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Revolution 71 – 1/17/11

The fans cheer a little bit when the camera transitions to the backstage area…namely the locker room. The locker room…of the Bad Ass Brotherhood. Charles Brandon Magnus and Buckley Dresden are getting themselves ready for this evening’s matches, both men are dressed casually, blue jeans and “BAB” black t-shirts.

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: I tell you what, Charlie…this here’s been one heck of a time…me an’ you.

Magnus laughs.

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: If someone would have told me I’d be tag teaming with some rodeo champion and we’d be the premiere tag team in professional wrestling one year ago…I might’ve shot the guy in the face.

Dresden laughs.

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: I know Jonas is somewhere out there…but this right here’s between me an’ you. You ready to go out there an’ address everybody as champions?

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: Thought you’d never ask, brother.

Magnus reaches into his duffle bag and pulls out his CWC World Tag Team Championship belt…but that’s it. He looks down at the bag and moves his clothes and things around, looking for something.



CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: When I was taking my shower…did you go through my things?

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: Nope. I was nappin’!

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: Look in your bag, man.

Dresden opens his bag and throws his CWC World Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. He continues to look through it as Magnus opens Coleman’s bag.

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: Hey…where’s the SHOOT belts?

Magnus stands up, sitting Coleman’s bag down.

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: Not in Coleman’s bag…not in mine…and not in yours.

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: What the hell?

Magnus sneers.

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: Somebody must’ve been stupid enough to sneak in here and steal the belts while we weren’t looking.

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: Why leave the CWC belts, though?

Magnus glares at the door way.

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: Because if someone’s stupid enough to steal from us…there’s also stupid enough to only take the one thing that’ll incriminate them.

Dresden walks over to his tag partner.

‘BIG’ BUCKLEY DRESDEN: You think you know who did it?

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS: You’re damn right I think I know. C’mon, Buck.



The Bad Ass Brotherhood storm out of their locker room…pissed off and on the prowl.

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Trey Willett is shown, standing proudly at the entrance.  A third shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.

You need to think fast 

Cade Sydal is shown taking The Ox down, then quickly shown defeating Dan Stein.  That is followed quickly by a shot of The UK Dragon hitting a high impact move on Jaime Alejandro.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Pestalance, locked in a submission move, yelling at himself as he is almost ready to tap out.  Osbourne Kilminster, slowly lifting his head to look directly into the camera.

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Donovan King, glaring at the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of OutKast is standing behind King, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with his brow furrowed.  The camera switches to Johnny Patriot and the UK Dragon, looking at one another with slightly bemused expressions on their face.

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Osbourne Kilminster, painstakingly locking in his submission on his own wife, Sinnocence. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Charles Brandon Magnus and ‘Big’ Buck Dresden pound their fists in unison in an empty ring, ready for their next challenge.  They are shown with Jonas Coleman sneaking up behind them, putting his arms around both of their necks.

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Mr. Heart is shown decimating Charles Brandon Magnus with a hard brass knuckle hit, quickly followed by Adrian Corazon lording over the fallen Trey Willett.

You need a miracle!  

Azraith DeMitri is next, looking at both the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belts, dropping one to his feet and tossing the other on his shoulder.

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown, followed quickly by Jester Smiles standing side by side with Donovan King over a fallen Azraith.

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

X-Calibur is shown laughing with Azrael Goeren next, both men enjoying the carnage they have wrought against Rocky Stellar.  Stellar is shown next, catching Goeren unawares and nailing the Stellar Drop.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Dexter and Ox being separated from their brawl is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Cronos Diamante is next, standing in the center of an empty ring, a red spotlight shining down on him.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Sinnocence. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

other Guy: Haha, yes! What a way to start the show!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe you just said that…

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: Oh, come on! You’ve been asking me non-stop what his explanation would be, now you’re probably going to hear it…stop being such a baby.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen…sexy little schoolgirls and awkward little manga nerds…please, rise up out of your seats and give a well-deserved round of applause to the Greatest Man to Ever Live!

As she speaks, the couple start to walk down the ramp. Her pause is met with loud boos, and the couple just shake their heads, both smirking.

Cassi Ryan: On Revolution 70, he stunned the world and put his name back in headlines! At only twenty-eight, he is the most decorated SHOOT Project Soldier of aaaaall time, with several more years ahead of him you are all in the presence of a Born Legend! Snap your pictures, and film us on your camera phones to pop your YouTube channels. You have our permission!

As she excitedly speaks, apparently getting into it as the crowd continues to boo her. They stop at the bottom of the ramp, and Cade holds her hand as she walks up the steps, keeping her steady before following behind her, his eyes glued to her ass. He sits on the second rope and lifts up the top rope, allowing her to step through the ropes and she bends right in front of him, giving him the show she knows he wants. Cade quickly steps in behind her, grinning.

Cassi Ryan: Hailing from Southport, North Carolina but residing in Sinner’s Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada! He is the Technical Messiah! The Epitome of Excellence! He is God’s Favorite Wrestler, and the FUTURE SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! Put your hands together, for CAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE! SYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Cassi tilts her head back as she says his name, closing her eyes, and Cade grins at her. He takes the microphone from Cassi and smirks out into the sea of jeering fans.

Cade Sydal: Konichiwa.

Cade grins to the crowd, before turning his attention to the camera.

Cade Sydal: Or, hello, SHOOT Project. I know the question on your collective mind. I know, back there, the question especially on the mind of the esteemed SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Ashtray DeSperado is very simple, and at the same time so tragically cliché.

Why did I kick him…why did I kick you in the head and leave you motionless after last Revolution’s main event? Well, the answer is simple. And like I said, tragically cliché. I wish there was more to it than that, I wish I could say it was some deep-rooted personal beef. But it‘s not.

Cade sighs into the microphone as he begins to pace the ring. After a few passes, he stops and looks to Cassi and smiles, before returning his eyes to the camera at ringside. He continues pacing.

Cade Sydal: I came down to act as a guest commentator, and truly a commentator of the year worthy performance it was, with one goal in mind. To watch all four men. To study them.

I spent the past three weeks before that, studying them all.

You see…I would have slid into the ring and NINJAGUIRI’d either of those men in the side of the face. I would have stolen their moment of glory and celebration happily to make the statement that I needed to make.

Cade stops pacing now and moves to the ropes. His devilish smile fading into a stern sneer.

Cade Sydal: am not to be ignored any longer! am the best in this company, or any other around the entire planet and there’s nothing that you can do about it! I will no longer be patient and watch less deserving individuals get the chance that rightfully belongs to me! I made the physical announcement, now here I am verbalizing what you should already know by now!

Cade stops for a moment, taking a deep breath he backs away from the ropes, calming himself down. The fans take the opportunity to begin to boo him once more, and his eyes snap open and he starts looking around. He grows angrier again, and Cassi quickly steps up to his side.

Eryk Masters: They’re really letting him have it! And I can’t say I blame them, who does he think he is?!

Other Guy: They should pay him some respect, honestly. Everyone wants to ask a question, but doesn’t want to let the man answer it? That’s beat up.

Cassi does a decent job of helping Cade regain his composure, as the boos slowly die down, he raises the microphone to his lips again.

Cade Sydal: I don’t know who’s translating for you guys, but apparently they’re telling you I’m calling out your moms or something, fuck. Goofy little fuckers, just let me talk and I’ll get out of your hair and let you get back to your anime.

The boos immediately begin again, and Cade rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: Oh, don’t deny it. I used to live in Okinawa, I know. Aaaaanyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…I’m making my bid for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

The year 2011 is destined to be my year, and I have every intention of starting that off with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title in my hands…so, Azraith DeMitri, I sincerely hope you’re listening back there, because this message is for you, and you only.

Cade moves close to the ropes facing the hard camera and stares right into it, as the camera focuses in.

Cade Sydal: I will not stop until I get what I want. I will continue to come out here and call you out, week after week, until a title match is made against you. I will hound you with NINJAGUIRI after NINJAGUIRI if that’s what I have to do.

I can’t make you come out here and accept a match against me, I understand that. But sooner or later, that match will happen. Because, sooner or later, you’ll get tired of being harassed. Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of being hunted solely for what you carry…you’re a man used to personal vendettas; this is beyond your comprehension, even though I‘m sure it‘s probably at least a little personal for you by now.

Cade shrugs to himself.

Cade Sydal: Or, eventually, the opportunity to see The Aviator face God’s Favorite Wrestler will make the decision makers see dollar, or Yen, signs. Either way, that match will happen…and the sooner it does, the fewer NINJAGUIRI’s you will be forced to suffer through. I’m going to take the night off, and not kick you in your head tonight, and you should be thanking me for that…I want you to have the week to think about it. Be a reasonable man, make this match happen.

Cade backs away from the ropes and resumes pacing.

Cade Sydal: By the end of Dominion, right after your match, I expect to hear from you. If I haven’t heard a word, then you should trust in this, if nothing else…Alabaster DeMentia, I will begin to put my foot to your face like it were the route for the Million Man March. I will do whatever it takes, and stoop to whatever means necessary, to show you just how serious I am.

For your sake…for everyone’s sake…don’t make me do that. Don’t force my hand. I will do unspeakable things to get what I want…keep that in mind while you think about my words.

Cade stops pacing, and looks right into the ringside camera, down through the ropes.

Cade Sydal: I look forward to hearing from you, Sandbox.

Cade winks and drops the microphone, before turning to Cassi. He extends his hand to her as “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) starts back up.

Eryk Masters: Who the hell does he think he is, coming out here and demanding a title match?

Other Guy: You heard him, so do I really have to tell you? Besides, he’s not demanding the match…he’s offering it to Azraith in exchange for not kicking him in the head unnecessarily. I’d say that was a fair trade, if I was the Champ!

While Eryk and Other Guy discuss what was just said, Cade sits on the second rope, allowing Cassi to step through the ropes and he watches her as she walks down the steps to the floor before stepping through the ropes and hopping off the edge of the ring to join her. The couple bask in the renewed jeers as they make their way up the ramp, and to the back.

Eryk Masters: That’s hardly a trade, its more like an ultimatum. Either accept a match with me, or I’m going to keep showing up and kicking you in the head…yeah, that’s reasonable!

Other Guy: You’re such a hater…I don’t even know you any more, E.



The lights in the arena die down, leaving only an old fashioned, black and white film countdown on the Tron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit as the string quartet intro of Disillusion’s "Back to Times of Splendor" is heard.


The melody continues as guitars fade in, and a roll of the drums brings a spotlight onto the curtain as the main riff of the song begins bellowing over the PA system. The attention of all in the arena is brought to the duo of Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa, with Gregory Price not too far behind.

Samantha Coil: Making their way to the ring at this time…

Hiro stares out across the arena as Corey adjusts his trademark silver-rimmed Ray Ban’s, the camera focusing on both men and their shared manager at the top of the ramp. The main riff of "Back to Times of Splendor" seemlessly cuts to the chorus, the same riff only now with vocals over it.

~\=There is a road that I must travel=//~

~\=May it be paved or unseen=//~

~\=May I be hindered by a thousand stones=//~

~\=Still onward, I crawl, down on my knees=//~

~\=There is a road that I must travel=//~

~\=May it be paved or unseen=//~

~\=May I be hindered by a thousand stones=//~

~\=Still onward, I crawl, down on my knees=//~

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at a combined weight of 450 pounds…

The duo begin making their way down the ramp, Hiro’s business-first demeanor seemingly sucking all of the ego and arrogance out of Corey while the two are together. Price, though, continues yapping up his clients to any fan that will listen in the front row, constantly pointing at the two of them and motioning back to the ADC-Tron as clips from both men’s singles careers, as well as a few highlights of their time as a team, play, the first verse of their entrance music cuing up.

Samantha Coil: And being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price…

~\=Halfway through the wheat, my golden foe=//~

~\=With his itching ears in the scorching heat=//~

~\=The weight of summer, torment to my hands=//~

~\=Armed with a sickle, I am out for his beguiling glance=//~

Samantha Coil: They are the team of Corey Lazarus…

~\=Thought I heard a mare neighing from the creek=//~

~\=Where, in every hour spared, we would anxiously meet=//~

~\=Drunken whispers no one could hear=//~

~\=’Til the day when hordes of wasps poisoned every hour so passed=//~

Corey and Hiro slide under the bottom rope and into the ring, both flipping up to their feet simultaneously as the chorus of the song plays.

Samantha Coil: …and Hiro Takawa…

Takawa and Corey stand back-to-back in the center of the ring, each man taking in deep breaths as they slowly turn, facing every corner of the audience.

Samantha Coil: They are…

Hiro and Laz stop turning and rush to opposite corners, leaping up onto the second ropes and holding their fists high above their head.


"Back to Times of Splendor" dies down at the start of the second verse as both men hop down from the opposite corners, walking over to their assigned corner as they talk strategy.

A series of gunshots can be heard before "Hillbilly bone" By Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins hits the speakers. Jacob Fisher steps through the curtains first followed by Stan Erichson. Jacob quickly makes his way to ringside while Stan takes half a step back when the gunshots fire as the song stops. Stan shakes his head still not used to all the extravagnce attched to ring entrances now adays.

Samantha Coil: Their Opponents, Jacob Fisher and Stan Erichson, THE GUNSLINGERS!

Stan wipes his feet on the steps before stepping onto the apron and nods to Jacob who enters the ring. The team of Stan is focused looking across the ring at his opponents not worrying about any pre-match shenanigans.

Eryk Masters: It looks like things are about to get started. Hiro is starting for his team and it looks like Jacob will be starting for the Gunslingers. We have an interesting match up hear as we have two new teams to the SHOOT Project, with only Corey Lazarus having competed in here before.

Other Guy: The Gunslingers have the weight advantage and some may say the experience advantage with Stan Erichson, but that’s debateable with his multi decade absence for most of the 80’s and all of the 90’s. The Frontline Soldiers on the other hand have a speed advantage and the benefit of not having a senior citizen on their team.

Jacob looks out into the crowd happpy to have what some might consider the home field advantage. He then meets Hiro in the center of the ring. Stan watches on from the corner, his black Stetson cowboy hat hanging off the corner post. In the ring Hiro throws a kick to the leg, but Jacob blocks the kick unfortunately in doing so he leaves his other side open and Hiro sweeps his legs out from under him. Jacob is quick to get to his feet but as he does he is meet with a drop kick to the shoulder by Hiro causing him to fall back on his ass. Hiro sends another stiff kick his way, but Jacob blocks it with his forearm and grabs Hiro’s foor as he stands up. Hiro goes for an enziguri, but Jacob ducks and Hiro lands face first in the mat. Jacob gives him a quick stomp to the back and then when Hiro goes to stand up Jacob attacks from behind wrapping his arms around his waist. Hiro sends a couple elbows back into Jacob’s face but he doesn’t let go. Jacob hits a belly to back slam and reaches over and tags in Stan.

Eryk Masters: Looks like we’re finally about to see if the legendary Stan Erichson can still go.

Other Guy: Does our insurance cover it if he breaks a hip? The guy is like 70 years old.

Stan steps into the ring and quickly pulls Hiro up and gives him a quick bodyslam. Stan immediately pulls Hiro back up and sends him into the rops and goes for his patented Lariat, but Hiro ducks and rebounds off the other side of the ring and hits Stan with the time traveler huricanrana. Stan looks up from the mat like he doesn’t know what hit him.

Eryk Masters: Hiro hits the time traveler on Stan, and the cowboy is seeing stars.

Other Guy: Stan doesn’t know what hit him. He’s 85 years old. When he was wrestling Frank Gotch in his heyday they didn’t have huricanranas.

Hiro goes for a pin but Stan powers out at two literally sending Hiro flying two feet into the air. Hiro rolls into his corner and tags in his partner. Corey hops over the top rope as Gregory Price looks on from the outside. As soon as Stan gets to his feet Corey is right there with a roaring elbow. Stan staggers back and a smile comes to his face as he fires back hitting Corey with a forearm shot and Corey fires bback with muay thai kick and Stan throws another forearm. Both men stand in the center of the ring exchanging srikes stagering back half a step after each hit before firing back. After about a dozen strikes are exchanged both men stand in the center of the ring shaking the cobwebs loose as the crowd is cheers the exchange.

Other Guy: Stan Erichson might be 93 years old but he sure can take a punch.

Eryk Masters: Credit where credit is due Corey Lazarus has stood toe to toe with Erichson. It looks like Erichson is now calling for a test of strength with the Greco Roman knuckle lock.

Stan lifts his right armm in the air and the L-A-Z accepts the challenge. Stan immediately takes cotrol and twists the arm and Corey tries to fight free but Stan has a solid grip. Stan lifts his left arm challenging Corey to a complete test of stregth, but Corey fires thumb into Sta’ns eye breaking the hold.

Other Guy: The former Iron Fist champion reverse the old with the old fashioned Greco Roman eye poke.

Corey follows up by firing a kick to the ribs and hitting Erichson with a DDT, meanwhile on the apron Jacob is stomping is foot to get the crowd behind Stan reaching his arm out hoping to get a tag. As Stan gets to his feet Corey hopes up to the middle rope and goes for an Asai moonsault but Stan catches him righto out of midair and locks in an upside down bear hug. Stan walks to the center of the ring squeezing the air out the hollywood kid’s lungs as the blood rushes to his head. Corey tries to fight freeand sends a knee to the side of Stan’s head. After a second knee Stan staggers towards the rope and Jacob tags himself in and Stan slams Corey to the mat.

Other Guy: For being almost a century old Stan still has a ton of upper body strength.

Eryk Masters: Will you stop, Erichson is a legend in this sport. In the 70’s he was considered to be in the top 10 in the world.

Other Guys: The 70’s? That was 30 years ago.

Jacob hits a knee drop to the head and then goes for a pin.




Jacob gets up and steps into the corner staring Corey down as he attempts to get to his feet. As Corey gets up Jacob rushes forwardgoing for a bulldog, but LAzarus is ready for him and lifts Jacob up hitting a sidewalk slam. Both men are down trying to catch their breath, Corey crawls towards his corner to make the tag. Jacob grabs his foot, but it is too late and Hiro gets the tag and leaps up to the top rope and hits Jacob with a flying dropkick.

Hiro immedately goes behind Jacob and looks in a dragon sleeper. Jacob tries to reach for the ropes but Hiro has it locked in the center of the ring. Jacob starts trying to fight free and is able to stand up and now has Hiro on his shoulder and hits a running power slam. Jacob makes a cover.


Tw..kick out.

Eryk Masters: Jacob using that power to his advantage reversing the dragon sleeper into a powerslam.

Jacob quickly gets to his feet and when Hiro starts to get up Jacob sends a knee to his jaw and then goes for a gut wrench powerbomb setting up for his Dr. Bomb but Hiro is able to reverse it when Jacob swings him up HIro slides over slides down his back grabbing his head and hitting a neckbreaker. Jacobs chin slams into his chest and flies back. Jacob tries to shake the cobwebs loose and is up to one knee when Hiro runs forward using the knee as a steping stone and hitshits a double stomp to the back of the head known as the Omega burst. Jacob slumps forwards and Hiro rolls him over and makes the cover hooking the leg.




Samantha Coil: Your winners, Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa, Frontline II TURBO.

Corey gets into the ring to celebrate with Hiro as Stan goes to check on Jacob. Stan helps Jacob out of the ring and they make their way to the back as Corey and Hiro continue to celebrate in the ring.

Eryk Masters: Frontline II TURBO proved to be the better team tonight, for awhile it could of been anyones match but Hiro and Corey showed they have what it takes to pull out the win.

Other Guy: Not to mention for a rookie and a guy who is 107 years old the Gunslingers put up one hell of a fight but in the end they still lost.

Corey and Hiro exit the ring and are followed to the back by Gregory Price.


The scene fades into the back, in the green room. We see a young blonde woman, very small and slender, holding a microphone and looking rather fidgety. Next to her is Jester Smiles, leaning against a wall and looking rather relaxed and calm, the Sin City Championship resting around his waist.

Mary: Greetings SHOOT Project fans. My…uhh…my name is Mary, and I am the brand new interviewer with SHOOT Project. As my first interview, I’m here with…J-Jester Smiles…

Jester leans forward so he can be closer to the mic.

Jester Smiles: You okay there, new girl? You seem rather, you know, tense.

Mary: I’m just nervous, first interview and all. So, umm, Jester, can you tell me what Sovereign has planned for Trey Willett?

Jester shrugs.

Jester Smiles: You’d have to ask someone IN Sovereign. I am no longer with that group. No love lost between myself, Azrael Goeren, or Donovan King, but I have decided that for my own causes, it would be best if I went this alone.

Jester pauses.

Jester Smiles: You know what, Mary, I think I know your problem. This interview of yours, it’s your first. It should be…bigger.

Mary looks confused.

Mary: Wha…what do you mean?

Jester Smiles: It’s very simple…Mary, right? It’s Mary? We’ll go do this interview IN THE RING!

Mary looks terrified.

Jester Smiles: Yeah, that’s what we’ll do! Stay tuned SHOOT Project. Mary is interviewing the SIN CITY CHAMPION Jester Smiles IN THE RING…LIVE!

Jester grabs Mary’s arm and pulls her reluctantly away as the camera fades out.


‘Outlaw’ by Motörhead starts to play over the sound system, and a purple spotlight appears at the top of the ramp. A man emerges into the light, and starts to walk towards the ring. He looks to be around 40 years old, and he is wearing jeans, jogging shoes, and a purple short sleeve T-shirt with a familiar logo across the chest. He is wearing a baseball cap with the same logo.


The man has medium length black hair, a goatee, and an stocky build, with what can only be described as a beer belly. As he makes his way to the ring, the man has an angry expression on his face – a face that is familiar to fans of SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: Holy crap! That’s a face I never thought I’d see again! That’s Dave Dymond! What the hell is he doing here?

Other Guy: You’ve got me. Dave Dymond is about as welcome in the SHOOT Project locker room as a case of jock itch.

Eryk Masters: Fans, for those of you unfamiliar with the man who is getting into the ring right now, that’s Dave Dymond – one of my predecessors. He is a former SHOOT Project employee, and he was the play-by-play man on Revolution for a while.

Other Guy: Yeah, and he was the so-called brains behind Outlaw Pro Wrestling. He’s also a loud-mouthed, lying, backstabbing, manipulating, trouble making, pain-in-the-ass. And those are his good qualities.

Eryk Masters: Well, he has the microphone. Let’s see what the hell he’s doing here…

Dave Dymond is now standing in the middle of the ring, as the music fades. He has taken the microphone from Samantha, and he starts to speak.

Dave Dymond: Hello fans. For those of you who don’t know me, I am former SHOOT Project play-by-play man, Dave Dymond. Some of you may know me as the former co-host of Outlaw Radio. But the role I am probably most famous for is my role as the man who killed SHOOT Project.

There is a loud murmur of discontent from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: That’s right. I’m the man who reached into the chest of Jason Johnson, and ripped his heart out. I killed his baby. I stole his roster, and left him a bitter, broken and beaten man.

Even though Japanese fans are notoriously reserved and quiet, we can now hear audible jeers.

Dave Dymond: Quiet, you. You can’t silence me anymore. You see, everybody in this game knows the truth about SHOOT Project. SHOOT Project will take your best efforts, they will work you to death, and they will bleed you dry. But you will never get credit for it. You will never get the recognition you deserve. Recognition is reserved for those who bow at the feet of Jason Johnson, those who kneel, and kiss his ring. If you don’t do that, then you are doomed to work in total obscurity. All your blood, sweat and tears will be for nothing.

But not me. Not Dave Dymond! I stood up, and organized a revolt. I walked out on Jason Johnson, and took all his best talent with me. I went on to singlehandedly form the most revolutionary wrestling organization in history, Outlaw Pro Wrestling!

Eryk Masters: Give me a damn break. What a bunch of bull. He’s not telling the truth about what happened back when SHOOT closed in 2004, and OPW opened.

Other Guy: You expect Dave Dymond to tell the truth, about anything? He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on his big fat ass.

Dave Dymond: But I could only carry OPW on my back, all by myself for so long.

After one year of putting on cutting edge, revolutionary shows, I got burnt out and quit OPW. Of course, without me, OPW immediately turned into a disgusting freak show, and went out of business.

While I was running OPW, Jason Johnson finally brainwashed a few talentless OPW rejects into come crawling back to him. With these useless hacks, he succeeded in starting this joke of a company up again. Of course, it has opened and closed multiple times since then, but that’s what happens when you don’t have Dave Dymond in charge.

I look at SHOOT as a zombie. I killed SHOOT Project in 2004, but it has no brain, just like a zombie. So it keeps getting up, and stumbling around, but it’s rotten, and it stinks. They should call this place The Walking Dead, not SHOOT Project!

Suddenly, Dave Dymond’s rant is cut off by the sound of "Station" by Russian Circles. Of all people, Jonas Coleman appears and makes his way down to the ring, as the crowd cheers enthusiastically and Dave Dymond looks on, perplexed. Coleman gets into the ring, and as soon his music dies down, Dymond points at him.

Dave Dymond: The ring doesn’t need to be taken down yet, and there are no toilets which need cleaning out here, so…

Jonas Coleman grabs the mic out of Dymond’s hand.

Jonas Coleman: Look at you, man. Dave motherfucking Dymond! You’re rocking it out here, talking about how important you are… how amazing the things you’ve done for the WIDE WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING are just so monumental and exciting… come out here, you talk some shit, man. You talk GOOD shit, but you know… through all that bullshit you were spewing, you know what I heard?

Coleman smirks at Dymond and begins to circle him.

Jonas Coleman: I heard a story of failure. FAILURE, Dave. A story about how you came, you took Jason Johnson’s roster, and then… then your wrestling organization went out of business!

Some laughs are audible.

Jonas Coleman: Then I heard about how you killed SHOOT. And yet… here I stand in a SHOOT Project ring! It’s even got the helmet and EVERYTHING, Dave. Everything. So, how about you do everybody in the arena, in the back, watching at home, whatever… do us all a favor and just get the fu–

Dave Dymond grabs the microphone back from Jonas Coleman.

Dave Dymond: How dare you! Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’ve accomplished in this business? How dare you interrupt me and speak to me like that. I didn’t come out here to waste my time with you – whoever you are. I came out here to make my stand, and get the respect, attention and credit that I deserve.

You all heard me! I’m not leaving SHOOT Project this time until I get what I deserve! I want what is owed to me, and Jason Johnson, SHOOT Project, and certainly YOU are not going to stop me from getting my due this time!

Jonas Coleman: Blah blah blah, Dymond. That’s really all I’m hearing. A bunch of bravado from a guy who was relevant in 2004. Two thousand and fucking FOUR, Dave. You were relevant seven years ago! Now what! You need a paycheck, so you sign a contract to have JASON JOHNSON issue you a paycheck so you can kill SHOOT from the inside? Pfft… come on, dude. You want to talk about getting what you’ve got coming to you?

Coleman smirks.

Jonas Coleman: You wanna talk about getting what you’ve got DUE? Well, Dave… SHOOT Project has instituted a new rule for nut hugging irrelevant pieces of shit who want a paycheck. It’s called the Jonas Coleman Welcomes You to SHOOT Project initiative, and Dave? I got your membership fee RIGHT. HERE.

Jonas Coleman rears back, and punches Dave Dymond squarely in the mouth! As the fans cheer, Dymond collapses to the mat, knocked for a loop. Blood starts to gush from Dave Dymond’s mouth and trickle from his nose as well. Dymond looks up at Jonas Coleman in shock.

Jonas Coleman stands over Dave Dymond, but before he can decide what to do next, there is a loud gasp from the crowd, and a commotion from out of camera range. The shot returns to the ramp, and we see somebody heading towards the ring.

It is a Japanese man, and he is huge. He must weigh well over 300 pounds. He is bald, he has an insane look on his face. We can see that his head is covered in scar tissue. He is wearing dark blue karate style pants, and a bright red sash around his waist. He rolls under the bottom rope and heads straight toward Jonas Coleman, with a crazed look in his eye!

Coleman senses something is going on, and he starts to turn around, but not in time. The huge Japanese man lunges at Jonas Coleman, and attacks him while his back is turned. The beast-like man clamps his hands over the face of Coleman, and we can see that his fingernails are actually sharpened down like claws! The attacker starts to scrape and scratch at the face of Jonas Coleman, digging his nails in. We can actually hear a bizarre screaming screech coming from the attacker as he tackles Jonas Coleman to the ground and continues to grind his hands into Coleman’s face.

Dave Dymond staggers to his feet. He is still bleeding from his nose and mouth, but he has a joyous expression on his face as he picks up the microphone again…

Dave Dymond: YES! YES! Show him! Show them all! You see, SHOOT Project? YOU SEE? I told you I’d get the credit I deserve one way or another! This is what happens when you dismiss me, and ignore me, and underestimate me! Last time I destroyed SHOOT Project by leaving, and by attacking from the outside! This time I will destroy all of your heroes from the INSIDE!

Watch closely SHOOT Project! See what is going to happen to each and every person on this roster who stands in my way. Allow me to introduce you to THE TOKYO TERROR! THE POISON SPIKE OF THE PACIFIC RIM! THE ASIAN NIGHTMARE! Introducing AKUMA SATSUI!

Eryk Masters: Somebody needs to stop this. This is getting out of hand.

Other Guy: This monster is gouging at the eyes of Jonas Coleman, and trying to tear his face off. The kid never even saw this beast coming until it was too late! He was looking at Dymond, and this maniac jumped him from behind!

Outside the ring, Mark Kendrick begins to repeatedly ring the bell, signaling for security or support from backstage. Dave Dymond is running around in circles, shouting orders at Akuma Satsui and jumping up and down like a child.

We can see now that Akuma Satsui has pulled a long, slender, wooden stick out of the folds of his pants. It looks almost like a chopstick, but it is sharpened down to a dangerous looking point. As Dave Dymond dances around, shouting encouragement, Akuma Satsui starts to stab the stick into the forehead of Jonas Coleman!

The fans are on their feet, some are jeering, some are hurling trash at the ring, and others are in shock. Jonas Coleman is bravely kicking his legs and swinging his arms, trying to fight back, but Akuma Satsui outweighs him by over 100 pounds, and he had the advantage of surprise. Satsui keeps up the assault, jabbing Coleman over and over in the head with the sharp wooden spike.

Finally, a crowd of men in security shirts charge down the ramp, and into the ring. There are some medical staff as well, and they try to get to Jonas Coleman. Akuma Satsui lumbers to his feet, bares his teeth and screams. It looks like Satsui is actually wanting to take on the entire crowd, but Dave Dymond gets behind him and pulls on Satsui’s arm, pointing him out of the ring.

The ominous sound of One Of These Days by Pink Floyd starts to echo throughout the arena, and an image appears on the Video Wall, monitors all over the arena, and on the television screens of those watching at home…


As the security staff surround Jonas Coleman, and the medical staff tend to him, Dave Dymond leads Akuma Satsui up the ramp. The shot goes back to Dymond and his new client, and we can see that Satsui has placed one of the wooden spikes in between his teeth, and there is blood dripping down his face. He looks insane. Dave Dymond is still jumping up and down, pumping his fist in the air like a demented child, cheering and pointing back at the ring.

Eryk Masters: What an unbelievable turn of events, OG. Dave Dymond shows up here tonight, and starts to talk trash about SHOOT Project, only to be interrupted by Jonas Coleman. Coleman gives Dave Dymond the punch in the face that he so richly deserves, only to be jumped from behind by…well, words can’t really describe Akuma Satsui.

Other Guy: That’s because he looks like a demented freak. He’s huge, and you can tell by those scars all over his head that he’s done this before. This was a calculated move by Dymond. He’s always been a deceitful, manipulative jerk, and tonight was no exception. He planned this, believe me.

Eryk Masters: While SHOOT security and medical staff escort Jonas Coleman to the back, we’re going to take you backstage. We’ll give you an update on Coleman’s condition as soon as we can, fans.


Standing in a quiet locker room Abigail Chase taps her foot impatiently as she stares at the camera man. Rapidly getting fed up she goes to leave when the door swings open surprising her. Walking in and drinking a Powerade, Tanya Black smiles as she looks at the woman.

Tanya: Why are you in my locker room? Is this some kind of "signing bonus"? Wow I figured they’d hire some local talent. Asian women have such tight little bodies. I’m so jealous, I’ve gotten all soft while I was retired. Wait a minute…. You have a camerman. You aren’t a hooker are you?

Abigail: NO! I am here for your pre-match interview! My name is Abigail Chase and you are like half an hour late.

Tanya: Sorry. I was hanging out with some friends that work for a local promotion and they completely forgot to tell me what time it was. I really need to buy a new watch. No one told me I was late.

Abigail: Let’s just get started. Is the camera rolling?

Cameraman: Since Miss Black walked in.

Abigail: Oh god. This is so bad.

Tanya: Nah. I’ve had worse interviews. Just relax. You’ll do fine sweetie.

Abigail just stares in disbelief as Tanya takes another swig of her drink and begins digging through her bag for her ring gear. Calming down Abigail taps Tanya’s shoulder to get her attention.

Tanya: Huh? Oh yeah sorry. So ask your question. I promise I’m listening if you’re ready.

Abigail: I have been ready for 30 minutes. Now please tell everyone watching our wonderful program as well as the folks live in the arena tonight what you think about facing an opponent like Ron Barker in your first match.

Tanya: That’s not really a question, more of a command. But you worded it nicely so I’ll answer this time. Next time I’ll make you sit in the corner until you can learn to listen. As for Ron Barker, well I said a few things before the show but to sum it up: He’s done some great things in SHOOT and I look forward to fighting him. I am sure he will give me that Intensity I crave. At least until I make him tap out. But I think the real issue here is: Why is he facing me? I mean usually new signees, especially ones that aren’t trumpeted and made a huge fanfare with fireworks and all that, fight scrubs. Ron’s not supposed to be a scrub. Did he piss somebody off?

Abigail: Not that I’m aware of. Okay here is a question. Are you really prepared to face such high-level talent after an extended absence from the ring?

Tanya: Oh hell yes. As I said I am not freaking out about starting some winning streak, my goal is to make those fans pop so loud they go hoarse. With all the training I have been doing since my rehab ended I am sure I can hang long enough to put on a great show.

Abigail: Okay well I wish you the best of luck. What title belt in SHOOT interests you the most?

Tanya: Oh jeez. Hell I don’t know. There are so many nice ones. I guess the Sin City Championship sounds kind of cool. Though that Law of Survival one that is coming back sounded neat too. I want to win a match first before I go picking what belt to chase. I mean you don’t want to get ahead of yourself you know.

Abigail: Very true, well I am sure you will find an answer in time. You seem to be reasonably intelligent.

Tanya: You too. So um yeah. Your cameraman guy needs to leave now.

Abigail: Excuse me?

Tanya: You said I was late and that means I REALLY need to start getting ready and it’s a live feed so I’m not getting changed while he’s recording. I’m here to wrestle, I have some dignity.

Abigail: Only some. I’ve seen the photos on the ‘net.

Tanya: Yeah. Those photo shoots are kind of fun but I was never nude and the point remains. It’s a new fed and I want to be a wrestler first and a sex symbol later. Besides I told you I haven’t really gotten back into shape yet. I’m feeling shy.

Abigail: Fine we are leaving.

Tanya smirks and grabs Abigail’s hand as she starts to leave. The cameraman stops but Tanya gestures for him to leave.

Tanya: You can stay. Haven’t done this in a locker room in a while. It’s a great way to stretch out the muscles before a match.

Abigail: I… I’m not gay!

Tanya: Neither am I. Bisexuality rocks. Besides you never know until you try.

Abigail Chase freaks and squirms free before leaving the locker room pushing past her cameraman. As both leave we see Tanya laughing while moving to shut the door.

Tanya: The Era of Black begins with a bang. See you later Abby.

With that Tanya blows a kiss to the camera before slamming the door so she can change in peace now that her uninvited guests have been chased off.



“Keep the Beat Up” by Five hits the PA and the crowd makes some mixed noise as the theme song for Tanya Black hits the PA. Black appears at the top of the ring and waves to the crowd, before making her way down the ramp and to the ring. 

Other Guy: Debuting Soldier here, E. Tanya Black. What do you know?

Eryk Masters: Not a WHOLE lot, OG. This girl has a lot of character, though, and is absolutely going to bring it. It’s surprising that they put her against Ron Barker for her first match here in SHOOT, and that’s going to be a very tall order.

Tanya Black slaps some hands along the way, and looks very genuinely excited to be here!

Eryk Masters: Black, before coming to SHOOT, had several types of injuries that prevented her from truly finding a stride in her last few matches. 

Other Guy: And here you said you didn’t know a whole lot!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… making her SHOOT Project debut… she stands five feet, four inches tall… weighs in at one hundred and forty pounds… SHE IS TANYA BLACK!!!

Small pop for the debuting SHOOT Soldier, as the fans give her a proper amount of respect. She climbs into the ring and takes a quick stretch on the ring ropes, before turning her attention back to the ramp, awaiting the arrival of “Ravishing” Ron Barker.

“Natural One” by Folk Implosion hits almost immediately after, as the crowd lets loose a loud belt of boos as Ron Barker makes his appearance at the top of the ramp. He gives a very regal wave to his adoring fans as he walks down the ramp himself. Samantha Coil takes to the center of the ring to announce him.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second… hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… he stands at six feet, five inches tall and weighs in at two hundred eighty pounds… he is RAVISHING… RON… BARKER!!

Austin Linam collects the two in the middle of the ring and goes over some last minute instructions. Black offers a handshake, but Barker ignores it as the two return to their corners. Linam calls for the bell, and the match begins! Black rushes from her corner and assaults Ron with a vicious flying elbow which keeps Ron in his corner! Black peppers Barker with rights and lefts! 

Other Guy: Look at the fire from the newcomer!

Eryk Masters: Ron’s definitely caught a bit off guard, that’s for sure. Impressive flurry from Tanya Black!

Black continues the assault as she pulls Barker out of the corner. She attempts a bulldog, but Ron powers away from it and just casually throws her to the mat. He “brushes his shoulders off” and smirks at Tanya Black, who sees this and seethes with anger! 

Eryk Masters: Textbook Ron right there.

Other Guy: Definitely, and Tanya doesn’t look too happy about that at all.

Eryk Masters: Ron’s twice her size. Literally. There’s a 140 pound weight advantage that he has. 

Ron saunters over towards her and picks her up by the hair, which earns him admonishment from Austin Linam. Barker ignores it and hoists Black up on his shoulder. Black elbows him in the face, and then spins around and drops him with a DDT! Black covers!



Ron POWERS OUT and THROWS Tanya Black from the cover!

Other Guy: Nice exhibition of power there from ol’ Ron Barker!

Eryk Masters: Black’s a little surprised, too, but she picks herself back up and the two of them are back to their feet! 

The crowd pops as Black goes for a tie up. Ron merely shoves her aside and into a corner and he rushes at her, but Black ducks out of the way and nails him again with a big right hand! Then another! And a third one! Then she nails Ron in the face with a HARD dropkick, which sends Ron across the ring and into the opposite corner! Black pulls all the way back to the opposite corner and runs, and then launches herself into the air and nails Ron with a splash! Ron stumbles out, Black goes to the second rope and hits Ron with a bulldog! Black covers! 

Other Guy: This could do it!



Eryk Masters: Ron with a veteran move here!

Ron places his foot under the rope, and Linam calls for the break! Black is quite unhappy about this! Ron rolls out of the ring as Black argues with Linam. Ron taunts at the crowd, which catches Black’s attention. Black moves Linam out of the way and goes for a baseball slide, but Ron sees it coming and moves out of the way! Black slides out, but manages to stay on her feet, as Ron climbs back into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Little bit of cat and mouse being played by Ron Barker here. Tanya Black looks frustrated!

Other Guy: This is, like mentioned earlier, textbook Ron. Almost toying with Black here, even though he’s taken a pretty significant amount of damage!

Black follows Ron in. Ron charges, but Black ducks. Black hits him with a few rights and then boots him in the gut. Ron doubles over, Black rebounds off the ropes, and drives her knees into the side of Ron’s face. Ron stands up, grabbing his face, as Black goes back to work. She nails him with chest chop after chest chop after chest chop, and then she stops and looks at Ron. She yells “EAT THIS!” and then throws a palm at Ron’s throat, but Ron catches it! Ron pulls her into him and picks her up and delivers the PERFECTION! Ron’s version of the Black Hole Slam!

Ron covers! 




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of ten minutes and four seconds… RAVISHING RON BARKER!!! 

“Natural One” by Folk Implosion hits the PA as Ron Barker stands with his hands raised!

Eryk Masters: Big win for Ron Barker here! 

Other Guy: Definitely, but an EQUALLY great debut for Tanya Black. She brought it to Ron Barker, who’s a former Rule of Surrender Champion in this company. Her efforts should not go unnoticed!

Black’s up, and looking at Ron. She extends a hand to him, but Ron simply turns away from her, and walks out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Ron upping the jerk quotient here. Can’t even shake the hand of a bright newcomer to SHOOT. Way to keep it classy, Ron. 


n the hallways the camera catches the lovely Sinnocence talking with Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro, who has his Iron Fist Championship slung over his shoulder.  


Sinnocence: Do you realize how much that fucking hurt Jaime? Why did you have to use a table? 

Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro: I’m sorry Jada, I was caught up in the moment… it was there and I just used it. 

Sinnocence throws up her hands in frustration, shaking her head. 

Sinnocence: You’re just as bad as Lennox; you realize that right?  

The Ox: Excuse me? 

Suddenly, from behind the camera, Lennox Ferguson appears, stepping into the middle of the conversation… his eyes immediately drifting to the Iron Fist Championship on Saint’s shoulders. He pulls his eyes a way to look at his two opponents from last week, first Jaime, then Jada. 

Sinnocence: I just meant… 

The Ox: How you enjoying the title so far Jaime?  

Lennox turns his head toward The Saint, ignoring Sinnocence entirely. Jaime shifts nervously on his feet.  

Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro: Look… there are no hard feelings between us right man?  

Lennox smiles unnaturally. 

The Ox: No. I’ve got my own match to worry about tonight; and if anyone had to win that belt from me, I’m glad it was you. 

The Saint smiles while Sinnocence scowls at Lennox. 

Sinnocence: Looks like you got your wish Ox… now you can kill Dexter in the middle of that ring and you won’t have to hurt a referee to do it.  

Lennox’s head snaps back toward Jada. 

The Ox: Don’t think I’ve forgotten about how that match ended Jada… and the fans haven’t either. They want blood… from both Dexter AND your husband.  

Sinnocence crosses her arms and steps back into a defensive posture, looking from Jaime to Lennox before shaking her head in disappointment and turning away from the conversation and walking down toward the other end of the hallway. 

The current and former Iron Fist Champions look at each other, Jaime looking upset but Lennox with a perfect poker face. 

Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro: Was that really necessary? 

The Ox: You tell me… champ. 

The Saint narrows his eyes to meet The Ox’s cold stare before turning away and walking after Sinnocence. 

Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro: Hey Jada! Wait up! 

The camera stays focused on Ox, who watches Jaime run after Jada for a couple of seconds before closing his eyes. 

The Ox: Shit.  


The scene fades into the ring. The young blonde Mary stands in the ring amidst cheering and booing Japanese fans, and she looks terrified. Jester Smiles just grins, remaining almost unaware that he is in ring.

Eryk Master: Jester brought our newest backstage crew member, Mary, to the ring to do this interview, and I’m kinda curious as to why?

Other Guy: Maybe he’s just being nice, helping the new girl catch her big break and all.

Mary: So, uhhh, Jester, we’re out here in front of everyone now. You said earlier that you are no longer in Sovereign because it does not fit your ‘cause’. What is your ‘cause’?

Jester looks down at Mary. His formerly laid back, happy grin suddenly vanishes into a far more sinister sneer.

Jester Smiles: Why don’t I show you?

THWACK! Jester suddenly slams Mary in the stomach with a kick. A loud boom resonates through the arena from the microphone being dropped. Jester grabs Mary by the hair, and the crowd ERUPTS in boos!

Eryk Masters: What the FUCK man? What the FUCK?

Other Guy: Dude, no, what are you doing Eric?

Jester picks up the microphone, still holding Mary’s hair. The young woman sputters, still reeling from the shot to the stomach. Jester brings the mic to his mouth.

Jester Smiles:  I want a hero. I want someone to step up and show me that there is some good left in SHOOT, something to be saved. Think of SHOOT as Sodom and Gomorrah, think of the hero as Lot, and think of me as God. I will DESTROY this place if I don’t get a goddamn HERO! And I’ll start with this young lady.

Security begins to come to the ring.

Jester Smiles: If any of you come into this ring, I will brain her. Do you understand me? Take another step, I’m gonna hurt this girl something awful. I want someone to throw caution to the wind and help this poor girl that no one knows. I want someone to do the right thing, step up, and save poor Mary here from me. Is this understood? If I don’t get someone to show me some damn altruism, I’m gonna put this bitch in a coma.

Mary looks terrified, and she sobs.

Other Guy: This is truly, truly sick. Man, I…I don’t even know how to take this.

Eryk Masters: Someone needs to help this girl. Jester ‘s gonna hurt her badly if someone doesn’t-

The crowd erupts, interrupting Masters, as Trey Willett dashes from the back. Jester lets go of Mary and takes a stance. Trey slides into the ring, and Jester dashes over, trying to connect with a high roundhouse kick, but Trey ducks under and goes behind, spinning Jester around and PEPPERING him with rights and lefts. Jester is caught off guard and can do nothing to stop the attack. The crowd is going nuts, wanting Jester’s blood, and Trey backs Jester up into the ropes, but Jester drops down and rolls out of the ring. Trey does not pursue, though. He catches his cool and goes over to Mary, checking on her as security slides into the ring. Jester walks to the back, grinning up at Trey, a little bit of blood showing on his teeth and lips. He begins to applaud as he walks to the back. Trey just glares him down, not say anything.

Other Guy: Lets cut away or something. There is no need to give this atrocity anymore air time.


The Tron comes  on and at first you see static. As the static slowly fades you can see a figure standing in front of a grave site. The figure’s black trench coat flaps in the cold wind as snow slowly falls. 

“I can hear what you’re thinkin’ 

All your doubts and fears 

And if you look in my eyes in time you’ll find, 

The reason I’m here” 

Mark Collie’s “In Time” starts through the speakers as the cameras pan around to see the figure. As the camera finally gets to a frontal view of the figure, you see it is Thomas Manchester Black. He bends down and places a rose on the grave.  

TMB: this has been a very long road for me, Donnie. I’ve been on this hunt for so long, I have forgotten what it feels like to wrestle without hate in my heart. I have forgotten what it feels like to get up without have a rage building inside of me. All because of you, King…because of what you did. 

TMB turns around and begins walking away from the gravesite. 

“And in time all things shall pass away 

In time you may come back someday. 

To live once more 

To die once more 

But in time your time will be no more” 

TMB: Sydal has been addicted to drugs and it took his soul. Jonny was addicted to the gold and it drove him mad. My addiction…my drug was you. Each show, when my body wasn’t at 100%, I thought of you. When I was arrested working for OPW and had to spend time in prison…you fueled my survival. When I came to SHOOT just to watch it close its doors, you powered me to continue. Because I know…if I just waited a little more, everything would open up to me. And then SHOOT re-opened and I knew…I knew you wouldn’t be far behind. So I joined the roster and waited. And waited and waited until you started to poke your head around.  

Thomas looks back at the grave site he is leaving for a moment. 

TMB: And you are right, I knew Rande wasn’t going to stop me. Not after everything I went to in order to get to this point. He was just a interlude. And now…I have you, King. And for some reason, you still think that you are in the driver’s seat. You AREN’T WORLD CHAMPION!!!! You don’t have control over the company. You don’t make the rules here, Donnie…not anymore. You don’t get to say let’s do it right now…no, no no!!! I had to wait King. When you decided to play with Az and throw Pest in my path, I waited…and now you shall. 

“You know your days are numbered 

Count ’em one by one 

Like notches in the handle of an outlaw’s gun 

You can outrun the devil if you try 

But you will never outrun the hands of time” 

TMB walks through the gates of the grave yard and stomps at the black GTO with his name on the rear plates. He hits the automatic car starter and the engine begins to purr. 

TMB: You don’t get to make the rules this time, King. This time you get to play the game and see what it is like to be on the other side of the fence. But don’t worry…I won’t drag it out like you did to me.  But I will make you wait…make you watch the corners and the dark areas. You got past one war just to be dropped into another one. And believe me, I’m going to make sure, I take ever inch of fleshy for what you have done.  

TMB pauses: 

TMB: I don’t know what your past was before we met, King. But it didn’t matter. I brought you into the family just the same. I treated you like a brother anyhow. I made sure you had a home and someplace to be when nobody else would. The family…the family accepted you even though we didn’t know you. That was our fault for giving you a chance. That was our fault for bringing the snake into the nest. And we paid for it….we suffered for it. We all suffered for it, while you…you brushed us aside as if we were nothing. 

TMB opens his car door and looks into the camera. 

“In time there’ll surely come a day 

In time all things shall pass away 

In time you may come back some say 

To live once more 

To die once more 

But in time your time will be no more”  

TMB: I know what you are thinking. I can hear the voices that you have avoided. No longer, King. No longer will you shut us out as if you have no fault. No longer… 

“I can hear what you’re thinking” 

The scene fades as Black gets into his car and speeds off.


The camera cuts to inside one of the lavish glass luxury boxes inside the Yokohama Arena. Two black leather chairs have been set up in front of the massive glass window that overlooks the wrestling ring, with a large oak table resting in front of them. 

X-Calibur and Azrael Goeren, both dressed in their wrestling gear, are leaning over the table and examining something that is draped across it. Standing defiantly behind them is The Hierarchy’s Russian bodyguard Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov, his arms crossed with a stoic look upon his face. 


X-Calibur:  Listen, I know the people. I know what they want. 

Goeren:  Das ist verrückt! 

X-Calibur:  There you go again with that German crazy speak. I’m going to learn Esperanto just to fuck with you. 

Goeren:  There is no way I am going to accept this. 

X-Calibur:  Heh…Yeah you are. 

Goeren:  No I’m not…I mean… 

Azrael reaches down onto the table and holds up an incredibly gaudy t-shirt that features the words "The Hierarchy" written in gold script. The t-shirt is completely jumbled with pictures of explosions, eagles, guns, money and for some reason The Creature From The Black Lagoon. 

Goeren:  …look at this! 

X-Calibur:  I know, right? It’s two scoops of sex. 

Goeren:  Well, it WOULD be…but there aren’t enough dragons! This t-shirt needs at least…60% more dragons! 

X-Calibur:  Bitch, bitch, bitch…this is going to shake our key demographic like a negligent mother. You’re looking at the summer’s hottest fashion, just wait until the paparazzi gets a few pics of Matt Damon wearing it. 


A loud BANG can be heard as the door to the luxury box is suddenly pushed open as X-Calibur and Goeren both spin around in their chairs.  Donovan King stands in the doorway, slamming the door behind him as he glares at the two men. Yurinov takes a step forward, getting in-between Donovan King and his employers. 

Goeren:  Easy now Yuri, Mr. King is here as a guest. So nice of you to finally show up Donovan, and only an hour or so after I called for you. Can I get you some herbal tea? Perhaps a club sandwich? Anything to make your fucking life any easier? 

Donovan King:  Yeah…I got your message about this lil’ meeting you’ve decided to hold without my say so…but then I just kept on livin’ my life.

King takes a few steps into the room.

Donovan King:  It’s awful nice of the two of you…an’ your bodyguard here…to recall we’re all part of the same team here.  I am, however, noticin’ a distinct lack of Pestalance.  Guessin’ he didn’t get the phone call. 

Azrael lets out a curt laugh, running a hand over his chin. 

Goeren:  Rande has…declined…an opportunity to meet with us here today.

Azrael glances back at X-Calibur who has yet to take his eyes off King since he entered the room.

Goeren:  Needless to say, we’ll have a nice chat with him.  He knows that we have his best interests at heart.  Its a shame, I honestly would have loved to have gotten all of Sovereign in this room so we can discuss a few…mishaps…that have occurred over the last few weeks.  First and foremost…your complete lack of assistance in dealing with Rocky Stellar. 

King holds his hand up to stop Azrael, while at the same time, stopping his own mouth from blurting out with laughter with his other hand. 

Donovan King:  Okay, wait a minute. 

He chuckles. 

Donovan King:  Two…Three… 

King looks Yuri up and down. 

Donovan King:  Three and a half grown ass men.  Okay.  My own shit notwithstanding…three and a half grown ass men…can’t handle Rocky Stellar.

 King looks at Goeren and then to X. 

Donovan King:  You guys can’t handle Rocky Stellar? 


Azrael’s face is completely flush as he screams back at King, still wisely standing behind his massive bodyguard.

Goeren:  A few months ago we wouldn’t have even worried about Rocky Stellar!  But now that Jason Johnson is back as SHOOT CEO, he’s stripped us of all the power we once had.  We believe that its high time we take it back…regardless of how badly we damage this company in the process.  

Azrael smiles. 

Goeren:  Or does your newfound sense of morality keep you from acting like a man these days, King? 

Donovan King:  You really don’t wanna know what my newfound sense of morality means for you and… 

X-Calibur:(Cutting Donovan off in mid-sentence.) Oh, Donovan. 

All eyes are on X once he chimes in on the matter. X knows that the anticipation had been there for some time, and thusly he utilized this to pick the perfect spot to speak to King. 

X-Calibur:  You know something…you were right, man. Totally right. 

X chuckles and leans back against the wall, knee bent with foot planted inward on the off-white painted dry-wall. Looking right at Donovan, X shrugged and swiveled his head erratically to the left and right as if to say, “Look at me.”. 

X-Calibur:  Yeah. See, I listened to your little objection in that promo of yours earlier this week. About how…we’re not exactly (air quotations) wavin’ da flag deez days. Heh. Know what? It got me thinking…who else isn’t exactly wavin’ da flag?  Hm? 

He puts his hand gently on Donovan’s shoulder. Smiling. King looks aggravated that X would be so bold. The tension is unbelievably thick. 

X-Calibur:  Newsflash: we’re not the only slackers in Sovereign, Donovan. That being said? I’ve…WE’VE come up with an EXCELLENT idea to counter that. 

X leans in close to Donovan. 

X-Calibur:  Evaluations. 

Donovan King:  …evaluations? 

X-Calibur:  Evaluations. Herr Goeren and myself have decided the best way to weed out the non-productive in this group is to hold evaluations for everyone. Performance in matches. Interviews. Extra-curricular activities outside of the Epicenter. You name it…ALL of it will be accounted for in a process that will determine your true value within Sovereign. Now… 

Pausing, X removes his hand from Donovan’s shoulder and walks back over to Yuri. Patting him roughly on the chest, X nonchalantly makes his way back to Herr Goeren. Smiling, X puts his arm around Herr Goeren as if he were a brother. 

X-Calibur:  I didn’t want you to think we would be biased in our grading so we decided to evaluate EACH OTHER first! 

The incredulous look on Donovan’s face says it all. 

X-Calibur:  Annnd…after a long, GRUELING grading process…we both received A+’s! Which is FANTASTIC news because… A. ) It means we must be doing SOMETHING right in Sovereign, and 2. ) We’re competent enough in our positions within this group to continue evaluating our fellow Sovereign brothers! 

Goeren:  And unfortunately for you Donovan, being tardy and storming in here with this attitude of yours already puts you in quite the hole. 

Nodding his head in accordance to Herr Goeren, X continues. 

X-Calibur:  Truth be told, we’re not sure who’s being graded next. It could be Pest. It could be Jester… 

Donovan King:  Pretty sure Jester’s left Sovereign, A Plus. 

X shrugs. 

X-Calibur:  Regardless.  Hell, it just might be you then, Donovan. And…well that’s the point, man. We’re saying to you right now…that you were absolutely right. The banner DOES need to be raised a lot higher than it has been, and starting now, we’re going to ensure that EVERYONE sees it. But don’t worry, man. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. 

Goeren:  After everything that we’ve been through Donovan…you can trust us.

Azrael takes a step forward and smiles that cocky, half-hearted smile that has become his trademark over the last few months.

Goeren:  Just a warning to you friend, things may get messy around here.  I expect you to make the right decision when you’re called on and not let…dignity…get in your way. 

Donovan King:  Tell me somethin’, Azrael.

King takes a few steps towards Goeren as the ginormous Russian blocks his path.

Donovan King:  …yeah.  Tell me…when Cronos was tryin’ to tear me open…why was it Thomas Manchester Black came down to the ring to mock me an’…magically, I’m up here now listenin’ to this.  My question, gents…

King cocks his head to the side.

Donovan King:  Where were you two? 

Azrael and X-Calibur don’t say a word.  Azrael takes a step back and glares back at King, the smile completely vanished from his face.

Goeren:  Take care Donovan.  Consider this meeting over. 

King looks at Azrael for a long moment before he turns his head to X.  He has no smirk, no joy in his face.  He sighs, shaking his head and opens the door.  King takes one final look at the two of them, his face contorted with disgust, and slams the door behind him.



“The lights dim and soon thereafter a high-pitched drilling noise wafts over the sound system, signifying the beginning moments of Van Halen‘s “Poundcake”.  weeps across the Yokohama Arena, instantly triggering a standing ovation for The Icon.

Other Guy: Sweet lord.  Listen to that pop!

Eryk Masters: Say what?  My damn ears are ringing!

Thousands upon thousands of Japanese people chant, “ROCKY!  ROCKY!  ROCKY!”, clearly knowing about the famous mantra that Rocky Stellar fans have been chanting all over world for nearly 20 years.  What began as a slight incandescence from a few camera phones upsurges into an endless wall of blinding light from thousands of fans bringing out the flash photography.  It proved to be pre-mature, however, as Rocky Stellar has yet to appear on the entrance stage.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall… making his way to the ring first… from Chicago, Illinois… weighing in at 265lbs… he is… “THE ICON”… ROCKYYYYYYYYY STEEEEEEEEELLAAAAAAAR!!!

Other Guy: I’ve been looking forward to this match ever since X came out at Reckoning Day and dropped Old Man Rivers!  It’s a rematch of their 2003 kitchen classic! 

Eryk Masters: I can’t help but wonder if X-Calibur has something else in mind, though.  He’s already asked his opponent to lay down for him in this match, and after Rocky slammed that offer down X had some very foreboding words for him.  One has to wonder if the rest of Sovereign, or The Hierarchy, or WHATEVER they’re calling themselves these days, are going to get involved.

Just as the crowd begins to simmer down out of curiosity, Rocky Stellar flies out from backstage area, tripping over his own feet and doing a nose dive onto the unforgiving ramp with a loud THUD.  The horrified masses gasp in shock as Herr Goeren and Mr. Van Warren’s nearly seven-foot bodyguard, Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov, tosses Rocky Stellar down the aisle like a rag doll.

Eryk Masters: WHAT THE HELL?!

“Poundcake” immediately ceases playing and the audience showers the big Russian Assassin with boos.   Trying to get up from the ground, Rocky manages to get to a knee but Yuri thrusts a boot forward, drilling the sole of his combat boot right into Rocky’s grill.  Rolling a few feet down the aisle from the impact of Yuri’s boot,  Rocky squints in agony as he tries to get to his feet again.  Yuri just thrusts another boot at him, though, and sends Rocky rolling down the aisle yet again.

Nearly on dream street, Rocky shakes the cobwebs from his head and crawls a few feet towards the ring before forcing himself up to his feet. Staggering forwarding a tumbling motion, Rocky’s fingers dig into the ring skirt, nearly pulling it completely off the apron.  Trying to pull himself up, Yuri is right there with hammering shots to the back of the skull and ribs.

As Yuri continues the punishment, Azrael Goeren runs down to the ring with a crooked smile across his face.  Seconds later, he joins Yuri in the unceremonious beat down of one Rocky Stellar.  Desperately trying to escape the hard shots to the body and head from both Yuri and Goeren, Stellar manages to roll into the ring.  Allowing himself a few seconds of reprieve from the underhanded sneak attack, The Stellar One finally gets to his feet. 

Goeren is the first into the ring by sliding under the bottom rope, but as soon as he gets to his feet Rocky DROPS the MegaStar with a huge right fist!  Goeren goes down clutching his jaw, and Rocky motions for him to get up again.  Goeren does, and Rocky extends an arm out and drops him with a massive Stellar-Line lariat.  Adrenaline coursing through the Icon’s veins, he begs the big Russian Assassin to step into the ring with him.  Taking one hand and putting it on the top rope, Yuri climbs to the ring apron. 

Standing just outside the ring apron, Rocky’s eyes are wide with fury as he intermittently switches his focus from Yuri to Goeren.  With Goeren up to his feet now, Rocky decides to deliver another Stellar-Line to Goeren, knocking him back down onto his ass.  This prompts Yuri to swing a massive leg over the top rope and step into the ring.  Rocky IMMEDIATELY switches his focus back onto Yuri and drives fist after fist into the gargantuan’s face.  Yuri simply eats them up though and returns fire with a HUGE haymaker that sends Stellar down flat.  Seemingly KO’d with the knock-out right, Rocky’s eyes glaze over… and Yuri wipes away the shots he just took like they were merely beads of sweat. 

Eryk Masters: Wait a second, where’s X-Calibur in all of this?!    

Other Guy: LOOK!  There’s your answer!

While Azrael Goeren and Yuri circle Rocky Stellar’s nearly unconscious frame, X-Calibur finally appears at the top of the stage area… with a steel chair in his grasp.  Smirking widely, the fans bathe him with their intense hatred as he saunters down to the ring very slowly.  The calculating look on his face says it all.

Eryk Masters: This… doesn’t look good for Rocky.

Other Guy: Rocky is about to have a very bad idea.  THIS is why I’d be careful what you say in regards to X and Azrael, Eryk.

Once he reaches the steel steps, he unhurriedly walks up them one at a time, even dusting his boots off on the edge of the ring apron.  Stepping a foot through the ropes, X pauses and looks out at the sea of rabid fans that want X’s head on a silver platter.  Enabling their hatred by egging them on with a few off-color inaudible remarks to the front row, X finally steps completely through the ropes.

Looking at Rocky Stellar, who by now has gotten to one knee and decided it best to stay there, X points the steel chair at him and shakes his head.  Engulfed with anger, Stellar attempts to make a leaping run for X, but Yuri seizes Rocky’s waist with a go-behind and stop him dead in his tracks.  Kicking out at X, it’s obvious that Rocky is desperate to get his hands on the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Eryk Masters: Look at Rocky fight back!

Other Guy: The numbers won’t allow this for long.

Laughing right in Rocky’s face, X taunts him to try and break free.  Stellar struggles to free himself from Yuri’s clutches, but it is to no avail.  Resigning himself to what’s coming, Rocky shouts, “FUCK YOU!!”,  right in X’s direction.  Seconds later, X shrugs it off… and the audience gasps in horror as he proceeds to bash The Icon’s brains in with a massive full-force chair shot clean to the cranium.  Rocky’s body naturally attempts to slink down to the mat like a sack of bones, but Yuri holds him up like a mannequin. 

Eryk Masters: GOD…. for Chrissakes… this is just way too much.

Other Guy: I think that was the hardest chair shot I’ve ever seen.  Like, ever.

Blood begins trickling out from a small gash in Rocky’s forehead.  Like a shark in the water that smells the blood of his prey, X swings the chair again, connecting flush with Rocky’s face.  The gash widens and blood begins flowing steadily.  Grinning evilly at the damage already done, X yells, “KEEP HIM UP!!”, to Yuri… and then swings another nasty shot, connecting for a third time right n the middle of Stellar’s head.

Eryk Masters: I can’t watch this… I really can’t.  This is fucking DISGUSTING.

Other Guy: I…. I really… shit, I don’t know what to say here.  This is crazy.  I’m literally speechless, Eryk. 

AGAIN X connects with a nauseating chair shot, and by this time Rocky’s face is a crimson mask.  His feet dangle insecurely to the mat, as if he was being hung.  Azrael Goeren nearly looks speechless and wide-eyed in his own right, as if he were unprepared for the carnage X was about to unleash on Stellar.  Seconds later, Goeren stifles a fit of laughter as X motions for Yuri to continue holding him up. 

Eryk Masters: If somebody can hear me back there, please stop this.  I don’t care what you have to do.  Just… stop this.  He’s going to kill him.

With Yuri holding Rocky’s unconscious frame up in the standing waist-lock, the laws of gravity cause Rocky’s head and upper body to slink forward from the awkward position.  Blood continues to pour to the mat as X RIPS Rocky’s head up with both hands, looking deep into his eyes.  Cocking his head at an angle and thumbing one of Rocky‘s eyelids open, X takes a few moments to look into Rocky’s soul.  The smirk fades.


At this moment, X cradles Rocky’s head into his shoulder with a ¾ necklock.  Pausing for what felt like the longest moment in the history of SHOOT, X stares a cruel and dispassionate hole into the camera lens.  Then, SNAPPING to the canvas with an X-Terminator, X drives Rocky’s throat into the backing of the steel chair with unpitying force.  There was a moment of silence that preceded the screams from the Yokohama Arena.


Other Guy: SWEET FUCKING LORD!!!  I-I think I’m gonna be sick.

With the fans watching helplessly, X turns towards them, TAUNTING them to come save their beloved Icon.  Looking back at Stellar and the dark pool of blood outlining his head, X motions for a microphone.  Yuri swings a massive tree trunk of a leg over the top rope and exits the ring.  A few giant steps later he looks on menacingly at Mark Kendrick, who shakes at the knees with quivering fear.  Obliging the request and handing Yuri a microphone, the Russian Assassin rips it from Kendrick’s hand and parlays it to Herr Goeren.

Azrael Goeren: Meine Damen und Herren… THIS is the beginning of a new era!  It is quite simple, really.  Those who are unwilling to pledge their allegiance to us, [motions to Yuri, as well as X, who is on his knees beside Stellar], The Hierarchy, will instead fall to us.  One by one.  Rest assured fans and friends across the world… we ARE the greater good!  Ja!  We WILL take the SHOOT Project to sparkling new heights, and we WILL turn this decaying husk of a company into the dominant dynasty it deserves to be!

The shrill, ear-splitting booing emanating from the crowd almost completely drowns our Herr Goeren.  Despite this, the Sensation Not From This Nation outstretches his arms and tilts his head back, closing his eyes to soak up the negative energy.

Azrael Goeren: Vertrauen Sie uns!

Standing up, X wipes away some of the blood from his hands as if he just finished another regular day at the office.  Taking the microphone from Herr Goeren, X-Calibur purses his lips and speaks softly.

X-Calibur: In case you didn’t know, that means… [in a hushed whisper]… “trust us”.

Tossing the microphone down to the floor, The Hierarchy all exit out of the ring in unison; Herr Goeren under the bottom rope like a slithering snake, The Russian Assassin over the top like a ferocious giant, and X through the middle while covered in Rocky’s blood like a mad butcher.  The paramedics begin filing out from the back as the camera shies away from the carnage.


A camera spins around to find Jada Kaine, Lennox Ferguson and Jaime Alejandro in the back once again… with Jada and Lennox yelling at each other at the top of their lungs and Jaime playing peacemaker. 






Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro: Guys! Stop this!  


He turns to Lennox. 


Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro: Don’t do this man. It’s not worth it. 


Lennox scoffs. 


The Ox: You mean THEY’RE not worth it.  


He looks from Jaime to Jada. 


The Ox: Fuck you both. I’m doing it. 


Jada’s eyes go wide and Jaime reaches out to grab Ox’s arm.

Sinnocence: Don’t Lennox! PLEASE! 

Ox grabs a hold of Jaime’s arm and throws it off his shoulder and looks Jada square in the eyes, smirking. 

The Ox: Victory or Valhalla… right Jada? 

The former Iron Fist Champion doesn’t wait for a response before turning his back and walking away from his two friends and towards the arena rampway. 

The camera turns back to find Jaime closing his eyes in frustration while Jada just keeps looking at where The Ox had been, fists clenched and body shaking.  


Suddenly the arena becomes almost as quiet as a tomb, the crowd hushed, followed by the explosion of ROARING guitars and the spine-chilling lyrics of Dir En Grey’s "Obscure." The crowd quickly becomes unsettled, the vibe of the arena turning into a black hole of negativity.

In the midst of this cryptic song, the SHOOT Project video wall starts to flash with images of the macabre, before finally settling on a human stomach, pulsating with the fear that envelopes it’s owner. A rusty blade falls onto the scene, cutting the words PROJECT: SCAR into the flesh, blood and gore staining the scene until we’re LOST within it.

At the head of the ramp, three of SHOOT Project’s most dangerous Soldiers walk out to stand in front of the crowd. Entragian stands in the middle, the titanic albino wearing an expression of poisonous delight, his mouth stretched into a grin of razor-tipped proportions. Yamada stands to the one side; his head tilted upwards, his opaque blue eyes dancing with malignance. Corazon stands on the opposite side, long hair hanging about his face, his expression cold and calculating as he examines the Japanese crowd.

We see that all three Soldiers carry microphones, and as they begin to stalk down the ramp towards the ring, Entragian brings his up to his pallid lips.

Entragian: Greetings Japan, maybe I’m making an incorrect assumption, but you DON’T look all that happy to see us…

Isaac smirks; running one hand through is long white hair.

Entragian: Is there fear burning in your bellies, an acidic quality of intimidation at the thought of UNITY among three of SHOOT’s most corrupted Soldiers? There should be. This is the dawn of a crusade, the first wave of a movement, the inception of OUR GREAT CAUSE!

A nod of his shaggy head, all three men closing in on the squared circle.

Entragian: I can practically feel the curiosity that’s haunting this capacity crowd, your little cockroach eyes SWIMMING with the hope that there MAY be some word on why my blood-brother and I have come to SHOOT, WHY we’ve aligned ourselves with the good Adrian Corazon…

All three deviants scramble up into the ring, Entragian stepping over the top rope while Kenji and Corazon slide underneath the bottom rope. The Ivory Terror walks towards the center of the ring, placing one pale claw on the back of Kenji’s neck.

Entragian: I’ll let my esteemed colleague Mr. Yamada bury you in the answers that you so desperately seek.

As the crowd finally dulls to a silence, Kenji stands in the middle of the ring. For the moment flanked by Corazon and Issac. His eyes an empty opaque blue gazing into the crowd.

Kenji: Why? Why would we? It seems to be a hot topic in SHOOT right now. Why would we, Issac and myself, align ourselves with Adrian Corazon. Some think it’s for the tag team titles. Some think it’s for petty reasons like domination or notoriety. For something so…so trivial as that.

Kenji lowers the microphone for a moment, resting it on his chest. His eyes wander to his sides.

Kenji: But it’s like I already said. Project: SCAR’s ambition has never been for gold. Our underlying wishes have never been fame and fortune. What we seek…is equality. Equality that people like you refused to give me. Beauty that had been held from me. What we seek is the beautification of SHOOT. For it to be beautiful…like us.

Kenji turns to Corazon and extends his free hand onto his shoulder.

Kenji: Adrian came to me. He came to me and said he not only understood what we wanted…but he knew the people that were in need of our…unique skills. He knew the people we need to destroy to bring about equality. Those people that were bathed in the light that we were denied. The people we should bath in putridity. The people we should make over in our own blackened and charred image. He knew those bathed in light and would guide us to them, he would show us the light…

So we could snuff it out.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: And so, a devil’s contract was drawn up, signed, and immediately the SHOOT Project, and the world… took notice.

He motions his hand as a way to encompass and envelop the entirety of the crowd, and those watching at home.

Corazon: An unholy trinity of despicable marred vagrants, drawn together with one goal… one beautifully violent goal. To bring a sense of balance to the SHOOT Project. The difference is… this is not a blood contract, as I had with the Sovereign. This is not some kind of means to an end. This is desire… this is want.

Corazon paces around the ring, light gleaming off of his glasses.

Corazon: This is our all out assault… our way of showing you OUR vision. Sovereign… while borne by similar desires failed to truly grasp the concept that comes with destroying the beautiful and ruining the symbols and beacons of light, and so… where I failed to destroy Trey Willett, I have reforged my commitment to brutality… to inhumanity… and with the help of Kenji Yamada… Isaac Entragian… and what Project: SCAR is… I wholeheartedly welcome all of you, SHOOT Project faithful, SHOOT Project detractors, and the rest of the world to the concept.

He smiles.

Corazon: Welcome to Project: SCAR.



We go backstage, where we see Abigail Chase standing with a microphone. To her left is Dave Dymond, who has a smirk on his face.

Abigail Chase: I’m here with Dave Dymond, who shocked SHOOT Project the entire wrestling world earlier tonight when he showed up with Japanese Monster Akuma Satsui, and attacked Jonas Coleman. Dave, I have to ask you. Was what happened earlier with Jonas Coleman what you planned?

Dave Dymond: That’s Mr. Dymond to you. And shut your mouth, you silly skank. Of course I didn’t plan to attack Jonah Coleslaw. I’d never heard of him before tonight, how could I have planned to attack him. I went into the ring to speak my mind. I went out there tonight to issue an ultimatum. Yes, I knew that once Jason Johnson heard the truth, he’d send one of his peons out to try and stop me. Yes, I knew Akuma Satsui would be more than a match for whoever came out.

I just hoped it would be somebody important. I wanted our first victim to be somebody that mattered, somebody that the fans would care about, when Akuma Satsui destroyed them forever and retired them. But look at what SHOOT Project has come to. Where is Chris Lee? Roland Caldwell? Ben Jackman? OutKast? Chris Davis?Where are the actual stars that used to make SHOOT Project almost entertaining? If Jonah Coleslaw is the best SHOOT Project can do for a defender, then I will have no problem destroying this organization again, this time for good.

Tonight you saw the first shot fired. We already retired one member of this roster. I will continue to destroy one wrestler every week, I will have Akuma Satsui attack one man, and retire them for good, just like what we did tonight. This is your notice, SHOOT Project.

I have two simple demands.

Every week, I will order Akuma Satsui to destroy another victim. I will do this until Jason Johnson apologizes to me publicly for the way he has treated me all these years. Then, he must hand over complete control of this organization to me, and sell his interest in this federation to my financial partner, my benefactor. Then, we will rename this organization Outlaw Pro Wrestling, Mark II.

Then, and only then will I…

Dave Dymond’s speech is cut off as he is tackled by a flying figure from out of frame.

Jonas Coleman!

Coleman’s head is heavily bandaged, but he has charged down the hallway and tackled Dave Dymond in mid-sentence. Dymond is rolling around on the floor, holding his ribs and groaning.

Abigail Chase drops the microphone, and flees. The cameraman backs up, and widens the shot. Jonas Coleman grabs Dave Dymond by the back of the head, and hauls him to his feet. Holding Dymond by the hair, Coleman charges down the hall, towards a vending machine.


Jonas Coleman literally throws Dave Dymond headfirst into the front of the vending machine! Glass and snacks fly everywhere, as Dymond has been driven into the machine by Jonas Coleman! Dave Dymond collapses amidst the wreckage of the machine.

Jonas Coleman looks down at him, and then turns towards the camera…

Jonas Coleman: Where’s your fat motherfucker now, Dave Dymond? WHERE IS HE NOW? This is an example to ALL of you who think you can come in here and try to "kill SHOOT from the inside." We DON’T back down. We DON’T falter. We DON’T cater to terroristic bullshit. So FUCK YOU, Dave Dymond. FUCK YOU, Akuma Satsui. ANYBODY who wants to try this? Come get it.

He smirks.

Jonas Coleman: Come fucking get it.


Backstage at Revolution, looking unsure of exactly why she’s wondering the back halls, is the first lady of SHOOT Project, Sinnocence.  She walks at a steady pace, trailing her hand along the wall with downcast eyes.  The Valkyrie appears to be thinking about something…be it her marriage, her imploding friendship with Lennox Ferguson, or her upcoming match at Dominion…we can’t be sure exactly.  It isn’t until she walks right into a mass of clothing and muscle that could have been her husband’s doppelganger if you weren’t looking too hard. 

Sinn: Jesus Ozzy, why the fuck– 

It’s only then that she looks up and recognized the face, frowning up at him. 

Sinn Mike Dexter.  Nice to see you unbloodied. 

Dex Yeah… as of right now. Are you going to be watching the match tonight? Lennox will be in it. So…  

Dex adjusts the beanie on his head uncomfortably, shifting his weight slightly.  The stripper frowns a little more at the mention of her friend, obviously remembering the run-in with him from earlier. 

Dex: Thanks to you two for not letting him kill me, though he seems determined to finish the job.  

Sinn: I didn’t run down there for you, but you’re welcome.  Oh and I owe you this. 

She punches him right in the gut, a smile beginning to play off her face.  It wasn’t a particularly hard punch, but hard enough to make him double over just a tad. 

Sinn: For kicking out my husband’s teeth.   

Dex braces his body weight on his knees, chuckling.  

Dex: Okay, well… although that was forever ago, I deserved that. Though, if I lose tonight I am going to complain that I was assaulted by a huge friggin’ dude backstage. Though, I usually am not the type to make excuses. That punch could have ended my career.  

Dex straightens his body up, leaning casually on the wall with a hand over his gut.  

Dex: That being said, I don’t know if your conscience could take it.  

She just rolls those pretty green eyes, resting her hands on her hips, suddenly a little more at ease.  It was nice not to have a chat with a big man in the company that didn’t want to beat her to a bloody pulp.     

Sinn: Yeah, because there’s a huge friggin’ guy going around serial crushing people.   

Okay, Willem DaFoe she is not, but the impression brought a smile to both of their faces.  She reaches up to pull the beanie off of his head, raising her eyebrow at Dexter’s lack of hair.  

Sinn: I liked you with hair.   

Dex: Yeah… well… it’s for my son. He is in the hospital right now, specifics would be depressing… anyhow, I shaved it for him. Shame too because I had it since I was a child. A real babe magnet. It is certainly colder outside. I don’t regret it, but I miss it.  

Dex bows a bit, letting her hand glide on the blonde stubble.  Jada absentmindedly runs her hand over his head, a distant smile on her face. 

Dex: Though, this new style is garnishing SOME attention.  

When he speaks again, she pulls her hand back in a hurry, refocusing and steps to the side.  The smile doesn’t fade from her though, she just maintains her distance. 

Sinn:  It sure is.  I’ll be rootin’ for you, hon.  Good luck tonight. 

Dex returns her smile and begins walking away, instinctively talking over his shoulder.  

Dex: Thanks for the luck… Keep the beanie… For luck, and all. Heh. See you around.  

Dex waves his hand and trails down the hallway backstage smiling.  She continues down the hall as well, her cheeks a rather brilliant shade of red.  Jada pulls the beanie on, feeling slightly better than she was just a few minutes before.  She walks on, stopping at the door to her dressing room and yelling down the hall to him. 

Sinn: Oh, you’ll be seein’ me soon, Dex! 



The fans in attendance bring their attention to the center of the ring, where Tony Lorenzo is holding up for all to see the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship. Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil are also in the ring as workers rush around the ring, wrapping the ropes in barbed wire.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…the following is for the vacant LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP and will be contested under LAWS OF SURVIVAL.

Kendrick and Lorenzo begin to fasten the belt to the lowered latch.

Samantha Coil: The five participants will be forced to prove their mastery of the Laws of Survival in an elimination match in which the stipulations will shift with each fall!

Quite suddenly the Yokohama Arena delves into complete darkness, and there seems to be an undercurrent of restless electricity running through the crowd in anticipate of what is coming.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…from Mideon, Nebraska!

Lighters flicker into life among the blackened masses, adding an almost desperate quality to the scene, as though the Japanese fans are becoming wary in the absence of illumination.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know if SHOOT Project’s really ready for what’s coming their way tonight…

The powerful grind of a guitar begins to assault the arena speakers, belting out Tool’s “Jambi” at a near ear-splitting volume.





Flashes of disturbing images begin to broadcast on the SHOOT Project Video Wall, maggots wriggling together, fire consuming a whole city, and finally razor-sharp teeth gnashing together followed by the flit of a saliva-coated forked tongue.

Samantha Coil: He is a member of PROJECT: SCAR!

PROJECT: SCAR blazes across the screen, the letters being carved into some poor unfortunate soul’s stomach with a rusty blade, the scene quickly turning into a gore-streaked abattoir.

Other Guy: …what the hell…?

With the fans stewing in their seats, THE IVORY TERROR emerges from behind the curtains, stepping to the head of the ramp to stand there in all his malignant glory.


The pallid titan’s head hangs low, flowing white hair framing the curvature of his face.

Other Guy: Okay, that guy might be the scariest looking person I’ve ever seen in the history of life.

His eyes blaze like burning emeralds, and his mouth hangs slightly open, showing a preview of the cannibalistic teeth that dwell within. His upper torso is bare, showing off a muscular body that is literally etched in scars.

Eryk Masters: Yeah…yeah…I’m glad I’m retired.

His tights are bone-white with IVORY running down the left leg and TERROR running down the right, decorated with the twists and coils of black tribal serpents. White boots engraved with reaper’s scythes, and a heavy custom knee-pad on his right knee, fastened from bleached rattlesnake skin.

Eryk Masters: Isaac Entragian was one of the biggest names SHOOT’s been after for years…putting him here, in this environment, like this…it’s like giving a kid a bucket of gasoline and a lighter!

Isaac’s hands curl up into fists, and we see that he’s wearing pure white strike gloves, with white wrist tape that travels all the way up to his elbows.

Other Guy: What kind of…force…has Corazon made himself a part of when there’s a monster like THIS with him?

After basking in the shocked and negative reaction of the crowd, Entragian stalks down to the ring, climbing up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. Once in the squared circle a cryptic grin appears on Issac’s face, his eyes moving from side to side as flashbulbs click again and again, the Japanese crowd literally in awe of this horrible specimen that stands before them. Once his music dies off, however, “Adios” by Rammstein kicks in.

Eryk Masters: When we see Tyr…I think you know what that means…

Tyr glares down to the ring and the lights shut down.


As the two words flash across the Jumbotron, the arena lights go down and the crowd cheers with approval as “Lights Out” by Mindless Self Indulgence begins to play. The golden light shines down at the ring and standing in the center of the ring, glaring Isaac Entragian down…is Lennox Ferguson.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…from New York, New York! He is THE OX…LENNOX…FERRRRRRRGUSOOOOON!

The lights come back up as Ox motions to Tyr and then to the fans. He stares across the ring at the mountain of pale, sinister evil that is Isaac Entragian. Ox’s music dies down as the fans are growing more and more excited until they are thrust into boos as “Devil’s Dime” by Black Label Society kicks in, bringing the fans to pay attention to the entrance.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent…hailing from The Bronx…he is…CRONOS…DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEE!!

Cronos smirks as he looks at the sea of Japanese fans, the few that are booing and the rest that are in awe of a true Japanese wrestling legend. Cronos points to a fan he sees wearing an older Cronos SHOOT Project shirt.

Other Guy: You know what’s really interesting? How Isaac Entragian was all methodical and evil with his entrance…and The Ox and Cronos are ready to get the fight started.

Eryk Masters: Cronos and Ox believe in the fight, but I’m thinking the Ivory Terror has a full blown psychological assault in mind.

Once Cronos enters the ring, he assumes his place in another corner. Suddenly…

Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance.

"Had Enough" by Breaking Benjamin takes over the PA system and the fans inside of the Yokohama Arena rise to their feet awaiting Mike Dexter to arrive from the backstage area. With a fair amount of cheers, the curtain swings back and The Dexecutioner emerges sporting his regular black trunks and SHOOT Project hoodie. He moves slowly towards the ring, shaking hands and high-fiving some of the fans urging at him from the guard rails.

Milk it for all it’s worth.

Make sure you get there first.

The apple of your eye.

The rotten core inside.

We are all prisoners.

Things couldn’t get much worse.

I’ve had it up to here, you know your end is near.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent…hailing from Atlanta, Georgia… The DEXECUTIONER… Miiiiiiiike Deeeeeexter!

Eryk Masters: Just last Month Mike Dexter had made his re-debut to professional wrestling and the SHOOT Project, and this will mark the third main event he has been in, in a row. 

The Other Guy: Not just any main events either. Mike Dexter has been through the GAUNTLET since returning to action. First, Lennox Ferguson in an Irish Bareknuckle Boxing match for the Iron Fist Championship, then he took on Azrael Goeren, Osbourne Kilminster, and the champion – Azraith DeMitri in a fatal four way for the World Championship… And now tonight.

Eryk Masters: On top of that, reports have indicated that Dexter’s son is to undergo a major surgery in a short time from now, and Dexter who usually can be seen with a head full of hair, has shaved his head bald in dedication.

The Other Guy: How… touching… The man has obviously had his hands full, what remains to be seen is can he remain focused on this match with so much personal drama going on.

You had to have it all,

Well have you had enough?

You greedy little bastard,

You will get what you deserve.

When all is said and done,

I will be the one to leave you in the misery and hate what you’ve become.

Other Guy: Okay…this is a very long entrance. Like…really long.

Dex removes the black SHOOT Project hoodie, balls it up, and tosses it off into the crowd. Fans emerge on the location in a mass of pedestrians, and after a second a man stands up raising the hoodie high in the air with pride. Dex rolls under the bottom rope, careful to avoid the barbed wire strands wrapped around the ropes and gets to his feet, bouncing from foot to foot in double hops in attempt to keep the adrenaline flowing. Once his music dies, however…we hear the infamous “Sieben” by Subway to Sally.

Samantha Coil: And the last entrant…hailing from Eberswalde, Germany…he is the SENSATION NOT OF THIS NATION…

Other Guy: Of course not, it’s Japan, Samantha.


Azrael steps out from the back, his arms outstretched with his fingers pointing to the message on his shirt: I SUPPORT MR. HEART.

Eryk Masters: Wow. Just…wow.

By his side, sadly still wielding the infamous lightsaber now wrapped in barbed wire, is Russian bodyguard Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov. As the two of them walk down to the ring, however, Lorenzo is there to meet them, yelling at the two of them already.

Other Guy: Well, it looks like Yuri Yuri You See Who is gonna get his ass sent back to the back!

Azrael points at Lorenzo and demands Yuri be allowed to stay. However, after Lorenzo says nothing, merely glaring, Yuri turns to walk away. Azrael stops him, takes the lightsaber, lights it up, and nods his head.

Eryk Masters: Oh dear Lord. He took Yuri’s lightsaber.

Other Guy: The Force is…

Eryk Masters: Don’t…don’t fucking do it, man. 

Azrael walks around the ring, rolling under the ring’s bottom rope.

Other Guy: Oddly enough…there’s something bad ass about a barbed wire lightsaber. I feel like this is the first time I’ve ever seen that.

Azrael removes his shirt and throws it into the crowd. He waves to the fans as Tony Lorenzo motions to Austin Linam, who is on the outside of the ring to assist him. Lorenzo demands the bell to ring and the fans are instantly silent, ready and willing to see the violence!


Azrael points his lightsaber at everyone in the ring and he nods at them. Cronos looks over at Isaac and then over to Dex, who is now jawing at Ox. The camera moves over to Isaac, who is grinning ear to ear. Suddenly, he charges at Dex and clotheslines him OVER the top rope!

Eryk Masters: Oh hell! Is he bleeding already?!

Linam is there, checking on him to see if he’s got any excessive amount of blood on him and shakes his head to Lorenzo! Cronos and Ox lock up as Entragian steps over the top rope, met with a HARD punch from Dex! The fans cheer as Entragian staggers backwards. Dex goes to whip him to the rail, but Entragian immediately counters and SLAMS Dex into the guardrail! Cronos hits Ox in the head with a back elbow smash and he LAUNCHES Ox over the top rope to the outside! Cronos glares at Ox as he lands on the ground outside and Cronos rolls under the bottom rope after him!

Eryk Masters: This certainly didn’t take long to spill to the outside…but look at Goeren just standing on the inside!

Azrael cocks his head to the side as Dex and Isaac are brawling while Cronos paces around Ox’s body. Suddenly, Azrael bows to the fans and withdraws his barbed wire lightsaber as if it were a katana, and he begins to practice his swordplay.

Other Guy: Good to know one of the most lethal people in this match…is getting his Last Samurai on in the middle of the ring right now.

Cronos looks around the ring to see Entragian looming over Dex, Entragian grinding his boot in the face of the Dexecutioner. Cronos saunters over to Entragian and holds his hands out in a peace offering. Entragian glares at him as Cronos motions to Dex. The two men begin to put the boots to Dex! The fans are not happy as the two monsters beat Dex down, Dex barely able to block the assault. Cronos holds Entragian back for a moment so the two of them can look down at Dex. Entragian seems pleased with his work, his face slowly turning to look at Cronos. Cronos blinks a few times and smiles at the Ivory Terror, punching him as fast and as hard in the throat as he can.

Eryk Masters: WHOA! Cronos going for one of the great equalizers right there!

Entragian clutches at his throat as he collapses to one knee, glaring at Cronos who waves at him,slinking away from the Project: SCAR member. Cronos turns his head to Dex, who is smirking at his foe. Cronos cocks his head to the side when suddenly he gets spun around and into a LARIAT from Ox! The fans cheer as Ox scurries over to Dex, trying to get him back to his feet. Dex slowly gets up off of the mat with Ox, but he shoves Ox out of the way AND EATS AN ENTRAGIAN YAKUZA KICK. Ox tries to hit a clothesline on Entragian, but Entragian grabs Ox by the throat…and HURLS Ox right into the stands OVER the guardrail!

Other Guy: The Ivory Terror is…DESTROYING the competition here tonight!

Cronos picks himself up and turns around…AND IS MET BY THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Entragian looms over his fallen foe and picks Cronos up by his head, the camera catching wind of the monster’s words.

Isaac Entragian: Nothing personal, old friend.

Entragian quickly stands up…CURB STOMP TO CRONOS! The fans are STUNNED as Entragian paces the ringside area, glaring at the devastation he’s caused.

Eryk Masters: Austin Linam’s checking Cronos now…but Cronos isn’t bleeding! The first elimination can’t be that far away with all this insanity going on around the ring!

Entragian rolls Cronos into the ring and looks under the ring, withdrawing TWO light tubes! He holds them like two swords, pointing them both at Mike Dexter! Dexter holds his head as Isaac Entragian sizes him up, holding both of the tubes in a swinging formation!

Other Guy: Oh…oh this is gonna fucking hurt…

In the ring, Cronos clutches the back of his head, somewhat woozy from the attacks from Entragian. He looks at Entragian about to nail Dexter when suddenly…OX LEAPS OVER THE GUARDRAIL AND TAKES THE HITS FROM THE TUBES! The fans ERUPT and Cronos looks on for just another moment…AND AZRAEL CRACKS THE BARBED WIRE LIGHT SABER OVER CRONOS’ HEAD!!

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!

Linam is checking on Ox, who just took TWO light tubes to the back, while Tony Lorenzo is checking on Cronos!

Other Guy: I see red!!

Linam stands up and motions to Tony Lorenzo, who doesn’t see Linam trying to get his attention as he waves Cronos OUT!

Eryk Masters: WHAT?! WOW!

Cronos holds his head in agony as the camera focuses in…and BLOOD is dripping from the back of his head!


Other Guy: Cronos Diamante shed first blood, but I think Austin Linam is saying Ox is bleeding, too!

Eryk Masters: Ox IS bleeding!

The camera shows Ox’s back, tiny droplets of blood starting to form.

Other Guy: Azrael took advantage of a woozy Cronos and eliminated him with a shattered barbed wire light saber! Holy Hell!

Azrael shrugs and throws the broken light saber from the ring. Cronos pulls himself up, glaring at Tony Lorenzo.

Eryk Masters: Ox might have started to bleed at around the same time as Cronos, but that doesn’t change the fact that Tony Lorenzo saw Cronos draw blood first…and Cronos Diamante has been eliminated!

Other Guy: You know what THAT means!


Cronos charges at Azrael, but Tony Lorenzo gets in his way! Cronos sneers and rolls from the ring. He sees Entragian going to pick Ox up, but Cronos storms over and grabs Ox himself. He takes a firm hold of Ox and SLAMS him into the guardrail! The fans boo as Cronos exits the ringside area, shaking his head in disappointment. He touches the back of his head one final time, the blood now starting to drip down his back. Entragian picks Ox up, but Dex charges at Entragian…THOR’S HAMMER! The Ivory Terror is DOWN!

Other Guy: Mike Dexter just NAILED one of his so-called Dex-Fu moves…he calls his Thor’s Hammer, I call it effective…Isaac Entragian is DOWN!

Dex wastes no time, rolling into the ring and attacking Azrael! Goeren dives from the ring as the fans boo once again at Azrael’s act of cowardice! However, THIS time there’s nowhere for Azrael to go…as standing right behind Azrael? LENNOX FERGUSON. The fans POP as Azrael slowly turns…RIGHT into a HARD punch to the face from The Ox!

Other Guy: HERE WE GO!

Goeren gets thrown BACK into the ring, followed by Ox! Ox and Dex look at one another, a moment of clarity between the two of them, as they BOTH have Azrael alone! Goeren tries to pick himself up to get away, but Dex NAILS him with the Shining Wizard, sending Goeren BACK down to the mat! Ox and Dex circle their prey and lift him off of the mat! They both hook him up, look around at the fans…they HOIST him into the air…DOUBLE SPINEBUSTER INTO THE BARBED WIRE ROPES!!

Eryk Masters: HOLY SHIT!!!!

The fans are ERUPTING as Goeren’s back is SHREDDED by the barbed wire! Goeren cries out in pain as blood is ALL OVER his back!

Other Guy: Goeren and Ox match now!

Dex nods his head, smirking at Ox. Suddenly, BOTH MEN ARE DROPPED BY ISAAC ENTRAGIAN FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!!


Entragian rolls through as Goeren slowly begins to pick himself up. He seems to be happy to see Entragian at this point, Isaac having stopped COLD Goeren’s attackers. Azrael nods his head, yelling at Ox and Dex, who are on the ground. Suddenly, Entragian LATCHES on Goeren’s throat!

Other Guy: Now THAT can’t be good!

Goeren struggles to break the tight grip, clubbing HARD at Entragian’s murderous grasp! Slowly, Entragian brings the German closer and closer to his face, gnashing at him and snapping his sharp teeth at Goeren’s face, bringing the fear of God into the Sovereign member! Goeren collapses to his knees, almost fading from consciousness, but Entragian shakes his head! He slaps Goeren with his free hand, bringing him back to the land of the living. Isaac laughsa cold, hollow laugh as he JERKS Goeren to his feet, HOISTS him back into the air…AND HE SENDS AZRAEL GOEREN DOWN OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A THUNDEROUS CHOKESLAM!!

Eryk Masters: GOOD LORD!!!

Azrael crumples in a heap on the outside as Austin Linam rushes over to tend to him. Meanwhile, Entragian turns his attention to his two previous foes, leaving Ox and instead he locks Mike Dexter up…in an ANKLE LOCK.

Other Guy: JESUS…is there ANYTHING this sick son of a bitch doesn’t know how to do?!

Eryk Masters: He calls THAT Brittle Be Thy Bones…and by God, he’s gonna break Dex’s ankle here tonight!

Entragian not only has the ankle lock locked in, he LIFTS Dex up to the point that Entragian is standing COMPLETELY UPRIGHT, Dex’s body dangling in front of him! Dex cries out in pain as Entragian thrashes him around, over and over again, like a ravenous crocodile trying to wear down his prey.

Other Guy: If Dex doesn’t get out of that move soon…we may need some paramedics out here QUICK…because he’s about to lose that ankle!

Without warning, Entragian feels a tug on his hair, and Ox YANKS his head back! He goes for the Double Tap, but Entragian shoves Ox off of him! Entragian NAILS Ox! Ox staggers backward and shakes his head…and NAILS Entragian! Isaac laughs it off and NAILS Ox! Ox collapses to one knee, but he powers back up and NAILS Entragian again! Entragian grows irritated and without warning, CLIPS Ox with an uppercut! Ox goes backwards…Entragian charges…ISAAC ENTRAGIAN SPEARS OX INTO THE BARBED WIRE ROPES…AND THE BARBED WIRE TEARS OPEN…BOTH MEN FALL ON THE OUTSIDE, RAMMING INTO THE GUARDRAIL!!



The fans are INSANELY loud at this point, and the camera focuses in on Ox, who has rolled over to his side…his back FLAYED from the barbed wire, blood POURING out of SEVERAL slices on his back! The camera moves over to see Entragian, his white head slowly turning crimson from taking a few stabs on the top of his head!

Other Guy: Jesus Christ…neither man are even moving!

The camera splits, showing the INSANE spear THROUGH the barbed wire…SNAPPING it, with Ox’s body FOLDING over Entragian’s…BOTH men down on the outside!

Eryk Masters: Good LORD…wait…what is…what is Azrael Goeren doing?!

The camera sees Goeren sliding on his belly over to where Ox and Entragian are laying, STILL not moving! The camera shifts back to see Mike Dexter, cradling his ankle, completely unaware of what just happened to The Ivory Terror and The Ox. Goeren slowly picks himself up off of the ground, clutching his back in sheer agony. He looks up to see Dex is still in the ring. He looks at Entragian, who has yet to move. He looks over to Ox, who also has yet to move. He slowly…begins to pick Ox up.

Eryk Masters: Oh come ON! Ox isn’t even fucking MOVING, Azrael!

Other Guy: Well, no SHIT, Eryk…who else should Goeren go after?!

Goeren picks Ox up and quickly locks in an inverted face lock. He looks dead into the camera and…manages a cocky smile.

Azrael Goeren: Hey, Rocky…wanna see something…Stellar?




Eryk Masters: Azrael Goeren took advantage of a bloodied and…SERIOUSLY fucked up Lennox Ferguson to not ONLY steal his thunder by hitting the Tap-Out…but also to mock Rocky Stellar at the SAME TIME.

Other Guy: Bittersweet, man…but, hey. Nobody told Ox to have the same finisher as Rocky Stellar.

Goeren picks himself up, holding his fists high in victory!

Eryk Masters: You know what REALLY makes me sick about this, OG?

Other Guy: What’s that?

Eryk Masters: Azrael Goeren has eliminated BOTH the guys who’ve been taken out of this match…and he did so after he picked the bones from an assault made by someone else!


Eryk Masters: I get it, I get it…


Eryk Masters: OKAY.


Eryk Masters: SHUT. UP. JESUS.

Goeren staggers away from Ox as Austin Linam begins to check on the fallen former Iron Fist Champion. The camera moves back to see Dex in the ring, starting to look around to see where everyone is. Goeren stops and shakes his head, realizing the next stipulation! He rushes at Entragian and quickly rolls the monster over onto his back, and Austin Linam begins to count!




Other Guy: Goeren thought he had a chance for the NEXT elimination…but Entragian is STILL not ready to die JUST YET!

Azrael quickly looks under the ring and drags out a table, ALREADY wrapped in barbed wire! He stumbles over Ox and kicks the body out of the way!

Eryk Masters: What’s a hardcore match without a table, right?


Other Guy: GOOD LORD!

Dex picks himself up by the guard rail and screams defiantly into the stands! The fans in front of him cheer him on as Dex glares down at the two men he has just taken down, slowly turning to see the barbed wire table!

Eryk Masters: Uh oh!

Other Guy: Oh noes!

Dex looks at the fans and points to the table, getting a pop! Dex picks the barbed wire table up and braces it against the ring apron and ring steps. Azrael Goeren is starting to stir and Dex tosses the ring apron up…AND WITHDRAWS LIGHTER FLUID AND A BOOK OF MATCHES!

Eryk Masters: Mike Dexter is gonna show these two psychos he can get just as hardcore as the rest of them!

Dex sprays lighter fluid ALL OVER the table as EMTs tend to Ox behind him. The fans are abuzz with anticipation as Azrael Goeren rolls behind Dex and low blows him! Dex crumples into a heap on the ground as Goeren grabs the book of matches and strikes one! He looks at the table and casually tosses the match at it…and the table…LIGHTS UP IN FLAMES.

Other Guy: Mike Dexter, we hardly knew ye!

Goeren slowly picks Dexter up and applies a rear waistlock! He goes for a German, but Dex counters, keeping himself grounded! Dex struggles with Goeren when suddenly…ISAAC ENTRAGIAN SITS UP PERFECTLY. He snaps his head to see Dex and Goeren fighting jostling for position to nail the German suplex into the flaming table.

Eryk Masters: Goeren and Dex need to put aside their differences if they have ANY chance of stopping that pale monster!



The EMTs tending to Ox keep him strapped up the gurney as they rush over to tend to the three shattered bodies at ringside! The EMTs stamp out the rest of the burning pieces of wood and start to check all three Soldiers for any burns or wounds. Entragian rolls over onto his back, Dex cradles his bleeding head, and Goeren’s back is bloodied and singed as well. Suddenly, the bloodied face of Entragian contorts with fury as he SITS BACK THE FUCK UP.

Eryk Masters: JESUS. Not…not since the monsters like Obsidian and Sammy Rochester have I seen a guy…no…a CREATURE like Isaac Entragian! He is sitting BACK UP…small plumes of smoke billowing off of his head and back!

The image is a ghastly one. Entragian glares at the carnage he’s wrought, his white face and hair completely doused in his blood, crimson covering his face and a good portion of his chest as well. He is breathing heavily as he looks at Dex and Goeren. Slowly, Goeren starts to roll over and Entragian focuses on him! He slowly pulls himself to a standing position, snapping his head to the fans at ringside, causing some of the people to wince in fear! He stands there, glaring at the EMTs who tend to Dex and Goeren…and they move out of his way!

Other Guy: Oh God.

Entragian reaches down and picks Goeren up…his intended target because…unfortunately…Goeren moved first. He drags the German to his feet and looks around until he finds Ox, strapped down to a gurney at ringside, left unattended by the EMTs! He walks over to Ox, who is slowly but surely becoming cognizant and the two men lock eyes! Entragian hooks Goeren’s head and arm…and LIFTS Goeren HIGH in the air…AND ENTRAGIAN JACKHAMMERS GOEREN INTO THE STRAPPED DOWN OX, FOLDING AND SNAPPING THE GURNEY IN HALF!


Entragian leaves Goeren on the ground, laid out on top of Ox’s body…AND HE WALKS RIGHT INTO THE LAST MILE SUPERKICK FROM DEX!!!

Other Guy: Dex was playing possum! Dex was playing possum!

Entragian staggers back…and Dex measures him again…LAST MILE SUPERKICK AGAIN! Dex screams out, filled with the fighting spirit puro fans so love…and Dex grabs the staggering monster Isaac Entragian, hooks the head…AND HE LIFTS ISAAC ENTRAGIAN UP!!







The fans ERUPT.


Other Guy: Dex knows there’s ladders under that ring, he needs to MOVE if he’s gonna win this thing!

Dex, as if he heard Other Guy, rolls to the ring apron and reaches under the ring…and withdraws a ladder! He looks at the fans and he slides the ladder into the ring, falling to one knee…as he is just EXHAUSTED.

Other Guy: C’mon, Dex! You gotta power through if you’re gonna have any chance of winning this thing!

Dex pulls himself up and rolls into the ring, lying beside the ladder, trying to catch his breath. He looks over to the mass of bodies he’s just left at ringside and he notices Goeren is on his side, trying to shake the cobwebs loose! Dex pulls himself up to a kneeling position and grabs a hold of the ropes, his hands clenched on a strand of barbed wire, blood already starting to drip from his hand as he picks himself up with all of his might and looks at the ladder with intent! He picks the ladder up and sets it up in the middle of the ring and takes one long look at the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship belt, dangling brightly and shining and clean above all the blood spilt beneath it. He grabs a hold of the first rung and pulls himself up, the fans cheering him on!

Eryk Masters: Mike Dexter is going to have to MOVE if he’s gonna make it to the top of the ladder…Azrael Goeren’s pulling himself up outside the ring!

Dex gets to the second rung as the camera shows Goeren pulling himself up enough to roll into the ring after Dex! Dex ignores everything else around him as he gets to the middle of the ladder! He continues to climb and Azrael Goeren sees Dex nearing the top of the ladder! Goeren grabs the bottom rung and begins to pull himself up as Dex reaches up, two rungs from the top!


Dex reaches once again and his finger tips brush the Laws of Survival Championship, making the belt sway flirtatiously above him, so close but so far! Dex takes one more step to the next to last rung and takes a FIRM grasp of the belt…BUT HIS FOOT IS CAUGHT BY GOEREN!


Dex turns around and sees Goeren glaring menacingly at him! He kicks at Goeren, but Goeren refuses to fall! Goeren SCRAMBLES up the ladder and hooks Dexter’s midsection to try and GERMAN SUPLEX HIM OFF THE LADDER…but Dex braces himself against the ladder, which is teetering from side to side from the struggle! Finally…Dex NAILS Goeren in the side of the head with an elbow and turns around, now face to face with the Megastar!

Mike Dexter: HEY AZRAEL!

Goeren and Dex lock eyes.

Mike Dexter: FUCK YOU!



The fans are SCREAMING as Goeren is on the outside, wrapped up in strands of barbed wire as if an anaconda had him in its clutches. Dex leans against the now clean ropes, looking down at the EMTs treating Ox, trying to treat an instinctively evil Isaac Entragian, and are now trying to cut Azrael Goeren free from his bonds!

Eryk Masters: IT’S TIME! GO FOR IT!

Dex turns to the ladder, which is still standing…and he SCURRIES up the ladder, throwing himself up two rungs at a time! He reaches up quickly, SNATCHING a hold on the Laws of Survival Championship! He looks at the fans, who are cheering him on…and Dex LEAPS off of the ladder, RIPPING the belt OFF it clasp! 



The fans POP as Dex FALLS to the mat off of the ladder, curled in a fetal position, holding the Laws of Survival Championship in his clutches! He is holding the belt so tightly, his knuckles are bone white!

Other Guy: You did it, Mike!

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen…MIKE DEXTER IS OUR LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION!

Dex hugs the belt to him as Austin Linam slides in and helps Tony Lorenzo get him up to his feet. “Had Enough” by Breaking Benjamin kicks in as Tony Lorenzo holds Mike Dexter’s arm up in the air! The fans cheer LOUDLY as Dex looks down at the belt, small drops of his blood landing on the gorgeous face plate. He wipes them away, but they smear across the front of it, seeping into the crevices of the face plate’s design.

Eryk Masters: How fitting…Mike Dexter wins the Laws of Survival Championship and now…the belt now showing the testament to Dexter’s sacrifices…his blood staining the front of the belt.

Other Guy: Better than any name plates, let me tell you!

Mike Dexter looks down at the charred and shattered barbed wire table…the hole torn through the barbed wire by Isaac Entragian and Lennox Ferguson. He looks at Azrael Goeren, his body bloodied and broken on the outside as EMTs cut the barbed wire away from him. He looks down at his Laws of Survival Championship as Tony Lorenzo buckles it around his waist. He looks one final time at the fans, who cheer him on loudly and proudly.

Eryk Masters: Mike Dexter, this is YOUR moment!

Other Guy: SHOOT Project, this is YOUR Laws of Survival Champion!

Mike Dexter throws his fists up in the air, saluting the fans as the camera focuses on him one final time…a look of relief…a look of joy…on his face.

The look…of a Champion.

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