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Revolution 108: 3/4/2013

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Donovan King, standing at the entrance to the arena with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, flashing quickly to Dan Stein, a grin on his face as he saunters down to the ring.  It cuts to Maya Nakashima kneeling in the ring, his arms outstretched as he looks to the skylights.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

It shows Jonas Coleman marching down to the ring as Lunatikk Crippler is shown getting in someone’s face.  The scene cuts to Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden with their titles held high in the air for a moment before we catch a brief view of El Asso Wipo breaking every back in existence while Silas Mitchell looks on, his face twisted in consternation.  We see Jacob Mephisto slowly leaning in and whispering into the ear of some unknown Soldier as he stares at the camera, a grin forming on his face.

We are the wheels that keep turning

Long Island Hardcore individually during the Redemption Rumble, laying the heat on their opponents.  It flashes to Johnny Napalm hoisting the Tag Team Championship in the air, cutting quickly to Thomas Manchester Black shouting out to the fans in attendance, which quickly cuts to Chance Ryan glaring at the camera, Cade Sydal behind him with a smirk on his face.  We see Cronos Diamante sparring with Edmund Augustus Shan before it cuts to Henry Gordon wringing his hands with a grin on his face.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton helping to eliminate Jaime Alejandro is shown as Corey Lazarus is arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nods his head to the camera.  We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance.  Kenji Yamada has Flay Rios by her cheeks and slaps her across the face as he glares into her sad eyes.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.  We then see Tanya Black holding her belt high before it cuts to her nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Henry Gordon stands tall in the ring, severely winded, as it cuts to Dan Stein holding Minxy Jones’ mask high above his head as a trophy.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Jaime Alejandro wailing away at Obsidian, backing the monster against the ropes.  We see Drew Stevenson slapping the hands of a few fans before it cuts to David Miller, standing in a dimly lit ring, his head bowed and sweat dripping from his head.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Isaac Entragian lights Jaime Alejandro’s uniform on fire cuts to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Corazon catches Isaac Entragian with the Act of Inhumanity and Phillip Goodman smirks at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut Alex Brooks sprinting to the ring.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




The booming intro of “Set The World On Fire” echoes throughout the arena as a singular image appears on the Jumbotron… 




Eryk Masters:  Now for the million-dollar question. Which two members of Orion are we going to be seeing this week? It’s been no secret that Valentine Lionheart’s going to be one of them. 


Other Guy: Ten bucks says it’s Malice. 


The curtain parts and Leona steps out onto the ramp, followed by Mason Pierce. Valentine Lionheart emerges and stands beside him. 


Eryk Masters: Pay up. 


Other Guy: Grrrrrrr….. 


Morgana and Malice emerge and stand on Pierce’s right side, Morgana with the steel briefcase in her hand this week. The trio stand on the ramp, not making a move toward the ringside area. Mason suddenly points to the ring, giving the signal for Valentine, Malice and Morgana to make their way toward the squared circle. 


Other Guy: HAH! Called it! 


Mason and Leona follow behind, accompanying the other members of Orion into the ring, but almost immediately, they are ordered to the back! 


Eryk Masters: I love it. Referee Willie Dean isn’t allowing the rest of Orion to taint this match. It’s going to be fair. 


Other Guy: After all the nonsense they’ve gotten away with recently, can you really blame them? 


Morgana takes her place outside the ring with her mysterious metal case while Malice and Valentine Lionheart enter the ring as they’re being blanketed by heavy boos. Malice stands in his corner, staring at the entrance while Valentine taunts the crowd. 


Eryk Masters: One thing I can say for Valentine Lionheart is he sure knows how to work a crowd. They all really hate him. 


Suddenly, the arena goes dark and a dim red aura bathes the audience as bright white spotlights drop down on the entrance ramp.  A light cool mist seems to fill the air, which seems to bring out the reddish aura even more.  The effect leaves various members of the audience looking around, lifting their hands to "feel the air" around them.  Then, the haunting notes of “Heart of Courage” by Two Steps From Hell begins to play over the Public Address system as Mirage and Cronos Diamante step out beneath the bright white spotlights. 


Eryk Masters: Wow, this is different. 


Other Guy: Just when you were expecting Metallica and blinding strobes, these guys hit you with this.  And the mist, I think I love it.  No, I do love it. 


The spotlights follow as they make their way to the ring. Mirage and Cronos appear to be all business. Cronos points to Malice as they make their way to ringside, seeming as if they’re already discussing strategy. 


Eryk Masters: You have to wonder how apprehensive Mirage is going to be in this match without his 3M facade… 


Other Guy: Oh, come on, it’s just an outfit, Eryk.  The man is a veteran if I’ve ever seen one. 


Stepping up onto the ring apron, Mirage slaps Cronos on the back and nods as Cronos enters the ring, ready to go to war. Without a second thought, Valentine Lionheart is the man to step into the ring for Orion. 


Eryk Masters: Lionheart seems eager to get his hands on Cronos. I can’t say I’d be as eager as him though. 


Other Guy: You’re not acting ten foot tall and bulletproof though, Eryk. Valentine is. 


The bell rings and Cronos is first to charge in and grapple Valentine. After a few moments, the weight advantage of Cronos wins out and Valentine is pulled down into a side headlock. Valentine backs Cronos into the ropes and sends Cronos away from the ropes in an attempt at an Irish Whip but Cronos simply grabs a fistfull of hair and reapplies the side headlock. This time before Valentine has a chance to react, Cronos lifts Valentine up and slams him down in a typical MMA style take down. Cronos mounts Valentine and begins hammering him with lefts and rights. 


Eryk Masters: Valentine being well versed in MMA as well isn’t allowing many of those punches to find their way to his face. He’s blocking most of them. 


Other Guy: And Cronos head butts him!!! 


Cronos having other plans, stuns Valentine with the headbutt out of nowhere. Valentine instinctively lifts a hand up to his head and that’s all that is needed for Cronos to lock in a crucifix armbar, one of his trademark submissions. 


Eryk Masters: Shades of the old Cronos here. He hasn’t been inside a SHOOT ring in a real match for a while so I’m betting he wants to control the tempo as much as he can. 


Other Guy: Real match? I guess if you mean one that doesn’t involve chaos and throwing people over the top rope and having to stay in the ring then yeah. 


Valentine manages to get to the bottom rope and Cronos quickly lets him up. Valentine charges in with a left and Cronos side steps, punching Valentine in the throat. He then executes a Yakuza kick on Valentine that sends him into the ropes and upon return he leaves his feet and wraps them around Valentine’s waist, bringing him to the ground and pivots to lock in a modified STF but Valentine, although grasping for air, turns around and slaps Cronos. 


Eryk Masters: Oh no! 


Other Guy: Cronos is just standing there waiting for Valentine to get up. This isn’t good. 


Valentine gets to his feet and the two go to blows, throwing punches at each other at any spot on the body that they can. Valentine manages to get in a few well placed kidney punches that weaken Cronos and he is immediately taken down with a snap suplex. Valentine rolls through and takes the mount, now hammering Cronos with lefts and right and a few elbows. He passes his guard a couple times just as Cronos did to him and Valentine rolls off his opponent and tags in Malice. Cronos rolls over a couple times and tags in Mirage. 


Eryk Masters: Valentine and Cronos testing one another more than anything. I don’t think either man got much of an advantage there. 


Other Guy: I don’t think so either. They’re both well versed in submission fighting. But now we got the monster Malice going against Mirage. 


Entering the ring, Mirage quickly sizes up his younger, bigger, stronger opponent, and seems a bit apprehensive about grappling his much larger opposition.  Slowly circling each other, Malice suddenly lunges and Mirage darts to the side, throwing Malice into the turnbuckles behind him. 


Eryk Masters: Malice needs to be careful, Mirage could be baiting him here. 


Other Guy: That’s just Mirage being Mirage, he knows he can’t overpower Malice, so he needs to keep things at a faster pace without actually getting into any sort of matchup of pure strength against him. 


Slamming his fist into the turnbuckle, Malice gets back to his feet, turning and seeing Mirage nodding slowly, who again begins to slowly circle the ring.  Suddenly charging, Mirage against sidesteps his bigger slower opponent and nails him in the gut with a solid right as he passes by.  Malice grabs his midsection and stops his momentum, but doesn’t fall.  Slamming her fists into the ring apron on the outside, Morgana screams the order, "Cut him off!  Don’t charge!"  Turning around, Malice moves a bit slower this time, cutting off a portion of the ring, so Mirage is forced to move to this right to get around the big man. 


Eryk Masters: This is what a manager is supposed to do in wrestling. 


Having few options, Mirage actually grapples the bigger man, quickly being pushed back into the turnbuckles, Mirage releases his grip, as the referee tells Malice to let go and back off.  Malice complies and lifts his hands in the air, but suddenly kicks Mirage directly in the midsection, grappling him with a double arm under-hook.  Moving back a few steps, Malice lifts Mirage onto his shoulder.  The crowd immediately roars. 


Other Guy: This is it!  This is the move he calls the Chainbreaker! 


Aware of his opponents move set, Mirage begins flailing his legs in the air, causing Malice to lose his balance, putting him down and resetting his stance.  He again lifts Mirage, using sheer power to lift him onto his shoulder and the crowd once again roars!  Without hesitation, Malice drops down with a thud, Mirage immediately grabs his back arching in pain. 




Eryk Masters: I don’t know if he got it flush, OG, Mirage seemed to twist out of that a bit at the last second, but it may still be enough! 


Cronos grabs his head as he sees the devastating move floor his partner.  As Malice makes the cover, Morgana immediately yells, "Reposition, reposition, he’s too close!"  Getting up, Malice drags Mirage into the center of the ring and then makes the cover. 


Other Guy: She doesn’t miss a beat out there. Always knowing where and when to lend her voice. 


Cronos tries to enter the ring, but the ref immediately cuts him off, ordering him out, and slides into position. 








Eryk Masters: NO!  Too soon!  Mirage had a little too much this early in the match! 


Other Guy: I don’t think it matters at this point, Masters, he has Mirage set for the kill. 


A bit frustrated, Malice grabs the ref only to have Morgana immediately hop onto the ring apron to calm him down and avoid the obvious disqualification.  As she does this and the ref orders her down, Malice grabs Mirage by the head and begins lifting him to his feet, only Mirage nails him with an uppercut square in the groin!  The crowd responds with a resounding, "Ohhhhhhh!", as the big man drops to his knees and onto his face. 


Eryk Masters: A bit of 3M shining through. 


Other Guy: How long have we known this guy, did you expect anything less? 


Turning to his side, Mirage gets to one knee, grabbing his back as he crawls toward Cronos, making the tag. 


Eryk Masters: Cronos exchanging words with his partner as he gets into the ring. 


Other Guy: I’m not sure Cronos is happy about the shortcut his partner took. Good guys don’t do that, remember, Masters? 


Malice is now in the opposite corner after a very hard shot from Mirage as Cronos enters the ring. Cronos allows Malice to get to the center of the ring before he springs into action, hitting Malice with a heart punch and following it up with a kick to the left knee. Cronos moves in behind Malice and locks in a Kata-ha-jime submission but before it can be fully applied, Malice throws Cronos over his head and he lands awkwardly on his back. Malice grabs Cronos by the neck and lifts him to his feet while getting up himself. 


Eryk Masters: Look at the strength of this man! Cronos is two-hundred and ninety pounds! 


Cronos places a foot on Malice’s knee and literally climbs up the monster to lock in an armbar which forces the monster back down to the ground. The impact from the slam; however, knocks the armbar hold loose and Malice is up. He lifts Cronos up and slams him down with a vicious powerslam. 


Other Guy: Cronos is in trouble here. His back was already hurting from earlier in the match. Now he’s got Malice working it over very well. 


Malice is being absolutely relentless in his attack now as Morgana directs him from ringside to keep working on the back of the tired and hurting Cronos. Malice pulls Cronos to his feet, his eyes slightly narrowing as his hands grip Diamante by the throat, lifting him up. Morgana is yelling for the 114, but Cronos has different plans, boxing Malice’s ears with his fists and stunning the monster just enough to drop the veteran to the mat. Mirage is yelling for Cronos to tag, but Cronos is shaking his head, opting instead to get back to his feet, grabbing Malice’s arm and trying to lock in an armbar. The crowd is roaring as Cronos clamps on the lock and starts hyperextending Malice’s arm! Cronos is yelling, “TAP OUT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Malice shakes his head “no” and fights hard against Cronos’ hold but Cronos responds by planting one foot on the side of Malice’s head and the other in his armpit, yanking back even harder. 


Eryk Masters: Oh my God, Cronos is aiming to yank his arm right out of the socket of the monster known as Malice. 


Other Guy: That has got to hurt. Annnnd no. 


Before Malice can submit, Lionheart rushes into the ring and stomps on Diamante’s chest.  Cronos; however, isn’t budging and holds his arm tighter but a well-placed knee to the head does the trick and the painful hold is released! Mirage is once again yelling for a tag as the referee herds Lionheart out of the ring. Cronos is slowly making his way to the corner, and Malice is following Morgana’s directions and heading for his own corner where he tags Lionheart in just as Cronos reaches and makes the tag to Mirage!!! 


Eryk Masters:  Here we go. 


Mirage and Valentine quickly rush to the center of the ring with all pistons firing! A huge right hand from Mirage! A left by Lionheart!  Second right from Mirage, followed by another left by Lionheart.  RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! 


Other Guy: These two are just letting it all hang out. 


Mirage changes it up and fires a forearm to Valentine rocking him back. But Lionheart quickly strikes back with a knee to the midsection doubling Mirage over; Valentine goes for a huge elbow to the back of Marcus Mirage but he scrambles out of the attack and darts to the opposing ropes. Mirage flies back as Valentine turns and eats a dropkick! 


Eryk Masters: That kick almost took Lionheart’s head clean off. 


Other Guy: But somehow Valentine is still up. 


Eryk Masters: I am not sure I would call leaning back on the ropes “up” myself? 


Mirage charges at Valentine hitting some heavy body blows before attempting an Irish Whip; But Valentine having the size advantage pulls back on the whip, quickly locking both arms around Mirage’s waist…Valentine twists back towards the ring and pops his hips with a German Suplex! 


Other Guy: Mirage landed hard from that one! 


Valentine quickly rolls on top of his opponent and locks in a Cross Armbreaker. Mirage pushes up with his free arm trying to alleviate some of the pressure. But Valentine lifts one leg and brings the heel of his foot down across the chest of Marcus Mirage, knocking him back on his back. 


Eryk Masters: This doesn’t look good? 


Mirage throws out a wild leg catching his foot on the bottom rope. The referee jumps straight in yelling for Valentine to let go of the hold. 












Valentine lets go of the hold just in the nick of time. But the referee is having none of it, he pushes a smirking Lionheart and begins to give him a verbal bashing; thus allowing Mirage enough time to pull himself up by the ropes. 


Eryk Masters: Valentine seems to be enjoying the wrath of the referee. 


Other Guy: Honestly, I do not want to know what kind of things this guy enjoys. 


Lionheart shoves the referee out of the way and dashes towards Mirage; who quickly drops down to the mat pulling the top rope down thus sending Valentine over the top rope and to the outside! The fans begin to get behind Mirage as Valentine starts to get to his feet. Mirage isn’t going to give him another chance and so he rushes to the opposing ropes. 


Valentine turns around; but it is too late Mirage fires back with a Baseball Slide Dropkick sending Lionheart back first into the guardrail. 




Lionheart falls to his knees on the outside. Mirage is about to exit the ring when Morgana lets out a yell. Before Mirage can turn around the “Monster” Malice charges into the ring and blasts Marcus with a discus style punch to the upper shoulder area. 


The referee quickly ejects Malice from the ring; as he turns his back, Cronos Diamante leaps down to the outside, takes Valentine by the hair and throws him back into the ring. 


Other Guy: Did you see the look on Cronos’ face? 


Eryk Masters: That I did. Cronos is itching to get back in this one. 


Both Lionheart and Mirage use the ropes to pull themselves up off the mat. Mirage is close to his corner and Cronos is reaching out for the tag. Valentine on the other hand is on the wrong side of the ring. And so with desperation Valentine leaps at Mirage with a Chop-Block to the back of his knees. Taking him back down. Lionheart stands and drags Mirage to his corner, who desperately reaches out toward Cronos but misses the tag.   Lionheart quickly tags Malice into the match. 


Other Guy: This guy Malice. Does he look “sane” to you Eryk? 


Eryk Masters: I’m not sure any of the men in this match are “sane” if I am being honest with you. 


Malice gets to work on Mirage with some downright nasty stomps to the back and kicks to the side of his ribs. Morgana barks out some orders and Malice gets to work; lifting Mirage and tossing him to the centre of the ring.  


Malice methodically stalks the downed Mirage. Cronos begins shouting and urging his partner to get back to his feet; when Malice toys with Mirage by adding a few more kicks before reaching down gripping both hands around Mirage’s throat and lifting him into the air. Malice begins to choke Marcus Mirage with both hands as the referee jumps in yelling for Malice to, “Let go of the hold.” 


But as Malice turns his head looking at the ref, Mirage sees an opening and somehow wraps his arm around Malice’s head and rocks back his entire body weight thus spiking the monster head first into the floor with a huge elevated DDT!! 


Other Guy: HO-LEE-SHIT!  


Eryk Masters: Whose Lee?  


Malice rolls to the side clutching his head and trying to shake out the DDT that would have put anyone else out cold. Morgana rapidly races to his side, banging on the apron and calling for him to get up. 


Malice turns and grabs Mirage by the ankle, stopping his advance to tag Cronos.  Mirage shifts, kicking his free leg at Malice’s hand.  Malice grabs him with his other hand to secure his grip, as Mirage continues to struggle, kicking wildly at his own ankle to break the grip.  In an act of complete desperation, Mirage twists his body and pushes himself up from a pushup position, rotating nearly 360 degrees, breaking Malice’s grip, landing on one knee, and finally lunges at Cronos, making the tag! 


Eryk Masters: A desperation tag is made! 


The crowd roars as Cronos fires into the ring, straight past Malice and into Valentine, hitting him with an elbow, nearly knocking him off the ring apron. Valentine catches himself and attempts to enter the ring but is cut off by the referee. Diamante quickly rains the boots down onto Malice, who still hasn’t gotten back to his feet. 


Diamante gets to work on Malice with a few hard stomps to his left knee. Diamante with his foot tucked tightly behind the monsters knee grabs hold of his leg and wrenches it back as if he is trying to rip his knee right of his socket. Malcie grips to the ropes in pain as Cronos continues to pull. 


Other Guy: Just ruthless. 


Eryk Masters: I think a more interesting point is the look on Mirage’s face right now…I don’t think he’s ever heard a crowd cheer for him when doing much of anything. 


The referee turns back to the ring, noticing Malice has hold of the rope he charges and pushes Diamante out of the hold, before reading him the riot act. 


Other Guy: The referee has been very vocal tonight. 


Eryk Masters: Can you blame him?  None of these men seem to have any respect for the rules. 


Other Guy: Sometimes rules are not enough to confine a man’s spirit. 


Eryk Masters: What on earth?! 


Other-Guy: Fine, I got it from a fortune cookie.  Uh oh…Morgana! 


Morgana seems to have finally had enough of not liking what she’s seeing, grabs the the briefcase and makes a bee-line for the opposing corner on the outside.  Seeing this, Cronos runs to his corner and slaps Mirage on the back, legally tagging him in.  Malice, with sudden precious moments to spare rolls to his right, and reaches up for Lionheart.  The tag is made.  Malice rolls out of the ring hobbling to the aid of Morgana who’s now in Cronos’s face on the outside. 


Eryk Masters: The referee has his work cut out for him right now, trying to keep track of all these people at once. 


Other Guy: This is what they’re paid to do. 


With Cronos on the outside in Morgana’s face, the referee leans over the second rope to the outside yelling at them to break it up. 


As Mirage enters the ring, Lionheart holds his hands up, as if requesting an old-school test of strength, perhaps mocking the grizzled veteran of a bygone era of wrestling.  Mirage smirks, but patiently obliges his opponent, reaching up and locking hands with Lionheart, who suddenly, without warning, nails Mirage right in the bridge of his nose with a devastating Thai knee. 


Eryk Masters: My god, what a dirty move! 


Other Guy: I’m a bit shocked Mirage fell for th…wait, Lionheart isn’t even paying attention to Mirage, he’s jumped out to assist Malice and Morgana with Diamante! 


Exiting the ring behind Cronos, Lionheart hides behind the ring staircase as the argument between Cronos, Morgana and Malice ensues.  Grabbing Morgana, Malice moves her behind him and steps up into Cronos’ face, as the referee’s finally seen enough and exits the ring to break up the action between them.  You can easily hear Cronos yelling, “Get that bitch in her place”, over and over, as Malice shoves Cronos backwards, as he’s remanded by the referee, right into a stiff lower back forearm from Lionheart.  At that moment, Morgana charges Cronos just as Lionheart takes Cronos down from behind with a vicious forearm to the lower back. As the referee holds her back…she spits at Cronos in seething anger, who lunges forward at Malice in response, nailing Morgana with a vicious right, sending her barreling backwards all the way into the opposing ringside steps.  As he hits her, the briefcase goes flying over their heads, busting open, revealing some sort of title belt. 


Eryk Masters: My god!  I don’t think Cronos meant to hit Morgana, he was clearly going for Malice, but that thud when she hit those steps. Wow! Mason is going to be furious at that. 


Other Guy: Mirage is busted open bad in that ring. 


Eryk Masters: From an illegal knee to the nose!  Wait a second, did you see what was in that briefcase? 


Grabbing his nose, and looking down at his hand, Mirage sees blood streaming out of his nose as he turns to see Lionheart, holding the title belt previously unearthed from the briefcase after Morgana’s nasty meeting with the steel steps.  Smiling at the veteran, Lionheart appears to be looking for his shot with the title, feigning attack a few times, when he notices the referee rolling back into the ring… 


Eryk Masters: What the… 


Suddenly throwing the title at Mirage who catches it by sheer reaction, Lionheart dives like you’ve never seen, doing a near twist in the air as he falls to the mat in agony…from nothing. 


Other Guy: Hahahah! 


Eryk Masters: This is absurd, OG, Lionheart just took a dive and, well, what the hell? 


Having positioned himself right over the pool over blood left behind by Mirage, Lionheart actually wipes his own face with the blood, grabbing his head and rolling onto his back in agony as the referee gets up only to see a bloody Lionheart on the mat, writhing in pain, and Mirage holding an illegal foreign object.  Mirage immediately sees what’s happening and grabs the referee in protest as he attempts to signal for the bell, motioning to his bloody nose and pointing down at the ring furiously.  The referee shakes his head, ignoring Mirage and motions for the bell anyway. 


Eryk Masters: Son of a bitch, he’s disqualifying Mirage and Cronos! 


Outside the ring, having heard the bell, Cronos slams Malice’s lower back into the ringside barrier as he turns, looking back and seeing Mirage in a fierce argument with the referee.  The crowd suddenly roars as Mason charges through the crowd, diving over the rail without care of consequence right onto Cronos as both furiously begin throwing punches. 


Eryk Masters: Mason in for revenge for Cronos having hit Morgana! 


Other Guy: This match has lost all control!  We got Morgana out cold, Malice who looks like his back is broken, Mirage with a broken nose, Mason and Cronos going at it, and a perfectly fine Lionheart who somehow found a way to win this match! 


Officials rush the ring, immediately getting between Cronos and Mason.  Mirage continues to make his case to the referee in the ring, who refuses to trust a word coming out of his mouth.  Lionheart silently rolls out of the ring with a smirk on his face as he grabs Morgana, lifting her onto his shoulder as Orion begin to regroup on the outside.  Cronos, realizing he cannot get to anyone through the sea of officials, rolls back into the ring.  Mirage nods his head pointing at Lionheart, wiping his nose, and holds the mysterious title up with one arm, pointing at it and then to himself and Cronos. Before Mirage can celebrate too much; however, Leona slips into the ring from behind the two superstars and steals the belt from him and slides to the outside, running up the ramp to rejoin Orion. Cronos chuckles at this, somehow being in a good mood still and Mirage blows Leonna a kiss which sparks the ire of Mason Pierce. He attempts to go back down to the ring and Cronos immediately starts for the ropes wanting nothing more than to rip his head off. Cronos sits on the second rope and motions for Mason to come on down. 


Eryk Masters: He’s not coming down with all these officials in the way. This has gotten out of control. 


Other Guy: And we have so much more Revolution to go. What a way to open the show!


The Epicenter was in a buzz after witness Mirage and Cronos take on Orion in the squared circle. The tag team match-up between these two teams was a good way to ignite Revolution and reel in the ratings, but it just wasn’t good enough. At Least one man thought so, Craig Thomas strutted the the pariennal halls of the Epicenter in dressed in his wrestling gear. He had that smudged look of arrogance on display, as if he could take on the world, and still come out victorious.

Craig Thomas stopped at the peak of the hall and flared at his chest as he turned to pose at the camera.

Craig Thomas:and Gentlemen of SHOOT!  Finally The Best Damn Sports Entertainer EVER has come to Las Vegas! Tonight YOUR Entertainment Savior has come to deliver to you something these monkeys back here in the back cannot do for you. And that is ENTERTAIN! Tonight The Ego will demonstrate what a true sports entertain looks like, not only with my good looks, but my natural talent inside the Squared Circle!

The Ego grinned from ear to ear, flexing his chest, and posing in front of the thosounds.


Craig palmed the camera with his iconic hand and shoved it towards the ground where it would now fade and focused on the ring. Craig Thomas was ready to make his SHOOT debut and man was it going to be entertainment.


The scene opens to the locker room of one, Thomas Manchester Black. Thomas is sitting in a chair off in the corner. He has his elbows place on his knees and his towel over his head. You can see movement in the shadows behind him, but you aren’t sure if there is anything there. Slowly TMB begins to speak.

TMB: I hesitated on doing this, but Storm said that this would be the best way. Heh, I almost didn’t think you were going to show up.

The shadows in the corner of the room seem to come alive, but only vaguely, a growl which could be construed as a sound of agreement or, perhaps, a disgruntled sigh from depths unknown. They speak, the shadows, the black mass uttering – 

Voice: Storm used to know a thing or two – who he could fuck with, who he couldn’t. Everybody knew who they couldn’t fuck with. 

TMB: As good as Storm is, I need someone who is a little more experienced when it come sto the pain of the Iron Fist world. I need to know the beatings one must receive or give to rule the ranks. I know I shouldn’t have to ask this…but do you think that you impart some of that experience onto me. 

TMB looks at the shadow. He already knows what the answer will be but he has to hear it. From the darkness is a laugh, of sorts, more a series of deep, conjoined grunts conveying the impression of found humor. The moment passes and silence returns. A dropping pin would sound like an air-raid siren now. 

Voice: I could… but you would owe me, Mr Black. You cold receive and deliver all the pain you want, but there’d be that part of your mind constantly directed toward the ultimate cost. Are you ready for that, Mr. Black? 

TMB stands up and runs his hands over the scars he has received so far. He turns from the shadow and grabs his tape. 

TMB: More than ready. More than fucking ready. 

A shadow parts from the rest, a dark mass extricating itself from the darkness, a human form stepping closer to the portion of the room illuminated, albeit dimly, by the single yellow bulb, a dichotomy of shadow and light picking out features of the figure’s face – his bald, scarred head, his deep-set eyes and prominent cheek-bones. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Then prepare yourself for victory… or Valhalla…

The scene begins to fade as TMB starts to wrap his fists. As he does, the cameras focus in on the wicked grin that has rested itself on Kilminster’s face.


Kenji sits alone in the Project: SCAR locker room. His hands folded across his chest and a toothy smile that encompasses a majority of his face. Eyes open to their fullest, ice blue eyes glimmer and shine with a happiness rarely seen from the Sociopath Pioneer. A low hum starts to escape from his mouth, followed by indistinct whistling.

However, that all comes to a sudden halt when the door swings open and Obsidian stands in the door frame. Kenji’s mouth slowly closes, smile fading into a harrowed curve, and all noise becomes pins and needle silence.

Obsidian pulls a folding chair up and drags it in front of Kenji. Uncharacteristically, he turns the chair around and sits, resting his forearms on the back of the chair as he straddles it. His hair falls in his face, but his beard is oddly cut shorter, framing his face a little bit better than normal. His hair is also…clearly washed and cleaned. He still wears his old brown coat, but even that appears to have been taken care of. For all intents and purposes, Obsidian looks as normal as can be expected.

Obsidian: I am not here for any sort of squabble. We…that is you…and I…need to talk. Away from…

He looks over his shoulder at nothing.

Obsidian: …everything else. Your creation is splintering. My thoughts may mean little to you, given your handling of Maya…but I can assure you of this, Kenji. No one that has plunged into this, your foundation, believes this is their home…their family…as I do. I might have gotten in your face, threatened to harm you in light of your stumble, but I did so because I felt it the right thing to do.

Kenji opens his mouth, but Obsidian holds his hand up.

Obsidian: Please. Let me speak my mind. You may agree or disagree or even strike me if you must, but all that I ask is that you listen.

Kenji leans back.

Obsidian: Thank you. I was afraid. I was afraid of losing all of this when you became obsessed with Maya. I was afraid. I clutched myself while I slept. I watched Isaac’s obsession with that veteran. I watched Adrian’s incredulousness give way to apathy when faced with what SCAR was becoming. I have no enemies, Kenji. No enemies, no allegiances…save for you, for Adrian, for Isaac, Elizabeth, and now Flay. This…is all I have in this world. Throughout your time with Maya, I had only hoped to see you saved from the path you threatened to drag yourself down. Because I…love. All of you. So I open my hands when I should clench fist. Starve so others may eat. I would die so others may live. You of all…must understand this. Because you are the foundation. Our foundation. My…foundation.

Kenji abruptly rises and turns his back on Obsidian, he puts a single palm against a lone locker. His eyes close, raised edges on his forehead touch cold steel.

Kenji: I would love nothing more than to welcome you back, Brother. You always spoke the harshest words, words that my ears didn’t want to hear… but needed to hear. You did what you thought was best for us, as a whole, when that boy was here. I understand and accept that.

Kenji still cannot manage to lift his head and look to his back.

Kenji: Which is why I have to tell you this. So long as you stand beside Adrian, you do have enemies. So long as you choose his side… then I cannot help you. I can give you no foundation, no love, no food, and no life. It tears me apart to see it come to this, and to say that, to see all that I sought in Project: SCAR crumble before my eyes. If you truly love Project: SCAR then you will…

His head slowly moves from side to side.

Kenji: I cannot betray Isaac, you know this.

Obsidian: You mistake intention, brother.

Obsidian looks up to Kenji, his jaw tightening.

Obsidian: I am not clamoring for a return to form as if a child yearning to be suckled back at the teat. I am here because you and I are in a special position, supporting the two of them. You have seen Isaac through turmoil, as I have Adrian. The two of them need the two of us. I do not want to see what is coming…come. You deserve better than to see SCAR torn in such a way and I…

He stops himself.

Obsidian: This is not so black and white as Isaac or Adrian. If we are truly brothers, then it is Isaac AND Adrian. This is certainly not Project:SCAR versus the secessionists. This is Project:SCAR versus Project:SCAR. Help me, Kenji. Help me put a stop to this. Help me FIX this. Before it is too late. Before it goes to a place that is too far, too damaging, too broken. I stand by you. I stand by Isaac. I stand by Adrian. We can heal this gaping wound.

Kenji’s head lifts slightly, turning his head slightly towards his shoulder, eyes finally opening to a slit.

Kenji: Nothing would please me more than to fix this, Brother…

Kenji finally stands completely facing Obsidian.

Kenji: I would love nothing more than to fix this divide. I want to help you fix this divide and put all the pieces back together, to rebirth Project: SCAR into what it was. But what would you have me do, Obsidian? I called Adrian my brother even when he spent the last two years defiling me. Two years in a row he purposefully eliminated me from the Redemption Rumble, at RISE he eliminated me instead of coming to my aid when the WHOLE match I did nothing but try to hoist him to victory. When I first met Corazon in the ring… he lit my flesh on fire, Obsidian. Now… now he seeks to destroy the one person I trust more than any one…

Kenji’s fists tighten for a moment, after a long sigh they loosen again as Kenji cradles his hands together.

Kenji: What would you honestly have me do, Obsidian…

Obsidian shakes his head, sighing. The words penetrate deep into his mind.

Obsidian: Neither man seem as committed to the cause as you would have yourself believe. Neither of them have given proper thought to what should be for us. You cannot be such a fool that you do not see Isaac’s selfishness. You just happen to have known him longer than you knew the rest of us. We are, none of us, above reproach. We have all strayed from our path in favor of personal desire. The only difference is…Adrian’s desires impeded your career.

Obsidian stands up from his seat.

Obsidian: You have the power to end this, Kenji. We have to bring ourselves…BACK…to where we came from. Where we should be. We are not here for any one of us. We are not here to fall apart so everyone in the world can laugh at our expense. We are here to cleanse the world and, in return, ourselves. Make the world into our image.

Obsidian moves to put his hand on Kenji’s shoulder. He stops himself.

Obsidian: We cannot abide by such measures as tenure of loyalty. Had we chosen that path, I would have throttled the life out of you when you couldn’t disconnect yourself from that boy. But I let my love for you and my love for what you have built, what Isaac strengthened, and what Adrian heralded to this company, supersede my own desires. As we all must.

Obsidian turns to leave, walking out of the room. His face is frowning. His heart, broken.

Obsidian: Through it all, I love you. I love Isaac. I love Adrian. I love SCAR. We must love to vanquish our inequities. It is only through our love that we can give this company that which it needs. True beauty. We mustn’t scar ourselves.

With that, he departs, and we return to the ringside area.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Fatal Four Way match! The winner will be declared the Number One Contender to the Iron Fist Championship!

Do You Call My Name by Ra kicks up over the speakers and the crowd begins to buzz.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Little Rock, Arkansas, standing 6’4 and weighing in at 264 lbs, here is THE EGO, CRAAAAIIIGGGG THOOOOOOMAAAAAAASSS!

Craig Thomas saunters out onto the entrance ramp, a cocky grin on his face. The crowd begins to boo and jeer as he begins to power walk down the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters: Craig Thomas is a newcomer to the SHOOT Project, folks. It’ll be interesting to see how he approaches this match.

Other Guy: That’s right, Masters. Thomas has already started calling himself a legend. And, in his debut match, he’s in a position to earn an Iron Fist Championship match after Reckoning Day.

He stops halfway to the ring and begins to taunt the crowd. He blows a kiss to a woman in the crowd, causing the man next to her to hurl insults at him. Craig continues his power walk to the ring and slides under the bottom rope.

Other Guy: The women seem to like him a little bit, but the men can’t stand him. It’s the same with me!

Eryk Masters: Righhhht.

Other Guy: It’s true and you know it, Masters!

Craig walks to each turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air as the crowd rains down boos on him. He walks to a neutral corner as his music fades out.

If I Was Your Vampire (Instrumental) by Marilyn Manson begins to play over the speakers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, accompanied to the ring by Michelle Rochefort and Jax Hammer, hailing from New York City, New York, standing 6’4 and weighing in at 240 lbs, here is KIIIIIINNNNNCAAAAAIIIIIDDD!!

Kincaid and his companions walk out onto the entrance ramp. Kincaid has a look of pure focus on his face as he stares down the ramp at Craig Thomas.

Eryk Masters: Kincaid is focused here tonight, folks. He’s won a match and lost one, though both decisions have been controversial.

Other Guy: He gets things done, Eryk. Even though he lost to Ja Gi Kyung Moon at Revolution 107, he sent a clear message to him even in defeat.

Kincaid walks forward, keeping his eyes locked on the ring. He stops and turns back to Jax Hammer and whispers something to him. Hammer looks at Kincaid with a little confusion before shrugging and walking back to the locker room area.

Other Guy: Looks like Kincaid wants to go this one alone, Masters. What do you think of him now?

Eryk Masters: We’ll see how this plays out, OG.

Kincaid makes his way to the ring and steps through the ropes. He goes to a neutral corner and turns his gaze to the entrance ramp as his music dies out.

The voice of James Hetfield screams out as Fuel by Metallica kicks into the speaker system.

Samantha Coil: Next, hailing from Los Angeles, California, standing 6’2 and weighing in at 240 lbs, he is MURDER.DEATH.KILL!!!

M.D.K stalks out onto the entrance ramp and begins his slow walk to the ring. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans around him as he only has eyes for his opponents in the ring.

Eryk Masters: This guy gives me the creeps, OG. You never know what you’re going to get with him.

Other Guy: I can agree with you on that, Masters. This guy is the poster boy for dissociative identity disorder. And he’s dangerous in that ring, make no mistake.

Eryk Masters: It should be noted that Kincaid has a victory over him, but only because of interference from Michele Rochefort.

M.D.K. stalks his way to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope and goes to the third empty corner as his music dies down.

Jap The Ripper by B’z begins to kick over the speakers.

Samantha Coil: And finally, hailing from San Diego, California, standing 5’11 and weighing 193 lbs, here is JA GIIIII KYUUUNNNNGGG MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!

Ja Gi jogs out onto the entrance ramp, looking just a hair slower than usual.

Other Guy: Looks like Moon is moving a little slower, don’t you think, Masters?

Eryk Masters: Well, he HAS been busy lately with other commitments, OG. Moon is a very busy individual. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect him too much in this match.

Ja Gi makes his way to the ring and jumps over the top rope into the ring. He makes a brief attempt to get at Kincaid, but referee Austin Linam guides him back to an empty corner.

Eryk Masters: Let’s not forget, Ja Gi won via disqualification over Kincaid at Revolution 107, but Ja Gi was attacked by Jax Hammer. So, Moon’s likely looking for a little payback.


The bell sounds and Craig Thomas immediately drops down and rolls out of the ring, a smirk on his face. M.D.K makes a BEELINE towards Kincaid, clubbing him with a VICIOUS forearm to the jaw. He backs Kincaid into the corner as Moon hangs back in his corner.

Eryk Masters: And M.D.K off to a vicious start, going right after Kincaid! Ja Gi seems to be hanging back a bit conserving energy.

Other Guy: And Craig Thomas is a genius. Hanging back on the outside, just waiting for the prime opportunity.

M.D.K. begins to fire knife-edge chops to the chest of Kincaid over and over again. Kincaid responds with a quick thumb to the eye, breaking M.D.K’s momentum. Kincaid lays a STIFF boot to M.D.K’s gut, backing him up before whipping him over with a snap suplex! Kincaid gets to his feet quickly ready to follow up, when’s he’s spun around by JGKM! Moon unleashes a flurry of kicks to Kincaid’s legs. Moon begins to fire forearms to the jaw of Kincaid, backing him up against the ropes!

Eryk Masters: Kincaid got the better of that exchange with M.D.K, but Ja Gi took advantage of the situation rather quickly, and Kincaid, bailed out!

Other Guy: And, Kincaid got out of dodge quick. He wants no part of Ja Gi Kyung Moon!

Moon looks out a Kincaid and runs against the opposite ropes looking to possible go for a plancha but he’s cut off by M.D.K with a vicious clothesline! M.D.K begins to lay the boots to JGKM! On the outside, Craig Thomas is jawing at the fans, when suddenly he’s spun around and DRILLED by a clothesline from Kincaid!

Kincaid grabs Thomas and whips him into the steel post. He gets a running start but Thomas moves out of the way and Kincaid collides HARD with the steel post! Thomas follows up quickly and RAMS Kincaid’s head to the post!

Eryk Masters: And Craig Thomas finally gets involved in the match! And he’s wailing away on Kincaid outside the ring. Referee Linam is trying to get them into the ring, but he’s having a hard time restoring order out there!

Other Guy: It’s Kincaid’s own fault for going after Thomas. And inside the ring, M.D.K is really working on Ja Gi.

M.D.K picks up Moon and hooks his head. He looks out over the crowd and SNAPS him down with a NASTY DDT! M.D.K floats over and grabs a leg. He steps over and clamps on a figure four, wrenching back with all his might! Ja Gi SCREAMS in pain as he reaches for the ropes, but he can’t quite reach.

Eryk Masters: And M.D.K slaps on the figure four and Ja Gi can’t reach the ropes. Will he tap?!

Ja Gi is screaming in pain, but out of NOWHERE comes Craig Thomas, dropping an elbow on M.D.K! Ja Gi rolls away clutching at his knee. Thomas begins to stomp away at M.D.K, again taking advantage of the situation. Thomas brings M.D.K to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Thomas bounces off the far ropes and NAILS M.D.K with a HUGE lariat, sending M.D.K crashing to the canvas. Thomas quickly covers!



M.D.K gets his shoulder up!

Eryk Masters: Craig Thomas hasn’t done a whole lot this match, but he’s the first to get a near fall.

Other Guy: Well, you can’t blame the guy for taking advantage of a situation, can you?

Thomas, brings M.D.K back to his feet and backs him into a corner. He delivers a NASTY knife edge chop to M.D.K’s chest.

Craig Thomas: WOOOOOO!


Thomas looks out to the crowd with a smug look on his face and delivers another knife edge chop to M.D.K.

Craig Thomas: WOOOOOOOOO!


Thomas just smirks as he pulls M.D.K from the corner and hoists him up into a vertical suplex, holding him up in position.

Other Guy: Thomas is showing his power here, making M.D.K think about it, OHHHHH!

Out of NOWHERE, JGKM hits a lightning quick dropkick to Thomas’  knee, sending both he and M.D.K crashing to the canvas!!

Eryk Masters: What a SMART and effective move there by Ja Gi. He effectively dropped BOTH guys to the canvas!

Ja Gi covers Thomas and hooks the leg!




Kincaid dives in and breaks up the cover. He quickly picks up Moon and whips him into the ropes, BUT JA GI GOES FOR THE GOOD NIGHT MOON! Kincaid quickly ducks and rolls from the ring!

Other Guy: That was a close call there for Kincaid, but he had that move well scouted!

Eryk Masters: He sure did. After all, that was the move that had him dead to rights at Revolution 107, OG!

Other Guy: I was there, Masters, you don’t have to remind me.

Ja Gi turns around to find Craig Thomas waiting. Thomas attempts a lariat, but Moon ducks it. Thomas turns around and eats a picture perfect dropkick to the face. Moon is slightly slower getting up however, and Thomas hooks him in a belly to belly position, hoisting Moon up and over with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Thomas covers!



Kincaid breaks it up! Kincaid follows up by quickly bringing Thomas to his feet and chopping him right in the throat! He grabs Thomas by the back of the head and runs toward the rope, jumping over and clotheslining Thomas right on the top rope! Kincaid slides back into the ring and covers him!




M.D.K breaks up the cover. He brings Kincaid to his feet, but Kincaid catches him with a boot to the stomach, grabs him by the back of his neck and his waistband and HURLS M.D.K in to the turnbuckle. M.D.K hits the post shoulder first with a sickening THUD!!

Eryk Masters: Did you hear that impact!?! M.D.K just went shoulder first into the steel ring post and he is in PAIN!

Other Guy: We’ve had some solid action in this match so far, Masters. It’s going to come down to who wants it more!

Kincaid stalks back towards Thomas, and drops a leg across his throat. Kincaid covers!




Thomas is able to get his shoulder up and Kincaid slaps the mat in frustration. Kincaid slowly brings Thomas to his feet, but is spun around by JGKM and is hit with an Inverted Atomic Drop! Kincaid staggers back and Moon goes for the Good Night Moon again…

And Kincaid drops to the mat and scrambles out of the ring again! Ja Gi gets to his feet, visibly frustrated.

Eryk Masters: Kincaid is avoiding that move like the plague right now! He knows if he gets hit with it, he’s going to be knocked out again!

Other Guy: I’ve got to say, Kincaid has that move VERY well scouted.

Kincaid begins to taunt JGKM on the outside. AND MOON SLIDES OUT OF THE RING TO MEET HIM! The two begin to trade lefts and rights on the outside. Austin Linam begins to shout at the two to get back in the ring, but to no avail. Kincaid delivers a knee to the gut of JGKM. He whips him towards the barricade, but Moon REVERSES and sends Kincaid into the barricade instead!

JGKM climbs onto the apron, preparing to launch an offensive on Kincaid.

Other Guy: Looks like Ja Gi is going to fly here!

Moon gets a running start but M.D.K NAILS him in mid-run with a big boot, sending Moon CRASHING into the barrier on the outside!


Eryk Masters: And M.D.K stops Ja Gi dead in his tracks with that HUGE big boot!

M.D.K turns around, only to find Craig Thomas poised to strike. Thomas boots M.D.K in the gut and hits a lightning quick DDT! Thomas covers!




Eryk Masters: And M.D.K shows his resilience by kicking out!

Thomas gets to his feet and stomps M.D.K a few times. He slowly brings him to his feet and looks right into M.D.K’s face.


Thomas bends M.D.K over and positions him for a piledriver…BUT M.D.K reverse and back body drops Thomas over the top rope! M.D.K slides back to an empty corner and catches a breather while the others are on the outside.

Kincaid slowly makes his way to Craig Thomas on the outside and begins to stomp away at him. He brings Thomas to his feet and SLAMS him THROAT FIRST into the barricade! Thomas clutches at his throat as he crumbles to the floor. M.D.K slides out of the ring and clubs Kincaid on the back of the neck, dropping him to his knees.

Moon slides back into the ring and surveys the scene on the outside. He sees M.D.K, Craig Thomas, and Kincaid all making their way to their feet. Ja Gi climbs the turnbuckle, poised for action. He LEAPS from the turnbuckle with a crossbody, but Kincaid pulls M.D.K in front of him and moves out of the way! Moon takes out both M.D.K and Craig Thomas, rolling through after his landing and slowly making his way to his feet. Kincaid IMMEDIATELY goes after Moon, snapping him down with a DDT to the floor. Kincaid brings Moon to his feet a tosses him into the ring, sliding in to make the cover.

Austin Linam quickly slides in to make the count!




Moon gets his foot on the bottom rope. Kincaid slaps the mat in frustration and shouts at the referee. Austin Linam holds up two fingers, confirming that it was only a two count.

Eryk Masters: ANOTHER close call there, but Moon had the presence of mind to get his foot on the rope.

Other Guy: You’ve got to wonder if Kincaid can get the job done on Ja Gi, Masters. He couldn’t pin him at the last Revolution. And it’s looking like he can’t get it done here either!

Craig Thomas slowly rolls into the ring. Kincaid lands a vertical suplex on Ja Gi. As he gets up, Thomas quickly grabs hold of Kincaid and whips him into the ropes. Kincaid comes off and Thomas catches him. ELECTRIFIED!

Other Guy: Thomas just hit that catching spinebuster that he calls ELECTRIFIED!

Thomas covers and hooks the leg!




Kincaid just BARELY gets the shoulder up!

Eryk Masters: I though this one was over for sure with that one!!

Other Guy: That was too close, man!

Thomas is getting visibly upset and begins to argue with Austin Linam about the speed of the count. He turns around and his caught with a HUGE CAPTURE SUPLEX from M.D.K!

M.D.K makes the cover!




M.D.K gets up and eats a running back elbow from JGKM, causing him to stagger backwards. Moon bounces off the far ropes and NAILS the GOOD NIGHT MOON, sending M.D.K OUT OF THE RING!!

Eryk Masters: And Ja Gi hits the Good Night Moon! But, M.D.K is out on the floor!

Other Guy: I think Ja GI should have positioned that better. He might’ve been able to get the win there, but you can’t pin someone on the floor, Masters!

Ja Gi turns around, BUT Craig Thomas is right there! EGOBURST!


Thomas covers and hooks the legs!

But, Michele Rochefort jumps up onto the apron, drawing the attention of Austin Linam!

Other Guy: BRILLIANT strategy by Michele Rochefort, here.

Eryk Masters: She has no business being on the apron, OG!

Craig Thomas notices Michele on the apron and gets up, walking towards her with a smirk on his face. BUT HE’S TURNED AROUND BY KINCAID! GOTCH DRIVER!

Kincaid goes to cover Thomas, but stops and turns back to Ja Gi, who is still out from the EGOBURST. Kincaid brings a nearly limp Ja Gi to his feet. He sets him up! GOTCH DRIVER!

Kincaid covers!





Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, and the Number One Contender to the Iron Fist Championship… KIIIIIIINNNNNNCAAIIIIIIDDDD!!!!

Austin Linam raises Kincaid’s arm in victory and Kincaid looks down at Ja Gi with a smirk on his face. He makes a slow motion across his waist, showing he wants the title.

Eryk Masters: Kincaid STOLE another victory here tonight. And he chose to make a statement by executing his Gotch Driver on an already defenseless Ja Gi Kyung Moon.

Other Guy: You can say what you want, but he won, he did it cleanly, and he is the new number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship, Masters.


Walking around backstage Abigail Chase stops in front of a locker room. As the camera pans around we see the name plate has TANYA BLACK written on it. Knocking she waits a moment and looks nervous when no one answers. Reaching up to knock again, Abigail is surprised when Tanya sneaks up behind her and places her arm around Abigail as if embracing the woman.

Tanya: Abby… oh Abby my sweet. It never ends. The fear of the New Revolution never ends. I don’t know why. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. But the status quo, they fear change. Change ruins their power, their contentment.

Abigail: What are you talking about?

Tanya: Reckoning Day! The front office tells me not to worry about it. Not to worry about what I’m doing! That’s lame! I deserve to be on this show! I deserve to know what they have planned for me. Once again I am jerked around because I’m not in the clique. See the problem is that I don’t respond well to being shoved into a corner. Now, I have to make a statement.

Abigail: But you don’t have a match tonight. Which is probably good for the rookies since you seem to enjoy putting them down.

Tanya: That’s right! The rookies that I beat up just two shows ago. One of them is getting an opportunity at the Iron Fist Title. I’ve NEVER been booked in a match to be number one contender to the Iron Fist Title. SHOOT needs to be saved from SHOOT. So I will make sure I get a match at Reckoning Day. At Reckoning Day I will show everybody what the New Revolution is all about: In Ring Competition.

I have been in SHOOT Project for over two years and I have never had a main event match. That Will Change. Because I am a wrestler. I come here to wrestle and anyone who gets in my way of that will be hurt.

Abby: Well I thank you for that statement. Any parting words?

Tanya thinks for a moment then smirks. Taking a moment to compose herself she kisses Abigail on the cheek before beginning to sing in a surprisingly angelic voice.

Tanya: Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine? 

Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here. 

We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds 

In the name of destiny and in the name of God.

With that Tanya slinks into her locker room and shuts the door, locking it behind her.


The fans are abuzz over Revolution tonight.  The sounds of a guitar are heard over the PA system.  For those familiar, they instantly recognize it as the opening strains of “Passive” by A Perfect Circle.  There is no dimming of the lights, no video being shown on the big screen.  It is simply…  “Passive”.  Once the music hits in earnest, out from the back comes ‘DEVIOUS’ DANNY EVERS.  The fans are rather apathetic towards him as he saunters down to the ring, dressed in a pair of torn and ratty blue jeans, and an extremely old and worn Vanguard t-shirt.  In one of his hands is an old half rusted face mask.  It is ornate, beautiful, and crafted to resemble a blank human face.

Eryk Masters:  Well, then.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t know…this is Danny Evers, SHOOT Project Road Agent Extraordinaire.

Other Guy:  A bitter, bitter guy.

Eryk Masters:  He has, for years, worked behind the scenes for SHOOT after retiring from active competition.  The last time we saw him, he was involved in an altercation with Ainsley Lake.

Other Guy:  Hopefully he’s here to talk to us about that.  I mean, why else is he even out here?

Evers enters the ring and reaches out for Samantha Coil’s microphone.  Once she hands it to him, “Passive” dies down and he stands alone in the ring, his dark brown hair in his face as he looks down at his mask.

Danny Evers:  I am…a nothing.

He looks up to the audience.

Danny Evers:  Nothing to the people in the locker room.  Nothing to the people in the front office.  Nothing to each and every one of you.  Nothing.

The fans are obviously silent.

Danny Evers:  I started my career in the SWA.  You know that place, right?  The place ran by Rob Belote.  Had OutKast, Real Deal, I’m sure some other useless people in it.  I started my career there.  What came of my career there?  Nothing of note.  Fast forward after years of toiling in Mexico and Japan, back and forth back and forth.  I come to SHOOT Project and I find myself teaming with a friend I had made in Mexico as a tag team.  It was during that time…I met Ainsley Lake.

The fans cheer at the mention of her name.

Danny Evers:  She was…decidedly average.  Average looking, average talking, average almost everything.  The one thing I knew she was amazing at…was stealing my heart along with the hearts of everyone in the world who got to see her compete.  She had spirit, balls bigger than any man, and more than anything else she had…has a heart so large no amount of love could ever truly fill it.  But that’s just it, you know?

There was nothing in this world that could fill her heart.  Not anything I knew of.  Nothing I could do.


Danny Evers:  So she falls into the arms of so many others.  Be it a stupid piece of trash priest or some crippled little maggot.  I mean…if it wasn’t Sean Boden it was Diamond Del Carver.  If it wasn’t Jared Walsh it was Dan Stein.  For some girl who screams about her girl power…her entire career is wrapped around just who or what she wanted to wrap her own legs around.

The fans begin to boo.

Danny Evers:  And because of that…because of what is or isn’t there between her chubby little legs…she gains adulation.

“Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly begins to play in the arena. Before the lyrics even begin, Ainsley Lake has run down to the ring and grabs herself a microphone. She slings herself into the ring and stares Danny Evers down, eyes narrow and mouth tight and small with anger.

Ainsley Lake: Know what, Danny? I’d tell you to get over your jealousy, but I stopped caring about how you feel a long time ago. I’d tell you to get over me, but I don’t care that you’re under me.

Ainsley takes a step closer to him, and looks up at him without fear.

Ainsley Lake: You’ve always had this pathetic habit of inventing romances that I never had. Sean Boden? Jared Walsh? Please, Danny, that’s just sad and it says way more about your pathetic lack of confidence than it does my taste in men. For all you always pretended that you gave half of a flying fuck about me, you’ve always been the worst offender when it comes to thinking of me as nothing but a vagina on combat boots.

Congratulations, Danny, you’re everything wrong with this industry. Passion that didn’t light enough of a fire behind skill that was always just too little. So instead, you lash out at me, because you’ve gotta put the blame somewhere for being a walking clipboard. You’ve gotta be mad at someone who succeeded, and if you can convince yourself that I’m only here because I’m a woman then maybe, just maybe, it’s not your fault that you’re only on camera tonight because of me and how bitter you are about me dumping you.

Danny shakes his head, laughing at her.

Danny Evers:  What…did you succeed at, girl?  What are you capable of in this industry?  What are you?  A success?  Why?  Your long list of accolades and titles?  Your win/loss record?  How much money you make?  Maybe it’s the sporadic way in which you come and go.  Whatever it is…it’s time you recognize yourself for what you are, Ainsley.  You’ve always been only as important as the men around you.

He lets what he says sink in as he starts to walk around her.

Danny Evers:  You can’t put a mask on anymore, girl, and neither can I.  You come back into MY life…and MY company…and you know what?  I’m over it.  I’m over your pathetic sense of self importance, your stupid directionless career that is only important because you name check Long Island Hardcore or Dan Stein every five sentences.  So you come back here for nothing.  I’m not letting it happen.  Not anymore.  Your career stops right here, Ainsley Lake.  It stops here and it stops with…me.

Ainsley Lake: What, are you firing me, Danny? Taking a job away from a single mom is how you get your kicks now? Or is it just that you hate it so much that I could say hi to you without it being a big deal to me? Or maybe it’s that I’m everything you wanted and it kills you that I don’t want you?

Ainsley laughs bitterly, and shakes her head.

Ainsley Lake: No, I know what it is. You’re pissed because after all these years of you hating Jared, name-fucking-dropped, I still haven’t proven you right. I still haven’t done what you’ve always expected of me. I didn’t go running into his bed, and so you know there’s nobody to blame for this but you and me. Fuck, Danny, you’ve never had a single ounce of faith in me, and I always believed in you so much. I should have known better than to fall in love with a cynic, but I didn’t, and now you’re punishing me because I’m daring to be happy while you’re still angry at the universe. So, walk away. It’s what we’re good at, isn’t it? It’s all we’ve ever been, two people who keep turning away from each other.

Danny Evers:  Walk away from this, Ainsley.  As long as you’re here, I’m not going to let you continue being…you.  I’ve let you go about your merry way for too long.  I’m going to hound you.  Torment you.  Torture you.  Ainsley, I’m going to hurt you.

He stops pacing, staring in her eyes.

Danny Evers:  I want you looking dead in my face, girl.  I want you to understand you’ve long traded your worth in this business for latching on the coattails of lesser men.  I want you to understand that every time I needed you, all you’ve ever done is leave.  Every time I’ve wanted you, all you’ve ever done is leave.  I’ve watched you leave, I’ve woken up to empty beds, and I’ve had to get updates on you through online rumor mills.  I’ve been here, I’ve NEVER left.  Still looking at me?

He points at his face.

Danny Evers:  So you keep on being petty, Ainsley.  Keep on being bitchy and insulting me as best you can.  I want you to know that you have absolutely no legs left to stand on.  I want you to know every night you unlock your door and those children you magically popped up with run to clutch you and love you what you’ve left behind the moment things became inconvenient.  I want you to know that yes, I WANT YOU and yes, I LOVE YOU…but that you have stepped on and over that at every turn.

He clenches his teeth.

Danny Evers:  I want you to know that there is nothing more in my heart than the absolute HATE I have for you now.  The hate built and lit aflame…by YOU.  I want you to cry yourself to sleep and have to look your little babies in their beautiful little eyes and try to lie to them about what’s causing all those tears.  I want you to know, Ainsley Lake, that you’re not worth the main event, the mid card, the undercard, the dark matches.  I want you to know, Ainsley Lake, that you’re worth NOTHING.  And this nothing?

He looks down at himself and drops his mask at her feet.  She looks at him and he looks at her.  His eyes are glistening and his face is red.

Danny Evers:  This nothing will KILL you.

Danny Evers doesn’t have to lay a finger on Ainsley Lake to get her to fall to the mat. She drops to her knees, mic rolling away, and clutches the Deviant mask. She bows her head and starts to cry, the audience silent out of respect, or possibly confusion. The camera opens to the announce table, giving Lake a moment to collect her wits and leave the ring, Deviant mask still held to her face.

Eryk Masters: Did Danny Evers really just come out here and make Ainsley Lake cry?

Evers stands there for a moment.  His jaw loosens and his fists open.  His mouth opens and he reaches down for the briefest of moments before he steps around her to leave the ring.

Other Guy: Did Danny Evers really just come out here and make Ainsley Lake stop talking? That’s…. not the best way to tell your ex-girlfriend to go piss up a rope.

Eryk Masters: He’s being hard on her, I can’t deny that. We all know that she’s broken his heart more than once, but scraping her face on a wall and threatening to end her career is going too far.

The camera switches to Evers once again as he walks up the entrance ramp, refusing to look back.

Other Guy:  I…you know what, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.  This doesn’t belong on a wrestling show.  They need to handle this in private or something.

Ainsley is clutching the mask, her tears dripping onto the cheek of the ornate steel.

Eryk Masters:  Yeah, you’re probably right.  Let’s…ah…let’s go to something else.

"Give Me Back My Bullets" starts up, and this signals the entrance for one of the men in the next match. Henry Gordon comes through the curtain, arms in the air, and the fans show him a bit of love tonight in Vegas.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at three hundred and twenty pounds, Henry Gooooooooooooordon!

Gordon makes his way down the ramp, slapping a few hands as he does.

Eryk Masters: Henry Gordon is going to be looking to rebound after falling victim to Liz Gaunt and Project: SCAR not too long ago.

Other Guy: He’s going to need a big win here tonight against a former Tag Team Champion to help his hopes of becoming Sin City Champion here tonight!

Gordon steps up the ring stairs and into the ring, getting the fans pumped for the upcoming contest.

The lights in the arena die, and the VideoWall shows nothing but a black and white film countdown, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the song skips right to the beginning of the first verse as Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth as Corey sips on a bottle of Fiji water. Laz’s eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Bans, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his beard.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price…

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the VideoWall before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the VideoWall with him as Corey cracks his neck to either side, stretching out and jogging in place.

~=Don’t you know that I love you?!=~

Samantha Coil: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds…

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~

~=Don’t you know that I’ll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Samantha Coil: And standing at 6-foot-1…

Lazarus continues to jog in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and then throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won’t you come with me?=~

~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the VideoWall, focusing everybody’s attention to more clips of Laz’s glory: dropping Thunderwolf down with the Box Office Bomb to claim the first fall in their classic 2/3 Falls match at PWA Genesis X; nailing Jay Skylar with a knife-edge chop to the face and mocking Ray Valjean for stealing his move and using it on his own partner; random backstage footage from the filming of On the Downside and The Black Circle; dropping Thomas Manchester Black with the Mercury Driver at Revolution 100.

~=Oh, won’t you come with me?!=~

~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Fiji water as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

~=Don’t you know that I love you?!=~

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Hollywood, California…

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row before turning back around to watch himself on the , his trademark devilish grin on his face as he walks backwards down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: He is "The Premier Attraction"…

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~

~=Don’t you know that I’ll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ring steps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz.


~=Oh, won’t you come with me?!=~

~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish grin on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won’t you come with me?!=~

~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb again as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Bans off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Bans and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out, using the middle ropes, before shadow-boxing. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz’s corner.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, Corey Lazarus never fails to show off.

Other Guy: It’s only showing off when you can back it up. And he can. Back it up.

Eryk Masters: You’re okay with how that sentence came out? You wanna rethink how you said that?

Other Guy: Maybe later. The L-A-Z is getting ready to claim a couple of Sin City Championship Series points here.

The bell rings and this one is underway! Gordon and Lazarus lock up mid-ring. Laz is no match for the power of Henry Gordon, however, and Gordon pushes him down to a knee. Laz quickly tries to get back to his feet, and does, only for Henry Gordon to shove him backwards, still in the collar and elbow tie up. Laz is pushed back into the turnbuckle, and Gordon presses further, but in comes the referee, coming to break things up.

Eryk Masters: Gordon releases his grip, arms in the air. He’s going to break this one clean.

Gordon slowly backs away, keeping his eyes on Lazarus. Corey rubs his shoulder and begins circling. Gordon keeps his eyes locked on Laz at all times, following in the same path as Corey to do so. They lunge at each other, once again utilizing the collar and elbow tie up. And once again, Gordon proves to be the stronger man, almost immediately shoving Lazarus back into the turnbuckles. Laz can be heard calling out for the ref to break this up, and he doesn’t need to be told once.

Other Guy: Gordon being FORCIBLY removed from Corey Lazarus once again.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what you’re watching, but Gordon breaks clean for the second time.

Gordon backs away again, and Lazarus comes out of the corner, clapping. The two men circle each other again, and for the third time, they lock up in the center of the ring. Gordon begins to push Lazarus backwards, but right before he can put him in the corner again, Corey Lazarus levereges Gordon around, so Henry is the man in the corner, being pushed in by Lazarus.

Other Guy: Some quick thinking by Lazarus, making sure he doesn’t get trapped again.

Laz begins to back away, arms raised in the air, preparing to break clean, but quickly changes his mind by planting a chop right to the chops of Henry Gordon!

Eryk Masters: Face Chop by Lazarus, and….Look at the face of Gordon!

Gordon is incensed! He grabs Lazarus under the chin, with both hands, and swings him, throwing him into the turnbuckle. Before the referee can protest, Gordon drives a back elbow into the face of Lazarus! Laz is rocked in the corner, but no time to recover, because Gordon plants him with a headbutt! Corey grasps at his head, in obvious pain, but Gordon isn’t done! He takes a couple steps back, and then charges at full speed, avalanching Lazarus in the corner! Gordon moves away, pumping his fist in celebration, while Lazarus takes three steps forward….and promptly falls on his face!

Eryk Masters: Lazarus is reeling early on! Gordon is in complete control!

Gordon reels backwards, bouncing off the ropes, and executes a running back splash on the prone body of Corey Lazarus! Gordon quickly turns and hooks the leg, looking for a SCCS victory!



Lazarus kicks out! Gordon gets up, allowing Laz to his feet, but plants a headbutt that knocks Lazarus senseless! Lazarus bounces off the ropes, rebounding right into the clutches of a huge belly to belly from Gordon!

Other Guy: He just left Lazarus splattered like a scoop of ice cream that fell off the cone!

Eryk Masters: What kind of ice cream? Rocky Road?

Other Guy: Wait, what? What’s it matter, it’s on the ground!

Gordon hooks the leg again, looking for an early victory!



Corey kicks out once again, showing some early tenacity!

Eryk Masters: Henry Gordon would love to get the win here tonight. He’d love to show the Hollywood-type Corey Lazarus that a blue collar man can live in his world!

Other Guy: He’d also love two points in the Sin City Championship Series.

Eryk Masters: Well, there’s that, too.

Gordon picks Laz off the ground, and Corey fires off a forearm that bounces off the gut of Gordon. Gordon stops, and just stares at Lazarus, shaking his head.

Other Guy: You aren’t going to hurt the man by throwing elbows into his body armor like that!

Eryk Masters: Body armor?

Other Guy: He’s fat.

Gordon wheels back for a clobbering blow, but Lazarus thinks fast, kicking Gordon in the knee. Gordon stops short, obviously shaken there, which gives Lazarus time to run the ropes, coming back with a dropkick to the knee, taking Gordon down to the ground and crashing hard. Laz gets up quickly, which takes a lot considering he was recently pancaked by Hammering Hank, and begins to lay boot after boot to the leg of Gordon.

Other Guy: And Corey Lazarus takes over, exploiting the age old tradition of "taking the legs out from under the big man".

Eryk Masters: Can’t help but notice a little extra venom coming from Lazarus with each blow here. Maybe some real life stress seeping out on Gordon’s knee.

Gordon is clutching at his knee, but Laz gives him no time to recover, pulling the leg, dragging the heavier Henry Gordon to the corner. He drapes his bad leg over the bottom rope, and Laz goes to the outside. He starts pulling down on the leg, twisting it into the bottom rope, causing Gordon to thrash about, in obvious pain. Referee Dennis Heflin leans through the ropes, warning Lazarus about using the ropes. Corey ignores the warning, continuing the damage on the knee of Hank Gordon. Heflin straightens up, and begins his five count.


Corey Lazarus: TWO!


Corey Lazarus: FOUR!

FI-Lazarus releases the leg, and Gordon can’t scoot away fast enough.

Eryk Masters: Lazarus showing his usual colors, counting along with the referee as he’s about to be disqualified!

Other Guy: He’s not being disrespectful, maybe he just doesn’t want to lose track of the count.

Laz slithers back into the ring, his TRADEMARK DEVILISH GRIN on his face, because the fact is, he has Gordon where he wants him now. Henry struggles to get to his feet, the weakened knee barely sustaining his weight. Laz kicks Gordon in the back of the leg, causing Henry to stumble into the corner. Laz dances a quick little jig, mocking the injury he caused to his opponent, before driving a straight kick into the left knee, causing Gordon to buckle a bit. Lazarus quickly goes underneat his opponent, stepping a bit to the side and lifting the injured leg off the ground, and draping it across the top rope. Laz peppers a couple of quick punches into the knee, and drives the butt of his elbow into it. Gordon tries to fight back, driving his elbow backward, but it catches nothing but air as Lazarus sidesteps easily. He locks Gordon’s foot under the top turnbuckle, and sweeps Gordon’s right leg out from under him, catching Gordon up in a version of the Tree of Woe!

Eryk Masters: Henry Gordon is struggling like mad to get himself out of this predicament! Every second is a pulling pressure on his already hurt knee!

Lazarus takes the time to back into the opposite corner, as Gordon struggles to free himself. Laz takes a deep breath, and pulls down his kneepad, exposing the bone of his kneecap.

Eryk Masters: Oh, no. Not this.


Lazarus gets a running start, and hits full force with a Busaiku knee, right to the left knee of Henry Gordon!


Eryk Masters: Lazarus changed it up a bit, targeting the injured wheel of Henry Gordon, and not the face. Gordon’s knee has to be shredded and…oh, not again!

Gordon is upside down, hanging helplessly, and Laz puts his finger in the air, backing into the opposite corner once again. The crowd is booing him tremendously, but he doesn’t care. He runs full force towards Gordon for the second time, but this time, he leaps onto the bottom rope and springboards up, brusing his feet against the face of Gordon on the way down.

Eryk Masters: Aaaaaand how about a little insult to injury?

Gordon finally dislodges his foot from the turnbuckle, grabbing desperately at his knee as he crashes back to the mat. Laz quickly tries to drag the dead weight of Gordon towards the middle of the ring, but with only a little success. He gives up on that, and slaps on an Indian Deathlock, torqueing back, ripping on the ligaments of Gordon’s knee even more. Gordon is frantic, trying to escape, and he is able to quickly latch onto the bottom rope! Laz sees it, the ref sees it, but Laz refuses to break the hold! Heflin is trying to force the two apart, but has no luck, so he resorts back to the five count!


Lazarus and Heflin: TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Lazarus releases the hold, and pulls himself to his feet, the crowd booing louder than ever.

Eryk Masters: That’s the second time that Lazarus has flaunted his obvious distaste for the rules!

Other Guy: What? He broke the hold before five! He didn’t do anything wrong!

Gordon is clawing at the ropes, trying to pull himself up to give himself a fighting chance here, but Laz is on top of him. He starts throwing forearms at Gordon in the corner, but Gordon fights him off, shoving Lazarus nearly halfway across the ring! The fans light up, showing their support for Hammering Hank, as Laz gets up quickly, a look of mild surprise on his face. Gordon is on his feet, walking gingerly on his left leg, and Lazarus pounces once again. Gordon is ready for him, however, as he catches Lazarus and lifts him, before powering him down to the ground with a spinebuster! Lazarus is flat on the ground as Gordon struggles off of him, and tries to quickly get to his feet before collapsing back to the ground after the damage sustained to his knee!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know where he got that from, but Henry Gordon has just turned the tide on Corey Lazarus!

Other Guy: The way he tried to get up might have looked comical, but there’s nothing funny about the state of the Hollywood Kid right now! Gordon could really turn things into his favor right now!

Laz is still alive, rolling slowly to his side, as Gordon tries to pull himself back up. Laz is amazingly first to his feet, but Gordon is not far behind! Laz charges, but Gordon explodes with a lariat that causes Corey to somersault in the air and land on his back! Gordon falls on top and covers him!



Laz kicks out! The fans are behind Gordon now, and he can hear the support he’s receiving! He uses it to fuel himself, and gets back to his feet, still limping. Laz gets up and Gordon creeps on him, but Laz fires off a desperation forearm to the gut of Gordon. This time, it catches Henry more by surprise, but the blow barely connects. A chop to the chest barely glances off Hank’s broad chest, and another forearm has the same luck. Gordon straightens Laz up, and Laz takes the opportunity to fire a rolling elbow, but Hank ducks, and lifts Laz up with a big bearhug! The fans pop, and so do Lazarus’ eyes! Hanks squeezes on Corey’s ribcage as hard as he can, but cannot keep him elevated for very long. Gordon keeps his grip, however, with Corey’s arms pinned to his sides.

Eryk Masters: Lazarus is being sufficated standing up by Henry Gordon right now! He’s in a bad way!

Other Guy: Laz has to find a way to escape, or Gordon’s going to rake in a couple of points in the SCCS!

Gordon redoubles his grip, but Laz finds the easy way out: he kicks Gordon in the knee. Gordon’s grip slackens a bit, allowing Laz to get an arm free, and chop Gordon right in the face. A pop echoes as Laz’s hand makes contact with the hollow cheek of Henry, and Gordon is forced to drop the bearhug. Laz dropkicks the knee out from under Gordon again, and crawls into the corner to try and regroup. Heflin bends down to check on Gordon, as the knee is really bothering him, and while he does, Gregory Price leaps into action. He grabs a steel folding chair from ringside and closes it up. He brings it to Lazarus, who takes it, and tries to wedge it between the top and middle turnbuckles.

Eryk Masters: Of course. Lazarus tried to take the leg off Gordon, and Gordon’s fighting back, so now Laz resorts to the steel chair.

Other Guy: You know what? The Sin City Championship Series is a big deal to these men! They will do whatever it takes!

Laz is a bit groggy, and he winces as he touches his ribs a bit, but he walks over to Gordon, and nudges Heflin out of the way. The referee doesn’t like that much, but Laz doesn’t care that much. He picks Gordon up and goes to whip him into the steel chair…

But Gordon reverses! Lazarus is running full force, and with as much force as Gordon can muster, right into the steel chair!

But Laz thinks fast, grabbing the top rope, and stopping himself before he can hit the steel, propelling his legs up and out, landing on his feet. He stares at the chair, wiping the sweat off his brow with an exaggerated "SHEW!", before turning around, and getting CLOBBERED by a Henry Gordon spear, right into the corner, right into the steel chair! The fans EXPLODE for Henry Gordon like they have never done before!


Eryk Masters: This is it! This is Henry Gordon’s opportunity! Lazarus is OUT!

Gordon drags Lazarus out of the corner, and covers him, hooking the far leg!



THREE! NO! Laz kicks out! Dennis Heflin signals "TWO" for the world to see, and this match continues!

Eryk Masters: I don’t believe it!

Other Guy: Corey Lazarus showing his tenacity, his resilience! This one isn’t over yet!

Gordon looks a bit surprised, but he picks Lazarus back to his feet, and scoops him up for a front powerslam! Lazarus is wriggling in Gordon’s grip and finds himself sliding over his shoulder! Before Gordon can wonder where Laz went, Corey DRILLS him in the back of the head with a rolling elbow!

Eryk Masters: WHAT? HOW!?

Gordon stumbles forward, leaning against the ropes. Lazarus is very unsteady on his feet as Gordon turns around. Laz braces and leaps up high, catching Gordon in the back of the head!

Other Guy: END CREDITS!!

Gordon’s face goes slack, and he falls on it. Laz collapses next to him and shoves Gordon on his back, and drapes himself across Henry’s chest!




The bell rings! It’s all over!

Samantha Coil: Your winner of this Sin City Championship Series match….Corey LAAAAAAAAZAAAAARUS!

Laz rolls out of the ring, and is held up on his feet by Gregory Price.

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it. Lazarus won this one!

Other Guy: Believe it and get used to it, it’s going to be like this throughout the Sin City Championship Series!

Laz is helped up the ramp as "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" blares throughout the arena. They disappear through the curtain as Dennis Heflin helps Henry Gordon to his feet. The music shuts off, and the sound throughout the arena now is a surprising one, as the crowd collectively rises to their feet in appreciation for the effort of Henry Gordon here tonight, as they stand and applaud him.

Eryk Masters: Make no mistake, Corey Lazarus is the winner of this match, but you HAVE to respect the effort of Henry Gordon here tonight.

Other Guy: I’ll agree. He didn’t make it easy for Laz tonight, and he deserves the reception he’s getting right now.

Gordon stands and begins to limp out of the ring, raising his arm in acknoledgement of the fans applause.


Jacob Mephisto walks down the hallway backstage. He is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a black “Mephisto’s Method” t-shirt. As Jacob turns the corner into the catering area, he spots none other than Alex Brooks. Alex is standing by one of the tables, possibly contemplating what he would like to eat or drink. Jacob smirks and walks up to Alex.

Jacob: Well, if it isn’t the ‘Little Engine That Did.” How’s it going, Brooks?

Brooks: Oh. Hello Mr. Mephisto. I’m good. How are you? Sorry you could beat Corazon last week.

Jacob’s smirk never falters, but here is a very brief flash in his eyes.

Jacob: Well, you win some and you lose some. At least it wasn’t a Sin City Championship Series match. Speaking of which, sorry about your loss to Maya Nakashima. You fought hard out there. But, I guess it isn’t all bad for you. After all, you and Real Deal are going to mix it up at Reckoning Day. And, hey, you even got a shot at some gold tonight too. But, if that doesn’t work out for you, you can still make up some ground in the series, right?

Brooks: I’ll be alright, Mr. Mephisto. Maya was just better than me on the night. The next night, who knows I could be better than Sammy Rochester, and then you will be looking at your Sin City Champion. So, the loss last week, it just makes me better. Good luck, with David Miller tonight, wouldn’t want you to lose a Sin City Championship Series match.

Jacob allows himself an almost genuine smile. He picks up an apple from a fruit basket on the catering table and takes a small bite.

Jacob: You make a fair point, Alex. But, I don’t see how a loss makes you… better. But, then again, maybe you just like being the underdog, eh? I’d advise you to be careful with that little sentiment.

Alex picks a second apple from the table, and shines it on his shirt as he speaks. 

Brooks: We all make mistakes in the ring. A loss means you have to learn from those mistakes. It’s easy to paper over errors of judgment when you win. But, when you lose. You need to confront them and make sure you don’t get caught out again. 

Freshly shined, Alex takes a bite of his apple. Unfortunately he bites right into a bruise and spits it out onto the shoes of Mephisto. 

“TSK TSK…wasting an apple like that? Poor form, I’d say. Haven’t you boys ever heard of the Tree of Knowledge? Tasty apple…Eve takes a bite…learns ALL kinds of super interesting stuff. That’s what happens when you chit chat with a serpent, Brooksie.” 

The frame widens, and we see that the annoyingly jovial voice belongs to Elizabeth Gaunt. Gaunt wears a dark pink tee that reads “I <3 Albinos” along with form-fitting leather pants. Her dark hair is tied back to frame her face and we see some fading bruises and a split lip thanks to her “training session” with Flay Rios earlier in the week. 

Gaunt walks closer; and she casually swings her arm up to drape it over the shoulders of Alex Brooks while staring at Mephisto with a smirk on her painted lips. 

Gaunt: BUT…the more I think about it? Jacob’s not really much of a serpent, is he, Alex? He’s more like….a used car salesman. So slimy. Practically oozes dollar store décor. He’s the type of guy that would ASSAULT a poor defenseless girl…like me. 

Gaunt pouts while looking at Alex, but it’s obvious that her eyes are shining with sarcasm.  

Gaunt: But anyways, kiddo…let’s not dwell on that negativity. You’re the LITTLE ENGINE! I’m so excited to finally meet you. Let’s hear that catchphrase! Is it…VROOM VROOM??? No…that’s not right. It’s CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO! Isn’t it? I know it involves like…motor noises or something… 

Gaunt steps away from Alex, and she helps herself to a jumbo shrimp from the catering platter. She SNAPS into it with her teeth, cracking into the shell, and she tosses the remains of the shell right back into the public tray (HOW RUDE!) 

Gaunt: Listen, boys….as CUTE as it is seeing Justin Beiber-lite chatting it up with the president of ATHEISTS R’ US about the Sin City Championship Series…I KINDA gotta burst that bubble a lil bit. Gotta go POO POO…on your pipe dreams. Because you guys have SO much to say about wins and losses…who’s gonna come out on top in this thing…and it’s like…such a foregone conclusion. 

Liz lets her fingers trail along the catering table, and she pauses to pick up a corndog on a stick. She holds this while grinning up at Mephisto. 

Gaunt: I’m winning the Sin City Championship Series. This is a tournament is fit for a QUEEN…not little peasant boys. If ANYONE is gonna be the invincible couch that the monster child CAN’T BREAK no matter how many times he screams out “FUCK YO COUCH”…then I’m gonna be that couch…and I’M gonna win the Sin City Championship! 

Liz brings the corndog up to her mouth, and she SNAPS into it brutally with her teeth, proceeding to gobble it up while wiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

Jacob glances down at his shoes for a moment as he shakes the pieces of spit out apple from them. He offers a look of annoyance at Brooks for a moment before smirking at Liz.

Jacob: Well, well, well. Look who it is. You know, Lizzie, I might believe you if you didn’t have to resort to attacking people while they’re down. See, at least when I laid you out I did it face to face. And, well, knowing you? You probably enjoyed it… just a little bit. Oh, and Alex, I’ll let that little transgression you just pulled slide for now.

Jacob takes a bite of his own apple and steps towards Liz just a little.

Jacob: You might think this tournament is fit for royalty, Liz. And, maybe it is. But…

Jacob looks Lizzie up and down, favoring her with a condescending look. He turns his gaze to Brooks, favoring him with the same look.

Jacob: Well, I don’t think a good, wholesome prude and walking gloryhole for albinos are cut out for it. I’M going to be the one walking away from this thing as the champ. As a matter of fact, tonight, after I beat David Miller, I’ll be in the lead in points. Meanwhile, the two of you? Well, you’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

Brooks looks at his Mephisto’s shoes, followed by a glance to his apple and finally a quizzical look at Liz Gaunt. 

Brooks: Bad Apple… 

Alex lets his word hang before casually tosses the apple into the garbage can. 

Brooks: I guess we can all stake our claim to the title, and victory in the series. But, as far I can tell, I’m the only one standing here with SHOOT Project Championship experience, and you know what, losing to Maya doesn’t change the fact that I intend to lift the Sin City Championship.  

Brooks reaches over and picks a handful of grapes from the table and pops one into his mouth. 

Brooks: And I’m not sure you’d want to be the couch for SHOOT Project, Liz. You’d never know who or what would climb all over you.  

He shrugs as he pops another grape into his mouth. 

Brooks: Or maybe that is what you want. Everyone climbing all over you.

Liz sneers while crossing her arms over her chest. 

Gaunt: You know…for a kid who lives in the shadow of his overbearing mother…you have got a FILTHY little mind! 

Liz sticks out her bottom lip in annoyance while glaring at both Jacob & Brooks. She’s so focused on them that she doesn’t even notice another person approach the group from behind until he’s practically standing right beside her. 

Maya Nakashima…

Maya: You never learn do you? 

Maya sighs, sarcastically putting a hand on Liz’s shoulder. 

Maya: For all the big talking you do about how you’re going to win and how special you are… you’re nothing but a big albino puppet. Just being tugged alone by the strings, you don’t care which direction he takes you, doesn’t matter if he pawns you off on the Sin City Championship Series so he can be spared a moment of free time away from such a loudmouth little runt. 

Maya takes his hand of Liz’s shoulder and points to the bruising on her face. 

Maya: I surely hope that all heals quickly, little one. I want you in tip-top shape when I beat you in the Sin City Championship Series, not in some broken delusional state because Isaac had too much fun with you. I want you fully aware of everything, of the fact that you, AGAIN, weren’t good enough to beat me. 

Maya lifts his hand, making a show of wiping it several times on his pant leg. 

Maya: Honestly, Liz, you’re not even good enough to eat at the same table as us. You and SCAR love to play the isolation angle, like you were outcast and no one gave you a chance to be included. But, the world gave you every chance you could ask for, I GAVE you a golden ticket and you showed how much of an ignorant little lapdog you really were… then I put you down, which I hope to give a repeat performance to the good fans of SHOOT Project. So, why don’t you go crawl back in that dank little piss hole you and your friend’s call a locker room and keep playing isolated rebels. Those of us that actually have SOME pride in ourselves and what we do… have grown up things to talk about. 

Maya nods at Brooks and Mephisto. 

Maya: Gentlemen, I wish you two the best of luck in the Sin City Championship Series. I went to the finals last year and came up short, a failure that still haunts me… a failure I’m hoping to amend. I realize the two of you will do everything you can to make sure that doesn’t happen and given the fight Brooks gave me last week, I dare say you’re more than capable. But I don’t think any of us… would have it any other way. 

Liz’s turquoise eyes widen with malice when she studies the face of Maya Nakashima. 

Gaunt: I don’t think we ordered any tentacle porn, Maya. Your services aren’t needed here. OH…maybe you’re the sushi girl that the catering team called for? Kay. Strip nekkid…lay on that table…and let them cover up your naughty bits with octopus chunks, and most importantly? Do us all a favor…and shut the fuck up while you’re lying there. 

Liz leans close to Maya, a permanent snarl seeming to be etched onto her face whenever he’s around. 

Gaunt: You’re a smug little turd, Maya. You want to be the shining white knight, but you don’t have what it TAKES to be that flag bearer. Remember what happened the last time you tried to rally SHOOT Project? You failed. You talked big, you puffed your chest out…and you got crushed. You chose our big, white isolated rebel…and he isolated YOU away from your championship belt when he plucked it from your twitchy little fingers. 

Gaunt casts her gaze back to Jacob and Brooks for a moment. 

Gaunt: So don’t try and tell me about big talk, Maya. Yours…is just as hollow. You guys feel free to have your “grown up” chat….hell, Maya…feel free to suck Brooksie off in the spirit of sportsmanship! It won’t change anything. The Sin City Championship Series is mine for the taking…and I hope so very much that I see you in the finals, Miss Nakashima. 

Liz leans closer to Maya’s ear, a smile curving at the corners of her mouth. 

Gaunt: Maybe you’ll learn to swallow your pride…just like Shinya swallowed saltwater when he drowned. 

A tasteless giggle flows from Elizabeth’s dark red lips, and she skips away from the group having said this, leaving the three men alone by the catering area.

Jacob watches Gaunt skip away with a look of mild distaste. He turns back to Maya and Brooks, favoring them with a smirk.

Jacob: Well, gentlemen, I wish you both luck with the rest of the tournament. But, I’ve got a match to win… and a lead to take. But, I’m sure at least one of you will make it past the group round. And if you do, well I’m sure we’ll cross paths again. It’s only a matter of time.

Jacob offers a sly smile before walking off casually.


Backstage, Dutch Harris stands in front of a camera staring into the lens. He holds up a microphone and gives a pleasant smile to the camera before beginning to speak.

Dutch Harris: We’ve seen one hell of a show here tonight in Las Vegas! In one of the most exciting episodes of Revolution in a long time we’ve seen some amazing things. We saw a Number One Contender’s Four Way for the Iron Fist-

There’s suddenly the sound of cackling laughter from off camera and Dutch winces as a bottle of champagne is dumped over his head. A grinning Kincaid steps into frame, still dressed in his ring gear from earlier in the night with a sweat soaked towel wrapped around his neck. When he’s poured half the bottle onto the disgusted interviewer he swigs a bit directly from the bottle and leans his head right down into Dutch’s personal space.

Kincaid: What did I tell you? Huh? WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Son, exactly what I said was gonna happen happened! I walked right into the SHOOT Epicenter, right into the mouth of the beast with three other wrestlers. Three other wrestlers that nobody thought I could beat and I fought my way to the other side! Craig Thomas? Couldn’t get it done rookie! M.D.K.? Down to the king one more time. Ja-Gi Kyung Moon? I told you. You might have had me knocked stupid a few weeks ago, but when the chips are down there’s no safer bet in all of wrestling than me. Come on now, Harris. Don’t you have a question for me? Gimme something.

He snorts dismissively and takes another quick swig of champagne. Kincaid stiffens up his posture and turns to face the camera, suddenly look as professional as can be. Dutch sighs at the obnoxious display while he carefully checks his microphone to make sure he’s not going to get electrocuted before he speaks again.

Dutch Harris:  Well. After Reckoning Day, you’re going to be the number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship. Now, early this week we saw your comments you sent in to SHOOT Project’s website where you’ve said you want to make it the number one title in the company. You’ve got your own plans for the belt.  Do you think it’s a little presumptuous to make plans around a belt you haven’t won? There are other people who-

Kincaid sighs and pivots around to put the palm of his hand over the microphone. He shakes his head and suddenly snatches the microphone from the interviewer’s hand. When he speaks, he seems quite annoyed by what he’s been asked.

Kincaid: Dutch. You know, you’re supposed to provide an important service to the wrestling game. You’re supposed to help men like me deliver our message to a broader platform. You’re a communication tool. So how is it that you get one opportunity to ask a question and that’s what you come up with? Good lord.  One more problem with this place. Some day SHOOT’s going to be rebuilt in the image of Kincaid and I can sure as hell tell you we’ll get a smarter guy to ask questions.  It doesn’t matter. No one wants that belt as much as I do. I need it.  Who’s going to take that belt? Who’s got a shot? Black and Seton?

He scratches his eyebrow and shakes his head, seemingly disgusted that he’s even got to discuss the man he’s about to bring up.

Kincaid: I don’t like Thomas Manchester Black. All those MMA guys kinda rub me the wrong way, just for acting like they’ve invented something we’ve been doing for years. The triangle choke? Wrestlers had a name for it. We called it the Crooked Headscissors. The kimura? Double wristlock. Wrestlers have been doing all the stuff that so called “mixed martial artists” like to pretend they’ve invented. Now, I’m not gonna lump TMB into that whole thing. He’s more than that. He’s worked on branching out to being a fantastic pro wrestler but I can’t shake this feeling that he feels like the greatest combat sport in the world isn’t enough for him. And that’s the guy who might win the Iron Fist Championship before me? Please.

He takes another drink of his champagne and points the bottle at the camera while he speaks.

Kincaid: Laura Seton can be kind of an asshole. I get that. Notice my choice of words. I didn’t say Laura Seton could be kind of a bitch. See, because unlike this SHOOT fans I’m capable of discussing someone by their merits – even when I think there aren’t many – without  going after their gender. The last two shows, Laura Seton’s had “cunt” chanted at her by hundreds of people. She’s been stripped in the ring….and she’s a bad person for going off the edge and freaking out at all of you? That’s lovely. But then, that’s the kind of thing you expect when you let the lowest common denominator of society control the direction of a sport. So, for the Laura Seton’s of the world, I’m doing this for you. I’m trying to change this industry so that people like you can be treated the way they should. I think Laura’s a temperamental lunatic who’s not nearly as clever as she thinks she is, and that’s how she should be recognized. So, for her own good, she should be smart enough to not be Iron Fist champion. Because then I will have to drop her on her skull before I start fighting for her rights too. Imagine that.

Kincaid snorts dismissively and swigs more of his champagne before handing the microphone back to Dutch.  He leans in and leaves him with some final words.

Kincaid: Say what you want about me. I’m not a nice guy, but I’m honest. I love this thing we do. It’s sick and I am the cure to it’s ills.  A vaccine is a weaker version of a virus, but still very much a virus. SHOOT should be happy that it’s just going to have to deal with the sickness I represent for a greater good later on. Thanks for the interview, Dutch. Have a drink.

He hands him the champagne bottle and disappears from sight. Dutch puts the bottle to his lips and ducks his head back to take a swig, then gets a dissatisfied look on his face when he realizes that the bottle is empty.  He sighs and tosses it away as the segment closes.

Samantha Coil: This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, NV, weighing in at 172 lbs, FLAAAAAAAAAAY RIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOS!

“Diamond Eyes,” by the Deftones starts to play, and for an uncomfortably long moment, nobody comes out. The crowd murmurs, but without much of a response until Flay Rios is forcibly pushed through the entranceway, cowering, with Kenji Yamada behind her, shoving her forward. Fans at ringside are visibly disturbed. Flay’s torso is wrapped in athletic tape from just under her armpits to above her navel, her breasts pretty obviously taped down tight. Her black patent leather pants go to just below her knee, and have various Japanese characters embroidered on them.

Other Guy: I don’t even want to watch this, Eryk. This is… I don’t even know, man.

Eryk Masters: Flay Rios really obviously doesn’t want to be here tonight, OG, but it looks like Kenji will hear none of it.

Other Guy: What do her pants even say?

Eryk Masters: I’d rather not give Kenji the satisfaction.

Flay gets about halfway down the ramp on her own power, holding her arms close to her torso, and finally stops, trying to turn around. Kenji is there in a second, and he slaps her across the face hard enough to drop her to her knees. She clutches her face, and starts to scurry toward the ring, getting all the way down the ramp before she gets back to her feet. The crowd is booing intensely, but Kenji just chuckles.

Flay gets up on the apron, and holds tight to the ring ropes, really tightly, and makes no move to get into the ring, until Kenji shoves her between the first and second ropes! She lands hard on the mat, and finally gets to her feet, backing into the corner to wait for her opponent.

The lights go down and Flogging Molly’s “Devil’s Dance Floor” hits the PA, sending the crowd into a frenzy! Ainsley Lake comes through, dressed in her Empress tarot T-shirt, a pair of loose black leather pants with purple laces on the front and side, her combat boots showing underneath the legs. She raises her hands on the stage, the crowd cheering her on, before sprinting down to the ring!

Samantha Coil: And her opponent, from Wantagh, NY, weighing in at 138 lbs, AIIIIIINSLEEEEEEEEY LAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

Eryk Masters: Ainsley Lake making her first match since Dan Stein broke her jaw at Redemption, and she looks fired up, OG!

Other Guy: Oh please, Eryk, you make it sound like it was all Dan Stein’s fault that her jaw was broken. She botched the superkick, not Dan.

Eryk Masters: You are the worst kind of person.

Ainsley gets to the apron, jumping up, and immediately doing a corkscrew over the top rope! She lands on her feet, and bolts across the ring, bounding up to the top turnbuckle, and raising a fist! She hits a corkscrew backflip off the top, running across the ring once more to get to the top turnbuckle on the other side, raising a fist in the air! She nails a final backflip off the rope, turning to referee Austin Linam to begin the match.

The bell rings, and Ainsley waits mid-ring for Flay to get out of the corner, but Flay doesn’t want to move! Kenji finally screams loud enough at her to get her to advance, and she gets to the center, where Ainsley waits with hand extended. Flay looks down at it, terrified, and Ainsley just sighs. She extends her hand further, waiting for a response. Flay timidly extends her hand, and Ainsley shakes it– just for a second, as Flay pulls it back extremely quickly. Kenji screams again outside the ring, and Flay runs forward– Ainsley puts her down with an arm drag! Flay immediately crabwalks back to the opposite corner!

Eryk Masters: I get the feeling this is not going to be a five-star classic match, OG.

Other Guy: You didn’t figure that out from the moment this match was booked?

Kenji storms around the ring to the other corner, shoving Flay forward! She flops onto her hands and knees, getting to her feet, and Ainsley is there! They lock up, and Ainsley puts Flay to the mat with a snapmare! Flay hits the mat, and before she can get away, Ainsley hits a handspring, bouncing her legs off the top ropes, and as soon as her feet hit the mat, she changes direction, flying backward with a dropkick to Flay’s back! Flay jolts forward, and then flops back on the mat, rolling over and holding her head and back! Ainsley comes off the ropes, and rolls once, jumping into the air with a somersault leg drop across the back of Flay’s head! Ainsley goes for the cover!



THR– Flay kicks out after some convincing from Kenji!

Other Guy: Ainsley almost taking the win there, but it looks like Flay is more afraid of Kenji than she is of Ainsley.

Eryk Masters: I would be, too, if I had to leave with him once the match was over.

Ainsley gets to her feet, as Flay gets up, unsure of what to do. Ainsley waves her on, nodding, and they lock up one more time. Ainsley moves into a rear waistlock, dropping her down into a roll-up, then hooking her legs and bridging across! Linam with the count!


TWO–Kickout with a little less prompting from Kenji!

Flay gets up, slapping the mat, a little upset at how easily Ainsley is working her over! Flay locks up with Ainsley, and Ainsley slides between Flay’s legs, hopping up onto Flay’s shoulders from behind, spinning around into a hurracanrana pinning combination!


T– kickout!

Eryk Masters: It looks like Flay’s getting a little worked up.

Other Guy: Pissed off is more like it, Eryk. Ainsley’s just playing with her.

Flay gets to her feet, leering at Ainsley.

Flay: Hit me!

Ainsley rolls her eyes as the pair lock up once again! Ainsley throws Flay to the ropes, going across the ring and hitting Flay with a textbook moonsault! Ainsley hooks the legs!



Flay lets out an agitated growl, as Ainsley locks up again! Flay manages to toss Ainsley to the ropes, and Ainsley comes back with a clothesline– ducked by Flay! Flay turns around to find that Ainsley stopped, and went into a back handspring, catching Flay with a headscissors! Ainsley flips Flay to the mat, and goes for the cover!

ONE– Kickout!

Flay slams her hands repeatedly on the mat before getting to her feet, and Ainsley is getting a little wary! They lock up, and Ainsley grabs Flay’s arm, running into the corner, and runs up the corner, springboarding off the top rope, and pulling Flay to the mat with an arm drag! Ainsley doesn’t get a chance to cover, though, as Flay lets out an absolutely bloodcurdling scream that silences the arena!

Eryk Masters: Good God, what the hell happened?

Other Guy: That’s not a scream of pain, Eryk, Flay Rios is going insane!

Ainsley backs away, afraid she’s hurt the girl, but Flay pops to her feet, and attacks like a crazed animal! She dives at Ainsley, clawing at her face like a madwoman! Ainsley is shocked by the sudden aggression, and tries to cover her face, but too late, she’s already bleeding! Flay jumps up onto Ainsley’s torso, wrapping her legs around Ainsley’s waist, and just throwing elbows into Ainsley’s neck, all the while shouting at the top of her lungs!

Ainsley shoves her off and to her back, but Flay gets to her feet immediately, jumping back onto Ainsley’s torso, and slamming her head into Ainsley’s! Ainsley backs into the corner, dazed, and Flay grabs the ropes, pulling herself up, and just laying nasty kicks to Ainsley’s gut, over and over! She pulls both feet up into a series of bicycle kicks into Ainsley’s stomach! Ainsley’s face is coated in blood, and it’s splattered all over Flay’s face as well, the athletic tape around her torso spotted with red! Referee Linam pulls Flay out of the corner, and nearly gets a claw swipe in the process!

Eryk Masters: I wish she would just stop screaming!

Other Guy: I know, it’s just… chilling, man.

Eryk Masters: That’s part of it, yes, but if she stops screaming, maybe Kenji will stop laughing!

Ainsley stumbles forward, falling to the mat! Flay stalks around Ainsley, stomping on her hand! Then moving to her leg! Then around to her other leg, and back to her other hand, and finishing off with a stomp to the back of Ainsley’s head! Ainsley rolls over on her back– bad move! Flay drops again, mounting Ainsley, and destroying her with headbutts! Blood splatters everywhere! Ainsley throws an elbow to Flay’s throat, almost by instinct, and Flay’s screaming stops! It’s just enough for Ainsley to throw Flay to the side, and start crawling to the ropes!

Flay is crawling to the corner, clutching her throat, and Ainsley pulls herself to her feet on the ropes! She wipes the blood from her face, shaking her head, and Flay is getting to her feet! Ainsley drops fires a kick into Flay’s gut, bending her over just enough to grab her head, and pull her into a rope-walk DDT! Flay’s head bounces off the mat, and Ainsley drags her into the corner, leaving her on the mat, and running to the other side! Ainsley turns around, and goes straight into a roundoff, into an incredibly fast standing corkscrew 450 splash!

Eryk Masters: BOTTOM OF THE CARD! Ainsley just NAILED that new finisher perfectly!

Other Guy: Can she defy gravity?!

Ainsley with the cover!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of sixteen minutes and twenty seconds, AIIIIIINSLEEEEEEEY LAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

“Devil’s Dance Floor” begins again, as Ainsley very quickly slides out of the ring on the opposite side of Kenji, who slides into the ring himself! Ainsley looks on in disgust and pity as she walks back stage.

Other Guy: Ainsley Lake may have won the match, but anyone who would say it wasn’t hard fought doesn’t see the amount of blood left on that canvas, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: This started out as an easy win, it seemed, but Flay Rios has a side to her I don’t think we were expecting to see.

Other Guy: And the match may be over, but I don’t think Kenji’s quite finished with her yet.

Kenji picks Flay up, who’s barely conscious, before dropping her hard with a short-arm clothesline! Flay struggles to get to her hands and knees, before Kenji soccer kicks her in the skull! Flay flops onto her back, unconscious! Kenji suddenly looks upset, cradling her in his arms and caressing her cheek!

Eryk Masters: Can we cut to something else, please? This is just ugly.


With the chorus to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” playing in the background amongst a strong booing, Laura Seton finishes her ring entrance by diving into the ring beneath the bottom rope. 


Eryk Masters: And once again we get to put up with Laura Seton.  Is she still a wrestler, or does she just like to come out to talk? 


Other Guy: I think it’s gotten to a point where she loves the sound of her own voice. 


Eryk Masters: Well, how about she have a match sometime?  God knows the SHOOT fans are sick of her voice.  To be honest, I am too. 


A mic lands in her hands, a grin on her face as she readies to speak. 


Laura: SHOOT Revolution!  The home of the greatest wrestlers today! 


A rare cheer for her words comes from the fans. 


Laura: And the home to the worst fans of wrestling today!  I won’t get to this time, though.  This time, my topic is my career. 


A lull occurs between the end of the fans’ booing and the end of her sentence. 


Fan: Hopefully one that ends soon! 


Laura: And yet… every week it’s something new with you people.  It’s no wonder I finally came to my senses and disassociated myself with you!  It’s occurred to me that it’s a real miracle ANY wrestler can put with you all for more than five seconds. 


The infamous “cunt” chant starts up, causing her to roll her eyes and just wait it out. 


Laura: If you’re all finished….. Now, I stand here minus an Iron Fist Title I so rightfully deserve.  After all, I did the impossible.  I PERMANENTLY ended Jaime Alejandro.  No one could put him out for more than a 10 count.  Not Lennox Ferguson.  Not Mason Pierce.  Not even the soon-to-be former World Champion, Donovan King… 


The booing starts up again, stronger than before, but this just gets her to crack her wry grin. 


Laura: Not even your all-time favorite: The sick, disturbing, insult to the human race, and THANK GOD he’s no longer around here—Diamond… Del… Carver!! 


She proudly grins, taking in the loudest booing of the night so far. 


Eryk Masters: How dare she insult the SHOOT legend! 


As she grins, some trash flies her way.  A nearly-full beverage cup smacks her in the head, drenching her with soda.  The grin disappears as she turns her head to the crowd. 




A number of audience members point to young man in a SHOOT t-shirt.  Laura slides out of the ring. 


Other Guy: Oh, no— 


Eryk Masters: Please, Laura!  Stay OUT of the audience!  This is SO bad… 


Laura approaches the fan and puts an arm around him. 


Laura: Young sir, it’s good to see a passionate fan like yourself.  If I may, I have a couple questions to ask.  So, first, why are you a SHOOT fan? 


Fan: It’s like what you said.  SHOOT is home to the best of the best.  Every moment is exciting and every wrestler here could be a World Champion anywhere else.  Unlike fans of other federations, we here are NOT ashamed to say we’re fans of the SHOOT Project! 


Laura gets a look of being impressed with this fan’s thoughts as the others cheer.  


Fan: But not you.  I can’t stand you and neither can anyone else.  You can do it all in the ring, yes, but my God, you need an ass kicking.  You’re proud of what you did to Jaime?  You belong in a special circle of Hell for that.  For a once proud person, you’re now a disgrace.  Fuck you, Seton! 


Laura’s expression sours and she shoves him with a forearm to the chest, knocking him to the floor.  She then walks back to the barrier, boos abound.  Before getting there, she sees a young child, standing beside his mom, holding up a sign, “WHY, LAURA?” She walks up to the now nervous child and kneels down, putting on a smile. 


Laura: Hello there, youngster.  What’s your name? 


Mother: His name is Donnie. 


Laura: I wasn’t talking to YOU, you imbecile. 


Donnie: M—my name is D—Donnie. 


Laura: Donnie, I see you’re having a fun time tonight, but I see your sign there.  Do you not like me? 


Donnie: N—no. 


Laura: Did you before? 


Donnie: You used to be my favorite.  You and Alex Brooks!  But now you’re… you’re a b—big j—jerk.  You d—do mean th—things.  Like making TMB lose. 


Laura: But that’s why I should be Iron Fist champion.  He lost and Jaime is out.  There is no champion now.  Don’t you think that means I should be champion? 


Donnie: No!  My mom and dad said you should earn things.  Not just be given ’em.  You don’t deserve nothin’ ‘cuz you’re mean. 


Laura: Well, what do you know anyway? 


She stands up and takes a step back to the barrier.  As she steps forward, she over-extends her back leg, just enough to get in Donnie’s way as he goes back to his seat.  Donnie trips and falls and begins crying.  Laura turns back and smiles, almost in delight, at what she just did. 


Other Guy: That’s going too far.  What a lowlife. 


Her smile grows with each second.  A cocky swagger is in her step as she reaches the barrier. 


TMB: Oh how the mighty have fallen. But don’t worry I have something to cheer you up. 


Laura has a breath of laughter before she stops just in front of the barrier and turns her head to the entrance ramp.  TMB appears in the arena to a loud cheer. 


Eryk Masters: The very man that Laura cost the Iron Fist Title.  With his background, this could get very ugly very quickly. 


Laura: And what would that be? 


TMB looks out to the crowd first before speaking.  


TMB: You see at first I was dressed to kick a little ass.  And then my good friend, Ozzy told me that I still haven’t gotten you your gift.  So I had a little talk with Jason on your behalf. 


Laura: Should I just start tuning you out now like I’d prefer to do, or do you have something of substance to say? 


TMB: You want that Iron Fist title so bad…you cost Jamie his career over it.  Well, I did my part to hope you achieve that goal. 


Laura: Thank you!  At least someone recognizes I should be champion!  You’re not such a bad guy after all, Tommy.  Now, I see you forgot the belt.  Where’s it at so I may go officially claim it? 


TMB stops at the top of the rampway.  


TMB: You can get the belt at Reckoning Day.  If you are willing to do two things. 


Laura: I shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING more! 


TMB: You shouldn’t…BUT, I don’t think you will be able to do those two things.  I tried to plead with Johnson, but he just wouldn’t budge.  You see, he thinks Champions should actually earn their titles. and that is what you get to do at RD. 


TMB starts walking down to the ring. 


TMB: You see I had planned to come here tonight and beat your ass into a pulp.  I got all dressed up to do so, but Jason said to wait.  He said if I could wait, I could give you the one gift that I have been dying to give to you. 


Laura scoffs as she rolls her eyes as she climbs over the barrier to return to ringside. 


Laura: If it’s anything like what I’ve already gotten, it’s going straight in the trash. 


TMB: Heh, cute… very cute. But I’m talking history here… HISTORY.  A moment, a moment that you stole that you will return. you see a few years ago Eli Storm and Jun Kenshin had a Iron Fist Ladder match for the title.  That match hasn’t been done since… that is, until now. 


TMB smiles.  Laura’s eyes open wide, understanding his thought. 


Laura: NO!  There is NO WAY Jason accepts that! 


TMB: Reckoning Day, Laura Seton vs. TMB for the Iron Fist championship is the second ever… Iron Fist Ladder Match. 


The crowd explodes at the thought of seeing the match that was ground breaking.  Laura looks borderline scared, still in disbelief. 




TMB: You see, Laura, when you pay the piper… I want it to be grand.  I want it to be a moment in SHOOT history.  I want you to look back at it and say this is the point were my life changed.  This is the point where you changed. 


TMB waves a stage hand over and takes a box from him. 


TMB: But if we are to do something so important… your dress game… that has to step up a bit.  So consider this my thanks for giving the title that should already be mine.  


TMB takes the box from the stage hand and hands it to Seton.  He smiles before dropping down and walking up the rampway, leaving Seton in the ring by herself.  Laura opens it and gets a look of disgust.  A quick peek inside sees a “Milk and Cookies”-themed bra and thong set.  Now pissed, she closes it and fires it in TMB’s direction. 


Eryk Masters: A ladder match for the Iron Fist Title!  TMB isn’t fooling around here! 


Other Guy: Reckoning Day can’t come too soon!  He’s opened the door to a new set of horrors for Seton!


"Undaunted” by Adrenaline Mob plays on the PA system as Duncan Bishop steps onto the stage.  There are some cheers, while others voice their indifference.  Bishop looks around, smiling, as he walks down to the ring.  He slides inside and asks for a microphone.  Thanking the timekeeper, he ventures into the center of the ring.


Bishop:  Cease my entrance music please.


The music fades out.  Nodding he continues.


Bishop:  Well friends and neighbor, for the second bi-weekly show, I have not been booked for a match.  Instead of bitching and moaning, wondering why I’m not good enough for this country, I’ve been cogitating, and I’ve come up with this solution:  issue a challenge to anyone in the SHOOT Project roster. 


Some mutterings from the fans.


Bishop:  So that’s why I’m here—challenge anyone here tonight for a match.  If not tonight, then the challenge is good for the next card, and next card, and so on and so forth.  I’m here to work, to showcase my talents, and in order to do that, I need matches.  Now, who’s it going to be?  I don’t care who I have to face as long as I face someone—


It doesn’t take long for someone to answer Duncan Bishop’s challenge.  “Fuel” by Metallica plays on the PA system as Murder Death Kill steps out onto the stage.  He is looking at Bishop with a strange look in his eyes.  He doesn’t move from his spot, however.


MDK:  Be careful what you wish for Duncan because you might… just… get it. I’m more than willing to grant you your wish of being able to showcase your talents. Now that’s assuming of course your talents include bleeding like a stuffed pig while your family watches in horror. *Adam* Leave his family out of this! *MDK* SHUT IT! Duncan you have a beautiful family made up of a gorgeous wife and four adoring children. With you on the road it must be so difficult for poor Scarlett to take care of 4 children all under the age of 5 all on her own. Perhaps I can do her a favor by forcing her husband to stay home with an injury. I’ll see you at Reckoning Day Duncan… *Adam* Don’t worry Duncan I won’t let him… *MDK* SHUT IT!


Duncan Bishop stands in the middle of the ring, obviously shaken after what MDK had to say.  Perhaps he is biting off more than he can chew.  However, the challenge is made and Bishop can work at Revolution 109.  He exits the ring, mulling the challenge over in his head.



Eryk Masters:  Our next tag team contest has a decidely East Coast feel to it, as New York and New Jersey clash. 

Other Guy:  Last week Anarchy were lumberjacks in Long Island Hardcore’s battle with Vermont’s Finest.  This week we see  Anarchy’s first action in a SHOOT ring as a team.

Eryk Masters:  Correct, OG.  Anarchy looks to make a statement in their first official tag action.  LIHC looks to keep the  momentum rolling after defeating Vermont’s Finest on Revolution. 

Other Guy:  These two teams couldn’t be more different in terms of career acheivements inside that ring, and more similar  outside of the ring.  Longtime best friends. Close enough to finish each other’s sentence and call each other out  for a mistake.

Eryk Masters:  I’m being told from the back we might be getting company.

Other Guy:  yeah?

They’re cut off by music and Jack Black’s voice.

"What Powers You ask?  How about the power of flight, that do anything for ya?  That’s levitation, Homes.  How about  the power to kill a yak. From 200 yards away…  WITH MIND BULLETS! That’s telekenisis, Kyle.


El Asso Wipo, and Silas step out onto the entrance ramp to the joy of the Epicenter crowd.  Each man is wearing a  sport jacket as they make their way ring side and sit down next to SHOOT’s commentator crew. 

Eryk Masters:  It looks like wee are being joined by Vermont’s Finest for this contest.

Both Wipo and Silas put on extra head sets as a production member quickly brings them folding chairs.  They sit  down.

Other Guy:  Our pleasure to have you here, gentlemen.

Eryk Masters:  I see you two have dressed up.

Wipo nods showing off his sports coat.  

Wipo:  Our pleasure to join you in your quest in telling the world how awful the Anarchy is. How lucky the Long  Island HC’s are, and how much finer Vermont’s Finest is than all the slap hands wrestling squadrons are inside the  SHOOT Project!

Silas: … … …

Wipo:  Easy my big friend, we’ll get them soon enough! Apologies for his language.  He is a passionate individual,  and sometimes that taints his journalistic integrity.  

Eryk Masters: Well we’re not here to do anything other than call the action fellas, and we’ll be interested in your take on  things as this match is set to go!  Here is Samantha Coil for our ring introductions.

Wonderboy has faded away.  Samantha Coil stands in the ring.

Samantha Coil: Our next contest is a tag team match and is set for one fall…

Sebastian Bach’s scream pierces the Epicenter as Skid Row’s "Monkey Business" erupts. Arch Angel and T.Rex walk out  and stomp towards the ring. Each man in baggy black wrestling pants.  Arch Angel’s have angel’s wings on each pant  leg.  Both have tight white tank tops on, and the symbol for "anarchy"  in red on the chest.  T.Rex turns and we see  also in read "Lean Mean clobberin’ Machine" on the back. 

Samantha Coil:  Making their way to the ring from Seaside Heights, New Jersey, at a combined weight of six  hundred forty two pounds, T. Rex and Arch Angel, AAAAAAAAAANARRRRRRRCHYYYYY!

Eryk Masters:  Anarchy coming to the ring.  T.Rex clearly employing a DIY method in his desire to get that t-shirt made he  talked about this week.

Wipo:  My inside sources say he utilized Crayola Coloring sticks, the only thing he ever writes with!

Anarchy gets to the ring. Arch Angel walks up the ring steps and steps over the top rope and into the ring.  T.Rex,  doesn’t follow.  His eyes find Vermont’s Finest and he heads for them.  He walks slowly by the table as he continues  to eyeball Wipo.  Arch Angel comes outside and coaxes T.Rex into the ring.

Monkey Business fades away.  Anarchy stands in their corner going over some last second strategy. 

Samantha Coil:  And their opponents…

The opening strains of Five Finger Death Punch’s cover of "Bad Company" hit the arena, and the crowd goes to their  feet as the lights go down and the video wall comes to life.

"Company… always on the run"

CJ is seen in closeup, blood dripping down his face.

"Destiny is the rising sun"

Jared is on the top turnbuckle, staring over the crowd.

"I was born, shotgun in my hand"

CJ and Jared are shown standing on the entranceway, Jared’s arms wrapped in barbed wire, CJ with a chair in hand,  and Ryan walking behind them with a garbage can.

"Behind a gun, I make my final stand"

CJ and Jared are mid ring, posing in victory.

"That’s why they call me…"

The hard drum of the chorus kicks in, the video wall showing CJ nailing the Release the Cure, and Jared crashing  onto his opponent with the Most Precious Blood, and a pyro X goes across the entranceway! CJ and Jared step through  to a crowd explosion! They raise their arms to soak in the crowd response!

Samantha Coil: From Westhampton Beach, NY, at a combined weight of 520 lbs, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh,  LOOOOOOOOOONG ISLAAAAAAAAND HAAAAAARDCOOOOOOORE!

Other Guy: The former champs look ready to go tonight, Eryk, and I think Anarchy’s gonna have a hard fight ahead of them.

Eryk Masters:  There isn’t a team in SHOOT Project who doesn’t have a hard fight when they take on these two. But Anarchy’s  trained hard for this moment, and they’re not gonna let it pass them by. In a few short minutes, we’ll find out if  it was enough!

CJ and Jared start their walk down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans, and Jared talking the entire way down.  Both of them wear T-shirts with big red Anarchy symbols seemingly spray-painted across them, CJ wearing his under  his Sons of Fenris cut. Jared slides into the ring, and goes across the ring to the top turnbuckle, as CJ comes up  the ring steps to the opposite corner! They meet in the middle of the ring, and Jared drops to his knees, putting  his arms out wide, as CJ comes over the top of him, crossing his arms in an X across Jared’s chest! Another X pyro  crosses from the ringposts behind them!

Wipo:  The Senors Walsh and Nelson might be hardcore on the streets of the Long Island, but I’d like to see how  they’d fair on the mean streets of Vermont. 

Eryk Masters:  Referee Willie Dean to call the action.  Lets go!

Dean calls for the bell.  As T.Rex steps out onto the apron for Anarchy.  Nelson steps out to the apron for LIHC.  Angel and Walsh circle as the bell rings.

Wipo: A good call by Senor Angel.  A man T.Rex’s size might get winded just stepping through the ropes.

Eryk Masters:  Don’t you feel that’s umm… hypocritical, Wipo?

Wipo: The only thing "critical" about me? Is the care my opponent’s back’s need! When I break them, like so. TCHA!

Angel motions for Jared to come at him and tie up.  Walsh does with as much gusto, but Arch Angel uses his superior  size and power and shoves him down.  He beckons for another tie up. Walsh obliges, and again Angel uses his power to  shove him down violently.  Another smirk from Arch Angel.  He yells  "WANNA TRY ONCE MORE".  Walsh nods with a cocky  smirk.  He hops up, Arch Angel goes for a tie up, but Walsh drops with a dropkick to the knee.  Arch Angel drops to  one knee.  Walsh grabs him in a clinch drives a knee into Arch Angel’s chin, rocking him, and then follows up by  stepping onto that bent knee and drives his shin into the side of Arch Angel’s head with an enzugiri.  Angel’s eyes  roll back as he slumps to the mat.

Eryk Masters:  That combo really rocked the big man!

Walsh shoves Arch Angel over to his back and makes a lateral cover. 



NO!  Arch Angel muscles out. 

Jared Walsh gets up laying the boots to Arch Angel’s midsection.  Arch Angel clutches his ribs as Walsh continues to  stomp away.   He turns and launches with a standing moonsault that connects!  Walsh hooks a leg.


Two..NO!  Angel shoulders out again.  

Other Guy:  Walsh really working the ribs.  Good way to keep a bigger, slower man down and winded making his speed  advantage more pronounced.

Jared pops up, bounces off the ropes and hits a baseball kick slide into Arch Angel’s ribs.  Arch Angel clutches his  ribs and and writhes in pain.  Walsh continues the fast paced onslaught.  He pops up again runs to the ropes, jumps  to the middle rope and launches back with an asai moonsault, but Arch Angel pulls his knees up!

Eryk Masters:  Walsh just got a taste of the ribcage pain he was just dishing out!

Wipo:  Senor Walsh is serving ribs?  And he isn’t offering any to the guests of honor, Vermont’s finest?  Silas!   Put him on "the list".

Silas:  … … …

Wipo:  No, not our Christmas card list.  The OTHER list!

Walsh clutches at his ribs as Arch Angel gets up and lays a vicious boot to his torso.  He drags Walsh up and hooks  him in a front facelock.  Picks him for a vertical suplex.  He stalls.  Holding Jared up for an extra three seconds  before falling backward with high impact.  He drags Walsh to his feet, and levels him with a shortarmed clothesline.   Arch Angel brings Walsh up to his feet and whips him into Anarchy’s corner.  He takes three steps back and runs  hard into corner with a clothesline.  Walsh’s neck snaps back.  Angel steps back and begins delivering a series of  three knee lifts into Jared’s already tender midsection.  Walsh slumps to the mat in a seated position gasping for  air.  Arch Angel makes the tag to T.Rex.  T.Rex is about to step in but something catches his ear.


T.Rex stops entering the match and jumps down and rushes over to the announce table.  He pokes a finger at Wipo, his  voice picked up by the collectiong of commentator’s mics. 

T.Rex:  You got a fuggin’ problem?!

Wipo:  My juevos aren’t the ones you should be challenging! 

T.Rex makes a fist and looks like he’s ready to pop Wipo, when Arch Angel intervenes.  He grabs T.Rex and  immediately gets in his ear.  T.Rex’s head drops and he nods knowingly as Arch Angel talks sense into him.  He slaps  him on the back and they take notice that the referee’s count is up to five.  What they don’t notice is Jared Walsh  is to his feet and standing at the ropes.  He notices Anarchy standing together and takes off.  Bounces off the  ropes, and comes back flying over the top rope, flipping and twisting with a corkscrew plancha taking out both Arch  Angel and T.Rex! Anarchy is down!  Epicenter is up chanting "holy shit".  Walsh pops to his feet and takes a quick  bow, before looking to Wipo.

Jared Walsh:  THAT’s how its done!

Wipo: As a practicer of the Luchadorian Arts, I can say I’d score that flippy spinny dealie a 6.5 on the luchador  scale.

Other Guy:  Only a six point five? 

Wipo:  Of course!  While impressive?  It was not as good as Wipos.  AND he didn’t stick the landing!

Nelson rolls back in the ring.  Anarchy has started to stir on the outside. T.Rex rolls under the bottom rope.   Nelson tags in his partner, and CJ Nelson steps into the ring.  T.Rex gets to his feet, and is leveled by a running  clothesline.  Nelsonscoops up T.Rex and slams him down.

Other Guy:  Impressive power from Nelson!

Nelson quickly brings T.Rex up and backs him into the ropes in a Muay Thai clench, begins driving knees into T.Rex’s  ribs. 

Wipo:  With that belly I don’t think those knees will have much effect.  I think the T in T.REx stands for Tubby!

Nelson continues laying knees into the ribs, and finally nails a stiff European uppercut before grabbing T.Rex in a  side headlock and taking him over.

Other Guy:  Nice side headlock take over there. Almost a judo throw.

CJ peppers in right hands while the two are on the mat.  T.Rex rolls towards Nelson, and drives a forearm shiver to  the back.  Nelson’s grip loosens briefly, but he latches right back on.  T.Rex delivers another forearm shiver, and  then a third.  Nelson’s grip loosens and T.Rex is able to get to a knee.  He drives a stiff right hand into Nelson’s   midsection.  T.Rex gets up with an adrenaline rush and lets out a gutteral growl and grabs Nelson and lifts and  spins driving him down side belly belly suplex.  He comes down with all his weight on Nelson, crushing his ribs.   T.Rex hooks a leg.



NO!  Nelson gets a shoulder up.  T.Rex stands up, and brings Nelson up with him.  Drives a headbutt into the bridge  of Nelson’s nose.  Winds up and follows that with a right hand, backs him up and whips him into the corner.  T.Rex  charges in and nails a running full body splash!  He then grabs Nelson and lifts him up in a front power slam  position takes a step back before falling forward.  Nelson is down writhing in pain, but T.Rex isn’t done.  He gets  up and goes to the corner, climbing to the middle rope.

Eryk Masters:  T.Rex just dropped him with that slam, now he’s looking ot take advantage and finish this with the Extinction  Event!

T.Rex starts to bounce on those middle ropes building up some momentum as the crowd buzzes looking forward to seeing  the big man "fly", but Nelson senses this and wisely rolls and slides out of the ring.  T.Rex hops down.  He sees  Nelson and his eyes go wide.  He looks at the crowd who roar their approval. He runs off the far ropes, and comes  full speed towards the near ropes where CJ is recovering. 

Eryk Masters:  He can’t.

Other Guy:  He won’t.

Silas: … … …

When he gets to the ropes he just bounces into them chest first, letting his speed be absorbed by the ropes.  He  smiles huge and shrugs, points at Walsh in the corner and slaps his gut. 

T.Rex: Ten less pounds and I’ll be flippin’ like you’s. 

Jared gives Teddy a smirk and a sarcastic nod as Nelson slides in.  He gets to his feet and is rocked by a right  hand, but he staggers T.Rex with a right of his own.  T.Rex swings, and again staggers CJ.  Nelson is back up and  swings another right that drives T.Rex back.  T.Rex shakes the cobwebs out and charges looking for a clothesline,  but Nelson ducks it and quickly grabs him from behind in a tight waist.  He launches back…  He lifts with all his  strength…

Eryk Masters:  Wow.

Nelson launches T.Rex back with a german suplex. 

Other Guy:  Impressive display of power from Nelson! 

T.Rex clutches his neck.  The crowd roars as Nelson gets up and tags Jared in.  Walsh jumps to the top rope and  drops a leg across T.Rex’s chest.  He makes a cover and hooks the leg.




Eryk Masters:  So Close. 

Walsh is up.  He stalks T.Rex.  As soon as Rex gets to his feet, he launches up onto T.Rex’s shoulders. 

Other Guy:  Looking for a hurricanrana!

But T.Rex counters, and grabs Walsh and drives him down, and sits out in the process with a nasty sit out powerbomb.   Walsh’s head snapping back with the impact.  T.Rex holds onto his waist for a cover.



Th-No!  Walsh rolls out of it, and T.Rex slumps over, exhaustedly.  Both men down.  The crowd on their feet.  Each  man begins the long crawl to their corner. 

Eryk Masters:  Who wins this race could have a huge advantage. 

Wipo:  I smell cheaters!  I think Senor Angel has a bratwurst in his pocket, and T.Rex smells it!

T.Rex gets to his corner and lunges making a tag!   Walsh gets to his feet and dives and makes the tag!

Other Guy: Here come CJ and Arch Angel!

The two big men meet in the center fists flying. 

Eryk Masters:  Its like a hockey brawl!

Wipo:  Like Me and Silas on the ponds of Vermont!

Arch Angel gets the upper hand with a knee to chest.  Follows that up with a running knee lift that flattens Nelson.   He drops to make a cover.



NO!  Nelson powers out.  Arch Angel gets up, brings Nelson up with him and drops him throat first across the top  rope.  He bounces off the ropes looking for a running big boot –

Eryk Masters:  HE NAILED IT!!! 

The Crowd "oooohs" as Nelson is rocked by the big boot.  He rolls to the corner, and Jared tags himself in and  quickly jumps to the top rope.  He leaps off coming at Arch Angel with a cross body, but  again Arch Angel brings  his big boot up and Walsh eats it!  Walsh crashes and burnds to the mat with a thud. 

Other Guy: Oh my god.

Walsh looks out as Arch Angel pounces. He moves quickly to capitalize. Scoops Jared up into a piledriver position.   He cradles a leg…

Eryk Masters:  Looking for the Weight of the Halo, his cradle piledriver. 

Angel jumps and drives Walsh down in the middle of the ring.

Other Guy:  He SPIKED him!

Wipo:  NOO!! I object, that move should be banned!!

Arch Angel makes a lateral cover.  Hooks a leg. He holds on desperately.




The bells rings and Arch Angel gets up a huge smile, and an almost stunned look on his face as he falls backwards  into the ropes.  A giddy T.Rex comes up and hugs his friend and tag team partner.

Eryk Masters:  A lot of people would call that an upset.  I think even the boys of Anarchy are shocked at what they managed to  accomplish here tonight!

Samantha Coil:  Your winners of this match, at a time of 17:18. AAAAAAANAAAAAAAAAARCHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Eryk Masters: A helluva fight put up here by those two teams. 

Other Guy: Our tag division is talented and deep, Masters.  Its like the NFL, only its "Any Given Monday"!


“The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot hits over the PA system. Jester Smiles emerges from the back in a bright green suit coat with a bright red shirt underneath and black slacks. Sammy Rochester is closely behind, dressed simply in his usual wrestling attire, Sin City Championship slung over his shoulder. He ignores the boos that are thrown his way. Sammy looks left to right, trying to keep his neverending well of rage contained.

Other Guy: Well, I WAAAAS having a decent night…

Eryk Masters: Kinda really hope this is quick, but I have a feeling it won’t be.

Jester walks around to the other end of the ring, retrieving, rather roughly, the microphone from Samantha Coil. Sammy Rochester simply gets in the ring and stands in the middle, looking down on the crowd with infinite anger. The crowd continues to boo and jeer. Jester steps in the ring and begins a mock applaud.

Jester Smiles: Good job, everyone. That is some excellent booing you’ve got going here. The bad guys are in the ring, playing there part, and you, the respectable, good-loving fans are playing yours perfectly.

After all, last week, in Sammy’s match with Edmund Augustus Shan, we saw Edmund Augustus Shan bravely triumph over Sammy Rochester after Sammy ILLEGALLY used a weapon to strangle Edmund Augustus Shan.

Oh, oh, OH! And we saw David Millar fight valiantly after Sammy Rochester spit on him, showing great disrespect to a magnificent competitor.

The crowd boos louder. Jester stops, tapping his head and looking confused.

Other Guy: We get it, Eric. You’re the victim here.

Jester Smiles: No, wait, that’s not right. Shan used the, what was it? A stethoscope? Yeah, Mr. I’mAllHeartAndBrave was the one who used an illegal weapon to try and steal a victory, and yet, still, after everything, failed miserably to dethrone the champion.

And David Millar? Yeah, I think I had that backward. He just strolled into the ring, in a match up that he had NOTHING to do with, and SPIT on the champion. I mean, this is what SHOOT Project is? A place where one of it’s CHAMPIONS is held in such low regard, some newcomer with two or three or some stupidly low number of matches can waltz in the ring and disrespect the champion by SPITTING on him!

Sammy shakes, looking straight down at the ground. The crowd continues to boo and jeer.

Jester Smiles: Oh, right, no, we are the bad guys, I keep forgetting. But…but WHY is Sammy Rochester the bad guy? Because of cheating? Because of disrespect?

Or because he’s the most dominant Sin City Champion this company has ever SEEN, and everyone else is simply JEALOUS!

Crowd: SHUT THE FUCK UP!clap-clap-clapclapclapSHUT THE FUCK UP!clap-clap-clapclapclap

Eryk Masters: Pretty please?

Jester just sorta glares at the crowd, a crowd that once cheered him raucously.

Jester Smiles: I can’t believe I ever cared what you fans and this company thought of me. I can’t believe I used to stand behind everything this company stood for.

I can’t wait for the day that you morons start cheering for Project: SCAR.

The crowd continues there chant, growing louder.

Jester Smiles: Fine fine, I can tell when I’m not wanted around. I’ll leave you all with this little piece of information.

The Sin City Championship series is a slaughter room floor. No matter how hard you try in your individual matches, no matter how many points you rack up competing against each other, I want you all to remember something.

When you come up against Sammy Rochester, it’s your turn to be butchered. I’d recommend getting eliminated as early on as possible.

Ask David Miller.

Jester drops the microphone as “The March of Mephisto” starts playing again. Sammy keeps his eyes cast down, trying to ignore the boos and insults and keep his rage in check.

Eryk Masters: That guy has become such a prick.

Other Guy: I’m not saying you’re wrong, Eryk, but on that last part…well…I’m not saying he’s wrong either.


The fans in attendance begin to cheer as out from the back emerges CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS and BUCK DRESDEN, THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD.  They are dressed as they normally would, Magnus in his suit and Buck in his shirt and jeans.  Buck has on his SHOOT World Tag Team Championship belt buckle as no music is playing for the two of them.  Buck slaps a hand here and there while Magnus walks up the ring steps and into the ring.  He takes the microphone from Samantha Coil and bows to the fans that cheer them on.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Ladies and gentlemen…my name is Charles…Brandon…

Fans:  MAGNUS!

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Ah, you’ve been paying attention.  Perfect.  The man by my side is my partner, my brother, The Bluegrass Bad Ass Buck Dresden.  Together, we are…the Bad…Ass…


Buck takes another microphone as Magnus nods his head to the masses.

Buck Dresden:  Later tonight, y’all get to see two singles wrasslers compete fer the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts against the current champions…two singles wrasslers.  Now, don’t get us wrong, ain’t nary a one o’ them guys I wanna get on the bad side of, but here’s the thing.  The tag division, OUR tag division, is lost.  Like a wayward sheep out ta pasture, our tag division has ta sit back an’ watch the belts get defended while the division itself weeps.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Pathetic, Buck.  Those belts are little more than ornaments.  Daniel Stein and Johnathan Napalm are more interested in their solo glory than what those belts could give them.  Those belts, I might add, which were taken to bold new heights while wrapped around the phenomenal waists…of the Bad Ass Brotherhood.

Buck nods his head.

Buck Dresden:  It’s a damn cryin’ shame, SHOOT faithful.  So we here in the Brotherhood, we’re done sittin’ around, showin’ up in silly interventions.  It’s time we make the tag division matter once again.  An’ the only way we can do that is by gettin’ those belts BACK where they belong!

The fans cheer at the idea of the two of them once again shining their precious light down upon the world as champions.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Since there’s nobody else worthy of that number one contendership, it falls to us to be as we have always been…and that is as the saviors of the tag team division.  Whoever is champion after Reckoning Day, we are coming for our glory.  We are coming to reclaim what is rightfully ours.  We are coming…to be ch…

Suddenly, the lights go down, and Magnus is cut off by Five Finger Death Punch’s “Bad Company,” sending the crowd over the edge! CJ and Jared step through the entrance, mics already in hand, and start to speak on the way to the ring.

Jared Walsh: Lemme see if I can finish that for you, Chuck. “We are coming… to be chumps.”

CJ Nelson: Nah, it’s “to be cheesecake models.”

Jared Walsh: CJ, that doesn’t even make any sense.

CJ Nelson: Hey, I’m not the one saying it, talk to that guy.

Jared Walsh: Y’know, we had some time in between the match we had last Revolution, the one you guys gave me a concussion in despite not actually wrestling, and our match tonight, where we will once again wrestle and you will not… we had some time to think.

CJ Nelson: You remember Revolution 106? Let’s see if we can give you a rundown from our perspective.

CJ and Jared have made it to the ring, and are face to face with the Bad Ass Brotherhood.

Eryk Masters: This is tense, OG. I feel like this could blow up at any moment.

Other Guy: I feel bad for LIHC if it does, Eryk. They don’t know the hornet’s nest they’ll stir up if they make the BAB mad.

Eryk Masters: Very impartial.

CJ Nelson: It was about a month ago, and we were standing backstage, and we basically said everything you just did. Remember that? And then you said “go knock off some ring rust, and leave the fighting to the professionals?”

Jared Walsh: Then we beat you so soundly Danny Evers had to kick us out of the arena.

CJ Nelson: I don’t know about that, Jared, we didn’t really have time to beat them before the Fantastic Pussy threw us out.

Jared Walsh: Fine. Whatever. Missing the point. The point is, since we’ve come back to SHOOT, we’ve plowed through all our opposition and earned our, admittedly, already pretty stellar reputation. If any team in this company deserves to be champions, it’s us. What exactly have YOU two done since losing those belts?

CJ Nelson: Besides denting our chairs with your heads, making commercials, and beating a woman, of course.

Magnus is clearly unamused.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Of course, it makes perfect sense.  CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, desperate to cling to their last vestige of what passed for fame in tag team wrestling before we came along to revolutionize it, have come out here to usurp our moment for themselves.  How positively…predictable.

Magnus leans against the ropes.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Gentlemen, I abhor such putrid puerile behavior as has been your habitual existence.

Buck slowly turns his head and looks at Magnus, completely bewildered.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Buck, what these two alleged gentlemen keep doing is getting in the way of our path to greatness.  Can we…shall we…at long last rid ourselves of their stupidity?

Buck Dresden:  I…guess so?

Magnus smirks.

Charles Brandon Magnus: You two seem to think you’re worthy contenders to the throne by simply existing.  You have beaten no one of note because you have never beaten…us.

Buck scratches the back of his head.

Buck Dresden:  Lissen, fellas.  I’m all fer a scrap.  So why don’t all four of us put on a show at the biggest pay-per-event in the world of wrestlin’ today, an’ we sweeten the pot a lil bit.  Long Island Hardcore, Bad Ass Brotherhood, Number One Contenders fer the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship?  Winner take all?

Magnus grins.

Jared Walsh: Are they… challenging us?

CJ Nelson: Seems that way, Jared.

Jared Walsh: You’ll have to forgive my incredulity, Chuck, I know some five-dollar words, too. I’m just surprised that we’re getting a challenge from the team that revolutionized tag team wrestling by, well, not wrestling.

CJ Nelson: But you want to put it all on the line at Reckoning Day? Long Island Hardcore and the Bad Ass Brotherhood’s first meeting in the ring, for a shot at the currently defiled Tag Team Championships?

Jared Walsh: It’s on like fucking Donkey Kong.

Magnus rolls his eyes at the two of them while suddenly “Bad Company” kicks back in again.  The fans are popping BIG time as Long Island Hardcore talks to one another.  Buck, meanwhile, talks to Magnus, trying to get a game plan going.

Eryk Masters:  Man, you’ve got to be kidding me!  Bad Ass Brotherhood and Long Island Hardcore at Reckoning Day for a shot at the World Tag Team Championship?!  That’s a DREAM match!

Other Guy:  No doubt, E!  Buck ‘n’  Chuck are arguably the best tag team in SHOOT all time.  I say arguably because CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh DEFINITELY have some objections to that!  At Reckoning Day, it’s winner take all and I’ve gotta tell you, Eryk, I have NO idea who I’d predict has what it takes to come out of this the winner!

We see Long Island Hardcore sauntering back up the entrance ramp while The Bad Ass Brotherhood glare at them.  Magnus has his arm around Buck’s shoulders, pointing to the two of them, a smirk on his face.

The Epicenter is plunged into darkness, sending a murmured wave of uncertainty through the capacity crowd. The SHOOT Project Video Wall lights up with a pair of eerie gray eyes, and then those eyes transition into the image of a hand that is holding a bright red apple with a sleek green serpent wrapped around the wrist. 




The lights slowly come back on, and “Time Is On My Side” by The Rolling Stones starts to really hammer those haunting vocals throughout the arena. The curtains get pushed to the side, and out steps Jacob Mephisto.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 270lbs…he hails from Nazareth, Pennsylvania….JACOB MEPHISTO!!!

Eryk Masters: Here comes a legit canvas warrior, OG. One of the most technically skilled Soldiers we have on this roster when it comes pure wrestling.

Other Guy: And listen to this crowd, E….it sounds almost like people are starting to warm up to Mephisto. I definitely hear some cheers for him out there… 

The crowd favors Mephisto with a mixed reaction, the majority of the fans still boo, but there are more fans than usual actually cheering for him. 

Jacob stops about half way down the entrance ramp, noticing the larger amount of cheers he is receiving and looks around at the crowd. He offers a light smirk and nods his head before continuing on. He stalks his way down to the ring, and enters by rolling underneath the bottom rope. He goes over to one corner and leans back with his elbows resting on the top rope, simply awaiting his opponent.

The cameras begin to pan through the capacity crowd…and suddenly we see DAVID MILLER making his way down through the sea of humanity via a long staircase. Fans reach out to touch him, and occasionally Miller returns a fist bump here and there as he makes his way down to the ringside area.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, weighing in at 238lbs…he hails from Anaheim, California…DAVILD MILLER!!!

Eryk Masters: What you see is what you get with David Miller, OG. He’s not about pageantry or big theatric entrances. No theme song. No footage playing across the SHOOT video wall. What we have here is a man who has one goal and one goal only…and that is to FIGHT.

Other Guy: Miller is very Spartan in his approach; E. He doesn’t need pyrotechnics or catchy tunes to make an impact. If you want to see how David Miller makes an impact…then watch how he carries himself when he steps into that squared circle. THAT…is where this fearless Soldier makes his lasting impressions.

Miller hops over the security railing and proceeds to roll into the ring beneath the bottom rope, and he takes a moment to bow his head in respect for the SHOOT Project ring. Miller then ascends to the second rope and he whips the hood of his jacket back, showcasing eyes that are hard, cold, and focused. He removes the jacket and tosses it out into the crowd before turning back to face Mephisto, his cold glare glued to his opponent’s face.

Samantha Coil takes a moment to step into the center of the ring with her microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES MATCH…scheduled for one fall!

Samantha exits the ring, and Miller wastes no time in getting RIGHT up into Jacob’s face, cold eyes meeting cool gray eyes.

Eryk Masters: No intimidation from Miller, OG. I think he proved that to the world last week when he spit directly into Sammy Rochester’s face.

Other Guy: He paid for it, though. I admire how courageous this guy is, but he’s gotta recognize that his opponent is just as steadfast. You better believe that Jacob Mephisto isn’t the least bit intimidated by Miller either.

The bell rings with a resounding clang, and we are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!

Miller starts things off quickly, proceeding to send stinging Muay Thai kicks to Jacob’s thighs and calves. Jacob staggers backwards, but then he gets right back into and begins to snap a few scathing kicks of his own into Miller’s legs. The men continue to trade kicks, each one that connects sending a terrible CRACK noise through the Epicenter.

Eryk Masters: Listen to these shots, OG! The force behind each of these kicks is damn near staggering.

Other Guy: Both men with similar ideas, and they’re going all out to damage kneecaps, thighs, calves…whatever they have to do to cut each other down to size.

Suddenly Jacob puts an end to the kick barrage by sending a heavy knee into Miller’s stomach, and Jacob follows up with a tight front facelock. Mephisto jocks for position, but Miller twists his way out of the hold and he counters into a hammerlock! Miller grinds on Jacob’s arm, but Jacob ducks beneath him and comes up behind Miller with a hammerlock of his own!

Miller grits his teeth in frustration, but then breaks free of the hammerlock and cinches in a tight side headlock on Mephisto, and he promptly takes him down to the canvas with a headlock takeover.

Miller holds tight to Jacob’s neck, but the larger man manages to get his legs up and he SNAKES them around Miller’s throat before yanking him back with a headscissors choke. Miller gasps for air for a moment, but then he manages to break out of the headscissors, and both men jump up on either side of the ring with fists raised.

Eryk Masters: Just pure, beautiful chain wrestling right there, folks. One move transitions into another so seamlessly that it’s almost like poetry in motion.

Other Guy: These guys are SO evenly matched, E. They have similar styles, and they’re both well versed in mat-based competition.

Jacob is the first to move, going low to SHOULDER TACKLE the hell out of Miller’s knee. Miller goes down hard, holding his left leg in pain, and Mephisto immediately starts to just RAM knee strikes into Miller’s ankle and the back of his left knee. Miller crawls across the canvas, trying to reach the ropes to pull himself up…but Mephisto takes that moment to drape Miller’s left leg on the bottom rope…AND THEN HE LEAPS UP AND PISTONS AN ELBOW INTO MILLER’S LEG!!!

David cries out in pain again, still holding tight to that leg. Mephisto leans down to scrape Miller up, but he lashes out with a brutal spinning back fist that catches Jacob right across the jaw. Miller climbs back up to his feet while favoring his left leg a bit…and he BLASTS Jacob square in the face with a front thrust kick!

Mephisto stumbles backwards, looking like he’s seconds away from falling…but Miller quickly moves in and takes him down with a drop toe hold to maximize the damage, and as soon as Jacob touches down Miller floats over into a cover.




Jacob kicks out with authority, prompting Miller to rise back up to his feet for the next bit of offense.

Eryk Masters: Incredible volley of moves from Mephisto, targeting Miller’s left leg in particular. Miller strikes back hard though, and he earned himself a two count there.

Other Guy: Jacob definitely wants to focus on Miller’s legs, because if he cuts those out from underneath the man…it’ll be that much easier to lock in Mephisto’s Method.

Jacob looks like he’s about to stand, but Miller quickly grabs one of his boots…and he PLANTS Jacob’s right leg down with a Foot DDT! Jacob’s foot smashes down against the canvas particularly hard, and he grits his teeth in anguish. Miller then begins to just send scintillating Muay Thai kicks into that same leg, targeting Jacob’s ankle and calf muscle.

Mephisto crawls away, and he manages to climb up to one knee before ultimately reaching out to the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. He barrels towards Miller, looking for a clothesline, but David ducks the attempt and he grabs onto Jacob’s right leg and WHIPS him down to the canvas with a Dragon screw.

Other Guy: Talk about turning the tide…now it’s DAVID MILLER that’s focusing in on one of Mephisto’s legs!

Eryk Masters: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…and a leg for a leg, apparently! Miller’s doing a great job of weakening those ligaments and tendons in Jacob’s leg. If Jacob can barely stand, then Miller will have no trouble dropping him with that Career Killer.

Jacob is starting to get back up, but Miller takes him RIGHT back down with a reverse kneebar! Jacob groans with pain, sweat dripping down from his long hair, and Miller just yanks backwards on his leg as hard as he can.

Eryk Masters: Nasty, OG! Miller’s got that reverse kneebar locked on tight….will we see Mephisto tap??

Other Guy: I don’t know, E…but I can only imagine the tendon damage being inflicted here. Look how awkwardly Jacob’s leg is hyper extended…

Jacob seems to gather all of his strength, and he manages to lean way back and PUMP a few elbow shots into Miller’s face and torso, forcing him to release the hold…and instead of taking the fight back up to a vertical base, Jacob promptly grabs Miller’s leg and RIPS into it with a perfectly applied Indian Deathlock!

Jacob grinds backwards with the submission, bending Miller’s leg awkwardly and applying tremendous pressure to the knee pit. Miller cries out in excruciation, a few droplets of spittle shining on his bottom lip.

The referee drops down to ask of Miller wants to give up, but he is QUICK to shake his head “NO!”

Eryk Masters: Talk about an impressive counter there…Miller starts out with the reverse kneebar and Mephisto fights his way out of it and manages to snap on an Indian Deathlock.

Other Guy: I hope neither of these boys are planning on running any marathons in the next few days, because after tonight those legs are gonna be sore as HELL.

Miller is struggling hard against the Indian Deathlock, and he finally manages to grab a handful of Jacob’s hair, only to SLAM a desperation headbutt into Jacob’s face. Jacob falls backwards while releasing the hold, and Miller climbs dutifully back up to his feet while favoring one leg. Jacob rises up as well, and he slightly limps around to find his opponent….but Miller is too quick, and he is right in Jacob’s face and SLAMMING elbow uppercuts into the shelf of Mephisto’s jaw.

Jacob staggers backwards, and Miller takes that moment to TOSS Jacob halfway across the ring with a Double-Arm suplex!

Jacob lands HARD, his back arching in pain when he touches down.

Eryk Masters: Explosive strength from David Miller, OG! Jacob weighs about 270lbs, but Miller still managed to take him up and over there.

Other Guy: Jacob’s about 30lbs heavier than Miller, but that extra 30lbs won’t stop The Assassin from hitting you with every lethal maneuver he has in his arsenal.

Jacob is using one of the corner turnbuckles to pull himself back up to his feet, and Miller decides to get a running start as he lashes out with another thrust kick…but Jacob sidesteps at the last second! David gets hung up with his leg on the rope, and Mephisto hits the ropes and PLOWS into Miller with a brutal knee strike to the lower back! Jacob then grabs Miller’s head and he SNAPS him down to the canvas with a neckbreaker!

Eryk Masters: Mephisto scores with FAITHLESS! That might be enough, OG!

Other Guy: Jacob going for the pinfall now!

Jacob pulls back on both of Miller’s legs as the official drops into place.




Miller shoulders out hard, proceeding to roll to the side so that he can get his bearings. Jacob appears slightly frustrated, and he immediately scrapes Miller back up and BLASTS him right back down with a lifting kneebreaker. Miller lands hard while cradling his bad leg close to his torso.

Jacob drops right back down, trying for another cover while grabbing specifically onto Miller’s injured leg.





Miller kicks out hard, and he even goes so far as to DRILL a stinging right cross into the side of Mephisto’s face.

Eryk Masters: Mephisto with two big impact moves there on Miller, TWO pinfall attempts…and Miller is still alive!

Other Guy: Miller’s resilience is very impressive. He can take his lumps and then get right back up to knock your teeth down your throat.

Miller is up, and he grabs Jacob around the waist and he RUNS him directly into one of the turnbuckles, smashing him up against the buckles chest-first, and then Miller rolls backwards across the canvas with Jacob’s body before popping back up to CRUSH Jacob into the canvas with a high-angle german suplex.

Jacob lands right on the back of his neck with a huge crash. Miller disengages, and Jacob tries to sit back up to shake the cobwebs out…but Miller DRILLS him in the side of the temple with a buzzsaw kick!

Jacob is flung right back down to the canvas, his body going totally limp. Miller immediately drops down for the cover.




Jacob kicks out at the last minute, and a portion of the crowd even starts to cheer for his survival instinct.

Eryk Masters: Miller hits the Chaotic Suplex, and then he damn near CAVES Jacob’s skull in with that buzzsaw kick…but Mephisto STILL has some fight left in him!

Other Guy: Remember, E…this is a Sin City Championship Series match. The Series brings out the best in any SHOOT Project Soldier that competes in it.

Now Miller shows some frustration, pausing for a moment to wipe sweat from his brow. Miller then pulls Jacob towards the center of the ring, and he GRINDS onto his ankle with all of the tenacious strength he has inside of him. Mephisto’s eyes widen with agony…and he begins to claw and scrape against the canvas for any kind of purchase.

Other Guy: Ankle lock!! Miller has that perfectly applied…the pressure he’s exerting on that Achilles tendon has got to be KILLING Mephisto!

Eryk Masters: I imagine it feels like fire in the joints, OG…if Jacob doesn’t get to those ropes or find a way to escape this hold, we might be hearing a brittle SNAP any moment now!

Mephisto pulls and crawls across the canvas, inching his way closer to the ropes…but Miller PULLS HIM RIGHT BACK!! Jacob buries his head in his hands, the pain roaring through his ankle…but finally he FLIPS forward, rolling Miller out of position…and Jacob immediately grabs both of Miller’s legs and attempts to twist him over for the high-angle cloverleaf!!

Eryk Masters: Jacob is trying for Mephisto’s Method! Can he get him over??

Miller struggles as hard as he can, and he finally manages to BOOT Jacob square in the stomach and knock him backwards. Miller then hits the ropes and he dives into Mephisto with a dropkick to the kneecap! Jacob’s leg gets cut out from underneath him, and he drops down to one knee while supporting himself with his hands and knees against the canvas…

Miller hits the ropes yet again, looking to capitalize on Jacob’s position…but Jacob catches Miller, grabbing both of his arms…..Mephisto lets out a battle cry…AND HE SPIKES MILLER’S HEAD INTO THE CANVAS WITH A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER!!!




Miller lands awkward as hell, his neck bent to the side, and Jacob collapses beside him with sweat pouring down his face.

Other Guy: NIGHTMARE ON YOUR STREET!! Jacob SPIKED Miller there, and the man’s brains have got to be scrambled! Cover him, Mephisto!!

Eryk Masters: Jacob is getting back up to his feet, but that leg is still bothering him. Matter of fact…BOTH men are having trouble with their legs after the wear and tear of this match.

Jacob finally gets his vertical base back, and he grabs David Miller and pulls him up to a sitting position, Miller wobbling from side to side in a daze…and then Jacob hits the ropes and DRILLS MILLER WITH A YAKUZA KICK TO THE FACE!!

Miller gets FLUNG down to the canvas by the impact of Jacob’s boot, and it looks like a little blood has started to drip down from his nose.

Eryk Masters: GODLESS! Mephisto is giving it EVERYTHING here…that’s two signature moves in a row. That HAS to be it for David Miller!

Mephisto collapses down on top of Miller with a pinfall attempt.





Jacob pushes himself off of Miller, his hands digging into his hair with SHOCK…and we see that at the last possible moment, David Miller got his foot on the bottom rope…and he KEPT HIMSELF ALIVE!!!

Eryk Masters: CHRIST!!! The ring awareness of David Miller!! I was certain this match was over…but I was wrong, OG.

Other Guy: Pure instinct from Miller to get his foot up on that rope. He WANTS this just as badly as Jacob Mephisto does. These men are putting their bodies through absolute hell because they WANT…they NEED…to earn those points to advance in the Sin City Championship Series. That’s what this is all about…

Jacob grabs Miller, trying to pull him back up to his feet, but Miller latches onto Jacob’s wrist and he WHIPS him hard into one of the turnbuckles. Miller then closes in and smashes a back spin kick into Jacob’s stomach. Jacob starts to double over, but Miller answers this with several quick left jabs, followed by two POWERFUL right crosses that rock Jacob’s head to the side.

Mephisto’s body droops backwards, and Miller starts to just TEE OFF on Jacob’s jaw with elbow uppercut after elbow uppercut. Jacob’s head gets CRUSHED to the side with a back elbow, and a jet of blood oozes out from his mouth as his lip gets busted up against his teeth.

Miller then locks on a Thai clinch, and he starts to just stab Mephisto’s kidneys with knee after knee, and once the big man starts slumping forward Miller takes that moment to PISTON his kneecap directly into Mephisto’s forehead before allowing him to collapse down face-first against the canvas.

Eryk Masters: Good GOD…the striking capabilities of David Miller! He’s just about beat this man half to death!

Other Guy: Miller calls that the Violence Party, Eryk…and judging by the brutalized carcass of Jacob Mephisto, I DEFINITELY see where it gets that name!

Mephisto is crawling across the canvas towards the ropes, and one of his eyes has taken on a dark, bruised shade from that strikefest from Miller…but quite suddenly, Miller cuts him off and begins to BEND back on one of his arms in an attempt to lock in a Kimura lock!

Jacob senses the impending danger, and he and begins to fight Miller off WILDLY, struggling with everything he has to keep that Kimura lock from being applied properly. Jacob uses his height advantage to fight his way over to the ropes, grabbing the bottom rope like a life preserver to keep Miller at bay.

Eryk Masters: SMART move by Mephisto, OG…if Miller gets the opportunity to lock on that Kimura, Jacob has only two options. Tap and lose this match, or let his armed get snapped cleanly in two.

Other Guy: Definitely a lose/lose situation when it comes to the dreaded Kimura.

Miller backs up at the behest of the official, but at the very second Jacob disengages himself from the ropes, Miller is RIGHT back on that arm in an attempt to drag Jacob down for the Kimura. Mephisto gets a burst of adrenaline though, and he latches onto Miller’s legs and FLIPS him over, countering into his signature high-angle cloverleaf!!

Miller’s in the worst possible position in the very CENTER of the ring, and Jacob GRINDS back with all of his strength, putting a phenomenal amount of pressure on Miller’s legs and back.

Eryk Masters: MEPHISTO’S METHOD!!! Jacob has got ALL of it right now, and he is bending Miller like a human pretzel!

Other Guy: This is BAD…Miller is miles and miles away from those ropes!

Miller’s face is SCRUCHED into an expression of excruciation, and he is desperately clawing and pulling against the canvas in an attempt to reach the ropes, but Jacob pulls him back each time that he tries. The official drops down, asking of Miller wants give it up, and Miller immediately shakes his head from side to side with sweat pouring down his face.

Eryk Masters: The pain has got to hellish for Miller right now….but the man REFUSES to quit!

Other Guy: Miller’s a tough son of a bitch; E. I don’t think this man will ever even CONSIDER tapping. He’s going fight you until his body literally just shuts down.

Miller’s hands ball up into fists, his face full of pain and indomitable willpower, and yet AGAIN he tries to pull himself towards the ropes. Jacob pulls him right back and bends Miller backwards even worse than before; giving it EVERYTHING he has left. The referee again asks Miller if he wants to quit, and he’s met with a rasping, weakened voice that says one undeniable word: “No.”

Slowly but surely, Miller’s fists unclench, his eyes flutter closed…and his head drops down against the canvas. The official drops down, proceeding to pick up Miller’s arm once. It drops. He picks it up a second time…it drops.

Dennis Heflin picks Miller’s arm up for the third and final time…and once again….it drops.

Dennis signals to the timekeeper, and the bell rings with a loud clang.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of fourteen minutes and twenty three seconds….JACOB MEPHISTO!!!

Eryk Masters: That was one HELL of a battle, OG. David Miller refused to quit. The man never tapped…and he never said die. Mephisto had to actually render him unconscious to pick up the victory here tonight.

Other Guy: That’s a testament to how tough and hardened Miller is…it took everything Jacob had left to finally put him under. And speaking of Mephisto…HUGE win for this man. He’s on a roll in the Sin City Championship Series…first a win over Solomon Richards…and now a win over David Miller.

Eryk Masters: He’s collecting those points left and right, OG…and if he keeps this up then Jacob Mephisto is going to skyrocket his way straight in to SSCS Finals.

Jacob can barely stand under the weight of his bad leg, but he allows the official to raise his hand up in triumph. Mephisto looks exhausted and drained after this hard-fought match, but he also looks incredibly proud of the fact that he’s victorious is another SSCS showdown.

The shot closes out on a battle-weary Jacob Mephisto standing tall.


Abigail Chase walks through a dim backstage corridor, her low heels clicking against concrete. Her heart is beating very fast, and her breath comes out in low and quick gasps. Her fingers grip tightly to her microphone, seeming almost to knead the handle. Fat droplets of sweat glisten on her temples, and her eyes dart back and forth to every dark crevice this lonely section of the Epicenter has to offer.

Abigail Chase…is experiencing dread. She has worked with the SHOOT Project for a long time. The loyal employee, the intrepid backstage reporter. She has interviewed Brave Soldiers. Strange Soldiers. Kind Soldiers. Arrogant Soldiers. Cruel Soldiers. Every type of wrestling personality to grace a roster…Chase has been there, microphone in hand, and she has done her duty with unshakable professionalism.

But it’s always different…with Him. She remembers the last time she interviewed him. Many long months ago. The trauma…the mental scars…they remain with her to this day. Something about him just strips away everything that makes her human, leaves her standing there like a pathetic animal baptized in its own urine. When she looks into His eyes…it’s like she’s staring into a dark hole in time where great and hideous things with spindly legs beckon to her with bony fingers and thin smiles.

The last time she interviewed Him….she asked Jason Johnson for two week’s vacation immediately after. He gave it to her. She spent time alone in a cabin by a lake in Maine just to get away from it all. Every night by that lake, she had terrible nightmares. Dreams about pale hands dragging her down into the dankness of a root cellar. Pale hands twirling in her hair. Pale hands setting a dog food dish in front of her filled with congealing maggot-meat and gesturing for her…to eat.

Abigail Chase goes to a therapist now…because of Him. Because of one man on this roster out of all of the psychopaths and egomaniacs that GETS to her like no one else ever has. And tonight…because it’s her job…she must face her fears again.

She comes around a corner…and there he is, sitting casually on a black stool. He stands as she gets closer, and he gives her his brightest smile. A smile…that glistens with saliva-coated fangs. White hair, like fine spidersilk, frames a face that is capable of phenomenal acts of premeditated evil. Abigail approaches the monster, holding her microphone close to her like a pathetic weapon, and when she looks up at him…her stomach twists over in revulsion.

Entragian: Abigail…you look nervous. Do I make you nervous?

Abigail swallows deeply, staring into eyes that are like vats of swirling green toxins. Her mouth opens to respond, but all that comes out is a dry croak. She tries again, finally succeeding in forming actual words.

Abigail Chase: You asked…for interview time…and I’m here.

Entragian: Yes, you certainly are. Such a dutiful young woman. I’m sure JJ is just delighted to have you on the payroll. You know…I always ask specifically for you, Abigail. Never Dutch Harris…never Mary Kelly…only you. I only have eyes for one backstage interviewer. We have such a…connection, wouldn’t you agree?

Isaac reaches out casually to push a lock of Abigail’s hair behind her ear. His touch sends shivers of disgust through her body, and it takes every ounce of her willpower to keep her teeth from chattering. She stands there, practically trembling, and says nothing.

Isaac turns to the camera for a moment, and he gestures to the wall behind him. It is a drab concrete wall, but it’s been freshly painted with a rendition of the SHOOT PROJECT HELMET. The paint is a charcoal gray, and every angle of the design is sharp and crisp.

Entragian: Make sure you get this entirely into frame.

Isaac turns his attention back to Abigail Chase.

Entragian: See that symbol, Abigail? It is the faceless representation of every Soldier to ever earn a spot on the SHOOT Project roster. Legends like Diamond Del Carver and Real Deal have fought under that banner. Fresh faced guys like Henry Gordon and Solomon Richards appear awestruck every time they look upon it. Even the wily veterans like Diamante and Mirage respect what this symbol stands for. THIS, Abigail…is the SHOOT Project Helmet.

Isaac pauses to gaze at the SHOOT Helmet.

Entragian: When you fight beneath the eyeless visage of this Helmet…you know that you’ve finally made it in the wresting business. You’re HERE. You’ve made it to the big leagues. The sky is the limit now. You cut your own path…and you claim your own destiny. Here in Las Vegas…in the heart of the desert…pure competition is alive and well. An assemblage of elite athletes…all of them fighting under one banner. THIS…banner.

Isaac gestures broadly to the Helmet painted on the wall, and then he turns back to Abigail with churning acid seeming almost to bleed right out of his irises.

Entragian: I HATE the SHOOT Project Helmet, Abigail. I hate it…in the deepest depths of my heart. It is not my sigul. It symbolizes a world…that denies me. A world that would see me and mine rotting in a windowless prison for life. The SHOOT Project Helmet is HOPE, HONOR, JUSTICE, and LIGHT…given form. There is no room for darkness amidst the hard edges of this militant design.

Isaac takes in a deep inhalation of oxygen, his imposing frame looming over the perspiring face of Abigail Chase.

Entragian: I loathe this symbol…but I LOVE SHOOT Project, Abigail. I chose SHOOT Project…to be my den. It is a generous feeding ground, and competition is plentiful here. People have often misconstrued my goals…they think I want to DESTROY SHOOT Project. That…is ignorant idiocy. If I brought this place down with fire and ash…what do I accomplish? My den lies in ruin. The option to fight the best of the best on any given night…is gone. I seal my own downfall.

Isaac reaches out, and he lightly drags his fingernails down across the SHOOT Project Helmet.

Entragian: All I want…is CHANGE. And because of the love I have for SHOOT Project, I am willing to put in the time and the effort to bring about that change. I want to DEFILE. I want to DESECRATE. I want to STAIN and TARNISH. I want to rip out the honor…the hope…the justice…and I want to fill those voids with nests for the insidious. SHOOT Project is the HOUSE OF SCAR…and this symbol of oppression has no place within the confines of my home. I will replace it. I will…dehumanize it. I will smear it with the excrement of a diseased world.

Isaac moves to the side, and the frame encompasses a cardboard box off to the side. Flies buzz lazily around this box…and when Isaac opens the flaps, a fetid stench stings Abigail’s nostrils so terribly that she struggles not to retch.

Isaac reaches his pale hands deep within, and what he comes out with is a dripping foulness of flesh and bone. It looks almost like a dreamcatcher woven of visceral sinew, stringy tendons, and torn muscle fiber. Skull fragments decorate this infernal creation, and thick blood oozes from it like cold molasses.

Entragian: I visited the butcher’s shop earlier today, Abigail. I procured a few…items…that will help me ILLUSTRATE my point to you and the SHOOT Project faithful. It is a conglomeration of livestock flesh…the remains…the castoffs…the gritty GUTS left behind after the feast of a spoiled society.

Isaac THROWS this visceral nastiness directly onto the SHOOT Project Helmet, and it remains there, oozing and dripping, caught as though by natural adhesive. The smell of rot makes Abigail Chase lightheaded, and she places a shaky hand against the wall to avert a fainting spell.

Isaac reaches back into the box, and he comes out with a jar of pig’s blood…and he splatters this to either side of the Helmet like he’s working on an abstract painting. The result…is a SHOOT Project Helmet that is a stinking, malignant, decaying sigul. It looks like something that could very well mark the gates of Hell.

Entragian: Do you not cast your eyes to the ground, little girl….you LOOK AT THAT! The SHOOT Project Helmet….profaned. The HEART and SOUL of this company…perverted…defiled…corrupted…in an image of my choosing. Look at that, and you will see no honor. You will see no justice. In that blood, that black ooze, in the sightless eyes of newborn maggots…THERE IS NO FUCKING ROOM….FOR LIGHT!

Isaac ROARS this last line, and Abigail cringes backwards, nearly tripping over the remains of the cardboard box. Isaac catches her by the wrist…and he draws her close. One finger, stained with fresh rot, lazily caresses her cheek.

Entragian: You understand now, Abby? You get it? THAT…is the Project: SCAR Helmet. That…is the SHOOT Project I’m fighting for. I will force this company into a cocoon, I will jumpstart a metamorphosis, and what emerges will not be a butterfly…but it will have wings. Pale, translucent wings…and it will FLY. I will build myself a throne from scrap metal, disused ring ropes and tattered canvas…and I will LORD over this fucking Epicenter as a well deserving King.

Isaac leans down, whispering into Abigail’s ear.

Entragian: Kenji & Flay as the Tag Team Champions. Gaunt as the Sin City Champion. And ME…with the World Heavyweight Championship where it belongs…on MY shoulder. That is the only thing that will make me HAPPY, Abigail. I want it ALL. I want SCAR…to have it all…

Chase tries to twist her head away from Entragian, away from that hot, brimstone-stinking breath. Isaac holds tight to the hand that encloses the microphone, and he gently brings it back up to his lips.

Entragian: Corruption, Abigail. That’s what it all comes down to. My aim…is to corrupt. If I were to reach my hand down into your pants…if I were to rub my fingertips against the lips of your cunt…and if I were to take those juices and SMEAR them across the SHOOT Project Helmet…that would add to the corruption, yes? This is a little pocket of my world, Abigail…and there is no one here to save you from such violation. The cameraman would drop his camera and run before trying to be a hero. Your honor…undefended. What a shame…

Abigail Chase…is crying. Slow tears are dripping down her face, cutting through her blush…and dangling from her trembling lips. She tried to hold it in. She tried to stay strong. But in the presence of this fearmonger…she breaks.

Abigail Chase: PLEASE…why…why are you doing this to me?

Isaac Entragian…can only smile.

Entragian: You want a reason, Abigail? You want a motive? Okay. Here’s your answer. I am doing this to you….because I choose to.

Chase responds to this with a snuffled sob, her hair hanging messily around her face. Isaac once more guides Abigail’s microphone-holding hand to his lips, having to actually lift her arm since her limbs seem damn near numb.

Entragian: Just a few more moments, little girl scout, and we’ll be done. Hang tough. When I look at that SHOOT Project Helmet, Abigail, there is one Soldier in particular that I envision wearing it on his head. Those spikes reaching high off his head, that face shield turning his features into a steadfast mask of determination. Sharp green eyes staring out from it, and a dark complexion draped in shadow.

Isaac’s eyes narrow, his teeth momentarily gritting together.

Entragian: It is the face…of my great betrayer. My own personal Judas Iscariot. The man wearing that SHOOT Project Helmet in my mind’s eye…is Adrian Corazon. I have come to hate that Helmet because of the small-minded attributes that it represents, and I have come to hate Corazon because he is the embodiment of that version of SHOOT Project and everything it stands for. They go…hand in hand. And when I get done with him…both the symbol…and the man…will be purged of all self-righteousness.

Isaac reaches down…and he wipes his hand along Abigail’s cheeks, collecting her tears on his fingertips.

Entragian: Cry, Abigail. I want you to cry. It’s human nature to openly weep while in the presence of a creature that is superior to yourself. I think for now…I won’t violate the mound of your slimy slit. I won’t collect your pussy nectar and smear it across my sigul. Instead…I will settle…for your tears.

Isaac casually reaches over…and he wipes his wet fingers across the profaned SHOOT Project helmet, mixing Abigail’s tears with the sap-like pig’s blood.

Entragian: Just a little more befoulment…for the Project: SCAR Helmet. Your contribution is appreciated, Abigail. And on that note, guess I’ll see you around, yeah?

Isaac starts to turn away, but then he looks back at Abigail Chase with a vile, knowing grin.

Entragian: OH…almost forgot. Good luck with the therapy!

Isaac pats Chase companionably on one shoulder, and then he strolls out of frame. Abigail literally spins around on her heels and falls to her knees…and we hear her scream out “TURN IT OFF” followed by the sounds of dry heaving.

The camera immediately leaves the crouched form of Abigail Chase, and it zooms in on the SHOOT Project Helmet desecrated and remade into the Project: SCAR Helmet.



Laura Seton sits on the floor, stretching.  There are three knocks on the door, but the knocker doesn’t even wait for any acknowledgement.  The door swings violently open, and Loco Martinez storms in.  Laura immediately jumps to her feet.  Loco seethes as he approaches her.

Loco Martinez: You happy with yourself?  

The question is rhetorical as Loco doesn’t wait to continue getting close enough that Laura readies herself to fight.

Loco Martinez:  Seriously.  WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!  As if your smug superiority wasn’t enough?   As if your beating Jaime half to DEATH wasn’t ENOUGH?  I’ve seen some heinous stuff, and done some heinous stuff, and maybe… MAYBE you can chalk it up to "its part of the business", but?  No. You gotta throw the cherry onto your sundae by going out there and doing that to SHOOT’s fans, TO A KID?   All that just a few short days after  you attack your SISTER?!  You end her season.  Are you proud of yourself?  Is there some sort of asshole pentathlon you’re competing in?  Cuz if there IS?  Congrats you’re gonna get yourself another gold medal.

Laura has a light roll of her eyes as she scoffs.

Laura: Right.  I should care what you say after everything you’ve done against the fans.

She then gets a look of confusion.

Laura: How do you even know what happened with Maddie?

Loco stares shocked.  He seethes through gritted teeth.

Loco Martinez:  I’ve done and said some shitty things.  Show me where I went into the crowd and ASSAULTED them.  Show ME where I picked on a CHILD. Show me the guy I nearly KILLED with a chair.  As for Maddie?  How do you THINK I learned what…  YOU… DID. 

Laura narrows her eyes, beginning to seethe herself.

Laura: What the fu—what the HELL was I supposed to do!?  SHE was attacking ME!  Or did she not tell you that part?

Loco Martinez:  No.  I’m fully aware she isn’t innocent, but?  Be her BIG sister… no.  BE THE ADULT!  Walk away.  Defend yourself without MAIMING her.  Do any one of, a hundred things where she doesn’t end up with her arm in a sling and your relationship in ruins.  For the love of GOD, think of what that did to her. In front of her coach.  In front of her teammates. To her season,  but most importantly to what you represent.  You are someone she loves and looks up to.  She ADORED you.  I don’t think you REALIZE how much she wants to be you, and you shattered that. 

Laura: If she really cared, she would have listened to me a few years ago and stayed away from you.  Just like these SHOOT fans, she was too ignorant to listen to me.  What I had to say–the RIGHT things and how to live life correctly–passed right over her head; same as these fans.  You wonder why I have no care anymore?

Loco leans in.  He’s tense, fists clenched, and coiled.  You can almost feel the Epicenter yearning "Hit her! HIT HER!"  Laura smirks.

Laura:  What are YOU gonna do?

Loco closes his eyes.  Takes a deep breath to calm himself and turns on his heels.  As he pulls on the door to leave.

Laura:  That’s what I thought.

He stops cold.  He turns his head slowly.  A cocky smirk on his face.  Laura cocks a confused eyebrow, but there is no further altercation.  Loco vanishes.  The door closes smoothly. 



Samantha Coil: The following contest is schedule for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit!

"Bully" by Shinedown hits the airwaves, and a decidedly mixed reaction rings out among the crowd as Chance Ryan steps out from the back, only slightly more cheers than jeers within the Epicenter. Chance starts making his way down the ramp deliberately, not playing to the crowd one way or another.

Other Guy: These fans are slowly starting to warm up to Chance, not unlike myself.

Eryk Masters: He’s starting to win you over too, huh? Something about his straightforward honesty is refreshing.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, from Metropolis, Illinois! Weighing in at 286 pounds! He is CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE RYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Chance raises his right hand in the air as he steps into the ring, his music fading out.

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

The fans begin to cheer loudly as the music kicks in!

Eryk Masters: On the other hand, this man is loved by all!

I think you need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


Other Guy: You’re not kidding! Listen to these people, and he hasn’t even come out yet!

"Sound of Madness" by Shinedown continues to play, and that means only one thing: :unatikk Crippler has arrived! He steps out from behind the curtains, the hood of his vest pulled up over his head, and he peers out to the crowd with a big grin. The opening of his vest shows that his left shoulder is still bandaged up, but it makes no difference to Crippler as he begins to walk his way down the ramp, pointing out to the crowd to get them psyched up for the match that they’re about to witness, whipping them into a cheering frenzy.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! From South Bend, Indiana and weighing in at 238 pounds! He is "The Whole Fucked Up Show!" LUUUUUUUUUNATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKK CRRRRRRRRRRRIPPLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Crippler gets to the bottom of the ramp and slides under the bottom rope, staring hard at Chance with a slight grin still on his face as his music fades out while he takes off his vest.

Other Guy: These two will not take their eyes off of each other.

Eryk Masters: The spirit of competition is burning deep within both of them, OG.

Scott Kamura signals for the bell, and Lunatikk Crippler and Chance Ryan begin circling, keeping their eyes focused on each other before snapping together in the middle of the ring for a collar and elbow tie-up. Crippler quickly pulls Chance into a side headlock, taking control early.

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Crippler deliberately making the first move.

Other Guy: He warned Chance that he wouldn’t let up once the bell rang.

Chance, however, quickly pushes Crippler off of the side headlock and sends him off into the ropes. As he straightens up and Crippler rebounds off the ropes, Chance rushes into him, knocking Crippler to the canvas with a shoulder tackle!

Other Guy: But Chance bowled Crippler over right away.

Eryk Masters: And look at that stare between the two of them? These two are serious!

Crippler cautiously gets to his feet, neither man’s eyes leaving the other’s. Crippler slowly nods at Chance, even offering a short clap. The two meet in the center again with a lockup, this time Crippler moves his hand up to Chance’s left wrist quickly and spins under it, right into a hammerlock, wrenching Chance’s arm behind his back. As Chance searches for a way out, Crippler reaches up with his free hand and pulls Chance back into another side headlock, this time locking his right hand in the crook of his left elbow.

Eryk Masters: Crippler with a much tighter side headlock, he’s not going to let himself get sent to the ropes again.

Other Guy: I don’t think he realized how strong Chance Ryan is, or he would’ve locked it in that tight the first time.

Chance tries to send Crippler into the ropes again, but Crippler slides on his knee and maintains his control of Chance’s head. Chance lifts Crippler upward for a back suplex instead, but Crippler releases his hold and backflips through and lands on his feet behind Chance!

Eryk Masters: Crippler wisely avoids being dumped on his head with some acrobatics!

Crippler turns and hits the ropes, looking to build up momentum, but Chance turns to see him and rushes to meet him as soon as he rebounds with a sharp back elbow to the cheek!

Other Guy: And just like that, Chance puts him back down! He’s deceptively fast for as big as he is.

Crippler starts to scramble to his feet, holding his cheek briefly before Chance grabs him by the left wrist and pulls him roughly to his feet. Chance twists under Crippler’s arm before sending him off the ropes and follows, swinging hard for a clothesline, but Crippler slides through his legs instead! Crippler pushes to his feet behind Chance and grabs him with a waistlock!

Other Guy: What’s Crippler looking for here?

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure, but he’s out of Chance’s reach right now and I’m sure that was part of the plan.

Crippler lifts Chance up, perhaps looking for a German suplex, but Chanc ekicks his feet and plants them back on the canvas! Crippler doesn’t give up so easily, however, and lifts again and snaps back, launching Chance up and over head with a release German Suplex!


Eryk Masters: Oh! That was a nasty German suplex!

Crippler turns Chance over and covers him, hooking the outside leg deep!



Chance kicks out hard, shoving Crippler off of his body roughly.

Other Guy: He dropped Chance right on the back of his neck, I’m surprised he kicked out that forcefully!

Crippler quickly catches Chance as he starts to push to his feet with a front facelock, pushing down on him. Chance pushes hard, working to his feet, and Crippler wisely releases the front facelock and grabs Chance’s left wrist instead, twisting under it once before snapping through with an arm drag, keeping his arm locked for an armbar, Crippler pushes his right knee into the side of Chance’s face!

Other Guy: Mr. Sin City is not giving Chance an inch right now!

Eryk Masters: Indeed, that knee is keeping Chance turned away from his arm so he can apply more pressure to that shoulder and maintain control.

Chance puts his right hand on the offending knee and pushes it away from his face, turning into Crippler as he does so to stop the knee from getting posted again, he’s able to push his way to his feet and backs Crippler up to the ropes. Chance takes a step back and slings his arm toward the other ropes, sending Crippler off them. Chance shakes his left arm before moving to meet Crippler with a clothesline from his right arm, but Crippler ducks under it and hooks it with his right arm as he does so, swinging around for a crucifix!

Other Guy: Looks like Crippler’s going for a crucifix pin, if only he can pull Chance down!

Chance spins almost a full circle before shaking his head defiantly and shoves Crippler’s legs off his arm whipping his body around to the front and drops to a knee, driving him down into a backbreaker to counter the crucifix!


Eryk Masters: Chance Ryan with an amazing counter, instead! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that!

Chance plants his forearm in Crippler’s face as he goes for the cover!




Crippler kicks out, turning away from Chance who keeps up the assault by quickly grabbing both of Crippler’s wrists and pulling them back behind his back while he presses his right foot in Crippler’s shoulders with a modified seated surfboard!

Eryk Masters: Now it’s Chance who refuses to let up on the offensive.

Other Guy: This is much better than his last one-on-one outing, I’ll give him that.

The fans begin to clap, slowly at first but soon it picks up as they rally behind Crippler. He visibly rides their momentum, his body shaking as he turns his body to the left, the turning and shaking forces Chance’s foot to slip off his back. Crippler starts getting his feet under himself and turns more, enough to stomp his foot down on Chance’s toes!

Eryk Masters: Clever counter for Crippler!

Chance releases the hold as he hops on one foot for a moment. Crippler takes that moment to hit the ropes and rush back at Chance from the side, looking for a flying head scissor takedown, but Chance keeps twisting him through the tilt-a-whirl and snaps him down in the middle of the ring with a spinebuster!


Other Guy: What good did it do him, though? Did you see that spinebuster?!

Eryk Masters: That was ferocious!

Chance stays on his knees, his arms spread wide as he releases a guttural roar, obviously feeling the adrenaline before he floats into a cover!




Crippler slides his left shoulder off the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Crippler just barely got his shoulder off the canvas, folks! I’m not sure how, but he did!

Chance rubs his hands over his face before grabbing Crippler by the wrist and guiding him to his feet. Chance releases his grip on the wrist and snaps his right hand into Crippler’s chin with a jab. Crippler takes an instinctive swing back at Chance, but he ducks his head under the arm and bobs back up with a left jab this time right under the eye.

Other Guy: That’s some impressive head movement from the former boxer, and watch his footwork? That’s good stuff.

Chance grabs Crippler by the wrist and whips him into a corner before rushing in after him. Crippler gets both feet up into Chance’s chest, though, sending him stumbling backward several steps!

Eryk Masters: Now that’s some good footwork!

Crippler turns around in the corner and leaps up onto the top rope as Chance comes running back at him, perhaps to knock him off his perch, but instead he back flips over Chance and catches him around the head, Crippler lands on his feet and then snaps down with a reverse DDT!


On impact, Chance’s legs are in the air and Crippler catches them, holding him for a tight cover!

Other Guy: Insane Reverse DDT, this could be it!




Chance kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Somehow, Chance Ryan finds a way to kick out!

Crippler slowly picks himself up off the canvas, his left shoulder bothering him clearly as tries to shake it loose even as he clutches his lower back with his right arm.

Other Guy: And Crippler looks worse-for-wear, he’s slow to get to his feet.

Chance slowly starts to push to his own feet and Crippler moves to meet him, lifting his chin up before snapping into his chest with a crisp chop! A barrage of chops follows, sending Chance reeling back into the ropes on wobbly legs! Crippler twists under Chance’s left arm and dips down low before raising up and whipping the larger man off the ropes! Crippler clutches his back after before following two steps behind Chance, sliding down for a drop down trip attempt that Chance leaps over on the rebound!

Eryk Masters: Chance narrowly avoided that trip attempt!

Other Guy: Wouldn’t that be embarrassing if he got caught with that, E?

Crippler gets to his feet quickly and as soon as Chance rebounds off the ropes again he meets him with a high dropkick to the chin that sends him through the ropes and to the floor on the outside! Crippler pushes to his feet as Chance tries to do the same, Crippler hits the ropes and rebounds quickly with a sprint he dives through the ropes with a suicide dive onto Chance!


Eryk Masters: Crippler using his superior speed to his advantage there, and the momentum has turned!

Other Guy: He’s going to have to. He may have been nearly a match for Chance strength-wise before he started absorbing punishment, but now there’s no way.

Crippler pulls the big man to his feet and rolls him under the ropes, following only as far as the apron, instead pulling himself to his feet on the apron, Crippler grabs the top rope and sizes up Chance’s location in the ring, lying on his back but starting to stir. Crippler springboards to the middle of the top rope quickly before springing off and diving onto Chance, even as he tries to sit up, with an elbow drop, driving him back into the canvas roughly!


Other Guy: Reckless springboard elbow drop!

Eryk Masters: He caught Chance hard with that!

Crippler hooks a leg for a cover!




Chance kicks out, just barely!

Eryk Masters: And somehow, Chance escapes! How did he do that?

Crippler gabs his lower back as he starts to get to his feet, looking at Chance with more than a little surprise being shown on his face. Chance slowly starts to push to his own feet and Crippler moves to guide him up, but Chance shoves him away. Crippler stumbles back two steps and moves to go get Chance again, his fist cocked back for a punch but Chance pushes off his knee quickly and spins through a full circuit with a roaring Polish Hammer!


Other Guy: Hammer of Justice! Chance just dropped the Hammer of Justice on Lunatikk Crippler!

Chance falls on top of Crippler for the cover!




Crippler kicks out!

Other Guy: Holy shit, he kicked out!

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure even he knows how he did it, but he’s still in this contest!

Chance pulls Crippler to his feet, not letting up on the pressure now, but Crippler slaps his hands away! Crippler kicks a high roundhouse at Chance, but he ducks under the kick and catches the former Sin City Champion as he spins around with an inverted atomic drop! Chance follows with a trio of swift jabs that send Crippler reeling into the ropes. Chance capitalizes and sends Crippler off the ropes, following closely and ducks for a back body drop! Crippler kicks up into Chance’s chest, straightening him up stiffly!

Eryk Masters: Smart counter!

Crippler turns and hits the ropes as Chance clutches his chest, rebounding back he launches into a high cross body, but Chance catches him and throws his legs up into the air before holding him still in a stalling suplex position!

Other Guy: But Chance caught him on the follow up, and he’s letting all his blood rush to his brain now!

Chance holds Crippler vertical as a small group of fans begin to count, as they reach the count of nine he brings Crippler crashing down to the canvas! Chance floats into the cover right away!




Crippler kicks out! Chance pulls him to his feet once more, lifting him for another suplex before placing him on the top turnbuckle instead! Chance climbs up after him, standing on the middle rope he throws Crippler’s arm over his head and scans the crowd, nodding his head as he receives some surprising cheers!

Eryk Masters: If Chance hits this, it’s over!

Other Guy: It has to be! Both of these guys have endured a lot of punishment!

Chance starts to lift Crippler for a superplex, but he grabs the top rope with his free hand to block! Chance punches Crippler in the gut, forcing him to let go of the top rope, and tries again only to find Crippler’s hand catching the top rope just in time to block again!

Other Guy: Lunatikk Crippler with some self-preservation!

Chance lets go of the hold and cocks his arm back to strike, but Crippler lunges forward with a sudden headbutt, rocking Chance! A second headbutt has Chance teetering precariously on the ropes, and a third sends Chance crashing to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: A string of headbutts sends Chance Ryan crashing to the mat! What…what is Crippler doing?!

Crippler slowly gets to his feet on the top rope, rubbing his forehead as he does so with the fans cheering loudly all around the Epicenter! Crippler dives off the top rope and crashes into Chance with a flying headbutt!

Eryk Masters: The Swandive Headbutt connects!

Crippler grabs his head with one hand as he covers Chance, pulling his outside leg up to hook it as he does so!




The fans cheer loudly as the bell sounds and Crippler drops Chance’s leg! Shinedown’s "Sound of Madness" kicks back up as Crippler slowly pushes to his feet, and Scott Kamura joins him, raising his arm in the air. Chance rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope and slowly picks himself up, using the side of the ring to help get his bearings right as Samantha Coil announces the winner.


Other Guy: That was insane! Best Chance Ryan solo match I’ve ever seen, hands down!

Eryk Masters: Absolutely no shame in losing to a top contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, and he nearly won it several times!

Chance slowly makes his way to the timekeeper’s area and politely asks for the microphone from Samantha Coil, who readily hands it over. Chance nods his head to her in gratitude before turning back to the ring and climbs in as "Sound of Madness" continues, with Crippler watching him closely as he slowly extends his hand to the victor.

Eryk Masters: Surprising show of sportsmanship from the loser of any match!

Crippler stares at the hand for a moment as a small "Shake His Hand" chant starts up. Both Chance and Crippler work to stifle a smile at that before Crippler takes Chance’s hand and shakes it heartily. The two exchange a few words, with the microphone held down so none are picked up, but soon Crippler nods his head to Chance and exits the ring, making his way back up the ramp as his music fades out.

Other Guy: It looks like Chance has something he wants to say. Is he going to call Tanya Black out? I hope he does.

Eryk Masters: Everything about his promos for this event indicates that, yes, he will be calling Tanya out tonight. He’s probably surprised she didn’t get involved in the match itself.

Chance starts pacing before he lifts the microphone to speak, breathing heavily between every word.

Chance Ryan: That…was….intense.

A small cheer resounds at that, and Chance nods his head appreciatively as he continues to pace and try to catch his breath. A small buzz begins, and as Chance lifts the microphone again he suddenly falls forward onto his face as he’s taken down from behind by Tanya Black!

Other Guy: Where the hell did she come from?!

Eryk Masters: She came through the crowd, OG!

After clubbing Chance down with a double sledge, Tanya begins to stomp down on his back while shouting at him on the canvas. With a sneer on her face, Tanya starts to pull Chance to his feet, but as soon as she does he throws her hands off of his head and spins through a full circuit with another Roaring Polish Hammer, dropping her to the canvas in a heap! The fans cheer relatively loudly at that, as Chance picks the microphone back up.

Eryk Masters: Another Hammer of Justice has been given out tonight, this time to Tanya Black!

Other Guy: She clearly didn’t expect it, either, because she is OUT! She underestimated her former partner, it seems!

Chance gets down on one knee and looks down at Tanya while he raises the mi


Chance Ryan: I’m so glad you came out here, Tanya. You see, I had something I wanted to tell you anyway. I spoke with the brass, in great detail, about you running from me and using human shields and…well, just all around avoiding getting what you deserve. And they agreed that the two of us should get to work our differences out.

The fans cheer some more, but Chance raises his other hand before he continues.

Chance Ryan: So, here’s the deal, short and sweet. You versus me, at Reckoning Day. There won’t be anywhere to run, and nowhere to hide, because you and I? We’re going to be locked inside a steel cage. I’ll see you there, "partner."

Chance drops the microphone next to Tanya and stands, staring down at her still before making his own way out of the ring.

Other Guy: Did you hear that? As if Reckoning Day wasn’t stacked enough already, we now have a steel cage match between Chance Ryan and Tanya Black!

Eryk Masters: Incredible! I can’t wait to watch Tanya get what’s coming to her!


Mary Kelly: I’m standing in the backstage area with Dan “The GOLDEN BOY!” Stein!

The sounds of the crowd booing is heard in the background as Stein looks at the camera with a smirk.

Dan Stein: Thank you for being here, Ms. Kelly.

Mary Kelly: Now, tonight you have a main event match with The Real Deal and Alex Brooks, but at Reckoning Day you have a match with Lunatikk Crippler and the WOR-

Stein grabs the microphone from the surprised Mary Kelly, taking the microphone from her. Stein stands next to her, wrapping his arm around Mary’s shoulder.

Dan Stein: No, I don’t think you understand what’s happening here. This isn’t an “interview”, Mary. I didn’t specifically request you to be here to ask Dan Stein questions about Reckoning Day.

Mary’s eyes are big as she looks at Stein.

Mary Kelly: Y-you…y-you didn’t?

Stein exaggerates a laugh, squeezing Mary Kelly tight to his body.

Dan Stein: No, no. See, I specifically requested you, Mary Kelly, because I really feel like…you’re not getting your due here in SHOOT Project.

Stein nods.

Mary Kelly: I’m not?

Dan Stein: You’re not. Here you are, all the beauty and…talent…in the world, and you’re reserved for a select group of men? Always overlooked for the older…less attractive Abigail Chase? That just…doesn’t sound fair to me.

Mary relaxes a bit, looking at Stein. A sense of understanding washes over her.

Dan Stein: You see, I’ve seen you in action and I think you’re an absolutely fantastic backstage interviewer…but I feel like you’re being held back. Ever since Jester cast you to the side, you’re only seen every other show.

When I started in SHOOT Project, I was only seen…sparingly. It wasn’t until I got a shot did people see how great I really am. It wasn’t until I was no longer held down by SHOOT Project did they see what I could truly be. I think you’re one in the same.

Stein pauses, looking at her.

Mary Kelly: Well, I mean…I do get to interview the World Heavyweight Champi-

Dan Stein: Oh, that’s right! You do interview Donny King, don’t you?

Mary nods, proudly.

Dan Stein: Tell me, Mary. Does Donovan King ever believe in you? Does he tell you to your face that he think you’ve got talent…like I have?

Mary thinks for a second, then shakes her head.

Dan Stein: Does Donovan King treat you like you’re a human being? Or are you just… his interviewer?

Mary shrugs.

Mary Kelly: Well, I mean… I’m kind of on the spot here.

Stein smirks, squeezing her close to his body again.

Dan Stein: I know, I know. I’m sorry. See, I’ve been in your shoes, Molly.

Mary Kelly: Mary

Stein smirks, playing off his confusion.

Dan Stein: Mary, sorry. I’ve stood where you’re standing. Well, not as an interviewer, but… underappreciated.

Stein turns away from here, letting her go. The camera tightens in on just his face.

Dan Stein: Since Revolution 20. Revolution 20, after I took Roland Caldwell to a bogus Time Limit Draw, I have been fighting, and clawing and working my way up the SHOOT Project ladder to get another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Revolution 20. And here we are at Revolution 108, two weeks away from Reckoning Day, and I am staring down the World Heavyweight Champion…

And the guy that couldn’t get it done, Lunatikk Crippler. Only this guy doesn’t wait years to get HIS rematch for a title he didn’t win, he waits three months. He doesn’t know the hunger, the drive that Dan Stein has to get that World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Why? Because people aren’t JEALOUS of Lunatikk Crippler like they are me. Lunatikk Crippler didn’t beat three World Heavyweight Champions in the next three months. Adrian Corazon, Jonny Johnson and Azraith DeMitri. I did.

The only difference between Lunatikk Crippler and I, in the ring? I was never buddy-buddy with King like Crippler has been, manipulating his way into the World Heavyweight Champion match at Reckoning Day like Crippler has been. I didn’t kiss Donovan King’s ass for three months to ensure my spot at Reckoning Day.

I won the title of NUMBER ONE CONTENDER at Redemption. I beat countless men and women to get my shot. Lunatikk Crippler gets one FLUKE of a victory over Dan Stein, and he’s right back there? No.

I can’t have that. As World Heavyweight Champion in SHOOT Project, I won’t ALLOW that. I won’t hand out World Heavyweight Championship opportunities like candy because I didn’t get World Heavyweight Championship opportunities like candy. Everyone that steps into the ring against me will deserve to be there.

Or I won’t defend the title if I don’t think anyone deserves it. Simple. As. That

Stein smirks.

Dan Stein: See, Donovan King is more worried about saving face with you fans for his past transgressions than his duty as World Heavyweight Champion. He wants to make sure that guys like Lunatikk Crippler and Adrian Corazon are by his side, than giving you the show you deserve. He holds down the showstoppers like Maria

Mary steps in the picture.

Mary Kelly: Mary.

Dan Stein: Right. Mary. Like Mary and I. So unlike Lunatikk Crippler, I know that this might be my only shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, and if I have to scratch, dig and claw to get that World Heavyweight Championship like I have been for the last 88 Revolutions and countless Pay-Per-Views, I will.

Stein pauses with a smirk.

Dan Stein: Everything I do, I do for the better of SHOOT Project. Right now, you, the fans, can boo me. Go ahead. Voice your displeasure. Come Reckoning Day, I’ll be the World Heavyweight Champion. And at Revolution 109, you’ll see my vision. You’ll realize that, sure, Donovan King is a fantastic wrestler. Sure, Donovan King has never lost in his two reigns as World Heavyweight Champion, but Dan Stein?

Stein smirks.

Dan Stein: You love Dan Stein. So I will walk into Revolution 109 as YOUR World Heavyweight Champion, and you will walk out the first civilization of the #AgeofEnlightenment.

Stein wraps his arm around Mary Kelly, pulling her into the picture again.

Dan Stein: Stay Sexy, SHOOT.


A blues guitar riff takes over the sound system, and a high pitched chime starts as the rhythm kicks in, and then a dirty blues kick hits…


“I could take the pitchfork from the devil

Keep a super suit like I’m incredible.

From the deep blue sea to the dark blue sky….”


Then, the song cuts, the lights go out, a purple spotlight hits the center of the ramp, and then pyro EXPLODES!



Eryk Masters:  Well, we’ve heard from everyone else in Project: SCAR tonight…  guess we’ll be hearing from the good doctor, as well.

Other Guy:  I think that’s fitting.  We’re right before Reckoning Day.  ALL the players are out to play.

Corazon walks down as “Baddest Man Alive” by The Black Keys continues, and he does his usual routine where he ignores everyone around him and focuses solely on his opponent, standing squarely in the ring.  He has a big grin on his face as he removes his coat and his sunglasses before climbing into the ring.  The crowd pops as he receives a microphone!

Corazon:  Ladies and gentlemen…  THIS…  is the eve of Reckoning Day.  This is the last time you will see me in a SHOOT Project ring before the Project: SCAR collision.  Brother will square off against brother…  blood against blood, and in the end?  In the end…  there will be an incredible path of destruction laid at our feet.

The crowd has dulled to a hushed roar as Corazon’s words get through to them.  They are captivated.  In a quick motion, he removes his shirt and turns his back to the camera, showing the tattoo of the SHOOT Project helmet that is across his back.

Corazon:  This is the symbol of the SHOOT Project.  Whenever you see this, you KNOW what you’re getting.  Much like whenever you see me…  you know what you’re getting.  I embody this symbol and all of its little flaws…  the things that give it character.  Some…  some would have this symbol burnt from the hallowed ground where SHOOT exists.

Still hushed, they keep listening.

Corazon:  I would not have it be so.

Corazon smirks.

Corazon:  I have struggled here, day in and day out, to truly understand what this symbol means and what I mean to it.  It is an interpretation that is constantly in flux depending on who you ask.  That’s part of why my house stands divided.

Corazon looks to the Reckoning Day banner that is draped in the arena.

Corazon:  At Reckoning Day, I will stand with Obsidian against Kenji Yamada and Isaac Entragian.  I will do everything in my power to walk away victorious, though truthfully, the war is just beginning.  Some would have us re-unite and bridge our gap…  others…  they like what they see.  Me?  It’s simple.

Corazon smiles again, now training his vision on the SHOOT Project helmet.

Corazon:  I stand for that symbol, no matter what it means.  I will stand against my “brothers” and against anyone I have to in order for that symbol to remain, and JUST like that symbol…  I will fight…  I will claw… I will scratch.  I wll do WHATEVER I have to do, because when there is nobody else, SHOOT Project?  When everyone else has fallen…?

Corazon pauses and stares directly into the camera, seething with rage and clutching the microphone as hard as he can.

Corazon:  I…  will… remain.

“Baddest Man Alive” picks up again as Corazon drops the microphone.  He stands in the center of the ring and turns once more, as the camera zeroes in on the SHOOT Project helmet that is grafted to his back.


In the locker room area, in front of a black SHOOT Project Helmet backdrop, stands Mary Kelly.  She stands there with a microphone clutched in her hands.  She is dressed in a very nice black blouse with a nice vacant smile.

Mary Kelly:  Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mary Kelly and tonight I get to bring to you none other than the World Heavyweight Champion, Donovan King.

The fans ERUPT as Donovan King steps into frame.  He is wearing the infamous KING hoodie and a “LONG LIVE THE KING” t-shirt.  His hood is pulled tight over his face, revealing only his chin and mouth.  On his shoulder is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, clutched tight to his chest.

Mary Kelly:  Now, Donovan, you’ve gotten yourself into a definite issue with a three way main event at the biggest show of the year against Dan Stein and Lunatikk Crippler.

King turns to her as she speaks.

Mary Kelly:  Not to mention the insane hardcore match you had to deal with against Johnny Napalm at the last Revolution.  I guess…what I mean to ask is…how do you feel?

She twists her wrist over to point the microphone in King’s face.

Donovan King:  How do I feel, Mary?  You wanna know how I feel?

King smirks.

Donovan King:  Fuck that.  I’ll tell you how I feel, Mary.  I’ll tell you, the cameraman, SHOOT Project, ALL of you how I feel.

He takes the microphone from her.

Donovan King:  If you don’t mind, Mary.  You can just…take a backseat or somethin’.

He turns to the camera.

Donovan King:  I’ve got somethin’ to say and I’ve got somethin’ to say…to my people.

King walks past the camera as the fans cheer LOUDLY and the cameraman hurries after him.  King walks past the locker room area where some unknown Soldiers are changing clothes.  He keeps marching on, past catering where Silas Mitchell is seen giving an angry glare at El Asso Wipo, who is filling a plate of food.  He stops and looks back into the catering area.

Donovan King:  Damn.

He keeps walking, right past the Gorilla position.  He slaps hands with one of the producers and walks up the stairs to the entrance to the arena.  He turns to the camera and he grins.

Donovan King:  You still watchin’?  Keep watchin’.

With that, he walks up the stairs to the entrance stage.  The fans pop BIG as King steps OUT onto the entrance stage in front of each and every one of them.  He stands there, hood pulled tight, belt on his shoulder, microphone in hand.

Donovan King:  One year ago we were nearin’ the end.  Revenue was down.  People weren’t comin’ to shows.  Nobody cared.  Be it in the back or the front of the house, nobody cared.  We had the worst World Champion on record.  We had…nothin’.  All that changed when we decided it was time…to RISE.

The fans cheer as he starts walking down the entrance ramp and stands there, looking in the faces of the fans cheering for him.

Donovan King:  Each an’ every night since RISE…I have been your World Champion.

The fans cheer yet again.

Donovan King:  That means against Lunatikk Crippler, Isaac Entragian, Johnny Napalm, Dan Stein, whoever has been put in front of me…I’ve done the best I could for each one of you.  So right now?  I’m finna tell you how I feel…when I’m surrounded by all y’all.

With that, he scales OVER the guardrail into the fans!  Security desperately tries to get to him as the fans slap him on the back, touching him and cheering for him as he walks through the masses to get to an empty enough space that he can continue.




The fans are ravenous as security surrounds him.

Donovan King:  At Reckoning Day, I got two guys who wanna get at me.  They wanna take this title.  One wants to be the best.  One wants to be the Champion.  I’m here to let each an’ every one of you know…that ain’t gonna happen.

He pulls his hood off, revealing his eyes.  The camera locks on those eyes.

Donovan King:  DAN STEIN.  Listen up, homie.  See this belt?  See these fans?  They’re linked, my man.  These fans sign your checks.  These fans pay your bills.  These fans watch you.  These fans ARE this belt.

More cheers.

Donovan King:  So when you find yourself wonderin’ how I manage to kick out of your sorry ass Twitterbation?  Or how I managed to overcome your partner’s psychotic offense last show?  Or how I even managed to BECOME World Champion?  I want you to see these fans, and I want you to understand you ain’t gonna stop a man who has love like this at his back.

And Crippler?

King grins.

Donovan King:  I’m glad you here.  I’m glad you here because I aim to rectify a mistake I made at Redemption.  See, I might’ve earned your respect, I might’ve even had the chance to earn your friendship, but all that goes away at Reckoning Day.  You take that friendship, you take that respect, and you shove it right up your ass, son, because I ain’t got time for it!

There are more cheers, of course, as King slaps the hand of a fan nearby.

Donovan King:  I said it before and I’ll say it again, fellas.  This ain’t your time to shine.  I ain’t through havin’ my fun yet.  So Dan Stein can take his insecure ass back home an’ get his tag partner to kiss his ass an’ Lunatikk Crippler can take his respectful ass back to the house an’ wonder how he come he can’t beat the King because I ain’t comin’ to the biggest show in professional wrestlin’ to lose, feel me?

He grins one more time as he holds the World Heavyweight Championship high for all to see.

Donovan King:  I’m walkin’ in as Champ…I’m walkin’ out as Champ.  I’m goin’ to Reckoning Day lookin’ for a fight an’ I’m walkin’ outta Reckoning Day…havin’ retained what’s mine an’ what’s theirs.

He holds the belt out for the fans to touch.  Some slap the face plate, one guy in a Hierarchy shirt kisses it.

Donovan King:  Best bring you’re A Plus game, bitches.  I don’t settle for less than the best.

Now, if you don’t mind?  I’m here with my people…an’ I’m finna let my people know what time it is.

With that, King drops the microphone and climbs into the audience.


“All of the Lights” kicks in as King stands amongst the fans, the SHOOT Project Faithful, as they slap his hands, they claw at his hoodie, they reach for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship that he holds high above his head.  They cheer wildly as he stands there, glaring straight ahead at the camera.

That is where we leave him.

With his people.



Eryk Masters: For the last four weeks, Las Vegas has been absolutely BUZZING about the return of REAL DEAL to the SHOOT Project ring. Right now, it happens!

Other Guy: Twitter went absolutely APESHIT when this match was booked, Eryk. Most of them were Stein’s fans, but, hey, REAL DEAL can’t win them all.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!

Eryk Masters: You know he writes your checks, right?

Other Guy: Journalistic Integrity, Masters. Look into it.

“Flying Through the City” by Bliss N Eso plays loudly as the fans cheer for Alex Brooks. Alex steps out from the backstage area, bouncing around and pointing out at the crowd to rile them up. Walking down to the front of the ramp, Brooks grabs the back of a young fan’s head, leaning down to place his forehead against the boy’s, mouthing some words to the child.

Other Guy: Alex Brooks is hands down the most attention seeking member of the SHOOT Project roster.

Eryk Masters: I think you misspoke ‘genuine’ there, OG.

Brooks takes off his shirt and hands it to the fan quickly before running down the rest of the ramp with a determined smile on his face. He slides under the bottom rope out to the middle of the ring before QUICKLY jumping up to the top turn buckle, to a resounding applause from the fans. Alex turns toward the entrance area before emphatically pointing.




Eryk Masters:  AND HERE HE COMES!

The crowd goes fucking BALLISTIC and the noise EXPLODES as THIS IMAGE takes over the video wall: 


Samantha Coil: He stands at six feet, four inches tall… he weighs in at two hundred, forty pounds… he is a SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and a former Three Time World Heavyweight Champion… HE IS THE REAL DEAL and he stands with Alex Brooks who clocks in at five feet, nine inches tall and weighs in at one hundred eighty pounds!!


The music cuts out entirely, leaving the arena in silence – save for the unbelievable amount of hate being spewed from the fans. Suddenly!


Then, My Darkest Days song “Porn Star Dancing” starts, and a familiar voice over top of even that.

Molly the Assistant: Now making their way to the ring…

Out from the back walks Johnny Napalm with the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. The massive man has his hands raised high, giving the devil horns with each hand. Each and every fan in the arena boos, waiting for Napalm’s partner. Napalm looks around the arena, smiling at the chorus. The music plays on, he bobs his head to the rhythmic beat, bringing down the hate from the fans with open arms.

Molly the Assistant: The man standing in front of you is the six foot nine inch massive force to reckoned with, JOHNNY NAPALM! AND HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER!

She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go

She takes it off nice and slow

Because that’s porn star dancin’

Stein GALLOPS out from the back Gangnam Style, title around his waist, exposed by his cut off Alex Brooks t-shirt, and a HUGE smile on his face.

Eryk Masters: Every week. Every week that asshole comes out with that silly look on his face.

As he moves over in front of Napalm, he throws his arms out egging on the boos with his eyes closed. Stein takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. Stein moves down the ramp, Napalm follows, and Molly the Assistant, Tempest and Selena all pour out from the back.



Eryk Masters: You know, it doesn’t seem like Molly much cares for Stein’s motives, but she really puts in a lot of work on that entrance.

Other Guy: Doing her job!

Dan stands in front of the ring, and Napalm stands next to him. Napalm walks over to the apron, grabs the top rope and PULLS himself up. Stein looks over at Molly, who hands her microphone to someone on the road staff, and then to the fans before jumping up and rolling into the ring with the title belt around his waist.

Eryk Masters: I rue the day these two were put on the same team.

Other Guy: …are you even Scottish?

Stein smirks, turning to Eryk Masters and running his fingertips down his abdomen and over the Tag Team Championship belt.

Eryk Masters: Is he…sexually harassing me?

Stein and Napalm hand their SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships to Molly, completely ignoring Tony Lorenzo as he attempts to collect them from Sex and Violence. Molly holds the two championships high above her head as she walks to the ropes.

In the middle of the ring stands Dan Stein and Johnny Napalm now, looking over at Alex Brooks and Real Deal as they converse in their corner.  Brooks steps out of the corner, and Stein turns to Napalm to pat him on the chest and assure him that Stein has this.

Other Guy: There’s a lot of bad blood here between Stein and Alex Brooks.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, and Stein is chicken-shit. He wants no part of Real Deal!

Real Deal grabs Tony Lorenzo’s attention. RD turns around so that Lorenzo and himself are looking out to the announce table, with RD making grand gestures.

Eryk Masters: Looks like The Real Deal wants to make sure Tony Lorenzo calls this match down the middle!

Stein walks up to Brooks, getting nearly forehead to forehead with the Little Engine that Did. Brooks stares down Stein’s trademark smirk…and finally steps back. Stein raises his hands in victory, turning around the ring and gloating. As Stein turns back to Brooks, Alex LAYS into Stein’s crotch with a kick even Beckham would be proud of.


Eryk Masters: Hey, it’s before the bell! All’s legal, right, Stein?

The fans erupt as Stein drops to the mat in pain! Brooks smirks out to the fans, then over his shoulder to Real Deal, who looks at the fallen Dan Stein over his shoulder while still talking to the distracted Tony Lorenzo.

Other Guy: Look at that grin on his face! He knew what he was doing!

Johnny Napalm CHARGES into the ring, standing tall over Dan Stein while Molly, on the outside of the ring, simply cocks an eyebrow to the writhing Dan Stein. Real Deal spots Napalm in the center of the ring and breaks the pow wow with Lorenzo, to stand side by side next to Brooks.

Eryk Masters: Napalm might be huge, but Real Deal AND Alex Brooks together stop Napalm in his tracks!

Napalm’s thoughts of reciprocating take the backseat now, as he simply reaches down and drags Stein across the ring to their corner, allowing Stein to drop out of the ring next to Molly.

As Napalm turns around, Alex Brooks NAILS him with a beautiful drop kick, and Lorenzo rings the bell.

Other Guy: Another cheap shot! Man, this Brooks kid…

Eryk Masters: Oh, look at the size difference, OG! He needs to do everything he can to take advantage!

With Real Deal in the corner and Dan Stein on the mat still in pain, Napalm scrambles to his feet with the ropes, a bit disoriented. Brooks looks at Napalm from the middle of the ring and gestures with both hands for Napalm to come at him.

Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks tempting the beast there.

Napalm obliges, charging Brooks. Napalm goes for a clothesline…but the quicker Brooks jumps and rolls down Napalm’s back, landing on his stomach. Napalm bounces off the opposite ropes and races back across the ring, jumping over the downed Brooks to pick up what little speed he can. Brooks jumps to his feet and performs a beautiful standing cross body attempt on the larger Johnny Napalm… but Napalm CATCHES Brooks against his body.

Other Guy: Not going to take down that monster that easy!

Napalm looks out to the fans with a smile as Brooks tries to kick and squirm his way free, but Napalm spins Brooks down to the mat with a POWERFUL black hole slam. Brooks IMMEDIATELY grabs his back in pain, but Napalm moves to his feet and grabs Alex by his shaggy hair.

Eryk Masters: BIG slam there on the much smaller Alex Brooks.

Other Guy: And Real Deal looks a little worried already!

Eryk Masters: Better than Stein, I’d assume.

Real Deal stands in the corner, holding on to the string as Stein continues to roll around on the mat on the outside of the ring. Napalm towers over Brooks, but Brooks LAYS into Napalm’s upper body with fists, but Napalm’s gigantic frame absorbs the punches.

Other Guy: Brooks looks like a little brother being held back as he swings at his older brother.

With Brooks’ hair still in his hand, Napalm BASHES Brooks with a head butt, dropping him to the mat. Napalm bounces off the nearest ring rope, and lifts a giant leg…RIGHT across Brooks’ chest. All of Napalm’s weight comes crashing down on the much smaller Brooks, causing him to cough and lurch.

Eryk Masters: HUGE LEG DROP! You could hear that impact in RENO!

The Violence Savior sits up now, looking out at the fans for a moment before standing up at the same time Brooks drags himself up with the ropes. Napalm grabs Brooks by the back of his head and THROWS him into the ring post head first.

Eryk Masters: Napalm is just overpowering the smaller wrestler now. Brooks is like a rag doll to Napalm.

As Brooks bounces off of the corner, he turns RIGHT into a Military Press from Napalm. Napalm has him high in the sky, and turns to look at the antsy Real Deal, slamming his feet into the mat, trying to get Brooks fired up.

Other Guy: Real Deal wants to get into the ring DESPERATELY now.

Eryk Masters: He’s definitely firing the crowd up, and Brooks seems to be feeling it!

Brooks tries to counter and nails Napalm in the side of the head with elbows repeatedly. Napalm’s grip slips and he drops Brooks to the mat.

Eryk Masters: Brooks FEEDING off of the crowd now!

Napalm falls into the ropes, holding himself up with the top rope as Brooks runs and BOUNCES off the ropes, dashing back at Napalm. Brooks jumps and brings an elbow across Napalm’s face…but Napalm just staggers! Brooks watches Napalm remain standing and dashes toward the far ropes, again bouncing off, again dashing toward Napalm, leaping up and COLLIDING with Napalm with a Poetry in Motion…


Napalm falls to the mat, and Brooks goes for the cover.



Napalm absolutely SHOOTS Brooks off of him, sending the man flying in the air.

Other Guy: EMPHATIC kick out! I think Brooks hit turbulence on the way down!

Brooks manages to land on his feet. As Napalm stands up, Brooks wraps his feet around Napalm’s head, spinning the monstrous man down to the mat!

Eryk Masters: Hurricanrana!  Beautiful move there!

Napalm rolls to a sitting position and Brooks takes advantage, running from behind him and SNAPPING his head forward.


The momentum causes Napalm’s head to slam back on the mat! Brooks uses his quickness to jump on to the middle rope!

Eryk Masters: Springboard crossbody to the sitting Napalm!


Napalm latches his hands together around Brooks as he rolls through to his knees. Using his leg strength, Napalm stands up, continuing to hold Brooks easily. Napalm turns to Stein.

Eryk Masters: Napalm getting reassurance from his tag partner!

Other Guy: Or they’re basking in the moment. You know, either or.

Napalm adjusts Brooks in his arms and drops him down with a HARD sidewalk slam. He makes the quick cover, pulling back Brooks’ leg.



Brooks kicks out before Lorenzo’s hand hits the mat for the second time. Angrily, Napalm slams the mat, then slams an elbow into the side of Brooks’ head, laying back flat on the mat with another cover.



Brooks kicks out again! Stein begins to stir regain his composure on the outside of the ring, using Molly to get back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Oh, good. Sleeping Beauty has awoken.

Other Guy: Hey! El Asso Wipo is STILL feeling the effects of a groin shot! That’s serious business!

Napalm grabs a hold of Brooks’ hair and walks over to Tony Lorenzo, obviously upset about what he thinks is a slow count. As Alex Brooks reaches his hand out for the ready and waiting Real Deal, begging to get into the match, Napalm lifts a knee into Alex’s gut and knocks the wind out of him. Napalm throws Brooks’ head under his arm and lifts him up into a vertical suplex. Napalm turns to Real Deal, holding Brooks high in the air with one arm and gesturing Real Deal to get into the ring with the other.

Eryk Masters: Listen to the fans begging Real Deal to get in the ring!

Johnny SLAMS Brooks to the mat, completing the suplex. Again Brooks reaches out to the outstretched hand of Real Deal, but even in the middle of the ring is too far to make the tag. Stein stands in his team’s ring corner, just as eager to make a tag.

Other Guy: Stein’s looks to be working off that groin shot and ready to get back into the ring!

Eryk Masters: Oh, good!

Napalm looks at Stein for a moment before grabbing Brooks up by his arms and dragging him over to their corner with ease. Stein tags himself in and Sex and Violence begin to lay boots into Alex Brooks’ gut. Lorenzo’s count hits four and Napalm steps back from the corner with his hands up, then ducks under the rope to head back to his corner.

Other Guy: Great tag team psychology there, not letting Brooksie get a single inch after that tag!

Stein climbs the corner, jumping out from the second rope, driving his feet into Brooks’ chest with a corner dropkick. Brooks rolls out of the corner in pain, trying to crawl across the ring to Real Deal. Dan Stein watches Brooks crawling across the ring and walks behind him with a smirk on his face. As Brooks reaches out to tag in Real Deal, Dan YANKS Brooks’ leg back away, sending Real Deal into a fit.

Eryk Masters: Real Deal FOAMING at the mouth, trying to get in the ring and his hands on Stein.

Other Guy: Napalm and Stein have done their best to make sure that Real Deal spends as little time in the ring as possible. Great work by these two.

Stein smirks at Real Deal, motioning around his waist that he holds the Tag Team Championship! Stein turns around to catch Alex Brooks trying to use Stein’s tights to stand up. As Alex gets to a knee, Stein shoves Brooks back down to the mat.

Eryk Masters: Shameful display by Stein.

Other Guy: Should he be helping Brooks to his feet? Have a hug off?

Stein stands over Brooks again, this time gyrating his hips in front of Brooks’ face. Again, as Brooks manages to get to a knee, Stein throws him back down to the mat. Stein turns around now; running his hands down his abs in front of Real Deal to a sea of boos. Real Deal looks back at Stein, running his own hand down his abs to mock Stein, but also to a chorus of cheers.

Eryk Masters: Real Deal showing up the self-proclaimed Sexiest Man in SHOOT Project!

Other Guy: I don’t think that was a fair competition, Real Deal paid off the fans to support him!

An upset Stein turns around, and Brooks grabs onto Stein’s tights once more. Stein shoves Brooks once more…but Brooks counters! Arm drag sends Stein flying through the ropes and crashing to the outside.

Eryk Masters: Brooks counters! Stein on the outside! Real Deal begging to get in the ring!

An exhausted Brooks can hardly move now, crawling back across the ring. A dazed Stein collects himself on the outside of the ring, and manages to spring back into the ring. Brooks reaches out for Real Deal’s hand just as Stein grabs a hold of his leg…AND BROOKS MAKES THE TAG!

Eryk Masters: REAL DEAL IN THE RING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS! Listen to the crowd!

The crowd is absolutely BONKERS at the sight of Real Deal in the rink. Stein watches as Lorenzo calls the tag legal, and turns around to run to Napalm… but Real Deal cuts him down with a chop block from behind! Stein can’t go anywhere!

Eryk Masters: DAN STEIN ON HIS BACK! Real Deal has that fire!

Other Guy: I believe that’s heart burn. Common mistake.

Real Deal spins to his feet and cuts Stein off from Napalm. Stein scurries to his own feet now, kicking himself across the ring to the ropes. Real Deal rubs his hands together as he looks at Dan Stein dragging himself up to his feet. Stein looks at Real Deal… and sprints to Real Deal’s side. Real Deal cuts him off again, however, sending Stein reeling back into the corner.

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein looks absolutely TERRIFIED. And Real Deal is giving Stein NO chance to make the tag to Napalm.

Real Deal gets closer to Stein now, this time signaling for Stein to lock him up. As Stein realizes he has nowhere else to go…he ducks out of the ring! Tony Lorenzo looks around in confusion before beginning his ten count.

Other Guy: Take the loss, keep the titles, and go to Reckoning Day with the momentum still on your side, Stein! BRILLIANT move by the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER there!





Lorenzo’s count is up to five now as Stein kicks and rages. Alex Brooks walks over to the middle of the apron, sitting on the middle rope and holding the top rope up, inviting Stein back to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Stein is starting to have second thoughts about leaving this match behind!




Stein sighs, and hurries back to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope before Lorenzo can say nine. Real Deal waits patiently as Stein gets back to his feet, still cutting Stein off from Napalm. Stein manages to finally get to his feet after stalling on his knee for a moment. As soon as Stein stands, Real Deal races across the ring to lock up with Stein. Stein obliges this time, digging his hand into Real Deal’s shoulders in an attempt to gain leverage.

Eryk Masters: Stein taking every chance he can to bend the rules against the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer.

Real Deal STILL pushes Stein back and Stein STOMPS on Real Deal’s foot, causing Real Deal to break the tie up. Real Deal SHOVES Stein back into corner. Stein raises his hands as if he was innocent.

Other Guy: Look at how aggressive Real Deal was there! That’s unsportsmanlike conduct! Throw the flag!

Stein looks at Lorenzo, mouthing something about Real Deal’s aggression…  and is met with a corner splash by the three time Champ! Real Deal has Stein groggy now, slopped over into the corner. RD climbs the turnbuckle, grabbing Stein’s head and pulling a fist back. The fans count along with the punches!











Real Deal cocks back one last time, and DRIVES fist down onto Stein’s head.

Other Guy: Oh, come on! You know as well as I do Stein would get disqualified for doing that!

Stein drops to the mat in the corner like a sack of potatoes, and Real Deal hops down to a warning from Tony Lorenzo. RD picks up Stein, wrapping his arm around Stein’s head and runs to the center of the ring, NAILING Stein with a bulldog. Stein down now, trying to roll away.

Eryk Masters: Stein is weaseling his way away from Real Deal now!

Real Deal grabs Stein’s leg, rolling Stein onto his back. As Real Deal grabs Stein’s foot to try to drag him back, Stein uses BOTH feet to shove Real Deal across the ring. Stein reaches out to the outstretched hand of Johnny Napalm…and makes the tag!

Other Guy: Stein tags in Napalm! Real Deal took a Napalm Bomb from Johnny and definitely doesn’t what that to happen again!

Stein rolls out of the ring as Napalm saunters into it, standing chest to face with Real Deal now. Napalm raises his hand high into the air, asking for a test of strength. Real Deal steps back and looks at Napalm like he’s stupid.

Eryk Masters: Real Deal is a multiple time tag team champion and a three time World Heavyweight Champion. No way he gets into a test of strength with Napalm.

Real Deal sighs, then kicks Napalm in the exposed stomach, doubling him over!  With Napalm’s head down, Real Deal DRIVES HIM DOWN face first with a DDT. Real Deal makes the quick cover!



Napalm LAUNCHES real deal this time off of him. As Napalm gets back to his feet, Real Deal bounces off the side rope.

Other Guy: Oooh, and the Russian judge gives that landing a six!

Napalm swings at the quicker Real Deal, but Real Deal ducks and bounces off the other side of the ring, DRILLING Napalm with a clothesline…but again Napalm stands on his feet, simply staggered! Real Deal now runs to the other ring side, bouncing off…and DRILLING Napalm in the leg, bringing the big man down to a knee. With Napalm trying to collect himself, Real Deal grabs Napalm’s face and lifts a thigh into the man’s face, knocking him over.

Eryk Masters: Napalm down on the mat! Now’s Real Deal’s chance!

Real Deal races to the top rope now, standing tall at the top of the ring post before LAUNCHING HIMSELF out onto Napalm with a HUGE elbow drop! Napalm squirms, but Real Deal makes the quick cover, lifting up Napalm’s tree trunk leg!




Stein slaps Napalm a few times trying to bring him around. As Napalm shakes the cobwebs, Lorenzo ushers Stein out of the ring. Napalm rolls over and places a huge arm on Real Deal’s chest.



KICK OUT by Real Deal!

Eryk Masters: Real Deal operating on instinct after that BRUTAL enziguri!

Napalm slaps the mat three times, holding his hand up to Lorenzo’s face to signal the three count. He stands up, grabbing the dazed Real Deal. Napalm throws Real Deal’s arm over his head and lifts Real Deal high into the air…BRINGING HIM DOWN HARD on Napalm’s knee!

Other Guy: Inverted Atomic Drop! Real Deal is BUTTHURT!

Real Deal grabs his tailbone in pain. Napalm grabs Real Deal’s hand, whipping into the ropes near Dan Stein…and Stein drills Real Deal in the back with a kick!

Eryk Masters: Incredible! Again, Stein bends the rules!

Other Guy: Yeah, you could make the argument he’d be a great Tag Team Cha- oh, wait.

Real Deal drops to the mat on both knees and Napalm walks over to him, grabs him by the head, and applies the double underhook. Napalm looks out to the fans for a moment, then lifts Real Deal into the air…but Real Deal blocks! Napalm tries to lift Real Deal again, but Real Deal locks his leg behind Napalms! Napalm SLAMS a forearm down on Real Deal’s back, and tries once more… but AGAIN! Real Deal blocks! This time, Real Deal breaks free of Napalm’s hold, and grabs the bigger man’s legs, picks him up off the mat and SLAMS HIM DOWN!

Eryk Masters: Real Deal fights off the Napalm Bomb and PLANTS Napalm on his back!

Real Deal drops to the mat at the strain on his back, but quickly races to his corner, tagging Alex Brooks back in!

Eryk Masters: THERE GOES THE ROOF! Listen to this place!

Brooks jumps to the top turnbuckle off the tag and QUICKLY throws himself out over Napalm! Brooks makes the cover!




Other Guy: SMART move by Dan Stein there!

Stein stands over Alex Brooks and drives his boot down repeatedly into the man, causing Real Deal to head into the ring! Real Deal LEAPS AT Stein, taking him down to the mat with a mount!

Other Guy: Get Real Deal out of the ring, Lorenzo! You can’t lose control of him just because he’s a Hall of Famer!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein getting what he deserves!

Lorenzo moves over to the melee going on between Real Deal and Stein, somehow forcing them out of the ring! Napalm gets back to his feet, dragging Alex Brooks to the center of the ring. Napalm under hooks Brooks, lifts him high in the air!

Other Guy: NAPALM BOMB! Alex Brooks looks absolutely flattened!

Real Deal hears the impact from the outside of the ring and tries to get away from Stein. Real Deal slides under the bottom turnbuckle! Stein grabs his foot! Real Deal turns and tries to kick Stein off.


Eryk Masters: C’mon Real Deal!

Real Deal DRAGS Stein into the ring with him!


Real Deal lunges, trying to break up the cover!


Eryk Masters: NO! NO! REAL DEAL BROKE FREE! Real Deal breaks the count!

Napalm stands up, angrily… REALITY CHECK! Stein rolls into the ring a second too late!


Real Deal turns around and boots Stein in the stomach! Stein doubles over. Real Deal bends Stein over the opposite way.

Eryk Masters: Going for the Art of the Deal!

Stein reverses! Kick to the gut! Stein lifts Real Deal’s legs high into the air, steps over his arms!

Other Guy: #TWITTERBATION! Stein just laid out Real Deal!

Stein grabs Napalm, laying him out over Alex Brooks, though both men are out. Lorenzo has no choice but to count as Stein yells at him!




Brooks kicks out! BUT IT’S TOO LATE!

Eryk Masters: NO!

Other Guy: YES! YES!

Lorenzo calls for the bell reluctantly and Samantha Coil moves to stand up. Molly, however, already has her microphone to her mouth.

Molly the Assistant: Your winners and STILL SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions! SEX! AND! VIOLENCE!

Eryk Masters: Great googly moogly, Dan Stein and Johnny Napalm have sent a POWERFUL message here, heading into Reckoning Day, by defeating Alex Brooks and the Real Deal!

Other Guy: You got that right. Stein with a MAJOR signature win here tonight, and we… we are out of time! The next time you see us!? WE’LL BE AT RECKONING DAY!!! WOOOOOO!!!

Eryk Masters: For Other Guy… I am Eryk Masters and this is the SHOOT Project. See you at Reckoning Day 2013!