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Revolution 106: 2/4/2013






The camera opens to reveal the audience within the Epicenter chanting loudly the word, the name, “Nightmare”.  There is no music, no sound save the adulating shouting chant from the audience.  The camera continues to sweep the Epicenter until we see the entrance stage and upon our stage is the entirety of the SHOOT Project roster.  The camera catches Project:SCAR standing quietly off to one side, their faces focused in front of them.  Chance Ryan and Cade Sydal are shown, their lips pursed as the camera pans over to David Miller briefly and then Tanya Black, her arms behind her.

Standing in the front of the roster is Jason Johnson.  Behind him are Corey Lazarus, Thomas Manchester Black, Eli Storm, Donovan King, and Ainsley Lake.  Behind them are Dan Stein, Long Island Hardcore, Eryk Masters and Other Guy, OutKast and The Real Deal.  Jason Johnson looks out at the sea of fans chanting and he nods his head before he begins to speak.

Jason Johnson:  Tonight is a…rare thing for us here in the SHOOT Project.  Tonight, we stand united on this stage in front of each and every one of you to say goodbye.  Goodbye to a good friend, a great friend.  His name is Jonathon Wehali, but you probably know him better as Nightmare.

We see an audience member holding a Nightmare sign and wearing a Sons of Liberty t-shirt.  The camera cuts back to see T-Rex standing side by side with Arch Angel, as well as The Bad Ass Brotherhood, all of them wearing black bands on their arms.

Jason Johnson:  Jonathon was with us for some time and though we may not have had him here for as long as other companies, Nightmare left an indelible mark on each and every one of us.  A consummate professional, a respected veteran, and a great friend.

Corey Lazarus is shown, his face beet red and his jaw tightly clenched.  He looks down after Jason takes his pause.  Ainsley Lake is shown next, her eyes welling up with tears as she rubs her armband.  King puts his arm around her and continues to stare dead ahead. 

Jason Johnson:  Some of us who knew him sat down and talked about how we can honor Jonathon, and the decision was that we will continue each and every day honoring Jonathon Wehali and we will continue to put on the very best shows we possibly can…because it is by doing what we did alongside him…that we cherish, respect, and honor his legacy.

Dan Stein is shown with a small smile as members of the roster clap alongside the applause coming from the audience.  Eli Storm doesn’t look up as the camera pans past him to Thomas Manchester Black, who is clapping loudly and proudly.

Jason Johnson:  So, please, ladies and gentlemen, if you would…join us now in a moment of silence.

We see some heads bow.  Others stare ahead.  But each and every one of us…are silent.

Jason raises his head and, as if on cue…the chants recommence.




Stein starts to raise his banded arm in the air and begins to chant alongside the fans.  He is followed by King and then Real Deal, while we see Corey Lazarus nodding his head to the chants around him.





The chant continues as the camera fades to black, revealing a simple and eloquent logo.

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Donovan King, standing at the entrance to the arena with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, flashing quickly to Dan Stein, a grin on his face as he saunters down to the ring.  It cuts to Maya Nakashima kneeling in the ring, his arms outstretched as he looks to the skylights.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

It shows Jonas Coleman marching down to the ring as Lunatikk Crippler is shown getting in someone’s face.  The scene cuts to Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden with their titles held high in the air for a moment before we catch a brief view of El Asso Wipo breaking every back in existence while Silas Mitchell looks on, his face twisted in consternation.  We see Jacob Mephisto slowly leaning in and whispering into the ear of some unknown Soldier as he stares at the camera, a grin forming on his face.

We are the wheels that keep turning

Long Island Hardcore individually during the Redemption Rumble, laying the heat on their opponents.  It flashes to Johnny Napalm hoisting the Tag Team Championship in the air, cutting quickly to Thomas Manchester Black shouting out to the fans in attendance, which quickly cuts to Chance Ryan glaring at the camera, Cade Sydal behind him with a smirk on his face.  We see Cronos Diamante sparring with Edmund Augustus Shan before it cuts to Henry Gordon wringing his hands with a grin on his face.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton helping to eliminate Jaime Alejandro is shown as Corey Lazarus is arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nods his head to the camera.  We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance.  Kenji Yamada has Flay Rios by her cheeks and slaps her across the face as he glares into her sad eyes.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.  We then see Tanya Black holding her belt high before it cuts to her nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Henry Gordon stands tall in the ring, severely winded, as it cuts to Dan Stein holding Minxy Jones’ mask high above his head as a trophy.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Jaime Alejandro wailing away at Obsidian, backing the monster against the ropes.  We see Drew Stevenson slapping the hands of a few fans before it cuts to David Miller, standing in a dimly lit ring, his head bowed and sweat dripping from his head.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Isaac Entragian lights Jaime Alejandro’s uniform on fire cuts to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Corazon catches Isaac Entragian with the Act of Inhumanity and Phillip Goodman smirks at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut Alex Brooks sprinting to the ring.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




Other Guy:  Welcome to Revolution 106. Live from the Epicenter, Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Eryk Masters: And boy do we have a stacked card here tonight. With a main event pitting Sex and Violence against Lunatikk Crippler and Donovan King. 


Other Guy:And what a- 


The booming sound of “Salt on Everything”   By Sole pounds over the sound system here in the Epicenter. The fans on attendance leap to their feet wondering what in the hell is going on; as this music is “unfamiliar” to the SHOOT faithful. 


Eryk Masters: I think I know what this is about. 


Other Guy:You do? 


As if on cue, just as Masters is about to name the culprit; there he stands…None other the “The Hottest Free Agent in Professional Wrestling” Valentine Lionheart, clad in a black suit, white half unbuttoned shirt and dark shades. The man known throughout the wrestling world as “Darkside” looks around the epicentre with a macabre grin etched into his face. 


Eryk Masters: We all heard the rumours, we know SHOOT officials were in talks with Valentine after the closure of ZuWar. 


Other Guy:Not to mention Valentine’s dismissal by the GEA and his recent match with Mason Pierce. 


Eryk Masters: Which was interrupted by Jaime Alejandro and Cronos Diamante, I might add. 


Valentine reaches back untying his ravenette hair, allowing it to flow over his shoulders as he slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring, the fans cheer the first and last Zu World Champion as he takes a mic from ringside and enters the ring. 


Other Guy:If Valentine is here, then the rumours of him signing with SHOOT are true? 


“The Omega Messiah” paces the ring, receiving a mixed reaction from the eager crowd who value his ability as a fighter but not his reputation as a sadistic bastard. 


Valentine: So this is the famous SHOOT Project.

He pauses and takes off  his dark shades, taking a look around the crowd.

Valentine: You know.. over the years I have heard a lot about this place. I have heard that SHOOT is a place for pure athletes, for fighters, for high flyers, for quality, for violence and for technical skill. 

The fans cheer wholeheartedly approves of his statements with glee. 

Valentine: That withstanding. Not everything you hear is true, now is it? 

With that statement Valentine is hit with an instant wall of boos. 

Valentine: All I see in SHOOT are a bunch of fighters who are a “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” Men and women who dabble in the art of Wrestling, but flip flop around so much that they have not honed their skills to the point that they are recognised around the world for being the best at what they do. 

Other Guy:What!? 

Valentine: By all means SHOOT is easily a step above the GEA. Those guys, they didn’t even have the balls to let me compete. SHOOT, on the other hand wanted me here, they wanted me to come into this company and destroy the entire roster so they could rebuild SHOOT in my glorious image. 

Other Guy:Is this guy for real? 

Eryk Masters: I’m not going to sit here and dispute for one minute that SHOOT wanted Valentine here.   We know he is a talented fighter. But all this talk of “Destroying” the roster and rebuilding SHOOT in his image is utter bull. 

The fans continue to give Valentine grief as he smirks down at them all. 

Valentine: Unfortunately for these so called “SHOOTers” this is exactly what is going to happen, as you have now signed a deal with the Devil, a deal with the most ruthless wrestler on this this planet. I am not only looking to carve my name into the soul of everyone here in SHOOT. I also happen to be in a bad mood. Now I am not here to praise my own ability. I do not need to. You will all get a chance to bare witness to my barbarism shortly. Each and every one of you who has a set of stones     will get to find out what I am capable when I step inside the ring. No I am not out here to toot my own horn. I am out here to ask one thing of the SHOOT management. 

Other Guy:Let me guess he wants a title shot? 

Valentine: And that is, start me at the bottom. I know it would be easy for the powers that be to place me in the main event. I know that with my history and my talent it would be easy for you to make a quick buck off my name. But know this…For me to complete my task I have to work my way up, I have to earn everything I am given…Otherwise it would all be for nought. 

Other Guy:I don’t get it; he comes out here; runs our SHOOTers down and then asks to start at the lowest point of entry? 

Eryk Masters: It’s how he operates. I hear he instantly turned down any offers that said he was guaranteed a title shot or Main Event status right off the bat. And that while in ZuWar Valentine had to go through three months of matches back to back before becoming the champion. 

Valentine:   But before we talk about my first match and opponent here in SHOOT I have something else I need to get off my chest… 

As Valentine is about to speak, "Mislead" kicks in over the speakers, interrupting the newest member of the SHOOT roster. 

Eryk Masters: Business is about to pick up. 

Mason Pierce emerges from the back, Leona at his side and a black bag slung over his shoulder. He and Lionheart lock eyes as he makes his way down to the ringside area and ascends the ring stairs, holding the ropes for Leona and then entering the ring. Leona motions for another microphone, which she hands to Mason. 

Mason Pierce: Well, well. Here we are once again. It’s been quite the eventful week around here, hasn’t it? You’re probably wondering about this man standing here beside me looking all serious, talking about rebuilding SHOOT in his own image. While I can assure you that many others have come around saying the same thing, and not a single one of them’s really managed to succeed, his reasons for being here are quite serious, as are mine. You see, Mr. Lionheart and I have a couple of bones to pick with a pair of certain SHOOT soldiers who took matters into their own hands and stuck their noses into business that, in all honesty, was not theirs to begin with. However, before we get to that, I do have another little piece of business that needs to be attended to. It concerns another organization operating out of this little corner of the universe. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. The G.E.A. 

The mere mention of those three letters draws a chorus of boos from the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: The bad blood between SHOOT and the G.E.A. has been well-documented over the course of the last week. And sure enough, these fans have heard every sour word. 

Mason Pierce: You know the place. The one where yours truly swooped in at the eleventh hour and took their precious championship without even breaking a sweat. The one that just announced this past week was shuttering their doors. Piss-poor management would be my guess. I can guarantee you if I’d been running things, not only would they not be neck-deep in creditor lawsuits, they’d be thriving. And not only are they shutting down their operations, their top dog decided to say a few unflattering things about this place. This coming from a trainwreck of an executive who seems to bring misery and failure to everything she touches. She was a part of ZuWar, wasn’t she, Mr. Lionheart? 

Lionheart nods. 

Mason Pierce: Dead. Then she starts up this G.E.A. Dead. Bitch is the kiss of death when it comes to professional wrestling. And somehow she managed to sway our management into signing some sort of a deal with them. Things go sideways, SHOOT cuts its losses, and all of a sudden everything goes into the shitter. And me? I find myself being left with a belt that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be worth a dime anywhere. Fortunately, the one thing she didn’t squander all that borrowed money on was the belt itself. Surprise, surprise, she actually spent the dough and made a quality piece. Real gold and everything. It would be an awful shame to have to give the belt back and let it wind up in the hands of one of the many that she owes money to for that debacle in Ohio. So we put our heads together and figured we’d… improve.. things a little bit. But then came the dilemma… how to do it? Spray paint the whole thing black? Too cliché, been done before. Cover it with duct tape? Melt the damn thing down? Now THAT was an idea. 

Mason opens up the black bag, reaching inside and smirking. 

Mason Pierce: But then all of a sudden, I get a phone call from the big boy.   He wants me to come down to have a little chat with him. And sure enough, what’s the one thing he wants to talk about? Not me getting back into the title picture, but THIS. He’s got this grand idea about what we should do with it. He wants me to make a statement with it. Well, Duba- J, no shit. Only thing, he wants to send the message back to the bimbo that the one thing in the world you don’t do is fuck with SHOOT Project. You don’t stiff us on a payday, you don’t try and jew us out of our due, you don’t pull the rug out from under us when you know damn well the only reason you even made a penny in the first place is because you were banking on SHOOT’s name and rep to save your asses. And so the man has an idea that he runs by me. 

Mason removes his hand from the bag, holding the GEA Global Championship- only the front faceplate has been altered, and the SHOOT Helmet has been soldered on! Mason looks at the altered plate and shakes his head. 

Mason Pierce: I know. Just doesn’t seem to fit, does it? Beats the hell outta just throwing a bunch of duct tape on it or wasting a can of perfectly good spray paint. Nah, we want to make sure that this belt will NEVER be the same again. And now that’s been done. The GEA Global Championship.. IS NO MORE. Consider this payment for services rendered.  

Mason stares at the belt for a moment, then shakes his head and hands the belt to Leona, reaching for the bag once again. 

Mason Pierce: But you see, this is NOT SHOOT’s title. SHOOT didn’t win this belt. I did. And as such, I think it needs a little more of a… personal touch, don’t you? 

Leona nods as her eyes dart to the bag. Mason nods and reaches back into the bag once again, this time removing….. 

Eryk Masters: A BLOWTORCH?? 

Other Guy:I’ll go get the marshmallows. 

Over the public address system, a voice is heard before the two men can even get started with their continued defacement of the GEA Championship. 

Voice: That’s enough! 

“Not Going Away” by Ozzy Osbourne blasts over the public address system and the focus from Mason and Lionheart is now on the entrance way. After a few moments, Cronos Diamante stands at the top of the ramp with microphone in hand. He makes a cutting motion across his throat signifying to cut his music. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos Diamante is in the house! This is about to get a whole lot more interesting. 

Other Guy:I bet he’s out here to answer the threat of payback from Mason Pierce and maybe we’ll get an explanation of his actions toward him. 

Cronos Diamante: Let me make this crystal clear to the both of you before you get the wrong idea. I’m not out here because I care about the belt you’re defacing. I’m out here because I attacked you. And while that’s not exactly behavior becoming of someone on the road to redemption, you deserved it. I’m out here because you vowed to return the favor and you’re miffed about it. Unfortunately it’s just me so Lionheart isn’t going to get his revenge. Sorry, kid. 

The fans begin to cheer for Cronos and it brings a smile to his face. 

Eryk Masters: That doesn’t explain why he did it but I’m sure we’re about to find out. 

Other Guy:I wonder where Jaime Alejandro is though. 

Cronos Diamante: You fooled us all, Mason. You made men like me believe you were taking a different path. You had me convinced more than anybody. After all, that job I took for you I didn’t believe was anything other than an inquiry. But that isn’t the case, is it? You used me for your own selfish reasons and for some reason you think that’s okay. It’s not. Not by a long shot. 

Cronos reaches behind him and pulls out a file he had tucked into his pants. He waves it in the air and stares directly at Mason. Mason reacts with a look of frustration and hate all at the same time. He kicks the bottom rope and leans forward on the ropes with a hand outstretched, expecting Cronos to give him the file but he simply waves it in the air and looks out to the crowd. 

Cronos Diamante: Oh no, no, no… this file is not going to you, not yet. You see fans of The SHOOT Project… you all know that after the rumble I haven’t been here. I wasn’t booked and my absence has been obvious. Mason here having duped us all into believing he was a “good guy” now had me do some investigating for him. I was once a Military Policeman, everybody knows that and who better to do some digging than me. But what I found in this file? 

Cronos shakes his head and stares up at Mason. 

Eryk Masters: It must have been something to really cause Cronos to react the way he has. 

Other Guy:And that explains why he attacked Mason Pierce. I can’t blame the guy. 

Cronos Diamante: What I found in this file led to my attack on Mason and his stooge Lionheart up there. 

Lionheart starts jaw jacking at Cronos and he answers with a smirk. 

Cronos Diamante: Quiet down, pup. You’re new here. You don’t talk to me until you prove you’re capable of doing so. Now as I was saying… there’s some nasty shit in here about the man that saved Mason and the STOOGE from Alejandro and I. And we all know I’m on a mission to rid SHOOT of the cancer that plagues it. 

Cronos pauses for a beat, letting it sink in. 

Other Guy:Well an attack may be heel behavior but in this case it seems like Cronos was trying to send a message to Mason that he won’t allow him to run rampant over SHOOT like Project: SCAR has. 

Eryk Masters: I agree, OG. And I support Cronos one-hundred percent. 

Cronos Diamante: Did you really think I would just step aside and allow you to bring a monster like this into SHOOT, Mason? Are you really that stupid or are you just that bold?


Mason seems relatively calm about this, even going so far as to allow a slight smirk on his face. 

Mason Pierce: You know, I could really be saying the same thing about you. Here you are, waving this file you’ve supposedly gone and gotten through so much diligent research… if you’d actually bothered to take the time to READ the file instead of just listening to what your sources have told you is in it, you wouldn’t be- 

Leona puts a hand on Mason’s arm, shaking her head. He raises a finger to her, almost as if saying, “relax- I got this.” 

Mason Pierce: You wouldn’t be so damn anxious to announce to the world that I’ve gone and done the unthinkable. Even if you seem to be the only one who thinks so. You want to let the cat out of the bag? By all means, be my guest. Go ahead. See how far it gets you. You think these people really give a damn about what’s on those sheets of paper? For all they know, it could be a bunch of menus from some of the local restaurants. Go ahead, Cronos. Enlighten us. Enlighten us all. Just don’t go blaming me for what happens, pal.  

Cronos responds with laughter. He laughs so hard he almost begins crying. He quickly snaps out of it and stares at Mason. 

Cronos Diamante: The unthinkable? The cat out of the bag being Malice is so dangerous that I should just walk away right now? 

Eryk Masters: For somebody who has been here in SHOOT a long time, he sure seems like he doesn’t know anything about Cronos. 

Other Guy:Clearly not. 

Cronos Diamante: Have you given thought to who am and what I’m capable of? You may have beaten me for the Rule of Surrender title but I urge you to go back and watch some film, Mason. There’s a lot of things in my history I wouldn’t do again but those things are a lot more horrifying than anything this so called “monster” of yours has ever done. And I’ve fought monsters, and beaten them, far more dangerous than him. 

Eryk Masters: You bet he has. 

Cronos Diamante: The most dominant force this past year in Isaac Entragian got his ass handed to him for a title not unlike the Rule of Surrender inside a Legacy ring. I’ve stopped him at every turn I’ve been involved with. Is Malice more dangerous than that man? Hell no. All three of you are toilet paper to a monster like that. 

Cronos moved toward the ring and slides the file in. Mason quickly picks it up and opens it but much to his surprise, it’s empty. 

Cronos Diamante: You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? Ha. Let me just remind you of what you said to me when you hired me. You said, “Cronos, you’re one of the most cerebral men I’ve ever met and I believe you can find out more about this than I could. I’d appreciate it if you looked into this for me.” With that said, Mason… I’m going to say you’re right. Additionally, that little criminal enterprise you’ve had going on that is quite obvious to those paying attention… let’s just say I’m going to do some investigating like I did all those years ago in the Army. Do you think you’re going to be in a wrestling ring for very much longer, Fixer? 

The crowd rings out with a very loud “Ohhhhhhhh” and Cronos smirks. 

Eryk Masters: Mason doesn’t seem to be too happy about that. 

Other Guy:He doesn’t look happy at all. If anybody can get things done to take Mason down like that, it’s going to be Cronos. 

Mason Pierce: Are you quite finished?  

Mason looks at the empty file and chuckles. 

Mason Pierce: THIS is all you were able to bring with you. An empty file, a bunch of empty words and empty threats. In all honesty, Cronos, I expected a lot more from you. I expected you’d actually have done your legwork. I expected you’d actually bring something to the table. And I honestly expected you’d have known better than to come to the ring alone. 

Cronos smirks and slips his shirt off. This prompts the crowd to chant “Fight. Fight. Fight.” Cronos ascends the steel steps and stays on the apron as he watches Mason and Lionheart make ready for their opponent to enter the ring. 

Other Guy:Is he nuts? It’s two on one. And both of these guys are no slouches. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos isn’t one to back down from a fight. Ever. Do you even remember when he solo defeated Crazy Boy and the Turbo boys? That was even greater odds. 

Cronos quickly enters the ring and ducks a clothesline from Mason. He goes straight for Lionheart and punches him in the throat, sending him down to the mat gasping for air. Mason looks at this and nods his head. 

Eryk Masters: No numbers advantage now. 

Cronos charges in and grapples Mason. He brings the man down by the elbow, yanking on it hard. He does this three more times and jumps up, lifting a knee into Mason’s jaw. The force knocks Mason into the turnbuckle and Cronos wastes no time executing a kicking combination on Mason but before he can finish, Lionheart interrupts him with a clothesline that almost sends him over the top rope. Lionheart backs him into the ropes and sends him flying across the ring with an Irish whip. Upon return, Lionheart spears him to the ground and mounts Cronos, punching him repeatedly. 

Other Guy:Thinks have taken a turn for the worse here folks. Lionheart has Cronos pinned down, even though he’s blocking most of those punches. But Mason is now out of the corner and they’re picking Cronos up. 

Eryk Masters: Oh man. They just lifted Cronos up with a powerbomb and hit him with a neckbreaker at the same time. 

In all the excitement, nobody seems to notice that Malice and Morgana have climbed over the security barrier! Morgana barks a command and Malice enters the ring, joining Mason and Lionheart in laying the boots to Cronos. The crowd that has been booing the whole time at Mason and Lionheart now begin to stir as someone is standing out at the entrance way with a steel chair. 

Eryk Masters: Is that? It can’t be. 

Other Guy:MIRAGE!!! IT’S MIRAGE!!! 

Eryk Masters: And he’s got the universal equalizer in his hand- but what is he doing here?  

Mirage makes his way down to the ring slowly and looks at the trio of assailants laying the boots to Cronos and asks them to move away. Sensing he’s not out there but to do harm to Cronos, they do. Mirage nods and smiles…he sets himself to swing…. 

Eryk Masters: Oh my God! Mirage just blasted Malice with that steel chair!! The monster is DOWN!  

Lionheart and Mason see this and duck out of the ring. Mirage holds the chair up, staring at the two men dragging Malice out of the ring daring them to come back in. They simply stare up at Mirage and help Malice to his feet. 

Other Guy:  It’s a rare day indeed when Mirage helps anybody. 

Eryk Masters: Especially someone who’s got some serious bad blood with the man- someone like Cronos.  

Mirage lifts Cronos up and looks him square in the face. The two stare at each other for a good while before Mirage cracks a smile and pats Cronos on the shoulder. Cronos returns the smirk and shakes Mirage’s hand, thanking him for the save. Mirage calls for a microphone. 

Mirage: Next time it won’t be three on one, boys. I’m officially back and Cronos here, I’ve got his back. You think about that before you try that again. 

Eryk Masters: Well that is some ground breaking news. Mirage is back in The SHOOT Project and he’s aligned himself with none other than Cronos Diamante. 

Other Guy:Those two men are dangerous inside and outside of the ring. Working together, they might just pose a credible threat to anybody threatening The SHOOT Project. 

Outside the ring, Malice is regaining his composure. He stares at Lionheart, his eyes telling a full tale of distrust behind the mask. Morgana puts a hand on Malice’s shoulder and whispers something at him as the three men make their way to the backstage area, Malice and Lionheart not taking their eyes off of each other. 

The Epicenter is plunged into darkness, sending a murmured wave of uncertainty through the capacity crowd. The SHOOT Project Video Wall lights up with a pair of eerie gray eyes, and then those eyes transition into the image of a hand that is holding a bright red apple with a sleek green serpent wrapped around the wrist.


The lights slowly come back on, and “Time Is On My Side” by The Rolling Stones starts to really hammer those haunting vocals throughout the arena. The curtains get pushed to the side, and out steps Jacob Mephisto.

The crowd favors Mephisto with a mixed reaction, a good majority of the fans booing while we can also make out a smattering of cheers here and there.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he weighs in at 270lbs…hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania……JACOB MEPHISTO!!!

Other Guy: He’s the enigma in SHOOT Project, Eryk. Those cool gray eyes of his betray nothing…his motives and intentions might as well be shrouded in shades of gray too.

Eryk Masters: It’s definitely hard to figure Jacob out, OG. He’s a master strategist when it comes to the technical side of this sport, but the depths of this man’s character sometimes seem fathomless. Just when you think he’s going to go left…he ends up going right.

Other Guy: One thing about Mephisto has become clear in the last few weeks…and that’s the fact that he’s taken a certain interest in the career of Henry Gordon. We don’t know why…we don’t know what kind of cogs could be turning in Mephisto’s methodical head….but he does seem genuinely interested in ensuring that Gordon lives up to his fullest potential here in SHOOT Project.

Jacob stalks his way down to the ring, and he enters by rolling underneath the bottom rope. He goes over to one corner and leans back with his elbows resting on the top rope, simply awaiting his opponent.

DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” travels through the Epicenter, and Solomon Richards emerges from the back. He’s met with some preliminary cheering from the crowd, and Solomon nods respectfully at this, a humble smile dawning on his face.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he weighs in at 320lbs…hailing from Wichita, Kansas….SOLOMON RICHARDS!!!

Eryk Masters: Here’s another relative newcomer to the SHOOT Project scene, OG. The big boy with the equally big heart, Solomon Richards is a man who’s strong in his faith and looking to make his mark here in Las Vegas.

Other Guy: From what I’ve heard about this guy…he’s a practical man that just wants to chase his dream of becoming a great wrestler. Family is important to him, and so are his beliefs. He hasn’t been here long, but he’s already got a reputation in the locker room for being a very humble and helpful guy.

Eryk Masters: Solomon had a very impressive debut against Goodman last week, so I’m sure he’ll be looking to translate that momentum over to his match here tonight.

Other Guy: And this is a great opportunity for both of these men, Eryk…The Sin City Championship Series is a star-making tournament. Crippler won the last Series, and he’s now main eventing matches and contesting for the World Heavyweight Title. Just goes to show you how much the SCCS can benefit your career!

Solomon head down the ramp, and near the apron a fan reaches out a hand, and Solomon shakes with the man graciously. Richards then climbs up the ring steps and enters into the ring, nodding his head in recognition of his opponent standing in the corner.

Suddenly the loudspeakers BLAZE with “The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot, surprising both men in the ring. Jester Smiles and Sammy Rochester step out from the back, both men glaring down at the ring. Jester has a bemused look on his face, and the hideous monster child looks just like he always does…his expression rippling with rage that is always lurking just beneath the surface.

Sammy clutches his Sin City Championship tightly in his grimy hands as both he and Jester start to stalk their way down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Oh great….the asshole clown…and this planet-sized monstrosity Sammy Rochester. What business do they have out here?

Other Guy: I have no idea, Eryk….all I know is my spine tingles whenever Sammy’s creepy eyes fall anywhere near me. His gaze is infantile, but the level of malice behind those eyes is staggering too.

Jester helps himself to a steel chair, proceeding to unfold it and sit down on it on the outside, and Sammy hunkers down next to him on the floor in an indian style position, rocking back and forth slightly while displaying his Sin City Title across one massive shoulder.

Eryk Masters: It looks like they MIGHT just be out here to watch, OG. But with these two? You can never really be sure of what their intentions are.

Other Guy: I can understand Sammy wanting to keep a close eye on the Sin City Championship Series…but if I were the competitors in the ring right now? I’d be mighty nervous.

Mephisto looks at Jester with a slight scowl, and Solomon eyes Sammy up very cautiously for a moment. Finally both men just shrug it off and focus on each other once again while Sammy & Jester just stare stoically into the ring.

Samantha Coil steps forward for a moment with microphone in hand.


Samantha leaves the ring, and the official twirls a finger. The bell rings with a loud clang, and we are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!

Solomon and Jacob start to circle each other, looking for the best way to lock up…and Richards is the first to move, throwing his arms out for a grapple…but Mephisto ducks underneath and sends a scathing kick into the back Solomon’s knee.

Solomon stumbles forward, and Mephisto is quick to hit the ropes and chopblock the hell out of the same knee! Solomon’s knee gets cut out from underneath him, and he falls down to a kneeling position…and Mephisto promptly hits the ropes and DRILLS Solomon flush in the face with a yakuza kick of massive proportions!

Solomon gets BLASTED backwards by the impact, and Mephisto goes for a quick cover!




Other Guy: Look at that….Mephisto with an early two count! He’s on his game tonight, the bell has barely run and he’s already cleaning Solomon’s clock!

Eryk Masters: Mephisto calls that yakuza kick GODLESS…and he might have knocked some of the faith right out of Solomon’s head with that one!

Other Guy: I have to applaud Jacob’s strategy. Solomon is a BIG man…stands about 6’9 and weighs in at 320lbs…he’s almost as big as the monster Entragian…and Jacob is combating that size advantage by trying to chop down the redwood here. That’s a smart, methodical approach for sure.

Mephisto pulls Solomon back up to his feet by the head, but Richards breaks free and SMACKS a heavy-handed chop into Jacob’s chest, knocking him backwards. Solomon then grabs Mephisto up and scoop slams him to the canvas with ease.

Jacob pops back up and tries for a right hand….but SOLOMON THROWS HIM ACROSS WITH THE RING WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!!

Jacob lands badly on the back of his head, both hands reaching up to nurse his neck.

Eryk Masters: And there’s the strength of Solomon…well versed in that classic Greco Roman style. He can throw you around that ring with the best of them.

Other Guy: One hell of a half nelson suplex there…Jacob wasn’t expecting that!

Solomon hits the ropes and looks to drop a HUGE leg drop across Jacob’s throat….but Jacob rolls out of the way! Solomon hits nothing but canvas, a hiss of pain escaping his lips as he lands on his pelvis. Mephisto takes advantage, gripping Solomon’s head while he’s in a sitting position and NAILING Solomon in the face over and over again with brutal looking knee strikes!

The shots take their toll, rocking the big man’s head backwards multiple times. Jacob finally lets up on the assault, and he slinks behind the big man on the canvas and hooks in a dragon-sleeper style maneuver…proceeding to GRIND back on Solomon’s neck for maximum torque.

Solomon’s eyes go WIDE with excruciation…and his hands start to claw at the air wildly for any kind of purchase.

Eryk Masters: Oh crap….this one is hard to watch, ladies and gents…that’s the modified dragon sleeper submission JACOB’S LADDER…and Mephisto has perfected this move to the point where it wrenches the HELL out of the neck!

Other Guy: The big hoss is in trouble now, Eryk. He’s grounded where all that strength can’t be utilized…and Mephisto is just applying that overwhelming pressure bit by bit.

The referee drops down and asks if Solomon wants to give it up, but Solomon grits his teeth and shakes his head. The big man begins to throw back a few desperation elbows into Jacob’s arm, and after several of these Mephisto is forced to break the hold.

Solomon fights back up to his feet, breathing hard…and Mephisto is right back up too, proceeding to LIGHT Solomon’s chest up with knife-edge chops. Solomon gets driven back into the ropes, and Jacob tries for an irish whip…but Solomon reverses it in the center of the ring, and on the rebound he SMASHES Jacob down to the canvas with a powerslam!

Solomon stays on Jacob for the pin.




Mephisto kicks out hard, and Solomon nods in recognition of his opponent’s toughness.

Eryk Masters: This is looking pretty damn competitive so far…you can practically TASTE how badly both of these men want to advance in the Sin City Championship Series.

Other Guy: This is what SHOOT Project is all about, Eryk….two talented, hungry guys putting everything on the line and fighting for that chance at glory.

Solomon DRAGS Mephisto back up to his feet, and he promptly LOCKS onto Jacob’s torso with a bearhug! Solomon squeezes his powerful arms together; his fingers interlocked like vices against Jacob’s lower back…and Jacob throws his head back in pain, his long hair plastered across his forehead with sweat.

Solomon starts to RAGDOLL Jacob back and forth, looking like a big poppa bear just aching for that picnic basket meal. Jacob’s body is getting whipped from side to side like he’s stuck in some horrible carnival ride, and the official is right there to ask if Jacob submits….but he’s met with a resounding “NO!”

Other Guy: The POWER of Solomon is phenomenal, Eryk. This man is great with these types of submissions that just drain the very life out of an opponent.

Eryk Masters: Mephisto is definitely hurting right now…he’s going to have to draw deep from the well to combat this maneuver!

Jacob’s arms begin to fire up to either side of his head, a burst of adrenaline coursing through his body…and he begins to send STIFF simultaneous chops into the sides of Solomon’s neck!! Jacob hammers down with these chops time and time again, and Solomon finally releases his vice-grip…and the very moment Jacob is free….he PLANTS Solomon against the canvas with a snapping DDT!

Mephisto drops down on top of him while wiping sweat from his forehead, and he hauls back on a big log-sized leg with all of his might.




Solomon practically military presses Jacob off of him, the big man shaking his head from side to side to drive away the cobwebs.

Eryk Masters: Great use of strategy from Mephisto to chop his way out of that bearhug, and you can tell just by looking at him…Solomon is STILL feeling the affects of getting his skull planted with that DDT.

Other Guy: That was nasty, Eryk…I’m surprised that it didn’t put Solomon down for good.

Solomon slowly but surely climbs back up to his feet…and Jacob responds by hitting the ropes and BASHING a high knee into Solomon’s upper chest! Solomon reels backwards, his arms pin wheeling for balance…and Jacob moves forward…


Eryk Masters: WHAT??? Talk about impressive, OG!!! Mephisto just drove the back of Solomon’s head into his shoulder…and this whole arena heard the redwood crash down!!

Other Guy: That’s a little taste of Mephisto’s own strength and his careful use of leverage, Eryk…and here’s a cover!!

Mephisto grabs BOTH of Solomon’s legs, pulling back on them with all of his strength.




At the very last possible second….the big bear of a man gets his shoulder up!

Eryk Masters: Now THIS is a fight, OG!! See how hot this Sin City Championship Series is?? The big guns have come out, and these guys are locked into one hell of a battle here tonight.

Other Guy: I have NO idea how Solomon kicked out of that…his neck sounded like a tree trunk snapping when Jacob hit that hangman’s neckbreaker…but the heart of this giant warrior is still beating strong!

Mephisto looks down at Solomon, a bit of frustration etched across his features…but he slowly begins to pull the big man up to his feet. Solomon BURSTS free of Jacob’s grip though…and he CLOBBERS him with a big clothesline! Jacob gets blasted down to the canvas, and the very moment get gets back up…Solomon barrels him across the ring with a belly to belly suplex!

Mephisto lands hard on his back, and he has to use the ring ropes to pull himself back up to his feet, and he staggers right back into the big paws of Solomon Richards! Solomon picks Jacob up, holding him horizontally across his chest…


Jacob SAILS across the ring, touching down hard…and Solomon crawls over to make the cover!




This time Jacob is able to kick out seconds before the referee’s hand signals a three count, eliciting a gasp from the capacity crowd!

Eryk Masters: And just like that…Solomon is RALLYING, OG!! Solomon has faith in God and faith in his own abilities…and he is taking it to Mephisto right now!

Other Guy: But yet again, after all of those high impact moves….Mephisto endures and wills himself to survive! Jacob wants this just as much as Solomon does!

Solomon and Mephisto are both fighting up to their feet…and Mephisto makes it there just a little bit quicker. Jacob starts to CRUSH precise body shots into Solomon’s torso, forcing the big man to stumble backwards into one of the turnbuckle corners…and from there Mephisto leans down and just begins to RAM his shoulder into Solomon’s stomach over and over again!

Solomon is hurting, but when Jacob tries another shoulder block, Solomon PISTONS a knee into his face, knocking Jacob back a few steps. Solomon then leans into a heavy forearm shot, forcing Mephisto to reel backwards even more.

Solomon sets his center of gravity low…and he runs forward like a rhino, grabbing Jacob around the waist in an attempt to tackle him down to the mat…BUT MEPHISTO COUNTERS INTO A ROLLING KNEEBAR!!

Once the big man realizes the predicament he’s in, it’s already too late…Jacob is locked onto one of his big tree-limb sized legs like a constrictor snake, tearing at the ligaments and tendons with all of his strength. Solomon BELLOWS in pain, both hands immediately digging into his hair in desperation.

Eryk Masters: This is UGLY, OG! Jacob’s transition into that kneebar was so swift that Solomon didn’t even have a chance to prevent it from happening…

Other Guy: If you want an idea of how AGONIZING this maneuver is, ladies and gentlemen…just listen to that three hundred plus pound bear of a man crying out in pain. That’ll give you all the proof you need.

Eryk Masters: This is submission is lethal…and Solomon has his hand suspended above the canvas right now…looks like he’s SECONDS away from tapping.

Solomon’s hand hovers over the mat, and his teeth are gritted together against the pain, his entire face a deep shade of beet red from exertion. The referee drops down to ask if Richards gives it up…but Solomon seems to dig down deep inside of himself…and he SCOOTS backwards with all of his might, pulling his own considerable weight and Jacob’s weight closer to the bottom rope.

Solomon falls onto his back and reaches with EVERYTHING he has…and his fingers close on the ring rope!! Mephisto has no choice but to break the hold, and he does so with a growl of frustration…but he also seems impressed that Solomon was able to escape from the submission.

Eryk Masters: Sheer HEART and perseverance from Solomon Richards.

Other Guy: Even Mephisto seemed impressed that Solomon was able to get to those ropes.

Mephisto goes to bring Solomon up to his feet, and the big man comes up slowly, limping slightly on his left leg…but in a burst of strength and adrenaline…SOLOMON GRABS JACOB BY THE NECK AND ATTEMPTS TO LOCK IN THE COBRA CLUTCH!!!

Mephisto fights it wildly, getting his forearm up to block the hold…and at the last second he manages to send a kick into Solomon’s bad leg, and then he takes him down to the canvas with a drop-toe hold.

Mephisto quickly grabs both of Solomon’s legs…and he GRINDS backwards with a high angle cloverleaf in the very center of the ring!! Solomon’s face is pouring with sweat, and he digs his hands into his hair as his legs get compressed and a dry, horrible ache travels through his spine.

Eryk Masters: MEPHISTO’S METHOD!!! Jacob was able to block the Cobra Clutch…and now he’s transitioned it into that lethal high angle cloverleaf!

Other Guy: Solomon is HURTING right now, Eryk…and the ropes are so far away from him!

Mephisto applies as much pressure as he possibly can, sending waves of excruciating torque through Solomon’s body…and Richards tries his best to fight it, clawing and scraping across the canvas towards the ropes….but Mephisto just pulls him right back. Solomon’s face is contorted with pain, and finally the big man is forced to slap his hand against the canvas a few times so that he can live to fight another day.


Eryk Masters: Mephisto picks up the huge victory here, OG….and that was one hell of a fight. Solomon gave this man the challenge of a lifetime.

Other Guy: I don’t blame Solomon one bit for submitting here either. It’s better to realize when you’re beaten as opposed to letting yourself get critically injured by a submission hold.

Eryk Masters: These guys really set the bar tonight, OG…and if this is what we have to look forward to from the other matches in the SCCS? Then all I can say is I’m pretty damn excited!

From outside of the ring….the monster child is stirring. Sammy Rochester rises up to his feet, and he glares at Jacob Mephisto while “petting” his Sin City Championship. Mephisto stares right back at him with those cool gray eyes.

Jacob finally tears his eyes away from the giant manster, and he allows the referee to raise his wrist up in victory.

The shot closes out on a triumphant Jacob Mephisto.


The solace of the inner workings of the SHOOT Project Epicenter afforded some superstars a brief respite from the grind that Revolution brings, and as such, Adrian Corazon finds himself in the depths of the building, seeking someone specific out. 

He walks along, enjoying the hum and whirr of the buildings innards, as though the white noise is blocking out the inevitable soundstorm that is running him down like an inevitable freight train.  As he walks along, he runs his hand along the giant pipes and the concrete walls until he reaches an opening and sees the person that he’s searching for.

“Kenji Yamada.”

Kenji Yamada, whose head was laid back, resting against the concrete wall, opens his eyes and leans forward, making eye contact with the scorned member of Project: SCAR. 

Corazon:  I’m just here to talk.  Nothing more than that.

Corazon moves directly in front of him and takes a seat about three feet from Kenji.  He looks him directly in the eye and begins to speak.

Corazon:  When Project: SCAR entered the SHOOT Project, the vision that we had was tremendous and beautiful.  That’s all we talked about.  All we wanted.  Just the beauty.  We’d stop at nothing to get it, and people FEARED us for it.  We had a movement in place.  Riots were breaking out across Las Vegas, and yet…  somehow, we managed to falter.

Corazon sighs, and leans back himself, closing his eyes before continuing to speak.  The musky smell of the underside of the building creeps into his nose, which causes a crinkle.

Corazon:  I don’t know how it happened or what happened, but the vision got muddied and perverted sometime between then and now.  I know that I had my part in it when I eliminated you from the Primus at RISE.  I know it, and I accept it.  I also don’t think you begrudge me that.

Kenji stares through Corazon, not offering any hint of a reaction whatsoever.  Corazon smiles.

Corazon:  But I think you and I both know that the cause of some of the splintering rests with our pallid white brother, probably moreso than any of the rest of us.  I get that we’ve all had our hands in some of the things that have caused it, but Isaac’s greed and his ego are running rampant over Project: SCAR and the SHOOT Project.

Corazon leans forward.

Corazon:  I know you saw my words last week, but I just want to repeat to you…  I want to galvanize Project: SCAR and reclaim the vision that we had.  The one of beauty.  One that is cured of the virus that is Isaac Entragian.

Kenji sighs heavily, putting a hand on Corazon’s shoulder for a moment.

Kenji: When we first came here, Isaac and I, we had trust in no one. We were going to rip this whole place apart and every one with it. You were the only one we trusted to be on our side, brother. When we planted our roots in SHOOT, you were the one who let us blossom and lead our charge. I had faith that SCAR was your priority, it was never about your ego…

Kenji lets his hand slide off of Corazon’s shoulder.

Kenji: I won’t lie to you, brother, I’ve known for a long time that something needed to happen to revitalize us. I thought that something would happen when that kid, the one I saw my little boy in, was around here. Do you remember that, Corazon? You said you saw change when we were together, HOPE even.

Kenji leans forward as much as possible, mere inches from Corazon’s face, eye to eye.

Kenji: Isaac stood beside me, even then, when all I could see was my son. He told me to cherish my time with him. The only one who didn’t think I was a growing… virus… in SCAR that needed to be fixed. Isaac accepted me, even then, when you wouldn’t.

Corazon shakes his head.

Corazon:  I know that you’ve got ties to him and I accept and respect that, Kenji, but what I’m talking to you about has nothing to do with the past, and it has everything to do with the future.

Corazon stands up and begins to make his way towards the arena.

Corazon:  I’m not going to try and persuade you.  You’re smart enough to see for yourself where things are going to go, and I want you by my side when they go that way.  You and I have fought each other in fire, we’ve stood together as partners, and we’ve existed in this group as brothers. 

Corazon smiles at Kenji before walking away.

Corazon:  It’s time to cut the ties that bind us, Kenji.  It’s time for us to experience true freedom.

Then, he walks away.

Kenji stares at Corazon’s, his brother’s, back as he walks away. He puts two fingers on the bridge of his nose.

Kenji: Freedom…

His hand rolls off his nose, clutching into a fist.

Kenji: … or loyalty.


Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhh

I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got…

As the chorus to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” begins playing, the lights dim before a light purple spotlight shines at the arena entrance.  When the ensuing blast of dark pink pyro goes off, the fans’ booing picks up.

Can’t read my

Can’t read my

No, he can’t read my poker face…

Eryk Masters: Ugh.  Now Laura Seton ready to grace us with her pathetic presence.

Other Guy: Pathetic?  Seriously?

Eryk Masters: Look, I know her accolades.  I mean she’s become despicable.  A former inspiration to all.  Now a lowlife.

Wearing a zipped up brown leather jacket, black jeans and red boots that reach mid-shin, she slides into the ring under the bottom rope.  She gets a mic and throws her dyed-brown hair over her right shoulder.  The booing in the arena increases drastically with each second and never lets up as she talks.

Laura: Even though I hadn’t paid attention to wrestling before signing my first contract, I wanted to become the best.  Like anyone with desires of a successful future, it’s the way I am.  It’s been as grueling as I thought it would.  The hours of training are intense.  I’ve traveled all over the place—SHUT YOUR DONKEY MOUTHS WHILE I AM SPEAKING!!

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!

As she waits for the crowd to fully silence for the first time since she appeared, she looks about the fans.  There’s a deep sigh of disappointment and a shake of head showing the same emotion.  On a final scan of the crowd as they finally quiet, she sees a sign: “DONOVAN: RULER OF THE KING-DOM”.  There’s a deeper sigh as she lifts the mic again.

Laura: SHOOT Project—the Bermuda Triangle of wrestling.  Not that everyone here disappears, but because things are so glitched and out of sync.  All the hypocrisy between saying you want everyone in one piece, yet needing that chairshot or three each week.  It makes you all phonies.  Everything you do here shows you’re nothing but phonies.  You buy merchandise, even though your wallets are thin.  You beg for autographs, then sell them the next day on eBay.  You want great matches, then boo when you hear a name you don’t like.  The people that come out here… guys that have been here a long time like Thomas Manchester Black…

The crowd cheers.

Laura: Or someone like a Lunatikk Crippler…

The crowd gives another joyous cheer.

Laura: Or even—Donovan… King.

The crowd erupts at the name of the current World Champion and one of their all-time favorites.  Laura scoffs at the reaction, shaking her head in disbelief.

Laura: All phonies.  Especially the World Champion.  Now, I know.  I’m not anywhere near the World Title right now, so I shouldn’t talk.  But you know what?  That doesn’t mean I can’t point out faults.  You idiots get so caught up in fandom that you look past obvious faults.  Hey, he deserves that championship because he’s beaten everyone put in his path.  He’s one of the best that’s ever laced them up here.  But every time he comes out here and sucks up to all of you—you donkeys really think he’s genuine with all that?  Did you forget how much you hated him two years ago?  Did you all forget that he wanted to be the murderer of SHOOT?  WHY DO YOU CHEER THAT SAME GUY TODAY!?  Dan Stein’s not the world’s greatest guy, but there is no reason any of you should be cheering Donovan King over him!  None!  Lunatikk Crippler is so selfish, he manipulates his way into the main event; he can’t let Stein have that challenger spotlight all for himself like he deserves.  I’m not holding King’s past against him on this: His old job stocking at Wal-Mart?  It’s a good thing he has practice because once Stein finishes with him and becomes champion, that’s all he’ll have left.  The third shift. 

The crowd lights up in hatred against her, but all she can do is smirk; even as a couple cups of soda splash her.  That is, until the crowd quiets enough for a lone heckler to be heard.


Laura: I’m in front of over 10,000 fans that lead dead-end lives and hold dead-end jobs and think it’s okay to root for potential murderers like King and potential psychopaths like Jaime Alejandro.  Trust me, I’m already there!

The booing cranks back up for a quick spell.  A small noise is heard in the crowd as the booing subsides.  Within seconds, the indistinguishable noise becomes a one-word chant that can be heard.

Crowd: … CUNT!… CUNT!… CUNT!…

"Pieces" by Sevendust comes on over the loudspeaker as Jaime Alejandro appears from the back.  The crowd goes nuts. 


He moves with a fast walk towards the ring, as we see him glaring directly at Laura.  Agitated from the derogatory chants to her and the cheering to Jaime, she snaps at him.

Laura: What do you WANT??

He climbs into the ring slowly and smiles at her. 

Jaime: You to shut up… 

The crowd starts breaking out in laughter from the quip.

Laura: Problems handling the truth?

Jaime: The truth is an inconvenient thing for people, isn’t it?  Like basketball players who get bounced from team to team… You’re a Russell Westbrook rant away from being toxic to the WNBA.  Well, if anyone actually watched it.

Laura: You’re the expert on toxicity, so I suppose that’s true.

Jaime: I think someone went to the Tanya Black school of comebacks and failed…

Laura: Get to the point.

Jaime: I will, maybe it’ll teach you how to actually talk to people instead of jumping up and down like a naturally-blonde bimbo.  The only think you’re lacking are a pair of tits to do that, honestly…

Laura: An anatomy comeback.  You’re so clever.

Jaime: As clever as calling a kindergartner a "cunt."

Jaime holds the title in her face, wanting her to see it.  Watching her sneer as she sees his name on the title plate. 

Jaime: You may think fans are stupid, but they can smell a liar and a pretender.  They seem to have pegged you well.  They pegged others quite well around here, too.  Now, to get to your diatribe about Stein… Stein deserves a title shot about like you deserve a WNBA title.  At one time, you both were great at what you did, but time passed you by.  Where, I, the one you keep discrediting, have survived most things that have been thrown at me.  You can call me old and feeble all you want, thunder thighs… I didn’t get older by being a complete moron.

Laura: You’re more than a moron.  You’re an idiot—and I must say you did a good job of passing that down to your kids.  Violence aside, this is why I don’t care for you.  It’s always insult after insult with you.  You can’t stand someone firing at you, so you unload at them.  That rainy day I’ve been storing up towards you—right now it’s storming like a bitch.

Jaime throws the belt in her face and takes off his jacket. 

Jaime: Insult me all you want, cunt.  Leave the kids out of it. 

After this, he pulls himself in a ready position with both fists at the ready.  Laura unzips her jacket and throws it aside, staring back.

Laura: The kids stay in it because Daddy thinks on an equivalent level of them.  Actually… Stacy sucks, but at least she CAN be levelheaded.

From here, we see Jaime swing around and pop Laura in the jaw with a vicious roundhouse kick, as the crowd goes nuts from this display. 

Jaime: You gonna keep talking, bitch?  Or do I just knock you out before you sniff Reckoning Day?

Laura keeps her balance and moves her jaw, making sure it’s in one piece.  Her patience has run out.  She throws the mic down and rushes towards Jaime, unloading with lefts and rights to his face.

Eryk Masters: Oh, here we go!  Lovers’ quarrel!

Jaime takes the brunt of the hits and grabs Laura by the waist and slings her into a corner.  As she lands, he starts unloading left and right hooks into her midsection. 

Other Guy: I don’t know how her workout routine is, but I hope she worked on her abs this morning.

Laura does her best to minimize the damage, but still takes her share punishment.  As the crowd gets further into their brawl, she musters up enough energy to spread her legs parallel and drop out of the way before landing an uppercut that stuns Jaime.  He’s stunned just long enough for her to get up and land a clothesline, sending him down!

Eryk Masters: Jaime looks like he landed hard, OG. 

Other Guy: Laura’s actually taking the fight to him.  Which is a bit of a surprise! 

From here, Jaime rolls himself along and springs to his knees to throw a shoulder tackle into her stomach.  After this, Jaime moves himself up to standing position and throws a punch to her.  They trade a number of blows before he throws a shot at her midsection.  A finger gets caught in the design of her shirt and after a split-second struggle, he rips his hand away, and with it comes her shirt!  The crowd cheers seeing Laura in her black sports bra.   


Eryk Masters: I have to admit, she’s been hiding a fantastic body. 

Another punch is thrown by Laura before she realizes what happened and quickly grabs her jacket and throws it on, zipping it back up, much to the crowd’s chagrin.  In a new heat of rage, she throws a kick at Jaime’s head.  Jaime goes reeling back from the kick, as it looks like he doesn’t know where he is at the moment.  He looks up and sees Laura looking at him with rage.  He backs away for a second, as Laura now sees the confused look on his face.  Sorrow should exist in her, but there is no sign of any.  It’s like the rage inside her doubles.  Then triples.  It’s apparent in her eyes as she looks to the Iron Fist Title.  She picks it up.

Other Guy: It’s about to get ‘real’ here.

Eryk Masters: Laura, no…

She runs forward, belt held over her right shoulder.  She swings forward…


Blood begins trickling from where the belt hit Jaime as Laura drops it.  The champ somehow holds his balance, though heavily teetering.  Laura drops to the mat and slides out of the ring.  She heads to the timekeeper area and grabs a chair.

Eryk Masters: Oh God, no!  Laura, don’t do what you’re thinking!

She slides back into the ring and picks up the chair.  As Jaime takes an off-balanced step in her direction, she lets loose with a homerun swing.



Jaime falls to the canvas as Laura looks on with no expression.

Eryk Masters: Fans, if this were an actual Iron Fist match Laura Seton would—

Other Guy: Yeah.  Be champion.  No question.

Laura steps over to Jaime’s fallen body, still holding the chair.  She looks to the fans, who begin booing again, then back to the chair.

Eryk Masters: What’s this?

Other Guy: Don’t tell me.  Come on, Seton.  He’s out.


She raises the chair and slams it against the unconscious head of Jaime!  Then a second time!  And a third!


Other Guy: None of that was necessary!

Laura tosses the chair aside as the crowd goes nuts booing her!  As she looks down at the fallen Jaime, then turns her head to the nearest camera, looking from the corner of her eye. There is still no expression.  Officials and medics come racing down the ramp, at which point Laura slides out of the ring and heads back to the ramp.  We see the crowd go silent as the officials call for a stretcher.  They try to get Jaime to come around, but he’s not responding. 

Other Guy: Fans… This isn’t fake.  The medics aren’t able to rouse Jaime at all.  They’re calling for the EMTs now. 

They try to shine the light to get some dilation from his eyes, but it’s very faint from what the medics are seeing.  The EMTs race past Laura, as she realizes now what just happened. 

Eryk Masters: This is the part where people at home really don’t want to be in the arena.  When a Soldier doesn’t respond to medical staff… 

The men in the area prepare a flat board and keep Jaime immobilized.  Laura watches, still unfazed.  Jaime is loaded onto the stretcher as the EMTs start rolling him out of the ringside area and up to the ramp.  The various agents and officals glare at Laura and shake their heads as they pass by her.  As they move off, the EMTs move by with Jaime’s limp body, barely breathing.  Laura sees the bloodied face and the same look he had when he went down…

Other Guy: I’m not going to pretend anything… Jaime and I ain’t friends by any stretch.  But, I can only hope Jaime can come out of this in good shape. Those were brutal shots and—I don’t know how well he can recover, honestly… Laura looked like she wanted to end him.  I don’t know about you, E.  Me… I’m going to be praying for him…

Eryk Masters: Jaime is going to be in my prayers until I hear he’s in a better state.  As for Seton, God damn you, Laura.  Damn you right straight to the lowest depths of Hell.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall! First to the ring, from New York City, New York accompanied by Michelle Rochefort Alexander Kincaid!

If I Was Your Vampire (Instrumental) by Marilyn Manson plays as Alexander and Michelle walk to the ring taking their time pacing around the ring as he keeps his eyes locked on that same ring, bracing himself for this first entrance. Finally he enters as his music dies down.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, CA he is Murder.Death.Kill!

Crazy By Kidney Thieves plays as the man known as M.D.K. walks to the ring heading straight for it like a man on a mission. Rolling into the ring without slowing down he stands there basking in the spotlight as he waits for the bell to ring.

Other Guy: We got an East Coast/West Coast war going on here tonight amidst the rookies.

Eryk Masters: Indeed. I have a feeling we won’t hear any rapping tonight though. Both these men came to fight and are ready to make their mark in SHOOT.

With that the bell rings and both men advance to the middle of the ring looking only at each other and ignore the mixed reactions from the fans. Once they are in range the two lock up and after a moment Kincaid goes for an armdrag but MDK blocks it and hits a scoop slam. As Kincaid pops up MDK hits a series of knife edge chops before nailing a hard front kick to the chest that knocks Kincaid into the corner. MDK charges but Kincaid dodges at the last moment causing MDK to hit the turnbuckle and stagger back into a dropkick that sends him falling into the corner again, his face smashing into the corner.

Other Guy: Alexander Kincaid is in firm control of this match now!

Eryk Masters: Can he keep the advantage though? The front office is watching this match very closely to see who the future of SHOOT Project is.

Grabbing MDK by the head, Kincaid drags his face across the top rope before hooking him up in a swinging neckbreaker. Sitting up Kincaid talks to Michelle as she claps for his performance, telling him to ignore the fans booing him for his dirty style. Turning back around Kincaid hits the standing MDK with a European Uppercut but it seems only daze MDK for a moment who screams in anger and hits a short-arm clothesline. Kincaid pops back up and MDK nails the running clothesline causing Kincaid to stay down a bit longer, giving MDK time to stop Kincaid in the face several times.

Other Guy: The momentum shifts again!

Eryk Masters: It seems MDK has shifted into a higher and angrier gear. Brutal boots to the face of the prone Kincaid.

MDK lifts Kincaid up and shoves him into the corner. Taking several steps back MDK hits a running high knee before backing up and hitting a second one. As Kincaid gasps for air MDK nails a third running high knee and tosses Kincaid towards the center of the ring. Stalking his prey, MDK ignores the fan’s boos and as Kincaid struggles to stand up, unable to hear Michelle’s warnings, MDK suddenly slaps on a Tazzmission which causes Kincaid to start squirming around desperate to escape. Turning around Kincaid spots the ropes and manages to get just close enough to wrap his fingers around the ropes causing the referee to start the five count. At four-and-a-half MDK lets go looking upset.

Clinging to the ropes Kincaid tries to catch his breath but eventually MDK ignores the referee’s instructions and moves in but Kincaid jabs the eyes and hits an armbar biting the fingers as the referee gets into position and begins to chastise Kincaid. Backing off a few steps Kincaid fumes and waits for the referee to finish checking on MDK. However MDK shoves him out of the way and with a sudden surge spears Kincaid into the mat with a loud thud!

Other Guy: What a spear! MDK won’t let Alexander Kincaid keep the advantage!

Eryk Masters: True but does Kincaid have any more dirty tricks up his sleeve?

MDK pounds his fists into the head of Kincaid until the referee pulls him off. Kincaid gets to his feet and as MDK charges, Kincaid lets out a frustrated scream and catches him in gutwrench suplex into the corner, MDK crashing like a sack of potatoes. With MDK down Kincaid looks around for a moment and then locks on a chinlock, wrenching back as he drags MDK away from the ropes. MDK strains to escape but fails as the fans heckle him with chants of Tap Out! Tap Out! until in rage MDK powers out and Kincaid takes several steps back before hitting a running kneelift. Grabbing MDK by the hair, Kincaid lifts him up and fires off a snap suplex before stomping MDK in the face. Forcing his way to his feet MDK goes for a wild clothesline and misses as Kincaid hits a European Uppercut followed quickly by a Stalling Double Underhook Suplex. Kincaid grabs MDK and goes for the Thezlock but MDK fights out and buries an elbow into Kincaid’s face before hitting a quick DDT. Lifting Kincaid up MDK glares at him and hits a hard Implant DDT.

Eryk Masters:  MDK looking like he’s about to finish this thing up.

Other Guy:  Yessir, he feels like he’s got this well in hand!

Calling for the end MDK is distracted by the sight of Michelle who is up on the apron calling MDK every horrible name she can think of. As the referee and MDK yells at her to get down, Kincaid kicks MDK square between the legs. Going down MDK is quickly laid out by the Inokigiri.  With MDK helpless and dazed, Kincaid blows a kiss to Michelle before lifting MDK up and hitting the Gotch Driver, immediately floating over into the pin.





Eryk Masters: Alexander Kincaid wins his debut! It may not be clean but that W is all that matters to him!

Other Guy: Indeed. That was a beautiful cradle piledriver to finish off the tough-as-nails Murder.Death.Kill! Let’s get the official word!

Samantha Coil: Your WINNER by pinfall! ALEXANDER KINCAID!


Backstage at Revolution 106 was shaping up to be an incredible night. As the cameras were rolling live, we heard the fans bust out into a great amount of cheers as there stands Drew Stevenson, SHOOT’s newest signee with his back turned away from the camera talking to one of the production crew members about something. Sporting a black Emerald Pride t-shirt, which is his own clothing line, he has his long hair tied back into a ponytail and a bottle of water held in his right hand. He was already dressed in his wrestling gear, the long black pants with Emeralds on them, the black boots and you could tell very vaguely that he has his ribs taped up from that nasty assault that he sustained last week at Revolution 105 at the hands of Loris Arclale. As the camera zooms out a bit as another competitor shows up on the scene. A bottle of Diet Sunkist orange soda in his left hand, Henry Gordon is all decked out in his ring gear, ready for his match later tonight. His hair is slicked back and wet, he’s wearing a blue and black flannel over a black tshirt the design of which is unknown. With his right hand, Hank looks like he’s going to tap Drew on the shoulder, but he thinks better of it.

Henry Gordon: Hey man, got a second? Spinning around, Drew was a bit cautious but got no bad vibes from Henry.

Drew Stevenson: Yeah, what’s up brother?

Henry Gordon: I know we had a match last week where we was on opposite sides of the ring, but even still, I wanted to introduce myself to ya officially. The name’s Gordon, Henry Gordon. Some people call me Hank, some call me Gordo… and some just call me Henry.

Upon taking a drink of his water, he extends his right hand out offering Henry a friendly gesture known as the handshake.

Drew Stevenson: It’s a pleasure to meet you Gordo, you’re a hell of an athlete.

A smirk comes to Hank’s face and with the plastic soda bottle, he taps his "love handles", sending a little jiggle through his belly.

Henry Gordon: For a guy my size, I s’pose, but I do appreciate the compliment. And dude, I just wan’ed to say that what you did out there, compet’in in our match like that, even after you was attacked by that dude… much respect. I wouldn’ have thought bad of ya if you decided you weren’ in any condition to compete… I can’t say I would’a done the same. So I just decided I wanted to come by, tell ya that just ’cause we were squarin’ off the other week, that don’t mean we gotta be at odds from here on out… I can’t hold it against ya that they paired ya up with ‘at Jester Smiles… and when he started to run off durin’ the match, I damn sure tried to make sure he didn’ skip town on ya.

Feeling nothing but sincerity from Henry, he nodded his head and was glad to see that there was still some respectful guys left in this business.

Drew Stevenson: I appreciate that brother! I had a bad feeling from Jester since the moment he was put as my partner but I refuse to quit. I appreciate the respect that you are showing me Gordo, shows me that there are still some good people left in this business. As far as our match went, brother, it wasn’t personal – strictly business but I respect the fact that you didn’t hold nothing against me and if you ever need somebody to watch your back then you come find me brother.

Smiling, he reaches up with his left hand and pats Henry on the back returning the respect back towards him.

Henry Gordon: Will do, brother, and you feel free to do the same.

The lights in the arena fade out, leaving the sold out attendance of the Epicenter in darkness. The sudden popping of and click of flashbulbs glimmering through the dark, making the ring glow ever so slightly for a moment. The video screen flickers to life with static, then cutting abruptly to a muted black and white elderly woman screaming in agony, wrinkles stretched to their limits across her face, boney fingers ripping at black and white hair. Suddenly she starts to claw at her skin, ripping bloody chunks of stretched flesh as black ooze dribbles down her hands. 

Then the screen goes black, and white letters buzz onto the screen as the opening guitar picks to "You’ve Seen the Butcher" by Deftones echoes through the arena. 


A single light beams down on the entrance ramp, empty for a moment. Then, Kenji comes out dragging Flay with him by her hair, her screams so loud and unsettling that the capacity crowd stops booing. As they walk down the ramp, Kenji can be heard in the brief moments of silence between screams. 


He tugs her hair with such force that strands fall to the aisle below, causing Flay to holler and cry in pain. 


When they finally make it to the ring, Kenji literally flings her by the hair under the bottom rope. The lights slowly rise and show her horrified face looking at every corner of the ring, her hands covering her face in shame, too stunned to move. Kenji slides into the ring and stands over her, he whips his hand off the back of her head. 

Kenji: Ladies and Gentlemen, TONIGHT is a very special night for my little Angel here. 

Some of the crowd boo, primarily the men, while young women and children look on in stunned silence. Kenji paces in a circle around Flay, taking a moment, every now and again, to kick her in the side of the face. 

Kenji: TONIGHT, I put my Angel on display for the world. But not like last week… no, I want someone else to get in on the fun. A trial by fire, of sorts. I want to really let my Angel take flight, let her soar in ecstatic flight, let her be lost in her one true lust, and let EVERY ONE see how beautiful she really is. My beautiful Angel. 

Kenji smiles, Flay turns her head towards him, glossy teary eyes that seem to know what’s coming. 

Kenji: So, tonight… I issue an open challenge. 

The crowd actually pops for a brief moment, realizing the endless possibilities. She starts to shake her head, incoherent begs fall between weary sobs. 

Kenji: ANY two guys back there, tag team or not, that hate SCAR’s guts, or have whatever grandiose reason to come out here… then come on down. If you do, then I guarantee you, that you will have a match with NO SCAR interference, I’ll follow the rules to a tee, and you will have a perfectly clean match where you have nothing to worry about besides the team you will be facing. That team, of course, being Flay Rios and… 


Without warning, “Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith plays. The fans are a bit confused but they begin to cheer loudly as out from the back comes CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS and BUCK DRESDEN, THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD, emerge from the back. They are still dressed in their casual clothes, Magnus in his suit and Buck in his vest and baseball T with faded jeans and boots. They both have microphones in their hands. 

Buck Dresden: CUT THE MUSIC. CUT IT. 

Charles Brandon Magnus: Ladies and gentlemen…my name is Charles…Brandon… 

Fans: MAGNUS! 

Charles Brandon Magnus: …and this man here is The Bluegrass Bad Ass Buck Dresden and we are the Bad…ASS… 


Magnus grins. 

Buck Dresden: An’ we have returned, ladies and gennelmen…sick…an’ damn TIRED of seein’ the same ol’ same ol’ bullshit. Take a look at the main event. Do you see any tag teams? NO. 

There are some boos, given the competitors in said main event. 

Buck Dresden: That’s okay, folks, that’s okay…because them titles in that main event? 

Buck motions across his waist. 

Buck Dresden: They’re comin’ home. 

Magnus and Buck are now at the ring and both of them enter. 

Charles Brandon Magnus: So we got the chance to make things right and that starts by getting right in the face of this terrible, terrible, terrible apology of a professional wrestler in Kenji Yamada…and his strange new girlfriend… 

Buck Dresden: Filet Rio! 

Magnus looks over at Buck. 

Charles Brandon Magnus: Flay Rios. We Brotherhood made our name going toe to toe with you quote unquote “fine” folks in Project: SCAR and to be honest, Kenneth J., we can’t stomach the way our tag division is becoming of guys like Sex & Violence or Long Island Hardcore or…whatever… 

Magnus waves his hand at the two SCAR members before him. 

Charles Brandon Magnus: …this…is. So, we’re going to have to show SHOOT Project how tag team wrestling is done. 

Kenji simply smiles, genuinely clapping his hands together as Flay tries her best to hide behind Kenji. 

Kenji: Well said, gentlemen, well said. I think the two of you will be absolutely PERFECT for what I have in mind tonight, picture perfect. 

Kenji reaches behind him and grabs Flay by the hair, forcing her into a standing position and shoving her into the corner of the ring. Flay hits the turnbuckle, a shaking and stuttering mess looking to every side of the ring but too afraid to leave. Kenji bows towards the BAB, holding his hand out towards the ring. 

Kenji: Gentlemen, if you please…? 

Magnus and Buck nod their heads, smiling from ear to ear. In the ring, Kenji calmly walks to the corner Flay is in, she clutches at his wrist looking for some form of comfort or advice. Kenji rips his arm out of her hands and exits under the top rope and stands next to the turnbuckle. Flay’s whole body trembles as she looks across the ring at the BAB, she cowers into a seated position in the corner. Magnus and Buck look on, smiling at the reaction from Flay. Kenji reaches over the top rope and grabs her by the hair again and forces her to stand up, yelling something at her and pointing towards the BAB. Flay furiously shakes her head, looking back at Kenji, but Kenji shows no remorse and he shoves Flay as hard as he can into the middle of the ring. Flay stumbles into the middle ring, her eyes practically shake in their sockets.  

Buck decides to go in first, towering over the much smaller Flay. Flay takes a small step backwards, almost stumbling doing something as simple as that. Buck takes a menacing step forward, Flay tries to retreat to her corner, whipping her head back but sees nothing but an empty turnbuckle. She suddenly realizes that the deafening sound of contempt coming from the sold out Epicenter isn’t aimed at her, but rather at the aisle where Kenji walks away from the ring. Flay falls to her knees in shock, eyes plastered on Kenji’s back as her mouth dribbles open. A large hand drops onto her shoulder, she turns and sees Buck. 

Buck puts his other hand on the opposite shoulder and easily hoists Flay up and throws her like a rag doll into the corner.  

Buck Dresden: Bad choice in friends, princess, bad choice. 

Buck takes a few steps back, gets a full head of steam, and clobbers Flay into the corner with a clothesline. Flay weakly falls into a seated position, but Buck picks her up and leans her against the turnbuckle while pummeling her ribcage with straight left and right jabs. All the while, however, Flay doesn’t shriek out in pain or really make any effort to get anything up that resembles a guard, she takes every blow at its full potential. Buck shifts his weight downward and thrusts his shoulder right into the midsection of Flay, bending her whole body around him like a car hitting a pole. Buck keeps launching his shoulder into Flay, listening as the crowd counts the number of times he attempts to permanently make Flay concave. 

When the crowd finally reaches ten, Buck stands up and finds himself surprised that Flay isn’t in more distress. If anything, Flay looks more relaxed and less frightened than before. Buck grabs Flay and literally chucks her across the ring like a child’s toy before tagging in Magnus. Magnus easily drags Flay to her feet and wraps her arm under her leg and hoists her up into the pump handle slam position, he keeps her there long enough for him to point at the entrance ramp where Kenji looks on, clapping and shouting.

Kenji: BRAVO! 

Magnus looks disgusted as he SLAMS Flay to the canvas as hard as he possible can, shaking the very foundation of the canvas. When he looks down at Flay, he too acquires a confused look as Flay looks completely possessed by ecstasy. Magnus stands up and takes a few steps back, looking to Buck for any type of answer while Kenji simply looks on with an auspicious grin on his face. 

Flay rolls over onto her hands and knees, dragging her fingernails along the mat crawling towards Magnus. Magnus looks on, cringing in disgust, but the moment she gets close Flay jumps up and headbutts him right square between the eyes with such force that she falls backwards, having opened a cut on her forehead. When she notices the blood, she lets out a bellowing scream at the top of her lungs and haphazardly rushes Magnus throwing wild punches and scrapping his chest with her nails as hard as she can, completely devoid of any form like a wild animal.  

Magnus shoves Flay off of him, causing her to roll backwards but quickly get back to her feet and resume her possessed charge. Flay relentlessly whips her arms as hard as she can into the midsection of Magnus, she stomps at his feet, and relentlessly smashes her head into any part of his body that she can. Magnus shoves her off of him again and reaches back, tagging in Buck, and this time when Flay rushes in Buck absolutely LEVELS her, spinning her inside out, with a clothesline! But, Flay stays down for just a mere moment, shrieking at the top of her lungs and literally jumping up and onto Buck, wrapping her legs around his waist as she rabidly drills her elbows into his neck as hard as she can! Buck staggers backwards trying to bring his hands in, but when he does she starts to bite at them until he withdraws them! 

Finally, Buck manages to wrap his hands around her neck and lift Flay off him and SLAM her to the canvas with a sitout chokebomb! Buck massages his neck and tries shaking the feeling back into his hands and, unbelievably, Flay begins to stir! Buck looks on in almost a state of shock before tagging Magnus back in. Flay tries to rush at him again but Magnus has the underside of his boot ready and waiting as he drops her with a HUGE boot to the face. When Flay starts to stir so quickly after, Magnus grabs hold of her and hoists her up onto his shoulder. Flay starts to desperately claw at Magnus, but it’s not enough as Magnus heaves her to the mat with the Iconoclasm! Flay finally lays there motionless, Magnus stares down at her then up at Kenji, who is holding his arms out. 

Kenji: My Angel.


The scene opens to show Nova Lynn Jackson standing backstage in a hot pink cropped halter top with a black cupcake over her heart and fringe hanging down from the hem. Her pants are black with hot pink zebra stripes, and she’s wearing black heels that are absolutely unrealistic for daily life. In her hand is a small woven basket, and in the small woven basket are cookies, cupcakes, and muffins. 


Nova Lynn Jackson: Good evening, SHOOT Project! I’m Nova Lynn Jackson, and I’m here to talk to you tonight about something near and dear to my heart. That’s right, everyone, it’s time to talk about baked goods and happiness! As we all know, cookies are pretty much happiness incarnate. Cupcakes are joy with frosting. Muffins are contentment in little paper cups. 


Nova smiles at the camera and holds up a cupcake with bright pink frosting, and she takes a lick. If she were anyone else she might be attempting to be seductive, but Nova is attempting no such thing. She’s simply a beautiful woman running her tongue slowly up something pink and sweet. 


Nova Lynn Jackson: So, it’s my expert opinion that more people in SHOOT Project need baked goods in their lives, because this is the biggest bunch of sour-pusses I’ve ever met! You’re all living the dream, and you’re all so dreary and whiny and angry and mad all the time. But if you had cookies, hand made with love by Nova, you’d be happy! Oh, sure, you’ll pretend you won’t love it. But we all know that as soon as the camera turns off, Project: SCAR is going to be giggling like little children while they devour their snickerdoodles! 


Nova puts the licked cupcake in the basket and lifts up a little plastic bag with cookies in it, and waves it at the camera. 


Nova Lynn Jackson: So, that’s what I’ll be doing here. I’ll be giving honest to goodness wholesome happiness to the SHOOT Project roster, because I truly believe that you all need to take a moment to eat a cupcake and to remember that we are incredibly lucky, supremely talented, and pretty damn awesome. 

A shadow seems to blot out Nova for a moment, the frame darkening…and that’s when the pallid horror known as Isaac Entragian strolls onto the scene. Entragian wears leather pants and a black t-shirt, his long white hair tied back into a ponytail.

Nova stares up at the monster for a moment, her eyes big and nervous, holding her basket of goodies close to her body. Isaac leans forward, taking a moment to draw in the sweet scent of Nova’s hair.

Entragian: My, my…what big…

Isaac stares down at Nova’s halter top, blatantly admiring her breasts.

Entragian: ….EYES…you have.

Isaac reaches a pallid hand into Nova’s goodie basket, digging around nonchalantly while maintaining eye contact with the young woman.

He comes out with a snickerdoodle, and Isaac chomps into it with his razor-sharp teeth, chewing obnoxiously with his mouth open. He takes a step back, this time seeming to examine Nova’s butt in her zebra print pants. Nova favors him with a naïve, slightly uncertain smile.

Entragian: Fuckin’ tasty.

Nova brightens for a moment at what she believes to be a compliment on her delicious baked goods.

Entragian: The cookie ain’t half bad either.

Isaac flicks a few crumbs at the camera, and then he walks off while whistling to himself, leaving Nova there with her basket.

Cameras cut back to ringside, in front of the announcing pod, to be specific, where fans watching at home will now be seeing the handsome mugs of long time SHOOT Project commentators ERYK MASTERS and OTHER GUY.

The duo acknowledge their presence on camera and kick off the show’s next segment.

Eryk Masters: Another big night here in the Epicenter, and our next bout, certainly no exception.  The Sin City Championship Series is BACK, and is featuring, not only some the organizations very BEST, proven soldiers, but as is the case with the next bout, some of our NEWEST soldiers as well.

Other Guy nods in agreement.

Other Guy: And the emphasis only on NEWEST.  These two cats we got up next; they a’int some rookies.  They been around the block, and as fans of this sport, we’re not gonna hide here and pretend these men haven’t been hitting it out of the park ‘round the world.  David Miller about to go toe to toe with Drew Stevenson… Sin City Championship Series…  GOD DAMN it should be good, Eryk.

Masters responds in toe.

Eryk Masters: Both men had a wildly successful debuts at Revolution 105.  David Miller defeated Damien Hellions…

OG quickly chimes in, cutting Masters off for a second.

Other Guy: ANNND, probably, more important, Eryk, got a mention from the bossman, himself after airing out a few, heh, let’s just call them.. CHOICE words for the organization.  But hey man…  ‘round here, it’s go big or get the FUCK out!

Masters chuckles and carries on his previous thought.

Eryk Masters: And of course, who can forget the debut Miller’s opponent tonight, Drew Stevenson had last week.  Assaulted before his tag match can even start, abandoned by his partner MID BOUT, OG

Despite his occasional antagonistic approach, OG nods in agreement.

Other Guy: Cat was basically left for DEAD, but manages to somehow, some way, pull of a GIGANTIC upset by pinning Jacob Mephisto CLEAN in the middle of that ring.  Pretty insane stuff, man.

There’s an acceptable lull after Other Guy’s last remarks, while Masters looks over a few sheets of paper in front of him on the desk.

Eryk Masters: (Looking back up at the camera) So we have David Miller and Drew Stevenson up next in just a quick minute…  but fans at home, while we’re talking about last week, I needed to redact a few statements my colleague and I made during, what, at the time, we thought was a fan assault during Drew Stevenson’s introduction.  Or I guess, rather, I should say, thought was a fan ASSAULTING one of our workers.

Masters pauses.

Eryk Masters: As many of you saw at 105, and as I just mentioned Drew Stevenson was attacked during his introduction to the ring.  Other Guy and myself had alluded that maybe one of our audience members had a little too much to drink…  so on and so forth.  We’re not going to show you the footage.  You can download it on the website, or I believe there was some alternate footage released via youtube that may have been posted somewhere on the site forums, but right now we just want to clarify that the man who attacked Drew Stevenson was NOT a fan.

Masters looks over a few more notes before proceeding.

Eryk Masters: He is contracted worker with SHOOT Project.  His name is Loris Arclale.  I don’t know a whole lot about him personally…  just that he IS under contract with the company.


Eryk Masters: Just clarifying because we don’t ever want any of our fanbase feeling unsafe at any SHOOT Project event, or, honestly, for that matter, thinking that it’s EVER okay to jump the barricades or to interfere in ANY way, and disrupt our soldiers from doing what they do best.

Masters gives a final nod, with OG doing the same.  Obviously something they were asked to do on a corporate level, but they quickly move on nonetheless.

Other Guy: So let’s see how the shit plays out tonight!  Miller.  Stevenson.  SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES!!  Let’s do it!

A flicker ripples across the screen as the lights lower, bathing the crowd in shadows. Another image appears, revealing thick clouds. Lightning leaps from one to the next as a solemn voice echoes through the dark.

"…I’m the best there is at what I do…"

Falling with the rain, the image closes on a lone figure within the storm. Slowly, he begins to lift his head, the thick droplets washing down his cheeks as a sudden flash reveals his jaw, set in a stone-hard scowl.

"…and what I do best, isn’t very nice…"

The sound of a female voice begins harmonizing in the background as the image closes in on the man. A bass guitar matches the lilt of the woman’s voice, adding power to the dark melody as the voice lowers.

"…don’t believe me? …"

Slowing as the man lifts his head, the camera zeros on his face just a flash of lightning illuminates the cold green eyes of David Miller. The crowd rises to its feet as the screen suddenly goes black, plunging the arena into an absolute darkness…


A sharp distortion skews the music just as a violent blast of silver-white flame rips through the stage, consuming the entranceway in blinding light as the commanding chords to Evanescence’s “Lies” thunder through the speakers. Black light fills the entry tunnel, silhouetting the same hooded figure from the screen as he steps out onto the stage. Curls of smoke swirl around Miller as he crosses to the ramp and lifts his head, peering into the chaotic masses with a hollow gaze. Twisting his head to one side, then the other, he cracks the bones in his neck before starting down towards the ring, moving with a calm, methodical stride.

Samantha Coil: Now making his way to the ring, fighting out of Anaheim, California. Standing six-feet, one inch tall and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-eight pounds … he is "The Assassin" … DAVID … MIIILLEEER!

Crushing against the guardrails, fans extend their arms, trying to grab hold of the silent figure as he passes by. A small chant in the upper areas of the Epicenter breaks out for Miller, signs spelling out his name wavering in the same area. Rolling beneath the bottom rope, Miller pushes to his feet and crosses to the corner, mounting the second rope and staring out over the crowd. Bringing up both hands, he cracks his knuckles before reaching to rip back the hood, exposing the intense fire burning in his eyes. Slipping the coat from his shoulders, he tosses it to a crewman at ringside before dropping down to the canvas.

Eryk Masters: Interesting that there seems to be somewhat of an outpouring of support for David Miller.

Other Guy: I don’t see why, I mean he showed last week that when he gets into the ring it’s no sense pedal to the metal aggression. He doesn’t sit there and pander around like some doughy eyed newbie, he comes to work and work he does.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, he hails from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 250lbs…DREW STEVENSON!!! 

The sound of “Burning Bright” echoes through the arena as the fans pops to their feet, clapping and cheering as Drew Stevenson steps out onto the entrance ramp. Drew claps his hands together a few times, rubbing them in anticipation, and soaks in the ovation from the crowd. As he walks down the aisle he reaches out and tags hands with as many fans as he can, nodding his head towards the rafters to acknowledge as many cheering fans as he can. Drew hops up onto the ring apron, staring down Miller before slapping his chest and entering through the middle rope.

Other Guy: I have to wonder if Drew Stevenson isn’t a little nervous tonight, I mean this is essentially his singles debut. Last week he was in a tag team match with a very unhappy Jester Sm…

As if on que, and to an ovation of anger from the SHOOT Project fanbase, Jester Smiles emerges from backstage with Sammy Rochester, Sin City Championship slung across his shoulder, in tow. The sudden turn in fan reaction makes Drew turn and look over his shoulder, when he does Jester holds his hand up to his neck and waves at him like a runway model. Finally, the two grab folding chairs and take a seat next to Other Guy and Eryk Masters, but refuse the offer of a headset. With Drew’s eyes still locked on Jester, he coyly winks at Stevenson.

Eryk Masters: Speak of the devil, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised since Jester and Sammy have been spectating most of the Sin City Championship matches tonight.

Other Guy: You make it sound like he has sinister intentions. Sammy is the god damn Sin City Champion, the fact that he’s spectating matches that could directly affect his championship reign is a veteran move that these two greenhorns should pay attention to.

Willie Dean finally gets Miller and Stevenson in the middle of the ring and signals for the bell! Right off the bat, Miller spears Stevenson to the mat with a double legged take down and starts reigning down forearm strikes! Stevenson, seemingly caught off guard by how aggressive Miller started out, did what he could to bring his arms up and cover his face. However, once he did that Miller starts POUNDING his elbows into the exposed chest of Stevenson! Miller shoves his forearm into the blocked face of Stevenson and lifts his knee high into the air and SLAMS it into the midsection of Stevenson!

Miller finally stands up, but doesn’t waste a single second and snaps off a kick into the right ribcage of Stevenson with such force that it echoes throughout the arena, causing an audible groan from the crowd. Miller walks around the downed Stevenson and with surgical precision stomps on his exposed hand.  This forces Stevenson to roll over onto his side, clutching his hand, but Miller remains relentless and fires off another thunderous kick right to the back of Stevenson’s knee!

Eryk Masters: Miller is showing some serious aggression right now, I mean from the time the bell rung he hasn’t stopped moving and showing the world how devastating those kicks of his are.

Other Guy: Fourteen year veteran MMA fighter, I think he’s showing the world that he doesn’t put that on his resume for shits and giggles. And look at him, kid hasn’t even broken a damn sweat yet. If Stevenson doesn’t get up off his back he’s in for a loooooong night.

Stevenson tries to roll away, but Miller is still ravenously on him. The second Stevenson rolls onto his back, Miller is right there to stomp on the front of his knee. Stevenson cradles it and hugs against the ropes for leverage. Miller, like a hungry animal, grabs hold of the knee he had been working on and cradles it under his armpit. Stevenson hangs onto the ropes for dear life as Miller falls backward DDTing Stevenson’s leg with such force that Stevenson is forced to roll out of the ring.

Stevenson lands right in front of Sammy and Jester. When Stevenson looks up as Jester there is a coy grin on his face as he offers Stevenson a small golf clap for his efforts. Stevenson grits his teeth as the rabid Miller jumps to the outside of the ring, Stevenson gets up and tries to clothesline Stevenson but Stevenson ducks it and pivots onto his foot looking for a whip kick… but Stevenson ducks it and Miller whips kicks the steel post on the outside with a sickening CLANG. Stevenson rolls into the ring while Miller frantically grips at his leg, trying to massage it.

Eryk Masters: A real quick back and forth right there that saw Stevenson just barely avoid getting his chest kicked in. What could have potentially been one of the final nails in the coffin for Stevenson has turned into a crucial misstep by Miller, who was in full control of the match up until this point.

Other Guy: Stevenson did the smart thing here though, he needs time to recover just as much as Miller does so he just rolled right into the ring to catch his breath and reground from the wounded Miller.

Willie Dean inside the ring has no choice but to start counting out Miller.





Miller gingerly gets to his feet, favoring his right leg as he uses the ring post he just kicked for balance.



When Miller hears the count of six, it’s like a switch is flipped in his head and he jumps under the bottom rope and runs full steam at Stevenson, who uses his own speed against him and picks him up and throttles him to the mat with a snap powerslam. Amazingly, Miller pops right back up and tries to kick Stevenson right in the ribs again, but Stevenson catches the leg and slings him over his head with a beautiful t-bone suplex, but Stevenson doesn’t let go of the leg and floats over with Miller and converts the t-bone suplex into an Achilles Tendon Hold!

Eryk Masters: Incredible transition from suplex to submission and now Stevenson has Miller right where he wants him!

Other Guy: I’m just amazed that Miller is even walking on that leg let alone trying to kick someone with it. I swear, it looked like he just flipped off his pain receptors when he was outside the ring and went back in deciding to throw caution to the wind and go balls to the wall.

Stevenson pulls back as much as he can, while Miller, obviously in pain, keeps a calm demeanor about him. He doesn’t waste any movement trying to flail around and uses every ounce of strength he possibly can to pull himself along the canvas towards the ropes.

Stevenson, realizing Miller is close to the ropes, picks him up and tries to drag Miller back to the middle of the ring, however, when Stevenson leans down it gives Miller the perfect chance to just whip a quick right hand right into the side of Stevenson’s face! Stevenson’s goes completely upright before falling back like a ton of bricks, Miller however, takes the time to use the ropes as a brace so as not to put more weight on his leg than necessary. Miller shakes his right leg, slapping his hand against it, noticeably gritting his teeth together.

Stevenson starts to stir, rolling over onto his stomach trying to catch his breath. Miller doesn’t want to waste any more time so he stutter steps over to Miller and punts him right in the kidneys, lifting Stevenson off the mat for a second and forcing him onto his back. Miller doesn’t relent when he sees a dribble of blood trickle from the corner of Stevensons mouth and drags him to his feet, literally chucking him into the corner.

Eryk Masters: Considering everything Miller has been through in this match, I’m surprised at the pace he’s able to keep. Stevenson has been no slouch this match and has put Miller through his fair share of pain, but Miller seems to just let it slide off his back and keep plowing forward like nothing happened.

Other Guy: You could say that about both of these guys really, Stevenson has been put through hell so far and he’s not showing any signs of quitting either. Just goes to show how much this Sin City Championship Series means to these new guys and how much they want to impress.

Miller corners Stevenson and thrusts forward, but he can’t put as much weight down on his leg as he wants which gives Stevenson te edge to duck the punch and bring a Muay Thai style knee strike booming into the midsection of Miller. Miller groans for a second before snapping off a kick to the back of Stevenson’s knee. Stevenson absorbs it and thrusts another knee into the stomach of Miller, staggering him back ever so slightly, but Miller pushes forward with his hands up in a defensive position throwing out a more cautious kick, Stevenson cringes slightly but absorbs it and takes a lunges out of the corner wrapping his arms around Miller! Miller, having had his arms up blocking his face, is now all tied up in Stevenson’s grip! Stevenson throws Miller over his head with a belly to back suplex, but they’re so close to the corner that Stevenson DRIVES Miller’s head into the top turnbuckle causing him to fold up like an accordion in the corner!

Stevenson takes a few steps backwards, pointing towards Miller screaming at him to get up! Miller wearily stirs, holding the back of his head with one arm and using the other to grip the ropes and make it back to a vertical base. The crowd reaches a fever pitch as Miller starts to turn around, Stevenson shuffles his feet forward lifting his dominate foot into the air, but Miller quickly ducks underneath the attempt!

Eryk Masters:? Stevenson missing the mark with the Emperor’s Rise!

Stevenson turns around and Miller snaps Drew down with an arm drag, Miller grabs the wrist and pins Drew down. Miller wraps his free arm around Drew’s elbow, applying a figure-four to the wrist, using it to pull Stevenson up so he can step over Stevenson’s head and trap it. Miller rotates the arm backward and down, he forces it up behind Stevenson’s shoulders!

Other Guy: Absolute Zero, locked in damn near the center of the ring! I was talking to Miller backstage and he says when he gets this move “not tapping means a broken shoulder”, let’s see if Stevenson thinks a broken shoulder is worth not swallowing his pride!

Stevenson tries to squirm free, but Miller wrenches it in as tight as he possibly can with an animalistic look in his eyes.

Eryk Masters: My god, Miller looks absolutely crazed in there! Willie Dean might have to stop this or Miller is going to really break Stevensons arm in there!

Stevenson, trying to claw and break free, finally gives into the pain and frantically starts tapping the mat. Willie Dean calls for the bell, but Miller still has the hold locked in! Stevenson hollers out in pain as Willie Dean starts to physically remove Miller, but has little success. When Willie Dean threatens to reverse the decision, Miller finally releases Stevenson who gasps in relief clutching his shoulder and rolling to the outisde.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, earning TWO points in the Sin City Championship Series, by way of pinfall… DAVID MIIIIILLLLLLLLLLEEEEERRRRRR!!!

Other Guy: Now THAT man is someone who is going to do whatever it takes to win the Sin City Championship Series!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on, OG, he had to be threatened with Willie Dean reversing his decision before he released that hold. He could have broken Drew’s arm or worse from what he did!

Other Guy: And you’re telling me that’s not smart? This wouldn’t be the first time in the series that these two could possibly meet, why not make sure he has a bull’s eye painted on that shoulder for the next time they meet or just to make sure Stevenson has a handicap and Miller never has to see him again? Smart, Eryk, god damn smart.

As Miller stands tall in the ring, Jester and Sammy make stand up and make sure to leave around the ring where Stevenson is still down. As they pass, Jester noticeably winces and looks down at his shoulder, before slapping the Sin City Championship on Sammy’s shoulder and stepping over Stevenson before heading to the back.


We’re backstage with Loco Martinez.  He’s in a pair of faded and worn blue jeans, red Adidas indoor soccer shoes, and a red Manchester United #14 Chicharito jersey.  He’s sitting on a chair sipping on a Mountain Dew. Looks around, people watching, but without a purpose.  He smiles and nods as various people walk past him.  His eyes catch onto someone and he half rolls his eyes and quickly looks around trying to survey an escape, but its too late.   Dan Stein sees Loco sitting on a chair, and with his tag title on his shoulder heads over to his fellow Sky High alumnus.  He smiles and cocks his head to side almost as if he pities the man sitting before him.

Dan Stein:  Jay…LOCO…MARTINEZ.  Heh, good to see you’re keeping yourself busy. 

Loco smirks.

Loco Martinez:  Well, Danny… we can’t have these chairs free roaming the hallways.  A GOLDEN BOY like yourself might stub a wee little piggy and be out of the ring for months. 

Dan Stein:  If there is one thing YOU’RE an expert on?  Its being out of the ring for months. 

Loco’s eyes narrow. 

Loco Martinez:  Yeah.  See? I got RETIRED… you DO know what that word means right, man?  I can remember a guy who looked, sounded, dressed, and wrestled just like you talking about a retirement tour. 

Dan Stein:  Plans change, Jay.  Things come up.  Contract languages, being a tag champion, the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER, being the World Heavyweight Champion. You know what? Do not sit here holding your breath for me to pull up a chair next to you.  Sadly watching this industry pass you by, and more sadly watching this industry not miss you one bit. 

Dan Stein puts a hand on Loco’s shoulder.  Loco tenses up in self defense.  Stein’s eyes widen and he lets out a belly laugh.

Dan Stein:  Relax, Jay.  I don’t attack the retired.  Really.  You can ask all my Grandma’s friends. I haven’t attacked ONE of them.  I want to help you, Jay.  REALLY!  I’m feeling charitable.  Must be my recent trip to the church.  You need to shit or get off the pot, Jay. 

Loco Martinez: I don’t follow.

Dan Stein:  You’re sitting back here, you’re like that kid who graduated college and keeps going back to your high school.  Reliving your "glory years"… only, in your case your years were never THAT glorious.

Loco’s jaw clenches.  His right fist follows suit.  He lets a breath hiss out slowly.  Stein can barely contain his joy at the rise he’s getting out of Loco. Dan leans down making "meaningful eye contact" with Loco.

Dan Stein:  Listen, old friend.  Look at what you’re doing.  What you’ve become.  All the things you’ve done  *Stein looks at the belt resting on his shoulder* – minus being any kind of champion inside SHOOT?  You could STILL do those things, again minus the whole champion in SHOOT thing. But, you should GO!  Go my son and do SOMETHING.  Staying here as a shiftless lay-about is bumming me out. 

Loco Martinez:  You’ll be pleased to know I’m thinking about moving back to Philly. 

Dan Stein stands up with a smirk.

Dan Stein:  Heh.  You just don’t get it.  Its not about pleasing me or anyone else inside this arena, Jay.  But if for some reason you do head back to Philadelphia? Remember. I’ll be busy that weekend.  Can’t possibly help you move, but I wish you all the best on your future endeavors.  I’ll be rooting for you.

Stein tousles Loco’s hair condescendingly.  Loco stares daggers through the #1 contender as he walks off.


A very sweaty Drew Stevenson, dressed in his black and green pants with emeralds on them walks down one of the many backstage corridors in the Epicenter.  Just recently  removed from his bout with David Miller, Stevenson appears contemplative, though seemingly more determined than ever.   

female Voice off Camera: Mr. Stevenson!

SHOOT interviewer, Abigail Chase appears alongside Drew, who stops when he realizes she’s around.  With his long auburn hair drenched in sweat, he runs his right hand through his hair giving the lovely Abigail a moment of his time.

Abigail Chase: Mr. Stevenson, how are you feeling after that tough loss out there?

Drew acknowledges the question, nods his head, and responds.

Drew Stevenson: Well, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed. I went out to that ring tonight, I put it ALL on the line and I fell short. I make no excuses Abigail, David was the better man tonight but I WILL be meeting him in that ring again in the future and I WILL return that favor.

Listening, Abigail holds the microphone to Drew’s lips.

Drew Stevenson: David, brother, I have nothing BUT the utmost respect for you. You went out to that ring, you managed to beat me ONE on ONE and for that, I commend you! However…

He holds up his index finger.

Drew Stevenson:  … This isn’t the end between you and I, not by a long shot! I promised all of these people, MY fans that I would be one step closer to becoming the Sin City Champion and brother; you managed to win tonight but in our next encounter? I promise you that the outcome will be much, MUCH different; you can take that one to the bank!

Somewhat enamored with how Drew has handled himself in the face of adversity, Chase smiles.

Abigail Chase: Well thank you very much for your time, Drew, and best of luck to you from here on out not only in the Sin City Championship Series, but also for your stay here in SHOOT.

Stevenson nods again.

Drew Stevenson: Any time, Ms. Cha…



Stevenson, DRILLED with an attack from behind, suddenly and VIOLENTLY falls forward into a SCREAMING Abial Chase.    Drew does his best to stay balanced from his awkward position; falling to a knee, but stands NO CHANCE after being KICKED SOLE FIRST IN THE SIDE OF THE FACE!!!

By who?

Six Feet Two.

Three Hundred, Twenty Five Pounds.

In a dirty, stained, browning white T-shirt and trashy gym shorts..

Loris Arclale.

Chase wisely, runs out of the shot, hopefully to find help, WHILE Sevenson, with whatever he has inside him, claws at the wall and tries to stay up.  Arclale is RELENTLESS in his pursuit and drops down to deliver a SHIVERING FOREARM into the same side of Drew’s face that he has previously just kicked!  From his knees Arclale savagely grabs Drew by the front of the head and nonchalantly shoves him over onto his back, where he continues the assault even further!  He mounts his weakened pray, trapping him beneath his body weight, and throws FIST after FIST AFTER FIST AFTER FIST into Drew’s face and upper body…  wherever he can land a blow!  Stevenson tries to cover up, but the more punishment he takes, the less he’s able to defend himself.

Arclale snarls, letting out primitive screams and growls as he throws BLOW AFTER BLOW!  

Stevenson can no longer protect himself and takes undefended strikes, a mixture of palm jabs, forearms and straight punches to the face until he appears to be undeniably unconscious.

There is no security this week.

Loris finally stops.

He looks down and to the side… takes a deep breath.

It’s completely silent.

Stevenson is in really bad shape.

Loris Arclale starts to stand up, grabbing Stevenson by the shoulders and propping him up to his feet the best he can.  However, since Drew is mostly dead weight, Arclale has to use the wall behind them for support and all the strength he can muster.  After a moment or two, Loris has victim up, his hand, callously, around Drew’s throat, pressing him up against the cold plaster.  He stares at him and begins speaking in a low, calm tone.

Loris Arclale: A wish is…  simply…  our last bargain.  The…  LAST chance to…  to reconcile our differences with sad, sad chaos.

He pauses and looks quizically at Stevenson/

Loris Arclale: So tell me what you wish, Drew?  HUH!?  WHAT…  do you… want before you go???

Arclale seems to give Drew an opportunity to respond.

Loris Arclale: (Two seconds later) Shhhhhh…  Shh.  Non, no.  Don’t be hasty, silly.  Tsink it over.  THINK…  Drew.  Take your time, friend.

His cold, soulless eyes quickly scan the room, before settling back on his comatose peer.

Loris Arclale: I am a vessel for fate.  I am tragedy.  I am bleak.   Poetic.  MERCILESS destiny.

His icy siren stare speaks volumes.

Loris Arclale: Consider me your… terminal illness, Drew.

A joyless smile fights through his teeth.

Loris Arclale: Make a wish.

And with that he lets go of his grip, shaking the blood off his hands like one would water after washing dishes.

Drew immediately slumps to the floor.

Loris Arclale: Security….

Arclale makes a meager effort to call for help and walks off, as though nothing had ever happened.


We find ourselves backstage, as two men SHOOT Project has come to know and love (or love to hate) walk briskly, ready for war. Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson, collectively Long Island Hardcore, have burning anger in their eyes, and steel chairs in their hands. CJ holds his in one hand, his glittery “Dan Stein Is A C***sucking Weasel” T-shirt in stark contrast to the rage he’s forcing down the hallway. Jared has a black bandanna over his short blond hair, and his Flying Avengers movie parody shirt is partially hidden by the steel chair in his hand. He licks his lips, although the look on his face is definitely not one of satisfaction.

Jared Walsh: It’s bullshit, CJ. Absolute garbage.

CJ Nelson: You don’t have to convince me, bro. This division needs an enema.

Jared Walsh: Or a new class of competitor, and we’re going to give it to ’em?

CJ glares at him.

Jared Walsh: You started with the Joker paraphrasing.

The two of them freeze, however, and the camera pans out to reveal none other than Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden, The Bad Ass Brotherhood.  The fans are cheering as two of the greatest tag teams in SHOOT Project history (nay, the world!) are finally face to face.  They are still dressed as they were after their beating of Flay Rios earlier in the evening, and they seem to be all smiles.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Oh.  Buck, look.

Buck Dresden:  What’s up, Chuck?

Charles Brandon Magnus:  It’s Jared and CJ, Long Island Hardcore.

Buck Dresden:  Well, HEY!

Buck grins at the two of them.

Buck Dresden:  Y’all seem…kinda mad.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Why are the two of you oh so angry?

CJ and Jared furrow their brows in confusion, looking at each other.

Jared Walsh: Wait, seriously? These guys are asking us why we’re mad?

CJ Nelson: I mean, really, of all the people to ask that question, it’s you guys?

Jared Walsh: Obviously, we watched your little spot last Revolution.

CJ Nelson: We had our own things to say about it, but you were right about one thing:

Jared Walsh: SHOOT’s shitting on the tag division.

CJ Nelson: They’re playing fucking hot potato with the tag belts, throwing it back and forth from one slapdash team to the next.

Jared Walsh: And now, after all we had to say, and by we, I mean Long Island Hardcore…

Jared pauses for the obvious cheap pop he gets.

Jared Walsh: And the Bad Ass Brotherhood…

Jared pauses again for the cheap pop, which gets Magnus and Buck to grin just a little.

CJ Nelson: After all we had to say, none other than the World Champ and the one of his contenders that isn’t ALREADY tag champ decide “Fuck it, we’ll just hop into the division too?”

Jared Walsh: And you’re asking why we’re mad?

CJ Nelson: What I want to know is why aren’t you

Buck looks at Magnus.  Magnus looks at Buck.  Magnus purses his lips.  And Buck…snickers.

Buck Dresden:  Do you see what happens when we’re gone for a couple shows?  Alla sudden, Black an’ Chance get pissy an’ lose the belts.  Then whoever they lost ‘em to lose ‘em right after that.  Then the singles World Champ gets a pal an’ they go after the belts.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I fail to see how any of this is your problem, guys.

Buck nods.

Buck Dresden:  Because, let’s face it, yer not exactly in line to make such decisions, ya know?

Charles Brandon Magnus:  This is true.  No offense, you two, but maybe you leave the tag team division to the professionals, hm?  Maybe go pick a fight with some other guys, knock off some of that rust, then get back in the swing of things.  We’ll go get the belts back really quick, an’ then you guys can go to the chiropractor or do some yoga or something, win some matches, then we’ll be glad to give you a shot and show the world what kind of a dream match this tag division has up its sleeve!

Buck pats CJ on the shoulder.

Buck Dresden:  Personally, I can’t wait!

CJ and Jared look at each other one more time, and nod.

Jared Walsh: They’re right. We should go pick a fight with someone else.

CJ Nelson: Yeah. The tag champs can wait for a bit.

Jared Walsh: Same with the possible future tag champs. They’ve got their shit to sort out, right?

CJ Nelson: Yeah. It’d be rude of us to interfere.

Jared Walsh: Someone else is better.

CJ Nelson: Definitely. Someone who doesn’t have other stuff going on.

Jared Walsh: I agree completely. We need someone who–

Mid-sentence, Jared and CJ SLAM the chairs across the heads of the Bad Ass Brotherhood! Buck and Magnus go down, and CJ and Jared are on top of them in seconds, throwing fists, forearms, knees and feet to the record-breaking former tag champs! CJ pulls Buck up, slamming him into a wall! Dresden is fighting back, with punches to the face and head of CJ Nelson, but the brute shrugs it off like it’s nothing, slamming him back first onto the chair! Magnus and Walsh go head to head, with Jared swinging the chair wildly, nearly taking Magnus’ head off, and hitting the wall with a clang! Security starts to pour in, pulling the group apart!

Charles Brandon Magnus:  HOW DARE YOU!



With security holding all four of them back, none other than SHOOT Project Road Agent Extraordinaire Danny Evers walks onto the scene.

Danny Evers:  What in the world is going on here?

Buck Dresden:  They attacked us with NO prov….prah-vah…provok…NO reason!

Charles Brandon Magnus:  HOW…DARE YOU!

Evers slowly turns his head and looks at the two members of Long Island Hardcore.

Danny Evers:  Do you two have anything of worth to say?

CJ Nelson: To you?

Jared Walsh: Do we ever?

Danny nods.

Danny Evers:  Of course not.  Guys?  Please escort these two troublemakers out of here for the evening.  They need to take the night off to breathe.

Jared Walsh: Oh, we’re kicked out. That’s cool.

In a flash, the chair goes flying from Jared’s hands toward Danny Evers! His quick reflexes allow him to barely dodge the steel projectile, and it clangs against the wall!

Jared Walsh: Hey, heads up.

Danny shakes his head, chuckling.

Danny Evers:  Get these two outta here, would you?  I’d hate to recommend their suspension or worse…

He gasps.

Danny Evers:  …their release!

CJ and Jared are being dragged away, CJ rolling his eyes at Danny, making jerking motions in Danny’s direction.


Danny Evers:  It’s MY cat now!

Long Island Hardcore are dragged away from the scene.  Security lets the Bad Ass Brotherhood go.  Meanwhile, Danny Evers is nodding, approving of his actions.  He chuckles.

Danny Evers:  Fuck those guys, am I right?

Buck Dresden:  Seriously?

Magnus and Buck look at one another before they turn to walk away from Danny Evers.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  It’s a cat, lad.  Learn to let go.

Danny tenses his jaw as the Brotherhood leave him there, a lonely little SHOOT Project Road Agent Extraordinaire.

Samantha Coil: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall!

Eryk Masters: Newcomers Duncan Bishop and Ja Gi Kyung-Moon get a chance to shine tonight, as they face off against each other and former Sin City and Tag Team Champion Tanya Black.

Other Guy: The new guys are gonna have a tough road ahead of ’em, Eryk. Tanya Black seems rejuvenated, ready to bounce back after losing the tag belts at Redemption.

Eryk Masters: Maybe, OG, but all the reports about Bishop and Moon are that they’re no slouches in the ring. And both of them are hungry to make a name for themselves in their debut here in SHOOT.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from San Diego, CA, weighing in at 193 lbs, JA GI KYUUUUNG-MOOOOOOOOON!

As the guitar strains from “JAP THE RIPPER” by B’z sound through the speakers in the arena, there’s a mild pop for the All-American Korean-American as he sprints through the curtain and down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and tests the ropes, stretching and hopping from one foot to the other as he focuses on the entrance.

Other Guy: Seems like some of the fans in attendance have heard of SHOOT’s most recent signing.

Eryk Masters: Let’s see if he can live up to their expectations, OG.

Eryk barely finishes his sentence as Adrenaline Mob’s “Undaunted” pounds through the arena.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, from Denver, CO, weighing in at 265 lbs, DUUUUUUUNCAAAAAAAAAN BISHOOOOOOOOOOP!

“Rocky Mountain Tough” Duncan Bishop steps onto the stage, arms raised high. He rolls his neck, before making his way down the ramp and into the ring. He stays on the opposite side to Ja Gi, but both turn their attention toward the entrance.

Eryk Masters: Our new talent sizing each other up, but our third Soldier is obviously weighing heavily on their minds.

Other Guy: Tanya Black may not have the best reputation here in SHOOT, but she’s got a reputation. And no matter how you feel about it, anyone who can capture gold in SHOOT three times is someone to watch out for.

She Will Sing, Til Everything Burns While Everyone Screams Burning In Their Lies Burning My Dreams 

Samantha Coil: And finally, from Boston, MA, weighing in at 165 lbs, “The Alpha Female,” TANYAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAACK!


The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of SHOOT Project competitors each image being burned away in sequence as if someone was burning a stack of photos. 

“As Everything Burns” by Anastacia continues to play the arena explodes into boos as Tanya Black emerges out of the back, her head hanging down solemnly until she gets to the end of the ramp at which point she looks up at the ring and grins like a cat sizing up it’s prey. Standing at ringside Tanya watches as her song dies down the last words echoing through the arena 

All of this hate  

And all of this pain  

I’ll burn it all down  

As my anger reigns  

Till everything burns

With that Tanya slides into the ring with a surprising burst of speed given her slow walk to the ring catching those in the ring off-guard. The bell rings as she immediately dives onto Ja Gi and starts laying into him with elbows and knees! Ja Gi is put on the defensive early, and Black starts to push him into the corner, but Moon shoves her back, and starts throwing kicks to the former Sin City champ’s thighs and calves! Tanya gives them back as much as she gets, and Bishop watches with a smile! He grabs Tanya with a rear waistlock, but Black almost instinctively throws an elbow to his face! It stuns him for a second, just long enough for Black to stomp on his foot, and break the hold! Black spins around him, dropping behind him as Ja Gi comes bounding forward! Moon cracks Bishop in the face with a rolling elbow, as Black sweeps his legs out from under him, and the big man hits the mat hard!

Other Guy: WOW! Moon and Black with some whirlwind offense and a little impromptu teamwork to start this match off with a bang!

Eryk Masters: Good thing for Bishop that can’t last too long!

Black soccer kicks Bishop in the face before he can get back to his feet, and Moon doesn’t take too kindly to the lack of sportsmanship! He throws a kick to the back of Tanya’s knee, allowing Bishop to roll out of the way and get to his feet! Black turns around with a glare, and charges! Ja Gi takes advantage, and sends her over the top rope with a back body drop! Black grabs onto the top rope, as Bishop scoops up Ja Gi with a German suplex– Moon lands on his feet! Black is springboarding off the top rope! Bishop ducks, and Black topples Ja Gi with a huge flying forearm! Black goes for the cover, but Bishop deadlifts her off of Moon with no hesitation, dropping her to the mat with a sit-out powerbomb!

Eryk Masters: Black taken completely by surprise by the sheer power of Duncan Bishop, and Moon with a kick to the back of Bishop’s head to break it up!

Other Guy: Duncan Bishop showing he’s more than capable of rolling with the punches, so to speak, and just good ring awareness keeping him from being on the losing end of that flying forearm!

Ja Gi is trying to keep Bishop on the mat with kicks to the face and torso, but Bishop powers through, pushing to his feet! He throws a NASTY lariat at Moon, but Ja Gi ducks under– just in time to get a foot to the face from Tanya Black! Black whips Moon to the ropes, and she drops to the mat as Ja Gi comes back… and gets LEVELLED by a heavy lariat from Bishop! Moon does a turn in the air, landing on his front, and Bishop locks up with Black! Bishop throws her to the corner with a HARD Irish whip, and Tanya rocks the ring with the impact! Bishop charges, following her in, but Tanya pulls herself up, wrapping her legs around Bishop’s neck, and swinging herself down his back, laying elbows and punches to the big man’s kidneys!

Other Guy: Black with the Karma Suture, and Bishop looks to be turning red!

Eryk Masters: Well, she’s got those strong legs wrapped around his throat, and even men the size of Bishop need oxygen, OG!

Other Guy: Admit it, Eryk, you wish it was you.

Eryk Masters: Barf.

Moon is back on his feet, and he plants a kick straight to the back of Tanya Black, and before she has a chance to fall off of Bishop’s back, he drops to the mat, crushing her under his weight! Bishop turns to face his other opponent, and Ja Gi starts in with the strikes as quickly as possible! Moon cracks Bishop in the face with a forearm, and staggers the bigger man, still trying to catch his breath! Moon wraps his arm around Bishop’s shoulders, and tries to drop him with a Russian leg sweep, but Bishop will have none of it, driving an elbow into Moon’s nose to stagger him! Duncan runs to the ropes, but Moon counters the charge with a rolling solebutt! Bishop doubles over in pain as Black gets back to her feet, and charges Moon with a flying knee! Moon sidesteps, and Black lands on her feet, turning around to face Ja Gi– hiptoss from Moon! Tanya rolls with it, and drops her leg across Bishop’s neck! Bishop crashes to the mat! Black with a cover, but Moon pulls her off!Eryk Masters: Austin Linam has got to be bored today, guy hasn’t even gotten a one count off!

Other Guy: On the plus side, Eryk, this match has been back and forth from the start, and both Duncan Bishop and Ja Gi Kyung-Moon are showing a great deal of talent!

Eryk Masters: Am I the only one having trouble pronouncing his name?

Other Guy: Yeah, I don’t see what’s so hard about Duncan Bishop.

Black hops to her feet, throwing a forearm to Moon’s face! Moon puts his hands up to block, and Tanya pulls him forward into a standing D’Arce choke! Tanya steps forward, trying to cinch it in, but Moon is pushing her back! Austin Linam is checking on Ja Gi, but he brushes him off, powering through, and pushing Tanya into the corner! Linam starts a five count, and Black finally releases on the four! As she does, Moon gets a burst of speed, pushing her up onto the top turnbuckle! Before he can go anywhere, Ja Gi gets rocked with a fist straight to the eye socket!

Other Guy: Duncan Bishop out of nowhere!

Eryk Masters: He might not be the fastest guy in the match, but that doesn’t mean the guy can’t move!

Ja Gi turns around, and ducks a STIFF lariat! Bishop’s momentum sends him into a seated mule kick, and now Moon is on the offensive! He charges in, but Bishop tosses him up with an alley oop, Black having hopped off the turnbuckle! The crowd gives out a collective groin for Moon’s testicles! Thinking quick, Black grabs Duncan by the waist, pulling him back into the corner, where his head collides with Ja Gi’s hip! Moon falls off the turnbuckle to the outside, and Bishop is stunned! Black hooks around Bishop’s face, and runs up the turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: TOUGH LOVE!

Other Guy: Tanya Black with the cover!

Tanya straddles Duncan Bishop’s chest with a smirk, looking out at Ja Gi on the outside, still in a heap!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of ten minutes and sixteen seconds, “The Alpha Female,” TANYAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAACK!

Eryk Masters: SHOOT’s newest Soldiers put on a valiant effort tonight, but it just wasn’t enough to topple a reborn Tanya Black!

Other Guy: I don’t think either man is going to take this loss lightly, though, Eryk, and I would count on seeing great things from both of these Soldiers in the future. But Black pulled it out tonight, and SHOOT’s unofficial welcoming committee made good on her promises!


Rolling outside the ring Tanya Black takes a moment to catch her breath after the intense match she just had. With an evil smirk she grabs a lead pipe from under the ring before rolling back into the ring where her opponents are attempting to leave.

Eryk Masters: Oh God! Tanya’s not done yet!

Other Guy: She said this week she was going to make them suffer for their own good. Like they never have before. We should have seen this coming.


Just as Tanya seems to pick her target "Bully" by Shinedown starts, cutting Tanya Black off as she prepares for an ambush, and the fans turn their attention to the stage just as Chance Ryan emerges from the back, a microphone in hand. Slowly the music fades out as Chance begins making his way down the ramp, receiving a mixed reaction from those in attendance while the ring empties to Tanya’s dismay. 

Eryk Masters: She’s done now! The distraction by Chance Ryan has stopped her attack just as it started. Thank You Chance.

Other Guy: That won’t make her happy though and she already expects one apology from Chance Ryan here tonight.

Chance Ryan: I spent two full weeks thinking about what transpired between the two of us at Revolution 105. Two full weeks thinking about your hand slapping my face, and two full weeks thinking about the words we said to each other and…you’re right.  

Tanya nods her approval at Chance, as he reaches the bottom of the ramp and starts getting in the ring, still talking. 

Chance Ryan: I do owe you an apology. I owe you a few, I came to realize as I thought and thought and thought about it.  

Tanya smiles widely, pleased about getting the apology after all, as Chance steps through the ropes before continuing, now in the middle of the ring with Tanya. 

Chance Ryan: I’m sorry that I’m not selfish and self-absorbed, like you’ve always wanted me to be. I will never be the man you wanted me to be, and I realize that now…and I’m sorry.  

The fans cheer lightly at that, with a few laughing as Tanya’s jaw drops ever-so-slightly. Chance continues, not giving her an opportunity to cut him off. 

Chance Ryan: As I thought about it more, though, I realized I was sorry for more than that. See, I’m sorry that you’re so obscenely abrasive you can’t find a single ally around here that you don’t insist on pushing away. I’m sorry your own ego is so insanely massive you can’t function with any sort of unity with another person. I realize it’s my fault for trying to make a team between the two of us work, so…I’m sorry.  

The fans cheer slightly louder, and Tanya’s jaw drops wider, but Chance holds his free hand up indicating that he isn’t finished there. 

Chance Ryan: I wish you the best of luck as you, to paraphrase your own words, take aim at the Iron Fist Championship. I hope you win it, but…I’m sorry that, if history is any indication, you will never have a meaningful title defense if you do manage to capture it. You’ll rant and rave about being the Alpha Female of Professional Wrestling, and you’ll carry on and on about how this new title will prove…whatever it is you’re trying to prove…and then you’ll lose it, first time out, again. And I’m sorry for that, because I won’t be there to help you out with that.

Tanya: Chance I am glad you found your balls. That will help you as you go solo. The thing is you aren’t in charge here. See the Syndicate, as it’s name suggests, was always about business. All those papers Cassi made you sign even though she grumbled about them? 

Those were contracts. Only Cade Sydal and I can end this. You are a junior lackey. Since Cade is not capable of coming down to this ring and doing it, I am in control. So no matter what you wish, no matter if you still desire me or not. 

I OWN YOUR CAREER! Now know your place and try that apology again Chance!

As the fans boo, Chance stares down at the canvas and rubs his free hand over his cheeks. Slowly he turns his gaze to meet Tanya’s. 

Chance Ryan: I’m sorry.  

The fans boo more as Tanya eyes Chance skeptically. 

Chance Ryan: I’m sorry, Tanya. Truly I am. I…I didn’t realize how out of touch with the situation you were. See, while you’re right in that I did sign a few contracts, I read them all. I’m smart that way. And those contracts were to be represented by my sister as her client, and to serve Cade, my mentor, until an amicable and mutual parting of ways…not one mention of you oddly enough.  

Just as Tanya starts to object, Chance holds his hand up. 

Chance Ryan: He paid me, after all. He put a roof over my head, after all. All you ever did? Well all you ever did was use me, isn’t it?

Tanya: Let’s get one thing straight. You can’t survive on your own. Cade knows this. Cassi knows this. You don’t want to push this thing. As for you and me. Damn right I used you. I never told you we were friends. We were tag team partners. Last Minute partners because your "precious mentor" failed to deliver and got hurt. You were a substitution who couldn’t hack it! Now I am willing to help you stay relevant. I do still want the Syndicate to continue. But rest assured it won’t continue without me. You two boys don’t have the vision even if Cade gets back in the saddle. And legally I may not own you directly, but I still own the rights to the Sinister Syndicate name. I came up with it after all. 

Every fan here knows Chance Ryan doesn’t have any value. You still need me to make you famous.

The fans boo venomously at Tanya as Chance stares at the canvas for a long, long moment. 

Other Guy: She’s not wrong, you know. 

Eryk Masters: How can you even say that?! 

Chance Ryan: You’re right, you do own the rights to the Sinister Syndicate name. That…that you do own. And heck, you might even be right about me and how Cassi and Cade and the world views me. But you know what?  

Chance takes a moment, long enough for Tanya to wave her hand impatiently for him to "come on and spit it out." After making her wait another moment, and while failing to stifle a small smile. 

Chance Ryan: At least they’ll never look at me the way they look at you. If they never see me as more than a substitute, they will never see me as the choke artist they all think you are.

At the phrase “choke artist” Tanya starts steaming and in a moment hauls off and slaps Chance Ryan as hard as she can across the face as the fans go silent for a moment before booing. Chance’s eyes go wide as he once again looks down at the canvas, presumably trying to calm himself, but Tanya won’t allow that as she cocks her arm back to slap him again. She swings her open palm for his face. but Chance catches her by the wrist and shifts his wide-eyed stare from the canvas to meet her eyes. 

Eryk Masters: He’s got her now!  

Other Guy: C’mon now, be reasonable! 

As the fans begin to cheer now, Chance suddenly drops the microphone and with that hand grabs Tanya by her head. With both hands he roughly shoves her head down and pulls her forcefully into a standing head scissors. 

Eryk Masters:   He’s going to powerbomb her through the mat! 

Other Guy: That’s a bit overboard for a slap, isn’t it? 

Eryk Masters: After everything she’s done? She deserves it! 

Chance looks around at the sea of now cheering fans, a smile growing on his face. Just as he begins to hoist Tanya up, however, she drops to a knee and throws her right arm up, lodging it deeply into Chance’s groin!

Eryk Masters: That bitch! 

Other Guy: Ohhhh! You KNOW that hurt! 

Chance doubles over, and then drops to his knees gagging. The fans boo loudly as Tanya continues with the momentum of dropping to her knee and rolls sidelong out of the ring. As “Everything Burns” begins playing Tanya walks up the ramp, staring daggers at Chance Ryan.



Eryk Masters:  We’re about to see our next bout in the Sin City Championship Series, and as if a match involving Liz Gaunt couldn’t have a high enough potential to be strange?  Word from the back is Henry Gordon is refusing to come to the ring first.

Other Guy:  He’s been hesitant all week.  Even pointing out how nervous he was. Clearly Gaunt scares the bejesus out of him, and… well… who could blame him?  Oh, and speaking of strange happenings?  Don’t look now. 

Before anyone can make their entrance to the match. We, once again, see Sammy Rochester and Jester Smiles make their way ringside.  They take a seat in the chairs they have been using throughout the night. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh man.  This could be incredibly interesting. 

Other Guy: They could just be here to scout, Masters. 

Eryk Masters:  Even their presence could be distracting.  You can scout and watch from dozens of monitors out back.  Sammy sitting ringside at the very least borders on intimidation.

“Blood” by In This Moment starts to play over the speakers, and red & black rose petals start to float down from the rafters at the head of the ramp.

Other Guy: Sounds like Gordon got his way.

Elizabeth Gaunt steps out from behind the curtains, wearing her black latex body suit and a huge smile.  The crowd boos her mercilessly and she stops to sarcastically blow a kiss to one incredibly riled up section of the Epicenter.  She gets to the apron and slithers into the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Coney Island, New York, weighing in at 155lbs, and representing PROJECT: SCAR.   ELIZABETH GAUNT!!!

She stands center of the ring, staring towards the ramp.  "Blood" fades away and before Gordon’s music can even hit, he is through the curtain.  "Give Me Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd kicks in as he makes a very fast trip to the ring.  He keeps looking over his shoulder clearly worried about a sneak attack.

Eryk Masters:  Gordon is incredibly paranoid tonight. 

Other Guy:  Clearly worried about SCAR. 

Eryk Masters:  Or a plague of scorpions acting as Gaunt’s Minions. 

Gordon gets to the ring and stops cold in his tracks at the sight of Sammy Rochester and Jester Smiles. 

Eryk Masters:  Yup. They’re here too Gordo. 

Gordon stares at them nervously before rolling into the ring, casting a wary eye in Liz’s direction. 

Other Guy:  You’d think Gordon would be more excited for this match.

Eryk Masters:  How’s that?

Other Guy:  He’s about to touch his first real live woman!

Samantha Coil: And her opponent.  From Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Weighing in at 320 pounds.  HENRY GORDON!!

Dennis Heflin calls for the bell, and Gaunt pounces.  She immediately lays into Gordon with a series of kicks to the thighs.  She steps back and buries her shin into his gut, doubling him over, briefly.  Hank steadies himself on the ropes, catching his breath, but Gaunt is just getting going.  She runs to the ropes and springboards off turning and grabbing him and snapping him down into a lungblower. 

Eryk Masters:  She’s really earning her nickname of "Hellcat" here.

Other Guy:  Hammerin’ Hank doesn’t know what hit him.

Eryk Masters:  He was suffering headaches from a concussion he suffered a few shows ago.  Who knows what long term effects they could have had.

Gaunt makes a quick lateral cover.



ThNO!  Gordon powers out.

Other Guy:  I was sure this one was over as quickly as it started. 

Gordon gets up slowly, Gaunt already back to her feet.  She shoots Sammy a look and gives him a playful wink before turning back towards Gordon.

Eryk Masters: What the HELL was that about?

Other Guy:  Somethings are just better left unasked, Eryk.

Liz takes off and runs leaps wrapping her legs around Gordon’s waist locking them in tight around his waist with a modified body triangle.

Eryk Masters:  Almost like a full mount, but Henry is still standing.

Liz begins to dirty box Henry.  Holding the back of his head with her left while pistoning rights into his temple.  The big man staggers under the ferocity of the attack.  She continues her attack with a couple of body shots.  She then shifts herself so she is now on his back. 

Eryk Masters:  Man she is climbing him like he’s a tree.

She locks in a sleeper, but Gordon senses it and starts to walk backwards to the corner and drives his weight back, crushing Gaunt between him and the turnbuckles.  He grip loosens and Gordon steps away, but Gaunt continues on, and drops the big man to a knee with a nasty chop block.  She gets around him and lays in a vicious slap to his face, the crowd "OOOOH’s".  She takes his head and buries it between her legs looking to finish the "Dead Orchid".

Other Guy:  I’m guessing this is another sexual milestone for Henry Gordon!

Before Liz can spike him down with a piledriver, Henry begins to power up.  Liz not knowing what to do, holds on for dear life.  Gordon standing, and Gaunt clinging upside down on his back.  He grabs her ankles, and with all his force snaps her down hard to the mat.

Eryk Masters:  Gordon, fittingly using the Alabama Slam to potentially turn the tide of this match. 

Gordon shakes his head a few times, before heading over to Liz and making a lateral press.


two…NO!  Liz kicks out after two.

Gordon reaches down and drags Liz up.  He whips her hard into the corner.  He charges in after her for a splash, but she manages to slide out between the ropes.  Henry crashing chest first into the turnbuckle.  He stays there attempting to catch his breath for a split second, but Gaunt begins snapping off kicks from the apron into the side of Henry Gordon.

Other Guy:  Don’t sleep on a kick to the liver, Masters.

Gordon ends up slumped in the corner.  Gaunt jumps to the middle rope and leaps over the top of Gordon grabbing him as she goes down his back with a sunset flip.



TH-NO!  Gordon gets out.  Gaunt is back up.  Gordon gets up slowly.  She lashes out with a roundhouse kick, but Gordon ducks, and as she spins he quickly snatches her up.  Lifts her and nails an Atomic Drop.  He then whirls her around and drives a nasty headbutt between the eyes that staggers Gaunt.  She stumbles back against the ropes. Gordon steps in and wraps her up in a bear hug.  He squeezes hard as Gaunt’s face contorts into a painful grimace. She begins to struggle against his grip, but he shakes her a few times violently, effectively shaking the fight out of her.  Referee Heflin goes in and checks on Gaunt.  She shakes her head positively saying she wants to continue.  When the ref goes to reposition himself she quickly takes her right and goes to scratch Gordon’s face. He immediately releases the hold. 

Eryk Masters: The Hellcat making use of her claws!

She quickly takes that same right hand with the finger nails filed to points and slashes at his stomach.  He doubles over.  She does a back handspring, and leaps to the middle rope before delivering a drop-kick to the same area she just slashed.  He drops hard to the mat.  Gaunt continues her assault on his ample midsection with a series of vicious stomps.  As she continues stomping her eyes lock with Sammy Rochesters. 

Eryk Masters:  That is one eery stare down.

Gaunt hops up the middle rope and comes down hard with a double stomp to Gordon’s gut. 

Other Guy: I think she’s trying to work her way to his jelly filled center. 

She makes a cover.



Th-NO!  Gordon manages to get a shoulder up. Gaunt eyes the referee skeptically.  He holds up "2" emphatically.  She walks a half circle around Gordon stalking him. 

Other Guy: I think she’s sizing him up for Heartless.

Gordon stirs and gets to his knee.  He goes to stand up, and Gaunt launches with her superkick to the heart, but Gordon senses it coming and sidesteps.  As Gaunt passes him and turns he launches with a nasty diving lariat.  The crowd pops at Gordon’s clothesline.  Gaunt is down and Gordon gets up and drops an elbow across her chest.  He stands.  Drops another one.  He stays across her chest for the lateral cover.



TH-NO!  Gaunt kicks out. 

Gordon is up.  He drags Gaunt up with him.  Drives a nasty headbutt into the bridge of her nose that drops her to a knee. He scoops her up and slams her down with impressive force.  He then brings her up to a seated position and takes his huge bear paw of a hand and drives it into the Gaunt’s Trapezius, and squeezing with all his might while leaning his body weight into the hold.

Eryk Masters:  That combo of headbutt, scoop slam, and now the nerve hold have a delightfully old school feel and have put Gaunt in a world of hurt. 

Gaunt tries to shimmy towards the ropes, but Gordon leans more of his weight down on her and she stops quickly.  He drives a knee between her shoulder blades adding injury to injury.  She reaches her feet out to the ropes.

Other Guy: She is a long way, and with Gordon’s strength and power advantage I can’t see her dragging him to the ropes. 

She flops, still trying to find escape, but no such luck.  She drives her elbow back catching Henry in the shin. Gordon loosens his grip and his shin eats another elbow, and instead of releasing the hold entirely he drags Gaunt to her feet.  Gordon drives a right hand into Liz’s head, and backs her into the ropes.  He whips her off.  Goes for a clothesline.  She ducks it.  Liz bounces off the far ropes and launches her self with an attempted cross body, but Gordon catches her, and falls forward in a World’s Strongest Slam.   He hooks a leg.



Thre-NO!!  Gaunt is able to get a shoulder up. 

Eryk Masters: Gordon’s strength and size advantage has neutralized Gaunt’s speed and striking!

Gordon gets up.  He brings Gaunt up to her feet, and she lashes out with a thumb right into the eye.  Gordon snaps back grasping at his eye.  He stumbles back trying to rub some vision back into the afflicted eye, and she lashes out with a vicious series of palm thrusts to his torso.  She lands two kicks to his side, doubling him over.  She quickly grabs the back of his head in a clench.  She then pulls it down violently as she jumps up landing a nasty knee lift into his chin.  Gordon’s arms go limp for a split second as he falls back.

Other Guy: TIM…BER!

Eryk Masters:  He may have aggravated that previous concussion with that blow. 

Gaunt makes a cover.



Th-NO!  Gordon kicked out.

Other Guy: That may have been pure instinct by Gordon.

The crowd murmurs as Jacob Mephisto begins making his way to the ring.

Eryk Masters:  What does HE want?

Other Guy:  The Sin City Championship.  If this match and everything that has gone on today, the first day of the competition is telling us ANYTHING? Its that this Championship Series is going to be hotly contested. 

Gaunt casts a look in Mephisto’s direction, but her attention is drawn back to Gordon as he begins to stir. She winds up and nails a nasty stomp to Gordon’s forehead.  She nails a 2nd one.  Follows that with a knee across his forehead.  She then stands coiled, ready to strike as Gordon slowly, wobbly gets to his feet.

Eryk Masters: He’s out on his feet, OG. 

As soon as he’s close to vertical she launches and drives a superkick into Gordon’s chest.

Eryk Masters:  HEARTLESS!

Gordon crumples to the mat.  Gaunt makes a cover.  Hooks a leg.




The bell rings and Gaunt smiles sadistically as she rolls off Gordon.  She turns and faces Sammy Rochester.  Their eyes lock briefly before her eyes wander to his Sin City Championship.

Eryk Masters: Gaunt put on a very impressive performance here tonight!

Samantha Coil:  Your winner of this match at 12 minutes and 37 seconds.  ELIZABETH. GAUNT!!!!

During her stare down with Sammy she doesn’t realize Mephisto has taken the opportunity to slide into the ring.  She turns around to head out and is now face to face with Mephisto.  The crowd buzzes with anticipation. As referee Heflin assists Gordon to the back. 

Other Guy:  This could get ugly.

The two eye each other up.  They begin talking to one another.  Mephisto says something that makes Gaunt wind up for a slap, but he is able to catch her wrist.  He pushes her back before pulling her in and nailing his signature follow through short armed clothesline.  He stands over her and looks like he might continue the attack, but stops abruptly as he hears:


Through the arena.  He looks over his shoulder to see Adrian Corazon heading to the ring. He casts one more look Gaunt’s direction before deciding this isn’t his fight, and heading out of the ring. Corazon smirks at Mephisto as he walks by, acknowledging Mephisto’s wisdom in leaving, and then he turns his eyes on Elizabeth Gaunt, as he slides into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Corazon… all business here tonight. It’s like he’s campaigning.

Other Guy: I don’t think he’s going to get very far with Elizabeth Gaunt.

Corazon is handed a microphone as Liz stares at him from across the ring. The crowd is very, very loud for this.

Corazon: I’m not going to stay long, and I’m not going to hurt you. I just have something to say to you, and then I’m done.

Corazon paces the ring, never taking his eyes off of Elizabeth Gaunt.

Corazon: I know you’re his woman, and I know you have your loyalty, but I’ve seen your eyes and I’ve seen the doubt that you have. Sometimes, you’re not sure, sometimes you’re right there with him… but then sometimes, you look at people and you feel something. It’s because of that that I’m approaching you right now. I want you to understand what’s happening around you. You’re smart, and I know you get it. Deep down inside, I know you understand.

Corazon keeps his eyes directly in line with Elizabeth Gaunt’s own.

Corazon: With you, or without you, I am going to permanently SCAR Isaac Entragian.

The crowd pops HUGE.

Corazon: I don’t want you to get caught in the crossfire, because if you know ANYTHING about me? You know that I won’t stop, and it is because of that, that I implore you to rethink your present situation. Stay with him, be with him if you want, but understand that things are going to get A LOT MORE VIOLENT before they calm down, and you… you shouldn’t be in the middle of that.

Corazon smirks.

Corazon: Isaac Entragian is delusional. YOU are not. You can see reality, and it is my purpose in life to scrape the abscess from the SHOOT Project. Don’t get caught in the crossfire, Liz.

Corazon leans against the ropes, still never taking his eyes off of her.

Corazon: Stay away from him, and stay away from me.

Corazon pauses.

Corazon: …for your own health… for your own safety.

Corazon flips the mic out, and waits to see how Elizabeth Gaunt reacts. The crowd is STILL extremely loud, but also waiting with bated breath and anticipation. The camera zooms in on Gaunt, who simply offers a simple gesture.

She flips Corazon off.


Corazon laughs, nods his head, and drops out of the ring as "The Baddest Man Alive" kicks up over the PA once more.

Eryk Masters: I gotta be honest, Corazon is making some very valid points, and he’s not backing down from his position. I have to wonder if he’ll actually change the mind of ANYONE in SCAR, though.

Other Guy: I really believe that Kenji is the key. If Kenji goes with freedom? We’re going to see something magical happen.


The scene opens up to purple haired Ainsley Lake approaching a young man backstage. He’s facing away from the camera, but the way he stands is familiar enough to her that she knows who it is from a distance. She still wears her black catsuit from her time under the Minxy Jones mask, the main difference being that she wears her signature combat boots with purple laces once more. As she gets closer, we see SHOOT Project Road Agent Extraordinaire Danny Evers reading from a clipboard. Ainsley taps him on the shoulder to get his attention. Lake is hesitant, her shoulders slouched together, feet pointing away from him. They are silent for a long moment, and Ainsley gives him a cautious smile when she realizes he’s waiting for her to tell him what she wants.

Ainsley Lake: Hey, Danny. Been a while, huh? I… What’s up with you? I mean, I know all of us are reeling over Jonathon, and it’s been a really rough week for everybody around here, so… Hi, I guess. I hadn’t seen you around yet since I’ve been back and I was kind of incognito and holy fuck I’m babbling, sorry.

Danny Evers inhales deeply and closes his eyes as he hears her words.  He shakes his head and licks his lips.

Danny Evers:  …yeah.  What do you need, Ainsley?

Ainsley Lake: Just wanted to see how you’re doing. I mean, I know Jared is a pain in the ass, especially when it comes to you. And after not seeing you for a few years, I thought it’d be rude to just walk on by you like we were strangers. It’s not like we have nothing to chat about. How’s Mitya? Being a good kitty? Fuck, maybe that’s why Jared’s panties were in a wad with you earlier, you’ve got his cat. It’s gotta be cool for you, having power backstage and being able to kick him out.

Danny’s jaw tightens and he trembles with anger for the briefest of moments before he swallows it back.

Danny Evers:  Maybe you mean my cat Gnev, because I haven’t the slightest what a Mitya even is.

His upper lip quivers.

Danny Evers:  Further, I kicked your default boytoy out along with his Neanderthal partner for causing an unneeded disruption backstage.

He can’t help but smirk.

Danny Evers:  Because I have that kind of power.  I don’t get to use it often…but your hasbeen friends?  Sometimes they need to learn their place.

Ainsley raises her hands, palm out, in a placating gesture. Only a complete idiot would have trouble figuring out that Danny was unhappy with her. She can’t help but be a wise-ass anyway.

Ainsley Lake: I wasn’t aware the Mitya came out as trans and wanted to use a girl name now, and I will respect her new pronouns and names.

Ainsley relaxes a little, oddly enough. Arguing with Danny is something she’s used to, and has always enjoyed. She’s given up in mollifying him before she’s done with one sentence.

Ainsley Lake: Furthermore, Jared is not my boytoy, so if you’re pissed because you are still convinced I’m madly in love with him or whatever you’re barking up the wrong tree. God knows Jared and CJ need someone to drag ’em back down a peg sometimes, but I wouldn’t call ’em has-beens. You’re way too angry at them for way too little reason. Everyone fights backstage, Danny, it’s not like everyone gets kicked out. Maybe you just took it a bit too personally?

Danny sighs, rolling his eyes at her.

Danny Evers:  Did you come here for some reason tonight, Ainsley?  Or was it because you wanted to make useless snide comments at me and show the world just how ignorant you are of foreign languages?

Danny grits his teeth, stopping himself yet again.

Danny Evers:  Or…you know what.  There’s other road agents.  If you need something, go to one of them.  Maybe they can tell you where you can find your friends.

Ainsley Lake: Contrary to popular belief, my goal in life isn’t to make you miserable. I wanted to say hi, you were hostile, I returned it in kind. I’ll leave you alone with your plus one clipboard of bureaucracy and your bitterness. Say hi to my cat for me.

She turns to leave and Danny quickly grabs her by the back of her head and SLAMS her face first into the wall!  The fans can be heard booing as Danny throws his clipboard down onto her.  He bends down and picks her up and presses his body against hers and clasps his hand around her mouth.  She is dazed, but he makes sure she is glaring her right in her eyes.

Danny Evers:  I…have let you go for long enough, girl.  Do you even know what “gnev” means, you ignorant tramp?!

His grimace twists into…a grin.

Danny Evers:  It means “anger”.

He pinches her face with his hand and SLAMS her head back into the wall.  She crumbles to the ground.  Danny kneels down and lifts her face to his, although at this point she isn’t fully there.  Only tear filled foggy eyes.  Danny’s voice softens at the sight of her tears

Danny Evers:  Leave.  Before somebody decides to finish what Dan Stein started.

With that, he lifts himself up. He stands over her for the briefest of moments before he bends down and takes his clipboard. He looks at it and snorts before he walks away from her. Ainsley groans in a heap on the floor, slowly moving her hands toward her face. The effort is too much for her and they fall back down, limp. Her eyebrows are raised in confusion and she slowly shakes her head. Ainsley’s eyes flutter closed and she sighs, giving up on trying to move. She relaxes into the unnatural pile she finds herself in, unable to follow Danny Evers’ advice to leave.

The SHOOT Epicenter goes dark for a moment and the crowd goes quiet for just a moment. Then, they break into murmuring amongst themselves while they try to figure out what’s happening. The grinding beat of the instrumental to “If I Was Your Vampire” comes over the speakers and the lights near the entry way come back to life. Alexander Kincaid crouches in the entryway, elbows hugged in tight to his body and his eyes fixed on the aisleway in front of him. He lifts his head and the crowd recognizes him. Fists pump in the air, boos and insults are yelled through the crowded building while he gets up to his feet and starts walking down the aisle. He’s already got a microphone in his hand and speaks over his music.

Kincaid: Cut that.

The production team obeys and his music goes quiet while he heads down the ramp. He circles the ring and stares at the crowd while they yell back at them. Once he’s completed a full circle around the ring, he hops up onto the apron and climbs inside. He looks around the arena for a moment before he heads to the corner and climbs up. He sits on the top rope, facing outward so that his back is turned on the ring and he’s looking into the crowd.

Kincaid:  This place is everything I thought it would be. I’ve been all over the world because of wrestling. I started in dive little independent companies in the northwest, I made my way to Japan, Canada, Mexico…everywhere that’s got a scene I’ve spent some time.  Still, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen somewhere like this.  You guys are the kind of crowd that can make a man do anything! The way you scream, the way you chant…

He gives a little playful mock shiver. The crowd seems surprised by his pleasant speech and endorsement of them, but there’s some polite applause from a few who are willing to take a chance on him.

Kincaid: The way you drive us to do anything! It’s…disgusting. You’re disgusting. All of you.

The crowd makes it clear how much they don’t appreciate what he’s just said. He seems offended by their reaction. He frowns and shakes his head before he continues.

Kincaid:  Don’t like that do you? Nobody ever does. Nobody likes that I’m willing to tell the truth while everybody else lies right to your face.  Let me explain to you your role in this little dance of ours: You’re the audience.  Audience comes from Audientia: To listen. Hearing. Whatever. The point is, you’re supposed to pay for your tickets and show up at this arena to see what we give you. You don’t control the direction of this thing, we do. Somewhere along the line though you people got an overinflated ego.  You forgot your place. I’m here to remind you of it.  That’s what I do. I bounce around from place to place, and I tell the wrestlers what they’re supposed to be. Sometimes I have to remind them a little harshly. I don’t feel guilty about it but man…people don’t like me much.

Kincaid chuckles and shrugs in place on the ropes. He nearly drops the mic, but saves it at the last second. A few people in the audience laugh and his expression hardens again.

Kincaid: Nobody likes me and nobody likes the truth. See,  my manager sent a letter to SHOOT Project to try and get me a contract a few weeks ago. SHOOT took their good old sweet time in getting back to me. In fact, they took just enough time for me to miss the Sin City Championship Series. I guess I’m supposed to believe that’s coincidence. I guess I’m supposed to believe that’s just the way business is. Not everyone can make it in right? I’m smarter than that. I am smarter than you. I know that you left me out of the series because you didn’t like what I was saying. You couldn’t stand that someone like me could come in here, kick down your doors, win your titles and tell the truth about the way wrestling is supposed to be. You kept me out in the dark. Well, cheesy as it sounds, I’m going to shine a little light on this whole thing. I’ll be watching. I’ll be watching and I’ll be doing things the way they’re supposed to be done. You go ahead and you have your series. While you do that I am going to work my way up. I’m going to beat everyone you put in front of me. I’m not one of those guys who shows up and says “I’m gonna kick your ass” or…I dunno, whatever the nonsense a wrestler is supposed to say is.  I’ve got to point to prove. I’m gonna prove it. When this thing is over, you’d better believe that I’ll be watching.

He scratches his chin and then rolls backward off his place seated on the top rope. Kincaid lands on his feet and then heads through the ropes to the floor. He starts walking toward the announce table. He stops in front of it and tosses the mic nonchalantly onto the surface of the table. It lands with a thud and a shot of static sounding feedback, before he turns and makes his way out of the arena.

Eryk Masters: Now fans, this match was booked after Alex Brooks challenged Mason Pierce at Revolution 105. If you recall at Revolution 104, Pierce laid Dina Bryce out COLD in their Tag Title match. 


Other Guy: Well, Alex Brooks might have a lot of energy tonight, but he’s going to need it if he’s going to do battle with the first and last GEA Global Champion in SHOOT Project’s short tenure. Pierce is on FIRE coming into this match. 


Eryk Masters: It’s true, but we ARE in Las Vegas, and revenge is the BEST cooler. 


Samantha Coil: The next match is scheduled for ONE FALL! 


“Flying Through the City” by Bliss N Eso plays loudly as the fans cheer for Alex Brooks. Alex steps out from the backstage area, bouncing around and pointing out at the crowd to rile them up. He runs down the ramp with a determined smile on his face, slides under the bottom rope out to the middle of the ring before QUICKLY jumping up to the top turn buckle. 


Samantha Coil: Weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds, hailing from Aurora, Colorado, he is a former RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION KNOWN AS “THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT DID”… ALEEEEEX BROOOOOOOKS! 


Alex’s hands are raised high as he looks out over the fans. Just then, the pulsing synthesized intro of “Mislead” echoes throughout the arena, causing the fans to launch to their feet in boos. 


Samantha Coil: And his opponent! 


Eryk Masters: I guess the real question is what kind of shape Pierce is going to be in after his run in earlier tonight! 


Out from the backstage area walks Mason Pierce and Leona, as well as the MASSIVE man in the mask, Malice, and his zookeeper, Morgana. Pierce’s eyes are locked in on Alex Brooks, who now rubs his wrists in his side of the ring, staring right back at Pierce. 


Other Guy: Is pissed off a shape? 


Eryk Masters: It is if Pierce wants it to be. No sight of Valentine, though Brooks. Could be lurking in the back somewhere. 


Mason shrugs off Leona as she tries to check out his wounds, continuing to make his way down to the ring. Mason walks up the steps and into the ring quickly. 


Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and THIRTY pounds, hailing from Manchester, England. HE is a former RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION… MASON… “THE FIXER”… PIERCE! 


Samantha quickly moves from the ring  as Willie Dean checks both Alex Brooks and Mason Pierce for illegal objects. The referee turns to the time table. 




Eryk Masters: Willie Dean calls for the bell, and we’re off! 


Mason and Alex rush toward each other, locking up in the center of the ring. Both men jostle for position. 


Eryk Masters: Pierce outweighs Brooks by forty pounds here, I don’t think getting into a test of strength is going to be the way to do it. 


Other Guy: Well, when someone disrespects your friends like Pierce did, you’re capable of doing some strange things. 


As if on cue, Brooks sends Mason FLYING backwards, landing on his back and somersaulting back onto his feet. The fans ERUPT at the rare display of power by Brooks. Mason’s eyes grow wide, and then scowl. 


Eryk Masters: I guess you’re right! We’ve got a FIGHT here, tonight! 


Mason RACES across the ring towards Brooks, who realizes what Mason’s doing…and DROPKICKS HIM DEAD TO THE MAT out of NO WHERE. 


Other Guy: OH. The beauty of that dropkick, Eryk…Brooksie has to have the prettiest one in SHOOT Project. 


Brooks pushes himself up off of the mat with a playful smile out to the fans, which absolutely eat it up. Mason rolls over as Malice crosses his hands over his chest impatiently. As Mason stands up, Brooks runs smiles at him, egging him on to the middle of the ring. Mason rolls his head on his neck and walks into the middle of the ring. 




The knee catches Brooks off guard, doubling him over. Pierce slams Brooks’ back with an axe handle, dropping Brooks straight to the mat. Mason smirks, wiping his feet on the mat in front of Brooks, which causes the arena to EXPLODE in boos. 


Other Guy: Hey, he’s the only active member of SHOOT Project to have won an interfederational championship FOR SHOOT Project. I think he’s earned that right. 


Mason looks down at Brooks, who pushes himself up off of the mat and DRILLS him in the side of the head with a boot. Brooks rolls over, quickly, allowing Mason enough time to wrap his hands around Alex’s head, and bring him up to his feet. Brooks takes a swing at Mason, but Mason blocks and DROPS Brooks with a strong right hand to the jaw. 


Eryk Masters: All of that momentum Brooks had at the start of the match now looks gone, OG. 


Mason IMMEDIATELY drops to the mat after Alex, and grabs onto Alex’s arm while throwing his own legs across Brooks’ chest, wrenching back and turning Brooks’ arm elbow to put pressure on his joints. The fans begin to cheer for Alex, hoping to give him some fight. 


Eryk Masters: PAINFUL arm bar applied now and Willie Dean is checking if Brooks wants to quit. 


Dean is down on the mat in Alex’s face asking for a response, Alex emphatically shakes his head “NO” as he struggles to break free from the submission maneuver. Mason SQUEEZES down again, and Alex reaches his hand out for the ropes… 


And BREAKS the hold. Pierce remains latched on to the arm, however, and Dean is forced to count while the fans  










Pierce lets go before the five count, and Brooks quickly rolls out of the ring to collect himself briefly. As Dean tells Mason to listen to him… 


Eryk Masters: Uh oh, Alex. Look out behind you! 


The MONSTER of a man named Malice stands behind Brooks, within arm’s reach. 


Other Guy: If Dean doesn’t stop worrying about Pierce, we might not see Brooks back in this match, Eryk. 


The fans yell out and scream to get Alex’s attention so he knows not to move, but it’s too late. Alex turns around into Malice’s chest, nearly knocking Alex over. Malice grunts audibly from across the ring, and Brooks’ eyes go HUGE at the sight of the man, but Morgana reaches in with a devilish smile and blocks Malice from moving forward. Brooks slides back in to the ring. 


Eryk Masters: I think Brooks narrowly escaped with his life there, who cares about the match! 


Other Guy: If there’s any woman Brooks should be wrestling for, it’s Morgana after that. Hey, she’s hotter, too! 


The bickering between Pierce and Dean is finally over, and as Brooks gets to his feet he glares at Pierce while extending and rotating his elbow. 


Eryk Masters: The damage may have been done with those few extra seconds Pierce held on to the ropes. 


Other Guy: That’s why there’s a five count! He’s got ‘til five. 


Pierce and Brooks tie up again, this time with Mason QUICKLY overpowering Alex and driving him back into the corner of the ring. Pierce nails Alex with a European upper-cut, dazing Brooks who slumps down into the corner. Pierce looks down at Morgana and Leona with a smile, causing the fans to show their displeasure for the show boating. Mason grabs a hold of Brooks’ shaggy hair and drags him out into the center of the ring, throws Brooks’ head under his own arm and grabs Brooks’ tights for a quick snap suplex. Brooks SLAMS to the mat, and cries out in pain, but Mason hurries for a quick pin. 






Brooks kicks out early, much to the chagrin of Pierce. Mason grabs Alex’s hair and holds his head down to the mat while looking at Dead and asking for him to count quicker.  Alex’s legs flail as Pierce shakes his head. 


Eryk Masters: Total disrespect here for Brooks, OG. 


Other Guy: Well, Brooks really hasn’t done much to earn Pierce’s respect in this match. 


Mason stands up, pulling Brooks up with him and leans Brooks back across the ropes. Pierce LAYS into Brooks’ chest with a knife edge chop, causing the fans to boo. Mason looks out at them with a smile as he SMACKS Brooks’ chest again, this time causing a louder reaction from the fans. Pierce switches sides now, slapping Brooks with his hand ONE more time. Pierce reaches down and THROWS Brooks across the ring, bending over for a back body drop. Brooks watches as Pierce ducks down… 


Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks just ROLLED over Pierce’s back! 


As Brooks stands to his feet, he SHOVES the confused Pierce forward, face first into the ropes. Brooks falls back into his own ropes before using it to propel himself towards Pierce, baseball sliding and kicking Pierce STRAIGHT out of the ring onto his face. 


Other Guy: Brooks just LITERALLY kicked Mason Pierce’s ass, Eryk. Look at that! 


With Pierce on the outside, and the fans going INSANE for the sight, Brooks stands up proud, though still working out his elbow pain. Brooks notices Willie Dean beginning to count and hurries to the turnbuckle nearest Mason. 




Brooks jumps to the outside on the apron, looking down on Pierce whom … 




Groggily gets back to his feet. As Mason turns around, Brooks races across the apron… 




And HURLS himself at Pierce, all of his momentum and bodyweight drilling Mason in the chest. Brooks rolls over off of Pierce, and searches for Malice with a terrified look on his face. 


Eryk Masters: I think Brooks is in the clear there, Malice is on the other side of the ring. 


Other Guy: Well, I think that’s the biggest advantage of the number’s game. Always in fear. You can’t fully concentrate on the match at hand! Especially with a guy like Malice out there. 


Brooks moves over to the dazed Pierce, this time picking up the man by the head and tights and slides him back into the ring with his eyes NEVER leaving Malice’s. As Pierce rolls over near the turnbuckle, Brooks jumps onto the apron, looking around at the fans. He throws his hands in the air, causing the arena to EXPLODE, and LEAPS to the top turnbuckle. He straightens himself up, looks down at Pierce and leaps out into the ring with a perfect SHOOTing star press… 




Eryk Masters: I don’t know how, but Pierce had it in him to put his knees up, and Brooks paid the price for paying too much attention to Malice! 


Brooks rolls around the ring in pain, and Leona slaps the mat to get Pierce’s attention. Mason crawls as fast as he can over to Alex, and pulls back a leg as he goes for the pin. 








Eryk Masters: Brooks kicks out! 


Mason, obviously frustrated, pushes himself up to his feet. Grabbing Brooks’ hair, he drags the man into the middle of the ring and SLAMS his head into the mat. Brooks rolls over in pain, but Mason drops down on top of Brooks in a mounted position, and begins to rain down elbows across Brooks’ face. Alex tries to defend himself… and he catches Mason’s elbow and rolls through, locking in an armbar!! Brooks is cranking on the arm as Mason gets to his feet, backing Brooks into the ropes and pushing him off with force, rocking him with a vicious shoulder block and going for a cover, but not even getting a one count. Mason gets to his feet and pulls Brooks vertical, sending him into the corner and charging right after him with a clothesline.. but before Brooks hits the mat, Mason scoops him and inverts him into a very familiar position… 


Eryk Masters: He’s got him in the Tree Of Woe! Alex Brooks is still reeling from that clothesline in the corner,and now he’s defenseless! 


Other Guy: And judging from that look in the eyes of Mason Pierce, this is going to get a lot worse for Brooksie before it gets better.  


Mason grabs Brooks by the arms and lifts him, hooking his head into a Dragon sleeper… he looks around and sees Leona nodding her head, a smirk on Morgana’s face… and- 




Other Guy: What the hell is he doing out here? 


Eryk Masters: Looks like he’s not too interested in coming to the ring, OG. 


Lionheart is standing at the top of the entrance ramp, his arms crossed, a calm yet stoic look on his face. Mason locks eyes with him and nods before twisting Brooks into the Unfortunate Turn Of Events!! The crowd is booing as Pierce goes for the cover. 






Brooks just manages to get a foot on the rope right before the three count, saving the match for him! Pierce is furious, demanding to know why the match isn’t over, and the referee points to the rope and his foot. Pierce shakes his head and pulls Brooks to his feet, whipping him toward the ropes and linking his hands together…he goes for the axhandle swing, but Brooks ducks underneath the attempted A.E.S and hits the brakes, turning around and catching The Fixer with a standing dropkick that sends Pierce into the ropes… Brooks charges and goes airborne, connecting with a knee to the chest that sends his adversary over the ropes and to the floor! Brooks looks up at the entrance ramp, looking to see if Lionheart has moved before setting himself to launch outside- but stopping when he spots Malice waiting at the point of impact! He backs off and waits for Pierce to get back to his feet and back into the ring. 


Eryk Masters: Wow.. that’s got to be a first- normally Alex Brooks isn’t afraid to take those kinds of high-risk maneuvers- the ones that have made him an overwhelming favorite with the fans here in SHOOT. 


Other Guy: Yeah, but take a look at the guy he probably would have hit. He’s smart. He doesn’t want any part of Malice- and I can’t say I blame him one bit. Hell, you and I are here at ringside, a safe distance from the guy,and I’m feeling a little uneasy myself. Although I have to admit, getting to look at  Morgana and Leona kinda makes it worth it, you know? 


Eryk Masters: I’ll be sure to let Mason and Malice know you’ve got such an attraction to their- 


Other Guy: I know where you live. 


Pierce slides back into the ring where Brooks is waiting to grab him and take him over with a textbook German suplex! The crowd is on its feet now as Brooks signals that this one might be just about over… he gets in behind Pierce and snakes his arm underneath the armpit, reaching around to grab the free arm..he leans back and grapevines the legs…. 




Other Guy: This could be it. Alex Brooks is about to get his payback. 


Eryk Masters: Maybe not…. 


Brooks is putting the pressure on the submission hold, focusing all of his energy into making Mason Pierce submit, that he never sees Morgana climb up on the ring apron! The referee goes over to get her down from the apron, not noticing that Malice has made his way into the ring and is making a beeline for Brooks! The referee turns around just as Malice leaps and drops a vicious knee right into the temple of Brooks, forcing him to release the hold and sending the referee over to the announce table to call for the bell, signaling that this match is over. But inside the ring, Morgana has made her entrance and she’s barking out orders to Malice, who pulls the dazed Brooks to his feet, hooking his arms and lifting him up onto his shoulder.. and sending him crashing down to the mat with a vicious backbreaker! He quickly turns Brooks onto his stomach, mounting him and placing his hands on either side of Brooks’ skull, leaning back as his hands put on the pressure… 


Other Guy: He’s trying to make Brooksie’s brain pop! 


Ringside security quickly enters the ring, but the damage has been done as Brooks’ eyes are closed, passed out from the pain. Morgana orders Malice to release the hold, and he immediately relents as Mason Pierce is getting back to his feet.  


Samantha Coil:Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… as the result of a disqualification…Alex.. BROOKS!!! 


Eryk Masters: Brooks gets the win, but right now I don’t think he’s feeling much like a winner.  


Other Guy: After getting his skull squeezed like a zit, I wouldn’t either. 


In the ring, Mason, Malice, Leona and Morgana are looking at the top of the ramp, where Lionheart is nodding in approval, giving a light round of applause as he heads for the back.


The cameras switch backstage as a car is seen idling. The driver side door opens up and out steps Thomas Manchester Black, once again.

Eryk Masters: Well, there is the man that came oh so close to becoming the Iron Fist Champion

As TMB steps out the car he reaches back in and pulls out a duffle bag and a baseball bat. TMB walks through the doors and looks to be heading towards the Go Position.

Other Guy: Somebody get security, I don’t think he is here to hand out flyers

TMB: You know, I waited. I waited for a reasoning behind what happened…some type of explanation. And I didn’t get one. Not one fucking reason. Not one explanation. So in my mind…so to me…both parties deserve to get fucked up.

Eryk Masters: I guess it is safe to say TMB is talking about his match from the last show.

TMB: The Ref was two seconds away from counting to ten when he was interrupted, Jamie. But not by someone attacking you…but by someone attacking me…buying you the two seconds you need to get back up.

TMB paces the back for a moment, deciding not to head out to the ring.

TMB: I’ve watched the match over and over and over again and you wouldn’t of beaten the ten count without her help. And before you say anything, do you think I give a fuck about you breaking up the ref’s count for me? A count that shouldn’t of happened. BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY HAD THE MATCH IN HAND…

Right now you should be on your way out here to hand me that belt…but you won’t. And do you know why…because you are a bitch who knows without that belt, you aren’t worth watching. You know without that belt you are another Jun Kenshin…Del Carver…just biding your time until your body finally breaks down.

Eryk Masters: Strong words from “The Queen City Hitman”

Other Guy: Tough talk…from the guy who couldn’t get it done…again.

TMB: But that is ok, Jamie…because I’m a forgiving guy. I, deep inside, am a forgiving soul. SOOOOOO…if at the next show, you walk to the ring and you give me the belt that you know…I know…we all know should be mine, then I will forget everything.

Eryk Masters: I doubt Jamie is going to do that.

TMB: But if not, I will make sure that you have a very long and painful rehab stay in your future! Now with that being said, let me move on to your “Partner” in crime…

TMB: Maybe my stint in Legacy wasn’t impressive enough. Seton, maybe my time as the No Limit Champion didn’t catch your eye. Maybe beating the hell out of Chris Turner, Garvin and Crazy Boy wasn’t impressive


TMB: Maybe the fact that I’ve been up and down since coming back to this company that has made you think that it was okay to do what you did. But let me assure you…it’s not.

Eryk Masters: Even though he has been up and down, TMB has been able to rack some impressive wins.

Other Guy: Impressive wins…but no titles.

TMB: When you came out to the ring and cost me my match. You sent a message to Jamie. But not the message you wanted. Instead of sending the message that you are going to be a thorn in his side…your message became more of “Jamie, I won’t be around because I’ve decided to commit career suicide…

TMB smiles and taps his bat.

TMB: So let me help you make sure that, that message becomes true.

TMB: You see, I got a hold of a good friend of mine, Eli Storm. And I called in a favor…and that is what this lovely briefcase is about. In this briefcase is enough money to cover me for fines for the next month or two. That belongs all to Mr. Johnson.

The crowd explodes knowing that when TMB is focused he is capable of very violent things.

TMB: And this bat…this bat will be the reason why I accumulate all those fines, because Seton, you don’t put your hand in the fire and expect not to be burned. You don’t step in front of a train and expect to survive. So if I was you…I would pay attention to everything around you because from this point on…BLACK IS GONNA KILL YOU….

As Black begins to chant…slowly but surely the crowd begins to chant along with him.



Other Guy: Ok, I think that seals the deal with what Black plans on doing.

Eryk Masters: You mean coming to the arena with a bat wasn’t enough.

TMB: listen to that crowd, Seton…they aren’t chanting a cute catchphrase to put on a shirt. They are chanting your swan song…they are chanting your death march. Because, I’m not your normal “good guy”. I play by a set of rules that even so called bad guys flinch at.

TMB waves the cameras to come closer and closer.

TMB: But trust me…you will learn regret soon enough…and you will also learn pain.

TMB shoves the briefcase towards a road agent and tells him to hand it over to Jason Johnson before heading back towards his car.


Tap, tap, tap…

Pale fingers tapping against rotten wood. Entragian sits in one of the luxury skyboxes at the top of the Epicenter like a watchful eagle comfortable in his nest. The word “luxury” doesn’t really do a good job of describing this particular skybox. A small fire gutted it several years ago, and it’s currently closed for renovations. The heavy padlock that barred the door lies broken at Isaac’s feet, the metal warped as a result of near inhuman strength.

Charred and peeling wallpaper decorates this room, and the stench of mildew wafts into Isaac’s nostrils with each breath that he takes. His eyes, green vats of noxious poison that they are, stare down from his high perch…taking in the ring below and the competitors that come and go.

SHOOT Project spinning on its axis, cogs and gears in human form ensuring that the mechanized machine continues to function. Isaac sees into the heart of the machine, his eyes pick out every ventricle, every red blood cell, every drop of oil and every expended piece of shrapnel. When the time is right, when the hour has come…Isaac will tweak that machine. With a flick of his finger, the dominoes will fall. And when the rooms of ruin stand open to him, it’ll finally be time…to reap.

Gaunt slinks into the room with soft footfalls, fresh out of the shower after her match with Henry Gordon in the Sin City Championship Series. Her hair is wet, and she’s wearing white shorts and a tight black IVORY TERROR t-shirt with gnashing teeth on the back. Isaac looks up at her, and he curls his fingers forward, beckoning to her. Liz settles down into his lap, curling herself against him…liking the protective feeling she experiences when in the embrace of this bestial man.

Entragian: I saw what you did out there. I’m proud of you, Lizzie…

She beams with pride, one of her hands tracing across the intricate scar tissue that covers his chest.

Gaunt: Corazon’s offers are worthless to me. I’ve stood by you since the moment we met. I’ll be at your side…until the end of time. Any blade that means to pierce your heart will have to chew through my chest FIRST, my beautiful beast…

Gaunt’s hand flutters up to brush against a pale cheek, her crazed eyes drinking in Isaac’s fearsome visage.

Entragian: You’re a rare breed, Elizabeth. Fiercely loyal…and willing to make sacrifices. If only my ranks included carbon copies of you…instead of those that would chase after a taste of redemption that will prove to be nothing more than a sour mirage.

Gaunt: Speaking of the others….things are dodgy, Isaac. Kenji is a man divided, seeming to be torn in two different directions. Flay is naïve, she has certain cravings that could bring her to our side of the fence…but she’s also willful, and there’s a part of her that longs for the path Corazon is preaching about. And Obsidian is practically Corazon’s right hand, his confidant…there is no doubt that his support belongs solely to the Brutal & Inhuman.

Gaunt looks up, trying to read Entragian’s expression. This proves fruitless though, it’s like a pallid stone mask…and it remains impassive.

Gaunt: We’re outnumbered, Isaac. There was a time when I could say with absolute certainty that Kenji would stand with us…but now…I’m not so sure of that. We can count on each other…but aside from that…I believe we may find ourselves alone in this…

Gaunt bites her bottom lip, her turquoise eyes large and vulnerable. Isaac meets those eyes with his own, and he favors her with a thin smile.

Entragian: Put those doubts to rest, sweet one. Let me worry about the others. We will endure. SCAR is built to last…and despite what Adrian might want, I intend to go…nowhere. Let him reach out…let him shop around his newfound morality like the AVON salesman that he is. He’s playing a broken violin, and his audience is deaf.

Isaac runs his fingers along Liz’s wet hair, petting her like a dog that he’s particularly fond of.

Entragian: I’m in control here, Elizabeth.

Liz swallows deeply, and then she rests her head against Isaac’s chest…her eyes closing.

Entragian: I’m always…in control.

And yet, as this last line leaves Isaac’s pallid lips…it almost seems that he’s trying to convince HIMSELF of this more than anyone else…



A telltale bell sounds in the Epicenter, and a gold crown insignia appears on the SHOOT Video wall, sending the SHOOT Project fans into an excited frenzy.  There is silence after the bell, and it only serves to amp the fans up further.  The silhouette of the referee is shown via the flashes of light from the cameras in the arena as the lights are shut down completely.  On the Video Wall, we see electricity rippling through an empty street until the camera settles on an empty throne sitting in the middle of the street, a single crown resting in the seat.  All of a sudden, the beginning of “Monster” plays.

I shoot the lights out

Hide ‘til its bright out

Whoa, just another lonely night

Are you willing to sacrifice your life?


The fans cheer as “All of the Lights” by Kanye West begins to play.  The familiar horns begin to play and the fans are on their feet as a single golden spotlight shines down.

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS

The arena ERUPTS into BRIGHT lights, no pyro, just the lights turned up as bright as they can get as DONOVAN KING steps out from the smoke emanating from the entrance.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers! First, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, from Charlotte, North Carolina….DONOVAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIING!

Eryk Masters: The main event of tonight’s show is set to get started, and what a way to kick it off, with the World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: It’s the main event of Redemption, teaming together to try and claim the World Tag Team Championships as their own!

King begins to walk down the ramp, the World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. Fans reach desperately across the guardrail, trying to pat King on the back and shoulder, as he grins, staring up at the ring.

Eryk Masters: The World title is not on the line tonight, but it will be in about a month, at the biggest show of the year, Reckoning Day!

Other Guy: And both of the men he is going to be defending against, they are going to be in this match tonight, one of which is his tag team partner!

King hops up on the apron, and climbs the turnbuckles, standing on the middle one. He lifts up the World Heavyweight Title and the crowd pops loud for their champion.

Then, King’s music shuts off. King hops into the ring, and hands off his World Heavyweight Title. A guitar riff echoes throughout the arena, and the fans immediately rise to their feet, cheering like mad once again.

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think you need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


"Sound of Madness" continues to play, and that means only one thing: Lunatikk Crippler has arrived. He steps out from behind the curtains, the hood of his vest pulled up over his head, and he peers out to the crowd, grinning. The opening of his vest shows that his left shoulder is still bandaged up, but it makes no difference to Crippler, as he begins to walk his way down the ramp, pointing out to the crowd, getting them psyched up for the main event that is coming up now.

Samantha Coil: And his partner! From South Bend, Indiana, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is Mr. Sin City…LUUUUUUNATIIIIIIKK CRIIIIIIIIIPPLERRRRRRRR!

Eryk Masters: Donovan King and Lunatikk Crippler have gone to war. They will go to war again in a few weeks at Reckoning Day, but tonight they are on the same page, and they want to put Sex and Violence in their place!

Crippler slides into the ring, and nods at King. He stands in the center of the ring, arms outstretched wide, and screams loud, a scream matched by a large number of the capacity crowd.

Other Guy: I have to say, I notice that Lunatikk Crippler is the only man in this match without any gold around his waist.

Eryk Masters: Something he hopes to rectify here tonight.


The music cuts out entirely, leaving the arena in silence – save for the unbelievable amount of hate being spewed from the fans. Suddenly!


Then, My Darkest Days song “Porn Star Dancing” starts, and a familiar voice over top of even that.

Molly the Assistant: Now making their way to the ring…

Out from the back walks Johnny Napalm with the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. The massive man has his hands raised high, giving the devil horns with each hand. Each and every fan in the arena boos, waiting for Napalm’s partner. Napalm looks around the arena, smiling at the chorus. The music plays on, he bobs his head to the rhythmic beat, bringing down the hate from the fans with open arms.

Molly the Assistant: The man standing in front of you is the six foot nine inch massive force to reckoned with, JOHNNY NAPALM! AND HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER!

She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go

She takes it off nice and slow

Because that’s porn star dancin’

Stein GALLOPS out from the back Gangnam Style, title around his waist, exposed by his cut off Stein Project t-shirt, and a HUGE smile on his face. As he moves over in front of Napalm, he throws his arms out egging on the boos with his eyes closed. Stein takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. Stein moves down the ramp, Napalm follows, and Molly the Assistant, Tempest and Selena all pour out from the back.



Dan stands in front of the ring, and Napalm stands next to him. All of the women in the ring try to reach through the ropes trying to grab for him and Stein BEGS them to continue, but Napalm walks over to the apron, grabs the top rope and PULLS himself up. Stein looks over at Molly, who hands her microphone to someone on the road staff, and then to the fans before jumping up and rolling into the ring with the title belt around his waist. Stein smirks, running his fingertips down his abdomen and over the Tag Team Championship belt before he and Napalm hand their SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships to Molly, completely ignoring the referee.

Other Guy: The tag team champions don’t seem too worried about their task at hand, here.

Eryk Masters: They had better be, because they are in the ring with two of the best SHOOT has to offer.

Crippler and King look at each other and nod, and both men RUSH the Tag Team Champions! They shove Stein to the mat, and he rolls out of the ring. They turn their attention to Johnny Napalm, and begin to double team him, firing off rights hands from Crippler, and knife edge chops from King, with kicks to the stomach and legs thrown in from both men.

Eryk Masters: And the challengers waste little time isolating the much bigger Johnny Napalm! That’s a good strategy!

Other Guy: Until it backfires! Napalm is a beast of a man, and it just might take both of them to keep him down!

Crippler and King simultaneously fire back elbows into the jaw of Napalm, and each grabs an arm. They irish whip Napalm, who rebounds off the opposite ropes, and tries to fight back with a double clothesline! King and Crippler duck the attempt, and Napalm runs right by them! Johnny turns around, and eats a double dropkick, each man taking out one of Napalm’s knees! Napalm hits the canvas, and King and Crippler stay on the attack. They move toward Napalm, but they can barely stomp him once before Stein heaves and pulls Napalm from the ring!

Other Guy: The Tag Team Champs need to regroup already, and this match has barely started!

Stein is trying to rile Napalm up, but Crippler and King get a running start, planting each of them with a baseball slide that send the Tag Team Champs to the ground! Crippler gets back to his feet on the outside, and lifts Napalm up to his feet. He rolls Napalm into the ring, and Donovan King is ready, dropping an elbow across the back of the Tag Team Champ. Referee Tony Lorenzo is bending over through the ropes, ordering Crippler back to his corner. Crippler grins at Stein and complies, backing up and away. Meanwhile, King is taking control, trying to keep Napalm on the ground. King drops a knee, and plants it right between Napalm’s shoulderblades. King then grabs the left arm of Napalm, and twists it, followed up by slamming it down, nearly yanking the shoulder out of socket.

Napalm clutches at his arm, pushing himself to his back and then a seated position. King stomps Napalm in the head, and Johnny feels it, but is trying to get up to his feet. Crippler steps between the ropes, and begins to kick at Napalm as well, but Napalm fights up to his feet. He grabs Crippler by the throat, but King is still wailing away, throwing forearms at the face and chest of Napalm. Napalm reaches out, and grabs him around the throat as well!

Other Guy: Napalm has both challengers in a goozle! This can’t end well!

Napalm has an ugly look on his face, replaced with one of shock as Crippler and King blast Napalm in the gut with boots. Napalm’s grip slackens, and Crippler and King hit the ropes. Crippler reaches Napalm first, and Napalm decks him with a Polish hammer! King shoulderblocks Napalm, who staggers, but keeps his footing. Crippler rolls off the apron, and onto the floor as King runs the ropes again, shoulderblocking Napalm a second time! Napalm staggers back but he bounces off the ropes, coming back with a huge lariat that nearly takes King out of his boots!

Eryk Masters: Dear lord, Johnny Napalm just took King’s head off!

Other Guy: I think someone caught it in the second row!

Crippler is trying to get back up on the apron, in his corner, and Stein is jumping up and down, begging Napalm for the tag! Napalm grins, and pulls King up and to their corner. He reaches out, and Stein slaps his hand, making the tag official.

Eryk Masters: Of COURSE Stein wants in the ring! His opponent is in a bad way.

Other Guy: Hey now! Stein is a COMPETITOR! He wasn’t to see some action!

Eryk Masters: Let’s see him get in there when King is in control, then!

Stein takes hold of King, and drives his knee into the gut of the World Heavyweight Champion! King SNAPS UP, and begins firing away on Dan Stein! Stein is taken completely by surprise, and King whips Stein into the ropes, and takes him down with a huge belly to belly suplex!

Eryk Masters: King was playing possum! Stein is DRIVEN into the mat with that one!

Other Guy: He’s just a big faker!

Stein scurries to a seated position and pushes himself to his corner, wrapping his arms around the legs of Johnny Napalm! Napalm reaches down and tags back in.

Eryk Masters: I told you, Dan Stein wants NONE of Donovan King!

Other Guy: Johnny Napalm is all too eager to oblige him, as well!

Napalm runs forward, and he CLOBBERS King with a nasty clothesline, sending him down to the canvas. King pops back up, and he tosses the big man across the ring with a well-timed arm drag.

Napalm is slower to get back up to his feet, and King locks in a tight side headlock, pulling him over to his corner to tag the hand of Crippler. Crippler enters the ring, and he interlocks his fists and BASHES a polish hammer into Napalm’s guts…AND THEN CRIPPLER FOLLOWS IT UP WITH AN EXPLODER SUPLEX!!!

Napalm lands BADLY in the center of the ring, and Crippler looks like his shoulder is agitating him after that, but he still manages to drop down for a cover.




Eryk Masters: Napalm coming in like a house of fire, definitely looking to prove a point that he BELONGS in the main event.

Other Guy: Crippler is shutting him down, though…bad shoulder and all. These two guys have such a storied history…and they know each other SO well.

Crip tries to pull Napalm back to his feet, but he’s met with a big haymaker that sends him stumbling backwards…and Johnny leaps to the side and tags the hand of Dan Stein. Stein takes advantage of the staggering Crippler with a PERFECT cross body…and Stein gets right back up and just begins to STOMP Crippler over and over again, aiming specifically for Crippler’s injured shoulder.

Eryk Masters: This Stein is just an absolute VULTURE, OG. He loves to pick the scraps off of a wounded man.

Other Guy: Call it whatever you like, Eryk…but Stein is smart. Crip’s shoulder has a bull’s eye on it, and Stein is taking advantage of that.

Stein stares out at the crowd, utterly proud of himself….a big grin etched across his handsome features as he takes a moment to pose.




Stein grimaces with annoyance at the chant, and the he goes right back to Crippler….but Crippler surprises Stein with a BRUTAL heart punch that knocks Stein right on his golden ass! Stein practically retches, and Crip lunges into a cover.




Stein kicks out at the last minute, but he’s badly winded after that.

Other Guy: RIB SPREADER connects! That was TOO close, Eryk…The Golden Boy didn’t see that coming at all.

Eryk Masters: Crippler might be hurt, OG….but he’ll still fight you right into the ground. This man is a scrapper, and he always comes out guns blazing.

Crippler goes to King, proceeding to slap hands with the World Champion…and the very SECOND King enters the ring, Stein gets to his feet and raises up both fists, looking like he wants a fight….then he seems to rethink things and he SWAN DIVES to the side and slaps the hand of Napalm, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Once again, Stein acts like he wants a piece of King, but when he actually gets that piece he doesn’t want it anymore.

Other Guy: He’s saving it for Reckoning Day. The #1 Contender has a strategy….don’t doubt that for a moment, Eryk.

Napalm comes in hot, and King meets him with several hard punches to the head….but Napalm practically shrugs them off and DESTROYS King with a spinning sidewalk slam!! King hisses with pain, and Napalm follows through with the cover.




Napalm growls with frustration, and he pulls King back up to his feet and irish whips him HARD into the ropes….BUT KING MEETS NAPALM BY DRIVING HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A ROCK BOTTOM-STYLE SLAM!!

Eryk Masters: KINGFALL II!!! That could seal the deal, folks!

King goes for the pin, and the crowd chants along with the referee.




Other Guy: SO close!

Eryk Masters: Mere inches away from a win!

King promptly drags Napalm by the leg over to Crippler, tagging him into the match…and Crippler comes in by PISTONING an elbow into Napalm’s heart. Crippler then begins to drag Napalm up to his feet…BUT NAPALM CRUSHES A HEADBUTT INTO CRIP’S BAD SHOULDER!!!

Crippler bellows with pain, and his knees give out on him…Napalm immediately takes advantage, grabbing Crip into a double underhook….ONLY TO SIT OUT AND OBLILTERATE CRIPPLER WITH A TIGER BOMB!!!!

Other Guy: NAPALM BOMB!!! The big Violence Savior hit it!

Stein is JUMPING up and down on the outside, his hand outstretched as far as it’ll go…and Napalm tags him in!

Eryk Masters: Crippler is hurting right now, OG….that shoulder has been giving him trouble this entire match, and now Stein wants to slink in here and do his dirty work too!

Stein grabs Crippler up around his midsection….AND THEN HE DROPS HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH TWITTERBATION!!!

Crippler lands RIGHT on his bad shoulder, and he seems to be on absolute dream street.

Other Guy: TWITTERBATION!!! Stein planted him right on that shoulder!!

Stein immediately falls into a pinfall attempt….and King is seconds away from leaping into the ring to break it up…but NAPALM RIPS HIM FROM THE RING APRON….and HE BOOTS KING IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!!

The crowd is ROARING with disgust at this…and a snarky little smirk has spread across Stein’s lips as he pulls back on Crippler’s leg.






Other Guy: I….can’t believe it, but Sex & Violence did it! They BEAT the World Champion and Crippler to retain the Tag Titles!!

Eryk Masters: This was a damned travesty, OG. These two knew that Crippler’s shoulder was injured, they KNEW he wasn’t 100% tonight…and they did everything they could to exacerbate that injury.

Stein and Napalm grab up their titles, holding them up high…and Stein actually LEAPS up into Napalm’s arms like a little baby, grinning out at the crowd and waving goodbye to both King & Crippler.

King comes to on the outside, shaking the cobwebs out…and he rolls into the ring to check on Crippler, who is still on the canvas holding his shoulder.

The World Champion glares at Stein as he heads up the ramp, anger flashing across King’s expression.

The shot closes out on Napalm carrying a ridiculously happy Stein up the ramp, both tag titles hugged tightly to his Golden Boy chest.