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Revolution 81 – 9/4/2011

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada. "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.

Train a little harder than you can or ever will

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt. A second shot of The Hierarchy is shown, holding X-Calibur up on their shoulders. A third shot of Tanya Black can be seen, clutching the Sin City Championship against her breast.

You need to think fast

Cade Sydal is shown taking Ben Jackman down, before it flashes over to him holding his World Championship high. That is followed quickly by a shot of Thomas Manchester Black, pounding his fists together in the middle of an empty ring.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!

Project:SCAR are shown destroying Frontline II TURBO and The Bad Ass Brotherhood. Mirage is shown lording over his fallen foe, the mask fresh off of his face, Donovan King down on the mat.

Got news if you think you bad

The next image is Jonas Coleman, blood pouring down his face. He is shown standing tall in the ring, soaking in the love of the fans. We then see MURDERHOUSE Mick carting weapons to the ring, followed quickly by Cinder Block attacking everyone in his sights.

All your other battles make me laugh

Azraith DeMitri stands alone in an empty ring. His blue hair is in front of his face. He says nothing. He does nothing.

You need to start runnin’…

Adrian Corazon is shown, mocking Danny Corsair’s handicap. The Gunslingers are shown next, nodding their heads to the fans as they walk down to the ring.

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!

Frontline II TURBO celebrate a victory in the ring as the camera shifts to Isaac Entragian spearing Lennox Ferguson through barbed wire to the ground. Next we see some unfortunate soul getting caught in an El Asso Wipo backbreaker TCHA! With his knee!


Stellar Insanity are shown, embracing one another as they have overcome so much to defeat their foes. We quickly shift to Laura Seton, shouting out at the fans with a smile on her face.

You need a miracle!

The Hierarchy is shown putting the Potato Sack of Shame on Yuri’s head.

Nothing’s gonna save you

We see VAS briefly before we see a blinking image of Jacob Mephisto.

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!

Maya Nakashima is shown, slowly tying his scarf across his nose before the image switches to The Gunslingers taking Donovan King down while Azrael Goeren looks on.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

Alex Brooks locks in his submission on Kenji Yamada.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Del Carver slowly withdraws a cigar from his mouth, smoke billowing around his face.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

Crazy Boy and Cronos Diamante lock up.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Trey Willett is shown getting a purple nurple from Buck Dresden.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!


Eryk Masters: Oh God… here we go again.

Other Guy: One would think you’d be used to these Hierarchy entrances by now.  It’s been what, nine months?

Eryk Masters: I will never… EVER… get used to these nimrods.  In any capacity.

As soon as the final percentage hits, a red .eXecute forms in the middle of the SHOOTron.  From the X in execute, the name “X-CALIBUR” falls vertically in cobalt blue.

The crowd unfurls their wary silence into a profound hatred upon hearing the familiar pulsating drums of the remixed Deftones classic.  Once the lyrics commence, X walks out onto the stage area in his wrestling gear.  Ready for combat.  Dropping to one knee, he holds his arms out in a welcoming embrace.  Just then a cascading “waterfall” of flame-like orange embers fall seemingly from the heavens directly behind him.  As if the world were burning around him.

“I’ve watched you change…”

…Into a fly.”

He stands.

“I looked away…”

…You were on fire.”

The abundance of hate fashioned an orgasmic look upon his face, and soon he began walking towards the ring.

“I watched a change…”

…In you.”

Stopping near a fan, he grabs a sign that read, “DEFENDER OF FAITH COMETH…REDEEMER OF RUIN GONETH”, and tore parts of it off so that only “REDEEMER OF RUIN” remained.  Smiling, he held the sign up high for a few moments before discarding it like an old newspaper.

“It’s like you never…

…Had wings.”

Once he reaches the steel steps, he bends down and slams both of his fists down across the top of it creating a loud CLANG before unleashing a primal war cry into the atmosphere. 

“Now you feel…

…So Alive.

Once he psyches himself up for the battle at hand, X-Calibur races up the steps and across the ring apron before ascending to the middle turnbuckle outside of the ring.

“I look at the cross…”

“…Then I look away”

Peering out at all of his detractors, X points and shouts, “BUTCHER, WHAT?!  BUTCHER, WHAT?!” at all of the Jonas fans adorned in his merchandise.

“Give you the gun…”

…Blow me away.”

Smiling, he climbs down from the middle turnbuckle and steps through the ropes right into the ring.      Calling for a microphone, X makes the throat slash symbol synonymous with folks wanting the music to stop.  A few seconds later, the remix fades and X speaks.  Despite their initial heckling, they quiet down.  Hate him or despise him, people always listen to what he has to say.

X-Calibur: Jonas Coleman… The Defender of Faith. Heh. You certainly seem confident in yourself, buddy. The way you speak to Cade and I… it’s almost as if you actually think you can beat us. As if… you actually think you belong in the ring with us.

Pausing, he looks out at the sea of rowdy Canadians and chuckles.

X-Calibur: Cade?  Maybe.  Me?  Well…

Letting himself trail off, X continues.

X-Calibur: Let me tell you something, Jonas.  Your friends… admirers… enemies… et all alike, they’ve given you this idea.  This odd notion.  This… foolish mark that you’re some… Defender of Faith.

The fans cheer this.  Intently.

X-Calibur: Sure. (Raising the microphone for the crowd’s reception.)  The fans love it.  THEY EAT IT UP.  Hell, I can see the sea of blue “DEFENDER” shirts out here, Jonas!

He cups his eyebrows as if the sun were in his eyes.

X-Calibur: Funnily enough though, I see a few red “REDEEMER” shirts, too.  (Waving his hand) Regardless, though… Jonas, my man.  It’s… it’s this FAITH thing, dude.  FAITH… where it lies… and what it MEANS is what you truly don’t GRASP. 

Once again, the hatred is there.  He has them eating out of the palm of his hand.

X-Calibur: Your faith… your faith blindly lies to that up there.

X points at the top of the ramp where the SHOOT Helmet logo rests above the stage’s entryway.

X-Calibur: And what does that mean, Jonas?  I’ll tell you where it mean, kiddo.  It means you get thrown out of the Redemption Rumble.  It means you get blindsided and knocked the fuck out by Cade Sydal.  It means you get blindsided and knocked the fuck out by X-Calibur.  But most importantly, Jonas… tonight it means your bloated popularity takes the inevitable dive downwards.  By BOTH of our hands.

X-Calibur: So if you’re still up to it, stupid?  Come on down.  Lets stray from the norm a smidge and have ourselves a little impromptu match-up.  Come on down, DEFENDER, and let’s do this shit like it ain’t ever been done before.  Maybe afterwards Cade can pick your teeth up off the floor and kick ’em back in.

He drops the microphone.

SECONDS later…

“And you know that I’ve come to collect!”


Eryk Masters: WOOOOO!!  Looks like Jonas has accepted X’s challenge!  I can’t BELIEVE we’re getting such an epic match-up UNANNOUNCED!

“This man came to me he was looking for action!

Pulling a blade to my neck”

Other Guy: Yeah.  Look at Jonas, too.  He… he looks pretty intense if you ask me.

“He said, ‘Call me THE BUTCHER cause that’s my trade

And you know that I’ve come to collect.”

Eryk Masters: What is he doing?!

Jonas is SPRINTING down to the ring, not even wasting any time to bump fists with the fans.

Eryk Masters: Somebody get a damn referee out here!

The closer Jonas gets to the ring, the more hunkered down X becomes inside of it. As soon as Jonas slides under the ropes, X is on top of him with HARSH kicks to the head and ribs.  Jonas immediately feels them and grunts in pain.  Soon after, SHOOT Project official Willie Dean sprints towards the ring.  Sliding underneath the bottom rope, he signals for Mark Kendrick to ring the bell!

Eryk Masters: And it’s on!  X vs. Jonas!  I hope you folks aren’t late tuning in to this, because a SHIT VOCANO is about erupt all over the place!

Other Guy: X is like a rabid animal! He didn’t even give Jonas a CHANCE to get into the ring!  Wait did you say a “shit volcano”?  What does that even m-

Bryan Harris: Hiya, folks!

Other Guy: AHHHH!

Eryk Masters: Seriously. You HAVE to stop doing that. You’re going to give OG a heart attack.

Bryan Harris: So are you folks excited to see Judas  Coldsore get his ass whooped tonight?! I KNOW I AM!! HAHAHA!!

Laying the boots to Coleman, X starts dropping knees across the back of Jonas’ head. One after another in rapid succession. Willie Dean practically pries X off of Jonas after 10 knee drops to the skull.  Stopping for just a moment, X SPITS down into the back of Jonas’ head.  Dropping to his knees, he turns Jonas over and hooks a leg!



Jonas kicks out emphatically, and the fans’ hyper state only increases ten fold!

Eryk Masters: Jonas isn’t going down that easy!  X thought he could end things early with a quick cheap shot, but to no avail… Jonas isn’t having it!

Bryan Harris:  I don’t know why you guys are even bothering, really.

Other Guy: Bothering… with what?

Bryan Harris: Calling this. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t understand.

Bryan Harris: Wait… you…. (audible laughing)… you actually think this is a match?!

Eryk Masters: What are you… huh?

Other Guy: What are you saying, Bryan?

Bryan Harris: Oh… nothing.  It’ll all be over momentarily.  TRUST ME.

Back on his feet after the lone pin attempt, X stops and opens up his arms to the entire audience as if to say, "THIS IS YOUR HERO?!".

Eryk Masters: Man, I’ve seen these knee drops before… nothing good will come of this.

As Jonas struggles to get up, X motions to the back for his comrades.

Other Guy: Oh no….

Bryan Harris: OH YES.

Eryk Masters: You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.  Is THIS what you were talking about?!

As quickly as he joined the broadcast, Bryan Harris throws his head-set down and leaves the commentating booth.  A shit eating grin is PLASTERED across his face.

One by one, the Hierarchy files out from the back. Azrael Goeren. Yuri(in his potato sack of shame). The arena is POURING with boos from the irate crowd.  Some are even throwing trash.

Eryk Masters: This is disgusting… why.  Why even BOTHER making the challenge to Jonas if you’re not gonna go through with it?!

Azrael Goeren is first in the ring, he is holding a steel chain wrapped around his fist. And then Yuri… who is holding a thick iron shovel.  As Yuri hands the shovel to X through the ropes, Willie Dean immediately calls for the bell again.

Just as Jonas Coleman was about to get up from the knee drops, Azrael Goeren strikes him across the forehead with his fist wrapped in steel chain. Jonas goes down hard.  Blood soon pours out from a nice sized gash in the Butcher’s forehead, and the fans BEG for the Hierarchy’s heads.

Motioning for his comrades to stand Jonas up, Goeren is the first to oblige. Dropping the steel chain for a moment, Goeren holds Jonas up just long enough for X to deliver a skull CRUSHING blow with the thick metal dirt shovel.  The CLUNK reverberates through the arena and gasps soon follow.

X motions for Goeren to hold him up again.

When Azrael brings Jonas to his feet… X slaps Jonas right across the face. In retaliation, Jonas SPITS right in X’s face!

Eryk Masters: Jonas… no… please God someone help this man…

Smirking… X picks up the steel chair, placing the inch and a half thick edge of the backing inside Jonas’ mouth.

Eryk Masters: NO… HE’S NOT!! NO!!!

Other Guy: Somebody… somebody stop this. Please. No one deserves this.

Reaching behind Jonas’ head, ready to smash the chair down to the mat and break every one of Jonas’ teeth… X stops when he sees the SHOOTron light up with a familiar emblem.


MAGNUS and DRESDEN come SPRINTING down the aisle and the fans LIT UP with excitement!  Each of them absolutely ready to go to war with the Hierarchy in Jonas’ aid. But just before they reach the ring, X motions for the Hierarchy to split. Dropping their respective weapons in place, each one of them roll out of the ring on different sides, smiling up at Magnus, Buck, and their blood soaked fallen Defender of Faith.




As an IRATE Buck looks back at the members of Hierarchy, kicking the bottom rope out of complete frustration, Magnus kneels down and tends to Jonas Coleman, putting his hand atop the gusher on his forehead.  With the chants echoing through out the arena, the Hierarchy nod their collective heads before slithering away to the back.



Eryk Masters: Our next contest pits the Sin City Champion in a non-title bout.

Other Guy: Tanya Black has a lot on her plate and this is week is no different as she steps into the ring with Crazy Boy.

Eryk Masters: A Crazy Boy who has his mind set on destroying Jaime Alejandro.

Other Guy: A Crazy Boy who has vowed not to hit women… wonder how that’s gonna go for him.

Eryk Masters: We’re about to find out!

"You Don’t Know, You Just Don’t Know Me At All"

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of men and women being laid out and taken out with one person being a constant. Seeing the video the fans begin to focus their excitement as the speakers spring to life.

As You Don’t Know Me continues to play sending a wave of excitement across the arena Tanya Black emerges out of the back singing along to the verses for a moment before walking to the ring shaking hands with the fans and giving a few hugs.

Having gotten to the ring Tanya stands in the middle of the ring and sings along to the song as it concludes as Tanya bows in respect to the fans before taking off the Sin City Title and holding it above her head for all the fans to see. With that the song dies down as Tanya paces the ring and stretches, waiting for the match to begin while the referee takes the title belt and hands it off to the time keeper for safe guarding.

"Say Goodbye to the World" by Dax Riggs fills the PA System as the lights dim and eerie smoke fills the entryway. A figure appears in the smoke and you can hear a slight cackle escape the lips of the individual. As the figure walks through the smoke, a chorus of boos escape the lips of the crowd as Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith just chuckles. He has a microphone in his hand. As he absorbs all the jeers and gestures from the crowd, he takes the microphone and prepares to speak.

Crazy Boy: I would just like to reiterate from before, just in case all of you heathens didn’t hear me the first time I said this. I hope YOU are listening Tanya, because this directly involves you.

Crazy Boy flips his new dyed black hair and hisses from silence from the crowd as he continues to speak.

CB: I don’t hit females. For 30 years I have followed this mantra, it was the way I was raised. It’s been hard not to knock some of you bimbo looking asses to the ground over the years, and I got awfully close to beating the crap out of Laura Seton earlier, my so-called friend, who apparently "doesn’t understand me". No matter how much they’re ASKING for it. I’m a gentleman.

Crazy Boy grins from ear to ear as he slowly makes his way down to the ring and shakes his head slowly, the crowd booing this sentiment.

Crazy Boy: So Tanya, listen to me. I’m going to go down to that ring. When the bell rings, I’m going to show how much of a conspiracy this match is. I’m going to lay down on the mat, cover me, get the win and I can go on to better things, like making Jaime suffer. Now I’m sure even a whore like yourself can understand that.

That gets a chorus of boos.

Eryk Masters: The audacity of man. I can’t believe he’s about to step foot in a SHOOT ring and just hand a victory to Tanya Black.

Other Guy: Well, it is kind of noble. You’re not supposed to hit women.

Eryk Master: Over the years we’ve had countless talented women in the SHOOT Project from Ainsley Lake to Tanya Black. Women who have been champions. Who know what they’re getting into each and every week… Tyrone Smith is basically feeding a stereotype, and taking a cowards way out. Having the out to say "I let her beat me", instead of the potential "That girl kicked my ass"… and OG we have seen many women grace our ring that kick a LOT of ass.

Other Guy: That is truth.

Crazy Boy is now in the ring, and looks at Tanya and nods as he sits down in the center of the ring, and lays down. The referee looks at Tanya who looks more than annoyed. He shrugs. She shakes her head and sighs at this, and as he calls for the bell she walks over to Crazy Boy. The crowd booing. She stands over Crazy Boy for a moment. He gestures and says "What are you waiting for?". She smirks and winds up and drives a vicious stomp to his solarplexus. The crowd roars as she winds up and and does it again. She drops on top of him in a full mount and begins pistoning right hands into his forehead. He tries to cover up, but her shots continue to rain down.

Eryk Masters: You go girl!

Other Guy: Did you really just say that?

Eryk Masters: Yeah… not one of my finer moments.

Crazy Boy pops his hips to the right and is able to shift Tanya off of him. He scrambles to his feet and makes the dash to the corner. Clutching at his ribs and forehead. He looks at Tanya and screams "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" She takes off towards him, but he quickly drops to the mat and rolls to the outside. He begins walking to the back, the crowd roaring their disproval.

Eryk Masters: So now he’s just going to walk out?

Other Guy: He really doesn’t want to have to hit Tanya Black, I guess.

He gets about halfway up the ramp, and the referee has started his count. Tanya shakes her head "no" and jumps out of the ring and chases Tyrone down, leveling him with a running forearm to the back of the head. The crowd roars. She drags him up and puts him in a vicious hammerlock, and walks him down to the ring. She puts her shoulder in his back and drives him chest first into the apron. Follows that up by rolling him into the ring. Crazy Boy clutching at his ribs heads to a corner and sits there attempting to nurse his wounds, but Tanya is in the ring and on the offensive. She runs in with a rib shattering dropkick. CB goes to stand up, and she drives a boot to the gut. He looks at her, anger brewing.

Crazy Boy: Please… don’t make me do this.

She stares at him and winds up and slaps the taste out of his mouth the crowd "OOOOOOH’s".

Tanya Black: Stop being such a fucking BITCH!

Crazy Boy snaps and takes Tanya down with double leg take down, and quickly gets into a mounted position and starts delivering right hands. After a half dozen he realizes what he’s done and rolls off, and runs his hands through his hair, his face etched with "What did I do?" As Tanya gets to her hands and knees he shakes that momentary guilt away and runs and punts her in the rib cage. He smiles vily and the crowd bathes them in their hatred.

Other Guy: Looks like Tanya Black got under Tyrone’s skin… has gotten him to hit a woman… and is paying the price for not taking the gimme win.

Crazy Boy drops a knee across the same side he just punted. He stands back up and drives a standing swan dive headbutt into that same area of rib.

Eryk Masters: Really working those ribs.

Other Guy: If I was crass I’d make a comment on him headbutting her chest, and him being a motorboating sununva bitch… but luckily? I have class.

Eryk Masters: That’s NOT making the joke?

Crazy Boy scoops Tanya up and slams her down with a body slam. Drags her to her feet again. Again delivers a slam. The crowd starts clapping and making noise to get behind Tanya Black. Crazy Boy delivers a nasty stomp to the torso, and drags her to her feet. Whips her off the ropes. Goes for a clothesline that Tanya ducks, and bounces off the far ropes and comes back and levels Tyrone with a spinning heel kick. She scrambles for a cover.


Two… Crazy Boy shoulders out.

Tanya is back up and bounces off the ropes and hits a lightning quick leg drop.

Eryk Masters: Tanya using her speed.

Other Guy: You implying she’d fail a wellness, Masters? That’s a heavy accusation.

Eryk Masters: NO. I’m saying she’s fast and using that to keep CB off his game.

Tanya heads to the corner, and jumps to the first rope and delivers another leg drop.

Eryk Masters: Some call that a "Yukon" Leg Drop, OG.

Other Guy: SOME are idiots.

Tanya is up again. Heads to the corner. Jumps to the middle rope. Delivers another leg drop. The crowd popping. She jumps up and points to the corner once more and the crowd roars their approval. She jumps to the top rope. Sizes up Crazy Boy and nails one more leg drop this one from the top rope. She quickly makes a lateral press.



Th-NO! Crazy Boy powers out.

Tanya shoots a look at the ref, but waits for CB to get to his feet. As he does she charges, but he sidesteps and sends her off the ropes. When she comes back he quickly snatches her around the throat and hoists her and drives her down with a sit out chokebuster. He stays seated with the cover.



Thre-NO! Tanya brings her heels together cracking Crazy Boy’s skull, and breaking up the three count. She rolls to the ropes as Crazy Boy shakes out the cobwebs. She slowly gets to her feet, as does Crazy Boy. He walks in and Tanya turns and delivers a nasty kick to Crazy Boy’s shins. He begins hopping, which amuses Tanya and the crowd. So she delivers an equally shin shattering blow to the other shin. He wince and she follows that up by slamming her palms into Crazy Boy’s ears.

Eryk Masters: Some unorthodox offense from our Sin City Champion.

Crazy Boy staggers back, out of it and Tanya runs to the ropes and jumps to the middle rope jumping back in an Asai moonsault, but grabbing CB on the way back and planting him with her Asai DDT.

Other Guy: Tough Love! She got all of it. Now can she capitalize?

Tanya quickly scrambles, making the cover.




The bell rings as Samantha Coil makes her announcement.


Tanya rolls to the outside holding her neck as someone hands her the Sin City Championship. She goes to a group of fans ringside and celebrates with them.


The dimly lit locker room of Project: SCAR, there is an eerie atmosphere as its three members sit amongst each other. Kenji’s eyes are focused on Isaac, preparing himself. Kenji had never seen Isaac so determined, so single minded on something. Kenji remained silent as he watched Isaac. He wanted to say something, to break the uneasy air around them, but when Isaac was like this…it was simply best to stay out of his way and let him do what he wanted. Kenji knew that first hand.  

Entragian carefully wraps white tape around his wrists, and then he slips his white strike gloves onto his claw-like hands. He proceeds to sweep his white hair back into a ponytail, using a piece of rawhide as a tie. There’s fresh stitching along Isaac’s forehead, courtesy of the gash opened up by Carver’s well-known Tokyo Kiss. 

The monster stands very slowly…and he silently cracks his neck from side to side. His eyes are full of malignant hate, and his mouth is closed so tightly it resembles a knife-slash. He looks to Kenji for a moment, and then his gaze turns to Corazon. Isaac favors the both with a respectful nod, not a word falling from his venomous lips. 

SCAR’s Pale Rider starts towards the door, every step he takes focused and confident.  

Corazon gets up in an attempt to follow Isaac, however, Kenji quickly comes between Corazon and Isaac. His cold opaque blue eyes, looking right at Corazon. His hollow pupils almost gazing right through Corazon as they stand eye to eye, Kenji separating Corazon and Isaac. 

Kenji: No. This isn’t our fight. This is Isaac’s battle. A war he must wage on his own… without us. 

Kenji’s eyes slowly glide to the side. 

Kenji: Isn’t that right, Isaac?  

Isaac nods once more, his eyes bright like the flames of a hearth. He takes a final step towards his brothers, and he places a pallid hand on Corazon’s shoulder while leaning down to look SCAR’s Black Death in the eye. 

Entragian: This is my cross to bear, Adrian. What’s between me and the old man…is becoming deeply personal. You’ve been to the same level with Carver before, so I’m sure you can sympathize. 

Isaac turns away from a moment, his expression as hard as gravestone. 

Entragian: I have to do this alone. The war drums are pounding in my head, and I’m called forth to the battlefield. There will be blood, brothers….and above all else, there WILL be a reckoning. 

Isaac lightly squeezes Corazon’s shoulder while making firm eye contact, every word from his tongue carrying with it the weight of worlds. 

Entragian: And I assure you both of one thing….I intend to bring nothing but PRIDE to the SCAR brotherhood as I instigate the spiritual and physical collapse of Diamond Del Carver. The North Star WILL fall….and once it’s all said and done, the sky over top SHOOT Project will never be the same again. 

Isaac releases his grip on Adrian’s shoulder, and then he turns to Kenji while extending one pale hand. Entragian & Yamada shake hands at the wrist, a rough, animalistic gesture…pure and unknowable respect shown between the two monstrosities. 

SCAR’s Pale Rider then heads towards the door and exits, leaving his blood-brothers to digest his words.  

Corazon: I am concerned about this, brother. 

Corazon looks over to Kenji, who still stands between him and the exiting Isaac Entragian. 

Corazon: A wounded dog is just as, if not more dangerous, than a healthy one, and Del Carver has been in a state of wounded since I was a small child. He is nothing to trifle with, and while I know that Isaac can MORE than handle it… I wonder how it will change him when it is over with. I know it changed me. But… I suppose I can’t focus on that, can I? We have other things on our plate, don’t we? 

Corazon takes a seat. 

Corazon: Understanding our opposition is the key to our continued dominance, brother. All of those who stand against us… they stand against us for slightly different reasons. Frontline… angry because we beautified their moment. BAB… angry because they are no closer to dominance over Frontline than they were before we got involved. Loco Martinez… not so much angry, but awfully silly for dragging… whoever his partner is… along with him for what will be a violent and bloody ride. I don’t know why I can’t remember his name. 

Corazon shrugs. 

Corazon: This all means something to them, but that something… it’s different than what we’re after… different than what we want. You, though… you must focus on your task at hand. Dan Stein, though mouthy, is no slouch.  

Kenji walks slightly past Corazon, his head tilting downward at the floor slightly. 

Kenji: I, too, am worried about Isaac and what this will do to him. So long as I’ve known him, he’s always been loyal to the bitter end. Always doing what needed to be done for Project: SCAR. But this thing with Del Carver…I can only hope he returns to us as he left. Getting in his way would be a futile effort on our part, anyway. He would probably destroy us just to get to Carver. My hope is that once he is done with Carver, for better or for worse, he will come back to us and…if not… 

Kenji shakes his head, still staring at the ground. Eyes distant, but not empty, more forlorn than anything.  

Kenji: I know, I know Stein is no slouch…I’ve endured him many times before. He’s just…he is a lost. He is very much like we were at one point, Corazon. Trying so hard to fit in, trying too hard to be normal and beautiful. But no matter what mask he adorns, he cannot find himself. He cannot find his true beautiful self. I pity it more than anything. That’s why, if I can, I have to help him. I have to help him in the one way I know how to. 

In the one way Project: SCAR knows how to.  


Diamond Del Carver is seen backstage in a small restroom, currently standing before a large mirror while washing his hands. Del looks up for a moment, regarding his reflection with his good eye….and suddenly the fluorescents above begin to flicker. 

The room darkens momentarily, and in this blackness Del looks into the mirror again. There’s a gargantuan body looming behind him, skin the color of corpse-flesh, eyes blasted of all sanity. This white-haired wraith leans forward and snaps it’s serrated teeth close to Del’s cheek, causing The Hardcore Outlaw’s breath to catch in his throat. 

The lights flicker again, brightening…and Carver spin on his heels with one fist cocked back, ready for a fight. 

There’s nothing behind him at all. No one else in the restroom except him. 

A sigh escapes Del’s lips, and he shakes his head from side to side….maybe his imagination playing tricks with him? 

Diamond Del Carver leaves the restroom and heads back into his locker room, proceeding to crouch down on a bench while rifling through his duffle bag. He’s searching for his favorite pair of motorcycle boots. 

Something slithers over Del’s hand, causing him to retract his arm back quickly and violently. 

He didn’t notice it before, but there’s a terrible hissing sound coming from the duffle bag. He leans over to look inside, and his good eye widens with shock and disgust. 

The bag is full to the brim with coiling snakes, all of them slithering together and creating a ball of serpents. Each of the snakes….is albino, their slitted eyes the color of red rubies. 

Carver stumbles up to his feet awkwardly, and he kicks the bag to one corner of the room, the contents spilling out….snakes slithering across the floor eagerly. 

The shot closes on an albino rattlesnake shaking it’s tail atop one of Del’s motorcycle boots.



Eryk Masters:  This next match should be quite interesting as we see Jacob Fisher face Azrael Goeren. There has been something going on between the Gunslingers and Goeren since the Gunslingers arrived in SHOOT Project. 

Other Guy: Jacob Fisher has also been scared to death of Goeren that whole time, which makes it interesting that he accepted Goeren’s challenge last week. 

"Hillbilly Bone" by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins blares from the speakers as Samantha Coil enters the ring to announce the participants of the match. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first weighing in at 265 lbs, one half of The Gunslingers, JACOB FISHER! 

Hilbilly Bone continued to play, but no one came out onto the entrance ramp. 

Other Guy: I knew it, Fisher chickened out. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t think so. 

The crowd started to cheer as Jacob Fisher made his way through the fans making his way to the ring. He hoped over the guard rail and slid into the ring constantly looking around him. 

Other Guy: Ok maybe not chicken but super paranoid, it appears he has entered through the fans just in case Goeren tried to attack him from behind during his entrance. 












"Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts to play, and a spotlight shines a the top of the entrance ramp and we see Goeren rise up from the stage the German flag drape dover his shoulders.  He takes a step forward and flings the flag off to the side and poses for those with the benefit of flash photography…and/or camera phones. Goeren slowly makes his way towards the ring as Jacob paces back and forth in the ring. Goeren stops by a young fan and tries to autograph his sign , but the kid pulls it away, and when Goeren takes the sign and autograph it anyway the little kid starts to cry. Goeren doesn’t notice as he keeps making his way towards the ring. 

Eryk Masters: How long is this entrance going to take Fisher has been in the ring waiting for almost five minutes. 

Other Guy: You can’t rush greatness. 

Samantha: His opponent represents THE HIERARCHY and hails from Eberswalde, Germany, weighing in at 215 pounds, this is The Megastar – The Sensation Not From This Nation – AZRAEL GOEREN!  

Goeren steps into the ring and leans over the ropes to share council with his bodyguard Yuri as Jacob stands in his corner and stares a hole in Goeren’s back with his eyes.  The ref motions for Goeren to  come to the center of the ring  and he does standing about a foot away from Fisher. 

Other Guy: Fisher is about ready to be in the biggest match of his entire career. 

Eryk Masters:  Not only is he in the ring a guy like Azrael Goeren, he doesn’t have Stan in his corner since Goeren blinded him last week with that body spray. 

Goeren smiles extends his hand offering a handshake to Fisher and the crowd boos. Fisher takes a step back and slaps the hand out of the way. Goeren steps back and pretends to be morally hurt by Fisher’s rejection than speeds forward and slaps Jacob across the face. Jacob is infuriated and rushes forward and is taken down a drop toe hold.  Goeren slaps him in the back of the head a couple times and then turns his back on Fisher as he plays up to the crowd who are booing him. 

Eryk Masters: Goeren is toying with Fisher, but he is definitely not making a smart move turning his back on Fisher. 

Other Guy: Just look at Jacob, he’s trying to man up but he’s scared to death. 

Jacob gets up to his feet and goes to charge after Goren, but Azrael turns around and Jacob puts on the breaks and the two stare down for a moment. Jacob breaks the gaze by grabbing Goeren by the arm and whipping him into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline but Goeren ducks under it and the two turn around and face off again this time locking up in a collar elbow tie-up. After some jockeying for power the mega-star gains control and lifts Jacob up into a vertical suplex, but instead of falling back he holds him up letting the blood rush to his head before actually letting Jacob fall forward bouncing his legs off the top rope and spinning him around and slamming him to the mat. 

Ery Masters: That’s a new move for Goeren, I haven’t seen him use the stun gun before. 

Other Guy: First time and he does it with perfection. 

Jacob grabs his back as as Goeren just looks down at him smiles, Jacob winces in pain as he tries to get right up and gives Goeren a dirty look.  Jacob again rushes at Goeren and he steps out of the way, Jacob rebounds off the ropes but Goeren catches him and pushes him up and spins him around slamming him to the mat with a devastating spinebuster. Azrael nonchalantly puts a boot on Jacob’s chest and the ref drops to count. 



Kick out 

Goeren bends over Fisher and yells at him to stay down, Fisher spits in his face. Goeren stands up and delivers a stiff kick to Jacobs ribs before turning around and calling to Yuri to give him a handkerchief. The Russian bodyguard hands him a pure silk handkerchief to wipe the spit off his face again ignoring his opponent. He tosses the handkerchief back to Yuri and turns back to see Jacob just getting to his feet.  

Goeren grabs Jacob jsut as he gets to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. In the corner Goeren unleashes a flurry of knife edge chops.  Jacob starts to stumble out of the corner but is sent right back with a solid european upper cut. Fisher slumps in the corner and Azrael drags him to the center of the ring. a strand of the mega stars hair falls into his face covering his eye and he looks up and laughs for a moment blowing air out of of his mouth to get the hair out of his face then reaches down and pulls Jacob up into a vertical suplex again, but this time he spins him around and hits a fisherman buster. 

Eryk Masters: Azrael Goeren is wrestling a different style than usual tonight, but he seems to be almost toying with Fisher. That last movie may have knocked Fisher out cold and Goeren’s not going for the cover. 

Other Guy: The mega star is just catching his breath, beating some one up can be a little exhausting. 

Goeren raises his arms in the air and walk around the ring as the crowd boos. Goeren then walks over to his opponent and rubs the heel of his boot across his face. Jacob rolls around the ring grabbing his face as the ref yells at him and tells him not to do it again. Goeren puts his hands up and shakes his head mouthing never. Then walks over to Jacob and rubs the heel of his boot over his face again. The ref yells at him and tell him if he doe sit again he will be disqualified. 

Goeren just laughs and looks down at Jacob and asks him if he has had enough. Jacob grabs his leg and fires an upper cut into Goeren’s jaw knocking him back a step. Jacob uses the ropes to pull himself up and whips Goeren across the ring as Azrael rebounds Jacob launches forward and knocks Goeren on his ass with a polish hammer. 

Eryk Masters: Jacob giving a shout out to his mentor and tag partner Stan Erichson using one of his signature moves the polish hammer to take Goeren of fhis feet. 

Other Guy: Jacob giving it all, but he’s out of his league. 

Yuri climbs up on the apron and the ref goes over and yells at him to get down or he will be sent to the back. jacob thinks about taking care of Yuri for himself but changes his mind and turns back to Goeren who sits up and jams a thumb in his eye. Yuri hops off the apron and the ref turns back to the action as Jacob stumbles back grabbing his eye as Goeren gets to his feet. Azrael jumps forward grabbing Fisher and hits a double knee face breaker.  Jacob slumps to the mat and Goeren puts one finger on his chest and demands the ref count. 



Kick out 

Goeren locks at the ref in disbelief. Goeren steps back and as Jacob tries to push himself up Azrael connects wising knee lift. Goeren then slowly turns and points at the camera with that wicked grin on his face and says "This one is for you." 

Eryk Masters: Who is Goeren talking to Stan, the fans, or maybe whoever is behind the Gunslingers coming to SHOOT Project. 

Other Guy: Do I look like a psychic to you? All I know is that he’s about to send a message to someone. 

Goeren pulls Jacob to his feet pulls his arms up in position for a double arm DDT but Jacob is fighting it as much as he can. Goeren lets go long enough to send a knee into Fisher’s gut and a stiff elbow into his back before pulling him into position for the double arm DDT again. Jacob continues to struggle before getting an arm free and sending a solid blow to Goeren’s gut and rolls him up in an inside cradle. 



Kick out 

Jacob kips up to his feet and the crowd explodes as he shakes his head at Goeren who is sitting on the mat and starts to edge away from Fisher who continues to shake his head and  grabs Goeren by the scruff of the neck and unleashes a flurry or punches to his head. 

Other Guy: Get in there ref those are closed fist, disqualify him. 

Eryk Masters: I didn’t here you moaning when Goeren stuck his them in Fisher’s eye. 

Jacob takes Goeren down with a snap mare take over and kicks him right in the back. Yuri hops up on the apron again and the ref tells him to get down. Jacob walks over and starts yelling at the big Russian bodyguard even though he can’t understand anything he’s yelling back. Goeren gets to his feet and rushes forward to tackle Jacob, but Fisher sees him out of the corner of his eye and Jacob jumps out of the way causing the mega star to collide with his body guard. The impact launches Yuri off the apron into the guardrail at ringside. 

Azrael looks on in disbelief at Yuri laying on top of the guardrail as Jacob spins him around and kicks him in the gut  and hooks his arms over his head as he drags him to the center of the ring and hits a double arm DDT in the center of the ring.  Jacob rolls hims over and hooks the leg. 




Samantha Coil: Your winner, one half of the Gunslingers, JACOB FISHER! 

The crowd cheers as Yuri pulls himself off the guardrail and looks into the ring jsut in time to see the refs hand hit the mat for the third time.  

Eryk Masters: Jacob Fisher with what some would call a big upset, and he won with the same move Goeren tried to use on him twice earlier in the match. 

Jacob quickly slides out of the ring  and exits through the crowd before he suffers any consequences of his win. Goeren sits up just starring disbelief. Yuri slides into the ring and helps him to his feet when he completely flips out. Goeren is screaming in German and kicking the turnbuckles as the ref quickly gets the hell out of dodge. 

Goeren then slides out of the ring ad pushes the time keeper out of his chair and slams the chair repeatedly on the announcer table screaming obscenities in German at Eryk Masters and rips the monitor out of the announcers table and throws it so hard it clears the ring and smashes on the entrance ramp. Goeren then reaches over and grabs the time keepers bell as Samantha Coil jumps back, he turns and screams at her, "HOW DARE HE USE THAT MOVE ON ME? WHAT MAKES HIM THINK HE’S EARNED THE RIGHT TO USE THAT MOVE?" Goeren slams the ring bell into the ring post a few times getting out his aggression before dropping it and screaming "THIS ISN’T OVER!" before walking off towards the back with Yuri beside him. 

Eryk Masters: Goeren obviously isn’t happy about losing to Fisher, but he’s even more upset about how it happened. 

Other Guy: Jacob didn’t waste anytime getting out of here as soon as he was announced the winner either. 

Eryk Masters: As they say, the plot thickens. What exactly is the connection between Goeren and the Gunslingers?


Mary Kelly is seen in the backstage area, wearing a grin on her face and a SHOOT Project dress.  What’s a SHOOT Project dress?  Why, it’s a slinky one piece with straps and the Helmet across the abdominal region.  The dress is black, the Helmet is red, and lady is sexy. 

Mary Kelly:  I’m here tonight with none other than one of the men vying for a spot in the second round of the Master of the Mat tournament.  Tonight, he is going one on one with none other than the Rule of Surrender Champion Cronos Diamante! 

Donovan King enters the screen, the fans POPPING HARD as he appears, the hood on his black KING hoodie pulled tight over his head. 

Mary Kelly:  You asked for this time tonight…so I have to ask.  What’s on your mind tonight with the idea that Mirage might be out there somewhere to get to you?  Are you worried he might ruin your chances at glory tonight? 

King pokes his lips out and he chuckles. 

Donovan King:  Should I be? 

Mary Kelly:  Well…I mean…yeah. 

Donovan King:  Mary.  Mary.  You know I’m the only dude you interview ever since Jester Smiles scared the shit outta you a while back? 

She says nothing. 

Donovan King:  Just sayin’.  I saw…nah, I see…good in you, baby girl.  Bottom line is…for the most part I like to think I can see things like that in people.  Now…yes, I did help Isaac Entragian do a little advancin’ in the tournament.  Yes, I did ruin Mirage’s chances.  Yes, that does cause a problem for a storybook ending to the tournament for me where I get to beat that ass at the same time as I get to become Master of the Mat. 

He holds up one finger. 

Donovan King:  But I’m patient.  I’mma be patient.  Mirage?  I hope you patient, too, baby.  I hope you patient…because you got a real nice week off to sit back an’ reflect. 

Mary Kelly:  Reflect? 

King grins. 

Donovan King:  Reflect.  Reflect on how he ain’t gonna be Master of the Mat.  Reflect on how the Hierarchy are doin’ fine without him tonight. 

Mary Kelly:  You didn’t cause Mirage to be sent to America or something, did you? 

King shakes his head, laughing. 

Donovan King:  God, no.  Never that.  Just…I’m pretty sure tonight?  Donovan King versus Cronos Diamante?  Yeah…Mirage is gonna be watchin’ from his hotel room as Donovan King moves on to the second round…of the Master of the Mat. 

King waves to the camera. 

Donovan King:  Eyes on the prize, baby!  I’ll see you soon, M an’ M an’  M. 

King leaves Mary alone. 

Mary Kelly:  Uh…um…back to you guys?  Back to something?  Just cut.  Yeah.  Cut! 



We see Laura Seton walking towards the entrance ramp area in her wrestling attire when she walks up on a man standing in the middle of the way.   The man, of Asian descent, wears a white bowler hat.  Wearing a white suit with black tie, shoes, and handkerchief in his jacket pocket.  He looks up and smiles as that long thing black haired goatee hands down a good four inches below his chin.

???: Miss Seton what a pleasure to finally mean the lady that calls herself “Milk and Cookies.”

 Laura: Thank you very much.  Whom might you be?

???:  I’m an associate of a friend of Jaime Alejandro, and no I am in no way associated with Tyrone “Crazy Boy” Smith.

The man walks slowly up to Laura as he extends a hand.

???:  You may call me Fitchel.  Raymond C. Fitchel.

Laura gives a smile as she shakes his hand.

 Laura: Hello then, Mr. Fitchel.

Fitchel slowly walks around Laura as he looks her over.

 Fitchel:   Miss. Seton, Tell me How well do you do you know Mister Alejandro?

 Laura: We’re not best friends, but we’ve become good friends with him over the past month.  There’s calls and texts and we’ve hung out backstage.

Fitchel nods as he listens and then stops in front of Laura again.

 Fitchel: Let me ask you this.  Why doesn’t he ever talk fully about his military history, if he was a proud soldier?

Fitchel begins his slow walk around Laura again as he continues his questioning.

 Fitchel: Where does his wounds on his leg come from? Or better yet.  Why doesn’t he talk about any friends from his time there?

 Laura: I imagine it’s because I haven’t asked.  I know better than to ask a vet about his time in service.  If he wishes to talk about it, he’ll bring it up.

 Fitchel: Let me shed a little light on the matter a little.  The answer to the first, he was a Green Beret, who worked in Afghanistan.  He ended up having to kill his commanding officer because he went mad.

 Laura: Oh come on—

Fitchel stands right behind Laura real close.

 Fitchel:   His wounds came from the commanding officer, who shot at his group and killed two guys and six bullet holes went into Jaime’s left leg.  

Fitchel remains close as he stares over her shoulder at the entrance to the arena as she narrows her brow at him.

 Laura: Dude…I just—

 Fitchel:   Finally…  He doesn’t talk about his friends because his friends died in that battle.  He was the only one who lived, and thus…  He’s the only one that knows what happened to them.

Laura gives a sigh of frustration.

 Laura: A few hours ago I was playing basketball in Atlanta.  It hasn’t even been 45 minutes since I stepped off the plane.  I don’t need to be hearing this type of junk right now.

Fitchel walks back around as he smiles at Laura.

 Fitchel:   If you don’t believe me.  Then why don’t you go and ask Jaime yourself?  If he’s a good friend then he wouldn’t hide anything from you.

 Laura: Then this shouldn’t be an issue, should it?  Now, if I can please get to my match…?

Fitchel walks over and stands right next to Laura facing away from the entrance ramp.

 Fitchel:   Although I am not a man to judge others.   I’m just doing the job my associate has put forth upon me.   You have a good evening Miss Seton and good luck in your match.

Fitchel lightly chuckles as he walks off.   As he rounds the corner a loud devious cackle is heard.



Samantha Coil:  The following contest is a match for the Sin City Championship Series! 

“Whatever Gets You Through Today (Remix)” by The Radio starts up in the MTS Centre system.  The video cranks up on the SHOOT Wall.  As we see the logo of “Milk and Cookies” come up.  Laura Seton bolts through the entrance.  We see Madison in tow with her own “PG Princess” shirt.  We see that the former Sin City Champ is slow in moving to the ring. 

Samantha Coil:  The first competitor, she comes in at five feet, ten inches and one hundred seventy-five pounds.  From Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  She is “MILK AND COOKIES”, LAURA SETON! 

Eryk Masters:  And the always normally cheerful Laura isn’t quite so swift in moving, OG.  She’s still slapping hands. 

Other Guy:  Either it’s jetlag, or she finally got to ride on Alejandro’s Space Mountain! 

Eryk Masters:  Please, OG…  For once, let’s not find new ways for you to irritate people. 

Other Guy:  Just saying, E… 

As she moves along and greets the fans, you can see the look on Madison’s face.  A mix of worry and irritation, really.  Her big sister looks overworked and tired.  Laura climbs up on the apron and waves to the fans.  Then, she moves into the ring between the ropes. 

Samantha Coil:  Her opponent, coming in at five feet, ten inches and one hundred and seventy-two pounds.  He hails from Palm Desert, California.  He is THE “STYLE WARRIOR” CURTIS ROSE! 

We hear the voice of Karen O, as “Date with the Night” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs starts playing over the PA.  The SHOOT Wall shows a very stylish video as the very flighty Soldier comes out to the entrance.  The fans seemingly don’t know what to think of this guy. 

Eryk Masters:  And Curtis Rose, one of the more odd Soldiers we have in SHOOT. 

Other Guy:  He’s just stylish, man!  I mean, a guy like you with no style wouldn’t understand. 

Eryk Masters:  And you do with that Affliction shirt… 

Other Guy:  Uh…. 

Eryk Masters:  I thought so. 

Rose nonchalantly moves into the ring by sliding under the ropes.  As he does, he checks to make sure that Vega mask of his is secured title.  He’s gotta protect the face, you know… 

Eryk Masters:  I’ve always wondered if that mask is legal… 

Other Guy:  Nobody’s ruled on it yet, and not like he uses it for a weapon… 

Laura is standing across, almost ready to yawn uncontrollably.  While you would say that she’s really not interested in Rose, the truth is that jetlag is setting in.  She tries to adjust her light blue jersey and her shorts.  Rose’s outrageously colored long tights are in a bit of contrast to the more modest Laura.  He’s also seemingly uninterested in Laura, as he’d rather be in the back with the cuppycakes in catering. 

Other Guy:  I don’t know, E.  Laura looks worn out… 

Eryk Masters:  She barely made it to the arena in time after playing a game shortly before coming here. 

Other Guy:  I don’t think that was a good idea… 

Austin Linam looks at the two in the ring.  Laura nods to him.  Rose just brushes off dismissively.   As he’s satisfied, he motions to Mark Kendrick to ring the bell. 

Eryk Masters:  And let the games begin, OG. 

Laura looks at her opponent and tries to lock up with him.  Rose just curtly moves to the side and tries to avoid any contact with her.  In fact, he looks almost uninterested in even being in the ring.  Laura’s trying her best to get anything out of Rose, but he’s almost not paying attention.  Then, she slaps him across the face mask. 

Eryk Masters:  You think she’s got his attention? 

Other Guy:  I doubt it, but he probably notices he’s in a ring now! 

Laura is slowly moving around the ring waiting for Rose to come after her.  He tries to look uninterested, but it seems the slap offended him, as he slaps her back hard.  Laura shoves him back into the ropes.  The Style Warrior leans back for a second and springs in for a lockup.  As they shift around, Laura throws him over to the side.  Rose shakes his head for a second and picks himself up. 

Other Guy:  She doesn’t seem as explosive as usual, E. 

Eryk Masters:  I hope the energy spent at the game doesn’t cost her a match here, OG.  She can’t afford to have no points in this tourney. 

Rose locks it up again, and Laura follows suit.  From here, Laura pushes back and whips him to the ropes.  Style Warrior goes off the ropes, and Seton pops up with a back elbow.  The Stylish One ducks under the elbow deftly.  Laura goes after him, as he attempts a kick to the gut.  The lady easily catches the kick  But, she doesn’t see him pull up his back leg into a huge backflip kick we call the Switch-it-up-giri. 

Other Guy:  And the lady takes that one on the chin, which is probably a very rare thing for her… 

Eryk Masters:  You’re something else, OG.  I’m just not saying what you are. 

Laura flies back from the impact.  Rose vaults himself back to his feet.  From here, we see a very frustrated Madison Seton yelling at her sister. 

Madison:  Oh come on, Laura.  What the hell?!! 

Laura is trying to pull herself up, but her energy isn’t there.  Now, we see Madison taking matters into her own hands.  She walks over to the Announce table.  From here, she politely looks at Eryk and Other Guy. 

Madison:  May I borrow that bottle of water? 

Other Guy:  No, I paid good money for that, shorty. 

Madison:  I tried to be nice….  NOW GIVE ME THE FUCKING WATER! 

She snatches the water up from the desk.  From here, Eryk shrugs to the camera. Other Guy, though, looks pissed off. 

Other Guy:  That little bitch is lucky she’s got a killer ass to get off to, or I’d pimp slap that shit. 

Eryk Masters:  And then incur the wrath of Laura… 

Other Guy:  Whatever… 

From here, Madison takes the bottle of water and throws it right in Laura’s face! 

Madison:  WAKE UP!!! 

From here, Laura gives her sister the meanest look she probably could muster as the cold water hits her face.  She pulls herself up and stares at Maddie, almost as if telling her she’ll catch it later. 

Eryk Masters:  Seems that woke up the former champ. 

Other Guy:  Yeah, but why’s that hell cat coming back over here… 

Madison is coming back to the desk.  From here, she looks at Eryk and politely tells him. 

Madison:  Eryk, be a dear and politely move. 

Eryk keeps his headset on and moves over, as Madison throws the rest of the water and the bottle right on Other Guy.  Then, she gives him a ladylike middle finger as she walks off. 

Other Guy:  God damn it.  What the fuck did I do?!! 

Eryk Masters:  You opened your mouth and talked… 

Laura is back to her feet from this point.  She breathes in and stares directly at Rose.   We see her reach her hands up to the sky.  When she does, she motions with both hands, telling her Nation to bring the noise.  As they do, she opens her eyes and smirks at her opponent.  As to say, "Let the terror truly begin." 

Other Guy:  I think the jetlag is truly gone.  Did you see that look, E? 

Eryk Masters:  Yeah, I see the look.  Rose might want to wake up himself. 

Laura stands up and stretches one arm out.  Then, she motions with her hands.  Someone picked up another wrestler’s bad habit.  Rose scoffs at her for a moment, until she comes back with a hard shove to his chest.  Rose comes back with a shove of his own.  Seton shoves him into the ropes again.  Rose comes back to witness Laura doing the splits on the mat.  This moment of distraction amazes him, until he gets the right hook to the jaw. 

Eryk Masters:  Rose proves one thing, men turn stupid when a woman does the splits. 

Other Guy:  And then it usually splits your jaw when she catches you… 

She pulls herself up and holds her hand for a second as she realizes she just punched a man with a hard shell mask.  Yet, Rose is adjusting that mask and trying to rub his jaw for a second.  As he does, the athletic one grabs the back of his head and drives him to the mat hard with a facebuster.  Rose is still scrambling to keep his mask on.  From here, Laura paces herself a bit and pushes herself to the ropes and comes off with a quick legdrop to the back of the neck. 

Other Guy:  I think the lady is in charge now… 

Eryk Masters:  No other comments, quips or innuendos… 

Other Guy:  Just one.  I’m sure Jaime’s taking notes after the splits there… 

Eryk Masters:  You want him to come out here and scare you… Again. 

Rose is holding the back of his neck tightly.  He scrambles to his feet and yells at Laura to “watch his face.” From here, Laura slaps him hard.  Rose decides to run up to Laura and headbutt her right in the face with his mask! 

Eryk Masters:  You’ve got to be kidding me.  That’s gotta be illegal somewhere! 

Other Guy:  It probably won’t matter.  Check out that look. 

Laura’s bleeding from the lip, but you couldn’t tell she was hurt because she’s talking in that nonsensical language she uses when everyone else decides to curse.  She wipes her lip off and decks Rose on the side of the head with a hard right.  Rose goes to the ground hard, as the ref yells at her to watch the fists. 

Other Guy:  The only part of the head that isn’t protected by a mask, the temples… 

Eryk Masters:  I have a feeling that this match is going to be over soon, just from the look on her face. 

She picks up the Style Warrior and whips him to the ropes.  Laura runs to the opposite rope and comes back with a leaping clothesline to Rose.  He crumples to the ground hard.  Then, she rolls herself to her feet and picks him up slowly.  From here, she calls out to the crowd.  Rose goes between the legs, and Laura lifts him up! 

Other Guy:  Okay, Eryk…  Have we ever seen her attempt a power bomb? 

Eryk Masters:  No, but I think we’re about to! 

Laura drops him down hard with the Purity powerbomb.  Rose’s back connects with the mat hard.  As he does.  The former champ goes for the pin. 




Eryk Masters:  Either Rose is going on instinct, or that’s a spasm. 

Other Guy:  From how hard she dropped him, I’ll go with spasm. 

As Laura gets up from the pin attempt, she sees Rose stirring to his feet.  He pulls himself up with the assistance of the ropes.  Laura is patient, as she knows her opponent’s not going to get up instantly and be responsive.  Rose gets up and backs up for a second, only to get caught in a full nelson! 

Eryk Masters:  I think playtime’s over! 


Other Guy:  I don’t think the mask is a good shock absorber, E… 

Linam goes to the ground for… 




Samantha Coil:  Your winner by pinfall!  LAURA SETON! 

Laura gets to her feet, as Maddie goes into the ring.  Both Linam and Maddie raise an arm each, as they do, Laura looks to the ground at her opponent.  When her arms are released, she waives to her fans, as they keep cheering. 

Eryk Masters:  Wasn’t pretty, but she gets the job done, OG. 

Other Guy:  When you’re not all in against someone like Laura Seton, you’ll end up down on the mat.  If I were Tanya Black, I wouldn’t dismiss the ex-champion easily…


Standing around her locker room Tanya Black looks at Abigail Chase who is holding her microphone almost defensively, creating a somewhat silly illusion that it would provide safety from any situation.

Tanya: Just tell me and we can do the interview.

Abigail: It has nothing to do with anything.

Tanya: Yes it does. I bought it and I told you since you wouldn’t model it in the store you have to at least wear it next time you interview me.

Abigail: Shut up. Paul here has a big mouth.

Tanya looks over at the camera or rather the cameraman behind it. Staring for a solid minute Tanya turns back to Abigail and smirks.

Tanya: Just say yes or no.

Abigail: Yes.

Tanya: Fine. I believe you since you know better than to lie to the Alpha Female.

Abigail: Right. So last week you officially entered the Sin City Championship Series by defeating Thomas Manchester Black in a tough match that also meant you had a successful title defense.

Tanya: Of course. As the Sin City Champion I should be considered a favorite to make it to the final round. Though I wonder who else will rise to the challenge and make the final match the show-stealer at Master of the Mat. The Sin City Title deserves no less.

Abigail: Well Lunatik Crippler is doing an excellent job so far. He has four points to lead his division.

Tanya: That’s true and one way or the other I will show him why people in SHOOT Project need to learn I am capable of beating anyone, any night. This is one Sin City Champion who does not roll over and play dead.

Before Abigail can ask her next question the pair are joined by Cassi Ryan who simply walks in through the open door and gestures for Abigail to stand back so she can stand toe-to-toe with Tanya Black who simply looks amused and pops a piece of gum in her mouth while Cassi attempts to look intimidating.

Tanya: Care for some? It’s pineapple-green apple.

Cassi: No. Thank. You.

Tanya: Abby?

Abigail: Um. Maybe later. I think Cassi here has something to say.

Cassi: Miss Ryan to you, interviewer. Now Tanya recent information has come to my attention and as such Cade and I feel it is best that we buried the hatchet once and for all.

Tanya: You heard about how Madison is still sore from that beating I gave her at Redemption. Or was it that I took a man who is ten inches and almost a hundred pounds larger than me to his limit and got a clean pin?

Cassi: No. The Other Thing.

Tanya: Oh that.

Abigail goes to say something as Tanya blows a bubble but Cassi holds her hand up to stop the intrepid reporter from asking the obvious question.

Cassi: I am sorry if I made you feel disrespected and if my lack of recognizing that as a champion you are a true peer and equal to Cade Sydal offended you. Though he could still beat you in a fair fight.

Tanya: Probably but that’s for another night. Tonight I get to make Crazy Boy look stupid. For what it’s worth Cassi I apologize for stealing Cade Sydal’s credit card and buying random fans a bunch of high-quality replica wrestling belts. And hiring a graphics expert to create those photos of Cade and the aardvark and posting them online.

Cassi: I knew it!

Tanya: And for creating a bunch of fake internet handles and spreading rumors that you were born a man and that is why Cade likes you so much.

Cassi: That was you?

Tanya: And for using that same credit card and YOUR name to sign up for a year’s subscription to and I’ll even share the log-in information. There are a few male models on that second site who look really good.

Cassi: I didn’t even get that bill yet. Is there anything else you’ve done to me and Cade?

Tanya: Um…. well the auction hasn’t ended yet but those thongs you were looking for last week? Well they are up to 5 grand.

Cassi: You sick, demented little….. five grand? Wow. Well I’ll ah accept your apology if you give me all the money.

Tanya: Sure but the fee’s will cut into the profit.

Cassi: Of course and um never do it again. Stay away from Cade too. He doesn’t need any distractions.

Tanya: Of course. I have many reasons to dislike the Hierarchy so I don’t want them to control the World Title either.

Cassi nods and shakes Tanya Black’s hand before leaving. Tanya grins and looks over at Abigail who is looking like she is fit to burst with the desire to ask questions. Tanya nods and Abigail practically screams from the anticipation.

Abigail: Porn sites! Selling other people’s underwear! What is wrong with you?!

Tanya: It’s funny. Besides I get lonely on the road. We can’t all come knocking on Eryk Master’s door.

Abigail: I NEVER…. I mean I was drunk…. Wait who told?

Tanya: Nobody. I was just making a joke. What are you talking about?

Abigail blushes a deep red and looks like she doesn’t know what to do as Tanya gestures for the cameraman to focus on the Sin City Title hanging on Tanya’s shoulder until Abigail calms down.


Maya is seen sitting at a table. Bandana covering his face. His eyes angled down. He doesn’t look up. That is until a giant wrapped rectangle is set in front of him. He looks up, nervously. Then his eyes go confused.

Delivery Guy: I was asked to bring this to you.

Maya: But I-

Delivery Guy: You’re Maya Nakashima right?

Maya nods timidly. The guy nods.

Delivery Guy: Okay, then. Its yours. Enjoy.

The delivery guy turns and leaves having done his job. Maya stares at the present in its bright wrapping paper. He runs his fingers along the edge of the box. Which is about seems to be about the size of a box for a 26-32 inch flat screen. Unsure of what to do he slowly begins to peel away at the paper.

He finishes unwrapping and we see a large picture of Tres Bien celebrating their LEGACY Tag Team Championship win. Joy etched on their faces. Holding their titles, and each other. And beneath the picture in the large case slash frame are replicas of those titles with the Tres Bien name plate. A note is taped to the plexiglass.

"Maya, wanted to get this to you a couple weeks ago, but better late than never. I hope you like it. Congrats on the Sin City win, and good luck against Tanya. Your Friend, Loco"

Maya puts his head against the glass case, eyes closed. He closes his fist around the note, eyes watering, trying to keep his composure. Maya stands up, looking down at the case with the title belts and the picture of Shinya and himself. Maya covers his face with one hand and runs out of the room, the note falling from his other hand.

A few moments go by. From a corner across the room, we see the head of Loco Martinez poke out. He smiles, thinking he’d see Maya happy about the gift. Instead? He sees an empty seat, his gift sitting there. He approaches, with confusion etched across his face. He looks around. He gets to the table. Looks down and sees the crumpled note. Loco picks up the crumpled note and again looks around hoping to see Maya coming back, but there is no sign of him. Loco sighs heavily and sits down.



Eryk Masters: So we have been joined by Stellar Insanity. What brings you out here, boys?

Loco Martinez: A great contest. We had some free time and figured we’d come out here and join you. HOpefully that’s okay…. I mean it could be worse, we could be Bryan Harris!

Eryk Masters: Heh, amen.

Other Guy: How are you feeling? Rumors in tandem with you two have a couple weeks off and your health after the Cell and Rumble combo.

Loco Martinez: Fit as fiddles, OG. We, me especially, got good and banged up. The time off has been good. Between the Hierarchy, Isaac’s elimination on me, and that physical battle with Kenji? I was hurting. How about you Rock?

Rocky Stellar: Me? I’m sittin’ on top of the world. Ready to snap necks and cash checks.

The arena falls to pitch black, the haunting sound of the violin and plucking of the guitar starting "DIM Scene" by the GazettE creeps through the arena. On the SHOOT Project video wall, a hunk of flesh is seen in black and white. With

the violin and guitar still eerily playing, it cuts to an ice pick that slams into the hunk of flesh. A hand jams the ice pick down over and over again, never seeing what it’s actually doing to the flesh. Blurts of blood spew up over the ice pick and the hand wielding it. The video wall pans down to the hunk of flesh, jabbed into it, seeping black…


When the words are visible the main guitar rift BOOMS over the arena and the arena fills with blindingly bright light for a mere second before all the lights die out…save for one spotlight shining down on the entrance ramp. Shining down on Kenji Yamada.

Samantha Coil: Now making his way to ring, from Kyoto, Japan and representing Project: SCAR…KENJI…YAMADA!

Kenji walks down the entrance ramp, the spotlight following him. While some of the fans shower Kenji with their hatred, others sit in the dark, silent and afraid. Kenji ignores all of it, his opaque blue eyes, empty of any sort of emotion or feeling, just keep looking forward as he slides into the ring.

Kenji makes no effort to motion towards the crowd, he simply walks over to his corner and sits down with his back against the turnbuckle, staring forward…oblivious to everything around him.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa… Dan Stein!!!

Loco Martinez: I have an extensive history with Dan Stein. Kenji and I battled just a few weeks ago. I thought I could add some insight to the commentary.

Rocky Stellar: And we know where Project SCAR is never slithering around too far when one of them is in the ring.

"New Year’s Eve" by Aurasing can now be heard over the P.A. system and out from the back comes Dan Stein. Dan takes his time as he makes his way to the ring. He arrogantly looks out to the crowd through his clear protective mask and smirks all along the way. About half way down the ramp he picks up his pace and jogs towards the ring and then slides in under the bottom rope, gets to his feet, and says something inaudable to Kenji who is still sitting in the corner. Samantha makes her way to the middle of the ring as Dan walks to his corner.

Samantha Coil: This bout is scheduled for one fall and is a Masters of the Mat Round 1 match up!*small crowd pop*

Eryk Masters:Well ladies and gentleman we’re almost ready for another Masters of the Mat Round 1 match up and I’m not sure who the fans are backing in this one.

Other Guy:Pretty sure it’s NOT Kenji as Ere’one can’t stand Project Scar. Plus, Dan Stein has the best Polo shirts on the planet. No one can argue that.

Eryk Masters:Either way it’s going to be a heck of a fight. *the bell sounds off* And with that…here we go!

Kenji jumps up from his corner while Dan makes his way towards Kenji. Immedietly both men lock together in a collar and elbow tie up. Dan and Kenji struggle for an advantage but neither man can seem to get an edge. They let get and circle each other, sizing each other up, and once again move into a collar and elbow tie up. This time Kenji gets the advantage and pushes Dan into the turnbuckle and drives a knee into the gut of Dan. Dan buckles forward and Kenji throws an elbow to the back of Dan’s neck sending him down to the canvas face first.

Eryk Masters:Kenji with the early advantage.

Other Guy:It’s been two moves.

Kenji brings up Stein and pushes him back into the corner, throws a punch, but Stein counters by grabbing his wrist, twisting and shoulder slamming Kenji into the turnbuckle. Stein then executes a nice snap mare take down putting Kenji onto the floor and follows up with a jumping knee drop.

Eryk Masters: Kenji rolled out of the way! So far these two are sharp and must have studied up.

Kenji now back up gets a hold of an arm from Stein and wrenches it around into a hammerlock. Dan now counters around into one of his own hammerlocks and without hesitation Kenji counters AGAIN but this time instead of completing it into another hammerlock he lifts Dan Stein into a Firemans Carry, spins, and falls backwards slamming Dan Stein to the canvas!

Loco Martinez: Kenji is ruthless and vicious. Unlike so many, he doesn’t fear losing, which makes him all the more dangerous. He won’t worry about a DQ. If the mood strikes him he will end someone.

Kenji rolls over and onto Dan Stein for the pin. Referee Austin Linam is there for the count.



Eryk Masters:What was the point of that pinfall attempt?

Other Guy:Might be a little insult.

Dan Stein easily kicks out of the that and Kenji brings him, hooks the head and arm, and executes a beautiful standing verticle suplex. The impact can be heard all the

way to the nose bleed seats. Kenji follows that up with an arm bar submission. Austin Linam comes in and checks on Dan Stein. Kenji is really wrenching it in now but Dan Stein won’t give up.

Other Guy:Stein rolls out and is back to his feet!

Eryk Masters:And he gets back into it with a clothesline sending Kenji down

to the canvas!

Rocky Stellar: This freak brigade has gone out of their way to put their little thumb prints on this company. To have people walking around in total fear. And while we aren’t gonna be exchanging Christmas cards with Stein-

Loco Martinez: Actually, Rock, I’ll probably still send Dan a Christmas Card.

Rocky Stellar: Still… We’re not here to help Stein or distract Kenji. We just want to make sure this thing sees a fair finish. No Bullshit. We’ll police it.

Dan raises a fist into the air and drops it down right across the forehead of his opponent. Kenji rolls around in agony but Stein is right back on him. He brings him back to his feet and irish whips him into the ropes. Kenji ducks the big clothesline attempt, bounces back off the ropes and slides underneath Stein’s feet as he attempted a swining punch, Stein turns around and is met with a jumping jaw breaker that sends him stumbling around. Kenji quick to stay on the advantage goes right after Stein’s protective mask!

Eryk Masters:And Kenji has off Stein’s mask!

Other Guy:Awe c’mon this completely unfair and should warrant a DQ. As a company we SHOULD protect Dan Stein’s beautiful face!

Kenji now has worked Stein into the turnbuckle and is hammering him with punches to the midsection and face. Kenji backs up as Stein is a little wobbly and…and…KENJI with a FLYING KNEE STRIKE TO STEIN’S FACE!

Eryk Masters:Kenji isn’t stopping though! He is continuing to drive his knee into the exposed face of Dan Stein!

Other Guy:C’mon ref! That’s like thirty knees in a row!

Eryk Masters:Try five.

And Austin Linam does his job and gets in the middle of the two men and puts a stop to the abuse from Kenji. Kenji has a mad look on his face and grabs the weary Stein and places him face first on the first rope facing outside the ring. Kenji now climbs the top turnbuckle and looks out towards the crowd. Kenji jumps off the top and.!.!.!.

Vicious HEAD STOMP to Dan Stein! Stein’s head slams into the canvas and subsequently is whiplashed back into the second rope! Kenji topples down to the outside of the ring and is slow to get up.

Other Guy:Now THAT’s entertainment!

Eryk Masters:Yes but at what cost? Kenji nailed the ground pretty hard and this COULD buy Dan Stein some much needed breather time.

Other Guy:Looks as though Kenji has complete control though.

Finally Kenji is back to his feet and rolls back into the ring. He grabs Stein by the arm, irish whip, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and Kenji follows up with a hook of the leg and a pin! Austin Linam with the count.



KICKOUT at two and a half!

Eryk Masters:Stein still has something left in the tank!

Kenji is upset with the ref’s counting but brings up Stein, kick to the gut, hooks him for a DDT but Stein pushes him off. Kenji stumbles back and bounces off the ropes and jumps to nail Stein with a Flying Cross Body…

BUT Stein counters with a twisting power slam! Stein hit that out of nowhere! Here’s the cover! Austin Linam slides in for the cover.



Other Guy:Kenji kicked out rather quickly as we now see Stein with a slight advantage.

Eryk Masters:Yes and now we see Stein picking up Kenji and carrying like a sack of potatoes to the corner where he’s setting Kenji on the top rope for something!

Stein beings to work over Kenji with punches to the face as he sits on the turnbuckle. Stein climbs up and after a few more punches to the face he hooks Kenji’s arm and…


Stein brings Kenji back up and attempts a kick which Kenji catches. He spins Stein around and lands his own kick to the midsection, hooks the arm, but Stein hooks the leg and blocks the attempted manuever. Kenji tries again, blocked, again and this time Stein gets the advantage lifting Kenji and dropping down chest to knee with a nice Gutbuster! Stein with the pin!! Here’s Austin Linam again!




Rocky Stellar: Kenji is still flesh and blood. Those kicks hurt. That move hurt. He might be wired differently… maybe experiences the pain differently, but if Stein keeps working him he can get him down. Its been done before. It’ll be done again.

Other Guy: You guys have been down right complimentary during this match.

Loco Martinez: What are we gonna do OG? Just bash them? Lots of talent in that ring. Project SCAR has 3 former world champions. Current Iron Fist champion, and it does nothing if we sit here and blow smoke that they suck. They don’t suck. Which makes it all the more frustrating if they’re gonna act like SHOOT’s own Terror Cell. Breed fear, and attempt to rule through chaos.

Stein grabs up Kenji once again, hits a few European Upper cuts in the middle of the ring, then bounces off the ropes and goes for a flying Drop Kick BUT KENJI steps back and grabs the legs in great awareness and HERE IT IS!!! THE DEEP SCAR!!!

Other Guy:Here it is!!!

Eryk Masters:NO! NO! NO! Stein rolls forward, hooking his legs around Kenjis waist and nows he’s sitting on chest AND HERE’S A PINFALL FROM A NICE COUNTER!!! He’s hooked a leg and the tights!!! Austin Linam doesn’t see it!!!




Eryk Masters:Dan Stein is your winner ladies and gentleman! What a counter as he got that pinfall out of no where. And Dan Stein rolls out of the ring and he’s happy with this victory.

Other Guy:As he should be. And Kenji is in the ring on his knees, baffled at what just happened.

Eryk Masters:Looks as though there’s a small ruckus in the crowd…wait it’s…it’s FRONTLINE 2 TURBO!!! Kenji doesn’t even see this…OH FUCK!!!

And Corey Lazarus just smashed a bottle of Kenji’s head!! And now Hiro and Corey are laying the boots to the bloodied face of Kenji.

Other Guy:I love this!! Feel the anarchy!!

Eryk Masters:Corey is holding Kenji down on one knee now and this can mean only one thing…



Magnus goes after Corazon, who ducks out of the ring, and pulls Kenji, but before Magnus can turn around he’s clocked from behind by Corey Lazarus, who was CLEARLY going after Corazon! Buck sees this and is enraged! He goes after Lazarus! Punches are being exchanged between the two teams, and there’s no clear advantage! Kenji and Corazon slide back into the ring to try and pick their spot, but before they can have an affect, Stellar Insanity hits the ring!

Eryk Masters: Things have REALLY broken down here.

Other Guy: And OF COURSE Corazon and Kenji have exited the ring one more time, as Stellar Insanity, the Bad Ass Brotherhood, and Frontline II Turbo are in the midst of fighting it out! I don’t even know why they’re fighting Stellar Insanity, those dudes haven’t even thrown a punch.

Loco Martinez is SHOUTING at everyone to STOP and LOOK out towards the ramp, as Corazon and Kenji (though bloodied,) have an arrogant smirk on their face. The melee calms down, as each member of each team begins to notice.

Eryk Masters: Those assholes. Yeah, Kenji gets jumped, but now? Look at this mess. This is what they wanted.

Other Guy: This brawl, thankfully, has chilled out… and that’s something I’m not sure I’ve seen, you know… ever.

Eryk Masters: Well, I think Magnus and Buck still want a piece of F2T and vice versa, but having SI come in both compounded and then helped resolve the situation, ESPECIALLY once it was made clear that Project: SCAR was no longer involved. You know what, though? Let’s kick it to the back… or to something else. Tired of their faces.


We find ourselves again in the back of the MTS Centre. A locker room door opens and once again, we have a view of Laura and Madison Seton; Laura now in her street clothes. As she looks to her left, she notices someone. She has a quick word to Madison before turning to the person and gets an irritated expression.

Laura: HEY!!

Standing in front of them is Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith, friend of the Setons. He is leaning against the wall, not really paying any attention to what is going on around him, but he recognizes that voice from anywhere. Tyrone tilts his head a little to the left, a smile appearing on his face. He sighs and closes his eyes, shaking his head slowly.

CB: Look what the cat drug in. What, you here to lecture me too? I’ve heard it all already. I really don’t want to hear it anymore.

Laura: What in the WORLD has gotten into you??

Tyrone chuckles, mainly to himself, as he gets off of the wall and walks slowly toward the sisters. He stops a few feet in front of them and stares at them with cold, icy eyes. He lets out a heavy sigh as he just continues to stare.

CB: You would not understand, Laura. This whole place is like a fucking conspiracy against me. It’s like I’m destined to fail. It’s like no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to cater to these hypocrites we call fans here in SHOOT. I bust my ass off for 10 YEARS in this damn company and do what I love, and ever since I came here, I haven’t gotten jack shit in return. Well, if that’s the way they want to play, this is what they get in return.

Laura: You don’t give up on people that easily. You should know that. Don’t you remember at “Glimmer Of Hope?” Those fans believed in you then.

She puts her hands on her hips holding her irritated glare as she begins breathing a bit heavily.

CB: Ah yes, "Glimmer of Hope". You’re gonna play THAT card, eh? Yes, Glimmer of Hope was a glorious day of my career. The day I won the LEGACY World Heavyweight Championship. Yes, you are correct. I had a lot of supporters backstage and the crowd believed in me. But then LEGACY shut down and I came over to SHOOT. I had heard this is the place to go. The best of the best, and it was an offer I could not refuse.

Tyrone cackles.

CB: I come here and it has been nothing but fucking hell for me. One thing after another. The fans here a nothing but carnivorous leeches that expect WAY too much out of me.

Laura: Then why do they still cheer for me? Why are they cheering Loco? You’ve got—no, never mind that…What about your family? Are you kidding me? What about Cassie? What about SHAYLA!? Are you kidding me? Is that the role model as a parent you want to be?

She makes eye contact with him. Her eyes narrow and her voice has a furious tone.

Laura: Do you remember March of last year? With Madison and the state scoring record? Do you remember what she did after she set the record? She came over and hugged me. Do you remember what she did next? She didn’t hug another family member—no mom or dad or other sibling. She hugged YOU next! What about those great fans like Madison? You feel happy letting them down? Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING ME!?

Tyrone throws his hands in exasperation as he takes a couple of steps closer to Laura, almost nose to nose to her. He smiles a sinister smile and pulls his hand back to slap her, but contains himself.

CB: Are you finished? You are really starting to test my patience, Laura. The family will be okay, I assure you of that. You want to know why you are still cheered, Laura? It’s because you have tits. All the horny, hopeless men in that crowd cheer for you because of that very reason. They cheer because all of them think they have a chance with you. I know this is hard for your feeble little mind to wrap around, Laura, but I am a man of truth. This is a business, and everything does what they think is RIGHT for business.

Tyrone cackles and points at Madison.

CB: As for her, I’m not letting her down. I’m just adding "a new dimension" on my character, one may say. I promise you that after all is said and done, after I get my hands on Jaime and eliminate him off this planet once and for all, the world will be a happier place.

Laura: If you do anything to severely hurt my new friend, I won’t be afraid to hunt you down.

She turns towards Madison.

Laura: Let’s go Maddie.

She turns again to Crazy Boy and speaks with a sickened tone.

Laura: You DISGUST me!

Crazy Boy can only chuckle as he takes a couple of steps back and shakes his head slowly.

CB: You really want to know, eh? You really want to know why I’m targeting Jaime? Well, you will just have to wait, like everyone else, when I feel like telling you. I promise you that all WILL be revealed soon enough. There is a reason for my madness. 

Crazy Boy cackles as Laura and Madison storm angrily past him. As they pass, he takes a whiff of the air and smells a small hint of perfume as they pass. He closes his eyes and sighs as he starts shouting at them, mainly to Madison.

CB: I’ll see YOU later, Sweet Cheeks.

Crazy Boy chuckles to himself again as the action is returned to ringside.

Darkness descends, and the flash of an extremely bright light assaults the crowd at timed intervals. A solitary image appears on the SHOOT Video Wall. 



Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil” serenades the arrival of SHOOT Project’s pale prince of pain, and the fans immediately start to SCREAM with hatred. 






Entragian absolutely BURSTS out of the curtains, his upper torso bare, a canvas of scars and tattoos etched into his flesh with stark black ink. The Iron Fist Championship is proudly wrapped around his waist, gleaming in the spotlight that shines down from above. Isaac has a mic in one pallid had, and he wastes no time bringing it up to his lips. 

Entragian: Last week should have been nothing more than a showcase of SCAR dominating The Hierarchy…AND me mastering the motherfucking mat….but a certain cranky senior citizen had to RAIN on my well-earned parade. 

Isaac points to the white stitches on his forehead, which are practically imperceptible because they blend in with his ivory skin tone. 

Entragian: I received a barbwire covered Tokyo Kiss..and to think, this pretentious son of a bitch didn’t even buy me dinner first before starting in with the sloppy smooches! Totally classless, right? 

Entragian holds the mic up towards the crowd, and the sound of booing practically blows out the audio system. He smirks, shaking his head from side to side. The dark good cheer slowly gives way to an undercurrent of blatant antipathy. 

Entragian: Get the fuck out here, Carver. You’ve made me bleed….and now it’s time that I tasted that cold-molasses that runs through your veins. COME ON OUT, YOU OLD BLOODHOUND!! I’ve got a steak with a side of arsenic just for you! Come get it, boy! 

“If You Want Blood” by AC/DC cuts in, and Diamond Del Carver appears at the top of the ramp.  Carver has a cigar hanging out the side of his mouth and a microphone in his hand, and he stands and looks coolly at Isaac Entragian. His music slowly fades and the fans are chanting loudly…

“DDC! DDC!  DDC!” 

The Hardcore Outlaw holds one arm high in the air to acknowledge the cheers of the fans. 

Entragian: So good to see you, Del. Do I see a few droplets of drool caught in your whiskers there, old-timer? I’m guessing you want another piece of SCAR’s Pale Rider? 

Carver:  Hey, I was just repaying you for the beating you laid on me the week before.  But if by sayin’ you are offering another “piece of the Pale Rider” you’re really saying you didn’t get the message last week, and you want another punch in the head – well then sure.  That’s a piece I’ll take, son. 

Entragian: A PIECE YOU’LL HAVE! You strike me as the type who appreciates a good Western, Carver. That whole “There’s a snake in my boot!” lifestyle, right Del? *Isaac winks* So I tell you what, we’re gonna have ourselves an old-fashioned duel. A five knuckled fist is the best weapon I know of for the job, so that’s what we’ll go with. 

Isaac walks forward, and he casually drags the toe of his boot across the ramp, forming an invisible line while grinning broadly. 

Entragian: That’s the proverbial line in the sand, Delroy. When I drop the Iron Fist Title across that line, I’m coming for you with everything I have inside of me. I’m coming for you with all the hate, every iota of rage….every ounce of the darkness that spurs me onward. And I expect you to come at me with whatever it is that fuels you. Understand, you shriveled old cocksucker? 

Carver: Let me repeat some of the shit you just said.  You ask if I want a piece of you? You want to use your five knuckles on me, ask me about my snake, you want to play cowboy with me, and you want to know if I’m a cocksucker? 

Damn boy, I came out here to fight – I ain’t sure what YOU came out here to do.  I mean, I like you Isaac, but not in that way.  I think we should keep this relationship professional and just be Champion and Challenger for now. 

Entragian growls in response to Del’s sarcasm, and he unsnaps and tosses the title right to the floor of the ramp. Both men run towards each other at break-neck speed, and Carver is the first to send a stiff right hand into Entragian’s face. 

Isaac is rocked, but he promptly returns the favor and smashes a big fist into Del’s face. The two men start trading punches, neither of them falling, the quickness and ferocity of the punches seeming to grow with each fist thrown. 

After a particularly heavy right from Carver, Entragian rears back and PISTONS an uppercut into the shelf of Del’s jaw. Del flies back from the impact, landing on the unforgiving grill at the top of the stage. 

Entragian moves in, but Del quickly scrambles up to his feet and he starts to just TEAR into Isaac’s chest with chop after devastating chop. Knife-edge chops, two handed palm chops, every chop in Del’s brutal arsenal is being unleashed on the pale flesh of Isaac’s chest. 

The monster is getting driven back to the edge of the stage, inch by life-threatening inch…. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t like the look of this OG; these guys are getting dangerously close to the edge of that stage! 

The Other Guy: That’s at least a fifteen foot drop, Masters. All kinds of electrical equipment and junk down there… 

Entragian is mere CENTIMETERS from the ledge, his arms pin wheeling for balance…and CARVER RUNS FORWARD TO SCORE WITH THE DIAMOND LINE LARIAT BUT ISSAC DUCKS!! 

Entragian quickly jumps and scores with Mark Of The Beast, almost taking Del’s head off with the big bicycle kick! Carver lands near the very edge of the stage, just a breath away from taking a career-shortening fall. 

The albino backs up while grinning, seeing a clear opening. Isaac drops down to a three-point stance, and meanwhile Carver is struggling up to a vertical base near the edge of the stage. 

Entragian practically uncoils, racing towards Carver while extending a shoulder for his Corruption spear…but Del scouts it, proceeding to step to the side, HE GRABS THE BACK OF ISAAC’S HEAD AND THROWS HIM CLEAR OFF THE STAGE!!! 


The fans are deafening with their chants… 



Eryk Masters: That was….horrifying to watch, OG! Entragian is not moving, he could have internal injures, broken bones…I expect Isaac could be out for months after this… 

The Other Guy: You’re not kidding, Masters. SCAR might be down to two man group now….Entragian has been….DESTROYED here tonight… 

The cameras focus on Carver as he looks down at Entragian lying in the wreckage. Diamond Del Carver casually flicks his cigar down towards Isaac’s carcass while smirking, adding insult to injury! 


The angle changes to Isaac lying amongst the wreckage flat on his back, scraps of wood beneath him, one arm wrapped up in electrical wiring. 

The Other Guy: Folks, this may be the last time we see Isaac Entragian on SHOOT Project programming for quite awhile, there’s no telling how badly injured this man is… 

The cameras zoom in on Isaac’s body…AND ENTRAGIAN PROMPTLY SITS THE FUCK UP!!! 

He cocks his head to the side, his mouth stretched up into a PURELY demonic grin. His eyes roll in his head like the eyes of an animal infected with the rabies virus. A droplet of blood runs along his face from his scalp, and when it reaches his mouth, Isaac slips out his forked tongue and laps it up.   

The crowd gasps in shock. 

Isaac looks up at Carver, and very slowly….he shakes one pale index finger back and forth at The Hardcore Outlaw…his grin growing larger with each passing second. Del’s face goes slack, his mouth falls open….and all of the satisfaction evaporates from his expression. Bewilderment and disbelief replaces that look of satisfaction. 

Carver’s mouth moves, and although he is no longer holding a microphone, it’s not hard to tell what he is saying…


Eryk Masters: WHAT??? AM I SEEING THIS?? Entragian just fell off the stage…and now he’s right back up…and he’s SMILING??? 

The Other Guy:….I’m just…I don’t even think shocked describes what I’m feeling right now, Masters. That fall would have paralyzed a normal man, but this feral albino shakes it off like it’s nothing…what kind of man is Entragian, Masters?? 

Eryk Masters: IS he even a man, OG? Seeing something like this makes me wonder if SCAR’s Pale Rider is even a human being at all.  You know, we talk about how tough Diamond Del Carver is, how he keeps coming back no matter what, but I think Isaac Entragian just made a statement to Carver, showing him that the old man isn’t the only resilient one around. 

The Other Guy: That isn’t resilience, Masters.  That’s something else altogether. I’m not much of a religious man…but I think we all remember the story where Jesus knocked a gaggle of demons into a herd of pigs. Jesus asked them to state their names, and they responded with “OUR NAME IS LEGION.” Something about Entragian reminds me of that old story, Masters…just the look in this man’s eyes puts a fear into me that I’ve never felt before in my LIFE. 

Del continues to look down on Isaac in shock. Entragian glares right back, that smile never leaving his face. The final shot we see is that horrible pale face, the eyes blazing with inner hellfire….before we finally cut away.



"Devil’s Dime" by the Black Label Society kicks in, bringing the fans to boo loudly. 

Samantha Coil: The following is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a match in the FIRST ROUND of the MASTER OF THE MAT TOURNAMENT! 

Cronos Diamante steps out from the back as his pyro erupts. He stands there, the Rule of Surrender Championship on his waist. 

Eryk Masters: Well, I have to say it’s impressive how Cronos has composed himself this week. He may be a miserable human being, but he’s never been so focused! 

As he walks down to the ring, he unbuckles his Rule of Surrender Championship and holds it high above his head, his teeth gritted as he growls at the fans who can hear him. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…he hails from THE BRONX…he weighs in at 290 pounds…and he is the RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…HE IS…CRONOS…DIIIIIIIIAMAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEE! 


Cronos shakes his head as he rolls into the ring. He wears his normal SWAT fatigues with his Rule of Surrender Cronos shirt. He hands his belt over to Willie Dean who hands it over to Mark Kendrick. "Devil’s Dime" dies down. He smirks as he pulls his shirt off, throwing it over the top rope to the floor. 



"All of the Lights" by Kanye West hits and the fans POP. The lights in the arena go black as a single green light emanates from the entrance. Smoke billows out as a single man stands there, his head bowed. 

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS 

The arena is bathed in BRIGHT white light as Donovan King storms out from the back. 

Other Guy: You wanna talk focus? Let’s talk focus. Tired of losing. Tired of being second place. Donovan King. 2011 Master of the Mat? I think so. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…he hails from Charlotte, North Carolina…he weighs in at 240 pounds…he is the LAST SCION…HE IS…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!! 

King walks down to the ring wearing bright white trunks with matching kneepads and white wrist tape, as well as matching white boots, with matching green crowns on the front of the trunks and the kneepads, and KING on the boots and the rear of the trunks. He glares at Cronos as he rolls into the ring. He points to all of the fans as "All of the Lights" dies down until he finally points at Cronos, the two men finally locking eyes. 

Eryk Masters: And here we go! 

King and Cronos circle one another for a moment before King quickly locks up with Cronos. Their collar and elbow tie up is a dead lock. King dives under for a single leg take down, but Cronos sprawls over King, hooking his head up in a front face lock, but King spins out into a sitting position, taking his arm, sliding it underneath Cronos’s body, and he bridges back, hooking Cronos’s near leg. Cronos crossfaces King as King hooks Cronos by his head and twists him over into a pinning position! 


Cronos bridges up HARD and flops to his side as King props himself up on his toes, spins himself over, and hooks Cronos’s head in his arm again, hooking the far leg with one arm and the near leg with his leg, grapevining Cronos and rolling him back to a pinning position. 


Cronos rolls King over and suddenly King finds himself in a pinning position, Cronos taking his head and leg to curl King to the mat! 


King rolls out of it and cradles Cronos instantly for another pin attempt! 


Cronos kicks out and rolls away, getting to his hands and feet, but King is up faster and he DRILLS Cronos in the side of the head with a precise drop kick! Cronos cradles his head as King is back up, bounces against the ropes and hits a rolling knee drop. He rolls immediately back to his feet and falls backwards, hitting Cronos in the head with an elbow drop! Cronos rolls to his side to cradle his face as King gets to his feet, squatted down in a pouncing position. 

Other Guy: Both of these guys are definitely focused tonight, and you gotta think these pin attempts are just eating at one another, trying to knock the other off their game. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos Diamante likes to think of himself as one of the best players of mind games…but I think he met his match this week in Donovan King! 

King grins from ear to ear as Cronos begins to pull himself up by the rope. King charges at him and grabs his free arm, dragging him to the mat NO! Cronos hooks his other arm around the top rope, causing King to fall flat on his face and Cronos is on top of him quickly, hooking one arm and trying to hook another for the Ne-Han! King swings his body wildly until he is rolled all the way over onto his back with Cronos standing over him! Cronos takes both of King’s hands and pins King down to the mat! 




King POWERS one arm up and then the other! King pops his body up in a bridge and Cronos leaps into the air…and brings his knees down HARD on King’s midsection! King is flattened again! 




Eryk Masters: While King is out to do damage to Cronos’ head, Cronos is trying to take the wind out of the sails of the Last Scion! 

Cronos glares down at King and he crosses King’s arms around his chest and rolls King over to his stomach, wrenching up, using King’s own arms to choke him out! 

Cronos Diamante: ASK HIM! 

Other Guy: Cronos doesn’t have a good enough position to turn this into a Ne-Han, so I don’t know if he’s gonna get Donovan King to tap just yet! 

King swings his foot wildly towards the bottom rope as the referee continues to ask him if he quits. Willie Dean continues to get in King’s face, asking him if he will submit. 

Donovan King: SHUT THE FUCK UP, DEAN. 

King kicks HARD and FINALLY gets his foot to the bottom rope! Willie Dean pats Cronos on the shoulder to tell him to break the hold, but Cronos will have none of that! 





Cronos Diamante: Oh God damn it… 

Cronos throws King’s head to the mat and shakes his head as he quickly drags King to the middle of the ring. He picks King up and hooks his head over his shoulder and snapmares him to the mat! King lands in a seated position and Cronos DRILLS him in the back of the head with a HARD kick! King’s body folds over, but Cronos sits down on King’s shoulders and takes a hold of King’s legs, folding them into a four, and lifting the straight leg and King calls out in agony! 

Eryk Masters: WOW! Cronos has this…insane looking submission on Donovan King! He’s in the middle of the ring, he’s got King’s legs wrapped up like a figure four and is using King’s head to keep the pressure not just on King’s throat for breathing, but also the sheer pain on King’s knee! 

Willie Dean asks King if he will submit and he waves Dean off, clenching both fists as he tries to focus. Cronos holds the leg TIGHTER and King hooks both his arms around Cronos’ legs and buckles his knees, breaking the hold! King quickly bridges on ONE foot and turns it into a pin attempt! 




Cronos rolls to his stomach and King throws himself over the top of Cronos and he goes for the CAROLINA CROSSFACE! Cronos is quick to roll the move through and King is BACK in a pin attempt! 



King kicks out and Cronos is back up. He has a hold of King and he hooks him up for a German suplex, but King counters and gets Cronos from behind! Cronos snaps his head from side to side as King QUICKLY hooks Cronos up in a full nelson! Cronos gets a look of worry on his face as King falls forward, bringing BOTH of his knees DOWN into Cronos’ BACK! Cronos lands FACE FIRST into the mat with King’s knees JAMMING into his back! Cronos calls out in pain, but King does not give him the chance to breathe…and KING LOCKS HIM IN THE NE-HAN! 


King holds Cronos’ head up to the masses and motions for Willie Dean to get over to him and check to see if he is willing to submit to his own finishing move or not. 

Cronos Diamante: NO. 

Eryk Masters: Wow…not even a HINT of fear or concern in Cronos’ voice. He is within one scream from elimination in the Master of the Mat tournament and King is adding insult to injury with this Ne-Han that Cronos has used for years! 

Other Guy: I’d be surprised if Cronos doesn’t pick that little added umph at the end for himself later. That thing King did, driving his knees into Cronos’ back as well as driving Cronos’ face into the mat would ruin any normal Soldier’s night, for sure. 

Eryk Masters: Unfortunately for Donovan King, Cronos Diamante is NOT normal. 

King wrenches back HARD and Cronos clenches his teeth in pain, but has yet to try to counter. 

Other Guy: Obviously, Cronos is trying to think of a way out of his own submission move. 

Eryk Masters: I hope he’s also thinking about all the damage that is being done to his body by King right now while he thinks of an escape plan. 

Willie Dean asks Cronos yet again if he plans on submitting, but Cronos merely cuts a glare in Willie Dean’s direction. King grits his teeth and arches back HARD on the Ne-Han, Cronos’ face slowly going beet red. Cronos glares dead ahead, his own teeth gritted, saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth. King shakes his head, screaming with intensity as he keeps arching back harder and harder and harder on the Ne-Han. Cronos suddenly…goes limp! 

Eryk Masters: It looks like he’s done! 

Willie Dean slides in to check Cronos, whose arms are completely limp now. King tries to keep a hold on Cronos, but Cronos manages to slowly slide downwards. 

Donovan King: FUCK. 

King releases the Ne-Han! 

Other Guy: No Alex Brooks tonight…King somehow managed to keep Mirage locked out of the arena…and we are treated to this submission warfare! 





The fans POP as King rolls away, a grin on his face. Cronos slowly lifts his head, the color fading back to normal. The two warriors stare at one another and slowly Cronos begins to nod. King chuckles and nods in return. 

Eryk Masters: I think…I think they get one another now. King will stop at nothing…and nothing will stop Cronos! 

Cronos slowly picks himself up, wincing as he stretches his arms and neck. King drops down, slaps the mat, and beckons Cronos to meet him in the middle of the ring! The smiles and the respect is gone and Cronos meets him, locking up with him! Cronos whips King to the ropes and drops down, King skips over him, double clothesline but Cronos is still awake, trying to an Anaconda Vice! King scrambles, trying to block the move as Cronos keeps King’s head as best as he can, but King manages to slide out of the hold! Cronos scrambles to his feet quickly and meets King as King is on his hands and knees with a HARD kick to the temple! King falls to the mat and Cronos quickly locks in a rear naked choke! He turns the choke into the katahajime! 

Eryk Masters: Cronos has King in the katahajime! 

Cronos wastes no time in bringing King to his stomach and he slowly cocks his right leg up, his left leg still down on one knee, and he slowly drags King up into a camel clutch position! The camera looks at Cronos as beads of sweat slide down his face as he thinks of the next step in his attack. He tries to bring the other leg up, but King blocks it with his free hand! The fans POP as King keeps his palm spread over Cronos’ left leg, trying his best to keep him from getting both feet up! 

Other Guy: If Cronos is able to get that last leg up, he can easily transition into the Ne-Han, a move you gotta believe King has EXTREMELY mapped out! 

Eryk Masters: It took Cronos playing dead and going completely limp for King to release the hold, and he ONLY released it when he started to lose his grip! 

Cronos laughs to himself as King keeps that left leg from pulling up completely. The two men have reached a stalemate! 

Eryk Masters: Cronos has two choices here, OG. He can either let the katahajime bring King down and hopefully cause him to tap or get knocked out OR he can release the hold! 

Cronos sneers as it would appear he’s figured that out for himself. He slings King to the mat, shaking his head as he tries to catch his breath. The fans are cheering LOUD as Cronos didn’t bring King down! King is slowly pulling himself up to a kneeling position as Cronos backs off of him. King looks up at Cronos, who has his hands on hips as he locks eyes with King. King picks himself the rest of the way off of the mat and the two men are both on their feet! 

Other Guy: This is it! The fans are ELECTRIC right now! 

Donovan King: That it? 

Cronos laughs. 

Cronos Diamante: Never. 

They lock back up! King ducks under and has him in a rear waist lock! Cronos counters and gets King in a rear waist lock himself! King reaches back for a DEALBREAKER but Cronos shoves King away! King bounces off of the ropes and Cronos bends down and LIFTS King up onto his shoulders in an inverted fireman’s carry! King scrambles, trying to break free! 

Eryk Masters: LUCIFER’S HONOR! 





The bell rings and King IMMEDIATELY is on his hands and knees SCREAMING as "All of the Lights" kicks back up! 


King’s hand is raised by Willie Dean as he slaps his chest, screaming a primal scream at the fans as he marches around the ring. Willie Dean goes over and checks on Cronos Diamante, who is on his side. 

Eryk Masters: He did it! Donovan King defeated Cronos Diamante! 

Other Guy: As SOON as Cronos stepped out of the submission world and went for his impact finisher, Lucifer’s Honor, he stepped into King’s world and King was right there to hit that Dealbreaker! 

Cronos is up in the corner as Willie Dean continues to check on him. Cronos looks at King, who is on the middle turnbuckle, pointing to the fans and shouting back at them. Cronos shoves Willie Dean off as "All of the Lights" is cut off again. King turns his head and glares at Cronos over his shoulder. 

Eryk Masters: Oh…hell. 

King hops down and meets Cronos in the center of the ring. Mark Kendrick hands Willie Dean Cronos’ Rule of Surrender Championship, but King rips it out of Willie Dean’s hand! King and Cronos glare at one another for a long moment as Cronos looks at the Rule of Surrender Championship in King’s hand! 

Other Guy: I gotta admit…Rule of Surrender sounds pretty swank for King. 

King looks at the title’s face plate and smirks. Cronos says nothing. Slowly, Cronos extends his hand to King! The fans are reticent to believe the intentions of the Devil, as is King. King looks at the Rule of Surrender Championship and he hands it to Cronos and takes the hand! The fans POP at the show of respect Cronos has given to King! "All of the Lights" kicks back up as Cronos releases the hand shake and puts the Rule of Surrender Championship on his shoulder and exits the ring! 

Other Guy: WOW. 

Eryk Masters: Fantastic match! 

King stands in the middle of the ring and looks at the camera and gets right in the lens and grins. 

Donovan King: ‘Ey, Danny boy! 

King grins wider. 

Donovan King: You next, pimpin’! 

King throws his arms up as he exits the ring! 

Eryk Masters: The gauntlet has been thrown down! Donovan King versus Dan Stein! Master of the Mat ROUND TWO!


The scene opens to the back locker room. Once again you see TMB sitting on the floor. His head lowered as he is…again singing to himself. 

TMB: Ain’t no grave…can hold my body down. Ain’t no grave… 

He stops as his cellphone rings. He looks at the caller ID. It read Vince. 

TMB: Hello!?! Yeah…but…no I wouldn’t want that. no I don’t want to join that type of club. FINE!!! I’ll sing something else.  

TMB hangs up with an upset look on his face. But before he can think of another song to sing, he hears a knock at the door. 

Jaime enters the locker room and looks at his friend sitting on the bench.

Jaime:  Is this a one person concert? 

TMB stands up to greet his fellow Saint. 

TMB: It was until someone ruined my fun. Anyway, what brings you here…don’t you have some costumes to sew together or some LARPing to do. Hahaha… 

TMB: Hey I don’t talk to little jimmies!!! but if you do see a spider, tell him that I don’t know what happened last week. And Miss Muffet was a lot tougher then he told me. 

He goes up and gives the fist bump to TMB, and takes a seat across from his friend.

Jaime:  She usually is.  Most carry pepper spray and tazers.  So, what’s been cracking, man?  You’re not focused and all, like you usually are. 

TMB looks at his friend. In his mind he wants to give him an answer but he doesn’t have one. 

TMB: I…I…started to hear him. Crazy right? 

Jaime:  That little voice in the back of your head that wants violence, right? 

TMB looks away and into the shadows in the corner of the locker room. 

TMB: It’s not just any voice, Jamie. It’s his voice…his words. His words and… 

TMB looks away from the shadows. 

TMB: Its nothing…forget I said anything. I just need a little time off. 

Jaime:  You hear Jayson, don’t you.  I still remember the hell you went through, kid.

Jaime pats his friends shoulders.

Jaime:  You’re at least admitting that you need the help, brother.  Look where I was when you had to call my ex wives to find me. 

TMB: That’s the thing, Jamie. Something inside of me doesn’t want to be help. Part of me wants to be swallowed up in the madness. Part wants to let his words guide me until the flesh is dripping off my bones. 

TMB turns and pulls out a box and hands it to Jamie. 

TMB: Consider this a bribe. 

Jaime looks inside the box for a second and sees a dragon candle inside of it.

Jaime:  have to learn to, or become a risk to yourself.  I know this quite well.  It’s why I gave up a few vices… 

TMB: Heh…but just in case I don’t. I want you to stop me. By any means. 

Jaime:  I hope you know, brother.  If I have to, I’m not going to like it.  I’d have to go to that dark place myself.  And…  I don’t know if I can… 

The scene fades as the two just stand there staring. Both men knowing if the time comes, one of them will not leave the confrontation the same.


Backstage, bloody bandages litter the floor of the locker room of the Bad Ass Brotherhood.  You hear an audibly loud pop when they come into view.  Immediately, you see the on-site doctor leave the locker room.  Behind him, the scene is that of Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden pleading with Jonas Coleman. 

Buck Dresden:  Now you lissen here, Jonas…  What happened to you…  yeah man, I get it.  You’re pissed.  You have a right to be pissed.  But what you’re ABOUT to do?  That’s beyond stupid. 

Buck looks at Magnus who shrugs, and then to Jonas, who’s eyes tell the story. 

Buck Dresden:  And I know stupid, okay? 

Jonas looks straight ahead, his eyes consumed with hatred and fire, and though blood trickles down his forehead from underneath the bandage, he ignores it. 

Jonas Coleman:  I’m not going to forfeit. 

Buck goes to protest, but Jonas holds a hand up.

Jonas Coleman:  I’m not going to let scare tactics and bullshit beatdowns scare me off.  Call me stupid, whatever.  I’m an idiot, but I’m going to go fight Cade Sydal. 

The crowd pops, and Buck shrugs his shoulders, looking to Magnus.

Magnus:  You really need to consider your circumstances, Jonas.  They were going to, essentially, destroy your mouth.  You were going to have to eat through a straw for the forseeable future.  Does that mean nothing to you?

Jonas slams his fist against the locker.

Jonas Coleman:  Of COURSE it means something.  You guys coming down to help…  it ALL means something, and I can’t let that go for nothing, Charles.  I CAN’T.  I HAVE to go fight. 

Jonas sighs. 

Jonas Coleman:  Cade Sydal is a punk ass bitch.  X-Calibur?  Punk ass bitch.  They’ll all get what’s coming to them, and if that means they break every motherfucking bone in my body?  Then so be it, but I’m not going to rest, or sit back and watch, or NOT fight. 

He smiles.

Jonas Coleman:  And yeah, that makes me an idiot, and it’s probably a huge mistake, but I don’t know any better, Charles.  I don’t know any better, Buck.  This is what I have…  this is what I’ve been given…  this is what I’ve earned.  I know you two have my back, and you’ll make sure nothing horrible happens.  I can’t thank you enough for that…

He stands up, and heads to the door.

Jonas Coleman:  But these fights…  they don’t fight themselves.  SOMEONE has to stand up.  I KNOW you two understand.  You’re doing the same thing with Project:  SCAR.  So you know…  I KNOW you know…

He wipes the blood from his forehead, and throws another bandage to the floor.

Jonas Coleman:  We HAVE to fight.  Otherwise, we’re the Lame Ass Brotherhood. 

Jonas grimaces and grins, as he walks towards gorilla position, for the biggest match of his life and career.



I can almost taste it…


The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.


Other Guy: Ohhhhh yeah… here he comes!


It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!


A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.


I can almost taste it…


I can almost see it!


It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!


I can almost taste it…


Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen… here comes your SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion… but I’m not sure it’s for a match.  I honestly can’t see how or why Jonas Coleman would actually WANT to fight this man now that he’s been roughed up significantly by X and the rest of the Hierarchy.

Other Guy: Fool’s errand or not, Cade Sydal is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.  If Jonas doesn’t show up then Cade wins by forfeit and he can FINALLY move on to defending the title against X-Calibur at Master of the Mat.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” continues on, Cade Sydal saunters down to the ring with the big championship belt strapped around his shoulder, and Cassi Ryan clutching his free arm.  With a microphone in hand, Cassi calls for the music to stop once they reach the ringside area.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen…snow shovelers and butt-ugly pasty faced bitches everywhere!

Eryk Masters: Somebody MIGHT want to mention to Ms. Ryan that it’s summer.

The fans throw their venom at the couple.  Cassi simply laughs and Cade smiles wryly.

Cassi Ryan: It is with my pleasure… my HONOR… to introduce to you undeserving Canadian scum… THE man of ALL men. The greatest professional wrestler to EVER grace a SHOOT Project ring… MY hero… your GOD… the master of the bong with an eight foot shlong..

Eryk Masters: Oh come ON….. 

Cassi Ryan: He hails from Southport, North Carolina… but now resides in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada… he weighs in at 178 pounds… and he is current reigning SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE….. SYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

Cade smiles and nods at Cassi‘ introduction.  When Cassi plants one on his cheek, Cade hands her the World Title.  Not even a SECOND goes by when…

“This man came to me he was looking for action!

Pulling a blade to my neck”

The crowd LOSES it as the opening lyrics and thrashing guitar opening to Project 86‘s “The Butcher” inundate the PA system.  Soon, images of Jonas Coleman take over the SHOOTron.  Flashes of his war with Akuma Satsui are spliced with moments of action in the past during his days in PERDITION.  Soon, however, a lone emblem overtakes all of the carnage with Satsui and all of the tag team action with Diego Reyes.


Eryk Masters: The Butcher is HERE!  I didn’t think he’d have anything left to compete in this match after that beating the Hierarchy gave him!

Other Guy: I can’t say this is a good idea on Jonas’ part.  This is… this is NUTS.

“He said, ‘Call me THE BUTCHER cause that’s my trade

And you know that I’ve come to collect.”

When Jonas Coleman limps out onto the stage, RIPPING the bandages off of his head and throwing their bloody remains to the ground, the audience goes ballistic.  Pointing at Cade Sydal, Jonas then musters up every bit of strength and courage he can and makes a beeline for the ring.

Eryk Masters: What is he doing?!

Other Guy: Jonas is a man on-

Before Other Guy can even finish his sentence or Jonas Coleman reaches the ring, “Change(in the house of [X] DUBSTEP REMIX” by the Deftones hits and Jonas Coleman STOPS dead in his tracks.

Other Guy: – fire?  What the hell is X doing out here?!  Hasn’t he had enough of fucking with Jonas Coleman for one evening?

Eryk Masters: LOOK OUT!

As Jonas Coleman looks down at X, Cade Sydal launches himself through the ropes and hits Jonas square in the back with a torpedo dropkick.  Meanwhile, as Jonas goes face first into the dirt, X-Calibur marches his way down the ramp.  A few feet before he reaches where Jonas is laying… X and Cade’s eyes meet.

As X and Cade go nose to nose, bumping each other’s foreheads like two gladiators ready to absolutely slaughter one another, Jonas slowly gets to his feet.  X notices this, and as Lorenzo admonishes X to leave, X slowly walks away from Cade towards the announce booth.  

Eryk Masters: Oh… oh no.  Please no.

Other Guy: Is he… is he coming our way?

Eryk Masters: Look, I can BARELY deal with Bryan Harris.  I CANNOT deal with THAT man.

X-Calibur: (adjusting the head-set) What was that, Eryk?  Huh?  Don’t be hatin’ ’cause you stole the “Y” from my name.

Other Guy: Look, X, we don’t want any problems out here.  We’re just trying to do our jobs.

X-Calibur: Relax, OG!  I’m just having a good time tonight!  The world saw me fuck Jonas’ shit up earlier… the world will see me fuck Cade’s shit up at Master of the Mat… but right now, I wanted the best seat in the house for this match.

Eryk Masters:  So you can scout your opponents?

X-Calibur: You dipshit… so I can stare at Cassi Ryan’s ASS, of course!  I mean look at this shit… I got a monitor for every angle of that luscious booty of hers.   

Cassi Ryan can feel X’s eyes on her as she looks back uncomfortably at him.

Once Jonas crawls into the ring the bell sounds, but he immediately rises to his feet and CHARGES at Cade with a Thesz Press, flattening the World Champion right in the center of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Holy shit!

Other Guy: After that beating he took at the start of the show, how the hell is Jonas Coleman even doing this?!

X-Calibur: Jonas is such a fucking idiot.  STARTING a match against the World Champion on your SECOND WIND.  Good luck with that, pal.

A flurry of rights and lefts rain down upon Cade.  Smartly covering up for protection against the vengefulness behind every one of Jonas’ shots, Cade tries to squirm his way out but it’s to no avail. Finally dismounting off of the World Champ, Jonas begs Cade to  get up and come after him.

And then Cade rolls out of the ring.


Motioning for Cassi to give him his belt, Cade waves off the match, obviously feeling he doesn’t need to placate the fiery Butcher.

Eryk Masters: Oh come on…

X-Calibur: I KNEW Cade didn’t have the guts!

Other Guy: To be fair… I think you would’ve done the same thing, X.

X-Calibur: Touché. But the only reason I would do it is purely because there’s no need to give Jonas a rub like this before a big PPV. Fucker hasn’t earned shit for a match like this.

Eryk Masters: Well he ALMOST beat you at the start of the-

X-Calibur: If you want to finish out tonight’s broadcast with all of your teeth in tact, then I HIGHLY suggest you not finish that fucking sentence.  You feel me?

Grabbing Cassi by her arm Cade begins heading away from the ring.  Shaking his head and yelling "Not a chance!", Jonas rolls right out of the ring and immediately gives chase!

Just when Cade was 3/4ths the way down the ramp, he turns around to the sight of the Butcher sprinting towards him and Cassi. But before Jonas can reach him, Cassi steps in between Cade and Jonas. Unsure of how to react, Jonas looks out the fans. Suddenly, Cade moves Cassi out of the way and delivers a running jumping knee that floors Jonas right onto the ramp!

Eryk Masters: That knee shot was WICKED.  I think he hit him right in the stitches, too.  Not good for Jonas.

Other Guy: Doesn’t look like he busted them open, though.  Good work by the medical team.

X-Calibur: Are you fucking KIDDING me?!  Cade’s knees are skinny as fuck and couldn’t knock out a narcoleptic.  THAT’s why Jonas’ “stiches” didn’t break, dumb asses. 

As the fans let Cade know how they feel about he and Cassi’s tactics, Cade makes a rude gesture towards them before bringing Jonas back to his feet. As Cassi picks Cade’s World Title off if the arena floor, Cade walks Jonas back to the ring, tossing him back in under the bottom rope.

X-Calibur: And there goes that second wind.  Good job, dumb shit!

Jonas remains on spaghetti legs after the rising knee and uses the ropes to help himself to his feet. Unbeknownst to him though, Cade has already begun his ascension to the top rope. Leaning back into the ropes, Jonas takes a moment to try and regain his bearings. Cade seizes the opportunity to fly however and launches forward off of the top rope into a SOMERSAULT, connecting his leg across Jonas’ head on the way down, painfully flipping Jonas backwards over the ropes to the outside where they BOTH crash and burn!

Eryk Masters: Oh my God… that was awkward.

Other Guy: I think the back of Jonas’ head caught the edge of the ring apron on that spill… scary stuff.

X-Calibur: Holy shit.  Haha… I think Jonas is dead.  Cade might be, too.  Fuck ’em both!

With both men lying down on the outside, Lorenzo begins counting them both out.  After the count of three, Cade is up, holding the small of his back and tail bone region after the rough landing he just withstood.  Right after he slides into the ring, he slides back out, effectively breaking the count.  Grabbing Jonas’ head, he drags the Butcher to his feet.  Grabbing him by his wrist, Cade uses every ounce of body weight and whips Jonas head first into the steel steps, toppling them over in the process!

Eryk Masters: Jesus… did you see how Cade dropped to the mat as he was whipping him to the steps?  Jonas hit that steel full force.  He could be in bad shape here..

Other Guy: Oh shit… look at that puddle forming around him!

X-Calibur: I see red!  Fuck yerrrr!!  Ain’t no stitch gonna hold up when your head collides with steel.      

Jonas remains motionless on the outside while Cade rolls back into the ring, completely satisfied with his own handiwork.  Jonas bleeds like a stuck pig again, staining the outside mat and steps with his blood.  Lorenzo begins the count..

Eryk Masters: Jonas might be counted out here!

Other Guy: Cade is a genius.  He realizes a count out win here would be just as humiliating to Jonas as a pinfall or submission.  Why waste your efforts when the real match with X is weeks away?

X-Calibur: Finally.  Some sense coming to this one.





Willing himself to stand, Jonas uses the steps to balance himself.



He falls back to one knee.



Standing again, Jonas pulls himself towards the ring by the ring skirt.


Jonas rolls in JUST in the nick of time, breaking the count, but Cade is right there with a baseball slide right into the forehead!  Wiping the sole of his foot off on the bottom turnbuckle, Cade then pulls Jonas to the center of the ring and hooks a leg…



Jonas shoulders out, but Cade is persistent with his onslaught and lifts Jonas into a seated position.  Not giving the Butcher a moment’s rest, Cade runs into the ropes.  On the rebound, Cade flies forward with both feet extended and NAILS Jonas’ forehead with a basement dropkick!  Hooking a leg again… Lorenzo is right there…



But again, Jonas shoulders out, refusing to stay down.

Eryk Masters:  Jonas Coleman showing some true grit here tonight, folks.  But, honestly, I’m not sure it’s a good idea.  He’s lost a TON of blood tonight… sometimes, you live to fight another day.

Other Guy: Couldn’t agree more, Eryk.  Jonas is not doing himself any favors by refusing to stay down, here.

X-Calibur: Jonas Coleman may be the dumbest son of a bitch I’ve ever fucking met.  Just stay down, kid.  Seriously.  Shit’s not going to get better. 

Lifting Jonas to his feet, Cade delivers a simple but effective spin- kick to Jonas’ mid-section.  As Cade runs back into the ropes, Jonas clutches his abdominals and falls to one knee, blood pouring profusely from his forehead. Using the point of Jonas’ knee as a step-ladder, Cade jumps up and smashes Jonas right in the grill with his left knee!

Eryk Masters: SHINING WIZARD!  That has to be it!

Other Guy: Such a scintillating move.  Nobody does it better than Cade, I must say.

X-Calibur: Come on, a retarded MONKEY could have seen that coming..

As Jonas lies on the mat a bloody mess, clutching his crimson face, Cade steps between the ropes to the outside. Measuring up his opponent, Jonas springboards to the top rope and launches himself off in a forward diving corkscrew splash!


X-Calibur: Bitch, please.  I could do a YUKON DOUBLE FIVE-STAR BACKFLIP FROGGY DOGGY SPLASH OF DOOM.  I’m not impressed.

Cade hooks a leg..




Eryk Masters: That was damn close…

Close only counts in horse shoes and hand jobs, Eryk.

Other Guy: Don’t you mean hand grenades?

X-Calibur: … now THAT is just stupid.

Keeping on with the momentum, Cade sits Jonas up. Reaching back, Cade throws a foot forward and connects square in Jonas’ sternum. Sensing the impact of the kick drawing an uncomfortable reaction from the crowd, Cade follows this up with another kick. And another. After the third one, Cade switches his balance and with his other leg he connects right in the back of Jonas’ head!

Dropping down, Cade hooks a leg deep..




X-Calibur: That was a slow count if I’ve ever saw one..

Holding his fingers up for "three" right in Lorenzo’s face, Cade complains that he pinned Jonas.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Cade heard X.

Other Guy: Pay attention, Champ!

X-Calibur: Reason # 34 I’m gonna win that title at Master of the Mat!

As Cade gets in Lorenzo’s face, a recovering Jonas slowly gets to his knees. Cade shoves Lorenzo back, clearly unimpressed with the official’s adamant stance on his two-count. Suddenly, Jonas rolls Cade up into a school boy!





Eryk Masters: Holy balls that was close!

X-Calibur: C’mon, Cade. A school boy almost beats you? Seriously? Fucking pussy…

Once Cade kicks out, Jonas is back to his feet… albeit looking a little worse for wear. Cade back to his now, and as he turns around he spots Jonas moving towards him. After some quick-thinking, Cade jumps up into a spinning motion and nails Jonas right on the button with a jumping spinning roundhouse kick!

Eryk Masters: Oh snap! Cade with a HUGE knock-out shot!

Other Guy: Not for nothing… but there’s a reason Cade is a former Iron Fist Champion. He can knock you out when you least expect it with his lightning fast feet!

X-Calibur: Look.  I’m a three time Iron Fist champion, and that bitch ain’t ONCE knocked me out.  EVER.  So save your hype for someone worth a shit.

Jonas seemingly unconscious, Cade hooks both feet again for another deep cover!






X-Calibur: That looked like three to me.

Eryk Masters: SOMEONE needs to watch a little Sesame Street and learn how to count!

Frustrated, Cade brings Jonas to his feet. Calling for it, Cade steps back into the ropes and measures The Butcher up for his patented enziguri.

Eryk Masters: Ninjagurai coming up!

X-Calibur: What a stupid name.

Other Guy: This coming from a sword, right?

X-Calibur: Careful, OG.  I’m pointy.

Charging forward, Cade jumps up with a leg extended… but Jonas ducks!

Eryk Masters: He missed it!!

Cade to his feet… but a completely bloody and battered Jonas catches him with a boot to the gut! Wrapping his arms up in a double underhook, Jonas lifts Cade up into the air… and SNAPS to the mat with thunderous force!


Eryk Masters: CADE IS OUT!!!

X-Calibur: You’ve gotta be… yeah fuck this noise.

X slams his head set down, and Jonas hooks a leg!




Eryk Masters: He got him!! Holy shit, Jonas Coleman just pinned the World Champion!

X-Calibur SHOVES Cassi Ryan down to the outside mat, mugging her of Cade’s World Championship.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… JOOOOOONAAAAS… THE BUTCEHER…. COOOOOOOOLEMAAAAAAAN!


Eryk Masters: NO!!!

Before Jonas can even get to his feet properly,  X-Calibur NAILS him in the back of the skull with Cade’s title belt!

Eryk Masters: That dirty rotten son of a bitch!

Other Guy: Jonas just achieved the greatest, most important win of his career… and he didn’t even get the chance to celebrate it!

Eryk Masters: X-Calibur and Cade may not like it, but if Jonas Coleman didn’t have a valid claim at the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship before, he certainly does now!

Looking down at Jonas Coleman, X shakes his head as he holds the World Heavyweight Championship high above his head….

… BAM!!!!

All of a sudden, Cade nails X-Calibur in the back of the head with a devastating NINJAGURAI!

Eryk Masters: WOW!! Out of NOWHERE!!!  Now X is OUT!!!!

Other Guy: Think he took offense to X putting his hands on that title?

Eryk Masters: That… or putting his hands on Cassi? I think X just learned a hard lesson here tonight. 

With X-Calibur now laying flat on his back next to Jonas, who lays flat on his stomach, Cade Sydal reaches down and picks up the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship.

Standing between the fallen bodies of Jonas and X… Cade Sydal raises the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship high into the air for the entire world to see, as the show fades to black.