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Revolution 83 – 9/19/2011

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada. "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.

Train a little harder than you can or ever will

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt. A second shot of The Hierarchy is shown, holding X-Calibur up on their shoulders. A third shot of Tanya Black can be seen, clutching the Sin City Championship against her breast.

You need to think fast

Cade Sydal is shown taking Ben Jackman down, before it flashes over to him holding his World Championship high. That is followed quickly by a shot of Thomas Manchester Black, pounding his fists together in the middle of an empty ring.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!

Project:SCAR are shown destroying Frontline II TURBO and The Bad Ass Brotherhood. Mirage is shown lording over his fallen foe, the mask fresh off of his face, Donovan King down on the mat.

Got news if you think you bad

The next image is Jonas Coleman, blood pouring down his face. He is shown standing tall in the ring, soaking in the love of the fans. We then see MURDERHOUSE Mick carting weapons to the ring, followed quickly by Cinder Block attacking everyone in his sights.

All your other battles make me laugh

Azraith DeMitri stands alone in an empty ring. His blue hair is in front of his face. He says nothing. He does nothing.

You need to start runnin’…

Adrian Corazon is shown, mocking Danny Corsair’s handicap. The Gunslingers are shown next, nodding their heads to the fans as they walk down to the ring.

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!

Frontline II TURBO celebrate a victory in the ring as the camera shifts to Isaac Entragian spearing Lennox Ferguson through barbed wire to the ground. Next we see some unfortunate soul getting caught in an El Asso Wipo backbreaker TCHA! With his knee!


Stellar Insanity are shown, embracing one another as they have overcome so much to defeat their foes. We quickly shift to Laura Seton, shouting out at the fans with a smile on her face.

You need a miracle!

The Hierarchy is shown putting the Potato Sack of Shame on Yuri’s head.

Nothing’s gonna save you

We see VAS briefly before we see a blinking image of Jacob Mephisto.

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!

Maya Nakashima is shown, slowly tying his scarf across his nose before the image switches to The Gunslingers taking Donovan King down while Azrael Goeren looks on.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Donovan King nailing the Dealbreaker on Azraith is shown.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

Alex Brooks locks in his submission on Kenji Yamada.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Del Carver slowly withdraws a cigar from his mouth, smoke billowing around his face.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

Crazy Boy and Cronos Diamante lock up.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!

Trey Willett is shown getting a purple nurple from Buck Dresden.

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!

The arena is shown fully, the fans screaming as loudly as possible as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time.

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!




Samantha Coil:  The opening match is a match in Round 2 of the Sin City Championship Series, and it’s set for one fall! 

You Don’t Know, You Just Don’t Know Me At All 

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of men and women being laid out and taken out with one person being a constant. Seeing the video the fans begin to focus their excitement as the speakers spring to life. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts.  She comes in at five foot four, and one hundred sixty-five pounds.  She is TANYA BLACK! 

As You Don’t Know Me continues to play sending a wave of excitement across the arena Tanya Black emerges out of the back and instead of the usual dancing runs to the ring at full sprint as the fans give off a mixed reaction to her business-minded approach. 

Eryk Masters:  Tanya Black not even acknowledging anyone this week at all. 

Other Guy:  Considering her title loss, she’s been antagonizing her opponent this week… 

Having gotten to the ring Tanya stands in the middle of the ring and signals for the song to end as Tanya bows in respect to the fans before telling the referee to hurry up and ring the bell as she paces and stretches. 

Ever feel like dying, ever feel alone… 

We see the one name on the SHOOT Wall, as ALEJANDRO appears.  “Scream with Me” by Mudvayne cranks into the speakers.  Jaime Alejandro comes out with his hair slicked back and his red trunks.  We see on his wrist wraps a verse written in elegant handwriting.  He goes on his knees and looks up at the ring.  He’s nearly seething as he sees Tanya Black waiting on him. 

Other Guy:  Unfortunately, she picked the wrong person to piss off this week. 

Eryk Masters:  One angry Latino doesn’t cover that look. 

The crowd also sees the look and starts yelling in the ring… 


He stands up and punches the air as the loud pyro pop comes out of the stage.  He walks to the ring as the fans start slapping his shoulders.  As he gets to the apron, he slides in… 

Samantha Coil:  And from Mexico City, Mexico… 

She doesn’t even get to finish, as Jaime goes up and decks Tanya with a hard left to her jaw.  He keeps hitting her with a series of right jabs and tries for another left, until Dennis Heflin has to pull him off and push him into a corner. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh my god…  He’s lost his damn mind. 

Other Guy:  No, he’s pissed the fuck off. 

Heflin looks over at Kendrick and nods for the bell.  Tanya is holding her jaw as Jaime shoots back out of the corner and locks her up again.  From here, he tosses her halfway across the ring onto her back.  Tanya’s holding onto her back, with an equally pissed off look.  She’s trying to hold in the pain just a little bit, as she shoots back up and knocks Jaime with a hard right to his face.  He stares at her and pulls out the back of his hand and spooks her. 

Other Guy:  Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 of most survival books usually have a special section for not pissing off Alejandro.  Apparently, bitch can’t read! 

Eryk Masters:  It seems Tanya’s found a few buttons to push on the big man.  We’re not too sure how wise that’s going to be yet. 

Tanya chops Jaime and he stops for a second only to chop her.  

Oh come on.  Your butterface girlfriend hits harder!  

He chops her harder. 

If I wanted a love tap, I’d drag Abigail out here. 

Tanya then. slaps him in the face.  He staggers back and stands there for a second.  She slaps his face again and he shrugs to the audience as if to say "If this is what she wants…" and flies out of the corner brutal as hell STO.  

Eryk Masters:  You’ve gotta be kidding me.  Is he trying to kill her?!! 

Other Guy:  I think trying ended on that second promo.  He’s bound and determined to commit legalized murder! 

The big man goes up to his opponent and picks her up and ties her in for a hook and collar.  Tanya is trying to move him off balance a bit.  As he attempts to push her off, Tanya connects with a hard kick to the side of his knee.  Jaime lets off of the collar and goes to one knee.  As he does, we notice Tanya slowing down for a second, trying to shake her foot.  She then goes back and plants a kick to the side of his head. Jaime’s just starting at her and yells at her.  She goes back for a kick, and he gives a vicious sweep to her planted leg. 

Eryk Masters:  As seen in the Karate Kid, the leg sweep is meant to do one things, take an opponent off balance. 

Other Guy:  And break a fucking kneecap! 

Eryk Masters:  That, too. 

Tanya goes to the ground holding her knee.  Jaime mounts her in the front guard and starts laughing. 


He starts throwing lefts and rights at her skull, as she’s putting up a guard from the hits.  Jaime keeps firing at her head.  Tanya sneaks in her opportunities to lay hooks into his ribs, which he’s keeping undefended.  On one of her hook attempts, Jaime lays another vicious left into her jaw which opens up her guard.  He then plants a vicious headbutt right to the bridge of her nose. 

Other Guy:  I think she’s bleeding! 

Eryk Masters:  We didn’t expect a hardcore match tonight, really.  However, Jaime’s temper is causing this… 

Heflin throws Jaime to the side, as he checks on Tanya.  A bit of blood starts coming out of her nose from the hit, but she pushes the ref to the side and clocks the big man with a hard jumping right to his temple.  He crumples over to the corner hard to support himself.  She gets a running start, though and plants both knees into his face. 

Other Guy:  Holy hangtime, E!  She went double knee! 

Eryk Masters:  Tanya Black with those dangerous high flying moves!  Jaime’s got to calm down now, or he’s going to lose this match quickly. 

As Jaime is going to the ground, she springs up with a mule kick to the face.  We see the big man bleeding from his mouth now…  He looks at the blood and starts to get even angrier.  As she gets to a standing base, Jaime pulls her by the hair and plants her on the ground!  Tanya is back first to the ground as she’s groaning a bit, but doesn’t want to show her opponent how much pain she’s in.  In fact, she seems to almost be… Enjoying this… 

Eryk Masters:  Look at that smile on her face.  She’s not right, OG… 

Other Guy:  Most people wouldn’t want to take any of this.  She’s jumping up and asking for more! 

Tanya pulls herself up by the ropes and looks right at her bloodied opponent.  Jaime rushes and tries to plant her with a vicious clothesline.  She ducks under and tries to come back with a series of kicks to his knees.  Tanya is still trying to keep her feet from hurting in general.  She keeps kicking his legs until Jaime goes down to his knees.  As he does, he nails her with a hard left to the stomach! 

Eryk Masters:  Anyone looking for a nice even match or a technical competition…  Wait until later. 

Other Guy:  Those punches are technical… 

Tanya goes down to her knees and holds her stomach.  As she does, Jaime tries to clock her again with another hard left.  She comes back with a right.  He hits with another left.  She comes back with another right.  Then this scene degenerates into a rapid succession of trading strong arm shots until Tanya comes up with a hard shot to his temple.  Jaime falls over to the side and starts looking up at the lights. 

Other Guy:  Holy hell!  That punch to the side of the head really got him to stop, if only for a little bit. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime’s looking up at ceiling right now.  This might be Tanya’s best chance to mount more offense onto her angry opponent. 

She springs up, but starts rubbing her right hand, which is noticeably wrapped up tightly.  She stands up and runs to the back ropes and springs down with a flash leg drop.  The calf connects across Jaime’s throat, as he springs up from the impact.  Tanya springs from first rope and drops another leg drop.  After this, she places herself in the front mount.  To make sure she tells Jaime that SHE’S on top, she gives him the double bird salute.  However, this is met by two large hands to the throat… 

Eryk Masters:  This just turned ugly, OG. 

Other Guy:  It was already filthy, E.  It’s gonna get worse from here. 

The big man lifts himself to a seated position, as Tanya tries to break the double handed choke.  Jaime stands himself up and lifts up his opponent higher in the air as he does.  He has Tanya dangling in his hands, and he throws her violently into the corner.  As she hits the corner, Jaime comes in with a hard shoulder block to the midsection.  Tanya spits up from the shock of the hit.  Then, he comes back up and rips her shirt off, exposing her black bra. 

Other Guy:  I don’t think he’s going for a feel test, E. 

Eryk Masters:  Not hardly, OG.  I’m guessing we’re about to see chops. 

Other Guy:  More chops than Paul Bunyan on an oak tree, man! 

Jaime moves to his right hand and starts firing off a series of Kobashi-like machine gun chops to Tanya’s chest.  He sees the sick smile on Tanya’s face as he keeps chopping her.  She keeps taunting him, as he does.  Jaime then switches to his left hand and delivers a loud, sickening chop to her chest! 


Eryk Masters:  You could probably hear that all the way to Raleigh-Durham! 

Other Guy:  And probably in South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia… 

Jaime pulls her out of the corner again and nails her with a vicious Complete Shot!  Then he loops his legs around her neck for…. 


Tanya’s neck is being yanked back in this vicious looking hold as Jaime is squeezing and pulling.  She’s reaching for the ropes with a foot or anything that would touch a rope. 

Other Guy:  Jaime trying to choke the life out of Tanya Black right now!  He’s not giving up on ways to make her hurt. 

Eryk Masters:  She’s been in this hold before, from when TMB slapped it on her.  It didn’t feel good then, it probably doesn’t feel good now. 

Tanya hooks her foot to a rope.  As she does, Heflin throws up the hand. 



Jaime keeps it locked in tighter! 



He finally releases the painful hold, as Heflin starts yelling at him.  Jaime gets in his face, as both men start jaw jacking. 

Eryk Masters:  This is uncharacteristic of the big man.  He’s not one to argue with the ref at all. 

Other Guy:  It’s almost as if he’s in this match to hurt Tanya, not win it. 

As he’s arguing, Tanya turns him around and takes out his leg with a vicious Thai shin kick!  Jaime goes down to the ground as his right leg is in slight pain.  She rolls him over and takes his leg into a single leg Boston Crab.  And we see the image of Tanya, bleeding from the bridge of her nose, pulling back on Jaime.  The big man is pushing himself up and pulling to the ropes.  He keeps trying to stretch out. 

Eryk Masters:  Tanya needs to sink that move in now!  Or he’s going to will himself to the ropes. 

Other Guy:  He’s still bleeding from the mouth too, so she either needs to get him down more, or make him bleed more! 

Jaime tries to wipe off the excessive blood from his lips.  He keeps grabbing for the ropes until… 




Tanya pulls off of Jaime and she goes over to Heflin and starts jawing at him!  Heflin is yelling at her to keep her distance or he’s throwing the match out. 

Tanya:  Come on, he isn’t touching the damn ropes! 

Heflin:  Last time I’m warning you, Black!  You two keep it clean or we’re done! 

Jaime is still wiping his mouth off and pulls himself up from the ropes.  He’s limping on his right leg right now.  He sees Tanya still yelling at the ref, until he turns her around and chops her again across the chest!  Tanya chops him again.  Jaime chops another time across her chest.  Tanya tries to nail him with a right.  Jaime moves over to the side and nails her with a hard straight left to the bridge of the nose.  And out comes more blood! 

Eryk Masters:  Those left hands are lethal coming from Jaime! 

Other Guy:  Most southpaws throw you off your game, because you’re not expecting it from the “odd side.” 

Tanya is holding her nose for a second, as Heflin goes to check on her again.  She shoves him to the side and goes up to Jaime with a hard backhand followed by a right hand to Jaime’s mouth.  He’s holding his mouth, as the blood is coming out a bit more.  He’s holding his mouth as the blood won’t stop coming from his mouth.  Tanya tries to capitalize, until he nails her with a back elbow. 

Other Guy:  Just more moves to try to injure and maim each other.  This wasn’t the match we were expecting to open the show, E! 

Eryk Masters:  And the fans in Charlotte are almost worried about the being of those two in the ring.  They seem to have no care for their own safety right now. 

As Tanya is doubled over,  Jaime comes down on her back with a double axe handle.  She drops face first onto the ground.  The camera can catch the sight of her laughing at the display.  The middle of her face is covered in blood, but she’s still smiling at the pain, for some odd reason.  Jaime goes to the ground and applies a chinlock to her and pulls back on the neck.  Tanya is pulling on his arms to try to find an escape route. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime’s sinking in that chinlock, trying to take away any source of energy that she might possibly have. 

Other Guy:  But at least they aren’t trying to club the hell out of each other now! 

Jaime is pulling back even harder on that chinlock.  Tanya is reaching out for the ropes again.  The big man is leaning down on the lady with all of his weight to keep her down on the ground.  She’s willing herself to get to the ropes, however.  As she does, Jaime lets go of the hold and stands up quickly and drops an elbow to the back of her head.  Tanya flinches from this shot. 

Other Guy:  One step forward and one elbow drop backwards, E! 

Eryk Masters:  This has been back and forth in a very violent way.  Jaime putting his exclamation point on this match with that hard elbow to the spine. 

Tanya is holding the back of her neck as she turns around slowly.  Jaime’s holding his mouth trying to stop his own bleeding.  Both soldiers are on the ground as the ref starts the count slowly. 



Jaime is trying to move around the ring, looking to pull himself up.  Tanya is doing much of the same. 



Tanya is pulling herself up from the ropes, at the same time Jaime is, too! 



Jaime leans against the ropes, as does Tanya!  Heflin stops his count and checks on the health of both wrestlings. 

Heflin:  Jaime, you okay to go. 

Jaime nods to him.   As he does, he goes over to Tanya. 

Heflin:  Tanya, you able to go. 

Tanya grunts at him and nods. 

Eryk Masters:  Heflin looking at both soldiers in the ring.  He’s trying to keep this from going too far. 

Other Guy:  Both soldiers are not too swift right now, E.  You’ve gotta wonder, do they have more left in their tank? 

Jaime shoots out of the corner and goes for a left-arm lariat.  Tanya ducks under and tries for a drop toe hold, but he nails her with a back kick to the jaw.  Tanya crumples to the ground hard.  As she does, Jaime drags her to the middle of the ring and plants his feet under the back of her knees… 

Eryk Masters:  This doesn’t look good… 

Other Guy:  He’s about to put on that Mexican standard, the Romero Special! 

Jaime slaps her sides and pulls back with her arms, as he does, he suspends her body in mid air in a massive stretch!  From here, Tanya screams!  But Jaime’s not done yet… 

Other Guy:  For the love of God, Jaime…  Don’t, brother! 

Jaime lets go of the arms and pulls her down for the Dragon Sleeper, and pulls her back down on her knees as he wrenches back on the neck! 

Eryk Masters:  Heflin, get in there!  He’s trying to break her neck! 

Jaime keeps pulling back with the Dragon Sleeper, as he’s got her legs trapped under his feet!  Tanya is thrashing around hard trying to punch her way out of the hold.  Heflin looks at her eyes rolling a bit and calls for the bell. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner by submission!  JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

Jaime releases the hold, as he does Heflin raises his arm.  Tanya starts to raise herself up and breathes in a little bit.  As she does, she’s in absolute anger.  She jumps up and slaps Heflin.  Jaime pushes her away and glares at her. 

Eryk Masters:  Tanya Black trying to jump Heflin!  But Jaime wasn’t having it! 

Other Guy:  Just look at that glare.  He almost wants to clock her again 

She simple leaves the ring and keeps her eyes on Jaime.  He keeps his eyes on her, as Heflin raises his arm again. 

Eryk Masters:  This match only started a new war for Tanya Black, one she might not be able to win with her normal tactics…


Eryk Masters: As get the ring ready for our next match, I want to remind everyone that…


The fans POP as SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD step out from the back. There is no music, no ring gear, just BUCK DRESDEN and CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS standing at the entrance of the arena, the fans ERUPTING to see their champions. Buck has the microphone in his hand with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship on his shoulder. He is wearing a black leather vest and a MASSIVE rodeo belt buckle on his blue jeans and cowboy boots. He does not have his hat on, however, his hair slicked back and wet.

Other Guy: Well…THIS was unexpected!

Charles Brandon Magnus has his SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulder, wearing a black sport coat with matching slacks and dress shoes, his white dress shirt underneath unbuttoned, revealing his wifebeater on underneath. His brown hair is slicked back as he looks over to Buck to hand him the microphone. The two men continue on their way to the ring.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Sorry to interrupt this broadcast, but we think this whole fiasco in OUR division…has gone on just quite long enough.

Magnus and Buck enter the ring. They stand there for a second as Samantha Coil hands Buck her microphone.

Buck Dresden: There’s a lotta folks out there who have been all up an’ down in this here ring, slappin’ hands with their partners, hurtin’ folks, an’ flat out causin’ our division to be one giant crusty rusty clusterFUCK.

Magnus nods in agreement.

Charles Brandon Magnus: But you know what? This is our chance to tell you all…a little story. Please…bear with us as we weave this little tale.

Buck Dresden: Ya see…this story starts a long time ago. It starts in December of 2010. On the very last Revolution of 2010, Jason Johnson decided it was time to bring the tag team division BACK to life. Them teams involved in that match? The Flying Avengers. VAS. UK Dragon an’ Johnny Patriot. The fourth team?

Charles Brandon Magnus: US.

The fans begin to cheer.

Buck Dresden: An’ wouldn’t you know it? That night…that cold as hell night…we overcame THREE OTHER TEAMS…to win…this right here.

Buck holds his World Tag Team Championship up as Magnus does the same.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Ever since Buck and I decided we worked better as a unit, we have defended these titles with pride. With dignity. With the resolve…of CHAMPIONS.

Buck Dresden: We said it then that we wanted ALL comers. We wanted the shitty, we wanted the best, we wanted the rookies, we wanted the vets. The bottom line? We were…an’ we ARE…fightin’ GOD DAMN CHAMPIONS.

The fans pop as Magnus holds up his as well.

Charles Brandon Magnus: We said it then…we say it now. Ever since we won these titles, Project:SCAR has stood ominously above us. They watched us, they waited. And at Redemption? At Redemption they finally decided to strike. They decided they couldn’t let our division that we have been at the helm of…that we have helped REBUILD…continue to survive.

Buck Dresden: An’ you know what wound up happenin’? We wind up in the hospital while the only other tag team worthy of a shot at these belts gets cheated. An’ THEN you know what happens next?

Charles Brandon Magnus: Oh…I know.

Buck looks over to Magnus.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Everybody’s faaaavorite odd couple decides nobody cares about them now that Hierarchy’s moved on…and what do they do, class?

Buck raises his hand.

Buck Dresden: They…get involved in our business?

Charles Brandon Magnus: They get involved in our business. They sit there, they make jokes, they mock the very essence of the division we have honored and we have loved for nearly a year now. We watched as those two idiots screwed around and made a mockery of tag team wrestling when what they SHOULD have been doing from the get go was showing the world that this division…the whole world of tag team wrestling…is still very much alive and perfectly epitomized in the two men who have led the best tag division in professional wrestling today…

Buck Dresden: …and ALL of SHOOT’s history, at least…

Brandon Magnus: …and they should have gone to the back of the line right behind VAS, The Gunslingers, and everyone else who thought they had the damn RIGHT…to try to slide themselves in our path.

Buck Dresden: So, really, what we have here are…three teams we don’t much like.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Project:SCAR for having the damned nerve to interfere in our division and try to derail it.

Buck Dresden: Stellar Insanity fer bein’ complete cunt kernels an’ bein’ where they don’t belong no more.

Charles Brandon Magnus: And Frontline II TURBO…because…um…well…well, just because, really.

Buck Dresden: Normal circumstances would have us give Hiro an’ Corey another title shot, maybe with people banned from ringside. Problem with THAT is…we still walk out of that match with none of Project:SCAR’s blood on our hands an’ none of Stellar Insanity’s Preparation H on our hands…

Magnus slowly turns and looks at Buck.

Charles Brandon Magnus: …anyway. Stellar Insanity decided last week to cause us a little bodily harm. SCAR’s been out to cause us bodily harm. F2T’s been out to take our beloved championship titles.

Buck Dresden: So we want to settle ALL our problems at once.

Magnus grins.

Buck Dresden: Master of the Mat. Fatal Four Way.

The fans POP HUGE.

Charles Brandon Magnus: EIGHT MEN…FOUR TEAMS…the way this division was REBORN one year ago…is the way we reinforce, once and for all, that THIS…IS…OUR DIVISION.

Buck laughs.

Buck Dresden: We ain’t lost since…we ain’t never lost. Rest assured, Master of the Mat? That streak continues.

Charles Brandon Magnus: So I hope you six fools are listening back there. Come Master of the…

Before another word can be spoken by Magnus, Wolfmother’s "Joker and the Thief" rips through the arena and the crowd jumps to their feet roaring for Stellar Insanity who waste no time making their way to the ring. Magnus and Dresden scowl at the Stellar and Loco as they slide into the ring. A mic is handed to Loco. Loco takes note of the aggressive body language from BAB.

Loco: Whoa whoa whoa… not looking for a fight. Not yet at least. I know you can’t be happy with us, but I’m out here to say, that kick last week? My bad. Not my intended target. But come Master of the Mat? That kick? WON’T be an accident.

Stellar: What the Freakshow is saying is we’re going to be the blemish on your perfect record-


Nachtmystium’s "Ghosts of Grace" cues up, producing Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa out from behind the entrance curtain. Conspicuous in his absence is, of course, Gregory Price. Hiro taps the patch over his right eye as the two men, wearing matching Frontline II TURBO t-shirts, march down to the ring. Hiro rolls under the bottom rope, kipping up to his feet right in front of Buck and Charles. Lazarus pulls a mic out of his pocket as he walks up the ring steps.

Corey Lazarus: Whoa, whoa, WHOA…cut the music…

"Ghosts of Grace" dies down as Corey steps into the ring, walking up to Rocky and Loco.

Corey Lazarus: Forgive if I’m mistaken, and I’ve got no real problem if I am, but Buck and Charles? I have a feeling that they, too, are sick of the kind of bullshit attitude that YOU two cunts…

Corey points to Stellar and Martinez, getting closer to Loco than he’d prefer and getting his hand swatted away.

Corey Lazarus: …have been displaying. Yeah, I get it. Really, kiddies, I do! SHOOT Project is a company that you helped build. It’s one that you take great pride in. But do you know what the one division in this entire fucking company that has had nothing at all to do with you and has been utterly thriving for the last ten months? This one.

Corey points to Hiro, Buck, Charles, and then himself.

Corey Lazarus: The one that the four of us, the Bad Ass Brotherhood and Frontline II TURBO, have been making into a credible and respectful division despite whatever you may have done or thought. For you to come out here and try to talk us down when we’re giving a few ugly sons of bitches like Project: SCAR what they so richly deserve is complete bullshit, you dig? If you want to come out here and play police officers? Fine. Whatever. That’s cool.

Corey walks over to Hiro, pointing at his eyepatch.

Corey Lazarus: Then where the fuck were you at Redemption when Kenji Yamada did this to my brother right here

A few "oohs" and "aahs" come from the crowd as Rocky and Loco look to reply, but get cut off before any word can get out.

Corey Lazarus: Precisely. This has nothing to fucking do with you, so take your fake little badges, take your rainbow camouflage fatigues, and get the fu…!

Suddenly, all the lights in the arena fade out and leave every one in pitch black darkness. Frontline 2 Turbo can he heard shouting in the darkness for SCAR to show themselves. The slow, confused, picking that signals the start of "Black Session" by Katatonia haunts the arena as a very familiar blurred out slab of flesh appears on the SHOOT Project video wall. When the main rift slams into the arena, the picture becomes clear and the hunk of flesh shows but a single name carved into it.

Project: SCAR

When the lights finally flutter back on, Corazon and Kenji Yamada stand on the ramp smirking at the six men in the ring. Turbo can’t contain themselves, they go to leave the ring. Loco places a hand on Corey’s shoulder to try to stop him, but Laz just turns and gives Loco a violent shove that sends him directly into Buckley Dresden, who roughly catches Martinez in his grip. Turbo quickly exits the ring and b-lines for SCAR and a brawl starts on the ramp! Hiro and Corazon exchange rights. Corey with a double leg take down starts to drive fists into Kenji, but Kenji rolls, and begins returning fire with rights and lefts of his own. Before long the members of Frontline 2 Turbo and Project: SCAR stumble into the back, still trading blows with each other!

Other Guy: Uh oh… we may have a situation here.

Eryk Masters: Ya think?!

Back inside the ring, Loco whips his arm around to get out of the grip of Dresden. He violently spins catching Buck with his arm in a very "get off me" fashion. Not liking the message sent by Loco’s violent escape Magnus steps into Loco’s face. Each man has a fire in their eyes. They start chirping, and as Stellar steps in each member of the Badass Brotherhood winds up and drives a fist into the members of Stellar Insanity, leveling them both, and then taking off towards the backstage area after the still brawling Project SCAR and Frontline II Turbo.

Loco and Stellar, holding their respective jaws and shake their head as they have no choice but to follow after BAB, Frontline 2 Turbo, and Project: SCAR. They jump through the ropes and hit a dead sprint on the entrance ramp to try and catch up with BAB.


The shot goes to the back, to Dutch Harris, who stands by with an annoyed look on his face as he sighs. The pan widens to show the source of his dismay. The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. Cade Sydal. A surprisingly mixed reaction sounds through the Time Warner Arena as some of the fans choose to support the home state Soldier, a reaction that brings a smirk to his already overly-confident posture.

Dutch Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see I’m joined by the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and I’ve gotta ask. Where’s Cassi? You’ve been inseparable ever since she’s shown up.

Cade cocks his head to the side and stares at Dutch for a second.

Cade Sydal: Why do you wanna know where she is, Dutch? Ya know what’ don’t answer that, I know why…I know you, after all. So let me ask the real question…why is that the question you want to ask me? I’m the World Fucking Champion, and I’ve got two hungry beasts breathing down my neck looking to take it from me…and you want to ask where my fucking girlfriend is?

Cade holds his hand up directly in Dutch’s face, invading his personal space far too much as Dutch slaps the hand from his face. The tension builds for a moment, but only briefly, as Cade smirks again and starts to chuckle.

Cade Sydal: Well don’t worry about where she is. She’s taking care of some business matters, she’s licensed to be my manager after all.

Dutch glares at Cade for a moment, his jaw clenching, before he takes a deep breath and professionalism wins out.

Dutch Harris: Alright. How does it feel knowing you’re only weeks away before someone finally takes that title off of your waist…well, shoulder? That’s the question you want me to ask, right?

Cade reaches his hand up, almost forming a fist before he waves the notion off and taps his own chin with his fingers instead.

Cade Sydal: There’s the jealous wash-up I…never mind. Yeah, sure, that’s the question I was hoping you’d ask…at least it’s relevant to what’s going on. That’s your opinion huh? And why is that? I’ve done everything I’ve ever said I’d do, and I’m going to continue to do just that…Jonas and Eryk couldn’t take this championship from me if I were asleep during the match. I could beat either of them individually, one at a time…and I can beat them both at the same time. It doesn’t matter to me how it’s done…

Dutch raises his free hand to stifle a laugh. Cade catches a glimpse out of the corner of his eye and trails off.

Cade Sydal: Something amusing to you?

Dutch Harris: Yes. It’s just that…heh…well, didn’t Jonas beat you?

Cade opens his mouth to start to respond when someone else catches his attention, walking into the shot behind Dutch comes former Sin City Champion, Tanya Black, with the man recognized as FLASH Dynamite right behind her, his large arms folded across his broad chest.

Cade Sydal: Excuse me. I’m doing something here little lady.

Tanya Black: Well it’s a public hall. Besides I figured this…Cassi Ryan is actually busy right now. This may be the first time in SHOOT History she isn’t hanging off you. That means you are doubly exposed. What if someone who hates you and wants to laugh at your pain were to come along say Jonas Coleman or X-Calibur?

Cade Sydal: I’m not afraid of them or you, or him behind you, or the boogie man…or toilet ‘gators.

Cade smirks, an expression returned by Tanya though hers is clearly mocking his.

Tanya Black: Well all I know is I took some of your advice to heart. I’m not alone anymore. Granted last week there was a bit of "miscommunication" but FLASH is here to watch my back so no one will prevent me from winning when I wish.

Cade smiles as he nods along with her words.

Cade Sydal: Well that’s good. Though I do want to know what happened with you last week? I mean you lost to a twelve year old girl.

Tanya looks pissed and goes to step up to Cade but FLASH puts his hand on her shoulder. Calming down, Tanya fixes her hair and glances over at Cade.

Tanya Black: Seriously though, I thought the little tart was surgically attached to your coattails. At least I associate with people who can actually wrestle. Even if poor FLASH was being weighed down by a lazy tag team partner.

Cade Sydal: I am sure. Though I do admit I liked the way you let my worthless cousin know his services in SHOOT were no longer needed. Maybe you have a tiny spark of something worthwhile in you after all.

Tanya just laughs off Cade’s comment and acts unimpressed with his praise which seems to irritate Cade just enough to get his cool demeanor to drop for a moment. But just a moment.

Tanya Black: Well anytime you are no longer busy being afraid of an overhyped "hero" with no sense of patience and a man who can’t spell his own name right I will be glad to teach you a lesson about how to win a match CLEAN.

Cade just laughs at that steps closer, moving Dutch out of the way/.  Sizing up Tanya, Cade goes to tense his body for a cheap shot when he sees FLASH step between them. Thinking twice as he recalls the numbers disadvantage Cade relaxes.

Cade Sydal: Well if it’s just talk I would be willing to discuss things all night with you. I’ll even let FLASH here do his job and come into my private and very swank locker room. I am the World Champion after all. It wouldn’t do for me to be seen in your dirty little locker room. Though speaking of dirty, you might want to shower first. You have that disgusting Alejandro Funk all over you.

Tanya Black: Shut Up! I do not!

Tanya stops and sniffs herself as Cade laughs and walks off. Fuming Tanya looks over at FLASH who gestures for her to move along as well, Tanya complies but with a look of frustration on her face.



Eryk Masters: Who knows what we’re in for in this next match? Azrael through down the gauntlet last week saying he and Yuri would face three tag teams tonight to prove they are a better tag team then the Gunslingers. 

Other Guy: I saw Goeren earlier tofay when he arrived to the buildig and he was very nervous. He told me he heard from his inner office contacts that Instant Heat, Beautiful People, and Family Values had all sent requests to face him and Yuri tonight because they know he is the best tag wrestler in the business today. 

Samantha Coil climbs into the ring and gets ready to announce the first particpants of the gauntlet. 












"Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts to play, Azrael Goeren steps out from behind the curtain to ch orus of boos, followed by Yuri who is not in his usual bodyguard apparel, but is wearing black leather pants, black gloves and red wrist tape. Goeren slowly makes his way down the ramp looking from side to side as Yuri followws beside him. The megastar isn’t up to any of his usual antics as he enters the ring loking legitmately concerned about his upcoming opponents. 

Samantha: Representing THE HIERARCHY from Eberswalde, Germany, weighing in at 215 pounds, this is The Megastar – The Sensation Not From This Nation – AZRAEL GOEREN!  and his partner Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov! 

Samantha looks to the ramp and then to Azrael who shrugs, the time keeper then walks up to the ring steps and hands Samantha three sealed envelopes. Goeren steps out onto the apron leaving Yuri in the ring as Samantha opens the first envelope. 

Eryk Masters: Goeren really does seem off his game, and seems to have elected to have Yuri start this match no matter who the opponents are. 

Samantha looks at the card then shakes her head. All of a sudden "It’s Raining Men" blares through the speakers and two blonde muscular men wearing nothing but pink spandex undearwear prance down the ramp towards the ring. 

Samantha: From San Francisco, California, Bruce Loosehole and Julian Limpwrist, THE BJS! 

As Bruce gets in the ring, Julian goes to his spot on the apron. Yuri shoots an annoyed look at Goeren who is laughing so hard he’s leaning against the turnbuckles to hold himself up. Goeren looks out at the crowd with that patented Gorean "gotcha smile".  

Ery Masters: I should of known. 

Other Guy: What at one time these guys were number three contendors to the DIWF World tag titles. Yuri better watch out these guys are dangerous. 

Yuri charges at Bruce and Bruce uses his speed to slip behind him and puts Yuri in a full nelson locl and starts grinding agaisnt his backside. Yuri quickly powers free turning a round and almost instantly leveling Bruce Loosehole with a solid forearm. Yuri picks Bruce and slams him to the mat, but he is a little too close to his opponents corner and Julian tags himself in.   Yuri charges in again and Julian rolls out of the way and kicks Yuri in the gut and goes for the rump pump pump handle slam, but Yuri again powers out sending and elbow into Julian’s face then tossing him face first into a neutral corner. As Julain comes out Yuri kicks him in the gut and picks him up for a power bomb nd tosses him half way across the ring. Yuri starts to go for the pin, but Goren is standing on the bottom rope leaning into the ring demanding Yuri make the tag. Yuri reluctantly walks over and makes the tag. 

Goeren hops into the ring and places one foot on the fallen Julian as the ref drops to make the count. 




Samantha: The BJ’s have been eliminated. 

Goeren stands up and wipes his brow after all the hard work and tags Yuri back in. Yuri just looks at him then steps back into the ring and awaits the next team. 

Eryk Masters:  Yuri makes shor twork of the first team and Ihave a feeling the next team won’t be giving him much of a hassle either. 

Other Guy: Don’t give Yuri all the credit Goeren made the pin. 

The Mr. Softee theme plays for a moment before "Yummy Yummy Yummy Satan Remix" by Elvis Hitler hits. A man steps out from behind the curtain pushing an old fashioned ice cream cart, he’s wearing white pants, a white button down shirt with a black bow tie, black belt and a white hat and half of his teeth are rotted out. A few steps behind him comes a guy pushing a janitor’s cart.  

Samantha: Introducing the second team in this gauntlet match the Bad Humor Man and Bob the "EVIL" Janitor.  

The Bad Humor man steps into the ring with a mic and plays up the cowd, but msot of the kids in the audience seem creeped out. 

Bad Humor Man: "You scream, he screams, we all scream for…DEATH CREAM!" 

Goeren is distracting the ref in the corner complaining that the tag rope is loose and as soon as Bad Humor man drops the mic he is leveled by a big boot from Yuri. Bob reaches down and grabs a broom out of the janitor cart. He climbs into the ring while the ref is still arguing with Goeren. Bob cracks the broom over Yuri’s back, but it barely phases him as he turns around and whips Bob into the ropes and levels him with a big boot like he did his partner. Yuri is about to go for a tag and sees Azrael still arguing with the ref he goes over to see wha tis up and Goeren sees that the work has been done and tags himself in. He then runs over and covers both Bob the "EVIL" janitor and Bad Humor man at the same time. 




Samantha: Bob the "EVIL" Janitor and the Bad Humor Man have been eliminated.  

Other Guy: The Megstar has pinned both of his opponents at the sme time while Yuri jsut stands there on the apron. 

Eryk Masters: Are you kididng me? 

Goeren tags Yuri back in who is getting visibly annoyed, but enters the ring anyway as Samantha opens the third envelope Darth Vader’s Theme plays. 

Samantha: The third and final team in this gauntlet match Executioner and El Asso Wipo, the T’CHA OF DOOOOOOOOM! 

They make their way to the ring and Executione rputs his plastic axe in the corner telling El Asso Wipo not to touch it. 

Eryk Masters: At least this is almsot over. 

Other Guy: I could watch this all day. 

Yuri rushes at Executionr, but he steps out of the way and trips him, meanwhile on the apron El Asso Wipo is gesturing that Executioner should "break him like so".  Executioner goes to pick Yuri up but gets an elbow to the gut and Yuri bodyslams him in the center of the ring. Yuri picks him up again and levels him a massive forearm. Yuri then sets him up for a powqerbomb but again Goeren is leaning into the ring screaming for a tag. Yuri lifts Executioner up and hits the powerbomb then walks over and lets Goeren tag himself in. yuri doesnt even bother staying on the apron and hops down to the floow knowing the match is over. 

Goeren is about to go for the pin when "Hillbillybone" by Blake Shelton starts palying and he frantically starts looking around while Yuri surveys the crowd waiting for an attack. The song plays for a minute then cuts off with no sign of the Gunslingers. 

Eryk Masters:  Looks like some mind games from the Gunslingers. 

Other Guy: Or they are jsut scared to confront a tag team that is about to defeat three of the toughest teams in the world. 

Goeren realizes that it was a false alarm and goes to make the cover on Executioner, but when he does Executioner reaches up and sinks the claw of DOOM! on Goeren.  Goeren fights it as Executioner tags in El Asso Wipo who puts out hi sknee and Executioner lifts Goeren up and slams him across El Asso Wipo’s knee "like so".  

Eryk Masters:  They just hit the T’Cha of Doom, this may just be the biggest upset in SHOOT Project history.  

As El Asso Wio is about to go for a  pin Yuri slides into the ring and levels both the Executioner and El Asso Wipo with a double clothesline.  The ref tells Yuri to get out of the ring and Yuri is about to punch the ref, but he sees Azrael reach over and drape an arm over El Asso Wiposo he just exits the ring as the ref turns and goes to make the count. 




Samantha Coil:  Your winner, AZRAEL GOEREN!  and Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov!  

Executioner steals her mic and starts to walk up the ramp. 


Goeren and Yuri stand in the center of the ring, Yuri wondering what the hell exeecutioner is atalking about as Goerene celebrates hsi hard fought win when the crowd starts to cheer and The Gunslingers hop over the gurdrail and attack Yuri and Goeren from behind. Stan slams Yuri’s head into the turnbuckle as Jacob throws Goeren to the outside where he knocks over the Bad Humor Man’s ice cream cart. Jacob charges after him but gets a klondike bar to the eyes.  jacob stumbles back and Azrael kicks him right in the nuts. Inside the ring Stan and Yuri are brawling all over the ring as security rushes down and pulls them apart.  Goeren goes to escape up the ramp, but  Jacob chases after him and grbas him and they brawls up the ramp before more refs  and security drag them apart and escort both teams to the bck. 

Other Guy:  Just like the Gunslingers to attack Goeren and Yuri after they defeated three teams in a row. 

Eryk Masters:  Get off it! Goeren tried to pull a fast one tonight and paid the price. it’s only a matter of tiem before wee see these four men in the ring and I hope it’s sooner rather than later. 


We’re backstage right now with Abigail Chase, who is getting some sort of instructions from the production booth.

Abigail Chase: What’s that? Okay.. almost ready? Gotcha.

She turns to the camera.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been informed that we have live, via satellite from an undisclosed location, a man who last week stirred up a proverbial hornet’s nest of controversy for his remarks in front of a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden- Mason Pierce, along with Leona. Mason, Leona, can you hear me?

Mason and Leona appear on the screen, apparently being shot from inside of a room somewhere so as to hide their location. Pierce has a pair of sunglasses pushed up on his head, casually clad in a red polo shirt. Leona is seated beside him, her long dark hair cascading down her shoulders, attired in her ever-present black leather jacket.

Mason Pierce: Of course. If there’s one thing we can afford to provide, it’s a satisfactory satellite connection. Our little gift to the world.

Abigail Chase: Okay.. the first thing I’d like to address is-

Mason Pierce: Last week, undoubtedly. Am I wrong?

Abigail Chase: Actually, no. You’re not.

Mason Pierce: Didn’t think so. But go ahead and ask your question. Be a good little journalist and do your job- and do try not to act too unprofessionally.

Abigail seems a little flustered by that remark, but she shakes it off quickly.

Abigail Chase: Since you brought it up, yes, let’s go into your remarks last week. According to sources, there have been a number of threats made against you personally for what you had the audacity to go in front of a capacity crowd in New York City on a day that not only the city, but a whole nation held sacred, and say. Some have speculated that those threats are the reason you’re not here tonight. Care to comment?

Mason Pierce: You’re a bimbo.

Abigail Chase: Excuse me?

Mason Pierce: Deaf as well, girl?

Leona: Mason…

Mason Pierce: Fine. You want a comment? They’re rubbish. The only people who know why Leona and I aren’t in your little arena tonight are sitting right here on this side of the camera. Our reasons are our own. We’ve got much more important things to do than travel to some half-full arena somewhere where I’m willing to bet you can’t even get a decent hotel room. We weren’t told we needed to be there, so guess what? We’re not. And as for where we are, that’s information that nobody needs to know, so don’t even bother wasting your lung power asking.

Abigail Chase: Fine. I won’t. But while I’ve got you here, how about explaining your actions in New York? Were you deliberately trying to piss off not only the crowd, but pretty much the entire country? Are you that egotistical that you think you can get away with saying what you did and not expect any sort of consequences?

Mason chuckles.

Mason Pierce: Ooooh… got yourself a little fire there, huh? Did I touch a bit of a nerve with ya? To answer your question, yeah. I was trying to piss some people off. You don’t make an omelette without breaking a whole bunch of eggs first. Did I expect some death threats? Damn right I did. Am I sorry I did it? HELL… NO. You see, Abigail, you go acting all indignant- which, by the way, is a nice little reprieve from the powderpuff everyone’s used to seeing- but the fact of the matter is, I spoke the truth out there. And even though I had a number of people wanting my head, I had more than a few that were wanting to shake my hand, because guess what? I said on national television what they’d been thinking for a long ass time. That’s right. People are waking the hell up and smelling the coffee. The world’s changing, in case you haven’t noticed. The status quo is no longer considered acceptable.

Abigail Chase: You realize you’re probably going to be right here next week- and there’s going to be no shortage of people wanting to hold you accountable for your blatant disrespect of-

Mason Pierce: Disrespect? Oh, please. Give me a goddamn break. As for next week, you know what? Maybe I will make myself available. If someone’s got something to say to me, they can damn well say it right square to my face. I’m finally starting to find my legs as a wrestler, and when that happens, everyone in the locker room better be watching the hell out. Because when I get good at something, I get VERY good at it, if you catch my meaning. I’ve already got people a helluva lot more powerful, resourceful and intelligent than anyone in SHOOT, and guess what, girl? I’m still standing. No matter what they try to throw at me, I still walk away smelling like a damn rose. You see, I don’t hide from adversity. I look it square in the eyes just before I rip out its fucking throat. Everyone saw what I did to that punk Alex Brooks in New York. Didn’t even break a bloody sweat. If someone out there wants to see if they’ve got what it takes, by all means. I invite ’em to bring it to the ring and try. I ain’t hard to find- when I want to be found. As for now, I think I’ve given you enough of my time.


"Scream with Me" starts playing over the speakers. As it does, we see Jaime Alejandro come out of the back with his skateboard shorts, a pair of sneakers and a blue shirt with a stone cross on the front, and "Alejandro" on the back.

He’s slowly walking to the ring as the fans are wondering how he’s still walking after the match they saw. He slides in and motions for a microphone. Kendrick hands him a mic.

Jaime: Most of you are wondering why I’m out here… I can tell you why. A little punk who’s been avoiding me named Tyrone Smith. I can admit. I’ve been a bit involved with the Series and with other things.

Jaime cranes his neck and looks out to the crowd.

Jaime: But you just wonder. What makes the crazy people in SHOOT Project click. We know that Project: SCAR is filled with "monsters." The Hierarchy with drugs. And Tanya Black, I think I shut about twenty of her voices up. But Tyrone… Sometimes, he’s more lucky than good. But let’s face facts… Tyrone, much like your LEGACY belt, you’ve been a one hit wonder, son. So, how about you quit hiding. Unless you’re waiting in the crowd to hit me again…

At that moment "Say Goodnight to the World" by Dax Riggs hits the PA system as you can hear the boos eminate in the arena before Tyrone even steps out from the backstage. Crazy Boy slowly makes his way from the backstage, wearing his new trademark spiked JNCO pants and a Dr. Acula shirt. He has a sly grin on his face, a microphone in his left hand. He turns toward some of the crowd and mouths off to them before look back at the ring, stopping at the front of the entry ramp, bringing his mic to his lips. He motions for his music to cut off as the jeers and boos continue to rain down on young Tyrone.

CB: Oh, boo hoo, Jaime. So I’m a punk in your eyes now. I go from one of your most aspiring students that you have ever taught to a motherfucking punk. Is that all I am to you now "teach?" Cry me a fucking river.

The boos grow louder as Tyrone just chuckles to himself as he continues to speak.

CB: I’ve been hearing it all for the past few weeks. What happened to our hero? Why did you attack Jaime the way I did? Think about your family. Blah, blah, blah… all you ingrates don’t deserve to know my motives.

Jaime motions Tyrone to come into the ring.

Jaime: You are a punk. Because you might’ve been my student once, but then you decided to learn from others, which I don’t fault. Greyson… I can live with. We’ve had a few scraps, but Greyson’s okay. Then you picked up a few lessons from the moaner of the wrestling world, Cronos Diamante. Which okay, I can deal with that. But somewhere along the way… You probably stopped taking your medications… Or maybe, you caught Tanya Black syndrome. Where you think the older generation is holding you back… No, we’re not. So, enlighten me, Tyrone. Tell me. Why are you so abhorrent in the eyes of the people. I can tell you real easily…

Tyrone just chuckles and slowly makes his way down to the ring. As he gets halfway down the ramp, he stops and shakes his head slowly, bringing the microphone to his vile lips again.

CB: I’ll go in that ring when I’m damn well and ready to. Since you asked me so nicely, Jaime. I’ll enlighten you. But listen closely, I’m only going to say this once, and I’ll make sure to talk to you nice and slow, so your feeble mind can understand.

Tyrone starts to pace the ramp like a rabid dog, almost waiting to be unleashed.

CB: All your points are valid. After I parted ways with you and wound up in Legacy, Grayson Blade took me under his wing and fine tuned my wrestling ability, things that you couldn’t quite do. But I still had no direction and purpose, and that’s where Cronos came in. He taught me honor and dignity in the ring, moreso than anyone else. Everyone that taught me has taught me in their own personal way and it made me who I was, and I am grateful for that.

Crazy Boy then smiles, his eyes turned to hatred and anger, almost seeming like he is foaming out of the mouth.

CB: But then everything changed. For the worse. After I won the Legacy World Heavyweight Championship, I was heralded a hero, a underdog, a champion of the people. I was loved by EVERYONE around and I was truly at the top of the world. But then after Legacy shuts its doors and I get an offer to come to this…… cesspool, my career just started to take a downward spiral.

Jaime: Honor and Dignity. Things you still don’t have the concept of, Tyrone. Your career took a downward spiral because you thought people would give you a free ride because you were the last LEGACY champion. It doesn’t work that way, kid. You see. We all start at the bottom. Everyone starts at the bottom. And you have to prove to the people that you’re cut out to do this job. But you… You forgot about that, didn’t you?

He wipes around his mouth, from the stitches he received.

Jaime: You see, Tyrone. There’s a difference between you and me. I’m willing to start back at the bottom and claw my way to the top. You… You forgot everything that snake, Cronos, actually taught you. Honor, is the art of actually respecting your opponent. Dignity, is taking the good and bad of the industry with enough respect and fire to do it all again every night.

Tyrone just chuckles, mainly to himself, as he looks right in the wise eyes of Jaime Alejandro. His mouth turns to a sneer as he takes a few steps toward the ring, stopping just short of the apron.

CB: I was WILLING to start at the bottom. I knew when I came here that I would have to work my way back up. This isn’t my first damn rodeo, old man. It started off well when in my debut match I beat Pestalance right here in the middle of that ring. I understood that these ingrates wasn’t quite sure who I was yet, so I didn’t get the reaction I was expecting, but that was okay. But as I got my name out and started to tell people who I was, even in losing efforts, I knew that I was dazzling these sheep with my skills and abilities in the ring. But what do I get in return? Nothing. All I get is a bunch of silence, and that struck a nerve with me. I’ve been in this business for over a fucking decade, and I’ve worked too damn hard to get the shabby treatment.

Crazy Boy climbs up to the apron and steps in between the ropes, standing on the opposite side of Jaime in the ring. He just shakes his head and continues to speak.

CB: After I lost to X-Calibur, a person who I have beaten a fucking MILLION times, I decided to take a little sabbatical and reevaluate my career and my life, and if I was truly happy in what I was doing. I decided to give myself a second chance at the Redemption Rumble, knowing that if I could finish at least in the top 5, I could probably get my career back on track and maybe I would start to get noticed once again.

Tyrone puts the mic down to his side and charges across the ring, stopping just short of Alejandro, almost nose to nose to him and his face burrows to a frown.

CB: And this is the part where YOU come in, Jaime. The fucking nail in the coffin, I might say.

Jaime: You are right, Tyrone. I am the nail in the coffin for you. Because this ain’t NAFW anymore, so I’d drop the bass in your voice, boy. Unlike NAFW, I don’t have the expectations of being so honorable. I think you know what damage I can do. So I wouldn’t try anything funny. I did promise someone that I wouldn’t try to cheap shot you or hit you from behind. I didn’t say anything about not hitting you in front of me, though.

Jaime stares right back at Tyrone and almost tries to burn a hole in him.

Jaime: You see, Tyrone. You probably expect to take on a Jaime Alejandro who’s been so inebriated that he can’t find his own feet. You’re not getting that. You’re getting one who’s more focused than you’ve ever been in your whole lot. And I’m not going to get into a pissing contest. You want something, speak up.

Tyrone takes a couple of steps back and growls, staring right back at his former teacher as he starts to speak, his voice dripping sinister.

CB: It’s YOUR fucking fault I’m like this, Jaime. It’s all you. When I heard that ovation that you got from these sheep you like to call SHOOT fans, I tried to ignore it. I tried to stay at the task at hand. When you came in that ring and we teamed up there for a second, it felt like the old days. It felt GOOD, Jaime. But then you got off on your own and got in your own little battles, which I understand, every man for himself in that kind of match. What got me is that YOU SAW me in the process of being eliminated and you didn’t even attempt to raise a finger in TRYING to help me in any way. You just watch me take a tumble out of that ring like I was a piece of discarded trash, then went along your business like I fucking did not even exist! And you know what else? People CHEERED at the prospect of me getting eliminated. I sat there in shock and while on my back to the locker room, I was trying to sort everything out, then it hit me like I hit that bitch Tanya Black last week.

That got a chorus of boos from the crowd. Tyrone just stands there, absorbing all of the jeers and anger as he continues to speak.

CB: You knew I would be a threat to you in that Redemption Rumble, Jaime. You know if it came down to it, and it wound up being us two left in that ring, that I would wipe your washed up ass senseless. You’re right, this isn’t the NAFW days, Jaime. I’m not the young, naive kid that I was when I was there. I am one of the greatest wrestlers of this generation. You know it, I know it, and all these sheep know it. You are afraid that I would show you up Jaime, and finally show how broken down and past your prime you really are.

Tyrone grins as he takes a look at Jaime from head to toe, his body covered in stitches, bruises and bandages.

CB: I mean look at you, old man. You let a slut beat you like that. I faced her last week, and even though I lost, I’ve never felt better. I’m still standing without a scratch on me, and here you are… a pathetic, weak fool of an old man.

Jaime: You want to say that one more time…

Tyrone takes a step closer and raises his microphone up to his face, his eyes full of fire and rage.

CB: You are a pathetic, weak fool of an old man! Have you gone senile on me, Jaime?

Jaime decks him with a hard left to the jaw. Tyrone hits the mat hard.

Jaime: I heard you, you nutjob. I just wanted to see if you were stupid enough to get in range.

Tyrone is slow to get up from the jab as he shakes his head slowly, shaking the cobwebs from his head. He reaches up to his lip and feels a trickle of blood coming from his bottom lip. He cackles softly as he wipes the blood on his shirt and stares at his former mentor.

CB: You just made the biggest fucking mistake you have ever made in your life. Bigger than your drinking binge, bigger than almost losing everything that you loved and cherished. Jaime, if you have the nuts, I want you at Master of the Mat. No more hiding, no more excuses. No more ramblings of an old man. I want you alone, in that ring, where I will teach YOU something: not to fuck with me.

Jaime: I thought you’d never ask, boy. I’ll see you there. Oh, and a gentle reminder, too. You know who not to even lay a hand on… Because if you do, Master of the Mat might be where your career is laid to rest…

Tyrone nods his head and walks up to Jaime, almost nose to nose to him again. He puts the microphone up to his lips one last time and smiles a toothy smile, finally getting what he wants.

CB: Trust me Jaime, I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. You are the only person that I am concerned about. No one in that locker room is going to have to worry about me hitting them with chairs, or surprise attacking them. But you Jaime, you just signed your death wish. At Master of the Mat, I will humiliate you. I will break you. After I get done with you, You will never walk again. You are going to have to down a bottle of booze every day just to rid yourself of the pain. By time it’s all said and done, the spotlight you stole from me.. I will have it back… and pretty soon, you will be nothing more than a fading memory of these ingrates.

Jaime: Go ahead and try… I’m sure you can call Tharo, Keith Owens, Intruder, Trevor Cunning, Issac, whoever you like and ask them what happened when they said that. I will not go into this match looking to win. I’ll be going into the match to put you into the hospital. And trust me… You don’t have enough voices in your head to keep out of there.

Tyrone can just laugh at Jaime’s face and turns his back toward him, starting to walk away. The microphone is still in his hand. As he takes a few steps away, he stops dead in his tracks.

CB: Oh and by the way, Jaime.

As soon as he says that, Tyrone turns around to hit Jaime in the head with the mic, but the veteran is too smart for his schemes and plants Crazy Boy with a few punches to the face. Tyrone drops the mic and staggers back as Jaime plants Tyrone with an inverted DDT. As Crazy Boy falls to the mat, Jaime is quick to pick him up and grabs him by the hair and the waist of the pants, disposing him over the top rope, Tyrone hitting the concrete hard. "Scream with Me" hits the PA as Jaime just stares at his fallen adversary as Tyrone gets to one knee and looks up, staring at Jaime with a sinister smile on his face. Tyrone struggles to his feet and mouths something to Jaime as he starts to walk away from the ring and up the entry ramp, still a little spaghetti legged as he holds on to his head, backing away with intense anger in his eyes, disappearing into the backstage.


Mary Kelly stands there in front of the Helmet, a smile on her face as she holds the microphone to her face. 

Mary Kelly:  Ladies and gentlemen…introducing to you all tonight…Charlotte, North Carolina’s own…Donovan King! 

King steps into view, the fans popping BIG. 

Mary Kelly:  Thanks for taking the time out to speak to me before your big match later tonight against Dan Stein, Donovan. 

Donovan King:  Think nothing of it, Mary. 

Mary Kelly:  The obvious question I have…how does it feel? 

King grins. 

Mary Kelly:  Well? 


The fans POP. 

Donovan King:  I HEAR YOU! 

They cheer some more, he grins. 

Donovan King:  Oh God, I could get used to this shit right here. 

He chuckles. 

Mary Kelly:  Well, no sign of Mirage for you tonight, no sign of any troubles except for your match tonight, you’ve got to be feeling it tonight. 

King rolls his eyes. 

Donovan King:  I’ve always got my eyes over my shoulders.  But you see this right here?  This Charlotte, baby girl. 

The fans POP again. 

Donovan King:  Where else I’mma be safe at?  I got my family here tonight, chillin’ in a sky box.  I got my friends out there tonight, almost twenty thousand of ‘em.  You think they gonna let somebody get at me tonight?  Danny boy’s in it tonight. 

He puts his arm around her, still grinning. 

Donovan King:  Face it, the world’s my oyster right now.  One step away from the top of the world.  Master of the Mat Donovan King has a damn damn DAMN good sound to it.  Stay tuned! 

King points to the camera and walks off screen, the fans still cheering, leaving Mary Kelly grinning at him as he leaves her there.



Samantha Coil: The Following contest is scheduled for ONE Fall and has a fifteen minute time limit.  And as part of the Sin City Championship Series, it is for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!  Making his way to the ring, first…

The lights flicker to a blue shade and the fans immediately begin filling the arena with a loud chorus of boos.

Eryk Masters: My god, I didn’t think anybody could be so hated that a shade of light could send these people into a loathsome frenzy.

A flapping French flag appears on the SHOOTron, confirming everyone‘s trepidations. As the boos nearly drown out Darth Vader’s famous breathing that opens "Caballero" by Assassin, Baptiste steps out onto the ramp.

Eryk Masters: So has he been eliminated yet or…?  Not that I care.  X-Calibur officially won it, so claiming Baptiste was never eliminated is like trading a bloody douche bag for a used piece of toilet paper.

Other Guy: Nice image, Eryk.  Real nice.

As Baptiste extends his arms, showing off the long blue robe bedazzled with authentic looking gems, he slowly makes his way to the ringside area.  With his back turned to the capacity crowd we see the fleur de lis – a true symbol of excellence synonymous with Monsieur Baptiste- outlined in what appears to be diamonds.

Eryk Masters: Fake.  Fake.  Faaake.

Other Guy: Man, you really drank the haterade tonight, didn’t you?

Eryk Masters: I’m sorry for not being diplomatic in my duties… but Baptiste is an asshole.

Once Baptiste removes his robe and hands it to the ringside aid…

Samantha Coil: …. from Bordeaux, France. Weighing in at 238lbs… he is the International ICON… Jean. Gerard. BAAAAAPTIIIIIISTE!!!!

As Caballero fades away…

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The lights die down and the electronic opening to "One Room Disco" by Perfume starts to resonate and beat through the arena. The SHOOTron pulsing with the opening beat with bright colors, the crowd anxiously rise to their feet, some even clapping with the tune. When the first lyrics sound, several pink spotlights search through the crowd, the entrance curtain surrounded by pulsing pink and white lights. Finally, Maya makes his way through the curtain to a loud ovation of fans cheering and chanting. Maya stands at the top of the entrance ramp for a moment, looking out at all the fans. He gently puts his hand on the bandana around his nose and makes his way to the ring. His eyes look determined, Sin City Championship hoisted on his right shoulder as he makes his way down the ramp, touching hands with any fan he sees reaching out to him.

Maya finally slides into the ring, bowing his head to each section of fans around him.

Eryk Masters: Maya Nakashima, undoubtedly had to be the long standing underdog in this tournament not only because of his size but because before this tournament started his focus seemed else where. But since fighting in the Sin City Championship Series, we’ve seen a determined Maya that has shown the world that size doesn’t matter.

Other Guy: I was doubtful of Maya’s chances but…that Sin City title on his shoulders is proof enough that this kid is the real deal. He’s not just some flash in the pan when he took down not only a significantly bigger TMB but also the previous Sin City Champion herself, Tanya Black.

Maya takes a deep breath before handing the Sin City Championship to the referee.

The bell sounds and Baptiste and Maya immediately begin circling one another.  Wanting to lock-up with Baptiste, Maya motions for a “test of strength”, to which Baptiste looks taken aback.  Shrugging, Baptiste goes in for the test of strength… but Maya kicks him in the gut!  Doubling Baptiste over, Maya follows up with a twisting diving somersault roll-up, catching the inside of Baptiste’s leg as he rolls sideways on the way down to the mat!

With Baptiste’s shoulders down, Austin Linam is right there for the count…

Eryk Masters: Maya going for the kill early!

Other Guy: It’s gonna take a lot more than a fancy little cradle to put Baptiste away..


Baptiste powers out easily and Maya goes flying back up to his feet. 

Other Guy: Ohhh scary.  I’m clairvoyant!

Maya’s extreme quickness allows him to retreat back into the ropes, and on the rebound, as Baptiste rolls over onto his stomach, Maya jumps and dives into a rolling senton right across Baptiste’s back.  Staying on top of the Frenchman, Maya rolls him back over onto his stomach.  Measuring him up perfectly, Maya performs a standing backflip and connects a leg right across Baptiste’s throat!

Eryk Masters: Standing shooting star press!  Nice!

Other Guy: Nothing like starting off with career ending moves!

Maya rolls over, making a lateral cover…


Tw- Again, Baptiste powers out easily, sending Maya back up to his feet.  Before Baptiste can even get up, Maya overwhelms the much taller competitor with a basement dropkick to the side of the head.  Rather than going for the cover, though, Maya pops back up to his feet.  No hand spring-boarding to the top rope, Maya delivers a dazzling top-rop Asai moonsault!

Eryk Masters: Maya’s agility is FRIGHTENINGLY good.  I’ve never seen an athlete like him that held so much balance on ropes and leaping to them.  Amazing.



Thr- NO!  Kicking out with much less power than before, Baptiste tries to shake away the cobwebs.  Taking a moment to catch his breath, Maya looks out into the audience with, for the first time in a long time, a smile on his face.  Guiding the groggy Baptiste to his feet, Maya delivers a spin-fist to the temple that further staggers him.  Rushing back into the ropes, Maya springs to the second rope.  Spring-boarding off the ropes and turning around 180 degrees, Baptiste throws up a desperation leg that catches Maya flush in the face with an echoing SMACK!

Eryk Masters: DAMN!!  Maya just got caught in the FACE with that boot!!

Other Guy: You go to the well one too many times, mistakes like that are bound to happen.

Maya seemingly out of it, an angry looking Baptiste brings his much smaller opponent back to his feet.  Setting him up between his legs, Baptiste lifts him up into the air and SNAPS him back down to the mat with a spine shattering sit-out power bomb!  Already in position for the pin, Linam makes the count..



THREE- NO!  Maya shoulders out just in time!

Eryk Masters: I’m impressed… I thought he was knocked out cold after that one.

Exiting the ring, Baptiste begins his ascent to the top rope.  Maya, struggling to get up from the mat, finally does so.  As soon as he looks up, though, Baptiste flies off with MASSIVE AIR into a flying cross-body that damn near crushes Maya Nakashima into a paste on the canvas!

Other Guy: Wow, did you SEE the height Baptiste got on that?!

Hooking a leg again, Batiste screams at Linam to, “Réalisez le comptage foutu!”





Maya kicks out JUST before Linam’s hand slams to the mat, and Baptiste is livid!

Eryk Masters: That was INCREDIBLY close. 

Other Guy: I forgot my copy of Rosetta Stone.  What’d Frenchy say?

Eryk Masters: I have no clue, OG.  But I’d be willing to bet something shiny that it wasn’t very nice.

Baptiste picks Maya up off the mat by the hair and slaps him right across the face, causing an uproar of boos to surge from the crowd. Maya staggers backwards holding the side of his face, groggy while trying to keep his guard up. Baptiste throttles Maya in the gut with a kick. Baptiste puts an arm around Maya’s neck and shouts:


Baptiste heaves Maya up and over to the mat with a picture perfect t-bone suplex!

Other Guy: Au Revoir! NEW CHAMP, NEW CHAMP!

Baptiste cockily pins Maya to the mat, not even bother to hook the near leg. The crowd roaring and chanting Maya’s name, praying that he can kickout!




Eryk Masters: Maya is still in this thing!!  Amazing!!

Other Guy: I thought for SURE this was over after that Filet Mignon French-Plex.

Baptiste can’t BELIEVE it and immediately gets in the referee’s face, shouting angrily in his native tongue! Baptiste turns his attention back to Maya with a look of sheer disdain.  He slams a boot into the side of Maya’s face numerous times before easily dragging Maya back up to his feet.  Maya’s eyes remain defiant as he tries to push away from Baptiste and throw a weary kick, but Baptiste easily avoids it and jumps up with a breath taking dropkick that gets full extension right into the face of Maya! Maya instinctively rolls onto his stomach, trying to crawl to the ropes and make his way back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Maya is in a bad way right now, Baptiste is in total control of him and after the Au Revoir, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before Baptiste finishes Maya off. But, Maya doesn’t look like he’s ready to make it that easy on Baptiste.

Other Guy: Maya may be small, but she’s not a quitter.

Eryk Masters:  You dick.  HE.  HE’s not a quitter.

 Baptiste casually walks over to Maya and slaps him disrespectfully on the back of the head yet again. Baptiste straddles Maya’s back and jumps into the air while slamming his lower body into Maya, flattening him to the mat. But Maya continues to get up, Baptiste once again jumps into the air and forces Maya back down. Maya, with the cheers of the crowd, gets up again…but Baptiste forces him back to the mat yet again.


Baptiste tries it one more time, but this time Maya rolls out of the way and Baptiste slams ass first onto the canvas! Maya stumbles to his feet and hits the ropes. On the rebound Maya jumps up into the air towards Baptiste, but Baptiste catches Maya in mid air! Baptiste, with a furious look on his face, HURLS Maya backwards with a fall away slam that sends Maya clear across the ring!!! Baptiste scrambles across the ring, hooking the leg of Maya for the pin!



ANOTHER kickout by Maya!

Other Guy: I’m not sure what it’s going to take for Baptiste to finish the job here, but he HAS to be getting close.  Maya can’t keep getting up like this.  Sooner or later, her… I mean his body is going to give out on him.

Eryk Masters: Sadly, you may be right.  The human body can only take so much punishment before it fails you.

Baptiste rolls off of Maya, holding his face in frustration trying to keep his composure. Baptiste stalks to his feet and makes his way to the turnbuckle, climbing to the top rope. Baptiste mockingly licks his fingertip and holds it up, as if actually trying to figure out the wind speeds in an enclosed arena. Finally, Baptiste soars off the top rope with a stalling splash, arms tightly at his sides…but Maya rolls away just in time and Baptiste crashes right into the mat!

Eryk Masters: Oh my!

Other Guy: Uh oh, Baptiste needs to be careful here.  I smell a momentum shift happening.

Getting up quickly of the mat, rubbing his keaster in the process, slowly brings Maya back to his feet as well.  Easily lifting him up onto his shoulders for an electric chair drop.  But as if awoken by opportunity, Maya rolls forward with LIGHTNING quick speed into a victory roll-like motion, creating a flipping piledriver effect that causes Baptiste to be driven straight onto his head!


Other Guy: JESUS… did you SEE the way he landed on his neck?  That was disgusting…and these fans know it!





Maya rolls over for the cover… but no one is there as Baptiste is just out of his reach.  Maya takes a moment to recover while Baptiste is sprawled out flat on his back.  Slowly getting to his feet, Maya looks down at Baptiste, who is seemingly still unconscious from the victory roll piledriver.

Eryk Masters: Maya had this match right there.  NOBODY kicks out of For Japan.

Other Guy: What the hell?  I don’t think Maya’s done with the craziness.

Motioning to the crowd, Maya exits through the ropes to the outside.  Clutching the top rope, his eyes never leaving Baptiste, Maya takes a couple nervous breathes before propelling himself up into a springboard and LAUNCHING FORWARDS INTO A 630 SENTON!!!







Other Guy: Oh please.  That was no 720.

Unfortunately for Maya though, the propel of his roll after the landing sent him right underneath the bottom rope and out onto the floor.  Once more, Baptiste is out on his back, staring up into the rafters. 

Eryk Masters: Once again, Maya had this match won and a bad break prevents it from happening.

Other Guy: We don’t know Baptiste wouldn’t have kicked out… then again, he looks like he just got got by a Rampage Jackson uppercut.

Finally sitting up on the outside mat, Maya grabs the ring skirt to help pull himself up to his feet.  Wanting to collapse backwards, Maya forces himself to roll underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.  On his knees, Maya begins crawling towards Baptiste… when all of a sudden there is a commotion coming from the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Wait a second… who is that?!

Stepping over the guard rail, a large bald man wearing a odd, crimson red tuxedo complete with black bow-tie makes his way towards the outside of the ring.  Maya just catches him out of the corner of his eye and stops crawling towards Baptiste.

Eryk Masters: That’s… that’s… ARCH ANGEL?!  Where’d his mullet go?!

Other Guy: For those of you unaware, that is ARCH ANGEL, one half of the 1980’s hair-metal head-bangers ANARCHY that used to compete in LEGACY!  I’m not sure where T. Rex is, though… where there’s one, there’s always the other.

Eryk Masters: Hey, he shaved his… hair?  I thought he’d have a mullet till the day he died.

Standing up, Maya shoots a glance at Arch Angel as if to say, “What do YOU want?!”.  Arch Angel says nothing in return and just stares back with his arms folded.  Turning his attention back onto Jean-Gerard Baptiste, who has finally managed to stir and roll over onto his knees.  Maya goes in for a boot, but Baptiste catches it with his feet.  From his knees, Baptiste digs his boots into the canvas and pushes himself forward with an arm extended, nearly folding Maya inside out with a stiff lariat.  Looking out at Arch Angel, Baptiste looks just as surprised as Maya and shouts, “Obtenez-loin vous le crétin dégoûtant!  SHOO!”, as he motions for large hoss to leave.

Focusing back on Maya, Baptiste scoops Maya up for his swinging side slam finishing maneuver.

Eryk Masters: Magnum Opus!

Other Guy: NO!

As he swings Maya around, Maya clutches Baptiste’s head in a vice-like grip and uses the swinging momentum to his favor by DRIVING Baptiste’s head down into a tornado DDT!

Eryk Masters: Folks, I just received word from the back that we have less than 45 seconds left in this match!  COVER HIM MAYA!  COVER HIM!

Maya goes to make the cover, but Arch Angel steps up onto the ring apron.  Maya hooks the leg… and Baptiste isn’t moving!  The fans SCREAM at Linam to turn around and make the cover, but he is too busy yelling at the gargantuan of a man to get off the ring apron.

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe this shit is happening… TURN AROUND REF!!!! 

Other Guy: LOOK!!!  T REX!!!!

Just as Maya releases Baptiste’s limp leg, he stands up and turns towards Arch Angel, unfortunately for him, he didn’t see T. Rex – clad in a cobalt blue Armani suit with a shaved head – hopping the guard rail and making a bee line for the ring.

Eryk Masters: 15 SECONDS!!!!  HANG ON MAYA!!! HANG ON!!!!

T. Rex slides his massive body underneath the bottom rope.  As he gets up, he slides a pair of brass knuckles on his hand.

Maya turns around as soon as he realizes there’s another presence in the ring and…. BAM!  T. Rex nails him with the brass knuckled fist right between the eyes.  Maya’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he goes down hard, his body awkwardly flopping to the mat in an unconscious state.

Eryk Masters: 10 SECONDS!!!!!  HANG ON MAYA!!!  HANG ON!!!!

Immediately, T. Rex drops and rolls out of the ring, hiding behind the apron and out of Linam’s sight. 

Eryk Masters: 7 SECONDS!!!!

Arch Angel jumps back as well as Linam continues to give him an admonishing.

Eryk Masters: 5 SECONDS!!!!

Baptiste manages to roll over and place an arm across Maya’s chest.

Eryk Masters: 4 SECONDS!!!!

Linam drops down for the count.

Eryk Masters: 3!!!


Eryk Masters: TWO!!


Eryk Masters: ONE!!!!


The bell sounds right as the fifteen minute time limit expires.  The entire arena is STANDING.  Some are JUMPING with excitement that Maya retained… others look sullen with disappointment as they believe Baptiste has won.

Other Guy: Baptiste did it!  He’s the champion!

Eryk Masters: No he didn’t!  The time limit expired!

Other Guy: I dunno, Eryk… I thought Linam’s hand hit the mat for 3 half a second before the time expired.

Eryk Masters: It may have… but does the referee need to call the bell for it to count?

Other Guy: Referee’s discretion?  I have no idea…

There is an absolute hush over the entire arena as Austin Linam makes the important decision and whispers the ruling to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…

You could hear a pin drop the crowd is so quiet.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, at a time of 14 minutes and 59 and three-quarter seconds…

Eryk Masters: Oh no…

Other Guy: SHHH…




The crowd is HURLING trash into the ring as Baptiste lays on the mat with Linam raising his nearly unconscious arm in victory.

Eryk Masters: FUCK… goddammit.  This is… this is disgusting.  On so many levels.

Other Guy: Oh you’ve gotta be SHITTING me…..

Before anyone realized it, X-CALIBUR, AZRAEL GOEREN, and MIRAGE appear at the top of the entrance ramp while “Assassin” plays over the loud speakers.  All three of them are conversing with one another, nodding their heads.

Finally, X starts a golf clap as ANARCHY makes their way down the ramp with satisfied grins on their faces.

Eryk Masters: Wait a minute… is this… is this the RECRUITING X made allusions to last week with Goeren and Mirage?  Have these thugs in ANARCHY joined the Hyenas in the HIERARCHY?

Other Guy: I don’t know, Eryk.  All I know is that we have a NEW Sin City Champion… and his name is…

Eryk Masters: Don’t even say it.  It’s just not right.

As Jean-Gerard Baptiste stands up in the middle of the ring, having no clue as to what just happened, he looks at Linam presenting him with the Sin City Championship.

Immediately, the International Icon bursts into tears of joy, RIPPING the championship from Linam’s hands and smothering it with kisses.


Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m getting word from backstage that the mess we saw earlier between the Bad Ass Brotherhood, Frontline 2 Turbo, Stellar Insanity, and Project: SCAR…it’s still raging backstage!  

Other Guy: How the hell are they still fighting back there? This whole damn time…they’ve been back there brawling? 

Eryk Masters: It certainly appears that way, we’re trying to get you folks back there as quick as we can, once we get a camera man back there. Hang on, I’m told we now have a camera back there… 

The feed abruptly shifts backstage where Loco and Dresden are wildly exchanging blows. Rocky has Magnus in a headlock, but Magnus pushes Rocky hard against a concrete wall forcing Rocky to let go of him. Magnus drives a knee into the gut of Rocky and starts pounding away at the back of Rocky’s head! Loco snaps off a kick right into Dresden’s gut, doubling him over! Loco tries to head over and help Stellar but Dresden isn’t out yet and smashes him in the back of the head with a double arm sledge! 

Before long, six backstage security officers jump in between the two teams, trying their best to hold them off from each other. Magnus and Loco continue to roar and rave at each other while reaching over the shoulders of the two respective security guards trying to keep them at bay.  

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hiro Takawa slams into the back of Loco causing the security guards, Stellar Insanity and the Bad Ass Brotherhood to collapse to the ground in a chain reaction. Kenji Yamada finally comes into view and drops down to Hiro’s level and smashes his fist into the same eye that Issac had injured at Redemption. Behind him, Corazon and Corey Lazarus are duking it out with a flurry of kicks coming from Lazarus and an onslaught of body blows from Corazon.  

Out of nowhere, Magnus tackles Kenji off of Hiro and starts hammering his fists down on him! 

Magnus: You wanna try us, HUH!? YOU WANNA TRY US NOW!? 

Corazon, seeing Magnus tackle Kenji, quickly rakes the eyes of Corey and makes a move towards Magnus. But, before he can do anything, Loco comes out of nowhere and tackles Corazon into the concrete wall! Loco and Corazon are going at it! Magnus has busted open a cut on Kenji’s forehead, but Kenji slams Magnus with a headbutt that resonates a loud THUD through the backstage area! Kenji stumbles to his feet only to be taken down from behind by Hiro Takawa who starts slamming his fists into the back of Kenji’s head!  

Corey Lazarus stumbles around, still blinded from Corazon’s rake to his eyes, and stumbles into Dresden who he wildly swings a punch at! Now Dresden and Lazarus are going at each other like wild animals! 

Finally, an army of security guards flood the backstage area and grab each member of the team, holding them off! It takes at least five guards per team to finally restrain them and hold them back from continuing to tear each other apart.  

Eryk Masters: These four teams have reached an absolute boiling point, none of them can stand the sight of the other. Hold on, one minute…I’m getting word, right now, that it is official that there four teams WILL meet at Master of the Mat in a tag team Fatal Four Way! Hopefully that will put this mess to a close because I don’t know how to describe the chaos we’ve seen from these teams. 

Other Guy: I got this, Eryk, I got this. *ahem* PIER. SIX. FUCKING. CHAOS. 


“Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters booms over the Public Address system and the fans are already on their feet cheering. 

Eryk Masters: Well  it’s goot to know the fans are still behind him, despite recent developments. 

Other Guys: That would be… Cronos Diamante? 

The Charlotte fans instantly barrage Cronos with boos as he walks out the entrance way to Alex Brooks’ theme music. He grins and walks down to the ring with his arms held out to his sides as if he were an airplane, Rule of Surrender Championship in one hand and microphone in the other. 

Eryk Masters: Is it just me or is Cronos acting like an airplane? 

Other Guy: You are not wrong, Eryk. If I had to make a guess at what’s in his head, he’s… 

Eryk Masters: Barking mad? 

Cronos ascends the steel steps as he slings the Rule of Surrender Championship over his shoulder. He winks in the direction of the camera and steps through the middle ropes. Once inside the ring, he holds up the Rule of Surrender title and receives nothing but boos for his trouble. 

Eryk Masters: I wonder why he even tries. Nobody is happy you have that stolen title, Cronos. 

Other Guy: It’s not technically stolen, you know? He did kinda make Alex tap. Have to hand it to the man, I’ve never seen someone win a match like that.  

Cronos holds his thumb up toward the entrance way and taps the microphone a couple times, the sound getting louder and louder from it. He then turns to the audience with the trademark devilsh grin on his face. 

Cronos Diamante: Hello South Carolina!!!! 

Heavy boos reign down on Cronos and he looks out at the crowd absolutely baffled. 

Cronos Diamante: What? Oh. Right. It’s North Carolina. My bad. Ya’ll should merge into one big Carolina and stop segrogating yourselves. I mean… you’re mostly all backyard hicks and ignorant. Am I right? 

Cronos has to duck past a couple full beer cups thrown his way then turns to the announcers booth and makes a “was it something I said?” face to Eryk Masters. Eryk simply shakes his head. 

Cronos Diamante: Alright, alright. I’ll stop picking on your poor state. I’m out here for Alex Brooks anyway. In a twisted sort of, fucked in the head type of way. But that’s me, right? But before we go pulling that little runt out here, let’s get a few things straight. 

Eryk Masters: This ought to be good. I was kind of hoping someone would hop the guard rail and blast him though. 

Other Guy: Couldn’t be that lucky. Alex Brooks should get out here and blast him for what he did to his brother. 

Cronos Diamante: I snapped last week. I sent poor little Bobby Brooks to the hospital and he’s shacked up in ICU because of me. And I’m… (sniffle) sorry! 

Cronos drapes his head down and begins to cry. 

Other Guy: Well this is a turn. Cronos is crying. 

Cronos quickly snaps his head back up and looks out at a stunned crowd. 

Cronos Diamante: I’m just kiddin’. I loved every minute of it! Gotcha though!!! 

The boos grow louder and louder and Cronos just stands there soaking it up until “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters hits the Public Address system again and this time out comes Alex Brooks, running down to the ring. 

Eryk Masters: It’s about time. And Cronos dives out of the ring!!! 

Alex stands in the middle of the ring, staring at Cronos. He begins to exit the ring where Cronos is but he’s forced back in when Cronos switches sides. Cronos circles around the ring, keeping on the move. 

Alex Brooks: What’s the matter, Cronos? You afraid to get in the ring since I beat you? 

Cronos simply grins and keeps on the move. 

Cronos Diamante: I’m not out here to fight with you, Alex. Besides… I don’t need to give you a matching bruise. Mason did a good job fucking you up. Good on him. 

Alex can’t take it anymore and drops out of the ring and chases after Cronos. Cronos circles around the ring post and ducks into the ring to escape Brooks then stands up quickly. 

Cronos Diamante: Keichi if you will! 

Alex is in the ring and moving forward, throwing a punch at Cronos who ducks and feigns to his left. Brooks attempts to hit him again but he stops mid punch as he sees what is on the Jumbotron. 

Eryk Masters: My God. That’s Anna Brooks. 

Other Guy: What could he possibly be doing? 

Alex looks horrified as Keichi Kawada is sitting behind young Anna and watching her read a book. She’s dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. 

Alex Brooks: Anna! 

There is no response from the jumbotron. Only a smirk from Keichi and Cronos. 

Alex Brooks: Anna!!! 

When there is no response, Alex turns to Cronos with firey rage burning in his eyes. 

Cronos Diamante: I’m afraid she can’t hear you, dear boy. I love how easy it is to manipulate your family. Young Anna was told alls he had to do to save your family from my grasp was accompany Keichi to Japan and look at her… she’s in Japan with Keichi. 

Alex looks up to the tron and back to Cronos, tears forming in his eyes. 

Alex Brooks: You lie. She couldn’t go to Japan without… 

Cronos Diamante: Consent? Yeah. I know. But with your mother believing Keichi betrayed me last week, it was easy to convince her to fill out forms to let her travel with Keichi. So I assure you, dear boy, it’s all legal. She is in Japan and at my mercy. 

You see, Alex… this wasn’t the plan as I wanted it. I didn’t want to play the Keichi betrayal card but you’ve given me no choice. You’ve become… stagnant. And you just aren’t worth my time any more. I know how bad you want to kill me. Then and even more so now. So I knew you wouldn’t just give up and walk away, would you? 

Alex says nothing and backs up into the turnbuckle. 

Eryk Masters: This is absolutely atrocious. I thought Cronos couldn’t get any lower and now he’s done this. 

Other Guy: You have to hand it to him, Eryk. I don’t quite think anyone can play mind games like Cronos. He could manipulate a mormon into drinking coffee! 

Alex Brooks: What do you want, Cronos? 

Cronos grins as the fans begin to boo loudly, knowing the devil is about to get what he wants yet again. 

Cronos Diamante: It’s not about what I want, Alex. It’s about what you’re going to do. You see… I want to move on, dear boy. Cleanly. So in order to do that, you need to not only be out of sight but out of mind too. 

Cronos pulls some fodled up papers out of his pocket and hands them to Alex. He then pulls out a pen from his other pocket and hands it over. 

Cronos Diamante: Sign on the dotted line, Alex. You quit The SHOOT Project for as long as Cronos Diamante remains. No loop holes. You leave and don’t come back. 

Eryk Masters: It’s bad enough he screwed him out of a Championship but he’s not going to screw him out of a career? This is wrong. 

Other Guy: These are dark days in The SHOOT Project if this happens and is enforced. 

Alex looks up to Anna and back to Cronos and he signs the dotted line much to the crowd’s dismay. The crowd is in total shock as Cronos takes the paper away from Alex and pockets it. He then looks past Alex and nods and out comes a crying Anna Brooks. 

Eryk Masters: What!? She wasn’t even in Japan!?


The crowd begins to reign down boos upon Cronos as he passes by Brooks and drops down to the outside. 

Cronos Diamante: Goodbye, Alex. Hope you learned from this. 

Eryk Masters: Jason Johnson can’t possibly enforce this, can he? 

Alex slides out of the ring and slumps to his knees to hold onto Anna. 

Other Guy: And Cronos Diamante keeps on rolling, ending careers.


For some odd reason, we shift to what looks like a luxury box in the Time Warner Cable Arena.  We see a black woman holding a small baby.  She is sitting there, a plate of food in front of her and a small smile on her face. 

Woman:  Are you ready to see Donovan King, sweetie? 

The baby is, obviously oblivious to the goings on, his eyes bright and wide as he looks out at the fans and at the ring.  There is suddenly a knock at the door to the box, prompting the woman to sit her baby in the chair and walk over to the door. 

Woman:  Who is it? 

A muffled voice on the other end replies. 

“Just bringing up some refreshments, ma’am.” 

She smiles again and opens the door.  She opens it the whole way and is frozen as MIRAGE stands before her.  He is completely masked and his head slowly cocks to the side. 

Mirage:  Let me guess…sister? 

She says nothing. 

Mirage:  Girlfriend. 

He steps into the box and looks around at the various amenities around him. 

Mirage:  I came up here thinking I was going to have to deal with the entire King clan.  Instead…I find a girl…and a baby.  So if you’re his girlfriend…that must mean that THAT is… 

You can’t tell it, but Mirage is grinning. 

Woman:  What do you want? 

Mirage:  Oh man.  The things he’s kept from us, eh? 

He points to her. 

Mirage:  Both of us, I guess. 

He slowly closes the door behind him. 

Mirage:  Don’t  worry, I’m not here to hurt you. 

Woman:  Wh…so what the hell do you want? 

Mirage slowly pulls his mask off, letting her see his face, which we cannot see.  She backs up, tense, trying to get between him and her baby. 

Mirage:  My dear girl… 

He latches the door locked. 

Mirage:  I just want to talk. 

The feed is instantly cut.



“New Year’s Eve” by Aurasing kicks in, bringing the fans to boo loudly.  Out from the back comes DAN STEIN.  He stands there, wearing his normal black tights with gold “STEIN” on his left leg, “LIGHTS” on the right, and a HUGE smirk on his face.  He saunters down to the ring, pointing and saluting the jeering fans. 

Samantha Coil:  The following is our FIRST Master of the Mat semi-final of the evening!  Introducing first…hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa…weighing in at 215 pounds…he is THE LIGHTS…HE IS…DAN…STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIN!!!! 

Stein rolls into the ring and his music stops immediately, the cheers automatically pick up.  Suddenly… 



And the fans…fucking…LOSE IT. 

Eryk Masters:  GOD…LISTEN to these people! 

“All of the Lights” by Kanye West plays as the arena is bathed in darkness.  A single green spotlight shines down on the entrance, showing a single hooded figure.  His head is down. 

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright, I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want y’all to see everything

Want y’all to see 


The arena is instantly BATHED in bright light as DONOVAN KING throws his head up, his hood flying off of his head.  He grins ear to ear as he walks down the ramp.  He stops halfway and removes the hoodie, looking at a little black kid in the front row.  He keeps grinning as he removes the hoodie and drapes it over the kid’s shoulders, swallowing the kid in dark green. 


King jogs the rest of the way to the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope.  He gets up quickly and points to everyone cheering him on, a grin on his face as he turns and looks at Dan Stein on the outside of the ring.  Stein gets in now and glares at King who walks over to his corner. 

Other Guy:  The ref’s ready, Dan Stein is ready, Donovan King is ready, and Charlotte is DEFINITELY ready! 

Eryk Masters:  Then let’s do this! 

The bell rings and the fans begin to cheer loudly and proudly for their hometown hero.  Donovan King stands in his corner while Dan Stein rolls his eyes at him.  The referee takes a few steps back as King and Stein lock eyes.  King walks to the center of the ring and holds his arms out, beckoning Stein to come and face him.  Stein, meanwhile, leans against his corner, stretching his shoulders and arms against the ropes.  He grins as he looks at the eager King, shaking his head.  King marches over to him, but Stein ducks underneath the top rope, prompting the referee to step between King and Stein, getting King to move from the corner, bringing the ire of the audience. 

Eryk Masters:  Dan Stein playing some early mind games… 

Other Guy:  I like it, Eryk.  He’s wanting to handle the flow of this match and the way King operates.  He knows he’s in severely hostile territory, so he’s not going to let Donovan King get the upper hand if he can help it. 

Stein slowly stands back up straight and yawns as King stands in the center of the ring, waiting for him to meet him.  Stein pops his neck and starts to shake his hands loose at his sides, bouncing from one foot to the other.  King heads back towards him and Stein ducks under the top rope again, calling the referee to get in between them.  The fans are booing LOUDLY as King is, as of yet, unable to get his hands on Stein.  King throws his hands up and walks away from Stein, who slowly gets himself back into the ring.  He smirks to himself until King sprints at him!  The fans pop for a second but Stein rolls underneath the bottom rope, leaving King in the corner! 



King turns and looks at Stein, who is now arguing with a fan at ringside. 


King rolls from the ring, only a few feet behind Stein! 



King spins Stein around AND STEIN POKES KING IN THE EYE!  The fans are booing LOUDLY as King clutches his face in pain! 


Stein grabs King and SLAMS him into the guardrail! 


He rolls back into the ring, pops up to his feet, and holds both of his arms up in victory! 


Eryk Masters:  NO! 

King gets up and DIVES to the ring apron! 


He throws himself into the ring, BARELY missing the ten count!  Suddenly, Stein puts the boots quickly to King, trying to get the upper hand almost immediately.  He drops knees and boots to King’s head and side as King curls himself into a fetal position, trying to absorb the blows.  The fans continue to rain down boos on Stein as he picks King up and whips him to the ropes.  He bounces off the opposite ropes and hits a springboard flying back elbow to bring King down!  Stein quickly rolls King over to his stomach and tries for the Carolina Crossface, bringing more boos to rain down on him!  King, however, very quickly hooks Stein’s leg and rolls Stein over into a pinning predicament, only to release the hold and back off of Stein to try to get his wits about him! 

Eryk Masters:  Stein is out to really get under King’s skin here tonight.  Working a slow match with explosive moments of offense and using his own moves against him can only serve to unhinge King’s normal methodical behavior. 

King picks himself up in the corner but Stein charges in and NAILS a Shining Wizard!  King staggers forward out of the corner and gets caught in a quick and HARD SNAP vertical suplex!  King lands HARD as Stein rolls through, straddling King and he begins wailing away on King with harder and harder and HARDER shots!  He stands up, nodding his head and pointing to his temple with a laugh as the fans continue to boo him!  He seems extremely cocky now as King rolls around on the mat, trying to shake off the cobwebs. 

Other Guy:  I don’t care if these fans are hating this or not…THIS is how you overwhelm a technical genius! 

Stein stands over King, slapping him on the back of the head.  He keeps laughing at King as he lords over him.  He shrugs and walks away from King, completely in control of the match now.  He saunters around the ring, pointing and arguing with the fans as he does so.  King rolls to his hands and knees, but Stein notices and walks back over to King and NAILS him with a kick to the midsection!  He laughs at King and kicks him AGAIN in the midsection!  Stein bends down and picks King up and takes a hold of King’s head…jawbreaker!  King’s head SNAPS up as Stein is back on his feet and catches King with a swinging neckbreaker! 

Other Guy:  if I were King, let me tell you I’d start getting worried right about now.  Dan Stein has controlled this match from the get go and it doesn’t look to be stopping! 

Stein casually sprawls over King and hooks the far leg for the pin! 




Stein shrugs as King powers out.  He slowly picks King up and whips him to the ropes.  He drops down and King hops over him, gets back up and arm drags King back to the mat but King is RIGHT back up and LEVELS Stein with a HARD Lariat, the fans ERUPTING.  King looks around and summons Stein to get back to his feet.  As he does so, King hits him with a running knee lift, causing Stein to SLAM to the mat!  King backs off of Stein as Stein gets back to his feet and King quickly grabs Stein’s head in a front face lock and starts to CHOKE him out!  Stein reaches out futilely but King slings Stein around and then NAILS an Alienator! 

Eryk Masters:  Shades of OutKast there!  King is in control! 

King is back up on his feet and takes aim at Stein’s head as he groggily gets to his hands and knees.  Instead of kicking his midsection, King hits a pinpoint dropkick to the side of Stein’s head!  King pops back up and slaps his chest and then points to the now rabid fans in attendance. 

Other Guy:  Donovan King is feelin’ it here in Charlotte tonight! 

King stalks Stein, who is slowly getting to his feet.  King squats down low and he charges at Stein, but Stein tries to catch him with the Lights v2 but King counters IMMEDIATELY into a modified power bomb!  Stein’s head BOUNCES off of the mat as King has OBLITERATED him with that slam! 

Eryk Masters:  I’d say King has that Codebreaker-like move well scouted! 

Other Guy:  I’d say so, E.  It’s only just another version of Corazon’s Act of Inhumanity and if there’s anybody who knows that move inside and out, it’s going to be one of the few people on the roster who could call Adrian Corazon a friend in Donovan King! 

King grins as he sprawls over Stein’s body and goes for the pin and the win! 




Stein barely powers out as King is right back on the offensive.  King gets Stein on his feet and whips him to the ropes.  He catches Stein HIGH for a spinebuster but Stein counters into a sunset flip! 




King rolls away and grabs Stein’s legs, rolling him onto his back for another pin attempt! 




Stein kicks out and quickly hooks King up for a small package that King rolls through and Stein is being pinned again! 




Stein kicks out, the look of irritation growing on his face!  King rolls away from Stein and is up on his feet fast.  Stein gets to his feet, but has little time to react as King catches him with a fireman’s carry and he flops back down onto the mat!  Stein tries to roll to his side, but King immediately is on him, SLAPPING him in the face! 


The fans POP as King picks Stein up and Stein EXPLODES, wailing on King!  He punches him with a HARD shot…then another…then another…then another…THEN ANOTHER!  King is wobbly against the ropes and Stein gets a smirk on his face again, looking at his opponent staggered against the ropes.  He charges at King, who FLIPS him over the top rope but Stein lands on the ring apron!  King turns, surprised and gets CLOCKED by Stein!  King staggers towards the center of the ring and Stein grabs a hold of the top rope, measuring King! 

Eryk Masters:  Dan Stein has King right where he wants him here! 

Other Guy:  He’s managed to counter him at every turn it seems like, I hate to see what he’s got up his sleeve now! 

Stein throws himself up onto the middle of the top rope and goes FLYING off with a cross body block NO!!  DEALBREAKER!  KING HITS THE DEALBREAKER!  HE HOOKS STEIN UP IN A PIN AND THE REFEREE IS THERE! 




The fans ERUPT as King rolls off of Stein, nodding his head as the bell rings! 


The fans are cheering WILDLY as King’s hand is raised.  He stands in the center of the ring as "All of the Lights" starts to play. 

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King has punched his ticket STRAIGHT back home to Las Vegas!  Donovan King is going to Master of the Mat with a chance to become the 2011 Master of the Mat! 

Other Guy:  But you gotta ask yourself why was it so easy for him? 

Eryk Masters:  I’d hardly call Cronos Diamante, Diamond Del Carver, and Dan Stein easy, OG. 

Other Guy:  No no no no.  What I’m saying is all of a sudden, Mirage has been awfully damn quiet of late.  What do you think that means for him? 

Eryk Masters:  It means King has a match on one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year and Mirage is going to be stuck at home! 

King calls for the music to die as he has a microphone in his hand.  He stands there, looking at the sea of fans and all the KING signs. 

Donovan King:  Ever since…ever since I became a professional wrestler…ever since I became a Soldier for SHOOT Project…whether I was a good guy, bad guy, winner, or loser…I have ALWAYS…ALWAYS…repped the QC. 

The fans pop HARD for him. 

Donovan King:  I keeps the crown on my ass cheeks and the city in my heart, because the fact of the matter is these streets made me…these streets raised me…and these streets love me as much as I love them! 

Again.  MONSTER pop. 

Donovan King:  So stay tuned, y’all…because I didn’t just go through three of the biggest, baddest, toughest sons of bitches to just call it a day.  ISAAC ENTRAGIAN…TREY WILLETT?  Hell…even YOU, MIRAGE…I hope y’all was watchin’. 

King grins. 

Donovan King:  I hope y’all was watchin’ because that right there?  THAT’S how you make a statement.  See one of y’all at the pay-per-view. 

"All of the Lights" kicks back up again as the fans begin to chant KING, KING, KING.  He nods his head and rolls from the ring.  He heads to the back confident…some would say cocky.  He heads to the back, nonetheless, the winner.


Eryk Masters: YES!

Other Guy: I knew you’d come around.

Eryk Masters: I was being sarcastic.

Other Guy: Suuuuure you were.

When the final percentage hits, the familiar red “.eXecute” materializes in the middle of the SHOOTron,  allowing “X-CALIBUR” to fall vertically in blue.  As soon as the drums pulsate in the opening moments of the remixed Deftones classic “Change“, X walks out onto the stage area in an expensive looking black and white PRADA suit.  Dropping to one knee, he holds his arms out as the usual “waterfall” of orange embers rain down onto the stage like a downpour of fire.

He stands.  Looking out into the hatred of the fans, X nods his head, summoning their repugnance. 

Walking down the aisle, X adjusts his tie.  Stopping just before the steel steps, the Number One Contender sneers out at the capacity crowd.

Eryk Masters: Is it me or does X look a little… annoyed?

Other Guy: Doesn’t he always?

Eryk Masters: No.  He usually looks smug.  I have to wonder if Jonas Coleman’s persistence is finally getting to him.

Other Guy: You’d be annoyed too if you became Number One Contender after winning the BIGGEST Redemption Rumble in SHOOT history, only to have someone with sour grapes impede on your opportunity.

Eryk Masters: So Jonas stepping up and trying to make a name for himself gives X the right to viciously attack him with the Hierarchy like he has?

Other Guy: No.  But it kind of gives you a better understanding of the situation.

Climbing into the ring, where the big “contract signing” table is set up along with THREE microphones sitting in front of a thin black folder, X looks at the microphones and sighs.

When the music fades, X picks up one of the microphones and speaks right into it.

X-Calibur: So this is how it’s gonna be, eh?  Rather than tell me straight up back there that this match is being changed into a triple threat match, [the fans pop HARD at this]., you simply place three microphones down on the table and hope I just go with the flow?

He shakes his head.

X-Calibur: You know what?  Fuck this.  I’m outta here. 

Dropping the microphone, X-Calibur steps between the ropes, but as his right leg just about clears the middle rope, he stops and looks up at the sea of fans chanting something towards him.





Smirking, X wags his finger towards the audience closest to him and reenters the ring.  Picking up the microphone he just dropped, X begins speaking into it again.

X-Calibur: Oh really?  I’M a bitch?  Why?  Because I won the 50-Man… that’s right…. 50-GODDAMN-MAN REDEMPTION RUMBLE AND ALL I GET IN RETURN IS A FUCKING SHIT SHOW WITH JONAS STEPPING ON MY SHIT?!


Climbing to the middle rope, he absorbs their hatred like a rod would electricity.

X-Calibur: Oooooooh yeah OOOooooOooOoooo BOOO me.  BOOOOOOOOOO me.  Because you KNOW I’m fucking telling you the truth.  If this were ANYBODY different… Azraith, Jackman, Ichiro, Corazon… or even KING… all the ankle biting motherfuckers back there like Jonas would be waiting in line for their turn.  But since it’s X… since it‘s the HIERARCHY?!  THE most dominant force in SHOOT Project history?!   You punish me for my victory.  You fucking haul my win over the coals and render my AMAZING Rumble win pointless with bullshittery like this.

Shaking his head, X SCREAMS into the microphone.






X-Calibur: So you know what?  If I can’t have Cade Sydal one on one… how it SHOULD be… then fuck you.  I’ll pass.  I’d rather SIT OUT Master of the Mat than to give in to these… these TERRORIST’s demands.  I deserve… the HIERARCHY of SHOOT Project has EARNED a better deal than this.  So fuck this n-

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and a surprisingly mixed reaction sounds as a lone spotlight dances erratically through the crowd.

Eryk Masters: The fans here in Charlotte are split almost completely down the middle.

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

The spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: Well, he is the home state guy for this contract signing…there’s nothing wrong with showing him some love.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: I guess you’re right, still doesn’t sit quite right with me though.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: Are we going to go through this every time he comes out? He’s awesome, E!

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title rests comfortably over Cade’s other shoulder, his hand holding it in place as he grins at the fans. Together they start down the ramp, heading toward the ring.  Right towards the “Number One Contender”.

Cassi Ryan: North Carolina, go on and raise up…I’d finish singing the song, but a lot of you really should keep your shirts on. Not. Very. Flattering. Just saying.

More boos rain in, stealing away from some of the cheers, but her words can’t turn everyone away so easily.

Cassi Ryan: Welcome back your Prodigal Son. The most decorated athlete in North Carolina’s history…hell, in the history of the WORLD even. You should all be as proud to call him YOUR Champion as I am to call him MY Man. Hailing from Southport, North Carolina but living much happier in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada!

The couple make it to the bottom of the ramp finally, and Cade kisses her on the cheek, lingering to whisper something to her before she continues.

Cassi Ryan: He’s God’s Favorite Wrestler, and is your current reigning and defending SHOOT Project World Champion! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Cade smiles at her as he walks with her toward the timekeeper’s table, out of the way, before kissing her cheek one more time and heading to the ring where he jumps up onto the apron and quickly steps through the ropes and raises the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship high in the air.

Cade smirks at X-Calibur as he grabs his microphone up off of the table, staring at the contract on the clipboard in front of himself.

Cade Sydal: Before I sign this, and I will, I just wanted to say something more to you.  You too if you’re listening back there, Jonas.

Cade looks from X-Calibur, to the stage area, he starts to look back to X, but snaps his gaze back onto the stage area instead.

Cade Sydal: And I wanna start with you, Jonas.  I want you to know that once you sign this contract? There’s no going back. Once you sign this contract you’re willingly putting yourself in between myself, the World Champion, and the man I am to maim and disfigure. Once you sign the contract, you’re going to suffer. More than you did against Fatsui. More than you have so far in this little saga of ours…more than you can even imagine.

X, who had almost decided to leave the ring and this whole mess, looks at Cade as if he’s about to say something, but Cade doesn’t even give him the chance to open his mouth before he continues on.

Cade Sydal: See, I’m not my punk ass cousin that you used to throw around and get a kick out of bullying. I’m the best pure wrestler in the history of fucking life, kid, and you need to really think long and hard about whether you’re going to sign this or not…and if I were you, I wouldn’t. This isn’t your fight, and despite your shocking little upset victory over me two weeks ago you’re really not ready for what you’re getting yourself into.

Cade shrugs as he looks back at X, and then back to the stage area and beyond it where Jonas was hopefully watching with keen eyes. 

Cade Sydal: Sorry, but it’s the truth. And speaking of two weeks ago…

Cade slowly turns to look at X-Calibur now. His smirk fades and his eyes narrow into dangerous little slits.

Cade Sydal: You, however… You can play the “IT’S NOT FAIR!“ routine and pretend that you’re not gonna sign, but you and I both know you will.  And, truthfully, I want you to sign. I’m BEGGING you to sign. Because I, like yourself, haven’t forgotten what’s happened between the two of us. I haven’t forgotten how you used me to win some tag team titles and then unceremoniously blasted me in the face with chair shot after chair shot after chair shot. I haven’t forgotten, and I have been waiting oh so very patiently for the chance to get my hands on you. And, in a matter of speaking, I did just that two weeks ago, too.

Cade points at Cassi on the outside as he continues.

Cade Sydal: Right after you shoved her to the ground to take MY title belt and use it to attack Jonas, I gave you the first of MANY kicks to the head, because it won’t end there. It might not ever end, to tell you the truth. I want millions of people to watch as I dismantle you the same way you destroyed me. I was so happy when you won the Redemption Rumble…but instead of talking about it and me and my title…you dragged Jonas into the mix. So now, I’m going to make you pay even more for robbing me of my chance at, pardon the pun, redemption.

Cade looks down, picks up the pen, and scribbles his signature on the contract before sliding the clipboard along the table.  X is FUMING, and just when it looks like he’s about to attack Cade..

"And you know I’ve come to collect!"

The crowd LOSES it as the opening lyrics and thrashing guitar opening to Project 86‘s “The Butcher” inundate the PA system.  Soon, images of Jonas Coleman take over the SHOOTron. 

“This man came to me he was looking for action!

Pulling a blade to my neck”

Flashes of his war with Akuma Satsui are spliced with moments of action in the past during his days in PERDITION.  Soon, however, a lone emblem overtakes all of the carnage with Satsui and all of the tag team action with Diego Reyes.


Jonas, not even waiting for pyro or anything like that, just BOLTS down to the ring, and with lightning quick speed, slides under the ramp to the LOUD pop of the Charlotte, North Carolina fans.  He immediately grabs the final microphone from the table, and waits to speak his piece.

Jonas Coleman:  Cade, honestly…

He sighs.

Jonas Coleman:  …Shut the fuck up.

POP, as Cade shakes his head.

Jonas Coleman:  Seriously.  I’m so tired of talking.  Tired of telling you about the things you do, the things I do, and the things that X-Calibur does.  So, spare me your preaching bullshit, man.  When I sign this dotted line?

Jonas smirks.

Jonas Coleman:  It’s my license to crime scene fuck you, and leave you counting the pieces of your teeth, one more time.

The crowd pops again, but Jonas holds a hand up.

Jonas Coleman:  No no, we’re gonna make this quick.  X-Calibur…

Jonas turns away from Cade and looks directly into the eyes of Eryk Van Warren, who still remains on the outside the ropes, standing on the ring apron.

Jonas Coleman:  You’ve been real slippery, too.  Until last week, that is.  When I sign this contract, there’s no more running, no more slipping away, and no more bullshit.  We fight it out like men, and the winner walks away with that gold belt.

He smiles, as he looks at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jonas Coleman:  I gotta be honest…  the gravitas of this situation…  it’s kind of overwhelming, so I’ll do what I do best, X.  I’m going to sign this dotted line, make this shit official, and come Master of the Mat?  Whether it’s face to mat, face to floor, or face to grate…  I’m going to show you ONCE.  AGAIN. how I do business.

Before ANYTHING ELSE can be said, Jonas quickly brandishes a pen, and signs his name on the contract.  He places the pen down on the table, looks once more at the World Heavyweight Championship, and waits.

X-Calibur looks out at the audience, smirking as they all try and egg him on with derogatory remarks.  Climbing back inside the ring again, X-Calibur approaches the table one more time and looks down at the contract with both Cade and Jonas’ names signed in their respective lines.  Picking up the pen, X-Calibur looks at Jonas Coleman, and without a microphone to his lips, he simply says one thing.

“Fuck it.”

Signing the contract, X WHIPS the pen right at Jonas’ face.  Wiping a smear of ink left from the point of the pen on his cheek, Jonas walks right up to X-Calibur… who then SHOVES him HARD! 

Eryk Masters: Oh, my. Things are about to get-


Before Jonas even had time to react, X reaches behind himself and locks Cade’s neck in a three-quarter bulldog, SNAPPING to the mat with an X-Terminator!

Immediately rolling out of the ring and running back up the ramp way, Jonas presses his chest up against the ropes, clearly wanting to get his hands on X. 

Meanwhile, turning back to the ring, X falls to his knees at the top of the ramp, arms open with a warm embrace… smiling at them both.       


Audio Track- “Sociopath” by Ampop. 

Slow, haunting music accompanies a video feed infused with white noise, the verses seeming to purr with a dark undercurrent of temptation.

“I don’t feel pain the way you do.” 

We see a pallid face, teeth sharpened to points, followed by a forked tongue slipping out to wet dry lips.

“I don’t feel fear at all.” 

Eyes that are always glowing with inner fire, portals to a place where darkness is forever, and malevolence is KING.

“I’m a sociopath.” 

Old footage of Entragian crushing Greyson Blade through a steel chair with a brutally innovative Disemboweler.

“I’m a menace to society.” 

A flash to footage of Entragian stomping Laura Seton’s prone body…before he leans down to lick the sweat from her cheek.

“Don’t want your company.” 

We see Entragian standing with Corazon & Kenji on either side of him, his arms crossed at the chest….a playful smile on his lips.

“I’m a sociopath.” 

Flash to Entragian leaning down and BITING into the flesh of Azraith DeMitri’s shoulder.

“There is nothing you can do.” 

We see Diamond Del Carver throw Entragian clear off the stage, followed by a huge impact as he smashes through a table. The cameras zoom in, and Isaac promptly sits up…his eyes BURNING with incomprehensible good cheer.

“To change my point of view.” 

Old footage of X-Calibur bashing Entragian in the face with a tire iron and knocking him backwards…followed by Isaac lawn darting X-Calibur face first through the windshield of a sedan.

“Cause I don’t care about anything.” 

A flash to Entragian whipping a barbwire covered baseball bat into the side of Crazy Boy’s temple, followed by a shot of Isaac holding up Alex Brook’s head as a hunter would hold up a deer carcass.

“I’m just a sociopath.” 

We see Entragian drill Jamie Alejandro’s skull into the steel steps with a jumping tombstone piledriver, followed by Isaac spearing The Ox through barbwire covered ropes.

“I can’t help it…I am BAD.” 







“Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas pours out of the arena audio system, and the fans ERUPT, becoming a chorus of adoration for the arrival of SHOOT’s Wayward Son.






Trey Willett steps out from the curtains on the last verse, and a cascading shower of purple pyro marks his arrival. Trey looks at the fans from behind aviator sunglasses, a little smile resting easily on his face.


Other Guy: Listen to this crowd, Charlotte has come ALIVE here tonight in the presence of Trey Willett….these people are going NUTS!! 

Eryk Masters: I’m not surprised, OG…Master Of The Mat Semi-Finals…it gets no bigger than this!! And from a personal standpoint, I wish there were more people on the roster like Trey Willett…this is a man with an iron will and a heart of gold. 

Other Guy: He’s an everyday family man, Eryk…that’s why I think the people can sympathize with Trey. He wants to prove to the world that this is HIS time, and he has what it takes to make it to the top…but tonight, he faces his polar opposite. A creature so twisted and vile…the stuff nightmares are made of… 

Eryk Masters: Ugh. Don’t remind me. Let’s instead for a moment consider what Trey did to get this far…this man put down a VERY personal demon in the form of Corazon, and then he triumphed over a fully motivated Azraith DeMitri…has anyone EVER been on a roll like that in all of SHOOT’s history? Trey is making a believer out of EVERYONE!! 

Trey walks down the aisle, slapping hands with a few of his fans along the way. The atmosphere feels completely electric at this point, and before entering the ring Trey points to a creative fan’s sign. 

The sign has a picture of Entragian’s pale face marked out with a red X, and underneath it reads “WE LOVE YOU TREY! THERE WILL BE PEACE WHEN “HE” IS DONE.” 

SHOOT’s Wayward Son finally enters the ring, standing near one turnbuckle as he awaits one of the greatest challenges he’ll ever face. 

The lights wind down until Charlotte is awash in blackness, and then a bright white light flashes from the head of the ramp, a searing, blinding illumination.

“Sympathy For The Devil” by Tiamat pours forth out of the arena speakers, and a harsh spotlight falls on the curtains. 






The pallid hellraiser known as Isaac Entragian steps out into the spotlight, and the crowd reaction is shocking…Charlotte turns into an absolute zoo, shrieks and screams of disdain falling from every side of the stands.


Entragian throws his hands back with his palms open wide, his mouth stretched up into a crocodilian smile…and he seems to legitimately enjoy soaking in the hatred being leveled against him. A wall of hellfire erupts at his back, and the flames continue to shoot up at timed intervals. 

He looks out into the agitated crowd, seeing signs that read “THERE IS CANCER IN SHOOT, AND IT’S NAME IS ENTRAGIAN.”….along with “ISAAC KICKS DOGS AND SMACKS HOMELESS PEOPLE!” 

Other Guy: You had a lot to say about Trey, Eryk. Any encouraging words you’d like to share about this man? 

Eryk Masters: Other than my desire to see him rot for eternity in the deepest, darkest part of Hell? Not really… 

Other Guy: Well I’ll guess I’ll have to step in here. He’s a HORRIBLE human being, that much is documented…but Entragian is also a SUCCESFUL human being. The reigning Iron Fist Champion, a man who tossed god knows how many competitors from the Redemption Rumble…if there is weakness in this albino son of a bitch; I have YET to see it… 

Eryk Masters: You won’t see it, OG, because it simply isn’t there. This man is nothing more than hate and madness whipped up into a poisonous stew. There are so many assholes and douchebags on this roster, but in my opinion, there is only one man who embodies EVIL in it’s purest form, and I’m looking at the crazy bastard right now… 

Entragian stalks down the aisle, but he stops a few feet away from the ring. He looks to Trey, and then he looks at a small boy who is held in his mother’s arms near ringside. A huge, cryptic grin appears on Entragian’s face…and he takes a few steps towards the little boy…his eyes purely murderous… 

The child’s eyes bug out of his head, and his mother looks frozen in place, as though she might shit herself at any minute. Entragian casually reaches out…and ruffles the boy’s hair with one pallid claw… 

Tears squirt from the little boy’s eyes, and he immediately buries his face as deep into his mommy’s armpit as he can, sobbing uncontrollably as he tries to hide from the monster with the sharp teeth.


Trey’s jaw locks up and he shakes his head in revulsion, and Isaac just continues to wear that grin as he climbs into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: I wish someone would take Entragian to an animal shelter and get him humanely euthanized. 

Other Guy: He’s already full to the brim with poison and venom, Eryk…what would that do? At least Goeren’s excuse for being a lunatic is the fact that he’s a hopeless drug addict…Entragian doesn’t even have an excuse!! 

With both men finally in the ring, the referee calls for the bell, and we’re OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! 

Trey absolutely BURSTS forward, jumping up to drive a forearm right into Isaac’s face. Entragian is rocked, and Trey doesn’t break stride, he starts to crush karate-style kicks into Isaac’s thighs and calves, before peppering a few quick precision strikes into Isaac’s torso…specifically targeting his kidneys. 

Other Guy: Damn! Talk about a roadrunner approach, Trey is a blur in there…those fists are flying a mile a minute! 

Eryk Masters: This is the way it’s gotta be done, OG. Trey’s speed is his greatest asset, and he is SO precise with those strikes. 

Entragian is backed up towards a turnbuckle, but in a frighteningly quick movement, he snatches Trey up by the throat and TOSSES him into the buckles, then he starts to throw the heavy lumber, crushing uppercut after uppercut into Trey’s mouth and jaw. Trey is getting OVERWHELMED, and Isaac finally breaks off with a nasty looking right hook that catches Willett right on the side of his face. 

The cameras zoom in, and we see that Trey is bleeding already! His bottom lip has clearly been busted open from one of those uppercuts, and blood is running down his chin in a little stream. 

Other Guy: And THAT right there is how fast Isaac can turn it around on you, already drawing first blood in this match. 

Eryk Masters: I dread to even hear those uppercuts, he puts ALL of his strength into those…Trey’s lower jaw is knuckle tattooed right now… 

Entragian backs up a few steps, and then he runs forward while throwing out one huge boot…but TREY DUCKS UNDERNEATH! The seven footer’s leg overshoots the top rope, and Trey takes full advantage, diving down to piston a shoulder into the back of Isaac’s knee with a chop block!  

Entragian staggers free of the buckles, and Trey sets his feet and comes at him from a different angle, hitting another chop block! Isaac drops down to both knees, Trey follows him down…and he promptly begins to RAIN down clubbing blows on the back of Isaac’s legs! 

Other Guy: Now THIS is a tremendous strategy for Trey…find your opening and take the legs out from under the behemoth. 

Eryk Masters: The Ivory Terror can’t utilize that scary power if he doesn’t have legs to stand on, OG….but this will not be easy for Trey…it’s gonna be like trying to cut down a redwood with a butter knife! 

Trey continues to smash hammer-like blows into Entragian’s thighs and calves, but the monster violently spins himself around and latches onto Trey’s neck, then he falls back to the canvas while grapevining his legs around Trey’s body. 

Eryk Masters: GUILLOTINE CHOKE!! Oh jesus…this move is LETHAL…look at the size difference here, Trey looks like a toddler swallowed up in the embrace of an anaconda! 

Trey’s arms begin to claw against the canvas desperately, and as we zoom on we see his face is turning fire engine red. Entragian smirks, grinding back with as much pressure as he can muster. Trey kicks his feet against the canvas, trying to propel himself and Isaac near the ropes…but there’s SO much weight to move it seems damn near impossible. 

Other Guy: Trey’s in real damage of being choked out here…you can tell his movements are becoming slower…his body is trying to shut down… 

Eryk Masters: With the amount of strength we all know Isaac commands, it’s entirely possible that he could snap a man’s vertebrae…Trey NEEDS to answer this somehow…before it’s too late!




Entragian hears the crowd rallying behind Trey, and his face turns purely sinister…he rears back with ALL of his might…his eyes focused and cruel. Trey’s free arms start to vibrate with the support of the crowd… 


Other Guy: LISTEN TO THIS CROWD!!! It sounds like they’re fighting alongside Trey tonight…Entragian is alone…but Trey has THE WORLD in his corner!!! 

Eryk Masters: Trey snapped up that rope like it was water in the desert, he is on a MISSION tonight in Charlotte! 

Isaac has no choice but to break the hold, and once up, he concentrates all of his frustration into the toe of his boot…and he SMASHES a kick into Trey’s ribs. The impact is SCARY…Trey flops and rolls about five feet across the ring before coming to rest near the bottom of a turnbuckle. 

Entragian then drops down to a three-point stance, his head swaying from side to side….a serpent just about to strike. 

Eryk Masters: Whoa…looks like Entragian is setting up for Corruption…he must want to end this one early! 

The three hundred pounder UNCOILS, racing towards Trey at his maximum speed…but Trey drops down to his belly, and Isaac sails over him…ONLY TO SPEAR THE RING POST, SHOULDER MEETING STEEL WITH A SICKENING CRUNCH!!! The crowd ERUPTS!!!


Other Guy: CORRUPTION BACKFIRES!!! Isaac just speared the ring post…that arm could be out of commission! 

Trey quickly pulls Isaac away from the post and scrapes him up into a school boy pinfall.




The albino kicks out with all of his force, and he rolls against the canvas to gain some separation from Trey…one arm held close to his body in obvious pain. 

Other Guy: It’ll take more than that, Trey. So much more. Stay on him! 

Eryk Masters: I feel like this could be a turning point in the match though, OG. Isaac’s shoulder took a MAJOR hit against that ring post… 

Trey picks his spot and runs forward, snapping Isaac’s arm up behind his back in a vicious hammerlock, grinding up against Entragian’s arm as hard as he can. Isaac staggers forward, anguish etched into his expression…and finally he rears back and pumps an elbow blast into Trey’s face. 

Willett stumbles back a step, but he follows up with a PERFECT standing dropkick directed into Entragian’s shoulder joint! The monster lands flat on his back, his arm clutched close to him a protective gesture. 

Eryk Masters: Incredible height from Trey! Scored with the dropkick…and Entragian is definitely on the defensive right about now! 

Other Guy: It is RARE to find a weak spot when fighting Isaac Entragian, so I’m not surprised that Trey is taking full advantage with that shoulder!




Isaac manages to pull himself up to his feet using the ropes, and Trey moves right in…ONLY TO EAT A JUMPING BICYCLE KICK RIGHT TO THE FACE!!! 

The impact SPINS Trey down to the canvas, and as the angle changes we see that Trey’s eyebrow has now been split WIDE OPEN…and fresh blood is dripping down his face! 

Eryk Masters: MARK OF THE BEAST!!! Almost beheaded Trey Willett…and now Trey has been busted open for a SECOND time tonight! 

Other Guy: First his lip gets busted, and now his eyebrow is split open…SHOOT’s Wayward Son is becoming a blood faucet…all thanks to SCAR’s Pale Rider! 

Entragian works his shoulder a little, wincing as he gives it a full rotation…and then he drags Trey up to his feet. Trey looks woozy; a film of plasma running down into his right eye…and Isaac sees his opening, proceeding to lift Trey HIGH up into the air… 

The Ivory Terror holds Trey perfectly vertical for a few moments, AND THEN HE DRILLS TREY INTO THE CANVAS WITH A RING-ROCKING JACKHAMMER!!! 


Isaac lands with all of his girth atop Trey’s chest, and he pulls back HARD on a leg.




Trey manages to get a shoulder up, and Entragian leans back while growling with frustration. 

Eryk Masters: DAMN!!! Major impact from Entragian…but Trey STILL LIVES! 

Other Guy: I’ve got a feeling, Eryk…Trey says this is HIS time…and I believe it!! 

Entragian rises up to his feet, and he looks out at the crowd, his face TWISTED up into an expression that is damn near inhuman.



Isaac turns his attention away from the stirred up crowd, and then he leans down…AND HE DIGS HIS HAND INTO TREY’S CHEST HAIR AND PULLS HIM UP TO A VERTICAL BASE… 


Eryk Masters: DAWN OF A NEW ERA!!! THIS IS IT!!!!


Entragian lands hard, but almost immediately he rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope….collapsing to the floor on the outside. 

Other Guy: SHIT!! HOW SMART WAS THAT?? Entragian must have known on an instinctual level that he was in danger…rolling out of the ring there to avoid a pinfall!! 

Trey is left in the ring, one hand swiping blood from his face…and now it’s his turn to look frustrated. He slaps one hand against the mat, and then makes his way out of the ring…where he starts the tiring process of bulling the dead weight of this monster back into the ring… 

After what seems like a long time, Trey finally succeeds in hauling Isaac’s body back into the ring…and he follows Entragian in through the middle rope… 



Entragian falls atop Trey with all of his weight, and he bobs his head with the official’s count.





Other Guy: WOW!!! We talk about Isaac’s ring awareness…now Trey plays the exact same card!! Foot on the rope….TREY WILLETT LIVES!!! 

Eryk Masters: PERFECT timing for Trey…I thought it was over! 

Isaac THROWS himself away from Trey, and he starts to dig and pull at his own white hair….his eyes totally crazed! The Ivory Terror scrambles up to his feet and goes over to one of the turnbuckles, only to RIP the turnbuckle pad free… 

The official immediately starts to admonish Entragian, and turns his back on the competitors to fix the turnbuckle pad. 

A dangerous smile appears on Isaac’s face, and making sure the referee is still distracted with the turnbuckle….he silently leans over Trey’s body. Trey starts to try and get up…but Entragian grabs hold of one of his arms…straightening it out… 



There’s an EAR-SPLITTING howl of pain from Trey…so loud and frightening that you wouldn’t even think he came from his vocal cords. 

Trey throws himself to the side; it doesn’t even appear that he’s trying to defend himself…he looks to be trying to get the hell away from Entragian… 

Isaac pulls him back within arm’s length, and then he snakes his head down….BEFORE BITING INTO TREY’S SIDE JUST BELOW THE RIBS!!! 

Other Guy: Oh my fucking GOD…this is DISGUSTING…Trey’s gonna need a tetanus shot! 

TREY IS SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS, BEATING AT ISSAC’S HEAD WITH BOTH HANDS…and finally the monster withdraws….and we see red-tinged bite marks along Trey’s arm and his side… 

Trey crawls away towards one of the turnbuckles, and once there he just curls up into a ball, his body trembling slightly from the trauma and the shock of feeling those teeth sink into his flesh… 

Entragian remains sitting on the canvas, his razor teeth stained in Trey’s blood…and he smiles wide, bringing one pale hand to his lips, taunting the crowd with a “SHHHH” gesture. 


Other Guy: I’m sick to my stomach now. I’ll give Entragian this much Eryk, that rotten son a bitch is CRAFTY. He tears up that turnbuckle pad so the referee will be distracted…and then he starts to CHEW ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!




Entragian barrels up to his feet, and he YANKS Trey away from the turnbuckle, pulling him by the chest hair to the very center of the ring… 

Trey falls down to one knee, a bloody, bitten mess…and Isaac starts to just blatantly slap him across the face….first a left….then a right… 



Isaac rears back, and this time he slaps Trey as hard as he can with his left hand. 





SCAR’s Pale Rider rears back his right hand, his eyes SHIMMERING with madness…a plasma-stained smile etched onto his face.




Isaac is driven back as though he’s being attacked by a pit-bull, and before Isaac can even REACT….Trey drops the monster to the canvas with a SPIKING DDT!! 

Trey wastes no time, he runs over and scales the turnbuckles…standing for a moment silhouetted by the crowd that loves him…THEN TREY FLIES INTO A 450 FLIPPING ROTATION, LANDING RIGHT ON TOP OF ENTRAGIAN!!! 






Isaac Entragian….POPS A SHOULDER UP!!!! 


Other Guy: This….this doesn’t happen, Eryk. NOBODY kicks out of the Trey50 splash…THIS JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN… 

Trey Willett leans back, and his face is STUNNED…his eyes are flitting from side to side in COMPLETE DISBELIEF!! 

Even the crowd is stunned into silence for the first time tonight, all of Charlotte hushed and murmuring… 

With pain traveling through every inch of his body…his whole upper torso shaking from anguish….Entragian….SOMEHOW SITS UP!!!! 

Trey shakes his head from side to side, yelling “NOT TONIGHT” at Isaac…then he scrambles up to his feet and BOOTS Entragian right in the face, knocking him right back down!! 

Trey digs down into his reserve tank, gathering up all of his will, and then he slowly starts to climb the turnbuckles again… 

Eryk Masters: Trey looking to hit that 450 again, OG…but I don’t even know if he can follow through with the flip this time….his body is a WRECK… 

Other Guy: It’ll be a miracle if he does, Eryk. This canvas is DECORATED with Trey Willett’s blood… 

Trey’s whole body is trembling from exertion as he positions himself on the top rope, and he pauses for a moment to cross himself…BEFORE FLIPPING YET AGAIN INTO THE AIR, CRUSHING HIS OWN BODY FLUSH INTO ENTRAGIAN WITH ANOTHER TREY50 SPLASH!!! 

He pulls back as hard as he can on one tree trunk of a leg…




At the last possible second….The Ivory Terror….pops his shoulder up…one more time… 

Eryk Masters: I am….at a loss, ladies and gentlemen. I simply DO NOT know what to say at this point… 

Other Guy: THIS, Eryk…is unprecedented. How in the BLOODY HELL does that man kick out of TWO Trey50 Splashes?? 

Trey stands up silently, using both hands to wipe blood from his face. Blood continues to drip down from his eyebrow, and the bottom of his face is stained red from his busted lip. His hair is practically slicked back with his own life force. 

The bite marks on his side and his bicep look terribly red and inflamed, yet despite ALL OF THIS….Trey shows no frustration. He simply stands there, looking down at his monstrous adversary. There is incomprehension in his gaze, but there is also firm resolve. 

Finally…Entragian starts to move. He’s unable to fully sit up, instead he flails against the canvas…literally CRAWLING and SLITHERING towards Trey… 

Trey doesn’t move, he simply looks down at Entragian, not understanding what keeps this pallid destroyer going. Isaac makes it to Trey, and using Trey’s tights, he starts to pull himself up to his knees…bracing himself against Trey’s own body.




Entragian finally looks up, and the two men lock eyes. It’s clear that Isaac’s strength has faded down to almost nothing, and he can barely even hold himself upright. At this moment, Entragian looks like a snake that’s been run over by a car numerous times…a snake that doesn’t even know it’s dead yet. 

Trey stares down into Isaac’s face, and two simple words fall from his lips, loud enough for the crowd to hear.

Trey: MY…TIME. 

Entragian coughs, and he appears to be struggling to keep his eyes open. He speaks in a raspy whisper…likely low enough for only Trey to hear.

Entragian: I guess…it….is… 

Having said that, Isaac uses the LAST of his strength to pull himself up just a little closer to Trey’s face…and then he draws up all of the saliva, snot, and blood in his mouth…and he SPITS THE WHOLE MESS RIGHT INTO TREY’S FACE! 

Eryk Masters: That says it ALL about who Isaac Entragian is, OG. There is no redeeming that man. There is no rehabilitating that man. When he’s finally gone from this world he’s gonna burn, and I think deep in his blackened heart…he knows that. 

Other Guy: Wicked to the bitter end, Eryk. If he’s going down, he’s gonna try his best to drag you as far down with him as he possibly can… 

Trey wipes spit and mucus from his face, his mouth pulled down into a FURIOUS scowl. He looks down, only to see that the pale bastard is LAUGHING…coughing and almost unconscious…but LAUGHING through it all. 

Trey falls atop Entragian with EVERYTHING that he has left, locking in a rear naked choke!! He falls to the canvas awkwardly, dragging Isaac down with him…and he locks his legs as tightly around Entragian’s body as he POSSIBLY CAN! 

Eryk Masters: TREY WITH THE REAR NAKED CHOKE!! OG if you’ve followed Entragian’s career…you’ll remember that this was Greyson Blade’s secret weapon against the monster… 

Other Guy: Looks like Trey’s been doing some research, Eryk!!  


Trey grinds back on Isaac’s neck HARD….pouring ALL of his heart into this submission hold. Isaac’s arms have gone slack, his face is turning a deep shade of purple…yet STILL, his teeth remain gritted together, saliva spurting from his mouth in resistance… 

The official drops down, asking if Entragian gives up. 

He’s greeted with a pained, barely heard growl…something that sounds more animal than man.

Entragian: I’ll…give up…when…I’m….DEAD. 

Trey seems to hear this, and his eyes widen with shock…and he promptly GRINDS into the choke even harder!! Entragian’s eyes start to roll up to the whites, but for ONE SECOND…he opens his mouth and attempts to BITE into Trey’s forearm…but before he can, all the strength seems to run out of him. His pale, clenching claws….FINALLY….become still!


The referee raises an arm…and IT FALLS! 

The arm is raised again…and IT FALLS! 







Other Guys: Ladies and gentlemen, in ALL of my years of broadcasting…that was one of the most competitive, barbarous, heartfelt matches I have ever seen! 


Trey Willett pushes off of Isaac’s motionless body… and he stands under the bright lights, spinning in a slow circle to take in the entire spectacle of the roaring crowd. 

One of his eyes is swollen shut, blood drips down from his lips, and his ribs are covered in purple bruises…he can barely stand due to exhaustion and blood loss…but despite it ALL, Trey is SMILING!! 

Eryk Masters: In my personal opinion, there has never been a man on this roster with more HEART…than Trey Willett. There is so much darkness in this company…so much tyranny…but TONIGHT…Trey gives us ALL a feel good moment. Trey gives us a little shaft of sunlight when all other lights have gone out…and for that….I repeat the words of Charlotte, North Carolina…Thank You Trey. 

The final shot of the night shows Trey Willett thrusting his fists triumphantly in the air, that warm smile never leaving his face.