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Revolution 70 – 12/29/10

A hissing mechanical noise echoes over the screen as we see the image of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship and the upheld hands of Donovan King and Azraith DeMitri.  The camera focuses in on their united hands, Azraith holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship as well as King’s SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Cut back to the face of Trey Willett, on one knee with his own hand raised, Corazon on the ground before him…beaten.

We switch yet again to see Pestalance tapping out to Thomas Manchester Black.

Was a long and dark December

From the rooftops I remember

There was snow

White snow

The sounds of “Violet Hill”  by Pendulum begins to play as the image of the Mojave Desert is shown…and a single snowflake , unnoticed and unimportant, floats through the air, melting before it hits the ground. 

Clearly I remember

From the windows they were watching

While we froze down below 

Mr. Heart is shown, face to face with Alex Brooks before their Sin City Championship match. 

When the future’s architectured

By a carnival of idiots on show 

An image of Sovereign, en masse, standing proudly with King, Azrael Goeren, and Eddie E…at the front.  Suddenly, the image shatters as if made of glass and a single image of Jason Johnson standing in the middle of the ring is shown.

You’d better lie low 

Mike Dexter and Lennox Ferguson have their massive brawl that spills out into the fans and is ultimately broken up by the police. 

If you love me

Won’t you let me know? 

Suddenly, the image of Rocky Stellar being dropped by the debuting X-Calibur is shown, his allegiance to Azrael Goeren cemented.  The image of Stellar clutching his head in pain after the attack resonates…and the music hits its first crescendo. 

We see Jester getting pinned by Sinnocence, followed quickly by Sinnocence going down to Jester, sealing the win in his favor.  We see Cade Sydal destroying Dan Stein’s arm over and over again in faster and faster motion, the image freezing on Stein’s lifeless body on the ground, Cade Sydal triumphant.  Osbourne Kilminster flattening Ron Barker with a hard shot to defeat his attacker.  Mr. Heart cheating with his Associates to defeat Alex Brooks for the Sin City Championship.

Was a long and dark December

When the banks became cathedrals

And a fox became God 

A single shot of Eddie E., broken and bloodied, Trey Willett standing above him.

Priests clutched onto bibles

Hollowed out to fit their rifles

And the cross was held aloft 

Cronos Diamante is shown, making his grandiose entrance.  He is shown grinning to the camera.

Bury me in honor

When I’m dead and hit the ground

My nerves are poles that unfroze 

The UK Dragon gets his vengeance against Karma Jones is shown next, pinning him to even the score.  Trey Willett telling Corazon what he’s about to do is for Brandon is shown, followed by Azrael being beaten by Rocky Stellar.

If you love me

Won’t you let me know? 

Lennox Ferguson is shown, looking down at his Iron Fist Championshipas he looks across at Mike Dexter. 

I don’t want to be a soldier

Who the captain of some sinking ship

Would stow far below 

Jester Smiles is shown, staring at the ring as he revels in his victory.  Sinnocence clutches herself in pain, looking back to him in defiance.

If you love me

Why’d you let me go? 

The image of Sovereign lording tall in the ring, glaring down at The Ox, Sinnocence, Azraith DeMitri, and Tyr is shown.   

I took my love down to Violet Hill 

The image that ended Under Siege, with Sovereign backed down by Black, Azraith, Trey, and SHOOT is shown.

There we sat in snow 

King is shown, looking up to the lights in shock after he had been beaten.

All that time she was silent still 

King slowly turns to face judgment. 

So if you love me

Won’t you let me know? 

A final shot…the united hands of King and Azraith.  The war…over.

If you love me,

Won’t you let me know? 

As the piano plays us out, the images of Donovan King, Azraith DeMitri, Adrian Corazon, Trey Willett, Rocky Stellar, Azrael Goeren, Jester Smiles, Sinnocence, Thomas Manchester Black, Pestalance, Cade Sydal, X-Calibur, Mr. Heart, Alex Brooks, Cronos Diamante, The UK Dragon, Mike Dexter, Lennox Ferguson, and finally…the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown. 

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Trey Willett is shown, standing proudly at the entrance.  A third shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.

You need to think fast 

Cade Sydal is shown taking The Ox down, then quickly shown defeating Dan Stein.  That is followed quickly by a shot of The UK Dragon hitting a high impact move on Jaime Alejandro.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Pestalance, locked in a submission move, yelling at himself as he is almost ready to tap out.  Osbourne Kilminster, slowly lifting his head to look directly into the camera.

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Donovan King, glaring at the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of OutKast is standing behind King, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with his brow furrowed.  The camera switches to Johnny Patriot and the UK Dragon, looking at one another with slightly bemused expressions on their face.

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Osbourne Kilminster, painstakingly locking in his submission on his own wife, Sinnocence. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Charles Brandon Magnus and ‘Big’ Buck Dresden pound their fists in unison in an empty ring, ready for their next challenge.  They are shown with Jonas Coleman sneaking up behind them, putting his arms around both of their necks.

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Mr. Heart is shown decimating Charles Brandon Magnus with a hard brass knuckle hit, quickly followed by Adrian Corazon lording over the fallen Trey Willett.

You need a miracle!  

Azraith DeMitri is next, looking at both the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belts, dropping one to his feet and tossing the other on his shoulder.

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown, followed quickly by Jester Smiles standing side by side with Donovan King over a fallen Azraith.

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

X-Calibur is shown laughing with Azrael Goeren next, both men enjoying the carnage they have wrought against Rocky Stellar.  Stellar is shown next, catching Goeren unawares and nailing the Stellar Drop.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Dexter and Ox being separated from their brawl is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Cronos Diamante is next, standing in the center of an empty ring, a red spotlight shining down on him.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Sinnocence. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


Eryk Masters:   Welcome to Japan, SHOOT Project fans and faithful alike…  we’ve got QUITE a show for you tonight, but first–

Eryk Masters is cut off as “Fight Club” kicks up on the PA, and the Budokan Hall crowd goes absolutely nuts as JASON JOHNSON steps out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight, microphone in hand!

Jason Johnson:  Appreciate the intro, Eryk, but you know how I do this, man…  I wanna get in here, say what I’ve got to say, and get out…  So…  without further ado…

Jason starts walking the top of the ramp.


The crowd pops HUGE.

Jason Johnson:  Awesome…  glad to hear that.  You know…  I love doing these world tours, and I love coming back to the place where SHOOT was born…  mostly because none of you Yakuza motherfuckers can do shit to me anymore…

The crowd laughs with Jason, who holds a hand up…

Jason Johnson:  But I’m not here to gloat about freedom…  I’m here to talk about what it means to have a new era in the SHOOT Project.  You’ve seen Sovereign versus SHOOT.  You’ve seen what happens when Revolution is taken over completely by a tyrannical madman who should have never seen the inside of a board room, much less the position of CEO in this company, and for that…  for that, I can’t apologize enough.  That said…  there are some things I CAN do.

Jason continues pacing the top of the ramp, as the noise level of Budokan Hall.

Jason Johnson:  While I was out, I was doing a lot of leg work, talking to guys who aren’t in the company…  getting them in.  I know all of you have been following the website, and you’ve seen the serious growth we’ve encountered here lately…  so, I wondered how I could turn that from just some new faces, to something truly epic…  something that fans and soldiers alike can get behind, and then I realized what I needed to do…  I needed to give a gift.

He pauses.

Jason Johnson:  I needed to re-establish the SHOOT Project…  and I figured the BEST way to do that would be to give those of you who’ve MADE the SHOOT Project MORE to watch.  So, with that in mind…  I put the marketing team, the construction team, and the development team to work, and what we’ve done is created a new identity.  A new beginning.  The SHOOT Project presents…  DOMINION.  Dominion, of course will be a twin brother to Revolution, and will occur on the weeks when the Revolution will not be televised.

Jason smirks at himself, and the crowd pops hard.

Jason Johnson:  So instead of having to wait two weeks for some SHOOT Project goodness, we have devised a way to give you all something EVERY WEEK, while still keeping the Soldiers healthy, and giving them their two weeks to prepare for the next big fight…  the next epic moment…  in their SHOOT Project history.

The crowd pops again, thanking Jason, who smiles.

Jason Johnson:  But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen…  with growth comes the need for a few other new things.  Or, well…  in this case, a few old things.  We’ve got the World Championship…  we’ve got the Iron Fist Championship…  we’ve got the Sin City Championship…  we’ve got the World Tag Team Championships…  but we’re not done there, guys and gals…  not done at all.  There’s been a bit of a movement in the back…  some very loud, important names have been clamoring for the re-introduction of not one…  but TWO new singles titles.

Jason motions to the back and a set of two display cases are wheeled out, with two new, shiny, gold titles belts contained within them.  The camera goes for a closeup on them, and the crowd GETS LOUD when they become visible!



Jason Johnson:  That’s right…  we are bringing back two of the most brutal championships that the SHOOT Project has ever had…  two titles that, with them, come respect and glory…  and those…  those shall be decided sooner, rather than later.

The crowd pops again.

Jason Johnson:  But listen…  I’ve already taken up enough time here tonight.  I know all of you want me to quit talking, and let these guys get out here and do their thing…  so, I’ll leave you with one last note.  The next Revolution, and the first Revolution of the year, will be on Monday, January the 17th!  Then, the next week…  DOMINION BEGINS.  January the 24th…  DOMINION 1.

Jason pauses to allow the dates to sink in, and is greeted with cheers and love!

Jason Johnson:  NOW…  let’s kick this motherfucker off!  Let’s get the Sin City Championship competitors out here, and show those guys some LOVE.  Enjoy the show, Japan!

Eryk Masters:   Two HUGE announcements from Jason Johnson here as he not ONLY says we’re getting a new show, named Dominion, but that the Rule of Surrender and Laws of Survival Championships are on their way back!  Any ideas on how they’ll be decided?

Other Guy:   I got nothing, E, but I can tell you with Jason back at the helm, and in FIRM control…  it’ll be nothing short of AWESOME.  But hey…  like the man said, let’s see what happens when we get this show on the road!  The Sin City Championship is decided…   NEXT.



Eryk Masters:It’s time to open this show up! 

Other Guy: It’s time for the Budokan to witness the power of the Almighty Dollar! 

The lights go down, as the entire arena shines in a red light. Ozzy Osborne cranks up in the arena… "The Almighty Dollar" blares throughout the legendary Budokan, as Mr. Heart walks out with two associates in front of him with a glass case. Enclosed inside that rolling glass case is the prize for the opponents. The Sin City Championship. 

Two associates are beside him, as all slowly walk to the ring. Heart is adjusting his black wrapped hands. He ignores the polite Japanese crowd, as they all reach out to touch the arrogant Brit. 

He watches at the front two men push the belt towards the time keeper’s area. The two men guarding Mr. Heart escort him to the steps. He moves up the steps slowly and raises his arms in pre-emptive victory. He looks at El Bastardo, Jr. in the ring, who’s staring at him. 

Eryk Masters: El Bastardo, Jr. joining the action as Mr. Heart gives him that dismissive look… 

Other Guy: Something tells me that El Bastardo, Jr. might be glad that he’s in this match, until it starts. 

Darkness in the Budokan as the fans wait with anxious anticipation before a deafening chant from those in attendance fills the silence… 


Suddenly, the sound of a drill hitting a guitar fills the arena…signaling the start of "Poundcake" from Van Halen. The crowd rises in unison as the name Rocky Stellar explodes on the video screen, and explosions rock the front of the stage. 

When the smoke clears, standing at the entrance from the gorilla position is Rocky Stellar as the crowd goes absolutely batshit CRAZY! 

Rocky looks out at the cheering crowd and gives them a smile before he makes his way down the ramp. Rocky is wearing a T-shirt that says "Legend" with the sleeves cut off, he also wears wrestling tights that has a list of every wrestling federation he’s ever been in up the right leg. Each of the past federations are scratched off, until near his ass, is the word "SHOOT" which isn’t crossed out. Up his left leg are his accomplishments – 7 World Championships, 5 Tag Team, 3 United States, 2 Iron Fist, 1 Hardcore, and finally, 1 Hall of Fame. 

He slides into the ring, as he glares at Mr. Heart. 

Eryk Masters: The Icon letting his feelings known to Mr. Heart of how much he "loves" him. 

Other Guy: You call that love, I call it… Jealousy. 

Eryk Masters: He’s a multi-time champion and a hall of famer.. 

Other Guy: And was good years ago, like other HOFers… 


As "Sleep Is Wrong" by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum hits over the PA, black and white pyros erupt as Jester Smiles comes out to an eruption of boos. Jester seems to ignore them entirely, looking only at the ring, hitting himself in the head every so often, trying to get himself completely psyched up.  

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles looks absolutely determined to win tonight, something that these SHOOT Project faithful here in Japan would NOT be happy to see.  

Other Guy: I think everyone in the world knows exactly what Jester Smiles is like, after he viciously beat Sinnocence, and did way more than was necessary to take that win.  

Jester Smiles leaps onto the apron in one bound and then leaps over the top rope. He does not taunt in any way shape or form, he simply walks over to far left turnbuckle and stretches out, watching his opponents in the ring. 

Eryk Masters: To honor our hosts tonight, we’re doing this in the traditional way, folks. Take it away, Samantha! 

Samantha Coil pulls up her microphone. 


The Japanese crowd applauds in approval, as SHOOT comes back to where it all began… 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from London, England, United Kingom. He is the REIGNING SIN CITY CHAMPION! HE IS MISTER HEART! 

The ringside throws red and black streamers, as Mr. Heart throws them to the side and raises his arms to a shower of boos. 

Samantha Coil: His challenger, from Parts Unknown, he is EL BASTARDO, JR! 

Green and Red streamers roll over the man, as he raises an arm in victory. 

Samantha Coil: The next challenger hails from Chicago, Illinois! He is "THE ICON" ROCKY STELLAR! 

Stellar bows to the crowd as white streamers fly over him. The crowd cheers in approval. 

Samantha Coil: The final challenger! From Richmond, Virginia! He is JESTER SMILES! 

Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell. All four men glare at each other, as the streamers are cleared from the ring. Mr. Heart pushes El Bastardo into Stellar, as he moves to the outside to conference with his Associates. Stellar moves backwards hard against the ropes. Jester looks at El Bastardo and offers to shake his hand. 

Eryk Masters: This is going to end one way, OG… 

The Other Guy: Yeah, no buzzer. 

EB, Jr. shakes the hand and… Smiles pulls him into a hard right hand! 

Eryk Masters: I hate when I’m right. 

Mr. Heart sneaks behind Stellar, who is against the ropes and pulls his throat against the top ropes, which slings the legendary one back into a waiting Smiles boot to the gut. As Stellar bows down from the shot, Smiles brings the foot down hard on the back of the legend’s neck. 

Mr. Heart drags El Bastardo out and lets the Associates have their fun. He then weasels back in and joins Smiles with the beatdown of Stellar. 

The Other Guy: Stellar is getting beaten by two of the most evil fucks in the SHOOT Project. 

Eryk Masters: The legend made his stand against Goeren, but he’s in against two men who bring a new meaning to conniving. 

Both men pull up Stellar and whip him into the opposite ropes. Stellar comes back to both men dropping him into a hard back body drop. As the Icon comes down, he smacks the mat hard. Mr. Heart promptly pulls him into a hard Boston Crab. Jester taunts the Icon as he’s in a slight bit of pain. 

El Bastardo, Jr. leaps into the ring and nails Mr. Heart. Jester looks up and grabs him and slings him across the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Smiles taking no chances, as the upstart tries to make an impact. 

The Other Guy: Too bad it was against a turnbuckle. 

As Mr. Heart rolls out to his Associates, Stellar has a chance to recover. Jester goes over to EB, Jr. and pulls him up. Stellar waits for him. Jester picks up the lucha and sees a hard chop from Stellar to the chest! 

Stellar keeps chopping away at Jester until the Clown begs him away. Rocky thinks about it for a moment, until the Clown gets in a quick throat thrust. 

Eryk Masters: Stellar can’t take too many of those shots. Smiles is one of the deadliest strikers of this game. 

The Other Guy: For Smiles, this isn’t a game anymore! 

Stellar is gasping for air, as an Associate moves to ringside. The Associate distracts Tony Lorenzo briefly, while Mr. Heart sneaks in and delivers a low blow to the Icon! Stellar goes down hard, as Mr. Heart smiles to himself. He then looks at Jester and nods to him. Both men pull up Stellar, who moves out of the way and bring their heads together. 

The crowd goes nuts as the evil ones take a hard bump backwards. Stellar pulls up Mr. Heart and takes him over for a quick snap suplex. He pulls the champion up again and takes him over for another snap suplex. Mr. Heart moves off slowly, as Jester runs interference. The Associates pull Mr. Heart out. 

The Other Guy: Rocky’s starting to get back to his feet, Eryk! 

Eryk Masters: He might just get this one going, OG! 

Stellar and Smiles start trading shots back and forth. Both men keep hitting each other with more progressively harder shots. Both men keep going back and forth with more shots, until they fall onto the mat. 

All the men are laying out all over the ring and ringside area now. 

Eryk Masters: And we’ve got all four men down on this one! This one is proving to be quite the exciting opening bout, and at least three of these competitors are all showing why they should be the Sin City Champion! 

Other Guy: And El Bastardo Jr. is tripping all over himself. Is he…is he crying? 

Tony Lorenzo looks to start the count, while Mr. Heart rolls out of the ring. He catches his breath and walks over to his associates. One of them begins to gently massage his back while. Mr. Heart begins to talk to the Associates, but the camera doesn’t pick up what he is trying to say. Meanwhile, Stellar and Jester are on their feet, but both of them have their backs to each other, and they are both also trying to regain composure. A moment later, El Bastardo Jr. is up, and he goes to the ring apron. He holds onto the ropes, a look of determination in his eyes. 

Other Guy: Oh god, what’s the retard doing now? 

El Bastardo leaps onto the apron, spring boards off…and is caught with a palm strike to the stomach by Stellar. El Bastardo lands on his feet, clutching his stomach, and runs into Jester Smiles, who grabs a hold of the luchadore and FLINGS HIM across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex!  

Other Guy: Idiot… 

Stellar and Jester now face each other, and Jester is the first to go in! He goes for a straight right hand, but Stellar ducks and comes up with a palm strike! Jester, however, moves, and gets behind Stellar, immediately going for a leg sweep! Stellar jumps! Stellar turns, but Jester SLAMS him in the side with hard kick! Stellar winces, but he instinctually grabs the leg, and with pain still in his eyes, he slams Jester down with a dragonscrew legsweep! Stellar holds the leg, stands up, and with a big grin, leaps and drops with a leg drop on Jester’s leg! He takes hold of Jester’s leg and torques the knee! 

Rocky Stellar: Pop goes your knee cap, Defiler wannabe! 

However, before the kneecap can go pop, Mr. Heart lunges in and slams Stellar with a knee to the head! Before he releases the hold, he falls in a fairly awkward manner, further twisting Jester’s leg! Jester winces in pain and sits up, but Mr. Heart is quick to punt Jester in the chest to knock him flat, and also knock all the air from his lungs! Mr. Heart is quick to go for the pin on Jester, and Lorenzo is there with the count! 



THR-Broken up by Rocky Stellar. Stellar begins to pepper Mr. Heart with punches as Jester rolls away. El Bastardo Jr. is up, and he quickly leaps on top of Jester, but before Lorenzo can even get a count, Jester pushes him away. Stellar lifts Mr. Heart up and shoves him against the ropes. He brings in a HARD knife edged chop! 

Eryk Masters: WOO! 

Other Guy: Really? 

Stellar follows up with an overhand open palmed chop to the chest! He then hits the ropes and leaps, going for a forearm striking, but Mr. Heart drops down and grabs the bottom rope, causing Stellar to go hurdling over the top rope and out onto the floor! Stellar’s body connects with the barricades, eliciting a rather noticeable “Oooooo” from the crowd. 

Other Guy: Woo? 

Eryk Masters: I don’t think that works here, partner. 

Jester, meanwhile, has El Bastardo Jr. against the ropes, and he is just SLAMMING him with well placed rights and lefts! Tony Lorenzo is telling Jester to let him out of the corner, and finally, at the risk of being DQ’d, Jester backs off, causing El Bastardo Jr. to leap over the top rope and out of the ring, appearing to completely retreat from the fists of Jester Smiles. 

Eryk Masters: Where did we find this guy? 

Jester Smiles turns and sees Mr. Heart. He looks to go forward, but suddenly, Mr. Heart cries out “WAIT!”  Jester actually stops, confused, and Mr. Heart stomps on Jester’s nearest foot, the one Rocky Stellar was working on earlier. Mr. Heart does a “I’m So Smart” point to his head before leaping forward and slamming Jester in the face with a forearm! He goes low and sweeps Jester’s legs with his arm, and then takes side control, slamming knees into the ribs and stomach of Jester Smiles. Rocky Stellar is starting to stir on the outside. El Bastardo Jr. looks like he wants nothing to do with what is going on. Stellar slides back in the ring, and Mr. Heart is quick to get up, going over to Stellar and stomping on one of his hands! Stellar recoils, dropping to the mat, and Mr. Heart starts stomping mudholes into Rocky Stellar! 

Mr. Heart: Can I go woo for this? WOO! WOO! WOOWOOWOO! 

El Bastardo Jr. sees everyone not looking at him, and he decides to try and take advantage. He slides in the ring, looking to go after Mr. Heart, but he is quickly brought back down with a Virginia Sidekick form a recently recovered Jester Smiles! He collapse to the ring and instantly rolls back out! Jester looks down at him, shaking his head, a look of disgust on his face. 

Eryk Masters: Short lived offense by the new guy. 

Other Guy: Where did you see offense? 

Jester Smiles goes over to Mr. Heart, but instead of attacking Heart, he begins to stomp on Rocky Stellar as well! Mr. Heart, seeing this, pats Jester on the back and actually walks away, leaning against a rope and taking a breather. Jester stops and looks at Mr. Heart, a devious grin crossing his face. Mr. Hearts relaxed look turns to a look of concern, and he instantly begins to beg off Jester. He again lashes out, attempting to kick Jester’s hurt leg again, but Jester brings up his foot and leaps forward, slamming Mr. Heart with a Superman punch! Heart is turned all the way around, and Jester grabs him. He TOSSES Mr. Heart back with a German Suplex! Mr. Heart lands across the ring…on the head of El Bastardo Jr., who was attempting to get back in the ring! Jester now goes over to Rocky Stellar and lifts up the legendary one, but Stellar comes back to life quickly! He snaps a kick to Jester’s leg, the one he had worked on earlier, causing Jester’s knee to buckle! He then grabs a hold of Jester, front chancery, SNAP SUPLEX! Rocky Stellar rolls through, holds Jester in the front chancery, and SNAPS back with a DDT! Rocky Stellar goes for the pin again! 




NO! Tony Lorenzo only shows two, as he points to Jester’s foot on the ropes. Stellar looks outraged, and the crowd begins to boo loudly. Stellar again goes to pick Jester up, but it is now Jester’s turn to come to life, lashing out quickly with the PUNCHLINE! Stellar collapses, but so does Jester! Both men down! 

Erky Masters: El Bastardo Jr. is down, his head crushes by a flying Mr. Heart! Jester Smiles and Rocky Stellar are down, both men beating the ever loving hell out of each other! Mr. Heart is…where is Mr. Heart? 

Mr. Heart is over by his associates again, and he holds out his hand to one of them, asking for him to give Mr. Heart something. The man reaches into a pocket and pulls out a wad of cash, what seems to be all $100 bills!  

Other Guy: What are the odds he’s going to give that to us for announcing so well? 

Erky Masters: Not very likely. 

Other Guy: You’re right. You suck. 

Mr. Heart slides into the ring. Money in hand. El Bastardo Jr. is on his knees, and he begins to beg off Mr. Heart, but Mr. Heart shows El Bastardo Jr. the money! He points to the mat and slaps his hands three times, signifying that he wants El Bastardo Jr. to let him pin him! Bastardo doesn’t even think about it. He drops to the mat, lying flat on his back. Mr. Heart puts the money in Bastardo’s hands and drops down with the pin. Lorenzo looks disgusted and doesn’t immediately go down for the count. He eventually does though. Jester Smiles comes to life, and he looks to leap forward to break up the hold, but two Associates grab his foot, keeping him from breaking up the pin! 


Jester launches out his free foot, and he SLAMS an associate in the face, causing the man to fall to the ground! 


Other Guy: Not like this… 

Jester launches another foot, and he catches the other Associate! 


NO! Jester leaps on top of Mr. Heart at just the right moment, and Tony Lorenzo signals it’s only two! Jester and Mr. Heart begin exchanging punches on their knees, both of them working their way to their feet while punching! Mr. Heart gets a thumb to the eye, and Jester winces, stepping back. Mr. Heart throws a knee that connects with Jester’s stomach, but JESTER CATCHES THE KNEE! He begins to throw punch after punch into Mr. Heart’s face, causing Mr. Heart to become woozy! Jester releases the knee, steps back, and SLAMS Mr. Heart with a roundhouse kick, knocking the man flat. At this point, El Bastardo Jr. is on his knees, trying to recollect the money that he lost in the scuffle. Jester goes over to the luchadore and lifts him up by the mask! He locks in a single chickenwing and a half nelson! LAST LAUGH! BRIDGES! Tony Lorenzo is there for the count! 


Mr. Heart is out! 


Rocky Stellar is still down. The Associates scramble to get in the ring, but- 


To no avail! The crowd begins to boo loudly as Jester Smiles leaps off El Bastardo Jr., a pile of cash lying all over his body.  

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of 24 minutes and 48 seconds…JESTER…SMILES! 

Lorenzo holds up Jester’s hand, but he notices that there is no title. Jester leaves the ring and goes over to the glass case. The Associates are gone, checking on Mr. Heart. Jester kicks the glass case, causing it to tumble over and shatter. Jester picks up the Sin City Championship, brushes it off, and slings it over his shoulder. He smiles, deviously, as he walks towards the back, championship glistening on his shoulder! 

Erky Masters: As happy as I am that that match didn’t end with someone lying down for money, I can’t say that the idea of Jester Smiles as our champion doesn’t frighten me a touch. It-what is my broadcast partner doing? 

Other Guy is in the ring, picking money up off of an unconscious El Bastardo Jr. The camera fades out.


Huge black double-doors backstage at the Budokan Hall burst open as a four-man security team leads the way for two people – one, a tall shaven-headed Englishman with a black T-shirt bearing the letters OK in red on the chest and the other, a statuesque brunette clad almost entirely in black leather. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Wonder who got here before us this time… 

Sinnocence just looks up at her husband, a slight frown on her face. 

Sinn: Was the security team really necessary?  

Osbourne Kilminster: Wasn’t my idea… 

She’s much calmer than might be expected. Osbourne shakes his head dismissively as their journey continues. It seems they’ve barely walked more than thirty feet when a door to the side of the party opens to reveal Lennox Ferguson and Tyr. The four security guards are a little slow setting up a human barrier as Kilminster snarls, despite a calm Sinnocence squeezing his hand. 

A large *THUD* is heard up and down the corridor as the sledgehammer held by Tyr slides from his hand and connects with the cement floor.  

Suddenly, everybody in the hallway stops and looks up at the scene: Lennox Ferguson and Tyr standing opposite Osbourne Kilminster and Sinnocence with four security guards in between. 

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re not Tyr. You’re no God I recognise. 

The raven-haired beauty holds her husband’s hand tightly, holding him back, realising that should he decide to storm through the security guards, it’d take more than four men to pull Tyr and Ozzy apart. Jada just nods to each of the men, giving Ox a raised eyebrow. 

Sinn: You going to keep him on a leash, Ox? 

Ox turns his head ever so slightly in Ozzy’s direction. 

Ox: You going to keep him on a leash.. Sinn?. 

The stripper just nods, a soft smile crossing her face. She looks up at her husband, squeezing his hand again. 

Sinn: I don’t need to, Ox. He’ll only come after you if you come after me. 

Somewhat hurriedly ushered by a security team fearful of a confrontation developing, Osbourne and Jada are pushed back out into the corridor by the four men. Sucking in a deep breath and exhaling with an almost melancholy sigh, Osbourne turns to see where the four men intend to lead them next when he spots Thomas Manchester Black walking down the hallway toward them. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Tommy Boy… 

Sinnocence glances up to her husband, giving him a raised eyebrow that asks him to please not start a fight before she glances back to TMB. 

Sinn: Hi, Tommy, ready for tonight?  

TMB: Ozzy… Sinn. Of course I’m ready. no matter what happens. How about you two? 

The valkyrie just flashed her ally and soon-to-be opponent a wide smile. 

Sinn: I’m always ready. This is going to be a match for the ages if we can all keep our heads in the game. 

Osbourne rolls his eyes impatiently as he looks at the time on his BlackBerry, looking back up to Black with a vague, forced half-smile. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Still trying to chat up my wife, man? Smooth, aren’t you? 

TMB: Well, she needs someone to talk to now a days with others being…unfocused. But don’t worry, Ozzy. You’re still the only stripper pole she swings on for now. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Speaking of poles, it’d be a cold day in Hell before she… or anyone… touched you with one… Other than to smack shit out of you with it, of course. 

Smirking, Osbourne makes a point of draping his arm over his wife’s shoulders as the four security guards crowd back around, bearing concerned expressions as the Englishman eyeballs Black unrelentingly. 

Sinn: Gee, thanks for making me a part of that lovely conversation. Tommy, I’ll see you in the ring, Darlin’. Be sure to bring that A-game. 

She just put those hands on her hips, accustomed to her husband’s jealousy by now and even amused by it. The stripper just flashes him a dirty smile. 

Sinn: Just a little territorial, aren’t you? I’m fine with that, just don’t piss on my leg. That’s a bit of overkill. 

With a barely audible grumble, Osbourne pushes past TMB and through the security team, Jada close behind. Reaching out to the nearest door, he opens it to find an empty dressing room and turns back to look at the security team. 

Osbourne Kilminster: We’re taking this one, alright? You boys can’t do your fucking jobs, I’ll do it for you. Now, fuck off. 

Jada just rolls her eyes with a smile, pushing Ozzy inside and glancing back to the security team. 

Sinn: Thanks guys, we’ll take it from here. 

She laughs, closing the door and wrapping her arms around her husband’s waist. 

Sinn: I’m glad you’re not as useless as that security team. 

Kilminster rolls his eyes as he brushes invisible creases out of his T-shirt. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Fucking security…


We go back to the ring as the lights suddenly go out inside Budokan Hall.

There is no music at first, no pyro, no video screen graphics…just silence.

The packed crowd gentle murmurs to itself in the darkness before the video screen EXPLODES with two alternating columns of red and gold pyro. Slowly creeping in from the darkness on the video screen are the letters "A.G." which naturally starts a cascade of boos from the audience.

Eryk Masters: God damn it, I thought we could make it until the main event before we had to see him.

Other Guy: Thankfully you’re wrong, Eryk!

"Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts to play as Azrael Goeren steps out from behind the curtain, wearing a baby blue Alexander Amosu suit and a matching Breguet watch. He stops at the top of the ramp, staring out the audience with an almost befuddled look on his face, as if he’s surprised he’s being booed. He shakes his head and makes his way down the ramp as the pyro explosion follows him down.

He finally climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes, dusting his suit off before calling for a microphone. His music dies down as the boos continue, forcing a smile across Azrael’s lips.

Azrael Goeren: You know I expect that type of reaction from the mouth-breathers back in Las Vegas, not you sushi-slurping sluts.

The boos get louder as Azrael crosses his arms across the top ring ropes.

Azrael Goeren: You all should be creaming in your kimonos for the privelege of listening to your Megastar talk here tonight. Now under normal circumstances, I don’t think I would have even dragged myself out here.

A smattering of cheers.

Azrael Goeren: You see, later on tonight I’ve got myself a World Title match against three of the craziest bastards in SHOOT today. The freaktastic World Champion. The submission specialist. The Risen Phoenix. All three standing between me and finally taking control of this company and molding it in MY vision.

Generation Goeren is at hand, my friends. The weeks became hours which have become minutes. Soon I’ll be able to dictate how this company operates and finally put it on the path of success.

Jason Johnson may have suckered the Board of Directors into giving him the CEO position again, but he’ll answer to me. Everyone will answer to Azrael Goeren once that World Heavyweight Championship is mine.

A twisted, crazed smile curls upon Azrael’s lips as he closes his eyes and soaks it all in for a moment before he continues.

Azrael Goeren: But that’s later tonight. I believe it’s time to address what happened a few weeks ago with my dear old foolish friend, Rocky Stellar. I warned him. You all heard me warn him. He may have snuck in a quick Stellar Drop and gotten a fluke pin over me, but is anyone talking about the Stellar One’s "victory"? Is that what was being talked about around water coolers the day after Reckoning Day?

Azrael holds his hands out to his side, smiling out at the crowd.

Azrael Goeren: No. All everyone could talk about was what happened after the match. When X-Calibur made his triumphant return to SHOOT…and promptly destroyed Rocky Stellar. Everyone wants to know why. Why has X-Calibur and Azrael Goeren come together? What does this mean for the rest of SHOOT? What does this mean for lil’ Rocky Stellar?

Well friends…maybe you’re right. Maybe its time for some answers.

But not just from me.

Azrael slowly turns his head towards the entrance ramp, beaming with an ear-to-ear grin.

Once again, the lights go out. Seconds later, the SHOOTtron shines in an extremely bright white background, and the familiar percentiles begin crashing their way onto the giant video screen, much to the chagrin of Budoken Hall.




Eryk Masters: Oh come ON! I thought we were DONE with this shit?!

Other Guy: Haha…apparently not.






Eryk Masters: I hope this wins the “Worst Fucking Entrance of All Fucking Time” award at the year end awards.

Other Guy: I…don’t think it’s an actual award?

Eryk Masters: Well it should be!







Eryk Masters: AHHHHH!!!


CLAW‘s remix of “Change(in the house of flies)“ by Deftones blasts through Budoken Hall and red and blue pyro EXPLODES on the entrance ramp, cascading down the ramp-way in spectacular fashion like a traveling geyser at a Las Vegas casino. With a lone black “X” casting a shadow within the SHOOTtron, X-Calibur appears at the top of the ramp. He grins from ear to ear.

Adorned in a navy blue PRADA suit with a crimson colored tie, X-Calibur very slowly and carefully walks down the ramp like old man Stellar waking up to take a piss in the middle of the night. Closely following him is the gargantuan of a man known as The Russian Assassin, as introduced earlier in the week. Just as he reaches the steel steps, he stops and looks out at the disgusted fans, many of whom are aggravated with X-Calibur’s extremely long and flamboyant entrance.

Eryk Masters: Today’s Eryk Van Warren entrance clocks in at eleven minutes, fifty-two seconds and is brought to you by Ambien.

Other Guy: Though, it’s not like you’ll need to pop in one through this shit.

Shaking his head at the fans, X methodically makes his way up the steps and into the ring. Arm outstretched, Azrael Goeren passes the microphone to X. When the music fades, so does the crowd as they wish to hear what X-Calibur has to say.

X-Calibur: Hello SHOOT Project. HELLO BUDOKEN HALL. It’s been… far too long. Has it not?

He pauses, gathering his thoughts. Looking at Herr Goeren, X chuckles.

X-Calibur: First off, I wish to thank my business partner here, Herr Goeren, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do the right thing by coming out here and giving me the proper introduction that I deserve. I appreciate it, Azrael, and I look forward to returning the favor by introducing YOU, on our next show, as THE… SHOOT…WORLD… FUCKING… CHAMPION!!!! YEAH!!! NOW ALL YOU SLANTS OUT THERE GIVE IT THE FUCK UP FOR AZRAEL GOEREN!!!! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!

Eryk Masters: He did NOT just call them “slants”.

Other Guy: He did, Eryk. He very much did.

The crowd is LIVID at this statement, and boo X mercilessly amidst his rampant shouting. Azrael buries his head into the nearest turnbuckle, trying to hold back laughter as X chuckles and sneeringly hushes the crowd.

X-Calibur: Now… onto business. Many of you are wondering why, after a four year absence, I came back to SHOOT. Even more of you are wondering why I came back and drilled Rocky Stellar into the ground. And of course, there are even MORE of you out there that are DYING to know WHY OH WHY OH FUCKING WHY did X join the EEEEEEVIL Azrael Goeren?!?!?!

In mock anger, X looks at Herr Goeren and stomps his foot.

X-Calibur: Well, frankly… that is none of your goddamn business.


X-Calibur: Yeah, yeah. Of COURSE you’d want to know. Like the Mike Dexters out there, you feel compelled… to know. Like it is owed to you to have all of the answers. Well you know, what? Fuck you. ALL of you. Right to hell.


Looking annoyed with the loud chant emanating from within Budoken Hall, X rolls his eyes.

X-Calibur: Right. So as I was saying… usually, there is someone standing here ready to placate your unchecked curiosity. Ready to feed the starving sheep and send them on their merry fucking way. This time, though? No. That’s NOT gonna happen.

This time, someone has refused to give in to your wretched plight. You sycophantic sour pusses out there are so used to having everything fucking SPOON FED to you by the internet… and I’m… hehehe… I’M going to break that bad habit. Once… and for all.

You will find out WHY Herr Goeren and Mr. Van Warren have become business associates, when Herr Goeren and Mr, Van Warren are GOOD and fucking READY to tell you!

“WE WANT STELLAR!"*clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*"WE WANT STELLAR!"*clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

X-Calibur: Well you’re not GETTING him, so deal with it. Rocky hightailed it the fuck outta here as soon as he could. Something about “not forgiving you dirty yellow bastards for Pearl Harbor” or something. Which is understandable, considering he actually SERVED in the jungles of Guadalcanal.

Bits of trash were thrown at the mention of this from those in attendance that understood X’s awful wartime reference. Sensing the endangerment of his respective bosses, Yuri faces the direction of the crowd in which the garbage had flown. Looking at the pink elephant standing in the room; the six-foot-ten inch Russian hoss that has his arms folded and standing with a watchful eye between Herr Goeren and Mr. Van Warren, X smiles at his newly acquired personal bodyguard.

X-Calibur: And that is why I have hired this man. Gavruh… Gavruh… errr, well we’ll just call him Yuri. You see, you people out there in the seats and in the locker room… you don’t appreciate the value of change. As you did with Azrael and his ascension to power, you will make feeble attempts to stop me. You will blind side me like the cowards you all are, and I don’t have the time, patience, or inclination to deal with the dregs of society anymore. And quite frankly? Neither does Azrael.

He walks over to Goeren and pats him on the back, appreciatively. Goeren nods warmly and reciprocates this by patting X’s shoulder as well. Looking into the camera, X and Goeren put their arms around each other like brothers in arms, ready to march to war. The Russian Assassin walks up behind them, towering over them both, and puts his arms on the sides of them both. Solidarity.

When the camera zooms in closely, X continues.

X-Calibur: Rocky Stellar…it was nothing personal, old man. You were just the collateral damage to a greater campaign.

You were, I am proud to say, the first casualty in our crusade to restore the chain of command… the fucking HIERARCHY, between the sovereignty of SHOOT and its petty indigents. But don’t worry, Rocky…it’s for the best. 

And we know what’s best for SHOOT.

X and Goeren smirk.

X-Calibur: Trust us.

X tosses the microphone out of the ring, returning arm-in-arm with Azrael as their massive Russian bodyguard stands stoically behind them. The boos in the arena are absolutely deafening as the newly crowned Hierarchy of SHOOT appear to be posing for a photo-op before they make their way out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Great. Just when things FINALLY start to brighten up around here, two of the craziest assholes in the business decide its time to start comparing notes.

Other Guy: The previous statement was the sole opinion of one Eryk Masters. I for one welcome our new overlords.

Eryk Masters: You would.

Other Guy: Keep it up and you’ll be second on their hit list behind Rocky Stellar…



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match… is… A FOURWAY ELIMINATION MATCH… FOR THE IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!

"Living Dead Girl [Subliminal Seduction Mix]" by Rob Zombie starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of, oddly enough, cheers and catcalls as the stripper, Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain and walk down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: And here we go.  Personally, this is one match I was looking forward to ever since the bookings went up.  Fourway Iron Fist Title Match?  ELIMINATION?  Urination.

Other Guy: Wow, you used your urination card ALREADY?

Eryk Masters: Hmm.  I guess I did.  THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM, OG.

Samantha Coil: Heading to the ring first… she hails from Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at 171 pounds…. THE KILLER QUEEN… SINNOCENCE!

 Jada is dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin-tight leather pants that have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring.

“Combat” by RZA with P Dot starts up over Budokan Hall’s epic sound system, and the crowd erupts for the return of the man known as “The Queen City Hitman”.

Samantha Coil: Making his way down the ramp… from Hartford Connecticut, by the way of his hometown,  The Queen City Charlotte, North Carolina… weighing in at 265 pounds… THOMAS… MANCHESTER… BLACK!

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels hoodie with his forearms and fists taped up. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Eryk Masters: Black looks ready.  About as ready to fight for a championship as SHOOT has possibly seen.

Other Guy: I believe this is the first title match Black has received since SHOOT has reopened its doors, so I imagine Black is ready.  Or… he’s not ready, and he’ll be out in Bushwhacker time.

Eryk Masters: We shall see, OG.  We shall see.

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as ring hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the next competitor to enter Budokan Hall‘s stage area.

The slow strains of that Keith Richards guitar open up the song… "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones fills the Budokan.

Samantha Coil: On his way to the ring next… from San Antonio, Texas…weighing in at 235 pounds…THE SAINT…JAIME…ALEJANDRO!

Yeah, a storm is threatening

My very life today

If I don’t get some shelter

Lord, I’m gonna fade away

War, children, yeah, it’s just a shot away

It’s just a shot away

War, children, yeah, it’s just a shot away

It’s just a shot away, hey, yeah

Eryk Masters: I love that song.

Other Guy: It’s not a party until you hear some Stones.  Just sayin’.

The Saint slowly walks out into the Budokan floor. He looks around the arena and swiftly walks as he touches a few hands on the way to the ring. He jumps up onto the apron and pulls back on the rope. As he does, the pyro shoots up from the stage area as he vaults himself over into a front flip into the ring.

He lands feet first and looks around at the ring. Quietly he waits for the champion’s entrance…


As the two words flash across the SHOOTron, the arena lights go down and the crowd cheers with approval as “Lights Out” by Mindless Self Indulgence begins to play.


The lights stay off as the song plays, and Samantha Coil makes her  introduction.

Samantha Coil: …and introducing the champion! Accompanied by Tyr, he weighs in at an even 230 pounds. Hailing from parts unknown, he is LENNOX… THE OX… FERGUSON!

Without warning, all of the lights in the arena come back on and the fans roar in surprise as The Ox runs down from the Tokyo crowd and hops a barricade.  Wearing all white – white boots, white shorts, white elbow pads, white taped hands… and a white boxing robe… The Ox slides into the ring and raises his championship belt up high for the rest of the participants in the match to see.

Eryk Masters: The Ox is making a statement here: you want some come get some!

Other Guy: That can’t be right.  I SWEAR I’ve heard that before somewhere.

Eryk Masters: I can’t imagine where.

Once Samantha Coil clears the ring and all four comnpetitors stand in their respective corners, undressing their pre-match wears, the bell sounds.

Eryk Masters: There’s the bell, and look at Lennox!

The Ox wastes little time getting things started as he throws some stiff rights at TMB, whose attention was fixed on Jaime Alejandro.  As TMB’s head snaps back from the blunt force of Ox’s iron-like fists, Sinnocence decides to throw fists of her own at The Saint.  Catching one on the chin, Alejandro blocks the next one and counters with an uppercut that reels Jada back into the ropes.  Glancing at The Ox laying into TMB, he decides better of interfering and focuses back on Jada.  The momentary distraction proved to be just long enough though as Jada springs to the middle rope and delivers a scintillating springboard dropkick square to The Saint’s jaw!

Eryk Masters: Beautiful springboard dropkick!  That right there just goes to show you that if you take your eyes off of Jada for one second, she will make you pay for it.

Other Guy: I’m not sure why anyone would ever WANT to take their eyes off of Jada.

Eryk Masters: Oh,  I get it. 

Other Guy: See what I did there?

Eryk Masters: Because she’s hot.

Spinning 360 degrees, Ox swings for a spinning backfist but TMB ducks the wild attempt.  Before the Iron Fist champion is able to turn around, TMB grabs the back of his head and drills him into the mat with an explosive falling neck breaker.  Budokan Hall watches intently, delivering a smattering of applause for TMB’s falling neck breaker. 

Eryk Masters: Ox may want to adjust his style in this match.  Fists will only take you so far before your opponents begin to anticipate them.

Other Guy: The match just started, E.  I’m sure his gameplan doesn’t consist solely of punches.

Following up her springboard dropkick, Sinn patiently waits for The Saint to sit up.  As soon as he does, Jada runs into the ropes.  Launching off the mat with the added recoil from the ropes, Jada extends both of her legs outwards and connects with Alejandro’s jaw again!  With the action fast and furious, the crowd barely has any time to let Sinn’s lightning quick offense sink in before TMB lifts Lennox Ferguson into the air with a vertical suplex. 

Eryk Masters: TMB showing some amazing strength here. 

Other Guy: Big Poppa Black in the house!

Eryk Masters: What?

Other Guy: Uh, nothing.  Nice suplex.  Heh.

Holding him there for the briefest of moments, TMB throws The Ox down across the top rope, abdomen first.  Having The Ox draped over the ropes, TMB runs into the ropes parallel to The Ox.  Jumping up, TMB smashes The Ox’s face with a running knee lift that sends him down to the outside mat below in an awkward heap, leaving him standing on opposite sides of the ring with Sinnocence.

Eryk Masters: With Saint regrouping, it looks like it’s just TMB and Sinn at the moment.

Other Guy: Jada was really having her way with Jaime’s jaw.

Eryk Masters: Jada can have her way with my jaw, too.

TMB calls for a lock up with Sinn, who looks hesitant at first to comply, but eventually does so.  TMB  shows his superior strength by straight up shoving Jada into the ropes from the tie-up position.  Using the distance between them to her advantage, Sinn sprints towards TMB.  Twisting her body at the last possible second, she jumps at an inward angle into TMB’S waist.  Guiding herself into TMB’s grasp, this allows TMB to lift her much smaller frame into the air.  In mid-air, Jada locks her arm around TMB’s head for a luchadore bulldog attempt, but TMB uses quick thinking to lock his arms around her waist and snap down to the canvas with a high angled back suplex.

Other Guy: Shit!!   

Eryk Masters: Folded up like an accordion!

Dennis Heflin begins administering the ten-count while Sinnocence writhes in pain, holding the back of her neck from the high-angled suplex.




Seeing TMB distracted by watching Sinnocence endure the first count for the match, Alejandro sneaks up behind him and clutches his arms in a full-nelson lock.


Fi- Sinnocence rolls to her side and quickly forces herself to her feet.  Lennox is standing right outside the ring beside her though and smartly yanks her feet out from underneath her, causing her to land on the mat face first.  The Saint, meanwhile, heaves TMB up ever-o slightly from the full-nelson head-lock and suplexes him down to the mat with thunderous conviction.

Eryk Masters: Beautiful release dragon suplex by Jaime Alejandro!

Other Guy: What is the Iron Fist Champ doing here, though?

Pulling Jada’s legs through the bottom rope until her waist is right lined with the edge of the ring apron, Lennox underhooks Jada’s thighs for what looks to be a wheel-barrow suplex. 

Eryk Masters: No way…

Lifting and heaving at the same time, Lennox drops to the outside mat and simultaneously THROWS Sinnocence’s entire frame into the outside guardrail!


Eryk Masters: All of her body weight just crushed her neck against that guard rail… I think she’s unconscious!

Instead of counting Jada out of the match, Dennis Heflin concentrates on counting out TMB, who was down on the mat first.




Realizing TMB is stirring and about to get up, Alejandro picks him up and motions for Heflin to go count Jada out.

Other Guys: Brilliant.  Did you see that?  

Eryk Masters: Yep.

Other Guy: Jaime knew TMB wouldn’t be beaten with that move and decided it was far more lucrative an opportunity to get rid of Jada.

Eryk Masters: Indeed.  The elimination rules in this four-way certainly makes for an interesting dynamic!

As Lennox hops back into the ring, Lennox all but screams at Heflin to count Jada out of the match.



Jada hasn’t moved, and with TMB on dream street in Alejandro’s clutches, Lennox and The Saint eye each other up momentarily. 







Stirring slightly, Jada realizes she’s about to be eliminated from the match when she lifts and arm and grabs onto the guard rail.


Rearing back, Lennox KICKS Jada’s arm out from under her with all of his might… unintentionally interrupting the count and causing Dennis Heflin to start over!




Eryk Masters: Lennox just screwed himself!!  

Jada once again grabs onto the top of the railing and pulls herself up, thereby saving her from elimination.  After about three seconds, she falls to a knee, clutching the back of her neck. 

Inside the ring, The Saint sets up TMB for an exploder suplex, but TMB elbows the former Sin City Champion right in the temple.  Clutching the side of his head with a painful grimace, Alejandro reels back.  Turning around, TMB seizes hold of Alejandro and lift him up for a body slam.  With great strength, TMB transitions the body slam into a Samoan drop by throwing Alejandro over his head, slamming him down to the mat!

Eryk Masters: This match is TMB’s first real shot at SHOOT gold since the re-launch, and the way TMB has been impressing… I think it could be his way of carving his notch into the company.

Other Guy: And what better way of doing that than by winning the prestigious Iron Fist Championship?

With Alejandro down, Heflin is back in the ring and looking to administer a count, but TMB shakes his head “no”, realizing it wouldn’t be enough to put away The Saint.  Guiding him to his feet, TMB lifts Alejandro up for a flapjack, but unbeknownst to him, Lennox Ferguson is waiting on the landing.  Lifting up with his hands while dropping to his knees, Lennox claps his fingers around the back of Alejandro’s head and SMASHES The Saint with the high impact inadvertent double-team flapjack/jaw-breaker combo.  Budoken Hall ROARS in excitement for the innovative double-team, and as Alejandro clutches his face, he rolls to the outside.  Surprisingly enough, he has the wherewithal to remain on his feet, which garners immense respect from the crowd.


Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap


Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

Eryk Masters: How the hell is The Saint CONSCIOUS from that, let alone STANDING?!


Just as TMB  turns around to see who assisted him with the flapjack, TMB is LEVELED with a lunging clothesline from hell.  Knocked square on his ass, TMB squints in agony.  Realizing he didn’t get the full effect and awkwardly hit TMB with it, The Ox brings TMB to his feet.  Measuring him up, The Ox runs into the ropes again.  On the rebound he LEVELS TMB for a second time, this time with the full brunt of the clothesline from hell.

Eryk Masters: DOUBLE TAP!

Other Guy: Jesus.  He didn’t just do a normal clothesline and then a clothesline from hell… but he leveled him with back to back clothesline from hells!  TMB is OUT.

With Heflin right there, he begins counting.




Leaning onto the edge of the ring apron, Sinnocence watches Black’s eyes roll to the back of his head as Lennox kneels to one knee beside Black, waiting to see if it was enough to put him away.




Slowly crawling into the ring, Jada sneaks onto the ring apron and begins ascending to the top rope, with Lennox’s back facing her and the turnbuckle.





Eryk Masters: Black has been eliminated!


As Heflin signals for the elimination of TMB, Lennox stands up from his knee and looks out at Alejandro, who happens to still be reeling on the outside (yet standing) from the flapjack/jawbreaker combo.  Turning around, Lennox stops in his tracks when he sees Jada perched impressively on the top rope.  Like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, he freezes in place.  Soaring like an eagle, Jada twists in mid-air and connects RIGHT in Lennox’s temple with a flying heel kick, emphatically dropping him to the canvas.

Eryk Masters: Flying heel kick from the heavens straight to hell! 


Heflin is right on top of things, and as he begins counting, Budoken Hall rises to their feet in anticipation of the Iron Fist Champion possibly being eliminated from the match.





Gaining his bearings with all of the commotion in the ring, Alejandro straightens himself out and climbs onto the edge of the ring apron.  Jada is ready for Alejandro, though, and sprints across the ring with her feet outstretched.  Jada nails The Saint in the gut with a front-facing dropkick, knocking him to the outside floor while the count continues.




Lennox begins to stir, and Jada screams at The Ox.


Lets Go Ox!


Lets Go Ox!


Lennox gets to his feet, and as soon as he does, Jada leaps onto his back with her patented rear-naked choke!

Eryk Masters: IRON MAIDEN!!!


Jada squeezes the life out of Lennox, looking to pop his head like a pimple.  Alejandro sees a window of opportunity opening and rolls underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.   As Lennox flails his arms in every which direction, Alejandro seizes the moment and sneaks in behind them both.  Jumping into the air, Alejandro locks his hands around Jada before falling to the mat, crushing her back by extending his knees for a double-knee backbreaker/backstabber, with all of Lennox’s weight crashing down as well and making a Jada sandwich.

Eryk Masters: JE.  SUS.  CHRIST!!

Other Guy:  Well, that’s ONE WAY to counter the Iron Maiden!! 

Eryk Masters: Jada may be broken in two.




With Lennox gasping for air and leaning into the top rope, Alejandro is up as well, focusing on keeping Jada on the ground.  Deciding to regroup, Lennox rolls out of the ring, allowing Alejandro to focus on Jada.




Lennox drops down on the outside mat and lifts the ring skirt up.  As he fishes around for items of interest, Saint hunkers down and prepares for Jada to get up as she begins stirring again.

Eryk Masters: How the hell is Jada able to move?!

Other Guy: Sinn is showing great perseverance here, E.  Have to give credit where credit is due.




Ten!  NO!!!!

Eryk Masters: Jada is up!!!! 

Other Guy: That was less than a nanosecond away from being the end of the road for Jada Kaine!

Alejandro immediately sets Jada up for the Hashimoto Special, but Jada counters with a blatant meat hook to the testicles!  Alejandro howls in pain and doubles over, allowing Jada to see Lennox Ferguson pulling a table out from under the ring much to the widespread approval of the bloodthirsty fans in Budokan Hall.  Just as soon as Lennox rests the table on the edge of the ring apron, Jada lunges forward with a dropkick to the wood, smashing the bits of metal on the underside into Lennox’s face. 

Eryk Masters: Great defensive move there by Jada!

Other Guy: I’m amazed she saw that coming, what with nearly being knocked unconscious moments earlier.

Jada is going after

Torn between who to go after, Alejandro or Ferguson, Jada eventually guides Alejandro to his feet… only to SNAP him down to the canvas with a stiff cradle DDT.  With Alejandro flattened on the canvas, Heflin begins counting down Alejandro, perhaps erroneously so as Lennox was knocked down on the outside first.

Eryk Masters: Have to say, Lennox is catching a break here since he was technically down first before The Saint.

Other Guy: Well he was ripped off earlier by Heflin when Jada got an extra 6 or so seconds so in my opinion the Iron Fist Champion is owed a little break!





Jada rolls to the outside.  Kick to Lennox’s mid-section, and she follows it up with a forearm shot to Lennox’s shoulder, which he seems to be favoring.




E- Alejandro pulls himself to his feet, stumbling into the corner.  On the outside, Lennox audibly yells, “FUCK”, and holds his shoulder while half-jogging away from Jada, turning the corner.  Almost completely doubled over, Lennox screams more obscenities while he holds his shoulder.  Looking perplexed, Jada notices the folded table.  Shrugging, she decides to pick it up and slide it underneath the bottom rope.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Lennox might have hurt his shoulder.  Not good for the Iron Fist Champion.

Other Guy: I’m not sure where he hurt it, but Ox is definitely in a bad way here. 

Eryk Masters: Wait, what is Sinn doing?!

Rolling back into the ring, Jada lifts the table and leans it into the corner turnbuckle.  Spotting Alejandro, Jada guides him by the back of his head into the center of the ring, motioning for the table that is leaning into the turnbuckle, Jada grabs Alejandro like she’s going for a running bulldog.  Running towards the table, Jada loses her grip and allows Alejandro to lift her in the air and THROW her at the leaning table.  The table doesn’t break however, and Jada rolls back awkwardly onto the back of her neck in a folded up mess.




With a shoulder that is dangling at his side, Lennox spots Jada in a crumpled up heap in the corner near the leaning table, with Alejandro’s back facing him. 







Turning over onto her stomach, Jada grabs the middle rope.


Taking a page out of the Sinnocence handbook, Lennox begins climbing the turnbuckles, albeit unsteadily.



T- NO!  Jada is barely able to pull herself up, her ass just about hanging from her unsturdy legs.

Eryk Masters: SHE’S UP!!  JADA IS UP!!!

Other Guy: FLYING OXEN!!

Uncharacteristically leaping from the top turnbuckle, Lennox dives with an awkward diving cross-body… but The Saint spots it coming at the last second and swats him away!  Lennox lands shoulder first into the canvas, and he screams in agony.

Eryk Masters: Well if he wasn’t hurt before, he is now.

Other Guy: We might need paramedics out here after th- OH MY GOD!!

Not giving Lennox a moment to recuperate, Alejandro RIPS The Ox to his feet.  Boot to the gut.  The Saint lifts Lennox high into the air.  After holding him there for several seconds, he BURIES Lennox’s head into the ground with a stalling dropping brain buster!







clap, clap, clap-clap-clap


clap, clap, clap-clap-clap




Jada peels herself off the ropes, and with a primal warcry she LEAPS onto Alejandro‘s back!








With Lennox still unconscious in the middle of the ring, Jada SQUEEZES the life out of Jaime Alejandro.  His arms FLAIL as he desperately tries to grab a hold of something.  The Saint looks poised to fall to the mat as every vein in Jada’s body just about explodes from the amount of pressure she is putting onto The Saint‘s neck.

Alejandro stumbles forward to the center of the ring, nearly toppling over Lennox’s unconscious frame.  With The Saint is about to fall, he looks down at Lennox.  Almost like it gave him motivation to keep going, in one last burst of strength, Alejandro pushes back with all of his leg strength and LEAPS back into the leaning table, SMASHING JADA’S BODY THROUGH THE HARD WOOD!!

Eryk Masters: MOTHER OF GOD!!!









Fragments of wood cover Jada and Jaime, with lacerations from the sharp splinters cutting into The Saint’s arm, and worse, Jada’s face.  Blood oozes from both competitors. 



Suddenly, Lennox begins to stir, and he rolls away from them both to the corner of the ring.


Jada reaches a hand up and grabs onto the middle rope.


Alejandro reaches a hand up and places it on top of Jada’s.


Seconds before the final count of ten, and just when Jada looks like she’s about to pull herself up again, Alejandro uses her body to push himself up from the ground, in turn pushing her back down.


Eryk Masters: THE SAINT DID IT!!!



Eryk Masters: Man.  From top to bottom, that match had all the makings to be an Iron Fist classic for the SHOOT Project.

As Dennis Heflin hands The Saint his newly won Iron Fist Championship, Lennox Ferguson looks on at the carnage in his wake.  Ringside medical technicians are tending to a bloody Sinnocence,  Wood splinters everywhere.  The Saint oozing blood from the point of his elbow where a patch of skin is literally hanging like a piece of uncooked bacon.  Then he lays his eyes on the Iron Fist championship snapping shut around Jaime Alejandro’s waist.  Looking The Saint dead in the eye, The Ox stands eye to eye and holds out his hand.

Lennox Ferguson: Congratulations, Jaime.

Unsure of what to think at first, the new Iron Fist Champion cautiously accepts this incredible sportsmanlike gesture and shakes the former champion’s hand.  Budokan Hall applauds this display of respect wildly, and before long Lennox withdraws his hand and leaves the ring, allowing The Saint to have his winning moment.


As the fans scream and shout, thoroughly enjoying themselves the lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of men and women being laid out and taken out with one person being a constant. Seeing the video the fans begin to focus their excitement as the speakers spring to life.

Buddy you’re a boy

Make a big noise playin’ in the street

Gonna be a big man some day

You got blood on your face, big disgrace

Kicking your can all over the place

We will, we will rock you (ha ha)

We will, we will rock you (C’mon)

As the song kicks into the second verse Tanya Black emerges out of the back with a red painted lead pipe in one hand and a microphone in the other as she dances to the beat while walking to the ring.

Keep the beat up, why, I’m gonna turn your heat up

Gonna get you on the floor, gonna burn your feet up

Rockin’ you, like I’ve never rocked you before

Like the way I do, got your screaming for more

We’re causin’ utter devastation

When we’re stepping to the place

And better believe that you can see

We’re gonna rock and never stop

And here we go again

Hit you with the flow again

Kick it up the second time around

We’ll bring it on again – shout it out

Having gotten to the ring Tanya stands in the middle of the ring and holds her microphone up as the fans start singing along to the song.

We will, we will rock you (we’re gonna rock, we’re gonna rock ya baby!)

We will, we will rock you (we’re gonna rock, we gonna rock, we gonna rock ya)

We will, we will rock you (we’re gonna rock, we’re gonna rock ya baby!)

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go,

Buddy you’re an old man, poor man pleading with your eyes

Gonna make you something some day

You got mud on your face, big disgrace

Somebody better put you back in your place

With that the song dies down as Tanya laughs pacing the ring and blowing kisses to the commentators.

Eryk: Well she is certainly glad to be here though I wonder what that lead pipe is for.

Other Guy: I hope she is nicer than Sinnocence. We don’t need two of them crawling around SHOOT.

Tanya: My name is Chiquita Maria Conselua Junita Guadalope Rodgriguez……… HYYYYYPHHHHHEN……. Gonazlez…… The Third. But you can all just call me Tanya Black. I know some of you have heard of me because I do declare I heard a bit of a pop from the people of Las Vegas.

Tanya holds the microphone up and sure enough the fans cut loose with another screaming fit causing her to smile before calling for silence.

Tanya: Yeah kind of like that. Gods I love this town. Always enough fun loving freaks to fill an arena any time of day, any day of the year. But seriously it’s like this. I am interrupting your regularly scheduled programming because the owners of SHOOT Project have signed little old me to a contract to do what I do best and that is wrestle like no one else on this planet. Now for those who don’t know me, including probably the entire roster, here is the deal: Don’t Let Me Down. I signed with SHOOT because I was given the impression from watching your shows that THIS is where the best of the best come to unleash hell upon each other. THAT idea, purely brutal, totally in your face intense competition is what gets me off. It is what makes me want to wrestle. I don’t need big money. Title belts are nice and appreciated but not what I came here for. I returned to the ring to kick some ass and get my ass kicked right back. Easy wins are for drama queens and as long as you boys can pin me without any shenanigans then I will gladly shake your hand and call you the better wrestler. But if you try to pull something shady, especially outside the ring, well let me remind you of something.

With that Tanya holds the red-tinted pipe up high so the light bounces off it’s surface as the fans wonder what she will say next.

Tanya: That I can play the rough way and I always make stupid little bitches pay. In 2011 SHOOT is going to get a new kind of Revolution: The Era of Black. I may not win every match, hell I may not win any of them, but every second I am on camera whether it’s wrestling or just having fun backstage I will pop those ratings and make everyone second guess what it means to be….. Intense.

With that Tanya Black leaves the ring hugging fans as she heads to the back.

Eryk: Well that’s quite a stated goal from our newest wrestler. She isn’t promising to destroy anybody but to… entertain.

Other Guy: She already seems nicer than the last female we signed. Though I have heard she gets a bit uncontrollable as well. Let’s all figure out together if she can live up to her own hype.



“Devil’s Dime” by the Black Label Society begins to play as the fans start to boo. 

Eryk Masters:  Well, this is a flash back if ever there was one… 

Cronos Diamante steps out from the back, wearing a “CRONOS” t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans with tightly laced up Army boots.  He glares at the fans as he rips the shirt off at the entrance and smirks, walking down the ramp. 

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first…hailing from The Bronx…he is…CRONOS…DIAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTE! 

Cronos slides into the ring and glares at Austin Linam, who starts to pay him down. 

Other Guy:  Cronos Diamante’s seen it all, Eryk.  He’s been through absolute Hell, man.  From working through the awful 1990s and early naughties…Cronos has been a staple of… 

Eryk Masters:  Bad wrestling promotions. 

Other Guy: …of revolutionary moments in professional wrestling, man!  Dude strung folks up on crosses, he’s tossed women off of stuff, he’s screwed up people’s careers…why, there’s a reason with the recent Legacy Exodus that Marcus Mirage, former SHOOT World Champion, hasn’t applied to come back. 

Eryk Masters:  Cronos might be one of the baddest men to don the boots, OG, but I’m still skeptical. He’s here because Jason Johnson let bygones be bygones, but don’t get it twisted.  This is still one of the most devious and despicable human beings to ever be put on this Earth. 

Other Guy:  That’s kinda harsh, E. 

Eryk Masters:  Like I care, OG.  He’s never done anything in this business for stuff for himself.  He’s an insult to all the best of the best.  There’s a damn reason he’s not a SHOOT Project World Champion.  If I had my way, he’s the absolute LAST person I’d extend any olive branches to! 

“Devil’s Dime” dies down.  Cronos looks at the entrance with a menacing look in his eye as the fans all start to boo, but not lights dim.  Only a sudden EXPLOSION of green pyro at the entrance as “POWER” by Kanye West kicks back in. 





Donovan King steps out from the back wearing his ring gear and nothing else.  He stands at the entrance, glaring at Cronos.  He walks down to the ring with a purpose, the fans booing him just as they had Cronos before. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…hailing from Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA…he is DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! 

Other Guy:  King looks hilarious without any fake belts on him. 

Eryk Masters:  One thing I’ve noticed is the recent turnaround of King’s personality.  Maybe he’s not as insane and immature as I once thought. 

Other Guy:  Please.  I hope he doesn’t win a single Year End Award. 

King walks up the ring steps and Cronos IMMEDIATELY rushes him and knocks him from the ring apron!  The Japanese fans grow silent as “POWER” dies down.  Cronos slides his hand across his chest as he exits the ring.  He picks King up and drives his head into the ring steps.  Linam demands he enter the ring, but Cronos ignores him.  He takes a firm and tight hold on King’s neck and hits a HARD neckbreaker on the outside!  Cronos SLAMS King into the guardrail, startling some of the fans to jump back in fright.  Cronos grins as he stares at the fans, laughing at King. 

Cronos Diamante:  COME ON, LAST SCION!  GET UP! 

King grimaces as Cronos stomps down POWERFULLY on his neck!  Cronos shrugs as the fans continue to boo him.  He picks King up and pinches his cheeks within his iron grip, locking eyes with him.  He stands there, the fans at ringside seem worried for King.  Cronos NAILS an elbow strike into King’s throat!  King staggers away from Cronos, coughing and trying to catch his breath.  Cronos rushes him and quickly whips him HARD into the steel ring steps!  King collapses to the ground in pain, but he does not cry out, gritting his teeth in pain. 

Eryk Masters:  Cronos is fucking sick.  He keeps slaughtering King and the bell hasn’t even rung! 

Other Guy:  About time SOMEBODY taught him a lesson in respect,  E. 

Cronos looks up at Linam who demands King get thrown back into the ring.  He picks King up and rolls his carcass into the ring.  Cronos slides into the ring and the bell rings! 

Eryk Masters:  I say it’s about time the match finally got under way! 

King is rolled onto his back.  Cronos slowly hooks King’s leg and grins as Linam slides into position! 




The fans applaud as Cronos looks down at King.  He mounts King and SLAMS HARD shots into King’s head.  The fans are back in their silent respect as Cronos continues to pound into King’s head and neck, King not able to stop the assault.  Linam pulls Cronos off of King and demands he back off.  Cronos grabs Linam by the collar and the fans boo finally.  He pushes Linam away and walks back over to King’s body.  He picks King up and quickly brings him DOWN with a Lariat!  He laughs as he picks King back up and whips him to the ropes.  He bounces back and Cronos drops to his belly, King skips over him, Cronos is up, Cronos gets ready…ARM DRAG…NO!  DDT!  KING COUNTERS! 

Eryk Masters:  WOW. 

Cronos cradles his head as King rolls a few feet away, trying to get his wits about him.  He holds himself in the fetal position as Austin Linam begins to count the mandatory count! 





Cronos pulls himself to his hands and knees, shaking his head. 


Cronos picks himself the rest of the way up and takes a hold of King’s body.  He lifts the arm up and drops a HARD knee on King’s elbow.  King grits his teeth, unwilling to yield to Cronos’ onslaught.  Cronos locks him in a reverse arm bar, tweaking the elbow as hard as he can.  The fans are stunningly upset at King’s beating.  Cronos walks to the middle of the ring and stands there, his crow tattoo emblazoned across his chest.  The fans boo him as he flips them off.  He turns to King, who is having a very hard time with Cronos’ attacks.  He walks over to King’s body and picks him back up again.  He pushes King into the corner, walks to the middle of the ring, turns back to King…he CHARGES…KING DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY!  Cronos catches himself, turns around…REALITY CHECK!!!!  The fans POP! 

Eryk Masters:  WHOA!  Donovan King just hit the Reality Check in a last ditch effort to stop Cronos! 

King drops to the mat on his knees and one arm, holding the other one to his body.  He looks at the fans…the Japanese audience…and smirks to himself.  He realizes the audience is not the Las Vegas faithful.  He grits his teeth and drops his head to the mat, slapping the mat with his hand.  He keeps slapping the mat over and over again, the fans starting to clap along with him.  He picks himself off of the mat the rest of the way and slaps his hurt elbow, the fans cheering once again! 

Other Guy:  Okay, I hate Japan.  Seriously, you guys?  Donovan King displays some Fighter’s Spirit and you’re cheering him?  Fuck off. 

Eryk Masters:  I think his time against Azraith has proven to him that he needs more than just some sorry ass Sovereign flunkies to get the wins…maybe he needs some damn self reliance! 

King picks Cronos up off of the mat and quickly DRIVES him back down with KINGFALL PART TWO!  He hooks Cronos leg and looks to Linam! 




King wastes no time picking Cronos back up, SNAP SUPLEX.  He spins back to a standing position, dragging Cronos up…FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX!  He spins BACK to a standing position, dragging Cronos BACK up…EXPLODER!!!!  The fans POP as King slaps his hand against his chest, slapping specifically where his tattoo is, over his heart. 

Eryk Masters:  How in the hell did King muster that level of intensity to block out all the offense Cronos threw at him early on?  He nailed a variation on the Superiority Complex on Cronos…but how much longer can he hold out? 

Other Guy:  Why do you fucking care, man?   Donovan King will NEVER just…develop some level of Fighter’s Spirit.  Instead, this Uncrowned BRAT gets to get in front of some new crowd who DOESN’T get to see his evil nature on a regular basis and he’s feeding off of THAT.  That’s BULLSHIT, dude! 

Other Guy continues to complain and berate King as King picks Cronos up once again.  He hooks his head up into a DDT and slowly hooks the arms up, grinning from ear to ear. 

Eryk Masters:  ALIENATOR! 

Other Guy:  NO! 

Cronos RAMS King into the corner!  The fans stop cheering as Cronos peppers him with rights and lefts, body shot after body shot!  Cronos headbutts King HARD in the face, IMMEDIATELY busting King’s lips, splitting them against his teeth, blood starting to pour quickly!  Cronos pulls back, screaming in King’s face. 


Donovan King:  FUCK YOU! 

King SPITS blood into Cronos’ face and Cronos IMMEDIATELY headbutts him again and again and again, King’s blood spouting freely from his busted lips.  Cronos laughs, King’s blood on his face.  He slams King to the mat and lords over his foe, the fans booing yet again. 

Eryk Masters:  This guy’s a pure fucking monster. 

Other Guy:  They don’t call dude The Devil because it’s a tagline, E.  It’s the real shit with this psychopath. 

Cronos rolls King onto his back and stands over the body of Donovan King.  He places his boot on King’s chest and demands Austin Linam count King down! 




Cronos looks at King and stomps down HARD on King’s chest.  He shakes his head, drops to his knees and hooks King’s leg, glaring at Linam yet again. 




Cronos picks King up and quickly LAUNCHES him to the floor on the outside!  Cronos jumps out of the ring and laughs at Austin Linam as he demands Cronos get back into the ring.  He walks around King’s body, and he slowly picks him up.  He sits King up onto the ring apron and quickly wraps King’s arms up in the bottom and middle ropes!  The fans are booing loudly as King grimaces, looking over to see his arms tied up.  King looks down at Cronos, who marvels at the work he’s done. 

Eryk Masters:  Eerily similar to all the other horrible shit he’s done in his career, isn’t it? 

Cronos cocks his head to the side as he looks at King, who is glaring down at him, blood dripping off of his chin.  Cronos walks around until he finds Mark Kendrick.  He shoves him off of his chair and folds it up, walking over to King and laughing at Linam’s continued warnings.  He shrugs and RAMS it into King’s stomach!  The fans are booing as Austin Linam has no choice but to call for the bell! 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner as a result of a disqualification…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIING! 

The fans are cheering somewhat as Cronos shakes his head, pointing to Austin Linam with a laugh.  He looks at King, who is grimacing in pain. 

Eryk Masters:  That’s enough, the match is over, it’s done, Cronos! 

Cronos looks up at King, who glares back down at Cronos. 

Cronos Diamante:  Nothing personal, Scion. 

Donovan King:  BRING IT! 

Cronos NAILS King in the FACE…UNPROTECTED…with the STEEL CHAIR.  The fans are booing as Cronos slams the chair down on the ground.  He walks away from King, who now has a split eyebrow, the blood coming down the side of his face.  Cronos leaves King as Linam struggles to remove King from the ropes.  Suddenly the fans grow in commotion as out from the back comes…THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK. 

Other Guy:  Uh oh! 

Black saunters past Cronos and walks over to where King is.  He motions to Linam and together, the two of them remove King from the ropes.  Black is given a microphone from Samantha Coil as he sits King up against the ring apron.  Black stands there, looking down at King for a long moment. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  You know…I look down at you and right now…I feel sorry. 

Black pauses as King starts to come to. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  I feel that…maybe?  Maybe you should find peace and comfort in knowing that you are trying to do the right thing.  Maybe I should be alright with that. 

Black kneels down, eyes locked with King’s glossed over eyes. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  But then I think about every little FUCKING thing that you’ve done, Donnie.  I think about that and I feel that this…just…isn’t enough. 

Black stands back up the rest of the way, looking down at King still. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  You’ve taken away things…brought pain to people’s lives and allowed everyone around you to be infected…with greed…and…and evil.  One right?  One right doesn’t erase YEARS of wrong, Donnie. 

Black reaches down and picks King up.  He makes sure King is standing completely up, albeit braced against the ring apron.  The two of them have eyes locked now. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  So I’m going to make sure I enjoy what will become a life changing time for you.  Whether it destroys you…or not. 

Black gets within two inches of King’s bloodied face.  King grits his teeth under his bloodied lips as Black cocks his head to the side. 

Thomas Manchester Black:  See you later…friend. 

Black drops the microphone as “POWER”  kicks back in.  Black walks away, leaving King alone.  He looks at Masters and Other Guy before he turns to face Black as he disappears to the back.  King says nothing, clutching his hurting arm and stomach before he himself starts to make his way to the back.


An orange spotlight hits the top of the ramp, and then several orange strobes scour the arena, as the fans let loose the loudest boos of the night.  Immortal Technique’s “Point of No Return” hits the PA as images of past conquests appear on the screen.

The destruction of Del Carver.

The annihilation of Jonny Johnson.

The cutting of Curtis Rose.

The smearing of Trey Willett’s blood.

Then, only the battle hardened eyes of the man known as Brutal and Inhuman are shown.  Everything is in a greyscale, except for the green of his eyes.  The image pans into his smirk, which transitions into a bloody smiley face.

This is the point from which I could never return

And if I back down now then forever I burn

This is the point from which I could never retreat

Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace

This is the point from which I will die and succeed

Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed

From now on it can never be the same as before

Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore

Corazon appears at the top of the ramp.  His face covered by his long black hair.  His eyes obscured by black, silver-rimmed sunglasses.  His overcoat just barely stays off of the floor, as he takes a very methodical, slow walk to the ring.

Eryk Masters:   Oh boy…  this is my favorite wrestler right here, guys…  Let’s see what ol’ Adrian Corazon does here…  is he going to try and justify his loss?  Maybe he’s not quite done with Trey Willett?

Other Guy:   I expect if you shut the fuck up and let the man speak, he’ll let you know exactly what he’s going to do.

Corazon climbs into the ring, as Samantha Coil hands him a microphone and quickly exits.  The lights come up as he stands in the middle, the crowd letting him have it with hatred and angst.

Corazon:  Thank you, Tokyo, Japan, for your warm, loving welcome…


Corazon:  I appreciate any and everything you throw my way.  I do not plan on wasting a great deal of time out here, so let us begin, shall we? 

Corazon paces the ring as the crowd noise is intense and hateful. 

Corazon:  I know all of you watched Reckoning Day, you saw what happened.  You saw Trey Willett defeat me, and reclaim his life.  His family, of course, is back with him.  That little wrinkle of time in his life has now come to an end.  Congratulations to him for persevering, and finding a way to stand tall in the face of the most intense, and brutal adversity he has ever seen.

The crowd pops for Trey, as Corazon nods his head and continues walking the ring. 

Corazon:  With that said, it is also important that I mention that as a result of my dealings with Trey Willett, my time as a member of the Sovereign has come to an end.  My deal with Eddie E. has been fulfilled, and thus…  I am free.

Small, half pop for the mention of Corazon leaving the Sovereign.

Corazon:  As part of my agreement with Eddie E., I was promised a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, whether it was Donovan King or Azraith DeMitri that walked out of Reckoning Day as our champion.

The crowd boos at the notion, but Corazon holds a hand up.

Corazon:  I have since waived that agreement, and re-negotiated another.  My logic here is that I have been the World Heavyweight Champion before, and while I do believe that I could, and would, murder Azraith DeMitri in the ring…  he has things on his plate right now that eclipse an impending threat from someone like me.  When I DO take my shot at Azraith DeMitri, or whoever the World Heavyweight Champion might be at the time…  I plan on making sure that the only thing they have to focus on, is me.

The crowd cheers at the declaration, and Corazon nods his head once more, before continuing.

Corazon:  So, there has been a fair amount of questioning about what I do next…  what did I negotiate.  As you all heard earlier this evening, Jason Johnson has instituted the “free bird” rules for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.  That is intriguing to me, and you might wonder why I would be interested in working as a tag team…  what I possibly had to gain by doing such a thing…  well, it is simple.  The tag team division is a pretty, shiny new toy.  It is beautiful in its own way…  and as I am sure you all have figured out by now…  I do so enjoy marring things that are beautiful.  I am scintillated by the idea…  the notion…  the dream…  of destruction.

The crowd is hushed, as they listen intently.

Corazon:  Then, I thought…  who might I work with…  who do I know that shares my same ideals…  and the answer was so, so simple.  Allow me to introduce you to my new tag team partners…  two acolytes of true destruction…  two men who know what it means to scar the beautiful…

The Revolution-Tron begins to broadcast the flashing image of a human stomach, the flesh trembling, the belly button rising and falling which each intake of breath.

“Obscure” by Dir En Grey hits the PA, as the crowd is a bit confused as to who might be coming out at this point.

A ragged fingernail appears, and it begins to RIP into the flesh of the stomach, carving letters intricately, one by one. The blood pours out thick and dark, washing freely along the skin of this unfortunate soul.

P-R-O-J-E-C-T: S-C-A-R

With these two words pulsating amidst the gore and the bloody ruin, two figures emerge from the curtains.

Eryk Masters:   Oh fuck OFF, Corazon.  Fuck right off.

The figures step into the light as KENJI YAMADA and ISSAC ENTRAGIAN stand at the top of the ramp.  Corazon grins at the duo, as they begin to walk down the ramp. 

Corazon:  Allow me to introduce ALL of you to two men who KNOW what it means to destroy…  KENJI YAMADA.  ISSAC ENTRAGIAN.  And together…  we are PROJECT:  SCAR, and the tag team division?  It belongs to US now.  Hope you…  hope you guys are okay if the three of us…  you know…  observe.

Corazon grins and drops the microphone and drops to the outside of the ring, as he’s joined by Entragian and Kenji Yamada. 

Other Guy:   Two things…  one…  awesome that Corazon is no longer in the Sovereign.  Two…  FUCK Corazon for bringing these two monsters here.  This is NOT good for ANYONE. 

Eryk Masters:   I really hate this guy, OG.  I just…  I can’t believe that someone in the office believes it’s okay for THESE THREE to be TOGETHER.  It’s RIDICULOUS. 

Corazon turns and looks at Eryk Masters, who freezes in his place.  Corazon smirks at him, and then turns back towards the ring. 

Other Guy:   Well if these three are going to be out here…  let’s just go ahead and get this match on its way. 

Eryk Masters:   Yes, agreed.  The sooner it’s under way, the sooner these three monsters are away from here.



A weird remix of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC mixed with “Real American” by Rick Derringer plays and the fans instantly give a mixed reaction.  Out from the back comes Johnny Patriot and The UK Dragon. 

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is for the World Tag Team Championships and is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first…hailing from the Allied Forces…Johnny Patriot and The UK Dragon! 

Eryk Masters:  Well…these two are tagging together for the first time.  The dangerous duo, the masked men, the Allied Powers, the… 

Other Guy:  Shut up, E. They have no name.  They’re just two guys in masks who rep two different countries.  Seeing the supposed epitome of patriotism in America and the epitome of sad British people…it just…feels wrong, man! 

As they enter, “Defy You” by the Offspring plays, and the fans are greeted by the team of Flash Dynamite and Kid Lightning, The Flying Avengers. 

Samantha Coil:  And their opponents…hailing from the Fortress of Solitude…the Flying Avengers! 

Eryk Masters:  These three sick fucks…Project SCAR or whatever they used to be called…is there no way we can just get them removed from this match? 

As soon as they enter, “Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi kicks off and the fans begin to cheer as out from the back emerges ‘Big’ Buckley Dresden and ‘The Walking Nightmare’ Charles Brandon Magnus, The Bad Ass Brotherhood.  They wear their CWC World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists. 

Samantha Coil:  And their opponents…the current CWC World Tag Team Champions…Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden…THE BAD ASS  BROTHERHOOD! 

Once Magnus and Dresden enter, no music is played as two smaller guys come running down to the ring, and before Samantha Coil can say anything, they’re in the ring and trying to get the match started early. 

Eryk Masters:  And…there’s Jay Skylar and Ray Valjean.  I’m sure they’re destined to be the next great tag team du jour. 

Before the bell rings, the teams decide who will go in first.  It looks like our lineup is Ray Valjean, Buck Dresden, Johnny Patriot, and Kid Lightning.  Willie Dean calls for the bell, and we’re on.  Valjean hangs back as Patriot stumbles towards Dresden, causing Buck to crack his knuckles and sneer.  Lightning watches this for a moment, then looks to Valjean, who is leaning back in his corner and talking with his partner.  As Patriot and Dresden lock up, Lightning rushes Valjean—who apparently saw it coming, and sidesteps so that the Kid chest-slams the corner turnbuckle.  Valjean taps his temple and cackles, but Kid is up just as quickly and doubles him over with a gut kick.  On the other side of the ring, Buck slips Patriot into a headlock, quickly tosses him to the mat, and drops a big elbow. 

Eryk Masters:  Early predictions, OG? 

Other Guy: Why we’re not in there trying to take ‘em home is beyond me.  It’s a buyer’s market as far as tag teams are concerned, dude. 

Eryk Masters:  …okay.  I’m going with the Flying Avengers.  Not because I want to…but they have better looking tights than the others. 

Ray gets taken down with a snap armdrag, and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside.  Lightning grabs the top rope, looking for a tope—But Jay Skylar cuts him short with a running elbow to the head right out of his blind spot!  Lightning stumbles backwards, and Dresden calmly steps over Patriot, looking to take Kid down, but Patriot clamps onto his leg and drags him to the mat with an ankle lock!   

Other Guy:  Sloppy lock there, chief. 

Eryk Masters:  I kinda like calling a move the Sloppy Lock. 

Dresden starts kicking at Patriot blindly, trying to get a solid hit—which he does, peeling away from him.  Lightning is currently arguing with Jay Skylar, and he doesnt seem to notice ray Valjean running around the opposite side of the ring and sliding in.  He runs behind Lightning, waistlocks him quickly, goes for a release German suplex—Lightning flips to his feet!  Buck is behind him though, and catches him in a quick sleeper hold before twisting his body and just TOSSING kid to the mat.  Valjean tags Skylar, and Patriot tags Dragon. 

Eryk Masters:  Wowsers!  This is some wild shit! 

Buck pulls Kid up to his feet, reaches back for the BUCKSHOT—Way too early, as Kid ducks, kicks him in the side of the knee, and jumps across the ring to make a quick tag to FLASH Dynamite.  Meanwhile, Skylar and UK Dragon lock up, which results in Jay slapping him full on in the mouth!  The crowd starts booing, as Dragon throws a high roundhouse—which Skylar ducks, only to pop up and grin before smacking him in the face again!  Dragon swings with a lariat, Skylar ducks, comes up with a slap—But before he can, Dragon gives him what amounts to a big boot right to the collarbone!  

Eryk Masters:  It’s getting heated! 

Other Guy:  Yeah it is! 

FLASH immediately leaps at Dresden, taking him off of his feet with a Front Dropkick.  He recoups, and as Dresden rises, drops a leg onto the back of his head!  Buck gets to his feet, grabs for Dynamite, but FLASH ducks it and takes him to the mat with a modified suplex!  FLASH backs up, slapping his knee pad, as Dresden groggily gets to his knees…FLASH runs, Shining Wizard—Buck LEAPS to the air and just FLATTENS him with a flying forearm!  He rolls to his corner and slaps the outstretched hand of Magnus! 

Other Guy:  Stuff going wild, don’t discount Dresden, though! 

Magnus looks to advance on FLASH, but he gets knocked to his face as Jay WHIPS UK Dragon into him!  Skylar laughs and looks towards Valjean, who is holding up a card that reads “7.2”.  Jay looks aghast, and BARELY manages to sidestep a charging Magnus.  Magnus turns, quickly throws a forearm to Skylar, and then whips him into the ropes.  He ducks for a backdrop, but Jay sails over him, looking for a sunset press—Magnus sits down on this chest, grabs him by the hair, and starts laying mounted punches into his skull! 

Eryk Masters:  Both of these are pretty good wrestlers. 

Dragon takes FLASH to the mat with an armdrag, and holds onto the arm, hooking him into a lock.  Valjean hops down from the apron, runs over to Dresden and throws a CLOTHESLINE to his KNEES, causing him to crash to the floor.  He then promptly runs back to his corner, laughing.  This action distracts Magnus, who proceeds to walk towards Valjean, yelling threats and pointing at him.  Skylar gets to his feet, shakes his head, and SHOVES Magnus to his corner, directly into the Mean right Hook!  Magnus stumbles back, stunned, Jay hooks him for a schoolboy! 


Kickout at one!   

Other Guy:  Craziness! 

Eryk Masters:  These folks are pretty tough, OG. 

Dragon lets the hold loose as soon as Dean calls Dynamite’s rope break, then rolls forward and tags in Patriot.  Johnny, medicated as he is, manages to halfway trip over his feet, which turns into a fairly nasty looking chop block on Jay Skylar.  He gets to his feet, is met by Mangus, and in a moment of clarity takes him to the mat with a crossface chickenwing hold.  Kid Lightning, freshly tagged in, breaks that up with a springboard elbow drop, and we’re kind of stuck with an every man down scenario.   

Other Guy:  Does Patriot seem kinda weird to you? 

Eryk Masters:  More than usual? 

Other Guy:  Point. 

 This gives us a moment to split screen, showing two men, both wearing Rising Sun Pro Dojo t-shirts and jeans, one of whom has a cowboy hat on.  They appear to be watching the match on a television screen, and pointing things out to one another. 

Eryk Masters:  Those two guys there watching are two of the newest names to the SHOOT Project roster.  They call themselves…The Gunslingers. 

Other Guy:  Paying close attention to how the tag division is gonna shake down here tonight, eh? 

 The split screen goes away, as Jay Skylar has rolled over to his Corner and made a quick tag to  Valjean.  The both of them grab Lightning and Magnus, preventing them from making the tags they need.  Dresden is yelling at Valjean, who grins and snaps Magnus back with a quick suplex, Then gets just out of Buck’s reach.  Buck is smacking the top turnbuckle, but Valjean just grins and shakes his head.  However, behind him, Magnus has socked Jay in the gut.  He lifts the stunned Skylar by the waist and PLANTS him with a spinebuster before getting hit with a wheel kick by Lightning.   

Other Guy:  Jay ain’t even legal! 

Lightning leaps up, Grabs Valjean from behind, and goes for a German, but Valjean hooks the leg and plants his weight before letting fly with a stiff backwards mule kick that catches him right in the testicles!  Lightning falls back, and Valjean turns, only to hack to quick dodge a right hook by Patriot!  Johnny gets pegged in the face by a quick Valjean elbow, and Ray attempts to whip him into the ropes, but he collapses/reverses it, and Valjean goes running.  He’s met my Magnus, who LAUNCHES him across the ring with a belly to belly!  Patriot, seeing the opportunity, rolls over and pins Valjean! 



Jay is walking around the ring, holding onto his ribs, but stops long enough to talk with some women in the front row.  This draws the Attention of Kenji, who glowers at him for a moment until Kenji gets a sick grin staring at him.  Jay looks confused, turns, and eats a BIG running axehandle from FLASH!  Magnus has taken umbrage with Patriot, and grabs him by the arm before whipping him into the corner and yelling ( loud enough for the camera mics to pick up ) “Tag him out, you’re up!”  Dragon pauses, shrugs, and slaps his partner on the chest.   

Eryk Masters:  Magnus adheres to a certain code of honor that’s won him many fans since he’s been here, OG.  He’s obviously upset with how…undisciplined some of these guys are acting. 

Dragon and Magnus lock up as Valjean shakes the cobwebs away.  Dragon transitions him into a headlock, flips him to the mat, and locks on a swift keylock.  Lightning simply runs and soccer kicks UK in the shoulder to break it up.  On the outside, Corazon, Kenji, and Entragian have all been drawn to the emerging Skylar/Dynamite Brawl.  Dynamite lands a good kick to Skylar’s ribs, and jay falls to his knees, coughing violently—and then launches himself to his feet, running away while wincing!  In the ring, Valjean has kicked Lightning in the crotch blatantly, and he turns, hooking for the stunner, MEGA MOVE—Lightning shoves him into the ropes so hard he’s laid out against them! 

Other Guy:  Oh man he caught it on his throat, dude! 

Eryk Masters:  If I were any team in this match, I’d keep my eyes on those three sick fucks there…they can’t be trusted.  You KNOW that about them, OG. 

Lightning backs up a few steps, gets a running start, leaping into the air to snap his head over the ropes—Valjean comes alive and shoves him forward at the last possible second, causing him to crash to the floor in a heap!!  The crowd starts screaming, not so much for either man, but for the monstrous bump he just took. 

Eryk Masters:  He did NOT land right! 

Lightning is struggling to get up, but he encounters the running Jay Skylar, who takes the time to get a great airtime vertical leaps before DOUBLE STOMPING HIM IN THE SMALL OF THE BACK.  He then runs off, laughing, as FLASH checks on his partner.  In the ring, Magnus is fighting with UK Dragon, and currently has him in  a front headlock, dragging him down to the mat.  Dragon gets his feet underneath his body, wraps his arms around Magnus, and twists him backwards with a northern lights suplex!  He holds onto the pin, and Dean hits the mat 


Valjean UNLOADS with a low angle dropkick to Dragon’s ribs, breaking the pin up.  All three rise, and we’re left with a ¾ standoff, none of them men doing anything just yet.  The Corazon triumvirate have moved to the Flying Avengers, where Kid Lightning is shaking his head and getting to his feet with the help of FLASH.   

Eryk Masters:  We’d like to take this time to remind everyone this is a one fall to a finish match!  With all these people watching this match it leads me to think the tag team division’s gonna be in one hot contest after another! 

Magnus looks between Dragon and Valjean, then calmly walks backwards and tag in BIG BUCK DRESDEN.  To a HUGE pop.  Buck smiles, starts walking towards UK Dragon—then jukes and locks up with a stunned Ray Valjean!  They struggle for a moment, before Buck shoves him into a headscissors.  He goes around the waist, looking for a powerbomb possibly, but Ray plants himself and tries to stand up to lift buck off of him—Dresden plants his feet, grabs Valjean by the back of his pants, and SPIKES him with a pulling piledriver! 

Other Guy:  DAMN! 

Dragon seizes the opportunity, grabbing Buck into a hammerlock, pulling him to his feet, and tagging in Patriot.  They both lay forearms into him ( Johnny’s obviously a bit sloppier ), before pausing, and then hitting a total elimination…sort of.  Dragon swept the legs like a champ, but Patriot must have lost consciousness for a second, and instead of a roundhouse, he falls forward into Buck at the appropriate moment, banging their foreheads into one another.  Dragon drags Johnny on top of Buck, cover, 



Lightning rolls into the ring and makes a much-needed tag to FLASH, who leaps into action immediately, grabbing the rising ray Valjean by the arm, spinning, and taking him to the mat with a majistral cradle… 




Buck shoves Patriot out of the way, and this seems to rouse him.  He stalks over to the rising Dynamite, rears back, BIG chop to the chest.  FLASH reels back, and buck steps forward and BIG BOOTS HIS FACE OFF OF HIS FACE!  Buck covers…



Valjean boots Dresden in the back of the neck!!  Dresden stands up in a flash, points at him, and Valjean immediately begins to back off.  Patriot grabs Valjean from behind, looking for a  dragon suplex, but Ray is stalling him.  Buck runs forward, clotheslines Valjean backwards, and Johnny PLANTS him with the suplex!!  He doesnt hold on to the bridge, either unwilling or unable to, and he stands up to meet Buck Dresden head on. 

Eryk Masters:  The Bad Ass Brotherhood is quickly starting to act like they’re the alpha team of SHOOT Project.  They want those belts, they want to be considered the best team in SHOOT Project…and I think they want to show SHOOT Project what kind of tag wrestling we’ve been missing! 

They lock up, and Patriot starts pushing Buck backwards.  Buck fight against it, and there’s something of a stalemate, as FLASH picks up the reeling Ray Valjean and quickly bodyslams him.  Patriot redoubles his efforts, and ends up pushing Buck all the way to the Valjean/Skylar corner!  Referee dean calls for a break, and as Johnny backs away, Jay shrugs, grins, and just BOXES BUCKS EARS!!  The crowd despises this, as Buck knocks over Patriot while screaming and holding onto his head.   

Eryk Masters:  They’ll do whatever it takes to win!  They’ve got the most to prove! 

Dynamite comes off of the second turnbuckle with an elbow drop, but Valjean rolls out of the way!  Quick tag to Jay Skylar, who leaps over the rope and rushes Buck Dresden, grabbing him from behind and spiking him to the mat with a bulldog!  Patriot grabs him, trying for a DDT, but Skylar punches him right in the ribs, then hits him with a low dropkick!  Johnny drops to his knees, and Skylar runs up to him, hooks in a side headscissors and PLANTS him onto the mat with a takedown!!   



UK Dragon leaps in and breaks the pin up!  Dresden, who has gotten to his feet, grabs a struggling Jay Skylar by the head and drags him to the Bad Ass Brotherhood corner.  He tags Magnus, and they both get a hold of Jay around his throat.  He’s shaking his head, with a look of fear in his eyes as they lift him high into the air and SLAM him to the mat with a double chokeslam!!  The crowd goes absolutely nuts as Magnus covers, and Dean hits the mat! 



THR—FLASH Dynamite SHOVES Magnus off of Skylar! 

Other Guy:  VAS might be the most hated team in this match right now, but nobody wants to lose this match due to them! 

Magnus rises, throws two punches at Dynamite, thengrambs him by the arm—Short-Arm Powerslam!  Patriot has gotten to his feet, his knees buckling, an tries to stop the crawling Jay Skylar from making it to his corner, where Ray Valjean is perched on the top rope—Patriot dives for Jay’s leg JUST as his hand slaps Ray’s!  Magnus turns after hearing the crowd buzz—And Catches a BIG Diving Double Axe Handle RIGHT into his skull!  Ray Covers, but Patriot shoves him off of Magnus and covers himself!  Valjean grabs Johnny and pulls him to his feet, boots him in the crotch, and Pulls the Stunner off—MEGA MOVE!! 

Eryk Masters:  VAS with an IMPRESSIVE move there! 

Other Guy:  This could be it! 

Eryk Masters:  I’m thinking someone in their right frame of mind could have handled tonight better…Johnny Patriot should be ashamed of himself! 

Ray covers, but before Dean can even count the one, Magnus pulls him off by the leg!  Valjean stands up, swings for the fences with a big backhand—Magnus ducks and spears him to the ground to uproarious cheers!  They both brawl on the ground for a moment before Magnus gets the advantage, raining blows down on Valjean’s head, but he gets kicked in the small of the back by the hurting FLASH Dynamite!! 

Other Guy:  You can’t discount anyone here! 

Ray scurries to the ropes to help him get up, obviously a little punchy, while Flash and Magnus lock up.  Patriot is attempting to get to his feet and falling flat, so Valjean stumbles over to him, sits on his back, and hooks him into the full nelson—CONQUEROR LOCK!!  Dragon leaps into the ring, and so does Lightning, but Jay Skylar is there as well, and he leaps OVER Valjean and Patriot to intercept them with a high cross body—he catches Dragon, but Lightning rolls UNDER him and tucks himself into a sonic roll, ending with a roll heel kick RIGHT into Valjean’s head!  The hold breaks!!  Dragon and Skylar take their fight to the outside, neither man gaining much of an advantage.  Lightning hobbles back to his corner, but he gets intercepted by Magnus!  Magnus summons Buck into the ring, and Buck immediately takes a hold of Valjean and tosses him from the ring! 

Eryk Masters:  Things aren’t looking good for anybody not in the Bad Ass Brotherhood now! 

Magnus hooks Dynamite up and tosses him HARD into his partner!  Patriot is all alone in there with Magnus and Buck now! 

Other Guy:  Bodies are everywhere! 

Magnus starts to jaw with Patriot, who is slowly realizing he’s by himself!  Patriot gets spun around, Buck has him in a Sambo suplex position, and Magnus latches on as well!  The fans cheer as both Magnus and Dresden DRIVE Patriot to the mat with a DOUBLE STO.  Buck is up, kicking at Valjean trying to get back into the ring!  Magnus covers! 


Buck NAILS a Lariat on the incoming Skylar! 


Buck launches Lightning from the ring again! 


The fans pop BIG as the bell rings! 



“Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi kicks in yet again as the fans cheer even more!  The camera focuses back on Corazon, Entragian, and Kenji Yamada, the three of them watching as Magnus and Dresden are handed the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts.  The three of them glare at The Bad Ass Brotherhood, who hold both their CWC World Tag Team Championship belts up…as well as their newly won SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts.  Magnus and Dresden roll from the ring, excited as hell. 

Eryk Masters:  Finally, tag champions we can be proud of! 

Other Guy:  You better believe it, man.  Magnus and Dresden have come a long way to become tag champs, Eryk, so it stands to reason they are gonna be two damn fine representatives.  

As Magnus and Dresden make their way up the ramp, Abigail Chase greets them.  Jonas Coleman comes running out from the back, embracing his two brothers.  The music dies off as the three men celebrate. 

Abigail Chase:  Ladies and gentlemen…your SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions…Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden… 

Buck Dresden:  AN’ JONAS COLEMAN! 

Abigail Chase:  And Jonas Coleman…THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD! 

Jonas laughs. 

Jonas Coleman:  That’s the easiest win I’ve ever had! 

Magnus takes the microphone from Chase. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  HEY.  HEY!  You guys down there?  Avengers?  VAS?  Patriot?  Dragon?  Kenji, Isaac, Corazon…take a good, long, look. 

Magnus points at all of them at the ringside area.  The camera focuses in on the devious faces of Corazon, Kenji, and Entragian before they show the irritated faces of Valjean and Skylar. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Come one…come all!  Today marks a new day in SHOOT Project history!  A day of heroes…a day of awesome…a day…FOR THE BAD…ASS…BROTHERHOOD. 

Jonas Coleman:  So the word’s out, folks.  We’re the ones.  Us.  Hate to break it to you, but we don’t care your pedigree.  You can be Gunslingers, you can SCAR all that’s beautiful…you can wear masks…you can be veterans or you can be rookies! 

Buck Dresden:  But the bottom line,folks?  The bottom line?  You can be whatever you wanna be…but you fer DAMN sure…can’t be…BAD ASS. 

The three of them grin as the fans cheer. 

Charles Brandon Magnus: So, SHOOT Project, take notice!  WE RUN THIS NOW… 


The three men embrace as “Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi kicks back in.  The three men hold their four belts up in unison, enjoying the adulation of the fans before they disappear into the back. 


The arena of people are chattering amongst themselves waiting for the action to pick back up on the show.  After a few moments of inactivity “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” by Filter and The Crystal Method blare over the speaker system.  The fans are a little unsure what to make of this a first, but before they can wonder too much Trey Willett emerges from the curtain.  As soon as they are able to see him, the fans begin to rock the arena with cheers.  Trey makes his way down to the ring slowly, making sure to slap hands with everyone in between. 

Trey slides into the ring and asks for a mic. 

Trey: I don’t usually come out here unless I have something really important to say.  And tonight?  Tonight I have something very important to tell each and every one of you.

Trey stands in the very center of the ring, making sure to turn around every so often to insure that everyone can hear and see him.

Trey: This last couple of months, I have been through Hell.  There are more than a few people in the back that have made sure of that.  I went from not having my family with me, to having them back around me, to having them taken away from me.  I realized something the night of Reckoning Day.  I realized that just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have had the strength to keep fighting for what I believed in.  I wouldn’t have been able to stand against Adrian Corazon and Eddie E.  Hell, I may have even joined them. 

I tried to rack my brain to think of what was different.  It was you people. 

You guys were behind me from the very beginning.  You gave me strength when I needed it the most.  For that I would like to thank you all.

I would also like to thank you for the letters you have been sending my way asking about the welfare of my family.  I assure you, nothing brightens Brandon’s day more than when he reaches into the mailbox and finds fan mail for him.  There has never been a better group of fans in the history of wrestling.  For that I am forever in your debt.


The crowds generally positive demeanor quickly turns to raucous boos as Jester Smiles emerges from the back to "Sleep Is Wrong" by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. He has the Sin City Championship slung over his shoulder, and he still looks quite a bit tired and beaten from his match earlier. Jester Smiles has a microphone in his hand, and he is grinning at Trey. 

Jester Smiles: Why are we booing? This is a man who overcame everything, fought against one of the most vile men in SHOOT Project history, and won everything he had back. Ladies and gentlemen, turn your boos to cheers for the only beacon of hope SHOOT Project has…Trey Willett! 

The fans do not turn from boos to cheers.  Trey takes a step back and runs his hand through his hair. He takes a deep breath and looks up the ramp at Jester Smiles. 

Trey: Is there something we can do for you, Jester? 

He makes his way to the ropes and leans forward, draping his hands over the ropes.  Jester begins to pace back and forth slightly, never taking his eyes off Trey. 

Jester Smiles: I wanted to give you my congratulations, Trey. Your victory over Corazon, it was impressive. He was right about you, you know? The whole thing about you being the symbol of all that is good in SHOOT Project? That’s you, every word of it. 

The part he got wrong, though, was that he thought you could be broken so easily. And, I’m not gonna lie, I thought he was right. I thought you were gonna shatter under the pressure that he was putting on you. First, your friend, then, your family. He went after you harder than he’s gone after anyone. 

Jester stops, smiling brightly. 

Jester Smiles: And here you are, today, before us all, your family safe, and you, standing taller and stronger than ever. Seriously, I don’t understand why no one is applauding. 

Jester begins to clap. The fans still do not join in.  Trey straightens his back and gets a slight look of confusion on his face. The fans, still unsure of how to react, wait for Trey to make the first move.  

Trey: Look, man. I appreciate the congrats. I really do. But if this is some kind of way for you to trick me into getting my teeth kicked in, today just isn’t the day. I can only assume that Whatever is left of the Sovereign has got you coming down here to kick my teeth in, so cut the shit, Jester. 

The fans cheer loudly at the thought of a confrontation between the two men. Trey lets his hands drop to his side, and stands ready for Jester to storm the ring.  Jester’s grin brightens. 

Jester Smiles: Who said I’m doing what Sovereign wants? 

The grin disappears as quickly as it came. 

Jester Smiles: Trey, I’m exhausted. I just fought three other men for SHOOT Project gold. I’m here, because everything I have said, from the moment Sovereign started, I have meant. You don’t believe me, and you don’t have to. None of you have to understand or believe what I am telling you. 

Jester’s eye begins to twitch.  

Jester Smiles: But I believe what I am saying, and I know that one day, things I have been apart of, things I have done, will help forge a new hero. And Trey Willett… 

I think you could be that hero. I’m not going to fight you today, Trey. I’m not going to do anything other than give you congrats. 

The grin comes back. An evil one. 

Jester Smiles: But understand this. You have the most potential of anyone in this arena. I believe in you Trey. 

I hope I’m not wrong again. 

Don’t play my music or anything. There is no need for further interrupt. Sorry. 

With that, Jester just drops the microphone and walks towards the back. 

Before Trey can even start to give a response, Jester Smiles retreats back to the backstage area. Still a little unsure of what to make of this, Trey stands in the ring with a look of bewilderment on his face. "(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do" hits the PA as Trey startsto make his way out of the ring. He makes his way to the back, making a few stops along the way to shake hands with a few lucky fans with ringside seats. 



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is to be contested under fatal four-way rules! And is for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Cham–

Suddenly, the lights drop and Samantha Coil lets her voice trail off.

Eryk Masters: What’s going on?!

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: Yes! I thought we were gonna go all night without seeing him!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: I HOPED we were going to go all night without seeing him…

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: Don’t be such a spoil sport, man…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment. They begin to make their way down the ramp, ignoring the jeers from the sold-out Budokan Hall, they quickly make their way to the bottom of the ramp and start walking around the ring.

Eryk Masters: Are they coming over here?

Other Guy: Looks like it, E! You better behave, or he might NINJAGUIRI you right out of your headset!

The couple make it to the booth, with Cade grabbing a chair from the timekeeper’s table and opening it. He grabs the third courtesy chair from the booth and moves it out, allowing Cassi to sit in it, as he places the folding chair down at the booth and sits in it himself, grabbing the third headset he grins as his music fades out.

Cade Sydal: How’s it going guys? Big night…

Eryk Masters: What are you doing out here?

Other Guy: E!

Cade Sydal: It’s alright. He’s cranky, I understand. I’m out here to watch this match, like everyone else.

Samantha Coil glares at Cade for a moment, before he waves his hands dismissively at her. She raises the microphone to her mouth and starts over again.

Samantha Coil: …as I was saying. And is for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first! Weighing in at 209 pounds! He is the PHOENIX! The DEXECUTIONER! MIIIIIIIIIIKE DEEEEXTERRRRRRRR!

"Had Enough" by Breaking Benjamin starts up, and a mixed reaction rings out through the arena. More than half cheering for him, though some seem to be put-off by his cocky and brash past, as Mike Dexter emerges from the back.

Other Guy: Here’s a guy with a huge opportunity tonight, in only his second match since returning to the Project!

Cade Sydal: All of these guys have a huge opportunity, just to be able to wrestle in front of the crowd here tonight. It’s almost criminal that I didn’t compete tonight, actually.

Eryk Masters: You never answered my question…you could have watched the match from the back, like everyone else!

Mike Dexter makes it down the ramp and hops onto the apron. he grabs the top rope and throws himself over it, landing on his feet he tucks into a somersault and pops back up to his feet, throwing his arms out wide, as his music fades. He looks over the ropes, looking at Cade in the booth.

Cade Sydal: If you really must know, I have business to attend to.

Other Guy: Business?

Cade Sydal: Yes.

Eryk Masters: Care to elaborate?

Cade Sydal: You’ll see when everyone else does.

Tony Lorenzo backs Mike Dexter up to a corner and starts checking on him, as "Indestrucible" by Disturbed starts up. The fans begin to cheer loudly!

Samantha Coil: And his first opponent, the second of four contestants! Hailing from Birkenhead, England! Weighing in at 235 pounds! He is OSSSSSSBOURRRRRRRNE KIIIILMINNNSTERRRRRRRRR!

Osbourne Kilminster steps out from the back, spitting out a heavy stream of water before he starts down the ramp. He looks out across the sea of cheering Japanese fans, and can’t help but start to smile before he refocuses and his expression becomes stern as he makes his way down the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope before pulling the mouth-guard from over his ear and places it in his mouth as his music fades out.

Other Guy: Well, speaking of business, Kilminster is ALL business here tonight!

Eryk Masters: You can say that again. The match hasn’t even started yet, but he looks ready to take someone’s head off already!

Cade Sydal: That’s the warrior mentality in him, Ernie Miller. He’s fighting for the top prize in our sport. He, and the rest of these guys, better be ready to take each others’ heads off, honestly.

Samantha Coil: And their next opponent! From Eberswalde, Germany!

"Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts, and the fans begin to boo, knowing the music of the dastardly German.

Samantha Coil: He is the Self-Proclaimed Megastar, and Sensation Not From This Nation! AAAAZRAAAEL! GOOOOOERENNNNNN!

Azrael Goeren steps out from the back just then, his arms out wide, a confident smile on his face as he begins to make his way down the ramp. Ignoring the hateful sounds coming from those within the Hall, he makes it to the ring and climbs up onto the apron, stepping up onto the ropes in the corner, he scans the crowd before jumping over the top rope and into the ring. He backs up, allowing Tony Lorenzo to check him as his music, too, fades.

Cade Sydal: Look, even he isn’t going through his usual song-and-dance.

Eryk Masters: Not only does he have the chance to become SHOOT Project World Champion here tonight, he has the chance to represent SHOOT for the CWC Showcase Title on Saturday!

Other Guy: Even with all that pressure on him, though, he looks cool, calm, and collected.

The lights dim and the white and blue spotlights begin to strobe. The brass-heavy intro for "Propane Nightmares" by Pendulum starts to kick in…but suddenly it gets cut off by a slower, heavier beat by the same band, a familiar singer yelling out lyrics to "The Tempest"

I know I can help you, I just don’t fucking want to!

And I’m feeling stronger by the day!

And say that I’m selfish!

But I know you need this, and I’m just so sick of the chase!

The numerous screens around the Budokan flash Azraith DeMitri’s numerous hard hits throughout his career as the champion steps out to the top of the rap, a quiet calm on his face.

Samantha Coil: And finally, hailing from Seattle, Washington by way of his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska! He is the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! AZRAITH DEEEEEEEEEEMITRIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Azraith makes his way down the ramp, as the fans in the Hall cheer loudly. Azraith raises the World title high over his head as its mentioned, he steps up onto the apron and hands his trench coat and the title belt off to one of the stagehands before stepping through the ropes. Tony Lorenzo starts checking on him as his music fades out.

Eryk Masters: The champ is at a definite disadvantage here. With three other men gunning for his title, and not even having to be involved in the decision to lose.

Cade Sydal: He knew what he was getting into when he went down the path that lead him to that title. Anyone who’s anyone wants it, he’s going to constantly be defending his title, and if he starts thinking like you just put it, he won’t have to worry about being a champ for long.

Other Guy: That’s true. it isn’t ballet, after all.

After Samantha Coil is safely out of the ring, Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell. Mike Dexter, Osbourne Kilminster, Azrael Goeren, and the champion Azraith DeMitri all look at one another from their respective corners before Kilminster turns his attention to Azraith, and Dexter turns his focus on Goeren! Both Ozzy and Dex nail their respective Az’s (Azraith and Azrael) with jabs, but Goeren and DeMitri retaliate with punches of their own!

Eryk Masters: And they’re off!

Other Guy: Paired off, you mean.

Azraith gets the upper hand on Kilminster, backing him to a corner, while Dex backs Goeren up into the opposite corner! Dex and DeMitri whip their opponents toward each other, and Azrael and Ozzy quickly hook their arms together, swinging each other around toward their foes!

Cade Sydal: Cute little dance number there…

Eryk Masters: Huh?

Cade Sydal: Dosey-do…

Azrael throws a clothesline at Dex as he runs back at him, but Dex ducks and dropkicks him from behind, spilling him through the ropes and to the floor, while Ozzy catches DeMitri with a jumping knee to the chest that puts him through the ropes and to the floor as well!

Other Guy: Dance or not, it worked out pretty well for Ozzy, and not so well for Goeren!

Eryk Masters: How can you keep up with that? There’s so many bodies, the action is tough to follow already!

Cade Sydal: Are you serious right now?

Dex and Ozzy lock eyes for a moment before they meet i n the middle of the ring, both throwing punches at the same time! Both men continue to punch each other, but Ozzy quickly gets control and backs Dex to the ropes with swift jabs, Ozzy sends Dex off the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop as he rebounds, but Dex kicks up into his chest! Ozzy straightens up as Dex turns and hits the ropes again, but Ozzy steps up into him as he rebounds and throws him up and overhead with a release belly-to-belly suplex!

Eryk Masters: Nothing hard to follow about that! Kilminster just damn near threw Mike Dexter out of the ring and into the stands!

Dex rolls out of the ring from the impact of the throw and Ozzy gets to his feet, throwing his arms out and letting out a primal yell before Azrael sneaks up behind him and rolls him up with a schoolboy!


Ozzy kicks out quickly, and both men scramble to their feet!

Cade Sydal: Quick schoolboy, could have had him if he had a little more leverage, maybe with an O’Connor Roll, or a jacknife press.

Other Guy: No disrespect, but no way would he have pinned Ozzy there. You’re gonna have to weaken that Viking up quite a bit more before something like that will work.

Cade Sydal: None taken, OJ.

Both men turn toward each other and Ozzy reaches for a clinch on Goeren, but he ducks under the reaching arms! As Ozzy turns back around, Azrael snaps into him with a chop! A second, third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth chop follow quickly, pushing Ozzy back into a corner!

Other Guy: Like him or not, Goeren is all business tonight!

Eryk Masters: You can say that again! He’s lighting Kilminster up with those chops!

DeMitri slides back into the ring as Goeren whips Ozzy out of the corner, right into him, and Azraith catches Ozzy with a scoop and a powerslam right in the middle of the ring! Azraith pushes off of Ozzy as Goeren comes right at DeMitri with a hard punch to the side of the face! Azraith drops to a knee and starts to push back up before Azrael punches him again right in the cheek!

Cade Sydal: Awww, is his ‘friend’ turning on him, too?

Other Guy: Haha!

Eryk Masters: It wasn’t that funny…

Cade Sydal: Don’t hate. It’s ugly.

DeMitri rocks back, and looks right at Goeren, holding his hands out, as if trying to talk Goeren out of fighting him. Goeren responds with a third punch, right in the stomach that doubles Azraith over, before a fourth punch connects with the side of his face, dropping Azraith back to a knee! Goeren rears back and punches Azraith right in the lips, splitting the bottom one open, and Azraith turns to spit a small trail of blood out!

Eryk Masters: C’mon, Az! You’ve got to at least fight back, man!

Cade Sydal: I knew you had a favorite…for shame, Evan Mustard. For shame.

Goeren grabs Azraith by the arm and pulls him to his feet, he starts to whip him to the ropes, but Azraith ducks under the arm and pulls Goeren right into a short-arm clothesline that drives him to the canvas hard! Azraith screams out, almost in frustration it seems, just before turning around as Mike Dexter leaps off the top turnbuckle, dropkicking him right in the face! DeMitri rolls out of the ring, holding his mouth, as Dex pops back up to his feet, receiving mostly cheers!

Eryk Masters: Mike Dexter came out of nowhere with that missile dropkick!

Other Guy: It sure seemed that way!

Cade Sydal: Can he sustain that, though? No one else has been able to keep any kind of momentum so far.

Goeren is back to his feet, and he turns right into a hard forearm from Dex. Dex whips Goeren off the ropes, but Goeren reverses the whip and sends Dex off the ropes instead! Goeren steps in to deliver a back elbow, but Dex ducks under it and catches Goeren’s wrist, using it to swing around he sends Goeren into the ropes now, moving quickly to catch him with a clothesline as soon as he hits the ropes that sends him over the top and to the floor!

Other Guy: He’s firing on all cylinders right now.

Cade Sydal: For now, but there are three other guys in there. It’s not going to be easy to hold onto any sort of advantage.

Ozzy slides back into the ring from, behind Dex just as Goeren spills to the floor, and Ozzy quickly clubs Dex in the shoulders. Dex stumbles toward a corner and Ozzy pursues him quickly, nailing him with a hard elbow strike to the side of the head before sending him to the other corner. Ozzy follows right behind, but Dex grabs the top ropes and kicks his legs up, forcing Ozzy to duck under his body to avoid being kicked! Dex lands on his feet and as Ozzy turns around, Dex leaps up onto his shoulders and snaps back with a hurricanrana, rolling through the legs and hooking them both!

Eryk Masters: Huge ‘rana, right into a pinning predicament!



Ozzy kicks out!

Other Guy: Close, but not quite close enough.

Both men quickly scramble to their feet and Dex kicks ozzy in the gut before hitting the ropes to the side of him, looking to throw a knee into the side of his head, but Ozzy straightens up and pushes Dex’s back, sending him lurching off balance! Dex turns around just as Ozzy drops to a knee and right back up under his hips, lifting Dex off the ground as he gets back to his feet and turning to slam Dex hard with a Matt Hughes-esque slam!

Eryk Masters: Huge slam from Osbourne Kilminster!

Cade Sydal: You’re overselling it.

Eryk Masters: You’re insane…that slam was–

Other Guy: Stop arguing with our guest.

Cade Sydal: Thank you.

Eryk Masters: Both of you, just shut up!

While the three men at the booth bicker, Dex rolls over to his belly to avoid being pinned, but Ozzy quickly moves up his back, grabbing his left arm and pulling out from under him, looking for a Fujiwara armbar! Dex grabs his left wrist with his right hand, trying to keep Ozzy from getting it, trying to roll his body away from the grappling expert, but to no avail as suddenly ozzy pops his hips and pulls up on Dex’s wrist, pulling his arm up behind his back forcefully! Dex screams out in pain!

Other Guy: Big slam or not, Dex is in serious trouble now!

Cade Sydal: Oswald Kissafish has that Fujiwara locked in tight, guys. We could have a new champion right now.

Eryk Masters: Mike Dexter is fighting for his life! Fighting the urge to submit!

Goeren rolls back into the ring, spotting the situation, and grabs Dex’s legs up, crossing one ankle across the back of his knees, Goeren grapevines his right leg with the uplifted leg and snaps back to Dex’s right side, before bridging and grabbing Dex’s chin, pulling back on it!

Cade Sydal: Now that’s interesting…what happens if he taps here? Anyone know? Elijah? OPP?

Other Guy: As in ‘yeah, you know me’?

Cade Sydal: Yes…but the question?

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure, actually…but we’re about to find out!

Other Guy: Not hardly, look!

Just as Dex raises his hand up, the fans buzzing loudly at the double submission display in front of them, Azraith DeMitri is back in the ring and he comes off the ropes before jumping up and landing with a body splash awkwardly across both Ozzy and Goeren’s chests!

Eryk Masters: Being on the bottom of that pile didn’t help Dex out that much, aside from stopping him from tapping out!

Other Guy: I think the champ will live with that, especially since it makes him the champ for at least a little longer!

Azraith pushes to his feet, and Ozzy pushes up slowly as well, just before Azraith kicks him in the gut! Azraith pulls Ozzy into a front facelock and snaps him up, turning him to sit out with a Falcon Arrow! Azraith places his hands on ozzy’s chest to get a cover, but Goeren is up and he kicks at Azraith’s chest! Azraith drops back to avoid the kick and grabs Goeren up from behind, rolling him back for a schoolboy, but Goeren rolls backward through it! And Azraith seemingly anticipates as much as he gets to a knee, his arms around Goeren’s waist, he snaps Goeren up quickly and drives him back down with a gutwrench powerbomb across his neck!

Cade Sydal: I’ll give him credit…that was pretty cool.

Eryk Masters: After struggling to truly get out of the blocks, it appears that Azraith DeMitri has found his much-needed opening!

Azraith leans forward, stacking Goeren on his shoulders!




Dex and Ozzy both fly at Azraith, crashing into him to break up the pin attempt! Together both of them pull Azraith to his feet and send him off the ropes. They both duck down for a double back body drop, but Azraith grabs their heads as they straighten up! He swings back down to land with his feet on the canvas, possibly for a double DDT on them both, but they fight it and lift him back up just as Goeren pushes to his feet, holding his neck he steps in under Azraith’s legs, catching them on his shoulders, he snaps Azraith off his shoulders and to the canvas with an Alabama Slam, with Ozzy and Dex both pushing Azraith up and over to assist!

Other Guy: Huge triple-team move on the champion, and the tide has turned again!

Cade Sydal: No alliance will last long in this match, though.

Goeren drops to a knee, holding his neck and back, after delivering the move to the champion as Ozzy kicks Dex in the gut suddenly! Goeren pushes to his feet again and turns around as Ozzy grabs Dex by his shoulder and the back of his trunks, Ozzy throws Dex into Goeren’s gut, shoulder first, doubling him over as well! Dex stumbles backward into Ozzy, who catches him in a waistlock and snaps back with a release German suplex! Goeren straightens back up and rushes at Ozzy for a clothesline, but Ozzy ducks under it and catches Goeren up under his arm, he snaps back and throws Goeren overhead with an Exploder suplex!

Eryk Masters: A pair of big-time suplexes from Kilminster, and he is firmly in the driver’s seat now!

Other Guy: He better turn around though, because he’s got company!

Ozzy gets to his feet and, sure enough, turns right into Azraith’s left hand as it wraps around his throat!

Eryk Masters: Die Hand Des Gottes!

As Azraith lifts Ozzy up for the move that Eryk Masters alludes to, however, ozzy kicks his legs up and around the arm and Azraith’s head, locking in a sudden triangle choke, Ozzy leans his body back, pulling hard on it!

Cade Sydal: And just like that, Ollie Kickstand has locked in a VERY deadly triangle choke.

Other Guy: You might have to watch out for that! With the way he’s locking these holds on, it’s just a matter of moments before he gets someone to tap out! Hell, he could even do it right here!

Cade Sydal: Don’t worry about me, I’m paying attention.

Azraith fights the hold, but ends up dropping to a knee as Ozzy pulls back even harder! Azraith puts his right hand under Ozzy and starts lifting him up, before Dex jumps up and catches Ozzy’s shoulders, pulling back on them he lands on his back and drives his knees up into Ozzy’s back with a backcracker to break the hold!

Other Guy: I guess Dex just paid Azraith back for breaking the hold sup earlier!

Eryk Masters: Good thing, too, because I don’t know how much longer Azraith would have been able to hold on!

Cade Sydal: Am I the only one that noticed that he was going to probably powerbomb his way out of it? Yes? Okay then…

Cade sighs into his headset as Dex pushes back to his feet, only to be poked in the eye by Goeren’s thumb! Goeren grabs Dex by the back of the head and turns, throwing him through the ropes and to the arena floor! Goeren turns back to the ring as Azraith starts pushing up, favoring his arm a little, just before Goeren clubs him across the back of both shoulders with his arms that sends him into the ropes! Goeren turns Azraith around and gives him a handful of punches before whipping him off the ropes, but Azraith uses his size to reverse the whip and as Goeren rebounds he throws a hard lariat, that Goeren ducks under!

Cade Sydal: Big lariat misses from the Chumpion.

Other Guy: I’ve been meaning to ask…what’s the difference between a lariat and a clothesline.

Cade Sydal: The way it’s thrown…if it’s thrown like you’re running and throwing a baseball, its a lariat. If not, it’s a clothesline.

Goeren rebounds off the ropes again and as Azraith turns around, Goeren dives low with a dropkick to the knee that takes him down to his face! Goeren pushes up as Azraith starts to do the same, Goeren grabs him by the head and slowly cranks him around before dropping to a knee suddenly and driving Azraith’s neck across his extended knee!

Eryk Masters: Huge neckbreaker across the knee!

Other Guy: That was nasty!

As Azraith rolls to the side holding his neck, Goeren spots Ozzy pushing back to his feet, and quickly hooks him from behind for a back suplex, lifting him up he throws the slightly larger Englishman up off his shoulder just a little, but enough for Goeren to turn and catch Ozzy’s neck, bringing him out of the air with another neckbreaker! Goeren pushes to his feet just as Dex slides back into the ring, but Goeren catches him with a hard punch as he makes it to his feet! Goeren whips Dex off the ropes, and Dex leaps up in the air off the rebound for a crossbody! But Goeren catches him and swings him through, dropping to a knee he drives the back of Dex’s shoulders and neck across his extended knee with his third neckbreaker in a row!

Cade Sydal: You can talk a big game about that one guy’s submissions, or the other guy’s power…or even one guy’s agility and whatnot, but how about that? Adam Gorunanerrand just hit three outstanding neckbreakers!

Eryk Masters: I really don’t want to agree with you, but those neckbreakers have definitely left Goeren in full control of the situation!

Goeren scrambles for the cover, but as he does so, the crowd begins buzzing!

Other Guy: What the hell is he doing here!

Cade Sydal: Wrecking the party, it seems…

The camera moves to the rampway as Rocky Stellar starts running out from the back! Goeren spots him as well, getting to his feet and abandoning the cover, he starts yelling at Stellar and waving his hands, welcoming him into the ring!

Eryk Masters: There’s more company!


In a flash, X-Calibur runs down the ramp right behind Stellar and cracks a steel chair across his back, dropping Stellar to the ground! Goeren pumps his fist and grins, celebrating his friend’s success in ruining Rocky’s fun, as X pulls Stellar to his feet and throws him over the barricade at ringside, following him into the crowd, only to be suddenly met with a punch from Rocky! The camera goes back to the ring as Azraith starts pushing to his feet, Goeren yelling at X now to not let Stellar do that to him before he turns around right into a boot to the gut!

Other Guy: It’s a madhouse here, now!

Cade Sydal: Is it hard to follow the action now, Ethan?

Eryk Masters…well, there is fighting going on both in the ring and in the crowd, so yeah, I think that’s fair to say now.

Azraith turns Goeren around and bends, sweeping his feet out from under him and dropping him to the canvas, Azraith pulls his legs in tight, right into a wheelbarrow, before pulling Goeren up off the canvas! Goeren fights, reaching back to hook Azraith’s head, he doesn’t notice as Ozzy and Dex both get to their feet and grab both of Goeren’s legs up on their shoulders, they pull him from Azraith’s grasp as Azraith spikes him down with a triple-powerbomb!

Cade Sydal: Some more triple-team action, no homo, and this time Alvin Gingivitis is on the receiving end. I don’t think those guys appreciated their neckbreaker gifts…

Other Guy: You could say that again!

As Goeren’s body bounces off the canvas from the impact, the shot goes back to the crowd as Stellar and X-Caluibur continue their brawl in the crowd, exchanging punches, before X suddenly kicks Stellar between the legs! Stellar doubles, and as he does X-Calibur grabs his head and snaps down, driving him face first to the floor with an X-Terminator! X pushes back to his feet, smiling down at Stellar, before starting to walk away as the shot goes back to the ring.

Eryk Masters: X-Calibur just laid Rocky Stellar out in the crowd!

Other Guy: Serves him right for trying to get involved!

Meanwhile, Azraith tries to clothesline both ozzy and Dex, but they duck under the arms and catch him as he turns around, both with an individual single-leg takedown on the champ, pulling both legs out from under him! Dex swings up into a mount position just a split-second before Ozzy does, and because of that, ozzy grabs him up under the arms and pulls him to his feet, hooking him in a quick full nelson! But Dex drops down to his rear and rolls backward before rolling forward again, rolling Ozzy with him for a victory roll, but Ozzy rolls through to his feet! Dex rolls backward again to his feet as Ozzy turns around! Dex gets to his feet right into a BRUTAL right punch from Dex, dropping him to the canvas like a sack of bricks!

Other Guy: Oh! HUGE knock out punch!

Eryk Masters: We’ve seen him beat The Ox AND Ron Barker with a punch like that!

Azraith is back to his feet before Ozzy can think about going for a cover, though, just as the shot goes back to show security helping Stellar to the back, it goes back to the ring just as Azraith locks his left hand around Ozzy’s throat and lifts him up, dropping to a knee he drives Ozzy’s back down across it with the Die Hand Des Gottes!

Eryk Masters: Ozzy’s back is broken in half!

Azraith turns around, though, as Goeren runs off the ropes right into him, snapping into him with a running STO that drives Azraith down onto the back of his neck and shoulders especially hard! Goeren is back to his feet as Dex starts to push up, and instead of covering Azraith, Goeren moves to the weakened Dexectioner and whips him off the ropes, catching him with a tilt-a-whirl on the return! But Dex holds on and swings through, hooking Goeren’s head, he drops down with a tilt-a-whirl DDT!

Cade Sydal: Huge Deja Vu from Mack Denver!

Other Guy: It took just as much out of him, though!

Eryk Masters: You’re right, all four men are down!

Tony Lorenzo looks around at all four men, confused for a moment, and just as it looks like he might start to count, Ozzy begins to stir! With Azraith not far behind, the count never begins as both men push to their feet, their backs turn to each other! Both men turn around, and immediately Azraith catches ozzy with a hard punch that rocks him! Azraith backs Ozzy to the ropes and whips him, following with a clothesline attempt, but Ozzy ducks under it! Azraith turns around right into a Thai clinch! Ozzy throws his knee up and drops down, driving Azraith’s face into his knee!

Other Guy: There’s the Wake-Up Call!

Azraith drops to the canvas, and Ozzy quickly covers, hooking both legs!




Goeren dives into the shot, clubbing Ozzy in the chest to break the pin up!

Eryk Masters: That was close!

Goeren pushes to his feet as Ozzy starts to push up off his knees, but he’s caught with a sudden Buzzsaw kick to the side of the head!

Cade Sydal: Blitzkrieg! Goodnight, Otis!

Goeren turns around, though, as Dex is back to his feet and grabbing Goeren under the arm and around the head, Dex snaps back quickly with a Flatliner, driving him face first into the canvas!

Other Guy: Mike Dexter with a quick move to put Goeren down, though!

Azraith starts pushing back to his feet, and Dex quickly meets him with a hard forearm. A second one sends the champion reeling back to the nearby ropes, and Dex starts to whip him, before Azraith ducks under the arm and pulls Dex into an uplifted knee to the gut! Azraith hooks Dex for the Extinction, but just as he starts to lift, Dex drops to a knee and spins his body out of it!

Cade Sydal: Nice little counter to the Extinction…

Dex comes back at Azraith with a clothesline, but the big man ducks under it! Dex turns around only to be met with a boot to the gut, and Azraith hooks him up for the Extinction again, this time lifting him up and driving Dex down with it!

Other Guy: But not nice enough!

Azraith covers, hooking both legs!




The bell sounds, and the sold out crowd in the Budokan Hall cheer loudly!

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri did it! He retained in this chaotic environment!

Cade Sydal: Well this was fun guys. We really should do this again sometime…

Other Guy: What do you mean?

"Propane Nightmares" by Pendulum hits the airwaves once again, as Tony Lorenzo retrieves the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship from the timekeeper, passing it to Azraith and raising his hand in the air.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 48 minutes and 20 seconds! AND STILL SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! AZRAITH! DEEEEEEEEEEEMITRIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Tony Lorenzo lets go of Azraith’s hand as the sound of a headset being dropped on the commentary table can be heard. Cade Sydal suddenly slides into the ring behind Azraith, as he raises his hands in the air. Azraith turns around just as Cade pushes off his knees and leaps up, driving his right foot into the side of Azraith’s face, dropping the champion with a NINJAGUIRI! The fans instantly begin to boo as the music halts!

Eryk Masters: Come on! That’s uncalled for!

Other Guy: He told us when he came out here he had business to attend to! Looks like this was it!

Eryk Masters: He tells people lots of things, doesn’t mean they’re all true!

Other Guy: Well, this time it looks like he was telling us the truth…

Cade grins down at Azraith, as he lies on the canvas holding his head, before looking up into the hard camera. He grins and blows a kiss to everyone watching at home before backing up and gripping the middle rope with his arm, rolling backward through the middle and top rope he rolls off his shoulders and turns, landing on the floor on his feet with a cocky grin. He starts backing up the ramp, Cassi Ryan moving quickly from next to the announce booth to grab his hand. Cade moves his free hand across his waist, grinning as the fans boo!

The SHOOT Project Helmet logo shows, as the shot slowly fades out to nothingness.

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