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Revolution 92

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.   

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell   

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.   

Train a little harder than you can or ever will   

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship being held high in the air by the World Champion X-Calibur, followed closely by him locking Trey Willett in the Bite of the Basilisk.

You need to think fast  

Tanya Black and Cade Sydal are shown sauntering down to the ring quickly intercut with Maya Nakashima defeating Mason Pierce to become Rule of Surrender Champion.  Jonas Coleman standing toe to toe with Kenji Yamada is shown next.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!   

The Bad Ass Brotherhood are shown with the World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists before we see Isaac Entragian wrapping his arms around the hooker he paid to help destroy Diamond Del Carver. 

Got news if you think you bad   

Diamond Del Carver going for the Diamond Cutter on Donovan King is shown quickly intercut with Azrael Goeren going face to face with Patrick Kidd.  Briefly, we see Crazy Boy staring at the camera, a grin on his face.

All your other battles make me laugh   

El Asso Wipo is shown breaking some fool’s back before we see Corey Lazarus mugging for the camera, holding the lens directly at his face. 

You need to start runnin’…  

The Gunslingers are shown double teaming Goeren before we get to see Dan Stein flying off the ropes with a springboard before we see Jean-Gerard Baptiste with Anarchy behind him. 

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!   

Laura Seton standing with Jaime Alejandro, who is quickly shown hitting Crazy Boy in the face before we see Johnny Napalm locking up with Lunatikk Crippler before it cuts to Crippler holding the Sin City Championship high in the air. 


We see Maya tying his bandanna across his nose before we see Thomas Manchester Black punching a punching bag, sweating pouring down his face.  Quickly, we see Danny Corsair slapping hands with the fans as he comes down to the ring. 

You need a miracle!   

Diamond Del Carver tagging out to Patrick Kidd is shown before we see Donovan King stalking the fallen 3M’s bloody body.  Without warning, we get to see Obsidian pulling his hood over his head, his beady eyes penetrating deep into whatever heart the viewer has.

Nothing’s gonna save you   

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown followed by Jun Kenshin hitting the Heaven’s Blade on Corazon. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!   

Donovan King is shown catching Dan Stein with the Dealbreaker. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

The Hierarchy is shown en mass during the Redemption Rumble, having torn through the people in the ring with them.   

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Mason Pierce looking over the fans with Piper Fury in tow is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Project:SCAR is shown, the four of them preparing for war, shrouded in darkness. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

X-Calibur leaning over a podium during a press conference, grinning his evil grin for all to see. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

We see Tony Lorenzo hold the World Heavyweight Championship to the camera for all to see. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

The empty SHOOT Project ring. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 



Cliff Lin’s “And Your World Will Burn”  hits over the PA system. A few boos start up, as a couple of people recognize the theme, but for the most part, the crowd is silent and waiting. They ALL begin to boo loudly as Jester Smiles emerges from the back. He wears only a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and converse shoes with purple laces, but he has a purple smile painted on his lips. He walks to the ring, grinning like a mad man, enjoying every single boo he gets.

Other Guy: I KNEW we would eventually hear something from the Hero of SHOO-

Eryk Masters: Let me stop you right there, OG. There is nothing heroic about a guy who runs from Real Deal only to come back and attack Lunatikk Crippler from behind.

Other Guy: Chill out, Eryk, he may be here to explain all that.

Jester is about to climb up the ring steps to get in the ring, but he stop and looks at the booing crowd. He holds out his hand, looking as if he plans to high five the fans, but they don’t reach out. Jester laughs.

Jester Smiles: Awwww, come on? Where’d the love go?

Jester spits on the ground and turns his back, climbing up the steps, still smiling.

Eryk Masters: Douchebag.

Jester Smiles is now in the ring, and he signals for a microphone, which is tossed to him. He slides back out of the ring, lifts the ring curtain up, and pulls out a chair. He slides the chair in the ring and re-enters the ring. He then sets the chair up in the center of the ring and sits down, leaning back with terrible posture and looking incredible lazy, taking in all the boos. He waits a little while for the boos to die down before finally speaking.

Jester Smiles: You guys missed me a WHOOOOLE bunch, huh?

The crowd again begins to boo. A chant begins to start, first quietly, and then it gets kinda loud.




Jester simply smiles.

Jester Smiles: I’ll address that, don’t worry, don’t worry. I did kinda bitch out, didn’t I? You are completely right. Last time I was in this organization, I was supposed to have a match with the man, the myth, a living legend, the REAL DEAL, huh? 

The crowd pops.

Jester Smiles: That match didn’t happen as I recall. It didn’t happen because I didn’t want it to happen. See, I was going to destroy your hero. I was going to show you just how hopeless things here were, and once things got really dark, after your greatest hero was crushed, people were going to rise up and save this place, weren’t they?

Yeah, that was the plan. Cool in theory, for sure. I mean, I’m kind of a genius when it comes to shit like that, but…yeah…there was one problem. You guys. You all were the problem.

The crowd boos.

Jester Smiles: Yeah, see, I recall that I sent a little message to all of you before that match with Real Deal. If I’m correct, it simply stated “Dear SHOOT Project, you aren’t worth it”. And now, as I sit in the middle of a SHOOT Project ring, in the SHOOT Project Epicenter, looking at all these SHOOT Project fans, I realize something.

Jester pauses, pulling the microphone away from his lips and looking down. He then looks back up, an even bigger grin than before on his face.

Jester Smiles: I was damn right. You weren’t, and still AREN’T worth the fight!

The crowd boos raucously.

Other Guy: Alright, I don’t buy that.

Eryk Masters: Jester was just running from Real Deal, because he knew he couldn’t beat him.

Jester laughs, crossing his arms and waiting for the boos to stop.

Jester Smiles: I’m sorry you guys don’t like the truth. Hell, I’m sorry it is the truth. But look at what happened. I mean, seriously, LOOK at what happened. I was trying to incite a riot within the so called ‘good people’ within this company. I was trying to get them to rise up against the bastards and assholes that have plagued this sport for so long.

And now that I’m back, look around. X-Calibur is the World Heavyweight Champion. Trey Willett is a quitter. Project SCAR is stronger than ever. Tanya Black is…relevant still, somehow.

You NEEDED someone to destroy your idol from the past, the ideal from a previous history, so you could move on into the future. And I was gonna do that for you. I was going to be your savior. But, unfortunately, reality set in, and it became very clear to me that you weren’t worth the trouble. You morons, you lowlifes, you maggots, you aren’t worth anyone’s trouble.

A few members of the crowd have thrown soda cups and popcorn holders at the ring by now, and the boos are getting louder.

Eryk Masters: God I wish this guy would disappear again.

Other Guy: The show just started and we are already going to have to get the janitorial staff out here.

Jester Smiles: But I was wrong about one thing. I mean, as genius as I am, there is one thing I had wrong. See, I have ALWAYS been caught up in ideals. Whether I was battling Jonny Johnson to save SHOOT or I was battling Trey Willett to make him learn he needed to save SHOOT, I’ve always felt that I needed to save this place, hell, save the whole world. Over the years, and I’ve been doing this many years, I’ve lost sight of the real reason we do this. I forgot why it was I fight people, why it was I hurt people.

It’s not for ideals. As I learned from trying to help you retards, ideals are often misguided and, at times, outright lies.

And it’s definitely not for the money. Hell, I’m rich. If I need money, I’ll go to a couple of semi-legit MMA groups, fight some nobody who I’ll knock out in a couple of minutes, and make good money. So, no, unlike all of you, I have no need for the money.

More trash, more boos. The crowd security has begun to tense up.

Jester Smiles: No, not for ideals and not for money. The reason I did this at first, and the reason I am back in this ring today is because…

It’s fun. That’s it. No philosophy, no ulterior motives. It’s fun to break people down. It’s fun to beat people. It’s fun to make them…give up. Surrender. I am in this business because it’s fun to punch people in the face. It’s fun to kick people in the head. It’s fun to drop people on their necks. It’s fun to tear muscles, bruise skin, break bones, and cause concussions.

So I was wrong not to fight Real Deal. You guys would NOT have been worth it, hell, you don’t even deserve to see two great men like myself and Real Deal fight. But, it would have been SO much fun to fight him.

To beat him.

To shame him.

I threw that away because I was too distracted by ideals, but that’s a thing of the past. I’m back, SHOOT Project, and this time, I’m not here to prove anything. I’m not here to change anything. I’m here to do what I love doing.

Hurt people. I’m back to my roots, just having fun and doing what I do best. You guys aren’t going to like it, but at this point.

Fuck you guys.

The boos get louder, the trash keeps coming. Security is attempting to quiet the crowd, at least get them stop throwing trash, but they are really mad. Jester, however, is eating it up. He tries to speak into the microphone again, but his mic has been cut.

Other Guy: It looks like Jester’s microphone has been turned off. They are probably trying to keep this crowd from rioting.

Eryk Masters: Thank god.

The boos turn to cheers suddenly, partly because Jester can’t talk anymore, and partly because Lunatikk Crippler is running to the ring. Jester turns and sees him coming, preparing himself for a fight. Crip rolls in the ring and comes FLYING at Jester, and they both begin exchanging blows. Jester, however, is the better striker, and he briefly gets the upper hand, but Crip manages to dodge a punch and comes behind Jester. Jester turns and his knocked flat by a discus forearm! Jester is on the ground, checking his nose. Crippler sees the steel chair Jester grabbed early and takes a hold of it. He folds it up and turns to strike Jester with it…

But Jester is out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Running away AGAIN!

Jester smiles at Crippler, waving goodbye at him. Crippler glares at Jester and is seen mouthing “this isn’t over”. Jester is seen mouthing “I know” before he makes his way up the ramp. Crippler, meanwhile, takes the center of the ring and holds the chair in the air, causing the crowd to cheer wildly.



"Point of No Return" by Immortal Technique begins to play over the loudspeakers, and is immediately nearly drowned out in boos.

Eryk Masters: Wait, what?

Masters’ surprise has to wait, because coming through the curtain now is none other than ADRIAN CORAZON.

Eryk Masters: Well, it always says "Card Subject to Change". We’re getting tonights main event RIGHT NOW!

Other Guy: Just goes to show you, Project: SCAR will do what they want, when they wanna do it.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at 225 pounds, Adrian Corrrraaazonnnn!

Corazon has a smirk on his face as he gets into the ring, awaiting his opponent for this evening.

Eryk Masters: He may not show it, but you can’t honestly say Corazon’s arm is a hundred percent after what happened with Jun Kenshin at Reckoning Day. But you have to give it up for SCAR’s Black Death, he’s still here, ready to go.

The music shuts off, being replaced with "Rebirth" by Boy Hits Car. The fans pop loud, signaling the arrival of "The Old School Outlaw" himself, Patrick Kidd.

Other Guy: After what happened to Del Carver at Reckoning Day, I guess you could call Kidd "The Last Outlaw" now.

Eryk Masters: Doesn’t matter what you call him, you know he’ll be looking to bring it right to SCAR here tonight!

"Rebirth" continues to play, but nobody is coming out from the curtain. There is an uproar in the crowd and the camera turns and zooms in, finding Patrick Kidd coming down the stairs through the crowd! The fans are buzzing, trying to get close to Kidd as he makes his way to the ring. He smiles as the mass of humanity tries to get a piece of him, slapping him on the back and patting him on the shoulder.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, he is the Old School Outlaw, Patrick Kiiiiiiiiiiiidd!

Kidd climbs over the guardrail and rolls into the ring, staring straight ahead at Corazon. The bell rings, but neither man moves, each waiting for their opponent to make the first move.

Eryk Masters: This is going to be hard hitting, and I have a feeling I’m going to love it!

Other Guy: Second that. Both men left Reckoning Day with a lion’s share of injuries, but here they stand, ready to lay it all on the line.

Kidd and Corazon begin to circle each other like two dogs ready to pounce on the other. Kidd makes the first move, stepping towards Corazon, who mimics Kidd’s advance, and the two lock up in the center of the ring. Kidd takes the early advantage, twisting Corazon’s injured arm behind him with a hammerlock.

Eryk Masters: You knew this was gonna happen. Kidd’s zeroing in on the injured arm of Corazon.

Other Guy: Going against any member of Project:SCAR is disadvantage enough, but Kidd is trying to get the upper hand early on against SCAR’s Black Death.

Corazon is in obvious discomfort, but he fires back behind him with a stiff elbow, rocking the face of Kidd. The Outlaw staggers back with the blow, and Corazon shakes his hurting arm to get a little feeling into it, then turns as Kidd regains his bearing. Corazon charges forward, but Kidd, thinking fast, takes down the Brutal and Inhuman with a hasty armdrag. Corazon is quick to his feet, and turns back to Kidd, but Corazon eats another armdrag, this time a better executed one. Corazon gets back up quickly and comes out swinging, but Kidd blocks a right hand, landing one of his own…right in the elbow of Corazon. Both men are hurt, as Kidd shakes his hand out after connecting on solid bone, but he’s able to follow up with a single arm DDT on the ailing Corazon.

Eryk Masters: Kidd hangs on to the arm after that move, now locking in an armbar on Adrian Corazon.

Other Guy: Anybody with similar injuries might have tapped out by now. Not Corazon.

Sure enough, Corazon stays steady in this match, though his teeth are gritted in pain. Kidd floats over, trading in the armbar for a version of a kimura, putting more pressure on the ailing joint of Corazon. Corazon leans in towards Kidd, forming sort of a reverse bridge, trying to allieviate the pressure on his injured appendage. He’s able to use the position to his advantage, forcing Kidd backwards, pushing him right into the ropes. Tony Lorenzo steps in and warns Kidd to release the hold, which he does.

Eryk Masters: Patrick Kidd, ladies and gentlemen, always showing respect to the rules, when there are some, releases the hold with no arguement.

Kidd backs off, looking to measure his opponent. Corazon gets to his feet, holding his arm a little close to his body. Kidd closes in, but catches a thumb to the eye, followed up by a straight kick to the kneecap, bringing Kidd down in pain.

Other Guy: Adrian Corazon, people, always showing that he’s always able to hurt you.

Kidd clutches at his sore knee, made even more so by the tactics of Corazon, who now grins ear to ear, having his opponent right where he wants him. He picks up Kidd’s left leg and kicks it, right behind the knee. Kidd writhes on the ground, trying to kick his leg out of Corazon’s grip, which, despite his injury, is vicelike. Corazon plants another boot right to the knee again, and then drops an elbow right at the bend of Kidd’s leg. Corazon gets back to his feet, and drops a second elbow to the knee of Kidd, softening his already soft leg up.

Eryk Masters: Most predators won’t bother with tenderizing the meat before they move in for the kill. This is the part I think Corazon enjoys the most.

Corazon gets back to his feet, still holding onto Kidd’s leg, and then tucks his foot under his arm, and snaps back to the mat. Kidd cries out in pain, clutching at his knee, as Corazon attempted to hyperextend the limb. Corazon keeps hold and drags Kidd to the ropes, holding his foot on the bottom rope with Corazon’s own foot, using the ropes as leverage to leap up and come crashing down in a sitting position on Kidd’s knee.

Other Guy: Corazon smells blood, Eryk! I’d rather be facing a shark right about now.

Corazon ties Kidd’s legs up an an inverted figure four, putting pressure on the knee he has been working on. He falls down quickly, snapping more pressure into the already straining knee of Kidd, who is in a tremendous amount of pain on the mat.

Eryk Masters: Corazon looking to submit Patrick Kidd right here! But Kidd is near the ropes, he just has to reach a little further!

Kidd is holding his head in his hands, in a large amount of hurt right now, trying to fight out of the hold. He extends his hand as far as he can, but his fingertips just barely brush the bottom rope. He violently tries to turn the hold over, but Corazon raises his legs up in the air, with Kidd’s still attatched, halting any momentum Kidd was having. Kidd reaches out for the ropes again, straining hard with pain and determination…

He’s got it! Kidd desperately grabs the bottom rope, and Corazon needs to release the hold. Tony Lorenzo is right there, telling Corazon to let go, but nothing doing! Corazon leans back, elevating the legs again, putting more pressure on the knee of Kidd, who is still holding onto the rope, trying to use it as leverage to pull himself out of the ring. Lorenzo warns Corazon again, and his warning falls on deaf ears.

ONE! Lorenzo begins his count.

TWO! Corazon stares defiantly at the referee, not relinquishing his grip.



FI-Corazon finally unties his legs from Kidd’s, letting him go before the five count that would have disqualified him could be finished.

Eryk Masters: Corazon does not give Kidd the same liberty that Kidd gave to him earlier on. He nearly didn’t beat that count.

Corazon steps forward, stalking back toward Kidd, who, out of desperation, fires a right hand into the gut of Corazon. Corazon doubles over, giving Kidd time to get to his knees. Corazon steps back to Kidd, and catches another big right in the stomach. Corazon’s wind seems to be leaving him, giving Kidd ample time to get back to his feet. Corazon tries to come again, with a right hand, but Kidd blocks it and rocks Adrian with one of his own. The fans are on their feet, clapping and cheering Kidd along as he mounts his comeback, a second right hand to the face of Corazon, followed by a third. Corazon staggers off into the corner, and Kidd limps after him, favoring his knee. Corazon turns with his thumb extended, but Kidd ducks, and fires off a forearm into the kidney of Corazon. Corazon cringes on impact, leaving him open for Kidd to fire off a few more wicked rights, finally sending Corazon down to the ground.

Other Guy: What is Patrick Kidd? Right now he’s CASA. EN. FUEGO!

Kidd picks Corazon up by his hair and whips him into the ropes. Corazon ducks a clothesline attempt by Kidd and continues to the other side of the ring. He rebounds off the ropes, where he attempts a lariat of his own, only for Kidd to duck and snare Corazon by his neck.

Eryk Masters: The Gallows Drop! A nicely timed backbreaker by Kidd! He’s got the cover!



Th-Corazon kicks out! Kidd is a little out of breath, but that’s not stopping him. He pulls Corazon to his feet again and sets him up for a snap suplex! Kidd connects! He floats over and hooks the far leg!



Th-Corazon rolls his shoulder up before three! The crowd is in a frenzy, fully behind Kidd as he attempts to put Corazon away. Kidd measures Corazon and drops an elbow right to the black heart of the Black Death. He follows that up with a fist drop, and then gets back to his feet and drops a knee to the skull with his good leg! He covers Corazon again, this time hooking the near leg.



THR-NO! Corazon kicks out again!

Other Guy: Kidd is throwing everything at Corazon, and Adrian is taking it and coming back for more!

Kidd gets up, still favoring his knee, but he bounces off the ropes and spikes Corazon’s face with a falling fist drop.

Other Guy: Corazon didn’t see Patrick Kidd coming with that one!

Kidd gets back to his feet and bounces off the ropes again, again trying for the fist drop, but Corazon rolls out of the way. Kidd’s hand collides with the mat, and Corazon uses it to his advantage, rolls Kidd up in a small package!



Kidd gets loose! Kidd gets back to his feet, as does Corazon, and Corazon is scooped up on the shoulders of Kidd! He tries for a version of a Death Valley Driver, but Corazon lands on his feet. Corazon whips Kidd into the ropes, but Kidd reverses, sending Corazon for the ride instead. Corazon bounces off the ropes and ducks a lariat, and speeds up, coming off the opposite side of the ring with a shining wizard!

Eryk Masters: Corazon with an Act of Defiance! This one is over!

Corazon hooks the leg and Lorenzo slides into position.



THREE!! No!! Kidd gets his shoulder up AT THE VERY LAST SECOND! Corazon can’t believe it, but he’s not stopping. He lifts Kidd to his feet, and whips the groggy Outlaw into the ropes. He catches Kidd with a kick to the gut on the rebound, and then hits the ropes himself, nailing a beautiful spinning neckbreaker. He hooks the leg again.



THR-Kidd shoulders out again!

Eryk Masters: Now it’s Patrick Kidd showing the resilience he’s known for. He won’t give up!

Other Guy: Corazon is just getting warmed up. Kidd NEEDS to give up now to save the pain he’ll be in later.

Eryk Masters: Neither of these men are strangers to pain. I’d be willing to bet both men have Pain on their speed dial.

Corazon brings Kidd to his feet again and whips him into the ropes, Kidd ducks a clothesline attempt and on the rebound, nails one of his own! But Corazon also nails a clothesline, both men are down!

Kidd and Corazon are down after the collision, trying to be the first to their feet. Kidd’s knee is still giving him trouble, and Corazon beats him to his feet because of it. Corazon waits with Kidd’s back turned, looking to level him.

Other Guy: Kidd’s in for a big surprise when he turns around!

Kidd staggers a bit on his feet, which are under wobbly legs, but turns around, and Corazon lunges foot first, with an Act of Reality!

Eryk Masters: Kidd ducks! How did he know what was coming?

Corazon gets himself turned around where Kidd now has his back. Adrian whips himself around and catches a boot to the gut that doubles him over.

Other Guy: Kidd hooks the arms, he’s going for the Crimson Tide DDT!

Corazon with a last ditch effort, forces Kidd into the corner before Kidd can drop him on his melon. Kidd gets the wind temporaily knocked out of him as Corazon drives into him and sandwiches him in the corner, but Kidd releases Corazon’s arms, which is just what he was looking for.

Eryk Masters: Kidd stumbles forward, still bowed and trying to catch his wind.

Corazon wastes no more time, hooking Kidd’s arm’s behind his back, and driving his skull into the ground.

Other Guy: The Original Sin! Kidd is out cold!!

Corazon covers, pulling both legs back with him this time for extra leverage.



THREE! It’s over! The bell rings and Adrian throws Kidd’s legs off him and rises to his knees, looking into the crowd with a grin on his face.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, The Brutal, The Inhuman, Adriiiiiannnn COOOOOOOORAZOOOOON!

Eryk Masters: Kidd gave it everything he had tonight, but Corazon gave a little bit more.

Other Guy: When Kidd wakes up, he should be praised for the effort he put in tonight, but all is said and done, and chalk up another victory for Project: SCAR.


The titan-sized monster known as Entragian is seen walking backstage towards his locker room, his eyes swimming with toxic thoughts. The people that he passes shrink away from him, most SHOOT employees in the back well aware of SCAR’s infamous reputation.

He makes it to his locker room, but suddenly he stops, cocking his head to the side.

A pig’s heart has been nailed to his door. Rusty nails jut out of it from every direction, and cold, molasses-like blood drips down from the impaled meat.

There’s a message finger-painted into the blood.

“I’ve been gone for too long…”

“My heart is scarred. But my heart…is yours to keep.”

The message ends there, nothing remains but a kiss mark smeared on the wood where a pair of lips pressed up against the blood.

We view Isaac’s expression for a moment. He looks genuinely bewildered as we cut to black.


A bag of Utz Butter Popcorn in hand, Henry Gordon walks through the back halls of the arena, looking around, getting a feel for everything that’s going on. Suddenly his face lights up a bit and his eyes get big, and his pace gets a purpose as he approaches Crazy Boy. Despite the booing that we hear as the live crowd watches the footage, Henry Gordon is oblivious.

Henry Gordon:  Hey, Crazy Boy, you got a minute?

With a quizzical look that at first shows annoyance, Crazy Boy turns his attention to the newcomer.

Crazy Boy: And who are you?

Still a bit starstruck and hopeful, Henry Gordon doesn’t recognize the snarky tone with which CB is addressing him.

Henry Gordon: Oh, my bad, of course you wouldn’t know who I am, this is the first time I’ve introduced myself!  The name’s Henry Gordon, Rob Belote’s nephew! I was backstage a few times in LEGACY to see how things worked. I was actually there the night you won the World Championship. You guys were super busy having a celebration for your big victory, and Uncle Rob said I could’ve met you, but I didn’t want to interrupt.  He’s good about that sort of thing, ya know, wanting to get me opportunities to do awesome things.

The eyebrows of CB react to something Henry just said, but he holds back a bit on his response.

CB: Yeah… I guess he’s a good Uncle to have. And how is ‘Uncle Rob’? It’s… been a while.

Smiling ear to ear, Henry can’t believe he’s having this conversation, and he remains oblivious to the tone from his conversational partner.

Henry Gordon: He’s good, but he’s super busy these days.

Forcing a grin, CB gives a somewhat-playful smack onto Henry’s shoulder… though his shoulders are so massive (a mix of muscle and fat) that he doesn’t really get jolted by the less-than-friendly force put into it. Still, CB’s intentions are masked by Henry’s awe.

CB: Well not too busy to help you get a spot on the SHOOT roster, huh? Thank goodness for that.

Henry Gordon: It was super nice of him to put me in touch with the right people. This is a dream I’ve had for a year or two, and it’s cool that it’s finally coming true.

He forces himself not to roll his eyes, but something comes to mind that stops him.

CB: Yeah, well, you’re here now, and I bet it’s a little daunting trying to figure out how to make your way in this business… How ’bout this… How about as a ‘Thanks’ to ‘Uncle Rob’, I help you get to know some people a little better.

Henry Gordon: That’d be great!

CB: So how ’bout this… how about next week, you and me team up… and I’ve got the perfect opponents in mind. I can go to the front office and get it set up if you’re cool with it. Whadda you say?

Henry Gordon: Excellent!

Henry puts up his hand for a high five, and CB looks at it, realizes what he has to do, then slaps five, forcing yet another grin.


We are backstage, and we see a closeup of someone finishing a tape job on their hands and wrists. The camera pans out, and it’s none other than Lunatikk Crippler, getting ready for the big upcoming match with Maya Nakashima for the Rule of Surrender title. He looks focused, and it seems he’s not going to let his earlier altercation with Jester Smiles get in the way of his opportunity to become Rule of Surrender champion here tonight. He pounds his fists in his hands, making sure the tape is secure before sitting down on a bench in his locker room. He slides his boots in front of him and takes his right foot and sticks it in the right boot.

Lunatikk Crippler: FUCK!

The Crippler tenderly withdraws his foot, and we see why: his white sock is now painted red on the bottom of his foot, and a jagged piece of glass is sticking out of it. He picks up his boot and turns it upside down and shakes out several large shards of glass onto the ground. He lowers his foot to where it rests on his ankle, as not to force the glass deeper into his foot, when something else falls from his boot: a piece of paper. Crippler picks it up and unfolds the not, which is written in purple ink, splattered a little with Crippler’s own blood.

"hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! funny, rite?"

Crippler reads the note again, a look of disgust mingled with anger on his face, before noticing the signature at the bottom.


The smiley is also done in purple, and leaves little doubt as to who perpatrated this act. Crippler throws his boot across the room, and we hear it thud loudly as it connects with the wall. He turns his head so fast to the cameraman, we hear his neck pop.

Lunatikk Crippler: Don’t just fucking stand there taking pictures! Go get someone!

The cameraman does as he’s told, hurring fron the room as the camera points down to the floor, then switches off.



The lights in the arena die, and the video wall shows nothing but a black and white film countdown, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth as Corey sips on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz’s eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Bans, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his beard.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price…

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the video wall before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the video wall with him as Corey cracks his neck to either side, stretching out and jogging in place.

~=Don’t you know that I love you?!=~

Samantha Coil: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds…

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~ ~=Don’t you know that I’ll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Samantha Coil: And standing at 6-foot-1…

Lazarus continues to jog in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and then throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won’t you come with me?=~ ~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the video wall, focusing everybody’s attention to more clips of Laz’s glory: drilling Riona Langly with a picture- perfect example of the Sands of Ishtar for his first PWA Intercontinental title at PWA Genesis IX; dropping Thunderwolf down with the Box Office Bomb to claim the first fall in their classic 2/3 Falls match at PWA Genesis X; nailing Jay Skylar with a knife-edge chop to the face and mocking Ray Valjean for stealing his move and using it on his own partner; random backstage footage from the filming of On the Downside and The Black Circle; training footage from the last year, sparring with both Hiro Takawa and mentor Cliff Young; and pounding fist after forearm after fist into the face of Charles Brandon Magnus.

~=Oh, won’t you come with me?!=~ ~=And walk this land?!=~

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Hollywood, California…

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~ ~=Don’t you know that I love you?!=~

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row before turning back around to watch himself on the video wall, his trademark devilish grin on his face as he walks backwards down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: He is "The Premier Attraction"…

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~ ~=Don’t you know that I’ll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ring steps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz.


~=Oh, won’t you come with me?!=~ ~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish grin on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won’t you come with me?!=~ ~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb again as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Bans off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Bans and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out, using the middle ropes, before shadow-boxing. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz’s corner.

Eryk Masters: A different attitude than what we’re used to seeing out of Corey Lazarus, but nonetheless, he’s here tonight to make a statement.


Eryk Masters: Who sings that song?

Other Guy: That’s Slayer’s version, I think.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, let’s keep it that way.

Lazarus continues to loosen up in the ring, awaiting his opponent. On cue, "Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked" by Cage the Elephant kicks in, replacing Slayer over the PA, and the fans rise to their feet. Thomas Manchester Black is about to arrive.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 245 pounds..

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words "Dark Sinner". Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Samatha Coil: From Tokyo, Japan, by way of his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina…

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.

Samantha Coil: He is the Queen City Hitman…This is Thomas…MANCHESTERRRRRR….BLAAAAAACK!

Referee Austin Linam is currently patting down Corey Lazarus for any hidden weapons upon his person. He finishes that, and quickly checks TMB. Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin.

Eryk Masters: TMB is focused tonight. He certainly has had better days, but he’s looking to turn things around tonight against the returning Corey Lazarus. Lazarus has mainly competed here in SHOOT as part of the tag team Frontline II Turbo, let’s see how he fares in singles competition!


Eryk Masters: Knock it off! Do your job!

Other Guy: Okay! Stop yelling at me!

The bell is rung, and the match is underway. Lazarus rushes in and starts throwing leg kicks, connecting with two right of the bat. TMB is suprised by this tactic, but those kicks stung like hell as he backs into the corner. Lazarus charges forward again, planting a forearm right to the jaw of TMB, followed by a spinning back fist that crumpled Black to the ground.

Other Guy: A flurry of fists and feet from Lazarus to kick things off. I don’t think TMB was expecting that.

Lazarus backs off, giving TMB time to recover and get to his feet. Corey throws a few punches at the air, dancing around the ring, as if he were Muhammad Ali.

Eryk Masters: Corey Lazarus punctuating the new attitude by taunting Thomas Manchester Black. Not sure if that’s a smart idea.

TMB gets to his feet and moves towards Lazarus, but Corey ducks a clothesline attempt, and spin kicks TMB right in the chest. Laz follows that up with two straight chops, and a spinning back kick right to the face, sending TMB down again. Black looks back at Corey, who is striking a Karate Kid pose, rubbing it in the face of TMB once more.

Eryk Masters: Seriously, I wouldn’t do that if I were Corey Lazarus.

TMB pounds the mat and gets back to his feet, and Laz goes in to strike, but is caught flush in the face with a back elbow by Black! Lazarus staggers, only to get his legs swept from under him by TMB. Now Lazarus is on the ground, and TMB stands over him, daring him to get up.

Eryk Masters: Black turns the tables on Corey Lazarus! I bet Laz is wishing he didn’t rub anything in TMB’s face about now.

TMB wastes no more time and grabs Lazarus by the head to bring him to his feet, but Laz counters with a thumb to the eye. TMB staggers back, blinded, and Laz hurries up, and chop blocks the left knee of TMB, cutting his vertical base to size. TMB hobbles to his feet, limps forward, only for Lazarus to bounce off the ropes, driving both feet into Black’s knee, with a low dropkick. TMB falls to the mat this time, clutching at the knee.

Other Guy: Good strategy taking out the knee of Thomas Manchester Black. If he’s on the mat, he can’t hurt you as bad.

Eryk Masters: TMB can always find ways to hurt you.

Other Guy: You didn’t hear me right. I said AS BAD.

Laz drops a quick elbow to the knee of TMB, before moving upward on his body. He lifts TMB by the neck into a seated position, and then somersaults over him, grabbing hold of TMB’s head, causing his neck to snap back. With TMB grounded, clutching at both his knee and his neck, Lazarus runs to the ropes, springboarding off the middle and landing across Black’s face with a moonsault.

Other Guy: That one was picture perfect! Lazarus hooks the leg, here’s the cover!



TMB gets the shoulder up! Laz wastes no time and wraps his legs around the neck and head of TMB, trapping his left arm in as well. Laz grabs the hand of Black, pulling on the limb while squeezing his legs around the neck of TMB.

Eryk Masters: First the knee, now the neck of TMB. Corey Lazarus is trying to pick Black apart!

Lazarus continues to squeeze the life out of Black, all the while, making exaggerated yawns while he keeps hold with his legs. TMB is trying to roll out of it, reaching for the ropes with his free hand, and having little success. He rolls towards Lazarus this time, and is able to hook his hands together. Lazarus stops the fake yawn routine and tries to resecure the hold, but it’s too late, Black rolls to his knees, trapping Lazarus in a pinning combination, while Laz still has the hold locked in!



Lazarus releases the hold in order to escape the pinning predicament!

Other Guy: I think that was a serious lapse in judgement by Corey Lazarus. You can’t mess around with TMB, no matter what hold you have him in. Black is well versed in Mixed Martial Arts, and knows how to escape.

TMB gets to his feet, still feeling the effects of the work done to his knee, as does Lazarus. Corey moves in, but TMB uses his good leg to plant a solid kick right to the chest of The Hollywood Kid. A second kick from Black finds it’s mark right in the thigh, causing Lazarus to clutch his leg. TMB lands a solid forearm to the jaw of Laz, and grabs his head, driving it downward while Black brings his knee up, causing the two to collide. Lazarus goes down, but TMB limps off.

Eryk Masters: Caught up in the heat of battle, TMB used that injured knee to strike Lazarus down! Laz is down, but TMB is hurt!

Black is trying to regain some feeling in his leg while Lazarus is trying to clear the cobwebs. He gets to his feet and sees Black having his troubles, and tries to rush in again, with a front kick. TMB has the move scouted, and catches the foot, hooking it above his shoulder!

Eryk Masters: Tarheel Suplex by Thomas Manchester Black! That’s one of his favorite moves! He hooks the leg, he might have this one!

Austin Linam slides into position!



Th-Lazarus rolls his shoulder up! Just in time, as well, Linam’s hand was coming down the third time! Black is firmly in control now, as he bends down to pick Lazarus up by his hair. Linam gives TMB a warning about the hair pull, but TMB ignores it, going to whip Lazarus into the ropes. TMB holds on, and forces Laz to change direction, running right back into the short arm clothesline of TMB. The fans are firmly behind Black as he scoops Laz off the mat and presses him up. He releases Lazarus and hangs him by the midsection over the top rope! Lazarus lets his body fall over the ropes, landing on the ring apron. He gets to his knees, but TMB is there, grabbing him by the head!

Other Guy: Black pulling Lazarus through the top and middle ropes now, hooking his feet on that middle rope. He’s about to drop him!

Lazarus is able to unhook his feet from the rope and muscles Black over his head, switching places. Black hangs onto the ropes, landing on the apron himself. Laz leaps up in desperation and hangs Black’s neck across the top rope. TMB’s head whips back, but he is able to avoid going to the floor. Black rolls back into the ring, and is met by a nasty stomp right to the face by his opponent. Lazarus is trying to regain the advantage, and his face shows the focus he’s using.

Eryk Masters: Looks like the fun and games are over for Corey Lazarus. He realizes he needs to finish this one fast!

Black tries to get to his feet, but is stopped fast by Lazarus planting a kick right between the shoulder blades, the following up with another right to the chest. Black is flat on the mat again, turing onto his stomach, leaving him wide open for a knee drop right to the base of the neck!

From there, Lazarus pulls Black into the center of the ring, and slaps on a rear chinlock, sitting right on the small of the back of TMB.

Eryk Masters: Submission hold, right in the center of the ring. TMB needs to find a way out of this, or else he’s going to end up losing this one!

Lazarus transitions into a side headlock and continues to wrench on the neck of Black. Then he transitions back to the chinlock, not holding on for more than a few seconds with each move.

Other Guy: Good strategy being played out here by Lazarus. He keeps switching holds, making it that much harder for TMB to break out.

Black knows his way around the submission style with his MMA background, but he won’t be able to break out of a hold if he doesn’t know which one he’s going to be in.

Eryk Masters: Or he’ll wait for Lazarus to switch again, and make his move.

Lazarus slides his arm under the chin of TMB and is now applying a dragon sleeper type hold, pulling back on Black’s head and neck while keeping seated on his back. Black’s hands are struck out in front of him, his left arm beginning to raise in the air. He makes a fist, shaking it in the air, while the crowd begins clapping in unison, trying to will Black out of this hold. Lazarus transitions back into the chinlock he started with, nearly pulling Black back enough to switch up to a fully fledged Camel Clutch. Black lowers his hand, slamming his fist into the mat. He puts his other fist into the mat, and slowly begins to push his body up off the ground! The fans cheer louder as Black is able to lift one of his knees off the mat, and prop himself up on it. Now the second knee is on the mat, with Lazarus still holding on, a look of disbelief on his face.

Eryk Masters: Black is a tough bastard, there’s no doubt about that. He’s using every ounce of strength he’s got in him to get to his


Lazarus still clinging on for dear life. He uses one last gasp, and launches himself backwards, landing on top of Corey, who hits the full impact of the mat, forcing him to release the hold! TMB rolls out of Lazarus’s grasp, trying to catch his breath. Lazarus is down, stunned from the impact of the fall, trying to get his wits together. Linam checks on both men before starting his count.



Lazarus rolls onto his stomach, trying to get to his feet. TMB is still on the ground, holding his sore neck.


Corey gets to a knee, while Black rolls onto his stomach.


Lazarus is to his feet, breaking the count. TMB is still on the mat, holding onto the bottom rope. Lazarus shakes his head and goes to lift TMB up off the ground himself. For his trouble, he catches a big right hand, that sends the crowd into a cheer. Lazarus staggers back, shocked, but quickly regains his composure, ready to charge in again. He get suprised as Black EXPLODES to his feet, and nails a huge Black Hole Slam! The crowd pops, and then pops again as Lazarus is quickly locked into an Anaconda Vice!

Eryk Masters: Lazarus is quick to try and struggle away, but there’s no escaping the grip of TMB!

Corey struggles more, forcing Black to spin in order to keep hold of the Vice. Lazarus kicks out with his feet, connecting with the bottom rope before wrapping his feet around it. Linam informs Black of it, telling him to release the hold. Black does, reluctantly, backing off at the request of Linam, but that doesn’t last long. He moves forward, only to catch a kick right to the kneecap from Lazarus on the ground. The blow fells Black, who drops to one knee in pain. Lazarus rolls over and gets to his feet behind TMB, waiting for him to turn around. Black does and Lazarus begins his attack, kicking Black in the thigh, then a roundhouse to the abdomen. Lazarus finishes up by leaping at Black, catching his head in between his elbow and knee.

Other Guy: Lazarus calls that Combo #5! Black may be out!

But Laz isn’t finished. He picks Black up and gets him groggily to his feet, before leaping at him again.

Eryk Masters: End Credits! I don’t think TMB can take any more of this punishment!

Lazarus catches Black before he can fall, and hooks him up and nails the Box Office Bomb for good measure! He lazily covers TMB.

Eryk Masters: He needs to hook the leg!

Other Guy: You think ANYONE is getting up after that overkill?




The bell rings and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" kicks in, crowd booing the whole way as Lazarus gets to his feet, grin on his face, arm raised in victory.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, The Hollywood Kid, Cooooreeeeeeey LAAAAZARUSSSS!

Eryk Masters: Take nothing away from TMB, Lazarus was just too much tonight.

Other Guy: I guarantee Black is gonna have one hell of a headache when he gets up. That final assault was just brutal.


The scene shifts to Charles Brandon Magnus throwing his phone against the locker, the battery quickly ejecting itself either out of necessity or out of fear.  He stands there, staring at the pieces of his phone with a look of pure frustration.  His fists remain balled at his sides while Buck Dresden, his much more optimistic partner looks over his shoulder.

Buck Dresden:  Gonna be hard to convince yer provider that was an accident.

Magnus looks over his shoulder at his partner.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I can’t reach Jonas.  As usual.

Buck puts his hand on his partner’s shoulder, sighing.

Buck Dresden:  Lissen, man.  Don’t get all bent outta shape at Jonas.  We’ve been at this fer a long time together.  We faced some heavy damn hitters on our own and you know what we did, man?

He gives Magnus a beat to think.

Buck Dresden:  We overcame the odds and we won!  Just me and you!  You always get so worried about solidarity but be honest.  When we got these here titles, we wanted to run Freebird, you remember that?  You and me wanted to run three up with Jonas and really go nuts on the tag team world!  But, hey…Jonas had his path and we got ours.  And our path goes straight through Cade Sydal and his merry band of idiots.

Magnus nods.

Buck Dresden:  That reminds me, man.  I need a favor from you.

Magnus stays silent, listening.

Buck Dresden:  I’m goin’ out there against Tanya Black on my own.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  No.  Out of the question.  No.

Magnus shrugs Buck’s hand from his shoulder, turning to face his partner completely.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  It is too damn dangerous with the Syndicate lurking around.  Tanya Black on her own is dangerous enough, but since you and I both know this game she’s playing for the ruse it is, you know the Syndicate isn’t far behind her.

Buck nods.

Buck Dresden:  All the more reason I need you in the back on standby.  You go out there and both of us got big damn targets on our back.  We can’t overcome four on two odds if we ain’t prepared.  Stay in the back here…keep yerself hidden.  If push comes to shove, get yerself armed and play cavalry to my Little Big Horn, unnerstand?

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Buck…

Buck Dresden:  Do you unnerstand me, brother?

Magnus says nothing, clenching his jaw.

Buck Dresden:  Charles.

Magnus looks his longtime partner…and friend…in the eye.

Buck Dresden:  Trust me.


Buck Dresden:  Please.

Magnus looks down.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Damn it.

Buck pats Magnus on his shoulder again.

Buck Dresden:  Good.  Thank you.  I can take a few lumps until you get yer ass out there, if you even need to be out there.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Come on, Buck.  You know…

Buck Dresden:  I have to trust she’s got half the honor she talked up this week, Chuckles.

Buck turns away from Magnus and begins to get himself ready for the match.

Buck Dresden:  She wants a fair fight and my body can take the beating until you get there if she’s a schemin’ Jezebel.

Magnus stops, furrowing his brow in confusion.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Jezebel?

Buck Dresden:  Us good ol’ boys like to make board Biblical statements about folks.  Think evil bitches…add in the Bible…get Jezebel.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Not Lilith?

Buck Dresden:  Lilith?

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Some scholars believe her to be Adam’s first woman in the Garden of…


The two of them stare at one another, Buck’s derailment of the conversation bringing our look into their Bad Ass world to a close.


The old timey music begins to play in the arena, causing people to go curious with interest. Could it be Sammy Rochester? The lights in the arena go dark as the music begins to skip, and just as it picks up with Kanye West’s lyrics on Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, Dan Stein’s entrance video picks up just in time for a chorus of boos to rain down.

“I got a dirty mind I got filthy ways

I’m tryna bathe my eyy in your milky way

I’m a legend I’m irreverent I’ll be reverend

I’ll be so faaaaa-ar up

We dont give a fuuuh-uh-uck

Welcome to the danger zone

Step into the fantasy

You are not invited to the other side of sanity

They callin me an alien a big headed astronaut

Maybe its because yo boy Yeezy get ass a lot”

Stein steps out from behind the curtain, alone. No Molly the Assistant. No gaggle of bitches. Just Dan Stein in his wrestling trunks…and the Sin City Championship strapped around his waist. As Katy Perry begins to sing, Stein stands at the end of the stage, looking out at the fans with a serious look on his face.

“You’re so hypnotizing

Could you be the devil

Could you be an angel

Your touch magnetizing

Feels like I am floating

Leaves my body glowing

They say be afraid

You’re not like the others

Futuristic lover

Different DNA

They don’t understand you”

As the fans continue to boo him, Stein looks down at the belt around his waist, rubbing the faceplate, and then the name across the bottom of it. Stein looks out at the fans, now smirking.

”Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me

Infect me with your love and

Fill me with your poison

Take me, ta-ta-take me

Wanna be a victim

Ready for abduction

Boy, you’re an alien

Your touch are foreign

It’s supernatural


Your so supersonic

Wanna feel your powers

Stun me with your lasers

Your kiss is cosmic

Every move is magic.”

Stein grabs the microphone pinned between the belt strap and his side, giving the ‘cut the music’ gesture as he stands at the top of the ramp. The chorus of boos grows even louder as he pauses after the music has died.

Dan Stein: You seem upset? You seem frustrated that I am wearing the Sin City Championship. Is that what it is?

Stein pulls the microphone away from his mouth, letting the fans voice their obvious displeasure.

Dan Stein: I didn’t think so. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t force Lunatikk Crippler to suffer more before I ripped my Sin City Championship from his grasps and forced him to give up.

Eryk Masters: You knocked him unconscious with the belt! He didn’t submit!

Dan Stein: I know, there was much… much more I could’ve done to Lunatikk Crippler that night – and much, much more that I should’ve done, since he’s being thrown RIGHT into another title match against Maya – but hey – them’s the breaks! You lose a title, you get another title match, right guys?!

Eryk Masters: He should’ve been rewarded for the way his last title reign ended, Stein!

Dan Stein: It’s fine. While Billy is off getting his shit pushed in by Maya, I’m representing the GREAT city of LAS VEGAS with this shiny motherfucking belt strapped TIGHTLY around these abs of fucking GOLD.

Stein drops the mic, the boos again picking up. Stein smiles, enjoying the reception.

Dan Stein: Before the match with Lunatikk Crippler, I specifically remember saying that I AM Las Vegas. I specifically remember telling each and every one of you, each and every wrestler and each and every tourist to the Sin City, that when you think of Las Vegas, you think of DAN FUCKING STEIN.

Now that I have this belt, for those of you few and far between naysayers, you can’t HELP but associate Dan Stein with the Sin City.

Because I am the OFFICIAL Sin City Champion. And as long as I hold on to this belt, NONE of you fans, none of the wrestlers and none of the dumb History Channel t-shows can take that title away from me.

Stein pauses again. The crowd breaks up into a “Chea-ter” chant, causing Stein smirk.

Dan Stein: You all go to casinos and try to count cards. You thieve money from people’s slot machines when they’re not looking. You pick pocket people when they’re sitting at the craps table. You try to deceive the roulette table, and you all go home and sleep well at night.

I go and I do what has to be done to win a match, and I get your utmost respect. These are the type of people I can get behind.

And as your Sin City Champion, I assure you I will get behind a whole hell of a lot of your women.

The women in the crowd toss up a mixed reaction, but the men are solidly against Stein. Stein nods to himself, looking around.

Dan Stein: Revolution 92 signifies the dawning of a new era with the Sin City Championship. Gone are the uncharismatic Proactive sponsors, gone are the scarred up, freak shows that thought they had what it takes to represent the GREAT city of Las Vegas. Gone are the confusing and downright unoriginal champions of the past.

After tonight, they better rename this belt the Dan Stein Championship Belt, because there is NOBODY that will take this belt away from me. And in due time all of you will be saying the same thing to me.

Stein drops the microphone from his mouth as the “Chea-ter” chant picks up again.

Dan Stein: You’re welcome.

Stein drops the microphone, causing a loud screech to pass over the PA system before the truck manually turns it off, and Katy Perry’s “E.T.”  back on. Stein stands at the top of the stage, arms raised and head turned towards the sky as if mouthing something. Stein’s attention turns back to the fans for a moment, bowing with respect before basking in their jeers.


Jonas Coleman is seen entering the building, a bag draped across his shoulder and a suitcase rolling slowly behind him, wheels thumping along every crack in the ground. Jonas comes to a sudden halt, letting his suitcase fall to the ground and lowering his shoulder to let his bag slide off onto the ground. His eyes stare forward, intense as his fists clench in his hands. In front of him stands the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion X-Calibur, his gawdy customized title slung across his shoulder.

Jonas: Can I help yo-

Before Jonas can even finish, X’s title slides off his shoulder as he reaches forward and slaps the taste out of Coleman’s mouth, a snapping echo vibrating through the halls. Coleman’s head whiplashes back towards X with fury in his eyes, but X has already taken off in a dead sprint. Jonas immediately takes off after him.

X winds and turns through the locker room, Jonas hot on his trail following him down every twist and turn. Finally, X stops in front of a single door, the nameplate blocked by X’s figure.

Jonas: Nowhere left to run, Champ.

Instead of turning around, X simply starts laughing. Jonas looks on confused, fists still clenched and at the ready in front of him. X finally turns around and moves his head ever so slightly to reveal the name on the locker room door…


Jonas’ eyes widen slightly, realizing where he is, fists clenching even tighter as he spins around… and standing there is Corazon. Surprised, Jonas backs up a few feet, looking like he’s ready to pounce until out of the corner of his eye he notices a flash of white to his right. Isaac Entragian slowly creeps in towards him, Jonas standing his ground with his back to X-Calibur. To his left Obsidian seeps from a darkened corner cutting off the last possible exit Jonas had. Finally, the Project: SCAR locker room door opens behind Jonas and out walks… Kenji Yamada.

Kenji stands next to X-Calibur for a moment, Jonas now completely surrounded. X turns his head to Kenji for a moment, even he has a glimmer of hesitation on his face.

X-Calibur: Now we’re even.

Kenji smiles and nods, his eyes never leaving Jonas. X-Calibur gives Jonas a wide berth as he walks around him and towards Corazon, Kenji nods again and Corazon moves just enough so that X-Calibur can be freed from the Project: SCAR circle. The shot becomes dark as X-Calibur’s figure covers the shot, seemingly pushing the cameraman out with him or just pushing him aside… it’s not clear from the view. But one final bit of sound can be heard, from Kenji.

Kenji: The times… they are a changing.



Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated rematches. Not only is it Maya’s first defense as Rule of Surrender Champion, but it is also against the same man who defeated him, and Baptiste, to secure the Sin City Championship… Lunatikk Crippler.

Other Guy: It’s also the first week after Maya’s bold proclamation that he is going to be defending his newly won Rule of Surrender title in EVERY match he’s involved in. If Maya submits, he loses the title, no questions asked.

Eryk Masters: It’s a big statement, but a lot of people are left wondering if Maya has what it takes to accomplish such a feat. After all, Maya is one of the smallest competitors SHOOT Project has to offer, even among the female roster members, and to make men twice and even triple his size submit… it’s going to be a rough journey for Maya.

Samantha Coil: Our next match is for the RUUUUULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP! First, the challenger, making his way to the arena hailing from South Bend, Indiana and weighing in at 238 pounds, he is the “Whole Fucked Up Show”… LUNATIKK CRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIPPPLLLEEER!

There is a loud from the crowd as “I Wupped Batman’s Ass” blasts over the arena, Lunatikk stands at the top of the ramp looking out into the crowd, nodding his head. Lunatikk slowly walks down the ramp, wincing as he favors his right foot while tagging hands with a few hands. Despite all that, Lunatikk slides into the ring with a look of focused determination.

Other Guy: Is it just me or… does Lunatikk look like he’s limping quite a bit on his right side?

Eryk Masters: It sure seems that way, not a good sign if he wants to get back on his feet after the hard to swallow loss of his Sin City Championship to Dan Stein last week. But he looks focused, so we’ll just have to see how that pans out.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, he is the RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION! He hails from Nagasaki, Japan and weighs in at 120 pounds… MAAAAAAAYYYYYAAAAAAA NAKASHIIIIIIIIIMA!

The lights in the Epicenter suddenly die out, several brilliant white spotlights search through the crowd as the opening guitar rifts of “HORIZON” by DespairsRay wash over the crowd, now on their feet. The music suddenly stops and one solitary line is sung.

Can you feel the new world?

As soon as that line is sung all the spotlights converge on the entrance ramp, on Maya, and then explode outward as the lights flood back on filling the once darkened arena. “HORIZON” picks up at it’s normal quick pace as Maya closes his eyes, taking in the massive ovation the crowd is thundering down on him. Maya puts a hand over the Rule of Surrender championship and then points out to the crowd as he walks down the entrance ramp, tagging hands with every one that has their hand held out to him.

Eryk Masters: There he is, the bold kid that through everything he’s endured… has always found a way to keep fighting and keep trying for the great SHOOT Project fan’s benefit. Now he stands before us as the Rule of Surrender Champion and a real beacon of light in what many would call the Dark Ages of SHOOT.

Other Guy: With Project: SCAR, the Hierarchy, the Sinister Syndicate… it is rare to see someone so dedicated to, not himself, but the people that fill the stands every week.

As soon as Maya enters the ring Lunatikk Crippler steps forward with an extended hand which Maya makes no hesitation to reach out and firmly grasp in an all too rare showing of sportsmanship. Maya bows his head slightly as Lunatikk pats him on the shoulder before they both retreat to their respective corners of the ring. Willie Dean follows Maya to the ring and, after Maya kisses the faceplate of the Rule of Surrender title, folds it up and hands it to Willie Dean who holds it up for the crowd to see. As soon as the bell rings both Maya and Lunatikk pop out to the center of the ring, circling each other. Lunatikk still favors his right leg which Maya notices and swiftly tries to shuffle forward and kick, but Lunatikk takes all the weight off his right leg and hops backwards just in time to avoid the attempt.

Maya takes another quick step forward planting his kicking foot down on the mat and quickly rotating his whole body towards the ground to bring his other foot around and sweeping it under Lunatikk’s legs! Lunatikk falls hard on his back and Maya grabs Lunatikk’s right leg trying to twist it with an ankle lock, but Lunatikk thrusts his foot forward with all of his strength and pushes Maya off, sending Maya falling backwards, but Maya rolls through and ends up on his feet! Maya jets back towards Lunatikk who is ready for him and sidesteps Maya and tries to trap him early in the Bitchified! But Maya easily rolls through and kips up to his feet as he now stands eye to eye with Lunatikk! The sell out crowd are on their feet in a frenzy as there seems to be a 50/50 split of people chanting for Lunatikk Crippler and Maya.

Eryk Masters: A fast paced start to this Rule of Surrender title match, Maya noticing that something is up with Crippler’s right leg or foot, but Crippler still keen enough to keep himself protected and almost catch Maya off guard and end this match real quick.

Other Guy: It’s the quickness we’ve all come to know from Maya, a lot of people say the kid is too small but it’s also because he’s so damn small that he can move so damn quick and do all these crazy moves at such a crazy speed. But Crippler showing some veteran savvy out there, not many people can sidestep Maya when he gets a head of steam, and Crippler almost turned that into a game ender new champion scenario.

Maya and Crippler start to circle each other again, Crippler holds out a hand trying to goat Maya into a test of strength, but Maya ignores it knowing that pound for pound he has no chance against Crippler. Instead, Maya throws out a kick to the right side of Crippler, forcing him to move around on the right leg he’s been favoring. The second Maya notices Crippler wince and limp slightly on his right side he bolts forward and drives his knee into the midsection of Crippler! With Crippler doubled over Maya sprints to the ropes, on the rebound, as Crippler is just barely becoming fully vertical again, Maya jumps up and plants both feet into the face of Crippler with a dropsault that Maya gets so much elevation on that he back flips out of it and back onto his feet as Crippler falls to his back! Maya grabs hold of Crippler’s right leg and tucks it under his armpit and falls back onto the mat with it in a DDT like fashion, smashing Crippler’s foot right into the canvas causing Crippler to groan in pain. Maya keeps a hold of Crippler’s foot and twists it causing Crippler to turn over onto his stomach. Maya gets to his feet, with Crippler’s foot still in his grasp and flips forward almost hyperextending Crippler’s leg with a blockbuster like move on Crippler’s leg!

Eryk Masters: Smart, smart strategy here by Maya by locking in on that leg that Crippler has been favoring. These types of matches are all about picking a body part and picking it apart, Maya saw that some of the work was already done for him and set his sights right on it.

With Crippler down holding his leg, Maya quickly hops up to the top rope. Maya leaps off, looking for a double foot stomp on Crippler… but Crippler kips up to his feet and…


Maya’s head whiplashes backwards and smashes into he mat after Crippler speared him straight to the canvas, the crowd going absolutely insane, every one is on their feet with “HOLY SHIT!” chants. But Crippler is down and out gripping onto his right leg and foot area.

Other Guy: Now what we saw right there was the lack of experience Maya has in these types of matches. There was NO reason to go to the top rope and go for a double foot stomp or whatever he was looking to do to Crippler. He should have kept laying the boots and offense to Crippler’s weak spot and now… now he’s split in damn two after that spear.

Maya still hasn’t moved while Lunatikk Crippler has already, gingerly, gotten back up to his feet. When he looks over at Maya strewn across the canvas there is a glimpse of concern in his eyes, but the adrenaline and heat of the moment soon change that to the focused eyes of a man seeking redemption. Crippler takes a tight hold on Maya’s right leg and lifts it up so high that even Maya’s midsection is lifted up off the mat… and SLAMS his leg back down on the mat! Maya tries to reach down to his leg but before he can Crippler drops an elbow down on it, but instead of just getting up Crippler bends the right leg around his elbow and pulls on it as hard as he can. Willie Dean gets down at eye level with Maya and asks him if he’s ready to quit, but Maya violently shakes his head no as he tries to claw his way to the bottom ropes.

Eryk Masters: If there was a body part you had to target when it comes to Maya… you have to go for the legs. Maya is so dependent on taking to the air and using his speed to his advantage, that if you take away his legs then you take away nearly all of his offense.

Crippler lets the leg go and lays a couple of quick boots into the back of Maya’s knee before rolling him over onto his back. Crippler grabs the right leg, but before he can do anything Maya wriggles his leg free from Crippler’s grip long enough to roll and stumble to the nearby corner. Crippled nods and then creaks his head from side to side, waiting for Maya to come at him. Maya hesitantly, and gingerly on his right leg, steps out of the corner to meet Crippler in the middle of the ring. Crippler stands there, calm and collected, as Maya fires off a wild right hand… but Crippler, showing his submission expertise, traps the arm and jumps up, wrapping his legs around and falling backwards into a Triangle Choke!

Other Guy: If that wasn’t one of the most prime examples of baiting a less experienced submission fighter into a hold… then I just don’t know what is. I mean Crippler knew Maya would be desperate now that his leg was hurting and he knew he’d throw some wild ass move out there, Cripp just stood there as calm as he could and just… reacted. Damn impressive.

Eryk Masters: And this could be it, I mean Crippler outweighs Maya by over a hundred pounds and he’s using all of it to squeeze the life out of Maya. I mean, right now it looks like a snake coiling around a baby rabbit.

Maya hollers out in pain as he tries to moves from side to side, somehow trying to squirm free. But Crippler is just too big for him as starts to cough and wheeze, showing signs of having difficulty breathing. Willie Dean gets close to Maya and asks if he’s ready to give it up, for a second Maya doesn’t answer. This time Willie Dean screams into Maya’s ear if he’s going to quit, Maya weakly shakes his head, barely squirming now, but as he does he notices that he can move forward. Maya starts shaking his head with more and more life when Willie Dean asks if he’s ready to quit and when the crowd starts chanting his name he seemed to come to life and stacks up Crippler enough to where he can start plowing his forearm into Crippler’s face with his free hand! Crippler finally has no choice but to release the hold as Maya slumps backwards onto the canvas while Crippler cups his hands onto his face.

Other Guy: Maya just absolutely refuses to give up, I mean Crippler seemed to have him dead to rights locked in with that Triangle Choke. But Maya, just… the kid has some serious heart. He may not be a submission expert and his lack of experience may have gotten him into trouble a few times tonight, but man… that kid has no quit in him.

Crippler stumbles and uses the ropes as leverage to get himself up to his feet. On the opposite side of the ring Maya is doing the same thing, fueled by the roar of the crowd and the adrenaline flowing through his veins… Maya gets as much bounce from the ropes as he can and flies towards Crippler. Crippler has a mere second to react but manages to wrap his arms around Maya and launch him up and over the ropes with a belly to belly suplex! Maya goes soaring to the outside and rolls right into the announce table with a horrific thud! Crippler falls forward, exhausted, as Willie Dean has no choice but to roll to the outside and check on Maya, to make sure he is fit to continue.

Eryk Masters: That was… I mean Maya was just running on pure instinct and doing what he does best. He got a full head of steam and it looked like Crippler just, like you said early OG, he just reacted. You know Crippler likes to use suplexes and at this point that had to be just second nature for him to do in the heat of the moment.

Other Guy: I’m sure it was, but the way Maya rolled into our announce table here from the momentum… I mean we were right hear and it sounded awful, like a deer getting hit by a car or something.

Amazingly, Maya is starting to stir and has at least made it to all fours as Willie Dean tries talking to him and making sure he can understand where he is. In the ring, Crippler has a concerned look on his face as he watches Willie Dean tend to Maya. However, when the crowd starts to break into a fever pitch Crippler looks confused as he stares into the crowd, some of the people in the front row point behind him. When Lunatikk Crippler turns around he barely has enough time to turn around and take two steps before the Rule of Surrender Championship is SLAMMED into his face! The crowd turns hostile with a thunder of boos as the man holding the Rule of Surrender Championship is none other than…

Jester Smiles.

Eryk Masters: God dammit, what the hell is Jester doing!?

Other Guy: I… I don’t know, but he just knocked Crippler’s lights clean out while Willie Dean was tending to Maya and now that fucking snake is running away.

Just as OG said, Jester simply nodded at Crippler with a smile and tossed the Rule of Surrender Championship to ringside as he quickly exited under the bottom ropes and up the ramp. Maya has finally come to, with Willie Dean’s approval, and looks into the ring with a look of sheer confusion, uncertain of what’s just happened. Maya looks to every corner of the crowd and every one seems to be a haze, some cheering him on and others in a stunned silence. Maya looks towards Willie Dean who simply shrugs, as confused as Maya. Maya shakes his head, and walks over to Crippler with Willie Dean in tow, Maya starts talking to Willie Dean and points at Crippler. Willie Dean rubs his chin, nodding, and finally walks over to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, at the request of the Rule of Surrender Champion and given that Lunatikk Crippler is unable to continue, this match has been ruled a No Contest! Therefore, still Rule of Surrender Champion… Maya Nakashima.

As soon as that is announced, Maya puts a hand around Crippler’s neck as he’s just finally coming back to. Maya helps Crippler back up to his feet, but he is still a wobbly mess and would fall without the support of Maya. The crowd lets out a thunderous standing ovation for Maya… until the lights in the arena die out and leaves everyone in pitch black. In the darkness there is a loud thud, a body hitting the canvas, then a single image shows up on the titantron.


A hush falls over the crowd as the lights come back on and Crippler is alone in the ring, still holding his head on the mat. But that’s not where everyone’s attention is, their attention is on the ramp. On the ramp Maya is being dragged by one leg, like a sack piece of meat, by Corazon. There isn’t a looking of remorse on his face, he’s… whistling. Whistling as he drags Maya, by one leg like an animal, to the back.


The lights in the arena suddenly die out, the crowd left in complete darkness and silence. The fans can be heard rustling and becoming uneasy, they know what darkness in SHOOT usually brings. The darkness is finally cut through with a word appearing on the titantron that makes the crowd come to life and no longer be afraid in the darkness. There, on the tron, in a brilliant white color that almost lights up the entire arena…


The word flashes for a second and is replaced by another word in equally brilliant white…


Then, just like that, the titantron fades out to black and the lights in the arena return to normal.

We cut to the broadcast announce team, ever vigilant and ever awesome.  The two of them stare into the camera, Eryk Masters with his laptop open, reading a scanned memo clearly marked with a SHOOT Project Helmet letterhead.

Eryk Masters:  Ehh…we’ve just received word from SHOOT Project CEO Jason Johnson that he and the board have approved a blockbuster match for Revolution 93!

Other Guy:  Oh yeah?

Eryk Masters:  Just now signed for Revolution 93, we will get to see for the first time EVER…in one on one action…JUN KENSHIN will be going up against none other…than DONOVAN KING.

Other Guy:  Oh my Jesus.  That’s HUGE.

Eryk Masters:  We’ve been told both men have been made aware of this and take you live to Donovan King himself with his reaction to this momentous news!

The camera moves quickly to the backstage area.  Normally set up for interviews, we just see Donovan King alone.  The fans cheer loudly when he appears onscreen.  He stands there, dressed casually, clearly healed from his intense war at Reckoning Day.

Donovan King:  I just got told some big news Eryk Masters just shared with the folks at home, and I share with you now.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  At Revolution 93, I get to go one on one against one of the men involved in the huge World Championship title match at RISE.  I get to lock horns with none other than The Shield himself…Jun Kenshin.

The fans in the arena are heard popping…HUGE.

Donovan King:  I was a big fan of his when I was training to become a professional wrestler.  He has had the kind of career people kill to have.  Any man would be proud to call him foe…or even more…friend.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  Jun Kenshin doesn’t know me.  He doesn’t have any ideas who I am one on one.  This will be the first time he and I have even shared the ring in such a fashion.  It’s a pay-per-view caliber event…and it’s going to be featured on Revolution 93.  Next week.  Jun Kenshin versus Donovan King.

King slowly smirks.

Donovan King:  Jun Kenshin came up short against Trey Willett last time he had a match.  The plus side is that Jun Kenshin didn’t tell the fans at the biggest event in our history he doesn’t give a damn about any hope they may have.  I’m facing a man with honor, strength, integrity, and above all else…maturity.

His smirk fades.

Donovan King:  I’ll keep this brief, because I aim to focus my assault later on.  But my reaction?  I couldn’t be happier at this development.  Let’s get it in, Jun, and show the world…show SHOOT Project…how we do.

He nods to the camera, indicating he was done speaking.  He stands there, staring at the camera as the segment ends



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… Sakura.. LEE!!!

The rhythmic assault of Godsmack’s "Love,Hate,Sex,Pain" erupts from the speakers as Sakura emerges from the back, a look of absolute focus on her face. She blazes her way down the aisle, not wasting any time in getting herself into the ring, mounting the turnbuckles and scanning the entrance, knowing full well that her opponent is going to be coming down momentarily.

Eryk Masters: Well, OG, we’re finally at the match you’ve been jabbering about off-camera for half the week. Sakura and Leona.

Other Guy: Yep. It’s gonna be a catfight of epic proportions. I can’t wait.

Backstage, the cameras have caught up with Leona and Piper Fury, who are standing at the gorilla position waiting to be called to the ring.

Leona: No.

Piper Fury: And what if he-

Leona: Make sure he doesn’t.

Samantha Coil: And her opponent… from Atlantic City, New Jersey… LEONA!!!

Leona: Gotta go.

Leona emerges from the back and stands on the ramp, looking out at the booing crowd as the chunky riffs of Adrenaline Mob’s “Undaunted” cut through the catcalls of the audience. She’s decked out in her ring gear, ready for battle, but she’s taking her sweet time in getting to the ring, knowing full well that this is infuriating her opponent. She shrugs her shoulders and charges the ring, sliding underneath the ropes and taunting Sakura as referee Heflin restrains her.

Eryk Masters: And here we go. Leona’s not wasting any time with the trash talking. She’s trying to get inside Sakura’s head right from the opening bell.

Other Guy: Yep. And only time will tell whether or not she’s succeeding.

Just as Heflin releases Leona to call for the bell, the two women charge each other and start getting into each other’s face. Leona piefaces Sakura, pushing her back, and this seems to fire Sakura up as she retaliates with a chop that can be heard in the tenth row! Sakura follows up with an armdrag that takes Leona to the canvas, but the Jersey princess is able to get back to her feet quickly, shaking her head and smirking. Sakura closes the gap and the two of them lock up, with Sakura getting the upper hand quickly and sending Leona into the ropes, landing a wicked dropkick that sends Leona crashing down to the mat! Sakura goes for a cover, but doesn’t even manage a one count before the kickout. Leona quickly scrambles out of the ring to catch a breath. Heflin starts the count, but Leona re-enters the ring before the count reaches two.

Eryk Masters: Smart move on Leona’s part- she got out of the ring and slowed the pace of things down.

Other Guy: Smart is the right word- she’s gotten a taste of what Sakura’s planning to bring to the table and now she can formulate a strategy to take it down. Hopefully she can bring something solid- all that training with Piper Fury’s got to have some sort of tangible result, ya know?

Sakura goes right back on the offensive, stunning Leona with a pair of kicks to the back of the leg, followed up with a snap suplex that she flows through into a cover, but once again only manages a one count. Sakura gets back to her feet and sets herself, waiting for Leona to get back up.. but this time she chooses to hook Leona for a DDT- and it’s blocked as Leona wraps her arms around Sakura, straightening herself and elevating Sakura up and over! Sakura scrambles to her feet quickly, and Leona’s right there to send her back into the ropes with a vicious right hook to the jaw, following up with a clothesline that sends her to the floor! Sakura gets back to her feet as Leona taunts her from the ring. She slides back in at the three-count, and is immediately met with a swift kick to the midsection!

Eryk Masters: The oldest trick in the book- and Sakura just fell for it.

Other Guy: Now it’s time to see if Leona’s bite is anywhere near as nasty as her bark.

Leona follows up with a vicious knee to the side of the head, sending Sakura crumpling to the canvas! Leona mounts her downed opponent, grabbing her by the hair and yanking her head up while assaulting her with a series of wicked punches to the forehead before locking in a clearly blatant chokehold.. Heflin admonishes Leona, but she yells “I’VE GOT UNTIL FIVE!” This seems to irritate the referee, and he starts up a fast count, forcing her to break the hold. Leona quickly gets back to her feet and gets in the face of Heflin, but he’s not backing down, giving her a warning.. but Leona seems so distracted by the referee, she doesn’t notice Sakura has gotten back up until she feels the boot of Sakura’s spin kick against the side of her head! Leona falls and Sakura quickly grabs an arm, locking in an armbar and putting on some pressure, trying to get a submission… but Leona’s not willing to give this one up and she makes her way to the ropes to get a break. Sakura holds the armbar in firmly until Heflin’s count gets to four, yelling at Leona, “I CAN PLAY THAT WAY TOO!”

Eryk Masters: Here we go… this is where things get nasty. Sakura’s showing that she’s willing to play by Leona’s rules-

Other Guy: Which would pretty much amount to anarchy.

Eryk Masters: Sakura’s got to show some discipline if she wants to win this one. Her martial arts background should have taught her some restraint and focus.

Sakura steps back and waits for Leona to get back to a knee before charging in and hooking her for a snap suplex that is followed up by a cover.. 1… 2- but Leona’s not done yet and she kicks out with authority. Sakura clamps on a headlock and starts cranking on the neck, trying to trap Leona’s arm for a possible kimura, but Leona manages to get to her feet and gets her arm just enough space to drive an elbow into Sakura’s ribcage, forcing the break! With Sakura doubled over, Leona goes on the attack, bringing a double axhandle down on the back and sending Sakura down to a knee. Leona rushes the ropes and connects with a Shining Wizard-like knee right to the forehead that sends her opponent onto her back! Leona teases a cover but shakes her head and grabs Sakura by the hair, pulling her to her feet and sending her into the corner..

Eryk Masters: This could be disastrous for Sakura if Leona does what I think she’s going to do.

Other Guy: We all know the damage that her close friend and trainer Piper Fury does with someone in the corner. Question is, how much of it did she teach Leona?

Leona sets herself in a three-point stance, pounding the mat twice with her fist before charging in- but Sakura’s recovered just enough to drop and deliver a baseball slide kick to Leona’s legs, taking them right out from under her! The crowd roars as Sakura wastes no time in getting herself back to her feet and mounting the turnbuckles, flying off and catching Leona with a textbook missile dropkick! Sakura goes for the cover.. the crowd is roaring… ONE!! TWO- Leona gets a shoulder up! Sakura can’t believe it- what does she have to do?? She shakes her head and pulls Leona to her feet, whipping her into the ropes and setting her feet for a lariat.. but Leona telegraphs the move and grabs onto the rope to stop the momentum- and as Sakura charges, Leona goes vertical and drops Sakura with a Thesz press, letting the fists fly furious! Heflin gets in to administer the count, and once again he gets perilously close to the five count before Leona relents.

Eryk Masters: Once again Leona goes back to the one thing she knows best. Not like we really expected a lot different, but it would be nice to see an actual wrestling move out of her at some point before this whole thing ends.

Other Guy: Kinda makes you wonder just what Piper and Leona were doing behind closed doors.

Leona gets to her feet and pulls Sakura up, whipping her to the ropes and delivering a vicious kick to the gut before scooping her up and slamming her hard.. she doesn’t waste any time in getting behind her opponent and hooking both arms, putting her knee into perfect position for a nasty surfboard! Leona leans back, putting excruciating strain on the arms and back as Sakura is shaking her head, refusing to submit! Leona can be heard yelling “SCREAM, YOU BITCH!” as she leans back, putting even more pressure on.. and not noticing that her shoulders have hit the canvas! Heflin counts ONE!! TWO!! Just before his hand comes down for the final count, Leona realizes the position she is in and quickly releases the hold to get her shoulder up. She shakes her head, silently chiding herself for her lapse of judgment and gets back to her feet. Sakura is getting up slowly, but Leona quickly grounds her once again with a swift chop block to the back of the leg. Leona grabs the leg and starts twisting, putting Sakura in an ankle lock and wrenching it with all her might, but Sakura refuses to give up! She gets a foot underneath and pushes Leona off, getting back to her feet slowly and very gingerly.

Eryk Masters: Smart move on Leona’s part- she’s keeping Sakura off-balance and working that leg, taking out one of the biggest keys to Sakura’s offense.

Other Guy: Yep. Kinda hard to let those kicks loose with a wonky wheel. Leona’s definitely picked up some submission skills, and it looks like she’s anxious to try them all out. If she hadn’t made the rookie mistake of going so far back that she nearly pinned herself, she might have gotten the tapout with that surfboard. Double underhooking the arms- that’s something you don’t see everyday- and definitely effective. I’m surprised more people don’t do it that way.

Eryk Masters: I knew it… I knew it was only a matter of time.

Other Guy: The teacher comes to observe the student. Nothing wrong with that.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, right. If that was the case, Piper wouldn’t have Precious in her hand.

The crowd boos loudly as Piper Fury emerges from the back, Precious resting on her shoulder as she makes her way toward the ringside area. Leona shoots her a quizzical glance as Piper points to Sakura, who has gotten her vertical base back. Leona nods and puts a little distance between herself and Sakura, who is starting to develop a noticeable limp. Leona closes the gap and wraps her arms around Sakura, lifting her up and over with a German suplex! Piper points toward the corner and Leona nods, dragging Sakura toward the corner and exiting the ring. She grabs Sakura’s legs and…

Eryk Masters: OWWWWWCH!! I’m not even a woman, and I can tell that hurt! You normally see guys getting crotched against the ringpost- to see a woman on the receiving end of it… daaaaamn.

Other Guy: No kidding. I know she likes big hard things between her legs, but something tells me a steel ringpost isn’t exactly on the top of her list.

Leona grabs Sakura’s right leg and rams it hard against the ringpost once… twice… three times! Referee Heflin quickly starts to count Leona out, but the damage is already done. Leona grabs a steel chair from the ringside area and slides it into the ring, following right behind. As Sakura tries to get back to her feet, her face contorted in anguish from the damage that has just been done, Leona grabs the steel chair and starts heading toward her wounded opponent. Heflin gets in between the two of them just as Piper hops up on the apron and gets the referee’s attention! Heflin goes over to Piper, warning her to get off the ring apron and get away from ringside, but he takes his eyes off of Leona just long enough for her to slam him right in the back of the head with the chair, sending the official over the rope and to the floor, knocked right out!

Eryk Masters: Oh crap…

Other Guy: You said it.

Piper barks commands to Leona in the ring, and she nods as she butt-ends Sakura in the gut with the chair, doubling her over, leaving her open for Leona to take a swing and hit her right square in the knee! Leona drags Sakura facedown to the corner and then exits the ring as Piper grabs the legs and pulls.. the backs of Sakura’s legs are vulnerable- and Leona’s suddenly outside the ring, with Precious in hand! Piper yells at her to take the swing, and Leona smirks as she grips Precious and lifts it over her head.. and then coming down with all her might, slamming Precious into the back of Sakura’s knees! Piper yells “AGAIN! HIT HER AGAIN!”, and Leona is more than happy to respond, bringing Precious to her target one more… two more… three more times! The crowd is booing loudly now as Piper grabs Precious, pointing at the referee and telling Leona to get back into the ring.

Eryk Masters: This is…

Other Guy: Yeah. Disturbing. Leona’s out to cripple Sakura. This was never meant to be a wrestling match. She said so herself.

Piper throws Heflin back in the ring as Leona drags Sakura to the center, dropping her and grabbing the chair, opening it and placing Sakura’s right leg into a very precarious position. Leona climbs to the second rope and just as Heflin regains his composure, Leona leaps and stomps down hard on the chair! Sakura is screaming in pain as Heflin calls for the bell! He goes over to give the official decision to Samantha Coil, who picks up the microphone.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed by referee Heflin that Leona has… been… DISQUALIFIED!!

Heflin manages to wrench the chair away from Leona, who is standing over the fallen Sakura, a smile on her face, almost as if taking a perverse sort of pride in what she’s just gone and done. Medical personnel are heading to the ring to tend to the fallen Sakura.

Eryk Masters: This was never about winning. This was about doing damage. And Leona did that and then some. But not without some serious help.

Other Guy: Which begs the question- where the hell was Johnny Napalm in all of this? His girl is getting brutalized in the ring, and yet he doesn’t even bother to come to ringside to help her out. What’s up with that?

We cut to the backstage area of the Epicenter, more specifically next to the loading bay where the audio and video equipment is stored. Walking into view is Azrael Goeren, dressed in a lime green leisure suit that is completely unbuttoned in the front. He wipes God-knows what substance away from underneath his nose and lets out a guttural groan, rolling his head around in circles.

Goeren: Was ist das? What’s this? What the fuck is this doing here?!

Azrael picks up a carpenter’s claw hammer that was resting on one of the video storage boxes, staring down at in rage. He violently spins around and hurls it off camera, causing several screams from SHOOT employees in the vicinity.


The increasingly unstable German pounds furiously on some of the storage boxes, pulling them down and sending thousands of dollars of electrical equipment crashing to the floor. He turns his attention towards several wooden tables that were set up, turning them over and smashing them against the wall. Seemingly satisfied with his temper tantrum, Azrael slumps to the ground and slowly starts to rub his temples, mumbling quietly to himself.

Goeren: Stay calm Henrik. You’ve got this under control. He forced your hand at the last show but you changed the game entirely. You’re a winner, you always have been. He’ll never get to you. He’ll never get to you. He’ll never get…

Azrael stops in mid-pep talk as a pair of black boots step into the shot. Azrael stares stoically at them before slowly turning his gaze skyward, looking like he’s almost afraid to see who they belong to.

X-Calibur: Herr Goeren.

Azrael’s face instantly lights up as he stumbles to his feet, almost falling into the same electrical equipment he just recently destroyed. He finally regains his composure and throws a loving arm around the World Heavyweight Champion’s neck.

Goeren: X-Calibur! Mein freund! It’s so good to see you! Don’t mind me I was…ach…I was meditating! Ja, that’s it.

X-Calibur looks over his fellow Hierarchy teammate with an expression that is one part concern and the other part embarrassment. He steadies Azrael the best he can, but Azrael has begun to nervously glance over his shoulder, looking for some imaginary phantom on his peripheral.

Goeren: We’ve got to be vigilant mein freund, Kidd is around here somewhere…I can smell him. The smell of Pringles and sadness always remind me of that schwein ficker!

X-Calibur: Listen Azrael, you and I need to talk.

Goeren: Ja, we totally will! Wait…did you hear that?

Azrael frantically turns his head towards some nonexistent sound, staring coldly in its misleading direction.

Goeren: It sounded like a "shhhh" or a "husshh" or a "vrrrrrr". You heard that right? Fucking Kidd! He’s somewhere around here, he’s screwing with us! COME ON X! LET’S  BREAK THE FUCKER!

X-Calibur is done playing games. He grabs hold of Azrael’s collar and throws him violently against the wall, causing Goeren to grunt out in pain.

Goeren: What the hell, man?!

X-Calibur: I think we’ll start talking now, thank you very much. Starting with the question that’s been burning in my mind ever since last Revolution. Why in God’s green Earth would you turn to Isaac Entragian of all people to help you fight Kidd?! Why didn’t you come to me?! I haven’t even seen you since Revolution, I want answers and I want them NOW!

Azrael starts talking in a jilted, stuttering tone.

Goeren: I…I need him. Did you see what he did to Diamond Del Carver at Reckoning Day? He’s finished. Done. We’ll never see Carver in a wrestling ring ever again. That’s what I need to happen to Kidd. I need someone so brutal, so sadistic, so twisted that it crushes Kidd’s very soul. I need to end Kidd, and Entragian is the monster that will help me do it.

X-Calibur: And after everything you and I have been through, you didn’t think I could do that?

Azrael doesn’t say a word for a moment before he forces his trademark fake smile.

Goeren: It’s not like that at all X, you know that. You’re the best in the world right now. But you’ve got your own problems right now. Problems that I promise you I’ll help you with once Entragian and I retire Kidd next week in the tag team main event. The only thing between me and Entragian is the common goal of exterminating that so-called outlaw of wrestling. That’s it. You have my word.

X-Calibur: And what about whoever Kidd picks as his tag-team partner? Do you know how much this could screw with our plans for SHOOT? We can’t be fighting on this many fronts, not with Johnson acting the way he’s been acting lately.

Goeren: It doesn’t matter who Kidd convinces to tag with him next week. There isn’t a man or woman here that I’m afraid of or stands a chance of stopping Entragian and myself in that match! I wouldn’t be surprised if Kidd goes at it alone, nobody is dumb enough to tag with him now!

X loosens his grip on Azrael who unpins himself from the wall and combs his blond hair back.

Goeren: Trust me. I am in 100% control of the situation.

Azrael reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a small orange vial of brightly colored and differently shaped pills. He swallows a couple of them and shakes his head clear, nodding back to X in approval.

Goeren: Once all of this blows over and I put Kidd in a wheelchair for the rest of his miserable existence, you and I are going to have a big laugh over this. I totally know it.

X-Calibur appears to crack a smile for the first time as well, patting Goeren on the shoulder.

X-Calibur: I’m sure we will.

Goeren: There we are! BFFs once more! Now then, I’m off to handle a few…personal…things. Auf wiedersehen mein freund!

Azrael cackles with delight as X shares a similar laugh. Azrael turns and walks off-camera, but the moment that his back is turned the smile completely evaporates off of X-Calibur’s face. X glares towards Goeren with a piercing stare as we slowly fade to black.


A sorrowful song begins to play, a soft, mournful tinkle of piano keys. A voice, distinct, but unrecognizable, begins to speak, with the words appearing on the screen as he says them.


A shadow of a man can be seen walking down a dimly lit hallway. He walks by himself, seemingly without purpose.

Looking for a place to belong.

The man stands in a doorway. A stranger waves him off, and shuts the door in his face. Our man hangs his head, sadly.

A feeling of sadness that he cannot shake.

We see a closeup of a masked man’s eye, and a single tear that falls from it, rolling underneath his leather mask.

A light, a small glimmer of hope, shines through the storm.

As if on cue, a light shines in the face of our mystery man, filling his features with a disbelieving happiness. The man, as you may have guessed, is El Asso Wipo.

A chance to find a true friend.

We see Wipo spinning on a playground merry-go-round, an arm belonging to someone off camera spinning him him in circles. A look of jubilation is across his face (I think) before what little we see of his skin turns green, and he jumps off the merry-go-round. We cut away before we see him blowing chunks.

For one, a real bromance to last throughout the ages.

El Asso Wipo poses, smiling, with both thumbs up. Then, he turns around, and again begins to heave.

For others, they shall be broken like so! TCHA! With his knee!

El Asso Wipo appears again, and in slow motion, makes his signature breaking motion over his knee with his own two hands.

Who has the JUEVOS to fight to become El Asso Wipo’s Slap Hands Wrestling Partner?

El Asso Wipo shrugs.

Who has the COJONES to stand at the side of Mexico’s most LEGENDARY LUCHADORE?

El Asso Wipo theatrically creeps across the screen, making it halfway across before jumping in the air, turning sharply, facing the camera…and shrugs again.

And just WHO stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

We cut to El Asso Wipo, carefully trying to twist open an Oreo so as to get the cream center on the left hand side ONLY. He notices the camera and throws the cookie as hard as he can, hearing a distant sound of the cookie thudding against some poor soul’s head. Then he shrugs once more.

The answer to these questions, and possible at least three more….next week……on

A final camera shot, with El Asso Wipo sitting on a golden throne, hands folded in his lap.






“Rollin’ (The Ballad of Big & Rich)” by Big & Rich plays, bringing the fans to their feet as out from the back emerges BUCK DRESDEN.  He comes out wearing his black leather cowboy hat with the BAB patch on the front along with his black leather BAB biker vest with his matching black fingerless gloves honoring Diamond Del Carver.  He nods his head to the fans as he marches down to the ring in his faded and worn blue jeans, a hole through the right knee revealing his black kneepad, and we can assume there is a matching one on the other knee.  Around his waist is the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belt.

Samantha Coil:  The following match is scheduled for ONE fall!  Introducing first…from Hazard, Kentucky and weighing 240 pounds…he is ONE HALF of the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…BIG…BUCK…DRESSSSSSSSSSSDEN!!

Buck walks up the ring steps and unbuckles his World Tag Team Championship belt from his waist, holding it up for all to see.

Eryk Masters:  Think about this as we get this match underway, OG.  Buck Dresden has never, and I mean never, been beaten.  Anywhere.  In his entire career.

Other Guy:  In all fairness, his career spans SHOOT Project…and…SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters:  Which is pretty damn impressive.  He’s one half of the record breaking tag team The Bad Ass Brotherhood, and right now he’s looking to get some measure of revenge on what happened to him and his partner last week.

She Will Sing, Til Everything Burns While Everyone Screams Burning In Their Lies Burning My Dreams

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of SHOOT Project competitors each image being burned away in sequence as if someone was burning a stack of photos.  As “Everything Burns” continues to play the arena explodes into boos as Tanya Black emerges out of the back, dressed not in her usual ring attire but instead a pair of blue denim shorts and a simple white tanktop. Standing at ringside Tanya watches as her song dies down the last words echoing through the arena

All of this hate

And all of this pain

I’ll burn it all down

As my anger reigns

Till everything burns

With that Tanya slowly makes her way up the ring steps and makes her way in between the ropes, stretching out before the match as she awaits her opponent.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first From Boston, Massachusets, weighing in at 165 pounds, representing the Sinister Syndicate, she is the "Alpha Female" Tanya Black!

Other Guy: Tanya Black is looking a little off tonight. We know she left her ring-gear behind but apparently she didn’t bother to get it back before her match. Is this a mind game or just forgetfulness?

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black has a lot of pride normally, but her demeanor has been off-putting as of late. If we don’t know why she is dressed like that, how can Buck know what she will do in the ring?

Other Guy:  All I can say is that Buck’s gonna have to get over that whole chivalry thing because I’m pretty sure Tanya Black isn’t going to give one iota of a damn about his feelings on the opposite sex!

Austin Linam calls for the bell and the match is on!  Buck removes his vest and hands it to Samantha Coil as well as his World Tag Team Championship.  He and Tanya dance around the ring, both of them looking to lock up.  Very quickly, Tanya holds her hand out to him to shake…and he stops moving, obviously perplexed.  She smiles at him and motions to her hand, but still he hesitates.

Eryk Masters:  This is definitely out of the ordinary for Tanya.  She’s normally so arrogant and…well…

Other Guy:  Bitchy?

Eryk Masters:  Egotistical.

Other Guy:  She’s a woman…so…bitchy.

Tanya gets out of her stance and walks over to him, taking his hand and making it slap hers.  She slaps Buck on the shoulder and smiles at him again before she takes the opportunity to lock up with him.  She tries to force him forward, but he is still hesitant.  She attempts to duck down, but Buck quickly reverses into a side headlock and rolls her over onto the mat.  However, he quickly gets off of her as she lands, trying to wrap his head around his next move.

Eryk Masters:  Buck was trying to talk himself into this match all week this week, and it sounded like he was ready for her, but now that he’s got her in the ring, he doesn’t look too sure of himself.

Other Guy:  He’s used to the largest and most intimidating monsters in SHOOT, Eryk.  He’s looking at her as this frail creature, not the wolf she really is.

Eryk Masters:  Not to mention all the controversy surrounding her contract that’s peppered the air of this match.  As well as the Sinister Syndicate lurking in the back.  They took a DQ loss rather than let Buck and Magnus actually get a clean match out of them, using their superior numbers against the Tag Team Champions.

Other Guy:  It needs to be noted Tanya wasn’t out there for that, though.

Buck and Tanya lock up once more.

Eryk Masters:  This is true.  She has all but distanced herself from the whole brouhaha from last week, so it leads one to wonder if she has any knowledge of the machinations of Cade Sydal.

Tanya quickly ducks behind him and goes for a reverse waist lock.  She moves to hit a bulldog, but Buck counters into a belly to back suplex that Tanya rolls through and lands on her feet.  Quickly she hits Buck with a side Russian leg sweep, bringing the cowboy to the mat.  She sprawls over him and locks eyes with him, smiling before she gets back up off of him without trying for a pin attempt.  Buck gets up to a sitting position and stands the rest of the way up.  Tanya’s smile morphs into a scowl as Buck meets her in the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters:  It looks like Tanya’s getting tired of the light petting and is ready for this thing to go all the way!

Other Guy:  Hahahahaha…nice.

Tanya suddenly SLAPS Buck across the face hard enough for Buck to take a step back.  Buck looks at her, his brow furrowing in anger and she greets his anger with a HARD chop across the chest and Buck QUICKLY retaliates with a CHOP across HER chest!


Buck’s eyes widen with horror as she clutches her chest, gritting her teeth from the pain.  He reaches out to her to see if she is okay, only for Tanya to slowly look up into Buck’s eyes and start to giggle.  Her giggle starts out innocently enough before it becomes all out maniacal with delight.  Buck glances around to the fans as she licks her lips, rubbing her chest where Buck just chopped her.

Other Guy:  Oh dear.

Eryk Masters:  This has all the makings of one of them Brazzer punishment films.  Not that I know anything about that.

Other Guy:  Oh, I know, E.  The only breast you ever see up close is if you go to a drive thru and get a chicken sandwich.

Tanya NAILS him with a chop across the chest and he CHOPS her back!


Tanya staggers and hits Buck in the face with a HARD chop!  Buck comes back with one of his own!  Tanya with a chop!  Buck with a chop!  Tanya with a chop!  Buck with a chop!  Tanya with a chop!  Buck’s had enough!  Buck with a Lariat NO!  Tanya ducks the Lariat and NAILS a Backcracker!  Buck bounces off of her knees and rolls over onto his back, looking up at the lights before Tanya pins him down, straddling him.

Other Guy:  Oh…oh man.

Eryk Masters:  Are you okay?

Other Guy:  This is the greatest moment in my broadcasting career, and I used to call these shows coked up.

Tanya looks down at Buck, her hands on his stomach to balance herself, her hair cascading around her face, causing her eyes to sparkle in the shadows of her locks.  Buck bats his eyes in either worry or sheer confusion before Tanya slowly takes one hand to her chest, being careful not to remove the hand she is balancing herself with, and begins to rub the area of her chest and breasts where Buck had chopped her.  Buck swallows hard as she lifts her head to look at the lights for a moment, inhaling deeply.  Suddenly, her head snaps back down, looking at Buck with ravenous, almost murderous eyes, and removes her balancing hand from his stomach to his throat, using the hand she was rubbing her chest with and ATTACKS Buck with HARD punch after HARD punch to the face!  ANOTHER!  ANOTHER!  ANOTHER!  ANOTHER!  Buck looks properly dazed as she rolls over and hooks BOTH of his legs for a pinfall attempt!  Austin Linam’s in position!




Tanya Black:  FIGHT ME!

She grabs both sides of his head and HEADBUTTS him!  Buck is properly dazed as she stands up, the fans booing her as she prances away from Buck’s body, writhing on the mat in pain.  Tanya walks over to Buck and grabs his hair, prompting him to follow off of the mat.  She whips Buck to the ropes, but Buck counters, slinging her HARD into the ropes and Tanya TUMBLES over the top rope to the ring apron!  She holds the top rope to keep herself from falling and begins to pull herself up.  Meanwhile, Buck is pushing up off of the mat, still obviously not in the world from the headbutt and watches her get to her feet.  Without thinking, Buck RACES at her and NAILS A LARIAT THAT SENDS TANYA FLYING FROM THE RING APRON ALL THE WAY TO THE GUARDRAIL!!

Eryk Masters:  NICE!  Buck going purely off of instinct here!

Buck leans against the ropes as Tanya cries out in sheer agony, having landed against the guardrail with her shoulder blades.  She crumples to the floor in a seated position as Austin Linam begins his mandatory ten count!



Buck exits the ring, stalking her, trying to erase the concern from his eyes. 


Buck leans down to pick her up, and Tanya quickly claws at his eyes!  Buck cries out for a moment as the fans boo her taking advantage. 


She is slow to get up as Buck rubs his eyes. 


Once she is up, however, she grabs Buck by the arm to whip him into the steel steps, but Buck counters!  Tanya SLAMS into the ring steps!!


Other Guy:  Buck didn’t see what he was doing!  He just sent Tanya Black STRAIGHT into those ring steps!

Eryk Masters:  With that guardrail impact on her shoulder followed up with that ring step hit on that same shoulder, Buck Dresden is magically developing some random strategy against her!


Buck sees her leaning against the ring steps and she motions for him to come bring the fight to her!  He rushes her and she rolls out of the way, Buck’s knee SLAMMING into the ring steps!


Tanya slides into the ring, happy with her own counter strategy.  Buck, meanwhile, is clutching his knee and trying to get up to avoid the count out.



Buck THROWS himself underneath the bottom rope and rolls back in!  Tanya laughs a less confident and more curiously nervous laugh as Buck pushed through the pain to get into the ring and avoid the loss!

Eryk Masters:  Buck Dresden is STILL alive!

Tanya picks Buck up, but Buck shoves her into the corner!  She tries to get out of there, but Buck wastes NO time in nailing her across the face with an elbow to rock her BACK into the corner!  She takes a second elbow and then a third!  She is dazed as Buck quickly lifts her up, placing her on the top turnbuckle.  He looks around for a second and she uses that brief moment to kick him in the head!  Buck staggers, limping on his injured knee, and Tanya takes advantage…AND CONNECTS WITH A TOP ROPE DDT!!

Other Guy:  Buck Dresden is DEAD!

Tanya lays there on the mat as does Buck.  Both of them are slowly trying to come to, but Tanya is first, draping her arm over Buck’s body, creepily almost cradling his face with that same arm, stroking his hair as Austin Linam counts it as a pin!




The fans POP as Tanya STILL can’t put Buck Dresden down!  She gets up to her knees, biting her bottom lip as she looks down at him.

Eryk Masters:  She is in a whole other world tonight, OG.

Other Guy:  God, it makes me wish I was facing her.

Eryk Masters:  I am so uncomfortable calling this match with you.

Tanya glances around the ring as Buck rolls to his side.  She stands up the rest of the way and walks over to the ropes, leaning against them as he slowly begins to pick himself up.  She slowly begins to apply pressure to the ropes to get ready to spring off of them once he is completely up on his feet.  Buck finally gets to his feet and she bounces off the ropes, running towards him.

Buck Dresden:  OH NO YOU DON’T!!

Either out of frustration, desperation, or sheer aggression, Buck counters and HOISTS Tanya up in the air…AND SLAMS HER DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!  The wind knocked out of her, Tanya’s eyes widen on the mat, both enjoying the pain and shocked Buck was willing to hit such a hard hitting move on her.  He picks her up off of the mat and NAILS a short arm clothesline!  He picks her up yet again and hugs her tightly around her waist.  Tanya focuses enough to look him dead in his eyes.  She is in both intense pain and intense pleasure and it shows on her face.  Buck?  His face is contorted in sheer rage.  He TOSSES her with an overhead belly to belly release suplex!  Tanya tumbles to the mat in a heap as Buck spins around to a kneeling position, his eyes trained specifically on her!

Eryk Masters:  There’s blood in the water!

Other Guy:  Tanya’s in trouble!

Buck cocks an imaginary shot gun and aims it at Tanya!!

Eryk Masters:  He’s calling for the Buck Shot!!  He hits this and Tanya Black might have just wrestled her last match in SHOOT!

Buck marches over to her when suddenly CHANCE RYAN AND SAM GIDEON slide in!  Buck sees them and Sam Gideon is up first as Buck CATCHES him and NAILS THE BUCK SHOT!!  Chance Ryan, however,  catches Buck with a STIFF AS FUCK STO, PLANTING him to the mat!  Austin Linam calls for the bell as the fans boo MERCILESSLY.

Samantha Coil:  Your winner…as a result of a disqualification…BUCK…DRESSSSSSSSSSSSSDEN!!

Ryan stands up as CADE SYDAL finally makes his way to the ring.  He walks up the ring steps, a smirk on his face.  Buck tries to get his wits about him as Cade bends down to help Tanya Black up, but she SHOVES him away from her!  She rolls from the ring on her own, her head down in exhaustion as Ryan helps Gideon get to his feet.  Cade glares down at her for a moment before he orders Ryan and a slowly coming to Gideon to pick Buck up, each man holding one of his arms.

Eryk Masters:  Reminiscent of last time we saw these groups facing off and…

CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS SPRINTS down the ramp, a STEEL BAR in his hand!  He rushes the ring, sliding in as the Sinister Syndicate quickly drop Buck in a heap and make their escape!  Magnus holds the steel bar like a baseball bat, watching the three of them, taking a few moments to look at Tanya Black as she stands near Samantha Coil and the announcers.  Tanya is watching the scene unfold as the fans are popping BIG.  Cade rallies Chance Ryan and Sam Gideon to his side and begins marching the two of them back up the ramp.  Magnus drops down to one knee, checking on Buck while keeping the steel bar tightly gripped in his hand.

Tanya Black:  HEY!

Cade Sydal looks through the ring ropes to Tanya as the Sinister Syndicate is halfway up the ramp.  Magnus turns to her briefly before he turns back to Cade and his legion.  Tanya inhales deeply before she continues to speak.

Tanya Black:  Chill out!  Chill out, okay?

She walks around the ring as the Syndicate is now at the entrance stage.  She marches up the ramp, glaring at the three men she has called her partners…her allies.

Tanya Black:  Damn it I just wanted one match! Seriously what the hell?

Cade continues to stare at her, listening intently to her words, his face never flinching.

Tanya Black:  You know what? I’m not satisfied. I am not going to just walk away from this! I got it. I figured something out during that match, and Buck Dresden I want to say thank you for knocking some sense in to me.

Other Guy: What is going on here? Tanya’s praising Buck?

Eryk Masters: I think Cade Sydal better open his ears. This isn’t looking like it’s going according to his plan.

Tanya Black:  Tanya Black hasn’t been acting right for several months. I let myself get caught up in things and act like some stupid rookie. NO MORE! I am going to the back right now and I am signing whatever contract Jason Johnson has back there!

The fans…start to cheer?

Tanya Black:  I am not going to allow the Sinister Syndicate to come out here every week and just beat the hell out of the Bad Ass Brotherhood like a bunch of common thugs. Like some two bit Hierarchy. This is not how this match was supposed to go and this is NOT tag team titles are going to finally change hands!

The fans begin to cheer as Gideon and Chance look totally confused and a little pissed off. Cassi Ryan has appeared on the stage now, her arms wrapped around Cade’s as he continues to say and do nothing.  Cassi marches down the ramp that Tanya is halfway up and begins to jaw jack Tanya Black.  Pushing her hair out of her face Tanya piefaces Cassi causing her to land on her ass, which triggers a huge pop! Staring at the men in the ring Tanya smirks.

Tanya Black: Cade Sydal and Chance Ryan will not be the two men who steal the tag team titles from the Bad Ass Brotherhood!

The fans pop again!

Tanya Black: Not going to happen as far as I’m concerned! Buck, Charles…do you two boys know why?

Magnus has Buck half sitting up now, the two of them watching her.  The whole arena watching her.

Tanya Black:  Because half of the tag team titles…

…belong to ME!

There are some confused fans…but not many.  The boos start raining down.

Tanya Black:  I have NEVER been limited! One Title Division has never been able to contain me! I will win every belt in this company because I am Tanya Black and that means I am Good As Gold!

She turns and looks at the Sinister Syndicate.  Cassi is up now, back to Cade’s side.  Chance and Gideon both seem to want to get excited, but do nothing yet.

Tanya Black:  I made the Sinister Syndicate and we will destroy the Brotherhood MY way! All of SHOOT’s heroes. All of SHOOT’s villians. Do you know what they have in common?  They FAILED to take those tag team titles.

She pauses.

Tanya Black:  I will not fail. I will never stop until I have a championship title wrapped around my waist again. I will steal, I may even cheat. But I won’t lie. And I won’t do it like some stereotype. Tanya Black will make the Syndicate better than the Hierarchy! Better than Project: SCAR! Better than the Bad Ass Brotherhood! There is no Honor Guard and there is no HOPE. Cade…

She stands amongst the Syndicate now, glaring at their leader.

Tanya Black:  …you and I are going to have a nice long talk about Syndicate Business or you won’t be the one who holds gold with me. I see two other able bodies up here with me, after all.

Chance, Cassi, and Gideon are all SHOCKED at her words.  Cade, however, has yet to even flinch.

Tanya Black:  Don’t forget. None of you ever forget! I am NO ONE’S lackey! I am NO ONE’S sidekick! I Am No Pawn. I am better than a Killer Queen. I am Eve and I am going to choke out Adam AND the snake with that apple!

She turns to face Magnus and Dresden.

Tanya Black:  Starting next Revolution we will burn down your precious Paradise, boys. The Syndicate will RISE above labels. RISE above the standard ways. Tanya Black will be reborn and the tag team division will RISE from the grave when the Sinister Syndicate pillages the tomb of the Bad…Ass…Brotherhood.

Throwing the microphone down Tanya Black exits the entrance stage and heads to the back, “Everything Burns” picking up as she exits.  Cassi can’t get any reaction out of Cade, so she turns to her brother, Chance, and begins to complain to both him and Gideon.  With that the camera cuts back to the commentator’s table as the fans boos can be heard clearly.

Other Guy: Well…there you have it. Tanya Black will remain a SHOOT Project Soldier and a member of the Syndicate!

Eryk Masters: More than that, she just promised to do what no one has done!  She is leading a team to victory in a title match against Buck and Magnus…and that team may or may NOT include Cade Sydal, whose leadership of the Sinister Syndicate looks to be becoming rater tenuous at best!

The camera cuts to Magnus and Buck, both men standing in the ring now as Chance Ryan, Cassi Ryan, and Sam Gideon all depart.  Cade Sydal continues to stare at the exit on the stage, his back turned to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Tanya claims she won’t limit herself to the Sin City Division anymore and won’t settle for anything less than winning everything there is in SHOOT.

Other Guy: It seems Greed runs deep in her veins. And Wrath. It’s honestly kind of hot. Scary Hot.

Eryk Masters:  I’m going to bathe you in Purel, you disgusting freak.

The camera cuts back to Cade’s face, which slowly but surely…twists into a smile.


We now head backstage to the medical area, where the paramedics are working on the right leg of Sakura Lee, ravaged earlier on in her match against Leona. Judging by the look on her face, the agony is approaching the excruciating level, and it’s apparent that the painkillers haven’t taken full effect yet.

Medic: Miss Lee, please. Stay still. I know it’s tough, but we really need to get a good look before we can make any sort of diagnosis.

The doctor begins to manipulate her leg, each movement bringing with it a shriek of pain. His assistant quickly appears.

Doctor: Could be an MCL tear. Won’t know more until we can get an MRI.

Assistant: On it. Jesus, look at that swelling. This isn’t-

The conversation is interrupted by two more medics pushing their way past the curtain, propping up Johnny Napalm, whose face is nearly unrecognizable under the crimson mask. The blood is flowing freely from a vicious gash in the forehead, which the medics are trying feverishly to staunch.

Doctor: What the hell happened?

Medic: We just picked him up off the floor in one of the locker rooms. Place is trashed, he’s laying facedown in a pool of red. We got him here as quickly as possible. He’s lost a lot of blood.

Doctor: Get him on table two. I need to get a look. And someone get me a cut and suture kit FAST. I don’t want him bleeding out on my watch. Jesus H. Christ.. what the hell HIT him??

A look of terror comes over Sakura’s face as she leaps down from the table, wincing as her weight comes down on what appears to be a seriously injured right knee. Fortunately, the painkillers have finally managed to take hold, and she limps over to the exam table and takes hold of Napalm’s hand.

Sakura: Who was it, Johnny? Who did this?

Medic: Miss Lee, you’ll have to get back. Please go back to the table. You can’t be on that-

Sakura: WHO DID THIS??

The medic grabs Sakura and maneuvers her away from the carnage, pulling the curtain as he helps her back onto the examination table.

Medic: Someone get me a sedative and a stretcher here as well- STAT!! Miss Lee, we’ve got to get you to a hospital. That knee needs to get an MRI, and you’re not helping it any by putting any sort of weight on it. I promise you- we will keep you updated on your friend. I give you my word- as long as you promise to cooperate. We’re looking out for you. That knee could be seriously damaged- but if we can figure out what exactly is wrong, we can treat it. Now we can do this one of two ways- you can either cooperate or I’ll sedate you.

At that moment, Sakura can see Leona peering through the door, a smirk on her face. This sends Sakura into a rage and she tries to get down from the table, but the medic acts quickly and jabs a hypodermic into her arm, pressing the plunger quickly. Sakura slumps into the medic’s arms as he sets her on the table.

Doctor: And will someone PLEASE get these goddamn cameras OUT OF HERE???


We cut to the back where Jun Kenshin is standing by.

Jun Kenshin: I heard what Donovan King had to say last week and I listened with what he said tonight. You know in my storied career, I have faced all the greats in this business. But I have never faced The Last Scion.

The crowd pops!

Jun Kenshin:  King, you questioned Trey Willett’s resolve among other things last week. You asked the question that everyone is wondering. WHY?

Jun Kenshin: Only Trey Willett knows that answer and last week, Trey Willett showed the world that the one thing he is NOT is a quitter.

The crowd ERUPTS.

Jun Kenshin: King, I have made my intentions known that my goal is the destruction of Project SCAR. Well, I consider the prevention of The Architect Kenji Yamada becoming World Champion as one of those tasks…. In fact, that is the PRIMARY task. You see at RISE, I may become the World Heavyweight Champion for a second time.

The crowd buzzes.

Jun Kenshin: But what’s more important to me is that SCAR doesn’t grow any stronger. That MUST not happen. If you want to pitch in and help guys like me and Jaime Alejandro… great.

Jun pauses to look around.

Jun Kenshin: But if you get in the way? You get in the way of my end game of taking out SCAR… I’ll consider you an enemy.

Jun Kenshin: So it’ll be your choice. We can come out here, tear the house down and have a Match of the Year candidate caliber match or we can fight. We’ll fight and we’ll tear each other apart to the delight of The Hierarchy and SCAR because one of us will LEAD and one of us will FOLLOW.

Jun Kenshin: I don’t have any problems following a man like Donovan King (emphatically) IF that’s his destiny…. If that’s his calling. If he’s going to be the Man to lead us out of this ….(struggling)…. Whatever rut we’re in right now. But next week?

The shot grows close.

Jun Kenshin: We’re going to find out!



The shot pans through The Epicenter, taking in the capacity crowd in anticipation of the main event. “Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch starts to blast out over the loudspeakers, and the crowd becomes unglued with a positive reaction.

Jaime Alejandro & Jun Kenshin step out from the back, standing side by side. They wear determined expressions on their faces, and they look like they’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to emerge victorious against SCAR tonight.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the team of THE SHIELD & THE SWORD….JAIME ALEJANDRO & JUN KENSHIN!!!

Eryk Masters: Two of the most successful competitors to ever grace SHOOT Project’s roster teaming up tonight, folks. These are hard, courageous men…

Other Guy: I think I see some sweat on those brows…

Eryk Masters: I think you’re imagining things, OG. Jaime & Jun are fearless, and they know all about what both Isaac & Obsidian bring to the table. I’m sure they’ve got a game plan tonight, and can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Jaime & Jun walk down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans as they go. They finally make it to the ring and step inside to await the arrival of their opponents.

The lights shut off in the arena, one by one. One side of the arena is blanketed in harsh, blinding white light, while the other side of the arena is covered in darkness. Dry ice fog floats out from the side of the ramp that’s covered in the bright lights, and blasts of hellfire erupt forth on the side of darkness.

“House of 1000 Corpses” by Rob Zombie starts to roar out of the audio system, signaling the arrival of the demented opponents. Isaac Entragian steps out from the fog, a razor-sharp grin etched onto his pallid face. Obsidian seems to materialize out of the shroud of darkness, the firelight of the pyro painting his bearded face in harsh tones.

The two titan-sized monsters simply stand side by side for a moment, taking in the horrendously negative response from the Las Vegas crowd.

Eryk Masters: Vile is an understatement when describing these men. They are boils on the face of SHOOT Project…

Other Guy: Really? Because from where I’m sitting, I see two of the most successful, fearsome, dangerous individuals to ever enter into the sport.

Eryk Masters: Have you been drinking SCAR brand kool-aide lately, OG?

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, representing Project: SCAR…they are THE GHOST & THE DARKNESS…the team of The Iron Fist Champion ISAAC ENTRAGIAN & OBSIDIAN!!!

Isaac & Obsidian walk side by side down the ramp, their eyes never leaving the ring. They make it to the apron, and both men step over the top rope to enter the ring.

Isaac remains on the outside while Obsidian moves to the center of the ring, and Jaime steps between the ropes to allow Kenshin to start things off. With both Isaac & Jaime standing in their opposing corners, the bell sounds with a clang.


Obsidian races towards the center of the ring, but Jun promptly meets the big man with a barrage of stiff european uppercuts. Obsidian staggers backwards, and Kenshin proceeds to lock on a hammerlock. Obsidian grits his teeth, and Kenshin grinds back on the arm, putting his free elbow to use to by smashing elbow blasts into the length of the arm.

Obsidian fights his way to the ropes, and he locks on, forcing the break. Kenshin reluctantly releases the arm, and then with lightning quickness he races across the ring and hits the ropes, but on the rebound Obsidian raises up a boot and CRUSHES it into Jun’s face.

Kenshin falls to the canvas while holding his face, and Alejandro reaches out a hand to assist with the tag.

Eryk Masters: Kenshin’s speed coming into play early here, that’s definitely one of his greatest strengths against these gargantuan men.

Other Guy: No match for Obsidian’s power though. That boot to the face was ROUGH.             

Obsidian wastes no time in allowing Jun to get up, instead he leans down and LATCHES a hand around Jun’s throat and forces the smaller man up to his feet. Obsidian sets his feet, and he rockets Kenshin up into the air for a chokeslam…


Kenshin grapevines both legs around Obsidian once they touch down, and he pulls back as hard as he can on the thick neck of the monster. Obsidian growls in pain and frustration, and he starts to reach towards his corner. Entragian has a pale hand outstretched, but Obsidian’s too far away at the moment.

Eryk Masters: BEAUTIFUL counter there by the ring tactician Jun Kenshin! If you’re looking for one of the best pure athletes in the business, it gets no better than The Shield.

Other Guy: That’s one hell of a predicament Obsidian finds himself in now. He’s a masochist, but even I don’t know if he can withstand pain like this for long…

Obsidian starts to fight, pushing up from the canvas, and he finally manages to slip his head out from Jun’s grasp. The big man clamps both hands on Jun’s throat and brings him to his feet…but Jun pushes him away…


Obsidian flies backwards into Kenshin & Alejandro’s corner, only to bounce off staggering towards the center of the ring. Alejandro pops into the ring for a moment, stepping up onto the second rope…and Jun LEAPS into his awaiting arms! Alejandro gathers up his strength…and he TOSSES Jun Kenshin across the ring right into Obsidian! Kenshin connects with a cross body, taking Obsidian down to the canvas. After landing, he follows through with the pinfall.



Eryk Masters: Awesome double team maneuver there from The Shield & The Sword. Alejandro using Kenshin like a javelin…

Other Guy: Pinfall attempt there, but it wasn’t enough to best the beast.

Obsidian slithers away from Kenshin after the pinfall, and he dives towards Entragian and makes the tag. The albino steps into the ring and motions for Kenshin to come get some, and Jun is quick to oblige him.

Isaac tries for a clothesline to take Jun’s head off, but Kenshin starts to send high angle kicks into Entragian’s arms. Isaac is reeling, and Jun takes a moment to hit the ropes….


Other Guy: FANGBANGER connects! Just raw, bestial power on display there.

Isaac leans down and grabs Jun’s ankle, pulling him backwards…but Jun manages to send a desperation kick into The Ivory Terror’s face, and he takes that moment to rolls over towards his corner and tag in Alejandro.

Jaime steps in, pounding one fist against his chest while he does so. Entragian nods his head, both men stepping forward to meet each other in the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know about you, OG, but I smell a brewing rivalry between these two men. There’s just bad blood in the air whenever they happen to occupy the same ring.

Other Guy: They’ve battled many times before, and I sincerely doubt this will the last time they do so.

Jaime sends a big right hand into Isaac’s face, and the albino stumbles, only to answer with a nasty uppercut that sends Alejandro back into the ropes. Isaac moves forward, looking to score a hook punch…but as he throws out his arm Jaime ducks underneath and locks the Iron Fist Champion up around the waist.


Entragian lands badly right on the back of his neck, but instead of letting go, Jaime maintains the hold…drags Isaac back to his feet…only to hit ANOTHER german suplex!

Isaac is practically dead weight at this point, but Jaime bulls his carcass up one more time…for a final, bone-ratting release german suplex! Entragian flies across the ring and comes to rest with a HUGE crash, much to the delight of the crowd!!

Jaime promptly falls atop the big man for the cover.




Eryk Masters: Very close! Jaime’s strength is just totally impressive….Isaac pushes the 300lb mark but that does not stop Alejandro from throwing him around like a ragdoll!

Jaime walks back towards Kenshin, and The Shield makes the tag and enters back into the match. Jun goes back to work on Isaac’s arms, sending kicks and knees into the albino’s limbs as he struggles to gain a vertical base.

Isaac tries to slither over to his corner while covering up, but Jun drops down and SNAPS up Isaac’s arm with a CROSS ARMBREAKER!

Eryk Masters: KENSHIN’S CROSS!!! This is the move that almost snapped Corazon’s arm in two at Reckoning Day…and Jun has it locked on tight!

Entragian starts to bellow with anguish, profanities and spittle flying from his pale lips. He thrashes on the canvas, but Jun grapevines his legs around Isaac’s arm and pulls back even harder.

Other Guy: Will The Ivory Terror tap?!?

Eryk Masters: He’d better….or we’re gonna hear a POP any minute now!

The pale monster is seething, his eyes wide with excruciation….but suddenly his body starts to tremble and shake with rage. Jun pulls back even harder, grinding and grinding….but SOMEHOW….Isaac is trying to get up.

Entragian shockingly manages to get to his feet, and with his free arm, he grabs Kenshin by the head and starts to pull him up while Jun stays locked on his arm…


Kenshin’s arms become limp and he finally releases the submission, and Isaac falls back against the turnbuckles in exhaustion.

Other Guy: My GOD….what a feat of STRENGTH! Isaac literally just lifted Jun up into the air and BASHED his way out of that Cross Armbreaker!

Eryk Masters: The power of this sick bastard is just….uncanny.

Kenshin is crawling against the canvas towards Alejandro, and Isaac is still resting against the turnbuckle, his breathing labored.

Jun jumps forward and makes the tag, and Alejandro comes in like a raging bull. Isaac tries to meet him with a punch, but Jaime blocks in, and he begins to fire straight right hands into the albino’s face.

Entragian staggers, and Jaime takes that moment to hit the ropes….BUT OBSIDIAN GRABS HIS HAIR FROM THE OUTSIDE!!

Jaime whirls around and sends a big punch into the side of Obsidian’s head, but by the time he turns his attention back to Entragian….HE EATS A HELLACIOUS SPEAR TO THE GUT!!!

Eryk Masters: CORRUPTION!!! Thanks to that damned distraction from Obsidian, Isaac was able to hit that devastating finishing move!!

Entragian promptly rolls to the side and tags the hand of Obsidian, and the big man stalks forward and lifts Jaime up into a side slam position…ONLY TO SMASH HIS FACE INTO THE MAT WITH AN INVERTED POWERBOMB!!!


Eryk Masters: OH COME ON!! Don’t tell me these freaks are gonna steal this one….not like this!

Obsidian drops to the canvas, and he covers the fallen body of Alejandro.




Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, representing Project: SCAR….they are THE GHOST & THE DARKNESS….ENTRAGIAN & OBSIDIAN!!!

Eryk Masters: Sickening. Talk about an underhanded win…

Other Guy: A win is a win any way that you look at it, Eryk. All that matters at the end of the day is that W in the record books!

Entragian climbs back into the ring, and he pushes the referee away, seizing the wrist of his blood-brother Obsidian and raising it high. The foul monsters soak in the taste of victory for a moment, and the crowd unleashes upon them with a raucous of boos.

Jun helps Jaime up and they roll out of the ring and begin to make their way to the back, leaving Obsidian & Entragian standing in the ring. Isaac leans over and whispers something into his bearded blood-brother’s ear, and Obsidian nods. The big man then exits the ring and starts making his way into the back, leaving the sinister albino in the center of the ring.

Isaac calls for a microphone, and once it’s been deposited into his pallid hand, he starts to address the capacity crowd.

Entragian: There is ONE more piece of business that I need to conduct here tonight. There’s been some talk as of late…people fueling the rumor mill and saying that SCAR & The Hierarchy are working together. This statement is incorrect. Allow me to clarify…

Isaac pauses for a moment.

Entragian: SCAR & The Hierarchy are not working together. Isaac Entragian and Azrael Goeren ARE working together. If X-Calibur had come to me with a similar offer, I would have beaten him bloodless and pissed all over his smug face. That goes for all of The Hierarchy’s lesser minions too. I view them as inferior to my own capable blood-brothers….but there is ONE exception to that rule.

Isaac looks up with a sharpened grin.

Entragian: Herr Goeren is that exception. The Megastar. A creature of exceptional brutality and misunderstood brilliance. In truth, he reminds me….of ME. He is the most valuable member of The Hierarchy, and in a perfect world he would be standing at my side as a member of SCAR. But alas, this is not yet a perfect world, so compromises have to be made. One such compromise was made between us, and a contract for the destruction of an Outlaw has been drawn up.

Isaac looks towards the top of the ramp, his gaze darkening.

Entragian: Which brings me to you, Patrick Kidd. The Spirit of OPW. One-Nut Magoo. You’re one of the last of your kind, Kidd. I have personally removed your buddy Diamond Del Carver from SHOOT Project, and now…you’re alone. I’m sure you’ve been scraping for partners back there, hoping to dig up a Rufio The Seven Foot Clown or a Bob The Evil Janitor to take up arms with you.

The monster chuckles.

Entragian: I hear Derek Shane lost his role as the “Human Being” on Community, so there’s another option for you! Just trying to be helpful. Regardless of who you convince to be your partner, Kidd, you will fail. Just like you failed your son as a father…and just like you failed your loving fans at Reckoning Day.

A scowl forms on the face of Entragian, and his eyes shine with cruelty.

Entragian: Your time in SHOOT Project has reached its end, Patrick. So…I give you a final option. Come out here right now. I will make it quick. It will not be painless, but it will be merciful. Walk out here with your head held high like a man and face the death of your career…or I simply say the word and Kenji, Corazon, and Obsidian will hunt you down back there and drag you out here to me, kicking and screaming the whole way. The hard way…or the easy way. What’s it gonna be, Kidd?

All of the fans in attendance turn their attention to the top of the ramp, but there is no movement. A growing "Kidd" chant starts echoing through the arena, the fans chanting louder and louder. The diabolical Entragian does not look amused as he starts making his way to the ring ropes to go fetch his prey when suddenly "Rebirth" by Boy Hits Car blares over the Epicenter’s loudspeakers accompanied by arena-shaking cheers.

Eryk Masters: There he is! Patrick Kidd has never backed down from a fight in his entire life and it doesn’t look like he’s about to start now!

Other Guy: Goes to show how stupid he is! After all he’s been through physically since Reckoning Day does he honestly think he can take on Entragian right now?

Patrick Kidd emerges from the back, having changed out of his ring gear from earlier and into a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt. He keeps his eyes focused on a grinning Entragian who waves him down to the ring. Kidd cracks his neck and shakes his hands loose before he starts walking down the ramp, pointing back at the Iron Fist champion.

Eryk Masters: No fear in Kidd’s eyes tonight, he’s coming for Entragian!

Kidd is noticeably limping from the injuries he’s sustained over the last few weeks but it’s hardly slowing him down. Entragian drops the microphone and continues to wave him on, looking like he’s getting ready for a war…


Eryk Masters: WHAT?!

Before Kidd can even hit the ring and get to Isaac, Azrael Goeren charges out from behind the curtain and BLASTS Kidd across the back of his head with a light tube that explodes in a plume of smoke upon impact. Kidd slumps to the ground immediately, completely caught off guard as Entragian starts bellowing a visceral laugh in the ring as he watches Goeren start to violently put the boots to Kidd on the outside of the ring.

Eryk Masters: This was an ambush, plain and simple! I was half expecting SCAR to make their way back down here…but Goeren? 

Other Guy: A partnership made in Hell, that’s what this is!

Azrael grabs a handful of Kidd’s hair and pulls him to his feet, seething with rage as he headbutts him hard and rolls him into the ring. Azrael slithers under the bottom rope and joins Entragian in the ring, the two men standing tall over the crawling body of Patrick Kidd.

Eryk Masters: This is disgusting, Kidd never even had a chance at a fair fight here.

Other Guy: Did you honestly expect anything less from these two? This…this might get messy.

The predators begin surrounding their prey, forcing Kidd’s future path to either take him to the dead end of the turnbuckle or straight into the monster’s jaws.  The Ivory Terror towers over Kidd with a satanic smile spread across his pale countenance. He slides a forked tongue across his fangs and lips, ready to enjoy this feast of violence. 

Eryk Masters: Come on! It was bad enough that Patrick Kidd was just screwed over by these two jackals, but now they are looking to tear him apart. 

Other Guy: Looks like Kidd won’t have to worry about having a partner for next week, because after these two are done he won’t be in any condition to compete … ever again!

The Megastar stands just a few steps away screeching at Kidd to get to his feet, taunting him in an incomprehensible mix of English and German.  Patrick is slower to rise than Goeren would like and he begins gesticulating wildly for his nemesis to stand. Finally, in a show of impatience, he rushes past the Iron Fist Champion and drives a kick into Patrick’s ribs, sending him back down to the mat. This draws a bit of an “Evil Eye” from Isaac but Goeren quickly snaps back into his faculties and waves on Isaac to continue his second dissection of an outlaw in as many attempts. The “Kidd” chant dies down quickly, as if willing him to his feet would only be like leading a lamb to the slaughter, so the distraught fans turn their focus towards their hatred of The Ivory Terror and The Megastar.

Eryk Masters: Listen to the fans OG, they are absolutely irate!

Other Guy: Oh they’re just miffed that this unholy alliance is going to take out another one of their heroes that’s past his expiration date, and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.

Eryk Masters: Isn’t anyone going to stop this? Security? 

Other Guy: Ha! You really think anyone is going to stop thi…WHA?

OG’s reaction is shared by the capacity crowd who look towards the entrance way with growing hope and anticipation as a fitting and familiar guitar riff and ominous drum beat begin to pulse through the arena. The assault in the ring comes to an immediate halt and the two vile creatures slowly turn towards the entrance ramp in complete shock.

Eryk Masters: OG is that…is that…?

Other Guy: No way – not a chance! 

Just as OG finishes speaking, he appears at the top of the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters: Oh…my…God!

Isaac snarls, his eyes bulging with paranoia as his fists start to clench, and Azrael’s jaw drops and his eyes grow wide in utter disbelief. The SHOOT Project fans go absolutely crazy, as the realization of what they are witnessing hits home.  

“Outlaw Torn” booms through the arena, and it becomes crystal clear: “The Outlaw” GREYSON BLADE is here, and he’s looking for a fight. 



Greyson charges the ring, and Isaac steps up to meet him as he slides inside. The Outlaw, still incredibly fast for a man of his size, ducks under the coming blow and beats Isaac to the punch. Blade hammers him with a left jab/right punch/left hook combination that sends Entragian staggering backwards. The Outlaw wastes no time and comes flying off the ropes like a man possessed and rocks The Ivory Terror with a clothesline that flips him up over the top rope and out of the ring to the floor below. 

Azrael, having overcome his initial shock, tries to jump Greyson from behind before Blade can focus on him. However, just as Goeren is about to strike, a recovered Patrick Kidd whirls him around and uppercuts him, sending Azrael staggering right to Blade. The Outlaw scoops Goeren up, presses him over his head, and tosses him over the top rope down on to Isaac! 

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it! I honestly can’t believe it! Greyson Blade is here in SHOOT and reunited with Patrick Kidd! Do you know what this means?! Family Values is back and have cleared the ring!

Other Guy: Blade is going to wish he’d stayed home after all these years when Entragian and Goeren get finished with him! 

Isaac and Azrael get back to their feet, and Family Values dares them to get back in the ring. Isaac looks to want to step up and engage them for a moment before looking over to a furious Azrael who looks like he is about to lose it. Goeren’s face is a deep shade of crimson as he lets out a feral scream, seeing his most hated adversaries standing side-by-side once more. After seeing Goeren so distraught and literally shrieking with rage, The Ivory Terror takes the tactical maneuver and begins backing away with Azrael in tow. 

Eryk Masters: Well it won’t be happening tonight OG. It looks like Patrick Kidd has found himself a partner for next week, and what a partner it is! The Outlaw is here in SHOOT, and tonight Family Values is standing tall once more!

Blade and Kidd both climb opposite turnbuckles, pointing out to the fans who are literally shaking the entire Epicenter with their thunderous cheers. They climb back down and hug in the center of the ring, causing the applause to get even louder before the show finally fades to black.