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Revolution 76 – 6/7/2011



The fans in attendance grow relatively excited as the lights in the arena shut off completely.  The trumpet sounds as the fans begin to get a bit louder, the music building until Rihanna begins to sing. 

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby 

A low white light shines from the entrance, the silhouette of a man standing among the fog appears. 

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS. 

The arena is awash is BRIGHT white as “All of the Lights” kicks in fully, letting the fans finally see DONOVAN KING.  He is wearing a pair of Oakley Aviators, a matching platinum necklace and bracelet, a white wifebeater with a white denim jacket and pants and Timberland boots.  He nods his head and smiles at a few of the fans who are cheering for him.  He stops, looking at a sign in the audience that says “RIP MACHO MAN” and points to it, nodding his head as he continues his trek to the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  Just one show removed from the return of Donovan King, he is BACK out here tonight…and he’s requested this time to speak his mind! 

King enters the ring and grins as he strokes his beard, taking Samantha Coil’s microphone from her.  “All of the Lights” dies down as he looks at the fans of Venezuela.  He shrugs his shoulders and puts the microphone to his lips. 


The fans POP as King nods his head, grinning. 

Donovan King:  I’m gonna need y’all to play close attention to the translation of what I say on the SHOOT Tron up there tonight, because I got some things to say. 

He points to the SHOOT Tron as he continues to speak. 

Donovan King:  Anybody who’s ever been in love with this sport is gonna remember where they were when they found out that Macho Man Randy Savage…was taken from us. 

A cheer, somber and respectful. 

Donovan King:  That man is responsible for a lotta them folks you see in this ring tonight, in his way.  He will be missed immensely. 

More cheers as King lets the moment ride for a while. 

Donovan King:  NOW.  On…to business. 

He looks at the entrance. 

Donovan King:  When I came back to this company, all I wanted to do…was represent SP.  I wanted to…be World Champion.  What that did…was lead me to actin’ like a dumbass an’ forsake the very things I loved about this company.  There ain’t but two men in the back back there I know that loves this company the way I do.  One’s my best friend, and the other is my mentor’s best friend.  All that to say…I made my mistakes. 

I tried to destroy Azraith DeMitri.  I tried to ruin his World Championship run.  I turned an’ asked for help to get back on top because that was…what I THOUGHT…was the right thing to do.  Sovereign was created when Eddie E. came up to me an’ told me he could make my dreams come true.  First, it was Kilgore Stochansky. 

Then came…Adrian Corazon, Jester Smiles, so on an’ so forth.  An’ Sovereign was mighty high up the ladder when Eddie E. decided he wanted to spruce up the place an’ hire…Azrael Goeren. 

The boos rain down now as King holds his hand up. 

Donovan King:  Eddie started listenin’ to Goeren.  He started believin’ Goeren.  He turned around an’ he handed Sovereign over to…Goeren.  And what did Goeren do?  He mocked this company.  He mocked those Soldiers.  He mocked each and every…one…of…you. 

Slight boos now. 

Donovan King:  He created The Hierarchy with X-Calibur an’ splintered off of Sovereign, dragging me an’ whoever else stayed on the sinking ship along.  We all knew…you know…it was a matter of time before Hierarchy had their fill of me.  I was the last Sovereign member left after Corazon went nuts and Jester began his crusade.  But, see…there was my next problem. 

I wanted to focus on gettin’ back on top.  The Redemption Rumble is coming up an’ all I wanted was to make an impact there, win that thing, an’ go on to face whoever is World Champ an’ take that belt an’ FINALLY…FINALLY…give you fans…and give myself…and give this company…the World Champion it truly deserves. 

He pauses. 

Donovan King:  But I messed up.  I wanted that.  I wanted to handle my problems with Thomas Manchester Black.  I ignored Hierarchy as they screwed with Stellar Insanity, I ignored their mocking of me.  So when the time came that they brought in Marcus Mirage, the last nail was slammed down into the coffin.  Sovereign was dead.  The Hierarchy killed it.  And they killed it when they put their hands…on me. 

He shakes his head. 

Donovan King:  Someday…I will be World Champion in the SHOOT Project.  But right about now?  Right now it’s not about my time.  It’s about…vengeance. 

The crowd begins to cheer at this. 

Donovan King:  As The Last Scion…I learned a lot of things from my mentor.  However, I only have two lessons in mind right now.


One…always be patient with your prey.  It may take a day, it may take a year.  The Hierarchy is in deep with Stellar Insanity right now, it’d be unfair to Loco and Rocky to push myself in there…AND…let’s be honest.  It’ll be fun to see how badly Loco and Rocky beat those two sorry sons of bitches down. 

The fans pop as he holds up two fingers. 

Donovan King:  But my second lesson from the almighty OutKast?  My second nugget of wisdom? 

If you ever find yourself facing Marcus Mirage…you don’t stop attacking.  You don’t let up until he’s crushed! 

The fans pop again! 

Donovan King:  So it’s real simple, Mirage.  Your career is built on betrayal, shocker moments, and tryin’ your best to be the scourge of wherever you happen to be working.  Along the way…you cemented yourself as an absolute first ballot World Champion Hall of Fame LEGEND.  You’ve had a hell of a career, Mirage. 

It’s almost a shame I meet you on the downside of your run. 

King glares at the camera. 

Donovan King:  You know nothin’ about me, Mirage.  All you know is who trained me an’ how scared shitless your handlers must be to have tossed you in my direction.  Well, don’t you worry, Mirage.  You’re about to get to know me pretty damn well. 

I’m not waitin’ on you to play games with me, Mirage.  At Redemption, I’m throwin’ the gauntlet down an’ I’m huntin’ you down.  I don’t have any reason to, really.  You’re just the guy they picked to get in my way. 

Like I said…I’m a patient man.  I won’t charge at Hierarchy.  I won’t play games an’  make too many jokes.  I simply find you at Redemption…and I beat you. 

The fans cheer. 

Donovan King:  What happens along the way is just prologue.  I’ll see you there. 

He grins. 

Donovan King:  Now I’ve wasted enough time out here tonight.  Hit…my…music! 

“All of the Lights” by Kanye West kicks in as King nods to the fans as he hands Samantha Coil her microphone back.  He exits the ring and smirks at a few of the fans, nodding at a few of them who are calling out to him.  He reaches out and slaps hands with the closest fan he can find as we move back to Eryk Masters and Other Guy.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following cont- 


Bun B’s “Chuuch!” hits hard over the PA, and of course, the entire fucking arena ERUPTS in cheers as Real Deal emerges from the back, blood red suit and all. He lowers his sunglasses, a big, Cheshire cat grin on his face as he looks at all the fans in Venzuela losing their minds. He puts his shades back on and makes his way down to the ring. 

Samantha Coi: Well, I stand corrected folks. BEFORE the following contest, let me introduce, in the house that Real Deal built, the one…the only…THE REAL DEAL! 

Real Deal again removes his sunglasses and shoots Samantha Coil a wink. He places the sunglasses in his jacket coat pocket and heads for the announcer’s table, high fiving some fans as he goes. 

Eryk Masters: Well, this is a hell of a way to start the show off. I guess we are going to be joined by Real Deal. 

Other Guy: Not that we couldn’t have done this job by ourselves. 

Real Deal takes a seat at the announce booth and puts on his head set. 

Real Deal: How’s it going guys? Eryk, you ever get that heart conditioned looked at? 

Other Guy: Any particular reason we are graced by your presence here, Josh. 

Real Deal: Just curious, really. Jester wants to prove he can hang with the legends of this business, hell, that he’s BETTER than the legends of this business, then I’d like to see if he can contend with a VERY dangerous competitor in one Lunatikk Crippler. 

“I Whupped Batman’s Ass” by Wesley Willis  hits over the PA, and the crowd again pops as Lunatikk Crippler emerges from the back, looking pumped up as ever. He begins motioning for the crowd to get on their feet, which most of the crowd obliges. However, Crippler points at one of the fans in attendance, and he can be seen mouthing “Oh, you had better fucking stand up!” 

Samantha Coil: The following contest, once again, is scheduled for ONE FALL! Making his way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED and THIRTY ONE pounds…LUNATIKK CRIPPLER! 

Crippler leaps onto the apron and then leaps over the top rope. He climbs up the nearest turnbuckle and waves at the fans, an insane smile on his face. 

Real Deal: That cat is fucking nuts. 

Eryk Masters: I agree. 

Other Guy: No arguments here. 

The lights suddenly go out completely. A bright white light pulses strongly to the opening chords of “And Your World Will Burn” by Cliff Lin. The crowds begins to boo, knowing who comes out next, despite the new music. Jester Smiles emerges at the fifteen second mark, wearing a large white robe with a hood around him. As the song begins to crescendo Jester throws the hood off his face, revealing the same face paint we’ve seen him in on his past video segments. He then throws down the robe. The lights go completely black again… 


Jester Smiles throws out his arms as flames erupt on both sides of him. The lights come on, and we can see Jester Smiles wearing black and white open fingered MMA gloves, black and white, baggy wrestling pants, and on his chest, written in sketchy black letters it is written “SAVIOR”. The crowd’s boos grow even louder as Jester makes his way to the ring, not looking at Crippler at all. 

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, he weighs in at TWO HUNDRED and FORTY-FIVE pounds…a FORMER SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…JESTER SMILES! 

Jester Smiles walks the length of the ring and stops at the announce table. His words can be picked up over the mic as he speaks DIRECTLY to Real Deal. 

Jester Smiles: I want you to watch this very CLOSELY. 

Real Deal: You may want to watch HIM very closely. 

As Jester turns around, he is caught with a flying crossbody from Lunatikk Crippler! Dennis Heflin signals for the bell. 

Real Deal: Told ya. 

Crippler gets off of Jester and plays to the fans. The fans cheer raucously, loving to see a humiliated Jester. He then grabs Jester and tosses him in the ring. Jester isn’t severely hurt, but he is stunned after that unexpected attack. 

Other Guy: Why is everyone so happy about all these cheap shots going around lately? 

Real Deal: They aren’t happy about cheap shots. They love seeing loud mouth assholes get beaten down. Besides, that’s Crip’s way of saying to Jester “you need to worry about ME now, not Real Deal.” 

Eryk Masters: Good point Real Deal. 

Other Guy: Why don’t you get off Josh’s dick, Eryk. 

Jester is on his feet, and he is now completely focused on Crip. Crip is smiling as he begins to circle. Jester circles with him, and they both meet in the middle of the ring, locking up. Crip ducks under and hits a single leg take down. He floats over and locks on a front chancery, getting Jester in a pinning predicament, but Jester is able to flip over before Dennis can even make a one count. Crip holds the front chancery and starts wrenching on Jester’s head, looking for some kind of guillotine choke, but Jester is able to fight that off, so Crip floats over and locks on a waist lock, holding onto Jester and throwing a punch or two. Jester gets to a seated position, but Crip locks his legs around Jester’s waist and looks for a rear naked choke. Jester is able to fight it off, and he starts throwing a few rabbit punches to keep Crip busy. Crip works Jester to his side and again floats over, taking Jester in side control. He grabs hold of Jester’s waist band and starts wrenching up, giving Jester a wedgie! Jester is able to push away from Crip, and the crowd cheers as Crip laughs at Jester! Jester gets to his feet, looking angered by Crip trying to make a mockery of him. 

Other Guy: No respect shown whatsoever to ANY of his opponents. Crippler’s antics are just getting old, you know? 

Eryk Masters: Oh come on, that’s funny, OG. Don’t be so uptight. 

Real Deal: Funny or not, Crip doesn’t need to take Jester lightly. If he can get those fists flying, man, Crip may not be waking up for awhile. 

Jester and Crip begin to circle again. Crip goes to lock up, but Jester hits a hard toe kick followed by a hard right hand, knocking Crippler flat. Jester doesn’t advance, though. He backs away and leans against, the top rope, winking at Crippler, who is no longer smiling, clutching his jaw. 

Real Deal: See? 

Other Guy: THAT is how you send a real message. Watching Real Deal? 

Jester and Crip again meet in the ring. Jester swings for a right, but Crip ducks it, and tries to go behind, but he eats an elbow to the mouth for his trouble. Jester turns with a hard roundhouse, but Crip blocks it and is able to backaway, though he clutches his arm that he used to block the kick. Jester holds his hands up and advances forward, trying to find an opening to start unloading bombs. Crip keeps backing up, looking for a means to get his grapple game on, but as he backs up, he is getting closer and closer to the turnbuckle. Crip eventually hits the back of the turnbuckle, and Jester lashes out, landing a hard thrust kick to the chest! Crip drops his hands, and Jester unloads his hands, landing three well placed shots. Crip gets wobbly legged, but he is able to slip out from the corner. Jester spins with a back elbow, but Crip is able to dodge. He catches Jester from behind and launches him with a release German suplex! 

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles proves why he is always dangerous, but on the same token, Crippler just showed us that he can always come come back! That was a BRUTAL suplex! 

Both men are up at virtually the same time, but Crippler is the first to move forward. He throws a punch, which Jester dodges and counters with his own perfectly placed punch. Crip goes down, but he plays possum a bit and comes up, catching Jester around the waist and dropping him with a HARD spinebuster! Crippler flips over and has a bridging pin! Heflin with the count! 


Jester is out before two! Crippler rolls with him and keeps the waist lock, but Jester drops a couple of HARD elbows, causing Crippler to back off, clutching his back in pain. Jester spins back and catches Crippler in the stomach with a back kick, causing Crippler to double over. Jester grabs hold of the Crippler’s waist and launches him with a pumphandle suplex! Jester is now the one pinning! Heflin with the count! 


Crippler gets out before two! Jester drops a hard hammer fist on Crippler and pins again! 


TW-Crippler out just at two! Jester tries another hammer fist, but Crip dodges and scrambles. Jester throws a few punches to try to keep Crip down, but Crip gets away unharmed. Both men stop for a second, taking a second to catch their breath. 

Other Guy: Think either man realizes that the other is not going to be easy to take down? 

Real Deal: Lot of ego in that ring, OG. I bet both guys think they are dominating. 

Jester fakes a kick and then launches himself forward with a superman punch, but Crip sees it coming. He dodges, catches the arm…BITCHIFIED! Jester Smiles is locked in Luna Crip’s  crossface maneuver, and his eyes light up in pain! 

Eryk Masters: Jester is in a lot of trouble here. We might see the “Savior” get bitchified. 

Real Deal: Jester Smiles is REAL close to the ropes. If he doesn’t have the ring awareness to get out of this, he doesn’t stand a chance against the legends of this sport. 

Sure enough, Jester fights through the pain and sees the ring rope. He reaches forward and grabs a hold of it. Heflin tells Crippler to release, but Crippler has an intense, slightly insane look on his face, and he simply wrenches back harder. Jester screams for Heflin to get him off, and Heflin starts the count. 






FI-Crippler releases the hold. 

Other Guy: Again, why do people cheer for this guy?  

Real Deal:  You can’t just cry foul every time a truly determined competitor takes things a step too far. This is an intense sport, and Lunatikk Crippler has always been one of the more intense individuals. 

Jester clutches his arm in pain, but Crippler grabs Jester’s hurt arm and pulls him to the center of the ring. He places a few stomps onto the injured arm. Jester pulls away, clutching the arm to his chest and rolling on his stomach. Crippler responds by hitting the ropes and landing a senton splash on the back, sandwiching Jester’s arm between himself and the mat! Jester cries out in pain, clutching the arm. Heflin kneels down to see if Jester wants to quit, but Jester pushes him away with his good arm. 

Eryk Masters: I guess these ‘false’ legends Jester was ranting about can hang with him pretty well, huh? 

Real Deal: That’s for damn sure.  

Other Guy: You guys forget. With Jester, you are one solid punch from lights out. Everything he does, every move he makes, he’s a one hit killer. 

Crippler lifts Jester up by his bad arm, which causes Jester to grimace. He hits a series of slaps to Jester, dazing him pretty good. He then grabs Jester by the neck and jumps for the Lunatikk Sweet…NO! Jester pushes him away! Crippler turns to continue the attack and is met with a surprise PUNCHLINE! Crippler goes down hard and rolls away…out of the ring. Jester falls back into the ropes, clutching his arm. Heflin begins the count as Crippler tries to regain his sense outside of the ring. 

Other Guy: TOLD YA! 


Jester Smiles stretches out his arm, the grin returning to his face. Crippler is on his knees, still trying to shake the cobwebs out. 

Real Deal: Can’t pin a man outside of the ring, OG. 


Jester Smiles moves forward. The sick grin grows wider. He exits the ring, making sure to stay behind Lunatikk Crippler, who is on his feet and resting against the steel steps. 


Jester waits for Crippler to turn around, practically jumping with anticipation.  


When Crippler does finally turn around, Jester SLAMS him with a Viriginia Sidekick. Crippler goes down hard! 


Jester lifts Crippler up and throws him back in the ring. 


Jester walks over to the announce table and slams his hands down in front of Real Deal. Real Deal stands up and gets face to face with Jester. 

Jester Smiles: That’s what a superkick looks like. 

Real Deal: Looked pretty shitty to me. 

Jester winks at Real Deal and turns around.  


Other Guy: Looks like he’s got you a touch upset, Josh. 

Eryk Masters: He’s just being cocky. Jester NEEDS to focus on Crippler. 

Jester gets back in the ring. Crippler is on his hands and knees now. Jester goes over to lift him up, but Crippler throws Jester’s hands out of the way! He gives Jester a solid toe kick and hits the ropes. Crippler comes flying back at Jester, looking for the Blood Drive, but Jester side steps at the last moment! Jester turns and lashes out with another Virignia Sidekick…Crippler dodges! Crippler grabs a hold of Jester and uses his momentum against him…BITCHIFIED! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Jester looks panicked, searching with his eyes for an escape, but he can’t find one. Helfin asks if he wants to submit. Jester continues looking around, and he tries to crawl, but Crippler keeps wrenching and pulling, not letting go and not giving Jester an inch to move. Jester raises his hand… 

And taps out! Heflin calls for the bell! 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of TWENTY ONE minutes and EIGHT seconds by way of a tap out…LUNATIKK…CRIPPLER!! 

Crippler is up quickly, and he looks ecstatic about his victory. Heflin raises his arm, and Crip is quick to leave the ring and start high fiving fans. 

Eryk Masters: And Jester gets Bitchified! 

Other Guy: Come on Eryk, it was a hard fought match. Give Jester some credit, he kicked a lot of ass in that ring. 

Real Deal: Still got Bitchified. 

Jester Smiles rolls out of the ring. He clutches his arm and glares a hole in Real Deal. Real Deal takes off his headset and walks over to Jester, a cocky grin on Real Deal’s face. Jester and Real Deal get face to face.  

Real Deal: See  you at Redemption. 


Real Deal turns his back and walks away. Jester looks to do the same, but instead comes forward and tries to hit Real Deal from behind. Real Deal, however, is able to dodge, and when Jester turns around, he is FLOORED with the Reality Check! The crowd goes nuts as, once again, Real Deal stands over a fallen Jester Smiles. 

Other Guy: Oh come on! The guy just FOUGHT A MATCH! 

Eryk Masters: I think that’s a pretty ominous sign for Redemption. 


Rocky Stellar is sitting in front of his locker in his private locker room with his shirt off, taping up his wrists. He spins the white tape around three times more in front of the camera, then bites off the end and rips it. He tosses the tape roll in his locker when the door to the locker room FLIES open with a loud bang and Loco – sweating profusely – comes in dragging an "arm" with him.

Loco: I totally found him dude!!!

The camera pans back and we see Ben Jackman, number one contender to the SHOOT Project world championship, being dragged into the locker room.

Loco: It wasn’t easy, I tellz ya, but I dug him out.

Stellar: Let me guess, you went to his locker room – a locker room that of course had a sign on the door reading Ben Jackman – kicked the door open, then kidnapped him, right?

Ben, standing behind Loco, is nodding his head, while Loco shakes his own.

Loco: NO!!! I didn’t kick it the door in!!!

Ben’s head continues to nod.

Loco: That’s dumb…it never works. Instead, I shoulder blocked it and grabbed him and dragged him here.

Stellar shakes his head and walks over, extends his hand to Ben.

Stellar: Sorry about this dude…but I usually don’t give him his meds on days when we have a match. I’m Rocky Stellar.

Ben reaches out and shakes Stellar’s.

Jackman: Ben Jackman. And, not a problem. So, what’s the plan then?

Stellar: I’m thinking it would make most sense to get you in that ring first….

Loco starts waving his arms.

Loco: Wait a damned minute!!!

The two stop talking and turn their heads to him.

Loco: I didn’t bring him here to talk about the match…we don’t NEED to talk about the match…we already know those three are going to get their collective asses kicked, THEN another fucking Mr. Weathersby is going to run out with his mask and try and get involved!!!

Ben looks over at Stellar.

Jackman: Mr. Weathersby?

Stellar: Mirage…he wore a mask…did a Scooby Doo thing to us…the name stuck.

Jackman: Well since, Mr. Weath..uh, Mirage is in the match I think we can skip planning on him running down.

Loco: WHAT?!?!?! NO….he’s here for that OTHER thing!!!

Jackman turns toward Loco confused.

Jackman: Wait…what OTHER thing?

Stellar rolls his eyes, clearly embarrassed, and Loco catches it and thrusts a finger forward at him.

Loco: Don’t roll your eyes, Rock. You TOTALLY know what I’m talking about.

Jackman’s left eyebrow drops down slightly, not getting it.

Loco: We did the Stellar Insanity Septathlon and it was all tied up 3-3, and then at the final game… musical chairs – A GAME I TOTALLY OWN, you "pull a hammy?"

Stellar points to his leg.

Stellar: I DID!!! I’ve been in the trainers room for hours trying to get it worked out!!!

Loco: You’re a professional athlete! An elderly professional athlete…but a professional athlete none the less.

Stellar puts his hands on his hips, perturbed, while Jackman looks back and forth between them, still confused.

Stellar: Dick.

Loco: So either Benny Jacks…

He looks nervously at Jackman.

Loco: Sorry, I thought it was a cool nickname, I’m not trying to be all "Cade" on ya or anything

He turns back to Stellar.

Stellar: Anyway. So either Mr. Jackman and I have something to worry about, cuz you aren’t 100%, OR… you were faking that alleged hammy injury!! I’m not about to just LET Ben make the decision for us, but he can easily weigh in on who won the septathlon.

Jackman holds his hands up, still confused.

Jackman: I don’t really even know what you two are talking about!!

Stellar: Our theme music. We held a competition to determine what our theme music should be.

Loco: Right, and that bastard quit…

Stellar: …WAS INJURED!!!

Loco: And, if a competitor quits…

Stellar: …gets hurt.

Loco rolls his eyes this time, then pantomimes the double finger quotes.

Loco: Fine, if a competitor "gets hurt" during competition and can compete no longer, isn’t that a forfeit?

Jackman sits there with his mouth WIDE open, staring straight ahead, clearly stunned to be walking into this shit storm.

Jackman: Well –

Stellar: See!! Even he thinks it’s a "no contest!" We’re still tied!

Loco: Bullshit. You QUIT. Or, at the very least? Your ancient, rotting HAMMY quit.

Jackman: Um…guys, can we just focus…

Stellar takes a step forward in front of Jackman and starts to yell at Loco.

Stellar: No nononononono…FUCK, the fucking no!! You and your three cent head will not debate your way into picking our music. You know this is complete bullshit.

Loco: You’re trying to weasel your way out of a contest you are 0 for the lifetime for against me.

Jackman is somewhere between endlessly amused and annoyed, but he pushes his way back between them, holding his hands out.

Jackman : FELLAS!

The force makes the two members of Stellar Insanity jump.

Jackman: I only see one way to settle this.

Ben goes over and grabs a folding chair and sets it up authoritatively in the middle of the room. Loco flashes his Cheshire Cat grin stretching across his face, while Stellar’s face sneers in hatred.

Jackman: Let’s end this…

Jackman stands back, turn his back from the screen…Stellar and Loco walk up to the chair and stand on opposite sides of it. The camera closes in on Ben…who starts to sing:

Jackman: I’m a little tea pot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout…when I get…

He suddenly stops singing, then spins and looks at the chair while the camera backs out…and we see Stellar and Loco, both on the chair, pushing against each other trying to get their whole ass on the seat.

Stellar: Eat it FREAKSHOW!! I was here first!!!

Loco: The fuck you were, Old Man!!! My ass was totally on this seat and your monster cellulite shoved me to the side!!!

Stellar: No way!!! You’re bony ass actually caused me to jump to the side!!!

Loco: No way!! I was here and you know it!!!

Both of their faces turn red as they shove against each other, neither moving an inch. Ben stares, dumbfounded, but amused. he shakes his head and turns to leave.

Jackman: Yeah…I’d love to stay and see how this whole thing turns out, but I gotta finish getting ready.

Stellar: Ask Ben!!! He saw me win!!

Loco: Like hell he did, Grandpa!!

Jackman has a snicker as he turns toward the door.

Jackman: I’ll see you fellas out there. Good luck.

He heads out the door. Leaving Stellar and Loco to continue their heated debate.


“Learn to Fly” fills the arena, and SHOOT Project’s Rule of Surrender Champion walks out onto the stage. He is already in his wrestling gear, though he is minus the actual title belt that is usually apart of his attire, which was shamelessly stolen by Cronos Diamante on the last edition of Revolution. Alex Brooks has a certain focussed look in his eye. He is not is his usual whirling dervish self as he walks to the ring slapping hands with the fans sitting ringside. He makes his way around the ringside area until he reaches the ring steps and walks up them and into the ring. He surveys the crowd before raising the microphone to his mouth. 


Alex Brooks: Last week… 


Brooks pauses for the moment. 


Brooks: Last week someone stole my title belt. And that’s not fair. 


Brooks pauses again. 


Brooks: It’s not fair to Adrian Corazon. It’s not fair to me. It’s not fair to anyone else. We are all soldiers in SHOOT and we all have to fight for everything we have, so for someone to come up and just take it like they owed. Well… Well… It’s just wrong. 


Brooks paces around the ring, nervously. 


Brooks: Cronos Diamante, if you wanted a shot at the title, all you had to do was ask and I would have given you a title shot. But, instead you had to go and steal it like some bully in the schoolyard. And that’s not going to get you anything but your eventual comeuppance. 

Other Guy: Cronos doesn’t want a title shot. He took the belt to add insult to injury, Alex. 

Eryk Masters: I would have to agree. Taking the belt didn’t benefit Cronos in any way except to distract Alex.


Brooks: It comes down to this, Cronos Diamante. I would like my title back, and I am willing to wait here all night if I have to. 

Brooks looks around and leans against the furthest ring ropes, while looking at the stage. After a few anxious moments pass by, Keichi Kawada appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. 

Eryk Masters: I didn’t expect to see Cronos send out a messenger. 

Other Guy: More head games, Eryk. 

The crowd erupts with boos of disapproval of seeing Cronos’ manager rather than the devil himself. 

Keichi Kawada: Cronos-san feels… 

Keichi stops speaking and waits patiently for the chance to talk. Alex raises his hands to quiet the crowd and after a good minute, they begin to settle back into their seats and let the man talk. 

Keichi Kawada: Cronos-san feels it would be a bad idea for him to come out here right now. He understands you want your title back but at the moment he is too busy to accommodate your request. Cronos respects Adrian Corazon for the intensity and depravity he brings to the ring and there are few he gives that respect to, Mr. Brooks. Take that into consideration when I tell you he wants you to place your focus on your important match and not having a mere token of accomplishment returned to you. 

Brooks looks straight at Kawada. 

Brooks: That title belt is mine… I won it fair and square… And I would like it back…


Brooks pauses for a moment, but he never takes his eyes off Kawada. 

Brooks: Please. 

Keichi Kawada: I do not have it. I came to give you Cronos’ message. Now that I have… 

Heavy boo’s reign down on Kawada before he can finish his sentence. 

Eryk Masters: The fans don’t like that one bit. 

Other Guy: Neither do I. I was hoping for a confrontation. 

Brooks motions to Kawada standing on the stage, as a cheeky grin crosses his face. 

Brooks: Maybe you would like your Boss to bring it out to me since you seem too afraid to face me in the ring. 

“Oooo” reverberates through the arena from the crowd as Brooks gets slightly bouncy on his feet in the ring. Kawada begins to remove his jacket when he interupted by the emergance of Cronos Diamante from the locker room area. He quickly stops Kawada. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what’s being said up there but Kawada isn’t happy. 

Keichi turns and walks to the curtains, raising his hand to someone behind it and disappears. Cronos smirks at Alex as he paces the ring. 

Cronos Diamante: Keichi would have liked nothing more than to get in the ring with you and level your ass with a Yakuza kick ala Masahiro Chono, Alex. But that’s not going to happen. 

Cronos begins walking toward the ring with his head down and scratching at his forehead. He stops halfway down the ramp and looks up at Alex with a look of surprise. 

Cronos Diamante: I’m confused, Alex. You’re in the ring, threatening to stay there all night until you get your belt back, acting as if the physical presence of a championship belt is the most important thing. It isn’t. Your match with one of the most vile bastards in SHOOT is more important. 

Brooks: I just want my title back, Cronos Diamante. You know the one you stole from me. So I will ask you one more time. Can I have my title back, please? 

Cronos sighs and looks up to Alex shaking his head. 

Cronos Diamante: Let’s bring this man his title, shall we? 

Eryk Masters: This is very strange behavior from Cronos. He wants Alex to focus on his match tonight and he’s actually going to give him the title back. 

Other Guy: Like I said, he did it to add insult to injury. He doesn’t need the belt. 

The crowd cheers at the sound of his belt being returned but they are interupted by an upset Alex Brooks. 

Brooks: What is he doing here?! 

Alex’s younger brother Robert is on his way to Cronos, carrying a duffel bag and he waves at his brother with a genuine smile on his face. He gives him the bag and stands next to Cronos. 

Cronos Diamante: Giving you your belt back, Alex. I was going to send him by later so you could have a nice family reunion and all but here you are in the ring demanding I give you the belt back and ruining my surprise. 

Alex glares at Cronos unbelieving as Robert unzips the duffel bag and starts to pull out the belt from the bag but Cronos stops him. He nods his head up at Alex and a barely audible “Go on and give it to him. I want you to see what he’s become.” 

Brooks: So you what? Looked him up and went to his house and picked him up and brought him here? Just for me. 

Robert picks up the duffle bag and leans toward the microphone to answer for himself. 

Robert Brooks: No. I met him in New York City after I looked at West Point. He’s writing me a letter of recommendation too. Then he decided to take me here to visit you. It was after that he came back home to meet the family and help me pack. 

Eryk Masters: This is despicable. Cronos is manipulating Robert into thinking he’s a good guy and wants to help him. 

Other Guy: Alex is flabbergasted at what he’s heard from his brother. He looks like he’s going to fall over. 

Robert walks down to the ring now as Alex slides out of the ring to greet his brother and takes the duffel bag from him. 

Brooks: He is NOT a good guy, Bobby. He is… 

Alex’s gaze shifts to the bag and is shocked to find a replica championship belt instead of the real thing. He drops the bag immediately and Cronos smirks and soon after bursts into laughter. Robert smiles at the practical joke. Brooks looks at the replica belt in the bag. He looks at Cronos. He looks at the belt and back at Cronos. 

Brooks: That’s not my title belt. That’s some peice of junk that you bought from Wal-Mart. Where is my title belt, Cronos Diamante? I think you should tell me. I don’t think you want me to make you tell me. 

Alex Brooks puffs his chest out and takes a few steps toward the ramp that Cronos has not left, broadens his shoulders and cranes his neck upwards. 

Robert Brooks: He’s just playing a practical joke on you, Alex. Lighten up. 

Alex completely ignores his brother, all shades of red in the face. He stares holes through Cronos as he gets closer to him. 

Brooks: Are you going to tell me, Cronos Diamante? 

Cronos pauses, looking over a very unhappy Brooks. He exchanges a look with young Robert that clearly says “you might want to get out of here.” 

Cronos Diamante:  Alex, you need to worry about your match with Corazon and stop worrying about the damn belt. In fact, you should stop worrying about both of them for a little while and go spend some time with your brother. 

Other Guy: And look at him say that with a big grin on his face. Cronos knows he’s under Alex’s skin and he’s pushing every button he can. 

Cronos Diamante: And when you’re done with that, worry about Corazon and not the title reunification. Mmkay? 

Brooks doesn’t back off from Cronos or make any movement toward his brother. He holds his stare for a few moments longer before turning away from Cronos. 

Brooks: I’ll worry about Adrian Corazon when our match a little bit later. I’m prepared as best I can be.


Brooks suddenly spins back around and gets right up in Cronos’ personal space.  

Brooks: But right now. I. Want. My. Belt. Back. 

Alex musters everything from inside him and gives Cronos a massive shove. Cronos falls flat on his back, smirking the entire time. Cronos drops the smirk immediately and starts to stand up when Robert Brooks rushes over with the real championship belt and hands it to his brother, practically slamming it in his stomach. 

Robert Brooks: The real belt was underneath the fake one. He was just playing a joke. What’s wrong with you? 

With Robert’s back turned to Cronos, he smirks and reaches out at a fan holding a hot dog and helps himself to a finger of ketchup. Cronos grabs at the back of his head and stands up. Robert turns around and see’s Cronos grabbing his head with some “blood” on his fingers. 

Eryk Masters: Despicable! Pretending he’s bleeding with ketchup to further manipulate the kid. 

Alex stands there distraught, not sure what to do as Robert helps an injury faking Cronos up the ramp. Alex storms up the ramp as his brother and Cronos disappear through the curtains. 

Other Guy: I didn’t even know Alex had a brother. 

Eryk Masters: Had a brother more like it. By the time Cronos is done twisting his mind he’ll be looking at Cronos as family and Alex will just be the guy who has the same blood.



Samantha Coil: This match is a Tag Team Contest scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit! 

“March ör Die” by Motörhead starts to play, and Dave Dymond appears in the spotlight at the top of the ramp. Dymond is wearing his usual ensemble of white tennis shoes, jeans, and a black blazer covering a black SHOOT Project t-shirt. He has a matching SHOOT Project baseball cap on, and a laminated SHOOT Backstage Pass hanging around his neck.  Dave Dymond removes his glasses, and makes a big display of cleaning the lenses. The fans are booing and jeering almost loud enough to drown out the music. 

Finally, Dave Dymond holds his arms over his head, and Damage Control emerge into the spotlight.  As always, both men are dressed identical and appear the same in every way. Both are bald, muscular, with sunglasses and black goatees. They are wearing identical black business suits, and they take a position on either side of Dave Dymond, with no expression on their faces. 

The three men start the long walk down the aisle to the ring. Damage Control remain stone faced, but as the camera in front of him tracks the journey, it focuses on the face of Dave Dymond, who is pointing into the lens and talking a mile a minute, as the music pounds in the background. 

Samantha Coil: The first team is being led to the ring by their manager, the man who insists on being referred to as the SHOOT Project Manager of the Year: DAVE DYMOND! His clients hail from Parts Unknown and have a combined weight of 500 pounds, here are Clubber and Stomper: DAMAGE CONTROL! 

Dave Dymond and Damage Control reach the ring.  Clubber and Stomper remove their suit jackets, and sunglasses.  Both men are wearing black muscle shirts which expose their muscular and tattooed arms. They head up the stairs into the ring, while Dave Dymond takes position in their corner, and starts to pace back and forth, still talking loudly. 

The lights in the arena die down, leaving only an old fashioned, black and white film countdown on the ADC-Tron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit as the string quartet intro of Disillusion’s “Back to Times of Splendor” is heard. 


Nachtmystium’s "Ghosts of Grace" cues up at the snare triplet leading into the first verse, the melodic and driving psychedelic black metal bringing forth Corey Lazarus, Hiro Takawa, and Gregory Price (in that order) from behind the curtain, a spotlight hovering over them as they make their way down the ramp, Laz slapping high-fives and bumping fists with fans in the front row as Hiro calmly walks to the ring. 

Samantha Coil: Their opponents have a combined weight of 450 pounds…


Corey hops up onto the apron as Hiro slides in under the bottom rope with Price walking over to their corner, chomping away on his gum. 

Samantha Coil: Being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price, they are the team of Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa… 

Corey holds his arms out to his side, nodding, and then steps between the ropes and into the ring, walking into its center to drop to a knee, his arms stretched out to his side again. Hiro runs the ropes, stopping only to roll to a crouched position next to his partner. 


"Ghosts of Grace" dies down as both Corey and Hiro rise to their feet, backing up into their corner.  Damage Control are standing across the ring with their arms folded across their chests, simply staring at Frontline II Turbo, not looking away, or even blinking.  Gregory Price is in the corner of his men, while Dymond is on the other side, yelling at him.  The lights go down all over the arena, leaving only the lights above the ring illuminating the action.  Austin Linam steps into the middle of the ring, and orders both teams to pick a man to start the match.  Brian Kendrick rings the bell, and we are underway. 

Eryk Masters: We’re ready to go here, Tag Team action. 

The Other Guy: Yeah and this could be a good one, I’m looking forward to seeing if…DAMN, LOOK OUT! 

Damage Control charge across the ring at full speed, and hit Corey Lazarus with a double shoulderblock. Laz flies through the ropes and lands in a heap on the floor outside. Gregory Price rushes over to check on Lazarus, and Damage Control go on the attack. Both men grab one of Hiro Takawa’s arms, and they whip him into the ropes.  Takawa rebounds off the far rope and is met in the middle of the ring by a double clothesline that almost takes his head off. 

Hiro Takawa literally spins in the air and lands in a heap.  Damage Control pull Takawa back to his feet, and in unison they hook him up and then hoist him high into the air with a double suplex. Clubber and Stomper hold Takawa aloft for a long moment, and then fall back, sending him crashing to the mat.  Dave Dymond is jumping up and down outside the ring, shouting instructions. 

Corey Lazarus was caught off guard by the double shoulderblock from Damage Control, that sent him through the ropes to the outside. As a result, he landed unprotected on his head and neck, and it is obvious he is badly shaken up.  Laz has both his hands cradled around the back of his neck, and Gregory Price has a look of concern on his face. 

Eryk Masters: Looks like Laz landed pretty rough out there, OG. 

The Other Guy: He didn’t see Damage Control coming, so he wasn’t able to brace himself or prepare to break his fall. He’s shook up for sure. 

Meanwhile, Damage Control have pulled Hiro Takawa to his feet, and once again they whip him into the ropes in perfect unison.  This time, he bounces off the ropes and ends up on the receiving end of a double back elbow smash to the face from Clubber and Stomper. Takawa bounces backward like a pinball, hitting the mat hard. 

Damage Control start to stomp on the prone body of Hiro Takawa, with both men standing over him and laying the boots repeatedly to his body. Austin Linam finally interjects and shouts at both men, pointing at their corner.  Both of them stare at Linam for a moment, and then go right back to stomping Takawa.  Linam stands back, and starts to administer a 10 count.  It is obvious that if one of the members of Damage Control does not go to the apron in 10 seconds, the referee is going to disqualify them. 

Outside the ring, Dave Dymond shouts something to Damage Control.  They stop kicking Takawa, and pull him to his feet again. The two men hoist Hiro Takawa high into the air with a double press slam, and then drive him down to the mat back first, in a double powerslam.  Hiro Takawa’s body actually bounces from the impact.  One of the members of Damage Control heads to the apron, and the other makes a cover. 



Suddenly, from out of the picture Corey Lazarus appears, out of the air!  Laz flies through the air and lands a knee smash on to the back of the head of the member of Damage Control, knocking him off Takawa and breaking the count!  The fans erupt in excitement, and relief. 

Eryk Masters: Corey Lazarus makes the save, in a big way! 

The Other Guy: Yeah he jumped up to that top rope and came off, landing right on the back of baldy with a knee to the back of the head! 

The announcers show a replay from a different angle.  We can see that as soon as Damage Control slam Hiro Takawa to the mat, Corey Lazarus leaps to the apron, and then up to the top rope. Laz steadies himself, and at the precise right moment, breaks the pin attempt with a knee smash to the back of the head of the member of Damage Control. 

The member of Damage Control is now laying on his back, right next to Hiro Takawa. We can see that he has a belt buckle shaped in the letter “C” so we can now tell that it is Clubber in the ring with Takawa.  Stomper is on the apron, shouting encouragement at his brother. 

Meanwhile, Austin Linam has ordered Corey Lazarus to the apron.  Although Laz succeeded in breaking the count, Clubber and Takawa are still the legal men, and Linam is trying to bring some order to this match.  Lazarus gives the referee a dirty look, but he heads to the apron and takes the tag rope in his hand.  Gregory Price is in the corner of Frontline II Turbo, and Dave Dymond is in place in the corner of Damage Control.  Clubber and Takawa are both trying to clear their heads and make a tag, and the fans are clapping their hands and stomping in their feet in unison. 

Eryk Masters: I’d say that whoever makes the tag first here is definitely going to have the upper hand. 

The Other Guy: Maybe so, but I think Takawa is in worse shape than Clubber. Takawa was getting a beating from both members of Damage Control for quite a while. Clubber just took a shot to the head from Laz, and let’s be honest…how much damage can you do to a goon like Clubber by hitting him in the head? 

Amazingly, it is Hiro Takawa who struggles to his feet first. Instead of going for the tag,

Takawa pulls Clubber to his feet, grabs him by the wrist, and whips him into the ropes! Clubber flies into the ropes, rebounds off, and ducks a lariat attempt by Takawa. Clubber keeps going, hits the far ropes, and catches Takawa on the rebound with a forearm shot to the head! Hiro Takawa takes the full impact because of the momentum, and crashes to the mat, holding his head in pain.

Clubber takes a minute to gather himself, and then pulls “The Omega Dragon” Hiro Takawa roughly to his feet, and shoves him back into the corner of Damage Control. Stomper locks Takawa’s arms behind him in the corner. Clubber starts to pound away at Takawa’s midsection, with both fists flying. 

The fans jeer loudly at the sight of Stomper keeping Takawa locked up in the corner, while Clubber beats on him. Corey Lazarus starts to holler at the referee from the other corner, and Austin Linam does start to administer a standing ten count, giving Damage Control an order to break up the double team. 

Finally, right before Austin Linam gets to ten, Stomper releases Takawa, and Hiro crumples to the mat, holding his midsection where Clubber had been pummeling him. Corey Lazarus starts to stomp his foot loudly on the apron, and the fans begin to join along, stomping and clapping in time. 

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe this, but Damage Control are actually showing some teamwork and skill here as Tag Team wrestlers!  Maybe there is more to them than just being Dave Dymond’s hired goons! 

The Other Guy: I hate to agree, but I have to.  These guys are hanging in there, and doing well against not just any team, but the team that most people think are the best team in all of SHOOT Project! 

Clubber reaches across, and tags in Stomper. Clubber has not yet left the ring, and as Stomper pulls Takawa to his feet, and whips him into the ropes, Clubber and Stomper link arms, and almost take “The Omega Dragon” Hiro Takawa’s head off with another double clothesline! 

The referee shouts at Clubber to get out of the ring, and Clubber complies. No sooner does Clubber get to the apron, than Stomper has Takawa pulled to his feet, scooped him up, and violently slams him down to the mat!  Stomper grabs Takawa by the hair, pulls him to his feet, and then tags Clubber. Clubber climbs back into the ring, and throws one of Hiro Takawa’s arms over his shoulder. Stomper gets on the other side, and throws Takawa’s other arm over his shoulder. The two men easily hoist Takawa up, high over their heads in a double back suplex! 

Takawa does a mini-spasm from the impact, and Clubber makes the cover, as Dave Dymond screams at Linam to count… 



Corey Lazarus leaps off the top rope, and breaks up the count with a flying double axehandle smash to the back of Clubber! The fans erupt, as Clubber goes sprawling! 

Austin Linam leaps to his feet, and bellows at Corey Lazarus to leave the ring! As he does, Stomper and Clubber decide to take advantage. Damage Control pick Takawa’s body up off the mat, and forcibly shove him backward into the corner. While Linam is still shouting at Corey to back off, Stomper wraps the tag rope around Takawa’s neck. Stomper goes to the apron, and pulls on the rope, causing Hiro Takawa’s face to turn red, then purple, then blue. Takawa is kicking his legs mightily, but he cannot break free. Meanwhile, Clubber once again starts to pound away on the popular young star with a rapid barrage of shots to the solar plexus, as Stomper chokes him. 

Eryk Masters: Takawa is in a bad way here, O.G. 

The Other Guy: If Laz doesn’t get into this match soon, we may be in for a huge upset! 

Austin Linam has finally succeeded in getting Corey Lazarus back to the corner, but now he turns around and sees Damage Control choking Takawa with the tag rope. Linam yells at Stomper to release Takawa, but before he can head over to the corner to enforce it, Dave Dymond jumps up on the apron! 

The fans hurl abuse at Dave Dymond as he theatrically jumps up and down, waving his arms and shouting at Austin Linam. Linam orders Dave Dymond to get down, but Dymond just argues back. Finally, Corey Lazarus has had enough. Once again, even though he is not the legal man, Corey Lazarus charges into the ring! This time, Lazarus heads straight towards Dave Dymond, dives through the ropes, sending Dymond crashing down to the floor! Lazarus’s own momentum carries him through the ropes as well, and the two men land in a heap on the concrete. 

As Austin Linam looks over the top rope in shock at the mess outside the ring, Damage Control decide to take advantage of the chaos. Stomper releases Hiro Takawa from the tag rope choke, and shoves him forward.  Clubber grabs Takawa, and drops him throat first over the top rope. The momentum causes Takawa’s head to bounce back, and he hits the mat, flat on his back. As Takawa lies flat on the mat choking, Clubber leaps into the air and lands across Takawa’s neck with an elbow smash! Stomper gets up, and spins Austin Linam around, ordering him to count! Austin Linam sees Clubber covering Hiro Takawa for the pin, and slides down to make the count… 



Suddenly, Clubber disappears…he is grabbed by the ankle from the outside, and pulled from the ring! The fans cheer in relief! 

Eryk Masters: Corey Lazarus grabs Clubber by the ankle, from outside the ring and pulls him outside…just in the nick of time! 

The Other Guy: Austin Linam has no control over this match, Masters.  He’s letting Damage Control get away with some great double team moves, and he’s also letting Corey Lazarus break up the count every chance he gets. 

On the outside, Corey Lazarus is beside himself with rage. Lazarus pulls Dave Dymond to his feet, and then grabs him by the back of the head. Lazarus has Clubber by the back of the head with his other hand and smashes Clubber and Dave Dymond’s heads together at full speed! The fans are going wild! Austin Linam is in the ring, yelling down at Lazarus to get back to his corner. 

Stomper gets to his feet, and looks down at Takawa. Stomper drives a knee down into Takawa’s throat!  The impact of the knee smash to Hiro Takawa’s throat is so severe, that Takawa actually leaps to his feet, placing both his hands over his neck, gasping and sputtering for air. “The Omega Dragon” staggers around for a few seconds, red in the face, and then collapses in a heap. 

Austin Linam finally succeeds in prompting Corey Lazarus to walk back over to his corner, Dave Dymond slowly gets up and stands in Damage Control’s corner, but he looks very shaky, and he is holding his head and complaining loudly.  Clubber rolls back into the ring, but instead of heading to his corner, he goes to the middle of the ring and joins Stomper in kicking the hell out of Hiro Takawa again! Linam turns around, and sees both members of Damage Control laying a beating on Hiro Takawa. 

Clubber and Stomper both pull Hiro Takawa to his feet, throw Takawa into the ropes in unison, and throw a double clothesline, but Takawa ducks underneath, somersaults, leaps forward… AND FINALLY MAKES THE TAG! 

The crowd comes absolutely unglued, and cheers so loudly you can almost feel the ground shaking. Corey Lazarus leaps over the top rope, and screams in rage! Clubber rushes towards Laz, and Corey Lazarus almost takes Clubber’s head off with a clothesline! Corey Lazarus hooks Clubber up for a suplex, but also hooks his leg, as if he is going to execute “The Perfect Plex.”  Laz lifts Clubber up vertically, and then releases his head as Laz drops to his knees! Clubber lands on the back of his head, neck, and upper shoulders as Laz pushes down on the big man’s legs, adding velocity to the drop! 

“The Box Office Bomb!”   

Clubber lands like a ton of bricks and is out cold! Dave Dymond leaps up to the apron again, and is sent crashing back to the concrete when Corey Lazarus hits him right upside the head with a roaring elbow!  Laz rolls Clubber out of the ring, and Clubber lands right on top of Dymond, in a heap. 

Stomper rushes at Laz, but Lazarus is on him like a wild man! Corey Lazarus jumps onto Stomper in a Lou Thesz press, and starts to rain down a merciless barrage of punches to the head. Stomper tries to cover up, but Lazarus is relentless in his onslaught. Corey Lazarus starts to literally bounce Stomper’s head off the mat. 

Finally, Corey Lazarus gets up, pulls Stomper to his feet, and hurls him through the air in a wild hip toss. Stomper crashes to the mat, right on his tailbone. Lazarus starts to stomp and kick away, refusing to give him a chance to breathe. 

Eryk Masters:  Corey Lazarus is letting all his pent up anger about being kept out of this match right onto the head of Stomper. 

The Other Guy: I think he might have already KILLED Clubber and Dymond! 

Corey Lazarus grabs Stomper and pulls him to his feet. Laz goes behind Stomper, lifting the big man up onto his shoulders as Hiro Takawa ascends to the top rope. Hiro Takawa leaps off of the top rope, wrapping his legs around Stomper’s head from behind as Corey quickly turns to the side and releases him! Takawa follows through with a backflip, causing Stomper to land face-first on the mat following the inverted huracanrana!  

Lazarus makes the cover on Stomper… 




Frontline II Turbo’s music starts blast from the sound system, and Corey Lazarus rolls the unconscious Stomper out of the ring, where he lands on top of Clubber and Dave Dymond in a heap.  Gregory Price slides into the ring and hoists Laz and Takawa’s arms into the air… 


Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa make a motion across their waists where the want to see the Tag Team Championship Belts.  All three men depart the ring as their music continues to play.  The camera goes over to the spot where Dave Dymond and Damage Control are starting to slowly get to their feet.   

Needless to say, Dave Dymond looks VERY unhappy. 

Dave Dymond grabs the microphone out of the hand of Samantha Coil and rolls into the ring.  The music for Frontline II Turbo dies down, and Dave Dymond just stands there, breathing heavily and rubbing his jaw painfully for a moment. 

Finally, Dave Dymond holds his hand up and begins to speak… 

Dave Dymond: ENOUGH!  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Do you know why Damage Control just lost that match?  One reason.  One simple reason. JONAS COLEMAN. 

The fans cheer loudly upon hearing the name of The Butcher. 

Dave Dymond: No, Coleman wasn’t out here to interfere.  But all week, every interview I gave, every phone call, every email, every fax, all anybody wanted to talk about was Jonas Coleman.  How the hell am I supposed to prepare my team for a match against the #1 Contenders when all anybody cares about is Jonas Coleman?  How am I supposed to concentrate, when all I can think about is Coleman appearing out of the woodwork, trying to kill me? 


And now on top of all that, PERDITION are back. Diego Reyes has come back from the dead, right when I was poised to crush Coleman once and for all.  Akuma Satsui was ready to finish off Coleman, and Damage Control were ready to deal with The Bad-Ass Brotherhood.  But no, Reyes had to come out of nowhere, and spoil everything. Well to hell with Diego Reyes, to hell with The Bad-Ass Brotherhood, to hell with PERDITION, and to hell with your precious BUTCHER. 

The fans boo loudly and hurl garbage at Dave Dymond, as Damage Control are both kneeling outside the ring, trying to recuperate.  

Dave Dymond: Damage Control just came within a heartbeat of defeating the best team in SHOOT Project.  But I can’t advance my plans any further until I rid the world of Jonas Coleman once and for all.  I can’t take Akuma Satsui to the next level in his career, as long as this endless war with Coleman is raging.  Do you know how long this has been going on, Coleman?  Do you?  DO YOU? 


You have been the fly in my ointment for SIX MONTHS.  Half a damn year!  Well ENOUGH!  On the next episode of Revolution, do me a favor.  You and Reyes get your boots back on, and get into the ring with Damage Control.  Or even better, one of you can sign up for a Dymond assisted suicide, and sign a contract to face Akuma Satsui in a no-disqualification match. 

Either way, what just happened here tonight showed me the truth.  I will NEVER be able to advance the careers of the men I manage as long as Jonas Coleman and his flunkies are in SHOOT Project.  Coleman, Reyes…you need to go.  And since you won’t go on your own, we’ll have to make you go. 

So do everybody a favor, and SIGN THE CONTRACT! 

Dave Dymond slams his microphone to the mat, and charges out of the ring, with Damage Control in tow.  Dymond is cursing at the top of his lungs as he heads towards the back. The shot goes to Eryk Masters and The Other Guy in the broadcast position. 

Eryk Masters: I’m not quite sure what to make of what we just saw, OG. 

The Other Guy: Dave Dymond is losing his shit, what’s so hard to figure out? 

Eryk Masters: We saw his team put in a very impressive performance against Frontline II Turbo, but they came up short. And instead of blaming F2T, he blames Jonas Coleman, who didn’t have a damn thing to do with this match. 

The Other Guy: In Dymond’s mind, Coleman is responsible for everything and anything bad that happens to him, including the high price of gasoline. But Dymond has a point.  He’s never going to be able to manage Damage Control to a victory, and lead Akuma Satsui any farther until the war with The Butcher is over. 

Eryk Masters: Dave Dymond laid down the challenge tonight. He said he wants Damage Control against PERDITION, or Akuma Satsui against either Coleman or Reyes in a No Disqualification match, on the next episode of Revolution! We’ll see what happens, but he’s right about one thing.  This war has been going on for six months, and something is going to have to break, and soon.


Standing outside the arena Tanya Black lights up a cigarette and takes a long drag of it, holding the smoke in for a moment before blowing it out in rings. Smiling at herself she takes another quick puff as her mind tries to calm and focus itself, her eyes closed off to the world.

Coming from the distance is her partner for the evening, Laura Seton, wearing a brand new pink female shirt with "PG Princess" on the front.  Aside Laura is her sister Madison.  As they pass Tanya, Laura gives a polite nod with a grin.

Laura: Hey, Tanya.  Ready for tonight?

Tanya opens her eyes and turns her head away from the two before exhaling another mouthful of smoke from her cigarette.

Tanya: Am I ready? Of course. But where the hell have you been? Your alleged hotel room has been unoccupied for days. I gave up last night. Thought you were going to no-show. I mean I waited a bit to join the crew and I have still been here the past three days.

Madison: She had a game yesterday, you assh–

Laura gives Madison a stern look before looking at Tanya.

Laura: Yesterday was the start of my basketball season.  Don’t worry.  I’ll never no-show an event.  I never welched on an event in LEGACY and I sure won’t here.

Tanya: Oh yeah. Sure. I guess it’s okay regardless. I wasn’t planning on doing much tagging out anyways. I feel kind of responsible for dragging Dina back into SHOOT and you’ve had enough chances to play with Alex. But this way no staff gives me crap about "Where’s Laura Seton? Have you seen Laura Seton?"

Tanya smirks over at Madison as she gets the last drag of her cigarette before blowing the smoke out of her nose in two long spurts like an angry bull in a cartoon.

Laura: SHOOT knows about my other doings.  They knew full well I wasn’t showing up until last night.  Do you have a problem or something?

Tanya: Three. One is standing next to you, one is a tad personal and anatomical, and the other…. well that’s the biggest one. It’s business though and it’s appointment has already been set: Redemption. But none of that matters. I’ve been in a generally good mood the past few weeks. Got to play with the Gunslingers and earn their respect. Got to get some tag action back into my veins. And tonight I get a nice little match where I know none of my opponents will go all homicidal with pointy chopsticks or nooses. Are you ready to have some fun out there Laura?

Laura: Of course.  Two big performances in two nights in two sports?  Life doesn’t get much better!

Madison: What kind of stupid question is that?  OF COURSE she’s ready!

Tanya looks over at Madison. For a long moment she says nothing then looks back at Laura.

Tanya: I’m going to go get dressed for our match. Try to remember one thing: I have enough patience to wait for us to have a proper match at the appointed time. But it takes a lot because I’m very eager. Your pet is wearing out what remains of my patience.

Without waiting for either of them to respond Tanya walks off.

Madison: How can you just sit there and take all that from her?

Laura: I’ll get her in the ring.

Madison: Tonight, right? Just kick the sh*t out of her.

Laura: I’ll do it when we’re faced against each other. She is my teammate tonight so hitting her does no good.

Madison: Then I’ll have to do this myself.

Madison turns and gets two steps in the direction Tanya went before Laura grabs her from behind by the shirt collar.

Laura: NO!

Madison: Why NOT!?

Laura: If you’re going after someone like Tanya, you better be an experienced vet.

Madison: I can defend myself, you know.

Laura: Lighten up! If you don’t like how I’m doing something or whatever, fine. Just know that my allowing you to come with me is a privilege. If you’re going to try attacking the other wrestlers, I won’t hesitate to stop bring you along. Do you understand?

Madison nods.

Laura: Let’s get to the locker room then.

Madison lets out a frustrated breath and shakes her head before following Laura as we fade away.



Eryk Masters: Our next contest will be Maya Nakashima’s return to Revolution. After deciding to leave wrestling, and move back to Japan and then the toll of that devastating tsunami. It has been a long brutally difficult journey for this young man to return to the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: No doubt, Eryk. And his first challenge will be a heavy one. Stephen Rawlings is a former champion many times over in many different organizations. He is cocky and talented, and after his last match he is no doubt looking for a better showing.

Eryk Masters: Lets go to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Our following contest is scheduled for ONE fall, and has a 20 minute time limit. Making his way to the ring first…

Linkin Park’s "Points of Authority" blasts through the arena. Some of the crowd boos and jeers Rawlings who steps out onto the ramp wearing his black tights. He sneers at some fans as he walks briskly towards the ring. All business.

Samantha Coil: Weighing 215 pounds. He is. STEPHEN. RRRRAWLINGS!

Rawlings slides into the ring and throws his hands out to the side, cockily. As the music fades he heads to the corner and loosens up.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

Perfume’s "One Room Disco" hits the arena’s sound system as the crowd stands up and looks to t entrance.

Maya Nakashima steps out onto the ramp, nervously.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 140 pounds. HE IS. MMMMAYA… NAKASHIMA!!!!

Eryk Masters: Listen to this crowd standing and giving them all his support, knowing the trials and tribulations he’s endured over the last few months.

Maya starts his trek towards the ring and we take notice of his gear. Recognizable not only as gear Tres Bien wore: Which is their old TRES BIEN gear. Black sleeves, black gloves, glossy atomic pink pants with TRES BIEN on one side and Shinya’s name on the other side in black stitching, black boots.

Other Guy: And you know its on his mind as he wears, not only, Shinya’s bandana, but also his ring gear.

Maya pauses and closes his eyes, places his hand over the bandana and takes a deep breath before walking to ther ring. Fans on either side of the walkway extend their hands. He almost seems taken back by the crowd’s reaction. He tentatively reaches out and slaps the first hand. then the second. Each one seeming to reassure him and make him more at ease.

He takes a full trip around the ring continuing to slap hands, and gets a bunch of pats on the shoulder and back. As he hops up on the apron and slides into the ring. He goes to his corner and pauses. Placing his head on the top rope. He closes his eyes attempting to calm the nerves and adrenaline coursing through his body.

Eryk Masters: I can only imagine. Its been a long trip for him to get here, and now here he is in front a capacity crowd, and the bright lights of Revolution.

Other Guy: You have to wonder not only about rust, as this is his first match, but also the mental and emotional tolls this man’s last six months have taken on him.

Eryk Masters: He was never a big guy, but I think he looks almost… gaunt.

The bell rings and Maya picks his head up and faces Rawlings. The men circle briefly and lunge in for a tie up. Rawlings shoves to the mat, violently. He follows that up with a smirk, which elicits boos from the crowd. Maya gets up, and again the circle. They go for a tie up, but Maya uses his quickness to duck behind and grab Rawlings around the waist, but Rawlings quickly takes the wrists an seperates them. He then drives backwards, towards a corner, sandwiching Maya against the turnbuckles. He throws a vicious back elbow that catches Maya’s temple. Rawlings then turns and jumps up, planting his feet on Maya’s thighs and grabbing the back of Maya’s neck and rolls back, executing a nice monkey flip.

Eryk Masters: Maya really looking tentative in the early goings. Not entirely sure of what he wants to do.

Other Guy: Well when he was part of Tres Bien, it was Shinya who was regularly the steady force. The tactician. The Teacher.

Rawlings is up and buries a shin into the side of Maya’s ribs. Follows that up with a stomp to the forehead, and then drops a leg across the neck. Stephen drops down and makes our first cover.



NO! Maya shoulders out.

Rawlings is back up and brings Maya to his feet. Kicks him in the gut and hooks a front facelock before delivering a nice snap suplex. Rawlings effortlessly rolls through to go right into a lateral press.


Two..NO! Maya is out again.

Eryk Masters: Rawlings showing some early flashes of the athleticism and wrestling ability that has won him championships.

Rawlings picks Maya up again. He hoists him, in a delayed vertical suplex, this time, but Maya shifts his weight and ends up sliding down behind Rawlings and rolling him up. The crowd roars as the referee drops to make a count.



Thre-NO! Rawlings just kicked out.

Eryk Masters: SO close.

Rawlings eyes are wide with surprise which slowly turns to rage as one section ringside starts a "Lets Go Maya" chant. Maya gets up as does Rawlings, and Rawlings smirks as the chant spreads through the arena. Maya looks around a little wide eyed, and is due for a bigger shock when Rawlings extends his right hand. Maya looks around nervously for some reassurance. The crowd screams "NO!" – but Maya tentatively extends his right hand when Rawlings snatches it and violently brings him in and drives his shoulder into Maya’s shoulder. The force drops Maya to a knee. Rawlings doesn’t let go and even more viciously snaps him in and sends him reeling back to a knee with a nasty shoulder. Rawlings one more time brings him to a vertical base and pulls him in and drives his shoulder Maya’s. He then goes and lifts the arm, and steps under twisting as he does.

Other Guy: The old arm wringer!

Maya winces as Rawlings really torques the hold, and then winds up and delivers a nasty kick to Maya’s ribcage.

Eryk Masters: With a new twist!

He winds up again and again drives his shin into Maya’s ribs. Maya drops to a knee. The ref checks on him asking if he wants to quit. Maya shakes his head emphatically, no. Rawlings goes for one more kick, but Maya gets his knee up and checks the kick. He quickly follows that up with his left leg coming up and kicking Rawlings in the right triceps which effectively frees Maya. The crowd roars as Maya surges with adrenaline. He takes off and bounces off the rope. Rawlings steps in and looks for a clothesline, but Maya ducks and goes off the far ropes. As he gets back to Stephen he launches himself with a high spinning heel kick that levels Rawlings. The crowd roars with delight.

Eryk Masters: Maya with some high impact offense, but he landed on that right side that just took so much damage, and he’s clearly feeling it.

Maya gets up favoring his right side and goes to make a cover, but is unable to hook the leg with his right arm.


two… Rawlings shoulders out.

Maya gets up and waits for Rawlings to start, and once he does he runs to the near rope, jumps to the middle and leaps back, turning his body into a high cross body that again drops Rawlings. Maya is able to hook a leg with his left arm.



th-NO! Rawlings shoulders out.

Eryk Masters: Nakashima is getting more comfortable and confident with each passing moment inside that ring.

Other Guy: And his speed is giving Rawlings absolute fits.

Maya is back up, and circles Rawlings, awaiting him to to get up. When Stephen does stand Maya rocks him in the chest with a drop sault, but snaps around so quickly he lands on one foot, one knee. The force of the kick sends Stephen hard into the corner. Maya charges in fiercely, placing foot on the bottom rope and driving a knee right into Rawling’s chin.

Eryk Masters: Rawlings was rocked by that shot. I think his eyes rolled back into his head.

Maya feeling it gives a fist pump, and again presses the bandana against his face and takes a deep inhale, before taking off towards the corner. He leaps up, and grabs the top rope and starts to extend into a handstand.

Other Guy: Looking for the Ode to Shinya.

Rawlings "snaps to" and quickly shoves Maya’s right hand off the rope. Maya’s shoulder crashes down on the top turnbuckle. His legs come down and get caught by Rawlings. he shifts him so he has one leg on each shoulder. Rawlings takes a step forward and absolutely plants Maya with an Alabama slam. The crowd groans at the impact. Rawlings drops to a knee and crawls to make a cover.



thre-Maya kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Nakashima certainly showing a lot of resilience.

Other Guy: Maybe that bandana needs to be tested for P.E.D.s!

Rawlings back up, he shakes some of the cobwebs from Maya’s offense and stomps down viciously on the right shoulder. He winds up. Another nasty stomp. He picks Maya up. Puts that right arm in a hammer lock and delivers a wicked body slam. Maya lets out a a grimace and a pain filled grunt.

Eryk Masters: Silver lining, for Maya fans? Because of the distinct size disadvantage, there isn’t a lot in the way of power moves Rawlings is neutralizing.

Other Guy: Doom and gloom lining? Any high impact move he hits… or misses… gonna hurt like a bitch! If he wants to fly around and use himself like a human battering ram, it may end up being more painful to him than to Rawlings.

Rawlings brings Maya up by his right arm, and whips him off the ropes using the same arm. He brings the boot up, but Maya drops down, sliding beneath it. He pops up, and nails a quick leg kick. He then drives his shin into Rawlings’ rib cage. Finally. He leaps and delivers another dropsault, this time nailing the over rotation and landing on his feet. Rawlings drops to a knee, and Maya bounces off the ropes and comes in with a nasty low drop kick to Rawlings forehead. Maya scrambles to make a cover.



Three-no. Foot on the ropes! At the last possible moment Rawlings threw his leg out and it land on the nearby ring ropes.

Other Guy: Lucky for him the ref has his good contacts in. Get it? Cuz referees can’t see.

Neither men is moving quickly. The crowd starts slow clapping and stomping. Making noise. Rawlings stirs. Maya gets to a knee and shakes his right arm trying to keep it loose. Maya gets to his feet as Rawlings gets up to his knee, and Maya runs and drives a knee into Rawling’s temple. He drops for a cover.



Th-no! Rawlings shoulders out. Maya gets up. He bounces off the ropes, and as he comes back Rawlings lunges with a clothesline that turns Maya inside out. The crowd "ooohs" sympathetically as Rawlings shakes out his arm from the force of the blow. Rawlings grabs Maya and violently whips him into the corner. Rawlings smirks as Maya slumps heavily in the corner. Rawlings charges into the corner, but Maya slips out through the middle rope and leans back driving both of his feet into Rawlings’ face. Its Rawlings turn to slump in the corner. Maya heads to the opposite corner and takes a moment, before charging in looking for a splash, but Stephen senses this and bends down, looking for a back body drop, and almost succeeds in launching Maya into the stratosphere, but Maya adjusts and half dives over, and grabs the top rope, so when Rawlings extends there isn’t any more force than to put Maya into a handstand position. He holds it for a split second and the comes down grabbing Rawlings neck and hitting a modified codebreaker.

Other Guy: The Ode To Shinya! He hit it!

The crowd erupts as Maya gets on top of Rawlings and hooks the leg with every fiber of his being and holds on for dear life.




The crowd roars as Maya rolls off of Rawlings.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, at 18 minutes, 33 seconds. MMMMMMMMMAYA NAKA… SHIIIIIIMA!!!!!!

Eryk Masters: A hard fought battle between these two. Fast paced, and what a win for young Maya Nakashima!


Kenji bursts through the doors of the Project: SCAR locker room. Fury scorned across his face as he looks to his left, Isaac Entragian, and looks to his right, Adrian Corazon. A hideous purple bruising slashed across his neck, prominent. Kenji forcefully throws down a severed noose in the middle of the locker room. He remains silent for a moment, but even in that moment the sounds being made are visceral and demanding. His breathing sporadic and heavy. His teeth grinding against themselves hard enough to hear. 


Kenji: Look at it. 


His eyes, inflamed, surge wide. 


Kenji: LOOK AT IT! 


Entragian stands up from his place on the edge of a bench, rising up to his full, colossal height. He takes two steps forward, staring down at the noose lying on the floor. 


His pallid expression becomes grave, and finally he looks up at Kenji, eyes dancing with recognition as to who must be behind this atrocity. 


Isaac: I can think of only ONE who would target you in such a tactless way. The Son Slayer? 


A low growl can be heard escaping from Kenji’s lips. Every muscle in his body looks tense and ready to explode. His eyes turbulent with fury unseen from him before. 


Kenji: I can think of TWO more. They target US. They openly challenge EVERYTHING we stand for. They do THAT to me. I don’t care how you feel about me right now. I don’t care WHO else you think needs to be cleansed. YOU both WILL STAND with me. We will show them. We will show them what they have done. The GIANT they have awoken.  


His hands tighten into fists, hands turning a seething red. 


Kenji: Project: SCAR…will reveal TRUTH. 


That dark lunacy that lives inside of Entragian starts to swirl in his irises, his eyes like poisonous vats that are mere INCHES from spilling over. When he speaks again, his voice is warped with rage, his whole body startling to tremble slightly. 


Isaac: I need no convincing on this matter, brother. This is an AFFRONT. These arrogant motherfuckers would CROSS the most UNCROSSABLE of lines. They would drudge up memories of that boy…AN INNOCENT. 


Entragian leans down, picking up the noose very carefully. 


Isaac: Their hands have been stained for years, brother. Stained in the blood of a child who was EVERYTHING to you. I know how much he meant to you, and understand now…they will PAY in FUCKING dividends for this. The Row is LONG gone, this is SCAR’s territory…and I think it’s time we marked what is OURS by pissing all over their smug FUCKING FACES! 


Entragian barks this last, tossing the noose to the side violently. He places one gigantic claw on Corazon’s shoulder, and then he turns to Kenji with hate boiling in his heart. 


Isaac: To honor your son, we WILL stand at your side, Kenji. We will…MUTILATE…at your side. 


Kenji’s head starts to slowly nod up and down. His eyes wide and unhinged, crazy. His hands shake with a purpose as they close into tightly packed fists.  


Kenji: They have crossed a line. A line they will never be able to go back on. Regret barely scrapes the surface of what they will feel. Despair doesn’t even break through the muscle tissue of what they will feel. While time off and raising a family have softened those men…we three have been hardened even further by violence. 


Kenji’s eyes wander to Issac. 


Kenji: We THREE have been tempered in blood. 


Kenji’s eyes wander to Corazon. 


Kenji: We THREE have become the nightmare of SHOOT Project. WE three have built our EMPIRE on the bloody remains of the PURE. While those pathetic ingrates have been living a cushy little life…we have been devouring the weak. WE THREE are the top of the food chain. Tonight, WE THREE…cement our will. 


Isaac places his pale hands together in a form of mock prayer, bowing his head so that his white hair hangs about his face. 


Isaac: Hallelujah, brother. When it comes to SHOOT, SCAR is GOD…and tonight, they will see the fucking LIGHT! 


The albino turns to Corazon with a purely evil grin spreading across his features  

Corazon: If you hear the whispers… you know that we are reaching everyone in the SHOOT Project…  they worry, they talk, they…  are concerned. I find it amusing, mostly. Amusing, great fun.You watch their eyes and listen to their voices as we walk by… they know. They understand, yet… yet there are some who choose not to accept what we are. 

Corazon leans backwards and places his hands behind his head, with his fingers interlocked. 

Corazon: Those men… they learn their lesson tonight. They gain an education, and the price they pay is their own blood. The rivers will flow, their hue a dark red, and those men will know what it means to be SCARRED.


Voice: You ready? 


Azraith DeMitri steps into the frame, the camera focused on his shoulders and head – complete with his trademark black-and-blue hair. 


Voice: Let’s show that fool how The Truth…  


Ichiro Seppuku steps in to the opposite side of the frame, his milk-white eye and length-wise scar filling a third of the frame. 


Ichiro: …can set you- 


Voice: Woah woah woah 


Lennox Ferguson pops his head in between the two men, his shaved head and red beard a stark contrast between the two. He puts his hand on Ichiro’s shoulder. 


Lennox: Let’s try to be a little bit more… original. 


Azraith just grins as Ichiro shrugs. 


Ichiro: What’s your suggestion Az? 

Lennox puts his hand on Azraith’s shoulder and looks over at him but Az simply brushes the arm off and looks from Lennox to Ichiro before turning slightly to the camera, casting a knowing sideways glance. 

Azraith: We don’t need a fucking catchphrase for Tommy Boy to understand…  

He turns even more towards the camera, grinning. 

Azraith: …that when he fucked with Ichiro? He fucked with The Truth. The WHOLE Truth.  

Azraith pauses. 

Azraith: And now, he’s going to get Nothing. 




Ichiro grins broadly as he raises his thumb to his neck and draws it across, from right to left, as Azraith lowers his gaze, staring directly into the camera. 

Azraith: So help you God. 

With that, Azraith and Ichiro peel away from their respective sides while Lennox looks, awkwardly, from left to right, smiling in approval as you can hear a small roar of approval from what sounds to be a dozen or so very vocal fans coming from the arena. 

Lennox: Hey! That was pretty good!  

He stops, looking confused, then concerned. 

Lennox: Shit! Wait up guys! 

As Lennox runs past the camera to catch up with his teammates, the camera spins wildly back toward where all three had stood and someone is there – and then gone, stepping away into the shadows. 

The camera only catches it for a second but it looked like he had… long, white hair.  


imageWell their ain’t no rest for the wicked

Money don’t grow on trees…


The fans in Caracas stand up and roar to life as “No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant starts up over the PA system. 

Samantha Coil: Now introducing from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte, North Carolina…  

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Dark Sinner.”  

Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air. 

Samantha Coil: He is “The Queen City Hitman”… 

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at Dennis Heflin as he makes his way to the middle of the ring.  

He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring. 

Samantha Coil: This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK! 

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused on the rampway, even as the lights go down. 

Listen all you mother fuckers!


The opening lines from The Crystal Method’s "The Name of the Game" play on the speakers as the crowd’s jubilation dies down and turns into a smattering of boos – although a strong contingent of cheers can be heard, apparently from right behind Eryk Masters and OG, being picked up on the announcers’ microphones.  


Eryk Masters: What? Really?  


The Other Guy: Leave them alone Eryk, they’re just confused. 

Suddenly, blue fireworks shoot up from the stage as a long-haired man in a trench coat steps forward, his face glowing in the dark. 

Listen all you mother fuckers!



Eryk Masters: Jesus Herbert Walker Christ! 

Purple fireworks shoot up on the opposite side of the stage now as another long-haired man in a trench coat steps forward. 

Listen all you mother fuckers!


Pulsing techno beats match the blue and purple strobe lights now filling the arena as Azraith DeMitri and Ichiro Seppuku step toward the center of the rampway and begind to walk down, followed propmtly by Lennox Ferguson as the song jumps ahead: 

Everybody in front

Let me see ya pumpin’ ya fists. 

If you up in the back room

When you rockin’ with this. 

Come on. 

Keepin’ ya speaker knockin’

Jumpin’ bangin’ bumpin’ blazin’ 


Callin’ all freaks.


Samantha Coil: And his challenger, heiling from Hokodate, Japan and residing in New York City… he accompandied by fellow Truth members Azraith DeMitri and Lennox Ferguson… he IS Ichiro Seppppuku! 

Eryk Masters: I’m still not sure what to make of this new group OG. 

Other Guy: I’m a bit terrified actually… I mean, Ichiro and Azraith have been away from the ring for a while but if they can shake off some of that ring rust… every other tag team in SHOOT needs to take notice. 

Eryk Masters: No disagreements from me there OG, but with the way they treated Thomas Manchester Black last Revolution, you have to believe he has revenge on his mind. 

Other Guy: Compared to the levels of bloodlust Ichiro has for Kenji? I doubt it. Ichiro has laid down an ultimatum that anyone who stands in his way will be dealt with swiftly and this match here is a result of Manchester Black getting in Ichiro, and The Truth’s, way. 

Ichiro Seppuku slides his jacket off and hands it to Lennox who also grabs Azraith’s coat as Ichiro steps over the ropes into the ring and Azraith begins walking up the ring steps – standing outside with his arms crossed. 

Eryk Masters: What in the… 

Dennis Heflin eyes Azraith suspiciously, but rings the bell as soon as TMB and Ichiro are on their feet and standing opposite each other.  

Ichiro begins to circle TMB but TMB isn’t having any of it – he launches a strike at Ichiro’s face which he quickly blocks, continuing to circle the Queen City Hitman almost defying him to come at him. Black reaches up to grab a hold of Ichiro’s head but Ichiro knocks the hold away and slams TMB in the face hard.  

TMB staggers backwards but doesn’t fall as Ichiro raises his fists to gaurd. Black, instead, takes a step back and runs sprinting at Ichiro, YAKUZA KICK! NO! Ichiro ducks out of the way! But Thomas Manchester Black keeps running, hitting the opposite ropes, leaping up and a CHIN CHECK on the unsuspecting Ichiro Seppuku drives him to the mat! 

Other Guy: Woah! Ichiro got caught off guard there – he needs some more time to get acclamated to the ring again. 

Eryk Masters: And you need more excuses. 

Other Guy: It’s been five years Eryk! 

Black had tried to roll Ichiro over for a pin, but Ichiro reversed and now the former SHOOT Project Champion is on top of Manchester Black, pummling him with lefts and rights ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. Azraith is clapping and cheering on his partner from the outside as Ichiro steps backwards off of Black, who tries to shake the cobwebs out. Ichiro watches intently as Black rolls over on to his stomach and tries to push himself up – just the move the Black Phenoix was looking for. 

Ichiro jumps onto Manchester Black’s back and wraps his arms around the former No Limit champion from Legacy. Black whips himself back and forth, trying to shake Ichiro but he has a sleeper hold locked in tightly. 

Hefflin drops to Black’s level and asks him if he gives up but Black screams "NO!" before screaming, attempting to lift Ichiro Seppuku up off the mat! Black’s face becomes beet-red as he manages to lift himself up with Ichiro hanging on to his neck! 

The fans roar in approval at this show of pure strength, with the exclamation point coming as TMB falls directly backward and lands on top of Ichiro Seppuku! 

Both men are out on the ring, breathing heavily, trying to recover. 

Eryk Masters: THAT is impressive OG! 

Other Guy No doubt, but I can bet you Manchester Black is ten times more exhausted than Ichiro is right now. 

Ichiro rolls away from Manchester Black and stands up against the ropes. Black slowly makes his way back to his feet as well, only to meet a bicycle kick from Ichiro, using the ropes as leverage! Black spins wildly backwards but uses his momentum to spin a full 360 and CLOTHESLINE ICHIRO UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE! 

Manchester Black hops up onto the middle rope, looking to dive over the edge but he quickly loses balance and tumbles head over heels, connecting hard with the mat before hitting the conrete floor! 

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri just tripped up TMB on that rope!  

Other Guy: He should have been aware of his surroundings! 

Azraith watches in amusement as Hefflin goes to check on TMB, who has a hand to his back, cursing indiscriminatly. But he doesn’t have much time to complain as Ichiro Seppuku is up, grabbing a hold of Black by the neck and throwing him back into the ring. 

Ichiro vaults over the top rope and quickly grabs a hold of Black’s feet, walking him toward the corner where Azraith DeMitri is standing, a cocky look on his face, but Black realizes where he is this time and uses all his power to KICK Ichiro up and over his body, flipping the former champ onto his back in the middle of the ring. Ichiro quickly scrambles up, but so does Black, still wincing at the stinger on his back. He raises his boot for another Yakuza Kick but Ichiro grabs a hold of it, wraps his hands around it and twists it violently, sending TMB to the mat. Ichiro rises up, jumps, and drops a STIFF elbow into Manchester Black’s back, causing him to spasm. 

Ichiro goes for the cover. 




Kickout by Black! 

Ichiro looks annoyed as he stands up and walks away from Manchester Black, towards Azraith. 

Other Guy: Wait a minute… what’s going on here? 

Ichiro reaches out and slaps Azraith’s hand and now Azraith steps into the ring, cracking his knuckles as Ichiro takes Azraith’s old spot behind the turnbuckle. 

Eryk Masters: How is that legal!? 

Other Guy: Well, Black did confront both of them and they DID say an attack on one of them was an attack on all of them… plus, I don’t see anyone out here looking to stop it! 

Hefflin does a double take as he sees Azraith walking towards a recovering TMB, but isn’t sure what to do. It’s too late though, as TMB kicks out his leg and sweeps the overconfident Azraith DeMitri onto his back. 

DeMitri calls out in shock while Black calls out in anger as he begins stomping wildly at Azraith’s sternum. Azraith quickly rolls out of the way and stands up to greet Thomas Manchester Black properly. He cracks his neck and lashes out a BIG boot to Black’s stomach to return the favor, sending Black keeling over in pain. Azraith hooks TMB’s arms and lifts him up on his back, then runs full bore at the opposite turnbuckle but JUST before he can connect, Manchester black squirms free, rolls forward, hooks Azraith DeMitri’s waist and rolls him up for a pin! 





Azraith kicks out violently, sending TMB staggering back. The Avatar jumps back up onto his feet and grabs a hold of Thomas Manchester Black by the head and SLAMS his skull into the turnbuckle once! twice! Three times! FOUR! FIVE! 

Dennis Hefflin grabs a hold of Azraith’s shoulders, telling him to stop, which Azraith does, letting Thomas Manchester Black sag into the corner, unmoving. 

Eryk Masters: This is a completely UNFAIR advantage! This isn’t a tag match!  

Other Guy: Did you not watch this show last week? I swear, sometimes it’s like I’m talking to Michael J. Fox. 

Eryk Masters: Excuse me… what? 

Other Guy: The guy from Spin City… the one with Alzheimer’s.  

Eryk Masters: That’s PARKINSONS you ignorant slut! 

Thomas Manchester Black and Azraith DeMitri are locked up in the middle of the ring with Azraith finally grabbing the upper hand! He wraps a hold of TMB around the waist, lifts him up and GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans outwardly wince as Azraith isn’t finished – lifting TMB up again, for a Full Nelson Slam! 

Azraith drops down and pulls up the leg. 





Kick out by Thomas Manchester Black! 

Eryk Masters: How in the world is Black still alive in that ring? He’s gotten almost no rest against not just Ichiro but Azraith DeMitri and oh good… look who’s back! 

Azraith has high-tailed it over to Ichiro, who tags himself in and launches himself at Thomas Manchester Black, who looks up just in time to be hit with the full force of a flying lariat!  

Black crumples to the ground and so does Ichiro but Ichiro is able to quickly scramble back up, like a man possessed. He scrambles around to TMB’s legs and lifts them up, turning into a figure-four leg lock! 

Ichiro stands with his back to TMB bending backwards and applying enormous pressure to the superstar’s back. 

Black roars out in pain as Ichiro tilts back even further.  

Dennis Hefflin drops to the mat asking TMB if he gives up but he shakes his head no, pulling himself closer and closer to the nearby ring ropes while an oblivious Ichiro continues to torque his spine. 

T-M-B! T-M-B! 

The fans begin to egg on Thomas Manchester Back as his fingers shake, outstretched, inches from the mat but still a bit too short! 

Eryk Masters: This man is giving it his all in a match where he is CLEARLY at a disadvantage! I’ve never been much a fan of how Thomas Manchester Black handles things but DAMMIT, he needs to win this thing! 

T-M-B! T-M-B! 

Beads of sweat fall down TMB’s forehead and his eyes begin to water as he screams, reaching out for the bottom rope which is less than an inch away! 

Ichiro turns his head to see this, but as he shifts his feet, the balance of weight moves just enough that TMB’s fingers snag on the ropes as the crowd explodes and Dennis Hefflin orders Ichiro to let go of the hold, which he does. 

Other Guy: I thought Ichiro would have got a few extra seconds on that hold, but it looks like he might not need it! Black looks hurt! 

Ichiro takes a look at the fallen TMB for a split second before bursting towards the opposite rope, bouncing off and running back toward Black – he leaps into the air and- 


Other Guy: OH That’s gonna hurt. 

Eryk Masters: That made my Little Eryks just A-scend back up. 

Other Guy: You call them “Little Eryks?” 

Eryk Masters: N.. no? 

Ichiro is kicking wildly on the mat, his face red in pain with his hands on his groin as Thomas Manchester Black tries to sit up, catching his breath as the crowd roars in approval. He looks around, smiling at the support before sitting, then standing all the way up and beating his chest in defiance, only serving to get the crowd more riled up! 

Ichiro is back on his feet now but Manchester Black is ready for him, throwing a wild right hook into the Truth member’s jaw! Spittle flies from Ichiro’s mouth as his head and neck take the full brunt of that hit, but his feet remain stuck in place. He grits his teeth, and SOCKS TMB in his nose with a quick left jab! TMB returns the favor. Then Ichiro. Then TMB. Then Ichiro!  

The fans are eating this up and burst into cheers as TMB ducks a roundhouse punch and takes down Ichiro at the knee! Ichiro stumbles and falls into a knee lock from Thomas Manchester Black! 

Hefflin falls to the mat asking Ichiro if he gives up but he shakes his head no. This only causes TMB to ratchet up the pressure on Ichiro’s knee, causing the former champ to pound his fist into the mat in pain.  

He desperately reaches for TMB, trying to get some leverage from himself, but he can’t! Hefflin asks again if Ichiro gives up. 


Seppuku yells this as loud as he possibly can, getting a cheap pop from the group of hardcores right behind Eryk Masters and Other Guy. 

Ichiro begins clawing his way towards Azraith and TMB tries to pull him back, but the exertion from the match doesn’t allow him much leverage as Ichiro reaches out and slaps Azraith’s hand. Azraith, meanwhile, hops up onto the turnbuckle and leaps off, causing Thomas Manchester Black to quickly release the hold! 

Azraith lands awkwardly on his feet but hits the ground running with enough speed to nearly decapitate Thomas Manchester Black with a Clothesline from Hell! Manchester Black collapses hard to the mat, but immediately tries to get up as the fans begin to chant. 

T-M-B! T-M-B! T-M-B! 

Azraith has none of it as he lifts TMB up and wraps his hand around his neck! Black looks shocked as Azraith lifts him up and SLAMS him down across an outstretched knee! 

Eryk Masters: Die Hand des Gottes! He’s done for! 

Azraith looks at his handiwork for a second before turning around and tagging in Ichiro Seppuku, who is looking much healthier. Seppuku grabs a hold of Thomas Manchester Black and lifts him up vertically so his feet are pointed toward the ceiling. 

Eryk Masters: Oh God, what now? 

Ichiro wraps his free arm around Black’s neck and then lets him drop awkwardly onto an outstretched knee, once again targeting Manchester Black’s back! TMB collapses forward, not moving as the fans begin to boo in earnest. 

Eryk Masters: Jesus!  

Other Guy: Exactly Eryk, Ichiro calls that the Rise and Fall! 

Ichiro tags in Azraith and Azraith grabs a hold of Manchester Black now, lifting him up again with a choke – TMB no longer able to resist as he drops TMB HARD onto that outstretched knee once again, this time targeting his neck, but this time Azraith doesn’t let go, hooking TMB under the arms and lifting him up and HITTING THE EXTINCTION! 

The Avatar stands up, wiping off his hands before tagging in Ichiro once again as the boos get louder. 

Eryk Masters: Someone needs to just stop this match! 

On cue, lights in the Poliedro de Caracas arena suddenly die out, leaving the arena bathed in darkess.It seems like an eternity until the sound of “OBSCURE” by Dir En Grey booms over the PA, causing the fans to roar, some with hatred, others with excitement. 

But, the darkness remains. The jumbo tron doesn’t light up, the disturbing guitar rifts and harsh vocals fill the darkness. The sound of Ichiro shouting at Azraith and Ox can barely be heard from inside the ring. The crowd has become frantic now, some screaming just to hear the sound of their own voice while others genuinely unsettled by the darkness and the ominous theme of Project: SCAR. 

Suddenly, the sound of a large shutter opening echoes through the arena. A single spotlight shines down at ringside, in that spotlight stands Project: SCAR’s Black Death: Adrian Corazon. He is brandishing a steel pipe, staring right into the darkened ring with a horrific grin. 

The sound of shutter booming open sounds again, another spotlight shines down on the opposite side of the ring. In the spotlight stands Project: SCAR’s Pale Rider: Isaac Entragian. He grins wide, showing off his razor sharpened fangs, the bright spotlight shines off them in an ominous way. Isaac’s eyes look wild, he looks ready to come completely unhinged at any second. 

They both stand in their respective spotlights, the world around them still pitch black, staring into the ring. 

But the familiar sound of a spotlight turning on is heard again, this time it is at the front of the ring where the entrance ramp ends. There, standing in the spotlight, is Project: SCAR’s Sociopath Pioneer: Kenji Yamada, a steel chair in hand.  

He’s not looking in the ring, he’s staring towards the source of the spotlight shining on him, as if it is the light of a deity. He rubs the purple bruise around his neck as he slowly looks forward. His opaque blue eyes chillingly calm as each member of Project: SCAR stalk towards the ring, the spotlight following them closely. In flash, the lights suddenly spark back on. 

Other Guy: This, ladies and gentlemen, is very bad… 

Eryk Masters: I didn’t mean them! 

Lennox Ferguson has slid into the ring to join Ichiro and Azraith who watch as SCAR circles the ring like sharks. 

Eryk Masters: Wait? Where did Manchester Black go!? 

Other Guy: There! Look! 

In the crowd, someone in a hooded sweatshirt with the help of Dennis Heflin, is helping the injured Thomas Manchester Black to the back as the ring bells sound signaling an end to the match, as if that wasn’t apparent already… 

Kenji Yamada and Azraith are locking eyes as Kenji motions with his hands to his brothers on the outside, mouthing the words “now” as they all, simultaneously slide into the ring and stand tall – encircling The Truth.  

Lennox Ferguson looks absolutely terrified while Ichiro and Kenji turn to face each other. Azraith is the first to move, wheeling around to face Corazon, who leaps at The Avatar with the steel pipe, Azraith attempts to side-step the shot but Isaac catches him, spinning him towards Adrian who goes low, this time CRUSHING the steel pipe into Azraith’s knee. 

DeMitri falls down to both knees, his face a mask of pain, yet despite this, The Avatar tries to push up to his feet. He’s prevented from doing so by two very strong pale hands. Az tries to look back, then out of the corner of his eye he catches Corazon smirking, almost like a prelude to what is to come, meanwhile Ichiro is just staring holes into Kenji Yamada, who is slowly inching his way closer to Ichiro with the steel chair. 

Eyrk Masters: Why is Ox just STANDING there!? 

Other Guy: Because it’s in his contract Eryk! Remember? 

Eryk Masters: Christalmighty… This is going to get VERY ugly if someone doesn’t- 

Other Guy: Oooh! 

With eerie quickness, The Ivory Terror WHIPS his head down and BITES into DeMitri’s shoulder with his razor-sharp teeth, gnawing and ripping at the flesh like a rabid dog. For a second, shock crosses The Avatar’s face, and then he gives voice to a lion-like roar of pain, his whole body TREMBLING with excruciation. With one fist he weakly beats at Issac’s head, but the monster stays locked in for a moment longer before withdrawing in a flip of his neck. 

Az collapses down to all fours, his shoulder mangled and bloody. We zoom in on Entragian’s face for a moment, and we see that SCAR’s Pale Rider smiles, the fresh blood of The Avatar dripping down his pale chin. 

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD! Azraith DeMitri has been subdued here, first an assault via that steel pipe…then that pale bastard Entragian has the audacity BITE into the meat of the man’s shoulder! 

The second Ichiro takes his eyes off Kenji, looking to potentially aid Azraith, the steel chair in Kenji’s hands SLAMS into the side of his face. Ichiro immediately crumbles to the canvas, holding his face.  

Other Guy: Oof. 

Kenji stares down at Ichiro, not so much as a smile breaking out onto his face. His eyes just remain focused on Ichiro as he raises the steel chair above his head. Ichiro attempts to roll away from the shot but Kenji manages to still SLAM it down on Ichiro’s back with all his might.  

Kenji flips Ichiro onto his back and Ichiro uncovers his face and he’s… he’s laughing. 

Eryk Masters: Holy fuck. Seppuku is certifiable. 

Kenji’s face sneers slightly as he raises the chair over his head again and crashes again and again into Ichiro’s face. Ichiro’s laughter stops immediately as Lennox looks on in shock.  

After the third chair shot, Ichiro’s face is bathed in blood. He barely manages to get to his stomach and start crawling towards the ropes looking to escape? NO! Looking to pull himself up, leaving a disgusting blood trail on the canvas. 

Kenji looks to Issac and Corazon who are still admiring their handiwork on Azraith. 

Kenji: Hold him down! 

Issac’s mouth practically waters as he and Corazon form a circle with Kenji around Ichiro, leaving him no place to go. Corazon grabs a hold of Ichiro’s wrists and violently THROWS him back down to the canvas before lifting up a big boot and SLAMMING it down on the small of Ichiro’s back, aggitating the fighter’s slipped disc, prompting a scream from Ichiro for the first time tonight. 

Kenji: That’s more like it. 

As Isaac’s boot digs into the small of Ichiro’s back, a bit of karma from earlier this evening, Corazon slides down and tightly wrenches onto the legs of Ichiro. Kenji gets down low towards the mat, at eye level with Ichiro who is squirming ever so slightly, still somewhat lucid as Kenji lifts his chin up with his hand. Kenji’s hand now dripping with Ichiro’s blood. 

Kenji: You’ll regret the day you decided to open this old wound, friend. 

Kenji smiles right into Ichiro’s face, it is a completely psychotic and deranged smile. Ichiro winces through the pain of Isaac’s boot, trying to say something to Kenji but another sharp push from Isaac’s boot cuts it off with another scream from the Black Pheonix.   

Kenji shakes his head and stands up, grabbing the chair. He takes his time, lowering the edge of the chair gently on Ichiro’s neck much in the same way he practically ended Ichiro’s career five years ago. The symbolism isn’t lost on Ichiro as he suddenly begins to kick and fight with a desperation to survive. But there is nothing he can do, Issac and Corazon are far too strong to fight off in his condition.  

Eryk Masters: Dammit! Stop this! That’s enough! 

Kenji stops, slowly turning his head to face the announce table and slowly shakes his head “No” 

Eryk Masters: Christalmighty. 

Other Guy: Ugh. I saw the video from last time. Tell me when I can uncover my eyes. 

Kenji, being the twisted soul he is, just leaves the chair there against Ichiro’s neck. Letting Ichiro contemplate when the action will occur, letting his futile struggle truly sink in. Letting the horror fully engulf him. Letting the memory of the first time this happened haunt him. 

Finally, Kenji lifts the steel chair up over his head, the crowd screaming in anticipation… and lets it fall out of his hands – right in front of Ichiro’s face.  

Kenji quickly drops to all fours, his teeth barred like a dogs as he looks a visibly shaken Ichiro in the eye… he leans in and whisper’s something into Ichiro’s ear, causing Ichiro’s lip to tremble… a single tear falling down his cheek, irrigating his bloodied face. 

Kenji leans back slightly, and then eerily, starts to stroke Ichiro’s hair with his hands, getting even more of Ichiro’s blood all over himself. 

Kenji: So beautiful…so…so…beautiful. 

Eryk Masters: I… I… 

Other Guy: …. 

Kenji looks up at Isaac and Corazon. 

Kenji: We’re done here. 

On command, Corazon and Isaac step off of Ichiro, who doesn’t struggle to get up. Kenji steps cautiously backwards toward the rampway while Corazon walks to the side, raises his foot backward and SLAMS his boot into the stomach of Azraith DeMitri for good measure before rolling out of the ring. 

On the side side, Isaac Entragian steps within inches of Lennox Ferguson, barring his sharpened white teeth still caked with Azraith DeMitri’s blood. He raises his head into the air and takes a deep breath. 

Isaac: Intoxicating. 

He sidesteps a visibly upset and infuriated Lennox Ferguson, who keeps an his eye on the man who defeated him for the Iron Fist Championship as he rolls out of the ring. As soon as Isaac leaves Lennox drops to his knees and rushes over to Ichiro and Azraith as about half a dozen EMTs rush down, past Project: SCAR, into the ring to help members of The Truth. 

Project: SCAR simply watches off to the side, arms crossed… admiring their handiwork. 

Eryk Masters: Lets… let’s cut to the back while we gets this… this cleaned up. 


The SHOOT Project cameras open on a doorway backstage at the Poliedro de Caracas. Cassi Ryan stands just inside the doorway, while her boyfriend and SHOOT Project World Champion Cade Sydal sits on a bench across the room, his back to the door as he laces up his wrestling shoes before pulling his kick pads down and over them.

Cassi Ryan: I’ll be right back, Cade. I left my phone in the car.

Cade turns toward her and nods, with a smile.

Cade Sydal: I’ll be here.

Cassi turns and leaves, pausing for a split second to listen for the clicking of the door closing and latching behind her. A few seconds later, a large figure walks in front of the camera from the other direction and opens the door, closing it heavily behind himself again as the camera is quick to follow the man into the room. Cade lifts his head, but doesn’t turn back toward the door.

Cade Sydal: Forget your keys, too? I swear you’d forget your ovaries if–

Ben Jackman: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m not Cassi.

Just as he says it, the shot pans back to reveal Jackman locking the door as Cade whirls around off the bench and gets to his feet instantly, the bench separating the two of them.

Cade Sydal: What the hell do you want? Can’t you wait for the main event to get embarrassed?

Jackman smirks and feigns shivering in fear.

Ben Jackman: Take a pill, Champ. That’s not what I’m here for. I can wait a few more minutes to get you in the ring, but right now I’ve got a proposition for you.

Cade rolls his eyes.

Cade Sydal: This oughtta be rich.

Cade looks down at the SHOOT Project World title on the bench next to where he had been sitting, and back up at Jackman, catching Ben looking at the belt as well. The two lock eyes for a moment.

Ben Jackman: Cage match at Redemption. No pinfalls. No submissions. Two men enter, first one out leaves with the gold.

To emphasize his point, Jackman points at the belt that symbolically rests between them. Cade suppresses a derisive snort.

Cade Sydal: That’s just like you, to think that’d play into your hand.

Ben Jackman: Actually, I’m looking out for you. I’ve already made you look bad once, I’m just trying to help you out. Who knows, maybe it’ll make you look like a champ for at least a few minutes. All you have to do is knock me down and run like a scared little girl. Judging by the last few weeks, that shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you.

Cade narrows his eyes, staring Jackman down.

Cade Sydal: Keep talking, Gramps.

Ben Jackman: And if that’s not enough of a reason to find your tiny little boy parts and meet me in a cage, then just think of this as the perfect opportunity to prove that Salvation was a fluke and you don’t need Cassi to take care of your heavy lifting. You ARE the Champ, right? Or do you just carry the belt fo your girlfriend?

Cade glares at Jackman for a long moment, biting his bottom lip.

Cade Sydal: You’re gonna regret this, I just want you to know.

Jackman smiles.

Ben Jackman: I’ll believe it when you do.

Behind him the door handle starts jiggling as its attempted to be opened fro the outside. When it fails to open, some light pounding can be heard from the outside. Jackman takes a step or two back, his hand reaching for the lock as his eyes never leave Cade’s. He unlocks the door, and as it swings open he finally turns t face Cassi standing in the doorway, a look of shocked disbelief on her face.

Ben Jackman: Come on in. I was just leaving.

Jackman steps out through the door and disappears down the hallway. The camera fades out on Cassi quickly slamming the door and the sound of it locking can be heard.


The unfamiliar beat of “I Want It All” by Armageddon plays.  Out from the back comes none other than Charles Brandon Magnus.  He points at the fans who are cheering him on.  He wears a cobalt blue three piece suit and his stubble is trimmed tight to his face.  On his shoulder is the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belt that is his to call his own.  He walks down to the ring with a purpose, saying nothing until he is in the ring, where he takes Samantha Coil’s microphone.  “I Want It All” dies down. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  For those of you who don’t know me…my name is Charles…Brandon…Magnus.  I am one HALF…of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions.  I am a member of The Bad…Ass…Brotherhood. 

The fans cheer as Magnus pumps his fist in the air. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Thank you.  I’m out here tonight because I was told by SHOOT Project Management that The Brotherhood has wasted too much time protecting our brother Jonas Coleman that we’ve ignored our tag team division.  

He nods his head at the cheers that come up from the mention of Jonas Coleman. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I get this news right after my partner, Buck Dresden, got torn up in his match against Akuma Satsui… 

The cheers for Buck turn to the boos for Satsui. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  So guess what they want out of me, Charles Brandon Magnus?  They want me to come out here tonight, tell you fans we’re going to dominate the division, and I get to be our representative for the team when they introduce the NEW number one contenders.  Jonas, my man, you and your old pal are on your own against Dave Dymond and his hooligans.  It’s insane to me, knowing how banged up Buck Dresden is, that I’m out here doing this. 

So who’s it gonna be, eh?  

Magnus holds his arms out. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Ever since we silenced VAS, the question is what team is going to be facing us at Redemption for the World Tag Team Championship titles?  Who?  The Gunslingers?  

The fans cheer. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  How about The Hierarchy?  

Boos now. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Stellar Insanity?  


Charles Brandon Magnus:  Whoa whoa…I know.  Those idiotic psychopaths Project:SCAR, right?  

The boos rain down on him now. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Well, I’ll be honest, folks…I think we all know who it is.  I know, I know you know, and I know all those fans watching at home know who it is.  So, seriously, folks…I am one half of the World Tag Team Champions…and allow me to introduce to you…YOUR…NEW…NUMBER…ONE…CONTENDERS!  

“Ghosts of Grace” by Nachtmystium kicks in and the fans INSTANTLY recognize who this is.  Out from the back comes Gregory Price, and he has a HUGE grin on his face. 

Eryk Masters:  UH OH! 

From behind Price comes HIRO TAKAWA followed closely behind by COREY LAZARUS.  The fans are loving this moment as Charles Brandon Magnus stares long and hard at the team in front of him. 

Other Guy:  Ladies and gentlemen…BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! 

The camera switches to Corey Lazarus saluting Magnus before he blows him a kiss! 


Magnus is shown glaring long and hard at the entrance as Price nods his head, Lazarus points at the fans while Hiro Takawa maintains the same hard glare directly at Magnus. 


Magnus slowly nods his head as Frontline II TURBO slowly begin to back their way back into the locker room area, leaving the arena while Magnus stands there watching them leave. 

Eryk Masters:  They’re just out tonight to let Magnus know what’s coming his way.  They want it the right way, the way a belt oughtta be defended.  I can’t wait for Redemption now! 

Other Guy:  The Rumble, all the matches, none of that got to you before? 

Magnus steps out of the ring and heads up to the back. 

Eryk Masters:  The Bad Ass Brotherhood are the longest reigning champions in SHOOT…period.  No one’s been able to beat them at their game…and their game is tag team wrestling.  You might have superstars and legends in tag teams going at it, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the tag team to reckon with in SHOOT is The Bad Ass Brotherhood! 

Other Guy:  You know, you say that, but the fact is…there’s one other team in SHOOT Project that can put a hurt on the Bad Ass Brotherhood and the board just named THEM number one contenders! 

Magnus stops and holds his World Tag Team Championship belt up for the fans to see before he disappears to the back, “I Want It All” kicking back up as he leaves.



Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, I honestly can’t believe this next match is even happening. Last week, after Kenji Yamada’s match, we witnessed something grotesque. Side with Kenji or not, the lights faded and when they came back on Kenji was literally hanging from a noose in the middle of the ring. How someone can come back the NEXT week and fight in a match is just… 

Other Guy: Don’t forget the sick bastard we’re talking about here. He’s burned so many bridges that whoever did this to him could be any number of guys. Granted there are three very highly looked at suspects, but still, it’s not like Kenji was some kind of saint we should feel sorry for. He has risen up with Project: SCAR in an effort to defecate over everything SHOOT holds precious. Fuck him, he deserved it. 

A roar of boos begins to resonate as the sound of a heartbeat begins to pulse through the speakers as the lights in the arena fade out, a white flash of light blips in on each thump. The sound of violin and guitar begins as “DIM Scene” by the GazettE plays through the arena. 

The words “PROJECT: SCAR” flash onto the SHOOT Project screen, the letters looking like rotted, bleeding flesh as the pulsing, throbbing strobe lights crash on, full blast – almost blinding the arena in white before the lights burn out, leaving a single spotlight on the ramp way. There Kenji stands, a scowl on his face, the putrid purple and blackish bruise encircling his throat as he stalks down the ramp. 

Samantha Coil: Now making his way to the ring, representing Project: SCAR, he hails from Kyoto, Japan… KENJI YAAAAAAMAADA! 

The fans boo as the spotlight literally follows Kenji’s slow progression into the ring, he stands in front of the ring for a moment rubbing his neck before getting in the ring. As the lights slowly return to normal, Kenji paces back and forth in the ring, his eyes wide and wild.

Eryk Masters: I still can’t believe he was willing to take this match, especially after what happened last week. Even if he is fit to compete who is to say it won’t happen again?

Other Guy: Did you listen to this monster this week? He’s looking to break something, he’s pacing in there like a caged dog. What moron back there would be dumb enough to get in his way right no. 

“Time is on my Side” by The Rolling Stones hits the speakers and there is a somewhat mixed reaction as Jacob Mephisto steps out onto the ramp. A look of complete seriousness covers his face, not a smile or glimmer of anything besides focus for the match he is about to be in. His eyes are a gleaming gray color, they aren’t nervous, but seem to know what’s in store for him. He walks to the ring with purpose, knowing full well the beast that awaits him. 


Eryk Masters: Jacob Mephisto seemed to want to help Kenji vent his frustrations by having a wrestling match here tonight, but when he realized Kenji wasn’t much in the mood to be friendly…well, Jacob went a little below the belt. 

Other Guy: Below the belt, on Kenji? He brought up his dead kid. So what? Everybody knows about, it’s not like it’s some taboo subject matter. Kenji blabbers on about his kid to anyone who’ll listen to him, gimme a break. 

Jacob doesn’t even look at the fans who reach out to try and touch him or shake hands with him. He simply stands outside the ring, staring in at Kenji with determination. Jacob finally rolls into the ring, Kenji practically pounces on him until referee Austin Linam jumps in front of Kenji, giving Jacob enough time to retreat to his corner. Austin Linam can barely contain Kenji to his corner long enough to signal for the bell. As soon as Linam is out of his way Kenji bursts out of his corner and heads right for Mephisto. Mephisto looks ready as he heaves a punch right into the side of Kenji’s head, oddly it looks like Kenji absorbs the punch and continues forward to thrust his knee into the midsection of Mephisto!  

Other Guy: I don’t know if Kenji is just hopped up on adrenaline or what, but he just took a straight punch to the side of the head and didn’t even flinch. And Mephisto isn’t some lightweight kid, he’s got some power. 

Mephisto doubles over and Kenji crushes a double axe handle smash into the back of Mephisto’s neck sending him to the mat. Mephisto is quick to get to a knee and try to get back to his vertical base, but Kenji is quick to send his knee right into Mephisto’s jaw sending him tumbling back to the mat gripping at his face! Kenji mounts Mephisto and raises his fist but before he can Mephisto jams an open palmed thrust right into the neck of Kenji! Kenji immediately sprawls backwards grabbing at his throat, coughing. 

Eryk Masters: You had to know that Mephisto would target the neck area of Kenji. With that ugly purple bruise covering a good portion of his neck, it might as well be a big bull’s eye. 

Mephisto gets up, trying to shake the cobwebs from his head, and is quick to roll Kenji over onto his back and drop a BIG leg right across the neck of Kenji! Kenji instinctively rolls over onto his stomach to make his neck less of a target, however, Mephisto grabs Kenji and drags him to his feet and smashes a hard knife edge chop right into Kenji’s neck! Kenji visibly winces and drops back a few steps but doesn’t go down. Mephisto winds up and SMASHES another knife edge chop into the bruised neck of Kenji, who still refuses to go down. Mephisto, looking a little flustered, winds up again…but Kenji SPEARS him to the mat before he gets the chance. Kenji’s eyes go terrifyingly wide as he starts to rain down closed fists shots to the temples of Mephisto! A horrific smile eclipses on Kenji’s face as he continues to beat his fists into the sides of Mephisto’s head! 

Other Guy: Kenji is absolutely sick, look at that look on his face! Look at it! The guy is off his fucking rocker.  

Eryk Masters: He was dubbed the “Sociopath Pioneer” by Issac Entragian, to be considered a sociopath by a man as twisted, unforgiving, and violent as Entragian? We’re seeing a small glimpse of why it would seem. 

Austin Linam tries to get in Kenji’s face warning him about the closed fists, but Kenji looks completely oblivious to the warning. Linam even starts a five count until he sees Kenji isn’t even paying attention and decides to GRAB Kenji’s arm. Kenji jumps off of Mephisto and gets right in Linam’s face, forcing him back until Kenji had him cornered by the turnbuckles. 

Eryk Masters: Come on! This is uncalled for, Austin Linam is just trying to make sure this match is clean. He’s just doing his damn job, there is no need to try to intimidate him. 

Austin Linam tugs on his black and white shirt to try to convince Kenji to stop because he’s a referee, but there is literally drool slipping from the side of Kenji’s mouth as he stares at a now petrified Linam. But, from out of nowhere Kenji falls backwards…SMALL PACKAGE by a recovered Mephisto! Linam is slow to get into position on the mat, uncertain of what happened himself, but makes a fast count! 

1, 2, Th… 

Kenji kicks out! Kenji is the first to his feet, his head whiplashes towards Linam with a snarl that forces Linam back a few steps. The extent of the closed fist shots becomes apparent as Mephisto gets back to his feet, terrible red welts along the sides of his head seem to pop off his face. Mephisto has made it up to a knee, Mephisto doesn’t even have enough time to rub his forehead before Kenji plants off Mephisto’s knee and slams a SHINING WIZARD right in Mephisto’s face! 

Other Guy: Oh hell…that couldn’t have felt good. I’d wonder if Mephisto could get back up from that. The knee of Kenji looked like it hit Mephisto right square in the nose. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mephisto was knocked out cold.  

But, Kenji doesn’t go for the cover. Kenji just licks his lips and grabs Mephisto’s arm, crosses it under Mephisto’s own neck, and yanks on that arm and Mephito’s far leg as hard as he can! 

Eryk Masters: This is a move we haven’t seen from Kenji in a LONG time. It’s put a lot of guys under before…I worry that Mephisto might just be out of time now as Kenji is in FULL control of this match. 

Mephisto struggles to try and move, with his own arm cutting off circulation, he wiggles and squirms towards the ropes. Kenji is pulling back on Mephisto’s arm and leg as HARD as he possibly can, forcing Mephisto to cry out as he claws and writhes towards the ropes. Jacob finally manages to get his opposite foot on the ropes! But Kenji doesn’t let go of the hold, he just has a sick look of satisfaction on his face as he cinches the move in tighter! Linam gets right in Kenji’s face, starting the five count as soon as Mephisto touches the ropes.  

Linam yells and screams at Kenji to release the hold as his count gets up to four, Linam looks ready to signal for the bell when Kenji pops up off of Mephisto. Mephisto tries to lift his head up, but Kenji weakly kicks his head back to the canvas with a grin on his face. Kenji doesn’t even give Linam a second glance as he heads for the turnbuckle where he climbs to the top rope, lying in wait for Mephisto. Mephisto stumbles against the ropes, hanging onto them for leverage, barely able to keep himself up with their support. When Mephisto finally stumbles into the middle of the ring, Kenji’s eyes go as wide as they possibly can as he leaps off the ropes. But Mephisto catches him! A look of pain is etched on Mephisto’s face as he struggles to use his strength to heave Kenji above his head and DROPS Kenji neck first on the ropes! Kenji EXPLODES off the ropes clutching at his neck, but before Kenji can fall to the mat Mephisto wraps an arm around his neck and SMASHES Kenji to the mat with a HUGE neck breaker! 

Other Guy: Mephisto with a HUGE combinations of moves focused on that messed up neck of Kenji’s, I gotta believe that Kenji’s windpipe is GONE after that. All that force right on his already fucked up neck? I wouldn’t be surprised if he couldn’t even breathe at this point. 

Eryk Masters: A big opportunity for Mephisto right here, but as we can see that series of moves also took a lot out of Mephisto who struggled just to perform them. 

Mephisto manages to finally throw an arm over Kenji and Austin Linam starts the count! 



Thre…Kenji shoulders out! 

Kenji, again out of instinct, rolls over onto his stomach. Trying to catch his breath, hands clasping at his throat trying to get a deep breath of air. Rasp coughs can be heard echoing in the arena, Kenji is struggling just to breath as Mephisto hoists Kenji to his feet and whips him hard into the corner. Mephisto retreats into the opposite corner, takes a deep breath, and runs full speed towards Kenji! Mephisto lifts his foot up and delivers a HEAVY Yakuza Kick that smashes right into Kenji’s neck! Kenji falls forward, again reaching to his throat, but Mephisto doesn’t let Kenji fall and instead grabs him by the back of the neck and stands him back up in the corner. Mephisto takes one step back then spins and CLOBBERS Kenji right in the throat with a spinning elbow! Kenji falls flat on his face, his arms don’t even reach up for this throat, it’s clean fall face first to the mat. Mephisto doesn’t hesitate to jump on top of Kenji for the pin! 




Other Guy: How the hell did Kenji not lose right there? Seriously, he just got a damn elbow right in the throat, even if he wasn’t just hung that should be a game ender. What exactly are these Project: SCAR monsters made of? 

Eryk Masters: I have no idea, all I know is Jacob Mephisto is giving Kenji all he can handle right now. He has come within moments of pulling off what some would consider a gigantic upset.  

Mephisto smashes his hands against the mat, looking up in disbelief at Austin Linam who holds up two fingers. Mephisto yanks Kenji to his feet and whips him to the ropes, on the rebound Mephisto goes for a huge clothesline but Kenji ducks under and hits the ropes again! Mephisto spins around but before he can do anything Kenji flips back to back behind Mephisto, Kenji grabs hold of Mephisto with a half nelson and…DEEP SCAR!  

Other Guy: What!? Where the hell did that come from? 

Eryk Masters: Kenji showing incredible athleticism just to avoid the strikes of Mephisto, but he somehow finds a way to plant Mephisto to the mat with the DEEP SCAR. But, all that punishment from Mephisto is really showing because Kenji can’t follow with the pin. 

Kenji is the first to stir and get to a knee. He looks over at Mephisto, down on the mat, with a sneer as he rolls out of the ring. 

Other Guy: I do not like where this is going. 

Kenji rustles around under the ring, Austin Linam shouting at Kenji to get back in the ring, until Kenji emerges with two pairs of brass knuckles. One around each fist, with a sickening grin now plastered over his face, the light sound of his raspy breathing becoming sporadic with excitement as he slides back into the ring. Austin Linam, seeing the brass knuckles, gets right in Kenji’s face…but as soon as he does Kenji literally throws him out of the ring! The bell begins to sound furiously as Mephisto is just now getting back to his feet. 

Eryk Masters: Kenji…what is he doing? He’s just throwing this match away and for what!? 

Other Guy: Weren’t you even paying attention, did you see Kenji go for a single pinfall this whole match? He wasn’t in this for a match, he just wants to hurt Mephisto and if Mephisto doesn’t turn around he… 

Mephisto turns around only to get a brass knuckled fist right in the ribs! Kenji follows that up with the opposite fist on the opposite ribcage of Mephisto, sending Mephisto crumpling to his knees on the mat. Kenji YANKS Mephisto to the mat by his hair and mounts Mephisto with a sinister look on his face.  

Eryk Masters: Someone get in there! STOP HIM! 

Kenji DRILLS a shot with the brass knuckles against Mephisto’s face, slamming his other fist right into Mephisto in rhythm with his other hand. One after another, a cut blistering open on Mephisto’s face. However, after each shot it can be seen that Jacob is actually laughing through the mask of blood. Kenji’s tyrannical look suddenly changes to one of what looks of disappointment. His fists both cocked, ready to hammer their brass knuckles in the bleeding face of Mephisto. 

Kenji: You’re not beautiful at all…you’re not him… 

That momentary lapse was all that Mephisto needed and is quick to bring his arm in and chop Kenji right across the throat, forcing Kenji off of him! Mephisto rushes out of the ring and staggers up the entrance ramp, clutching his ribs with both of his arms, still laughing and smiling through the mask of pain.  

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, via disqualification…JAAAACOB MEPHIIIIIISSSSTOOOOO! 

But, even Jacob, as he is smiling and gripping his ribs on the ramp, has a look of confusion as Kenji simply remains with his back on the canvas staring up at the lights. A far away look in his opaque blue eyes. 

Kenji: He wasn’t beautiful. It wasn’t worth it. 


The unforgettable opening to Rage Against The Machine’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man” kicks up, bringing the fans to their feet.  They begin to cheer as out from the back comes the scarred and brutal DIEGO REYES.  He wears a black leather vest with a matching pair of black leather pants with boots.  The vest is open and we see all the scars marking his chest.  He steps into the ring and he nods his head to the music as he takes Samantha Coil’s microphone from her.  The music dies down and Diego stares at the fans in attendance. 

Diego Reyes:  ¡Parece Diego que coge a Reyes está detrás en esta compañía de mierda!  

The fans pop as Reyes grins his bearded face. 

Diego Reyes:  I gotta keep my Spanish limited to things people can translate on Babelfish, ladies and gentlemen, but I need to tell my fans…all four of you…all over the world…CHINGA TO FUCKING MADRE DIEGO REYES IS BACK IN SHOOT PROJECT!  

The fans POP as Reyes nods his head, jumping up and down with excitement. 

Diego Reyes:  I feel the goose bumps on my arms.  I feel my heart…mi Corazon…comin’ outta my chest.  I gotta good amount of shit I gotta talk about.  A lot of things on my mind.  The problem is, my words ain’t just for you people in the stands.  It’s to mi hermano, my blood brother, my comrade in arms…SO BUTCHER, IF YOU PLEASE…GET YOUR LITTLE BITCH ASS OUT HERE!  

Reyes laughs as he calls for his longtime friend.  And he laughs that he just called him a bitch.  “Station" by Russian Circles hits the PA, and a somewhat haggard Jonas Coleman comes out with a huge grin on his face.  The fans pop hard for THE BUTCHER, with signs scattering the arena.  He high fives a few on his way to the ring, and stops short of climbing in to look at Diego Reyes.  He grabs a microphone on his way up, and stands in front of Reyes, as a small PERDITION chant breaks out.

Jonas Coleman:  Alright man, my bitch ass is out here!  I wanna hear what you have to say, and more importantly…  

He laughs.

Jonas Coleman: I wanna know where the fuck you’ve been!  Like, seriously…  where the fuck have you been, dude?  

Diego nods his head, smiling. 

Diego Reyes:  First, man, let me get a look at you.  

Reyes eyes Jonas up and down as he nods his head. 

Diego Reyes:  DAAAAAY-UMN, amigo!  Scruffed up, beard, an obvious lack of sleep, some scars…you lookin’ GOOD man!  You lookin’ like a WARRIOR!  A SOLDIER!  I guess all that shit I talked about you an’ those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was some maricon-style bullshit, my man.  

Reyes shakes his head, laughing. 

Diego Reyes:  Okay, to be honest?  I was under house arrest.  I ain’t allowed to talk much on it, but I got what them border patrol assholes want for all my people.  I got deported, man.  Extradited to Mexico since I was implicated in some shit.  

He looks more irritated than anything. 

Diego Reyes:  When you on lock down down South, my man, they don’t let you make them international calls and I’ll be honest…I don’t know nobody in Mexico could afford to call you an’ talk to you.  It pisses me off that SHOOT never gave you at least a hint, but all I can say is now I’m back, hermano.  I don’t know how it happened, what happened, who did what, but I’m back…and I’m back for YOU.  

Reyes points directly at Jonas. 

Diego Reyes:  I’ve let you down so many times, man.  I’ve been too fat, too drunk, too stupid.  Somehow, we never seemed to know how to lose and I think it’s obvious why that is now that I see the man you done became, Butcher.  I wanna thank you, man, from the bottom of my heart, for never giving up on my dumb ass when I gave you every reason to.  

Jonas smiles and slaps Reyes on the back.

Jonas Coleman:  House arrest?  You aren’t allowed to talk about it?  Makes me wonder…  

Jonas looks out to Mark Kendrick, who simply shrugs his shoulders.  

Jonas Coleman:  Thought so.  

He pauses again.

Jonas Coleman:  Well look man, you’ve had my back since we EXPLODED into this place, and we’re two peas in a pod so you know I wouldn’t give up.  Never do.  That’s why THEY (he points to the crowd, who gives him a pop) love me so much, and Dave Dymond hates me so much.  And really…  I don’t feel let down.  In fact, I’ve sorta carried on our greatness, with the assistance of two dudes who I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to meet.

He smiles.

Jonas Coleman:  If you haven’t already.  Fact is, though…  I’m glad to see you back.  I love Chuck and Buck, but there’s just something about having my own Mexican to eat PB&J with that makes me happy.  

He laughs.  

Jonas Coleman:  Just kidding, man.  I’m glad you got your shit fixed up and you’re back in it.  The Bad Ass Brotherhood could use a non-white dude…  

The fans pop BIG at the possibility as Diego laughs, shaking his head. 

Diego Reyes:  One step at a time, Butcher.  I’m psyched, I’m ready, I’m jacked, and there’s only one thing I’m ready to do at this moment.  

Reyes pauses, clenching his teeth. 

Diego Reyes:  Let your two boys have the rest of your war off because while you might like those two?  They don’t know me, I don’t know them.  I don’t think a cowboy and some pretty boy can go to the places I can go, no offense to your pals.  The fact is, Jonas, the one thing I can say I’ve paid attention to is the HELL that maricon mother fucker Dave Dymond’s put you through.  

The boos rain down. 

Diego Reyes:  You…and me, mi hermano.  You and me go into this ring at Revolution 77…the last stop before Redemption…and we put the finishing touches on Dave Dymond’s little posse.  You deserve a final fight, brother, a final bloody fight against that fat fucking Satsui…and I wanna help you get that.  You see, Butcher, I want Damage Control… 

Reyes grins. 

Jonas Coleman:  And we are motherfucking PERDITION, and this is the type of shit we do.  We walk out, we destroy motherfuckers, and we get wins.  And bitches, too.  When it comes to throwing down, you’re looking at the baddest motherfucker to partner up with, and one of the best friends you could ask for.  This guy right here?  And me?  

 Jonas laughs.  

Jonas Coleman:  We’re going to do what we are KNOWN to do, and that’s fuck some shit up.  

The fans?  I mean, come on.  They love it and you do, too. 

Diego Reyes:  So what you think?  Those two pinhead mother fuckers in some kinda hardcore shit…against PERDITION?  

Jonas Coleman:  Cardboard motherfuckin’ submarine, bro. 

The two of them slap hands and embrace…and the fans ERUPT.  “How I Could Just Kill A Man” kicks back in as the two members of PERDITION get up on the turnbuckles, pointing to the fans and screaming out to them to get louder.   

Eryk Masters:  You heard it here first, folks!  PERDITION returns at Revolution 77 against Damage Control in what is DEFINITELY going to be a bloody and brutal match! 

Other Guy:  I can’t wait to see that, man!  PERDITION is BACK!! 

“How I Could Just Kill A Man” continues as PERDITION makes their way to the back, slapping hands as they do so.



The lights flicker.

They begin to fade as a set of strobe lights pulsate.

"Crucify Me" by Bring Me the Horizon fills the arena, and a couple of spot lights rotate around the entrance. Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith appears from the backstage, stopping at the top of the ramp. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is schedule for one fall! Making his way down to the ring first, from Biloxi, Mississippi, weighing in at 227lbs… TYRONE…. CRAAAAAAAAAAZY BOOOOOOOY… SMITH!!!!

He absorbs the cheers Venezuela throws at him, and begins walking the rest of the way down the ramp. Looking at both sides of the aisle, he pumps his fists in the air to the exploding jets of pyro. Moments later he begins rushing down toward the ring, his speed and general quickness bringing him into a fluid slide underneath the bottom rope. Popping up off of the mat, he extends both of his arms out to the crowd for an uproarious response. Bouncing off the side of the ropes a couple times, he once again pumps his fists in the air. Turning to the entrance ramp, he bounces in place while awaiting his opponent.

Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy looks pretty pumped for this match.

Other Guy: How did you guess? Because of his rampant fist pumping?

Eryk Masters: Maybe.

Other Guy: What is this, the Jersey Shore?!


Electrical whirring.

Lights out.

Momentary high-pitched laughter transcends into an intense screaming.

The SHOOTron turns to an all white background while a reddish fluid oozes down the screen forming the familiar percentages we’ve all come to know and hate.













The opening chords to "Change(In The House of X) – 5H007 R3M1X" by the Deftones and CLAW blasts over the sound system as a single X bleeds onto the SHOOTron. A single spotlight shines down through the darkness at the top of the ramp where X-Calibur steps out. Festooned inside this haze of humidity and sin, X appears ready for war. His ring gear bleeds both the colors of SHOOT and The Hierarchy with alternating red and blue patterns on each leg. Soon after, X begins making the steps down to the ramp-way… alone.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 245lbs… he is… THEEEEEEEE LEGENDARY ONE…. THEEEEE SOLDIER OF CHAOS… X………CAAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUR!!!!

Eryk Masters: Soldier of Chaos? Well that’s a new one.

Other Guy: I like it!

Eryk Masters: Now, remember folks. Courtesy of Jason Johnson earlier this week, The Hierarchy has been BANNED from this match. If any single member of the Hierarchy interferes in this match… all of them… up to and INCLUDING X-Calibur, will be FIRED from the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: I’d like to know why Jason made such an outrageous ruling for this match. Totally unwarranted in my opinion.

His countenance emblazoned with spite and malice, X’s eyes never waver from the man standing up in the ring. Removing a leather jacket encumbered with silver chains and gold zippers, it slide right off his back to the outside mat below, allowing the spotlight shining from above to expose his rigorously tattooed, chiseled frame. Hopping up onto the ring apron, X-Calibur stands there calmly for what seems like forever, looking back at his detractors in the audience. Inaudibly mouthing something to Crazy Boy, Tyrone simply shakes his head with disgust. 

X points a finger at Austin Linam to make sure Tyrone stays back while he enters the ring — a needless directive as Crazy Boy had already made a wide berth for X. Once he’s satisfied with the amount of space Crazy Boy’s given him, X steps through the ropes, untouched, and into the ring.

Seconds later, X makes a bee line for Crazy Boy, hoping to catch him off guard.

The lights come back on, and X-Calibur immediately buries a right fist into Crazy Boy’s jaw, rocking him back into the turnbuckles. Admonishing for X to give Crazy Boy the same amount of space he asked from him, Austin Linam admonishes X and tries to wedge himself in between X and Crazy Boy. 

Eryk Masters: Come on!! There’s no call for that!!

Other Guy: Haha, how STUPID is Crazy Boy for agreeing to give X all that space to enter the ring??

Right hand after right hand etches itself into Crazy Boy’s flesh as the Mississippian is unwillingly pushed down onto his ass in the corner. With the audience booing this flagrant show of disrespect, X backs up, turns his head to the crowd, flips them off, and rushes in with a SMEARING face-wash boot to the mug.

As Austin Linam physically backs X up to the center of the ring, X puts his hands up as if he had done no wrong.

Eryk Masters: I hate this son of a bitch. Everything about him just SKEEVES me to the core.

Other Guy: Crazy Boy is an IDIOT. Being a veteran of this business much like X-Calibur is, he should’ve known full well that X would stop at nothing to gain the advantage going into this match.

Eryk Masters: I’m sorry, but taking advantage of Crazy Boy’s kindness does not justify X’s heinous actions.

Other Guy: Actually, I think they do.

Eryk Masters: Then we agree to disagree.

As Crazy Boy shakes the cobwebs form X’s brutal preemptive strike, Austin Linam checks him to see if he still wants to get the match started. Almost scoffing at the notion of quitting, Crazy Boy yells at him to ring the bell.

Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy showing some fire right now! Go get ‘im, CB!

Other Guy: Fire? Please. He’s the sparkler to X’s magma. 

Once the bell sounds, X calls for Crazy Boy to meet him in the center of the ring for a classic collar and elbow tie up. Incensed over X’s dishonorable pre-emptive attack, Crazy Boy smirks with a driven goal to prove his opponent wrong. 

Eryk Masters: For the SHOOT Project fans that are unaware, these two competitors had quite the rivalry going on back in LEGACY. That said, I’m expecting fireworks tonight for their first meeting here in SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: Funnily enough, X-Calibur had never been able to defeat Crazy Boy in their LEGACY surroundings. Will this streak continue in a new setting here in SHOOT? My gut instinct says, no it won’t, and Tyrone will feel the cold hard defeat he was destined to feel at the hands of X.

Eryk Masters: If Crazy Boy can impose the same will that extinguished the Firestarter earlier this year? Survey says… Crazy Boy most certainly can. 

Obliging X’s wishes, Crazy Boy meets him in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up. Showing a superior strength advantage, X drives Tyrone back into the ropes, and before long, he’s driving him towards the corner turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters: Tyrone better be careful here. There’s a reason why X has that Great Basilisk tattoo across his shoulder… he’s one "legendary" snake in that ring.

Other Guy: Again, if Tyrone isn’t smart enough to have his opponent’s dirty tactics scouted, then he deserves to suffer through them. End of line.

With his back against the turnbuckle, Tyrone looks for a way out of the tie-up while Austin Linam administers the count for the clean break. At four, X obliges and releases the hold, backing away slowly and cleanly.

Eryk Masters: A clean break from X? Harold Camping was off by a couple months… the apocalypse is upon us NOW.

Other Guy: Hey. X may be an evil bastard 99% of the time… but that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of playing by the rules when he wants to.

Eryk Masters: Fair enough. Still, though… glad I stocked up on tuna fish and bottled water.

Giving Crazy Boy ample enough room to meet him back in the center of the ring, X awaits for another collar and elbow tie-up. Tyrone gives it to him, but X quickly transitions into a standing side head-lock. Squeezing tightly, X stomps viciously with both feet and momentarily brings Tyrone down to one knee. Popping back up, he searchingly reaches behind X’s head for an escape. X simply shrugs Tyrone’s hand away from his head and squeezes tighter. Pushing into X’s upper body, Tyrone leans X back into the ropes. On the slight recoil, Tyrone manages to push X off of him to the other side.

On the rebound, Crazy Boy rushes forward at full speed. Ducking underneath a wild lariat, Tyrone hits the opposite side again. Without giving X enough time to react, Tyrone propels himself off of the recoil with great speed and leaps with a flying cross-body block that sends X down hard to the mat. Naturally, Crazy Boy hooks a leg…


Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy looking to end things early here, but X is far too fresh to fall victim to something as basic as a cross-body.

Other Guy: I’m not sure that was Tyrone’s intention at all. I think he was looking to ground X with the only way he knows how. An aerial assault. Even if it was a rudimentary one. 

X shoulders out pretty easily, but Crazy Boy is already to his feet. As soon as X gets to his own, he shoots in for a double leg take-down. Crazy Boy stuffs it though and this time he is the one who applies a standing side-head lock. Before X can claw and gouge his way out, Crazy Boy takes the preemptive approach and flips X over into a head-lock take-down. Garnering a smattering of applause from the concerted Venezuelans in attendance who are watching with baited breath as Crazy Boy attempts to outwrestle X-Calibur, Crazy Boy tightens his grip across X’s head and wrenches back.

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe Tyrone Smith is outwrestling Eryk Van Warren. Hah!

Other Guy: Outwrestling? Hardly. X is biding his time… you’ll see.

Sitting forward on the mat, X reaches up with both of his hands. With one hand he pulls down on Crazy Boy’s hair, and with his other he rips at the man’s eye-sockets. Austin Linam admonishes X for this , but his warnings are to no avail. Inside Crazy Boy’s headlock, X fights his way to his feet. Once on his feet, X searches frenetically for a way out . Finding nothing, X delivers an elbow to the bread basket that finally causes Crazy Boy to release the hold.

Retreating into the ropes, X holds the back of his neck. Moments later, he rushes forward for another take-down attempt, but again, Crazy Boy reverses the momentum by executing a head-lock take-down. Down flat on his back again, the fans in attendance deliver another smattering of applause for Crazy Boy.

Eryk Masters: No pun intended, but this is… crazy. I’ve never seen anyone manage to out-think X on his feet on a pure wrestling basis. Every time X has zigged, Tyrone has countered with a zag. 

Other Guy: One has to wonder if, going into this match, X expected more of an aerialistic approach from Crazy Boy. That said, one has to wonder if Crazy Boy knew exactly this.

Once again picking himself up off the mat with Crazy Boy wrapping his head around his neck in a simple, yet tightly applied, standing side head-lock, X attempts to fight off the hold with a couple of elbows. Unlike last time, however, Crazy Boy manages to hold on. Then, for the third time, Crazy Boy flips X-Calibur over into a headlock takedown. Pounding his mat out of frustration, X clearly and very audibly yells for Linam to, "GET HIM THE FUCK OFF ME!".

Eryk Masters: It appears that Tyrone has frustrated the former SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion. Waaah.

Other Guy: Well if MY opponent was using dirty tactics to keep me grounded, I would be frustrated, too!

Eryk Masters: Please. There is NOTHING dirty about Tyrone’s offense here… and come to think of it, wasn’t X the one who tried gouge his way out of the hold before?!

Other Guy: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Eryk Masters: Mhm.

Finding himself fighting his way to his feet for the third time in this match, X finally finds a way out of the headlock by fish-hooking Crazy Boy’s cheek. Pulling Crazy Boy off of him, X once again feels the admonishment from Austin Linam. Annoyed with the fish hook maneuver, Crazy Boy boots X in the gut and applies ANOTHER head-lock… but just before he can flip X over, X wraps both of his arms around Crazy Boy’s waist, lifts up, and SNAPS to the canvas with a Morishima styled backdrop driver.

Eryk Masters: Oh my GOD!! Crazy Boy landed fully on his NECK. 

Other Guy: I told you X was just biding his time!

Holding his neck in sheer agony from the high impact landing of the backdrop driver, Crazy Boy remains on the canvas when X hooks a leg…



Thr- NO!! Crazy Boy shoulders out of the hold!!

Eryk Masters: And just like that, the momentum shifts in the blink of an eye. As much as I can’t stand him or his devious methods, X-Calibur is a masterful ring technician… again, when he WANTS to be.

Not wasting a moment’s notice, X brings Crazy Boy to his feet. Lifting up underneath his mid-section, X races forward and drives Crazy Boy back into the turnbuckles — the effect of which causes the back of Tyrone’s neck to snap against the top turnbuckle. Keeping Crazy Boy distracted by punishing his neck, X brings Crazy Boy out from the corner and sets him up for a suplex. Lifting him in the air, X stalls slightly, allowing Crazy Boy’s body to begin floating over behind him. Mid-way through the float-over, X drops to the canvas with a hangman’s neck breaker.

Eryk Masters: JESUS… he’s going to break Tyrone’s neck!!!

Other Guy: This is almost hard to watch. That neck of CB’s might never be the same after this match.

Looking down at Crazy Boy, X smirks. Placing a boot on him, X holds both of his arms up in victory.



THR- Crazy Boy gets a shoulder up!!

Eryk Masters: So disrespectful.

Other Guy: If you were as good as X is, you’d have his confidence, too.

Eryk Masters: No. There’s a difference between being confident and being disrespectful towards your opponent. 

Surprised that Crazy Boy had been conscious enough to shoulder out, X gave a Robert De Niro-esque shrug and nod. Forcefully guiding Crazy Boy up to his feet by the back of his head and neck, X rips Crazy Boy’s head down for a reverse DDT. Crazy Boy manages to see this coming though and shoots a knee up into X’s face, smashing the bridge of his nose and stunning him in the process.

Eryk Masters: Ouch… you can BET that X didn’t see that one coming!! Could be a tide turner, for sure!!

Other Guy: Talk about a knee-jerk reaction!

With X cradling his face from that devastating knee shot to the nose, Crazy Boy takes a moment to gather his thoughts and prepare for his next plan of attack. Turning towards the ropes, Crazy Boy springs to the middle one. Twisting in mid-air, he extends his feet forward and connects right on X’s face, dropping him harshly to the mat. Feeling the momentum shifting his way, Crazy Boy decides to take his risk-taking one step further and climbs to the top rope.

Other Guy: What an idiot… this is never gonna w-

As soon as X gets back to his feet, Crazy Boy somersaults off the top rope with a leg extended, connecting right across X’s face with a forward diving somersault wheel kick!

Eryk Masters: You were saying?!!

With X flat on his back and seemingly out of it, Crazy Boy hooks a leg…





Other Guy: Wow… he got WAY more with that than I figured he would… X could be in trouble here.

Letting out a carnal cry for blood, Crazy Boy picks X up to his feet. Delivering a knife-edge chop, X reels back against the ropes. And after delivering another one, X motions for a time-out to Austin Linam.

Eryk Masters: Sorry, X!! No time-outs tonight!! 

Other Guy: You know, we should really look into giving these competitors lifelines during the match.

Eryk Masters: What, like phone a friend?

Other Guy: Yeah… ’cause X could use one right about now. 

Pulling X into a fireman’s carry, Crazy Boy begins spinning with his arms out… like an airplane. Three or spins afterwards, Crazy Boy jumps up and falls down to the mat with an old school Samoan drop!


Other Guy: Don’t do it..

Eryk Masters: SAMOOOOOAAAA!!

Other Guy: EFF-EMM-ELL.

Hooking a leg, Crazy Boy uses all of his body weight to cradle X up for the pin…







With the crowd at a fever pitch, Crazy Boy motions something out to the audience.

Eryk Masters: Could it be… the Crazy Drop?!!

Exiting to the outside, Crazy Boy begins ascending to the top. Once he does… he balances himself out evenly with both fingers pointing to the sky!!!


Other Guy: No he’s not…

Eryk Masters: Yes. He. IS!!!

With X in the center of the ring, Crazy Boy leaps off the top rope with the point of his elbow pointing down. Unfortunately for he, though, X sees it coming and lifts both of his legs in the air. Although Crazy Boy lands hard on X, his elbow smashes into the canvas missing its mark. Upon instinct, like a snake capturing its prey, X slides the brunt of his shin under Crazy Boy’s chin. With his other leg, he criss-crosses his own foot. With both hands, he RIPS down on the back of Crazy Boy’s head, crushing his wind pipe.

Eryk Masters: HELL’S… GATE??!!!

Other Guy: You mean… BITE OF THE BASILISK!!!

Suffocating Crazy Boy by pulling his head down across his shin, X screams for him to tap. Gasping for air, gagging from the constriction of X’s legs and arms, Crazy Boy’s mouth opens. Upon seeing this, X reaches into Tyrone’s mouth and begins pulling on his tongue in a ripping motion. A few seconds after enduring this torturous submission hold, Crazy Boy’s hand slaps the mat several times. Austin Linam calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters: IT’S OVER!!! HE TAPPED!!!

Other Guy: Holy SHIT…. That move is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match as a result of a submission at a time of 22 Minutes Even… X……..CAAAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUURRRR!!!!

X refuses to break the hold and continues trying to simultaneously choke him out and rip out his tongue.

Austin Linam signals for the bell to ring again, and it does. Several times. Yet still, X refuses to break the hold.

Eryk Masters: (standing up from his announce post) HE’S GONNA KILL HIM!!!

Finally, after Linam threatens to reverse the decision, X lets go of Crazy Boy. Pushing Tyrone’s lifeless body off of him, X slides back on the mat until his back is resting on the bottom turnbuckle. He watches Crazy Boy spit and sputter on the mat in a fetal position while Austin Linam checks on him. Smiling from ear to ear… an exhausted looking X closes his eyes and lets his head fall back against the bottom turnbuckle, and begins laughing.

With his back to the entrance, X motions with a hand for someone to come out.

Eryk Masters: You’ve got to be kidding me…. Crazy Boy has had ENOUGH.

Other Guy: X-Calibur said he was going to make an example out of Crazy Boy after the match… and if there’s one thing X absolutely is, it’s a man of his word.

All of a sudden, Azrael Goeren, Marcus Mirage, and finally, The Russian Assassin, empty out from the back to a massive round of boos. 

Slowly making their way to the ring, X-Calibur gets to his feet. Motioning for Mirage to grab him a microphone, X kicks Crazy Boy as hard as he can, square in the gut. Once Herr Goeren, Yuri, and Mirage make their way inside the ring, they circle Crazy Boy’s frame like a pack of hungry lions would an injured gazelle. 

X gets down on his knees opposite Crazy Boy’s head, mashing his forehead against Crazy Boy’s and digging into the mat with his feet. Pushing forward, X face-washes Crazy Boy’s head with his own. Then, as Mirage hands him the microphone, X breathes heavily into it. The adrenaline coursing through his veins.

X-Calibur: Crazy Boy… you are going to be my channel to the SHOOT Project. Through you, I am sending a message to… everyone. YOU HEAR ME, TYRONE?!!

In a scene similar to that of Pan’s Labyrinth, he jams the butt of the microphone down across the bridge of Crazy Boy’s nose, repeatedly, until a wound opens up and blood begins gushing out. Once again holding the microphone up to his mouth, X speaks.

X-Calibur: Hehehe… I… [looking up at Herr Goeren and Mirage]… WE… are going to win… the Redemption Rumble. And when we do?!!!!

Again, he smashes the microphone across Tyrone’s nose, opening the wound even further.

X-Calibur: We… [panting]… ever so resolved, are going to do what we said we were going to do all those months ago. We, ever the united front, are putting an END to this "Project". And we, everlastingly true to our cause, are going to CLEANSE these lands of the mediocrity that inhabits it and replace SHOOT with what it needs most… a HIERARCHY… of DOMINANCE.

Standing up, X laughs as the fans shower him with boos. Looking at his Hierarchy brothers, X nods to each one of them, specifically to Yuri in his potato sack of shame.

X-Calibur: Like we rid you all of Stellar Insanity… we will rid y-

Before X can even finish the sentence, a commotion in the crowd grows unexpectedly. Turning to the source of the commotion, all of the members of Hierarchy turn towards the front row near the announcers where Loco Martinez is hopping the guard rail with a steel chair in hand. Unbeknownst to them, Rocky Stellar runs down the ramp-way with a steel chair in HIS hands.

Eryk Masters: LOOK!


Sliding underneath the bottom rope, Azrael Goeren is the first person to notice Rocky Stellar’s presence, and when he turns around, he eats a chair shot that drops him near the ropes. Pulling himself out of harm’s way, all the members of the Hierarchy turn their attention to the Icon.

Eryk Masters: Goeren is down!

Yuri LUNGES at Stellar, but the Icon ducks the colossus’ massive swing and clocks Mirage in the head with the chair, who falls through the ropes to the outside. 

Other Guy: So is Mirage!

X goes to lunge at Stellar himself, but Loco smacks X in the back of the head with HIS chair from the ring apron and goes down face first on the mat.

Eryk Masters: Ohhh!!! Loco BLINDSIDED X!!!

Other Guy: This is chaos!! Look at Yuri!!!

Using his massive frame and inhuman strength, Yuri palms Rocky’s throat which causes him to drop the steel chair. His grip on the Icon is momentary, however, as Loco smacks him in his massive back with the steel chair. Stumbling forward, Yuri turns around… and eats another shot to the head which sends him over the top rope to the outside. This leaves X-Calibur alone in the ring with Stellar Insanity.

Eryk Masters: And there goes the Russian Assassin!

Other Guy: Dammit, Yuri!! Get back in there!!

The crowd goes APE SHIT as Rocky Stellar picks his chair back up. Both he and Loco stand on opposite sides of X, and while X holds his head he slowly gets to his feet. Both Loco and Rocky tap the canvas like a homerun hitter stepping up to the plate, but before they can swing, Mirage and Goeren reach under the bottom rope and pull their comrade out of the ring to the safety of the outside. The arena FILLS with boos as the wounded Hierarchy limp their way away from the ring.

Eryk Masters: Fantastic. The Hierarchy just got a taste of their own medicine!

As Loco checks on Crazy Boy, he motions for some help from the back. Stellar, meanwhile, points at the Hierarchy with his chair. Suddenly, X raises the microphone he grabbed before being pulled out of the ring and raises it to his mouth.

X-Calibur: ENOUGH!!!  [grimacing in pain and checking the back of his head for blood] ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!!!  ONE MORE MATCH!!!  THIS NEEDS TO STOP, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Loco and Stellar flash a bemused stare in the Hierarchy’s direction. They then hold up the "wait a minute" finger and huddle.  After a few seconds Stellar gets on the mic.

Rocky Stellar: We’re gonna pass.  Its just.  We’re really busy that weekend.


Loco Martinez:  I’m gonna be washing my hair.


Rocky Stellar:  I’m going to have a headache.  

The crowd chuckles.


Loco leans into Stellar . Stellar’s eyes widen and he nods with a huge smile.

Rocky Stellar:  What’s in it for us?


X-Calibur:  …WHAT???!!!


Loco Martinez:  I said, what… is IN IT… for US?  I mean.  If you want this soooo bad?  I think we need… certain "considerations".


Rocky Stellar:  Signing bonuses, if you will.


Loco Martinez:  Exactly.  To start.  I want a Venezuelan Arctic Winged Unicorn.  Preferably with a white coat, but if its chestnut?  I’ll let it pass.


Rocky Stellar:  I’d like an autographed Mayan Calendar, by THE Mayans who drew it up-

Azrael Goeren rips the microphone from X‘s hand and points at Stellar Insanity.

Azrael Goeren: Genug dieser scheiße! Geben sie uns, was wir!! wünschen!

Both Loco and Stellar look at each other and shrug.

Loco Martinez: OOH,  I know… I want Pepsi to start reproducing Crystal Pepsi!  The eBay stuff is getting kind of stale…

Yuri rips the microphone from Goeren.



Loco Martinez:  No?  Fine.  We’ll take this match.  *Crowd roars their approval* – but there is a condition.  Too many times we’ve been rudely interrupted.  Too many times we’ve had other people stick noses into bidness that didn’t belong to them.  Too often you guys found another masked baddy at the baddy factory… and so?  We want this to take place inside five sides of steel.  I’m not talking pentagon –  4 Walls.   1 Roof.   All Hell.  You want US?  We want YOU.  No bullshit.  Hell in the Cell.  REDEMPTION.

Ripping the microphone from Yuri, Mirage smiles and calmly answers.

Mirage: They accept!

Herr Goeren and Mr. Van Warren look at Mirage, wide-eyed.  Loco and Stellar, on the other hand, simply grin from ear to ear before delivering a double high-five to one another.  Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” hits the PA system and while the Hierarchy curse and glower their way to the back, paramedics rush out to the ring to tend to Crazy Boy with Stellar Insanity.



Suddenly, the lights flare back on and "Learn to Fly" by the Foo Fighters floods over the Cardiff Stadium. The crowd roars with cheers as Alex Brooks stands a top the entrance ramp, soaking in the love of the fans. Alex zig-zags back and forth down the entrance ramp making sure to tag hands with every fan he can.

Brooks climbs into the ring, his smile vanishing as he looks towards the ring entry.  He hands his belt to Willie Dean, as Samantha Coil makes her announcement.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  hailing from Denver, Colorado…  he stands at five feet, nine inches and weighs in at one hundred sixty-five pounds…  he is the current, reigning Rule of Surrender Champion…  ALEX BROOKS!

Brooks smiles for the crowd, and then redirects his attention to the ramp.

An orange spotlight hits the top of the ramp, and then several orange strobes scour the arena, as the fans let loose the loudest boos of the night.  Immortal Technique’s “Point of No Return” hits the PA as images of past conquests appear on the screen.

The destruction of Del Carver.

The annihilation of Jonny Johnson.

The cutting of Curtis Rose.

The smearing of Trey Willett’s blood.

Then, only the battle hardened eyes of the man known as Brutal and Inhuman are shown.  Everything is in a grayscale, except for the green of his eyes.  The image pans into his smirk, which transitions into a bloody smiley face.

This is the point from which I could never return

And if I back down now then forever I burn

This is the point from which I could never retreat

Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace

This is the point from which I will die and succeed

Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed

From now on it can never be the same as before

Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore

Corazon appears at the top of the ramp.  His face covered by his long black hair.  His eyes obscured by black, silver-rimmed sunglasses.  His overcoat just barely stays off of the floor, as he takes a very methodical, slow walk to the ring.

His eyes never stray from Alex Brooks.

Samantha Coil:  And the challenger… from Mexico City, Mexico… weighing in at 225lbs…  he is a former Iron Fist Champion… a former World Heavyweight Champion…  he is the current Laws of Survival Champion… he is the BRUTAL and the INHUMAN… CORAZON!

Willie Dean holds up both the Rule of Surrender Championship and the Laws of Survival Championship to a big pop from the crowd.  He hands both belts to Mark Kendrick and calls for the bell!  Corazon and Brooks meet in the middle of the ring, and Corazon, being the larger, grabs Brooks collar and elbow.  He goes behind Brooks, shoves him into the ring ropes, and throws a big right hand on Brooks’ rebound!  It connects, and Brooks goes down hard, but immediately pops back up.  Corazon fires two more times, and Brooks is backed into the turnbuckle.  Corazon smirks at him, and then delivers a HARD knife edged chop, squarely in Alex Brooks chest!

Eryk Masters:  Ouch ouch ouch, OG… 

Other Guy:  Corazon with the brutality to start out, with some quick strikes and a serious chop, which has Brooks stuck in the corner.

Corazon rears back and hits him with a knife edged chop, eliciting a WOOOO from the crowd.  He smiles again, grabs and whips Brooks across the ring, and follows him with a hard elbow to the chin.  Brooks stumbles forward, Corazon boots him in the gut, and then drops him with a DDT!  Brooks is laid out, as Corazon eyes the top rope.  He scales the ropes, which draws a surprised gasp from the crowd, but Brooks gets to his feet just before Corazon gets up to the top.

Other Guy:  Alex Brooks is resilient and quick.  Corazon’s quick too, but not quite THAT quick.

Eryk Masters:  I don’t know that I can recall a time I’ve seen Corazon go to the top, honestly..

Corazon drops down from the top, and is immediately met by Brooks who flies into him with a superman punch that rocks Corazon against the turnbuckle!  Brooks explodes into a series of rights and lefts, as the crowd begins to get behind him.  He takes two steps back, runs, jumps at Corazon, and hits him with a superman punch again!  Corazon crumples to the mat, and Brooks scales the top rope! 

Other Guy:  Lots of top rope action to start off with here.

Eryk Masters:  Brooks makes a bit more sense going to the top because he’s so much lighter and smaller.  Be interesting to see what he’s going to do here.

Alex turns around on the turnbuckle and executes a moonsault, but Corazon rolls out of the way!  Brooks adjusts soon enough and he lands on his feet as the crowd goes “Ahhhhh!”  Brooks continue to be the aggressor and he follows up as Corazon gets back to his feet, hitting Corazon with rights and lefts again, trying to wear down the Laws of Survival Champion!  He whips Corazon across the ring and essentially gives chase.  As Corazon hits the turnbuckle, Alex jumps and NAILS him with a spin wheel kick!  Corazon goes down! 

Eryk Masters:  With this kind of pace, Brooks is doing a great job of keeping Corazon grounded and one step behind.

Other Guy:  When’s the last time you could EVER say that about a Corazon opponent?  It seems like Adrian’s ALWAYS a step ahead. 

Eryk Masters:  Good point, but there’s just something about Brooks…  that tenacity. 

Corazon’s slumped in the corner, leaning against the second turnbuckle.  Brooks runs towards the opposite ropes, rebounds off, and rushes towards Corazon.  He hits him hard in the face with a dropkick, and the momentum carries Alex Brooks out of the ring!  The crowd pops HUGE for this, as Corazon remains slumped in the corner!  Brooks quickly slides back into the ring under the bottom rope.  He grabs Corazon’s legs, and pulls him towards the middle.  He changes positions, going from legs to head, and locks Corazon with a sleeper hold!  Corazon’s eyes bug out as he realizes he’s in a submission maneuver! 


Other Guy:  It would be INSANE if he did that.  Just totally INSANE.  

Corazon’s eyes shut, and then he opens them again, trying to keep himself awake.  Quickly, he uses his weight advantages to shove Alex Brooks against the ropes and take some of the pressure off of the hold.  Realizing he no longer has the leverage, Brooks releases the hold and shoves Corazon away from him, but before he can capitalize, Corazon DECIMATES HIM WITH THE ACT OF REALITY!!  BROOKS GOES DOWN!!  Corazon falls to one knee!! 

Other Guy:  HUGE desperation move on the part of the Laws of Survival Champion, here.  You can see that he’s still taken a bit out of sorts from that sleeper move! 

Eryk Masters:  Makes you wonder what kind of torque that kick had on it, because of that.  Annnddd…  it looks like my question is answered, as both men are getting to their feet at the same time!

The crowd is going out of its mind as Brooks makes it to his feet a split second before Corazon does.  Brooks nails Corazon with a series of quick knife edged chops designed to keep Corazon on his toes, rather than in control.  Brooks whips Corazon against the ropes again, but Corazon comes back and locks Brooks into a side headlock!  Brooks FREAKS OUT! 

Eryk Masters:  Corazon trying to end it right here himself!  That’s the beginning of the Starburst! 

Other Guy:  THAT would be crazy too.

Corazon releases the side headlock and lets Brooks go, with a smirk, but before he can follow up, Brooks nails a HARD kick that hits Corazon in the midsection, taking the wind out of the Inhuman’s sails!  Both men are down now, and both are struggling to get back up! 

Eryk Masters:  MAJOR reversal there from Brooks.  That would have ended it!

Other Guy:  Gotta give Brooks props, E.  Dude just doesn’t wanna give it up that easily. 

Eryk Masters:  Like your date on prom night, right OG? 

Other Guy:  You kidding me?  I’m a pimp.

Brooks is first to his feet, and Corazon is up on all fours.  Brooks walks to Corazon, grabs him by the hair and pulls him up.  He’s got some confidence now!  He quickly kicks Corazon in the gut, doubling him over.  Brooks then bounces off the ropes and swings Corazon around with a neckbreaker!  Corazon’s flattened out, and Brooks is really feeling it! 

Other Guy:  Alex Brooks, ladies and gentlemen.  He’s really taking it to Project SCAR’s Black Death!

Eryk Masters:  And it’s a beautiful thing, too.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I hate that motherfucker. 

Other Guy:  Once or twice. 

Brooks heads to the top again!  He looks down at Corazon, jumps, and turns into a huge senton!  It connects!  Brooks rolls through and winds up on the other end of the ring.  He rushes back to follow up as Corazon is clutching his stomach in the corner.  He goes to the top turnbuckle again, and comes off with ANOTHER MILE HIGH SENTON.  He NAILS it.  Corazon is FLATTENED.  Brooks slows it down now, drags Corazon to the middle of the ring again, and this he slaps on a dragonsleeper!  Corazon’s face turns bright red as he begins to struggle!  Willie Dean moves close, only for Corazon to spit in his face at the notion of submission! 

Other Guy:  Well, that’s one way of saying you aren’t going to give up! 

Eryk Masters:  Yeah, you could say that…  Brooks is really torqueing that neck, though! 

Other Guy:  He’s been working in the whole match.  He started off sort of gingerly, almost cautious, but he’s really ramped it up in these last few minutes. 

Corazon looks to be in dire straits, as Brooks has the dragon sleeper locked in.  Corazon’s struggling, reaching for the ropes, but with little success.  Brooks is hanging on, as Corazon inches closer and closer to the rope.  Willie Dean is right on top of the action, but is trying to avoid being spit on again!  Corazon gets closer, Brooks is struggling to hang on!  The crowd is going bananas!  

Eryk Masters:  God Alex, just…  just hold on just a little bit more, dude. 

Other Guy:  Corazon is fighting for his LIFE here.  That hold has been on for at LEAST thirty seconds, if not longer.  I’m AMAZED he hasn’t passed out yet.

Eryk Masters:  I can say what I want about the dude, but he’s just as resilient as anyone else, as much as it sickens me to admit it. 

Corazon FINALLY reaches the ropes, and an exasperated and disappointed Alex Brooks releases the hold, per Willie Dean’s instructions.  Brooks, dejected and a little bit angry, sees that while Corazon has reached the ropes, he hasn’t yet pulled himself up.  Brooks looks at Corazon, and looks at the top rope once more, and the Poliedro gets LOUD.  Brooks begins to scale the top rope.  He gets there, looks down at Corazon who’s still breathing heavily on the ground!  He jumps and flips through with a Shooting Star Press, but as he’s making his rotation, CORAZON POPS TO HIS FEET!  HE CONNECTS WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!! 



Eryk Masters:  Apparently, the Venezuelans have been watching our shows…  didn’t know they knew the Holy Shit chant in English… 

Other Guy:  I can’t BELIEVE what I just saw.  I thought Corazon was DEAD.  I thought that was the nail in the coffin!

Willie Dean is frantic in the ring now, as neither Brooks nor Corazon make a move.  Both are down, and the crowd is going nuts!  Corazon is first to move, as he rolls towards the ropes.  He uses the bottom rope to prop himself up, as Brooks has the same idea.  Corazon is standing now, using the top rope as a crutch of sorts.  Brooks is back to his feet as well, though he places his hands on his knees and takes a big breath.  He then resumes his attack, but Corazon is too fast.  Corazon ducks him, and Brooks finds himself stuck between Corazon and the turnbuckles.  Corazon begins to light Brooks up, lefts and rights, sharing between Brooks’ head and his midsection.  Brooks is taking SERIOUS damage, as Corazon continues.

Eryk Masters:  I should have known that bullshit reversal would be the turning point in this matchup. 

Other Guy:  That bullshit reversal?  That thing was beautiful, and you know it! 

Corazon hoists Brooks to the top rope.  Brooks is sitting looking out towards the crowd.  Corazon gets up underneath him, and grabs him around his waist, going for a powerbomb!  Brooks recognizes this and rolls through, slipping behind Corazon.  Brooks grabs Corazon by the neck and hops up to the second rope!  He hooks Corazon with an inverted facelock and DRIVES HIM DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH AN INVERTED DDT!!! 


Other Guy:  This match has been CRAZY for the creative reversals!  Corazon looks to be out! 

Brooks retains the hold on Corazon, and sits down and WRENCHES IN WITH THE DRAGON SLEEPER!  CORAZON IS IN A LOT OF PAIN!  CORAZON’S EYES BUG OUT!  WILLIE DEAN COMES IN TO CHECK, but Corazon says NO!  The crowd pops! 

Other Guy:  He WILL NOT give up.  That man has a pain threshold that is superb! 

Eryk Masters:  LOOK AT THE LOOK ON ALEX BROOKS’ FACE!!  He’s not going to let go! 

Brooks wrenches back as hard as he’s ever wrenched before, and Corazon’s face changes in color!  Corazon looks out at the crowd, and looks up at Willie Dean!  He shuts his eyes!   Willie Dean checks on him once more time!  He lifts his arm up once…  TWICE…  but Corazon OPENS HIS EYES AGAIN ON THE THIRD TIME!  Alex Brooks REFUSES to let go! 

Eryk Masters:  This is UNREAL.  The fact that Alex Brooks won’t…  or can’t…  let go…  I’m just…  I’m stunned

Other Guy:  We’re about to witness something huge here, Eryk.  I can feel it.  Something EPIC is about to happen.  Corazon…  he’ll find some creative reversal or something, and this will go on.


Eryk Masters:  If Corazon gets out of this, I’ll take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about him.  That’s a promise.

Other Guy: This is it, E.  THIS IS IT.  Here it comes…




Other Guy:  HOLY SHIT.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon has TAPPED OUT.  For the first time in his CAREER.  HE SUBMITTED.

The crowd fucking EXPLODES as Willie Dean calls for the bell…  Alex Brooks releases the hold, and looks down at Corazon, completely astonished.  Samantha Coil steps to the center of the ring, as Corazon rolls out, completely dejected. 


“Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters hits the PA as Alex Brooks begins to celebrate!  He ascends the turnbuckle and holds the Rule of Surrender Championship up high!  The crowd goes WILD with love for him, as Corazon simply slinks to the back. 

Other Guy:  I am absolutely stunned at the result of this match, E.  I did not for the life of me expect to see Corazon tap out for the first time in his career tonight.  I thought…  I really thought that Alex Brooks rise to superstardom would end here! 

Eryk Masters:  Well, it sounds like Brooks has made a believer out of you, just like I am.  That was INCREDIBLE, congratulations to Alex Brooks!


The lights in the arena dim as the opening line of Filter and the Crystal Method’s “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” hit’s the loudspeakers.  The crowd turns their attention to the ramp as Trey Willett Emerges from the curtain.  The Crowd erupts in cheering as the superstar makes his way to the head of the entrance ramp.  Trey stands, staring over the fans.  He isn’t dressed for competition, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a black button-down shirt.  The fan reaction subsides to a dull roar as Trey starts to make his way down the ramp, shaking hands with fans on either side of the ramp until he finally comes to ringside.  He reaches up and grabs the middle rope, launching himself to the apron, and steps through into the ring. 

With a smile on his face, he paces back and forth in the ring, and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a microphone.  He stops in the middle of the ring, and looks down at the canvas before bringing his head back up to address the crowd. 

Trey: It’s been far too long since I’ve been in this ring.  I was sitting in my house the other week and it dawned on me that I owed each and every one of you an explanation for my absence.

Trey stops and the smile leaves his face for a moment.  Some members of the crowd are already holding signs stating their forgiveness for Trey, while others still are cheering. 

Trey: I owe all of you an apology.  I spent so much time talking about making my family my number one priority that when the time came to make the choice, it was an easy one to make.  What Adrian Corazon put my entire family through ran deeper than any of you could possibly know.  I had tried so hard to get myself into the position that I was in.  I did everything that I could to be the hero that you guys needed in this business.  I came back and I tried to do everything right.  That just put a target on my back.

I’m not going to come out here and make a long list of excuses to you guys.  You don’t deserve that.  What I will do is be totally honest with you. 

The end is coming close.  I talk to the guys that came into this business with me and see that they have all accepted roles backstage, enjoying their retirement.  I see that I am one of the last remaining holdouts from my age.  I wake up in the morning and my knees feel like they are on fire.  My back hurts when I lay down at night.  Retirement is just around the bend for me. 

I honestly thought about calling it a day when I took my leave of absence.  I thought about it.

But I realized that there was something missing from my career.  I am a hall of fame caliber athlete without the resume to back it up.  I came back to win the World Title, and prove to you fans that there is still good in the SHOOT Project.  So far, I have failed at both of those objectives.  I look around and see that you have yet another monster holding your title.  And I am no closer to cementing my legacy than I was a year ago.  I can’t leave like this.  So I talked to my wife and child, and we all agreed that I have another run left in me.

The fans erupt in excitement as Trey walks from corner to corner, soaking up the applause.  He raises his arms in a “settle down” motion and the crowd begins to quiet.

Trey: I ask you to forgive me.  One last time.  If you can give me just one more shot to prove to you people that I am the champion that you deserve it would make the sweet taste of victory just that much better when I finally bring home that gold. 

But when, Trey?  When will you make your comeback to the SHOOT Project?  I can think of no better place than Redemption.  And I can think of no better way to prove my worth to my fantastic fans than to battle my way through the Redemption Rumble.  But you all deserve so much more than that.  SHOOT Project deserves so much more than that.  I have some atoning to do.  I have spoken to Jason Johnson, and we both agree that to prove to you guys that I have what it takes to carry this company to the next level, I have volunteered to take the number one spot in the rumble. 

I will have to earn my way to the title.  If I want to get my shot at the title, and the devil that holds it, I will have to fight my way through almost every member of the SHOOT Project roster.  It will be a hell of a fight, and you people deserve nothing less from me.

Trey takes a step back and turns his attention to the entrance ramp.  Staring straight at the curtain, he raises the microphone to his mouth one more time.

Trey: As for the devil himself.  Cade Sydal.  We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, and of all the people that I would have to guess that would be standing in the way of me and my title, I never thought it would be you again.  I fought you when you were at your best.  Your peak, if you will.  And I took you to the limit.  I busted your head open in the cage, then late, I pinned you clean in the middle of the ring. 

I beat you when you were a much better man, and I did it when I was still a waste of human space.  Best of all, I did it clean.  How do you think you’ll fare against me now that you’ve lost your soul?  I’ll never forget the words that you jabbed into my heart so many years ago.  I saw then, that you were a serpent.  It just took everyone else a few years to catch up.  You had better hope that when the smoke clears, and the Redemption Rumble is over, that someone else’s hand is raised in victory.  I wouldn’t put much hope in that, though.  In two weeks, my road back begins.  Then shortly afterwards, I’ll find my way to your door, Cade.  You can count on that.

Trey drops the mic on the mat, as “(Can’t you) Trip Like I Do” hits the PA once again.  The fans cheer as Trey slides out of the ring and makes his way back up the entrance ramp.  He stops, just shy of the stage, and raises his hand in the air.  The cheering intensifies as Trey pushes his way back through the curtain.



Samantha Coil: The following six-man tag team contest is the Revolution 76 MAIN EVENT and is scheduled for one fall!

The fans begin to buzz excitedly.

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans immediately begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: These people really should respect the Champion of this great company!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Maybe they would if he wasn’t such a self-absorbed egomaniac with a yellow streak a mile long!

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: …why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Eryk Masters: I think I already have. Time and time again.

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title rests comfortably over Cade’s other shoulder, his hand holding it in place as he grins at the sea of booing fans.

Cassi Ryan: Introducing first, and foremost! The Captain of Team Fucking Amazing! The pinnacle of awesome, the epitome of perfection! Every woman’s fantasy, and every man’s hero!

The couple continue down the ramp as Cassi continues to talk over the jeers.

Cassi Ryan: The Legend of the Ring! Hailing from Soutport, North Carolina by way of the Filthiest City in the World, Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 176 pounds, with a body that looks like it was carved out of marble! He is your SHOOT Project World Champion, and the champion of my world!

Cade and Cassi walk up the ring steps, with Cade behind Cassi. They walk along ring apron and Cade holds the ropes open for Cassi to step through them. They share a brief moment with their eyes, before he steps into the ring to join her and she continues.


His music fades out, but the fans continue to boo as the Lord of the Rings’ remix of "Summer Overture"  hits.

Samantha Coil: And his partners. Representing the Hierarchy! AZZZZZZRAEL GOOOOOOOOOOOERENNNNNNNNNN and MIRRRRRRAGGGGGGGGGGE!

As soon as their names are said, Goeren and Mirage step out from the back. Azrael wearing a pair of thick sunglasses, with a German Shepherd leading the way. Mirage has a hold of Azrael’s free elbow, as if helping him down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Oh, now he’s suddenly blind?!

Other Guy: If you’ll remember, Loco DID blind him!

Eryk Masters: Oh give me a break! He had a video promotion and he saw just fine then!

Other Guy: Well maybe it’s slow-acting blindness? Ever think of that, Doctor House? Jeeze…

They make it down the ramp, leaving the “seeing eye dog” with the timekeeper as Mirage helps Azrael up the ring steps. Cade sits on the ropes to hold them open, to help his faux-blind partner get in the ring. Azrael takes off the sunglasses as Mirage gets in the ring and their music slowly fades out.

Samanthat Coil: And now their opponents. First, from Austin, Texas!

The fans begin to cheer loudly as the number one contender’s music, "Thickfreakness" by the Black Keys, takes over the airwaves!

Samantha Coil: He is the number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship! "The Blackout" BENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Ben Jackman steps out from the back as his name is announced, throwing his fists up into the air.

Other Guy: Listen to these people!

Eryk Masters: They have a great deal of respect for, arguably, the toughest Iron Fist Champion in our history!

He locks eyes on Cade, who moves to stand behind both Azrael and Mirage, which brings a confident smile to Jackman’s face as he walks down the ramp. His music fades as he makes it to the bottom of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: This only leaves Stellar Insanity. And we’re not entirely sure who won their contest.

Other Guy: I have a feeling as soon as the music hits we’ll have our clue…oh no.

Eryk Masters: What’s wrong, OG?

Other Guy: I forgot my poncho, and we’re about to be in the Glizzard.

The lights drop out.

1c0N+Fr3Ak$ho//=$I flashes onto the jumbo tron and the crowd roars in approval. There’s a few moments of silence that causes a curious buzz and we hear the 80s synth and female vocals of the Bangles’ “Manic Monday.”

Other Guy: Good God…

Eryk Masters: Well, it combined Loco’s push for pop music and Stellar’s more of an 80s hair metal vibe…I guess…

Stellar and Loco step out from the back, Loco bobbing gleefully to the music. Stellar smirking and shaking his head. They each take a side of the entry way, slapping hands as they head to the ring.


When they slide into the ring, the corner posts go off with an explosion of glitter.

Other Guy: Great…another suit, ruined!

All three of their opponents jump a little at the glitter explosion, as Jackman slides into the ring behind his partners. The music fades out, and all six men exchange glances. Jackman locks his eyes on Cade, while Cade stays behind his partners, looking over their shoulders at him. Azrael and Mirage look between Loco and Stellar, and vice versa.

Eryk Masters: The tension is palpable!

Other Guy: You can literally feel the hate coming from both sides of the ring!

Azrael Goeren and Mirage exchange looks before stepping out, leaving Cade Sydal in the ring to start. Ben Jackman immediately tells Rocky Stellar and Loco Martinez he has this, and Cade looks to his corner with a sort of pout. The Hierarchy shrug their collective shoulders as Stellar Insanity step out of the ring with smirks. The bell sounds, and Cade turns around as Jackman starts walking toward him menacingly cracking his knuckles.

Eryk Masters: The bell just sounded, and already Cade doesn’t want anything to do with this match!

Other Guy: He’s the Champ! At the very least he shouldn’t be forced to start!

Eryk Masters: He’s the Champ, so he SHOULD start the match to set an example!

As Cade pats the air and tries to talk himself out of it, Jackman reaches for him! Cade quickly ducks under the arms of Ben Jackman and moves across the ring. He raises his hands again as Jackman simply shakes his head. Cade yells loudly.

Cade Sydal: At least hear me out!

Jackman stops and waves for Cade to continue.

Cade Sydal: You want to fight me, I get that. Just wait until Redemption, in the cage…lets wrestle. What d’ya say?

Eryk Masters: Oh, come on! Is he serious?!

Jackman smirks and shrugs. He waves Cade toward him, and Cade grins.

Other Guy: Looks like it, E!

The two of them lock up and Jackman quickly turns Cade, pushing him back into a neutral corner! Cade tries to fight being pushed into the corner by putting his left foot back on the bottom turnbuckle, but when Jackman pushes harder Cade plants his right foot on the second rope! Jackman tries to push harder, and Cade moves his left foot to step onto the top when suddenly Jackman lets go and steps back and Cade falls hard on his face!

Eryk Masters: Hahaha! Now THAT’s funny!

Other Guy: No way! That was a dirty game!

Jackman smirks down at Cade, who looks up at him from his knees with a mixture of anger and embarrassment on twisting his features. Cade slaps the canvas with his palms and pushes up to his feet, right into another tie-up with Jackman, this time ducking under his arm and into a waistlock, Cade quickly rolls backward, pulling Jackman with him as he rolls back into an O’Connor Roll!

Other Guy: That’s more like it!


Jackman kicks out and sends Cade flying forward, tucking into a somersault, Cade rolls to his feet and turns to meet Jackman as he gets to his own. Cade sticks out his tongue, in the way that a bratty kid would, causing Jackman to roll his eyes while Rocky and Loco share a conversation in the corner.

Eryk Masters: He’s awfully pleased for a one count, isn’t he?

Other Guy: I think he was just trying to prove he could do it…

Loco reaches out his hand, and Jackman nods. Cade smirks cockily at Loco, waving him in. Jackman tags Loco’s hand, and Loco quickly springs over the top rope and into the ring, coming at Cade quickly! Cade adjusts to the sudden change of pace by diving low and dropping to his belly, trying to trip Loco but Loco jumps over him and hits the ropes! Cade quickly gets to his feet and leaps into the air with a leap frog as Loco skids to a stop just behind him! Loco drops and rolls Cade up from behind with a schoolboy!

Eryk Masters: The pace has changed dramatically with Loco in the ring now, and there he is with a roll up!



Other Guy: Come on, Cade, kick out of that!

Cade pushes Loco’s hip and turns his body to kick out, scissoring Loco’s arm in the process, Cade immediately starts to reach for the other arm! Loco tucks it under himself and fights Cade off long enough to roll forward, sliding his arm free! Cade scrambles backward to his feet, but Loco doesn’t give him a moment to think as he leaps up and dropkicks him in the face! Loco gets to his feet and takes a bow with a grin down at Cade, who looks up at him holding his mouth!

Eryk Masters: Loco’s showing Cade how it’s done!

Other Guy: Whatever! He’s just waking up a sleeping dragon, that’s all, you’ll see!

Cade looks to his corner, and both of his partners shrug their shoulders. They look at each other, and Mirage finally puts his hand out for the tag. Cade tags Mirage, while staring at Loco, and steps out of the ring to be replaced by Mirage. Mirage and Loco meet in the middle of the ring with a lock-up, but Mirage quickly digs his fingers into Loco’s eyes, pushing back on his face and putting him in a neutral corner Mirage continues to gouge at Loco’s eyes until the referee reaches the count of four. Mirage puts his hands up and backs away.

Other Guy: Loco’s not going to be able to see how anything’s done if Mirage has his way!

Eryk Masters: We’ll see about that, OG.

Mirage doesn’t stay away for long, as he comes back for Loco with a right hook! But Loco ducks it and catches Mirage with an arm drag as he turns around! Loco keeps a hold of Mirage’s arm, pulling him up in the armbar he backs himself up to allow Stellar to tag himself in. Together Rocky and Loco send Mirage off the ropes, with Loco following two steps behind, catching Mirage as he comes off the ropes with a drop toe hold as Rocky hits the ropes to the side and drops an elbow on Mirage’s back!

Other Guy: C’mon, ref! They can’t do that!

Eryk Masters: They have until a count of five to work together. It’s legal.

Rocky sits Mirage up and places his knee in the small of Mirage’s back, pulling back on his chin. Mirage pushes up to his feet, and turns his body, but Rocky keeps control with a side headlock. Mirage sends Rocky off and into the ropes, but is taken down as Stellar rebounds with a shoulder tackle! Mirage is quick to his feet as Stellar hits the ropes, catching Stellar as he comes off of them with a high hip toss!

Eryk Masters: Mirage just launched the Icon almost halfway across the ring!

Other Guy: And halfway to the ceiling, too!

Mirage grabs Stellar by the head and pulls him to his feet, right into a front facelock where he pushes toward his corner and reaches out, tagging in Azrael. Azrael comes into the ring and joins Mirage in the front facelock, lifting Stellar up both men hold him in the air for a moment before dropping him forward with a double gordbuster!


Stellar bounces off his chest, clutching it, as Azrael gets to his feet and kicks hard into his chest!

Other Guy: Azrael adding insult to injury with that soccer-style kick!

Azrael shoots a half-nelson on Stellar and turns him over, hooking him for the cover.

Eryk Masters: C’mon, Rocky!



Stellar kicks out, and Goeren quickly pulls him back to his feet. But Rocky slaps Azrael’s hands away and rocks him with a hard forearm shot! Azrael rears back, but then charges in at Stellar who ducks his shoulder and launches Goeren with a high back body drop!

Eryk Masters: Now Goeren goes sailing through the air!

Other Guy: Is anyone going to get some sort of control?

Goeren gets to his feet and turns around, only to be met with a boot to the gut from Stellar! Stellar whips Azrael into a neutral corner and rushes after him, crashing into Azrael with a thunderous clothesline! Stellar grabs Azrael by the head and backs up to his own corner, tagging in Jackman, he lifts Azrael’s outside arm to expose his ribs. Jackman steps into the ring and drives a hard jab into Azrael’s exposed torso before Stellar lets him go and gets out of the ring. Jackman quickly scoops Azrael up and drives him down into the middle of the ring with a body slam, before turning slightly and dropping a leg across Azrael’s chest! Jackman turns into a lateral press.

Other Guy: I’m surprised to see Jackman jump that high!



Azrael kicks out, but Cade has already started into the ring and just continues running anyway, kicking Jackman in the ribs to “break up the count” even after the fact!

Eryk Masters: Really now?! He wasn’t even pinning him any more!

Cade backs out of the ring, being admonished the whole way, as Jackman pushes to his feet holding his ribs and glaring at Cade. Jackman starts to walk toward the Hierarchy/Sydal corner, allowing Azrael to get to his own knees behind Jackman before darting forward and low, chopping Jackman’s left leg out from under him! Azrael pushes to his feet as Jackman grabs his left knee with a grimace of pain on his face, Goeren grins down at him, until Cade reaches out and slaps Azrael’s shoulder with a wink and grin of his own.

Other Guy: See, I told you Cade would be more than willing to mix it up later in the match…

Eryk Masters: Only because Jackman is down already!

Other Guy: What’s your point?

Cade steps through the ropes with a smirk, reassuring his “partner” that it’s okay before reaching down to grab Jackman’s ankle. Jackman shoves his foot into Cade’s chest hard, though, sending Cade flying back onto his shoulders, rolling backward to his feet Cade suddenly reaches out and tags Mirage’s chest and rolls through the middle and top rope and to the floor to stand next to Cassi and discuss some things. Mirage stares down at him from the apron for a minute before slowly getting into the ring. Azrael shakes his head at the SHOOT Project Champion.

Eryk Masters: Doesn’t look like he wants any part of a fighting Ben Jackman, still! And his partners don’t look too impressed, either!

Other Guy: He’s just playing it smart. He’s already got to face Jackman in a cage at Redemption, so why would he want to fight him right now?

Jackman starts up to his feet, but Mirage is there with a quick stomp down on the side of Jackman’s knee! Mirage shakes his head, and points to the outside at Cade while saying something to Jackman. He points at himself, and back at Cade before shaking his head and kicking Jackman in the side of the head, putting him on his back, Mirage drops for the cover, hooking a leg and digging his elbow into Jackman’s face.

Other Guy: Mirage with an aggressive cover!



Jackman kicks out, pushing Mirage’s face with his left hand as he does so.

Eryk Masters: But Jackman kicks out with just as much aggression!

Mirage isn’t so easily deterred, as he pulls Jackman up by his arm and twists under it before backing him to the ropes and tagging in Azrael. Together they whip Jackman off the ropes and both men follow close behind, and just as Jackman rebounds off the ropes Azrael dives low with a dropkick to the front of Jackman’s knee while Mirage catches Jackman’s head and drops down with a big DDT!


Eryk Masters: Did you see that? I’ve gotta admit, that was pretty slick!

Azrael quickly turns Jackman over and hooks Jackman’s left leg tight!

Other Guy: Slick? That was awesome!




Loco Martinez sprints into the ring and grabs Azrael’s ankle, pulling him off of the cover before backing up and getting out of the ring with a smile on his face.

Eryk Masters: Loco saves the match for his team, but I’m not so sure Jackman wasn’t about to kick out anyway!

Other Guy: Are you serious? If his knee isn’t shattered and he doesn’t have at least a moderate concussion I’d be surprised!

Azrael moves back to Jackman and grabs his left ankle, swinging down he drops his own knee across Jackman’s, driving Jackman’s knee into the canvas Azrael pulls back on the ankle to twist the leg even further! Stellar Insanity begin to slap the top turnbuckle in their corner together, cheering on their tag partner.

Eryk Masters: Stellar Insanity both look ready to get in the ring and help their partner out!

Other Guy: Awww, isn’t that cute? Too bad clapping your hands doesn’t do a whole lot for the body, huh?

Azrael gets back to a stand and turns Jackman over onto his belly by pulling his leg over his body and turns with a spin to hook his legs around Jackman’s and reaches down, pulling back with an STF! Cade suddenly stops talking with Cassi and slides into the ring, sliding right into Jackman’s face with a baseball slide! Cade rolls out of the ring just as quickly as he entered, and stands back up on the apron holding his hands out and a half-hearted apologetic shrug to Mirage.

Other Guy: Hahaha! Did you see that?

Eryk Masters: Of course I saw that! It wasn’t even called for, his partner had things well under control!

Other Guy: Apparently he didn’t think so, now did he?

Azrael is forced to release the hold due to the outside assistance, but he keeps his grip on Jackman’s ankle and drags him to the corner. He looks at Cade, before reaching his hand out and tagging Mirage in instead. Mirage steps in and hops onto the second rope before quickly dropping with an elbow across Jackman’s knee, pulling the ankle from Azrael’s grip…not that Azrael minds of course.

Eryk Masters: They are relentlessly targeting Jackman’s knee!

Other Guy: A smart strategy, you can’t deny that. if he can’t stand, the power of his punches are pretty much negated!

Mirage wraps his arms around Jackman’s leg and grapevines it in such a way as to twist his knee awkwardly, pulling it toward his chest, Mirage leans back into Jackman to apply more pressure before getting to his feet and swinging his leg over it, dropping his leg across Jackman’s with a sneer. Mirage pushes back to his feet, holding Jackman’s ankle, he drags the Blackout over to his corner and reaches out, tagging in Cade this time. Cade steps through the ropes and immediately kicks up into the held leg of Ben Jackman.

Eryk Masters: Once again, Cade is happy to be in there with a wounded opponent!

Other Guy: Say what you will, but once he’s down to business he’s just as relentless as anyone else. Mark my words, he’s going to try and destroy Jackman’s leg himself.

Cade grabs Jackman’s ankle and quickly drops down, effectively DDT’ing Jackman’s foot into the canvas and apparently jamming his knee as Jackman immediately clutches it. Cade is quickly back to his feet to grin down at Jackman, he teasingly kicks Jackman’s knee with the bottom of his foot before mockingly pouting down at his challenger.

Other Guy: Haha. Awww, what’s the matter, Benny? Hahaha.

Eryk Masters: …you…I can’t even put it into words, just…ugh.

Cade grabs Jackman’s leg and turns him over quickly before bending Jackman’s right leg and placing the ankle behind Jackman’s left knee, Cade flips forward quickly and bridges on his toes, pulling on Jackman’s left leg in the process in a sort of inverted Haas of Pain!

Other Guy: Ooh, that looks nasty!

Jackman screams out in a mixture of pain and anger before he pushes Cade’s right ankle out from under him, making Cade lose his grip of Jackman’s foot and roll to the side to quickly get out of Jackman’s reach!

Eryk Masters: Jackman has enough wherewithal to break the hold quickly, though.

Cade scrambles to his feet and moves toward his corner, reaching out to tag one of his partners! But Azrael and Mirage both drop off of the apron at the same time, leaving Cade to stare at them, his jaw dropped as the two members of Hierarchy discuss something together.

Other Guy: What the hell?!

Eryk Masters: Maybe they’re just trying to teach him a lesson?

Cade turns around as Jackman starts to push up, favoring his left knee noticeably, and Cade moves in to strike with a kick for the side of Jackman’s head, but Jackman ducks his head out of the way! Cade stumbles off balance from the missed attack, and as he turns toward Jackman again the Blackout pushes off his good leg and crashes into Cade with a big time lariat that sends Cade flipping head over heels!


Eryk Masters: Jackman just took Cade’s head off!

Other Guy: Maybe now the Hierarchy will let Cade tag out! They want to win, after all!

Jackman starts to push up again, gritting his teeth in determination, as Cade starts to try and get to his own feet. Jackman grabs Cade by the ankle from behind as he gets to his own feet, forcing Cade to try and balance on his other foot. Cade turns around and kicks his leg through for an enziguiri, but Jackman ducks under it and catches under the leg with his other arm before snapping back with a huge wheelbarrow suplex, dumping Cade on the back of his neck!


Jackman is fueled by the cheering fans, he crawls and turns Cade over, hooking the leg!

Other Guy: Come on, kick out!




Azrael slides into the ring and kicks Jackman in the side of the face to break up the cover!

Eryk Masters: Azrael with a nasty kick to the side of the head to break things up!

Rocky Stellar runs into the ring quickly, right for Azrael, and the two begin to exchange punches! The official tries to regain order, but just as Stellar gets the better of Azrael and backs him to the ropes Mirage steps in and rushes Stellar from the side, driving the point of his elbow into the side of Stellar’s face!

Eryk Masters: Things are quickly getting out of control!

Other Guy: You’re telling me!

Loco doesn’t take too well to that, as he springs himself over the ropes! Mirage turns to face Loco and catches him with a boot to the gut! Mirage starts to whip Loco to the ropes, but Loco rebounds off with a flying forearm right into Mirage’s face! Loco gets to his feet, just as Cade staggers to his own and turns around! Loco grabs Cade by the arm and twists under it, pulling Cade right into a short-arm superkick!


Eryk Masters: LOCAPITATOR! Loco just took the World Champion’s head off!

Mirage is back to his feet, though, right behind Loco. Mirage quickly grabs Loco up from behind, under his arm, and lifts him back and drops him high on top of his head and neck with a back drop driver! Cassi places the SHOOT Project World title belt in the ring, behind the referee’s back, right next to Cade!

Other Guy: Mirage just dropped Loco on his head!

Eryk Masters: So you’re going to ignore Cassi handing Cade’s nearly lifeless body the title belt, huh?

Other Guy: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Pay attention to the match, E!

Eryk Masters: I am!

Stellar grabs Mirage’s shoulder and whips him around to face him! Mirage instinctively swings a punch, but Stellar blocks it with ease and swings under an arm to pull Mirage up into a fireman’s carry, quickly pulling him off and cradling his neck, Stellar drops to a knee to drive Mirage’s neck across the other one with a sick neckbreaker!

Other Guy: Stellar just killed Mirage!

Eryk Masters: I doubt that, but that neckbreaker was nasty nevertheless!

Before Stellar can get off his knee, though, Azrael is behind him and blasts through the side of his face with a buzzsaw kick from behind!


Azrael turns, but there’s an angry Ben Jackman there to meet him with a left boot to the gut. Jackman favors his knee briefly before gritting his teeth and pulling Azrael into a standing head scissors and then right up into a crucifix position!

Eryk Masters: Here comes the Blackout Bomb!

Cassi quickly gets on the apron, drawing the referee to her as Cade gets to his feet, clutching the title belt closely. Cade runs at Jackman and goes low, swinging the belt right into Jackman’s left kneecap!


Other Guy: There goes the Blackout’s Knee! Perfect!

Jackman drops Azrael immediately and falls to the canvas, as Cade tosses the belt out of the ring, before sliding over Jackman’s body, hooking the wounded leg tight! Cassi drops off of the apron and the referee turns around, he spots the pinning situation and is momentarily hesitant to get down and make the count, but does so anyway.

Eryk Masters: Come on! This is bullshit!




Other Guy: YES! They did it!

The official signals for the bell, and Cade gets to his feet as the fans boo loudly. Cade gets to his feet and motions to Cassi to look under the ring, even as Samantha Coil reluctantly makes the announcement.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 36 minutes and 33 seconds! SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Cade Sydal! And the HIIIIIIIIIERARRRRRRRRRRRRCHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Cassi bends down and reaches under the ring, sliding a crowbar used to tighten the ring ropes in to Cade. Cade picks up the crowbar as “Almost Famous” by Eminem starts to play, only to immediately cut off when Cade brings the  crowbar down across Jackman’s knee while he clutches it, smashing into his clutching fingers in the process.

Eryk Masters: Come on! The match is over now!

Other Guy: Cade’s not thinking about this match any more, he’s thinking about the future…look at him!

Cade lifts the crowbar up once more, ignoring the jeers from the crowd as he drives it down on Jackman’s leg a second time with an audible crack that actually causes Jackman to cry out in agony. The crowd continues to boo, before suddenly cheering as Loco and Stellar slide back into the ring and rush at him, causing him to drop the crowbar and quickly dash through the ropes and jump to the floor on the outside, to safety, next to his Hierarchy partners.

Eryk Masters: Sure, now that the cavalry has recovered, he’s out of dodge!

Other Guy: Wouldn’t you be?

Cade looks to either side of him, to Azrael and Mirage, Mirage clutching his neck, Cade grins at them both and extends both his hands. With sly grins the other two reach out and shake one of Cade’s hands at the same time.

Other Guy: See, and they were on the same page!

Eryk Masters: I think they’re all just happy they won, to be honest, no matter what the cost!

All three men raise their arms, as Loco and Rocky check on Jackman, glaring at the three men on the outside at the same time as the SHOOT Project helmet logo slowly fades over the shot, taking it over.