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Revolution 117: 9/2/2013

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones”  by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Trey Willett, standing tall and proud, exhausted, holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high in the air.  It flashes quickly to Donovan King, nodding his head at an unseen opponent.  It cuts to Adrian Corazon glaring down at a fallen foe before it cuts to Maya Nakashima, breathing heavily as he gets ready to charge at his opponent.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

The camera quickly cuts to Dan Stein, eyes cut towards the camera as he looms over the body of a fallen victim.  It quickly cuts to Project:SCAR en masse, Isaac Entragian and Kenji Yamada backed by Obsidian and Deviant as they flank Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios, marching down to the ring.  Jacob Mephisto is shown thrusting the Sin City Championship high into the air, his other fist up in victory as well.  Quickly we see Mason Pierce, Malice, and Valentine Lionheart, all three men placing their hands on the face plate of the ORION Championship, as if pledging themselves to it.  Cronos Diamante is shown locking a victim in the Ne-Han, his face twisted into a vile grin.

We are the wheels that keep turning

ANARCHY is shown embracing one another, their World Tag Team Championship belts in their hands before it cuts to Ja Gi Kyung-Moon catches Johnny Napalm with the Good Night Moon before we see Johnny Napalm driving Kyung-Moon to the mat with the Napalm Bomb.  Mr. Ocelot is shown next, pinning Randall Kash as he glares at the camera.  Thomas Manchester Black is next, popping his neck as he rolls his wrists preparing to face some unlucky Soldier.  Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming his boot into the back of someone’s skull.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton attacks Luantikk Crippler from behind before Corey Lazarus is shown arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nodding his head to the camera.  We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring before it cuts to 3M pull his mask down over his face, glaring at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance.  Tanya Black runs her fingers through her hair, obviously furious at something before we see Lunatikk Crippler’s shiny ebony hair, flowing carelessly upon the breeze.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.  We then see Tanya Black nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe as it cuts back to Adrian Corazon’s back, the brand smoking as he turns his head to face the camera.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Donovan King is shown locking in the Carolina Crossface on Jonny Johnson, who shakes King’s hand.  It cuts to Diamond Del Carver lighting a mini-cigar, glaring at the camera with his one eye.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Datura locking up with an opponent, then Solomon Richards making Tanya Black tap out, then Loco Martinez pinning Valentine Lionheart to become Master of the Mat.  Dan Stein is caught by the Dawn of a New Era from Trey Willett.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Adrian Corazon straddling Isaac Entragian, aiming to attack his eye switches to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Loco Martinez is shown eye to eye with Dan Stein and Luther Crumb slaps Mr. Ocelot’s chest, yelling at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut to 3M perched on a turnbuckle, staring down at the ring before him.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




Eryk Masters: Hello again, SHOOT Nation and welcome to another edition of Revolution! I’m Eryk Masters and with me, as always, is none other than the Other Guy! Tonight, we continue our road to ELITE and we have an action packed show in store for all of you!

Other Guy: We sure do, E! Two weeks ago on Dominion, Jacob Mephisto defeated and injured Donovan King to take the last spot in the Primus, but he wasn’t satisfied. After the match, the reigning Sin City Champion tried to injure King further, but was interrupted by 3M, who was just all over the show. That confrontation has led us to our main event tonight where Jacob Mephisto will defend the Sin City Championship against 3M. That is going to be an amazing match.

Eryk Masters: I have no doubt in my mind about that, OG. But that’s not all we’re going to see tonight. "Diehard" Dave Marz makes his SHOOT Project return as he steps into the ring with Henry Gordon! A lot of people are wondering how much ring rust Marz will display tonight and you’ve got to wonder if Hammerin’ Hank is up to task coming off a much needed victory over Datura two weeks ago.

Other Guy: Absolutely. We’re also going to see an interesting match tonight, as Orion’s very own Leona will have her second ever match as she steps into the ring with SHOOT Project’s resident Alpha Female, Tanya Black. And I’ve gotta tell you, I think that match is going to be more of a fight than a wrestling match.

Eryk Masters: I couldn’t agree more. And we’re STILL not done there, OG. Because starting off the night, we’re going to see three of our Primus participants in action as Loco Martinez and Lunatikk Crippler, the fan dubbed "Insane Insanity," will square off with the reunited LES BIEN team of Maya Nakashima and Laura Seton.

Other Guy: You’ve gotta wonder if Laura Seton is going to stick around and be a team player this time. And, how well will Loco and Crippler REALLY get along. They may be friends to an extent, but we can’t forget that those two are in direct competition with one another because in the Primus, it’s everyone for themselves.

Eryk Masters: Very true, OG. Well, it looks like we’re about to get things started here! SHOOT Nation, Revolution is ready. to. GO!

The words "Earlier Today" appear at the bottom of the screen. We see a door open, and coming through is none other than one of the men who will take part in the Primus II at ELITE, "The Whole Fucked Up Show" Lunatikk Crippler. He is pulling his bag behind him, and his face is set in determination, set for tonight’s opening tag team match. He walks down the hallway until he gets to the door to the dressing room and then he goes through it.

Inside is a sight for sore eyes. Loco Martinez stands there, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, standing in front of a huge thing covered in a sheet. His eyes twinkle mischievously as his partner for his evening drops his bag in some sort of amazement.

Lunatikk Crippler: No.

Loco Martinez: What do you mean, no? I haven’t said anything yet!

Lunatikk Crippler: I know you better than that, Loc’. You’ve got something planned, something Stellar warned me about.

Loco Martinez: That old geezer? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! I just wanted to come here and talk to you about our match!

Lunatikk Crippler: We’ve been in contact pretty much for the last two weeks. We threw a party, Loco. Why couldn’t you bring this up before?

Loco Martinez: This is really a last minute thing, Crip. We need to decide what song we’re going to come out to.

Lunatikk Crippler: No Ke$ha. Please.

Loco Martinez: There is nothing wrong at all with the music of Ke$ha and you know it!

Lunatikk Crippler: At least tell me I have some sort of say in this.

Loco Martinez: Of course you do! Do I really look like the sort of guy who would make that kind of decision without consulting his partner?

Crippler doesn’t answer, but the way he’s eyeing that sheet tells us that yes, Crippler feels he IS that sort of guy.

Loco Martinez: You’re admiring my sheet, huh? You should. That’s eight hundred thread count Egyptian cotton, pal!

Lunatikk Crippler: I’m more worried about what’s behind it.

Loco Martinez: Oh, you’ll find out! This is what we’re gonna do: You come up with a few ideas for songs, and I’ll come up with a few, and my pride and joy here

Loco pats the thing behind the sheet.

Loco Martinez: Will help us decide. This way, there’s no argument!

Lunatikk Crippler: That…..makes sense. Alright. You’re on!

Loco Martinez: Excellent!

Loco puts his fingertips together as if her were C. Montgomery Burns, and the camera fades out.

But not for long! We come back, and Loco is absolutely giddy with glee! Crippler even has a grin on his face, even though he looks more apprehensive.

Lunatikk Crippler: Alright, Loco. Time for the big reveal!

Loco Martinez: Drumroll, please!

Nothing happens. Loco puts his hands on his hips, glaring at Crippler.

Loco Martinez: I SAID….Drum. Roll. Please.

Nothing happens again.

Loco Martinez: That’s your cue.

Lunatikk Crippler: Oh, sorry!

Crippler makes a drumroll sounds by rolling his tongue, and Loco grabs an end of the sheet. He pulls hard, and the sheet gives way, revealing…….

Lunatikk Crippler: Is that…….Plinko?

It is! Loco’s grin gets even wider, as the giant Plinko board is revealed. But instead of amounts of money at the bottom, it looks to be song choices! About eight of them sit there, waiting for a chip to fall into it’s slot.

Lunatikk Crippler: This is your big idea on how to choose our song?

Loco Martinez: It is! Holy crap, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner.

Lunatikk Crippler: I’ll admit…It’s fair. And I’ve always wanted to play Plinko.

Loco Martinez: So, you’ll do the honors then?

Loco fishes a Plinko chip from his pocket. Instead of a dollar sign, it has the SHOOT Project Helmet on it. Crippler inspects it.

Lunatikk Crippler: Nice touch.

Loco Martinez: I thought so, yes.

Crippler inspects the bottom of the board, checking out song choices. He sees some of his choices: Crazy Train, Stone Cold Crazy. Insane in the Membrane. Basket Case. I’m sensing a theme here.

Lunatikk Crippler: Some good choices here I think-

Crippler stops himself, staring at one of Loco’s selections.

Lunatikk Crippler: Hannah Montana? Seriously?

Loco Martinez: It’s a good song! And you have no room to talk, you’re the one who went with Weird Al!

Lunatikk Crippler: Oh, you’re gonna get personal now, huh?

Loco Martinez: What? YOU started this!

Lunatikk Crippler: Just give me the chip. I’ll settle this.

Crippler takes the chip from Loco and begins to ascend the giant Plinko board.

Lunatikk Crippler: This thing is safe, right?

Loco Martinez: Oh yeah! I was jumping up and down on it earlier, and I only fell through twice!

Crippler starts backing down the ladder.

Loco Martinez: Kidding! Kidding!

Crippler eyes Loco suspiciously and climbs to the top. He places the chip on the board, and holds on for just a moment more.

Lunatikk Crippler: Here goes nothing!

Crippler releases the chip. It starts clinking off of peg after peg, finding it’s own way down the board.

Loco Martinez: C’mon! C’MON!

It starts veering left, towards the slot with the Weird Al song in it.

Lunatikk Crippler: IN YOUR FACE MARTINEZ!

Loco Martinez: NOOOOO!

The chip bounces off a peg and veers right, moving towards the Cypress Hill song.

Loco Martinez: Almost there! Easy does it!

The chip is nearing the bottom now, and this argument is going to be settled very soon.



The chip is about to fall into a song slot, when the camera cuts away to the ring, ready for the opening contest!

Eryk Masters:This is a tag team match I’ve waited all week for.

Other Guy:That’s right! Insane Insanity versus LES BIEN!

Eryk Masters:I gave you that.

Other Guy:Much obliged!

A sound starts softly over the PA. It begins growing louder, and the fans seem to be confused, but delightedly so.

Eryk Masters:Are those….jingle bells?

They are. And that isn’t all. Something is falling from the ceiling in the SHOOT Project Epicenter!

Other Guy:E! It’s SNOWING!

Eryk Masters:It is in fact snowing. Indoors. In September.

Other Guy:Show some Christmas spirit, Eryk! It’s a SHOOT Project Christmas in the Summertime!

The snow continues to fall across the arena, but the music changes from just bells to a familiar tune. Some fans start to cheer. Some sing along.

Down in the workshop all the elves were makin’ toys

For the good Gentile girls and the good Gentile boys

When the boss busted in, nearly scared ’em half to death

Had a rifle in his hands and cheap whiskey on his breath

From his beard to his boots he was covered with ammo

Like a big fat drunk disgruntled Yuletide Rambo

And he smiled as he said with a twinkle in his eye,

"Merry Christmas to all – NOW YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

The chorus of "The Night Santa Went Crazy" by Weird Al Yankovic starts playing, and the fans EXPLODE as Loco Martinez and Lunatikk Crippler burst out of the entrance, both arms laden with Christmas gifts!

Crippler tosses a couple into the crowd and they are snapped up immediately. Loco does the same, a huge grin on his face.

Eryk Masters:These two are like Santa Claus in the Epicenter tonight!

Other Guy:Well, Crippler can be Santa. Loco can be more like a well tanned elf.

Loco sticks out his tongue, trying to catch some fake snow on it, but Crippler stops him.

Other Guy:Good idea. That fake snow doesn’t taste right.

The fans begin opening their presents, revealing to be t-shirts. Crippler sees one and laughs, tossing more gifts out to the crowd. The camera gets a good clear shot at one of the shirts.

Eryk Masters:Oh, dear! I know one person who won’t be very appreciative of those shirts!

The shirts are the same as the ones Loco and Crippler are wearing: plain black with white text reading "C U NEXT TUESDAY". Crippler tosses the rest of gifts out into the crowd and hops up on the apron, as Loco continues to revel in his gift giving, taking it nice and slow. The bell rings, and Samantha Coil begins introductions!

Samantha Coil: The opening contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Currently in the ring, weighing in at a total combined weight of four hundred and sixty pounds, the team of Lunatikk Crippler and the 2013 Master of the Mat, Loco Martinez!

Loco pulls Coil aside for a little sidebar, Crippler directing him to do so.

Samantha Coil: And they are INSANE INSAAAAAAANITY!

Eryk Masters:One match into their teaming up, and they already have a name.

Other Guy:Let’s face it: what else could you call these guys?

Loco finally gives out his last gift and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He hops up onto the middle turnbuckle, riling up the crowd, and Crippler is on the opposite corner, doing the same.

Eryk Masters:Good to see Lunatikk Crippler in a jovial mood. He’s had it rough as of late, with Laura Seton’s antics as well as two weeks ago, the beating he took from Sammy Rochester.

Other Guy:Don’t get used to it. I have a feeling he’ll turn that frown back up once one of his opponents makes her entrance.

Eryk Masters:You might be right.

Other Guy:I was talking about Laura, by the way.

Eryk Masters:Yeah, I got that when you said "her".

The music shuts off and Crippler and Loco start shadow boxing, getting ready for this big tag team match.

The fans cheer loud when "HORIZON" by D’espairs Ray kicks on and the lights go down. Multiple searchlights start spanning the crowd, the fans looking around, trying to see what they are searching for, though many in the crowd already know. The Tron springs to life, showing the words


The words shimmer for a moment, before the searchlights converge on the top of the entrance ramp, revealing Maya Nakashima standing there, ready for battle. The word HOPE flashes across the screen, and the spotlights shoot across the crowd once again, drowned out in a brilliant white light.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! First, from Nagasaki, Japan, weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds….MAYAAAAA NAAAAAAKAAAASHIIIIIIIMA!

The crowd roars as the lights return to normal, and reveal Maya’s now familiar t-shirt.

Other Guy:C U NEXT TUESDAY! Looks like Maya was the first recipient of Insane Insanity’s gift giving!

Maya smiles, showing off his shirt to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Crippler and Loco grin at him, as Maya slides into the ring in the opposite corner of his two friend/foes.

Eryk Masters:Laura Seton is NOT going to like this.

The music shuts off and all three look towards the ramp, awaiting the last piece of this puzzle.

"Poker Face" kicks in and the cheers turn to boos for the first time this evening. Laura Seton steps out, a look of mock amusement on her face. She gives a big, hearty, fake laugh in the direction of her opponents and her partner for their choice of apparel.

Samantha Coil: And his partner, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds…Laaaaaaauraaaaa SETON!

Seton steps down the ramp, eyeing the crowd with obvious distaste, and the feeling is mutual. She stands face to face with a fan who is waving his brand new, Loco and Crippler approved t-shirt.

Other Guy:Laura Seton does not seem to be in the mood for jokes.

Laura proves the point, ripping the t-shirt out of the fan’s hands, and proceeds to wipe her underarms with it, before tossing it back. The boos get even louder as Laura just smirks and continues on towards the ring. She steps onto the apron, but is greeted unceremoniously by Lunatikk Crippler! The smile is gone as he grabs Laura by the head and flips her over the top rope and into the ring! The crowd explodes as the bell rings and Loco and Maya take their places on the apron. This one is underway!

Eryk Masters:Crippler exploding on Laura Seton to get this one started!

Other Guy:I told you so, E! Crippler may be all smiles with his friends, but he hasn’t forgotten the torture he’s had to deal with from Laura Seton!

Seton gets quickly to her feet and turns into a huge lariat from Lunatikk Crippler! Crippler takes Seton down and begins firing right hands to her skull, landing with ferocity! Seton struggles away but doesn’t get too far. Both are to their feet, and Crippler takes Laura from behind, bringing her overhead with a HUGE German Suplex! The crowd roars, and Crippler goes into the cover quickly.



Laura kicks out. Crippler grabs her by the arm and picks her to her feet. He twists her arm slowly, and pulls her to his corner. Loco slaps Crippler on the back, and hops over the top rope into the ring. He comes down with an axe handle, right to the left shoulder. Laura drops to a knee, and Loco takes over. He grabs that same arm, and twists it around himself. He bends it behind Laura’s back, moving into a hammerlock. Loco ducks a huge back elbow from Seton, and drops down, taking Seton to the ground with a drop toe hold! Laura’s face bounces off the canvas, and Loco quickly floats over with a side headlock.

Eryk Masters:Crippler and Loco taking control early. They are dictating the pace in this tag team match.

Other Guy:Laura was blindsided! Taken off her guard! Sneak attacked!

Eryk Masters:Well, bully for her! Now she’ll see what it feels like.

Laura fights to her knees, and then to her feet. She backs Loco into the ropes…but she accidentally gets too close to Lunatikk Crippler! Crippler tags himself back in, and fires a forearm to the kidneys of Seton. She cringes as Loco releases her, and then drops to the ground. Crippler stands over Seton and Loco runs the ropes! He looks to collide with his own partner, but he leapfrogs over him, and plants both his feet into the hooters of his most hated adversary! The crowd groans at the impact, but then cheers the move.

Other Guy:Some SICK double teaming from Insane Insanity already! Do you think we’re going to see similar from LES BIEN?

Eryk Masters:All signs point to "no".

Other Guy:Thank you magic eight ball.

Loco goes back to the apron and Crippler pulls Laura to her feet. Crippler irish whips her into the ropes, but Laura ducks a clothesline! She bounces back and Crippler turns, putting his head down, but a split second too early. Laura stops cold, and kicks Crippler HARD in the face! Crippler grasps at his nose, and leaves himself wide open for a big dropkick from Twenty Minutes of Terror. Crippler hits the mat hard, and Laura  gets to her knees quickly. She looks completely livid, looking at Crippler angrily. She crawls over and moves into a cover.



Crippler rolls his shoulder up! Laura slaps the mat, then complains to the ref about a slow count. Dennis Heflin stands firm that it wasn’t. Laura shrugs and grabs a huge handful of Crippler’s hair and pulls him to his feet, ignoring Heflin’s warnings about hair pulling. She slaps on a headlock and moves towards her corner, holding our her hand. Maya Nakashima extends his hand out, looking for the tag and reaches out further, but Laura takes her hand away!

Eryk Masters:Well, just when you think Laura Seton would take advantage of the tag team atmosphere, she proves that she feels the spotlight should be on her.

She releases Crippler plants a stiff European uppercut that sends spit flying. Crippler falls into the ropes and bounces back toward Seton, and he catches a jab straight to the throat. Crippler falls to the mat, gasping for air.

Other Guy:That neck was a huge target of Sammy Rochesters a couple of weeks ago. Sammy throttled Crippler, choked the life out of him. Laura Seton is extremely smart to take advantage of that.

Crippler rolls to his stomach, reaching out for Loco Martinez, but he’s too far away. Laura gets a smile on her face, and grabs Crippler’s foot, keeping him from stretching out further, but Crippler quickly rolls to his back, and kicks Seton away! The crowd roars as Miss Seton lands on her Gold Medal Winning rump, and Crippler quickly turns and dives, tagging in Loco Martinez! Loco quickly gets into the ring, but Laura goes into a complete FRENZY! She spears the shit out of Loco, and begins pummeling him viciously with rights and lefts. These are some stiff shots, too, as Laura quickly draws blood on Loco. We see red in his teeth already as he grits them, trying to push Seton off, but she stands fast, raining down fist after fist into the face of Loco Martinez! Dennis Heflin steps in, as his warnings about closed fists went ignored, and pulls Seton off Loco.

Eryk Masters:As much animosity as there is between Seton and Lunatikk Crippler, she absolutely HATES Loco Martinez, and his face can show you that much.

Loco has blood coming from his nose and mouth. Laura is still being held back as Loco tries to get to his feet. Laura is SEETHING.

Laura Seton: Come at me like you did with my sister!

Loco gets up and nods, and spits blood out onto the mat. Dennis Heflin releases Seton, and they two EXPLODE in the center of the ring! The fans roar as Seton and Loco trade blows mid ring, Crippler cheering on his partner, and Maya cheering on Crippler’s partner as well, it seems. Laura rocks Loco with a huge right hand.

Fans: BOO!

Loco returns fire with an equally immense right of his own.

Fans: YAY!

Laura connects. BOO!

Loco connects. YAY!




Seton stops Loco cold with an eye rake! Loco grasps at his face and turns, exposing his back, and Laura rakes that too! Loco writhes in pain, and Seton keeps on him, clocking him in the back with a forearm! Loco blindly fires an elbow behind him, but it connects! Laura buckles, and falls into her corner, and is slapped on the shoulder by Maya Nakashima! The fans light up as Maya steps through the ropes, much to the chagrin of Laura herself. Heflin reminds her that it was a legal tag, so Laura is forced out onto the apron.

Loco rubs his eyes a bit as he and Maya begin to circle each other. They both reach out and bump fists, and then lock up. Loco uses his size advantage to push Maya into a corner. Heflin steps in to break it up. Loco breaks away clean, and Maya nods at him.

They lock up again, but Loco is hit from behind by Laura Seton! Loco crumbles, but Maya releases his hold on Loco. Laura continues to stomp mercilessly on Loco Martinez’s head and neck!

Eryk Masters:She’s not even the legal person in this one! Get her out of the ring!

Other Guy:Her hatred for Loco Martinez isn’t going to go away just because she has to stand in the corner! Remember that!

Heflin forces Seton back into her corner and admonishes her. Loco turns and tries to crawl to his corner and Maya…..does nothing to stop him! Laura is yelling at him, calling him an idiot, but Loco easily makes the tag to Lunatikk Crippler, much to the delight of the fans. Laura is exasperated!

Other Guy:I don’t get that. Maya had Loco right where he wanted him. Why not just go on the offense?

Eryk Masters:Because that’s not the kind of man Maya is. Maya won’t do his friends like that. He wants a fair fight.

Crippler steps into the ring, and goes right at Maya! They start trading chops, the sounds of flesh on flesh echoing across the arena, both men’s chests turning as red as Rudolph’s nose. Crippler sends one vicious chop Maya’s way, knocking Nakashima to the canvas. Crippler stays right on the attack, picking Maya off the ground and whipping him into the ropes. Maya bounces off and rebounds back at Crippler, who lifts Maya up off his feet, but Maya is too quick! He slips behind Crippler and hits the ropes again, coming back and catching Crippler off guard with a spinning heel kick!

Crippler hits the mat hard, but adrenaline keeps him moving, back to his feet. Maya is still moving as well, as he runs back to the ropes, springboards off the middle one, and catches Crippler around the neck with his legs, taking him down with a SCINTILLATING hurriconrana, spiking the head of Lunatikk Crippler onto the canvas!

Other Guy:That one had a little bit extra stink on it! Crippler is motionless!

Maya scurries into the cover, draping himself across Crippler’s chest!



Crippler POWERS out, lifting Maya off the ground just a little bit. Maya looks a bit shocked, but he doesn’t let the shock freeze him. Crippler fights to his feet as Maya runs into the corner and leaps up, jumping off the top turnbuckle and turning, catching Crippler square in the face with a boot! The smack echoes across the arena and Crippler comically freezes in place before falling flat on his kisser! The fans are in a frenzy, in full support of Maya Nakashima as he hurries into another cover, this time hooking a leg!



Crippler shoves Maya off him, and the pin is broken! Maya uses the momentum to land on his feet, and runs the ropes again, this time, springboarding straight back, flipping in mid air with an Asai Moonsault! He connects a little sloppily, his knees driving into the face of Lunatikk Crippler, who begins to thrash about, holding his face in extreme pain! Maya hesitates, but not for long, as he dives right back in for the cover!



Th-Crippler gets the shoulder up!

Eryk Masters:A frenzy so insane, it would make Lunatikk Crippler proud if it wasn’t his butt being curbstomped by Maya Nakashima right now!

Crippler is getting groggily to his feet, completely disoriented, and Maya motions to the crowd. The roar in approval, and Maya runs the ropes again! He passes Crippler, gaining speed, and bounces off the opposite side of the ring! Laura reaches over and smacks him on the back, but Maya ignores it!

Other Guy:That’s a tag!

Eryk Masters:Laura wants the spotlight, but Maya Nakashima has this one in the bag, I think!

Maya dives toward Crippler, placing his hands on his shoulders! Crippler stands straight up, and Maya is handstanding straight up in the air! The fans give a gasp of awe, as Maya comes down, knees first!


Eryk Masters:DEAR LORD what a counter!

Crippler hooks the leg of Maya, but Dennis Heflin is letting him know what the world has already witnessed. A moment too late, as Laura comes crashing down on the back of Crippler’s neck with a top rope legdrop! Crippler’s face collides with canvas, and Laura is trying to roll his dead weight off her partner!

She finally succeeds, and hooks Crippler’s leg….but Dennis Heflin is trying to get Maya Nakashima onto the ring apron! Maya is clutching his back, as he should, and Laura is absolutely SCREAMING at Heflin to do his job! The fans are booing her mercilessly, and Heflin finally gets Maya out of the ring, and turns and quickly slides into position!



THR-NO! Crippler kicked out! The crowd is roaring, and Laura is INCENSED!

Other Guy:That should have been a three count! What was Heflin doing?

Eryk Masters:You might be right, but Dennis Heflin was doing his job, making sure Maya was out of the ring! Laura is the legal woman right now!

Laura gets up and is in Heflin’s face. She holds up three fingers, inches from his eyes as she browbeats him, but he reminds her that he counted two, and to get on with the match! She grits her teeth and turns back to do more damage to Crippler. She bends down to pick Crippler up, but he snatches her up in a small package!



Laura breaks the pin! Crippler is groggy, reaching out to the wrong corner for a tag, and Laura gets up, stomping him in the back of the skull! Crippler is propelled face first into a turnbuckle, and Laura marks her prey, waiting for him to get to his feet. Crippler does, back to Seton, who charges forward, and plants him with a reverse DDT!

Eryk Masters:The Gold Medal! Is that going to be enough?

Laura pulls Crippler out of the corner, and folds him in half! Heflin slides down into position, and Laura gets both her feet on the ropes!



LOCO MARTINEZ! Loco knocks Laura off the ropes, and breaks up the pin! Laura is seething with rage right now, getting in the face of her longtime rival! She swings at him, but Loco easily ducks, and grabs her head, hanging her neck across the top rope! Laura stumbles backwards, right into the grasp of Crippler who rolls her up with a schoolboy!



TH-Laura kicks out! She gets to her feet and plants a quick boot to the side of Crippler’s head! She then rushes quickly, knocking Loco off the apron with a big elbow! Loco flies into the security rail, landing with a crash!

Eryk Masters:Crippler is down! Loco is down! Laura has to be smelling blood here.

Laura stalks Crippler, who is using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. She cartwheels, going for her patented au bautido kick, but Crippler’s Spidey Sense must have been tingling, because he ducks the blow! Laura loses her balance, and Crippler spins himself around.

Other Guy:Laura misses with the Angel’s Fury! She needs to get back at Crippler!

Laura gets back up and turns, in time to get caught by a spear from Lunatikk Crippler, out of complete desperation! Both of them are down now, and neither partner is in any condition to make the tag!

Eryk Masters:Loco is trying to pick himself up after that fall from the apron! Maya seems to be having issues with his back and neck, probably stemming from that wicked spinebuster, as well as his partner’s assault from a couple weeks ago!

Both Laura and Crippler are trying to crawl to the ropes, to get to their feet before the other. Maya is up, trying to pull himself to his corner! Laura makes it there first, and starts YELLING at Maya about not being ready for the tag! Crippler uses the ropes to pull himself up, and stumbles backwards as he makes it to his feet. Laura turns and sees Crippler not on even footing, and moves in for the kill. She swings him around, and he leaps up, catching her around the neck!

Eryk Masters:LUNATIKK SWEET! Out of nowhere!

Loco Martinez has picked himself up off the ground, and is getting back up on the apron now. Crippler slowly pulls Laura away from the ropes, and hooks both her legs!






Laura kicks out, but a second too late! The bell rings, and the fans EXPLODE! "The Night Santa Went Crazy" kicks back on, and Loco enters the ring, grinning down at his partner.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, Loco Martinez and Lunatikk Crippler: INSANE INSANITY!

Eryk Masters:A huge win for the team, a level of retribution met for Lunatikk Crippler as he pins Laura Seton here tonight!

Other Guy:She kicked out, Eryk! You saw it, I saw it.

Eryk Masters:It was too late! Once the three is counted, the match is over!

Laura doesn’t seem to get that! She stands on the outside, arguing with Dennis Heflin as Loco and Crippler continue to celebrate their victory here tonight.

Eryk Masters:Let it be known that Laura and Maya put up a hell of a fight tonight, and Laura didn’t ditch her partner this week!

Other Guy:I have a feeling things are gonna get ugly around here if Laura Seton has anything to say about it, but well done to all four Soldiers!

The door to Cronos Diamante’s locker room opens, quickly drawing the attention of the SHOOT superstar. His eyes narrow a little when Mason Pierce enters, not bothering to wait for an invitation. Although surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to have an antagonistic air about him this time around.

Mason Pierce: I hear you had a visit from a couple of friends recently. And from what I’ve been told, the three of you had quite the discussion.

Cronos looks up at Mason from a styrofoam container of Beef and Broccoli from a nearby Chinese take-out place. He drops the plastic fork into his container and looks up at Mason Pierce sighing as he does.

Cronos Diamante: Can I seriously not manage to eat on a SHOOT Project show without someone interrupting? I mean, come on. Please don’t antagonize me to throw this in your face, Mace. It’s really quite good.

Mason chuckles and shakes his head.

Mason Pierce: Can’t be that good if it’s coming out of a styrofoam container. Haven’t found a place in Vegas yet that does a halfway decent Chinese takeout.

Cronos shrugs.

Cronos Diamante: This place is to die for. Really is. I just wanted to watch the show and couldn’t do it from there.

Cronos realizes he’s being a little too nice to the man he put behind bars and loses the smile. He stares at Mason expectantly.

Mason Pierce: I suppose you’re wondering just what I’m doing here, right? Wait-let me guess…you were under the impression that this little meeting you had was something I wasn’t meant to find out about. You should know better than that. Nothing goes on within Orion that doesn’t reach my eyes and ears. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m here because you mentioned wanting to close a chapter. To put an end to some unfinished business.

Cronos merely nods.

Cronos Diamante: To close a chapter so to speak. New ones are written after that I hear.

Cronos smirks as Mason grabs a steel folding chair and sets it down in front of him. He takes a seat, staring into the eyes of Cronos.

Mason Pierce: Funny you should be saying that. Especially given our history. Or have you forgotten about that little incident a number of months ago where you had me carted away in handcuffs? If anyone should be looking to close a chapter,it should be yours truly.

Cronos smirks. He’s known Mason long enough by now to know it’s taking a great deal of restraint for him not to launch across the table and attack him.

Cronos Diamante: I haven’t forgotten, Mason. I still stand by what I did. You should be flattered actually. Forcing me to think outside the box like that isn’t something just anyone can accomplish. But I knew this would come up when you finally decided to grace me with your presence so open my locker and look in the Psychology textbook. There’s a file in there.

Mason looks at Cronos somewhat apprehensively before slowly getting up and going over to the locker. He opens the steel door and scans for the textbook. He reaches in and removes the worn book, his eyes quickly going to a brown manila folder between some of the pages. He removes the file and holds it up to Cronos.

Cronos Diamante: Take it as a sign of good faith. Go ‘head. Look at it.

Mason opens the file, his eyes scanning the documents as he flips through the pages.

Mason Pierce: Impressive. This stuff isn’t exactly public knowledge. I’m guessing you had to pull a string or two to get your hands on this.

He closes the file and drops it on the table, leaning forward, his hands on the folder.

Mason Pierce: Now comes the million dollar question, Cronos. What do you want? You don’t just hand over something like this without wanting something in return.

Cronos Diamante: Let’s just say my moral compass isn’t what it used to be, Mason. Orion, Project: SCAR, 3M’s crusade for the light, King’s righteous stand… it’s all, well it’s all very unimportant. That no longer concerns me. What does concern me is settling up. Last week didn’t go how I planned with 3M but at least I put a beat on him. And the way I figure it, Mason…

Cronos places his food on the table and points at him.

Cronos Diamante: …you’re the one with the most outstanding debt to settle. So sometime after the big show coming up, you and I are gonna do a little dance. And when it’s done, we’re settled. That file settles my debt to you. Your blood in the ring settles your debt to me. Agreed?

Mason stands and scoops up the file, tucking it under his arm as he heads for the door. He turns to Cronos.

Mason Pierce: Whatever helps you sleep at night. Thanks for the reading material. I’ll be in touch.

Cronos Diamante: About that reading material, Mason. It’s impressive. So how about you sit down, enjoy some Chinese take-out, and have a little talk with me about page five through seven. Obviously it won’t go past this room and you get to finally have a taste of good take-out. Just two old soldiers talking about ancient history.

Cronos reaches underneath his chair and grabs a second styrofoam container and places it on the table. Mason looks at the second container with a raised eyebrow.

Cronos Diamante: You know us old soldiers. We always order extra just in case.

Mason turns and slowly walks back to the table, pausing to look toward the refrigerator.

Mason Pierce: Got any brews in there, or do I need to send out?

As Revolution rolls on, the fans are pumped for the next match of the evening. Samantha Coil stands ready in the ring, microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

Gimme Back My Bullets by Lynard Skynard begins to play over the speakers and the crowd begins to cheer mildly.

Samantha Coil: He hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia and weighs in at three hundred and thirty-seven pounds! Here is "Hammerin’ Hank" HEENRYYY GOOOORDOOONNN!!!

Gordon steps out to a warm ovation and makes his way to the ring, tagging the hands of the fans along the way. He climbs the ring steps and into the ring, clearly focused for the match at hand.

Eryk Masters: Hammerin’ Hank looks ready tonight, OG. If he can pick up a second consecutive win here tonight, he has the makings of a hot streak building up.

Other Guy: It’s so weird to hear that. But, he was impressive against Datura two weeks ago. Now let’s see how he does against his opponent tonight.

The music fades and is replaced by the sound of bells as For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica begins to play and the crowd begins to get louder. The older and more hardcore fans in the crowd begin to REALLY get pumped.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! He hails from Ozone Park in Queens, New York and weighs in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds! Making his official return to the SHOOT Project, here is "DIEHARD" DAAVE MAAAARZZZZ!!!

The song kicks into gear and Dave Marz steps onto the entrance ramp to a LOUD ovation from the SHOOT Faithful. He walks to the ring, a look a pure focus on his face. He bumps fists with a few fans on his way to the ring.

Eryk Masters: And here he is! The former Revolution Champion and tag team partner of Diamond Del Carver is back, folks. We’ll see if he’s lost a step here tonight!

Other Guy: There’s gotta be some ring rust after a long absence like this, but Henry Gordon is a solid test.

Marz steps into the ring and looks out over the thousands of fans cheering. The music fades and Austin Linam checks that both men are ready, then calls for the bell!

The two men step out towards one another and shake hands briefly before beginning to circle. They lock up with a collar and elbow tie up, jockeying for position. Gordon, being the much bigger man, gets the upper hand and backs Marz into a corner. Austin Linam is right there signaling for the break and Gordon complies quickly, stepping away. Marz comes out of the corner, nodding and the two men circle again. Again they lock up and again Henry Gordon gets the upper hand, moving Marz towards the turnbuckle, but Marz puts on the brakes and switches his grip into a Muy Thai clinch, sending a few knees up into the stomach of Gordon!

Eryk Masters: Well, I wasn’t sure what Marz was doing there, knowing the Gordon outweighs him and has the advantage in a tie up, but it looks like “Diehard” still has some tricks up his sleeve with those Muy Thai knees.

Other Guy: Gordon’s gut isn’t exactly a small target and those knees are working pretty nicely.

Hank is pushed backwards by the momentum for those knees from Marz as the crowd shows its appreciation. Marz breaks the clinch and takes a short step back as Gordon doubles over. He steps in quickly, hooking the head and SNAPPING down to the canvas with a DDT. Marz quickly rolls Gordon over and covers!




Marz doesn’t waste time as he quickly gets to his feet and drops an elbow across Hank’s chest. He rolls him to his stomach and slaps on a side headlock. Austin Linam is right there, but Henry Gordon is already saying “no.” Gordon pushes himself to his knees and then to his feet, but Marz keeps the headlock tight. Hank backs Marz into the ropes and FIRES him off into the opposite ropes. Marz comes off on the rebound and gets quickly caught up in a bear hug from Hammerin’ Hank!

Eryk Masters: That’s definitely NOT the predicament Marz wants to be in right now!

Other Guy: That was SOLID ring awareness by Gordon there to slap that bearhug on. And he is SQUEEZING with all three hundred plus pounds on the ribs of “Diehard.”

Hank tightens the hold slightly and Austin Linam is checking on Marz, but they don’t call him “Diehard” for nothing. Marz shakes his head no every single time Linam checks on him. Finally, Hank brings him up and over with a BIG belly to belly suplex. He covers and hooks the leg!




Marz manages to get a shoulder up. Hank brings Marz to his feet and delivers a SOLID chop to the chest, staggering the veteran back into the corner. He hooks him up for a belly to belly again and this time RAMS Marz into the corner before turning out an hitting ANOTHER belly to belly suplex!

Eryk Masters: This is really good strategy for Hank here, OG. He’s not all over the place. He’s targeting one specific body part here.

Other Guy: That’s right, E. VERY smart wrestling we’re seeing from Hammerin’ Hank so far.

Gordon drags Marz to the corner before bringing him to his feet and scoop slamming him down into position on the canvas. He climbs the second turnbuckle and begins to bounce up and down on the ropes.

Eryk Masters: Looking for Burger Time here.

Gordon leaps out, throwing his legs backwards for a splash, BUT COLLIDES WITH NOTHING BY CANVAS as Marz rolls out of the way at the last second to a LOUD cheer from the crowd!

Other Guy: Gordo went for a home run early there, but Marz shows that veteran prowess and gets out of the way! But can “Diehard” capitalize?

Marz pulls himself to his feet and goes behind Gordon, bringing him back to a vertical base before hooking his head from behind and DRIVING him into the mat with a reverse DDT! Marz covers, hooking the leg! Linam is there!




Hank JUST manages to get his shoulder up before three! Marz smacks the mat showing a little bit of frustration before getting to his feet and bringing Gordon up with him. He Irish whips Gordon towards the turnbuckles, but Gordon reverses, sending Marz into the buckles across the ring instead. Gordon rushes in looking for a big avalanche, but Marz steps out of the corner, uses Hank’s momentum to lift him and DROPS him face first into the top turnbuckle with a modified stun gun as the crowd CHEERS!

Eryk Masters: Snap Judgement! That’s one of Marz’s signatures!

Gordon snaps back and hits the canvas and Marz rolls over for the cover!




AGAIN Hank manages to kick out at the last second! Marz SLAPS the mat again, getting a bit frustrated and gets to his feet. He brings Gordon back up and Irish whips him to the buckles. He runs in for a lariat, but GORDON MOVES! Marz hits the buckles hard!

Gordon turns Marz around, repositioning him against the buckles, before backing off into the opposite corner.

Eryk Masters: He’s going to get avalanched!

Other Guy: Marz better move!

Gordon pauses a moment before charging at Marz. He jumps into the air and SMASHES into the ring post!!

Eryk Masters: Marz got pulled out of the way!

Sure enough, Marz is shown being held there by THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK! Black smashes Marz in the face with a forearm before tossing him back into the ring.

Black stares at Marz on the ring for a moment, before going down and slapping on the Anaconda Vice!!

He stares madly at Marz while wrenching back on the arm!

Thomas Manchester Black: "Where’s my respect, Dave?! WHERE’S MY RESPECT?!!"

Black tightens the vice again before letting go and backing off as Gordon appears with a chair!

Eryk Masters: Gordon has sent Black towards the dressing room!

Gordon kneels down to check on Marz before helping his opponent to his feet.

Eryk Masters: I think Marz has won this one by disqualification, but not sure he’ll care.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, the winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification, “DIEHARD” DAVE MARZ!!!

The fans are booing TMB’s actions, as Gordon continues to check on Marz in the ring.

We cut backstage where Jacob Mephisto is standing at the catering table looking over the food as if trying to figure out what to eat. The Sin City Championship rests on his left shoulder as usual. He hears footsteps and turns to see Maya Nakashima walking with his head down. Jacob smirks as he sees the seemingly downtrodden Soldier.

Jacob: Well, hello there, Maya. Another tough break out there, I see.

Maya stops, taking a hand off the back of his neck to look towards Jacob. He shakes his head, sweat dribbling from the tips of his hair as he does.

Maya: What happened to you?

He doesn’t wait for Jacob to respond.

Maya: I remember when we were in the Sin City Championship Series and you… you had class, Jacob. You weren’t some self-entitled punk, you were well respected.

His mouth curls up, lips turning in.

Maya: What happened to you?

Jacob doesn’t sneer. He doesn’t show any sign of anger or frustration. In fact, he smirks and shakes his head lightly.

Jacob: Respected? Why? Because I was the “nice guy?” Newsflash, Mr. Hope, being the nice guy doesn’t get things done. The real question here is what happened to you

Jacob cocks his head to the side almost playfully, those pale gray eyes gleaming.

Jacob: I mean, look at you. You’ve been given opportunity after opportunity to be something more than you are. And yet, all you’ve done is fail and let your “fans” down. You failed to win the Sin City Championship Series. You failed to reclaim the glory of the Rule of Surrender Championship. And now twice you’ve failed in tag team matches. You’re on a downward spiral, Maya. Here’s some friendly advice… you want to know what “class” gets you? Take a look at your accomplishments since Reckoning Day.

Maya’s brow furrows inward, relentless fatigue plucking at his eyes. His neck cracks as he lifts it up, unashamed.

Maya: Yeah, Jacob, look at my downward spiral. I’m not some big money champion like you are, not some damn hot shot. Nah, I’m the same HOPE filled kid I was when I walked into this place. Maybe I don’t have glitz and glamor, maybe people don’t think I can win the big won… and maybe they’re right. But what has "class" gotten me?

He just smiles.

Maya: I didn’t have to sell my soul like you did. I didn’t have to play pretend and be someone I’m not to get people to pay attention to me like you did, Jacob. I don’t have to put up some badass facade to get people to remember my name. Look at me, Jacob, I’m the same kid I was when I walked into this place on day one and I’ll be the same HOPE filled kid when they wheel me out of here because I can’t walk anymore.

He looks at Jacob, starting from his feet and working his way up to Jacob’s eyes.

Maya: What happened to you?

This time Jacob does sneer. Those pale gray eyes flash quickly. Jacob tries to put the smirk back on his face, but he’s already made it obvious that something Maya said got to him.

Jacob: That’s an interesting thought, Maya. You being wheeled out because you can’t walk anymore. You know, that almost happened to your good buddy Donovan King recently. And tonight… maybe 3M too. But to break hope? To send it out on a stretcher in front of the SHOOT Faithful?

A nasty smile creeps across his face.

Jacob: Now that would be interesting. But, I’ll humor you, Maya. What happened to me? I opened my eyes. I saw the truth. This world of ours? It’s ravaged by people that get things handed to them. People like Trey Willett. People… like you.

Maya’s eyelids flutter slightly, his eyes narrow as he gets nose to nose with Jacob.

Maya: Handed to me? I worked in this company for years, for little to no pay. I’ve been beaten and bloodied for no other reason than how I look and who I choose to love. I’ve LITERALLY left everything I HAVE out there for those people you SPIT on every night. Handed to me, Jacob? No, unlike you…?

Maya turns his back on Jacob.

Maya: I EARNED everything I ever got.

And then… he simply walks away.

Jacob’s eyes go wide. He stares after Maya for a moment, his mouth agape. He looks down to the Sin City Championship on his shoulder and then back in the direction that Maya walked. His face is flushed and his eyes slightly wild. This is how we leave the scene.

The scene fades into the ring. Sammy Rochester stands in the center of the ring, a microphone clamped tightly in his hand. He glares at the booing crowd. Jester Smiles stands in a corner, looking his trademark sheepish best, trying to blend into the ring and not be noticed.

Eryk Masters: Well, Sammy Rochester just stormed to the ring with his…I guess you’d say manager?

Other Guy: By the looks of things, I’d say whipped dog.

As the boos die down, Sammy raises the microphone to his lips. For a moment, all you hear is heavy breathing.

Sammy Rochester: Donovan…King…

The crowd cheers at the sound of one of their favorite  former World Heavyweight Champions.

Sammy Rochester: Donovan…King…doesn’t want me to be World Champion. Donovan King is afraid…afraid I’ll be a better champion than he was. He’s afraid of what would happen if…if someone…someone like me…were to be at the top of this company.

Donovan King is…is…is AFRAID of me!

The crowd boos.

Other Guy: A lot of people are afraid of you Sammy, but I don’t think Donovan is one of them.

Sammy Rochester: You’ve been fucking with me, Donovan. You’ve been fucking with my business. You…you think you can just get in my way and…and…and NOT suffer? You think you can get in MY way and NOT be fucking DESTROYED?! YOU THINK I’LL LET YOU FUCKING LIVE!? YOU THINK- 


The fans ERUPT as DONOVAN KING appears at the entrance stage.  He has a slight limp, and he is wearing his trademark hoodie unzipped to reveal his bandaged chest.  “All of the Lights” doesn’t play long as King stands there, grimacing in obvious pain.  He chuckles as the fans are cheering him on.  Sammy glares at the stage as Jester avoids eye contact altogether. 


Donovan King:  Well, then.  Look at you. 


King shakes his head. 


Donovan King:  Used to be, people was excited to see you.  People got hyped.  They got heated.  They wanted to see you fight an’ kick somebody’s ass…an’ then they wanted to see you get your ass kicked.  Nowadays?  Nowadays people see you as the dog you’ve become. 


Don’t get pissy yet, Sammy, I’m talkin’ about my man right next to you.


The fans POP as the camera cuts to Jester, who has yet to make eye contact with King. 


Donovan King:  That man next to you, Sammy, that’s my man.  I love that guy with all my heart.  But all of a sudden, he decides to Faye Wray me to this King Kong mother fucker right there next to him.  All of a sudden, he don’t return phone calls.  He don’t talk.  He just throws me to the monkey an’ then duck an’ covers. 


King sighs. 


Donovan King:  I’ll settle up with him later.  Sammy?  Sammy, I want you to take a good look at me. 


Sammy is glaring dead ahead at King. 


Donovan King:  I’m STILL hurt thanks to you.  My ribs?  Bruised.  Somethin’ is messed up in my leg thanks to you or Mephisto, I don’t really know.  I walk funny, I breathe funny, I’m all around tore up thanks to your onslaught.  I wanted you to see these wounds you caused me.  I wanted you to know how much you’re capable uh doin’ to me. 


I wanted you to see it because when I beat your monkey ass?  You’ll know how close you got to takin’ me down!


The fans pop!  Sammy drops the microphone, causing a loud pop to resonate through the arena speakers. Sammy begins to walk towards Donovan, screaming curses the entire time. Jester moves forward and grabs Sammy by the shoulder, clearly trying to calm him down while still not making eye contact with Donovan. Sammy responds by turning quickly and decking Jester! Sammy quickly turns back to Donovan and continues slowly advancing. 




Sammy stops in his tracks as OUTKAST emerges from the back, the fans cheering as King looks at his boss and mentor.  OutKast stands there, dressed in his usual two piece suit, microphone in hand. 


OutKast:  Jester, if you can’t get your boy in line then he’ll find himself not just unemployed here, but I promise to you he’ll never find work in this BUSINESS again! 


The fans POP as Sammy grimaces, gritting his teeth in fury. 


OutKast:  You tell me what point you’re out to prove, Sammy?  You think putting Donovan King in the hospital or maybe even ending his career is going to suddenly vault you to the top of the cards?  You think attacking Lunatikk Crippler the way you did is going to solve anything for your career?  Do you think I’m going to sit in the board room meetings with the guys and say to everybody that Sammy Rochester putting guys out of this business is going to warrant him some sort of title shot?  Get a clue, boy, SHOOT doesn’t work that way. 


He pauses as the camera shows King listening intently. 


OutKast:  Both of you listen to me.  ELITE is just around the corner, so the two of you?  The two of you are going to have a match there.  You wanna end one another there, go wild.  But until that bell rings?  The two of you ain’t gonna TOUCH one another.  Understood? 


King chuckles, nodding his head. 


OutKast:  Good.  Sammy, you and your little pal there need to understand that if you lay your hands on King in anyway before then?  Yeah, no, I think you know how fired you’ll be, don’t you? 


The fans pop as Jester is shown next, sighing. 


OutKast:  Donovan King, Sammy Rochester…I hope you can find a way to bide your time until ELITE. 


“Signal To Noise” kicks in as OutKast drops his microphone, chuckling as he disappears to the back.  King stands there, looking at Sammy, who is fuming…literally shaking in fury at what he just heard. 

Earlier Today…

((VO)) MARY KELLY: Another Monday afternoon at the Epicenter in BEAUTIFUL Las Vegas Nevada where we are already seeing lines forming for tonight’s PIVITOL, Revolution One Hundred, Seventeen.

This particular piece of prerecorded footage takes a capitivated SHOOT Project audience watching at home to the gates of SHOOT’s epicenter.

A loose line of eager fans has started to take form around a maze of steel gates.  It’s still about four hours til showtime at this juncutre, but the excitement of professional wrestling fans KNOWS NO BOUNDS.   

((VO)) MARY KELLY: There we see some of our very AMAZING fans, all of whom will be seated in the area before we even air. 

A fat, dark-haired, thick bearded slob without a shirt is trying to get people to start up some sweet chants in the background, but no one’s going along with the obscure, two-thousand-seven-friendly "KEN-SHIN!  KEN-SHIN!" declarations.  A few people laugh, but most everyone else ignores him.  The cameras continue to pan around the area, picking up various humans, doing various human things but nothing terribly of note.

Pretty calm.

Taking a soft fade, the scene picks back up inside a small studio, located, assumingly, somewhere inside the Epicenter.  It’s heavily windowed with a lot of natural light, and a perfect view of the outside world.

Mary Kelly: Folks at home, we thank you for watching, as always, and by now the show should be WELL underway…

The cameras zoom in on SHOOT Project correspondant MARY KELLY, seated next to the familiar face of former WORLD CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON as well as his "date" (or so it seems) for the evening, a striking unknown. 

Mary Kelly: But the man to my right wanted a few minutes of my time before the show, and how can we POSSIBLY say no to a TWO TIME SHOOT Project World Champion, and one of the all time greats, Jonny Johnson?

Mary is in a black SHOOT Project Polo and mid-thigh-high jean shorts, while Jonny is in a grey smoker’s jacket, untucked white button-down with a black skinny tie; black skinny jeans and black and grey Haute Multi-Hue loafers.  He’s clean shaven with his hair parted neatly back and to the left.  Joining the tandem is a "Hipster-Chic" medium-brown-haired, knock out at Jonny’s side.  A subtle tattoo sleeve elegantly flows down her right arm…  the head of a blue, black and red quail on her shoulder, with feathers of similar shades artfully expanding downward… Unfamiliar dark eyes demand the room, though, locked, themselves, on her "acquaintance".  On the SHOOT Project Hall-of-Famer.  She’s in an elegant, white dress, cut short at the upper thigh, highlighting her small form and features, favorably.

Jonny offers a humble smile in response to Mary’s kind words, and nods in appreciation.

Jonny: Thanks Mary.  And, obviously, before I say anything else, I just wanted to say sorry for keeping everyone in the dark for so long.  I know a lot of things uhh…  kinda got messed up.  I was supposed to be back early last month…  But… uhhh… some things happened and I figured it was time to touch base and just be transparent about what’s happening in my life and…  ya know, give everyone an appropriate timeline for when they can expect me back in a SHOOT Project ring.

He pats the woman-to-his-right’s middle, before moving into a gentle rub.  She perks up a little bit and smiles warmly, while Mary proceeds with the interview.

Mary Kelly: I’m sure I speak for a lot of folks involved with the company; from the fans to your peers in the locker room when I say I appreciate you taking the time to do this…  And so what is the situation, then exactly?  What’s the "Timeline" for Jonny Johnson?

Jonny nods.

Jonny: Heh…  Well… So it goes like this, I guess.  I started back up at the gym…  maybe…  (thinking things over) mid July?  Once the divorce went final…  Everything was sorta cleared in my brain and I was hitting it hard.  I was back in a routine… And…  (He holds his left wrist and gingerly twists it, wincing a bit) And I uh… I sprained my left wrist.  Nothing major, but… ya know,  I’m not a young dude anymore so what should have been a week or two off, has kind of turned into this…  this lingering disaster, I guess.

He shrugs, while his lady friend wraps her arms around his bicep, her tiny fingers gently tickling his flesh.

Jonny: I’d say I’m at about ninety-nine percent right now.  So I’m real close, Mary.  I want it SO bad…  But at what cost?  We both know ninety-nine isn’t enough for this place….  Ninety-nine gets you KILLED… because it’s not ONE HUNDRED percent.  That’s the goal.  ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT.  ONE.  MORE.  PERCENT.  of health.  Ninety-nine isn’t enough to take down those sick fucks in Project Scar…  NINETY-NINE won’t eliminate the threat of Orion.  When I come back, it’s not gonna be for some cup of coffee…  it’s not going to be at the expense of some new kid looking to make a name for him or herself. WHEN I come back…   I’m in it for keeps.

Pausing as he thumbs an itch on his nose, Jonny nods and sniffs.

Jonny: And that’s gonna take one-hundred. Percent.

He seems content with his answer and leans back in his chair, ready to listen to any follow-up thoughts Mary has.  The girl next to him, in the meantime, moves her hand down his arm and into Jonny’s lap resting… somewhere between his hips and upper thigh.

Mary Kelly: Fair enough, Mister Johnson.  So then…  I guess, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the ETA…  if any?  Or…  at least, what are you AIMING for?

Jonny visibly weighs the options out through a shrug and couple head tilts.

Jonny: I mean, honestly, I’d love to say tomorrow at Dominion.  I’d love to come out in front of our badass fans and do some sort of open challenge…  Call someone out…. And uhh…  and just…  get right down to it.  Get back in the trenches with these boys and girls and kick some dicks in…

His trailing off leads to an apologetic shrug.

Jonny: But something like this…  ya know, the wrist is connected to a-lotta stuff.  And…  one percent is the difference between main eventing Reckoning Day and watching Reckoning Day from your hospital bed.  Guys in this business have a nasty habit of coming back too quickly, and it only leads to bad times, Mary.

He sighs, not excited about what he’s going to say.

Jonny: So.., to answer your question.  I uhhh…  I mean, I can’t even begin to say.  There’s no ETA at this juncture.  I’ve already let too many people down with false promises.

Mary accepts the response with an understanding nod and moves on.

Mary Kelly: When you ARE back, and when you ARE at one hundred percent, what are your goals?  What does Jonny Johnson aspire to do or be in this run with the organization?

Jonny grins and seems, in general, happy with this particular question.

Jonny Johnson: Well, world champion is always going to have a nice ring to it…  heh…  but, I guess…  on a deeper level, I want to inspire people.  I want to give the fans, my peers…  someone to…  I don’t know.  Just…  I’d like give them…  or rather, I’d like to BE someone who can inspire them.  You never want to use the word hero, because it’s pompous, but I’d love to be someone who stands for something…  who FIGHTS for something with unrelenting determination…

He stops to gather in his wandering thoughts.

Jonny: Our heroes…  they’re… dark and lonely, sinking into the shadows, STOOPING to the lowest common denominator to defeat a foe just a HAIR more corrupt than they, themselves, have become.  Or…  Or they’re the little guy, the… underdog…  someone just like…  like anyone else in the world.  Another face…  another…  human being.  They struggle, but…  but through that struggle they give us… well, they…  they make us feel like anything is possible.  (Shrugging) I just…  don’t think that’s real and I’d like to maybe…

He takes a deep breath and just says it.

Jonny: I want to be someone the world can look up to and say…  "That guy’s really fucking cool, and… and sure, I’m NOT that guy yet, but I want to BE that guy.  I’m going to work hard and do everything I can to BE.  HIM."  I’m not a shadow.  I’m not an underdog, Mary…

"I’m Jonny.  And I want that to mean something."

Jonny’s eyes fall to the floor.  Mary’s lips form a solemn, appreciative smile, and the girl…  the girl no one knows, moves in closer to Jonny, kissing him warmly on the neck.

Mary Kelly: Well, Jonny.  It’s been a pleasure.  I know you have tickets to the show tonight so I don’t want to keep you, but maybe you could give us a couple quick thoughts on the Primus and SHOOT Project’s current World Title picture before ya head out.

He doesn’t appear too keen on answering that.

Jonny: Ya know, Mar…  No comment if that’s cool.

She tilts her head, inquisitively.

Mary: Yeah.  Of course you’re entitled to your silence on anything…  I just thought, as a former champion…

He cuts her off.

Jonny: It’s a bad idea.  Simple as that.  They obviously didn’t expect Trey to beat Stein, panicked, and yeah…  Cue Business One-O-ONE…. throw a bunch of middle of the road guys in the pot and see what you can’t cook up….  UNFORTUNATELY, it’s usually never anything anyone is going to want to eat.  Which, ya know, whatever.  When you don’t have treacherous evils roaming around like Project SCAR…  it’s okay to take that risk.   But now, in THIS SHOOT Project World?  You need more than creative cooking.  More than "soldiers".  You need strength…  Light.  INSPIRATION.

"You need LEADERS.  Heroes, Mary."

He shrugs, maybe a little bit sad, and definitely lost in concentration, while "the girl" is very aggressively massaging his upper, inner thigh,

Jonny: And that’s why I can’t WAIT to be back at full strength. Why I can’t WAIT to hit the big One-Hundred.  Why I can’t WAIT…  for one percent.

Jonny’s gaze moves toward the floor, almost in regret.

Jonny: But for now…  it is what it is."

Mary looks back at Jonny in silent earnest.

Mary Kelly: Thank you for your time….

Eryk Masters: Here we go folks. A very special match is about to take place.

Other Guy: Indeed. For many months Orion has been causing chaos and havoc across SHOOT Project and always in the middle of it has been Mason Pierce’s manager and girlfriend Leona.

Eryk Masters: Exactly but she finally stuck her nose in the wrong person’s business. Tanya Black has promised to teach Leona about consequences and thinking twice about stealing victories for Orion.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! First to the ring, she is from Boston, Massachusetts the Alpha Female of Wrestling, TANYA BLACK!

Your fear it moves me.  

Your weakness I taste.  

I breathe you, I hate you.  

You course through my veins.  


And now.  

And now.

The lights dim down for a moment and an explosion of pyro signals the entrance of Tanya Black who stands on the stage looking mesmerized for a moment as she soaks in a mixed reaction from the fans.

You want me. You love me.  

And I hate myself.  

I need you, but I hate you.  

‘Cause I want nothing else.  


And I bleed you since I’ve healed you.  

Your pain escapes through me.  

‘Cause I breathe you, but I hate you.  

‘Cause they say we could never be.  

They can’t see.

Suddenly Tanya lurches forward as Leona explodes out from the curtain and begins slamming her fists into Tanya over and over, refusing to give Tanya Black a moment to realize what is happening. Kicking and punching away at her opponent, Leona forces Tanya towards the ring as the fans boo loudly for the ambush attack.

Rolling into the ring to escape Tanya tries to get up to her feet as Leona enters the ring as well causing the bell to ring as the match officially starts. Leona stalks the rising Tanya Black and slams an elbow right into the neck of Tanya who falls down to one knee. Leona smiles and hits a knee to the back of Tanya’s head to lay her out.

Eryk Masters: Leona with the ambush and it seems to be paying off. Those strikes are precision aimed.

Other Guy: Yeah but that sneaky start has earned her the hatred of the fans here. Except one seat in the front row. Leona’s trainer Piper Fury is here to watch her student fight tonight.

Sure enough the camera pans over to the audience and we see the familiar face of Piper Fury cheering on Leona who is taunting Tanya. Finally hearing the boos Leona turns to heckle the fans which gives Tanya time to rise up to her feet. Steadying herself Tanya waits for Leona to turn around and catches the surprised Leona with a Side Effect. The crowd pops as Tanya stands back up and waits on her prey. Leona staggers up and walks into a Super Kick that lays her out cold.

Eryk Masters: There we go! Tanya Black has changed the momentum fast. No one can turn a match around like Tanya Black.

Other Guy: Tanya’s stamina and countering knowledge makes it hard to keep her down for very long. Leona is going to have to keep on her toes.

Lifting Leona up Tanya hits a snap suplex followed by a kick to the face which sets the audience to cheering louder as Leona tries to get back to her feet. Tanya patiently waits and when Leona is up and coherent, Tanya offers her a free shot. Leona looks a little unsure but Tanya keeps telling her to go ahead. Leona obliges and chops Tanya in the chest as hard as she can. Tanya takes a step back and smiles before hitting Leona with a chop of her own causing the other woman to stagger back three steps. Looking upset Leona chops Tanya again as the fans boo before Tanya cuts loose again with a chop that rings out in rhythm with a pop from the fans. Before Leona can recover Tanya kicks her in the gut and hits a DDT.

Other Guy: Tanya giving Leona a fair chance but her… um chest isn’t as resilient as Tanya’s ah…

Eryk Masters: Just say it.

Other Guy: Tatas.

Eryk Masters: Weirdo. Well that DDT certainly caused Leona to stop fighting back.

Tanya smiles as she flips Leona over and locks on a Boston Crab. Leona screams in pain but fights back valiantly. After struggling and squirming around Leona manages to get her fingers around the bottom rope causing the referee to alert Tanya. After a count of four she reluctantly let go. Giving Leona a stomp to the back Tanya lifts Leona up with a headlock before transitioning into an elevated DDT. Dragging Leona towards the corner post Tanya skips towards the center of the ring as the fans get louder egging her on to torture Leona.

Eryk Masters: The fans recognize this set-up. Tanya is looking for those diving double knees.

Other Guy: That move can easily break a nose or more. Leona may never look the same.

Charging Tanya Black surprises everyone including Leona by instead of hitting a double knee unleashing a bronco buster, bouncing herself against Leona over and over as the crowd laughs along. Removing herself from Leona Tanya steps back and watches the other woman stagger forward and look nauseous before flopping face first onto the mat. Tanya smiles before dragging Leona back into the corner post. Turning around Tanya Black slaps her ass causing the fans to catch on and chant “DO IT DO IT”

Eryk Masters: No Tanya! Don’t do it! The Bronco Buster is embarrassing enough!

Pulling her tights down a bit Tanya backs up, Leona waking up just in time to get a facial she’d never request. Leona shrieks in horror, barely able to hear the jeers and heckling of the crowd over her own cries. Tanya ceases and pulls his pants up as Leona looks absolutely mortified.

Other Guy: Tanya Black has made an ass of… well Leona. I do believe the goal of embarrassing her has been achieved.

Eryk Masters: Indeed. Everyone is laughing at Orion’s representative now and I can’t blame them. Tanya has proven she is in control of this match.

Leona forces herself up and tries for a roundhouse kick but Tanya ducks and hits a hard slap to the face before nailing a picture perfect facebuster. Floating over Tanya locks on the crossface, this time making sure Leona is in the center of the ring the fans chanting “TAP OUT BITCH! TAP OUT BITCH!” at Leona who after a long struggle finally gives in as the referee calls for the bell.

Samantha Coil: Your Winner by submission TANYA BLACK!

As “Die For You” begins to play Tanya Black grabs the microphone from a ringside official. Asking for her music to be cut, Tanya waits for Leona to be helped from the ring before speaking.

Tanya: See. That is what being the Alpha Female is all about. Being here for the fans and instead of simply getting revenge via excessive violence, we all had fun. Didn’t we?

The fans agree and as Tanya Black waits for them to quiet down she skips around the ring to look at the entire crowd.

Eryk Masters: This young woman is in her element. She is feeling the vibe of the crowd and feeding off of it.

Other Guy: True but as soon as Leona de-funks her face she will no doubt be plotting revenge for that match. Tanya’s just digging herself a hole.

Tanya: So having taught one person that you shouldn’t stick your nose where it isn’t wanted. Let’s address the next breaker of that rule. I don’t know your name but you know I’m talking to you! Come on out here and let’s discuss your rude interruption of previous show.

Nothing happens as everyone watches the entranceway expecting someone to come out. Nothing happens though. Tanya looks a little disappointed but continues to wait. Still there is no appearance which finally gets to Tanya.

Tanya: I said GET OUT HERE! Don’t make me come back there and get you! Las Vegas never sleeps so I’ll keep stalking the Epicenter until I find your hidey-hole even it takes days!

A haunting synthesized melody echoes throughout the arena. The JumboTron turns to static as the lights in the arena dim… when they come back up, the mysterious woman from two weeks ago is standing on the stage, her head bowed, motionless.  


Tanya: That’s it little kitten. Come to Mama and let’s do this face-to-face. I promise I won’t hit first.

The mysterious woman merely shakes her head and instead slowly raises her head and turns her sight to the rafters, slowly raising her left hand, two fingers extended and pointing toward the ELITE banner that is hanging from the ceiling of the Epicenter. She then turns her sights back to Tanya and tosses her hair back, making the same sign with her hands that she did after her first appearance, her eyes narrowing and a very evil smirk on her lips as she backs up toward the curtain. 


Eryk Masters: Did we just see that right? This mystery woman has just challenged Tanya Black to a match at ELITE!  


Other Guy: Sure looks like it. And nobody even knows her name. Can’t wait to see how that’s going to look on the match card.

Tanya drops down and rolls out of the ring as the crowd cheers. She stalks her way back up the aisle and heads backstage.

The night has been full of action and the Epicenter crowd is ready for the main event. They buzz in sheer anticipation as Samantha Coil steps into the ring, microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the EVENING! It is scheduled for one fall and is for the SIN. CITY. CHAMPIONSHIP!

Resurrection by Fear Factory begins to play through the speakers and the crowd comes ALIVE with cheers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds, here is THREEE EMMM!!!

3M steps out onto the entrance ramp as the crowd continues to cheer. He begins to walk towards the ring, his black duster trailing behind him.

Eryk Masters: Here we go, folks. 3M is on his way to the ring here. I’ve got to say, OG, 3M looks the part of the hero. Coming into the match, he’s made it clear that this is a matchup of the hero versus the villain.

Other Guy: He sure has, E. But that’s not just black spandex he’s got on. That outfit is made of some kind of mesh fabric. In any event, from what I can tell of his body language, he looks ready to go to war tonight.

As 3M approaches the ring, he transitions into a full sprint and BOUNDS into the ring under the bottom rope. 3M pops up and sweeps his duster off in one fluid motion, sending it out of the ring over the top rope.

Eryk Masters: The past two weeks have been interesting to say the least. 3M is determined to beat Jacob Mephisto tonight. He claims the reigning Sin City Champion is evil and that he HAS to beat him because he is the hero. We’ll see how that plays out tonight.

Other Guy: 3M needs to be careful though. No matter how strong he is trying to be, he’s still only human. And he looked to be stretching himself thin two weeks ago.

Resurrection fades out and the crowd’s cheering transitions to light booing. 3M stares up at the entrance waiting for the champion. The lights in the Epicenter flicker, dim, then die, plunging the arena into darkness and eliciting more boos from the crowd. The SHOOTTron comes to life with a pair of pale gray eyes staring out into the arena. The eyes blink once and melt together, transitioning into a bright red apple. A sleek green serpent coils itself around the apple and then…


Time is on My Side by The Rolling Stones begins to really hammer out those haunting vocals as the crowd boos and the lights flicker back to normal. The curtains part and out steps Jacob Mephisto and the booing grows louder. Jacob stands on the entrance ramp with the Sin City Championship draped over his left shoulder and his eyes clear and focused.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, he is the current reigning SIN. CITY. CHAMPION! Here is JAACOOOB MEEEEPHIIIISSSTOOO!!!

Jacob begins to slowly walk to the ring and the crowd’s booing grows even LOUDER as they realize he’s not alone…

Eryk Masters: Oh no. Well it looks like the rumors we’ve been hearing are true, OG. Valentine Lionheart is coming to the ring with the reigning champion.

Other Guy: That he is, E. And that doesn’t bode well for 3M. Mephisto looks calmer than we’ve seen him, but he’s got to be feeling at least a LITTLE bit of that anger he’s shown over the past two weeks.

Jacob continues his walk to the ring, Valentine only steps behind. 3M stares daggers at the duo as they approach the ring. Jacob reaches ringside first and pauses, staring up at 3M with a slight smirk on his face. Valentine steps up and stands right next to Jacob, smiling up at 3M as well. Jacob and Valentine look at one another and nod before Valentine simply stands there as Jacob climbs the ring steps. He points at Mirage and demands that Tony Lorenzo keep him away before stepping through the ropes into the ring. Jacob walks to his corner and stands ready.

Eryk Masters: I don’t even want to KNOW what plan those two minds cooked up, OG. The deck is clearly stacked against the challenger here, but you better believe that 3M is up to task.

Other Guy: I definitely believe that, E. But Mephisto and Valentine are two of the sickest minds in SHOOT and it’s more than a little scary to see they have some kind of agreement. Remember what Jacob’s been saying about “taking something” from 3M tonight.

Tony Lorenzo stands in front of Jacob asking for the Sin City Championship. Jacob stares at him coldly for a moment before removing the gleaming title from his shoulder. He slowly raises it in the air amidst a chorus of boos before reluctantly handing the title to the referee. Lorenzo hands the title off to Mark Kendrick.

Mephisto stares across the ring at 3M, and the challenger seemingly is not intimidated one iota. Lorenzo looks from the champion to the challenger for a moment and calls for the bell and we… are… READY!

Neither man moves. Both of them stand in their corners, just staring daggers at one another. The crowd begins to grow restless after a few moments until Jacob steps out from his corner motioning for 3M to “bring it on.” 3M obliges and steps out cautiously. The two men circle one another and step in for a tie-up, but Jacob stops short and SLAPS 3M across the face!

Eryk Masters: Oh man. I get that Mephisto is not scared of 3M. But that blatant show of disrespect was uncalled for.

Other Guy: He’d better realize who he’s in there against, E. 3M is a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. And I don’t know if pissing him off is the best idea.

3M stands there for a few seconds, his head turned to the side from the force of Mephisto’s slap. He slowly turns his head back and steps up to Jacob, pointing to the side of his face. The fabric of 3M’s mask moves and it is clear he is saying something to Jacob that the cameras can’t quite pick up. Jacob smirks and cocks his head to the side before SLAPPING 3M in the face again as the crowd “oooh’s.”

Eryk Masters: This could get ugly quickly, OG.

Other Guy: I think I see what Jacob’s doing, E. He’s trying to get into 3M’s mind. That’s not the wisest move either.

Again 3M stands with his head turned to the side. He turns back to face Jacob again and this time SLAPS Mephisto across the face with enough force to turn the Sin City Champion’s body to the side and the crowd CHEERS!

Eryk Masters: And 3M is showing that Jacob will NOT get into his head tonight! He nearly slapped the taste out of his mouth!

Other Guy: That’s cool and all, but these fans didn’t come to see a slap fight, E.

Jacob stands for a moment rubbing the side of his face and smirking. He turns back to 3M and nods before starting to circle, 3M following suit. The two step in for a tie-up and Jacob BURIES a knee to 3M’s gut. The champion CLUBS 3M across the back with a pair of forearms before hooking his head and HOISTING him into the air for a suplex, but 3M drops down behind Jacob and picks both ankles, sending Jacob to the mat face first! 3M quickly transitions and locks in a quick side headlock, grinding down on it. Jacob makes it to his feet and pushes 3M back into the ropes before FIRING him across the ring into the ropes. 3M comes off the ropes and Jacob rushes in with a clothesline, but 3M ducks it and hits the opposite ropes, coming off and sliding through Jacob’s legs. He pops to his feet just as Jacob turns around and SLAPS Jacob right across the face and the crows cheers loudly! Jacob turns back to 3M, clearly angered, only to eat a standing dropkick from 3M that sends him crashing to the canvas and Jacob rolls to the outside!

Eryk Masters: What an exchange there! 3M evens things up in the slap department and essentially embarrasses the reigning champion!

Other Guy: He sure did, E! He basically just outwrestled and out maneuvered the champion and Jacob is regrouping on the outside with Valentine Lionheart.

3M stands at the ropes motioning at Mephisto to get back into the ring. Jacob glares up at 3M, his eyes flashing with anger. Valentine gets his attention and the two have a brief conversation, Mephisto drawing in a deep breath as the crowd hurls boos at him and Valentine. Meanwhile, Tony Lorenzo has begun his count.





Jacob pulls himself back onto the apron and 3M advances, causing the champion to drop off the apron and back up. Both Jacob and Valentine point to the ring and demand Tony Lorenzo to keep 3M away. Lorenzo moves 3M back and Jacob rolls into the ring.

3M moves in right away, looking to push the pace and begins to FIRE forearms and chops at Jacob, quickly backing him into the corner. He grabs a wrist and Irish whips Jacob across the ring into the buckles, following closely behind and burying a knee to the champ’s gut JUST as he hits the buckles. He pulls Jacob out of the corner and hooks him up before SNAPPING him over with a snap suplex and the crowd cheers loudly!

Eryk Masters: And Mirage has the pace he wants now.

Other Guy: That’s what he needs to do if he wants to win that title, E. He’s got to push the pace and wrestle HIS match. Remember, Jacob Mephisto is a master technician and if he gets into a groove, things will go badly for 3M.

3M brings Jacob to his feet and quickly hits the ropes, rebounding and NAILING Jacob with a flying forearm, sending Mephisto back into the ropes. 3M hits the ropes again and looks to clothesline Mephisto, but Jacob ducks down and sends 3M OVER the top rope to the outside as the crowd voices their displeasure.

Eryk Masters: That was not good for 3M. The momentum just slowed down dramatically and Mephisto has a chance to get his pace going.

Other Guy: Oh no. Look at Valentine.

Valentine stalks around to where 3M is pushing himself to his feet on the outside. Tony Lorenzo is shouting a warning to him, but Valentine simply holds his hands up innocently. 3M takes notice of Valentine moving closers and makes a move forward, but is CLUBBED from behind by Jacob! The SHOOT Faithful in the Epicenter hurls down boos as Mephisto waves off Valentine and begins to put the boots to 3M on the outside.

Mephisto brings 3M to his feet and RAMS him back-first into the ringside barricade as Tony Lorenzo begins his count.



Mephisto brings 3M back up and RAMS him into the barricade again.




Mephisto brings 3M up again and RAMS him head-first into the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring, following underneath the bottom rope.

Eryk Masters: From the looks of things here, OG, Mephisto is looking to punish 3M.

Other Guy: Coming into this match, both of these guys made it clear what they were about, E. 3M has the need to stop Mephisto, but Mephisto wants to HURT 3M.

The champion gets to his feet quickly and begins to STOMP down across 3M’s back repeatedly. The crowd hurls down boos at him as he REFUSES to relent on the stomps. FINALLY, Mephisto steps back and turns to face the crowd.


Jacob turns back and his eyes widen slightly as 3M is pushing himself back to his feet and turning to face him. Mephisto RUSHES forward and DRILLS 3M with a big lariat, sending him crashing back to the canvas. He GLARES down at 3M as the challenger rolls over and IMMEDIATELY begins to fight back to his feet, clutching his back.

Mephisto motions for 3M to get up. JUST as 3M pushes himself to his knees, Jacob hooks his head and DRIVES his head into the mat with a DDT, causing the crowd to boo louder.

Jacob gets back to his feet and stares down at 3M, smirking. He leans down and starts to SLAP 3M in the back of the head, shouting at him to “get up” and that he’s “not done yet.” The crowd’s booing grows louder as Valentine Lionheart looks on from the outside, that sick smile forming on his face.

Eryk Masters: This is not right, OG. Mephisto hasn’t even tried to cover 3M yet. He’s trying to send a message here.

Other Guy: He doesn’t want to just beat 3M tonight, E. He wants to HUMILIATE him. And that sick-minded Valentine Lionheart is loving every minute of it.

Mephisto reaches down and brings 3M back to his feet. He twists the arm and PULLS 3M in and LEVELS him with a short arm clothesline he calls Pride Before the Fall! Mephisto holds his arms out to the side and smirks down at the challenger. The smirk vanishes from his face as 3M is FIGHTING back to his feet again. Jacob STOMPS down on 3M’s hand as he pushes himself up, causing 3M to drop back down. Mephisto grabs 3M by the head and pulls him to his feet before grabbing a wrist and Irish whipping him into the ropes.

3M rebounds off the ropes and manages to duck a clothesline from Mephisto. He hits the opposite ropes and LEAPS forward, catching Mephisto with a jumping clothesline that sends the champion back to the canvas as the crowd cheers!

Mephisto gets to his feet quickly and turns, wide-eyed as 3M is right there and meets him with a boot to the gut. He hooks Mephisto’s arms and DROPS down, PLANTING Mephisto with a double arm DDT!

Eryk Masters: 3M is NOT out yet! That may have been the opening he needed!

Other Guy: He’s got to capitalize quickly though, E! Mephisto is starting to push himself back up!

Mephisto gets to his feet, but 3M is right there again and begins to ROCK Mephisto back with big forearm shots! He back Mephisto into the ropes and continues the onslaught. Tony Lorenzo is right there shouting for 3M to get him off the ropes. 3M steps back before a count can begin, but RUSHES in with a clothesline that sends Mephisto over the top to the outside and the crowd LOVES it!

Mephisto gets to his feet on the outside. He tosses his hair back and his eyes are wide with anger. He turns to the ringside fans heckling him and begins to SCREAM at them to shut up. Valentine makes his way around to Jacob and tries to calm him down. Jacob turns back to the ring only to EAT a pair of boots from a baseball slide by 3M! Mephisto is sent backwards into Valentine, sending both men to the floor and the crowd lets out a big cheer!

3M rolls out of the ring and grabs Valentine, throwing him into the ringside barricade before turning back to Mephisto. He brings Mephisto up and rolls him back into the ring, following closely behind him.

Eryk Masters: What a smart move by 3M! He neutralizes Valentine Lionheart before he can do any damage and gets Mephisto back into the ring where he can win the title!

Other Guy: Valentine hadn’t really injected himself into this match, E. That may cost 3M in the long run.

3M stalks Mephisto as the champion pushes himself back to his feet. He moves in behind him quickly, hooking his arms in a full nelson!

Eryk Masters: He’s going for The Mourning!

Other Guy: No! Mephisto countered!

Mephisto reaches up, grabbing 3M’s head and DROPS down with a jawbreaker, causing the crowd to boo loudly. He pushes himself away from 3M before pulling himself up using the ropes. He watches 3M roll around on the canvas clutching his jaw. 3M pulls himself back to his feet and Mephisto rushes in, connecting with a lariat that sends 3M back to the canvas. Mephisto quickly brings 3M back to his feet, hooking his head and bringing him over with a big vertical suplex! The champion floats over for a cover and Tony Lorenzo is there!




3M manages to get his shoulder up as the crowd lets out a sigh of relief and Jacob shakes his head, his eyes wide. He looks at Tony Lorenzo, holding up three fingers, but the referee holds up two. Mephisto gets to his feet, bringing 3M up with him. He Irish whips 3M into the buckles chest first. He follows into the corner and BURIES a knee into 3M’s lower back. He quickly transitions and grabs the head, dropping down with a neckbreaker.

Eryk Masters: Faithless! That could be all for 3M!

Mephisto covers, hooking the leg!




3M just BARELY kicks out and Mephisto is NOT happy. He gets to his feet and starts to argue with Tony Lorenzo but to no avail. Mephisto turns and his eyes go WIDE with anger and surprise as 3M has gotten to his feet and is advancing, the crowd cheering him on!

Other Guy: 3M is DETERMINED to see this through, E. He will NOT stay down!

Mephisto moves Lorenzo to the side and meets 3M head on, firing a BIG shot to the jaw. 3M rocks backwards and steps back in with a forearm to Mephisto’s jaw! The two men trade shots back and forth!

Eryk Masters: 3M! MEPHISTO! 3M! MEPHISTO! 3M! 3M! 3M! NO!

Mephisto sends a knee into 3M’s midsection. He maneuvers around behind 3M and CHOP BLOCKS him, sending him crumpling to the canvas. Mephisto moves in quickly and wraps the legs up, turning him over amidst a sea of boos!

Other Guy: MEPHISTO’S METHOD! He’s got it locked in!

Mephisto is SCREAMING at the top of his lungs for 3M to tap! 3M shouts in pain as he claws at the mat. Mephisto cranks back, applying more and more pressure! 3M fights forward, but Mephisto keeps pressure and cranks back even more!

Eryk Masters: He’s got that hold cinched in tight! This could be all! Can 3M hold on!

Other Guy: I don’t know, E. Not many can hold on with this move!

3M reaches out, clawing his way towards the ropes. He gets closer and closer, just a fingertip’s length away. BUT Mephisto pulls him back away, BUT HE’S STOPPED IN HIS TRACKS because 3M has hooked the bottom rope with his left arm!

Eryk Masters: What spirit by 3M! And Tony Lorenzo is trying to break the hold.

Lorenzo is right there trying to tell Mephisto to break the hold. Mephisto releases it and steps out with his arms in the air! He demands that Lorenzo raise his hand in victory, but Lorenzo explains that 3M has gotten to the ropes. Mephisto argues back and forth with Lorenzo, even stomping his feet for emphasis, but to no avail. He turns back to 3M, who is DRAGGING himself to his feet using the ropes. Mephisto grabs a handful of his own hair as he GLARES at 3M with unstable eyes. He moves in and boots 3M in the gut he hooks his head and brings him up with a vertical suplex, BUT 3M lands on his feet behind Mephisto, hooking his arms. Full Nelson! Leg Sweep!


Eryk Masters: Cover him, 3M!

3M drops down, rolling Jacob over. He makes the cover and hooks the leg! Tony Lorenzo is there!




The crowd ERUPTS with cheers as Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and Resurrection kicks up again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and NEW SIN CITY CHAMPION… THREEEEE EMMMMMM!!!!

The crowd continues to cheer as 3M pushes himself to his knees, soaking in the moment. Tony Lorenzo raises his arm in the air.

Eryk Masters: He got him! The 5 month reign has ended for Jacob Mephisto! 3M is the new Sin City Champion!

Other Guy: He hit The Mourning out of NOWHERE, E. And now he can bask in the glory. Wait a minute! No! Watch out, Mirage!

3M gets to his feet, but the crowd is booing as Valentine Lionheart has slid into the ring clutching the Sin City Championship. 3M turns and gets BLASTED by the title from Valentine!

Eryk Masters: No! Valentine Lionheart is ruining 3M’s moment here.

Other Guy: He is, E. And that is what Jacob Mephisto wanted. Is this what he was talking about by taking away his moment? Did he know he couldn’t beat 3M?

Valentine stands over 3M, but his eyes are focused on the golden faceplate of the Sin City Championship as if mesmerized by it.

Eryk Masters: Look at the look in Valentine’s eyes, OG. Look at the way he’s looking at that title.

Mephisto has made it to his feet, his eyes wide with pure anger and hatred as he stares down at 3M, who is starting to stir. He look from 3M to Valentine and notices Valentine staring at the title. He sneers for a moment, but Valentine looks up and slowly hands the Sin City Championship to Mephisto.

Other Guy: That’s not yours anymore, Jacob. You lost it fair and square.

Jacob stares into the faceplate of the title, his face softening as he does. Valentine JERKS 3M to his feet and holds him in a full nelson. Jacob pries his eyes away from the title and stares at 3M with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He looks back down to the title and KISSES the faceplate. He snaps his head back up and rushes forward, LEVELING 3M with the championship and sending him down to the canvas.

Eryk Masters: What a bitter, bitter move. Jacob Mephisto couldn’t handle losing the title. This is despicable.

Jacob drops the title and he and Valentine begin to completely STOMP away on 3M. Blood begins to seep through the mask on 3M’s face and he is out cold. Finally, Jacob backs away, digging his hands into his hair. He lets out a primal scream before dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring. He gives Valentine a quick, knowing look before backing up the aisle, his eyes glazed over and angry.

Other Guy: I think Jacob Mephisto has lost it here tonight, E.

Valentine scoops up the Sin City Championship and stands over 3M. He points to the title and then to his own waist. Slowly, he raises the Sin City Championship into the air. The camera shows an unconscious 3M lying on the mat as blood seeps from his mask before cutting to Jacob Mephisto standing on the entrance ramp, his eyes wide and hair disheveled. Our final shot of the night is Valentine Lionheart holding the Sin City Championship in the air.

The record setting reign of Jacob Mephisto has come to an end. He is Mr. Sin City no more. There is a new champion. 3M is the new Sin City Champion. But, he does not stand victorious tonight. Tonight, another man has staked his claim for the title. Valentine Lionheart stands tall in the ring, the title held in the air and his intentions declared for the SHOOT Nation to see clearly.