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Revolution 115: 8/5/2013

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones”  by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Trey Willett, standing tall and proud, exhausted, holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high in the air.  It flashes quickly to Donovan King, nodding his head at an unseen opponent.  It cuts to Adrian Corazon glaring down at a fallen foe before it cuts to Maya Nakashima, breathing heavily as he gets ready to charge at his opponent.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

The camera quickly cuts to Dan Stein, eyes cut towards the camera as he looms over the body of a fallen victim.  It quickly cuts to Project:SCAR en masse, Isaac Entragian and Kenji Yamada backed by Obsidian and Deviant as they flank Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios, marching down to the ring.  Jacob Mephisto is shown thrusting the Sin City Championship high into the air, his other fist up in victory as well.  Quickly we see Mason Pierce, Malice, and Valentine Lionheart, all three men placing their hands on the face plate of the ORION Championship, as if pledging themselves to it.  Cronos Diamante is shown locking a victim in the Ne-Han, his face twisted into a vile grin.

We are the wheels that keep turning

ANARCHY is shown embracing one another, their World Tag Team Championship belts in their hands before it cuts to Ja Gi Kyung-Moon catches Johnny Napalm with the Good Night Moon before we see Johnny Napalm driving Kyung-Moon to the mat with the Napalm Bomb.  Mr. Ocelot is shown next, pinning Randall Kash as he glares at the camera.  Thomas Manchester Black is next, popping his neck as he rolls his wrists preparing to face some unlucky Soldier.  Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming his boot into the back of someone’s skull.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton attacks Luantikk Crippler from behind before Corey Lazarus is shown arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nodding his head to the camera.  We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring before it cuts to 3M pull his mask down over his face, glaring at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance.  Tanya Black runs her fingers through her hair, obviously furious at something before we see Lunatikk Crippler’s shiny ebony hair, flowing carelessly upon the breeze.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.  We then see Tanya Black nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe as it cuts back to Adrian Corazon’s back, the brand smoking as he turns his head to face the camera.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Donovan King is shown locking in the Carolina Crossface on Jonny Johnson, who shakes King’s hand.  It cuts to Diamond Del Carver lighting a mini-cigar, glaring at the camera with his one eye.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Datura locking up with an opponent, then Solomon Richards making Tanya Black tap out, then Loco Martinez pinning Valentine Lionheart to become Master of the Mat.  Dan Stein is caught by the Dawn of a New Era from Trey Willett.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Adrian Corazon straddling Isaac Entragian, aiming to attack his eye switches to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Loco Martinez is shown eye to eye with Dan Stein and Luther Crumb slaps Mr. Ocelot’s chest, yelling at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut to 3M perched on a turnbuckle, staring down at the ring before him.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




Eryk Masters: Hello again, SHOOT Nation and welcome to another edition of Revolution! I’m Eryk Masters and with me, as always, is none other than the Other Guy! Two weeks ago, Trey Willett shocked the world and became the NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion and Johnny Napalm FINALLY captured SHOOT Project gold as he became the new Iron Fist Champion. The face of the SHOOT Project is indeed changing!

Other Guy: It sure is, E! Speaking of the changing face of SHOOT, tonight we’re gonna see the reigning Rule of Surrende Champion, Solomon Richards defend his title for the first time! He’s gonna be taking on a man who has seemingly taken the SHOOT Project by storm, Mr. Ocelot!

Eryk Masters: That should certainly prove to be an amazing match. Also tonight, Datura collides with Henry Gordon in one of SHOOT Project’s infamous "Shut up and fight" matches. Folks, two weeks ago, Project: SCAR stood united in the center of that ring and declared war on the SHOOT Project. Tonight, that war seemingly begins as Kenji Yamada, Project: SCAR’s Sociopath Pioneer, goes one on one with former Iron Fist Champion, Ja Gi Kyung-Moon!

Other Guy: It’s a little scary to know how focused SCAR is right now, but Ja Gi always seems to be up to task. That match should prove to be interesting, to say the least. But that’s not all for SCAR tonight, E. In our main event, Project: SCAR’s own hellcat, Elizabeth Gaunt will team with a SCAR sympathizer, Valentine Lionheart. They’ll have a fight ahead of them though, because their opponents tonight are Corey Lazarus and 3M!

Eryk Masters: It’s definitely going to be a fight, OG. Corey Lazarus has got to be looking for some retribution after Gaunt’s savage attack two weeks ago and we all know about the situation between Valentine and 3M. Now that he’s brought the 3M side out, let’s see how Valentine deals with it!

Other Guy: We’ve got one hell of a show tonight folks, so let’s go to the ring and get it started!

The crowd is ready for Revolution to get underway. Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring with the microphone raised to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The SHOOT Faithful in attendance begin to cheer loudly at the announcement. Liquid Cinema’s Soldier of Fortune begins to hammer through the speaker system, the rising tones coursing throughout the arena, sending involuntary shivers down the backs of the fans as most of them cheer for the man about to make his entrance.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger! He is to be accompanied to the ring by his agent, Luther Crumb! Hailing from Great Falls, Montana and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, here is MIIIIISTEEEER OOOOCEEEELLLLOOOOOOTTT!!!

Luther Crumb steps out from behind the curtain in a gold suit with matching fedora. Mr. Ocelot looms behind him, dressed in his usual plain attire, complete with black smiley face mask. The two men begin to walk towards the ring, Luther Crumb proclaiming the awesomeness of his client as they march down the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters: Here comes a man that has been taking the SHOOT Project by storm, folks. Two weeks ago on Dominion, Mr. Ocelot made a statement and absolutely took Randall Kash apart. Tonight, he’s got a shot at one of the most iconic championships in SHOOT history. And he looks focused.

Other Guy: He sure does, E. Just listen to this man’s music as he enters. It’s got that epic feel to it and the way he carries himself shows that he is ready to prove to the world that he can hang with the best of them.

Luther Crumb leads Mr. Ocelot to the ring, continuing to sing his client’s praises. Mr. Ocelot remains silent and focused. The finally reach the ringside area and Luther climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring, pointing out at his client. Mr. Ocelot slowly walks up the steps, taking the time to wipe his feet on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes. He doesn’t make any poses or pander to the fans. He simply goes to a neutral corner and waits.

Soldier of Fortune fades out. There are a few moments of silence before Savior by Rise Against hits the speakers and the crowd begins to cheer wildly.

Samantha Coil: And, his opponent! He hails from Wichita, Kansas and weighs in at three hundred and twenty pounds! He is the reigning RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION! Here is SOOLLLLLOOOOMMMOOONNN RIIIICHHHARRRRRDDDDS!!!

Solomon steps out onto the entrance ramp, the Rule of Surrender Championship buckled securely around his waist. The big man looks out over the cheering crowd appreciatively before beginning his walk down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: And here comes the champion. Solomon won that title in a 9 person gauntlet at Master of the Mat. Tonight, he defends that title for the first time.

Other Guy: He looks ready for this match, E. Solomon feels like he was built for this division and after his performance at Master of the Mat, I’m inclined to agree with him.

Solomon makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands with a few fans on the way before walking up the steps and stepping into the ring. He unbuckles the title from his waist and pats the faceplate before handing it off to the referee.

Both men are in their corners and Dennis Heflin holds the title in the air for a moment before handing it off to the outside. He calls for the bell and we are officially underway!

Solomon and Ocelot step out from their corners and begin to circle one another as Luther Crumb steps to the outside and stands firmly in his client’s corner on the floor. The two men step in and lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. There is a brief moment where they jockey for position, but Solomon, being the bigger man quickly gains the advantage. He begins to back Ocelot into the corner, but Ocelot quickly breaks the tie up, side steps, and takes the big man down with a quick drop toe hold. Ocelot pops to his feet and backs away, creating some distance between the two of them as Solomon gets back to his feet.

The two men begin to circle again and step into a tie up, but Ocelot buries a knee into Solomon’s midsection. He fires two hard forearms into Solomon’s jaw before hooking his head for a DDT, but Solomon SNATCHES Ocelot around the waist and lifts him up and over with a BIG northern lights suplex!

Eryk Masters: Solomon utilizing his size advantage here with a very nice suplex!

Solomon gets to his feet and brings Ocelot up with him. He Irish whips Ocelot to the corner and follows close behind. JUST as Ocelot hits the buckles, he is NAILED with a running lariat by Solomon. Ocelot sags in the corner, but Solomon doesn’t relent. He brings Ocelot out of the corner quickly and boots him in the stomach. Solomon hooks Ocelot around the waist and brings him up and over again, this time with a gutwrench suplex!

Other Guy: Looks like Richards is planning to put on a clinic tonight, E. This is a great way to wear Ocelot down. These moves have a lot of impact.

Solomon gets to his feet again. He brings Ocelot up as well and Irish whips him to the ropes, catching him on the rebound in a standing bearhug! Ocelot shouts in pain as Solomon constricts his arms around the ribs. Dennis Heflin is right there asking Ocelot if he wants to quit, but receives and emphatic no as a response! Solomon begins to JERK Ocelot back and forth with the hold, keeping steady pressure and using the added momentum to inflict more pain!

Eryk Masters: Solomon is really working his game plan here. He’s not taking any risks. He’s keeping that methodical pacing. Mr. Ocelot is going to have to think of a way to turn things around if he wants to stay in this for any length of time.

Other Guy: Absolutely, E. This is only Mr. Ocelot’s second match here in SHOOT, and he’s up against a champion. He may not have been ready… OH. I spoke too soon! Look at Ocelot fight!

Mr. Ocelot has begun to FIRE right hands into Solomon’s forehead, loosening his grip on the bearhug! The crowd cheers as Ocelot manages to break free and Solomon stumbles backwards slightly. Luther Crumb waves his fedora around wildly as he shouts at Ocelot to make a comeback. Ocelot hits the ropes as Solomon recovers and moves forward. Ocelot comes off the ropes with momentum and ducks a lariat from Solomon. He hits the opposite ropes, picking up more momentum and lowers his shoulders, RAMMING into Solomon and bringing him down with a spear!

Solomon rolls on the canvas clutching his stomach as Ocelot staggers back to his feet. Ocelot moves in and STOMPS down across Solomon’s midsection. He STOMPS down again before taking a step back. Solomon rolls to his stomach and slowly begins to push himself up, BUT OCELOT rushes forward, LEAPS up and DOUBLE STOMPS down across Solomon’s back!

Other Guy: What a NASTY series of stomps by Mr. Ocelot! BOTH of these guys know how to wear a man down. Every single move so far has been full of impact. These guys are here to win.

Eryk Masters: No doubt about it, OG! But which one of them is going to tap? These moves are fantastic for wearing a man down, but that’s not going to matter if one of them can’t make the other tap.

Ocelot stays on the attack, slowly bringing Solomon back to his feet. He brings Solomon in close and wraps his arm around the big man’s waist. Ocelot shows IMPRESSIVE strength as his lifts Solomon and DRIVES him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex! Luther Crumb pumps his fist on the outside, continuing to cheer his client as Ocelot wastes no time at all, dropping down and slapping on a fujiwara armbar as Solomon rolls to his stomach.

Eryk Masters: And here’s our first submission attempt! Ocelot has that armbar cinched in good and tight, OG. Can Solomon hold on?

Other Guy: He’s the champ for a reason, E. Besides, Ocelot wasn’t paying close enough attention. He was too close to the ropes.

Other Guy is correct, as Solomon reaches out with his free arm and quickly hooks the bottom rope. Dennis Heflin demands Ocelot release the hold, beginning a count.




Ocelot releases the hold at four and Heflin steps in, showing Solomon two fingers.

Eryk Masters: That’s right, folks. Let’s not forget about that three rope break rule. The champion is down to two. Both of these guys are going to have to be aware of that going forward.

Solomon begins to pull himself to a standing position and Ocelot is right back on the offensive. He quickly grabs Solomon and Irish whips him into the ropes. Solomon comes off the ropes and eats a dropkick that catches him square in the face, dropping him down to the canvas. Ocelot moves in quickly and reaches down, picking up a leg. He steps over and locks in a step over toehold. Solomon grimaces in pain but shakes his head no as Dennis Heflin asks him if he wants to quit. Ocelot senses that the move isn’t going to elicit a submission and releases the leg. He stands up, but quickly drops down with a VICIOUS elbow drop to the same leg!

Other Guy: Ocelot has the match going at his own pace now. He’s varying his attacks nicely here. It’s a sound strategy to keep Solomon from being able to mount a concrete defense.

Luther Crumb is on the outside, slapping the canvas and egging on Mr. Ocelot. Some of the fans in the Epicenter begin to clap with the rhythm of Crumb’s apron slapping. Meanwhile, in the ring, Ocelot is bringing Solomon to his feet. As soon as Solomon reaches his feet Ocelot UNLEASHES a barrage of fists and forearms to the chest. Solomon tries to cover up and Ocelot hits the ropes. He comes off and LEAPS forward with a headbutt, BUT SOLOMON SIDE STEPS and Ocelot goes through the ropes to the outside to the delight of the fans!

Other Guy: And Ocelot makes a mistake there! That was a pretty nasty spill to the outside. Can Solomon capitalize?

Solomon takes a few seconds to recover, but quickly steps through the ropes to the outside as Luther Crumb looks concerned. Solomon brings Ocelot to his feet on the outside and Irish whips him, sending him into the barricade! Ocelot hits the barricade with force and staggers forward into a NASTY running lariat from the champ. Ocelot hits the mats on the outside HARD.

Eryk Masters: There are not count outs in this one, folks, but remember, the submissions have to occur inside the ring. And it looks like Solomon realizes it.

Solomon brings Ocelot to his feet before rolling him back into the ring, following him in underneath the bottom rope. Luther Crumb shouts words of encouragement to his client, a look of concern on his face. Solomon brings Ocelot to his feet and steps behind him, looking for the Cobra Clutch as the fans get loud!

Other Guy: This could be it… NO! Ocelot with great ring presence there!

Ocelot has scrambled forward and clenched the middle rope, forcing a break. Solomon releases the hold before Heflin even has a chance to count and Heflin shows Ocelot he has two rope breaks remaining. Solomon goes right back on the offensive, grabbing Ocelot and Irish whipping him across the ring into the ropes, he catches him on the rebound and WHIPS him over with a BIG powerslam!

Solomon brings Ocelot to his feet and goes behind him, this time clamping on the Cobra Clutch in the center of the ring as the crowd begins to get even louder!

Eryk Masters: He’s got it clamped on this time! And Ocelot has nowhere to go! Can he survive or is Solomon Richards about to retain his title?

Mr. Ocelot begins to flail desperately, but Solomon cinches the clutch in and applies steady pressure. Dennis Heflin is right there asking Ocelot if he wants to give in, but Ocelot SHOUTS no. Ocelot begins to stagger forward towards the ropes, Solomon applying more pressure on the way. Luther Crumb is SCREAMING on the outside for Ocelot to make it to the ropes and Ocelot is moving forward. He reaches out, the ropes just a few feet away. Solomon realizes how close Ocelot is to the ropes and JERKS him up with the clutch, BUT OCELOT THROWS his legs out and JUST manages to wrap them around the middle rope! Before Dennis Heflin can tell Solomon to break the hold, he DROPS down, SLAMMING Ocelot to the canvas as he releases the hold!

Other Guy: GREAT presence of mind by Ocelot making it to the ropes there, but Solomon did some extra damage with a unique Cobra Clutch Slam!

Solomon drags Ocelot away from the ropes and rolls him to his stomach. He straddles the challenger and grabs his head and arm, looking to lock the clutch in again, BUT OCELOT FIRES back a trifecta of elbows with his free arm, catching Solomon right on the bridge of his nose as Luther Crumb and the fans cheer!

Solomon staggers back, but quickly moves back in. He reaches down again, but Ocelot PULLS Solomon down by the arm and twists his own body, applying the Koji Clutch! Dennis Heflin drops into position checking on Solomon, who is shaking his head no as best he can!

Eryk Masters: WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the koji clutch locked in from that position!

Other Guy: That came from nowhere, but Solomon isn’t done! Look at the power of the champ!

Solomon has gotten his knees under him and he is LIFTING Mr. Ocelot up! He SLAMS him down, breaking the koji clutch and the crowd shows its appreciation of his power as Luther Crumb looks on, concerned!

Solomon takes a few moments to get his bearings and moves forward, bringing Ocelot up to his feet. He boots Ocelot in the stomach, hooks his head, and HOISTS him up with a vertical suplex, BUT OCELOT SHIFTS his weight in mid-air, landing behind Solomon! Ocelot quickly reaches forward, SNATCHING Solomon in a one armed rear naked choke! He JUMPS up, grapevining Solomon around the waist and throws his weight back, bringing Solomon down! Ocelot begins FIRE fists and elbows into Solomon’s head as he continues to rear back on the choke!

Eryk Masters: He calls that Paralysis Leech! And he’s got it lock in the center of the ring!

Luther Crumb is jumping up and down on the outside as Solomon reaches around wildly on the canvas and Ocelot continues to HAMMER away with fists and elbows while choking away! Dennis Heflin is right there! Solomon reaches out, but he’s much too far from the ropes. He has no choice…

Other Guy: Solomon’s tapping! The champ is tapping!

Solomon Richards is, indeed, tapping out, having no other choice and Dennis Heflin calls for the bell. The crowd cheers loudly and Soldier of Fortune begins to play through the speakers again. Luther Crumb LEAPS up onto the apron and steps into the ring and Mr. Ocelot releases his hold and staggers to his feet!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and NEW RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION… MISSSTEEEERRR OOOOCCCEEEELLOOOOOTTT!!!!

Eryk Masters: In his second SHOOT Project match, Mr. Ocelot comes away as a champion! ANYTHING can happen here in SHOOT Project!

Other Guy: It was a hard fought contest by BOTH men, but Ocelot came out the victor. BOTH of these guys should be proud, E!

Dennis Heflin hands the Rule of Surrender Championship to Mr. Ocelot. Ocelot hands the title to Luther Crumb, who stares down at the gold, elated. Ocelot, however, walks over and helps Solomon to his feet. The two men share a look of understanding and shake hands much to the delight of the crowd before Solomon exits the ring and heads back up the aisle. Ocelot turns back and takes the title from Luther, raising it up into the air. Luther dances around the ring in celebration, pointing to his client and singing his praises.

Eryk Masters: What a great show of sportsmanship from the new champion there. THIS is what SHOOT Project is all about, folks!

Other Guy: It was a great way to kick things off tonight, but things are JUST getting started. We’ve still got three more matches in store folks, so stay tuned!

Standing backstage Abigail Chase looks around and seems a bit nervous. She takes a deep breath and seems ready to escape when a mischievous face appears behind her and after tapping her on the shoulder causes Abigail to jump in alarm.

Tanya: You were late. I got worried. You are ready aren’t you?

Abigail Chase: But why do you need me?

Tanya: Because I’m no model. I have dexterity and agility but you have grace and charm. Besides you’re so fun to tease.

Abigail Chase: Can I at least get some kind of exclusive first? I mean last Dominion you claimed you were going to make a stand against the actions of certain co-workers of yours and the front office’s lack of desire to restrain things.

Tanya: Yes Yes. The attempted murder. No other way to call what we have seen of late from certain people. Even that aside you have the blatant bullying and cowardly rule-controlling of Orion. Oh I can’t wait to make Mason pay for putting me in a No DQ match for his championship. I wish tonight was Dominion. He so needs a chair to the face.

Abigail tries to turn to look at Tanya but she keeps moving so she’s behind Abigail and speaking over her shoulder. Abigail finally gives up and goes back to the interview.

Abigail Chase: So you are going to donate your paycheck for that match, and I assume this interview time, to charity?

Tanya: Of course. I’ve already made arrangements with my lawyer for it to be sent straight to the Boston Chapter of the Schoolgirls Without Tentacles Fund. It’s a new group.

Abigail: Sounds…. Interesting.

Tanya: I’d show you their latest pledge drive Vlog but it’s a little graphic. And I did promise to clean up SHOOT Project’s Image after all. We must keep things wrestling-based. No Drama.

Abigail: Well I am sure that someone appreciates your efforts and that everyone in Orion will be watching your match against Mason Pierce very closely. So I guess we are done here.

Tanya: No we aren’t. You better be ready.

Abigail: Make it quick.

Tanya grins like a child with a new toy and rips Abigail’s blouse off. Trying her best not to upset Tanya with her obvious discomfort Abigail poses for the camera surprisingly wearing a camouflage shirt with white lettering proclaiming “Never Be A Soldier”  and as Tanya spins her around “#WrestlerProud” on the back. As Abigail smiles weakly Tanya takes her microphone.

Tanya: Remember people. You two can show your allegiance to the effort to restore honest wrestling to SHOOT Project by buying MY new shirt. And all royalties go to the “Pepper Spray Westboro Baptist Church” Fund. Because damnit, they’ve earned it.

Kissing Abigail on the cheek Tanya leaves tossing the microphone and a panicking Abigail Chase who doesn’t seem to notice the camera already fading to black, having given up on her restoring her dignity anytime soon.

Outside The SHOOT Project Epicenter, the very noticeable rumbling of a motorcycle fills the parking lot. Moments pass and Cronos Diamante is shown arriving at the arena on a brand new Wide Glide model Harley Davidson. He backs up his bike into a parking space, takes off his leather gloves and heads for the door. At the door; however, stands a man he’s known for a very long time, once his tag team partner and only true friend but now something entirely different in 3M. Cronos flashes a look of disgust at 3M as he approaches him.

Cronos Diamante: Well look at you. All dressed up and reverted back to good ole’ 3M. You just couldn’t resist and change, could you, Marc?

Unwavering upon the sight of his former ally and enemy alike, 3M peers through the inky black tribal covered mask, looking Cronos up and down before moving past him. Cronos smirks at the silent response delivered by 3M, and merely shakes his head. Moments later, however, 3M stops dead in his tracks, and while unwilling to turn back toward Cronos, breaks that silence. His tone is tinged with that of sympathy.

3M: He wasn’t given a choice. Time doesn’t have the courtesy of asking us if we’re ready for change, it simply does, and we can either adapt and change with it…or get lost … in it.

3M slowly turns around, looking directly at Cronos. The two stare at one another for a good while before Cronos breaks the silence.

Cronos Diamante: That’s what you’re going to go with? You’re going to tell me, in essence, that you didn’t have “time” to change? After all I did for your hypocritical ass?

Cronos spits on the ground in front of 3M and glares at him. Stepping forward, 3M looks down at the floor where the spit landed, ever so slightly shaking his head in response to Cronos’ actions.

3M: You never were one for bullshit, were you? You want real? Fine. Let’s get real. Let’s stop pretending. People looked at Mirage like a middle aged fuck, because that’s what he was. Time passed him by. So, how about I tell you this, in essence…that this is the school in which we learn…

3M looks up at Cronos, looking him dead on, taking a step closer.

3M: …that time is the fire in which we burn.

Cronos rolls his eyes and chuckles. He places a hand on 3M’s shoulder, testing him, but 3M merely snaps his head to the side staring at the hand and then back to Cronos, tensing up ready for a fight.

Cronos Diamante: And they used to call me a drama king, Marc. Look at you!

Cronos drops his hand from 3M’s shoulder and throws his hands up in the air.

Cronos Diamante: Mirage was a middle aged fuck!? Fire in which we burn!? Come the fuck on. I’m fifty-seven years old. Isn’t a person in that building that calls me “Old man Cronos” that doesn’t know I have the capability to rip their heart out and eat it right in front of them. The only person who looked at Marcus Mirage as a middle aged fuck was you! You! But you’d like to use that excuse, wouldn’t you? That everyone else looked down on Mirage. Never you. Couldn’t be you, right, Marc?

Cronos gets in close and 3M crosses his arms and takes one step back, shrugging his shoulders.

Cronos Diamante: Wait a minute. You truly do believe that, don’t you? It’s not even an excuse! Wow, Marc. Just wow. How the mighty have fallen.

Cronos leans back against the cement wall next to the door to the Epicenter and watches 3M closely, waiting for a reaction. Walking past Cronos, 3M stops a moment, looking back at him, a seriousness creeping into his tone.

3M: It’s not me that believes in the lies anymore, Cronos. You can keep telling yourself they’re still afraid of you, but they’re not. You haven’t given them a reason to be afraid in a long time. As a matter of fact, they’re laughing at you. They used to laugh WITH you, and so did I. As for this Marc you keep referring too…you’re friend is dead.

Cronos instantly grabs 3M and slams him against the wall, holding an elbow to his neck.

Cronos Diamante: My friend is dead? Fine! So be it. But if that’s the case, you best take care in what you say to me from here on, 3M. The last thing you need is Orion AND me as your enemy. You won’t survive it. I don’t care about your track record with King and the triumphant return last week. Lionheart won’t have a chance to get his revenge if I step in. Nothing you’ve ever done against me has ever been good enough to beat me, battle or war. And granted that was when I had something to lose when going after a man like you. I don’t have anything to lose anymore. You’re perfectly aware of that, too.

3M shoves Cronos back.

3M: You talk a lot, Cronos. Maybe it’s time you do more. I’m sorry for what happened…

Cronos cuts 3M off quickly, yelling in a fit of rage.

Cronos Diamante: Don’t you even say it! You don’t have the right to mention her! Not anymore.

Cronos’ face transitions from fury to deep sadness and he simply opens the door to the Epicenter and disappears, leaving 3M outside by himself to contemplate the chance meeting between the two. 3M ponders a question he knows may never get answered.

3M: You really don’t know what you’re doing without her, do you?

Samantha Coil: The next match is one fall with a ten minute time limit. Coming to the ring first, Datura!

“Dead Flag Blues” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor plays as Datura walks out to the ring with her purple lights flashing.

Eryk Masters: Datura was rather silent for this match.  Normally she’s rather biting in her promos.

Other Guy: She probably didn’t think Henry Gordon was worth the time.  After he came out and said that he wants to molest the woman why should she humor him?

Eryk Masters: He just talked about going out on a date.

Other Guy: Please.  If you zoomed out on the camera we’d probably learn he was doing his promo from inside her house.  The deleted scenes include him rolling around in a pile of her clothes going, “Mmmmm… she smells like my momma’s britches.”

Eryk Masters: OMG!  TMI, OG!  WTF?

As Datura gets to the ring, the music switches to “She’s A Bad Mama Jama” by Carl Carlton, bringing out Henry Gordon in the same suit that he wore in his promo.  He carries trimmed roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Other Guy: Mo.  Lest.  Er.

Eryk Masters: ……

With a smile on his face, Gordon hustles down to the ring and climbs through the ropes.  Datura can’t believe what she’s seeing, her hands on her hips and her expression none too pleased.  Even Samantha Coil is speechless, looking over at the timekeeper like, “Really?  We’re going with this?” As Hammerin’ Hank gets into the ring, he entreats her to accept the flowers with arm outstretched.  Not amused, Datura slaps the flowers to the ground.  Henry Gordon picks them up and attempts the same thing.  Still not wanting anything to do with Gordon, Elizabeth Maduit takes the flowers and slaps Hank across the face with them in a triple paintbrush stripe.  Gordon takes the abuse, but wears a frown that grows bigger as Maduit spikes the flowers to the ground and stomps on them.

Other Guy: That’s right!  Stand up for yourself!  You don’t have to put up with sexual harassment from anybody not named Other Guy!

Eryk Masters:  You almost had a point until the very end there.

Playing his trump card, Gordon gets down on one knee and hands over the box of chocolates.

Other Guy: I… guess that’s his finisher in this situation?

Maduit rolls her eyes, but accepts the chocolate.  The box is still wrapped in plastic, but she makes quick work of it.  Opening the box, she finds a special-ordered mix of mini Henry Gordons in the form of a cherub.  This actually surprises her, and she shows the candies to the camera.

Eryk Masters: Definitely the finisher.

Removing a couple of Chocolate Gordons, Maduit pops them into her mouth and chews down on the milk chocolate cherubs.  Henry Gordon jumps into the air and celebrates as though he won the World Title.

Other Guy: Oh, no.  This is actually heartwarming.

As Gordon turns back to Datura, he opens his arms and receives a huge glop of chocolatey saliva.

Crowd: Oooooh!

Boos follow the actions of Datura.

Eryk Masters: Who spits on a man in a white suit?  Honestly?

The chocolates also receive the football spike and stomping treatment from Datura.  Henry Gordon surveys the damage, the frown growing larger by the second.

Other Guy: Do we have a clean-up crew on standby?  Yeah, get the strong stuff.

Datura grabs the referee and commands him to have the timekeeper to ring the bell.  While freeing himself, he complies and signals for the start of the match.  Datura turns and rushes LARIAT FROM HENRY GORDON!

Eryk Masters: Wow!  Henry Gordon is not pleased!

Gordon pulls Datura up into a standing headscissors and lifts her up for a brutal Doctor Bomb!  Henry Gordon holds onto the powerbomb and power-hoists Elizabeth Maduit right off of the mat, shuffling her onto his shoulder and running with the powerslam!  With Datura’s spit still streaming down his face, Hammerin’ Hank holds her by the back of her neck and scoops her off the canvas, dragging her over to the corner and sitting her on the top rope for the Muscle Buster!

Eryk Masters: Master Blaster Busteroo from Henry Gordon!

But Henry Gordon doesn’t make the cover.  Instead he pulls Datura up one more time, Maduit all but dead weight, and takes her over to the corner, hitting his Master Blaster Busteroo for a second time!

Other Guy: Stop the domestic violence!  Somebody call the police!  Somebody call Oprah!

Hammerin’ Hank Gordon puts his back over Datura’s body, holding a leg.




Samantha Coil: Here is the winner of this match… Henry Gordon!

Henry Gordon sits up, staring at the scene in the ring.  One can’t tell if the trickle down his face is saliva or a tear.

Eryk Masters: I suppose the lesson here is don’t spit in Henry Gordon’s face.

Other Guy: No, the lesson here is don’t waste chocolate in front of a fat man.

The music “Give Me Back My Bullets”  by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays out Hank Gordon as he scoops up the remains of the flowers and the box of chocolate.  Datura makes no movements on the canvas.

Eryk Masters: That was definitely one of the stranger matches we’ve seen on Revolution.

Other Guy: And we accidentally saw Mike Safety naked once.  I’m talking full frontal gratuitous nudity.  He wanted us real bad.

Eryk Masters: What?  None of that is true!

Other Guy: Of course not, but I feel confident I can slander the man and never have to deal with the consequences.  Hooray for obscure references from over ten years ago!

Eryk Masters: Uh… while OG is being OG, we’re going to send things to the back where we’ve got cameras standing by.

Kenji arbitrarily rolls white tape across his hands and between his fingers, his eyes unfocused on the simple tasked ingrained in his muscle memory. Obsidian sits to his side, watching him.

Kenji: I meant to ask you something the other day.

He rips a piece of tape off the roll, placing it on his palm.

Kenji: What we’re doing here… it’s the right thing, isn’t it?

Obsidian crosses his legs. He runs his hands through his hair and pushes it all back to reveal his face to brother in SCAR.

Obsidian: If you asked me to back down, if you asked me to walk away from Adrian and this vendetta, I would.  I do not fight for Isaac, I fight for SCAR.  If you told me that you didn’t believe Isaac’s actions were in SCAR’s best interests, then he’d have to fight on his own.  Because, Kenji, you see…you are SCAR.  Your vision built this.  You sought something of a haven to free those deemed too ugly for society.  You had the ability to be a savior.

Obsidian makes sure he has Kenji’s eye contact as he continues.

Obsidian: But the greed of two men threatens that vision.  Adrian’s never been about anything that is not himself.  When we were Vanguard, he knew hardly any English.  Heh, I can remember one of the first times he grabbed a microphone and he quoted the movie Gladiator.

Obsidian smirks, watching for Kenji’s face to crack.

Obsidian: But when Vanguard was dead and gone and I returned to my abyss, Daniel returned to his obscurity, and Jay returned to his oblivion, Adrian stepped away from all of us.  Here and now, he is a sociopathic monster with the backing of the SHOOT Project management.  Tell me, Kenji, when has anyone who truly exemplified Project:SCAR ever had the backing of some corporate boardroom hooligans?  Adrian used the Vanguard to stake his claim and he used Project:SCAR to reinvigorate his lagging career.

Obsidian shakes his head, looking down at the floor.

Obsidian: I am a man who repays loyalty with loyalty, Kenji.  When the fissure happened, I begged you to help me keep us together so that we would avoid this exact moment where both of them tear SCAR apart.  You sided with Isaac and I with Adrian, all out of loyalty.  However, I pledged my loyalty to SCAR, not to Adrian.  I pledged my loyalty to our cause, not to a man.  It is why I told you time and again that I would gladly end your career or end your life or die in the attempt should you falter from our convictions and posed a threat to what SCAR is.

Obsidian sighs.

Obsidian: I am here by your side.  Not by Adrian’s.  Not by Isaac’s.  I am here by SCAR’s side.  Our message is muddy, it is a dimming twilight where once blazed a mighty sun.  The shrouding darkness of the greed of men threatens who we are and what we have become.  If you had sided with Adrian, I still would have sided with you.  If you had demanded they end their squabbles lest they be removed from SCAR, I still would have sided with you.  You were the shepherd, Kenji.  I am the staff.  And I will strike down upon whatever threat to our cause comes before us.  Merely…point me in the proper direction.

Obsdian lets out one small chuckle.

Obsidian:  Perhaps Adrian needs to pay for the sins he has committed against SCAR.  He does not see SCAR as the movement, the dream, it is but rather just another faction in pro wrestling undeserving of the faith our chosen maintain for our creed.  Or perhaps Adrian needs to pay for the sins he has committed against someone you have deemed worthy of being called SCAR.  Maybe Isaac is worth our vision.

He looks down again.

Obsidian:  All I know is that the clearest vision blurs in the face of greed.

Kenji’s eyes wander even more, unsure and unsteady. He closes them because he can feel it pulsating in his skull, trying to hide it as he wraps a final piece of chalky white tape around his hand before balling it into a fist.

Kenji: I don’t know what has become of my vision…

His fist loosens and falls to his side.

Kenji: But I am glad you are at my side, brother.

Obsidian smiles slightly at his friend as the camera cuts back to the action.

The crowd is enjoying the awesome night so far on Revolution, and with all of the matches so far the energy in the crowd is at a pretty good pitch and so far the night looks to be awesome so far until..




The familiar opening to Pop Evil’s “Trenches” hit and the crowd goes nuts, as walking out of the back comes Johnny Napalm with the Iron Fist title over his shoulder, he is wearing his wrestling attire on and the mask he usually wears on his face is on the Iron Fist title as he raises the belt high.

Eryk Masters: And there is the new Iron Fist champion!

Other Guy: There is only a few who can call themselves tough as nails, Napalm can say that when two weeks ago he took down Ja Gi Kyung-Moon to win that belt.

Eryk Masters: Let me ask you this OG, do you believe this title win for Napalm was a long time coming?

Other Guy: He has been taking on some of the best this company has to offer, I would say after the matches he has had the past couple months, It was only a matter of time until he did.

Napalm walks down to ringside with the belt over his shoulder he looks around at the crowd then gives the camera a grin, then instead of going to the ring, he takes a left turn and jumps the guard rail and goes through the crowd, which brings the fans cheers a little louder as Napalm raises the title up as he walks around in the crowd as the fans are enjoying the unexpected surprise as he walks around in the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Good lord, the fans are getting a little extra as Napalm has jumped into the crowd and is celebrating with the fans who have been warming up to him since Master of the Mat.

Other Guy: A little bit of a Show-Off if you ask me, but then again it takes all kinds.

Eryk Masters: After what he has done this past month, I think he can deserve some admiration from the fans here tonight in the Epicenter.

Napalm gets around the crowd and comes back out near the announcer table and walks over and grabs the mic from Samantha, and rolls into the ring as he just looks around with a very happy smile on his face.

Eryk Masters: Well, lets hear what the new Iron Fist champion has on his mind.

The audio cuts out, as the crowd just keeps cheering.

Johnny Napalm: Wow, I haven’t done that in awhile. Then again I didn’t have much to be happy about, then again what a difference a month has made in my life as I am YOUR IRON FIST CHAMPION!!

Napalm raises the title high as the fans go nuts.

Johnny Napalm: Well, it has been awhile since I did something like this, however with all that has gone on here in SHOOT, I just needed to get some of these things off my chest and also I got one announcement for everyone that might enjoy to hear.

The first thing well, was a shock to me which was the other title that changed hands the same day I won the Iron Fist Title, and that leads to my old tag partner Dan Stein, the person who won that title at Master of the Mat, only to lose that belt he came to be obsessed with. However I did say that Stein would win that belt, however I didn’t say how long he would have it, and how funny he became what we called the other tag champs back then a One Hit Wonder.

Also Stein, you see something here that you never expected, out of all the things to happen many people wonder who was riding who’s coattails while Stein and myself were tag team champions.

Napalm looks at the Iron Fist title and smiles.

Johnny Napalm: I think we know now, as much as Stein will deny it.

The crowd cheers a bit as Napalm just has a smirk on his face.

Johnny Napalm: So, that brings me to our new World Champ, and in my personal opinion someone who should have been World Champ after he beat Donovan King at Master of the Mat in 2011, and that man is Trey Willett, let me say right now that you did everyone a favor by beating Dan Stein to throw his plans into complete confusion, which I know Stein is still wondering what he did wrong. So congrats Trey, and show everyone when you defend that title you earned that belt.

Now, I need to talk about the other event that happened at Revolution, and also talk about Cronos Diamante.

That brings out some boo’s

Johnny Napalm: Now, in many ways I was on a pretty good high after winning the Iron Fist title, I thought I could do something about Cronos before things got out of hand, then again I should know better than to try and diffuse a bomb that was going off anyways, I should of known that this would happen then again, I wasn’t going to sit in the back and listen to him destroy the Rules of Surrender division, one division that I have much respect for now after Master of the Mat. So I figured that going out there might hold off the beating a little bit after I eliminated four soldiers in that gauntlet match by myself.

Napalm looks into the camera

Johnny Napalm: And, yes I will keep reminding people of that if anyone get the slightest thought that I have no talent at wrestling, then I show them the Iron Fist title and show them if I can’t make then tap out, I can always knock them on there ass!

That gets a good pop from the crowd

Johnny Napalm: So Cronos, I am going to let that slide if nothing else showing everyone here that even you a former Rules of Surrender champion, needs to understand that even someone like me for TWO YEARS in this company I have ripped and clawed for every title shot I could get, and now I have a title here, and there is only one other belt that is higher than this one, and that is the World Heavyweight Title.

But, understand this Cronos if you ever show any other soldier in SHOOT any disrespect like you did me when you blindsided me two weeks ago, you will know that I won’t be so forgiving a second time!

One other thing, your little comment at the end “Ant meet Boot”  really funny, cause you think of me as a little ant, someone in your eyes as a forgettable soldier. One problem with that problem this “Ant”  is six foot nine, three hundred pounds, and is not amused with your childish quote.

Napalm walks over to the corner of the ring and sits on the top turnbuckle.

Johnny Napalm: Now, this announcement just earlier today I was talking with the SHOOT Board of Directors about something happening at the next Pay per view event, this announcement in many ways Is a very happy moment for me.

You see just two weeks ago, I asked Selena to marry me and she said yes.

Huge pop from the crowd

Johnny Napalm: So, the next thing was what place would make the most sense for both of us, hell we could of went to many of the drive-in wedding chapels in downtown Las Vegas, but that seemed too rushed. So for the past two weeks we have been dealing with getting ready for the child, and planning this wedding, we wanted something small then it hit us at once.

Who has given us the most support with everything that has been going on?

So, that’s why this announcement is really big, as part of the next pay per view event, The wedding between Selena and myself.

Long pause

Johnny Napalm: Will he held here at the Epicenter..

The crowd goes nuts, could be one of the biggest pops of the night.

Johnny Napalm: That’s right folks, whoever buys a ticket to the next Pay Per View will also be in attendance for the wedding of myself and Selena.

Eryk Masters: WOW, Huge news already about the next big pay per view

Other Guy: I guess we are invited too?

Eryk Masters: We are going to be getting a front row seat, this is some great news.

Johnny Napalm: We thought this was the best, cause of all of the support we have been getting and this is really a thanks to all the fans who come out here every two weeks and watches the best of what every soldier has to offer, we will have more information when the event comes closer and I thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the show.

“Trenches” kicks back up again as Napalm stands up on the second turnbuckle holding the Iron Fist Title high in the air.

Eryk Masters: Wow, that was one of the biggest announcements in a while here in SHOOT, as Johnny Napalm and Selena will be married here at our next pay per view event.

Other Guy: Wonder if there is going to be a bachelor party?

Eryk Masters: Wonder if we will be invited to it?

Napalm slides out of the ring and back up the ramp holding the Iron Fist Title high and out the back as Revolution rolls on.

Eryk Masters:I am receiving a message from production that an unmarked tape was dropped off mere moments ago.

Other Guy:An unmarked tape, we have had these before.

Eryk Masters:Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to play you this video right now.

The Jumbo-Tron lights up for a few moments before returning to darkness, a few feeds of static buzz across the screen before finally a sound hits the PA system.

“Come back to bed Maxi, you haven’t been able to get it up all evening!”

A deep manly voice echoes as a camera flickers into action, catching none other than a naked Maximus Clementine Fanjita III, who is sitting with his legs crossed at a vanity table. A vanity table that is littered with eyeliner pencils, lipstick, glitter, a dildo and a CD case labelled “Sometimes” The best of Erasure; that has been used as a makeshift tray containing a few white lines of powder and a rolled up twenty dollar note.

Fanjita looks up and pouts in the mirror, his eyeliner smudged from either tears of pleasure or tears of pain, perhaps a mixture of both…Who knows? He applies pink lip gloss and then leans back in his chair. Lying behind him in a four-poster-bed with silk sheets and leopard print pillows rests muscular male of Native American stock.

Maximus: Bitch Please…I’m bloody fabulous. Look at the man behind me; young, dashing and a member of the Paiute Tribe…And with a name like “Hung-Like-Horses”  you would think I’d be happy! BUT I’M NOT! How could I be?

He turns and looks at “Hung-Like-Horses” with utter disdain and frustration.

Maximus:I had bodybuilders painted in gold, Penis statues made of ice, Unicorns…Okay they were donkeys with vibrators stuck to their foreheads but they were Unicorn enough for me! I had arranged a glitter drop, a pair of giant snails that had been trained to fight to the death, a bevy of strippers both male and female…And most importantly Maya Nakashima’s favourite Sushi! All of you ungrateful bastards would have been invited and you all would have had a chance to cut some shapes on the dance floor to the sounds of Bronski Beat and my personal favourite…Erasure…LIVE!

He takes his CD from off the desk, spilling cocaine everywhere as he throws it at the camera.


Hung-Like-Horses:Calm down Fanjita, let me give you a backrub.


Fanjita flings a dildo across the room in the direction of his “friend” who quickly races out of the room draped in the silks sheets.

Maximus:TREY WILLETT! Your selfishness is ruining my libido! It has caused a rift between me and Golden Balls, I mean The Golden Boy, Molly isn’t eating! I am talking about my dog, not Stein’s assistant as she could do with losing a few pounds…I, I, I can’t take it anymore! *He screams at the top of his lungs* Your ass needs pounding to the Maximus!

He trembles, his emotions getting the better of him.

Maximus:Which is why I am calling you out BITCH! I don’t know where and I don’t know when, but I’m getting my hands on you regardless. I’ve been inside many rings in my life but never a squared circle…Okay, maybe that one time, but you get my point.

He shoots up to his feet and puffs out his skinny chest.

Maximus:Get ready SHOOT Project for Maximus Clementine Fanjita III is coming, and coming, and….coming.

He reaches forward for the camera as everything fades to black…

Other Guy:Ha, ha, ha, ha…Did Fanjita just call out the SHOOT Heavyweight Champion?

Eryk Masters:That he did. I have to say I am lost for words here…Maximus is, well he is a party planner and professional dog walker; he has no place inside a SHOOT ring.

Other Guy:I thought of something even funnier…What If Maximus were to win?

Eryk Masters:Oh god no…

The announcers shake their heads collectively at that thought as Revolution cuts to a commercial break.

Coming Soon.

We’re sitting backstage with SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, ANARCHY! and their friend and mentor, Loco Martinez.  They’re lounging and talking as neither of the three compete tonight.   T.Rex is mid rant, which means Loco and Arch Angel are chuckling.

T.Rex:  …I’m just sayin’ I’m lighter than I’ve been in fuggin’ EVER.  I’m movin’ better.  Hittin’ harder.  I just think I can benefit from expanding my…tore.

Loco Martinez:  Repertoire.

T.Rex:  Dat’s what I fuggin’ SAID!

Loco Martinez:  YOu were close.  So you want some more training?  You want to learn some new techniques? 

T.Rex:  Right.  I clobber like a champ… pun intended.   I wanna learn some shit.  Like some Ranas, Saults, or Tilt-a-whirl something or others.  

Arch Angel and Loco bury their faces in their hands.  Arch Angel raises a finger, he catches Loco’s eye.

Arch Angel:  You want to do like Lucha moves?

T.Rex shrugs. 

T.Rex:  I don’t know if i can do the shit Loc’ does, but yea.  Lets expand my moves.  Lets really WOW ’em. 

Loco smiles and nods.

Loco Martinez:  I think I can help you there, Teddy.

Teddy smiles huge.  Loco holds up a hand. 

Loco Martinez:  I got stuff on my plate, Teddy.  We can train together, but I won’t train you. 

T.Rex frowns.

Loco Martinez:  But I know a guy in mind.  I think he can help you out.  You may not be doing any hurricanranas, but I think he could scratch you where you itch.  At the very LEAST he can teach you…  SOMETHING.

The smile returns.   

Loco Martinez:  I’ll put in a call and maybe next set of shows we can set up a little something, for you Teddy.

T.Rex:  Awesome. 

We cut away from the scene backstage.

As the scene opens the cameras find Thomas Manchester Black in the backstage area doing a few internet spots for some affiliate companies. As TMB is wrapping up he is approached by the SHOOT Project camera crew. Even though he is in a rush, he agrees to speak to the camera for a moment.  


TMB: I first want to say that I am sorry. 


I would like to say that all of this is my fault. 


Because I allowed this to go on for far too long. 


I allowed you to forget…

Thomas pauses before walking closer to the cameras.

TMB: I allowed your image of me to become a welcomed reality. And in doing so you forgotten everything that I’ve showed you. I allowed you to think that in same odd way that we are equal. That I am like the buffoons that you love to cheer and boo. 


I’ve allowed you to disrespect me and think that it was ok. To think that it was alright to drag me down to your level. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I am a First Recon Marine. I’ve learned to live and breathe death in lands where your live is in consist threat. 


I am a convict that waged war on a daily bases like it was nothing more than a afternoon stroll down the block. I have ended lives and careers, can any of you say the same? Can any of you mindless herd make the same statements.

Black shakes his head.

TMB: No…no you can’t can you. You are nothing, living life through what you see on the screen and think that gives you some type of power. And that is the problem…you made a connection that is not there. 


You…the bitter that cheer on Corazon. The same man that carved Carver. The man that got what he deserved at the hands of Scar. What did you all think…that when you make a deal with the Devil, that he wouldn’t come and collect? 


You cheered King. The same man that almost tear this company apart. The same man that attacked and try to drag down your then hero, Cade Sydal.

TMB pauses.

TMB: And then there is Eric, poor lost Eric. 


Eric…Jester Smiles. A man that used to be your hero. A man that was beaten within an inch of his life…for you all. And look how quickly you dumped him. 


So I had to remind you all that you do not hold any power here. I had to remind you that you are nothing more than puppets. To be honest if Sammy should be mad at anyone, it should be you all. 


Because he had to paid for your stupidity…your blatant disrespect. 


He had to pay because you all have forgotten your place. You overvalued your roles here and he paid the price for it. 


Hopefully no one else has to pay for your ignorance. Hopefully no other SHOOT soldiers have to suffer for your disrespect. 


A smile crawls across Thomas’ face saying it all. And though he has this upcoming card off, he plans on being more…proactive about reminding people about what they have forgotten.  


TMB: So allow me to reintroduce myself… 


My name is… 


Thomas Manchester Black. 


And I will…. 







TMB pushes his way past the camera and heads down the hallway.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s main event is a tag match set for one fall!

“Blood” by In This Moment creeps out from the stereo.

Samantha Coil: Entering first, at a combined weight of 420 pounds, they are the team of Valentine Lionheart and Elizabeth Gaunt!

The representatives for SCAR and Orion walk out together, Valentine carrying his metal case in hand.

Other Guy: You gotta like the solidarity, coming to the ring together.

Eryk Masters: Between Isaac Entragian and Valentine Lionheart’s meeting of the minds, with the respect that Mason Pierce gained in his Master of the Mat match against SCAR’s fallen leader, it seemed like the seeds were planted for something more.  We might be seeing the next step in that tonight.

As Gaunt and Lionheart reach the ring, an old fashioned, black and white film countdown plays on the Video Wall, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit. 



Lo Fidelity Allstar’s "Battleflag" cues up over the PA, and Corey Lazarus shoves the entrance curtain aside and storms onto the entrance stage, favoring his left leg and trying his best to hide it. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, their first opponent, weighing in tonight at 230 pounds and standing at 6-foot-1… 

Corey looks around at the crowd and removes the hood from his entrance jacket, running a hand through his hair before making his way down the ramp. 

Eryk Masters: You have to wonder what kind of shape Corey’s knee is in after the attack from Liz Gaunt at Revolution 114, let alone tearing his PCL two months ago. 

Other Guy: I think the fact that he’s limping gives away what condition it’s in, actually. 

Corey stops at the bottom of the ramp, staring into the ring at the taunts of Liz Gaunt and Valentine Lionheart. He nods, his face expressionless, and cracks his neck to either side. 

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Hollywood, California…CORRREEEEYYYY LAAAAAZZZZAAAARRRUUUUSSSS!!!! 

Corey removes his entrance jacket and throws it against the crowd barrier as "Battleflag" dies down, pointing to the ring as his trademark devilish grin emerges.

Samantha Coil: And his partner, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 233 pounds… 3!  M!

The man in black (spandex) walks out to meet Corey Lazarus, both men keeping their eyes on the ring.

Eryk Masters: Mirage and Lionheart have had words in the past few weeks, but this will be their first chance to get their hands on each other since their confrontation back at Master of the Mat.  Meanwhile Lazarus has to be weighing whether he wants more revenge on Valentine Lionheart for defeating him on Revolution 114, or Elizabeth Gaunt for what she did to him in the aftermath of that match.

Other Guy: Corey Lazarus strikes me as equal opportunity hateful.

3M starts in the ring with Valentine Lionheart, the two meeting with a collar-and-elbow tieup.  Lionheart easily drags 3M into a headlock, but 3M pushes him to the ropes.  The return shoulder block by Lionheart puts 3M on the mat.  As Lionheart takes to the ropes, the former Marcus Mirage shifts on the mat; Valentine jumps over his body.  Hitting the opposite ropes, Valentine stops short of the Reverse Monkey Flip.  Shoving 3M’s feet up to his head, he rolls 3M back to his feet in a rear waistlock, then lifts and takes him down in the hold before floating over into the Front Headlock.  3M uses the hands to block completion and twists out of it with the hammerlock on Lionheart.  The hammerlock goes into 3M’s side headlock, within which Lionheart stands up.

Eryk Masters: I think in the past few months we’ve seen Valentine Lionheart seeing his matches starting off with a bang, but here it’s actually a little feeling out between these two competitors.

Other Guy: Lionheart’s just biding his time.

A few forearms to the side, and 3M is pushed to the ropes himself.  On the rebound, 3M spins in the air out of a hip toss and lands on his feet to armdrag Valentine.  Lionheart allows 3M to get up first and catches him with a single leg trip.  A lateral press follows.




Lionheart stands up, but 3M only gets to his knees before driving Valentine down with a double leg takedown, rolling over for the bridging pin.



Valentine wraps his arms around the midsection and kicks his legs free, rolling to the side and lifting up 3M for the Gutwrench Powerbomb BACKSLIDE FROM 3M!



Valentine Lionheart not only kicks out, but pushes himself up and over onto all fours.  3M rolls over in the side back mount to secure the Oklahoma Roll!




Valentine Lionheart rolls away and grins.

Other Guy: 3M thinks he has things well under control andthenElizabethGaunt!

The Hellcat hits the dropkick to the back of the head, sending 3M stumbling forward into the rising back elbow from Valentine Lionheart.  Lionheart covers 3M aggressively.



3M throws the shoulder high, allowing Lionheart to grab the wrist and pull him up off the mat only to be knocked down again with the shortarm clothesline.  The Omega Messiah keeps hold of the wrist and pulls his opponent up into another shortarm, only for 3M to duck under with the go-behind and dropkick to the back of the back of the neck… allowing him to tag in Corey Lazarus who jumps into the ring in time for Valentine Lionheart to tag in Elizabeth Gaunt!

Eryk Masters: The crowd is excited to see these two lock up after what happened on Revolution 115.

Other Guy: I predict more of the same.

Gaunt feints for the leg, Corey pulling back in quick reaction.  Elizabeth Gaunt smiles and charges in with the collar-and-elbow tieup. Laz takes a couple steps back, but keeps his ground otherwise.  Gaunt pulls at the man’s hair to separate, using the opportunity to spit in Corey’s face.

Crowd: Oooh….

Laz drops his arms and wipes his face with his right hand.  With a quiet rage behind his eyes, Laz offers his leg, commanding Gaunt to go for it.  He says that he won’t pull it away.  Gaunt stays back for a moment, but Lazarus looks dead serious and she takes him up on the offer, rushing at the planted leg with a HUGE SLAP TO THE FACE!

Crowd: Oooh!

Gaunt spins around from the hit, allowing Corey to hit her from behind with the elbow to the back of the head.  Gaunt falls, with Lazarus grab her by the hair and send her into the top turnbuckle head first.  Laz rests her into the corner before the back elbows in the corner find their mark.  As Gaunt drops to a seat on the mat, Lazarus locks in the Dragon Sleeper without even trying to get her away from the ropes.  The referee counts, with Corey counting along audibly until the four when he releases.

Other Guy: And just as in his personal life, Corey Lazarus corners a woman and bathes her in his musk.

Laz whips Gaunt to the opposite corner, following in close behind with a clothesline to sandwich her with the impact.  Corey grabs the arm again for another whip, but stop and reverses it, clutching Liz with the belly-to-belly position.  Gaunt senses what’s coming, scratching at his face to get him to release. A headbutt and a couple of forearms rock the Premiere Attraction, stunning him for the Irish Whip.  Laz reverses, telegraphs the back body drop, with Liz Gaunt slowing herself to kick him in the chest, but Corey Lazarus blocks the kick and stands up with a clothesline!  Gaunt ducks behind and quickly hits a thrust kick to the back of the head!

Other Guy: That’s the kind of kick that makes you remember stuff from a long time ago and forget all the recent stuff.

Gaunt bounces off the rear ropes and hits the vicious chop block!

Eryk Masters: Amputation on Corey Lazarus!

Lazarus crumples like paper.  Liz Gaunt goes right onto the attack with stomps to the leg.  Corey Lazarus tries to protect the leg, roll away, but the Hellcat refuses to let up or give him a chance to tag.  Knocking 3M off of the apron with a running forearm, Gaunt gets back up and makes the uninterrupted tag to Valentine Lionheart, who comes into the ring with his sights set on the injured knee with more stomps.

Other Guy: What you have to love is how Lionheart and Gaunt are working so much better together than Laz and Mirage.

Eryk Masters: He’s going by 3M again.

Other Guy: Pretty sure that other thing will get us papercut to death with sticky notes.

Standing at Laz’s head, Valentine Lionheart pulls him up to a crouch.  Laz tries to fight back with forearms to the midsection.  The Omega Messiah puts a stop to that with a knee lift to the face!  Corey Lazarus gets rocked from the impact, his hands dropping to his side.  Lionheart clubs at the back of Laz’s neck, a series of blows that batters the A-List Legend down to the mat covering his head.

Eryk Masters: Elizabeth Gaunt calling for the tag.

With the slap of the hands, Valentine takes Laz’s injured leg and sits down with a single crab.  Elizabeth Gaunt runs off the ropes for a low dropkick to the damaged knee!

Other Guy: That was awesome!  *clap clap clapclapclap!*  That was awesome!  *clap clap clapclapclap!* 

No one joins in Other Guy’s attempt at starting a chant, especially with Liz Gaunt pulling the leg up and sitting on his chest for the pin.



Laz pushes Gaunt off of his chest and she rolls into a Knee Bar!

Eryk Masters: Gaunt has had a singular focus on that knee since Corey’s returned.

Lazarus tries to use his upper body strength and free leg to drag himself to the ropes.  A stomp to the head from Valentine Lionheart stops the Premiere Attraction, with 3M rushing the ring after Lionheart turns his back to hit the flying clothesline to the back of Lionheart’s head!

Eryk Masters: 3M removes Valentine Lionheart from the ring!

3M leans over the ropes, pointing at Lionheart, at which point a Spinning Wheel Kick to the back of the head removes 3M.

Other Guy: And then there were two…  legal wrestlers in the ring.

Elizabeth Gaunt turns around, seeing Corey Lazarus trying to pull himself up with the ropes.  The Hellcat stalks in on him, with Lazarus hitting a knife edge chop to defend himself.  Gaunt kicks at the knee, drawing a yelp from Corey before he hits another chop.  Liz Gaunt goes for the knee again, but Corey pulls it back and hits a third knife chop, then switches hands and throws another, and another.  Gaunt puts up her arms and blocks, pulling Laz offguard and striking the ribs with two strong palm thrusts.  A throat thrust makes Lazarus cover the neck, leaving him open to the hard clawing rake across the left eye.  Corey grabs his face and pulls away, Gaunt going right back at the KNIFE EDGE TO THE FACE and Elizabeth Gaunt’s head snaps back with a whiplash!

Other Guy: Corey Lazarus, everyone.  Look for him to play an alternate reality Ike Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It: The Play: The Movie.”

Eryk Masters: That makes no sense.

Other Guy: It’s like when Patrick Stewart did that photo-negative version of Othello.

Corey Lazarus charges Elizabeth Gaunt, who cartwheels to the side and runs to the ropes looking for the dropkick but Laz cartwheels out of the way

Other Guy: End Credits!

Both wrestlers are down.  Tony Lorenzo checks on both wrestlers, while at the corners, both partners call for the tag.

Eryk Masters: The crowd is on their feet after that big kick from Corey Lazarus!  Gaunt remembered that she surprised Lazarus with the cartwheel evasion back on Revolution 109… looks like Larazus remembered it, as well, and paid her back with the End Credits that he missed last time they met in the ring!

Inch by inch, arm by arm, Corey Lazarus and Elizabeth Gaunt both forget the offense and attempt to get their partners into the ring.  Reaching, not quite making it, the Hellcat and the Premiere Attraction pull closer and closer until the tag is made!

Eryk Masters: 3M into the ring first, charges, Valentine Lionheart with the big boot.

3M ducks underneath and hits the ropes, returning for another flying clothesline!  Valentine goes to the mat and 3M returns to the ropes, coming back with the running dropkick to Lionheart as he stands up again!  One more trip to the ropes sees 3M with the running knee drop and the pin attempt!




The Omega Messiah heads to the top rope and awaits the rise of Valentine Omega, leaping off the top with the Flying Cross Body!

Other Guy: Oh my god he caught him!

With 3M in his arms, Valentine Lionheart sneers as he throws Mirage up onto his shoulders with the Fireman’s Carry but 3M escapes and hits the ropes TIGER KNEE!

Eryk Masters: That knee turned 3M inside out!

Lionheart drops onto 3M with the forearm over the face.




Valentine Lionheart grabs 3M in a double chokehold and lifts him up into the air but Corey Lazarus hits the femoral leg kick, followed by the kick to the midsection and Lionheart drops 3M to the side!  Lazarus hits two more leg kicks, and leaps up for the SPRINGBOARD LUNGBLOWER BY ELIZABETH GAUNT!

Other Guy: It’s like Elizabeth Gaunt can’t get to sleep at night if she’s not ruining Laz’s plans.

Lazarus rolls out of the way, aided by Gaunt stomping at his knee.  This leaves Valentine Lionheart to pull 3M back to his feet but 3M fights back with a forearm and a chop!  The crowd cheers as Mirage unleashes a flurry of punches to The Omega Messiah to cause him to cover up.  The Irish Whip is reversed, with Lionheart sending 3M into the ropes and missing the big boot.  3M turns around into another big boot!  Lionheart finally picks up 3M in the Fireman’s Carry, holding him in place.

Eryk Masters: Wait, why is he stopping?

Lionheart turns to face his partner, Elizabeth Gaunt, who approaches and stands at his side, grabbing 3M’s head and pulling it away in front of Valentine.

Other Guy: Ohmigodohmigodohmigodohmigod….

Gaunt holds Mirage’s head, cradled neck down while Valentine Lionheart keeps the legs elevated on his shoulders.  Tony Lorenzo looks away as ELIZABETH GAUNT SPIKES DOWN WITH THE SHEER DROP DEAD ORCHID!

Eryk Masters: OOOH no!  3M’s neck took a terrible angle on that drop!

Valentine Lionheart makes the pinfall.


Corey Lazarus rolls into the ring.


Slips past Elizabeth Gaunt.



“Salt On Everything” by Sole plays out for the masses.

Samantha Coil: The winners of this match by pinfall…… ELIZABETH GAUNT AND VALENTINE LIONHEART!

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe what we just saw!  Someone needs to make sure they didn’t break 3M’s neck!

Valentine Lionheart stands, Tony Lorenzo raising his hand.  Lionheart shoves Lorenzo away before returning to 3M and grabbing him in the gutwrench hold, tossing him unceremoniously from the ring.

Other Guy: And that, EM, is that they call a commanding win.

Eryk Masters: Lazarus and Mirage did their best but it’s scary just how well Lionheart and Gaunt worked here.

Other Guy: Scary good is what it was.

Corey Lazarus begins to pull himself up on the ring apron, his knee quivering and body aching. As he gets to his knees he is suddenly blasted from behind with Valentine Lionheart’s metal briefcase; by none other than Orion member Mason Pierce.

Other Guy: Where did “The Fixer” come from?

Eryk Masters: He slipped in here from out of the blue, with a hellacious shot to Corey Lazarus.

Pierce takes hold of the hunched Lazarus and rolls him into the ring, where Valentine and Gaunt descend on him like vultures, lashing out harsh kicks and stomps to their fallen foe. Mason then turns his attention to the already battered 3M lifting his slump body up off the ground and dragging him up and into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Enough is enough! 3M needs medical attention, not manhandling.

Other Guy: The fans agree Eryk, would you listen to them.

Sure enough the Epicentre is showering the SCAR/Orion collective with more than just boos, many drink cartons and rolled up packets begin to fill the ring, littering the canvas as the beat-down continues. 

Pierce now enters the ring, briefcase in hand and joins the fray by delivering a swift kick to side of 3M. Valentine hoists Corey Lazarus off the floor as a maniacal Gaunt takes hold of the briefcase and in one full-swing slams the chrome surface straight into the face of Laz; a sickening blow that flattens the Hollywood native.

Other Guy: That shot, literally took Laz’ head clean off…

Gaunt kneels down beside Lazarus, her eyes full and wide like a wild dog; her toothy smile engulfing her face as she grips hold of a tuft of Lazarus’ hair and begins firing away forearm after forearm as if making sure that Corey stats down.

The Orion contingent set their sights on 3M, but instead of beating the masked Dark Saviour they instead take hold of each arm and lift him back to a vertical base; Dazed and confused the man once known as Marcus Mirage’s feet sway across the mat, a sure fire indication that the neck injury sustained in this match has taken it’s toll.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologise for the unadulterated violence here tonight, the match is over and security should be here momentarily, while I do not often advocate our viewers switching channel, I do understand that when our programing concerns the likes of Project SCAR and Orion that viewer discretion is advised.

Pierce and Lionheart force 3M down onto his knees as the jackal-faced Gaunt looks up through her sweat drenched black hair, meeting eyes with Lionheart and then his Orion counterpart. Valentine lifts his left hand raising his index finger and then shouts “Drain Him!”

Other Guy: Did he just say; Drain him?

Eryk Masters: Sorry to cut you off OG. But I am getting word from production; that security have been informed, however my earlier statements about viewer discretion, still stand.

Elizabeth Gaunt thumbs away at the clips on the briefcase, opening it slowly as Valentine Lionheart rips at the mask and costume of 3M; exposing the skin around his neck. Pierce holds 3M in place as Gaunt stands clutching onto a surgical syringe complete with long thin needle.

Other Guy: I can’t look. It’s needles, they…I hate them.

Gaunt steps forward flicking away at the shimmering needle with her broken fingernails; before jabbing the needle into 3M’s jugular with one quick swift movement; the fans let out a collective groan as many of them look away from the scene, hiding behind their hands and some even behind each other.

Eryk Masters: I am trying to stay professional here, but that is a deplorable action by three very sick and unhinged individuals.

Elizabeth draws back the syringe; filling it with thick, dark red blood; some of it running down 3M’s neck and onto the gloves and hands of Valentine Lionheart who grins from ear to ear as the almost silent and shocked fans suddenly begin to come back to life with deafening jeers and insults.

Other Guy: Can I watch yet?

Mason pushes 3M forward into the canvas and then points towards Corey Lazarus. All three collectively stare at Lazarus when finally security and EMT’s flood the ring; Security instantly make a barrier between Gaunt, Lionheart and Pierce as the EMT’s get to work on 3M and Lazarus.

Eryk Masters: Finally, security has this situation under control.

Other Guy: Yeah, about five minutes too late!

The SCAR/Orion collective back away up the ramp, beaming with jubilation at a job well done; it would seem that despite the intervention of security, that the bloodletting-trinity got what they came for.

Eryk Masters: After everything that has happened here in the Epicenter; I will never get used to seeing this kind of display.

Other Guy: I hate to say it is expected, but when we have crazies on the roster; this kind of thing is going to happen over and over until someone puts a stop to it.

The irate crowd fills the Epicentre with a repeated chorus of three words “You. Sick. Fucks!”  as Revolution goes off the air; the final image is that of Mason Pierce lifting the briefcase into the air above his head, Elizabeth Gaunt playfully toying with the blood filled syringe and Valentine Lionheart wiping the blood of Marcus Mirage across his chest like some kind of badge of honour…