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Revolution 82 – 9/11/2011



Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a very highly anticipated Tag Team match coming up for you. These two teams, at first glance, wouldn’t normally have much reason to fight. However, the past few weeks both of these teams have been very involved with both the Badass Brotherhood and Project: SCAR. 

Other Guy: That’s right, last week, after Dan Stein pulled off a miracle with a handful of tights, Frontline 2 Turbo wanted to get some payback for Project: SCAR ruining there chance at the tag team titles and tried to pull a mugging on Kenji. While they may have drawn first blood, they also started a war with not only Stellar Insanity, but their respected rivals in the Badass Brotherhood and the monsters in Project: SCAR. 

Eryk Masters: Let’s also not forget that Stellar Insanity were just trying to keep the peace when all that shit hit the fan. Once all the teams started fighting because of Project: SCAR, it took Stellar Insanity keeping a cool and level head to remind all the teams that the brawl that ensued was exactly what SCAR wanted. 

The lights in the arena die down, leaving only an old fashioned, black and white film countdown on the ADC-Tron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit as the ambient and melodic black metal introduction styles of Nachtmystium’s "Ghosts of Grace" is heard.


In comes the snare triplet leading into the first verse, the melodic and driving psychedelic black metal bringing forth Corey Lazarus, Hiro Takawa, and Gregory Price from behind the curtain, a spotlight hovering over them as they make their way down the ramp, Laz slapping high-fives and bumping fists with fans in the front row as Hiro calmly walks to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, weighing in at a combined weight of 450 pounds…

Corey hops up onto the apron as Hiro slides in under the bottom rope with Price walking over to their corner, chomping away on his gum.

Samantha Coil: Being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price, they are the team of Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa…

Corey holds his arms out to his side, nodding, and then steps between the ropes and into the ring, walking into its center to drop to a knee, his arms stretched out to his side again. Hiro runs the ropes, stopping only to roll to a crouched position next to his partner.

Samantha Coil: …FRONTLINE II TURBO!!

"Ghosts of Grace" dies down as both Corey and Hiro rise to their feet, backing up into their corner.  

The lights go out again and spotlights hit the entrance way as the crowd gets up as we hear one of the most famous openings in music history. Horns blast as the beautiful and world famous Rockettes begin to file out of the entrance ramp, two by two. The crowd roars their approval as two icons synonymous with the city that never sleeps being used inside Madison Square Garden. The song is so popular and so well known, that Frank Sinatra’s vocal stylings can barely be heard over the crowd who is singing along: 


"New York, New York" continues as the Rockettes who are are now lined up shoulder to shoulder stretched down either side of entrance way, facing each other, and start their world famous kicks in time with the beat of the song. And when Frank gets to "I want to be a part of it, New York" – Out steps Loco Martinez and Rocky Stellar. Both men in their rat pack influenced finest throw back suits. They smoothly work their way down the entrance way seamlessly walking between the kicks of the Rockettes. As they get about half way, Loco turns to Stellar and holds up a finger, and points at the Rockettes. Stellar sighs heavily, but nods a "Fine… Go ahead". Loco jumps into the kick line and joins in. 

Eryk Masters: Loco Martinez living out a life long dream, tonight. Stellar Insanity doing it up big and working on getting a crazy "Home field Advantage". 

Other Guy: You say home field advantage, I say "Blatant pandering". 

After a half dozen kicks, or so Loco jumps back out of the line and heads to the ring with Stellar. Once they get there they quickly work on getting out of their suits and getting ready for the match. 

Eryk Masters: Always the showmen. 

Other Guy: But will that "show" cost them in a match that could impact tag team contendership moving forward in SHOOT?  

After both teams deliberate with their respective partners, it’s decide that Loco Martinez and Hiro Takawa will start the match. As soon as the bell sounds, Loco and Hiro meet in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up! Instead of trying to overpower Hiro, Loco throws a kick to the thigh of Hiro. Hiro returns the favor with a high reaching knee to the gut of Loco! Loco, not to be out done, snaps off another stiff kick to the side of Hiro, both men refusing to let go of the collar and elbow tie up! Hiro looks to snap off a similar kick to the leg of Loco, but Loco, still not releasing the collar an elbow tie up, manages to jump just high enough to Hiro to whiff the kick! With Hiro whiffing the kick Loco releases the collar and elbow tie up and pushes Hiro to the ropes!  On the rebound, Loco ducks his head looking for a back body drop, but Hiro snaps a devastating kick, that snaps loudly throughout the arena, right into Loco’s face! Hiro leans back on the ropes and rebounds towards Loco, jumping into the air and crashing a knee down onto Loco’s face! Hiro goes for the early cover! 



Kickout by Loco! 

Eryk Masters: A lot of hard hitting action from both Loco and Hiro at the outset. Both men showing that they’re very capable of really throwing their legs around like vicious weapons. But one misstep by Loco and Hiro was all over him with some legwork of his own and a near fall. 

Loco grasps at his face for a moment, but Hiro wastes little time dragging Loco to his feet and flinging him into the Frontline 2 Turbo corner. Loco hits the turnbuckle hard as Hiro makes a quick tag to Corey Lazarus. Hiro stands in front of Loco, reaching back and wrapping his arm around Loco’s neck, Hiro takes a quick step forward with a beautiful Judo hip toss that slams Loco to the mat. While Loco was in mid move, Corey had already springboarded off the top rope and as soon as Loco hit that sitting position, Corey Lazarus slams Loco’s face to mat with a dropkick to the back of the head! Lazarus makes the cover as Hiro exits the ring! 




Other Guy: Looks like Loco was more worried about that fancy pants entrance than he was about the match because he is getting DOMINATED by the amazing teamwork of Frontline 2 Turbo right now. 

Eryk Masters: You do realize that Frontline 2 Turbo gave the tag team champions a run for their money at Redemption before SCAR got involved right? Frontline 2 Turbo are one of the top tag teams SHOOT has right now. 

Other Guy: Yeah…well…BACK TO THE ACTIONS, DAMMIT! 

Lazarus drags Loco to his feet, Loco fires off a wild elbow out of sheer desperation that grazes Lazarus. Lazarus takes a step back and snaps off a stiff kick to the ribs of Loco. Loco hunches over grabbing his ribs, Lazarus shoves Loco to the ropes, but when Loco hits the ropes he springboards off the middle rope with a spinning heel kick right to the chops of Lazarus! Lazarus falls to the mat like a ton of bricks, but Loco is down and unable to capitalize! 

Eryk Masters: Loco with an AMAZING kick off the springboard, he might have knocked Lazarus right out with that one! 

Other Guy: It doesn’t make much difference because Loco seemed to use the last bit of energy he had. If he can’t make the cover, then what’s the damn point? 

Loco is slowly starting to crawl to his corner, Lazarus is also just now stirring and slowly making his way to his corner as well. The crowd is going absolutely insane, they seem to be cheering on both members of both teams! Loco crawls to his corner, making one final leap to tag the hand of Rocky Stellar! Rocky rushes through the ropes, trying to stop Lazarus from making a tag! Rocky grabs Lazarus’ leg, Lazarus manages to make his way to a vertical base, Rocky still holding onto his leg. As Lazarus hops on one foot he quickly jumps up and CRANKS Rocky in the face with a kick! Rocky stumbles back, letting go of Lazarus, and the L-A-Z makes the tag to Hiro Takawa! Hiro springboards off the top rope with an elbow shot to Rocky Stellar! But it only staggers Rocky back a few steps. Hiro launches thunderous kicks to the knees of Rocky over and over again! Finally, Hiro gets Rocky to one knee and sprints to the ropes. On the rebound, it’s unclear what Hiro was going to do…because Rocky turns him INSIDE OUT with a clothesline! 

Eryk Masters: Rocky Stellar standing tall in the ring, every other member of every team is OUT! Lazarus and Loco are laying on the apron, still exhausted, and Hiro just got flipped head over heels by that clothesline! 

Stellar is sizing up Hiro…but suddenly, the lights in the arena go out and the eerie guitar picking that starts off Katatonia’s “Black Session” sound through the arena. The SHOOT video wall finally lights up and shows a grizzly hunk of bloody flesh out of focus, obviously, even with the blurring, there is a large wound on the flesh. When the main part of “Black Session” booms through the arena, the video wall comes into focus and the wound is actually a word carved into flesh. 


When the lights finally come back on, Stellar finds himself surrounded by both Kenji and Corazon. Referee Willie Dean is unconscious on the outside, holding his head! 

Other Guy: What the hell happened to Willie Dean!?  

Eryk Masters: Project: SCAR must have taken him out when the lights were out. I think the  winner and loser of this match has become a moot point though. This isn’t good…the other members of both Frontline 2 Turbo and Stellar Insanity are out cold. Stellar is all by himself here with both members of Project: SCAR 

Stellar looks to Kenji, cold blue eyes piercing, and then looks to Corazon, devastatingly evil smile beaming. Stellar doesn’t wait for an invitation and rushes Kenji and takes him down with a double leg takedown! Stellar only gets a few shots in before Corazon JACKS Rocky from behind with a double armed sledge! Kenji quickly gets up and helps Corazon as they continue to stomp away at Rocky. Kenji focuses on smashing his foot into Rocky’s throat while Corazon stomps away at the ribs.  

The crowd goes wild as out of nowhere Loco comes soaring through the air clotheslining Corazon! Suddenly Lazarus comes storming in grabbing Kenji from behind, the two start trading blows back and forth! Kenji starts taking the advantage on Lazarus, being fresh while Lazarus is still feeling the effects of his match, and slashes his nails across the throat of Lazarus! Corazon is also gaining the upper hand on a fatigued Loco with thunderous blows to the face. 

The crowd starts to go absolutely crazy as BAB, not even playing their theme music, sprint from the back and make a bee-line for Project: SCAR! Magnus tackles Kenji to the mat and Dresden clobbers Corazon to the mat with a tackle! 

Eryk Masters: This match has absolutely fallen apart! Once again, Project: SCAR has ruined a highly anticipated tag team match. 

Magnus JACKS Kenji in the face, spinning him around. Loco, finally recovering tries to snap Kenji with a superkick…but Kenji ducks and Loco nails Magnus! Dresden, turning around just in time to see Loco kick Magnus, rushes over and shoves Loco down to the mat in frustration! Rocky doesn’t care the reason, when he sees Loco shoved to the mat he immediately gets in Dresden’s face…and the two start trading blows back and forth! Magnus stumbles to his feet and tries to come to Dresden’s aid, but Loco intercepts him and tries holding him back! Dresden starts clubbing Loco’s back with heavy closed fist shots! 

Other Guy: This has turned into sheer chaos! What started as a bunch of guys who wanted nothing more than to stop Project: SCAR has turned into a total shitfest! None of these guys can see that Project: SCAR have slipped out of the ring again and none of them seem to care! 

This time it’s Lazarus and Hiro who start shouting at both Stellar Insanity and the Badass Brotherhood to look towards the entrance ramp where Kenji and Corazon are looking on with satisfaction at the chaos they have once again caused. 

Eryk Masters: Once again, Project: SCAR has turned these three teams somewhat against each other. I mean, I don’t know where any of these teams stand in regard to one another any more. At first, like we said earlier, you figured they’d all want to just stop SCAR but now…look at the seeds of hate that Project: SCAR has planted! 

Stellar Insanity, Frontline 2 Turbo, and the Badass Brotherhood all stand apart from each other in the ring, but they’re all staring at the entrance ramp at the two cold members of Project: SCAR. 


Jaime Alejandro pulls into the locker room with his jacket on.  He’s got his travel bag in his hands when he hears a whistle.  Someone whistling "The Ballad of the Green Berets."


Jaime:  Who’s there?

The whistling gets louder as the man in the white suit, and bowler hat walks up.  The man stops about five feet from Alejandro.

Fitchel::  Hello there Sergeant, nice to see you again.

Jaime nods to the man.

Jaime:  Fixer.  How did I figure you would be here in the very city that altered our course.

Fitchel gives a toothy grin as he nods back

Fitchel:: Yes, I figure it would a good place, and time to finally meet face to face.

Jaime:  Laura told me you were around.  You gave her a hell of a scare and lots of questions that I can’t answer for obvious reasons.  But I know eventually, she’ll have to know everything.

Fitchel:: Well, I felt it was my duty to let Miss. Seton know about a madman in her mists, and no Sergeant.  I’m not the madman.

Jaime:  I’m not, either.  You read the files on the Captain.  I turned mad after he pulled that stunt.  Why didn’t Washington know about him or his buddies?

Fitchel pulls out an old timey pocket watch and opens it up.


Fitchel::  Ten years it’s been since this country changed.  The world changed with it Sergeant.

Fitchel closes the watch and slips it back into his pocket

Fitchel: The men in Washington heard what I wanted them to hear, and in turn its what they wanted to hear.  Destroying morale was something the top brass didnt want heard and have people question not only their faith in their Commander in Chief, but their country.

Jaime:  And then you became a victim of circumstance.  I ended up in a hospital in Fallujah, then got shipped to Inchon.  After that, I heard from the Lt. Colonel that you were stuck in the desert.

A nod comes from Fitchel


Fitchel:: Yes, I guess while you were in one of your delusional states.  You slipped up and mentioned what had actually happened.  Do you remember the one thing I told you when we went our separate ways after you received your precious award?

Jaime:  Yeah, act like Stephen Owens and deny everything.

Fitchel nods as he walks closer and eyes Jaime.


Fitchel::  Exactly, and what did you do?  Get drunk, and spill the beans to some cutie at one of the local units.  You figured you’d expel your demons, and cleanse your soul.  Well, Did it Jaime….?

Fitchel walks right up nose to nose with the former solider.

Fitchel::  Of course not, and the demons just got worse didn’t they.  Since you couldnt keep that trap shut.  I got my notice, and I was fucked!

Jaime:  Yes, they did get worse.  And I figured out who the little cutie was.  Who she worked for.  Which is probably why a certain senator disappeared recently, wasn’t it?

 Jaime glares right at the spook.


Jaime:  I know you too well.  You’re not in this for a ten year old grudge.  If you wanted me silenced, I’d have taken a flight into the ocean directly after I talked.

Fitchel:: Oh no, me?  Have you sleeping with the fishes?  What am I?   An old time mobster?   No, I figured you would of realized your mistake, and help me out of that god forsaken country, but what did you do?  Finally did what I told you…  Remember nothing and shut the hell up.

Jaime:  How could I have even started to?  After they sent me out on the medical discharge, my clearances were gone.  I kept the passport and did something with the smarts I had.  You think that time at Oxford was for an education only.  You’d be surprised at who was keeping you there.  Would you like to guess who?  And trust me, you were safer in that pit.

Jaime pulls out his old Medical Discharge papers.  He points to a signature on the line.

Jaime:  Take a look at the name.  I had to put up with that, his moron state senator son and his punk ass of a grandson.

Fitchel snatches the papers from Jaime’s hand and smears

Fitchel::  Damn that man, but whatever the case is Sergeant.  We might have mutual respect for each other, but my job and my associate dictate what I have to do.  He’s the man that’s giving me my pay check.

Jaime:  I figured you weren’t doing this for your amusement, Ray.  So, I figure there’s only three people in this world who could afford your services.  One is a pretty good guy.  The other is a nitwit.  So, tell me.  Why did he buy you?

Fitchel:: Why me?  Hell, he could have gotten anybody off the street to come fuck with your head with the info he knows, but… He bought my knowledge to fuck with your head even more.   Dredging up your past to fuck with your mind, and then some.  He has his own motives, and mine are his for the moment.

Jaime:  So, taking cash until you can make a living again?  I understand that.

Jaime then lifts Fitchel up with both hands around the neck.

Jaime:  Just remind your client that his fight is with me.  If she’s harmed in any way.  You won’t have to worry about being burned.  Got me?

Fitchel gasps for air as he’s lived up and kicks wildly.  His foot lands hard into Jaime’s crotch.  Once free he backups.

Fitchel::  The message is loud and clear, but warn her thought that this battle is only between you and us.  She gets involved I cannot promise her safety Mister Alejandro.

Jaime gasps for a minute and stands up.

Jaime:  Wingtips are not good for the health, you know.  Do me a favor, though, in your free time…

Fitchel straightens himself back out as he glances over at Jaime.

Fitchel::  What’s that Sarg?


Jaime:  The Nakashima Kid.  I think you know what Van Warren has over him.  Don’t think you could find anything with how closed that country is, especially after the tsunami…

Jaime stands tall and nods.


Jaime:  Again, don’t have to.  Maybe that group of hedonists have plenty more than we do.  It’s amazing what men with money can do.  But, if you hear anything…

Fitchel nods.

Fitchel::  If I hear anything.  I’ll have it sent to you, but dont hold your breath.  I dont have as much pull as I Use to anymore.


Jaime heads to his locker.


Jaime:  And tell him, I’ll be waiting.

Fitchel nods as he turns and heads down the hallway.  Whistling the tune he came in to.



“Cut Out The Disease” booms from the speakers as Mason Pierce and Leona make their way to the ring. Pierce is attired in his wrestling gear underneath a black leather jacket, while Leona’s decided on her blue-jean, black leather boots and white blouse under a similar black jacket look. The duo make their way toward the ring. Pierce stops in front of a fan holding a “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” sign and takes it from the fan, saying something to him out of earshot of the camera before tearing the sign in half right in front of the fan and tossing it right back to him! Pierce and Leona enter the ring and he calls for a microphone. 

Pierce: Before things get started here and I beat the ever-loving daylights out of your little boy-toy Alex Brooks, I’ve got something I want to get off my damn chest. Ever since we’ve set foot here in New York City, the only thing we’ve been hearing is nine-eleven-this, nine-eleven-that, we will never forget, we will always remember, all day, every day. And to be quite honest, I myself have gotten sick and bloody tired of hearing it. You people need to get your damn heads out of the sand and quit living in the past. For Chrissakes, move.. the.. hell… ON. Get over it.  

This comment gets a loud chorus of boos from the capacity crowd. The camera pans to some fans who are just sitting in the crowd, mouths open, completely dumbfounded and in disbelief that someone would even dare say something along those lines. 

Eryk Masters : Did Mason Pierce just say what I think he just said? Of all the places, of all the times, he had to pick here and now? 

Other Guy : And something tells me he’s just getting warmed up. 

Pierce: You know, I can understand all your boos. I really can. Right now you probably want to break out the torches and pitchforks and have yourselves a nice little lynch mob. I know why. It’s because the truth hurts. It’s because you’re all so damned pathetic that you can’t let go of the past. It’s been TEN DAMN YEARS and you still whine and moan about all the people that died that day. You know what? We had a few bombs go off in London, too. Killed quite a few people as well. What did the Brits do? They moved on. Once the shock wore off, they got up, dusted themselves off and slogged right on. We didn’t bother to let it consume our life and, as you people put it, “let the terrorists win”. But not America. No… that’s asking too much. You did the exact opposite. And you’re still doing it. You want to know what those attacks accomplished? It got that warmongering oil baron you asked to lead you into the mood to go invade a couple of countries- ones that weren’t even involved in this little spat. But you couldn’t go attacking the country that supplied the US of A with not only the terrorists, but all that precious oil. No, that just wouldn’t do, would it? And look where it got you.   

The boos become even louder, and this seems to bring a wry grin to Pierce’s face.  

Eryk Masters : Okay, this is just going too far. For crying out loud, have some damn respect! 

Pierce: So what happens? You do the only thing you know how to do- you fire up the tanks and fighter jets and fly halfway around the world. You go looking for one man, and it takes you ten bloody years to finally do it. You tank your economy and put your country into the poorhouse to keep the guns and ammo flowing, the politicians are robbing your asses blind, and what do you do? Nine eleven. Nine eleven. You know what nine eleven really means? It means HELP. The one thing you people need most of all. Every damn one of you out here needs to wake the hell up and quit being a damn sheep. Start thinking outside the bloody box. Quit listening to the talking heads and letting everyone else tell you what to think and what to accept as fact. You people want to talk about respect? How about showing the raw meat out on the front lines some respect and tell them why they’re actually fighting. Quit giving them that “you’re fighting for America’s freedom” rubbish. They’re fighting to keep the so-called “military-industrial complex” in business. The same kind of people that keep my kind in business.  

Eryk Masters : Okay, now this is just going too far. Insulting our troops now? This guy had better shut his mouth before these people start rioting.  

Other Guy : They’re pretty much on the edge as it is.  

Pierce: You people boo me right now, but later on you’re all going to be thanking me, and you damn well know it. You people need a wakeup call. Consider this it. Anyone in the back got a problem? As soon as I’m done with little Brooksie, I’ll be more than happy to oblige you. Freedom of speech. Ain’t it bloody wonderful? You’re welcome.  

Pierce tosses the microphone over the ropes as Leona leaves the ring. 

Eryk Masters: It will be interesting to see if anybody from the locker room challenges Pierce for such blatant disrespect. I know of a few SHOOT Project Soldiers that were United States Military. 

“Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters booms over the Public Address system and the crowd practically jumps to their feet with cheers for their hero Alex Brooks. 

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Denver, Colorado… Alex Brooooooks! 

Eryk Masters: Is it just me or does he not look very focussed? 

Other Guy: He has been a no show all week so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has other things on his mind. Maybe all the games Cronos has been playing have finally taken their toll. 

Brooks hops over the top rope and into the ring the signals he’s ready to go. 

Eryk Masters: And there’s the bell. 

Other Guy: And down goes Brooks. Pierce took him down with a mean clothesline from hell and is now pounding on him. 

Brooks tries to cover up from Pierce’s barrage of punches but too many of them are connecting and Mason passes his guard and straight up head butts Brooks. 

Eryk Masters : Wow. Brooks is absolutely shell shocked by Mason’s onslought. And this crowd does not like it one bit. 

Rather than pin Alex, Mason drags him up off the mat and backs him into a turnbuckle. He begins to place Brooks into a tree of woe position but Brooks breaks free from his attacker and sweeps him to the mat. Brooks and Pierce are back up at the same time and Mason charges in with a right hand but Brooks rolls through. 

Eryk Masters: Oh snap. That had to hurt. 

Other Guy: Alex Brooks is dead. That was a brilliant counter. Stepping past the dropkick and hitting a powerbomb. 

Pierce sensing the match growing to an end, turns his attention to the crowd and smirks… taunting them. He picks the dazed Alex Brooks up and whips him into the ropes then quickly delivers a decisive and vicious boot to his midsection, following it up with a double axehandle to the back of the neck. Brooks drops to the mat lifeless and Pierce glances outside the ring, where Leona nods her head and raises her fist up underneath her chin. 

Other Guy: Cute interaction between Pierce and Leona. 

Eryk Masters: Are you kidding me? That’s what you have to say when Brooks is getting handed the beating of his life? 

Other Guy: What else can you say? Brooks really looked to be getting momentum back again and this Mason Pierce guy comes along and destroys him. It’s over. 

As if having heard this from OG, Pierce mounts Brooks with an evil grin on his face and soaks in the chorus of boos from the crowd, dragging one arm over his knee and sliding his arm under the free one in a half nelson. He lifts Brooks up and reaches over, grabbing the free arm and pull it back. 

Eryk Masters: Manchester Necktie! And Brooks isn’t even moving. 

The bell rings but Pierce refuses to relinquish the hold as he wrenches back harder. After four warnings from referee Dennis Heflin, Mason finally lets Brooks go. Heflin raises Pierce’s hand in the air. 

Samantha Coil: You’re winner at a time of seven minutes and twenty-three seconds… Maaaaaason Pierce! 

Eryk Masters: Mason picking up a very convincing win tonight. He’s definitely on his way to bigger and better things. 

Other Guy: Yes he is. That wasn’t just a beat down, that was a statement. Mason Pierce is a contender. 

Eryk Masters: One has to wonder what happened to Alex Brooks though. Hardly any fight in him at all.


We cut to the locker room area of Madison Square Garden as the ever-lovely Abigail Chase stands with a SHOOT microphone in her hands. The hallway she’s standing in looks absolutely decimated, pictures of famous MSG moments on the wall have had their glass shattered and food from catering has been strewn throughout the backstage area. Abigail looks a bit nervous as she approaches a particular doorway, one marked "Hierarchy Locker Room: No Press Admittance". She turns to face the camera and forces a smile. 

Abigail: I’m standing outside of The Hierarchy’s private dressing room here in Madison Square Garden and there looks to have been some sort of altercation or commotion back here recently. Considering what’s been happening with these men as of late, I’m going to try and get to the bottom of this. 

The nervous backstage reporter attempts to knock on the door, drawing in a deep breath before her first knock. Strangely, when her hand makes contact with the door, the door creeks open as if it wasn’t even closed properly. Abigail pushes against the door as the sound of food trays and furniture being moved stirs from within. The entire locker room is eerily quiet and dark as she squeezes her way inside. 

Abigail:   …hello? Is…is anyone here? 

Suddenly, from out of the darkness, comes the massive form of Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov who runs at the door in a violent frenzy. Abigail can’t help but let out a scream, her back pushed up against the door. 

Yurinov: Nyet, you must leave now. 

Abigail: I’m…I’m…sorry, I just wanted to… 

Yurinov: Please leave. 

???:  Let her in. If she wants a story so bad, we might as well give her one. 

Yuri’s face instantly grows despondent as he steps aside, letting Abigail take a few terrified steps further into the room. 

???:  And for Christ’s sake, turn on some lights. This isn’t the set of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest cinematic abortion, is it? 

The sound of a guttural groan, followed by more items in the room being knocked over can be heard from the darkness until Yuri obediently turns on the light. Abigail lets out another startled gasp at what she sees. The once beautifully decorated and luxuriously lavish private dressing room has been completely destroyed. Desks and chairs have been smashed to kindling, windows have been cracked and the leather couch ripped apart as if a knife had been taken to it recently. The private wet bar can barely be distinguished any more, every bottle of liquor broken and every glass shattered. Sitting in the middle of the chaos is Azrael Goeren, wearing the remnants of a button down shirt and a ripped pair of black slacks. His stringy blond hair dangles across his face, his fingernails bloody and deep scratch marks stretch across his arms and face. 

Goeren: Mein Gott im himmel. where are my manners? Have a seat my pretty little thing. Can Yuri get you something? A Fresca? Some Dimetapp?  

Abigail, looking as pale as a ghost, grabs hold of one of the unbroken bar stools and brings it closer to Azrael who is sitting Indian-style on the floor. She sits down in front of him, but makes sure she’s still a good enough distance away. 

Abigail: I’m fine Mr. Goeren. 

Goeren: Please, call me Henrik. It’s about time someone in this disgusting company showed you some respect. You do a fantastic job here, you know that? 

Abigail: Th…thank you? 

Goeren: You don’t deserve any of the filthy antics that these miscreants do to you every week. When I run this company, I guarantee you that there will be no more Tanya Blacks or Project: SCARs or Cade Sydals around to sully your good name. We in The Hierarchy only want to make SHOOT successful, it’s the idiotic masses who are dragging their feet and keeping you in the rather unfortunate position you’re in. 

Abigail: What happened here? 

Goeren: Oh this? 

Azrael looks around as if he’s taking in the devastation for the first time. 

Goeren: Just a little cooking accident, nothing to worry your adorable head over. X-Calibur and Mirage will be here shortly if you’d like to stick around and get a photo-op. 

Abigail: Well, until they get here do you mind if I ask you a question? 

Goeren: By all means, go ahead. Although I’m pretty sure I already know what you’re going to ask me. 

Abigail: You do? 

Goeren: I do. And the answer is yes, you can pre-order my new hair products on starting tomorrow! 

Abigail: That’s great and all, but I was going to ask how you were doing after losing your match last week against Jacob Fisher. 

Azrael’s mood instantly darkens at the mention of his name as Yuri slaps his forehead in the background. 

Goeren: I…did…not…lose…Hörst du mir, du dumme schlampe? I didn’t fucking lose! That Russian retard back there distracted me, he stupidly got involved in a match that I was only seconds away from winning! He’s the reason I lost, I’m the Megastar damn it! I don’t lose! 

Yurinov: You told me to come down to the ring and do that. 


Like a Germanic volcano ready to explode, Azrael’s face has turned a dark crimson red. He stands up and violently kicks the stool out from underneath Abigail as she sprawls to the floor. She quickly gets to her feet and runs for the door with an irate Azrael chasing her all the way, throwing vases and vodka glasses at her from behind. 

Goeren: I’m the reason that SHOOT even exists today, men like me don’t lose to worthless vermin like Fisher! I could beat the Gunslingers with both my arms, legs and left testicle amputated, do you hear me?!  

Azrael smacks The Hierarchy’s massive Russian bodyguard in the chest. 

Goeren:  Even with this man-child as my albatross of a tag-team partner, I could beat the Gunslingers in any sort of match they could come up with. FUCK THAT. I could beat ANY tag-team in SHOOT today. No, no, no…fuck that AGAIN! I could beat any tag team in the whole god-dammed world! 

Abigail manages to dive out of the locker room and covers up on the floor, expecting more projectiles to be thrown. None come however as Azrael appears to be lost in thought. His face suddenly softens and he approaches the doorway with a smile. 

Goeren: So you don’t leave empty handed my dear, here’s your scoop. Next week at Revolution 83? I’m issuing an open challenge. Just to prove how dominant of a tag-team specialist I truly am, myself and Yuri over there are going to take on all comers in a special tag-team gauntlet match. Bring on the Brotherhood. Bring on Project: SCAR, bring on Frontline II TURBO. We’ll take them all on. And please…please…PLEASE…bring on the Gunslingers. If Fisher and Erichson aren’t cowards that is. 

With that, Azrael slams the door shut as one of the hinges falls to the floor with a loud clang. Abigail gets to her feet and runs as fast as she can out of the backstage area, clearly wanting to get as far away from Goeren as she possibly can. The camera focuses on the door for a moment before we fade to black.



Samantha Coil: The Following contest is set for ONE Fall and has a fifteen minute time limit, and is part of the Sin City Championship Series. Making his way to the ring, first…

The Tron snaps to life with a flapping French flag. And the boos nearly drown out Darth Vader’s famous breathing that opens "Caballero" by Assassin pours over the audience in all its amazing French-ness. Baptiste steps out onto the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Baptiste has given up on his Rumble dreams.

Other Guy: Wrong, Masters. Last time he was in a SHOOT ring he left under the ropes. So He is legally allowed to walk around. Which we saw the last few weeks. As long as he doesn’t get tossed over the top rope in this match, and leaves under the ropes? He still has chance.

Eryk Masters: Only in his mind’s eye.

Baptiste extends his arms and spins showing off the long blue robe bedazzled with authentic looking gems. With his back turned to the capacity crowd we see the fleur de lis – a true symbol of excellence synonymous with Monsieur Baptiste- outlined in what appears to be diamonds while rubies fill the inside layers.

Eryk Masters: I wonder who does his bedazzle work?

Jean-Gerard walks to the ring looking like he smells something rotten as New York unleashes their hatred upon the frenchman.

Samantha Coil: …. from Bordeaux, France. He is the Internation ICON. Jean. Gerard. BAAAAAPTIIIIIISTE!!!!

Baptiste walks up the steps, wipes his boots on the apron and steps into the ring. As he takes off his robe, again belittling and threatening the ring attendant responsible for the well being of his precious robe.

Eryk Masters: So ridiculous. He’s a grown man, Baptiste! I think he can handle taking care of your bedazzled bath robe!

Other Guy: Bite your, tongue. That is the height of French fashion.

Caballero fades away.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The opening sounds of the remixed "Whatever Gets You Through Today" by The Radio go throughout the arena, giving way to a thunderous ovation from the New York City crowd.

Other Guy: As popular as she is, I don’t think I’ve heard a crowd go so crazy for Laura Seton.

Eryk Masters: Can you blame them? She’s won Olympic medals for the country. If there’s any non-military vet that deserves an ovation tonight, it’s her.

The opening lyrics begin before "Milk & Cookies" walks out to a rousing ovation, her sister Madison at her side…

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

Laura grins and poses at the top of the ramp as red, white and blue pyro goes off behind her.

Other Guy: Many theorize sports were a big help to this country healing and with the athlete Seton is, this crowd sure is backing up that theory.

Eryk Masters: Remember fans, she’s not just a fan favorite here in SHOOT, but from those medals—she’s a representative of this great country.

Other Guy: Not as much as the veterans—

Eryk Masters: Not as much as the military veterans, that is correct, OG; but her class and personality puts right at the top of the next tier of people that represent America.

The sisters make their way to the ring, Laura giving out as many high fives and fist bumps as she can before sliding in the ring and posing on the turnbuckles, giving fans the chance to use their flash photography. As she gets off the last turnbuckle, she rips off her warm-up suit to reveal a replica of the Atlanta Dream’s powder blue road uniform—but instead of "ATLANTA" across the chest, it reads "AMERICA."

Eryk Masters: I don’t think you could find two more diametrically opposed people in this Sin City Chamionship Series. I also don’t think you’ll find someone more hated in New York City than Jean Gerard Baptiste and Laura Seton. The Frenchman and the All American Golden Girl.

Gerard and Seton stare one another down as a "U-S-A" Chant begins to echo through Madison Square Garden.

Eryk Masters: These fans making their allegiance known right out of the gate!

Austin Linam calls for the bell and the two approach one another. JGB swings with a wild right hand, but Laura ducks it, and nails a thigh bruising leg kick. JGB swings again, but she again ducks it and nails a leg kick on that same leg with pin point accuracy. Baptiste shakes his head, frustrated, and steps back, but Laura doesn’t give him time or space, running in and delivering a low drop kick that sends Baptiste to the mat. She jumps up and quickly drops a leg across the back of JGB’s neck. She shoots a half nelson and makes a cover on Baptiste.


Two…NO! He powers out.

Eryk Masters: She spoke of her speed, and we’re seeing it on display. Getting her a near fall and frustrating Frenchy!

Other Guy: That’s disrespectful, Eryk!

Eryk Masters: Just showing him the same respect he shows the USA week in and week out.

Both are back up, and Laura puts every ounce into a European uppercut.

Eryk Masters: I guess we’ll rename that the American Uppercut.

She winds up and rocks him with a second "American Uppercut". She grabs him by the wrist and whips him into the corner. She follows up by running and leaping driving both knees into the torso. Baptiste staggers out of the corner a few steps before falling face first onto the mat. Laura pumps her fists, and the crowd roars their approval. She stalks Baptiste, waving her hands over her head looking for more crowd noise, psyching the people and herself up.

Other Guy: This place is electric, Eryk.

As soon as Baptiste is up Laura reaches for the full nelson.

Eryk Masters: Looking for the Cookie Cutter!

Baptiste senses this and drops down, taking a knee and grabbing her on the way down and flipping her over with a snap mare take down. He quickly slides out of the ring to take a breather.

Eryk Masters: Frenchy taking a powder.

Other Guy: And just a reminder he went UNDER the ropes. He hasn’t been eliminated!

Eryk Masters: I just don’t know if its a good idea to time waste when there is a 15 minute time limit.

He walks to a young fan who has a water in the front row. He rudely snatches it and takes a big swig and pours some on him to "wake himself up". The crowd unleashes their hatred, and he looks around totally flabbergasted by the outpouring of negativity being directed his way. As he turns around he is leveled by Seton with a suicide dive through the ropes.

Eryk Masters: She calls that the Buzzer Beater, and I know she won’t call it this, but I can… maybe the "Bastard Beater" would be more fitting tonight.

Laura nails a few nasty stomps, before going and jumping up on the apron. She perches there waiting for Baptiste to regain his vertical base. He starts to get up, but then quickly drops to a knee. He takes a few more seconds. He finally gets up and Laura jumps off the apron looking to hit a Thesz Press, but JGB senses this and is able to catch and twist and plant Laura with a nasty spinebuster on the outside. The crowd "ooohs" at the impact.

Eryk Masters: Good… GOD!

The two combatants are down. Austin Linam starts his 10 count.

Other Guy: That’s a game changer. The WNBA’er just got slam dunked!

Linam is up to 4….


6…. Baptiste is up, and slides into the ring.

7…. Laura is up to a knee.

8…. She gets to the apron and rolls in and is met with a vicious stomp to the torso. He follows that up with a knee. He scoops her up and slams her down with body slam. Follows that up with a boot. Scoops her up again, and again slams her down.

Eryk Masters: An effective way to slow her down. Work those ribs and back. The damage started from that vicious spine buster is now Baptiste’s focus.

Other Guy: Everything hurts when your ribs are sore or broken or tender. Even the shallowest breath is a task.

Baptiste makes a lateral cover and viciously puts his forearm across Laura’s face.



Th-NO! She kicks out. Baptiste snaps a disbelieving look Austin Linam’s way. He makes the same cover and even more viciously puts his forearm across Laura’s face.


two- NO! She kicks out. Baptiste slaps the mat. He gets in Austin Linam’s face. Pleading his case that it should have been a 3 count. Linam holds up 2 fingers. Baptiste gives him a series of angry pokes to the chest, and Linam follows suit, pointing to the SHOOT logo on his referee’s shirt. Again the crowd breaks into a "U-S-A" chant as Baptiste turns around, rolling his eyes and waving his hand dismissively at the referee. Much to his surprise Laura is up behind him and she leaps up and snaps off a hurricanrana She stays on top and manages to hook a leg.

Eryk Masters: She could have him!



THRE-NO! Jean Gerard just gets a shoulder up. Its Laura’s time to shoot a look Austin Linam’s way.

Other Guy: We know what kind of week Laura has had with referees… we might see a PG Princess Hissy Fit meltdown.

Laura continues to glare at the referee and buries a nasty kick into Baptiste’s ribs. She winds up, and delivers another nasty boot. Baptiste attempts to roll away. Laura bounces off the ropes and nails a baseball slide dropkick that sends Baptiste out of the ring and to the mat with a thud. She slides out of the ring, and as Baptiste gets to his feet, Laura whips JGB hard into the barricade. She pumps her fist and lets out a yell that the crowd returns. She goes to charge in, but Baptiste steps out, picks her up and drops her chest first across the barricade.

Eryk Masters: Seton got caught!

Baptiste slumps to the ground recovering. While Laura lays across the barricade. Maddie goes to check on her sister. Baptiste slowly gets up as the referee gets to 4…

5… Baptiste grabs Laura in a bear hug. He gives a squeeze, a shake, and then charges, driving Laura into the ring post. He backs up two steps and again drives her spine into the unforgiving steel of the ring post.

7… Baptiste dumps Laura on the apron. Pushes her in, and slides in after her. He rolls her on her back. Makes a lateral press.


Two…Puts his feet on the middle rope for added leverage.

Three-Austin Linam hits the mat, but waves it off immediately, pointing to the legs that have been placed on the middle rope.

Eryk Masters: Austin Linam on his game, and this match will continue!

Baptiste shakes his head and begins to admonish the referee, but is interrupted by a roll up from Laura…



ThNO! He shoulders out. He gets up and as Laura gets up he levels her with a heart punch.

Other Guy: I wonder if that’s considered getting to second base with Laura?

He jumps to the top rope and waits for her, and as she gets to her feet he launches with a missile drop kick that connects with violent authority. Baptiste drops an elbow across her chest for good measure before hooking a leg and making a cover.



Thr-NO! Laura gets a shoulder up,

Eryk Masters: Baptiste can’t believe it!

Baptiste is livid as he stomps down on Seton. He heads to the corner again, and waits for Laura to get to her feet. The crowd begins a "Lets go Se-TON" chant trying to rally the PG Princess. She groggily gets to a knee and Baptiste launches off the top looking for his top rope leg lariat.

Eryk Masters: Fall of the Guillotine.

Laura dives underneath him, so he lands awkwardly in a seated position. Laura gets up attempting to capitalize. She goes to lock in a full nelson.

Other Guy: Looking for the Cookie Cutter!

Before she can deliver it:


The referee jumps in waving his arms. Laura looks confused for a minute and then realizes what he’s saying she releases Jean-Gerard. She slumps back against the ropes. Baptiste falls to the mat, he rubs the leg he just landed on as Samantha Coil makes an announcement.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the time limit has expired. So the time keeper has declared this match a DRAW!

The crowd boos, and Baptiste and Seton stare one another down for a few moments before Laura slides out of the ring and she and Madison make their way to the back. A few moments later Baptiste slides out and grabs his robe, angrily and heads to the back.

Other Guy: A tie is like kissing your sister, Masters. No one wants to do it, but when it happens it makes EVERYONE uncomfortable.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what’s more frightening, that thought, or the fact that I totally agree. I hope these two get another chance in the near future to settle things.


Bobby Brooks is storming past the catering tables like a man posessed, holding a tape in his left hand and clenching his right. Having already been to Cronos’ locker room and anyone he may or may not call friend, he’s beyond pissed that he can’t find him. He stops in the middle of the hallway and finally yells. 

Bobby Brooks: CRONOS! 

The sudden yell startles the nearby Abigail Chase who begins to move toward Bobby but he simply moves on and storms past road agent after road agent. 


Cronos wheels out into the hallway on an office chair with Contessa in his lap. 

Cronos Diamante: Oi! What’s your… 

The office chair hits a groove in the cement which sends Cronos and Contessa spilling from the chair and into metal boxes. Bobby turns around to face him. 

Cronos Diamante: Son of a bitch that hurt. Can’t a man get laid in… 

Bobby Brooks: Shut up. You lied to me! 

Cronos shakes his head as he stands up and helps Contessa to her feet. He stands in front of her, blocking her from view, while she “gets fully dressed.” 

Cronos Diamante: I lied to you about what? 

Bobby steps toward Cronos, inches from his face. He doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t know what to say just yet. Cronos looks past Brooks and sees Keichi grinning. He makes a face at Keichi and waits. 

Cronos Diamante: Ok. I lied. You’re not supposed to eat garlic on a date. That’s what you’re mad about, right? I can smell it. You didn’t get… 

Bobby pushes Cronos so hard he flips over Contessa and lands on his side awkwardly. 

Cronos Diamante: Ok enough of the floor meeting Cronos. We’ve been introduced and we don’t like each other. 

Bobby pounces on top Cronos and holds the tape out, gritting his teeth. 

Bobby Brooks: This tape, Cronos… it shows everything. You lied to me. You played me. You’ve been sabotaging my entire family this whole time. And for what? 

Bobby hands the tape to a road agent he’s somehow summoned over. Cronos quickly pushes Bobby off him and stands up, brushes himself off and looks to Bobby completely confused. 

Cronos Diamante: We talked about this, Bobby. There are those that would see our friendship destroyed. It… 

“…is a perfect plan. Alex will be so pre-occupied with me corrupting his brother that he won’t know what to do. Bobby is as good as mine and so is his Rule of Surrender Championship….” 

Cronos looks at the television that shows Contessa and Cronos talking in bed. 

Cronos Diamante: Oh. 

Cronos looks at Keichi again who tips his hat, having betrayed him. Cronos grits his teeth then meets Bobby Brooks’ eyes once again. 

Bobby Brooks: Why! You were my friend, Cronos. 

“… he’ll think I’m his friend. His best friend. A brother. Yes. A brother….” 

Cronos Diamante: Well… the tape doesn’t lie so there’s no use hiding it anymore. And you’re of no use to me anymore. Say goodbye. 

Cronos tackles Bobby into a Pepsi Machine and begins to pummel him, right hand after right hand meeting Bobby’s face and kidneys. An untrained “civilian” against a “soldier.” 

Contessa: Cronos! NO! STOP IT! 

Cronos rolls Bobby on his stomach and begins pounding his head into the cement repeatedly. He’s absolutely snapped. He then begins elbowing Brooks in the temple. 

Contessa: CRONOS! He’s just a kid! Somebody help! 

Cronos stands up and kicks Bobby in the gut as hard as he can then spits in his blood stained face. Cronos then stomps on his face and turns him on his belly again and sits on his back. He locks one arm in for the Ne-Han. He goes for the second but he’s forcefully pulled off the young man. 

Voice: That’s enough, Cronos. 

Cronos turns around and stands face to face with Gryffin Anselm. Anselm stands ready to defend himself just in case Cronos’ senses haven’t come full circle. Cronos looks to a frightened Contessa and down to his handiwork. 

Cronos Diamante: Listen… we… 

Gryffin nods his head at what’s behind Cronos. 

Gryffin Anselm: Security. We can talk later. Get out of here. 

Cronos looks to Contessa then to Gryffin. Anselm nods, knowing what’s on his mind. Cronos ducks into the locker room with security and the police following him. Meanwhile, paramedics attend to the wounded Bobby Brooks.


Jaime is walking out of his locker room. He’s got on a set of American flag trunks and a FDNY red shirt. He’s also wearing his 5th Special Forces Group beret on his head. He’s a bit quiet as he’s got a small bear and a rose in his hands. So, what’s the meaning of this? You’ll see…

He walks along the hallway of MSG, until he sees Laura, out of her match.

Jaime: Um… Hi there. So, about this week… I’m sorry I didn’t say anything.

Laura: Look–

She reaches up and lets her hair out of her ponytail as she has a big breath.

Laura: You can’t just be getting up and leaving someone in the middle of a meal and you can’t not call later that night to explain why. I’m not one to resort to worrying but when I don’t get even a text or something until later the next day, I wonder if something happened.

He hands Laura the rose and the bear.

Jaime: I’m not much on gifts, and I know this doesn’t make up for what I did. But… I’m sorry, Laura. I just didn’t want you to deal with what’s going on in my head right now. I know I was a jerk, and I probably don’t even qualify for forgiveness. You’re probably the best thing in my life at the moment, next to my kids….

Laura: You don’t need to buy me off. You’re still a friend, but leaving me–and mind you I sat there for another 15 minutes wondering what was going on–was very disrespectful.

Jaime nods to her.

Jaime: It was. But I’m not buying you off, either. This week hasn’t been the best for me. And one of these days, I’ll tell you everything, if you want to know. I just don’t give away my secrets, though.

Madison: Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt–

Laura reaches back with the arm she has the bear in.

Laura: Quiet.

Madison snatches the bear from Laura’s hand, as she turns back to Jaime.

Laura: Just try to keep what I said in mind for future reference.

Jaime: I will, actually.

He looks over at Madison, who’s looking at the bear, and probably naming him.

Jaime: Is she the one who used to date Jay, our favorite Freakshow…

Laura: For lack of a better term…

Jaime: Figured that… I’ll be sure not to mention where I live, then.

He then looks right at Laura.

Jaime: This beret on my head came with the price of bad memories and friends who died. This week we’re in, caused me to see children die. And you know what broke my heart more than any divorce or anything people could take away…

Laura: Come on…don’t do this to yourself. Not before your match.

Jaime: You’re right… This is a time to heal. I’ve needed to for years.

Laura: That crowd, hopefully, will help. YOU’RE the guy they’re going to blow the roof off for. Good luck, sir. Let’s go, Maddie.

Jaime: Wait…

He takes off his Beret puts it on Laura’s head.

Jaime: You take good care of this for me…

The sisters look confused at the act.

Madison: What’s—-why did you do that?

Jaime: Don’t worry about it, kid.

He pats Laura on the cheek.

Jaime: Now, time to go play with the college kid.

He smiles and heads up to the Gorilla position and waits for the cue.

Jaime: And Laura, let’s say the Dream win… You pick where to go to dinner. If not, still applies.

Laura nods towards Jaime, then simply turns around as Madison looks at her new toy.

Madison: I think I’ll name you Javier.

Laura quickly spins back around.

Laura: Javier!?

Madison: Or, for short, Jay!

Laura has a sigh and shakes her head, causing Madison to smile.



Samantha Coil:  The following is a contest in the Sin City Championship Series. 

The lights go down slowly, as we see the various trons in MSG show one name…  ALEJANDRO. 

“Scream with Me” by Mudvanye cranks up, as we hear Chad Gray’s lyrics come across the PA.  Jaime Alejandro comes out from the entrance way and kneels to the ground.  He’s looking at the ground and gives out a Hail Mary.  He then snaps up and yells to the crowd, “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME.” And punches into the air.  The crowd goes nuts, as he moves out into the floor.  You can hear chants from the audience saying his name. 

Other Guy:  And Alejandro showing his props to the NYC people, as he was giving away tickets to cops and firemen this week. 

Eryk Masters:  We also see what FDNY gave him, as he’s pimping that shirt out to the ring. 

Jaime is walking to the ring in a red FDNY shirt with his American flag pattern trunks.  The crowd starts chanting more as he holds out his arms to slap hands.  He takes off his shirt and hands it to the ring crew to keep an eye on.  Then, he pulls himself up on the apron and moves to the corner. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first.  From Mexico City, Mexico.  He is a former Green Beret and proud veteran…  He is JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

Eryk Masters:  The former Special Forces Operator out in full force tonight, OG.  He’s probably the most imposing challenge for his opponent tonight. 

Jaime moves into the ring and jumps up on the second rope of the corner and holds out his arms.  The flash bulbs all around MSG start popping all around. 

Other Guy:  No kidding.  Alejandro was born in a professional wrestling family.  He wrestled as an amateur in the Army for their Toughest Warrior series, as a Heavyweight. 

As we hear “Redundant” by Green Day.  The youngster known as Danny Corsair comes down to the ring.  He keeps his hoodie tight to his head.  He’s intimidated by the crowd a bit, as he’s not used to this big of an arena.  He slaps a few hands on the way down. 

Eryk Masters:  The kid is looking a bit tense, but as we said, he’s taking on the biggest challenge on the biggest stage. 

Other Guy:  No kidding.  The Mecca is the biggest stage ever for anyone to step into.  Once you do, you’re golden, man… 

Corsair walks along the steps and takes off his hoodie, and passes it to the ring attendant.  He enters the ring and stretches out a bit against the ropes. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent from Mundelin, Illinois.  He is a former NCAA All-American wrestler.  He is DANNY CORSAIR! 

Austin Linam rings the bell and they’re off.  Alejandro and Corsair are circling the ring slowly.  The MSG crowd is cheering at they see both men looking for their spots.  They know they’re in for a technical treat tonight, as both men lock it up.  Alejandro gets the push as he’s taller and stronger, but Corsair pushes back with all he’s got.  Then, Jaime tries for a hip toss, as he’s got the sheer advantage.  Yet, Corsair also swings himself around and comes to pull Jaime over instead with a hip toss. 

Eryk Masters:  The kid getting the advantage early, OG.  Just catching the veteran off guard… 

Other Guy:  He’s going to have to do that, E.  Jaime’s an emotional animal, but he’s also very composed in the ring.  So, Corsair is going to have to keep locks, tosses and ground on him. 

As Jaime springs up, Danny plants him with a dropkick to the chest.  The veteran goes back on his ass hard.  The kid’s surprised to see that Jaime actually was in the right spot to take that kick. 

Other Guy:  Nice move, kid!  But don’t celebrate! 

Danny is celebrating that kick.  But as he does, he doesn’t realize the vital rookie mistake he just made.  Jaime’s back on his feet.  As Danny moves back around, Jaime is on one hand and plants him with a Capoeira kick to the skull. 

Eryk Masters:  That’s a near 300 pounder planting skillful kick on his opponent! 

Other Guy:  This is why Danny needs to study every opponent.  Alejandro may be one of the strongest on our roster, but he’s also one of the most surprising. 

Corsair leans back against the ropes, almost surprised at what he just saw.  The MSG crowd starts cheering as both men are now nose to nose.  Corsair nods to Jaime.  Jaime nods back to the kid as they start the Mexican Standoff.  Both men are circling again in the ring.  Then another lockup!  Both men are grinding for their position.  Jaime gets the advantage with the chinlock planted in.  Corsair gets down to one knee. 

Other Guy:  The older and smarter Alejandro with that chinlock.  Not saying that Corsair is dumb.  He’s down on his knee to not hurt as  much. 

Eryk Masters:  That’s actually right, OG.  Corsair is the shorter of the two, so Jaime’s got to use more energy to keep the kid locked in.  If he goes to his knees, Jaime’s got to go lower. 

Other Guy:  And we don’t know if Jaime’s still got a ground game. 

Corsair is remaining focused, as he knows he can easily get out of this chinlock.  He’s trying to remember all the tapes he watched.  Then, the idea hits him.  He puts an arm around Jaime’s waist and lifts up and falls back!  Alejandro lands hard on his back.  Taking the opportunity, Corsair goes for it. 



Eryk Masters:  Good effort by the kid.  But he’s going to have to do a bit more to take down the big man. 

Other Guy:  No kidding, E.  He put some stink on the back suplex, but Jaime’s not the easiest to take down. 

Jaime pulls himself to his feet and nods to Corsair.  Corsair rushes for the double leg takedown, and instead eats a knee.  Alejandro pulls him up and brings in the front face lock with his right arm.  He pulls the left arm behind his back and pulls the kid up with a hard suplex.  He keeps it locked in and swings his legs around to keep going.  He attempts another one, and Corsair blocks it and takes him over for one of his own! 

Other Guy:  Danny popping the hips and forcing Jaime out of Three Amigos! 

Corsair then tries to swing his legs up and pulls up the larger Alejandro!  He attempts his continuation, but Jaime swings the kid over for his second suplex.  The veteran swings his legs over one more time and pulls up the kid, but Danny blocks him one more time for his second suplex on Jaime! 

Eryk Masters:  Corsair scouting out Jaime’s tapes, I’m impressed!  Only very few have stopped a run of Three Amigos.  And in very few, I mean Donovan King and Issac Entragian. 

Other Guy:  That’s not bad company to be in, wrestling wise. 

Danny swings his legs and tries to complete his series.  He lifts up the big man one more time, but Jaime has him locked in and carries over the kid with a hard landing.  He’s worn out from this back and  forth, and he tries to get out of the lock.  Corsair swings his legs around and pulls Jaime up!  He’s got the big man locked in!  The vicious snap suplex carries Jamie over on his back.  The kid goes for another pin! 




Other Guy:  Almost there, Corsair!  He’s not easy to keep down! 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime and Danny putting on one hell of a show for the people of New York City.  Almost want to call it Dueling Three Amigos. 

Corsair looks at Linam, but Austin signals the shoulder raising.  The kid is frustrated, but he also knows that he has to keep his head in the game.  He’s still got Jaime on the ground, though.  He pulls up Jaime and locks him into a butterfly and lifts him up mid-air and drops him on his back.  And he’s got a cross arm-breaker applied to Jaime! 

Other Guy:  Holy shit!  Did you see that!  When did he lock that in?!! 

Eryk Masters:  Corsair trying to keep it on the ground against the veteran.  We know who created this move, but let’s rename it, OG! 

Other Guy:  Agreed, because this is the Corsair Special! 

Jaime’s screaming with all he’s got, because Corsair isn’t letting that arm go.  He’s keeping it pulled tight.  The big man is looking for anywhere he can put a hand or a leg on a rope.  Danny is trying to keep Jaime away from the ropes.  He knows if Jaime gets one good push to the ropes, he’s out of luck soon.  Jaime is looking for his escape, but Danny keeps pulling back.  Then, foot hits rope! 



Corsair has to get up and back off.  He looks dejected, but the people give him plenty of applause for that one.  Jaime pulls himself up and tries to get his arm working.  He shakes it out for a minute, but doesn’t realize that he’s about to get bum rushed with another double leg takedown.  Corsair pulls him up and over for a front mount.  He tries to go for a lock, but Jaime is punching upward.  Corsair has no choice but to put up his own guard. 

Eryk Masters:  Corsair was going for a front mounted choke, but he almost forgot that in professional wrestling, you can punch your opponent! 

Other Guy:  Not to mention the big man saw that coming a mile away.  This gives him time to keep the kid guessing, while getting his arm working. 

Jaime punches upward harder, and the kid is trying to keep from breaking the mount.  As he moves, Jaime lifts upward with his hips and pushes Corsair off hard.  He lands on his back, and Jaime moves perpendicular to him.  He puts his left leg bent under Corsair’s neck.  Then, he pulls his opponents right leg under his right arm.  With that same arm, he’s pulling back the wrists by the fingers.  A final lock of the left hand on his right wrist.  Now, he turns ninety degrees and wrenches! 

Other Guy:  That’s the fucking CHIKARA Special!  No way he knows that shit! 

Eryk Masters:  Again, the experience of Alejandro, who’s able to learn anything at any time. 

Other Guy:  The move innovated by Mike Quackenbush, it’s hard to break out of, but I think Corsair can… 

Jaime is twisting his body in, as Corsair is now the one in extreme pain.  The fans are cheering in amazement as the two men in the ring have put on a relative clinic for all to see.  Jaime is keeping the pressure on the wrist and the legs.  Danny is scrambling to see if he can even move around for a rope.  Jaime’s keeping the action grounded.  He keeps trying to twist harder, but then…  Corsair has a finger gripping the rope! 




Jaime lets go of the hold and shakes his head. 

Eryk Masters:  Holy hell!  Look at those two go.  We thought it was going to be a back and forth contest, but this is a pleasant surprise.  Corsair is hanging with the legend. 

Other Guy:  This isn’t an instant classic, but the kid can look at this tape and realize that he’s proving a lot of people wrong. 

Jaime is sitting down on the ground, almost worn out from what he’s seen.  The kid has taken him to the limit, and he’s got to reach deep down for more.  Corsair is also sitting back against the corner as his leg and wrist were stretched beyond what he’s even felt in a college submission hold.  Both men are winding down a bit, as the MSG crowd urges them on.  They stand up one more time.  Jaime’s hair, no longer slicked back, and his curl showing as the sweat took away any water or hair product.  Corsair’s hair is in the same shape, at the moment. 

Eryk Masters:  This is what we didn’t expect.  Corsair is smaller and less experienced.  Yet here he is…  Standing toe to toe with a giant.  This isn’t David and Goliath.  This is youth vs. experience. 

Other Guy:  Jaime’s not pulled out his power game, and Corsair is not pulling out his speed.  Both men going back to skill and instinct…  And it’s about to get real. 

Jaime holds out both hands.  Corsair locks in his hands.  Both men are moving for positioning.  The veteran tries to move the arms around and pull them under, but the kid keeps the arms locked.  The true battle of wills, as both men are locked in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock.  Corsair slips his head under Jaime’s right arm and lifts upward and over.  He keeps Jaime locked in and keeps the shoulders down… 




Eryk Masters:  Look at that!  Jaime’s powering out of the Greco-Roman pin! 

Other Guy:  For every move, a counter.  For every counter…  There’s a way out of it. 

Eryk Masters:  Couldn’t think of the finish, eh? 

Other Guy:  Not really. 

Both men are back on their feet one more time.  The crowd is looking at the two men, standing one more time.  Jaime looks at Corsair.  Corsair looks back at him.  Both men are breathing in heavily.  The older man yells to the kid. 

Jaime:  To the end… 

He then holds up his fist. 

Danny:  To the end. 

The kid bumps his fist. 

Eryk Masters:  This one might go to the wire, OG… 

Other Guy:  They’ve been toe to toe all night, so why not? 

One more time, they lock up hook and collar.  Corsair pulls him over with a huge spin and plants Jaime with a Belly to Back suplex.  Jaime rolls over on the ground, as Corsair goes to his knees.  He gets the veteran in a chinlock of his own.  Alejandro pulls himself up to his knees, as the kid tries to keep it all locked in.  Jaime is moving a bit and slapping against the chest of his opponent, and then, he locks his arms around Corsair’s waist and pulls him over for a back suplex! 

Jaime kips himself up quickly and sucks in a bit more air.  He pulls up the prone Corsair and locks him into the Fisherman’s position.  With a quick spin, he nearly breaks the neck.  Then, he locks those arms in for… 





Jaime releases the hold and sits up, as Corsair is holding his neck.  Linam holds up Jaime’s arm as he’s too fatigued to try to stand back up. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner!  JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

Eryk Masters:  The kid doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of.  He took the veteran to the limit in this match. 

Other Guy:  Not one bit, E.  I’m gonna give props.  Only Donovan King’s taken Jaime to the limit like that.  The kid isn’t there yet, but at this rate, he’ll get there. 

Both men are sitting up.  Danny feels a bit dejected, but he offers his hand out to Jaime.  Jaime takes his hand and pulls him in for a hug.   Both men are patting each other in the back.  Jaime then raises the kid’s arm for the crowd to see as the MSG crowd applauds the effort of one Danny Corsair. 

Other Guy:  The big man showing his props to the kid, too.  They’re both worn out, but I doubt this will be the last time we see these two face off…


Poisonous green eyes stare forward, a gaze that is wholly hollow…yet behind those eyes, endless fires are burning. His thoughts are a maelstrom in his head, and his heart has slowed down to a lazy, reptilian thump. The blood in his veins feels cold, so terribly cold…but this brings him no discomfort…if anything it strengthens him. 

He relaxes on a solitary steel chair placed near the red glow of an EXIT sign, almost as though he’s drawing heat from the sign, as a cold-blooded animal would. The click of heels invades his bubble of serenity, and immediately…he resents the intrusion. 

Abigail Chase approaches cautiously, wearing a long leather skirt and a red top, her hair piled atop her head in a stylish bun. Abby makes certain to keep a safe distance between herself and the Iron Fist Champion, trying to casually lean up against a wall as she raises her trademark mic to her ruby red lips. 

Abigail Chase: Isaac, I was hoping to get a few comments from you tonight regarding the main event. How do you feel about facing Donovan King & Diamond Del Carver? What is going through your hea— 

Abby feels her mouth suddenly become very dry, as though she might choke if she tries to get another word out. Something in Entragian’s expression has changed. His white hair is lank about his head, freshly washed…and his eyes have rolled up to stare holes into her face. Making eye contact with him at this moment is like looking into polluted sewer pipes, she can’t bear to see what’s lying under the surface. 

Abigail Chase: …This…might be a bad time, Isaac…I’ll just… 

In a deceptively quick movement, Entragian barrels up to his feet and presses his body against hers…backing her up against the wall. He leans in close, pressing his nostrils deep into the scent of her hair. 

Entragian: What does fear mean to you, Abby? What is your DEFINITION of a monster? Maybe you can take a page from Donovan King’s playbook. He says that I am a HUMAN BEING, Abby. No reason to fear a human being, right? 

Isaac casually draws his head back, and he brings his pale hands up…only to take his thumbs and smear Abigail’s lipstick against her own cheeks, creating a Joker-esque smile. 

Entragian: Fear…is a complex emotion. You press certain buttons, and suddenly…your subject becomes petrified. It’s something of an art form, actually.

You have to pluck at the nerves like violin strings; you have to DRAW fear from a person as you would draw water from a well. Am I drawing from you, Abby? Do you feel those emotional triggers being pressed? 

The young woman’s entire body has started to tremble against Isaac’s cold flesh, a single tear dripping down her face, causing her mascara to run. She nods, and that nod is laced with desperation. 

Entragian: That’s right, you painted harlequin. At this moment, you are TASTING fear. It’s bitter. It’s like a single drop of rattlesnake venom on the very tip of your tongue. It’s been too long since men like Carver and King have felt fear, they’ve grown corpulent with their own inner pride…they think they are IMMUNE to fear. 

Isaac chuckles against Abby’s hair, whispering into her ear like her oldest, closet friend. 

Entragian: I intend to prove otherwise. Tonight, King gets just a preview of what I bring to the table. For Diamond Del…it’s very different. This is just the beginning for him, just the first step on what will become a long and grueling road. It won’t be long on that road before Delroy Carver’s feet start to bleed… 

Entragian smiles; and Abby can feel his breath against her neck. That breath is freezing cold, despite the fact that the air around them is room temperature. A little moan escapes Abby’s lips, like the sound of a small animal just before a predator tears it’s throat out. 

Entragian: Donnie King said that I am nothing more than a human being, Abby. Donnie is absolutely right about that. Adolph Hitler was a human being. Charles Manson was a human being. Jeffrey Dahmer was a human being too, Abby… 

See, the soil of a human being’s heart is RIPE for evil, Miss Chase. Once it gets inside of you, it grows there….it spreads…it CONSUMES. It drives men and women to do…unspeakable things… 

Entragian leans closer to Abigail Chase, so close that he can feel her heart beating in her chest like a jackhammer. Abby closes her eyes tight; hoping with every fiber of her being that this nightmare will soon end. 

Entragian: Here’s a little secret, sweetheart. Just between you and me, and all of the eyes watching us right now. Human beings….are the worst fucking monsters to ever walk this EARTH…because we aren’t the stuff of nightmares or broad imaginations. We aren’t the phantoms lurking beneath your beds, or the bogeymen hiding in your closets. 

We are REAL, Abigail. We EXIST. We are the soulless things that walk among you, and we never truly go away. So you know what I say to Donnie King? Yes Donnie, I am a human being. I am a VERY human monster…and I’m damn proud of it. 

Entragian lets his forked tongue slip out, and he licks Abigail’s cheek, leaving a trail of saliva covering the young girl’s face. Entragian then backs off without a word, and he vanishes into the shadows of the hallway. 

Abigail Chase slinks down to a crouched position against the wall, her microphone dropping from her hand. She looks like someone who just looked death right in the face. She wipes at her cheek with her sleeve, his eyes BRIMMING with terror and disgust. We cut away on her emotionally scarred expression. 



OG: Here we go! Sin City Championship Series match! Sin City Title Match! We have it all up next.

Eryk: Indeed. Tanya Black looks to continue her dominance against another Round 1 winner in the resilient Maya Nakashima.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall! It is part of the Sin City Championship Series and is also for the Sin City Title! First to the ring he is the challenger from Nagasaki, Japan Maya Nakashima!

The lights die down and the electronic opening to "One Room Disco" by Perfume starts to resonate and beat through the arena. The tron pulsing with the opening beat with bright colors, the crowd anxiously rise to their feet, some even clapping with the tune. When the first lyrics sound, several pink spotlights search through the crowd, the entrance curtain surrounded by pulsing pink and white lights. Finally, Maya makes his way through the curtain to a loud ovation of fans cheering and chanting. Maya stands at the top of the entrance ramp for a moment, looking out at all the fans. He gently puts his hand on the bandana around his nose and makes his way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent from Boston, Massachusetts she is the Sin City Champion "The Alpha Female" Tanya Black!

You Don’t Know, You Just Don’t Know Me At All

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of men and women being laid out and taken out with one person being a constant. Seeing the video the fans begin to focus their excitement as the speakers spring to life.

As You Don’t Know Me continues to play sending a wave of excitement across the arena Tanya Black emerges out of the back singing along to the verses for a moment before walking to the ring shaking hands with the fans and giving a few hugs.

Having gotten to the ring Tanya stands in the middle of the ring and sings along to the song as it concludes as Tanya bows in respect to the fans before taking off the Sin City Title and holding it above her head for all the fans to see. With that the song dies down as Tanya paces the ring and stretches, waiting for the match to begin while the referee takes the title belt and hands it off to the time keeper for safe guarding.

OG: I think Tanya bribed Samantha to call her that.

Eryk: That wouldn’t surprise me at all. But did she use her own money?

With that the bell rings and both wrestlers move to the center of the ring. Shaking hands they eye each other carefully before Tanya goes for a lockup. Hooking Maya up for a body slam, Maya slides out and lands behind Tanya shoving her into the ropes and dropkicking the champion as she bounces back. The fans cheer but Tanya quickly gets up to her feet and surprises Maya with a lariat that downs the challenger for a moment before he kips up. The fans make even more noise seeing the two wrestlers evenly matched. Tanya and Maya face off again and Maya goes for a kick but Tanya catches the leg and pulls Maya in locking up a belly to belly suplex before standing up and encouraging Maya back up.

OG: This is what we expected to see. Tanya knows she can’t get a quick win tonight. Maya Nakashima is ready to win.

Eryk: Both wrestlers are ready to unleash everything they have tonight.

Maya gets up to his feet and goes for a punch to Tanya’s head which she easily blocks only to get caught by a low roundhouse that stuns her, leading to a series of kicks to Tanya’s side before Maya hits a jumping mule kick to Tanya’s chest knocking her to the mat. Wasting no time Maya jumps to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and goes for a corkscrew elbow drop that drives all the oxygen out of Tanya’s body. Smiling at his good luck Maya runs towards the ropes and goes a springboard corkscrew splash but at the last moment Tanya rolls out of the way causing Maya to crash to the mat. Both struggle to their feet and Maya goes for a high roundhouse but Tanya ducks it and chops Maya hard against the chest. Maya staggers and Tanya laces into Maya’s chest with a series of chops as the audience gets louder with each chop until Tanya grabs Maya’s arms and traps them in her own arms before hitting the multiple headbutts letting go only to pull Maya into a snap DDT. Before Maya can shake it off Tanya grabs him up and hits a Michinoku Driver II.

OG: Maya’s brain just got damaged by Tanya Black!.

Eryk: Indeed, the champion is setting things up well for that Tough Love finisher we’ve seen her use. Maya has to shake things off or he’s dead in the water.

Tanya smiles as she listens to the fans cheer for both competitors in the match. Seeing Maya moving Tanya quickly whips him into the corner post and as Maya slumps down into a sitting position Tanya hits the Bronco Buster before grabbing the ropes and driving both knees into Maya’s face. Feeling confident Tanya Black backs off and takes a moment to compose herself. As Maya struggles to get up he hears every fan in the building chanting his name. Hearing the fan’s support Maya gets to his feet and claps along to the chant’s rhythm. Tanya looks around and just smirks as she advances but Maya catches her off-guard with a Snap Enziguri that levels the champion. Sizing Tanya up Maya waits and hits the Step Up Dropsault knocking Tanya out on the mat. Looking around Maya thinks for a moment before grabbing Tanya and tossing her outside.

Eryk: What could the challenger be up to with this move? Tanya’s a dangerous brawler and is at home outside the ring.

OG: Indeed but Maya Nakashima is getting some huge pops and that is making the petite wrestler bold.

Maya rolls to the outside and is almost caught off guard as the struggling Tanya springs back to life and hooks up the Side Effect driving Maya into the ground causing both to lay there for a moment. Getting to their feet Tanya locks up with Maya who shocks her by hitting a heart kick before kicking her in the gut with a front kick. Backing up several steps Maya hits For Japan on the outside causing Tanya’s head to be driven into the ground with a sick thud causing a huge pop. Not wasting any time Maya rolls into the ring to break up the count before rolling back outside. Repositioning Tanya Maya gives her a couple kicks to the body to keep her down before rolling back inside. Climbing up the corner Maya takes a moment to blow kisses to the fans before leaping off with an incredible 720 splash that devastates Tanya!

OG: Holy Hell! Tanya Black is dead!

Eryk: If not she can’t be having fun anymore! That was an awesome display of fearlessness!

Getting to his feet Maya seems to realize the flaw in his plan and begins dragging Tanya’s lifeless body towards the ring. Forcing her up and into ring again Maya finally maneuvers Tanya into the middle of the ring and goes for a count.


Maya looks deflated as he feels Tanya resist. Hitting the ropes Maya goes for a springboard moonsault but Tanya gets her knees up and skewers Maya. Slowly Tanya gets to her feet and sways back and forth dizzily as Maya stands up only for Tanya to regain her second wind and hit a Stunner. Grabbing Maya by the hair Tanya looks a bit upset and hits the reverse neckbreaker sending Maya crashing back down to the ground. Getting up to her feet Tanya mounts Maya and begins pummeling him with fists to the head before standing up and dropping the jumping knee to Maya’s forehead. With her gaze getting a far off look Tanya hauls Maya up and surprises everyone by hitting a Tiger Driver.

OG: We’ve seen this before. Tanya’s feeling her sadistic side.

Eryk: The champion has be to getting a bit out of sorts with how back and forth the match is. No one can keep the momentum.

With Tanya staring at Maya, contemplating what to do next the audience begins to boo as Flash Dynamite begins walking to the ring wearing a three-piece suit. Moving to ringside he watches with interest as Tanya looks around to see what has distracted the referee. Seeing Flash outside she gets upset and tells him to leave as the referee warns her to let him handle it. Turning her back after one more warning Tanya goes to hook Maya up for Tough Love but he shoves her off and hits a wheel kick to the face as Kid Lighting runs out and begins to try and urge Flash Dynamite to the back, Lightning looking confused about why Flash is out here to begin with.

OG: Oh god both of these losers are out here. Can we please start locking the locker room doors during matches?

Eryk: This better get settled soon because both wrestlers in our actual match are starting to wear down.

Running the ropes Maya watches Tanya stagger to her feet and aims just right to hit the OTS laying Tanya Black out in the middle of the ring. Going for the pinfall Maya waits and waits and looks up realizing that the referee is distracted by the arguing Flying Avengers to do notice the pinfall. Standing up Maya pleads with the referee to pay attention and he dashes down to count the delayed pinfall.


Maya looks shocked as Tanya barely gets her shoulder up. Freaking for a moment he gets up and after building up some more momentum nails a second OTS making sure the referee is focusing and hooks both legs of Tanya as she falls to the mat again.


With that the bell rings as Maya Nakashima jumps to his feet and celebrates not waiting for the official word as the fans pop along with him.

Samantha Coil: Your Winner and NEW Sin City Champion MAYA NAKASHIMA!

OG: UPSET! UPSET! New Champion! Maya is the new Sin City Champion and racked up two more points in the SCCS.

Eryk: Still even with the distraction it took two OTSes not to mention several other huge moves to put Tanya Black down. I can’t help but think the rematch might be a show stealer.

As Maya leaves the ring to go celebrate his title win with the crowd Tanya Black comes to. Being told what happened she screams in rage and shoves the referee back. Running across the ring she hits a baseball slide kick to Kid Lightning before grabbing him and tossing him into the steel steps. Screaming incoherently Tanya Black rams Kid Lightning head first into the security railing before Flash Dynamite pulls her back only to hand her the trademark red lead pipe. Smiling sadistically Tanya smashes Kid Lightning in the face with the pipe as he falls to the ground his face a crimson mask. With security racing down the ramp Tanya Black leaves, as Flash Dynamite refuses to look at his tag team partner instead following Tanya Black with his face averted towards the ground as the fans scream their unhappiness with Tanya’s actions.

OG: I don’t know what to say except Kid Lightning looks god-awful.

Eryk: We knew Tanya Black has a temper but she just went over the edge tonight. I’m more concerned with Flash Dynamite and his allegiance though.



The fans of Madison Square Garden all rise to their feet to thunderous applause as Trey Willett emerges from the curtain. He walks to the edge of the ramp and waits, looking over the fans in the arena.



Trey looks back to the curtain as his wife and child emerge to stand next to him. The fans lose control as Trey’s son walks up and grabs hold of his father’s hand.


The three make their way down the ramp. Brandon, clearly enjoying the attention, tries to slap hands with as many fans as possible. Trey smile to his son and the two of them stand side by side, acknowledging as many fans as possible on the way down.

At the bottom of the ramp, Trey takes a leap onto the apron, sling-shooting himself over the top rope. He leans over and reaches towards both of his sons hands, pulling him over the top rope as well. Janet makes her way through the middle rope as the fans still applaud the three. Trey grabs his son under the arms and picks him up to the top turnbuckle. As soon as he places his son back on the mat, he pulls a microphone from his pocket.

Trey: It feels so good to finally be back home!

Trey cracks a grin, clearly enjoying his cheap pop.

Trey: Tonight I don’t want to talk about wrestling. Too many people are here to give you one hell of a show without me. No. Tonight is about something different.

I know there are guys in that locker room, just like all of you out here, that have made New York City their home. This is where I was born and raised, and it’s the best damned city in the entire world. For me this night is about remembering. This night is about all of us gathered together remembering that horrible day ten years ago. That day that over 300 of America’s bravest giving their lives for freedom. Every day we face a new challenge. Every day we have people stand in our face and tell us that we are wrong. Wrong for believing the way we do. Everyone wants to take a shot at the USA. But that day? That was the beginning of us showing them that we are ready to stand together. We are ready to fight for something greater than ourselves.

I’ve heard all day about today being a day of memorial. A day to remember the lives that we lost. I say no. Today is a day to always remember the will. The sheer indomitable will that resides in the soul of every American. This is the day to stand proud and say, "No. I will not stand for your oppression any longer. I AM America, and I will not stand by and let terror rule the world. I am America, and I WILL stand tall."

Trey’s family begins to clap as the fans roar in appreciation.

Trey: Most of all, today is a day to say thank you. Thank you to every single one of the 2,819 who gave their lives. Thank you for showing us what is it to be a fighter. Thank you for reminding us of the will. Thank you for everything you have done. You will never be forgotten.

I just want one more thing from each and every one of you tonight. I want the entire city of New York to hear you. I’m going to hand my son the mic, and when he says "Thank you" I want each and every one of you one your feet. I want you all to repeat it and wake up everyone in this city. I want the arena to shake with the gratitude for those whose lives were taken from us ten years ago today.

Trey hands the mic to his son. Every fan in the arena rise to their feet. Trey smiles as Brandon pulls the microphone to his face.

Brandon: Thank you. Thank you every day!

The fans echo with resounding force. Brandon hands the mic back to his father as "Carry On, Wayward Son" hits the PA one more time. Trey and his family make their way back to the locker room as the fans are still one their feet.


Back inside the Hierarchy’s trashed personal locker room in Madison Square Garden, Azrael Goeren is trying to mend the black leather couch that he undoubtedly destroyed earlier in the night. He stretches out a long piece of duct tape and covers the massive knife gash in the upholstery, dusting his hands clean as he admires his work.

AG: There, as if it never happened.

Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov shakes his head, looking about the chaotic room which is still in shambles from Goeren’s earlier tirades.

AG: Don’t you be giving me any attitude over there you vodka-gulping Cossack, get back to sweeping! I want this place sparkling before X and Mirage arrive, I want this floor so pristine you would be proud to do lines of coke off of it!

Yuri angrily sweeps a concoction of dust, broken glass and wood pieces into a dust pan before the door to the locker room swings open and X-Calibur dramatically enters the room. He quickly scans his surroundings and holds his arms out to his side in a look of disbelief.

X: What the fuck happened here?!

AG: Don’t look at me, blame Sasquatch over there. He acts like he’s never cleaned up debris or blood or semen before in his life. Oo! Look at him X, did you see him roll his eyes at us? He doesn’t even have his potato sack on! That’s insubordination!

X closes the door behind him and points at his bodyguard like a dog who just shat on the floor.

X: YURI!  Get over here…

Yuri doesn’t move.

X: WHAT’D I SAY?!  When I say come here… you obey.  You want to act like a fucking mutt, you’ll be treated like one.  NOW GET YOUR RUSKY ASS OVER HERE!!

Closing his free fist until his knuckles crack, Yuri unhappily obliges.

X: Good boy!  If only I had some beggin’ strips…

This draws a chuckle from Goeren, despite his unpleasant mood.

X: YOU, sir… need to stop causing trouble for myself and Herr Goeren. We already got enough on our plate without worrying about how badly you’re going to fuck up the simplest of tasks each week. And if I catch you outside without your potato sack on again, then no more rubles for you!

The Hierarchy’s bodyguard clutches the broom tightly, trying to keep himself from crushing his employers. X slides into the leather couch and kicks his feet up on the broken coffee table, glancing around the room.

X: You okay Azzy baby? 

AG: Me? I feel like a million bucks, and nothing has even kicked in yet. You have to go easy on the retard though, he’s my tag-team partner next week.

X: You gotta start writing better jokes.

AG: No I’m serious, I issued an open challenge to any tag team in the world who wants to fight me next week in a gauntlet match. Consider it a little message I’m sending to the Gunslingers to show just how out of my league they both truly are.

X: Why are you wasting so much time on those two? Just say the word and we’ll take them out for good. That’s what we do.

AG: Nein, thank you mein freund but this is a personal matter. I need to attend to this situation very…delicately. Trust me, when it’s time to put the kill shot in on those two, I’ll let you both know. But what about you? What are we going to do about Sydal and Coleman? Can I bloody my boots any time soon?

He sighs.

X: Hehe, no need, dude.  What I did to Jonas last week should suffice.  He doesn’t have the balls to try anything like that again… and if he does?

Shrugging, X mindlessly fiddles with the duct tape.

X: … well, then I’ll just make sure I chop them the fuck off next time.  Besides, Jonas isn’t the issue, Azzy.  The ISSUE… is The Hierarchy claiming the World Heavyweight Championship.  And… well… there’s another issue we haven’t talked about yet.

Goeren looks intrigued, as well as taken off guard.

AG: Oh?  What is this other issue?

Sighing, X looks around at the mess for a moment before answering.

X: A couple weeks ago… I went ahead and put forward a contingency plan.  For both our sakes. And Mirage’s of course.

AG: Wait. What do you mean… "contingency plan"?  And why didn’t you include me in on this?

He smirks.

X: Didn’t want to get your hopes up, Azzy.  Y’know, in case it didn’t go through.  But as it turns out?  It went through.  It might cost us a pretty penny… or twelve pretty pennies… but I think it’ll all be worth it.

AG: The suspense is killing me!  Tell me, X!

X: Well… since you asked… because of how all of us been involved with our own separate issues as of late, including Yuri and his inability to find a potato sack that actually FITS… I went and scouted some "prospects" for the Hierarchy.

Goeren looks to be in utter disbelief.

AG: You’re not saying…

X: Yep.  I am.

AG: And next week? We just might see Phase 1 of  the "application process". If ya catch my drift.

Goeren looks stunned.

AG: I… I… REALLY?! You’re telling me that The Hierarchy is… is… about to- Oh Mein Gott!

X chuckles happily to himself as Goeren’s excitability increases ten-fold.  Tucking his arms behind his head and interlocking his fingers, X closes his eyes rather peacefully.

X:  The SHOOT Project is our oyster, buddy.  The World Title is OURS.  There’s no ST- AHHHH!!!

The busted up couch’s legs finally collapse, thereby tipping it over and sending X-Calibur rolling backwards in an awkward heap.  Crashing into the wall with a hard THUD, followed by a painful groan, Azrael Goeren covers his mouth in shock, as Yuri and Mirage both try stifling a laugh.  Especially Mirage.

Standing up fast, trying to forget what just happened, X brushes his suit off.

X: Just be fucking ready for next week, okay?!  I… I got shit to do, Goddammit.  Fuck this… out of my way!!! 

Angrily walking towards the door, X stops and shoots Yuri a loathsome glare.  Opening his mouth as if he planned to say something, X stops and closes his fist.  Pointing it at Yuri, he shakes it a few times before opening the door and disappearing down the hallway a seething wreck. 

3M:<./b> Okay.  I’ll say it.  I know he’s our Hierarchy comrade and all, but… yeah.  That was fucking hilarious.



The Becoming" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and the crowd voices their negative opinon of Jack Reed as he makes his way through the curtain.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first, accompanied by Dr. Lander……Jaaaaaaaaaaaaack REEEEEEEEEED!

Eryk Masters: This is Jack Reed’s debut in the SHOOT Project, and he is none too thrilled with his choice of opposition.

Other Guy: That’s putting it mildly. Jack Reed is looking to escape his past, and with having to face someone FROM his past, that isn’t the best way to start that.

Jack Reed marches straight forward through the mass of humanity to the ring, not bothering to look at or acknowledge the fans in any way. Dr. Lander takes his time, though he as well ignored the people, carrying that special bell with him.

Other Guy: What’s with that bell, Eryk?

Eryk Masters: Apparently, that bell is what Dr. Lander uses to help Reed "switch" so to speak. One ring of that bell, and Jack Reed becomes a different person.

Other Guy: That’s new.

Reed and Lander finally make it to the ring, the crowd still booing them pretty loudly. They turn and look back towards the entrance way, Dr Lander actually scanning the crowd for any sign of Reed’s opponent tonight. And then….the lights go out.

Other Guy: You know, that really scares me sometimes. It’s like we forgot to pay the electric bill.

The crowd is buzzing, as this isn’t normally part of Lunatikk Crippler’s entrance. Then, new music hits their ears over the PA.

Eryk Masters: What? No Wesley Willis tonight?

There is doom in the words of the fallen

Blinding the minds of the young

There are truths in the lies of forgiveness

Fall down and worship the sun


"Inspiration" by Mushroomhead continues to play as spotlights are scanning the crowds, looking for Reed’s opponent for the evening….And there he is! Lunatikk Crippler is found walking down the stairs to the ringside area from the crowds. The MSG fans are going wild, trying to get a piece of Crippler as he stares straight ahead, not taking his eyes off of Reed.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, from South Bend, Indiana…….Lunatikk Criiiiiiiiipplerrrrrrr!

Eryk Masters: Both men have locked intense eyes here, and Crippler isn’t even in the ring yet!

Other Guy: This one is waiting to explode, and we’ve got ringside seats.

Crippler hops the guardrail and slides in the ring. The lights come back up and Crippler and Reed are nose to nose in the ring, Reed showing off his patented smirk, Crippler nearly snarling.

Other Guy: Now, I know we’ve all called Lunatikk Crippler an idiot in the past, but with the roll he’s been on in the Sin City Championship Series, do we really want to piss him off, Jack?

Eryk Masters: Reed’s no fool. He’s looking to get Crippler to make as many mistakes as he can. And why shouldn’t he? That’s the best chance Reed has to beat him.

The ref is trying to seperate the two, but neither man is willing to budge.

Eryk Masters: Austin Linam having some difficulties separating the two.

Other Guy: They wanna go? JUST LET THEM GO!

Linam agrees. After trying to separate LC and Reed, he gives up and signals for the bell. As soon as it goes off, Reed springs into action, laying a big right hand to the side of the face of the Crippler. Crippler follows up with a right of his own, and pretty soon, we have a slugfest a brewin, both men trading right hands.

Eryk Masters: They are starting this fantastic fracas with a fast and furious flurry of fists!

Other Guy: Say that five times fast.

Eryk Masters: No.

Crippler gets the upper hand as Reed hits the canvas first. But he doesn’t let up, pouncing on top of Reed in the full mount, raining down hammer fists as Reed tries to cover up.

Eryk Masters: Crippler is relentless! He doesn’t want to let up on Reed!

Other Guy: He better soon, or he’ll end up disqualified!

Linam is shouting at Crippler to watch it with all the closed fists, but LC isn’t having any of it. Reed is still covering his head and face, his arms absorbing most of the blows, until Linam catches a right arm of Crip, pulling him backwards off of Reed. Linam and Crippler fall back, and Reed hurries to his feet. Crippler catches sight of this and gets up, only to catch a thumb to the eye!

Other Guy: Cheap shot by Reed. Crippler’s anger is already costing him, and this match has barely begun.

Crippler grabs at his face and now Reed is ready to take over. Reed bounces off the ropes and comes off with a dropkick to the knee of Crippler, who falls to that very knee. Reed with a front facelock now and he takes Crip over with a snap suplex! Jack floats over and we have our first cover of the contest!


Eryk Masters: And one’s all he’s gonna get! You’re gonna have to get up earlier than that to beat Lunatikk Crippler with a suplex like that!

Other Guy: Reed is trying to finish this one early, so Lunatikk doesn’t have a chance to get back in this one.

Reed smacks Crippler in the forehead with a stiff right hand before pulling him to his feet. He stands side by side before hooking Crippler up with a russian leg sweep.

Eryk Masters: Reed wastes little time, running to the ropes and with a beautiful springboard, lauches himself with an asai moonsault onto The Crippler’s torso!

Other Guy: Reed hooks the leg, he’s still trying to finish this one fast!



NO! Two count only. Reed picks Crippler up by the hair on his head and whips him into the ropes. Crippler rebounds into a hurriconrana from "The Walking Triple Threat"! The cover!


Tw-Crippler kicks out at two again. The crowd is trying to rally behind the Crippler as Reed is still in control of this one. Reed looks over to Dr. Lander at ringside and gives him a nod. He stands up near The Crippler as Dr. Lander raises the bell over his head.


Other Guy: What? Is it over? I didn’t see the three!

Eryk Masters: No, OG, that’s Dr. Lander’s bell! He’s ringing it to get a different Jack Reed persona out here to wrestle the Crippler.

Other Guy: But why? This one seems to be doing pretty well.

Regardless, the bell has been rung. The cockiness of Reed disappears from his face and he looks more focused now than ever. This is the face of Mr. Deliant, the most methodical of Jack Reed’s personalities.

Eryk Masters: Reed, or Deliant, or whoever, lifts Crippler slowly off the mat by his head.

Other Guy: And then drives him down, face first! And he quickly transitioned into an armbar. I kinda like this guy.

Reed has a fujiwara armbar locked in on Lunatikk Crippler, who is in obvious pain on the mat. Referee Austin Linam is right there in position.

Linam: Do you submit? What do you say, Crip?

Crippler: FUCK YOU.

Eryk Masters: I think that means, "no".

Crippler is raising his fist in the air, trying to get the New York crowd behind him. The fans are stomping in the bleachers, yelling themselves hoarse in support of the NYSWF veteran. Crippler is drawing something from these fans, as he pounds his fist on the mat, trying to elevate himself to be able to move and bring Reed with him.

Eryk Masters: The pain has got to be excrutiating for Lunatikk Crippler. It may be easier to pull Reed with him at that angle, but all it’s going to do is make his arm hurt even worse by giving Reed that much more extra leverage.

Reed is pulling back on the arm of Crippler now, and we can see the agony etched on Lunatikk’s face, but he’s not giving up! He’s slowly trying to pull himself to the ropes, trying to reach the bottom one to break this hold. He’s getting there, slowly.

Other Guy: Crippler’s fingertips just brushed that bottom rope! He’s going to break it!

Just before Crippler can grab that rope, Lander shouts instructions to Reed/Deliant. Deliant breaks the hold himself and pulls Crippler by the arm back to the center of the ring. He goes to hook the armbar back in, but Crippler swings his legs around and pulls of a drop toe hold, taking Reed/Deliant down. Deliant’s face hits the mat hard and Crippler is able to slide himself to the ropes and uses his good right arm to pull himself to his feet. Deliant gets up and turns only to be met with

Eryk Masters: BLOOD DRIVE! Crippler hit that spear out of nowhere!

Other Guy: But at what price? He used his left arm to do that, and now you can see he can’t capitalize!

Crippler finally is able to get the cover on Reed, however, Dr. Lander comes over and drapes Reed’s foot on the bottom rope before the one count. Crippler abandons the cover and looks at the doctor. Lander gets up on the apron now and Crippler is going after him.

Other Guy: Lander is caught in the corner now. What business does the Crippler have with attacking him?

Eryk Masters: Other than interfering in the match? I’d say none.


Crippler is perched on the middle rope, hands on the collar of Dr. Lander, but the bell has been rung! Reed nips up and dives at Crippler, nailing him with a double axhandle from behind. Crippler sprawls out on the top turnbuckle, his head grazing the steel ring post.

Other Guy: Is the match over NOW?

Eryk Masters: No, but by the smug look on his face, I’d say Jack Reed is back with us once again.

Reed climbs up and lifts Crippler up on his shoulders and climbs further up the ropes. Now Reed is standing on the middle rope, Crippler on his shoulders and Reed leaps, lifting Crippler off of himself and sticks out his knee. Crippler counters to his feet, blocking the attempted gutbuster, and spikes Reed’s head off the mat with a Lunatikk Sweet!

Other Guy: That’s it! Nowhere to go for Reed! Crippler’s got this one!

Dr. Lander climbs back up to the apron as Crippler goes for the cover! He hooks Reed’s leg, but Linam is distracted by Lander!

Eryk Masters: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Turn around, Linam! There’s a match going on!

Lander grabs Linam by the scruff of his shirt, preventing him from being able to turn around for the count. Crippler releases Reed’s leg and gets up and blasts Lander with a right hand, knocking him from the apron! Lander his the ground hard and now Crippler draws his thumb across his throat, signaling the end for Reed!

Eryk Masters: Crippler goes over and lifts Reed to his feet. He’s pinning his arm behind Reed’s own head, he’s going for the Rib Spreader to finish him off!

Crippler swings for Reed’s heart, but Reed is able to maneuver out of the way just in time. Crippler is spun around but he gets his bearings and turns around to eat a superkick from Reed! Reed falls into the ropes after the impact from that one.

Other Guy: Reed looks like he is still a little shaken up from that Lunatikk Sweet, but he looks ready to finish things here.

Reed pulls Crippler up to his feet and boots him in the midsection. He’s going for the Personality Flip! Crippler however sets his feet and lands a stiff forearm to Reed’s stomach, seemingly knocking the wind out of the man!

Other Guy: Reed stumbles off a bit, but here he comes again with a huge clothesline.

Eryk Masters: CROSSFACE!! CROSSFACE! The Crippler countered into the Crossface! Jack Reed is being Bitchified!!

Reed is screaming out in pain, and Lander is down still unable to ring the bell to try and save him! Crippler looks like a man possessed as he wrenches back on Reed’s neck! He’s nearly got him bent in half, and I believe that’s what Crippler is trying to do! Reed can’t take much more of this..

Eryk Masters: Reed is blindly groping for the bottom rope, but he’s a little too far away from it!

Other Guy: There it is! There’s the tap out! Reed submits!

The bell rings, and Linam is trying to pry Crippler off of Reed, but Crippler isn’t letting go of the hold!

Eryk Masters: Austin Linam is telling Crippler that he won the match, but he isn’t letting up on Reed!

Other Guy: Reed is still tapping out! What more does the Crippler want?

Finally, Linam, is able to pry Crippler’s arms apart, and Reed’s face smacks the mat as the hold is released. Crippler gets to his feet as Linam raises his hand in victory, casting one more contemptful look down at Reed on the mat.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner by submission, "The Whole Fucked Up Show" Lunatikk Crippler!

Eryk Masters: A hard fought victory for The Crippler, but Reed gave him quite the fight.

Other Guy: I don’t think this one is quite over, but it will probably be a while before Reed is ready to get back into the ring with Lunatikk Crippler.


I can almost taste it…

The lights drop, leaving only a single spotlight moving about randomly, and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: Oh, this should be great…

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

The spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: I knew you’d come around, E! Just took you some time, that’s all.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: I was being sarcastic.

Other Guy: Ohhhhhhhhh.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: Well, still, it IS going to be great, so there!

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title rests comfortably over Cade’s other shoulder, his hand holding it in place as he scowls at the sea of booing fans.

Eryk Masters: Oh I was right, this SHOULD be good, he looks like he’s in quite the mood after everything that happened last week.

Other Guy: Shhh, she’s about to talk.

The couple look out at the crowd for a moment, a matching look of disdain on both of their faces before they start walking down the ramp and Cassi lifts the microphone to her mouth. The fans begin to boo louder, stopping her before she even begins. Cade leans close to her and whispers in her ear, apparetnyl rejuvenating her confidence in the process.

Cassi Ryan: New York City! Hate all you want, because I’m standing next to the hottest, brightest shining star in the entire history AND foreseeable future of this company, all at once!

The fans continue to boo loudly as the couple make it down the ramp, Cassi nowhere near where she normally is in her spiel by this point in their journey, and Cade narrows his eyes in further frustration. Cassi looks over at Cade with a slight shrug, causing Cade to shake his head slowly before grabbing the microphone from her and pointing over at the timekeeper’s table.

Eryk Masters: Awww, how sad, she doesn’t get to ramble on about how amazing he is.

Other Guy: I know, right?! Waaaaait a minute, you’re being sarcastic again, aren’t you?

Eryk Masters: Uh huh.

No swat on the ass for her this time as he makes his way up the ring steps by himself, dragging the microphone across his throat scratching against the stubble on his face as the music cuts out. Cade rubs his free hand over his mouth before lifting the microphone to speak.

Cade Sydal: You guys might be able to intimidate Cassi with your obnoxiousness, but if you think you’re going to disturb me you’re outside your already addled minds. I know where the microphone is, I know I can always be louder. So do yourselves, and everyone else, a favor…and shut the fuck up.


Cade shakes his head slowly with a dramatic roll of his eyes before clearing his throat loudly into the microphone.

Cade Sydal: Alright, whatever. You’re not going to get to me.  Nothing you people do or say can make things any worse, honestly. Not after these past few weeks…receiving a Cataclysm’s Edge on the stage…losing to Jonas…Jonas having his nose in MY business…I’ve fucking had it. This ends today, tonight, right now.

He starts to pace, the crowd continuing to try and get under Cade’s skin with jeers. Cade looks like he’s about to speak again, but he closes his mouth as he hears a small section begin to chant something. And then…the chant grows louder, and suddenly there is no mistaking it as Cade’s eyes grow wide with anger.





Cade Sydal: I am not! And I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Some laugh, most continue to boo and taunt Cade, but this time he doesn’t stop.

Cade Sydal: I said this ends NOW and I meant it! All I ever wanted was for Jonas to stay out of mine and Eryk’s business, but he couldn’t do that, could he? YOUR hero couldn’t keep his nose out of places it doesn’t belong. That’s all I wanted, was for Mister Van Warren and I to settle OUR score between us…but HE had to keep putting his nose in it. Now, Eryk…he showed Jonas what being in the way gets you, and hopefully that taught the meathead a lesson.

Cade shakes his head slowly, to himself it seems, as he continues on.

Cade Sydal: But I have a feeling I’m wrong. I have a feeling, and I’m sure you all do too, that he’s not going to be able to leave well enough alone. So, what I’m going to do is go ahead and invite the Butcher out here for a little powwow. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my hands and feet to myself, I just wan–

The DUBSTEP remix "Change(in the house of [X])" hits the PA system, and at the top of the ramp emerges X-Calibur with a microphone in hand.  Looking out into the sea of rambunctious New Yorkers, he wastes little time getting to the point as his music fades.

X-Calibur: Cade… Cade…. Caaaaade.  Why don’t you do me a favor and just stop right there. ‘Cause ya see, you don’t GET “another match” with Jonas.  That kid, mentally retarded though he clearly is, beat you fair and square right in the middle of the ring… AFTER we, The Hierarchy, already fucked his shit up. So you know what, man?  Fuck this nonsense.

He shakes his head, rubbing his chin.

X-Calibur: Frankly, if you can’t beat a barely conscious Butcher… then you ain’t beatin’ anything but your fuckin’ creamsicle the next go around.  So enough’s enough, Cade.  I already gave everyone’s favorite brave little moron the ultimate lesson last week, and if he ain’t gonna learn from it… he ain’t gonna learn from it.  It’s time to move on from the Jonas Coleman matter and settle this bullshit between us once… and for all.   

He shrugs.

X-Calibur: So what do you say you have bubbles over there, (motioning to Cassi Ryan), be useful for once and fetch you a fuckin’ fly swatter for that little mosquito?  That way?  When I beat you in the middle of the ring at Master of the Mat?  There will be no excuses between us as to who the better man is.  Then afterwards, if you still want to deal with that shmuck?  By all means… deal with him. But you know what I’M gonna do after our match, Cade?

He takes a few steps closer to the ring.

X-Calibur: I’m gonna defend THAT.

Pointing at Cade’s championship belt.

X-Calibur: The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

He smirks.

X-Calibur: MY… World… Heavyweight… Championship.

“And you know that I’ve come to collect!”

The crowd EXPLOOOOODES as the theme song signals the arrival of the Bad Ass Brotherhood’s own JONAS COLEMAN, but as quickly as it comes on, a spotlight goes through the crowd and settles in the middle of Madison Square Garden, on Jonas Coleman himself! 

Eryk Masters:  Oh now that’s awesome. 

Other Guy:  He’s sitting among the people! 

Jonas motions to cut the music, as he’s got a mic in hand and is dressed in jeans and his t-shirt as the fans get even louder once he’s spotted!

Jonas Coleman:  Now, I didn’t want to get in the way of you, Cade, and you, X…  since with the super inflated egos we’ve got running around…  there’s just… not a whole lot of space between the top of the ramp and the middle of the ring.  And if you ask me…

Jonas smirks.

Jonas Coleman:  Between those two places, there’s a looooooot of bullshit being spewed back and forth.

The crowd pops as Jonas shrugs his shoulders. 

Jonas Coleman:  I’m not going to tell you guys what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and how you should and shouldn’t be thinking.  I think my record speaks for itself.  I think that what I’ve done to this point, Cade, has spoken for itself.  However…  I still have some unfinished business with X-Calibur.

Jonas begins to walk slowly from the middle of the arena towards the railing, and the crowd’s volume level continues to rise!

Eryk Masters:  I believe that some of these fans are going to need some SERIOUS cough medicine tomorrow.

Other Guy:  I think you might be right.  It’s fucking LOUD in here. 

Jonas Coleman:  You see, Cade, you?  You’ve actually got some balls.  You faced me head on, and you have taken your loss…  somewhat like a man would.  That’s at least applaudable.  But where I’m having some trouble…  where my REAL issue is right now, is…  can someone tell me just where in the fuck X-Calibur gets off talking about beating anything?  At all?

Jonas stops and waits. 

Jonas Coleman:  See…  X…  to borrow a phrase from Buck Dresden, you talk real purty.  But that’s where it ends for you, man.  All you’ve done so far is have a dude jumped.  And yeah man…  I’ve stuck my nose in your business, but what I really see from you?  I don’t see all this bravado.  I don’t see all of this super sized talent that you keep telling us about.  Simply put…

Jonas continues his walk down, and pauses. 

Jonas Coleman:  I see a bitch.

The crowd pops hard, and even moreso now that Jonas has reached the bottom of the arena and climbs over the ramp!

Jonas Coleman:  So, what I’m about to do, is skip Cade Sydal for now, walk up the  remainder of this ramp, and I’m going to test my gangster against the mouthy piece of shit at the top.  Sound good?

Jonas doesn’t wait for an answer as he drops the mic and breaks into a full run towards the ramp.  X-Calibur challenges him to come on, and Jonas obliges, stalking up the ramp and meeting X-Calibur head on!  The two begin to exchange blows, and are trading blow for blow! 

Eryk Masters:  You keep stoking the fire, you’re gonna get burnt!

Other Guy:  What the fuck does that even mean?

Eryk Masters:  I dunno but my heart is peeing!

All of the sudden, Jonas takes a quick advantage, landing three solid right hands in a row!  X is rocked, and Jonas boots him in the gut.  Jonas grabs X and works him into a reverse russian legsweep!  He DRILLS X-Calibur and plants him face first into the steel grating of the ramp, and the crowd goes nuts! 

Eryk Masters:  He calls that THE REVELATOR, and X-Calibur is OUT.

Other Guy:  It’s about time someone shut that motherfu– LOOK OUT!!

Before Jonas Coleman can turn around, he’s DESTROYED from behind by Cade Sydal, who nailed him with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt!  The crowd goes from intense cheers to really loud boos, as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion stands tall over two fallen competitors, once again! 

Other Guy:  You know, I’ve got to hand it to Cade.  X and Jonas both are doing a LOT of talking, but this is ANOTHER situation where Cade has found himself standing over the both of them, holding the World title up high. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s reminding EVERYONE that HE is the man to beat.  Not either one of these two.  FUCK, OG.  We’ve still got a main event left, too!  Goodness gracious! 

Other Guy:  Your heart peeing again?

Eryk Masters:  I just…  let’s go.






A blinding white light starts to assault the crowd at timed intervals.



Eryk Masters: What the – this isn’t the usual Hierarchy entrance…


The SHOOT Video Wall showcases the imposing image of a Spawn-like mask, followed quickly by the gnashing of serrated teeth.


The Other Guy: OH MY GOD! Don’t you see, Masters? For ONE NIGHT ONLY, SCAR & The Hierarchy are UNITED!

Eryk Masters: Please someone pinch me. I want to wake up from this nightmare!

A flash of white tribal designs, the flicker of a serpentine forked tongue.









Tiamat’s “Sympathy for The Devil” starts in, bringing the New York fans to their feet in a show of blatant distaste.



The song fades into the sound of a rattlesnake hissing, and then Resurrection’s “Fear Factory” starts to blast out through the audio system.



The crowd in Madison Square Garden seems even more enraged by this, boos echoing through the arena raucously…New York attitude on full display.

Marcus Mirage & Isaac Entragian step out to the head of the ramp, going to stand on opposite sides of the stage. 3M stands with his head lowered, his mask looking especially sinister in the red strobe lighting above. Chains hang from the ceiling, and 3M stands among them as they twirl and twist. He raises his head slightly, and a golden rain of sparks falls down from above, showering The Deceiver.

The angle changes to Entragian on the other side of the stage, that entire section of the ramp covered in a shroud of dry ice smoke. Hellfire erupts behind Entragian in a five foot blasts, painting the albino’s predatory smile in firelight.

Eryk Masters: This is…I have to admit, awe-inspiring. Entragian & 3M seem perfectly in sync here tonight, actually managing to mesh their respective factions to combat bigger threats.

The Other Guy: I’m amazed by this, Masters! Spawn & Malebolgia are riding again, dude!!! Do you think they’ll autograph my graphic novel after the match?

Eryk Masters: Entragian will probably eat your graphic novel after the match…

Both 3M & Entragian walk down the ramp side by side, proceeding to enter the ring and await the arrival of their opponents. The crowd is buzzing in anticipation…

“Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z (featuring Alicia Keys) starts to play…and into the spotlight come Donovan King and Diamond Del Carver!  Both men are dressed in their normal gear, except instead of his “RUN DDC” shirt, Diamond Del Carver is wearing a sleeveless “I Love NY” shirt – and the heart in the logo is wrapped in barbed wire.  Both men are also wearing black armbands with “9/11” written in white lettering.

The crowd come unglued, at the sight of two of their favorites, in addition to the obvious tribute intended by the music and the armbands.  Carver and King make their way into the aisle, and each man take a side and then proceed to the ring, slapping high fives with as many of the fans as they can reach, while the music continues to pound over the impressive sound system in the world famous Madison Square Garden.

Eryk Masters: Donovan King and Diamond Del Carver are here in the Big Apple, and they’re in an Empire State of Mind…and these fans are loving it!

The Other Guy: I never thought I’d see the day when Carver wore an “I LOVE NY” shirt, never mind come to the ring to Jay-Z.  Hell, I didn’t know he even knew who Jay-Z is.  Jay-Z has released music after 1979, I always figured Carver thought music stopped being made around then.

Mirage and Isaac Entragian are looking around the arena in a combination of contempt, disgust and some underlying surprise at the sheer volume of the ovation for King and Carver.  The two fan favorites reach ringside and make a full circuit around the ring, slapping hands with the ringside fans, before sliding under the bottom rope.  “Empire State of Mind” finally fades, and now all four men are in the ring together, standing across from each other – and the atmosphere is absolutely electric.

The house lights in Madison Square Garden slowly go down, so that only the halo of lights over the ring are illuminating the area.  Samantha Coil somewhat nervously walks into the center of the ring.  Mark Kendrick rings the bell three times…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your MAIN EVENT of the evening!  This is a Tag Team match scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit.  Your referee is Tony Lorenzo!

Samantha turns to the left and holds out her arm…

Introducing first, representing Project: SCAR and The Hierarchy, at a combined weight of 550 pounds, here are “The Ivory Terror” ISAAC ENTRAGIAN and “3M” MARCUS MIRAGE!

Both men totally ignore the announcement, and the reaction of the crowd, which is unanimously and deafeningly negative.  Samantha turns to the right side of the ring…

Samantha Coil: Their opponents weigh in at a combined 480 pounds, here are “The Hardcore Outlaw” DIAMOND DEL CARVER and his partner “The Last Scion” DONOVAN KING!

The jeers quickly turn to overwhelming cheers, as Donovan King raises an arm over his head, and Diamond Del Carver climbs the turnbuckles and points out the crowd.  Samantha Coil wastes no time leaving the ring as Tony Lorenzo steps forward and orders both teams to pick a man to start the match.  Mark Kendrick rings the bell, and we are underway!

Isaac Entragian is standing on the apron with his arms folded across his chest and Mirage is in the ring, ready to go.  Diamond Del Carver has stepped forward and Donovan King is on the apron.  Carver lunges forward, attempting to lock up with Mirage, who ducks under Carver’s attempt and slides out of the ring!

The boos are thunderous.

Eryk Masters: We’re underway in our Main Event fans, and these New York fans are NOT impressed with Mirage’s refusal to lock up with Diamond Del Carver, as 3M bails out of the ring.

The Other Guy: I am guessing that he is trying to play mind games with Carver and King, but to be honest, look at him!  He looks like he doesn’t give a damn about locking up with Carver, to be honest!

Mirage is casually wandering around the ringside area, studying his fingernails and basically stalling.  The fans are bellowing at him to get in the ring, but 3M is acting as if he is taking a Sunday walk in Central park.  Suddenly, Donovan King jumps off the apron and heads towards Mirage!  Seeing him coming, Mirage slides back into the ring, makes an obscene hand gesture at King, and tags in Isaac Entragian!

The crowd goes ballistic. Every fan in the storied arena  is on their feet, and flashbulbs are going off everywhere, as The Ivory Terror steps over the top rope and strides to the middle of the ring.  Diamond Del Carver cracks his neck and stands across from Entragian, and the two men engage in a good old fashioned staredown!

Eryk Masters: Fans, you are now witnessing a bit of wrestling history.  These two men have been in the ring at the same time before, but never in a wrestling match. They never ended up facing off during the LEGACY tour, and this is the first match they have been booked in against one another in the SHOOT Project.

The Other Guy: I don’t think we need to tell anybody they’re witnessing history, Masters. From the reaction, they know it.

The building is almost shaking as the massive Albino stares down at the old southern warhorse. Entragian seems to be saying something to Carver, and Carver shakes his head. Finally, Diamond Del Carver leans back on his right leg, cocks his right fist and steps into a vicious looking right hook, aimed right at the jaw of Isaac Entragian!

The punch connects perfectly, landing knuckles first across Entragian’s jaw, and he sways for a brief moment, but doesn’t even come close to going down. Instead, Entragian laughs, places one of his massive hands over the face of Diamond Del Carver, and pushes the old man backward!  Del Carver lands on his butt, and the momentum of the shove actually causes him to flip over once more after that!

Eryk Masters: The Hardcore Outlaw isn’t having any luck with Isaac Entragian.

The Other Guy: I bet he wishes this match had been put off even longer.  What about the power of Entragian, knocking Carver on his ass with one hand? The Hardcore Outlaw just got pie-faced by The Ivory Terror.

The Hardcore Outlaw gets up to one knee, and rubs his jaw contemplatively. He actually smiles and shrugs.  Carver gets back to his feet, dusts himself off, and then steps into another right hook, which once again connects squarely on the jaw of Isaac Entragian!

Again, Entragian’s head snaps back from the impact, and he half-steps backward, but then he simply straightens up, shakes his head at Diamond Del Carver and calls him on to try again!  On the apron, Donovan King is smacking his hand on the top turnbuckle and the fans are clapping and stomping in time.

Eryk Masters: Donovan King trying to rally the fans in support of Diamond Del Carver.

The Other Guy: The fans aren’t going to be able to help him now, Masters.

Diamond Del Carver suddenly stands on one leg and takes a bizarre stance, like the Karate Kid!  Carver yowls at the top of his lungs, imitating Bruce Lee!  Carver hops forward, lifts his right leg, and stomps down with the heel of his motorcycle boot as hard as he can across the toes of Isaac Entragian!  You can practically hear the “crunch” of Carver’s boot heel smashing Entragian’s toes, and the big man howls in a mixture of shock and pain.

Del Carver runs back into the rope, bounces off, and smashes Isaac Entragian across the torso with a wicked lariat!  ISAAC ENTRAGIAN GOES DOWN!  The Ivory Terror is sent back first to the mat, the victim of what Carver fans call “The Diamond Line!”  The fans are cheering their hearts out, as The Hardcore Outlaw leaps into the air and drops a fist drop right in between the eyes of The Ivory Terror, and then goes for the cover!



Isaac Entragian kicks out with authority, before the referee can even reach the count of two!

Eryk Masters: I guess nobody is invincible when you stomp on their toes, OG.

The Other Guy: I had no idea that Del Carver knew Karate like that, really.

Diamond Del Carver scrambles to his feet, and starts to pull Isaac Entragian up.  Suddenly, Marcus Mirage enters the ring, sprints across and hits Donovan King right in the head with an elbow smash!  King was caught totally by surprised, since he was focusing on the action, and as a result The Last Scion falls backward off the apron!

As soon he has knocked King off the apron, Mirage runs back to his own corner!  Donovan King slides into the ring, and charges toward Mirage, but referee Tony Lorenzo cuts him off and orders the irate King back to his corner!  King is yelling at Mirage but Mirage looks off into the crowd, as if he cannot even hear King.

Eryk Masters: Mind games being played by 3M here, OG.

The Other Guy: First he won’t lock up, and now he’s baiting King in a big way.

Meanwhile, Diamond Del Carver has succeeded in pulling Isaac Entragian back to his feet, and he is trying to hook the bigger man up and suplex him back to the mat, but Entragian is having none of that, and he has blocked Carver with his leg. Carver gives up and fires a body shot to Entragian’s stomach, doubling The Ivory Terror over. 

Diamond Del Carver grabs The Ivory Terror by the wrist and whips him to the ropes and as Entragian rebounds, Carver spins around and nails a back elbow smash to the jaw of The Ivory Terror. With Isaac Entragian dazed, Carver hits a boot to his gut, doubling Isaac Entragian over, he hooks The Ivory Terror’s arms, jumps up for momentum, and nails a double under-hook suplex!

Eryk Masters: He did it!  Del Carver actually took Isaac Entragian off his feet with a wrestling hold!

The Other Guy: Del Carver actually knows a wrestling hold!

Carver walks over and points to Donovan King, who points back to Carver. Carver tags Donovan King, and King steps in. The crowd goes bananas as together, Carver and King whip Isaac Entragian to the opposite rope, Isaac Entragian hooks his elbow over the rope, stopping the momentum, and then he rushes back toward them. The Ivory Terror leaps into the air, and nails a double clothesline, dropping both Carver and King to the mat!

Diamond Del Carver rolls to the outside instinctively, and Donovan King rolls to his stomach. He lifts himself up, and charges, and Isaac Entragian snaps an arm drag. Donovan King stands up, frustrated and charges at Isaac Entragian and the two men start trading rights and lefts. 

Eryk Masters: We saw Air Entragian for a brief moment, and now we’re seeing King unload on the Ivory Terror with some good punches.

The Other Guy: Let’s be real, Masters.  Entragian is bigger and stronger than King.  Hell, he’s bigger and stronger than pretty much everybody.

Donovan King is being hit with Isaac Entragian’s devastating power, but Entragian is being bashed with precision style punches from Donovan King. Isaac Entragian uses his right knee to knock Donovan King off his momentum. Donovan King staggers forward, Isaac Entragian hooks his head, hooks his arm, and then nails a snap suplex on Donovan King. Isaac Entragian rolls over onto Donovan King for a cover, and the referee slides down for the count…



Strong kickout by Donovan King!

Eryk Masters: Isaac Entragian doing a great job switching from power moves, to technical wrestling moves, keeping King off balance.

The Other Guy: And if anybody knows about being off balance it’s, Isaac Entragian

Isaac Entragian gets to his knees and immediately hooks in a rear chinlock on Donovan King, who struggles. Isaac Entragian drags Donovan King to the center of the ring with the wear-down hold, and then forces Donovan King to his feet. The hold is tough to keep locked in, as King is really fighting it, so Isaac Entragian immediately lets go, but switches to a sleeper hold!

Donovan King flails his arms abut, and before he gets to go limp, Isaac Entragian thrusts him over into a release Sleeper-Suplex! Isaac Entragian springs back up to his feet, picks Donovan King up, and Irish whips him to the ropes. Donovan King hangs on, and leaps over to his corner making the tag to Diamond Del Carver! 

Isaac Entragian roars in anger and rushes forward, and in an amazing display of athleticism, Donavan King shoots down and hits a precision spot dropkick right across the kneecaps of Isaac Entragian!  The Ivory Terror falls forward, to his knees.

Donovan King gestures to Carver, who puts his boot over the top rope. Donovan King grabs Isaac Entragian by the hair, and slams Isaac Entragian face-first into the boot. Isaac Entragian stumbles backward, and Donovan King charges at him. Isaac Entragian is ready and tackles Donovan King to the mat.

Mirage runs in!

Eryk Masters: Carver and King had the advantage, but The Ivory Terror wasn’t quite as hurt as he was letting on!

The Other Guy: And here comes Mirage again, trying to piss off King!

Mirage takes over from The Ivory Terror and pulls Donovan King up to his feet, hurling him into the corner, then begins unloading. Mirage hits Donovan King with multiple stinging slaps to the face!  It’s not that damage is being done, but it’s obvious that the slaps are meant to taunt and humiliate Donovan King, and to anger him.

In all the excitement, it is obvious that Mirage has forgotten that Diamond Del Carver is now the legal man! As the fans rally, Carver slowly approaches Mirage. Tony Lorenzo is ordering Isaac Entragian back to his corner, and Entragian is going, but slowly.

Eryk Masters: Mirage is paint brush slapping Donovan King here, he is really trying to bait this guy!

The Other Guy: First he won’t wrestle, then he cheap shots King, and now he’s bitch slapping him.  Mirage is really trying to piss Donovan King off, I just hope he knows what he’s doing!

Del Carver comes up behind 3M and rabbit punches him right in the back of the head. King grabs Mirage by the wrist and whips him hard into the corner. Carver charges in after him and nails Mirage with a running boot to the face. Carver backs up out of the corner and waits for Mirage to come to him. Mirage charges out of the corner and Carver steps aside…Donovan King is there, and he is ready! King uses Mirage’s momentum to his advantage and slams him to the mat with a spinebuster!

Carver makes the cover…



Mirage manages to get a shoulder up at two.

Eryk Masters: WOW!  Carver and King came within a hair of winning this match right there!

The Other Guy: I gotta give Donovan King credit!  Mirage is trying so hard to get him to snap, but King is keeping his cool, and he and Carver are working as a team, believe it or not!

Donovan King reluctantly heads to his corner and takes his position, as Diamond Del Carver pulls Mirage back up to his feet. He scoops Mirage up in the air, then takes him down with a big powerslam. With Mirage down, Carver runs into the ropes, bounces off for momentum, then leaps high into the air and drops a leg across the torso of Mirage. Carver makes another cover…



Mirage kicks out again, and Carver pulls Mirage up and holds him, then tags out to Donovan King!  The fans are stoked, as finally King and Mirage are in the ring at the same time, legally! Donovan King vaults into the ring and hammers Mirage with a kick to the kidneys, then follows it up with a pair of boots to the face of Mirage as Carver returns to the corner. Donovan King clocks Mirage with a big roundhouse, knocking him to the mat. Donovan King pulls Mirage back up, then hooks him up and takes him down with a suplex!

Donovan King makes the cover…



Mirage manages to get a shoulder up. Donovan King curses as he pulls Mirage up, then hooks him up. He tries to lift him for a brainbuster, but Mirage blocks the move with one hand, and with the other he jabs King right in the eye with his thumb! King yells and his hands go to his face. With Donovan King down, Mirage heads to the corner and tags out to Isaac Entragian.

Eryk Masters: Donovan King was taking Mirage to school, so 3M used a cheap move to bail out!

The Other Guy: Good thing too, because King was kicking his ass.

Isaac Entragian hits the ring, and as Donovan King turns around, Isaac Entragian nails him with a massive boot to the face, dropping him. Isaac Entragian sneers as he brings Donovan King back up, then takes him to the mat with a bone crushing slam. Isaac Entragian backs into the ropes, then drops a knee, driving it into the throat of Donovan King! He brings Donovan King back to his feet, and shoots a few words in the direction of Diamond Del Carver.

Carver falls for it. As Del Carver enters the ring, the referee cuts him off and orders him back to his corner and Mirage hits the ring, and he and Isaac Entragian double-whip Donovan King into the ropes. They hit Donovan King with a double shoulder tackle which sends King smashing to the mat!

Mirage leaves the ring, and Isaac Entragian calls the ref over and makes the cover…



King kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Entragian baits Carver, and King pays for it!

The Other Guy: Did you see the impact when Mirage and Entragian double shoulder blocked King? They almost knocked him out of his boots!  I thought they had him, and from the looks of it, so did The Ivory Terror!

Isaac Entragian slams the mat with his hands, as he thought he had a three count. Isaac Entragian brings King back up, then drives him into the mat with a short-arm clothesline. He follows that up by pulling The Last Scion up and driving him right back down into the mat with another big body slam, this time a spinning powerslam!

Isaac Entragian makes the cover again.



Kickout by King!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Isaac Entragian is angry. He begins to jaw with the ref, and Donovan King crawls up behind him. The Ivory Terror hears the fans cheering, and knows it isn’t for him. He spins around, see King coming and boots Donovan King in the face, sending him sprawling backward. Isaac Entragian brings Donovan King up again and kicks him in the gut, setting him up for a powerbomb! Donovan King, however, counters out of it with a left hook. He then hooks Isaac Entragian up and drives him to the mat with a vicious looking punch to the jaw!

Eryk Masters: Wow!  Donovan King does what Diamond Del Carver couldn’t do, and that’s drop Isaac Entragian to the mat with a punch!

The Other Guy: That’s because Carver is sloppy when he fights. King is so precise, every move he executes is perfectly timed.  It’s not the moves you use, it’s how you use them, and in what order, Masters.

Both men begin to head to their corners. Isaac Entragian tags out to Mirage…and Donovan King tags out to Carver. Carver hits the ring running, and clobbers Mirage with a huge lariat. Isaac Entragian heads toward Carver, but takes a roaring elbow style punch as well.

Carver grabs Mirage and drives him into the mat with a flurry of punches to the head. Isaac Entragian tries to get a piece of Carver, but Carver blocks his punch and whips him into the ropes, then plasters him with a big boot, knocking him from the ring!

Eryk Masters: There you go!  Diamond Del Carver just sent Isaac Entragian right out of the ring with a boot to his face!

The Other Guy: Yeah well if I was Carver, I wouldn’t be going out there after him.

Diamond Del Carver tags out to Donovan King, who climbs to the top rope.  Donovan King leaps from the top rope just as Del Carver plants Mirage with a slam.  Donovan King connects on Mirage with a flying elbow drop!

King makes the cover on Mirage!




Eryk Masters: He got him!  Wait…did he…did he get him?

The Other Guy: Nope!  Tony Lorenzo is signaling that Mirage got his shoulder up at the last possible second!

Isaac Entragian slides back into the ring and The Hardcore Outlaw sees him coming so Carver comes in and goes after The Ivory Terror! Donovan King starts to rain punches down on the still prone Mirage, and now Isaac Entragian and Carver are duking it out.  The referee has lost all control of this match and we have all four men in the middle of the ring, slugging it out.  The fans are on their feet as what can only be called a full scale brawl has broken out.

Isaac Entragian grabs Diamond Del Carver around the throat and lifts him high into the air, choking him with both hands.  Carver is trying to release Entragian’s hands from around his neck, but he is not having any luck.  The Ivory Terror slowly walks over to the ropes, and casually tosses The Hardcore Outlaw over the tope rope to the outside!

Donovan King has been bashing Mirage in the face with closed fist punches, but as he sees Carver fly over the top rope, he yells in anger and charges at Isaac Entragian at full speed. Donovan King hits Isaac Entragian with a shoulderblock which sends him staggering forward, and then King sets himself up, and nails Isaac Entragian right in the head with The Reality Check superkick, which sends Entragian over the top rope himself!

Eryk Masters: Donovan King comes to the rescue of Diamond Del Carver and kicks The Ivory Terror right in the head, which is a reach!

The Other Guy: He just sent the big man outside, where Carver is getting back to his feet.  Entragian might end up regretting this, because that’s Carver Country out there.  That old cuss is the master of the Falls-Count-Anywhere match, so when you send him out of the ring, you’re sending him somewhere he’s happy to go.

Right after Entragian tossed Carver outside, the Hardcore Outlaw got back to his feet, and limped over to the crowd barrier and grabbed a steel folding chair.  As soon as Donovan King kicks Entragian out of the ring, Diamond Del Carver is ready and waiting.  Carver swings the steel chair as hard as he can, bashing The Ivory Terror right over the head!  The crowd erupts at the sight of Diamond Del Carver cracking Isaac Entragian with the steel chair!

Meanwhile, Donovan King has returned his attention to Mirage.  Mirage is slowly getting to his feet, and King boots him right in the gut, and then nails him with a picture perfect Diamond Cutter, or as Donovan King calls it…THE DEALBREAKER!  The fans are blowing the roof off the arena as Mirage lands face first on the mat. King gets to his feet, raises a fist to the fans to acknowledge their cheers, and then falls onto Mirage like a Tiger and slaps on THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE!

Eryk Masters: Donovan King has nailed his finisher on Mirage and now he’s trying to break 3M’s neck with that crossface!

The Other Guy: Yeah…but we have a problem, Masters.  Mirage ain’t the legal man, Entragian is, and he’s busy brawling with Carver on the outside.

Tony Lorenzo is well aware of who the legal men are, and he is yelling at King to release the hold on Mirage, but it looks like Donovan King is having none of that.  Meanwhile outside the ring, blood has started to drip down the forehead of Isaac Entragian, but he is standing up straight, looking calmly at Carver – as if nothing happened.

Diamond Del Carver looks at the bent steel chair in his hands, and then at Isaac Entragian who is standing in front of him, just staring.  We see Carver’s mouth moving, and it’s obvious that he’s saying the same thing that he said last week when Isaac Entragian stood up after being thrown off the soundstage…

“Oh fuck!”

Eryk Masters: The Hardcore Outlaw looks like he might be a bit worried, OG.

The Other Guy: Wouldn’t you be? Carver just tried to split Entragian’s head open, and The Ivory Terror is looking at the old man like he wants to eat him!

Isaac Entragian reaches out and grabs Diamond Del Carver around the throat, his hand like a vice. The Ivory Terror walks forward slowly, holding Carver over his head by one hand.  He slowly paces around the ring, until he reaches the corner of the ringside area where Samantha Coil and Mark Kendrick are sitting next to the timekeeper’s table.

With a blood curdling shout of rage, Isaac Entragian hurls Diamond Del Carver through the timekeeper’s table, with a brutal chokeslam! Wood splinters and flies everywhere, as The Hardcore Outlaw is propelled through the table, landing on the back of his head.  The fans (who were already on their feet) start to chant…


Eryk Masters: This is crazy, things are out of control here!  Isaac Entragian just chokeslammed Diamond Del Carver through the timekeeper’s table on the concrete, after getting smacked with a steel chair, and meanwhile Donovan King has Mirage locked in the Carolina Crossface, and he is not letting go, come hell or high water!

The Other Guy: Tony Lorenzo is having a shit fit, look at him!

The referee is jumping up and down, yelling at Donovan King. King is paying no attention, he is simply pulling back on the head and neck of Mirage as hard as he can. Mirage’s arms are thrashing around, every which way.  3M is pounding his fists on the mat, and kicking his legs, but he cannot break free of the hold.

Outside the ring, Isaac Entragian has pulled a dazed Diamond Del Carver to his feet, and he slams the veteran’s head off the ring apron, and then locks both his hands around the throat of the Hardcore Outlaw again, and goes back to choking him violently.  Tony Lorenzo looks over the top rope and sees Isaac Entragian choking Carver.  He looks back into the middle of the ring and sees Donovan King throttling Mirage with the Carolina Crossface.  He shakes his head, and waves his arm toward Samantha Coil and Mark Kendrick.

Mark Kendrick picks the bell up from amongst the wreckage of the smashed table, and smacks it three times.  Samantha Coil nods at the signal from  Tony Lorenzo and takes the ringside microphone in her hand…


There is a small scattering of boos and jeers at the lack of a decisive winner to the match, but the majority of the capacity crowd are still on their feet cheering the brawl which continues to rage. 

Donovan King gets to his feet, and nails Mirage with one final stomp to the back, and then The Last Scion sprints toward the ropes, and dives right in between the ropes, tackling Isaac Entragian!  Entragian is forced to release the choke on Carver, as he King fall to the floor.  Mirage rolls on to his back, holding his head and neck in agony.  Rather than collapsing, Diamond Del Carver rolls into the ring, and heads toward 3M!

Eryk Masters: Donovan King just rescued Diamond Del Carver from being choked out by performing a suicide dive in between the ropes, tackling Entragian, and now Carver is back in the ring and he’s preventing Mirage from getting up after that Carolina Crossface!

The Other Guy: Carver is throwing punches at Mirage, keeping him from going anywhere!  And here comes the cavalry!

Mark Kendrick continues to ring the bell, and a herd of SHOOT Project security staff and referees charge down the aisle toward the ring.  Diamond Del Carver has pulled Mirage to his feet, and is throwing punches at 3M, who is doing his best to retaliate.  Meanwhile Donovan King is unloading on Isaac Entragian with a flurry of fisticuffs, and Entragian is backed against the crowd barrier, trying to answer the attack.

The security staff and referees split up, with half of the then entering the ring and trying to break up Carver and Mirage, while the other half head to the other side of the ring on the outside, and try to get in between Entragian and King.  The staff are doing their best to restore order, but it still looks like a street fight, and the fans are loving every minute of it!

Eryk Masters: Fans we’re running out of time, and the backstage staff are trying to calm this situation down out here, but these two teams don’t seem to want to end this fight!

The Other Guy: Yeah, we may still be here when the show goes back on the air next week!

The scene fades and is replaced by the SHOOT Project logo…