to talk your silly ass husband chivalry speech.  It wouldn’t make a dent if you tried to.  Swingin’ your little Mjolnir around might impress her, but like I said…I couldn’t care less.

King sighs.

Donovan King:  Just like there’s nothin’ I can say to make you do a damn thing I tell you…there ain’t shit you can say to scare me into not doin’ what I want to do.  You’re you, I’m me.  I know dealin’ with people like you two, hittin’ you on a personal level ain’t gonna stop you or really do shit to you.  Please believe, Ozzy.  I beat you once before, your girl can’t touch my talent in the ring, an’ I don’t need to take it to that shitty level to prove my points.  I’m better than that. 

King pauses.

Donovan King:  Make no mistake, Ozzy.  I respect what you an’ her can do in that ring out there…an’ a warrior like you belongs in a place like this here.  But, seriously?  Honestly?  Our time’ll come again, you an’ me.  An’ when that time comes, you can walk the back halls in peace.  Jada Kaine can walk the halls in peace.

King motions to the door. 

Donovan King:  But when that time does come…you’re fuckin’ done in that ring.  She’s done in that ring.

King repeats himself.

Donovan King:  In.  That.  Ring. 

Kilminster smirks broadly as he stands and kicks the chair out of his way en route to the door. As his hand clasps the handle, he looks back over his shoulder to King. 

Osbourne Kilminster: When that time does come, I’ll be ready. Any time. 

He nods to King as a mark of parting respect before exiting the room, the door slamming shut behind him. 

King stares at the door for a long moment before he leans back in the chair, slouching and sighing heavily, closing his eyes as if he were exhausted.



The arena lights dip slowly as the PA system plays out a familiar air-raid siren before it rumbles and squeals with Disturbed’s anthemic “Indestructible”, hailing the arrival of the Englishman who appears, illuminated only by a single red spotlight upon him. 

Osbourne Kilminster adjusts the velcro wrist straps of his black MMA gloves as he steps forward, shaking out invisibly creases in his camo TapOut shorts with each step, his low-top wrestling shoes slamming down with with determination as his eyes fix upon the ring. 

I’ll have you know

That I’ve become 


Reaching the end of the ramp, he leaps up onto the apron and ducks under the top rop, bouding into the centre of the ring as his gaze extends out into every corner of the Epicenter. 

Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive

I’m an indestructible master of war! 

As the music cuts out, Willie Dean ushers Osbourne to the far corner of the ring. Osbourne pushes his gumshield in as he bounces on the spot, eagerly awaiting his opponent. 

Samantha Coil: Now in the ring, weighing in at 235lbs and hailing from Birkenhead, England… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! 

Eryk Masters: Kilminster certainly looks game for this tonight. 

Other Guy: Boy always brings the heat. 

Eryk Masters: If not for the music, you might have heard a pin drop when he came out though. 

Other Guy: He’s a bit of a wild-card, a loose cannon lately. People don’t know what to make of him. They respect him, but nobody knows exactly what’s up with him. 

Suddenly, the darkness in the arena is broken as yellow lights come on and bathe the entire Epicenter. 

Who the hell said any of you get a taste stupid?


The crowd roars as the opening lines of "Lights Out" by Mindless Self Indulgence play over the arena speakers and Lennox Ferguson appears at the top of the ramp-way wearing a black hoodie and jeans with the Iron Fist championship slung over his shoulder.


Samantha Coil:And now, making his way to the ring, hailing from Parts Unknown and weighing 230 pounds, he is your IRON FIST CHAMPION… LENNOX ‘THE OX’ FERGUSON! 

The Ox raises his fist up into the air as he makes his way down to the ring and hops up onto the ring apron. He takes a second to scan the audience before handing over his title to Samantha Coil and tossing his hooded sweatshirt into the crowd – causing a mad scramble at ringside.  

Pushing the ring ropes open Lennox Ferguson pauses for a second, his attention focused on the row of empty chairs directly to the right of the announcers. It’s just enough to be noticeable but otherwise Lennox quickly moves into the ring and turns his attention to his opponent.


Eryk Masters: The Ox seemed rather interested in those empty seats OG – think it has anything to do with those envelopes he was handing out backstage at our last show? 

Other Guy: I’m sure it’s nothing more than Lennox trying to make friends by offering premiere seating to roster members’ relatives. But, if anyone is trying to organize a conspiracy against Sovereign, you can bet Lennox Ferguson is the only one stupid to do it. 

Eryk Masters: And there’s been non-stop rumors this week that Ox is the one behind the Tyr mask in Azraith’s video address to the Sovereign. Maybe Ox is trying to ensure he can escape the Epicenter alive tonight. 

Other Guy: Like I said, if there is someone stupid enough to fight not only one match against someone as talented as Osbourne Kilminster, but also against Pestalance and Goeren, even after being threatened with being fired and stripped of his title… it’d be Lennox Ferguson. That guy is as dumb as an…


Eryk Masters: Ox?


Other Guy: How’d you guess?


Eryk Masters: Call it a hunch. 

As Willie Dean checks Ox, Osbourne’s eyes burn holes in him, a favour reciprocated by the Iron Fist Champion, even as he’s ushered into his corner. 

Eryk Masters: Intense. 

Other Guy: This is gonna go OFF. 

The bell rings! IT’S ON! 

Osbourne charges right into the centre of the ring, his hands high against his temples as Ferguson walks out slowly, his right fist extended. Puzzled, for a moment, Osbourne taps Ox’s fist with his own before resuming his guarded stance. Ferguson nods and the two begin slowly circling eachother. 

Other Guy: Nice respect there between these two. 

Eryk Masters: Yeah. Something of a surprise given how heated their respective promotional videos got this week, but they are sportsmen nonetheless. 

Ox twists his entire body as he spins toward Osbourne with a spinning elbow! Luckily, Osbourne’s arm take the brunt of the blow as he steps back and immediately shoots in at Ox’s legs, but Ox swings his hips back and his legs out behind him, blocking Osbourne’s shoulders and sprawling out! Osbourne’s quick getting back to his feet, but so is Ox and Osbourne is on the back foot as he blocks a fast series of punches aimed at his head! With his back now on the ropes, Osbourne reaches out and clasps Ox’s head in a Thai clinch and rams a knee right into his face! Ox wobbles slightly but slides an uppercut right under Osbourne’s chin! Osbourne tucks his head in against Ox’s and brings up another knee, this time driving home into the floating ribs! Another knee! Another! Ferguson manages to grab Osbourne’s leg and tries to scoop him down with a single-leg takedown, but Kilminster drives an elbow right down into the top of Ox’s head and a cut immediately opens as Ox drops to his knees! 

Other Guy: Holy shit! 

Even on his knees, Ox tries to grab Osbourne’s legs to take him down, but Osbourne sprawls and drops his bodyweight down on top of Ox, spinning around to take his back, but Ox keeps his head down and his elbows tight to stop Osbourne getting his hooks in. Kilminster raises his fists and rears back, about to unload when he changes his mind and steps off, backing away to the other side of the ring. 

Eryk Masters: What just happened? 

Other Guy: I think Lennox Ferguson just brought it to Osbourne Kilminster in ways he never fucking expected! 

Eryk Masters: Let me tell you now, if you do not already know – there are not many men in this company who can take it to Oz like that. 

Other Guy: I didn’t even know Ox knew how to block a takedown like that! 

Eryk Masters: That elbow that started it off too… Looked mighty familiar… 

Ox stands and stares across the ring at Osbourne, who stares right back and he shakes his arms out with a smirk and a slight nod of respect. 

The fans cheer wildly as the two approach eachother again, both with their guards high! 

Other Guy: Here we go again! 

Osbourne immediately tags Ox with a high kick, which is absorbed fot the most part by his upper arm, but it’s enough to slightly stagger the Iron Fist Champion and Osbourne lunges in with a flying knee! Ox side-steps it and catches Osbourne around the waist, throwing him through the ropes and to the outside with a belly-to-back suplex that SMASHES Kilminster into the guard rail! 

Other Guy: Fuck! 

The crowd begin a “HOLY SHIT!” chant as Osbourne rolls onto his hands and knees. Ferguson paces in the ring as Osbourne slowly gets to his feet, holding himself up on the guardrail for a moment as the cobwebs clear before he rolls into the ring and stands, again staring down the Iron Fist Champion as the fans go absolutely fucking nuts! 

Eryk Masters: I haven’t seen anything like this before. 

Other Guy None of us have! Ox got ninja skills on the down-low! 

Again, the two circle. Ox fires off a few jabs, gauging the distance. Osbourne is happy to bob and weave on the outside as Ox steps in with more hooks and uppercuts! Ox tries for a close-quarters clothesline, but Osbourne shoots in underneath and picks Ox up on his shoulder, walking him into the center of the ring before SLAMMING him down onto the canvas! Kilminster takes side control and rains down forearms and elbows into Ox’s face! Ferguson realises he’s in a bad spot and bridges up with all his strength and throws his legs over his own shoulder to come up on his knees. As the two scramble to get back to their feet, Ox shoots in on Osbourne, taking him down and landing in his guard, immediately raining down with punches and elbows! 

Other Guy: Shit! You see this reversal! 

Eryk Masters: Wow. Ox just seems to be improving every single week! 

Other Guy: It’s like he’s getting better as this very match goes on! 

Eventually, Osbourne manages to pin down Ox’s arms to his chest, allowing him to pull the left one free and open him up so Osbourne can swing his legs slightly and lock in a triangle choke! Ox’s eyes bulge as he realises his predicament, trying to pull himself free, but Osbourne grabs his own foot and pulls it up deeper into the crook of his knee, tightening it! 

Eryk Masters: How prepared is Ox for this

Other Guy: You can’t prepare for a triangle. There’s ways out, but once it’s locked in tight, you better hope God smiles on you if you wanna get out. 

With the fans roaring in their support of him in his darkest moment, Ox gets his feet under himself and summons every ounce of strength from every muscle and sinew in his body as he stands, hoisting Osbourne Kilminster up on his shoulders! Realising the danger he’s in, Osbourne releases the triangle, dropping his legs, but as he does so, Ox grabs his throat, swings and drops to one knee, SMASHING Kilminster’s back across it! The fans go absolutely ape-shit! 

Other Guy: Die Hand Des Gottes! DIE HAND DES GOTTES! 

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD! 

Other Guy: God really did smile on Lennox and he hit Azraith DeMitri’s signature move right there! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! 

Osbourne Kilminster lays with his head and shoulders on the canvas, his hips too, but his back arched and his legs at awkward angles. Ferguson is still down on one knee, his face still bright purple as he sucks in deep breaths, trying desperately to re-inflate his lungs. He reaches down and places a hand on Osbourne’s chest, looking to Willie Dean, who drops to the canvas… 

Willie Dean: One! 



It’s unclear if it’s just a violent spasm or if Osbourne actually kicks out, but in a single motion he flips over onto his stomach, much to the surprise of Ox. 

Eryk Masters: How did he do that?! 

Other Guy: He’s one tough motherfucker. 

Eryk Masters: They both are! 

Other Guy: Amen to that! 

Ox wipes away streams of blood from five or six different cuts on his face and dabs at a river of blood flowing from the cut in the top of his head as he watches Osbourne slowly rise up on his knees and get back to his feet. The two look eachother in the eye as Kilminster wipes away blood from similar cuts around his face. Fans cheer for both mean as they stand, their eyes fixed on eachother, looking for weaknesses, looking for any sign that they could end this. 

Eryk Masters: So much respect in there. 

Kilminster fires first, his shin colliding with Ox’s floating ribs! Ox coughs up a mouthful of blood as he staggers back! Kilminster fires in with another, but Ox catches the leg and SPIKES him into the canvas with a T-Bone suplex! Clearly dazed, Osbourne tries to get up and stumbles as he tries to get his footing, EATING a bomb of a right hand from Ferguson that sends his gumshield flying out into the seventh row! Osbourne staggers, his guard dropped and his legs crossed as he stumbles across the ring, trying to hold his guard up and regain his composure as Ox charges in! 


Osbourne’s right glove connects with Ox’s chin and he’s down! Lennox Ferguson is flat on his back on the canvas, his eyes rolled right back, but Osbourne’s down on his knees, frantically trying to rip his glove off! 

Other Guy: Have we got a fucking sniper on the roof?! Look how Ox just went down! 

Eryk Masters: He just got his lights turned right out by the looks of it, but look at Osbourne! I think he broke his hand! 

Other Guy: I’m not surprised! That gotta be the hardest fucking punch in SHOOT Project history! 

The fans begin a count, even though this isn’t an Iron Fist match! 



Osbourne finally rips off his right glove and, as expected, his hand is swollen to fuck and bright red. 



Willie Dean hovers around Ox, looking over to Osbourne, who cradles his injured hand and looks like he;s doing all he can not to cry! 




Finally, Osbourne pulls himself to his feet and looks at Ox. 


He walks over toward him, ready to drop down for the cover… 


Osbourne’s jaw drop in shock and awe verging on abject horror as Lennox Ferguson SITS BOLT UPRIGHT and stares right at him! 

The roof rattles as the stands erupt in thunderous cheers! 

Other Guy: I thought he was fucking DEAD. I kid you not… D.E.A.D. Dead 

Eryk Masters: I wasn’t far behind you! I thought he was out and he’d be leaving that ring on a stretcher! 

Kilminster paces, tearing off his left glove so he can massage his right hand as Ox stands and the two stare down one more time, drawing even LOUDER shouting and cheering from the fans! 

Other Guy:This can’t go on much longer. Something’s got to give. 

Osbourne holds up his guard and approaches Ox with caution, immediately on the back-foot as Ferguson storms at him with furious punches from all angles! He successfully blocks almost all of them with his arms and forces Ox back with a front-kick right on the hip-bone and leaps up for a flying knee, but in mid-air Ox catches his leg and drives a palm up into his chest, pressing Osbourne high into the air before crashing down onto one knee and damn near driving the Englishman THROUGH the canvas! 

Eryk Masters: THAT’S DEATH’S KNELL! 


Out of pure instinct, Osbourne rolls over onto his stomach to avoid being pinned. Ferguson grabs him around the waist and pulls him up to his feet, locking in a standing rear naked choke! Osbourne instinctively reaches for the upright locking arm, but Ox drops his center of balance below Osbourne’s and uses the leverage to suplex him backward, spiking his head into the canvas! Stunned, Osbourne barely reacts as Ox hoists him back to his feet, maintaining the grip around his neck, but again tries to break the grip as soon as he’s back to his feet, AGAIN to no avail as he finds himself planted into the canvas! 

Other Guy: Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that another Azraith thing? 

Eryk Masters: He calls it the Seraphim Dance, yeah. 

AGAIN, Ox drags Osbourne up to his feet, struggling to lift him up as his limbs give out on him, but managing to do so and SNAPS him back down with yet another suplex! Clearly exhausted, Ox has a very hard time pulling himself to his feet and an even harder time pulling Kilminster up whilst holding onto the lock. Osbourne’s face is bright red and his legs look fit to give out on him as Ox bends his knees to try and drop his center of balance, Osbourne does the same whilst trying to peel away the upright locking arm! Ox fights to hold onto it, standing upright again and trying to hurriedly drop his bodyweight, but Osbourne beats him to it! 

Eryk Masters: Can he escape this?! 

Other Guy:  dunno, man! He’s been banged up pretty bad, bashed about with those kata-hajime suplexes… 

With all his might, Osbourne yanks down on the locking arm to release the choke-hold, turning around to face Ox and simultaneously arcing his elbow right across his jaw! Lennox staggers, his jaw hanging loose and vulnerable as Kilminster swings his hips high and extends his leg, checking Lennox’s chin with his shin! The picture-perfect roundhouse drops Ferguson to his knees and Osbourne shoots right into his sternum with a shoulder-block, landing atop the Iron Fist Champion and pinning him to the mat! 

Other Guy: Here we go! 

Willie Dean drops to make the count as horrified fans gasp in surprise and some even boo! 

Willie Dean: ONE! 



Osbourne Kilminster raises himself up onto his knees, gazing up into the rafters as though thanking The Gods themselves as the bell rings and Disturbed kicks in. He slowly pulls himself to his feet as Willie Dean raises his hand. 

Samantha Coil: And your winner… at a time of thirteen minutes and twenty two seconds… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! 

Kilminster tugs his hand free from Willie and reaches down to help a weary Ox to his feet, shaking his hand and patting his shoulder as the fans show their approval with a chorus of cheers. 

Other Guy: I’m thinking Ox busting out some of those new skills earned some respect from Kilminster tonight. 

Eryk Masters: Certainly looks that way, and well-deserved too. 


We head backstage where we see the head and shoulders of the Sin City Champion, Mr. Heart. Heart is dressed in a designer suit with a red tie against a white shirt. The English Gentleman looks sternly towards the camera. In the background, ever so slightly, ‘Dance of the Knights’ can be heard. 

Mr. Heart: Good evening ladies and gentleman of SHOOT Project. You join me here in disdain and disgust. I, your humble Sin City Champion, am displeased and disheartened. You see, tonight, I was wishing to announce who had won the first round of the Apprentice… Instead, I come to you with much harsher news. 

Heart takes a moment to swallow, his whole face being incorporated into a frown. 

Mr. Heart: Last week, I tasked the contestants with producing two Promotional Videos with an unlimited budget. Julian York decided to stay at home, keep his foul mouth shut and throw my offer of a chance at the Sin City title – a title I have brought major prestige too – back in my face. In short , for all you dim wits in attendance, which is the majority of you Las Vegas idiots, he dropped the ball and went home. 

Heart shakes his head slowly. 

Mr. Heart: But that was not all… Oh no. Not only did Mr. York forget to do his homework… One contestant decided to anger me further by bringing his homework in late. Instead of displeasing me he decides to taunt me. UK Dragon, a man who hides behind a mask decided to disguise his insolence by handing in a shoddy and downright bizarre piece of promotional work.  

Heart slams his hand down, hitting something solid just out of camera. 

Mr. Heart: So, I bring you news of the end to the SHOOT Project Apprentice. No longer can a man of my stature, of my integrity work with such Neanderthals. I cannot work with fools, liars, cheaters and crooks. I can no longer be associated with cretins such as Julian York and UK Dragon. They may wish to dirty their names… But I, Mr. Heart, will not have my name trampled through the mud. 

As Heart speaks he tilts his head to one side and begins to speak with a more subtle tone. 

Mr. Heart: However, I am a man of my word… And , like all men of honour, I shall follow through with my promise. Alex Brooks… I officially declare you the winner of the Apprentice… You are a man who will go far within SHOOT Project. You are a man who is willing to put the effort in when called upon and show that being in the same segment as me does not daunt you. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, five-hundred-thousand dollars shall be transferred to your account… Congratulations. 

Mr. Heart claps slowly but loudly. He wears a proud grin on his face… Before that expressions turns back to serious within the blink of an eye. 

Mr. Heart: Oh… Mr. Brooks, I almost forgot. I offered a prize for winning this Promo War Challenge this week and I shall also honour that. The prize? You will have to wait until the time is ready… All things will become a little less ‘hazed’ in good time. However, until then, I urge you to continue to watch Revolution… The same goes for the rest of you clowns. 

Dance of the Knights becomes louder as the image of Heart is darkened out.


 camera cuts to the wrestlers’ entrance backstage at the Epicenter.  The door swings open as a grinning Azrael Goeren steps through, dressed in a neon pink pinstriped Bottega suit and a pair of thin white Dolce and Gabanna elite sunglasses.  He pulls his rolling designer luggage behind him as he navigates the backstage area, his free hand clutching his Evo 4 phone as he is apparently in the middle of a conversation. 

Goeren:   Nein, I just got the arena.  Fucking Daylight Savings Time, I think you Americans just make this shit up to confuse us. 

Azrael lets out a chuckle, stopping for a moment to grab a cup of coffee from an unpaid intern who just came back from catering.  Goeren gives an affirmative nod to nobody in particular, apparently liking what was just said on the other end of his phone. 

Goeren:   Absolutely, tonight is really going to be a hell of a night for me…for everyone in Sovereign really.  It’s not that often that I can cripple my good friend Azraith AND help SHOOT at the same time.  I’m telling you, its win-win…although… 

Azrael clears his throat. 

Goeren:   We’ll need to keep an eye on Rande’.   

He gives a solemn shake of his head and then waves off whatever it was he just heard. 

Goeren:   No nothing like that, he can still be counted on when the time comes. I just spent more time with him this week and his mental condition isn’t…well…let’s say optimal.  But he’ll stand with us, no doubt.  We’ve got history. 

Another low chuckle from Azrael as he begins to walk again, heading towards Sovereign’s dressing room. 

Goeren:   Well, you know where I stand on that.  I’d prefer if you were here now so we can…move things forward…but I understand your situation.  Besides, like I told you before…there is no need to rush anything.  We’re in a good spot right now.  And hell, when Rande’ and I decimate Azraith and his Pulp Fiction-esque gimp buddy Tyr later tonight, Sovereign is only going to come out of this stronger than ever. 

Azrael flashes a sly smile and tosses his coffee cup to the floor. 

Goeren:   Well, we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.  I’ll keep you posted on how things are progressing on my side, you handle your current affairs.   

Azrael’s suddenly slaps his forehead, looking shocked. 

Goeren:   Mein Gott, you’re right my friend!  I completely forgot about that.  Hold on, I’ll handle it right now. 

Azrael anxiously glances around, spotting someone off camera. 

Goeren:   You!  Come here! 

Azrael quickly pops out of sight, only to return with a SHOOT janitor who was busily cleaning up backstage.  The janitor is wearing a stained navy blue jumpsuit and a matching painter’s cap that barely stays on his head.  Long black strands of hair almost completely obscure the young man’s face as he flashes an absolutely terrified look at Azrael. 

Goeren:   Calm down friend, I’m not going to bite.  What’s your name? 

Janitor:   Paco… 

Goeren:   Paco…? 

Janitor:   Paco Casteneda 

Goeren:   Tell me Paco Casteneda, do you have any ring experience? 

Paco:   No, No! Well, I mean…I helped the ring crew take down the ring once. 

Azrael happily clasps his hands together before throwing an arm around Paco the Janitor’s shoulder. 

Goeren:   Well then, that’s good enough for me!  Next week, at the 2nd Goeren International Invitational you’ll be going one-on-one with me. Oh and it’s going to be a submissions match, I hope that’s kosher. Take care buddy. 

Paco:   WHAT!? 

Goeren:   You’ll do fine. I pay for your health insurance anyways. See you there sport! 

Azrael pushes Paco off-camera before he proudly gets back on his phone. 

Goeren:   There, problem solved. Thank God you reminded me, my undefeated streak isn’t going to extend itself. 

Azrael lets out another laugh before turning the corner and pushing his way into Sovereign’s locker room as we slowly fade to black.



The shot returns to the ring, where we see Samantha standing in the spotlight, holding the microphone.  As soon as she gets the cue, she holds the microphone up, and Mark Kendrick rings the bell three times to let the fans know the first half of the Main Event is about to start… 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is a one fall contest, with a 45 minute time limit, and is for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! 

The fans cheer loudly in approval, and suddenly the sound of ‘Freewheel Burning’ by Judas Priest starts to scream out of the sound system in the SHOOT Project Epicenter… 

Fast and furious

We ride the universe

To carve a road for us

That slices every curve in sight

We accelerate

No time to hesitate

This load will detonate

Whoever would contend it’s right

Born to lead at breakneck speed

With high octane we’re spitting flames 

Freewheel burning…


As the fans cheer their hearts out, Crash Carver and The Purple Haze burst from behind the curtain onto the stage, and then down the ramp, into the aisle. Both men have their hands extended and are exchanging high fives with the fans as they circle the ringside area and finally slide into the middle of the ring. 

Their music slowly fades, and is replaced with the explosive sound of ‘Raining Blood’ by Slayer. The Video Wall at the far end of the Epicenter lights up, and two men appear from behind the curtain and start to confidently make their way down the ramp, and up the aisle towards the ring.    

Both men are wearing their red ring gear, with the Aztec Eagle Logo.  Evan, the smaller of the two has the logo on the leg of his long tights, while Logan, the larger has it on the front of his singlet. Both men have the gold SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships secured around their waists. Ignoring the hostile reaction of the crowd, the two men enter the ring, leer at Samantha for a moment, and then head to the far corner, where they wait.    

Their music fades as Samantha points towards the challengers, who stand in the far corner, waiting…  

Samantha: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 404 pounds, the challengers: CRASH CARVER AND THE PURPLE HAZE! 

Both men raise their arms and nod seriously.  We can see that Xan has now appeared at ringside and is standing in their corner, leaning on the apron.  Samantha points to the opposite corner… 

Samantha: Their opponents, hailing from El Paso, Texas and weighing in at a combined weight of 515 pounds, here are Evan and Logan Garcia, your reigning and defending SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: THE CRIMSON RIOT!  

The fans jeer loudly, as Samantha ducks out of the ring and the fans settle in for the start of the match.  Mark Kendrick rings the bell, and Scott Kamura orders one member from each team to their respective corner.  Crash Carver heads to the apron for his team, and Logan Garcia heads to the apron for The Crimson Riot. 

Evan Garcia and The Purple Haze head to the middle of the ring to lock up. 

Suddenly Xan scrambles to the apron, points at Evan Garcia and shouts at the top of his lungs… 

“Miharu! Fukuzai kyouki! Kiwotsukete! Ashige genkotsu!  Kiwotsukete!” 

The Purple Haze looks at Xan quickly, then nods. As hard and as fast as he can, The Purple Haze up-kicks Evan Garcia directly on his right hand!  Garcia screams in pain, and his fist opens.  A pair of brass knuckles falls to the mat in front of him – and it becomes clear that Xan saw Logan pass them off at the last minute – and this is why Xan shouted; to warn The Purple Haze. 

Logan Garcia cusses loudly and starts to enter the ring, but before he can even get into the ring, Crash Carver has sprinted across the ring and hit the larger member of The Crimson Riot with a flying tackle.  The momentum carries both men right outside of the ring, into a heap on the outside!  The fans cheer at the daredevil display by Crash Carver. 

The Purple Haze leaps high into the air, and goes into a sitting position, in midair.  The Haze grabs Evan by his neck and hair and slams him face first, into the brass knuckles on the mat!  Evan Garcia literally bounces back up from the impact, and lands flat on his back – OUT COLD!   

The Purple Haze leaps back to his feet, and then gracefully executes a standing Shooting Star Press, right onto the body of the unconscious Evan Garcia, for the cover!  Scott Kamura has been watching Crash Carver and Logan Garcia outside the ring, but he turns in time to make the count… 




Eryk Masters: Wait a minute – wait a minute!  What the – how did – what just happened there? 

The Other Guy: I barely had time to adjust my headset and start announcing this match – and now we have NEW CHAMPIONS! 

‘Freewheel Burning’ starts to blast from the sound system again, and Scott Kamura grabs The Purple Haze by the arm, and hoists it into the air.  Crash Carver slides back into the ring and leaps into the air, pumping his fist.  He embraces The Purple Haze, and Xan hands the two men their new SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. 


Logan Garcia has now entered the ring, and he is on one knee, next to Evan Garcia, who is still laying on the mat next to the brass knuckles, totally out of it.  Logan is trying to wake Evan up, and he looks absolutely enraged at the sight of Crash Carver and The Purple Haze celebrating in front of him. 

Xan shouts at Scott Kamura, who nods and beckons to the security outside the ring. A crowd of five SHOOT Project security staff slide into the ring, and proceed to escort The Crimson Riot to their feet, and up the aisle!  Logan and Evan Garcia are screaming and cursing, but they are promptly being hustled up the aisle to the dressing room.  The capacity crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter starts to sing… 



The Other Guy: What the hell is this, security escorting The Crimson Riot out of the ring? 

Eryk Masters: After the damage they have done, especially AFTER their match at the Pay Per View, it’s obvious that Scott Kamura wants to make sure we don’t see a repeat performance.  If they attacked their opponents after they won the titles, what do you think they’d do after they LOST? 

The Other Guy: I guess, but I still can’t believe this happened.  We need to see a replay of that Masters, it all happened so fast! 

The announcers show a replay of Xan jumped to the apron and warning The Purple Haze about the brass knuckles.  We see The Purple Haze kicking the brass knuckles out of the hand of Evan Garcia, while Crash Carver takes Logan Garcia out, and then The Purple Haze giving Evan Garcia his version of “The X Factor” right on top of the brass knuckles for the surprise pin! 

We return to live action, and see that Dutch Harris has hustled down the aisle from the backstage area, and is now standing in the ring with the new champions. 

Dutch Harris: I’m here with Crash Carver and The Purple Haze, and you guys must be on cloud nine! 

Crash Carver holds his belt over his head and points to the fans, while The Purple Haze does the same thing. 

Crash Carver: WE DID IT BABIES! 

The fans roar in appreciation. 

Crash Carver: Dutch, The Crimson Riot used thug tactics on me on The Crash Pad.  They used thug tactics to beat us for the titles at Under Siege.  So we knew what to expect, and we were ready.  They didn’t want to face us in a wrestling match, they knew we would win, so we were watching for them to try something dirty – and we caught them at it.  And now we are the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions, and as we speak, security is sending The Crimson Riot back where they belong, dumping them out onto the streets! 

The fans cheer again. 

Dutch Harris: This must be exciting for you, Haze. 

The Purple Haze: You’re damn right it is, Dutch.  All anybody wanted to talk about was if I am real, who I am, and then about how tough The Crimson Riot are.  Well we stayed focused, we won the titles, and now we will re-establish the SHOOT Project Tag Team Division as THE premier Tag Team Division in all of wrestling. 

Crash Carver: That’s right, baby!  We’re the champs now.  The REAL Tag Team Champs, not those fake-ass wannabe titles that Dresden and Magnus have, either.  This is SHOOT Project and WE are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions. 

The Purple Haze: He said it!  Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden are not real champions, and they can take their interference, and their guest commentary, and their plastic titles and get the HELL out of SHOOT Project, because there are REAL champions here now! We’ll take on any team, anywhere, any time. 

Crash Carver: That means the Dumbass Brotherhood, that means Pestalance and Goeren, The Flying Avengers, Corazon and King, DeMitri and Willett, Ozzy and Sinn… 

Crash Carver’s rundown of the SHOOT Project Tag Team ranks is suddenly interrupted by the strange sight of four very large bald men wearing black suits, white shirts and black ties, with sunglasses and ear pieces emerging from the back and standing on the ramp.  All four men appear to be carrying… 

Cricket Bats?! 

Eryk Masters: The victory celebration of Crash Carver and The Purple Haze is being cut short by the appearance of these very unusual looking gentlemen, OG. 

The Other Guy: These are those big dudes who work for Mr. Heart!  And here they come! 

All four men slowly make their way to the ring, and step up on the apron, one man standing on every side, surrounding the new champions.  Dutch Harris drops the microphone and scurries out of the ring, leaving Crash Carver and The Purple Haze standing in the middle of the ring, looking around themselves apprehensively.  

Crash Carver picks up the microphone… 

Crash Carver: Hey I recognize you guys.  Mr. Heart’s hired goons.  Well, everybody knows Mr. Heart has to hire people to be his friends, and offer them money to hang around with him, so HE can’t want a shot at these belts.  But if he wants to hire somebody to… 

Crash Carver is cut off when all four men rush into the ring, swinging their bats wildly!  Crash and The Haze drop their belts and start trying to defend themselves, but they are outnumbered and their attackers are using the massive cricket bats as weapons.  Two of the thugs begin to beat Crash Carver down while the other two focus on The Purple Haze.  The bats are a blur as the hired muscle for Mr. Heart systematically pummel the new Tag Team Champions over and over again. 

Mark Kendrick starts to ring the bell repeatedly, and outside the ring Xan appears to be having a conniption, shouting up the aisle.  Unfortunately, there is no security available, because they are all escorting The Crimson Riot out of the building!  A group of referees rush down the aisle, but none of them are brave enough to enter the ring as long as the four bruisers are swinging the bats madly.  The fans are on their feet, booing and jeering as loud as they can, while hurling trash at the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Somebody needs to get down here and stop this, now!  This is getting out of hand!  Crash and The Purple Haze can’t defend themselves against this vicious assault!  They’re outnumbered two to one, and they’re being pummeled with those bats!  This is SICK! 

The Other Guy: That’s true, but on the plus side…Cricket seems to be a lot less boring than I was told it was! 

The scene is rapidly becoming grotesque.  Crash Carver and The Purple Haze are now clearly unconscious, but the four men continue to swing the bats down, hammering the defenseless Tag Team Champions.  Finally, the men beating Crash Carver down stop beating him, and leave him laying in a heap. 

All four men turn their attention to the Purple Haze.  One of the goons holds his hand up to his ear, and nods.  It looks as if he is being given orders through his ear piece?  The four men use their legs and roll the limp body of The Purple Haze out of the ring.  The Purple Haze falls in a heap on the outside of the ring.   

Two of the men slide out of the ring.  One of them pulls back the protective black mat that surrounds the ring, exposing the bare concrete floor.  The other man picks up the lifeless body of The Purple Haze, and easily hoists him up into the air, in position for a piledriver.  He just holds him there.  On the apron, the two other men stand on the edge, positioning themselves. 

Eryk Masters: Oh, no.  No, please don’t tell me they’re about to do what it looks like they are going to do… 

The Other Guy: This isn’t going to be good.  HOLY SHIT! 

The two men jump off the apron, and as they land, they each grab one of the Purple Haze’s legs.  The man holding The Purple Haze up sits out, driving The Purple Haze into the concrete floor, head first.  The crowd gasps and there are even some screams heard.   

Eryk Masters: Oh my gawd.  These four men – they just – they gave The Purple Haze a spike piledriver, right into the concrete floor of the SHOOT Epicenter. 

The Other Guy: That was out of control, Masters.  I can’t believe that.  They took this too far. 

All four men stand over the lifeless body of The Purple Haze.  A large red spot starts to grow on the top of the Purple Mask of The Purple Haze.  The announcers wordlessly show a replay of the spike piledriver.   

We see one goon pulling back the mat exposing the concrete floor. At the same time we can see another of the four men applying a standing head scissors on The Purple Haze, and grabbing around the masked man’s midsection. The good lifts The Purple Haze upside down and drops him head first to the concrete, by sitting down – while at the same time the other two men jump off the apron and use their momentum to push The Haze even harder by driving his legs downward.  The shot zooms in, and we see the disgusting sight of the masked man’s skull being driven into the concrete. 

We return to live action, and the arena has gone deadly quiet.  You can hear a pin drop.  The four men stand over the fallen body of The Purple Haze, who has not moved an inch, he simply lays in a sick heap on the concrete.  Xan is on one knee tending to Crash Carver, who is semi-conscious in the ring. 

The referees and a couple of security staff are shouting at the four hired goons to get away from the Purple Haze, but they are being ignored.  The four men stand over the fallen wrestler.  It looks as if they are actually considering delivering some more damage, as if they haven’t done enough.  The tension is thick in the air. 

Suddenly, the fans erupt.  We see at the top of the ramp, a masked wrestler has emerged, brandishing a steel chair.  His mask and his tights are designed with the Red, White and Blue of the American Flag, and he charges down the ramp, full speed towards the four men. 

Eryk Masters: JOHNNY PATRIOT!  IT’S JOHNNY PATRIOT!  The masked patriot is BACK in SHOOT Project after his stay in Japan, and just in time! 

The Other Guy: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually glad.  Somebody had to stop this before it went any further, and if Patriot is the man to do it, then good for him! 

As the fans blow the roof off the Epicenter, Johnny Patriot flies at the four goons, and starts swinging wildly.  His steel chair connects with each of their skulls in turn, and even though they have cricket bats, they are caught off guard, and after each of them absorbs a shot to the head, the gang of thugs beat a hasty retreat up the aisle towards the dressing room. 

The fans continue cheering in relief, as Johnny Patriot drops to one knee to check on the fallen Purple Haze.  Meanwhile, Xan continues to tend to Crash Carver, who is trying to struggle to his feet.  Now that the four goons have left the ringside area, two EMT’s rush down the aisle with a stretcher, and head right toward The Purple Haze. 

The camera shot returns to Eryk Masters and The Other Guy in the broadcast position. 

Eryk Masters: What a turn of events, fans.  Crash Carver and The Purple Haze defeat The Crimson Riot for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships, and appear to have sent them packing. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, but right after they win, they barely get a chance to celebrate, then they take the mother of all beatdowns from those four big bruisers who work for Mr. Heart.  We can only assume they were acting on his orders, and man did they ever do a number on the champs, especially on The Purple Haze. 

Eryk Masters: The Purple Haze was on the receiving end of one of the most disgusting and cowardly attacks I have ever been witness to in SHOOT Project, a spike piledriver onto the concrete floor, after taking a drubbing from four cricket bats.  I don’t even want to think what would have happened if Johnny Patriot hadn’t showed up and smacked those thugs with that steel chair. 

The Other Guy: We had heard rumors that Patriot was on his way back to SHOOT after a big tour in Japan, and I guess he didn’t want to see The Purple Haze go out like that. 

Eryk Masters: Crash Carver and The Purple Haze have been hustled backstage by our Emergency Medical Staff, and I can only assume that they will be heading directly to the hospital.  There’s no way we will have time to update you on their condition tonight fans, but stayed tuned to SHOOT and I’m sure all the latest updates will be posted there.


Rande sits in his locker room preparing for his upcoming match, as the camera slowly moves closer.  The camera comes to a stop as we watch Rande pull out miscellaneous gear out of his gym bag.  Without looking at the camera Rande speaks. 

Black, I though it was so cute how you showed up tonight all thuggin and buggin.  Ready to beat the shit out of me if I ignore your little challenge.  And to be honesty, I thought about not responding, just so I could see what you’d do.  

Rande finally looks up at the camera. 

But I decided that I would answer you Black.  Not cause I’m worried about what the consequences of not answering you are. I really don’t think you’ve got the balls to be honest.  And I don’t think you are stupid enough to open up that can of worms. See, I want you to know without a shadow of a doubt what my answer is.  And my answer…

Rande motions for the camera to come in closer.  The camera zooms into a tight shot of his face. 

Is No!

Rande chuckles and the camera moves back. 

I don’t have anything to prove to you Black.  Cause every time we step in the ring, I come out on top. There’s no reason to step in the ring with you again.  For what…a "Rubber Match"?  Please, I got better things to do. So go find someone else to play with.  I got grown folk business to take care of tonight. 

Rande nods his head in an upward motion and smiles. 

Holla at ya later bitch.


Cut back to the ring. The fans stand on their feet, looking up the ramp at the curtains. As Ronald Jenkee’s “Rocky Song Remix” begins to play, the fans go ecstatic; Signs go in the air, screaming girls everywhere. Until the electronic keyboard scratches to a halt, leaving the crowd in a quiet hush.

Eryk Masters: Oh, here’s a shocker. Someone’s going to tease Dan Stein’s music to get a rise out of the crowd and then come out to disappoint everyone.

Organ. Fast paced drumming. Record scratching.

God bless Us, Everyone

We’re a broken people living under loaded gun

And it can’t be outfought

It can’t be outdone

It can’t out matched

It can’t be outrun


Dan Stein steps out from the back with a steel chair, standing atop the ramp, looking out at the fans.

Other Guy: Spoke too soon, Eryk. Looks like Dan Stein is the one out here to disappoint everyone.

Stein looks over the crowd again, before hopping on one foot and dead sprinting to the ring. He throws his steel chair under the bottom rope before he slides under the rope behind it. As he pushed himself up to his knees, he grabbed the chair and set it up, but didn’t sit in it. Stein puts the microphone to his mouth, quieting the crowd.

Dan Stein: Last week, Adrian Corazon said he was going to… destroy me. He was going to use me to destroy all of our ‘jubilance and joy’. Last week, Adrian Corazon proved once and again…

Stein pauses, looking at fans as he drops the mic to create a dramatic experience.

Dan Stein: That his mami and papi never encante’d him…

The fans erupt, causing Stein to drop the microphone and take a step back. Stein refuses to show a smile, or laugh, though his exaggerated nodding gives away his playfulness.  Still, Stein steps behind the steel chair, placing his free hand on it as he puts the microphone back to his lips.

Dan Stein: Adrian didn’t end anything last week, though, did he? Of course not. If not for a timely referee distraction – lollercaust – Adrian wouldn’t even had won the match. Still, a win is a win, and the reason I am out here is not to insult Adrian’s victory, but instead to test Cade Sydal’s word.

The fans scream out their disdain for Cade, booing the very mention of his name. Stein nods, still exaggerated, patting the steel chair.

Dan Stein: Last week you told me I’d get my answers. I got enough balls for the both of us, Cade. Let’s hope you got the answers.

After a collective ‘OOH!’, the fans erupt again. Stein sits down, crossing his legs and fixing the ankles of his designer jeans. Stein waits a few seconds, before putting the microphone to his lips again.

Dan Stein: Any minute.

Stein looks down at his wrist, looking at a watch on his wrist that isn’t there before he stands up and stares directly into the hard camera.

Dan Stein: Cade, if you don’t come out here, eventually I’m going to go back there.

Stein lowers the microphone, waiting a few more seconds.

Dan Stein: Any minute at—

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to stop on the entrance ramp.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps out from the back, smirking down the ramp. A pair of loose blue jeans, with a tear in the left knee are topped with a bright green t-shirt, with an orange No Fear logo on the front of it. Slowly, from behind, Cassi Ryan walks out dressed in a pair of tight faded blue jeans with tears along the legs. A bright green halter top shows off her midriff as well as enhances her cleavage, a microphone in her hand as the music dies down. The pair continue to walk down the ramp, joining hands as they walk, and Cassi raises the microphone to her lips.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen…terms of endearment we both use lightly.

Cade nods his head in agreement with her, both of them sharing a smile with one another.

Cassi Ryan: Allow me to introduce to you the one man in this, or any other wrestling company around the world, needs no introduction whatsoever!

Eryk Masters: Then why give him one?

Other Guy: Shhhh! You’ll miss the introduction!

Cassi Ryan: The man that has held countless championship belts across the globe, in every organization he has ever competed in. A true champion of champions, a hero amongst villains!

The fans boo loudly at Cassi, and some even begin to throw trash at the couple as they finally make it to the bottom of the ramp.

Cassi Ryan: The multi-federation Hall of Famer, and with dozens of years left ahead of him in this business. He’s my boyfriend, and your worst nightmare! The pound-for-pound best in the world, no questions asked!

The fans boo relentlessly, finally interrupting Cassi as she turns to glare out at them. Stein smirks from inside the ring, hovering near the chair he had been sitting in.

Cassi Ryan: Whether you people sitting here, out in the casinos losing all their money, or at home like it! He’s the reason every single one of you tune into Revolution!

Cassi tilts her head back and takes a deep breath.


Cade raises his arms, out to his sides, up in the air as the fans in the Epicenter POUR the jeers down onto the couple. Cade slowly grabs the microphone from Cassi’s hand as he makes his way up the steps, Cassi staying on the outside as her boyfriend steps through the ropes, locking eyes with Dan Stein.

Cade Sydal: I’m out here, Danny. And you’ll get your answers in a minute. But first…

Cade steps within three feet of Stein.

Cade Sydal: If you ever talk about my girlfriend the way you did last Revolution…I’ll end your career on the spot. Clear?

Stein starts to raise the microphone, but Cade nods and continues speaking.

Cade Sydal: Good. I thought so. Now, I know the question you really want to ask me, so let’s just cut to the chase, alright? I don’t want to be out here all night…frankly, these people don’t deserve to see me all night.

The fans in the Epicenter renew their booing, interrupting Cade for just a moment.

Cade Sydal: What? It’s true. You don’t. None of you do.

Dan Stein: Hey, don’t start picking fights with them.

Stein gestures to the sold-out Epicenter.

Dan Stein: You already have one right here.

The crowd cheers as Cade sighs, almost as if he’s a little frustrated.

Cade Sydal: I knew you’d come to their rescue. I knew you would, because quite honestly you’re just like them. You wanna know why I kicked you off my coattails just before Master of the Mat? Right?

Dan Stein: You’re damn right I do! I deserve t–

Cade quickly interrupts Stein, mid-word.

Cade Sydal: Because you’re pathetic. You wanted…you tried so hard to mimic my career. To follow my footsteps, and the sad fact is you never even stood a chance. You coasted by dropping my name constantly, and truthfully, I don’t appreciate being used like that. Face it, Danny…you need me just to keep your name relevant around here, OG said just about as much himself in his editorial. But me? I never needed you…in fact, all you ever did was hold. Me. Back.

Cade smirks to his one-time best friend, a look that is met by a stone-faced stare.

Cade Sydal: So here’s what I propose. You wanna bring a chair out here to confront me…like you’re going to intimidate me or something, but that will never happen. I live a life devoid of fear now, something that I’d invite you to look into if you weren’t such a bitch. At Reckoning Day, I don’t have any plans…and if Under Siege is any indication, neither the fuck do you. So here’s what I’m proposing…

Dan Stein: Will you just spit it out, already, before I knock your teeth out of your mouth?

The fans cheer at Stein’s interruption, and Cade lowers his microphone for a moment, staring right at Stein before lifting the mic again.

Cade Sydal: Fine…Teen Idol Deathmatch. You, me, and a chair in every corner. Two-out-of-three falls. What do you say, Daniel Todd Stein? Are you man enough…or do you actually like not getting paid to be on the biggest pay-per-view of the decade?

Dan Stein: Does this answer your question?

Stein drops the microphone and steps into Cade, quickly giving him a hard right cross!

Eryk Masters: Whoa! And there we go!

Cade stumbles sidelong and drops the microphone as Stein follows him with punches, backing him to a corner, Stein continues to rain punches into Cade’s face, slumping him down a little in the corner! Stein backs up toward the middle of the ring, where the chair is still sitting, and runs at Cade quickly for a body avalanche but Cade quickly moves out of the way!

Other Guy: Smart move by Cade there to bait Stein into throwing his body at him so he could move out of the way and turn things around!

Cade meets Stein as he turns around with a few quick steps of his own, he posts up on the second rope and drives his right foot into Stein’s face!

Eryk Masters: SWYG! Cade just hit Sex With Your Girlfriend on Stein!

Other Guy: It serves that ingrate right!

Cade backs away from Stein as he crumbles down in the corner, the fans booing loudly and Cassi Ryan on the outside clapping her hands in approval. Cade backs up and looks down at the chair, a smile slowly creeping across his face.

Eryk Masters: Uh oh…

Other Guy: I think…wait, I know Cade has bad intentions on his mind!

Cade grabs the chair and closes it with an audible snap before raising the chair in his hand. He turns around, and suddenly Stein shoves himself out of the corner and turns just enough to super kick the chair! Right into Cade’s face!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein knew it too, and he reacted! And what a reaction it was!

Cade crashes to the canvas after the chair smashes into his face, quickly rolling toward the outside holding his face! Cassi quickly meets him on the outside and helps him to his feet, though he falls down to his knee a couple times in the process. Stein pulls his shirt up and off of his body, throwing it into the crowd, he steps up on the ropes and looks down at Cade, motioning for him to get back in the ring while Cassi grabs Cade by the arm and starts pulling him, trying to get him to go back up the ramp.

Eryk Masters: I can’t wait for Reckoning Day now! An already stacked card just go bigger!

Other Guy: With a Teen Idol Deathmatch on deck, between these two? Yeah, I’d say so! I can’t wait for Cade to get back at Stein for everything he’s done!

Eryk Masters: Are you kidding me?! After everything Dan’s done?! What about Cade Sydal? You know, the man that turned on his best friend in the first place!

Other Guy: Well now you’re just arguing semantics…


The camera cuts back to the ring as we see Jada Kaine walking down the ramp, anger written on her face and baseball bat in hand. As she hits the apron, she hops up onto the ring, and asks the for a microphone. The stripper waits only a few seconds before she is handed one and begins to speak.

Sinn: All right, folks…I’m tired of searching for the clown. The bastard thinks he can just cheapshot me and get away with it…well he is sorely fucking mistaken. So it’s time you get out here and get what’s coming to you, Jester.

She waits a few moments for his theme to begin playing, but nothing.

Sinn: I said, NOW!

Jester Smiles: Sinn, Sinn, Sinn.

The video screen comes to life. We see Jester Smiles make a ‘tsk tsk’ motion and sound. He is seated on a black leather couch with a blood red wall behind him. You can just barely see the bottom of a poster behind him, just the last portion on the left hand side, reading "halla". Sinn’s face goes suddenly pale.

Jester Smiles: I’m guessing by now you’ve figured out what’s going on. Probably didn’t take long. For those of you who don’t know, this is the wonderful loft that Mrs. Kilminster lives in. Oh, don’t bother trying to respond to any of this. It’s all pre-recorded.

Jester grins, ear to ear.

Jester Smiles: Don’t worry, Sinn. I’m not going to harm your nice things, and your son is not around. I’m not going to hurt anyone in your family today. This is simply a message. Another less for you to learn.

See, if I am going to make you a hero, I need you to understand just what may happen to you. I need you to understand the risks. See, Sinn, there are three things that the hero fears, in this business.

The first is what may happen to themselves, and I’m sure you have that worry. I could have given you a nasty concussion with my kick last week, and at any point, any of the members of the Sovereign could come from nowhere and seriously hurt you.

Just IMAGINE what Corazon would do, for instance. I mean, I may be pretty dickbaggy at times, but THAT guy? Seriously fucking scary.

The grin on Jester’s face doesn’t exactly scream ‘scared’, while Sinn watches horrified from the ring.

Jester Smiles: The second thing you have to fear is what may happen to the people you work with, the people you are fighting for. I mean, just like a general leading the soldiers into battle, you have to be a bit nervous that a few of them might not make it out okay.

But, see, I think you get those things. Now, I am here today to teach you the third fear. When you are the hero, somehow, the bad guys always seem to get information about your personal life. Your home, your habits, your family, they become weapons to be used against you by the people you are attempting to stop.

So the third thing you should fear, Sinnocence? You should fear for your family. Because, no matter how private you try to be, the bad guys will always find your family. Today, I do nothing.

But just remember how easy it was for me to get in this place.

Jester lets out a wicked laugh.

Jester Smiles: One more thing. We are going to have a match at Reckoning Day, Jada. But, I don’t want you getting lucky again. I want you to PROVE that you can beat me, face to face, without any bullshit whatsoever. So, our match at Reckoning Day?

It will be a three falls match. You can’t get lucky more than once, Mrs. Kilminster. No fucking way.

And don’t bother trying to get revenge tonight. I am not in the arena. Taking some much needed time off.

Have a great day Sinn!

Jester puts on the biggest, brightest smile he can manage. He then reaches forward and turns the camera off. From her spot in the ring, we see the lovely Sinnocence absolutely lose it. She grabs a hold of her baseball bat and rushes out of the ring, anxious to beat the hell out of Jester Smiles as we fade out.



As we go back to ringside the camera is focused on the five empty chairs sitting front-row just to the right of Eryk Masters and Other Guy, which are still empty.   

Eryk Masters: No one knows yet why these chairs are here, but one can only assume it has something to do with tonight’s main event-  

Other Guy: Yeah, and something to do with Lennox Ferguson as well- why do you think he was handing out those envelopes? Huh? This is a conspiracy against SHOOT! Against the Sovereign! Against America! Agains’t freedom!  

Eryk Masters: What are you saying OG? What’s the conspiracy?  

Other Guy: Well- … I… just look at those chairs!  

Eryk Masters: Chairs… right…  

Well, I think we are just about to get underway he-  

Suddenly, four rows of giant flames shoot up from the rampway as "Firestarter" by Prodigy errupts through the speakers and BOTH members of The Sovereign step out from behind the curtain and stand, with arms crossed at the top of the rampway.  

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s main event is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is a TAG TEAM MATCH. Introducing first, representing The Sovereign, hailing from Plainfield, New Jersey and weighing 255 pounds is THE FIRESTARTER – PESTALANCE!  

Pestalance raises a fist in the air to a chorous of boos, but he just smiles and flips off the crowd, drawing even MORE boos.  

Samantha Coil: And his partner! Hailing from Eberswalde, Germany, weighing in at 215 pounds is AZRAEL GOEREN. Together, they are BLACK AND TAN!  

Eryk Masters: Oh my god. Are they really calling themselves that? We’re going to get sued.   

Goeren begins blowing kisses to the crowd before stopping to reach down to unbutton his suit, removing it and revealing a Goeren Gear© “Black and Tan” t-shirt which he proudly shows off to the crowd.  

Other Guy: Yeah, sued for being AWESOME!  

The two men make their way down the ramp, side by side, as the fans rush the rampway barricades motioning with thumbs down and middle fingers up.  

Suddenly, the brass of "Propane Nightmares" blare over the arena’s speakers as the cameras cut back to the rampway where Azraith DeMitri already stands, arms extended at his sides reminiscent of HHH and the SHOOT Project Championship around his waist.  

In a trail of fire I know we will be free again, in the end we will be one…


His eyes are focused on the ring where Azrael Goeren and Pestalance now stand as a pair of blue spotlights, which had been criss-crossing the arena now shine directly on them.  

In a trail of fire I’ll burn before you bury me…set your eyes for the SUUUUUUNNNN!!!!!


Samantha Coil: And their opponents, introducing first, out of Omaha, Nebraska and weighing in at two-hundred sixty pounds…he is YOUR SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, AZRAITH DEMITRI! 

The crowd roars with approval as the SHOOT Project Champion steps slightly to the side – and the lights in the arena turn dark, fading into a deep, blood red while an almost high-pitched whistle can be heard through the speakers before a crashing drumline hits and the refrain of Rammstein’s “Adios” kicks in: 

Nichts ist für dich 

Nichts war für dich 

Nichts bleibt für dich 

Für immer  

Für immer


And from the back, a man in a black skull mask appears directly beside Azraith DeMitri, looking near-identical in terms of body-size and shape.   

Other than the mask, the man is donning Azraith’s trademark black-leather trenchcoat over a t-shirt of some sort and full-length pair of black tights and boots. 

Samantha Coil: And his partner, hailing from parts unknown, at an undisclosed height and weight… is TYR!  

The man in the mask known as Tyr raises a single, gloved hand up into the air and balls it into a fist before taking his other hand and removing the trenchcoat in mock fashion to reveal… a Goeren Black-and-Tan t-shirt with a giant red “X” spray painted across the front, which draws a deafening roar from the crowd and causes Azrael Goeren to go apoplectic in the ring!   

Eryk Masters: You’ve made it no secret that you think Tyr is actually Ox in disguise, and there are certainly a lot of things to suggest that, not the least of which is that spray-painted X which is on full display at his training facility which Azraith made use of earlier in the week. But you have to admit, if that IS Lennox Ferguson, he’s got some balls to pull that kind of stunt.  

Other Guy: I’ve also made it no secret that The Ox is as dumb as a rock. When Goeren gets a hold of him and pulls off that stupid mask, it’ll be my pleasure to watch Lennox Ferguson stripped of his Iron Fist title and indefinitely suspended from the SHOOT Project for disobeying the rules laid down for this match.  

Referee Tony Lorenzo is already pushing Azrael Goeren back into his team’s corner of the ring as Azraith and Tyr get into the ring in the opposite corner, with Goeren pointing his finger at Tyr and shouting at the masked man who removes the vandalized t-shirt, revealing the rest of his full-length body suit, and balls it up before throwing it behind him and into the crowd to another rousing set of cheers.  

Eryk Masters:Tyr, whomever he is, has very obviously gotten under the skin of Sovereign’s defacto face man and strategist.   

Other Guy: Yeah well Goeren will-  

Suddenly, OG is cut off, as is Tony Lorenzo, who was about to signal to start the match, when “Living Dead Girl ,” from Rob Zombie, blasts through the Epicenter speakers.   

Other Guy: What? That’s Sinnocence’s music.   

Eryk Masters: And there’s Sinnocence!   

The crowd absolutely loses it as SHOOT’s Killer Queen appears, not on the rampway, but up on the arena concourse, making her way down the steps with a baseball bat in tow.   

Other Guy: What is she-  

Just seconds later, “Indestructible” by Disturbed cuts off both OG and the rest of Sinnocence’s music as weakened-looking Osbourne Kilminster appears on the concourse as well, and closely follows his wife down the steps, their eyes scanning the crowd.  

Other Guy: What ar- 

Then, “Combat” by RZA with P.Dot blares over the speakers as, closely behind Sinnocence and Osbourne Kilminster is The Queen City King, Thomas Manchester Black, carrying the steel pipe he made a point to bring tonight!   

Eryk Masters: The entire crowd is standing up right now, craning their necks to see as three members of SHOOT, who were very specifically told to not assist Azraith tonight, are mak- 

”Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done…”


The fans erupt as a bandaged-up Trey Willett also appears at the top of the concourse and makes his way down the steps, following Thomas Manchester Black, Osbourne Kilminster, and Sinnocence, who is now making her way into the front row of the Epicenter arena, filling the first of the five empty seats that have been sitting at ringside all night, followed in due course by the others.


Other Guy: What is going on here!? I’ve never heard of a walk-in protest before but that seems to be what’s going on tonight! 

Eryk Masters: You might be right OG – every single one of these SHOOT soldiers could claim to have been slighted by the Sovereign in one way or another and now they are making a statement by sitting down here and watching the main event. The only one missing out here is… 

Other Guy: Don’t finish that sentence Eryk, you know damned well that Lennox Ferguson organized this whole thing and he’s in the perfect place to watch it unfold – in the middle of that ring! 

With Azrael Goeren and Tyr in their respective corners, both watching the spectacle at ringside unfold, Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell and Azraith and Pestalance charge at each other and lock up arm-to-shoulder with each man trying to get the early advantage. 

The Sandman gains enough leverage to knock Pestalance off balance and throw a sucker punch to the side of The Firestarter’s face, sending Pestalance staggering backwards but not down. 

The SHOOT Project Champion pursues his prey and goes to throw another punch to the other wise of Pestalance’s face but Pestalance ducks and grabs a hold of Azraith’s arm and yanks backwards – drawing a roar of surprise and pain as Azraith falls to his knees, gritting his teeth. 

Lorenzo is over next to Azraith asking him if he wants to give up but Azraith raises his free hand to flip off Lorenzo and turns it into a fist which he uses to throw up over his shoulder and crack Pestalance square in the jaw! 

The fans roar in approval as Pestalance staggers backwards, shaking the cobwebs out, only to find Azraith DeMitri inches in front of his face as the Sandman leaps up and hits a Lou Thesz Press which drops Pestalance like a sack of bricks and leaves him wide open for a wicked series of punches by The Sandman as the crowd counts along: 







Azraith rolls to his side and lifts the leg of Pestalance… 





Tony Lorenzo looks up to see Azrael Goeren with his body half-into the ring like he was planning to break up the count but Lorenzo points to Goeren and tells him to get back in his corner – which Goeren does grudgingly. 

Eryk Masters: Both men are putting on a wrestling clinic early on here and it’s obvious that Azrael wants to get involved. 

Other Guy: It’s par for the course with these kinds of matches OG, but if any of these miscreants beside us get involved, there’ll be hell to pay. 

Azraith and Pestalance begin to circle each other in the ring and once again look like their set to lock up but as Azraith makes a wild grab, Pestalance ducks and grabs a hold of The Sandman’s waist and lifts him up and over into a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!  

Azraith’s shoulders are down!




Azraith violently kicks out of the pin attempt and scrambles to his feet and runs backward, toward the ring ropes, attempting to bounce off and gain some extra momentum but Goeren reaches over and pushes the top rope down which causes Azraith to nearly go head over heels onto the outside of the ring. 

Catching his balance Azraith glares over at Goeren who holds his hands up in innocence and shakes his head while Pestalance has a running start of his own and leaps into the air for flying clothesline…  

..but Azraith crouches down and catches Pestalance underneath and literally THROWS him up and out of the ring and down to the mat below and right in front of the row of SHOOT Project Soldiers who have been watching this whole time.  

Thomas Manchester Black brandishes his steel pipe, looking ready to jump the barricade but is quickly held down by Trey Willett.  

Other Guy: Well, at least Willett has some sense – that pipe won’t do Black any good if he’s suspended for interfering. 

Tony Lorenzo begins a ten count as Pestalance struggles to get himself up of the floor. Meanwhile, Azrael Goeren uses the opportunity to step into the ring while the referee is distracted but Tyr jumps into the ring just as quickly and flanks Azraith, causing Goeren to stop in his tracks.  

Eryk Masters: Goeren is fighting emotionally right now OG; he wants his shot at Azraith but not while Tyr is standing there ready to back him up! 

Pestalance quickly rolls into the ring, stopping Lorenzo’s count and turning the referee’s attention to the illegal men who he quickly directs to their corners as Azraith DeMitri looks to pick up where he left off, but Pestalance has a different idea altogether as he deftly sidesteps a big boot from Azraith and grabs The Sandman’s head, dragging it down for Flying Bulldog! 

Azraith’s face crashes hard to the mat but so do Pestalance’s knees, leaving both men writhing in pain on the mat.  

Eryk Masters: Azraith with a great counter there OG, grabbing a hold of Pestalance during the Bulldog attempt and sacrificing a particularly hard hit to his chin and face for throwing his opponent off balance to give him a stinger to his kneecaps.  

Other Guy: And, thankfully for Azraith it worked – both men look out of it right now and their partners are both motioning to be tagged in.  

Azraith and Pestalance slowly begin to crawl to their respective corners as Azrael Goeren is in some modified Yoga position to reach Pestalance’s outstretched hand and Tyr simply stands in his corner, his attention focused on Azrael Goeren.  

Pestalance gets to his partner first and Azrael tags himself in, jumping over the ropes and making a bull rush for the opposite corner as Azraith tags Tyr in!  

The fans roar in approval as the mysterious figure finally steps into the ring and confronts Azrael Goeren head on by stepping into his path and blocking Goeren’s attempt to catch Azraith before a tag could be made.   

The two men stand nose to nose at the side of the ring, sizing each other up.  

Eryk Masters: Tyr, like Azraith, is a good three or four inches taller than Azrael Goeren and the two are having a stare-down contest right now.  

Other Guy: And it doesn’t look like either one of them wants to make the first move. 

The tension in the Epicenter is at a fever pitch with everyone, including some of the SHOOT Soliders at ringside, shouting at both men attack. 

Azrael strikes first, throwing an open palm at the face of Tyr who slaps it away and steps forward, pushing Goeren backwards. Goeren goes for another strike but the same thing happens and Goeren is pushed back further – his eyes wide with a mix of anger and confusion. 

Goeren again, goes for a punch but gets denied. And again! Now Goeren goes for an armbar instead and…  

Other Guy: WOAH!

Eryk Masters: WOAH! 

The crowd EXPLODES as Tyr, who had merely been deflecting punches and crowding Goeren’s space finally takes the initiative and launches Goeren a good five feet in the air with a monstrous hip toss that throws the former OPWer and DIWFer clear across the ring! 

Other Guy: You usually need your opponent’s momentum to help you hit that kind of move Eryk but I Tyr, or Lennox, or whomever… just did it on pure strength! Wow! 

Eryk Masters: Wow is right OG, and Goeren is shaken up! 

Goeren stands up immediately but staggers and braces himself against the ringpost as Tyr stalks after him.  

Goeren shakily hops up onto the ringpost, looking for a big move, and then leaps off, attempting a flying Body Press! But Tyr is there and heave-hoes Goeren up and over his head and down onto the ring!  


The fans chant as Tyr uses Goeren’s own momentum against him and drops him a solid seven feet on to the mat and Goeren isn’t moving! 

But rather than go for a pin attempt, Tyr just walks circles around Goeren waiting for him to get up as referee Tony Lorenzo is unsure of what to do.  

He doesn’t have to wait too long to decide, however, as Pestalance uses the opportunity, with Lorenzo’s back turned, to jump into the ring. 

The Firestarter makes a rush for Tyr who immediately looks up but not in time to stop Pestalance from grabbing the masked-man’s arm, swinging his entire body weight around, and throwing him into the nearby turnbuckle 

Tyr hits the turnbuckle HARD but Pestalance is closely behind just DESCIMATES Tyr with an uppercut punch as Azraith’s partner crumples to the ground.   

Other Guy: Yes! Pestalance regains control with the Fuck’ em Uppercut!  No matter how big or strong Tyr may be Eryk, getting punched in the face THAT hard will knock anyone out.  

Eryk Masters: But Pestalance wasn’t the legal man and now Azraith is taking exception, running to the corner and slapping his partner on the back, tagging himself in as a the legal man!  

Azraith reaches over the ropes where Pestalance is standing and not able to react quickly enough and grabs him by the head and JUMPS OFF THE APRON!  

The fans let out a gasp as Pestalance’s neck bounces off the rope and snaps back almost instantly and the inertia sends the Firestarter backwards and onto the mat onto his back.  

Now, Azraith hops into the ring as the legal man and pulls the leg up on Goeren! 





Azraith shakes his head in frustration as Goeren manages to get his shoulders up.  

The Sandman pulls up Goeren onto his feet but Goeren is quick to reach out and put Azraith’s arm in a hold and begins to twist!  

Azraith screams out as the same arm Pestalance worked on earlier gets targeted again and he drops to one knee as Goeren pulls upward and outward with all his might. 

Lorenzo jumps in but before he can even ask Azraith if he gives up, The Sandman steps up and reaches up and gets a lock on Goeren’s neck! Goeren loosens his own hold as Azraith pulls down in an attempt to roll Goeren up and over but Goeren rolls through the attempt and gets a bridge pin! 




Azraith kicks out of the pin attempt but Goeren is on him in a split second and wraps his arms around The Sandman’s waist and a HUGE suplex into a pin! 




Goeren drags Azraith up again and grabs his arm and uses a Russian Leg Sweep to get him from behind and regain leverage on his already injured arm, pulling the arm backwards and crouching behind Azraith who is now screaming.


Lorenzo is down by Azraith’s face, asking him if he gives up but the SHOOT Project Champion shakes his head no. 

Goeren pulls even harder, stretching himself as far back as he can but is unaware of Tyr, who is now up and BOOT TO THE HEAD!  

The crowd roars as Tyr lands the back of his thick-soled boots into the cranium of Azrael Goeren who immediately lets go on the hold and rolls away, clutching his head. 

Azraith, meanwhile, gets to his feet holding his arm while Pestalance begins to stir and Azrael gets to one knee.  

All four men are now standing in the ring, Azraith and Tyr to one side and Azrael and Pestalance to the other – as the fans roar in approval. 

Eryk Masters: Neither team has the clear advantage here OG, and from the looks on these guys faces, well, everyone whose faces we can see anyways, this could go on even after our scheduled end time! 

Other Guy: No kidding Eryk, both teams have been very impressive and the momentum has swung back and forth at multiple times already. 

Tony Lorenzo tries to step in between the four men, motioning for Pestalance and Tyr to return to their corners but the arena abruptly becomes bathed in green and yellow.  

We livin’ in that twenty-first century

Doin’ somethin’ mean to it

Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it

Screams from the haters

Got a nice ring to it


All five men, including Tony Lorenzo, turn to face the rampway as “Power” by Kanye West plays over the speakers and Donovan King steps out from behind the back with his SHOOT Project World Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand to an absolutely deafening level of vocalized hatred.  

Azraith’s face immediately forms a sneer while Azrael and Pestalances’ form equally-sized grins as King brings the microphone to his lips. 

Donovan King: Please, Tony, continue.  Don’ let me interrupt. We jus’ wanted to make sure dis is a fair fight.  Oh…wait.  Fellas? 

With that Donovan King turns his gaze to the four SHOOT Project Soldiers at ringside who remain seated but obviously on edge as King slowly turns his head to the entrance, as CORAZON steps out from the back.


The three other members of The Sovereign all keep their eyes locked on the SHOOT Project Soldiers at ringside as they walk to the opposite side and step over the guard railing, threatening the fans in three seats closest to ringside. 

The two fans quickly exit their seats allowing King and Corazon to watch the match. 

Eryk Masters: I have a bad feeling about this OG… we have a powder keg down here that could explode at any minute.  

Other Guy: But Azraith isn’t waiting for that!  

Azraith takes advantage of the confusion and breaks out into a run and SPEARS Azrael Goeren in the back! Goeren drops like a sack of bricks as Pestalance goes to assist but is soon spun around by Tyr who reaches up with his gloved hand and wraps it around Pestalance’s neck, lifts the man up and SLAMS him down across his outstretched knee!  


Pestalance rolls off of Tyr’s knee and collapses to the mat. Tyr turns and kicks Pestalance underneath the bottom rope and out of the ring, and turning back to Azraith who looks down at the groggy Goeren and nods.  

Eryk Masters: Watch OUT! 

Other Guy: Watch OUT! 

The fans scream in shock as they just now realize that Donovan King has hopped the barricade and is making a straight line for the ring but out from the crowd is THE OX! LENNOX FERGUSON! 

King doesn’t see Lennox Ferguson running at him and, just as he’s about to hop onto the ring apron, he gets A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL and goes tumbling end-over-end on to the outside of the ring.  

Eryk Masters: Was that The Ox!? 

Other Guy: But then who is Tyr!?


Both sides have been hopped the barricades now as Adrian Corazon coming to the aid of both Donovan King and Pestalance while Sinnocence, Trey Willett, and Thomas Manchester Black rush from the other side.  

Osbourne Kilminster, meanwhile, throws up his hands in disgust and walks away from ringside the way he came.  

Soon, all six men are fighting – Thomas Manchester Black singling out Pestalance , swinging his metal pipe wildly, Sinnocence joins Lennox Ferguson who is tied up with Donovan King, and Trey Willett and Adrian Corazon go at it one on one for the second time this evening! 

Eryk Masters: It is bedlam here in the Epicenter as Tony Lorenzo has lost complete control of this match both in and out of the ring! 

Meanwhile, in the ring, Tyr is fighting off an attempt from Azrael Goeren to break free from his grasp but Azraith is there to provide support.

However, amidst the chaos, Donovan King manages to escape the six-man scrum on the outside and roll into the ring! 

Tyr quickly leaves Azraith’s side in an attempt to stop Donovan King, reaching out to grab a hold of the Sovereign leader’s neck! Going for his second Hand of God of the night! 

Azraith, meanwhile, is tussling with Goeren, who is no longer double teamed and showing impressive resilience.  

King swats Tyr’s hand away and returns the favor, grabbing a hold of Tyr’s neck with his arm! 

Azraith ducks another grapple attempt by Goeren and lands a HUGE kick into the stomach of Goeren who keels over into the arms of Azraith DeMitri! 

Azraith wraps his arms around Goeren and uses all of his energy to lift the man up. 


Eryk Masters: Tyr is out! Tyr is out with that move!  

Other Guy: But Azraith is looking to finish of Goeren! 

Donovan King immediately jumps to his feet and sees Azraith holding Goeren upside down, looking for one of his finishers, Memories of Maverick.  

Azraith’s arm gives out as he drops Goeren onto his back with Donovan King right there to wrap his arms around Azraith’s neck just like he did Tyr’s and ANOTHER DEAL BREAKER! ANOTHER DEALBREAKER THIS TIME TO THE SANDMAN! 

Azraith and Tyr are both laid out on the mat as Donovan King goes over and grabs a hold of Azrael Goeren, nearly throwing him on top of Azraith.  

Tony Lorenzo looks down but doesn’t make the count. But Donovan King grabs a hold of the back of Lorenzo’s neck and shoves him down to the mat next to Azraith and Azrael.  

Donovan King: COUNT! 

Lorzeno begrudgingly lifts up his arm and hits the mat. 


Eryk Masters: Goddammit, not like this!  

Suddenly, the other members of The Sovereign pool in behind Donovan King while Sinnocence, Lennox Ferguson, Thomas Manchester Black, and The Willenium hop into the ring as well. 


Lennox Ferguson begins to run to assist Azraith but Donovan King quickly intervenes, ready to lay another Deal Breaker onto the Ox who can only watch in frustration.  

Other Guy: If you’re stupid enough to pick a fight with The Sovereign then you deserve everything that you get!



Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell and for security at the same time as Samantha Coil, who has high-tailed it away from ringside, makes the call from the top of the ramp: 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen…Your winner, at a time of twenty-one minutes and fifty-two seconds by way of pinfall… the team of PESTALANCE AND AZRAEL GOEREN! 

The sound of “Sieben” by Subway to Sally hits the speakers among a chorus of boos as Donovan King steps back and Lennox Ferguson pulls Tyr out of harm’s way while Sinnocence does the same for Azraith – both of whom begin to regain consciousness slowly. 

Azrael Goeren is also up now, standing in tandem with the rest of The Sovereign, almost begging their counterparts to come after them.  

Other Guy: As we get closer to Reckoning Day it looks like SHOOT Project is getting closer to coming apart at the seams! 

Eryk Masters: It may have been in a losing effort, but once again, several members of the SHOOT Project have stood up to the actions of The Sovereign and, tonight, have added another supporter in the mysterious Tyr! 

Other Guy: But you can bet that Eddie E is going to have something to say about this insubordination! And as the apparent leader of this whole thing, I certainly wouldn’t want to be Lennox Ferguson right now.   


"Sieben" from Subway to Sally continues to play for another moment or two before finally fading out.  King is standing with the members of Sovereign with him.  King points to Azraith. 

Donovan King:  Sinnocence, Miss Kaine…get dat man to wake up all the way, can you? 

She flips King off, but King rolls his eyes.  Slowly, Azraith starts to come to.  He looks at King for a long moment, focusing in on his nemesis. 

Donovan King:  Way I see it…we got…ONE show before Reckoning Day, Azraith. 

King looks back to Sovereign. 

Donovan King:  Azrael, come here, man…need to ask you a question. 

Goeren slowly walks over to King.  He grins as he looks at the Soldiers in the ring. 

Azrael Goeren:  Ja? 

Donovan King:  You’re Eddie E’s voice, right?  You can make decisions for the betterment of dis company on his behalf under times of duress such as dis, am I correct? 

Goeren thinks for a moment and nods with a laugh. 

Donovan King:  Sinnocence.  Azraith.  Trey.  Tommy Black. 

He points each of them out. 

Donovan King:  Each of you have a date with a member of Sovereign for Reckoning Day, am I right? 

Goeren nods for them. 

Donovan King:  It seems to me Lennox Ferguson pulled some bullshit wit’ Tyr here…so the two of you?  Glad to meet y’all.  Y’all got some shots in on us, we got some shots in on y’all.  You want it wit’ us? 

King grins. 


The fans boo as the camera focuses in on Tyr’s seething masked face.  Lennox Ferguson, The Ox, meanwhile, has begun to jaw back at King. 

Donovan King:  Son, if I want you in the ring all I gotta do is make it happen.  You wanna keep dat belt on your waist, best thing for you to do is keep dat mouth shut an’ hear THE UNCROWNED DONOVAN KING SPEAK. 

The fans RIP into boos as Trey pulls Ox back from the ropes. 

Donovan King:  The way I see it, I’m tired of waitin’.  Corazon… well, he got him some, but he wants more.  Pestalance an’ Goeren, they got their fun in tonight.  Jester Smiles…APPARENTLY…had some fun tonight. 

The fans boo once more as the camera focuses in on the sneering face of Sinnocence. 

Donovan King:  So, next week…Azrael…I want you to handle your own business at Revolution 69, my friend.  I know you have your challenges, I know you’re runnin’ some games dat I’m not privy to so, homie?  Take your time an’ enjoy yourself, okay? 

Goeren laughs once more as King and Goeren shake hands. 

Donovan King:  Because, you see, Pestalance, Adrian Corazon, Donovan King, an’ Jester Smiles…are gonna have a long night at Revolution 69.  Azraith DeMitri, Thomas Manchester Black, Sinnocence, an’ Trey Willett are gonna have a long night at Revolution 69. 

King grins as his idea is slowly coming out. 

Donovan King:  The eight of us…in ONE match…at Revolution 69. 

The fans pop! 

Donovan King:  Let’s make it kinda fun, though.  Everybody knows we can all go, right?  Eight man tag…dat just don’t have the same…weight the eight of us deserve, does it? 

King walks towards the ring, glaring at Azraith directly. 

Donovan King:  You got some experience in these types of things, Azraith, so listen closely.  You’ll need to captain this here team against the biggest, baddest, an’ all around BEST faction in SHOOT Project HISTORY… 

King pauses, looking over his shoulder to Sovereign. 

Donovan King:  Because Revolution 69?  Revolution 69 plays host… 


The fans ERUPT as King drops the microphone.  “Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Remix)” by Method Man kicks in.  The fans are cheering the announcement as King and Goeren appear to be arguing with one another as  the camera focuses in on Azraith slowly looking over his shoulders to Trey, Black, and Sinnocence as Ox and Tyr continue to glare dead ahead. 

Eryk Masters:  WAR GAMES, SHOOT PROJECT STYLE!  Donovan King might piss me off sometimes, but by God that was a stroke of genius! 

Other Guy:  I can’t wait, E!  Revolution 69: WAR GAMES! 

Eryk Masters:  We’ll see you at Revolution 69! 

The camera fades as King has begun to ignore Goeren, glaring at Azraith. 


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