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Revolution 94

We are getting set for the Sin City Championship Battle Royal when we cut to a camera backstage. There seems to be a commotion backstage that a lot of security guards seem to be trying to remedy. The camera gets a little closer, and we see exactly what the commotion is: Lunatikk Crippler. Security is forming sort of a wall in order to keep the former Sin City Champion out of the arena, and even that is having little success. The Crippler is a man on a mission, and he desperately wants into the building.

Security #1: Crippler! Stop! You’re not allowed in tonight!

Crippler: What are you gonna do to stop me? That clown is fucking dead!

Crippler tries another rush to try and break through the guards, but to no avail. Crippler hits the ground, and tries to crawl through their legs to get past them.

Security #2: Mr. Crippler, please! We’re under strict orders!

Crippler: Oh, I’m sorry, is that supposed tp be a concern to me?

Crippler once again tries to force his way through, but the security guards are finally successful, and repel Crippler backwards.

Security #1: We’ve had our orders, sir. I’m a married man, and I know how you feel.

Security #2: But we’ve been told that you have to stay out tonight, so you can cool down.

Crippler: COOL DOWN? You’ve gotta be kidding me!?

Security #3: I’m sorry, but it comes from a much higher pay grade than any of us, including yourself. We can’t let you in tonight.

Security #1: I’m sorry. I really hope you get your hands on Jester, but I can’t let it happen tonight.

Crippler seems to be deciding how next to get through the wall of security, when he’s accidentally bumped from behind. Crippler turns, a look of fury on his face, and sees…a short, shirtless white boy in a lucha mask. He backs away from The Crippler quickly, but is replaced by another man, much more bulbous and recognizable.

El Asso Wipo: Pardon my little friend, there. El Gringito doesn’t seem to see very well out of his mask.

Crippler says nothing. He takes another look back at the security, seemingly contemplating something.

El Asso Wipo: Do not worry about Jester Smiles tonight, my American friend! I will personally see to it that he is broken like so! TCHA!! With my KNEE!

Wipo makes a breaking motion with his hands, giving Crippler a better understanding of what he meant. Crippler shakes his head in disgust. Wipo steps forward with his lucha-ntourage, moving easily passed the security guards. Crippler tries to slip through with the group, with no luck. The guards reform their wall and keep him back. Wipo can be heard speaking on his way into the arena.

El Asso Wipo: And where the hell is Silas? This is very unprofessional of him to miss the show! Hurry up, Chappy! My bags aren’t gonna carry themselves you know!

Wipo moves out of earshot now, and we’re left with Crippler, no longer struggling against the security guards, but stalks away.

The screen goes black, revealing once again the SHOOT Project Helmet, looming ominously over the skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Miracle" by Nonpoint begins to play as the camera flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.   

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell   

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the empty ring in the center of the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.   

Train a little harder than you can or ever will   

The opening shot is of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship being held high in the air by the World Champion X-Calibur, followed closely by him locking Trey Willett in the Bite of the Basilisk.

You need to think fast  

Tanya Black and Cade Sydal are shown sauntering down to the ring quickly intercut with Maya Nakashima defeating Mason Pierce to become Rule of Surrender Champion.  Jonas Coleman standing toe to toe with Kenji Yamada is shown next.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!   

The Bad Ass Brotherhood are shown with the World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists before we see Isaac Entragian wrapping his arms around the hooker he paid to help destroy Diamond Del Carver. 

Got news if you think you bad   

Diamond Del Carver going for the Diamond Cutter on Donovan King is shown quickly intercut with Azrael Goeren going face to face with Patrick Kidd.  Briefly, we see Crazy Boy staring at the camera, a grin on his face.

All your other battles make me laugh   

El Asso Wipo is shown breaking some fool’s back before we see Corey Lazarus mugging for the camera, holding the lens directly at his face. 

You need to start runnin’…  

The Gunslingers are shown double teaming Goeren before we get to see Dan Stein flying off the ropes with a springboard before we see Jean-Gerard Baptiste with Anarchy behind him. 

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!   

Laura Seton standing with Jaime Alejandro, who is quickly shown hitting Crazy Boy in the face before we see Johnny Napalm locking up with Lunatikk Crippler before it cuts to Crippler holding the Sin City Championship high in the air. 


We see Maya tying his bandanna across his nose before we see Thomas Manchester Black punching a punching bag, sweating pouring down his face.  Quickly, we see Danny Corsair slapping hands with the fans as he comes down to the ring. 

You need a miracle!   

Diamond Del Carver tagging out to Patrick Kidd is shown before we see Donovan King stalking the fallen 3M’s bloody body.  Without warning, we get to see Obsidian pulling his hood over his head, his beady eyes penetrating deep into whatever heart the viewer has.

Nothing’s gonna save you   

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown followed by Jun Kenshin hitting the Heaven’s Blade on Corazon. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!   

Donovan King is shown catching Dan Stein with the Dealbreaker. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

The Hierarchy is shown en mass during the Redemption Rumble, having torn through the people in the ring with them.   

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Mason Pierce looking over the fans with Piper Fury in tow is shown. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Project:SCAR is shown, the four of them preparing for war, shrouded in darkness. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

X-Calibur leaning over a podium during a press conference, grinning his evil grin for all to see. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

We see Tony Lorenzo hold the World Heavyweight Championship to the camera for all to see. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

The empty SHOOT Project ring. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


The SHOOT-tron opens up outside of the SHOOT Project Epicenter, catching Dan Stein walking down Las Vegas Blvd. Molly and two other red dressed women walk next to him. The people on the crowded sidewalk spread as Stein walks towards the camera. Stein smirks, looking out to the crowd.

Dan Stein: You’ll have to excuse my absence from the Epicenter tonight; I was asked to stay away from SHOOT Project for a week. Apparently, after Laura Seton won the belt from me, while I was blacked out in rage, I had some choice words for her, Jason Johnson and really, all of SHOOT Project and its fans. And, because of such, was promptly suspended without pay for this week.

Eryk Masters: I heard some of the things in whispers from the back, and believe me – that did NOT sound like Dan Stein.

Molly and the two women frown and shake their heads. Stein shrugs, nodding as though agreeing with them. He smirks.

Dan Stein: So, for the last week, I had myself a vacation. You know, I cruised the Bahamas, and took a trip to Disney World, the whole shebang. I guess that’s why Piper Fury accused me of hiding and Pestalance to worry that he’d never be able to settle some sort of beef with me. Fancy that, even without being on the pay roll, most of you monkeys still promoted my name as well as I could. Which, my Sin City Friends, is probably why Jason gave me the ultimatum he did.

Stein grins. Smirking, Stein looks to Molly and his Bitches.

Dan Stein: I guess nobody told them let the cat out of the bag, Ladies. Jason, you’re a true bro. Good to your word, you are. See, guys and those of you that want to be respected as such, I didn’t have to take the week off. I didn’t have to be docked pay. I could’ve been right there in the middle of the ring, battling it out against the woman I lost my championship to, but… nah.

I could’ve got paid for last week. I could’ve had my shot at getting the belt back in a Rumble situation. I could’ve been in the ring just like all of you, fighting against the eight of you – or did Henry Gordon get my spot? – and not have the odds in my favor, just like the rest of you…

But, I’ll take getting docked a week’s pay and a vacation, and I’ll just hold on to my rematch clause to use it against whichever of you numbskulls makes it out alive with my championship.

Molly steps forward, holding Stein’s shoulder.

Other Guy: Rematch clause? But isn’t tha-

Molly the Assistant: But Stein, how does that work? Rematch clauses are only supposed to be used against the person you lost your title to!

Stein nods, welcoming the question.

Dan Stein: Valid statement. That’s correct, Molly. Usually rematch clauses are only granted in same opponent situations. Usually. But I’m not your average, everyday SHOOT Project Superstar. I’m not the usual suspect, in this case. I bring in people from all around the world. I fill up the arena just by having another amazing Midnight Show on the card. Actually, I am exactly what Corey Lazarus wishes he could be.

I’m a hot commodity. I can get that kind of treatment. So take care of yourselves, Guys and Dolls. My suspension is almost up.

Stein smirks, turning towards Caesar’s Palace. The camera fades back to ring side.



We come to the ring now, and Reed Brown is standing in the center of it, awaiting the other 7 competitors for tonights Sin City Championship Battle Royal. Samantha Coil is standing by, ready to make the other announcements.

Eryk Masters: Reed Brown has been particularly quiet this week, considering the opportunity he has been given upon his debut, but he’s not waiting any longer for this battle royal to begin.

"Firestarter" kicks in, and out comes the Firestarter himself, Pestalance, out to become Sin City Champion for the first time.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, from Plainfield, New Jersey, weighing in at 260 pounds, Pestalance!

Pestalance rolls under the bottom rope into the ring, staring down Brown. Brown is jawing at the larger Pestalance from across the ring.

Other Guy: I’ll let this pass due to his being a rookie, but Reed Brown doesn’t want to talk trash to a guy like the former Revolution Champion, unless he can prove he can back it up.

Prodigy shuts off, and new music comes to replace it. "Give Me Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd starts, and Henry Gordon comes out to a lukewarm reaction from the crowd.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, from Harrisonburg, Virginia, weighing in at 320 pounds, Henry Goooordon!

Eryk Masters: Gordon’s gonna have a score to settle with Crazy Boy here tonight. We’ll see if Hank can keep focused on the task at hand: The Sin City title.

"Caballero" by Assassin starts up, and the fans are booing vehemently at the frenchman, Jean-Gerard Baptiste, as he makes his entrance.

Samantha Coil: He is a former Sin City Champion, from Bordeaux, France, weighing in at 237 pounds, Jean-Gerard Baaaaptisste!

Eryk Masters: Jean-Gerard Baptiste knows all about being Sin City Champion. He won the title during the Sin City Championship Series, and held it up until the finals at Master of the Mat. He would love to be a two time Sin City Champion tonight!

"Caballero" is replaces with Crossfaith’s "Omen". The boos continue, as Crazy Boy makes his entrance for the match. Henry Gordon perks up, starting to get antsy at the thought of getting at CB.

Samantha Coil: Next, from Biloxi, Mississippi, weiging in at 227 pounds, Craaaazy Boy!

Crazy Boy gets into the ring, across from Gordon. Reed Brown is talking as much trash as he can, to whomever will listen. His music shuts off, and is replaced with "Six Times Dead (16.6)" by Primal Fear. The boos continue, and Piper Fury, along with Leona, comes out. Leona has Precious in her hands, and looks ready to do as much damage as Piper is.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 225 pounds, she is Piper Fuuuury!

Eryk Masters: Piper’s had her share of issues with Johnny Napalm, but with Napalm out of the picture, she’s looking to become the Sin City champ tonight.

The lights in the arena die, and the VideoWall shows nothing but a black and white film countdown, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


A trio of drumrolls cue up before converging on a loud hit of the snare, signalling a spotlight to focus on the entrance curtain. Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" cues up at the start of the first verse, bringing Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price out from behind the entrance curtain.



Samantha Coil: Introducing next, being accompanied by Gregory Price…



Corey stops at the top of the ramp, putting his hands on his hips, and peers out at the crowd from behind his trademark silver-rimmed Ray Bans. Price comes up behind him, handing him a bottle of Aquafina. Corey points to the nearest camera, motioning for its operator to come close, and is obliged.



Samantha Coil: Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing in tonight at 230 pounds…


Corey checks his hair in his reflection on the lens before blowing the camera a kiss and taking a sip from the Aquafina bottle.


The guitars divebomb, prompting Corey to sprint the rest of the distance as Price casually strolls down after him.

Samantha Coil: He is "The Premier Attraction"…

Corey dives underneath the bottom rope and rolling up to a kneeling position with one fist firmly on the canvas.



Laz bangs his head along with the pounding drums…


…and then jumps to his feet, arms outstretched to his sides with his trademark devilish grin on his face, turning to face each section of the crowd. The main melody of the song returns as Corey slides his Ray Bans off, tossing them to Price at ringside along with the now half-empty bottle of water.

And finally, "Whatever Gets You Through The Day" kicks in, and the jeers finally turn to cheers, as the reigning two time Sin City title holder comes out, ready to defend her title.

Samantha Coil: And finally, she is the current Sin City Champion, Lauraaaaaa Seeetoooon!

Other Guy: Seton slides into the ring and hands off the Sin City strap, and the bell is rung!

Almost immediately, seven people turn in one direction. Everyone is trying to get their fists and feet on Reed Brown! Brown is backed into the corner, facing the all out assault, and all of a sudden, we can’t see who is responsible, but he is flipped out backwards, over the top rope!

Samantha Coil: Reed Brown has been eliminated!

Eryk Masters: Well, that didn’t take any time at all! Reed Brown is gone!

The remaming seven are a flurry of fists, trying to get the upper hand on someone. Crazy Boy is trying to get an advantage on Laura Seton, Piper Fury and Pestalance are going after Henry Gordon, and JGB trying to stave off elimination from Corey Lazarus.

Other Guy: Now we’ve got a Battle Royal! Everyone for themselves, last person standing is Sin City Champ!

Seton drives her foot into the face of Crazy Boy, and causes him to stagger back. Seton looks to assist with Fury and Pest to get Gordon eliminated now. Gordon is trying to shove off his attackers, but having very little luck. Baptiste rakes the eyes of Lazarus, causing him to back away in pain, clutching at his face. JGB follows him over, hooking his neck to try and toss him over the top rope, but Lazarus hangs on, clutching the middle rope, keeping him in the ring.

Eryk Masters: Gordon fires a big elbow to the face of Pestalance, backing him up, and he shoves Fury to the mat. Hammerin’ Hank has backed Crazy Boy into a corner now, firing rights and lefts to the man who left his high and dry last week!

Gordon backs up and runs at Crazy Boy, smashing him in the corner. Baptiste has abandonded Laz in the corner, and slams a double axe into the back of Gordon. Henry stumbles, but keeps his footing, swinging a fist back, catching Baptiste in the side of the head, sending him crashing to the mat in pain. Lazaraus jumps on Gordon’s back, and nearly topples the both of them over the top rope, but Gordon pushes back on the top rope, stopping the momentum, and then backs Lazarus into the turnbuckles, squashing him with his girth.

Other Guy: Henry Gordon looking mighty impressive tonight, even with being the target for many people’s wrath.

Eryk Masters: He’s the biggest man in the match, so he’s gonna have a target on his back, no matter how experienced he is.

Crazy Boy clubs Gordon in the back, pusing him into the corner. Gordon turns around, facing CB as CB fires off a couple more forearms, slumping Henry in the corner.

Other Guy: Looks like Gordon’s out of energy from the assault he’s been facing. Crazy Boy has him down in the corner.

CB puts his boot in the throat of Gordon, choking him in the corner. Baptiste is brawling with Laura Seton, and Pestalance is firing off on Piper Fury, with Lazarus chilling in the corner, trying to stay out of things. Gordon shoves CB off with his own foot, and pulls himself up to his feet. CB charges, and Gordon backdrops him out of the ring! CB is able to hold himself on the apron by gripping the top rope. Gordon turns and sees it, and charges Tyrone, and CB pulls the top rope down, and Gordon is hanging precariously on the top rope! Lazarus runs over to try and lift Gordon over the top, but he’s not having very much luck. Fury breaks away from Pestalance and comes to help, as does Pestalance when he realizes what’s going on. CB is laying back first on the apron, pushing at Gordon with his feet, and Gordon topples over the top rope, and hits the floor.

Samantha Coil: Henry Gordon is eliminated!

Eryk Masters: Gordon fought and fought, but his inexperience cost him tonight.

Crazy Boy pulls himself to his feet and tries to step back into the ring, but catches a stiff kick to the side of the head from Piper Fury, and CB falls to the ground. The referees converge, and confirm that he did NOT make it back into the ring.

Samantha Coil: Crazy Boy is eliminated!

Other Guy: We’re nearly halfway done, five people remain!

Lazarus whips Pestalance into the corner, and follows up with a huge knee right to the face, that he calls the Reel to Reel, the momentum of which send him over the top rope! He lands on the apron, and there’s Laura Seton, trying to shove him off the apron, but he plants a forearm to her face with more force than was necessary, backing her up. He springboards up and nails the defending champ with a spinning heel kick!

Eryk Masters: A stiff kick from Lazarus, and Seton is in trouble!

Fury and Baptiste are teaming up in the corner, trying to lift Pestalance over the top, and Lazarus pulls Seton to her feet by her hair. She is unsteady on her feet, and he bounces off the ropes, attempting a lariat, but Seton bends backwards in a Matrix type maneuver, successfully evading the lariat, but Laz stops short, and kicks Seton in the back, doubling over with laughter as she rolls in pain. Baptiste runs forward and attacks Lazarus, but catches a chop to the face for his trouble. Pestalance comes over and catches a knife edge to the kisser as well. Lazarus spins Fury around, and chops her in the chops as well! Four people on the ground, and Lazarus is the last one standing!

Other Guy: Lazarus is standing tall, but he needs to start moving people over the top rope.

Laz picks up JGB, and Baptiste is not discriminate, sacktapping Lazarus where he stands. Corey grabs at his satchel and Baptiste takes over, sending Lazarus head over feet with a t-bone suplex!

Eryk Masters: Au Revoir, Corey Lazarus! He takes the Hollywood Kid down with that one!

Baptiste drags Laz to the corner, and then lifts up the dead weight to his shoulders. He tries to dump Laz over the top rope, but Corey wraps his arms around the top rope, stopping the momentum of JGB. Meanwhile, the two women have teamed up on Pestalance. Fury stretches her leg as far as she can, choking Pest, while Seton puts the boots to his midsection. Lazarus rakes the eyes of JGB, causing the Frenchman to lose his grip, and Laz hits the mat. Corey gets to his feet and kicks JGB in the face for good measure, before going across the ring and assaulting Laura Seton. He knocks Piper Fury to the ground, and drives his boot to the face of a recovering Pestalance, and-wait! Gregory Price goes down on the outside, and the crowd is in an uproar!

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black! He came from the crowd, and took down Price! Lazarus is flipping out in the ring!

Lazarus backs up, and Laura Seton sneaks up on him, tossing him over the top rope! Lazarus hangs on, but here comes TMB, and Lazarus lets go and hits the floor! TMB is all over him now!

Samantha Coil: Corey Lazarus has been eliminated!

Other Guy: TMB and Lazarus are brawling down the aisle, and we are down to four!

Pestalance gets back to his feet now, and is assaulting Baptiste, and now the women are going after each other. Pestalance drives his knee into the stomach of Baptiste, and tosses him over the top rope. Baptiste lands on the apron and rolls back under the bottom rope into the ring. Pest goes over and slams Piper’s head into a turnbuckle, and elbows Laura Seton. The Firestarter is rolling now as he turns and lariats Baptiste over the top rope! Baptiste AGAIN hangs on, falling through the ropes back into the ring. Pest turns his back to focus on the women, and Baptiste runs and drives his knee between Pest’s shoulder blades. Pestalance this time is the one to fall over the top rope, and hangs on for dear life. JGB tries to force Pestalance to the floor, but is stopped by the Sin City Champion! Baptiste stumbles back, and Laura launches herself at him.

Eryk Masters: Full Court Press! Both Laura and Baptiste are over the top rope! Both are dangling!

They dangle for a second, before Laura gets her footing on the apron, as does Baptiste. Laura fires a left hand, and is answered by one from JGB. All of a sudden, Piper Fury flies in and smashes a forearm into both of their faces. Laura falls to a knee, and JGB is launched from the apron! He lands against the guardrail, and is able to keep one of his feet off the ground. He turns around and is hopping toward the apron on one foot. Laura gets to her feet on the apron and smacks her foot of the head of Baptiste, who falls back against the guardrail, somehow keeping his lifted foot from hitting the ground.

Other Guy: Unbelievable! Baptiste is still alive, and Seton rolls back into the ring!

Baptiste hops to the apron and pulls himself up with the ropes, and stops Seton from rushing him. Pestalance runs up and tries a big boot, but Baptiste ducks that one as well, but doesn’t see Piper Fury with a low dropkick, taking his feet from underhim. He hits the mat with his face with a sick thud, and then lands with his back on the ground, both feet also planted.

Samantha Coil: Jean-Gerard Baptiste has been eliminated!

Eryk Masters: Baptiste taken down by Piper Fury! I can’t believe it!

Fury is firing on all cylinders on Laura Seton, until Pestalance stops her with a big double ax to her back. Fury hits the mat, and Pestalance takes over. He avalanches Seton in the corner, and then drops an elbow to Fury. Seton avoids a second avalanche from Pest, who hits the corner chest first. Laura peppers him with a couple of kicks, and Pest slumps to the ground, just in time to catch a massive knee to his face from Piper Fury.

Other Guy: The two women ganging up on Pestalance, probably not his dream idea of a threeway.

Eryk Masters: He better get his bearings, or else he’s gonna end up outta here!

Pest gets to his hands and his knees, and Seton runs up and drops a knee to his spine. Fury comes up behind, but Laura blocks a right hand and does the Splits and uppercuts Fury, sending her to the ground. The champion opens up on Fury, hitting a low dropkick to her face. Pestalance is able to get back to his feet, and Laura rushes him, but he catches her by the throat, and whips her over the top rope!

Other Guy: Laura is able to tangle her legs in the rope, just in time, she saves herself and her title!

Pestalance doesn’t look back, he charges and flips Piper Fury inside out with a huge lariat.

Eryk Master: Now it’s Pestalance in control! Laura trying to pull herself back into the ring, and Fury is at his mercy!

Pest lifts Fury off the ground, and now he’s trying to shove her over the top rope. Fury is holding on, trying to wrap her legs around his arm and neck. All of a sudden, a force of fresh momentum sends Fury over the top rope, to the apron, and Pestalance is on the floor!

Samantha Coil: Pestalance has been eliminated!

Eryk Masters: What the hell? DAN STEIN?!

Sure enough, Dan "The Lights" Stein is standing in the ring, a look of triumph in his face. Pestalance has a look of shock, but he turns and sees Stein gloating in the ring, and he starts to comprehend what happened. Stein looks at Pest and sees the shock and anger growing on his face, and that wipes the smile off of Steins. Stein takes off, sliding under the bottom rope, and Pest grabs him just before he can hop the guardrail! Stein reaches back and jabs a thumb in Pestalance’s eye, and takes off running again.

Other Guy: I can’t believe it! Dan Stein eliminates Pestalance! Where did he come from?

Eryk Masters: It looked like he came from under the ring. Let’s get back to the task at hand here! We’re down to two!

Fury and Seton scratch and claw their way back into the ring, and to their feet. They suddenly and simultaneously realize that they are the last two in the ring. They stare each other down, with the crowd whipping themselves in a frenzy, firmly in the pocket of the champion. They rush each other, getting down and dirty in a slugfest. Laura fires off a right hand, followed by one from Fury. Laura! Piper! Laura! Piper! Laura! Laura! Piper breaks her combo with a knee lift to the gut, doubling her over. Piper hooks her for a vertical suplex, but holds Laura in the air. She staggers backward with Seton in the air, and drops her over the top rope! But Laura holds on! She ends up on the apron, and she uses the momentum to pull Piper Fury over the top rope as well! Piper holds onto the bottom rope, barely escaping elimination. Both women are dangling, trying to kick at each other, but then they decide their best plan of attack are getting themselves back in the ring.

Other Guy: That was a close call for both women, but they need to be more careful! One more elimination, we’ll have a winner!

Piper lands a forearm to the jaw of Seton before either can get back to their feet. Seton sprawls across her back on the mat. Fury gets to her feet, Leona on the outside, sensing victory is near. Piper lifts Seton to her feet and tries to hook her up to Pay the Piper, but Seton pushes Fury off her. Piper crouches near the ropes, and Laura charges, but Piper puts her head down, and attempts to back drop Seton out of the ring. Laura uses the ropes to turn herself in mid air, and she lands on her feet on the apron. Seton yanks back on Fury’s hair, pulling her over the top rope as well. Both women are tied up on the apron before Fury clotheslines Seton back over the top rope, into the ring. Seton lands on one knee, and bounces up and off the ropes on the opposite side. She rebounds and flies through the ropes, but Fury sidesteps the attempt, and lifts her foot up where Seton makes contact. Fury keeps Laura on her feet, pulling her over the top rope. Fury helps Seton to her feet and boots her in the gut, causing her to lose her balance. Laura ties her foot up in the rope as she falls, keeping her feet from touching the ground.

Eryk Masters: Laura is hanging on by a thread, we’re about to have a new Sin City Champion!

Piper begins trying to untangle Seton’s foot from the ropes, but Laura sits up and grabs Piper’s ankle, pulling with all her might. Fury falls off the apron, both feet hitting the floor! The bell rings, and this one is over! The fans are going crazy as Willie Dean helps her loose from the ropes, Sin City title in hand.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the battle royal, and STIIIIIIIIIIILL Sin City Champion….Lauraaaaaaaaaaa Seeeeeeeetoooooonnnn!

Eryk Masters: Unbeliveable! Laura had the presence of mind to trip Fury off the apron, preserving her second reign as Sin City Champion!

Other Guy: But you have to give it up for Fury, she nearly pulled it off. I tell you what, I’m sure these two are gonna collide one more time, and if the title is on the line, I won’t like Seton’s chances. Fury is LIVID.


The scene opens up with SHOOT World Champion X-Calibur standing in the ring, the belt slung over his shoulder, a microphone in his hand and a smirk on his face. He’s not in his wrestling gear, choosing instead to grace everyone’s presence in a tailored suit, so he’s obviously not here to fight.

X-Calibur: Ah, what a wonderful feeling it is when you’re checking out YouTube one night and all of a sudden you see a viral video of one of the guys who is supposed to be a contender getting the living crap beaten out of him in some bar someplace. It just warms my heart, ya know? And just to show how caring I can be, I even sent Jonas Coleman a bouquet of flowers to help brighten up his hospital room. Granted, there was some poison ivy in there, but hey- it’s the thought that counts, am I right or am I right?

He laughs as the crowd boos loudly, some of the fans starting to chant "JONAS… JONAS…"

X-Calibur: I hear you out there, and you might as well save your breath, because your precious Jonas isn’t going to be here tonight- and judging from the looks of him after that number was done on him, I’d say he’s probably not going to be in any shape to compete at RISE for my title. Sucks to be you, Jonas. On the other hand, it is FUCKING WONDERFUL to be me right now. One less for me to deal with at RISE. Yeah, I still have all the other wolves sniffing at the door- Willett, Kenji, Kenshin and King- what the hell is it with these "K" guys anyway? Anyways, I bet they’ve got to be laughing too, because that’s one less they have to deal with as well. And guess what? You’re not going to hear a single complaint from yours truly. But you know something? Given the choice between facing four guys and facing five- including the one I TOOK this belt from- I’ll take the foursome any time, any where.

This draws a nasty reaction from the crowd, but the boos are silenced quickly as a crackle comes over the PA system… and then four words make the fans erupt.

Not so fast, CHAMP.

All eyes are on the top of the ramp, where SHOOT President Jason Johnson has emerged, a stern look on his face and a microphone in his hand.

X-Calibur: Heya, Double J. So nice of you to drop by.

Jason Johnson: Zip it. I came out here because I’ve got something to address, and I want to make sure you get the message personally. First off, about Jonas. I’m not going to lie- I’m not happy about what happened. Not in the least. And I can assure you, whoever is responsible is definitely going to have to answer for their actions.

X-Calibur: Hey, if you’re looking to pin that on me, nice try. I’d love to shake the hand of the guy who did it, though. Hell, I’ll buy the guy a six-pack to show my appreciation.

Jason Johnson: Ex-CUSE ME. I wasn’t finished. Now I do realize what this means for the match at RISE. I know it’s also going to be awfully tempting to make what happened to Jonas a repeat occurrence. Take them all out one by one and that way by the time RISE comes around, you’ve got nobody left to fight. That is NOT going to happen. That’s a situation that I have no desire to see repeated. You see, I’m all about giving these people what they want. I promised them a six-man battle for that title, and by God, I am going to make sure they get it. And that is why I am going to assure everyone right here and now that there will be a sixth man in the match. By the end of the night, you, X-Calibur.. and everyone else here in the Epicenter.. will know who it is.



“Mexican Americans” by Cheech and Chong hits over the PA system, and the crowd pops loudly for the wrestling coming out. El Asso Wipo appears at the top of the ramp, looking out at the cheering crowd. He reaches down and slaps his knee hard, with “TCHA!” appearing on the screen as blue pyro shoots off from the stage. El Asso Wipo makes his way to the ring, followed by several men in luchadore masks.

Samantha C oil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Making his way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED and EIGHTY SIX pounds,from…uhhh…Mexico? EL…ASSO…WIPO!

El Asso Wipo gets to the ring apron and attempts to get on to the apron, but he is having some trouble pulling himself up. Two of the masked luchadores run forward and attempt to heave El Asso Wipo onto the apron, but he is proving very heavy. A third luchadore joins in and, after a bit of a struggle, they manage to get Wipo on the apron, in a lying down position. Wipo rolls in the ring and gets up, climbing the turnbuckle, slapping his knees, and then holding up his arms.

Eryk Masters: That was…interesting.

Other Guy: Looks like El Asso Wipo brought out the candidates for his tag tea-

Eryk Masters: Slap Hands Championship Wrestling-

Other Guy: Right right, that thing. Slap Hands Championship Wrestling partner candidates. He seems to be missing the big quiet one. Guess he’s been eliminated from contention.

The lights go out, and the crowd starts to boo loudly. Cliff Lin’s “And Your World Will Burn” takes over, and a very bright white light pulses with the rhythm. As the music begins to build, Jester Smiles comes out, wearing a black hooded cloak with neon purple and green splashed all over it.


Jester rips the hood off and throws his arms out. The lights come on as two spurts of fire shoot up. The crowd boos loudly, but Jester just grins at them. Half his face is painted white with, green and purple tears coming from the eye and a red smile painted on the mouth. The other half of his face is blank. He removes the cloak and leaves it at the top of the stage. He wears his painted open fingered gloves, one green, one purple. His pants are long and loose and are black with the same style as the cloak. He makes his way to the ring, smiling at El Asso Wipo.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, he is a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, weighing in at TWO HUNDRED and FORTY FIVE  pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Richmond, Virginia…JESTER…SMILES!

Jester leaps onto the apron with no trouble, mouthing to El Asso “That’s how you do it.” El Asso waves it off, looking unimpressed.

Other Guy: So, Jester goes from running away from The Real Deal to challenging…El Asso Wipo?

Eryk Masters: Fuck this guy. Seriously, just…fuck this guy.

Heflin calls both me to the center of the ring and briefly goes over the rules with both of them. El Asso listens intently to Heflin, as if he hasn’t heard these rules before. Jester just stares at El Asso, smiling. Heflin backs away and calls for the bell, and immediately Jester DECKS El Asso Wipo with a hard left hand. The crowd boos the sudden sucker punch, but Jester just backs away, still smiling. He leans his back against the corner, staring down at El Asso. El Asso looks a bit dazed by the sudden punch, and he spends a second gathering himself, which, oddly, Jester happily gives him.

Eryk Masters: Of course he starts with a sucker punch.

Other Guy: And let’s keep in mind, Jester Smiles has some of the hardest, fastest, and most accurate hands in this sport today. He is NOT a guy you want to get sucker punched by. At least he’s giving El Asso plenty of time to recover.

El Asso Wipo gets up, and Jester just sorta strolls over. El Asso takes a somewhat comical fighting stance, and Jester laughs, taking his own, less comical stance. They circle for a moment before Jester fakes a punch and SLAMS Wipo with a hard leg. El Asso clearly flinches, but Jester does not react. He keeps smiling, hands up, watching Wipo. El Asso works his leg out and again puts his hands up. Jester looks for a leg kick, but it’s a fake, and when El Asso drops his guard, he eats one left fist and one right fist. El Asso is dazed, and Jester continues the attack, slamming El Asso with fists until he is back against the turnbuckle, kneeling. However, once Wipo is against the turnbuckle, Jester stops his attack and backs off before Heflin forces him off. Wipo again takes this opportunity to recover, leaning against the turnbuckle and slapping himself in the head to shake out the cobwebs. Two of his luchadores jump onto the apron, one massaging Wipo’s shoulders and the other pouring water into his mouth. Jester sits down in the middle of the ring, cross legged, watching the shenanigans and grinning. He may even be laughing.

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles just toying with El Asso Wipo right now. It’s ridiculous. Is he going to wrestle a match or is he going to just play stupid games?

Other Guy: He was pretty clear, Eryk. He’s here to have fun. His kind of fun.

As El Asso Wipo stirs, Jester Smiles stands back up. He moves in again, hands up, and plants another couple of jabs to Wipo. Wipo staggers away, and Jester lets him, in no hurry to pursue. El Asso Wipo lunges out with a wild punch, but Jester easily dodges and catches him with another right jab. Asso goes down on a knee, clutching his head and trying to shake the cobwebs out. Jester just sorta circles him, playfully kicking him in the arm and telling him to “come on”. The crowd is booing loudly now.

Eryk Masters: Okay, this is just stupid now. I mean, come on, we get it, you are a really good boxer. Now just finish this up.

Other Guy: He wants to eliminate the joke here, Eryk. He wants to show that he is vastly superior to El Asso Wipo, and he wants to ruin these people’s fun.

Jester continues to just sorta pick and poke at El Asso Wipo before he turns to the crowd and starts holding his hands up, signaling for them to cheer. They boo louder. Meanwhile, though, El Asso Wipo is back up, and Jester doesn’t see this. El Asso Wipo grabs Jester and SLAMS him with a falling double knee back breaker! The crowd pops loudly as Jester rolls on the ground, clutching his back!

Eryk Masters: HAH! Now THAT is funny!

El Asso Wipo does not do what Jester did. He stays on the attack, launching a baseball slide dropkick to Jester’s back! Jester again rolls around for a second before popping back up, clutching his back. El Asso Wipo hits the ropes and comes at Jester, who attempts a right hook, but Wipo ducks under, catches Jester under the arm and chin, and drops him down for ANOTHER backbreaker! He holds onto Jester and stands up, locking in a cobra clutch! He then lifts Jester up and with a  primal yell he slams Jester down…on his knee again! The crowd cheers, and a small chant starts up.


Other Guy: Huh? A series of backbreakers? Who would have guessed it?

El Asso Wipo is completely amped now. Grabs Jester’s head and picks him up, but Jester throws his arms out and breaks the hold. He peppers El Asso Wipo with a series of jabs and then plants a hard kick to the stomach. El Asso Wipo bends down and Jester plants a kick to his chest! El Asso Wipo is up and stumbles back, but again, Jester does not charge in. El Asso Wipo looks pissed that he is not being taken seriously, so he surprises Jester by charging in and slamming Jester with a forearm smash! Jester is dazed and he again throws a wild right hook, but El Asso Wipo ducks under and SLAMS Jester to the mat with the Quilted Northern Lights Suplex! The crowd pops loudly for this, and El Asso bridges for the cover, with Dennis Heflin right there for the count.




Except no. Right before the three, Dennis Heflin sees Jester’s foot on the rope. El Asso Wipo looks frustrated, but he wastes no time pulling Jester away from the ropes and covering again!



TH-Jester kicks out!

Other Guy: Did El Asso Wipo just almost beat Jester Smiles?

El Asso Wipo looks increasingly frustrated, but he still stays on the attack. He lifts Jester Smiles up, but before he can react, Jester comes up with a HARD knee to the stomach. He locks on a Muay Thai style clinch and begins slamming El Asso Wipo with knees! When El Asso Wipo has been sufficiently softened up, he spins him around, locks on a half nelson and a half chickenwing…HALF AND HALF SUPLEX!

Eryk Masters: Damnit, that’s the Last Laugh. This one is over and…why isn’t he covering?

Jester Smiles looks down at the fallen El Asso Wipo and the smile comes back. He begins to just stomp the ever loving shit out of Wipo. Dennis Heflin starts giving him warnings, and the crowd is booing his actions. However, the boos turn to cheers as Silas “The Silence” Mitchell darts for the ring!

Other Guy: Hey, there’s that quiet luchadore. I guess he’s trying to get back in the competition.

The Silence reaches under the ring and grabs a chair before sliding in. Jester Smiles at this point as lifted El Asso Wipo back up and is looking for another Last Laugh suplex when he is suddenly BLASTED from behind with a chair. He drops Wipo and stumbles forward as Heflin calls for the bell. Jester turns and is blasted in the HEAD with the chair. “The Silence” drops the chair and removes his mask, revealing…


Other Guy: I know, I know.

Crippler drops down and starts peppering Jester Smiles with shots as Samantha Coil announces the winner.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, as a result of a disqualification, at a time of ELEVEN minutes and THIRTY EIGHT seconds…JESTER SMILES!

The crowd continues to cheer the beating that Jester Smiles is getting, who does not seem to be able to defend himself at all.

Other Guy: Doesn’t look like a winner to me.

Crippler stops the punching, because it looks almost like Jester Smiles is unconscious. He comes back to life though when Crippler locks him in with the BITCHIFIED! Jester Smiles immediately starts tapping, but it’s not a match, so it does no good. Heflin tries to break things up, but he cannot, and the crowd cheers wildly. At this point, more referees and security poor into the ring, and they are able to pry Crippler off. The security is able to get Crippler out of the ring as medical staff comes in and checks on an unconscious Jester Smiles. The crowd cheers raucously at all this.

Other Guy: Sooo…I guess Jester won, but…

Eryk Masters: I think I need new pants. Awesome.

We open in the center of a heavily padded room. A single light bulb casts a murky glow over the room and its sole occupant.

There’s the sound of a distinctly female voice humming the notes of “Don’t Fear The Reaper.”


Nevada’s own Mary Kelly is shown next in the back, with the world famous SHOOT Project Helmet on a backdrop behind her. She is smiling and looking oh so delectable.

Mary Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to bring to you all one of the members of the RISE main event and one of the members of tonight’s main event…Donovan King.

The fans pop BIG as King appears next to Kelly, wearing a brand new "LONG LIVE THE KING" black t-shirt underneath his normal black KING hoodie.

Mary Kelly: Now, Donovan, the world’s been talking about how this collection of heroes in the main event at RISE to combat a common enemy in X-Calibur has caused serious rifts amongst all of you…

Donovan King: Let me stop you right there. Heroes?

Mary Kelly: You, Trey Willett, Jun K…

King laughs.

Donovan King: Ain’t no man in this match a hero any more’n the next. Jun Kenshin’s a legend in this business, this is true. Jonas Coleman is a star on the rise. But I’m sick of this word "hero". I don’t see no hope notes anywhere anymore, I don’t see no united honor guard…

She stares blankly as he pauses to collect himself.

Donovan King: I do this for the love, I don’t do this for the money. This is my LIFE. I love everything about this company, from its titles to its fans…

They cheer, naturally, at the mention of themselves.

Donovan King: …and at RISE, I’m gonna finish the job others failed to do.

Mary Kelly: By fail…you mean Trey Willett?

King looks at her for a moment before he smirks.

Donovan King: Trey thinks this is all some game…all some kinda job he can clock in an’ out of. Well, tonight, when he goes to clock out an’ go eat his TV dinner with his wife an’ his kid…I’m gonna make damn sure he knows he stepped in the ring against a mother fucker who believes this is more than a game…more than a job. I want that sorry son of a bitch to know he stepped in the ring against a man who lives this, breathes this…IS…this.

King looks into the camera.

Donovan King: A better man than me once said there ain’t no half steppin’. You either step or you don’t. The time fuh hesitation is over, folks. The time to act…is now. After I show the world the kind of man you are, Trey, I hope you can forgive me…but don’t you ever fuckin’ forget what I’m finna do. Let it make you better than the complacent fuck you’ve become.

He turns to leave, but he stops himself. He turns again to the camera.

Donovan King: Oh…by the way…you welcome.

He leaves Mary there, looking just as confused as ever.



Eryk Masters:  And now, it’s time for the one of two of those grudge matches we wonder about the mental state of the participants.

Other Guy:  I don’t see Jester Smiles running around still…

“No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant starts up over the PA system, as the crowd explodes for the man known as “The Queen City Hitman”.

Samantha Coil: Now introducing from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte, North Carolina…

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape, you see the words “Dark Sinner.”  Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Samantha Coil: He is “The Queen City Hitman”… 

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that is tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.

Samantha Coil: This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK! 

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner.   His black eyes remain focused, as he waits for the match to begin.

Eryk Masters:  TMB has been making plenty of tough talk this week.  However, we also wonder about the mental state of Jaime Alejandro…

Other Guy:  Wonder, what?  He’s going nuts, E.  I mean, he’s lost his mind.

All of a sudden, we hear the guitars from Keith Richards crank up over the arena as the lights go dark.  All of a sudden, we see the lights flashing slowly in red.  Then Mick Jagger comes in with “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones.  Jaime Alejandro moves to the ground and takes a knee as the spotlight shines on him.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing his opponent.  From San Antonio, Texas.

Jaime stands up and fires a fist into the invisible opponent in front of him.  The crowd sees him in a Black Under Armour shirt, camo pants and a pair of tan combat boots.  As he does he yells out to the crowd.

Jaime Alejandro:  Fuck TMB!

He runs towards the ring as fast as he can and slides under the ropes.  As he does, he vaults himself up and runs towards TMB and connects with a hard left hook to the jaw.  Linam sees this and tries to separate them.

Other Guy:  Holy hell, Jaime’s trying to knock TMB into next week.

Linam looks at Kendrick and calls for the bell, as TMB also gets in a hard shot to Jaime’s jaw.  Both men start trading closed fists back and forth, as Linam tries to maintain the order of the match.  However, he’s already failing as both men start ignoring his orders.  In frustration, he wedges himself in and pushes them apart.

Eryk Masters:  Linam having to exercise his authority as he’s pulling off a pretty good wedge block on those two men in the ring.

Other Guy:  While I’m sure he’d make a great wedge man on the two man wedge line, how’s he going to keep order inside this match with two former friends wanting blood?

Jaime and TMB are separated for the time being, while Linam keeps them spaced apart.  As soon as he moves out from the middle of the action, both men connect with a hard right to the jaw.  The crowd starts groaning as the see the magnitude of the hits to both men.  Jaime backpedals a bit, as TMB tries to throw another hard punch.  Instead, Jaime meets him with a hook kick to the back of his opponent’s neck.

Eryk Masters:  Both men hitting as hard as they can tonight, OG.   This one might be a precursor to what they might have planned for their respective targets.

Other Guy:  I think in Jaime’s view, he sees a seven foot albino.  In TMB’s view, he sees an arrogant movie star.  Or, they might just hate each other’s guts and this might turn out much worse.

TMB drops face first to the ground hard as Jaime leaps into the air for a corkscrew motioned elbow to his opponents back.  The Hitman feels something coming as he moves out of the way quickly.  Alejandro hits the mat hard, as he jerks upward from the hit.  Then the “Dark Sinner” rolls himself up to a standing position and boots Jaime hard with a soccer kick to the back.

Eryk Masters:  Alejandro’s gonna feel that in the morning.  TMB putting everything he’s got into that kick.

Other Guy:  Black’s got that lethal roughneck style to everything he does.   I hope Lazarus is taking a good look, E.  Because those kicks don’t feel good at all.

Alejandro coils himself up from the impact of the kick.  As he does, the Hitman pulls the long hair and drags the Mexican up to a standing position.  Jaime just glares at TMB, as he gets measured up…  And then swirls around with a hard roaring elbow!  Jaime takes it on the chin hard.   As TMB cranking up another punch, Jaime pulls himself up.  The Hitman strikes and Alejandro blocks the attempt!

Other Guy:  I’ve seen that look before, E. This doesn’t look good for the Queen City Hitman at all.

Eryk Masters:  Both men are in a bad stalemate that will end up even worse, if they keep going like this.

Other Guy:  You try telling them to stop throwing haymakers, then, E!

As Jaime has one arm blocked, TMB tries to throw another fist.  As he does, Jaime catches the other arm.  From here, he delivers a series of head butts directly to the face and jaw of his opponent.  The Queen City Hitman shows a bit of blood from the repeated hits, but he stops the series of blows by popping the hips and slinging overhead belly to belly suplex.

Eryk Masters:  Did you see that?  TMB is trying to destroy Jaime’s back.

Other Guy:  TMB knows about the devastating crash.  He knows that Jaime isn’t going to be 100 percent.  And he’s stupid if he doesn’t take advantage of that, either.

Jaime hits hard onto the mat, as TMB realizes that he’s still dealing with a much damaged back.  He smirks at his “buddy” and pulls up the veteran.  As he does, he takes him over for a short Irish whip.  Instead of finishing the full whip, he pulls Jaime back and plants him into another overhead belly to belly into a turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters:  This is a bit too much.  It’s one thing feeling as if someone’s betrayed you as a friend.  But to try to end a man’s career, to try to end his livelihood.  That’s too much!

Other Guy:  Yet, for TMB.  This is justified.  This is what he wants to show to Corey Lazarus.  That he can kill the Ultimate Soldier in SHOOT.  That he can destroy Jaime Alejandro.  And when he does, he’ll utterly destroy Lazarus, critics be damned.

From here, Jaime starts to take a look around at his surroundings a bit more.  His back is screaming at him.  Yet, TMB picks him up again and readies him for another round of abuse.  Jaime decides to go for broke and starts attacking him with a series of jabs from the right hand.

Eryk Masters:  How much does that man have left, OG?  He’s taken two hard moves to that damaged back.

Other Guy:  That lunatic probably wants more!  He’s determined to prove a point to Issac Entragian.  That anyone in his way is going to end up with the same fate he’s got lined up for Issac.

Both men pull out into a huge slugfest, with both men trading jabs from their respective weak hands.  Jaime, from his right hand.  TMB, from his left hand.  The fighting is getting a bit intensive as both men start firing into a flurry of punches.

Eryk Masters:  This is out of Linam’s hands, OG.  Those two men are determined to kill each other!

Other Guy:  You have a convict who has no qualms about killing someone.  You have a former soldier who took orders to kill plenty of people.  Put them in a ring and you expect order in this?  Really?

As Linam goes in one more time to push them apart, Jaime swings back with another wild kick to the back of TMB’s head.  The Queen City hitman ducks under instead.  He fires a few buzzsaw kicks to drop Jamie to his knees.  As he gets the veteran to the ground, he marks his position and then nails the jumpingDDT.

Eryk Masters:  TMB taking advantage of the misfire.  He nails the fast DDT to the skull.  We can’t say that TMB isn’t cerebral.  Even in his violent state, he’s managed to outwit the veteran.

Other Guy:  Jaime is not working with a full deck, and TMB knows it.  Don’t be too surprised if the big man can pull it out and get one up on his former friend.

Jaime starts beating the mat with his fists, almost in frustration.  He glares up and looks at the Hitman.  Black moves towards him to try to beat him back to the ground, but the veteran throws up a trick arm between the legs.  Linam berates Jaime for this shot, as  TMB goes over to the ground.  From here, Jaime stands up and stares down at his opponent in disgust.

Eryk Masters:  What was that, OG?  Have you ever seen Jaime do that to anyone else?  I mean.  Isn’t he usually fair play?  I thought he was.

Other Guy:  This is what happens when you get inside the mind of a madman like Entragian.  You lose all focus of who and what you are.  And TMB is paying the price.

He picks up the Hitman and levels him with another headbutt.  TMB shakes it off and comes back with a headbutt of his own.  Jaime then connects with a hard and decisive European uppercut to the jaw.   TMB, on the other hand, goes to the ground and nails Jaime with a trick arm of his own.

Eryk Masters:  Turnabout is fair play, it seems.  The Queen City Hitman using any means necessary to make sure he gets the job done.

Other Guy:  I would, too.  And I would probably shove a foot in and squeeze, just to make sure he stays down.  Or that’ll become a slight problem later.

Jaime is kneeled over in pain, as everyone’s Queen City Hitman lifts him up over his shoulders and puts him into a fireman’s carry.  Jaime is unable to truly fight back.  From here, TMB starts prepping himself.


He presses upward and throws Jaime into a Gorilla press slam.  As he starts crashing back down, the Hitman comes back and nails him with a perfect European uppercut.

Eryk Masters:  TMB with a super impressive move.  Almost an ode to Antonio Cesaro with his version of Swiss Death.

Other Guy:  That move has some bad mojo added to it.  Cesaro puts it to an art form.  TMB makes it what it really is.  It’s ugly and brutal.

Jaime is on the ground looking up at the lights, almost dazed and very confused at what he’s seeing.  As he feels the impact on his jaw, he starts muttering to himself.  It all seems very strange to him right now.  While he’s thinking, TMB has put an arm over him.



Kickout!  Jaime now has his opponent’s arm in his free hand.  And a very dark glint in his eye.

Eryk Masters:  OG, what is that look for?  I haven’t seen that before.

Other Guy:  If I were Black, I would move out of the way fast, before that crazy Mexican comes up with another way to pretzel him!

He pulls the right arm close to TMB’s neck.  TMB is struggling to get out of whatever predicament that Jaime is about to put him into.  Jaime keeps going and kicks the legs into position.  He clamps together a makeshift STF, and then he locks in the Cobra Clutch!

Eryk Masters:  The Alejandro Special!  As you said, OG…

Other Guy:  Alejandro is pretzeling him into a shape that I don’t think he wants to be in.  TMB might want to use that strength advantage of his now, or he’s going to be waking up tomorrow wondering what happened!

The main known as the Saint pulls TMB back into a seated position.  As he does, the Hitman starts screaming out in pain over the situation that he’s in at the moment.  Jaime tries to keep a tighter grip on his opponent, but TMB is fighting with everything he’s got!

Eryk Masters:  Oh oh!  TMB is not fully locked in.  He’s trying to get out, OG!

Other Guy:  Like I said, use that strength advantage, TMB.  Jaime isn’t able to sink that in, you got him!  But if you keeps laying there, you don’t even want to call in tomorrow, you bum!

Alejandro keeps cranking back on TMB’s neck, but to no avail.  The Queen City Hitman has managed to force Jaime back into the ropes.  As he does, Linam calls for the break.  Jaime glares up at Linam, but he releases the hold on TMB.  TMB starts rubbing along his neck gingerly.

Eryk Masters: The Queen City Hitman forcing Jaime right into the ropes.  It’s not pretty, but it forces the break.             

Other Guy:  This also brings up a point to put in TMB’s cap.  That’s the only time anyone has broken out of that move.  I mean, for God’s sake, he put his own girlfriend into it.  And he didn’t let go until the ref made him.  Which means, TMB is not going down like everyone else!

Jaime suddenly picks up his opponent and has the man looking toward the lights.  He has him perched up on his shoulders, as most of the smarks in the audience starts yelling and “marking out.”

Eryk Masters:  What the…?  We haven’t seen that move in years, OG.  This was the move that won him championships in the NAFW!

Other Guy:  If Alejandro drops him on the mat like that, TMB is done, because no man can handle the impact of face being forced to the mat!

Jaime then drops backwards and drops TMB face first right into the mat.  From here, he rolls up TMB into a fallway slam that plants him right into the ringpost between the turnbuckles.

Eryk Masters:  Oh no!  That isn’t the Crimson Revolver…  That’s the dreaded match killer called “The Sound and the Fury.”

Other Guy:  That’s the same move that ended the career of Ashley Collier in the NAFW.  Jaime spiked him hard with that move, and he was never the same…

From here, Jaime peels TMB off of the ringpost and pulls him back into the ring.




Samantha Coil:  Here is your winner!  JAIME ALEJANDRO!

He looks down at his fallen opponent and then he looks away.  Almost like he’s looking towards the ramp.

Eryk Masters:  What’s the looking for, OG?  It’s almost as if he’s not celebrating the fact he’s beaten someone who’s run him into the ground.


Suddenly all of the lights in the arena shut off, leaving only the ring lit up. “Sympathy For The Devil” by Tiamat starts up, and the reigning Iron Fist Champion steps up from behind the curtains.

A single spotlight falls on Entragian, illuminating the sinister albino as he stands there, staring down at Jaime Alejandro. He begins to bring his pale hands together in a slow golf clap, simply patronizing Alejandro.

Isaac’s expression is grim as he brings a microphone up to his lips.

Entragian: Bravo, Jaime. Quite a performance. I was riveted. You’re one hell of a competitor. You have so much potential…such a promising career in SHOOT Project. SO much going for you in life, Soldier Boy…

Isaac’s eyes darken, his head tilting slightly.

Entragian: But you just had to fuck that up, didn’t you? You had to go and…fuck yourself. You had to squander your potential. You had to jeopardize your career. You just had to put your very livelihood in harm’s way….and FOR WHAT?

The rage seeps into Isaac’s voice, his eyes growing hot like furnace coals.

Entragian: To dig into my past? To reopen old wounds and enter into a dark world that should have been left forgotten and dead. You sought out Mideon….my birthplace. You learned about my dear, sweet, cancer-ridden Daddy. You saw the house in the corn. And you had the GALL….to speak the name of my little brother….long since buried and gone…

Entragian grits his razor-sharp teeth together, the anger piling up inside of him, layer upon layer.

Entragian: That….was a mistake, Jaime. That part of my life is over. Magnus is dying in prison. Saul is in the ground. Juniper Hill Asylum is a burnt out shell. Mideon….is a forgotten place. It should….have STAYED that way. You’ve been stirring up ghosts, Jaime. You’ve been overstepping your bounds…

Isaac casually removes the Iron Fist Championship from his shoulder, proceeding to showcase the belt high above his head.

Entragian: This is what you want. The Iron Fist Championship. At RISE, I will give you the opportunity to TRY and take it from me. And it will give me the opportunity to punish you for showing me a past that I have worked so very hard to scrub from my brain over the years.

Jaime nods in the ring, happy with that announcement.

Entragian: You’ve been looking into the abyss, Jaime. You’re not ready for that. You can’t handle that. It was a foolhardy thing to do…

Entragian pauses, a hideous smile dawning on his face. The smile is all teeth, and it doesn’t touch his eyes even a little bit.

Entragian: At RISE, Jaime Alejandro….the abyss looks back into YOU.

Isaac drops the mic and stalks his way into the back, leaving Jaime in the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Well that’s a blockbuster announcement, ladies and gentlemen. The Iron Fist Championship will be on the line at the RISE PPV….Entragian vs. Alejandro! Talk about bad blood…

Other Guy: It definitely seems like Jaime has gotten into Isaac’s head, because Entragian seemed to be practically quaking with rage and emotion. Interesting to see someone use psychological warfare on HIM for a change!


X-Calibur is making his way down to the ring, the belt slung over his shoulder and a relaxed pace in his step as he climbs through the ropes and grabs a microphone. He looks at his watch and taps it before raising the mike.

X-Calibur: Yep, I knew it. Jason Johnson, I knew that you were all sizzle and no steak. All this huffing and puffing about how by the end of the night, we would know who this mystery person is that you’ve chosen to put into the main event at RISE. And sure enough, nothing. Not even so much as a peep. Come on, JJ. Who have you got? Bring him out. Johnny Napalm? Cade? Oh wait a second… Tanya? You’re gonna bring out Tanya Black? Please say it isn’t so. Come on, Jason. You said you were going to  give us a name. We’re here, we’re waiting. Showtime. Bring his- or her- ass out here.

The crowd goes silent as X rolls his eyes, shaking his head.

X-Calibur: Pathetic. You’ve got nothing. You’ve got nobody. You’ve got absolutely jack-

At that exact moment, "Cut Out The Disease" booms from the speakers…

Eryk Masters: No.. way.

Other Guy: No way could X have seen THIS coming.

Eryk Masters: Mason Pierce is BACK!! Is he the sixth man?

Mason Pierce and Leona emerge from the back. Mason seems to be none the worse for wear after his time off, dressed impeccably in a crisp white shirt, partially unbuttoned, underneath a tan leather jacket, black tailored pants and a pair of snakeskin boots. He’s got a smile on his face as he slowly removes his sunglasses, placing them into the breast pocket of his jacket. In the ring, the look on X-Calibur’s face is one of absolute disbelief.

Eryk Masters: Nobody has seen Mason since Reckoning Day, and all of a sudden here he is- what is this going to mean for the Hierarchy if, in fact, he IS the sixth man in?

Leona: Wow, X. The look on your face is absolutely priceless. Why do I get the strange feeling that this was the one you didn’t see coming?

She hands the microphone to Mason, who is still slightly taken aback at the fact that he’s actually getting some cheers in the arena- not exactly par for the course where Mason and Leona are concerned. Not overwhelming, but still…

Mason Pierce: Heya, champ. Did ya miss me?

X-Calibur: Nice to see you again, Mason. I was starting to think you’d gone into hiding after Reckoning Day. To be honest, I was a little worried- especially with the fact that we’d gone and actually invested in your services. We were starting to feel a little stiffed, ya know?

Mason Pierce: Yeah, about that. I’ll get to that in a minute. Right now I’d like to tell ya a little story. Whole thing starts right after Reckoning Day- after I got my shoulder messed up somethin’ fierce at the hands of little Maya. I gotta give the little runt some credit- he might look like a flamin’ fairy, but the kid’s got some spunk. I hope he likes the fact that he’s walking around with a title that technically I never lost, but that’s neither here nor there. I ain’t here to call out Maya and whine and bitch and demand a rematch. Maybe down the road, but this ain’t the time.

X-Calibur: Okay, that’s all fine and dandy. Now why don’t-

Mason Pierce: Damn, boy, you got a real habit of cuttin’ people off, don’t ya? Now as I was sayin’, I was sitting at the apartment, wing in a sling, wondering what the hell I was gonna be doing with all the down time I knew I was going to be stuck with. I stewed, I rehabbed, and as soon as it was all back to a hundred and ten percent, I went and I took care of some personal business. Got myself back into the old game, settled a few scores, left a few medical personnel with some serious messes to be cleaning up, and then one night, just for the helluvit, I decide to turn on the telly, and what do I see? Leona here’s calling out some bimbo to fight her and you’re getting the deck stacked against you. Five opponents. Now that’s something I know a little bit about. Seems to be it was in a match like that I wound up walking out with a championship after I made a certain legend tap out.  Now I was quite content to be biding my time, waiting for the right moment to come on back and get myself back in the ring. And then all of a sudden, I start hearing some rumblings that one of the guys in this giant match has gone and gotten himself busted up a bit.

X-Calibur: Let me guess… you?

Mason glares at the champ as he starts walking toward the ring.

Mason Pierce: Nah. Not my style. If that had been me, believe me, they’d be making room for him at the local convalescent home, because he sure as hell wouldn’t be in any shape to wrestle ever again. In fact, to even imply that I might have had something to do with a sloppy fuckin’ job like that is, to say the least, insulting. I don’t half-ass a job. Never have, never will. Anyway… turns out a day after that little video goes viral, my phone’s lighting up. The head honcho himself is calling yours truly on the carpet. Jason Johnson himself is calling me into his office. He fancies a little chat. Naturally, I figured the same thing as you- that I was gonna be the one fingered for what happened with Coleman. But it wasn’t like that at all. No, not even close.

Pierce ascends the ring stairs and enters the ring, Leona right behind him. He makes his way right to the champ, stopping only about a foot from X-Calibur.

Mason Pierce: But you see, what he DID say took me a wee bit by surprise. He actually had the nerve to ask me how much I charged for my services. Now that tickled me a little pink, to be honest. The boss man is putting out a hit on someone. Now of course, I was curious- and then he dropped the name of the one he wanted taken out.

Pierce jabs a finger into X-Calibur’s chest.

Mason Pierce: You. Now I know you and the boss man haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of stuff as of late- or at all, for all I really know. But let me tell you, X- you’ve gone and pissed that man off something seriously fierce, because when I named my price, he didn’t…even… BLINK. And all I gotta do to collect that nice little payday is make sure you don’t walk out of RISE with that championship belt around your waist, over your shoulder, whatever. How that happens, well, there could have been a whole lot of ways to do that. A little strychnine in your water glass, a tap to the noggin from some brass knucks, a perfectly-timed accident that nobody would suspect… but you see, I’ve got something else in mind. I’m not gonna kill you, X. But what I AM going to do is walk into RISE and stare right into your eyes in the main event. You, me, Kenji, Kenshin, King and Willett. Six men, one prize. All I gotta do is make sure you don’t walk away champ. Maybe I might just be the one to take it from you. You’re welcome.

Pierce smirks and drops the microphone, reaching into his pocket and removing the sunglasses, placing them on his face as he turns around and exits the ring.


Isaac Entragian opens the door to his locker room, his face cold and unreadable. He’s still thinking about Jaime, the way Jaime’s been digging where he shouldn’t be digging, trying to piece together a past that’s like a spiderweb coated in poison.

For this, he resents Jaime. He loathes Jaime. Paranoia blazes through his mind, and as much as he hates to admit it, Jaime has gotten into his head. Isaac is used to being the master of the mindfuck…he never expected someone to have the mental fortitude to actually turn the tables on him. He underestimated Alejandro, and now he’s paying for it.

Jaime would suffer for his morbid curiosity….oh yes, he would suffer.

Isaac’s thoughts are so clouded that at first he doesn’t even notice the black rose petals littering the floor.

The albino looks down, cocking his head to the side. There’s an old VHS style tape nestled among the rose petals with the words “PLAY ME” written on it.

Entragian bends down and picks the tape up, and then he inserts it into the locker room television’s built in DVD/VHS player.

It immediately becomes apparent that the tape is surveillance footage from the camera in the far corner of the locker room’s ceiling.

A figure stands there in the center of the locker room, wearing a black latex body suit, skin tight, and black boots with silver buckles down the fronts.

A black latex mask covers the figure’s face, large purple buttons for eyes, and a zipper across the mouth.

A bouquet of black roses is held in the figure’s hands, and a distinctly female voice is heard as she casually plucks petals from the roses and drops them on the floor.

“He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not…”

The strange woman continues this until only one rose petal remains. Her head turns, and she stares directly up at the camera. Beneath the latex of her mask, a smile seems to grow.


The footage ends there in a burst of static. Entragian is left standing there watching the tv…utter incomprehension in his eyes. We cut back to the broadcast booth.

Eryk Masters: Very eerie, OG. It seems Entragian has a secret admirer…

Other Guy: More like stalker. What kind of woman would be crazy enough to mess with a guy like The Ivory Terror? She must have a deathwish…



The trumpets blare at the fans ERUPT.  The arena is bathed in blackness, but flashes of lights from the fans and their cameras make the arena twinkle.

Turn up the lights in here baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS

A HUGE eruption of white pyro EXPLODES as the arenas lights are maxed out, revealing DONOVAN KING at the entrance.  King is wearing his white and green tights with his fists taped up in white tape.  He marches down to the ring, nodding his head to the beat of his music. 

Samantha Coil:  The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is the MAIN EVENT…OF THE EVENING!  Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina…He is the Last Scion!  He is.  DONOVAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

He looks out to the fans and walks up the ring steps.  Once he enters, he quickly leaps to the middle turnbuckle and looks at the sea of Las Vegas fans.  They cheer him violently as he stares back at them.   “All of the Lights” by Kanye West slowly tapers off as King stands in the middle of the ring, watching.


The arena lights shut off.  A single spotlight is aimed at the entrance ramp.  The crowd erupts in applause awaiting the arrival of Trey Willett.


The ovation continues, even though there is no sign of Trey from the ramp.



Trey emerges from the curtain, head held high, his arms folded in front of him.  He seems to be taking everything in as the crowd erupts again at his entrance.   Simultaneously, a purple mist of pyro showers over Trey, and the opening riff to “Carry On Wayward Son”  by Kansas kicks over the speakers of the SHOOT Epicenter.  He raises his hands as the fans erupt once more. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent… from Staten Island, New York.  He is SHOOT Project’s Wayward Son.  He is…TREY WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLETT!

He makes his way down the ramp, shaking hands with as many fans as possible before sliding into the ring and immediately climbing the nearest turnbuckle.   He raises a fist in the air and smiles as the fans continue to shower him with praise.  He jumps down from the turnbuckle as the lights come back up on the house. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh man, no respect is gonna get shown here tonight!

Other Guy:  I, for one, can’t wait to see how crazy this is gonna get!

The bell rings, and the fans are instantly on their feet cheering!  King and Trey circle one another for a moment before they lock up, King quickly ducking underneath the collar and elbow tie up attempt to catch Trey from behind in a rear waist lock.  Trey goes to swing an elbow, but King ducks his head underneath the elbow shot and lifts Trey off of his feet and pancakes him to the mat.  King quickly sprawls on Trey’s body and spins around, locking Trey’s head in a quick choke before King gets off fo the mat and SLAPS Trey on the back of the head!

Other Guy:  The fans sound like this is a schoolyard fight between two friends, man.

Eryk Masters:  They can go OOOH all night long, because I can imagine this is going to be one interesting little match up.

King steps away from Trey and lets the Master of the Mat pick himself up off of the mat.  Trey shakes off the effects of the attack and the two men against circle one another.  King holds up one hand, motioning for Trey to challenge him in a test of strength.  Trey looks up at the hand for a moment and interlocks his fingers with King’s.  He reaches down and takes King’s other hand and the struggle commences!

Eryk Masters:  This might not be the best idea, either!

King quickly drives into Trey, hooking Trey’s arm around his own head, and King TOSSES Trey over in a Northern Lights suplex!  The referee is there for the count!




King rolls over and slaps Trey in the face yet again!  Trey gets up quickly and demands King lock up with him again.  King moves towards him and Trey kicks him in the midsection!  King doubles over and Trey quickly hooks the head and the arm and SNAPS King over with a HARD snap suplex!  Trey wastes no time in floating over and straddles King, SLAPPING him in the face!  Trey lets King up, who is glaring a hole through Trey right about now.  They go to lock up once more and Trey counters the collar and elbow attempt with a side head lock, but King manages to fall against the ropes and propel Trey forward with an Irish whip.  He goes for a clothesline upon Trey’s return, but Trey ducks underneath him and leaps to the middle rope and jumps at King with a springboard crossbody block but King catches him AND POWERSLAMS him to the mat!




King picks Trey up as quickly as he can and whips him to the ropes yet again.  He bends down and telegraphs the back body drop, but Trey leapfrogs OVER King and lands on his feet!  King turns around and Trey dropkicks King!  King staggers backwards and Trey wastes no time in whipping him to the ropes, but he follows King and NAILS King with a Lariat OVER the top rope!  King has been sent to the outside!

Eryk Masters:  Trey wasting no time in letting King know he’ll match him shot for shot here tonight!

Other Guy:  If this were the Redemption Rumble, King would have been eliminated!  I’m counting it, Trey Willett can beat King to be Master of the Mat AND he can eliminate King from the Rumble!  You heard it here first!

Eryk Masters:  What the hell does that even mean?

King is slow to get to his feet as the referee begins his mandatory ten count.


Trey braces himself against the ropes and LEAPS over the top rope BUT KING CATCHES TREY AND DRAGS HIM DOWN FOR A CAROLINA CROSSFACE ON THE OUTSIDE!


King arches back HARD on the Crossface as Trey calls out in pain!


Eryk Masters:  Donovan King is using the outside as his chance to dole out some serious punishment to Trey Willett tonight!  Where can Trey run to?  There’s no ropes for him to grab a hold of!


King grits his teeth and KEEPS arching HARD, Trey reaching out vainly for anything to free him from the dreaded submission maneuver!


King arches back ONE MORE TIME.


King releases the hold and SLAMS Trey’s head to the ground!  King picks himself up, scoffing at Trey as he rolls back into the ring.


Trey rolls to his side, clutching his arm in agony!


He reaches over and grabs the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet!


He grabs the bottom rope to drag himself to the ring apron, but King is there to help him the rest of the way.  He lifts Trey up, but Trey uses his free arm to SNAP King’s head against the top rope!  King falls back, clutching his throat as Trey gets into the ring and readies himself, keeping his arm away from King.  He aims and he NAILS King in the knee with a dropkick, sending the former World Heavyweight Champion to the mat!  Trey breathes heavily as he looks around the ring and then looks at King, who is slow to get to his hands and knees.  Trey gets down to his knees and he locks in a front face lock!  He holds the hold tightly before he rolls King over and scissors his legs around King’s body for a sleeper hold!

Eryk Masters:  Trey turning the tables on Donovan King now!

Other Guy:  He might not be known for his submission skills, but Trey can hang and he can bang, you know what I mean?

Trey keeps the hold locked in as King ignores the referee’s questions for submission.  He readies himself and slowly…begins…to PICK HIMSELF UP OFF OF THE MAT WITH TREY STILL LOCKED ON HIM.  The fans are popping BIG TIME as King gets one knee underneath him and LIFTS himself off of the mat, Trey hanging on for dear life!  Trey, however, is not one to not think on his feet, and he quickly SWINGS his legs around and NAILS a modified tornado DDT to King!  He rolls King over and hooks the leg!




Trey is quick to lock in a modified chin lock to think about his next move, keeping ample pressure on the head so as to keep King disoriented.  He drops a few quick elbows to King’s neck and picks King up off of the mat.  He quickly flops to the mat and drop toe holds King back down onto the mat before he rolls over King’s body and Trey HOOKS ON A CAROLINA CROSSFACE OF HIS OWN!

Eryk Masters:  King might be slapping some disrespect into Trey, but Trey’s locking some right back into King!

Other Guy:  He doesn’t have it on JUST right, but King’s feeling it just the same!

Trey yells for the referee to ask King if he submits, but King wastes no time in rolling Trey over for a pin attempt!




Trey gets up quickly and King does the same, though King is much more groggy.  Trey arm drags King over onto his back and King rolls through, getting back to his feet before he nails ANOTHER arm drag to King!  King rolls through yet again and Trey measures him for a Reality Check, but King drops to the mat and rolls to the ring apron to catch his breath!

Other Guy:  Trey looks to be in complete control!

Eryk Masters:  If he wants to shut King up, this is his best chance!

King stands up on the ring apron as Trey greets him there.  Trey measures King’s head and SLAPS him across the face!  King winces for a moment before he’s had enough…and King NAILS Trey across the face with a HARD elbow shot!  Trey staggers, King enters the ring and King takes a firm hold of Trey and sends him SAILING over the top rope to the floor below!  King wastes NO time getting out of the ring and immediately puts the boots to Trey!


King picks Trey up and SLAMS him against the guardrail!


King throws him INTO the ring apron!


He picks Trey up and rolls him back into the ring.


He rolls in after Trey, killing the referee’s mandatory ten count.  He stands up and picks Trey up as well.  King puts Trey’s head between his legs and lifts him up…PILEDRIVER!  King hits a classic pile driver onto Trey and rolls him onto his back for the pin attempt!




King stands up, shaking his head as he bends over, but TREY COUNTERS!  SMALL PACKAGE!



King rolls over!




Trey kicks out and both men are up on their feet, trading punch after punch!

Eryk Masters:  This has degenerated into a brawl!

Trey blocks a King punch and kicks King in the midsection, hooks both arms, and is going for the Dawn of a New Era, but King BACK BODY DROPS TREY!  Trey clutches his back and King pounces on him, trying to lock on the Carolina Crossface, but Trey gets to the bottom rope in a hurry!  King releases the hold before he can get it properly locked in, and storms away.  Trey gets back up quickly, trying to shake loose the cobwebs and King grabs a hold of Trey’s arm and NAILS a single arm DDT!  Trey clutches his arm, but King quickly moves into an arm bar!

Eryk Masters:  Maybe I spoke too soon about the brawl thing.

Other Guy:  King doesn’t care to KO Trey, though, Eryk.  That isn’t going to prove his point.  He’s testing Trey’s resolve tonight, I don’t think we’re gonna see King willing to go blow for blow with Trey.  He knows Trey can bang.  The question on HIS mind and, frankly, a lot of other folks as well…is can Trey hang?

Trey gets his foot on the bottom rope and King gets up, but before Trey can move, King DROPS an elbow on Trey’s arm!  Trey clutches the arm against his body as King picks the Master of the Mat up off of the…uh…mat.  He goes to whip Trey against the ropes, but Trey counters and whips King instead.  Trey runs against the opposite ropes and charges King and NAILS a Lariat using his injured arm!  Trey and King BOTH fall, Trey almost in as much pain as King!  King rolls to his side and spots Trey in pain from the attack and starts trying to shake off the cobwebs as quickly as he can.

Other Guy:  King sees Trey holding that arm, there’s blood in the water!

King gets to his feet at about the same time Trey does.  Trey staggers for a moment, but King takes a hold of the injured arm and hits a modified Act of Inhumanity to Trey’s side, yanking HARD on his arm!  Not letting go, King forces Trey BACK to his feet…and hits ANOTHER Act of Inhumanity, THIS time his knees nearly hyper extending Trey’s arm!

Eryk Masters:  King has taken complete control, OG.  Ever since he focused in on that arm, he doesn’t look like he’s willing to give an inch here.

Trey slowly crawls to the corner and tries to pull himself up with his good arm, but King guides him the rest of the way up.  Without warning, Trey counters and catches King with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!  King clutches the back of his head as Trey turns and looks back to the corner!  He grabs the turnbuckle with his good hand and picks himself off of the mat!  He’s climbing the corner!

Eryk Masters:  And just like that…Trey Willett is in control!  Can he do it?!  CAN HE HIT THE TREY50?!

Trey gets to the top rope, holding his good arm in the air and cradling his injured arm to his side as King wallows on the mat in pain!  TREY LEAPS OFF THE TOPE!  TREY50!!!  NO!  KING ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!  TREY SLAMS INTO THE MAT WITH A HARD THUD!

Other Guy:  OH MY GOD!  Trey’s head SNAPPED off that mat!


Eryk Masters:  King is wrenching back HARD on that Carolina Crossface, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen him have that hold locked in so tightly!

Other Guy:  Trey’s arm is fucked up, he’s in a daze, and he’s locked in Donovan King’s submission move!  He HAS to get to that bottom rope!

Trey swings his leg wildly at the bottom rope, but it’s just too far!  King YANKS Trey’s head back with the Crossface, scissoring his legs tighter around the injured arm, slowly starting to hyper extend it!  Trey throws his hand out to the bottom rope, but King answers that by arching back to the point that Trey’s ENTIRE chest is lifted OFF of the mat!

Eryk Masters:  Trey’s trying to hold on, but he doesn’t have anywhere he can go!

Trey reaches out valiantly once again…but finds nothing but air!  The referee is in his face, asking him if he wants to quit, and King ARCHES back once again, this time Trey’s chest is pulled off of the mat, King’s face completely contorted in fury and intensity…AND TREY TAPS!!



King releases the hold and pushes away from Trey, letting the referee raise his hand in victory.  The fans pop HUGE for him as he sits there, resting his elbows on his knees, watching as Trey continues to hold his arm and now, his neck.  “All of the Lights” kicks in once again, the fans picking up their cheers once again.

Other Guy:  I…WOW.

Eryk Masters:  I don’t think even Donovan King knows what just happened!

Other Guy:  I know what just happened.  Donovan King tapped into that darkness he mentioned in his promos this week, and he showed Trey Willett just a taste of how far he’s willing to go to decapitate The Hierarchy and end that group once and for all!

Eryk Masters:  Whatever the cost?

Other Guy:  I’d say it’s about damn time.  You got all these guys playing hero?  Well, SHOOT Project, that man right there?  Donovan King?  He just made a statement to all those evil sons of bitches in the back here tonight!

We see Donovan King a final time, standing on the middle rope, staring out at the cheering masses in the Epicenter.

Other Guy:  Tonight…Donovan King just put each and every person in that World Championship match at RISE on notice!

Eryk Masters:  For everybody in SHOOT Project, ladies and gentlemen, this is Eryk Masters and The Other Guy, wishing you a good night!

“All of the Lights” continues to play as we see Donovan King’s face, glaring at Trey Willett.  Trey is outside of the ring now, looking back at King, who is still standing on the middle turnbuckle.  We fade on the two of them, Donovan King and Trey Willett, locking eyes on one another.