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Revolution 72 – 2/7/11

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell  

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  

Train a little harder than you can or ever will  

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, more aptly Azraith’s World Championship belt.  A second shot of Trey Willett is shown, standing proudly at the entrance.  A third shot of Sinnocence’s sexy waist can be seen, a droplet of sweat sliding into her belly button before the camera pans up to her face, where she is smirking.

You need to think fast 

Cade Sydal is shown taking The Ox down, then quickly shown defeating Dan Stein.  That is followed quickly by a shot of The UK Dragon hitting a high impact move on Jaime Alejandro.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!  

Pestalance, locked in a submission move, yelling at himself as he is almost ready to tap out.  Osbourne Kilminster, slowly lifting his head to look directly into the camera.

Got news if you think you bad  

The next image is Donovan King, glaring at the camera.  It takes the viewer a moment to realize the dark shadow of OutKast is standing behind King, looking over his shoulder somewhat, only looking back with the side of his face with his brow furrowed.  The camera switches to Johnny Patriot and the UK Dragon, looking at one another with slightly bemused expressions on their face.

All your other battles make me laugh  

Lennox Ferguson is up next, his face a bloody crimson mask.  He is screaming a primal scream at the camera, which switches quickly to Osbourne Kilminster, painstakingly locking in his submission on his own wife, Sinnocence. 

You need to start runnin’… 

Charles Brandon Magnus and ‘Big’ Buck Dresden pound their fists in unison in an empty ring, ready for their next challenge.  They are shown with Jonas Coleman sneaking up behind them, putting his arms around both of their necks.

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!  

Pestalance is shown, ripping the hood from his head, a grin on his face, only for the scene to shift to Jaime Alejandro, his head slowly lifting to face the camera as the shadows cascade around his shoulders. 


Mr. Heart is shown decimating Charles Brandon Magnus with a hard brass knuckle hit, quickly followed by Adrian Corazon lording over the fallen Trey Willett.

You need a miracle!  

Azraith DeMitri is next, looking at both the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belts, dropping one to his feet and tossing the other on his shoulder.

Nothing’s gonna save you  

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown, followed quickly by Jester Smiles standing side by side with Donovan King over a fallen Azraith.

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!  

X-Calibur is shown laughing with Azrael Goeren next, both men enjoying the carnage they have wrought against Rocky Stellar.  Stellar is shown next, catching Goeren unawares and nailing the Stellar Drop.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Sinnocence forcing Cade Sydal to submit to the Iron Maiden. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Dexter and Ox being separated from their brawl is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

Cronos Diamante is next, standing in the center of an empty ring, a red spotlight shining down on him.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  

Jester Smiles hitting the Punchline on Sinnocence. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!  

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!  


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 




“Indian Outlaw” blares over the PA, and the crowd comes alive as the rockin’ tones of Tim Mcgraw signal the arrival of SHOOT’s resident bar brawling superstar, Buck Dresden.  He emerges from the back, hold his arms up with a big smile, his cowboy hat tipped backwards.   

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall…introducing first, from Hazard Kentucky…weighing in at Two-hundred and Twenty Six pounds…BUCK DRESDEN! 

Dresden slides into the ring, then steps up to the middle turnbuckle and raises his arms for the fans.  They respond with flashbulbs and even more renewed cheers.  He leaps down, tosses off his hat, and it lands on his corner’s ringpost with a spin. 

Other Guy: World champion horseshoes player Buckley Dresden, ladies and germs! 

Eryk Masters: Talk all the jokes you want, Dresden has a major score to settle with Ray Valjean, and really VAS as a unit. 

As the McGraw dies down, it’s replaced with flashing strobes and the triumphant guitar of “1000 Cigarettes” by MSTRKRFT.  The reaction flips on a dime, as the screaming and boos start, out comes Ray Valjean, ever present grin and ever present duffel bag in tow.  He waves to the fans in thanks. 

Samantha Coil: And the challenger…from Hampton Virginia…weighing in at Two-hundred and Forty-Six pounds…RAY VALJEAN! 

He hangs his bag up on the ringpost before rolling into the ring, where he begins stretching. 

Other Guy: I hate to say this, but I have a sinking suspicion ray Valjean is going to do something like get murdered here. 

Eryk Masters: Valjean’s a cheater, OG.  He might not be the strongest or the fiercest, but he has every manner of snake in the grass tricks up his sleeves.  Buck’s going to need to watch out for that. 

The bell rings, and we’re off.  The feeling-out sequence between Ray Valjean and Buck Dresden is incredibly lengthy.  Buck advances, and Ray backs up.  Ray will shoot for a lockup, and Buck will sidestep.  There’s a good deal of trash talking going on between the men, but none can really be heard over the crowd.   

Eryk Masters: The single biggest mistake Buck can do here is to trust Ray Valjean. 

Other Guy: But isn’t Buck Dresden pretty much stupid?  Like, that’s what he’s built his career on, right? 

Finally, Ray waves towards himself, asking Buck to bring it.  Dresden looks around for a moment, his arms out, asking the crowd what they think.  When he holds up his arm in the internationally recognized symbol for “clothesline”, they pop like mad.  He turns to Ray and points him out to another huge reaction.  Dresden finally rushes him with a BIG lariat—Ray ducks, so Buck turns with a wild haymaker, but Valjean leaps back, narrowly dodging it. 

Other Guy: There’s Valjean’s excellent evasion! 

Eryk Masters: Valjean is very quick on his toes, but once Buck connects, he’s going to be in world of pain. 

They finally lock up, and Ray immediately takes control with a quick arm drag.  Dresden is up instantly. And knocks valjean DOWN with a shoulderblock.  Ray rolls out of the ring, gritting his teeth and holding onto his chest.  He starts to walk around the ring, acting as if he’s seriously hurt.  Buck grabs the top rope and starts yelling at him to come back in the ring, and the crowd is behind him, booing Valjean constantly.  Dresden finally decides he’s had enough, and steps out of the ring, cracking his knuckles and giving chase—just like that, Ray Valjean’s all better, and he slides into the ring to escape. 

Eryk Masters: What a coward! 

Other Guy: Nonono, E-Harmony.  This is a textbook move, often thought to have been invented by Slaminius the Elder in the first Olympic Games.  Watch! 

Dresden slides in after him—and of course, Ray lays some boots in to his skull.  Dresden is getting fired up, though, and starts to stand under the blows.  He gets to his hands and knees, so Ray backs up and slaps his knee with a grin.  He backs up and raises his arms, then rushes Buck—Dresden LAUNCHES from his position and intercepts Valjean, taking down to the mat with a BIG spear!  Dresden holds onto Ray, and starts to slam him with sloppy but stiff hammer strikes. 

Other Guy: Yeesh!  This Dresden guy’s a loose cannon—I think he should be suspended for at least thirty days! 

Eryk Masters: You cant ever discount Dresden, ESPECIALLY not after only a few well-placed boots! 

Dresden finally stands up, walks to the corner, and steps up to the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms.  The crowd, of course, loves it, and we can audibly hear him yelling “Yee-haw!” before leaping back down to the mat.  Ray Valjean takes this opportunity to roll under the bottom rope, shaking his head and stumble/running over to his duffel bag in the corner.   

Eryk Masters: Come on.  I know Valjean’s a nogoodnik, but he wouldn’t be so blatant as to grab a weapon without even attempting to distract the ref, would he? 

Other Guy: No, Ray’s…doing something else. 

It seems like he would, as he pulls out a big, Oxford-dictionary sized book.  However, he isn’t looking to make violence with it—he opens it up and starts reading! 

Other Guy: What?  What?? 

The crowd is hating this, as we finally see the title of the book, stamped in big, black letters: TAG TEAM WRESTLING FUNDAMENTALS.  He taps a page, then taps his temple, and nods to the crowd with a satisfied smile.  Dresden, for his part, is shaking his head in confusion/disappointment/anger.  Ray slides the book back into his bag, and steps in the ring, adopting a ridiculous greco-roman stance.  Dresden approaches, apprehensively, before they lock up.  Ray gets him in a headlock, but Buck wraps his arms around Valjean’s midsection.  He pulls back for a backdrop suplex, but Ray plants his feet with a grin.  Dresden growls and hoists him backward anyway, and lands a textbook backdrop suplex!  He holds onto the bridge, and Referee Linam hits the mat… 




Other Guy: What just happened? 

Eryk Masters: No way!  No way! 

Ray INSTANTLY rolls out of the ring as Dresden holds his arms out, looking to Austin Linam in total confusion.  He keeps holding up a three with his fingers, and the bell indeed does ring.  Ray has gathered his things and started walking up the ramp backwards, tapping his temple and laughing.   


Other Guy: He certainly lost it, and he certainly seems very pleased! 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, your winner, at a time of Five Minutes and fifty-eight seconds…BUCK DRESDEN!! 

Dresden is pacing the ring, shouting and punching his fist.  Linam tries to raise his arm, but he’s not feeling it, immediately pulling his arm down and pointing at Ray, indicating that he should come back to the ring.  Valjean holds up a microphone and then a silencing hand, which of course only makes the crowd boo and scream louder.   

Ray Valjean: Whoops, I lost! 

He shrugs in a ridiculously overblown fashion, and the fans just despise it.  He laughs so loud it’s heard over the microphone, even slapping his knee for the full effect.  Buck is red in the face right now, he’s so angry.   

Eryk Masters: Buck Dresden has every reason to be infuriated right now!  He was robbed of a fair match, and he was robbed from getting any revenge on Ray Valjean!! 

Other Guy: I dunno, man…there’s a certain brilliance to it. 

Eryk Masters: Oh stuff it, this is the lowest of the low and you damn well know it! 

Ray Valjean: You stupid hayseed—Why in the hell would I spend energy that I could be using elsewhere fighting you in a singles bout?  I’m a TAG TEAM wrestler.  This loss means nothing to me.  

He throws up a fist of solidarity and cheeses. 

Ray Valjean: Enjoy your win, man.  You’ve EARNED IT.  Which is more than anyone can say about your silly claim to the tag belts.   

He throws up his arms and drops the mic as “1000 Cigarettes” starts up.  Dresden is threatening to leave the ring, but by the time he does, Ray has already slipped into the back.   

Eryk Masters: I normally try to be objective, but I really hope Ray Valjean gets hurt in some terrible fashion. 

Buck dons his cowboy hat and stares up the ramp grimly.  We cut away…


Suddenly the feed opens on a portion of the backstage area, JUST in time to see Lennox Ferguson’s body fly into a concrete wall. The cameraman finally manages to steady himself as he literally just stumbled in on the action, the view widening until we see the full scope of the scene.

The pallid hellion known as Isaac Entragian stands to one side, his eyes WILD with bloodlust after having just tossed Lennox into the wall. Meanwhile Ferguson takes the hit on his shoulder, somehow manages to keep his feet while spinning on his heels, only to HAMMER Entragian flush in the face with a right hand!

Isaac stumbles back, and Lennox gives him NO breathing room, boxing the albino in and pelting him again and again with rights and lefts, knuckles pounding white flesh OVER and OVER again until Isaac is driven up against a section of chain-link fence that blocks off electrical equipment.


Strangely enough, a malignant grin spreads over Isaac’s face, causing Lennox to take a momentary step back with a perplexed look on his face. Isaac wastes no time, winding up and BLASTING Lennox under the shelf of the jaw with an uppercut of ungodly proportions.

Ferguson flies backwards and lands right on his ass, and Entragian immediately leans down and picks up the Ox before DRILLING him face-first into the mesh of the fence. The monster beams with satisfaction, and he proceeds to palm the back of Lennox’s head and press his face into the steel mesh while at the same time smashing BRUTAL looking knee shots into Ferguson’s lower back.

The Ivory Terror: We’re just getting STARTED!

Lennox’s moans of pain turn into a roar of anger as, in desperation, he reaches along a shelf wall and picks up a tire iron. He attempts to turn his body at least halfway around to face Isaac, and then he SLAMS the tire iron across the big man’s cheek.

Entragian takes two huge stumbling backwards steps, his head held in one hand, but somehow this horrid creature KEEPS HIS BALANCE! He looks up at The Ox, blooding seeping down from a laceration on his temple, and you can tell simply by the look in his eyes and the grin on his face that this maniacal son of a bitch isn’t even CLOSE to being done!

Isaac quickly leans down and picks something up out of camera range, and as he stands back up Ox attempts a right hand, but Isaac blocks it and CLAMPS one pallid hand around Ferguson’s throat, driving him back into the chain-link fence forcefully. The monster brings up his hand, and we see what he’s holding is a LONG shard of jagged glass.

Isaac allows the tip of this shard to brush against Lennox’s cheek while maintaining the chokehold with his other hand, the albino’s face centimeters away from Ox’s own countenance.

The Ivory Terror: Stay still, boy. I wouldn’t want my hand to slip…

Lennox struggles to pull oxygen in through his restricted windpipe, his eyes rolling up to meet the deranged eyes of the albino.

Isaac watches Lennox’s face closely, as though he’s LOOKING for something in Lennox’s eyes. Very slowly, he lets the tip of the glass slowly trail over the jugular vein of The Ox’s throat.

Finally, he hisses at Entragian:

The Ox: Do it. I DARE you.

Isaac’s eyes light up and widen with delight at Lennox’s display of courage, and the monster steps back a few inches, loosening his grip enough to let Lennox take in a mouthful of air which The Ox takes gasps up gratefully … and then in a FLASH of his wrist Issac slashes out with the glass shard, a small and shallow cut appearing on the side of Ferguson’s right cheek. The cut immediately begins to drip with blood, and as if on cue, Entragian releases the choke, allowing Lennox to fall down to the floor in a sitting position.

The monster leans over, his smile toothy and bright as he studies his fallen enemy.

The Ivory Terror: That was just a TASTE…of things to come.

Lennox responds by grabbing the back of Entragian’s neck!

He pulls in the albino in closely and whispers something into his ear the camera can’t pick up – but whatever it is causes Entragian to whip back up and stagger back while nodding his head solemnly, eyeing Lennox Ferguson who is still gasping for air.

The two men lock eyes as Entragian backs out of camera range, and you can practically SENSE the hatred they feel for each other.


According to Cronos there are three types of women with V.I.P. passes to wrestling events. The first kinds, and worst of them all, are window shoppers that like to look at athletic men in tight clothing – similar to the football fans that watch for the same reason. The second are the usual, run of the mill fan girls that can’t divert their eyes from their favorite wrestler, which often times leads to stalking the locker room in a mad search. And the last are by far his favorite, the sluts that want nothing more than a good fuck from an athletic man. It never matters what sport they stalk but for some reason, over his years in the business, he found that these types of women are found mostly at fighting venues due to ease of access and the secret liking of watching two men beat each other up.  

Cronos is backstage at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia with that type of girl exactly, grinning deviously as a Goth girl hangs on his shoulder, whispering something in her ear. He runs a finger through a highlighted blue portion of her dyed jet black hair and kisses her neck. His eyes shift upward toward the locker room entrance and sees Cade Sydal staring back at him with a smirk. Cronos offers up a smirk in return and bites the Goth girl on the neck, causing her to jump a little. 

Cronos Diamante: A blast from the past incoming, love. 

The girl slowly swings her head around, still leaning on Cronos’ shoulder, to take a gander. She looks at Cade Sydal and smiled. She knows who he is and how Cronos knows him. She knew her history. But she turns back around and nuzzls into Cronos’ neck and whispers something in his ear. 

Cade Sydal: I hope I’m not interrupting anything…for too long. 

Cade grins and offers an exaggerated wink as he walks through the doorway and casually grabs a nearby chair, turning it around he sits in it backwards leaning over the back to continue to grin at the Devil himself. 

Cronos Diamante: Oh I think she can survive for a few more minutes. Good to see you, Cade. It’s been a long time. 

Cronos slides away from his choice “victim” of the night and leans forward, offering his hand up which results in a quick shake and a fist bump. 

Cronos Diamante: What brings you my way? 

Cade looks the young girl up and down, nodding his approval. 

Cade Sydal: I’m sure she will…hmm. Anyway, what, a man can’t see an old friend getting some and sneak in for a momentary cockblock? What’s the world coming to? 

Cronos chuckles. Cade always was good at what he called “a momentary cockblock.” That much he remembered from all the time he spent with him on the road. 

Cronos Diamante: I’d expect nothing less from you. Speaking of what the world is coming to; however, I’d say I’m looking at the new World Heavyweight Champion of The SHOOT Project. Wouldn’t you say, dear? 

She simply nods her head in agreement. Cade grins with a shrug. 

Cade Sydal: Only a matter of time before we see how accurate your prophetic abilities are. But if I was back in Vegas, placing bets? Yeah…I’d bet on that, too. 

He continues to grin for a moment, before his face becomes suddenly serious. 

Cade Sydal: Buuuut, since I’m here, I do have something of a favor to ask. 

Cronos grins an intrigued grin. The girl with him went from leaning against Cronos slightly to shifting her gaze to Cade, interested in this “favor” asked from a World Champion contender. 

Cronos Diamante: I’m good at doing favors. What is it I can do for the future champ? Poison in Azraith’s water bottle before the match? Nothing to kill him of course but you know… 

Cronos winks. Cade chuckles at the offer, and shakes his head slowly. 

Cade Sydal: No, no. Nothing quite that extreme, actually. I’ve got my plan in motion already, there’s no need to fuck with that. It’s actually about your match…see, I want you to do something I haven’t had the chance to do yet. Hurt her…she embarrassed me and stopped me from being where I am right now moooooonths ago, and it’s about time that someone made her pay for that. 

Cade lets out a sigh. 

Cade Sydal: If it can’t be me, then it might as well be a friend, right? 

Cronos smirks and drives a playful elbow into the girl next to him as if to say “This guy, gotta love him.” 

Cronos Diamante: I really was disappointed I didn’t see her around here backstage. I had a proposition for her. Jillian here loves a threesome if you know what I mean? 

She offers up a devious grin to Cade and leans in at Cronos. He shakes his head and chuckles amusingly. 

Cronos Diamante: Back to your favor though. You have no need to fret about me inflicting some pain on Sinny-buns. I have a plan to take out her knees tonight. Normally I focus on the neck to lock in that Ne-Han but if she can’t stand, I think ole’ Sinny-buns might just have to stay on those knees after she’s dragged from the ring so she can continue on with her slutty ways. Hopefully with Mike Dexter to piss off her dead-beat husband. 

Cade smirks and nods. 

Cade Sydal: Good. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear…I don’t really care about her extra-curricular activities, I actually kind of hope her and Ollie continue to be miserable with each other for the rest of their below-average lives. But I can’t say I don’t like your style. 

Cronos holds his hands out to his side and cocks his head back as if to say “Hey, I do what I can.” 

Cronos Diamante: Speaking of favors, Cade. Azraith has been running around claiming my Ne-Han for his own for a couple years now from what I understand. He beat me fair and square but you know how I am. Doesn’t give him the privilege of using what’s rightfully mine. So if you don’t mind putting some of that good ole’ hurtin’ to Azraith the way you did Dan Stein? I’d appreciate it. Much like I have to say I appreciated and admired the ease at which you destroyed Steiny-boy. 

Cade smirks for a brief moment. 

Cade Sydal: That was pretty amazing, wasn’t it? But yeah, I kind of intend to put more than a little bit more pain into his life. I’m sure I’ll have to, to get what I want, anyway, so I think I can accommodate you. 

Cade winks as his hands grip the back of the chair and he leans back in it ever-so-slightly. Cronos smirks and leans forward, placing a hand on Cade’s right shoulder. 

Cronos Diamante: That’s exactly what I like to hear, old friend. But I wouldn’t count on having to do too much damage. You’ve got this one in the bag, bruh. Over once your name was written across from his on the booking sheet. 

Cronos reaches over and grabs his girl’s hand and helped her off the table they were leaning on, not taking his hand off Cade’s shoulder. Cronos smirks again. 

Cronos Diamante: I don’t think you need it in terms of “help” in the ring but good luck out there, buddy. You’ll need a little of it, like we all do, to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

Cronos glances at his girl and back to Cade then removes his hand. 

Cronos Diamante: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date in the rafters with this exquisite young woman. 

Cade grins as he nods up at Cronos. 

Cade Sydal: Of course. Maybe when we’re both celebrating, we can all go out and terrorize the locals. 

Cronos smirks and hits another fist bump with Cade. 

Cronos Diamante: Sounds like a plan to me, bruh. I could use a little more terrorizing on the civilian level. You take care, ya hear? 

Cade nods. 

Cade Sydal: You too, man. 

With that Cronos turns and walks away from his old friend, holding onto his girl’s hand and kissing her amazingly keeping his balance. The cameras follow closely behind Cronos, probably hoping to catch a little bit of action in the rafters.



We are taken to Eryk Masters and The Other Guy at the ringside broadcast table.  Both men have a serious look on their faces. 

Eryk Masters: It’s hard to believe it has only been a couple of weeks since Dave Dymond made his shocking return to SHOOT Project, and brought Akuma Satsui with him.  A lot has happened in that time. 

As Eryk Masters is talking, the fans can see on the screen a replay of the confrontation between Dave Dymond, Akuma Satsui and Jonas Coleman on the last episode of Revolution. 

The Other Guy:  Well, the situation escalated in the meantime.  We still don’t have all the details, but I understand that Jonas Coleman’s mother was attacked some time since the last episode of Revolution, and that it’s confirmed that Dave Dymond was behind it. 

Eryk Masters: The confrontation on the last episode of Revolution, combined with the attack on Jonas Coleman’s mother has created an extremely volatile situation here, OG.  I know for a fact that Jason Johnson brought in extra security, a whole extra shift of 10 guys, and they are here for the sole purpose of keeping Satsui and Coleman away from each other backstage.  That’s how hot this thing has become, in such a short time. 

The Other Guy: Damn right, and now we get to see them face off, and I can’t wait! 

The camera goes back to the ring. Samantha Coil is standing in the spotlight, microphone in hand. Dennis Heflin stands in the corner, waiting. Samantha lifts the microphone, about to make her first introduction when she is suddenly interrupted. Brotherhood of Man by Motorhead starts to blast over the sound system in the Rod Laver Arena. The Australian fans already know what this means, and they begin to jeer loudly. 

A spotlight appears at the top of the ramp, and Dave Dymond steps into the light. The agent for Akuma Satsui is decked out in pair of jeans, jogging shoes, and an old purple OPW t-shirt, with a black blazer over top of it. Dymond starts to walk toward the ring, and the camera zooms in on him as he marches down the aisle. Dave Dymond has a huge smile on his face, and he is pointing at the camera and talking a mile a minute, even though the music is drowning out whatever he is saying. He climbs the steps into the ring as his music fades, and grabs the mic out of the hand of Samantha Coil. Dymond holds his arm up for quiet, and begins to speak to Samantha Coil. 

Dave Dymond: If you think I’m going to let you introduce Akuma Satsui, you’re even dumber than you look, you brain-dead floozy.  

The fans start to jeer even louder, and some even start to throw trash toward the ring. A noticeable ‘Dymond Sucks’ chant starts up, and Dave Dymond points out at the crowd. 

Dave Dymond: You people are upset, and I understand that. If I lived on a god-forsaken continent, a million miles from the rest of the world, which was three quarters uninhabitable wilderness, that was founded by British convicts, I’d be miserable too. 

The chants get even louder. ‘Brotherhood of Man’ starts to play again in the background, as Dave Dymond continues to speak… 

Dave Dymond: Luckily for you, you are about to experience one of the few entertaining events that has ever occurred in this desolate wasteland of a country. It won’t make up for the fact that you’re all a bunch of in-bred degenerates who descend from a race of morally bankrupt human garbage, but hey – there’s only so much that even I can do. 

Dymond turns and points up the aisle, as the music continues to build… 

Dave Dymond: This next match is a HANDICAP match, simply because Akuma Satsui is so much more talented than his opponent that it just isn’t fair. Plus Jonas Coleman – a man who I firmly believe is actually certifiably mentally handicapped is in this match, so it has to be a handicap match by definition. But anyhow, that’s neither here nor there.  

Introducing first, your soon to be winner, on his way to the ring! Hailing from the Hokkaido Prefecture in Japan, he weighs in at 350 pounds: this is the TERROR OF TOKYO – THE POISON SPIKE FROM THE PACIFIC RIM – THE ASIAN NIGHTMARE…I give you: AKUMA SATSUI! 

As Dave Dymond gives Samantha the microphone back, the eerie music reaches a crescendo and Akuma Satsui appears at the top of the ramp. He is wearing a dark blue hooded robe, and a similarly colored pair of blue karate pants, with a blood red sash around his waste. Due to the hood, we cannot see much of his face, and he starts to pace down the ramp towards the ring. We can see his mouth, and it is clear that he has a sharpened wooden stick between his teeth, and he is smiling. 

Akuma Satsui is about half way to the ring, when suddenly Jonas Coleman sprints out from the back, down the ramp and he comes up behind Satsui. Coleman grabs Satsui by the shoulder, and spins him around, so the Asian Nightmare is facing him.  

With an enraged expression, Jonas Coleman cocks his fist, and starts to blast Akuma Satsui right in the face with a succession of punches so fast, they are almost a blur! The music dies, and the fans erupt in a deafening explosion of cheers. The ‘Dymond Sucks’ chants die out and are immediately replaced with a repeated chant that echoes throughout the arena, at full volume, over and over again… 




In the ring, Samantha Coil has wisely dropped the microphone and run for cover. Dennis Heflin stands in the ring, helpless. The two men have not reached the ring, and the bell has not yet rung, so by the rules the match has not even started, and the referee has no authority. 

Dave Dymond looks into the aisle, sees what is happening, and screams at the top of his lungs. Dymond charges out of the ring and heads up the aisle. Akuma Satsui has managed to struggle out of his robe, but he has not yet answered any of Coleman’s wild punches. Instead, the huge Japanese monster has simply absorbed an unbelievable number of shots to the face. He is already busted open, and blood is freely flowing from his nose and mouth. 

Dymond reaches the spot where Jonas Coleman is blasting away at Akuma Satsui, and he comes up behind Coleman, and swings as hard as he can, laying a forearm smash down across the back of the head and neck of the unsuspecting Jonas Coleman. 

Jonas Coleman stops punching Satsui, but he shows no sign of damage from the forearm smash from Dave Dymond. He slowly turns around, as Akuma Satsui collapses in a bloody heap on the floor, out of it. Coleman turns, and is now directly facing Dave Dymond. He has a look of pure rage and hatred on his face, and he simply points directly at Dymond and says one word… 


Dave Dymond shrieks loudly, holds up his hands and starts to back off. Coleman reaches out, and looks like he is about to grab Dymond by the neck and break it. Dave Dymond screams in terror, turns, and runs back toward the ring as fast as he can. Jonas Coleman goes after him. 

Dave Dymond makes it as far as the ring and he slides under the bottom rope. He sees the microphone that Samantha dropped, and he grabs it desperately, and turns with it, just as Jonas Coleman gets into the ring. Dymond holds the microphone and points at Coleman… 

Dave Dymond: If you lay one finger on me, my financial backer will sue you into total bankruptcy!  

Coleman marches toward Dave Dymond with a murderous expression on his face. Seeing this, Dymond drops to his knees. 


Jonas Coleman doesn’t even stop for one second, he simply grabs Dave Dymond around the throat with both hands, and hoists him into the air, choking him wildly and shaking him like a rag doll.  

Eryk Masters: This match isn’t even technically underway yet, and it’s already out of control!  Jonas Coleman came charging out of the gate and attacked Satsui, and now he’s trying to throttle Dave Dymond! 

The Other Guy: I can’t say I blame him Masters.  You don’t mess with a guy’s family, that’s just off limits.  When Dymond did that, he pretty much made it clear that this business with him and Coleman is going to go places we don’t normally see in SHOOT Project.  This isn’t business, it’s personal. Very personal.


Even though it is barely possible, the insane cheers of the fans increase. The sound is deafening, as Coleman throttles Dave Dymond, who is now turning blue in the face.  Suddenly, a large number of the fans start to shout and point up the aisle, trying to warn Jonas Coleman.  Akuma Satsui is back up to his feet, and he charges down the aisle, slides into the ring, and as Coleman continues to choke Dymond, Satsui aims a perfectly place palm strike directly into the kidneys of Jonas Coleman. 

Coleman drops to his knees and releases Dave Dymond, who collapses to the mat, sputtering and choking.  Dymond rolls out of the ring, and leans up against the apron, coughing violently.  Dennis Heflin calls for the bell. 

Akuma Satsui starts to fire a rapid burst of precision kicks and stomps, right to the back of Jonas Coleman, hitting him right in the kidneys.  Coleman is bravely trying to struggle to his feet, but Satsui is aiming his shots perfectly, and Jonas Coleman is feeling the unique pain which comes from damage to the kidneys. 

Eryk Masters: I had heard that despite his appearance, Akuma Satsui had some skills – and some brains – and it shows.  He is focusing on the kidney area of Jonas Coleman and he is just paralyzing him. 

The Other Guy: From what I heard, Satsui has actually studied how to cause as much pain as he can, what body parts and pressure points to focus on to inflict as much damage with as much pain as he can.  Like I said, this guy makes it personal.  He wants to hurt you. 

Dave Dymond seems to have finally regained his composure on the outside of the ring, and he is not happy.  Dymond is pacing back and forth, slamming his hands on the apron and shouting at Akuma Satsui to punish Coleman.  He also takes some time to turn around and taunt the capacity crowd, telling them loudly what he thinks of them too. 

Akuma Satsui has Jonas Coleman softened up, so he reaches down and scoops him up, and in one fluid motion he pummels Coleman into the mat with a powerslam.  Before Jonas Coleman is even finished bouncing from the impact, Satsui has headed to the outside of the ring, and is scaling the turnbuckles to the top rope! 

As the fans murmur in surprise, the 350 pound Akuma Satsui easily climbs to the top rope, and he leaps off, back first!  Flashbulbs pop as Akuma Satsui lands across the back of Jonas Coleman with a senton splash!  All of the impact is across the lower back of Coleman, adding even more punishment to his kidneys! 

Eryk Masters: We saw that Satsui can use his brain, and now we see that he has other weapons in his arsenal! 

The Other Guy: I really never expected to see him anywhere near that top rope, to be honest.  I thought maybe Coleman might head up there, but not Satsui!  This guy is just full of surprises! 

Jonas Coleman is writhing in pain on the mat, and Akuma Satsui looks down with a sick smile on his face.  He reaches into the pocket of his gi pants, and pulls out a sharpened wooden stick – the exact same kind he used on the last episode of Revolution to attack Coleman with. 

Satsui takes an attack stance and looks to be getting ready to jab at Jonas Coleman when he gets to his feet.  Dennis Helfin sees Satsui brandishing the weapon and shakes his head angrily, and grabs the arm of Akuma Satsui, yelling at him to hand it over. 

Akuma Satsui looks at Dennis Heflin as if he is crazy – which he might be – but before Satsui can act, Dave Dymond scrambles up to the apron and reaches across, slapping Heflin on the back to get his attention.  Heflin turns and looks at Dave Dymond.  Dymond starts gesturing wildly, jumping up and down, yelling at Dennis Heflin.  Heflin orders Dymond off the apron, but Dave Dymond continues to yell at the referee. 

Eryk Masters: Now this is more what I expected to see. Interference from Dymond and weapons from Satsui. 

The Other Guy: Normally I have no use for referees, but I actually feel kind of bad for Dennis Heflin trying to control this mess. 

Satsui crouches like a predator, waiting patiently for Jonas Coleman to get up.  Coleman rolls over onto his back, groaning in pain.  Suddenly, his eyes snap open, and in a flash, he kips up!  Coleman has leapt to his feet like a gazelle, and before Satsui can even process what is going on, Jonas Coleman leaps into the air and smashes Akuma Satsui right upside the head with a perfectly executed spinning backfist! 

The impact of the backhand smash is so powerful that it sends Akuma Satsui stumbling backwards into the ropes!  He runs into Dave Dymond, knocking his manager off the apron, onto the floor.  Dennis Helfin is also knocked off balance, but he stays on his feet. As he is knocked into the ropes, Akuma Satsui drops the sharpened wooden stick he was holding. 

Jonas Coleman picks it up. 

Eryk Masters: HERE WE GO! 

The Other Guy: I think we’re about to see some serious payback! 

The fans go absolutely insane.  Every man, woman and child are on their feet in the arena, cheering their hearts out, as Coleman looks down at the stick, and then looks at Satsui and smiles wickledly. 

Coleman attacks! 

Jonas Coleman leaps forward, and starts stabbing Akuma Satsui right in the forehead, over and over and over again with the sharpened stick!  Satsui’s head is comically bouncing back and forth from the impact, and blood starts to spray from his forehead in no time.  Dennis Heflin tries to grab Jonas Coleman’s arm, but gets shoved to the mat for his trouble. 

Finally, Coleman drops the stick and starts to absolutely destroy Satsui with an amazing flurry of punches.  He starts by burying bodyshots to the midsection of the Japanese Monster, but then he switches up, and starts hitting the big man with wild roundhouses upside his head, and then ends it off with a series of insanely fast jabs to the face of the Asian Nightmare. 

Akuma Satsui goes down!   

Eryk Masters: Akuma Satsui might have had the early advantage here but now Coleman is taking it to him, in a violent way! 

The Other Guy: Satsui is getting a taste of his own medicine, but to be honest I don’t think he’ll be too upset about that.  His forehead already looks like he’s been busted open more than a few times. 

The big man collapses to the mat, looking stunned by the comeback from Jonas Coleman!  Satsui gets to his knees and tries to get up, but Coleman gracefully floats across, and smashes Satsui upside the head with a shining wizard!  

Jonas Coleman heads outside the ring, and throws up the ring apron.  He ducks under the ring, and starts rummaging around.  Meanwhile, Dave Dymond is back on his feet, and he slides into the ring and starts begging Akuma Satsui to get back up.  Dennis Heflin is back on his feet and he grabs Dymond by the back of the shirt, and tries to pull him out of the ring. 

Jonas Coleman emerges, and he is holding a length of steel chain.  This is one of the many chains that the ring crew uses to lash the ring together after they take it apart, to move it into the truck – but it is very clear that Jonas Coleman has a much more violent purpose for the chain.   

Coleman slides back into the ring, and swings the length of chain right at Akuma Satsui! 

Eryk Masters: This is getting out of control!  First the spike, now the chain! 

The Other Guy: Like I said before, we can’t expect Coleman to want to wrestle. Firstly, you can’t grapple with a monster like Satsui, and besides, Coleman doesn’t want to pin him, he wants blood.  He wants revenge. 

The steel chain smashes down over the head of Satsui, but unbelievably, the blow to the head seems to energize the Japanese Monster, and he staggers to his feet, with blood now liberally dripping down his face.  Jonas Coleman runs past Satsui, and swings the chain at Dymond!  The chain hits the mark, smashing the head of Dave Dymond and sending him sprawling out of the ring again! 

Coleman wastes no time in using the chain like a whip, and lashes it around the neck of Akuma Satsui!  As the fans continue to go crazy, Jonas Coleman wraps the chain tightly around the throat of his enemy, and pulls back as hard as he can!  Akuma Satsui reaches up and tries to loosen the chain, but it is tight as a vice, and he can barely breathe! 

To his credit, Dave Dymond staggers back to his feet again, grabs a steel chair, and slides into the ring.  Dennis Heflin tries to stop Dymond from entering the ring with the chair, but Dave Dymond violently shoves the referee to the mat.  Dymond brandishes the chair, and is obviously threatening to bash Jonas Coleman with it, unless he releases Akuma Satsui.  Jonas Coleman yells at Dave Dymond so loud, the ringside microphone picks it up very clearly. 


Eryk Masters: Dave Dymond is in over his head here. 

The Other Guy: This jerk has been sticking his nose in this match way too much. It’s like two against one here.  Coleman should ask the office to ban Dymond from ringside, because it’s not fair. 

Dave Dymond almost has a conniption, and swings the chair at Jonas Coleman!  Coleman turns slightly, and absorbs the impact on his shoulder and side – and he does NOT release the choke with the chain!  Jonas Coleman laughs manically, and pulls back harder! 

Dymond leaps forward and actually swings a punch at Jonas Coleman.  The punch connects, but Coleman just laughs.  However, he does release the choke on Satsui.  He reaches out, grabs Dave Dymond again, and drives a spinning elbow – roaring elbow style – hitting Dymond right in the side of the head.  Dave Dymond goes down like a ton of bricks. 

Jonas Coleman stands over the fallen Dave Dymond and Akuma Satsui, and then raises his arms over his head and roars in rage.  The roof almost comes off the arena as flushbulbs pop, with the fans taking pictures of their new hero, standing over his enemies. 

Eryk Masters: Jonas Coleman, the man the fans of SHOOT have now embraced as the defender of the faith, is standing tall over his enemies! 

The Other Guy: I’m glad he’s getting some payback, but he’d better not count Satsui out.  Dymond might be down for the count, but this is just another day at the office for Satsui! 

Jonas Coleman reaches down and dips his hand in the blood of Akuma Satsui.  With the other hand, he tears the OPW T-shirt off the body of Dave Dymond.  Coleman spits on the shirt and throws it out of the ring. 

Coleman pulls the semi-conscious Dave Dymond to his feet and holds the pudgy manager up by his hair.  On the bare chest of Dave Dymond, Jonas Coleman paints two large words, in Akuma Satsui’s blood… 


Jonas Coleman lets Dave Dymond go, and Dymond unceremoniously falls back to the mat, but we can clearly see the message on his chest, written in Akuma Satsui’s blood, by Jonas Coleman. 

Eryk Masters: Now THAT is how you send a message! 

The Other Guy: Jonas Coleman showing Dymond, Satsui, and the world what happens when you mess with his family! 

Dennis Heflin stands up slowly, and he does not look happy at all.  Jonas Coleman turns back to Akuma Satsui, who has loosened the chain around his neck, so it is now hanging loosely.  Coleman moves toward Satsui, when suddenly Akuma Satsui reaches into his pocket, bring his hand out and… 



Akuma Satsui has thrown a fireball right into the face of Jonas Coleman!  Coleman goes down, holding both his hands over his face.  Satsui continues to unwrap the chain from around his neck, and suddenly we hear the bell ringing! 

Samantha Coil: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…I have been informed by referee Dennis Heflin that due to the constant abuse toward the official in this match, the outside interference, and the unsanctioned use of weapons, this match is being declared a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION! 

The fans boo loudly, and some even throw trash at the ring.  The ring looks like a war zone.  Jonas Coleman is rolling around with his hands over his face, Dave Dymond is half out of it, with Coleman’s bloody message across his chest, and Satsui is still unwrapping the chain from around his neck, as the blood still runs down his face. 

Dennis Heflin leans over the top rope and motions to the back.  Instantly, a herd of security men, at least ten of them, charge down the aisle and slide into the ring.  They break into two groups, five of them helping Jonas Coleman to his feet and the other five helping Dave Dymond up and ushering Dymond and Satsui out of the ring.   

The fans continue to boo loudly as Dave Dymond and Akuma Satsui are hustled up the aisle towards the back. Satsui looks enraged, but there are too many men separating him from the ring for him to attack, and besides – his manager is semi-conscious and is being helped to the back.  As soon as Satsui and Dymond disappear into the back, the other security men help Jonas Coleman toward the back. We can see Coleman is not seriously injured, but he is stunned and he also looks very unhappy. 

Eryk Masters: Fans, this match had a lot of action, but it was out of control from pretty much the get go. 

The Other Guy: SHOOT is famous for our lenient rules, but the fact is that we have a strict hands off the officials rule, and I know that they try to limit the weapons used in matches unless it’s a Laws of Survival match, or something like that. 

Eryk Masters: Exactly.  Dennis Heflin let things go as far as he could, but I can’t blame him for putting an end to this before somebody got seriously hurt – if they didn’t already. 

The Other Guy: I am guessing that Satsui just threw a piece of flash paper into Coleman’s face, which can blind you and singe you, but it’s not too harmful.  But then again, it’s fire in a dude’s face! 

Eryk Masters: Nothing got solved between these two men tonight, that’s for sure. I don’t see a standard wrestling match being able to contain them, and I am sure Jason Johnson will agree.  I am sure we haven’t seen the last of these two, but the next time they meet, the rules might have to be relaxed, or we’ll just get a repeat of tonight. 

The Other Guy: I wouldn’t mind seeing Dave Dymond get his ass kicked again, but I’d like to see a winner, not a DQ.  And the fans would too.  We’ll see where this goes.


Abigail Chase walks around backstage looking a bit nervous. Turning a corner she sees something at the end of the hallway. Walking down there she stops and stares as Tanya dances around catering, loading up a plate with munchies and listening to something on her MP3 Player. As Abigail gets closer she can hear Tanya singing along. 

Tanya: First in my class here at M.I.T. 

Got skills, I’m a Champion of D&D 

MC Escher that’s my favorite MC 

Keep your 40 

I’ll just have an Earl Grey tea 

My rims never spin to the contrary 

You’ll find they’re quite stationary 

Abigail: Tanya! Tanya Black! 

Tanya: All of my action figures are cherry 

Steven Hawkings in my library 

My MySpace page is all totally pimped out 

I got people begging for my top 8 spaces 

Yo I know Pi to a thousand places 

Ain’t got no grills but I still wear braces 

Abigail: Tanya! Stop it! It’s Abigail Chase! 

Tanya: I order all of my sandwiches with mayonnaise 

I’m a whiz at minesweeper I can play for days 

Once you see my sweet moves you’re gonna stay amazed, 

my fingers movin’ so fast I’ll set the place ablaze 

There’s no killer app I haven’t run 

At Pascal, well, I’m number 1 

Do vector calculus just for fun 

I ain’t got a gat but I gotta soldering gun 

Getting tired of this Abigail taps Tanya on the shoulder quite hard causing Tanya to turn around and finally notice the other woman. Pausing the song she smiles and pops a square of cheese in her mouth. 

Tanya: Abby! What’s up? I know for a fact I don’t have an interview scheduled this time. I double-checked with the boss. Well Mr. Johnson’s secretary. Well the secretary’s personal assistant. I totally checked though! 

Abigail: Actually I was on my way to the Production Truck. Something about needing to redo an interview. Couldn’t have been my fault though. While I am here though, why are you piling on the food? That plate is about to overflow. 

Tanya looks at the plate and nods in agreement. Grabbing another plate she shifts some of the food onto it then adds some more for good measure. 

Tanya: Thanks. But um yeah. This isn’t all for me. See I am watching the show with the road agents. Nice guys, very overlooked in importance. They are helping me do a crash course of sorts on the different guys in this company. Who is cool, who is likely to lie to my face. I figured that the group of us could use some snacks so I’m on a munchies run. 

Abigail: Any match you are keeping a careful eye on? 

Tanya: The Gunslingers of course. I’m scouting them you know. 

Abigail: Oh yes. I heard about your attempts to woo Jacob recently. 

Tanya: Oh please. I was just measuring his personality. Seeing if he was someone I could get along with. That’s important if you are going to have a business alliance with someone. 

Abigail: So you have no interests in him personally? 

Tanya laughs as she lifts the two plates up and balances them carefully so no food is dropped on the floor and wasted. 

Tanya: I wouldn’t say ZERO interest. Just that it’s number three or four on the priority list. Jacob is kind of cute in a rugged sort of way. The point is there are a lot of gangs roaming around here in SHOOT. I need someone watching my back. The Gunslingers seem like really nice guys so I was checking them out to see if my guess was right. Though I think I hurt Stan’s feelings by not talking to him first. I just saw Jacob before Stan so there you go. Maybe I should get Stan a gift. Do you think he likes fruit baskets? 

Abigail: I doubt it. 

Tanya: Yeah he seems more like the beef jerky type. Anyways it’s been fun but I really have to go. Unless you wanted to come with? More the merrier. 

Abigail: Oh no you don’t. I am not getting sucked into one of your little rapist fantasy games again. 

Tanya: What are you talking about? Oh wait you mean that interview? Oh please I was just teasing you. First of all I would never force myself on anyone. Second it’s fun messing with interviewers. Third, I had a bet with Bobby on the ring crew that you don’t wear panties. Fourth, you aren’t my type. Anyways bye Abby! 

Tanya turns her MP3 Player back on and dances her way down the hall carrying two big plates of food as Abigail Chase stands there processing the final statements. 

Abigail: What do you mean not your type? Wait… Bobby on ring crew said WHAT? I think she’s messing with me again. That’s it. Crazy girl, glad that wasn’t a real interview. Now where is that production truck? 

With that Abigail Chase wanders off in a direction different from Tanya Black.


Lights. Out.


The familiar words flash across the screen as the lights go down in Rod Laver Arena and the fans rise to their feet. The lights come back up as a golden hue as the opening lines to MSI’s "Lights Out" play over the speakers and Lennox "The Ox" Ferguson makes his way down the ramp with a microphone in hand. 

Other Guy: We are still trying to put together the pieces of that brutal exchange earlier between Issac Entragian and Lennox Ferguson but it looks like The Ox might not wait to respond. 

Eryk Masters: And he looks PISSED! 

Ferguson slides into the ring and the lights change back to their normal fluorescence as The Ox gets up and begins to pace in the ring. 


The fans roar at the mention of the Project Scar member. 

The Ox: You think you can attack me in the back of the arena and not face any consequences!? 

Lennox touches a bandage on his face covering the gash left by Entragian before moving that hand inside his hoodie to pull out a series of papers that are stapled together. 

The Ox: I told you Issac… I told you not to fuck with me and now, now you get to see what MY kind of anarchy is all about. 

Lennox cradles the microphone under his arm as he flips open the top page of the papers and then brings the microphone back up to his lips. 

The Ox: This is the contract for our match at Dominion, and it’s just the same as when you signed it… except for this one part I just had added… 

Other Guy: Can he do that? 

Eryk Masters: If Jason Johnson signs off on it, he can do anything he wants! 

The Ox: As of RIGHT NOW … and I QUOTE – the match taking place at Dominion 2 against Issac Entragian and Lennox Ferguson is a NO HOLD BARRED match… 

Eryk Masters: Nice! 

The Ox: …and a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match… 

Other Guy: Woah! 

The Ox: …and ANY AND ALL weapons used have to be supplied by THE FANS! 

Nothing OG and Eryk Masters try to say can be heard over the absolutely deafening roar now echoing through the arena. 

Ox lets the noise die down a little as he shoves the contract back into his pocket. 

The Ox: You want to scar me Issac? That’s fine, because every single one of these fans want me to do the same thing to you! 

Again, the crowd roars as Ox smiles and turns toward the rampway. 

The Ox: See you at Dominion asshole. 

Lennox Ferguson lowers the microphone and rolls out of the ring before hopping the barricade into the crowd and vanishing in a mob of people. 

Eryk Masters: I sure hope The Ox knows what the hell he’s doing! 

Other Guy: Creating a match that allows Adrian Corazon and Kenji Yamada to beat the life out of him? He’s either an idiot or a masochist and I’m not sure either option is preferable! 

Eryk Masters: Either way OG, that match is going to be explosive.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a match of one fall with a 10 minute time limit!

The refrains of "Gimme Shelter" start playing over the sound system in Rod Laver Arena. The crowd gets on their feet as they see the Iron Fist Champion walk out onto the walkway.

War, chidren… Is just a shot away. It’s just a shot away.

Jaime Alejandro is out in a white Banana Republic button up shirt and a pair of blue jeans with his cowboy boots on. He’s looking out into the crowd behind a pair of rimless glasses.

The Other Guy: The Iron Fist Champion is out on Revolution!!! He’s not scheduled!

Samantha sees him and takes her cue.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, our guest commentator tonight, he is the current Iron Fist Champion! He is "The Iron Saint" JAIME ALEJANDRO!

He throws the belt over his shoulder and walks slowly. The Aussie fans reach out and pat him and his title.

Eryk Masters: This is going to be interesting. We’ve heard him in promos, OG. But what do you think he’s gonna say with the headset on.

The Other Guy: We might be surprised, E.

He moves around the ring as he sees the two commentators. He shakes their hands and grabs the 3rd headset.

Eryk Masters: Iron Saint, how are you sir?

Jaime Alejandro: Jaime will be fine, Eryk. OG, how’s it going?

The Other Guy: Jaime… What brings you down here? Thought you would take the week off.

Jaime Alejandro: I have to scout two potential opponents for my title. And I will be impartial. Trust me.

"Living Dead Girl" (Subliminal Mix) starts playing over the arena floor. Sinnocence walks out with her newly cut hair and her all leather attire. She walks to the ring slowly. We see that logo just above the ass screaming, "Victory or Valhalla."

Eryk Masters: You’re looking from the announcer’s booth, Jaime. What’s your take on Sinn.

Jaime Alejandro: Tough as they come. Diamante thinks his size will help him. She’s not hesistant to deal a right hook to the jaw.

She moves slowly to the ring, as she gives the Aussies a nice look at the goodies. Cat calls are coming from all over the arena.

Samantha Coil: Coming to the ring first, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Weighing in at 168 pounds. She is the "Killer Queen!" She is SINNOCENCE!

Sinnocence smirks at Jaime with his headset on. Then she glares at the entrance way.

The Other Guy: What the hell was that smirk for?

Jaime Alejandro: She thinks I’m overdressed.

"Devil’s Dime" by BLS cranks up on the loudspeakers. The Aussies know who this guy is. And they promptly make sure they know how much they "love" him. By a huge chorus of boos.

Eryk Masters: Cronos getting no love from the Aussies.

Jaime Alejandro: And this is a country that loves the anti-hero. Too bad nobody told Diamante that they hate assholes. Just ask Kevin Rudd.

He smirks at the audience as his associates walk on both sides of him. Cronos looks around trying to scare an Aussie crowd that doesn’t give a shit.

Samantha Coil: Her opponent, from The Bronx. Weighing in at 290 pounds. He is known as "The Devil." He is CRONOS DIAMANTE!

The crowd throws out sign language and foul language all around. The two men just look silently in the ring. They stop at the ringside area, as Cronos walks up the steps and heads into the ring.

The Other Guy: What’s your take on him, Jaime?

Jaime Alejandro: Fucking prick. I dealt with him a few times in TTW. The guy only believes in number one. Himself. Yet, he’s earned his nickname too. He’s a beast in the ring.

He looks over at Jaime and sneers at him. Jaime stands up and holds up his belt.

Jaime Alejandro: Anytime, shithead. Anytime.

Eryk Masters: Settle down, champ. You don’t want to get into any fights you don’t need to.

Jaime Alejandro: That ground and pound punk couldn’t get a fucking hold on me.

Austin Linam gets into the middle of the ring. He keeps the competitors separated as much as he can. As soon as he has them back far enough…

The Other Guy: This will probably be the only time those two will be apart in this match.

Jaime Alejandro: You think?

He calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters: And this match is probably going one way, Jaime… Violent to wear we have to tell the kids to watch Degrassi or something that’s less insane.

The Other Guy: Probably.

Sinn and Cronos lock up. But just as fast as they do, Cronos throws her to the side quickly and laughs at her. Sinn shoots up and tries to land a shot on him. He simply holds his hand on her forehead and mocks her as she tries to swing at him.

Jaime Alejandro: Holy fuck. C’mon man. You keep that up, she’s gonna find a way to make you pay, Cronos.

The Other Guy: How do you figure?!!

Sinn slaps the hand down and pulls the arm into a hard arm bar! She violently kicks the back of the big man’s knee and brings him down to size. Slowly she wrenches back on that arm, as he just kneels there, almost laughing.

Eryk Masters: Is she not hurting him?

Jaime Alejandro: She is… He’s just that demented.

She hears him laughing, and comes up with a hard kick to the face. She’s scraping her boot off the side of his jaw.

Jaime Alejandro: I stand corrected.

The Other Guy: Holy shit… Is she giving him an open face wash?!!

She keeps kicking his nose and scraping her boot off of his face slowly and painfully. Cronos is looking like he’s becoming a bit more incensed as he endures more pain and humiliation. She’s screaming at him.

Who’s the fucking slut now?!! Huh?!! Who’s the bitch on his knees?!!

Cronos pulls his arm forward and slings Jada into the ropes hard. She’s leaning against the ropes, as she slowly tries to get up. He pulls her up by her feet. She’s slightly choking as her neck is fully pressed into the rope.

Jaime Alejandro: Cronos… Don’t do it, man. Be a man, and just let this match go on.

The Other Guy: You know he’s not.

He wails back with a hard kick to Jada’s groin area and another hard kick to her stomach! Then he pulls up and drives his forearm right into her back. She’s moaning in pain as he slowly goes between the ropes. He grabs her head and leaps down to the floor as her throat is further jammed into the rope.

Eryk Masters: There’s being a vicious animal, and then there’s having no respect for anyone as a human being.

Jaime Alejandro: Get used to it. He has no respect for anyone, really. Again, it’s a good portion of what’s "made" him.

Sinn rolls herself off the rope and leans down on the floor. She keeps herself away from any point where Cronos can try another attempt. As she breathes in slowly, Linam is counting Cronos out.




Cronos slowly gets into the ring and he’s laughing at Sinnocence on the ground. He methodically approaches her and keeps laughing.

I told you, little whore! You don’t belong in my… URGH!

Sinn has a hard grab over the Diamante crown jewels. Linam just looks the other way as he’s cringing in pain from the sight of Cronos in distress.

Jaime Alejandro: Looks like Cronos won’t be spending anytime with an easy Aussie tonight.

The Other Guy: That looks painful…

Eryk Masters: And a lot of frightening.

Cronos is pleading for mercy, as Jada keeps wrenching the grip harder and harder. He’s looking for anything to get her off of him. He reaches for a rope as Linam counts off to Jada.





She realeases the grip, only to thump him in the jewels hard. Cronos goes to the ground.

The Other Guy: All hail the Queen…

Jaime Alejandro: Again, Ozzy willingly goes to bed with her, that brave bastard.

The Other Guy: It’s a hard job.

Jaime Alejandro: Someone’s got to do her.

Eryk Masters: You’re nicknamed the Saint, how?

Jaime Alejandro: Blame the Brits.

She picks up Cronos slowly. As Jada tries to get Cronos into a pinning predicament, the big man grips both hands around her neck… He throws her across the ring hard. Jada lands awkwardly on her side. As she tries to get up.

The Other Guy: It looks like playtime is over, Jaime…

Jaime Alejandro: He’s looking like he wants to slap on Ne Han. If he gets the Full Nelson on… There’s not much Jada can do to get out of it.

He jumps on her and puts his arms under her arms and locks the hands…

Linam keeps an eye on Sinn. She’s showing a bit of life in her face. She raises up, but Cronos tries to drop down. Sinn catches him off balance! She drops him down on his back hard. With that split second, she pulls his head in and slaps on that rear naked choke!


Sinn pulls back hard as she gets her legs around his waist. Cronos is screaming in pain as she wrenches in hard with that animal growl. Cronos yells to give.

Jaime Alejandro: You either snap or tap. Sorry about your luck, jackass.

The Other Guy: Cronos got caught in that vicious trap, and Jada made sure he stayed in it!

She looks at the big man on the ground in pain and smirks at him. Her arms raise up in victory.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner! SINNOCENCE!


In the arena, the lights go out as a few mellow, harmonious strums of an electric guitar sound. A number of fans pop; apparently this is a familiar song opening. However, little more is heard before it fades to a light play as the SHOOTtron turns on. A group of young boys play football in a backyard. A boy in an Aaron Rodgers jersey completes a touchdown pass to a youngster in a Jamaal Charles jersey. A door swings open and a woman, no doubt a mother to one of the boys, steps outside.

Mother: Kids, come inside!

Jamaal Charles boy: Aw, mom! Just one more play?

Mother: It’s snack time!

Aaron Rodgers boy: What are we having, Mrs. L?

The camera closes on the mother as she smiles.

Mother: Milk and cookies!

Other Guy: What the hell is this?? Milk and cookies?

Eryk Masters: You’ve got me. Milk and—ooohhh I think I know. I hope this is who I think…!

The crowd’s pop grows at the last line. The tron goes black as the song’s volume is turned back up. A few more notes play before lyrics from The Radio’s “Whatever Gets You Through Today” begin.

Someone said today…

A name suddenly slides into the screen.



With everyone on the same page, the whole crowd lets out a decent cheer as the name then flickers in purple and pink.

There’s no other way of playin’…

A spotlight shines down at the top of the entrance ramp. Standing in a white sweater, blue jeans, black nikes and her light brown hair down to her shoulders—is Laura Seton herself. The crowd’s cheer intensifies. It’s nothing like you’d hear for Azraith or Trey, but it’s still a healthy pop. She stands with her right side facing the ring, a smirk on her face and a mic in her right hand. As the song goes to another instrumental, she leans back, holding the mic to her mouth; yelling with excitement like a PA announcer.


The crowd lets out a big cheer as the song fades out and the house lights turn up. Laura gives a smile at the warm reception. She turns so her whole body faces the ring, but holds still at the top of the ramp.

Laura: So I flew in to the great country of Australia the other day and, basking in the glory of my Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl victory, was taking a walk around the wonderful city of Melbourne this afternoon…

The attempt at a “cheap pop” works flawlessly. Laura chuckles while waiting for the crowd to quiet down, wiping a hand through her hair and brushing it to the right side of her head.

Laura: Well, I saw this thing called “SHOOT Project” that was going to be having a show tonight and I figured I’d stop in. I recently became unemployed and, like most athletes, I wasn’t a big fan of considering retirement. Now, from the reception, I see quite a few of you are familiar with me—so thank you for that!

There’s a smaller cheer as Laura nods in approval.

Laura: However, I don’t think everyone here knows me. That is, at least not as a wrestler—I’m sure everyone’s familiar with my gold medals, but that’s not what this is about. Well—my name is Laura Seton. For the past two and a half years I worked for LE—er—the company in Wash—ah, I don’t think there’s a need to censor—I worked for LEGACY.

While there are the expected boos for the former rival promotion—there’s also a surprising amount of cheers, giving an overall mixed reaction.

Laura: I’d heard quite a bit about SHOOT, some good and, considering that environment, a lot bad. Every STRIFE in the back, the guys would trash Jason Johnson and his product. It seemed with each gathering for every new episode, the guys figured out a new way to take a verbal dump on him and what I was hearing was unbelievable. Of course, I knew no better so maybe I didn’t believe everything but I had no reason not to believe, you know? So I never thought there’d be a day where I’d be stepping foot into that ring up there. The fact I’m out here now—I guess all heck just froze over.

She chuckles as she looks up to admire her new federation’s banners hanging from the rafters. She has a cough before scratching her chin then continuing.

Laura: I imagine those of you unfamiliar with me see me here and think of me as another piece of eye candy. That’s okay—I’m used to it. It happened in LEGACY too and I quickly proved myself I was a legit wrestler. I won myself over with each and every fan like you out there tonight. If you don’t believe me, feel free to ask the fan sitting next to you that IS familiar with me. Better yet, ask some of the SHOOT members themselves. Ask guys like Dan Stein—who I wish the best in recovery—and Rocky Stellar. Guys I’ve beaten—see if they think I’m a joke. Ask Cade Sydal, whom I took as far as he could possibly go. I’ve been in there with Issac Entragian. You can ask those I befriended like Crazy Boy and X-Calibur, before he turned into the world’s biggest toolbag, and even Jester Smiles, you know, back when he had a heart.

A loud round of booing sounds from the mention of the last two people.

Laura: Even those that saw me from a distance like Kenji Yamada, TMB, and the Flying Avengers and even your favorites Azraith DeMitri and Trey Willett—

Major pops sound at Az’s and Trey’s names. Laura again smiles and nods.

Laura: Az and Trey may not have been in LEGACY long but they still saw some of what I had. If someone wants to head to the retirement home in Philadelphia, I’m sure even Loco Martinez would say I’m pretty good out there. Now, for those of you that DO know me? My ability to put on a thrilling show will certainly come here. The non-stop heart of mine will be here. After smoothing a few things over with her, even my sister Madison will be at my side here.

A few wolf-whistles sound from some of the males at the sound of Laura’s extremely attractive 18-year old sister. Laura chuckles and rolls her eyes.

Laura: I’ve already seen that SHOOT is a much different environment, much tougher, much more brutal. I may have a friendly set of values and be fittingly nicknamed “Milk and Cookies,” but as will be seen—I come to duke it out too.

“Whatever Gets You Through Today” starts up as Laura turns and disappears through the curtains.




"POWER (Remix)" by Kanye West, Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, and John Legend kicks in, and the Australian fans rise to their feet to catch a glimpse of the first competitor coming out from the back.


Rumble, young man, rumble

Life is a trip, so sometimes, we gon’ stumble

Donovan King steps out from the back, glaring down at the ring.

You gotta go through pain in order to become you

But once the world numbs you, you’ll feel like it’s only one you

King rolls under the bottom rope as he looks out at the fans, who are giving him a mixed reaction.

Now you got the power to do anything you want to

Until you ask yourself "Is this all it’s all come to?"

The lights come back up as he stands in the center of the ring.

Lookin’ at life through sunglasses and a sunroof

But do you have the power to get out from up under you

“POWER (Remix)” dies down as King stands there. He turns his attention over to the entrance.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…from Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA…he is…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIING!

King bounces from one foot to the other as “Sieben” by Subway to Sally kicks in, the fans booing…LOUDLY. King shakes his head at the music as AZRAEL GOEREN enters the arena.


Goeren walks to the ringside area and begins to try to slap hands with every single person at ringside he can. Some reach out for him, but they are few and far between. He points and laughs with…or at people…and he finally rolls into the ring, looking over to King with a sigh. 

Eryk Masters: A very interesting team here…Azrael Goeren and Donovan King aren’t even on the same level together.

A series of gunshots are heard then "Hillbilly Bone" by Blake Shelton hits the speaker system. Jacob Fisher and Stan Erichson step out from behind the curtain. Stan has a determined look on his face as he makes his way to the ring. Jacob is a step behind him and looks a bit nervous about the big up coming match.

Other Guy: So…wow. I’m beginning to understand Azrael Goeren’s thought process about these guys.

As they get to the ring Stan wipes his feet on the steps before stepping into the ring and Jacob does the same as he follows Stan into the ring.


King turns around and sees Azrael already on the ring apron, grinning and giving his partner a thumbs up.

Other Guy: You notice how so out of sync they are? Didn’t even get their weights combined.

Willie Dean calls for the bell and the match is on! King and Stan Erichson are in the ring first. King reaches out for a handshake and Stan slaps the hand quickly, and the camera pans over to see Azrael Goeren slapping his face in disgust.


King stops and walks over to his partner, who does not seem to be all that happy with the situation. King offers to let him tag in, but Goeren motions to his shoulder, rotating it back and forth.

Eryk Masters: Is he seriously telling King he’s got to warm up first?

King rolls his eyes and turns around, RIGHT into a shoulder block from the big cowboy! King clutches his chest as Erichson picks him up and whips him into his corner. He tags Fisher in and Fisher immediately hits a series of shoulder blocks into King’s midsection. Fisher pulls King from the corner and hooks him up…vertical suplex! Fisher goes for the pin and Willie Dean is there!




Other Guy: Ohhh, so close!

Fisher picks King up and whips him to the ropes, connecting with a hip toss! Fisher bounces off the ropes, elbow drop! He hooks King’s leg again!




Fisher picks King back up and drags him over to his corner, where he tags Erichson in again. He picks King up and hits an inverted atomic drop, and Fisher takes King down to the mat with a clothesline! Erichson picks King up and whips him to Fisher, who scoops King up…bounces off the turnbuckle…OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!

Eryk Masters: And you have to wonder just what the hell Azrael Goeren is thinking over there…hey wait a second!

The camera catches Goeren on the outside of the ring, flirting with a girl at ringside! He takes her phone and begins to…text?!

Other Guy: Is Azrael Goeren…tweeting?!


Other Guy: Wow.

Erichson takes the prone King and picks up his leg…spinning toe hold! King’s eyes fly open as he clenches his teeth in pain! Erichson looks down and spins around again, sinking the hold in deeper! King reaches for Erichson, but all Erichson does is try to spin around once again!

Eryk Masters: The Gunslingers showing amazing teamwork against the less than copacetic Sovereign.

Erichson tries to spin around again, but King uses his free leg to kick Erichson in the rear end, sending him towards Goeren! Erichson hobbles forward and King is up, elbowing Fisher off of the ring apron! King gets into position as Erichson catches himself and locks eyes with Goeren! Goeren glares at Erichson for a second as he telegraphs looking behind Erichson at King! Erichson turns around and King is there, but Erichson kicks him in the midsection! He turns King around and sets him up for a belly-to-back suplex! Erichson has King up…KING COUNTERS! DEALBREAKER! DEALBREAKER!

Other Guy: Signed, sealed, delivered, thanks for coming, Gunslingers!

King hooks the leg…but there’s nobody to count! King looks around and sees Willie Dean…ARGUING WITH AZRAEL!

Eryk Masters: WHAT?!?!

King gets off of Erichson and looks at the scene between Dean and Goeren. He shakes his head and shoves Dean out of the way, arguing with Goeren himself! The two members of Sovereign argue back and forth until there’s a commotion in the crowd!

Eryk Masters: What’s…what’s going on?

A fan leaps over the guardrail and YANKS Goeren off of the ring apron!

Other Guy: That’s no fan!

Eryk Masters: THAT’S ROCKY STELLAR!!!!

The fans ERUPT when they realize ROCKY STELLAR is beating the living HELL out of Azrael Goeren!

Other Guy: DQ! Where is the ref now?!

The camera cuts over to the ring…and KING IS ARGUING WITH DEAN NOW. The cheers turn to boos as out from the back rushes X-CALIBUR AND YURI!

Other Guy: The rest of Soveriegn…or Hierarchy…whatever…is coming out!

Stellar pulls himself off of Goeren and picks him up…HURLING him into the arms of Yuri! Stellar disappears into the crowd and glares at the three of them, the damage done! Goeren is SCREAMING in German as King is attacked in the ring by Fisher! King takes Fisher…AND HURLS FISHER OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE HIERARCHY!

Eryk Masters: OH MY! Donovan King just got Jacob Fisher out of the ring…but he seemed to accidently throw Fisher onto his fellow Sovereign members!

Other Guy: Accident?! YEAH, RIGHT.

King shrugs his shoulders at the carnage at ringside as he turns around…AND IS LEVELED BY A LARIAT FROM STAN ERICHSON! Erichson hooks King’s leg and Willie Dean counts!




Erichson slaps the mat as King rolls to his side. Erichson picks himself up off of the mat and looks to see his partner, Jacob Fisher, picking himself up on the outside. X-Calibur pulls Goeren up as the two men lock eyes with the groggy King. X pulls Goeren’s arm over his shoulder and drags the woozy Goeren up the ramp!

Eryk Masters: We don’t know where Rocky Stellar went, but we can clearly see that Azrael Goeren’s calling it a night!

King begins to pick himself up off of the mat as Fisher slides into the ring behind him. Erichson motions to King as Fisher nods his head excitedly.

Other Guy: All I know is Donovan King is all alone while the Hierarchy go on a Stellar hunt!

King is completely up as he sees his partner leave the ringside area! He clenches his teeth and he is LIVID. Suddenly, out from the back comes THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK.

Other Guy: Uh oh!

Black locks eyes with the Hierarchy as they pass one another, in particular, X-Calibur. King closes his eyes and shakes his head as Black saunters down to the ring. King turns around…ERICHSON WITH THE POLISH HAMMER! KING FALLS BACK INTO FISHER’S CLUTCHES…DOCTOR BOMB!!

Eryk Masters: GOOD LORD did you see the impact?!

Fisher slides out of the ring and Erichson hooks King’s leg HARD as Willie Dean makes the count!




"Hillbilly Bone" kicks in as the fans are SHOCKED!

Eryk Masters: WHAT?!?!


Other Guy: The Gunslingers have beaten Sovereign!

Eryk Masters: Azrael Goeren LEAVES King after a Rocky Stellar assault, Thomas Black is out here now…and Donovan King has been pinned by the Gunslingers!

Other Guy: Call it how you like…bottom line is the record books are gonna say The Gunslingers have beaten two of the BIGGEST names in SHOOT Project!

Erichson and Fisher slap hands with one another before they begin to slap hands around the ringside area. Black, meanwhile, pulls himself up onto the ring apron, stepping into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black has played this game with King ever since Reckoning Day…you have to wonder when he’s going to finally strike!

Black takes the microphone from Coil as the Gunslingers leave the ringside area at last, "Hillbilly Bone" fading out.

Thomas Manchester Black: Wakey wakey eggs ‘n’ bacey, Donnie boy.

King slowly rolls to his side, clutching his chest.

Thomas Manchester Black: Looks like you took a beating, my friend.

King is on his stomach now.

Thomas Manchester Black: I bet you’re wondering if now’s the time for me to take my pound of flesh, huh?

King picks himself up to his hands and knees.

Thomas Manchester Black: I said it before, Donnie, I’ll say it again…

King slowly picks himself the rest of the way up. He staggers, trying to catch his footing, as he locks eyes with Black.

Thomas Manchester Black: …this happens when I say it–

KING LEVELS BLACK WITH THE DEALBREAKER! The fans POP as King drops the man who has been taunting him for weeks! King takes the microphone Black dropped and picks himself back up, glaring down at his foe.

Donovan King: You…don’t wanna come to me?

King picks Black’s head up, locking eyes with him.

Donovan King: Mother fucker…I’LL COME TO YOU.

King drops Black’s head as "POWER (Remix)" kicks in, King lording over Black as he cradles the back of his neck! Black looks up at King, who drops the microphone by Black’s head, leaving the ring!

Eryk Masters: Shades of grey here tonight as Donovan King, on his road to Salvation, takes a detour…drawing first blood against Thomas Manchester Black!

Other Guy: Black’s got a Rule of Surrender title shot waiting for him on Dominion, do you really think his head’s ready for what might happen if Donovan King aims his full blown evil his way?!

Eryk Masters: With the slow death of Sovereign on his mind, I think King’s gonna have to make some serious decisions for himself in the next few weeks!


Stellar keeps looking behind him as he quickly moves through the hallways of the Rod Laver Arena. He turns through a corridor, almost runs someone over, then turns down another corridor as he obviously is running from something. He passes in front of a door and bumps into…SHOOT Project CEO Jason Johnson.

Jason: Whoa. Excuse me…

Stellar: Shit, Jason. Sorry…

Jason’s stunned.

Jason: Rocky!!

He grabs Stellar by the arm and pulls him.

Jason: Fuck…come with me.

Jason pulls him into the room he just left and shuts the door and clicks the lock. Stellar, sweating profusely, slumps down in a chair in the office and tries to take a deep breath. Jason listens behind the door for a second, doesn’t hear anything, then looks over at Stellar.

Jason: They’re gonna kill you.

Stellar nods his head, still trying to catch his breath.

Stellar: Yep…but not unless they catch me before I pick them off one at a time.

Jason shakes his head and wanders over to the desk in the room and sits down.

Stellar: Today was Goeren. Next time…that big fucking Russian.

Jason leans back at the desk.

Jason: Rocky, you know I have to fine you.

Stellar nods, understanding.

Stellar: I know…though I think it’s bullshit.

Jason: I fined them for the same thing. Worse, at least you were scheduled to have a match with X when the three of them jumped you. You interupted a match that involved Goeren…

Stellar nods.

Stellar: Which is why I’ll pay the fine. But, while I’m at it, I might as well pay for the next two beatings.

Jason shakes his head.

Jason: I can’t keep letting this go on, Rocky. I can’t have you interrupting every match they are in, and, in turn, have them interrupt your matches. Something’s gotta give.

Stellar shrugs his shoulders.

Stellar: Then, give me a match with them that makes sure there is no outside interference.

Jason looks at Stellar, thinking.

Jason: How about a cage match.

Stellar raises his eyebrows…smiling.

Stellar: Against which one?

Jason shrugs.

Jason: Well, I have a feeling that Azrael Goeren wont be able to go by the next Revolution because of the stunt you pulled tonight. And, more importantly, there is still an outstanding issue between you and X. So, how about you vs X-Calibur in a steel cage at the next Revolution.

Stellar nods and smiles.

Stellar: I can handle that. I’ll be happy to bounce that fuckers head off steel many times over.

Jason nods.

Jason: But, in the meantime, you need to get the hell out of this arena. I’l go in front of you and escort you out.

Stellar nods and stands up, then, looks over at Johnson.

Stellar: Wait…why are you helping me?

Jason smiles.

Jason: Well, Rocky, in my position as SHOOT Project CEO, it would be unwise of me to try an exact revenge on Azrael Georen – a wrestler – for the situation that occured prior to my return to the SHOOT Project.

Jason smiles.

Jason: But, secretly, behind closed doors, lets just say I owe that son of a bitch a beating of a life time. So, do me one favor…

He gets pissed when he stares at Stellar.

Jason: …kick the fuck out of "the Hierarchy."

Stellar smiles as Johnson walks to the door, opens it, checks both ways, then walks out with Stellar trailing behind him.


The camera feed cuts backstage as Azrael Goeren, X-Calibur and Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov storm the halls of the arena.  Yurniov is clearing a path of destruction, pushing over audio equipment and shoving SHOOT staff members out of the way as the three men search the backstage area. 

X-Calibur:  Son of a bitch… 

Goeren:  Dieser sohn eines hahn saugen schlampe!  Where the fuck is he!?  NOBODY FUCKING HUMILIATES ME LIKE THAT!  HE COST MY MATCH! 

Azrael violently claws at his own face like an animal as X-Calibur attempts to calm the German down. 

X-Calibur:  We’ll find him, he’s got to be here somewhere.  I honestly couldn’t give a shit if Johnson fines us again, Stellar is not making it out of the arena tonight. 

Goeren:  Mein Gott, how is he even here!?  He should be in a hospital somewhere sucking down his lunch!  How did this happen!? 

The three men quickly turn a corner, stopping suddenly in their tracks.  A few feet in front of them they spot Dutch Harris who is currently filming a commercial hyping up the next Dominion show on February 10th.  X-Calibur surges forward and grabs a hold of Harris, pinning him against the green screen backdrop as the SHOOT camera crew quickly scatters.  Harris tries to gasp for air as X-Calibur squeezes his throat tight. 

X-Calibur:  Where the fuck is Rocky Stellar?   

Dutch Harris:  I…I… 

Goeren:  ANSWER THE MAN!  Do NOT tempt fate tonight Herr Harris. 

Dutch Harris:  I…I heard he just talked to Jason Johnson.  Got himself booked in a match against X-Calibur for next Revolution.  A cage match. 

X releases his grasp, causing the backstage interviewer to spill to the ground, letting out a series of deep, sick coughs. 

X-Calibur:  Where is that little bitch now? 

Dutch Harris:  He left the arena.  He’s gone. 

Azrael’s face turns a bright shade of red as a stream of German obscenities start to fly.  Yurinov holds him back as X-Calibur nods his head, taking it all in. 

X-Calibur:  Hold on a second Azrael, this may still work to our advantage. 

Goeren:  I want that bastard to pay now!  I want him to suffer! 

X-Calibur:  He will.  Trust me…he will. 

Azrael tries to compose himself but Yurinov continues with his steadfast grip on his employer.  The three men turn to walk away but are stopped by Dutch Harris who calls out to them from his position on the ground. 

Dutch Harris:  Just thought you’d like to know one more thing Goeren.  Next Revolution?  It’s in front of your home crowd in Germany.  Now you can be humiliated in front of all of your sick family and friends. 

Azrael completely loses it, trying to rush Harris only to be physically picked up by Yurinov and flung over his massive shoulder.  The Russian bodyguard carries an irate Azrael away from the scene with Goeren’s shrill, heavily-accented voice echoing through the halls of the Rod Laver Arena.   

X-Calibur approaches Dutch Harris with a smile, holding his hand out to help the man to his feet.  Dutch reluctantly goes for X’s hand, only to be met with a HARD fist right to the face, courtesy of X-Calibur.  Dutch slumps back to the ground as X-Calibur calmly strolls away, wiping his hands clean as he walks off-camera.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is the main event of the evening for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champinship!

The fans begin to buzz in anticipation.

Eryk Masters: Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for!

Other Guy: Me too! When did you decide to get on the bandwagon?

Eryk Masters: What bandwagon? I’ve been waiting to watch Azraith DeMitri slam his fist down Cade Sydal’s throat!

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: Speaking of the devil…

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: No, this is God’s Favorite Wrestler. We saw the Devil earlier…he wrestled Sinnocence…

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: He’s going to drag this out every single time, isn’t he?

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: Why shouldn’t he? He’s earned the right to build a little anticipation and suspense…he’s awesome!

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand.

Eryk Masters: Of course…

Other Guy: Man, you gotta stop hating.

The couple starts making their way down to the ramp, the fans booing them the entire time, but they ignore it as Cassi raises the microphone to her lips.

Cassi Ryan: Thanks, Sam. I’ll take it from here, kay?

Cade and Cassi share a small laugh, at what who knows, before Cassi continues.

Cassi Ryan: Introducing first! From Southport, North Carolina but currently residing in Sinner’s Paradise! That’s right, I’m talking about Las Vegas, Nevada, where all your indiscretions are left behind. After all, what happens in Vegas stays there, am I right? He is the uncrowned champion, some might call him the challenger…weighing in at 178 pounds!

The couple make it to the bottom of the ramp and toward the ring steps, where Cade holds his hand out to unnecessarily help Cassi maintain her balance as she walks up the steps, with him following just behind. He sits on the second rope, pushing up the top rope to let her step into the ring, watching as she steps in the ring he grins and steps in behind her.

Cassi Ryan: He is the best pound-for-pound professional wrestler in the history of ever! Better than any in the past, anyone now, and anyone to ever come…please stand up and put your hands together, for your future World Heavyweight Champion! His kicks are insane, that’s why they call him Crazy Legs! He’s God’s Favorite Wrestler! The Teen Idol! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

As she says his name, Cade sweeps his hands out, bringing the index and middle fingers of both hands to his lips, he kisses them and extends the fingers out like guns on both hands with a grin and a wink. Slowly, the music fades out and Cade moves to the ropes, holding them open so that she can step out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: I thought she was never going to finish. Every time its…

Other Guy: its you hating on him. Every single time, you’re right. Try something new for a change, E.

The lights dim, and white and blue lights begin to strobe. The brass-heavy intro for "Propane Nightmares" starts to kick in…but suddenly it gets cut off by a slower, heavier beat by the same band. A familiar singer yelling out lyrics to "The Tempest."

I know I can help you, I just don’t fucking want to…

And I’m feeling stronger by the day…

…and say that I’m selfish, but I know you need this…

And I’m just so sick of the chase!

Azraith DeMitri slowly steps out onto the ramp, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title held firmly in his right hand, he raises it to the sky to a thunderous ovation!

Eryk Masters: Now here? Here’s a real champion!

Other Guy: Just because the people like him? Or do you have another reason?

Eryk Masters: He’s taking on any and all challengers, including that douche bag in the ring!

Other Guy: You can’t even last four minutes without hating, can you? That’s just sad…

Azraith starts down the ramp, as Samantha Coil’s voice takes over.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Hailing from Seattle, Washington by way of his hometown of OMAHA, NEBRASKA! He is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! AZRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIITH DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIIIIIITRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Azraith continues down the ramp, his eyes locking in on Cade Sydal as he starts up the ring steps. He hands the title belt off to one of the ring-techs, who take it to the timekeeper’s table, before he steps into the ring. Samantha Coil quickly gets out of the ring, as Tony Lorenzo keeps Cade back in his corner who puts his hands in the air peacefully, allowing Azraith to get in unharassed.

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri is going to tear that smug little grin off of Cade’s face, and I can’t wait!

Other Guy: We’ll see about that.

Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell and as he does so, both men begin to circle the ring, with Azraith DeMitri staring coldly at Cade Sydal the entire time. They come together for a lock-up, but Cade suddenly ducks under the arms and pushes off of Azraith’s side, turning and waving his index finger in a "no way" manner, Cade backs into a corner, telling Tony Lorenzo to keep Azraith away from him.

Eryk Masters: What is he doing?!

Other Guy: Looks like he didn’t like how the champ was coming in for that lock-up, and decided to restrategize things?

Cade leans his head through the ropes and has a brief conversation with Cassi Ryan on the outside, before Azraith has had enough and comes at him again. Tony Lorenzo steps in and stops the champion, but Az pushes past him and drives a hard punch into the side of Cade’s face! Cade rocks back before Az grabs him by the left wrist and whips him out to the opposite corner, and Cade quickly slides under the bottom rope and to the floor right next to the ringpost, as the fans begin to boo.

Other Guy: That was uncalled for! Let the man get ready!

Eryk Masters: He’s had WEEKS to get ready! AND he’s been attacking Azraith week-after-week!

Cade puts his right foot on the edge of the ring and starts to stretch, as Tony Lorenzo works to keep Azraith DeMitri from stepping out onto the floor. Again, however, Azraith gets past Lorenzo and steps through the ropes, dropping to the floor. Cade spots him and quickly stops stretching, he slides under the bottom rope just as Az rounds the corner for him! Cade takes off running for the ropes as Azraith slides in under the bottom rope after him! Azraith is quick to his feet as Cade comes off the ropes! Cade swings a clothesline, but Az ducks under it and as Cade lurches awkwardly from missing the swing, he turns around right into a big hip toss, and Cade rolls out of the ring again, this time slapping the canvas with both hands in apparent frustration!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on! This is just ridiculous now…get in there and get that ass kicking you’ve earned!

Other Guy: You need to calm down, E. All this stress can’t be good for your peeing heart.

Cade walks around, pacing on the outside, with his eyes on Azraith as Cassi approaches him and starts to talk to him. He nods, as Azraith keeps his eyes on his challenger like a hawk. Cade nods one final time to Cassi, who slaps him on the rear and walks off, before Cade slides back into the ring slowly and slowly stands up against the ropes. He holds his hands up, and mouths "lets wrestle," which gets a slow and unconvinced nod from Azraith. Both of them begin to circle the ring cautiously before coming together and locking up, Cade pulls Az right into a side headlock with a grin.

Other Guy: He’s got him where he wants him now! Away from the power game, and down to technique and skill!

No sooner than the words leave Other Guy’s mouth, however, Az lifts up under Cade’s leg and throws him off of him! Cade tur ns his body in mid-air like a cat and lands on both of his feet, just as Azraith explodes into him with a lariat that sends him head over heels and crashing to the canvas chest first! Cade bounces back to his feet and immediately takes off for the ropes, but Az turns around and grabs him by the hair! The fans cheer loudly, as Az turns Cade back around and scoops him right up onto his shoulders and in one swift motion turns around and takes off running, driving Cade to the canvas with a HARD running powerslam!

Eryk Masters: You were saying?!

Az hooks both of Cade’s legs tight!




Cade kicks out, turning to his belly as he does so, but Az is up right away and pulls him to his feet! Az whips Cade into a far corner and follows right behind, catching Cade as his back hits the turnbuckle pads with a NASTY Yakuza kick in the corner! Cade stumbles out and Az pulls him into a front facelock before snapping him up and holding him in the air for a moment before suddenly dropping, driving Cade into the canvas with a perfect brainbuster!

Other Guy: Oh my God! Talk about your deadly combinations!

Eryk Masters: Obviously, he’s not playing any more games!

Az covers again, hooking both legs!




Cade kicks out hard, but Az grabs his left wrist and gets back to his feet, pulling Cade up with him with authority. Az whips Cade off to the ropes and winds up for another lariat, but Cade ducks it and catches the arm, swinging around for a crucifix! Az doesn’t budge!

Eryk Masters: That’s not going to work, he’s just too strong!

Cade appears to realize this as he lets go with his arm and slides down, looking for a sunset flip and Az stumbles, but doesn’t go down! Cade bridges up quickly as Az starts to reach down for him, and Az turns around just as Cade straightens his body back up and snaps a thrust kick behind himself, right into Az’s cheek and the champion reels back into the ropes! Cade turns around and lays into Azraith with a trio of forearms, keeping him pressed against the ropes, before whipping him! Az reverses, though, and pulls Cade in for a short-arm clothesline! Cade ducks under the clothelsine and lifts Azraith’s now-captured left wrist up, putting his right arm across his throat, Cade grabs it on the other side of his head and snaps his leg into the back of Az’s, taking Az down with a straight jacket STO!

Eryk Masters: What the hell was that?!

Other Guy: Oh shit! That was AWESOME is what that was!

Cade swings his body around into a cover and hooking a leg, facing the ceiling he thrusts with the count!




Az kicks out and Cade quickly swings his body around, getting to his feet effortlessly he snaps his right shin across the front of Az’s face, right into his forehead and driving him back to his back, Cade grins down at him before hitting the ropes and rebounding back, leaping over Az he hits the ropes a second time and this time as he rebounds he leaps up with a Shooting Star Press!

Other Guy: And followed up with the People’s Shooting Star Press! Even better!

Eryk Masters: Incredibly athleticism, but annoyingly arrogant…that’s his problem, he’s too cocky!




Az kicks out again and Cade swings back to his feet fluidly, grabbing Az by the left wrist as he does so he starts to pull Azraith to his feet before kicking into his left armpit! Cade twists under the arm as Az cringes in pain from the kick. Cade whips Az into a nearby corner, following right behind him and running up the ropes as Az turns in the corner, Cade crashes into him with his right shin leading the way!

Other Guy: SWYG!

The fans boo loudly as Cade springs off the ropes back to the ring and starts walking cockily in a small circle as Az slumps in the corner. Cade turns his circle and grins before rushing in at Az again, leaping for a clothesline in the corner, but Azraith ducks under the arm and out of the way as Cade’s legs go through the top and middle rope, and his chest crashes into the top turnbuckle pad!

Eryk Masters: The follow-up is bad, though!

Cade crumbles to the canvas, holding his chest and turning to get back up, but Az turns around and kicks right up into his chest! The kick straightens Cade up and sends him falling backward into the corner, and just as he tries to get his feet under him Azraith rushes into him with a short-distance clothesline, collapsing him back into the corner, Az throws Cade out of the corner by his head, throwing him to the canvas. Az follows with a short run and drops with an elbow into Cade’s chest before turning and hooking a leg!




Cade kicks out.

Eryk Masters: DeMitri is doing exactly what he promised to all week, and that is steal the wind from Cade’s sails. Cade hasn’t even been able to really get out of the blocks for long!

Other Guy: He might not have maintained much offense, but I promise you Azraith is feeling it!

Az is slow to his feet and bends to pick Cade up, buit Cade snaps his right leg off the canvas into the top of Az’s head out of nowhere! Az stumbles back and Cade rolls back off his shoulders, pushing up off his hands he lands with his shins on Az’s shoulders and quickly snaps back down to his shoulders, sending Azraith flying with the impromptu head scissors!

Other Guy: See? I told you he’d get going again!

Cade scrambles to his feet as Azraith does the same, both men run at each other and Azraith swings hard for a lariat! But Cade ducks under it and both men keep running to the ropes! Both men rebound and Cade leaps up suddenly, snapping into Azraith as they meet with a jumping calf kick, Dean Malenko style, and both men hit the canvas, with Azraith holding his mouth!

Eryk Masters: I may have spoke too soon!

Cade scrambles to make the cover!




Az kicks out, but Cade quickly grabs him by the left wrist and floats to his feet, kicking him in the armpit again! Cade swings under the arm again and drops to his knees, tossing Azraith over his shoulders suddenly with a fireman’s throw, Cade turns and places his knee in Azraith’s shoulder, pulling back on his arm with an armbar!

Other Guy: Cade is going to town on Az’s shoulder and neck region, softening him up for both the NINJAGUIRI and the Ecstasy Lock, perhaps?

Eryk Masters: Why are you asking me? You’re supposed to be his best friend!

Other Guy: Don’t hate because he talks to me, man. That’s not my fault.

Az refuses to give, and Cade quickly takes his wrist and slams his arm down into the canvas! Cade is to his feet quickly, but drops with both knees down onto Az’s arm right away! Cade presses up on his hands and starts grinding his knees into Az’s arm at an alternating pattern before suddenly lifting Az’s wrist up and swinging his body around, right into a cross armbreaker!

Eryk Masters: Whatever his reason for doing it, he is relentless in going for any chance to win!

Other Guy: Wouldn’t you be? Its for the World Heavyweight Championship, E!

As the fans buzz with excitement, Azraith turns his body toward Cade, trying to keep him from getting all of the pressure applied, Az pushes Cade back to his shoulders! But Cade manages to keep one off the canvas and tries to fight to get the hold locked in securely before Az gets his knees under himself and starts to stand!

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri is picking a grown man up off of the ground, while he’s locked in an armbar!

Other Guy: How is he doing it?

Az lifts Cade up with a loud grunt before running toward a corner, driving the small of Cade’s back into the top turnbuckle pad, forcing Cade to release his grip! Az backs up and wiggles his fingers in his left hand, trying to get the blood flowing again, before Cade starts to come out of the corner and Az meets him with a right jab! Az picks Cade up in a front facelock, setting him on the top rope, Az quickly climbs up behind him and hooks him for a superplex!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good!

Cade appears to sense the trouble, as well, and drives his right forearm into Azraith’s exposed ribs. A second forearm is followed quickly by a third and fourth, before Az releases his front facelock, and Cade reaches up with his right hand, digging his thumb into Az’s eyes before shoving him backward, pushing him off of the second rope! Az lands on his feet, holding his eyes! Cade starts to step over the ropes, but Azraith quickly cuts him back off with a lunging uppercut to the point of the chin that rocks him back dangerously!

Eryk Masters: The champion isn’t going to be stopped that easily!

Azraith climbs up to the second rope again, this time hooking under one of Cade’s arms from the side, Azraith steps all the way to the top before snapping back off of the ropes, with a Super Salto Suplex! That dumps Cade on the back of his neck and sends him bouncing at an awkward angle to his chest!


Other Guy: Azraith DeMitri just killed Cade Sydal!

Az turns slowly and makes his way to Cade, turning him over he hooks both legs!




Cade kicks out! Az looks down from his knees at Cade before grabbing him by the throat and pulling him to his feet as he comes to a stand! The fans cheer wildly as Azraith lifts Cade high into the air, but as Azraith starts to drop to a knee Cade backflips out and onto his feet! A collective gasp sounds as Az drops all the way to his knee and Cade runs right at him, running up the extended leg, Cade drives his right knee into Az’s face with a brutal Shining Wizard, riding Az to the canvas the whole way, and the fans boo instantly!

Other Guy: Did he just counter the Die Hand Des Grottes!?

Eryk Masters: With a NASTY Shining Wizard, yes he did!

Cade lands sitting on Az’s chest and reaches back with his right arm to catch one of Az’s legs, he stays on for the cover!




Azraith kicks out hard, sending Cade flying off of his chest and Cade lands on his feet before dropping to a knee and holding his own neck! Az turns and starts to push to his hands and knees when Cade gets to his feet and places his right foot on the side of Az’s head, dropping quickly to the canvas he pushes his foot into the side of Az’s face, dropping him back to the canvas! Cade grabs Az’s left wrist and slams the arm down on the canvas once again before dropping his left elbow down across the shoulder, Cade quickly grapevines the wounded arm with his own and turns his body toward Azraith, intertwining his legs in with Az’s left arm for a short-arm scissors!

Eryk Masters: And as soon as Cade has the opportunity to, he goes right back to putting the focus on Azraith’s shoulder!

Other Guy: Don’t forget that he’s cutting the man down by going after his neck, he’s not going to just limit himself to one option you know!

Azraith refuses to give, and rolls toward Cade, this time he does get Cade on his shoulders!



Cade lets go of the arm-scissors to kick out! Cade quickly scrambles to his feet as Az tries to do the same, but is cut off by a hard kick into the front of his targeted shoulder! Cade grins cockily as he steps back and then snaps into Az with a second kick! But Az catches the leg after it makes contact, Az pushes to his feet as he maintains his hold on Cade’s leg, Azraith falls back quickly as he lifts Cade up into the air, driving him down face and chest first with a flapjack!

Other Guy: He can’t do that!

Eryk Masters: Says who? He just did it, didn’t he?!

Cade bounces off of his chest, clutching his ribs as he gets to his feet doubled over, with Azraith getting up right behind him! Az grabs Cade by the back of his neck and lifts him up high, dropping to a knee he drives Cade down across the knee with a reverse chokeslam into a gutbuster!

Eryk Masters: A reverse Die Hand Des Grottes!

Other Guy: What the hell? You can’t just make up new versions of your moves in wrestling!

Cade bounces off of Az’s knee, clutching his chest with both arms now as Az gets back to his feet and pulls him right into a standing head scissors! Az pulls Cade up and snaps him right back down with a quick sit out powerbomb!




Cade kicks out! Azraith shakes his head and starts to get to his feet just as the camera shot catches Cassi Ryan making her way to the timekeeper’s table. She grabs the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship off of the table before anyone can try and stop her, and she makes her way around the ring.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is she doing?!

Other Guy: Whatever it is, she better hurry! Cade is in trouble!

Az pulls Cade back to his feet, hooking him for the Extinction! Cassi quickly drops the belt in a corner of the ring and runs around it, she hops onto the apron in an adjacent corner, she starts to step through the ropes which catches Tony Lorenzo’s attention! Lorenzo moves to stop her just as Az starts to lift Cade, but Cade drops to a knee! Cade swings out, one arm still hooked by Az though, and Az pulls Cade in for a short-arm clothesline! Cade ducks under it and pushes off of Az’s side, sliding on his knees toward the corner the belt was dropped in as Tony Lorenzo and Cassi Ryan continue to argue along the ropes!

Eryk Masters: Come on, Tony! Get rid of her already!

Cade grabs the belt as Az turns around and starts to rush in! Cade pushes off his knees and turns, lunging into the charging Azraith he drives the face plate of the SHOOT Project World Title into his face! Cade slides the belt out of the ring immediately as he hits the canvas, receiving a loud chorus of boos!

Other Guy: Yes! He did it!

Cassi drops off of the apron, pretending to finally give up on her argument, allowing Lorenzo to turn around just as Cade starts to slowly crawl toward Azraith! Cade grabs Az’s left leg and pulls it up, hooking for a tight cover!




Azriath kicks out! Cade sits up and grabs at his hair with both hands, his eyes open wide in shock as the fans cheer loudly!

Eryk Masters: Azraith kicked out! Call off the presses, there won’t be a new champion tonight!

Cassi starts shouting on the outside, obviously in just as much shock as Cade, before Cade pats the air toward her. He holds up two fingers and she nods slowly as he starts to get to his feet. Cassi walks around the ring and retrieves the World Title before lifting up the ring skirting and pulling something out from under the ring while Cade gets in Lorenzo’s face and starts asking him about the pace of his count.

Other Guy: You’re wrong, E. He’s got a backup plan, obviously.

Eryk Masters: How many more tricks can he have up his sleeve, though? I don’t think he’s got enough to put the Avatar down!

Cassi slides the belt into the ring, right in front of Tony Lorenzo, who turns and moves to retrieve it. As he turns around to get rid of the belt, Cassi slides a slender black object into the ring, that Cade quickly scoops up and slides down into his right kickpad with a grin!

Eryk Masters: That’s a crowbar! Cassi just slid Cade a crowbar!

After getting rid of the belt, Lorenzo moves toward Cassi and starts yelling at her that the next time she tries to get involved she’s out!

Other Guy: And Lorenzo didn’t see it! I told you, he had a second plan!

Cade grins down at Az as he starts to get to his feet. Az turns around just as Tony Lorenzo does, and Cade leaps up! Cade kicks his right leg hard for the NINJAGUIRI! BUT AZRAITH DUCKS!

Eryk Masters: Azraith just avoided being decapitated!

Cade hits the canvas and pushes back to his feet, right into a boot to the gut from Azraith! Az hooks Cade’s arms and lifts him up quickly, snapping him down with authority! The fans explode out of their seats into cheers!


Az hooks both legs!

Eryk Masters: YES!





Other Guy: Oh thank God!

The cheers turn to surprised gasps as Azraith looks up at the ceiling, in his own state of disbelief he grabs Cade by the left arm and pulls him to his feet. Azraith whips Cade off the ropes, but Cade swings under the arm and turns, thrusting his right foot back into Az’s gut, doubling him over! Cade steps out wide before snapping backward with a Pele Kick, driving the crowbar’d right shin into the back of Azraith’s head, and he drops to the canvas in a heap as the fans begin to boo loudly now!

Eryk Masters: NO!

Other Guy: YES!

Cade turns and pushes Az onto his back, hooking both legs deep as Tony Lorenzo slides into position!




Lorenzo gets to his feet and calls for the bell, and the fans continue to boo loudly! Cassi Ryan goes back to the timekeeper’s table and rips the microphone from Samantha Coil’s hand, as well as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, with a grin on her face!

Eryk Masters: This is bullshit!

Other Guy: Calm down, E! We have a new champion, this is a time for celebration!

Eryk Masters: Not like that!


Cassi makes her way up the steps as Cade starts to push to his feet, the fans booing loudly as he rubs his right shin tenderly. Cassi finally steps into the ring and hands him the title belt, which he takes in his arms and hugs close to his chest, dropping to his knees as Tony Lorenzo moves to check on Azraith DeMitri! "Almost Famous" by Eminem starts up again, as the fans continue to boo loudly, some even begin to throw their trash toward the ring.

Other Guy: Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as that? A man, his woman, and his title, all united?

Eryk Masters: You disgust me right now! How can anyone be proud of becoming a champion like that?

Other Guy: Do you want to go ask him? Because, I’m not stopping you, Eryk…

Cade gets off of his knees and takes Cassi’s hand, she raises his hand in the air as he raises the SHOOT Project World Title into the air with his other hand. Grinning into the camera, as the hard camera focuses in on the shot of his exhausted-but-grinning face, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title next to it.

Other Guy: Dominion is going to be a huge celebration!

Eryk Masters: I hope it was worth it…now he’s got a target on his back, and we’ll find out just how good he is. I can’t wait for someone to knock him off his pedestal!

Other Guy: Come on, now you’re just being childish…he just got on it!

Eryk Masters: And I already know we’re never going to hear the end of it until he loses it…

As Eryk Masters and Other Guy continue to banter, Cade pulls Cassi in and kisses her, before raising the title high over his head again. He glances down at Azraith, with a smirk as the shot slowly fades to black, with the SHOOT Project Helmet logo taking over.