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Revolution 80 – 8/28/2011

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada. "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.

Train a little harder than you can or ever will

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt. A second shot of The Hierarchy is shown, holding X-Calibur up on their shoulders. A third shot of Tanya Black can be seen, clutching the Sin City Championship against her breast.

You need to think fast

Cade Sydal is shown taking Ben Jackman down, before it flashes over to him holding his World Championship high. That is followed quickly by a shot of Thomas Manchester Black, pounding his fists together in the middle of an empty ring.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!

Project:SCAR are shown destroying Frontline II TURBO and The Bad Ass Brotherhood. Mirage is shown lording over his fallen foe, the mask fresh off of his face, Donovan King down on the mat.

Got news if you think you bad

The next image is Jonas Coleman, blood pouring down his face. He is shown standing tall in the ring, soaking in the love of the fans. We then see MURDERHOUSE Mick carting weapons to the ring, followed quickly by Cinder Block attacking everyone in his sights.

All your other battles make me laugh

Azraith DeMitri stands alone in an empty ring. His blue hair is in front of his face. He says nothing. He does nothing.

You need to start runnin’…

Adrian Corazon is shown, mocking Danny Corsair’s handicap. The Gunslingers are shown next, nodding their heads to the fans as they walk down to the ring.

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!

Frontline II TURBO celebrate a victory in the ring as the camera shifts to Isaac Entragian spearing Lennox Ferguson through barbed wire to the ground. Next we see some unfortunate soul getting caught in an El Asso Wipo backbreaker TCHA! With his knee!


Stellar Insanity are shown, embracing one another as they have overcome so much to defeat their foes. We quickly shift to Laura Seton, shouting out at the fans with a smile on her face.

You need a miracle!

The Hierarchy is shown putting the Potato Sack of Shame on Yuri’s head.

Nothing’s gonna save you

We see VAS briefly before we see a blinking image of Jacob Mephisto.

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!

Maya Nakashima is shown, slowly tying his scarf across his nose before the image switches to The Gunslingers taking Donovan King down while Azrael Goeren looks on.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

Alex Brooks locks in his submission on Kenji Yamada.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Del Carver slowly withdraws a cigar from his mouth, smoke billowing around his face.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

Crazy Boy and Cronos Diamante lock up.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Trey Willett is shown getting a purple nurple from Buck Dresden.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!


Eryk Masters: This is unexpected. No music, no pyro. We’re just seeing Trey Willett, Jaime Alejandro and Thomas Manchester Black coming out of the back.

TMB and Jaime are wearing black shirts with the leather jackets. Trey is in his in-ring gear. All three men walk silently to the ring. Trey is a bit calm. TMB is ready to rip someone’s head off. Jaime’s wanting to destroy someone. All three men climb onto the apron and get into the ring quickly. As they do, Jaime goes to one corner. Trey goes to another corner, and TMB pulls himself on the first rope and raises a defiant fist.

From here, TMB pulls a mic out of his back pocket. He’s stepping up to be the first guy to speak.

TMB: Lets get something clear before we even get into the gangster shit that is about to go down. A lot of people have asked me, why did you attack the Truth after Kenji set one of their faces on fire. I thought you guys were fighting the good fight.

TMB hops off the first rope.

TMB: How quickly you forget how they tried to put Jaime on the shelf and how they jumped me in my match with Ichie. You can call what we did a little payback. But what is about to happen next…I would like to call it personal. right, Jaime?

Jaime pulls out his own microphone. He’s looking out to the audience.

Jaime: Personal. That’s mild, Thomas. I spent three months sitting at home watching as that piece of shit, Ichiro Suzuki, ran his mouth. As Lennox Ferguson ran around preaching his morality like an ugly ass cheerleader. How Azraith DeMitri ran around like the fucking Minister X from YouTube preaching to anyone who gave a shit.

Jaime clears his throat.

Jaime: Sorry, Laura. But right now, I’m a little pissed off, so go ahead and hit mute. You see, Azraith. You got it wrong. I’m guaranteed into the Hall of Fame. Trey is guaranteed into the Hall of Fame. TMB is guaranteed into the Hall of Fame. You’re just some big Italian mother fucker who complained about two fucking title defenses.

He shook his head for a second.

Jaime: But then, when we talk about the hypocrisy of Truth. We should have our dear Mr. Willett throw missiles of Truth.

Trey methodically reaches over to Jaime and grabs the mic from his hands. He pulls it up to his mouth and the fans give a definite cheer. He pauses for a moment and looks over to his two newfound partners.

Trey: Look. I know a lot of you have been asking the question of "Why, Trey?" It just didn’t make sense to anyone. Sure. Jaime and TMB. Those guys were partners. But where does Trey Willett fit into all of this? That’s a fair question.

When I came back, I saw a SHOOT that had lost it’s way. Not the fans. Hell, not even all of the talent. But I saw what happened in my absence. Tommy and I go back a long way, and I could see that this guy needed a little help. So he called me. He knew I’d be down for the cause, and here I am.

As for Azraith? As for the Truth? I don’t hate those guys. Not at all. They just happen to be the first ones in my sights. I cannot stand by and watch three men parade around as heroes while they straddle that line of decency so close. I guess you could say my attack was a "taste of their own medicine."

TMB nods at Trey’s words before coming back with his own.

TMB: Medicine…that’s what this place is in dire need of. A lethal injection of something other then the bullshit that has been shown on the airwaves. And it comes in the form of 3 men ready of all types of Hell and war. I wouldn’t call us a stable…per say. Think of us as 3 different soldiers finding themselves back to back as the battle wages on. Men who have decided that in this world of shit heads and assholes, it was tiem for something refreshing.

TMB smiles a bit.

TMB: Trey is on his way to becoming a World Champion and Jaime…and me are looking at that Sin City title. With me getting the first crack. Hell Carver’s back. I thought I saw a cat out serving drinks in the back, and I could of swore I saw strippers back in the female locker room. We are in the mouth of madness. And who the fuck ELSE would you want to have as tour guides.

TMB looks at Trey and Jaime who are just staring at him.

TMB: Too much!?

Jaime: Settle down, killer. Let’s not get too far and give the fans hope. But you’re right about one thing…

Jaime cranks his neck for a second and gets back on the mic.

Jaime: We are in a madhouse. We’ve got freaks attacking legends. A loudmouth who thinks he’s a legend. Some undersized rat with an oversized belt. And a guy in a Spawn costume. When did Stellar Insanity take over this goddamn company?!!

Trey leans forward on the ropes, as if talking straight to the locker room.

Trey: I’m not here to vilify anyone. I’m not here to "Break Necks and cash checks" as the saying goes. I’m just tired of all of you giving the people that pay out salaries less than what they deserve.

Sorry to say this, Jason. But you don’t pay our wages, all of these people out here do. And I think they have earned a little goddamned respect from us, don’t you?

Jaime: A little, bud. I say they earn a lot. I think the word isn’t vilify, Trey. I think the word is evaluate. And trust me, I got an Oxford education. I need to waste it every once in a while.

The crowd laughs for a second at this statement.

Jaime: These poor fans have to put up with the same old thing all the time. The youngsters thinking they can do what us old dogs can do. Thinking that we’re "Lazy Legends." That we’re a notch to take out. You know what. No more.

TMB grabs Trey and grabs Jaime and smiles.

TMB: Can you feel it, brothers!!! Can you feel it. Not the type of feeling Jaime gets from Laura. but the feeling that things for better or worse is about to hit a corner. Who knows what is around that corner…who knows what is waiting, who knows if season tickets will be ready in time!!!

TMB lets out a good laugh, before turning deadly serious.

TMB: I’m tired…I’m tired of the big bad huff and puff guys thinking they can just cruise and nobody is going to do or say anything. I’m tired of people thinking that shit is sweet just because they hold some gold in this company. I’m not happy. Trey isn’t happy and Jaime isn’t happy. I’m tired of watching families get brought in to prove a point. I’m tired of the sneak attacks. I’m tired of the disrespect. We may not travel the same paths, but our goals are the same. CHANGE…one body at a time…trust me.

Jaime: It’s simple. And like Trey said, it’s respect. You’re tired of your true heroes going out on stretchers. We saw me get cranked out. Tommy got cranked out. DDC was getting cranked out.

Jaime shook his head.

Jaime: And trust me, Tyrone. We’re gonna have a talk. But it’s not going to be one you like.

Trey: This is the end of the line. I’m tired of a SHOOT where every title is being held by monsters and prima donnas. This is your SHOOT.

Trey waves his arm, pointing at as many SHOOT fans as he possibly can.

Trey: I don’t know about anyone else back there, but for me? The choice is easy. I’m taking it back for every last person out here.

All three men slowly walk out of the ring, as the crowd cheers.

Other Guy: Three men with three different motivations. They’re not a "stable", so what are they, E?

Eryk Masters: If I were anyone on their veiled list, I wouldn’t want to find out.



The crowd is buzzing in anticipation as Samantha Coil takes the microphone… 

Samantha:  This is your first match of the evening, and is a one fall match with a 20 minute time limit! 

The crowd roars in appreciation, as “Cut Out The Disease” by Saxon starts to play. The shot goes to the top of the ramp, where we see Mason Pierce emerging from the back, into the spotlight. The grim faced Englishman looks all business as he makes his way down the ramp and heads down the aisle to the ring.  At his side and off to his right is his stunning companion, Leona. 

Samantha:  Introducing first, on his way to the ring from Manchester England, he weighs in at 230 pounds and is accompanied by LEONA – this is THE FIXER – MASON PIERCE! 

The crowd does not seem to care much for the Englishman, but that’s okay because he looks as if he doesn’t even know that they are there.  The male reaction for Leona seems much more positive.  She takes her position in his corner as he enters the ring and his music dies down. 

Every light in the arena goes off and the entire venue is shrouded in darkness. 

Suddenly, a lone graphic appears on the screen… 


"DIM Scene" by the GazettE starts to play, and after about 30 seconds, white lights flood the arena – but then except for a single spotlight – they go out! The single spotlight illuminates Kenji Yamada standing at the top of the ramp, and it follows Kenji him down the ramp and into the aisle.  

Samantha:  And now his opponent, hailing from Kyoto, Japan and weighing 200 pounds, he represents Project: SCAR!  This is KENJI YAMADA! 

The crowd reaction for Mason Pierce was somewhat negative, however the reaction for Yamada is overwhelmingly negative.  The fans are on their feet, hurling abuse at the member of Project: SCAR, but Yamada does not react to them at all. He simply enters the ring and stands across from Mason Pierce.  His music slowly fades, the lights go up, Dennis Heflin slides into the ring and calls for the bell, and we are underway! 

Eryk Masters:  I don’t think either one of these guys are going to win most popular superstar of the year in our year end awards, OG. 

The Other Guy:  Yeah, but Pierce’s ladyfriend is HOT, so he’s getting cheers for that.  Plus, we don’t know him well enough to hate him yet, whereas everybody hates Project: SCAR, so The Fixer might end up as the de facto hero of this match, by default. 

Pierce and Yamada lock up, hand over wrist. Kenji Yamada goes behind, and slaps on a rear waist lock, but Pierce immediately reverses. Kenji Yamada reverses again, as the fans applaud. 

A back elbow by Pierce to the side of the head of Kenji Yamada breaks the hold.  Pierce turns and fires a right hand at Kenji Yamada, and then whips him into the ropes.  Kenji Yamada comes off the ropes and is met by a standing back Elbow Smash to the face from “The Fixer.” 

Eryk Masters:  Smooth back and forth to start us off, fans. 

The Other Guy: These guys match up well, size and style wise. 

Kenji Yamada starts to get up, and Pierce stays on him with a Driving Knee Lift into another waistlock. Kenji Yamada reverses, but Pierce sits out and escapes! Pierce scrambles back up, and fires another quick knee to the gut of Yamada, and attempts to toss him over the top rope to the outside.  Kenji Yamada lands on the apron, and grabs Pierce by the back of the head, and DROPS…dropping Pierce neck first on the top rope!  

Kenji Yamada slides back into the ring, and throws the choking Pierce into the ropes.  The Irish whip is reversed by Pierce, but Kenji Yamada comes off with a leapfrog, and lands on the other side of Pierce.  Pierce spins around, and is met with a short arm clothesline right across the throat! 

Eryk Masters:  First Yamada drops him throat first over the rope, and then he chops him there.  Looks like Kenji has a strategy. 

The Other Guy:  Duh, you think? 

Coughing for now down, a rapid-fire right hand by Pierce stuns Kenji Yamada, and Mason Pierce takes advantage, and ties Kenji Yamada in the ropes.  Pierce hits a roundhouse punch on the helpless Kenji Yamada.  Mason Pierce backs up, and then charges at Yamada and leaps into the air, as if to splash him while Yamada is tied up in the ropes, but Kenji Yamada pulls himself free, and Pierce lands crotch first on the ropes, as the crowd GROANS.  

Pierce rolls outside of the ring to try and recover.  He is still rubbing his throat area, but Kenji Yamada follows him outside. Kenji Yamada jumps right on Pierce, running him into the steel ring steps!  The steel steps go flying! Kenji Yamada rolls the stunned Pierce back in the ring, and follows him.  Kenji Yamada starts stomping on Pierce relentlessly. Kenji Yamada picks Pierce up, and walks over to the ropes… 

Eryk Masters: Uh oh, here we go again… 

The Other Guy:  Look out! 

Kenji Yamada drops Mason Pierce neck first over the rope again!  Pierce falls backward to the mat, gasping and coughing, and Yamada starts stomping away at Pierce again.  Yamada backs off for a mere second rubs his hands together, and then shoots down and applies a front face lock on Mason Pierce.  

The camera shot zooms in closely, and we can see that Kenji Yamada has a front face lock, also known as a “chancery” hold slapped on, but he has his arms wrapped around the neck and throat of Mason Pierce, and he is squeezing as hard as he can! 

Eryk Masters:  I know Mason Pierce has some submissions and technical holds in his arsenal, but right now Kenji Yamada is the man in the driver’s seat. 

The Other Guy:  Yeah well it’s hard to counter wrestle a guy when you can’t breathe. 

Dennis Helflin goes to one knee and checks the arm of Pierce to see if Yamada has succeeded in choking him out.  He lifts the arm of Mason Pierce – and it drops!  

He checks it again – it drops again!  

He checks a third time… 


Mason Pierce’s arm snaps upward, and Kenji Yamada releases the front facelock, flips Pierce over casually, and then scrambles to his feet, measures Pierce off, and drops a precision elbow smash right into the neck of Mason Pierce!  

Eryk Masters:  Oh man, you could kill a guy doing that! 

The Other Guy:  Yeah well, Pierce ain’t dead yet!  Yamada is pulling him to his feet and tossing him into the ropes! 

Kenji Yamada hurls Mason Pierce into the ropes, but the whip is reversed.  Kenji Yamada comes off the ropes, but launches himself at Pierce and drops him with a flying clothesline! Kenji Yamada up, gets back up, comes off the ropes again, but gets caught with a surprise forearm smash from Mason Pierce, right to the face!  

Mason Pierce does not go for a cover, but instead fires off a shortarm clothesline.  As Kenji Yamada starts to get to his feet, “The Fixer” Mason locks him up and then plants Kenji Yamada to the mat with a DDT!  

Eryk Masters:  COVER BY MASON PIERCE!  ONE!  TWO! NO! Yamada kicks out! 

The Other Guy:  It’s interesting, Yamada has been in control for a good portion of this match, but it’s Pierce who goes for the first cover. 

Kenji Yamada immediately stumbles to his feet, but is totally rocked, and staggers backwards into the corner.  Pierce charges at him, but Kenji Yamada gets the leg up at the last minute. “The Fixer” Mason Pierce’s head snaps back, and he stumbles backward. Kenji Yamada staggers out of the corner, trying to get away, but he walks right into a Belly To Belly Suplex! 

Kenji Yamada hits the mat like a ton of bricks, and Pierce pulls Yamada to his feet, and then angrily throws him over the top rope to the outside of the ring.  Pierce goes to the top rope and then comes off the top with a double axehandle smash across the back of Kenji Yamada on the outside of the ring!   

Eryk Masters:  What a maneuver by Mason Pierce! 

The Other Guy:  I think he’s good and pissed off that Yamada was controlling the match for a while, and that was some good old fashioned payback! 

Both men stay down for a moment. Slowly, “The Fixer” Mason Pierce gets to his feet, and painfully rolls Kenji Yamada back into the ring and heads to the top. Kenji Yamada opens his eyes, sees him Pierce climbing, and staggers to his feet.  Yamada runs to the corner, grabs the ropes, and shakes them to prevent him Pierce from getting up.  Kenji Yamada climbs up himself, and looks to be going for the superplex, but Pierce fights back – and hits a FACE FIRST SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!  

Kenji Yamada is pulled to his feet by Mason Pierce, who hits him with a vicious KNEELIFT!   Pierce goes for a cover…  




Eryk Masters:  Oh man that was CLOSE!  That was like, two-and-three-quarters! 

The Other Guy:  I like this Mason Pierce.  He’s all business, and the dude can wrestle!  And have I mentioned that Leona is smoking hot? 

Pierce looks SHOCKED that he couldn’t get Kenji Yamada. Both men slowly get up, a wild swing by Pierce misses, and Kenji Yamada nails him with a boot to the gut…into a Swinging Neckbreaker!  

Both men struggle back to their feet. The two fighters lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up, which is transitioned into a hammerlock by Kenji Yamada.   Yamada tries to execute a snap mare…but Pierce lands on his feet! Pierce ducks a clothesline attempt from Kenji Yamada, and hits a brutal running lariat right to the face of Yamada! Kenji Yamada hits the mat, but quickly gets back to his feet, rubbing his jaw.  Kenji Yamada grabs Pierce by the wrist and whips him into the corner, but Pierce gets an elbow up. Yamada runs in, takes the sharp impact from the elbow, and staggers backwards. 

Eryk Masters:  This is some wicked back and forth, give and take action here, OG. 

The Other Guy:  Yeah and it’s only the first match of the night!  What an opener! 

Mason Pierce charges again with a running clothesline, and this time he hits Kenji Yamada so hard that Yamada literally spins around in the air from the impact, and lands flat on his back!  Mason Pierce goes for the cover… 




Mason Pierce pulls Yamada to his feet, and attempts an Irish Whip.  The whip into the ropes is reversed, Pierce drops down but Kenji Yamada has it scouted, and hits a toe kick right into the throat of Mason Pierce! 

Eryk Masters:  OH!  Just when Pierce was in the driver’s seat, Kenji Yamada catches him, and goes back to that neck! 

The Other Guy:  Yamada is so cold and calculating, he’s not going to lose his cool and make a mistake. He’s always thinking, and when he sees you make one little slip up? Bam!  He gets you! 

Kenji Yamada looks down at Mason Pierce, and then places his boot down across Pierce’s throat, and puts all his weight on it!  Mason Pierce starts to thrash around wildly, as the crowd boos loudly.  Yamada is basically standing on the neck of Mason Pierce. 

Dennis Heflin orders Yamada to stop, but Yamada acts as if he can’t even hear the referee.  Heflin stands back and starts to administer the standing five count.   





Yamada lifts his foot, in the nick of time. 

Eryk Masters:  Dennis Heflin gets Kenji Yamada to stop choking Mason Pierce, but the damage may have been done there already. 

The Other Guy:  You got that right.  Pierce was turning about three different colors. 

Kenji Yamada grabs a handful of The Fixer’s hair and pulls him to his feet. Yamada rears back and smashes Mason Pierce across the nose with a brutal headbutt!  Pierce goes down, and Yamada goes up – climbing to the top rope.  The member of Project: SCAR perches patiently on the top.


As soon as Mason Pierce starts to stir, Kenji Yamada flies from the top and lands a picture perfect flying headbutt on The Fixer!  Flashbulbs pop as Yamada flies and lands, and Yamada stays on for the cover… 

Eryk Masters:  ONE!  TWO! NO! Mason Pierce kicks out! 

The Other Guy:  I could have sworn Yamada had him there!  This dude Pierce is tough! 

Kenji Yamada starts to pull Mason Pierce to his feet, but the Englishman breaks free of Yamada’s grasp and unleashes a brutal onslaught of punches!  Pierce is battering Yamada’s head and torso with rapid fire shots, and is knocking Yamada around like a pinball!  Mason Pierce’s hand is like a trip-hammer, as he bashes Yamada again and again! 

In desperation, Kenji Yamada throws a straight forward chop into the Adam’s apple of Mason Pierce!  Pierce goes down as if he had been shot!  Due to all the work Yamada had already done on Pierce’s neck, the area was tender and sore, and Yamada took advantage! 

Mason Pierce is face down on the mat and Kenji reaches down and wraps The Fixer’s legs around his waist, and smoothly hoists Pierce up so he is in a belly to back position, with his legs wrapped around Kenji’s waist. In a quick, smooth motion Yamada fires Mason Pierce forward and down, as he sits out!  

The sit-out cradle piledriver known as DEEP SCAR! 

The impact is unreal as Mason Pierce bounces back into the air from the force, and Yamada makes a lateral press for a cover! 




The bell rings loudly and "DIM Scene" by the GazettE starts to play as Samantha makes the announcement… 


Yamada rolls out of the ring, breathing heavily.  He slowly makes his way to the back as Leona slides into the ring to check on Mason Pierce. 

Eryk Masters:  Huge win for Kenji Yamada! 

The Other Guy:  And what a performance by Mason Pierce.  This guy came within a half second of beating Yamada after he suplexed him face first off the top and almost knocked Yamada’s block off with that kneelift.  That was a close match Masters, and I don’t think we’ve seen or heard the last of Mason Pierce.


We cut from the ring, and we focus on Jaime Alejandro sitting alone in his locker room. He’s got his head in his hands, probably contemplating exactly what he’s gonna do to Crazy Boy when he hears the door open. His head snaps up, and he rises to his feet hastily. His face is hard to read as he comes face to face with the person who just barged into his locker room, none other than Lunatikk Crippler, the man who defeated him one week ago. Jaime looks over at the long haired man.

Jaime: Bill…

Crippler waves him off, stopping him in mid-sentence before he can speak.

Crippler: Relax, Jaime. I don’t know who you were expecting, but I wanted to talk to you about our match last week.

Jaime: I was almost expecting more sneak attacks this week. Considering the week I had and all.

He waves over to the other bench.

Jaime: Take a seat. I know you’re about to go out there with the kid…

Crippler has a seat, not taking his eyes off of Alejandro.

Crippler: This should be a better week for you. You’ve got the night off, you get to scout the competition in the Inspiration Group, and you don’t have to worry about Crazy Boy coming up from behind you. Now he knows that you know he’s coming, and now HE’S at the disadvantage.

Jaime: The problem is, Bill… He’s one of my students. The kid probably picked up a few more tricks from Anselm and everyone’s favorite Lucifer wannabe, Cronos.

He keeps looking at Crippler.

Jaime: I always knew people would have my number one day. I just never expected a kid I took in.

Crippler: Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know all his reasons for doing what he did. I don’t. I’m not going to make any excuses for the kid, nor does he deserve any.

Jaime turns his head slightly, and Crippler continues.

Crippler: But I know the feeling of betrayal, even if I don’t know what you’re feeling right now. And that’s the thing about turning on someone: they never see it coming.

Jaime: I was going to do it the way of the old school, of course. Find a blunt object, find him, beat repeatedly.

From here, Jaime turns his head back and sighs.

Jaime: Then, things changed. Hell, maybe that loudmouth bitch is right about me. My brain isn’t here.

Crippler: Brains shmains. Who needs em? Listen, I understand if he’s a sensitive subject for you right now. To be honest, it’s not even the reason I came in here tonight.

Jaime laughs at the answer he gets from Crippler. It’s true, you don’t need brains for this job.

Jaime: True, look at the Druggie Boyz. So, what’s on your mind?

Crippler: Well, last week, I know you saw all the stuff I said. You remember it? More specifically, the part about respect?

Jaime: Yeah, I do remember that part.

Crippler stands up, and Jaime copies him. Both men are eye to eye now, as the conversation steers.

Crippler: Well, I meant every word of it. Until last week, I didn’t know you from Adam. I mean, I KNEW you, but not personally. Not professionally. I didn’t have any respect for the man I hadn’t wrestled before.

Jaime stands up and nods to Crippler.

Jaime: Yeah, I understood where you were coming from. I think we made wrestling fun again for the people, didn’t we?

Crippler: I think so. And if not, hell, I had a lot of fun out there. But you left something out there in the ring that night.

Before Jaime can ask what it was, Crippler reaches into a pocket of his jacket, and digs around in there for a moment, and when he’s done searching, he withdraws his empty hand, extended for a shake with the man he fought last week. Jaime takes the empty hand and shakes it proudly.

Jaime: The one thing that little dickweed took from us. Anytime, man.

Crippler grins as the two shake hands. The handshake is broken, and Crippler turns to leave. He stops short, and turns back to Jaime.

Crippler: Oh, Jaime. There’s one more thing.

Jaime: Isn’t there always…

Crippler: There’s something crawling around on the ceiling there.

Jaime looks up to the ceiling, and Crippler hauls off and smacks Alejandro in the face! Jaime instinctively chops Crippler HARD in the chest. Crippler stumbles back, clutching a fresh welt that is soon to rise on his redding chest.

Crippler: DICK!

Jaime laughs.

Jaime: You were asking for it. Besides, I don’t think the kid will give that to you. Don’t fuck with him too much.

Crippler: Don’t worry about that. I’m not underestimating Corsair in the slightest.We’ll have fun out there, even without shenanagins. I know the kid’s got talent. Just don’t over thing things with Crazy Boy. You keep worrying about if your brains all there, what’s going on in your brain, I’m gonna think you’re a zombie. Best advice I can give you is to just follow your heart, whatever that means.

Jaime: You’ve been watching Titanic again with your wife, haven’t you?

Crippler: If you catch me singing Celine Dion, just fucking shoot me. Anyways, good luck, Jaime, with your Crazy Boy situation. Our paths are gonna cross again, and I can’t wait.

He shakes his head.

Jaime: Same here, Bill. I probably get my turn with the kid next week. Now, go and entertain.

Crippler: Pfft. Don’t I always?

Crippler grins and walks out of Jaime’s locker room, leaving him to think about things.


Maya walks down the halls, his eyes are looking forward but they seem distant. He’s been through a lot the past few weeks, a variable roller coaster of emotions, he is, rightfully so, scatter brained. The scent around Maya is heavily the aroma of his bandana. It would seem to be a more potent dose of cologne was added to it this week. He stopped and turned towards the wall, resting his head against the cold painted brick sighing heavily.

Maya: Why does it have to be like this…?

All of a sudden, none other than Jean-Gerard Baptiste walks by Maya.  He stops.  Nose up.  Sniffing.

Monsieur Baptiste: What est zat horreeble stench?!  It est… it est… ugh… ce dégoût d’absolutey d’odeurs!

Turning his head, he spots Maya.

Monsieur Baptiste: Oh.  Zat… zat explains eet.  Bonjour, Madame Nakashima!

Maya lifts his head from the wall and after taking one good look at Jean-Gerard Baptiste, he sighs.   Frustratingly so.  Baptiste picks up on this immediately.

Monsieur Baptiste: What est wrong, mademoiselle?!  Are you lost?  Ze weemen’s faceeleeties are back zat way!

Maya tried to just ignore it, it wasn’t the first time someone had made such a comment about him. With the choices he made in life, such remarks weren’t uncommon. It didn’t make them any less…irritating. He tried to remain civil, he wasn’t one to start a conflict over petty insults.

Maya: I don’t think we’ve been introduced before. My name is Maya Nakashima, I’m not a woman. Please, try to remember that in the future, okay?

Monsieur Baptiste: Zere zere, Mademoiselle.  Moi est not trying to… how you say… "offend" you.  But, Monsieur Baptiste theenks you are a beet confused in your sexuality.  Clearly, you are female.  Look at you!

Baptiste looks appalled by Maya’s general attire.  Gagging slightly, Baptiste continues to condescend and demean Maya.

Monsieur Baptiste: But do not worry, Mademoiselle!  Monsieur Baptiste weel take eet easy on you when… no, no… pardonnez-moi… EEF, you make eet any further in ze Seen Ceety Shampeeohnship Series!

Maya turned his face away from Baptiste, it took every ounce of will power he had to not scream out at the top of his lungs. Maya was better than that, as much as he hated the condescending tone and arrogance that spewed from every pore in Baptiste’s body.

Maya: Don’t you think that’s enough, already? 

Monsieur Baptiste: Enough of… what?  Moi est confused.  Eez eet zat time of ze month?!  I said ze faceeleeties are back zat way!  Does Mademoiselle need ze TomTom to find eet?!

Maya couldn’t take it anymore. He took so much abuse from X-Calibur, so many random jabs from people he didn’t even know, and then Loco…it was too much.

Maya: Enough of people like YOU! I’m so sick of it, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I do everything I can whenever I can and people like YOU just…step on me like I’m not even here! People I don’t even know are running around poking fun because I love Shinya, a man. No one cares what I think. No one cares how I feel, you just WALK all over me. I win my match in the Sin City Championship Series and YOU can’t even figure out than I’m a guy! What gives you the right do ANY of that? What gives any one the right to treat me like that!? Because you’re straight? Does that make me subhuman by your standards?

Monsieur Baptiste:  Oui.  I mean… what was ze question?  I wasn’t really leesteneeng…

Maya is literally seething, his words are booming through the halls as he lets all of his pent of anger and frustration out.

Maya: Do you have ANY idea what I’ve been through this year? Do you have any idea the sort of things I’ve had to endure just to be here in the SHOOT Project? Of course not, like every one else you’re so concerned with your own greed and ambitions that someone else’s feeling and suffering are completely meaningless, right? You couldn’t even BEGIN to imagine what I’ve had to do. You couldn’t walk in my shoes for a DAY and yet you’re talking down to me like I’m some sort of freak?

Baptiste goes to speak… but Maya cuts him off!

Maya: I hope, I really do, that we meet in the Sin City Champioship Series. I hope more than ANYTHING that I face you eventually. Because I want to see the look on your face when I beat that stupid accent out of you. I want to see the look on your face when a subhuman like me BEATS you and…and I hope more than anything that those two points I get knocks you right out of the series.

With that said, Maya turns away from Baptiste and walks away.  Dumbfounded, Baptiste contemplates what was said.

Monsieur Baptiste: Ehmmm… was eet something I said?!  How rude of me, mon ami…

Smirking, Monsieur Baptiste continues walking in the same direction he had been before he stopped near Maya.


The scene opens to TMB sitting on the floor in his locker room. His back is in the corner and he is rocking back and forth. As the cameras move in a little closer you can hear him mumbling something under his breath. 

TMB: There ain’t no grave can hold my body down  

There ain’t no grave can hold my body down  

When I hear that trumpet sound I’m gonna rise right out of the ground  

Ain’t no grave can hold my body down 

TMB looks up, not even stopping what he is saying. 

TMB: Well, look way down the river, what do you think I see?  

I see a band of angels and they’re coming after me  

Ain’t no grave can hold my body down  

There ain’t no grave can hold my body down 

The TMB stands up and puts on his hoodie. Still singing…not missing a step or a beat. 

TMB: Well, look down yonder Gabriel, put your feet on the land and see  

But Gabriel don’t you blow your trumpet ’til you hear it from me  

There ain’t no grave can hold my body down  

Ain’t no grave can hold my body down 

TMB stops the song and looks at the Camera crew. He lets a smile creep sup his face as he cracks his knuckles. The scene slowly fades as he pushes past the crew and heads to the ring for his match. 



We cut back to ringside as the always lovely Samantha Coil is standing in the center of the ring. 

Samantha Coil: The following contest is set for one fall, and is part of the Sin City Championship Series!  

Eryk Masters: You gotta love this tournament so far, we’ve already seen some tremendous wrestling and we’re not even past the preliminary rounds!  

Other Guy: It seems like everyone and their mother is after the Sin City Championship these days…what are the odds they could slip me into one of the brackets? 

Eryk Masters: You’d get crushed within five seconds… 

Other Guy: Suh-weet, that’s still better than The Executioner! 

"Redundant" by Green Day plays over the arena’s speakers as Danny Corsair emerges from behind the curtain, his gold hoodie flipped up and covering his R.I.T. singlet. He shakes out his wrists a few times and cracks his neck at the top of the ramp before making his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as approaches the steps. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Mundelein, Illinois…he weighs in at 205 pounds…DANNY CORSAIR!  

A smattering of cheers for one of SHOOT’s newest stars as he slides underneath the bottom rope and flips back his hoodie, taking it off and tossing it over the ring ropes to the floor. He stretches out in the nearest corner, his eyes focused on the entrance ramp. 

Eryk Masters: We’ve only seen Corsair a handful of times here in SHOOT but his amateur background is pretty well-known. The fans here up in Canada are giving him a pretty decent reaction too! 

Other Guy: Not like he can hear it… 

Eryk Masters: Dude… 

Other Guy: I know, even I thought that was in bad taste. 

Corsair’s music dies down as the fans start buzzing, getting ready for his opponent. The screeching lyrics of Wesley Willis’ "I Wupped Batman’s Ass" hits as the fans jump to their feet and explode with a barrage of cheers.  

Eryk Masters: Nothing like a good Wesley Willis tune to get the blood going. 

Other Guy: I think that’s what he got arrested for actually. 

While everyone’s attention is on the entrance ramp, there is a bit of commotion going on in the crowd of the Credit Union Centre. The cameras swing over to section 103 and standing at the top of the stairs in the crowd is none other than Lunatikk Crippler himself, his hands high in the air as the fans quickly gather around him. He weaves his way between them, pointing to the ring as he descends down the arena stairs. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, he hails from South Bend, Indiana. He weighs in tonight at 238 pounds…LUNATIKK CRIPPLER!  

Crippler climbs over the guard rail and slides into the ring, taking a moment out to get the crowd pumped up in a frenzy before he turns back to his opponent with a glare. 

Eryk Masters: Crippler got his Sin City Championship Series record off to a perfect start last week when he took out Jamie Alejandro, a man who was predicted by many to be the winner of this tournament. 

Other Guy: I don’t know how you plan for a guy like Crippler. He brings so much…randomness…to a match, it’s hard to figure out a way to beat him. 

Referee Austin Linam checks with both men and signals for the bell, as we start off the action. Both Crippler and Corsair circle each other in the ring, with Corsair getting low looking for a single leg takedown. Crippler takes a step back against the ropes and hooks Corsair’s head underneath his arm, driving it down viciously to the mat with a diving DDT! 

Eryk Masters: Rookie mistake right off the bat by Corsair…and Crippler is already going for the pin! 



Corsair manages to get a shoulder off the mat and rolls back to his feet, only to be cornered against the ropes with a series of knife-edge chops from Crippler. Crippler works him hard into the corner, getting Corsair to slump over against the turnbuckle before putting the boots violently to him. 

Other Guy: Man, Crippler looks downright determined to get the win here today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this…serious. 

Eryk Masters: Crippler has yanked Corsair back up to his feet, locked his arms around his waist and…OOOOO!!  What a belly-to-belly suplex! Corsair is sprawled out halfway across the ring! 

Instead of going for the pin, Crippler quickly ascends the closest turnbuckle, crouching down on the top rope as he watches Corsair slowly stir. Corsair stumbles to his feet, grasping hold of the nearest rope for leverage…only to get caught right in the chest with a missile dropkick, courtesy of Lunatikk Crippler! 

Other Guy: No mercy baby! Crippler with the cover again! 




Eryk Masters: Wow, you weren’t kidding when you talked about this no-nonsense approach from the Crippler tonight, he’s really going in for the kill early here. Corsair was lucky to kick out of that one. 

Crippler, without missing a beat, grabs hold of Corsair’s arms from behind and stretches them back, driving a knee firmly into Corsair’s back. Danny pounds the mat with his foot, clearly in a lot of pain as Crippler yanks back on his arms. Referee Linam is right there, looking for a sign of submission. 

Eryk Masters: Corsair not giving up…he keeps shaking the referee off, he’s actually trying to roll out of it! 

Corsair manages to swing his body underneath Crippler’s knee and rolls face down on the mat, swinging his legs backs as he connects with a mule kick right to Crippler’s stomach! Crippler refuses to let go, only to get another hard kick to the gut for his troubles. 

Other Guy: Crippler’s lost control of Corsair’s arms and both men are back to their feet…BEAUTIFUL ARM DRAG BY DANNY CORSAIR! 

Crippler springs right to his feet, looking to connect with a running lariat but Corsair catches the arm again and collapses to the mat, locking in a cross arm breaker as Crippler screams out in pain. 

Eryk Masters: Holy crap, Corsair with the submission, he’s really pulling back on that arm! 

Corsair, as if on cue, violently rears back, looking like he’s ready to pull Crippler’s arm completely out of its socket. Referee Linam asks Crippler if he wants to give up, only to have him scream NO right in his face. Corsair pulls back again, but this time Crippler reaches out with his free hand and clubs Corsair right in the back of the head, causing the rookie to release the hold and fall face first down on the mat. 

Eryk Masters: A close call for Crippler there, he almost got caught in a VERY dangerous submission hold. 

Other Guy: Yeah but this is a guy who knows plenty of submissions of his own, I wouldn’t test him. 

Crippler gets to his feet first, rotating his arm a bit to try and stretch it out before he hooks an arm across Danny’s throat from behind and pulls him to his feet. Corsair ducks out of it and sinks in a headlock of his own, rearing back on it HARD. Crippler, not to be outdone, wraps his arms around Corsair’s waist again and pulls him backwards, sending him crashing to the mat with a backdrop. 

Other Guy: DAMN! Corsair’s head just bounced off the mat like a beach ball! 

Eryk Masters: Yeah but he’s still got that headlock in tight, he never let go! 

Corsair still is holding on for dear life, although in obvious pain from the backdrop. He starts leveling Crippler with a series of punches to his forehead with his free hand, causing Crippler to power his way to his feet and ram Corsair into the nearest corner, finally causing him to break the hold. Crippler charges his opponent and connects with a rising knee lift which sends Corsair slumping over in the corner once again. 

Other Guy: That look is back in Crippler’s eye…I think he’s doing playing with this kid. 

Lunatikk Crippler drags Corsair out from the corner and into the middle of the ring, grabbing hold of his head and smashing it into the mat. He gets to his feet and moves to Corsair’s leg, stepping on the back of Corsair’s knee and smacking the sides of his body. Danny’s arms instinctively fly back and are grabbed by Crippler who rolls back and locks in a brutal Mexican surfboard submission! 

Eryk Masters: Corsair looks to be in agony! Crippler has that move locked in tight, there is no place for Corsair to escape to! 

Crippler pulls back on the arms for added leverage as the referee checks on his opponent. Corsair shakes off the ref and starts rocking, putting all of his weight behind it in an effort to escape. In one last desperate act before tapping, Corsair rocks his body and manages to roll Crippler to his side, causing the hold to be broken! 

Other Guy: Man I thought Crippler had this kid there…I don’t think Corsair has much left! 

Lunatikk Crippler gets to his feet fast and hooks Corsair around the waist again, pulling him up from the mat and into a bridging German suplex! 




Corsair gets an arm up to break the count but Crippler refuses to let go. He pulls back and hits another German suplex, this time releasing his grip momentarily. He reaches down for Corsair again, only to get a desperation elbow from Corsair to his face for his troubles. Crippler stumbles backwards and Corsair springs to his feet, pulling Crippler’s head down and sending him up and over with a release underhook suplex! 

Eryk Masters: Corsair isn’t out of this fight just yet! He goes for the cover! 




Crippler manages to pull a shoulder off the mat at the last second, only to have Corsair leap on top of him and start letting loose with a volley of punches right to Crippler’s face. 

Other Guy: Aint nothin’ fancy about that…just looking to do as much damage as he can! 

Corsair looks to have lost it, just swinging punches wildly in an attempt to keep the momentum going his way. He rears back for a powerful hammer smash, only to have his wrist pulled down by Crippler and captured between his knees. 


Danny Corsair tries to free his arm, but leaves himself open for Crippler to swing his arms around Danny’s head and SLAM him into the mat, locking in his patented and deadly crossface submission! 


Lunatikk Crippler has it locked in PERFECTLY, rearing back on Corsair’s head at a disgusting angle. Corsair tries to kick his legs back and swing his free arm over, but each time he tries Crippler adds more torque and it sends Corsair flailing back to the mat. 

Eryk Masters: He’s gotta tap! Look at how tight Crippler has this move locked in, Corsair’s only chance is to reach the ropes! 

Referee Linam is kneeling down right in Corsair’s face as he looks for a sign that he wants to give up. Corsair with his free hand reaches for the bottom rope, trying to drag Lunatikk Crippler along with him. 

Other Guy: You…gotta…be…shitting…me… 

Eryk Masters: Corsair is dragging Crippler along…Crippler is pulling back as hard as he can to stop him! Corsair’s fingertips are on the ropes! 

Lunatikk Crippler manages to pull back one last violent time, Corsair’s head being yanked up to an almost 90 degree angle in the process. Corsair’s hand suddenly stops reaching for the ropes only inches in front of him and pounds violently on the mat. 


The bell rings as Lunatikk Crippler releases the hold immediately, slumping over onto his back with his hands stretched towards the arena lights. The crowd explodes with a huge chorus of cheers as Samantha Coil gets on the mic. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner…via submission…LUNATIKK CRIPPPPPPLLLLEEEERRRRR!!  

Eryk Masters: What a performance of mat wrestling here from both of these men, and Lunatikk Crippler goes 2 for 2 in the Sin City Championship Series! After his performance in the Rumble and how he’s gone through the competition in the tournament so far, you’ve got to feel like he’s got all of the momentum going for him here. 

Other Guy: Absolutely, no matter what happens in the Sin City Championship match later tonight, whoever is holding that belt better take notice! 

Crippler gets to his feet and points out to the cheering crowd as Corsair dejectedly rolls underneath the bottom rope and makes his way backstage. Crippler meanwhile climbs to the second turnbuckle and pounds his chest, pointing out to all of the fans as a "Crippler" chant starts to cascade down around him. 

Eryk Masters: Like I said…all of the momentum is with that man. You can’t help but think it’s only a matter of time before gold is around his waist! 

Other Guy:  Throw two more points on the board for Lunatikk Crippler baby!


We’re backstage at Revolution 80 and as the camera fades in from recent action we see a man walking down the hall in all black. Similar to recent sightings his hair is a mess and covering most of his face. This is none other than Jack Reed as he revealed recently. Jack, tonight, is walking with a purpose for reasons unknown and moving at good pace. Though, his head down he doesn’t see Dan Stein as he turns a corner and ‘bumps’ into him. A drink that Dan was holding gets bumped into the air, covering his shirt, splashing his face, and wets his hair as well. 


Dan Stein: What the fuck, Man? 


Jack Reed: Why don’t… 


Dan Stein: Why don’t you watch where you’re going; walking around here like you own the place. Who the hell are you?


Jack Reed: I’m the man that’s going to beat the snot out of you until you can’t see straight if you keep running your mouth. How about it? I don’t need a ring. 

Stein laughs, putting his hands forward as if to stop Jack. 

Dan Stein: Whoa, Buster. Calm your horses. I don’t know where you’re from, but around here, we don’t just go throwing punches like they’re Sweet Sixteen parties. Besides, Mr. Tough Guy, you think I’d risk my future Master of the Mat title on you? Get real. 

Jack Reed: Funny, master of the mat huh? That was one of my nicknames when I was ten years old.  

Dan Stein: And around here you’ll get to know real well that the Master of the Mat isn’t the joke, YOU’RE the joke. 

Reed looks at Stein, hand balling up into a fist. But, right before Jack unloads on Dan… 

Dr. Lander: Jack! Wait! 

And from the right side of the camera view we see Jack Reed’s old manager Dr. Lander come into the picture. He steps in between the two men. 

Dr. Lander: Don’t do anything stupid Jack. Why don’t we all calm down and save this kind of funny business for the ring at a latter date.  

Dr. Lander turns towards Dan Stein. 

Dr. Lander: Sorry to bother you uh… 

Dan Stein: What is this, Dumb and Dumber? Don’t come at me until you know me, Jack. Get educated. When you find out who I am, then you come see me. 

Jack pushes forward but Dr. Lander holds him back. Dan Stein laughs at him and proceeds to walk away. The camera focuses in on Jack Reed who looks extremely pissed off and we fade to black on that.


The scene opens up to that of a young child’s room. A baby’s nursery to exact, and at the center of the room is a rocking chair with what appears to be a woman holding a crying baby. The child is yelling at the top of his lungs.

???: Look familiar to you Jaime? It should as it is the room your mom cared for you when you just a little el niño.,

A man dressed in a white suit and hat steps up to the woman. The child cries louder as the man reaches down to pat the woman on the shoulder.

???: Oh such a lovely child he is. Maybe this little story will help calm the child and let him finally get some peace at last.

The mysterious man walks around to where he can see the child and mother’s face, but the camera stays put.

???: To Jaime Ricardo Roberto Alejandro-Hinojosa

The thing, he said, would come that night at three

From the old churchyard on the hill below;

But crouching by an oak fire’s wholesome glow,

I tried to tell myself it could not be.

Surely, I mused, it was a pleasantry

Devised by one who did not truly know

The Elder Sign, bequeathed from long ago,

That sets the fumbling forms of darkness free.

The man pulls out a lighter, and old dirty rag from his pocket. The child screams at this as the man proceeds to light the rag on fire and holds it up to his face. It’s hard to see the details, but a long thing black goatee is seen as he continues.

???: He had not meant it—no—but still I lit

Another lamp as starry Leo climbed

Out of the Seekonk, and a steeple chimed

Three—and the firelight faded, bit by bit.

Then at the door that cautious rattling came—

And the mad truth devoured me like a flame!

As the man finished the last word. He drops the burning rag into another pile of rags. The quickly become ablaze as the man laughs and leaves the room. The room quickly becomes engulfed in the flames brought forth by the man. As the camera pans around to look at the woman and child. It is revealed that they are nothing more than dolls. The dolls soon catch flame as the camera fades out.


We cut to ringside with a long camera pan of the sold out Credit Union Centre, all of SHOOT’s diehard Canadian fans going crazy over the night’s events. The lights in the arena suddenly go out as the video screen volts to life with a familiar "countdown".




Eryk Masters: Don’t try and stop me this time, I’m going to do it.

Other Guy: No, Eryk! Put down the noose! They’ll think it was auto-erotic asphyxiation!






Eryk Masters: Jesus Christ…

Other Guy: I hear he’s a HUGE Hierarchy fan.







"Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts blaring over the arena’s sound system, quickly accompanied by a chorus of boos from the Saskatchewan fans. Stepping out from behind the curtain is Azrael Goeren, wearing a normal suit jacket with the sleeves cut-off and a pair of matching slacks that have been cut and turned into a pair of disturbingly tight shorts. To complete his unusual ensemble, Goeren is wearing a pair of black leather jack boots and a sheer neckerchief. His hair is neatly pulled back into a ponytail and his thin Dolce and Gabbana red-tinted sunglasses are perched on his rebuilt nose.

Eryk Masters: Oh goodie, it’s Goeren this time. And he looks even crazier than usual.

Other Guy: It’s called "fashion"…you just wouldn’t get it. I would place an order for up to a dozen neckerchiefs if I could pull that look off like Azrael can.

Eryk Masters: I bet.

Flanking Azrael is The Hierarchy’s ever-present bodyguard, Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov who bats some of the garbage away that’s being tossed at Azrael from the fans. Goeren seems completely oblivious to the hatred, blowing kisses to the fans and attempting to shake hands with them. He reaches into his short-shorts and pulls out a sharpie, attempting to autograph some of the programs or beer cups that the fans have, most of them are yanked away before he can sign anything.

Eryk Masters: We know that Azrael requested this time in order to get some answers out of the Gunslingers, more notably out of Jacob Fisher who he brutalized backstage at the Redemption pay-per-view.

Other Guy: Well it was justified. Apparently Goeren found something out about the Gunslingers and it didn’t sit too well with him. Freaky cowboys…they’re probably smuggling babies into Mexico or making counterfeit jeans.

Azrael has FINALLY made his way into the ring after a lengthy introduction, sliding under the bottom rope and holding his arms out wide in the center of the ring, only causing the jeers to intensify. Yuri dutifully follows him and rests his back up against the nearest corner, his arms folded as he watches his employer prance about the ring. Goeren calls for a microphone, winking at Samantha Coil as she disgustingly hands him one.

Goeren: Mein freunds, before I begin…let me address something that I know is ever-present in all of your minds. All of our loyal, faithful SHOOT fans have been asking themselves the same question over the past few weeks, and I’m proud to tell you all that your Megastar has your answer. Yes… is now shipping to Canada!

If it’s possible, the boos actually get louder.

Goeren: AND…I’d like to formally announce that I’ll be auctioning off this outfit after tonight’s show! Bidding starts at $4,999.99 at so if I were all of you I’d leave right after Mirage wipes the floor with that giant walking creamsicle so you can get your bids in early and often!

Azrael struts around the ring before spinning around in a circle, letting the fans get a full 360 degree glimpse of his outfit. He clears his throat and continues.

Goeren: Now, to the matter at hand. As most of you know, the Gunslingers as of late have been making your Megastar’s life a living hell. Many of you are asking yourselves "Why, Azrael? Why even bother yourself with a rookie and his man-groping 80 year-old mentor?". That’s an excellent question, and to be honest I never would have given those two cretins even more than a passing glance if it weren’t for a shocking little revelation I found out about them at Redemption. You see, I was convinced that I recognized Jacob Fisher from somewhere.

I wasn’t sure of where, but the thought was always gnawing at the back of my skull.

Azrael paces around the ring, looking lost in thought.

Goeren: Once I found out the truth, I decided that there was no possible way that I could have let the Gunslingers continue to exist in my company. Not after what I found out about them. So after I caved in Fisher’s skull at Redemption, I took out old man Erichson at last week’s Revolution as an exclamation point. Nearly blinded his crippled, cataract-ass in the process too, another bonus! Now last I heard, Erichson is still recovering from the beating I gave him but his lil’ buddy Fisher is backstage. So come on out here Fisher, let’s air our grievances in public. I promise, Yuri isn’t going to sneak attack you from behind and you can clearly see I’m not hiding any mace or claw hammers on my body this week. Come on out, man-up…and tell SHOOT the truth about why the Gunslingers are really here.

Azrael leans up against the ropes that face the wrestler’s entrance, motioning with the microphone for Fisher to come on down. A few moments pass by and Azrael seems to be getting agitated, making a show of tapping his foot impatiently before the curtain at the top of the ramp starts to move and out comes Jacob Fisher, getting some cheers from the fans. Jacob walks off to the left at the top of the ramp so he can see everything around him, making sure that no one can sneak up on him this time. Jacob clutches a steel chair in his right hand, clearly learning from the last time he and Goeren ran into each other.

Goeren: You offend me by your distance. Come join us, I gave you my word that Yuri and myself with be nothing but cordial.

Jacob seems quite paranoid as he paces back and forth to the left of the ramp, his eyes constantly flickering back and forth from the ring to the backstage curtain and occasionally scanning the crowd.

Goeren: Calm down sparky, you might give yourself an aneurism. I told Mirage and X I got this covered tonight, so you don’t have to worry about them blindsiding you. Plus I’m sure if we did your electric barbarella Tanya Black would come to your rescue. So come join us and let’s get everything in the open, tell everyone why the Gunslingers have come to the SHOOT Project.

Jacob continues to pace, he hears a sound a and spins around and almost levels a cameraman with the steel chair in his hand before stopping himself. Jacob turns his attention back towards the ring and Goeren. The cameraman, still taken aback after almost getting his head taken off, nervously hands Jacob a microphone and backs off.

Goeren: What has you so jumpy cowboy? Is there a snake in your boot? Did somebody poison the waterhole?

Azrael’s eyes start to burn as he leans over the ring ropes and starts screaming at Fisher.

Goeren: ANSWER ME! ENOUGH WITH THE GAMES! Why are you here?! What does he want with me?!

Jacob: You know damn well why I’m here. Maybe if you thought about the consequences of your actions it wouldn’t have come to this. You brought this upon yourself, the shameful thing is you’ve done so many heinous acts you don’t know which one has come back to bite you in the ass.

All expression leaves Goeren’s face momentarily as he starts to exit the ring, causing Jacob to slowly inch closer to the backstage curtain. Azrael steps through the ropes and stands on the apron before that fury returns to him in a flash and he continues to scream.


Goeren hops down from the apron to the arena floor, with Yuri right beside him. As he does Jacob wastes no time disappearing behind the curtain into the back.


Azrael takes a moment to regain his composure.

Goeren: Where does your fear come from? What I did to you, or what I did to him? If you truly want to see what I am capable of you’ll face me in the ring!

Goeren looks towards the top of the entrance ramp and smiles when no one comes out.

Goeren: Just like I thought you’re a …

Goeren stops mid-sentence as Jacob re-appears at the top of the ramp. Jacob stands there for a moment before raising his mic.

Jacob: Next week in that ring…IT’S ON!

Jacob pauses for a moment realizing what he just did and disappears into the back again. Azrael looks dumbfounded at what just happened, clearly not expecting the Gunslinger to accept his challenge so quickly. The crowd at ringside is really letting Goeren have it before an errant Molson cup slams into the side of Azrael’s face, causing him to lunge at his assailant, only to be dragged back out of the crowd by Yuri. The Russian bodyguard hauls Goeren up the ramp, with Azrael screaming German obscenities all the way.

Eryk Masters: Clearly Azrael Goeren and Jacob Fisher have some sort of shared past, but…damn…I mean we’re all used to Azrael’s freak outs by now, but this pushed him completely over the edge!

Other Guy: You gotta give Fisher some credit, the kid looked scared shitless to come out here and confront Goeren but still answered the call when Azrael threw down that challenge. Takes guts. Let’s see if anything gets settled next week!



Samantha Coil: The following is a Sin City Championship Series match, and the Sin City Championship is on the line!

You Don’t Know, You Just Don’t Know Me At All

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of men and women being laid out and taken out with one person being a constant. Seeing the video, the fans begin to focus their excitement as the speakers spring to life.

Eryk Masters: Here comes the champ. She’s certainly been doing a bit of talking lately.

Other Guy: Now, we get to see if she can back it all up.

As "You Don’t Know Me" continues to play sending a wave of excitement across the arena,Tanya Black emerges out of the back singing along to the verses for a moment before walking to the ring shaking hands with the fans and giving a few hugs.

Having entered into the ring, Tanya stands in the middle and sings along to the song. As it concludes, Tanya bows in respect to the fans before taking off the Sin City Title and holding it above her head for all the fans to see. After this, Tanya paces the ring and stretches, waiting for the match to begin while the referee takes the title belt.

Other Guy: And here comes the Hitman!

I said there ain’t no rest for the wicked…

Thomas Manchester Black emerges out of the back, he’s got his Tar Heel Hoodie pulled up over his face. The crowd pops for the big man, as he starts to walk slowly to the ring. He ignores the hands, as he seems a bit unfocused on anything except who’s in the ring waiting on him.

Eryk Masters: TMB seemingly making up with his fellow associate, Jaime Alejandro, after both realized they got Shanghai’d by Crazy Boy.

Other Guy: No kidding, E. Both guys got stretcher time, and TMB is pissed off!

"Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked" keeps playing on the sound system as TMB slides in under the ring and glares at Tanya. He pulls himself up on that first rope and raises his fist for the crowd to see. The crowd pops again, as the big man jumps off and starts loosening up.

Samantha Coil: In the red corner, introducing first. She is from Boston, Massachusetts. Coming in at five foot, four inches and one hundred sixty-five pounds. She is the SIN CITY CHAMPION, TANYA BLACK!

Tanya raises her arms up, as the crowd starts popping for the very aggressive champion.

Samantha Coil: Her opponent. He is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Coming in at six feet, five inches and two hundred and forty-five pounds. He is the "QUEEN CITY HITMAN", THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!

TMB holds up the fist in the air, as he starts to bulk up a bit, ready for the bell to ring and to strike down his opponent quickly.

Eryk Masters: This is going to be very violent. The big talker versus a very big man. Can Tanya handle a very angry TMB.

Other Guy: She doesn’t have much choice. She’s one tap or three seconds away from being an ex-champion. And TMB has the goods to do it.

Austin Linam shows the belt to Tanya Black, who nods her head at the referee. Then he shows the belt to TMB. The big man nods once. As he does, Linam holds up the belt for the crowd to see.

Eryk Masters: This one is for the Sin City Championship, folks. TMB has a chance to win the belt and also have two points in the standings.

Other Guy: This is also high stakes for Tanya, E. She’s also got to defend her belt and also get those two points, because if you’re not tops by Master of the Mat, you’re out!

Linam hands the belt off to the ring worker, and then he motions to Mark Kendrick to start this match off.

Kendrick rings the bell and off we go!

Tanya Black and TMB go to the center of the ring and lock up. As they do, Tanya is trying to figure out the first quick move to pull off on her larger opponent. TMB, though, strikes first and picks up the lighter woman and throws her overhead. Tanya catches herself on her feet and comes up with a quick kick right on the small of the back. The big man clutches his back, and Tanya delivers another Thai kick to the back.

Other Guy: Tanya realizing that she’s got to keep TMB moving. If she gets caught, he’s going to launch her into next week or make her suffer.

Eryk Masters: She’s giving up one foot and eighty pounds, so she’s not going to do any power moves. She’ll have to go hit and run with the bigger opponent.

Other Guy: On top of that, she’s dealing with an angry TMB, which means she’ll have to keep hitting plenty and often.

TMB turns around and catches another kick attempt from Tanya. As he does, he pulls her up for a leg-capture spinning belly to back suplex aka known as The Tarheel Suplex. Tanya screams out from that unexpected surprise from TMB. He pulls her up again and pulls her around where the back of the neck is on that broad shoulder. He’s waiting for a brief minute, and then he plants the champ with a stiff neckbreaker.

Other Guy: Somehow, I think Thomas is enjoying this right now. He’s not the usual focused warrior we see most of the time.

Eryk Masters: He’s been pledging to be more violent, and his moves are reflecting that right now.

Tanya is laying down on her back holding her neck gingerly. She’s re-evaluating her strategy for a moment, as her larger opponent is sitting up on the ground, seemingly listening to those voices inside his very angry mind. As he gets back up, he looks over at Tanya, who’s only waiting for another chance to get the big man off of his game. He reaches down and gets a punch to the gut. As he doubles over, Tanya gets him into an armbar. To sink it in, she puts him on his knees with a hard kick to the back of his knee.

Other Guy: And Tanya is keeping TMB down on the ground, seemingly trying to take away any of his power.

Eryk Masters: She’s not going to be able to use power for power against him, so she needs to keep him grounded and keep him off of his vertical base.

From here, she keeps on the pressure with well timed kicks to the head. This seems to shake off TMB from his game. She keeps timing her kicks slightly to keep the larger man off the attack. As she keeps kicking him, we just see him smiling. As she tries to pull back the armbar. He throws her over to the side on her back. Then, he picks her up and shoves her in the corner hard. He starts to fire kicks to her legs and thighs until Tanya drops down to one knee. As she does that, TMB runs back and nails her with a running Yakuza kick to the side of the head.

Eryk Masters: It’s not pretty. It’s not even excusable. But it gets the job done.

Other Guy: I think bra shopping with Abigail might be canceled this week as Tanya might need a week at the dentist.

Eryk Masters: Only a week?

Other Guy: That’s the minimum. You ever felt a TMB kick?

Eryk Masters: Nope, but I’m not signing up for it.

Tanya is going to the ground with her face in a bit of pain. She hits the mat with her hands in frustation. As the champ is feeling the pain, she pulls herself up slowly. TMB is ready to kick her again, but she sweeps the legs out from under him and rolls him over in a single leg crab. The bigger man is on his stomach looking around for a rope to grab. He’s in visible pain, but he’s also smiling a bit as he’s being wrenched by his leg. A bit of wiggling and moving, and TMB finds a rope.



Tanya releases the hold and backs away from her opponent.

Eryk Masters: The champ figuring out how to take out a larger and angrier opponent, because on the ground, everyone is equal.

Other Guy: And she’s also avoiding TMB’s game, the ground and pound.

As TMB gets up from his predicament, he sweeps himself off and charges at Tanya. The champ sees no choice but ducks under and watches as the big man goes flying over the ropes! TMB hits the mat hard, but seemingly stays on his feet as he hits the guardrail. As he does, Tanya whips herself into the ropes and does a running start to the near ropes. When she hits the near ropes, she shoots herself over!

Other Guy: What the hell?!!

Eryk Masters: She’s gonna fly, OG!

And fly she does… Tanya crashes into TMB’s skull with both knees. Hard impact all around for both, as Tanya nearly flys into the security wall. She’s being helped up by the fans who’re slapping hands and patting her shoulders. TMB crumples to the floor.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think either party is going to be able to just simply get back into the ring after that one…



Other Guy: The Ref with no choice but to count it out, really…


Tanya starts to stir around a bit, as she hears the count. She pulls up her opponent slightly


TMB pushes off of his opponent, and she hits back first into the apron. But this isn’t hard enough to register as anything painful. The champ slides into the ring, as TMB rolls in slowly. He starts hitting the mat with his fist, showing his displeasure with the knees to the face.

Eryk Masters: In the battle of the Blacks, so far, Tanya’s got the upper hand. Yet, the more she seems to get hits on TMB, the angrier he becomes.

Other Guy: You just wonder when the frustration is going to set in.

Tanya moves to him and tries to pull him to the middle of the ring. It seems to be a bit burdensome for her to drag over two hundred pounds of now dead weight. As she gets him to the middle, she tries to sink in a full Boston crab. She can’t sink in the full effect due to her wooziness from the full effect of that knee press. The champ has her challenger on the ground, but not for long. TMB pulls himself to the ropes ever so slowly until…




Tanya releases the hold and yells at herself for not being able to sink in the Crab.

Other Guy: TMB is still weakened, but I think the champ is feeling the effects of that risky move.

She goes up to the kneeling TMB and plants some well timed kicks to his midsection. The big man keeps trying to get up from his knees and keeps eating another Thai kick to the skull. She moves back to planting huge kicks to his upper body, but finally, he pushes back with a hard right to her stomach. Tanya doubles over, but doesn’t go down. TMB is still a bit slow to fully get to his feet due to the fact that his upper body isn’t cooperating with him. Finally, he’s on his feet after some assistance from the ropes.

Eryk Masters: And the big man is up, slowly but surely.

Other Guy: The slowly part is right. He’s gotten two out of three voices going ouch at the moment.

He grabs Tanya by the arm and whips her over to the corner hard. As she hits the corner, TMB starts yelling out to everyone.


He runs over to the corner as fast as he can and leaps in with a vicious clothesline, which leaves him swinging off the ropes. As he pulls himself off the corner, Tanya moves out of the corner slowly. TMB lets her move out just enough to give some space. He pulls her in for a vicious reverse STO. Her skull implants into the ground hard, and TMB keeps her locked in. He sweeps his left leg under her throat and locks his arms together…


Eryk Masters: The Koji Clutch! The move innovated by Christopher Daniels, being used expertly by Thomas Manchester Black.

Other Guy: Now, here’s what TMB is talking about truth through violence. Can Tanya hang on long enough to find an escape.

Eryk Masters: The longer he keeps this sunk in, the more that Tanya will fade out and her title will just slip away in mere seconds.

If only Eryk knew how right he was… Tanya’s starting to fade out slowly. She’s kicking her legs out, trying to latch a foot onto a rope. If only she had a faint chance of lifting up to loosen the pressure. She’s trying everything she can to get out of this move. More sweeping of the feet, as TMB is trying to use all of his weight to keep her grounded.

Other Guy: They don’t teach courage in school, folks. Most would’ve given up seconds ago. But the champ isn’t. She knows what’s at stake.

Eryk Masters: In the hands of another wrestler, the Koji Clutch is unforgiving. In TMB’s hands, it’s lethal.

Tanya’s eyes open slowly. She realizes if she passes out, then she’ll wake up without her belt. As she does, she reaches her foot over and finally gets onto the rope.





TMB finally lets go of the move and rolls himself off.

Eryk Masters: And Tanya finding her way out of a painful move. She couldn’t have lasted much longer…

Other Guy: Now it’s gut check time…

She pulls herself to her feet.  As Tanya stands, TMB charges at her.  She ducks under and nails an elbow into his back.  From here, she pulls him around and whips him to the corner hard.  He doesn’t have much recovery time as she nails him with a splash. Afterwards, she leaps up and nails him with a hard headbutt…  TMB comes out of the corner slowly.  As he does, Tanya locks him up in an inverted face lock.  TMB is staring up as she springs herself off of the ropes. 


TMB’s head hits the ground. 

Other Guy:  This could do it! 




Samantha Coil:  Your winner, and still Sin City Champion!  TANYA BLACK! 

Tanya takes the belt and moves over to the corner.  As she does, she’s leaned against it.  Of course, she raises up her belt for the fans.  Then she goes to the ground and sits down beside TMB.  Then she raises his arm as the crowd cheers them both on. 

Eryk Masters:  A show of sportsmanship from the Champion to her opponent. 

Other Guy:  I’m not always a fan of it, but these two gave you something tonight.  TMB was so close, E. 


Jaime is storming down the hall of the Credit Union Centre in an angry mood.  He’s dressed up in his leather jacket, black shirt, black pants and his cowboy boots.  What’s the most noticeable on his forehead is a bandage over where he was struck last week. 


Jaime Alejandro:  Where the fuck are you, Smith?!! 

The commotion causes a door to open and sticking her head out the door is Laura Seton.  She turns her head swiftly enough to send her ponytail swinging before spotting Jaime. 

Laura Seton: What’s going on? 

Jaime tries to keep himself calm, if only for a moment.  It’s hard for him to hide his demeanor, though. 

Jaime: Just looking for someone.  Someone who’s going to be bleeding by the end of the night. 

Laura steps into the hallway, showcasing her "PG Princess" shirt and black pants with black shoes. 

Laura: Crazy Boy? 

Jaime: That obvious, isn’t it? 

Laura can easily tell that Jaime’s not in in his right state of mind.  He’s more agitated than normal.  Almost ready to snap. 

Jaime: And I’m guessing I’m picking the wrong way to go about this? 

Laura: Hey, I’ll admit I’m looking for him tonight too.  I’m upset with him too.  However, you don’t see me huffing and puffing and trying to blow his house down. 

Jaime:  Huffing and puffing.  You haven’t seen the stages of pissed off, yet. I did the huffing and puffing inside the hospital bed that they wouldn’t let me out of. 

He grabs one of the lead pipes from the stage crates. 

Jaime:  I’m at the point now of sending him out on a stretcher when I find the little prick… 

Laura gets a slight look of shock before quickly stepping into Jaime’s way. 

Laura: I know he beat the heck out of you.  For that, you have reason to be more angry with him than me, but… 

She puts her hands up to his shoulders. 

Laura: Think about it.  Yes, you want to knock his block off, but is it worth it right now?  Maybe you get the feeling you want to, but then you get charged for assault and a whole bunch of other stuff could happen. 

He thinks about her words for a second… 

Jaime:  Dammit, Laura. 

He throws the pipe over to the side, and sinks his head down. 

Laura takes her hands off his shoulders. 

Laura: That’s better.  You’re a smart guy.  You should know better than trying to cheap shot him back here.  That’s as bad as what he did to you last week. 

Jaime:  So, what now?  You figure you’re gonna go talk to him and he’s going to reverse course, Princess? 

Jaime shakes his head. 

Jaime:  I wished I could say that it’s going that way, but something snapped.  And I don’t think it’s getting fixed. 

Laura: Will talking to him make things perfect?  Of course not.  Maddie and I have been great friends of his since we met him in LEGACY.  He was one of the first to accept me as a fellow competitor.  That’s why it hurts me to see what he did to you.  That’s why he’s going to get a piece of my mind later.  

He nodded to her.  Maybe she was right.  Maybe the kid would listen to her.  He didn’t have high hopes about this, but he was hoping she could get through to him. 

Jaime:  Okay.  Talk to him, then.  You might get more out of him than I would.  Just…  Just be careful.  If he lays a hand on you… 

Laura has a wry grin. 

Laura: …it’ll be 20 Minutes of Terror.


Eryk Masters: We have had three very good matches on this edition of Revolution so far. It’s been action packed and entertaining. 

Other Guy: I have to echo that sentiment. I’ve been thoroughly entertained by the… 

“Devil’s Dime” by Black Label Society booms over the Public Address system and Cronos walks out with the Rule of Surrender Championship slung over his shoulder. He stands at the top of the ramp, soaking up the boo’s then begins his descent to the ring. 

Eryk Masters: I bet you could see your reflection in that title. It looks like he may have been polishing it over and over again until perfect. 

Other Guy: Probably. I wonder why he’s out here. Perhaps he just enjoys interupting me. 

Eryk shakes his head at Other Guy as Cronos ascends the steel steps. Cronos takes two long strides on the apron before dipping under the top rope. He looks to Eryk and Other Guy, winking, then holds his title up high in the air for all to see. 

Other Guy: It is kind of weird to see him out here though. It seemed like he was pre-occupied with everything but his duty as a champion lately. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know if I’d go that far but we haven’t heard from him directly in any fashion for going on three weeks now. Let’s see what he has to say. 

Cronos snatches the microphone from Samantha Coil and repositions the belt over his shoulder. He attempts to speak but is drown out by boos. Cronos seems to be annoyed by the gesture rather than his normal welcoming and thus lifts his thumb into the air to signal backsage to turn up the outbound on the microphone. 

Cronos Diamante: I really do hate Canada. The only good thing to come out of here is Dave Hawkins. 

Although the majority of the crowd boos at Cronos, a large amount of cheers are heard at the mention of the Hall of Fame legend. 

Cronos Diamante: So my presence has been lacking ever since Redemption. I haven’t even been seen by a single SHOOT Project owned camera. No interviews or promos or anything. I guess I was enjoying the championship fame. People look at you different once you’re a champion, ya know? This baby… 

Cronos taps his knuckles against the Rule of Surrender Championship. 

Cronos Diamante: …This baby opens up a lot of doors not only in the SHOOT Project but one’s in the real world. But it’s time to move past just enjoying it. You see… I’ve heard some of the talk backstage. Cronos stole the RoS from Alex Brooks and now hasn’t even showed at a single event to defend or promote being a champion. I’m here to tell you now, there is nothing more important to me than this title. And I will defend it against anybody that challenges me. Anybody! 

Eryk Masters: He’s full of it. Nobody is falling for that nonsense. The only thing he’s concerned about is destroying Alex Brooks’ life. He hasn’t given up on that. 

Other Guy: Don’t forget about Gryffin Anselm. He’s been looking for him high and low. 

Cronos Diamante: Now that we’ve covered the most important reason I decided to come out here, let’s move on to my secondary objective. The execs don’t like us getting too out of hand with time after all. 

Cronos reaches into one of the deep pockets in his fatigues and pulls out a red shirt with a big “D” on it. He holds it up to his side and turns from one side of the ring to the other, showing the entire crowd. 

Eryk Masters: That’s the shirt of The Diabolik. The group Gryffin Anselm lead in Legacy. Why does he have one? 

Cronos Diamante: Gryffin Anselm. We have some unfinished business. When our final Legacy show was canceled I wasn’t happy. This shirt, Gryffin… Big Lou gave it to me backstage. He couldn’t miss the shove off, especially when it was a Cronos Diamante vs. Gryffin Anselm ending. We had an epic feud, the whole time Big Lou trying to recruit me to The D. 

The crowd boos loudly as Cronos watches the entrance way, hoping he may have jolted Gryffin enough to show up. 

Cronos Diamante: Alright, alright… shutup! 

Cronos makes a backhand  gesture to the crowd but all he gets in return is even louder boos. 

Cronos Diamante: Gryffin. What I was going to say to you then hasn’t changed. Seeing as I still have this shirt… I’ve wanted to tell you… 

Cronos is cut off as “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters blasts loudly over the Public Address system and out comes former Rule of Surrender Champion, Alex Brooks. The arena erupts in cheers as Alex makes his way down to the ring, microphone already held to his mouth. 

Alex Brooks: Enough Cronos. 

Cronos cocks his head to the side and lowers the microphone, keeping his full attention on Brooks as he ascends the steel steps without a slight hint of fear in his eyes. 

Other Guy: He’s just going to walk on into that ring and interupt the Devil. I don’t know if that’s stupidity or having absolutely no fear for the man. 

Eryk Masters: Either way, he’s walking with a lot of confidence here OG. I wouldn’t be surprised if something physical happens. 

Alex Brooks: I’ve watched for weeks now as you’ve either not been showing up to Revolution or you’re chasing after this Gryffin Anselm guy. That means you have been ducking me, Cronos. 

The crowd erupts with a “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”  expecting that statement to push Cronos over the edge. 

Eryk Masters: I fully expected that to anger Cronos but it didn’t. 

Other Guy: Alex is calling him a coward and Cronos just took it. Wow. 

Cronos Diamante: Do you really, truly believe in that naïve fucking brain of yours that I have been ducking you? 

Brooks says nothing, just nods his head. 

Cronos Diamante: I have what reason to duck you, dear boy. I took this Championship from you, Alex. I’ve beaten you. I don’t need someone I’ve beaten. If anything I’ve left you alone to explain to your family how you could hurt your sister and brother how you did. 

Alex’s face flushes bright red with anger and he drops his microphone. Cronos takes a few steps back and drops the belt to Samantha Coil on the outside and the crowd stares with anticipation at the two superstars, waiting for first blood. 

Other Guy: Wait a second. Look on the ramp way. It’s Gryffin Anselm! 

Eryk Masters: And Cronos can’t see him. He’s got his back to the entrance way. I wonder what’s going through Anselm’s head. And does this show he actually intended to come out to face Cronos? 

Other Guy: More importantly for now is what’s going on in the ring. Cronos and Alex both refuse to lock it up. This is… well there it is. Here comes referee Dennis Heflin. He must have read their mind. And there’s the bell! 

Wasting no time, Cronos and Alex rush in with fists. Cronos strikes first with a hard right hand to Brooks’ bicept. He connects with another punch, a left to his other bicept. Cronos then pulls brooks to him and brings him into a side head lock. 

Eryk Masters: That’s smart. Take out his bicepts, don’t give him the power to push away from Cronos. 

Brooks backs Cronos against the ropes and shoots him across the ring. Cronos hits the ropes fast and comes back at Brooks with a front kick but Brooks is already in the air and hitting Cronos with a picture perfect dropkick. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos is on the ground, holding his chin from that dropkick. 

Other Guy: You know, Eryk. We’ve already had some great action tonight like you said previously but we get an impromptu rematch between Alex Brooks and Cronos Diamante tonight. This is awesome! 

Brooks wastes no time and capitalizes on Cronos’ vulnerable state by dropping an elbow to Cronos’ chest. Instead of keep the fight on the ground; however, Alex lifts Cronos up and whips him into the corner. Alex runs to the opposite corner and takes off toward Diamante. 

Eryk Masters: Oh my God! Did you see that? That was insane! 

Other Guy: The power behind it yeah. I’m not sure Brooks can recover. 

Cronos lifts Brooks up off the ground and looks at his neck after having side-stepped the incoming splash and grabbed the back of his head to slam him into the turnbuckle. Cronos looks satisfied at the damage he’s caused then drops Brooks down with an uncharacteristic DDT.  Cronos follows it up with a pin. 




Other Guy: He kicked out. There’s too much fight in this young man. He will fight until he can’t any longer. 

Cronos slaps the mat hard and points at the referee. He then picks Brooks up off the mat and executes a perfect side kick but somehow Alex moves out of the way and counters with a simple trip. Alex then takes three steps back to the ropes and waits for Cronos to get up. 

Eryk Masters: Uh oh. Here comes Gryffin. Is he going to get in the ring? 

Other Guy: It doesn’t appear so. It looks like he’s moved in for a closer view. He seems to be studying this Brooks vs. Cronos match up really closely. And Cronos still hasn’t seen him. But neither has Brooks. 

Cronos pops up and charges Brooks to pick him up. Brooks wont have any of it and rolls over Diamante’s back and pulls him down into a seated pin. 




Brooks is the first up and notices Gryffin leaned against the guardrail but shrugs it off. Cronos having noticed his attention shift, turns to see Anselm standing there and faces him. He points to the Diabolik shirt on the post and says something barely audible. 

Eryk Masters: Did he just say don’t forget? 

Other Guy: I think he did. But what does… HOLY CRAP! 

Alex has Cronos in a front face lock and is sending right hand after right hand into his stomach as he holds onto him. Cronos goes down to one knee and Alex lifts him up then runs to the corner turnbuckle, jumps up and drops Cronos down with a Tornado DDT. 

Eryk Masters: The Starburst! This could be it. 

Brooks covers Cronos. 




Other Guy: Cronos has been defeated by Alex Brooks tonight on Revolution. Cronos has had his winning streak ended. 

Eryk Masters: You have to wonder though, if it wasn’t for Gryffin’s distraction would he have? You have to wonder what’s going through Gryffin’s head right now. And you have to wonder what side he’s on after tonight. 

Other Guy: He took the shirt! Look. 

Gryffin lifts the shirt off the ring post and looks in the ring at the downed Cronos. He takes a step closer to the ring and whispers something to him then turns and leaves while Alex Brooks is still in the ring with his hands held high and receiving an absurd amount of cheers with the chant of “Still The Champion.”

Azraith:   It’ll be fine.  Listen, don’t worry.  No…yeah I gotta go I got a crew here.  Yeah.  Love you too. 

Azraith swipes his thumb across his phone before throwing it into his gym bag, standing and staring blankly at the cameraman and interviewer 

Azraith:  Was there something you needed? 

Interviewer:  Uhh…yes.  We were just wondering if you had any thoughts you’d like to share about your match tonight, in the first round of the Master of the Mat tournament? 

Azraith:  A whole fuckin’ slew of them.  Wanna be more specific? 

The interviewer gulps quietly, rubbing his neck nervously while Az grins a bit, shaking his head. 

Azraith:  I’m just screwin’ with ya.  Yeah I guess I could say something. 

The grin fades somewhat as Azraith DeMitri stares into the camera, his eyes narrowing ever-so-slightly. 

Azraith:  People act like I don’t hear what they’ve said about me…that I’m somehow oblivious to some of the shit that’s been talked.  Don’t mistake silence for apathy…I hear it, and I remember.  I want all of you.  All.  Of.  You.  To understand something for me.  For every one of you that have called me a coward…every one of you that have called me a fake or an opportunist?  I’m going to beat you.  I’m going to beat you and you’re going to have to deal with the cognitive dissidence of this coward, this runaway slowly stepping over you, climbing over your unconscious form to the next challenge, while you lurk in my shadow.  Y’all are going to watch me as I claw my way back to my rightful throne…and you’re going to realize that while I might have made a choice some of you didn’t like at the time…I’m the best fuckin’ chance you people got at something other than the same, tired shit by the same, tired players. 

Azraith leans into the camera somewhat, his voice growing more intense by the second. 

Azraith:  I’m your best, greatest hope for something INTERESTING again.  Not some emo fuckin’ cryfest outta SCAR…not some cut-rate Bond villains outta Hierarchy.  Nah…you’re gonna get somthin’ you’ve been waiting for a long time.  Unpredictability.  Surprise.  Excitement.  Everything that’s slowly drained out of this little Project of ours, I aim on bringing back once I take my seat at the top of the mountain.  You want my thoughts on the Master of the Mat?  This is my showcase.  My case to everyone out there that not only am I the best hope to defeat Cade Sydal…but that I’m worth the blood that’s been spilt on that title.  Those are my thoughts.  Anything else? 

The interviewer takes a few steps back… 

Interviewer:  Did you have anything to say to Trey Willet before your match? 

That grin returns to Az’s lips after second or two of thought. 

Azraith:  …Pleasant Fuckin’ Dreams. 



Samantha Coil:  The following is a First Round match in the 2011 Master of the Mat tournament!

The opening of "The Hounds" by The Protomen starts twanging over the arena’s speakers, and Az waits until the first main hit of the guitar and horns blares out before stepping out of the back to the top of the ramp… and when he does it’s a thunderous ovation. One of respect.  One of acknowledgement for winning this tournament less than a year ago. 

Eryk Masters: I hope you’re ready for some more Master of the Mat action here tonight as we get set for one of the most ANTICIPATED Master of the Mat matches of this round!

Other Guy: Trey Willett came very close to making it to the finals of last year’s Master of the Mat… but ultimately failed in doing so.  HAD he made it, he would’ve faced the man he is facing here tonight.

Eryk Masters: Indeed, OG.  Tonight very well could be about catharsis for The Willenium.  But for the Avatar Reborn, it is about defending his title as Master of the Mat on his quest to win it in back to back years.

Az looks over the crowd a bit, showing a renewed sense of vigor… and the audience senses it.  DeMitri is adorned in his old ragged black trench coat and a black T-shirt underneath that plainly says TRUTH and a loose pair of black leather pants with heavy boots.  Walking his way down the ramp, Azraith raises his hands in the air for everyone.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first… from Omaha, Nebraska, weighing in at 260lbs… he is the DEFENDING 2010 Master of the Mat Winner… “The Avatar Reborn”… AZZZZZZZZRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITH… DEEEEEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIITRIIIIIIII!

As Azraith marches forward with a focused, calm look on his face, he heads straight to the ring after a second or two of soaking in the reaction. As he gets in the ring takes off the trench coat and shirt and tosses them to the ring attendant, taking his place near a turnbuckle.





Samantha Coil:  And his opponent… from Staten Island, New York… weighing in at 169lbs… SHOOT Project’s Wayward Son…  TREEEEEEEY… WILLETT!!!

Trey emerges through the curtains as the entrance ramp erupts into a shower of purple pyro. Trey stands just behind the shower of purple sparks, and stares at the ring ahead. The song breaks into the opening guitar solo as the pyro begins to dissipate. Trey starts his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans on his way down, his gaze never breaking from the man standing inside the ring… Azraith DeMitri.

Eryk Masters: Trey’s got the look of a man who is out for some redemption.

Other Guy: Hmm.  Someone should tell him Redemption was last month.

Once Trey makes his way into to the ring and to his corner, the bell sounds.  IMMEDIATELY, Azraith charges forward at Trey.  Trey also charges forward, but with more of an intention for defense as he baseball slides under Azraith’s legs.  Azraith turns, and as soon as Trey is up he jumps up from the canvas with a high angled dropkick that connects right on the button of Azraith!  Stunned, Azraith reels back a bit.  Trey follows up this dropkick with a roaring elbow that reels Azraith back further until he’s leaning against the ropes.

Stunned from Trey’s quick-striking methods, Azraith shakes the cobwebs as Trey grabs his wrist for a whip into the ropes.  However, Azraith’s superior strength proves to be too much for Trey to handle as he’s instantly reversed into the ropes with one hand.  On the rebound, Azraith again charges forward, but again, Trey baseball slides under Azraith!  The fans pop at Trey’s continuous ability to utilize his quickness as a  defense mechanism and as soon as Azraith turns around again, he eats a jumping uppercut that knocks the Avatar Reborn flat on his ass!

Eryk Masters: Nice jumping uppercut!  Shades of Ryu there!

Other Guy: Trey looks more like a Ken, in my opinion.

Eryk Masters: Well at least you didn’t say Dan.

Other Guy: Now that you mention it..

In one fluid motion, Trey jumps to the middle rope that’s parallel to Azraith and springboards off.  In mid-air, Trey twists his body around with a leg extended, dropping it right across the throat of the defending Master of the Mat!  Hooking a leg deep, Trey nods his head with each count Willie Dean administers..



Azraith kicks out emphatically to which Trey Willett hops to his feet in a hunkered down position, ready for Azraith once more.  But when Azraith finally gets to his feet, Trey leaps forward… right into Azraith’s waiting arms.

Eryk Masters: Uh oh.

Other Guy: Lucky catch!

Holding Trey up in a position for a spine-buster, Azraith opts to run into the turnbuckles, driving Trey’s spine as hard as he can against the top turnbuckle.  Keeping him firmly in his grasp, Azraith pivots a foot and drives Trey down to the canvas with a massive spine-buster.  Immediately after that Azraith grabs Trey’s legs on the mat, and in a great display of upper body strength, he dead-lifts him up into the air for a power-bomb.  Holding him up there for a few seconds, Azraith snaps him back down to the mat.

Eryk Masters: Trey just got ROCKED with a succession of three high impact moves.

Other Guy: What is Azraith doing here?!

Rather than going for the cover, Azraith collapses back into the ropes and holds his head, buying himself some much needed time to recuperate after the striking onslaught he withstood mere moments ago.

Eryk Masters: I think those shots from Trey hurt worse than I initially thought, OG.

Other Guy: Obviously.  Otherwise… it’s stupid of Azraith to not try to end things as quickly as he can.

Pulling Trey to his feet, Azraith delivers a stiff right hand that connects right across Trey’s jaw, nearly dropping him in place.  Azraith lifts under Trey’s chin in an effort to keep him from falling, and from there he shoots in with the point of his elbow right across the bridge of Trey’s nose.  Blood immediately begins pouring out of Trey’s nose.

Eryk Masters: I think he broke his nose!

Other Guy: Look at Azraith.  Blood… is in… the water.

As Trey clutches his nose with both hands to try and stifle the bleeding, Azraith grabs the back of Trey’s head and pulls him in for a front chancery.  Lifting Trey up into the air easily, Azraith holds him there… and holds him… AND KEEPS HOLDING HIM… and once the blood begins POURING out of Trey’s nose like someone turned on a faucet, the fans gasp in horror.

Other Guy: Oh nose.

Eryk Masters: Oh God look at Trey’s n- wait, did you just say what I THINK you just said?!

Other Guy: Yes.  Drink it in, Eryk.  My puns, while terrible, are a thing of beauty.  And well timed, too!

Eryk Masters: I… I don’t even know what to say to that.  So just… stop.

After a good twenty seconds, Azraith finally slams Trey back down to the canvas, completing the stalling vertical suplex.  Blood all over his side and on the mat, Azraith wipes himself off a little before dropping down to hook Trey’s leg..



THR- Trey shoulders out.  Both of his hands are holding his obviously broken nose.

Pulling Trey up into a seated position Azraith charges back into the ropes.  Using the momentum from the recoil, Azraith heaves a foot up and connects the sole of his boot right into the bloodied face of Trey Willett with a straight running boot!


As a gash in the bridge of Trey’s nose continues to pour blood onto the mat, Trey’s frame appears to be lifeless on the mat.  Azraith drops down, hooking a leg in deep..




Other Guy: How the HELL did Trey get a shoulder up?  I thought he was out!

Eryk Masters: Trey’s proven over and over again that he is one of the gutsiest, most courageous competitors to ever grace a SHOOT Project ring.  Kicking out from that hellacious boot to the face is classic Willenium  stuff. 

Bringing a woozy, nearly unconscious Trey to his feet, Azraith lifts him up into a full military press. 

Other Guy: Azraith looking for Death’s Knell, here!

Holding him up high for a few moments, Azraith quickly pulls his hands away, looking for the spine buster portion of the Death‘s Knell.  But on the way down, Trey rolls forward, hooking his legs up inside the waist of Azraith with a modified victory roll!

Eryk Masters: TREY COUNTERED!! 


As Willie Dean administers the count, the fans count along very loudly..




NO!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!  AZRAITH KICKED OUT!!!!

Eryk Masters: HE GOT H- NO!!!!   AZRAITH KICKED OUT!!!!

Other Guy: That was the closest two-count I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.

Knowing full well he was almost beaten, Azraith is right back up.  Trey is back on his feet but as soon as  he turns to face Azraith he eats a NASTY lunging lariat and drops back flat on the mat.

Eryk Masters: Just when it looks like Trey has some momentum, Azraith’s power comes into play and Trey is neutralized.  Astounding.

Other Guy: Not for nothing, but there’s a REASON why Azraith DeMitri is a TWO-TIME Master of the Mat winner and former SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, I was giving him props, OG.  He’s certainly deserving of those accolades.

Ever the pragmatist, Willie Dean checks on Trey’s nose to see if the fight should be stopped but he waves both competitors on to continue the match.  Giving Trey ample enough time to recover from the clothesline, Azraith waits for Trey to get up before measuring him up for a lifting, driving spear into the turnbuckles.

With that gash on the bridge of his nose Trey’s obviously working extra hard to breathe… so you can bet that these shots to the mid-section are not without purpose.

Other Guy: Agreed.  There’s no breathing out of that nose right now.  Trey could be in BIG trouble here!

Repeatedly driving his shoulder into Trey’s mid-section, Azraith finally stands up straight and grabs him by the wrist.  Peeling him off the turnbuckles, Azraith uses all of his strength to whip him into the opposite turnbuckles.  Trey’s chest smashes into them with a sick CLANG, and as he unthinkingly takes a few steps back, Azraith charges in with a devastating, lunging spear to the back – the impact of which forces Trey to leave his feet while falling forward, thus effectively causing his face to SMASH against the middle turnbuckle upon landing!

Other Guy: WOW!!  Azraith nails the BREAKDOWN!!!

Eryk Masters: I doubt there has EVER been a more effective time to utilize that trademark spear to the back of his.  Trey’s face was literally just pulverized by that middle turnbuckle!

Dragging Trey to the middle of the ring, Azraith hooks a leg!







Other Guy: LISTEN to this crowd!  This is amazing!





The look on Azraith’s face says it all.  Clearly frustrated, Azraith signals something to the crowd.  Holding his hand up and hunkering down, Azraith waits patiently for his prey to rise.

Eryk Masters: Azraith might be looking for Die Hand Des Gottes here

Trying to wipe clean his mask of crimson, Trey slowly begins to rise to his feet.  Azraith stomps.

Trey digs his fist into the mat, cussing from the pain of his nose.  Azraith stomps.

Other Guy: I think you’re right, Eryk!  And I believe these fans can sense it, too!

Trey gets to a knee.  Azraith stomps – and now the crowd is following the process as they echo Azraith’s stomps with stomps and claps of their own.

His hand clasps onto the middle rope.  Azraith and the crowd stomps.

Trey slowly pulls himself to his feet in a trail of sweat and blood.  Azraith and the crowd stomps.

Trey turns around.  For a moment the crowd is silent.  That is… until the SMACK of Azraith’s hand closing shut around Trey’s throat echoes loudly through out the arena, sending this crowd into a frenzy onto the edges of their seats!

Azraith lifts Trey up into the air for the choke slam.  On the way down, Azraith extends a knee for the Die Hand Des Gottes.  But at the last moment, Trey latches his right arm around Azraith’s neck and maneuvers himself so that he pulls Azraith’s forehead down across his own knee in a self-inflicted DDT across the knee!  There’s a blank look across Azraith’s face for a moment… before he finally collapses backwards onto the mat!


Other Guy: DDT!!  ON HIS OWN KNEE!!  A…A KNEE-DT!!

Rather than covering, though, Trey collapses to the mat as well, clearly suffering the effects of Azraith’s vicious onslaught in combination with the blood loss.

Eryk Masters: It’s a shame Trey couldn’t make the cover here… I think he had this match won!

Slowly pulling himself to his feet, Trey uses the ropes to maintain his balance while Azraith gets to his.  Still seeing stars and not even mindful to the situation, Azraith stumbles forward right into…

Eryk Masters: REALITY CHECK!!!


Eryk Masters: Azraith is OUT!!!

NAILING the super-kick that has become synonymous with the Real Deal , Trey Willett rolls over… getting a hand across Azraith’s chest!




NO!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!   AZRAITH GOT A SHOULDER UP!!!!!



Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap


Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

An absolute bloody mess, Trey Willett sits up with his hands on his head – EXASPERATED that he wasn’t able to finish Azraith with Real Deal’s famous super kick.  Getting to his feet, continuing to wipe the blood pouring out from his nose, Trey collapses into the corner turnbuckle.  Exhaustion quickly taking over, Trey tries to shake it away.

Other Guy: God.  LOOK at this mat, it’s completely stained in blood!

Eryk Masters: Trey looks like he could pass out at any moment.  The amount of blood he’s lost from that wound is disturbing..

Azraith slowly begins getting to his knees. 

Trey slips between the ropes to the outside.

As soon as Azraith climbs to his feet, Trey springboards himself up onto the ropes.  Launching himself forward across the ring at Azraith… he lands right into the Avatar Reborn’s clutches and is SLAMMED down across his knee with a spine shattering choke-slam back-breaker!







Collapsing back to the mat, Azraith smirks knowingly as Trey Willett’s busted face buries into the mat from the agonizing impact of Azraith’s Die Hand Des Gottes.  Slowly crawling over to Trey… some of the fans boo in anticipation of Azraith’s cover…

Eryk Masters: What a match… Trey is STILL out.

Turning Trey over, Azraith makes the lateral press, nodding his head at each count…

Other Guy: It’s over!!!




Eryk Masters:: HE GOT HIM!!!




Pissed off that Trey was able to kick out, Azraith SLAMS his fist into the mat, cussing very loudly whilst shaking his head.  Disbelief.  Anger.  Desperation.  So many emotions were running amuck inside the defending Master of the Mat’s head.  Standing to his feet, Azraith ANGRILY slashes his thumb across his own throat, signaling the end once again.

RIPPING Trey to his feet, Azraith violently lobs a punch right into Trey’s messy face… and Trey returns fire!!!!

Eryk Masters: Trey will not die!!!  Look at him answer those punches!!!

Left from Azraith.


Right from Trey.


Left from Azraith.


Right from Trey.


Another right from Trey.

And ANOTHER!  Azraith is rocked back into the ropes, and a bloodied Trey Willett unleashes a barrage of rights right into Azraith’s skull!  The fans on their feet, Trey grabs Azraith’s wrist and tries to send him into the ropes.  Azraith reverses but holds onto his wrist, pulling Trey back towards him and right into a waiting choke-hold.  Azraith lifts Trey up, but Trey blocks it with a knee to the chin!  Stunning Azraith, Trey lands on his feet and immediately throws a boot up into Azraith’s bread basket, doubling him over.  Hooking both of Azraith’s arms in a double-underhook, Trey jumps up and drops to the mat with a double-underhook face-buster.

Eryk Masters: DAWN OF A NEW ERA!!!

Other Guy: TREY HIT IT!!!

Turning him over, Trey hooks a leg!






Other Guy: I’m… I’m speechless.  These guys are laying EVERYTHING… EVERYTHING on the line here tonight.  And I don’t mean that for some mindless commentating banter… they are actually leaving EVERYTHING on the table in this match!!!

LAUGHING at the absurdity of Azraith’s willpower, Trey once again wipes the blood  from his face.  Shaking his head, “NO!”, Trey stands up and screams a primal scream.  Pulling a wilted Azraith DeMitri to his feet, Trey kicks him in the gut again and begins setting up for a second double underhook face buster.


Jumping up… Trey slams Azraith face down into the mat again!

Other Guy: HE HIT IT!!!!

Looking down at Azraith, Trey shakes his head “NO!” again.

Eryk Masters: WHAT IS HE DOING?!!!

Trey grabs Azraith by the back of his head again and actually begins pulling his lifeless body up from the mat without making a cover.  As blood pours down into his mouth, Trey’s face quivers with rage as he wills himself forward, spitting the sweat and blood back out of his mouth.

BOOT to the mid-section.

Double-underhook to Azraith’s arms.

Eryk Masters: ?!


Trey jumps up and DRIVES Azraith’s face into the mat with his most scintillating double underhook face-buster yet.  

Eryk Masters: My GOD… THREE of them.  And that last one really crushed Azraith’s skull into the mat.  This HAS to be OVER!!!

Collapsing to the mat besides Azraith, Trey appears to be spent.  But as he reaches a hand up to the heavens, he shakes his head “NO!” for the third time in this match.

Eryk Masters: He CAN’T be thinking about a FOURTH one?!

Other Guy: Enough is enough, Trey!  He’s done!!!

Standing up from the mat, a smirk inches across Trey’s bloody façade.  Turning Azraith over, Trey drags him closer to the turnbuckles.  Pointing up, Trey looks out at the fans who have completely lost their MINDS for this match and the performance of both competitors.

Trey exit’s the ring to the outside and begins ascending to the top rope.

Azraith is out on his back and does not move.

As Trey reaches the pinnacle of his climb, he takes a moment to balance himself before LAUNCHING INTO A 450 SPLASH THAT CONNECTS CLEAN ACROSS AZRAITH DEMITRI’S UNCONSCIOUS BODY!!!

Other Guy: TREY-50 SPLASH!!!  TREY-50 SPLASH!!!! 





The arena EXPLODES, dwarfing the sound of the bell.


Other Guy: The defending Master of the Mat… IS ELIMINATED!!!  WHAT AN AMAZING SPECTACLE WE JUST WITNESSED!!!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… and ADVANCING to the next round of the Master of the Mat…. TREY…. WILLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!

We’re following a man on a mission. That man? Loco Martinez. That Mission? We find out as he turns a corner and see Maya Nakashima sitting leaning up against the wall. Loco makes the B-Line. Maya looks up and sees Loco. Maya tries to hurriedly get to his feet, he barely manages to get to his feet before Loco gets too close. Maya turns his back to Loco, his face obviously distressed. Maya tries to start walking away, making every effort to avoid Loco if at all possible. 

Loco: Stop. You know I’m coming to talk to you. At least do me the kindness of NOT making me chase you.


Maya stops, putting his hand on the bandana on his nose, breathing deeply. His eyes start to sprinkle, which used to be a relatively common sight for Maya. His knees tremble, he doesn’t turn around. 

Maya: Just…go away. Please. 

Loco: Maya. Turn around and look at me. I’m not going ANYWHERE till you explain what happened last week. 

Maya can’t force himself to turn around and look at Loco. His hand starts to shake as he nervously clutches the bandana on his nose. His voice is stuttering and hollow. 

Maya: I just didn’t…feel like it. That’s all, okay? I didn’t want to be part of your carnival and I don’t…I don’t…want to… 

Loco puts his hand on Maya’s shoulder. Maya jumps instinctively. Loco turns him around.


Loco: I don’t believe that, man. You were so excited. We were excited. People were asking for you. I understand stuff comes up, but no word. Nothing. Its not THAT you didn’t show up, its HOW you didn’t show up. I know you’re going through a lot. I know you had a big match to prepare for. I also said if you need anything, you have Rocky and I to lean on. 

Maya couldn’t let go of the bandana on his nose, it felt like his whole face was shaking. Maya’s eye wander everywhere but on Loco, looking for anything besides the disappointment in his eyes. 

Maya: You’re just…making things worse.  

It pained Maya more than anything to say what he was about to say. But he had to. Maya forces his shoulder away from Loco, taking a few cautious steps back. 

Maya: Just…don’t talk to me anymore. Don’t try to get me into a carnival or anything like that. I…I… 

It’s too much, Maya’s eyes collapse closed, the familiar look of despair on his face. 

Maya: I don’t…I don’t… want you to be my friend anymore! Just go away! 

Loco looks on, hurt… confused… worried. 

Loco: Dude. I don’t think you mean this. Not for a second… I’m gonna leave. I’ll let you think about things. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. ANYTHING. You’re in control, Maya. Remember that. You don’t have to to do the carnival. You can think you’re not my friend, but I’m not going to stop being your friend. KNOW that. 

Maya crumbles to the ground, he’s too fragile for this. He cups his face in both hands. There’s no other choice, he doesn’t look up, as much as he wants to apologize for everything he said…he can’t. Loco looks down at Maya for a moment.  

Maya: We’re not friends…go away… 

Loco sighs and shakes his head and walks away, leaving Maya like he found him. Alone.

We hear the loud roar of a small engine echoing through the parking garage attached to the arena, and suddenly we see the Iron Fist Champion riding into view on a large custom built chopper. The bike is bone white in color, and it’s decorated in black tribal serpents, all of them coiling towards the rear wheel. 

There’s a small license plate on the back of the bike reading “SCARRED & PROUD.” 

Entragian casually parks the bike; placing the kickstand down with one bleached rattlesnake skin boot. Isaac allows the bike to purr for a moment, and then he casually kills the engine. The albino removes his helmet and sweeps his white hair back with one pale hand. 

SCAR’s Pale Rider stands up to his full seven foot height, and we get a good look at his attire. He wears black jeans and a light black leather jacket with white dragons embroidered into the sleeves, along with fingerless leather gloves. 

Isaac reaches deep into a saddlebag attached to the motorcycle, and he carefully removes the Iron Fist Championship. He breathes on the faceplate, and then he uses his jacket sleeve to momentarily polish the title before draping it over one load-bearing shoulder. 

Suddenly Abigail Chase runs up to the SCAR soldier, her microphone held tight between her breasts. There’s trepidation in Abby’s face, but she knows she has to do her job regardless of the fear this man inspires in her fast-beating heart.

Abby Chase: Mr. Entragian!! Hoping to get…uh…a few comments on your match tonight. How do you feel about facing 3M in the main event of the evening? 

Entragian smiles brightly, his razor-teeth gleaming in the glow of the overhead fluorescents.  

Entragian: Can barely contain myself, sugar tits. I thrive on competition, and believe me when I tell you that this masked motherfucker is FORMIDABLE. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty? I intend to send him back to X-Calibur with his tail tucked between his legs… 

Isaac adjusts his title, looking down at the nervous young woman standing before him. 

Entragian: Nothing personal on my end, that’s just how SCAR does business. 

Abby Chase: What about Diamond Del Carver? Can you comment on the assault last week where you systematically picked apart The Sheriff of SHOOT? 

The albino’s forked tongue slips out for a moment to graze against his bottom lip, his eyes growing large and wolfish. 

Entragian: Mm. I like how you worded that. Girl’s got herself a heart-shaped ass AND an education! You’ll go far in life, sweetheart! When it comes to Delroy? I sent him a powerful message. My way of saying the Iron Fist Division belongs to ME, and the last thing you want to do in life is hobble your mangy ass into SCAR territory.  

Isaac’s nostrils flare, his expression hot with an undercurrent of rage. 

Entragian: Diamond Del Carver made the lethal mistake of getting too close to my territory, and as I result, I beat his face into hamburger meat and symbolically pissed on his carcass. My way of MARKING my territory… 

Entragian’s grins, his eyes like mini-furnaces in his head. 

Entragian: Now if you’ll excuse me, you nosy little bitch, I need to get up with the boys and then I’ve got myself a match to win. Go swap cunny juice with Tanya Blargh and get the hell out of my face… 

Isaac rudely pushes past Abby and heads into the arena, leaving the young woman standing there with a deer in the headlights look on her face. 



Other Guy: Look at the SHOOTron!

Eryk Masters: Oh no…

Bryan Harris: Oh YES, you mean!

Other Guy: AHHH! 

Eryk Masters: JESUS…

Other Guy: You have GOT to stop doing that, Bryan.

Once the ominous music and intro video finishes… the air grows silent.  But then, “Change(in the house of [X] DUBSTEP REMIX” by the DEFTONES takes over and out walks X-Calibur onto the stage area to a chorus of the fans’ raucousness.  Embracing their response with open arms, X-Calibur drops to his knees.  Arms extended, a golden waterfall of pyro falls from above, cascading down behind the magnificent REDEEMER of SHOOT Project.

Dressed to the nines like every other non-performing appearance, X brushes off the knees and adjusts the collar on his black and red pinstriped PRADA suit.  When Yuri walks through the pyro and stands behind X with his arms folded, a sense of dread clings to the air like never before.

Eryk Masters: Man, nothing EVER positive comes out of Yuri standing by X’s side.  As we all witnessed first hand at the Redemption Rumble.

Bryan Harris: Excuse me?  Nothing POSITIVE ever comes out of it?  Are you BLIND, son?!  Did you not see X-Calibur win the 50-Man Redemption Rumble?!  Are you fuckin’ stupid, boy?!

Eryk Masters: HEY.  Don’t you dare start with me, Bryan.  I have no problem shoving my fist down your throat!

Bryan Harris: Yeah?!  YEAH?!  YOU MAD, BRO?!  HAHAHAHA!

Other Guy: Gentlemen!  Lets not fight… we’re about to witness the contract signing to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Master of the Mat.  Save the animosity for the ring sometime!

Once X reaches the ring, he casually walks up the steel steps, demanding Yuri to remain on the outside, but nonetheless fetch him a microphone.  Obliging him, Yuri grabs a mic from the timekeeper’s table and hands it to X through the middle rope.

X-Calibur: Alriiiiiiiiiight ladies and gents!  You know what time it is?!


X-Calibur: Eh EHM… I said… DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!

Eryk Masters: Hammer time?!

Other Guy: Vader time?!

Bryan Harris: Hardy har har.  You guys are SO original!

Looking amused by their reaction, X chuckles.

X-Calibur: That’s right, folks!  It’s time… for the contract signing!  It’s time… TO MAKE X VS CADE OFFICIAL FOR MASTER OF THE MAT!!!

Displeased and unenthusiastic with this, the fans break out into some serious chanting through out the entire arena.


Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.


Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.

X-Calibur: Aw shucks… you guys want Jonas?!  You… you want Jonas, do ya?!  WELL, DUMB ASSES, YOU’RE NOT GETTING HIM!


X-Calibur: You see, in case you already FORGOT… I laid Jonas Coleman the fuck out last week.  Unlike your “World Champion” two weeks ago, I did it with my bare fucking HANDS, no less!  So, I’m afraid that… well, the Defender of Faggots is still sitting slumped sideways in one of those ugly ass ergonomic chairs in the waiting room of Vancouver General.  Too bad he wasn’t a member of the Hierarchy… hehe, he mighta been NOTICED a little quicker!

He waves his hand.

X-Calibur: But I’m not one to kick a man when he’s down, folks.  No, no, no… I’ve dealt with the “Butcher” problem, and now?  Now it’s time that all focus on what REALLY matters.  The WORLD… HEAVYWEIGHT… CHAMPIONSHIP.  So somebody back there do me a favor and tell Cassi to climb her pretty little ass off my Teen Idol.  He’s got a fuckin’ contract to sign.

Moments pass and when nothing happens an exasperated X looks around the ring like he’s talking to himself.

X-Calibur: Am I speaking a foreign language or something?!  CADE SYDAL… BRING YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT… FUCKING… NOW!!

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: Aren’t you excited?

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: To see Cade Sydal and X-Calibur sign the dotted line and make this shit official?  Hell yes.  We’ll have a new champion at Master of the Mat, FOR SURE.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: Why do you always have to hate on him during his entrance? Show some respect, man.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Eryk Masters: Like the kind of respect he shows for everyone else, right?

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: Aren’t you excited?

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: To see Cade Sydal and X-Calibur sign the dotted line and make this shit official?  Hell yes.  We’ll have a new champion at Master of the Mat, FOR SURE.

Bryan Harris: For the first time in SHOOT since I’ve graced you guys with my awesome presence… Eryk Masters has told the truth.

Other Guy: Bite you tongue, Eryk! 

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Bryan Harris: This song is awful.  Hip hop has about as much of a place in wrestling as women.

Other Guy: Why do you always have to hate on him during his entrance? Show some respect, man.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Eryk Masters: Like the kind of respect he shows for everyone else, right?

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As Cade moves his way down the ramp, the crowd all of the sudden changes from loud boo’s to really loud cheers, as Jonas Coleman flies from the back and hits Cade from behind with FULL force!




Cassi Ryan scrambles as Cade hits the ramp.  As X-Calibur watches on with a somewhat satisfied smile on his face, Jonas Coleman picks Cade back up, hooks him, and swings him over, driving his face into the steel with the CATACLYSM’S EDGE, and the CROWD GOES NUTS!!

Eryk Masters:  SO SICK.  Jonas does not even fuck around here, and he gets him a piece of Cade Sydal, after he’s been jumped the last two weeks in a row!

Other Guy:  And I think you can officially call this little contract shindig…  broken up. 

Bryan Harris: Get his ass, X!  Deal with this little phony!

Jonas has a look of fury on his face, as Cassi Ryan goes to check on the fallen World Heavyweight Champion, and he TURNS HIS GAZE TO X-CALIBUR.

Eryk Masters:  Oh MAN.  LOOK AT HIS EYES.  That is fire and hatred, right there!!! 

Other Guy:  THAT is a man on a mission, RIGHT THERE, and if you were hoping to see something NEW and INTERESTING in the main event, there’s your man, right there.  Cade Sydal just got fucked up, and it looks like X-Calibur might be next!

Bryan Harris:  HA!  Not a chance, Eryk.  X will destroy this little piss ant all over again.  Just WATCH.

As though he heard Other Guy, Jonas Coleman makes a beeline for the ring, which surprises X-Calibur!  X meets Coleman as he slides into the ring, and the crowd goes from unanimous jubilance to unanimous hatred as the #1 Contender begins putting the boots to SHOOT Project’s Defender of Faith. 

Bryan Harris: What’d I tell ya?!  X has this idiot beat, eleven times out of ten.

Other Guy:  Could it be that Jonas bit off more than he could chew here? 

Eryk Masters:  It looks that way.  Maybe a bit overzealous. 

The crowd booooo’s as Cade lies unconscious on the floor, and X-Calibur continues to beat Jonas Coleman down with simple boots. 


Other Guy:  Oh WOW.

Jonas has gone from a look of pain to a look of entertainment, as a determined smile crosses his face.  X is mercilessly raining boot after boot down, but all of the sudden, Jonas rolls away and X whiffs!  Jonas gets back to his feet, and BOTH.  MEN.  ARE.  STANDING. 

Eryk Masters:  JESUS CHRIST. My heart…  my heart, OG.

Other Guy:  Jonas Coleman…  my goodness. 


Bryan Harris throws his head set down and gets up from his seat.  At the same time, Jonas RUSHES across the ring and catches X-Calibur off guard!  He has him in the corner and is just waylaying into him with a FLURRY of punches and kicks!  Coleman pulls X out of the corner, kicks him in the gut and doubles him over.  He transitions into an inverted front facelock AND THE CROWD GOES BALLISTIC.

Eryk Masters:  We’re gonna see ANOTHER Cataclysm’s Edge!!! 

Other Guy:  Ohhhh…  my….  Godddd…. 

BUT NO.  Before Jonas can complete the maneuver, X-Calibur turns out and rolls out of the ring right into Yuri and Bryan Harris’ waiting arms!  The trio of Hierarchy members back up the ramp, and the Saskatoon crowd LETS X HAVE IT.  Jonas Coleman wastes no time in calling for a microphone, though clearly out of breath. 

Jonas Coleman:  Shit’s a lot… motherfucking different… when you’re on the receiving end…  isn’t it…  BITCH.

The crowd pops, as Jonas continues to catch his breath. 

Jonas Coleman:  YOU…  X-Calibur…  YOU are going to get what’s coming to you, VERY VERY SOON, but what I want…  what I want NEXT.  FUCKING.  WEEK…  is the man who is laying face first, down on that metal grate.  I know his bitch can hear me, so she’ll have to relay the message.

Cassi Ryan stands up, looking at Jonas Coleman with a fearful look in her face.

Jonas Coleman:  Next week, Jonas Coleman versus Cade Sydal.  I don’t want his title…  I don’t want the championship…

He smirks.

Jonas Coleman:  I WANT HIS BLOOD.  Non-title…  NOTHING to lose for him, except a pound of flesh.

He smiles again, as he looks down at her and Cade Sydal.

Jonas Coleman:  So you let him know.  The Butcher is coming to collect.

Jonas drops the microphone, and it hits with that same static thud, as “THE BUTCHER” by Project 86 hits the PA with X-Calibur looking stunned between Yuri and Bryan Harris and Cade Sydal finally recovering from the Cataclysm’s Edge onto the steel ramp grating. 







Eryk Masters: KILL ME NOW.

Other Guy: Here he comes, ladies and gents! A Soldier of The Elite, the ever-evolving masked mercenary…

Eryk Masters: Does this commentary table have a fast forward button?









THE HIEARCHY appears across the SHOOT Video Wall, followed by 3M in stark red letters.

Fear Factory’s “Resurrection” blares out of the arena speakers, and with it we witness the arrival of The Deceiver, 3M. Mirage walks out about halfway down the ramp, his body fully decked out in his sinister suit. A golden hue shines down from the overhead lighting, and sparks fall from the head of the ramp, a representation of the prestige this Hierarchy assassin brings with him.

The fans roar with a united voice of disapproval, and the Spawn-ish 3M simply stands there in defiance of the crowd, his tribal-decorated arms crossed across his chest.

Other Guy: This is better than any Spawn comic EVER. Look at 3M, Eryk! You just expect chains and necroplasm to accompany this man when he enters an arena; he has developed SUCH a presence in SHOOT…

Eryk Masters: He’s had King on the ropes lately, I’ll give him that much. It’s funny that you draw Spawn comparisons to 3M, because when I think of his opponent? I think of Violator. I think of Malebolgia. I think of every horribly hellish creature Spawn has ever faced ALL rolled up into one…

Other Guy: You’re such a comic book nerd, Masters!

Eryk Masters: ….YOU brought it up!

Mirage continues down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope only to stand in the center of the squared circle, comfortable in his suit of badassery as the fans continue to berate him.

The lights in the arena suddenly BLACK OUT completely, and we’re left in all-encompassing darkness. A BLINDINGLY white strobe light starts to flash at timed intervals near the top of the ramp.

The SHOOT Video Wall showcases a gigantic fang-lined smile, and below this, two lines appear in hellfire-emblazoned script.



Dry ice smoke starts to creep out at the top of the ramp, and with it comes the haunting sounds of Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil.”

Other Guy: What’s that I smell, Masters? Oh yeah…it’s PURE FUCKING EVIL!





Finally the pale heathen appears at the head of the ramp, wearing a full white trench coat with a hood drawn down low in his face. Isaac takes a few steps forward, and then he throws off the coat, showing a muscle-bound upper torso the color of bone…along with white tights decorated in black tribal serpents.

The fans roar with hatred for SCAR’s pallid colossus, many people in the crowd standing so they can jeer him even louder!

Eryk Masters: Folks, this man, if you even want to call him that, is living, breathing HELL ON EARTH. I fully believe that the blood pumping through his veins is the color of oil…

Other Guy: This is the same man who almost single-handedly threw TWELVE bodies out of the ring in the Redemption Rumble, a record for SHOOT Project!

The albino continues down the ramp, entering into the ring to stand in one corner, his eyes never leaving 3M’s concealed face.

Other Guy: I’m getting goosebumps, Masters! SCAR & The Hierarchy sharing the same ring! Two of the most destructive forces in the entire history of SHOOT Project standing toe to toe!

Eryk Masters: This is evil fighting a different kind of evil, OG. Personally? I hope these abhorrent bastards destroy each other! I think that’s exactly what this crowd wants to see…

Other Guy: In their promotional material this week Isaac & 3M compared each other to wolves and scorpions, and as far as I’m concerned, those comparisons were VERY apt. The mere electricity these men create when standing across from the other….it’s enough to convince any naysayer that we’re looking at predators of the most dangerous sort!

Eryk Masters: Cancers on the face of SHOOT Project, OG. And if we’re lucky? They just might cancel each other out tonight, so let’s all cross our fingers on this one!


The crowd boos at the very maximum of their vocal range, and 3M takes an arrogant little bow.


The fans boo just as loud for Isaac’s announcement, and Entragian responds by lightly kissing the tip of one pale middle finger…only to show that finger to the masses that loathe him.

Both men stay in their respective corners, Isaac cracking his neck to the side, while 3M loosens up his wrists. The bell rings with a resounding clang, and we’re…


To their credit, neither man even pauses; they both make a beeline for the center of the ring, going face to face.

Entragian taps his chin, leaning forward towards 3M, his eyes already swimming with lunacy. 3M shrugs, and then he rears back and PISTONS a right hand into Isaac’s jaw. The monster is rocked back a step, his forked tongue slipping out to test his lower lip. He looks back at 3M, nodding…as if to say “Not bad.”

Isaac then rears back and sends a mammoth hook punch into the side of Mirage’s face. 3M is spun down to one knee, but he quickly recovers…and it looks like a smile has grown beneath the fabric of his mask.

Eryk Masters: You know…on some instinctual level, I think these sick bastards are just having fun!

Other Guy: Nothing like seeing two universally hated men playing “Can you top this?”

3M moves in close, and he starts to send scathing chops into Isaac’s pallid chest. Entragian is driven back, his skin taking on an unhealthy red hue, and despite the pained expression on his face….The Ivory Terror appears to be laughing!

Isaac is driven back against the ropes, and then suddenly, he leans down and DRILLS 3M IN THE FACE WITH A HEADBUTT! 3M stumbles back two big steps, but amazingly he doesn’t fall! Entragian steps in and crushes an uppercut into the shelf of Mirage’s jaw….and this time 3M DOES fall, the impact forcing him to crash down against the canvas.

3M is quick to struggle up to one knee, and strangely enough…he favors Isaac with a gloved thumbs up!

Eryk Masters: These….pretentious…FUCKS! They’re acting like this is a game!

Other Guy: For them…it probably is, Masters! It’s a known fact that these men are dogging King & Carver…they have no desire to make permanent enemies out of each other here tonight.

Entragian turns his back on Mirage for a moment to scream some X-Rated obscenity at a fan…and 3M runs in and scoops him in with a school boy pinfall attempt!



Entragian kicks out so violently you’d think his legs were made of iron, and when he stands to face 3M…something in his face has changed.

What once was dark good cheer has been replaced by fury just starting to bubble up to the surface. He bares his serrated teeth…mouthing “That’s how you want it?” to 3M…and Mirage throws up his hands…as if to say…”I’m The Deceiver, remember?”

Mirage then promptly runs forward, and he EATS a size 14 rattlesnake skin boot right to the face, courtesy of a jumping bicycle kick from SHOOT’s resident albino hellion!

Eryk Masters: Mark of the Beast scores! And you can tell, OG….something just shifted in the atmosphere here. At first they were just playing, but right now…3M’s deception is starting to show, and the fact that Entragian is CRAZY is also starting to show…

Other Guy: A mixture of guile and unfiltered madness…that’s a VOLATILE mix. You might just get your wish of seeing these two wipe each other off the map after all, Masters.

3M is slow getting back to his feet, one hand nursing the side of his masked countenance. Isaac moves in, but 3M scouts it…leaping forward to send a flush dropkick into Entragian’s shoulder socket. Isaac flies back into one of the turnbuckles, his equilibrium momentarily fucked up.

Isaac tries to get his bearings, running forward with a clothesline….but 3M ducks and locks in a standing armbar, targeting the same shoulder joint that took the dropkick! Entragian is forced down to a knee, his razor-teeth gritted together in pain.

Eryk Masters: Beautiful string of moves by 3M, the masked man is a master of a leverage…he always manages to adapt, no matter the size or fierceness of his opponent.

Other Guy: 3M is a thinking man’s wrestler, Masters. He plots each of his moves in his head like it’s a chess game, and nine times out of ten, he’s only one step away from butchering your King…

Eryk Masters: No pun intended, there?

Other Guy: Course’ not…

3M bears down with all of his weight, and to add insult to injury, he digs the point of his elbow into the back of Isaac’s neck. This raises the ire in Isaac’s blood, and he manages to whip his body around, and from there he just PALMS 3M’s face, digging his talon-like fingers into mask and flesh with an iron claw!

Eryk Masters: Oh jesus…now this is bad. That ladies and gents, is raw, bestial power. He shakes off the armbar, and he returns the favor with an iron claw!

Other Guy: We talked about how conniving and vindictive 3M is, but you also have to consider what Entragian brings to the table. This man is an INCREDIBLY precise sadist, he has turned his own inner rage and lunacy into something that resembles a knife-blade in that squared circle. Isaac literally has viciousness down to a SCIENCE, and we’re seeing that firsthand right now…

Mirage starts to flail against Isaac’s rock hard grip, and then realizing he’s in trouble, 3M throws a desperation boot into Isaac’s midsection. Isaac is forced to break the hold while doubling over, and 3M promptly manages to flip Isaac’s enormous girth to the canvas with a snapmare!

Other Guy: WOW! Another example of perfect leverage, gravity giving 3M the assist on that one.

3M measures Entragian, and then he runs forward with a baseball slide, but ISAAC CATCHES MIRAGE’S FOOT!

Entragian then VIOLENTLY flips 3M over onto his belly, and he locks onto Mirage’s ankle with as much force as he can possibly muster. 3M’s hands immediately go up to his head in sheer panic, and the anguish showing beneath the mask can only be imagined.

Other Guy: BRITTLE BE THY BONES! One minute Isaac’s laid out on the mat…the next thing you know he’s got 3M locked up TIGHT in his patented ankle lock!

Eryk Masters: This is the worst possible place for 3M to find himself, OG. Entragian is a three hundred pound man, and his strength is IMMEASURABLE. He could easily crush that ankle into bone shards…

3M tries to crawl towards the ropes, but Isaac is just too damn strong, he’s practically immovable. Thinking quickly, 3M ducks his head and rolls forward, and Isaac’s loses his grip while flying towards the ropes. The albino manages to stop himself, and when he turns around, 3M has hobbled up to a vertical base only to spike Isaac’s skull into the mat with a double arm DDT!

Entragian lands hard, his body falling heavily to the side. 3M goes for a quick cover.



Again, Isaac kicks out with authority.

Eryk Masters: 3M is smart to try and end this quickly; the longer you’re in there with a beast of Isaac’s type….the smaller your chances of surviving are.

3M climbs back to his feet, and he forcibly brings Isaac with him. 3M tries an irish whip, but Entragian reverses in the center of the ring, and on the rebound Entragian swings 3M’s body down to the canvas with a black hole slam!

Mirage touches down awkwardly, pain shooting all the way through his spine.

Eryk Master: FANGBANGER! Entragian nailed that FLUSH, not only does it drive you into the mat; it also swings you around like a crash test dummy.

Other Guy: 3M should sue for whiplash…

Entragian piles all of his weight on top of 3M with a pinfall attempt.




3M keeps himself alive, throwing one shoulder up from the mat just in time.

Isaac scrambles up from the canvas, his teeth bared. He pulls 3M up by the mask, but in a surprise burst of strength, Mirage manages to crush the albino into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster!

3M collapses on top of Isaac after the spinebuster, and he just starts to lean in with mounted punches. Entragian quickly rolls him over though, and then it’s The Ivory Terror’s turn to bash his fists into Mirage’s masked face!

Other Guy: This is turning into nothing more than a vicious fight, I’m betting both of these men smell blood…

Eryk Masters: It’s just a matter of who we’ll see get to taste it…

Both men fight up to a vertical base, and SOMEHOW, 3M manages to negotiate Isaac’s three hundred pound girth up onto his shoulders! 3M’s legs are shaking, his arms trembling…but he still shouts out to the crowd!


Other Guy: WHAT?!?! Is 3M trying to steal Entragian’s Disemboweler??

3M tries to get Isaac up and over for the gutbuster, but at the last second, Entragian shifts his weight and lands back on his feet…only to violently pull 3M into a headscissors predicament!

The monster Entragian powers 3M up onto his shoulders, and then he turns only to SPIKE 3M INTO THE CANVAS WITH A JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB!!!

Eryk Masters: THE FORKED-TONGUE FINALE!! 3M landed right on the back of his neck…cover him Entragian!

Entragian promptly drops down and pulls back on a leg with all of his might.





At the VERY last possible second, Mirage manages to kick out!

Other Guy: Holy shit….TOO CLOSE, but not close enough!

Eryk Masters: WHOA…check the ramp!!

The crowd suddenly becomes ALIVE with a hugely positive reaction, and as the angle changes we see DONOVAN KING sprinting down the ramp!

Entragian has the referee distracted, arguing with him about his last pinfall attempt. 3M is brushing the cobwebs off…trying to get up…when King slides into the ring and helps him to stand…


3M’s face SMACKS the mat, and in mere seconds, King slides from the ring and starts backpedaling up the ramp.

Donovan King: Always one step ahead, 3M? This time your ass is one step behind!

King continues up the ramp, vanishing into the back, and Isaac….who watched the entire assault out of the corner of his eye….can do nothing but smile.

The albino titan moves to the far side of the ring, and then he drops down two a three-point stance. Isaac’s forked tongue slips out, and he starts to sway his head from side to side like a rattlesnake.

Eryk Masters: The assault from King, the referee didn’t see it….and now Entragian’s setting up to capitalize!

3M FINALLY manages to stumble up, totally groggy and using the top rope for balance. He turns around to find Isaac….WHEN ENTRAGIAN RACES ACROSS THE RING AND BARRELS INTO 3M’S MIDSECTION WITH A SPEAR THAT CARRIES HIM HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING!

Other Guy: CORRUPTION!!! That’s Entragian’s high velocity spear, and it just SPLIT 3M in half!!

Eryk Masters: That was a NASTY impact. Imagine what it feels like to have three hundred pounds of muscle and madness smack into your gut…

3M touches down while gagging, with Isaac falling atop him with all of his weight.





Eryk Masters: HUGE win for Isaac, few men can say they’ve laid waste to a Soldier of The Hierarchy. And obviously…3M & King have major unfinished business!

Other Guy: Very impressed, Masters. SCAR should be proud of this victory. This just goes to prove that Entragian IS one of the biggest, meanest alpha dogs in SHOOT Project…

Entragian demands a mic while pushing sweaty white hair from his face, and he lightly nudges 3M with his boot in the center of the ring.

Entragian: Tough luck, Marcus! Good fight though.

Suddenly the fans turn and look up the aisle.  Diamond Del Carver has emerged at the top of the ramp. The Hardcore Outlaw is wearing his usual biker boots, jeans, and RUN DDC t-shirt. He has his long silver hair slicked back, and he has leather fingerless gloves to match his leather eye patch. A cigar hangs out of the corner of his mouth, and in his arms he is holding… 

A present?! 

The fans IGNITE, almost everyone in the arena cheering the hell out of The Sheriff of SHOOT! 

Eryk Masters: Here comes The Hardcore Outlaw! 

The Other Guy: What’s this cranky old bastard coming down for?  Did he get confused and think he has a match or something? 

Eryk Masters:  After the stunt Entragian pulled on him last week, I’m guessing we may be about to see some retribution, OG. 

The Other Guy: Oh yeah?  Then why is he carrying a massive present? 

Entragian stands in the ring, his eyes full of molten-rage…saliva flying from his mouth as he screams at the legend! 

Entragian: What the FUCK are you doing out here, you southern shit-licker! Did you not get the message last week? Maybe this time I’ll send your corpse back to Mississippi in a confederate coffin…will THAT convince you not to fuck with me?? 

Diamond Del Carver is holding a large box wrapped in paper and large polka dot bow on top.  He slowly marches down the aisle holding the box in his arms.  The veteran reaches the ringside area and places the box on the timekeepers table.  He grabs the microphone from Samantha.  The cheers are loud and echo throughout the arena, and Carver holds up his arm and starts to speak. 

Diamond Del Carver: Isaac old son, how are ya?  You know, last week you gave me something.  You interrupted my match with King, and then you give me something special, from you to me.  You gave me… 

An ass kicking! 

Not only did you give me an ass kicking, but on top of that, you treated us all to a history lesson!  You were so nice, as you kicked my ass, you took us on a trip down memory lane!  You reminded me, and all the fans of every injury I’ve had over the past 30 plus years. 

Well son, Diamond Del Carver may be a lot of things, but I ain’t rude!  You gave me something, so I brought you a present.  Anybody want to see Isaac’s present? 

Entragian: No thanks, gramps! That box is probably covered in Alzheimers disease! Take it and shove it up your wrinkly old ass before I make you EAT that bow! 

The fans cheer “YES” loudly and drown out Entragian….and The Hardcore Outlaw smiles widely. 

Diamond Del Carver: The people have spoken!  They want Isaac to get his present! 

Carver rips the wrapper off the box, and looks inside.  The old man makes a comical face when he looks into the box, as if he is surprised by what he is seeing. 

Diamond Del Carver: WOW!  You’re really going to like this, Whitey! If you like talking about Diamond Del Carver’s HISTORY, then you’ll know all about THIS little gift! 

The veteran rummages around in the box with both hands, and slowly holds up one hand, in a fist.  Carver’s hand is now wearing a black leather glove – wrapped in multiple strands of BARBED WIRE! 

Eryk Masters: OH SHIT!  TOKYO KISS!  That’s Diamond Del Carver’s infamous secret weapon, his “Tokyo Kiss” glove, wrapped in barbed wire! 

The Other Guy: THAT is his present?  I don’t think Isaac wants that! 

The fans are going nuts as Carver holds his fist over his head for a moment, and then charges straight at the ring!  The Hardcore Outlaw slides under the bottom rope, right past the referee and Marcus Mirage, and before Entragian can even react; Carver rears back and bashes the Ivory Terror right in between the eyes with the barbed wire glove!  Isaac Entragian stumbles backward and Carver cocks his fist and blasts the bigger man a second time, right in the middle of the forehead! 

Carver has opened a huge gash in the middle of Isaac Entragian’s forehead and The Ivory Terror falls to one knee!  The fans continue to blow the roof off the arena, as the referee places one hand on Diamond Del Carver’s shoulder.  Carver turns around and swings wildly at the referee, who bails out of the ring.  

Carver turns his attention back to Entragian, and hits the bigger man with a brutal boot to the face, which knocks The Ivory Terror flat. Diamond Del Carver quickly reaches down, and with a huge effort, lifts Entragian up as if he is going to give the Iron Fist Champion a body slam, but instead Carver positions Entragian’s head so it is pointing straight down, and then The Hardcore Outlaw sits out – dropping Isaac Entragian directly on his head! 

The Diamond Driller! 

Isaac Entragian bounces from the impact and lands flat on the mat.  Diamond Del Carver scrambles to his feet, and looks at Marcus Mirage.  Carver points at Mirage, and smiles.  The old man cocks his fist, as if he is about to take a run at Mirage, but suddenly a crowd of at least six or seven security men hit the ring!  All of them are wearing black SHOOT SECURITY T-shirts, and they swarm The Hardcore Outlaw and drag him forcibly out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Security arrives on the scene and they are dragging an enraged Diamond Del Carver up the aisle! 

The Other Guy: Yeah, but too little too late!  Carver punched Entragian right in the face with that barbed wire glove twice, booted him in the face, and hit him with the Diamond Driller! 

The crowd of security guards continue to literally drag The Hardcore Outlaw up the aisle towards the back. 

The angle changes to showcase a mangled Pale Rider laid out on the canvas, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. 

He tries to rise up, but immediately falls back on his face, splashing into a pool of his own blood. As the camera zooms in it appears that he’s trying to croak out the words…”you’re….dead….carver.” 

Diamond Del Carver pushes past security for just a few seconds, and he raises a fist into the air….the fans ROAR in response, loving every bit of this.

“DDC!!!! DDC!!!!! DDC!!!” 

The show closes to the sound of this chant spreading through the crowd like wildfire.