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Revolution 89 – 1/9/2012

“Miracle” by nonpoint abruptly shuts off.  The lights dim and the ominous 3M logo appears on the SHOOTron bringing an immediate negative reaction from the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: This can only mean one thing… 

Suddenly, the first few notes of the dark brooding sounds of Gregorian chanting is heard.  “Dies Irae” hits the arena sound system as 3M, fully suited, steps out onto the entry way with his tribal covered trench fluttering behind him.  Shortly after, a number of similar “Mirage’s”, sans the tribal covered cloaks, follow from the back, marching toward the ring in succession. 

Eryk Masters: This is…haunting. 

As the cloaked 3M enters the ring, the remainder stay on the outside, forming a protective barrier, facing the audience, surrounding the entire ring.  As if on cue, the Mirage’s surrounding the ring look down, and lock their arms in front of them, standing deathly still. 

Other Guy: They all look like they’re…mourning?! 

The music fades as the lone 3M in the ring lifts the mic. 

3M: When I…we…first arrived in SHOOT Project many months ago as the surprise member of the Hierarchy, you all laughed.  You collectively rolled your eyes. 

Pacing the ring, Mirage points out toward the announcers… 

3M: Even these guys did.  All the boys in the back sure as hell did.  And you fans, you’re no different…so let’s not pretend you are, you’re nothing if not synonymous with hypocrisy.  But something happened along the way…something surprising.  Mirage went from being a guy you all feared because of the Hierarchy…to something else entirely.  I became something bigger.  An archetype.  A symbol.  An ideal.  Needless to say, you aren’t rolling your eyes anymore.” 

3M pauses, looking out across the crowd. 

3M: Mirage was just a sad little man being led by other men…a guy brought back from the brink by the t-shirt he wore.  A t-shirt that read nothing more than ‘Hierarchy’.  A means to an end, some might say.  3M, however, he became Wrestling’s Zeitgeist.  And as such, your ‘hero’, Donovan King has been judged…and unfortunately, he’s been found wanting. 

The wave of boo’s crosses the arena as 3M simply shakes his head in response, waiting for them to calm. 

3M: You seem confused.  Yea…confused.  You see, I don’t hate King…and what I say shouldn’t elicit a negative response from you, after all, you claim to care about King.  Somewhere during King’s evolution, he decided it was best to sell out in order to suck up to you people.  It’s called the overwhelming joy of applause.  Personally, I wouldn’t know what it feels like, but apparently King loves it so much…that he was willing to sell out his potential just to keep you cheering.  This is a man that not only has a bastard son, but a man that ruined the career of Jester Smiles.  That’s right, ruined it.  He put Thomas Manchester Black behind bars.  Who even knows what happened to that guy.  Hell, he even ended the career of Jonny Johnson!  And let’s face facts…he’s directly responsible for the destruction of Cade Sydal’s career to the shell it’s become.  Most of you don’t remember the Cade Sydal I remember…and as far as I’m concerned, that says it all.  Yea, one man is responsible for all of that.  He was a King.  And despite being that capable…he threw it all away…for this. 

Stuffing the mic in his belt, 3M looks out across the audience and slowly begins to clap his hands together while shaking his head in dismay. 

3M: Like Micky once told Rocky, ‘the worst thing that happened to you that can happen to any fighter: you got civilized’. King was forced to face his demons…to become what he was truly meant to be…and he failed.  He quit.  Because that’s what he does now.  He quit on each and every Soldier, each and every guy in the back…and each and every one of you people.  You all saw what happened to the former monster last week, so there will be no big climax at Reckoning Day…there will be no OH-EM-GEE moments when King finally gets his hands on me, because that won’t be happening.  Instead of this thing ending with the roar you all expected…it ends with a whimper.  It ended last week when I took what was left of King and broke his spirit. 

3M shakes his head in disappointment. 

3M: So, by all means…bow your heads like my imperial guards surrounding this ring…and let’s have a moment of silence for the tragic loss of Donovan King. 

The fans boo hard as 3M bows his head. 

Other Guy:  I…wow. 

Eryk Masters:  We never got word about Donovan King last week…as far as I know he was never even checked into a hospital. 

Other Guy:  I refuse to believe this guy, E. 

As if on cue…the boos become LOUD CHEERS.  3M looks up quickly as out from the back COMES DONOVAN KING.  No music, just him. 

Other Guy:  YES! 

King stands there, his face badly swollen.  His left eye completely shut.  His left arm is wrapped up and he looks like he’s wearing the clothes from last week.  He stands there, staring down at the ring as the army starts creating a buffer between King and 3M. 

Donovan King:  Mirage… 

3M:  NO.  NO.  You’re DONE.  You’re FINISHED. 

Donovan King:  I thought we was just gettin’…started. 

The fans ERUPT.  3M shakes his head vehemently. 

Donovan King:  I been through…a lot this week.  Right now’s the time…when the supposed good guy bumrushes the bad guy…an’ we have it out, right?  I get…overwhelmed by superior numbers but I show out like a good guy s’posed to? 

King looks the army down. 

Donovan King:  But I ain’t no good guy, am I? 

The fans actually…cheer at that. 

Donovan King:  I’m tired, M.  I ain’t fatigued.  I’m just…tired.  Tired uh you.  Tired uh workin’ to be the man I wanna be while the man I was keeps nippin’ at my heels.  Well, 3M…that’s over an’ done.  You wanted me to break bodies, end careers, be just another virus to this company? 

King nods. 

Donovan King:  Fine.  I’ll break bodies.  I’ll end careers.  I’ll be a virus. 

The fans begin to boo as 3M nods his head now, his mask moving in such a way to indicate laughter. 

Donovan King:  I can’t fight it, I can’t deny it…it’s in me.  I’m sorry. 

King looks to the fans. 

Donovan King:  I’m sorry. 

King points to 3M. 

Donovan King:  He’s right.  He’s been right this whole time.  I can’t hide from it. 

Eryk Masters:  …wow… 

Donovan King:  There is…one caveat, though, M. 

He holds his finger up. 

Donovan King:  You only tell half the story when it comes to me.  You tell the world my son is a bastard who came from a terrible act, but you ignore the fact that ever since he was born, he has been treated with the love and respect that a child deserves.  You ignore that that boy has a life filled with more love than you could EVER fucking muster in you. 

The fans begin to grow electric. 

Donovan King:  I put Cade Sydal through hell but I had NOTHIN’ to do with him turnin’ his back on these fans OR Dan Stein.  You ignore that Cade Sydal’s career fell apart because he’s a drugged out fuck up…NOT because I stapled his lips shut or never gave up when I faced him. 

King smirks. 

Donovan King:  Jester Smiles was as close to me as blood.  I love his family like my own.  You ignore that he walked OUT on this company an’  his own Goddamn FAMILY.  You ignore the fact that he was so desperately tryin’ to mold people to his likin’…to what HE thought this company needed. 

King grits his teeth as he walks towards the army. 

Donovan King:  An’  Jonny fucking Johnson never cared about this fucking company.  He wanted to twist it to his vision.  He held Jonnylutions.  He ruined lives before it was fashionable.  He got the World title without getting in the ring an’ earnin’ it.  Controversial, yes.  Long lasting legacy?  Fuck no.  You ignore the fact that had Jonny had his way, SHOOT would be dead an’ gone.  You ignore that Jonny wanted this company to be like TTW or any other company he worked in…he wanted it to be completely centered around him. 

The Mirages are holding King back now as he marches forward. 

Donovan King:  YOU WANT FACTS?  TALK FACTS.  You will be GONE once you’re done with me.  You will LEAVE when you find out nobody will give you the entertainment I’ve unfortunately given you.  You will walk OUT when you get bored.  Your whole career is built around what pleases YOU.  What have YOU given back to our sport?  ALL you are is a CANCER.  ALL you are is a MONSTER.  ALL you are…is what you want ME to be. 

King stops struggling against the army. 

Donovan King:  But I’m NOT you.  I will NEVER be you. 

King grits his teeth. 

Donovan King:  Oh, I’ll be what you want me to be, M.  I will be what you want me to be…at Reckoning Day.  I will be that virus, I will be everything you’ve spouted on about. 

To you. 

The fans ERUPT.  3M continues to glare at King as he backs off of the army. 

Donovan King:  Whether or not you have what it takes to break me…you will never win.  Because you will never be happy.  You will never be content.  You will end your career in this business frustrated.  Nothin’ is gonna change that.  So, come Reckoning Day…I aim to speed that up for you. 

At Reckoning Day…you will quit. 

You will quit fightin’ me.  You will quit fuckin’ with me. 


King drops the microphone at his feet as he stands there, staring at 3M.  Slowly he backs up and continues to stare, the fans cheering more and more and more as he continues to glare. 

Eryk Masters:  The army is dissipating! 

King slowly grins as the army begins to walk away from the aisle, some of them shaking their heads in disillusionment.  Others remove their masks and jump the guardrails.  Some remain loyal and look up to 3M for an answer.  3M, meanwhile, just stares at King, shaking visibly with fury.  He gives them no answer.



"Crucify Me" by Bring on the Horizon starts up, and the fans begin to boo, signifying the challenger for the Sin City Championship.

Eryk Masters: Here we go! What a way to start up Revolution this week, the Sin City title is on the line!

Other Guy: These two met a few weeks ago, with Crippler retaining due to interference from Tanya Black. Tanya’s not here tonight, so hopefully we get ourselves a winner.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger! Weighing in at 227 pounds, from Biloxi, Mississippi, CRAZY BOY!

The music continues and the fans continue to rain down the hate for Tyrone Smith, but he doesn’t appear.

Other Guy: What gives? Where’s the challenger?

The music shuts off, and the fans pipe down a little. There’s a chatter throughout the crowd as the SHOOT Project faithful are buzzing about the whereabouts of Crazy Boy, when he finally bursts through the curtain. And by bursting through the curtain, I mean he was knocked on his ass through it.

Eryk Masters: What’s going on here? There’s Crazy Boy, but it doesn’t look like he came out here willingly!


answer is soon apparent, when a second figure appears through the curtain, with the Sin City Championship strapped around his waist. The fans pop loud as the figure out that Lunatikk Crippler is the man who through Crazy Boy through the curtain.

Eryk Masters: It looks like The Crippler couldn’t wait for the bell to ring, and after the last time these two were in the ring together, who can blame him?

Referee Dennis Heflin has gotten out of the ring now, and runs up to meet the two on the entrance ramp. The Crippler unstraps the Sin City Championship and it clatters to the ground. Crazy Boy on his hands and knees now, with Crippler running forward and kicking him full force in the ribs.

Other Guy: And now Crazy Boy rolls further down the ramp, helped along, of course, by the physicality from Lunatikk Crippler.

Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy laid out Lunatikk Crippler at Revolution 88, and Crippler has waited since then to get his hands on Tyrone Smith, and he waits no longer!

Crippler walks over to Crazy Boy as Heflin picks up the Sin City Championship. Crippler yanks CB’s hair, using it to pull him to his feet. He then whips CB into the guardrail, Crazy Boy crashing into it loudly, wincing in pain. Crippler goes forward, peppering CB with rights and lefts, headshots and body shots until one last uppercut causes CB to slouch to the ground. The Crippler turns around and pumps his fists in the air, eliciting a loud round of cheers from the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Crippler in a rage tonight, this doesn’t bode well for Crazy Boy!

Crippler turns back around to continue the assault, only to be met with a low blow from CB. Crippler doubles over and then drops to his knees, grabbing at his now injured crotch.

Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy resorting to cheap tactics in order to just get away from The Crippler.

Other Guy: Doesn’t matter! The bell hasn’t rung, so the match hasn’t even started yet! Anything goes!

Crazy Boy crawls a couple of feet, but then uses the guardrail to pick himself off the ground. He stumbles forward a little bit and then turns, and Crippler snaps up and spears CB back to the ground.

Eryk Masters: Blood Drive by The Crippler! He just exploded on that one!

Crippler sticks CB with another couple of rights, before getting back to his feet. He picks CB up and rams him back first into the ring apron. The fans are on their feet, following this brawl as Crippler goes to whip Crazy Boy into the steel steps, but CB reverses and Crippler hits them hard, knees first, flipping over and landing with a thud on the ground.

Other Guy: Desperate move by Crazy Boy there, and Crippler’s got to be hurt.

Dennis Heflin is warning both men to get it in the ring now, and CB obliges. He rolls under the bottom rope, then back out to ringside, right where Lunatikk Crippler is. Crippler is on his knees, his head on the steel stairs as Crazy Boy backs up, and then springs into action, dropkicking Crippler in the back of the head, causing Crippler’s head to strike the steel stairs.

Eryk Masters: Brutal dropkick from Crazy Boy there! Crippler’s in a bad way now.

Crazy Boy picks Crippler up now, and a trickle of blood has started, right in the center of Crippler’s forehead. CB puts Crippler in a chinlock, and forces his face towards the crowd.

Crazy Boy: What do you think about your champion now? Huh?

Eryk Masters: That’s sick. Crazy Boy is showing the world the damage he’s done thus far.

Crippler struggles a bit against CB, but Crazy Boy slams him face first on the ring apron. Crippler slumps to one knee, holding on to the apron the best he can as CB does it again, and now grabs a handful of tights and rolls Crippler forcibly into the ring.

Other Guy: Crazy Boy slides back into the ring, and Heflin calls for the bell, this match is now OFFICIALLY underway!

Crazy Boy wastes little time in rolling Crippler to his back, and hooking the leg, trying to get the pin!



Crippler kicks out at two! Crazy Boy can’t believe it, but he doesn’t let up. He picks up Crippler’s head and slams it on the mat repeatedly. CB lets up, looking out in the crowd and smiling, evidently happy with his handywork. CB picks Crippler to his feet and plants his palm forcibly into his chest. Crippler stumbles back into the corner, CB hot on his trail. CB winds back and chops Crippler hard in the chest, forcing the crowd to respond with an "Oooooh!". CB chops Crippler again, and Crippler’s head snaps up, staring right at Crazy Boy. The fans start cheering, as CB chops again, and Crippler looks right at him, daring him to do it again. The trickle of blood has dried on his face, mixed with the wild look in his eyes, gives quite the effect. CB chops him a third time, and Crippler quickly grabs CB by both sides of his head, and throws him into the corner! The crowd fires up as Crippler unloads!

Eryk Masters: Right hand! Left! Kick to the stomach doubles CB over, and Crippler drives his knee into CB’s face, sending him flailing back into the corner!

Crippler is back in this one, as he powers CB up to the top turnbuckle, and then starts climbing himself. He stands on the top turnbuckle now, guiding Crazy Boy to his feet up top, and then grabs him around the waist, and turns, slamming CB down to the mat with a huge belly to belly suplex that pops the crowd. Crippler rolls backwards, landing on his knees and then gets to his feet. He runs the ropes, and comes back with a huge knee drop that finds it’s mark on the forehead of Crazy Boy. Crippler snaps back up and runs the ropes again, this time, planting both feet to the side of CB’s head. Crazy Boy rolls on the mat now, grasping his head in pain, as Crippler is quick to plant a boot to the skull, and then pounces, trapping CB’s right arm, and using Crippler’s own left to grasp under CB’s chin, rolling backward in a submission.

Other Guy: A crossface chickenwing by the champion, as he looks to inflict much pain on the challenger!

Eryk Masters: The Crippler’s rolling now, he’s looking to end things now!

Crippler yanks back on CB’s head, turning it violently to the left, while pulling his right arm back even further. CB’s barely able to grunt in pain, and not much else as Crippler really has the hold cinched in. Dennis Heflin is right there, asking CB if he wants to give up, but CB waves him off. CB uses Crippler’s momentum to roll over, but Crippler still hangs on to the hold, now with CB face down on the ground, giving Crippler a little more leverage to pull CB up.

Eryk Masters: It’s turned into a combination chickenwing and camel clutch. The Crippler’s pulling CB back now, and I don’t know how much more Crazy Boy has left!

Crippler rocks back and forth, putting more pressure on the neck and back of CB, as Tyrone kicks his legs wildly to the left and right. Finally, he connects with the bottom rope, and wraps his feet around it. Heflin sees this and taps Crippler on the shoulder, telling him to break the hold. Crippler grudgingly complies, letting CB’s face smack the mat as he releases the hold. He graps CB’s head and brings him to his feet, then getting CB’s back quickly, brings him back with a German suplex. The crowd pops as Crippler does not release his grip on CB, popping his hips and rolling to his feet, pulling Crazy Boy up with him. He turns CB around, face to face now, and Crippler hooks the leg and neck and sends CB over his head.

Other Guy: Fisherman’s suplex by Crippler now, and he doesn’t look to be finished here!

Crippler retains his grip on Crazy Boy, swinging his legs again to get back to his feet, dragging a nearly limp Crazy Boy along for the ride. He muscles CB up vertically, holding him in mid air. The crowd cheers as Crippler keeps his balance, holding CB straight up in the air for a few more seconds, before driving CB’s head to the mat with a stalling brainbuster! Crippler releases Crazy Boy and gets to his feet and looks out to the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Crippler signaling now that it’s the end, and the crowd roars it’s approval!

Other Guy: Crippler stalking Crazy Boy, waiting for him to get up. Looks like the Lunatikk Sweet is coming!

CB is very slow to get to his feet now, as those three suplexes took a lot out of him. He makes it to one knee and The Crippler is getting antsy. He’s bouncing on the heels of his feet, willing CB to get to his. After a painstaking effort, Crazy Boy makes it to his feet, but doesn’t seem like he’s very balanced on them. He drops back down to a knee as Crippler is anticipating the moment that CB turns around, waiting, salivating the moment where he ends this. He is oblivious to the commotion in the crowd, as it seems the there is a part between the mass of humanity, getting closer and closer to the ring. CB finally gets to his rubbery feet and turns, and Crippler plants him face first!

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Sweet! He nailed it, this one’s academic!

Crippler rolls CB to his back and hooks the leg, going for the win!




Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Crippler had this won, but someone just yanked him out of the ring!

Other Guy: Eryk, that’s….that’s Tanya Black!

Eryk Masters: What the hell? She’s not supposed to even be here tonight!

Regardless, Crippler sees who pulled him out of the ring, and you see the anger on his face before Tanya levels him with a pump kick, right to his heart. He sprawls backwards, back into the ring stairs, smacking his head. Tanya reels back and runs forward, driving her knee to the face of the Sin City Champion. Referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell, it looks like this one is over.

Eryk Masters: Once again, Tanya Black has interjected herself into the Sin City Title match!

Other Guy: I think CB is coming to, and is figuring out what just happened! Look at his face!

CB looks at Crippler on the ground outside, and then at Tanya Black standing over him, smug grin on her face, and puts two and two together. CB rolls out of the ring to confornt Tanya, who levels him with a superkick!

Eryk Masters: And now Tanya levels Crazy Boy! These two just had a highly physical encounter, and now, once again, Tanya Black steps in to ruin it.

Other Guy: You think she cares? She looks like she’s having the time of her life!

Indeed, Tanya is laughing her head off at The Crippler and Crazy Boy, flat on their backs on the outside. She walks over to the timekeeper’s table and snatches the Sin City Championship from Mark Kendrick’s hands. She looks at it lovingly as she makes her way back to the carnage she created. CB is the first to get to his feet, and Tanya folds the Sin City title up and clubs him in the face with it! CB gets spun and lands on his face on the ground! Crippler is getting up now, and Tanya rears back and takes another shot with the title, but Crippler ducks! The Sin City title slips from Tanya’s grasp as she turns and Crippler leaps.

Eryk Masters: A Thesz press by The Crippler! The crowd is loving it, Tanya is getting her comeuppance!

Crippler rains down right hands on Tanya Black, egged on by the crowd! The Crippler gets up, throwing his hands in the air, working the crowd up in a frenzy. Quite successfully, as well. Tanya is trying to pull herself away from The Crippler as he does this.

Other Guy: Tanya trying to crawl under the ring apron, trying to escape the wrath of Lunatikk Crippler!

Eryk Masters: Looks like Crippler has spotted this, and he grabs her ankle before she can disappear underneath the ring!

Crippler pulls back on Tanya’s leg, pulling her back from under the ring. Tanya is completely exposed now, clutching at her abdomen with both hands. Crippler grabs a handful of Tanya’s hair and goes to pull her to her feet, but she makes a swift motion, and Crippler stumbles backwards, clutching at his throat. It’s then that we finally see what Tanya is concealing.

Eryk Masters: She’s got that damn pipe! She must have had it stashed under the ring!

Other Guy: Red metal meets flesh, guess which wins?

Tanya had to have struck Crippler in the throat with that pipe, and Tanya is winding up now, as Crippler staggers towards her. She lets loose with one big shot, smacking Crippler right in the head, sending him crashing to the concrete, out cold.

Eryk Masters: A carefully measured shot, right between the eyes! Crippler is OUT!

Tanya walks over and picks the Sin City Championship back up, and lifts it high in the air with her right hand, her lead pipe in the left, and the crowd lets her have it, a chorus of boos that Tanya Black seems to soak in proudly.

Other Guy: I’m being told by Mark Kendrick that referee Dennis Heflin has thrown this match out. You don’t have to be a genius to see why.

"Everything Burns" starts playing, with the crowd still booing her like it’s their job. Tanya lowers her hands, and drapes the Sin City title across The Crippler’s waist as she begins to make her way to the back.

Eryk Masters: Once again, Crippler and Crazy Boy has been marred by the intereference of Tanya Black. When will these two be able to have a match finish without the self-professed Alpha Female butting in?

Other Guy: Probably as soon as Tanya gets a shot at the Sin City title she feels she deseves.

Eryk Masters: Crippler is still out cold, and Crazy Boy is starting to come to, but is still not in a good way. The Sin City Title match is over, and the person standing tall in all of this….is Tanya Black.


We head backstage now to where a meeting appears to be taking place between  Rule Of Surrender Champion Mason Pierce, Leona, and Piper Fury. Mason and Leona are decked out in their casual gear, seeing as how Mason’s not scheduled to compete tonight, and Piper’s leaning against the table, sipping on a glass of water and listening intently to the conversation. 

Mason Pierce: I gotta say, you impressed a lot of people last week. Hell, you got the eye of the big dog on campus. And that’s not an easy task. But there’s a difference between a hand-picked opponent and someone who’s actually known around here. You ready? 

Piper Fury: You’re kidding, right? Relax. I’m ready. I’ve done my homework on this guy. That and my experience gives me all the advantage I need. Don’t worry. Corsair’s not getting out of this one unscathed. I’ll make sure of that. 

Leona: You want me to come down with you, in case you might need some extra backup? 

Piper Fury: Fine by me. Your call. I won’t object. 

Mason Pierce: Listen.. you’ve got a real chance to make an impact tonight. Corsair practically called out the Hierarchy this past week. Last week he took a shot at Az. Not something we take too kindly to. The Hierarchy might be a little dysfunctional at times and we might have our quirks, but we take care of our own. You deal with him and you’ll definitely be on your way to earning your spot at the table.  

Almost as if on cue, backstage interviewer Abigail Chase appears, a microphone in her hand. 

Abigail Chase: Excuse me.. I was wondering if I could- 

Mason turns around, a look of disdain on his face. 

Mason Pierce: You mind? We’re trying to have a conversation here. 

Leona puts her hand on Mason’s shoulder. 

Leona: Down, boy. Relax. Let her do her job, okay? 

Abigail Chase: Piper Fury. Tonight you’re making your in-ring debut against Danny Corsair- someone who’s pretty much pledged to make himself into SHOOT’s- 

Piper Fury: Hero? I’ve heard it. He’s an idiot who’s taken too many shots to the head. He wants to be the savior of SHOOT. The one who takes on all the big bad meanies by his lonesome. Well, it’s his funeral. Saviors get crucified. He wants that to be his fate? I’ll be more than happy to oblige. 

Abigail Chase: I’d also like to ask you about how it feels to be pretty much instantly recruited into the- 

Mason Pierce: Whoa, whoa. Piper, you mind? Let me clear things up right off the bat. Piper’s not officially in the Hierarchy… yet. Come on, Abby. You think we’re so desperate to get members that we’ll let just anyone in? Really? Is she on the fast track for membership? That’s for X to decide. Speaking of which, where the hell is he? I’m going to go see if I can find him. He should have been here by now… 

Pierce takes off, leaving the three women. 

Leona: Guess you just got your answer. Anything else? 

Abigail Chase: Not unless Piper has anything she wants to add. 

Piper takes the microphone and looks straight into the camera. 

Piper Fury: Take a good look, Corsair. This is what you deal with tonight. No Hierarchy. No Project: SCAR. No excuses. You’ve been running your mouth this past week talking about how you want to be a hero. Me? I’m happier to let my actions do the talking. Tonight, Corsair, you’re going to learn a very valuable lesson. That at one point or another… everyone… pays… the Piper. Let’s go, Leona. Time to get ready for some fun.

The lights in the arena go down slowly.   We see a sign on the Screen. 


The crowd looks at the entranceway, as they see Jaime Alejandro slowly walk out.  His hair tied back in a small ponytail.   He’s got an eye patch over where his right eye used to be. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro, who was unceremoniously not on the Christmas show… Afer the week he’s had, OG… 

Other Guy:  No kidding.  He’s lucky to literally be alive, because who knows what I’d do without picking on him and his relationship with the resident virgin… 

Jaime walks down slowly to the ring.  “Bad Company” perfomed by Five Finger Death Punch is playing over the PA as he does.  The crowd reaches out as he slaps hands on the way down.  He has his leather jacket zipped up, and his blue jeans on with his boots.  The people start cheering as he hits the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  If you find the pictures of the truck online, we have to warn you, he was hit quite hard.  His Ford F250 Extended Cab was trashed on the driver’s side. 

Other Guy:  You don’t know why it’s a miracle he’s here, unless you’ve been in a crash yourself. 

He enters the ring and Samantha hands him the microphone and hugs him.  Jaime whispers to her as she leaves the ring. 

The crowd starts chanting at him.  As he hears it, he starts nodding to them, and wipes away a slight tear. Then he holds his hand up and motions for them to calm down. 

Jaime Alejandro:  Thank you everyone.  It’s not like I didn’t almost get killed or anything… 

The crowd keeps cheering, as they do, he motions again, to let him speak. 

Jaime Alejandro:  People wonder where I was the past few weeks.   Why I disappeared.  I had a few things I needed to take care of.   My aunt, who was all of seventy-two, died from liver cancer after five years of fighting it.  Fighting it with all of the bravery that our family has always had.  She’s in a better place now.  Away from all of the evil and the pain of the world. 

Life, though, has a very funny way of things.  And so, I come home from a funeral and get hit by a tractor-trailer. The Texas Ranger asked me if I needed a doctor. I then told him, “I took on Issac Entragian in a fight willingly. He hits harder than most trucks.” To which, the Ranger just nodded and sent me on a ride with the EMT somewhere around Webb County.  I spent my time in a hospital in Laredo, Texas. 

Jaime shakes his head for a second and keeps going. 

Jaime Alejandro:  I’m going to say.  I’m going to thank the Johnson brothers.  Both checked on my as much as they could.  I’ll also thank, almost begrudgingly, Tharodund.  He may be an evil prick, but he also doesn’t want a dead opponent.  I also want to thank Sean Kygon, our favorite Kast.  He kept the communications open with everyone.  I also want to thank Laura very much and tell her that I love her very much.   She probably had to upgrade her cellphone plan from all of the calling, but still… 

The crowd starts laughing at the last statement.  Yet from here, he slowly starts into a mild scowl. 

Jaime Alejandro:  Oh, and for all of you little evil pricks that want to take me out, make your bones… None of you are Issac or a truck. I may have shortened my life… Hell, I may have shortened Laura’s life from the heart attack she nearly had. But I ain’t retiring. I’m not done YET. SCAR. Syndicate. Hierarchy. You might have taken out the Shield. The Wayward Son. The Old Man of Honor. But you know me only as the Saint. As Jaime Alejandro. There was a nickname they called me in the Army, other than Saint. They called me the Walking Riot. Because when I came, I brought Hell with me. 

You see.  All of you big bads of the SHOOT Project…  You think that you’re breaking us all.  That you’re going to remold the image of our project.  That you’re going to make us bleed.  That you’re going to make us burn.  Fuck your image.  Fuck your riots.  Fuck your beauty.  Most importantly, fuck all of you.  Kenshin said it best.  He is the Shield of SHOOT.  Cronos is the last Man of Honor.  Trey is the Wayward Son of SHOOT.  Me… I’m the Sword of SHOOT.  I pierce like steel.  I change things.  I change people.  I hurt people.  I commit violence in the name of the people who are tired of looking for heroes.  

From here, the crowd looks at him, wondering about where the vitriol came from. 

Remember that, Tommy…  Remember you used to commit violence for the people.  My my, how things have changed, Balrog.  You sold out quicker than Sinnocence giving out two for one lap dances.  Giving your services to the German.  Hope you like scheisser films.  It might remind you of all the shit you’re about to be deep in.  And hi Tanya and Cade.  Yeah, cunt.  I said your name.  I figured that I get one “C” per year, and I already wasted it.  But it’s probably not the first time someone’s blown their load early on you.  I see you got a big dumb bodyguard to take out Cronos.  That’s nice.  And how are you doing, Chance Ryan.  Glad to see you stopped being a superhero.  Too bad your sister is still a whore. 

From here the crowd gives that “oooh” sound… 

Jaime Alejandro:  You see, people, the thing of why I’m so caustic right now… I told Laura that I wanted to say my peace.  That I wanted to tell you how I really felt.  Since the police would arrest me for putting a garrote around the necks of every person who pissed me off, I figure I can just tell them.  So, Hierarchy.  Syndicate.  SCAR.  I’m not angry.  I say.  Good form.  First, I whip Tharodund’s ass.  Then, I take care of business with Cronos in trash cleanup duty. Then, Tanya, you want me like a bad date… I’m not running.  I’ll make the next match you face me and lose…   I’ll make you go on a stretcher ride.  And Cade, you’re gonna join her, punk. 

I’m sick of every one of you evil mother fuckers thinking that you’re gonna win.  You may win the cheap battle, but me… I know how to win the war.  First, we take out the traitors, then we take out the Syndicate.  Then, Project:  SCAR… Run, rabbit, run.  Until I get to the bloated King.  Eryk…  Keep it all nice and warm.  In fact, it does get much worse after Trey, if you do beat him…  A whole lot worse.  You can hire all the Mason Pierces you want to.  You can whore out all the TMBs.  You can even hire shitty tag teams or Froggies.  You, my friend, are like me.  Hanging on to a dream that you’re an immortal.  You’re not.  Nor am I.  But I will die in the ring destroying evil like you, than to retire with regret. 


Jaime slowly moves out of the ring as he drops the mic on the mat. 

Eryk Masters:  I don’t know about you, but Jaime’s not in a good mood.  I don’t think the accident and waiting in a hospital bed made it better. 

Other Guy:  You just wonder if he intends to put people in their own bed now…


The Las Vegas crowd comes alive, as the scene opens backstage to the locker room of Jonas Coleman! Dressed in street clothes, Coleman is relaxing backstage, awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Bad Ass Brotherhood. As he turns to face his lockerroom, he sees a stark white envelope taped to his locker with nothing on the front.

His face contorts into a look of bewilderment as he takes the envelope from the locker and opens it. As he sees what’s enclosed, he smirks to himself, and the camera closes in a bit more closely as it reveals a singular word on the piece of paper from within the envelope.


Jonas smiles to himself and tosses the envelope into the trash, while considering the very simple message that’s been put before him. Unfortunately, he’s interrupted.

Isaac Entragian.

Kenji Yamada.

Adrian Corazon.

He sighs.

Project: SCAR.

Kenji doesn’t say a word, he simply stands in front of Jonas. His icy blue eyes seem to stare right through Jonas, almost as if he wasn’t even there. His head tilts down ever so slightly as his eyes shift towards Isaac and then towards Corazon. His eyes shift back towards Jonas, but now… now there’s something in those cold blue eyes. His brow curls downward and a scowl manifests onto his face.

Kenji: Do it.

Entragian darts forward, managing to absorb several big-time punches from Jonas, only to clamp a hand around his throat and LAUNCH him into a concrete wall. Coleman falls to the floor with a crash, and Entragian proceeds to just blast kicks and stomps into Jonas’s ribs and torso, and Corazon joins him, both members of SCAR stomping every available appendage that Coleman has to offer.

Jonas starts to curl up into a fetal position to try and protect himself from the blows, but Entragian has none of this. The albino hellion leans down and PISTONS a hook punch into Jonas’s nose, causing blood to flow down from both nostrils. Isaac then snakes one tree-trunk sized arm around Coleman’s neck, locking on a tight rear naked choke from a crouched position.

Meanwhile Corazon starts twisting up both of Coleman’s legs, only to fall to his back while fully cinching in a figure four leg lock.

Coleman’s face starts to turn a deep and blood-flushed red, and he struggles to tear oxygen into the pinprick sized hole that his throat has become thanks to Entragian’s pallid arm. If this wasn’t bad enough, ripples of agonizing pain SHOOT up through his legs as Corazon wrenches back on them as hard as he can.

Coleman can feel Entragian’s razor-sharp teeth inches away from his ear, and with this chilling sensation traveling through his body…Entragian SNATCHES up a handful of his hair with his free hand and forces his head up so that Jonas is looking directly at Kenji Yamada.

A serpentine growl flows into his ear canal as he’s forced to stare up at the deadened features of Yamada.

Entragian: When THE SOCIOPATH PIONEER speaks to you….you will look him in the EYES…like a good little meat puppet!

Jonas Coleman: Fuck you.

Kenji stares into Jonas’ eyes for a moment, then looks past him towards Corazon pulling on his legs as hard as he can.

Kenji: That looks like it hurts, Jonas. That looks like it hurts a lot.

Kenji grabs Jonas by the chin, compressing his mouth into a small hole, making breathing even harder for him.

Kenji: What happened to all that bravado, Jonas? Weren’t you supposed to be the one that put a stop to us? What was it you said a few weeks ago? That it’s about showing us that you can stand up and fight for what you believe in? And that you never EVER stop fighting no matter how hard someone tries to muck it up?

Through a tightly clasped mouth, Jonas tries to speak.

Jonas Coleman: I’ll… fucking–

Kenji gets in real close, his mouth right next to Jonas’ ear.

Kenji: You can’t stand up if we break your legs. Every time you get up… we will be there to cut you down again. Every time you find the strength to raise arms against us… we will be there to break them so you never raise so much as a finger in protest.

Kenji laughs ever so slightly.

Kenji: We’ll make you beautiful yet, dear Jonas.

Kenji stands up, looking down at Jonas as Isaac and Corazon continue to torture him. However, Kenji notices the small piece of paper on the ground next to Jonas. Kenji bends over and picks it up and unfolds it. A loud scoff bellows from Kenji, he holds the piece of paper up so Isaac and Corazon can see it.

Kenji: HOPE, it says.

Kenji smiles and leans down to Jonas’ level, one more time.

Kenji: There is none of this for you Jonas, not so long as you oppose us. Your only chance for hope and salvation is to join us and stop this futile battle. What say you, Butcher?

Kenji taps Isaac’s forearm ever so slightly, making him loosen his grip just enough for Jonas to speak.

Jonas Coleman: …you’re a dead man.

Kenji shakes his head, ripping the letter into several pieces then sprinkles them like snow on Jonas’ head.

Kenji: Always the hard way… make him suffer for a while.

Kenji nods at Isaac, who tightens his grip even more.

Kenji: Till we meet again, Butcher.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing first.. from Mundelein, Illinois… Daaannyyy…. CORRRSAIR!!! 

Green Day’s “Redundant” booms from the speakers as the crowd roars, awaiting the arrival of Danny Corsair. He emerges from the backstage area, his usual wrestling attire being substituted for a pair of torn black jeans, a black-and-white bandanna, and a white wife-beater underneath a green army jacket. His face is a picture of absolute focus as he makes his way to the ring, pausing briefly to slap hands with some of the fans who have turned out to cheer him on. He climbs into the ring and takes off his jacket and bandanna, handing them to the ringside attendant as he makes his way to the corner, sitting on the top turnbuckle as he awaits his opponent. 

Eryk Masters: Danny Corsair’s really been making a name for himself these last couple of weeks. First the attack on Azrael Goeren- 

Other Guy: Failed attack. 

Eryk Masters: And now he’s getting back into the ring for the first time since his defeat in the Sin City Championship Series against someone that we just saw for the first time last week- someone who, let’s face it, is not exactly a person to be trifled with. 

Other Guy: Oh come on, E. Admit it- you’ve got the hots for her. 

Eryk Masters: I’m not touching that one, OG. Not with a ten-foot-pole. 

Other Guy: Corsair’s come out and pretty much put the entire SHOOT Project on notice that he’s going to be the one to clean house. Gotta give the kid credit- he’s awfully big on guts. Brains- well, that’s a different story altogether. Tonight he gets to back those words up. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Los Angeles, California… being accompanied by Leona… she is the Human Weapon… Piper.. FUUURY!!! 

The cheers suddenly go silent as static fills the arena and then… 


The thunderous drums and powerful intro riff of Primal Fear’s “Six Times Dead (16.6)” reverberate throughout the arena. Piper Fury emerges from the curtain, holding Precious high in the air as the infectious rhythm booms from the PA system. Leona emerges from the back and stands beside her.  The duo make their way to the ring, choosing to completely ignore the fans. Piper’s opted for a more practical look, her long blond hair loose and framing her broad shoulders, flowing down to her red sleeveless leather vest. A pair of black leather pants with a red dragon emblazoned on the left leg and matching black boots complete the ensemble. At the ringside area, Piper hands Precious to Leona and gets a few words of encouragement from her partner before climbing through the ropes and loosening up her neck and shoulders in anticipation of battle. 

Eryk Masters: Last week we got to see Piper Fury completely and utterly decimate an opponent that was apparently hand-picked for her by Leona. But this time she’s got to fight someone who’s considerably more competition for her. I’m not expecting anything like what we saw last week. Danny Corsair’s a SHOOT soldier. He might not be the biggest fish in the pond, but he’s one tough bugger. 

Other Guy: If he wants to survive this one, he’d better be all that and then some. I did some research on Piper- or, to be more specific, her previous incarnation in another organization- this woman is one scary broad. Last week was nothing compared to what she’s really capable of. Hell, she did some of her most brutal work right here in Vegas.  

Eryk Masters: Wait- how do you know about her previous career? Have you been holding out on me or something? 

Other Guy: It’s called research, my good man. Not to mention she let it slip earlier on in the week. And me being the brilliant man that I am, I picked up on it and did a little legwork. Now if you don’t mind, I do believe referee Linam is in the ring and we’re ready to get this shindig underway. 

Corsair hops down from the turnbuckles as the bell rings, but it’s obvious that Piper Fury isn’t waiting for things to get underway, charging the corner but missing with a right hand as Corsair ducks underneath and retaliates with a kick to the back of Fury’s right leg and backing off quickly, infuriating the six-foot-two Amazon. Corsair moves quickly on his feet as he lowers himself, getting ready to try a shoot takedown, but the second he lunges, Fury is right there to drop a forearm across the back of the neck to send Corsair to the mat! Like a cat, she pounces on her prey, raining down with some thunderous mounted punches, but Corsair is able to dodge the most brutal of the blows and locks his legs around her torso, trying to torque her over onto her back in a classic wrestling maneuver! He grabs Fury’s arm and tries to lock in an armbar, but Fury is able to break that attempt with an elbow to the side of the head that jars her arm loose and loosens his legs, allowing her to escape and get back to her feet. Corsair scrambles to get vertical, his head still woozy from that elbow and he walks right into a vicious snap suplex! Fury covers, but only gets a one count before Corsair manages to kick out easily! 

Eryk Masters: Wow… so much for trying to go to the ground. Looks as though Piper Fury has a little bit of that in her arsenal as well. This could bode ill for Corsair unless he can pull something out of his hat. He is an accomplished NCAA wrestler, so we can look to him using a lot of that style tonight.  

Other Guy: He’s got to try something, otherwise he’s gonna get murdered out there. No way in hell can he just stand there and trade strikes with her. He’s going to have to get creative- Piper’s got a considerable amount of Brazilian jiu jitsu training as well, not to mention years of Muay Thai and a little smattering of Sambo in the mix, so this girl got ground game as well. 

Eryk Masters: Okay, OG. Just HOW the hell do you KNOW all these things? 

Other Guy: I told you. Research. You might want to try it sometime. It’ll really do wonders to making you sound like you’re at least trying to do your job. 

Fury stays on the offensive, pulling Corsair to his feet and sending him to the ropes, looking to land a snap side kick that Corsair manages to evade by baseball sliding right into her knee, sending her to the mat and giving Corsair a chance to gain an advantage by quickly mounting her and looking to hook in a guillotine… but his opportunity slips away and Fury grabs the arm, kicking her legs up around his neck and slamming him down hard to the mat, hanging on to the arm and trying to hyperextend it!! Corsair’s squirming, trying to power his way out of the move, but this just makes Fury more determined to put the pressure on… Corsair reaches out with everything he’s got and just barely manages to get his hand on the rope, forcing referee Linam to order the break! Fury’s ignoring the order, increasing the torque on that submission armlock as Linam counts.. 1… 2… 3… 4… just before he hits the disqualifying five, she releases the move and gets back to her feet, taunting Corsair to get up. He gets to his feet, shaking his arm to try and get the circulation back to the wounded wing- and manages to telegraph her charge, sending her to the mat with a wicked clothesline from out of nowhere! The crowd roars its approval as it looks as though Corsair might be about to turn the momentum around in this one! 

Eryk Masters: What a clothesline from Danny Corsair! He’s still got enough wherewithal to foresee that offensive rush and turn the tables! But the question is, can he capitalize on it? He’s got the Amazon down right where he wants her, but what’s going through that brain of his? How is he going to keep her down long enough to get the three count? 

Other Guy: The question should be, can he keep her down long enough? I’ll give the kid props- that looked pretty monster. But it’s gonna take a lot more than a couple of stiff clotheslines to take someone like Piper Fury out of the game. 

That short burst of offense seems to have invigorated Corsair, and he quickly moves in as Fury is getting her bearings back, grabbing her arm and pulling her forward to deliver a wicked short-arm lariat that sends the crowd into a frenzy and Fury back down to the mat! Corsair quickly follows up with a standing leg drop and goes for a cover, but only gets the one-count before Fury kicks out. Corsair clamps on a headlock and tries to torque the neck, but he forgets to tie up Fury’s legs, allowing her to get vertical and push him off into the ropes, flooring him with a wicked spinebuster that leaves him arching his back, his face contorted in agony! Fury drops a knee across the sternum and makes a cover… 1…. 2-kickout! Fury pulls Corsair to his feet and delivers a wicked knee to the midsection, doubling him over.. she hooks his arms, but he gets into position and elevates her up and over, holding onto the arms and bridging.. 1…. 2… KICKOUT!! The crowd is roaring its approval now as Corsair springs to his feet, catching Fury off guard and waiting for her to regain her vertical base before delivering a kick to the midsection and dropping her with a jumping DDT that hits with a force that echoes throughout the arena! Corsair covers… 1… 2… thr- NO!! KICKOUT!!! 

Eryk Masters: So CLOSE!!! He’s been working on perfecting that DDT all week in training. It’s nice to see that he’s managed to execute it so well that he came within a split second of getting a much-needed victory over Piper Fury. 

Other Guy: Maybe so, but you know what they say about close. Only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Piper’s been knocked on her melon a few times before. I’m still picking her to win the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong- Corsair’s due for an upset one of these days, but I’m really not feeling today as being that day. 

Corsair’s not waiting for his opponent to get vertical again, so he’s taking advantage of the fact that he’s got Fury on the mat and grabs one of her muscular arms, maneuvering it back into a chickenwing and putting all of his weight on the hold, trying to get Fury to tap out.. but what he doesn’t notice is Leona on the ring apron shouting words of encouragement to Fury.. referee Linam notices this and warns her to get off the ring apron and stay on the floor or risk being sent back. This little exchange is noticed by Corsair, who lets up just enough to allow Fury to get to her feet and reverse the submission hold, trapping both of his arms and unloading with a trio of vicious headbutts! Corsair is staggering back, and Fury isn’t going to let this opportunity pass her by, finishing the exchange with a nasty-looking body shot that doubles her opponent over.. and puts him in perfect position for a sickening gutwrench backbreaker! She looks outside the ring at Leona, who points to the spot underneath her chin. Fury smirks and nods, turning Corsair over and mounting him, grabbing his hair and lifting his head as she places her fingers underneath his chin, yanking back with everything she’s got!! Corsair is struggling to break free, but he’s having a lot of trouble keeping his bearings with Fury’s fingers digging deep underneath his chin!! All of a sudden, she slams a wicked elbow into the side of his head and releases the hold, standing up and taunting him to get back to his feet! 

Eryk Masters: Now she’s just toying with the poor guy. Come ON, Corsair! You can DO this! 

Other Guy: Hey, numbnuts, in case you’ve forgotten, he can’t hear you. Geez, and you’re supposed to be the smart one of the bunch. 

Corsair slowly gets back to his feet, a stream of blood starting to trickle from just above his right eye. He raises his hands and motions for Fury to come and get him, and she’s only too happy to oblige, charging him, but getting caught with a belly-to-belly suplex that energizes the capacity crowd! Corsair floats through and covers, but the punishment is catching up to him, and he’s only able to muster a one count before the kickout this time around. Corsair gets behind Fury and clamps on a surfboard, the fatigue starting to show on his face.. but he’s not letting it get to him as he applies even more force, the stress of the move starting to show on Fury as well as she tries to escape.. she manages to get one knee underneath her and slowly elevates herself back to her vertical base, sending one leg back to deliver a nasty low blow that Linam doesn’t see!! Corsair releases the hold and collapses in pain as Fury regains her composure, a smirk crossing her lips as she grabs her opponent and sends him over the top rope and to the floor! Leona grabs Precious and starts making her way over to the downed Corsair, but Linam is right on top of things, putting himself in between the two of them as Leona lets him know she had no intention of getting into things. But that doesn’t stop her from tossing Precious to Fury, who has just made her way to the ringside area. Just as the California Amazon is approaching her downed prey with weapon in hand, Linam is quick to warn her about the consequences of her actions. She chuckles and hands Precious back to Leona, giving Corsair just enough time to brace himself and launch himself off the ring stairs, catching Fury with a forearm across the forehead!!  

Eryk Masters: Now THAT is justice, OG! I never thought I’d be saying this, but Thank GOD for Austin  Linam. If he hadn’t gotten down there when he did.. well, let’s just say that- 

Other Guy: He would have gotten up close and personal with Precious. And thanks to that little distraction, he’s got her down- but how much has he got left in the tank? She’s been taking a helluva lot out of him over the course of this match. I’m willing to bet a lot more than he expected to be taking from a woman. 

Eryk Masters: Without question. But don’t go counting Danny Corsair out. He may not be the biggest or the toughest around, but you cannot question his heart. This guy just will not give up. She’s going to have to put his lights out if she’s going to shut him down. 

Other Guy: Yep- and something tells me he’s going to have to do the same. 

Fury’s stunned as Linam begins the count… 1… Corsair scrambles to his feet and pulls Fury up, landing another short-arm lariat! 2… He pulls Fury up again, hooking her for another belly-to-belly, but he’s stopped cold by a headbutt that rocks him just enough to release the hold and for Fury to DDT him right onto the steel stairs!! The crowd boos as the count gets to three… Corsair’s bleeding now and staggered, but he’s still on his feet! Fury goes to whip him into the ringpost, but he blocks it and hits a second jumping DDT from out of nowhere that drives her into the ring apron!! 4… Fury’s slumped over the ring apron as Corsair climbs back into the ring and rebounds off the far ropes, looking for a baseball slide.. but Leona pulls Fury out of the way and Corsair misses the mark completely! Linam issues a warning to Leona, but the damage has already been done as Fury shakes off the assault, getting her bearings back and grabbing the downed Corsair, sending him through the ropes and following right back after. Both competitors are dazed after that assault, but Fury manages to recover just a little faster, pulling Corsair to his feet and whipping him against the ropes, waiting for the right moment to lift him up for a urinage.. but she pivots and shotputs him into the corner!! 

Eryk Masters: HOLY CRAP!! Did you see what she just DID?? He’s no flyweight- that’s just over two hundred pounds she lifted up and just chucked in that corner!  

Other Guy: I told ya. This chick’s strong and freakin’ dangerous to boot. Corsair might have bitten off a little more than he could chew coming into this match. 

Fury makes her way to the center of the ring, glaring at Corsair in the corner, trying to shake off the effects of that thunderous throw.. he slumps down in the corner, his arms bracing against the ring ropes as Fury charges…. 

… and slams a knee right into the forehead! Corsair’s eyes roll into the back of his head as Fury pulls him to his feet, hooking his arms and maneuvering him into a back-to-back inverted position… 

Eryk Masters: Oh God.. NOOOO!!!!  

Other Guy: Oh YEAHHH.. Danny Corsair is about to pay… the.. PIPER!!! 

She gets a head of steam and charges out of the corner, getting a little air and bringing Corsair down hard on his head and neck!! She covers… 1… 2… just as the hand gets to two, she removes one hand from Corsair’s chest and draws it across her throat as Linam counts THREE!!! Linam calls for the bell and goes to check on Corsair, immediately looking to the back and raising his arms in an X. 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner… Piper… FUUURY!!!! 

The crowd boos loudly as Leona enters the ring, a microphone in one hand, Precious in the other.  

Leona: You see this pile of broken and battered meat? THAT is what happens when you decide you’re going to take matters in your own hands and try to take a cheap shot against ANY member of the Hierarchy. Anybody else decides they’re going to take their liberties against Az Goeren? THIS is what you can look forward to. 

She hands the microphone to Fury. 

Piper Fury: Tanya.. Black. I know you’re in the building, and I know damn well you’re listening. I know you can hear me. I want you to listen, and I want you to listen real good. We’ve all been hearing your little diatribes as of late- you know, calling yourself the Alpha Female and all that crap. THAT.. ENDS.. NOW. Your days of being the top bitch in this place are FINISHED as of NOW. One of these days, Tanya. One of these days you and I are going to be right here in this very ring, and we’ll find out once and for all just how tough you really are. I’m tired of hearing your crap, I know Leona’s tired of it, and I’m willing to bet practically everyone in this place is tired of it too. One day your luck is going to run out. You’ll have nowhere left to run, nobody to hide behind. And when that day comes, just like Danny Boy here.. you WILL… PAY… THE PIPER. 

Eryk Masters: We’re just about ready for our next contest-

Masters is cut off by every light in the house going abrubtly black.

Other Guy: what, NOW?!

Eryk Masters: Seems we’re having some technical difficu-

Masters is again interrupted this time by a lone spolight from ontop of the Tron piercing the darkness as we get sliding fuzzy guitar. We then get the vocals of female:

"Can’t you see I’m good?"

Music explodes. Every light on top of the tron explodes to life Bathing the inside of the Epicenter in brightness. The lyrics delivered almost like a taunt.

"The Dangers of Showing

The Dangers of Showing

The Dangers of Showing

The Dangers of Showing

The Dangers of Showing"

The lights on the tron slowly begin angling down, slowly baptizing the live crowd in their light.

"Any kind of weakness"

The music begins to get faster and more frantic as the lights continue their trek until they’re pointing down. You expect to see whoever this video is made for standing underneath, but the entrance is empty. The music continues to quicken to a a blur of guitar, bass, and drums, and suddenly squawks to a halt, and the lights shut off sending us back into the darkness. The voice from the Informant Videos rasps through the PA System:

"A Soldier dedicated to bringing light into the darkness.

A Soldier who can’t do it alone.

I am no super hero.

I have weaknesses.

I can not be perfect.

BUT, I can try.

I will fall down.

BUT, I WILL get up.

In SHOOT’s darkest times…

YOU can be my strength."

And with that there the bulbs explode with brillaincy bathing the SHOOT crowd and lighting up the Epicenter for the World to see. After a few seconds, the bright lights snap off. The house lights come back on, and the crowd buzzes with confusion about what they just witnessed.


Jaime slowly goes into the locker room.  He’s looking around everywhere, when he sees Laura, with her arms crossed and glaring at him.  She doesn’t look very happy with him at the moment.  Jaime, also looks just as agitated.

Jaime Alejandro:  Go ahead.  I know what you’re going to tell me about how I should have retired after what happened.  But, sue me because I’m not.

Laura Seton: That’s not the problem.  It’s up to you if you want to keep going.  I’m more interested in why you felt the need to go off like that. 

Jaime:  I’ll go down the list.  Stein tried to rip you apart.  Cronos got the stuffing beaten out of him by a marijuano and a goof.  Kenshin got ripped apart.  I would keep going, but I’m already at my boiling point.  I stay calm for so long until I decide to do something about it… 

Laura: That doesn’t mean to go off on a tirade like that.

Laura heads towards her locker but turns to face Jaime before opening the door.

Laura: I had the idea of belatedly exchanging Christmas presents–maybe now that’s a bad idea. 

Jaime looks at her.  He almost wants to yell at her, but he decides against it.

Jaime:  Not in the Christmas mood lately…  But, I also had something hidden away for you.  I wanted to be here, but life happened.  Not how I wanted it, too.

Jaime pulls out an envelope and a larger jewelry box that he was holding on him.

Laura: We’ve gone over the accident enough.  I stressed enough already–I don’t want to again now.

She looks at what Jaime holds.

Laura: So who goes first? 

Jaime:  Well, let’s go with ladies, first…

Jaime adjusts his eye patch, as his prosthetic was damaged in the accident.

Jaime:  I also see you brought the voice of no reason…

Madison:: A voice that beat Texas A&M, thank you very much.

Laura takes the envelope and box from Jaime.

Madison:: What’s in the box? 

Jaime:  You’ll see, o loud one.  Oh, and Aaron Rodgers asked me if I can tell you to quit drunk dialing.  It’s scary.

Jaime looks at Laura looking over the box.

Jaime:  It’s not that.  Trust me.

Madison: does a rather cocky "Discount Double Check" motion as Laura opens the envelope.  She looks over the contents; a share of Packer stock.

Laura: Oh.  Well, that’s neat.

Madison:: Now you own two shares, don’t you?

Laura realizes she doesn’t sound extremely enthused.

Laura: Oh, uh–no offense, of course.  This is really cool you thought of this.  I got one from my dad in ’97, but I guess two is better than one, eh?

She pulls out an envelope of her own and hands it to Jaime as Madison reaches into the locker and pulls out a box of her own. 

Jaime:  Now you’re one step closer to your plan of sending B.J. Raji to Oakland, though.

Jaime looks at the envelope and sees…

Jaime:  And then you decide to get help in the plan, didn’t you?

As he looks at the box from Madison, he sees a picutre of Starman giving his dropsault on Fighter Hayabusa.

Jaime:  Yes, a winner is me.

Madison:: No, a loser is you.

She hands the box over to Jaime.  Laura looks confused at the exchange.

Laura: A loser is you?

Jaime:  No, that’s winner, loudmouth.

Jaime looks at the confused look.

Jaime:  Pro Wrestling, 1985.  Madison wasn’t even thought of in that year.  It was filled with more broken English than Maddie yelling at a referee.

Laura: I have a feeling I technically paid for that, all the money I lend out to her…

Madison: sticks her tongue out at Laura as Laura takes Jaime’s box and opens it.

Laura: What the… 

Jaime pulls out the rosary from the box, he looks at Laura and puts it on over her neck.

Jaime:  This belonged to my aunt.  She told me before she left the world to…  Well, she said to give it to the woman I wanted to be with.

He looks at Maddie.

Jaime:  Zip it.

And then, he slowly leans over to Laura and kisses her.

Jaime:  Now, I’ve got to go to work.  Don’t watch, because Chance Ryan and Samuel Gideon are going to have a very bad night… 

Laura: For that matter…

Laura narrows her brow and speaks with a touch of anger in her voice.

Laura: What’s the deal with you teaming with Cronos? 

Jaime looks at her, almost seriously.

Jaime:  Just business.  We’re not buddies.  We’re not friends.  But we have something in common. 

Laura: He’s the first person you thought of? 

Jaime:  Nope.  But, I didn’t exactly want to get you within 2 inches of Tanya Black…  But, I started that mess.  I’m just going to make sure that it’s cleaned up.  One way or another.

Laura: So you go to someone you make out as, well, The Devil.  Maybe I wouldn’t have fun with it but I’m able to lend a hand– 

Jaime:  You’d also get targeted by those wolves…

Jaime starts to walk out of the locker room slowly.

Laura storms over and gets in his way.  She looks quite peeved.

Laura: I guess I can’t stick up for myself, is that it?  You know–I guess we have differing definitions of the word "friend."  I thought a friend was someone that would come to you at any point for anything.  A friend would go to a friend first.  Wouldn’t a friend– 

Jaime pulls her in by the waist and gives her a kiss right on the mouth.  They look at each other for a moment, as Jaime holds his left hand back to give Maddie the finger.

Jaime:  …as someone who loves you.  Please don’t watch this, Princess.

 He slowly walks out of the locker room.  As he does, Madison: sees him take along a wooden baseball bat…

 Madison:: Don’t strike out!

 Madison: quickly steps backward, fearing Jaime may rush in at her after the wisecrack.  She turns then to her sister as Laura wipes a hand across her lips–indicating that was a close-mouthed kiss.  The sisters share eye contact and stunned looks as if saying, "Did that just happen?"


We cut to a camera feed showing a hallway leading to the parking garage. Walking down the hallway is a smirking Tanya Black, her right hand absently playing with the lead pipe it is holding, turning and twisting the pipe around as her eyes and mind are focused elsewhere. As such she is a bit surprised to see Abigail Chase walk up behind her with a somewhat confused look on her face.

Abigail: Miss Black, what is going on here tonight? You were supposed to be out of town.

Tanya: I changed my flight. Which means I need to leave so I can catch my new plane. Have to get to Toronto quick. There are two girls that need an ass-kicking.

Abigail: But why did you interfere tonight? Why come here at all?

With that Tanya stopped her march to the parking garage. Turning back towards Abigail, Tanya gives her a look that says "Are You Brain Dead" which causes Abigail to look a both irritated and a tad worried.

Tanya: You know the truth Abby dear. I am the Alpha Female which means no woman in this world is better than me, and thus by logical proxy only a couple men on this planet can stand beside me. Most are a part of the Syndicate. I Lead The Pack. I long ago appointed the Sin City Division my pack and reign over it as a Goddess.

Abigail: I understand but what is the connection?

Tanya reaches over and delicately strokes Abigail’s hair causing her to tense up wondering what the wrestler is up to. With a serene smile Tanya leans in and whispers into Abigail’s ear, the microphone barely picking it up as Abigail tries to position it.

Tanya: I spoke. The title is mine to win. Luna and Crazy Boy broke my decree. Heaven punished them.

Abigail shudders a bit at both the words and sensations from Tanya’s lips being so close to her skin. With a speed that defies expectations of even the most guarded person, Tanya’s hands grip Abigail’s hair hard and yanks her down to her knees. Abigail looks up at Tanya who holds her down with the one hand grip on Abigail’s scalp.

Tanya: This is how those two boys will see me soon enough. I Am In Charge. There will be no more defiance, just an understanding of rank and place. I don’t like causing undue harm but Business is everything. Be a good girl and make sure the stupid heretics understand I will not be tricked like this again. Booking a title match after I announce I won’t be here. How sneaky.

Abigail: I will. Please let me up. You know I respect you Tanya.

Tanya smiles sweetly again and lets Abigail go. Helping the woman up Tanya gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Tanya: I will make it up to you later. I should not lower myself by picking on those who don’t defy me. It is hard when your people keep rebelling like this. I’ll bring you a gift next week.

Abigail: It’s okay. I mean I should try and keep things professional after all. I wouldn’t want to make Jacob jealous right?

Tanya: Oh I don’t know. Some pictures of us might be just the thing to get his attention focused off the ring. Relax though, you simply do your job as the best interviewer in SHOOT Project.

Abigail: Right. This has been Abigail Chase talking with the ah Number One Contender to the Sin City Title Tanya Black who has made her presence felt tonight as we march towards Reckoning Day where current Sin City Champion Lunatikk Crippler will get the biggest challenge of his career.

Tanya: Perfect. Now I’m off. Flights to catch, heretics to enjoy abusing.

With that Tanya Black skips off down the hall like a school girl heading for the playground as Abigail Chase tries to fix her hair looking more confused than ever about what is going on around here.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a sixty minute time limit!

Other Guy: Haha! Sounds like someone has confidence in Johnny Napalm!

Eryk Masters: What are you talking about? He’s no slouch, OG!

Other Guy: Yeah, but an hour? Haha! Cade is going to make QUICK work of this kid, I’m telling you!

"Psychosocial" by Slipknot hits, and the fans begin to stir with some excitement as Johnny Napalm steps out from the back, raising his arms quickly to try and pump the crowd up even more, with a serious look of determination on his face.

Eryk Masters: Say what you want, OG, but this here is a kid with a lot of potential! He’s going to surprise you, and if Cade isn’t careful he’s going to surprise him too, and Cade will pay more for being wrong than you will.

Napalm starts down the ramp, as Samantha Coil begins her introductions.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! Hailing from South Boston, Massachusetts, and weighing in at 290 pounds! JOHNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYY NAAAAAAAAAAAPAAAAAALLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMM!

Johnny slides under the bottom rope and pushes quickly to his feet, moving toward a corner to hype the crowd up a little bit more. As Napalm climbs to the second turnbuckle, playing to the mostly cheering crowd, his music is suddenly cut off.

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: This guy is a real piece of work, he couldn’t even let Johnny Napalm finish getting his warm reception!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: You aren’t used to this by now? Really?

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: It just…it frustrates me how a young talented kid like this could just be so full of himself that he…he…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: He takes himself to the next level and gets recognized for how great he is? How dare he!

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while Cade stares out at the sea of booing fans with a small smirk on his face.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, escorts and johns alike!

The fans boo louder, but Cade whispers words of encouragement in Cassi’s ear as they start to walk down the ramp.

Cassi Ryan: Rise in welcoming the man of the hour! The prodigal son, residing right here in Sin City, gracing you scum with his presence by proxy on a daily basis! Weighing in at a rough and tough 183 pounds! He is a former two-time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

The couple reach the bottom of the ramp as Cade says something else to Cassi, which she promptly repeats into the microphone.

Cassi Ryan: And future three-time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! He is God’s Favorite Wrestler! The only reason you’re staying tuned for this match!

Eryk Masters: Well that’s a little bit too cocky, isn’t it?

Other Guy: Shhhhh! You’re being rude!

Cassi tilts her head back, the couple now at the bottom of the ring steps.


Cassi hands the microphone to Cade, as he kisses her on the cheek and whispers a few final instructions in her ear. Cade then climbs up the ring steps and steps into the ring as his music fades. He locks eyes with Johnny Napalm and holds a finger up.

Cade Sydal: This won’t take long. I just wanted you to know, Johnny, that I saw your last promotional video and I took a little bit of your advise…well, coincidentally anyway.

Cade pauses as Johnny cocks his head to the side, curious as to what Cade is getting at, and that brings a smirk to Cade’s face.

Cade Sydal: You see, you won’t need to worry about any members of the Sinister Syndicate getting involved in our match. First, and most importantly, because we don’t need to constantly get involved in each other’s matches. The Syndicate thrives on the knowledge that each of us can handle our own, and together we are even stronger. We aren’t like the rest.

Napalm begins to smile, and Cade waves his hand quickly.

Cade Sydal: I’m not done, don’t get too comfortable. Second, while Tanya Black has prior engagements, both Chance Ryan and Sam Gideon are in the back, keeping their eyes out for any would-be interlopers. You know, anyone that might want to try and get a piece of me and help make a newcomer feel good…someone like Cronos Diamante.

The fans cheer at the mention of Cade’s recent rival, and Cade narrows his eyes and his lips curl into a sneer.

Cade Sydal: Should he, or anyone wishing to follow his warped example, decide to get involved both Sam and Chance are ready to strike. And they’re some big, angry, boys…one of them is even paid to keep me personally safe, and he takes his job quite seriously.

Cade turns to smirk at Napalm.

Cade Sydal: That means they’re watching you. So, there’s that. I can’t promise you that Sam and I have the same definition of safe, so…

Cade shrugs his shoulders, still smirking at his opponent, as he hands the microphone out to Samantha Coil on the outside. Napalm looks over his shoulders, quickly scanning for anyone that looks remotely suspect, before turning back to watch as Dennis Heflin checks Cade Sydal’s ring gear for any foreign objects. Cade acting offended at the accusations, of course.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Dennis Heflin and the rest of the officials are starting to catch onto Cade’s usual tricks, and it’s about time. They just need to keep their eyes on Cassi! Or better yet, get her away from ringside all together!

Other Guy: Hey! Don’t be so hasty, alright? Look at her! Why would you want to get rid of her?! Are you…

Eryk Masters: No! Not, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but no.

Other Guy: C’mon. Would you kick her out of bed for eating crackers in it?

Eryk Masters: Eating crackers in the bed?

Other Guy: Yeah.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, I would.

Other Guy: What?!

Eryk Masters: I’m a very clean person, that drives me crazy.

As the exchange continues, Cade finally allows Dennis Heflin to pat his kickpads down. Dennis Heflin calls for the bell as Cade Sydal smirks across the ring at Johnny Napalm, who glares back at the former champ, no longer worried about the thinly veiled threats. The two men begin to circle, but immediately Cade drops to a knee and slides right into Napalm’s left ankle, grabbing it skillfully with both hands he climbs up it to trip Napalm up and take him to the canvas quickly!

Other Guy: Whoa! That was a fast single leg takedown!

Eryk Masters: Napalm didn’t even realize he was being taken down until Cade landed on top of him!

Cade quickly slides into a mount position as Napalm moves his hands to cover his face, but Cade doesn’t look to strike, instead he grabs up Napalm’s left wrist and pushes it back behind his back, reaching over his shoulder, he looks to lock in his Kimura Armbar!

Eryk Masters: Cade is going for a quick Ecstasy Bar here!

Other Guy: If he can lock it in, he could force Johnny Napalm to tap before he even gets out of the blocks!

Napalm maintains his composure, though, and gets his legs up under Cade, popping his hips enough to create a gap that he quickly pulls his body out from under Cade’s and escapes out the backdoor so to speak. Before he can turn and gain an advantage on Cade, Cade quickly steps forward to create space and turns to meet Napalm with a casual grin and a slow clap of his hands.

Other Guy: Look, E, even Cade can show appreciation for someone else’s skills.

Eryk Masters: He’s mocking Napalm. You can see it in his eyes, he doesn’t give a damn about Napalm’s skill level he just wants to feed his own ego.

Napalm stares at Cade as he takes a step away before they begin to circle again. Cade holds his left hand up high, as if calling for a knuckle lock, but before Napalm can even consider it Cade dives low again, looking for another takedown but this time Napalm sprawls out, turning his hips to the left he rolls right over Cade’s back into an Oklahoma Roll!

Eryk Masters: And a great counter to the takedown from Napalm!


Cade quickly kicks his legs and hooks his arm under Napalm’s head, he hooks one of Napalm’s legs and his hands clasp together to cradle Napalm in a pin of his own!


Other Guy: But Cade has his own reversal, E!

Napalm pushes Cade’s shoulders hard, breaking the pin and the two men scramble to their feet and meet, staring at each other again, Cade with another smirk and this time a wink at Napalm. Napalm clenches his right hand into a fist and rears it back, and Cade quickly slides backward on his feet and ducks under the top rope before peaking his head up on the other side and Dennis Heflin has no choice but to get between the two of them as Cade explains that he “only winked at him, what’s the big deal?” while Cassi runs up to the same side of the ring as Cade and starts to exchange a few words.

Other Guy: Haha, you gotta love how Cade’s getting in Johnny Napalm’s head here.

Eryk Masters: He’s definitely trying to push his buttons, trying to make him lose focus. Napalm needs to remember that that would play right into Cade’s hands, and keep his cool…for now at least.

Cade nods down at Cassi then waves for Napalm to back up, and eventually (and with some persuasion from the official) he does just that, allowing the former champion to duck back into the ring. The two men circle again, this time locking up in the center of the ring and Napalm pulls Cade into a side headlock. Cade pushes his hand against Napalm’s face, trying to rip at an eye perhaps but his intentions don’t matter as Napalm pulls harder on Cade’s neck, twisting it and bringing his hands back down to try and break the hold, but Napalm quickly pops his hips and takes Cade down with a headlock takeover!

Eryk Masters: The newcomer, Johnny Napalm, has the former champ, your boy, right in the center of the ring, on his back, OG. What do you have to say about that? With a wrestling hold no less?

Other Guy: I mean, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And look, Cade is already working on getting out of there.

Just as Other Guy says it, Cade hooks under Napalm’s leg and rolls away from him, turning Napalm over onto his shoulders suddenly!


Napalm kicks and lands right back next to Cade, but on his knee as Cade rolls back with him and pushes his own legs up and works Napalm back up to a stand before throwing forearms into Napalm’s ribs. Cade pushes Napalm off and into the ropes, popping his neck from side to side before straightening up right into Napalm as he collides into him with a big shoulder tackle off the ropes!

Eryk Masters: That’s not the way though, haha!

Other Guy: Alright, well, I’m sure he’s got a plan. Have faith.

Napalm looks down at Cade and shakes his head before running straight ahead for the ropes. Cade quickly turns his body, throwing his arms out to help as he sprawls out on his belly right behind Napalm’s feet before he hits the ropes and just as Napalm turns around Napalm is nearly tripped by the agile Sydal but manages to jump over him at the last second. Cade slaps the canvas once in frustration as he scrambles to his feet, Napalm still on the run to the other ropes, Cade stops in the middle of the ring and as Napalm hits the ropes and rebounds back Cade leaps up, looking to leapfrog Napalm or perhaps catch him with a hurricanrana, but Napalm slides to a stop on one knee under Cade’s outstretching legs and catches Cade with an inverted atomic drop out of the air!

Other Guy: Oh! I know that hurt!

Eryk Masters: Haha! Cassi’s not too happy about that either, look at her!

Cassi slaps the canvas, furiously demanding that Dennis Heflin disqualify Johnny Napalm for such an obvious low blow, to no avail of course.

Other Guy: C’mon, E! Leave her out of this!

Cade hops around a full circle, holding his groin as his face clenches up in obvious pain. Napalm takes a single step backward and as Cade completes the full circle Napalm explodes into action, driving into Cade with a huge clothesline that sends him spinning head over heels and the Epicenter rises out of their feet as Cade lands, holding his neck!

Eryk Masters: I think it got serious now, OG!

Other Guy: You’re probably right. Napalm got the opening he needed, and he laid God’s Favorite Wrestler OUT!

Napalm drops into a lateral press, hooking the outside leg as Dennis Heflin slides into position!




Cade kicks out, throwing his shoulder off of the canvas hard! Napalm pulls Cade up to his feet with him, not giving an inch as he gives Cade a stiff pair of jabs to the chin, rocking him back toward a corner before Napalm grabs him by the wrist and whips him into the opposite corner! Napalm points at Cade and mockingly shoots a finger-gun at him before running full speed ahead into the corner, looking to splash him in the corner but instead Cade kicks both feet up into his chest!

Other Guy: There you go, gather your wits Cade!

Eryk Masters: He can’t hear you.

Other Guys: He might.

Eryk Masters: Ugh.

Napalm stumbles backward as Cade turns his back to him momentarily, jumping up onto the second rope and immediately jumping up again, this time onto the top rope before leaping backward with a moonsault press, right into Napalm’s chest, catching him and riding him back down to the canvas, hooking both legs for a cover!

Eryk Masters: Whoa! That was incredible!


Cade starts thrusting his hips, lewdly.


Other Guy: Haha, and he’s literally rubbing it in Napalm’s face!


Napalm kicks out, pushing Cade away from him! Napalm starts to push to his feet but Cade doesn’t relent and he instantly lashes back at him, thrusting his right foot forward right into Napalm’s face and sending him back down to the mat! Cade takes a small step back before snapping back into the side of Napalm’s head with another kick as he tries to get back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Napalm is not going to make it an easy night for Cade, he’s not going to just give up and let him do whatever he wants.

Other Guy: He may not have a choice if Cade keeps kicking him in the skull like that. Concussions are serious business.

Cade stomps down on Napalm’s forehead once more before hitting the ropes to the side of Napalm and rebounding back swiftly, nailing a sliding knee to the side of Napalm’s head that elicits an audible “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” from the crowd. Cade puts his forearm down on Napalm’s jaw and grinds down on it as his other arm hooks a leg, covering him.



Napalm kicks out, pushing both hands into Cade’s face as he does so and sending Cade rolling backward.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he’s worrying about concussions, he’s still got some fire in him!

Other Guy: None of that fire matters if Cade is still there to extinguish it like he’s about to.

Napalm turns to try and get to his feet, but Cade is there and locks him in a typical Muay-Thai clinch. He even throws a couple knees up into Napalm’s chest before giving him a forearm to the side of the face, sending Napalm reeling back to the ropes. Cade whips Napalm off to the other side, but Napalm quickly reverse the whip and sends Cade off to the ropes instead! Napalm ducks down, looking for a back body drop, but Cade turns his body quickly and kicks through with Napalm’s attempt, backflipping through it to land on his feet!

Other Guy: See? Cade’s staying a step ahead of him!

Napalm turns around and instantly swings a clothesline, but Cade ducks under it and hits the ropes, building up speed in a split second as he rebounds back and Napalm turns, ducking low at the last second and grabbing Cade up by his leg, falling back with him to make sure he drives Cade into the canvas face first with the flapjack!

Eryk Masters: You were saying, OG?

Other Guy: … uhhh…well…

Napalm takes a moment to check his nose and mouth, which appear to be bothering him after the several stomps and knee earlier, before moving into position to cover Cade.




Cade kicks out hard again, and Napalm shakes his head slowly. Napalm grabs Cade by his head and starts to pull him to his feet slowly, but Cade quickly locks his own hands behind Napalm’s neck and drops to one knee, driving the top of his head into Napalm’s chin with a jawbreaker! Cade quickly turns and hits the ropes, building up speed, and rebounds back flying at Napalm for a flying head scissors, but Napalm tilt-a-whirls him through, driving Cade down across his knee with a nasty backbreaker!

Other Guy: Cade can’t let Napalm build up momentum like this!

Eryk Masters: What was it you said? I don’t think he has a choice, right?

Cade bounces off of Napalm’s knee and wisely rolls toward the ropes, holding his back the whole way. Napalm crawls after Cade on his knees, grabbing him by the arm he pulls Cade away from the ropes just enough to cover him by cradling his outside arm and leg together!




Cade kicks out again, and Napalm slaps his hand down on the canvas, showing a bit of frustration now.

Other Guy: Yeah, but it’s obvious that Cade isn’t going to just roll over for the new dog in the yard, either.

Eryk Masters: No one said it wouldn’t be a fight, for either of these men…well, except for Cade and you apparently, who for whatever reason thought this would be a cakewalk for Cade Sydal.

Other Guy: Well, I can’t speak for Cade but I can admit when I’m wrong. It hasn’t been as easy as I predicted, but the match isn’t over and I could still be right where it matters.

Napalm pushes to his feet before bending to pull Cade to his feet. Cade grabs the reaching left wrist of Napalm and kicks one leg under it and the other over it as he spins off his shoulders, wrapping Napalm’s left arm up with his legs and forcing Napalm down onto the canvas face first, Cade quickly wraps up Napalm’s right arm, pulling it back in a variant of the Rings of Saturn, making Napalm scream out in sudden pain as his shoulders are squeezed together!

Other Guy: Hell, I could be proven right, right here!

Eryk Masters: Napalm’s got more in the tank than that!

Napalm screams out in defiance as Dennis Heflin asks him if he gives up! Cade yells at Napalm to just give up, as Cassi yells at Cade from the outside to rip Napalm’s arm off! Napalm shakes his head, refusing to give, but he’s stuck in the middle of the ring, no ropes to break the hold in sight!

Eryk Masters: C’mon, kid! Hang in there! Fight the pain!

Other Guy: No way! He’s got nowhere to go, and there’s no way out! His shoulders will be torn to shreds if he doesn’t get out of this hold soon!

Napalm grits his teeth before bending his left arm just slightly, he suddenly kicks his hips out away form Cade just as Cade tries to pull back harder on the hold, using the momentum to roll Cade back onto his own shoulders!

Eryk Masters: There you go!



Cade kicks out, letting go of both of Napalm’s arms in order to do so, but is quick to scramble to his feet and sprint right at Napalm, diving low with a flying forearm to Napalm’s face as he tries to push up to his own feet, driving Napalm back to the canvas before he can even get off one knee.

Other Guy: Cade is vicious right now!

Eryk Masters: Because he’s not getting the easy humiliation he thought he’d get, and now he’s starting to lose focus and get frustrated himself!

Other Guy: But it’s working for him, so why are you hating?

As the announcers continue to bicker for a brief moment, Cade quickly drops to co place both hands on Napalm’s throat, pressing down as he chokes the man down into the mat! Heflin warns Cade to release the choke before beginning his count immediately, and Cade barely lets go at the count of four, and Heflin reminds Cade of how close he was to a disqualification.

Eryk Masters: If he’s not careful he’s going to hand a victory over to Napalm, and he’d only have himself to blame for that.

Other Guy: But can you really celebrate a victory in which you won solely because the guy beat you up too much?

Eryk Masters: Why not? Cade made an entire title reign out of it

Cade looks down at Napalm and plants his right foot over Napalm’s face, grinding his boot down against Napalm’s forehead before jumping up and driving the sole of his boot into Napalm’s skull with a leaping stomp. Cade drops to make the cover, no fancy hip thrusts this time as he hooks both legs deep!




Napalm kicks out

Eryk Masters: You’re not gonna get him with a stomp to the face!

Other Guy: (sarcastically) He can’t hear you.

Cade grabs Napalm by his head as he gets to his feet. Cade looks around, shaking his head at the sea of fans booing him at the moment. Napalm grabs the front of Cade’s shorts and quickly drops backward, dumping Cade through the middle and top rope and out onto the ring apron, the only thing stopping Cade from crashing to the arena floor being Cade catching the bottom rope with his left arm at the last second.

Eryk Masters: But he can feel Napalm’s wave of momentum coming back!

Other Guy: Not if Napalm can’t capitalize.

Napalm pushes to his feet, holding his chin and periodically checking his palm for signs of blood before he finds Cade pulling himself to a stand on the apron. Napalm moves to retrieve Cade and help him into the ring, no doubt the hard way, but Cade quickly drops back down and turns his body, throwing his right leg up into the side of Napalm’s head! Napalm stumbles back, spinning a full circle as he does so, and Cade grips the top rope tightly in order to springboard up and right off, spinning into a spinning wheel kick out of the springboard, right into Napalm’s face, taking him down to the canvas hard!


Other Guy: That’s it! Right there!

Cade scurries to cover Napalm, hooking both legs deep, thrusting his hips up at the sky!

Eryk Masters: You could be right! That kick was devastating!




Napalm kicks out, and Cade stares out at the crowd, his mouth open in disbelief as his hands run through his hair!

Eryk Masters: But it wasn’t! Napalm kicks out!

Other Guy: Cade can’t believe it! And neither can I!

Cade grabs Napalm by the hair, pulling him to his feet with him, despite Heflin’s admonishments. Cade lets go of Napalm’s hair as they get vertical and quickly kicks his right shin into Napalm’s exposed chest. A second stiff kick follows, followed by a third kick. Quickly a fourth, then fifth, then sixth kick snap into Napalm, the last three connect before Cade plants his foot back down and Napalm staggers into a corner, gasping for air.

Other Guy: He probably thinks he should have just stayed down, because now Cade is looking to break something!

Eryk Masters: He made it clear, he came to fight. He fully expected this, you can be sure of it, OG.

Cade snaps another kick up into Napalm’s chest, for good measure, before whipping Napalm hard into the opposite corner, where Napalm slumps and tries to catch his breath after the barrage of brutal kicks. Cade smiles down at Cassi and blows her a kiss, before pointing at Napalm and telling her this next move is for her. With that, Cade takes off running to the corner!

Other Guy: SWYG!

As Cade leaps and plants his left foot on the second rope and kicks his right foot out for his patented kick, Napalm ducks under the kicking right foot and out of harm’s way!

Eryk Masters: Napalm must have done his homework, he had that move scouted!

Cade controls himself skillfully, however, and plants his right foot on the top turnbuckle and steadies himself for just a moment before turning and leaping out at Napalm, catching Napalm with both legs and looking to fire off a hurricanrana! But Napalm spins a full circle before sitting out, driving Cade down with a powerbomb!


Napalm lays back after the impact of the move, still fighting to catch his breath.

Eryk Masters: C’mon, kid! Dig deep!

Napalm finally sits up and moves to cover Cade, pulling a leg up to hook it for extra leverage!




Cade kicks out hard!

Other Guy: Whew, that was close!

Napalm starts to push to his feet, as Cade turns to his belly and starts to push up as well. Cade cradles his head, as Napalm holds his own ribs, still feeling the recent effects of the kicks apparently. Still, Napalm catches Cade with a quick forearm to the side of the head that rocks the former champion back on his heels. Cade rocks back into Napalm, driving a forearm into him in return.

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure either of these men really want to go tit-for-tat here!

Other Guy: At this point, it’s not good for either of them, I have to agree with you.

Napalm reels back, but comes back with a quick cross. Cade stumbles back a step, before snapping into Napalm with a sudden chop to the chest! Napalm fires back with a chop of his own, before quickly stepping into Cade with a right hook! Another chop is followed by another right hook, and Cade is sent rocking back a step and a half, giving Napalm the space he needs to hit a quick trio of jabs before spinning a full circuit and leveling Cade with a discus lariat!

Other Guy: Don’t let him build momentum, Cade! C’mon now!

Eryk Masters: Looks like I was wrong, because Napalm is unloading it on Cade now!

Cade tries to scramble back to his feet as Napalm pushes off the knee he fell to when delivering the discus lariat, and Napalm meets Cade with a sudden back elbow that drops him back down to the canvas. Cade right back to his feet though and runs at Napalm this time, and Napalm turns into Cade’s charge, tossing Cade into the air for a moment in order to catch him and fall back with a HUGE Samoan Drop! The fans cheer loudly as this time Napalm hooks the outside leg immediately for the cover!

Eryk Masters: He could have him here!


Other Guy: Not like this!



Cade slips his shoulder off the canvas! Napalm quickly turns his body and gets to his feet, pulling Cade up by his arm at the same time, quickly pulling Cade into a boot to the gut. Napalm pulls Cade into a standing head scissors and starts to lift Cade up, perhaps looking for a powerbomb, but as he lifts Cade starts kicking his legs and manages to get back down to his feet! Cade grabs Napalm’s left wrist and drops to his right knee, spinning out just slightly before leaping up off his knee and throwing Napalm’s left hand out wide, giving him the opening necessary to backflip into a Pele kick, smashing his foot right into Napalm’s mouth!

Other Guy: Cade countered a powerbomb or piledriver or something, with an unbelievable Pele Kick!

Eryk Masters: But he can’t capitalize right away, he’s still feeling that Samoan Drop!

Cade crawls to cover Napalm, slowly draping an arm over his chest! The fans buzz with anticipation, on the edges of their seats.




Napalm throws his shoulder off the canvas, and Cade rolls over onto his own back, staring at the ceiling for a moment, shaking his head.

Other Guy: How did Napalm kick out!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know, but I’m glad he did!

Cade slowly turns away from Napalm, as Napalm turns away from Cade as well, both men start pushing to their feet with Cade making it there just a little before Napalm. Cade turns and leaps into the air, kicking his right foot across swiftly for the NINJAGUIRI!

Eryk Masters: Again, Napalm has the move well-scouted!

Other Guy: No!

Cade crashes to the canvas, chest first, though as Napalm ducks under the lethal kick! Cade pushes to his feet quickly as Napalm comes up right behind him with a waistlock, running Cade forward into the ropes, Napalm uses the spring of the ropes to pull Cade back as he rolls backward, right into an O’Connor Roll! Cade squirms, and Napalm leans back to bridge as Heflin slides into position to count!




Cade quickly snakes a shoulder off the canvas and shoots his hands under Napalm’s armpits and rolls backward, hooking his feet over Napalm’s shoulders before bridging back with one hand, and now Heflin counts that pin, oblivious to Cade using his free hand to grab a handful of Napalm’s ring pants!

Eryk Masters: He’s got the proverbial trunks!




Other Guy: It doesn’t matter now!

Dennis Heflin calls for the bell, and Cade quickly lets go as the furious Johnny Napalm kicks hard, Cade slides out under the bottom rope, as far away from Napalm as he can, causing Napalm to look Dennis Heflin in the face and try to plead his case there, telling Heflin that Cade had a handful of his gear, while “Almost Famous” by Eminem starts up again, and Samantha Coil makes the announcement.

Samantha Coil: And your winner, at a time of 43 minutes and 57 seconds! CAAAAAADE SYYYYYYDALLLLLLL!


The titantron suddenly cuts to static with a high pitched crackle, when the static dies out a picture of the SHOOT Project helmet logo slowly fades in. The picture cuts again to the high pitched crackling of static, the static fades and for only a moment one word shows up on the titantron before it returns to normal… 



Jonas Coleman is still being attended to by medical staff, following the assault by Project: SCAR, notices the camera in the vicinity. He IMMEDIATELY begins shouting for everyone to get away from him, and as the medical personnel scurries, he brushes his hair back, and casts a wild eyed glare into the camera.

Jonas: I want everyone… EVERYONE to listen to me.

He pauses.

Jonas: Listen to the words that I say, and listen to them right fucking now. I’m nobody in this business. I’ve ridden a serious streak of luck through Akuma Satsui, Cade Sydal, and X-Calibur. That’s why you people know me, that’s why you cheer for me, and that’s why I love and thank you for it.

Next to him, the torn shreds of the envelope with the word HOPE enclosed still sit. He looks down to them, and then back into the camera.

Jonas: I thought that was cute, that HOPE thing. Everyone’s talking about the evil in the SHOOT Project. Every single person knows what’s going on around here, they know who’s responsible for what, because the evil… the villains? They don’t hide anymore. They have no reason to.

He takes a deep breath.

Jonas: Project: SCAR just beat the fuck out of me, because I DARE stand up to them. I’ve got news… news for them… news for everyone.

Another deep breath.

Jonas: Fuck Project: SCAR. Fuck Isaac Entragian, Adrian Corazon, and Kenji Yamada. I’m done. Done playing games, done getting jumped, done sitting back and trying to pick my spots. I may not have come very far in this business… I may not be the one people look to when they need a guiding light… I’m not the shield, or the wayward son… I’m none of those things.

He grins into the camera.

Jonas: I’m. the. MOTHERFUCKING. BUTCHER. And at Reckoning Day? I want Kenji Yamada, one on motherfucking one. The people… you guys in the back, and everyone in the arena… people watching at home… it’s time we stopped filling your heads with bullshit…

…it’s time we dusted ourselves off, and it’s time that we fight.

Jonas takes another deep breath, and sits back against the wall, as the medical personnel makes their way back into the dressing room.


Cade is walking down the hallway after his match.  He sees his two big men waiting at the door. 

Cade:  Any old fucks wander around back here? 

Chance:  Nah…  I think Sam made Cronos shit his pants.  I don’t think him or the crash text mexican are gonna nut up. 

Sam Gideon nods to Cade that he didn’t see anything. 

Cade:  I don’t think Jimmy boy is going to get past the dyke’s skirt.  Besides, he isn’t getting any as is… 

The other two laugh at his jokes, as Cassi starts to lean up against Cade and starts her charm when all of a sudden, we hear clanging against the wall of the hallway. 

Cade:  What the fuck was that?!! 

Cassi:  Maybe they need to get the rats out of here, babe. 

A loud thump is heard right near them. 

???:  No, just a skanky ring rat and her retard of a brother. 

Chance looks around and gets very agitated. 

Chance:  Come on out here, you fucking wetback! 

All of a sudden, we hear a loud thump as the former Flash Dynamite cries out in pain and goes to one knee. 

Cade:  Did you injure your vagina, Chance.  It wasn’t that… 

Another blur and Chance gets a loud thump on his shoulder.  Now, Sam is standing in front of Cade. 

Sam:  Alejandro… 

Jaime moves out of the shadows and looks right at the larger man. 

Jaime:  Very astute, Samuel.  You might not be as retarded… 

Then, Jaime takes a large swing at Chance’s skull with the bat.  Chance can’t duck in time, as bat meets temple. 

Jaime:  …as this big prick. 

Cade looks incredulously at Jaime, as Sam keeps his large body in front of his employer. 

Sam:  This is as far as you go, Army boy. 

Jaime smirks at Sam, as he seems to have all of the cards in his favor.  Sam looks at him and starts asking… 

Sam:  Why the fuck are you so god damned cocky? 

Jaime:  Because you didn’t see him coming. 

Cronos whacks Gideon from behind with a lead pipe.  Cade and Cassi both look at the scene, trying to see when they can run… 

Cassi:  You fucking monsters… 

Jaime:  Says the Whore of Babylon. 

Cronos nods to Jaime, as both men look at their respective big men. 

Jaime:  You see, Cassi…  You’re not going to have any protection for a while.  I hope you enjoy feeding your brother baby food, after I’m done with him. 

Jaime puts a foot on Chance’s throat, as the large man struggles to breathe.  Cronos starts wailing on Gideon, in a bit of a rage from the previous week.  Jaime pulls up the former Avenger and pins him against the wall.  As he does, he puts the bat stock to the younger Ryan’s gut.  Chance is trying to stand up. 

Cade:  This isn’t fair.  Stop them, you big bastards! 

Gideon looks up and nails Cronos with a shot to the balls.  He moves to jump after Jaime, but Cronos trips the big man.  Chance lays in a hard right hand to Jaime’s skull.  Jaime moves back from the hard shot, only to meet Chance with another swing to the skull. 

Jaime:  You’re next, Cade… 

Alejandro starts to move towards Cade, but Sam lays in a punch to Jaime’s gut.  Chance falls over from the bat swing.  Gideon is keeping Jaime and Cronos back from getting to their quarry, as Cade takes Cassi in tow and runs away from the carnage. 

Sam:  You two fucks aren’t going anywhere. 

Jaime and Cronos nod and start laying the fists down on the big man.  Gideon is fighting back with all he’s got with hard rights and lefts.  Jaime plants a hard front kick to Sam’s face.  Cronos starts kicking with all he’s got to the sides. 

Jaime:  Looks like we’re done here. 

Cronos:  No, we’re not… 

Jaime puts a hand on the old man’s shoulder. 

Jaime:  Yes, we are… 

The camera zooms around to see Chance Ryan coughing up a bit of blood.  Sam Gideon is bleeding from the hard shots delivered. 

Eryk Masters:  What did we just see? 

Other Guy:  A beating, but Cade still got away!

We cut back to ringside as the arena lights suddenly start flashing and "Psychosocial" by Slipknot starts to play over the Epicenter’s loudspeakers. Right on cue, Johnny Napalm comes out from behind the curtains, standing at the top of the ramp with a big smile on his face. He’s wearing purple pants with matching shoes, but it’s the t-shirt that Napalm is wearing that is generating a HUGE response from the audience. The shirt depicts a picture of Azrael Goeren from Revolution 88 after Napalm’s jaunt to cash in on Patrick Kidd’s $15,000 bounty, complete with Goeren covered in food condiments and a pathetic look across his face. The bottom of the shirt features a quote from Napalm after the attack: Damn, I forgot the Sauerkraut! 

Other Guy: Oh come on, that’s just obscene! Hasn’t our Megastar suffered enough? He doesn’t need this further embarrassment! 

Eryk Masters:   If you ask me, Goeren can’t be embarrassed enough. He got exactly what he had coming to him at last Revolution, I’d say the only surprise was that Goeren didn’t receive any major injuries from all of the assaults. Can’t win them all I guess. 

Other Guy:   No major injuries, are you high?! I have it from a reliable source that Azrael spent over ten thousand dollars getting his face repaired after last week’s cowardly attacks! Shame on Danny Corsair! Shame on Johnny Napalm! Shame on Tanya Black! Shame on Donovan King! And heaps and heaps of shame on Patrick Kidd for orchestrating the whole thing! Shame! 

Eryk Masters:   How much does he pay you to stick up for him every week? 

Other Guy:   It varies from week to…I mean…nothing. 

Napalm looks to be in good spirits as he walks down the ramp, especially with the war he had with Cade Sydal earlier in the night behind him. He plays to the crowd a bit, getting a decent pop he walks over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs a mic, entering the ring as his music dies out. 

Napalm: Ok, down to business. As you can see by my t-shirt here, I think that attacking Goeren at Revolution 88 was honestly one of my more brilliant ideas. Then again I saw alot of people trying to either scare the living crap out of him or really try to put a hurt on him like I did. You know that little plan you had to avoid Patrick Kidd like the plague, Goeren? I don’t think that’s gonna happen cause the last time I checked…that bounty is still in effect!  

The crowd erupts with a barrage of cheers as Napalm paces about the ring. 

Napalm: And honestly Goeren, I got enough new and creative ideas to use on you to keep me busy for a loooooooooong time. As far as I’m concerned the beatings will continue. And as for any of your buddies who want to try and stop me…good luck trying! I know The Hierarchy’s plans to put Goeren in control of SHOOT after they take over, but honestly guys…you have a long ways to go before you get any control here…  


Other Guy:   What?! 

The crowd’s cheers give way to arena-shaking boos as the fans spot Azrael Goeren rolling under the bottom rope into the ring after making his way in through the crowd. Azrael clutches his CWC World Heavyweight Championship belt in his hands and crouches down behind Napalm…waiting…waiting…until Napalm turns around and gets BLASTED across the face with the gold title belt! Napalm collapses to the mat in a heap as Azrael quickly jumps him, ripping off his t-shirt and choking him violently with it. Goeren wickedly twists the fabric around Napalm’s neck, seething with hatred and spite. 

Eryk Masters:   Someone has got to get Azrael out of there, it looks like he’s lost complete control! All Napalm was doing was poking a little fun at Goeren! 

Other Guy:   He was threatening him!  

Eryk Masters:   Oh please! Napalm didn’t even have a chance to defend himself, we got to get someone out here to stop this! 

Azrael continues his assault, laying the boots to Napalm on the mat. Goeren digs the heel of his boot right into Napalm’s throat and uses the ropes for leverage before referees and SHOOT officials storm the ring. The lucky ones are merely pushed aside, other officials get caught in the middle of the mayhem. Azrael clears the ring and picks up the microphone, breathing heavily as he talks and points down at Napalm. 

Goeren: This is what happens when Patrick Kidd continues to play his little games in order to coerce me into a match that I have no interest in! Did any of you honestly think I wasn’t going to respond tonight?! How many men do I have to send to the hospital because of your actions, Kidd?!  

Azrael runs a hand through his stringy hair and spits in disgust. 

Goeren: Kidd took out my bodyguard Yuri in a sneak attack, one in which he wore a mask and attacked him in a public place. Then he turned my beloved SHOOT locker room against their Megastar. I’m sure he’s planning something else as we speak, so let me say this one more time for posterity’s sake.  

Azrael clears his throat and brings the microphone up to his face. 

Goeren: Nein. Nein. Sie verstehen mich? NEIN! NEIN! I will never face you in the ring Kidd! I gain absolutely nothing from fighting you again! You can’t touch me or your ass is thrown in jail! I’ve won, can’t you see? I have my son! I have my glory! I have my legacy! I will continue punishing the rest of the SHOOT project as long as you continue to harass me and my beautiful family! You have nothing Kidd, NOTHING! YOU WILL NEVER BEAT ME!  

Azrael turns his attention back to Napalm and drops a knee right into the top of his skull, continuing his assault. The crowd jeers loudly as Goeren starts to lay the boots to Napalm again, but then they suddenly turn into a giant cheer as someone comes running down the ramp. The man has a sledgehammer slung over his shoulder and is wearing black cowboy boots, black jeans, a long-sleeved baggy grey sweatshirt, black gloves and a solid dark crimson mesh hood with no holes for a mouth or nose just a thin slit for the eyes. 

Eryk Masters:   Looks like someone else wants to cash in on the bounty offered by Kidd! 

Other Guy:   Yeah, but who is that? 

The masked man seems unusually agile running down the ramp with a heavy sledgehammer as he slides into the ring and pops up to his feet just as Goeren turns around. Goeren looks at the masked man and it’s like he has seen a ghost. He takes a step back, but the beaten body of Johnny Napalm is behind him and he stumbles before falling down to the mat. The masked man takes a step towards him, switching the sledgehammer to the other shoulder. Goeren nervously backpedals with his hands but unfortunately backs himself right into the corner turnbuckle! The masked man reaches back with his free hand and pulls a piece of folded paper and a pen out of his back pocket and tosses it on the mat in front of Goeren. 

Eryk Masters:   It looks like whoever it is wants something more than money… 

Goeren looks at the paper and pen and shakes his head and screams something vulgar in German. He then attempts to roll under the bottom rope but as soon as he moves the sledgehammer smashes down hard on the mat right in front of him. He starts to head to the other side but it crashes down again.  

Other Guy:   Come on, where are all of the SHOOT officials now?! This maniac has Goeren at his mercy! Get in there and stop this! 

After taking a moment to consider his options, Goeren angrily reaches out and grabs the paper and pen. He quickly scrawls something at the bottom, crumples it up and throws it back at the masked man. The pen bounces off him and to the mat but he catches the crumpled paper with his free hand and turns away, leaving the ring slowly with Azrael staring back at him in a rage. 

The masked man quickly makes his way up the ramp with the sledgehammer slung over his shoulder. The hooded man steps behind the curtain and into the back before the curtain moves again and Patrick Kidd steps out onto the ramp wearing blue jeans and a "Red Hot" Ray Wilmott t-shirt. The crowd explodes upon seeing Kidd as he smiles out at all of them in appreciation. In his hand he holds the paper Goeren had scribbled on and then crumpled. He smooths it out as he makes his way toward the ring. Goeren comes to his senses and rolls out of the ring, hopping over the guardrail and exiting the same way that he entered the arena.  

Kidd motions for a mic as he slides into the ring and checks on Johnny Napalm. Napalm sits up holding his head as Kidd takes the mic and holds the paper up. 

Kidd: You can run Goeren, but your time is up. I will see you at Reckoning Day! There will be no pinfalls, no submissions, just your blood on my hands!  

The crowd cheers as Kidd puts the contract back in his pocket. Kidd then helps Napalm to his feet and helps him to the back. He takes one last look at where Goeren escaped into the crowd as he steps behind the curtain and into the back. 

Other Guy:   This is ridiculous, we in the legal profession call this strong-arming! Azrael was threatened by that hooded psychopath to accept Kidd’s challenge! There is no way this will hold up! 

Eryk Masters:   First off, I cringe at the thought of you being a lawyer. Second off, for all of Azrael’s bluster he sure did buckle fast and sign that contract when push came to shove. I doubt even Goeren could weasel his way out of this one! 

Other Guy:  This is a black day for the SHOOT Project. SHAME!



A soft shroud of golden illumination shines down from the rafters, and this lighting is directly followed by the opening chords to “The Fire” by John Legend & The Roots. 

The Undeniable steps out to greet the crowd while nodding his head in appreciation. The fans scream and shout with blatant adoration, and Jun just grins as he starts to make his way down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 204lbs, he hails from San Diego, California….THE UNDENIABLE, JUN KENSHIN!!!  

Eryk Masters: The Shield of SHOOT Project looks primed for battle tonight, OG. This man will never back down from a challenge, and that’s part of the reason the fans love him so much. 

Other Guy: I respect him just as much as these people, Eryk. Entragian and Kenshin went to the absolute limit last week, and Jun suffered some pretty severe damage to his throat. He’s had some time to heal since then, but I have to imagine that area is still sore and giving him some trouble. 

Eryk Masters: He’ll push through the pain though, because that’s what a real athlete does. I imagine that great white shark we call Entragian will look to target that throat yet again here tonight…because it’s well known that he can smell blood and weak spots from miles away… 

Jun climbs up into the ring and begins stretching while waiting for his partner and opponents. 

“Send For The Man” by AC/DC starts to blast out through the audio system, and the fans unleash a collective ROAR for The Hardcore Outlaw! 

Diamond Del Carver steps out into a gleaming spotlight with his Iron Fist Title proudly draped over one shoulder. He scuffs his motorcycle boots against the top of the ramp a few times, and then the hardened veteran starts to lope his way down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second…hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, he weighs in at 234 pounds and is the reigning and defending SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPION: “THE HARDCORE OUTLAW" DIAMOND DEL CARVER!  

Eryk Masters: This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is a legend among legends. One of the most decorated veterans to ever grace a SHOOT Project ring… 

Other Guy: He’s one of the greats, Eryk; there is no doubt in my mind about that. His legacy precedes him, and he’s probably one of the most influential figures to ever compete in this business. 

Eryk Masters: Know what else, OG? He’s happy right now. I had a chance to talk with Carver earlier tonight, and this man is pretty much loving life. He told me his relationship with a young woman named Alyssa has really changed his outlook on things, and he can’t think of a time in his career when he’s felt this fulfilled. 

Other Guy: I had a chance to meet DDC’s new gal as well, and I have to say that I’m happy as hell to see Carver in good spirits. Diamond Del Carver has certainly battled with various demons over the history of his storied career, but it’s almost like an angel has entered into his life now…and he’s enjoying every precious moment he and Alyssa share together. 

Eryk Masters: It’s nice to hear a feel good story like that now and again, especially when you consider that SHOOT Project has been existing under a bit of a black cloud lately with all the tyranny perpetrated by groups like SCAR, The Hierarchy, and The Sinister Syndicate. 

Diamond Del Carver slaps a few hands as he nears the apron, and he slowly enters the ring and hands off his championship belt to the official. He offers Jun Kenshin a brief glance, followed by a nod. 

Other Guy: It’ll be interesting to see if these two men can operate as a team tonight. They’re not friends, and they’ve been at each other’s throats in the past…so let’s hope they can find some collusion in the face of the larger threat coming their way. 

Eryk Masters: I think horrible people like SCAR can bring even the worst enemies together. Seems like just about everyone on the roster hates that group equally… 

One by one, the lights snap off in The Epicenter with a sound like a shutter clicking closed. After a few seconds, the arena is bathed in darkness. 

Two HUGE bursts of hellfire trigger on both sides of the top of the ramp, and Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil” follows the pyro. 

SCAR’s Pale Rider steps out from behind the curtains in all of his seven foot glory….and the crowd becomes instantly venomous, jeers and shouts coming from all sides of the arena.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 320lbs, he hails from Mideon, Nebraska….representing Project: SCAR…THE ALBINO ABOMINATION….ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!! 

Eryk Masters: Ever watch any of those exorcism movies, OG? Movies like The Devil Inside, The Rite, The Last Exorcism… 

Other Guy: I’ve seen a few. Those films give me the creeps… 

Eryk Masters: That’s what immediately comes to mind when I see this walking horror show we call Isaac Entragian. He strikes me as the type of man who is possessed by just about every damn demon that ever crawled or slithered across the brimstone of Hell. 

Other Guy: That’s actually kind of poetic. I’ll tell you one thing right now…in my personal opinion…this man is the baddest son of a bitch to ever walk through a SHOOT Project hallway. It doesn’t hurt my pride one bit to admit that he scares me practically shitless. 

Eryk Masters: And I’m just now noticing that he has a microphone….for any parents with children watching at home, now would probably be a good time to cover their ears… 

Entragian stands at the head of the ramp while soaking in every bit of negative attention that he can, and after favoring the crowd with a harsh grin for a few seconds, he finally brings the mic up to his pallid lips.

Entragian: Ladies and gentlemen of The Epicenter, cocksuckers and cunt-rags of ALL shapes and sizes…I’ll ask that you bring your attention…to ME. 


Entragian: Booo-motherfucking-hoooooo you infantile tit-babies! I happen to be the bearer of some VERY interesting news, so I’ll suggest that you fine folks simmer your asses down. The answer to a certain burning question just happens to be resting on the tip of my tongue….the key that unlocks the mystery of SCAR’s newest blood-brother… 

The crowd takes the bait slightly…most of the boos becoming hushed as Entragian scans hundreds of curious faces in the crowd.

Entragian: Mmm. Much better. Good boys and girls are ones who get the lollipops, never forget that. Who’s ready to see the NEW member of Project: SCAR??? There’s been speculation….rumors have been running rampant…who wants to see THE MAN himself….RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE!! 


Entragian throws one arm up while gesturing to the crowd, and he actually manages to work a fairly loud cheer out of the masses in attendance.

Entragian: YAY!!!!! Exciting, isn’t it? Raise your hand if you have a fear boner…don’t be shy!! Well enough talk folks…the great unveiling is at hand….prepare to meet the final cog in the machine of SCAR… 

You talking heads in the back….give me DARKNESS. 

The very moment Entragian requests it, The Epicenter is bathed in a shadow-like gloom. This brings a typical cheer of excitement from the stands, and most of the fans in the crowd stand up to get a better look.

Entragian: Count it down from FIVE. I want full participation from my pupils….there might even be a gold star in it for the LOUDEST voice. 

Isaac starts the count himself, and although the crowd is reluctant to join him in any fashion….the group dynamic wins out and the chant starts thanks to the sheer curiosity building in the arena.






A creeping red glow suddenly blankets the arena. 

Immortal Technique’s “Point Of No Return” follows. 

And the last image to appear on the SHOOT Video wall is that familiar smiley face drenched in blood. 

Adrian Corazon walks out from behind the curtains with a huge self-satisfied smirk on his face, and he mouths the words “WHO ME?” while going to stand at Entragian’s side.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he weighs in at 220lbs, from Mexico City, Mexico…SCAR’s BLACK DEATH….ADRIAN CORAZON!!! 

The crowd’s tentative cheering turns to OVERWHELMING, ARENA-SHAKING BOOS!!!! Some of the braver fans in attendance even start to hurl small bits of trash at the team of Entragian & Corazon. 

Meanwhile, Entragian is laughing himself practically hoarse. He slings one giant arm across Corazon’s shoulders, and Adrian laughs right along with him. 

Isaac barely manages to compose himself, bringing the mic back to his lips to address the crowd through his huge, shit-eating grin.

Entragian: Heh….heh….you STUPID FUCKS actually thought we’d reveal the new member of SCAR? Where’s the FUN in that? We just wanted to pull on your puppet strings just to show how fucking EASY it is to do so! 


Entragian pauses while gathering himself, his eyes still swimming with good cheer.

Entragian: Truth is….SWINE of your caliber aren’t worthy of being graced with the presence of SCAR’s newest blood-brother. You people are nothing but LIVESTOCK…mooing and quacking and snorting like the lowbred creatures that you are. SCAR transcends you all, and until you’re remade in OUR image…you aren’t WORTHY of seeing our new friend. 

We’ll save his debut for a crowd that actually DESERVES the privilege of laying eyes upon his blood-anointed face. 

The booing continues, and a new chant is interspersed along with it.




Entragian looks to Corazon with one final chuckle, a tear of amusement dripping down from one eye while he points down to the ring.

Entragian: Look at CARVER!! He’s just as perturbed as the rest of these cattle. Looks like he just dropped a five pound turd in his adult diaper! 

Carver shakes his head from inside the ring, and he beckons with one hand for Entragian to bring his albino ass down to the ring so he can smash a boot into his head.

Entragian: I’m afraid to come down there, Del! I’ve never wrestled a soiled geriatric before….can anybody lend me a pair of plastic gloves?!?! 

Isaac casually spikes the microphone down while grinning ear to ear, and he and Corazon begin to saunter down the ramp while the crowd literally unleashes their own version of HELL. 

Eryk Masters: These rotten….shameless….BASTARDS. I really hate SCAR, OG. I don’t think I say that enough…so please let this be irrevocably clear on the record…I…HATE…SCAR. 

Other Guy: Typical stuff from SCAR. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. I’m not super surprised to see this black-hearted vulture Corazon strutting his way down to the ring….we all remember how he jumped Kenshin last week after his match with Isaac. 

Eryk Masters: I was hoping some light would actually be shed on who this mystery member of SCAR actually is, but it’s clear that these deranged snakes seem intent to leave us with more questions than answers. 

Corazon & Entragian finally make it to the apron, and Isaac remains outside while Corazon steps in to start the match off against Jun Kenshin. 

The two rivals stare each other down for a moment, and then the bell rings with a clang…signaling that the match is OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! 

Corazon runs forward while looking for a punch, but Kenshin goes low and sweeps the legs right out from under him. 

Jun then falls to the canvas and pistons an elbow into Corazon’s black heart, forcing a cry of pain from SCAR’s Black Death. 

Corazon quickly scrambles up to his feet while holding one side of his chest, and he swings out with a wild clothesline directed at Jun’s throat…BUT KENSHIN CATCHES HIM AROUND THE WAIST AND SMASHES HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! 

Eryk Masters: OUCH! Corazon landed right on the back of his neck. Crossing my fingers hoping it does permanent damage…. 

Corazon holds the back of his neck and quickly scoots backwards, managing to slap the outstretched hand of Entragian. 

Isaac steps over the top rope and enters the ring, and Kenshin nods….then leans back and slaps the hand of Diamond Del Carver, bringing the old enemies face to face. 

Entragian immediately runs forward and tries to take Del’s head off with a bicycle kick, but Carver ducks the attempt….and when Isaac turns around, Del starts to LIGHT HIM UP with chops. Entragian staggers back as his chest turns a nasty shade of red…and we actually see a few beads of blood brought up to the surface thanks to the sheer FORCE of Carver’s chops. 

Entragian manages to bounce off the ropes, looking to score with a big-time right hand…BUT CARVER SIDESTEPS AND PLANTS ENTRAGIAN INTO THE CANVAS WITH AN ATOMIC DROP!! 

Other Guy: Wow. SCAR having a hard time even getting out of the starting gate here….I’m surprised to say it…but the unlikely team of Kenshin & Carver are DOMINATING this match. 

Eryk Masters: I’m getting a vibe, OG. Maybe the weight of all that suffering and pain they’ve caused is finally gonna bounce back on SCAR and break their backs here tonight! 

Other Guy: Karma is a fickle mistress…. 

Entragian falls to the canvas and starts to crawl towards his corner, but Carver is right there to send HUGE kicks and stomps into Isaac’s gigantic body. The motorcycle boots fall again and again, unrelenting….until the assault finally ends with a STRAIGHT kick to the side of Entragian’s face. 

Spit flies from Isaac’s lips, and Carver drops down for a cover.


Before the official can even finish the count, Corazon jumps over the top rope and starts to drive clubbing blows into the back of Carver’s neck. 

The referee struggles to pull him back and get him back to his corner, but Corazon has none of it. 

Entragian’s managed to get halfway up himself…and he just starts blatantly CHOKING Carver with one hand while Corazon continues to pound down the clubbing blows. 

Other Guy: The referee is losing control in there, Eryk….this is turning into nothing but a tooth n’ nail fight… 

The official continues to berate both members of SCAR, and now Kenshin enters the ring, and the referee has clearly had enough. 

He twirls a finger at the timekeeper, and the bell rings several times.


The Soldiers in the ring don’t even seem to take notice of this announcement, and the battle continues. Corazon steps up and turns around…. 

…only to find himself face to face with Jun Kenshin. 

Corazon sneers and LAUNCHES out a superkick, but The Act Of Reality sails right over Kenshin’s head without connecting…and when Corazon turns around to try again… 


Eryk Masters: HEAVEN’S BLADE!!! This is chaos, folks. The match is out the window…and this ain’t nothing but a brawl we’re witnessing right here. 

Corazon flies back so violently that he flips over his own neck and lands on his stomach, unmoving. 

Entragian sees his comrade fall, and he pushes Carver away and rises up to his feet while heading straight for Kenshin…BUT JUN SPRAYS A NOXIOUS GREEN MIST DIRECTLY INTO ISAAC’S EYES! 

The albino screams out curse words and scrubs at his own face with both hands, his legs stumbling as he spins around and tries to clear his vision of the vile liquid.


Before this obscenity can even fully leave Isaac’s tongue…DIAMOND DEL CARVER IS UP AND HE SLAPS THE TASTE RIGHT OUT OF ISAAC’S MOUTH!


Isaac stumbles to the side….RIGHT INTO HEAVEN’S BLADE! The superkick clips his jaw and sends the monster reeling backwards… 

But he’s spun around once more, and Carver locks both arms around his neck…BEFORE SPIKING THE ALBINO INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE DIAMOND CUTTER!!


Eryk Masters: I’m…SPEECHLESS!! Kenshin & Carver are cleaning house right now…SCAR is finally getting the ass whupping they so desperately deserve! 

The crowd is cheering so loud it seems like the very walls are trembling, and Kenshin & Carver continue to exact vengeance. 

Kenshin tosses Corazon into one of the turnbuckles and starts to send nasty-sounding kicks into his torso…and Carver has mounted Isaac in the center the ring and he’s in the process and sending rights and lefts down into the sinister features of The Ivory Terror.




Darkness Falls. 

The crowd becomes a hushed, murmuring mass of humanity….their chant dying and transforming into whispers. 

The SHOOT Project Video Wall hums with static, and a strange video starts to run on a loop.

Harvest moon. Red and bloated. 

The desert is cold. The cacti cast long, sinister shadows. 

Campfire blazes. 

The ghost of a silhouette standing with his back to the camera. 

Nude as the day he was born, hair scraggly and unkempt about his back. 

Rabbit skinned and roasted. Flesh sizzles. 

A plate on a table adorned with black candles. 

Slabs of raw steak piled high atop the plate, while flies hover and circle. 

Something howls in the sanctity of the night. 

Perhaps a coyote. Perhaps a man. 

A large hand with ragged fingernails is seen caressing the chest of a hairless boy just barely eighteen years old. 

A face consumed by shadows, eyes that pierce and capture. 

Spittle drips down into the coarse hairs of a beard. 

Stones fall into the frigid mouth of a river. Stones black as coal. Blacker than coal. Stones of granite glass, cooled lava. 







More static, and a single image appears on the SHOOT Video Wall. 

A stone, black and sharp, glistening like glass.  

An obsidian stone. 

The camera focuses on the head of the ramp where a spotlight has fallen, and amidst the creeping ground mist from the curtains, there stands a hulking brute of a human being. 

His eyes burn in his head like living embers, and a coarse and scraggly beard adorns the lower half of his face. 

His upper torso is bare, and sweat drips down past columns and ridges of unrelenting muscle. 

Eryk Masters: OM MY GOD! That’s….that’s OBSIDIAN!!! 

Other Guy: Excuse my language, but HOLY SHIT! It’s been years since we’ve seen Obsidian…for those who are seeing him for the first time; this man is as animalistic as they come. 

Eryk Masters: That’s putting it lightly, OG. The destroyer from the desert….a nomad with insatiable appetites…he’s all of these things and more… 

Other Guy: And above all else…he is a CARNIVORE. Something has called this predator up from hibernation…and the very thought makes me cringe… 

Obsidian stalks down the ramp and the lights come up in the arena, and he wastes no time sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. 

Kenshin turns around to attack, but he’s met with a clothesline across the throat that TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT!! Kenshin lands right on his face, and his body becomes still. 

Carver is up next with one fist cocked back, but Obsidian latches right onto his throat…and with Diamond Del Carver’s arms swinging wildly…OBSIDIAN FIRES HIM UP INTO THE AIR AND CHOKESLAMS HIM SO HARD THAT CARVER BOUNCES A FEW INCHES AFTER HITTING THE CANVAS!! 

Eryk Masters: There was sun shining in Las Vegas tonight, SCAR was getting torn apart….but with the arrival of this man, it’s like a total solar eclipse. The blackness reigns yet again, and the light has been snuffed out…. 

Other Guy: I guess the speculation is over, Eryk. The fourth member of Project: SCAR stands before the eyes of the world right now…and if you thought SCAR was bad enough already…just IMAGINE what the inclusion of this beast will do for this group. 

Eryk Masters: Dark times, OG. That’s all I can say about this. If I was a religious man….now would be the time where I drop down to my knees and pray for SHOOT Project….because never have I felt more hopelessness than I’m feeling right now. 

Bodies decorate the canvas. Obsidian stands in the dead center of the ring, his dark eyes wide and full of new life. Entragian & Corazon slither up to their feet like snakes, and Obsidian takes hold of the wrists of both men….proceeding to raise them up as high as he can. 

SCAR stands tall. 

The final shot of the night showcases the carnivorous face of Obsidian, his mouth stretched up into a grin while his lower lip shines with spittle.