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Revolution 88 – 12/19/2011

We open up on the door that leads into the parking garage of the SHOOT Epicenter. The door gets pushed open as Azrael Goeren confidently struts into view, one hand yanking his exorbitant amount of rolling luggage while the other clutches a brand spankin’ new iPhone 4S to his head. 

Goeren: …and then I said ‘Sorry officer, I thought this was America! If I can’t shoot up in the middle of this Chuck E. Cheese ball pit, then maybe I should just move to Iran! 

Azrael stops momentarily to rest his bags down, glancing around to undoubtedly find some hapless SHOOT staffer to carry his things. 

Goeren:   Well anyways, I’m sure little Michael had himself a good time. He was so happy he cried the entire way back home, it was an absolutely magical father/son moment. What? No of course not X, don’t be absurd. I didn’t bring him with me tonight, Lord knows what would happen to the poor lad if one of the perverts in Project: SCAR or the Bad Ass Brotherhood found him. A good parent like myself can never be too careful you know. 

The demented German nods his head in approval at whatever was just said on the other end of the phone conversation. 

Goeren:   Ja, well…I’m not too worried about Kidd’s little bounty mein freund. I’ve got plenty of protection here tonight. 

Goeren:   Wait a second, wait a second. Yuri isn’t going to be here tonight?! 

He throws his hands up in exacerbation, trying to keep his cool but not doing a very good job of it. 

Goeren:   That stupid Slavic bitch! How does a man his size, a man we pay to guard our bodies, get jumped in his bloody hotel room? Do we know who did it?  

Azrael starts breathing a little faster now, but he takes a few deep cleansing breaths to try and calm down. 

Goeren:   Nein…nein.  I’m okay.  Everything is going to be okay, I’m just going to head to our locker room and we’ll have safety in numbers.  Hell, I’m probably overreacting. It’s not like Patrick Kidd has any sway over the members of the SHOOT Project anyways. We both know that I’m the most beloved competitor here amongst the locker room, nobody would dream of trying to hurt me just for Kidd’s ridiculous bounty… 

As if on cue, a piercing kendo stick swings violently at Azrael from off-screen, missing him by only a few inches. Azrael stumbles backwards and falls over his luggage, nearly dropping the phone. 

Stepping into view is Danny Corsair, clutching the kendo stick tightly and staring down at Azrael like a hawk hunting a mouse. He raises the stick again and brings it cracking down to the concrete right between Azrael’s legs. 


Another loud "CRACK" from the kendo stick pierces more of the ground as Azrael manages to kick some of his luggage in Corsair’s way, knocking the young rookie back a foot or two. That’s just enough time for Azrael to stagger to his feet and start running down the hallway, holding onto his cell phone for dear life. Corsair takes off in hot pursuit, leaving the backstage area completely in shambles as we slowly fade out…


The fans explode as purple pyro shoots from the floor of the ramp.  The vast majority of the fans rising to their feet. 


Eryk Masters: What a way to start the show off.  It looks like SHOOT’s Wayward Son won’t make the people wait too long to hear his response to X-Calibur’s offer. 



The music fades for a moment as Trey Willet makes his way to the head of the entrance ramp.  He pauses, hoists his black gym bag over his shoulder, and then waits.  The fans quiet down in anticipation for only a moment before the silence is broken by the opening guitar riff.  Trey raises the bag high into the air with one hand to a round of applause of anticipation from the fans. 

Trey smiles to the people as he begins to make his way, briskly, down the ramp.  With his free hand he slaps hands with a few kids along the way.  Once to the apron, he slides the bag under the rope and follows closely behind it, vaulting himself to his feet.  From his pocket he pulls a microphone to his mouth. 

Trey Willett: It hasn’t been very long since I captured the title of Master of the Mat.  That night, I waited.  I waited, and I hoped that there would be a champion that I could be proud of.  A champion that I could stand against and hold my head high, knowing that no matter what, the fans won. 

As it turns out, the odds were stacked too heavy on the side of the retched.  Looking over it, those odds were stacked too high for any man I know to overcome.  So instead?  Instead I got X-Calibur.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, last week I get a very interesting proposition.  I get asked if I would join the ranks of the Hierarchy. 

The fans begin to boo loudly at the very thought of Trey joining the ranks of The Hierarchy.  Trey raises his hands in a quieting motion as the fans start to simmer down a little. 

Trey Willett: I have to admit, the offer had to have made sense to him.  Not only could I join the ranks of the Hierarchy, representing the company that I love.  I could be the top man.  Most of all?  I could join the ranks of one half of Instant Heat.  The only thing that I ever wanted when I first started in this business.   

Then I thought about it. 

I thought long and hard about the offer on the table.  Truth is?  I didn’t have to think very hard.  Then I hopped a flight to the Carolinas.  I decided that before I made any rash decisions, I should talk to the most important half of Instant Heat. 

The fans go BALLISTIC at the mention of Real Deal and OutKast.  Trey takes a moment to let the cheers sink in for a little while.  Just as the cheers begin to subside, he reaches down to the mat and pulls the gym bag close to his chest.  With one hand, he unzips the pouch and pulls two World Title Championship belts.  One at a time, he slings one of them on each of his shoulders.  At the mere sight of Trey holding the World Heavyweight Championship, the fans start to cheer loudly again. 

The camera zooms in onto the belts, and it becomes clear that the name plates on the belts read “Real Deal” and “OutKast.”  The image is plastered onto the SHOOTTron.   

Other Guy: What is he planning on doing with those!? 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that it sure is nice to see those belts instead of that atrocity that X-Calibur has been carting around. 

Trey adjusts the belts over his shoulder to ensure that they are secure.  He pulls the microphone back to his face. 

Trey Willett: There for a second, I almost forgot just what it was that I have been fighting for all of this time.  Then, I saw the title belts sitting in their display cases.  You could tell the pride of both of their faces when they realized I was looking at them.  That title meant something to them.  It meant EVERYTHING to them. 

I realized then, that there was something that must be sacrificed to be called a champion.  I remembered that you had to bleed to be considered in the pantheon of the greats.  You cannot simply accept an olive branch to join an evil organization.  You don’t get to be appointed to that position.  You have to EARN it. 

So I guess the simple answer to your offer is a resounding NO! 

Trey stares dead into the face of the curtain marking the entrance ramp, almost expecting someone to emerge from it.  After a few moments of nothing, Trey seems satisfied that there will be no interruption. 

Trey Willett: Don’t think that is all that I have to say here tonight, X.  Oh no.  You and I are just getting warmed up.  I still have more wonderful presents in my bag tonight.   

Well…One more at least. 

You see.  With that title that you clutch to your bosom comes a certain amount of responsibility.  You become the face of the greatest company in the world.  You represent all of us.  You don’t get to throw it in the garbage.  You don’t get to spit on the very symbol of the blood, sweat, and sheer determination that this company was built on.  You used to know that. 

Trey reaches into the bag one more time and pulls out a third title belt, tossing the empty bag back onto the mat.  He raises the belt high for everyone to see.  The name plate on this belt, however, is marked only with an “X.” 

Trey Willett: I remember when you first held this strap.  It was the very first year that I spent inside a SHOOT Project ring.  I’m not going to lie, I looked up to you then.  You may have been one evil bastard back then, but at least you knew what it was to be a champion.  At least you carried this belt around your waist with the pride that it deserves.   

So let me make you a promise, X.  Come Reckoning Day, I will still have all three of these belts.  They will be on the announcers table, staring you in the face.  They will watch as I rip that gaudy trinket that you have been toting around.  Those titles, and the great history that they represent, will witness as I take away from you everything that you have lucked your way into.   

I made a promise to the people the day that I came back onto the scene.  I promised to give the title a home that they could be proud of.  Now, I’m only one step away from realizing that goal.  So enjoy it while you can, X.  Come Reckoning Day, this will all be over for you. 

Trey drops the microphone to the mat as “Carry On, Wayward Son” blares over the P.A.  The fans roar in approval as Trey steps between the middle ropes.  He makes his way down the ramp, letting as many fans as he can pat the gold he wears. 

Eryk Masters: Well, it most certainly wasn’t the answer that Hierarchy was looking for, but the fans certainly seem to be happy with this decision. 

Other Guy: I’m just excited to see how X-Calibur and the rest of Hierarchy responds.  Don’t forget, Trey has a match in just a little while against Baptise. 

Eryk Masters: We’ll definitely keep an eye out on this situation as it develops.  But for right now, let’s get onto the rest of this exciting 88th edition of Revolution!



The opening to the Andy Williams version of "Silver Bells" plays to the surprise of the SHOOT Epicenter. A number of fans cheer for the song as others don’t know how to react.

"Silver Bellllllls……Silver Bellllllls…

At those opening lyrics, Laura Seton comes from the back, in her verison of "Santa’s Little Helper" attire. She wears a green top and green shorts both with red trim—giving her Christmas-themed attire a coincidental look to the Milwaukee Bucks’ road uniforms—to go with green and red striped knee-high socks, red and green boots and she’s even wearing a Santa hat. The crowd gives a big cheer seeing her as she goes through her top of the ramp pose with red and green pyro going off behind her before she heads to the ring, high-fiving as many fans as possible.

Other Guy: You have got to be kidding me.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know why you’re surprised. She told us she was thinking of doing this. She’s a huge fan of the season and wanted to have some fun with it!

Other Guy: I like the holiday spirit and seeing her in that hat is a turn on, but this is SHOOT. Dressing like that can get you killed here. I can only imagine what would happen if she runs into Isaac or Azrael in the back.

She reaches the bottom of the ramp and after wishing the viewers at home a "Merry Christmas and happy holidays," slaps hands with many fans ringside before diving under the bottom rope into the ring. She removes the Santa hat and hands it to timekeeper Mark Kendrick and points out a young fan before Mark hands the fan the hat.

Other Guy: When she’s home, will there be marshmallows toasting? Caroling out in the snow? Tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago?

Eryk Masters: That’s the wrong song. She’s using "Silver Bells," not "It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Other Guy: As much as I’d like to discuss Christmas song lyrics—

Samantha Coil: Introducing first—

Ready to read from a card, she looks towards Laura, an expression of "Are you crazy?" Smiling, Laura mouths, "Read it!" Samantha mouths "Okay" and reads, confused and ready to laugh.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Santa’s Workshop….she’s donating her "Milk and Cookies" to Santa this year…

Eryk Masters: Don’t say a thing.

Other Guy: I’ll think it then.

Samantha Coil: LAURAAAA… SETON!!

Laura throws her hands up in the air as confetti cannons filled with white confetti on each ring post go off, giving the appearance that its snowing inside the Epicenter.

Other Guy: A white Christmas here in Las Vegas!

The music and confetti settles. Two ring hands quickly arrive on the scene to sweep the confetti in the ring out to the floor. A few moments pass.

[b]Samantha Coil: And her opponent…[/b]

No music as a man in a wheel chair is pushed through the curtain by a familiar looking woman. Maybe its the wheel chair, or the bandaging, or the oxygen mask that is placed over his face but it takes us a few moments to piece together…

Other Guy: Is…is… is that Stein?

Eryk Masters: Yes. Being pushed by his assistant, Molly. This is absurd.

It is Dan Stein and he is pushed towards the ring slowly while the crowd boos this sham, mercilessly. He gestures for a mic. Which Molly produces from a small bag on the back of the chair.

Eryk Masters: He burned an egg. There was no damage to his apartment. This is ridiculous.

Dan Stein: Good evening, Uglies of SHOOT Project. As you can see, I am still currently incapacitated and relegated to this wheel chair. Because my doctor has not cleared me, and because further action could cause severe health issues, I, disappointingly, forfeit this match to Miss Laura Seton.

Stein is pushed ringside as Laura looks on with a "you’ve GOT to be kidding me" look. His assistant puts the lock on, and then carefully removes the oxygen mask. Stein puts his hands on the handles of the wheel chair and with his arms shaking over exaggeratedly, he pushes himself to a vertical base. "Struggling" mightily.

Dan Stein: Hopefully tonight this small step will be my first down the road to recovery! Thank you for your consideration and understanding in this matter. Good night.

Stein lowers the microphone, handing it back to Molly. She puts the microphone back in the satchel from whence it came, turning the wheelchair around and leaving Laura Seton in the ring confused. Samantha Coil, however, has referee Willie Dean’s ear, whispering something to him. Willie Dean nods and walks back to the center of the ring as Samantha Coil steps away, pulling her microphone back to her mouth.

Samantha Coil: Per Doctor’s orders, this match will take place for ONE FALL-

The fans absolutely explode. Stein’s wheelchair is raced out from the back again, Stein nearly jumping out of the chair before realizing his act. He turns to Molly, BEGGING her for the microphone again.

Dan Stein: You can’t do this, Samantha! I am a sick, sick man!

But Laura has seen and heard enough she slingshots herself to the top rope and then leaps down nailing Stein with a seated seton driving him back into the chair and then down hard onto the ringside mat. Molly squealing and barely avoiding the airborn Seton.

Other Guy: Ho..HO… HOLY-

Eryk Masters: Seton with a seated, seton into Stein!!

Other Guy: Now Stein has a legitimate injury to worry about.

Laura gets up with a fist pump as the crowd roars their approval. She drags Stein to his feet, and he shoves her violently and takes a few quick steps away to compose himself. Laura smirks and slides into the ring and then goes and holds open the ropes inviting Stein into the ring. He yells at the ref to "get her back", and Willie Dean backs Laura up so Stein can slide into the ring. Stein gets to his feet and Dean calls for the bell. Laura charges and drops Stein with a drop kick to the knee. He gets up, and quickly bounces off the ropes and hits a baseball slide drop kick into Dan’s ribs. She pops back up and goes to the near ropes jumps up to the middle rope, and jumps off twisting and hitting a nasty double stomp across the now tender ribs. She scrambles to make a quick lateral press.



Th-NO! Stein shoulders out with a wince.

Eryk Masters: Laura really working the ribs, and you could see the toll that has already taken on Stein when he kicked out.

Laura gets up and stomps down on Stein’s ribs. She brings him up to his feet, and whips him off the ropes. Swings with a wild clothesline, that Stein ducks. She turns looking for a back body drop, but he leapfrogs over her. He’s off the ropes one more time, and Laura feigns like she’s looking for another backbody drop, but quickly plants her hands into the mat and does a modified cartwheel kick that rocks Stein.

Eryk Masters: Nice utilization of the cartwheel kick!

Laura scoops Stein up and slams him down with a bodyslam. She follows that up by driving the point of her elbow into Stein’s forehead. She brings him to his feet again and whips him into the corner. She goes to follow up with a running splash, but Stein slides out of the way, and wraps an arm around her pulling her back with a roll up.



Thre-NO! Laura shoulders out.

Eryk Masters: Stein almost got a surprise three right there.

Other Guy: You could say that was a false alarm!

Laura gets up and attempts to bury her left boot into Dan’s gut, but he catches the leg and whips her down to the mat with a drag screw.

Other Guy: Not often we see Laura getting screwed.

Stein gets up without letting go of the leg, and proceeds to roll Laura over into a vicious single leg crab. Laura winces in pain Stein leans back with all his weight.

Eryk Masters: Stein really working that leg.

Other Guy: Laura likes to use her speed and athleticism. She likes to fly. Stein knows the value of cutting a leg out from under an opponent. Be it in a Sky High Cup, or in as an Iron Fist Champ.

Stein leans back and grabs the ropes adding more torque to the hold. Laura lets out a scream. Right before the ref looks up, Stein lets go, but the ropes are jiggling. Willie Dean eyeballs the ropes knowingly, and again checks on Laura, who again refuses to tap, and while this is going on Dan Stein again reaches back and grabs the ropes that brings another pained yelp from Seton. This time the ref looks up quickly and sees Stein holding onto to the rope. He immediately starts the 5 count. Stein actually pulls harder on the ropes while the ref gets to 2… 3…4… and Stein lets go with a cocky smirk he looks at the ref and holds up five fingers.

Eryk Masters: Stein reminds Willie Dean he too, knows the rules… He’s just willing to break them.

Stein turns back to Laura who has pulled herself up using the ropes, and gingerly putting weight on that damaged leg. As soon as she gets up, Stein circles like a jackal and then dives at the back of that bum leg with a chop block that sends Laura crashing to the mat, clutching the bum wheel. She again starts to get to her feet, but this time Dan kicks that leg out from under her with a sickening "thwack". She crashes to the mat. Stein stomps down viciously on the knee, before violently snapping her to her feet and bringing her into a side headlock position.

Other Guy: Looking for a running bulldog, perhaps.

He takes off with Laura, but her leg buckles and she falls to the mat. Stein turns with a mock look of concern and crouches down in her face. He rubs at his eyes in the universal "You gonna cry" gesture known the world, wide. The crowd voices their displeasure.

Eryk Masters: He’s the model of megalomania! I wish someone would just slap the taste-

On Cue Laura lunges with a wild right hand, but Stein sees it coming and side steps, and as she ends up on all fours on the mat he jumps across her back grabbing her into a super tight Oklahoma roll. He hooks the hands.




Samantha Coil: The Winner of this match, at a time of 12 minutes and fourteen seconds. DAN. SSSSSSSSSSTEIN!!!!!

Eryk Masters: Stein goes from forfeiting to continuing to roll here in SHOOT. A big win over a former Sin City Champion. Here’s hoping he can summon the strength to get to the back on his own.


We switch back to the backstage area where we see Azrael Goeren swiftly moving down a narrow hallway. Yet again, Goeren is somewhat panicked from the events of before, clutching his freshly broken nose and looking like absolute hell. He is alone now, his eyes darting left to right as he walks the corridors. He goes to turn a corner and sees no one there. He sighs and begins to mumble something under his breath. Probably something vile and German. Suddenly, he is quickly SLAMMED against the wall before he has the chance to act. The fans in the arena POP when they see DONOVAN KING bracing his forearm against Goeren’s throat! 

Donovan King:  Heimlich. 

He growls the word out as he mocks Goeren’s name. 

Donovan King:     You got a lotta people mad at you, don’t you? 

Goeren gags, trying to get words out as he claws at King’s forearm. 

Goeren:     King…let me explain…everything that happened between us? Back under Sovereign? HUGE misunderstanding. Let me go, we can talk over a fresca and patch things up… 

King wants to chuckle, his mouth even curls slightly for a smile before it twists back into a frown. 

Donovan King:     That bounty on ya head?  You’re in luck, Azrael, I don’t plan on collectin’ a hit man’s money.  Despite that…I have a favor to ask you.  Two, favors, actually. 

Goeren:     Ah…eh…what? 

Donovan King:     Where…is…Mirage. 

Goeren smirks. 

Goeren:     No clue. 

King SLAMS Goeren back into the wall, pressing his forearm TIGHT into Goeren’s throat, enough to make his face go red. 

Donovan King:     DON’T LIE TO ME. 

He slacks the choke. 

Donovan King:     Where…is…he? 

Goeren:     Honestly, Donovan…I don’t know.  Don’t you think I have my own problems right now? This night hasn’t exactly been a highlight of my career… 

King grins a very fake grin. 

Donovan King:     Isn’t he your boy?  Isn’t he the dog you threw at me to keep me off you an’ X-Calibur?  

Goeren:     Well…he’s kind of…a fringe member of Hierarchy, you know?  He’s here…but he’s not…you know? 

Donovan King:     You know…I do. 

He releases the hold. 

Donovan King:     You two dumbasses brought him in to distract me.  You didn’t want me to stop your ascension.  Turns out the only one of you who did anything with that was X.  Look at you, hidin’ in hallways hopin’ nobody tries to collect on a bounty.  How does it feel, Goeren?  To have a son handed to you?  To suddenly have a child sat down in front of you? 

King stops him from talking, not through yet. 

Donovan King:     You have no fucking idea what you are or what you’ve done.  You’re a pathetic comic book character of a human being.  I’m sure Patrick Kidd’ll have a piece of your ass soon enough. 

King goes to leave. 

Goeren:     Is that it?  Some paltry insults and you’re done trying to play bad cop?  After everything I’ve been through tonight, I expected much worse from you King!  Looks like you’re losing your touch!  You can’t even count correctly you ignorant mud-breed, didn’t you say you wanted two favors from me? 

King turns his head, looking over his shoulder. 

Donovan King:     Don’t let Kidd end your career.  Stay healthy. 

He turns and begins to walk away. 

Donovan King:     Because I’m still comin’. 

King leaves Goeren alone…safe and sound.  Goeren glares in the direction King stalks off as he catches his breath, rubbing his neck gingerly as he holds his hand up against the nearest wall for balance.  He then slowly turns and stumbles off in the opposite direction, not wanting to look back.


Before the next match can get underway, the lights die in the arena.

Eryk Masters: What’s this?

Other Guy: I can’t help but feel every time that happens, that somehow, somebody forgot to pay the electric bill.

I will break

Into your thoughts

With what’s written on my heart

I will BREAK

Flyleaf’s "I’m So Sick" continues to pump over the PA, and the fans are on their feet cheering, as the Sin City Champion, Lunatikk Crippler, has appeared at the entrance, bringing with him the return of the lights. The Sin City title is strapped around his waist and a grin appears on his face with the ovation he’s receiving.

Eryk Masters: Fresh off his successful title defense two weeks ago, Mr. Sin City has arrived!

Other Guy: I knew he was gonna be here. I follow him on Facebook.

Eryk Masters: Let’s not get into social networking right now, shall we?

The Crippler makes his way down to the ring, looking out to the crowd, egging them on as the noise level grows. He rolls into the ring and climbs on the middle turnbuckle. He unstraps the Sin City gold and holds it high above his head in his right hand, and that part of the crowd roars. The Crippler jogs across the ring to the opposite side of the arena and does the same, and is met with the same reception.

Eryk Masters: Crippler’s really milking the reception tonight, OG.

Other Guy: He’s probably trying to get more people to subscribe to his status updates.

Crippler slings the Sin City Championship over his shoulder, and he leans between the ropes, calling for a mic. Samantha Coil obliges him, and now he returns to the center of the ring. The lights dim a bit, and a light spotlight forms around him. Crippler brings the mic across his neck, as if to say "Kill it", and the music does in fact die. The fans are still eating it up, however, still whipped into a frenzy by the arrival of THEIR champion. Crippler raises the mic in the air, and the noise quiets a little. Good enough, I guess, because now Crippler brings the mic to his mouth, ready to speak.

Lunatikk Crippler: Not that long ago, I was in the middle of this ring, defending the Sin City Championship against the man known as Crazy Boy.

The crowd shows no love for Crazy Boy, booing him. Crippler holds up his hand to stop them.

Lunatikk Crippler: Maybe he isn’t your favorite person in the world, but after the effort he showed me last week, he deserves a bit of respect. You see, I went toe to toe with Tyrone, and he threw all he had at me, and I threw it right back at him. The end result? Crazy Boy got Bitchified in the center of the ring.

The crowd pops in response to CB’s tap out.

Lunatikk Crippler: But I have a problem. And that problem is that the win, albiet a hard fought win, was tainted.

It was ruined by Tanya Black.

The crowd doesn’t like the mention of Tanya’s name, booing loudly.

Lunatikk Crippler: Now, if Tanya Black wants a shot at the Sin City Title? That’s fine. I don’t think anyone would disagree that I’m willing to take on any and all comers in defense of the prize I EARNED at Master of the Mat, this ten pounds of shiny gold that rests across my shoulder.

Tanya Black, however, doesn’t seem to feel that she needs to ASK for a shot. Tanya feels that she should be given a shot. That she’s OWED a shot.

The fans disagree, booing that notion. Crippler nods in agreement.

Lunatikk Crippler: Tanya, you may have been a two time Sin City Champion, and kudos to you for being the only person to be such. And maybe you didn’t receive a rematch against Maya Nakashima when he beat you fair and square in the center of the ring for this title. But maybe…

And bear with me, Tanya, I’ve heard you don’t react well to logic.

Maybe, you failed to EARN a rematch when you couldn’t beat Jaime Alejandro to continue on in the Sin City Championship Series.

The crowd groans in an "oh no he didn’t" sort of way, and cheers the shot Crippler just took against Miss Black.

Other Guy: Tanya still complains that the loss was unfair, that isn’t gonna sit well with her at all.

Lunatikk Crippler: If you remember, Tanya, after Jaime beat you limp in the center of the ring, he went on to face Maya Nakashima for the final spot in the SCCS. That COULD have been you, if you hadn’t run one victory short.

The crowd cheers, some laughing at Crippler’s poking fun at Tanya.

Other Guy: He’s intentionally trying to get Tanya riled up. Things could get ugly.

Lunatikk Crippler: Not to mention failing to win the Rule of Surrender title at Master of the Mat. I mean, in all your ballyhoo about beating Cronos Diamante, you fail to mention that the first time you crossed his path, he nearly crushed your windpipe. And you didn’t beat Laura Seton for the Sin City Championship until after you already lost it to her. You know, people tell me to be worried about you, but to be honest, given your track record, I should be more worried about a potential rematch with you.

She Will Sing, Til Everything Burns While Everyone Screams Burning In Their Lies Burning My Dreams

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of SHOOT Project competitors each image being burned away in sequence as if someone was burning a stack of photos.

Eryk Masters: Speak of the Devil and She shall appear.

Other Guy: Be nice. Besides Cronos is the Devil. Tanya is the Alpha Female and she will correct anybody on that.

As Everything Burns continues to play the arena explodes into boos as Tanya Black emerges out of the back, her head hanging down solemnly until she gets to the end of the ramp at which point she looks up at the ring and grins like a cat sizing up it’s prey. Standing at ringside Tanya watches as her song dies down the last words echoing through the arena

All of this hate

And all of this pain

I’ll burn it all down

As my anger reigns

Till everything burns

With that Tanya slides into the ring with a surprising burst of speed given her slow walk to the ring catching Crippler off-guard. Pulling a microphone out of her back pocket Tanya stalks the ring, sizing up the Sin City Champion for a moment before she speaks.

Tanya: I’m sorry but I think there is some confusion. First of all Jester Smiles was pinned in that three-way that cost me my FIRST Sin City Title, which is why Laura got decimated and has done nothing but make excuses for why she can’t face me again in a one-on-one match. SECOND, Jaime never made me tap, never made me say I QUIT, and my hand didn’t drop three times so no he didn’t beat me. He was handed a tainted victory.

As for the business at hand here is the thing Luna. This is the holidays. It is a time for giving. Last time I was in this ring I GAVE a SHOOT Icon the most devestating loss of his career when the arrogant Cronos Diamante lost at the big 10th Anniversarry show. Clean in the middle of the ring. 1 2 3. Last Revolution I GAVE you a victory you couldn’t get by yourself over a Crazy Boy I beat several weeks back. That is why whether you like it or not you are going to GIVE me my Sin City Title rematch and I am not waiting for it like last time. When that bell rings I will GIVE you a well-deserved loss and further prove that it isn’t the first battle that matters but the final bullet. That is my speciality. Not winning every match but BURYING ICONS.

With that Tanya lowers the microphone and models her new t-shirt for Lunatikk Crippler as the camera zooms in on it so the fans at home can clearly read it’s threatening comments.

Lunatikk Crippler: Say what you want, Tanya, I don’t care. You want to stick your nose in my business? Fine. Like I said, I’m a fighting champion, and I’m willing to put this belt on the line against any and all. But you went the wrong way about it. Any coward can get on a microphone and call me a bunch of names. Any idiot can come out here while I’m in the middle of a match and lay hands on MY Sin City Championship. But, Tanya, while you may or may not be an idiot or a coward, when you interferred in my match last week? You proved to me that you’re nothing but a damned fool.

Tanya: I may be a damned fool but you are the guy who is about to lose his dignity, his pride, and his title to a damned fool which seems the bigger shame. Now why don’t you quit nearly losing my title to losers like Crazy Boy because I told you last week you can call yourself Mr. Sin City but I am the Sin City Goddess and that means I am 30 seconds away from making you TAP OUT BITCH!

Lunatikk Crippler: I thought you’d never ask.

Crippler drops the Sin City Championship and braces himself for a fight. Tanya drops her microphone and looks like she’s getting ready as well. The fans are on their feet in anticipation for this confrontation, but their excitement dissapates, as Tanya turns and slides out of the ring, a grin on her face. The boos rain down, but Tanya could care less. She leans back into the ring and grabs her mic as Crippler is heard audibly "What gives?"

Tanya: Come to think of it I have had a busy night and I have a new t-shirt to hand out to the real fans. The ones who care about actual wrestling talent not who the boss lets run wild and forgo training for posting FaceBook feeds and Twitter updates. See you at Redemption Day you Social Media Loser.

Tanya makes her way back towards the entrance where she made her way out here to begin with. Crippler stands in the center of the ring, motioning for her to come back and settle things. The crowd stirrs, as a man jumps the barricade and rolls into the ring, plowing into Crippler with tremendous force. Crippler is shot into the ropes, and bounces off to the mat. Now that the cameraman can get a good look at what’s going on, we see the perpetrator.

Other Guy: That’s Crazy Boy! He just jumped the rail and jumped The Crippler!

Crazy Boy unloads on Lunatikk Crippler as we see Tanya Black disappear behind the curtain with a smirk on her face. CB stomps away until Crippler rolls away, getting to his knees. CB wastes no time in levelling Crippler with a huge kick right to the jaw. Crippler sprawls backwards, motionless on the mat. The crowd is angrily letting into Crazy Boy, who leans over the top rope and yells "SHUT THE HELL UP". CB now picks Crippler up by his hair and tucks his head under his arm. CB uses Crippler’s tights as leverage and yanks him in the air, verical suplex style, and then rotates on the spot, bringing Crippler down into a sitout powerslam.

Eryk Masters: The Crazy Slam! Crazy Boy just nailed the Crazy Slam on Lunatikk Crippler.

Crazy Boy stares down at the motionless Sin City Champion as the crowd boos tremendously. "Crucify Me" plays over the speakers, and Crazy Boy moves to exit the ring.

Other Guy: In all this talk about the Sin City Championship, they seemed to have forgotten about Crazy Boy.

Eryk Masters: He’s got a legitimate case, OG. Tanya Black cost him the Sin City Title last Revolution.

Other Guy: I have a feeling that Tyrone wouldn’t have minded if that were Tanya Black instead of the Crippler. Not one bit.


The scene opens on a sight that would send shivers down even the bravest of spines. All four members of SCAR stalking down a backstage hallway in The Epicenter, their heavy footfalls sending echoes through the corridor. 

Backstage employees literally cringe out of their way, and anyone conversing in the corridor suddenly scurry away as though they’ve remembered sudden pressing business elsewhere. Locker room doors slam shut, and we hear the locks tumbling into place on a few of those doors. 

Entragian stands in the middle, the only one of the SCAR boys who’s wearing his ring gear. His white hair is pulled back on his head, and his eyes carry of a mixture of puritanical cruelty and swirling dementia. 

Corazon and Kenji Yamada flank him on either side, and the large unknown SCAR member walks next to Corazon, his visage still obscured by a heavy hooded trench coat. 

They walk side by side, each man equal, each SCAR soldier bonded through bloodshed and personal grotesqueries. 

Entragian casually cracks his neck to the side, and he stretches his jaw as well…showcasing razor-sharp teeth that would look at home in the mouth of a cannibal. 

Suddenly all four men stop in their tracks, and their eyes creep over to one side. 

Someone out of frame sticks a microphone close to Entragian, the hand trembling and shaking the whole time. 

Backstage Interviewer: Um…Excuse me, Mister Entragian…I was hoping to get a few comments regarding your match with Jun Kenshin tonight… 

Entragian just stares for a moment, and then he openly sneers. 

Entragian: Who the fuck are you? Is Abigail Chase too busy bopping up and down on Christopher Davis’s cock to interview me? Explain yourself, rook… 

There’s a nervous gulp from out of frame, and then a quavering voice answers in reply. 

Backstage Interviewer: I’m one of the new guys, sir. Abigail Chase says that she’s afraid to come within ten feet of you….apparently there have been some…*gulp*…incidents…. 

Entragian just grins. 

Entragian: That’s a shame. She has much better tits than you. As a matter of fact, get the fuck outta here, kid….I’ll interview MYSELF. 

Isaac plants a pale hand on the young interviewer’s face and just rudely pushes him out of frame while simultaneously ripping his microphone away from him. 

Entragian glares directly into the camera, he and his brethren looking like a pack of hyenas just dying to pounce on something. 

Entragian: Take a good, long look at what you see standing before you. Four of the most dominant and feared individuals to ever grace SHOOT Project’s roster…or the wrestling INDUSTRY for that matter. 

Entragian leans closer to the camera, his mouth pulled up into a rictus grin. 

Entragian: You’re looking at the winning team. The sure thing. The harbingers of havoc, the dukes of defilement….PROJECT: SCAR in all of our blazing glory. 

You’re bearing witness to a band of brothers who will do EVERYTHING in our power to mangle and warp SHOOT Project until it suits OUR purposes. Pure-blood revolutionaries who answer to NO ONE….but ourselves. Behold the visionaries, and feel free to let your jaws fall agape in awe. We are machines crafted from flesh and bone, and we stand at the very summit of the food chain in SHOOT Project…while those who dwell below are mere CATTLE when compared to us. 

Corazon smirks. Yamada stares forward with those cold, dead eyes. 

Entragian: Look long and hard at the various degrees of atrociousness you see standing before you, and REALIZE that we are the future. You’re looking at blood-soaked KINGS. The scarified royalty who will usher in the next age of humanity. Exciting, isn’t it? Enough to make the flesh tingle…. 

Entragian raises both eyebrows playfully before continuing. 

Entragian: Those that stand before us are simply destined to FALL. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. The good little soldier boys will always rise up, it’s in their nature to resist the winds of change…but it is also inevitable for them to be cut down, row by row, one by one. Cattle are born to be slaughtered, and we are proud to step up and butcher each and every naysayer that finds enough testicular fortitude to cross us. 

That goes for Jun Kenshin. 

That goes for Jonas Coleman. 

That goes for Diamond Del Carver. 

Each of you will receive the personal attention that you deserve, and each of you will be taught to respect the way of SCAR. Consider us the masters, and you the pups. Occasionally we have to smack a newspaper against your wet little noses until you FUCKING LEARN to be obedient! 

Entragian takes in a deep inhalation of oxygen, and his eyes brighten with inner hellfire. 

Entragian: Tonight SCAR makes a crystal clear statement. I am going to personally neutralize The Conscience of SHOOT Project in the Main Event of the evening, and he will bear the mark of SCAR on his hide from this night forward. He’ll serve as an example to all others who would DARE raise a hand against the advancement of our ideals. 

I can only hope that others will watch and learn from this. The birth of SCAR’s raw society CANNOT be aborted. Already SHOOT Project trembles in the throes of labor…and one of the largest gushers of afterbirth will STAIN the canvas when this night ends… 

Entragian favors the camera with one final wink, and then he spikes the microphone into the floor before stalking off with the rest of the SCAR boys. 


The cameras are in the lobby of the Epicenter as people are still filtering in for Revolution. Some folks can be seen grabbing a drink at one of the food stands or getting some awesome SHOOT Project merchandise at one of the many booths dotting the lobby.  

Erky Masters: Always busy here at the Epicenter, we got ourselves yet another sold out crowd here tonight! 

Other Guy: Dude, that guy is totally buying a Corazon bloody handprint t-shirt. I SO want that. 

As the camera is panning around however we suddenly spot Azrael Goeren stumbling out from one of the doors leading into the arena. He grabs a janitor’s mop and crams it across the door handles, creating a makeshift lock as he scans his surroundings wildly. He brings his phone back up to his ear, screaming a strange mixture of German and gibberish. 

Goeren: Ich glaube, ich verlor die taube verzögern! X! X! Send Anarchy, Send Baptiste, Send Pierce, Send Mirage if he’s here! Send them all! Any one of these drooling proles could try and take me out like the kid with down’s syndrome just tried to do! 

Goeren runs past one food stands, trying to keep on the move but the camera catches a glimpse of someone in a mask, someone very familiar as he waits for Goeren to pass by… 

?: How does it feel to have a bullseye on your chest?  

The masked man starts giggling as Azrael slowly turns his head towards him. 

Goeren: NOT AGAIN! X! HELP M… 

The man rushes Goeren and it doesn’t take long for the fans to realize it’s SHOOT’s own Johnny Napalm who starts peppering Goeren with punches. The crowd spots this fight going on and starts cheering and watches as Napalm tries to cash in on Kidd’s bounty. 

Eryk Masters: Here we go again! Looks like Goeren just can’t cut a break tonight and it couldn’t happen to a nicer sociopath! Johnny Napalm is just letting Goeren have it around the food carts out there in the lobby! 

Napalm irish whips Goeren into one of the food stands, causing the attendant to barely get out of the way in time. 

Other Guy: Shenanigans at the food court as Napalm throws Goeren into that metal food cart…wait a second…now Napalm is grabbing some of the condiments off the cart…oh man…what is he doing? 

SMACK! Napalm hits Goeren with the mustard bottle as the yellow stuff goes all over the crazy German. Napalm then grabs the ketchup bottle and does the same thing, creating a beautiful concoction of reds and yellows. 

Eryk Masters: Goeren is looking like a roadside McDonalds! 

Other Guy: Napalm is just blasting Goeren with those condiments! He’s trying to turn him into a human bratwurst with all the trimmings! 

Eryk Masters: A bratwurst? 

Other Guy: It’s German, Eryk. Look it up. 

Napalm levels Goeren again, this time with a mayonnaise squeeze bottle as that stuff flies all over. Azrael tries to make a break for it but slips on the mayo, collapsing into a heap of condiments on the lobby floor. During the chaos, Azrael’s cell phone has been tossed to the floor as X-Calibur can still be heard yelling out to his Hierarchy comrade. Napalm calmly walks over to the phone and STOMPS on it hard, causing it to shatter in a dozen different pieces and getting a huge reaction from the encircled crowd. Napalm then grabs a glass bottle of relish and just dumps the contents over Goeren and starts to lay the boots to him. 

Eryk Masters: Johnny Napalm is going crazy here…what in the world…is he looking for more food? 

Napalm goes to grab a couple more things from off the cart, mainly a few hot dog rolls which he begins to pelt Goeren with. Napalm then glances over towards a steel chair, smiling out at the crowd who roars in anticipation. Just as Napalm turns his back to get the chair, Azrael stumbles to his feet and darts away, nearly slipping again on the puddle of food on the floor. He runs wildly towards the door that leads into the backstage offices, slamming the door violently behind him in order to escape. 

Eryk Masters: Damn it! Goeren gets away in a hurry before he gets turned into a hamburger patty! 

Other Guy: A hamburger patty? 

Eryk Masters: It was the best I could think of at the time. 

Napalm opens the chair and sits down on it, watching Goeren scurry away into the offices of the Epicenter. All Napalm does at first is laugh…then he stops for a moment and facepalms himself. Right before the camera fades out, we hear… 

Napalm: Dammit, I forgot the Sauerkraut! 

The crowd around him laughs as we fade back to black.



"HORIZON" by D’espairsRay begins playing and the fans instantly get to their feet, cheering. A few seconds go by and the lights fade out, and white spotlights are moving about the audience, searching frantically for something. The fans are rabid as each and every spotlight then cuts to the top of the ramp where a man stands in his white, glossy shorts with his name spelled on the legs. Japanese on one side, English on the other. The spotlights that converged on Maya Nakashima blow outward, filling the arena with light, while they dance once again in the crowds. The fans continue to cheer on Maya as he begins to make his way down to the ring. He takes hand by hand into his gloved one, relishing the chance to reach out to his fans.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is for the SHOOT Project’s Rule of Surrender Championship! Introducing the challenger, weighing in at 120 pounds….MAAAAYAAAA NAKASHIIIIIIMAAAAA!

Eryk Masters: One has to wonder how well Maya is going to fare in a match like this. Mason Pierce is not a man to take lightly.

Other Guy: I’d be willing to bet that Maya isn’t taking anything lightly in this one. He tasted gold, winning the Sin City Championship, and he won’t turn down the opportunity to taste it again here tonight.

Maya slides into the ring and crouches in a corner. You can tell he’s getting in his zone, preparing himself for the war this match is sure to be.

The opening riff of "Cut Out The Disease" booms from the speakers and the chorus of boos from the crowd begin… Mason Pierce emerges from the back with Leona at his side, the Rule Of Surrender Championship belt slung casually over his shoulder. Leona has a microphone in her hand and the two of the stop in the middle of the ramp, both staring at Maya inside the ring.


The arena goes quiet as the Saxon riff is quickly silenced.

Leona: Maya, we have heard every single word that’s come out of your mouth this week. Quite frankly, we are not impressed. And I’m not speaking for the rest of the Hierarchy- I’m sure if they’ve got something to say, they will. No, I’m speaking for the two of us. The ones you’re eyeballing from the safety of those ring ropes right now. You have a problem with Mason? With the fact that he had the absolute AUDACITY to pick a side in the war that’s brewing? DEAL WITH IT. You wanted to get into Mason’s head this week and start planting those seeds of doubt? Congratulations. You did- and they quickly grew into vines of something you’re going to regret very soon ever going anywhere near. And for what, Maya?

She waves toward the crowd.

Leona: All these sheep- is THAT what you fight for? Why do you even care about any of them? They sure as hell don’t care about your well-being. None of them do. You, Mason, everyone else in the back- you’re nothing more than gladiators out here to give the people a little bloodlust and some good friendly violent entertainment. Are any of these people going to pay your medical bills when you wake up in the emergency room wondering what the hell happened to you? No. You’re going to survive on whatever the boys in the front office feel like paying you when the night’s over and done with. In the end, Maya, you are on… your… OWN. With that being said, allow me to impart one final little nugget of wisdom. You want to make this fight all about the Hierarchy? Be careful what you wish for. You keep running that trap of yours and it will be.

At that moment, Mason charges the ring and catches Maya off-guard with a forearm to the face, sending the stunned challenger to the mat as the bell rings and this match is officially underway!

Eryk Masters: Another blitz attack from Pierce! He really likes to get the jump on his opponents, doesn’t he?

Pierce takes the opportunity while Maya is grounded to mount the challenger, trying to get an arm, but Maya hooks his arms together. Pierce throws a forearm to the head of Maya, and Maya is stunned. Pierce tries to apply a cross armbreaker, but Maya rolls through, and now Pierce is on his back!

Other Guy: I don’t think Mason figured that Maya was going to be THIS quick.

Maya untangles his arms free from Mason’s grip, and leaps upward, caving in Pierce’s chest with a vicious double stomp. The champion clutches his sternum as Maya hits the ropes with great speed. Pierce rolls to his feet, just in time for Maya to catch him with both feet square in the chest. The stunned champion topples through the ropes and lands on the outside.

Eryk Masters: Outstanding dropkick finds it’s mark, and I think Pierce is finding that he’s gonna have to get up earlier to keep pace with Maya Nakashima!

Pierce slaps the mat in frustration then rolls back into the ring. He charges Maya, who is quick with a drop toe hold, sending Mason into the middle turnbuckle. Pierce is quick to his feet, and quick to catch three lightning fast chops to the chest, and a spin kick to the face, sending him flying back into the corner.

Other Guy: A quick fifty chops and Mason Pierce is reeling!

Eryk Masters: Fifty?

Other Guy: That’s what it seemed like.

Maya gets a running start and launches himself into Pierce with a low dropkick, but Leona pulls Pierce out of the way. Maya crotches himself on the ringpost with his momentum, crushing his Nakashimas against the steel. Pierce shakes the cobwebs loose and drops a quick elbow across the back of the head of the challenger. He gets to his feet and grabs the left arm of Maya and drags him to the center of the ring with it. Pierce then locks it between his legs and slaps on a front facelock to Nakashima on the mat.

Eryk Masters: Pierce has Maya locked in the crossface now, and Maya’s stuck in the middle of the ring!

There’s no quit in Maya, however, as Mason quickly gives up on the crossface and slaps on a full nelson. Pierce sits down on Maya’s back, stretching Maya upward. Maya screams out in pain, but the when asked if he wants to quit, Maya screams defiantly "NO!". Pierce uses his position to slam Maya face first into the mat. Maya groans in pain from the impact and tries to crawl out from under Pierce. Mason doesn’t let up, however, and quickly steps on Maya’s right leg. He grinds his heel in the joint behind Maya’s knee, and then steps on his right leg. He leans over and uses both palms to smack Maya in the ribs, and then grabs Maya’s arms and yanks them backward, falling backward himself. He uses his leg strength to lift the smaller Nakashima in the air with this Mexican surfboard.

Eryk Masters: Mason Pierce demonstrating a litany of submission maneuvers.

Other Guy: And Maya Nakashima demonstrating his never say die attitude. He’s gotta be in a lot of pain, but he won’t quit!

Eryk Masters: Not that Pierce isn’t trying. Move after move, he wants this one over early.

Maya is in excruciating pain, but still refuses to give up. Pierce lets go of Maya’s arms and uses his legs to sort of catapult Maya face first into the mat once again. He doesn’t let up, and immediately locks in a Kimura. He puts all of his weight down on Maya’s body, making it very difficult for Maya to escape. The camera gets a close-up of Maya’s face, and his teeth are gritted in pain and determination. Dennis Heflin is right there, checking on Maya, seeing if he wants to give up. Maya again yells out in the negative, and uses his free arm to pull himself across the mat. After a little bit of effort, Maya moves himself to a spot where he can just barely grasp the ropes, but he does! The crowd cheers, and Pierce breaks the hold immediately, more out of shock than anything. There’s a look of intense frustration on Pierce’s face as he watches Maya use the ropes to pull himself to his feet. The moment Maya turns around, Pierce goes to take his head off with a lariat. Maya ducks, and catches Pierce off guard with a roundhouse to the temple. Pierce hits the ground like a sack of bricks, and the fans are going nuts for Maya Nakashima.

Eryk Masters: That kick came out of nowhere, but you can tell that Maya’s hurt.

Other Guy: He’s clutching that left arm of his that Pierce was working on with that crossface, then the Kimura. You have to wonder what kind of toll those moves are taking on Maya.

Maya shakes his left arm, trying to get the feeling back in it, as Pierce pushes himself to his feet. He charges Maya, who ducks another clothesline. Maya hits the ropes, and rebounds back, ducking another clothesline. Maya sprins off the opposite side of the ring, and clutches onto Pierce with his legs. Maya does a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but latches onto Pierce’s arm and drives his face into the mat and the crowd explodes.

Eryk Masters: A torbellino to perfection by Maya Nakashima! Pierce is down, and now Maya gets to his feet.

The crowd pops for Maya, and he raises his arm up before sprinting to the ropes. He bounces off one side and gets to the other. He goes back and forth as Mason Pierce gets to his wobbly feet. Maya races across the ring and Pierce turns and enters Maya’s path, and ducks for a back body drop, but Maya uses the momentum he built to latch onto Pierce and bring him over with an impact.

Other Guy: For Japan! Maya nailed it!

Eryk Masters: Maya making his comeback after being dominated with submissions! Go for it, Maya!

Maya pulls back on Pierce’s arm, and wraps his leg around Mason’s face and rears back, locking in a Manjigatame on the ground! Now it’s Pierce yelling out in pain, and the crowd is very firmly behind Maya Nakashima! Maya continues to pull back, referee Heflin asking Pierce if he wants to quit. Mason shakes his head, but he’s still in a lot of pain. He moves his foot around blindly, trying to find the ropes nearby. Maya rocks back and forth, putting even more pressure on this dangerous submission hold. Pierce is frantic now with his free leg, trying to find salvation, and he kicks the rope and then drapes his foot on it. Dennis Heflin sees it, and taps Maya on the shoulder, telling him to release the hold. Maya does, begrudgingly. Maya runs the ropes again, but before he can get any momentum, Leona reaches in and grabs the foot of Nakashima, causing Maya to trip and fall flat on the canvas. Maya is quick to get up, but Pierce has pulled himself to his feet as well. Maya runs at Pierce, but Mason tries to lowbridge Maya, putting his shoulder down, but Maya is too quick. Maya pulls another headscissor, but keeps going around the back of Pierce.

Eryk Masters: Jungle lock! Maya has the Jungle Lock on Pierce!

Maya is wrenching back on Pierce, who is in some serious discomfort now. The fans are in a frenzy as it seems that Maya is very close to winning the Rule of Surrender championship!

Let’s go Ma-ya! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Let’s go Ma-ya! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Let’s go Ma-ya! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Pierce uses the chant for his opponent as a weapon, angering him to the point he stands up straight and back Maya into the turnbuckle. That couldn’t have felt good while in that move, but Maya definately got the brunt of it, releasing the hold and crumpling to the mat. Pierce is on his knees as Maya pulls himself up now, and runs into the ropes. Maya bounces off and looks to do another tilt-a-whirl, but Mason catches him this time! Pierce has Maya on his shoudlers in a reverse Torture Rack, and he spins in a circle before falling to his bottom, cracking Maya in half with the impact. The crowd, that was very behind Maya, turns on Pierce, showering him with boos. Both men are on the mat now, and struggling to get up.


Still both men on the mat, trying to pull themselves to opposite sides of the ring.


Maya makes it to a corner of the ring, and Pierce is still a little shaken from Maya’s assault.


Maya gets a hand on the bottom rope, and now Pierce makes it to the ring apron.


Pierce latches on to the middle rope, as does Maya, who is still on the mat.


Maya is on one knee now, and Pierce is red in the face, trying to pull himself up.

SIX! Maya is up! Pierce is on one knee, but falls into the ropes as Maya plants his feet between Mason’s shoulder blades.

Mason’s face bounces off the middle turnbuckle, and he spins and falls face first into the mat. Maya quickly ties Pierce’s legs around his and then stands up straight. Maya salutes the crowd, and snaps back in a perfect bridge, clutching the chin of Mason Pierce with both hands and pulling up.

Eryk Masters: Maya has a Muta lock, an inverted STF, locked in on Mason Pierce! This could be it, Pierce has nowhere to go!

Maya wrenched back with all his might on Pierce’s head and neck. Pierce is trying to use his size advantage to turn towards the ropes, and does, but Maya rolls with him, and still has the hold cinched in! Pierce’s head is touching the mat and Maya continues to apply pressure!


Other Guy: What the hell?

The Tron springs the life, and the lights go down. The only thing giving us any visibility is the snow like static on the Tron itself. By it’s light, we can see Maya Nakashima has relased the hold, and is staring confused at the screen. The Tron itself seems to be malfunctioning, as the snow cuts in and out, and then flashes with all colors, followed by a loud, continuous beep.

Eryk Masters: Technical difficulties? What the hell is going-

Masters’s headset dies midsentence. The Tron screen finally flickers off, plunging the arena into darkness. Then the screen begins to glow a dangerous shade of blood red, then flickers out. The red light comes back on, and then gives sort of a strobe effect as a pattern begins to form on the Tron.

A red, bloody smiley face.

The lights come back on, and the face disappears, and the scene in the ring is drastically different! Mason Pierce, who was nearing submission, now has the Manchester Necktie locked in on Maya Nakashima!

Other Guy: What the hell just happened?

Eryk Masters: I think we all know what just happened, OG. Corazon is playing mind games with Maya Nakashima, and now he’s in trouble quick!

Maya struggles against the much larger Rule of Surrender champion, as Leona yells on from ringside. The fans are screaming encouragement to Maya, trying to will him out of danger. Maya’s hand shakes high in the air, but slowly it starts to droop. The arm slinks down until it finally hits the mat. Dennis Heflin checks Maya’s arm and raises it once!

It drops! Heflin calls out "ONE!" He lifts Maya’s arm a second time, and again the arm falls! He tries the third time and the arm falls.

But it doesn’t hit the mat! Maya shoots his arm in the air to the roar of the crowd!

Let’s go Ma-ya! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Let’s go Ma-ya! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Let’s go Ma-ya! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Eryk Masters: The fans are behind Maya, but how will he escape?

Maya’s arm is shaking violently in the air, getting lower all the time. His arm droops again to the ground, hanging limply on his side. Heflin lifts his arm once, and it thumps the mat. A second time, and the hand slumps again. A third time….

The arm falls again. Dennis Heflin calls for the bell, and Pierce releases the hold! Maya Nakashima is out cold.

Samantha Coil: At the time of twenty minutes and thirteen seconds, here is your winner….and STILL Rule of Surrender Champion…..MAAAAAAAASON PIIIIIIIIIIIIIERCE!

Eryk Masters: Maya had this match won, dammit!

Other Guy: You might be right, but thanks to the ominous message from Project: SCAR, more specifically, Adrian Corazon, it was not to be. Pierce retains, choking out Maya Nakashima.

Eryk Masters: But Maya never submitted. Maya did not give up, Pierce just consumed her after the distraction. Unbelieveable match.


Walking down the hallways of the SHOOT Epicenter, Azrael Goeren looks around nervously, obviously missing the presence of his bodyguard Yuri. Azrael is absolutely covered in food from Napalm’s earlier attack, his expensive shirt half-torn and ripped down the side. Seeing no one about Azrael starts to relax and make his way down the hall when a door opens up and Tanya Black steps out and looks over at him with an evil smirk. 

Tanya: What’s up? I don’t believe we’ve ever had a proper face to face meeting. I’m Tanya Black and you must be the Money Piñata. 

Goeren:   NEIN! I am no one. Just let me pass Fraulein Black. 

Tanya:   I can’t do that. See you hurt a man I consider a close friend. I don’t mean what you did in the ring. That is business and we in the Syndicate could never fault someone for that. I meant what you did with that claw hammer. 

Goeren:   Silence woman! I am not in the mood for this tonight! You will respect my superiority! 

Tanya simply reaches behind her back and reveals her favored weapon, the red lead pipe that has served her for years. Azrael Goren shifts his tone and takes a step back holding his hands up to protect himself. 

Tanya:   See I was going to wait but then "someone" put a bounty on your head and I figured I’d get a little appetizer out of you. 

Goeren:   If you want money I can give it to you! Better yet, I’ll pay you triple the bounty to go after Patrick Kidd. How does that sound? I can get you anything you want, just name it. Is it a deal? 

Tanya thinks about it as she inches closer to Goeren who in desperation to get out of Tanya’s swinging range finds himself pinned against the wall. 

Tanya:   I want to see you bleed for me. I haven’t been wrestling lately so I need a thrill. Besides it’s not your money I want to take. You aren’t nearly annoying enough to rob. Sorry but I’ll stick with my original business deal. 

With that Tanya springs to life and slams the lead pipe into Azrael’s right shoulder causing him to fall back and grasp at the shoulder to see if it’s broken. Tanya smiles and takes advantage of the opening to nail her foe with a palm strike to the nose at full power, breaking it with a crunch. Taking a step back she wipes the blood on her hand across her upper chest, staining her skin crimson. 

Tanya:   Felt good but you are no Lunatikk Crippler. Now go. If I break you here, then "someone" will only pay out one bounty. If we spread things around then he might just go bankrupt from his own scheme backfiring. That would be very funny. 

Azrael clutches at his face, trying to stop the bleeding from his caved-in nose. 

Goeren:  Du dumme schlampe, you sick bitch! Do you have ANY idea how much this nose cost me?! You ruined mein beautiful face! I hope you never get your stupid little championship back! 

At that Tanya Black gets angry and gets ready to swing her pipe again but Azrael Goeren simply runs away, staggering a bit but making good speed as Tanya sighs and digs out a cigarette from her pocket before admiring the blood stain again as if it was a new tattoo.


We cut to the backstage area where the massive Yuri, T. Rex, and Arch Angel are kicking the everlasting crap out of some poor unfortunate soul who is balled up in a fetal position on the concrete floor. 

DOZENS of SHOOT personnel have rushed the scene trying to pry Yuri and Anarchy away from their target, but their efforts seem to be in vain as the gargantuan trio simply swat away security and officials.

As soon as T. Rex and Arch Angel prop up the man, it becomes quite clear who their target is.

Trey Willett.

Yuri pie-faces the camera man back, shoving him to the ground and inadvertently creating an askew  camera angle for the watching audience.  As the scuffle continues slightly out of view, a man can be heard yelling at the camera man.

“Stay down!!”

A sick smack of something hard meeting flesh followed by a pain-riddled moan echoes through the backstage area.  Seconds later the camera wobbles back into an upright position, pointed directly into the face of the man who presumably took the camera man out.

X-Calibur: Hi. 

A smirk widens from ear to ear.

X-Calibur: Mr. Camera Man here had a bit of an… accident… and it  doesn’t look like he’s going to be capable of holding a camera any time soon.  Sooooo, Mr. Van Warren here – you know, World Champ, jack of all trades and shit, has decided to man the helm!!

Spinning the camera around, he aims his “shaky cam” directly at Trey Willett, who is being held up by T. Rex and Arch Angel.  Yuri knees him in the gut repeatedly, sucking the wind right out of him.  Coughing and gagging for some oxygen, Trey falls to his knees. 

X kneels down in front of Trey.  His hand reaches out to the right of the camera lens and RIPS down on the back of his head, causing the Wayward Son of SHOOT Project to grimace in pain as spit dribbles from his wheezing mouth.

X-Calibur: Look at you, Trey.  Ugh.  You… you disgust me.  You are so… fucking… weak.

Trey reaches out, swinging with his left arm and tries to connect with X but the World Heavyweight Champion moves deftly out of the way with the camera in hand.  Yuri grabs both of Trey’s arms, Arch Angel and T. Rex go to make a move on the defenseless Trey, but X motions for them to stop.

X-Calibur: No.  No more kicking and punching.  Trey has had enough of that, I think.

All of a sudden, X slides a TOOL BOX forward with his foot.

X-Calibur: So lets get a little more creative.  Teddy, hold the camera.

Just as he was told, T. Rex  grips the camera.  Aiming down to adjust for his height advantage over his subjects, T. Rex calmly films as X begins humming a Christmas carol to himself.  Opening the tool box, X cracks his knuckles as Trey starts to squirm in Yuri’s powerful grasp.

X-Calibur: (Humming) What child is this who, laid to rest… on Mary’s lap is sleeping?  Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet, while shepherds watch are keeping?

He withdraws a wrench and stops humming.

X-Calibur: Meh, too boring… (continues humming)… This, this is Christ the King, whom shepherds guard and Angels sing; haste, haste, to bring Him laud, the Babe, the Son of Mary!!

Next, he pulls out a roll of duct tape.

X-Calibur: Hmm, too S&Mish…. (continues humming)…  why lies He in such mean estate, where ox and ass are feeding?  Good Christians, fear, for sinners here, the silent Word is pleading.

Thirdly, he seizes a screwdriver.  Eying the tip, he smirks at Trey.

X-Calibur: Bah, too Corazony… (continues humming)… Nails, spear shall pierce Him through, the cross be borne for me, for you.  Hail, hail the Word made flesh, the Babe, the Son of Mary…

Finally, he stops and looks down at the tool box, and shrugs.


Shoving all the items back into the tool box, he latches it back up and disappears out of view.  Moments later, X charges full speed ahead with tool box in hand and BLASTS Trey right across the forehead with the edge of it, smashing open the latch and sending a “confetti” of nuts, bolts, and the like all over the place.  As Trey goes down to the concrete with a thud, X stands over his body with the emptied tool box and shakes his head.

X-Calibur: Pity.  The world could’ve been your oyster, Trey.  I’m… I’m sorry we couldn’t do business together.

As he turns his back to Trey, Arch Angel and Yuri threaten a couple more officials in the vicinity before finally letting them through to tend to the now bleeding Trey Willett.  As T. Rex sets the camera down on the ground, we are privy to another sideways look at Trey Willett.  This time, with a mask full of crimson.

Meanwhile, X-Calibur continues humming until his words are too distant to be heard.

X-Calibur: So bring Him incense, gold and myrrh, come peasant, king to own Him; the King of kings salvation brings, let loving hearts enthrone Him.


We cut to the back where we find Mary Kelly, intrepid SHOOT reporter, chasing behind none other than Donovan King.  King is power walking, but the diminutive Kelly is unable to keep up, so she prances behind him. 

Mary Kelly:  Donovan!  Donovan!  Hey, Donovan! 

King ignores her.  She motions to the camera man to continue to follow her. 

Mary Kelly:  Donovan, please, a word!  You haven’t been to the ring, you haven’t said anything about what happened last week! 

King continues to ignore her until she finally stops. 


King stops.  He slowly turns and looks at her, fuming.  He marches over to her slowly and stands before her, inhaling deeply.  He says nothing.  She says nothing. 

Mary Kelly:  Donovan, what’s going on?  What happened? 

King leans in to her. 

Donovan King:  What happened between Mirage and me ain’t your concern.  He stepped over a line, an’ now that he has…there’s no turning back.  None at…LOOK OUT! 

Without warning, 3M comes charging by and slams into the cameraman, causing both men AND Mary to topple to the ground!  The camera lands on its side nearly breaking into pieces and the scene lights up on the SHOOT Tron, albeit sideways.  Donovan King enters the frame looking furious, scanning left, then right…and spots his target running through the hallways in the distance.  He turns and looks at Mary, who is clearly nursing a busted lip, the blood trickling down her chin. 

Donovan King:  Mary…are you…? 

She waves him off, cradling her face and he wastes no time, giving chase.  As he runs past the carnage and leaps over the camera, the cameraman picks it up to follow him. 

Donovan King:  MIRAGE! 

Yelling can be heard from all over the place, sounds of things being tipped over, crashing…confusion reigns.  Various people getting out of the way as best they can, putting their backs up against the wall as the two charge by at full speed.  The sounds of the chase can be heard in the distance ripping through the hallways of the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  Quickly, the cameraman turns a corner and sees 3M crashing shoulder first through a door, throwing it open and falling as the force of the door slams shut behind him.  King follows seconds later.  As Donovan King crashes through the doorway…all is suddenly silent.  The camera man catches up, though his view is blocked by the back of Donovan King. 

Darkness is everywhere. 

The room is silent. 

Cameraman:  …hello?  Hello?! 

Donovan King:  Be.  Quiet. 

A single light blazes to life from the top of the camera piercing through the darkness, momentarily blinding both King and the man behind the camera.  The light focuses clearly on the single hooded face. 

The face…of 3M. 

You can feel the fear in the cameraman’s voice, not used to being trust into situations like this.  Mere whimpers escape his mouth as King tries to stay close to him.  Something startles him as he spins to another direction. 

The face of 3M. 

Donovan King:  Get back… 

He spins again. 

The face of 3M…again. 

Other Guy: Wh-what’s going on?! 

With a flash, and sound of a circuit breaker engaging, overhead fluorescent bulbs flicker to life. 

Eryk Masters: What…the…Hell?! 

A circle of 3M’s surrounds Donovan King and the poor sap that was instructed to follow.  King slowly spins along with the camera man.  Dressed identically, the height, the weight…everything.  They all look identical.  They speak…not as legion but one voice coming from everywhere. 

“Who am I?” 

“Where am I?” 

The words echo throughout the room, King turning various directions, thinking he has it pinpointed only to have the sound fade away too soon for his senses to catch up with what’s happening. 

“You thought you could hunt me down…” 

“You thought you could be the hunter…” 

The words echo, seeming to come from all directions at once, yet from no specific direction at all. 

“But you suddenly find yourself…THE HUNTED!” 

The flickering lights suddenly die as it appeared the army of Mirages was converging toward the center of the room. 

Toward Donovan King.  The last image is of King turning to the cameraman, a face of confident uncertainty stretched in front of him. 

Donovan King:  GET OUT OF HERE. 

Too late. 


The sound remains on, and brutal.  The disconcerting sound of bone crunching mayhem taking place. 

Other Guy: He’s tryin’…it sounds like King’s fighting the good fight…but who the hell knows what’s going on in there?! 

Eryk Master: My…God.  I don’t even know if I have words to describe this…and the only visual we have is what’s up on that screen from a single camera that’s apparently been shut down. 

Other Guy: We gotta get someone back there… 

The room falls to silence.


The scene fades to complete blackness.  No images, no visuals. There is a very light static in the background. A voice begins to come in, and it is still breaking up, but it is a little clearer this time.


The static grows louder as the voice disappears. Just when you think the sound has grown too loud that it may drive you crazy, it disappears. A picture of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship sitting next to the Master of the Mat Trophy appears, and they are both lying in a pool of blood. An audio clipplays a quote from T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland.

”I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

The image turns into a man’s face, wrapped in white bandages. There are blood marks over the eyes and the mouth, and the blood over the mouth curves into a smile. A few more marks form on the bandages, red dots coming from the eyes that look a bit like tear drops. Fade to black.


Backstage, Mason Pierce and Leona are standing by a table upon which is one of the camera monitors. Pierce takes a quick gulp from his water cup as Leona is on her cellphone.

Leona: Everything set? Great. Be ready. We go on my signal.

She hangs up the phone and turns to X-Calibur, who has just arrived, his newly-minted SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship belt slung over his shoulder. With a baby blue iPod Nano tucked snugly into the iPod docking station on the faceplate of the "championship", the digital unit reads off "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar. Removing an ear bud, he speaks.

X-Calibur: Mace! Lee! Just the two I wanted to see.

Putting an arm on Mason’s shoulder, smirking, half-lip syncing to the lyrics, he sighs contentedly.

X-Calibur: Okay. So, I had a little chat with the boys last night. We liked what we saw on that little video you showed us last week. Only one small problem, though. Anyone can look good on a computer video, especially if you have someone who knows his way around a decent editor.

Removing his arm from Mason, he looks at Leona. He’s about to put his arm around Leona when he senses an icy cold glare coming from Mason. Thinking twice about putting his arm around Leona, X continues.

X-Calibur:So as of now, let’s just say we’re not quite convinced yet. You’re going to need a little more than if you want to sway us- or should I say me.

Leona: Have it your way. Might want to keep an eye on that monitor. Prepare to be convinced.

Cocking his head as if to say, "Oh really?", X smirks as Leona pulls out her phone and punches a few numbers. She waits for the response on the other end.

Leona: Do it.

A young Latino man, no later than his late twenties, with long flowing brown hair and a halfway decent physique makes his way to the ring as Mason, Leona and X-Calibur watch on the monitors. They can hear the commentary team…

Eryk Masters: What’s going on here? Have you seen this guy before?

Other Guy: Don’t look at me. I had nothing to do with it. Never seen this guy before in my life. Pal, if you’re here without an invite, this is going to turn into an awfully bad night for ya.

In the backstage area, X-Calibur seems somewhat unimpressed.

X-Calibur: I’ve seen this this guy before somewhere. Bobby… Perez? Right? Calls himself "Outlaw"?

Leona and Mason nod their heads.

X-Calibur: Decent… but he’s not mind-blowing. He’ll never rise out of the bingo halls and high school gymnasiums.

He closes his eyes as something comes to his mind. Pressing the pause button on his iPod, he adjusts the World Title on his shoulder.

X-Calibur: Please tell me you’re not trying to bring HIM into the Hierarchy. If that’s the case-

Leona: Relax. There’s a reason he’s in the ring, and it’s not to try and get into your good graces. Yes, I called him and made the arrangements, but for a reason beside what you might be thinking. You see, if you want to coax a hungry lion into an arena, you need something more than just a comforting word and an electrified cattle prod. Nothing works better than live bait. Now watch and prepare to be amazed. The demonstration is about to begin.

We head back to the Epicenter now as the crowd is buzzing, wondering just what is going on. Bobby Perez is in the ring, getting warmed up for his big match, not knowing who his opponent is going to be, and not quite caring. He’s got his shot on a bigger stage than the local swap meet.

The lights go down… and a roaring chant erupts from the speakers.


The thunderous opening riff of Primal Fear’s "Six Times Dead (16.6)" boom from the speakers as the lights come back up in the arena. All eyes are on the entrance ramp as the curtain parts and the mysterious subject of the cryptic promos as of late emerges onto the stage.

Eryk Masters: Holy.. crap.. is that.. a WOMAN?

Other Guy: Dude, I think so.. either that or those are some pretty big and well-defined man tits. Jesus H. Christ, look at the SIZE of this chick! She’s got to be over six feet, two hundred-plus easily and built like… what the hell is that in her HAND?? I have NEVER in my life seen a dildo that looks anything like that.

Eryk Masters: It almost looks like a kendo stick.. but I’ve never seen one that looks anything like THAT. If it were about twenty or thirty pounds heavier and wider, I’d say that’s a dead ringer for a kanabo.

Other Guy: A WHAT? What the hell is a kanabo?

Eryk Masters: Samurai weapon. They had it on Deadliest Warrior once. Breaks whatever it hits- including bones.

The woman makes her way to the ring, her long blond hair flowing down past her broad shoulders, her chiseled physique accentuated by a sleeveless red leather vest and black leather pants with matching boots. She makes her way down to the ring, never for one second taking her eyes off of Perez, who seems to be backing off a little, his eyes widening a little. Something says he never expected anything like this.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where the trio is watching intently. Apparently X-Calibur’s and Mason’s attention have been captured, while Leona stands behind them, smirking.

X-Calibur: Alright. Color me curious.

Back in the ring, the woman has placed her "weapon" at ringside and made her way up the ring stairs, staring at Perez, a scowl on her face that slowly gives way to a malicious smirk. A referee has been summoned and makes his way to the ring, seemingly as surprised as anyone else at this impromptu match between two people who have never even been seen in SHOOT before. The referee climbs through the ropes and calls the timekeeper over, apparently in confusion as to whether or not this is an actually sanctioned match. The timekeeper shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his table, ringing the bell- and before the bell even rings, the woman is all over Perez, catching him off guard with an open palm right to the face!

Eryk Masters: Oh my God!

Other Guy: That’s a move that could kill a man!

Perez staggers back, and that seems to be all the opening this mysterious woman needs to rush in and take him to the mat with a spear from out of nowhere! She punctuates the assault with a vicious backhand to the side of his head and gets up, taunting him to do the same. Perez is slow to get up, preferring to backpedal towards the ropes, but this only serves to infuriate his Amazonian opponent, who shakes her head and closes the distance, grabbing Perez by the hair and dragging him to the middle of the ring, lifting him to his feet and yanking his head back, yelling something at him- the microphones catch something along the lines of "Don’t you DARE even THINK about running out on me!" She punctuates this with a thunderous clothesline that sends Perez crashing hard to the mat!

Eryk Masters: Well, one thing’s for sure. Whoever this woman is, she has got one nasty disposition and a hell of a right hand. Question is, why is she here?

Other Guy: Your guess is as good as mine. I’m just curious to find out if she’s got any actual wrestling skills, or if she’s one of those one-trick ponies that has some good striking, but little else.

In the ring, Perez is trying to keep his wits about him as he is being dominated by this unknown woman who seems to have picked things up a notch, taking her game plan into another direction by clamping on an armbar and applying some wicked torque, yelling to her opponent "You tap, I swear I will SNAP your fucking arm!" She elevates him slightly and places her knee right along the side of his head, lifting herself just enough to drive the knee down and right into the skull of the unfortunate Perez!

Eryk Masters: Nasty submission skills, OG.

Other Guy: Agreed.

She releases the armbar and gets to her feet, pulling Perez to a vertical base by the hair and scooping him up, pivoting just before tossing him to the mat… the crowd seems unsure how to react to this monster that seems to be toying with her opposition like a cat with a crippled mouse. She yells at him to get to his feet, waiting for him to get vertical before whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a thunderous spinebuster! She pulls him up, scooping him up once again, only to deliver a backbreaker.. but instead of letting him fall to the mat, she places one hand on his midsection, the other on his face and is pushing down, driving her knee further into his back!

Eryk Masters: Sweet Jesus! She’s doing everything short of torturing this kid!

Other Guy: Look at the rigidity in her physique, Eryk. The way her muscles are unyielding as she lays the punishment on thick. Scary.

Eryk Masters: Oh terrific, look who’s decided to join the party.

The referee is pleading with her to release the hold, and she does, letting Perez crumple to the mat. Her eyes move to the entrance ramp, where Leona, Mason and X-Calibur have left the monitors and have decided to come out and watch the action for themselves, inherently drawing MASSIVE boos and taking the audience’s attention away from the competitors in the ring.

She locks eyes with Leona, who nods her head. The woman acknowledges the nod and turns back to Perez, pulling him to his feet and scooping him up, slamming him into the corner! She heads for the center of the ring and turns to her semi-conscious opponent, planting her back foot and smirking as she charges, bringing her knee right into Perez’s head! He drops to the mat, pretty much completely out cold, but she doesn’t seem to be done yet… she hooks his arms and maneuvers him up and over.. he’s behind her and inverted…

Eryk Masters: Oh hell NO… she’s not going to…

Other Guy: Uh, yeah. She’s going to try and break the poor schmuck’s neck. If she’s about to do what I think she’s looking to do, this is bad. Real bad. This move has ended careers and is banned in more than one wrestling organization.

She runs toward the middle of the ring and gets a bit of air before dropping, sending Perez head-first and hard into the mat! She rolls the unconscious Perez over and covers him, placing one hand on his face and the other on his chest…

As the referee’s hand easily counts down for the three count, she removes her hand from Perez’s face and draws her thumb across her throat.

Eryk Masters: Oh, thank God this one is over. OG, what the hell did we just see? I know for a fact this wasn’t booked- unless someone threw it together at the last second and didn’t even bother to tell us about it.

Other Guy: Dude, I am just as shocked as you are. I mean, on one hand, it’s nice that we don’t have to answer any more questions about the meaning of those "16.6" promos that had been popping up, but damn.. that was just…

Eryk Masters: Wrong.

Other Guy: Yeah.

The Amazon looks at the group at the top of the ramp, holding her hands out, the look on her face almost asking "Was that enough?" Leona looks at X-Calibur, who looks at her, then at the woman coming up the ramp, and nods his head. He motions to the victorious woman and beckons her to approach as they head through the backstage curtain. Someone’s got a camera crew back there to cover the goings-on, and the production crew is right on the ball, cutting to him as soon as she gets through the curtain.

X-Calibur: I think I’m in lo- (stopping himself) I’m impressed, Miss…

Woman: Fury. Piper Fury. I take it I passed the audition.

He smirks.

X-Calibur: With flying colors, Miss Fury. With flying colors.

Piper Fury: Just one thing- if we’re going to work together, cut the "Miss Fury" bullshit. Piper will do just fine.

He holds his hands up, obviously not wanting to infuriate her.

X-Calibur: Hey, it’s your party, Piper! I think the four of us should go have ourselves a nice little chat. In more of a… private setting. Leona tells me we share a common philosophy….



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for ONE fall… making his way down to the ring first….

As the lights dim, the SHOOTron comes to life with a French flag fluttering in the breeze.  The boos are instantaneous and moments later Darth Vader’s famous breathing apparatus cuts through the airwaves as the opening portion "Caballero" by Assassin pounds the Epicenter.

Other Guy: Say what you will about Jean-Gerard Baptiste – and most of it warranted – but anybody who uses Darth Vader’s breathing to open their theme song wins at life.

Eryk Masters: That’s debatable.  Anybody else, maybe.  But THAT jack ass?  No.

Jean-Gerard Baptiste steps out onto the ramp, extending his arms while spinning in an effort to show off the long blue robe bedazzled with authentic looking gems.  With his back turned to the Las Vegas crowd we see the usual sight – a fleur de lis outlined in what appears to be layers upon layers of diamond stubbed rubies. He slowly unties the belt of his robe and opens it, showing off impeccably defined olive-skinned abs.

Samantha Coil: From Bordeaux, France… weighing in at 237lbs… the INTERNATIONAL ICON… JEAN…GERARD…….BAAAAAAAAAAAAAPTIIIIIIIIIIIISTE!!!!

The former Sin City Champion gets to the ring, walks up the ring steps, and wipes his feet on the apron before stepping between the ropes. He stands in the center as red white and blue spotlights shine on him. He extends his arms in a grandiose pose, accepting the audience’s detestation with open arms, turning 360 degrees so all angles of the arena can bathe in his Frenchellence.

Bryan Harris: Okay.  THIS is going to be awesome.  Match of the YEAR worthy.

Eryk Masters: Stuff it, B-Hair.  You know damn well this match isn’t even going to take place now thanks to X-Calibur, Yuri, and Anarchy.  Hell, I’m surprised YOU weren’t involved with that…

Bryan Harris: I was gargling.  Had to get ready for my announcing duties!  Otherwise…

Other Guy: Cock?

Bryan Harris: Excuse me?

Other Guy: You said you were gargling so I just assumed…


Once Jean-Gerard Baptiste hands his robe to a ringside assistant, his music fades.  Moments later, the arena lights dim to near darkness as a single spotlight is aimed at the entrance ramp.  The crowd ERUPTS as the opening lyrics to Kansas’ classic explode in the Epicenter.





Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Staten Island, New York… weighing in at 191lbs… he is the 2011 Master of the Mat and Wayward Son of SHOOT Project…. TREEEEEEEEEY… WILLEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!      

Eryk Masters: We all know Trey isn’t coming out.  He was mercilessly beaten with a tool box by X-Calibur  not FIVE minutes ago. 

Bryan Harris: Please.  He merely grazed him.

Eryk Masters: Grazed by ASS!  You saw the gash in his forehead after X hit him.  He is in NO condition to wrestle now.

Other Guy: Oh my God… it‘s Trey.   

Finally, after several moments, Trey Willett appears from behind the curtains… crawling on his hands and knees, a broken, absolutely BLOODIED mess.  His face is COVERED in crimson.

Eryk Masters: Somebody needs to stop this. Trey can’t POSSIBLY compete now after the attack from X and The Hierarchy!!

Other Guy: This is disgusting.  Just when you think the Hierarchy can’t possibly sink to a new low, they dig ten times lower.

Bryan Harris: Why, thank you, OG!  I’ll take that as a compliment.

Trey continues crawling down the ramp as a jubilated Jean-Gerard Baptiste sits down on the middle rope "inviting" Trey into the ring. Leaving behind a trail of blood, Trey finally attempts to get to his feet.  As he does, he stumbles into the guard rail with his back facing the fans who are eager to pat him on the shoulder and give him some much needed encouragement.  When Trey looks up into the ring at Monsieur Baptiste SHOOT Project’s medical personnel pours out from the back, tending to Trey’s forehead with towels and gauze.

But Trey waves it all off. 

He points at Baptiste. 

His resolve is clear.

Other Guy: Wait, what is Trey doing?!

Bryan Harris: What a moron.  Finish him off, Monsieur!

Shoving away the medical team, Trey continues making his way towards the ring. Motioning for Linam to ring the bell, Trey slides under the ring.  Before Baptiste can pounce on Trey, Linam steps in front of Trey and implores him to seek medical attention. When Trey shakes his head and yells for him to "Ring the damn bell!", Linam shakes his head and begrudgingly obliges, sending the fans into a massive pop for Trey‘s unyielding bravery.

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe we’re still going to have this match.  Trey has already lost a ton of blood!

Other Guy: Trey’s heart is too big to let the Hierarchy “win”. 

Bryan Harris: Yeah, and he’s about to lose a whole lot more.

As soon as Mark Kendrick rings the bell, Monsieur Baptiste charges forward with a foot extended and connects right across Trey’s forehead with a jumping bicycle kick, the impact of which sends Trey spilling through the ropes and to the outside.

Eryk Masters: Dammit!!!  He didn’t even give him a CHANCE!!

Bryan Harris: Sure he did.  He let him crawl to the ring, didn’t he?

Other Guy: Don’t even, Eryk.  I know you’re about to knock his ass out but… don’t.  Not worth having the Hierarchy after US, too.

Barely having time to get out of the way, Linam admonishes Baptiste for his underhanded tactics, however the International Icon smiles and demands him to initiate the ten count!

Eryk Masters: Oh you have GOT to be kidding me…

Other Guy: What a lousy bastard.




Trey rolls to his stomach, wiping the blood from his face that has been trickling out since X-Calibur nailed him with the tool box in the back.





Eryk Masters: GET UP, TREY!!! 

Using the apron to help himself up, Trey turns around.  Just when it appears he’s going to climb back into the ring, Baptiste charges forward again and with an assist from the ropes he nails him right between the eyes with a basement style drop-kick!

Trey goes down with a sick thud on the outside mat, and Baptiste once again screams at Linam to count him out!

Other Guy: It’s over.  He’s out.  He’s lost too much blood.  Hell, he could have a concussion.





Eryk Masters: I can’t believe this is going down this way. What a CROCK of SHIT.




Other Guy: We’re NEVER going to hear the end of this "victory".




Shaking his head, Linam calls for the bell.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… as a result of a count out… Jean…Gerard… Baptiste.

The booing has reached a fever pitch as Monsieur Baptiste falls to his knees in mock exhaustion.  Holding his arms up weakly as if he finished first in a triathlon, Baptiste blows kisses out to the audience that has been throwing venom at him this entire time.

Eryk Masters: I’m seriously about to unretire and go to town on Frenchy’s face.  I’m DONE with him.

Bryan Harris:  I’ll make sure I pass that along to Mr. Van Warren and Herr Goeren.

When Baptiste climbs to the turnbuckles to raise his arms in "victory", Trey pulls himself back into the ring. Wiping the blood from his face… Trey stands up.

Bryan Harris: Hey.  What… what is he doing?!

Lips quivering with anger, Trey moves towards the center of the ring.  As soon as Baptiste jumps down from the turnbuckles and turns around, the bloodied and battered Wayward Warrior greets him with a VICIOUS boot to the gut.   Grabbing both of Baptiste’s arms, he sets him up for his patented double underhook facebuster… and DRIVES him into the mat like a spike being driven into a railroad tie!

Eryk Masters: DAWN OF A NEW ERA!!

Other Guy: Take THAT you French bastard!

While Jean-Gerard Baptiste lays unconscious face first in the middle of the ring, Trey simply sits there on his knees looking down at Baptiste, seething with rage. Soon, Trey looks up from Baptiste and stares down the ramp towards X-Calibur who has emerged from behind the curtains, smiling at the number one contender.

Raising his customized SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship up with one arm, he taunts Trey Willett by lifting up a garbage bag he had slung over his shoulder with his other arm.

Eryk Masters: I think we all know what’s inside that garbage bag… and it makes me sick to my damn stomach.  No one should EVER treat that championship with this kind of utter disregard.  He doesn’t DESERVE to be champion if he can’t ACT like one!

Other Guy: I don’t know what to make of this, Eryk.  It’s almost like he’s asking Trey to “liberate” the championship.

Staring a hole through X, his gaudy looking title, and the REAL World Heavyweight Title through its sheathe of black plastic liner, our last camera shot before cutting away is of Trey’s bloody, seething face.



The hollow black voice is heard yet again. 

The holidays are upon us. 

Soon, children will tear through paper wrapped gifts from their cash strapped parents and shriek with joy or disappointment and then… 

…the day is over. 

That is the problem, you see, with such trivial toys and trinkets and baubles handed out so casually and endlessly to sate the insatiable. 

The day ends, the joy ends, and inevitably the children become jaded adults who wither and die…doing so little while they traipse upon the dirt of life. 

They live and die never knowing what they could be capable of. 

What…change they could cause. 

Soon, the new year comes and with it…change. 

A change so vast, so complete, so perfectly mauled and burned that a mere riot is but a glance at the vision we have. 

We do not stop. 

We are Project:SCAR. 

And I am alive again because of that, my eyes glowing like the flames in the hearth. 

I wake up with intense glee, filled with a fervent need to see what gifts my brothers give that are to be bestowed upon not just me… 

…but the world. 

When I am given my gift…when I hold it in my hands, I will clutch it tenderly and admire the presentation and the manner referred to as beautiful by all who have seen it before my own eyes. 


I will tear into the flesh, peeling the wrapping away to see the true glorious gift underneath. 

I will feel its warmth, inhale its true beauty. 

I will feel a joy that will never be sated. 

A joy that will never cease. 

A joy that I will share with all of you.  



I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: You know what this means, E!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: I hoped he wouldn’t be brave enough to show back up after the Syndicate jumped on Cronos a couple weeks ago.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: You’re such a Negative Nancy, E! You need to loosen up.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Eryk Matsers: Why? Because this guy spits all over the traditions this company has held near and dear?!

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while Cade stares out at the sea of booing fans with a small smirk on his face.

Other Guy: What’s wrong with doing whatever it takes to get to the top and stay there?

Eryk Masters: You know… no, I’m not going to do this right now.

The couple begins walking down the ramp, with Cassi raising the microphone to speak as they do.

Cassi Ryan: Sin City! Get off your lazy asses and put your hands together for a true living legend, the reason you all bough tickets tonight! I’m of course talking about the leader of the Sinister Syndicate! The two-time Iron Fist Champion of the World! The two-time World Heavyweight Champion! The two-time Hall of Famer! I’m talking about your favorite wrestler, and God’s Favorite Wrestler! CAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLL!

As she finishes they reach the bottom of the ramp, with the Epicenter still booing the couple. Cade smirks as he takes the microphone from her delicate hand and kisses her fingers in the process. He starts walking up the ring steps, tapping on the top of the microphone with each step, and steps through the ropes with Cassi following right behind him.

Cade Sydal: Shhhhhhhhhh.

Cade whispers his hush into the microphone, raising his other hand in the air to pat at it and try and silence the crowd to absolutely no effect.

Cade Sydal: You guys are being very rude. Shhhhhhhhh.

The fans continue to jeer, and some even throw litter into the ringside area, causing the former champion to just shake his head.

Cade Sydal: I’m sure Cronos Diamante wants to hear what I have to say, and he can’t do that if you people don’t SHUT THE FUCK UP!

His voice immediately goes from calm and soft to a loud yell of built up anger without warning, and he moves toward the ropes by the hard  camera to stare out at the fans with an enraged expression on his handsome features. The fans boo louder, and some even start up a small chant of "Fuck You Cade!" but Cade just shakes his head and continues anyway.

Cade Sydal: I hope the Devil can hear me over your incredibly rudeness, Las Vegas. I really do, because I know he wants to know why I wasn’t around for him to find last Revolution…and that answer is simple. I didn’t have to be.

Cassi nods her head behind Cade, and she can be clearly seen saying "that’s right baby" as Cade starts to pace.

Cade Sydal: You see, after I lead the Sinister Syndicate to him, and we interrupted his precious little interview…and Tanya Black secured a victory over him…I figured this whole thing would be over. He’d realize the error of his ways, and he’d back the fuck off. Unfortunately, that’s not the case…unfortunately for him that is.

Cade smirks up at the camera as he continues on.

Cade Sydal: You may have noticed that neither Tanya Black or Chance Ryan, who was erroneously referred to as Kid Lightning when he’s really the wrestler formerly known as FLASH Dynamite, are out here with me. And that’s to prove to Cronos just how much of a coward I am not…if he really wants a fight, all he’s got to do is come get it. Tanya and Chance…well, they weren’t too thrilled by being told to stay in the back, they wanted to come out with me and get a piece of Cronos if he decided to show up, but ultimately they have faith in their Malicious Messiah.

Cade stops pacing and grins, as the fans break out into more jeers. He waves his free hand at them dismissively.

Cade Sydal: They have faith that I can handle my own, that I always…and I do mean always…have a plan. And they know that…oh shit!

Cade catches movement over the barricade and drops the microphone just as Cronos Diamante slides into the ring, having ran through the crowd! As the fans realize it they break into cheers, and Cade turns to meet the charge, getting caught with a double leg takedown! Cassi quickly gets out of the ring, getting out of harm’s way, as Cronos rains heavy punches down on Cade’s face repeatedly!

Eryk Masters: Get him, Cronos! Show that loudmouth punk what’s up!

Other Guy: He could have at least let him quit talking, Eryk, sheesh!

Cade gets his hands up to deflect some punches from his face, and finally manages to shove Cronos off of his body. Cade scrambles to his feet as Cronos is back up with his back to the ramp as a large, unrecognizable, man starts running down the ramp! Cade tries to beg off, backing into a corner of the ring, as Cronos stalks him! Several ringside fans begin to shout warning as him as the large man slides under the bottom rope! Cronos grabs Cade by the collar of his shirt and cocks his right fist back, Cade covers up and turns his face away, and just before Cronos can swing the punch the newcomer grabs Cronos by the crook of his elbow and whips him around by it, pulling him into a short-arm clothesline!

Other Guy: That must have been the plan, E! He said he always has one!

Eryk Masters: Who the hell is this man?!

As soon as Cronos hits the deck, Cade drops his cowering in the corner and starts shouting at the other man.

Cade Sydal: Get him Sam! Get him!

He emphasizes his words by kicking down at the top of Cronos’ head before the large man grabs Cronos up by his own shirt and boots him in the gut, pulling him right up into a powerbomb position before Cade leaps up and grabs Cronos by his shoulders and pulls him down on his knees with a Backstabber out of the powerbomb! Cade moves to grab the discarded microphone and slithers next to Cronos, as the fans boo loudly again. The large man stands tall over them both, as Cade gets up close to Cronos’ ear, still speaking into the microphone as Cronos clutches at his back in unexpected pain.

Cade Sydal: As I was saying…I always have a plan, and if you had let me finish I would have told you about my insurance plan.

Cade plants a hand on Cronos’ face, and Cronos pushes the hand away, even as Cade pushes himself to his feet. The large man, only identified as Sam, stomps down on Cronos’ forehead, planting him back down on the canvas.

Cade Sydal: Let this serve to everyone as a warning. His name is Sam Gideon! And if you, or anyone else, wants to get to me? They’re going to have to go through him, the Sinister Syndicate’s newest member and my own PERSONAL bodyguard. I guess that means I’ll be seeing you around, huh Devil?

Cade smirks down at Cronos and drops the mic on his chest. "Almost Famous" by Eminem starts up again as both Cade grabs Sam Gideon’s arm and raises it in the air, well as high as he can considering the considerable height difference/

Eryk Masters: Despicable actions by the former champion, and current coward of the year!

Other Guy: What are you talking about? Cronos attacked him from behind first, and he said he had a plan!

Eryk Masters: Cronos’ was an attack of revenge, eye for an eye. Cade’s attacks and ambushes have all been acts of absolute cowardice and chickenshittery!

Other Guy: Whoa, clearly you’re a little worked up so I’m not going to keep pushing it, but whoa. You need some meds or something man.


The camera once again cuts backstage to reveal Azrael Goeren resting up against a wall, peering around the corner to try and see if the coast is clear. Goeren looks completely disheveled at this point…his clothing torn and stained, his nose broken and various cuts and bruises cover every part of visible skin. Azrael, after spitting a wad of saliva onto the ground and wiping away the dried blood from his mouth, makes his move. 


Goeren: Almost there, almost there… 


He turns the corner, revealing the Hierarchy’s private locker room further down the hallway. Azrael starts moving as quickly as he can, but with a noticeable limp from the earlier attacks. 


Goeren: Holen sie sich ihren esel hier und hilf mir! I’M HERE! I’M… 


Before Azrael can finish his sentence, a massive figure steps out from all the way at the end of the hallway. The cold, unfeeling eyes of Thomas Manchester Black now fall upon Azrael Goeren. 


TMB: Going somewhere? 


The look on Azrael’s face is absolutely priceless, it’s a perfect combination of exhaustion, frustration and utter despair. Azrael inches closer down the hallway, almost caught in a Mexican stand-off with the much larger TMB. Without saying another word, Azrael makes a break for it, trying to reach the Hierarchy’s locker room before Black can corner him. 


He almost makes it. 


TMB wraps his hands around Goeren’s collar and pins him up against the locker room door, causing Azrael to nearly collapse upon impact. Black holds him up on his feet as Azrael weakly attempts to fight back. 


Goeren: For Christ’s sake, you people are just fucking animals, you know that? I swear to everything that is Holy under Christendom that every one of you bastards who tried to collect on Kidd’s bounty will be terminated! You hear me Black? TER…MIN…ATE… 


Black puts his hand over Azrael’s mouth, leaning in close to him. 


TMB: Shut up. If I wanted to collect on Kidd’s bounty, you’d be on a fucking hospital gurney right now. 


Azrael’s eyes shift to the left, as if he’s trying to figure out what TMB’s game is. 


TMB: Truth is, sometimes a man has got to make his own opportunities. His own business decisions. I’m not here to tear you apart Goeren, even though everyone knows that I could. I’m here to make you an offer that you know you can’t refuse. 


Black slowly removes his hand and, amazingly, Azrael remains quiet to hear the proposal. 


TMB: Seems like you need some protection, so if your checkbook can afford me, consider me your stand in bodyguard for the rest of the night. 


Azrael’s face instantly brightens as he haphazardly starts digging inside the pockets of his slacks, pulling out his Italian leather wallet. Goeren starts pulling out wads of bills, then moving onto his platinum credit cards before just handing his entire wallet to TMB. He grabs his free hand and shakes it vigourously, looking relieved for the first time tonight. 


Goeren: Yes! YES! Wunderbar, I always knew you were a smart one Black. I said that when we were back in OPW together, remember? I always said that, didn’t I? Of course I did! You’re a good man TMB, any man who beats up on Donovan King is a good man you know, I… 


TMB: Azrael? 


Goeren: Ja? 


TMB: Shut the fuck up. 


Goeren: Right.


Azrael turns to the locker room door and opens it, barely able to stand under his own power now. Black meanwhile turns his back on Azrael and stands guard, his arms crossed and ready to intercept anyone else that comes looking for the demented German tonight. Azrael steps inside his locker room salvation and closes the door behind him, taking a few steps forward before collapsing into the black leather couch near the door. He sits upright momentarily before stretching out completely, his arms draped across his face in a fatigued position. 


Goeren: I fucking hate Patrick Kidd. 


The camera slowly fades.


The light atop the camera suddenly springs to life. 

“Here…over here.” 

As the camera is lifted, the original cameraman is seen knocked unconscious, and Donovan King…he’s bruised badly and beaten bloody. 

Eryk Masters: It looks like we got two or three…Mirages, I guess, holding him on his knees…and one of them is controlling the camera.  I…I’m sorry, fans, the room is mostly dark.  I may have a slightly better picture here, but what you’re seeing on that screen is what I’m seeing. 

Other Guy:  It looks like more than two or three…it’s a whole…army… 


A single Mirage grabs the cameras attention snapping his fingers over and over in front of the lens, as he reaches up and unmasks himself. 

Other Guy: That’s the real one right there! 

Eryk Masters: But he’s not alone! 

Mirage: Don’t we find ourselves in an interesting…predicament?  The beast is out now, Donnie…but I think you may have realized the kinda guy your up against right now…only a few seconds too late! 

Mirage nudges King, putting his face next to King’s, smiling to the camera. 

Mirage: Don’t be rude…smile for the people that love you so much!  Cheers! 

Mirage turns away and can be heard laughing as he winds up, spins and absolutely cold-cocks King across the jaw. 

Eryk Master: Oh my God…even I felt that. 

The crowd in attendance concurs with Master’s reaction with a collective ‘Ohhhhh…’ 

Mirage: But you see, Donnie…the beast…you gotta learn to contain it.  You gotta harness it’s power and use it when necessary, not arbitrarily.  I mean, come on…I thought ‘Kast taught you better than that, boy!  You don’t follow a guy that’s obviously looking to get followed into a dark parking garage at night!  What kinda ghetto did you grow up in, kid?  The street-stupid kind?  Listen friend-o, I know the beast don’t wanna quit…but what part of this ain’t you understanding?!  You’re gonna have to get real…real serious if you wanna stop me, King.  I mean, come on already…let that hate you feel burning deep within your soul fuel you…let it go.  Then, and only then…will you be free.  After you’re free…then you’ll be ready. 

Dropping to one knee in front of King, Mirage shakes his head. 

Mirage: When you plan this kinda thing…you go over it a million different ways, but I gotta say, Donnie…I never imagined it would come off so…perfectly. 

Donovan King:  You… 

Mirage stops. 

Donovan King:  …do…what you want… 

At that, King suddenly spits directly in Mirage’s face. 

Donovan King:  …I WILL…beat you. 

The crowd pops. 

Mirage:  Beat…me?   

Turning slightly toward the camera, the anger looks to well up in Mirage’s face, hearing the cheers from the crowd. 

Mirage: Oh…you all liked that, did ya?! 

Suddenly, and quite forcefully, Mirage puts the 3M mask over King’s face, wipes the bloody King spit at him and smears it on the mask King now wears. 

Mirage:  Deep down…you’re just like… 

Out of nowhere, King seems to get a burst of energy and begins fighting back.  Mirage rolls away and gets to his feet, swiftly kicking King directly in the mid-section, dropping King like a sack of bricks and putting a quick stop to his comeback bid.  The Mirages once again grab King, securing him. 

Mirage:  Some people…just don’t know when they’re beaten. 

Mirage looks to the camera and slowly shakes his head. 

Mirage: Yeah…maybe you should hold him tighter like I told you. 

King’s hooded head slowly looks in Mirage’s direction. 

Donovan King:  Gonna…have to do…better’n that… 

Mirage:  Better than that?  Better…than…THAT?! 

He unloads on King, hitting him so hard, you can hear bone crunching through flesh against bone.  Blood pours from beneath the mask King wears.  He stops now, King barely moving. 

Mirage: God…I wish this was fun for me.  I really do. 

Eryk Masters: What a sick…son of a bitch. 

Mirage hits King from the opposite direction, the sound of the blow echoing throughout the room.  Shaking his hand from the force, Mirage nods to the other Mirages as they let King drop in a heap.   

Mirage:  Anything else you want to say? 

He leans in. 

Mirage:  Hm? 

Other Guy: Wow… 

Slowly removing his tribal covered gloves by pulling on each finger, one by one, Mirage looks down at King.  Using every ounce of awareness he has left, King reaches forward grabbing Mirage by the ankle, peering up at him through the mask. 

Donovan King:  I…will… 

Mirage sighs. 

Mirage:  Will what? 

King’s head lowers, focusing on holding Mirage’s ankle. 

Mirage: You know…I really should stop, because from the looks of things…you’ve had enough.    But it’s funny since it occurs to me that someone once asked the same of you, but you didn’t stop…did you?  So tell me, King…why should I show you that same mercy? 

Mirage makes a motion to pick him up again. 

Mirage:  No, you will not stop me, Donovan.  No, I will not be stopped.  X-Calibur and Azrael Goeren asked me to come to SHOOT Project and come for you.  But who I am and what I have become even The Hierarchy couldn’t comprehend.  Now, gentlemen…pick him up. 

A few of the people Mirage obviously hired react to this and can be overheard saying, ‘he’s had enough, man’… 


Eryk Masters: Someone, please… 


Reluctantly, they grab the fallen King, yanking him to his knees… 

The feed suddenly cuts out.



A warm, golden illumination spreads about The Epicenter, followed directly by the beginning vocals of “The Fire” by John Legend & The Roots. 

Jun Kenshin steps out from behind the curtains, and the crowd literally EXPLODES! The reaction is loud enough to practically deafen ears, and Jun takes it all in with a smile and a respectful nod of his head. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 204lbs, he hails from San Diego, California….THE UNDENIABLE, JUN KENSHIN!!! 

Other Guy: I think this crowd just blew my headset out!! Las Vegas is happy as hell to see Jun Kenshin back on the SHOOT Project roster! 

Eryk Masters: Definitely a reaction befitting the veteran, OG. Jun’s been around for some of the most memorable and influential moments in SHOOT Project history, and it’s so good to see him back home where he belongs. 

Other Guy: He had himself a totally impressive return at the 10th Anniversary show too, Eryk. Took on longtime rival Adrian Corazon, and after a fantastic match, Jun emerged with his hand raised up in victory. 

The crowd continues to sing the praises of Jun Kenshin as he walks down the ramp, and we see a sign in the crowd reading “KENSHIN BLEEDS SHOOT PROJECT!” Jun points at this sign and nods, and then he slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope to await his opponent. 

A blanketing darkness creeps through The Epicenter, and towering bursts of hellfire start to sear the air at the top of the ramp. The atmosphere becomes stifling, and already the crowd starts to boo and jeer as they prepare for the arrival of SCAR’s Pale Rider. 

“Sympathy For The Devil” by Tiamat blasts through the audio system, and with the darkly poetic lyrics serenading his arrival, Entragian steps out from behind the curtains only to be met with a POP of a different kind….a pop of raucous disapproval from the capacity crowd. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, weighing in at 320lbs, he hails from Mideon, Nebraska…representing PROJECT: SCAR….THE IVORY TERROR, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!! 





Entragian meets the frenzied crowd with a shit-eating grin that pulls at the pallid flesh of his cheeks, and he throws up his arms and BECKONS them to scream even louder at him! 

Entragian: SCREAM FOR ME, VEGAS! SCREAM UNTIL YOUR VOCAL CORDS RUPTURE! I want to see bloodshot eyes and snot-drenched noses out there….LET’S PUSH FOR A FEW FUCKING BRAIN HEMORRHAGES TOO!!


The camera takes in a few shots of the crowd, and amongst the upset faces we see signs reading “ENTRAGIAN=ANTICHRIST” along with “PALE, POWERFUL, AND PISSED OFF. BEWARE OF ALBINO!” 

Eryk Masters: This man….this ABOMINATION…just loves to incite these people, OG. He loves to push buttons, he loves to stir the pot, and he seems to just be able to MANIFEST chaos wherever he goes. 

Other Guy: There’s not a sane bone in Isaac’s body, Eryk. I think we both know that by now. He’s crazy like a fox, and he is one of the most devastating forces we have EVER seen in SHOOT Project. 

Entragian starts to saunter his way down the ramp, and he pauses halfway to stare at a large-breasted woman seated in the front row. He flicks his forked tongue at her while BLATANTLY tugging at the crotch of his tights, and then he just laughs while continuing to stalk his way down to the ring. 

Eryk Masters: I REALLY hate this man, OG. I hate what he stands for; I hate the group he’s involved with. I wouldn’t even shed one tear if he fell down dead in the very center of that ring… 

Other Guy: Wishful thinking, Eryk. Sometimes I think this vulgar, hideous, wholly repugnant THING is more like a disease than a human being. He sickens SHOOT just by being here; you can practically see the trails of infection that he and his brethren leave behind.  

Eryk Masters: I wish there was a cure. Maybe Jun Kenshin holds the key to that cure. I’ll say this much though, I thank GOD that I’m not in Jun’s shoes tonight. 

Isaac hops up onto the apron, proceeding to step into the ring over the top rope, while his toxic green eyes never stray away from the face of The Undeniable. 

The referee checks that both men are ready to go, and then he twirls a finger at the timekeeper. 

The bell sounds with a clang, and we’re OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! 

Kenshin is the first to move, stepping to the very center of the ring and looking for a lock up. Entragian smirks, and he slowly starts to circle Jun, almost like a hyena looking for the best opening for attack. 

Both men rotate around the ring for a moment, feeling each other out, and then they lock up in the middle of the ring. Entragian’s slab-like arms pulse as he utilizes his raw strength, and Kenshin sets his feet low and uses leverage to try and combat the power of Entragian. 

Isaac starts to slowly back up Kenshin towards a turnbuckle, pushing him forward inch by inch…but at the last second Entragian switches his grip and locks in a TIGHT side headlock. 

Kenshin struggles, and Isaac just bears down harder, applying as much pressure to the neck as he possible can. Jun plants both hands on Isaac’s lower back, and he manages to slither out of the headlock….only to snatch up one of Entragian’s arms and grind it up into a hammerlock. 

Isaac hisses through his teeth, and he promptly drops down to one knee while reaching up to grab Kenshin’s neck, proceeding to flip him down to the canvas with a snapmare. Jun remains woozy in a sitting position, and Isaac capitalizes, running the ropes only to SMASH a low dropkick into Kenshin’s face. 

Eryk Masters: Wow. I have to admit…I’m impressed thus far. I didn’t expect to see chain wrestling in this match. 

Other Guy: Well Jun’s STRENGTH is wrestling, Eryk. He’s a pure athlete, and although I’ll never be a fan of Entragian…I’ll state for the record that he is one of the most agile big men to ever step foot into a wrestling ring. 

Eryk Masters: Plus we heard Entragian state that he’d be taking the fight to Jun in HIS comfort zone here tonight, so that’ll be interesting to see. 

Other Guy: Isaac’s fully capable of doing that, Eryk. But don’t forget, The Ivory Terror has a red-hot temper…if something sets off him there’s no predicting what he might do. 

Isaac goes for a quick cover without even bothering to hook up a leg.



Kenshin kicks out early in the count, and Isaac smirks, as though he was expecting that. 

Other Guy: I don’t think Entragian had any real hopes of getting the pinfall there, seems like he’s just trying to play with Jun’s head. 

Isaac reaches one arm down to scrape Jun up…but Kenshin pops up to his feet and grabs Entragian’s arm, only to snap his own body weight down to the canvas and COIL his legs and arms around Entragian’s massive limb. 

Isaac responds with another hiss of pain, and his eyes shoot wide open as he realizes the predicament he’s in. Kenshin just PULLS back as hard as he can, giving the cross armbreaker every ounce of his concentration. 

Eryk Masters: KENSHIN’S CROSS!! Jun’s got that locked on perfectly…Isaac’s in major trouble here! 

Other Guy: I don’t think Entragian has ever tapped out once in his entire career, but regardless this is a SMART move by Jun to wear the monster down. If Jun manages to incapacitate one of those big arms…then Entragian will be operating with only one wing for the rest of the match. 

Eryk Masters: This is PAINFUL move too, OG. It hyper extends the shoulder and the elbow joint….it’s just literal agony… 

Isaac buries one hand into his own white hair, his eyes wide and pain-stricken. Jun pulls back harder while also grapevining his legs even tighter around Isaac’s arm. Entragian seems to gather his will, and then he just starts to bull his weight AND Jun’s weight over to the ropes…where he uses his free hand to snag the bottom rope. 

Jun slowly breaks the hold, but he holds onto that same wrist and attempts to pull Entragian up…BUT ISAAC SNAPS HIMSELF FORWARD LOCKS AN ARM AROUND JUN’S NECK!! The monster falls right back down to the canvas, and he wastes no time grapevining his own legs around Jun’s torso. 

Entragian REARS back on Jun’s neck with all of his might, and Jun starts gasping immediately…his normal skin tone already starting to redden. 

Other Guy: Talk about a reversal of roles here! Entragian just locked in a guillotine choke; and he seems intent to just wrench the hell out of Jun’s neck and throat. 

Eryk Masters: Jun’s already losing oxygen, OG. Add that to the fact that Entragian’s tree-limb sized legs are locked around his body…and you get an idea of how brutal this choke really is… 

Isaac maintains the choke for a few moments longer until Jun is suitably dizzy…and then he breaks the submission himself, only to CLAMP a hand around Jun’s throat and bring him up to a vertical base. 

Entragian pivots on his heel and CHOKE TOSSES Kenshin directly into the ropes, and the very moment that Jun’s back bounces off of ropes…Isaac LEAPS into the air and PISTONS a boot into Kenshin’s face with a nasty looking bicycle kick. 

The impact of the kick carries a horrible cracking sound with it, and when Jun falls we see a little spittle dripping from the corner of his mouth. 

Other Guy: Entragian connects with Mark Of The Beast! Biggest bicycle kick in the business right there. 

Entragian goes for another pinfall, this time pulling back hard on one leg.



Jun kicks out in the middle of the two count, and then he shakes his head from side to side to drive away the cobwebs. 

Isaac scrambles back up to his feet, and he palms the back of Jun’s head, forcing him over to one of the turnbuckle corners only to BASH his face into the top turnbuckle. Kenshin slumps down with both arms holding the ropes for balance, and Entragian sets his feet and just starts to PEPPER heavy body punches into Jun’s ribs and stomach. 

Jun starts to slip towards a sitting position, but Isaac catches him by the throat, pushing him back up. The monster rears back and starts to PISTON wild hook punches into the side of Jun’s head…and then he steps back for a moment while Jun staggers out of the buckles. Isaac measures his man, and then he crushes a hammer-sized uppercut into the shelf of Kenshin’s jaw. 

Jun is flung off of his feet and straight down to the canvas, and as the cameras zoom in we see a stream of blood flowing down from Jun’s left ear thanks to one of those big-time punches. 

Eryk Masters: That was hard to watch, OG. Entragian is one of the best strikers in the game, and he gave Kenshin not even an INCH of breathing room during that assault. 

Other Guy: You can really HEAR those shots too. They sound like a hammer smacking into a slab of butcher’s meat. So much power behind them….just ridiculous, uncanny strength. 

Eryk Masters: They really take Kenshin out of his element too, OG. The Undeniable can wrestle the very best of them straight into the ground, he’s a master of kicks too…but when it comes to throwing hands, Entragian is always the one you want to put your money down on. 

Other Guy: Looks like a little blood dripping out of Kenshin’s ear there. Hopefully that’s not too serious…  

Kenshin uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, and Isaac goes right back on the attack…but Jun spins around to meet him, proceeding to snap a series of hard-hitting buzzsaw kicks into Isaac’s legs. 

The monster stumbles as he’s driven back, and Kenshin grabs one of his arms…and then he pops his hips WHILE DRIVING ENTRAGIAN INTO THE CANVAS WITH A WRIST CLUTCH EXPLODER SUPLEX!!! 

Both men land on the canvas with big crash, and Kenshin floats right into the cover.




Other Guy: HOLY CRAP! That was…awesome. I can’t believe Kenshin managed to negotiate this big bastard down to the mat… 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin calls that move “D. I. E”….and if the results are any indication, Entragian looks about half-dead after that! 

Other Guy: It wasn’t enough to put The Ivory Terror away…but I can imagine it took quite a bit of wind out of his sails! 

Jun makes his way back up to his feet, and instead of trying to pull Entragian up, he grabs hold of both of his huge legs and starts tangling them together…and the end result is a perfectly applied sharpshooter. 

The instantaneous pain drives all the grogginess out of Entragian, and a loud “FUCKKKKK” escapes his lips as he starts to claw and scratch against the canvas in desperation. 

Other Guy: Yet another expert submission hold from Kenshin. He seems focused on doing as much damage to Entragian’s legs as he can, which is an incredibly clever strategy. 

Eryk Masters: If the big redwood has no roots to stand on, then Kenshin has this match in the bag. Gotta say…this is one of the most beautiful sharpshooters I’ve ever personally witnessed. One can only imagine what Isaac is feeling right now with those huge legs being compressed… 

Jun leans back even further, compressing the legs with all of his might, and Isaac whips his head back and growls in anguish. He starts to claw against the canvas again, and once more his strength comes into play….those pale, questing hands slowly but surely dragging him closer to the bottom rope. 

Kenshin tries to pull him back towards the center of the ring, but in one burst of monstrous adrenaline Isaac shoots out a pale claw and SNAPS hold of the bottom rope. Jun has no choice but to break the hold, and Entragian is left on the canvas, his breathing heavy as he cradles one knee close to his chest. 

Kenshin gets up to his feet, and Isaac manages to push up to a vertical base too while favoring his leg. Kenshin is quick to act, immediately running the ropes only to WHIP a spinning wheel kick into Entragian’s chest! 

The monster is knocked down to one knee, and already we see a red whelp appearing on his chest from where boot met flesh. 

Jun smirks, and then he measures Isaac, looking to go for a second spinning wheel kick. Kenshin hits the ropes…BUT ON THE REBOUND ENTRAGIAN GRABS HIM UP AND SPINS HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A 360 DEGREE SIDE SLAM!!! 

Kenshin grunts in pain the very moment he touches down, and both of his arms reach down to nurse aching ribs. 

Eryk Masters: Entragian just hit FANGBANGER!! That’s pure, bestial power on display. That move spins you around like a crash test dummy… 

Other Guy: Jun Kenshin landed BADLY too, Eryk. His ribs took most of that impact. 

Entragian rises up while grinning ear to ear, and then he makes a beeline for one of the turnbuckles…proceeding to scale his way up to the top. 

Eryk Masters: Look at him up there, perched like a goliath-sized gargoyle. I think I have an idea of what Isaac has in mind… 

Kenshin pushes to his knees, and then he finally makes it to his feet while gripping his ribs. He turns around to find his opponent…AND HE’S MET WITH A 300lb HUMAN MISSILE! Entragian sails from the turnbuckle and CRUSHES a flying clothesline directly into Jun’s throat! 

The impact takes Jun completely off guard, and he’s flung backwards so violently he flips over his own neck and lands resting on his stomach. 

Entragian manages to roll through and pop right back up to his feet, and he immediately stalks his way back towards Kenshin’s carcass. 

Other Guy: WINGS OF WAR!!! That’s one of the most volatile moves in Isaac’s arsenal, and he practically tore Jun’s HEAD off with it! 

Eryk Masters: Yet ANOTHER testament to how agile Entragian is for a big man. He really shatters the big man stereotype when you see him moving in the ring, because he’s just so deceptively quick! 

Kenshin is crawling against the canvas, one hand massaging his throat to try and drive away some numbness. Entragian reaches right down and pulls him up to his feet, then he LOCKS onto that neck and starts leaning back with a dragon sleeper. 

Kenshin starts to make a sick gurgling sound in his throat, and his eyes start to practically bulge out of his head. He bats a fist against Entragian’s giant arm, but there’s no use, Isaac responds by constricting his neck even tighter. 



Eryk Masters: Absolutely disgusting. No sportsmanship from this man. 

Other Guy: No empathy either. This is starting to worry me, Eryk. Kenshin really needs to find a way to combat this, because Isaac looks like he’s about to pop his head like a grape.




The crowd continues to rally behind The Undeniable, and Isaac starts to get angrier and angrier with each passing second. Jun’s fist clenches and rises in the air with the support of the crowd, and somehow Jun manages to fire a leg up and drive the toe of his boot into Isaac’s head!! 

Entragian almost loses his grip, but at the last second he locks it right back on….but Jun throws his knee up again and manages to connect with another boot to the forehead! Isaac finally releases the hold, the heel of his hand going to press up against a temple. 

Other Guy: Jun really fed off the crowd to help him out of that predicament, good thing they’re being so vocal and supportive tonight! 

Kenshin rises up to his feet while rubbing his throat, which has taken on a nasty bruised and purple hue, and he promptly grabs Isaac by his OWN neck and locks in a front facelock. 


Kenshin’s arms shake with exertion, and his knees look almost about to buckle under all of Isaac’s weight…but at the last second Jun DRIVES Entragian into the canvas with a ring-rocking falcon arrow. 


Other Guy: Talk about IMPRESSIVE!! I can’t believe Jun managed to lift Isaac up into the air like that… 

He follows through with the pinfall the moment they both touch down.




Entragian kicks out at the very last second, his breathing badly labored after taking such a massive hit. 

Eryk Masters: SO CLOSE!!! Jun almost had the victory with that maneuver. 

Other Guy: That just goes to show you how TALENTED an athlete Jun Kenshin is. I don’t see even a speck of rust affecting this man tonight…he’s hungry to make a big impact. 

Entragian remains PLASTERED across the canvas, and Kenshin makes his move, gathering up both of Isaac’s big legs and proceeding to cross them up…BEFORE FALLING BACK TO THE CANVAS WITH A FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!!! 

Isaac’s eyes snap open, and he immediately pushes up to his hands, his face a mask of excruciation. He starts wildly clawing and swinging at Jun’s face, but Kenshin leans way back and manages to evade the strikes. 

A wolf-like howl escapes Isaac’s lips, and he slams the back of his own head against the canvas as pure agony jets through both legs. 

Eryk Masters: Once again, Kenshin is targeting the legs! This man came here tonight with an excellent game plan in mind, and so far he’s making good on following through with it! 

Other Guy: It hurts me just watching this, Eryk. The figure four is a submission hold born straight from Hell, and Jun is just GRINDING with it here. 

Eryk Masters: Gotta admit though…I like seeing Entragian in pain. He deserves everything he gets. Maybe Kenshin will do us all a favor and BREAK those legs…because I don’t know about you, OG, but seeing SCAR hobbled would definitely make my Christmas this year! 

Isaac rips and claws at his own white hair to try and take his mind away from the pain, and finally he seems to draw every ounce of scary power he’s capable of into his body….AND HE USES IT TO TURN THE TIDE AND FLIP HIMSELF OVER ONTO HIS STOMACH!!! 

The pain is instantly transferred over to Kenshin’s legs, and he has no choice to disentangle himself and break the hold. 

Kenshin scrambles back up to his feet, and he leans down and snatches a handful of Isaac’s hair…BUT ENTRAGIAN GRABS JUN’S NECK AND SLAMS A SHIN UNDER HIS THROAT, AND THEN HE WRAPS BOTH HANDS AROUND THE BACK OF JUN’S NECK AND STARTS PULLING AS HARD AS HE CAN!!! 

Other Guy: GOGOPLATA!!! I have NEVER seen Entragian use this move before; he’s taking it to a whole new level here tonight! 

Eryk Masters: Oh jesus….this is scary, OG. Entragian’s been targeting Jun’s throat for almost the entirety of this match….and this hold is DEADLY…he could damage the man’s trachea here… 

Kenshin coughs and gags against Isaac’s shin, and Entragian applies even more pressure by tightening his legs around Jun’s neck, causing streams of frothy saliva to come bursting out of Jun’s mouth as he struggles to escape this hold. 

Jun’s face starts to turn purple, and his expression becomes slack, his eyes growing dimmer and dimmer with each passing second. 

Other Guy: The oxygen is just NOT getting to Jun’s brain right now, Eryk. He’s fading…and he’s fading FAST… 

To make this move even more unbearable, Entragian starts to scream right up into Jun’s blood-flushed face.


Entragian bears down even harder, pulling with EVERYTHING he has.



The crowd starts clapping and stomping their feet, seemingly everyone in attendance trying to will Jun Kenshin back into this fight.




Eryk Masters: You know what would give me GREAT pleasure? Seeing Entragian locked behind bars somewhere in a dark little hole where he is allowed NO other human contact. This man is a TYRANT, OG….pure and simple. 

Other Guy: No doubt about that. Kenshin looks almost spent right now….but this crowd is bellowing with everything they have…Las Vegas is doing their best to give Kenshin a rush of adrenaline. 

Kenshin continues to paw against Entragian’s legs, but his struggling is just getting weaker and weaker. Finally he allows his body to fall to the side, but in an incredibly clever move…he extends one leg as far as it’ll go and manages to prop his boot up against the bottom rope. 

Entragian keeps the hold locked on as long as he can before being disqualified, and then he finally releases with a growl of frustration. 

Kenshin promptly rolls over to his side, and he begins to cough raggedly with a few bubbles of saliva popping in the corners of his mouth. He tears oxygen back into his chest like a man who just surfaced after being underwater for a long time, and as the cameras take in another angle we see that Jun’s throat is almost black at this point, it’s that badly bruised and battered. 

Eryk Masters: Jun Kenshin looks like a man who was just hung at the gallows, OG.  

Other Guy: His throat is in AWFUL condition right now, Eryk. It literally looks like a swollen inner tube. I can only imagine how tender and raw that flesh must be… 

Isaac is slow to stalk his way over to Jun, and he casually flips him over onto his back with the toe of one boot. Entragian then leans down and CLAMPS a hand around Jun’s aching throat, and he pulls him up to a standing position while maintaining the goozle. 

Entragian looks to be about to go for a chokeslam, but Jun interlocks both fists and SLAMS an axe handle smash into Isaac’s arm, effectively breaking the goozle. 



Entragian FLIES back following the impact, and he sails right over the top rope and CRASHES down on the outside of the ring.





Other Guy: It knocked him clear out of the ring, Eryk!! Might have even knocked a few fangs out of that filthy mouth if we’re lucky!! 

Kenshin collapses down against one of the turnbuckles with sweat literally pouring down his face, and the official promptly begins to count Entragian out. 

Eryk Masters: Looks like Kenshin is going to allow a count out here…smart strategy because he’s taken a LOAD of damage in this match, might as well just sit back and let the victory come to him. 

Other Guy: A victory is a victory in my book…I’m still reeling over that superkick….WOW!





Entragian remains splayed out on his back outside of the ring, his breathing shallow and his eyes firmly closed.




One pale hand twitches…



Other Guy: MY GOD. How does he do it, Eryk?? What compels this hideous beast to get back up to his feet after sustaining enough damage to put down at least ten normal men!? 

Eryk Masters: I wish I could give you an answer, OG….the man is just so shamelessly evil….so utterly crazy…it’s like every match he’s in becomes a battle of life and death. 

There’s a collective gasp from the capacity crowd, and Kenshin looks absolutely stunned in the ring. 

The Ivory Terror scrambles up to his feet and slides back into the ring just as the official was reaching a nine count. 

He rises up to his feet while favoring one leg, and he’s one hell of a sight to see. His white hair is plastered to his face with sweat, and blood drips down from his bottom lip courtesy of the superkick. His eyes twinkle though, and they remain just as dangerous as ever. 

In an especially foul display, Entragian smears a finger in the blood running down his chin…and he MARKS his own forehead with an upside down cross. 

He staggers toward Kenshin, and he brings up a pallid hand and BECKONS him onward.


Kenshin’s eyes remain wide with shock, but he doesn’t back down from the challenge…he pushes right off the buckles and WHIPS another superkick towards Isaac’s face… 


Entragian just straight up SHOVES Kenshin into one of the turnbuckles….and he runs in for a turnbuckle clothesline….BUT JUN DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY!! 

SCAR’s Pale Rider hits hard, and Jun goes to take advantage…using ALL of his strength to bull Isaac’s weight up onto the turnbuckle in a sitting position. 

Jun then climbs up with him…AND LOCKS AN ARM AROUND ISAAC’S NECK!!! 

Eryk Masters: WHOA!! You see what Kenshin is doing, OG?? I’m almost certain that he’s going for BLIND JUSTICE!! 

Other Guy: I think you might be right, Eryk. Jun’s exhausted right about now and his body is a wreck…so instead of trying to dead lift Entragian for the spinning brainbuster…he’s letting the turnbuckle do the work for him! 

Eryk Masters: Which is actually a brilliant strategy if you think about it…. 

Kenshin sets his feet as he prepares to send Entragian to the canvas…but Isaac starts fighting back…Jun tries to block a few strikes, but ENTRAGIAN SCORES WITH A SICK UPPERCUT AIMED DIRECTLY AT JUN’S THROAT!! 

Kenshin falls from the buckles while wrapping both hands around his ailing throat, and meanwhile Entragian settles into a different stance on the turnbuckles… 

Kenshin barely pushes himself up from the canvas, and he turns around to continue the fight….BUT ENTRAGIAN SAILS FROM THE TURNBUCKLES AND SPEARS JUN HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING!!! 


Other Guy: That was like watching a dragon take flight, Eryk! Jun Kenshin looks to be SPLIT right in two… 

Kenshin literally gets PLOWED into the mat, and Isaac keeps all of his weight on The Undeniable, proceeding to pull back on a leg for the pinfall.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, representing PROJECT: SCAR….THE IVORY TERROR, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!! 

Other Guy: That was a beautiful match, ladies and gentlemen. I really have to give it up for both of these men, because they went above and beyond tonight. 

Eryk Masters: It’s a disheartening sight to see this albino sociopath standing tall, but I have to give it to him…he EARNED this win. 

Other Guy: I have to say too…Jun Kenshin put on a damn near superhuman performance. He is back and better than ever in SHOOT Project, and he should be applauded for his effort here tonight. 

The Ivory Terror rises up to his feet with a purely arrogant, razor-sharp smile on his face. He points to one wrist, and instructs the referee to raise his hand as high as he possibly can….which isn’t very far considering the referee’s height. 

Entragian then throws up both arms and simply gloats, proceeding to ROAR at the crowd.



Isaac chuckles, and then he wipes sweat from his face and goes over to the one of the turnbuckles, where he proceeds to just lean back and cross his arms at the chest, getting totally comfortable. 

He stares towards the top of the ramp with a little conspirators smile on his face, almost as though….he’s waiting for something… 


Eryk Masters: Oh fuck everything about this.

Other Guy: Well, you obviously know what this means, E.

Eryk Masters: That fuck Corazon? Yeah, I’m aware.

Kenshin is slowly getting to his feet as the lights go out and the spotlight shines down at the top of the ramp. It’s a blood red hue this time, mimicking the color of the smileyface that’s taken over the tron. When Corazon emerges from the back with a sick smirk on his face, the arena lights the world on fire with boo’s so loud that they’re heard a city block over.

Eryk Masters: I don’t even want to…

Kenshin looks out at Corazon, still down on his knees, and then to Isaac Entragian before letting out a simple sigh. Corazon breaks into a sprint down the ring, and slides into the ring under the rope, but Kenshin pops up! The crowd goes nuts!

Other Guy: Kenshin’s not going to take this laying down!

Eryk Masters: THAT is awesome.

Kenshin throws some punches Corazon’s direction, and connects with a couple, but Corazon seems unphased, and Isaac Entragian watches on with a smirk across his face. Kenshin rears back one more time, but Corazon dodges easily, as Kenshin goes off to the side.

Eryk Masters: This can’t be good. I LOVE Kenshin for just fucking going for this, but he JUST fought Isaac Entragian. This is going to be ugly.

Other Guy: You know… things are… they’re very dangerous around here lately.

Kenshin stumbles, but Corazon catches him before he falls to the ground. Corazon shoves him back against the turnbuckle. He begins shouting at Kenshin!

"I could end you RIGHT NOW. RIGHT. NOW. What you’ve done… what you did… you deserve it. You DESERVE to be destroyed right here in front of all of these people… you… them… all helpless!! HELPLESS!"

Kenshin shows no fear and stares into the eyes of SCAR’s Black Death.

Eryk Masters: Kenshin’s got some major sack right now. Major sack points going on.

Other Guy: Really? Sack points?

Corazon shakes his head, and Kenshin begins to speak. Corazon places his hand over Kenshin’s mouth and simply says "Shhh… I want to show them what they have to look forward to in the new year…"

Before you can even blink, Corazon pulls Kenshin away from the turnbuckle and DECIMATES KENSHIN WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY. Kenshin falls limp into the mat, and the scene fades on that one, simple image…


See you next year…