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Revolution 90 – 1/16/2012

Eryk Masters:  We’re broadcasting live from the SHOOT Epicenter, as we’ve got the cameras in the hallway of the Epicenter.  Good evening everyone, I’m Eryk Masters. 

Other Guy:  And I’m the Other Guy.  Keeping SHOOT real. 

Eryk Masters:  Real dumb…  Regardless, we have an action packed evening.  First, we open the show with Jaime Alejandro vs. Issac Entragian. 

Other Guy:  Then we’ve got deaf vs. dumb.  Danny Corsair vs. Johnny Napalm. 

Eryk Masters:  I can’t take you anywhere, man…  Middle of the show is Cronos Diamante/Lunatikk Crippler vs. Cade Sydal/Tanya Black. 

Other Guy:  Then we have the bromance battle.  DDC vs. Patrick Kidd. 

Eryk Masters:  We’re rounding it all off with Obisidian/Kenji Yamada/Corazon vs. Jonas Coleman/Maya Nakashima/Jun Kenshin.  And it all starts with this… 

Jaime Alejandro is walking out of the locker room.  As he does, he pulls out an envelope with his name on it.  He opens the letter and it shows only one word. 


Jaime:  It starts tonight… 

He holds up his taped fists and on both arms we see on his right hand the number of 15.  On his left hand we see, “HOPE.” 

Jaime: …And it will never end.  Get ready, Issac. 

He puts the note out in front of the camera.  The crowd starts cheering wildly and chanting his name. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro also with that HOPE letter, OG.  And he’s promising that it’s not going to end. 

Other Guy:  After last week, is he going to be enough, Eryk? 



“Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch starts to blast out of the Epicenter audio system, and the crowd starts bursting into sporadic cheers from all sides of the stands. 

Jaime Alejandro steps out from behind the curtains, and the cheering intensifies, the Las Vegas fans showing great respect for the decorated veteran. 

Jaime wears camouflage pants and combat boots along with a plain black tank top, and the expression on his face is one of hard determination.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 265lbs, he hails from Mexico City, Mexico….JAIME ALEJANDRO!!! 

Eryk Masters: Jaime is going to WAR, OG, and he looks absolutely driven tonight. This man is a soldier in every sense of the word, and he’s going to look to use that sharp military mind and his peak physical conditioning to take Entragian down. 

Other Guy: I have tremendous respect for this man. He’s been through some personal strife, but tonight he’s not thinking about that, his thoughts are focused on hobbling SCAR and taking out one of the most infamous human beings to ever grace a SHOOT Project roster. 

Alejandro makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, and he slaps the hands of several fans as he nears the apron. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, and he stands to await his opponent while cracking the knuckles of both fists. 

The lights snap off in the Epicenter, one by one, each with the sound of a shutter clicking shut. The darkness rules for a few moments, and then two huge blasts of hellfire erupt from opposite sides of the ramp. 

Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil” follows the pyro, and before the man himself can even show himself, the fans in attendance start to roar with displeasure.





Entragian finally emerges from behind the curtains, and he throws his arms up while favoring the crowd with a crocodilian grin.

Entragian: AWWW! Such LOVE!!! My fair city…sing those hateful lullabies!!

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, weighing in at 320lbs, he hails from Mideon, Nebraska…representing PROJECT: SCAR….THE ALBINO ABOMINATION…ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!! 

Eryk Masters: Once again…we have to suffer through this man’s presence. Shameless in his own hideousness, freakish on the outside, and purely demented on the inside. He spits poison from his lips with each word that he speaks… 

Other Guy: He carries himself with the eloquence of a preacher, but the only sermons he ever gives are layered with vile megalomania. Isaac is about as mentally sick as a person can EVER get…  

Entragian stalks his way down the ramp, taking his time to mouth off to pretty much every fan he passes. He finally reaches the apron, proceeding to step into the ring over the top rope. 

Alejandro & Entragian lock eyes from opposite sides of the squared circle, and the bell rings with a loud clang, signaling that we’re OFFICIALLY underway. 

Jaime and Entragian meet in the dead center of the ring, and Alejandro starts to send palm strikes into Isaac’s abdomen, strike after strike, most of them landing to the kidneys. 

Entragian counters with a huge right cross that staggers Jaime, but Alejandro comes right back, and this time he just starts to blast elbow after elbow into the side of Isaac’s head….the monster staggers, and Jaime pauses only to spin himself around and SMASH the albino in the face with a discus punch. 

The impact knocks Entragian back into the ropes, but as he bounces off he fires back and PISTONS one of those lethal uppercuts into the shelf of Jamie’s jaw, forcing the veteran to fall down to both knees. 

Eryk Masters: Those were some big-time strikes utilized by both men. You could hear them all the way through the arena… 

Other Guy: Alejandro is one of the only men on the roster who can go fist for fist with Entragian, and that’s saying something in and of itself. 

Entragian locks both hands around Jaime’s throat, and he hoists him up into the air with a standing two-handed choke. Alejandro starts to gag against Isaac’s grip on his throat, but he manages to send a straight boxing-style jab into the monster’s nose to break the hold. 

Jaime falls back to his feet, and he promptly takes a step back and LAUNCHES a yakuza kick which connects with Isaac’s shoulder joint and spins him down to one knee. Jaime follows up by grabbing Isaac’s neck, only to flip his big body down to the canvas with an impressive snap suplex. 

Jaime floats right into the cover from the suplex.




Other Guy: Just a taste of the strength you can expect from Jaime Alejandro. Entragian pushes the 300lb mark, and Jaime still manages to bull him around the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Entragian’s not used to be tossed around in there….because it’s usually him that’s doing the tossing. 

Jaime reaches down and starts to pull Entragian up, but the monster manages to palm the back of Jaime’s head and SLAM it into the canvas. Entragian then starts to just HAMMER axe handle smashes into Jaime’s upper back, targeting the entire length of the spinal column. Alejandro falls all the way to the canvas, his face etched with pain, and Entragian responds by LEAPING up into the air only to drop a 300lb leg drop right across Jaime’s upper spine. 

Alejandro’s mouth stretches wide with anguish, and he rolls to the side with both hands going to his ailing back. 

Eryk Masters: That was sickening to watch. Jaime Alejandro was just in a life-threatening vehicle accident recently…he spent some time in the hospital as a result, his back taking most of the damage in the accident. Entragian knows this, and like the rabid hyena that he is….he’s doing everything he can to aggravate that injury. 

Other Guy: I imagine having a super heavyweight drop a leg across your spine is NOT a good feeling when you’re on the road to recovery… 

Jaime crawls towards one of the turnbuckles while trying to massage his back, and he manages to pull himself up to a vertical base. Entragian moves in to continue the assault, but with a sudden burst of speed Alejandro darts from the turnbuckle and drives a HIGH KNEE into Isaac’s face! 

Entragian is knocked all the way down to his hands and knees by the impact, and Jaime moves right in, locking him up around the waist and forcing him back to his feet….ONLY TO SNAP ENTRAGIAN BACKWARDS WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! 

SCAR’s Pale Rider sails across the ring, his huge body crashing down like the fall of some great statue, and both hands immediately go to the back of his neck after touching down. 

Eryk Masters: MY GOD. That was just….awesome. The strength and willpower of Jaime Alejandro NEVER fails to shock. 

Other Guy: Did you hear that crunch?? Entragian landed right on the back of his neck! 

Jaime goes for a quick cover on the fallen giant.




Other Guy: SO CLOSE! Entragian is in serious trouble right now… 

Alejandro gives the monster no time to rest, he pulls him up to his feet and then he starts to tangle him up…BEFORE LEANING BACK WITH AN ABDOMINAL STRETCH!!! 

A nasty growl of pain and rage flows from Isaac’s mouth, and he starts to struggle against Jaime’s grip…but the hold is applied so perfectly that Entragian has very little wiggle room. 

Eryk Masters: This is just a simple, effective maneuver…and it does a great amount of damage. Just imagine the feeling of your stomach lining stretching as someone pulls and pulls at you… 

Other Guy: It’s like being caught in some old medieval torture device. And if there’s anyone who deserves to pay for his sins by being confined to such a device…it would definitely be Entragian. 

Entragian’s face is starting redden with agony….but beneath that, the anger is building too. Jaime pulls back even harder to maintain control, but suddenly, in a purely wild display Entragian just starts to BASH the back of his skull into Jaime’s face over and over again…until he’s finally forced to release the submission hold. 

Jaime staggers back, and we see that his nose has been busted wide open along the bridge, blood trailing down across his face in a slow trickle. 

Isaac measures his man, and then he leaps…ALMOST BEHEADING JAIME WITH A BICYCLE KICK!! 

Eryk Masters: Mark Of The Beast! Entragian looks….furious right now. I could say that he looks like a possessed man who is suffering from the rabies virus…but even that wouldn’t do it justice! 

Other Guy: He’s just a big, mean bastard, Eryk….and it only makes matters worse when he’s pissed off. 

Entragian stalks right over to Jaime’s body on the mat, and he SCRAPES him up…only to rudely wrap his neck up and LIFT him perfectly vertical in the air…BEFORE SENDING HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A RING-ROCKING JACKHAMMER!!! 

Other Guy: WHITE DEATH SCORES!!! Entragian’s going for the pin!




Jaime kicks out at the last second, both hands refocusing on his upper back. 

Eryk Masters: That was insane impact at the hands of this…monstrosity. 

Other Guy: Jaime’s back has gotta feel like it’s on FIRE right about now… 

Entragian lords over Alejandro for a moment, and then he leans down and RIPS Jaime’s tank top open along the back. He looks up the crowd for a moment, eyes gleaming…AND THEN HE DRAGS THE TOP ROW OF HIS TEETH ALL THE WAY DOWN JAIME’S BACK!!! 

Jaime vocalizes a HUGE howl of pain, and he throws himself away from Entragian. The cameras zoom in, and we see terrible shallow slash marks trailing down Jaime’s back along his spine….each one dripping with plasma. 

Entragian turns to the camera, malignant laughter rumbling up through his belly.


The referee starts to scream at Entragian and admonish him, and The Ivory Terror just grins in response….his teeth stained with blood. 

Eryk Masters: COME ON NOW!! What the HELL is wrong with this human being, OG?? Does he not have a heart in his chest?? God…he just DISGUSTS me… 

Other Guy: I’m right there with you. Using those razor-sharp teeth as an unfair advantage…there is NO low that Entragian won’t sink to in this business to get what he wants. 

Jaime’s hand goes to his own back, trembling, wiping at it…and his hand comes away red. The sight of his own blood seems to click off some switch in Jaime’s head…and he climbs right back up to his feet…and motions for Entragian to bring it! 

Eryk Masters: The cojones of this man! The spirit of a true warrior exists in Jaime’s body….and he’ll keeping fighting you until the bitter end. 

Entragian runs forward and sends out a wild clothesline, but Jaime ducks underneath and counters with a barrage of Muay Thai kicks. Entragian gets driven back towards the ropes…and Jaime takes him down with a judo hip toss! 

Isaac pops right back up, still reeling…but Jaime takes him down with a scoop slam! 

The monster is much slower getting to his feet this time…but again, Jaime is RIGHT THERE….and he wraps Isaac up around the waist…AND HE WAYLAYS THE IVORY TERROR WITH A GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!!! 

Entragian hits HARD, and Jaime pulls back on the leg for the pinfall.




Entragian throws a shoulder up at the last second, and Jaime hisses through his teeth with frustration. 

Eryk Masters: Beautiful succession of moves from Jaime Alejandro….each one of them wearing this horrid monster down…but Entragian’s still got some life in him! 

Other Guy: Sometimes I think that dropping a Nuclear Warhead right on top of Entragian wouldn’t keep him down for the count….that’s how practically indestructible he is… 

Entragian rolls out of the ring following the pin attempt to gain some separation…but Jaime follows him out…PROCEEDING TO RAM ISAAC BACK FIRST INTO THE SECURITY RAILING!! 

Entragian hisses in pain, but he counters without breaking stride, proceeding to latch his hand around Jaime’s throat, only to SPIN AND CHOKE TOSS ALEJANDRO DIRECTLY INTO THE STEEL RING POST!! 

Jaime’s bloody back connects with the steel, and he literally moans with anguish. 

Entragian snatches up a handful of his Jaime’s long hair, and he tosses Jaime back into the ring while sliding into the ring himself too. 

Alejandro uses the ropes to pull himself up…but he’s standing on spaghetti legs, his body craning forward thanks to his aching back. 

Entragian bounces off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring…and before Jaime can even turn around to face him…THE MONSTER GETS UP A HUGE HEAD OF STEAM AND HE SPEARS THE HELL OUT OF JAIME’S LOWER BACK!! 

Eryk Masters: JESUS! CORRUPTION!!! A new, sickening variation there….because he speared Jaime’s weakening back!! 

Jaime collapses down on his face after taking that massive hit, and his eyes flutter closed, his breathing coming in shallow gasps. 

Entragian doesn’t go for the expected pinfall….instead he FORCES Jaime up to his feet…and he picks the man up and holds his body across his shoulders. 

The monster rotates in the ring with Jaime on his shoulders, flicking his forked tongue at the crowd…AND THEN HE THROWS JAIME UP AND OVER WITH A GUTBUSTER, STOMACH MEETING KNEE WITH A HORRIFYING CRUNCH!! 

Alejandro rolls after hitting the canvas, coughing and retching…before his body becomes motionless. 

Eryk Masters: THE DISEMBOWELER!! First Corruption, and now this….Entragian just doesn’t know when to stop… 

Isaac falls down on top of Jaime with all of his weight, and he pulls back on BOTH legs.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, representing PROJECT: SCAR….THE IVORY TERROR…ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!! 

Other Guy: Yet another victory for this seemingly unstoppable albino mastodon… 

Eryk Masters: Alejandro gave him the fight of his life though…he made Entragian work for this one. But at the end of the day….SCAR stands victorious…and this damned Albino Abomination is the one to get his hand raised… 

Entragian rises up to his feet, glaring at the referee with baleful eyes.


The official does as he’s told, holding Entragian’s wrist up for a moment so the monster can gloat with a vulpine smirk on his face. 

Isaac then rips his arm away from the referee, and he drops down to the canvas and stares into Jaime’s unresponsive face.

Entragian: We aren’t done yet, muchacho. I got something SPECIAL for you. We’re gonna take a little trip down memory lane…. 

Entragian grins that hateful grin, and then he rolls out the ring…proceeding to KICK the steel steps free and toss the upper portion into the ring over the top rope. 

Eryk Masters: What the hell is this? You’ve won the match, Isaac! Isn’t that enough? Get out of the damn ring and show some sportsmanship! 

Other Guy: I don’t know what this disturbed freak has in mind….but whatever it is…it’s gonna be VERY bad for Jaime Alejandro… 

Entragian drops the steel steps in the dead center of the ring…and he slowly pulls Jaime’s limp body up from the canvas…proceeding to drape him over one mammoth shoulder… 

Entragian then climbs up onto the steps, his eyes becoming more and more sadistic with each passing second. 

Eryk Masters: NO! DO NOT DO THIS!! We need some help out here…someone needs to get out here and STOP this NO GOOD BASTARD before he ends this man’s career! 

Other Guy: I see what he’s going for…he’s looking to TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVE Jaime into those steel steps! That’s exactly what Entragian did to Jaime last year at the Salvation PPV! 

Entragian gets a better grip on Alejandro’s body…and he starts to position him for the tombstone… 

But suddenly the crowd POPS, and as the camera angle changes we see CRONOS DIAMANTE racing down the ramp!!! 

Cronos Diamante slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope, and he looks up at Isaac while putting both hands up. He shakes his head from side to side….trying his best to talk Entragian down. 

Eryk Masters: I never thought I’d say this…but THANK GOD for THE DEVIL! Cronos is trying to reason with this monster…I don’t know if that’s going to work… 

Other Guy: It just might, Eryk. Not many people know this, but Entragian & Diamante have a close personal friendship backstage. These men have DEEP history…and Cronos is one of the only individuals on this roster that Entragian respects AND likes. 

Entragian cocks his head…but after a few tense moments…he allows Jaime’s body to fall from his shoulder without following through with the tombstone. 

Entragian then steps down and locks eyes with Diamante, both men jaw-jacking at one another…and we can just barely make out what they’re saying…

Cronos Diamante: Why would you jeopardize our friendship like this? You know he’s my partner!  

Entragian: I don’t give TWO SHITS about this man, Cronos. I was prepared to drop him on his head just for the pure THRILL of hearing his skull meet steel. 

Isaac takes a step closer, looming over Cronos.

Entragian: I don’t need many friends, Cronos. I don’t WANT many friends. But you…have always been the exception to that rule. So as a personal favor, I’ll spare your…”partner”…tonight. I hope he thanks you when he regains consciousness, because you just saved his fucking life… 

Entragian starts to walk away…but at the last second he turns back, looking at Cronos over his shoulder.

Entragian: You’re like a brother to me. This broken down piece of MEAT has NO place in SCAR’s new world…but as long as I’m living and breathing…you will ALWAYS have a place. I want you to think about who your true friends are in this business…think REAL hard. 

Entragian takes another step away, one final statement leaving his forked tongue.

Entragian: And remember, Cronos….some friends are more powerful than others… 

Entragian does a backwards ring flip over the top rope and lands on his feet while Cronos is left in the ring to digest his words. Isaac starts to backpedal up the ramp, very slowly, one step at a time. Both Entragian & Diamante maintain eye contact for a moment, and then Cronos drops down and starts to tend to the fallen body of Alejandro. 


We cut backstage, where Asian Reporter, Trisha Takanawa is standing by…Um, I mean, Abigail Chase is standing by.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is none other than the Sin City Champion himself, Lunatikk Crippler.

The camera pans, showing Lunatikk Crippler, standing with his fists on his hips, striking a Superman pose. The Sin City Championship is strapped firmly around his waist. We can hear the cheer of the fans in the background, causing Crippler’s grin to widen.

Abigail Chase: Now, Crippler, coming up later tonight-

Lunatikk Crippler: I’m going to cut you off right there, Abigail.

The grin leaves Crippler’s face like magic, as he stares intently at Ms. Chase.

Lunatikk Crippler: I didn’t ask for this time with you tonight for you to ask my thoughts on anything. There’s a very specific reason I asked you here tonight.

The Crippler puts his hand gingerly on Abigail’s shoulder, looking her square in the eye.

Lunatikk Crippler: It’s because you’re in the good books of that sneak attacking bulldyke, Tanya Black.

The look on Abigail’s face is not one of comfort. The Crippler’s grip on her shoulder does not tighten, but she retracts like it did.

Abigail Chase: T-tanya?

Lunatikk Crippler: Yes. Tanya. You know her, right? Silly girl? Likes to jump people from behind? Doesn’t much appreciate waiting in line for a title shot?

The Crippler still looks at Abigail, who nods. The Crippler nods as well.

Lunatikk Crippler: Don’t worry, Abigail. You’re perfectly safe with me. I’m not some sociopath claiming to be a God or Goddess or anything like that. I’m not trying to intimidate you, and I have no plans to hurt you. You understand, right?

Slowly, Abigail nods.

Lunatikk Crippler: Good. No, all I want from you, Abigail, is to carry my words back to Tanya tonight, okay? I want to make damn sure she hears me, loud and clear. After all, in two weeks is Reckoning Day, where the loudmouth little harlot gets what she wants: a shot at becoming a three time loser in the Sin City Division.

The Crippler unstraps the Sin City Championship and slings it across his right shoulder.

Lunatikk Crippler: This right here? This title? It belongs to me. Not Tanya Black, not Cade Sydal, not the Sinister Syndicate. Me. Lunatikk Crippler, Mr. Sin City himself. I hear what Tanya has to say about me, and really, it sounds more like the pot calling the kettle black. Tanya calls me boring. She calls all of the legends and icons of SHOOT, "Lazy Legends". She calls people hypocrites. And yet, when I heard her promo the other day, it sounded vaguely familiar. Do you know why, Abigail?

Ms. Chase shakes her head, no.

Lunatikk Crippler: That’s okay. I’ll tell you why. It’s because everything she said, was what I had already said to her. All she did is use her supposed cleverness to try and turn things around on me. And that’s fine. It’s cool that she wants to show the world that she’s the one who’s boring. That she’s the lazy one. That she’s the filthy hypocrite. All the power to her. But one thing that she can’t turn around on me?

I’m still the Sin City Champion, and she isn’t. She lost it, fair and square, during the Sin City Championship Series. I won it. By proxy, that does, in fact, make me better than her. I was the one who outlasted the other eight people in that Series, and to this day, I’ve not only held this championship longer than she has, but I’ve defended it more.

At Reckoning Day, she’ll get what she has coming to her, there’s no doubt about that. And Crazy Boy? The silent but deadly fart who has yet to resurface since Tanya laid him out last week? He’ll get his, too. His last chance at trying to take what is MINE, Abigail. I am not going to just lay down for Tyrone or Tanya. They can have a go, and if they are lucky enough or skilled enough to actually beat me, all the power to them. I’ll be the first to congratulate them, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Because, Abigail, they are going to HAVE TO beat me. Right now, I have not been PINNED or forced to SUBMIT since I returned to the SHOOT Project. Not to say that I haven’t had a few bumps in the road, not to say there isn’t an L on my record when Laura Seton pinned Alex Cruz in a triple threat match. I know how those matches can be, the champion has a disadvantage. This match, at Reckoning Day? It’s going to be an elimination contest.

That means whomever walks out as Sin City Champion, i.e. ME, will have had to defeat not one, but BOTH opponents. Now, there is no disadvantage. Everyone’s on even footing, which favors nobody.

Everyone has something to lose, Abigail. This will be Crazy Boy’s last shot at the Sin City Championship for a while, so long as I’m champion and there aren’t any other contenders. I think three chances in a month would suffice for him, wouldn’t you?

As for Tanya? Well, when I beat her, the so-called "Goddess of Sin", then she will lose more than the match. She will lose a great deal of pride. A great deal of confidence, when this guy right here, the so called "future former champion", beats her, it will destroy here. Because she’ll finally realize, that when she gets shut out of being Sin City Champion once again, she will have to do something it seems she has a very hard time in doing.

Abigail Chase: What’s that?

The Crippler pauses and smirks, before delivering the final two words.

Lunatikk Crippler: Move on.

The Crippler looks meaningfully at Abigail Chase, allowing her to finish soaking in the message for Tanya Black, before turning and walking away, preparing for his upcoming Tag Team match with the Sinister Syndicate.

“The Fire” plays over the speakers as we see Jun Kenshin storming from out the back dressed in ring gear with a microphone in his hands and he has a scowl on his face.

Jun Kenshin:  Cut that music off! I’m not here to waste time so let’s get down to it!

The crowd is buzzing to the abruptness of Kenshin’s entrance as he rolls into the ring, not even wiping his feet like he usually does.

Jun Kenshin: I have been silent for the past month. Last week, I couldn’t talk because Project Scar decided to try to crush my wind pipe.

Jun paces the ring.

Jun Kenshin: They tried to take me out but guess what?

Jun punches himself hard as fuck in the chest.

Jun Kenshin: I’m the Shield!

He punches himself again harder!

Jun Kenshin:  I’m the Conscience!

He growls.

Jun Kenshin: I am Undeniable!

The fans clap.

Jun Kenshin: Project SCAR! I can take your best shot and I’m still standing, motherfucker!

Jun looks deranged as he is so pissed off.

Jun Kenshin: Reckoning Day!

Jun’s eyes go big.

Jun  Kenshin: Adrian Corazon!

Jun goes down to his knees.

Jun Kenshin: Please accept this challenge. Me and you. Reckoning Day.

Jun leans in and emphatically says.

Jun Kenshin: Two out of three falls!

The fans pop!

Jun Kenshin:  After Reckoning Day, there won’t be a doubt as to who is the better man! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!

Jun drops the microphone emphatically and storms back to a shocked crowd.


The cameras shift to the backstage area as the fans are instantly brought to cheers at the sight of the DONOVAN KING.  King is marching through the corridors wearing a hunter green t-shirt with a single black crown over his heart and a pair of blue jeans and khaki shoes.  He glances down at his watch as he continues his walk when he notices the camera. 

Donovan King:  You good? 

Cameraman:  Yeah, man…um…thanks…you know…for everything. 

King slaps the cameraman’s shoulder and nods. 

Donovan King:  Don’t mention it. 

King passes him and he is picked up by another camera.  This time, however, he stops moving.  He is staring referee Tony Lorenzo in the face.  Lorenzo is pursing his lips, already sighing. 

Donovan King:  What? 

Tony Lorenzo:  Are you heading out to the ring, Donovan? 

King nods. 

Tony Lorenzo:  I’m sorry. 

Lorenzo hands King a slip of paper. 

Tony Lorenzo:  Per Jason Johnson, you have the night off with pay.  Take the time to heal your wounds and be ready for Reckoning Day. 

The fans are booing.  King says nothing as he reads the paper. 

Donovan King:  Jason scared I’m gonna do somethin’? 

Lorenzo shrugs.  King growls under his breath. 

Tony Lorenzo:  Hey look…don’t kill the messenger.  I just do what I’m told, ya know? 

King looks at Lorenzo. 

Donovan King:  Tell Jason if you see him I’ll be in my locker room.  If he doesn’t want trouble, I’d advise he extend this same edict to Mirage. 

King turns around and leaves Lorenzo alone.  He marches past the Bad Ass Brotherhood, who merely watch him as he passes them by.  He stops and looks at them for a second. 

Donovan King:  Don’t you have some weird Japanese killers to beat up? 

Buck Dresden shrugs. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  That was the impression we had, too. 

King shakes his head as he walks on. 

Donovan King:  A whole night uh disappointment… 

King walks to his locker room to find the door slightly ajar and a strange glow emanating from within.  He pauses and inhales deeply.  He says nothing.  He tries to focus on the orange glow but gets no sense of where it’s source is located.  He slowly shakes his head and steps back and KICKS the door wide open!  He stands in the door frame, fists balled and standing in a fighting stance when he focuses in and sees… 

…Mirage sitting at a small table with candles lit and two plates of chicken and baked potatoes with a small side salad, some white wine poured next to two small glasses of ice water.  Mirage sits there, his masked completely removed to reveal his face.  The two men lock eyes for a long moment of silence until… 

Mirage:  I hope you don’t mind, Donovan.  I went through the trouble of getting you some dinner so that we could…talk. 

King looks from left to right into the shadows of the room. 

Mirage:  Relax.  No soldiers.  Not unless they’re needed.  No ambushes.  For now…for tonight…just two men eating a lovely chicken dinner while we enjoy one another’s company.  Doesn’t that sound lovely? 

King says nothing. 

Mirage:  Come…this might be the only chance you’ll ever have to get a peak… 

Mirage uses his butter knife to point at his temple. 

Mirage:  …in here. 

Mirage looks up to him and slowly sets his silverware down. 

Mirage:  What’s the worst thing that could happen? 

King slowly walks in and closes the door.


We go backstage to the Hierarchy’s private locker room as Azrael Goeren is shown pacing the floor and muttering something incomprehensible to himself. Azrael is dressed in a neon green rhinestone suit with the shirt completely unbuttoned. He looks to be sweating profusely and his face is a deep shade of crimson. Azrael glances down at his gold Rolex and swears audibly in German. 


Azrael Goeren: Für die liebe Gottes, come on Yuri! How long does it take your cretin ass to pick up a kid?! 


Azrael lets out an exhausted sigh and slumps into one of the many plush leather couches that adorn the Hierarchy’s locker room, resting his head in his hands. He apprehensively looks off to the side…then to the other side…before reaching into his shirt pocket and pulling out a small baggie of brown powder. He opens the bag quickly and takes one deep inhale before exhaling with a stuttering moan. 


Mason Pierce: Having fun? 


Azrael nearly jumps off the couch, completely taken off-guard by the voice that has interrupted him. He exhales loudly and smiles though upon seeing Mason Pierce walk into the room, followed by the cunning Leona and the deadly Piper Fury. 


Goeren: Mein Gott, you almost gave me a heart attack. You need to move slower when you’re around me, mein freund…you’re like a ninja. 


Mason Pierce: You need to stop being so jumpy. What is it you have there? 


Azrael Goeren: Nutmeg. Ach, where are my manners? Nutmeg? Anyone? Ladies? Just breathe deep and let the ‘meg work its magic. It’s really quite wonderful, I spent an hour last night talking to a SHOOT Project reporter until I realized he was a fire hydrant outside of the MGM Grand. 


Mason shakes his head and pulls Goeren up by his shirt collar, jarring him violently. 


Mason Pierce: Hey… get a hold of yourself. You’re losing it more and more every time I see you.  


Azrael Goeren: I know…Christ…I know. It’s just with everything that sohn eines schweins ficker Patrick Kidd has done to me lately, I’ve just been under a lot of stress. I was forced into a match that I don’t want anything to do with by some sledgehammer wielding fetish buddy of Kidd’s last week and on top of that I’ve got to hand over my dear son Michael to Kidd tonight for his court-mandated "visitation rights". I swear to God, the courts in this country are retard-backwards to force a loving parent like myself to give up his son to a deviant like Patrick Kidd. I might as well just hand him over to Obsidian while I’m at it. 


Mason Pierce: Be that as it may, I need you to pull yourself together for The Hierarchy. We’ve been having our own issues lately, you’ve been so wrapped up with fighting Kidd it seems you’ve barely noticed. Focus. And get rid of that shit- you’re not doing yourself any favors by burning out all your brain cells. We need you functional. 

Leona: Not to mention you’re not helping any efforts to get Kidd away from your son. Yeah, he’s been resorting to some pretty underhanded tactics to get to you. And he’ll get what’s his. He’s not the only one who knows how to play the game. We’ve been doing it a lot longer, and we’re a lot better at it. But you’re not making things any easier. 

Azrael Goeren: I know…and trust my mein freund, once Kidd is dealt with and buried, it’ll be business as usual with me. 

Goeren glances up at Piper Fury and slaps her on the shoulder playfully. Piper does not look amused. 

Azrael Goeren: Besides, things seem to be running fairly smoothly. I saw you take out that punk Corsair last week, wonderful horrorshow stuff darling. As far as I’m concerned anyone who put their hands on me during Kidd’s little bounty excursion deserves nothing less. Trust me Mason…after Reckoning Day, this will all be over and it’ll be back to normal for us in the Hierarchy. 

Goeren’s phone suddenly starts playing a midi ringtone version of Nicki Manaj’s "Super Bass" as he anxiously digs into his pants pocket to answer it. 

Azrael Goeren: About fucking time Yuri, my arteries were about to harden! How’s Michael? Uh huh…Ja…well, I’m sure he’s putting on a good face to keep me from being upset. I don’t care what he said, you think you can trust a five year old you Slavic dipshit?! Nothing. I said nothing! Just a little nutmeg inhalation, Christ you sound like mein mutter! Listen, just forget about it and meet me at the loading bay, we’ll do the transfer there. Goeren out. 

Azrael shakes his head despondently before tucking the phone back into his pocket. 

Azrael Goeren: Don’t ever import Russians, their upkeep is horrendous. 

Mason Pierce: Preaching to the choir. You need any backup? 

Azrael Goeren: Nein. The less people who are around for this, the better. Oh! Remind me later though to talk to you about protecting my business investments. With Patrick Kidd lurking around and my ex-wife having half of my assets, I would greatly appreciate some financial advice. 

Mason Pierce: Finances were never my strongest suit, but I think we can figure something out. Consider it done. Take care of yourself out there Herr Goeren. 

Azrael Goeren: Yes…you too Mr. Pierce. 

Azrael grabs his red-tinted sunglasses from one of the side tables and puts them on, nodding back at Pierce as he exits the room slowly. 

Piper Fury: Jesus, what a wreck. Remind me again why we’re even dealing with him? 

Mason Pierce: Relax, Piper. He’s under a lot of stress right now. All this crap with Kidd is getting into his head. Once everything’s dealt with, he should revert to some semblance of normal- or at least what passes for normal with him. I’m still trying to figure out what that place is, to be honest.


Leona: Think we should consider making a move? 

Mason thinks about it for a moment, letting his thoughts simmer before finally speaking. 

Mason Pierce: No. Not yet. Let’s see what he does first. Perhaps he’ll take care of it in his own way. Still, we need to be ready just in case he can’t. If Kidd won’t back down, we might just have to.. convince him of the error of his ways. 

Piper Fury: Just say the word. 

Leona: Mason’s right. Let’s stay hands-off for now. This is his problem, not ours. If he wants our help, he’ll let us know.  

Piper Fury: Fine. Your call. 


We come back in from Commercial as we see Johnny Napalm sitting in the locker room getting ready for his match tonight his suit is in order and his Joker mask sits beside him he knows that he is not 100% tonight but that has never stopped him before the look on his face says it all as he looks like something is gnawing on his brain maybe the events of last week are still on his mind but he cant let them distract him from what he has to do tonight as he walks outside the locker room and Dutch Harris is sitting outside and see’s Napalm walk out and approaches

Dutch Harris: Napalm, with all the buzz going around you for the past week has this set you off of your stride?

Napalm just laughs

Napalm: Not one bit Dutch, you see I have been keeping my eyes open on what has been going on recently and I can say with all honesty, I do have Hope for this company and as far as i am concerned tonight I am going to deal with some business. Namely Danny Corsair, He has been a little put off recently with all the hell he has gone through these past few weeks, I do feel sorry for him but he needs to realize that sooner or later he will find his stride in this business and this is where it all starts but I will be damned if I am going to walk out of there again with a loss so honestly you thought that I inconvienced you well the feeling is mutual, cause I am going to show you what I am about Sydal got a big dish of it last week and tonight.

Napalm puts on the mask

It’s your turn Corsair and I hope you like humble pie!

Napalm just has that maniacal laugh as he walks off leaving Dutch behind but the camera follows him just a little bit and we see the woman who was in Napalm’s last promo the lovely Sakura Lee it seems she wishes Napalm luck then lifts the mask a little and gives him a little kiss on the cheek and puts the mask down we see a little smile coming from Napalm as he heads out to the arena as Napalm Vs. Corsair is next on Revolution



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing first.. from South Boston.. Johnny… NNNNAPALM!!!! 

The lights go out in the Epicenter as the first chords of Slipknot’s "Psychosocial" reverberate throughout the arena. The lights take on a purple hue, firing up the crowd in anticipation as Johnny Napalm walks out in his full regalia- mask and all. He pauses on his way to the ring in order to acknowledge the fans that have come out to support him after his hard fight last week. He walks around the ringside area, interacting with the fans before making his way up the stairs and into the ring, where he removes his mask, revealing a bandage on his forehead, and asks for a microphone.  

Eryk Masters: Wow.. it seems the fact that Johnny Napalm wound up on the wrong end of his match last week with Cade Sydal hasn’t dimmed his popularity any. He’s still got the fans out in droves to support him.


Other Guy: Yep.. they all come out to support a loser. Talk about rewarding mediocrity. 

Eryk Masters: Oh, geez, OG, will you stop with that crap? You make it sound as if Sydal completely curbstomped him last week. I don’t know what match you were watching, but from this vantage point, Napalm came awfully damn close to getting the win. And he probably would have if the FORMER champ hadn’t stooped to taking the low road.  

Other Guy: Whatever…. it still doesn’t make a bit of difference. Sydal won last week. That’s all the record book’s going to note. How he did it is completely irrelevant. Plain and simple. 

Eryk Masters: Well, with that aside, we still have the makings of an excellent match tonight. Napalm’s trying to get himself recognized in the SHOOT project, and he really took a major step by going after one of the bigger names here, taking a run at Azrael Goeren in an attempt to cash in on the bounty that Patrick Kidd’s put out there. Didn’t turn out too well for Napalm, though. 

Other Guy: He had it coming. Did he really think he was going to get a free shot on a member of the Hierarchy and not expect any sort of retribution? Hell, he’s just damn lucky the whole damn group didn’t come out and wolfpack his ass. 

Eryk Masters: It looks like Napalm has some things to get off his chest, so let’s hear what he has to say. 

Johnny Napalm: Well, well, well. Azrael Goeren. I guess you think you’re all that, don’t you? You think you’ve gone and gotten the last laugh. You took a nice little cheap shot, nailed me from behind, and look at where it got you. Me? I’m a little beat up, yeah, but guess what? I’m still standing. Yeah, I took one for the team. Even though I got totally and royally screwed by Cade Sydal and wound up on the wrong end of a battle I know I had in the bag, I still stood tall. Goeren, I really hope you’ve grown eyes in the back of your head, because not only do you have Patrick Kidd to deal with at Reckoning Day, now you’ve gone and gotten my attention. You see, I don’t take too kindly to being blasted from behind like a coward. You want to make this personal, Goeren? Consider it done.  

Napalm gives the microphone to one of the ringside assistants. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Mundelein, Illinois… Danny…. CORRRRSAIR!!! 

Green Day’s “Redundant” booms from the speakers and Danny Corsair emerges from the back, decked out in the same black jeans and army jacket that he came out with last week. However, this time around  he’s making his way to the ring without bothering to stop and interact with the fans, some of who are trying to touch their favorite wrestler. He seems to be completely ignoring his supporters as he climbs into the ring and removes the jacket, tossing it over the top rope and not bothering to wait for the bell to ring before charging Napalm and catching him by surprise with a forearm shot right to the face! 

Eryk Masters: Whoa.. what happened to Danny Corsair? This is definitely not the same guy we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the ring.  

Other Guy: Maybe Piper Fury’s dropping him on his melon last week scrambled his eggs a little- or maybe something inside him’s just decided to wake up. One thing’s for sure, though- he’s going to have an uphill battle ahead of him. Napalm’s got the size advantage. 

Eryk Masters: Like that means anything these days. 

The bell rings as Corsair continues his assault, unloading a flurry of quick punches to Napalm’s head, staggering him back before flooring him with a wicked lariat! Napalm gets up quickly, trying to shake off not only the cobwebs, but a seemingly infuriated Corsair, ducking underneath a forearm and delivering an elbow to the midsection that doubles Corsair over, allowing Napalm to follow up with a gutwrench slam! The crowd is slowly starting to get behind Napalm in the early goings, and he’s feeling the energy from the fans as he clamps on a headlock, cranking on the neck as he tries to wear Corsair down… but Corsair isn’t going to let something like this stop him, and he gets back to his vertical base, pushing Napalm into the ropes and unloading a high knee to the head that comes from seemingly out of nowhere!! He quickly mounts Napalm and starts unloading with some serious ground-and-pound, focusing all his shots on Napalm’s skull! Referee Heflin quickly gets in the middle of things and warns Corsair, making the count… 1…. 2…3… 4…. Heflin gets Corsair’s attention and shows him four fingers, finally succeeding in getting a seemingly infuriated Corsair to relent and let Napalm back to his feet. Corsair gets a warning, but he doesn’t seem too anxious to heed it, as he charges Napalm the second he gets back to his feet.. but Napalm’s not about to go down without a fight, and he stuns Corsair with a backbreaker that follows through into a cover, but he only gets the one count before Corsair kicks out! 

Eryk Masters: Wow.. what the hell has gotten into Danny Corsair? This is not the same guy we’ve seen as of late in the ring. It’s almost as if he’s coming into this match with one purpose in mind- go right after the weak spot. The head. 

Other Guy: And it seems to be working. He knows Napalm’s still not a hundred percent after last week, and he’s going to go for it whenever he can. Don’t blame him one bit. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Napalm goes tit for tat and goes for Corsair’s neck, seeing as how he’s probably still smarting after Piper’s crash chiro job. 

Almost as if on cue, Napalm grabs Corsair and pulls him up by the hair, hooking the head and executing a textbook neckbreaker! He goes for another cover, but once again Corsair’s quick to kick out. Frustrated, Napalm shakes his head and hooks Corsair for a suplex, but it’s blocked and reversed into a DDT! Corsair quickly gets to his feet and drops a knee to the side of Napalm’s head, going for a cover, but only getting a one before the kickout! Corsair quickly ties Napalm up in an STF, leaning back as he tries to get a submission, but Napalm’s able to get his free hand over to the rope, grabbing on and forcing Heflin to call for the break… but Corsair’s not responding!! Heflin counts 1.. .2… 3… Corsair sees the four fingers go up and reluctantly breaks the hold, grabbing Napalm’s feet and pulling him to the middle of the ring, dropping a fist to the chest before heading for the ropes and mounting the second turnbuckle.. he takes aim and goes airborne, looking to drop an aerial knee, but Napalm’s got the presence of mind to roll away at the last second, leaving Corsair to hit nothing but mat! Napalm covers… 1… kickout just as the two count is registered!! 

Eryk Masters: Holy crap.. has Danny Corsair become a full-blown headhunter or something? I’d swear half the stuff he’s doing has one outcome in mind- give Johnny Napalm one hell of a concussion! 

Other Guy: Yeah, and it’s the smartest move in the book. Go for your opponent’s weak spot. He knows Napalm’s got a bum melon thanks to getting smacked the way he did last week, and he’s taking advantage of it! The bandage on the forehead was a practical invitation, saying here’s my Achilles heel, come get it! 

Napalm is struggling to get his bearings back, but he shakes off the cobwebs and attacks Corsair, grabbing the wounded knee and trying to clamp on a submission kneebar, but Corsair gets his free foot into position and pushes him away, slowly getting back to his feet before eating a clothesline that sends him right back down! Napalm clamps on a headlock and starts cranking the neck, but Corsair’s able to get himself vertical and he pushes off, sending Napalm into the corner! Corsair takes a breath and charges, looking for a cross-body, but Napalm catches him in midair and shifts his opponent into position for… 

Eryk Masters: NAPALM DRIVER!!! 

Other Guy: Whoa.. I did NOT see that one coming. 

Napalm goes for the cover… 1… 2… the crowd is roaring right now, but Heflin notices Corsair’s foot underneath the bottom rope and he stops the count, drawing an argument from Napalm, who figures he had the match won, as did the rest of the crowd. As Heflin explains about Corsair’s foot, Corsair takes the opportunity to roll Napalm up! 1… 2… kickout!!! The crowd’s really starting to get into this now, and almost everyone in the audience is cheering loudly for Johnny Napalm to get back into this! Corsair pulls Napalm to his feet and whips him into the ropes, planting his feet and slamming Napalm with a vicious lariat right to the head! Napalm’s neck snaps back and he falls to the canvas, but Corsair shakes his head, as if he’s not ready to move in for the kill just yet. He measures his fallen opponent and drives a knee to the head, reopening the wound Napalm suffered last week! The blood is starting to trickle from the open gash, and for the first time, Corsair actually seems to be smiling! 

Eryk Masters: What… the.. HELL??? 

Other Guy: I think we’re seeing the REAL Danny Corsair come out now. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I think he’s FINALLY realized that sometimes you’ve got to get down and dirty if you want to get the job done. It’s about damn time, too. 

Corsair pulls Napalm to his feet and kicks him in the gut, looking to hit a DDT… but Napalm has the presence of mind to block Corsair’s leg, kicking it out from under him and hitting a textbook ranhei!! The crowd’s going nuts as Heflin gets into position and counts.. 1… 2… KICKOUT!!! Napalm’s eyes widen as he thought for sure he had the three count! He starts arguing with Heflin, who informs him that the count only went to two.. this gives Corsair the opportunity to rush the turnbuckles, ascending to the second with lightning speed and launching himself off, catching Napalm from behind with a bulldog!! But what he didn’t expect was that in the line of fire…  

Eryk Masters: Heflin is DOWN!!! Corsair went to hit that bulldog, but in the process, his foot clipped the referee and sent him down!!  

Other Guy: And if he gets called on it, it was an accident. One hundred percent. Plausible deniability. It’s beautiful. 

Corsair looks at the downed Napalm, and then at the downed referee, a demented smile crossing his lips as he slides underneath the bottom rope to the outside, grabbing a steel chair from the ringside area and folding it up before sliding it back underneath the rope and into the ring! He grabs the chair and waits for Napalm to get to his feet… 

Eryk Masters: NO!! NOT LIKE THIS, DANNY!! 


Corsair hesitates a moment, looking at the chair, and then at Napalm. He sets his feet, grips the chair, and as Napalm gets to his feet, swings and makes contact!! 

Other Guy: BOOM!! HEADSHOT!! 

Corsair looks down at the semi-conscious Napalm and grins. He tosses the chair out of the ring and notices Heflin starting to come to, so he quickly moves in and makes the cover.. but Heflin’s still partially out of it, so he’s not able to count!! 

Other Guy: Come ON!! Geez, he could have counted to five by now!! 

Eryk Masters: And you would just love that, wouldn’t you? Danny Corsair has completely thrown the rulebook out the window, and you’re just soaking it up and getting a good chuckle. 

Other Guy: And that just burns your ass, doesn’t it? 

Eryk Masters: Let’s just get back to the match. 

Heflin has regained his bearings and goes over to where Corsair has a cover… 1….. 2…..KICKOUT!!! The crowd erupts as Napalm gets his shoulder up at the last second! Corsair starts arguing with Heflin about the count, and this gives Napalm the opportunity to get his bearings for just long enough to rebound off the ropes and as Corsair turns around, he leaps and gets both his knees into Corsair’s midsection, grabbing onto his shoulders and bringing him to the mat! He floats over into a pinning combination… 1.. 2… KICKOUT!!! Napalm puts his hand to his face and wipes away some of the blood from his forehead, shaking his head as if wondering just what he has to do to put this guy away. He sets Corsair up for an Irish whip toward the ropes, but Corsair reverses it and sends Napalm over the ropes and to the floor!! Napalm is slow to get up, and as he gets to his feet, he doesn’t notice Corsair coming off the top rope… 

… and Napalm manages to get out of the way, sending Corsair crashing into the security barricade! Napalm takes a deep breath and gets his head back into the game, shaking off the cobwebs and realizing he’s got a chance to finish this! He hooks Corsair for a suplex and lifts him, bringing him down over the announce table! Heflin is counting… 2… 3… Napalm gets on the ring apron and raises his arms, drawing cheers from the crowd… and leaps, landing a wicked elbow to the chest! 4… 5… Napalm sends the stunned Corsair back into the ring and follows behind to end the count… he motions to the crowd that it’s finally time to finish things up.. he sets Corsair into position.. lifts him… 


Other Guy: Isn’t that what you said when he hit that Napalm Driver? You’re not exactly the most reliable with your predictions tonight. 

Eryk Masters: If I recall, I don’t mention making a prediction like that earlier. 

Other Guy: We’ll check the replay later.  

The crowd is roaring its approval as Napalm makes the cover… 1…. 2…. THREE!!! 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner… Johnny… NAAAAAPALM!!!! 

Heflin raises Napalm’s hand in victory. Corsair slowly gets to his feet and Napalm extends a hand, but Corsair slaps it away and turns to exit the ring, a look of absolute frustration on his face as he heads for the back. 

Eryk Masters: Once again Danny Corsair comes up on the losing end. Poor kid can’t catch a break no matter how hard he tries. 

Other Guy: Give him time. Something tells me if he continues down this path, he’ll find his groove soon enough. I like this side of him. Vicious. Brutal. Beautiful. 

The lights flicker as "Omen" by Crossfaith hits the PA, the electronics from the song booming from the soundspeakers. Smoke fills the entryway as a figure appears in the middle. As the figure emerges from the smoke, the crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boos as it is SHOOT Project’s rebellous psychopath, Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith. He has a scowl on his face as he looks at the crowd, flipping some of them off as jawing off to a couple of them, the boos from the crowd growing louder. He reaches the ring and walks up the steel steps slowly and methodically, sliding under the ropes. His scowl turns into a sly smile as he walks over the ring hand, demanding a microphone from him. The boos do not quiet down as Tyrone looks at the crowd, starting to speak.

Crazy Boy: Two times now that stupid slut, Tanya Black, has interfered with MY chance to win the Sin City Championship. Two times now that I was denied MY championship. Frankly, the little hussy is really starting to piss me off. I don’t give a flying fuck if she has never gotten her rematch that she supposedly deserves. She ruined MY chance to win the title, and when I get my hands on her, I’m going to break her head off that pretty little body of hers.

The crowd boos at the young superstar as he paces around the ring, absorbing the jeers and malice from the crowd as he continues to speak.

Crazy Boy: Now last time, the higher ups of this cesspool of a company did the right thing and gave me the rematch that I deserved. Now I’m asking… no I’m fucking DEMANDING… that I get another rematch for that title. And this time, do something about the little bitch. Ban her from ringside, do something. And if you don’t comply, I’ll just have to force you to like I did last time, and that is to set an example on your little champion of yours.

Tyrone cackles as he closes his eyes and starts to think about what happened two weeks ago right in the middle of the ring.

Crazy Boy: Remember that, Crippler? Remember how I hit that Crazy Slam right in the middle of the ring? Remember me bruising your ego and show the world how fucking vulnerable you really are? You don’t want me to do that again, do you? All you have to do is say yes and give me the rematch that I deserve. That’s all there is to it, Crip.

Crazy Boy bounces off the ropes and stops in the middle of the ring, a sneer appearing on his face as he straightens up, an idea apparently popping into his twisted head.

Crazy Boy: You know what? Let Tanya get her rematch as well. I’ll take both them on. Let’s let this little debacle a triple threat match. That way I can get them both out of the way in one fell swoop. Either way, after all is said and done, I will become the Sin City Champion. And that’s all there is to it. Noone is going to stand in my fucking way.

Crazy Boy laughs as he climbs out of the ring as "Omen" by Crossfaith hits the PA again, the chrous erupting into boos again. Tyrone jeers at the crowd, ignoring some of the hands reaching out for a high five or a slap as he turns around and cackles, pumping a fist in the air. He just shakes his head and turns around, disappearing into the backstage.

The titantron cuts to static with a familiar high pitched crackle of static, the crowd starts to cheer as the static slowly fades out and reveals the SHOOT Project helmet logo in a deep crimson red. The logo is engulfed in a bright white static, screeching and crackling with audio feedback. The crowd starts to get even more frantic as the static fades out revealing a single bright white word… 


The all white static cuts in again, this time it reveals the same SHOOT Project helmet logo, but this time in the same white color as HOPE. The static devours the logo and suddenly leaves only one more word, that has the crowd up in arms chanting for “HOPE”… 




The camera cuts back to the ring, with Molly the Assistant standing dead center, looking at the cameras. The crowd is already worked up, DROWNING out her voice as she puts the microphone to her mouth.

Molly the Assistant: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time. Weighing in at 205 muscle bound pounds, standing at a perfect six foot one inch tall. The man your mother’s hope their daughters could marry, the son fathers wish they had. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada! Daaaaaaaaaan… ‘The Lights’!… Steeiiiiiiiiiin!

At that exact moment, the lights cut. The fans are still loudly displaying their disapproval as the sound of Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones begins to play. As the music begins to play, light blue and gold spotlights dance across the stage with a fog machine starts up, covering the entire top of it. Dan Stein steps out to the boos, dressed in a nice suit, hair gelled. He fixes his tie as he looks out to the crowd with a smirk.

Eryk Masters: This guy changes his entrance music… a lot.

Other Guy: About as often as he changes his motivation to wrestle.

Stein walks down the ramp, the blue and gold spotlights following him down the ramp as he goes. He starts to dance a bit, bobbing his head as he walks towards the ring and then jumping onto the ring apron. Stein puts his arms out, leaning back on the top rope as he looks out to the fans at ring side, winking and pointing a finger at them. Stein ducks into the ring, holding his suit jacket closed, and bounces around a bit as the music begins to fade away. The lights turn back on, and Stein takes the microphone from Molly’s soft hands, pulling one up to kiss the back of it.

Eryk Masters: Oh, Jesus this guy is a piece of work.

Dan Stein: Thank you! Thank you all VERY much, for being RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. Watching… ME.

Louder and louder, the crowd jeers Dan Stein.

Dan Stein: Ladies, ladies. Please, while I know that looking at me is the best you’ll ever get with SHOOT Project, lets hold pictures for AFTER I get out this VERY important message. The flash is really messing with my eyes.

Dan smirks, the crowd showers him with hate.

Dan Stein: Guys, you know how you can get the girls to want to take pictures of you, too?

Stein opens up the suit jacket, revealing his new twitter themed “Stay Sexy SHOOT” t-shirt.

Dan Stein: This. Go pick it up, I guarantee you get laid an infinite amount more with it, than without. But don’t go until after I get out of the ring. You never know what you’ll get with me!

Other guy: Usually nothing.

The fans begin to quiet down as Stein walks around the ring for a few brief moments.

Dan Stein: As you can see by the way I’m dressed, I’m not booked in a match tonight. And before you go and show your disapproval to the powers that be, let me just say that I’m right there with you, wishing that I could grace myself with in ring action here, tonight. I wish I could see the fluidity that Dan Stein displays in the ring each and every night he goes out there. I wish I could see what it’s like watch Dan Stein systematically break down his opponents, just like the rest of you.

But really, who couldn’t see this one coming?

I go out, I put on a great match, I get a week off. The week after, I go out, I put on another great show, I get a week off.

It’s like the Powers that Be, i.e.: the Johnsons, don’t know what’s good for SHOOT Project.

The fans boo loudly as Stein pauses.

Dan Stein: Yeah, boo the Johnson brothers. Boo the people that put together a show around here. I’m doing everything I can to get myself in the right places, and instead I get paid your hard earned cash to sit around and basically do nothing. How do you feel about that?

Again, the fans erupt into boos.

Dan Stein: That’s what I thought! That’s exactly what I thought. I beat Laura Seton. I beat Del Carver – despite what the record books show. I beat each and every person I step into the ring with.

It’s like once I told people to stop calling me a quitter and the rest of the locker had nothing left to say, they blackballed me from Revolution.

Like they’re afraid of me.

Stein pauses, walking around the ring for a few moments.

Dan Stein: Next week is Reckoning Day. Regardless of whether or not I’m in a match, the SHOOT Project Universe will be entertained by Dan Stein at Reckoning Day.

And SHOOT Project title holders?

Stein smirks.

Dan Stein: One of you will be paid a visit. Good night, Las Vegas!

Stein drops the microphone to the ground, buttoning back up his suit jacket. He extends out his hand, which Molly, slinking back to Stein’s side, grabs. Stein walks to the ropes as we cut away. 


We’re getting set for the big tag team match, as we see backstage, The Sinister Syndicate making their way towards the ring. Cade Sydal and Cassi Ryan, linked by their hands, with Tanya Black lurking close by behind them. Cade and Cassi move out of the frame, but Tanya stops suddenly. She sniffs in the air, and turns sharply to her left, and what she sees causes her to curl her lip in a snarl. The camera pans out, and we see what, or I should say, who is causing the anger to be evident on Tanya’s face: none other than Ms. Piper Fury! Piper smiles sweetly at Tanya, with Precious propped upon her shoulder, making that sweet smile look a little deranged. The two women stare off, not making any sudden movements. Piper slowly raises her right hand, two fingers extended, and points them at her own eyes. Then she turns her hand, pointing them directly at the chest of Tanya Black. The message couldn’t be more clear.

"I’m watching you."

Tanya looks beyond pissed, but before she can do anything..

Cade Sydal: *off camera* Tanya! Let’s go!

The look on Tanya’s face says it all: She does not want to leave things unsettled here, but grudgingly, she turns and stalks away to catch up with Cade. Piper’s grin widens as she pats Precious, watching Tanya Black walk away.



I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes


I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As "Almost Famous" by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while Cade stares out at the sea of booing fans with a small smirk on his face. Cade steps toward Cassi, hedging her in that direction, as the couple move their arms toward the entry way, where Tanya Black steps out behind them, wearing her own domineering smirk. The Epicenter boos even louder.

Cassi Ryan: Everybody, listen up because I’m only going to say this once.

The boos get louder, as the trio move down the ramp, Cassi Ryan leading the way, with Cade being pulled behind her by the hand, and Tanya bringing up the back, the latter two exchanging words with a few fans bold enough to try and engage them with insults. Cassi stops and glares out at the crowd before shaking her head and continues on her way.

Cassi Ryan: Please, stop being petty and childish. Forget about the past, and welcome the future…welcome the purest form of tandemenal-ness…that’s tandem phenomenal-ness for those of you that just don’t grasp the concept of fantabulous anagrams.

Cade and Tanya shrug at the addition of "-ness", both times, in a "what? why?" sort of way. Cade just ends up rolling his head and smirking again.

Cassi Ryan: They are the epitome of excellence, personifying greatness with every step! Together, they both proudly represent the Sinister Syndicate! First, it is my pleasure to introduce for the first time one half of the co-founders of the Sinister Syndicate. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at a scintillating 169 pounds! She’s the desire of every man, and even most women but they don’t all want to admit it, ask Abby!

Cassi winks, for dramatic effect no doubt.

Cassi Ryan: She is a two-time, count ’em up two-time, Sin City Champion and she will represent the Sinister Syndicate in the near future as a three-time, yes I said three-time Sin City Champion, because she is the SHOOT Project Alpha Female! TAAAANYAAAAA BLAAAACK!

The trio reach the bottom of the ramp, finally, and as they begin to ascend the stairs in the same marching order Cade’s eyes fall to his girlfriends rear end. She continues her introduction, even as Cade sits on the ropes and watches her get in the ring.

Cassi Ryan: And her partner, the sexiest man in all of professional wrestling, but admittedly I might be a little bit biased, he is the other co-founder of the Sinister Syndicate. Hailing from Southport, North Carolina but choosing to live in this city of degenerates, Las Vegas, Nevada! Ready to fight tonight at a weight of 186 pounds!

The one-time SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champion! The one-time SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! The one-time SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion! The two-time SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion of the World! The two-time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! CAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLL!

Cade puts his hand over the microphone, the smirk gone form his face he stares at Cassi for a moment. The music fades and he tosses the microphone out of the ring. After lifting Cassi’s chin and kisisng her on the cheek, perhaps reassuring her that everything’s fine, and leading Cassi to the ropes and telling her to go to the timekeeper’s table Cade turns to Tanya and begins to discuss some last minute details and ideas as they wait for their opponents.

Eryk Masters: The Sinister Syndicate, ladies and gentlemen. Both Cade and Tanya are looking very confident tonight.

The lights dim, and "Devil’s Dime" begins playing, grabbing Cade Sydal’s full attention. The fans respond to Cronos with a mixed reaction. Mostly cheers, though I’m sure quite a few people still remember the dirty deeds that Cronos Diamante has committed in the not so distant past. Diamante steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, a lone spotlight shining down on him. He is staring straight ahead, seemingly right through the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy: If looks could kill, Cade Sydal would be six feet under.

Eryk Masters: Each member of each team has a serious score to settle with one another. This is going to be exciting, no doubt about it.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! First, from The Bronx in New York City, he is Cronos Diiiiiamaaaaante!

Cronos doesn’t bother moving any closer to the ring, even though now Cade and Tanya are sitting on the middle rope, holding the top and middle rope open in invitation to Diamante to come into the ring. Cronos smirks at this, shaking his head slightly. "Devils Dime" shuts off, and the lights go completely out. The fans let out a cheer of anticipation, as new music starts.

I will break

Into your thoughts

With what’s written

On my heart

I will BREAK

"I’m So Sick" by Flyleaf continues to play, as the lights flicker back on, with a green and blue hue from some lazer lights going off at the entrance as the reigning Sin City Champion, Lunatikk Crippler steps out. He’s a little more exuberant than his partner this evening, jumping up and down in an attempt to get the crowd going. It works, as the fans roar in approval. Crippler steps forward standing next to Cronos Diamante. They look at each other and nod, then sprint full force towards the ring!

Eryk Masters: Cronos and the Crippler cannot wait any longer to get this one started!

Other Guy: They hit the ring, and the Syndicate hit the floor!

Samantha Coil: And his partner, from South Bend, Indiana, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is the SHOOT Project’s Sin City Champion, Luuuuunatikk Criiiiipler!

Crippler and Cronos climb the turnbuckles, now the ones doing the taunting. Cronos leans forward, beckoning Cade to get back into the ring, and Crippler unstraps his Sin City Title, and raises it in the air, waving it in the direction of Tanya Black. Cade, Cassi, and Tanya huddle together, trying to get a gameplan settled upon, as Austin Linam attempts to get Crippler and Cronos to back off so their opponents can get back into the ring. Cade puts one hand on the bottom rope, and uses his other to shoo Cronos away. Linam gets in front of Cronos to hold him back, while Cade smirks on the outside.

Other Guy: Cade is taking his sweet time, letting Cronos get worked up before the match even begins. That’s smart, it’ll be more likely Cronos makes a mistake.

Cronos and Crippler back up, giving Cade and Tanya plenty of space. After a quick discussion, Cronos steps back between the ropes and Lunatikk Crippler hands off his Sin City title, getting ready to start the match. Tanya puts her hand to start pulling herself up onto the ring apron, but thinks better of it. She smirks and starts walking around the ring, as Cade stands on the apron, tag rope in hand.

Eryk Masters: Now it’s Tanya making Crippler wait. Either this is part of their strategy, or neither member of the Syndicate really want to be in the ring right now.

Tanya takes a leisurely stroll around the ring now, almost near Crippler’s corner. Cronos points his finger at Tanya, motioning for her to get into the ring. She begins to slide slowly into the ring, and is halfway in before Cade Sydal blindsides Lunatikk Crippler from behind.

Other Guy: Looks like it was strategy, Eryk. Cade gets the upper hand on a very game Lunatikk Crippler to kick things off here.

THe bell rings as Tanya makes her way back to her corner, and Sydal stands over Lunatikk Crippler after clotheslining him from behind. Crippler slowly gets to his knees, and Cade bounces off the ropes, nailing Crippler with a flying clothesline, sending Crippler backwards and again to the mat. Cade gets up to his feet, followed by Crippler. Cade grabs the left arm of LC, twisting it around, before pulling the Sin City Champion in for a Short arm Clothesline.

Eryk Masters: Sydal exerting control in the early going. Keeping Crippler grounded is a smart move. He knows more submissions than most anyone else here in SHOOT.

Cade lifts Crippler back to his feet and whips him into the corner. Cade follows with a running start, clotheslining Crippler out of his boots. Cade backs off as Crippler stumbles out of the corner. Cade sits now on the top turnbuckle and waits for Crippler to turn around. When LC does, Cade flys off with a top rope clothesline.

Other Guy: It’s clothesline city!

Eryk Masters: Cade absolutely favoring the clothesline thus far, but it’s been effective.

Cade smirks as he looks at Lunatikk Crippler prone on the mat after his initial barrage of lariats. Cade decides to show off his cockiness, and places one foot on the chest of Lunatikk Crippler in a pin attempt, but Crippler grabs Cade’s ankle and twists, bringing Cade to his knees on the mat.

Other Guy: Ankle lock by the Crippler! I told you, he can slap a submission on from anywhere!

Eryk Masters: I’m pretty sure I said that, but nonetheless, Cade’s in a bad way here!

Cade hurredly boots Crippler hard, right between the eyes, causing him to loosen his grip. Cade rushes over and tags in Tanya Black, while Crippler rolls through and slaps the hand of Cronos Diamante.

Eryk Masters: Tanya stops dead in her tracks as Cronos steps into the ring. She was obviously expecting a weakened Crippler, but she’s got a healthy Cronos!

Cronos beckons Tanya with one finger, infuriating the lady. Black charges, and Cronos catches her by suprise with a spinning back fist! Tanya hits the ground on her butt as the blow grazer her cheek. She gets to her feet, livid, and catches a stiff clothesline, sending her flat on her back again. Cronos picks Tanya up and whips her into the ropes, catching her with a chop, a slap, then a huge back elbow, sending her sprawling into her corner. Tanya hurries and tags Cade Sydal back in, and the fans explode. They are ready to see Cronos get his hands on Cade after the beatings that Sydal has inflicted on the Devil himself. Sydal reluctantly steps between the ropes, and he and Cronos start circling each other. Cronos starts moving forward a bit, back Sydal into a corner.

Eryk Masters: Sydal is hesitant to lock up with Cronos, but he’s backing right into Lunatikk Crippler!

Cade realizes too late, as Cronos moves in for the kill. Sydal ducks at the last second, and a overhand palm strike missed by inches, but finds a mark on Crippler’s hand. Linam sees the contact, and counts it as a tag. Cronos tries to go after Cade, but Linam stops him, telling him that Crippler is now the legal man. Crippler and Cronos trade places, and Cade charges Crippler with a clothesline, but Crippler has that scouted by now, and bounces off the ropes with a shoulderblock. Cade hits the mat and the fans cheer. Cade bounces right back up and Crippler takes him down with a snapmare. Cade in a seated position and Crippler hits the ropes and plants both feet in the middle of the Sydal’s shoulder blades.

Other Guy: The fans are behind Crippler now as he takes control over Cade Sydal! That’s a former World Champion he just jacked in the spine!

Crippler picks Sydal up by his head and sticks him with a European Uppercut. Cade bounces off the ropes and nails a basement dropkick, right above the left knee, dropping LC quickly. Sydal takes hold of the knee and lifts it high in the air and slams it into the mat. The cheers turn to jeers as Sydal now grabs Crippler’s ankle and drags him into his corner, reaching out for the tag, which Tanya takes. Tanya drops in elbow in the crook of Crippler’s leg before Cade releases his grip, and steps back onto the apron. Tanya stomps once, then twice in the back of the knee of Crippler, and he’s definately feeling the pain.

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black would like nothing more than to prove that she is deserving of being the Sin City Champion, and right now she’s putting a hurting on the current title holder!

Tanya picks Crippler up by his beard now, adding a little insult to injury. She quickly moves behind him and pulls him backward, driving both knees into the small of his back.

Other Guy: Backcracker by Black! Maybe…..a Blackcracker?

Eryk Masters: God, no.

Tanya makes a tag back to Sydal who slingshots back into the ring, and then nails a standing shooting star press! Cade hooks the leg, first cover of the match!



Crippler reaches out and grabs the bottom rope before three. Cade looks disgusted with Austin Linam, as he reaches out and tags Tanya Black. Tanya comes in and leg drops Lunatikk Crippler. She picks him up again and whips Crippler into the ropes. Crippler rebounds, and Tanya leapfrogs him, turning around and catching him with a kick to the midsection, and dropping Crippler with a double arm DDT. Tanya hooks the near leg.



Other Guy: Crippler kicks out at two again!

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Crippler badly needs to tag out. He’s going to be in a world of hurt if he stays any longer in the Syndicate’s corner.

Tanya brings Crippler to his feet, and then plants him down with a spinning neckbreaker. Tanya nips up, and raises her arms in the air to the crowd, drawing a large amount of heat from the crowd. Not like she cares. She looks at the Crippler and laughs, tagging in Cade Sydal.

Eryk Masters: Cade coming back in now. Great strategy by the Sinister Syndicate.

Other Guy: Frequent tags, keeping Crippler isolated away from Cronos Diamante. Yeah, I’d say they’re doing pretty well.

Cade uses the ropes to springboard himself up, and then lands with a double stomp into the chest of Lunatikk Crippler. Crippler grabs his sternum and writhes in pain on the mat, much to the delight of Cassi and Tanya. Cade picks up Crippler and whips him into his corner. Cade follows up by measuring Crippler with a reverse roundhouse, right to the side of the head.

Other Guy: Crippler falls face first on the mat. He tries to flip himself over, and Cade tags Tanya back in.

Before Tanya can go on the offensive, Cade pushes her head between his legs and flips her up for a powerbomb! The fans are in shock for a split second, before Cade drives Tanya down with the powerbomb, right on top of Lunatikk Crippler, driving the air out of him.

Eryk Masters: Tanya takes advantage of Crippler’s prone state, hooking on a half Boston Crab.

Other Guy: Crippler’s in bad shape now. Caught in this submission move, with the ropes very far away from him, Cronos Diamante further.

Tanya sits back a little bit on the crab, causing Crippler to cry out in pain. The fans start stomping their feet, trying to will on Crippler. Cronos leans over the top rope, slapping his hand on the top turnbuckle in rhythm with the fans. Tanya wrenches on the knee of Crippler, as he uses his fists to push himself up off the ground. Tanya pulls back, putting Crippler back on his stomach, arms in front of him. The fans are whipping up a frenzy now, encouraging Crippler to escape, and Crippler uses his free arms to try and pull himself closer to his corner.

Eryk Masters: Crippler now using his forearms to pull himself forward, inching his way to his corner.

The fans get louder as Crippler gets closer, Cronos holding the tag rope as he reaches as far as he can, trying to get Crippler to slap his hand. Tanya punches LC’s knee with her free hand, as Crip gets even closer to his corner. He pushes himself up with one arm, his other arm stretched to the max. At that point, Cassi Ryan leaps onto the apron, yelling at Austin Linam. Cade comes over now, and both are yelling at the referee, stating that Crippler has already submitted, even though Linam heard no such thing. Crippler lunges with all he can muster, and he makes the tag to Cronos!

The fans EXPLODE as Cronos Diamante steps between the ropes, ready to lay into Tanya Black, but Cade hurries to his corner and Cassi Ryan drops off the apron. Linam turns around just as Cronos catches Tanya with a forearm to the back of her head! Linam rushes over and pushes Cronos back away from Tanya.

Eryk Masters: The referee didn’t see the tag, he was too busy with Sydal and Cassi on the apron!

Other Guy: That means Lunatikk Crippler, bum knee and all, is still the legal man, and Cronos has to leave the ring!

Tanya uses the distraction that is a very argumentative Diamante, to grab Crippler’s knee, and drag him back to her corner. She wraps LC’s leg in a grapevine and drops to the mat. Linam finally gets Cronos out and turns just in time to see Cade Sydal tag himself back into the ring.

Other Guy: Cade drops a quick elbow to the back of The Crippler as Tanya Black pulls herself out to ringside under the ropes. The Syndicate is still in control.

Crippler struggles to get to his feet, but he gets there, favoring his leg and back. He turns around and is quickly peppered by a quick succession of leg kicks form Sydal, followed up by a roundhouse right underneath the jaw. Crippler is propelled back into the corner, where Cade Sydal grabs him under the chin and turns to face Diamante, taunting him. Cade rolls forward, bringing Crippler with him. Both men somersault, and Cade gets to his feet and goes for a quick kick to the face to follow that up, but Crippler ducks, and Cade stumbles. Cade gets his bearings and tries for an elbow drop, but Crippler rolls out of the way! The fans are picking up noise again, and Cade gets quickly to his feet, while Crippler is on his hands and knees, reaching out for the ropes. Cade gets a running start and tries to plant both feet in the center of Crippler’s back, but Cronos reaches over and pulls Lunatikk Crippler out of the way! Cade crotches himself on the middle rope, gaining a chorus of boos from the men in the crowd, and cheers from most everyone else! Crippler is on the mat again, and he looks at Cronos with a look of comprehension. Finally, Crippler nods at the Devil and tries to get back to his feet, as is Cade.

Eryk Masters: Crippler and Cronos’ problems were documented by each other this past week, and it seems that Crippler might fully trust Cronos yet after saving him there.

Crippler and Cade up, and Cade goes for another powerful clothesline, and Crippler ducks it! Crippler limps forward, and bounces off the ropes.

Other Guy: Blood Drive! Crippler speared Cade from out of nowhere, where did he get the strength?

Both men are down on the mat, and Cade is trying desperately to get up and get to his parnter. Tanya Black is yelling at Cade, trying to goad him into getting to the corner faster, and Cronos Diamante is doing the same for Crippler! Crippler is much slower out of the gate, due to the damage inflicted upon him, but he’s slowly crawling to his corner. Cade finally makes it over and tags in Tanya.

Eryk Masters: Black charges, but Crippler dives and makes the tag to Cronos! Here comes the Devil!

Cronos plants his forearm into the chest of Tanya, knocking her back. She pops up quick, however, just in time to eat a clothesline! Cade is in there again, and he gets met with the inside of Cronos’ arm! Tanya back up and Cronos winds up and nails a lariat that causes her to roll halfway across the ring! Cade gets back to his feet and Cronos powers through him, hitting a clothesline so hard that Cade flips in midair, and hits the mat with a thud. He rolls out of the ring and to the floor.

Other Guy: Cronos is in complete control now! Tanya is at his mercy!

Tanya indeed starts begging off as Cronos moves in for the kill. He grabs the neck of Tanya and then hooks her for a T-Bone suplex! The crowd pops, and Cronos holds on for the cover!



Tanya gets a shoulder up at two! Cronos grabs her arm and picks her up by it, armwhipping her back to the mat, and then clamps his leg over her neck and arm, trapping her in a triangle lock!

Eryk Masters: Tanya’s flailing around with nowhere to go! This is it! It’s over!

Other Guy: And there’s Cade Sydal! Out of nowhere coming down with a springboard leg drop on Cronos!

Cronos is forced to relinquish his grip, and now it’s two on one! Sydal is stomping away at Cronos, and Tanya gets up and stomps his legs. Tanya suddenly falls face first on the mat, and is pulled from the ring! Lunatikk Crippler is on his feet, and he slugs Tanya Black, sending her reeling into the guardrail!

Other Guy: Crippler and Black are brawling on the outside, and Cronos is all alone in the ring with Sydal!

Cronos is first to his feet, and he is waiting for Cade to get to his. Cade is turned away from Diamante as he finally gets up, leaving him in pefect position for Cronos to lock in the Ne-Han!

Eryk Masters: Cade is struggling against the grip of Cronos, but it’s a no go! Cade’s got nowhere to go!

Cronos pulls Cade back and forth, putting more pressure on the head and neck of Sydal. Cade is flailing his arms about, trying to reach out and grab the ropes to break the hold, but from the outside, Tanya Black slides in, and plants a double axhandle to Cronos’ back! Both Cronos and Cade get propelled into the top turnbuckle, and the hold is broken! Crippler slides back into the ring, and measures Tanya.

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Sweet! He nailed it! Black is down and out!

Cade leaps and plants a knee into the back of Crippler, sending him into the ropes chest first. He then sweeps back with his left foot, and catches Cronos unsuspecting with a kick to the chest. Cronos doubles over giving Cade a clear shot at Diamante’s head.

Other Guy: NINJAGUIRI!! But- WHAT?

Crippler turned just in time to shove Diamante out of the way, and he takes the full force of the Ninjaguiri! Crippler paid for his lightning fast reflexes that time, and Cronos recovers enough to pull Cade down and wrap him in a victory roll, but Cade uses Cronos’ momentum and rolls through it, ending up on top!



Cade grabs the middle rope behind him! Linam doesn’t see it!!


The bell rings as Cronos is finally able to push Sydal off, and is up to his knees, highly pissed off.

Cassi Ryan: Here are your winners, The Alpha Female, Tanya Black! Aaaaaand God’s Favorite Wrestler! CAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYDAL!


The familiar riff of Saxon’s “Cut Out The Disease” echoes throughout the arena as the crowd begins to stir in a chorus of boos, knowing full well who’s about to come through the curtain. Sure enough, within a few seconds, Mason Pierce, flanked by Leona and Piper Fury, emerges, his Rule Of Surrender championship belt slung over his shoulder and a smirk on his face. Piper is scanning the crowd, Precious resting under her left arm. The trio make their way to the ring, completely ignoring the catcalls of the capacity crowd here tonight. Pierce makes his way up the ring stairs, climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Piper follows suit, followed by Leona, who has requisitioned a microphone. 

Eryk Masters: Lovely. Leona’s got a microphone again. Let me guess- she’s probably got something new to bitch and moan about. 

Other Guy: Yep. Sometimes the truth hurts. 

Leona: You finished yet? 

This only serves to elicit an even louder cacophony of boos from the crowd. 

Leona: Go ahead. Get it out of your system. You see, unlike you, we’ve got all night. We don’t mind waiting if you really feel the need to keep this going. Better. Damn, you people are sure hostile toward us tonight. Hell, you have been pretty much since we got here. And quite frankly, for the longest time, I was a little concerned and puzzled as to just why. But tonight we had an epiphany, for lack of a better term. The light bulb came on, and we suddenly realized that we don’t care if you boo us or not. We couldn’t give a damn if you don’t like us, or you’d like to see Mason and Piper get their asses kicked in the middle of this ring. You can’t stand us? Fine. By all means, let loose. Just remember that no matter how loud you boo, how many of you flash those signs that tell us we suck, through it all, there’s one thing you can’t change. And that’s the fact that standing in front of you right now is the reigning Rule Of Surrender Champion.  

Mason whispers something to Leona and she passes him the microphone. 

Mason Pierce: Very eloquent, Leona. Well put. Yes, that’s right. You see this lovely gold belt on my shoulder? Unlike all of you out here tonight, this actually has meaning. Unlike you, this belt is something I actually do give a damn about. It signifies that right now, I AM one of the elite. This is a title that I went out and I EARNED. I didn’t have it given to me, I didn’t steal it from anyone. As much as it probably burns your asses to see, this belt is MINE. And it just happens that I’ve grown somewhat fond of it. But you see, as of late, there have been some grumblings among those in the back. Some are saying that I’m only champion because I’ve been ducking challenges, picking and choosing who I put my belt on the line against. Pure, absolute rubbish. I’ve never been afraid to put this title on the line. Why? Because ever since I got here, there is not ONE single person who has been able to make me submit. I have never tapped out, I have never yielded to a single man. Quite the contrary, in fact. I have made challenger after challenger realize the folly of their actions just before they made the conscious decision to either tap out or pass out. It’s their choice, not mine. And because of that, I am the reigning Rule Of Surrender Champion. One that people are afraid to get into the ring of. Yes, that’s right. They FEAR me. 

The crowd’s starting to chant “Bullshit… Bullshit…Bullshit…” 

Mason Pierce: Ah, yes. Such lovely language- especially coming from a bunch of faceless drones who really don’t have anything better to do on a Monday night. You buy your ticket, you face the miserable Vegas traffic to come down here, practically tear each other to pieces trying to find a parking spot, get yourself inside and a few beers into you, and all of a sudden you get the courage to start spewing all sorts of obscenities at the ones in the ring that you just happen not to care much for. By all means, keep it up. It’s like Leona said, it doesn’t bother us anymore. But what does bother me is these rumors going around in back that I’ve been ducking challenges for this belt. So here’s what I’m going to do. Reckoning Day is coming up. The biggest show of the year. And in honor of that, I’m going to be charitable. I am going to give someone their ten minutes of fame. I am going to issue an open challenge for my Rule Of Surrender Championship. Any scrub in the back who thinks he’s got what it takes to get this title off of me, here’s your chance. On the biggest night of the year. Is there anyone back there who’s got the stones to actually man up and accept? If there isn’t, then I’d better not be hearing any more about ducking challenges. You want me? I’M RIGHT HERE. YOU WANT A SHOT? GET YOUR PATHETIC ASS OUT HERE AND FUCKING TAKE IT.  

Pierce crosses his arms, waiting for someone to take him up on the challenge. After a few moments of suspenseful silence,  "HORIZON" by D’espairsRay suddenly blares over the arena, sending the crowd into an excited frenzy. When Maya steps out from the back, the crowd explodes with a thunderous ovation of cheers. As Maya walks down the ramp he reaches out and tags the hands of every fan he can, but he makes sure that he never takes his eyes of Mason Pierce in the center of the ring. Maya slides into the ring and steps right up to Mason Pierce, showing no fear, making the crowd boom with another chorus of cheers. 

Maya simply smiles at Pierce and pats the Rule of Surrender title on his shoulder. Maya brings up his other hand and puts his index finger to his thumb, scrunching them together.  

Maya drops both hands to his side and speaks just loud enough for his words to be picked up on the microphone that Pierce is holding. 

Maya: One. More. Time.  

Mason Pierce: Bring it on. 

Both men lock eyes and stare at each other before Maya backs up and exits the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Looks like it’s official- Maya Nakashima is looking for one more shot at that Rule Of Surrender Championship! He came so close to winning it the last time before technical difficulties derailed his momentum- will lightning strike twice, or will this be the time that Mason Pierce regrets opening that cocky mouth of his and biting off more than he can chew? 

Other Guy: Maya couldn’t get the job done the first time. Does he really think he’s going to upset the champ at Reckoning Day? My money’s on Pierce to retain-if for no other reason than the fact that this time around he’s got Piper Fury watching his back. And you know damn well she won’t have any qualms about getting involved if the situation calls for it. 

Eryk Masters: Oh ye of little faith. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, won’t we?

Obsidian and Corazon stand at opposite sides of the Project: SCAR locker room as Kenji enters. There is just the hint of light coming from the ceiling. Both Obsidian and Corazon have their eyes directed towards locker that has Kenji’s name on it. The faceplate on the dingy locker looks like it has been clawed at, the actual front of the locker is heavily dented and caked in what looks like blood. However, there is one thing that all eyes are focused on… a stunningly white envelope taped to the otherwise dark locker.

Kenji walks forward, his blue eyes piercing the darkness in the locker room. He walks right by Obsidian and Corazon as if they weren’t even there. He reaches his hand out and snatches the letter from his locker like a falcon wrapping its talons around a fresh kill. He rips the letter open with his bare teeth and turns the envelope upside down, letting the piece of black paper inside flutter out and unfold on the floor for all to see the words emblazoned in bright silver on the black paper.


Kenji just stares at it for a moment. His eyes wander, slowly, upwards. They seem to stare forward at nothing in particular. His eyes never drift to Corazon or Obsidian, even when he speaks.

Kenji: Look at it. Look at the word. Take it in.

His eyes wander back down at the letter.

Kenji: This is the reason we are here. This is the reason we were put on this Earth. This is the reason we were all brought together under one banner in SHOOT Project. We were unified by a SCAR that those people put on us. We were unified by the commonality that was our ugliness in their eyes. We were brought together because they exiled us from their beautiful ranks. We weren’t good enough for them so they cast us out like disease ridden dogs. Like filthy animals ready for the slaughter.

But we… we didn’t accept it, did we? No, we didn’t accept their judgment of us. We didn’t let them walk all over us and continue to let them feed on us. We took SHOOT Project back. We brought them a level of chaos they had never seen before, that they had no idea what to do about. We took their champions and their beautiful little chosen ones… and we cut them down. We SCARred them and made their kind afraid. We found the light. We found the light and we devoured it whole.

We brought a new standard to SHOOT.

But now…

His eyes wander down to the note.

Kenji: Now some would offer resistance. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the three we’ve been paired with tonight and frankly… I don’t care. The three we face tonight represent light in its purest form. The three we fight tonight are stalwart and incorruptible… they will never see the truths that we bring. They will never fall in line, even if we mar their skin and make them look as we do… they will continue to foolishly fight for the light.

That is why tonight… tonight we send another message. Another simple message.

Kenji steps on the letter, twisting his foot and ripping the letter.

Kenji: It…

Kenji’s eyes wander down to the ripped piece of paper beneath his feet.

Kenji: … is dead.


We cut to the backstage loading bay of the Epicenter as Azrael Goeren walks into view, wearing the same hideous lime green ensemble he was spotted wearing earlier. He looks about his surroundings and wipes the sweat from his brow before hearing three dull knocks against the metal loading bay door. Azrael casually walks over to the door and pulls it open, revealing his Russian bodyguard Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov holding the hand of his five year old son, Michael. Azrael quickly grabs his son’s hand and pulls him away, pointing an angry finger in Yuri’s face. 

Goeren: You are one serious…Michael! Ear Muffs! 

The little boy instinctively puts his hands over his ears and starts humming to himself. 

Goeren:   …you are one serious fuckwit, you know that? You fail as a bodyguard. You fail as a nanny. You fail at life. Your life GPA right now is a 0.0.  

Yuri:   I have no time for your games today Goeren. Here is child, as promised. 

Goeren:   Really? Cause it seems like you would have PLENTY of time on your hands since you haven’t been doing you god-damned job for me over the last two weeks. You are supposed to be protecting my body! It’s in your fucking job title you mouth breather! I didn’t hire a sit-on-his-ass-and-watch-Nicktoons-guard…I hired a body guard! 

Yuri:   I was attacked by the same masked freak who attacked you last week. I was in the hospital. When I find this man, he will pay. 

Goeren:   He better, otherwise I’m shipping you back home to the motherland in a crate. No air holes either. Maybe after you suffocate you’ll learn something. Okay Michael, you can stop with the earmuff thing…you look like a retard when you do that. 

Yuri:   Wonderful parenting. 

Goeren:   Shut up. 

Azrael snatches little Mikey’s hand and grabs hold of his overnight bag, zipping it open to examine its contents. 

Goeren:   Let’s see if your vodka-swigging nanny did anything right today. Hmmmm…hand sanitizer? Check. Protective face mask? Check. Latex body suit? Check, check and double check. I don’t want you sleeping on any sheets in Kidd’s house, Lord knows how many used condoms are strung about like Christmas lights in the dilapidated shack of his. 

Mikey:   DADDY! 

Goeren:   What? 

Yuri:   He’s not talking about you… 

Stepping into view is Patrick Kidd, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt. He holds his arms out wide as Mikey wiggles free from Goeren’s grasp and throws his arms around Patrick’s neck. Azrael stares coldly back at Kidd, both men looking like they so desperately want to take each other out right now but are holding back for the child’s sake. 

Goeren:   Kidd. So nice of you to finally show up. And sober for once, bravo sir.  

Kidd:   Yeah sorry about the lateness. Some of us actually have matches to wrestle tonight. You ready to go Mikey? 

The young child adamently shakes his head yes as he holds onto Kidd’s hand tightly, not wanting to make any eye contact with Azrael. Azrael continues to glare at Kidd before taking a step forward and holding out his arms for young Mikey to hug him goodbye. Mikey grabs onto Kidd’s leg for dear life, making no movement at all. Azrael pats him on the head instead, trying to keep up appearances before he leans in close to Kidd’s ear. 

Goeren:   Don’t think I wouldn’t crush your larynx in front of the boy, the only reason you’re still breathing right now is because I want to break you at Reckoning Day bitch. I like having an audience when I embarrass you in that ring, you should remember that. 

Kidd:   And you should know that after all of your time screwing people over in this business Goeren, you’ve made a lot of enemies. Most of who you probably have forgotten…but they haven’t forgotten you.  

Goeren:   What’s that supposed to mean? 

Kidd:   Nothing. Nothing at all. Come on Mikey, let’s go get ready. 

Azrael stares daggers back at Kidd, using whatever is left of his self-restraint to hold him back. Kidd only smiles back at the demented German and leads his son off-camera, leaving Azrael glaring back at him. 

Goeren:  I want him back by 8pm on Friday night! One second later and I’m calling the cops! 

Kidd waves him off and keeps on walking, heading for his locker room to get ready for his match. Goeren slowly turns and walks away in the opposite direction before we fade out.


That familiar electrical whirring.

The crowd anticipates it, but there is nothing stopping them from gasping when the lights go fully dark.

A momentary high-pitched fit of laughter transcends into an intense screaming.  The entire crowd is buzzing with intensity as they await the either current or former World Heavyweight Champion.

The SHOOTron turns to an all white background while a reddish fluid oozes down the screen forming those damn percentages.












“Change” by the Deftones(DUBSTEP REMIX) pierces through the airwaves with its pulsating drums, and for several moments, the fans wait with baited breath.

Other Guy: I think it goes without saying that we’re all REALLY interested in hearing what X-Calibur has to say about the events that have unfolded over the course of the last week or so.

Eryk Masters: Not me.  Suspended or not suspended, after winning Wrestler of the Year at the 2011 Year End Awards?  The term “unbearable” comes to mind.  I’d rather listen to you fap, OG.

Other Guy: You know, that could TOTALLY be arranged.

After several moments of nothing…

… X-Calibur finally emerges from the back with a trash bag over his right shoulder and his personalized SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship over his left shoulder.  Breaking tradition by forgoing the suit and tie, X is clad in pair of faded blue jeans, white and black sneakers, and a brand new black and red X-Calibur t-shirt.  On the front is an image of X standing inside a “house of fire”, “Tebowing” amongst the flames with a sick grin on his face.  As X-Calibur makes his way down the ring, we get a glimpse of what it says on the back: “WOTYing.”


Other Guy: Oh, hi Bryan.

Eryk Masters: He’s about as subtle as a big juicy dick in the ass.

Bryan Harris: You’d know a thing or two about that wouldn’t you?

Other Guy: Don’t be jealous, B-Hair.

As X-Calibur makes his way to the ring, he throws the garbage bag carelessly into the ring.  Smirking at the crowd, looking unshaken by the events that have transpired this past week, X-Calibur shrugs and rolls under the bottom rope.

Eryk Masters: What a disgrace to SHOOT.  Treating that belt like a piece of trash.  I’m glad he’s being stripped of the title tonight, even if it isn’t fair to Trey Willett.

Other Guy: Business is business, Eryk.  And X has been doing a lot of that for himself as of late.  It was bound to catch up to him.

Bryan Harris: When are you ass clowns gonna wake up and see REALITY?  Ratings have never been higher.  He’s taken several awards from the YEAs, which are voted BY the people, unless I am mistaken.  SHOOT Project NEEDS X more than X NEEDS the SHOOT Project.  Bottom line.

Snapping his fingers towards Mark Kendrick, Bryan Harris races over towards Kendrick and actually rips the microphone that was going to be tossed to X, and tosses it himself.  Scurrying back over to the announce booth, both OG and Masters look at Bryan Harris with a glimmer of disgust in their eyes.

Just as his music starts to fade, he speaks.

X-Calibur: Well hello, SHOOT Project!!!

Surprising to most, the Epicenter is somewhat… split.  While most of the audience are booing the evil, heinous, sociopath that they have been booing for the past year, there are definitely portions of the crowd that are cheering on Trey Willett’s rightful opponent for Reckoning Day… and, as far as any of them know, the TRUE SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. 

Acknowledging this surreal, if only momentary, split-reaction with a shake of the head and a roll of the eyes, X continues.

X-Calibur: Exciting times, are they not?  Here we are, closing in on the biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year, and… I see uncertainty.  I see… doubt in the eyes of many.  I see… a bunch of listless, bureaucratic bullshit trying to replace X-Calibur vs. Trey Willett with Trey Willett vs. Who “The Fuck” Cares.

There are boos.  There are cheers.  The people are undoubtedly confused in their response.  X simply laughs.

X-Calibur: Good.  DO IT, SHOOT.  Replace me.  Do exactly what you did in 2007 and call Jonny Johnson to see if he could fill in for me with a bad guy role.  Better yet, let’s start the Summer of Jackman a little earlier this year and see if good ole Benny Boy is good for another one shot deal with another World Champion.  Hell, why don’t you just put the entire fucking Truth in my stead at Reckoning Day and let Azzy, Oxy, and Itchy do what they do best: bore the FUCK out of everyone.

Resounding OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH from the audience.

X-Calibur: Oh, what?  You think I give a fuck, SHOOT?  YOU THINK I GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU REPLACE ME WITH?!

He laughs.

X-Calibur: No… I just… don’t.  I… can’t.  It’s too… it’s too fucking perfect to happen any other way than this.  Over a year ago, I said the Hierarchy was committed to change… that we were forever going to change the SHOOT Project.  That sooner or later, one of us would rise to power and flay this watered down shell of a miserable ass company. 

He shrugs, almost as if to say “I told you so.”

X-Calibur: That eventually, we would take your heroes… your SOLDIERS… and break them.  And… we have.  Jesus fucking Christ, people… we HAVE.  And in the process?  We’ve even INSPIRED.  We’ve managed to motivate the likes of Tanya and Cade to get off their asses, remove their rose-colored glasses, and take a good long look at the REAL SHOOT Project with a clearer set of eyes.  You think the Sinister Syndicate would be here if not for us?  Aw, how cute…

Pausing, he looks up.  Nodding, as if he were agreeing with his own thoughts, he continues.

X-Calibur: Stellar Insanity?  No more.  Jonas Coleman?  His faith has turned to hopelessness.  And Trey Willett?  Trey… Willett…

He laughs even harder.

X-Calibur: Trey Willett will NEVER get to do what he has always wanted to do.  He will NEVER get to experience what he has always wanted to experience…

… he will NOT get to beat the best in the fucking world, the WRESTLER OF THE FUCKING YEAR, at Reckoning Day, for the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship.  You know why?

Because I’m… I’m taking MY title… and I’m going HOME.

With a palm facing down, he drops his microphone on the mat with a loud THUD.  Proudly tightening his grip on his personalized championship, he cranks the volume up on the iPod he has placed in the built-in docking station. The stunned crowd TEARS X-Calibur apart with merciless boos as he slowly climbs through the ropes…


The fans erupt as X-Calibur stops in his tracks, still in the ring.  He readjusts the belt over his shoulder and stares straight into the curtain.




Trey slowly emerges from the curtain.  He is sporting a series of heavy bandages covering the right side of his face.  He wears a solid black t-shirt and a pair of worn-looking jeans.   With his right hand, he carries a SHOOT Project Microphone, and with his right, he holds a halting signal to the World Champion.  The fans continue to roar until Trey moves his hand to silence the crowd.

Trey Willett:  Now hold on there just one moment “champ.”  I’ve been in this business for a long time.  I’ve watched people like Eli Storm spit on the title that I have worked my entire life for.  I’ve watched people like Mirage take their ball and go home when shit got just a little too real for them.  I’ve watched Azraith DeMitri’s fade.  I’ve watched people sneak in from behind and steal it from the unsuspecting champion like a snake in the grass.

The fans are a little taken aback and unsure of how to react to Trey’s opening name-drop parade.  Not certain of where he plans to go with this, they continue on in silence and listen to him speak.  X-Calibur, for his part, leans in onto the ropes to get comfortable for Trey’s upcoming speech.

Trey Willett: The point is I’ve spent most of my career watching people vomit all over the title.  I’ve seen the best this company has to offer, and I’ve seen the very worst.  To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never seen anyone be forced to vacate their title for attacking their opponent.

Granted, it could have something to do with the ferocity in which you perpetrated your attack.

He lightly taps the bandage over his eye as some of the fans begin to boo.

Trey Willett: Now, if I were a little less of a man, I would let you throw your tantrum and leave the SHOOT Project World Championship at my feet.  I would allow for you to vacate, and escape the ass beating that you have so earned.  But I think everyone in this arena knows me just a bit better than that.

X seems intrigued at this point, and the fans share in his wondering of just where the Wayward Son is going with all of this.

Trey Willett: I thought for an entire week about how I wanted to approach this.  The funny thing is that at one point, I seriously considered that you had just made the entire thing up in order to get out of facing me at Reckoning Day.  I have to say, it made sense.  It would be pretty easy for you to look at the champ with your head held high, knowing that they never beat you to take it.  It made sense for a snake like you.  It fit.

Then I talked to Jason.

X-Calibur gives a look of over-embellished “hurt-feelings” and the fans continue to boo him.  He simply shrugs his shoulders and laughs.

Trey Willett: Turns out that you really are suspended.  Turns out, Jason was just getting ready to walk out here to take that pretty little pile of trash from around your waist, and put the title on someone that actually deserves it.  I just couldn’t let that happen.

That beating?  The one you are going to get at Reckoning Day?  That belongs to me just as much as that title that you have unceremoniously put in the trash-bag.  So I did something that no other number one contender would do.  I got you a stay of execution.  I want you to think about it every time you look in the mirror between now and Reckoning Day.

I want you to look at that title and know.  “I have this title because Trey Willett has allowed me to have it.”

The fans ERUPT as Trey takes a step towards the ring. 

Eryk Masters: YES!!!

Other Guy: So, X isn’t vacating the title after all?!  We still have our Reckoning Day main event?!

Eryk Masters: Certainly appears to be that way, OG!

With a grave face, he stares intently at X-Calibur.  He slowly makes his way down the ring as the fans get louder and louder with every step.  Instinctively, X begins to step back into the ring until Trey is right at the apron.

Trey Willett: I want you to know that when you lose the title, you will have no one to blame but yourself.  You will know that you were beaten by a better man.  Enjoy that title I’ve given you, X.  Maybe with the little bit of time you have left with it, you’ll learn to treat it with a little bit of respect.

Trey slides the microphone into his back pocket and steps up onto the ring apron.  He climbs through the ropes and stands in front of the trash-bag containing the real SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title.  He leans down, never taking his eyes from X-Calibur’s, and picks the bag up.  He reaches into it and pulls out the title belt, the shine still on the gold that was there when X-Calibur accepted the belt some time ago.  At the sight of Trey holding the title, the fans lose their minds cheering for SHOOT’s Wayward Son.

He holds the title in both hands and finally breaks his gaze with X-Calibur long enough to really bask in the title, this being the closest he has ever been to it.  He pulls in a deep breath and looks back at X-Calibur, who is burning a hole through Trey with a furious glare.  In a lightning-fast motion, Trey plants the faceplate of the title right into X-Calibur’s face, dropping the champion to the mat cold.

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!!!

Other Guy: X IS OUT!!!  WHAT A BELT SHOT!!!

Bryan Harris: This is DISGUSTING.  I’m out of here!!

Trey lifts the title above his head as the fans all come to their feet in applause.  He reaches down and unsnaps the personalized belt from X-Calibur’s nearly lifeless waist.  He holds it delicately between his thumb and index finger before dropping it into the trash-bag that previously held the real title.  Before cinching the bag closed, Trey cocks his head back and spits into the bag, dropping it on the mat beside him.  He grabs the microphone from his back pocket.

Trey Willett: Oh.  I almost forgot.  Here’s your title back “champ.”

He drops the microphone to the mat and neatly lays the belt across the waist of the fallen champion.  “Carry on Wayward Son” hits the PA as the fans, still on their feet, begin to sing along with the music.  Trey Willett steps from the ring and makes his way back up the ramp, as Bryan Harris slides into the ring after having left the announce booth, smacking the cheeks of his “boss” to try and wake him up.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is a SPECIAL NO DISQUALIFICATION CHALLENGE MATCH scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit! 

"Rebirth" by Boy Hits Car blares through the arena speakers and the crowd cheers as Patrick Kidd steps out from behind the curtain, quickly making his way to the ring. He slaps hands with a couple fans but doesn’t slow his pace. He slips between the middle and top ropes and walks to the far corner. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Patterson, New Jersey and weighing in at 212 pounds this is: The Old School Outlaw – PATRICK KIDD! 

The fans go nuts, cheering their hearts out for the super-popular Kidd, but he looks incredibly focused, raising a single arm over his head to acknowledge their cheers, but still staring up the aisle of the SHOOT Epicenter. 

Kidd’s music fades, and “Send for the Man” by AC/DC kicks in. Diamond Del Carver lopes into the spotlight at the top of the ramp, and takes a moment to soak in the cheers before he makes his way to the ring, exchanging high fives with the fans as he goes.  

Samantha Coil:  Now making his way to the ring from Jackson Mississippi, we weighs 235 pounds: The Hardcore Outlaw – DIAMOND DEL CARVER!

Carver rolls into the ring, and takes a position in the corner across from Kidd.  Dennis Heflin enters the ring as Samantha exits, and nods the bell rings… 

Eryk Masters: Here we go, Carver vs. Kidd for the first time ever, not just in SHOOT Project, but anywhere! 

The Other Guy: We should probably mention that the Iron Fist Championship is not on the line here, this match is being fought under normal SHOOT rules.  This match was specifically requested by Patrick Kidd. 

Del Carver and Patrick Kidd silently stare at each other for a moment.  Finally, Carver shrugs and falls back into the ropes, comes springing off, runs across the ring, and hits the ropes at the far side of the ring at full speed.  Carver crosses the ring, rebounds off the far ropes, and runs at Kidd with a flying shoulder tackle.  But Kidd is ready – and catches Carver, spins around quickly, and absolutely crushes him with a POWERSLAM! 

Eryk Masters: What a powerslam, into a cover by Kidd! 



The Other Guy: NO!  Diamond Del Carver kicks out!   But Carver was just one second away from losing this match in the opening minute! 

Del Carver quickly rolls to the outside of the ring.  Carver takes a quick breather, holding his ribs.  Finally, he climbs back onto the apron, but as he does so, Patrick Kidd is there to meet him.  Kidd grabs Del Carver by the head, and flips him over the top rope! 

Diamond Del Carver lands flat on his back, and before he can move, Patrick Kid drops an elbow smash across his chest!  Kidd quickly jumps to his feet, and drops another!  Then Kidd repeats the process, and drops another!  

Kidd gets up, and grabs Del Carver by the boot, and pulls him to the middle of the ring.  Kidd secures both of Del’s legs under his arms…and then CATAPULTS him into the far corner!  Diamond Del Carver flies headfirst into the turnbuckle, and then crashes back to the mat! Kidd pulls Carver to his feet, and fires him into the ropes.  Patrick Kidd catches Del Carver coming off the ropes and then spins around…dropping him with a spinebuster! 

Eryk Masters:That could be it!  Cover by Patrick Kidd! 




The Other Guy: Man, Kidd is fighting like a man possessed here. Carver came down here kind of “ho-hum” and Kidd is just taking it to him.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say Carver took Kidd too lightly. 

Patrick Kidd starts to pull Diamond Del Carver to his feet again.  Carver sticks his head under the arm of  Patrick Kidd, and stands up straight, driving Kidd into the mat with a backdrop! Carver bounces off the rope, and drops an elbow across the head of Patrick Kidd.  The Hardcore Outlaw gets up, measures Patrick Kidd off, and drops another sharp elbow, right across the forehead of Patrick Kidd.  With the second elbow, Kidd’s leg twitches involuntarily. 

Carver immediately circles behind Patrick Kidd, pulls him to his feet, and slaps on a rear chinlock, sleeper-hold style. Diamond Del Carver bears down on the reverse chinlock from behind.  The fans impatiently clap their hands and stomp their feet.  Del Carver is sweating profusely by this time, and you can tell by looking at his face that he has clamped down on Kidd’s head and neck as hard as he can. 

Carver tells the referee to check Kidd’s arm.  Dennis Heflin takes Kidd’s arm and lifts in up, and it falls limp.  The referee lifts Kidd’s arm and it falls a second time.  The referee lifts Kidd’s arm, and drops it a third time…but just before it falls all the way, Kidd’s eyes snap open, and he catches his arm before it falls. 

The fans begin to cheer loudly, as Kidd fights his way up to one knee.  Del Carver bears down on the chinlock and twists, but Kidd stands up!  Kidd is now standing up, as Del Carver hangs from his back with the chinlock applied! 

Eryk Masters: Patrick Kidd has fought his way back to his feet! 

The Other Guy: These guys have two things in common. It takes a nuclear missile to keep them down, and they’re both dumber than a bag of hammers.  

Kidd charges backwards as hard as he can, into the corner!  The impact hits Del Carver back first, and he releases the chinlock and crumples to the mat, as the fans cheer!  Kidd puts both hands around his throat and begins to cough violently, but as he does so, he turns, and stomps on Diamond Del Carver. 

Del Carver was trying to get up after being smashed into the corner, but once Kidd stomps on him, Carver falls face first to the mat.  Kidd reaches down grabs Carver, and hip tosses him across the ring! Carver starts to get up, but Kidd blows past him with an incredibly fast running clothesline…which causes Carver to do a complete 360 in the air and land face first on the mat again! 

Before Carver can even start to get up, Kidd fires a massive knee lift, knocking Carver backwards into the corner, where he sits in a slump, dazed.  Kidd pulls the limp Diamond Del Carver to his feet, locks him up for a suplex, but then shifts and drops Carver onto the top rope in a seated position, and then climbs up himself as the fans buzz in excitement… 

Eryk Masters: Here we go… 


Patrick Kidd pulls Diamond Del Carver to his feet, and then charges towards the ropes and hurls The Hardcore Outlaw over the top to the outside! The fans cheer in amazement, as Kidd grabs the top rope with both hands and slingshots himself over the top rope, so that he lands right on top of Carver!   

Diamond Del Carver is now on all fours on the outside of the ring, trying to get up.  Patrick Kidd pulls Carver to his feet, and then charges forward, ramming Diamond Del back first into the steel post! Diamond Del Carver sickly slides down the post into a heap.  Kidd picks Carver up, and bodyslams him on the concrete!  

Kidd pulls the semiconscious Diamond Del Carver to his feet, and then and takes a run at the next steel post, as if he intends to drive him head first into it. At the last minute, Del Carver violently shoves Kidd into the post instead, head first!  The crowd groans at the loud crack of Kidd’s head smacking the steel post!  Kidd falls to the ground, and Carver falls to his knees behind him. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what’s more incredible about this, that these guys are actually friends, or that Kidd asked for this match, knowing this was the kind of match he was going to get. 

The Other Guy: Rumor has it that his logic is that if he can survive a match with Diamond Del Carver, Azrael Goeren will be a walk in the park.  And you know what? That actually might be true, but first he has to survive the match with Carver! 

Kidd starts to stir, so Carver turns around, his eyes wild.  Carver’s eyes fix on a steel chair next to the crowd barrier, and Carver grabs it. Carver crouches patiently.  Kidd starts to rise, and right as he is bent over, about to stand up, Del Carver swings the steel chair, which drives Kidd’s head right back into the post with a loud crack. 

Patrick Kidd goes down, and Diamond Del Carver limps away, and throws up the skirt to the ring.  Carver falls to his knees, and starts to rummage under the ring.  The fans start to cheer…a steel garbage can is tossed from beneath the ring, into it.  A steel garbage can lid follows.  A toolbox. A shovel.  Another chair.  All these items fly in an arc from under the ring into the middle of the ring, as the referee Dennis Heflin cowers in the corner.  

Finally, Carver emerges from under the ring, clutching a black “SHOOT PROJECT” gym bag.  The fans cheer in recognition.  Carver looks at Kidd cautiously, who is still leaning up against the post stunned.  Carver unzips the bag, and reaches in.  He is fumbling around with something inside with both hands.  Finally, Carver’s arms emerge from the gym bag. His right fist is wearing a black glove, wrapped in barbed wire.  Carver makes a fist with it, and slowly raises it over his head, to the roar of the fans… 

Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrick Kidd had better pucker up…I think he’s about to get the TOKYO KISS! 

The Other Guy:  I’m going to make a bold prediction here.  In about five seconds, Patrick Kidd is going to regret asking for this match. 

Carver charges at Kidd, who turns and sees him, but not in time. With a sickening thud, Del Carver nails Kidd in the forehead with the barbed wire glove.  Kidd falls to the ground, blood flowing down his face onto his chest.  Carver grabs Kidd and rolls him back into the ring.  Carver rolls into the ring himself, as the fans come to their feet.  Carver looks around the arena, his eyes wild. Kidd is trying to get to his feet, and Carver stands over him, and again holds his bloody fist up high, to deafening cheers. 

Diamond Del Carver backs up cautiously.  Kidd gets to his feet, and Carver charges forwards and throws a perfect right hook, which catches Kidd right in the forehead again.  Kidd is rocked.  Carver swings widely, and pastes Kidd in the forehead again, this time with a right roundhouse.  Kidd falls back.  Carver starts to fire a rapid succession of stiff right jabs into the forehead of Kidd over and over again. Blood begins to spatter, and then fly.  Carver pounds away, and is now crouched over the fallen Kidd… 

Suddenly, Kidd reaches up, and clamps his legs around the neck of Del Carver, like a vice.  Del stops punching.  Kidd tightens his grip with his legs, and secures both his hands around the right arm of Diamond Del Carver, neutralizing the hand with the barbed wire glove.  Kidd leans back and pulls as hard as he can on the right arm of Del Carver, who starts to turn blue, trying desperately to unlock the legs of Kidd from around his throat. 

Eryk Masters: TRIANGLE CHOKE! TRIANGLE CHOKE! Looks like Kidd just found a counter for the Tokyo Kiss! 

The Other Guy:  Look at Carver, he’s caught like an animal in a trap! 

Diamond Del Carver is on his knees in front of Patrick Kidd, still trying desperately to release the grasp of Kidd’s legs from around his throat.   Kidd is squeezing with all of his might and isn’t letting go, no matter what.  Only Carver’s left arm is free, and he raises his left arm in the air… 

…and taps out. 

The fans go insane, as the bell rings and Patrick Kidd’s music starts to play. Kidd immeadiately releases the hold and Del Carver collapses to the mat, coughing and sputtering. 


Eryk Masters:  Fans, I can’t believe what we just witnessed!  Patrick Kidd just managed to do what I can’t remember anybody else ever doing – making Diamond Del Carver submit. 

The Other Guy:  Del Carver has been wrestling since 1979.  That’s what, 33 years?  His birthday was last week, January 10 and he turned 52. I can guarantee you that you can count on one hand the number of men who have done what Patrick Kidd just did…and you’d still have a couple of fingers left over. 

The fans are still on the their feet, cheering their hearts out.  Diamond Del Carver has regained his composure, and he is standing. He strips the bloody glove off his hand and tosses it aside and exchanges a hug with Patrick Kidd.  Carver reaches over and takes the microphone from Samantha Coil. 

Diamond Del Carver: Well, I wasn’t expecting that. 

The fans in the arena laugh loudly. 

Diamond Del Carver: I got something I want to say, so if you’d give me a second, I’d appreciate it.  When I came back to SHOOT, I said the one thing I wanted to do was win the Iron Fist Championship, and I did it, and I defended it too. Y’all might not know it, but I turned 52 years old last week.  And I been lucky enough to have met somebody who has actually helped give me a life outside this ring, so I think now would be a good time to make this announcement… 

Suddenly, the huge “SHOOTron” video screen in the SHOOT Epicenter lights up, and we see Alyssa Brower, Diamond Del Carvers girlfriend, sitting in DDC’s locker room. She appears totally comfortable as she leans back against the leather couch, her bare feet curled up underneath her.  

Suddenly the door FLIES open after being kicked in, splinters flying from the doorjamb, the lock exploding free and falling to the floor. A grinning, pallid hellion saunters his way into the locker room, one hand wrapped around the collar of an unconscious security guard, whose face is covered in blood. 

Alyssa lets out a surprised shriek, and she cringes back against the couch with both hands digging against the leather material. The rest of the SCAR boys enter the room behind Entragian, until they’ve surrounded the young woman completely. Kenji hops up onto one arm of the couch and perches there like a gargoyle. Obsidian blocks off the only exit with his gigantic frame, arms crossed at the chest. Corazon takes a seat at a table, and he starts to drag a screwdriver against the wood in a circular motion while staring at Alyssa. Entragian stands directly in front of her, hands on his hips, that grin just as big and as bright as you could want. 

Isaac Entragian: HONEY….I’m HOME!!!!!!!! 

The arena has gone eerily quiet, and in the ring Diamond Del Carver points at the screen and shouts at the top of his lungs… 

Diamond Del Carver: TOUCH HER AND DIE! It’s that simple, motherfuckers!  TOUCH HER AND DIE! 

In the dressing room, Isaac Entragian looks at the camera and smiles wickedly. 

Isaac Entragian: I think not. You’re not in the position to make demands right now, grandpa. You’re out there, we’re in here.  You take one step, make one single move towards this dressing room, and something very bad happens. 

Did you think you were going to take my Iron Fist Championship, and then just get in your wheelchair and drive off into the sunset without giving me my rematch? I hear you actually thought you were going to RETIRE!  I don’t think so, Delroy.  You’ll be at Reckoning Day.  I’ll get my re-match, and just to make sure, I’ll keep your pretty little plaything with ME until then!  You show up, you give me my rematch, you get her back!  You don’t show up, or you do something stupid in the meantime, then as I said… 


Alyssa:  DEL!!!  DEL, HELP ME!!! 

Diamond Del Carver throws his microphone down and charges out of the ring, and Patrick Kidd is right behind him, lending support.  The SHOOTron is still on, and still broadcasting. 

Entragian turns and looks at Alyssa Brower. 

Isaac Entragian: Well look at YOU. Just as pretty as a picture…isn’t she, boys? No wonder Carver’s been so distracted lately, I would be too if I was tapping a high-quality piece of ass like this. Yummy in my motherfucking tummy… 

Alyssa’s eyes are wide with terror, but she manages to vocalize a ragged scream, her attention focused beyond the door. Isaac’s venomous eyes creep down, his attention caught by the front of Alyssa’s jeans. 

Isaac  Entragian: Is that spilled water on your lap…or are you just happy to see me? 

Alyssa makes a terribly sick gurgling sound in the back of her throat, and she turns her head away from Entragian, not even able to look at his horrifying visage for more than a few seconds. 

Isaac Entragian: Aww…don’t be like that! I can be a true gentleman when I wanna be. I’m gonna take you out on the town, babycakes! Gonna show you how a REAL man treats a woman. Dinner, dancing, debauchery, I’ll spoil ya, sweetheart…no dollar menu for my #1 gal!!  

Isaac forcibly PULLS Alyssa up to her feet by the wrist, and he starts to dance her around the room, her body limp and shivering like an unwilling ragdoll. 

Isaac Entragian:  TWIRL FOR ME, BITCH! 

Entragian twirls his violently…and then he allows Alyssa to plop right back on the couch. The first of the night’s tears are coursing down her cheeks, causing her make-up to run. Isaac promptly leans down, and he allows his forked tongue to lick Alyssa’s throat from the bottom of her neck all the way up to hear earlobe. She trembles with revulsion, her hands pushing against his chest… 

Alyssa: please…*sob*…please stop… 

Isaac Entragian: Tastes like cherry pie! My favorite flavor. Finally got myself a keeper, boys! 

Corazon smirks, and Kenji’s expression remains cold and dead. 

Isaac Entragian:  Well…let’s get going, because I don’t think I can take much more of this cockteasing. Unlike Del…I don’t need little blue pills to rise to attention…let’s just say I’m in a CONSTANT state of euphoria… 

Entragian cackles to himself while “adjusting” the material of his pants around his groin, and then he DIGS his hand into Alyssa’s hair and pulls her up to her feet. Her starts towards the door, dragging her…but he stops suddenly with a worried look on his face. 

Isaac Entragian: SHIT! Nearly forgot. I need some…*ahem*….supplies! Can anyone help a blood-brotha out? 

A strange smile crosses Obsidian’s face, and he pulls a Magnum condom from his pocket, while his other hand produces a leather whip. 

Isaac Entragian: Entragian: Goodness GRACIOUS! I knew I could count on you, big boy! Kinky with a capital K. 

Entragian takes the items from Obsidian, proceeding to pat the big man on the shoulder as he drags a kicking and protesting Alyssa out the door. 

Isaac Entragian: Entragian: Hold the SCAR fort down, boys. I’m thinking I’m gonna make a night of this… 

Entragian looks down at Alyssa for a moment, his eyes lacking anything even close to sanity. 

Isaac Entragian: Ready to paint the town RED? We might even paint you red too….depending on the liquid that I manage to coax outta ya… 

Alyssa starts to scream at the top of her lungs, and Entragian chuckles along with the screams. There are shouts off in the distance, so he drags the young woman by the hair towards the closest EXIT door with SCAR looking on, and the last shot we see is the albino throwing Alyssa into the passenger seat of a black 1965 Ford Mustang. The engine kicks into life with a roar, and Entragian peels out of The Epicenter parking lot with Alyssa’s face plastered against the back window of the car, her fists beating weakly against the glass. 

The screen goes black and the shot goes to Eryk Masters and The Other Guy at the Broadcast Position. Both men are ashen faced and look deadly serious. 

Eryk Masters: Fans, first of all I would like to apologise for the language you just heard and the nature of what you just saw.  I am…shocked, and sickened. 

The Other Guy: I’m the first one to take shots at Diamond Del Carver for his age, and stuff like that. But what we just saw had nothing to do with Professional Wrestling. That man is 52 years old, he has been wrestling for 33 years.  He just had a great match with one of his closest friends, and he was about to announce his retirement and go home and settle down with that beautiful woman we’ve been hearing about for months – and Isaac Entragian just totally destroyed that moment forever. Isaac Entragian is a sick, depraved excuse for a human being. 

Eryk Masters: I’m being told in my headset that Diamond Del Carver has left the building in pursuit of Isaac Entragian, and that Jason Johnson is going to consult with Carver before deciding how to handle contacting the authorities about this situation.  The best thing we can do right now is just let Jason handle it, and get on with the show.


Eryk Masters: I want to remind everyone, that we are just days away from one… of… SHOOT’s… Biggest… shows.

Masters is distracted by a thick grey fog begins rising from the entrance way, and out from the back. The lights snap off as we hear a haunting organ play for a few moments before we get vocals from a female.

"Regrets collect like old friends

Here to relive your darkest moments"

Flashbulbs occasionally highlight and give the feeling of lightning inside the menacing cloud that has continued to grow.

I can see no way, I can see no way

And all of the ghouls come out to play

There are dark flashes of faces on the Tron. The heartless soul of SHOOT Project.

"And every demon wants his pound of flesh

But I like to keep some things to myself"

We are walking up the ramp and we see a figure in a white standing in the shadow of the Tron. White shoes. White suit, but the similar black ski mask we’ve seen previously. We start to pan up the legs to torso, but as this line is delivered…

"I like to keep my issues drawn

It’s always darkest before the dawn"

The drum kicks in after this line, a spotlight behind the man erupts, giving us a blast of white light, that causes the viewers and crowd to wince. The man’s shadow is cast down the ramp, and he is just a silhouette now. The Spotlight starts to rise behind the man, and up behind the man. As it rises, the tron snaps to life with a sun rise. The tron turning the purplish pink you see moments before the sun makes its first appearance. As it rises, the sun reaches the top of the tron the spotlights running along the top snap on again, bathing the Epicenter in bright white, and as the lights drop out there is a line in bright white on the screen.

"its almost DAWN".


Before the Main Event can take place, we head back to the locker room. We see Jaime Alejandro and Cronos Diamante. Cronos is seated, as a medic is trying to attend to him. Cronos is waving him off, however, stating that he is, in fact, fine. Jaime is seated across from him, watching this whole spectacle. All of a sudden, the door is blown open, crashing hard against the wall. At the sound, Jaime quickly gets to his feet. Cronos struggles to do so, being hindered by the medic. Jaime looks ready for a fight, but calms down when the reason for the disturbance is seen on camera: Lunatikk Crippler. The medic abandons the lost cause of checking after Cronos and turns to the Crippler. The medic opens his mouth to speak, but Crippler puts a hand up.

Lunatikk Crippler: Leave. Now.

The medic looks from Cronos to The Crippler and sighs. He grabs his medical bag and walks out the door. Crippler does not watch this, as he is looking dead aat Cronos, and now Jaime, who slumps in the chair next to him.

Jaime Alejandro: Look, Bill, if you’re looking for an "I’m Sorry" for not being out there sooner-

Lunatikk Crippler: I"m not. I’ve got a few things to say, and I’m going to say them. I’d appreciate it if I didn’t get interrupted.

Jaime nods, and sits back, intent on listening.

Lunatikk Crippler: We got our asses handed to us after that match. No point in denying it, but it could have been much worse.

Cronos says nothing. He just sits there, staring a hole through the Crippler. Jaime, however, nods in agreement.

Lunatikk Crippler: You’re also probably wondering why I tried pulling them off you, after I’ve already said I don’t trust you. That I’m only here for Tanya Black.

Cronos still sits there, stoically, silently.

Lunatikk Crippler: You showed me trust, tonight, Cronos. Maybe you’re still the same old prick you’ve always been. The same asshat who screwed with Alex Brooks’ head so bad you forced him out of SHOOT.

Cronos’ eyes narrow. A danger sign.

Lunatikk Crippler: But tonight, you showed me that I can, in fact, believe what you’ve been saying. About wanting to stand up for SHOOT, to protect it. Maybe I don’t have the same long and storied history with SHOOT like you do. Maybe I haven’t even been here as long as Jaime.

Cronos now raises his eyebrows as if to say "And?"

Lunatikk Crippler: But I love SHOOT. I represent SHOOT as Sin City Champion, and I don’t see that changing come Reckoning Day. Just like I don’t see Cade Sydal being able to break your resolve. I guess, what I’m trying to say….

Crippler’s eyes shift, looking at both Cronos and Jaime, speaking to both of them.

Lunatikk Crippler: You wanna protect SHOOT? Be the Honor Guard? I can buy that. As of this point on, I want what you want: I want to stand up for the SHOOT Project, and protect it from the evils of the Syndicates, the SCAR’s, the Hierarchies. Anything that threates the life of this company, I will fight to bring down. And if you’ll have me, I’d like to do it along side the both of you.

Jaime doesn’t hesitate. He stands up, and shakes Lunatikk Crippler’s hand.

Jaime Alejandro: You and I are friends, Bill. I’m glad to have you on our side.

Crippler’s eyes are on Cronos, who has stayed silent the entire time. He finally stands, and walks over and gets face to face with Crippler. Jaime backs off, as the moment of tension could cut like a knife. Finally, after several hours, but more realistically, seconds, Cronos breaks the stare down….and extends his hand. Crippler takes it, and shakes it, gaining acceptance from both his friend, Jaime Alejandro, and the man he once counted on as an enemy, Cronos Diamante.

All without Cronos having to utter a single word.


We see the image Reckoning Day flash onto the screen as we hear the vocals of Johnny Cash. 

I hurt myself today 

To see if I still feel 

I focus on the pain 

The only thing that’s real 

Image of Jun Kenshin from earlier days in the SHOOT Project. We see him walking toward the ring with a smile on his face as he slaps hands of the faces. We see him in his days with The Pacific Connection, we see him scaling the ladder in his battles against Eli Storm in the Iron Fist division. Jun Kenshin putting on a clinic with Cade Sydal in a past contest. A slow motion of Jun Kenshin flying with the greatest of ease. 

The needle tears a hole 

The old familiar sting 

Try to kill it all away 

But I remember everything

Black and white shots of Adrian Corazon’s past. His time in The Vanguard. His time in Sons of Liberty. His induction of Project Scar. The words “Brutal” and “Inhuman” appear on the screen only to be wiped clear to be replaced by “Black Death”. Corazon being arrested after his match with Christopher Davis on Revolution 34. 

What have I become 

My sweetest friend 

Everyone I know 

Goes away in the end

Gravestones of Jun Kenshin’s family are seen. Old photos of Corazon’s family. A rapid fire shot of Adrian Corazon eliminating Jun Kenshin on his way to become World Heavyweight Champion the first time at Malice. Kenshin returning on the Ten Year Anniversary show. Kenshin pinning Corazon and after the match, the shot slows to Kenshin extending his hand. Corazon takes it in a hesitant hand shake. 

And you could have it all 

My empire of dirt 

I will let you down 

I will make you hurt

A shot of Jun Kenshin’s trophy case with a spider crack on the brilliant glass. Family photos are strewn about. His daughter and the final image is Corazon’s bloody smiley face. 

I wear this crown of thorns 

Upon my liars chair 

Full of broken thoughts 

I cannot repair

Corazon standing in the forefront with his Scar brothers. We see him decimating a punching bag as we see the trail of destruction in his wake. Mike Dexter, Trey Willett, The Real Deal, Diamond Del Carver and we pause to Jun Kenshin getting dropped with The Act of Reality. We see Jun Kenshin’s bloodied face as we see him forcing his way back up. We see Corazon assaulting his throat but in a final show of resistance but Kenshin fights back.


Beneath the stains of time 

The feelings disappear 

You are someone else 

I am still right here

Project SCAR is shown united. The frightening Kenji Yamada, The Pale Rider and Obsidian. Meanwhile Kenshin stands alone for a moment. His allies are shown momentarily. Maya Nakashima, Jonas Coleman and Jaime Alejandro. 

  And you could have it all 

My empire of dirt 

I will let you down 

I will make you hurt

We see Corazon walking the streets of Mexico City. His face is cold and eyes look remorseless. We see his tool of choice, the screwdriver.  

If I could start again 

A million miles away 

I will keep myself 


The last image we see is Jun Kenshin standing toe to toe facing Adrian Corazon followed by Reckoning Day on the bottom screen as we fade to black. 

I … would…  find … a …. Way


We return to the locker room where we see Mirage cutting into his chicken breast.  King is sitting still and staring dead ahead as Mirage chews on his food.  Mirage motions with his fork at the chicken, nodding his head, giving his approval.  King remains still and silent, his eyes slowly moving from side to side. 

Mirage:  Oh, you can stop looking.  No Mirages…Miragi?…Mirages here.  Just you…and me. 

King looks down at the food. 

Mirage:  That cost a great deal of money to get, Donovan.  The least you could do is eat it.  Don’t be rude. 

King slowly reaches down and quickly HURLS the plate across the room.  Mirage slowly stops eating his food and sighs. 

Mirage:  I didn’t get you chicken because you’re black, if that’s what you’re thinking. 

Donovan King:  The only reason I’ve not come across this table and beaten the hell out of you is because I know at any moment you’ll have an army of masked morons swarmin’ in on me. 

Mirage:  No, Donovan.  I told you.  Just you and me.  What? 

Mirage holds his arms out. 

Mirage:  Can’t you trust me? 

King says nothing. 

Mirage:  …I suppose I owe you an explanation. 

Mirage sits his fork down.  He leans in, the candle light glistening in his eyes. 

Mirage:  A long, long, long time ago, I met your mentor.  I was a nobody and already he was already on the way to being this big famous bastard that everybody admired.  I could see the appeal, even then.  So what I set into motion changed both of our lives forever.  He acted like it was a young upstart going against a hot on the rise superstar for some belt in some random wrestling promotion.  What I saw in him told me it needed to be just a little bit more…important than that.  So I decided I’d build him up and I’d tear him down…to see if I was right about him all along.  I remember on him on top of a cage so vividly, holding on to his woman at the time, Sahara, as I was beating him on the back.  I made him admit defeat as he was losing his grip on her.  I made him tell the world he was done.  For a woman. 

Mirage chuckles. 

Mirage:  Do you know what happened next, student of the game that you are?  That woman?  Sahara?  She was never his woman.  She was mine.  She never loved him.  She never liked him.  And that changed him.  Suddenly there was something…alive in him. 

Mirage grins. 

Mirage:  Who he was before he met me…what he did…that was nothing.  Prologue.  What he did to get me back…ohhh…it was the true start of his career.  He might have been a big name then, but after that he was untouchable.  You see…I saw something in him.  I saw him worthy to hold sway over my world…this world.  Without my making him what he became…the egotistical megalomaniac that he would become…there’s no Instant Heat.  There’s no SHOOT Project.  There’s no Donovan King.  You see, he comes into wrestling…he goes out…and none of this…ever happens. 

Mirage shrugs. 

Mirage:  Without SHOOT there’s never an OPW or a TTW.  Without TTW there’s no LEGACY.  All of a sudden people’s careers suddenly aren’t that exciting anymore.  X-Calibur never meets Azrael Goeren.  Cade Sydal never matters.  Nobody ever hears of Diamond Del Carver.  Jun Kenshin is a mid-level joke.  Greyson Blade and Patrick Kidd and Azraith whatever his name was never even so much as become a blip on the radar.  And you?  You…never set foot in a professional wrestling ring.  All because I decided this little moron with the same name as some rappers might have what it takes. 

Donovan King:  You take my family…you take my life…and you tear it from me all for the sake of…professional wrestling? 

Mirage gets visibly irritated. 

Mirage:  Don’t make it sound so contrived!  I’ve seen the man you are.  You are NOT like them, you are NOT.  You’re no blonde haired pretty boy with a few scars calling yourself Defender.  You’re no honor bound Perfector of the Art of War.  You’re definitely no Sherriff.  Those fans cheer for those men just like they cheered for your mentor or that stupid clown or so many people who come and go and mean NOTHING to this sport.  It’s the architects, Donovan, that truly matter.  The ones who don’t NEED spotlight. 

Mirage sighs. 

Mirage:  You didn’t like the way Jonny Johnson was, you removed him from the game.  You didn’t like the way Jester Smiles was, you removed him from the same.  You didn’t like the way Real Deal was, you removed him from the game.  You didn’t like the way Cade Sydal was, you set him on the path to have him removed from the game.  Those men are phantoms that haunt the halls of the past because YOU decided them unworthy at the end.  They ran out of strength…because you decided it was time for them to go. 

Mirage shakes his head. 

Mirage:  We tend to save ourselves…though we never say why.  So tonight, I’m going to say why.  There’s this reservoir of energy, deep within us, that we never tap into.  Some think it’s because we’re saving it for a day when we truly need it…whether that day be rainy or otherwise.  Perhaps we convince ourselves we’re saving it for a title shot, or our next big feud…but in reality, it doesn’t matter the excuse.  In the end, that’s all it is…an excuse.  An excuse to keep going.  An excuse to prolong a career we know has ended.  And so long as we know we have that untapped reservoir, we have tomorrow.   

King continues to say nothing. 

Mirage:  Sadly, by the time we realize it’s too late to tap into that reservoir; our careers are already over…giving way to a newer, younger generation… 

Mirage sighs. 

Mirage:  We keep looking at the past for advice for the future and so we keep ourselves ready for anything.  That time, Donovan, for me is ending.  So I want you to know…and understand something very important about our match.  I no longer know about tomorrow.  All I know…is today. 

He stares at King silently for a moment. 

Mirage:  When we meet in that ring…I won’t be saving anything for tomorrow.  I’m going to go to a place I’ve never been…a place where there is no coming back from.  If you survive…you’ll know what to do. 

Mirage pushes himself away from the table. 

Mirage:  You have to decide if you’re ready to take that next step that you need to take to be that man, that…monster…or you will be just another footnote in history.   

Mirage places both fists on the table, glaring down at King eye to eye. 

Mirage:  Your choice is to go down in defeat and be just another nobody…or you can do the right thing…and destroy me.  You can never pin me, you can never make me submit, it will never be over if you do that.  No, Donovan…you’re going to have to destroy me. 

He walks past King and puts his hand on King’s shoulder, his touch almost gentle and caring. 

Mirage:  It’s the only way, Donovan.  Even you can see that.  Your family deserted you, your world has been destroyed, all that you have left…is this moment right in front of you. 

Donovan King:  All this…to try to make me the next OutKast? 

Mirage shudders, shaking his head slowly. 

Mirage:  All this…to make you the next Mirage. 

King moves to scoff, but he can’t.  Something in him doesn’t let that happen.  He freezes.  Mirage looks down at him, almost in a doting sense, before he pulls the mask over his face.  He walks to the door and opens it, King unwilling…or unable…to move.  3M looks back for a moment at his prize before he shuts the door, the gust of wind extinguishing the flames of the candles.



Samantha Coil : This next contest is your main event for the evening! It is a six man tag team match scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit!  

Samantha Coil : Introducing first… THIS IS OBSIDIAN! 

The house lights are cut off as no music plays and out steps from the back is the newest member of Project Scar…. OBSIDIAN! He is dressed in all black walks out to boos from the crowd as he walks down and stops just before the ring steps.  

Eryk Masters:  We last saw this man many years ago when we was with The Vanguard. 

Other Guy: As if Project Scar needed another 400 pound plus psychopath.  Ugh! 

“DIM Scene” plays over the speakers as we see Kenji Yamada slowly emerge from the back dressed in all black with the human skeleton design on his tights. Kenji ignores boos that greet him as he makes his way down. 

Samantha Coil : His partner, he hails from Kyoto, Japan… He is THE SOCIOPATH PIONER KENJI YAMADA! 

Eryk Masters:  Kenji Yamada is just flat out scary. 

Other Guy: He’s a former Iron Fist Champion but  for the most of the last year, his focus has been the so called beautification of SHOOT Project. 

Yamada joins his Project Scar brethren at the bottom of the ring steps but they wait for their last member as they look backward. 

Samantha Coil : Their partner, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico… He is THE BLACK DEATH ADRIAN CORAZON!  

“The Point of No Return” plays over the speakers as out steps The Black Death Adrian Corazon to a cascade of boos.  

Eryk Masters:  This man is a former two time World Heavyweight Champion. A multiple time Law of Survival Champion but in my opinion, he’s going to be known as the man that ushered the arrival of Project: SCAR. 

Other Guy: A man that once stood for SHOOT Project and he’s now hell bent on tearing it down and remold it in their vision. 

Corazon nods at his brothers and they both go up to the ring. The trio stares blankly at the entrance ramp awaiting the arrival of their opponents. 

The lights come back onto the screen as we see a blank piece of paper on the SHOOT Project Tron. 

Four letters appear onto the appear as it is written in cursive. 


We see the three men tasked the with defense of the SHOOT Project. They are standing side by side with supreme looks of confidence on their faces. They are dressed in variants of white and blue as the shot goes back to Sam Coil. 

Samantha Coil : Their opponents …  choosing to be introduced as a team. Weighing at a combined weight of 524 pounds…. This is MAYA NAKASHIMA, THE UNDENIABLE JUN KENSHIN AND  THE BUTCHER JONAS COLEMAN! 

“Destroyer” blares over the speakers as we see the trio step out together step to thunderous applause from the Epicenter! 

Eryk Masters:  This team clicked on all cylinders this week but will it be enough? 

Other Guy: These three guys are strangers to one another but they are bound together against a common enemy. 

Maya, Jun and Jonas all simultaneously jump over the ropes and they’re ready for this battle go get under way! 

Eryk Masters:  That’s great but to putting all those three guys together, they barely outweigh Obsidian by himself! 

Other Guy: It’s not like Jonas Coleman beat the hell out of a psychotic Sumo last year or anything. Yeah, let’s forget that. 

Eryk Masters: Jun Kenshin made a career out of beating guys that outweighed him but Maya Nakashima only weighs 120 pounds. Adrian Corazon bench presses more than that! 

Other Guy: Bench press? Really? What is this… the scouting combine? 

The six men are in the ring now as caught in the middle is Head Referee Tony Lorenzo. Yamada is staring at Coleman while Kenshin and Corazon are exchanging stares. Obsidian looks blankly down at Nakashima. The ref orders the men to go to their corners now as Kenji Yamada and Maya Nakashima are the legal men for their teams. Ref Lorenzo calls for the bell to ring to commence the match. 

Almost simultaneously, Obsidian and Corazon both jump above the ropes and run over Maya and stomp on the fan favorite. Kenshin and Coleman both hit stereo drop kicks on Obsidian to stun the big man momentarily.  Kenshin then carelessly tackles Corazon through the middle and top ropes as the two rivals are trading big time shots at each other! Yamada comes in and yanks Coleman down by his hair and Yamada is choking the Defender of Faith with both hands! 

Eryk Masters: This match just started and the ref has lost control of this thing already! 

Other Guy: Poor Tony Lorenzo, I pity that man. 

Maya unleashes a soccer kick to the spine of Yamada who releases his hold on Coleman as Jonas rolls down and out to the floor. Yamada looks annoyed as he grabs his ribs and Nakashima hits the ropes and does a flying spinning forearm smash to the face of Yamada who is knocked down. Maya goes up to the top rope in a flash and flies off with a top rope senton splash crushing Kenji as Maya goes for the pin!  


Eryk Masters: Maya is so damn quick! 

Other Guy: That might have surprised Kenji Yamada! 

Kenji powers out  and gets up as Maya fires a knife edge chop to Kenji who laughs and pie faces Maya in a show of disrespect! Kenji waves him to hit him again but what Kenji doesn’t see is a blind tag by Jonas Coleman. Maya rears back for a knife edge chop and Kenji braces himself for the impact but Jonas comes in with a school boy roll up! 



Eryk Masters: Ha ha! What a move by Jonas! 

Other Guy: Could you imagine the look on Project Scar’s disgusting faces if they would have lost in that way? 

Kenji kicks out as the fans laugh and the Sociopath Pioneer has a disgusted look on his face on the surprise attack by Jonas. Coleman punches Yamada over and over and kicks him down in the corner as he is trying to “stomp a mud hole” in the Scar member! Jonas picks up Yamada and whips him to the far corner and follows it up with a running knee to the face, Kenji stumbles out of the corner as Jonas grabs him by the head and tries for a running bull dog out but Kenji pushes him off him as Jonas goes back first to the center of the ring. Kenji measures Jonas for a spinning back kick to the stomach doubling him over, Kenji follows it up with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Kenji tags in the massive Obsidian now as the fans go “Ooohhh” at the impressive sight of the behemoth. Kenji points at Obsidian and then points at the downed body of Jonas Coleman as if to say “have at it”.  

Eryk Masters: Kenji Yamada is serving up Jonas Coleman on a platter to Obsidian. 

Other Guy: Is he going to eat him? Look at the size of this man!   

Obsidian hits the ropes and drops a massive elbow drop to the sternum of Jonas who is coughing violently having the point of the elbow of the behemoth dropped onto him. Obsidian gets up and places both feet onto the chest while using the top rope for further momentum. Kenshin and Nakashima look on in concern for their partner as they extend their hands for a tag. Obsidian looks at the two blankly as Jonas struggles to get to his feet, Jonas punches Obsidian in a weak looking punch that Obsidian easily blocks as he transitions the blocked punch into a Boss Man style side walk slam! Obsidian is not interested in a pin though as he grabs Jonas by the throat and then throws him to the corner. Obsidian goes to the other side of the ropes now and gets a full head of steam as the fans shriek in horror as they don’t want to see the Defender of Faith get squashed like a bug on a windshield!  

Eryk Masters: Oh no! Jonas can’t take any more of this! 

Other Guy: Obsidian is going to obliterate Coleman if he hits this move. 

Obsidian runs and shows deceptive speed for a big man but Jonas gets the two feet up and stuns the big man momentarily. Jonas hits the top ropes and drops the double axe handle smash onto the head of Obsidian who shakes his head like no! Jonas looks on in fright as he hits the ropes but he gets introduced to the massive deltoids in the form of a HUGE shoulder block toppling Jonas down. 

Eryk Masters: Just when you thought Jonas Coleman was gaining some momentum. 

Other Guy: Nope.  

Obsidian now shrugs his shoulders as if he is bored with beating Jonas Coleman. Obsidian tags in Corazon now and the crowd boos The Black Death’s arrival. Corazon is demanding Coleman to get up as Corazon kicks Coleman and goes  for a suplex but Coleman struggles at the apex of the suplex and fights his way down. Jonas kicks Corazon in the gut and hits a snap DDT.  

Eryk Masters: Jonas desperately needs to make this tag! 

Other Guy: I know we should be unbiased but make the damn tag, Jonas! 

Jonas crawls towards his corner and tags in Jun Kenshin! The crowd goes crazy as Kenshin scales the top ropes and uses his body as a human missile as he arrives into the match with a Swan Dive Head Butt! Kenshin shakes in pain as he hurt himself with that move too. Kenshin does a running Yakuza kick to Kenji Yamada who goes down to the floor and Kenshin does a spinning leg lariat to Obsidian who doesn’t go down but clutches his jaw in pain and faces the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: Jun Kenshin is owning that ring! 

Other Guy: Not too smart taking on all three Scar members if you ask me, dawg.

Kenshin  gets the legs of Corazon and applies a Sharpshooter as Corazon cries in pain. Kenshin bends back as the fans are yelling “Tap!” over and over wanting to see Corazon submit. Yamada comes in still clutching his head from Kenshin’s kick but Maya Nakashima cuts him off with a Judo take down and immediately grabs Kenji’s legs and applies a Sharpshooter. The fans are going nuts at seeing both Scar members in pain! 

Eryk Masters: Stereo Sharpshooters! Gotta love it! 

Other Guy: I’d like to see Project Scar submit and so would these fans! 

Maya releases the hold as Kenji slithers out clutching his back but Kenshin still has the Sharpshooter locked on Corazon. Corazon claws his way to the ropes and clutches the bottom rope and Kenshin is forced to release it. Kenshin grabs the leg of Corazon and pulls him back into the center of the ring and then applies a figure four leg lock to Corazon but Corazon kicks him in the face. Corazon hobbles up but Kenshin is adamant as he grabs the leg and does a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Corazon clutches his leg in pain but Kenshin is like a shark that sees blood and he goes after that leg. Kenshin is so focused that he doesn’t see the behemoth is perilously close behind him. Kenshin turns around and gets his head cut off with a huge lariat from the outside apron. 

Eryk Masters: Obsidian paid Kenshin back from that shot earlier. 

Other Guy: Did he ever?!? Wow! What a lariat! 

Corazon can’t help but laugh at the sudden turn of fortunes as he pulls himself a bit hobbled. Corazon  extends his hand and Obsidian eagerly accepts it. Obsidian puts his right leg up and over the top rope but Kenshin uses dirty tactics to kick the rope and crotches Obsidian stunning the big man! Kenshin tags in Maya Nakashima in now. 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin saw Obsidian coming in and he kicked him in the nuts there. 

Other Guy: Don’t care how big you are, a kick in the nuts hurts.  

Nakashima comes in now and goes to the top rope and flies off with a top rope cross body but even stunned and crotched. Obsidian catches Maya and amazingly is still clutching him. Jonas Coleman goes to the top rope and throws himself in a top rope corkscrew splash using his own momentum to propel Maya down onto Obsidian. 


Obsidian powers Maya off him and angrily gets up but Maya grabs a leg of Obsidian and Jonas grabs the left leg. Kenshin now comes in and jumps off the top rope with a flying missile drop kick while Maya and Jonas SWEEP the leg as the three fan favorites combine to FINALLY take down the behemoth. 

Eryk Masters: TIMBER! 

Other Guy: Finally got that big fool down! 

Referee Lorenzo though forces Maya and Jonas to exit the ring to the displeasure of the Epicenter fans who boo the ref’s decision. Kenshin now sees an opening and tries to work on the leg of Obsidian but even that is a struggle. Kenshin uses an assortment of complicated looking chops and strikes to the thigh and hamstring area of Obsidian in an attempt to “charley horse”  the big man. Obsidian curses in pain as he tries to get up. Kenshin slaps the hand of Maya now as Kenshin grabs the leg of Obsidian while Maya grabs the other one and the two fan favorites “make a wish”  by snapping the leg in opposite directions as Obsidian howls in pain. 

Eryk Masters: Smart move here by Maya and Kenshin to keep that big man down. 

Other Guy: Kenshin is well versed in submission wrestling. He was a former Rule of Surrender Champion ya know. 

Maya grabs the leg of Obsidian and tries to turn the big man over in a single leg Boston Crab but Obsidian uses his free foot to kick Maya up and over to the floor in a frightening tumble to the outside! Maya hits back first gingerly as Kenji goes to distract the ref in the inside, Corazon grabs Maya and throws the former Sin City Champion face first into the ring pole! The fans pelt Corazon with pop corn and trash showing their displeasure at the rule breaker! 

Eryk Masters: Scar doing what they do and that’s divide and conquer. 

Other Guy: Project Scar has been together for so long, you got to wonder if three strangers teaming up for the first time can beat them? 

Jonas Coleman  and Jun Kenshin see this and rescue their partner as they go to his aid. Corazon is laughing and causing a distraction as Kenji Yamada goes to the top ropes unbeknownst to Jonas and Jun who is tending to their partner. Kenji flies off with a top rope Moonsault as he TAKES OUT BOTH Kenshin and Coleman. Corazon now in a serious demeanor throws the still woozy Maya into the ring as Obsidian hits the ropes and goes for a big leg drop but luckily Maya dodges out of the way. Maya fights to get to his feet and is surprised to see both his partners knocked out on the floor.  

Eryk Masters: That damn Kenji Yamada sacrificed himself to take out two of his enemies! 

Other Guy: In doing so, Maya Nakashima has no one to tag!  

Maya looks around and knows he has no choice but to fight! Maya bravely charges at Obsidian and connects with several kicks to the head of Obsidian who recoils from each shot but he is not going down! Maya hits the ropes for added steam and hits a step up Enzugiri and that finally gets the big man down as the fans are clapping for Maya Nakashima’s bravery! 

Eryk Masters: Maybe he doesn’t need a tag!  

Other Guy: ONE! TWO! No! 

Obsidian with a less powerful kick out as Kenshin and Coleman finally make their way to the corner now. Obsidian gets up rather quickly however showing his quick recuperative strength, Maya hits the far side of the ropes but the dastardly Kenji Yamada LOW BRIDGES  the top rope and Maya Nakashima  goes sailing up and down to the floor again! 

Eryk Masters: Son of a! I think Project Scar wants to get disqualified again! 

Other Guy: Last week’s match was thrown out and if this keeps up, it’ll be that way again. 

Yamada punches Nakashima on the floor as Jonas has seen enough and he tackles Yamada from behind. Kenji and Jonas are exchanging punches on the floor. Adrian Corazon hits the ropes and does a plancha taking out both Jonas and his own partner Kenji! Not to be out done though, Kenshin hits the far side of the ropes and does  a  suicide elbow dive through the ropes taking out Corazon. All four guys are down and out! The fans are chanting. 


Maya rolls in now trying to clear the cob webs but Obsidian welcomes him with a quick boot to the gut. Obsidian with a standing headscissors and goes to hoist Nakashima up but Nakashima counters with a sunset flip and he’s trying to get the big man down! 

Jonas has recovered in time and drop kicks Obsidian in the face while Maya gets the sunset flip on Obsidian! 




Jonas gets turned around by Kenji Yamada and gets a SHOT to the THROAT! Jonas is coughing violently but Yamada gets turned around and gets OBLITERATED by HEAVEN’S BLADE from Kenshin! 

Kenshin turns around! 

ACT OF DEFIANCE from Corazon as Kenshin is FLOORED by Corazon’s Shining Wizard. 

Corazon doesn’t see that Maya is behind him now though. 


Eryk Masters: Oh my God! Look at that ring! Four guys are down!  

Other Guy: And we’re back to Maya and Obsidian! 

Jonas is furiously trying to get the black gunk off his face with a towel while Kenshin is clutching his jaw and down on the floor of his corner. Corazon and Yamada are also down on the floor on their side of their corner. 

Maya and Obsidian are still in the ring now as Obsidian grabs Maya by the throat with both hands and lifts him up for a Double Handed Choke Slam! Maya is desperately trying to break free but Obsidian is just too damn strong. Obsidian hoists him up and Maya squirrels out the back door and behind Obsidian! Maya goes for a Back Stabber back breaker but Obsidian shoves him off like a gnat. Obsidian is relentless and grabs Maya by the throat.  




Maya kicks out! 

Obsidian scowls at the referee in disbelief. Obsidian tags in Corazon now as Obsidian hoists Maya onto his shoulders. Corazon flies off with a flying clothesline while Obsidian throws Maya off for added momentum in a Doomsday Device. Maya is shaking on the mat in pain while Corazon looks at the crowd and shouts. 

Adrian Corazon: IS THIS ALL YOU HAVE? IS THIS IT?!?  

The fans look in disgust while some continue to BOO the Black Death who grabs Maya by his bleached blonde hair. Corazon has Maya in a standing headscissor and grabs both arms in a Pedigree going for his signature move… Original Sin but in a last gasp effort, Maya counters out of it with a back drop! Maya inches closer to his corner and reaches out! 

Eryk Masters: Maya countered Original Sin but can he make it to his counter? 

Other Guy: So ….  close… almost…there 

Kenji Yamada illegally comes in and kicks Maya in the ribs to cut him off! The fans are LIVID as Maya gets dragged back to the corner! Corazon now grabs Maya and throws him in the corner as Corazon goes to the middle set of ropes and mockingly attempts the ten strikes by the fan favorites “spot” but Maya wisely uses the added leverage to grab Corazon and POWERBOMB him from the middle rope!  

Both men are down! 

The ref is forced to do a standing 10 count! 








Both men stir. Corazon tags in Kenji Yamada now as Maya inches closer and tags in THE BUTCHER!  

Jonas Coleman comes in like a house of fire SPEARING Yamada down followed by one hundred mile an hour shots to the skull over and over! Jonas hits the middle set of ropes and shows off his athleticism with a Lion Sault! Jonas covers! 



Yamada gets a shoulder up! 

Jonas tags in Kenshin now as Kenshin and Coleman simultaneously go high-low with Kenshin sweeping the leg while Coleman goes for a spinning wheel kick. TOTAL ELIMINATION! 

Kenshin covers! 



Obsidian grabs the referee by the foot and pulls him down. The referee backs away in fear and he is very close to throwing the match out. Kenshin shakes his head in disbelief as he grabs Yamada. Kenshin with a chop to the chest and Yamada returns the favor with a chop! The two men are standing their ground with blistering knife edge chops!  Kenshin points to Yamada to chop him as hard as he can! 

Eryk Masters: What the hell is this? 

Other Guy: Kenji Yamada and  Jun Kenshin both come from that Japanese strong style background and neither man is backing down. 

In Kenshin’s bravado, he once again neglects Obsidian’s presence that is behind him. Obsidian charges in with a BIG BOOT but Kenshin ducks out of the way and Yamada is knocked out by Obsidian’s BIG BOOT! Jonas and Maya both rush in and execute a double flying shoulder block to take Obsidian out of the ring.  

Eryk Masters: Obsidian took out his partner! 

Other Guy: He is the newest recruit so maybe they weren’t on the same page. 

Jonas and Maya are both working over Obsidian on the outside as the referee has his attention diverted there. Kenshin hits the ropes in a flash as Corazon is seen on the outside. 


Steel chair to the back by Corazon on Kenshin doubles him over! 

Kenji Yamada  takes advantage as he delivers EVERLASTING SCAR! Kenji executed the sitout powerbomb expertly and transitions it into a chokehold as Kenji’s legs are around Kenshin’s throat! Kenshin is fading quickly as Corazon slides the chair down and away from the referee’s sight. 

Eryk Masters: Scar worked over Kenshin’s throat a few weeks ago.

Other Guy: Could you imagine their gloating if they got Kenshin to submit?  

Kenshin looks to have passed out as the referee checks Kenshin’s hand and it falls. 



His hand falls but he stops it from falling all the way and pumps his hand. The fans are clapping and stomping their feet to get their support for the fan favorite and Kenshin fights to get to the ropes and forces the break but Kenji Yamada refuses to let go the hold! 

Eryk Masters: Kenji Yamada has that choke hold locked in and he’s not letting go! 

Other Guy: Kenshin got to the ropes but it doesn’t matter if Yamada won’t release it. 

Maya Nakashima comes in to save his partner as he grabs Kenji by the neck and he applies a sleeper onto Yamada! The ref struggles to get Nakashima out of there though. Jonas Coleman runs in but he gets cut off with a Spinebuster from Adrian Corazon! The match is getting chaotic now as Yamada is forced to release the hold on Kenshin. Kenshin stumbles back onto his feet but an interfering Obsidian now gets in the ring… Obsidian connects with a RUNNING HEADBUTT onto the chest of Kenshin! 

Other Guy: Kenshin is getting hit from all sides, oh snap! 

Project Scar now raises their arms in triumph as they look pleased with their handiwork. Obsidian and Corazon nod to each other as if to “signal” a move. Obsidian whips Kenshin to the ropes as Obsidian hoists Kenshin in a flapjack while Corazon drops Kenshin with a Diamond Cutter.  

Eryk Masters: 3D on Kenshin! 

Other Guy: Project Scar is just daring to get disqualified. I don’t like it! 

The fans are going riotous at the blatant double team as ref Lorenzo kicks Corazon and Obsidian out of the ring. Kenji Yamada goes to the top rope now but Jonas and Maya cut him off by tripping him and he falls crotch first as the crowd laughs at the misfortunes of the Pioneer. Jonas and Maya go up together with a top rope DOUBLE HIP TOSS! Yamada and Kenshin are both down! 

The fans are stomping their feet and shouting to get Kenshin to get to his corner but Yamada is also up now as well. Both guys grab their throats. 


Both guys are blinded and they’re down again! 

Eryk Masters: I have never ever seen that in my  life, OG! 

Other Guy: Kenshin and Yamada both utilize that mist to the eyes but they blinded each other. 

Kenshin and Yamada are clawing their eyes in a desperate attempt to regain their vision. Kenshin stirs and stumbles to his corner. Jonas Coleman is tagged in and immediately punches Corazon and the Mexico City native goes sailing to the floor. Maya and Jonas do double drop kicks onto the giant Obsidian and he goes down onto the floor. 

Other Guy: Kenji is all alone finally! 

Jonas Coleman pounds the mat HARD as he is fired up. He motions for Kenji to get up to his feet. Kenji stumbles back up, kick to the gut. Jonas hoists Kenji and slams him face first. 


The fans count along!  




Samantha Coil: Your winners at a time of 37 minutes and 39 seconds…. JONAS COLEMAN, MAYA NAKASHIMA and JUN KENSHIN!  

“Destroyer” blares over the speakers as Corazon pulls Yamada from out of harm’s way. Kenshin, Nakashima and Coleman get their hands raised in victory. 

Other Guy: Jonas Coleman just pinned Kenji Yamada in that middle of the ring. That has to be a huge deal before their match at Reckoning Day!  

Eryk Masters: This is a HUGE victory for the good guys going into Reckoning Day! HUGE. I wish I had more to say about that, but this is GREAT and there are major implications from this!

Other Guy: Unfortunately, we’re out of time! The next time you see us? RECKONING DAY.

Fade to black!