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Revolution 113: 6/10/2013

Revolution 113 opens, black, to the sound of footsteps down an empty hall.

The show is now LIVE and we see those steps belong to the feet on tonight’s CHALLENGER to SHOOT Project’s World Heavyweight Championship.


His head hangs low, eyes glued to the endless tiles lining his guilt-ridden path.  Moving with trepidation, guilt, he seems aware of the possibility that the cameras have found him.  They’re always somewhere, and he only way to stay safe…  was to hide.

But that wasn’t an option.

He was desperate.

His attire couldn’t be any more typical.  Street clothes.  The usual skinny jeans, red converse and a "brand new" T-shirt.  It’s white with fresh sharpie scribbles that spell out "R.I.P6.3".  He is somber.

In pain.

The locker rooms were scattered throughout the back of the Epicenter, often times strategically aligned to make policing more efficient.  His eyes scan passing door tags.  He’s obviously looking for one place in particular.

Not the first one.

Nor the second.

There’s a third, but it opens up and a maintenance guy walks out.  Jonny nods at the soon to be forgotten face, who nods back, tipping his cap.  They don’t say anything, but they obviously know each other.

Jonny keeps walking.

A forth door peeks his interest, but it’s not this one either.

But the fifth door.

Lucky number five.

He stops and runs his hands through his hair.  The door’s unmarked.  Not uncommon for the larger rooms housing more than one Soldier. Jonny stares at the plain wooden frame and nods to himself, as though reassuring himself.


This was the right decision.

He lifts his hand, knocks.

…and waits.

The sound of voices can be heard from behind the door, a slight muffle followed by the turn of the handle; where a young, blond woman in a suit/skirt combo answers the door with wide eyes and a look of utter amazement.

The women is none other than Nicole Compton.

The locker room is that of Orion.

She looks over her shoulder at the Orion collective, first at Mason Peirce and then to her employer Valentine Lionheart, who lifts his hand as if to say “I’ve got this.” Nicole backs away as the puzzled Orion members look on.

Valentine, clad in his wrestling attire of dark black Lycra shorts, black MMA gloves and shin high boots, walks towards the Jonny and out into the hallway, where he closes the door behind him.

Valentine: And there he is. The man of the hour.

Jonny is anything but welcoming.  His features are empty, offering Valentine only a modest head-bob, though he does extend his arm for a handshake.

Jonny: Congratulations, again.

With a glint in his icy blue eyes; the Orion member shakes the hand of the SHOOT Hall of Famer and smiles from ear to ear.

Valentine: Relax, Jonny. Our battle is over and you did more than earn my respect last week. What you did was, go out and take what you wanted regardless of a win or loss. Not only do I respect that…I admire it!

Jonny takes a deep breath and bites at his top lip as the two men remained locked at the hands for an extra second or two.  The former world champion pulls away, though and seems eager to cut to the chase.

Jonny: Look…  I uhh…  I…  (Exhaling) I thought a lot about our conversation on…  well, the other day.  The things you mentioned.  Solidarity.  Peace of mind…  comradery and…  Friendship.  What you offered with…  Orion.

He takes another deep breath before proceeding.

Jonny: I don’t know what the future holds, but…

He looks around, as if feeling, all at once, the eyes of a million people upon him.

Jonny: Whatever happens tonight…  I want it to be on ME.

His gaze pierces deeply into Valentine.  

Ice on Ice.

Jonny: Okay?  No one else.

Lionheart looks to the corner of his eyes, as if to think for a second, pondering his next words carefully.

Valentine: You are on a personal mission, Jonny. Something which you need to do alone…I understand that more than anyone. While I understand that, I also understand the whispers around the corridors here in the Epicentre.

“The Omega Messiah” looks around indicating to the rumours that pass through these halls.

Valentine: Let’s throw tonight out the window; we both have a lot on our plate. Once the dust has settled; we can survey the battlefield from our vantage point. But you need to be aware that there are those who do not share my admiration for the way you went after King and the Championship.

He pauses, for a moment.

Valentine: There are some who feel you are trying to steal from them, that you are trying to take their spot. I won’t even entertain the rumors that you are  “losing grip on reality.” On reflection…That is not the case. I believe this business is in desperate need of change, I can assure my Orion brothers and sisters feel the same. In this room. (He points his thumb back towards the door) We see things somewhat differently. Reality is, let’s face it, a somewhat outdated concept. This business survives on one thing- evolution. Change.

There’s silence between the two men once Valentine finishes his last sentence.  Jonny’s unease persists, though, again, he seems to have convinced himself that whatever might be happening in this moment is what SHOOT needs.

Jonny: Good…  (Nodding, content)  Good.  Okay.  Then, uhhh…

His eyes leave Valentine’s for a second, but return after a brief hesitation.

Jonny: Let’s just…  take care of business.


Valentine: Indeed.

Lionheart flashes his jackal-like smile once again, nodding in agreement with Jonny’s sentiments before his stone-like “game face” returns, indicating that soon he will head off into battle with Adrian Corazon.

Jonny: Good luck, Valentine.  I mean, if I can’t win the Master of the Mat…  I guess…  Heh…  Well I guess I’d rather it be the person who beat me…

Johnson pauses and suddenly shifts gears.

Jonny: (Gravely serious) But just remember…  two more wins.

“And you might be seeing me again pretty soon.”

He holds his hand out for a second, final, farewell handshake.

Valentine merely looks down at Jonny’s hand, but offers no return on the gesture.

Valentine: Or… Whoever the champion happens to be at the time.  The offer is out in the open now; and I have laid all my cards on the table…

He sneers, clearly readying himself mentally for his match.

Valentine: Good luck with King. Jonny.

Lionheart goes back inside his locker room for final preparations, while Jonny remains outside, left alone with dreams of a SHOOT Project World Championship.

Revolution.  Starts.  Now.

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen. It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal. “The Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Donovan King, standing at the entrance to the arena with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, flashing quickly to Dan Stein, a grin on his face as he saunters down to the ring. It cuts to Maya Nakashima kneeling in the ring, his arms outstretched as he looks to the skylights.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

It shows Jonas Coleman marching down to the ring as Lunatikk Crippler is shown getting in someone’s face. The scene cuts to Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden with their titles held high in the air for a moment before we catch a brief view of El Asso Wipo breaking every back in existence while Silas Mitchell looks on, his face twisted in consternation. We see Jacob Mephisto slowly leaning in and whispering into the ear of some unknown Soldier as he stares at the camera, a grin forming on his face.

We are the wheels that keep turning

Long Island Hardcore individually during the Redemption Rumble, laying the heat on their opponents. It flashes to Johnny Napalm hoisting the Tag Team Championship in the air, cutting quickly to Thomas Manchester Black shouting out to the fans in attendance, which quickly cuts to Chance Ryan glaring at the camera, Cade Sydal behind him with a smirk on his face. We see Cronos Diamante sparring with Edmund Augustus Shan before it cuts to Henry Gordon wringing his hands with a grin on his face.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton helping to eliminate Jaime Alejandro is shown as Corey Lazarus is arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nods his head to the camera. We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance. Kenji Yamada has Flay Rios by her cheeks and slaps her across the face as he glares into her sad eyes.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face. Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada. Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus. We then see Tanya Black holding her belt high before it cuts to her nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Henry Gordon stands tall in the ring, severely winded, as it cuts to Dan Stein holding Minxy Jones’ mask high above his head as a trophy.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Jaime Alejandro wailing away at Obsidian, backing the monster against the ropes. We see Drew Stevenson slapping the hands of a few fans before it cuts to David Miller, standing in a dimly lit ring, his head bowed and sweat dripping from his head.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Isaac Entragian lights Jaime Alejandro’s uniform on fire cuts to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Corazon catches Isaac Entragian with the Act of Inhumanity and Phillip Goodman smirks at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut Alex Brooks sprinting to the ring.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




The camera opens up on Eryk and OG sitting ringside in their cubby hole. The fans all around them are absolutely NUTS, cheering at the camera.

Eryk Masters: WELCOME ladies and gentlemen to the last Revolution before Master of the Mat, Revolution 113!

Other Guy: We have an action packed show for you all tonight, starting with the first Semi-Final match of the Master of the Mat tournament, and capped off with Donovan King defending his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship against LONGTIME rival, Jonny "The DEFILER" Johnson.

Eryk Masters: And as you can see, Jonny is already in the building, Valentine is already in the building and we KNOW Corazon is in the building…

Other Guy: So, let’s get to the action!

The low, dark ominous tone of “Salt On Everything” by Sole kicks in over the PA system here in the Epicenter as the arena lights dim until pitch black, signaling the arrival of Valentine Lionheart. A spotlight beams down from above as Valentine steps out from behind the curtain to a round of boos form the SHOOT faithful.

He smirks, looking around the Epicenter as if to take in the face of every fan in attendance, he double checks the Velcro on his gloves and takes his index finger and points it into his heart area. From here Valentine runs his finger through the groove of a scar that scores from his heart to just above his right hip, as if to signal something?

Eryk Masters: We saw Valentine talk to Isaac Entragian the other week. Did we just see a signal to Project SCAR? 

Other Guy: Maybe? Unless there is a meaning to that particular scar; he has enough of them.

The announce team collectively shrug as the spotlight follows Valentine to the ring where the lights once again return to normal.

Eryk Masters: You just have to be impressed by Valentine Lionheart; who has been a force to be reckoned with since coming into SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: He has been the wildcard of the Master of the Mat; a lot of money was lost here in Vegas when Valentine put away Crippler and even more was lost when he defeated Jonny Johnson. I wouldn’t be against him.

Eryk Masters: Would you bet against Corazon?

Other Guy: Nope. I think I will stick to the sluts…I mean slots.

Valentine comes to a halt next to the ring steps where the jeers of an overactive fan at ringside catch his ear. With a sneer he turns his head to the right locking eyes with the fan who is shouting “I blame you for Jonny Johnson’s downfall!”

Valentine lunges towards the fan but then feints with the punch, the fan flinches to Valentine amusement; he shakes his head as the fan cowers back and then makes his way up the ring steps.

Eryk Masters: That’s uncalled for; that fan has paid the privilege to boo and cheer our SHOOT soldiers here tonight.

Other Guy: He was practically leaning over the barricade; I for one wouldn’t want the attention of Valentine Lionheart.

Eryk Masters: Again.

Other Guy: I am trying to forget about that…

“The Omega Messiah” stands dead centre of the ring, look straight towards the entrance awaiting the arrival of his opponent here tonight.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! Hailing from LONDON, ENGLAND! He weighs in tonight at Two Hundred and Sixty Five pounds…Representing ORION. "The Omega Messiah" VALENTINE LIONHEART!

Valentine raises his arms in the air, soaking in the chorus of boos. His eyes still locked on the entrance like a sniper aiming down his sight.

Other Guy: Valentine is one intense dude.

Eryk Masters: You can say that again.


A low purple glow starts to blanket the arena, and it’s immediately followed by a dirty blues guitar riff that forces the crowd to lose their collective minds.


“I could take the pitchfork from the devil Keep a super suit like I’m incredible. From the deep blue sea to the dark blue sky…”


The song cuts out and the lights go dark, and then seconds later a purple spotlight falls at the top of the ramp, and Adrian Corazon steps out from behind the curtains.  Dark purple pyro fires off to either side of him,



The cheers just continue to grow and grow with The Black Key’s “Baddest Man Alive” serenading the Epicenter.


Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing 225 pounds….. ADRIAN CORAZON!


Corazon wastes no time in walking down to the ring, his eyes meeting with Valentine Lionheart’s as soon as they can see the whites.


Eryk Masters: Adrian Corazon is a man on a mission to get his revenge on Project SCAR, but winning the Master of the Mat tournament and the World Title is very much a part of that goal.


Other Guy: Success is the best revenge, they say.


Corazon climbs into the ring from the stairs and takes his corner just long enough for referee Dennis Heflin to confirm both men are ready. The match begins with Adrian Corazon charging in with the Superman Punch to close the distance.  Valentine Lionheart responds in kind by a short leap forward with the knee strike.  Corazon gets some of the jaw, while Lionheart gets the sternum.  Both men stumble backward, though remaining on their feet.


Other Guy: Aw, sweet!


Eryk Masters: This match just started off with a bang!


Lionheart is the first to recover, throwing a standing big boot.  Corazon lowers the head and tilts inside, driving forward with the single leg takedown.  As Adrian pushes up, Lionheart is quick to push him back and use the long legs to secure a full guard.  Corazon is unable to pass, and the arms keep him from attacking high.  Adrian goes for what he can, and starts to jam his elbow into Lionheart’s thighs.  One of Corazon’s arms swats at Lionheart’s to avoid getting caught in a Guillotine Choke, but he can’t keep it up for long before having to abandon his attack and defend himself.  Adrian Corazon pulls up and pushes out, getting his feet underneath his body and trying to separate. Lionheart allows him, kicking up at the lighter man.


Eryk Masters: Both of these men know how important this match is and how dangerous the other is.  They’re not even trying to feel each other out, and this isn’t even a wrestling match so far!


Other Guy: Adrian Corazon really has to watch out for Valentine Lionheart.  He’s big, but he’s fast and agile and flexible.  That’s a bad combination to be up against when you’re the smaller guy in the match.


Eryk Masters: Lionheart is remaining on the mat in that crab position.


Valentine stays low, kicking at Corazon whenever he tries to approach.  This buys Lionheart some time, but he also knows he can’t stay on the mat forever.  So after a distracting kick to the midlevel, Valentine scurries back into the corner on his hands and feet and pulls himself up using the top rope.  Adrian Corazon is right in behind him with another superman punch, but the Lionheart mule kick takes him out of the air.  Corazon is briefly winded, but it’s the only opening that Valentine Lionheart needs to descend on him with hammering blows to the back of the head and neck from the front.  Adrian Corazon covers up to shield himself, with Lionheart switching to stomps to the back.  He only gets in three before Corazon grabs the planted leg and stands, tripping up the big man.  Corazon drops the elbow onto the knee, eliciting a pained reaction from his beast of an opponent.  Valentine Lionheart immediately grabs the hair and pulls back on the head, sending a big fist into the bridge of the nose.  Adrian Corazon shakes it off and yanks up on the ankle to bend Lionheart’s lower leg into the body, up toward the chest.


Other Guy: I don’t know if he’s hurting or just annoying Lionheart.


Eryk Masters: It’s hard to tell with the Omega Messiah.


Valentine Lionheart pulls on the hair, with the referee telling him to release and starting a disqualification count.  At four, Lionheart releases and slams his hands on the mat in one thunderous clap.  Corazon keeps the torque on the right leg, with Lionheart reaching down and pulling on the nose.  Corazon grunts, but does not release his hold on the leg.  Dennis Heflin once again calls for the break, with the Darkside releasing at four.


Other Guy: Corazon wanted to start off fast but now he slowed it down.


Eryk Masters: I think that’s what Adrian Corazon needs to do. Valentine Lionheart knows how tough Corazon is, but if there’s anyone who could make Corazon blink, it’s Lionheart.  Corazon has to keep Lionheart off-balance and unable to find a rhythm to the fight.


Valentine Lionheart pulls in his left leg as far to his chest as he can get it before sending it launching forward like a shotgun blast to the back of Adrian Corazon’s head.  Corazon takes only two of these before he has to release and cover himself.


Eryk Masters: Lionheart gets his leg free finally.


Other Guy:And legally, too.


Lionheart mounts the back and rains down with fists to the back of Adrian Corazon’s head.  While effective, this is not a legal position and Dennis Heflin reminds Lionheart of this with another count to four.  Valentine switches over in front of Corazon and attempts the big knee to the head, but Adrian Corazon rolls away from it.  Lionheart tries to rise before Corazon, but Adrian jumps in with the dropkick.  Valentine Lionheart staggers backward.  The Inhuman hops back to his feet, rushing in with yet another dropkick that hits square in the chest and back Lionheart into the corner.  The crowd begins to get into the match as Adrian Corazon runs in with a third dropkick!


Other Guy: Is Lionheart actually stunned?  Look at his face!


Adrian Corazon quickly runs to the opposite corner, then zips in to hit a fourth dropkick to Lionheart’s face!  Valentine falls out to his knees, with Corazon running back to the far corner and in once again with a fifth dropkick to the face that puts Valentine Lionheart lying against the bottom turnbuckle!  And YET AGAIN WITH THE SIXTH AND FINAL FACEWASH DROPKICK THAT HAS THE CROWD ON ITS FEET!


Eryk Masters: There is not a fan sitting down in the Epicenter right now!


Corazon slid through to the floor, and now has Valentine Lionheart by the hair.  The referee moves in and calls Adrian Corazon on his own illegal move, dragging Lionheart’s throat down over the bottom rope.  That count takes precedent over the ring out count, and Corazon knows that because after releasing, he goes right back to the same tactic.


Other Guy: And the people are cheering, proving that rulebreaking is not as significant to popularity as one would think.


After Corazon separates, he uses a piston kick to the side of Valentine’s head.  Lionheart pulls himself back into the ring to spare himself the attack.


Eryk Masters: Adrian Corazon is back into the ring now and Valentine Lionheart is looking very vulnerable!


Corazon stalks in to the downed big man and reaches down to the same leg that he NOW FINDS AGAINST HIS THROAT WITH THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE!


Other Guy: Vulnerable, or playing possum?  Never doubt Valentine Lionheart!


With the top wristlock added to the Gogoplata, Valentine Lionheart has Adrian Corazon in a nigh inescapable position.  Corazon can’t roll, can’t fight out, and waves his arm to retain his balance.


Eryk Masters: This could be the end of Adrian Corazon’s Master of the Mat run!  He’s not getting out!


Sensing himself fading from the blood choke, Adrian Corazon scans their ring position and turns the two men in the move, then lies down… to allow his own long legs to help him reach the ropes.


Other Guy: The end, or playing possum?  Never doubt Adrian Corazon!


Valentine Lionheart releases the hold just before five, with Adrian Corazon’s face losing some of its flush.  Lionheart moves in and pulls Corazon up from the mat, locking the arms in a double underhook.


Other Guy: Lionheart is going for the Lion’s Mane!


Corazon falls to his knees, with Valentine unable to properly lift for the facebuster piledriver variation.  As his arms are pulled higher, Corazon is able to get one free and spin out, kicking Lionheart in the stomach to double him over.  Corazon also underhooks the arms.


Eryk Masters: Corazon with the Original Sin!


But Lionheart powers out with the back body drop!  Valentine Lionheart kicks Adrian Corazon in the stomach and lifts him in the Fireman’s Carry, but Corazon slips out the back and locks his hands around the waist.  Valentine Lionheart throws the back elbow, which Corazon ducks and goes for the Fireman’s Carry, but Lionheart powers him up in the Gutwrench Powerbomb!


Eryk Masters: Wow!  What a series of reversals!


Valentine Lionheart leaves Adrian Corazon on the mat, backing away toward the corner.  The Omega Messiah steps out of the ring and goes up to the top rope.


Other Guy: Oooooooooooooooh!





Lionheart is hurting, both hands on his pelvis…and Corazon RIPS him up to his feet, looking to toss him out of the ring…but Valentine pivots and THROWS Corazon directly into the referee!

Corazon’s head smashes into the referee’s skull and Corazon staggers into the ropes while the referee is DOWN and rolling around while holding his head.

Other Guy: Is it just me, E…or did it look like Valentine PURPOSELY throw Corazon into the ref??

Eryk Masters: Something did seem fishy there, OG…I’m not sure what—

The crowd EXPLODES with boos, cutting Eryk Masters off mid-sentence because ISAAC ENTRAGIAN HAS JUST HOPPED HE GUARD RAIL ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

Entragian slithers into the ring with a sickening razor-sharp smile on his face…and Valentine just leans back into the turnbuckles while breathing hard.

Eryk Masters: What in the HELL is Entragian doing out here?? This pale son of a bitch has NO business ANYWHERE in this match!

Corazon is still badly dazed, his back turned to Isaac and not even realizing that The Ivory Terror is sizing him up. Corazon turns around to find Valentine…


Corazon FOLDS backwards from the impact, his body flipping until he lands on his stomach…and just as quick Isaac pops right back up to his feet.

He favors Lionheart with a grim smile…and Lionheart smiles back while sweeping hair from his face!!

Eryk Masters: Don’t tell me…is THIS what these two monstrous BASTARDS were conspiring about last week? A little SCAR/Orion screw job for Corazon here???

Other Guy: I don’t know, E…but this is a bad situation…Corazon is MOTIONLESS right now.

The official is starting to stir…and Entragian takes that moment to make himself scarce, exiting the ring and hopping the guard rail to fade back into a FURIOUS crowd.

Valentine stalks his way back over to Corazon’s carcass…and he SCRAPES him up onto his shoulders, a wicked smile playing across the animalistic features of the Orion Soldier. 

Other Guy: Not like this…NOT this way…


Other Guy: VALENTINES DAY MASSACARE! Corazon has been BRUTALIZED here tonight!

Lionheart falls down into a pinfall…and the official crawls over and begins to make the count.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, advancing to the FINALS of the Master of the Mat tournament…THE OMEGA MESSIAH…VALENTINE LIONHEART!!!

The camera rushes through the stands for a moment…and we see the sinister Entragian standing up there and LAUGHING, his forked tongue slipping out to lick satisfied lips.

Eryk Masters: This…is just WRONG. That white SNAKE of a man Entragian just ENSURED that Corazon will not be advancing in this tournament. Thanks to The Ivory Terror…Corazon is OUT of Master of the Mat, folks.

Other Guy: This is just gonna boil Corazon’s blood even more, E…he has been SO focused on winning this tournament, it’s something he’s been vocal about from the very start. Now that dream…just went up in smoke.

The cameras focus in on Valentine Lionheart now, standing tall, primal, and victorious over the body of Adrian Corazon. He marks the crowd with his gaze, and the response is INSANELY negative…people screaming for the blood of The Omega Messiah.

Eryk Masters: Well now we know, ladies and gentlemen…that BEAST known as Valentine Lionheart is heading to Master of the Mat…he’s in the finals…he has MADE it to the bitter end…and he’ll be facing whoever wins Dominion’s main event at the PPV.

Other Guy: Can ANYONE stop Lionheart, E? The man just ALWAYS seems to find a way to win. He’s ripping and tearing his way up to the very TOP of SHOOT Project’s ranks…and the victories just keep on coming.

The shot closes out on Lionheart as he points to the Master of the Mat banner hanging from the rafters.


With the evening’s World Title main event on the horizons, SHOOT Project camera find their way backstage where DUTCH HARRIS is at the designated interview area alongside challenger, JONNY JOHNSON.


Dutch is in his usual business attire, while Jonny has since "geared up" since we saw him earlier in the evening.  He has the same white T-shirt, with "R.I.P6.3" in black sharpie, but he’s replaced the jeans with black wrestling shorts; simple red trim, and the Chucks for a pair of black Adidas wrestling shoes.  His knuckles are wrapped in black tape, and stands stoically



Dutch Harris: Well, folks, the evening’s main event is drawing near.  Donovan King will defend the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship against my guest at this time…  Jonny Johnson.


The live audience begins roaring quite loudly, though, there are a few audible boos.  Probably from die hard King fans.  Either way, the noise is audible to the folks watching at home.


Jonny appears poised, regardless, casually stretching his neck side to side, while Dutch starts the interview.


Dutch Harris: (Seemingly being very careful about what he brings up) Jonny, we know all the stories heading into the match, and…  (Hesitant, but proceeding) Well, we all saw what happened earli…

Dan Stein: Wow, Jonny. You’re just (pausing, making sure he’s got Jonny’s attention) killing it out here, aren’t you?

Dan Stein’s voice cuts off Harris and Stein walks into the camera’s eye. Stein wears a baby blue t-shirt, cut off half way down his abdomen and his wrestling shorts, and is followed by his entire entourage including Molly, his assistant, and Maximus Clementine Fanjita III.

Dutch instinctively begins the “fleeing announcer” routine, but Jonny holds him back from doing so in defiance of the interruption attempt.

Jonny: You’re good Dutch… 

Dan Stein: No, Dutch. (Looking the man in his eyes) Run along. You’re talents are needed cleaning the bathrooms

Jonny shakes his head and continues to insist on doing the interview.

Jonny: (Directing his gaze at Dan and crew) Stein…  I don’t have patience for this shit right now.

Stein laughs directly in Jonny’s face, just once.

Dan Stein: Patience? (Rocking on his heels) Patience is a funny word coming from you, Jonny. What do you know about patience

With Jonny’s full attention now on Dan Stein, Harris finally decides to just leave before gets caught in the middle of anything crazy.  Jonny clicks his tongue against his bottom molars, realizing that any physical altercation could put his shot tonight…  his LIFE in jeopardy.  He does his best to remain calm, though it’s obvious he’s not in the mood for Stein’s antics.

Jonny: (Deep breath) Dan.  I understand that…  this isn’t exactly how your dreamed your run toward Master of the Mat, and… and I’m sorry for any…  DISCOMFORT my involvement has caused.  (Choosing his words very carefully, keeping his eyes locked on Stein) But this isn’t the fucking time or place.

Dan Stein: Respect, Jonny. You’ve heard of the word, right? Respect. It’s what people earn when they’re in a position of power. I thought I would have a little bit more of it after I defeated thirty five other people in the Redemption Rumble; then Lunatikk Crippler wanted to fail ONE more time against Donovan King. And I thought I’d get it after I laid Donovan out and staked my claim to his title when Dominion came back.

But…(pointing at Jonny) you came back. And in the back of my mind, I thought something like this would happen. If there was anyone that was so full of themselves they’d jump line, it was you. I should know, there’s a lot of comparisons between the two of us.

Stein looks at the camera with a smirk.

Dan Stein: I knew that if ANYONE had a reason, it was you. Maya lucked into a title shot, but you… you actively sought it out. I knew it was possible, Jonny. But I didn’t want to believe it. I had hoped with the cancer and the retirement and the dying Friends…

The crowd audibly GASPS in the background, and Stein is forced into a pause.

Dan Stein: That you’d be man enough to wait until after I had my shot. 

Stein laughs. 

Dan Stein: But you’re still the same old Jonny Johnson. You’re still Jonny Johnson…and that means that you could be the one I get at Master of the Mat… because if anyone can beat Donovan King tonight, it’s Jonny…fucking…Johnson.

Stein crosses his arms over his chest, smiling widely, while Jonny simply shakes his head and rolls his eyes.  He smiles, but out of frustration.  Irritation.  It takes him a second to get the right words out of his mouth, fighting a brain that’s firing off in every possible direction.

Jonny: Dan…  I appreciate that you’re staying out of my business tonight.

He takes a breath, a pause, and continues.

Jonny: And anything you think a “one on one” match with King will offer your career…  I can PROMISE you…  Stein.  Jonny.  That offers you more.  Beating SHOOT Project WORLD CHAMPION…  Jonny.  Johnson.  That gives you the keys to a KINGDOM.

“So let me do what I have to do.”

His eyes never leave Stein.

Jonny: And then you can do whatever YOU have to do.

Stein pats Jonny on the shoulder, leaving his hand there for a moment.

Dan Stein: (Leaning in) Defiler, if I wouldn’t get stripped of my one on one match with King at Master of the Mat, you wouldn’t get a finish to your revenge quest. (Stein pauses, standing up straight) I build my own Kingdoms, Jonny. Whoever I face at Master of the Mat will learn that first hand.

Stein shakes Jonny’s shoulder once, patting it again. Dan walks past Jonny, brushing against him lightly…  which makes Jonny SNAP.  He abruptly GRABS Stein by the arm and SPINS him back in his direction.


Fuming, Jonny GLARES at Stein.  At Molly.  At Maximus.

Jonny: You might not give a shit, Dan, but THIS IS IT for me.  I have lost EVERYTHING and all I ever wanted to do was say Goodbye.  I WANTED TO LEAVE…  but the world crashed in on me.  EVERYTHING went wrong…  I COULDN’T SAY GOODBYE…

He raises his eyebrows, hoping he has Stein’s attention now.

Jonny: So I’m saying HELLO.  HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO DAN!  (Turning to the cameras nearby) HELLLOOOOO SHOOT PROJECT!  (Back to Stein) LOOK AT ME!  GET USED TO SEEING THIS EVERY FUCKING WEEK!  Hi, Dan Stein.  I’m Jonny Johnson and in a just a little bit, I’m going to be the World Champion around here.  IT’S GONNA BE MY SHOW!  MY Revolution!  MY Dominion.  MY WORD.  MY RULE!  HELLO, WORLD!

He VIOLENTLY pats Stein on the shoulder.

Jonny: Your turn to stare at the ground in despair.  DEFEATED…


His lips curl into a sinister snarl.

The DEFILER: Welcome to a hopeless fucking world, Dan Stein and see you at Master of the Mat, idiot.

He brushes past Stein and leaves without skipping a beat. 

Stein can only smirk.  

Dan Stein: Good luck, Silver Fox.

Dan salutes Jonny. The camera fades as Stein looks at the ground, unsure what to think anymore.


The scene opens up on the city streets of Las Vegas in the day glow of the late afternoon sun. Rush hour traffic has begun to clog the busy intersections and the weekend influx of traffic from tourists and vacationers isn’t helping anyone get home any faster. The camera then cuts to a mid level shot of the road facing the sun and traffic which is in a dead stop at the moment. The drivers in older and less maintained vehicles look extremely uncomfortable and are sweating profusely in the dry heat, while they stare at their wealthier counterparts relaxing in their air conditioned BMW’s and Lexus’s. In the distance we see man walking in-between the lanes and the motor vehicles inside them. The sun makes it difficult at first for us make out his face, but we soon realize that it is none other than SHOOT rookie Takuma Sato. The man is making his long hike out from the desert to the city for the SHOOT Project show known as Revolution.

Takuma Sato Inner Monologue: Some say I’m naïve…that I’m misguided, shortsighted, and that I hold myself up to a pedestal…just because I believe that residents of this city can be more than what they are….. because I hold myself to a higher code of honor… and because I refuse let the artificiality of the Strip devour my soul by living out in the desert away from the cancer.

The dialogue of the segment pauses for a moment until Takuma Sato comes into full view of the camera. He is dirty, rugged, and mal-content. Every ounce of feeling and aura being given off and recorded by the digital camera screams nothing but seriousness and business.

Takuma Sato Inner Monologue: But I don’t let sheep and followers get me down… No they gave up a long time ago to the commercialism, to the propaganda, to the media and most of all they gave up on themselves. They use their religion as an excuse to live impure lives stating that they were born into sin, when in reality we are never more pure than the moment we exit our mother’s womb and enter this world. These zombies, these sleepwalking morons like Datura, they do everything the government tells them to do and believes every lie the spout. They eat there processed and genetically modified bullshit and then they wonder why their ridden with cancer! Well I refuse to be told that the planet is filled with the meek and undeserving individuals who quote, “would rather claw and fuck their way through life”, because I have a little more faith that the people of this world and this city are smarter and better than that! All they need is a leader…and I plan to lead them…so don’t worry Datura, soon there will be many more like me and the world you view as fantasy will become an unruly reality!

The segment ends with Sato walking past the camera out of the view in a confident manner before it fades to black ending the scene.

The arena turns black.  On the screen, scenes of post-apocalyptic landscapes haunt the darkness. Over the speakers an eerie synth-pad sets the mood as a deep, raspy voice begins speaking. 

The car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides and a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt and we’re on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles. It went like this:

Samantha Coil: The next match is one fall with fifteen minutes time limit.

A chorus of string instruments begins to play a melancholic tune as a pale spotlight rushes to the top of the stage. There, it falls on Elizabeth Mauduit dressed in a pair of tight, dark jeans and a black hoodie.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing 130 pounds… Datura!

She stops at the top of the ramp and looks out into the darkness of the crowd.

The buildings tumbled in on themselves, mothers clutching babies, picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal stretching upwards everything washed in a thin orange haze.

Elizabeth makes her way down the ramp. The silhouette of hands reaching out to grab her can be seen on the outskirts of the spotlight. Datura ignores them as she makes her way to the steps and into the ring.

“Protovision” by Kavinsky replaces Datura’s music, with no special entrance effects other than turning the house lights back on.

Samantha Coil: And from Detriot, Michigan, weighing 195 pounds… Takuma Sato!

Sato walks out with his manager Ivan Stricker, wearing black MMA shorts and taped hands and feet.  Black Olympic-style kickboxing headgear is also noticeable.

Eryk Masters: The headgear is new.

Other Guy: After that Godless he took last Dominion from Jacob Mephisto?  He’s lucky he’s not walking out here in a neck brace and face bandaging.

As referee Austin Linam calls for the bell, Takuma Sato assumes a nekoachi-dachi shotokan stance with the left leg forward and both legs propped on the front of of the foor, combined with a simple morote uke arm positioning.

Eryk Masters: With his arms low it looks like that boxing stance you see in old pictures of 19th century bare knuckle boxers.

This conservative form quickly serves its purpose, as Datura puts up her arms and steps in with the attempt at a collar-and-elbow tieup.  Sato thrusts his hands forward with a kakiwake ukeand pushes Datura back at the shoulders, negating the lockup attempt.  Datura squares up against her will, with Sato immediately lifting the knee high and close to throw a front kick to Maduit’s solar plexus.  It’s mostly a push kick that backs her away, but effective nonetheless.  The martial artist Takuma Sato leaps into the air and attempts the bicycle kick, but Datura backs away.  The lunging kick just misses her face, with Elizabeth Maduit stepping back in with a leg kick to the inside of the front left leg of Takuma Sato.  While the kick sounds like it stings, Sato ‘s takes the kick without flinching.

Sato responds with a leg kick of his own, causing a slight buckling for Datura although she quickly recovers and throws another leg kick.  Takuma lifts his leg and crooks the knee as much as possible to block the kick.

Other Guy: Datura is credible in the ring, but I think she should focus on her advantages.  And this time I’m not talking about boobs.

Eryk Masters: True.  Takuma Sato will probably win a martial arts exhibition.  Datura has to neutralize that with her mat skills.

Datura trades a few more leg kicks with Takuma Sato before he hops backward and dips in low, Inoki vs Ali style.  By throwing the right leg forward and the body backward, Sato opens up Datura’s guard with some sharp kicks to the side of her knee.  However unlike Ali, Datura is not wearing gloves and has no problem jumping over the last kick with an elbow drop to chest.  Maduit makes the lateral press cover.



Takuma Sato presses Elizabeth Maduit off of him, while Maduit also pushes up, the result being that Datura goes high off of Sato and stands leaning over the man, grabbing his near arm and twisting the wrist to fall onto Sato again with the grounded top wristlock.  Sato attempts to sit up, which only feeds his leg to the more technical Datura, who secures the Anaconda Vice!

Other Guy: That’s what I’m talking about!

Takuma Sato grabs at the hands of Elizabeth Maduit, but cannot break her grip.  Next, he attempts to reach the ropes, but he doesn’t get much movement in either direction, and the two are in the middle of the ring.  Because Sato is not a mat expert, though, he doesn’t know what wouldn’t work… so when he pulls both of his legs up to his chest and rolls himself up into a ball, he actually succeeds in forcing Datura to release the hold by kipping up to a crouch from the mat.  Datura, however, uses a School Boy before Sato can do anything about the escape.




As Takuma Sato kicks out, Datura hits him with a backhand chops across the chest to back the Archetype of Honor into the ropes.  As Datura goes for the Irish Whip, Sato twists around before his momentum gets away from him, using a te nagame uke to swat off Elizabeth’s arm.  Switching to the teiji dachi side-style stance with Maduit on his right, Takuma uses a tetsui uchi rounding right-handed hammer fist to the midsection to stun Datura, lowering her core just enough that the head is parallel to the ground.  Sato throws his left arm high and brings it down onto the back of Datura’s head with the otoshi hiji ate, sending Datura crashing into the mat.  Sato pulls Datura over onto her back and makes the pinning cover.



Th-rope break!

Eryk Masters: Takuma Sato didn’t get Datura away from the edge of the ring.  That would’ve been a three count if not for Datura’s leg being underneath the ropes.

Takuma Sato backs away after the unsuccessful pin attempt.  Elizabeth Maduit pulls herself out of the ring using the ropes, falling to the ground with cover from the apron to protect herself.

Other Guy: That was just a couple of hits, but Datura’s still running for cover.

Eryk Masters: At Dominion 8, we saw that just a single strike from Takuma Sato was enough to stop Jacob Mephisto in his tracks.  Datura is half Mephisto’s size, so not to knock her toughness but she has a lot less mass to absorb the shock of those devastating hits from Sato.

Austin Linam stands at the ropes, lightly asking off Takuma Sato, who complies with the referee’s request.  Linam then begins a ring out count.


The camera cuts to Ivan Stricker, silently watching the match at hand.




Stirring on the floor, Datura begins pull herself up using the apron.


Maduit gets to her feet, though still groggy and leaning over the apron.



Datura reaches up to the second rope to support herself getting onto the ring apron.  Takuma Sato is still in the ring, resting at the far corner.

Other Guy: Sato thought better of that Suicide Dive after last week, looks like.


Eryk Masters: With that headgear on, you can tell he’s concerned about keeping himself from aggravating that slight concussion from two weeks ago.  High risk moves are called that for a reason, his manager probably told him to cut down on the flying for this match.

At nine, Datura is off of the floor and the referee stops counting.  Takuma Sato moves forward, grappling with Datura.  Maduit slips a knee through the ropes to catch Sato just above the pelvis.  This allows for Datura to grab the wrist and drop down to the floor, hyperextending the right arm.  Takuma Sato recoils in pain, holding the arm, and stumbles toward the center of the ring.  Stricker calls out and points back toward Datura, with Sato turning around into a Swandive Dropkick!  Datura makes the immediate pin.




Takuma Sato stays alive in the contest, although still favoring the arm.  That leads to Datura taking hold of it and yanking back into the Cross Armbreaker!

Eryk Masters: Sato locks his hands, he desperately needs to avoid getting caught in this hold!

This time, Sato is able to scamper to the ropes and get the break!  Datura releases the hold, but Takuma Sato gets no relief as Datura stomps at the injured arm.  Sato holds it close and kicks at Elizabeth Maduit.  Undeterred, she keeps hold of the wrist and manages to pull Sato away from the ropes, where she covers him for a lateral press without pinning the arms.



Eryk Masters: Sato throws the shoulder up!

Just as Datura wanted.  Takuma Sato rolls himself up with the shoulder, which allows Datura to shove him over onto his stomach and trap the arms, rolling over into the Moonflower!  Sato does his best to hold on but that injured shoulder just can’t handle it.

Other Guy: He tapped!  He tapped!

“Dead Flag Blues” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor plays for the people.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match, by submission… Elizabeth Maduit… Datura!

The referee raises Datura’s hand, though she ignores it and casts eyes down to Takuma Sato.

Eryk Masters: Sato looks hurt.  His shoulder might’ve been dislocated.

Austin Linam checks on Takuma Sato, while Datura gives him no concern and walks away from the ring.

Other Guy: Datura beat Sammy Rochester last week, Takuma Sato this week, she’s gonna get herself a title match before soon if this keeps up.

One of the trainers jogs out from the back to take a look at Sato.


The scene opens with Jester Smiles outside of Sammy’s locker room with the impending Sammy vs. Gaunt match coming up next. Jester looks to be about to yell something through the locker room door…when a shadow falls overtop him. 


He turns around and finds himself face to face with a grinning Isaac Entragian. 


Isaac peeks around Jester’s shoulder for a moment at the locker room door. 


Entragian: Hope you got him ready for tonight, Jester. Lizzie is just ACHING to give that monster baby some tough love… 


Isaac reaches out…and he casually pats Jester on the shoulder. 


Entragian: But hey…wanted to thank you, man. The way you fed Real Deal to me a few weeks ago? That was really sweet of you. Appreciate it. And I figure now that I’ve softened him up a bit for ya…you might even have the nuts to show up for the match this time, huh? 


Entragian’s mocking grin just grows wider. 


Jester, who had been leaning against the wall lazily, stands straight up. He still isn’t eye to eye with Entragian, which is a testament to the sheer size of Entragian, but he doesn’t back down. He stands face to face with Entragian, but not invading Entragian’s space by being directly in his face. He crosses his arms and smiles at Entragian. 


Jester Smiles: Oh, hey Isaac. Yeah, I guess this is the other end of the building from where Corazon’s locker room is, so, you know, this is a relatively safe place for you. 


Jester yawns. 


Jester Smiles: And I’m sure good ole Lizzie is SUPER craz-errr-excited for this match up. Fair warning, though, because I feel this is only fair. I would NOT recommend her going for a hug. I mean, just…with the size difference, and, you know, with Sammy completely intent on reclaiming the Sin City Championship, it’s just not recommended, you dig? 


Hugs are bad. 


Jester snickers. 


Jester Smiles: And as for Real Deal, well, I’ve offered him a match. He’s the one who’s gone sorta silent lately. But, hey, I wouldn’t really want to get in the ring with a guy who is best friends with Sammy Rochester, but also has a punching power so strong that…well… 


That he once knocked Isaac Entragian out with a single shot. 


Isaac reaches up while smirking, and he works his jaw with one hand…that forked tongue slipping out to graze over the top row of his teeth. 


Entragian: My jaw does seem to remember that. And uh…you know what I else I remember? Right after that Rocky-esque punch of yours…I got back up, shook myself off…booted you outta the ring and made some other chump tap to retain a World Title. 


Isaac shrugs. 


Entragian: But hey…we all have selective memories in this business, don’t we? Totally not important. Why dwell on the past when the future is so….juicy. 


Isaac leans his body up against the wall for a moment while examining Jester’s face. 


Entragian: You’ve never been my biggest fan, I know…and I’ve never much liked you either, to be honest. Know what I find especially satisfying, though? You existing in SHOOT Project with THIS mindset…this desire of yours to make this company bleed…it benefits me, Jester. Every action you take here in Las Vegas…just makes things easier for me. 


Isaac lets out a happy little sigh. 


Entragian: If you actually do take out Real Deal…that’s one less legend I gotta burn. You bring back Rochester and set him on this path of destruction, cutting down all the good little Soldier boys he possibly can…that’s a few less good little Soldier boys that me and my kin gotta cut down. See the pattern there, Eric? Everything you do here…just works in my favor rather you want it to or not. 


Isaac chuckles. 


Entragian: I only wish this apathetic version of you would have surfaced YEARS ago…but now that’s it’s finally here…I ain’t complaining. Send your monster baby to tear down heroes…and do your best to take out as many legends as you want. No reason for me to stand in your way… 


Isaac pauses, those cruel eyes shining just a tiny bit brighter. 


Entragian: …unless you make the mistake of standing in mine.

Jester remains in his position, tapping his foot and looking directly into Isaac’s face. There is a clear tension between both men, and the silence between them over the next few seconds doesn’t help it. However, after a few more moments, Jester simply nods his head, smiles brightly, and moves back to his spot leaning against the wall, motioning for Isaac to pass. 


Jester Smiles: No reason for me to be in your way or for you to be in mine. I think we both have…other battles to fight. No need to make more enemies. 


Jester snickers. 


Jester Smiles: For now

Isaac smirks in response and sizes Jester up one last time before stalking off out of frame, leaving Jester to remain there at Sammy’s locker room door.


We cut backstage where Abigail Chase is standing with the Sin City Champion, Jacob Mephisto. Jacob is dressed in a pair of black slacks and a crimson button-down shirt. The Sin City Championship is draped across his shoulder. The hint of a smile plays at the corners of his lips.

Abigail: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing here with the current reigning Sin City Champion, Jacob Mephisto. The Sin City Championship Series is down to four competitors and after Revolution and Dominion are done, we will have our two finalists going into Master of the Mat. Jacob, when this Series started, many people were claiming that Corey Lazarus or Maya Nakashima would win it all. With those two eliminated, what are your thoughts on the experts’ predictions?

Jacob favors Abigail with a sidelong glance. When he speaks, his tone is light and casual.

Jacob: You know, Abby, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in these “experts.” Sure, Maya and Corey are great competitors, but there was never a doubt in my mind that I would be exactly where I am today.

Abigail: Fair enough. Now, when you won the Sin City Championship at Reckoning Day, in what has to be considered an upset against Sammy Rochester and Corey Lazarus, it really shook up the Series. In fact, after Reckoning Day was over, Jason Johnson transformed it into a more traditional style tournament. What are your thoughts on that?

Jacob can’t help but smirk. His tone remains light, but there is a bit of an edge in his voice.

Jacob: First of all, Ms. Chase, while some people would consider my victory against Sammy and Corey to be an upset, I don’t. You see, leading up to that match, I told everyone I was going to win. I told everyone that Sammy Rochester could be beat and Corey Lazarus would be beaten. But, I won’t deny that it shook things up. And really? When I came back to the SHOOT Project, I said I was going to shake things up, didn’t I? Now, as far as the change in format goes, it doesn’t really faze me much. In fact, after I beat Johnny Napalm tomorrow night, I’ll only need to focus on one more competitor instead of two. So, really, I think Jason Johnson made the right choice.

Abigail rolls her eyes slightly.

Abigail: Now, Jacob, two weeks ago, you attacked Elizabeth Gaunt and Sammy Rochester. Then you went on to cost Sex & Violence the World Tag Team Championship. You even attacked Johnny Napalm after Dominion went off the air. Coming into this week, you’ve defended your actions and even explained why you did them. But, what the world has to be wondering is was it a wise decision to do what you did?

Jacob’s light and casual tone turns more serious as he scowls at Abigail. When he speaks, there is malice in his tone.

Jacob: Wisdom has nothing to do with it. I did exactly what I needed to do. Sure, I attacked Lizzy and Sammy. But, you know what? Those two have each other to worry about tonight…

Before Jacob can even finish his thought a combat boot appears in frame, SNAPPING into his chest and knocking Mephisto backwards with a ton of velocity. Jacob flies back into the black curtain of the interview area before rolling around on the floor while holding a hand against his heart.

Abigail Chase looks on with a shocked expression…and Elizabeth Gaunt casually steps into the frame.

Gaunt: That’s true, Jacob. Sammy & I have each other to worry about tonight.

She leans down…and she carefully picks up the Sin City Championship lying next to Mephisto. Gaunt breathes against the reflective metal of the belt, fogging it up…and then she uses her sleeve to polish it a bit.

Gaunt: But at Master of the Mat? When I come for this nice shiny title?

Liz’s red lips curl into a vindictive little smile.

Gaunt: I’m gonna give YOU….something to worry about.

Liz carefully lays the Sin City belt across Jacob’s chest, and then she titters to herself while skipping off down the hallway.

The shot stays backstage, with Dutch Harris standing by. Flanking him on either side are both members of the recently reunited Flying Avengers! The fans cheer a good amount as they see Kid Lightning in his trademark sky blue mask for the first time in what seems like forever, with silver lightning bolts all over the place, cut off under his ears and nose, exposing the bottom part of his face while the top has blue and silver tassels rolling off it like hair. FLASH Dynamite with the same orange and yellow mask covering his entire face, the yellow explosion over his left eye and the stick of dynamite about to explode under his right.

Dutch Harris: As you can see ladies and gentlemen, I’m here tonight with the Flying Avengers, who have been granted a match against the Bad Ass Brotherhood at Master of the Mat. Now, first I’ve got to say, it’s good to see you again Kid Lightning, you look well.

Kid Lightning smiles big and gives a big thumbs up to the camera.

Kid Lightning: Thanks, Dutch! You look slightly pudgier than the last time I saw you…you must be having a pretty happy time at home, huh?

Dutch smiles awkwardly and nods his head.

Dutch Harris: Well, yeah, but what does that have to do with…ya know what? Never mind. At Revolution 112, the Bad Ass Brotherhood said you were done, gone. They stamped over your face, and said that Chance here, or FLASH rather, was to blame. I can see that’s obviously wrong, but I still have to ask, why now?

FLASH holds up his large hand.

FLASH Dynamite: Look, they weren’t entirely wrong. To be honest, I was the reason he went away. But I made my ammends, we patched our friendship up, and we’re stronger for it.

Kid Lightning: Exactly, and at Master of the Mat we’re going to not only give the Brotherhood a run for their money, we’re going to reassert oursevles into the top tier of the tag team division here in SHOOT!

FLASH Dynamite: But first, tonight and tomorrow night, we’re going to give them a little taste of their own medicine.

Kid Lightning grins at that statement, as Dutch Harris nods his head slowly.

Dutch Harris: On that note, are you aware that tey’re having a Game of Thrones viewing partythis evening?

FLASH Dynamite nods his head slowly, as Kid Lightning holds up a piece of paper, facing the camera it reads: "BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD Proudly presents a Game of Thrones viewing party @ 9:30 pm. Yes, it’s DVR’d and NO, IF YU HAVE NETHING 2 DUE WITH CHANCE RYAN YU R NOT WELCOME!"

FLASH Dynamite: I might have seen something about it.

Kid Lightning drops the piece of paper, letting it sway in the gentle cross breezes of the Epicenter’s halls as it slowly finds its way to the floor as the two start walking off, muffled words coming from under FLASH’s mask and an audible snicker from Kid Lightning follows.

Eryk Masters: Really not looking forward to calling this next match up.

“Blood” by In This Moment hits over the PA. The crowd boos as Elizabeth Gaunt emerges from the back, dressed in all black leather. She doesn’t pause to taunt the crowd or anything. She looks incredibly pissed and walks with a purpose, making her way to the ring. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a Sin City Championship Series match! Introducing first, weighing in at ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY FIVE pounds…ELIZABETH GAUNT!

Elizabeth Gaunt simply rolls under the bottom rope and takes center of the ring, glaring at the entrance ramp in anticipation for her opponent.

Eryk Masters: That is not a happy looking woman. 

Other Guy: Elizabeth Gaunt put out some…interesting promos this week. She believes that Sammy could be apart of the SCAR family, could even be her son, but she’s got to punish him for saying it can’t happen.

“The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot his over the PA, and the crowd reigns down boos as JESTER SMILES emerges from the back, Sammy Rochester following behind. Sammy Rochester is decked out in normal leather sleeveless vest and GIANT red MMA gloves. He stops at the top of the ramp, glaring at Gaunt, who simply returns his stare. 

Eryk Masters: That guy is super scary.

Samantha Coil: And now, her opponent, making his way to the ring, accompanied by Jester Smiles, he weighs in tonight at FOUR HUNDRED and SIXTY FIVE pounds…SAMMY ROCHESTER!

Sammy slowly walks to the ring, never taking his eyes off Liz Gaunt. Jester stays behind Sammy, patting him on the back and rubbing his shoulders. Upon reaching the ring apron, Jester digs under the apron for a chair and takes a seat ringside. Sammy stands on the outside of the apron for a minute, looking up at Gaunt. Gaunt looks at Sammy, lifts her hand up, and points sharply at the ground.


Sammy walks up the steel steps and steps over the top rope, walking to the center of the ring and getting right in Elizabeth Gaunt’s face, the size difference becoming overwhelmingly obvious.

Other Guy: That woman is crazy if she thinks she is going to scold Sammy.

Eryk Masters: I mean, I hardly think either person in that ring is sane.

Willie Dean signals for the bell, but both competitors just remain staring each other down for a few more moments. Suddenly, Elizabeth Gaunt reaches up and slaps Sammy across the face. Sammy hardly flinches. Elizabeth Gaunt begins to poke Sammy in the chest and shouts at him.

Other Guy: Wait…is this happening?

Gaunt: You listen here you ungrateful brat! You will START listening to mommy and stop disobeying what I say to you! You are going to lay down, let me pin you for the win, and then we are going home to your family, and you are going to CLEAN UP YOUR DAMN R-

Elizabeth Gaunt is suddenly stopped mid sentence when Sammy grabs her by the throat with both hands and lifts her high in the air, over his head! Elizabeth’s eyes light up as she stares down at the giant monster child, gasping and sputtering for breath. Willie Dean tells Sammy to release her, but Sammy COMPLETELY ignores Willie Dean, looking up at Gaunt with a cold, evil expression on his face. Suddenly, the coldness is broken as a smile creeps across Sammy’s face. Willie Dean begins to administer the count!







Sammy suddenly launches Elizabeth Gaunt across the ring, right before Willie Dean can get the five count! Elizabeth Gaunt bounces off the mat a good few inches, and she clutches her back in pain! A few anti-SCAR fans cheer loudly. The camera cuts to Jester, who watches on intently, a wicked grin on his face. 

Eryk Masters: Good gravy, the power of that man is unbelievable. 

Other Guy: Elizabeth Gaunt is insane, and she’s tough as tough can be, but I don’t know how a one hundred and fifty five pound lady is going to be able hang with Sammy.

Eryk Masters: Well, Datura won her match with Sammy on the last Dominion, so, you know, it’s not impossible.

Sammy stalks across the ring, grabbing Liz by the hair and pulling her to her feet. He SLAMS her in the head with a headbutt, which causes her to just crumble to the ground. Sammy picks her up again and lifts her up into a bear hug, swinging her around, squeezing all the air out of her body. Liz looks half dead for a moment, but she suddenly comes alive with a look of fiery insanity in her eyes.


Gaunt starts SLAMMING elbows into the top of Sammy’s head. Sammy eats most of them, but one finally finds it way to the bridge of Sammy’s nose, and he releases the hold, staggering backwards. Gaunt lands on her feet, dashing forward and going for a low dropkick…

That catches Sammy in the groin! Sammy Rochester grabs his manhood and falls to his knees, a look of sheer agony on his face.

Other Guy: Oh damn, I felt that one.

Eryk Masters: I think every man in this building felt that one.

Willie Dean admonishes Liz for her action, but she explains that she wasn’t aiming for his groin. However, when Willie turns away to allow the match to continue, the smile on her face makes it clear that she hit her target perfectly. Jester leaps onto the apron and begins to argue with Willie Dean, demanding he call the match and declare Sammy the winner. Willie Dean argues with Jester to get off the apron. While this is going on, Liz goes over to Sammy and begins to dig her finger nails into Sammy’s eyes, Sammy crying out in pain! 

Eryk Masters: VICIOUS and illegal attack by Elizabeth Gaunt!

Other Guy: But because of Jester, Willie Dean doesn’t see it!

The anti-Jester and Sammy fans in the crowd now cheer as Jester now begs for Willie Dean to look at what is happening, but Willie still tells Jester to get off the ring apron. Jester finally, obliges, but by the time Willie Dean turns around, the damage has been done. Sammy is on his elbows and knees, clutching his face, while Liz Gaunt stands to the side, looking innocent. Liz moves to Sammy’s side and mounts him, her body facing away from his head.

Eryk Masters: The hell is this crazy woman doing now?

Liz Gaunt brings her hand up high and begins to SPANK Sammy! The crowd laughs as Elizabeth Gaunt delivers a spanking to Sammy’s posterior. Willie Dean looks confused, but he does nothing, as the move is not illegal. Sammy suddenly comes alive, hearing the laughter and realizing he is being humiliated. He explodes to his feet, throwing Gaunt off him, and turns to face her. Gaunt has a terrified look on her face, and she begins to back track, talking to Sammy and trying to calm him down.

Gaunt: Now now, Sammy, mommy loves you. You know that. She just had to make a point. Come on Sammy, mo-

Sammy lashes out and grabs Elizabeth by the throat, lifting her up and slamming her down with a chokeslam! Sammy does not release the hold of her throat, lifting her back up from the ground and back in the air, dropping her with ANOTHER chokeslam! Again Sammy holds onto Liz and lifts her back up in the air! He stares at her for a moment, a furious look in his eyes. Sammy then pulls her into another bear hug, and this time, he squeezes even tighter than before!

Other Guy: To be fair, Jester did tell Isaac that Liz should watch out for hugs from Sammy.

Liz’s eyes are so wide that they seem to threaten to bulge out of the sockets. She tries to pull away so that she can rain down elbows again, but this time Sammy squeezes, somehow, even tighter to keep her from being able to attack.

Eryk Masters: The problem here is that, even though Liz’s arms are free, all of Sammy’s strength is on the ribs of Elizabeth Gaunt. A man the size and with the strength of Sammy Rochester could easily snap a rib with this move!

Elizabeth Gaunt squirms and fights, throwing a few rabbit punches, trying to get Sammy to let go, but Sammy does not release the hold! Willie Dean asks if Gaunt wants to submit, but she shakes her head no, firmly. Suddenly, Sammy lets out a primal scream and runs forward, slamming Liz into the turnbuckles! Liz goes lifeless, slumping to the ground!

Other Guy: DAMN!

Sammy pulls Liz to the middle of the ring and drops for the pin!



THRE-NO! Liz gets the shoulder up just in time. Sammy looks frustrated, but he stays aggressive, lifting Liz back up. He Irish Whips her to the ropes, but when he throws his arm for a sloppy haymaker, Liz ducks the move and comes back with a chop block to the back of Sammy’s knee!

Eryk Masters: Going for the legs worked really well for Datura. Looks like Liz is mimicking that strategy a bit.

Sammy drops down, and Liz is quick to climb the turnbuckle. Sammy turns his head to see Liz leap off the turnbuckle and SLAM him straight in the face with a missile dropkick! It’s now Liz who tries for the pin!



THRE-NO! Sammy THROWS Liz Gaunt off of him. 

Other Guy: Elizabeth Gaunt was almost the victor. She just needs to stay aggressive. 

Sammy stumbles up to his knees, but Liz is up faster. She lashes out and SLAMS him in the chest with a superkick, but Sammy barely flinches.

Eryk Masters: Liz usually ends matches with that move, which she calls Heartless, and Sammy barely registered it.

Liz, however, does not let this shock her. She just lashes out and hits ANOTHER superkick to the chest! This one causes Sammy to recoil, so she does it again! And again! And again!  Sammy clutches his chest, looking in severe pain.

Other Guy: This is how Mephisto beat Sammy. This is not a bad way to go for Liz. 

Liz hits the ropes and comes running forward, going for another superkick, this one connecting with the jaw. Sammy’s eyes glaze over quick, and he drops to his hands and knees, but he does not completely fall! Liz hits the ropes again, this time straight up soccer kicking Sammy in the face-NO! Sammy comes up quickly, causing Liz to miss the kick and nearly lose her balance. Sammy suddenly shoots up to his feet and reaches forward, catching Liz from behind, around the neck.

Eryk Masters: Oh god, this looks bad.

Sammy LIFTS Liz HIGH in the air and then DROPS her down with the Reverse Chokeslam. He rolls Liz over and pins!




Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, at a time of FOURTEEN minutes and TWELVE seconds and advancing to the finals of the Sin City Championship Series…SAMMY ROCHESTER!

Jester jumps in the ring, looking incredibly elated. He pats Sammy on the back, saying “You did it” over and over again. Sammy looks down at Elizabeth Gaunt, who is fighting her way to her knees, semi-conscious. A sick grin crosses his face as he turns away, exiting the ring. He walks back up the ramp, that evil smile never leaving his face.

Eryk Masters: Elizabeth Gaunt gave Sammy Rochester everything she had, but Rochester picks up the HUGE win and punches his ticket to Master of the Mat!

Other Guy: Sammy has been on a quest to win back that Sin City Championship since he lost it to Jacob Mephisto at Reckoning Day.

Eryk Masters: Mephisto and Johnny Napalm face off tomorrow to settle the second spot in the finals of the Sin City Championship Series.

Other Guy: We’ll find out who Rochester is going to face in the finals tomorrow night at Dominion, but the action on Revolution continues… NOW!


Cut to the back, camera in on none other than former two time World Heavyweight Champion (and Tag Team and Hall of Fame and so on and so on…) OutKast standing next to Abigail Chase. OutKast wears a fine business suit, leaning over and conversing with Chase as him employee rather than his interviewer. 

OutKast: We’re glad we could get those health benefits worked into Mary’s and your contracts. You’re family to us, thank God we’re able to work in more for guys like you.

Chase bobs her head up and down with a smile before glancing over OutKast’s shoulder. As her eyes linger, Kast has the wherewithal to turn his head as well, catching the figure of the number one contender Dan Stein standing in the middle of the hallway. The fans let out a strong “boo” at the sight. Stein has a smirk on his face, a baby blue STEIN Project t-shirt cut off midway down his abs and his wrestling shorts on. Dan is accompanied by his entourage, including Molly, his Assistant and Maximus Clementine Fanjita III, his personal ball washer, and countless women in little red dresses all within shouting distance of him. Stein brings his hands up and claps, slowly.

Dan Stein: Always playing the hero, OutKast. Even in retirement. Which is funny, because that’s the role your protege is playing here tonight as your stand in.

As OutKast turns around, Abigail quickly slips away. Stein steps forward, closing some of the distance between the two of them. 

Dan Stein: Saving us from a battle YOU drove him to start, isn’t it? 

OutKast looks Stein up and down, measuring him as he often does when faced with such blatant aggression.

OutKast:  Dan.  I’m…not sure what you need.  You already have insurance. :)

Stein chuckles.

Dan Stein: Need? From you? (Chuckling.) Nothing. Just like all of these fans need nothing from you. Not anymore. They don’t need Jonny Johnson holding a personal vendetta against Donovan King, potentially ruining my dance with him at Master of the Mat. I don’t need that.

Stein moves his head from side to side while looking at the Hall of Famer in front of him, gauging the emotional state of the man.

OutKast:  Okay, Dan?  Dan.  I’m gonna have to go ahead and stop you right there, Dan.  If you haven’t noticed, we don’t need ten minutes of you bitching and complaining about all the conspiracies against you.  What you need to…can’t…can’t just wait?  Seriously?  I might have more to say.  Just gonna start talking, huh? 

Dan Stein: (talking over OutKast while he tries to continue to talk) That’s wrong, OutKast. You do NEED ten minutes of me bitching because I am the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the SHOOT Project helm. I am the FUTURE of this company, and if you don’t give me more RESPECT…

OutKast looks at Stein cockeyed. Stein clenches his fists, exhaling through his nose

Dan Stein: Where’s my go home match?

OutKast:  It’s probably because of how poorly you fared in that tag match, really.  I don’t know, I don’t book.  All I know is I can imagine people not wanting to see you shit the bed two shows in a row.

Dan Stein: (white knuckled) I didn’t realize that a Tag Team GAWD put all the blame on one person for his teams losses. 

OutKast:  (while Stein is talking) I never lost the tag titles when I had ‘em, I’m just saying.  Josh didn’t either, if I recall correctly…and I do.

Stein reaches out to the water cooler, completely shoving the tank off of the base. Water spills and guzzles out onto the floor.

OutKast:  …want a hug, bro?

Dan Stein: You…you sent Donovan King after Jonny Johnson in the first place. You sent him on a head hunt, and YOU are the reason why Jonny Johnson is trying to RUIN my Master of the Mat moment.  am supposed to beat Donovan King for his World Heavyweight Championship. Not some cancer patient with a grudge. Not some hipster trying to get back an ounce of the respect he had before he came out of retirement.YOU, and Jason, and Josh CONTINUOUSLY try to screw me out of things that BELONG to me. And when I try to do something about…


OutKast sighs. Stein’s eyes go wide as OutKast cuts him off.

OutKast:  You’re so damn talented, Dan.  Seriously.  You’re so talented.  I know so many people are jealous of you.  You have everything going for you.

He puts his hand on Stein’s shoulder, but Stein quickly pushes it off.

OutKast:  But you’ve gotta stop being such a bitch, man.

There is a collective “OOOOOH” as Stein continues to fume, breathing heavily.

OutKast:  Now, listen.  I’m going to watch my student, Donovan King, defend his World Championship against Jonny Johnson in one of the biggest matches I’ve ever gotten the chance to see.  What you need to do is sit back, take notes on how King and Jonny do, and who knows?  Maybe you’ll be able to figure out a way to beat one of them.  Or…maybe…if you’re lucky?  Donovan King’ll lock in the Carolina Crossface and you can get a third person view of the most dangerous move in wrestling.

OutKast smiles at Stein.  He winks at the number one contender and the smile becomes a grin.

OutKast:  Goodnight, Danny.

Before OutKast can turn away, Stein LEVELS him with a flying elbow, sending the Hall of Famer to the ground. Stein LEAPS on top of the man, swinging and flailing and scratching and clawing at OutKast. As Kast struggles to fight back, Stein grabs the emptying water jug from the ground and SLAMS it down across the skull of his boss, SCREAMING with rage. Stein slams the jug down once more causing it to fall in on itself and CHUCKS it across hallway. As Stein grabs a steel chair, security rushes in. Stein swings the chair once down across OutKast’s back as he attempts to get up, sending the man sprawling out on the ground. 

Stein becomes overwhelmed by security and has the chair stripped from him. He wipes his hand over his face once, looking down his nose at OutKast. Dan turns away from the man, rips the torn shirt from his body and throws it against the wall, walking past the camera, silently.


We cut backstage and we see Jacob Mephisto stalking the halls of the Epicenter. The look on his face says it all: he is PISSED. He carries the Sin City Championship in his left hand as he turns the corner. We can only assume he is in search of Liz Gaunt. His pale grey eyes flash with anger as he turns another corner, only to run into none other than Jerry Matthews.

Jacob pauses for a moment, his lips curled into a sneer.

Jacob: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the good reverend. Normally, I’d take the time to welcome you to SHOOT personally, but I’ve got a bit of business to deal with.

Matthews is wearing a white cotton suit, and a look of anger flashes across his eyes as he comes face to face with the self-avowed athetist.

Jerry: Don’t waste any of your time on pleasantries, Mephisto. And you can keep any and all of your pleasantries to yourself. If it’s any consolation, just know that you are one of the major reasons I made the decision to catch the first flight available to this cesspool of a city.

Jacob takes a step backward and, despite his foul mood, manages a smirk. For the moment, his “business” with Liz Gaunt is forgotten.

Jacob: So, let me get this straight. You decided to come to SHOOT Project because of… me? And Dan Stein? Yea, Jerry, I watched your promos coming into this week. You should understand though, you’ve stepped into a whole different world with the SHOOT Project, Reverend. I gave you a taste of that during the T-ACT. Must’ve tasted a lot like the bottom of a boot.

The pastor’s skin color grows a shade of red darker at this remark.

Jerry: Gloat while you can, Mephisto. And don’t let the fact that I’m here completely inflate your ego. It’s not you in particular, or Dan Stein. More so, it’s the entire sinful nature of the SHOOT Project locker room, the "soldiers" I believe is the term you use. By the time I’m finished here, this place will be nothing more than a useless hole in the ground. And keep your eyes peeled, my son. Because I, and God the Father, will be paying particularly close attention to you.

Matthews then walks angrily off screen, not allowing the Sin City Champion a chance at a reply.

Jacob shakes his head before his look turns more serious, remembering the assault by Gaunt earlier as he stalks off.

Eryk Masters:  Our next contest is built on the simmering issues between Laura Seton and Lunatikk Crippler.

Other Guy:  Only that simmer was brought to a boil last week, when Laura Seton walked out on their tag match.  Leaving Crippler high and dry to deal with SCAR!

Eryk Masters:  From what we’ve heard Crip is incredibly angry and… wait… what’s this?   We’re getting word they’re brawling in the back!!

Other Guy:  We have seen Crippler do this in the past!

We are sprinting down the halls of the Epicenter and we see Lunatikk Crippler and Laura Seton throwing wild haymakers at one another at Gorilla Position.   A few of the production crew try to separate them, but they’re pushed aside.  Laura nails Crippler with a knee to the gut, and then grabs his head and slams it down on the production table. 

Other Guy:  Someone needs to get back there.

The Epicenter boos seeing this on the screen.  That booing kicks up a notch as Laura appears moments later on the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters:  Or they need to get out here!

Laura rolls her smirks at the jeers directed her way as boos replace her entrance music due to the chaos at the production table.

Eryk Masters:  Looks like the Epicenter is singing Laura to the ring.

The boos quickly become a roar from the crowd as Crippler makes his appearance on the ramp.  He makes a b-line for Laura, who slides in the ring.  Crippler sprints and slides in he goes to continue the fight, but Dennis Heflin actually steps in the way so he can make an official start to this match.

Samantha Coil:  This Shut up and Fight contest is set for ONE fall and is-

She is cut off by an icy glare from both Crippler and Seton who want no formalities. 

Eryk Masters:  These two want to tear each other apart.

Heflin senses their urgency and quickly calls for the bell.  Crippler sprints across the ring, but Seton quickly bails out.  The crowd boos.   Crippler chases.   Laura runs around two sides on the outside and slides in.  Crippler in pursuit.  When he slides in he’s met with a dropkick that levels him.  

Other Guy:  Laura set him up.  If Crippler can’t get his blood lust in check she’s going to keep exploiting it. 

Laura drops down into a full mount and begins to drive right hands into Crippler’s temple.  She gets up.  Drops a leg across his throat.  Pops up and drives the point of her elbow into Crippler’s forehead.  She pops up once more.  Bounces off the ropes and looks to hit a running splash, but Crippler senses it and pulls his knees up.

Eryk Masters:  Laura just ate a double dose of knee right there!

Crippler now on the offensive and is in a rage.  He gets up and stomps down viciously on her chest.  Follows that up with an elbow drop.  Gets back to his feet and pulls Laura up violently by her hair.  He quickly pulls her in and locks in a standing abdominal stretch.  He wrenches back with all his might. Laura winces in pain as Heflin asks her if she wants to quit.  She shakes her head "NO".  When Crippler hears the "no" he leans all his weight back into it, and drives a series of quick "12-6 elbows" down into her ribcage.

Eryk Masters:  Crippler punishing the hyper extended ribs of Laura Seton.  Punishing her for leaving him high and dry last week.

He then lets her out of the hold.  Transitioning into a hammerlock, Crippler scoops her up planting bodyslam while keeping that arm in the hammerlock position.

Other Guy: Slammed down hard onto that left arm.  You can do some serious damage to an arm that way!

Crippler grabs her and looks to continue to punish her as he locks her into a neck crank. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s really torquing the neck, there.

Other Guy:  That is painful and you can’t breath.

Crippler pulls hard on the back of her head.  She winces as Dennis Heflin checks on her.  She pushes back with her legs, which catches Crippler off guard, and he falls back into a pinning predicament!


Two…  NO!  Crippler lets go of the crank and kicks out.  He gets up quickly and bounces off the ropes.  He runs looking for his running sexton splash, but Laura rolls out of the way!   Laura continues to roll, right out of the ring looking to get some respite from Crippler’s onslaught.  She leans against the apron, catching her breath and shaking her left arm out.  Crippler gets up, and sees her outside.  He takes off, looking for a baseball slide dropkick, but Laura sidesteps.   Crippler lands on his feet, but Laura quickly grabs him in and plants him with a reverse DDT!

Eryk Masters:  GOLD MEDAL on the outside! 

Other Guy:  Crippler might be out, and the French judge only gave that a eight point two. 

Laura stays on a knee as Referee Heflin begins counting the two of them out.



Laura drives a knee into Crippler’s ribs. 


She pulls him up and whips him hard into the barrier surrounding the ring.  Crippler arches his back in pain. 


Laura charges in, puts her left foot up on the barrier and leaps up nailing an Enzuigiri.  Crippler slumps to the floor.

Eryk Masters:  SHe hit the High Hurdle, and Crippler may be out!


Laura jumps to the apron. 


Sizes up Crippler and runs, delivering a nasty double stomp onto his ribcage.


She notices the count and walks over and rolls in with a cocky smirk.  She stands up and throws her hands up cockily as if taunting Crippler with "Is this all you have to offer"?  Boos and vile chants rain down as Crippler rolls and gets to a knee.


He is up, and stumbles into the apron.  Laura’s cocky demeanor melts into shock as he rolls into the ring and right back out of the ring, breaking the count, and then taunting Laura to join him back on the outside. 

 Eryk Masters:  She’s not about to go out there with Crippler. 

She shakes her head negatively.  Crippler smirks as he heads to the time keeper’s table.  He snatches up a folding chair and launches it into the ring.  The crowd roars as section of fans begin a "Fuck her up, Crippler…Fuck her up!" chant.  He grabs a second chair.  He tosses IT into the ring.  Laura kicks the first chair out to the apron, and Crippler slides quickly into the ring and when she turns back he levels her with a running clothesline.  Crippler pulls her up and whips her hard into the corner.  He steps back and looks to charge in with a running clothesline, but Laura again drops down and rolls out of the ring.  Crippler stops short, and as Laura cockily taunts as she points to her temple informing the world of exactly how smart she is, Crippler leans through the middle and top rope and grabs two fistfuls of hair.  He begins lifting her.  Pulling her slowly back in the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  She isn’t getting away this time!

Laura’s eyes are filled with shock as Crippler pulls with all his might and lifts her up off the ground.  She turns flails looking for escape, and on the apron she sees her chance.  One of the chairs Crippler had tossed. The one she had pushed out of the ring to the apron.  She reaches her left hand out and gets a finger tip on it.  Pulls it to her quickly and as Crippler sees this and lets go, she swings up over he head cracking Crippler’s skull.  He slumps in a half conscious daze.  His head still there.   Laura looks at him, still holding the chair, and winds up delivering another sickening chair shot!

Eryk Masters:  GOOD GOD!

Crippler’s limp body rolls out of the ring. To the apron and to the floor.  Dennis Heflin calls for the bell.  Laura looks at her handy work.  Gives a shrug and flips the chair like she just hit a game winning walk off homerun.  She nonchalantly turns and walks to the back.

Samantha Coil:  The winner of this match, by Disqualification.  LLLLUUUUUUUUUNATIKK.  CRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIPPLER!!!!

The crowd gives a mild cheer.  Most people more worried about Crippler who has sat up, but is being checked on by Dennis Heflin and a ringside trainer.  He shoves them away as he glares a hole through Laura’s back as she continues to stroll her way backstage.

Eryk Masters:  What a physical affair that ended with two vicious chair shots, and didn’t seem to settle anything between these two Soldiers.

Other Guy:  Agreed, Masters.  I feel like Crippler only got a taste of Seton and will be trying to get himself a little more in the near future.


The roaming backstage camera finds its way to the locker room of Trey Willett, who will be a part of the huge match to come later on in the evening. At first glance, he appears to be talking to himself, but upon closer examination, he is simply communicating with someone via the Bluetooth attachment on his cell phone.

Trey: Sounds good. Make the reservation. Just hope I’m in shape to enjoy a good steak, ya know? Yeah, this is going to be a rough go. But it’s got to be done. Hey- I’ll catch you later.

He removes the earpiece and turns around to see Mason Pierce and Leona in the doorway, Mason’s arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

Trey: Mason.

Mason enters the room and grabs a bottle of water from the table beside the locker, twisting off the cap and taking a long drink.

Mason: Trey Willett. Been a long time, hasn’t it?

Trey: Yep.

Mason: I still remember, you know. I remember that night you grabbed me in that ring and stole that win with a rollup.. a freaking rollup. Couldn’t do it any other way, so you had to snag a cheap one. And then that night when you beaned me with the SHOOT Championship belt. You’ve racked up quite the markers, haven’t ya, Trey?

He drains the bottle and tosses it in the air, swatting it with his hand and letting the empty plastic bottle bounce off the wall.

Mason: You know, Trey, I’ve got quite the dilemma here. I’ve got to pick a member of Orion to team up with Tommy Manchester Black to go against you and that partner of yours- Jaggy? Maybe I’ll let Malice have a little fun. After all, we’ve all seen what the man can do. Gives me goosebumps, ya know. Or… maybe I’ll step up and take you on myself. Either way, pal, I just wanted to stop by and wish you the best of luck. Before this is all over, you’re gonna need it.

Mason turns to leave but pauses by the door.

Mason: Oh, yeah. And don’t forget to leave a little something for Master Of The Mat. After all, you want to be the first one to take our belt from us, right? Hope you walk away from this in shape to keep our date. 

She continues walking towards the locker room; her “no fucks given” look still on her face.  Abigail Chase runs into the scene.

Abigail Chase: Laura!  Laura Seton!

Laura stops and turns towards Abigail.

Abigail Chase: Laura, what’s your reasoning for nailing Lunatikk Crippler like that?  

Laura: I felt like it.

Abigail Chase: But you’re the type that isn’t satisfied unless you win.  You lost because of that.

Laura: I did win, Abigail.  I’m conscious.

Abigail Chase: I’m sorry, but that doesn’t cut it.  I don’t accept that and I’m sure the fans don’t either.

The mic goes back in Laura’s face as if expecting a true answer.  Laura gives a mean stare before the verbal response.

Laura: Then you’ll hate what I have to say about it tomorrow night.

She brushes Abigail away and walks off.


The Epicenter fans are revved up and amped for the action that Revolution has brought so far tonight.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall!


The crowd comes to its feet as Jap the Ripper by B’z begins to boom through the speakers and Ja Gi Kyung-Moon EXPLODES from behind the curtain to raucous cheers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he hails from San Diego, California and weighs 188 pounds. Here is, the current reigning SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPION, JA GI KYUUUNNNG MOOON!!!

Ja Gi jogs down the entrance ramp with the Iron Fist Championship secured around his waist. He makes a lap around the ring, tagging the hands of the fans at ringside. Moon rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope and quickly scales the nearest turnbuckle, removing the title from his waist and holding it high as the crowd continues to cheer.

Jap the Ripper fades and Ja Gi hops down off the turnbuckle, beginning to stretch out. Then…


Most of the fans in the arena rise to their feet as "Carry on, Wayward Son" hits the PA.  




The lights in the arena go out, and a purple filter light washes over the ring, stage, and ramp.  The fans begin to lose their minds as they are all on their feet now.  Trey Willett emerges from the curtain like a rocket, immediately leaping forward to greet the fans on either side of the ramp seats.  The music continues to go on as Trey begins making his way down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, hailing from Staten Island, New York, he is SHOOT Project’s WAYWARD SON, TREEY WIIILLEEET!!!

Trey comes to the edge of the ring and grabs hold of the middle rope, pulling himself the the apron.  He steps into the ring and starts applauding, pointing to all of the fans in the crowd.  The fans return the sentiment by continuing to cheer for Trey as well.

Trey quickly makes his way next to Ja Gi and the two men share a quick handshake.

Eryk Masters: Well this team should make an INCREDIBLE pair here tonight, OG. Both of these men are known for their unorthodox styles in the ring.

Other Guy: Absolutely, Masters. But, they’re walking into this match against a team with a wildcard. We only know for sure who ONE of their opponents is. The other could be Mason Pierce or Malice. Who knows which it’s gonna be?

They Are Lost by Last Remaining Pinnacle begins to play and the cheers of the crowd turn to boos rather quickly.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, first, hailing from the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina, he weighs in at 245 pounds, here is THOMAS MAANCHESTEEER BLAAACK!!!

TMB stalks out from behind the ramp as the crowd continues to boo. He doesn’t take the time to acknowledge the booing fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Well, folks, Thomas Manchester Black feels like Ja Gi Kyung-Moon STOLE the Iron Fist Championship from him on a technicality. And now, he’s looking to make him pay.

Other Guy: I can see where he’s coming from, but Ja Gi won based on the rules of the match. TMB just seems like a sore loser.

TMB uses the ring steps and walks up onto the ring apron. He steps into the ring through the ropes and goes to a neutral corner, never taking his eyes off Ja Gi across the ring as They Are Lost fades out.

The ominous guitars of Set the World on Fire by Symphony X begin to blare over the speakers and the crowds boos grow louder. Samantha Coil stands looking up at the entrance stage, unsure of exactly which member of Orion is to compete in this match.

After a few seconds, Orion walks out onto the stage as a cohesive unit. Mason Pierce and Malice step forward with Leona and Morgana.  Mason has the Orion Championship belt draped over his shoulder. He stares down at Trey Willett and smiles as he raises the Orion Belt into the air slowly. Mason takes a step forward, but then stops, turns, and taps Malice on the head. The crowd boos loudly as Malice and Morgana begin to make their way to the ring while the rest of Orion walks back behind the curtain.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, accompanied to the ring by Morgana, he represents Orion, here is MAAALIIIICE!!!

Malice and Morgana waste no time walking to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Well it appears as if Mason Pierce doesn’t want any part of Trey Willett. The monster Malice gets the nod tonight.

Other Guy: Mason Pierce isn’t afraid of Trey Willett, E. But he is going to send him a message in the form of Malice. This is gonna be good.

Morgana never enters the ring, but Malice quickly climbs onto the apron and steps in, MAKING A BEELINE FOR TREY!

The bell is quickly rung and Malice is absolutely unloading on Trey. Ja Gi quickly comes to Trey’s aid, but TMB cuts him off with a clothesline! The crowd voices their displeasure loudly. Scott Kamura is right in there trying to get some order in this match, but all 4 men are in the ring going at it! TMB Irish whips Ja Gi into the ropes, BUT JA GI REVERSES, sending TMB into the ropes instead! Moon rushes forward and LAUNCHES his body at TMB, taking BOTH men over the top rope to the floor! The crowd cheers slightly, but the boos are louder because in the ring, Malice is still going to work on Trey!

Eryk Masters: Well folks, Malice wasted NO time going after Trey Willett. It’s obvious what his game plan is going to be here. And TMB was more than happy to go after Ja Gi Kyung-Moon.

Other Guy:  At least Scott Kamura has two guys in the ring now. For a minute there, things were starting off out of control.

Malice Irish whips Trey across the ring into the turnbuckles. He gets a head of steam and RUSHES in with a big clothesline, causing Trey to buckle and stagger out of the corner. Malice continues to FIRE shots into Trey’s face and midsection as Morgana screams instructions to her monster from the outside.

Meanwhile both Ja Gi Kyung-Moon and Thomas Manchester Black have made it up onto the apron in their respective corners. Ja Gi begins clapping, trying to rally the crowd around Trey, while TMB simply looks on at the action in the ring, the hint of a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

Malice boot Trey in the stomach, doubling him over. He hooks the head and HOISTS Trey up and over with a vertical suplex! Morgana shouts more instructions to her beast and he comes to his feet. Malice begins to DRIVE repeated knees to the lower back of Trey, causing Trey to shout out in pain as each knee connects. After a few of those knees, Malice brings Trey back to his feet and Irish whips him in to the corner again! Trey hits the buckles HARD and Malice comes RUSHING into the corner with another big clothesline, BUT TREY DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY! Malice hits the buckles HARD and bounces back, staggering slightly. Trey immediately hits the ropes and comes off with a flying forearm that Staggers the monster back some more.

The crowd begins to cheer, the volume in the Epicenter turning up significantly.

Trey hits the ropes again, this time getting a blind tag from Ja Gi Kyung-Moon! Trey hits another flying forearm, staggering Malice even FURTHER. Ja Gi has climbed the top turnbuckle and LEAPS from the top with a high cross body that sends Malice to the canvas! Trey pumps his fist and the crowd continues to cheer! Trey steps through the ropes and stands on the apron clutching his lower back. Meanwhile, Malice has quickly tossed Ja Gi off him before Scott Kamura could even make a one count on that cross body.

Eryk Masters: What a succession of maneuvers from Trey Willett and Ja Gi! They really used some teamwork to turn the tide there!

Other Guy: But did you SEE how easily Malice tossed Moon off him, E? It’s gonna take a lot more than that to put Orion’s monster down for the count.

Malice has indeed made it back to his feet, but Ja Gi is fearless, immediately sending STINGING chops to the monster’s chest. Moon also begins to PEPPER Malice’s legs with SNAPPING kicks. Morgana shouts instructions, but Ja Gi is on a relentless assault, causing Malice to back into a corner. Ja Gi begins to send STIFF kicks into the monster’s chest, but Scott Kamura is right there, beginning his count.





Ja Gi quickly backs out of the corner, breaking the count, but he rushes back in, jumping up for a monkey flip, BUT MALICE TOSSES HIM AWAY. Morgana is screaming out instructions to Malice and he moves very quickly, making a tag to TMB. TMB steps into the ring as Ja Gi is getting to his feet and rushes forward, CLUBBING Ja Gi in the back of the head with a forearm, sending him down to the canvas!

Other Guy: And now TMB has Moon right where he wants him. It looks like it’s time for a lesson in pain for the Iron Fist Champion.

TMB brings Ja Gi to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes, Moon comes off and TMB catches him, bringing him over in a quick powerslam! Instead of covering, TMB again brings Ja Gi to his feet. He scoops Moon up and drops to a knee, bringing JGKM down across his other knee with a backbreaker. TMB stands up, showing some strength and keeping Ja Gi in position before DROPPING down into another backbreaker. He shoves Ja Gi off his knee onto the canvas. Moon rolls around, clutching his back in pain.

TMB grabs Ja Gi by the boot and drags him over to his corner, making a tag to Malice. Morgana shouts something at Malice and the monster steps into the ring and begins to stomp away at Ja Gi while TMB steps back onto the ring apron. Malice brings Ja Gi to his feet and clamps a big hand around his throat. He LIFTS Moon into the air for a chokeslam, but switched to an STO in mid air, sending Ja Gi into the turnbuckles!

Eryk Masters: OH! That was the 114 into the turnbuckles! What a BRUTAL move from Malice!

Other Guy: Don’t forget where he gets his orders from; E. Morgana has a mind as brutal as her monster’s in ring ability.

Malice drags Ja Gi to the center of the ring, but instead of covering him, he takes a long look at Trey Willett. Malice brings Ja Gi to his feet, setting him up for the Chainbreaker, BUT TREY WILLETT rushes into the ring and begins to UNLOAD on Malice. Scott Kamura is trying to break up the action, but Trey is RELENTLESS! The crowd begins to cheer wildly as Trey begins to stagger the monster. If fires REPEATED forearms into the mask of Malice, backing him against the ropes. Trey hits the far ropes, and LEAPS forward with a spinning heel kick that sends Malice over the top rope to the outside; BUT TMB makes a blind tag!

Morgana is shouting out at Malice to get up while Trey hits the ropes in the ring. Malice turns around JUST as Trey LEAPS over the top rope with a somersault plancha, taking out Malice on the floor! The crowd screams its approval!

Eryk Masters: Trey Willett just took out Malice, but I don’t think he realizes that TMB made the tag and is the legal man in there with Ja Gi!

TMB stalks behind Moon, who is trying to push himself to his feet. TMB drops a QUICK elbow to the back of Ja Gi’s head, sending him back to the canvas. He steps over Ja Gi’s face down body and grabs both wrists, pulling back, causing Moon’s head to rise off the mat. TMB positions his foot.

Other Guy: QUEEN CITY STOMP! TMB just PLANTED Ja Gi with it!

TMB rolls Moon over and covers him just as Trey is realizing what is happening! Scott Kamura is there!



Trey dives in for the save, BUT HE’S NOT IN TIME!


The crowd explodes with boos as the bell rings and They Are Lost begins to play.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, the team of MALICE AND THOMAS MANCHESTER BLAAACK!!!

TMB slides out under the bottom rope to the floor and walks over to where the Iron Fist Championship is. He caresses the faceplate and mouths “soon” to the title before stalking back up the entrance ramp and behind the curtain. The rest of Orion has walked back onto the stage and stares down at ringside as Malice and Morgana rejoin their brethren. Trey is in the ring checking on JGKM, but he glares up at the entrance ramp as Mason Pierce slowly raises the Orion Championship in the air.

Eryk Masters: Boy I’ll tell you, both of these matches going into Master of the Mat are going to be ones to watch. Thomas Manchester Black and Ja Gi Kyung-Moon are going to go to war over the Iron Fist Championship. And Trey Willett is going to bring the fight to whichever member of Orion decides he’s not a coward that night for the Orion Championship.

Other Guy: Both of those matches are going to be great. And speaking of great matches for championships, we’ve still got Donovan King defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Jonny Johnson still to come tonight!


The scene opens up to reveal a giant TV screen with a piece of posterboard next to it that says in rudimentary black sharpie “GAME OF THRONES VIEWING PARTY 2NITE UNTIL???”  Underneath the poster board is another poster board “IF U R FRENDS W/ CHANCE RYAN U CANT COME”.  We pan back to reveal THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD.  Charles Brandon Magnus is dealing with a serious sweat  as he stands there in a fur coat with snow effects sprayed on and a sword on his side with a white handle.  His hair is down and framing his face as he stands there, drinking a bottle of water violently.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  By the gods I thought you told me you’d have fans installed for this…

Once more, we pan back to reveal BOBBY RINGO.  He is dressed in a very bad dragon costume.  Head to toe.  We’re talking Harvey the Hardcore Hippo style.

Bobby Ringo:  You know nothin’, Jon Snow.

Magnus glares at Bobby.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Have you seen Buck?


Magnus cringes, because he recognizes the voice and he already knows this is going to be a long damn night.  He turns his head and sees BUCK DRESDEN, dressed in what is effectively a trash bag.  Magnus looks at Buck and sighs.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  You couldn’t even manage to find something like monk’s robes or something?  You’re coming to this party wearing…that?

Buck Dresden:  HODOR!  Hodor hodor hodor hodor!  HODOR HODOR!  Hodor?

He shakes his head.

Buck Dresden:  Hodor hodor hodor!

AJ STARR appears onscreen, snickering at the trash bags Buck is wearing.  He himself is wearing a blonde wig with a red sharpie scribble across his face.  He is also walking on his knees.

AJ Starr:  Oh man.  You see this dude, Bobby?

Bobby Ringo:  Cheah!

AJ Starr:  Alright STOP.

AJ throws his hand in Buck’s face.


AJ immediately starts doing the Hammer shimmy as Bobby poorly beatboxes “Can’t Touch This” in the background.  Magnus takes the fur coat off as his hair is becoming matted to his head from the heat in the room.  He looks around in the hall way and closes the door.  He turns around and walks slowly to the front of the projection screen and clears his throat.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Is this everyone?

Bobby Ringo:  No doubt.

AJ Starr:  ALL my bitches luh me!

Buck Dresden:  Hodor.

Magnus claps his hands together.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Great.  So.  When last we left off, Robb Stark and his lovely wife…

Bobby Ringo:  You know that bitch is Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter?

AJ Starr:  Robb’s wife?

Bobby Ringo:  Yeah, son!

AJ Starr:  Charlie Chaplin was in Westeros?

Charles Brandon Magnus:  PEOPLE.  PLEASE.

Magnus turns to Buck.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Why did you invite them?

Buck shrugs.

Buck Dresden:  Hodor?

Magnus sighs.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Buck…didn’t you invite Laura Seton?

Bobby Ringo:  Dude, all the ridin’ around people be doin’ on horseback in this show, I don’t think Laura could handle all that sex in her face.

AJ Starr:  Girl be crackin’ a serious moistie, feel me?

Fist bump.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Anyway, Robb Stark and his wife went to see the Freys in order to witness Edmure Tully’s wedding to Walder Frey’s daughter Roslin, and then…

Buck Dresden:  HODOR!!!

Bobby Ringo:  Yeah, dude, Hodor Alert, not everybody’s got HBO in this piece.

AJ Starr:  Yeah!

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I…then why are you here?

Bobby shrugs.

Bobby Ringo:  I pirated all the Thrones books to get bitches.

AJ Starr:  Bitches love Thrones, son.  I calls ‘em over to me an’ be like YO…why don’t you come get at my Iron Throne, dig me?  They look at me like “Oh AJ…you got the biggest throner I’ve ever seen…”

Fist bump.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  So you know what happened.

Buck shakes his head violently no.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  You don’t, either?

Buck Dresden:  Hodor.

Bobby Ringo:  Means no.

AJ Starr:  How you know?

Bobby sucks his teeth.

Bobby Ringo:  Man, don’t come at me like you ain’t know Google for the English to Hodor translation app, kid!

Magnus sighs.  He looks at Buck’s “NO CHANCE ALLOWED” posters all over the walls that he’s just now noticing.  He goes to speak but suddenly he hears a knock at the door.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Ooh…there’s others?

Magnus opens the door and reveals the White Walker himself…Isaac Entragian.

Isaac Entragian:  I’ve seen a bunch of shitty signs saying you’re watching Thrones in here.


Magnus snaps his head around and glares at Bobby.  Obsidian peers over Isaac’s shoulder.

Obsidian:  What are they doing in here?

Isaac Entragian:  Watching Game of Thrones.

Obsidian:  Did they start?  I love that show.

Bobby Ringo:  I bet you love Renly!

AJ Starr:  Because gay!

Suddenly, Magnus is yanked from the doorway by Buck, who is no longer quite as Hodored as before.

Buck Dresden:  No no no no no fuck that fuck that no no no they are really fucking scary and will Roose Bolton our asses NO.

Magnus turns back to Isaac and Obsidian.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Um…sorry, guys, there’s a fire code we have to adhere to, you know?

Obsidian:  There’s only four people in there…

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Well, you know…Las Vegas is crazy about them fire codes!

He slams the door in their faces and latches it.  He is breathing heavily as if he just saw the face of the devil.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  That must be what Sam felt at the end of season 2.

Bobby Ringo:  DUDE.  SPOILERS.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  THAT WAS ONE YEAR AGO.

Another knock.

Buck Dresden:  Hodor?

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Good to see you’re back among the stupid, yes?

Nothing.  Another knock.  Magnus slowly presses his head against the door and hears nothing.

Bobby Ringo:  Maybe they playin’ knock knock zoom zoom.

AJ Starr:  SCAR playin’ knock knock zoom zoom?

Bobby Ringo:  Isaac’s got them playful eyes, feel me?

Magnus slowly unlatches the door and twists the handle when suddenly THE DOOR IS SHOVED OPEN AND THE FLYING AVENGERS ARE ON BUCK AND MAGNUS.  Without warning, Kid Lightning is kicking at Buck violently while Chance quickly slams Magnus’s head into the wall.  Magnus is dazed, giving Chance the opportunity to help beat on Buck some more.

FLASH Dynamite:  Oh, man, did I miss all those grade school signs all over the arena?

Kid Lightning:  It said you can’t come, remember?

Bobby Ringo:  Technically it said if you KNOW or LIKE him you can’t come.

Chance and Chris look at Bobby.

Bobby Ringo:  Okay, damn.  My bad.

They punch Buck a few more times before they lift him up onto his feet.

FLASH Dynamite:  What do you have to say for yourself, Buck?

Buck Dresden:  …h….hodor…

Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite SLAM Buck’s head into the wall right into the projection!  Buck slides down, groaning in pain as Chance picks the projector off of the table and NAILS Magnus on the back with it.  Both members of the Bad Ass Brotherhood are down!  Kid Lightning wipes his hands as Chance sighs a happy little sigh.  He looks at RINGO STARR.

FLASH Dynamite:  What episode are you watching?

Bobby Ringo:  …no idea.

Kid Lightning:  Well, enjoy the show!

The Avengers leave the carnage for a viewing party that is definitely not going to happen now.  Magnus clutches his back as Buck cradles his head.  A single sheet of poster board lands in front of Buck with Buck’s scribbled handwriting on it, restricting any Chance Ryan-related shenanigans at their party.


We cut back to the back and see EMTs checking on OutKast, whose head is down.  He is shaking it slowly as Abigail Chase slowly slinks up to him.

Abigail Chase:  Mr. Kygon?  Mr. Kygon, I saw everything that happened…are you okay?

OutKast slowly looks up at Chase and a small smirk slides across his face.

OutKast:  You know how I said I don’t book?

He licks his lips.

OutKast:  At this Dominion coming up…tomorrow or whenever?  Dan Stein’s gonna have himself a fight.

He holds his right index finger up.

OutKast:  Not a match…a fight.  I don’t need him to cut any promos, as a matter of fact I’d prefer it.  He just needs to shut the FUCK up…and fight.

Abigail bites her lip before she speaks up again.

Abigail Chase:  Against who?

OutKast grins.

OutKast:  Me.

The fans ERUPT.  Without warning, the scene cuts.



The announcers are silent as the cameras come back to ringside…

There’s only one match left.

Fans at home are treated to shows of the fans attending live.  It’s an anxious atmosphere.  Uncertain.

There’s an undeniable buzz that words can’t do justice.

Eryk and OG are quiet.

The lights in the Epicenter finally go out and the crowd immediately POPS with excitement!  A low bass begins to pick up…  it rumbles throughout the arena.  It’s upbeat, but somehow, in this instant, feels darker than it is.  Like a false sense of security.  The lyrics… the feel is somehow somber, appropriate.

"I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone."

I LOVE IT! by Icona Pop begins to play and a stream of white sparkling pyrotechnics burst into the air.  The curtain rustles and JONNY JOHNSON emerges from the back.  It’s already been a long evening for him, but he is a consummate professional and you’d probably never be able to tell.  His face shows undeniable focus despite the haunting thoughts that must be running through his brain.

"I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn!

I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.

I crashed my car into the bridge…

He makes his entrance with very little acknowledgement to the fans, most of whom have grown accustomed to his "emotions on his sleeve, manic" ways.  

Eryk Masters: What must be going through that man’s mind, OG?

Other Guy: Win.  Just.  Win, Eryk.  What else is there?

Jonny ignores all the fans’ comments, signs.  Positive, negative.  He ignores it all.  He makes his way to the ring, up the steps and INSIDE the squared circle.



He checks in with Lorenzo and then goes into his corner.

No bullshit.

He just waits.


A few seconds go by, and the fans are only getting hungrier.


“All of the Lights (KING Edit)” by Kanye West plays as the fans in the arena start to cheer loudly, excited for their champion.  The SHOOT-Tron shows a throne sitting defiantly in the middle of the empty Las Vegas strip, a single Crown resting in the seat.  Rihanna takes us away.

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS

The arena is BATHED in bright light as the stage ERUPTS with pyrotechnics.  Fireworks EXPLODE on either side of the entrance.  Standing in the middle of the pyro, smoke billowing from behind him is SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN KING.

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King’s been through it all as World Champion.  He’s faced monsters, divas, athletes…

Other Guy:  But he’s never faced a legend!

King walks down the entrance ramp, his black KING hood pulled tight over his head, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship buckled tight around his waist.  He keeps his fists clenched and his pace deliberate, wearing black tights with a dark green Crown on the front and KING written on the back, with matching black kneepads and black boots.  He walks up the ring steps and ascends a turnbuckle, throwing his hood from his head and unbuckling his World Championship belt.  He turns and glares at Jonny, at long last the two locking eyes.  He raises his arm slowly, showing the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, bringing the fans to cheer even stronger than before.  He drops down from the turnbuckle and hands Tony Lorenzo the belt as “All of the Lights” dies down.

Both men are ready.

The fans are ready.

Eryk Masters:  Let’s make it official….  Here’s Samantha with the introductions.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman… the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with NO FORMAL TIME LIMIT and is for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans ROAR once more!!!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… the challenger!  He is in the black trunks, red trim…  Weighing in today at TWO HUNDRED, TWENTY ONE POUNDS…  from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS…  JONNY JOOOOOOOHHHNSON!!!

The fans cheer EXCEPTIONALLY LOUD, though there are definitely a few BOO BIRDS in the house.  Not a ton, but a few.  Jonny doesn’t do anything special for his introduction.  He casually stretches his neck as the cameras come in for a close up, but that’s it.  


King raises a single fist in the air and nods along with the RAUCOUS CROWD who cheer INSANELY LOUD for their Champion!

Tony Lorenzo ceremoniously HOLDS THE BELT in the air!  AND IT ONLY GETS LOUDER!!!

He runs the belt to one of the ring attendants and OFFICIALLY calls for the opening bell!!!


Other Guy: HERE WE GO!!!

The Epicenter ERUPTS into anxious chatter and anticipation.  King, swept up in the moment, is JACKED and throws his hands up in the air!  The fans ROAR in response.  Jonny, feeling it now as well, nods, sniffs loudly and bites his bottom lip as he begins to aggressively move toward the center of the ring.  King locks his eyes on Johnson and both men circle around each other.  Lorenzo keeps a good distance back, providing early signs that the calls may be a bit lax in this one.

Eryk Masters: This, folks…  this is that big match feel we always talk about.  The anticipation…  I don’t know how this will come off live, but this crowd is HOT.  What a way to close out Revolution Number One, Thirteen,

King shuffles to his left.

Jonny to HIS left.  

King bobs his shoulders, analyzing the situation, searching for early holes, while Jonny simply beckons for him with waggling fingers. Both Soldiers stay light on their feet, bouncing off their heels.

King nods.

Jonny runs his mouth while nodding as well.

King aggresses!

But Jonny backpedals, ducks, and shockingly ROLLS out of the ring!!!

Eryk Masters: What?

Other Guy: (A little deflated) Ah, c’mon man.


Eryk Masters: The Epicenter does not like that…  and wow.  Just like that, quite a bit of air out of the balloon…

Other Guy: Dick move, straight-up, but also maybe the best move to make in a situation like this.  You got four years of pent up emotion…  Two dudes ready to BLOW the hell up… and, I mean, you kinda wipe it out.

Stunned, the crowd unceremoniously shows their collective disdain for the tactic.  King shakes his head, but not without a smirk, while Jonny shrugs it all off and saunters around on the outside.  Lorenzo ducks out between the top and middle ropes and motions for Jonny to get back in the ring.  The request is not only denied, but Jonny begins COUNTING out loud.

He throws his index finger in the air.

Jonny: ONE!

King, far from pleased, but also not totally surprised, shouts something at Jonny and waves for him to get back in the ring.  Lorenzo is annoyed, and makes a second, more aggressive request for Jonny to return.  Jonny turns his back on both of them and flippantly waves them off.  A fan directly in front of him, leans over the barricade and has some choice words, to which Jonny simply responds with a flip of the middle finger.

Lorenzo has no choice but to start his count!



Eryk Masters: Looks like the challenger is gonna milk this for what he can.  Fans not happy, but I suppose, with the World Title on the line, Jonny’s not concerned.

Jonny points at King and says something, but the cameras aren’t in position to pick any of it up.  King shakes his head.  Lorenzo continues the count!



Before he reaches five, Jonny moves up to the apron.  King, savvy as hell, doesn’t so much as move a muscle and remains locked in the center of the ring.  Jonny laughs and finally slides back into the ring to which the "smart" Las Vegas crowd offers up a very "tongue-in-cheek" CHEER and APPLAUSE.  Jonny ironically pumps his fist in response and stretches his neck side to side.  Lorenzo basically lets Jonny know he’s not super happy with his early antics, but the former World Champ couldn’t seem to care less, and gives him a "yeah, yeah" wave.

Eryk Masters: Early antics from our challenger, but King, to his credit is not biting.  That’s gonna be important.

Other Guy: Absolutely.  Lot of hate built up between these two guys. Gotta let the small stuff slide.

King’s too smart to get caught up in the early pageantry and keeps his cool.  He knows what Jonny did and nods.  Jonny smirks and both men start to circle the ring again.  King moves in for a grapple, and Jonny does the same!  Lock-up and the fans cheer, though, not as loudly as they would have had it happened three minutes earlier.  King gets early position and works Jonny toward the ropes.  Jonny drops to a knee, though, and stalls the momentum.  King tries to shift gears mid-grapple, but the hesitation leaves him weak to Jonny’s QUICK arm drag counter!  He swings King around in the air and sends him crashing to the mat.  He keeps the arm locked, and applies the follow-up arm bar.  King slaps the mat in frustration but starts to push out.

King to a knee, and Jonny starts to twist at the wrist now, in retaliation.  King shakes off the minor discomfort from a mostly "neutralizing" move and is able to power through and out with a summersault!  The momentum snaps the hold and King counters with his OWN ARM DRAG into an arm-bar/wristlock type hold!  However, Jonny, in rare form, KIPS up!  The move catches King off guard and he loses his grip!  Jonny spins and REELS OFF a knife edge chop!  ("WOO!")  King grimaces, but the champ shrugs it off and FIRES A CHOP BACK OF HIS OWN!  ("WOO!")  Jonny throws a right hand, but King blocks!  King with a left!  Jonny dodges!  Jonny with ANOTHER right!  King blocks and bats away with the back of his right arm!  Jonny stumbles back!  King connects on a WICKED RIGHT ELBOWSTIKE the catches Jonny in the temple!  Jonny reels back!  King with a follow up CHOP!  ("WOO!")  Jonny yelps in pain and leaps back in hurt so bad!  King throws a RIGHT HAND!  CONNECTS!  Jonny spins back toward the ropes!  King CRANKS OUT A KICK!  HE DRILLS JONNY IN THE UPPER RIGHT THIGH!  Jonny drops down to protect himself, but stumbles INTO the ropes, falling in the middle of the second and top ones!

Lorenzo tries to push King back, but the World Champion is seeing red!  He THROWS Tony out of the way and CONNECTS ON A SECOND KICK!  Jonny turns his body completely at this point, seeking sanctuary!  King DOES NOT STOP!  He pulls Jonny out and errantly CLUBS him across the back!  He rips him away from the ropes and spins him around!  King WAILS AWAY with a right hand!  Jonny SPITS he gets hit so hard!  King throws a BACKHAND LEFT!  Jonny’s head flies back the other way!!!  Lorenzo now FORCIBLY grabs King!  King pulls away from the official, but Lorenzo won’t back down!  He grabs at King again!  King finally turns around and SHOUTS, but before he can turn his attention back to business, Jonny, haven had the second he needed to recover FLIES low with a CHOPBLOCK!  King almost hits Lorenzo, but the official nimbly dodges and King falls to the mat!

Jonny shakes his head and wipes at his lip, which is already clearly bleeding.

Eryk Masters: Jonny busted up after that pretty stiff back hand by King, but also in control of this bout again.

Other Guy: King’s gotta keep the temper down.  These two have a torrid history, but the champ HAS to stay focused.  Jonny LIVES off these head games.

With King on the mat Jonny quickly follows with a sloppy, but mostly effective half-crab-esque hold to momentarily keep King at bay, applying pressure to the left knee he had just connected with the chop-block on  He then quickly spins and drops and ELBOW down across the knee!  Keeping his weight on the area, Jonny reaches and grabs the front of King’s left foot and pulls back!  King grimmaces!  Jonny keeps his grip of the leg and stands up!  He lifts King’s leg up and then powerfully SLAMS the knee in the mat!!  He then follows that by quickly moving two steps forward and dropping an elbow across the back of King’s NECK.  Jonny shoves King over on to his back and makes a cover!

Eryk Masters: Early pin attempt…

Lorenzo makes the count!



Eryk Masters: King out easily.

King easily kicks out before Lorenzo can even count TWO, but it was more a power-play on Jonny’s part than actual pinfall attempt.  Jonny moves to his feet and starts to try and pull King by the back of the neck and shoulders!  King counters with a double leg take down, flips over and bridges into a pin fall attempt!




Jonny shoulders out at TWO AND A HALF, nearly getting caught off guard!  He’s not happy and gets up a little to quickly!  King is ready!  Jonny errantly throws a meaningless punch! King grabs his arm!  He pulls Jonny in!  Belly to Belly!  NO!  Jonny headbutts out!  Jonny looks to make a charge to the rope, but King reaches out and grabs Jonny by the waste!  GERMAN SUPLEX!  NO!!  Jonny LEVELS King with a back elbow!  Jonny spins around!

BUT WALKS INTO A SNAP BELLY TO BACK OVERHEAD SUPLEX!!!  Jonny crashes to the mat!  King EXPLODES to his feet and charges Jonny before he can get up!  He mounts his opponent and throws a VIOLENT right forearm!  Jonny’s head bounces off the mat!  King fires off ANOTHER!!!  AND THEN ANOTHER!!! ANOTHER!!!  Lorenzo tries to pull him off!  King shrugs him away!  KING throws a MEAN LEFT HAND!  CONNECTS!  THEN A RIGHT!  CONNECTS AGAIN!

Lorenzo starts his count!  The fans are going crazy along with the outburst of VIOLENCE!!!


King ignores the count!  ANOTHER RIGHT!  Lorenzo, realizing the shit he’ll get for disqualifying the champion, but also not wanting to give up his authority, finally gets in the middle of things and uses all of his force to get King off!  King THROWS his arm back, though and DRILLS Lorenzo in the face!!!

Eryk Master: Jesus!  King!

Lorenzo stumbles back and grabs at his face having taken a pretty good shot!  King, frustrated with himself, turns to Lorenzo, but also keeps an eye on Jonny, who’s holding at his head and writhes in pain.  King puts his arm around the official, who, while probably rocking a nice bruise by morning, appears to be in decent shape for now.  The World Champ returns his attention to his opponent.  King pulls Jonny up to his feet and moves him back into the ropes.  He pushes Jonny back a bit and then HURLS him across toward the other end!  However, instead of bouncing back, Jonny actually slides under the bottom rope and tries to retreat out of harm’s way!  King stays aggressive, though, and follows to the outside!!  King charges at Jonny from behind!

Jonny turns, though and drops his back and shoulder!


Eryk Masters: LOOK OUT!!!


Eryk Master: GOOD LORD!!!

Other Guy: Shit!

Donovan King nearly takes out three people in the front row and Jonny falls to a knee and stumbles away!  Security rushes to the area to check on the fans, who seem okay.  One guy grabs at his head, while the others seem mostly concerned with King, who is sprawled out in front of them!  Jonny doesn’t give anyone much time to recover!  He pushes security AND the fans out of the way and reaches over to grab King.  He gets him by the back of the neck and pulls him up!  He then SLAMS him face down across the top of the barricade!  King’s head bounces up and Jonny leaps and times a PERFECT enzugurai!  King falls backward and the fans have to SCATTER again!  King falls back into an unattended chair!  Security is now quickly ushering everyone out of the way!!!




The Epicenter is in a FRENZY!!!



Other Guy: WHAT.  THE HELL are we seeing?  GOOD.  GOD, Masters!!!

It’s complete anarchy and ringside!  Jonny is SCREAMING at anyone even nearby!  He SLAPS King!  Jonny grabs King by the head and SCREAMS at him!  He SLAPS HIM AGAIN!  BUT KING, OUT OF INSTINCT…  AND OUT OF BEING A GODDAMN SOLDIER throws a countering RIGHT!  Jonny staggers back, not expecting the attack!  King throws ANOTHER PUNCH!  CONNECTS WITH A RIGHT!  Jonny falls back toward the barricade!  King grabs one of the empty chairs!!!  He folds it up!!!


Jonny DUCKS and the chair slams into the barricade!  Jonny throws a CHOP!  The fans around the area gather close and security is having a HELL of a time keeping them away!  King fires back with a forearm!  Jonny moves forward with another strike of his own!  King ducks!!!

Jonny stumbles through!!!

King grabs Jonny from behind!



Eryk Masters: AHHHH!!!  WHAT????

Other Guy: Un-REAL!! Listen to this crowd!!!


Tony Lorenzo can only watch from the ring.  In any other situation he might have called this one off…  but the stakes are TOO HIGH.

Jonny is out.

King is groggy, but moving.  He holds the back of his neck and wipes at his face.  He’s cut up pretty bad by his mouth and forehead, but the champ powers through the pain!!!  He grabs Jonny, but the challenger is basically dead weight.  King LIFTS , though and manages to get him up and hurls him back into the apron!  King throws a weaker, but still effective chop! ("woo") He shakes his head, trying to get the cobwebs out.  Jonny can barely stay standing.  King turns him around, though and manages to push him under the bottom rope.

Eryk Master: The world champ has momentum!  THE ROOF IS COMING OFF THE EPICENTER!!!

King follows Jonny into the ring.

He stares down at the Defiler.

He GLARES at a man who has caused nothing but pain.


He shakes his head with a scowl!

King reaches down and pulls Jonny up.


Eryk Masters: ALIENATOR????


Eryk Masters: ALIENATOR!!!


King with the cover!!

Lorenzo with the count!!!





Other Guy: NO!!!

Eryk Masters: JONNY KICKS OUT!

Jonny JUST manages to shoulder out and TWO POINT NINE NINE NINE seconds!!!  King SLAMS his fist into the mat and falls over to his side, the pain starting to outweigh the adrenaline.

Eryk Masters: (Composing himself, clearing his throat) Wow.  Unbelievable…  But…  but where the heck did all of this come from?

Other Guy: I don’t know, Eryk.  YEARS of pent of frustration…  King LITERALLY a fraction of a second away from victory, but Jonny kicks out and now the champ looks frustrated.

Lorenzo is checking on Jonny, and there seems to be legitimate concern on his condition.  King gets to his feet, and seems more than ready to end this!  Lorenzo pleads for a couple extra seconds.  King tries to keep his composure, puts a hand out, and moves past the referee.  He drops down and starts to hoist Jonny up AGAIN!

He butterflies both arms!!!

Eryk Masters: Round TWO!!

But Jonny falls to the mat as King tries to pick him up!  King, frustrated, just immediately goes to lock the arms up again!  But this time Jonny wraps his legs around King’s ankle and slings him down with a DROP TOE HOLD!!!  King hits the mat face-first!  JONNY SPINS AROUND…




Eryk Master: Jonny counters into a CAROLINA CROSSFACE!!!

Other Guy: HOW did he have the where-with-all to pull that OFF!!!  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT MASTERS!!!


He is in A LOT of pain!!!

Jonny pulls BACK!  But King is able to quickly shift his weight and send Jonny tumbling off the side, averting disaster!  Jonny desperately tries to keep the hold locked in, but King is TOO STRONG!  King is on top of Jonny, and Jonny tries to shove him off!  King awkwardly rolls to the left and Jonny tries to get to his feet!

Jonny up!

King up!

Jonny charges in!  King also!

GRAPPLE!  King shoves!  Jonny shoves!

King lowers his weight!

Arm drag!

Jonny crashes to the mat but spins quickly back around!  King charges!


Arm drag!

King crashes!! Spins around!  Back up!

Jonny charges with a clothesline!

KING DUCKS!  Jonny spins back around!  King catches him!  Grabs the back leg!  NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!

BUT JONNY HEADBUTS AWAY!  Jonny fires a FOREARM!!!  King loses his grip!  Jonny charges with a knee to the mid section!  King keels forward and falls to his knees!  Jonny with a KICK TO THE CHEST!!!  Jonny with a SECOND KICK TO THE CHEST…  BUT KING BLOCKS!  He grabs Jonny’s leg and spins him around!  King with a waistlock!  Pushes Jonny forward into the ropes!!!


But Jonny holds the ropes!  King somersaults backward!

King charges back!  Jonny ducks!  Backbody drop TO THE OUTSIDE…  BUT KING is able to keep his balance in mid air and instead lands on the apron!  Jonny turns around!  Kick ROCKS him with a right arm!

Eryk Masters: Back and forth!  THIS IS INSANE!

Other Guy: I have zero idea who’s winning this match…  God DAMN these boys are BRINGING IT!



Other Guy: ANOTHER absolutely FRUSTRATING counter from Jonny.

Eryk Masters: Maybe one of the all time GREAT defensive performers in the sport…  Gotta tip your cap.

The crowd is getting antsy.  

It’s about that time when they expect a finish.  

A common through-line they’ve seen before…  

Every pin fall is REAL.  Every impact move could be the last.

King is winded and Jonny seems to be out of ideas.  He looks around…  at the fans…  at King.  Then to the turnbuckle.  He exhales desperation and moves to the corner.

Eryk Masters: What’s going on?  Jonny…  Oh Jesus.  Jonny scaling the turnbuckle!

Other Guy: I don’t get this at all.

Jonny climbs to the top rope.  However, the process allows King enough time to make it to his feet.  Jonny doesn’t look super comfortable… granted, he came into the sport a "high flyer", but it’s been years since those days.  King meanwhile turns around and makes his move!!  He leaps and LANDS a surprise forearm strike to disarm any high risk attempts!  The blow forces Jonny to take a seat on the top rope!

Eryk Masters: Shades of Revolution One TWELVE!

King throws a chop and starts climb up the front of the turnbuckle!  He drapes Jonny’s right arm over his shoulder and cinches in a face lock!  King then slowly walks up to the second turnbuckle…  and then FINALLY.


Other Guy: SUPERPLEX!!!

But Jonny throws a LEFT strike into King’s ribs!!  King is stalled!  But not out!  King DRILLS Jonny with a forearm!  Jonny is loopy!  King shakes off any cobwebs he’s working through.  He throws another strike…  and looks behind him…

Eryk Masters: What are these guys doing?  Neither man known for their "aerial" assault.

King throws another punch.  He then springboards off the second rope…



Camera bulbs FLASH!



The THUD is terrible!!!!  King IMMEDIATELY grabs at his neck!!!

Other Guy: NOOO!!

Jonny begins LAUGHING.  He leans back on the top rope and is LAUGHING LOUDLY a laugh that turns into PRIMITIVE SCREAM!!!

Eryk Masters: King is hurt…

Jonny waves for King to get up!

He drops down off the turnbuckle!  He DEMANDS King gets up.  The fans are unsure how to react at this juncture.  Half of them cheer Jonny’s antics, while a good portion are now booing fairly loudly.

Jonny: GET UP!!!

Jonny stalks King, who can only his neck in pain!  Lorenzo tries to check on him, but Jonny pushes him out of the way and picks King up…

Jonny CINCHES IN A CHICKEN WING!  King makes a weak, meager effort to escape…

But can’t.








Jonny is slower than he’d like, but not slow enough.

He EASILY makes the cover.








Other Guy: HE DID IT!

Eryk Masters: NO!!!!  KING OUT!!!

The fans are STUNNED!! KING KICKS OUT!!!!


Lorenzo signals a count of TWO!!!  And Jonny is BLASTED!  He cannot believe it and falls to his side in utter confusion and disappointment.

Other Guy: The champ reaches down DEEP!  With his pride and joy…  with that WORLD TITLE falling from his finger tips…  He GETS OUT!

Jonny rubs at his face, frustration mounting.

He nods to himself., though.

He knows what he needs to do.

He gets up.  

No time for shoulda’s

No time for coulda’s.

He begins applauding.  Jonny looks down at King and applauds.

Applause…  into DOUBLE middle fingers.


The crowd reacts poorly to the gesture!!

He leans forward and PICKS KING UP!!!














Lorenzo checks on Jonny!!!

Eryk Masters: Is he going to tap!?!?!







He keeps his hand in the air!  HE REFUSES TO GIVE IN!!!!












Other Guy: HAHA!!! HOOOOLY HELL!!!

"All of The Lights" begins to BLARE throughout the arena!  EVERYONE is on their feet!!!  Lorenzo rushes to grab King’s belt and awards it to him in the center of the ring!!!  King clutches the belt but stays on his knees.  Lorenzo grabs his arm and points at him, while Samantha Coil basically has to SCREAM into the microphone for anyone to hear her.


With all the adrenaline in the world, King EXPLODES to his feet and holds the SHOOT Project World Title proudly over his head!!!  The crowd response is DEAFENING!!!  He keeps the belt in the air with one hand, while the other proudly beats his chest in victory celebration!!!

Eryk Masters: Just an unbelievable showing from the Champion…  It felt like after a while that Jonny just had a counter for everything, but King managed to keep his focus, and in the end he did what Donovan King does better than just about any man in our sport EVER, OG.  WIN.

Other Guy: People ragged on him early in his career.  But this isn’t Donovan King the boy.  This is a MAN.  And that MAN?  I’m proud to have him as our champion.

The cameras continue the celebration, as King hops down off one turnbuckle and heads to another.  However, he can’t seem to keep his eyes off Jonny, who is still reeling in the center of the ring.  In fact, he actually stops half-way to the next corner and checks in on his opponent.  He tries to help him up and…  well seems to be chatting with him.

King’s music stops and a few officials starts to run down to the ring, wondering if something is wrong.

But there isn’t anything wrong.

Donovan King helps Jonny Johnson to his feet.

No one can hear what either one is saying…

But they suddenly EMBRACE!!!

Donovan King holds his opponent close to him!  Jonny nods, his face wet with tears of defeat.  They share words.  Jonny slaps King on the shoulder blades.

Eryk Masters: This is incredible…

Other Guy: Like I said…  that is a GODDAMN Man, Eryk.

King pulls back and proudly raises Jonny’s arm for all the world to see.

"All of the Lights" starts to play again, the celebration continues…  

And while this moment equates to nothing more than the blink of an eye in the unsettling world of SHOOT Project…

At least it was finally settled.

Donovan King.  Jonny Johnson.

History at last.

A story finally told.