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Revolution 99: 9/10/2012

The screen goes black, before a small light flashes over the SHOOT Project Helmet.  We see the Las Vegas skyline now as the official SHOOT Project theme song, "Miracle" by Nonpoint, begins to play.  The camera races through the bustling Las Vegas streets until it rises up into the air…and flies down onto the SHOOT Project Epicenter.   

WHOOOOOOOOOA You better blow the whistle, ring the bell   

The sound of a bell is heard, revealing the live and raucous SHOOT Project Faithful, filling the Epicenter quickly, as the speed of the screen is elapsed twice as fast.

Train a little harder than you can or ever will   

The opening shot is of Donovan King slowly lifting his head to the camera, glaring from behind his hood.  A second shot of Mason Pierce is shown, walking down the entrance ramp.  A third shot of Corazon spinning a rhododendron in his hand as he stares down at the delicate flower, where he is smirking.

You need to think fast  

Lunatikk Crippler is shown trading blows with Jester Smiles, followed quickly by The Bad Ass Brotherhood catching an unfortunate victim in the ELE.  This is quickly followed up with Isaac Entragian clutching Elizabeth Gaunt, his hands around her waist and a grin on his face as she leans against him.

This is our first but I guarantee it’ll be your last!   

Dan Stein quickly causing Pestalance to lose his chance at gold, cut with a shot of Laura Seton taking both men on at once.  This is quickly followed by Corey Lazarus grabbing the sides of the camera lens and shaking it violently, laughing.

Got news if you think you bad   

Henry Gordon is shown doing push-ups as Piper Fury is shown face to face with Johnny Napalm.  The next image is Mat Mullins staring over his shoulder as the camera, a smirk on his face while we see MONROE with his face covered for his entrance to the ring.  The camera switches to Jaime Alejandro flying towards Obsidian, hitting him with a hard clothesline.

All your other battles make me laugh   

Up next is Jonas Coleman, who is locking some poor soul up in  the Cataclysm’s Edge, followed quickly by a shot of his mask masked in blood.  It is quickly followed by Lunatikk Crippler whipping his long, silky black hair behind his head, grinning at the camera, which is also quickly cut to Maya Nakashima clutching a scarf to his chest, his eyes closed, deep in thought. 

You need to start runnin’…  

Tanya Black stands alone in the spotlight, until Chance Ryan appears behind her, followed by Cade Sydal, followed by Sam Gideon.  This cuts to her on top of Buck Dresden, punching and elbowing him in the face.  

You’re standin’ on the tracks and the train is comin’!   

Thomas Manchester Black LEVELS Corey Lazarus with a Yakuza kick before we see Kenji Yamada driving Mason Pierce through a flaming table. 


Edmund Augustus Shan stands alone in the ring, his hands clasped in front of him, aware of the daunting task before him as a new Soldier, quickly followed by Adrian Corazon lording over the fallen Trey Willett. 

You need a miracle!   

Donovan King is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship to his chest before we see Mason Pierce hold his hand high. 

Nothing’s gonna save you   

Azrael Goeren’s arrival is shown, followed quickly by Jester Smiles standing side by side with Donovan King over a fallen Azraith. 

And I’ll scream it from the top of the world!   

Project:SCAR stands in the center of an empty ring, lighting a SHOOT Project flag on fire.  The flames flicker in Corazon’s eyes, which we zoom into to reveal… 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

…El Asso Wipo hitting every single person on the planet with a backbreaker. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Thomas Manchester Black storming down to the ring. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Cade Sydal nailing Magnus with the Ninjaguiri. 

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

Trey Willett taking on everyone in the PRIMUS, only for Corazon to hit him with the Act of Inhumanity. 

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   

Jester Smiles hitting the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, causing his hair to whip back swiftly.  

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do!   

A single hand flies up in the air, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship as the SHOOT Project Helmet is shown one final time.  

Whatcha gonna do when it’s just me and you!   


Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do! 


The bell rings on the PA system, bringing the fans to their feet as “Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled kicks in.  The SHOOT Tron crackles to life with the sound of the bell and green and golden tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.

Eryk Masters:  And here is the World Champion!

DONOVAN KING appears on the entrance to the arena wearing his black KING hoodie, a small golden grown on the tip of the front of the hood, pulled tight over his face.  He bobs his head to the beat as he adjusts his SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP belt on his shoulder.  He is again wearing a LONG LIVE THE KING baseball t-shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and a platinum watch. 

Other Guy:  He can’t help but smile, still riding the wave after helping put the kibosh on what was, without question, one of the worst periods in our history.  Hell, we’re STILL all smiles our damn selves!

King slaps hands with a few fans before he makes it to the ring steps.  He jogs up the steps onto the apron, bounding between the top and middle ropes before taking the microphone from Samantha Coil.  He walks to the ropes facing the camera and steps up onto the middle rope, balancing his other foot on the top rope.  He glares hard at the camera, his eyes belying the grin on his face.  “Out Here Grindin’” fades down as he stands there, World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder.

Donovan King:  Las Vegas…STAND UP!

He throws an arm in the air as the fans begin to cheer once again.  He nods his head before he pulls the hood a little bit tighter to his head.

Donovan King:  We are one show away from Revolution 100.  Y’all best get ya tickets now because I got to hear some of the things they have planned and I gotta tell you…I can’t wait to see it.

Now…last week, I told SHOOT Project it’s time to get up.  Time to get off your asses, stop restin’ on laurels, man up…an’ RISE.

He smirks.

Donovan King:  SHOOT management heard what I had to say, y’all heard…what I had to say.  Jason Johnson told me he wanted to see Donovan King go one on one against a top Soldier, somebody who’s never been World Champion before.  He wanted to see competition at its finest.  No bad guy stalks my child while they sleep BS.  No Primus-level three, four, five, six man matches.  Just Donovan King an’ somebody else out to put on a show for YOU.

But the position’s still open.

It’s still just Donovan King versus…T…B…D.

King shrugs.

Donovan King:  An’ the best part?  Jason Johnson told me just this once…

…I get to choose.

He can’t help but grin.

Donovan King:  So my choice?  My decision on who I’m going to give a World title opportunity against?  What guy or girl in the back that’s never had a chance to be World Champion will it be?

Eryk Masters:  All fairness, there’s only something like TWO former World Champions on the roster, so it could really be anybody!

The fans are all screaming for King, trying to have their voices heard.  He leans in, listening to some fans and shrugging.  He paces the ring for a while, listening to the fans, when..

Keep you in the dark

You know they all….


The fans light up, exploding in a new round of cheers.

Keep you in the dark

And so it all…


The Tron springs to life, a little out of focus, but a man appears, his back to the camera, long, dark hair falling across his shoulders as the song starts to pick up.

Send in your skeletons

Sing as their bones go marching in…


The man turns around, showing off his scarred abdomen, the word "TWISTED" prominent against his muscles.

The need you buried deep

The secrets that you keep are ever ready

Are you ready?

The man starts walking toward the screen, and now we see a shot on the Tron of Lunatikk Crippler, "The Whole Fucked Up Show" himself, bursting through the curtains.

I’ve finished making sense

Done pleading ignorance, that whole


We see a shot of Crippler battling Jester Smiles, then quickly changing to having Tanya Black being Bitchified in the center of the ring.

Spinning infinity, boy

The wheel is spinning me it’s

Never ending, never ending

Same old story

What if I say I’m not like the others?

What if I say I’m not just another one

of your plays? You’re the pretender

What if I say I will never surrender?

The chorus of "The Pretender" by the Foo Fighters repeats, and the fans blow up once again, as Lunatikk Crippler, in person, makes his appearance on the entrance ramp, staring dead ahead at the ring, the World Heavyweight title, and Donovan King. The numerous lacerations that were inflicted upon his body have almost completely healed, minus one large bandage across his chest from the viciousness of Jester Smiles. His eyes have the look of being slightly blackened still, and judging by the bruising, his nose had been broken, and recently set, and he has something clear with a black strap in his left hand. As he walks to the ring, there isn’t a whole lot of pep in his step. Quite the contrary, he seems to be walking just a bit tenderly.

Eryk Masters: I’d have to say that while I’m shocked to see Lunatikk Crippler ready for battle tonight, the thought of Crippler and King, fighting it out for SHOOT’s top prize? That excites me.

Other Guy: The man had a brutal war with Jester Smiles at RISE, and while Jester may have been the one carted out on a stretcher, it seems Crippler is still a little worse for wear. We haven’t heard from him since he was helped away from ringside by his wife and the paramedics.

Crippler steps up to the ring apron, still not breaking his gaze from the World Heavyweight Champion. He walks around the ring, fans reaching out to pat his back or generally get a piece of The Crippler. LC steps over to the time keeper’s table, and selects a microphone. He’s been pretty calm thus far, but as he walks up the ring stairs, he quickly grabs the top rope and scales the turnbuckles, letting out a scream and stretching his arms out wide, crucifix style, once again popping the crowd. Crippler refocuses his stare back on King, as he hops down, and into the ring, from the turnbuckle. He walks right into the center of the ring, where Donovan King has a grin on his face, and uses his hands to form the shape of a belt around his waist.

Eryk Masters: If you didn’t realize until now, Lunatikk Crippler wants the shot at the World title!

Crippler and King stare each other down, as the music shuts off. All that can be heard now is the sound of the thousands in attendance, making noise for two of the most popular stars in SHOOT Project today, standing face to face in the center of the ring. Crippler raises his mic to his lips, and it takes a second for the crowd to notice, and quiet down to hear what the man has to say.

Lunatikk Crippler: You’ll need to forgive me, Donovan. I wanted to apologize for not being there after The Primus to congratulate you myself. I wanted to be able to watch the match, and shake your hand, or whomever’s hand, that walked out of there alive and World Heavyweight Champion. Fact is, I didn’t even get to see the match live. I was too busy having glass dug out of my skin. You know, Monday.

King’s grin widens a little, and there are a few laughs in the crowd. Crippler smiles, but doesn’t take his eyes off the champion.

Lunatikk Crippler: No, seriously, I wanted to take this opportunity to officially congratulate you on becoming World Heavyweight Champion. I know you worked hard to earn that baby, and I know you aren’t interested in letting it go any time soon.

The crowd cheers again.

Lunatikk Crippler: As you shouldn’t. If it were me, hell, I’d be out here, celebrating, having a good time with all of the SHOOT Project fans in the Epicenter. There’d be confetti, and of course, cake.

A few laughs again, however, the smile seems to be slipping from Lunatikk Crippler’s face.

Lunatikk Crippler: But it’s not me, and therein lies my problem: it needs to be.

The fans cheer. Donovan King says nothing, but he cocks an eyebrow at Crippler.

Lunatikk Crippler: You’re out here challenging us? Anyone in the back to come out here and step up? Someone who hasn’t ever tasted the World Championship of the SHOOT Project? Hell….I can’t think of anyone better than yours truly.

The crowd pops for The Crippler, who isn’t quite finished yet.

Lunatikk Crippler: And I can’t think of a reason why we need to wait.

The crowd explodes, and Crippler moves to the corner and sets down the mic. He takes the plastic thing and slides over the top of his head, revealing it to be a face guard to protect his broken nose. Crippler starts loosening up in the corner, but before Donovan King can so much as remove the World Heavyweight title from his shoulder…

The lights go out. 

Four spotlights hit various spots in the arena as an electronically metal progression begins.  It begins to build and build; the spotlights scouring the arena.  The crowd is hushed following the words of Lunatikk Crippler.  Then, you hear words.

So many wrong ways, so many scars

So many empty days into this world of grey

I clench my hands, standing on edge, now isolated

With no redemption to be found

Eryk Masters:  I don’t know who this is, but I’m a fan of the song, at least.

Other Guy:  Well, listen to the lyrics.  The song is about someone who’s been through a fuckload.

Eryk Masters:  You don’t think..

Then, the instrumental picks back up again.  The spotlights narrow in their search, and finally they settle, somewhere near the upper deck, on one man. 


The crowd EXPLODES.


Other Guy:  NOPE. 

Eryk Masters:  IS MY HEART PEEING?

Other Guy:  YEP.

The crowd CONTINUES to erupt as Jonas Coleman, dressed as you’d remember him, jeans, a black t-shirt, but alarmingly shorter hair, begins to make his descent to the ringside area.  He carries no smile on his face, just a stern, serious look.  Meanwhile, Lunatikk Crippler and Donovan King are on the surprised side to see THE BUTCHER, returned. 

Eryk Masters:  THIS is a man who can make a claim…  make a stake.  He’s been robbed of SO much. 

Other Guy:  I just really want to hear what he has to say.  He hasn’t been heard from in MONTHS. 

Jonas Coleman stops before he gets to the ring and retrieves a microphone from a beaming Samantha Coil, as Sybreed’s "Isolate" reaches its conclusion.  He smirks towards her and then rolls into the ring.  He stands tall as he looks across the ring at Lunatikk Crippler and then to Donovan King, before finally pulling the microphone to his face.

Jonas Coleman:  Lunatikk Crippler.

Coleman looks back at Lunatikk Crippler as the crowd goes from its ardent fervor back to a slight buzz. 

Jonas Coleman:  It’s nice to meet you.  You might have heard of me.

I’m The Butcher.

Jonas Coleman.

And with that, the crowd’s alive once more.  Jonas smiles towards Crippler and then looks back at Donovan King.

Jonas Coleman:  I’m not out here to say much, King, Crippler…  but I wanted to answer the question that was posed here.  Who wants a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship?  Someone who’s never been the champion…  who would be a better choice than Lunatikk Crippler, to take that slot? 

What about someone who’s had that championship ripped from his fingers just before he was about to claim it? 

What about someone who’s given every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears to this company and this business? 

Or maybe…  what about someone who, if Project: SCAR had had their way…  would be laying a face down, rotted, pile of bones somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert? 

What about…  Jonas "The Butcher" Coleman?

Jonas raises his arms and leans against the top turnbuckle, allowing the microphone to dangle a bit, before continuing.  The crowd pops hard at the mere suggestion!

Jonas Coleman:  You might be wondering about my physical condition…  about whether or not I’m truly healthy.  You’ve all heard the whispers and the stories about what happened to me, and as they say…  and as I can tell you with 100% unfailing certainty… 

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 

I AM physically healthy. 

I AM ‘ready to go.’ 

I WILL NOT REST until I get MY redemption.

That’s all I got, Donovan King and Lunatikk Crippler. 

You want to defend your belt against someone who will not die…  who ONLY KNOWS survival…  who KNOWS what it means to stare death and defeat in the eye and back it down? 

You defend against Jonas Coleman.

…and you do it at Redemption.

He tosses the mic in the air, and lets it land on the ring mat with a loud electronic pop as the crowd EXPLODES AGAIN.

Donovan King:  Waaaaait.  Wait wait wait wait wait.

King steps between Crippler and Jonas.

Donovan King:  Crip…you’ve just been cleared to compete after the hell you went through against Jester.  Trust me, I know Jester Smiles better than pretty much anyone.  I know how lethal that dude can be.  You absolutely deserve a title shot after surviving against that son of a bitch.

King turns to Jonas.

Donovan King:  And you?  After how you got the shaft against Cade Sydal and that other guy?

Other Guy:  NOT me…just wanna clarify.

Donovan King:  YOU deserve a title shot, too.

He’s silent for a moment.

Donovan King:  I don’t know what kinda hell’s kept you outta SHOOT for so long, Jonas, but I can see it in your face…more’n your body’s been messed up…your soul’s been fucked up.  I can see it, itchin’ to come out.  To be honest, it’s kinda scary.

Crippler…guys been talkin’ about how you’re the future of this company.  Which is kinda weird, since you’ve been in the business something close to thirty years or something.

Lunatikk Crippler:  Hey now…since the nineties.

Donovan King:  Well, obviously, with a name like Lunatikk Crippler, you’re a product of the nineties.

The fans laugh as Crippler chuckles, shaking his head.

Donovan King:  But seriously, you two want a title shot, and I only get to choose one opponent.

He looks at the crowd as people start screaming for both men.

Donovan King:  You know an’ I know where this is goin’, right?

King smirks.

Donovan King:  At Revolution 100…Jonas Coleman makes his grand return to a SHOOT Project ring…one on one…against Lunatikk Crippler.

The fans ERUPT.

Donovan King:  The WINNER…the winner…will be the number one contender and the man I’ll be competing against for the World Heavyweight Championship at Redemption.

Sound good?

The fans continue to cheer as Jonas nods his head, Crippler grinning ear to ear.  “Out Here Grindin’” kicks back up as the fans pop once more.  King shakes Coleman’s hand and then turns to shake Crippler’s.  He exits the ring as The Butcher and the Crippler stare one another down.

Other Guy:  Can you believe it?!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!?  Jonas Coleman is BACK…and he’s gonna get a chance to compete for the World title that he’s been screwed out of so many times!  Lunatikk Crippler is ONE step away from greatness…and at Revolution 100 we’re gonna see them go at it for the right to face the World Champion Donovan King!

Eryk Masters:  THIS is the SHOOT Project I love, THIS is the SHOOT Project I always dreamed of, competition, respect, and an unparalleled love for this sport!  Revolution 100’s main event is set and I couldn’t be more excited!



Eryk Masters:  And coming up in this match, OG…  It seems Tanya Black isn’t too happy with the hired help at all.

Other Guy:  Apparently not, Eryk.  Tanya making it known in her videos that she’s not pleased with Gideon’s lack of performance.

She Will Sing,

Til Everything Burns

While Everyone Screams

Burning In Their Lies

Burning My Dreams

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of SHOOT Project competitors each image being burned away in sequence as if someone was burning a stack of photos.

Other Guy:  Tanya Black is looking to make Gideon pay for his failures.

Eryk Masters:  But she’ll have to deal with a size and weight disadvantage…

As “Everything Burns” continues to play the arena explodes into boos as Tanya Black emerges out of the back, her head hanging down solemnly until she gets to the end of the ramp at which point she looks up at the ring and grins like a cat sizing up it’s prey. Standing at ringside Tanya watches as her song dies down the last words echoing through the arena.

Samantha Coil:  Coming to the ring, from Boston, Massachusetts.  She is “The Alpha Female” TANYA BLACK!

All of this hate

And all of this pain

I’ll burn it all down

As my anger reigns

Till everything burns

With that Tanya slides into the ring with a surprising burst of speed given her slow walk to the ring catching the referee off-guard.

Eryk Masters:  And here comes her opponent…  A man who’s not really said much to Tanya in the past week.

Without much fanfare of any music, Sam Gideon exits out of the entrance way slowly.  He’s taking his time, sizing up his employer in the ring.

Samantha Coil:  And her opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts.  He is SAM GIDEON!

As he does, he walks up the stairs and keeps staring inside the ring at Tanya.

Eryk Masters:  I think Gideon just wants to get in and get his check tonight, OG.

Other Guy:  Seems to be the MO for Sam Gideon.

Dennis Heflin moves them to the middle of the ring.  Tanya seems ready to go.  Gideon stands there, waiting on the bell.  As they call for the bell, Tanya goes on the attack and throws a huge right to Gideon’s jaw.  He stands there and laughs at Tanya, and connects with a right of his own.  The blow sends her across the ring.

Eryk Masters:  And Gideon is asserting his power early!

Other Guy:  No kidding.  I think the employee is about as pleased with the employer.  He just doesn’t like to talk.  It seems action is the order of his day.

Gideon catches her and whips her across the ring.  She comes back on the rebound and connects with the short clothesline.  Tanya goes back hard.  As she does, Gideon just cracks his neck and heads back towards his opponent.  He slowly picks her up and simply just throws her over the top rope.  Heflin admonishes him, as he starts the count…



Eryk Masters:  And Gideon with that power advantage, OG.  He just threw Tanya over the ropes like she was a rag doll.

Other Guy:  And Tanya isn’t a small girl, either.  She’s around the 170 pound range, if just below.  And Gideon just threw her like she was a school kid.


From here, Tanya gets up and crawls onto the ring apron, if only to get her footing.  As she does, Gideon turns around, ready to stop her from coming into the ring.  Tanya pulls herself, up and over the ropes.  As Gideon runs to stop her, she connects with a vicious forearm to his jaw!  Gideon falls backwards from the hard shot.

Other Guy:  And just like that, she pulls off the springboard forearm.  The big man might have a few less teeth to work with now.

Eryk Masters:  And Tanya Black might have bought herself a bit of time, as she clocked Sam.

Tanya moves back to her feet slowly, as Gideon does the same.  They exchange hard shots, as they try to get up.  Tanya gains the upper hand with a series of jabs to Gideon’s face, and then she swings back around with a right hook.  Gideon staggers backwards quickly, as she goes for another shot, but Gideon grabs her by the throat…

Eryk Masters:  That’s a very large hand going around her throat, OG.  Perhaps a chokeslam attempt?

Other Guy:  It may be, Eryk…

Gideon lifts her up in the air by her throat and pulls her leg over his shoulder.  From here, he drops her back down to the mat hard.  Tanya yells out, as she took all of that move.  Gideon goes for the cover, to take advantage.


Tanya throws a shoulder out.  Heflin waves off the pin, as Gideon pulls her up by her hair.

Eryk Masters:  Gideon with his variation of the Miracle Ecstasy Bomb that he calls The Hollow.

Other Guy:  I think Tanya spasmed herself out of the pin.  You know that’s murder on that already questionable neck and back.

Eryk Masters:  Makes you wonder if that’s what Gideon is targeting.  He does know some of Tanya’s history, and I’m sure her neck has come up a few times.

Tanya holds the back of her neck gingerly, as the bomb didn’t exactly spare any part of her spine.  From here, Gideon readies an arm to come down on her neck.  He throws the first one, and it crashes down hard on the back on her neck.  Tanya winces a little bit in pain.  Again, he throws another forearm.  As it connects, Tanya keeps gritting her teeth in pain.  Gideon readies another forearm, but Tanya throws up an arm of her own between his legs.

Other Guy:  I believe that one connected with the family jewels a bit.

Eryk Masters:  While most would call this move dirty…  She probably didn’t have much of a choice.  Any more damage to her neck and she would be done.

Other Guy:  Not to mention that he would’ve kept hitting those foreams…

Gideon walks off for a bit, almost feeling the pain of being hit in the groin.  He tries to psyche himself up to keep from feeling every bit of the pain.  As he does, Tanya moves back onto her feet and sizes him up.  Gideon comes back around and gets hit by another series of jabs to the jaw.  With another effort, Tanya clocks him with another hard right to the jaw.

Eryk Masters: Tanya trying anything to get the big man off of his feet.  She’s throwing some huge haymakers to that huge jaw.

Other Guy:  Against Gideon, E.  You’ve gotta go big, or you’re going home with a feeding tube.

As she hits him, Gideon comes up with a knee to the face.  Tanya staggers backwards from the shot, as Sam goes back and tries to hit her with a right hand.  Tanya ducks under and comes back with a right of her own.  Gideon staggers back, and she kicks him with a hard front kick to the gut.  He goes back into the corner, where Tanya starts sizing him up.

Eryk Masters:  And Tanya with that nice kick to the midsection.  And it takes a huge kick to back up someone that big.

Other Guy:  No kidding.  Not many have that much power to back up a Sam Gideon.

Tanya goes into a series of back elbows into Gideon’s midsection, until he starts slumping downwards.  As he does, she switches to knees to the midsection, until he’s seated in the corner of the ring.  From here, Tanya blows a kiss to him and pulls back to the middle of the ring.  Then, she takes off in a full spring and jumps up and comes crashing down with a double knee to the face.

Other Guy:  Gideon eating those knees to the face.  All 165 pounds crashing at the point of contact, which happens to be his face.

Eryk Masters:  Pretty much, OG.  I’m not getting into the science of it, but all the weight focused on those two knees.  No matter how big you are, your skull cannot take that abuse.

Tanya gets up from her assault.  Gideon is bleeding from the nose, but he ignores it and pushes Tanya off of him for a moment.  It’s apparent that he’s visibly upset at the sign of blood.  From here, he pulls her by her hair one more time and slings her across the ring.  She crashes hard into the mat and near a corner.  Gideon paces himself a bit.

Other Guy:

Eryk Masters:

Tanya pulls herself up, as she gets to a knee.  Gideon kicks her leg out from under her.  She crashes to the mat hard face first.  And again, Gideon picks her up off the mat and slings her across the ring with a hip toss.  She lands on her back hard.  From here,  Sam goes to pick her up one more time.  Tanya is able to catch him in a drop toe hold, which crashes him face first into a turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters:  A nice drop toe hold.  Shades of the Funk Brothers on that one.

Other Guy:  Not to mention it gets the bell rung, and Gideon ready for another big move, Eryk!

Tanya pulls herself back up to jump on Gideon’s back.  She falls backwards on and catches Gideon in a backcracker.  Gideon shoots forward and then goes down on the mat.  He’s holding his back gingerly, as Tanya kips up from the mat.

Eryk Masters:  That looked nasty…

Other Guy:  I think Tanya’s got an intention to make sure Gideon doesn’t walk out of this match.

Tanya picks him up from the mat in a front face lock.  From here, she drops him down with a quick DDT.  The DDT catches him off guard, as she’s able to roll him over and…



Gideon presses up and throws Tanya upward and off of him.  Tanya goes chest first into the mat.  As she rolls around from being in a slight bit of pain, Sam pulls her up one more time.  He goes behind her and puts his arm behind her neck and his head under her left arm.  As he connects his hands together, he moves forward and swings her around for a Head and Arm Suplex.

Eryk Masters:  He calls that the Aneurysm!  And I think that could cause one, OG!

Other Guy:  No wonder calls it that.  He just spiked her on her head!

Tanya feels the impact of being dropped on top of her head, as she staggers around the ring a bit.  She’s trying to get up to her feet again.  Gideon pulls her up again to try another Head and Arm Suplex.  Tanya seems primed for another one.  He tries the trap again, but Tanya jumps up and stomps down on his feet!

Other Guy:  She’s stomping down on his feet hard!  Almost like she’s got a plan to fight out of this again.

Eryk Masters:  Whatever it is, she better do it.  I don’t think her neck can handle another Aneurysm Suplex

Gideon tries one more time, but Tanya throws her weight upward and carries herself over his shoulder, as she crashes down with a Asai DDT.

Eryk Masters:  TOUGH LOVE!

Other Guy:  That’s gotta do it, Eryk!  If not, she’s gonna have a long match!

As she comes down, she straddles across his face and pulls his legs up for the pin.  We see a smirk as she’s looking down at the dazed Gideon.  Heflin goes to the ground.




Samantha Coil:  And your winner!  TANYA BLACK!

Tanya goes to her feet and we see Heflin raise her hands, to a chorus of boos from the audience.  Tanya just blows a kiss to them and whistles.

Eryk Masters:  What’s she whistling for?!!

A large bald headed man comes out of the crowd, as security rushes to catch him.  He slides under the ring as Heflin tries to stop him.  He merely shoves the smaller ref aside and threatens him.  Heflin decides to head out of the ring.

Other Guy:  This looks like a very mean and very bad man…  And look how he’s looking at Tanya.

The security crew stands back, almost afraid to go near him.  He goes over to Tanya and they hug…?

Eryk Masters:  What’s going on here…  Does she know this behemoth?

Other Guy:  It looks like she does, Eryk!

He drags Gideon off of the ground, and has him in a front face lock.  Gideon is struggling to fight the large man, but he seems to be out of gas.  Tanya yells for a microphone from Samantha.  The blonde obliges Tanya, as the raven haired wrestler puts it up to her lips.

Tanya Black:  You know, Samuel…  I’ve done a performance evaluation on you.  And you know what I think?

She nods to the large man.  He kicks his leg back and swings backwards fast and hard, planting Gideon with a vicious swinging DDT.

 Tanya Black:  I think the Sinister Syndicate would like to wish you the best on your future endeavors.

Gideon is on the ground, motionless, as Tanya throws the mic over to ringside.  She’s laughing, as the crowd starts booing at her.  She walks beside the large man.  As they make their way up the ramp, they turn around, and she raises his arm in victory.  The crowd boos even louder.  After the arm raise, they exchange high fives and fist bumps and go behind the curtain.

Eryk Masters:  We need help out here for Gideon, he’s not moved…

But we see him twitching a bit, and he pounds his fists on the mat.  He’s seemingly growling at the mat, but still unable to get up.

Other Guy:  Gideon looks pissed, but he got spiked by a man who looks like he can curl Tanya with one hand.

Eryk Masters:  If that’s the new bodyguard, I hate to see what happens when HE screws up.

Other Guy:  She probably gets a bigger bodyguard and jacks this guy up.

Eryk Masters:  We figured that the Sinister Syndicate doesn’t allow failure.  I think Tanya Black just proved it with this very public firing of Sam Gideon.

Other Guy:  Problem is…  What about Gideon?!!  When he wakes up…


Eryk Masters:  According to the production staff, we’re heading to the back, as security is trying to break up another mini brawl between The Saint and Issac Entragian.

Other Guy:  For those who wanted excitement for the Iron Fist Championship, I think we have it!

The backstage staff is trying to get the commotion settled in the back between one angry Saint and Pale Rider, as Alejandro and Entragian are going at it with fisticuffs and words.

The Saint:  Fuck you, you albino faggot.  I’ll fuck you and that psychotic whore up.

Issac tries to push towards Jaime, as the various agents try to keep them apart.

Issac Entragian:  Aww! What’s the matter, Jaime?  Laura not putting out?  You’ll fuck nothing but YOURSELF up if you come at me…  just like ALWAYS.

We see a door open in the distance and a figure entering the hallway to see what the fuss is about.  The person walks to the chaos and as she reaches it, we see it is Laura Seton.  As she takes notice of Jaime Alejandro, she gets an exasperated look before wading through the agents to get close to him.

Laura Seton: Would you stop with this?

Jaime is too involved with trying to tear Issac’s head off, as he sees Laura.  All of a sudden, he gets an angry look on his face towards her.

The Saint:  When I’m done tearing his head off…

It looks like it’s gone one step too far as Laura gives a high-pitched yell.

Laura Seton:  STOP IT ALREADY!!


Laura Seton:  Why do you NEVER listen to me!?  Every day it’s a new reason to get in to this.  I keep telling you at home–CUT IT OUT!!

Jaime glares at her, as Issac taunts him from the other side of the parting sea of agents and security.  He tries to shove past the security and away from Laura.

Laura Seton: If this keeps up, you’re going to have a new problem.

She puts her hands on her hips and appears to have come to a new thought.

Laura Seton: You know what?  I’ve been thinking of bringing in someone else for you to deal with out there in case this went too far, and I think it has.  So now you have a second opponent.

Jaime looks almost stunned at Laura, almost puzzled at her last statement.

The Saint:  And who would that be?

Laura Seton: Me.

The almost stunned look turned into a look of near shock.  As she walks away…

The Saint:  Are you going mad?  What makes you think I’m gonna fight you?!!

Issac is taunting Jaime, as the staff gets them under control.

The Saint:  Oh fuck you, Stay Puft!

Isaac Entragian just laughs from across the hall, favoring Jaime with an obscene wink.

The backstage personnel finally manage to separate the two men, dragging them in different directions before we cut to black.

Eryk Masters:  This one got pretty ugly quick, and with Laura now involved, it’s gonna get uglier.

Other Guy:  Sexual frustration might be the least of Jaime’s worries now.  Issac and Laura gunning for him.  I thought she was his girlfriend.

Eryk Masters:  I don’t want to be in that household, OG.  It looks like security’s got a grip on things, and we’ve got a show to finish.


The cameras cut to the catering table, where Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price are making cups of coffee for themselves.

Corey Lazarus: …ling to admit it, of course, but she misses me. She always has whenever I haven’t been around and she always will.

Gregory Price: Yeah, but Core, you guys got divorced for a reason.

Corey Lazarus: I know, and certain things are still in court, so her initiating contact with me about things other than my boy is…

Suddenly, a wild Thomas Manchester Black appears! Price drops his cup of coffee on the floor as SHOOT Security immediately show up. Corey takes a step back and stares into the rage-filled eyes of Black.

Corey Lazarus: Hey, Tommy boy, how’s it going?

Black rears back to take a swing at Lazarus but security forces him back. Price breaks in front of security and holds up a hand to TMB.

Gregory Price: Wait, wait, wait…Mr. Black, I think we all know how this could go down. You can attack my client here, "The Premier Attraction" Corey Lazarus, and you can risk the big payday you two will get for your match at Revolution 100. We had a meeting with Jason Johnson tonight to discuss the contract for it and, believe me, it’s quite lucrative.

Thomas Manchester Black: I don’t care about the contract or the money or any of that bullshit, Price, so you should probably give me a better reason not to brain your boy right there.

Corey Lazarus: Probably because you wouldn’t get close enough, slick.

Gregory Price: Corey, PLEASE!

Price walks through a pair of security guards and whispers something to Corey, prompting him to nod and sip his coffee. Gregory instructs the security guards to move and they comply, allowing Price to get within arm’s reach of TMB.

Gregory Price: Then how’s this for incentive: laying a hand on my client or I could result in drastically negative consequences for you.

Thomas Manchester Black: Let me guess, some sort of big fine that Eli could pay off no problem?

Gregory Price: Try the possibility of a major assault charge and forfeiture of any moneys owed to you for the next three months.

Beat. Black shakes his head and stares into Laz’s eyes.

Thomas Manchester Black: You pussy-ass son of a bitch.

Gregory Price: This was my doing, Thomas. I want to make sure, first and foremost, that Corey can make it to the match, and I’m damn good at my job. Instead of your proposal to attack Laz, however, I’m offering another option.

Thomas Manchester Black: Which is?

Corey smirks and lightly pushes Gregory aside to stand face-to-face with Black, sipping his coffee all the while.

Corey Lazarus: The two of us go down to the ring and actually talk some of these issues out in front of the whole world. You, me, Price, a bottle of Aberfeldy 21…you do like scotch, right?

TMB shakes his head and sighs, eager to drive his fist into Corey’s smug face regardless of the consequences.

Corey Lazarus: I’ll that as a yes. We go out there, shoot the breeze, and make sure that the whole world knows that Revolution 100 is a contest between a pair of top-notch sportsmen in the field of combat sports. Hell, I’ll even waive that little "assault charge" thing if you really want to get your hands on me, but we do it IN the RING.

Thomas Manchester Black: Fine. Whatever. I’ll see you bitches out there.

Corey Lazarus: We can dig it.

TMB walks away as Corey and Price both smirk.


The scene opens with Isaac Entragian & Elizabeth Gaunt already standing in the center of the ring. The canvas has been draped in black cloth, and torches burn brightly from each steel ring post. Entragian wears black slacks, a black dress shirt, and polished black shoes. Elizabeth looks especially elegant, wearing a black dress with her hair pulled back into a tight bun. From all sides of the Epicenter, the fans hurl verbal vitriol down at the duo.

Eryk Masters: Look at this mummer’s farce. What does Entragian think he’s going to accomplish by going through with this? We’ve all be hearing the rumors…

Other Guy: Nothing has been confirmed, but you’re right, Eryk. The prevailing idea is that SCAR is…no more. There’s talk that the members scattered to the four winds, and whatever ties they once had have corroded.

Eryk Masters: This is the best thing to happen to SHOOT Project in a long time. A group of psychopaths like that was never meant to last. Ego and insanity is a combination that sooner or later…will explode.

Other Guy: Just think of the implications, Eryk. The Hierarchy is long gone. Donovan King is the World Heavyweight Champion. And tonight…we may just bear witness to the death rattle of Project: SCAR. If this darkness finally lifts….SHOOT Project may find itself basking in the sun once again.

Eryk Masters: It would be a new chapter. A chapter that I personally cannot wait to see…

Entragian stands a few feet away from Liz, holding a microphone in one hand, and a serrated dagger in the other.

Entragian: Elizabeth Gaunt, tonight you begin your life anew. The past washes away. The sin, the guilt, the memories of old hurts….they all evaporate, here and now. You become kin. You take the mark of SCAR, and you pledge yourself to the crusade. You become the teeth gnashing in the darkness, a devourer of anguish, a creature who will stop at nothing to butcher the carcasses of SHOOT’s Soldiers and bring us closer to SCAR’s new Eden. Is this your wish? Will you take the vows and rise as a blood-sister?

Elizabeth nods, craning forward to speak into the microphone.

Elizabeth: I want this more than anything. I’m ready.

The fans practically drown out Liz’s voice, causing her to sneer at the audience.




Eryk Masters: Hear that, Isaac? This is utter futility. These words….this little ritual…it means nothing at the end of the day. Your brothers have deserted you. You’re ALONE, you sorry, rotten bastard. Just fade away…let SHOOT Project have the peace that it so desperately deserves right now.

Other Guy: I know this is meant to be a ritual that brings Liz into SCAR…but it feels morel like we’re witnessing Project: SCAR’s funeral.

Isaac ignores the chanting of the crowd, forging onward despite the cacophonic booing.

Entragian: Kneel.

Liz kneels down, and Isaac promptly slashes the serrated blade against his own palm. The blood oozes out, and with Liz looking on with a deranged smile, Entragian smears this fresh crimson liquid across Elizabeth’s face. Blood drips down from her eyelashes, it covers her lips, it gives her cheeks a demonic glow beneath the arena lights.

Entragian: Speak the words, Liz. These…people…mean nothing. They’re pulsating maggots just quivering for attention. Focus on my eyes. Remember your oath.

Elizabeth nods her head, and she takes the microphone into her hands.

Elizabeth: I bathe in the blood of my brothers. I destroy with my brothers at my side. I exist only to raze SHOOT Project…to rebuild it in the image of that befits us. My body is a weapon, and I will use it well. I will protect my kin, and they will protect me in turn. I will not rest….I will not stumble…I will not yield…until SHOOT Project drowns in her own blood. I am the butcher in the darkness. I am the poison-coated sword. I am the fire that cleanses. I am the flayer of flesh, the scourge that flagellates the world. I am….Project: SCAR.

Entragian smiles, so very proud of his woman. He reaches out with a pale hand to gently stroke her cheek, leaving trails in the blood covering her face.

Entragian: Rise up, blood-sister. Tonight your reign of terror begins.

Eryk Masters: I think I’m going to be violently ill.

Other Guy: And still….these two stand alone in the ring. No Kenji. No Corazon. No Obsidian. I’ve gotta believe, Eryk….that this is the end…

Elizabeth Gaunt takes her man’s pallid hand, and she stands tall with her head held high. Her gaze looks up to the ramp for a moment, almost as though she’s looking for something. The barest hint of disappointment passes across her expression, her red smile withering a little…but she tries her best to hide this.

Even Entragian looks a little…discouraged. He gazes into Liz’s eyes for a moment, the two sharing an unspoken moment…and then they turn to leave the ring while the fans start up a “HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!” chant.

Without warning, “Call The Devil My Friend” by Frank Bang and the Secret Stash hits the PA system.  The fans boo loudly as out from the back comes none other than OBSIDIAN.  Obsidian’s hair is pulled back in a ponytail, his beard…oddly cut to frame his face.  He is actually clean. He is wearing a faded grey button up shirt open, billowing behind him as he storms down to the ring, revealing the black wifebeater underneath, along with his faded blue jeans and dingy, worn boots.

Eryk Masters: Oh man…Obsidian looks furious.  I hope he’s not out here for the reason I think he’s out here for…

Obsidian enters the ring over the top rope, glaring at Gaunt for a moment before turning his glare to Entragian.  His music dies down as he stares at the two of them.  The tension is palpable as Obsidian stands rigid, staring at Isaac.  He slowly brings the microphone to his lips and the camera catches his eyes, filled with hatred.

Obsidian:  I…had no intention of coming down to this ring tonight.

He grits his teeth as he speaks, his body trembling with rage.

Obsidian: I stood back there alone…watching this…this…SHAM…unfurl before us.

The fans…POP as Isaac slowly starts separating Liz from himself, readying himself for whatever comes next.  Obsidian points to her as he speaks to Isaac.

Obsidian: You…bring…her…into the fold while they chant that SCAR…is…DEAD.




As if on cue.  Obsidian turns to look at the fans as they chant.

Obsidian: I do not care what quarrel exists between Adrian Corazon or Kenji Yamada or any one of Project: SCAR.  I will not stand in the back while the legacy we worked so hard to build is openly MOCKED by these…these…people.

They begin to boo.  He turns to the people in the stands for a moment before he turns back to Isaac and Liz.  He stares at Gaunt.

Obsidian: That man that stands with you?  That ghost?  That man…is my brother.

The boos escalate.

Obsidian: If The Ghost and the Darkness should have to stand alone…so be it.

His face slowly twists into a warm smile.

Obsidian: Welcome home, sweet sister.

Obsidian takes her hand as the fans boo, kissing it gently before he turns to Isaac, the two giants standing side by side.

Eryk Masters: Well…that’s just great.  Isaac on his own would have been frightening enough, but with this Elizabeth Gaunt AND Obsidian by his side?  I can’t even imagine what the three of them will do!

Other Guy: Tell you this much, it won’t measure up whatsoever to what they would have done with Corazon and Yamada at their backs.  I mean, silver lining and all, dude.

The soft tones of a grand piano emerge onto the PA system as the crowd continues to maintain its silence. The piece is recognized now, it is Frederic Chopin’s “Nocturne in b minor,” and with that realization comes a purple glow, seemingly underneath the Revolution set. That glow becomes a focused line, and then expands into a purple spotlight, when finally… the video wall… the only source of luminescence in the arena… shows a familiar image.

And then… as he appears, the crowd showers him with pure hatred. Pure, vociferous hatred.

The lights in the arena begin to come up, showing his face, and with that look comes a known, recognized look. That smirk.

Eryk Masters: Adrian Corazon has been a bit of a wildcard recently, and as we saw earlier in the show, he seems to have an agenda.  

Other Guy: That’s right, you saw him attack Mason Pierce, and with his declaration last week against Thomas Manchester Black, you have to wonder if he’s picked Mason to, as he says it, "test next."  

Eryk Masters: Well, whatever his agenda, he’s a total fuckwit and I hate him, though I can’t help but be interested in where he stands with this…  supposed induction of Liz Gaunt.  

Corazon walks down to the ring, with Entragian, Obsidian, and Gaunt looking on with slight smiles on their faces. The chants of "SCAR IS DEAD" have started to…  die out…  and are being replaced by a hushed fervor as the capacity crowd at the SHOOT Project Epicenter have started to realize that they’re witnessing something they’ve feared.  Something they don’t want any part of.  

Then, the boos come.  

Corazon slides underneath the bottom rope and gets to his feet with cat like quickness.  He looks at Isaac Entragian, then to Obsidian, and then to Liz Gaunt.  He ponders her for a moment.  

Eryk Masters: This is really interesting.  We’re going to find out right now whether or not Corazon accepts Gaunt or rejects her.  

Other Guy: The thing about this, too, is that Corazon helped bring SCAR TO the SHOOT Project.  This is essentially…  up to him and Kenji.  Are we about to see Project: SCAR remade?  

Entragian and Obsidian motion for Corazon to speak, and a microphone is pushed in front of him.  He shoves it away; the crowd gasps.  With no hesitation, Corazon whips a box cutter out of his pocket and then immediately turns and stares down Isaac Entragian and Obsidian.  He then turns to Gaunt.

Eryk Masters: What is…

He extends the blade, and with a smile on his face, cuts into his own flesh.  He walks towards Elizabeth Gaunt and places a finger into his own blood and on her forehead…  he draws a smiley face.  

Other Guy: God damn it.  

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe this is happening.  Even Corazon has accepted her.  That means there’s just ONE more person.  UGH.

Corazon smiles down at Gaunt who smiles back up at him.  He wipes the blood off of his boxcutter and places it into his own pocket.  Finally, he moves to the corner of the ring and leans up against the turnbuckle, almost anxiously awaiting what happens next.

Isaac, Obsidian, and Corazon all stand around Elizabeth, who seems to be in much higher spirits now that the crowd around her has silenced significantly. But they all have the same disappointed look deep in their eyes as peer towards the entrance ramp, all of them were there except for one. Isaac puts a gentle hand on Elizabeth’s shoulder, pushing her towards the ropes before giving one final hopeful look towards the ramp. He waits for a moment before looking down at the canvas, disappointed, and pushing the ropes down for Elizabeth. Before Elizabeth can step through them, however, all of the lights in arena shut off with a loud clapping sound.

The silence so palpable that it seems like the crowd can feel it through the darkness.

Eryk Masters: You don’t think this is…?

Other Guy: I don’t know what to think at this point.

The sound of a haunting violin echoes through the arena, the start of "DIM Scene" by the GazettE. A single spotlight beams down on Kenji Yamada, the ever familiar chorus of boos that usually follows is rarely absent, there is simply silence as Kenji walks down the aisle.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think the people know how to react, most people have come to believe that this splinter in SCAR was caused by Kenji so…

Kenji’s face is impossible to read as he slowly saunters down the aisle. There is nothing on his face. No anger, no happiness, no sadness… nothing but those empty ice blue eyes. When Kenji makes it to the apron, the lights slowly illuminate the arena as he slides into the ring. Isaac and Obsidian part ways to reveal Elizabeth behind them, a twinge of uncertainty in Isaac’s eyes. Kenji walks past them both, as if not even there. He looks deeply into Elizabeth’s eyes, unwavering.

Kenji: My dear, you…

Kenji looks to his side at Obsidian, to his other side at Isaac, and behind him at Corazon.

Kenji: … are not SCAR.

A small outburst of cheers can be heard, taking this as a sign of disapproval from Kenji.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think the other members of SCAR are going to be very happy about that.

Other Guy: Probably not, but if it means one pillar of SCAR is causing a rift then that’s damn good news for SHOOT.

Before anyone can react, Kenji sidesteps to Isaac and grabs the serrated dagger from him, placing it right at the base of Elizabeth’s neck, causing an uproar from the crowd. Kenji holds Elizabeth by the arm as she tries to struggle with the knife resting at her neck. The rest of SCAR look on, confused, Isaac especially. 

Eryk Masters: Oh my god, is Kenji… is he…?

Kenji slowly takes the blade away from Elizabeth’s neck and uses it to slash a mark diagonally on her palm. Elizabeth winces, and Kenji let’s go of her arm… but she doesn’t back away or run because Kenji takes the blade and cuts a similar wound in the palm of his hand. Kenji takes her hand and cups it between both of his, their blood running equally down each other’s arms.

Kenji: My dear… WE are Project: SCAR.

The crowd’s booing becomes so loud you fear it might shatter the very foundations of The Epicenter.

Other Guy: Eryk? You okay?

Eryk Masters literally has his head in his hands at the announcer’s table.

Eryk Masters: Are you kidding me right now? I walk into the Epicenter tonight expecting to see SCAR go down in flames…and instead….they’re not only back on the same page…now they have this demented she-devil Gaunt among their ranks.

The grin on Isaac’s face is so large it threatens to eat up his features, and moving forward he takes Elizabeth and hoists her up onto his shoulders to show her off in all of her blood-soaked glory. Liz offers the crowd a “Miss America” style wave with a hand that’s covered in crimson gore.

Eryk Masters: I would love to smack that shit-eating grin off of Isaac Entragian’s face. He’s loving life right now…

Other Guy: Of course he is. He got exactly what he wanted. SCAR strong, SCAR united. Take a look into that ring….they look more lethal than ever before.

Eryk Masters: Thank you so very much, Entragian. Thank you for ensuring that SHOOT Project suffers at the hands of this disgusting brood. May you rot in the foulest depths of Hell for your efforts…

The shot fades out on the entire faction of SCAR standing together as one.



Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a time limit of 20 minutes!

“Mexican Americans” hits over the PA. El Asso Wipo emerges from the back, flexing him ‘muscles’ and doing the occasional ‘look to the stars’ pose. Silas is directly behind him, and behind him is Mat Mullins, simply popping his neck and loosening up his arms. The fans cheer loudly for Wipo and he plays to them, slapping hands and posing for a few camera ops. Silas simply continues forward, taking a spot at ringside and waiting. Mullins slides under the ring and waits for Wipo, just stretching out and getting ready.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Montepelier, Vermont, he is the legendary luchadore EL ASSO WIPO. He is accompanied to the ring by THE SILENCE…MAT MULLINS!

Mat looks at Samantha Coil, irritated. The crowd laughs.

Eryk Masters: Wow. Mat Mullins just got burned by Samantha Coil.

Other Guy: Well, I mean, I guess it’s good that he showed up to the ring. SHOOT Project camera crews had a hard time finding him otherwise.

El Asso Wipo enters the ring and appears to be calming down Mullins, reassuring him and making sure he is ready for the match. As this happens, “Mexican Americans” fades away.


“And Your World Will Burn” by Cliff Lin hits over the PA system. The stage erupts in flames before the lights go out, a single green spotlight shining down on the entrance. Jester Smiles comes out first, and the boos are instantaneous. However, the boos are silenced for a moment as, directly behind him, Sammy Rochester emerges. The utter size of the man is enough to make the SHOOT Project faithful gasp for a moment.

Other Guy: Man, I forgot how big that guy really was.

Eryk Masters: It’s surreal. We haven’t seen Sammy Rochester in, what, a couple of years? But he’s back, and-

Other Guy: And Jester Smiles is controlling him.

Jester lets Sammy go first, patting him on the back. Sammy just glares at the ring. The lights do not come back on. The green spotlight simply follows Jester and Sammy as they make their way to the ring. The crowd has found their voices again, and they boo the team loudly.

Samantha Coil: And making their way to the ring now, at a combined weight of SIX HUNDRED and TWENTY POUNDS…Jester Smiles and Sammy Rochester!

Sammy makes his way up the ring steps, glaring at Mat Mullins. El Asso Wipo continues flexing, despite the fact that the lights are out and he is hard to see, but Mat Mullins. Mat Mullins has backed away into the ring ropes. He looks terrified. Jester leaps onto the apron and jumps over the rope, also looking at Mat Mullins…and smiling.

Other Guy: Well, here’s to hoping Mat Mullins is the strong silent type, because if he and El Asso Wipo aren’t at their absolute best, well…

Eryk Masters: Sammy Rochester might kill them.

The lights come back on. Willie Dean stands in the center of the ring to keep the two teams at bay until the match officially starts, but by the look on his face, he is not thrilled about his position. Jester pats Sammy on the back and goes to the apron, signifying that Sammy will start the match off. Mat Mullins and Wipo talk for a minute, and though the mics don’t pick anything up, it’s clear that Mullins is saying he doesn’t want to start. El Asso Wipo nods his head and slaps hands with Mullins, turning towards Sammy as Mat goes to the apron. Sammy keeps glaring at Mat, not even focusing on El Asso Wipo.

Eryk Masters: I think Sammy Rochester truly took the things Jester said to heart. Sammy doesn’t seem to even care El Asso Wipo is in the ring.

Other Guy: For those that don’t remember Sammy Rochester, this is a guy who used to think a doll told him to hurt people. Now that doll is gone, and as weird as it may sound, I think that doll was the only thing that controlled him. I don’t think Jester knows what he has unleashed.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he CARES what he has unleashed.

Willie Dean signals for the bell and INSTANTLY Sammy Rochester rushes across the ring. El Asso Wipo does a roll, dodging any assault from Sammy, but Sammy just CLOBBERS Mat Mullins with a running ring hand, sending Mullins flying off the apron and to the floor. Wipo is up quick, though, and he SLAMS Sammy in the back with a dropkick! Sammy staggers forward, but stays standing. Sammy turns and rushes Wipo again, but Wipo is able to roll out of the way again and hits ANOTHER dropkick to the back. Sammy doesn’t look hurt, he just looks irritated, and again he charges wildly. El Asso Wipo again rolls away, but when he gets up, he’s in the corner with Jester, and Jester plants a hard right hand to Wipo. Wipo staggers back and into the arms of Sammy Rochester, who just LAUNCHES Wipo across the ring. Wipo lands awkwardly and isn’t able to recover quickly. Sammy grabs Wipo by the head and lifts him up before pulling him into a short armed clothesline! Sammy again lifts Wipo up and just slams him back down with a BIG headbutt. Sammy is about to do more damage, but Jester calls him. Sammy looks over at Jester and Jester calls for the tag.

Other Guy: Oh, yeah, that makes sense. NOW Jester wants in the ring.

Sammy grabs Wipo and drags him to their corner. He then tags Jester in. Jester leaps over the apron and tells Sammy to hold El Asso Wipo. Sammy obliges, and Jester peppers El Asso Wipo with lefts and rights, each one with brutal precision.  Willie Dean steps in and tells Sammy to leave the ring. Sammy advances towards Dean, but Jester calms him down and tells Sammy to get out of the ring, which Sammy obliges. Jester then lifts El Asso Wipo back up, winds back, and goes for a big right hand, but El Asso Wipo dodges the shot. He grabs Jester by the neck on his way and DROPS him hard on his knee! The crowd pops loudly!


Jester rolls on the ground for a moment before popping up quickly. He charges at El Asso Wipo, but El Asso is quick with a handstand, catching Jester with his legs and slamming him to the mat with a leg scissors. As soon as Jester gets up, Wipo is behind him with a double knee  backbreaker! Jester rolls again, sitting up this time, clutching his back. Wipo quickly dashes forward and hits a seated dropkick to, you guessed it, Jester’s back! Wipo moves back to his corner, where Mullins has recovered, and he stares at Jester, just waiting, whilst “Wipo-ing Up”! Jester is finally back up, and El Asso Wipo points dramatically at him. The crowd says it with him.


El Asso is about to dash forward when he suddenly feels a slap on his back. Mat Mullins has tagged himself in!

Eryk Masters: Really? Now Mat wants in?

El Asso stares confused at Mat Mullins, who is now in the ring. Mat Mullins is motioning that he wants in against Jester. El Asso Wipo doesn’t seem to understand, since he had a clear advantage. Willie Dean, however, has come over and is explaining to Wipo needs to get on the apron, as Mat Mullins is the legal man. El Asso Wipo doesn’t want to leave, and he argues for a second. Jester Smiles, in the meantime, has made his way back to his corner and has tagged in Sammy Rochester. El Asso Wipo finally agrees and gets on the apron. Mat Mullins turns to face Jester, grinning, but his grin is gone when he sees Sammy Rochester standing there, pure hatred in his eyes.

Other Guy: Bad call dude.

Mat tries to go back to tag in Wipo, but Sammy gets a hold of him and just yanks him to the mat. He begins stomping Mat into oblivion, all 365 pounds coming down in one boot on Mat’s entire body. He then lifts Mat up by the hair and tosses him towards his own corner, Mat’s body being lifted a good five feet in the air. Mat tries to get up and run again, but Sammy is there and SLAMS him with a polish hammer. Mat’s nose is bleeding now and he is completely dazed. El Asso Wipo jumps in the ring in an attempt to save his partner, but Jester Smiles meets him half away and slams El Asso to the mat with the Virginia Sidekick! El Asso Wipo goes down hard and rolls out of the ring. Jester goes back the apron and watches on as Mat Mullins is lifted, by the back of his neck, high into the air, and back down again with a reverse chokeslam!

Eryk Masters: That is Sammy’s big move and…oh no.

Sammy lifts Mat in the air AGAIN and slams him down with ANOTHER reverse chokeslam. He doesn’t let go as he drops a lifeless Mat Mullins with ANOTHER reverse chokeslam.

Other Guy: Come on Jester, call him off.

As if hearing Other Guy’s plea, Jester calls for Sammy. Sammy looks at Jester, holding Mat Mullins lifeless half way up. Jester motions for the tag. Sammy looks disappointed, but he drops Mullins and tags Jester in. Jester enters the ring and rolls Mat onto his back. He then hooks Mullins in a half chickenwing and half nelson, pulling him to his feet. The camera closes in so it can pick up what Jester says to Mat.

Jester Smiles: Say goodbye Matty!

Jester SLAMS Mullins to the ground with the Half and Half Suplex! He bridges it for the pin!

Other Guy: Last Laugh. Done and overdone.



Eryk Masters: No suspense here.


The bell rings and Jesters is on his feet, happy with himself. Sammy gets in the ring to, but he doesn’t look happy. He just looks down at Mat Mullins, that same expression of hatred on his face.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners at a time of NINE minutes and FORTY-SIX seconds…JESTER SMILES AND SAMMY ROCHESTER!

Jester pats Sammy on the back, but Sammy ignores. He just looks at Mullins, who remains motionless on the ground. Two trainers have run from the back to check on Mat, but Sammy Rochester will not move away. He reaches down and grabs Mat by the back of the neck again.

Other Guy: No no no, come on.

Eryk Masters: All this because Jester made Sammy THINK Mat said something about Mikey. Come on Jester, tell him to stop!

The crowd is booing loudly, but they turn to cheers as Silas enters the ring with a steel chair. He plants Jester with the chair. The noise causes Sammy to drop Mat and turn. Silas SLAMS Sammy in the head with the chair…but Sammy does not fall! Silas winds back to try again, but Sammy just SLAMS Silas to the mat with a hard right hand. Sammy then grabs Silas by the back of the neck and lifts him, this time using both hands, but still dropping him with a reverse chokeslam! Jester is back up, and he looks pissed. He begins stomping the shit out of Silas. He looks at Sammy and tells him to lift Silas up, which Sammy obliges. While Sammy is holding Silas, Jester PLANTS him with the Spinning Crescent Kick!

Eryk Masters: Pretty easy to hit that Punchline with a giant monster holding your target in place.

Silas goes to the ground. Jester glares down at the man. He looks at Sammy, who is looking, again, at Mat. The trainers are trying to get Mat out of the ring, but he is completely dead weight. Sammy looks at Jester. Jester nods. Sammy pushes both trainers aside, grabs Mat by the back of the neck, and drops him with a FOURTH Reverse Chokeslam! Jester pats Sammy on the back, saying good job. Sammy looks satisfied, and now both men exit the ring.

Eryk Masters: That was completely unnecessary. Nobody deserves what Mat Mullins just got.

Other Guy: I think that man is hurt, Eryk. Sammy Rochester…damn.


Cronos Diamante: Good luck, kid.

Cronos closes the door to Edmund Augustus Shan’s locker room and heads for the cafeteria. Just as he turns the corner, he’s met by Abigail Chase.

Abigail Chase: Cronos, I was wondering if I could borrow a minute of your time?

Cronos Diamante: For you Miss Chase, you can have two.

Cronos leans back against the wall.

Abigail Chase: Inquiring minds would like to know, do you intend on returning to the ring?

Cronos chuckles.

Cronos Diamante: Eventually, yes. My shoulder has healed very well after the surgery. I’m not one-hundred percent but who can ever really say they are? Except for the new kids that bust into this business I suppose. But for now I’m here helping my brother in arms, Jaimie Alejandro. Whatever he needs, I’m there.

Abigail Chase: Speaking of new kids, is it true you’re helping Sin City Champion Edmund Augustus Shan train?

Cronos Diamante: Only a little. He’s doing fine on his own. He doesn’t really need me to alter anything he’s accomplished on his own. I’m just giving him a little help in the submission department.

Abigail Chase: And as for Jaimie Alejandro… how is it you’ve come to help him when you’re a known friend to Iron Fist Champion Issac Entragian?

Cronos sighs.

Cronos Diamante: Issac and I have come a long way since Legacy. I think some part of me is still his friend. The only one he had before Kenji. But I’ve changed a lot since then. I’m not a wicked man like I once was. And I don’t like what Issac stands for now. I’ll stand side by side with Jaimie for as long as he needs me to. I’m his friend too, ya know?

In the distance a man walks with purpose toward Cronos and Abigail. He’s wearing a forest green leather trench with matching fingerless biker gloves and a pair of black jeans. Before Abigail can say anything, Cronos turns around to find himself face to face with an old friend and foe.

Cronos Diamante: Skull.

Skull: Cronos.

Cronos Diamante: Been a long time.

Skull: Too long.

The two stare at each other for a long time before Skull cracks a grin and embraces his old friend. Cronos laughs and pats him on the shoulder.

Cronos Diamante: What brings you back here to SHOOT? I thought you went and retired all those years ago after that blood feud with The Real Deal.

Skull: Apparently time heals all wounds and I hear there’s a Revolution 100 next week. Kind of a big deal. And I saw you on the show last week. So I figured… why don’t I fly down to Las Vegas and look up my old buddy Cronos? You beat me eight times, old man. Eight times! Next week… I want my one win.

Abigail Chase cuts in, getting between the two.

Abigail Chase: Is that a challenge to Cronos for Revolution 100?

Skull nods, looking expectantly at his old pal Cronos.

Skull: You god damn right it is.

Cronos Diamante: Then I guess my return has gone from eventually to effective immediately. One last dance, Skull. Revolution 100 it’s you and me in the middle of the ring; one last time.

The two shake hands.

Skull: I’m staying at the Luxor. Meet up there tomorrow? We have a lot of catching up to do.

Cronos nods and before he can say anything, Skull is already storming past him.

Abigail Chase: Who is that man, Cronos?

Cronos smirks.

Cronos Diamante: Not a lot of people are gonna remember him but let’s just say once upon a time that man wreaked havoc upon The SHOOT Project and he started with the entire Johnson family. I may have beaten him eight times but every single fight went down to the wire. He’s been my friend and my enemy. Used to be he ran with Eric Wolfson. God help us all if he shows up too.

Cronos begins to walk off before Abigail catches up to him.

Abigail Chase: We still have an interview here, Cronos.

Cronos Diamante: Sorry. Gonna have to take a rain check. I have a lot of training to do to be ready for next week’s blood bath.

With that, Cronos exits the arena and leaves Abigail Chase standing there with half of her questions unused and none too pleased about it.


The unusual playoff of synthesizer and riffing electric guitar fills the arena. The blastbeat of the drum kicks in and as James LaBrie’s “Mislead” roars from the Epicenter’s sound system, the crowd is on its feet as Mason Pierce and Leona emerge from the curtain. Mason seems to be walking with a slight pause to his gait, decked out in his usual leather bomber jacket, a combination of blue jeans replacing his wrestling attire tonight. He removes the sunglasses from his eyes to display the scar above his right eye, a reminder of the carnage suffered at the Primus. He slowly makes his way to the ring, pausing to notice some of the signs that have been brought to the Epicenter by the fans tonight…

“X- Champ.. Problem SOLVED!”

“Mason- Fixing SHOOT one match at a time”

And of course, the one that gets a chuckle out of the pair…

“Marry me Leona”

Unlike the past, though, this time Mason and Leona actually do take a little time to shake hands with some of the fans at the barricade before they head into the ring, Leona motioning for a microphone.

Eryk Masters: Wow, OG.. what a turnaround as of late for Mason Pierce and Leona. It wasn’t all that long ago that they were nearly as reviled in the SHOOT Project as their partners in the Hierarchy. Maybe it’s true what Leona said a while back- once they left X-Calibur’s group, their fortunes changed.

Other Guy: There’s that, but let’s not forget that display of class at the end of the Primus. The guy comes up short in the match of his career, and instead of getting bitter about it, what does he do? Shakes the man’s hand and puts the belt around his waist. Definitely a much different Mason Pierce than we saw coming into SHOOT a year ago.

The ring attendant hands Leona the microphone, and she whispers something to Mason, who nods his head.

Leona: Amazing the difference a year makes, isn’t it? I remember this time twelve months ago, we were seeing this place for the first time. Mason stepping foot in a wrestling ring for the first time ever, and me being, well… me. Needless to say, we didn’t exactly get off to the perfect start here. We pissed off a lot of people- some intentionally, others maybe not so much so. I know on at least a few occasions, you guys wanted to run us out of Vegas something fierce. Only thing is, we don’t run that easily. Certain elements found that out the hard way.. Ones that, for obvious reasons, we won’t get into here. Instead we stuck it out. We made sure that everyone knew we weren’t going anywhere. And I guess over the course of the last year or so, we started to grow on you guys. Now I know Mason’s got a few words, and don’t worry, Mace, this’ll be yours in just a sec. I just want to say- to those who have been sending their best wishes to us while Mason’s been recovering- and believe me, the amount we actually got was surprising for us- thank you.

The crowd roars its approval as she hands the microphone to Mason.

Other Guy: Wait a second… who is this impostor and where the hell is the real Leona? Someone needs to find her. Or drug-test her, or something.

Eryk Masters: Not convinced, OG?

Other Guy: Not in the least. Something’s up. I can smell it.

Mason straightens himself and takes a deep breath as he surveys the crowd. He brings the microphone to his lips, but pauses as he waits for the crowd to quiet down, apparently quite unused to people chanting his name.

Mason Pierce: Well..I think this is the loudest time I’ve actually heard my name being chanted without the words “fuck you” or “go home” before them. I suppose I should be flattered. Humbled, even. Personally, I’d use the words shocked and surprised, but at the same time somewhat appreciative. Don’t think I’m not grateful for the support Leona and I have gotten over the course of the last little while, because I know I am. It just takes some getting used to, that’s all. So I’m sure you’ll bear with me if I’m not down on my knees kissing everyone’s backside and thanking them.

He pauses for a moment to compose his next thoughts as the audience gets fired up once again.

Mason Pierce: I’d like to clear the air right now, if I may. Namely concerning the Primus. One of the most grueling matches I’ve ever encountered in my bloody life- and considering the seven-man war I had to endure to win my first title here, that says one hell of a lot. I went in there because I was hired to do a job- a job that involved ensuring that X-Calibur did NOT walk out of RISE as the SHOOT Heavyweight Champion. The boss man made that crystal clear when he brought in not only yours truly, but one big, nasty, scary son of a bitch named Adrian Corazon as an insurance policy. And what’s the first thing we all do? We get the champ out of there. Haulin’ ass in a heartbeat. Job should have been done right then and there. But as we all know, that wasn’t the end. Far from it. It was only the beginning. And that’s when the light bulb went on. Watching what SCAR did to Trey Willett… well, let’s just say that told me what I had to do. It showed the lengths they’ll go to in order to blacken the hell outta this place. I’ve spent a long time fixing people’s situations. Balancing the scales, if you will. Whatever the man signing the paychecks tells me to do, I do. No questions asked.

But at RISE, everything changed. The whole gameplan got kicked right in the nutsack the second they wheeled Trey Willett out of there on a stretcher. And when Adrian Corazon decided he wanted to see how I’d look doing my best rendition of a T-bone steak at a tailgate party. Now I’ve had a lot of things done to me in the past. I’ve been stabbed, shot, beaten, tortured, but never barbecued. That was a new one to add to the list. I’m still feeling the effects of that one. And let me tell you something- it hurt like a son of a bitch. Let’s just say I’ve started looking at grilled foods a little differently after that little incident. Something about the smell of your own singed flesh tends to stick with you for a while, ya know?

At that point the last thing on my mind was the paycheck I was going to be getting from Double J when it was all said and done for services rendered. Only thing I could think about was getting my hands on Corazon for what he did. On making SCAR pay for their misdeeds. Never expected to see them eat their own, though. Don’t think anyone did. Made my job easier, though. One split second, Corazon. That’s all it took for me to spot that opening and throw your plans for superiority right down the ol’ crapper.

And right then and there, I had my sights set on the last man. The one I took right down to the wire. I did everything I knew how to do to Donovan King. I nearly snapped his neck. I made him scream. I tried to put his lights out on more than one occasion… and the son of a bitch still kept coming. He never said die, he never even thought for one second about laying down for those three seconds, even though I’m betting his body was screaming at him to just rest for one second more. He found the chink in my gameplan, and he used it. Three seconds later, man’s having his hand raised. Am I bitter? Nope. Not in the least. Man took everything everyone could throw at him, myself included, and still stood tall in the end. Something like that I can respect. So for those of you who were wondering why I shook the man’s hand and put the belt around his waist, now you know. Are we best buds all of a sudden? Nope. Will we ever be? Who knows? All I do know is this- anyone who goes through what we went through at the Primus and stands triumphant in the end.. DESERVES that championship. And as for our new champ, I’ve got one thing to say to you. While we may not be the best of friends, while at times I’m sure we ain’t gonna see eye to eye on things, and you know eventually I’m gonna want a shot at what you’ve got, as it stands right now, you’ve got my respect.

These remarks send the crowd into a frenzy, but the arena immediately blacks out.

Eryk Masters: This could be ANYTHING or ANYBODY, after the things Pierce has said here.

Other Guy: Or it could just be a mis-timed brown out? You never know!

The soft tones of a grand piano emerge onto the PA system as the crowd continues to maintain its silence. The piece is recognized now, it is Frederic Chopin’s “Nocturne in b minor,” and with that realization comes a purple glow, seemingly underneath the Revolution set. That glow becomes a focused line, and then expands into a purple spotlight, when finally… the video wall… the only source of luminescence in the arena… shows this image:


The arena looks to the ramp, expecting Corazon to appear, but are a little shocked when he doesn’t.

Eryk Masters: This is peculiar. This guy is WAY too narcisstic to not actually show up when he decides to make an entrance.

Other Guy: Unless…

Eryk Masters: FUCK. BEHIND YOU.

Corazon slides into the ring from behind Mason Pierce! The crowd starts booing REALLY LOUDLY but before Mason has the chance to turn around, Corazon clocks him from behind with a microphone in hand, staggering THE FIXER. Mason’s turned around in the corner, a bit groggy, and Corazon hits him one more time, directly in the head, for good measure.

Eryk Masters: GOD. DAMN. IT.

Corazon: I’m going to keep this brief.

Other Guy: That’s fortunate for us, I suppose.

The crowd boos.

Corazon: Speaking of "big and scary, what you see in front of you, Las Vegas, is the definition and picture of a false prophet, and so as my crusade begins, I have decided to pay very special attention to Mason Pierce.

Corazon smiles as Mason’s grogginess starts to fade.

Corazon: I recognize that Mr. Pierce has a match this evening, and I don’t want to deprive him or Kenji Yamada the opportunity to beat each other to a pulp, so I’m only going to cause him further harm on a minor level. You can all thank me later.

Corazon keeps smiling and as Mason Pierce starts forward from the turnbuckle, Corazon drops the microphone and punches him HARD in the face with a right hook. Corazon then steps back and lands a SICK Act of Reality onto the fixer, prompting a LOAD of boos and prompting Leona to cover the body of Mason Pierce with her own.

Eryk Masters: Corazon is a SICK FUCK.

Other Guy: That he is, and he’s sent a very clear message here this evening.

Corazon looks down at Leona with a smile on his face. He simply waves to her as drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Mason is coming to, thank goodness.

Other Guy: Well, Corazon said he didn’t want to ruin the main event. At least he kept that part of his word.

Eryk Masters: Ugh… Leona’s helping Mason out of the ring now, and they’re going to walk to the back. We’ve got another match coming up at some point, and hopefully that’ll wash away the stench of what just happened here.



The camera cuts back to OG and Eryk Masters at ringside, and it looks like they’re trying to speak. Masters looks around, checking his headset. Other Guy looks over at a cameraman, trying to get answers as to why they can’t be heard. As the cameraman shrugs, the RevoluTron comes to life, and we see three men we’ve become familiar with over the last couple of weeks. Sitting behind a fake announce table somewhere backstage, our friends in the horse masks are wearing ridiculous tuxedos. They have namecards in front of them: on the left, in a powder blue tuxedo and unicorn mask, is “Steve.” In the middle, sitting easily a head taller than both of his partners and wearing a horse mask, is “Bob.” And on the right, in the black tuxedo with the black shirt, horse mask, and pixie wings, is “Doug.”

Doug: Thanks, Eryk Masters and OG, it’s great to be here tonight in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for another night of SHOOT Project’s Revolution!

Steve: That’s right, Doug, and a big shout-out to the backstage crew for letting us take over for Eryk and Other Guy, who are earning a well-deserved break from the monotonous drudgery that is their miserable lives.

Bob: Indeed, Steve, hahaha. We’ve had a fabulous show so far, with an absolutely stunning match between what’s-his-name and that girl who can’t speak English.

Steve: There was some other bullshit, too, but right now it’s time for the Sin City Championship match, isn’t that right, Doug?

Doug: That’s right, Steve, and I gotta tell ya, I haven’t been this excited since my last colonoscopy.

Bob: Hahaha, let’s go to ringside where Samantha Coil is standing by to introduce the competitors.

Samantha Coil: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Sin City Championship!

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Back My Bullets” starts up, and Henry Gordon steps through, raising his arms in the air. He starts to jog down to the ring, slapping hands with fans at ringside, and sliding under the bottom rope. He heads to his corner, stretching his neck and arms.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 320 lbs, from Harrisburg, Virginia, HENRYYYYY GOOOOOOORDOOOOOOON!

Steve: Y’know, I gotta say he’s an awfully svelte 320 lbs.

Doug: He really does carry it well. And you know what they say, it’s just more cushion for the pushin’.

Bob: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little! Hahaha.

“The One” by Tantric pumps through, and the front of the stage pops with pyro as Edmund Shan walks out, Sin City belt wrapped around his waist.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is the SHOOT Project Sin City Champion, EDMUND AUGUSTUUUUUUUS SHAAAAAAAAAAN!

Shan walks down the opposite side, slapping hands with the fans Gordon missed, and makes his way into the ring, standing in the center with belt held high. He passes it off to referee Austin Linam, and heads to his corner, shadowboxing to warm himself up.

Bob: Shan here attacking the air. We’ll see how that strategy works out for him.

Shan steps to the middle of the ring, offering a hand for Gordon to shake. Gordon looks down at the hand, then back up at Shan, before shaking his head. Shan rolls his eyes, pushing the hand forward a little more. Gordon sighs, shaking his head again. Shan pushes his hand out one more time, very insistently, and Gordon slaps it away. Shan immediately charges forward, grabbing Gordon around the waist and slamming him down to the mat! Shan capitalizes by locking in an armbar, and putting his foot against the side of Gordon’s head and one in his armpit, trying to yank his right shoulder out of the socket!

Steve: And an impressive start by Shan, who I’m pretty sure just lifted quadruple his body weight.

Doug: Looks to me like maybe Gordon should’ve shook his hand, Steve, hahaha.

Linam is on the mat, checking Gordon out, but the challenger is not giving up that easily. He throws a punch into Shan’s knee, and Shan breaks the hold, rolling back to his feet. Gordon gets to his knees, clutching his shoulder, but Shan doesn’t let up, and charges again, landing a solid dropkick to the side of Gordon’s head. Gordon flops back to the mat, and Shan is on top of him like a wildcat, driving mounted punches to Gordon’s face! Gordon’s attempting to put up a defense, but Shan slaps his arms away, driving a headbutt to the challenger’s face!

Bob: Shan here showing a little more technical acumen than I think the challenger was expecting.

Doug: That’s just nonsense, Bob, since Shan is obviously just a street fighter. I conclude that what we’re watching just isn’t actually happening.

Steve: If Gordon really wants this championship, Doug, he’s gonna have to attack the champ like he attacks the Old Country Buffet.

Linam pulls Shan off, cautioning him, as Gordon gets back to his feet. The champ doesn’t want to give up the momentum, and charges Gordon once again. Gordon, though, counters with a belly to back suplex that catches Shan by surprise! Shan rolls to his feet, and Gordon rolls him over with a clothesline! He grabs Shan by the head, lifting him up, and throws a headbutt his way! Shan is dazed, falling back into the ropes, and here comes Gordon with another clothesline, and both men fall over the top rope and out of the ring! Shan hits the floor hard, and Gordon lands on his already injured right shoulder!

Bob: Looks like Gordo may have gotten a little more than he wanted from that fall.

Steve: I get it, Gordo, because he’s fat!

Doug: Maybe so, Bob, but Shan’s looking a little cross-eyed after that fall, as well. Well, more than usual.

Both men roll onto their knees, but Gordon goes on the offensive first– caught with a punch to the throat from Shan! Linam is starting the count, and Gordon clutches his throat! Shan whips Gordon into Eryk and OG’s announce table! 1! 2! Shan drives his shoulder into Gordon’s abdomen, once, twice, three times! Gordon doubles over, and Shan drops him to the floor with a bulldog! 3! 4! Shan throws Gordon into the apron, and rolls him inside. Gordon’s on his back, and Shan pulls Gordon’s right arm out of the ring, and slams it against the apron! Gordon clutches his shoulder once again, and Shan slides in as well, stopping the count!

Shan whips Gordon to the ropes, and puts Gordon down on the mat with a drop toe hold, immediately pouncing on Gordon’s right arm! He stretches Gordon’s arm up, and Gordon screams, but shakes his head! Gordon pulls himself forward, moving the pair closer to the ropes, and… yes! Linam calls for Shan to break the hold, and he does, but not without driving a boot to Gordon’s shoulder!

Steve: And that’s just Gordon’s extra hour’s worth of ring experience showing through, Bob.

Bob: Let’s not forget, though, that Shan was undefeated in those street fights nobody knows about.

Doug: Shan, though, really dominating Gordon here so far.

Shan picks up Gordon– Gordon drives forward, hefting Shan up with a double-leg slam!

Doug: Maybe I spoke too soon!

Gordon turns the tables on Shan, sitting on his back and pulling his arm up as well! Shan is shaking his head furiously, and Linam is there just in case! Gordon drops the arm, shooing Linam away as he picks Shan up by the hair, and drives him back down to the mat with a DDT! Gordon lays a couple of boots into Shan’s midsection, before picking him up and throwing him to the ropes– powerslam! Shan meets the canvas, and 320 lbs lands on his chest! Gordon goes for the cover!


2! Kickout!

Steve: A beautiful powerslam by Gordon, and the only time I’ll ever use “beautiful” and “Gordon” in the same sentence ever again!

Gordon pulls Shan to his feet, and hoists him into the air, dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker! Shan flops over, arm in the small of his back, and Gordon lands across the back of his neck with a legdrop! Shan goes nearly vertical, and flips over onto his back! Gordon grabs Shan by the hair once more– low blow from the champion!

Bob: A ballsy move by the champion!

Steve: You’re so funny, Bob!

Gordon doubles over, and Shan lays him out with a particularly vicious DDT! Gordon is on his back, and Shan pounces on his inner arm, then drives a foot right into his armpit! Gordon flops over, and as he does so Shan drives both feet into his right shoulder! Gordon cries out, clutching it once more, and Shan goes for the armbar again! But once more, Gordon is able to get a hold of the ropes! Linam breaks him off!

Shan shakes his head, frustrated, and he approaches Gordon– spear! Gordon drives a shoulder into Shan’s gut, and both men are on the mat! Gordon’s clutching his shoulder, still, and it looks like that spear may have done more harm than he thought! Shan is stirring, but it’s Gordon who’s on his feet first! He catches Shan from behind as he’s standing with a clothesline, and Shan hits the mat face first!

Doug: Looks like Gordon may be getting a second wind, here!

Steve: I didn’t know he had had his first!

Bob: Gordon’s hungry, Steve, and he also wants the belt!

Gordon pulls Shan to his feet, and pulls him backwards into a piledriver that rocks his head off the mat!  He stands up tall, dropping his elbow across Shan’s chest with a crack!

Steve: I don’t care who you are, that’s 320 pounds landing right on your sternum. That’s gonna HURT.

Gordon covers!


2! Kickout!

Bob: You know that had to be a painful kickout for Shan.

Doug: Even without Gordon laying across him, he’s probably looking at a broken rib right now.

Shan gets to his feet, clutching his chest a little, but still going. Gordon and Shan lock up, and Gordon drops him to the mat with a double-axe handle! Gordon grabs him by the head– Shan drives a shoulder into Gordon’s gut! Gordon doubles over, and Shan locks him in the clinch, sending kicks and knees to his chest and head! Gordon takes blow after blow– then drives Shan into the corner! Shan is winded, and Gordon comes back with a shoulder to Shan’s midsection! Shan crumples, and Gordon clutches his shoulder in pain!

Gordon shakes it off, and pulls Shan to his feet! Gordon with an Irish whip to the other corner– countered by Shan! Gordon hits the turnbuckle chest first, and stumbles out hard! Shan is right there to capitalize, dropping him to the mat with a snapmare, and before Gordon can fall to his back, Shan drives a dropkick to his right shoulder!

Steve: I think Shan is trying to soften up Gordon’s shoulder, but I’m not absolutely certain.

Doug: Maybe he could hit it a few hundred more times for you, Steve, hahaha.

Gordon is on his side, nursing his shoulder, as Shan gets back to his feet, hand pressed against his chest. Shan gives a quick soccer kick to Gordon’s shoulder, before pulling him to his feet, and once again driving a series of knees and kicks to Gordon’s head and midsection! Gordon’s trying to block, but as soon as he opens up his shoulder, Shan drives an elbow into it! Gordon turns away, grabbing at it, but Shan is right there! He drives his right elbow into Gordon’s chest, pushing his right leg behind Gordon’s left, and levels the big man with one motion! Gordon drops like a stone, right onto that shoulder one more time!

Bob: An impressive slam by Shan!

Doug: Gordon’s not a lightweight, by any standards, and Shan just laid him out!

Shan drops to the mat right after him, wrapping Gordon up, and locking in a Kimura armbar! They’re dead in the middle of the ring, and Shan’s not letting up! He’s locked on tight, and Linam is down with Gordon! Gordon’s screaming, but shaking his head! Shan cinches it tighter! Gordon cries out in pain, and slams his other hand to the mat! Gordon tapped out! Linam calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: At a time of 16 minutes 10 seconds, your winner, and STILL SHOOT Project Sin City Champion, EDMUND AUGUSTUUUUUUUUS SHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Bob: And in the end, the street fighter defeated his E. Honda to keep his belt and progress to the next round of the World Warrior competition.

Steve: As for Gordon, I hope he isn’t planning to go home and drown his sorrows in maple syrup.

Doug: On behalf of all three of us, thank you for joining us tonight on SHOOT Project’s Revolution 99, and we’ll see you next time on Revolution 100! Back to you, Eryk and OG!


“Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith kicks in and the fans rise to their feet as out from the back emerges the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD. CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS and BUCK DRESDEN stand on the entrance stage. Magnus has a serious look on his face, a stark contrast from the completely furious look on Buck’s face. Magnus has on a three piece suit, black with a silver shirt with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulder. Next to him is Buck Dresden dressed in a cut off Run DDC t-shirt, blue jeans with a torn right knee and black boots, the ever present Tag Team Championship belt buckle to match the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship on his own shoulder. Oh yeah, not to mention the black leather BAB cowboy hat on his head.

Eryk Masters: So…yeah. The Bad Ass Brotherhood are in the building, but Buck doesn’t look very happy about it!

Other Guy: I mean, would you be? Buck and Magnus got their asses handed to them by the crew they thought they were moving past in the Sinister Syndicate. To put it more aptly, Tanya Black and Chance Ryan.

Buck ignores the fans and rolls into the ring, followed by Magnus who is slapping a hand here and there. He walks up the ring steps and enters the ring, while Buck has taken the microphone from Samantha Coil, taking the time to get the other microphone for Magnus. “Back in the Saddle” fades out.

Buck Dresden: GOD DAMN IT!

Magnus furrows his brow as Buck paces the ring.

Buck Dresden: Ever since we won these belts almost two damn years ago, we ain’t had a problem dealin’ with the more annoyin’ sumbitches on the roster. Oh, VAS wants to steal our belts an’ get manjuice on Chuckie’s belt? Not a problem.

The fans laugh as Magnus looks rather vexed at that information.

Buck Dresden: Project:SCAR wanna be crazy? No big deal. Stellar Insanity wanna overlook us? We can handle that. What I can’t stand? What I REALLY can’t begin to handle? It’s when sleazy, underhanded, bullshit artists come along and talk some bullshit talk but can’t put one foot in front of the God Damn other to walk the damn walk!

The fans cheer a little bit as he pauses, still pacing.

Buck Dresden: Sinister Syndicate? In case it ain’t obvious, I’m talkin’ the fuck to YOU.

More cheers.

Buck Dresden: When Cade Sydal got his ass handed to him an’ he lost that there World title, did he whine about it an’ keep on comin’ back fer more?


He got high, popped some pills, prolly got a BJ, an’ decided to try to find somethin’ new to do!

Another pause.

Buck Dresden: My point is…Cade Sydal knew when he was whupped. When Laura Seton proved she was better’n Tanya Black…she moved on. When Chance Ryan couldn’t hack it with Kid Lightnin’…what did he go an’ do? He recognized his limitations. The fact of the matter is this.

We have beaten the Sinister Syndicate each an’ every way they’ve tossed our way. Even after they began their dumb ass smear campaign, we’ve overcome. NOW…they wanna sneak attack us? An’ Tanya Black resorts to stupid ass playground insults of ME?!

Charles Brandon Magnus: Calm down, Buck.

Magnus assuages his partner, putting his arm around Buck’s shoulders.

Charles Brandon Magnus: We’ve done everything that needs to be done against these…mooks. Buck here is…annoyed, to say the least that they attempt to keep provoking us. He wants them done once and for all so we can move to bigger and better things for ourselves, for this company, for this amazing division we have captained and championed for nearly two years.

Let Chance Ryan sneak attack us. The Sinister Syndicate are not number one contenders.

Get to the back of the line, chaps, because this is one war you’ve lost.

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: Looks like we won’t have to wait that long for a rebuttal…!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You cannot fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You cannot fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues, with the fans booing and both tag team champions staring hard at the stage, Buck pacing in anticipation for a fight, Tanya Black and Chance Ryan step out. Following shortly behind them are Cassi Ryan and a still-limping Cade Sydal leaning on his thick black cane with a silver dragon head at the top heavily for support, a microphone in his free hand. Cade holds the microphone toward Cassi, who begins tapping on it, as Tanya and Chance split, letting the couple stand between them.

Cade Sydal: Listen to your partner, Buck-o. Calm down, before you get hurt.

Upon those words Chance Ryan starts to move past Cade, but Cade holds his hand out and stops the larger man.

Cade Sydal: That wasn’t a threat, not right now anyway. Just…being so agitated can’t be good for your health, ya know?

Cade pauses briefly, as if waiting for a response, and then nods his head before Buck can offer one.

Cade Sydal: I thought so. So anyway, we were back there and we truly couldn’t help but overhear you. You two are…done with the Sinister Syndicate? Is that it? Well, let me go ahead and clear some shit up for you right now, mmkay? First of which is, I didn’t get my ass handed to me to lose my SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title. I lost it in an unjust triple threat encounter, in which we all know there is no championship advantage…an advantage meant to be given to all champions.

Cassi nods her head, and can even be heard saying "That’s right!" as Cade continues.

Cade Sydal: After said loss, I did get high, but pills aren’t my thing. I prefer to keep it to the non-lethal drugs these days, better chance of actually waking up, ya know what I mean? Secondly, Laura Seton is not, nor has she ever been or will ever be, better than Tanya Black. Tanya merely realized that she had done her task as Sin City Champion and elevated it to new heights, not once but twice, and she did so admirably.

Tanya’s scowl slowly fades into a slight smile at the words, nodding in agreement.

Cade Sydal: And thirdly, Chance Ryan could "hack it" with my little cousin Chris Sydal, also known as Kid Lightning. Chris would have been welcome in the Syndicate, if only he could find it in himself to be a little…Sinister. So Chris got dumped on the side of the road, not because of any inability to get the job done but simply because the two no longer agreed on their course. It happens. We move on.

Now, you two may have beaten Chance and I, and Tanya and myself…albeit because of the ligament damage in my knee, and so I agree with you. I am out of the running for your tag team titles. You have defeated me, for the time being, Brotherhood. Congratulations.

Cade smirks ever so briefly as the fans begin to give a mixed reaction, some cheering as they believe the Syndicate is conceding defeat, but others jeering because they recognize the diabolical demeanor on the face of the speaker.

Cade Sydal: But you two have not defeated the team of Tanya Black and Chance Ryan. A duo that laid you to waste on Revolution 98, and stood over your barely breathing bodies. See, we didn’t just come out here to confront you about the facts. We came out here to ensure that our revolution? Our image? Well we came out here to ensure that it is realized. We came out here to request one final match between the Sinister Syndicate and the Bad Ass Brotherhood.

Winner take all, and the loser walks away for good. No more matches, so long as the winners carry the gold, at least. This IS professional wrestling after all and to say it would be completely unavoidable would be misleading now wouldn’t it? No, just no more title matches. If you’re right, and you two are truly the most dominant team in the industry, this should be an easy challenge to accept, but if you two are scared we unde–

Buck Dresden: YOU’RE ON.

Charles Brandon Magnus: WHOA WAIT A SECOND.

The fans POP as Cade grins.

Charles Brandon Magnus: You’re gonna let that skinny little idiot and his moronic quim coerce you like that, Buck?

Buck Dresden: The tag team division an’ our titles deserve respect, Charlie. These people in the stands deserve respect. What those idiots up there give the world is proof that greedy, envious, pathetic trash like them can collect together’n try to tear everything down good, hardworking people like us did our best to make fer ourselves!

Cade claps.

Cade Sydal: Such selfless words, Buckley. So endearing to the feeble minded masses it’s no wonder they’ve bought your horrible t-shirts or your karate chop action figures.



Buck glares at Magnus. Magnus shakes his head, looking down at the mat.

Charles Brandon Magnus: …fine. At Revolution 100…The Bad Ass Brotherhood shall defend our World Tag Team Championship belts against Chance Ryan and Tanya Black. Winner takes all. You win, our dynasty is finished. We receive no more title shots. We win…the war is over and we can finally move on to legitimate competitors who shall provide this division with the respect it deserves.

Cade Sydal: So we have a deal?

Cade smirks.

Buck Dresden: Yer gawddamn RIGHT.

The fans pop as Cade says nothing more, merely motions for the Sinister Syndicate to retreat to the back. They slink back slowly as “Back in the Saddle Again” kicks back up. Magnus tosses his microphone to the mat, obviously disgusted with what has just transpired. Buck follows his partner as the two of them exit the ring.

Eryk Masters: The tag team titles are gonna be on the line in a Winner Takes All match at Revolution 100!

Other Guy: Cade Sydal has got what he wanted after all this time. His two underlings have a title shot after the whole Syndicate going down to the Brotherhood at various times…and he’s got it pretty much on his terms. The Brotherhood’s STILL outnumbered, the Syndicate just got Buck heated enough to get him to agree…I gotta say, I just can’t get behind this. It makes me feel uneasy.

Eryk Masters: How? Why?

Other Guy: The Brotherhood’s beaten back every single team they’ve ever faced. That includes legends like Stellar Insanity and monsters like Project:SCAR. The numbers game was never really a problem for them until running into the Sinister Syndicate. Now, all of a sudden, they’re getting attacked from behind and with their emotions running high…Cade could get whatever he wanted out of Buck Dresden…and Magnus is gonna do what Buck wants to do because he’s his friend.

Eryk Masters: The Brotherhood’s overcome much worse in the past, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Other Guy: But nothing like this, Eryk.

We see Magnus hold his World Tag Team Championship in the air side by side with Buck Dresden, who holds his World Tag Team Championship in the air as well.

Other Guy: Nothing like this.


The sound of a symphony comes over the public address system and the tron turns on.

You take a mortal man

We see the figure of Skull, member of the old guard of The SHOOT Project standing in the desert in his trademark forest green trench.

And put him in control

Flash to Skull in the ring with The Real Deal, fists flying as both men aim to destroy one another in a Ring of Flame match.

Watch him become a God.

Flash to Skull slamming the steel steps onto a downed Del Carver then jumping up and down on them, injuring the Diamond man.

Watching people’s heads a’roll

Flash to Skull and Chris Lee battling it out in the center of the ring. Skull reverses an Irish Whip and throws Lee to the outside.


Skull enters the ring from behind Del Carver and Ben Jackman and takes them both down with a double clothesline.

Just like the Pied Piper

Led rats through the streets

Eric Wolfson and Skull battling it out in the streets of Las Vegas. Wolfson’s head being thrown through a car windshield.

We dance like marionettes,

Swaying to the Symphony…

Cronos Diamante and Skull stare each other down just before the two engage in combat. A right from Cronos staggers skull but he charges in and takes Cronos down with a vicious spear tackle.

Of Destruction!

As the song “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth continues to play, the number one-hundred and sixty seven shows up on the tron with a W next to it. The career win record fades from the screen into…

Returns on Revolution 100!


Cage the Elephant’s "Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked" cues up, bringing Thomas Manchester Black out from behind the curtain.

/=I was walking down the street when, out the corner of my eye, I saw a pretty little thing approaching me=

/=She said, "I never seen a man who looked so all alone, could you use a little company?"=

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black is coming out to the ring right now and it seems like he and Corey Lazarus are going to hash some things out in the middle of the ring.

Other Guy: Just verbally, though! Price has seen to it that they can’t touch each other until their match at Revolution 100 in a few weeks.

/="If you could pay the right price your evening will be nice, or you can go and send me on my way"=

Eryk Masters: That’s the plan, anyway.

TMB pulls the mic out of his pocket as he finishes his march to the ring, sliding directly under the bottom rope.

/=I said "you’re such a sweet young thing, why did you do this to yourself?" She looked at me and this is what she said=

Thomas Manchester Black: Cut the music.

/=Well, there ain’t no rest for the wicked=

Thomas Manchester Black: I said CUT THE MUSIC!!

/=Money don’t grow on trees=

Thomas Manchester Black: Corey, you and your little boy toy made the agreement with me to come out so that we can talk some things out like men, and here I am. Where the hell are the two of you?

On perfect cue, an old fashioned, black and white film countdown rolls on the Video Wall…


Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" cues up at the first verse as Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price walk out from behind the curtain. Corey has his own microphone in one hand and a bottle of Aberfeldy 21 in the other as Price carries two tumblers.

Corey Lazarus: Yeah, yeah…cut mine, too.

The music? It’s cut. Corey blows the camera a kiss as he and Price walk down the ramp.

Thomas Manchester Black: You have about a minute to get this going before I jump out of this ring and tear a hole through your face.

Corey Lazarus: Whoa…tear a hole through my face? Tommy boy…can I call you Tommy boy?

TMB’s face upgrades from aggravated annoyance to "I’ll prison rape you in a second" a little too quickly for Corey’s taste.

Corey Lazarus: Okay, I guess not. Nevermind that I don’t think it’s physically possible for you to tear a hole through my face rather than in it, but hey, I digress!

Thomas Manchester Black: Thirty seconds.

A few fans pop and Corey is taken aback, looking around and judging the growing pro-TMB/anti-L-A-Z sentiment.

Corey Lazarus: To explain just why Gregory here said we should talk things out in the ring? Cool. I dig. I’m normally not a fan of time limits so downright constricting, but I can dig. You see, sport, you’ve gotten awfully worked up these past few weeks, and I can tell that some of the things I’ve said, regardless of the exorbitant level of truth in my words, have probably gotten under your skin.

Corey and Price move to get onto the apron as TMB takes a step forward. Both men jump off, with Corey holding up a hand in protest.

Corey Lazarus: Hey, hold on there, killer. Hear me out.

Thomas Manchester Black: Point…get to it before I get bored and decided to give these fans a early match.


Fans: T-M-B!!! T-M-B!!! T-M-B!!!

Other Guy: And Corey just looks so completely disgusted with these fans.

Corey Lazarus: My point, tiger, is that with all of the stress that’s been building up, and a lot of it because of my tendency to just run my mouth nonstop, especially with huge run-on sentences just to further illustrate my points…

Thomas Manchester Black: I feel a yawn coming on.

Corey and Price step into the ring, with Corey handing the bottle of Aberfeldy 21 over to Price.

Corey Lazarus: And I, my friend, feel as though we may have gotten off on the wrong foot initially. Hello, my name’s Corey Lazarus.

Corey extends his hand but TMB just stares at it.

Corey Lazarus: No? Okay, cool. The reason we’re out here tonight, Tommy boy…again, may I call you Tommy boy?

TMB takes another step closer as Price steps in front of Corey.

Thomas Manchester Black: Maybe you should let Price do the speaking.

Price hands Corey the scotch and glasses, taking the microphone in return.

Gregory Price: What my esteemed client is trying to say, Mr. Black, is that he apologizes for making your life so difficult these past few months and for insulting you in the first place.

The crowd gives the man with the microphone a few boos.

Eryk Masters: If that’s not downright cowardly…

Gregory Price: We’d like to make it up to you.

Laz hands the bottle back to Price, snatches the mic from his agent’s hands, and then clears his throat.

Corey Lazarus: In the old days, people would get together and share a meal to hash out their differences before it came to blows, completely unlike any college girl in this day and age…

Corey makes sure to give the camera a wink.

Corey Lazarus: …and they’d tear apart a loaf of bread, hence why the phrase "breaking bread" means "to make peace." The L-A-Z, though, isn’t too big a fan of bread, but he does love him some top-of-the-line scotch.

Price pours some of the Aberfeldy 21 into both glasses, swirling them quickly before walking between both his prized client and the Queen City Hitman.

Thomas Manchester Black: Heh…ok, I’ll play along. If you’re being honest than we can handle this right here and now. But if you are playing some type of game?

TMB puts his face directly into Corey’s…

Thomas Manchester Black: There will be something violent happening in both of your futures.

…and then steps back, letting Corey slowly nod his head.

Corey Lazarus: Oh, I’m as honest as they come. I mean, it’s not like I roofied this or anything.

Laz hands TMB a glass and holds his own up for a toast.

Corey Lazarus: To putting on a classic, sportsman-like contest at Revolution 100, the likes of which are too rarely seen in this day and age.

TMB accepts the glass…

Thomas Manchester Black: Cheers.

…and both men takes sips, staring at each other the whole time. They chug it down with TMB finishing first, handing the empty glass back to Price.

Thomas Manchester Black: Not bad…

Corey spits all of the scotch back into his glass, pulls out a bottle of water, and quickly rinses out his mouth, spitting the water onto the floor. He scrapes his tongue with the back of his hand and flashes his TRADEMARK DEVILISH GRIN to TMB. Black raises an eyebrow, confused, but then starts to stumble a bit before dropping to one knee.

Corey Lazarus: Hey, Tommy boy, remember when I said this wasn’t roofied?

TMB tries to get up but stumbles against the ropes and falls down to his knees.

Corey Lazarus: Well, tiger, that’s the honest truth. What you just ingested, though, was a top-of-the-line neuromuscular blocking agent that I got off of a pharmacist friend of mine. It’s actually only in the testing stages, though, but the effects, at least with the size of a dose I put in your drink, are that it renders your body completely paralyzed within moments, keeping your mind active.

Thomas Manchester Black: Sonnnn of a…biiiiiiiiiiii…

Thomas falls down on his side and Price rolls him over onto his back.

Corey Lazarus: See, Tommy, I want you to realize a couple of things. The first being, of course, that this is a position and a feeling you should really get used to if you aren’t already, being completely unable to move and staring up at the rafters. At Revolution 100? You’ll be this way again, but it won’t be because of some dosed little drink that you were stupid enough to guzzle down, of course. It will be because the Hollywood Kid decided to be nice and let you keep on living.

Laz drops down to his stomach, crawling over so that his face is inches from Black’s. He waits there, smiling into the wide open eyes of his, and chuckles.

Corey Lazarus: And the second, and most important thing, is that you deserve to be like this right now. You deserve to be stuck on your back, completely unable to do anything about it, completely helpless, because you’re too damn trusting. This is why you haven’t gotten anywhere in SHOOT Project. This is why you’re doomed to fail. Against me, against anybody else on this roster…against the world, really. You’re destined to spend the rest of your life studying the rafters, stuck on your back, because you’re not smart enough to realize that somebody who, by all accounts, is your complete superior and is willing to prove it at all costs isn’t somebody you can trust. Allow me to continue doing what I told you I intended to do a couple of months ago and that’s help you help yourself. Rock n’ roll, Tommy boy.

Corey whispers into the mic…

Corey Lazarus: Rock n’ fucking roll.

…and then rises back to his feet before dropping the microphone onto Black’s chest. SHOOT Security and a few EMTs rush down the ramp as Corey and Price exit the ring, letting the fans boo them both as loud as their lungs allow it.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT of the evening!

"DIM Scene" by the GazettE starts playing, and the Tron comes to life. It’s a black and white video, and not for the weak at heart. An ice pick slowly sinks into the flesh of an unknown, visibly obese man. We see the man is struggling, but there’s no use. The pick drags across his flabby belly, a dark, thick, oily looking liquid that we know to be blood is spilling out from the wounds, and the pick is lifted. Two words adorn the man’s flesh, and I think we know what those words are.


The fans know what to do. The boo loudly as Project: SCAR’s Sociopath Pioneer, Kenji Yamada makes his presence known at the top of the entrance ramp. He pays no mind to the negative outcry aimed at him, but stares dead ahead at the ring, as if imagining the things he is planning to do to Mason Pierce here tonight.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, representing Project: SCAR, he is Kenji YAMAAAADAAAAA!

Eryk Masters: No matter what anyone says about how vicious, how dangerous Kenji Yamada is, they can’t put it into enough words to match his mean streak.

Other Guy: You can say that again. I don’t envy Pierce in the slightest.

Kenji stalks forward, walking up the ring stairs to the apron, and stepping between the middle and top rope to enter the ring itself. He seats himself in the corner of the ring, not acknowledging the fans, Samantha Coil, or anything.

The music shuts of, to be replaced with "Mislead" by James McBrie begins to play, and Mason Pierce appears on the JumboTron, in clip fashion. The fans cheer as The Fixer himself appears at the top of the ramp, looking a little shaken, but otherwise completely focused, and the scowl on his face says he’s going to take things out on Kenji Yamada.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, he is "The Fixer" Mason PIEEEEEEERCE!

Other Guy: Pierce seems to look a little worse for the wear right now.

Eryk Masters: Bumping into Adrian Corazon will do that to you.

Leona is at Mason’s side as they get to the ring, but Mason has a few words with her. she nods, and Mason slides into the ring. Yamada doesn’t even flinch. Mason stares daggers at his opponent as the bell rings, and the music dies. This one is underway.

As soon as the bell rings, Kenji reacts. He hurries to his feet, and charges Pierce. Kenji takes Mason down, and both men are throwing flurries of fists.

Eryk Masters: This one starts off as some expected: instantly and violently!

Other Guy: And it can only get uglier from here.

Kenji slams his forearm into the face of Pierce, which dazes him momentarily. Kenji immediately takes advantage, driving his forearm into the clavicle of Pierce. Mason grabs at his collar bone, and Yamada instantly changes target, sending two quick hammer fists into the chest of the Fixer.

Kenji floats over into side control, and begins shooting his left elbow into the ribcage of Pierce. We can hear the gasps of breath leaving Mason as Kenji pounds away, three blows, back to back, rapid fire. After the third, he digs the point of his elbow into the ribs, grinding it, bone against bone.

Eryk Masters: Such viciousness out of the gate from SCAR’s Yamada.

Other Guy: You were expecting suplexes?

Yamada relents, only to get to his feet. Pierce rises as well, but eats a forearm, sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. Kenji strikes, planting a stiff boot into the ribcage of Pierce, and follows up with a leaping knee that catches Mason flush on the chin. Pierce is slumped in the corner as Kenji takes a step back, measuring his man, and charges forward, but Pierce suddenly energizes, and grabs Kenji by the head, switching positions. With Kenji in the corner, Pierce throws a right hand to the jaw, followed by a left to the kidney. The fans start cheering like mad as Pierce follows up with another right, a forearm shot, that finds it’s mark across Kenji’s temple, and allows Kenji to slump forward, grabbing his head and jamming it on his knee as Yamada falls. Kenji snaps back into the turnbuckles, and Pierce turns, shouting out to the crowd, who respond favorably.

Eryk Master: And just like that, Mason takes control!

Mason massages his ribs and moves forward, but Kenji takes him off guard, driving his fist into Mason’s bread basket. Mason doubles over, and Kenji gets to his feet. He hurries forward and clasps Pierce’s head under his arm, and drops him down, face first, with a DDT. Pierce lands flat, and Kenji floats over onto his back, and grabs a fistfull of face. He follows up, slamming his forearm across his face, then allowing Mason’s head to thud off the mat.

Other Guy: Just when you think someone has control, the tide changes quickly.

Kenji doesn’t try for the cover, but instead pulls Pierce to his feet, and hooks him up for a gutbuster. It connects, and Pierce rolls onto the mat, clutching at his injured ribs. Kenji doesn’t let up, planting his boot into Pierce’s side, causing even more pain. A second boot causes Pierce to roll some more, out of harms way, and out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: There’s Pierce trying to break the momentum of Kenji Yamada, and stop him before he breaks Mason’s ribs!

Kenji isn’t scared. He follows Pierce of of the ring, kicking him in the back on his way out. Pierce falls to his knees, and with both men out of the ring, Tony Lorenzo begins his count.


Yamada stalks behind Pierce, who is trying to get back to his feet.


Kenji helps Mason up, and then whips him into the barricade.


Mason cringes as he makes contact with the steel, in obvious pain.


Kenji looks to be savoring the pain he’s inflicting on Pierce, and doesn’t seem ready to stop.



Kenji rolls back into the ring, and right back out again, breaking Lorenzo’s count. The ref is arguing with Yamada, trying to get him to get the match back in the ring, but Kenji ignores him. He goes back outside and hooks Pierce’s head under his arm again.


Before Kenji can drop Mason again, Pierce uses his adrenaline, and forces Kenji backwards, colliding him back first against the ring apron!


The crowd explodes, and Kenji falls, as does Mason after the abuse he’s taken thus far.


Mason tries to use the bottom rope to pull himself to his feet.


He does get to his feet, and he leans down and brings Kenji to his feet as well.


Pierce slams Kenji face first on the apron, and rolls him into the ring. Tony Lorenzo is looking to count six, when Mason slides under the bottom rope after Yamada. Kenji is on his knees, looking to shake it off and get back into things, when Pierce comes up behind him, hooking on a Dragon Sleeper!

Eryk Masters: And there’s a submission from Mason Pierce! He’s going to need to wear Kenji down if he’s looking to beat him here tonight!

Pierce bends Kenji back, keeping his head and neck clasped, and yanks back, causing Yamada even more pain. Kenji’s arms are flailing, as he tries to find an escape. Yamada gets his neck wrenched back again and again, as Mason has it locked in tight, and doesn’t look to want to let go.

Other Guy: I don’t think we’re going to see a submission from Kenji here, but I don’t know how he’s going to escape.

Kenji is bridged back, with Mason still squeezing as hard as he can, but Kenji breaks the bridge, and drops down, bringing Mason down with him. Pierce still has the hold locked in, but Kenji is able to roll over, and he uses a free arm to hook the bottom rope. Tony Lorenzo taps on Pierce’s shoulder, and informs Pierce he needs to release the hold. Pierce doesn’t, he keeps it locked in. Lorenzo now orders Pierce to release the hold, and Mason still refuses. Lorenzo stands up, and starts his five count.





FI-Pierce finally lets go. The crowd seems to support this move, however, they are that against Project: SCAR.

Eryk Masters: There’s Mason Pierce, getting everything he could out of that move. It may not be exactly legal, but you can’t hold anything back against any member of Project: SCAR.

Pierce keeps on the attack, bringing Kenji to his feet. He whips Yamada into the ropes, and drives a knee into the Sociopath Pioneer’s gut on the rebound. Kenji doubles up, and Pierce wastes no time in hooking Kenji up with a swinging neckbreaker! Kenji clutches his neck, and Pierce makes sure his shoulders are flat on the mat as he makes the cover! Lorenzo slides into position!



Kenji Yamada kicks out! The fans jeer, they thought this match was over. Pierce brings Kenji back to his feet, and whips him into the corner again. Kenji hits with such force that he bounces out of the corner, and Pierce runs and rams Kenji full force with a thunderous shoulderblock. Kenji whips down to the mat, bouncing off the canvas. Pierce follows up by bouncing off the ropes, and drops a knee, bouncing off the skull of Yamada. Kenji writhes in pain, and Pierce again forces Kenji’s shoulders down, and hooks the far leg.



Kenji again kicks out. Pierce rolls Kenji over, and hooks on a full nelson, keeping Yamada flat on the ground with this new submission.

Other Guy: Pierce is definitely looking to inflict damage on Yamada here tonight.

Pierce sits back, almost like a Camel Clutch, nearly bending Kenji in half, while Yamada is wiggling his arms, trying to free himself. He is successfull in sliding his left arm free, but Mason doubles the grip on the right arm. Yamada is still in trouble, but he does have one arm free. He reaches out, and he grabs the bottom rope. Pierce is reluctant to release the hold again. Lorenzo is demanding he do so, and Mason again ignores the ref’s instruction.





Instead of counting five, Lorenzo tries to forcibly remove Pierce from Yamada, so as to not have to disqualify him. He forces Pierce back, but doesn’t have any luck removing Kenji from his grip. In the confusion, Yamada reaches up, and punches Pierce right in the junk.

The fans cheers turn to loud and heavy boos, and Mason slumps to the ground. Kenji is still hurting from the submissions thrown his way, and Lorenzo is confused as to what happened.

Other Guy: That just shows that even if Kenji isn’t looking for the win, he is always looking how he can hurt you more.

Kenji gets to his knees gingerly, still hurting, but he has malice in his eyes as he looks towards Pierce. He lunges forward with fury, and launches an attack on Mason, hammering him in the back and the kidneys with fists and hammerfists. He headbutts Pierce in the kidneys, forcing Mason to let out an audible gasp of pain. Kenji follows up this assault with a double ax handle, and a second, and a third after that, keeping Pierce grounded. Kenji hurries and sits on the small of Pierce’s back, and reaches over the top of his head, and sticks his hand in Mason’s mouth, pulling the top of his jaw upwards, which cannot be sanitary or painless.

Eryk Masters: Just when you think Kenji can’t get any more vicious, he is trying to pry the skull from the mandible of Mason Pierce. Just brutal.

Kenji slams the butt of his elbow now into the top of Pierce’s head, jarring it shut. The blow has an effect on Kenji, as he shakes his arm afterward. He continues the assault, clawing at the face of Pierce. Mason is trying to cover up, but Kenji drops a knee to the ribs of Pierce, causing him to uncover his face. Kenji immediately starts firing off with rights and lefts to the forehead of Pierce, as Lorenzo continuously warns him to stop. Yamada stops, staring ahead with that evil stare at Lorenzo, as we see a slight trickle of blood in the center of Mason’s forehead.

Other Guy: If Kenji smells blood, he’s going to go in for the kill.

Kenji reaches down and dabs at the blood, and plays with it in his fingers, and a grin begins to creep upon his face. Kenji picks Mason up and hammers away with a right hand, rocking Pierce backwards. Mason turns and falls into the ropes, hanging on the top rope, and Yamada runs at him, drilling his knee into the back. Before Pierce can even do anything, Kenji grasps him at the waist, and drops him with a back suplex. He covers, hooking both legs.



Pierce kicks out! The fans applaud, not wanting Pierce to give up. Kenji works the wound on Mason’s head, causing the cut to grow, and more blood to flow. He changes to forearms, getting Pierce’s blood all up his arm. Kenji stops the forearms, and the assault continues, as Kenji smashes his own skull into Pierce’s, over and over again. Now there is Mason Pierce’s blood on Kenji’s head, and Pierce is being beaten mercilessly.

Eryk Masters: Brutal, unrelenting, I don’t know how much more Mason Pierce is going to be able to take!

Kenji touches his hand to his head, and is amused to find Pierce’s blood there. He rubs it across his chest, and moves in for more of Pierce. Kenji lifts Mason’s head and slams it back down into the apron. Kenji does it a second time, and then hooks the leg again.



Pierce gets a shoulder up!

Eryk Masters: Do you think Kenji is getting frustrated at not being able to keep Pierce down?

Other Guy: I….I don’t think it matters to him very much. I think if he wins, great, but if he doesn’t? As long as he hurts his opponent, Kenji can sleep soundly.

Eryk Masters: If he sleeps.

Kenji protrudes his middle finger knuckle from his fist, and digs it into the open wound on Pierce’s skull. We see Mason’s feet kicking frantically, trying to escape from the Sociopath Pioneer, but to no avail. Tony Lorenzo seems torn, because technically, Kenji is not doing anything wrong. Kenji lifts himself up, bringing Pierce up along with him. Kenji chops Mason hard across the chest, the blow echoing across the arena. Mason clutches at his chest and seems unsteady on his feet, and Kenji runs past him and bounces off the ropes. He runs towards Mason on the rebound, and fires a shot to Mason’s back, causing Pierce to grasp it in pain, and bend over, which is the opening Kenji was looking for. Kenji bounces off the rope again, coming back to blast Mason with a Yakuza kick, right to the side of the head. Mason is snapped upright with the impact, and Kenji follows up by running the ropes one more time, and catching Pierce with a strong lariat, sending both men to the ground. Kenji hurries back to the cover, and hooks the far leg, and pins Pierce’s arm to the mat.



TH-Mason Pierce kicks out again! Kenji pauses to catch his breath, which is giving Pierce a second to try and recover, but Kenji doesn’t have to stop for very long. Kenji drives his knee into the ribs of Pierce, then stands up, stalking his prey, waiting for Mason to make it back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Whatever Kenji is thinking of now, it will NOT mean good things for Mason Pierce.

Mason is slow to get to his feet. The blood continues to drip down his face from the wound, but he still finds something deep down to try and get up. The fans clap in unison, soundly behind Mason Pierce as he shakily gets to one knee. The fans cheering gets louder as Pierce grasps the ropes, getting back to his feet with help from the added leverage the ropes give him. He turns and faces Kenji Yamada, who smirks, and strikes. He buries the tip of his boot into the stomach of Pierce, doubling him over, He then tucks Mason’s head between his legs, looking for a powerbomb.

Other Guy: We’ve seen this before! Kenji’s going for the Everlasting Scar!

Kenji attempts to powerbomb Pierce, but Pierce is able to block and somehow able to flip Yamada over his back, sending him crashing to the mat behind him! The fans absolutely EXPLODE, and the support for Pierce intensifies.

Eryk Masters: If Mason Pierce had a shot at this, NOW IS THE TIME!

Both men are down on the mat, but Mason is crawling to the corner. Tony Lorenzo has no choice but to start the ten count.



Mason is closer to the ropes, and Kenji is starting to move.



Kenji sits up. Pierce has grabbed the middle turnbuckle, hoping to use it to get to his feet, but Kenji rolls and finds himself upright, breaking Lorenzo’s count. He isn’t smirking anymore, but his face is a mask of pure evil. He stalks behind Pierce, grabbing him and forcing him to his feet. Kenji tries to fire off a right hand, but Pierce ducks it. Yamada’s momentum sends him spinning, and Pierce moves, and Kenji takes his place in the corner! Mason Pierce now UNLOADS with rapid fire shots. Rights to the head, lefts and rights to the body, kicks to the chest and legs. He ends his flurry with a stiff European uppercut that nearly sends Kenji up and over the top rope! Kenji hits the mat, then crumples in the corner, and the fans are electric for Pierce.

Eryk Masters: Do it now! Finish him before he can come back!


EVERY member of Project: SCAR runs down to the ring at this point and they ALL slide under the ropes, cornering Mason Pierce. Kenji Yamada gets to his feet. There is an eerie silence as each member of SCAR inches closer and closer to Mason. Weak from his match and breathing heavily, Mason spins around quickly trying to face each member of SCAR at the same time, unwavering even against such staggering odds.

Other Guy: God damn it, earlier tonight we thought SCAR was dead and now this.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Mason’s spirit is ready to fight but after that grueling match with Kenji…

Closer and closer, each member of Project: SCAR inches their way in as the crowd watch on with bated breath. Some fans cover their mouths, some just leave their mouth hanging open in horrific anticipation, and some just turn their heads towards the floor and wait for the chaos to end. Isaac licks his ivory lips in anticipation, looking to be the first one to strike, a collective gasp can be heard from the crowd inhaling in fear…


To no music whatsoever, Jason Johnson steps out onto the entrance, microphone in hand.  The fans pop as they see the SHOOT Project Owner.  SCAR stare him down for a moment before he starts to speak.

Jason Johnson:  You four back off of Mason Pierce right NOW.

The fans pop once more as SCAR refuses to move, glaring Jason down.

Jason Johnson:  I’m sure you’re not happy to see me, but the fact is I couldn’t really give a single fuck less.

Another pop, and this time SCAR has his full attention, turning their bodies completely to face Jason.

Jason Johnson:  I’ve seen you four end Diamond Del Carver’s career, end Trey Willett’s career, end Jun Kenshin’s career, try to end Jaime Alejandro’s career, try to end Jonas Coleman’s career and frankly?  Your reign of bullshit ends NOW.

A MASSIVE ovation for the owner now.

Jason Johnson:  I don’t normally like coming out here to say what I gotta say, I like letting my actions speak for me.  You four want to cause SHOOT Project more pain?  More suffering?  You’re welcome to try, mother fuckers.

The cheering only grows as out from the back emerges Donovan King, Jaime Alejandro, Lunatikk Crippler, Jonas Coleman, Charles Brandon Magnus, Buck Dresden, and Thomas Manchester Black.  The seven of them surround Jason Johnson, their eyes fixed on the ring.

Eryk Masters:  OH!  SHOOT Project is in the building!  Jason doesn’t stand alone!

Jason Johnson:  I got these and a whole roster of guys who are sick…and TIRED…of the bullshit men like you four have caused this company.  All year, I’ve been telling the guys in this company they need to rise up.  Rise up against tyranny, rise up against oppression, and most of all…rise up against bullies like YOU FOUR who want to tear down what we’ve taken over a DECADE to build!

The camera looks at the Soldiers surrounding Jason.  Crippler is nodding his head, Jaime stares dead at Isaac.  SCAR sees the seven of them and know they’re outnumbered.  Mason looks at the stage and grins, turning his head back to SCAR with a shit eating grin.

Jason Johnson:  And you know what happened, boys?  SHOOT Project has RISEN.  We are UNITED.  And we are through taking the apocalyptic bullshit your lot has tried to shove down our throats for nearly two years.  We want…these people want…a SHOOT that harkens back to the days of old.  When Soldiers set foot in the ring, settled their differences in the ring, and competition was the most important thing in this business.

What you’ve tried to create is despair and doom.  What we’ve built…is HOPE.

The fans pop again, though the pop is slightly smaller than before.

Jason Johnson:  Even though we’re all sick of the shit you’ve pulled over the years, Project:SCAR…there’s probably one person on this planet who wants to take you down more than this group of guys right here.  That guy called me up, told me he was ready to compete, and he wants Project fucking SCAR!

Jason grins.

Jason Johnson:  Ladies and gentlemen…it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce to you all our RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…MAYA NAKASHIMA.

Eryk Masters:  WHAT?!  NO!  EFFING!  WAY!

"HORIZON" by D’espairsRay plays as the fans ERUPT.  The Seven Soldiers separate to reveal Maya Nakashima, dressed in his ring gear, the Rule of Surrender Championship around his waist.  His fists are curled up at his sides as he walks past each of the Soldiers on the stage.  Jaime Alejandro nods at him as Buck and Magnus pat him on his shoulders.  King puts his arm around Maya and pats Maya’s chest, pointing to SCAR as he openly taunts them.  Maya stops beside Jason Johnson as “HORIZON” dies down.  These is a buzz in the building as the camera pans to each member of Project:SCAR.  Corazon yawns, seemingly unimpressed.  Isaac seems concerned for Kenji.  Obsidian is fuming.  Kenji stares blankly.  Gaunt’s eyes dart from person to person in the ring.

Jason Johnson:  I don’t think you guys are gonna be causing Mason Pierce any more problems tonight.

Big laughs from the crowd as Mason rolls from the ring, walking backwards up the ramp, the grin still on his face.  Mason arrives next to Maya and shakes Maya’s hand, though Maya’s eyes never waver from his glare at the men in the ring.

Jason Johnson:  Now these men could very well head down to that ring and beat the ever loving SHIT out of the five of you and rid us ALL of your whining and your bullying…but that’s not gonna happen.  That’s not the SHOOT we need.

No…these fans deserve not to see you five become martyrs.  They need to see you five fail at the one thing you need to succeed in in order to break this company down like you’ve always dreamed of.

One on one.  In that ring.  And the first guy to call dibs on a match with you sorry sons of bitches?

Maya Nakashima.

Maya nods his head as the fans POP once more.  Isaac is as furious as Obsidian now, as Corazon leans on the rope, still listening.  Kenji, meanwhile, maintains eye contact with Maya.

Jason Johnson:  So at Revolution 100…Maya Nakashima gets to defend his Rule of Surrender Championship at long last…against any member of Project:SCAR he wants.  You get carte blanche, kid.  Which of those four…hell, which of those five for all I care…do you want to make tap the fuck OUT?

There are cheers in the crowd as Maya stares, still unmoving.  He stares at Kenji before he looks to Corazon.  His eyes move from Corazon to Obsidian.  From Obsidian to Isaac.  Finally…he settles on Kenji.  Kenji and Maya stare at one another as Jason leans the microphone into Maya’s face.

Maya Nakashima:  ISAAC.  ENTRAGIAN.

The fans ERUPT as the camera quickly goes to Isaac’s face, which is one of delight and shock.  Kenji is completely shocked and somewhat relieved, before the dread settles in on what they have created in Maya.

Jason Johnson:  To steal a phrase from Eryk Masters…I LIKE IT.  I can see in your eyes a lot of rage, Maya.  A lot of fury.  You deserve every single right to let that all out upside Isaac’s pale head, and you’re gonna get your chance…but I have an idea.

It’s Revolution 100.  A show that’s  gonna be main evented by two of these men up here with us tonight for the right to face the World Champion Donovan King.  A show with titles on the line, memories made, and stories told like no other.  At Revolution 100…we go big or we go the fuck home.

Maya…you’re gonna defend the Rule of Surrender Championship against Isaac Entragian.

Isaac…YOU’RE gonna defend the Iron Fist Championship against Maya Nakashima!

Other Guy:  WHOA!

Jason Johnson:  The only way Maya can win is if he manages to knock out the Ivory Terror.  The only way you can win, Isaac…is if you force the strongest willed person in SHOOT Project to quit.

And something tells me you’ve been trying to do that for months.

Isaac’s face drops as Jason sneers.

Jason Johnson:  So get home safe, everybody, and be sure to be here for Revolution 100.  Donovan King, Lunatikk Crippler, Jonas Coleman, Jaime Alejandro, Mason Pierce, The Bad Ass Brotherhood, and so many more are gonna be there…so will these fucking guys in the ring.


I can’t fucking WAIT to see it.

"HORIZON" by D’espairsRay kicks in again as the SHOOT Project Soldiers leave to Maya’s music.  Maya stands firm, though, still staring at SCAR in the middle of the ring.

Eryk Masters:  Lunatikk Crippler is facing Jonas Coleman for the right to face World Champion Donovan King!  The Bad Ass Brotherhood put their titles on the line one last time against the Sinister Syndicate!  SHOOT Legend Skull makes his return against Cronos Diamante!  All this and SO MUCH MORE!  You don’t wanna miss it!

Other Guy:  Goodnight everybody!