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Revolution 103: 11/19/2012

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Donovan King, standing at the entrance to the arena with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, his hood pulled tight over his face.  It cuts to Isaac Entragian with his arm around Liz Gaunt, laughing maniacally.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

It shows Jonas Coleman marching down to the ring as Lunatikk Crippler is shown getting in someone’s face.  The scene cuts to Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden with their titles held high in the air for a moment before we catch a brief view of El Asso Wipo breaking every back in existence.

We are the wheels that keep turning

Edmund Augustus Shan puts the Sin City Championship in the air before we see Laura Seton locking up against Tanya Black, which quickly cuts to Chance Ryan glaring at the camera, Cade Sydal behind him with a smirk on his face.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Piper Fury slaps hands with Kevin Stone as we cut to Jester Smiles with his arm draped over Sammy Rochester’s shoulders, whispering into the giant’s ear.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Project:SCAR stands united, in a stare down with Lunatikk Crippler, Jaime Alejandro, Jonas Coleman, the Bad Ass Brotherhood, Thomas Manchester Black, Donovan King, and Maya Nakashima.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Dan Stein lords over the fallen body of his foe.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Henry Gordon stands tall in the ring, severely winded, as it cuts to Crazy Boy glaring at the camera.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Trey Willett, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Jaime Alejandro wailing away at Obsidian, backing the monster against the ropes.  We see Tanya Black and Chance Ryan double teaming the Bad Ass Brotherhood before we catch the Bad Ass Brotherhood hitting the ELE on Tanya Black.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Isaac Entragian lights Jaime Alejandro’s uniform on fire cuts to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Mason Pierce forces Cronos Diamante to submit cuts to Adrian Corazon sauntering down to the ring slowly, deliberately.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut to those same ebony locks being thrown from the ring by Jonas Coleman.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.






Samantha Coil: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a six-man tag team bout!

Other Guy: Our first match is about to get underway, and I gotta be honest, Eryk, I’m a little worried for the team of LIHC and Minxy Jones.

Eryk Masters: Rightfully so, OG. Sammy Rochester showed what he was capable of shrugging off at Revolution 101, and now he’s got a former World champ and a former Sin City and two-time Iron Fist champ in his corner… that’s a hard act to beat.

Other Guy: True enough, Eryk. Although LIHC are no pushovers, with 3 reigns as Tag champs, they obviously know what they’re doing together. And Minxy Jones has shown herself to be, at least, extremely competent in her match with the Kaze at 101.

Eryk Masters: But you definitely have to wonder if that’ll be enough to beat the deck stacked against them.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 136 lbs, MINXY JOOOOOOOOONES!

The strains of the Ramones’ classic “I Wanna Be Sedated” drives through the PA, as SHOOT’s masked minx steps through, arms raised, to a huge crowd pop! She stops just outside the entrance, blowing kisses to either side, before putting her hands in a heart shape around the heart on her chest! She bolts down to the ring, hopping up onto the ring apron (which, at 5’3”, is no easy feat), and slinging herself over the top rope!

Eryk Masters: I’ll say this, Minxy Jones is fired up tonight!

Other Guy: She’s got the crowd fired up, as well! Not bad for someone in her second SHOOT Project match ever!

Minxy runs to the turnbuckle, hopping to the top, and blowing kisses to the crowd! She backflips off the top, and sprints across to the other side, repeating the motion, as her music dies down, and the lights cut, and Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” takes its place.

Samantha Coil: And her partners, from Westhampton Beach, NY, at a combined weight of 520 lbs, accompanied by Ryan Cuddihy, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LOOOOONG ISLAAAAAND HAAAAAAARDCOOOOOOOORE!

The trio step through, to massive crowd ovation! CJ, Jared, and Ryan are all wearing their masks: CJ in his purple oni mask, Jared in the bone-white skull of Hueso, and Ryan in the black featureless mask of Leviathan! Jared runs from one side of the stage to the other, swinging his arms up, while CJ raises a single fist! Ryan has his long blond hair loose, hanging in his face, stoically following the pair to the ring! Jared and CJ take to either side of the aisle, slapping hands with fans as they head down, Ryan staying between them, eyes focused forward.

Other Guy: All three of them in their masks tonight, in solidarity with Minxy.

Eryk Masters: Minxy may not have been trying to promote the lucha libre ideal, but LIHC is really pushing it pretty hard tonight.

Ryan stays on the side of the ring, staring in, as Jared slides into the ring, and CJ steps over the top rope. They go to opposite turnbuckles, throwing their arms into the air to a huge pop! They drop back to the mat, and Jared drops to a knee, arms out, and CJ throws his arms over Jared’s shoulders in an X, as two pyro fire off the two turnbuckles behind them, crossing each other in an X shape! The pair step over to Minxy, and slap hands, talking strategy, as the music dies down.

The lights cut quickly, sending the fans into a hushed frenzy. After a few moments of silence, Stein’s voice booms, “SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND YOU’RE TO BLAME. DARLIN’, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME”. His stage lights up baby blue on the left side of the stage as the opening bridge of “The Rocky Song Remix” by Ronald Jenkees picks up, causing the fans in the arena to EXPLODE with a chorus of boos.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, introducing first, from Las Vegas, NV, weighing in at 215 lbs, “The Golden Boy,” DAAAAAAN STEIIIIIIIIN!

As the second wave of instruments pick up, the right hand of his stage lights up, and when the beat drops, Dan Stein walks out from the backstage area, turning his head on obvious look out, shadow boxing with a towel over his head and Molly rubbing his shoulders like a prized fighter. Stein jumps up a few times to limber up his legs, and then starts walking towards his ring.

Other Guy: Do you think Dan knows the fans hate him?

Eryk Masters: Do you really think he cares, OG? He’s already cemented his reputation in SHOOT, he doesn’t need them.

Other Guy: I’m just sayin’, he acts like the boos are cheers. I haven’t seen that kind of delusional in a while.

Pausing incessantly, Stein turns to a group of fans, strafing over and shadow boxing near them. As he continues down towards his ring, he stops to look around the arena once more and Molly walks up the stairs to hold the middle rope down for him. Stein prim and properly ducks into his ring, shadow boxing around the perimeter, before acting like he’s going to throw his towel out to the crowd and instead tosses it to Molly on the outside of his ring. Stein raises his hands in defiant victory as he walks around the ring. The music cuts abruptly, and even Stein looks a little anxious.


As the title of Cliff Lin’s song is screamed through the PA, Jester Smiles and Sammy Rochester burst through the curtains, and Sammy is seething with rage! Jester doesn’t look too happy himself, and they’re both being showered with boos by the Vegas crowd!

Samantha Coil: And his partners, from Richmond, VA, at a combined weight of 660 lbs, JESTER SMIIIIIIILES and SAMMY ROOOOOOCHEEEEEEEESTERRRRRR!

No frills on the entrance this time, as Jester and Sammy stalk their way to the ring, their eyes both laser-focused on LIHC. Sammy scales the ring apron, and steps over the top rope, barely contained by Jester, ready to tear all three of them limb from limb already!

Other Guy: If LIHC and Minxy had any doubts about their match this week, they’re not showing it now! CJ’s egging Sammy on, and Jared and Minxy are jawing across the ring to Jester and Stein!

Eryk Masters: All this bickering isn’t going to help them figure out who’s first in the ring! Referee Dennis Heflin’s got his work cut out for him.

It looks like Jared’s in the ring first, and Jester just shakes his head, stepping back onto the apron, and bringing Sammy with him. Stein nods, with an “I got this” chest pound, before starting to circle his opponent, almost hopping like Bruce Lee. Jared goes for a lock-up, but Stein ducks him, shoving his back! Dan points and laughs, as Jared stumbles forward! Jared takes a breath and turns around, and goes to lock up once again! And once again, Stein ducks him, placing a kick right on the laces of Jared’s mask! Jared grabs his head, stumbling forward again, and turns to see Stein taunting him once more!

Jared shakes his head, and steps forward to lock up once again– faked! Dan doesn’t catch it, though, and tries to duck under the non-existent grab, and Jared wraps an arm around his head! Stein’s eyes go wide as Jared drops him with a STIFF DDT! Stein grabs his head, scuttling backwards into his corner, as Jared wags his finger!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein already trying to tag out!

Other Guy: I don’t know what he expected, Eryk! But I don’t think Smiles and Sammy are going to allow that!

Jester looks over at Sammy, who just snarls at Stein! Stein hops back up, putting his hands up, before turning around to face Jared once more. The pair circle each other again, and lock up! Jared tosses Stein to the ropes, and Stein holds on, as Jared telegraphs the back body drop– Stein with a kick to the face! Jared flops back, and holds his face, as Stein drops a leg across his throat! Jared flops again, coughing, as Stein spreads his arms, soaking in the boos as he walks the ring! He steps over to Minxy’s corner, pointing to her, and pointing down at his crotch, laughing!

Other Guy: Too close!

CJ Nelson’s long arm grabs Stein by the back of the head, and drives him into the turnbuckle! Heflin rushes over to chastise him, as Stein stumbles back!

Eryk Masters: Stein letting his showboating get the best of him!

Stein stumbles back, turning around into a spinning drop toe hold from Walsh! Jared scoops him up, tossing him over with a German suplex– no! Stein lands on his feet, and immediately locks back up! He twists Jared into an arm wringer, but Jared flips over as well, reversing it, and going for a leg sweep! Stein backflips over it, and grabs Jared in a hammerlock! Jared ducks under Stein’s arm, reversing the hammerlock, and wraps an arm around Stein’s head for a reverse DDT– Stein springs up and over Jared, and drops him to the mat with one of his own! The crowd booms in spite of Stein, and Stein goes for the cover!



Kickout by Walsh!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein showing off that technical experience that got him to the dance.

Other Guy: A damn good showing from Walsh as well, even if he ended up on the losing end of that one.

Stein pulls Jared up by the mask, and as soon as Walsh gets to his feet, Stein lands a poke to his eyes! Stein ignores Dennis Heflin as Jared drops to the mat, and he points and laughs at Jared once more! Before Jared can get up, Stein steps on his face, grinding his boot across it and onto the mat! Jared flops, clawing at his face, and Stein looks over to his corner, pointing with a thumb at Jared and shaking his head!

Jared tries to crawl to the corner, but Stein grabs his leg, and slams his knee down to the canvas! Jared rolls over in pain! Stein grabs his foot, pulling it up, kicking him in the back of the same knee! He pulls him into a single leg crab, and Jared is howling! Heflin drops to the mat, checking on Jared, who just shakes his head, reaching toward his corner! Jared starts to pull himself to the corner, but Stein lets go of the hold, pulling him away once again! Dan plants Walsh’s leg to the mat, doing a handstand on it, and bringing his knee down hard on Jared’s! Jared screams, clutching his leg, and Stein hops to his feet, arms spread, circling the ring! He walks over to his corner with a smile, talking shit about Walsh to Jester!

Other Guy: Stein needs to pay attention!

Eryk Masters: Dennis Heflin saw the tag, and CJ Nelson is in, but Stein hasn’t seen it!

CJ steps over the top rope, and is right there as Stein turns around, straight into a belly-to-belly suplex that rocks the ring! Stein pops up, still a little dazed, eyes wide! CJ doesn’t let up, and is right there as Stein turns back around, scooping him into a T-bone suplex! Stein hits the mat hard, and puts his hand right on his back! CJ grabs Stein by the hair– low blow from Stein! CJ drops to his knees, and Stein flies to the ropes! CJ gets up to his feet as Stein comes off with a springboard moonsault! CJ hits the mat, and Stein immediately runs to the corner and tags in Sammy Rochester! Jester just glares at Stein as Sammy steps over the top rope!

Eryk Masters: Stein playing their trump card early!

Other Guy: I don’t think it matters, Eryk! He’s the trump card for a reason!

CJ gets to his feet only to be blasted by a Rochester clothesline! CJ stumbles back a step before dropping, and rolls back over to his knees! Sammy is right there, pulling CJ up– and now CJ with the low blow! Sammy barely winces, but it’s enough for CJ to come off the ropes with a huge clothesline! Sammy’s thrown off balance, but doesn’t fall! CJ throws a haymaker that catches Sammy across the jaw, and Sammy stumbles backwards, but still won’t fall! CJ once more throws a huge fist, and Sammy stumbles back into the ropes! CJ attempts to capitalize by firing fist after fist into Sammy’s face while he’s against the ropes! Dennis Heflin peels CJ away, and they start to argue, and before Sammy can come back, Ryan grabs his foot from the outside!

Other Guy: Now this is more like the LIHC we’re used to seeing, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: They have always been masters of using the rules to their advantage, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here!

Sammy turns around, a look of incredulous rage on his face! Ryan hops to the apron, and grabs Sammy’s head, before hopping back to the floor, slingshotting Sammy onto his back!

Other Guy: And the big man is down! I never thought I’d see it, Eryk!

CJ is there! He pounces on the fallen Rochester and starts slamming him with forearms to the face! Over and over again! Jester is livid! He flies into the ring, driving a buzzsaw kick to the back of CJ’s head that knocks him for a loop! Heflin pushes Jester out of the ring as Sammy gets to his feet! Jester points to CJ!

Jester: Kill him, Sammy!

Sammy puts a hand to his face… and it comes back bloody! Sammy is bleeding from his brow and lip, and his eyes go wide with anger! Sammy grabs CJ by the throat as he stands up, and lifts the almost-300 lb. Nelson into the air effortlessly! CJ kicks his feet, as Sammy SLAMS him back to the mat!

Eryk Masters: Good God, OG!

Other Guy: CJ Nelson may have made a terrible mistake! Sammy Rochester is enraged!

CJ doesn’t have a chance to move before Sammy is there, with a foot across his throat! CJ grabs the foot, futilely trying to remove it from his trachea, and Sammy just pushes harder! Dennis Heflin is trying his best to break it up, but to no avail! Before he can start a five-count, however, Minxy Jones comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick to Sammy’s head! Sammy stumbles over CJ, turning around as Heflin herds Jones out of the ring! CJ coughs, rolling to his knees, and as Sammy is distracted, he dives into the back of Sammy’s knee! Sammy falls to his back for the second time in this matchup!

Other Guy: A last ditch effort from Nelson, and Sammy is back on the mat!

Eryk Masters: He may not feel pain, but his joints work like everybody elses!

Before Sammy can get to his feet, Minxy comes back off the top turnbuckle with a senton bomb! Heflin is trying to keep order, but CJ is quick to grab Sammy’s arms, putting a knee to his back and wrenching! Minxy slides under the bottom rope, and hops to the top, springboarding off with a spinning wheel kick to Sammy’s bloody face! Minxy slides under the bottom rope one more time, extending a hand for the tag!

Other Guy: Does she have a death wish, Eryk?!

Eryk Masters: It looks like CJ’s asking the same question!

CJ gives her a look, and she just pushes her hand further, as Sammy gets to his feet! CJ slaps Minxy’s hand, and Sammy is right behind him, throwing a vicious clothesline to the back of CJ’s head that topples him over the top rope and to the floor! Before Sammy can follow him out, Minxy throws a kick to his knee! Sammy whips around, and Minxy ducks under his vision, throwing another kick to his knee! Sammy stumbles forward, and whips around again, but Minxy is gone! She springboards off the top rope, and slams Sammy in the chest with a flying corkscrew clothesline! Sammy looks like he barely felt it, but it puts him off balance as Minxy comes off the ropes again! Sammy grabs for her, but she slides through his legs, spinning and kicking the back of his knee again! Sammy drops to his knee, and Minxy runs to the ropes once more– Stein is on the floor, and he grabs Minxy’s foot! Minxy falls to the mat, and Stein shakes his head, as Sammy approaches!

Other Guy: Minxy Jones is in trouble here!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein just threw her to the wolves!

Sammy grabs Minxy by the mask, pulling her to her feet, and then some! Sammy hefts Jones into a guerrilla press, and Minxy is flailing! To no avail, as Sammy drops her down straight on her face! Minxy bounces off the mat, clutching at her face, as Sammy puts one hand on either side of her head, picking her up with a sick smile! He slams his forehead into hers, and Minxy flops to the mat! Jared flies into the ring to stop him, and Sammy just shoves him away with one hand! Jared hits the turnbuckle, and pops back, and before Heflin can reinstate order, Sammy TOSSES MINXY AT JARED! They collide, and Jared falls to the mat in a heap, Ryan pulling him out of the ring at Heflin’s 4!

Eryk Masters: Minxy Jones is all on her own in there!

Other Guy: I can’t look, Eryk!

Minxy is struggling to get her bearings, and Sammy bears down on her with that bloody grin on his face! Minxy’s on her knees, and shaking out the cobwebs, and Sammy reaches for her– she’s gone! Ryan just pulled her out of the ring! Sammy screams in rage! Heflin yells down at Ryan to stay out of the match, but Sammy has other ideas! Sammy steps over the top rope, and drops to the floor, as Heflin starts a ten count! Sammy swings at Ryan, and Ryan takes the hit, staggering back! Sammy throws another huge punch Ryan’s way, and Ryan staggers again, and Sammy grabs him around the throat! Ryan’s trying to fight it, but Sammy has both hands firmly around Ryan’s throat, and he lifts him high into the air… and straight through the timekeeper’s table!

Other Guy: And we thought the chokeslam on CJ was impressive!

Eryk Masters: 325 pounds of Ryan Cuddihy just got tossed through that table like a ragdoll!

Sammy, happy with his handiwork, turns around– just in time to see Jared Walsh fly off of the top turnbuckle, and Minxy Jones off of CJ’s shoulders in the ring! They both catch Sammy with dropkicks, Jared to the chest and Minxy to the face! Sammy stumbles back, hitting the guardrail, as CJ slides to the outside and nails him with a clothesline! He whips Sammy into the apron, and Sammy hits hard as Minxy slides back into the ring! CJ and Jared struggle to roll Sammy into the ring, and Minxy hits hard, throwing lightning fast kicks into Sammy’s face and chest!

But Sammy doesn’t even seem to feel it! He pushes Minxy away, hard! She falls against Jester and Stein’s turnbuckle, and Jester and Stein immediately start pounding away with kicks! Jester and Stein hold her arms, and Sammy charges in with a splash that nearly bends the ringpost!

Other Guy: Holy fucking shit, Eryk! Sammy is damn near 4 times her size!

Eryk Masters: Minxy Jones is dead! There’s just no way she could’ve lasted through that!

Minxy just drops forward to the mat, and Sammy goes to pick her up, but Stein slaps him on the shoulder! Sammy looks back at Stein, enraged, but Jester nods his head, and Sammy exits the ring calmly! Stein scoops Minxy up, blood creeping from the corner of her mouth, and powerslams her back to the mat! Stein has her in perfect position now, and he hops to the top rope, raising his arms!

Eryk Masters: This could be the end, OG!

Other Guy: 450 splash from Dan Stein, and he covers!



3! No! Heflin is calling it a two, and pointing to Minxy’s foot on the bottom rope!

Other Guy: Unbelievable! Minxy Jones is still alive, albeit barely!

Eryk Masters: It looks like Dan Stein can’t believe it either, getting in Dennis Heflin’s face!

Dan Stein holds three fingers in front of the ref’s face, screaming, as Minxy rolls over onto her abdomen, struggling to get to her feet! Stein turns around, and kicks her in the face! She flops to her back again, and Stein grabs her by the head– Jester slaps him on the shoulder! Heflin calls it a tag!

Stein looks back at Jester as he gets in the ring, and shrugs! Stein lifts Minxy up in a vertical suplex, and drops her– right into Jester’s arms, and he slams her to the mat with a powerbomb! Stein gets out of the ring, and Jester just rolls her over, not even bothering with a cover! He looks across the ring at Jared!

Jester: This is all you’ve got?!

He pushes Minxy into a sitting position, and SLAMS a fist into her skull!

Jester: This?!

He pulls her up to her feet, locking her in a clinch, and driving knees into her face! He pushes her back, and lands a HUGE roundhouse kick to the side of her head! She collapses to the mat! Jester scoffs, and puts a foot on her chest, staring at Jared and CJ, just begging them to come try to save her!




The crowd explodes, and Jester can’t believe it! He tries for a soccer kick to Minxy’s head, but Minxy pops out of the way! She throws a kick into Jester’s gut, and comes off the ropes, throwing him to the mat with a faceslam! Jester pops up, in shock and anger, and Minxy is headed to her corner– no! Jester brings her back to the mat with a faceslam of his own! He pulls her back into the middle of the ring, and gets in the front mounted position, throwing punches to her face! Minxy tries to cover herself, and Jared comes flying in from the corner! Jester rolls out of the way, and Jared flies by! Minxy rolls over, as Jared gets back to his feet, and Jester eggs him on! Jared runs at Jester, and Jester sidesteps him, locking him in a sleeper, and dropping him to his back! Minxy is barely on her feet, but she’s standing!

Other Guy: Minxy is up, after all the punishment she’s taken, she is on her feet, and so is this crowd!

Eryk Masters: Jester seems a little occupied with Jared, but he’s not the legal man!

Jared is getting to his feet, but Jester drops him to the mat with an axe kick! Jester turns around just in time to see Minxy fly at him with a cross-body that brings him to the mat! Jared rolls under the top rope, and Jester hops up at the same time as Minxy! Jester turns as Minxy comes off the ropes, and Minxy goes for a head-scissor takedown– but Jester turns it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and Minxy goes back to the mat!

Jester picks her back up, slamming a forearm to the bridge of her nose, and shoving her into LIHC’s corner! He points at Jared, who’s just gotten back to his corner!

Jester: Get out here!

Other Guy: Jester Smiles throwing down the gauntlet here!

Eryk Masters: Jester’s still pretty fresh, meanwhile Jared went through the ringer with Stein to start this match off!

CJ tags Minxy out, and before he can get in the ring, Jared slaps him on the shoulder! CJ looks at him, but Jared just nods and steps through the ropes! Smiles gets an evil smile on his face, and the two circle.

They lock up, and Jared swings around into a rear waistlock– Jester counters with two elbows to Jared’s face, and he pulls him back down into a clinch, throwing a pair of knees into Jared’s face, followed by an elbow to the back of his head! Jared drops to the mat, and Jester straddles his back, driving fist after fist into Jared’s skull! Dennis Heflin gets in Jester’s face, and Jester lands one last hammerfist to the back of Jared’s head before getting up! He nudges Jared over, and makes the cover!



CJ puts a boot to Jester’s head and breaks it up!

Heflin is immediately there to corral CJ back to the corner, and Jester takes advantage by driving a forearm into Jared’s throat! Jared throws a punch to Jester’s temple that staggers him off, and gets to his knees, but Smiles isn’t away for long! He kicks Jared square in the gut, and grabs him by the mask, pulling him up– throat strike by Walsh, and Jester stumbles back, coughing! Jared rakes him across the back! Jester arches back, and Heflin tries to discipline Jared, but Jared whips Jester to the neutral corner! Jared gets up on the turnbuckle, and starts pummeling Jester in the face! The crowd counts along to ten, as Heflin pushes Jared away! Jared takes a couple of steps back, turning around, and reverses himself, diving in with a splash! No! Jester pulls Heflin in the way, and Heflin collapses to the mat! Jester is out of the corner like a banshee, and he drops Jared with a spinning wheel kick! He calls to Sammy! Jester pulls Jared to his feet, and holds him as Sammy approaches– Minxy off the top with a hurracanrana on Sammy! Sammy and Minxy both fall to the mat, and CJ runs in, tackling Jester and bringing him to the mat! Stein hesitates, staying in the corner, and Sammy gets to his feet, bringing Minxy up with him, slamming her down HARD on the mat!

Eryk Masters: I think even Stein winced on that one!

CJ helps Jared to his feet before he spears Sammy behind the knees, toppling the big man once again! CJ mounts him, throwing punches hard into Sammy’s face, but Sammy is throwing them right back, neither man giving up an inch! Jared brings Jester to his feet, but Jester staggers him back with a snap jab! Jester throws Jared into the turnbuckle this time, fists flying, cracking Jared in the face and thumping him in the abdomen with incredible speed! CJ’s face is bloodied, and Minxy is barely stirring on the mat! Dan Stein whistles, watching the carnage from the corner, and making no motion to join in!

Jester throws Jared out of the corner, but before he can capitalize, Ryan NAILS him across the head with a chair, out of nowhere! Jester stumbles forward, and Ryan tosses the chair to Jared, who tosses it to Jester! Jester catches, and Jared plants his foot in the middle of it, connecting it with Smiles’ face! Smiles stumbles to the ropes, and Jared spears him through, the two of them falling to the floor below! Sammy pushes CJ off of him, finally, wrapping a hand around his throat, and tossing CJ over the top!

Other Guy: Dennis Heflin is finally starting to come to, and it’s pandemonium on the outside!

Heflin calls for the bell, and this match is over, but the brawl on the outside continues! Jared and Jester continue to trade blows, with Jared slamming Jester’s face against the guardrail, and Jester responding with a punch to the kidneys! Sammy tries his best to work over CJ, but Ryan is there with the chair, slamming it into Sammy’s back! It seems to only make him mad, and Ryan waves him on, stepping through the curtain and to the back! Sammy lumbers after him, and CJ tackles him through the entranceway! Jared and Jester are still battling it out in front, before Jester throws Jared through as well!

Eryk Masters: It looks like this match is gonna be a no contest, OG, but Minxy is still in the ring, and Stein is at ringside with Molly!

Stein looks in the ring, as Minxy is on her knees, coughing and shaking her head! Stein steps a foot through the ropes… then looks around, and steps back out! He walks down the stairs, waving a disapproving Molly along! The crowd explodes in boos as Stein walks away!

Stein is a little surprised when they explode into cheers, Minxy getting her hands on a microphone!

Minxy Jones: STEIN!

Stein turns around in shock, looking at Minxy Jones, bleeding from the mouth, her mask splattered in blood, standing on the top turnbuckle, looking right at him!

Minxy Jones: You’ll never be rid of me, Stein! You and me have a date at Redemption! Whether you run and hide like the coward you are, or you lose your yellow streak and face me in the ring, I will find you, and I will beat you!

The crowd explodes at the challenge, and at Minxy’s pure fortitude! Stein shakes his head, and finally sighs, Molly bringing him a microphone of his own.

Dan Stein: I guess you’re right, I’ll never be rid of you unless I do this, huh? ‘Til death do us part, then, dearie

Other Guy: It’s settled, then, Eryk! Dan Stein and Minxy Jones, live on PPV!

Eryk Masters: Minxy Jones shows that she’s more than just a pretty mask here tonight, and we have another Redemption match made! Can it get any better?

The brawl continues into the bowels of the arena, with CJ Nelson and Ryan Cuddihy barely keeping Sammy under control, and Jester Smiles and Jared Walsh still slugging it out. All three of the Long Island boys are bleeding from their masks, with blood starting to mat Ryan’s hair, and Jester and Sammy are sporting crimson masks as well. Jared slams Jester’s face into the wall, dragging it across the brick, leaving a red streak! Jester throws a blind elbow to Jared’s abdomen, and tosses him into a folding table! Jared pulls himself up, and Jester charges him, but Jared ducks down for a back body drop! Jester puts on the brakes, and grabs Jared, ready for a powerbomb– Sammy tosses CJ, and not looking where, he connects with Jester! Ryan grabs a nearby chair, and crashes it down on Sammy’s head! Sammy staggers backward, but won’t go down! CJ charges Sammy, but Rochester hoists him up, and drives him through the table with a press slam!

Eryk Masters: These two teams refuse to stop until the other stops moving!

Other Guy: There’s a lot of bad blood between LIHC and Jester Smiles, and, for that matter, between Sammy Rochester and the rest of the world!

Jester is back, and he levels Jared with an uppercut that rocks him off his feet! He doesn’t get much time to celebrate, though, as Ryan takes him off his own feet with a massive clothesline! Sammy pulls CJ up, only to find that CJ’s still got fight in him, and rocks him backwards with a jab, then another, and finally a solid clothesline that still can’t put the monster down! Ryan spins Sammy around, and wraps his arms around the man’s chest, but he can’t get Rochester to move! Sammy boxes Ryan’s ears, and as Ryan staggers, Sammy slams him in the face with a headbutt! Ryan doesn’t drop, either, but he’s wobbling! Jester and Jared get up at about the same time, and are about to charge once more, when SHOOT security staff swarms the scene!

Other Guy: About time! This wasn’t ending without someone on a stretcher!

The guards separate Jester and Jared well enough, and Ryan backs off, but six guards are having trouble containing CJ, and ten more are trying to keep Sammy back! Finally, a voice cuts through it all!

Jason Johnson: That’s enough!

CJ backs off, but Sammy is still enraged! He starts moving forward, dragging the security guards with him!

Jason Johnson: Smiles, get control of that thing or you’re both fired!

Jester reacts quickly, moving away from Jared and going to Sammy. He strokes Sammy’s back, trying to calm him down.

Jester Smiles: Cool it Sammy, just relax for a second. We’ll get them soon. 

Sammy does calm down and stops fighting the guards, but he keeps his burning look on LIHC. 


Jason steps in the middle of them, rubbing his temples.

Jason Johnson: Now, listen closely, because I’m going to say this once. I’m tired of this back and forth, getting nowhere, bullshit. You’ve both talked a big game, and you both have come up with nothing to show for it, and I’m breaking that streak, right here, right now. You want to dent my chairs  and break my tables? I’m at least gonna make sure you have something to show for it. Redemption: Long Island Hardcore vs. Jester Smiles and Sammy Rochester. No disqualifications.

Jason turns to Jester and Sammy, cutting Jester off before he can speak.

Jason Johnson: Yes, I know that LIHC is in their element in that match. Deal with it.

He turns to LIHC before they can say a word, as well.

Jason Johnson: And if that monster kills one, or all, of you, tell Cynthia I don’t want to hear it, because you brought it on yourselves.

He starts to walk away, and turns before he disappears.

Jason Johnson: Oh, and to make sure this match waits until Redemption, and doesn’t continue as soon as I’m gone, all of you are barred from the Epicenter for the rest of the night, starting… right now. Please escort them all out of here. And call someone to clean this up.


Maya sat alone in the halls of the Epicenter, leaned against a wall. His eyes wander from side to side in the hall, a tense time in SHOOT Project. There’s no reason for Maya to be here tonight, he’s not booked, but he still watches the halls. A loud whirr echoes through the halls, a rectangular blue glow shines through Maya’s pocket. When Maya pull the phone out of his pocket, when he sees the name on the screen his heart stops for a moment.


His sister.

His head races from side to side before putting the phone up to his ear.

Maya: My God, Seta, is… is that you? Where are you? What happened? Where did…

Maya is cut off by the inaudible sound of his sister’s voice on the other end of the line. Maya listens, shaking his head ever so slightly.

Maya: You heard about that… I’m sorry, Seta, I didn’t want…

Interrupted again, but this time he smiles.

Maya: You always were stronger, where have you been working?

He listens, but there is a long silence until a sound comes from the other end.

Maya: Listen, I want to see you, but you can’t come here. Not now there’s…

Interrupted again.

Maya: I’m serious, Seta, you can’t see me right now it’s… Seta? Hello? Seta?

The loud hum of a dial tones fills the air, Maya stares down at his phone, the hopeful smile now a distorted frown. Maya lifts himself up and sprints down the halls.

The sound of hinges creaking, a door opens to darkness. Elizabeth Gaunt peeks her head out, ever so slightly. A twisted grin slathered all over her sadistic face.

Liz: So, my little cutie-pie has a… sister?


We are walking with El Asso Wipo who is with his silent cohort, Silas. Of course they are "mid conversation".

El Asso Wipo: No-no-no-nononono. You are WRONG. Disney is going to take the Star Wars Universe to another level! They will break the prequels, like so! TCHA! Over their knee. Like El Asso Wipo will do at the Redemption Rumble.

We hear a familiar voice.

Loco Martinez: Did someone say Redemption Rumble?

Loco strolls up looking incredibly dapper. Silver suit over a navy shirt, and yellow tie. His hair is slightly longer and is slicked into a very "Don Draper" type part. He has an impeccably groomed full beard, and of course is rocking crazy awesome tannage. He smiles as EAW nods at the Freakshow.

El Asso Wipo: Senor Loco! Does this mean you are going to be throwing your name into the hat of victims for El Asso Wipo?

Loco chuckles and shakes his head "no".

Loco Martinez: It does not. My in ring contract is still null and void thanks he who shall not be named. Maybe I was the last horcrux to be destroyed, and thankfully a noble wizard, Donovan King, then vanquished that evil.

El Asso Wipo nods knowingly.

El Asso Wipo: Senor King is a Grand Wizard, indeed. I heard he was in line for Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot!

Loco’s eyes go wide at Wipo’s initial line. He stares awkwardly a mental debate on pointing it out… He decides to move on.

Loco Martinez: So, by the power of greyskull, MY back will escape your wrath, but there are two large backs that maybe… just maybe you could!

Another familiar voice.

T.Rex: Not. Fuggin’. Happenin’.

The members of Anarchy step into view both dressed "nice", by Anarchy standards, blue jeans, and white t-shirts. Each men’s hair cropped short. T.Rex’s a black stubble, and Arch Angel’s a grey. The stubble continues down into beards of their own. They size up El Asso Wipo, who does the same.

El Asso Wipo: Death Eaters! Inside the castle! You don’t fear for your safety?

Loco smiles.

Loco Martinez: I don’t. The three of us go way back, and they want a legit go inside a SHOOT ring. I figured a great way for two wrestler slash bouncer slash body guards to shake the ring rust off would be to jump into the bru-ha-ha that is the Redemption Rumble. Then? We set off on the mission of World Tag Team Domination.

El Asso Wipo: We?

Loco Martinez: As Anarchy’s PR and Marketing Director, Merchandising Coordinator, spiritual guide, and all around Guru – working title – I will take these finely tanned hands and mold these *snickers* young *snickers again. T.Rex and Arch Angel SHOOT him a look* – men into a fierce, bludgeoning highly efficient wrecking crew. Their wrecking starts at Redemption.

El Asso Wipo: Then I will see you on the fields of battle. For today, amigos of Senor Loco are amigos of mine, but come Redemption? You, AND YOUR BACKS, will be no friends of mine!

Loco and Anarchy continue their trip through the backstage area as Wipo and Silas continue with their conversation.



“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant starts to play overhead, and the imposing form of Thomas Manchester Black steps out from behind the curtains. The Las Vegas crowd gives up a big pop for The Queen City Hitman as he stands at the very top of the ramp.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Tokyo, Japan by way of Charlotte, North Carolina…he weighs in at 245lbs…THE QUEEN CITY HITMAN, THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!

Thomas has his heavily muscled arms crossed at the chest, and he wears his Tar Heel hoodie, the hood pulled down so low on his face that you can barely make out his shadowed features. After a moment, TMB starts to stalk down towards the ring.

Other Guy: TMB looks primed and ready tonight. You really get the vibe that he’s been looking forward to this match all week.

Eryk Masters: It’s weird with TMB, OG. There’s almost like this unspoken respect between he and the members of SCAR. He’s not directly involved in the group, but it’s like they operate on the exact same violent wave length.

Other Guy: Well in Liz’s promo work leading up to this match she describes SCAR as the “keepers of TMB’s fire” and it seems that it’s become a pet project for them to constantly pour gasoline onto that fire. They seem to have an invested interest in making sure that Thomas lives up to his most hellish potential.

Eryk Masters: Also look at it from a gang standpoint, OG. Thomas ran with gangs when he was a younger man, and he’s done hard time behind bars. At the end of the day, SCAR is a gang. They run together and they have that strong kinship that you’ll usually find in a gang. I think Thomas sees that, recognizes that, and respects that.

Thomas pulls off his hoodie once he makes it into the ring, and he starts adjusting his wrist tape as he looks up towards the ramp, awaiting his opponent.

“Blood” by In This Moment plays over the loudspeakers, and a cascade of red & black rose petals fall down from the rafters as Elizabeth Gaunt appears from behind the curtains. The fans greet her with the kind of shameless hatred that they always reserve for members of Project: SCAR.

Liz is wearing her skin tight latex body suit, complete with buckled boots and a zipper running along the upper half of the body suit. She holds a serpent’s head cane in one hand, and as the cameras zoom in we see that the fingernails on Liz’s right hand are all filed down to razor-sharp points.

Liz smirks out at the masses, and then she slowly struts her way down towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, hailing from Coney Island, New York…she weighs in at 155lbs….representing PROJECT: SCAR….ELIZABETH GAUNT!!!

Other Guy: Who would ever guess that evil comes in such a sexy ass package…

Eryk Masters: Don’t let yourself be fooled, OG. Behind that pretty face is a soul that’s dipped in sulfuric acid. This young woman is a testament to the kind of corruption Isaac Entragian is capable of. If you involve yourself with a man like that, it’s only a matter of time before you drive yourself crazy…

Other Guy: Sure, she’s a little…twisted…but it’ll be interesting to see how she fairs tonight against The Queen City Hitman. This is technically Liz’s first official match in SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: This is her first match, yes…but we’ve seen her get her hands dirty plenty of times in SHOOT. She loves to attack when she has the numbers game on her side. I think we all saw what this hellcat is capable of when she and her “brothers” jumped the World Heavyweight Champion last week…

Elizabeth places her cane down across the steel steps, and then she enters the ring. She smiles across the ring at TMB, her ruby red lips curled up into a smile that could almost be innocent…if the person behind that smile wasn’t a total nutjob.

The bell rings with a loud clang, and Liz approaches Thomas, almost shyly. She looks up at Thomas, batting her eyelashes while smiling…and then she very slowly RAKES those filed fingernails down the front of Thomas’s chest. Thomas grimaces, little red rivets appearing across his upper chest.

TMB sets his feet, and then he DECKS Liz right in the mouth with a huge right cross. The punch sends Liz FLYING, and she lands hard on the canvas, sprawled out on both knees. Her bottom lip is dripping with blood, and she appears to be…LAUGHING! She reaches up to smear the blood across her mouth…almost like lipstick, and she looks back at Thomas with glee in her eyes.

Liz: That’s the way, Thomas. Just like that.

Eryk Masters: Somebody should cart her off to a sanitarium. This woman is mentally defective…and personally I’d feel safer if she were wearing a straightjacket right now.

Other Guy: I’d feel safer if she was wearing white lace lingerie right now…

Thomas makes a beeline to continue the assault, but Liz kips up to her feet and SPINS into a nasty looking heel kick that blasts Thomas right across the jaw. Thomas is knocked back a step, and Liz follows up with a leaping forearm smash to the face. Thomas staggers even more while holding a hand to his jaw, but he gets back into it, looking to send a hard MMA knee into Liz’s stomach….but she cartwheels out of harm’s way!

Liz lands on her feet behind Thomas, and she begins to send a barrage of hard open-handed palm strikes into Thomas’s lower back. TMB grunts with pain, and he spins around to send an elbow into Liz’s face…but this time she bends backwards into a matrix-style movement and handsprings away from Thomas, avoiding the elbow…and just as quickly she hops up onto the second rope and flies into Thomas, grabbing his shoulders and driving her knees into his back with a springboard lungblower!!

Thomas lands on his side, coughing, and Liz slithers on top of him for a cover.


Thomas kicks out with authority, military pressing Liz’s body off of him with incredible strength.

Eryk Masters: If I could use two words to describe Liz’s in ring style, those words would be fast and ferocious. She’s so flexible too; it’s hard as hell to actually land a hit on her before she flips outta the way.

Other Guy: Remember that Liz used to train in the carnival scene as a contortionist and an acrobat, so I’m not surprised that she can dance circles around people in a close quarters fight.

TMB is slowly climbing back up to his feet, one hand still held against his aching lower back.

Liz hits the ropes and then somersaults across the ring, popping up to her feet to hit TMB with an EXPLOSIVE clothesline! TMB is barely knocked back a few inches by the impact, and he promptly reaches out and grabs Liz’s arm before SNAPPING down to the canvas with a jumping armbreaker.

Gaunt staggers back in pain, her arm cradled against her torso…and Thomas gets right back up and starts to fire off kicks to Liz’s thighs and legs. Liz is reeling, and Thomas caps it off with a final brutal kick to Liz’s kneecap, forcing her to drop down to her knees on the canvas. Thomas then sizes Liz up while holding her by the hair…and he PISTONS a MMA-style knee into Liz’s orbital bone!

A horrifying crunch noise permeates through the arena, and Liz falls backwards like a sack of broken bricks. She’s barely moving on the canvas, and as the cameras zoom in we see a yellowish bruise already starting to form next to her eye.

Eryk Masters: Holy HELL!! That knee to the face sounded like a gunshot. Liz is gonna have one hell of a shiner in the morning thanks to that one…

Other Guy: Liz made a mistake trying to clothesline TMB. That’s like trying to cut down a redwood with a butter knife. She’s paying for it now…

Thomas falls atop Liz with all of his weight, pulling back on a leg.




At the very last possible second, Liz barely manages to get a shoulder up.

Eryk Masters: That was TOO close. You can tell how dazed Gaunt is right now, that knee shot really rattled her skull…

Other Guy: It might have knocked some of the crazy out of her. I doubt it, though.

Thomas leans down and he grabs Liz’s torso, and he easily lifts her up overtop his head into a military press. He holds her there for a moment, and then he tosses her up….and as she falls back towards the canvas TMB catches her and BLASTS a european uppercut into the shelf of her jaw!

Liz is flung to the side like a little doll, and she falls down against the ropes, breathing hard. She’s giggling softly to herself, her body pulsing with pain.

She slowly starts to push herself back up to her feet, her spaghetti legs barely supporting her.

Liz: HURTS….so….GOOD!

Liz LAUNCHES herself into TMB, and she begins to wildly lash knife-edge chops into his chest. TMB’s chest quickly turns beet red, and then Liz starts to just SLASH at him with her right hand, the filed fingernails leaving shallow cuts and lacerations along his upper torso. TMB tries for a punch, but Liz ducks and CLAWS the side of his cheek…leaving bloody scratches across his face.

Liz then begins to kick TMB into the stomach over and over again, following it up with a brutal mule kick to the gut! TMB is hurting, and Liz takes advantage by grabbing the back of his head and dropping to her knees to execute a jawbreaker. TMB is doubled over, and Liz quickly leaps up onto the nearest turnbuckle….takes barely a moment to judge distance…and then she LEAPS AND GUILLOTINES A LEG ACROSS THE BACK OF TMB’S NECK WITH A FLYING LEG DROP!!!

TMB goes down hard, and Liz pulls back on BOTH of his legs for the cover while grinning ear to ear.




TMB kicks out, pushing Liz away from him to gain some separation.

Liz jumps right back on top of him though, and she interlocks her legs around TMB’s thick neck, and then she begins to squeeze her thigh muscles together with a headscissors choke. Thomas starts to sputter, spittle appearing on his lips as he tries to breathe…and then very slowly he fights up to his knees with Liz still locked onto him.

TMB gathers up all of the strength he possibly can…then he LIFTS Liz up with her legs still wrapped around his neck…he repositions her on his shoulders…and then he RUNS TOWARDS THE CORNER AND POWERBOMBS LIZ INTO THE TURNBUCKLE PADS!!!

Liz’s body snaps up against the turnbuckle and seems to fold in on itself until she crumples down to land awkwardly on the side of her neck.

Other Guy: God. Talk about getting your shit snapped up. Gaunt looks like a broken toy right now…

Eryk Masters: That’s the type of scary power that comes into play whenever Thomas Manchester Black steps into the ring.

Thomas stalks over to Liz, and he picks her limp body up and positions her against one of the turnbuckles. Thomas starts to FIRE off forearm shots to the face, one another after another, Liz’s head rocking back and forth from each shot that lands. She finally just flops down to a sitting position against the turnbuckles…and Thomas takes that moment to back up a few steps…AND THEN HE RACES ACROSS THE RING AND PISTONS A YAKUZA KICK INTO LIZ’S FACE!!!

Liz’s entire head seems to SPIN on her neck; blood flying from her lips as both her upper and bottom lip get mashed up against her teeth. She still manages to smile at Thomas, her teeth and gums awash with blood. She tries to stand, and then her legs tangle and she falls down in front of TMB.

She manages to fight up to her knees, and she stares up at TMB, whispering one word over and over again through her smile.

Liz: More. More. More…

Other Guy: She wants…more? This is one kooky kitty right here, folks.

Eryk Masters: Gaunt is all about the pain. She gets off on it. If she’s bleeding and hurting, then she’s a happy girl. That’s a testament to how sick in the head she is.

Thomas grabs Liz up by the head and pulls her to her feet, but she spins around with a surprise roundhouse kick that knocks TMB’s arms away from her. Liz then stands up on her tiptoes and grabs TMB’s head, and she SPINS herself down to the canvas and drills TMB’s skull against the mat with a tornado DDT!

She doesn’t go for a cover…instead she staggers over to one of the turnbuckles and ascends up to the top. Thomas has rolled over onto his stomach, his body barely moving. Liz marks her opponent…and THEN SHE FLIES FROM THE TURNBUCKLE AND PLANTS A DOUBLE STOMP DIRECTLY ONTO THE BACK OF TMB’S SKULL!!

Thomas’s face smacks up against the canvas, and he looks to be on dream street.

Eryk Masters: That’s one of Liz’s signature moves right there. She calls that Lobotomy…and I think we can all see why it earned that name.

Liz crawls over to Thomas and flips him over, and then she attempts a cover.




TMB kicks out and rolls away from Liz while trying to shake the cobwebs from his head.

Liz sizes TMB up once more, and then she climbs the turnbuckles for the second time. She sets her feet…then flies towards TMB with a corkscrew moonsault…but THOMAS CATCHES HER IN MIDAIR!!



Liz sails through the air, her arms pin wheeling wildly…and she SMASHES headfirst up against the security railing. She falls to a sitting position, her neck awkwardly bent to the side and her eyes rolling back into her head.




Eryk Masters: Um…holy shit?

Other Guy: I think that about sums it up! If that young woman doesn’t have a broken neck right now then she should consider herself VERY lucky.

Eryk Masters: Thomas is on a whole other level here tonight, OG. This man has tapped into that ultraviolent part of himself, and when he gets like this…almost no one is safe.

Other Guy: This is the man who snapped up Pest’s arm…the man who fought the World Champ to a draw….the very same guy who tore apart Chance Ryan, one half of the Tag Team Champions last week. TMB is hungry right now, and he’s out to destroy everything in his path on his way towards the Redemption Rumble.

Thomas doesn’t give Liz even a second of recovery time…he slides right out of the ring and just begins to blast elbow strikes into the sides of her head. He then grabs her by the hair and starts to just SMASH her head into the security railing, her skull bouncing off the steel with horrible thud sounds.

Thomas then backs up for a moment, bloodlust dancing in his eyes…and he grabs Liz up, pulls her into a standing headscissors…and proceeds to spin while lifting her up into the air….ONLY TO POWERBOMB THE FUCK OUTTA HER RIGHT AGAINST THE RING APRON!!!

Liz literally SCREAMS in agony, crumpling down with both hands kneading against her spine. She starts to gasp out little mini-breaths, almost like she’s hyperventilating. After each breath, a broken little giggle manages to squeak out too.

Thomas bends down and scoops her up and tosses her unceremoniously back into the ring.

Thomas follows her in, and Liz uses the ropes to pull herself back up to her feet…and then she LEAPS onto TMB’s back and locks onto his neck with a sleeper hold! She squeezes with all of her might, and TMB starts to falter, dropping momentarily down to one knee as his face starts to redden.

Liz grapevines her legs around TMB’s torso as well to maximize the pressure, but Thomas is already firing back up with the crowd supporting him. He makes it back up to his feet, and he just grabs Liz by the hair and YANKS her off of him, proceeding to just fling her across the ring like a ragdoll.

Liz is already climbing back to a staggering stance, and TMB gets a running start at her….BUT HE’S STOPPED BY AN EXPLOSIVE SUPERKICK RIGHT TO THE HEART!!!

Liz’s boot connects with the upper portion of TMB’s ribcage, and all of his momentum seems to just die. He falls to his side awkwardly, holding his chest above the heart.

Other Guy: HEARTLESS!!! That’s one of Gaunt’s finishing maneuvers!!

Eryk Masters: That was SHOCKING to watch. It was like seeing a charging rhino get stopped by an elephant gun.

Liz crawls over to TMB, and she goes for the cover.





Liz looks up, her eyes full of disbelief…and she sees that TMB managed to get his foot up on the bottom rope just in time to break the pinfall!!

The crowd goes APESHIT as a result of this, the fans chanting with everything they’ve got.




Liz staggers back into the ropes, watching as TMB slowly but surely climbs back to his feet, one hand still held against his heart.

Gaunt sneers, and then she runs towards TMB, aiming to deck him with a hard punch….but TMB catches her wrist. She tries to hit him with her free hand instead, but Thomas catches that wrist too. He even steps on top of her toes to make sure that she can’t kick him.

Thomas stares into Liz’s face for a moment, grinning a deathly grin, and then he starts to SLAM trapping headbutts into Liz’s upturned face. Gaunt is getting rocked, blood oozing down from her busted up lips, her eyes rolling back in her head as the anguish runs through her. Her legs give out, and she’s only able to stand with the support of TMB holding her wrists.

Eryk Masters: She can’t take much more of this. TMB has Samoan blood running through his veins, and everybody knows that Samoans have skulls like concrete.

After a succession of headbutts, she stares up at TMB, half-conscious while trapped in his grasp. She sputters, blood dripping down past her mouth, one of her eyes practically swollen shut thanks to that MMA knee from earlier in the match. She whispers to him, blood pouring out of her mouth to stain the canvas.

Gaunt: Finish it, Thomas. F…f…finish it.

Liz then cranes her neck forward and tries to bite TMB on the chest, almost like a wounded, desperate animal trying to gnaw off her own limb because it’s caught in a trap.

Thomas grabs her head, preventing her from biting him, and he just DROPS her face-first against the canvas. He starts twisting up Liz’s legs, and then he locks her up into a reverse indian deathlock.  TMB then grabs Liz’s biceps, and he plants a boot down along the center of her lower back.

Gaunt howls with pain as her body is being stretched, the expression on her face changing from a smile to a grimace every few seconds.

Thomas stares out at the crowd for a moment, still stretching the hell out of Gaunt and turning her into a human pretzel. There’s an eerie look on TMB’s face, one that basically says I’m fixing to fuck somebody up in a minute here. A little smirk touches the corner of his mouth…

Other Guy: Oh no…I think I know what’s coming here…you might wanna turn your head if you’re squeamish, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Thomas lifts his big left up slowly while holding onto Gaunt’s biceps…AND THEN HE PUMPS HIS FOOT DOWN AND CURB STOMPS THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THE BACK OF GAUNT’S SKULL!!!


Other Guy: This sweet girl is going to need plastic surgery after that…how could you, Tommy Boy?!?!

Liz’s face gets OBLITERATED against the canvas, blood leaking out of her mouth to pool down against the white canvas. Her eyelids flutter closed, and she doesn’t move an inch.

Thomas drops down to both knees, and he plants his palms on Liz’s chest for the pinfall.





Thomas rises up to his feet to stand triumphant in the center of the ring, raising his bloody fists up high.

Eryk Masters: Well that was one hell of a match. It’s hard as hell to knock off a member of Project: SCAR, but TMB did it tonight. He had the passion….he had the drive….and most importantly, he brought the violence.

Other Guy: TMB is on quite the roll heading towards Redemption. He knocked off one half of the Tag Team Champions last week, and this week he ran through a member of SCAR and made it look easy. When he’s got momentum like that on his side, who is gonna be able to stop this guy in the Redemption Rumble?

The angle switches to Gaunt’s prone body for a moment, and even though she’s only half-conscious, there’s a content smile resting across her bloody mouth.


Thomas looks down at her for a moment, nodding his head, as if to say that was a good fight and a worthy adversary.

The scene cuts out on TMB standing victorious in the ring.


Bellowing Voice: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, of the United States of America, please rise for the national anthem of the United Kingdom…

Other Guy: Huh? What the hell is this? This isn’t in the schedule…

With that, the national anthem of the United Kingdom kicks in. A brass band soundtrack echoing throughout the arena. An audible hiss from those in attendance clearly recognisable.

Other Guy: What is this all about?

Erik Masters: Shhh, OG. You can’t just rant over the national anthem of another country. How disrespectful…

Other Guy: I spoke. I didn’t rant, like someone I know.

The anthem continues to play with an arousing, uplifting tone as it kicks into the second chorus. The video screen flickers into life with an old woman, white, curly hair and glasses being shown. On her head sits a jewelled crown.

Other Guy: Wait a…. Is that the Queen of England?!

Erik Masters: She is a huge fan of SHOOT Project. I hear she has a room dedicated to her SHOOT memorabilia at Buckingham Palace. She’s a huge fan of Azreal Goeren too…

Other Guy: I’m sure she loves the Germans.

The lady on screen begins to speak, clearly reading from a non-visible autocue.

The Queen? Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of SHOOT Project. I am the Queen. You may have seen me in many rousing displays of human performance such as my sky dive at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London this summer. Others may know of me thanks to Helen Mirren, but I implore you, please forget about that oafish excuse of theatre.

The Queen(?) takes a few moments to gather her breath before continuing with her script.

The Queen? However, One is not appearing via satellite link tonight merely to talk about oneself. No. One is here tonight to assure SHOOT Project that a knight has been dispatched. A saviour, if you will, has been sent from the United Kingdom to the United States of America. His mission, which he has accepted, is to teach the American population the correct and most meaningful way of living. His mission shall start with the SHOOT Project Soldiers.

She clears her throat and repositions her glasses on her nose.

The Queen? Ladies and Gentlemen, the United Kingdom bestow upon you a man of great integrity. A man whose character shall never be broken or altered. A man who shall teach the children of the United States how a true role model shall act. A man who is the most gracious, most caring, most thought provoking individual one has yet to cast ones eye upon…. Ladies and Gentlemen… He… Shall arrive soon…

As a still of the Queen(?) continues being shown on the video screen the national anthem begins playing again. The aplomb of the brass band building into the chorus of ‘God Save the Queen’ as two men, dressed in black suits, white shirts and black ties walk onto the stage waving the Union Jack flag high into the air.

Other Guy: Ermm… What… What on earth have we just witnessed here tonight? Was that the Queen?!

Erik Masters: You know something, this place gets more bizarre by the show… Unreal. Thank you Your Majesty!


The camera opens on Dan Stein wearing his new “Golden Boy” t-shirt, fresh off his tag team match with Jester Smiles and Sammy Rochester. Stein walks around the backstage area with Molly, his assistant, at his side in a knee-length business skirt. Dan turns a corner and his eyes lock on a member of the SHOOT Project roster getting ready for the main event. Lunatikk Crippler  rubs his wrists and looks at the ground, obviously in the zone. Stein smirks, walking over to him, but keeping a bit of distance.

Dan Stein: Oh, good. Are you busy?

Crip looks at Stein, turning and placing his hands on his hips.

Lunatikk Crippler: Yeah. I have a match in the main event. Something you robbed LIHC of earlier in the week.

Stein smirks, placing his own hands on his hips to mimic Crippler.

Dan Stein: Good. This will be short, then.

Lunatikk Crippler: Like your reign as Sin City Champion?

Stein grimaces.

Dan Stein: Man, you got me there, don’t you? You think I feel bad, how do you think the guy I beat for it feels? I mean, he lost to a guy that lost it to a woman. Oh, wait… you know how that guy feels, don’t you? Why does he know how that guy feels, Molly?

Molly sighs, knowing she has to go along with Stein even though she doesn’t want to.

Molly the Assistant: Because he was the one you beat, Dan.

Crippler sighs.

Lunatikk Crippler: Well, the sun shines on a dog’s ass every once in a while, doesn’t it? Get to the point, I’ve got another arrogant asshole to shut up in a few.

Stein nods, raising an eyebrow of appreciation.

Dan Stein: You’re right, Donovan King is an asshole.

Stein smirks, looking at Luna and speaking with a sincere tone.

Dan Stein: Listen, I just wanted to wish you luck against him at Redemption. I know between now and then my hands are going to be full with Minxy Jones and the Redemption Rumble, but I wanted to wish you luck nonetheless.

Lunatikk Crippler: I don’t believe that for a second.

Stein laughs.

Dan Stein: Well, you should. After I win that Redemption Rumble, I’ll be the number one contender, Champ. I’m going to have a party at Redemption celebrating my victory and Number One contendership, big enough for a PRESIDENT. It’s going to be amazing – of course it is. It’ll be put on by Dan Stein.

Stein snorts, laughing. Crippler rolls his finger as if telling Stein to get on with it. Stein laughs for a few more seconds, defiantly. Calming down, Stein looks back at him.

Dan Stein:And, if you were me, would you want to step in the ring with Donovan King and risk my mouth being stapled shut? Do you want that for yourself? Do you think the fans want that? Do you think Calvin Klein wants that?

Do you want that for me

A pause befalls the trio, and before Crippler can speak, Stein cuts him off.

Dan Stein: Of course not. That’s silly. …But with you holding the belt… You, Las Vegas’ own, the man whom I knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten in SHOOT Project, and whose title I ripped away at Revolution 91… Wouldn’t you want you to win, if you were in my shoes?

Stein smirks, letting his words sink in for a moment. Crippler moves to speak again, but Stein cuts him off.

Dan Stein: Yeah… Good luck, Champ.

Stein looks at Molly with a smile and walks past Crippler while holding her hand. The camera fades away on Lunatikk Crippler’s face getting back into his zone.



“Give Me Back My Bullets” by Lynrd Skynrd hits over the PA and the crowd gives a decent pop. Henry Gordon emerges from the back, smiling a bit at the crowd cheers, stretchingout his arms and popping his neck as he makes his way down.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at THREE HUNDRED and TWENTY POUNDS…HENRY GORDON!

“UltraNumb” by Blue Stahli hits the Epicenter’s PA system and SHOOT Project newcomer Numbah One appears from the back. He cranks his neck and makes his way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring from who knows where, weighing in at two hundred pounds, NUMBAH! ONE!

With both men in the ring, referee Willie Dean is ready to start this match. With a wave of his hand, it’s on.


Eryk Masters: Collar and elbow tie-up!

Other Guy: Very inventive start to this match by Numbah One and Henry Gordon.

Eryk Masters: Gordon’s power advantage is obvious here; he’s pushing Numbah One against the ropes.

Gordon has Numbah One the ropes, and uses their elasticity to send his masked opponents across the ring. As Numbah One comes back, Henry Gordon floors him with a massive clothesline. Numbah One bounces back to his feet, and Henry Gordon swings that tree-trunk like arm of his again, but Numbah One ducks under the clothesline attempt and comes up behind Gordon, slapping him across the back of the head. Gordon spins around and, it caught by a dancing jab from his opponent. The punch only seemed to enrage him. Gordon swings for the fences with another clothesline attempt, but Numbah One ducks under again and slaps him on the back of the head again.

Other Guy: Not sure this is the smartest tactic from the newcomer.

Eryk Masters: Rope-a-dope, OG. Rope-a-dope.

Numbah One tries for another dancing jab, but Gordon catches his arm and brings around his back and puts Numbah One in a hammerlock and forces him into the corner. He releases the hammerlock and drives a series of clubbing forearms down onto the back of his neck. He takes two paces back and launches in with a big clothesline to the back of the head. Numbah One staggers backwards out of the corner and Henry Gordon picks him up and nails with a HUGE backbreaker. Gordon looks down at Numbah One on the mat, and goes to stomp down in his midsection, but Numbah One rolls out of the way. Gordon tries again, but Numbah One rolls away again. Numbah One gets to his feet right as Henry Gordon turns him inside out with a clothesline. Gordon grabs Numbah One by the head and picks him up and locks him in a vicious bearhug.

Eryk Masters: Awww… cuddles.

Gordon throws Numbah One around and tosses him into the corner. Gordon charges in, but Numbah One moves out of the way and rolls him up.



Other Guy: Gordon kicks out.

Numbah One counts to Willie Dean, but Gordon grabs him from behind and headbutts him. Numbah One staggers forward away from Henry Gordon. Gordon lumbers after him and grabs him from behind drives an elbow into the back of his head. Numbah One is staggered. Gordon lifts him and nails with an inverted atomic drop. Numbah One bounces in the air and runs around the ring in pain. Gordon catches Numbah One and DDT’s him down into the mat. Gordon instead of going for the pin, he picks him up and goes for a second DDT, but Numbah One backdrops out of the move. Numbah One quickly takes advantage and drops an elbow. Numbah One surveys Henry Gordon prone on the mat and goes to the corner, he climbs to the second turnbuckle and goes for something, but whatever it was, it was aborted by a Henry Gordon big boot to the face. Gordon doesn’t make the mistake by not following up this time and immediately goes for the cover.



Other Guy: Shoulder up. I thought that it was over then.

Gordon pounds the mat in frustration. He gets to his feet and so does Numbah One. Hammerin’ Hank charges Numero Uno and starts swinging haymakers. He catches him with one that sends him reeling. Hank gets Uno in the corner and just wails on him with massive haymakers. Willie Dean gets in Hank’s ear and tells him to stop. Hank hits Numbah One, one last time and walks out of the corner. Numbah One catches him breath, while Gordon waits like a prowling lion. Numbah stands and takes a step out of the corner and is nailed by a massive football tackle. Hank grabs Numbah One and lifts him onto his shoulder. One starts punching Hank on the top of the head so he can let him down. Hank drops Numero Uno and he lands on his feet. Numbah One grabs Henry Gordon around his big belly.

Other Guy: SUHPLEX!

Numbah One brings Henry Gordon back to his feet and wraps his arms around his walrus-like waist.

Other Guy: SUHPLEX!

Gordon is down on the mat. Numbah flicks the shoulder straps of Gordon’s singlet off, and then locks on arm grapevine. Gordon struggles, but Numbah One maintains the hold. Gordon starts powering out of the hold, so Numbah One lets go and bounces to his feet and kicks Gordon in the head. Numbah One goes for another soccer kick, but Gordon covers up. Numbah One takes advantage of the situation and slaps Gordon’s exposed belly.


Gordon grabs Uno’s head tosses him away. Gordon gets up. Numbah One gets up and both man stare at each other. Gordon puts his shoulder straps back on and Numbah one waggles his finger. They circle each other Henry Gordon runs at Numbah One.

Other Guy: SUHPLEX!

Gordon crashes down on his head. Numbah One turns around and waits for Gordon to get up. He runs at Gordon and tries to knee him in the head as he is getting to his feet, but Gordon, in a surprising display of agility moves out of the way. Numbah One crashes into the turnbuckles and bounces out. Gordon gets in with his own belly-to-back suplex. Gordon rolls over and goes for the cover.




Eryk Masters: Numbah One barely gets out of that suplex, there OG.

Henry slaps the mat out of frustration. He picks Numbah One by his head and starts punching him in the face. He uses the force of his punches to force Numbah One back into the corner. PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! Gordon grabs the dazed One and sits him on the top turbuckle.  Numbah SUDDENLY counters for a desperation tornado DDT!!

Other Guy: Numbah One had to do something otherwise he was G.O.N.E! Gone.

Eryk Masters: I think our audience knows how to spell OG.

Both men are down, but Numbah One is moving first. Gordon is moving too. Gordon is up. Numbah One is up.


Eryk Masters: How do you do that, OG?

Other Guy: He has a very descriptive biography available online. Numbah One goes for the cover here. This could be over.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, in a time of twelve minutes and twelve seconds, NUMBAH ONE!


The bright lights in the parking area illuminate Maya’s face, his eyes dart from side to side then he quickly turns around scanning the area for his sister. He sees two security guards crowded around someone near a small door that leads out from arena parking to the streets of Las Vegas. Maya jogs over to them putting a hand on one of the guard’s shoulders.

Maya: Is there a problem?

The guard shakes his head, already well acquainted with Maya.

Guard: Just one of the local girls that work the streets around here, they’re always trying to hang out back here…

When Maya can finally see the girl, he grabs the guard by the shoulder again and spins him around.

Maya: That’s… my sister.

Both guards hear him and cast a squinting glance from Maya to the auburn haired girl they’re huddled around. They immediately jump and stand aside, one guard angrily looking at the other.

Guard: I thought you said she was just one of whores on the street.

The second guard elbows the first in the gut, pulling him aside, dragging him out of the parking lot whispering in his ear.

Guard 2: She is, you fucking idiot…

Maya stands in front of Seta, barely able to recognize her. She wears black stiletto heels, a black fur skirt that just barely stops above her thighs and clings tightly to her curvy hips, a white tube top that leaves very little to the imagination, and a brown fur jacket that somehow only manages to cover her shoulders.

Maya: Is that… is that you, Seta?

She nods her head.

Maya: This is what you meant by…?

She nods her head.

Maya: I’m so sorry…

Seta shakes her head, a trail of black mascara smudging down her cheeks. Maya takes a step forward but stops when Seta’s eyes look like they’re about to pop out of their skull.


Maya crumbles to the ground and where his head used to be is a large metal pipe with a disgusting fresh red spot on it. Seta tries to run to Maya, but before she can four razor sharp fingernails run their way across her throat and keep her in place.

Liz: You never told me you had a sister, Ma Cherie.

Liz leans in on Seta’s neck, listening to the panicked breaths erupt through her throat.

Liz: Sounds like that organ has some experience with that, my little tainted flower. But don’t worry, if little Maya-bear over there just does something real simple… you can go back to whoring yourself out for a few bucks like nothing ever happened.

Seta struggles against Liz’s grasp, trying to reach down and at least touch Maya. Liz, however, lifts her by the throat just high enough off the ground for Seta’s heels to fall off her feet and clank against the concrete ground.

Liz: Ah-ah-ah, now don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time for touching later, baby.

Liz takes Seta by the hair and drags her into the area, Seta’s screams for Maya echo through the parking lot and arena halls.


We cut back to ringside as the arena lights in the Epicenter suddenly go out. After a few moments of darkness, the lights come back on to reveal SHOOT employees setting up an interview set in the middle of the ring. One is slowly waving down the neon gold and red "Zeitgeist!" sign while another sets up the smiling oil painting of Azrael Goeren on the fake brick wall. Resting in front of one of the interview chairs is a roughly six-foot tall curtain covering something and shielding it from view.

Eryk Masters: Are you friggin kidding me? Didn’t he get reinstated last week?

Other Guy:  So?

Eryk Masters:  So why the heck is he still hosting this ridiculous show?! Goeren got what he wanted, he shouldn’t still be wasting valuable air time like this!

Other Guy:  Oh Eryk. I don’t know how you’ve made it this far in life without any class or sophistication. Azrael simply wants to enrich all of our lives with his thought-provoking analysis of the wrestling industry as a whole. He’s a man of honor. A man of distinction…

Eryk Masters:  He’s a man who I’ve personally watched huff industrial solvent from a brown paper bag.

Other Guy:  That was a long time ago!

Eryk Masters:  It was an hour ago!

Other Guy:  I…I just can’t reason with you tonight.

The last backstage employee puts two coffee mugs down on the table and adjusts the sheet ever-so-slightly before he steps through the ropes and heads backstage.

Eryk Masters:  What’s with the sheet? Is someone underneath that damn thing?

Other Guy:  Could be. I usually have my finger on the pulse of everything Goeren but I wasn’t able to find out who this show’s guest is. Looks like it’s a surprise!

Predictably, "Sieben" by Subway to Sally hits over the Epicenter’s speakers as a massive gold and red pyro explosion goes off at the top of the ramp. Azrael Goeren makes his way out from the back wearing a skintight yellow body suit, an emu leather coat and a rhinestone cowboy hat. He holds his hands out to his sides as the unnecessary pyro explosion continues before he makes his way down the ramp, trying to slap hands with his adoring fan base.

Eryk Masters:  Mother of God. What in the world is he wearing?

Other Guy:  It’s called "high fashion" Eryk. Not all of us have had the same look since 1985 you know.

Azrael enters the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle as red & gold glitter starts to cascade down from the ceiling. The fans heavy booing, as usual, does not deter him as he picks up a microphone and stands in front of the sheet.

Goeren: Mein freunds…please contain your genitals for a moment and let me welcome you to another episode of "Zeitgeist!". 

Heavy booing from everywhere in the Epicenter.

Goeren: Tonight, your Megastar has something very special in store for you. You see, at last Revolution I was finally reinstated to active competition. Now I thought about jumping right into the fray and maybe winning a championship or two here tonight but instead I told Herr Johnson I wanted to make my triumphant return to SHOOT during the Redemption Rumble itself. Looks like you’ll all have to wait just a bit longer for your Goeren fix. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Azrael paces about the ring a bit, smiling out at the seething audience.

Goeren: Don’t despair though children, for I have something even better in store for all of you tonight. As some of you may know, the last few episodes of "Zeitgeist!" have unfortunately all ended in violence. This is a show of culture and open discussion about the latest happenings in SHOOT…not some knuckle-dragging forum for saloon brawls! So tonight, I found a guest who I know for a fact will preserve the integrity of this show.

The demented German takes a step back towards the sheet and places his free hand on top of it.

Goeren: A competitor who is a premiere talent in our industry and who is…if he’ll allow such hyperbole…the single greatest performer ever to step into a SHOOT Project ring.

Eryk Masters:  Real Deal? OutKast? Diamond Del Carver?

Other Guy:  X-Calibur?

Eryk Masters:  Please not again.

Azrael lets the suspension build for a moment before he swiftly pulls the sheet off and reveals…a mirror.

Goeren: Please welcome…Azrael Goeren!

The fans booing gets louder as Azrael moves to the other interview chair, his own reflection smiling back at him in the mirror. He settles into his chair and takes a sip of his mescaline-infused coffee before warmly welcoming his "guest".

Goeren: Azrael, let me first say how wonderful it is to have you here tonight and that you smell like warm apples.

Eryk Masters:  Is he seriously doing this? Is this happening right now?

Other Guy:  Shush, this is Pulitzer winning journalism right now.

Goeren: Please. Call me Henrik. Let me just say that I’ve been a big fan of yours as well for a long time. It’s hard to balance charm, modesty and athletic prowess but you manage to pull it off perfectly.

Azrael flashes a modest smile and nods his head.

Goeren: Oh you! Let’s get down to business shall we? How are you feeling these days? After being away for several months, most normal men would have trouble transitioning back into ring shape.

A condescending laugh and a gulp of his drug-coffee later, Azrael continues.

Goeren: It’s a good thing that I’m not a normal man, ja? You see Herr Goeren, while its true I haven’t had a match in several months, I’m in the best shape of my career. The time that I spent away from SHOOT has given my body time to heal, something that I’ve desperately needed over the last several years of my career. While the other men and women in the Rumble have been through the SHOOT Project meat grinder nonstop, I come in fresh as a daisy. Mind sharp. Body ready.

Azrael gives a thoughtful nod towards the mirror.

Goeren: Another great advantage you have over the other so-called "competition" in the Rumble is your track record in big matches over your illustrious career. How does that help in a match like this?

Goeren puts a hand to his chest, faking modesty.

Goeren: Please, you embarrass me! As every SHOOT fan knows, there is not a person on this roster who has more experience in big matches than I do. It’s been well documented that I main evented more matches in SHOOT than any of the other schweins currently squatting in that locker room. Everyone in the back knows that when the spotlight is on me, all I do is steal the show.

Azrael pauses.

Goeren: This match isn’t about glory though my wonderfully groomed friend. Nein. This match is very different for me.

The boos continue to get louder as Azrael leans back in his seat.

Goeren: Different how?

He leans forward and cups his hands together, suddenly looking very serious.

Goeren: Since I arrived in SHOOT, I spent far too much time trying to wrestle power away from Johnson and into my capable hands. I molded OPW into a violent utopia years ago and was looking to do the same to my beloved SHOOT. Unfortunately for me, this obsession clouded my judgment. I was too busy scheming and didn’t perceive the shifts in the landscape. I am through with trying to make people listen to my words, it’s about damn time they started responding to my actions again. I’m only focused on one thing now and that’s showing the world that I’m at the top of the pecking order. Always have been, always will be. I am one of the most dominant champions in wrestling history, and it’s about time I get that SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship around my waist to prove it.

The last sentence drives the SHOOT fans in the Epicenter into a frenzy, getting to their feet and jeering as loud as they can towards this one-man travesty of an interview.

Goeren: Very loft goals mein freund, but the deck is stacked against you in this one.

A smile curls across his lips.

Goeren: That’s just the way I like it. I hope everyone who has ever competed in SHOOT comes back for this one. I want all of the champions, all of the stars…everyone who ever laced up their boots involved in this match. That way, when the dust is settled and I survey their broken bodies in heaps around the outside of the ring…there will be no doubt that this is my time to reign.

Azrael pats himself on his own knee.

Goeren: It seems to me like you’ve got everything planned out, Henrik. Bravo sir, bravo! Now…shall we move onto the officially licensed Azrael Goeren questionnaire?

A solemn nod of his head keeps up this charade.

Goeren: Beautiful. If you could fight one man or woman currently on the SHOOT Project roster who you have never faced before, who would it be?

It barely takes Azrael a second to his respond to his own question.

Goeren: That would be easy. Donovan King.

The fans FINALLY cheer something that Azrael says. He does not look amused at their response.

Goeren: The disgusting hoodrat that represents this company is one of the greatest travesties in the history of mankind. Right up there with the Hindenburg disaster and not renewing The Jersey Shore. The man represents the lowest denomination of humanity, completely devoid of any endearing characteristics. It will be my extreme pleasure to run him out of my SHOOT Project once I get my world title shot.

Azrael quickly moves back to interviewer mode and gives a chuckle.

Goeren: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Finally…the same question, but this time broaden it to include anyone who has ever competed in wrestling.

Azrael rubs his chin stoically, taking more time to think about this one.

Goeren: You know, I never did get a real chance to cripple Diamond Del Carver. I know that’s kind of a redundant thing to do, but I still would have loved to been the one to finish him off for good. I’d say probably him or my old friend Deviant from the DIWF. Him and I still have unfinished business…maybe once I become World Heavyweight champion, that’ll prod him out of hiding.

He leans back in the chair, smiling broadly now.

Goeren: Well Henrik, this has been an absolute treat. Do you have anything else you’d like to say before we wrap this up?

Azrael suddenly smiles again, standing up from his chair and stares out at the audience with utter contempt.

Goeren: Only this. If I have to brutalize every single one of our soldiers to cement my legacy, then I have no problems ruling over a promotion of ashes. The next time you all see me on Revolution, I’ll have a world title shot in hand. It’s as plain as day or my reflection in this mirror, at Redemption I finally get what I fucking deserve.

With that, Azrael drops the microphone as "Sieben" starts playing in the Epicenter again. He quickly exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp, ignoring the jeers along the way. He stops at the top of the ramp and bows before making his way back behind the curtain.

Eryk Masters:  Well that was excruciating. The good news for all of our SHOOT fans is that the numbers game definitely does not work in Goeren’s favor at the Rumble.

Other Guy:  Yeah…but what if he DOES pull it off?

Eryk Masters:  I…I…I’d really rather not think about that. That sociopath with a beeline on our world title is a nightmare I’d rather not experience.

Eryk Masters: The Sin City Championship is coming up next in what is sure to be—

A light purple spotlight shines upon the entrance as part of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” kicks in.

Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhhh

I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got…

Eryk Masters: Fans, I apologize.  I have no idea what this is about.

Other Guy: Just another day at the office, Eryk?

Eryk Masters: Revolution just wouldn’t be the same without a new surprise.

A blast of pink and purple pyro goes off but no figure shows yet as the smoke clears.

Can’t read my

Can’t read my

No, he can’t read my poker face…

Wearing a silver jersey-like top and matching not-so-baggy shorts that go to her knees and black wrestling boots, Laura Seton emerges from the back as with her newly acquired Sin City Championship over her right shoulder.  As the fans see her on the SHOOT-Tron, a round of heavy booing begins. 

Eryk Masters: Laura Seton is using Lady Gaga??  Of all the strange things…

She pauses and readjusts the belt on her shoulder at the top of the ramp as she eyes the crowd before making her way to the ring.  No high-fives and no theatrics, just a simple walk before removing the belt from her shoulder and gently sliding in the ring before she dives into the ring beneath the bottom rope.  As she picks up the belt, her new theme fades away.  The lights shut off, as we see the wall shoot out with one name… ALEJANDRO. And then, the blue lights start up as Sevendust’s "Pieces" start up. 

Walk that crooked line, 

I see you try to beat the one step 

Into the middle of the circle…

Try and try you ask me to answer, 

All the time I gave you a reason, 


Jaime walks out of the Gorilla position as the fans start cheering his appearance. He’s there in his all white suit and black tie. We also see Val Chianese in her white Oriental dress, as they both look in the ring. 

You want me to show you, 


Ask again, 

Ask again, 

(Then you’ll see)

The fans start taunting Laura with "JAIME’S GONNA KILL YOU!" 

Eryk Masters: You want to talk about a relationship gone straight to hell… 

Other Guy: This is pretty much it, folks. Laura walked out on Jaime, it seems. And the old man doesn’t miss a beat! 

Why, I wanna feel the same as you, 

(Ask again) 

(Ask again) 

(And I’ll show you) 

The circle’s broken down, 

(I don’t care if you blame me) 

Eryk Masters: Just listen to the song, OG… 

Other Guy: You think he’s a bit angry? 

They move towards the ring slowly the fans gather out for hands. He slaps a few on the way in. Val breaks off as Jaime slides into the ring. 

I don’t care if you hate me, 

I don’t care if you trust me, 

I don’t care if you blame me, 

(Now the circle is broken) 

He smirks at Laura as he passes by her and grabs his microphone from the crew… 

Eryk Masters: This is probably going to get very ugly, very quickly. 

Other Guy: Yeah, old girlfriend, meet new girlfriend?

Laura motions for a mic for herself and gets one. She then circles in the other direction, narrowing her gaze towards him and getting what could be mistaken for a scoffing expression.

Jaime stares back at her, and thinks about what he wants to say. You can see the mix of betrayal, hatred and hurt on his face. Yet, he keeps up his confidence. 

Jaime: So… "champ" You managed to offend just about everyone. You might have achieved the impossible and became a bigger bitch in one week than Tanya Black managed to achieve in months. So, bravo…

He mock claps at her for a moment.

Laura: Do you mind?  I’m about to have a match, in case you haven’t noticed.

Jaime: Against an opponent that’s probably more unbalanced than you claim I am…

Laura: What I’ve been saying about you is not merely a “claim” but rather a FACT.

Jaime: And who died and made you my shrink… Come to think of it, isn’t your degree in journalism. A field of speculation and half-truth?

Laura: Do you really have no idea what you’re doing and what you’re going to do?

Jaime moves closer to Laura and stares as intently as it gets.


Jaime: I’m going to do what these people wanted done long ago inside this place.  To have the heart of Project: SCAR ripped out and shown to them.

Laura: And this needs to be done why?  Why the blood?  Why the unnecessary gore?  The man may be a monster, BUT HE’S STILL A MAN!

The crowd boos at what sounds like her supporting Isaac.

Jaime: Who’s willingly given up his own humanity… Or have you been watching the antics that he’s committed. 

He looks a bit frustrated as wants to say more… 

Jaime: Or maybe I should have let him have his way with you and shoved it right down the ol up… 

We see a hand go over his mouth.  Laura’s eyes go wide as her internal fire has been lit.

Laura: HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING YOURSELF!?  This isn’t about Isaac.  Isaac is a tame puppy compared to you!  You act with no regard for anyone, yourself included.  You have no care when trying to crack him with a steel chair.  You were enjoying it as the electricity was smashed from that TV set to him before you had it smashed in half over yourself!  You act like everyone’s hero, and all these halfwits buy it!

The crowd begins letting her have it.  Her face starts turning red from emotion.



He wants to say more or do something, but Val tugs him by the arm and pulls his microphone away. 

Val: We’re done here…

Laura looks at Val and points to her.

Laura: You shut your mouth.

She looks back at Jaime.

Laura: There’s a difference between what YOU are doing and the right thing.  What YOU are doing is playing to these nitwits…


Laura: … the stupid fans that cheer for the stupid garbage wrestling.  You’re being a COWARD!  You know you can’t beat him straight-up, so you resort to this trash!  You are a JOKE!  You mean NOTHING to anyone!

The more she shouts, the more the fans voice their displeasure.


Jaime takes his microphone back and smirks. 

Jaime: And I think these fans are telling you how much you mean to them.  Less than Tanya Black.  Less than Dan Stein.  Hell, probably less than Corey Lazarus… 

He looks at Val. 

Jaime: You’re right, we are leaving… I can’t stand to be near you at the moment… Much like your Minnesota Lynx after you left, I can manage to win more than one title without you attached to me.

Laura:A title that involves you further delving into your insanity.

She steps up to him.  She’s sure to look in his eyes, not afraid of Jaime’s soured mood.

Laura: You’ve got a choice to either save yourself…

Jaime: Or…


The crowd "OH!"s at the sound of Laura’s right hand giving a viscious slap to Alejandro’s face. 

Eryk Masters: And look at her eyes!  That cold glare!  This was no mistake, fans!

Jaime goes to answer her with a left, but Val is holding on with all her little body can muster… 

Other Guy: C’mon!  Let him smack a ho!

Val says something to Jaime and gets him to restrain himself.  As Jaime and Laura glare at each other, Val gets next to Laura and whispers something in her right ear.  As Laura steps back towards her corner, Jaime and Val exit the ring.



Other Guy: Well…I still wish we had seen a ho get slapped, but either way, Laura is in the ring, soooo…I guess we are about to have a Sin City Championship match.

Eryk Masters: This crowd is continuing to reign down boos and insults on Laura. This is a weird sight indeed.

The lights go off in the arena time. Some of the crowd cheers, some of the crowd boos. 

Perhaps you better start from the beginning 

Eryk Masters: This is…odd? Some people in this crowd are actually…cheering for Johnny Napalm? 

Perhaps you better start from the beginning 

Perhaps you better start from the beginning 

Other Guy: The smug nature of Seton recently has really turned a lot of people off from her, and I think they’d be happy to see anyone slap the self-righteousness out of Soured Milk and Cookies.  

Perhaps you better start from the beginning 

Eryk Masters: Soured Milk and Cookies? Really?

Other Guy: Bite me Eryk, I can’t be perfect all the time.

Perhaps you better start from the beginning 

The dark sounds of White Zombie’s “Electric Head Pt.1” kicks in. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is set for one fall and is for the Sin City Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from South Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and ninety seven pounds…*sigh* he is the self-proclaimed master of your reality…*sigh* so bow to him now- 

Eryk Masters: OH COME ON! 

Samantha Coil: JOHNNY NAPALM! 

Napalm emerges from the back to mostly boos, but there are a smattering of cheers, and a noticeable “NA-PALMS GONNA KILL YOU!” chant is going. Napalm looks confused for a moment, not sure why people are cheering him, but he shakes it off and refocuses, glaring pure fire at Laura Seton. Laura stands in the ring, stretching, looking past Napalm and towards the back. 

Other Guy: Wow. A “Napalms gonna kill you” chant. 

Eryk Masters: This guy may be an egotistical asshole, but we are used to that. I’m telling you, Laura’s self-righteous manner is not gelling with these fans.

Other Guy: Well, I mean, she’s scolding people watching a COMBAT SPORT about looking for a little blood. It’s a little…off.

Napalm enters the ring, keeping his eye on Laura and the belt the entire time. He has a wicked grin on his face, and at this point, it’s clear the fans chant, cheers, and boos don’t matter at all. He’s got one focus, and that’s to take the championship belt from Laura Seton. Seton, meanwhile, keeps her gaze mostly on Napalm, though occasionally she gets distracted by the boos and the chants.

Samantha Coil: Already in the ring, weighing in tonight at one hundred and seventy five pounds…she is the CURRENT Sin City Champion-


Samantha Coil: And is from Oshkosh, Wisconsin…LAURA…SETON!


Other Guy: They do not like this bitch.

Laura rolls her eyes and scoffs at the chant. Napalm continues glaring at Seton, that sick smile still on his face. Dennis Heflin stays in the middle of them, making sure no one starts prematurely. He takes the title from Laura and holds it up. No one cheers. There are only boos.

Eryk Masters: So, all “who do the fans like” stuff out of the way, let’s look at some scary statistics. Johnny Napalm is almost a foot taller and outweighs Laura by OVER 100 pounds. So, you know, Laura should probably not get grabbed by Napalm.

Other Guy: Chick is fast, though, so credit where credit is due. She’s, like, world record holding fast.

Heflin signals for the bell, and Napalm instantly lashes forward. He goes to clothesline Seton down, but Seton does a dodge roll and comes up behind Napalm. She quickly hits a high angle dropkick, staggering Napalm and goes for a schoolboy roll up!

ONE! Napalm kicks out fast. Napalm is up fast and he SWINGS for the fences with a haymaker, but again, Laura is much quicker. She catches the arm and swings around, catching Napalm with her legs and using the momentum to execute a picture perfect head scissors. However, Napalm is far too big and has far too much energy left, so he remains standing. He catches the ropes to regain balance, but as he turns he eats another dropkick to the jaw. Again he is staggered. Seton hits the adjacent ropes, springboards, and lands on Napalm’s shoulders, looking for a hurricanrana…but NAPALM CATCHES HER! Napalm SLAMS Laura with a seated powerbomb! He holds for the cover!



TW-Laura gets the shoulder up. Napalm pushes her away and stands up quickly. Laura, meanwhile, takes a second to get up, as Napalm’s  powerbomb took a lot out of her.

Other Guy: I think that’s what we call a high impact move.

Eryk Masters: Far too early in this match to be a finisher, though. Seton may have turned quite frigid and nasty lately, but she is still a top tier competitor. It’s gonna take more than one high impact move to take her title.

Napalm moves forward and grabs Laura by the hair. He lifts her up and hits a knee lift, dropping her back down to her knees. Napalm again lifts her up by the hair and hits another knee lift, again dropping her back down to her knees. Napalm goes to lift her up again, but Heflin warns him to release the hair or he’ll call for the DQ. Napalm let’s go of the hair and instead grabs her Jersey, lifting her back up, but Seton is quick and lashes out with an Enziguiri! Napalm releases her and staggers away. Seton is back in her element now, as she dashes for the ropes, leaps off, and uses the momentum to drop Napalm with a HARD tornado DDT! Seton now goes for the cover and hooks the leg!


TW-Kickout! Seton gets up and plants a few stomps on Napalm, really digging her boot in on the second one, scowling down with disdain. She then hits the ropes and lands on Napalm with a Lionsault! She again hooks the leg for the cover!



TW-Kickout! Napalm is up. Seton glares at Heflin, but does not argue. She simply plants two more stomps, really REALLY digging the heel in on the last one, and again hits the ropes, springboarding and going for another lionsault…but NAPALM IS NOT THERE! Seton crashes and clutches her chest and stomach. Napalm, meanwhile, makes some distance and gets himself back up.

Eryk Masters: Yeah…that’s never a good thing to miss.

A few in the crowd actually cheer as Napalm makes his way over to Seton, another anti-Laura chant starting up.


Seton is up to her knees when Napalm plants a vicious kick to her stomach that flips Laura all the way over to her back. Napalm grabs Laura by the hair again and drags her over to the ropes. He places her throat on the ropes and steps on her head, pushing her neck into the ropes and choking her! Heflin starts the count!


Napalm spits at Laura and shows no sign of stopping.


Heflin tries to pull Napalm off, but he does not move.


Napalm says “Nope!” and keeps choking.


Napalm releases the hold and walks over the turnbuckle. He begins removing the turnbuckle pad, and Heflin is quick to stop him. Napalm backs away as Heflin resecures the padding…and goes back to choking Laura on the ropes! The crowd now boos Napalm, definitely not liking his tactics.

Other Guy: Napalm has said that he will do anything to win tonight, but he better be careful. Not sure how much longer Heflin is gonna be cool with what he’s doing.

Heflin turns around as Napalm is taking his foot off Laura’s head. He chastises Napalm, but Napalm simply grins vilely at him. He then grabs Laura by the jersey and pulls her off the ropes and up to her feet. Napalm sets her up in a standing headscissors and locks her arms, looking for the tiger bomb, but Laura stomps hard on Napalm’s foot, causing him to loose hold. Within an instant, Laura pulls Napalm’s feet from under him and flips over, holding the legs and briding for the pin!



THR- Napalm gets the shoulder up!

Other Guy: Told you! World record holding speed!

Eryk Masters: She better stay fast. Napalm is up and he looks pissed!

Napalm charges Laura, but she again uses her speed to dodge his efforts to grab her and catches the arm, catching him in a hammerlock. However, Napalm is more of the technician, and he’s powerful, so he is able to pry his arm free. However, before he can turn around, Laura places a hard thrust kick to the back of his knee, causing his leg to buckle! Napalm goes to his knees and Laura charges, hitting the Lou Thesz Press! Napalm is down, and Laura starts peppering him with rights and lefts, balancing between head shots and rib shots. Heflin yells at Laura to get off Napalm and stop, but before he can start a count, Napalm simply shoots his hands forward and THROWS Laura off him. Laura is up quick, surprised by Napalm’s strength, but before Napalm can off his knees and to his feet, Laura lunges forward with a front dropkick RIGHT into Napalm’s face! Napalm slams flat on the mat, clutching his nose! Laura again takes this opportunity stomp the ever loving shit out of Napalm, the crowds’ boos fueling her anger more and more.

Other Guy: Who does this crowd want to win?

Eryk Masters: Much like me, I don’t think they’d be too thrilled with either competitor.

Heflin pulls Laura away and warns her about the stomps. Laura argues with Heflin, pointing to her throat in reference to Johnny’s chokes. As the two argue, Napalm makes his way to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs from the attack. Laura looks incredibly pissed off. She walks towards Napalm, grabs his shoulder, and spins him around…and eats a hard right haymaker for her trouble. Seton goes down in a heap, looking semi-unconscious. Napalm gets his smile back. He grabs the hair of Seton, despite Heflin’s chastising, and lifts her up. He then plants a knee to the stomach and places her in the standing head scissors position again! He hooks the arms and looks for the Napalm Bomb!

Eryk Masters: Looking for the Napalm Bomb once again!

Johnny lifts Seton high…NO! Laura frees her arms in mid air and, very acrobatically, lands on Johnny’s shoulders, slamming him in the head with an elbow strike right on his temple! Seton then bends back and brings Johnny up and over with a hurricanarana! She stays on him and hooks both legs, getting the pin!





A split second later Johnny kicks out, but it’s over! Seton has the pin. The crowd boos loudly, and a few cups can be seen flying towards the ring. Napalm is up quick, and he begins arguing with Heflin about the count, saying it was only two, but Heflin continues to show him three fingers.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of ELEVEN minutes and TWENTY-THREE SECONDS…and STILL Sin City Champion….LAURA…SETON!

Seton slides out of the ring and grabs her title, not saying anything to anyone. She just slings the Sin City Championship over her shoulder and storms to the back. Napalm lets out an angry cry and drops to his knees, slamming his fists several times into the canvas.

Eryk Masters: Well, once again, Laura shows us that, despite her standing with the crowd, she is one of the best in this business and retains her title.



A table with some coffee and snacks backstage. A huge bear paw of a hand reaches and grabs the pot and pours a cup. We pull back to see T.Rex muttering to himself, or to Arch Angel, or maybe to both.

T.Rex: Fuggin’ A, man. This is uncomfortable. I feel like someone’s gonna come up and bounce us any minute now.

Angel pats his friend on the shoulder.

Arch Angel: Easy, Teddy. Outside of, say, the one or two dozen people who probably want to kick out asses, I’m sure we’re more than welcome, or at least not totally despised being back here. I mean…

Something catches Angel’s eye and he drops his head and mutters.

Arch Angel: – shit.

From down the hall we see Azrael Goeren. He does a quick double take at the two men hanging out sipping coffee before quickly heading towards the members of Anarchy.

Azrael Goeren: Vas? Can it be? My boys! Oh what sweet nectar of the gods, this is wonderful!

Angel and Rex look at each other nervously. Not sure what to do in this instance.

Azrael Goeren: Come now, no need to be bashful around me. What delightful fun we all shared when the Hierarchy was around! Tell me, what brings you here tonight?

T.Rex: Hey Az. We’re looking to get back into the business!

Azrael Goeren: What luck! I just made my triumphant return to SHOOT! I could use two big strong bruisers such as yourselves to watch my back. This is going to be just like old-times, you’ll see. You’ll both move back into my villa of course…ach, this is absolutely stupendous, I am simply overjoyed that I can count on you as backup again.

Angel steps forward.

Arch Angel: Sorry, Az. We’re not really looking to do that kind of work. We want to make a go of it as a tag team. Wrestling.

T.Rex: Starting wit the Rumble.

Goeren lets out a laugh, at first acting like Anarchy must be joking with him. When they don’t respond, he raises and eyebrow and scoffs.

Azrael Goeren: I see then. Its…umm…inspiring that two men of your advance stages of development would attempt to reenter the wrestling world.

T.Rex: You callin’ us OLD?

Azrael Goeren: Nein! Well, I DO have World War 2 memorabilia that’s younger…but, even if you don’t want to take a business opportunity? With the Redemption Rumble coming up? It would be mutually beneficial for some former brothers in arms when we go to war.

He pats the two men on the shoulder.

Azrael Goeren: Keep it in mind. Redemption Rumble could be our reunion tour.

Goeren heads off leaving Anarchy to ponder his offer.


The shot opens on the center of the ring, where the ring crew has been busy covering the canvas in black cloth and placing lit torches from each one of the ring posts. There’s a large table in the center of the ring with two leather chairs on each side, and in the center of the ring we find Dutch Harris standing with a microphone.

Dutch Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the contract signing between Isaac Entragian and Jaime Alejandro for their HELL IN A CELL match at Redemption. Introducing first, the reigning Iron Fist & Rules of Surrender Champion….ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

“Red Pyramids” by Akira Yamoaka starts to play overhead, and the sinister albino steps out from behinds the curtains to and overwhelming reaction of pure, shameless HATE from the Las Vegas fanbase. Isaac is wearing a form-fitting black suit, the material hugging the sharp edges of his musculature. He wears a slim red tie with the suit, and a pair of rattlesnake-skin dress shoes. His wild white hair is tied back into a ponytail, and the expression on his face is one of narcissistic amusement.

The Iron Fist Championship is draped over his right shoulder, and The Rules of Surrender Championship is draped over his left shoulder. Isaac saunters down to the ring, barking obscenities at the fans as he goes, and then he climbs up into the ring and carefully places both of his championship belts down on the tabletop. With this done, Isaac chooses a leather chair, proceeding to hunker down and throw his legs up on the desk with both hands resting behind his head.

Dutch Harris: Introducing second, his opponent and challenger for Redemption…JAIME ALEJANDRO!!!


"Pieces" by Sevendust cranks up on the sound system.  As it does, we see Jaime with his black hair slicked back in a white double breasted suit with black tie, beside him is a girl with platinum blonde hair and dark red lips.  She stands in a tight white Oriental dress with flower designs all over it.   

Issac leaps up out of his chair with a look of disdain and anger on his face.  The crowd looks in shock, as some recognize the girl.  Others are in shock over what they’re seeing.  Both walk down to the ring arm in arm as the swarm reaches out.  Jaime keeps his eyes on the Albino, as Issac does the same to Jaime and this girl… 

The old soldier then leads the girl by the hand up the ring steps.  As he does, Issac stays back, wondering what his intentions are.  Jaime heads up the stairs himself and slowly enters the ring.  As he gets in, he holds the ropes and allows the girl inside.  He takes his chair directly across from the now livid Issac.  Both men start the staredown.

Isaac looks the woman up and down for a moment, and then he chuckles, the initial anger easily transitioning into dark amusement. He shakes his head at Jaime, giving him a little “tsk tsk” gesture with one hand. 

Entragian: You old dog, you. Are you in the business of picking up my garbage now, Jaime? I left this little trashbag in an alley after Liz bloodied her up a bit, and I figured she would have made it to the town dump by now. Or the town mortuary…didn’t really give much of a shit either way. Ever hear that old expression…you can shine up a turd, but at the end of the day…it’s still a turd? 

Val winches a little, not able to maintain eye contact with Entragian. She can’t look at his smile, and instead she holds Jaime’s arm protectively, staying close to the soldier. 

Jaime:  I’m sure that Liz enjoys you talking about her when she tries to put on makeup for you, Ike… 

Issac smirks at the zinger for a second, but continues on. 

Entragian: Well…in a way, I’m happy for you, Jaime. It’s about time you got to stick that dusty tallywhacker into something. You spend too much time around Laura and Tanya…one of them is allergic to cock, and the other has every STD known to man in the world of medicine. You need a release….and I’m happy to offer up my sloppy seconds to you as long as you’re getting something out of it, pal. 

Isaac grins, leaning back in his seat to cock his head at the soldier. 

Entragian: So if you brought Val out here to….throw me off my game a little bit? I’m sorry to say that the attempt has failed, Jaime…just like you always fail when it comes to me. Tonight is not about insignificant little Val. Tonight…is about you and I. It’s about ending a war with a final battle that will shake the foundations of SHOOT Project. It’s time we finished this. This is the end of our road, my taco-munching hermano, and I want to make that perfectly clear to you. Redemption is where this ends. 

Jaime leans back in his chair, as Val moves around behind it and puts her arms around his neck.  He holds up his mic for a second and smiles. 

Jaime:  Nah, Ike.  Val isn’t here to throw you off your game.  Not in the slightest.  If I wanted to throw you off your game, we could do a lot better.  No…  This is a lesson for you, brother.  Make sure what you throw away, doesn’t come back.  What you try to kill, stays dead.  And what you try to destroy, stays gone forever.  The only one you’ve managed to succeed in doing that with is ol’ DDC.  And who knows what fucking bottle he decided to crawl into.  And unlike DDC, I know what I’m getting into here. 

The crowd is a bit stunned to hear the pure arrogance in Jaime’s voice.  This seems much different. 

Jaime:  You see, Issac.  While my old buddy, Tommy is shooting orgasms out of his black cock over the amount of pain you put him through…  And the pain that Liz will put him through, to which I’m surprised we didn’t catch her fingering her rotten slit on the way to the ring thinking about all the violence she caused.  Tommy "learned" something from the pain.  I don’t think I need to remind you that I already knew what pain was…  I caused it.  I felt it.  I didn’t love it as much as you freaks seem to. 

Issac smirks more at his opponent.  Almost waiting for him to get to the point… 

Jaime:  Val is a lesson in the fact that you and Lezzie…  Fuck, I mean Lizzie.  Which by the way, Ike…  You talk about Laura having a horse face…  Your woman has a horse mouth.  Even Seabiscuit’s corpse is jealous of the choppers on her.  She’s got so many straight white teeth in a row, El Asso Wipo tried to piss in her mouth. 

If you hear people in the front row puking up, that’s probably because they are…  At this point, Val squeezes around his neck and reminds him to get to talking. 

Jaime:  But the point is, Ike.  Val here followed the SCAR principle to a point.  She became your image of beautiful.  Yet, you disposed of her.  I can only imagine what you’d do to anyone else who didn’t follow your exact vision.  You destroy, brother.  I heal.  Val was already beautiful before you entered into her world.  So, now…  You are right.  We do end it at Redemption.  Val found her own…  You.  You’ll get yours, Ike.  And in fact, take a look at the paper.  I don’t want just the Iron Fist belt.  I’m taking it all, bitch.  And…  If I don’t succeed.  Then, you won’t see me inside SHOOT Project ever again.

Isaac cocks an eyebrow at Jaime, and then he reaches out with a pallid hand to peruse a few pages of the contract. Once this is done, he looks up with a grin.

Entragian: Well well well….it seems through your dealings with me you’ve become quite the ambitious boy, Jaime. I like that. Maybe there’s hope for you yet. Let me make sure that I’m understanding you correctly, because god knows that Neanderthal walnut you call a brain is hard to crack. You’re telling me that you not only want to challenge for the Iron Fist Title…but the Rules of Surrender Title as well? You want it ALL on the line, do ya?

Jaime nods.

Entragian: And the most important part of this proposal…is the fact that when you lose…not IF you lose, but when you lose….your career is over? You’re willing to go that far? Fuck, Jaime…you REALLY know how to sweeten the pot! I can’t pass up on a deal like that. I cordially accept, muchacho.

Entragian picks up the pen, and he scrawls his signature across the bottom line of contract. He then slides the clipboard over to Jaime with a smile.

Entragian: Let me tell you why I accept, Jaime. The truth is…I have grown so very tired of you. You’re an old stubborn dog and you never seem to learn any new tricks. These little games that we play with each other have become monotonous. You know in your heart that it always ends the same way with us….with you bleeding and broken….with me standing over you triumphant. It’s not a challenge for me anymore, Jaime. It’s just a stale, bland chore…and I’ve orchestrated your defeat so many times that there is no savor left in it for me. Making you bleed doesn’t excite me as much as it once did…and punching you in your sour face just leaves me cold and unfulfilled.

Isaac shakes his head while dancing the pen over the knuckles of his right hand.

Entragian: I could drive this pen into your eye socket right now, and I could fuck the bloody hole that it leaves in your skull…but it still wouldn’t be enough. I’m just bored with you, muchacho. It’s about time that I moved on to bigger and better things. See, Jaime…I have this plan. It involves winning the Redemption Rumble and going on to hunt Donovan King or Crippler until the World Heavyweight Championship is mine. You don’t figure into that plan. You’re just a loose end that needs to be disposed of before I continue my rightful ascension in SHOOT Project.

Isaac watches Jaime carefully, seeing the ripples of anger passing through The Saint’s expression.

Entragian: So the fact that you’d be willing to put up your career in Hell In A Cell? That makes me happy. That’s the perfect way to wash my hands of you. Exile is fitting for you…maybe you can call up DDC and form an “Isaac Ended My Career” fan club, since you’ll have so much free time after the PPV. Hell, Jaime…I’m just so tickled that you’d do this…just makes my whole night! See I could beat you up right now if I wanted to…I could humiliate you in front of Val….embarrass you in front of the world…but I don’t think I’ll do that. You’ve earned yourself a free pass with your generosity tonight. We’ll save it for Redemption. You get to walk your old ass out of my ring tonight without having to worry about me snapping that bullet-hole covered slab of meat you call a leg…

Jaime starts to rise up to his feet, a grimace on his face, looking like he wants to slap the taste out of Isaac’s mouth…but Val pulls him back into his seat and whispers “don’t give him the satisfaction.”

Entragian: And just so you know….I wish you two all the best in the future. You’re such a cute couple. I hope you have lots of little Mexican babies together. And when they grow up…as a token of my goodwill…I’ll hire each and every one of them to mow my lawn. They’ll probably need me as a surrogate father figure, since their daddy will be a paraplegic and all. And Val, darling…when you’re taking care of Jaime’s feeding tube….make sure you grind down some jalapenos and chili peppers for him. I believe it’s important for crippled, brain-damaged former wrestlers to have a little spice in their life.

Isaac offers Jaime his toothiest grin of all, and then he slides the pen over to Jaime’s side of the table.

For a second, Jaime reads over the contract one last time.  As he does, he pulls the pen up and points it at Issac. 

Jaime:  And Ike, I could jab this pen right into your jugular vein and end Project: SCAR on national TV.  It’s almost worth the life sentence…  Almost. 

He signs the paper and smirks at the Pale Rider. 

Jaime:  Oh, and hermano…  You should read the fine print that Val managed to put in for you…

Entragian cocks his head to the side, mouthing “what the fuck do you mean by fine print” while tearing through the contract to squint at an extremely small, well hidden paragraph near the back of the contact.

The music hits, and Entragian looks up at the top of the ramp, his face literally CONTORTING with the blackest, most diabolical rage that can possibly manifest itself on a human face. He literally ROARS, spittle flying from his lips as he keeps his eyes flitting back and forth from the top of the ramp back to Jaime at the table.

Entragian: You dirty, scheming, limp dick MEXICAN MOTHERFUCKER!

“Not Going Away” by Ozzy Osbourne hits, and Entragian looks up at the top of the ramp, his face literally CONTORTING with the blackest, most diabolical rage that can possibly manifest itself on a human face. He literally ROARS, spittle flying from his lips as he keeps his eyes flitting back and forth from the top of the ramp back to Jaime at the table. 

Jaime just sits back in his chair with his arm around Val, a satisfied smile resting on the face of The Saint as Cronos Diamante appears at the top of the ramp, mic in one hand and contract in the other. Cronos receives a huge pop from the fans but they quiet down as he begins to recite the portion of the contract Entragian is steamed about. 

Cronos Diamante: “Jaimie Alejandro is to be afforded a special guest referee of his choice at Redemption so as to ensure fairness and no interference.” That means no Project: SCAR scumbags at ring side, Isaac. 

Cronos dressed in black slacks and referee shirt enters the ring and stands between Entragian and Alejandro. 

Cronos Diamante: “If any sort of interference makes it inside the ring, not already within the confines of the Hell in a Cell, the competitor responsible for said interference will forfeit.” Titles, careers… poof. Gone. And believe me gentlemen I will call this down the middle without biased.

Isaac has his hands dug into his hair, his eyes practically bugging out of his head. He grabs the contract table, and he FLIPS it to the side in a red rage, screaming “NO” and “NOT HIM” over and over again.

Isaac finally gains some semblance of composure, and he grabs up both of his championships and holds them close to his chest. He stares at Cronos with eyes that are burning with molten fury.

Entragian: There will come a time in your life when you regret what you’ve done here tonight. You won’t know the when…the where…or even the how…just know that you’ll pay, Cronos. You’ll pay dearly.

Cronos stands his ground while staring into Isaac’s face, saying nothing to his former friend.

Isaac then stalks past Cronos and exits the ring, walking slowly up the ramp while cradling his belts like children that he’s afraid to be apart from.

Once Isaac vanishes behind the curtains, Jaime and Val cast a final look at Cronos before exiting the ring as well.

The scene cuts out with Cronos Diamante standing tall in his referee shirt. down the 



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a non-title bout scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit!

::when it’s time to party we will party hard::

Andrew WK’s "Party Hard" blasts over the PA, bringing Dina Bryce and Alex Brooks out from behind the entrance curtain, assaulted by the sonic assault of the crowd’s cheerful reaction. Dina seems to be taken aback by it at first, shocked, and the two then run down the ramp, slowing down to slap every hand along the way. They back up into the middle of the ramp as the brief piano interlude plays and then switch sides, Dina almost jumping over the crowd barrier to bask in her adulation and Alex doing the same.

You! You work all night!

And when you work you don’t feel alright


When things stop feeling alright

And everything’s alright

Other Guy: Look at these idiots.

Eryk Masters: That’s not a very nice thing to say about them, OG. Alex and Dina both happen to be quite bright young folks.

Other Guy: I meant the fans, Eryk. With the way they’re reaction? You’d think that Dina Bryce has actually had something resembling a successful career, or something.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 335 pounds…

Bryce and Brooks bound to the ring, sliding in unison under the bottom rope before leaping to their feet and running to different corners, each jumping onto the middle rope and raising their arms in the air.



(Let’s get a party going)


(Party hard)


(Let’s get a party going)

Samantha Coil: The team of Alex Brooks and Dina Bryce…AUDACITY!!

When it’s time to party

We will always party hard


Bryce backflips off of the middle rope and lands on her feet, taking a quick bow as Bryce runs the ropes. "Party Hard" dies down after the fifty-second repetition of the title, replaced by Fozzy’s "Let the Madness Begin"…and, of course, its accompanying boos. Chance Ryan emerges from behind the curtain, hoisting his SHOOT Project World Tag Team championship belt high over his head, slapping at the center plate as he basks in the hatred of those within the SHOOT Epicenter arena.

=It’s a promise that he made to himself=

=But the thrill puts his pact on the shelf=

Tanya Black comes out behind him and scoots around to stand in front of him with a wicked grin on her face, lifting her shirt up just a bit to reveal her own Tag Team championship belt around her waist…and inside out, the center plate pressed against the flesh of her stomach.

Eryk Masters: That’s just disrespectful…

=Locked in a prison he built over time=

=Made of bitterness, hate, and his lies=

=He can’t control the deepening hole=

=He feels true peace with rage unleashed=

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, they are the current SHOOT Project World Tag Team champions…

=A life on trial, a sad refrain=

=A man’s denial of pain sustained=

Both members of the SS stalk down to the ring, making sure they’re out of any fan’s reach. Tanya rushes ahead and jumps onto the apron, holding the ropes open for Chance as he climbs the steps, walks over to her, and then steps through. Black climbs the turnbuckle, blowing kisses to the unappreciative crowd.

Samantha Coil: The team of Chance Ryan and "The Alpha Female" Tanya Black…

=The devil feeds on my thoughts=

=Even when I pray=

=A broken promise that I’ll never lose it again=

Chance walks over to her as she lifts up her shirt and carefully reaches behind her to unbutton it, holding both Tag Team belts at once as referee Willie Dean requests them.


=The darkness sucks on my soul=

=And keeps the sun away=

=I can’t stop it now, so=


"Let the Madness Begin" dies down as Black climbs down onto the ring apron, stretching out. Willie Dean hands the belts off to the timekeeper and checks on Audacity, finding that Dina Bryce is the one starting out for them. He calls for the bell…


…and is nearly steamrolled as Chance Ryan rushes in to snatch Dina, but Bryce rolls out of the way and hits the ropes. Chance goes for a clothesline but she ducks under it and manages to tag Alex’s hand before sliding onto the apron. Ryan turns around…

Eryk Masters: Chance Ryan just EATS that BEAUTIFUL springboard missile dropkick from Alex Brooks!

Other Guy: I think Dina Bryce was scared of losing again so she brought in the one who’s actually won something.

Eryk Masters: Oh, knock it off.

Ryan gets back up to his feet and Brooks fires in with a pair of rights, whipping him into the ropes. Ryan reverses the whip and drops Alex with a short-arm clothesline, stomps on his chest, and then brings Brooks to his feet to hurl him into the SS corner.

Other Guy: Tag out to Tanya Black, and she’s working on Brooks’s ribs like Rocky Balboa treated a slab of meat!

Punch after punch lands on Alex before Tanya pulls him out of the corner and hits a textbook vertical suplex. She floats over, digging her elbow into his face as she makes the cover.


Eryk Masters: It may be a bit too early to try to end it.

Black brings Brooks back to his feet and whips him into the ropes. She goes for a back body drop but Alex turns mid-step and backflips over her. Tanya rises, turns, and gets taken down with a quick hurricanrana into the Audacity corner. Brooks charges, connects with a back elbow, and tags Dina. Bryce runs down the apron to a neutral corner and climbs up top as Alex locks Tanya in, sending her down with a STIFF snap suplex.

Eryk Masters: Dina off the top…PERFECT Frog Splash!



Other Guy: Hey, look, Dina Bryce couldn’t get the job done. Again.

Bryce nails a quick pair of rights as Tanya rises up and then hits the ropes, looking for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Black throws her off, but Dina lands on her feet and looks for a superkick. Tanya catches her foot, Dina looks to enzugiri out of it, but Tanya ducks underneath, hooks her waist…

Eryk Masters: German suplex…NO!! DINA LANDS ON HER FEET!

The momentum has Dina stumble backward into the neutral corner, and Black rushes in quick. Dina ducks through the middle and top ropes, connecting with a forearm to Black’s face that rocks her back a few steps. Bryce springboards over with a hurricanrana attempt, Tanya catches her…

Other Guy: …and BAM!! Buckle Bomb right into the SS corner!

Eryk Masters: When all is said and done, there is a reason why Tanya Black has held the Sin City championship twice in her SHOOT Project career.

A few right hands keep Dina in place long enough for the tag out to Chance as Black uses Dina’s own hair to choke her.

Willie Dean: Break the choke! 1! 2! 3!

Black backs off as Ryan picks Dina up onto his shoulders before dropping her with a BRUTAL spinebuster. Dina jumps back up from the impact, clutching at her back, and then rushes to a neutral corner, falling down to her knees. Ryan gives Brooks the finger, prompting Brooks to try to get into the ring, but Willie Dean stops him. Chance grabs a handful of Dina’s hair and brings her to her feet, nailing a running powerslam into the center of the ring and placing a foot on her chest.



Eryk Masters: Dina gets her shoulder up! That was just a sign of complete disrespect from Chance Ryan.

Chance tags in Tanya, and Black connects with an elbow drop. Tanya brings Bryce to her feet and shoves her into a neutral corner, nailing a knife-edge chop that echoes all throughout the arena.

Other Guy: …I think I may have just gone deaf from that one…

Black lifts Dina onto the top turnbuckle pad, nails a quick right hand to keep her in place, and then climbs up for a superplex. Bryce fires off a few shots to Tanya’s ribs, causing her to fall back to the canvas. Dina locks on a front facelock and plants Black with a quick tornado DDT, crawling over and tagging in Alex Brooks.

Eryk Masters: The fresh half of Audacity’s in, and he’s taking it right to Tanya Black!

Brooks forces Black into the Audacity corner, turning her around and lifting her up onto the top rope. He wraps his arm around her neck from behind…

Eryk Masters: Hangman’s neckbreaker attempt…

…and then pulls her off the top neck-first into a raised knee.

Eryk Masters: Brooks nails her with the Colorado Avalanche!

Brooks gets her in a La Magistral…



Ryan BOUNDS across the ring and boots Alex in the face, breaking up the pin. Dean yells at him for entering illegally as Brooks tags out to Bryce.

Other Guy: Great idea, bringing in somebody who just had the tar kicked out of her. Wonderful job, Alex.

Eryk Masters: She’s had time to recuperate!

Bryce springboards off the top rope, kicking off of the perpendicular ropes in the Audacity corner to connect with a PERFECT double-springboard moonsault across Tanya’s back. She rolls Tanya over and covers…



Other Guy: Tanya Black kicks out! It’s going to take more than that to get one over on the Syndicate, deary.

Bryce brings Tanya to her feet and whips her into the ropes, looking for a hurricanrana, but Black stops short. Bryce charges in but Black pulls the top rope down, sending Dina tumbling to the floor.

Eryk Masters: Things are about to get filthy…

Tanya grabs Dean’s collar and pulls him over to the neutral corner away from the ramp, grabbing at her knee.

Tanya Black: My knee…it…it hurts…it just hurts so bad…

Eryk Masters: …really?!

Other Guy: Hey, Eryk, why so cynical? She could have had a career-ending injury right in front of us!

Chance drops to the floor, throwing Dina into the crowd barrier by her hair. The force of the impact sends the barrier back an inch, causing front row fans to scramble out of the way, and Ryan follows it up with a series of stomps to her back.

Eryk Masters: Are you sure it’s not just some form of trickery?

Other Guy: A win’s a win, Eryk.

Ryan rolls Dina into the ring, calmly climbing back onto the apron as Tanya jumps around.

Tanya Black: Oh, nevermind. It must have just been a cramp. Sorry!

She flashes a "cat who ate the canary" grin towards Alex Brooks as the fans jeer the obvious distraction, and tags in Ryan. Chance drops a knee into Dina’s back and locks in a Camel Clutch variant with his knee firmly planted against her back. Brooks paces furiously on the apron in the Audacity corner as Dina manages to get her foot on the bottom rope.

Willie Dean: She’s on the ropes, break the hold! 1! 2! 3! 4!

Chance releases her chin and stands up, placing a foot on her back to keep her in place as he tags Tanya back in.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Tanya wants to continue the assault on her own for a bit.

Black grabs Dina’s hair anddrills her a pendulum backbreaker. She doesn’t let go, though, and muscles her back up, walking across the ring to face Alex Brooks before dropping Dina with ANOTHER pendulum backbreaker, staring at him the whole time.

Tanya Black: It looks like you’re not going to be getting lucky tonight.

Other Guy: I’d say she’s probably telling the truth.

Eryk Masters: Oh, come off it…

Black plants her knee firmly into Bryce’s spine, locking her into a bow and arrow stretch. She wrenches the hold back, causing Dina to scream out in agony.

Willie Dean: Do you give up? Dina, do you submit? Do you want to continue?

A decent time passes before Alex connects with a springboard flying forearm to Tanya’s face, breaking the hold and drawing the ire of Willie Dean. Dean forces Brooks back into his corner, allowing Chance to drag Tanya over to the SS corner. Ryan make the blind tag as Tanya’s eyes roll around in her head and darts across the ring, drilling a big boot into Brooks’s face that sends him flying into the crowd barrier.

Other Guy: And strategies like THAT is why the Sinister Syndicate will be walking out of Redemption with the World Tag Team titles still around their waists.

Dina tries to crawl to the ropes as Chance talks some trash, bringing a pair of boots into her back before rolling her over and grabbing her throat.

Willie Dean: Break the choke! 1! 2!

Ryan deadlifts Bryce up into the air, but Dina manages to throw a kick into his chest, breaking his hold and knocking him back a few steps. She dives into the Audacity corner, desperate for the tag, but Brooks is nowhere to be seen as he pulls himself up to his feet on the floor. Dina ducks under a lariat from Ryan but runs directly into one from the illegal Tanya, its impact sending her flipping.

Eryk Masters: Get her out of the ring, Dean!

Willie yells at Tanya, who just smiles as she steps back onto the apron. Brooks pulls himself back onto the apron as Chance brings Dina to her feet, throwing her into the SS corner before tagging out.

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black now in the ring legally, and both members of the Sinister Syndicate are working like a well-oiled, despicable machine tonight.

Tanya and Chance whip Dina into the ropes and Ryan picks her up over his shoulder, spinning quick before dropping her right into a Backcracker from Tanya. Tanya Black hooks her leg, forcing her elbow into her face as Ryan steps out onto the apron.




Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks with the save!!

Other Guy: Why do you chastise the Sinister Syndicate for doing the same thing that Audacity does?

Dean forces Brooks out of the ring as Tanya makes the tag back to Chance, bringing the big(ger) man back into the action. The two members of the SS whip Dina Bryce into the neutral corner…

Eryk Masters: I treat them the way they treat others, OG! They’re despicable, they’re detestable, and nothing about them is something to be looked up to!

Other Guy: Besides their championship gold, of course.

…and then Black rushes in, connecting with a clothesline before whipping Dina towards Chance. Ryan lifts her up for a pancake press, but Dina…!


Bryce pops up to her feet and dives towards Brooks, but Tanya stops her with a rear waistlock. Black goes for a German suplex, but Dina throws some elbows and does a standing switch. Dean checks on Chance as he motions for help just as Dina lifts Black up for a German of her own, but Black blocks it, so Bryce forces her into the Audacity corner, slamming Black chest-first into the turnbuckles as Alex makes the blind tag…

Fans: YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…and slingshots over the top rope, connecting with a headscissors to Tanya, driving her onto her forehead. Brooks leaps to his feet, fired up, and goes after Chance…until Dean motions that he didn’t see the tag.


Other Guy: He needs to see the tag happen, Eryk!! That’s rule numero uno in wrestling: if the referee doesn’t see it then it doesn’t happen!

Brooks puts up a fight, trying to force his way at Ryan, but Dean is unrelenting, pushing Brooks back into the Audacity corner. Chance, meanwhile, waves at him and then brings Dina to her feet. He positions her for a powerbomb, quickly sliding a thumb across his throat.

Eryk Masters: This could be all over here.

Chance swings Dina up, but she starts dropping fists into his skull, causing him to drop down to a knee and loosen his grip.

Other Guy: …I’m afraid you spoke too soon…DAMMIT, CHANCE, FINISH IT OFF!!

The fans’ roar of approval builds with each punch and Bryce, feeding off of it, continues her assault, increasing the intensity of the shots. She swings behind him, locking on an inverted front facelock, and screams…

Dina Bryce: TRUTH…OR…DARE!!!

…before twisting and connecting with an elbow to Chance’s chest, the impact sending him down to the canvas. Bryce rolls away, clutching at her back, and Brooks desperately reaches out for a tag, leading the fans in support of Dina.

Eryk Masters: These fans are going INSANE for Dina Bryce right now!!

Other Guy: Well, everybody loves a loser…

Chance moves first, crawling towards his corner as Dina slowly, painfully, begins the crawl towards hers.

Eryk Masters: C’mon, Dina! Move!!

Bryce barely makes it halfway before Ryan dives forward and tags Black, who rushes in with stomps before pulling Dina to her feet and shoving her into the neutral corner, unleashing chops and right hands. Tanya drags Bryce out of the corner by a handful of hair (under the ignored pleas from Willie Dean) and then locks on a 3/4 Nelson.

Other Guy: It looks like Dina may be about to experience some Tough Love.

Black goes for her trademark Asai DDT, but Dina drops down to a knee, forcing Tanya to land on her feet. Bryce quickly pops up, locks on her own 3/4 Nelson, and then falls forward as she sweeps out Black’s legs, driving Tanya forehead-first into the canvas with a VICIOUS Snapmare Driver.


Bryce crawls towards Alex as he goes ballistic on the apron, desperate for a tag, and Black starts moving towards Chance.

Willie Dean: 1! 2! 3! 4!

Bryce tries to stand but falls down, clutching at her back, and Tanya grabs the bottom rope, pulling herself against it with one hand while the other rubs her head.

Willie Dean: 5! 6!

Tanya pulls herself close enough to Ryan for Chance to reach over make the tag just as Dina pushes herself to her feet and leaps into her corner, tagging Brooks. Ryan charges in full steam and gets caught with a slingshot Blockbuster.


Other Guy: Well, he just did, so stop gloating.

Brooks kips back up as Chance is slow to rise, popping the crowd, and then charges in. Ryan manages to back body drop Alex over the top rope, but Brooks lands on his feet on the apron, nailing a forearm to the back of Chance’s head. Ryan turns around and rocks Brooks with a big right hand, nearly sending Alex off of the apron, and then hits the ropes. Alex drags the top rope down, causing Chance to tumble over to the floor.

Eryk Masters: Alex back in, he’s measuring him up…

Ryan gets to his feet on the floor, and Brooks slingshots himself over with a PERFECT dropkick, sending Ryan sprawling back into the barrier. Brooks dives back into the ring just in time to find Tanya pounding away at Dina and then rushes in, nailing Tanya with a few forearms before whipping her into the corner.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Dina still has some fight in her!

Bryce charges in with a handspring back elbow and then whips Black back over to the other corner. Alex pulls her out a few steps before nailing a picture-perfect Dropsault that sends her flying HARD back into the corner.

Other Guy: Oh, come on! Now they’re just toying with her!

Eryk Masters: Turnabout is fair play!

Other Guy:(mockingly) Turnabout is fair play…

Eryk Masters: Baby.

Alex drops down to all four’s and Dina charges, using him as a springboard to connect with a Stinger Splash to Tanya. Bryce then drops down to all-four’s as Alex runs to the opposite corner, kicks off of the bottom turnbuckle, and runs back, springboarding off of Dina’s back brings Tanya down with a hurricanrana. Bryce scales to the top rope and flies off with a leg drop to Tanya before rolling away, allowing Alex to hit the ropes, springboard off of the middle, and then turn in mid-air to connect with his own leg dro. The fans ROAR IN SUPPORT!!!

Other Guy: I don’t think either one of them realizes that Chance Ryan’s back in the ring and right behind them.

Alex and Dina turn around as Chance goes for a double clothesline, but they both Matrix under it and kip back up to their feet in unison. Ryan turns and Alex backflips, catching Ryan’s head between his legs as he holds him there, allowing Dina to hit the ropes, climb up Alex’s back, and then give Chance a sunset flip as Brooks rolls away.

Fans: THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap** THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

Neither Alex nor Dina waste much time, though, as both Chance and Tanya roll to the floor and reconvene at the bottom of the entrance ramp. They both look at each other, nod, and hit the ropes, with Alex cartwheeling into a back handspring before leaping over the top rope with a corkscrew senton plancha onto Chance and Dina leaping through the middle and top ropes with a topé con giro onto Tanya.


Dina and Brooks rise to their feet, exhausted and hurt, and then both grab Chance Ryan and rolling him into the ring, wasting no time. Alex slides in after him, drawing Willie Dean’s attention, and allowing Tanya Black to reach under the ring and grab a steel chair.

Other Guy: It would appear as though the meaning of the word "sinister" is about to be revealed!

Dean focuses his attention on Brooks and Ryan inside the ring as Dina starts moving towards the apron, but Black DRILLS her with a steel chair to the back, quickly throwing it back under the ring before Dean turns around to see what caused the commotion. He finds nothing, just Tanya leaning against the ring apron and Dina Bryce knocked out, and turns back to Alex and Ryan in the ring as Alex fires off a series of forearms and European uppercuts to Chance. He locks Ryan in a front facelock and points towards the corner…


…and then runs up the turnbuckles, looking for his signature tornado DDT, but Ryan holds on and quickly hoists Brooks up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb. Brooks fires down with some right hands as Tanya climbs to the top turnbuckle, Bryce starting to move on the outside, and Ryan backs to the corner, allowing Black to drill a BIG right hand into Alex’s face. She turns, locks Brooks in a 3/4 Nelson, and then backflips off the top rope as Ryan shoves Brooks down, completing the powerbomb/Asai DDT combo.


Ryan rolls onto the floor and grabs Dina in a waistlock, holding her down to the floor as Tanya covers Alex, hooking a leg and driving an elbow into his face.





Ryan releases Dina as Black rolls out of the ring, the timekeeper rushing over with the World Tag Team titles to hand them to the champions.

Samantha Coil: Your winners of the match, the team of "The Last" Chance Ryan and "The Alpha Female" Tanya Black…THE SINISTERRR SYNNNNNDIIIIIICAAAAATE!!!

Fozzy’s "Let the Madness Begin" cues back up as Tanya snatches the Tag Team titles away from the timekeeper, holding both above her head as Ryan hoists her up onto his shoulders, the music nearly drowned out by the hate of the fans for the match decision.

Eryk Masters: Make no mistake, folks, if Tanya Black did not use that steel chair to keep Dina Bryce out of this match? There’s a chance we could be looking at the de facto number one contenders for the World Tag Team titles in Audacity.

Other Guy: You act like the Syndicate didn’t have a chance to begin with, Eryk! They were in control for most of the match. They singled out the weak link of the team, they exploited everything they needed to, and they’re walking into Redemption with another hard-earned victory!

Eryk Masters: HARD-EARNED VICTORY?! They cheated to win the belts, they’ll cheat to keep the belts, and they cheated tonight when the belts weren’t even on the line!! They’re a disgrace to the tag team division.

Other Guy: Oh, get over yourself!

Ryan puts Tanya down as they reach the top of the ramp and she hands him his title belt, the both of them holding their belts high up in the air for the world to see as Alex Brooks checks on Dina Bryce at ringside.


Eryk Masters: Well, it’s just about time to jump into our next match of the night folks, so I hope you’re all primed for—

Eryk is cut off midsentence by heavy breathing into a microphone, followed by something that sounds like a muffled giggle.

Other Guy: Where the hell is that coming from?


The cameras rise up towards the rafters…and we see ELIZABETH GAUNT standing at the very top of the SHOOT Project Video Wall. She holds Seta Nakashima in her arms, a bloody pipe laid across her throat to prevent her from escaping. Seta has both hands wrapped around the pipe that’s being held against her jugular, and the scariest thing of all is how close her heels are from dangling over the side of the Video Wall.

Eryk Masters: Oh for the love of GOD….what does that lunatic think she’s doing?

Other Guy: I don’t know, Eryk…but whatever this is, it’s a scary situation. That’s at least a 50 to 60 foot drop from the top of that Video Wall down to the stage.

Eryk Masters: This woman needs to be medicated. She’s not right in the head…and someone needs to get up there RIGHT now…because Seta Nakashima’s life is in danger. This is not a joke. GET SOME HELP OUT HERE, PEOPLE!

The crowd has lapsed into a hushed, uneasy silence as Liz brings a microphone up to her lips. There’s a nasty yellowish bruise on the side of her eye from her match with TMB earlier, and her upper lip is curled back from her teeth in a ferocious-looking sneer.

Gaunt: Anyone comes near me….and this bitch goes SPLAT. You people recognize her, don’t you? Do these cute little Jap features look familiar? This is Maya’s sister…all dolled up from her night out on the town giving five dollar suckjobs to members of the ring crew.

Liz giggles into Seta’s ear, pressing herself up close behind the young woman. Tears are running down Seta’s face, causing her mascara to leave dark splotches along her cheeks.

Gaunt: MAYA!!! I know you’re back there, darling. Put some ice on your skull and get your narrow ass out to this ring RIGHT NOW….or I drop her. You have until the count of five…and if I don’t see you by five, then rest assured that the SHOOT cleaning crew will be mopping up her guts by the end of the night.

Liz starts her count, running through the numbers in a jovial, deranged sing song voice.

Suddenly Maya RUNS out from the back, holding the back of his skull where Liz smashed him with the pipe. He slides into the ring and demands a microphone, staring up at Liz and his sister with wide and fearful eyes.

Maya: Leave her out of this, Liz, she has nothing to do with this! You want to break me, fine, tell me what you want me to do, just leave my sister out of this! 

Liz smiles down at Maya, cocking her head slightly to the side. 

Gaunt: I want your attention, Maya. Do I have it now? Are you planning on turning your back on me again…and walking away? You…treated me like I was NOTHING! Less than nothing…and I’m just not okay with that. So, now you HAVE to pay attention to me. You have to notice me…you have to acknowledge me…cuz if you don’t….well…this might happen… 

Liz grabs Seta’s arm and pushes her body outward, and Seta’s left foot slips off the top of the tron. Seta screams, and one of her high heel shoes slips off of her foot and falls WAY down before smacking against the stage. 

Maya: You’re holding my sister hostage, I haven’t seen her in over six months… YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION, DAMMIT! 

Gaunt: Kay kay. That’s super. That’s all I wanted…just a little respect, ya know? Now that I have your attention….there’s something else I want. YOU, Maya. I want you in a match at Redemption. You’re my project. SCAR said I could have you all to myself…and I won’t be cheated out of my prize. I just…I just want to be friends with you, Maya. I just want you to hurt me, and I want to hurt you too. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST ACCEPT ME??? Sometimes I feel like I’m just NEVER good enough!!! 

Liz’s eyes become the size of saucers, and she begins to rap her knuckles up against her own temple…the skin already starting to take on a purple, bruised hue. With her free hand, she starts tightening her grip on Seta’s throat….choking the breath from her body. 

Maya: Damn you… monsters. Fine, fine, if you want me to fight you so bad, if you’re so damn twisted that you need this… I’ll fight you at Redemption. Now, let my sister go, you got what you wanted. 

Liz starts to calm down, her grip on Seta’s throat loosening a bit. A brilliant smile passes across her mouth, tentative and shy. 

Gaunt: You really mean it, Maya? Thanks. You won’t regret this. We have SO much in common…you don’t even know! We can have sleepovers…we can watch movies together…we can choke each other…all the stuff that bffs do! I didn’t want to do this to your sister…but you made me do it, you know? You forced my hand. I’ll let her down now… 

Maya looks relieved in the ring, and Liz lets the pipe slip from her hand and fall down to the stage with a loud clang. She looks like she might be about to help Seta to climb down…when a strange, eerie look passes over Liz’s expression. Her hand lashes out, and she SNATCHES up a handful of Seta’s hair. 

Gaunt: Actually…you know what? She doesn’t deserve you, Maya. She’s a bad sister. She smells like cum…and she’s so fucking gross. She thinks she’s prettier than me, too….I can see it in her eyes. You’re a good guy…you don’t need her. I’LL be your new sister! She’ll just embarrass you…so I’m going to throw her away now. 

Liz leans way back, and LAUNCHES Seta by the hair….Seta screams and flies through the air, and she BARELY manages to grab hold to a pipe jutting out at the top of the tron, her fingers already starting to slip… 

Maya is left aghast in the ring, his heart up in his throat as he watches his sister seconds away from falling. 

Gaunt: KAY, BYE! Hugs & Kisses, Maya! MISS YOU! LOVE YOU! 

Liz jumps up into the air and grabs a hold of a few of the metal rafter supports, and then she uses her legs to flip herself up into the rafters before running off and vanishing in to the darkness somewhere. A slew of backstage officials hurry to Seta, gripping at her arm to make sure she doesn’t fall, all of them screaming at each other and at Seta to not let go. Maya only looks on for second, making sure Seta is secure, before he sprints out of the ring and into the back.


“Mislead” booms from the arena speakers as Mason Pierce and Leona emerge from the back to a raucous roar from the capacity crowd on hand. He pauses along the way to the ring to interact with some of the fans. However, the look on his face isn’t exactly one of exuberance. He seems to have something on his mind, and as soon as the duo reach ringside, Mason’s requesting a microphone. They ascend the ring stairs and climb through the ropes, standing in the middle of the ring. Mason waits for the crowd to quiet down a little before he raises the microphone to his lips.

Mason Pierce: Much appreciated, people. Seriously.

This is met by a loud “YOU’RE WELCOME!” from the crowd, drawing a bit of a laugh from Leona and a smile from Mason. He nods his head and allows himself a little chuckle.

Mason Pierce: Okay. I guess I deserved that one. Well played, people. Well played indeed. However, I do have somewhat of an announcement to make, and it’s one that undoubtedly you will all want to hear. It involves Redemption and this huge matchup that plays a big part of the event. A little something called the Redemption Rumble.  Everyone gets together in the ring and last one standing walks away with a title shot, or something along those lines. This year would be my first. I say would be, because I have made the decision not to compete in the Rumble.

This draws a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Wait.. he’s NOT going into the Rumble? The biggest match of the year for SHOOT?

Other Guy: Let’s hear him out. Obviously there’s got so be some sort of reasoning to this.

Mason raises his hand, motioning for the crowd to quiet down.

Mason Pierce: If you would, please allow me to explain. Perhaps after I’ve told you what prompted this decision, you might be somewhat more forgiving and less likely to want me run out of the Epicenter. Let’s go back to last year’s Rumble. A guy by the name of X-Calibur wound up winning the whole shebang and went on to become SHOOT Heavyweight Champion. I’m sure some of you remember that.

This draws another round of boos.

Mason Pierce: Exactly. You all remember what it did to him. Turned him into the biggest asshole SHOOT has ever seen. Son of a bitch got a taste of the power, and look at what he became. A cancer that had to be excised from SHOOT- and one that took a lot of work and one hell of an effort to pull off. Hell, Jason Johnson had to make a deal with the devil himself- Adrian Corazon, the man I intend to take into a whole new world of pain at Redemption- to get the job done. Because apparently he didn’t think that paying yours truly a handsome sum of currency to take the man was enough. Something that still sticks in my craw to this day. But I digress. You want to know why I don’t want any part of the Rumble? It’s because I look at what it did to X-Calibur and I will be DAMNED if I’m gonna let myself turn into something like that. I start acting like that, every damn one of you has my permission to stop me in the street and kick me right square in the fucking teeth. If that’s what winning the Redemption Rumble brings you, then thanks, but no thanks. I’ll be more than happy to pass and let someone else deal with that misery. I’ve got my dance card full with Adrian Corazon- and believe me when I tell you, by the time I’m done with him, I can guaran-bloody-TEE you that there ain’t gonna be much left of him for everyone else in the Rumble to pick over.  I know that win or lose, there probably ain’t gonna be enough of me left to go full-bore into a warzone with practically everyone on the bloody roster at once, and to be completely honest with ya, I didn’t get to where I am by taking foolish risks. I got here by-

At that moment, “Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors” echoes throughout the arena. A medium-height, portly man in a toga and sandals emerges from the back, a microphone in his left hand, a rolled-up scroll in the other. He stops on the stage and unravels the scroll.

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! I give to you.. from the Glorious Empire of The Almighty Rome.. the strongest.. the bravest.. the MAGNIFICENT… CAAAAALIGUUUUUULUUUUUS!!!

A graphic appears on the JumboTron…

and slowly morphs into

The object of this man’s interruption emerges from the back, dressed in a toga with sandals and a wreath of laurels upon his head. Two beautiful women emerge and stand beside him, clad in identical togas. They approach Caligulus and take turns giving him a long kiss before taking his arm and leading him toward the ring. Inside the ring, Mason and Leona are giving each other puzzled looks. The portly man leads the strange trio to the ringside area and ascends the stairs, holding the ropes for the three unwelcome visitors. He hands Caligulus the microphone and bows before him. Caligulus nods, smiles and dismisses him, taking the microphone and smirking.

Caligulus: Thank you, my good Porkius. A finer herald in all of Rome one cannot find. Good people, many of you do not know me, so I shall now correct this grave injustice and formally introduce myself. I am Caligulus, Caesar of the all-glorious empire of Rome. I have left my homeland and come here to this wonderful human cesspool of debauchery and sin for a reason. Word was passed to me that there is to be an event where the greatest talents in this small corner of the world will gather. An event that you people call.. the Redemption Rumble. I stand here before you, a competitor. One who does not know the word defeat. One who will, without question or doubt, prevail over these peons you all have been forced to resign yourselves to calling your gladiators.

Mason Pierce: Whoa, whoa, pal. Now I don’t know where the hell you just came from, but for your information, Halloween was last week.

Caligulus raises an eyebrow and sizes Mason up, looking him up and down and sneering.

Caligulus: I do not recall giving you permission to speak in my court. Do you have any idea how I punish such insolence?

Mason takes a step back and cocks his fist, getting ready to swing… but the two women with Caligulus stand in front of their Caesar, blocking any attempt to assault this newcomer.

Caligulus: Sisters, please. It is apparent this urchin has taken some sort of offense to the gift of our presence. Such a temper. Tsk, tsk. However, I am nothing if not a merciful Caesar. For in order to get these people to love me, the iron fist must be tempered with the olive branch of forgiveness. And so, in an act of generosity, I will allow you the honor… the glory… of stepping forward and kissing the foot of your Caesar.

He spreads his arms and removes the sandal from his left foot, presenting it forward. Mason turns to Leona.

Mason Pierce: Is this guy serious?

Leona: Apparently he doesn’t know you too well.

Mason steps forward and stares right into the eyes of the new arrival.

Mason Pierce: First off, pal, you might want to put that dime-store flip-flop back on. I can smell the toe rot from here. Second, what the HELL are you smoking? Thinking you can just come in here and demand me.. ME.. Mason Bloody Pierce- to kiss that skanky hoof? I don’t know who the hell you are- although I have a pretty good idea of who you THINK you are- and the two hookers you’ve brought along with you-

Caligulus: How DARE you speak of my sisters as though they were nothing more than common street prostitutes? They are ROYALTY- and you will show them- and myself- respect.

Mason Pierce: You want respect? You come out and pull this crap and just think everyone’s gonna bow down to you? Pal, I’ve seen delusional, and you definitely-

Caligulus steps forward, his fist cocked. Mason takes a swing, but Caligulus ducks underneath and maneuvers behind Mason, bringing that cocked and clenched fist between his legs and swinging upward with all his might! Mason doubles over as Caligulus quickly gets to his feet, puts Mason’s head between his legs, hooks the arms and drops him with a picture-perfect flip piledriver! Leona rushes to Mason’s aid, but the sisters quickly intervene and keep the irate Mafia princess at bay. Caligulus gets to his feet and stares at the stunned Pierce on the mat. He orders one of his sisters to restrain Leona as he motions for the other to grab Mason’s head, placing his foot underneath his dazed victim. The sister jams Mason’s face onto her Caesar’s foot, holding it for a couple of seconds before releasing Mason. Caligulus replaces his sandal and raises his arms, a smile on his face as he and his sisters exit the ring. Leona quickly goes to check on Mason, who is slowly getting his bearings back.

Eryk Masters: What the hell did we just see?

Other Guy: A new threat for the Rumble. Hail Caesar!


Jason Johnson is seen sitting at his desk, a few papers laid out before him. He’s flipping through a stack of files when the door to his office literally EXPODES inward, the lock falling to the floor and the hinges popping right out of the sides of the wall to send metal shrapnel all over the floor. 


Jason looks up from his desk, eyes wide, and when he sees his unexpected guest he can’t help but suppress a gulp. Jason doesn’t back down or show any fear, but with this man you have be especially cautious. Jason thinks to himself that the word “unstable” doesn’t even adequately describe him. 


Isaac Entragian stands there in the doorframe, seven feet of pissed off albino, teeth gritted, eyes fuming, fists clenched so hard that his fingernails are digging rivets into his own palms. 


The monster stalks into Jason’s office, stepping over the mangled metal of the door without even bothering to notice it. He places his palms atop Jason’s desk, and he leans forward until his face is inches away from Jason’s own. 


Jason Johnson: I’m assuming no one ever taught you how to knock. Just so you know…you’ll be paying for that door. 


Isaac doesn’t even reply to this, his mind stuck on one thing and one thing only. 


Entragian: You saw what happened out there, didn’t you? That was a fucking TRAVESTY of justice. I never agreed for Diamante to be the special guest referee in my match, and I’m not going to stand for it. Everyone knows Jaime & Cronos have a little military bromance…they’re aiming to fuck me out of my championships at Redemption, Jason. I’m in no mood to be FUCKED. 


Isaac reaches up very slowly, pulling Jason’s tie from his shirt and holding it tightly in his fist. 


Entragian: I’m the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion. I’m the SHOOT Project Rules of Surrender Champion. I’m the most dominant athlete you have on this fucking roster, JJ. Considering that…I want you to nullify that contract. I want you to fix this. 


Isaac twists Jason’s tie a little, drawing him closer. His words come out in a dry hiss. 


Entragian: FIX….IT. 


Jason stares right back into Isaac’s venomous green eyes, not backing up an inch. 


Jason Johnson: Are you for real right now, Isaac? You might be able to terrorize everyone else in this company, but in case you’ve forgotten…I’m the head motherfucker in charge…and I will fire your pale ass on the spot if you give me a reason. 


Isaac growls with frustration, but he backs up a step and releases Jason’s tie. Jason adjusts his suit for a moment, and then he sits back down at his desk. 


Jason Johnson: The contract stands as it is. You signed it, and you agreed to the match. Cronos Diamante is refereeing your match at Redemption, so I suggest you get used to it. This isn’t something you can bully your way out of, Isaac. The next time you put your name on an ironclad contract, I advise that you read it first. 


For a long moment, Isaac says nothing. He just looks at Jason, his face rippling with barely contained fury. A little froth starts to issue from the sides of Isaac’s filed teeth as his breathing intensifies. 


Entragian: That’s the way it’s gonna be, huh? Is that your…final answer, Jason? 


Jason nods his head, his arms crossed behind his desk. 


Isaac walks over to the side of Jason’s office, noticing a large aquarium with a variety of tropical fish swimming around inside. Isaac runs his fingertips along the glass, peering in at the impressive aquatic display. 


Entragian: I didn’t know you were an aquarium enthusiast, Jason. This is a pretty impressive setup… 


Jason plays along, unsure of where Isaac is going with this. 


Jason Johnson: This is a stressful job, Isaac. Every day in SHOOT Project I deal with narcissists like Goeren and psychopaths like you coming in here and demanding this and demanding that. At the end of the day…looking into that aquarium relaxes me. 


Isaac nods, appearing to be very interested. He looks back and Jason, and then he reaches his pale hand into the water….removes a handful of tetras, and eats them alive right in front of Jason. 


Jason gets a look of disgust on his face, practically speechless…and with Isaac still casually chewing the tropical fish in his mouth, he reaches down and LIFTS up the entire 75 gallon fish tank, and he SLAMS it down onto the floor with all of his strength. Glass flies all over the place, water gushes out and soaks the rug of Jason’s office…and tropical fish flop all over the floor, gasping for breath. 


Jason jumps up out of his chair, staring at Isaac in near disbelief. Isaac turns his back on Jason and starts walking towards the door, stomping on tropical fish with each step that he takes. 


Entragian: Fuck your fish, JJ. 


Jason looks down at the mess on his floor, an exasperated expression on his face. He yells out after Isaac as he’s leaving. 


Jason Johnson: I hope that felt good, Isaac. I REALLY do. That’ll be…  yep…  $10,000. 


Isaac doesn’t turn back around; he just growls in frustration and SLAMS his fist into the wall as he leaves. The plaster cracks, and now there’s a giant hole in the wall of Jason’s office too. 


With Isaac gone, Jason sinks back into his chair. He looks over to his ruined door, his shattered fish tank, and then finally to the hole in the wall next to the light switch. 


Jason can only shake his head as we fade to black.



The cameras pan wide to reveal the entire SHOOT Epicenter Arena before focusing on Samantha Coil standing mid-ring.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 60-minute time limit, and is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!!

Boos fill the arena as an old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling on the VideoWall, its film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


The opening drumrolls of Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" cue up and the song jumps right into the first verse…

~In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby~

~Don’t you know that I want you?~

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey~

~Don’t you know that I’ll ALWAYS be true?!~

…but nobody comes out. The song continues on as normal as the usual entrance video – this time adding a clip of Corey DROPPING Lunatikk Crippler with the Digital Transfer from Revolution 102 – plays on.

Eryk Masters: Uhhh, what the hell is going on here?

~Oh, won’t you come with me~

~And take my hand?~

~Oh, won’t you come with me~

~And walk this land?~

Other Guy: I have no idea, but here comes Gregory Price…

Price walks with a knowing swagger out to the stage as the guitars divebomb, a microphone in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other, motioning for the music to be cut as he walks down the ramp.


The music is cut, and Price raises the microphone, struggling to be heard over the jeers from the crowd.

Gregory Price: Before my client…or, to be more specific, clients take over this program and give legitimate reasons to each and every single person in this building or watching at home to make sure they DVR the main event should they be unable to watch it live or in the extremely likely event that they’ll want to re-live this historic occasion again and again, I feel as though it would be in their best interests to ensure that the lovely Miss Coil, here…

Price walks up the ring steps, nodding to Samantha as he steps between the ropes.

Gregory Price: …be properly notified of who she will be announcing. I will, however…

Fans: SHUT THE FUCK UP!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

SHUT THE FUCK UP!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

Gregory Price: …I’m so sorry to disappoint those of you who weren’t raised with a sense of propriety, but no, I will not shut the fuck up, so your mindless droning will accomplish nothing.

Eryk Masters: I think it’s safe to say that Gregory Price and Corey Lazarus are a perfect match for each other, just simply by how they treat the fans.

Gregory Price: As I was saying, my intentions here are to give accurate information to Samantha Coil so that she can continue doing her job properly, but also to stand by her as a coach would and help her time the big announcement. So, without further ado, Miss Coil? You may proceed.

Coil, in a sense of stunned silence, is handed the piece of paper by Gregory Price and begins reading it.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…

Muse’s "Hysteria" kicks in as the lights dim, allowing the gold and red spotlights to quickly circle the entire arena.

Samantha Coil: …at a combined weight of 510 pounds…

Corey Lazarus struts out from behind the entrance curtain, pointing out the brand new GENESIS CORPORATION logos on his entrance jacket, his ring shorts, and his left kickpad before taking a sip of his Fiji water.

Samantha Coil: …the team of "The Premier Attraction" Corey Lazarus, and…

Corey drops to a knee with his back to the curtain and points behind him with both thumbs, his trademark devilish grin growing wider by the second.

Samantha Coil: …and "RAVISHING"…

Eryk Masters: OH MAN!!

Samantha Coil: …RON…

Other Guy: HE’S BACK?!?!

Samantha Coil: …BARRRRKERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"RAVISHING" RON BARKER walks out from behind the entrance curtain, holding the ski mask he adorned for the weeks prior in one hand before tossing it off of the stage. Corey jumps up to his feet and slaps hands with Barker before the two stop and stare into the camera, both pointing out the large Genesis Corporation logo on Barker’s tights.



Eryk Masters: This…how did we not see this coming?

Other Guy: They’ve teamed up in the past, in other companies and during Corey’s brief SHOOT Project run years ago. Hell, Barker brought Laz into SHOOT the first time just to help him in his war with Chris Lee!!

Both men walk down the ramp with confidence, ignoring angry front-row fans before they slide into the ring and each kip up to their feet. "Hysteria" dies down as Price shakes Ron’s hand, prompting the fans to boo the trio intensely.

The duo in the ring, along with Gregory Price outside of it, turn to watch the entrance ramp, awaiting their opponents for the evening. And then…

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringin’ up the past

No one owes you anything

I think

You need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


The fans collectively rise and shake the arena with their cheering, as Shinedown’s "Sound of Madness" continues on. Out from behind the curtain comes Lunatikk Crippler, the number one contender, a grin on his face.

Eryk Masters: Two weeks ago, this man handed Corey Lazarus a huge loss to open Revolution 102, and tonight, they close 103 with a huge bang!

Other Guy: That was a show stealing match last week, and now they are more likely to do it again, with the added power of their partners.

The music continues as Crippler makes his way to the ring, sporting his brand new "Hardcore Hipster" t-shirt, courtesy Long Island Hardcore. He slaps a few hands on the way, but his eyes are now focused in on Barker and Lazarus in the ring, who have a relaxed, arrogant look on their face.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! Introducing first, weighing in at 238 pounds, he is the number one contender…..Luuuuuunatiiiiik Criiiiiiiipplerrrrrrr!

Eryk Masters: I hope these two aren’t counting out their oppoents. Crippler and the World Heavyweight Champion are in the main event of Redemption for a reason.

Other Guy: Yeah, but you honestly think these two are gonna get along?

Crippler stops at ringside, not stupid enough to rush the ring without backup. The sounds of Shinedown dies out, and there is a pause in the arena. The fans slowly start to raise the noise level, getting a bit antsy with anticipation, waiting for Crippler’s partner.

“Gladiator” by Bun B kicks in, bringing the fans to their feet. The entrance fills with smoke. Stepping through the white fog, DONOVAN KING steps out from the back, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder.

They thought it was over, they thought that I was done

They said I wouldn’t last, I’m the last one

I’m “Still Standing” like the Goodie to the Mo-B

In a black hoodie, it’s the O.G., you know me

Samantha Coil: And his partner…weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…Donovan…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

He wears his black KING hoodie unzipped, the hood pulled tight over his head with the new “ALL HAIL” t-shirt on underneath.

Never bow to no feet or kiss no rings

Hold my own ground, never doin’ hoe things

Just to get accepted, just to be included

Nigga I am from the South, that ain’t how we do it

He marches down to the ring quickly, paying no attention to the fans as they cheer and focused completely on Laz and Barker. He rolls underneath the bottom rope and gets up to one knee, Crippler sliding into the ring next to him, looking at the fans as the chorus hits.

I’m a GLADIATOR greater than the rest

Bring whoever wanna battle; you’ll never be the best

King ascends the ropes and looks over the fans, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling from his left hand.

Got a chest made of metal, a jaw made of steel

When I put the hands of God on ya, tell me how it feels

King turns his head as "Gladiator" dies down. He casts a quick glare at his parnter, who smirks, and then over at his opponents. Laz and Barker are starting to get serious now, as King removes his t-shirt and tosses it into the crowd. The bell rings and he comes down from the turnbuckles.

Eryk Masters: This is it! Main Event time!

Other Guy: It’s the Crippler Kings versus the LAZ-E-Boys!

Eryk Masters: You are no longer allowed to name anything, ever.

In the drop of a dime, Crippler RUSHES both Lazarus and Barker in the corner, much to the delight of the crowd! King looks resigned to his partner’s rashness, but follows into battle! Crippler avalanches Lazarus, peppering him with rights and lefts, while King ducks a big right hand from Barker, and follows that up with a European uppercut that actually echoes across the arena!

Eryk Masters: The champ and the challenger are taking it to Lazarus and Barker early!

Other Guy: I think it’s the pent up frustration they have for one another coming out! They know who they really want to tear into, and it’s the man whose hand they are going to be slapping all night!

Crippler and Lazarus trade right hands, until Laz ties up with Crippler. They push each other to the ropes, and end up toppling through them, leaving King and Barker alone in the ring. Tony Lorenzo is trying to break that up and get the men to their own corners, while Barker connects with an uppercut of his own. King stumbles back, but answers again, this time with an elbow shot right to the jaw of the Ravishing one, followed by a chop that sends Barker down. Crippler and Corey have been seperated, and are moving to their respective corners. Barker gets back to his feet, only to eat another chop from Donovan King. The fans are loving it so far, the champ is in control. He pulls Barker to his feet, and hooks him for a well executed snap suplex, and Barker sits up, clutching his back in obvious discomfort. King is on a roll, and he moves in for more, but Gregory Price yanks on the leg of Ron Barker, and pulls him out of harms way, to tremendous boos.

Eryk Masters: What? That’s blatant interference!

Other Guy: He had to do something, Barker was taken off guard, and was going to be picked apart by the World Champion!

Laz hops off the apron, and the trio have a mini pow wow in the corner. Crippler climbs the turnbuckle to shout things at his opponents, probably bad things, but it’s nearly inaudible due to the crowd noise. King is in the ring, ready for a fight, motioning for Barker to get back in the ring. They break up their impromptu meeting, and Barker gets back in the ring cautiously. King allows him to, and Barker gets to his feet. He points at King, and shakes his head vigorously. He then points dead at Lunatikk Crippler, indicating who he wants to be in the ring with.

Eryk Masters: Barker wants the number one contender! Not surprising, considering the quick thrashing he just received!

King shrugs and reaches towards his corner, and Crippler slaps his hand for the tag, perhaps a little harder than normal. Crippler hurries through the ropes, and moves quickly on Barker, hooking up for a collar and elbow tie up. Both men jockey for position, neither man wanting to give, until Barker tenses up and shoves Crippler backwards.

Other Guy: Crippler is used to wresting smaller athletes in SHOOT, it’s been a while since he’s had to step into the ring with someone bigger than him.

Eryk Masters: Crippler has plenty of strength, though, but Barker does have the height advantage. More reach.

Crippler moves in, but Barker tags in Lazarus! The crowd boos as the Hollywood Kid slowly steps into the ring. Crippler waits for him to get upright, and moves in. Corey ducks under the tie up attempt, and taps Crippler on the shoulder. Crippler turns with a spinning back fist, but Laz ducks under his arm again, tagging Barker back into the ring!

Other Guy: Quick tags by the Genesis Corporation! They are a well oiled machine!

Eryk Masters: But they continue to avoid contact with Lunatikk Crippler! How long do they think they can keep that up?

Barker comes in, and he ducks low under a clothesline attempt. Crippler turns and charges again, and Barker shows some agility by rolling under, and making a tag once again to Corey Lazarus.

Eryk Masters: Okay, you can tag each other, how about you try to tag your opponents?

Crippler is getting increasingly frustrated as Lazarus re-enters the ring, and moves quickly toward Crippler. Crippler goes for a strike, and Lazarus dodges in, gets to the other side of Lunatikk Crippler, blasting him in the face with a roundhouse kick, while Barker sandwiches Crippler’s head with feet by executing a dropkick!

Other Guy: Looks like their plan worked wonders! Crippler is down on the ground!

Laz takes control by immediately mounting Crippler, grabbing the back of his head and raining down forearm shots to the face! Crippler is getting rocked here, and Laz is not wasting any time! He gets up to his feet, bringing Crippler with him. Lazarus hooks Crippler for a suplex and takes him over, but Crippler turns in mid air, landing on his feet behind Corey! Crippler locks his hands around Corey’s waist, looking for a German Suplex, but Corey fires his elbow back, connecting hard, right under Crippler’s eye socket! Crippler turns, clutching his face, and Corey runs to the opposite ropes, bouncing off and connecting with a bulldog that slams Crippler’s face into the mat! He rolls Crippler to his back, and makes a quick cover!


Crippler kicks out quickly.

Eryk Masters: You’re not going to beat Lunatikk Crippler that easy!

Other Guy: But it sends a message: Corey Lazarus isn’t playing games. He got beat by Crippler at 102, and tonight, he’s out for the win!

Lazarus brings Crippler to his feet, but Crip fires a quick right hand to the abdomen of Laz, backing him off. Crippler charges quickly, taking Lazarus down with a clothesline! Crippler wastes no time moving to his own corner, where Donovan King makes the tag in! Laz gets to his feet, just in time to be sent back to the mat with a shoulderblock from King! Laz rolls and gets back up, and King meets him, whipping him into the ropes! King puts his head down as Laz comes back, sending him head over feet and crashing to the mat with a back drop! Laz felt that one down his spine, but adrenaline tells him to get to his feet, and he does. He turns and King scoops him up with a body slam! King teases dropping the elbow, but Laz rolls out of the way! King follows him and when Laz stops rolling, King finally drops the elbow between the shoulder blades of Corey Lazarus!

Eryk Masters: The tables have turned already! King is all business in the ring tonight!

Laz gets to his feet, backing off from King, but King is moving in. Laz tries to kick at King’s legs, but Donovan sidesteps, and tries to hook Laz up for a suplex! Laz jabs King in the stomach to break that up, but King turns quickly, grabbing Lazarus by the neck!

Eryk Masters: Dealbreaker! Here it comes!

Or does it? Lazarus shoves King off him quickly, and moves fast to his corner, tagging in Ron Barker. Barker gets in the ring, and slowly begins to circle King, who moves along with him, the pace of the match effectively slowing down.

Other Guy: Smooth move by Barker. If he and Lazarus are expecting to win tonight, THEY need to be the ones dictating the pace here.

They lock up, and Barker uses his strength to quickly slap on a side headlock. King reverses quickly into a hammerlock, but Barker just as fast reverses into a hammerlock of his own. He shoves King forward into the ropes, and King rebounds, and nails Barker with a shoulderblock, but Barker isn’t taken off his feet! He staggers a bit, falling into the ropes, but remains standing. King goes for another, but Barker sidesteps him, and King rebounds again off the ropes, and catches Barker by surprise with a flying forearm that finds it’s mark right between the eyes! Barker hits the mat like a stone, and the fans are loving it! King continues pressing his advantage, pulling Barker to his feet. He whips Ravishing Ron into the ropes, and catches him upside the head with a spinning heel kick that would knock most anyone stupid! Barker is sprawled on the mat, and King makes the cover, hooking the leg!



Lazarus breaks up the pin, just as Barker gets his shoulder up! King brings Barker to his feet, and drives the point of his elbow in the top of Barker’s skull, and then into his collarbone, which is interesting and effective. Barker backs into the corner and King follows. King fires a forearm that connects, and then goes to whip Barker into the opposite corner. Barker reverses and King goes running into the corner, only to be met by Corey Lazarus, who uses the ropes to propel his feet upward, nailing King in the face with a gamengiri! King gets rocked backwards, right into the waiting arms of Ron Barker, who hooks him around the waist and takes him over in a picture perfect German suplex! Barker bridges up, and King’s shoulders are flat on the mat!



King kicks out!

Eryk Masters: All four men going back and forth here, nobody has been able to keep the advantage long!

Other Guy: Right now, the ball is in Genesis Corp.’s court! King’s in trouble!

Barker hooks King’s leg in his, to prevent him from tagging an agitated Crippler, and he pulls King toward his own corner. He reaches out, extending his arm fully, and is able to make the tag to Lazarus. Laz rockets into the ring, and drops an elbow to the back of Donovan King! King cringes, and Laz keeps on the attack. He pulls King to his feet, and attempts a snapmare, but King is somehow able to drop down, and execute a double leg sweep of Lazarus! The fans pop, and Lazarus gets back to his feet, more stunned than hurt. King is inching towards his corner, but Laz intercepts, planting a boot to the head of King, and making a rude hand gesture towards Crippler. Crippler attempts to get into the ring, but is stopped by Tony Lorenzo. Lazarus picks King up and goes to scoop slam him, but King falls behind Lazarus, and does a single leg takedown, sending Laz back to the mat! Crippler goes back to his spot on the apron, reaching out for the tag! Laz gets back up and pulls King back to their corner, and tags in Barker!

Eryk Masters: King is countering Lazarus at every turn. Now, lets see what he can do with Barker!

Barker lifts King up and goes to powerslam him, but King hooks the head and uses the momentum to roll Barker up with a small package!



Barker kicks out with a bit of force, and it allows King to roll into his corner and tag the Crippler! Crippler rushes in and greets Barker like an old friend, with a fist to his face! Barker hits the mat, and Crippler picks him back up. Crippler whips Barker into the ropes, but Barker reverses! Crippler rebounds, and Barker puts his head down for a back drop. Crippler stops in his tracks and kicks Barker in his face, making him pay for going down too early. Crippler then hooks Barker up for a fast Russian leg sweep! Barker’s head bounces off the mat, and Crippler floats over for the cover.



Barker kicks out! Crippler gets to his feet, bringing Barker with him. He wrenches Ron’s arm, and pulls him toward his corner. He reaches his hand out, and King slaps it, making him the legal man. King steps between the ropes and buries a boot to the ribs of Ron Barker, before taking control of the arm himself. He hooks Barker and takes him overhead with a spinning Northern Lights suplex! King bridges!



Laz runs in and breaks the pin! Tony Lorenzo backs him back into his corner, and King gets back to his feet. Lorenzo turns back around to see King make the tag back to Crippler, and Crippler springboards into the ring, dropping an elbow to the heart of Ron Barker! He gets up and grabs a handful of Ravishing Ron’s face, pulling him to his feet as well. Crippler glances at King, and then hooks Barker and takes him down with a huge T-Bone suplex! He hooks the leg after impact!



Lazarus again gets in there and boots Crippler in the back, breaking the pin!

Other Guy: I’d be willing to bet that Lazarus and Barker didn’t think these two would be working so well together.

Crippler picks Barker up and whips him into the corner in front of King. Crippler moves forward and tags the World Heavyweight Champion back into the match. They each take an arm and move to whip Barker into his own corner, but yank him back into the turnbuckles at the last second! Barker bounces off and falls flat on his face. Barker’s in a lot of trouble as Crippler steps back on the apron, and King takes over. He presses Barker up against the ropes, and they both roll backwards in a victory roll type maneuver, but King rolls through and gets to his feet, bringing Barker with him, and snaps him back with a huge German suplex! King holds on and Barker’s shoulders are pressed against the mat!



Barker just barely rolled his shoulder up! King gets to his feet and walks over to Lunatikk Crippler. Crippler slaps King on the shoulder, and Lorenzo counts it as a tag. Crippler hurries between the ropes and King shakes his head. Crippler executes a low dropkick, that catches Barker in the side of the head as he tries to get to his feet! Barker gets pushed against the ropes, but catches himself and uses the ropes to try and pull himself up. Crippler is waiting for him, and when Barker finally gets to his feet, Crippler hooks both his arms up in a full nelson! Crippler then muscles Barker up, and goes for a full nelson suplex, but Barker slips out of it, and when Crippler turns, he’s met with a double axhandle, right to the face! Crippler hits the ground hard, and Barker collapses to a knee!

Eryk Masters: Crippler seemingly looking to keep pace with Donovan King, maybe even try and show him up a little, and it just cost him! Barker needs a tag BADLY!

Barker crawls over Lunatikk Crippler and dives into his corner, smacking Lazarus’ hand in the process. Corey Lazarus enters the ring, and immediately drills his foot into the head of Lunatikk Crippler! Crippler had been trying to crawl to his corner, but stops dead after that impact. Lazarus quickly drags Crippler into the center of the ring, and locks on an armbar, pushing himself up off the ground, and forcing Crippler’s shoulder more into the mat. Lazarus yanks back and forth on the arm, grinding the arm bone around in it’s socket, and that can’t feel good, as evidenced by Crippler’s screams of agony. Lazarus doesn’t keep the hold on for long, however, as he releases it, only to bring Crippler to his feet. Crippler is favoring the arm a little, but Laz gives him something else to think about, planting a superkick right to the jaw of Lunatikk Crippler. Crippler snaps to the mat, his head bouncing off the canvas, and Lazarus falls right into the pin!



Crippler rolls his shoulder out! Lazarus is a little stunned, but he shakes off any frustrations and picks Crippler back to his feet. He whips him into the corner, into the waiting boot of Ron Barker. Barker lowers his leg after Crippler’s face runs into it, and reaches out for a tag. Laz makes the tag, and Barker comes in, looking to avenge himself after Crippler and King traded suplexes at his expense. Barker moves behind Crippler and hooks his arms behind him. Barker LIFTS Crippler in the air, Crippler’s own arms hooked behind him, and holds him there for a second, before dropping him down to the canvas in a modified dragon suplex!

Other Guy: Barker showing off his strength tonight, that was IMPRESSIVE!

Barker rolls over and hooks the near leg, covering Crippler!



Crippler kicks out! Crippler turns, clutching his back, and tries to move towards King. That’s the opening Barker was looking for, however. He stands on the backs of the knees of Lunatikk Crippler, halting his advance. He reaches down and pulls Crippler’s arms back, rocking him back and forth in a surfboard, before falling backwards, still holding onto Crippler’s arms, and lifting Crippler up in the air with his legs, in a Romero special! Crippler is in OBVIOUS pain, and is caught in the middle of the ring! Lorenzo is right there, asking Crippler if he wants to submit.

Eryk Masters: You think Crippler’s going to give it up here?

Other Guy: I would. That’s an extremely painful hold that just pulls on all of your extremities. Not to mention about breaks you in half.

Eryk Masters: Something tells me that Crippler’s answer to a submission is going to rhyme with "No."

Crippler shakes his head side to side, indicating that he’s not submitting. King is reaching out, waiting for a tag that might not come, and the crowd is coming alive, clapping in unison and stomping their feet, making as much noise as they can in an attempt to will the Crippler to escape. Crippler is struggling, but Barker has it locked in tight! Lorenzo asks Crippler again, and Crippler screams NO in response! Lorenzo looks down at Barker, who is yelling at The Crippler to give it up, and notices that Barker’s shoulders are flat on the canvas! Lorenzo moves in position for the count!



Barker rolls his shoulder, leaning Crippler to the side, but not releasing the hold! Lazarus sticks his head between the ropes and yells at Lorenzo to pay attention to Crippler, but Lorenzo ignores. He asks Crippler again if he wants to submit, and Barker as well yells at Crippler to give up, but Crippler refuses to! Lorenzo notices that Barker’s shoulder has slumped back to the mat, and he makes the count again!



Barker leans his shoulder up a second time, and again Barker avoids being pinned. Crippler is in serious trouble, and Lazarus is fuming at the ref for not paying attention to Lunatikk Crippler.

Lazarus: He just gave up and you missed it!

Lorenzo disagrees, but asks Crippler again if he wants to submit, and again, Crippler does not. King now is in his corner, now he’s trying to get the crowd to make some noise for Crippler, and they happily oblige. Lazarus has had enough. He moves into a neutral corner, and springboards off the top rope, landing with both feet in a double stomp right to Crippler’s left knee! Barker releases the hold, and Crippler lands with a thunk, right on his face! Laz points to Crippler’s knee and sticks his finger in direction of Donovan King.

Lazarus: His knee is TOAST!

Eryk Masters: Thanks for pointing that out, Corey.

Crippler is on his side, holding his knee to his chest, and Corey goes back to his corner. Barker zeroes in on the knee, peppering it with a couple of kicks, before dropping to his knees and laying in a few hammer fists to the back of the knee. Crippler tries to use his good leg to kick Barker away from him, but it’s to no avail. Barker gets back to his feet, grabbing a couple of handfulls of Crippler’s long hair and bringing him to his feet as well. Crippler is putting weight gingerly on his left wheel, and Barker helps him out by grabbing the leg. Crippler is trying to punch Barker, but Ravishing Ron easily dodges the attempts, laughing in the face of Crippler, until Crippler swings his good leg over, and buries his foot in the back of Barker’s skull, silencing the laughter, and causing the crowd to pop huge!

Eryk Masters: Enziguiri! This is Crippler’s chance to make the tag!

Both men are flat on the mat, and are trying to crawl to their respective corners. Crippler is inching closer and closer, and Barker is trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head. It looks like Crippler is going to get there first, and that brings Lazarus in the ring without the tag! Just as he’s about to stop Crippler from getting to his corner, Crippler makes a last ditch effort and dives forward, slapping King’s hand in desperation! The fans EXPLODE and King steps between the ropes and right towards Corey Lazarus! Lorenzo is calling to Corey to get him out of the ring, but he tries a right hand, but King blocks it! King answers with a chop that sends Corey reeling backwards! King chops again, and the gunshot like sound echoes! Barker is getting to his feet in his corner, and King chops Lazarus once more, sending him into the corner! King turns his attention to Ron Barker, who tries a right hand, but King ducks, and Barker spins! King grabs hold of Ron Barker and nails him with an atomic drop! The move hits like lightning down Barker’s spine, but he somehow stays on his feet. That is, until King clubs him from behind with a lariat, sending Barker face first into the mat. Lazarus jumps King from behind, and fires a right hand that backs King up, and the crowd boos. King answes back with a forearm, and the crowd cheers!

Laz with a right. Boo!

King with a forearm. Yay!

Laz with a right hand again. Boo!

King with a forearm to retaliate. Yay!

King with a chop. Yay!

King with an open hand thrust, right to the throat of Lazarus that the crowd applauds, but Lazarus gets sneaky, and pokes King in the eye. King is temporarily blinded, and Laz takes advantage, nailing a roaring elbow! He falls on top of King, and Lorenzo goes down for the cover!



King kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Wait a minute, Ron Barker is the legal man here!

Other Guy: I think Tony Lorenzo has lost track of that! It’s beginning to be bedlam in there right now!

Laz looks to continue to punish King, but Crippler flies in from out of nowhere, taking Corey Lazarus down with a Blood Drive to a thunderous ovation! Crippler gets to his feet, limping a bit, and Barker blindsides him with a double axe handle. King turns Barker around, and nails him in the face with a right hand, which causes Barker to spin in place and wobble slightly. Crippler regains his footing, and fires a devastating right hand into the face of Ron Barker, who spins again, now facing Donovan King! King with a European Uppercut and Barker is backed into Crippler, who smack Barker HARD in the back, sounding like cannon fire in the SHOOT Project Epicenter. Barker falls to his knees under the two man assault, and Crippler and King lock eyes, apparently thinking what the other is thinking.

Eryk Masters: This won’t be good for Ron Barker!

Crippler pulls Barker to his feet, and turns him away. King comes up, and it looks like this unlikely duo is about to plant Barker with a high impact back suplex! Corey Lazarus is back up, and he yanks down on Barker’s foot, causing him to come back to his feet. Crippler moves in on Lazarus, but Corey kicks him the bad knee, before planting him with the Coming Attractions! Barker recovers enough to hook King’s leg quickly, and take him over with a fisherman’s suplex! Barker’s hands are clasped, and he’s got the pin!



King breaks the pin just in time! Crippler rolls onto the apron, and Lorenzo now forces Lazarus back to his corner, making this again one on one with King and Barker. Barker turns to make a tag, but King trips him up. Barker gets angry, and goes to pick King off the mat, but King grabs his arm and pulls him down to the mat, forcing his arm back, and clasping his hands around the face of Barker.

Eryk Masters: Carolina Crossface! King has got it locked in, dead center of the ring! Barker has nowhere to go!

Other Guy: Look at Crippler’s face!

Crippler has stood up, looking at his own finisher being applied by Donovan King, and King is staring right dead into the eyes of Lunatikk Crippler. Barker is writing in pain, and King is looking dead ahead at his partner! Neither man notices Corey Lazarus coming into the ring, and neither does Tony Lorenzo, until Lazarus kicks King in the back, hard enought to cause him to break the hold! Lorenzo pushes Lazarus back into his corner, and King is up, and has some choice words for Crippler that unfortunately, we can’t hear. The ref turns back, and King moves to go toward Barker, but Crippler reaches out and slaps King on the back.

Other Guy: That’s a tag! Crippler is the legal man!

King rolls his eyes, but Crippler dives into the ring, and pounces on Ron Barker, and locks him in the very hold that he had just escaped!

Eryk Masters: Bitchified! Crippler staring dead at Donovan King as if to say "This is how it’s done." Ron Barker is being Bitchified!

Barker is screaming in pain, and his arm is in the air already, but Lazarus is back in the ring! He pulls Crippler’s bad leg, causing him to let go of Barker, and now King is in the ring as well! Crippler and Lazarus are locked up, and now so are King and Barker! Barker is trapped once again in the Carolina Crossface, as Crippler somehow executes a drop toe hold on Corey Lazarus, hooking his arm back and proceeding to Bitchify him! The crowd is going nuts, as both members of the Genesis Corporation are locked in identical Crossfaces!

Eryk Masters: This is insane! King and Crippler fucntioning well as a team, and both have the same idea! Who’s going to get the submission first??

Lorenzo is checking on Barker, who isn’t submitting and he turns to check on Lazarus! With Lorenzo’s back turned, Gregory Price reaches in and puts Barker’s leg on the bottom rope! Lazarus is struggling with Crippler, who’s got his free hand in between his head and Crippler’s arm and is forcing Crippler’s hands apart. He is able to do so somehow, and rolls forward, locking Crippler in an inside cradle!



Crippler kicks out! The ref turns and sees Barker’s feet on the rope, and is ordering King to break the hold. He does, but he has words with Lorenzo. This gives Laz time to gather himself and help Barker to his feet. Lazarus rushes King with a dropkick, and Donovan King falls between the ropes and to the floor! Crippler leaps at Barker for a hurriconrana, but Barker puts the brakes on and nails a devastating powerbomb!

Other Guy: I don’t know where he got that energy from, after suffering through those Crossfaces!

Barker holds on, and lifts Crippler up in the air, and in comes Lazarus, grabbing hold of Crippler’s neck on the way down!

Eryk Masters: What a combo move! Crippler is motionless and Barker rolls out of the ring as Laz hooks both legs!




The bell rings, "Hysteria" starts up, and boos rain down. Donovan King leaps into the ring and knocks Corey Lazarus off his partner, but a moment too late! Gregory Price gathers the troops, and he and the Genesis Corporation begin celebrating up the ramp in a hurry!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners…..Ron Barker and Coreeeeeeey Laaaaaaaaazaaaaarus!

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it! For the first time in his SHOOT Project career, Lunatikk Crippler’s shoulders have been pinned to the mat!

Other Guy: And Corey Lazarus was the man to do it!

Eryk Masters: We’re never gonna hear the end of it.

The trio disappear up the ramp, leaving King in the ring staring after them and Crippler nearly motionless in the center of the ring. The music shuts off. Tony Lorenzo hands Donovan King his World Heavyweight Championship.

Eryk Masters: Say what you want about animosity between these two, but they worked pretty damn well as a team.

Other Guy: But Barker and Lazarus have more experience working together, and that paid off tonight.

Eryk Masters: King and Crippler took a beating, but they handed it right back to the Genesis Corporation.

King is looking down at Crippler, his title in his hand. King looks back at the curtain, a little disappointed.

Eryk Masters: The competitor in Donovan King wanted this win tonight. He can’t help but feel a little disappointed that he and Crippler came up short.

Crippler is starting to come to, and realizes he’s alone in the ring, his opponent at Redemption standing near by. King turns and looks down towards Crippler, and they lock eyes.

Other Guy: Something tells me this night isn’t over.

King walks closer to The Crippler. He sets the World Heavyweight Championship on the ground, and stands back up, cracking his knuckles.

Eryk Masters: After the match they just went through, and worked pretty damn well together, now they are going to come to blows?

Other Guy: You were expecting something different? It doesn’t matter if the fans like both of these men, they can’t stand each other!

King walks right up to Lunatikk Crippler, still on the ground. A buzz is growing around in the Epicenter, awaiting to see who is going to throw the first punch.

King leans down and….extends his hand.

The fans lose their shit.

Eryk Masters: Yes! I like it! What a show of respect from Donovan King!

Other Guy: Maybe they have a little bit of respect for one another after watching each others back!

Crippler hesitates, and then takes King’s hand, and King helps Crippler up. Crippler is not on his feet two seconds before leaping up in the air, grabbing King by the neck.

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Sweet! The Crippler nailed King!

Other Guy: Now I like THAT! That’s payback for the Dealbreaker!

The majority of the fans in the Epicenter are cheering like mad, nearly drowning out a few boos from the die hard King fans. Crippler scoots away, not taking his eyes off the fallen World Heavyweight champion, until his hand brushes past something: The World Heavyweight Championship. Crippler pushes himself to his feet, bringing the World title up with him. He steps towards the unconscious King, limping slightly. He stands directly over the World Heavyweight Champion, lifting King’s own title in the air. The cheers grow louder.

Other Guy: Obviously, there are many here tonight that want to see Lunatikk Crippler as World Heavyweight Champion!

Eryk Masters: They may get to see what that looks like for real very soon! Lunatikk Crippler will challenge Donovan King for his World Heavyweight Title in three weeks! For Other Guy, I’m Eryk Masters! We’ll see you at Redemption!

The camera begins to fade out to black, one last shot of Lunatikk Crippler standing over Donovan King, World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.