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Revolution 118: 9/16/2013

A golden fuse on the blacktop of the Las Vegas Strip lights up the screen.  It races towards the SHOOT Project Epicenter, which the camera pans up to reveal.  “The Crazy Ones”  by Stellar Revival kicks in as the fuse ignites the SHOOT Project Helmet.

We are the new-school, no rules

Needle in a haystack

The first image is Trey Willett, standing tall and proud, exhausted, holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high in the air.  It flashes quickly to Donovan King, nodding his head at an unseen opponent.  It cuts to Adrian Corazon glaring down at a fallen foe before it cuts to Maya Nakashima, breathing heavily as he gets ready to charge at his opponent.

We are the outsiders, all nighters

Scream if you’re a badass!

The camera quickly cuts to Dan Stein, eyes cut towards the camera as he looms over the body of a fallen victim.  It quickly cuts to Project:SCAR en masse, Isaac Entragian and Kenji Yamada backed by Obsidian and Deviant as they flank Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios, marching down to the ring.  Jacob Mephisto is shown thrusting the Sin City Championship high into the air, his other fist up in victory as well.  Quickly we see Mason Pierce, Malice, and Valentine Lionheart, all three men placing their hands on the face plate of the ORION Championship, as if pledging themselves to it.  Cronos Diamante is shown locking a victim in the Ne-Han, his face twisted into a vile grin.

We are the wheels that keep turning

ANARCHY is shown embracing one another, their World Tag Team Championship belts in their hands before it cuts to Ja Gi Kyung-Moon catches Johnny Napalm with the Good Night Moon before we see Johnny Napalm driving Kyung-Moon to the mat with the Napalm Bomb.  Mr. Ocelot is shown next, pinning Randall Kash as he glares at the camera.  Thomas Manchester Black is next, popping his neck as he rolls his wrists preparing to face some unlucky Soldier.  Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming his boot into the back of someone’s skull.

We are the heart breakers, risk takers

Anything but boring

Laura Seton attacks Luantikk Crippler from behind before Corey Lazarus is shown arguing with a referee before we see Solomon Richards nodding his head to the camera.  We then see Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying over the top rope into the ring before it cuts to 3M pull his mask down over his face, glaring at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Mason Pierce drops to the floor, leaving his partner to be victimized before we cut to ANARCHY saluting the fans as they stand at the entrance.  Tanya Black runs her fingers through her hair, obviously furious at something before we see Lunatikk Crippler’s shiny ebony hair, flowing carelessly upon the breeze.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Johnny Napalm is covered in blood, staggering around with a gigantic grin on his face.  Obsidian lords over a fallen foe as Isaac Entragian puts his arm around Elizabeth Gaunt, glaring down at Maya Nakashima.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Mason Pierce takes a harsh pile driver through the flaming table from Kenji Yamada.  Thomas Manchester Black trades hits against Corey Lazarus.  We then see Tanya Black nailing a picture perfect dropkick to an unknown foe as it cuts back to Adrian Corazon’s back, the brand smoking as he turns his head to face the camera.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

We are the crazy ones

Donovan King is shown locking in the Carolina Crossface on Jonny Johnson, who shakes King’s hand.  It cuts to Diamond Del Carver lighting a mini-cigar, glaring at the camera with his one eye.

One of a kind, believe it

So stand up and make ’em see it


The guitar solo brings us to Donovan King hitting the Dealbreaker on Mason Pierce, then Corazon hitting the Act of Inhumanity on Isaac Entragian, then Jester Smiles connecting with the Virginia Sidekick on Lunatikk Crippler, then Datura locking up with an opponent, then Solomon Richards making Tanya Black tap out, then Loco Martinez pinning Valentine Lionheart to become Master of the Mat.  Dan Stein is caught by the Dawn of a New Era from Trey Willett.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons

Adrian Corazon straddling Isaac Entragian, aiming to attack his eye switches to Laura Seton hitting a flying crossbody to Dan Stein.

We color outside the lines for fun

We are the crazy ones

Loco Martinez is shown eye to eye with Dan Stein and Luther Crumb slaps Mr. Ocelot’s chest, yelling at the camera.

‘Cause we are the crazy ones

The badass, outcast, son of a guns

Lunatikk Crippler throws his head back, his silken, ebony locks flowing back in slow motion gets quickly cut to 3M perched on a turnbuckle, staring down at the ring before him.

We march to the beat of a different drum

We are the crazy ones

The SHOOT Project Helmet reappears on screen, in golden flame against a black background.




Eryk Masters: We. are. LIVE! SHOOT Nation, welcome to another edition of Revolution! This is it, folks! This is the last Revolution before ELITE; and we have an outstanding lineup tonight!

Other Guy: We sure do, E! In the Main Event of the Evening, we are going to see a doozy. Maya Nakashima is going to go one on one with Jacob Mephisto. And this is a match with some heavy implications.

Eryk Masters: There’s no doubt about that, OG. If Maya Nakashima can beat Jacob Mephisto here tonight, then he will be entered into the Primus as the eighth participant. BUT, if he loses tonight, Maya will be personally suspended by OutKast for the remainder of 2013. A lot of people are wondering if Mephisto didn’t subtley manipulate the SHOOT Project COO into this by maybe getting under his skin a little. I mean, there are no consequences for him in this match.

Other Guy: That’s absolutely true, E. But, the match is set and in any event, it promises to be a good one with so much at stake. But, that’s not all we have in store tonight! We’re going to see Jester Smiles versus Sammy Rochester. And E, that one is NOT going to be pretty.

Eryk Masters: No, it’s really not. Sammy demanded this match two weeks ago. The relationship between those two has really deteriorated. And now, it appears as if it is going to explode tonight. But, ALSO tonight, we’re going to see the current Rule of Surrender Champion, Thomas Manchester Black in action as he goes one on one with "The Evangelist" Jerry Matthews in a non-title match. The champion is looking to really prove his point while Matthews is seemingly starting to find his niche here in the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: That one should be interesting to watch for sure. But, kicking things off tonight, the reigning Iron Fist Champion, Johnny Napalm goes head to head with his former tag team partner and co-tag team champion, Dan Stein!

Eryk Masters: Johnny Napalm has verbally abused Dan Stein since Sex & Violence split up, but Stein has had little to say about it in that time. Now, these two may get some closure, so to speak, from the loss of the tag team titles, and the Sex & Violence split. This one should be a good one.

Other Guy: We’ve got plenty of action up and down the card tonight, and I can’t wait to get it started!

Eryk Masters: Well, good news, OG, we don’t have to wait any longer! Let’s get Revolution rolling!

Samantha Coil: The opening non-title contest is scheduled for one fall!



The fans begin to boo as out from the back comes DAN STEIN.  Stein stands there at the entrance and there is no fanfare.  No pyro.  Nobody’s even out there with him.  He comes out alone, dressed in his gear.  He walks down the ramp, not paying the booing fans any attention.  His face is determined, ready for the task at hand.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he is the former World Heavyweight Champion, he is the 2012 Redemption Rumble Winner, he is DAN STEIIIIIIIIN!

Other Guy: The list of accolades for Dan Stein goes a mile long.

Eryk Masters: What he wants is to be called World Champion. WITHOUT the former in front of that. He’ll get his shot in Primus II.

Stein is barely on the ring apron when his music shuts off.

The lights go out and the crowd pops hard as the arena is bathed in purple lights all over the place. The big screen is lit in static for about 10 seconds then the arena goes black.  The energy in the Epicenter is reaching a fever pitch. Then the big screen kicks back into life with a large red JN logo shows on the screen as we hear–




The lights come on as the opening to Pop Evil’s "Trenches" Kicks to life and the fans continue cheering.  Then out from the back comes Johnny Napalm. He stands at the top of the ramp and his attire is old school purple tights and jacket with that joker mask on. He takes it off and the crowd cheers. The Iron Fist Championship rests upon his shoulder.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! He is the reigning SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion! He is Johnnyyyyyy NAAAAAAAPALM!

Eryk Masters: Napalm’s popularity has really soared since he split from Stein, hasn’t it?

Other Guy: Don’t be a jerk! I think you can credit his incredible performance in the Rule of Surrender title match at Master of the Mat!

Eryk Masters: He certainly followed that up with a victory for the Iron Fist title, but this is a HUGE test for the huge Napalm, up against his former partner and former World Champion!

Napalm slides into the ring, and The Golden Boy wastes no time putting the boots to Napalm before he can even get to his feet. The bell rings and Scott Kamura removes the Iron Fist title from the ring as Napalm pushes to his knees, Stein still kicking away. Dan Stein gets one big kick off across the chest of Napalm that echoes across the arena. Napalm grits his teeth, trying not to shout in pain. Napalm quickly removes his jacket, but leaves himself open to one more stiff kick that knocks Napalm back to the ground!

Stein quickly tries to cover, but once Napalm has his hands free, he POWERS out before Kamura can make a one count! Stein flies through the air, a look of shock on his face as Napalm turns and gets to his feet. Stein rushes the Iron Fist champion, peppering the big man with rights and lefts, but Napalm pie faces Stein and pushes him to the ground! The crowd roars, but Stein is quickly back to his feet. He turns to charge, but eats a big boot from the Iron Fist champion, popping the crowd once again! Napalm plays to the crowd, pumping his arms out, screaming in rage, when something completely different catches his attention.

"In Time" kicks in, and the cheers turn to jeers. Cronos Diamante makes his entance, walking briskly down the entrance ramp, drawing Napalm to him like a moth to a light. The distraction gives Stein enough time to get to his feet, and Stein chop blocks Napalm, taking the big man down hard! Napalm clutches at his knee as Cronos chuckles to himself, turning and heading toward the announce booth!

Eryk Masters: Something tells me that Cronos planned his entrance just to mess with the head of Johnny Napalm!

Other Guy: Well, you can ask him yourself! Hey, Cronos!

Cronos Diamante sits next to Eryk Masters, and puts a headset on. Meanwhile, in the ring, Stein grabs hold of Napalm’s leg, and twists to the ground, jerking the knee in the wrong direction, causing Napalm nothing but pain.

Cronos Diamante: I have a feeling you two were just talking about me.

Eryk Masters: I just said that it seems an awful coincidence that when Napalm was taking over on Stein, you decided to grace us with your presence.

Cronos Diamante: Pure coincidence. Just wanted a ringside seat for such a hot opening match.

Stein drapes Napalm’s leg on the bottom rope, pinning it there with his foot, before pushing off and landing in a seated position, right across the knee. Napalm can’t help it this time, he groans in pain. Stein doesn’t stop there, as he does it a second time, putting all of his weight into the joints and ligaments in the knee of Napalm. Stein keeps his seat on Napalm’s knee, and grabs his foot, pulling back as hard as he can, bending Napalm’s leg in ways it’s not meant to be.

Eryk Masters: There’s Dan Stein taking advantage, but this is a smart strategy. He’s grounded the much bigger Napalm, taking his power advantage out of the picture for the time being.

Cronos Diamante: You’re right. Napalm definitely has the power advantage. But even Scott Kamura has the advantage over Napalm in the brains department.

Eryk Masters: Insulting Johnny Napalm. I am not surprised.

Other Guy: Quit being a jerk, Masters, and call the match!

Napalm’s other foot drapes across the bottom rope and Scott Kamura calls for the break. Napalm doesn’t release the hold, causing Kamura to exercise his five count!





Fi-Stein finally lets go. Kamura backs up Stein, who holds his hands in the air innocently. We see Stein mouthing something that looks like "I have until five."

Cronos Diamante: Stein took advantage of every second of that particularly fast five count.

Eryk Masters: I didn’t think it was fast at all!

Napalm gets up, gingerly putting weight on his left leg, that is, until Stein kicks it from under him. Napalm lands on his back, clutching at his leg. Stein keeps it up, holding Napalm’s foot against the bottom rope once again, but this time, Napalm gets his other foot planted in Stein’s ass, and sends him vaulting to the arena floor! The fans go crazy as Stein finds himself in a bit of trouble!

Eryk Masters: Napalm counters! This should give him some time to regain his bearings!

Cronos Diamante: Yeah, well, the sun shines on a dog’s ass once in his life.

Stein clutches at his back as he gets back to his feet. Napalm is up to his knees as Stein slides back into the ring. Stein quickly rushes the Iron Fist champion, but Napalm shoves him back hard! Stein leaves his feet and it gives Napalm the time to get to one knee. Stein gets back up and rushes again, but Napalm quickly stands, and graps Stein around the leg and neck, lifting him high over head! The crowd roars and Stein has a look of shock mixed with fear etched upon his face!

Other Guy: The strength of Johnny Napalm! Stein is NOT going to like this landing!

Napalm steps forward, releasing his grip on Dan Stein, causing Stein to just PLUMMET face first into the canvas! Stein bounces, and ends up flipping to his back with the impact. Napalm turns around and goes into the cover!



Stein gets a shoulder up!

Napalm goes to pick Stein to his feet, but Stein lashes out quickly, with a low blow! Napalm bends, grasping his crotch as Stein turns and falls against the ropes. Stein has a huge grin on his face, but suddenly, Napalm stands up straight. He grabs Stein by the neck, and Stein’s eyes bug out! Napalm lifts Stein to his feet and throws him into the corner! Stein hits with such force that he bounces out, and he wanders straight into a huge pump kick from the Iron Fist Champ! Stein hits the canvas HARD. Napalm lifts a finger into the air and then reaches into his tights.

Cronos Diamante: I knew it! He’s a pervert!

Eryk Masters: It’s a cup! Napalm came well prepared tonight!

Napalm takes the cup and flings it at Cronos Diamante at ringside, much to the delight of the crowd!

Cronos Diamante: GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME! I know where it’s been!

Napalm turns back to Stein and covers!



Stein kicks out!

Other Guy: Napalm should have covered Stein immediately instead of flinging things that were in his pants!

Napalm grunts in frustration, and picks Stein up to his feet. He whips Dan into the ropes and catches him around the waist! Napalm spins around, with Stein in his grasp, and PLANTS him into the canvas with a huge sidewalk slam! The crowd roars and Napalm with another cover!



TH-Stein gets his shoulder up again!

Eryk Masters: Say what you want about the strength of Napalm, but Stein has loads of resilience! Hey, where are you going?

Cronos Diamante has left the broadcast booth and is going straight to the ring! Napalm is unaware as he picks Stein up, getting set for a huge powerbomb! He lifts Stein up, and spins him around to show off us strength once more, but gets too close to the ropes! Cronos hooks his knee without the ref seeing and Napalm falls, with Stein seated on his chest! Stein quickly hooks the leg!



Th-Napalm shoves Stein off him!

Stein gets up as well as Napalm. Napalm LEVELS Stein with a big axehandle, and then turns his attention to Cronos! Cronos backs up casually, holding his arms out to his sides. Napalm reaches out over the top rope to try and get a hold of him, but it’s no use. Napalm turns back to Stein, who has gotten back to his feet and fires a big right hand that staggers Johnny Napalm!

Other Guy: What an impact!

Eryk Masters: What’s he got in his hand?

Stein fires a second right hand, one that brings Napalm down to his knees! Stein kisses his hand quickly and bounces off the ropes, landing one more big shot that sends Napalm sprawling backwards on the canvas, completely motionless. Cronos grins on the outside as Scott Kamura checks on Napalm. With the ref’s attention elsewhere, Stein slips something off his hand and puts it in his boot.

Eryk Masters: BRASS KNUCKLES! I saw it!

Other Guy: No, that was his class ring! He graduated magna cum laude you know!

Stein motions to Kamura to count Napalm out. Reluctantly, Kamura does.




Eryk Masters: This isn’t an Iron Fist match!



Napalm begins to stir, trying to reach out for the bottom rope!



He turns himself, trying to get to his feet. Stein is LIVID!



Napalm falls back to the canvas, a look of relief on Stein’s face.


Kamura has no choice but to call for the bell, and Stein stands triumphant.


Eryk Masters: This wasn’t a title match! Had it been then yes, new champion. Nonetheless, Dan Stein has defeated Johnny Napalm!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, due to Johnny Napalm’s inability to continue, the referee has ruled this match in favor of Dan Stein!

The crowd boos as Stein exits the ring, walking backwards up the ramp with a smile on his face as Johnny Napalm pushes himself off the mat, glaring up at "The Golden Boy."

Static is seen upon our screen, before cutting away to an old house, which by all accounts, looks like it may be ready to collapse. There is a single light which can be seen from one of the windows, which seems to be upstairs in the house. A creepy type of music can be heard in the background to this video, as we move forward and enter the actual house. We’re met with the sight of rats immediately when we enter, all of which scurry away as soon as the bright camera light hits them. The stairs look unstable to say the least, but we’re taken up there one step at a time, each step creaking louder than the last. At the top of the stairs, we see a lot of trash scattered across the floor. We make our way to the very end of the corridor where the door is slightly ajar, and where we can see the light coming through. Suddenly, the background music stops, as the door is slowly pushed open, creaking loudly just like the stairs. There is a circle of six candles lit in the middle of the room, and in the corner, a figure sits with their legs crossed. The figure is staring at the wall, away from us at the moment, and they seem to be rocking from side to side. We go to move closer, but suddenly, the figure raises a gloved hand.

Unknown: Stop!

We don’t move any closer, keeping the distance.

Unknown: You could keep coming, but I’d have to kill you.

From nowhere, this figure begins to laugh uncontrollably. We can tell that it’s a man, but that’s as far as it goes at this point.

Unknown: A man once told me that I would amount to nothing, that I was a freak, a black mark on society. Ohhhh, I remember, I forget nothing. What was it that you told me, Daddy? You wished I hadn’t been born?

The man slams a fist on the floor.

Unknown: Well, guess what!? I’m still here!

We look on as the figure wraps his arms around his head, and begins to pull at his hair. Once more, he begins to laugh, despite seeming angry.

Unknown: All the pain, all the suffering that I bring upon other people… I wish it was you. I wish you were the one bleeding, I wish you were the one begging me for mercy. You don’t deserve to breathe the air I breathe, to roam the earth I live in. You’re not a man, you’re a coward, a bully.

There is now a moment of silence, as the figure begins to shuffle around so that he is facing in our general direction, but he points his head down.

Unknown: However, this isn’t about you, not anymore.

He begins to whistle the music that was in the background moments ago, then suddenly stops.

Unknown: As one door closes, another opens, do you believe that? Do you? I don’t know whether I do, but what I do know, is that the SHOOT Project is about to experience something unlike anything else.

Holding out his hand, he moves all fingers before holding two up in the air.

Unknown: Two. Two long years have passed, and what have I been doing? Well, I could tell you…

He pauses for a moment, before shaking his head.

Unknown: No.

The man raises his voice.

Unknown: No! Why should I? I won’t do it!

The man no raises his head to stare at the camera, and we see his painted face. He points to the camera with both hands.

Unknown: When you look at me, I’m sure you’ll be quick to judge. You’ll have many mis-conceptions about a man like me, but you won’t for long. You’ll know soon just what it is that I do, what it is that really makes me tick. Many of you will be looking, but you will not see. Many of you will be hearing, but not really listening.

He spreads both arms wide, almost bowing while seated.

Unknown: I am Rellik, and you… are my enemy.

He begins to rise to his feet, staring directly into the camera with his head tilted slightly. He has a crazy grin on his face as he slowly begins to move closer, but as he does, the feed starts to break up. Rellik moves past the candles now and reaches forward with his right hand, about to touch the camera lens, but as he does this we lose the feed. Static follows.

The scene opens in the ring. TMB stands in the middle, soaking in the boos that he is recieving. He shakes his head at the crowd before raising his mic.

TMB: Why do you boo me!?!

His demeanor a bit serious, more than usual.

TMB: Why would you ever want to boo me? I’ve never lied to you or pretended to be someone fake. I have only given you what you wanted. You wanted blood, I gave it to you. You wanted violence, I gave it to you. When your heroes and idols left…faded away or fall by the wayside…

I remained. I stayed. I moved forward. Yet you boo me.

The crowd begins to let Thomas have it.

TMB: And why…why have you once again turned your back on me. Because I took the fight to Dave Marz? Because instead of him making the first move…I made it? Tanya Black and Mephisto made comments about former SHOOT stars. Did Dave go after them?! Did he call their name out!? No…he didn’t, he went after me. And what did you expect to happen. Huh!?! That we were going to sit down and have tea and hatch things out. 

Did you think that we were going to hug it out!?! 


As if on cue, the crowd starts to chant “Yes, Yes, Yes”. A look of disgust creeps on Black’s face.  


TMB: And there in lays the problem, you fucking bunch of mindless sheep. A guy busts his ass here and you show him no respect. You think because you bought a ticket that means you can be the judge.  Let’s get something out in the open…I’ve watched you all condemn SCAR for their tactics against Corazon. The same tactics that he used against Jamie and others. How easily you forget as long as someone panders to your desires 


But as soon as the shucking and jiving stops…you show your true fangs.


A few pieces of trash come sailing in the ring, but TMB doesn’t move.  


TMB: Each and every one of you…fucking cowards. Judging from your nice seats. Just like Dave Marz…watching from his TV at home. Wishing things can go back to how they were. When he was on top and had that push behind him. You know what the problem with that is, Dave. You take up space. You take up space from the guy that was busting his ass up and down the road, while you were in your house.  


The guy that was wrestling bingo halls for just enough for gas and a fucking donut. All because of the love. And what were you doing, Dave. Were you taking indy events? Did you get that letter when SHOOT closed and you had already booked a flight for the next show? Were you bumped off cards because this returning guy or that returning guy had to have a match? Were you there when one of the good old boys decided to drop out at the last minute…screwing you out of your chance? You think I don’t have a right to say what I said…YOU FUCKING PEOPLE THINK I’M WRONG!!!


The anger spreads across Black’s face.  


When SHOOT was on its last leg…where was Marz, Carver, Kenshin, huh?  Where were those guys that bleed the SP colors? Nowhere to be found. But you know who was there…me. I was there trading punches until the door closed. So when I call out the old guys and say they don’t deserve what they get, you bet your ass I mean it. But that’s not why you did what you did, Marz. Your motives were very simple. You wanted to jump on one of the meanest guys in the yard, because you understand that it thrust you back in the limelight. And…it puts you on the path for gold.  


You know what your one mistake was, Marz? You jumped on the wrong muthafucka. You called the attention of the wrong guy! I don’t play by the fan boy rules. You see where I’m from; if you call someone out…there is no setting up a fight. There is no exchanging of words. Once you say you want to fight me…then we fight. And I don’t have to wait til a paper is signed. I don’t play that game with those rules. Ask Corey Lazarus about the beating he took thinking that he could just run his mouth. I’m like Beetlejuice, Bloody Mary and Candy Man…you call my name enough times and I’ll appear to put a foot in your ass.


Black kicks a piece of trash out of the ring..  


TMB: But…if you are looking for a timeout. Heh, if you need to take a little break. Then you can turn right the fuck around and go back into that bit of retiring that you were doing. Because I promise you Marz, win, lose or draw…I am very bad for your career and your health.  And with that being said, this is the point where you puppets boo louder and throw things that you really couldn’t afford in the first place, into the ring.  


TMB hands the microphone to a waiting Samantha Coil and stands ready and waiting for the man he is to face tonight.

Coming Soon

The camera opens up tightly on the heroically posed former SHOOT Project wrestler turned road agent, the man so handsome he must hide behind a mask, the American Hero himself… Johnny Patriot. As the camera pans back, his SHOOT Project tank top, with stars and stripes color schemed helmet and all, cover his upperbody, while… a pair of hot pants modeled after the Star Spangled Banner are all that cover his nether regions. Oh, and flip flops. Behind the mask, however, our American Hero looks concerned, and rightfully so. Patriot turns and walks down the hall, with the camera following him. JP stops in his tracks as he hears a commotion coming from just a few feet away. Sneaking up on the noise, Patriot peers inside the trainers’ room.

Trainer: …you really fought hard going into that match at ELITE.

The camera moves in front of the doorway to catch the trainer wrapping a pack of ice around the shoulder of SHOOT Project’s Golden Boy, Dan Stein. Dan winces as the Ace wrap tightens. Dan speaks softly, without much ‘umph’ to his words.

Dan Stein: Just wrap m-

Johnny Patriot: Hello, Citizen Stein!

Stein’s attention is drawn to Johnny Patriot, now standing in the doorway, heroically…tight hot pants showing off “the People’s Package”, if you will. Having interrupted Dan, Patriot steps forward and nods at the young trainer, who excuses himself as Stein’s shoulder is wrapped.

Dan Stein: Ma-, uh… Patriot. What the fuck, Dude.

Johnny puts his finger up to his mouth to stop Stein from revealing his identity. Johnny sighs, then smiles as Stein finishes his sentence.

Johnny Patriot: My, how your trunks bring out your eyes, Citizen Ste-

Dan Stein: Get on with it, Lurch.

Patriot huffs briefly.

Johnny Patriot: You and I have known each other for a while now, is that safe to say?

Dan Stein: Yeah, I guess so. It’s like you could say we’re family.

Both Patriot and Stein turn to look at the camera, knowingly.

Johnny Patriot: Good! Got anything going on for the next two weeks, Champ

Dan Stein: Oh, I don’t know. Not really. Just preparing to wreck faces in the Primus at ELITE. You know, no big deal.

Sarcasm oozes from Stein’s mouth as he looks at his co- the man in front of him. Patriot smiles, grabs Dan’s hand and slaps a folded up piece of paper into it.

Johnny Patriot: Good! Then you don’t mind doing me a favor, do you?

Patriot slaps Stein’s injured shoulder, causing him to wince and moan in pain. Patriot shoots Dan with two finger pistols and chuckles. Patriot starts backing out of the room.

Johnny Patriot: There’s that giving spirit I know and love. Thanks, Dan. You’re really saving my rear end here. Listen, got to run, road agent things to d…

Patriot’s voice trails off as you hear his flip-flops flip-flopping down the hallway. Dan jumps up off the trainer’s table to stop Patriot, but Molly, his assistant, walks through the doorway instantly stopping him in his tracks. Dan snarls at Molly before peeking out of the room, but Patriot has disappeared. Dan turns back to Molly, who has her arms crossed over her chest angrily.

Molly the Assistant: What was that all about?

Dan hands Molly the note, frustrated.

Dan Stein: You tell me. That midget punting buffoon left before I could get an answer out of him.

Molly unfolds the piece of paper and glances over it quickly.

Molly the Assistant: Oh, boy.

Dan Stein: Oh, God. What?

Molly slowly looks up from the paper. Dan reaches over and snatches it from her hands and gives it a quick glance as well. Stein’s grip on the paper turns to white knuckle strength, for he instantaneously crumples the paper up into a ball, growling.

Dan Stein: I’m going to kill that man!

Dan moves to leave the trainer’s room, but Molly steps in front of him, blocking him from leaving. Dan tries to fight free, but the camera fades away before he can.

Up on the EpiCenter video wall, we see the main strip of Las Vegas at night, and a tall, athletic looking man facing the camera.

"Welcome to lovely Las Vegas." (grins and opens his arms up to his side) "The entertainment capital of the world, the home of your beloved Shoot Project, and more importantly, where I was born and raised. You’re probably wondering who I am. And in due time you’ll find out." (smirks) "You see, who I am right now isn’t important. But what is important…….is why I’m coming."(evil laugh)

The video wall fades to black.

Standing backstage Tanya Black quietly works on draining a bottle of Powerade as she paces. Her mind was clearly occupied with some very important thoughts. Finishing the drink she tosses the empty bottle into a nearby trash can and seems ready to return to the sanctuary that is her locker room when she sees something down the hall that makes Tanya smile and change her course. Rushing up the hall she hugs Abigail Chase who can’t help but look awkwardly at Tanya.

Abigail: You ah promised you’d ease up on the groping Tanya.

Tanya: Well during work. You are just so cute. I want to dress you up in different outfits like a doll.

Abigail: Camera is rolling.

Tanya: Psh. Folks know I long ago took up glamour photography as a hobby. That’s not what’s important.

Abigail: What is?

Tanya: This.

Tanya reaches behind her and pulls out what looks like some stapled papers.

Tanya: Match Contract for Elite between me and my violent fangirl. Crazy Stalker. Personal Psycho Punk Chick.

Abigail: Okay. So why are you carrying it around? Normally we just have road agents deliver them for signing.

Tanya: Because my intrepid reporter. I had them add a Stipulation. Of Awesome. Check this out.

See it’s obvious “That Woman” wants something from me. Otherwise why target me to begin with? Why encourage me to seek payback? I just couldn’t figure out what she wanted. Then it hit me. I am not a champion right now, as I haven’t been ELITE enough for that.

Abigail: I see what you did there.

Tanya: That’s why I like you.  So no title shot to receive. All I have is my reputation as the toughest female in all of wrestling. The one who blazed the trail for all these young “no gender division” girls after putting up with the Women’s Titles, and the lingerie pillow fights. The one who made her name by fighting the biggest and meanest and taking her ass kickings with pride because at least I was willing to try. This girl though, she wants to be the new trail blazer and history maker. So I will grant her this opportunity.

Beating Tanya Black in a way that makes the fans forget me? No no little kitten. That doesn’t take a simple pinfall. Many in SHOOT Project have done that, even though I hate admitting it I must. Making me tap out, well that’s happened a few times too and the fans just talked about me more. We are going to have to go with the less traveled path: All of the above.

Abigail: What do you mean all of the above?

Tanya: I’ve signed my name. The front office loves the idea. I call it “Total Domination” Match. Each opponent has to beat their opponent not just once, but TWICE. Now yes we have long had two out of three falls but those are cheap. DQs count. Count Outs count. You can just score two pinfalls and go home happy.

Total Domination means each person must score One Pinfall and One Submission Victory. You have to out-excel your opponent in the two biggest ways. The two ways that have long been accepted as proving superiority. If “The Mystery Woman” accomplishes this, then I have no problems admitting she is no kitten, but a Lioness. If I win, then she knows I am more than a contender, that I truly am ELITE.

Now Abby my lovely, be a good girl and give this to someone official looking so they can hunt down She Who Must Not Be Named. This match must happen.

Abigail nods and takes the offered contract running off, the cameraman looking at both women before deciding to follow Abigail Chase.

“The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot hits over the PA system. The crowd begins to boo and jeer as Jester Smiles emerges from the back. He scowls as he walks very quickly to the ring, not bothering to look at anyone.

Eryk Masters: Jester seems to be in a hurry to get this match up started, huh?

Other Guy: Maybe he’s finally fed up with being Sammy’s little bitch and he’s ready to start something with him. I mean, I know he didn’t sound too confident in his promo this week, but maybe all those beatings has sparked the old Jester to come back.

Eryk Masters: You think so?

Other Guy: All I know is I used to cheer for that man and I used to respect that man. There was a time that I thought that man was the future of this company. I want that man back in some capacity, Eryk. I really miss that man.

Jester quickly goes up the stairs. Samantha Coil stands center of the ring, ready to announce him, but Jester yells at her to stop. He quickly enters the ring and takes the microphone from her.

Jester Smiles: Sammy, come on out. Let’s make this quick.

The music cuts. Sammy emerges from the back, eliciting more boos from the crowd. Jester gulps, staring at the massive monster that is making his way to the ring, almost as quickly as he did.

Jester Smiles: Sammy, I’m not your enemy. I know you are not happy with me, and I know I’ve screwed up lately, but I’m your friend Sammy. Remember your friend Eric, Sammy? I brought you back here. You were a champion with me Sammy.

Sammy is up the stairs fast. He glares pure disdain at Jester, stopping on the apron. Jester stands his ground, trying to at least act like he isn’t terrified, but the sweat on his face shows something completely different.

Jester Smiles: Sammy, come on, we don’t have to do this. We don’t have to fight. I. Am. Not.Your. Enemy.

Sammy steps over the apron and stands in the ring, standing completely straight, staring down at Jester. Jester sighs heavily.

Jester Smiles: Alright Sammy. Alright.

POP! The microphone echoes throughout the arena as Jester drops it, lashing out and slamming Sammy in the face with a right hand! He slams a left! He slams another right! Another left! Sammy is backed up against the ropes as Willie Dean signals for the bell!

Eryk Masters: Well, he may have tried to talk his way out of the fight, and he may have started this thing with a cheap shot, but you can’t say Jester isn’t at least TRYING to make this a fight!

Sammy covers up his face, so Jester begins to work the body, slamming his fists as hard as he can into Sammy’s stomach and ribs. Sammy flinches at each blow, but keeps his hands up. He finally lashes out and just SHOVES Jester away, knocking Jester to the ground! Jester is up fast, but Sammy is charging. Jester plants a hard leg kick, slowing Sammy down, and he plants two really quick jabs to the face of Sammy. Sammy throws a wild haymaker, but Jester dodges quickly and plants two blows to the kidneys of Sammy. Sammy turns with a wild elbow, and again, Jester is able to dodge the blow, planting another two hard and incredibly precise strikes to the face! Sammy looks frustrated, a little bit of blood trickling down Sammy’s nose. Jester bounces, stopping his flurry and staying loose.

Other Guy: We always talk about how dangerous Sammy is because of his size, strength, and fury, but we sometimes forget that he’s incredibly sloppy. Jester Smiles, on the other hand, is really damn precise with his strikes. Maybe he stands a chance in this.

Sammy again charges Jester, and again, Jester is able to get out of the way of Sammy’s attempt to grab. Jester turns around quickly and SLAMS Sammy in the chest with a roundhouse kick! Sammy is clearly winded, and Jester follows this up with another one-two punch combo to the face of Rochester. Sammy still seems fairly unfazed by the shots Jester is landing and again tries to grab a hold of Jester. Jester is once again able to dodge and again lands a punch directly in the face of Sammy, but as he does so, Sammy gets his arm up and grabs Jester by the throat. Jester throws another punch to Sammy’s face, but Sammy eats it, keeping his grip on Jester’s face. Jester reels back and throws another HARD shot that lands on Sammy’s face, but Sammy’s eyes go wide! He raises Jester HIGH in the air and SLAMS him to the ground with a chokeslam! All the air in Jester’s lungs exist his body lightning fast and the man lies motionless.

Eryk Masters: My god, the power of that man.

Other Guy: And he just ate those punches. He didn’t even seem to care that they were happening.

Sammy stares down at Jester, a smile crossing his face. He lifts his foot in the air and SLAMS it down on Jester’s chest! Jester’s eyes go wide as he starts coughing. Sammy keeps his foot planted and presses down hard on Jester’s chest, putting his weight down on the lungs of Smiles. Jester pushes and fights, punching Sammy in the leg, but he can’t seem to get the giant manchild to remove his foot! Willie Dean steps in, warning Sammy, but Sammy seems to ignore. Willie Dean begins his count.






FI-Sammy takes his foot off Jester’s chest. Jester rolls away, coughing, but Sammy stays hot on his heels. Jester tries to get to his feet, but Sammy just kicks him back down and places a hard stomp to his back. Sammy now grabs Jester by the head and lifts him up, throwing him against the ropes and swinging for a clothesline, but Jester dodges. Jester comes back and as Sammy turns he launches with the Virginia Sidekick! It connects with Sammy’s chest! Sammy staggers backwards, clutching his chest, and Jester flies forward with a superman punch that connects! Sammy appears rocked! Jester hits a right! Jester hits a left! A right! Another left! Another right!

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles is on a roll here!

Jester hits the ropes and comes flying at Sammy with a flying clothesline!

But he’s caught in mid-air! Sammy plants him on his feet, turns him around, and SLAMS him to the ground with a reverse chokeslam!

Other Guy: No he’s not.

Sammy gets down on his hands and knees and proceeds to slam Jester’s face into the mat. Jester seems unconscious as Sammy continues to beat on him. Willie Dean warns Sammy to stop, but again Sammy completely ignores Willie Dean. Willie Dean again begins his count!






Willie Dean signals for the bell, but again, Sammy does not seem to notice. He rolls Jester over and begins punching him in the face, leaving Jester a bloody mess.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Willie Dean has called this match a NO CONTEST due to Sammy’s illegal actions and Jester’s inability to compete!

The crowd boos as Sammy beats Jester Smiles.

Other Guy: Someone come out here and stop this!

Eryk Masters: No one is going to help a guy like Jester Smiles. Not after everything he’s done. But…even with all that, I don’t know if he deserves this.

As Willie Dean is signaling for security to run to the ring, Sammy suddenly stops. He looks down at the bloody, beaten Jester and just scoffs, spitting on the man. Sammy then stands up and, without another word or expression, exits the ring. Jester remains completely motionless as EMTs and trainers run from the back to give him medical attention.

Eryk Masters: You never want to see something like this happen.

Other Guy: That guy has got to be put down. I really hope Donovan can handle what he’s got coming at Elite.

Eryk Masters: Let’s hope our main event, Maya Nakashima vs Jacob Mephisto, is not this much of a mess. That’s up next!

The scene fades in over a desert landscape. A light wind blows, stirring the sands. There is silence, save for the sound of the light wind and sand stirring. A deep voice breaks the silence…

Narrator: Since ancient times, mankind has had the urge to compete. Gladiators were moved to RISE. Tarnished and dishonored Combatants have achieved REDEMPTION. Warriors have had their day of RECKONING. Soldiers have gone to war for the title of MASTER in their arena of competition. Wars have been waged and blood has been shed.

A deep crimson stain begins to form in the sand. It widens and stretches, creeping into the distance with increasing speed. We can see the outline of Las Vegas, Nevada in the near distance.

Narrator: Now, the time has come to go beyond mere competition. The time has come to ascend beyond terms such as good, great, and best. On September 29th, 2013, there is only one source for the highest level of competition in the world…

The camera follows along the crimson trail, BURSTING into a fast pace until it rests on the SHOOT Project Epicenter.

Narrator: Many Soldiers will go to war to move just one agonizing step higher on the food chain. Some will fight for glory. Others will fight for recognition. And others still, will fight for pride. The Soldiers of the SHOOT Project Never Say Die. The SHOOT Nation Pledges Its Allegiance. On September 29th, the SHOOT Project once again proves that it is not elitist, just…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen … it is my pleasure … to introduce your NEWWWWW Sin City Champion … THRRRREEE EEMMMMMMM!

The crowd roars its approval, turning their attention toward the entryway as Fear Factory’s Resurrection hits the arena PA.  White flaming pyro bursts across the stage as 3M emerges onto the rampway like a shadow emerging from the abyss, complete with the Sin City title proudly strapped around his waist.  Standing for a moment while the pyro smoke clears, 3M gazes out across the audience, taking in the applause.

Eryk Masters: There may be a bit too much excitement in my voice right now, but damn it’s good to see a new Sin City champion, OG!  It’s about time!

Other Guy: And the match in which it happened was amazing, if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you hit YouTube and look it up right after our show tonight…what an astounding win by 3M, but the aftermath with Valentine and Mephisto didn’t make for the best of celebrations…

As 3M makes his way toward the ring, he removes the title and holds it high above his head, showing the world that a new flag bearer of their town’s namesake has finally arrived. Fans reach out to touch him as he makes his way down the aisle, when he suddenly picks up speed toward the ring and slides in through the bottom rope, popping up to his feet in one deft move.

Eryk Masters: I never thought I’d see the day when the fans…or when I would cheer this man.  Ladies and gentlemen, if it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now.  3 … M … has arrived in SHOOT Project!

Draping the title over the top rope near the corner, 3M steps through the ropes, climbing to the top turnbuckle, perching himself atop it “Spider Man” style, slightly bowing his head.  A spotlight drops down upon him from above as he grabs the belt and slowly rises upright, balancing himself on the top ropes, his arms slowly following as he lifts the Sin City Title skyward with one hand.

Other Guy: Paying his respects to one of the greatest titles in SHOOT Project, Eryk!

Eryk Masters: He’s always been one for the theatrical, hasn’t he…

”What a picturesque moment…”

Eryk Masters: Oh, come on, not now…

Just then, Valentine, Mason Pierce and the rest of Orion emerge onto the rampway to a resounding chorus of boos.  Trailing the group, Valentine Lionheart can clearly be seen wielding a mic.

Valentine Lionheart: Ladies and gentlemen; a round of applause for your Sin City Champion.

He slowly claps his hands together, the repeated boom of the clap echoing around the arena.  Back in the ring, 3M drops down off the top rope and quickly removes his black duster and tosses it toward the announcers table, placing his Sin City title beneath the turnbuckles.

Other Guy: What the…what’s he doing?!  He’d better get the hell outta there, Masters!

As Orion approaches the ring, the crowd amps up with every step they take, realizing 3M has no intention of retreating.  Standing his ground, 3M slowly lifts his hands, making the motion toward Orion to come get him, making the crowd absolutely roar for the impending action.

Eryk Masters: Ohhhh, no, this is not good, OG…with the run 3M’s been on, I’m not sure what he’s thinking right now…Orion isn’t a group you want to take on by yourself, Hell, you’d better have an army!

Other Guy: I hate agreeing with you, but you got that right!

Valentine Lionheart: Wow! I’m impressed…are you really gonna do this?! Turn from hero to martyr in one night!?

Without wasting a second more, Valentine drops the mic with a thud as both he and Mason dive through the bottom rope at the same time, the others following suit, collapsing in on 3M, quickly capturing an advantage.  Grabbing 3M from behind, Valentine holds him still as Mason picks up the Sin City title and charges at 3M without hesitation.

Eryk Masters: NO!!!  YES!!!

Surprising Mason, 3M kicks him in the gut, hitting Valentine with an elbow, he once again kicks Mason and spins around, hitting Valentine with a solid right, bringing the crowd to an absolute frenzy.  Mason can clearly be heard yelling, “You son of a bitch!” as he charges, nailing 3M with a double axe handle from behind, shoving him right into a devastating closeline from Valentine.  Once again, Mason can be heard yelling at the rest of Orion, “GET HIM!”

Other Guy: God, that nearly decapitated him!  Orion are out for blood tonight.

As if coming to life on command, Orion rain down the boots on 3M, Valentine once again lifting him up as Mason grabs the Sin City title, charging at 3M and hitting him flush in the face.  Letting him go, 3M falls to his knees and flat on his face.  Mason kicks him over and shakes his head, carefully laying the title across his face, gold side down.  He simply nods to Valentine.

Eryk Masters: NO…MY GOD!

Jumping up and dropping a knee on the back of the title, Valentine  rubs it into 3M’s face for good measure.

Eryk Masters: What’s this now, Mason made a motion above and now there’s some sort of cable descending from the scaffolding above the ring and 3M is out cold…please tell me we aren’t going to see something like this again…

Other Guy: This is what happens when you try to stand up against a unified Orion on your own, Masters.  I won’t say 3M deserves it, but…come on…Mason Pierce: As you can clearly see, we are DONE playing around in SHOOT Project.  We made the mistake of letting our guard down lately, a mistake that I can assure you will most definitely NOT be repeated again. However, it’s quite apparent that words alone are not going to be sufficient. After all, actions do speak much louder. So tonight, we are going to make an example of your … dark hero.  Let it serve as a message to every last one of you here tonight, including every one of you in the back … Orion is NOT to be trifled with.

He turns to Malice and nods toward the fallen 3M.

Mason Pierce: String this piece of crap up. I want to make sure everyone from the front row to the fucking nosebleed seats gets a good view of this.

Malice looks at Morgana, who nods in assent. After hooking the cable around 3M’s ankles, he slowly begins to rise at the behest of Orion, his arms dangling as he hangs helplessly above the ring about five feet off the ground.  Approaching 3M, Valentine violently rips the blood soaked mask downward off of his face, revealing the crimson covered face of Mirage beneath.  Valentine takes the mic from Mason.

Valentine: Didn’t I tell you people to give your hero a round of applause? Now is your chance, to shower him with adulation and glory! Or are you finally able to see past the facade that is this fucking mask!?

Valentine grips the mask tightly, holding it up for all to see.

Valentine: Look at him hang there, helplessly.  For now you now see him for what he really is; a lowly maggot attempting to walk amongst GIANTS! A maggot that each and every one of you puppets booed and jeered not that long ago.

He sneers, looking around at the fans who show him nothing but contempt.

Valentine: You hypocrites condemn my actions, while you cheer this man as he attempts to end my career by throwing me off stage!? But I get it, your media-brainwashed-minds cannot compute any situation without heroes and villains. So be it; I’ll be your villain…and he; your hero.  Hang on a second, something’s missing.

Grabbing the Sin City championship, Valentine straps it around 3M’s waist, giving him a slight shove, causing him to slowly swing like a pendulum.

Eryk Masters: Thankfully, 3M has been unconscious throughout this, this … I don’t even have the words to describe what this is.

Other Guy: He won’t stay that way forever, Masters!

Valentine: We are not content merely hanging your beloved champion and hero.  We are not content with desecrating the symbol that is 3M!  No. We are hanging Sin City Itself! We are hanging each and every one of you! Ah, there we are…coming back to reality, are we, hero?

As the cobwebs clear, 3M begins to flail, attempting to reach up and free himself, Mason makes a simple motion to the monster Malice who hammers 3M with a gutshot, and follows it up by grabbing him by his head, lifting him, and absolutely leveling him with a downward shot to the forehead causing 3M to slightly spin and swing from the impact, blood dripping down off his forehead, leaving spatters in random locations on the mat below.

Valentine: The more you struggle, the more you fight, the more you’ll get hurt.  This is the real world, 3M, where the heroes die, and the people that once pretended to care forget they ever existed.  Accept your fate, and hang there as the symbol of those who would stand against Orion.

He hands the microphone back to Mason.

Mason Pierce: Let this be a lesson learned. We do not forgive. We do not forget. This.. is the first. You’re welcome.

Mason turns and clocks 3M in the face with the microphone before dropping it in the pool of blood that resides underneath the hanging idol. With a smirk Valentine motions to his Orion brethren to take hold of the crimson faced Marcus Mirage.

Other Guy: This is what comes of making a career out of screwing people…hey, I’m just saying it like it is, Masters.

Pierce and Malice take hold of 3M, and in a show of mock pageantry, pull opposite each other, outstretching his arms, turning him into a human upside-down cross shape. With a tilt of his head, Valentine clicks his neck and takes a few steps away from 3M all the while being cheered on by the vicious Morgana whose eyes flicker with some kind of twisted delight.

Eryk Masters: That’s it OG, someone has to do something about this!

Other Guy: Eryk, Eryk, Eryk! Stop! Are you crazy?  Let the brass deal with this anarchy, it’s too dangerous for you to steam in there without thinking.

Eryk Masters:  I’m just sick of this! Week after week, it’s Orion and SCAR; they take things too far they keep getting away with it!

Valentine can be overheard yelling toward 3M, “What was it you said when you were gonna fight Cronos, bless me father, for I am about to sin?! “  With a smirk, he adds, “ME TOO!”  And with a quick succession of moves designed to mock 3M, Valentine hit’s the ropes as Pierce and Malice swing 3M back into the air where they suddenly release him. The tied and bound 3M helplessly swings back towards the now charging Valentine who leaps into the air, hurtling his patented Tiger-Knee straight into the sternum of his nemesis.  The impact of the strike rips 3M’s feet out of the cable and causes him to spin and hurtle to the ground below where he crashes into the mat with a thud. 3M’s body lies limp as he slumps down into the pool of his own blood.  The attack causes absolute quiet to befall the fans in attendance.

Other Guy: I’m at a loss for words, Eryk.

The Orion members share a sickeningly satisfied look, one that is a far cry from the concern etched into the faces of each and every fan in attendance. Mason Pierce nods to his right-hand man, “The Omega Messiah”, and then point’s down to the Sin City Championship that now rests beside the battered body of Marcus Mirage.  Without hesitation, Valentine takes hold of the Championship and slowly raises it above his head, not to chorus of boos, nor disapproval, but to the silent shock and disgust of the fans in attendance.

Eryk Masters: I can only apologize for this despicable scene…This, this kind of thing shouldn’t be happening week after week, a few of these guys need to get together and do something about Orion and SCAR before there is nothing left of SHOOT Project to save.

With those words said Revolution suddenly cuts to static, followed by a few seconds of darkness before assuming an unscheduled commercial break.

We cut backstage where we see Maya Nakashima walking purposefully down the hall, on his way to the gorilla position to make his entrance for tonight’s main event. His eyes are focused and he looks ready as he shakes his arms loose while he walks. He turns the corner and stops as he sees a poster on the wall promoting ELITE, and specifically, the Primus.

Maya looks at the poster intently, his eyes narrowing with focus. What he doesn’t see is the figure walking quietly into the frame behind him.

The crowd out in the arena boos loudly as Jacob Mephisto creeps up behind Maya, a smirk on his face as he raises his arms for a double axehandle attack.


The crowd lets out a cheer as both Maya and Mephisto turn to the left to see Lunatikk Crippler step into the shot, glaring at Mephisto. Maya glances over and sees Mephisto quickly dropping his arms to his sides and moves next to Crippler. Jacob sneers at the pair of them, who only glare back.

The boos grow louder as Laura Seton steps onto the scene, smirking at Crippler. She glances at Maya with a look of distaste and then to the ELITE poster on the wall before shaking her head lightly and clapping Jacob on his shoulder playfully.

The crowd buzzes with anticipation but then quickly let out a loud cheer as Loco Martinez steps next to Crippler, that Cheshire cat-like smile on his face causing Laura’s smirk to turn to a nasty scowl. Loco’s smile begins to fade when Mason Pierce steps into the frame next to Laura, the Orion Championship draped over his shoulder comfortably. The tension in the air is clear as the two groups of three glare at one another as if daring the other to make a move.

The crowd out in the Epicenter ERUPTS with sudden cheers as the World Heavyweight Champion, Trey Willett steps into the shot, the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He glares at Mephisto, Laura, and Mason before casting a cautious, but friendly glance to Crippler and Loco. Comprehension dawns on his face as he sees Maya. He focuses his glare on Mephisto for a moment before turning his gaze to Mason Pierce and his Orion Championship.

More boos emanate from the Epicenter arena as Dan Stein saunters onto the scene. He doesn’t stand with Seton, Pierce, and Mephisto, but doesn’t join Trey, Loco, Crippler, and Maya either. He simply stands between the two groups, looking at each of them in turn with the same amused expression on his face before glancing at the ELITE poster and nodding his head as he steps away. Tensions among the group begins to seemingly reach a fever pitch as the crowd out in the Epicenter arena begin to chant for either Maya, Loco, Crippler, or Trey to do something. A few “cunt” chants kick up as well.

Finally, Mephisto smirks, shaking his head before walking away from the group. Maya steps away soon after and soon, each member of the Primus warily steps away from the situation. The camera zooms in on the ELITE poster…

And we cut away with that shot.

Eryk Masters: We’re about ready to get our main event underway here. What a night it’s been so far!

Other Guy: You ain’t kidding, E. We’ve had a lot of stuff go down here on Revolution, but we aren’t done yet. Take it away, Samantha Coil!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the EVENING! It is scheduled for one fall with the following stipulations per SHOOT Project COO, Sean “OutKast” Kygon! If Maya Nakashima is victorious, he will be added as the eighth participant in the Primus Main Event of ELITE. However, if Maya Nakashima loses, he will be suspended for the rest of the year. And NOW, here are the participants!


The crowd explodes with boos as Time is on My Side by the Rolling Stones begins to really hammer out those haunting vocals. The curtains part and Jacob Mephisto steps out onto the entrance stage.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, here is JACOOB MEEEPHHIIIISSSTOOOO!!!

The crowd continues to reign down boos on the former Sin City Champion as he slowly begins to stalk his way down the aisle. He occasionally stops, staring out at the jeering SHOOT Nation, only to sneer or flash the briefest hint of a smirk before continuing his walk.

Eryk Masters: Jacob Mephisto has become increasingly unstable as of late, OG. He can’t just have a match anymore. It’s like he becomes obsessed with the demise of whoever he plans on stepping into the ring with.

Other Guy: I think it’s much deeper than that, E. I think Jacob Mephisto is afraid. He took advantage of an injured Donovan King and now he’s at a point where anything that he perceives as even a small threat has to be destroyed. It’s intensified since he lost the Sin City Championship.

Jacob approaches the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope into the ring. He rises to his feet and sneers out over the crowd as the music fades. He leans on the ropes, staring intently at the entrance stage, his pale gray eyes practically burning with bad intentions.

The crowd continues to reign down boos on Jacob, but those boos quickly turn into ROARING cheers as HORIZON by D’espairs Ray begins to play and the lights go down. Multiple searchlights start spanning the crowd, the fans looking around, trying to see what they are searching for, though many in the crowd already know. The Tron springs to life, showing the words


The words shimmer for a moment, before the searchlights converge on the top of the entrance ramp, revealing Maya Nakashima standing there, ready for battle. The word HOPE flashes across the screen, and the spotlights shoot across the crowd once again, drowned out in a brilliant white light.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Hailing from Nagasaki, Japan and weighing int at one hundred and thirty-five pounds… MAYAAAAA NAAAAAAKAAAASHIIIIIIIMA!

The fans ROAR their approval as Maya begins to make his way towards the ring, his face set in determination. Maya tags the hands of as many fans as he possibly can on his way to the ring while Jacob simply paces back and forth in the ring, waiting on his opponent.

Eryk Masters: It never ceases to amaze me how much these fans adore Maya, OG. This man has been through so much and he has continued to bounce back and persevere. He is, undoubtedly, SHOOT Project’s Soldier of HOPE.

Other Guy: No doubt about it, E. Maya has a tough task ahead of him and the stakes have never been higher. But, Maya Nakashima is a fighter. This one is going to be amazing.

Maya pauses three quarters of the way down the aisle before DASHING forward and sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope, BUT HE’S AMBUSHED BY MEPHISTO RIGHT AWAY! Tony Lorenzo immediately calls for the bell and the main event of Revolution is ON!

Eryk Masters: What a coward! He attacked Maya before the match was even started!

Other Guy: I’m telling you, E, Jacob Mephisto is on the warpath. He has no regard to the well being of anybody but himself and he’s willing to go to any means to get what he wants. And right now, he wants Maya gone from SHOOT for the rest of the year.

Mephisto repeatedly puts the boots to Maya as the crowd reigns down boos. Maya tries to fight to his feet, but Mephisto just STOMPS down across his back, sending him back to the mat. Mephisto brings Maya to his feet and Irish whips him across the ring. Maya hits the ropes and ducks a wild clothesline from Mephisto. He hits the ropes again, coming off with BLINDING speed and NAILS Mephisto with a lightning fast front dropkick that knocks a surprised Mephisto to the canvas as the crowd lets out a cheer! Mephisto quickly gets to his feet and Maya advances, but Mephisto BAILS from the ring, eliciting boos from the SHOOT Faithful!

Eryk Masters: And Mephisto’s ambush doesn’t work out for him! Maya must’ve been ready for it and showed his tenacity there!

Other Guy: Yeah, but Mephisto was smart there, E. He saw the momentum building for Maya and got out of dodge. He knows he has to keep the pace deliberate here.

Tony Lorenzo’s count has reach FIVE as Jacob paces back and forth on the outside, sneering up at Maya, who is motioning for Mephisto to “bring it on.” Mephisto pulls himself up onto the apron and slowly steps between the ropes. He begins to walk in a slow circle, Maya shadowing him at a quicker pace. Mephisto steps in for a tie-up, but Maya ducks under and sends a snapping kick to Mephisto’s thigh.

Mephisto turns to face Maya, that sneer etched into his face as he flexes the leg that was just kicked. Mephisto moves in again and again Maya ducks under and snaps off a thigh kick.

Eryk Masters: Smart move by Maya here, not tying up with the much bigger and stronger Mephisto.

Mephisto moves in for a third time and AGAIN Maya ducks under, but Mephisto shifts his position and PISTONS a right hand into Maya’s forehead as he is ducking under! Maya staggers backwards and Mephisto shows his own agility, quickly moving in and delivering another heavy right hand that rocks Maya backwards. Mephisto grabs Maya by the head and SMASHES a headbutt into his face, staggering the former RoS Champion back into the corner. Mephisto moves in and begins to throw his shoulder into Maya’s midsection repeatedly. Tony Lorenzo is right there, shouting for Mephisto to bring Maya out of the corner. Mephisto stops his barrage and turns to face Lorenzo, stalking forward and causing the referee to back away.

Other Guy: He’d better be careful, E. If Mephisto gets disqualified, he still loses and Maya gets into the Primus.

Mephisto turns back to Maya, and Maya rushes forward with a forearm, BUT MEPHISTO lowers his level, catching Maya and DRIVING him back into the turnbuckles! Jacob sends another shoulder into Maya’s midsection and another, BUT MAYA brings his legs up, hooks Jacob under the arms, and rolls forward, bringing Mephisto over with a modified sunset flip into a pinning predicament! Lorenzo is there!




The crowd “OHHH’s” at the very near fall early on.

Eryk Masters: Oh man, that was CLOSE! Maya almost caught Jacob early here!

Other Guy: Definitely, E. And Mephisto KNOWS it.

Mephisto has a looks of surprise on his face as he pushes himself to his feet quickly, but that look goes slack as he is quickly NAILED with a step up enziguri and the crowd SHOUTS with joy! Maya covers again!




Eryk Masters: AGAIN Maya nearly put Jacob away! Oh man, I knew this would be good, but I never expected Maya to have Mephisto nearly beaten THIS early.

Other Guy: Don’t get too excited, E. Getting close isn’t getting it done.

Jacob rolls over and pushes himself up to all fours and Maya begins to hit the ropes. Mephisto gets to one knee, shaking out the cobwebs from that nasty enziguri and Maya continues to build up speed as he hits the ropes. Jacob gets to his feet and turns to see Maya coming right at him, he swings with a wild lariat, but Maya ducks and hits the opposite ropes, coming off with LIGHTNING speed and hopping up onto Jacob’s shoulders!


Maya covers! And Lorenzo is there!





Mephisto JUST manages to kick out before Lorenzo’s hand hits the mat for the third time!

Other Guy: Holy CRAP that was TOO close! I don’t think Jacob expected this!

Eryk Masters: Maya has EVERYTHING on the line here tonight, OG. He is giving it his all!

Maya checks with Tony Lorenzo, but the referee assures him that, while it was VERY close, Mephisto did, indeed, kick out.

The crowd is cheering their hearts out as Maya watches Mephisto slowly push himself back up to his knees. Maya heads to the turnbuckle and scales to the top rope, perched and ready. Mephisto staggers to a vertical base on wobbly legs. He turns around and Maya LEAPS from the top!

Eryk Masters: OH!

Mephisto CATCHES Maya’s crossbody attempt, quickly SNAPPING over into a BIG powerslam, driving Maya into the canvas HARD! The crowd lets out a groan and begins to boo as Jacob slowly pushes himself back to his feet, his eyes twitching and a NASTY scowl on his face.

Other Guy: And that may have been all the opening Jacob needed right there.

Mephisto shakes the cobwebs out and stalks towards Maya. He rears back and SLAMS a kick to Maya’s ribs, rolling him over with the momentum. Jacob snatches Maya by the hair, Tony Lorenzo admonishing him all the while, and JERKS him to his feet. Jacob sets Maya up and HOISTS him into the air, holding him up in a hanging vertical suplex, but not dropping.

Eryk Masters: Look at the POWER of Mephisto! He’s letting all the blood rush to Maya’s head here.

Other Guy: This is NOT going to be a good landing for Maya.

Mephisto SNAPS straight down and PLANTS Maya with a brainbuster! Jacob sits up and glares out at the booing crowd before rolling over to cover Maya!




Maya kicks out before the count of three!

Eryk Masters: He should’ve hooked the leg there, OG. He might’ve had him.

Other Guy: No doubt about it, E. Neither of these guys can afford to make that kind of mistake in this match. Not with what’s at stake.

Jacob ignores the fans, who have begun to chant “MAYA,” and gets to his feet, bringing Maya up with him. Mephisto DRILLS Maya with a forearm to the jaw, but hangs onto his hair, not allowing him to go down. He Irish whips Maya into the ropes and LEVELS him with a lariat, sending Maya to the canvas HARD. Jacob stands over Maya, scowling down at him. He leans over and SLAPS Maya across the face.


Jacob SLAPS Maya again and stands up straight, holding his arms out and scowling at the crowd. The SHOOT Nation boos LOUD as Mephisto looks out among the sea of humanity that has packed the Epicenter tonight.

Jacob reaches down and grabs Maya by the hair again, BUT MAYA ROLLS HIM UP IN A SURPRISE SMALL PACKAGE! Lorenzo DIVES to the mat!




Jacob JUST manages to power out of the roll up. He POPS to his feet and delivers a HARD axehandle shot to Maya’s lower back. He brings Maya up to his feet, twisting his arm. Mephisto shoves Maya away and JERKS him back in with a short-arm clothesline, BUT MAYA DUCKS UNDER and uses the momentum to spin around Mephisto, keeping the arm and wrapping his leg around Mephisto’s head!

Eryk Masters: CHRISTO! That move is called CHRISTO!

Other Guy: That’s one of the moves he used at Master of the Mat to secure a submission, E! He could have Mephisto here!

The crowd cheers WILDLY for the sudden maneuver from Maya! Tony Lorenzo is right there asking Mephisto if he wants to give in, but Mephisto is shaking his head while he SHOUTS in pain, his eyes wide with surprise! The crowd begins to chant LOUD!


Mephisto continues to shake his head no and starts to DRAG Maya towards the ropes! The crowd begins to boo, but Maya, sensing Mephisto may make the ropes, quickly releases the hold, using momentum to shove Mephisto forward. Maya hits the opposite ropes with amazing speed! Mephisto turns around just in time to eat a spinning heel kick from Maya that sends him down to the canvas! Jacob pushes himself up to his knees, but Maya has hit the ropes again and this time comes off with a dropkick right to Mephisto’s face! Mephisto hits the canvas again, this time not getting up.

The crowd is beginning to go into a frenzy as they begin another “MAYA” chant. Maya goes to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. He measures Mephisto and LEAPS off with a splash! BUT MEPHISTO GETS HIS KNEES UP!

Eryk Masters: DAMN! Maya had Mephisto going, but AGAIN Mephisto shows his resourcefulness here.

Other Guy: Those high risk maneuvers can pay off sometimes, but sometimes they can really cost you . And Maya just paid the price.

Mephisto rolls over and pushes himself to his feet, again shaking out the cobwebs. He turns to see Maya rolling around on the canvas and smirks, motioning to the crowd that it’s about to be all over. The crowd responds with insults and LOUD boos.

Mephisto stalks towards Maya and snatches his legs. He begins to twist them up, but Maya fights, kicking his legs wildly!

Eryk Masters: Jacob’s going for Mephisto’s Method! If he locks this in, it could be it!

Other Guy: Could be? If he locks Mephisto’s Method in, this IS over.

Maya continues to fight off the hold, kicking his legs out in every direction wildly, but Mephisto THROWS his legs out to either side and DROPS down, delivering a headbutt to Maya’s midsection. Mephisto pops back to his feet and grabs Maya’s legs again. He twists them up and turns!

Eryk Masters: MEPHISTO’S METHOD! He’s got it!


The fans are coming ALIVE as Maya FLAILS his legs forward before Mephisto can turn fully. Mephisto’s face contorts with anger as he repositions his grip, but Maya MULE kicks forward with both legs and Jacob staggers backwards, letting go of Maya’s legs and clutching his face!

Eryk Masters: Oh man! I think Maya caught him right in the face with that mule kick OG!

Other Guy: That’s what it looks like, E! And Maya is up on his feet!

Jacob brings his hands away from his face JUST as Maya RUSHES forward! Maya reaches Jacob and LEAPS up into a handstand onto his shoulders and the crowd. Fucking. LOSES IT!

Eryk Masters: ODE. TO. SHINY-

Other Guy: NO!!!

The crowd GASPS as Jacob GRABS hold of Maya on his way down, getting his hands under him. He PULLS Maya back up, positioning his hands and parting Maya’s knees before DRIVING him into the canvas with a THUNDEROUS powerbomb! Maya’s head SNAPS backwards into the mat!

Jacob snarls at Maya and DRAGS him to the center of the ring. He sits Maya up and hits the ropes, the crowd UNLEASHING a hail of boos.


Other Guy: And Jacob is SHOCKED!

Maya rolls to the side and Jacob look shocked and confused for a split second before turning quickly. Maya dives forward, scooping Jacob’s ankles and dropping him to his back with a double ankle pick! Maya steps through the legs and twists them for a SharpSHOOTer, but reaches down, grabbing an arm and wrapping his legs around Mephisto’s neck before dropping back!


Other Guy: Maya calls that HOPE FOR SHINYA, E! And he’s got it locked in TIGHT!

The crowd is SCREAMING as Maya wrenches back and Mephisto SCREAMS in pain, a look of anguish and complete SHOCK on his face. Mephisto starts to DRAG himself in the direction of the ropes, BUT can’t get the momentum due to the positioning of the hold!


The crowd ERUPTS with LOUD cheers as Mephisto slaps the mat repeatedly in submission and Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell!!!


Maya releases the hold and rolls away, pushing himself up to his knees his face raised to the sky, eyes closed. Mephisto lies there, cradling his neck and shoulder.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and the OFFICIAL eight participant in the PRIMUS… MAAAAAYAAAAAAAA NAAAAAKAAAAASHIIIIIIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAA!!!!

The crowd breaks the boundaries of possibility and gets even LOUDER at the announcement as HORIZON begins to play again and Tony Lorenzo raises Maya’s arm as he stands. Mephisto rolls out of the ring, his head hung low as he cradles his shoulder on his way back to up the aisle.


Other Guy: What a FANTASTIC battle here tonight by these two Soldiers! And, as Eryk put it, folks, Maya Nakashima is going to be added to the main event of ELITE. That’s all the time we have tonight, SHOOT Nation. Eryk and I will see you at ELITE!

The music continues to play and the crowd celebrates as Maya scales the turnbuckles, raising his arms in victory. Our final shot of the night is the sea of humanity that is the SHOOT Nation screaming for joy. And Maya Nakashima, SHOOT Project’s shining beacon, standing triumphant with his hands held high, one finger pointed to the ELITE banner hanging from the rafters. Tonight, the SHOOT Nation witnessed the power…