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Revolution 107: 2/18/2013

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Donovan King, standing at the entrance to the arena with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, flashing quickly to Dan Stein, a grin on his face as he saunters down to the ring.  It cuts to Maya Nakashima kneeling in the ring, his arms outstretched as he looks to the skylights.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

It shows Jonas Coleman marching down to the ring as Lunatikk Crippler is shown getting in someone’s face.  The scene cuts to Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden with their titles held high in the air for a moment before we catch a brief view of El Asso Wipo breaking every back in existence while Silas Mitchell looks on, his face twisted in consternation.  We see Jacob Mephisto slowly leaning in and whispering into the ear of some unknown Soldier as he stares at the camera, a grin forming on his face.

We are the wheels that keep turning

Long Island Hardcore individually during the Redemption Rumble, laying the heat on their opponents.  It flashes to Johnny Napalm hoisting the Tag Team Championship in the air, cutting quickly to Thomas Manchester Black shouting out to the fans in attendance, which quickly cuts to Chance Ryan glaring at the camera, Cade Sydal behind him with a smirk on his face.  We see Cronos Diamante sparring with Edmund Augustus Shan before it cuts to Henry Gordon wringing his hands with a grin on his face.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton helping to eliminate Jaime Alejandro is shown as Corey Lazarus is arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nods his head to the camera.  We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance.  Kenji Yamada has Flay Rios by her cheeks and slaps her across the face as he glares into her sad eyes.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.  We then see Tanya Black holding her belt high before it cuts to her nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Henry Gordon stands tall in the ring, severely winded, as it cuts to Dan Stein holding Minxy Jones’ mask high above his head as a trophy.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Jaime Alejandro wailing away at Obsidian, backing the monster against the ropes.  We see Drew Stevenson slapping the hands of a few fans before it cuts to David Miller, standing in a dimly lit ring, his head bowed and sweat dripping from his head.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Isaac Entragian lights Jaime Alejandro’s uniform on fire cuts to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Corazon catches Isaac Entragian with the Act of Inhumanity and Phillip Goodman smirks at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut Alex Brooks sprinting to the ring.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




The Epicenter is plunged into darkness, sending a murmured wave of uncertainty through the capacity crowd. The SHOOT Project Video Wall lights up with a pair of eerie gray eyes, and then those eyes transition into the image of a hand that is holding a bright red apple with a sleek green serpent wrapped around the wrist.


The lights slowly come back on, and “Time Is On My Side” by The Rolling Stones starts to really hammer those haunting vocals throughout the arena. The curtains get pushed to the side, and out steps Jacob Mephisto.

The crowd favors Mephisto with a mixed reaction, a good majority of the fans booing while we can also make out a smattering of cheers here and there.

Jacob stalks his way down to the ring, and he enters by rolling underneath the bottom rope. He goes over to one corner and leans back with his elbows resting on the top rope, simply awaiting his opponent.

Other Guy:  Jacob Mephisto comes into this match with A LOT to prove, Eryk.

Eryk Masters:  And if there’s anyone you want to prove yourself against, it’s his opponent tonight.  The brutal, inhuman Corazon. 

Other Guy:  Doing well against him means that you can hang with some of the best that SHOOT Project has to offer.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  he stands at six feet, six inches tall…  he weighs in at two hundred seventy pounds…  he is JACOB MEPHISTO!

A blues guitar riff takes over the sound system, and a high pitched chime starts as the rhythm kicks in, and then a dirty blues kick hits…

“I could take the pitchfork from the devil

Keep a super suit like I’m incredible.

From the deep blue sea to the dark blue sky….”

Then, the song cuts, the lights go out, a purple spotlight hits the center of the ramp, and then pyro EXPLODES!


The music continues as the smoke begins to clear, and once cleared, the banner that defines Adrian Corazon is shown.  Not too long after that, a black silhouette appears at the top of the ramp, and he has arrived.  The crowd pops hard!

Eryk Masters:  Gotta say, I’m still a bit surprised at the crowd turnaround that Corazon’s had.  He’s not exactly known for being fan friendly.

Other Guy:  I think when you position yourself against someone like Isaac Entragian, you’re bound to get some cheers.  I’m not totally buying it yet.

Eryk Masters:  I think the most interesting part of that is that Corazon himself has said that this isn’t an effort to pull the wool over the eyes of the fans.  He’s a man who’s made based on his reputation, and that includes some of the heinous acts he’s committed.

Other Guy:  Be that as it may, I think Mephisto is right to call him a hypocrite, but I guess we’ll see what really winds up being the case, as this match progresses.

Samantha Coil:  Annnnd introducing second…  he stands six feet, three inches tall… he weighs in at two hundred twenty-five pounds… he is a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… HE IS CORAZON!!

The crowd pops, as Corazon takes his place in the corner of the ring, keeping his eyes trained completely on Jacob Mephisto.  Willie Dean invites both to the center of the ring, and provides them with some last minute information, before sending them back to their respective corners.  Corazon leans against the top turnbuckle as Jacob Mephisto leans forward, already in a fighting stance.  Corazon has a dead pan expression on his face, and Mephisto looks ready to go.

Eryk Masters:  If I didn’t know any better, I might suggest that Mephisto’s a little nervous here.

Other Guy:  This is probably the biggest match he’s had in his SHOOT Project career, so I think that’s probably a fair suggestion to make.

Dean calls for the bell and the two competitors make their way to the center of the ring, as the noise level in the Epicenter begins to pick up.  Corazon still has that casual deadpan expression, as Mephisto comes in and feigns a “test of strength” but then swiftly kicks Corazon in the gut and blasts him with a right hand to the face, sending Adrian Corazon back a couple of steps. 

Eryk Masters:  Corazon gives up a fair amount of size here, so he’s going to have to be careful with how he proceeds.

Other Guy:  Definitely a fair amount.  Mephisto has forty-five pounds on him and three inches. 

Eryk Masters:  Some might say that the same comparison could be made between our dicks.

Other Guy:  You should have that checked, if that’s the case.  Tumor.

Corazon shakes off the blow and meets Mephisto in the center of the ring again, asking for his own test of strength.  Mephisto kind of smiles and then obliges, but before they can get too far, Corazon quickly sweeps behind him and drops him with a toehold.  Mephisto hits the mat, and Corazon immediately floats up and wraps him up around the head.  Mephisto doesn’t stay down long, as he makes his way to the bottom ring rope.  Willie Dean calls for the break, and Corazon releases at the last possible second, before getting to his feet.  Mephisto is up a few seconds after, long enough that Corazon has the opportunity to kick Mephisto in the thigh while he’s on his way up.  Mephisto tries to get up two more times, and two more times, Corazon absolutely blasts him in the thigh with aforementioned kick.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon employing a good tactic here, trying to somewhat neutralize the size advantage here with that display of speed and now some cunning, as he essentially works to “chop down” Mephisto.

Other Guy:  Say what you want about Corazon and his methodology, and you KNOW I’ve gone on the record MANY MANY TIMES as having a serious dislike for the man, but he knows how to get it done in the ring, no matter what the physiological makeup of his opponent offers.

Corazon lets up on the kicks to the thigh, but as Mephisto attempts to get to his feet once more, Corazon wraps him up in a front facelock and pulls him the rest of the way to his feet.  He backs Mephisto into a corner and throws one hard right elbow.  Mephisto takes it, but as Corazon is throwing the next one, Mephisto blocks the elbow, shoves Corazon off of him, and as Corazon tries to run forward in recovery, Mephisto steps out of the way.  Corazon bounces into the turnbuckle and as he turns around, Mephisto CLOCKS him with a HARD right.  Corazon slumps against the turnbuckle, but Mephisto gives him no time to rest as he pulls him forward and quickly whips him over with a snap suplex!  Corazon’s back hits with a thud as he instinctively places his hand on his lower back, trying to cover it up. 

Eryk Masters:  Corazon caught a little off guard here!

Other Guy:  Mephisto is NO slouch, AT ALL.  I’m not all that surprised that he’d get a little bit better of the Baddest Man Alive.  This is definitely a feeling out process for both men.

Mephisto chooses not to hang onto the suplex, instead he gets up and drives his knee into BOTH the lower back and the hand that’s covering it, causing Adrian Corazon to shriek out in pain!  He does it AGAIN and then goes for a cover! 



Corazon kicks out, but shouts in pain as he does so! 

Eryk Masters:  Nice near fall there for Mephisto, as he appears to be going for some kind of a psychological ploy here. 

Other Guy:  I think you’re right.  I think he knew that he wouldn’t pin Corazon there, but Corazon is a well scouted veteran, so it would seem he’s trying to change his game up a little bit in order to keep things unpredictable. 

Mephisto grabs Corazon by the hair, causing admonishment from Willie Dean, but doesn’t let go until Corazon is back to his feet.  Mephisto takes Corazon’s arm, shoves him a bit forward and then pulls him back, attempting Mephisto’s PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL, but Corazon ducks it!  Corazon hangs on and pulls Mephisto through, attempting his OWN short armed clothesline, but Mephisto ducks IT and goes behind Corazon in a rear waistlock.  He thinks about pulling Corazon over with a suplex, but instead drives a HUGe forearm into the lower back of the former World Heavyweight Champion!  He covers! 



Corazon kicks out again and stays on the ground, holding his lower back. 

Eryk Masters:  Mephisto a little annoyed after that one, after having one of his signature moves stuffed.

Other Guy:  He’s gotta be careful not to let the frustration take hold here. 

Corazon starts to get up, as Mephisto is still somewhat fuming in the corner.  Mephisto sees Corazon get on two knees, kneeling, and he arches back, trying to stretch his lower back out.  Mephisto takes this as an invitation and with a  FULL head of steam he charges at Corazon and hits a NASTY yakuza kick to the kneeling Corazon, which Mephisto calls GODLESS.  Corazon HOWLS in pain as he’s now turned over and laying on his back.  Mephisto, smelling blood, is aiming to go in for the kill! 

Eryk Masters:  Godless is a SICK yakuza kick, and this was an obviously modified version that was designed to inflict some SERIOUS pain on Adrian Corazon.

Other Guy:  Well, it was mission accomplished, as now Mephisto seems to be angling for a finish. 

Mephisto moves towards Corazon’s feet and twists them into a cloverleaf!  Mephisto uses his sheer strength to pick Corazon up and flatten him out in a wrenched out texas cloverleaf!  MEPHISTO’S METHOD!  Corazon SCREAMS as Mephisto has him locked in, completely!  The fans begin to chant “B M A” to try and rally behind the Brutal and Inhuman!

Other Guy:  Corazon has only tapped out like…   once or twice in his SHOOT Project career!  This could be HISTORY MAKING.  But wow, listen to the chant! 

Eryk Masters:  What a HUGE victory this would be, and you’re right, the chant is VERY loud!

Other Guy:  Corazon’s face, for a Mexican dude, is awfully white right now.

Corazon is pawing for a rope, but Mephisto has him wrenched in SO hard.  Finally, Corazon makes the realization that he’s not going to make it to the ropes and changes focus.  He starts pushing up with his arms in an effort to relieve some of the pressure, which Mephisto notices, but he notices too late!  Corazon has given himself enough room to roll underneath Mephisto and with every ounce of strength he has remaining left in his legs, he SHOVES Mephisto back into the ropes.  Mephisto rebounds, and Corazon gets to his feet.  Corazon doesn’t QUITE make it to his feet in time before Mephisto has rebounded back, and Mephisto grabs him, doubles him over, and pulls him up and over with another suplex, but this time, Corazon flips down behind him.  He shoves Mephisto into the adjacent rope.  Mephisto bounces back, Corazon chops his knee, bringing Mephisto down to one knee.  Corazon immediately bounces off the same rope and DRILLS Mephisto with the Act of Defiance!  Both men are down! 

Eryk Masters:  What an incredible turn of events here! 

Other Guy:  Corazon GETS OUT of Mephisto’s Method and hits his OWN signature move to buy himself some time! 

Eryk Masters:  Both men are down, and as we speak, they are both starting to get back to their feet.

Corazon lets out a primal HOWL as he clutches his back.  Mephisto is slower to his feet, which Corazon takes advantage of.  He goes BERSERK on Mephisto, nailing him with strike after strike, his speed absolutely catching the larger man off guard!  Rights and lefts are going out in a flurry, but Mephisto decides he’s had enough of it!  He blocks a right and then a left which surprises Corazon.  Mephisto kicks Corazon’s left knee out from under him, but Corazon bounces back up instinctively.  Corazon throws a WILD punch, but Mephisto ducks it and then directs Corazon chest first into a turnbuckle.  Before Corazon has the chance to turn around, Mephisto comes flying up behind Corazon and just NAILS him in the back with a flying knee!  Corazon cries out again and Mephisto holds on!  He drops Corazon with a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring!  He covers! 





Eryk Masters:  WOW.

Other Guy:  I don’t know if I understand just how much resilience this guy has.  I think this is one of the most underrated aspects about him.  He can take some SERIOUS punishment and he just KEEPS fighting. 

Mephisto is VERY frustrated now as Corazon is laid out on his back, breathing EXTREMELY heavily.  Mephisto draws his thumb across his throat, signaling that THIS will be the end of the match.  He heads towards Corazon’s feet and stops for a second, smirking to the camera and the crowd.

Eryk Masters:  He’s gonna attempt the Mephisto’s Method again.

Other Guy:  That makes sense.  He’s targeted the back ALL match and he NEARLY got the win with this move earlier in the match.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon HAS to know this is coming, though, right?  He can’t take that kind of punishment again.

Mephisto starts to wrap Corazon’s legs in the cloverleaf, but Corazon sits up and pops Mephisto in the head with a quick right hand, startling him!  Mephisto shakes it off and tries to wrap him up again, but this time, Corazon is ready and he kicks Mephisto with his two legs, buying himself some precious seconds and some precious space!  Mephisto is forced to back off, and in an INSTANT, Corazon gets to his feet and—


Eryk Masters:  HOLY SHIT.







Eryk Masters:  God DAMN, I can’t believe that.  I THOUGHT FOR SURE that Mephisto was going to put Corazon away there, with his second shot at Mephisto’s Method.

Other Guy:  Yeah, but Mephisto never got the chance to apply it a second time!  I think Corazon KNEW that if he got locked in again, that would be it.  He basically flailed his way out of the move out of desperation, and he was able to rise up and hit the Act of Inhumanity.  That was incredible.

Samantha Coil:  Your winner…  at a time of eighteen minutes and forty three seconds… THE BADDEST MAN ALIIIIIIIIVE… CORAZON!

Eryk Masters:  What a way to kick off Revolution! 

Other Guy:  I know it’s cliché, but Mephisto has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  He NEARLY took out a future SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and former World Heavyweight Champion here tonight.  CORAZON ONLY WON BY THE SKIN OF HIS TEETH.

Corazon doesn’t take the time to have his hand raised, and quickly rolls out of the ring.  The crowd is in a frenzy as he walks up the ramp, but that elation turns quickly to annoyance as “Blood” by In This Moment hits the PA, signaling the arrival of Project: SCAR’s Elizabeth Gaunt. 

Eryk Masters:  What does SHE want? 

Other Guy:  Well, these two have that thing going on with regards to the Sin City Championship Series, and all.  You’ll recall that Mephisto showed up to her match on the last Revolution with some bad intentions.

Eryk Masters:  Right, and Corazon essentially stopped him. 

As Gaunt walks by Corazon, she offers a sly smile.  He simply ignores her and keeps walking up the ramp.  Gaunt giggles, and slides into the ring, cocking her head and looking at the downed Mephisto.  Mephisto’s eyes widen as he sees Gaunt standing over him, and he tries to get to his feet, but Gaunt takes over and pulls him up and then DROPS him with a piledriver.  Mephisto’s head hits the ring HARD, and Gaunt simply looks down at him and laughs.  Corazon hears the thud, and turns to look back towards the ring and is INCENSED when he sees what’s just happened. 

Eryk Masters:  WHAT THE HELL??  She just hit the Dead Orchid on Mephisto!

Other Guy:  I think Corazon thought she wasn’t going to do that, or I don’t think he’d EVER have let her walk down that way. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s FURIOUS, but he can’t even really do anything, and Mephisto is OUT.  Can we go backstage or something? 

“Blood” by In This Moment continues to play as Corazon disgustedly turns and walks back to the back and Gaunt stands over Mephisto, admiring her handiwork. 


We find ourselves in a back hallway of the Epicenter viewing a sight that is not totally unexpected but one that hasn’t been seen in quite a while. Tanya Black walks around with her favorite interviewer Abigail Chase being "guided" down the hall by a well-placed arm around the shoulder. 


Tanya: Look just do it. You know that it will be awesome. You are so cute you deserve to be seen by the world. 


Abigail: But why do I have to do it with HER? She’s so… not my type. 


Tanya: It’s in the past. Get over it. This is the future. Besides who else in SHOOT could be in it? Even after her plastic surgery, Laura still looks like a horse face. Abby, just behave and let me do all the talking. 


Abigail: But I’m a reporter. I am supposed to talk. 


Tanya simply gives Abigail a kiss on the cheek which causes the usually calm interviewer to sputter a bit as Tanya turns a corner and smiles like the Cheshire Cat. 


Tanya: There’s my prize! Blue Ribbon here we come! And best of all she comes with free catering. 


Sure enough the camera pans around and we see Nova standing there passing out cookies to stage hands, who all see Tanya and find quick excuses to leave. 


Tanya: My darling little chef, I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced! I am Tanya Black. 


Nova Lynn Jackson: Hi! I’m Nova, and here’s a cupcake for you! 


Nova reaches into her basket and removes a cupcake, as promised, and hands it to Tanya. Nova sighs and looks to Chase. 


Nova: It’s been, like, a really super long time and I’m sorry I told you that you have no personality and that you’re a burden and that you’re worthless and that you aren’t pretty at all. I lied. You’re pretty. Can we be friends now? I promise I won’t try to make you bleed again, it was really only because that was the match and stuff and, like, you were a totally easy target. Also, Tanya, does it count as properly introduced if we introduce ourselves, or does it only count if, like, a mutual friend does it for us? I’m, y’know, not up on manners and stuff. 


Nova Lynn Jackson has barely taken a breath, and hasn’t given Chase a chance to reply at all before turning back to Tanya and talking to her again, ignoring the interviewer entirely. 


Tanya: Oh Nova you are doing fine. And I told Abby that she is totally over all that stuff. Now let’s talk about something more important. Nova besides being an excellent wrestler, I am a bit of a photographer. Especially of beautiful people. Picture this: 


Abby Chase. Nova. SHOOT’s Sweetest Treats Together At Last! It’s going to be awesome and erotic. Fabulous and Beautiful. Plus we can spread the word about your baked goods and how they are better than everyone else’s cookies and cupcakes. 


Showing she means it Tanya gulps down her cupcake licking her lips in satisfaction before making sure to "offer" Abigail a cookie when she goes to speak. Nova smiles and does a little happy jump, her chest bouncing in her tiny pink triangle top in a not-quite-natural way. 


Nova: Oh, goodie! Erotic is fun, and what better way to prove to my awesome new friend Abby that I, like, seriously don’t think she’s ugly than to get all up on her cuteness for posterity? Posterity with posteriors, which is a totally super fancy way of saying, butts, y’know, ’cause butts are awesome and deserve some fan- 


Nova is cut off by Tanya shoving a muffin in Nova’s mouth not caring if Nova can in fact take it all in. Swatting a now giggling Abigail on the butt to silence her Tanya speaks up. 


Tanya: Nova dear I appreciate your cooperation but simmer down. Art is best appreciated when it is silent. I’ll have to call you in a few days when we get things ready. I have to scout locations and reassure the Big Boss JJ that these photos won’t reflect poorly on SHOOT’s image. I mean it’s not like I’m a degenerate pervert… Okay I am but I don’t want to get in trouble. He might stop giving me rookies to humiliate. 


As Tanya turns around, she turns right into Chance Ryan’s broad chest. He stares down at her hard, having just come around the corner, he starts to smile as she backs up several steps. 


Chance Ryan: Well, isn’t this convenient. 


Chance looks over at Abigail Chase and Nova Lynn Jackson for a moment. 


Chance Ryan: Is she bothering the two of you? 


Nova looks up at Chance, and holds her hand up to keep everyone from talking while she chews the muffin. The silence drags on for an awkwardly long 5 seconds, before Nova swallows and smiles at him. 


Nova: Nuh-uh, she’s my friend now! She totally likes my cupcakes and stuff and, like, she wants to take pretty pictures, but y’know, I talk too much and she wanted to talk instead and HEY! Don’t I know you? Aren’t you… 


She gasps, eyes wide. Nova takes a look around for people, and whispers loudly. 


Nova: Aren’t you a superhero? 


Chance smiles for a moment, almost forgetting about Tanya Black entirely, as he half-shrugs/half-nods at Nova. 


Chance Ryan: Used to be something like that, yeah. 


Tanya slips back a few steps placing Nova and Abigail between her and Chance Ryan. 


Tanya: True then he was a meanie to some cowboys who may or may not shower together in a scandalous manner. Then he was mean to me. I think he forgot his heroic roots. 


Don’t worry though Chance, after all I am just conducing some Syndicate business. Since you’ve made it clear that you have no desire to help with Syndicate business, I don’t see why you have to worry. 


Abigail goes to speak up but is distracted by Tanya playing with the buttons on Abigail’s blouse. Chance narrows his eyes as he returns his attention to Tanya. 


Chance Ryan: You think you’re clever, don’t you? Don’t!…Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical. I know you do. So, what’s the matter, Tanya? You scared? 


Tanya: Oh I’m not scared. I am protecting my investments from ambushes from behind. I mean the way things have been lately, it seems every monster psycho and military sociopath are gathered in SHOOT and trying to take out everything that breathes. I would never let my girls come to harm and I’m sure you would never do anything that would result in the possibility of… civilian casualties? 


Chance rolls his tongue along the inside of his bottom lip in annoyance as he eyes Tanya with obvious suspicion.  


Chance Ryan: Of course I wouldn’t. I just don’t know that I trust you when you say you wouldn’t. 


Ah but it is not your place to trust me as this has nothing to do with you. It’s up to my two awesome friends, Abigail and Nova to trust me. And they do because they aren’t a poopy-head like you. Well we must be off. Measurements to double-check and all that. 


Tanya laughs as she places one arm around each of the two women and leads them off as Nova smiles at Chance and offers him a cupcake as they walk away. Chance takes the cupcake and stares after the trio, eying Tanya suspiciously the entire time. 


Nova: Bye FLA–Chance! Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret! 


Chance nods slowly, subconsciously acknowledging Nova’s pledge. 


Chance Ryan: You better not touch them…


“Not Going Away” by Ozzy Osbourne hits the Public Address system and out comes Cronos Diamante to a big pop from the crowd. Cronos stands there for a moment and points toward the entrance way as none other than Mirage joins him. The crowd gives a mixed reaction and the two respond in shrugs and begin their walk down to the ring.

Eryk Masters: It’s odd to see Mirage and Cronos side by side here, fans. They have such a storied history.

Other Guy: You can say that again. And the fans haven’t forgotten it. Did you hear that pop Cronos received? And when Mirage came out? Not so much.

Mirage and Cronos step into the ring together and Mirage calls for a microphone. He catches it from ringside and brings it up to his mouth.

Mirage: A lot of you may be wondering what I’m doing back in SHOOT Project after how it all ended with King.

Mirage shrugs at the lack of response.

Mirage: Ok then, maybe two or three of you are still wondering.

Mirage smirks as the crowd laughs at his bit of self-depreciation.

Mirage: Ya see, when you’re younger and you have this seemingly infinite road ahead of you, you don’t question anything…you just…go with it.  Doesn’t matter what advice the most grizzled veteran at that time gives you, you’re young and you know everything…besides, they’re old and dumb, they’re on their way out, and you’re part of the new generation.  But now that I can actually see the end of that road on the horizon, things change…you start to question everything.  You start to wonder if you could have done things differently.  I never foresaw the day of having no friends left in this business when I made a career out of burning bridges and swerving people for sport.  But it would have happened had it not been for this man right here.  Some of you may know our past…some of you may not care, but again, since I have the microphone, you’re gonna listen.  Cronos and I have been to hell and back again…as friends…as enemies…we left a "Legacy" behind, former tag team champions that nobody could beat…hell, we’ve held every title there is in this business between the two of us…fuck it, you already know our resumes.

Mirage stops a moment, shaking his head as he searches for the words.

Eryk Masters: To hell and back doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship. Cronos ripped Mirage’s personal life into the spotlight and to see him here after that was a shock by itself.

Other Guy: To see him here standing by his side is an even bigger one.

Mirage: I don’t know what I’m doin’ here…I’ve never done things this way.  You can call this uncharted territory for me.  This good guy, bad guy crap never suited me.  I was never good…just as I never saw myself as bad.  I just…was.  And I still am.  I didn’t come back to convince everyone that I’ve changed my wayward ways…when you get older and start losing things, you begin to actually come to grips with the fact that this ain’t forever.  That’s when you start to recognize the things you still have, instead of missing the things you used to have.

Mirage lowers the mic for a moment, gazing out across the crowd.

Mirage: I came back for one reason, and one reason alone…to help the only friend I’ve got.  So let’s do this.

Eryk Masters: There you have it. Mirage and Cronos are back to being a team. It wasn’t just a one time thing.

Other Guy: I’m excited.

Mirage turns and flips the mic to Cronos who instantly lifts it to his mouth and leans against the ropes, looking out at the fans.

Cronos Diamante: Here’s the thing fans… like Mirage said, we’ve been to hell and back together in any capacity imaginable. We literally ran all over the competition together as tag team champions and the battle we had against each other would, well… it probably has you all wondering why the hell Mirage is helping me. The fact is, that alone gives us an advantage not many can say they have ever had. We know each other so well we might as well be brothers. You add our years of experience in this business collectively and there’s not a soul who can say they’ll be able to outsmart us. Unless of course one of us decides to go getting himself in an obvious two on one fight.

Cronos offers up a laugh to the crowd and they return in kind.

Cronos Diamante: What can I say? I don’t back down.

Mirage points to his own skull and then to Cronos’ as if to say “yeah what were you thinking?”  Cronos simply shrugs and grins.

Cronos Diamante: I made a mission statement at Redemption. I took a stand for The SHOOT Project. I’m the only active competition left from when this company was in Japan. I am all that’s left of the old guard. It was my job then as it is now once again to protect The SHOOT Project. And Mirage is here to help me with that. I couldn’t ask for a stronger ally. I’m grateful he came forward to offer his help. And we’re out here now to give you all something to talk about for the upcoming weeks. We’ve seen all the press about us being on the same side again and we appreciate the support. And to the doubters out there all I can say is give it some time. I mean, you weren’t sold on me overnight were you? It wasn’t until I called out and beat that snot-nosed brat Cade Sydal’s face in you all fully stood behind me again. And I haven’t steered you wrong since. Put the same faith you have in me, in Mirage. That’s all I ask.

Cronos pauses and pats Mirage on the shoulder. He whispers something in his ear and passes the microphone off to him. This brings the crowd cheer a little bit more than they previously were.

Eryk Masters: Big words from Cronos here, OG. Almost pleading with the crowd to place their trust in Mirage.

Other Guy: If anybody would have a reason to distrust Mirage, it would be Cronos. And he’s backing him all the way so I have to say we should listen to the man.

Eryk Masters: I’ll say this… he’s right, he hasn’t steered us wrong once. Mirage and Cronos are legends in this business and make one formidable team.

Mirage: Wow…that’s some strong words to you people from my man here…I just…

Mirage shakes his head.

Mirage: I just don’t think I can talk to you like that with a straight face…that’s how I know this guy means what he sayin’ to ya.  If there’s one thing everybody knows about Cronos, it’s that when he has something to say, he says it like he means it.

Eryk Masters: You’re damn right he means it…actions speak louder than words.

Mirage: …and I stand with him, I’ve said as much and I mean as much.  I’m done losing things in my life and in this business. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s the wrestling business.  So now comes the time we make a statement.  Much to the dismay of many in the back…and probably a few of you in this crowd that call me over-rated, when it comes to wrestling, I always seem to be in the right place at the right time.  Some call it luck, and hell, they may be right, but be that as it may, I’m always there for the biggest moments, no matter the era.  From Instant Heat to the rise of a King…rest assured, that guy Mirage made his mark.  So, just like Colonel Jessup, played by the one and only Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men once said, "I can deal with the bullets, and the bombs…and the blood.  I don’t want money, and I don’t want medals.  Winning accolades like ‘wrestler of the week’ doesn’t do much for me.  But what I do want is for any of you quote-unquote ‘bad guys’ of Shoot to come out here on that rampway, stand up there in whatever faggoty uniforms you wear and extend me some fucking courtesy…"

The crowd immediately starts getting louder in response.

Eryk Masters: Not a bad impersonation of Jack!

Other Guy: Wait, do the good guys get to talk like this?!

Cronos grabs the mic away from Mirage shaking his head no…

The pounding strains of Symphony X’s “Set The World On Fire” erupt from the speakers and a singular image appears on the JumboTron…


Eryk Masters: Something tells me Mirage is about to get his wish.

Other Guy: Question is, has he bitten off more than he can chew?

As the crowd’s eyes converge on the stage, Mason Pierce, Valentine Lionheart, Malice, Morgana, Leona and Nicole Compton- the members of the newly-christened Orion- emerge from the back. Nicole has a metal case in her hand.

Mason Pierce: I’m sorry. Did we interrupt your little hugfest out here? You getting all mushy on us, talking about how appreciative you are that everyone’s supposedly supporting the two of you getting back together, ol’ Cronos here talking about faith, Mirage looking for one more shot at glory because he realizes he ain’t getting any younger- come on. Seriously? Nobody’s buying it for one second. Not these people who are laying down money to watch us beat the shit out of each other for their own enjoyment, not the guys in the back.

This seems to strike a chord with the crowd,eliciting a chorus of boos. Lionheart smirks as his eyes scan the two in the ring..

Valentine Lionheart: Look at these two, Mason. They stand there in the ring with their chests puffed out, thinking for one second that we’re actually afraid of them or in the least bit intimidated by them. It’s almost as if they think we actually respect them. Is that what you think? Is that what’s going through what passes for brains between the two of you? You think we’re afraid? Please. Spare us. I look at the two of you,and you know what I see? Not the legends everyone seems to think you are.

Eryk Masters: Does he realize who he’s talking to? I know he just got here and all, but come ON- have the decency to show at least a LITTLE respect.

Other Guy: Gotta give him some credit, though. He’s staring the bull right in the eyes and waving the red cape. That’s confidence.

Valentine seems to be enjoying the growing chorus of catcalls from the capacity audience. He pauses for a moment before continuing.

Valentine Lionheart: Cronos Diamante. I look at you and I see not a former Rule of Surrender Champion, but a man so fucking bitter about the fact that THIS man right here beside me made your arse tap out in the middle of the ring so long ago that he has to stick his nose in business that was never his to begin with. Why you did it is irrelevant. But the fact that you DID- the fact that you took the initiative to track Mason and I down at the Lion’s Den and then, with your partner at the time, attack the two of us not like men, but like a couple of petulant thugs- that’s what gets to me.

Cronos rolls his eyes at Valentine and whispers something to Mirage who lets out a slight chuckle.

Valentine Lionheart: You should have left well enough alone, Cronos! But you couldn’t. Now here I am. Here..WE..are. All thanks to you. You see, before your little display at the Den, there was no collusion between the two of us. There was no partnership. I could have wound up anywhere. But after what you pulled, there was no doubt left in my mind that The Omega Messiah was headed for SHOOT Project. To finish what you started. And now you’ve gone and brought another player into the game. Someone who’s been on the front lines with you. Someone who’s battled in the same trenches as you. Who’s fought some of the same enemies, forged legacies, I could go on. Someone who you’ve convinced can make a difference by standing beside you. Mirage, I don’t know you, never met you before you and Cronos decided to come out and crash our little party, never had a beef with you until you cast your lot with the one man we DO have issue with. Congratulations. Now you’re on our radar. Now we DO have a beef with you.

Mason Pierce: Bottom line, Cronos, Mirage, your time has come and gone. The old guard? Slowly becoming nothing more than a footnote. One by one, they have fallen by the wayside. Carver. Jackman. Wolfson. All those revered names now nothing but memories, while the young and hungry ones- the ones who are going to be carrying this company into the future- are coming to the forefront. Only a few of the so-called “legends” are left, and they’re slowly falling into obscurity, being sent into retirement by people like US. You want to draw a battle line in the sand? Take your stand and take SHOOT Project back for the old guard? Restore it to what it was back in the days? By all means, go right ahead. I’ll give you all the props in the world for standing in that ring and throwing down the gauntlet, not knowing who’d be coming through the curtain. You’ve apparently got something to prove. Well, I’ve got some good news and a spot of bad news for you. The good news is, we’re more than happy to accept that challenge of yours. Bad news is, there’s only two of you- and there’s three of us.

Back in the ring, Mirage nudges Cronos and you can visibly see him mouth, “Uh oh…they can add…”

The three men start heading toward the ringside area, the women following right behind. Morgana orders Malice to make a  beeline straight for Mirage, while Valentine and Mason make their entrances and start stalking Cronos, who is setting himself and not backing down. Cronos turns to Mason and unloads a wicked left hook as Mirage throws an elbow right into the chest of the masked monster! A kick to the midsection and a double axhandle to the face sends Malice to the ground, and this seems to fire Cronos up as he tries to fend off the two remaining members of Orion. A clothesline takes Mason down, and Cronos turns to Valentine, who catches him with a chop to stun him and a left jab to send him reeling! Mirage and Cronos stand side by side, and the two are setting themselves and waiting for Valentine to make a move, when out of the corner of his eye, Cronos spots something at ringside- he points to Nicole and tells Mirage, “watch out for that damn case!”

Eryk Masters: Looks like Orion’s gotten a bit of a psychological edge with that briefcase.

Other Guy: Question is, is it just for show or is there actually a reason for it?

Mirage turns to Nicole at ringside, and the distraction is just enough time for Malice to get back to his feet! Morgana is yelling at the monster, and as Mirage turns to face the beast, he finds himself caught in the grip of a choke… and then dropped facefirst onto the mat! Malice turns his attention to Cronos, who is suddenly finding himself seriously outnumbered… Valentine and Mason have regained their bearings, and Cronos is on the wrong side of a 3-on-1 confrontation. All of a sudden, the crowd begins roaring…

Eryk Masters: SHAN!!

Other Guy:Never thought I’d be so glad to see Edmund Augustus Shan making his way to the ring. Man’s risking an awful lot- he’s not only competing for the Sin City title tonight, he’s getting involved in this as well?

As Shan is heading for the ring, Leona slides a set of brass knuckles into the ring that Mason slips on his hand- and the momentary distraction of Shan heading for the ringside area is just what Mason needs to unload a vicious right that catches Cronos just above the eye! Cronos stumbles back and falls to the mat, a cut opened above his right eye starting to bleed!

Eryk Masters: Oh, come ON! A three-on-one advantage isn’t enough, you have to use KNUCKLES?

Other Guy: Talk about stacking the deck even more. Mirage, get the hell out of there!!!

The trio are moving toward Mirage, who is refusing to back down even in the face of these seemingly impossible odds… and as Valentine charges to get the first shot in, Shan hits the ring! Mason turns toward Shan and is SPEARED!!! The impact not only sends Mason to the mat, it knocks the knuckles right off of his hand and out of the ring! Shan turns his attention to Malice, unleashing a flurry of fists and forearms as Mirage gets his bearings and attacks Valentine, unleashing a barrage of shots to his larger adversary and showing no fear as he trades blows with the “Omega Messiah”. Mason and Cronos are slowly getting back to their feet, and Mason goes for a haymaker, but he’s blocked and sent over the rope with a shoulder block from the bloodied Cronos! Morgana yells something at Malice, who turns his attention away from Shan, giving the Sin City contender a chance to slam the monster with a lariat! Malice staggers slightly, but gets himself outside the ring, grabbing Valentine’s foot and pulling him underneath the ropes to the safety of the ringside area! Mirage is checking on the condition of the bloody Cronos as Shan is standing at the ropes, gripping the cable and staring out at the members of Orion, who are making their way backstage, Mason yelling, “This is NOT over.. you hear me?”

The cameras pan around the ringside area, showing off various SHOOT Project fans doing various things… from cheering, to making strange faces, to waving signs and slapping high fives with buddies.

Eryk Masters: Well, you can’t ask for a better start to a show as we kick of THIS, the ONE HUNDRED, SEVENTH edition of Revolution.

Other Guy: 107 startin’ strong, and we just gonna keep gettin’ stronger, cause up next we got some SIN CITY championship series action. Drew Stevenson steppin up to Solomon Richards in a very important match for both of these individuals.

Eryk Masters: But first, I think we have Abigail Chase backstage with… (Pausing) well it looks like she’s got an interview in the back. So, Abby, all yours, dear.


Abigail Chase stands stoically in front of the camera, in front of a SHOOT Project back-drop professional as always, eyes forward and she nods off the greeting from Eryk. Her face, however, whispers foreboding and perhaps even dread? She speaks very clearly… carefully.

Abigail Chase: Thank you, Eryk and OG.. And SHOOT Project fans, as always, we hope you’ve enjoyed the broadcast so far.

Following the short pleasantries, she swallows back a bit of anxiety and takes a breath to ward off her apparent hesitation.

Abigail Chase: I am… backstage now, at the request of my current guest…

As she starts to say the name of her guest, the camera pans back and the SHOOT Project fans watching at home can see, in a plain Black Hoodie, with white Adidas running shorts and a pair of black and white striped adidas flats…. dark hair slicked back neatly, and a haunting scar running down his right cheek.

Her next guest…

Abigail Chase: Loris Arc…

He holds a single hand to his lips and glances in her direction.

Loris Arclale: Shhh. (Pulling his fingers away from his lips and waggling them at Chase) Non. We’re…. not doing that. K? I’m not a guest. You. You are only a podium. You are my… conduit. YOU are here as a FLOWERY smile tew… ease the minds of people watching… (waving his hand in thought) euhhh… on television or, anywhere, darling… ease their minds and tell them… tell them that THIS… that ME… that everything is all going EXACTLY. As…. Planned.

While his words trail off, his eyes stare blankly at Abigail, who, to her credit, maintains her professional

Loris Arclale: I would like to apologize. Ms. Chase. To you. To Drew Stevenson. To the… FANS that… That I have, perhaps “startled”. Maybe to our beloved… staff and owner. To… everyone. Past. Now. Later… (Pause) I would. LIKE… to appologize.

He shakes his head.

Loris Arclale: But I can’t. I cannot. and you… you all HAVE to understand. I CANNOT apologize. I CANNOT …BE SORRY, and you cannot be mad. You CANNOT. Reprimand me… (Tilting his head quizzically, squinting his grey eyes at Chase) Do yhew… SHOUT at teh… at the wind? When it (running his hands through his slicked hair) tussles your brand new haircut? AWW, you don’t look… pretty like earlier. Do you demand the wind say (Mockingly) “OH I’M SO SORRY, POINTLESS, PURPOSELESS, RIDICULOUS HUMAN?”

Loris actually appears to want an answer to his weird question, to which Abigail has none.

Loris Arclale: HUH? Little… GIRL? HUH? Do you yell at a fire for finding LIFE… for climbing DEEP FROM THE HELLS IT BURROWED OUT OF because it… kills a few trees or greys the forest skies with its wispy breath? Or yell at the earthquakes or tidal waves for ruining your family… for making you deaf to the words “I love you”. Blind to the sun, to breath?


He is generally perturbed for an instant, but is able to find a sense of calm relatively quickly.

Loris Arclale: Answers? What… answers? Why? You ask me, DREW asks me… why? Because things happen, Drew. SHIT, happens.

Arclale begins pointing proudly at his chest.


He smirks in disbelief.

Loris Arclale: I say it. I say… I am a Vessel. For. FATE!… Non? Every week? I have given you EVERY ANSWER, but you keep. asking. (shrugs) Not good enough? Then WHAT? HUH? What do you WANT FROM ME? An excuse? Some… “reason” your brain can process? NO! I will NOT SURRENDER… I am GODLESS. I AM FAITH. Less. I am…


Arclale is STUNNED with a SUPER KICK coming out from nowhere and haplessly staggers, falling to the floor! Chase, learning from her past mistake, quickly darts away, as DREW STEVENSON follows up his assassin like strike with a more overt leaping tackle, taking Loris down before gravity can get the job done! Stevenson mounts Arclale and SLAMS a forearm into Arclale’s face! He follows that with a second strike, and then a VERY quick third, and seems ready to do more damage, but, instead, shakes his head and stands up.

He points at the fallen Arclale, who is showing obvious signs of pain, bleeding from the mouth where Drew landed the kick.

Drew Stevenson: That’s a warning. You got it? Tell your little “fate” that I’m ready for a fight. Any PLACE. Any TIME!

Stevenson keeps things short and simple, and the fans watching in the epicenter pop loud enough for it to be audible to anyone watching at home. Although he looks more than ready to give in to his anger, Drew stays disciplined enough to take off and out of the scene, leaving Arclale, alone… out cold on the floor.

"Jesus Freak" by DC Talk begins to ripple through the Epicenter, bringing the crowd to a fervent life as Solomon Richards steps through the curtain, a focused expression on his face. Wringing out his hands, he checks his padding, then kneels at center stage, offering up a quick prayer before rising and making his way down the ramp. Raising his hand, he points to the rafters, then waves to the crowd as he nears the ring.

Samantha Coil: The following is a point match in the Sin City Championship Series! Introducing first, hailing from Wichita, Kansas. Weighing in at three-hundred and twenty pounds…SOLOMON…RICHARDS!

Eryk Masters: And it’s time for some Sin City action as we see two of the contenders from last week mixing it up here tonight. Both Solomon Richards and Drew Stevenson came within inches of victory in their respective bouts, only to fall short. But tonight, one of them gets a chance to edge ahead in the scores.

Other Guy: I’m really starting to like this kid, Richards. So humble, so honest and so open with the fans. This guy is what you want to see in a champion, Eryk.

Eryk Master: And a champion he might well be. Richards is one of the big favorites in the Sin City Series.

The sound of "Burning Bright" echoes through the arena as the fans pop to their feet, clapping and cheering as Drew Stevenson steps out onto the entrance ramp. Drew claps his hands together a few times, rubbing them in anticipation, and soaks in the ovation from the crowd. As he walks down the aisle he reaches out and tags hands with as many fans as he can, nodding his head towards the rafters to acknowledge as many cheering fans as he can. Drew hops up onto the ring apron, staring down Solomon before slapping his chest and entering through the middle rope.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from Kansas City, Missouri. He weighed in tonight at two-hundred and fifty pounds. He is the Emerald City Emperor…DREW…STEVENSON!

Eryk Master: As is this man! Drew Stevenson, coming on a hard-fought war with David Miller, much like Richards and his battle against Jacob Mephisto. Both these men showing tenacious resolve and sharp technical skill in their matches…this should be a clinic to remember, OG.

Other Guy: Took the words right out of my mouth. This guy right here, Stevenson, I’m loving this kid. Especially when you take into account the problems with Loris Arclale. The fact that Drew can keep his focus on the Series knowing that lunatic is around only proves how focused he is on becoming the champ.

In the ring, Solomon offers his hand and both men shake for luck. The two can be seen talking as referee Austin Linam steps forward to explain the rules. Both men give him their full attention, then shake once more as Austin steps away and calls for the bell.

The crowd is anxious as Drew and Richards circle each other, feinting the shoot. Eventually, Drew shoots in for a single leg, but Solomon clubs him with a forearm, then pulls him to his feet and locks in a bear hug. Drew grits his teeth and tries to break free, managing to ratchet himself around into a back waistlock before tripping Solomon down to the canvas. Floating over into a facelock, Drew pulls Solomon to his feet and tries a snap suplex, but Richards blocks it and reverses into a side headlock, but Drew uses his quickness to counter into a hammerlock! The crowd cheers for the display as Solomon tries to power out of the hold.

Other Guy: Stevenson using speed to his advantage, but both men looking very sharp here.

Eryk Masters: I predicted a clinic and it looks like I won’t be disappointed.

Switching from the hammerlock into a side headlock, Drew unloads a Russian leg sweep and rolls to his feet to drop a knee across Solomon’s forehead. Richards rolls away, but Drew follows with a low dropkick to the shoulders. Both men rise with Solomon using the ropes. Leading in with a hard right, Drew unleashes a series of chops to ‘Woos!’ from the crowd. Pulling Sol off, he tries to whip him across the ring, but Solomon stops and turns, catching Drew in a side belly-to-belly slam that SMASHES him into the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Wow!

Other Guy: Stevenson just got splattered with that slam!

Solomon hooks the leg.




Drew shoots his shoulder up. Not arguing, Solomon pulls him up and scoops him onto his shoulder before driving him down in a power slam. Taking Drew’s arm, he drops a leg across the elbow to weaken it. Drew clutches it to his chest and rolls away, but Solomon follows, and as Drew stands, he’s thrown backward with a Greco-Backdrop that almost dumps him on his head! Amazingly, Drew is already rolling to his knees by the time Solomon stands up. Sol’s eyes widen in surprise.

Other Guy: I’m with Richards, I can’t believe Drew is already up.

Eryk Masters: The man is as resilient as they come, no doubt about it.

Back on his feet, Drew smiles and calls Solomon in, as both men lock up in the center of the ring. Drew tries to lift a knee into Richard’s gut, but Sol side-steps and tries to clothesline him down, only for Drew to duck underneath and leap up with a dropkick as Sol turns!

Eryk Masters: Stevenson again with the quickness! He makes the cover!

Other Guy: No! Two-count! But so, so close! He caught Richards clean on the chin with that dropkick.

Sol rolls onto his side as Drew stands and grabs a leg, stomping on the knee before falling back to extend the joint. Solomon yells in pain and rolls away, trying to stand. Drew follows and catches him with a bulldog, driving Sol down to the mat. Gaining momentum, Drew gets to his feet and climbs to the top.

Other Guy: Drew going high-risk here, what’s he plan–EMPEROR’S FALL!

Eryk Masters: HE MOVED! Solomon moved! Excellent ring presence by Richards!

Other Guy: I think Stevenson hurt his elbow on that impact, that’s not good.

Austin steps in to check on Drew, who gently pushes him away and stands, only for Solomon to catch him with a fireman’s carry. Drew bounces off the mat and stands, but Solomon is there again with a double-underhook suplex, floating over into a cover.




Sol looks up and Austin points to Drew’s foot on the bottom rope!

Sol pulls Drew up, and Stevenson catches him with a bell clap. Sol staggers back and Drew lands a shoot kick to the leg, then one to the knee before whipping around with a discus clothesline that brings Richards down! Crawling over, Drew grabs Sol’s legs and flips over into a bridged pin!



Eryk Masters: NO! And Stevenson is STILL fighting! ANOTHER hair-thin near fall!

Other Guy: Both these guys are giving it all to earn that point!

Collapsing, Drew rolls to his side and stands, pulling Sol up as well before bringing down with a back suplex. Sol holds his head and rolls to his knees, where Drew picks him up and plants him with a DDT! But before he can cover, Sol is AGAIN dragging himself up, earning a loud pop from the crowd. Even Drew nods his head in respect, before he runs forward for a cross body…BUT SOLOMON CATCHES HIM!

In one easy move, he throws Stevenson over with a fall away slam! Drew lands hard on his back and sits up with a cry of pain. Using the ropes, he pulls himself up as Sol struggles to stand. The crowd is chanting both men’s names now as Drew turns and tries for a right hand that clips Solomon’s chin. Drew unloads a second, then tries for a third – that Solomon counters into the Cobra Clutch!

Other Guy: Clutch! Cobra Clutch!

Eryk Masters: And that’s the arm he injured in that elbow drop!

Sol tries to sink in the submission, but Drew manages to grab his head and drop into a stunner! Sol pops up and falls back, holding his jaw in dazed pain. Both men lay on the mat, gasping for air as Austin stands and begins a ten count.

Eryk Masters: I cannot believe the battle between these tw– hey…hey, is that?!

Other Guy: Oh hell, not HIM!

A figure barrels through the fans at ringside, clad in a black hoodie and shorts. On instinct, a number of fans try to block his path, but he shoves through them before spearing the security guard. Both men topple over the guardrail and collapse onto the floor. As the figure stands, he rubs dried blood from his lips, his hood falling away to reveal Loris Arclale! Crazed eyes gleam behind tussled hair as he rushes the ring.

Eryk Masters: Turn around Linum! TURN AROUND!

As Drew sits up, he turns to see Loris. Incensed, he slides beneath the rope and the two clash in a flurry of fists. Drew lands a few shots, before Arclale drills him with a right, followed by a throat thrust and back elbow to the nose that CRACKS Drew’s skull off the ring post. By now, the rest of security has arrived and grab for Loris, but he still unleashes a SAVAGE kick to the downed Drew’s temple.

One of the team stays with a bloodied Drew who struggles to stand. Seeing Arclale being led away, he weakly reaches for the ropes, ignoring the guard’s advice as he rolls back into the ring just as Austin was turning for the bell. Waving it off, Drew begs to continue! Solomon stands nearby, having just made his feet, glaring openly at Loris while showing obvious concern for Stevenson.

Other Guy: Un-Believable! That’s twice that maniac’s gotten out here!

Eryk Masters: Something needs to be done about him, no question…but look at Stevenson! He wants to keep going!

Austin checks to make sure Drew is certain, then looks to Solomon, who sees the heart in Drew’s eyes, and nods his consent. Austin waves for the bell and the match restarts. Shaky, Drew circles a bit then lunges in for the headlock, but Sol counters in a front facelock. Drew locks his waist and bridges over for a Northern Lights suplex, BUT SOL BRIDGES RIGHT BACK OUT OF IT!

Swinging around, he brings adjusts his grip and tries a Northern Lights of his own – only for Drew to counter into a modified sunset flip! The crowd comes to its feet as Drew struggles to pull Richards down…but Richards reaches back for Drew’s legs and drops down onto his shoulders, folding him in half!




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner by pinfall! SOLOMON…RICHARDS!

"Jesus Freak" begins to play, but Solomon ignores it, immediately breaking the pin to check on Stevenson as the two remaining guards slide into the ring as well. They all gather around Drew to see to his well-being.

Eryk Masters: Solomon Richards avenges his loss to Mephisto last week, but the main story here, once again, Loris Arclale having his way.

Other Guy: Something needs to happen. Something needs to be done about that psychopath.


Maya stalks back and forth in front of a row of blue lockers, stretching his arms arbitrarily to pass the time. His eyes wander up and down, never settling on any one thing in the room. Maya’s breathing is loud and harsh, blowing in and out with a forced exaggeration and uncertainty. All of this stops, however, when the door creaks open. When Maya’s eyes focus on the open door, or rather who is now in the door frame… 


His brow furrows inward, breathing becomes heavy and loud not from exaggerated nerves, and every muscle in his body tenses up. 


Maya: You… 


Gaunt stands there with her hands on her hips, a big’ ol grin plastered across her face. Her hair is tied back into pigtails with little red bows, and she’s wearing a short plaid skirt and a tight white tee that reads “ASK ME ABOUT MY KNIFE COLLECTION LOL.” 


Gaunt: OH MY GAWD…..Hiiiiiiiiii!!! 


Gaunt walks right up to Maya, invading his personal body space to the point where she’s barely like three inches away from his face. It’s obvious she has no concept of what makes people uncomfortable and what doesn’t, and if she did she probably wouldn’t care anyways. 


Gaunt: Why are you breathing so hard? Did you just go jogging? Was some guy in here humping on that lil’ heart shaped tushie, getting you all worked up? New boyyyyyfriend??? 


Gaunt cocks her head to the side, pigtails bouncing…and her head just kinda hangs there in that awkward position as she stares into Maya’s face. 


Gaunt: I KNOW! It’s a game, right? Can I play too? I’ll huff…and I’ll puff…and I’ll blow on your HURRR. Salon quality bangs coming right up, best friend!! 


Gaunt starts to breathe loud and ragged, and then she SUCKS air into her cheeks, puffing them out like a chipmunk…and then she SLAPS her hands against her cheeks, expelling the air directly into Maya’s face, his platinum locks blowing back a little bit from the breeze. Her breath smells like the breath of a little girl who eats way too much candy, and Maya’s expression tells us that he is struggling not to deck Elizabeth right in her giggle-hole mouth. 


Maya: I don’t give a damn about what you have to say, Gaunt, I really don’t. You can sit there and hurl insults at me all day from your sad pathetic little pedestal, the one Isaac put you on as a trophy. Showing the world how weak and useless you are when he isn’t tugging on your choke chain. 


Maya’s hands loosen from the fists they were balled into, he turns away from Gaunt. 


Maya: I hope the best for you in the Sin City Championship Series. It’s a shame you weren’t a better wrestler up until now, then you could be in my bracket and I could thank you properly for what you’ve done. I guess I’ll have to hope Isaac intervenes in your matches and you somehow make it until the brackets are scrambled again. Since we all know you’re completely inept and devoid of making your own decisions without his voice of… reason… 


Gaunt’s face scrunches up into a near comical look of sorrow…her shoulders hitching with fabricated sobs. 


Gaunt: That hurts my feelings. Can we hug it out and call it even? 


Gaunt throws her arms open wide….and her manufactured sadness immediately bleeds over into jagged, ear-splitting giggles. The kind of disjointed laughter that makes you want to stick earplugs deep into your ears just to get away from it. 


Gaunt: No? I guess that gag only works once. So, like….this isn’t just a cordial visit, in case you were wondering. I just wanted to find you and tell you that I’m SUPER disappointed, Maya. See, I put so much work into beating the sunshine and rainbows out of you a couple weeks ago…and I patiently wait after that…but there’s been NO retaliation from you. I mean…you had the perfect chance to take vengeance against me in my match against Gordon, but you just let me kick his blubbery body all around the ring and you didn’t even bother to make an appearance. 


Gaunt shakes her head from side to side, offering Maya a little “tsk tsk” gesture. 


Gaunt: It’s this moral code you have….you’re scared to death to break it, aren’t ya? Because if you give in…if you sink down to my level and REALLY let that rage come out….then you might not recognize yourself the next time you look in the mirror. There’s like this…old saying out there, Maya…if you stare into the darkness long enough, the darkness stares back into you. You’ve been fighting monsters for a long time, Mayabear…so how long do you think it’ll take before you actually become one? 


Gaunt smiles, her dark red lipstick outlining the curvature of her bratty grin. 


Gaunt: You’re right, though. I’m not in your bracket. You’re in the super serious Champion’s group…good luck in your pillow fight with Alex Brooks tonight, btw.  BUT….guess what I noticed? There’s this other guy in the Champions group with you. I think…that he kinda sees things my way. He’s about 7’2…weighs over 400lbs…REALLY hates furniture. Ring a bell? 


Gaunt twirls a hand through one of her pigtails while glaring at Maya with unbalanced turquoise eyes. 


Gaunt: His name is Sammy. You’ll fight him soon, Maya. And if you don’t….give in? If you don’t break your little code and show some FIRE….he will eat you alive. That would make me kinda sad….because I’m SO looking forward to seeing you in the finals. I’ll be there…rest assured. This Sin City Championship Series is all me, Mayabear….winner winner, chicken dinner….you’ll see me there in my prom dress that I never got to wear…and you can watch as they put the crown on my head. 


Gaunt’s fingers reach up, her eyes looking glazed over and sanity-stricken…and her fingers tremble as she seems to adjust an invisible tiara on her head. 


Maya simply smiles. 


Maya: That’s where you’re wrong, Gaunt. You and SCAR believe that you have to sink to that level to beat someone you KNOW you have no chance against in a fair fight. You take whatever pride you had in yourself, scrunch it into a little ball, and toss it in the garbage. And you cover it up by pretending it’s about survival, you don’t even have the guts to try. You showed the world you were too much of a gutless coward to even TRY, Gaunt. Because you know what? I am in the same bracket as Sammy, and I’m going to show the world that, yeah he scares the hell out of me… but I don’t need to sink to your level to compete and take the Sin City Championship from him. 


He turns back towards Gaunt, smiling. 


Maya: I want you to make sure you watch this match I have with Alex Brooks, you know why? Because he and I are going to do something that you’re completely incapable of… we’re going to fight each other, fair and square. We’re going to do it for something more than ourselves; we’re going to do it because those people out there deserves something better than your brand of filth. Win or lose, Gaunt, we’re both still better than you on your best day. And you can rest assured, Gaunt, I’m never going to interfere in one of your matches in the Sin City Championship Series and I pray for your success until the finals, you know why? 


Maya leans in close to Gaunt, whispering in her ear. 


Maya: Cause I already showed the world you can’t beat me.

Having said that, Maya turns his back on Gaunt and walks off, leaving her there to fume. Gaunt’s left eye twitches slightly…and at this moment she’s not even able to form any kind of retort besides a scream that is bubbling with psychosis.

Gaunt: I HATE YOU!!!!

Maya just keeps walking, and Gaunt spins on her heels and SLAMS her own forehead into a locker door. A little cut opens up at the top of her scalp, and a single stream of blood starts to drip down her face. She just stands there, letting the blood ooze down her face….and the shot closes out on this sickening sight.


Abigail Chase stands in the middle and wastes no time to speak.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce my guest at this time. One of the final five of the the latest Redemption Rumble, she is the reigning Iron Woman and a former three-time Sin City Champion, I welcome Laura Seton!

The boos ring out all over the arena as the chorus of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” comes through the speakers. As she enters the arena, she has her hair down and wearing a black leather jacket, matching pants and white Nikes. A smile on her face, she makes sure not to glance at a single fan on her way to the ring. She slides under the ropes and stands next to Abigail, both waiting until the crowd quiets.

Abigail Chase: Laura, thank you for taking the time tonight to share a few thoughts with us.

Laura: Abby, as you know, I turned 32 on the 12th. I’m more than happy to speak with you as part of my celebration.

Abigail Chase: Again, thank you, but if I may, couldn’t this have been done in the back?

Laura: You see Abby, we are at the end of “Laura Seton’s Birthday Week” and I am giving these people, these lowly people, a chance to help celebrate on this final night of my special week.

The fans boo at the statement, but Laura just rolls her eyes.

Abigail Chase: All right… We’ll start with the obvious: Have you come to your senses over what you did two weeks ago?

Laura gives a look of disdain at Abigail, almost disrespected by the question. One that just soured the ‘celebration.’

Laura: No. Why would I? I evicted a poison from SHOOT. I single-handedly have brought this federation back on a collision course with sanity.

Abigail Chase: So the fact Alejandro’s in the hospital…

Laura: Alejandro is the last person in the world I could give two cares about. He is where he belongs. Away from society, locked in a hospital.

Abigail Chase: You’re heartless. And for someone who just celebrated a birthday last week—

Laura: Who cares about a heart? These people here don’t, and never did. If they did, there would be a 32 year old in this ring right now that would be more accepting of them. Instead, they bask in a heartless world. One that they prefer. SHOOT Soldiers aren’t supposed to have hearts. Just a want to kill. Life doesn’t matter. ISN’T THAT RIGHT, EVERYONE?

Crowd: BOOOOO!!

Abigail Chase: Does that make you feel good? Being booed like this?

Laura: These donkeys don’t know the difference between a hamburger and a french fry. Why should I ever care about them again?

Crowd: CUNT!… CUNT!… CUNT!

Abigail looks over at Laura and raises an eyebrow in question as Laura looks into the crowd in anger.

Laura: This obviously WAS a mistake trying to share my celebration with you idiots. Well, your opinions of me don’t count. Anyone that honestly hopes Donovan King always wins shouldn’t have their opinion matter. When he loses that World Title, their insignificant lives will. And I will laugh. Just like with Jaime, hearing everyone cry—what a glorious moment.

The booing escalates to a new high for the night, but it seems not to faze Laura as she has a hair toss. TMB walks through the curtain, shaking his head. He stops at the top of the rampway and looks down at the ring. He sighs as he starts to make his way down to the ring. He walk s up the ring steps and smiles at Seton before stepping through the ropes.

TMB: You know i heard there was a party going on and i just had to come and be a part of it…seeing as I love to party.

Laura: There’s supposed to be one. But apparently some truth has put a damper on everyone’s mood.

TMB smiles a bit before walking closer to Seton.

TMB: What no strip show this time around. That would bum me out too, especially since I just got some ones from the back for some… CUNT ACTION…

Slowly the crowd goes back to their "CUNT" chant as TMB eggs them on. Laura grabs Abigail’s mic and pushes her aside. Abigail knows best and leaves the ring.

Laura: You sure do know how to make an entrance to a party, don’t you?

TMB: Well, when approaching someone with such "big"…hidden talent, you want to make sure you get their full attention. So I ask you, Laura…do I have your attention?

Laura: You decided to come face-to-face with me out here. So, yes.

TMB chuckles a bit, but then gets very serious.

TMB: I figure since you made a point to come down to the ring in my match, that I would come down to the ring and greet you…properly. You see, I don’t need to wait til you are in a very important match to get in your face. I much rather do it when you are alert and know that it’s coming. But then…by now, I guess you know where this is heading, don’t you Ms. Milk and Cookies?

Laura: Awwwww… someone still bitter?

TMB: Bitter…no…interested is a better way to put it. I mean why would someone like you…so engrossed in your little thing with Jamie, want to even get someone who is not to be fucked with’s attention. I mean…you just wanted a up close look, I’m sure we could have arranged something.

TMB looks Seton up and down before licking his lips. She scoffs at him, holding a “Yeah, right” expression.

Laura: You’re pathetic.

TMB shakes his head again.

TMB: Hard to get, ok…I guess then you are interested in seeing my other talent. The talent that you were lucky enough to avoid at the other place. But over here, you don’t have Rob making sure you don’t run into anybody that would take a very perverse pleasure in FUCKING YOU UP!!!

TMB starts to make his way closer to Seton. Laura raises her head, not to be intimidated, as she unzips and removes her jacket.

Laura: Belote was only giving the fans what they wanted. They wanted the real showcase of athletic entertainment. They didn’t want me involved in garbage wrestling. That was SHOOT Project’s game and they knew that’s where it was supposed to be. Now, I’ll admit you’re right. You WERE something in the No Limits division for a little while, but the only reason Rob came up with that No Limits crap was for the couple sickos that liked both SHOOT and LEGACY…

The crowd begins booing her yet again. She turns to the audience in anger.

Laura: OH SHUT UP!!

TMB: Don’t worry about them, Seton…they are going to be the least of your worries when the time comes.

Laura looks back to TMB and slowly cracks a smile.

Laura: It may be a garbage style but if you keep pushing… and Jason Johnson so desires… I’ll gladly step in that ring and pop you again.

TMB walks right up into Seton’s face.

TMB: Oh I would enjoy that. But until then…me and you will have some unfinished…

Without warning, Laura pivots on her left foot and hits a snap superkick with her opposite leg! TMB catches the kick in the chain and in trying to keep his balance, stumbles over the top rope! TMB lands on the outside and sits on the ground for a moment. He looks at Seton inside the ring and nods, acknowledging that she got the better of him again. TMB stands up and mouths the words "Oh yeah…we are going to get to know each other very well", before turning around and heading up the rampway.


Earlier today. 

The backstage area bustles with pre-Revolution activity.  We see Loco Martinez strolling backstage when his phone blips.  He flips it open seeing the text message.  He sighs.

Loco Martinez:  WHAT… NOW?!

He turns and walks back down the hallway towards a door that we see Arch Angel stationed outside like a security guard. 

Loco Martinez:  What’s up Chris?

Arch Angel:  Come in.

Loco rolls his eyes and follows him through the door.  The murmuring in the room comes to a halt.  A banner hanging from the ceiling reads:  "INTERVENTION".  T.Rex, Lunatikk Crippler stand beneath the sign, and Arch Angel goes to stand by them.  To their right is Maya Nakashima.  Leaning against the far wall Buck and Charles of the BAB.  Loco’s eyes finally stop as in the corner the hulking whiteness of Isaac Entragian sits there with bemused smirk, and next to him his Vixen, Elizabeth Gaunt who is staring at Maya.

Loco Martinez:  What… the… FUCK?!

T.Rex looks down at the index cards in his hands and starts to read robotically.

T.Rex:  We’re all here today cuz we care about you.

Buck Dresden:  Truth be told, Loco?  We’re here cuz we wanted to talk to Anarchy about our Lumberjack duties  tonight. 

Loco continues to look baffled.

Loco Martinez:  Okay, so I need an intervention.  Is this about my Superbowl bets?  I mean… I don’t gamble THAT much…. and, uh, answer me this one question. *Loco looks from Maya directly to Liz and Isaac, clearly seething seeing Maya put in this situation.*  WHY are Isaac and Liz here?

Liz Gaunt:  We were invited.

Loco Martinez:  Who… Why? 

Maya Nakashima:  Its okay, Loco. 

T.Rex: Dat was me, Loc.  Tryin’ to put this together and stuff I thought about people from your past.  People that came to your birthday party a couple years back.  People you guys had work dat carnival.  He did both.  I didn’t think ’bout Maya and them. 

Loco proceeds to palm his face and in a moment of clarity mumbles.

Loco Martinez:  Think I just realized what Stellar felt like all those years…

This moment is cut short as behind him the door swings open and nearly catches him as he jumps out of the way and El Asso Wipo and Silas Mitchell bound in.

El Asso Wipo:  Senor LOCO!  Sorry we are late to your fiesta!  SOMEONE *Looks at Silas* got us lost on the way here.   Don’t you talk to me like that in front of people! 

T.Rex:  Who da fugg invited HIM?!

T.Rex steps to Wipo.  Who steps right back.  The two men are nose to nose.  Loco’s eyes light up with a rage.

Loco Martinez:  STOP!  For whatever the hell reason we’re here?  If you want me to HUMOR you and stay in this room?  You’ll do two things. Back off, and explain to me why in the tap dancing FUCK you  brought me here.

T.Rex and Wipo soften, but keep an icy glare on one another.  Arch Angel attempts to get things on track.

Arch Angel:  We *Looks at the corner where Entragian/Gaunt are* – well most of us are here cuz we want you to realize that you should get back in the ring.

The line hangs heavy as Loco looks around at the random collective before him.  He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes a moment before one person attempts to lighten the mood.

Lunatikk Crippler:  WHAT?!  I thought we were here to talk about his tanning. 

Some chuckles from the room.  Loco cracks a brief smile.  T.Rex gestures to a chair, so Loco goes and sits down begrudgingly.  T.Rex looks around the room accusingly.

T.Rex:  I still need to know who invited HIM.  *T.Rex points at El Asso Wipo.*   I know I didn’t ask that assbag to come here. 

Wipo:  Senor Loco and I are amigos.  We have been friends for decades. 

T.Rex:  You haven’t KNOWN him for decades! 

Wipo:  You question my juevos? 

T.Rex turns to Loco.

T.Rex:  Just throw Ben and Jerry out, Loc’.  They don’t BELONG here.

Wipo:  Neither Silas nor I are named Ben OR Jerry.  And I resent the implication that we are a cartoon mouse and cat pairing!

T.Rex:  No shit. I’m callin’ you’s Ben and Jerry cuz they’re from Vermont.  Like the Ice Cream?  Half Baked?  Chunky Monkey?

Wipo:  You calling me a half baked Chunky Monkey?! I have never in all my years of dominant back breaking been SO insulted!

T.Rex: What if I am?

The two men are again nose to nose.  Loco just shakes his head.

Loco Martinez:  ENOUGH!  I’ll toss both of you if you don’t knock it the fuck off! 

T.Rex looks like a hurt puppy.

T.Rex:   I put this together for YOU, though, Loc!

Loco Martinez:  I know, Teddy.  I know your heart is in the right place, too, but like with almost EVERY intervention?  The person that is being intervened upon?  Doesn’t want to be here. I appreciate all of you who came here.  I really do.  I appreciate what you’re trying to do Teddy, but?  We all have stuff to do.  Shall we?

The proceedings continue as we slowly fade out.  To be continued. 

Eryk Masters: Our next contest of the night features two of the newest batch of recent signing in SHOOT Project, Alexander Kincaid and Ja Gi Kyung-Moon. Kincaid achieved victory last week, in controversial fashion, over another newcomer M.D.K while Moon, although not pinned in a hard fought contest, tasted defeat at the hands of the veteran Tanya Black.

Other Guy: SHOOT’s newest influx of talent is proving to every body that they’re here for the long run. They aren’t just pussy footing around and waiting for shit to happen, they’re in the trenches every night fighting their asses off.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 193 lbs, JA GI KYUUUUNG-MOOOOOOOOON! 

“JAP THE RIPPER” by B’z blasts through the arena, the entrance curtain barely has time to flutter before Ja Gi Kyung-Moon is sprinting down the entrance aisle and sliding into the ring. Moon hits the ropes twice to test their elasticity, before turning to the crowd and holding his hands high into the air, the crowd simply applauds him.

Other Guy: Seems like the crowd favors Moon here, but not the thundering ovation you’d see from one of the better known Soldiers here.

Eryk Masters: Well, what can you really expect? He’s only had one match here, the fans have barely had any time to get to know him!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from New York City, New York, being accompanied to the ring by Michelle Rochefort, and Jax Hammer… ALEXANDER KIIIIIIINCAID!

The sound of “If I Was Your Vampire (Instrumental)” by Marilyn Manson eerily creeps through the arena as the fans cheers start to immediately turn into wicked jeers aimed at the entrance ramp where Kincaid, flanked by Michelle Rochefort and the hulking Jax Hammer, starts walking down the aisle.

Other Guy: Seems like the crowd has had an easy time getting to know Kincaid.

Eryk Masters: That’s different and you know it, Kincaid swindled his first win last week, of course the people are going to remember, and despise, such an action. And now he has this tower of muscle, who we’ve learned is named Jax Hammer, at his back too!

Other Guy: Whatever it takes to get to the top, right? Kincaid is a rookie here, Eryk, and that means all those grizzly veterans in the back are going to be looking to put him through the ringer. You see that monstrous amalgamation of muscle he’s got right there? No one’s gonna touch Kincaid now.

The trio stalk slowly to the ring, fans hunched up on the barricade shout their fury at Kincaid. Kincaid mockingly walks towards the barricade, pretending to listen, before stepping back and brushing his shoulder. When the trio reaches the apron, Kincaid pats Jax on the shoulder before sliding into the ring.

With both men in their respective corner, Dennis Heflin signals for the bell!

Kincaid, as if having been shot out of a cannon, rushes at Moon throwing a wild closed fist shot, but Moon easily ducks the shot and rifles off a big knee to the midsection of Kincaid! Kincaid buckles for only a moment when he tries to throw another wild punch that Moon easily sidesteps, ducks, and then sweeps the feet out from underneath Kincaid! Kincaid rolls over onto his stomach and pops up quickly, but Moon is ready and waiting for him with a high angle dropkick that sends Kincaid sprawling to the outside! Moon rolls to the outside to continue his assault on Kincaid, but the second Moon rolls out of the ring Jax Hammer cuts him off, blocking any access to Kincaid. Moon, having to look up at Hammer, decides to roll back into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Moon deciding that discretion is the better part of valor in that scenario and Kincaid’s partnership with Jax is paying off in spades here.

Other Guy: Like I said, no one is gonna touch Kincaid.

While Kincaid talks with Michelle on the outside, Moon hops up onto the turnbuckle horizontally laying himself over the top rope, making a loud mocking yawn pointed in the direction of the trio on the outside. Kincaid quickly slides back into the ring, Moon quickly pops into a seated position on the top rope and leaps off the top rope landing on Kincaid’s shoulders, but when Moon falls backwards in an attempted Hurracanrana… Kincaid holds his legs tightly to block the attempt! Kincaid hoists Moon up high and gets a running start and powerbombs Moon into the corner!

Kincaid stays on the attack and hoists Moon up like a ragdoll in the corner and reigns hard forearm shots to the midsection of Moon! Kincaid then brings his knees up into the chest of Moon while throwing heavy shots to the side of Moon’s head. Suddenly, Kincaid has Moon covering up as much as possible to block the absolute onslaught of punches and kicks coming from Kincaid. Dennis Heflin has to physically get between Kincaid and Moon, while being pushed out to the center of the ring Kincaid shouts towards Moon to get up and dares him to fight back. Moon has just managed to get back to his feet using the ropes, while Kincaid is reprimanded by Heflin.

Eryk Masters: Kincaid seems much different from what we saw in his previous match. Kincaid seemed much more technical in his prior match where tonight… he seems like some sort of animal hell bent not on winning, but just dishing out the punishment.

Other Guy: If you bothered to listen to Kincaid this week, he said numerous times that he thinks Moon is completely full of it with this wholesome good hearted attitude. If I were a gambling man, I’d say he’s pissed about that and wants to smear the mat with Moon until he can’t smile anymore.

When Heflin finally gets out of Kincaid’s way he starts running with a full head of steam towards Moon in the corner. However, Moon has also started running and when they meet Moon jumps up and connects with a running hurracanarana that sends Kincaid flying into the middle turnbuckle! Moon gets another running starts, Kincaid is still face down on the middle turnbuckle, and Moon hangs in the air for a moment before planting both his feet on the back of Kincaid’s neck with a high angle dropkick! Kincaid bounces up to his feet, holding his face, which gives Moon the opportunity to hoist Kincaid up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry!

Moon twirls around and around with Kincaid on his shoulder, the crowd starts to count the number of rotations which pumps up Moon and makes him start spinning faster! When the crowd finally reaches twelve, Moon stops and shouts to the crowd before heaving Kincaid forward and slamming him to the mat!

Eryk Masters: Quite the showing of power there from Moon! He kept Kincaid up on his shoulders, spinning around, for a full twelve count before spiking him forward to the mat.

Other Guy: Yeah, right, big deal. He showed some power but take a gander in the ring, he can’t make the cover because he’s too damn dizzy and because Kincaid rocked his world in the corner. Lot of good that power move did him loooooot of good.

Moon tries to stand, but loses his footing from dizziness and stumbles to a knee. By the time Moon makes it to his feet, Kincaid has also made it to his feet. Moon fires off a quick kick to the leg of Kincaid that he absorbs and fires back a knife edge chop to the chest of Moon. Moon fires off a punch but Kincaid catches the punch and wrenches Moon’s arm around before using the leverage he has on Moon’s wrist to hoist him up into the air! Kincaid turns a full rotation, almost mocking Moon, before slamming him on his back to the canvas. But, Kincaid doesn’t taunt or turn to the crowd, he immediately jumps on Moon and starts throwing haymakers and elbows to the face of Moon! At the moment Moon starts to cover up, Kincaid stops his assault, looking Moon dead in the eyes and taunting Moon to try fighting back.

Eryk Masters: That’s… an odd strategy. I mean, Kincaid had Moon right where he wanted him again and he stopped to almost taunt him.

Other Guy: Looks to me like he’s intentionally trying to piss of Moon, trying to get him to show that he isn’t this smiley happy go lucky guy that every one thinks he is. But I, too, have to wonder about that strategy, when you have a chance to pound your opponent’s face in? You should only stop at that count of five or until you hear bone crunch.

Kincaid stands up off of Moon and retreats to the nearby turnbuckle, leaning back against it with his arms outstretched, yelling at Moon to get up and fight. Moon stumbled on his hands and knees, trying to grab at the ropes to help him up, while Kincaid shouts that he isn’t smiling anymore to a chorus of hatred from the sold out Epicenter crowd.

When Moon stands up, his back to Kincaid in the corner, Kincaid sprints as fast as he can towards Moon. When Moon turns around and sees Kincaid charging him, out of instinct, he whips his body around bringing his foot up and SMASHING Kincaid right in the side of the head with the Good Night Moon!!! Kincaid falls backwards to the mat, his eyes rolled up in the back of his head, but Moon is down and out as well, breathing heavy against the canvas unable to capitalize!

Eryk Masters: Both men are down and out of it! If Moon could just muster a little more strength then he could have this match won!

When Moon starts to stir, and Kincaid shows no sign of movement, Jax and Michelle slide into the ring and start laying the boots into Moon to the sound of a furious crowd! Heflin signals for the bell, but that’s all he can do before Jax, with ease, hauls him over the top rope.

Eryk Masters: You’ve got to be kidding me, Moon is defenseless in there and these damn cronies of Kincaid’s are laying waste to him. Just because their guy was going to get what he deserved, they come in and ruin the whole damn thing.

Jax and Michelle continue to relentlessly assault Moon, Jax plowing big axe handle shots to the back of  Moon’s neck while Michelle viscerally stomps every exposed limb she possibly can. Finally, Kincaid starts to make his way back up. He stumbles towards Jax and Michelle, clearing them off of Moon. Kincaid, again, holds his arms out and screams at Moon to get up and fight.

When Moon doesn’t move, Kincaid drags Moon to his feet and hoists Moon up into a piledriver position. Kincaid turns around so that every section of the crowd can see the dead eyes of Moon before applying the cradle and powering Moon’s head to the canvas with the Gotcha Driver. Kincaid stands over Moon, holding his arms out in victory with Jax and Michelle patting him on the back. The only solace coming from the sound of Samantha Coil’s voice.

Samantha Coil: Your winner, by way of DISQUALIFICATION, Ja Gi-Kyung Moon!

When the trio in the ring glare towards Samantha, she quickly puts down the mic and tries to dip into her ring side seat out of vision.

Eryk Masters: Disgusting, absolutely disgusting conduct by there three individuals. When you can’t get the damn job done yourself then hire some goons and let them do it for you.

Other Guy: Oh get over yourself, technically he didn’t get the job done, you know? Moon still got the victory!


"It’s almost time."

The camera cuts in, showing us to the locker room backstage, where a man sits on a bench, his head down. His long, flowing black hair covers his face, but the voice is unmistakable.

Lunatikk Crippler: In just four weeks, I’ll get one more chance. A chance the world knows I deserve. A chance to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Crippler raises his head, and brushes the hair out of his face. The look on his face is one of a determined calm. Focus. And yet, there’s the underlying traces of the intensity he brings to the ring on a nightly basis.

Lunatikk Crippler: There’s Donovan King. A man I’ve grown to respect. A man I’ve come to like. A friend. I’ve stood across the ring from him and stared him down, and I’ve stood at his side and watched his back. And there’s Dan Stein. The number one contender. The winner of the 2012 Redemption Rumble. A man who has earned his spot in the biggest match, at the biggest show.

Crippler grins.

Lunatikk Crippler: The debate will go on for a long time, even after Reckoning Day, whether he truly deserves it. Earning and deserving are two different things. Stein and King are two completely different men. And yet they, and I, have one goal in mind: The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Crippler brushes his hair back once again, staring intently at the camera.

Lunatikk Crippler: I’m not going to take up your time. I’m not going to beat around any bushes. Just know that I have every confidence that Donovan King will retain his World title here tonight. I know that Dan Stein is going to do whatever it takes to ensure that he makes it to Reckoning Day completely unscathed. And I know that I’ll be walking into Reckoning Day looking for war.

Crippler’s grin widens.

Lunatikk Crippler: And I can’t wait to find it.

The camera fades.


The shot opens in same place we found Entragian last week…that gutted skybox at the top of the Epicenter that seems to be in a perpetual state of “awaiting renovations.” The confines still stink of mildew, the walls are charred ruins…but Isaac has made himself a den of this place regardless. It seems that almost no one uses the SCAR locker room anymore…not since the divide that has splintered the group in a variety of different ways.

Isaac sits back in a chewed up leather chair, wearing black slacks and a black muscle tee. His long white hair flows across his shoulders, combed back into a silky mane. Elizabeth seems to enjoy combing his hair…just one aspect of the young woman’s almost zealous devotion to him. Elizabeth is mentally broken…he’s known this for a very long time. Her mind does not function as the mind of a normal human being would. She can be lucid from time to time, but too often he notices her whispering under her breath, speaking to people or things that he cannot see.

She’s loyal, and that’s what matters to him. He needs allies right now. He needs people in his corner. Lizzie is an asset…but she’s also a fucking lunatic, and having only interactions with her and no one else on a daily basis is starting to try his patience. He thinks he’ll ram his cock into her mouth later tonight to stifle those jagged giggles for awhile, but this thought is distant…because more pressing matters are close at hand.

The shadow appears in the doorway….the frame of a bearded behemoth with wild hair and equally wild eyes. Elizabeth pauses as she pours absinthe into Isaac’s glass, taking a moment to look up at Obsidian.

Isaac offers Obsidian his warmest smile….and despite those razor-sharp teeth, the charm still manages to bleed through.

Entragian: You came.

Obsidian takes a step forward, simply measuring the albino with a perfectly flat gaze.

Entragian: Lizzie, take a stroll. Erick and I need a moment…

Gaunt’s eyes look slightly glazed over…giving us the idea that she’s going through one of her “episodes.”

Gaunt: Can I go to the meadow? Can I pick roses in the meadow, Isaac?

Entragian sighs, taking a moment to massage his temple with pallid fingers. He offers Obsidian a small, apologetic smile.

Entragian: Yes, Lizzie. Go pick…roses.

Gaunt brightens like a child that was just awarded her favorite toy…and she hurries out the open door without even a second look at Obsidian.

Isaac gestures to a chair opposite him…he even offers to pour Obsidian a drink. Obsidian doesn’t take the albino up on either offer. He simply stands there, watching The Ivory Terror closely.

Isaac nods, as if he expected this, and he leans back in his chair…that warm smile never faltering.

Entragian: I’ve missed you, brother. I’ve missed our…conversations. I’ve always been fascinated with your mind. We spent many a night in the desert, stars shining bright….coyotes singing to us. Topics swirled from our tongues, and the world always seemed to slow down on those cold evenings…until our ideas seemed like tangible things that we could pluck from the smoke of our fire.

Isaac runs a hand through his white hair….sighing wistfully to himself.

Entragian: These past few weeks have been tough. No one to confide in…only a void to turn to where there was once a brotherhood. I take what comfort I can from my little Lizzie, but between you and me…talking to her for extended periods of time is like talking to a demented child pumped full of LSD.

Isaac chuckles to himself, amusement dancing in his noxious green eyes. Obsidian does not chuckle. Obsidian’s facial expression doesn’t change at all.

Entragian: I know that I’m probably not your favorite person right now….and I get that. I only ask that you take a moment to hear my side of it, Erick. Corazon has labeled me a cancerous tumor…a disease that runs through the veins of Project: SCAR. I’d not have you look at me like that, Obsidian. See me and hear me…as a brother…even if it’s for only one last time. Will you do that?

Obsidian looks down at the ground, blinking as he thinks about the proposition set before him.  He runs his hands through his hair, pulling it back to reveal his face fully.  He takes that same hand and brushes his mustache away from his mouth and his piercing eyes cut back up to meet Isaac’s. 

Obsidian: I…can.  I will.  But you shall listen to me first.  Understand me. 

He tightens his hands into fists at his sides.  Isaac gives him his silence and his attention, even motioning with his hand for Obsidian to continue. 

Obsidian: I have kept to myself, kept my silence, and let the two of you have your spat.  I came to be here…and now…because of my love for Adrian.  I have loved him for as long as I’ve known him.  He came to me knowing nothing of this struggle called SHOOT, barely any English, but his eyes were already narrowed by the light of hate. 

He grits his teeth. 

Obsidian: When he has asked for me, I have come for him.  As SCAR’s Shepherd into this company, it only made sense to follow him and, by proxy, you and Kenji at his request.  I have loved him, and I have come to love you and love Kenji.  With every threat of fissure, every wavering resolve, every faltering fist, I have remained.  Now, the two of you test the loyalty of the love that I have in my heart.  The two of you have long spoken of what is cancer, what is malignant, and I have listened.  So, please, beloved brother, speak.  I pledged my heart to you, to him, and to Kenji.  You have called, I have come.  As is, has, and shall forever remain, my nature.  Speak to me, Isaac.

Isaac leans forward, staring into the eyes of the desert nomad Obsidian.

Entragian: First and foremost…I want you to know something, Erick. I NEVER wanted this. This is not my war. It’s Adrian’s war. This rift…is his creation. It began at RISE…when he betrayed Kenji. He’d hoped it would destroy us. But I stepped in…I repaired that rift…and I brought this family together again. His plan…fell through. But Adrian is a persistent man…

Isaac’s eyes flash with hatred for the Baddest Man Alive…the brother that spurned him.

Entragian: He tried again…in the Redemption Rumble. This time he targeted not only Kenji…but me as well. His rift…reopened. He succeeded. And this time…I will not step in to repair the damage that he has caused. The time for forgiveness is over, sweet brother. The moment he made the conscientious decision to cross me was the moment that he sealed his own fate. He started this war…and I will finish it.

Isaac’s words carry hollow, undeniable weight…and Obsidian simply sits back and listens to his pallid kinsman.

Entragian: And that brings me…to you. I know you love him, Erick. I know you two have a longstanding history. But my sweet brother…that love is one-sided. Corazon knows only how to use and abuse you…and then discard you whenever you’re not needed. When SCAR was a new thing in SHOOT Project…it was ME that wanted to bring you into this family. Corazon smirked and nodded his consent, but he made no real effort to invite you into the fold.

Isaac takes a sip of his absinthe, letting the green liquor swirl around inside of his mouth before swallowing.

Entragian: I made the trek out into the desert alone…and I sought you out myself. From the moment my eyes fell upon you…I knew that I’d found a true kindred soul. I brought you into this family, Erick…and I’ve never once regretted that decision.

Isaac’s head drops for a moment, and when he looks back up the conviction in his voice is damn near staggering.

Entragian: Do you know what you are to Adrian? It hurts my heart to tell you…but tell you I must. You’re nothing but an enforcer to him, Erick. His muscle. The desert beast that the Baddest Man Alive has had stand behind him in the past to make him seem bigger and badder than he is. He takes you for granted…always assuming that you’ll answer when he calls your name. But he only calls…when he needs something, Erick. And when he doesn’t need you…he’s happy to let you stagnate out in the desert. Alone. Forgotten.

Obsidian’s expression is guarded…but something shines in those dark eyes of his. Some emotion…deep down within his core. Isaac cocks his head to the side, watching Erick Brooks closely.

Entragian: I’ve never needed muscle, Erick. I have plenty of that myself. I don’t need an enforcer…because a man as exceptional as you would be wasted in such a position. I don’t need a man to stand behind me to make me appear greater than I am. What I need, Erick….is a brother and a friend to stand BESIDE me…as my equal. I need your beautiful mind, not your imposing frame. Look in my eyes…and know that I’m telling you the truth.

Obsidian stares into the poison shades of Isaac’s eyes…and the pallid monster slowly rises up to his feet.

Entragian: The Ghost & The Darkness need not die now. Stay with him if you must, Erick…but know that if you do…you will never rise above the status of an enforcer. But if you follow me…you can be whatever you desire to be…and your brothers and sisters will love and support each choice that you make. Because that’s what a real family does, Obsidian…

Obsidian’s hand comes up, rubbing against his mouth…his eyes flitting up to the pale face of The Ghost that has stood with him in the past.

Entragian: It’s your choice, Erick. Your life…and your path to walk. Whatever you decide to do….know this. I love you, brother. I have nothing left to give Corazon but a bottomless well of my own hatred…but for you….EVEN if you turn your back on me….I will love you still. A man like you deserves the kinship of a warm hearth and siblings to call his own, and if you do not find that with me…I hope that you still find it someday and somewhere…

Obsidian rises up to his feet, the two monsters standing face to face for a moment. Isaac starts to speak…his throat working, but then he stops to stare at the floor for a moment.

Entragian: My own little brother….Saul…died young. My father killed him in the cornfields of my own home. In those early years…he was my only family. He was filled with love…loyalty…and the potential to do great things in life.

Entragian looks back into Obsidian’s face…a deep sigh escaping his pale lips.


Entragian: You remind me of him.

Isaac moves forward and he embraces Obsidian, even going so far as to plant a dry, brotherly kiss on Obsidian’s bearded cheek. Obsidian feels his arms coming up automatically to return the embrace…but before he can…Isaac has turned away from him and stalked his way out the door.

The shot closes out on the bearded visage of Obsidian as he sinks down into the chair Isaac vacated, the heel of his hand moving slowly up to press against his forehead.

Eryk Masters:  Our next contest is another bout for the Sin City Championship Series, and its one I’ve been looking forward to since I saw it on the booking sheet. 

Other Guy:  Two former champions locking up in the spirit of competition and "May the best man win". 

Eryk Masters:  This match will be bell to bell action, and I advise the viewers at home to NOT BLINK!

The lights in the Epicenter die down as the start of “HORIZON” by D’espairsRay fills the arena. Spotlights search through the seats as the fans rise up from their seats in boisterous anticipation. The words “CAN YOU FEEL THE NEW WORLD?” scribble across the video tron in elaborate silver script for a moment, the searchlights converge on the ramp, on Maya with his head bowed downward. The script on the video tron fades slowly into light particles, the moment Maya lifts his head the word “HOPE” etches its way across the video screen, and the spotlights SHOOT out in all direction as the lights in the Epicenter surge on to their most brilliant and brightest.  

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, by way of Nagasaki, Japan, weighing in at 135 pounds and standing at 5’7”… MAYA… NAKASHIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAA!!!   

Maya walks down the ramp, reaching out to tag hands with a few of the fans.  The crowd roars as he slides into the ring and hops to his feet bouncing in anticipation for his opponent.  "HORIZON" fades away.  The lights dim as the video screen flashes with "THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT DID".  Running drums for the opening of "Flying through the City" by Bliss N’ Bliss gets the crowd on their feet.  As the lyrics hit Alex Brooks explodes through the curtain and heads to the ring.  He slaps as many hands as possible, and spots a little girl in a wheel chair who is ring side.  He takes off his "Little Engine" t-shirt and hands it to the girl.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent.  Making his Way to the ring from Aurora, Colorado.  Weighing in at 180 pounds and standing at 5’9"… ALEX… BRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS!!!!

Brooks jumps to the middle ropes and throws his hands up into the air as "Flying through the City" fades out.  He hops down and he and Maya exchange a nod of mutual respect.  Referee gives them a few final instructions.

Eryk Masters:  Your referee for this match is Austin Linam.

Linam calls for the bell and Maya and Brooks walk to the center of the ring and shake hands.

Eryk Masters:  Nice display of sportsmanship there.  

Each man backs up few steps and they begin circling. 

Other Guy:  Not often Brooks has a size and power advantage going into a match, but 2 inches and 45 pounds sees Alex as the "big guy" in this match. 

They tie up in the center of the ring and immediately Brooks puts that size to use.  He back Maya into the corner.  When he gets him in the corner the ref starts a count and Brooks makes a clean break.  The Epicenter crowd claps at the display of sportsmanship.  They get out of the corner and again they tie up, Brooks quickly takes Maya by the wrist and whips him into the corner.  This time he goes to charge in, but Maya notices it and slips out between the middle and top rope.  Brooks stops short.  Maya leaps to the top rope and jumps flipping and grabbing Brooks with a sunset flip. 




Eryk Masters: That close!

Brooks reverses the pinning attempt pushing his body weight forward, which pushes Maya back, and is now sitting on Maya’s chest holding both legs!




Maya rolls out to the left.  Each man gets up with a smirk at how closely they were able to score the surprise pinfall there.  They circle, but before they tie up Maya lays in a quick leg kick.  He takes Brooks and whips him off the ropes, as Brooks comes back, Maya drops down. Brooks runs over, and bounces off the far ropes.  As Alex comes back Maya performs a leap frog.  Once more off the ropes Maya hits a deep arm drag.  Maya is up and goes for a leg drop, but Brooks rolls out of the way and kips up.  Brooks swings a head kick towards Maya who senses it and ducks and goes for a leg sweep, but Brooks deftly jumps the sweep attempt.  Both men are back to their feet circling as the Epicenter applauds the speed and athleticism.  They circle.

Other Guy:  They say "speed kills", but are these guys  too fast to be caught by one another.

Maya again lashes out with a leg kick.

Eryk Masters:  Maya focusing on that leg early. 

Other Guys:  Probably wants to slow him down.  Keep him grounded. 

Maya lays another leg kick in and follows that immediately with a drop kick to the knee.  Brooks ends up on his knees and Maya hooks him with a front face lock and snaps him down with a DDT.  Maya guides a dazed Brooks to his feet.  He hoists him up on his shoulder, and folds his legs up, bending his knees and leaving them exposed.  He sits out dropping Brooks down between his legs onto his bent knees in a double knee buster drop. 

Other Guys:  Oooh, that one could keep Brooks grounded.

Alex clutches at his knees as Maya rolls him over and makes a lateral press.



Th-NO!  Brooks powers out.  Maya is up quickly and grabs a leg and attempts to roll Brooks over in a single leg crab, but Alex pulls Maya in with that leg and rolls him up with an inside cradle!



THRE-!NO! Maya shifts his shoulder up.  After the release of the roll up Brooks gets to his feet, checking that left knee Maya was working on a few times.  Maya winds up and delivers another leg kick to that same left left.  He goes to whip Brooks off the ropes, but Alex reverses it. Brooks launches with a spinning heel kick and gets all of it.  Maya is down, Brooks is up and runs to the ropes, and jumps to the middle rope and launches back with an asai moonsault.  He hits it.  Makes a cover.  Hooks the leg.



TH-NO!  Maya shoulders out.  Brooks is up and continues to shake out that left leg.  He grabs Maya and pulls him and drops him a short armed clothesline.  He doesn’t let go of the wrist he pulled Maya in with.  He brings Maya back to his feet and drops him again with a stiff short armed clothesline.  He again olds on and brings Maya back to his feet, only this time he runs to the corner, and runs up the ropes to the top.  He leaps off looking for a head scissors take down, but Maya senses the head scissors and as Brooks jumps onto Maya wrapping his legs around Maya’s neck, and swinging his body around but before he can finish the rotation Maya reaches up and locks Brook’s leg around the back of his neck, kneels down, and locks Brook’s opposite leg around his knee! Maya pushes down around the trapped leg behind his neck with his arm while hyper extending Brook’s arm!

Eryk Masters:  Wow!  An innovative maneuver from Nakashima! 

Other Guy:  I’ve seen that move called "Judah" in Japan.  Impressive way to reverse that head scissors attempt, and also keeps working on Brook’s legs!

Maya has Brooks stuck in this submission move.  He really bends the leg behind his neck, really contorting the knee.  Brooks reaches out for a rope, but isn’t close, and with only one foot on the mat, he doesn’t have the ability to drag himself.  Brooks looks around, and decides to drive an elbow into Maya’s ribcage.  Maya winces, and attempts to cinch the hold in tighter, but Brooks again winds up and drives the point of his elbow into the Maya’s ribs.  Maya reacts loosening his grip.  Brooks drives one more elbow down into the ribs, and Maya lets go completely.  Brooks slides down behind pulling Maya back for a pin with a schoolboy roll up!



Three!NO!  Austin Linam holds up 2 fingers telling Brooks the fight continues. 

Eryk Masters:  That was really really REALLY close. 

Other Guy:  Really?

Eryk Masters: REALLY!

Maya is up.  Brooks moving slower is only too his knees.  Maya winds up looking for a kick, but Brooks dodges it.  He lunges, rocking Maya with an European uppercut.  He winds up, nails another one.  He grabs Maya and snaps off a swinging neckbreaker.  With Maya down he makes his way to the corner.  He quickly scales to the top rope, facing out towards the crowd.

Eryk Masters:  Looking for a moonsault, perhaps?

Brooks launches back with a moonsault, and as Maya is rolling out of the way, Brooks notices and tightens up his rotation so he lands on his feet.  The pressure on his damaged leg makes him pull that left leg up in pain, but he quickly turns quickly and pushing off his good leg performs a standing moonsault that lands across Maya’s back as he was attempting to get up.  The crowd roars its approval as a "Lets go Maya… Lets go Alex" echo chant breaks out. 

Brooks is up and heads back to the corner.  He jumps up to the middle rope and drops and elbow across Maya’s back.  He shoots a half nelson and hooks a leg.



THR-!NO! Maya kicks out. 

Brooks is up and and drops a knee across Maya’s chest.  He scoops him and slams him down hard.  He brings him back to his feet and Alex whips Maya off the ropes. He drops his head for a back body drop, but Maya senses this and plants both of his hands on Alex and pushes himself off his back as if he was doing the vault in gymnastics.  Maya does a front layout and lands on his feet, and as the shocked Brooks turns around he is leveled by a Pele kick from Maya. 

Other Guy:  He stuck the landing!!

Eryk Masters:  Great display of athleticism and THE definition of "light on your feet". 

Maya scrambles for the cover!  Hooks the leg and leans back with all his might.




Eryk Masters:  Brooks gets out!  At two and fifteen-sixteenths.

Other Guy:  Or even later. 

Maya’s eyes go wide figuring he had Brooks.  As Alex struggles to his knees.  Maya runs to the ropes, leaps to the middle rope, and springboards off with a missile dropkick, but Brooks sees it coming and dives out of the way.  Maya crashes down.  Brooks takes the opportunity to run and drive a baseball slide drop kick to Maya’s ribs.  He gets up holding at his head, but points to the corner and the crowd cheers as he heads to the top rope.

Eryk Masters:  Alex Brooks surging on of a rush of adrenaline!

Maya slowly gets up and Brooks launches nailing a high cross body.  He reaches back and hooks a leg.



THRE!NO!   Maya just shoulders out.

Eryk Masters:  I don’t know what its going to take for one of these guys to put the other one down.

Other Guy:  I know, Masters, and from my calculations, we’re inside of ninety seconds left before we have a time limit draw.

Brooks gets up to his feet.  The crowd roaring urging both men on.  He brings Maya up and grabs him in a front facelock.  He drags him off towards the corner.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Brooks wants to hit Maya with the Starburst.

Brooks runs up the turnbuckle and looks to hit his tornado DDT, but Maya drops to a knee, which throws Brooks’ spin off and pushes his hips which sends Brooks crashing to the mat.  Maya takes a few breaths leaning in the corner waiting for Brooks to get up.  When he does Maya takes off and puts his hands on his shoulders into  hand stand before falling back down and driving his knees into Alex’s chest and face.

Eryk Masters:  Ode to SHINYA!!  He got all of it!

Other Guy:  There are about thirty seconds left!

Maya crawls and makes the cover.   Linam drops down to make the count.




Brooks shoulder moves just a split second after the three count.  Exhausted, Maya rolls off Brooks and slowly gets to his feet.

Samantha Coil:  Your winner of this match, at a time of 14:41.  MMMMMMMMAYA.  NAK.AAAAAAAAAAA.  SHIIIIIIIIIIIIII.MAAAAAAAA!!!!

Eryk Masters: A hard fought battle between these two with a razor thin margin for error. 

Maya leaning against the rope as Brooks slowly gets to his feet.  The men share a nod, and then Brooks goes over and shakes Maya’s hand, before raising it.

Eryk Masters: The Epicenter on their feet roaring their approval for these two Soldier’s fortitude, athleticism, and sportsmanship. 

Other Guy: That was one helluva display by those two tonight.  I hope we get to see it again in the near future!

Both men head to the back as we cut away.


We see Laura Seton once again, now in her changing room, a much worse attitude existing than earlier.  A number of SHOOT Soldiers were kind enough to have belated presents delivered to her this evening, but not ones she appreciates.  Either she’s pissed off most of the roster or they’re having fun with her.  A fantasy fetish kit amongst other sex toys are strewn over the floor from anger.  Something she just received, so it’s not yet on the floor, is a gift basket from Tanya Black of a life-sized vibrator, instructional DVD, and anal beads.   But it’s not all sex toys here.  At least Nova gave something nice: a plate of raspberry cheesecake cookies and My Little Pony card that still lie on the room’s counter.   Laura’s grouchy mood gets worse as there’s a knock at the door.  She storms to it and sees a stagehand.

Stagehand: Another delivery for you, Laura.

She snatches it from his hands and shuts the door.  Opening another present, she’s enraged at the find.  A huge, floppy dildo and a card from Alejandro.  She flings it halfway across the room.  A second knock at the door sees her nearly flip out.

Laura: WHAT NOW!!?

She goes back to the door and flings it open to find Loco Martinez.  Just seeing him causes her to attempt slamming the door in his face, but he quickly puts his hand on the door.


Loco Martinez: Relax. Not here to stir up shit.  I just wanted to pop in here and wish you a happy birthday.

Laura: Do you have another stupid present like the chastity ring from three years ago?

Loco Martinez catches himself chuckling, Laura’s icy stare cuts that short.

Laura: I don’t know if you remember, but I don’t like you.  So unless you have a reason for being here…

Loco Martinez: Oh I realize, we’re not gonna be buddy-buddy, Laura, so I didn’t bother with a present.  *he notices the sex toy on the ground* …seems you have all the presents you can handle.  Just wanted to pop in here, see how you were doing and wish you a happy birthday.

Laura: And now that you have, you can go away.  DO let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

She turns her back to him, hoping the visit has ended.  Loco Pauses.  He thinks about leaving, but can’t.

Loco Martinez: You know I have no problem with you treating me like shit.  A tit for a tat.  Our past is long and checkered enough for me to realize we aren’t gonna be best-buds.  That said?  From someone who was where you ARE, mentally?  Don’t torpedo every quality relationship you have. 

Laura: Where I’M at?  What about YOU?  You ran away from wrestling, all this…

She gives a general wide motion.

Laura: … when LEGACY closed.  Then you return for a cup of coffee.  Then you leave again.  Now you’re back.  Are you that stupid to repeatedly torpedo what YOU want?  Oh wait, I know that answer.

Loco Martinez’s eyes narrow.  His right hand clenches.

Loco Martinez: Yeah I came back helping out some friends.  Yeah I made a bad decision and accepted a match that cost me my SHOOT contract.  I came here believing that wishing you happy birthday would be a good idea.  CLEARLY I have the ability to be an imbecile.  It’s what happens, Laura.  We make mistakes.  We don’t always make the right choice.

Laura: Next time, try having the balls to make a smarter choice.

Loco Martinez: Yeah… well Happy Birthday.  Maybe call Maddie since this was her idea.


In the locker room area, Cronos Diamante sits with Edmund Augustus Shan getting stitches over his right eye from the brass knuckles shot he took from Mason Pierce earlier on in the night. He was lucky all he was receiving was six stitches and not more.

Cronos Diamante: I appreciate what you did out there tonight, Edmund. I really do. But I don’t want you involved in this fight.

Shan who made it away from the previous fighting virtually unscathed stands up now.

Edmund Augustus Shan: You told me that when I come back I needed to find something worth fighting and that is standing by the one person who not only brought me to The SHOOT Project but has guided me every step of the way.

Cronos smiles at this but brushes it aside.

Cronos Diamante: It’s not your fight, Shan. I’ve made a career out of standing for something, whether it was some diabolical scheme or making damn sure one man was gonna be the target of all my hate or like now where I’m defending an idea, a greatness that people like Mason Pierce, Valentine Lionheart, Isaac Entragian and both of their groups can never understand. This is what I do. It’s why I fight. I don’t have it in me to fight for what you do.

Shan nods and crosses his arms.

Edmund Augustus Shan: I understand that, Cronos. But it’s time I took a stand for something and whether you want to admit it or not, you need help; more help than you already have.

At this point in time, Mirage enters the room.

Mirage: He’s right, Cronos. We can’t fight those guys three to two every week. And he’s more than capable of saving your ass as we very well saw.

Mirage chuckles at the look on Cronos’ face.

Cronos Diamante: Laugh it up, chuckles.

Cronos goes silent for a spell as the stitches are just getting finished up.

Cronos Diamante: Fine. You’re in. But I warned you. This type of fighting changes you. You won’t realize it now. Hell you might not realize it for a long time. But it does.

Cronos shares a grim look with Mirage.

Mirage: He knows what he’s getting into.

Edmund Augustus Shan: Damn right I do.

Cronos sighs.

Cronos Diamante: Well we have a lot to plan for and you have a Sin City Championship to win. Let’s get to it, people.



Samantha Coil: This contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a lumberjack match!

Eryk Masters:: This one was booked as a straight-up tag team match-up, but given the heat between these four teams, I can’t say I’m surprised that Jason Johnson wanted to spice things up.

Other Guy: LIHC was once the longest-reigning SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, until the Bad Ass Brotherhood took the belts on an unprecedented 2-year reign. One can’t think LIHC’s too happy about that.

Eryk Masters:: That’s not even getting into their dustup last week backstage. And who can forget the Battle for the Bearclaw?

Other Guy: An epic bout to be sure, although with neither Anarchy nor Wipo and Mitchell getting the upper hand.

Sebastian Bach’s scream pierces the Epicenter as Skid Row’s "Monkey Business" erupts. Arch Angel and T.Rex walk out and stomp towards the ring. Each man is in a pair of jeans and a black "security" t-shirt from their home town bar in Seaside Heights. They slap a few fives making their way ringside.  

Eryk Masters:: Speaking of Anarchy, here they come, and dressed for the part.  

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, lumberjacks for tonight’s contest, from Seaside Heights, NJ, at a combined weight of six hundred forty two pounds, T. Rex and Arch Angel, AAAAAAAAAANARRRRRRRCHYYYYY!


Other Guy: They might be two of the more qualified "Lumberjacks" in the matches history. Thirty something combined years of bouncing, plus moonlighting as wrestlers. If total chaos breaks out, these two can handle it.  

Eryk Masters:: The question is, the last time those two were ringside with Wipo and Silas? All hell broke loose. They might be able to handle things between LIHC and the Badass Brotherhood, but can Anarchy, and specifically T.Rex keep the peace with Wipo and Silas? 

T.Rex and Arch Angel station themselves on each ring post on the far side of the ring. Each of them stand back and cross their arms to keep an eye on the action.


The BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD steps out as Aerosmith’s “Back In the Saddle” starts to play! CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS and BUCK DRESDEN stand side by side on the stage, and the crowd goes insane!

Eryk Masters:: The longest-reigning SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions are here, OG!

Other Guy: And it looks like at least Buck Dresden chose to dress the part of lumberjack, Eryk!

Sure enough, Dresden is decked out in a red flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a black knit cap, with black suspenders holding up his jeans. The crowd eats it up as he and Magnus slowly walk toward ringside.

Samantha Coil: Also lumberjacks for this contest, at a combined weight of five hundred five pounds, Buck Dresden and Charles Brandon Magnus, the BAAAAAD AAAASS BROOOOOOTHERHOOOOOOOD!

Buck and Magnus take positions at the vacant ringposts, staring across at the much larger team of Anarchy, and waiting for the combatants to arrive.

"Wonderboy" by Tenacious D kicks in, and the fans rise to their feet. Other Guy nearly does as well, but Eryk Masters: pulls him back down. 

Eryk Masters:: Can you just be objective for one second? 

Other Guy: I can’t help it! We’re about to be graced by the SHOOT Project’s LEGENDARY LUCHADORE! 

Eryk Masters:: Did you just say that in all caps? 

Other Guy: Of course! 

El Asso Wipo comes out to the top of the ramp, his cape flapping in an imaginary breeze. His fists are clenched and held on his hips as he looks out to the crowd. Silas Mitchell stalks behind him, then side by side as Wipo continues his Supermanning.  

Eryk Masters:: This is going to be a terrific match tonight! Two of the most popular tag teams in the SHOOT Project today going at each other. No gold on the line here tonight, just pride! 

Other Guy: This will be a battle for Slap Hands Supremecy! 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from the great state of Vermont, at a total combined weight of five hundred and eighty-three pounds, SILAAAAAS MITCHELLLLL and EL ASSOOOO WIIIIIIIPOOOOOOO! 

Wipo and Silas make their way down to the ring, eyes fixed on the lumberjacks surrounding the ring, more specifically, T. Rex and Arch Angel. Wipo points directly at Rex, and makes a breaking motion over his knee. The crowd shouts out "TCHA!". 

Eryk Masters:: We can announce now that it HAS been made official: Anarchy and El Asso and Silas will face off with each other in a few weeks at Reckoning Day! 

Other Guy: These guys have been wanting a piece of each other for a while now. And El Asso Wipo has wanted a piece of a bear claw, as well. Time will tell if he gets that pastry goodness, and who will come out on top of this battle! 

Wipo and Silas walk around Anarchy to get to the ring, Rex and Wipo jawing at each other the whole time. Magnus and Dresden are huddled up across the ring, talking to one another. The lights die down, and a single spotlight hits the stage as Five Finger Death Punch’s cover of “Bad Company” begins, the slow vocals corresponding to video of LIHC in previous match-ups.

Samantha Coil: And finally, from Westhampton Beach, NY, at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty pounds, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LOOOOOOONG ISLAAAAAAAAND HAAAAAAARDCOOOOOOOOOORE!

A pyro explosion in the shape of an X hits across the entranceway as the chorus starts in earnest, with CJ and Jared stepping through, arms raised! The crowd explodes!

Other Guy: And they’ve got on the competition’s merchandise, Eryk!

CJ and Jared are both wearing the “Three Wipo Moon” T-shirt, as they make their way to the ring, slapping some hands. Jared hops up onto the ring apron, hooking the top rope, and pointing down to the BAB at ringside, sharing some choice words with Magnus and Dresden, as CJ walks up the ring steps, and over the top rope. They head to opposite turnbuckles, going up and raising their arms in an X, before they get to the center of the ring.

Jared points to Wipo and Mitchell, motioning to his shirt as he drops to his knees in front of CJ! Both men tear the shirts off their chests as pyro explodes across the ring in an X behind them!

Eryk Masters:: And I think we know how they feel about that merch, OG!

Jared throws the torn fabric at Wipo, flicking the double deuce! CJ steps over the top rope once more, and Wipo gathers the shirt in his hands, looking down at it, and looks back up in a huff, tossing it to the floor as the bell rings!

Wipo charges Jared immediately, and Jared dodges, rolling his eyes as Wipo nearly hits the turnbuckle! Wipo turns around, as Jared comes off the ropes with a spinning wheel kick! Wipo stumbles back, into the ropes, getting caught, and Jared topples him to the outside with a lariat! Wipo falls to the floor!

Other Guy: Jared knows what he’s doing with a lumberjack match, as he already dumped Wipo to the floor next to Anarchy!

Eryk Masters:: Jared seems to be thinking this is an easy win, and he may be right, if he can keep the pace going!

Other Guy: Sacrilege, Eryk! That’s the LEGENDARY LUCHADORE you’re talking about! And he has broken more backs than you have years in the industry!

Eryk Masters:: That’s… OK, that part’s probably true, actually.

T. Rex smells blood, and is on Wipo in a second! He picks Wipo up, slamming him back down hard on the ringside floor! Arch Angel swoops in to throw a few kicks to the downed luchadore, before picking him back up. The pair roll him back into the ring, where Jared is waiting to throw a couple more boots to him!

Jared pulls Wipo to his feet, whipping him to the turnbuckle– reversed by Wipo! Jared hits the corner hard, and Wipo DIVES in with a splash that rocks the ring! Jared stumbles forward, and Wipo is there, driving a boot to his gut, and dropping him across his knee with a double-underhook backbreaker!

Crowd: TCHA!!

Wipo doesn’t wait to lose his momentum, and as Jared is getting to his feet, Wipo comes off the ropes with one of the weakest looking cartwheels in gymnastic history, before driving Jared through the ropes with a clothesline! Jared falls to the floor in a heap, right in front of Buck Dresden! Referee Dennis Heflin starts the count, but Dresden picks him up, holding him as Magnus runs over, leveling him with a picture-perfect dropkick!

In the ring, meanwhile, CJ Nelson has had enough! He steps over the top rope, and turns Wipo, preoccupied with watching Jared get beat, around and drops him to the mat with a huge short-arm clothesline! Heflin is on top of CJ in a heartbeat, and Magnus and Dresden roll Jared back into the ring as CJ steps out!

Eryk Masters:: Well, illegal as it may have been, CJ definitely just stopped Wipo’s momentum cold!

Other Guy: Not that it helped Jared too much!

Jared pulls himself up on the ropes, as Wipo is still trying to shake the cobwebs out! Jared springs back into action with a burst of energy, running off the turnbuckles and into a backflip legdrop across Wipo’s neck! Jared with the cover!



THR– no! Silas with the save!

Silas Mitchell is in the ring, and he DEADLIFTS Jared off of Wipo and into a brutal German suplex! Jared bounces hard on the mat, and Heflin is there again to push Silas out this time!

Wipo is the first back to his feet, and he pulls Jared up– low blow!

Other Guy: Right in the JUEVOS!

Wipo doubles over, and Jared whips him to the ropes! Wipo comes back, and Jared sends him over the top rope with a back body drop! Wipo grabs the top rope!

Eryk Masters:: Unbelieveable! Wipo keeps from going to the floor!

Wipo tries to skin the cat! He gets about halfway up, and falls back down! The BAB on the outside just watch as he attempts it again! He kicks his legs hard, but he can’t get himself up high enough! Jared finally shakes his head, driving his feet into his back with a baseball slide!

Eryk Masters:: Well, that was almost awesome.

Wipo hits the floor, and Buck and Magnus advance– Wipo draws his LUCHASABRE! Buck quickly holds Magnus back, as Wipo backs to the ring apron, and slides back in!

Other Guy: Magnus is lucky his partner was there to save him, Eryk!

Eryk Masters:: God, I hate you sometimes.

Jared tags in CJ as Wipo gets in the ring, and the pair put the boots to him as he stands! But Wipo gets to his feet, and he’s shaking the ropes! Jared kicks him in the back, but he shakes it off! He turns around, shaking his finger, before pointing at CJ and Jared!




Silas: ….

CJ and Jared look at each other, and Wipo runs to the ropes– double clothesline from LIHC! Wipo flops to the mat like a fish, and CJ goes for the cover!



THR– no! Broken up by Silas again!

Mitchell drives a boot into CJ’s face that flips him onto his back! CJ pops up, and gets nose to chin with the Silence! CJ shoves him, and Mitchell shoves back, sending CJ into the ropes! Before Heflin can get a handle on the situation, Silas runs CJ over with a STIFF clothesline, sending him over the top ropes to the floor!

CJ lands in Anarchy’s territory, and Arch Angel is the first one to pull him to his feet, and dropping him rather quickly and unceremoniously with a DDT! CJ’s head hits the floor, and T. Rex is there to mount him and drive a few fists into his face! Before Arch Angel can pull T. Rex off, CJ drives a forearm into Teddy’s face! T. Rex is startled, and CJ slams him with a headbutt! He falls off to the side, and CJ is up! Arch Angel swings a HUGE clothesline at him, and CJ ducks, sliding into the ring!

As CJ gets in, Wipo tags in Silas, and the big men circle each other! They lock up, and Silas pushes CJ into the corner! Heflin pushes Silas off of CJ, and Silas complies, before chopping the hell out of CJ’s chest!

Eryk Masters:: You could  hear that in the cheap seats, OG!

CJ flops back, and Silas pops him up onto the top rope, and into a guerrilla press position! Silas walks to the middle of the ring, and drops CJ across his shoulder, and dropping him to the mat with a powerslam! CJ rolls onto his gut, and Silas pulls him back up, and into a Canadian backbreaker!

El Asso Wipo: Hey! That’s my schtick!

Silas keeps him up for a few seconds, before dropping him back down hard with a shoulderbreaker! CJ clutches his arm, and Silas goes for the cover!



THR– broken up by Jared!

Jared baseball slides into Silas’ head, and Silas rolls onto his back! Heflin gets in Jared’s face, as Silas gets to his feet, pulling CJ back up! He whips CJ to the ropes– reversed by CJ, and Silas hits the turnbuckle in his own corner! Wipo wastes no time in slapping Silas (on the hand, of course), and going to the top!

Other Guy: Silas looks a little put out, but Wipo’s flying off the top!

Eryk Masters:: It might pay off for them either way!

And El Asso Wipo catches CJ with a HUGE (literally) flying cross body! Wipo covers!



THR– kickout by CJ!

Wipo seems shocked that anyone could possibly escape, pleading with Heflin! Heflin holds up two fingers, and Wipo lets out a pained sigh, getting to his feet! CJ is on his knees, and Wipo locks up! Wipo goes around to a rear waistlock, and finally grabs the back of CJ’s head, jumping back with his knees in CJ’s back!

Crowd: TCHAAA!

CJ drops to the mat, and Wipo shouts “TCHAAAA!” to the air, before scooping CJ back up! He hooks his head under CJ’s arm!

Other Guy: The Quilted Northern Lights Suplex! This could be it for LIHC!

Wipo pushes CJ– no good! CJ’s feet stay firmly planted! He tries again, and once again fails! CJ drops a heavy forearm across his back! Wipo flops to the mat, and CJ lifts him up, tossing him OUT OF THE RING with a fallaway slam!

Eryk Masters:: It’s looking like that’s it for El Asso Wipo!

Wipo hits the floor right between T. Rex and Dresden! T. Rex wastes no time to attack, but Buck stays back! CJ slides out of the ring, and that’s when Buck strikes! Before CJ’s feet even hit the floor, Dresden spears him into the apron! CJ arches his back in pain, and Dresden starts dropping fists across his back and head! CJ drops to his knees, and Buck delivers a WICKED soccer kick to CJ’s face! T. Rex is just laying into Wipo, with fists flying and connecting to the head, chest and shoulders! Wipo’s weakly trying to block, but to no avail! T. Rex gets up, and turns– right into a flying tornado DDT from Jared! T. Rex drops to the floor, and Buck turns his attention to Jared– but feels a hand on the back of his neck! The Silence has struck! He turns Buck around, and lifts him into an incredible chokeslam to the floor! Magnus and Arch Angel charge the two, and there is pandemonium on the outside!

Other Guy: It looks like the friction with the lumberjacks has finally boiled over!

Eryk Masters:: Fists and feet flying everywhere, OG!

Magnus kicks the back of Silas’ leg, dropping him to one knee! CJ is back on his feet, and he levels Silas with a clothesline! Magnus catches CJ right at the end of the clothesline with a nasty shuffle sidekick to the face! CJ drops to the floor! Buck is getting up, as is Wipo! Jared runs off the guardrail, diving with a moonsault to topple Arch Angel! T. Rex gets to his feet as well, and Wipo grabs him with a rear facelock, dropping him down across his knee!


Dennis Heflin is trying desperately to get a handle on the situation, and he’s calling for the legal men to get back in the ring! Dresden and Magnus have moved to pick CJ up, and the pair toss him into the air, dropping him face first on the ring steps! CJ’s busted open, and Buck rolls him into the ring just before Silas scoops him up, and drops him with a piledriver on the floor! Silas turns into a boot from Magnus! Silas doubles over, and Magnus drops him with a sloppy but effective Scorched Earth! Silas is down! Wipo looks over and sees his fallen partner!


Before Wipo can go too far, T. Rex is back on him, whipping him into the apron! Wipo cracks against the ring, and T. Rex rolls him back into the ring! Magnus gets Dresden back to his feet, and Anarchy flies over to Silas, dropping next to him and pounding away at the fallen giant!

Jared is up, but before he can get back on the ring apron, Buck spears him into the guardrail! Magnus scoops Jared up, and the Bad Ass Brotherhood drop him back down to the floor!

Other Guy: The ELE! Jared Walsh is out of this match for sure!

CJ is back on his feet, and he’s screaming at the BAB! Magnus and Dresden just shrug, chuckling to themselves, as Jared is unconscious on the outside! Silas is still down, and Wipo has noticed CJ’s distraction! Wipo turns CJ around, and hooks his head under CJ’s arm!

Eryk Masters:: He’s going for it again! The Quilted Northern Lights Suplex!

Wipo lifts, but CJ kicks his feet, and pushes Wipo into a standing headscissors! Powerbomb! CJ holds on, and drops him down with a Death Valley driver!

Other Guy: Release The Cure! CJ with the cover!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of nineteen minutes and thirty seconds, LOOOOOONG ISLAAAAAAAND HAAAAAAAARDCOOOOOOORE!

CJ slides out of the ring, face bloodied, and makes a beeline for the BAB, but CBM and Buck dodge him, heading toward the back! CJ stands next to Jared, trying to get him back to life, as the BAB walk to the back, snickering! Anarchy is soon to follow, leaving Silas and Wipo down for the count!

Eryk Masters:: A harder battle than I think LIHC was expecting, but they walk away with the win!

Other Guy: But Anarchy and the Bad Ass Brotherhood definitely left a mark on this match! Medical staff is on the way to check on Silas Mitchell and Jared Walsh!

The picture fades to commercial as EMTs rush to ringside.


Still… Earlier today. 

We’re back inside the room where Loco’s "Intervention" is taking place.  Loco is slumped in his chair listening to T.Rex.  T.Rex wraps up his speech and Loco snaps to and give a polite smile and nod to T.Rex.  Arch Angel steps forward.

T.Rex:   Now lets hear from some others in the room, Chris?

Arch Angel:  Teddy and I noticed how much you enjoyed being in the ring.  Plus despite losing your career in that match you haven’t really left the business.  Seems like… ya know… what you want.   

T.Rex:  Thanks Chris.   Does anyone else have something to share?

There are a few awkward moments, it appears Buck has something to say but Charles shoots him a quick look, but out of nowhere Silas Mitchell’s right hand goes up.  Everyone’s eyes widen in shock.  The whole room looks around wondering if the SHOOTiverse is about to hear Silas’ first words.

T.Rex:  Fuggin’ REALLY?!

Silas nods, and steps forward.  He looks at Loco.

Silas:  … …  … 

And continues to look at Loco.  Wipo nods solemnly, clearly moved by Silas’ "Words".  After twenty seconds Silas steps back.  Wipo rubs his eyes as they begin to water.  He puts a hand on Silas’ shoulder choked up. 

Wipo:  I could not have said it better, my friend.  If his plea did not sway your decision Senor Loco? I don’t know what will.  He’s a magnificent silver tongued bastard!

Dumbfounded silence inside the locker room.  Entragian suddenly bolts to his feet.  He looks around the room for a moment, shaking his head at the collection assembled here. He brings a pale hand up to massage his temple before beginning.

Entragian: First and foremost…I was called here under false fucking pretenses. I was told this was a “Loco Has Skin Cancer” intervention…I am came here purely to channel Nelson from The Simpsons and say “HA HA!” when the big announcement was made. On top of that…I was told that fine piece of pussy that hands out cookies and muffins would be here…and looking through the variety of ugly faces in this room…I don’t see Nova ANYWHERE!

Liz’s eyes bug out with jealousy for a moment, and she slouches back into her chair with a pouty expression on her face.

Wipo:  If there WERE cookies and delicious treats here?  I assure you, that vile bear claw thief *Points at T.Rex* would have eaten them all so that we would not have enjoyed their tastiness!

T.Rex mutters a "shut the fugg up, dude" while Isaac stares daggers through Wipo, before continuing.  Keeping his eyes on Wipo for a few moments before looking around the room with disdain in his eyes. 

Entragian: I’ve worked in many a sideshow in my day…but never before have I seen a clusterfuck circus like this. We got clownshoes Wipo over here with neck flab spilling outta his luchadore mask…his big deaf and dumb man-servant…and let’s not forget Team Geriatric spouting off bullshit on top of bullshit. Word of advice, Rex…close your mouth…your Fixodent is showing.

T-Rex practically pops up outta his chair, mouthing “you fuggin’ albino!”…but Arch Angel pulls him back down into a sitting position.

Entragian: So…we aren’t hear to lament over Loco’s cracked, orange complexion…this isn’t an overgrown Oompa Loompa come to Jesus talk…and I’m not here to sit in a room staring at a Maya Nakashima’s sad little puppy dog eyes…or sitting next to Buck Dresden as he tries to string together something that halfway resembles a coherent sentence…

Isaac lets out a frustrated gust of air past his razor-sharp teeth….his venomous eyes scanning through the entire room to fall directly on Loco Martinez.

Entragian: We all know…why we’re REALLY here. Everyone else might be scared to say it….but you know me, Loc…I’m a pretty blunt guy. If you walk away from this business with your tail tucked between your legs….if you RUN back to Philly and leave all this behind….then you sir….are a motherfucking PUSSY.

Loco’s jaw tightens with anger, and a murmur travels through the room at this statement.

Entragian: You know…I usually just tune him out whenever Dan “Dick Warts” Stein has something to say…but he gave you some advice recently, and it was surprinsgly good advice. I’m gonna expand on that, Loco. Rather you like it or not….I’ve known you a long time. We came up together through LEGACY. I’ve seen you at the highest and lowest points of your career. The thing about you, Loc? You can lie to yourself all you want, but your heart BEATS for this sport…and the only home you really want to go back to…is that squared circle.

Isaac’s eyes bore into the face of Loco Martinez, and he simply ignores the rest of the congregation. All of his attention….is focused on the MoFo.

Entragian: Stop being an indecisive bitch…and chase after the dream. You haven’t left it behind yet, but if you leave Las Vegas…it’s all over for you. The hype dies. The training you spent years perfecting withers. Van Warren was a piece of fermented shit, and if you use that “retirement” as an excuse to run away…then you’re only fooling yourself. This business…is all you’ve ever wanted. You only feel truly alive…when you push those curtains aside and hear those cuntbag fans scream your name. Own it, Loco. Because personally? If a year from now I look at this roster and I DON’T have the option to drag you out to the ring and beat the blood right outta your spray-tanned pores? Well…that’ll be a damned shame.

Isaac smiles, favoring Martinez with one of those trademark repugnant grins of his.

Entragian: That’s all I have to say. Maya…you can go back to sucking on cock-shaped lollipops. Wipo…you can back to smelling like the sweat beneath my nutsack. Anarchy…feel free to pick at your liverspots. You know…all the usual shit you guys do when I’m not around.

Isaac picks up his chair and nonchalantly flips it over to the side, letting it crash into the back of the room. He makes a motion towards Gaunt, and then he heads towards the door with the majority of the occupants in the room looking at him with hate-filled eyes.

Entragian: Lizzie, let’s get the fuck outta here. And please…in the near future…remind me to NOT attend Loco Martinez social events.

The albino pushes his way through the door and leaves the room at that, and Liz pops up from her chair as well and skips her way out after him.   Maya abruptly stands up, knocking his chair back. The sound of the chair crashing against the floor silences the room, eyes diverting towards Maya.

Maya: Listen, I know why I came here. I came here because I believe that Loco Martinez belongs on the roster as a Soldier. I didn’t come to argue or throw a temper tantrum, I came here strictly for Loco and that’s it.

Maya stands in front of Loco, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Maya: I know you probably have reservations about coming back as a wrestler, Loco. After everything you went through last time, I find it hard to blame you. But, I need you to look around SHOOT Project right now, Loco. I need you to take a really long look and what’s been happening to this place, a place I love more than anything right now.

Maya closes his eyes for a moment.

Maya: There aren’t enough of us, Loco. Just look at how Isaac and Gaunt were, they tried to kill my sister a few weeks ago and no one cared. They don’t fight because they want a title shot or because they want a new t-shirt deal, they fight because they want to see SHOOT Project burnt to the ground. They know the horrors they can get away with, Loco, and they won’t stop until all of us are gone… and I can’t bear to lose this place.

Maya lets out a heavy sigh.

Maya: SHOOT needs you, Loco. SHOOT needs someone else to stand up for her people, someone that will stand up for the right things and not let this horror show continue on. Loco, when I was in my darkest place you were the light that guided me out into a better place. Now SHOOT finds itself in a similar dark place, Loco…

Loco, I’m not bright enough to do it on my own. I need you, Loco, and SHOOT needs you.

The room nods in agreement.  The weight of Entragian’s rant followed by Maya’s words hanging heavy on Loco as he stares forward.  We zoom in and can almost see how hard his mind is spinning at all of this.  He takes one last look around the room, before standing up.

Loco Martinez:  Thank…  thank-Thank you all for coming.  I really need some air.

Loco walks out quickly leaving the room with as much uncertainty as it had when he entered. 

Eryk Masters:  We’ve just learned that, per the rumor from earlier in the week, SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and sitting executive Vice President, THE REAL DEAL is going to be making his appearance VERY shortly! 

Other Guy:  As a guy who’s a huge fan of both he and OutKast, collectively known as Instant Heat, I’m very excited to hear that he’s wanting to mix it up in the ring at Reckoning Day, but we still don’t have ANY idea who he’s going to be facing!




Eryk Masters:  AND HERE HE COMES!

The crowd goes fucking BALLISTIC and the noise EXPLODES as THIS IMAGE takes over the video wall: 


And then, when the Real Deal actually appears at the top?  Goodness gracious, they heard it all the way in California.  He steps out, flashing his trademark grin, and he’s not dressed for business…  this is purely a visit borne from pleasure.  He’s got athletic pants on and a black tanktop adorned with the SHOOT Project globe. 

Other Guy:  He’s in pretty decent shape!

Eryk Masters:  Of course he is!  He ALWAYS is.  He’s got kids, man, how could he not be! 

As Bun B’s “Chuuch!” blasts through the arena, Real Deal jogs down to the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope before getting to his feet.  Samantha Coil tosses him a microphone, which Real Deal catches and makes a “cut” motion, signaling the necessity to silence the music.  The crowd opens up into a LOUD “Real Deal” chant as he pulls the microphone to his face.

Real Deal:  Man, wow…  that’s some kind of a reception!

He says this with a genuine smile on his face.

Real Deal:  I’m not going to keep you very long, and I’m not interested in prolonging the speculation, but I DO indeed have a plan for my opponent at Reckoning Day, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is NOT a name that you’d expect. 

The crowd is in a frenzy, and actually cheer a little when Real Deal says it’s NOT Jester Smiles.

Real Deal:  Don’t get me wrong, I still think that Jester Smiles would benefit from getting kicked in the face, but he’s not who I’m interested in.  In fact, I’ll just go ahead and tell you, RIGHT NOW.

The crowd pops.

Real Deal:  At Reckoning Day, I will be facing off…  one on one…  against—


The music cuts out entirely, leaving the arena in silence – save for the unbelievable amount of hate being spewed from the fans. Suddenly!


Then, My Darkest Days song “Porn Star Dancing” starts, and a familiar voice over top of even that.

Molly the Assistant: Now making their way to the ring…

Out from the back walks Johnny Napalm with the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. The massive man has his hands raised high, giving the devil horns with each hand. Each and every fan in the arena boos, waiting for Napalm’s partner. Napalm looks around the arena, smiling at the chorus. The music plays on, he bobs his head to the rhythmic beat, bringing down the hate from the fans with open arms.

Molly the Assistant: The man standing in front of you is the six foot nine inch massive force to reckoned with, JOHNNY NAPALM! AND HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER!

She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go

She takes it off nice and slow

Because that’s porn star dancin’

Stein GALLOPS out from the back Gangnam Style, title around his waist, exposed by his cut off Stein Project t-shirt, and a HUGE smile on his face. As he moves over in front of Napalm, he throws his arms out egging on the boos with his eyes closed. Stein takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. Stein moves down the ramp, Napalm follows, and Molly the Assistant, Tempest and Selena all pour out from the back.



Real Deal shakes his head and sighs, noting the arrival of Napalm and Stein, SHOOT Project’s tag team champions.  Stein instructs Napalm to stay at ringside as he climbs into the ring. 

Dan Stein:  Let’s be honest here, Josh, because if your opponent isn’t ME at Reckoning Day, then nobody really cares.  Right? 

The crowd boos and Real Deal smiles, pulling the microphone to his mouth once more to reply.

Real Deal:  I have to admit, Dan Stein, I gave some thought to you for Reckoning Day, but honestly?  Here was my answer to that inner-monologue style question!

With lightning quick speed, Real Deal drops the microphone and distracts Stein, who then gets DRILLED WITH THE REALITY CHECK!!!  THE FANS GO NUTS and Stein rolls out of the ring, clutching his jaw!  Napalm IMMEDIATELY hits the ring, and as Real Deal is recovering, Napalm hits him with a HUGE boot to the gut and picks him up and drops him with the NAPALM BOMB. 

Eryk Masters:  JESUS.  Someone needs to help him!  They’re going to kill him! 

Other Guy:  Real Deal HAD to know that was going to happen if he nailed Stein like he did with the Reality Check.  He HAD to know.

Napalm pulls Real Deal back to his feet and Stein re-enters the ring, shouting instructions to Napalm, who hooks Real Deal underneath his arms again and looks to want to take him up for ANOTHER Napalm Bomb, but before he gets the chance to do so “Flying Through the City” by Bliss and Eso hits and in a blonde and blue blur, THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT DID, ALEX BROOKS comes FLYING out from the back.  The crowd goes CRAZY and Napalm drops Real Deal as Stein scurries from the ring! 

Eryk Masters:  This was totally random! 

Other Guy:  Alex Brooks doing the RIGHT THING like he is prone to do, and making the save on one of his bosses!  That’s a pay raise, I’m SURE of it!

Brooks stands over the downed body of the Real Deal, who’s just started to get to his feet.  He reaches for the microphone and gets to his knees with a smile. 

Real Deal:  Ladies…  and gentlemen…  first…  that hurt…  like hell…  second… 

Real Deal takes a BIG deep breath and stands up.  Alex Brooks turns and faces him. 

Real Deal:  Second…  I’d like you to meet my opponent for Reckoning Day…  a former Rule of Surrender Champion…  ALEX.  BROOKS.

The crowd pops HARD!  Brooks takes the microphone.

Alex Brooks:  And AT Reckoning Day…  WE are going to tear the house down.  For the fans.  For the SHOOT Project. 

“Chuuch!” hits the PA and Real Deal smiles, waving to the crowd, as he keeps his eyes locked on Alex Brooks, who looks right back at him, ready for the coming challenge.

Eryk Masters:  I’m not sure I would have expected that, either! 

Other Guy:  And NOW it’s not so random that he came out and made the save here.  Alex Brooks IS getting a payday, and it’s going to be at Reckoning Day against the Real Deal! 

“Everyday Combat” by Lostprophets starts to play in the Epicenter, and out from the back walks Edmund Augustus Shan. Shan wears a white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck, and he gazes out at the crowd for a moment before heading down the ramp towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger….he hails from Naked City, Las Vegas….EDMUND AUGUSTUS SHAN!!!

Eryk Masters: First time we’ve seen Shan back in the Epicenter in quite awhile, OG. He’s making his return tonight and he’s out to prove a point that he deserves to be the Sin City Champion again.

Other Guy: Notice the lab coat and the stethoscope? Looks like some preliminary mind games from Shan. Sammy won’t be happy about that.

Eryk Masters: Sammy is NEVER happy, OG….and personally I think it’s a mistake for Shan to go this route with the manster. Sammy is the wrong guy to try and play head games with…

Shan hops up onto the apron, taking time to remove his lab coat before entering the ring. The crowd gives Edmund a positive reaction as he raises his taped fists up high.

“The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot scorches through the Epicenter, and the curtains get pushed to the side as Jester & Sammy step forward. Jester wears a white shirt with “I <3 Loris Arcale” written across the chest in sharpie, and Sammy Rochester has an expression of curdled anger smeared across his face. The mountainous monster child has the Sin City Championship draped across one shoulder, and Jester moves to the side with a little mock bow as Sammy begins stalking down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, accompanied by Jester Smiles…hailing from Madison, Wisconsin…he weighs in at 465lbs….HE IS THE SIN CITY CHAMPION…SAMMY ROCHESTER!!!

Eryk Masters: Every time this planet-sized human being walks into the arena….I feel my blood chilling in my veins. He is an absolute force of nature, OG…and I do not envy Shan tonight.

Other Guy: Rumor has it that they tried to tailor the Sin City belt to fit around Sammy’s waist THREE times…and they still couldn’t get it to fit. That’s a testament to how enormous he is…

Sammy reaches the apron, and he carefully folds his Sin City Title and hands it off to Jester. Sammy then steps up onto the apron, proceeding to enter the ring by stepping over the top rope. He literally glowers at Shan, his yellow, rotting teeth gritted together. Sammy’s eyes glitter through deep, piggish hollows…his breathing coming out ragged and horrid.

Shan glares right back at him, showing great courage while faced with this leviathan of a competitor.

Eryk Masters: Just look at that FACE, OG….the level of malevolence in Sammy’s expression is enough to make a field of roses wilt.

Other Guy: It’s like seeing every dark human emotion this world has to offer reflected through the stunted eyes of a child…and it is a humbling sight, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: There’s nothing pretty about Sammy. His mind is infantile…his thoughts practically rotting in his head…and this man seems to only feel legitimate joy when he is BREAKING something…rather that be an inanimate object…or a human body. It doesn’t matter to the monster child…

Samantha Coil stands to one side of the ring, nervously watching Sammy out of the corners of her eyes.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…this is a Sin City Championship Series match scheduled for one fall…with the CHAMPIONSHIP on the line!

Samantha quickly vacates the ring…and suddenly from outside, Jester yells at the top of his lungs.

Jester Smiles: KILL HIM, SAMMY!!

A blood-curdling SQUEAL starts up in the back of Sammy’s throat…and he rushes towards Shan like a human bulldozer, not even bothering to wait for the bell to ring. Sammy SLAMS into Shan, and he just begins to rain down massive clubbing blows on Shan’s head and shoulders, totally taking Shan off guard.

Shan is forced down to his knees, and Sammy just starts to KICK wildly at Shan, smashing huge boots into Shan’s stomach and sternum. Shan struggles to get his forearms up to block the assault, but it doesn’t do much good thanks to the sheer insane power of Rochester. Shan tries to send some body punches into Sammy’s substantial torso….but Rochester puts a quick end to this with a BRUTAL polish hammer directly to Shan’s face, sending a nasty crunch sound traveling through the Epicenter.

Shan falls backwards to the canvas, looking totally dazed…and the bell FINALLY rings!

Other Guy: The match hadn’t even started yet…and this leviathan-child has already beaten Shan down to the point where he’s having a hard time figuring out where he is!

Eryk Masters: Shan has a very specific style, OG. He came up through the underground street fighting scene, and this man is just a pure scrapper…he goes in there to brawl with the best of them. But I’m telling you right now…that is not going to work with Sammy Rochester. If you try to brawl with this monster…it will end badly.

Other Guy: Shan is definitely going to have to switch up his style a bit in this match to adapt to a beast like Rochester.

Suddenly there’s some noise from the crowd…and we see JACOB MEPHISTO hop over the guard rail, proceeding to stand on the outside of the ring with his arms crossed at the chest.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is Mephisto doing out here?

Other Guy: Well he’s not trying to interfere or anything….so I’m assuming he just wants a front row seat, Eryk. Mephisto is one of the competitors in the Sin City Championship Series, after all.

Jester locks his eyes on Mephisto from across the ring, glaring at him callously…but Jacob just smirks, his eyes locked on the action unfolding in the ring.

Sammy is stalking Shan, circling him slowly…and Shan is finally making it back up to his feet. Sammy tries for a big clothesline, but Shan ducks underneath, proceeding to hit the ropes and DRILL a perfect dropkick into Sammy’s kneecap. Sammy’s legs buckle, and he falls down to one knee…and Shan takes advantage by grapping one of Sammy’s tree-limb sized arms and YANKING down it over and over again, twisting at the tendons and driving the point of his elbow into the big bicep and shoulder muscles.

Eryk Masters: Damn, OG….we’re definitely seeing a very gritty version of Shan tonight. He’s managed to cut the big man down to one knee, and he’s tenacious in this assault.

Other Guy: Ever since Shan returned to SHOOT Project, the guy seems to have sharpened up his mentality…he’s got an edge to him now, and we can see that being utilized here with these elbow strikes. He’s looking to weaken one of Sammy’s big wings, and if he does that, the reverse chokeslam will be nullified.

Shan drives his elbow down for another strike, but Sammy just POWERS up to his feet, and he PISTONS a wild haymaker into the side of Shan’s face that drops him to the canvas instantly. Sammy then hits the ropes, and he plods his way across the ring and LEAPS into the air, coming down on Shan with all of his 465lbs with a big splash!

Shan’s eyes literally bug out of his head, all the air expelled from his lungs in one fateful gust.

Other Guy: WOW!! The ring shook with that one! Shan could have internal injuries after having all that weight fall down on his chest…

Sammy pulls back on Shan’s leg, keeping all of his weight down on the Naked City scrapper.





Shan BARELY manages to get a shoulder up, and when Sammy finally climbs laboriously back to his feet, Shan can be seen coughing raggedly with spittle shining on his lips.

There’s MORE ruckus from the crowd, and now we see DAVID MILLER slowly making his way down the ramp. Miller reaches the apron and he just hops up on the security railing, seating himself there and watching as Sammy gets back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Now David Miller is out here! If this keeps up, we’ll be having ourselves a Sin City Championship Series party with all the competitors involved.

Other Guy: I think Mephisto and Miller are smart, E….they’ve come out to see the Sin City Champion go to work and scout the competition they’ll be facing in the Series.

Sammy is pulling Shan back up to his feet, but Shan locks himself onto Sammy’s arm and STRUGGLES to pull him down to the canvas, fighting against the monster child with everything he’s got.

Other Guy: Is Shan trying for a crucifix armbar?? Can he lock it in??

Sammy HOWLS with anger, and he literally just grabs Shan by the head and THROWS him across the ring like he’s a small child. Shan lands hard, but he pops right back up and runs at Sammy…only to be met with a stiff big boot from the manster that catches him square in the face.

Shan drops to the canvas, both hands held against his nose.

Eryk Masters: Sammy’s just too damn strong, OG. Shan pushes the 250lb mark…but Rochester is tossing him around like he weighs less than a dry leaf.

Other Guy: We know Shan is ALL heart…and he’s gonna need every ounce of that diehard mentality if he hopes to survive this match.

Shan gets back up to his feet slowly…and Sammy trudges forward…BUT SHAN PISTONS HIMSELF INTO SAMMY’S KNEE WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE!!

Sammy gets cut down to one big knee, a groan of pain escaping his lips…and Shan takes advantage by PLANTING Sammy’s big skull into the canvas with a snapping DDT! Shan stays on top of Sammy for the cover.




Sammy literally military presses Shan off of him…tossing him almost halfway across the ring in the process. Sammy rolls his big body out of the ring, and he shakes his head from side to side to try and drive the cobwebs away. Meanwhile, Shan steps out on the apron…and he LEAPS outward with a knee strike that BASHES Sammy square in the face, knocking him directly into the security railing.

Eryk Masters: Shan is getting DIRTY in there, OG…he is taking one hell of a fight to this monster.

Other Guy: It’s all about survival; E. Shan will fight just about anyone to the bitter end until his body gives out on him. That’s the kind of scrapper he is.

Shan grabs Sammy’s bald head, and he begins to just BASH the side of Sammy’s face into the security railing over and over again, even managing to open a little cut along one acne-scarred cheek. Shan then switches up his assault, beginning to send a barrage of nasty knee strikes into Sammy’s body and face.

Sammy endures this for a moment, trying to get his bearings…but then he EXPLODES up to his feet with a roar, and he just palms the back of Shan’s head and LAUNCHES him into a steel ring post. Shan’s shoulder CRACKS against steel, the impact hard and horrible…and Sammy wastes no time tossing him right back into the ring beneath the bottom rope.

Other Guy: Uhoh, E. I’ve got a feeling that that brutal assault from Shan has just made Sammy Rochester even ANGRIER.

Eryk Masters: It’s something in the eyes, OG. Those yellowish bloodshot eyes of his…so unhealthy and sinister…and those eyes are locked directly on Edmund Augustus Shan right now.

Meanwhile on the outside, David Miller has approached Jacob Mephisto…and the two of them are jaw-jacking at each other about something.

Other Guy: Some sort of argument breaking out here with Miller and Mephisto?

The referee’s back is turned as he looks out at Miller & Mephisto…and Shan takes that chance to LEAP onto Sammy’s back…and he begins to CHOKE him with the stethoscope that he brought to the ring! Sammy’s face starts to take on a reddish shade…but he quickly flips Shan over his shoulder to the canvas.

Shan pops back up, looking to take the fight right back to the monster…but one of Sammy’s ENORMOUS hands clamps around Shan’s neck….AND THE MONSTER CHILD OBLITERATES SHAN WITH A REVERSE CHOKESLAM!!!

Eryk Masters: My god…the IMPACT!! Shan looks LIFELESS right now!

Sammy drops down to both knees and pulls back on Shan’s leg just as the referee turns back to the action inside the ring.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…and STILL THE SIN CITY CHAMPION….SAMMY ROCHESTER!!!

Eryk Masters: A valiant effort from Edmund Augustus Shan…but it just wasn’t enough to topple this 7’2 wrecking machine, OG.

Other Guy: And who can, Eryk? Seriously? Can ANYONE take the Sin City Title from a behemoth like Rochester??

Meanwhile on the outside, Mephisto offers Miller a sly grin as he backs up and climbs back over the security railing, proceeding to fade back into the crowd. David Miller glares at him, watching him go…and then Miller rolls right into the ring…and he STEPS UP to the monster Sammy Rochester!

Other Guy: Whoa now…what is David Miller thinking?

Eryk Masters: I have no idea, OG….but this man is staring directly into the eyes of the beast…and he’s not flinching.

Miller’s eyes remain cold and fierce…and he glares right up at Sammy’s hideous face, his gaze never faltering away from the manster’s putrid, piggish eyes.

David Miller takes a step back, seems to clear this throat…AND THEN HE SPITS A HUGE CHUNK OF PHLEGM DIRECTLY INTO SAMMY’S FACE!!!


Eryk Masters: How FEARLESS is this guy, OG?!? He must have elephant sized balls….NO ONE has EVER done anything like this to Sammy Rochester!




The yellowish spit oozes down one of Sammy’s pitted cheeks…and the manster seems almost to BURN up from the inside, his eyes lighting up like a furnace. His expression seems almost to fume, and his lips pull back from his teeth to expose rotting, ruined tombstone teeth.

Other Guy: Oh jesus. Miller…you made one hell of a statement here tonight…but I’m going to give you some good advice right now. RUN. Turn your back on this monster…and RUN.

Eryk Masters: He’s not moving, OG…this man is obviously fearless, but he must have a deathwish too. At this very moment…Rochester looks like he’s primed and ready to commit literal MURDER.

Sammy TREMBLES with fury…and one grubby hand reaches up to swipe the slime from his cheek. Miller gazes back at the monster child with a thin, satisfied smile.


Sammy’s hands SNAP forward, pulling Miller close…and he begins to just CRUSH Miller in the face over and over again with sloppy headbutts, using his own skull like a kitchen sink with no regard for his own well-being.

Other Guy: This is hard to watch, E. Miller is paying for his actions now…

Eryk Masters: If you go face to face with a leviathan like this and do something like that…you gotta expect that consequences will follow.

Sammy is just DESTROYING Miller with headbutts, and when he finally lets Miller fall back against the ropes…we see blood oozing down from his nostrils, and one of his eyes look like it’s already covered in purple bruising. To his credit, Miller shakes his head from side to side and PLOWS right back into Sammy, proceeding to send stinging rights and lefts into Sammy’s torso…but Rochester just shakes it off and grabs Miller by the neck….and he DRILLS him into the canvas with a high-angle reverse chokeslam.

Miller lands hard, unmoving…and Sammy immediately grabs him right back up. Rochester LIFTS David Miller high up into the air with a military press…AND HE THROWS HIM CLEAR OUT OF THE RING!!!

Miller crashes down on the outside, rolling a little way up the ramp. He lands on his back, eyes closed and not moving.

Eryk Masters: Well folks…David Miller made one hell of a statement here tonight. He proved to the world AND Sammy Rochester that he is not to be intimidated.

Other Guy: And Sammy Rochester proved to Miller that if you disrespect the Sin City Champion…then he’ll do everything he can to KILL YOU for it…

Jester rushes into the ring, and Sammy takes his Sin City Championship into his hands. He raises the belt high over his head while Jester holds up one of Sammy’s big wrists in triumph.

Eryk Masters: I think it’s safe to say, OG….this Sin City Championship Series continues to heat up!

The shot closes out on Sammy’s grotesque and furious face.


“I Am Hell” by Machine Head BLASTS through the audio system, surprising the crowd into a huge negative response. Isaac Entragian steps out from the curtains, wearing dark jeans, brown motorcycle boots, and a black Walking Dead t-shirt with a rotting zombie face leering from his chest.

“I am Death…arms held outstretched.”

“I am Hell…born this mortal shell.”

“I am Wrath…take this bloodbath.”



Eryk Masters: Never has a theme song in SHOOT Project been more appropriate. Here comes living, breathing, brimstone-stinking HELL, ladies and gentlemen.

Other Guy: When I was a younger man I was an avid reader of comics, Eryk…and one of my favorites was Spawn. One of the big villains in that series is a purely malevolent demon-lord called Malebolgia…ruler of the Eighth Sphere of Hell, and just a plotting, scheming….not-so-nice guy..

Eryk Masters: So your point is…you’re a nerd?

Other Guy: MY POINT…is that this monster Entragian reminds me of a real life version of Malebolgia. Scary thought, for sure…google that shit!

Isaac’s white hair is swept back from his head in a half-ponytail, and we see that the monster hasn’t shaved in a few days. Pure white stubble covers his cheeks and his chin, making his appearance seem even more ethereal that normal. There are dark hollows beneath Isaac’s eyes, but the eyes themselves still glitter as they always do….with swirling, poisonous malice.

There’s a microphone in Isaac’s pallid hand, and he brings this mic up to his lips as the boos thunder down from all sides of the Epicenter.

Entragian: For weeks now….I have watched. I’ve watched my lost little brother running to members of MY family…and I’ve watched him try to seduce them into sitting submissively at his heel. He speaks of honor…morality…the improvement of SHOOT Project…and he wants SCAR to become the flag bearers of his own tenuous dreams.

Isaac starts to stalk down the ramp, and most of the younger fans in the seats closest to the ramp shrink back in horror as The Pale Rider strolls by.

Entragian: He has no respect for the roots of Project: SCAR. He spits on the very foundations with this talk of trimming the fat and cutting out the cancer. The truth is…my little brother has grown quite envious of me. His quest is a desperate, selfish attempt to recapture…relevance.

Isaac grins, razor sharp teeth gleaming as he hops up onto the apron and steps over the top rope and into the ring.

Entragian: And judging by the pathetic, impotent SCREAMS coming from all of you shitbag fans…I’m guessing you don’t agree with me. That’s cool. I’m happy to elaborate. Las Vegas faithful….I ask that you take a moment to utilize your testicle-sized brains and think back to the year of 2012. Give it some legitimate fucking THOUGHT…and you’ll notice a pattern. I realize that I’m dealing with CATTLE right now….so let me outline it for all of you retarded motherfuckers out there so that everything becomes crystal clear.

The crowd is ON FIRE with hatred directed at the squared circle right now, and it’s clear that Entragian just drinks it in like wine.

Entragian: So there’s this little show, right? It’s kind of a big deal. It’s called the SHOOT PROJECT YEAR END AWARDS. For those of you who didn’t see the results…let me announce a few of the esteemed winners from that particular program. We start…with the 2012 Match Of The Year.

Isaac pauses, and the egomania dancing in this man’s eyes seems to damn near CONSUME him.

Entragian: Drumroll please…Hi-May Alejackass vs. ISAAC ENTRAGIAN! That’s one. Count em’ up with me now…

Isaac walks to another side of the ring, staring at the announce table now. Other Guy can be seen softly applauding, and Eryk Masters just hangs his head in disgust.

Entragian: 2012 FEUD OF THE YEAR…also goes to ISAAC ENTRAGIAN…and Laura Seton’s whipping boy, Hi-May. That’s TWO, Vegas. Fuckin’ DEUCES.

Isaac storms over to another side of the ring now, snarling through the microphone out at that portion of the crowd.

Entragian: 2012 VILLAIN OF THE YEAR…that’s right….LIL’ OL ME!!! Thanks for the HATE, boys and girls….gets my dick hard! That’s THREE.

Isaac throws his head back, basking in his own sense of inflated pride….that shark-like smile looking more repulsive than ever.

Entragian: And for the grand finale….who was your 2012 CHAMPION OF THE YEAR?? Any guesses? If you said Donnie King, you’re an autistic, overweight, limp-dick FUCKWAD! Because the 2012 CHAMPION OF THE YEAR…was THE IVORY FUCKIN’ TERROR HIMSELF….Isaac Entragian. Iron Fist Champion of the Century, as if there would ever be any doubt. That brings our grand total…to FOUR!

Isaac grabs the top rope, leaning over it while grinning like a serial killer boasting about how many victims he’s claimed.

Entragian: 2012…the year of ENTRAGIAN. And for those of you asking yourselves…what did Corazon win? How many awards, exactly? Well the answer is…ZERO POINT ZERO! My little brother got some nominations, sure…but once more…he lives in the SHADOW of his big brother…and he resents that. I’m the BEST….I’m the MAN….I’m the guy people REMEMBER….NOT Adrian Corazon.

Isaac begins to pace back and forth in the ring while running a hand through his long white hair.

Entragian: What did Corazon do in 2012, you ask? Well he won some matches…he lost some matches…but did he do anything remarkable? Not really. He smirked quite a bit; actually if we had a 2012 SMIRKER OF THE YEAR award…he might have won that…but otherwise? Nothing particularly memorable. He was the guy in SCAR that lived off of a history that is RIPE with greatness….RIPE with legendary acts….a man with a past that outshines his present.

Isaac pauses in the middle of the ring, his eyes shining like vats of rattlesnake venom.

Entragian: Corazon does not know how to operate when he’s overshadowed. It’s never happened to him before. For many long years…when people asked who’s the bloodiest, most black-hearted bastard walking through SHOOT Project’s halls? The immediate answer would be Adrian Corazon. It was a no brainer. But that all changed…the day I walked through those gates. Corazon got one sniff of this Big Bad Wolf…and he did the smart thing. The ONLY thing…really. He became the beta…to my alpha.

Entragian chuckles, the sound of his laughter traveling through the Epicenter like jagged thunder.

Entragian: But don’t get me wrong, ladies and gents. Corazon is EVERYTHING that he says he is….and more. The sheer BRUTALITY this man is capable of…the INHUMANITY he wields…it’s enough to make lesser men piss right down the leg of their tights. When Corazon calls himself the BADDEST MAN ALIVE…it’s not just a nickname. He embodies that. He is as bad as they come. A former World Champion. A former Iron Fist Champion. My little brother…has done it all. But there’s one thing Corazon is NOT, folks. He’s not….me.

Isaac stares directly into the camera, his lips pulling back from those filed down fangs. His forked tongue makes an appearance to wet his pallid lips.

Entragian: See there are levels BEYOND bad, ladies and gents. Miles beyond, a world where taboos are shattered and morals were never even invented. People call that level….EVIL. People call me….EVIL. I ain’t bad. I ain’t the Baddest Man Alive. I’m the guy that BAD bows down before, asking if it can spit-shine my motherfucking shoes…

The crowd starts up a fiery chant, the voices of thousands condemning this pallid hellion that stands in the ring.




Entragian: Cancer, huh? Is that right? Well I’ll tell you what, Las Vegas…if you want me to be CANCER…if Corazon wants to call me cancer….then I will BE cancer. I will EAT through Corazon…I will CHEW through his hopes and his dreams like a malignant melanoma, and when I get done with my little brother? He’ll be a little bald-headed invalid dragging out a chemotherapy bag every time he makes his entrance into the Epicenter.

The fans are INCENSED at this point, people in the front rows going so far as to throw things into the ring before security finally stops them.

Entragian: And on that note, Baddest Man Alive….get your brutal, inhuman ass down to MY ring. I’m tired of the back room dealings…I’m tired of seeing you try to turn my own kin against me. Come out here…look me in the eyes…and make your STAND. You wanted this WAR…and I’m damn sure gonna give it to you. It’s time to call ranks. It’s time to draw the battle lines. Every member of SCAR in that locker room….NOW is the time to choose. Be with me, the brother that loves you all dearly….or follow Adrian down a rabbit hole that leads to self-destruction.

Isaac’s free hand clenches into a fist…his eyes seeming almost to BURN as he stares at the rampway leading into the back.

Entragian: Come on down, CORAZON….let’s have us a good old-fashioned FAMILY REUNION!

A blues guitar riff takes over the sound system, and a high pitched chime starts as the rhythm kicks in, and then a dirty blues kick hits… 


“I could take the pitchfork from the devil 

Keep a super suit like I’m incredible. 

From the deep blue sea to the dark blue sky….” 


Then, the song cuts, the lights go out, a purple spotlight hits the center of the ramp, and then pyro EXPLODES! 



The music continues as the smoke begins to clear, and once cleared, the banner that defines Adrian Corazon is shown.  Not too long after that, a black silhouette appears at the top of the ramp, and he has arrived.  The crowd lets him have it! 

Eryk Masters: I believe we are about to see some fireworks, OG. 

Other Guy: I think you might be right, E.  Have you prepped your heart catheter?  Because I have a spare one right here in a nice, sterilized container. 

Eryk Masters:  I’ll pass.  Heart catheter is good to go. 

Corazon walks down as “Baddest Man Alive” by The Black Keys continues, and he does his usual routine where he ignores everyone around him and focuses solely on his opponent, standing squarely in the ring.  He has a big grin on his face as he removes his coat and his sunglasses before climbing into the ring.  The crowd pops as he receives a microphone! 

Corazon: Blah blah blah…  eat, chew, gnash, oral fixation and all that, so mean and bad…  talking about overshadowing and spotlight, and ego, and whatever.  Jesus, man…   

Corazon pauses and steps right to Isaac Entragian. 

Corazon: You kinda need to work on when you need to speak, and well, Isaac…  you also need to learn when to just keep your mouth shut.   

Entragian cocks his head at Corazon, who simply holds his hand up. 

Corazon: THIS would be one of those times.   

The crowd pops HARD! 

Eryk Masters: This guy has some serious balls. 

Other Guy: He’s the baddest man alive, E. 

Corazon: In this moment, right here, right now, I can tell you with absolute certainty that nobody in this building cares even in the slightest bit about what kinds of awards you’ve won.  Unfortunately for you, you’ve got a lot bigger things on your plate for 2013, and so…  we decided to move into the present.   

Corazon smiles. 

Corazon: But if you want to talk about the past, we can, and we will, because the undeniable fact of the matter is that every step you’ve made here in the SHOOT Project has been written before, and has come out of my very own, Dr. Adrian Corazon, BMA, #1 bestselling handbook “How to be Relevant in the SHOOT Project.”  That, though?  That’s for another time. 

Eryk Masters: Not sure what he’s alluding to there, because Isaac Entragian is certainly relevant… 

Other Guy: I gather from what he said that he’ll explain later. 

Corazon: Besides…  the only award that matters here in SHOOT is the World Heavyweight Championship, and I suppose a “chemotherapy bag carrying invalid” might have trouble remembering this cute bit of information, buuuuuttttt…  I’ve held that belt twice and you?   

Corazon frowns and holds his hand up to Isaac Entragian’s face, making a “0.”  The crowd starts laughing hard in the midst of the cheers.  

Corazon: You know, just in case you were keeping score.  But, let’s not let ourselves get involved in this kind of discussion, shall we?  You brought me out here for a purpose, and I acquiesced, again for a purpose.  Let’s figure out exactly where we… where things… stand, yeah?

Entragian grins, staring down balefully into the eyes of the Baddest Man Alive.

Entragian: Mmm. So clever, little brother. Deep down….you know that I WOULD be the World Heavyweight Champion right now if you hadn’t limped your gimpy, stubborn ass out to the ring at Revolution 104 to cost me my title opportunity. But we’ll discuss that….another time.

Isaac leans closer to Corazon, looming over The Brutal & Inhuman competitor.

Entragian: To take page out of your playbook…I’m kinda bored with you already.

Isaac yawns directly in Corazon’s face, a long and obnoxious yawn with razor-sharp teeth gleaming and forked tongue flitting out. 

Entragian: Soooo…yeah, let’s see how this is gonna play out. Brothers and sisters…hear the call…and choose wisely.

Corazon smirks, stepping back to look up towards the ramp. Isaac does the same thing, both men staring at the curtains to see who will be first to choose sides.

Eryk Masters: The tension between these two men….you can literally cut it with a knife. They’re both struggling to get through this without tearing each other’s heads off…because that’s clearly what they REALLY want to do.

Other Guy: This is a major play, Eryk. Who’s gonna side with Corazon…and who’s gonna side with Isaac??

The arena is just quieting down after a massive “BADDEST MAN ALIVE” chant….and suddenly that silence is broken thanks to “Blood” by In This Moment. Elizabeth Gaunt steps out from the curtains, her hands resting on her hips.

Eryk Masters: This hellcat…all I can say is that I PITY whoever she chooses. She’s a certifiable nutcase.

Liz wastes no time, strutting her way down the ring and rolling into the squared circle beneath the bottom rope. She looks at Corazon…and then she looks at Isaac. Liz rubs her chin, pretending to consider…and then she skips over to the monster Entragian and latches onto one of his big pale arms like a spoiled, bratty child. Isaac grins, and Liz looks at Corazon while making “BOO HOO” gestures with her hands scrunched up against her eyes.

Corazon just shakes his head while smirking; giving us the idea that he expected that much from Gaunt.

Eryk Masters: Well…can’t say I’m too surprised by that. Gaunt and Entragian are practically joined at the hip.

Other Guy: That’s one for Isaac so far…

“Call the Devil My Friend” by Frank Bang and the Secret Stash kicks in immediately, bringing the fans to watch as out from the back emerges none other than OBSIDIAN.  His hair is pulled back into a ponytail for a change, tightly so.  His beard is still ragged, and the torn hood of his brown duster coat is draped on his shoulders.  He walks down to the ring and enters it with little regard for the fans or for Corazon and Isaac. 

Eryk Masters: This is like a sadistic draft lottery right now, OG. 

Obsidian takes the microphone from Corazon and stands between the two of them. 

Obsidian: I…am sorry…to the both of you…that it has come to this. 

Obsidian slowly lifts his head towards Isaac. 

Obsidian: But you should not have asked me to choose against my brother. 

The fans actually…CHEER as Obsidian turns towards Corazon and gives a small smile?!  Isaac’s face drops as Obsidian clutches Corazon in a brief embrace before he takes his stand next to his longtime friend and family.

The cheers hush when "You’ve Seen the Butcher" by the Deftones eerily starts to fill the arena. When Kenji walks out, with Flay nervously shadowing him, there is no reaction. The fans are in a silent hush as Kenji stands at the top of the ramp, staring down towards the ring. Kenji tilts his head towards Flay, who is a trembling mess. 

Kenji: Stay here.  

Flay doesn’t argue, she steps back out of the lights into a shadowed area of the ramp, almost completely out of sight.  

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure the fans know what to think right now, OG.  

Other Guy: I think they know exactly what to think, Eryk. The side Kenji picks will have a huge advantage in the numbers game, especially with Flay going wherever Kenji goes. Even if you forget the numbers game, having someone with such a sadistic track record, and the man who pioneered Project: SCAR, can never hurt your team’s odds. 

Kenji walks down the ramp slower than usual, where he usually looks on with empty blue eyes there are now twinges of doubt hazing through. Where he usually ignores the crowd, he looks around, vision slowly reaching through the silent masses. When Kenji finally reaches the ring, he jumps up onto the apron and looks in at the battle line that had been drawn. 

Kenji steps through the ropes and stands between the two sides. His head turns to stare at Isaac and Gaunt, then to Corazon and Obsidian. He closes his eyes for a moment, his brow is forced inward as he shakes his head ever so slightly.  

The moment Kenji turns towards Corazon, there is an overwhelming boom of cheers from the crowd. Corazon’s face seems to light up, while Isaac looks on is disbelief. Kenji places a hand on the side of Corazon’s neck, Kenji’s face dips, hiding glossy eyes. 

Eryk Masters: Oh my God, did Kenji just… did he pick Corazon?  

Kenji shakes his head and whispers for only Corazon to hear. 

Kenji: I will miss you, Brother. 

When Kenji turns his back on Corazon, the cheers become deformed until they are the ravenous shouts of hatred Kenji is more accustomed to. Isaac holds his arms out, a large shark tooth grin on his face, ready to embrace Kenji.  

But Kenji’s head dips, hiding glossy eyes.  

Kenji: This is nothing to celebrate about.

Isaac’s smile falters for the briefest of moments, but then he seems to accept that answer. Regardless, he places a hand on Kenji’s shoulder…and the two stand side by side. Gaunt offers Kenji a nod, one of her hands reaching over to grip his arm for a moment.

Across the ring, Corazon’s head drops just as Isaac’s did before, but he quickly recovers and locks his gaze on Entragian’s horrid grinning face.

Eryk Masters: Well there it is, ladies and gentlemen….Kenji Yamada has been called THE KEY in this power struggle between Corazon & Entragian….and now it seems that the key has aligned himself with THE CANCER.

Other Guy: The battle lines are drawn…and it seems the odds favor this monster Entragian. Four against two…it’s no surprise that The Ivory Terror is grinning from ear to ear. I’m sure he LOVES those odds.

Eryk Masters: The emotion is prevalent here too, OG…I know we think of this group as a pack of bloodthirsty dogs…but it’s clear this divide has taken it’s toll. Obsidian seemed reluctant to abandon Isaac, and Kenji looks visibly upset about turning his back on Corazon.

The shot closes out on a divided Project: SCAR…both sides of the group glaring at each other from across the ring.



The ring bell sounds a few times as the fans know what’s next.

Samantha Coil:  The following contest IS YOUR MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! It is a No Disqualification match set for one fall and it is for the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship!

As soon as Samantha stops talking the lights go out.

Eryk Masters: Finally, tonight Napalm gets what is coming to him.

OTHER GUY: The world title?

Eryk Masters: No someone to shut his mouth up.

"Absolute Zero" By Stone Sour kicks in and out comes Johnny Napalm to a chorus of boo’s, and Napalm has a smug look on his face he is wearing a t-shirt which has his own face which is very bloody and just has below it the word "Submit" on the back as he passes by reads "I am your Violent Savior".

Samantha Coil: And introducing first the challenger from South Boston,MA standing six foot nine and weighing three hundred and two pounds he is one-half of the SHOOT Tag Team Champions and the self-proclaimed Violent Savior JOHNNY NAPALM!!!

Napalm walks down the aisle with a shopping cart full of items and weapons and his tag team title is nowhere to be found he looks all business tonight as he pulls the shopping cart over to the far end of the ring he sets a couple bags loaded with something.  Also in the shopping cart…a barbed wire baseball bat.

Eryk Masters: This match got promoted at the end of Revolution 106 when Napalm pulled King off the ring apron and planted his boot across the world champ’s face and well the champ answered just an hour after Revolution went off the air.

OTHER GUY: I am wondering if Donovan King is in his right mind after getting his bell rung by Napalm.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any kids watching please escort them out of the room, I believe this match will be too violent for younger viewers.

OTHER GUY: I agree there but who will crack first in this match Napalm or King?

Napalm slides in the ring in a semi-squat looking at the rampway waiting for his prey.  And without much warning, his stare is answered.

The bell sounds in the Epicenter, and a gold crown insignia appears on the SHOOT Video wall, sending the SHOOT Project fans into that expected excited frenzy.  There is a silence after the bell, bringing the fans to their feet.  Napalm’s crouching frame is outlined by the flashes of light from the cameras in the arena as the lights are shut down completely.  On the Video Wall, we see electricity rippling through an empty street until the camera settles on an empty throne sitting in the middle of the street, a single crown resting in the seat.  All of a sudden…


The fans cheer as “All of the Lights” by Kanye West begins to play.  The familiar horns begin to play and the fans are on their feet as a single golden spotlight shines down.

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS

The arena ERUPTS into BRIGHT lights, no pyro, just the lights turned up as bright as they can get as DONOVAN KING steps out from the smoke emanating from the entrance.

Other Guy:  IT’S GO TIME!

Hood pulled tight, World Heavyweight Championship buckled to his midsection, King bounces from one foot to the other, looking out at the sea of fans as the smoke swirls around him.  He slaps the face plate of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his waist and throws the hood back, screaming to the fans to “GET UP!”

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he weighs in at 242lbs…hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…he is the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….DONOVAN KING!!!

Eryk Masters:  The argument is constantly made for the best in the world.  You hear it tossed around so casually…well, let me throw another name in that debate right here in Donovan King.

Other Guy:  No doubt in my mind, Eryk.  Intense, technically flawless, a countering genius, a freakin’ chameleon in the ring…Donovan King is our World Champion and I couldn’t be prouder.

King reaches underneath the ring and slides into the ring a DUFFEL BAG.  King rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope, and he holds the World Title high over his head in both hands. The SHOOT fan base responds in kind. King hands the title off to the referee who shows the belt to Napalm.  Napalm brushes his hand against the face plate and then kisses his fingertips, inhaling the proverbial smell of the gold on his hands.

Eryk Masters:  No more music, no more talking, no more mercy, Donovan King and Johnny Napalm, World Championship, Revolution, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS.

Other Guy:  LET’S GO!

The bell rings and the fans are immediately excited.  Napalm stands there, wringing his hands as he stares at King across the ring from him.  King, meanwhile, is popping his neck before he kneels down to the mat.  He runs his fingers across the canvas before he finally grabs the duffel bag he found from under the ring.  He unzips it slowly, watching Napalm as the referee stands between the two of them.  Napalm reaches down at his side and picks up the barbed wire baseball bat he brought to the ring with him.  King stands up, and as he does so, his signature length of chain dangles at his side.

Eryk Masters:  Both of these guys came ARMED, OG.

Other Guy:  But Dan Stein had it right, E.  A length of chain?  Especially against a baseball bat wrapped in freakin’ BARBED WIRE!?  COME ON.

Napalm charges at King, past the referee, but King rolls from the ring!  Napalm stops himself in the corner, but King wraps the chain around Napalm’s left foot and YANKS it from underneath him, sending Napalm to the mat!  Napalm drops the baseball bat, and King keeps the chain wrapped around Napalm’s ankle, and he DROPS to his back, holding Napalm’s chained ankle against the ring apron, causing his foot to hyperextend and Napalm to grit his teeth in pain.  King unravels the chain and wraps it around his fist, rolling back into the ring.  He grabs Napalm by the throat and PUNCHES him in the face with the chain!  The fans ERUPT as King starts WAILING on Napalm with the chained fist!  Another!  Another!  Another!  King gets off of Napalm as Napalm’s right eyebrow is split open and blood is ALREADY starting to pour from him!

Other Guy:  Donovan King draws first blood!

King turns around and unravels the chain once more.  He picks Napalm up to a sitting position and WRAPS the chain around Napalm’s throat and flips OVER Napalm’s body, snapping Napalm’s head forward then back!  Napalm’s head SLAMS into the mat, but King left the chain around Napalm’s neck.  King gets to one knee and looks over the fans, who are cheering him on.  He looks at his shoulder and sees some of Napalm’s blood on it.  He swipes his hand across it and looks at his blood palm.  He rolls his eyes and wipes the blood across his left hip, the blood smearing the gold and white of his tights.  Napalm pulls the chain from his throat as King rolls from the ring and starts looking under the ring for further weapons.

Eryk Masters:  Oh man…when Donovan King said he was interested in causing some pain, he wasn’t joking!

Other Guy:  Thus far it’s been all King and I’ve gotta tell you, Eryk, that’s surprising.  Napalm’s expertise IS this kinda match.

Eryk Masters:  But you can’t sell King’s knowledge of hardcore short.  Remember his wars with Jester Smiles and Mirage.  He’s no stranger to the career shortening effects of a SHOOT Project hardcore bout!

King withdraws from underneath the ring a STEEL CHAIR.  He holds it up for the fans to cheer and he slides it into the ring.  Napalm is on his feet against the opposite ropes as King gets into the ring and picks the chair back up.  King slams the chair against the mat to get Napalm’s attention.  Napalm looks up and balls his fists up, charging at King!  King rushes at Napalm, steel chair in hand, but Napalm stops halfway and sets himself up and LEVELS King with a big boot THROUGH the steel chair into King’s face!  King drops to the mat HARD as Napalm towers over him, the blood dripping down the side of his face.  Napalm drags King to the ropes and places his boot directly on King’s temple.  He braces himself against the ropes and places ALL of his weight on King’s head!

Other Guy:  JESUS.

King kicks his feet valiantly, trying to get Napalm’s weight off of his head, but Napalm refuses to get off of him.  Napalm stares at the jeering fans and he grins back at them, his blood running into his open mouth.  He gets off of King at last, and he bends down to pick King up.  The World Champion is clearly woozy as Napalm wraps him in a bear hug.  He picks King up for all to see and RAMS him into the corner!  Keeping the hug on, Napalm RAMS King into the corner a second time!  Sensing blood in the water, he RAMS King into the corner a THIRD time!  Keeping King in his clutches, Napalm twists King’s body around and SLAMS him into the mat with a powerslam!  Napalm grabs the far leg and hooks it and the referee is there!




Napalm rolls out of the ring and saunters over to the guardrail where his bags were dropped.  He rolls back into the ring and King is quickly up, hitting him with elbow strikes, causing Napalm to drop the bag!  Napalm QUICKLY gouges King’s eyes and King, still worn out from the previous assault, is quickly subdued.  He drops to one knee and Napalm NAILS King in the side of the head with his boot, sending King to the mat!  Napalm looks over to the bag and shrugs.  He walks over to the steel chair King brought into the ring and picks it up.  He looks over at King, who is on his hands and knees and he SLAMS the chair down onto King’s back, flattening the World Champion! 

Other Guy:  Napalm’s slowed the pace down and not a moment too soon, Eryk, because you have to think that blood loss is getting to him.

Eryk Masters:  No doubt in my mind, OG.  King drew blood quickly, but it’s gonna take more than a crimson mask to put that guy down.

Napalm stands over King and drops down with a leg drop to King’s throat.  He stands back up and picks King up along with him.  Without warning, he sends King SAILING over to the top rope to the floor below!

Other Guy:  If he had done that at Redemption he’d be in the Reckoning Day main event!

Napalm steps through the ropes and grabs King up.  He hooks King into a full nelson and begins to swing the World Champion around violently!  King tries valiantly to slip out from the move, but Napalm HOISTS King up as high as he can and SLAMS King back first into the guardrail!  The fans boo LOUDLY as Napalm grins from ear to ear.  He walks over to the ring apron and starts to look for new weapons.

Eryk Masters:  Oh man.  GOD.  King’s back look like it snapped in TWO right there!

King cradles his back as Napalm withdraws from the bottom of the ring…a TABLE.  He looks at King and LIFTS the table over his head!  Napalm listens to the jeering fans as he positions the table against the guardrail.  He picks King up and slams him head first into the table to keep him dazed before he leans King against the table.  Napalm quickly goes back to the ring apron and withdraws ANOTHER table.

Other Guy:  What do you think Napalm’s out to do here now?

Napalm LIFTS the second table above his head and keeps a hold of it.  He gets a running start…AND NAPALM SPEARS KING, SANDWICHING KING BETWEEN BOTH TABLES!!  BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!





Other Guy:  OH MY GOD.

Eryk Masters:  That was…that is the opposite of my heart peeing!

Other Guy:  So…your soul just took a dump?

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King AND Johnny Napalm are DOWN are Napalm SPEARED King against a table, all while Napalm was HOLDING a table…and we got a World Champion sandwich with a Violent Savior garnishment!

Napalm clutches his shoulder in pain as King is completely out from the spear.  Napalm manages to get himself to a sitting position, though he is obviously in serious pain.  King, however, is not moving at all as the tables are splintered and shattered all around the two of them.  Napalm, through blood dripping down his face and onto his bared teeth, grins from ear to ear.  He slides over to King and slowly begins to pick himself up off of the mat.  After he is completely up, he leans against the guardrail and looks down at King and then to the other bag he left outside of the ring.  He walks over to the bag and picks it up with his good arm, nodding to the booing masses.  He opens the bag and pours its contents onto the ground at his feet…

Other Guy:  Are you KIDDING me?!

Eryk Masters:  Napalm has just poured SHARDS OF GLASS on the outside of the ring and…I can only begin to imagine what he has in mind for Donovan King!

Napalm picks King up and drags him slowly over to the broken glass.  He grabs King and shoves King’s head between his legs!  He flexes his hurt shoulder and tries to laugh it off.  He grabs King by the midsection…and he LIFTS King up…AND HE POWERBOMBS KING INTO THE BROKEN GLASS.

Eryk Masters:  OH MY GOD!  OH MY GOD!!  OH MY GOD!!

The fans chant once again as Napalm staggers a bit, clutching his shoulder once again.  King, however, is crying out in pain.  Napalm grabs King’s legs and DRAGS him out of the glass!  King rolls quickly to his stomach and the camera catches a good look at the fresh GASHES on King’s back!  Blood is starting to GUSH from some of the wounds caused by Napalm’s glass!

Other Guy:  Jesus CHRIST.

Napalm grabs King and picks him back up, the blood from one of the wounds starting to slide down his back, staining King’s tights.  Napalm wraps King’s head up in a headlock and drags him over to the ring post.  King tries to fight out, but Napalm HOISTS King up BY HIS HEAD and SLAMS King against the ring post!  King collapses against the ring post, in obvious agony.  Napalm bends back down and picks him up once more and rolls him into the ring.  He walks over to Samantha Coil and demands she get off of her chair.  He grabs it, folds it up, and throws it into the ring.  He rolls in, rolling over King’s blood, which has stained the mat.  He picks himself up off of the mat and grabs King once again.  He picks him up and NAILS him with a short arm clothesline!  He bends down and drapes himself across King and the referee is there for the pin!





The fans ERUPT as King BARELY kicks out!

Eryk Masters:  His back may be DESTROYED, but King is still alive in this match!

Napalm gets up quickly and picks King up, scoops him up into his arms, and SLAMS King onto the chair with a body slam!  He sprawls over King once again for the pin attempt!




Napalm slaps the mat in frustration as he picks King up and whips King into the ropes.  King ducks a clothesline attempt, he bounces off of the opposite ropes and Napalm FLATTENS him with a thrust kick!  King is dropped HARD to the mat as Napalm quickly picks him back up and scoops him back up…and DROPS King with a sidewalk slam!!  Napalm merely lays across King and the referee goes for the count once again!




The fans ERUPT as King kicks out before the three.

Eryk Masters:  And Donovan King AGAIN with the kick out!  Napalm has put on a violence clinic here tonight, there’s no question, but King is taking ALL Napalm dishes out!

Other Guy:  There’s no doubt about it, Donovan King has always shown just how impressive he is when it comes to taking punishment…but with his back looking like shredded wheat…how much longer can King take this?!

Napalm is breathing heavily, but not as heavily as King is on the mat.  Napalm picks King back up and he hooks King up for a belly to belly suplex, but King blocks it with his foot!  Napalm squeezes the waist lock in tighter and manages to NAIL the belly to belly suplex on the World Champion.  He slides out of the ring and reaches back under the ring…for ANOTHER table!  He slides it into the ring and reaches BACK under the ring and finds…A BOTTLE OF LIGHTER FLUID AND A BOOK OF MATCHES.

Eryk Masters:  Ah HELL.

Napalm sets the table up and he starts to DRENCH the table with the lighter fluid.  The fans begin to boo EVEN MORE as out from the back comes…DAN STEIN.

Other Guy:  WHY is Dan Stein out here?

Stein has under his shoulder a folded up steel chair.  He unfolds the chair and has a seat, clapping for his tag team partner, who has completely dominated the World Champion thus far.  Napalm reaches down and strikes one of the matches, lighting the entire match book on FIRE.  He looks at the flames with the look of pure orgasmic bliss.  He tosses the flaming matchbook casually onto the table…and the table is ENGULFED in flames!

Other Guy:  Dan Stein is LOVING this from the entrance stage!

Eryk Masters:  Forget the title, King’s CAREER is going to be over!

Napalm picks King up and drags him over to the flaming table.  He grabs King by the throat and lifts him HIGH for a chokeslam…HE SLAMS KING DOWN NO!!!  NO!!!  KING COUNTERS!  DEALBREAKER!  KING WITH A DEALBREAKER THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE!!!  NAPALM IS SENT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE!!





Eryk Masters:  NOW MY HEART IS PEEING!!!

Other Guy:  There are pieces of flaming table on the mat…the referee is desperately trying to stamp them out with his feet, Napalm is clutching his neck AND midsection and King is leaning AGAINST the ropes away from the chaos, clutching his back!

King pulls himself up and grabs the ropes to keep himself standing.  He starts to…laugh?!  King slowly turns to see Dan Stein, who came out just in time to see his partner’s dominance.  King grins and points to Stein for a moment before he flips him off!  King picks Napalm up and hooks him up with a front face lock, he hooks the two arms…AND DRILLS NAPALM WITH THE ALIENATOR.  King sits back up, glaring over at Dan Stein.  He pulls himself up and then picks Napalm up yet again.  He continues to glare over at Stein and snaps around with ANOTHER DEALBREAKER!

Other Guy:  Napalm is OUT.

King rolls around out of the Dealbreaker and HE LOCKS IN THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE.  King arches back HARD and Napalm reaches out to the ropes and King arches back EVEN HARDER.  Napalm calls out and HE TAPS!!  The fans ERUPT as King keeps the hold locked in!


King keeps the Carolina Crossface locked in as he SCREAMS at Stein, who is now on his feet.  He kicks the chair away from where he was sitting and stares at the scene in the ring.  “All of the Lights” kicks in and it kicks in HARD.  King SLAMS Napalm’s head into the mat and is on one knee, perched over Stein’s tag team partner.  Stein stops his tantrum and the two of them just…lock themselves in a stare.

We switch to the locker room area where we see Lunatikk Crippler staring into a monitor.  He says nothing.  He does nothing.  He merely watches.

Donovan King is on his feet now, “All of the Lights”  playing.  Napalm is on the mat at his feet.  Stein is stunned.  The fans are cheering loudly and happily.

And King stands triumphant.