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Revolution 104: 1/9/2013

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Donovan King, standing at the entrance to the arena with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, his hood pulled tight over his face.  It cuts to Isaac Entragian with his arm around Liz Gaunt, laughing maniacally.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

It shows Jonas Coleman marching down to the ring as Lunatikk Crippler is shown getting in someone’s face.  The scene cuts to Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden with their titles held high in the air for a moment before we catch a brief view of El Asso Wipo breaking every back in existence.

We are the wheels that keep turning

Edmund Augustus Shan puts the Sin City Championship in the air before we see Laura Seton locking up against Tanya Black, which quickly cuts to Chance Ryan glaring at the camera, Cade Sydal behind him with a smirk on his face.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Piper Fury slaps hands with Kevin Stone as we cut to Jester Smiles with his arm draped over Sammy Rochester’s shoulders, whispering into the giant’s ear.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Project:SCAR stands united, in a stare down with Lunatikk Crippler, Jaime Alejandro, Jonas Coleman, the Bad Ass Brotherhood, Thomas Manchester Black, Donovan King, and Maya Nakashima.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Dan Stein lords over the fallen body of his foe.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Henry Gordon stands tall in the ring, severely winded, as it cuts to Crazy Boy glaring at the camera.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Trey Willett, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Jaime Alejandro wailing away at Obsidian, backing the monster against the ropes.  We see Tanya Black and Chance Ryan double teaming the Bad Ass Brotherhood before we catch the Bad Ass Brotherhood hitting the ELE on Tanya Black.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Isaac Entragian lights Jaime Alejandro’s uniform on fire cuts to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Mason Pierce forces Cronos Diamante to submit cuts to Adrian Corazon sauntering down to the ring slowly, deliberately.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut to those same ebony locks being thrown from the ring by Jonas Coleman.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.







Other Guy: Every title on the line here tonight and a ton of competitors looking for gold, including the Sinister Syndicate after losing their Tag Titles to The Genesis Corporation at Redemption, and Isaac Entragian as he squares off in the middle of the ring against the retaining Donovan King with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line!

“No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant starts up over the PA system, as the crowd explodes for the man known as “The Queen City Hitman”.  

Eryk Masters: Here we go with the first match of the night. Listen to this crowd, Other Guy!

Other Guy: You think they’re cheering loud, wait until his opponent comes out. The cheers are going to be deafening!


Samantha Coil: Now introducing from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina… 

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Dark Sinner”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.  

Samantha Coil: He is “The Queen City Hitman”…  

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring. 

Samantha Coil: This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!  

Once Coil is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin.

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black is focused after his Sixth place finish in the Redemption Rumble, and looking to keep his hot streak alive with a victory of “The Sensation Not From This Nation”.

Other Guy: Good luck with that, Azrael Goeren is back with a vengeance and outlasted Black at Redemption and made it a point this week to prove that he’s not going down easy.

“Sieben” by Subway to Sally begins to play causing the fans to LEAP to their feet, raining down boos upon the arena. Stepping out from the backstage area is Azrael Goeren, staring down the ramp to the ring, eyes locked in on TMB’s own, never drifting.

Eryk Masters: I…

Other Guy: He looks possessed, Eryk. Christ.

The announcers are both taken back by Azrael’s creepy determination. The fans continue to jeer Azrael. As Azrael ducks into the ring, his eyes remained locked on TMB’s.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Eberswalde, Germany…

Black pulls himself up, standing in the corner like a prized fighter. Goeren paces back and forth in the corner like a crazed animal.

Samantha Coil: The Mega Star! Azrael… GOERRRRRRRRRREN!

Before Dennis Heflin can ring the bell, Azrael LEAPS across the ring, catching Thomas Manchester Black off guard by jumping up into his arms and gnawing on Black’s forehead. As Heflin races in to stop Goeren, he motions for the bell to be rung to restore some order.


Eryk Masters: Goeren starting things out dirty tonight.

Other Guy: Trying to get the upper hand on a much bigger Manchester Black, Eryk. Can’t blame the guy for that.

Goeren stays on top of Black as he sits in the ground, stomping a hole in his gut. As Heflin finally pries Goeren away from his prey, a trickle of blood is already rolling down Black’s forehead. Goeren fights back from Heflin’s grip, throwing Heflin to the side to rush back and knee Black in the gut once more. Heflin screams at Azrael, loud enough to be audible.

Dennis Heflin: That’s your warning!

Eryk Masters: Heflin showing some restraint by not throwing the match out altogether the way this thing has started!

Other Guy: What did Azrael do?! He’s just trying to get to his opponent, Hef!

Goeren shakes his head, spouting out something in German. Black makes it to his feet now, motioning Goeren to come to him. Goeren charges Black, but Black catches him and throws Goeren into a ring corner of his own, causing the fans to erupt. Black knees Goeren in the gut repeatedly, lifting Goeren off of the mat. Black motions for the crowd to quiet down with his hand. The noise dies down and Black sets Goeren up with his chest exposed, bringing down a hand and SMACKING his chest loudly, causing the fans to “OOOH” and Goeren to stumble out to the middle of the ring in pain.

Other Guy: Look at that welt already forming on his chest, that can’t be legal!

Eryk Masters: That’s pay back for the forehead gnawing!

Goeren turns around to see Black motioning for him to lock up again. As Black walks towards Goeren, Azrael puts his hands up like he will, but DUCKS the lock up, kicking Black SQUARE in the back of the knee, dropping the man quickly. Azrael races to the far ropes, bouncing off and DROPKICKS BLACK IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD.

Eryk Masters: The FORCE in that, are you KIDDING?

Other Guy: Goeren just knocked Black into Christmas day.

Goeren scrambles to his feet, rushing over to Black and rolling him over for the pin.



Black kicks out, shoving Goeren off of him and into the air.

Eryk Masters: That kick to the back of the knee turned the tides back to Goeren’s favor here, OG.

Goeren stands up, running his hands through his hair once. Black stands up on his own now, and turns towards Goeren JUST in time to catch a CHOP BLOCK, spinning Black up and off of his feet, crashing to the mat in a heap of himself. Goeren jumps up, rushes over to Black and drags him into the center of the ring before slapping on a figure four leg lock.

Eryk Masters: The fast and furious attacks by Azrael Goeren have him in a strong position right now.

Other Guy: I believe that’s called a Blitzkrieg, Eryk!

Goeren WRENCHES Black’s legs with his own, causing him to reach out for anything to grab and hold on to. Heflin is on the mat asking Black if he quits, but Black won’t have any of it, fighting through the pain.

Other Guy: Goeren’s got that submission hold on tight and he’s not giving up for anything!

Black begins to DRAG Goeren across the ring now, using his own upper body strength to pull himself to the ropes. He reaches his hands out and…JUST grabs the rope, pulling himself closer. Heflin moves to Goeren to break the hold, but Azrael blows him off.






Goeren lets go JUST as Heflin counts to five, and Heflin has no choice but to let the match continue. Black holds his knee near the ropes. Goeren is moved away from Black, but once Heflin turns his back, Goeren bum-rushes Black and STOMPS on his knee. The pain shoots through Blacks body causing him to fall over. Goeren reaches down and picks Black up by his head, keeping him bent over as he runs up a turnbuckle for Tornado DDT…

BUT BLACK COUNTERS! Black lays Goeren flat on the ropes, wrapping his own arm around Goeren’s head and DRIVING him into the mat with rope hung DDT.


Other Guy: Size Advantage 101, there, Eryk. Another class I failed in high school.

As Goeren lays on the mat, Black rolls on top of him pulling back his leg. Heflin makes the count.




Eryk Masters: Goeren JUST makes the kick out!

Goeren moves to crawl away from Black as Black pushes off the mat and limps over to Goeren’s head. Pulling him up by his hair, Black locks the standing Goeren up with a plum lock, controlling Azrael’s head. Black LAYS into Goeren with a knee, once again lifting him up off the mat.

Other Guy: Did you see how much air he got he got there? More than his German Olympic high jumpers!

Black maintains control, even with the bum leg, hitting him with ANOTHER massive knee to the stomach.

Eryk Masters: Those Muay Thai knees are doing a great deal of damage to Goeren right now.

Black pulls back Goeren’s head to look him the eyes before glancing at the ring corner. Black drops his hand to Goeren’s lower back and THROWS Azrael over his shoulder into the ring corner with ease.

Eryk Masters: BRILLIANT exploder suplex there.

Other Guy: Took whatever was left of Goeren and just emptied it out, I think, Eryk.

Black races over to Goeren and sets him up in the corner with a HUGE European Uppercut. Goeren stumbles into the corner, collapsing against the top turnbuckle. Black moves across the ring and CHARGES Goeren, LEAPING INTO THE AIR…

BUT GOEREN COLLAPSES and rolls out of the way. Black goes face first into the ring corner, smacking his face against the ring post with an absolutely SICKENING thud, causing him to fall into a heap on the mat.

Eryk Masters: He knocked himself out cold! Someone get the trainers out here!

Other Guy: All of that air, all of that weight… He’s dead!

Goeren looks over at Heflin tending to Black as he pulls himself up by the ropes, holding onto his gut. Goeren looks down at TMB, a sickening smile forming on his face. Heflin moves away from Black, to approach the ramp asking for help. Goeren, watching what’s happening, POUNCES on Black, mounting him up and PUMMELING him with punches, slaps, anything with his hands that will cause damage, Goeren does it. Black moves around now, protecting himself as Heflin rushes back in.

Eryk Masters: OH, COME ON, HEFLIN!

Black manages to get his hands up guarding himself from any damaging blows though the small gash from being bitten has opened up.

Other Guy: Azrael’s really putting a hurt on him now, Eryk! Look at all that blood.

Goeren retreats to a corner now, Heflin gets into Azrael’s face to tell him to behave himself which allows Black to get to his feet, hobbled and bloody. Heflin steps out of the way and the two men start to circle each other, Black eyeing his opponent, quickly cutting off the ring and collapsing in on Goeren.

Eryk Masters: Nowhere to go for Goeren now.

Other Guy: Black has him cornered like a scared animal. Look at Goeren! He’s helpless!

Goeren, sensing nothing else to do, leaps up to the second rope, and back off, grabbing Black around the head…but Black THROWS HIM OFF, straight over the ropes, causing Goeren to crash down HARD on the ground.

Eryk Masters: A slick surface from all that blood really affected that attempt.

Other Guy: Black is really putting everything he’s got behind EVERYTHING he does tonight.

Black steps over the rope, wiping the blood out of his eyes with his wrist tape and jumps down to the ground. Heflin starts the ten count.



Black grabs Goeren by the hair again, picking him up and directing him over to the ring



Black rolls Goeren into the ring and quickly follows after, ending the count at four.

Eryk Masters: Both men back on in the ring now with Azrael Goeren still trying to figure out which country he’s in!

Goeren starts to groggily get back to his feet, getting caught by Black as he makes it upright. Black pulls Goeren across the ring with an Irish whip. As Goeren bounces back towards Black, Black wraps his arms around Azrael, spinning him around with a POWERFUL Black Hole Slam.

Eryk Masters: Azrael just aided in his own demise with the momentum he had there!

Goeren’s body twitches as Black wipes more blood from his face, dropping down on top of Azrael and pulling up a leg.




Eryk Masters: ANOTHER kick out by Azrael! How much does he have left in him, though?

Other Guy: He’s the Megastar, Masters! It’s not over until the fat lady joygasms.

Black looks up at Heflin in disbelief, then down to Goeren. Black stands on his feet, dropping down with a strong elbow

RIGHT across Goeren’s back.

Eryk Masters: All of Black’s weight just emphasis the pain from that move.

Goeren cries out in pain and tries to move away, but TMB grabs his feet…

Eryk Masters: He’s setting up for the Queen City Stomp!

Other Guy: Where’s Heflin at now?! Look at Goeren! Get Black off of him!

Black has Goeren’s arms behind his back now, and his foot DRIVES Goeren’s head straight into the mat. Black drops STRAIGHT on top of Goeren, rolling him onto his back. Black YANKS back Goeren’s legs as he makes the pin.





Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner! THOMAS. MANCHESTER. BLACK!

However, before the fans can properly react and even before Black’s theme music can hit, a familiar voice can be heard.


The fans POP as JASON JOHNSON steps out to no music.  Black seems confused as Goeren is on his knees, holding his body.  Both of them stare at Jason as he walks down to the ring.

Eryk Masters:  Okay, I’ve gotta ask…WHAT is Jason Johnson doing out here?

Jason Johnson enters the ring and shakes Black’s hand.

Jason Johnson:  Congratulations, Thomas.  You’re move than earned this victory here tonight.  How about another round of applause for THOMAS…MANCHESTER…BLACK!!!

The fans cheer LOUD for Black, who nods to the fans as he leaves the ring.  Jason turns around and sees Goeren, slowly getting back to his feet.

Jason Johnson:  You.  Don’t.  Fucking.  Move.

The fans begin to cheer as Goeren sighs.

Jason Johnson:  You’ve been a big damn thorn in my side ever since you first got here, you know that?

He pauses, pacing around Goeren, whose head is bowed.

Jason Johnson:  From your time in Sovereign trying to help Eddie E supplant me to your time in Hierarchy trying to just get on my last damn nerve…all you’ve ever done is cause me problems.

He gets in Goeren’s face.

Jason Johnson:  That’s been your entire career, hasn’t it?  Just one big problem after another.  Patrick Kidd.  Greyson Blade.  Cyrus.  King.  I mean, the list goes on and on, doesn’t it?  And yet, here we are, Azrael…Heinrik.  You’re on your own.  No friends.  No family.  No stable on your side.  Just you.  And all you want…is power, right?

Goeren looks up, locking eyes with Jason.

Jason Johnson:  You wanna be World Champion so bad, you came back after trying so hard to rehabilitate and heal your body from all those years you’ve done devastating damage to it…and you know what, Goeren?  You know the truth…and you know I know the truth.

You’re not cleared to compete.

As a matter of fact…your doctor told you your days of wrestling are done.

There isn’t a cheer in the crowd.  More of a hushed silence.

Jason Johnson:  But you couldn’t take that, and I get that.  You wanted to attain the power and the respect that goes along with that power.  I get that.  You came back and you even signed a Goddamn WAIVER so we couldn’t get sued should you cost yourself more than your career and your body.  You got so close to becoming the number one contender and winning the Redemption Rumble.  But, Azrael Goeren?

Your time…is up.

A pause.  Goeren’s eyes are filled with complete fear now, but he stands firm.

Jason Johnson:  I thought about how I wanted to do this, Goeren.  I really did.  I wanted to come out here and I wanted to fire your fucking ass and send you on your fucking way out the fucking door and I’d NEVER have to see you again.  But I realized something about you, Goeren.  I realized how intelligent you are.  How charismatic you are.  How perfect you are for the SHOOT Project.  And no matter how much I want you gone and out of my hair for good…there’s nowhere else that a mind like yours belongs besides right…here.

The fans begin to…cheer?

Jason Johnson:  So I have an offer for you, Azrael Goeren.  You can quit right here and right now.  No shame in it.  You have no money, no means, you’re dead broke in more ways than one, but I can understand you not wanting to stand another minute in my presence.

I can fire you.  Send you out of here on a rail and let the final memory of Azrael Goeren for these people being you carted out of here by security and let THAT be your legacy.


Stop fucking fighting me.  Stop trying to control this company.  Fold the tights up, put them away, and trade them for a suit.  I have one empty chair on the SHOOT Project Board of Directors…and I want you in it.

The fans pop HUGE!

Other Guy:  WHOA!  NO WAY!

Eryk Masters:  A SHOOT Project led by Jason Johnson, OutKast, The Real Deal, AND Azrael Goeren?!  Are you KIDDING ME?!?

Jason stares at Goeren’s blank face.  He smirks.

Jason Johnson:  Well?  What do you say?

Jason extends his hand and offers the microphone to Goeren.  Goeren looks over to the fans as they start SCREAMING for him to do it.  He takes the microphone from Jason and smirks.

Azrael Goeren:  You DO realize I am not your brother or his verdammt loverboy?  That I am something extreme, something you have never dared dream of?  That this company has never seen someone like me at its helm, guiding her through the dark waters of terrible, pedantic bookings?  That this company and its affiliates can never replicate the success that I could be capable of providing?

Goeren raises his head, grinning to himself.

Jason Johnson:  That’s why I want you.

Goeren shakes his head and sighs, as if he is being romanced.  All of a sudden, he takes Jason’s hand and pulls Jason in close, a grin sliding across his face.  He leans in, forehead to forehead and brings the microphone to his lips.

Azrael Goeren:  Ja.

The fans ERUPT as they shake!  Jason raises Goeren’s hand as the fans in the arena applaud the two of them.  “Sieben” by Subway to Sally plays as Goeren bows to the respect being offered to him for the briefest of moments before he scowls at them.  Jason leaves the ring and allows Goeren his final moment in the ring legally wearing his gear.  Goeren nods once again to the fans before he himself leaves the ring.

Eryk Masters:  I want to be excited…but I think I’m going to be sick.

Other Guy:  We might have just seen Azrael Goeren wrestle his last match…but now he’s been given legitimate power by none other than Jason Johnson himself!

Eryk Masters:  Is SHOOT Project REALLY ready for Azrael Goeren on the SHOOT Project Board of Directors?!


Audacity, Alex Brooks and Dina Bryce are in their locker room. Both membrs have tag team matches coming up later in the night. Dina is teaming with Mason Pierce, hoping to win the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles, while Alex Brooks is just about to go out and team with Mr. Heart against Jonas Coleman and Arch Angel in a "lucky" draw tag team match. If you call teaming with a former rival lucky.

Alex Brooks: Good luck tonight, Dee.

Dina Bryce: You too, Al, you too. Anyway, Al. I gotta catch up with Mase. Catch ya ’round.

Alex and Dina exchange a fist bump and she heads out of Audacity’s locker room after wishing him good luck, leaving Brooks’ door open. Alex bends down to finish lacing up his boots, pulling the strings back hard and staring at the ground…until a pair of boots walk up to his toes. Alex looks up slowly to see the baby blue wrestling shorts of Dan Stein, then Stein’s freshly glistening body, and Stein’s smiling face.

Dan Stein: Hey…you.

Stein awkwardly pats Alex Brooks on the shoulder with flatly extended fingers.

Alex Brooks: Hi, Daniel. Congratulations.

Stein steps back, holding his hand over his heart.

Dan Stein: Wow, Brooksie… That means a lot to me. Out of all the fartboxes that had a chance and failed miserably, you’re the only one that has recognized the true greatness of Dan Stein.

Alex Brooks: I wouldn’t of said that I failed, but I guess you are right. You won and I didn’t. Though, I don’t think is really any reason to resort to childish insults. That’s something I would expect Tanya Black to do. I thought a number one contender would be above such pettiness. Is there a reason you’re here?

Stein scoffs.

Dan Stein: Only losers and freaks get their feelings hurt, Brooksie. Remember that.

Stein smirks.

Dan Stein: Yeah, there’s a reason. Here I am, walking down the hall to take a whizz, when I see your tag partner walking out the door. Not Mr. Heart, your REAL tag partner. The one, y’know… with the ass. What’s her name again?

Alex Brooks: Dina?

Dan Stein: RIGHT. Dina. Dina Bryce. More like Dina Mite Badonk, am I right?

Brooks looks at SHOOT Project’s Golden Boy strangely.

Alex Brooks: Umm, Daniel. I’m pretty sure her name is Dina Bryce. Actually, I’m not pretty sure I know her name is Dina Bryce.

Dan Stein: One day, Alex, you’re going to realize that it doesn’t matter what her name is.

Stein smiles.

Dan Stein: But seriously. Is she your partner…or is she your…”partner”?

Alex Brooks: I’m not sure what you mean, Daniel. Normally, she would be my partner. But tonight she is Mason Pierce’s partner.

Dan Stein: C’mon. Are you porking her? Plowing her? Tongue punching her fartbox?

Alex Brooks: NO!

Stein smiles, again awkwardly patting Brooks on the shoulder.

Dan Stein: Good.

Alex Brooks: Good?

Dan Stein: You just have a good match, Brooksie. I’ll see Debra later.

Stein turns around to leave.

Alex Brooks: It’s DINA!

The Little Engine that Did stands up and takes a mildy aggressive stance towards Dan Stein.

Alex Brooks: Goodbye. Daniel.

Stein grabs the handle on the door to Brooks’ room. He turns his head back to look at Alex.

Dan Stein: I don’t care.

And slams the door, leaving Brooks in his room to prepare.



Samantha Coil: The following match is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring first, the team of Arch Angel and Jonas Coleman.

“The Butcher” by Project 86 plays of the Epicenter’s PA System and Jonas Coleman and Arch Angel make their way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Their opponents, the team of Mr. Heart and Alex Brooks. Coming to the ring, Mr. Heart OBE!

“God Save the Queen” plays and Mr. Heart OBE makes his way out to the ring, mostly ignoring the crowd, except for the occasional sneer.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, Alex Brooks.

“Flying through the City” his the arena’s PA and Alex Brooks bursts out from behind the back and runs to the ring.

Other Guy: This is an certainly a different set of teams.

Eryk Masters: They’re certainly not regular teams. It should be interesting to see which team meshes better.  The team that does will probably win.

Other Guy: Hate to say it, But I think you’re right, Eryk. It’s looks like Jonas Coleman and Mr. Heart are a starting the match.

Arch Angel and Mr. Heart OBE tie up with a collar and elbow. Angel uses his size and weight advantage to take control and turn the tie into a wristlock. He wraps Heart’s arm behind and then clubs the back of his arm with his free forearm before whipping Heart into the ropes. Heart bounces back and Angel levels him with a brutal clothesline and quickly drops and elbow on Heart. Angel doesn’t go for the cover, but instead pulls Heart to his feet and and punches him in the stomach, causing Heart to double over. Angel hits him with another clubbing forearm, which once again sends Heart to the mat. Angel picks him up and drags him to the corner and tags The Butcher into the match. Angel throws a quick european uppercut before exiting the ring.

Other Guy: Early control by Arch Angel. Alex Brooks is trying to fire Heart up on the far side of the ring, but he hasn’t been able to do much yet.

Eryk Masters: I’m sure if he really wanted to, he could. Those two has history remember, OG.

Other Guy: Again… You might be right. Ugh. Jonas Coleman with a suplex out of the corner on Heart.

Coleman follows that suplex with a second suplex. Mr Heart hits the mat and rolls to the apron on the outside of the ring. As Jonas Coleman goes to bring him back inside the ropes, Mr. Heart OBE flashes a timeout sign. Coleman looks around the crowd, all of whom are cheering. Instead of bringing Heart back into the ring, Coleman uses his foot and pushes Heart from the apron to the floor. Coleman then springboards of the ropes and splashes down on Heart. Alex Brooks claps the move from the far side of the ring.

Other Guy: Both man down on the outside of the ring.

Both tag team partners are stomping their feet on the aprons encouraging their respective partners  to get to their feet. Coleman is the first to his feet. He rolls into the ring to break the count. And then returns to Mr. Heart. He stomps on him a couple of times and then picks him up off the floor and rolls him back into the ring. Heart keeps rolling and tags the former Rule of Surrender Champion, Alex Brooks into the ring. Alex jumps into the ring. Coleman and Brooks look each other. Coleman is the first to move, Brooks ducks under a clothesline attempt. He then runs to the far ropes, both men come back at each other and nail each other with a double clothesline.

Eryk Masters: Both men down.

Other Guy: Both men back to their feet.

Both The Butcher and the Little Engine roll away and stare at each other. Brooks acts first this time and runs at Coleman. Coleman ducks and then runs at the far ropes. Both men bounce off the ropes again and this time Coleman absolutely ROCKS Brooks with a back elbow. As Brooks rises to his knees off the mat, Coleman nails him with a brutal knee to the head and Alex collapses on the mat. Coleman goes for the cover.



Other Guy: NOOOOOOOO! Alex Brooks got his shoulder up.

Coleman stares at Austin Linam, but quickly gets on with the job. He picks Brooks up and shoves his head between his legs, but Brooks thinks fast and counters with a back drop. Jonas lands on his back and Alex catches his breath. Brooks turns around and faces Coleman the moment that The Butcher is too his full vertical base Alex brooks hits with a picture perfect dropkick, sending him staggering back into the corner. Brooks follows up with a splash, and bounces away. Brooks come back at Coleman for a second splash, but Coleman moves out of the way and  Brooks eats turnbuckle. Coleman tags Arch Angel back into the ring. He  runs at Brooks and picks him up from behind. And drives him face first into the turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters: SNAKE EYES!!

He drops Brooks on the mat and goes for an immediate cover.



Other Guy: NOOOOOOO! Alex Brooks kicks out! Heart of a lion, that kid.

Arch Angel slaps the mat in frustration and drags Brooks to his feet with his blonde hair. Arch Angel holds Brooks around the shoulders.


Eryk Masters: I didn’t think Arch Angel was Samoan.

Brooks crumples to the mat. A little bit of blood is visible across the top of his nose. Angel takes the chance to just start stomping. Brooks can’t get out of the way and just keeps eating leather. Angel then drops a knee into his face and grinds down. He picks him up off the mat and nails a devastating spinebuster on the kid.

Eryk Masters: Surely this time.



Other Guy: HOW!! Alex Brooks kicks out AGAIN!

Arch Angel grabs Alex and slams the back of his head on the canvas, and goes for the cover again.



Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks gets a limp foot on the ropes there.

Arch Angel is angry now. He grabs Alex Brooks and drags him to the center of the ring. He hoists him up onto his shoulders.

Other Guy: Arch Angel is spinning in circles here.

Eryk Masters: Counter by Alex Brooks! Counter! COUNTER!! COUNTER!!!

Other Guy: Arch Angel looked like he was going to nail a spinning powerbomb, but Alex Brooks somehow found a way to execute a frankensteiner and save his hide.

Brooks makes a desperate tag to Mr. Heart OBE, who hesitates when getting in the ring. Arch Angel gathers his senses and his back to his feet by the time Heart gets into the ring and Angel is still angry. Mr. Heart begs off and tries to tag Brooks back into the ring, but he still hasn’t taken his position on the apron and that tag. Angel grabs Heart and drags him to the center of the ring. A big fist to the head, followed by a fist to the gut and Mr. Heart is in the air and he eats a powerbomb from Angel. Angel immediately picks Heart up again and nails with a second powerbomb. Angel looks at Mr. Heart on the canvas. He drops a leg across his throat. Angel then picks Mr. Heart up and sets him up for a piledriver.

Eryk Masters: Arch Angel has driven Heart’s head right into the mat.

Other Guy: This was looks like it’s over.




Samantha Coil: You’re winners, Arch Angel and Jonas Coleman!!!

Shortly after Arch Angel’s match we’re backstage with T.Rex in jeans and a black t-shirt. Arch Angel still in his gear, sweating, a towel over his shoulder. He quickly swipes at his brow and opens a bottle of water.

T.Rex: Not too shabby, old man! You held your own out there.

Arch Angel: Thanks, Tubby… I mean Teddy!

Arch Angel playfully swats at T.Rex’s gut. Rex swipes his hand away and gives him a pissy look.

T.Rex: How do you feel?

Arch Angel: Tired. A little hungry. We’ll see what the joints feel like in the morning. Gotta make sure I ice tonight.

T.Rex nods and from behind them a familiar voice rings out.

El Asso Wipo: Gentlemen!

The men of Anarchy turn to Wipo.

Arch Angel: Wipo.

El Asso Wipo: You battled valiantly out there. Almost as valiantly as a certain luchador who will remain nameless, but who will break you like so! TCHA! With his knee! and will be your NEXT Champion of Sin!

Wipo stops. Cocks his masked head to the side sizing up T.Rex.

T.Rex: Take a fuggin’ picture. Last longer.

El Asso Wipo: Senor Coleman. Amigo. If I may, WHAT HAPPENED?! You’ve REALLY let yourself go!

Arch Angel stifles a belly laugh, as T.Rex glares El Asso’s direction.

T.Rex: What?!

El Asso Wipo: Do the SHOOT cameras change your appearance so drastically? Is it the miracle of the CGI? Or is it the lightings in the arena? I mean. I watched your match on the television. You…you… you were so much younger… and THINNER. You had the appearance of a champion! Now? NOW?!?! Look at you. Was there a buffet or twelve on your way out?

T.Rex steps towards El Asso Wipo. Seconds from losing it. Arch Angel puts a hand on T.Rex’s chest trying to ease his partner’s agitated mood.

Arch Angel: Wipo, this ain’t Jonas, dude. That is T.Rex. My TAG TEAM PARTNER.

T.Rex: We’ve met, like, a dozen fuggin’ times.

El Asso Wipo: OH! You two are slap hands partners?

T.Rex: Tag.

El Asso Wipo: Oh. I see. I mistook, since Senor Angel was out there hand slapping with another man…

Something dawns on Wipo.

El Asso Wipo: That is why you make the angry face at Senor Wipo! Another man was slapping hands with YOUR partner. I feel your pain Senor Rex. Monogomy in hand slapping is of the uptmost importants to El Asso. A two timing slap hands partner should be broken, like so! TCHA! With your knee! If you want someone to talk to, might i suggest MY slap hands partner, Silas? Silas listens like a champion. Much like I break backs, like so! TCHA! like a champion!

T.Rex continues to not be amused.

T.Rex: Tell Silas not to hold his breath.

El Asso Wipo: That’s a shame. Silas is ALSO a champion breath holder. Much like I’ll be a champion later tonight! Adios Amigos!

El Asso Wipo walks off leaving T.Rex to seethe and Arch Angel to smirk.

T.Rex: One of these days I’m gonna kick his ass, Chris.

Arch Angel: I know, Teddy. I know.

They head off into a locker room.

Flay walks through the empty halls looking for any sign of a familiar face. She clutches her purse close against her denim jeans. Her eyes constantly scan left and right, unsure of her surroundings. There don’t seem to be many people in this part of the Epicenter and when she asked where she could find Kenji… the backstage crews were so hesitant and awkward about it.

As she continues to walk down the halls, she couldn’t help but notice her knees start to tremble, and a cold sweat dribble down her fingertips. Taking a turn down a dimly lit corridor, he was standing there, like he had been waiting there all night for her.

He starts to walk towards her, nothing on his face for her to read. Flay starts to open her mouth to speak, but all that comes out is a horrified squeal as Kenji grabs her by the roots of her hair and starts dragging her back in the direction she came from. The force with which he pulled her hair caused another sweat to form, but this one was neither cold or unpleasant.

Flay’s eyes seemed completely glazed over at this point, her purse rolls off of her limp shoulder. She doesn’t even notice where they’re going until she hears the faint sound of people cheering in her ears. When she looks over at Kenji, for the first time there is a look on his face that she can read. He has a twisted grin landscaping the entirety of his face, his eyes like a rabid animal’s. His grip tightens around her scalp as he drags her out through the entrance curtain.

The crowd immediately starts to boo when they see Kenji, it was so spur of the moment that there wasn’t even any theme music. Kenji continues dragging Flay to the ring apron and whips her by the hair with such force that she has little other choice than to roll under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Eryk Masters: I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, Kenji wasn’t scheduled tonight. I know that woman is Flay Rios, we saw her briefly at the Redemption Rumble but…

Other Guy: He just dragged her out here by the hair like a sack of meat. Scheduled or not, I somehow doubt this is going to be something good and wholesome.

Flay struggles once inside the ring to catch her bearings, she seems in shock on all fours as to where she’s supposed to even go. Kenji casually steps into the ring using the steps, and walks over to her, casually hovering over her.

Kenji: I’m sure you must all be wondering what I’m doing and who this is.

Kenji extends a hand to Flay, who latches onto it like a life vest in the middle of the ocean. He heaves Flay up to her feet with relative ease, the crowd still unsure how to respond besides with a chorus of boos.

Kenji: This is Flay. Say hello, Flay.

Kenji literally slams the microphone in her face, the only sound that comes out is a muffled gurgling sound. Kenji takes the microphone away from her.

Kenji: Flay is special. You see, Flay has an almost unheard of tolerance for pain. Let’s say you slap her, like so.

Kenji rears back and slaps Flay with such force that the popping sound that radiates from her cheek forces a collective gasp from the crowd. Flay, however, barely flinched.

Kenji: See? Didn’t even care. Now, if I were to do something like this…

Kenji reaches down to his boot and pulls out a serrated knife, before Flay can even get a good look at the knife Kenji snatches her hand and twists it behind her back.

Kenji: Look at her eyes, she feels this, ladies and gentlemen.

Flay is breathing heavily, her eyes blinking closed rapidly, words escaping her. Kenji takes the blade and slices a long cut down the palm of her hand. Kenji pushes her against the mat as hard as he can, then cuts a similar slice in the palm of his hand.

Kenji: Allow me to introduce you to the newest member of Project: SCAR…

Kenji grabs Flay’s hand, the blood from the two cuts mixes and dribbles down Flay’s arm.

Kenji: You might be asking yourself, why this girl? What could I possibly want to do with her? Let me again put emphasis on how SPECIAL this girl Flay is.

Without any hesitation, Kenji mounts Flay and lifts his right hand high into the air. At first, the crowd boos and shows Kenji the usual disdain, but when his fist finally storms down and the sound of the first crack after his fist lands on Flay’s nose… the crowd becomes completely silent. He raises his fists, again,  high over his head and thunders white knuckles into porcelain skin. A microphone is no longer needed to hear Kenji’s voice.


Not many in the crowd take his advice, people cover their eyes, their children’s eyes, and cup their hands over their face in shock. But those that look on see that Flay didn’t look like she was in pain, but rather there is a look of pure ecstasy on her face. There is no color in her eyes, just brilliant white ecstasy. Despite the bruises that form and start to close her eyes, there is a twinkle of a smile on her face.


Kenji finally stops, time in the Epicenter stands still. An empty void, the people collectively drained of everything. Kenji cups Flay’s cheeks in his hands, blood cascades through his fingertips onto the mat. His eyes fill with unfamiliar tears, not of pain or sorrow, but of joy.

Kenji: And she will be my gift to the world, to SHOOT.

Flay coughs and wheezes, a tooth dribbles out of the side of her mouth and swims to the mat with her blood. When she coughs again it is a flopping wet sound, trying to breath through crimson wetness.

Kenji: My angel.

He puts a hand on the back of Flay’s head, cradling it with great care, as he brings her close to his chest.  His dim chest becoming a macabre shade of red.

Kenji: My… partner.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!

The lights in the Epicenter die down as the start of “HORIZON” by D’espairsRay fills the arena. Spotlights search through the seats as the fans rise up from their seats in boisterous anticipation. The words “CAN YOU FEEL THE NEW WORLD?” scribble across the video tron in elaborate silver script for a moment, the searchlights converge on the ramp, on Maya with his head bowed downward. The script on the video tron fades slowly into light particles, the moment Maya lifts his head the word “HOPE” etches its way across the video screen, and the spotlights SHOOT out in all direction as the lights in the Epicenter surge on to their most brilliant and brightest. The crowd pops loudly, which Maya respectfully bows to before starting his trip down the ramp to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY POUNDS…he is the last reigning RULES OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…MAYA…NAKASHIMA!!

The crowd pops again at Maya’s name, which Maya can only smile about. He slaps hands with fans as he makes his way to the ring, leaping onto the apron when he gets there and springboarding into the ring! He holds his hands up in the middle of the ring, turning to watch the entrance.

Eryk Masters: It’s odd that, with the random selection, the Iron Fist match is actually going to be fought against three men that the crowd loves.

Other Guy: Yeah, there isn’t really anyone in this match the crowd wants to see lose, but, unfortunately, two of these three competitors will not be walking away victorious.

The lights go down, and pyro explodes at the entranceway as the booming guitar intro to Faith No More’s "Epic" blares through the arena! The crowd goes nuts as LIHC’s Jared Walsh steps through, arms spread wide!

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED and TWENTY pounds, he is one half of the legendary tag team LONG ISLAND HARDCORE…JARAD…WALSH!!

He walks up and down the stage, egging the crowd on, before starting down the ramp as Mike Patton’s vocals begin. He takes the time to high five fans and chat up lovely ladies as he goes, before jumping up on the apron. He turns around, hooking an arm around the top rope, pointing at the fans, and finally steps through the ropes, running to the corner! He throws his hands up in the air, crossing his forearms in an X! He runs to the other corner, hopping up to the top turnbuckle, throwing up another X, and finally drops to the mat, stretching his arms on the ropes. He locks eyes with Maya and shoots him a playful wink. Maya keeps his attention on the apron, waiting for his last opponent.

Eryk Masters: A LOT of history between those two men in the ring. Could be interesting to see how that plays out.

The crowd buzzes with excitement, knowing all that’s left is the champion. “Pieces” by Sevendust hits over the PA. Green pyros erupt at Jaime Alejandro emerges from the back, dressed in camon pants, a flack jacket with a khaki wifebeater underneath, combat boots, and, most notably, a large silver skull helmet over his face. The left side of the skull is scratched up and tattered, while the right side has a bullet hole over the eye. Jaime holds the Iron Fist Championship high as the crowd cheers wildly.

Samantha Coil: And finally, making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY FIVE pounds, he is a veteran of the United States Army and he is your CURRENT IRON FIST CHAMPION…JAIME…THE SAINT…ALEJANDRO!!!

Jaime makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans, but keeping his eyes on the two men in the ring. Maya looks completely focused. Jarad bounces and stretches out, smiling. Jaime stops at the apron, looking from one man to the other, before removing the helmet and flack jacket and entering the ring.

Other Guy: You know, not that long ago, all three of these men went through some pretty tough match ups. I think Maya has the advantage, as his match wasn’t QUITE as grueling as Jaime going head to head with Issac Entragian, who will be facing Donovan King for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight,  or as grueling as Jarad facing Sammy Rochester in a no disqualification match. However, none of these men are exactly fresh.

Willie Dean signals for the bell. Jarad and Jaime eye each other, as if about to lash out, but before that happens, Maya walks to the center of the ring and holds his hand out, motioning for both men to come and shake his hand. Jarad is the first and the two men shake hands very respectfully.

Eryk Masters: A lot of history between Jarad and Maya, and that mutual respect has both former friends and rivals has not been lost on either man.

Jaime now moves to the center of the ring and shakes hands with Maya. The crowd pops at the showing of respect. Jaime and Jarad eye each other, but they, although a little more begrudgingly, shake hands as well. Each man backs away to a corner and they all begin to circle.

Other Guy: Respect is great and all, and it’s nice to see a showing like that in such a high profile match up, but let’s remember, before this is over, one of these men is winning by knocking another man clean out.

Jarad and Maya sorta eye one another before dashing forward at Jaime. Maya reaches Jaime first and baseball slides under his legs. This catches Jaime off guard, which allows Jarad to hit a big standing dropkick that catches Jaime in the jaw! With the momentum, Maya is up quick, bringing up both knees and grabbing Jaime by the chin, bringing him down with a backbreaker! Both men stand on opposite ends of Jaime and both hit tandem standing moonsaults! The crowd pops!

Eryk Masters: Early team work by the two high flyers of this match, and just like that, the biggest opponent in the match is down.

Maya smiles as the crowd cheers the work, but it is short lived as Jarad catches Maya in the back of the knee with a thrust kick. Maya goes down to one knee and Jarad grabs the head, springboarding off the ropes and dropping Maya with a ¾ neckbreaker!

Other Guy: Aaaaaand…team work is gone.

Jaime stirs on the ground and is up to his hands and knees, but Jarad is quick to drop him with a baseball slide dropkick. He then goes over to Maya and lifts both of Maya’s legs up. He hits a leg drop on one of Maya’s leg, causing Maya’s leg to bend awkwardly. He arches the leg further, really bending Maya’s knee in a fashion that it should not bend.

Eryk Masters: That is a nasty knee lock Jarad’s got on Maya, but taking the legs out is a great way to go.

Other Guy: Not a great way to go? Ignoring Jaime Alejandro, who, by the looks of things-

Jaime Alejandro PLANTS Jarad with a hard running Yakuza kick, laying Jarad out cold.

Other Guy: -is back up.

When Jarad falls back, he pulls Maya’s knee even more, which further bends Maya’s knee and causes him significant pain. Maya gets himself free and rolls away. Jaime lifts Jarad up and plants him a couple of times with punches before just tossing him to the ground with an exploder suplex! Jaime motions for Willie Dean to start the count.




Eryk Masters: We’ve got ourselves an early count.


FIVE! Jarad stirs and is up to his hands and knees pretty quickly. Jaime walks over, breaking the count, but dropping Jarad back down with a deadlift German Suplex! Jarad rolls away and tries to get back to his feet, but Jaime just drops him back down by kicking his legs out from under him. Jaime then grabs hold of Jarad’s legs and turns him over into a boston crab, yanking back and bending Jarad’s back and legs as much as he can.

Eryk Masters: I know Jaime can’t win by submission, but this is still a great strategy. Jarad is fast. Take out his speed, he can’t go power for power with Jaime, and if his legs and back aren’t working, he can’t get back up to break the ten count.

Jaime is so busy locking in the submission that he does not see Maya on the apron behind him, readying himself. Maya springboards off the top rope and lands on the back of Jaime, throwing him backwards with a reverse hurricanrana! He also returns the favor to Jarad, causing Jaime to temporarily arch Jarad’s back further!

Other Guy: And then that happened.

Maya points at Jaime and Willie Dean starts the count.


TWO! Jaime begins to stir. Maya, realizing that this will not be a successful count, begins to climb to the top rope. As he balances himself at the top, a chair comes flying through the air and hits Maya HARD in the head. Jarad Walsh climbs back in the ring.

THREE! Jaime is back up, and Willie Dean stops the count. Jaime turns around and sees Jarad Walsh with a chair. He charges at Jarad, but Jarad throws the chair again. Jaime catches it, but he eats a dropkick that sends the chair colliding with his skull! Jaime again goes down!

Other Guy: And Jarad Walsh is back.

Eryk Masters: And things just got a lot more har-

Other Guy: Don’t say it. Please don’t say it.

Maya remains on the top rope, severely dazed from the chair. Jarad positions the chair in a seated position across from the ring post Maya is on. He then climbs to the top himself. He punches Maya in the head and positions himself for what appears to be a top rope neckbreaker…but Maya throws an elbow to Jarad’s gut! Jarad sputters as Maya throws another, causing Jarad to release the hold. Maya seizes the opportunity to stand up and springboard off the top rope, sending Jarad flying off the ropes with an avalanche hurricanrana. Jarad crashes into the chair he set up and the chair breaks! Jarad clutches his back as he rolls around on the ground, the crowd cheering raucously for the Maya comeback!

Other Guy: Wow. That was really, really cool.

Eryk Masters: And really, really hard-

Other Guy: No. No no no.

Maya looks down at Jarad and is about to signal for Willie Dean to make the count, but he is quickly spun around. Jaime Alejandro is right there and he begins to slam Maya with a series of punches to the gut. This softens up Maya, allowing Alejandro to lock in a Muay Thai style clinch and throws knees at the body and stomps to the feet. Once Maya is sufficiently softened up, Alejandro throws him down and lifts him up in the dominator powerbomb position before dropping him onto Jarad Walsh, which pushes Jarad further into the wrecked chair! The crowd now pops for the current Iron Fist Champion, and Willie Dean begins to count for both men.



Eryk Masters: That was a vicious move that not only incapacitated Maya, but also did further damage to an already beat up Jarad Walsh.


FOUR! Maya rolls off of Jarad. Jarad rolls towards the ropes.


Other Guy: Finally, someone figured out that it would be best to eliminate both me at once.

SIX! Jarad Walsh is lifting himself up from the ropes. Maya, meanwhile, is on his hands and knees. Jaime Alejandro dashes forward and plants Jarad with a running knee that sends Jarad, once again, outside of the ring. Willie Dean quits counting for Jarad, but the count still continues for Maya!

SEVEN! Maya is on his knees and manages to get one foot planted.

EIGHT! Maya lifts up and has both feet planted. Jaime dashes forward, looking for a clothesline, but Maya is somehow able to see it coming! He ducks under the arm and hooks it with his free hand and swings around, catching Alejandro with his legs before coming full circle and grabbing onto the nearest limb of Jaime, locking in the CHRISTO! Jaime yells out in pain but remains standing while Maya wrenches hard on the arm and squeezes with all his might on Jaime’s head with his legs.

Eryk Masters: Maya showing why he was once the Rules of Surrender Champion, and Jaime is feeling it.

Other Guy: But here comes Jarad. Oh, and he’s got another chair.

Jarad gets on the apron behind Maya and Jaime. He does, in fact, have another chair. He leaps onto the top rope and throws the chair underneath him, flipping forward and colliding with both competitors with the MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD! Jaime and Maya both fall to the ground awkwardly, Maya of course losing the hold and Jaime falling face first into the mat! Jarad, meanwhile, clutches his tail bone as he writhes on the ground in pain. All three competitors are down on the ground. Willie Dean begins a count.




Eryk Masters: Jaime Alejandro took a hard bump from the Most Precious Blood, but I think the chair actually caught Maya more so, and, well…

Other Guy: It looks like Jarad took himself out of the match.

FOUR! Jaime is the first to stir, working his way to his hands and knees.

FIVE! Maya is now on his knees with Jaime planting on foot. Jarad is still on his back, clutching his left leg now.


SEVEN! Jaime attempts to stand, but loses his balance and falls back to one knee.

EIGHT! Maya falls towards the ropes, catching the middle rope for support.

NINE! Jaime manages to get himself to his feet, which cancels the count!

Other Guy: I gotta give credit to Jaime Alejandro. He could have taken the easy way out and stayed down there, retaining his title by a draw, but he decided instead to keep this match going. If he’s going to win, he’s going to win his way.

Maya is up and turns, but is brought down by a hard leg kick that completely takes Maya off his feet. Jaime is on Maya quickly, pulling Maya back up and planting a hard elbow strike. Maya staggers back, but as Jaime closes in, Maya is quick to SLAM Jaime with an enziguiri. Jaime staggers back, and Maya is quick to return back to his feet. He charges Jaime and looks for a crossbody-CAUGHT! Alejandro SLAMS Maya to the ground with a powerslam. Alejandro bends down to pick up Maya, but he is quickly taken down by Jarad Walsh, who dropkicks him in the back of the knee! Jarad goes over to Maya and kicks him in the gut. Jarad hits the ropes, leap frogs over the bent over Maya, and proceeds to springboard off the ropes with a lionsault that crumbles Maya to the ground! Jarad considers backing off and letting the count start, but he sees Jaime starting to get up. Jarad goes for Jaime, dashing forward and slamming him with a flying knee strike! Jaime goes down, and now Jarad turns back to Maya. Jarad goes for Maya, hitting another gut kick and then irish whipping him to the ropes. Jarad goes to flapjack Maya, but Maya counters, doing a handstand on Jarad’s shoulders! He tucks his knees and brings them forward…

Eryk Masters: O.T.S! ODE TO SHINYA!

Maya brings Jarad down with his signature finisher, the O.T.S. Seeing that Jaime is currently still down, Maya tells Willie Dean to make the count!



Other Guy: After a hard loss to Issac Entragian, we might see Maya Nakashima as the Iron Fist Champion after all.



FIVE! Jaime is not on his knees, but he seems to be oblivious to Willie Deans count.

SIX! Jarad now starts to stir.

SEVEN! Jarad comes alive, hearing the count. He fights his way to his knees. Maya positions himself behind Jarad, just in case.

EIGHT! Jarad gets a foot up. Jaime rests against the middle rope.

NINE! Jarad tries to get his other foot up, but he is wobbly!



NO! Jarad got up in time! Maya doesn’t waste anytime arguing the point. He just dashes for Jarad and hops onto his shoulders, looking for another reverse rana, but Jaime Alejandro is there! He locks his arms around Jarad’s waist and, with Maya Nakashima still on Jarad’s shoulders, he launches BOTH MEN with a German Suplex! Maya actually collides back first with the top rope and is sent to the outside of the ring, crashing awkwardly. Jarad clutches his back, as does Jaime, who seems to have over strained his back doing that move. Jaime moves towards Jarad, but Jarad lashes out with an eye rake!

Other Guy: Jarad doing whatever he can and bending the rules however he may to walk out tonight the Iron Fist Champion.

Eryk Masters: Because he’s so hardco-

Other Guy: Shut up Eryk!

Jarad is up quick and he launches punches at the blinded Jaime. He hits the ropes and leaps, grabbing Jaime’s head and bringing him down with a tornado DDT! He is up quick and does a double foot stomp to the lower back, which causes Jaime immense pain.

Eryk Masters: Jaime already hurt his back suplexing both Maya and Jarad, so that double foot stomp did not feel good at all.

Jarad gives Jaime a few boots to the head for good measure before going back to his chair. He picks it up and waits a second for Jaime to get back up. Once Jaime is up, he throws the chair for Jaime to catch, looking for another Van Daminator, but Jaime just LAUNCHES it back, slamming Jarad in the face and busting Jarad’s lip open. Jaime lets out a primal scream and dashes forward, bringing down Jarad with a HARD STO! The crowd pops as Jarad seems out!

Other Guy: Went for that one too many times.

The victory is short lived, though, as Maya is now back in the game. Maya hits the ropes and comes down on Jaime, looking for a hurricanrana, but as Maya brings his weight down, Jaime just pushes the legs off. Maya lands on his feet, but it’s awkward and Maya lands on his ankle wrong. As Maya staggers, Jaime grabs hold of Maya and pulls him into a standing headscissors. He lifts him up in the package piledriver position, takes a couple of steps back, and DROPS Maya, headfirst, on the steel chair! Jaime rolls away, clutching his right leg, as it caught a good bit of the chair, but he tells Willie Dean to make the count!




FOUR! Maya is not moving. Jarad is still clutching his bleeding lip and shows no sign of getting up.




Eryk Masters: I think Maya is completely out cold.




The bell sounds. Jaime collapses, clutching his lower back, but smiling happily!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of TWENTY FOUR minutes and THIRTY SIX seconds…and STILL IRON FIST CHAMPION…JAIME…THE SAINT…ALEJANDRO!!!

The crowd cheers the showing of all three men, whom they all appreciate greatly. Willie Dean helps Jaime up while a group of trainers appear to check on Jarad and Maya. Jarad is up, and while his lip is still bleeding, he seems fine. Maya is awake, but he simply sits on the mat, a little bewildered, sipping on a bottle of water. Jaime first goes to Jarad, Iron Fist Championship in hand, and offers his hand to Jarad, which Walsh shakes! Maya, finally aware of what is happening, is up, and he also goes over and grabs one of Jaime’s hands. Both men hold Jaime Alejandro’s hands in the air as the crowd cheers wildly for the great showing of sportsmanship.

Other Guy: That’s an Iron Fist Champion. He went to hell and back with Issac Entragian just a few weeks ago, and now, he has won his first defense against two competitors who are downright incredible!

Eryk Masters: Jaime Alejandro has a bright looking future as the Iron Fist Champion, that’s for sure.


Jacob Mephisto is walking down the corridor, a cocky smirk on his face. He passes a few backstage workers and gives them a bit of a sneer. As he rounds the corner, he spots Jester Smiles leaning against the door to what can only be his and Sammy Rochester’s locker room, judging from the chaotic sounds coming from inside. Jacob’s smirk grows to a wide smile as he approaches Jester.

Jacob: Sounds like the big guy is in a bad mood.

Jester looks up at Mephisto. The black eye isn’t as bad, and the swollen lip is now just sort of red, but it is still clear that, not too long ago, Sammy beat the ever loving hell out of Jester.

Jester Smiles: Do I… uhhh… do I know you?

Jacob’s smile never falters, but his eyes seem to flash briefly.

Jacob: No. No, you wouldn’t know me. The name’s Jacob Mephisto. I wanted to offer you a proposition for your… partner’s match tonight. See, I’ve got a bit of a vested interest in that match.

Jester scoffs, popping his neck. He stops leaning against the wall and stands straight, crossing his arms.

Jester Smiles: I should care because… why?

Jacob’s smile falters slightly, but he recovers quickly. He rubs his goatee for a moment, sizing Jester up.

Jacob: Well, let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Sammy should… lose this match. Looks like when he loses, he finds himself one of those punching bag clowns from the look of things. All I’m saying is that we could make things mutually beneficial. All I need is for you to convince your man-child in there to take it a little easy on a certain… impressionable young man involved in the match. You know, get him to direct his attention to the horse-face or the masked moron instead.

Jester shoots Mephisto a glare. The glare turns into an expressionless apathy as Jester leans back against the door. He quickly jumps away as a large slamming noise is heard against the door. He brushes himself off and regains his composure, looking directly in Mephisto’s eyes.

Jester Smiles: I’m gonna be straight with you right now, uhhh, Jake? Was it Jake? John? Faust? I don’t know or care. Anyway, here’s the simple truth of the matter. Sammy Rochester isn’t going to lose tonight, so as far as me being a punching bag, I wouldn’t concern your pretty little head. Furthermore, I don’t really see what I, a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion and Master of the Mat, could gain from working together with you. So, you know, keep that in mind.

Jacob looks like he is about to respond, but Jester holds up his finger and interrupts.

Jester Smiles: I wasn’t done. Lastly, Sammy Rochester… he doesn’t really ‘take it easy’ on anyone, being a rage filled, planet sized monster. If Henry Gordon, that’s who I assume you are talking about, is dumb enough to get Sammy’s attention in this match, then Henry Gordon is going to find himself with a brand new pair of scars that he can show off to his uncle and the LEGACY rejects he runs with.

Jacob’s smile vanishes and is replaced with a scowl.

Jacob: Well, I see. Have it your way. But, before I go, let me leave you with this thought. Sure, you’re a former SHOOT World Champion. Sure, you’re a former Master of the Mat. But, what are you now? A glorified manager? Heh. I’m glad you’re confident in your ‘planet sized monster.’ But face facts, things can… happen out there. Unexpected things. So, if Sammy should come up short because of one of those things, well, I’d have a helmet ready if I were you. You know, just in case.

Jacobs smirks one last time and walks off abruptly, muttering under his breath.

Jester leans against the wall again, cracking his neck again.

Jester Smiles: I’ll make damn sure nothing happens.


We open in the Project: SCAR locker room. There’s something so very different in the air tonight though…no comradery…no sense of true brotherhood. There is only palpable tension hanging in this room, a vibe of chaotic unrest.

Entragian sits at the head of a long table, joylessly smoking a clove cigarette. He looks like a fuming, infernal dragon that came within a mere stroke of being slain. His body is a mapwork of lacerations and cuts, his pale flesh etched with every single wound he incurred at Redemption. There are staples across his eyebrow, stitches in his lip, and his left arm is heavily bandaged. Black, malignant bruises adorn his torso, giving his flesh a sickly sheen.

Kenji sits directly beside Isaac, those cold, dead eyes showing nothing. Flay stands submissively behind Kenji, not even permitted to sit. She stares at the floor, obviously nervous as hell to even be in the same room as these monstrosities. Gaunt leans up against a few lockers, busying herself with a nail file and the sharp nails of her right hand. Obsidian stands slightly apart from the others, pacing back and forth with his hands on his hips.

That unhealthy silence hangs heavy for a moment, and then the door swings open and Corazon steps into the locker room. Isaac immediately looks up, meeting his eyes…and it seems that every other member of SCAR is on high alert now, all of them waiting to see how this is going to play out.

Entragian: Hi there. Glad to see that you could join us. Please…have a seat.

Isaac gestures to the chair opposite him with one pale hand. His expression is strangely serene, but the eyes tell the whole story. Those eyes are baking with hot, sour hatred.

Corazon gazes at Obsidian for a moment…who can only shake his head and shrug. Corazon then strolls over and sits down, looking at Isaac with a little smirk on his face.

Entragian: Let’s talk about what happened at Redemption…

Corazon: Let’s not. It is what it is.

Isaac looks up, a little surprised at being cut off.

Corazon: I’m already bored. Is this another one of your group therapy sessions, Isaac? Where’s the campfire? No roasted marshmallows this time?

Isaac grins in response, leaning further back in his chair.

Entragian: I had something…a little different in mind.

Corazon yawns.

Entragian: You look…less than enthused, Adrian. You look positively bored. You’re not having a good time, are you? You’re not being intellectually stimulated? You’re not being…entertained?

Isaac weighs Corazon with his gaze, taking a heavy drag on his cig.

Entragian: He’s not having a good time, Kenji. He’s bored.

Kenji says nothing…just continues to stare at Corazon. The fact that Kenji is sitting right beside Entragian at the head of the table says all that needs to be said about where his loyalty and support lies.

Entragian: I hate to see you bored. I want all my friends to have a good time.

Isaac leans forward, and every single other member of SCAR seems to shift slightly, not sure of what to expect.

Entragian: Let me entertain you, little brother.

With that said, Isaac FLICKS his lit cigarette directly into Corazon’s face…AND HE LEAPS ACROSS THE TABLE AND LARIATS THE FUCK OUTTA CORAZON, KNOCKING HIM OUT OF THE CHAIR!!

The two roll across the floor, trading punches, and Obsidian and Kenji and Gaunt all move at once, about to break things up, but Kenji speaks up.

Kenji: NO. Let them fight. Let them work this out through bloodshed…

Obsidian: I won’t stand by and let them kill each other.

Entragian and Corazon both fight up to their feet, and Corazon calls back to Obsidian while wiping ash from his face.

Corazon: I got this, brother. This is my fight.

Isaac advances towards Corazon, but Corazon grabs the albino by the hair and SMASHES him face first into a locker door. The door bends, the metal screeching…and Isaac promptly RIPS the locker door off the hinges, and he spins around and SMASHES it into Corazon’s back. Adrian staggers back in pain, and Entragian follows him…proceeding to BRAIN him across the top of the head with the locker door.

Blood is oozing down Corazon’s face from several cuts along his scalp, and he stumbles backwards against the wooden door of the locker room. Isaac casts the bloody, bent locker door to the side…and once more, he advances.

Entragian: You wanna be a badass? Hmm? You don’t know the meaning of the word BAD…but I’m gonna teach you, little brother. You’re gonna learn from the master.

Corazon manages to get both fists up, blood seeping down his face…but Entragian races forward and SPEARS Corazon up against the door, and the combined weight of the two men BREAKS the door free from the hinges, both Isaac & Corazon spilling out into the backstage hallway.

Corazon crawls against the floor, trying to get his bearings…but Entragian is already rising up, brushing splinters from his chest while cracking his neck to the side. Make-up girls scream and run from the hallway, backstage officials immediately make themselves scarce…and Abigail Chase makes the mistake of trying to run past Isaac to get out of harm’s way…and the moment she gets between Isaac and Corazon, Isaac TOSSES Abigail Chase to the side like she’s nothing to him but a bag of garbage.

All the members of SCAR file out of the locker room, and they form a rudimentary circle around Isaac & Corazon, watching this bloody encounter play out in stoic silence.

Corazon uses a trash bin to pull himself up to his feet…and he SCREAMS at Isaac with blood running down his face, and he barrels into the big man and starts to slam lefts and rights into his face. Isaac’s head gets rocked from side to side, but he still advances…and the scary thing is that Isaac seems to just ABSORB these punches, showing no ill effects at all.

Corazon tries for a hard right cross, but Isaac CATCHES his fist, and he squeezes, bending Corazon’s wrist to the side while shaking his head from side to side.

Entragian: You’ve grown complacent and slow while in the company of predators…you’ve become the weasel among the wolves. You have rested…in your nest of power. You have leeched…from those around you. You want to trim the fat? Look in the mirror…and see how corpulent your hubris has become.

Corazon leans forward and NAILS Isaac across the nose with a headbutt, knocking him back a few steps. Corazon attempts to knock Isaac back…but the albino LATCHES a hand around Adrian’s throat, lifting his feet up from the floor.

He slowly carries Corazon by the throat, his face turning purple, spittle dripping from the corners of his mouth. Isaac SLAMS him against a concrete wall, pushing him up higher by the throat, Corazon’s back digging against concrete.

Entragian: You are the BETA…to my ALPHA. The MONGREL…to my PUREBRED. You are a toady, Adrian. An UNDERLING. You are a mere boy cowering beneath the shadow of a titan simply because I have ALLOWED you to remain under my protection. This a hard lesson, little brother. Know your place…and remember your role on the food chain.

Corazon grits his teeth in defiance, and he wiggles a hand down into his tights…and he comes out with a black-handled screwdriver! Corazon raises his hand up…and STABS Entragian in the shoulder with it, but Isaac catches Corazon’s hand, only allowing the screwdriver blade to permeate his flesh a quarter of an inch or so.

Isaac’s expression remains stony…his chokehold on Corazon not faltering for even a second. He glares into the face of his brother…no smile on his face, no emotion at all except scary, fathomless rage.

Entragian: Oh no, Adrian. That tiny tool…will not save you from me tonight.

Isaac slowly leans his head down, and he BITES into Corazon’s forearm, blood splattering out, droplets hitting the floor. The screwdriver drops from Corazon’s hand as he CRIES out in anguish…and all of SCAR looks on as the screwdriver hits the floor…and the hard plastic breaks.

Isaac begins to SLAM hard rights into Corazon’s ribs while he holds him by the throat with his left hand…and then he LAUNCHES Corazon down against the floor.

We pan around for a moment, seeing the expressions on the faces of the other members of SCAR.

Obsidian looks incredibly concerned for Corazon, but he hangs back in respect to Corazon’s request.

Kenji has a look of near delight in his eyes, giving us the idea that he’s enjoying what he’s seeing.

Flay has a trembling hand up to her mouth, her eyes wide and horrified as she watches Isaac advance on Corazon yet again.

Even Gaunt seems a bit taken aback by the sheer MERCILESSNESS that Entragian is displaying in this assault.

Corazon tries to stand, holding his ribs…but his knees buckle, and he falls right back down. Isaac stalks forward….but Corazon desperately fights up to his feet, and he once again SCREAMS out fury at Isaac…and he runs forward and leaps atop Isaac, knocking him down…and then Corazon begins to hammer on Isaac’s pale face with mounted punches.

This lasts for a few moments, and then Isaac catches Corazon’s forearms, and he flips him over onto his back, landing atop of him with all of his weight.

Entragian: You are nothing but a gatekeeper, little brother. You opened the SHOOT Project gates…and stood in awe as the darkness came flooding in. You were a schoolyard bully playing with a Ouija board, and when faced with the REAL evil that you had set loose into this place…you could only follow along at our heels…like the PUPPY that you are.

Isaac begins to CRUSH ham-sized fists down into Adrian’s face…the knuckles biting through his flesh…Corazon’s whole face starting to become swollen and ripe like a piece of rotting fruit. Adrian begins to cough violently, and blood seeps from the corners of his lips.

Obsidian starts forward, not able to watch this any longer…but Gaunt holds him back, shaking her head from side to side.

Corazon rolls to his side, spitting up a glob of blood…and he stares up at Entragian through blackened, horribly bruised eyes. He pushes up to his feet with trembling hands, his entire body in awful pain…and he tries to throw a punch into Isaac’s face. Entragian easily sidesteps, and he throws a heavy uppercut into the underside of Adrian’s jaw…sending him flying back to the floor.

Entragian: You’ve been insolent…and you’ve been self-serving. Do you think I forgot about RISE? I don’t forget anything…I just wait for the perfect time to broach the subject. I watched you pin my friend *Isaac points to Kenji* and I watched you ruin SCAR’s chance to bring home World Title gold the FIRST time.

Isaac leans down, slapping Corazon across the face slowly and deliberately, stinging his cheeks and smearing the blood across them.

Entragian: You have been foolish. You have been sloppy. You have formulated your own little agenda and tried to force feed it to us…an agenda that should be written down on toilet paper so that I can wipe my ASS with it. That is what your personal agenda equates to in Project: SCAR….it’s not even fit to be used as SHIT PAPER.

Isaac DIGS his hands down into the material of Corazon’s shirt…and he HAULS him up to his feet. Adrian is half-conscious…his head lolling from side to side…and that’s when Isaac spots the glass trophy case set up against the wall.

Entragian lifts Corazon up and places him on his shoulder…and then he runs forward and LAWN DARTS Corazon through the glass trophy case!! There’s a horrible sound of shattering glass, and Corazon crashes down through the wreckage to land on his back.

The cameras zoom in on Corazon, and it literally looks like he just crawled out of a tiger’s cage.

His face is a bruised ruin, smeared and caked with blood…and tiny pieces of jagged glass stick up out of his upper chest. His forearm continues to ooze out blood from the previous bite wound too. It looks almost like he’s having to struggle just to BREATHE…his lungs working overtime.


Isaac ignores Obsidian completely…and he drops down at Corazon’s side, and he cups his head in his hands….almost gently.

Entragian: See what you’ve done? You made me lose my temper. You forced my hand here tonight…and you made me humiliate you and embarrass you and beat you within an inch of your life in front of all of our brothers and sisters.

Isaac shakes his head while clicking his tongue against his teeth.

Entragian: You should know better, little brother. You shit all over my dreams in the Redemption Rumble…but tonight…you’ll be shitting in a bedpan in your hospital room. I want you to lie in that bed tonight…and think about the bad choices you have made. You can watch me become the World Heavyweight Champion from the television in your room…and I hope you learn from your mistakes.

Isaac gently brushes Corazon’s hair away from his bleeding forehead.

Entragian: And after you’ve healed up and learned to be humble…you can return to us, and you can issue a formal apology to me and Kenji Yamada for eliminating us from the Redemption Rumble. We’ll put this shit behind us and it’ll go back to business as usual. Just think of this…as tough love, little brother.

Isaac lightly slaps Corazon on the cheek, and then he rises up to his feet. He picks up the broken screwdriver from the floor…and his back is still turned as EMTs swarm onto the scene and start putting Corazon on a backboard so that they can lift him up onto a stretcher.

Isaac stalks forward with that shattered screwdriver….the emblem of the Brutal & Inhuman in hand…and he drops it onto the floor in front of Obsidian. Isaac locks eyes with Obsidian for a moment….his gaze as murky and noxious as a vat of poison.

Entragian: Make sure that he gets the medical attention that he needs…

Obsidian’s jaw tightens with anger as he looks at Entragian…and Isaac just stalks down the hallway…and when he does, Kenji, Gaunt and Flay all follow along beside of him.

The scene fades out on Obsidian rushing over to Corazon’s brutalized form laid across the stretcher.



Samantha Coil: The following is a four corners match, and it is for the SHOOT Project’s Tag Team Championships!

The fans pop, but it quickly turns to boos. The lights cut quickly, sending the fans into a hushed frenzy. After a few moments of silence, Stein’s voice booms, “I’VE GOT THE TOUCH!”. His stage lights up baby blue on the left side of the stage as the opening bridge of “The Touch” by Stan Bush picks up, causing the fans in the arena to EXPLODE with a chorus of boos. As the second wave of instruments pick up, the right hand of his stage lights up, and when the beat drops, Dan Stein walks out from the backstage area shadow boxing with a towel over his head and Molly rubbing his shoulders like a prized fighter. Stein jumps up a few times to limber up his legs, and then starts walking towards his ring. Pausing incessantly, Stein turns to a group of fans, strafing over and shadow boxing near them. As he continues down towards his ring, he stops to look around the arena once more and Molly walks up the stairs to hold the middle rope down for him. Stein prim and properly ducks into his ring, shadow boxing around the perimeter, before acting like he’s going to throw his towel out to the crowd and instead tosses it to Molly on the outside of his ring. Stein raises his hands in defiant victory as he walks around the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he is the 2012 Redemption Rumble winner, Dan "The Lights" STEIIIIIIIIIIIIN!

Other Guy: There he is! The number one contender!

Eryk Masters: You’ve got to give him credit, he’s got his date with the World Heavyweight Champion, whomever that is going to be, at Reckoning Day. And now tonight he’s got a chance to become Tag Team Champion!

Stein enters the ring, and the music shuts off. As Stein enters the ring the lights go out.

Eryk Masters: And here comes the so called Violent Savior.

Other Guy: He should be your savior!

Eryk Masters: Not a chance!

"Absolute Zero" By Stone Sour kicks in and out comes Johnny Napalm to a chorus of boo’s, and Napalm has a smug look on his face he is wearing a t-shirt which has his own face which is very bloody and just has below it the word "Submit" on the back as he passes by reads "I am your Violent Savior"

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, from South Boston, Mass, weighing three hundred pounds…he is the self-proclaimed "Violent Savior"…JOHNNY NAPALM!!!

The crowd boo’s even grow louder

Eryk Masters: First, he is the Master of your reality and now he is calling himself the Violent Savior. My god, how delusional can someone be!

Other Guy: You may have a point, but he has the 2012 Redemption Rumble winner as a tag team partner. I think he is moving up in the world, if you ask me.

Eryk Masters: Well, It does not prove the point that the man is dangerous. Especially after getting Dan Stein as a tag team partner.

Other Guy: All the tag teams need to be careful tonight, cause this could be insanity. My pick is Stein and Napalm to win the titles.

Eryk Masters: I wouldnt say that too quick. This four team tag title match is going to be hard to call.

Napalm joins his parnter in the ring, both men with smiles on their faces.

Fozzy’s "Let the Madness Begin" begins to play which triggers boos from across the arena as all eyes move to the entrance. Chance Ryan emerges from behind the curtain, raising his arms above his head as he basks in the hatred of those within the SHOOT Epicenter arena.

=It’s a promise that he made to himself=

=But the thrill puts his pact on the shelf=

Tanya Black comes out behind him and scoots around to stand in front of him with a wicked grin on her face, pacing around the ramp like a panther stalking it’s prey. A moment later Sean O’Connell emerges, though he stands behind both of the wrestlers his eyes constantly scanning around him.

=Locked in a prison he built over time=

=Made of bitterness, hate, and his lies=

=He can’t control the deepening hole=

=He feels true peace with rage unleashed=

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, they are the former SHOOT Project World Tag Team champions…

=A life on trial, a sad refrain=

=A man’s denial of pain sustained=

The three members of the SS stalk down to the ring, making sure they’re out of any fan’s reach. Tanya rushes ahead and jumps onto the apron, holding the ropes open for Chance as he climbs the steps, walks over to her, and then steps through. Black climbs the turnbuckle, blowing kisses to the unappreciative crowd as Sean stays outside the ring, pacing and giving Gregory Price dirty looks.

Samantha Coil: The team of Chance Ryan and "The Alpha Female" Tanya Black…

=The devil feeds on my thoughts=

=Even when I pray=

=A broken promise that I’ll never lose it again=


=The darkness sucks on my soul=

=And keeps the sun away=

=I can’t stop it now, so=


"Let the Madness Begin" dies down as Black climbs down onto the ring apron, stretching out.

Eryk Masters: The former Tag Team Champions are looking to regain the gold they lost at Redemption. Tanya Black and Chance Ryan want revenge.

"Addicted" by Bliss ‘N Eso starts up, and out comes Dina Bryce, full of energy. The fans cheer her, and she makes her way down the ramp. She makes a heart sign with her hands for the camera, and starts slapping hands with the fans.

Eryk Masters: Dina Bryce paying a little tribute to Ainsley Lake, and like her, we hope she gets better and is back in action soon!

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, weighing in at 155 pounds, Dinaaaaaaa BRYCE!

Dina makes her way to the ring, but refrains from entering the ring itself, and wisely so. Her music shuts off, to be replaced with "Mislead" signaling the arrival of her tag team partner for this evening. The fans absolutely blow up.

Mason Pierce his way through the curtain, his eyes only on the ring.

Other Guy: It was a tough loss to Corazon at Redemption, but Mason Pierce is all business tonight, and his business is hurting people tonight.

Eryk Masters: Mason Pierce walks right by his partner and into the ring. His mind is all about the tag team titles tonight!

Samantha Coil: And her partner, he weighs in at 230 pounds….Masoooooooon PIERCE!

The music shuts off with three teams in the ring. All we need now are the tag team champions.



"Battleflag" by Lo Fidelity Allstars kicks on, and the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions stand at the top of the ramp.

Samantha Coil: And finally, they are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions…

The duo make their way down the ramp, Gregory Price trying to keep the fans from touching Lazarus, phone in hand.

Samantha Coil: They are the team of "Ravishing" Ron Barker…

Lazarus moves past Barker and hops up to the apron, hanging off the ropes, flashing his TRADEMARK DEVILISH GRIN to the "adoring" fans.

Samantha Coil: And Corey Lazarus….The GENESIS CORPORATION!

Barker steps up the stairs and onto the apron, ducking under the top rope and into the ring. They unstrap their Tag Team titles and hands them off to Dennis Heflin, who raises them in the air for the crowd to see clearly. The music shuts off, and the match is set to begin.

Eryk Masters: Is it just me, or do Lazarus and Barker not seem as "buddy-buddy" to me this week?

Other Guy: Doesn’t matter. They are the Tag Team Champions, and will do what they can to keep it that way.

The bell rings, and as soon as it does, all hell breaks loose. The Syndicate jump directly onto the Tag Team Champions, Bryce goes after Stein, and Napalm ties up with Mason Pierce, forcing him into a corner. Pierce starts firing rights and lefts to get the bigger Napalm off him, the champs and the former champs trading blows, and Dina Bryce trying to break the jaw of Dan Stein, who is doing what he can to fend her off. Dennis Heflin is running around, trying to maintain control.

Other Guy: This one has broken down ALREADY. The bell just rang!

The brawl has become uncontrollable. Tanya Black has helped Mason Pierce turn the tide on Johnny Napalm, while Corey Lazarus and Ron Barker double team Chance Ryan in the corner. Dina Bryce and Dan Stein are brawling on the outside, with Stein whipping Bryce into the steel guardrail! Dennis Heflin is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, trying to regain order, but with no luck.

Eryk Masters: Referee Heflin needs to get control of things FAST. The Tag Team Titles are on the line here!

Heflin gives up and leaves the ring, speaking inaudibly to Samantha Coil on the outside. She nods and then raises the mic to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Due to the combatants unwillingness to control themselves, referee Dennis Heflin has ruled that if order is not maintained……this match will be ruled a NO CONTEST!

The fans begin to boo, and Corey Lazarus jumps up on the top turnbuckles, a grin on his face.


Eryk Masters: Barker in agreement here, I’m sure they won’t mind having to throw this match out!

The brawling continues, with Lazarus and Barker egging everyone on, while getting in cheap shots where they can. Lazarus kicks the knee out from Mason Pierce while Barker actually wedgies Chance Ryan. Johnny Napalm has Tanya Black pressed in the corner, his foot in her throat, while Dina Bryce is on the outside, leaping off the barricade with a plancha on Dan Stein! The fans in the nearby area pop as the number one contender goes down. Heflin is still taking animatedly to Samantha Coil, who gets the message and brings the mic up once more.

Samantha Coil: Referee Dennis Heflin has ruled that if this action does not cease so the match itself can begin…..he will rule this match a no contest AND strip the Genesis Corporation of the Tag Team titles!

The crowd POPS loud! Gregory Price comes over and begins to yell at Dennis Heflin, and meanwhile, Lazarus is up on the top turnbuckle, shouting again.


Other Guy: It didn’t take long for Lazarus to change his tune!

Pretty soon, Heflin finally gets everyone seperated, and in their respective corners. Everyone eyes the other teams with contempt, and it seems that order is finally being restored.

Eryk Masters: Dennis Heflin using his authority as a SHOOT Project official, and this match is finally going to get underway!

Corey Lazarus remains in the ring, across from Tanya Black, and everyone else is forced to their corners. Heflin signals for the match to start, and they waste no time! Lazarus and Black charge one another, throwing hands and forearms, trying to take the other down. Black takes the early advantage, smacking the taste out of Laz’s mouth with a European uppercut. Laz grabs his jaw and turns, and Black plants both her feet in his back, propelling him into the ropes. Lazarus is draped across the middle rope, and Black gets a running start, but before she can land anything, Ron Barker pulls Lazarus out of harm’s way. The fans, who would boo either way, boo.

Other Guy: Already having a partner out there to watch your back is coming into play!

Eryk Masters: Um, yeah. It’s tag team wrestling for a reason.

Black is challenging Lazarus to get back into it, but Laz tags in his partner. Ron Barker steps into the ring, and Black doesn’t back down. They tie up, but Barker quickly throws Tanya to the ground.

Eryk Masters: Tanya is fearless, but Barker is much bigger than she. He’s definitely got the strength advantage in this one.

Barker moves to pick Tanya up, but she backs away, only trying to get to her feet and gain anything close to even footing. She, however, backs into the wrong corner, and is smacked on the shoulder. Johnny Napalm steps over the top rope, staring intently at Ron Barker, while Tanya Black looks incredulous.

Other Guy: Thems the breaks in a four corners match. Anyone can tag anybody at ANY TIME.

Barker ceases his advance, but doesn’t back up. His size advantage is no longer, as the near seven foot Napalm stands toe to toe with "Ravishing". Barker cocks back, ready to strike, but Napalm strikes quickly, burying his knee into the gut of Barker. Ron doubles over, and Napalm bounces off the ropes, slamming his shoulder into Barker, sending him down to the mat. Lazarus runs into the ring, and launches himself at Napalm, but Napalm catches Laz in mid air! Johnny lifts Corey up over his head and drops him, directly onto the chest of Ron Barker!

Eryk Masters: The Genesis Corporation just met in a way that I’m sure was more than uncomfortable! Napalm is dominating!

Barker crawls into another corner and reaches up for a tag, and Mason Pierce accepts. Napalm gets a grin on his face, but there’s no acknowledgement of it from Pierce. Napalm attempts a lariat, but Pierce ducks, and begins to pepper Napalm in the kidneys with a couple of right hands. Napalm turns and tries to swing his elbow in the direction of Pierce’s face, but Pierce ducks and weaves AGAIN, this time striking Napalm’s knee with a stiff kick, one that nearly buckles the big man. Pierce goes to bounce off the ropes, but Lazarus reaches out and tags himself in. Mason halts his momentum, and ugly look on his face, but Lazarus comes into the ring, springboarding off the top rope and dropkicking Napalm in the chest! Napalm hits the mat with a thunderous crash, and Laz makes the quick cover!



Stein in the ring, pulling Lazarus off his partner. Lazarus ducks a shot from Stein, and backs away, throwing punches in the air. He backs into his own corner and Barker tags back in. Napalm rolls over to the apron and sits up, allowing Stein to take over. Stein eggs on Barker, and Barker advances. Stein ducks around, using the same technique Lazarus was using, but with less success. Barker continues to try and swat Stein away, so Stein is not able to get any shots in. He ducks behind, getting in a lucky kick, but is tagged out by Tanya Black. Black quickly gets into the ring, despite Stein’s protests, and immediately starts kicking at the legs of Ron Barker. Barker buckles to one knee, and Black runs the ropes, but Barker counters, snapping up, and slamming Tanya down with a spinebuster! Barker hooks the legs!



Dina Bryce, from out of nowhere, breaks up the pin!

Other Guy: Dina Bryce….just saved Tanya Black.

Eryk Masters: She’ll do what she has to do to save her chance at the Tag Team Titles.

Bryce begins to wail away on Barker, but Barker picks her up, and drills her into his corner! Barker tags in Lazarus, and Corey Lazarus enters the ring, and takes over on Bryce. Tanya Black unhappily returns to her corner, as Lazarus takes Bryce over with a side headlock takedown. Bryce slips out of Lazarus’ grasp, and attempts a springboard, but Lazarus ducks. Dina crashes into the canvas hard, and remains down. Lazarus smirks, pointing to his head to indicate his level of intelligence, before ducking as Johnny Napalm tries to take his head off from the apron. Corey laughs, as he nears the Syndicate’s corner, and then turns and SLAPS Tanya Black across the face!

Eryk Masters: I’m torn. Corey Lazarus with such an obvious display of disrespect, but I can’t say Tanya Black doesn’t deserve to be slapped in the face once in a while.

The move infuriates Black, but backfires on Lazarus, as Dennis Heflin counts it as a tag! He goes to move Lazarus out of the ring, and Black quickly moves in for the kill on Dina Bryce. Black picks Dina up and lifts her for a side slam that connects. Tanya hooks the leg quickly.



Dan Stein is there to break it up, but Dina got a shoulder up regardless. Heflin pushes Stein back to his corner, but Tanya drags Dina into her corner, wrapping her legs around Bryce, and reaching out for the tag. Chance tags in, and quickly drops an elbow across the chest of Dina Bryce. Tanya releases her grip, and Ryan takes over. He deadlifts Dina up and nails a gutwrench suplex! Dina hits hard, and Ryan covers, driving his forearm into her jaw.



Dina kicks out! Chance picks Bryce back up, and reaches back for Tanya to tag, and she does. Chance whips Dina into the ropes and Tanya nails a low dropkick on Dina! As she falls, Chance drives his elbow down, landing right on her back! Tanya hurries into the cover!

But there’s no count! The reason why is soon apparent, as Mason Pierce enters the ring, driving his knee into Tanya’s back.

Eryk Masters: A blind tag, and Mason Pierce is ready to fight!

Pierce picks Tanya Black up, and headbutts her. Tanya’s head flails back, her hair whipping, and Mason QUICKLY takes her over with a head and arm suplex!

Other Guy: Tanya is in serious trouble! The Fixer is set to do a number on her!

Tanya rolls a little too far, and Johnny Napalm tags himself in. He rushes Pierce, but Pierce gets the drop, more specifically, a drop toe hold. Napalm’s face smashes the canvas, and Pierce is up on his feet, and quickly. He runs the ropes, and smashes his weight down with a seated senton, right in the small of Napalm’s back! Napalm yelps in pain, and Pierce rolls him over for the pin!



Stein breaks it up! He starts to wail away on Pierce, with Pierce fighting back, burying his forearm repeatedly into the stomach of Dan Stein. Napalm gets to his feet and pins Pierce’s arms behind his back! Stein gets a running start, and leaps, driving his knee into the face of the Fixer! Pierce stumbles and falls in a corner, and is quickly tagged in by Tanya Black! Black leaps, and springboards, but is caught in midair by Johnny Napalm! Chance Ryan runs around the ring and slides in behind Stein, and runs past him, clipping the knee of the big man, causing Tanya to crash down on top of him! Stein knocks into Ryan from behind, causing him to tumble through the ropes! Stein goes after him, but Napalm is being pinned!



Napalm powers out, shoving Tanya away a couple feet. He sits up, and rolls to his feet, and Tanya gets up as well. The Genesis Corporation are leering at them from their corner…..until both Napalm and Tanya tag them simultaneously! The crowd starts to cheer, as the smirks frozen on the faces of Lazarus and Barker start to slide off them, turning into a look of disbelief!

Other Guy: Now THIS is going to be interesting!

Eryk Masters: Those are the rules of the four corners match! Anyone can tag anyone!

Stein and Ryan stop fighting each other to watch the proceedings, and Dina is recovering in her corner. Pierce moves away from the apron, as The Gen Corp step into the ring together. They try and tag back out, but Napalm and Tanya drop to the floor! Dennis Heflin is ordering them to compete, and with nobody to tag, they have no choice!

Eryk Masters: I can’t wait for this! These two loudmouths deserve to punch each other’s lights out!

Both men stand center ring, and each wind back to punch the other…until Corey pokes Ron in the chest, and he falls like he was shot! Corey quickly makes the cover, and Heflin stands there, surprised. But he eventually kneels down to make the count!



TH-everyone and their mom quickly breaks that pin up! Tanya, Stein, and Pierce back Barker up into one corner, and Dina, Chance and Napalm are firing away on Lazarus! Napalm grabs Laz by the arm and whips him, as does Pierce with Barker, and the Genesis Corp collide mid ring! Stein quickly turns on Tanya Black, planting her to the ground with a Steinarana! He quickly ascends the ropes and looks out to the crowd, listening to their cheers and then he….climbs down, to thunderous boos.

Eryk Masters: These people wanted to see Tanya Black get hers, and Dan Stein is REFUSING to give them what they want!

Other Guy: This match has broken down once again, and it seems Dennis Heflin has given up on getting control! He’s just going to count the pin!

Barker is back to his feet, and he grabs Chance Ryan, drilling him with a devastating backbreaker! Lazarus is getting pummled by Napalm, and Dina Bryce is hitting anything that moves! She dropkicks Napalm in the back, nearly toppling him over the top rope! She rushes Barker, nailing him in the face with a spinning heel kick! She’s grabbed suddenly by the shoulder an…OH! She just roundhouse kicked Mason Pierce!

Other Guy: Dina Bryce was so pumped she didn’t look where she was hitting! She just nailed her own partner, and he doesn’t look happy!

Stein tries to grab Pierce, but he nails him in the stomach, and gets quickly to his feet. Stein is doubled over, and Pierce hooks Danny’s arms, and takes him down with The Payroll! Stein rolls out of the ring, and Pierce is a man possessed! Tanya Black moves over, and Pierce grabs her, hooking in a Greco-Roman knucklelock, and then runs across the turnbuckle, and spins Black around, hooking in the Manchester Necktie!

Eryk Masters: Dear lord, Mason Pierce is on fire!

Dina Bryce dropkicks an incoming Johnny Napalm, stopping him from breaking up the submission!

But Pierce releases the hold! He turns, and rolls out of the ring?

Other Guy: The hell is this?

Pierce goes towards the ramp, and a look of extreme confusion is on Dina’s face. She slides out of the ring and cuts him off, questioning his actions. Pierce ignores her, and tries to leave again. She gets in his way again, and Mason Pierce…..pops her in the face! Dina hits the ground, and some fans are beginning to boo.

Eryk Masters: What the…that’s his PARTNER!

Other Guy: Maybe he took Dina’s mistake as something else!

Pierce doesn’t stop there. He picks Dina off the ground and grabs her by the waistband and her neck, and rams her into the steel stairs! Dina Bryce looks to be out cold. Mason straightens himself, turns, and leaves again.

Eryk Masters: He’s walking out?! He’s passing on the Tag Team Titles?

Other Guy: I think he’s passin on teaming with Dina Bryce!

The match continues on the inside of the ring. Tanya is trying to go after Dan Stein, but Stein ducks behind the much larger Napalm, and Napalm moves to boot her in the face, but she ducks, and she SPEARS Stein to the mat! Tanya gets up and turns, and Napalm grabs her around the throat with both hands, and lifts her high, then slamming her down with a sitout chokeslam! He folds her up, in a pinning predicament!



Chance Ryan kicks Napalm in the head, and Tanya rolls out of the pin! Lazarus and Barker roll over, and double team Chance Ryan, but Dan Stein is there to even the odds! He backs Lazarus into one corner, and Chance dumps Barker over the top rope and to the ground! Tanya is back to her feet and Johnny Napalm charges, and she pulls the top rope down, causing him to fall to the floor as well! Stein takes advantage of the confusion and rakes the eyes of Lazarus, and then punches him right in the kneecap! Stein shakes his hand, and then he doubles Laz over, and turns him head over heels! Stein hooks Laz’s arms behind his legs and well…

Eryk Masters: Twitterbation! Laz might be out cold here!

Other Guy: But Stein has bigger problems on his plate!

Chance Ryan grabs Stein before he can make the cover, and kicks him right in the stomach. He pulls him up for a powerbomb, and Tanya Black moonsaults over them, grabbing Stein’s head and finishing off the Iconicide! Stein hits the ground hard, but Johnny Napalm finally BLASTS Tanya in the face with a thrust kick, and then buries his knee into the stomach of Chance Ryan and attempts the Napalm Bomb! But Chance Ryan is able to backdrop Napalm over! Barker is back in the ring now, and he drives his knee into the back of Chance Ryan! Ryan falls to his knees, and Barker is set to take over! He whips Ryan into the ropes and picks him up, nailing him with a black hole slam type of maneuver her calls Perfection! Barker covers quickly!




NO! Tanya Black! She kicks Barker in the head to save the match for her team, and picks him up! Barker breaks her grip, but eats a concussion kick! Barker falls like a rock, and Tanya quickly goes for the cover, but Dan Stein, barely moving, latches onto her leg! She kicks at him to get him to release her, but it’s too late! She is blasted once more in the face by a Johnny Napalm boot, and she falls through the ropes, and to the floor! Napalm turns and Dina Bryce is perched on the top rope!

Other Guy: Her partner may have walked out, but she still has some fire in her!

She leaps high, and right into the arms of Johnny Napalm! He catches her, and slams her into the mat! Napalm quickly pulls her, by the hair, to her feet, and plants her, center ring, with the Napalm Bomb!

Eryk Masters: Johnny Napalm hits it! It’s gotta be over!

Napalm hooks both legs of the much smaller Bryce, and here comes Lazarus!


Two! Stein superkicks Lazarus out of nowhere!


The bell rings, and this match is finally over!

Other Guy: NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Stein and Napalm!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners…..and NEEWWWWWWWW Tag Team Champions….Johnny Napalm and the 2012 Redemption Rumble Winner, Dan Steiiiiiiiiiin!

Eryk Masters: What a confusing and brutal affair!

Other Guy: Stein’s luck just keeps getting better and better! At this rate, he’ll be World Heavyweight Champion with little to no effort!

Stein and Napalm quickly escape the ring, looking to celebrate with their newfound tag team titles! Corey Lazarus kicks Dina Bryce in the stomach out of a combination of rage and disappointment, as the titles he and Ron Barker won at Redemption are making their way back up the ramp.


Samantha Coil: The following match is for the Sin City Championship!

The crowd cheers as the lights dim as a light purple spotlight shines upon the entrance as the chorus of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”  starts up, at which point the cheers turn to boos.

Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhh

I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got…

A blast of dark pink pyro goes off at the top of the ramp.

Can’t read my

Can’t read my

No, he can’t read my poker face…

Through the smoke, in ring attire consisting of a white sleeveless top to go with red loose-fitting tights that reach to her shins and meet up with the top of her black wrestling boots, comes Laura Seton to a round of boos.  She turns to her left and sticks out her hips a bit, showing off the title as she holds a smirk. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, SHOOT Project’s Sin City Champion, from Oshkosh, Wisconsin… Lauraaaaa… SETONNNN!

After a second, she heads to the ring, seemingly ignoring all heckles and improper vocalizations.  She dives under the bottom rope into the ring and upon standing, begins calling for a mic.

Eryk Masters: It seems our ever-beloved Sin City Champion is ready to speak to her adoring fans yet again.

Other Guy: You do know those are boos and not cheers, right?

Eryk Masters: In case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic.

Laura is handed a mic, trading the belt for it, at which point the lights turn back up and the spotlight disappears.  She brushes her hair from her face as she turns to the camera.

Laura: The Redemption Rumble.  It can be a wake up call to an old vet that they don’t have ‘it’ anymore.  It can give any kid hope that if all goes right on that particular night…  It’s where legends are born.  It’s where dreams are crushed.  During this year’s Redemption Rumble, I wasn’t thought to have more than a mediocre outing.  It was a quick in and possibly quick out.  Instead, here I stand as “Iron Woman, 2012.” I was one of the last five left.  I should have been gaining everyone’s support.  Instead, your support was going to monsters like Alejandro and Corazon.  And when I was eliminated…

She stops as she gets a puzzled expression.  It’s like she can’t comprehend the thoughts going through her head.

Laura: You all… cheered.  I was bid a fond farewell instead of hearing rousing disappointment throughout.  I never did anything wrong.  I did what I always do.  I don’t get it.  You same people that… cheered… what Jaime Alejandro did.  I don’t understand.  Why does the bloodthirsty villain get all the credit?  I forewarned everyone of this curse that Jaime is about to unleash upon SHOOT and yet… he’s cheered.  You all love him.  He is pure evil.  Don’t you get it?

During a short silence, a couple fans’ voices are heard.

Fan 1: How about you shut up, you bitch!?

Fan 2: YOU suck, not Jaime!

She was just about to speak again, but stops and lowers the mic.  Her eyebrows go up and her eyes slightly widen as she adorns a look of complete confusion.

Laura: I’m the bad guy??

As the crowd boos, she looks around.  She has a light giggle of surprise to herself before shaking her head.  She speaks softly.

Laura: How did that happen?… I did… everything you all wanted me to.  I was… the ideal person… for everyone to look up to.  I’m an accomplished athlete and a tremendous performer inside the ring.  I should be rewarded for that!  All I get are the picture and autograph requests.  I finally prove myself, that I’m what I’ve always said I am… and I’m booed.  It’s like I’ve entered some sort of alternate universe.  They loved me in LEGACY, you know.  They always would.  Instead I come here and of late I get booed.  Hey, I’m willing to admit I made a mistake in calling everyone donkeys recently but you know…

Her voice trails off as the crowd starts booing her whining.  A snarl suddenly forms on her face.  She has a quick hair toss before looking intently to the camera.

Laura: Only here can a guy like Alejandro come in, curse a guy out and threaten to kill him, and nearly succeed and be cheered to the high heavens!  WHERE’S YOUR PRIDE!!??  WHERE’S YOUR HUMANE NATURE!!??  You’re all animals!  You’re all sick, disgusting, twisted people that thrive on the WORST of humanity!  You are what drive this world into such an atrocious state.  I’m trying to be nice and friendly but no one wants any of it.  Are you all insane??

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!

Laura: This is well beyond just wanting to see people injured for fun.  You want an actual bone breaking.  You want to hear tendons tear and ligaments rip from the bone!  A gallon of blood to go with it is an extra bonus!  This is 100 times worse than what I went on about a couple months ago.  I had to see for myself how you awful people cheered on as Jaime and Isaac nearly killed themselves.  Why is that so much fun for you all?  What kind of horrifically bred donkeys are you all?  I came here because I wanted matches.  Great matches.  I was promised adoring fans and talent beyond belief.  Instead, I got some of the sickest fans in the world that took to the worst people that ever walked the face of the Earth.  Cheer those that want to kill and boo those that don’t.

The crowd once again goes nuts with booing and even a couple bits of trash are thrown in the ring.  Laura just stands with a disgraced look on her face.  She waits for the booing to finally dwindle.

Laura: So this is it?  This is how it’s going to be?

Once again, she’s hit a dose of booing.  She looks left and right from a narrowed brow.  It’s like she doesn’t want to say what she’s thinking, but in the end she does.

Laura: You can all fuck off.

She drops the mic and heads for her corner as the boos again pour in—granted after a moment of shock from the F-bomb.

Eryk Masters: We have… seen the end of “Milk & Cookies.”  I am outright disgusted with this young woman.  I hope you get what’s coming to you, Laura.



"Give Me Back My Bullets" kicks in, and the fans begin cheering as Henry Gordon makes his way through the curtain.

Samantha Coil: Well…, the first challenger, weighing in at 320 pounds, Henryyyyyyy GORDON!

Eryk Masters: You have to believe that Henry Gordon is running out of chances to become Sin City Champion.

Other Guy: He’s gotta realize that. He’s had a golden goose bringing him luck with the bookings in that respect, but he’s gotta know that it’s win or go home tonight. He’ll be back to the bottom of the pack if he can’t win the gold.

Gordon approaches the ring stairs and calls out to the crowd, getting a small pop. The music shuts off, and is replaced with "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D. The fans absolutely explode, as the LEGENDARY LUCHADORE from Vermont is making his presence known.

Other Guy: FINALLY, some Law and Order has arrived!

Eryk Masters: I can’t argue against the popularity that El Asso Wipo has found here in SHOOT. I can only ask why.

Other Guy: The people love him! He’s the Masked Menace of Masculinity! The Sheriff of Vermont! And possibly the next Sin City Champion!

Samantha Coil: And the second challenger, hailing from the state of Vermont, weighing in at 281 pounds, El Assoooooooo WIPO!

Other Guy: Hey, he’s lost a couple of pounds!

Wipo stops at the apron and raises his hands in the air. He makes a breaking motion with his hands, bringing them down towards his knee, and the fans yell out "TCHA!". The music shuts off, and Wipo rolls into the ring, only to catch a swift kick to the head from Laura Seton!

Eryk Masters: And Laura Seton tries to get things kicked off early! More specifically, the cranium of El Asso Wipo!

Wipo shakes his head and gets to his feet, only to find Seton escaped to the outside. He moves toward her, and is blindsided by Henry Gordon!

Other Guy: A bit of extra physicality from Gordon! Like we said, he knows this might be his last shot!

Gordon begins to lay some boots to a fallen Wipo, and Laura sneaks back into the ring. She starts to kick at Asso as well, until Henry Gordon turns and takes her head off with a vicious clothesline!

Eryk Masters: Henry Gordon is hitting everything that moves! He’s got his focus tonight!

Laura rolls out of the ring, and Gordon turns back to start laying into Wipo again, until

"The March of Mephisto" by Kamelot hits over the PA system. The crowd hails down boos as Sammy Rochester emerges from the back, Jester Smiles following closely behind. Sammy Rochester is wearing a button up sleeveless black leather vest(a big one at that) and black leather pants that fit in a baggy way. He is also wearing really, REALLY big dark red MMA gloves. Jester follows behind in blue jeans and a "Long Live The King" t-shirt.

Other Guy: Looks like Jester got his ‘friend’ a new wardrobe.

Eryk Masters: Maybe a little Christmas gift to keep Sammy from killing him.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by JESTER SMILES, he weighs in tonight at FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTY TWO pounds…SAMMY…ROCHESTER!

Sammy climbs up the stairs. Jester Smiles simply sits down on the arena floor, leaning against the guard rails. He claps for Sammy, but is drowned out by the boos. Sammy ignores the fans. He simply leans against the ropes and stairs across at Gordon.

Other Guy: The final competitor out and…damn. That’s a big, scary man.

Eryk Masters: You know, I don’t LIKE what Jester has become, and I HATE the idea of Sammy Rochester holding a title in this company, but…I gotta say, part of me does want to see him win just because…

Other Guy: Because what is going to happen to Jester if Sammy loses tonight?

Wipo gets up to his feet, with Gordon not paying attention to him. Wipo moves up, standing shoulder to shoulder with Hammering Hank, and turns to him. Gordon turns and they nod, and both men RUSH Sammy Rochester! The crowd pops loud as Wipo and Henry start throwing fists at the massive Sammy, rocking him in the corner!

Eryk Masters: These two men have Sammy cornered, throwing hands to try and take him down early!

It doesn’t work. Sammy grabs Gordon and slams his own head into Henry’s sending him crashing to the mat. Sammy lifts his arm up and clubs Wipo on the back, stopping his assault. Wipo stumbles back, and Sammy blasts him in the face with a big right hand! Wipo falls to the ground just as Gordon gets up. Laura Seton is still on the outside, watching all this going on. Sammy grabs hold of Gordon and throws him into the corner! He starts wailing away, throwing rights and lefts to the head and body of Hank. Gordon is slumped in the corner, lifeless. Sammy picks him up by the head, and LAUNCHES the three hundred pounder over the top rope!


Eryk Masters: That is no lightweight! Sammy’s strength is scary!

Wipo is up, and he avalanches Sammy in the corner! Wipo catches the big man by surprise, and follows up with a lunging shoulderblock, right to the gut of Rochester! Sammy doubles over, and Wipo gets a running start and charges Sammy, but Rochester slams his hands across both sides of Wipo’s head, sending the portly luchador crashing back to the canvas. Sammy begins to kick violently about the head of Wipo, causing the man to roll under the ropes to the ground. Sammy surveys the damage he caused, until he jumps in surprise, because Laura Seton has slid into the ring, and dropkicked him right in the back!

Other Guy: She just watched this man dismantle two people who outweigh Laura by at least a hundred pounds, and she’s going to try THAT? She’s just going to make Sammy angry!

The fans begin to buzz around the entrance ramp, as Jacob Mephisto comes through the curtain, his eyes on the action in the ring.

Eryk Masters: What business does Mephisto have out here?

Other Guy: Who knows? Maybe he’s scouting for a future Sin City title shot.

Rochester turns, slowly, and faces Laura. She gets a look of fear on her face, but quickly erases it, running at him again, and planting a flying forearm right in his chest. Sammy steps back a little, and Laura moves again. She charges Sammy a third time, but Rochester grabs her by the head, a look of rage in his eyes.

Eryk Masters: This….won’t end well.

Sammy LAUNCHES Seton high in the air, and she lands hard on top of Henry Gordon, who just got back to his feet! Both go down, and Sammy Rochester stands alone in the ring!

Other Guy: This is just scary dominance by Sammy Rochester!

Jester is yelling at Sammy to get one of them back in the ring to finish them. Sammy doesn’t need telling. El Asso Wipo gets to his feet, and Sammy grabs him by the top of the mask and pulls him up to the apron. Sammy grabs Wipo around the chest and lifts him over the top rope, slamming Asso down to the canvas with a belly to belly throw!

Wipo rolls over to his stomach with the momentum, and Sammy turns to keep his focus of the fallen luchador. Sammy kneels down on Wipo’s back and pulls back on his head, nearly bending Wipo in half.

Eryk Masters: This is a bad position for Wipo here. Sammy is getting all of his massive frame on top of El Asso Wipo, and trying to break HIM in half for a change.

Jester is screaming at Wipo from the outside, as Sammy begins to claw at the mask of El Asso. Sammy gets his fingers dug into the leather, and actually TEARS it, causing a chunk of mask to hang off by a few threads. Sammy keeps one arm under the chin of Wipo, and starts to throw his forearm to the exposed part of Wipo’s face. Jester starts to try and warn Sammy, but it’s too late, because Henry Gordon drops a hammer to the back of Sammy’s head with a double axe handle. Sammy releases his grip and collapses on the mat, but immediately tries to get back to his feet. Laura is there, and she stops that by planting both feet in the side of Sammy’s head with a low dropkick! Sammy rolls onto his back, and Wipo rolls away to avoid being trapped under the massive Rochester. Wipo tries to shake the cobwebs as Gordon and Seton continue the assault on Sammy.

Eryk Masters: This has to be the strategy of the other three: do what you can to take Sammy out of the equation, and you won’t get hurt.

Gordon gets up to his feet and runs and lands a big splash on Rochester! He hooks the leg and there’s the cover!



Laura Seton breaks it up! Gordon rolls over and she takes advantage, and springboards off the near ropes, landing with a big legdrop across the throat of Rochester! She covers him herself!



Rochester POWERS out, throwing Seton away with all his might! Sammy sits up, and catches a seated senton by El Asso Wipo! Wipo remains seated on Sammy’s chest!



Sammy throws Wipo off him with authority! Wipo gets to his feet, as does Sammy. Wipo charges and drives his head into the chest of Sammy Rochester. Sammy stumbles back and Wipo follows up with a thrust to the throat! Sammy swings wildly, and Wipo ducks, and goes to lift Sammy up!

Other Guy: Backbreaker! Here it comes! TCHA!

Wipo gets Sammy up, but cannot hold him! He falls backwards, with Rochester smothering him!



Seton and Gordon both break up the pin! They both start clobbering Sammy, but Rochester powers up to his feet. Gordon and Seton continue to land blow after blow, but Rochester shoves Seton to the ground, causing her to roll backwards into the turnbuckles. Gordon throws rights and lefts, and Wipo is up as well. Gordon attacks from the back, Wipo from the front, and Sammy is throwing hands wildly. He connects with a back elbow that staggers Gordon, and then punches Wipo square in the jaw. Both men stagger away, and Sammy charges forward, clotheslining Wipo with such force, Wipo somersaults before crashing to the mat!

Other Guy: Dear LORD! I think El Asso’s teeth ended up in row seven!

Gordon is back up, however, and he charges, knocking into Sammy from the back, sending him crashing into the ropes. Laura Seton is up, as Sammy turns to face Gordon, and nails a dropkick, catching Sammy right in the chest! Sammy’s arms flail backwards, and he ends up tying himself in the ropes! The fans explode, as the biggest threat in the match is all tied up!

Eryk Masters: Sammy is caught! It’s anyone’s game now!

Jester Smiles leaps onto the apron to try and free Sammy, but the referee is right there, warning him not to get involved. Smiles hops off the apron, and the ref attempts to free Rochester, but Sammy is kicking his feet out, a snarl on his face as he tries to hit anyone who moves. Gordon and Laura tie up on the other side of the ring. Wipo moves in to join, but Jester Smiles, behind the referee’s back, pulls El Asso Wipo out of the ring, and shoves him into the ringpost!

Eryk Masters: Even with Sammy tied up, Jester Smiles is still trying to keep an advantage for his big friend!

Other Guy: Can you blame him? Sammy will rip Jester’s head off if he loses tonight!

Gordon clotheslines Seton, and she tumbles through the ropes. He follows her outside, and ties up with her. A fan starts yelling at Laura as she gets near, being pushed by Henry Gordon. She kicks Gordon right in the kneecap, and SHOVES him into the guardrail! Laura turns her attention to the fan, flapping her gums in retaliation to the fans insults. The guy throws his beer, dousing the Sin City Champion! She loses her cool, and BACKHANDS the man, sending him back down to his chair and to the ground!

Eryk Masters: Oh, GEEZ! That’s gonna be a lawsuit!

Laura turns and grabs Gordon by the neck, and whips him into the steel stairs! Wipo attempts to move in behind her, but she turns and sees him, kicking him right in the chest, sending him into the post!

Other Guy: Sammy is tied up, and the other two men are on the ground! Laura Seton is rolling!

Another fan, a young girl, starts heckling Seton. Seton gets a look of incredulousness on her face and screams at the girl.


Eryk Masters: Oh, come on! Using that language? To a little girl? That makes me SICK!

Laura has spent a little too much time playing with the fans, she doesn’t notice the hulking figure moving across the ring.

Other Guy: Oh my god, Sammy is free!

Sammy Rochester stands still against the ropes, staring down at Laura Seton, a look of hatred upon his face. Laura turns and is horrified to see the monster marking her for death. The fans, however, are loving it, even though they have no love for Rochester and Jester Smiles. They begin a chant.




Sammy moves into action, and Laura takes off around the ring! Sammy gives chase, obviously not as fast as the speedy Seton.

Eryk Masters: Seton runs by Jacob Mephisto on the outside, and is WISELY evading the Manster, Sammy Rochester!

Seton slides into the ring, and Sammy goes to follow her, but she soccer kicks him right in the ribs. Sammy grunts, but not in pain. With rage. Mephisto slides to the other side of the ring, and begins to shake Gordon to get him back into things.

Other Guy: It seems that Jacob Mephisto has taken some sort of shine to Hammering Hank. He’s trying to get him back to his senses.

Seton tries to keep Sammy down on the mat, with little luck. Wipo is trying to use the apron, the flap of his mask Sammy ripped dangling still. Laura tries another kick to the ribs of Rochester, but he catches her foot, and pushes hard, sending her flying across the ring! Sammy pushes up, and he’s back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Sammy Rochester is vertical once again.

Other Guy: Heaven help Laura Seton.

Sammy stalks toward Seton as Henry Gordon slides back into the ring. Sammy is able to step on Laura’s head for a few seconds, trying to squish the skull of the Sin City Champion before Gordon is back on top of him, hammering him in the back with forearms. Sammy stumbles at first, before raising his foot and driving the sole through the head of Henry Gordon. Rochester starts to run the ropes, looking for something nasty, but Mephisto trips him up, taking Sammy off his feet!

Eryk Masters: Sammy is down again, but he won’t remain that way for long!

Mephisto turns away, but catches a Virginia Sidekick from Jester Smiles!

Other Guy: Mephisto got involved but Jester just neutralized him!

Sammy gets back to his feet, but there is El Asso Wipo! He is shaking his fists up and down, his head flailing wildly, the flap on his mask shaking dangerously!


Sammy cocks his head, staring at Wipo as he begins to shake himself into a rage. He stops and begins to point at Sammy Rochester, and the crowd shouts.


Sammy has had enough, and lumbers toward Wipo. Sammy throws a right hand, but Wipo blocks it! He HAMMERS his fist into the face of Sammy, and Sammy is rocked! He recovers, and throws another fist towards the LEGENDARY LUCHADORE, but is blocked again! Wipo staggers Sammy with another right hand! A third shakes Sammy to his very core, and Sammy falls TO ONE KNEE!

Eryk Masters: I’m not his biggest fan, but right now, El Asso Wipo seems to be the only hope for Sammy Rochester to not claim the the Sin City Championship!

Henry Gordon is back up, and he hammers Sammy with a big fist! Sammy’s head rocks backward, and he falls to his other knee as well! Wipo and Henry begin to throw hand after fist, hand after fist, and Sammy pushes them back, just in time to catch a buzzsaw kick to the back of the head from a dazed Laura Seton! Sammy is on his hands and knees, but he is rising. Gordon follows through, kicking and punching at Sammy Rochester, and Seton is kicking away at the knees of the monster, and he begins to wobble. Seton and Gordon join hands, and they charge at Sammy with a double clothesline! Sammy wobbles and shuffles back, but stays upright. He steps forward, and Laura and Henry make a second attempt! It’s successful, but Sammy is still on his feet! Laura and Henry go a third time, and Sammy falls…..right across the knee of El Asso Wipo!

Other Guy: That counts! TCHA!!!

Eryk Masters: Sammy is down! The monster is down!

Jester Smiles is beside himself on the outside, but Laura quickly shoves Henry Gordon to the outside and she turns to measure El Asso Wipo! Wipo turns around and Seton kicks, but Wipo catches it! Seton bounces on one foot, as Wipo looks to the crowd, who can’t help but cheer him on, but they are quickly silenced as Wipo is taken down with a skull shattering enziguiri!

Other Guy: Wipo took his eye of the ball, and Laura’s dangerous feet have turned the tide!

Seton gets up, and she’s waiting for Wipo to get up. Wipo does, but slowly. Laura wastes no time, in planting her foot right in the back of his head with an au batido kick!

Eryk Masters: She calls that the Angel’s Fury and Wipo’s eyes just rolled in the back of his head!

Seton gets to her feet, a look of smug finality on her face. She turns and flops down atop Wipo, her arms extended, and presses his shoulders down to the mat!




Sammy is back to his feet, and his hands are closed around the throat of Laura Seton! He deadlifts her off of El Asso Wipo, staring right into the fear-stricken eyes of the Sin City Champion!

Other Guy: What the-Where did Sammy come from?

Sammy turns Laura around, and grabs the back of her neck, before lifting her high in the air WITH ONE ARM and SLAMS her, face first, right into the mat!

Eryk Masters: A reverse chokeslam! Dear lord, Laura is dead!

Sammy rolls Laura to her back, her head limp, and presses both hands in the center of her chest.




The bell rings, and the fans start to boo. Jester Smiles is jumping around the ring, a look of sincere happiness and relief on his face!

Eryk Masters: It’s over! Sammy did it!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner……and the NEWWWWWWW Sin City Champion……SAMMY ROCHESTER!!

The camera shows Seton unconscious on the ground, Wipo barely able to sit up, mask hanging off in the corner, and Gordon trying to get up on the apron with Mephisto’s help on the outside. Sammy is presented the Sin City Championship, and Smiles is in the ring, yelling "YOU DID IT, SAMMY!"

Other Guy: Sammy Rochester is the Sin City Champion. May God have mercy on anyone who tries to take it away from him.

The following is a paid advertisement for Bad Ass Championship and is endorsed by the Bad Ass Brotherhood.  It in no way reflects the actual opinion of SHOOT Project or any of its affiliates that are not fans of success.  Should SHOOT Project enjoy success, then logic dictates that this does, indeed, reflect the opinion of the SHOOT Project.


We open with a young girl, no older than three years old.  She stands in a meadow, picking flowers. She giggles as a butterfly flutters past her pretty face.  Her blonde hair whips across her cheeks as she begins to pick the flowers, collecting a bouquet for herself.  She reaches down and pulls a flower and counts it.


She prances through the meadow a bit further and stops herself again.  She sees a second flower on the ground and pulls it to add to the first.


Suddenly, she hears a raucous in the distance.

Your winners…and neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew tag team champions…Tanya Black and Chance Ryan…the Sinister Syndicate!

She drops to her knees, cupping her ears, the two flowers pressed tightly to her head by her hands as she tries to block out the frightening banshee-like wails of the wind.

The winners…and neeeeeeeew…tag team champions…Corey Lazarus and Ron Barker…the Genesis Corporation!

Tears flow freely from her eyes now as an ominous, deep throated chuckle is heard echoing across the meadow.


The shadows envelop her, causing the screen to go completely black.

These are the stakes.

To make a world in which all of SHOOT Project can live…or to go into the dark.

We must either love each other, or we must die.

The Bad Ass Brotherhood.  The Next SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions.

The stakes are too high for all of professional wrestling for this NOT to happen.



The shot travels through the Epicenter, taking in the full scale of the capacity crowd. Fans are waving signs that read things like “KING OF THE CANVAS” and we see one morbid young woman with a sign that reads “EVIL ENDURES” with Isaac Entragian’s grinning face below the words.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, all I can say is that I HOPE you’re ready for this Main Event. Tonight…on the Revolution 104 Championship Edition…we’re getting the sort of battle that could easily have headlined a major PPV event like Redemption or Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a phenomenal contest, Eryk. On one side we have one of the most talented athletes to ever enter into this business in the form of our World Heavyweight Champion, Donovan King…and on the other side of the coin we have one of the most dominating, repugnant individuals to ever appear in SHOOT Project…the monster known as Entragian.

Eryk Masters: This is the kind of rare match that makes SHOOT fanboys cream in their Helmet-decorated undies, OG. This is a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE match on REVOLUTION! Drink that in, folks. Brace yourselves for the kind of high stakes competition that men like King and Entragian ALWAYS deliver on.

With fans stirring in their seats, the lights cut out, plunging the entire arena into a pitch black abyss. A dry ice smoke creeps out at the head of the ramp, and infernal flames start to blast up on either side of the ramp at timed intervals.

“I Am Hell” by Machine Head starts to play overhead, haunting Latin chants setting the tone for the man who’s about to appear.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger…he weighs in at 320lbs…hailing from Mideon, Nebraska…representing Project: SCAR….THE IVORY TERROR, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

The curtains are flung aside, and out steps SHOOT Project’s diabolical Ivory Terror. Isaac stands at the head of the ramp for a moment, eyes full of dark determination….and he stretches his arms out to either side of him.





Other Guy: I think my goosebumps have goosebumps right about now…

Eryk Masters: New theme music for Entragian. It definitely fits. When I think of words like Death…Hell…and Wrath? I immediately think of this man…

Isaac begins to stalk his way down to the ring, his nostrils flaring as a razor-tipped grin dawns on his face.

Eryk Masters: Isaac’s been busy tonight, OG. I’m no fan of Adrian Corazon…but what Isaac did to that man…his supposed “brother”…is reprehensible. He beat the Brutal & Inhuman so SAVAGELY that he was sent to a local Las Vegas hospital tonight.

Other Guy: When is the last time ANYONE has been able to physically dissect Corazon like that, Eryk? It scares me just to think about it. Corazon is one of the toughest bastards on this roster…and Entragian practically tore the man apart…

Eryk Masters: I’m not surprised, OG. People can talk about the unity of Project: SCAR all day long…but I’ll tell you this much right now…this damned Entragian cares only about HIMSELF. King said it best….he is the most selfish, egotistical member of SCAR…the man has a God complex…and I know in my heart he’d sacrifice ANYONE close to him to get what he wants in life.

The monster climbs up into the ring by stepping over the top rope, and he stands stoically in the center of the squared circle, his fists clenching and unclenching as he awaits his opponent.

Eryk Masters: The look on his face says it all; OG…this man CRAVES that World Heavyweight Championship in the deepest fibers of his hideous soul.

Other Guy: There’s no doubting that. Isaac held that Iron Fist Championship for nearly TWO years, Eryk…that’s one of the longest reigns in SHOOT Project history. He’s proven time and time again that he can deliver when a championship belt is on the line. This is the first time in King’s reign that he’s ever faced a challenger quite like this…

A telltale bell sounds in the Epicenter, and a gold crown insignia appears on the SHOOT Video wall, sending the SHOOT Project fans into an excited frenzy.  There is silence after the bell, and it only serves to amp the fans up further.  The silhouette of the Ivory Terror is shown via the flashes of light from the cameras in the arena as the lights are shut down completely.  On the Video Wall, we see electricity rippling through an empty street until the camera settles on an empty throne sitting in the middle of the street, a single crown resting in the seat.  All of a sudden, the beginning of “Monster” plays.

I shoot the lights out

Hide ‘til its bright out

Whoa, just another lonely night

Are you willing to sacrifice your life?


The fans cheer as “All of the Lights” by Kanye West begins to play.  The familiar horns begin to play and the fans are on their feet as a single golden spotlight shines down.

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS

The arena ERUPTS into BRIGHT lights, no pyro, just the lights turned up as bright as they can get as DONOVAN KING steps out from the smoke emanating from the entrance.


King isn’t wearing his hoodie this go round.  No, this time it’s obvious as he is wearing a bloody smiley Corazon t-shirt with the sides cut out.  The camera cuts to Isaac as he spots the shirt, allowing a sneer to come across his face.  King bounces from one foot to the other, looking out at the sea of fans as the smoke swirls around him.  He slaps the face plate of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his waist and then slides his hand across the bloody smiley face as a show of respect to his recently attacked friend.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he weighs in at 242lbs…hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…he is the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….DONOVAN KING!!!

Eryk Masters: He lives SHOOT Project. He breathes SHOOT Project. He bleeds…SHOOT Project. This man is one of the best wrestlers of our generation…and he is proud to call himself the World Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy: In this business, Eryk…it gets no better than Donovan King. He’s a brilliant in ring tactician, and you better believe that he’s got a counter for every hold and a retort for every bit of trash talk that gets thrown his way. And there’s no coincidence he’s wearing the shirt of one of his oldest friends in the business, Adrian Corazon.

Eryk Masters: It takes a certain kind of fighting spirit to be the face of SHOOT Project, OG…and King has it. The World Title gold around his waist reminds us of the fact that he has it.

King reaches the apron…and he pauses on the outside to glare at Entragian, who looks like he’s practically licking his chops right about now.  King nods his head and rolls his eyes.

Eryk Masters: King’s truly seeing what he’s faced with right now, OG. A seven foot, three hundred pound hell-born son of a bitch that will do everything in his power to take that World Heavyweight Title away from him.

Other Guy: Ladies and gentlemen…buckle those seatbelts…because we’re about to see the fight of a lifetime here tonight on Revolution 104.

King rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope, and he holds the World Title high over his head in both hands. The SHOOT fan base responds with arena-rocking cheers. King finally hands the title off to the referee…and the official shows the belt to Entragian. The monster reaches out a pallid hand and touches it with a rictus grin spreading across his face.

Suddenly “The Touch" begins to play, and Dan Stein appears at the top of the ramp with a smirk on his face. Molly stands beside him, and the two of them immediately start down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: What’s this now? Stein has no business being out here.

Other Guy: Looks like he’s headed this way!

King watches Stein’s progress with irritation, and Entragian looks just as mildly annoyed, though he doesn’t bother to pay much attention to Stein. Stein tips Donovan King a wink, and then he settles down into one of the leather chairs at the commentators table while placing a headset over his ears.

Other Guy: Well folks, a bit of a surprise here tonight…we’ve been joined by the 2012 Redemption Rumble winner, Dan Stein!

Dan Stein: 2012 Redemption Rumble winner…just ROLLS off the tongue, doesn’t it? Never get tired of hearing that!

Eryk Masters: So, Dan…any particular reason you’ve decided to “honor” us with your presence tonight?

Dan Stein: That should be obvious, Eryk. I have a guaranteed shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Reckoning Day…so any contest that involves MY title commands my interest.

Other Guy: Well glad you could join us, Dan…looks like we’re about to get things kicked off in the ring…

The official hands the World Title belt off to a ringside person, and then he makes sure that both competitors are ready. Both Isaac & King nod…and the bell rings with a loud clang…signifying that we are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!!

King heads towards the center of the ring, and Isaac wastes no time meeting him. King glares up into the face of Entragian, and Entragian looms over King while barking out shit talk with spittle flying from his lips. Isaac presses his forehead down into King’s forehead, and we can see King’s jaw starting to tense up with anger.

Eryk Masters: Hard to make out what Isaac is saying to King…

Other Guy: I think I heard the F-word. And the C-word. And the S-word. And the MF-word. And the…well, you get the idea.

Dan Stein: And you guys wonder where Laura Seton gets that vulgarity from? Entragian’s a bad influence on the roster…

Entragian takes a step back with a mocking grin on his face…and then he just reaches a hand out and PIEFACES Donovan King, pushing the World Champion backwards with a total lack of sportsmanship.

Eryk Masters: Nothing but disrespect from this man. Not surprising…

King wipes a hand against his mouth, looking back at Isaac…

And then King zips forward and PLOWS into Isaac with a surprise shoulder block, knocking him back a few paces…Isaac reels, and Donovan starts to just PISTON European uppercuts into the shelf of Isaac’s jaw.

Isaac’s head is getting rocked back from the impacts, and King finally breaks off and LEAPS into the air, looking to score with a standing dropkick…but Entragian catches his feet! King tumbles back down to the canvas, and Isaac begins to just RAIN down clubbing blows on the back of King’s knee.

King struggles to get back up, but Isaac snatches up King’s ankle and TWISTS it violently to the side, putting all of his strength into the submission hold.

Eryk Masters: WOW! The bell has barely rung…and Entragian’s already got King locked up in that damn Brittle Be Thy Bones ankle lock!

Other Guy: We might see a new World Champion here tonight in RECORD time, Eryk!

King’s face CONTORTS with pain, and he claws and scrambles against the canvas desperately…and he manages to lock his arms around the bottom rope. Isaac keeps twisting King’s ankle before he finally breaks the hold before the five count.

Isaac backs up, and King looks up at him with wide eyes. Entragian grins, holding his fingers about an inch apart to say “That close.”

Eryk Masters: That really says it all. Clear statement from Entragian.

Other Guy: “I want what you have.” 

Dan Stein: Come Reckoning Day…neither of these guys will have anything.

King makes a beeline right back over to Entragian, and he leans way up and cinches in a tight side headlock. King grinds Isaac’s neck, and then he uses leverage to flip Entragian to the canvas with a headlock takeover.

Isaac fights his way back up to his feet…and he runs King into the ropes and pushes him off of them, effectively breaking free of the headlock, but on the rebound King ducks a clothesline attempt and manages to plant Isaac on the canvas with a sidewalk slam.

King is quick to cover.


Isaac kicks out violently, not even allowing a one count.

Other Guy: That won’t be enough to keep the monster down, but I don’t blame King for wanting to end things early.

King is right back up, and runs the ropes to get some momentum on his side…but Entragian immediately pops up to his feet and he LEAPS into the air, smashing a massive boot into King’s face with a jumping bicycle kick.

King crumbles down against the canvas HARD, proceeding to roll a few feet across the ring.

Eryk Masters: Mark of the Beast scores! That’ll take the wind out of just about anyone’s sails…

Dan Stein: Molly…fetch me a spring water, please. Seeing lesser competitors fight over MY World Title makes me ever so parched.

Isaac goes to follow up, but King surprises him with an arm drag into the CAROLINA CROSSFACE!  Isaac scrambles to the ropes quickly and King arches back hard just enough to let Isaac know he’s just as close and releases the hold just as quickly as he locked it on.  King gets down in Isaac’s face and pinches his fingers together, causing the fans to pop.

Eryk Masters:  I don’t think Donovan King’s looking to back down from this monster, guys.  No matter what Isaac throws at him, King doesn’t have a problem throwing something right back at him!

Entragian grits his teeth in pain, and King reaches down to grab him, but Isaac connects with an uppercut!  Donovan stumbles backwards, and Isaac hits the ropes and CHOPBLOCKS the hell out of King’s leg, cutting him down to his knees. Entragian then ascends to the top turnbuckle, and with King starting to rise back up to a vertical base…Isaac SOARS from the buckles, and he BLASTS a flying clothesline into King’s throat!!

King flips backwards like he was just hit by a truck, actually folding in on himself before flopping down to his stomach.

Eryk Masters: WINGS OF WAR!! Holy shit….that might be it! Will it be enough??

Isaac crawls over to King, and he pulls back hard on a leg.




King kicks out with authority after the two count, earning himself a cold-blooded glare from Entragian.

Eryk Masters: Is it just me, Stein…or are you starting to look nervous?

Dan Stein: Nervous?? This is my blue steel Zen face, Masters! I’m a model, a wrestler, and SHOOT Project’s Golden Boy…I shouldn’t have to compete against a backwoods freakshow or a two-bit thug anyways…I already proved that I’m better than everyone else by beating out the whole roster in the Redemption Rumble!

Other Guy: It seems like whenever Isaac gets some momentum…you twitch a little, Danny Boy.

Dan Stein: Would you wanna face that guy? He’s certifiably crazy, practically invulnerable to pain…he shouldn’t be allowed within a 100 feet of this flawless babyface! Just shut up and call the action, OG.

Entragian reaches down and pulls King back up to his feet…but King fires up, and he starts to throw heavy elbows into either side of Isaac’s face!!

Isaac staggers backwards, and King moves in…proceeding to lift Isaac up and SLAM him down against the canvas with a Rock Bottom-style maneuver!

Isaac lands HARD, and King is right there to hook a leg.

Eryk Masters: Out of nowhere…the World Champion just struck with the Kingfall II!

Other Guy: That move has sealed the deal for Donovan King before…and it might just do it again here tonight!




Isaac actually military presses King off of him, tossing the man halfway across the ring.

Dan Stein: Come on, King!! Do it for all of your ghettolicious fans!

Eryk Masters: Are you…rooting for Donovan King, Dan?

Dan Stein:   Listen.  Isaac scares the hell out of me.  King’s no slouch in the ring.  I have to face Isaac, he’s got a whole crew of like-minded freaks who could do damage to this visage.  King’s so socially awkward, he can’t even get his imaginary friends to talk to him.

King climbs back up to his feet, and he hauls Isaac up by a handful of white hair…but Isaac breaks free and PISTONS an uppercut into King’s jaw, the impact of the punch sending Donovan flying back into one of the turnbuckle corners.

The Ivory Terror boxes him in from there, and he just starts to HAMMER into King’s ribs with brutal body punches, and then he switches up his assault and begins to SMASH headbutts into King’s face, forcing King to fall down to a sitting position….and that’s when Isaac begins to just STOMP the living hell out of King’s upper chest, his boots slamming down into King’s sternum over and over again.

Other Guy: I swear, Entragian is just….relentless here tonight. You can SENSE how bad he wants this.

Eryk Masters: He wants it so bad that he beat his “friend” and “blood-brother” so terribly earlier tonight that I wouldn’t be surprised if the man is in a coma right now.

Other Guy: We’ll try and get you an update on Corazon’s condition as soon as we hear anything from the local medical center, folks.

Dan Stein: Psh. The beating Corazon got tonight was nothing compared to the pride-shattering moment when I tossed him outta the ring to win the Redemption Rumble! It made his screwdriver wilt…

Isaac finally leans down and HAULS King out of the turnbuckle corner, and he latches on King’s neck and proceeds to lift him up perfectly vertical…holding him upside down so that all the blood can drain down into his head…and then Isaac OBLITERATES him against the canvas with a jackhammer!

Other Guy: Entragian hit White Death! That’s hell on the spinal cord, ladies and gentlemen!

Eryk Masters: Here’s a cover!

Isaac presses down on King’s chest with all of his weight.




Eryk Masters: That’s the resilience of the World Heavyweight Champion…this man is ALL heart and soul…and he won’t go down easy.

Other Guy: That move would have put down many a man and woman on this roster…but not King. He’s a different breed of competitor.

King wipes sweat from his face…and he waits for Isaac to stand, poising with both hands on his hips.

Eryk Masters: Oh god…King’s sizing Isaac up, OG!!


Other Guy: Isaac COUNTERED!! I can’t believe it…but Isaac just countered the Dealbreaker!!

King practically retches as he’s draped over the top rope, and he finally starts to wiggle his way back to his feet…while on the other side of the ring Isaac has gotten up a full head of steam…AND HE CRASHES INTO KING’S TORSO WITH A MASSIVE SPEAR!!!

King gets speared almost out of his boots, Isaac landing atop of The Last Scion with all of his weight.


Eryk Masters: No, OG….tell me this isn’t happening…tell me I’m not seeing this…

Isaac doesn’t go for a pinfall….instead he pulls King’s lifeless form up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Isaac spins around, proceeding to shout out to Stein with a deranged grin on his face.


Isaac gets a good grip on King’s unmoving frame, and he looks to be SECONDS away from executing The Disemboweler…AND KING FLIES OFF OF ISAAC AND CONNECTS WITH A SLOPPY DEALBREAKER!!  ISAAC IS DOWN!!  KING IS DOWN!!  However, King’s foot SMACKED the referee across the face, throwing him from the ring to the floor!

Dan Stein:  OH COME ON.  EVEN THE REFEREE IS DOWN.  CLEARLY referees deserve to wear helmets.

King is down, and so is Isaac!  All of a sudden… a purple glow appears at the head of the ramp.

Eryk Masters:  What’s this, then?

“I’M THE BADDEST MAN ALIVE” practically blows out the speakers, and the fans can’t help it, they POP.


Other Guy:  Oh…my…GOD.

ADRIAN CORAZON limps out from the back, looking like a battered, bloody mess.  He stands there, glaring down at the ring, and he starts to limp down to the ring, clutching his midsection.  In the ring, King has rolled to his side and Isaac is starting to try to pull himself up to his hands and knees.

Other Guy: It’s Corazon!! I don’t know how the hell that man is standing, but he’s here…and it looks like vengeance is on his mind!

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe I’m saying this either, OG….but these fans are cheering like CRAZY for the Brutal & Inhuman!

Corazon rolls into the ring and rises to his feet, his teeth gritted as he stands directly behind Isaac, who is crawling to the ropes.  He grabs the bottom rope and starts to pull himself up.  Meanwhile, King is on the other side of the ring, trying to shake off the cobwebs.  Isaac manages to get himself to a standing position, leaning against the ropes.  Meanwhile, Corazon is behind him and his gritted teeth…twists into a smirk!

Eryk Masters:  Uh…oh!

Isaac looks at the fans who are cheering and he turns his head, expecting to see King, but locks eyes with his brother in SCAR!  Isaac’s eyes go wide as Corazon smirks in his face…AND SNAPS ISAAC TO THE MAT WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!!  Isaac’s head POPS off of Corazon’s knee as Corazon spins around to a kneeling position, ready to strike once more if necessary as Isaac lies flat on the mat!

Dan Stein:  YES!  YES!

Corazon crawls over Isaac’s prone form as the camera gets in close to the two of them.  Corazon glares down at Isaac and his smirk twists back into a sneer.  He leans in just a little bit closer…and speaks.

Corazon:  YOU…FUCKED…UP.

Other Guy:  WHOA!

Eryk Masters:  Corazon’s mouth just elevated to his violence level!

Dan Stein:  What did I tell you about Isaac’s effect on the roster?!  Cuss words everywhere!

Corazon rolls from the ring just as he sees the referee crawling back into the ring.  He laughs as King has yet to notice his presence.  King drops to Isaac’s side and drapes an arm across the Ivory Terror as the referee makes the count!




The fans ERUPT as Corazon limps back up the ramp, his smirk almost a full on grin.  He leaves the ringside area, the damage done. 



Other Guy: I can’t BELIEVE this, Eryk!! I don’t blame Corazon for paying Isaac back, but can you IMAGINE how livid this monster is going to be now that Corazon cost him his shot??

Dan Stein:  OH EM GEE GUYS, I KNOW!!

Stein throws his headset down and rushes to Mark Kendrick, snatching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship from him and sliding into the ring.  King gets his arm raised and Stein QUICKLY slams the World title into the back of King’s head, flattening him all over again!  The fans boo HARD as “All of the Lights” cuts back off abruptly.

Other Guy:  Of course!  Dan Stein’s trying to make his name right now, feasting on the remains of this insane match!

Stein stands over King’s prone form, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his hand.  He raises it up, not as a celebratory mockery, but as a weapon, aiming to put a premature end to Donovan King’s reign as champion.  All of a sudden, the fans pop once more as LUNATIKK CRIPPLER sprints down to the ring!  Stein drops the belt quickly and runs to the other side of the ring, slides from it, and leaps over the guardrail into the audience!

Eryk Masters:  The cavalry is here!

Crippler glares at Stein as he continues to race through the audience and disappears into a tunnel to the outside, leaving Crippler in the ring.  He looks down at King and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Other Guy:  There’s more questions than answers now!  Where does Lunatikk Crippler stand in the World title scene?  Is King okay?

Eryk Masters:  And what about Corazon and Isaac Entragian?!

Crippler kneels down and starts to check on King.

Eryk Masters:  That’s all the time we have for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen!  Thanks for watching!  WOW!

The scene fades as EMTs slide into the ring, surrounding Crippler and King.