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Revolution 122: 5/12/2014

We open cold inside The Epicenter arena. The ring is empty, but the seats are full. The sold out, jam-packed crowd is buzzing with anticipation as they wait for Revolution 122: The Resurrection Edition to go on the air. Little do they know, that at this very moment, they are on the air.

The video wall lights up with the Revolution logo and the crowd begins to buzz even louder, as if preparing to unleash a massive cheer. And then…


The words have a second to echo in the arena before every sound after is drowned out by a sea of fans screaming as loud as they possible can. No one remains seated, every one from the ring side staff to the rafters are up on their feet, channeling everything they have at the entrance ramp. When Maya finally walks out from behind the curtain, he stands there with his eyes glowing and tinted, the crowd can almost see their reflection in his eyes. Tears bite at the sides of his eyes, but Maya fights them off as he walks down the aisle reaching out with his free hand, he shakes hands with EVERY hand that stretches out to him. In his other hand, a long black felt bad tied off with red string, which switches from hand to hand so he can better shake hands with those he considers most beloved. Maya walks around the entire outside of the ring to make sure that every fan gets at least a second of his time before sliding into the ring.

The crowd simply can’t remain silent.

Maya, with his hands on his hips, turns to each section of rabid fans. His mouth, a slightly parted slit, doesn’t quite have the words to express the moment. He turns to each section, bowing his head low, letting his hazel hair drip and shadow his face. The humility shown by the champion just makes the arena that much louder, blitzing Maya with all of their love. With his face shadowed, he takes a quick few swipes at his eyes with his wrist before holding the microphone up to his mouth.

Maya: You guys have no idea how much I missed this…

A chant starts breaking out that Maya can’t help but smile at.


Maya: I wanna talk about the day SHOOT closed its doors last time, one of the worst days of my life. I had lost my home once before, to an earthquake and subsequent tsunami, and it was a feeling I never wanted to endure again, that feeling of uselessness as everything I loved was snatched away from me. But the day SHOOT closed… I… I felt it again. I was powerless to stop it from happening, powerless to do enough to keep the doors open, and powerless to even… to even say goodbye.

Maya has to stop and take another swipe at his eyes with his wrist before taking a deep breath and steadying his hand on the microphone.

Maya: I wandered around here and there, at times I was told to defend the SHOOT Project Title. But, you know, when SHOOT closed I couldn’t even look at the belt anymore. I didn’t want to see my reflection in it, I didn’t want to see the words etched on it’s gold inlaid face, because I was ashamed. Shamed that I couldn’t do more for SHOOT Project, for my home. My heart, and my soul, couldn’t bear to look at it anymore, it hurt too much to even…

clenches his lips together, rubbing his forehead with his palm.

Maya: So I sealed it away, where no one could see it. I hid it’s beautiful face from the world, from myself. I didn’t take it to any foreign rings with me or takes pictures with it, I kept it close and hidden. I wasn’t wrestling for SHOOT Project anymore, I shouldn’t be waving it around like a trophy. There was only one way the SHOOT Project World Title would see the light of day again; if I somehow lost it or if… if I could… if I could come back…

Maya looks down at the black felt bag, the opening wrapped around his free hand’s wrist. The crowd, still standing and cheering, gets louder and louder as Maya lets the felt bag’s opening flutter in his hand. The black felt bag slowly slips down as Maya takes hold of what is inside, as it slides and feathers down, the gold becomes brighter and brighter, the crowd becomes louder and louder. Finally, the bag lies on the canvas of the ring, crumpled and broken, while Maya holds the SHOOT Project World Title high in the air, every flashbulb in the building dazzling and gleaming off the face plate, practically illuminating the entire arena on its own.

Maya: Home.

Maya simply stands in the middle of the ring with his baby, his cherished prize now finally unveiled once more. Maya pushes the title as high up as his arms will let him as a fitting chant echoes throughout the arena, such a fitting chant that the entire arena shouts it, even the commentators can be heard whispering it, in brilliant unison.


The arena is black, the crowd murmuring. The sound of a steel train bell is heard, it starts out faint, but gradually gets louder and louder. Then, a loud horn sounds and Halestorm’s “Freak Like Me” begins!

I’m on the train that’s pullin the sick and twisted,

Makin the most of the ride before we get arrested,

We’re all wasted,

And we’re not going home tonight.

The faces of Maya Nakashima, Jerry Matthews, Dave Marz, Dan Stein, and ANARCHY all occupy an even section of the SHOOT Project’s Epitron, blended with the championship belt that each holds.

Covered in black we lack the social graces,

Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,

They can’t tame us,

So if you’re one of us, get on the bus

The faces disappear as a flag with the SHOOT Project Helmet takes over the screen. The Epitron splits into three views, one with Maya Nakashima when he first captured the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship… the other with Dan Stein squaring off against Trey Willett… the third, Lunatikk Crippler hitting the Lunatikk Sweet!

If you’re a freak like me,

Wave your flag!

If you’re a freak like me,

Get off your ass!

It’s our time now,

To let it all hang out

The flag catches fire, as new faces come into the fray. We see Cameron Ash, Ryan Shane, Kale Tanev, and Eli Storm standing across from each other on an abandoned train platform. Corey Lazarus stands off to the side, watching the other four while Kincaid watches a monitor with vested interest as Jerry Matthews dusts off an old foe, defending the Iron Fist Championship.

We’re underground but we will not surrender,

We’re gonna give them something to remember, yeah,

ANARCHY’s T. Rex and Arch Angel grin, holding the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships up as Vermont’s Finest look on. That image is replaced by the gruesome burn that Corazon suffered, the fire burning into his back, but this time the fire takes the shape of the SHOOT Project helmet.

So write your name in gasoline,

And set that shit on fire

The train platform disappears as the burning helmet takes over the rest of the screen, and the last thing you see are the flames illuminating the silhouettes of all the SHOOT Project Soldiers standing, riding on top of a moving train through the black of night.

So shout if you’re a freak like me,

Don’t apologize,

They can’t hold you down,

You were born to rise!

It’s our time now to come out!

If you’re a freak like me!


Pyro EXPLODES as the SHOOT Project Epicenter lights up! The burning SHOOT Project helmet remains on the screen, and the text “The Phoenix Rises” appears underneath it. The crowd pops and the camera shifts to front row, with the unmistakable… unforgettable… irreplaceable announce team, the Other Guy and Eryk Masters! The crowd even pops for them!

Eryk Masters: OG, I gotta tell you… I like that welcome!

Other Guy: Killer video, too. LOVED the train theme. It feels good to be back on TV, man.

Eryk Masters: I bet it is. I heard they were considering you for that Southern Charm show.

Other Guy: Please… they would have had to rename that show to Other Guy Charm. You know just as well as I do that the only TV show that I care about is the one we’re on right here, and that’s SHOOT Project’s Revolution.

Eryk Masters: Yessir! And ladies and gentlemen, I have to say, it feels good to be back. Vacation is nice, but man there’s no place like home.

Other Guy laughs audibly at Masters.

Other Guy: Easy, Dorothy. It’s like he said, though. We’re glad to be back, and we have a KILLER show for you tonight. In the true spirit of the SHOOT Project, though, we’re going to get right to it and kick this show off ri–!


The crowd EXPLODES as Bun B’s “Chuuch!” hits the Epicenter, signaling the arrival of the one and only REAL DEAL. As the crowd cheers, they realize that he’s not alone! With him is Sean Kygon, the other Executive Vice President, and in true dramatic fashion, they move away from the curtain as the SHOOT Project’s Owner and CEO, JASON JOHNSON emerges.

The crowd is VERY glad to see these three, all of whom have a microphone in hand.

Jason Johnson: Well well well… Josh… Sean… something in this place seems familiar. Seems… I recognize it. The air is thick, though. It’s heavy.

Real Deal: I mean… we did just do a whole montage thing centered around trains, train yards, and fire…

Sean Kygon: …and we HAVE already kicked the show off with a Southern Charm joke.

Jason shakes his head and waves them off. He takes a few steps down the ramp and looks out into the crowd.

Jason Johnson: Holy shit guys, I’ve got it. THIS IS THE SHOOT PROJECT.





PO—wait. BOOOOO.

Real Deal: Oh COME ON.

Jason Johnson: It was worth a shot. God DAMN does it feel good to be back. You ALL look very tan, too. It’s like you’ve ALL been on vacation. You’ve heard, though. You’ve heard the whisperings, you’ve seen the TV ads and I know you all go read the dirtsheets… the SHOOT Project has returned, and we ALSO managed to track down our champions!

The crowd pops for this as the graphic showing the faces of all the various beltholders is displayed on the Epitron.

Jason Johnson: We’re refreshed… we’re relaxed… and we’re ready to get back to work, so without any FURTHER delay… the SHOOT Project proudly presents REVOLUTION 122… THE RESURRECTION EDITION and in true SHOOT Project fashion, we’re going to start this place off with a title match!

The crowd pops.

Jason Johnson: The Sin City Championship is on the line as DAN STEIN defends his title against his MYSTERY OPPONENT. That match happens now, and I REALLY hope Dan Stein doesn’t get used to that kind of an introduction!

The ring bell sounds, three sharp “dings” ringing out, bringing the crowd to a loud buzz. Samantha Coil steps into the ring amidst a subdued, yet enthusiastic “welcome back” chant. She smiles for few seconds before bringing the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SIN. CITY. CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first…


The fans in the arena EXPLODE in boos at the INSTANT that Stan Bush’s “The Touch” blares over the PA system. As blue and hot pink spotlights dance over the stage, Molly, Stein’s assistant, steps out from the backstage area leading Dan Stein out from the back. Dan has the Sin City Championship belt strapped like a bandolier over a baby blue vest and hood. The Golden Boy stops to shadow box at the top of the ramp. Samantha opens a piece of paper she held in her hand.

Samantha Coil: He is the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, a TWO time former Iron Fist Champion, former World Tag Team Champion and the 2012 Redemption Rumble winner. Weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, from right here in Las Vegas, Nevada! Here is YOUR TWO-TIME REIGNING and DEFENDING SIN. CITY. CHAMPION….. The Golden Boy! DAAAAAAAAAAN STEIIIIIIIIN!!!!

Eryk Masters: Only fitting that the most narcissistic man on the roster comes out first on our Resurrection Edition, isn’t it?

Other Guy: The man can be as narcissistic as he wants with accolades like that!

Stein, raises his hands as the fans continue to rain down boos on him as Molly begins to walk down the ramp. Walking down to the ring, Stein keeps his head lowered, continuing to shadow box! As Stein makes it to the ring, he stops, looking to his left, then his right, and…leaps to the apron. Dan ducks under the top rope into the ring. He shadow boxes for a few more seconds before stopping in the middle of the ring, bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet.

The crowd continues to boo Stein vigorously, but they are also buzzing, wondering who the mystery opponent is.

Samantha Coil: And, his opponent, and challenger!

The crowd perks up, the boos trickling down to a loud buzz. Stein stares intently at the entrance stage, waiting. He glances over at Samantha Coil, who shrugs her shoulders.

Eryk Masters: Not even Samantha knows who it is, OG. The anticipation in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife!

Other Guy: When they say mystery opponent, they mean it! How do they expect Samantha to announce who it…

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans ERUPT in wild cheers and Stein’s jaw drops as he stops bouncing around in the ring. He cocks his head to the side and silents mouths the words “son of a bitch.”

Eryk Masters: Ohhhh boy. Is it really him??

It makes no sense to me… What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop at the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: I hope so, E. If it is, the history between these two men runs deep and this match is going to be amazing!

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: There’s no doubt about that. And look at Stein! He’s not a happy camper!

Stein paces back and forth in the ring, a look of irritation mixed with mild hatred and perhaps a dash of fear on his face.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: Are you kidding? Dan Stein is the champ for a reason, E. He’s more that equipped to handle this!

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

“Almost Famous” by Eminem continues to play and none other than Cade Sydal steps out on to the entrance ramp with Cassi Ryan grasping his hand. The crowd cheers even louder as they emerge, Cassi, as is customary, has a microphone in her free hand.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen of the SHOOT Nation, SHOOT Project Faithful…

The crowd responds with a “welcome back” chant and more cheers while Stein sneers from the ring. Cade and Cassi make it down the ramp to ringside.

Cassi Ryan: He hails from right here in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Cade walks up the ring steps and steps between the ropes and into the ring, Cassi following close behind. Stein backs up to his corner, a smirk now locked on his face.

Cassi Ryan: He is a former TWO-TIME SHOOT Project World Champion, a former TWO-TIME Iron Fist Champion, a former TWO-TIME World Tag Team Champion, and the FUTURE Sin City Champion! He is God’s favorite wrestler! He is CAAADE SYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAALLLLL!!!!

The crowd surges with an even louder cheer as Cassi hands her microphone to Samantha Coil. Samantha leaves the ring as referee Dennis Heflin is handed the Sin City Championship by Dan Stein. “Almost Famous” cuts off and Molly and Cassi exit the ring in their respective man’s corner. Stein removes his ring jacket, half-smirking and half-sneering at the challenger, no longer a mystery. Heflin holds the title up for all to see before handing to Mark Kendrick on the outside.

Eryk Masters: Allll right! The mystery is over. Let’s get this going!

Heflin calls for the bell!

Other Guy: The vacation’s over! And the resurrection is on!

The Epicenter fans cheer wildly in anticipation as Cade and Stein begin to walk in a slow circle. They quickly step in for a tie up, but Stein steps slightly to the side and goes right by Cade, instead shouting out at the fans. He turns around and Cade is RIGHT there and whips Stein over with a lightning fast arm drag! Stein pops back to his feet and begins to move back in towards a waiting Cade, but instead stops and ducks his head and upper body between the ropes as Cade moves towards him. Stein shouts at Dennis Heflin to get Cade back, and the referee has no choice but to comply.

Eryk Masters: And right away, Stein shows that trademark cowardice of his. He knows what kind of skills Cade has and wants no part of it!

Other Guy: Well, at least we know one thing hasn’t changed, E. You still have a bias against our Sin City Champion. It’s called strategy, and the champion is using it well here early on.

Cade backs away from Stein, raising his hands in the air as if to say “no problem, man.” Stein slowly ducks his body back into the ring. He takes a second to use the top rope to stretch before nodding and beginning to circle, with Cade following suit.

They step in and tie up, but Stein buries a knee into Cade’s gut, eliciting boos from the crowd. Stein follows up with a series of quick, but solid axehandle smashes to the back of the neck and head of Cade, dropping the challenger to his knees. Stein snatches a handful of hair, the referee quickly stepping in and beginning his count, and SLAMS Cade into the canvas face first!

Eryk Masters: Despicable use of the hair there, but there’s no denying it was effective, and the Sin City Champion is in control.

Stein smirks out at the jeering fans and then begins to stomp down across Cade’s back. He gives him four good stomps and drops an elbow across the lower back for good measure. Stein pops back to his feet quickly and brings Cade up by his hair, Dennis Heflin admonishing him all the while. Stein delivers a STIFF open handed chop to Cade’s chest, rocking him back before snatching the hair again and backing him into the ropes. Stein Irish whips Cade across the ring and swings with a clothesline as Cade comes off on the rebound, but Cade ducks under and hits the far ropes, catching Stein with a spinning heel kick on the way back!

Cade gets back to his feet quickly as Stein recovers and pulls himself back up. Stein turns around and Cade moves in, PEPPERING Stein’s chest with vicious knife-edged chops! Stein tries to clutch at his chest to protect himself as he is rocked back towards the corner, but Cade keeps up the momentum. Stein finds himself backed into the turnbuckles and Cade begins FIRES a right hand into the champion’s jaw that rocks him good to the delight of the crowd!

Other Guy: And here comes Cade! He just jacked Stein right in the money maker, and the champion isn’t gonna like that!

Cade grabs Stein by the wrist and Irish whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. Stein hits HARD and staggers out just as Cade rushes forward and ducks his head between Stein’s arm and torso, lifting him up and over with a Northern Lights Suplex!

Eryk Masters: Cade with the pinning combination! He’s got the champ early!

Referee Heflin is right there!




Stein manages to get a shoulder up before the three and Cade rolls away, popping to his feet and waiting as Stein rolls over to his stomach, pushing up to his feet. Cade moves forward, but Stein, sensing more danger, quickly rolls to the outside amidst a chorus of boos and jeers from the LOUD fans that have jam packed the Epicenter.

Dennis Heflin begins his mandatory ten count, but is immediately forced to restart when Cade slides out of the ring after Stein! The crowd cheers loudly as Stein notices Cade after him and takes off running! Cade follows the champion around the ring until Stein grabs Molly and uses her as a shield, stopping Cade in his tracks!





Eryk Masters: What a dick! He’s using Molly as a shield! I suppose you’d say that’s strategy, too, OG?

Other Guy: Well it is, but I don’t agree with it, E. He could’ve gotten her hurt if Cade hadn’t stopped on a dime!


Cade tries to step around Molly, but Stein moves her in whichever direction Cade steps. Dennis Heflin leans through the ropes, shouting at both men to get into the ring before continuing his count. Cade turns to argue with Heflin, and Stein SHOVES Molly aside and clobbers Cade in the side of the neck! He grabs him by the hair and rolls him back into the ring, following underneath the bottom rope.

Stein gets to his feet, stomping at Cade again before dragging the challenger up by the hair. He chops Cade in the chest, the slapping sound projecting out to the booing crowd. Stein rears back and CHOPS Cade again. He boots him in the stomach and hooks the head before DRIVING Cade into the canvas with a DDT. Stein makes a cover and Heflin is right there!




Eryk Masters: Cade kicks out! It’s not over yet, DESPITE Stein’s continual cheap shots!

Stein glares at the referee, but brings Cade back to his feet. He SNATCHES him by the hair and THROWS him back down to the canvas, causing the crowd to reign down LOUD boos. Dennis Heflin admonishes him sternly, but Stein doesn’t pay him any attention. Instead, Stein walks to the corner and stands on the second turnbuckle, facing the crowd. He points out to the front row where the cameras pick up little Billy Minsky sitting in the front row, a big smile on his face. Stein looks right at little Billy and shouts to him.

Dan Stein: I’m watching you, punk!

The crowd begins to cheer wildly and Stein holds his arms out to the sides until he realizes they aren’t exactly cheering for HIM.

Other Guy: Watch out, champ!

Eryk Masters: Cade is back up!

The crowd continues to cheer as Cade runs and climbs up to the second turnbuckle with Stein. Cade hooks him up and LEAPS off the second buckle, PLANTING Stein with a back suplex! They hit the canvas HARD, both men clutching the backs of their necks. Cade, crawls forward and covers Stein, hooking the leg!

Eryk Masters: He’s gonna get him here!




Stein manages to kick out and the crowd isn’t happy about it! Cade brings Stein to his feet backs up a step and FLOORS him with a quick shuffle-side kick! He brings Stein back to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner, BUT STEIN leaps up and climbs to the top turnbuckle looking for something quick, BUT CADE RUSHES forward, and grabs Stein’s ankles and pulls them apart! Stein crotches himself on the top turnbuckle and Cade GRABS Stein by the fauxhawk and slams him down into a TREE OF WOE! Dennis Heflin admonishes Cade, but gets ignored as Cade backs up, measuring Stein!

Other Guy: Oh come on! You talked about cheap shots earlier, E! What do you call this?

Eryk Masters: Turnabout. And it’s fair play!

Cade moves in and SNAPS off three swift kicks to Stein’s chest. He backs off and rushes forward, running up Stein’s body. He perches on Stein’s knees for a second before LEAPING off and connecting with a NASTY double stomp to Stein’s midsection, eliciting and loud “OOOOHHHHH” from the crowd!

Stein crumples to the mat in the corner and Cade moves back in, bringing him to his feet. The challenger snaps off a few more kicks to the chest and Irish whips Stein to the ropes. Stein comes off the ropes and GOES LOW with a dropkick right to Cade’s knee! The challenger goes down clutching his knee and the crowd immediately launches into boos!

Eryk Masters: Oh man, that’s not good. If you remember folks, it was a knee injury that put Cade Sydal on the shelf last time, and Dan Stein knows it. The champions smells blood in the water!

Stein moves forward, STOMPING the knee, of Cade. He brings Cade gingerly to his feet, HOISTS him up, and DRIVES him down with a kneebreaker. Cade rolls around on the canvas for a few seconds while Stein climbs to the top rope! He looks out over the crowd, jaw jacking incoherently at them before LEAPING off with a senton splash! BUT CADE MOVES! Stein hit’s nothing but canvas while Cade slowly DRAGS himself to his feet. He hobbles forward and LEAPS on one leg, hitting Stein with a standing SHOOTing Star Press!

Other Guy: Stein’s showboating to the crowd might’ve cost him! Cade with the cover!




The reigning Sin City Champion JUST kicks out! Cade rolls away, slapping the mat in frustration. He hobbles to his feet and moves forward. Stein shakes the cobwebs out as he slowly gets to his feet. He swings wildly at Cade, but the challenger ducks, causing Stein to swing all the way through. Cade grabs a waistlock, but STEIN swings a foot back and NAILS Cade with a blatant low blow!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on! Disqualify him, Heflin!

Other Guy: He can’t! Didn’t you see, E? Heflin was in front of Stein! He didn’t see it! Even if he KNOWS he did it, he didn’t see it and can’t do anything about it!

Eryk Masters: That is just bullshit!

Cade collapses to the canvas, Stein dropping to his own knees. Stein recovers and moves to Cade. He hooks his head between his legs in a standing headscissors and LIFTS! The crowd boos LOUDLY!


Eryk Masters: After that cheap low blow! No! Not like this!

Stein smirks as he rolls Cade over and covers him, hooking the leg. Heflin is right there!


The crowd is SCREAMING for Cade to kick out, with Cassi doing the same!


The volume gets louder as the crowd HOPES for a desperation kickout!

But it doesn’t come.


Dennis Heflin calls for the bell and the fans deflate for a moment before beginning to hurl boos and jeers at Stein. Heflin hands the Sin City Championship to him and raises his arm in victory.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, and STILL the SIN CITY CHAMPION… DAAN STEEIIIIIIN!!!!

”The Touch” by Stan Bush begins to play again and Stein rolls out of the ring clutching the Sin City Championship to his chest, Molly helping him stay standing up straight as they back up the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Well, if you ask me, Dan Stein stole this one, OG! But the fact remains, he’s still the Sin City Champion.

Other Guy: You don’t have to like it, E. Dan Stein got the job done against a man he didn’t even know would be here. And you can’t blame him for taking every liberty he could. In the end, “The Golden Boy” stays golden.

Eryk Masters: Well folks, we’re not done by a long shot! We’ve still got plenty of action for you, including the Iron Fist Championship Match and our big tag team Main Event! Don’t go away!

Backstage with Mary Kelly and a couple special guests.

Mary Kelly:: I’m joined backstage by Sin City’s Official Tag Team. AND the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: T.Rex, Arch Angel… ANARCHY!

We hear the live crowd respond with an "ANARCHY!" of their own. Both men step into frame. Each man holding their championship belt on their shoulder. Both men showing some effects of the break, looking heavier than when we last saw them. Both men in jeans and a plain black t-shirt are smiling ear to ear.

T.Rex: Mary! You’re sight for sore eyes!

Arch Angel: Its true Mary! It feels good to be back in the SHOOT Project.

He slaps T.Rex on the back.

T.Rex: And it feels good to have THESE still resting on our shoulders

T.Rex slaps the title belt resting on his shoulder.

Arch Angel: And we can’t WAIT to get to step into that ring and do what we do best.

T. Rex: Crack skulls and clobber fools.

T.Rex smiles cockily.

Arch Angel: Yeah it’ll be great to get out there and grapple with sober people!

T.Rex: Safer too.

Mary Kelly: Sober? … SAFER?!

T.Rex: Have you ever tried to separate a couple of drunk women fightin’ in da bar?

Mary shakes her head no.

Arch Angel: Its a handful, Mar. We may have been away for MONTHS, but we haven’t been lacking in confrontation and physicality. Might not have been a SHOOT level of physicality, but we can say we definitely got into some scraps.

T.Rex: Fugg’n A-Right, Chris.

Arch Angel: But we’re here… We’re back and we have a couple items to take care of. Right before we left Teddy and I did a Toys for Tots thing. It was nice.

T.Rex: I played SANTA!

Arch Angel: Cuz he has all the right padding.

T.Rex shoots a dirty glare Arch Angel’s way.

T.Rex: Anyway, one of those kids called us fuggin’ old! Said he liked us, BUT… our music was "lame". So we were thinking. With the return of SHOOT? And it being Thousand Fourteen? We decided to freshen up things.

Mary Kelly:: So you’re saying you’re getting new entrance music?

Arch Angel: Correct. The problem is? We don’t really KNOW anything that’s new, hip, fresh, or whatever you young people are saying.

T.Rex: Ex-fuggin’-actly. T.Rex don’t twerk.

Arch Angel laughs, hard.

Arch Angel: Sounds like a t-shirt. Though thankfully for the viewing audience, this is a fact. Teddy don’t twerk… That said? We want to be more interactive. We want the people to have their say, so we’re opening up the choice of our music to the people.

Mary Kelly:: So a SHOOTiverse poll?

T.Rex: Yup. We’re gonna put it up on the site and the Twitter and whatever else for the people to vote and the next time Sin City’s Official Tag Team, and SHOOT’s World Tag Team Champions step out into the Epicenter? Its gonna be a tune THE PEOPLE pick.

Mary Kelly:: That’s awesome. You heard it here first, SHOOT. Get to SHOOT project dot com and help pick ANARCHY’s next entrance theme-

T.Rex holds up a finger.

T.Rex: Not so fast. That’s only part of the giving mood we’re in. Cuz as we see it, we want to give some beatings…

Arch Angel: And some opportunities.

Each man looks at the title resting on his shoulder.

Arch Angel: We’ve had these babies for a LONG time right now.

T.Rex: I reckon we’re the longest reigning champs in SHOOT, right now.

Arch Angel: But we’re not interested in becoming content, or complacent… at our respective ages we can’t afford it.

T.Rex: We’re interested in clobberin’ fools!

Arch Angel: We’re interested in fights, AND?

T.Rex: We’re interested in defending these.

Both man hoists their belt towards the camera them glistening under the TV lights for a few moments before we cut away.





The lights die.

"Empathy" by Crystal Castles begins to play throughout the SHOOT Project Epicenter. A shrill, synthetic, siren-esque loop flirts endlessly into insanity, paired with a deep, thudding, syncopated bass beneath it. White lights flicker on and off throughout the arena, to the beat of the music, turning a wrestling world into a drugged out, seedy rave.

"premise to interlude

wait til all bones pretrude"

The lyrics act as a supplement more than a driving force, ghosted beneath layers of beats and sounds. A woman’s voice, haunting.

"you’re convexed, you’re convert

there’s a stain on your shirt

The driving beat fades…

semi-sweet, semicide

the remorse you can’t hide"

The song is left with only the synth-snare claps.

"now we molt past our skin

and make room to begin."

The lyrics tremble off like an earthquake sinking into an ocean, and a WAVE of sound rushes back to shore. JASON RILEY pushes through the curtains and is greeted with a dulled, collective "BOO" from a crowd somewhat caught off guard by the entrance. Riley seems entirely disinterested in the entire process, providing the wrestling world a punk rock villain it never necessarily asked for.


you must work in symmetry

you must earn their empathy"

His head is shaved up on both sides, leading to a strip of longer black hair that droops down over his forehead. He has a pair of black cut-off shorts and street sneakers Maybe Vans or Converse, it’s hard to tell. No socks. He’s shirtless; showing off an impressive number of colored images tattooed into his skin, but perhaps the most telling image is the scowl of disgust etched into his lips and face.

Eryk Masters: That is an unhappy man, to say the least, OG.

Other Guy: Which I don’t get, to be honest. I mean, I know I can be an antagonist from time to time, and you and I don’t always agree, but this kid, or… I mean, I guess MAN, really. This grown-ass, adult man… he has a job. He’s getting to live out a dream that people in this audience are living VICARIOUSLY through… It just seems bunk to me, Eryk.

Riley gets into it with a few fans at ringside, extending a middle fingers very close to their faces. One guy takes offense and slaps the former tag champ’s hand out of the way. Riley then turns around and puts TWO middle fingers in the dude’s face and offers some rather choice expletives and "sexual" slurs.

Eryk Masters: Just get to the ring.

Masters blurts out in unscripted frustration.

A security guard starts to rush over, but before anyone can say or do anything else, Riley smugly turns around and continues his casual saunter toward the ring.

Other Guy: Well, for our fans that may be new to Jason Riley, he actually IS a very gifted athlete, or at least, he CAN BE. I actually have zero idea what we’re going to see.

Eryk Masters: He’s seemed pretty adamant about this NOT being a wrestling match in all of his press stuff this week. We know that Tom Quinn, Riley’s best friend and former, or I guess, maybe even current tag team partner is under SHOOT Project contract. Riley said Quinn and Wailer… Wailer a wayward veteran of the sport, who ALSO appears to have some sort of SHOOT deal in place… He basically said the three of them were going to make this a terrible night for El Asso Wipo.

Other Guy: With their track record, I’d believe them, and sincerely hope the very popular SHOOT Project Soldier, has his knees and TCHA’s ready for a nightmare.

Riley hops up onto the apron and lazily slinks into the ring. Official Austin Linam attempts to check him in, but Riley mouths "don’t touch me f******". Linam shouts at Riley, who smirks back and waves a middle finger in his face. He then strolls over into the corner, where he idly awaits El Asso Wipo.

The fans buzz a bit, before "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D kicks on. Surprisingly, these people lose it as a spotlight shines at the top of the ramp, revealing El Asso Wipo, Supermanning in all his glory!

Eryk Masters:

I have to say, these people love them some Wipo!

Other Guy:

Um, DUH. He is one of the more loved Soldiers here in the "Project of SHOOT" as he says it, and he’s looking to notch a huge win on his record. One that is sorely needed!

Wipo flips his cape behind him and runs to the ring, making the cape "flap" in the "wind" as he does. He trips, pratfalling into the ring apron, before getting up in a hurry, cape flung over his face. The crowd is loving it, laughing as the LEGENDARY LUCHADORE tries to unwind himself from his own costume.


Eryk Masters: Conspicuous by his absence is one Silence Mitchell. You have to wonder where the big lug is.

Other Guy: Well, I had a conversation with Wipo earlier tonight. Silas is on vacation!

Eryk Masters: That could really hurt the chances of the SHOOT Project’s resident luchadore, but time will tell.

Wipo ascends the turnbuckles, Supermanning for the crowd once more, as flashbulbs go off in the crowd from all the fans snapping photos of their masked hero.

Other Guy: I’ll tell you one thing, if Riley and his goons attack Wipo in any way, these fans will not be happy – and neither will I!

Austin Linam looks to Wipo, who hands his cape to Samantha before she herself slips out of the ring. Linam looks over to Riley, who leans back against the corner, looking out at the fans who shout things at him.

Austin Linam: RILEY, YOU READY?

Jason holds up a hand to shut up the ref, continuing to bicker with one of the fans at ring side.

Eryk Masters: This kid just isn’t in the game.

Other Guy: Either he doesn’t want to be here, or he knows something we don’t.

Linam has obviously had enough, and calls for the bell!

Jason turns to the fan, pointing out at the crowd in anger. EAW races across the ring and smashes a forearm into the much larger man’s head, sending the crowd onto their feet! Riley falls back against the corner, wiping out the cobwebs! Wipo grabs the hair from Riley’s face and climbs to the second rope.

Eryk Masters: Looks like El Asso Wipo came ready to party here tonight!

Other Guy: Ain’t no party like a Spanish ten count party, Eryk, cause a Spanish count party don’t stop until the referee says so!

Wipo holds his hand up high in the air, looking out at the fans for a moment! The fans start to buzz, priming up their “oooohs”. Wipo brings his fist back down, crushing Riley’s forehead with them.











Riley tries to hold up a hand to graze the punches back, but Wipo levels him with the last punch! Jason crumbles to the ground. Wipo hops down to the mat, racing quickly to the opposite ring corner.

Eryk Masters: Oh, no. If Riley doesn’t move, he may become the butt of the joke!

Other Guy: Ladies and Gentlemen, Eryk Masters showing some personality! It is a new era in SHOOT Project!

Wipo darts across the ring as fast as his chubby little legs will carry him. Riley looks up at the Sheriff and his eyes go wide! Wipo starts to turn around…

Eryk Masters: No! Riley astutely rolled out of the way, and El Asso Wipo went back first into the corner!

Other Guy:¡Ay, caramba!

Riley rolls to his feet (and rolls his eyes), while EAW stumbles forward, holding at the small of his back. As Wipo approaches, Riley hooks his dazed opponent’s left arm with his right and swings him down with a very simple arm-drag. He shakes his head and routinely cinches in a very lazy arm-bar. Wipo pretty easily works back up a sturdy base, and Riley responds by applying a teensy bit more pressure. Wipo grimaces, but Jason seems to be done with this particular charade.

He executes an arm wringer, but then quickly flips Wipo the bird and gives a GIANT wave of the arm with his free hand. Wipo COUNTERS with a quick thumb to the eye, but the fans are stirring, which is never positive after ominous gestures.

Eryk Masters: What’s going on?

Other Guy: It’s the troops… just as he promised…

OG is indeed right. Coming out from the Epicenter seats and hopping the guardrails are the street clothes clad TOM QUINN and WAILER. Quinn, the poster boy for "hipster normalcy", is in a black hoodie and black skinny jeans, while Wailer sports an Iron Maiden Tank-Top and cut off denim jean shorts. Wipo throws a CHOP! at Riley, having no idea what’s going on. Riley grabs at his chest, seeming honestly annoyed, but the calvary has already hopped into the ring before Wipo can attempt another thing.

Linam IMMEDIATELY calls for the bell!!!


Eryk Masters:He’s calling it off… Unreal…

Other Guy: DQ victory for Wipo, but I don’t think that’s gonna end up meaning a whole lot… LOOK OUT

The very popular El Asso Wipo begins taking a HEFTY beating from the Trio. Wailer leads with a straight potato blow to the back of Wipo’s neck.


He falls to his knees almost immediately where Riley DRILLS him in the chest with a kick! Followed by a KICK to the side of the right arm by Quinn! Wipo starts to fall forward only for Riley to snap off a PUNT TO WIPO’S JAW! The SICKENING CRACK, elicits a pained "OOOOH" from the crowd, who, begin to boo quite a bit more loudly.

Austin Linam tries to get a little TOO involved, and Riley turns around, stiff arms his face and SHOVES him off to the side. Linam stumbles back, but seems in no hurry to get back in the fray. Instead, he remains professional, waves his arms and continues to call for the bell…

Of course that only leads to his being met with a HELLACIOUS lariat from Wailer at the side of his head! The blow instantly knocks Linam out, and Wailer, along with Quinn toss the long time official out of the ring like a dead body into the Chicago river. Riley, meanwhile, taunts the unconscious Wipo with a parade of middle fingers and lewd comments.

Eryk Masters: Totally unnecessary. What kind of point are you even trying to make? A garbage match. We get it. You don’t care. Get these punks out of the ring. Wipo’s not moving…

Other Guy: I wish I had a silver lining to fire back for entertainment purposes, but Eryk… I don’t like this.

Riley pushes Wipo on to his back and mounts the beloved performer. He continues to shout and scream. "F*** YOU F****** SP***!"


Riley reels back and SLAPS Wipo square in the face! HE SLAPS HIM AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN!






Riley finally dismounts and turns in circle double "birding" the entire crowd. At the same time, Wailer rips backward at Wipo’s mask, dragging his slumping corpse across the mat a step or two, before resting the back of his head and neck on his knee…

Eryk Masters: Good GOD, NO!

Tom Quinn charges forward and DRILLS WIPO IN THE FRONT OF THE FACE WITH A YAKUZA KICK!!! Wailer moves back and Wipo goes limp.

Quinn shakes his head and glowers at the carnage somberly. Wailer tilts his neck to the side and Riley continues to simply shout childish, terrible insults at anyone within ear length.

Other Guy: You made your point, boys… Now come the f…

Before Other Guy can finish his sentence the crowd singularly comes together with a pretty sudden, VERY UNEXPECTED chorus of cheers!!! THE POP SHOCKS the trio in the ring…

Even MORE SHOCKING is who that "POP" is for.

Eryk Masters: JONNY JOHNSON!!!!

THE DEFILER, wearing wrist brace on his left wrist, and in street clothes himself, PLOWS through the fans. He pushes people out of the way on his path to the guard rail, which he hops over! He rushes the ring and slides under the bottom ropes, at which point, Riley, Quinn and Wailer HIGHTAIL it out!!!

Other Guy: Better late than never, I suppose. Welcome back the DEFILER folks!

Riley rolls his eyes and shouts something at Jonny, only for Quinn to tug back on his shoulder. Wailer shakes his head, but stays cool. Jonny calls for a microphone while the fans cheer loudly. A few officials have stormed the ring to check on Wipo, while a doctor attends to Austin Linam outside.

Samantha Coil personally hands Jonny the mic he requested and the fans cheer EVEN MORE.


Jonny waves them down in hopes of silencing them.

The DEFILER: Let this be a warning to anyone who tries to hurt SHOOT… There will be NO takeovers. There will be NO oppression!!! THERE WILL BE NO SUFFERING!!!

He shouts passionately and the fans cheer.

The DEFILER: I don’t care if you’re the World Heavyweight Champion or if you’re El Asso Wipo! There is no human being under SHOOT Project contract to big or too small! I. GOT YOU. I. AM HERE FOR YOU!!!

Jonny wildly pumps his left fist to more pops from the crowd.

The DEFILER: (Twisting, shaking his left wrist out a little) You guys are safe. Everyone. I promise. I will always make sure you’re safe…

And with that, he drops the microphone and ducks out of the ring. The fans are in a pretty crazed state after a somewhat bizarre and unexpected series of events. Officials continue to tend to Wipo and Linam, while the cameras cut away to the booth with OG and Masters.

Eryk Masters: (Almost miffed, as he shrugs at the camera) Welcome back to the Epicenter folks. I don’t uhh… Heh. I think I’m going to need a minute to process everything that we just saw.

Other Guy: I’m with ya man… but, that’s SHOOT. We haven’t even gotten started yet, and already we have enough water cooler fodder for an entire work day. Jonny Johnson in the house, man. Can’t say much else.

You really can’t.

The cameras cut away from the ring.

Maya walks through the back with his head held high, the SHOOT Project World Title gleams proudly on his shoulder. He stops to talk to everyone in the back, he shakes hands with every production attendant he makes eye contact with, Maya makes sure that EVERY ONE knows how glad he is that SHOOT is back. However, a familiar scent fills his nostrils and wipes out any trace of content happiness from his face. He doesn’t need to look, he knows.

Maya: So… they actually brought you back too, huh?

Entragian: Don’t sound so excited, kiddo.

Isaac’s voice is low and hoarse, little more than a whisper. He sits on a crate shrouded in deep shadow, the area where he’s sitting practically blending right into the background. It’s a place where someone who wants to go unnoticed might sit.

Entragian: They didn’t particularly want me back…but I’ve never been particularly good at giving a shit about what other people want.

Isaac sighs, gesturing with his hands to the hustle and bustle of the revitalized SHOOT Project hallway.

Entragian: And so, here I am.

Maya’s eyes glance downward at the floor, everything seems to go silent for the moment.

Maya: Know this, if you’re planning to do what you did before, with Project: SCAR? I’ll be standing right here, as I always have, waiting to stop you. Whether I have this belt or not, if you even THINK about trying a stunt like that again… I will stop you. Otherwise…?

Maya hesitantly bites his bottom lip for a moment, he forces the words out of this throat.

Maya: … welcome back.

Isaac chuckles. It’s a dry, defeated sound.

Entragian: Hate to break it to you, kiddo…but I’m all outta plans. I’m all outta plays. I’m all outta schemes. And SCAR is just dust in the wind now…

Isaac shrugs.

Entragian: You’re on top of the world right now, Maya. You’re the World Heavyweight Champion of a resurrected SHOOT Project…and you should be happy. I’m beneath the world at the moment. Beneath you, to be honest. You won’t need to worry about stopping me anymore. There is nothing left to stop…

Entragian stands up, looking like he’s about to walk off down the darkened corridor behind the crates he was sitting on.

Entragian: It strikes me kinda funny…that the only person to welcome me back is a young man I once helped to kidnap and practically starve to death in an abandoned building for months on end…and we can’t forget how SCAR terrorized your family too.

Isaac shakes his head.

Entragian: Although I do appreciate it…why the warm welcome? Why even speak to me at all after everything that I’ve done to you and those you love?

Maya closes his eyes and smiles, he doesn’t need to think about his answer for very long.

Maya: Because I’m not you.

He gently nods in Isaac’s direction before walking off, before getting too far he holds his hand up and waves.

Maya: See you around, Isaac.

Isaac remains there, speechless and seeming to mull over the harsh reality of Maya’s words. He watches the World Heavyweight Champion walk off…and then he just lets himself lean backwards into the shadows once again.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! Introducing first, currently in the ring……DUCK!

Duck raises her arms in the air to the crowd. A few people cheer, but there’s more of a buzz for the introduction of her opponents.

Eryk Masters: Duck not getting the warm reception she was hoping for. At least she’s here.

“Safe to Say” by Fat Joe kicks on, and the fans begin to boo. There are a few smattering of cheers, however, marking the return to the ring of a former SHOOT Project World Champion.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, he is a former World Heavyweight Champion! Weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty-Five pounds, he is “Mr. Incredible”….ELIIIIIIIIIIIII STORRRRRRRRM!

Other Guy: I’ve been looking forward to this, E! “The Incredible One” has returned!

Eryk Masters: I was shocked when I heard he had signed a new contract with SHOOT just a little over a month ago, but it seems a few fans in attendance here tonight echo your sentiments, OG!

Storm ignores the rain of boos as he enters the ring. He drops to a knee, flexing, garnering more ire from this crowd in the Epicenter. He eyes Duck in the corner before the music changes.

The melodic tones of “Wait” by DIIV start up and “The Artist” Zex makes his debut appearance in the SHOOT Project! A lot of fans seem to be behind him already, as the big cheer rises up from the crowd! Zex pauses for a moment, throwing his arms in the air, bobbing his head to the tune of the music.

He drops his arms and begins to run down to the ring, taking some time to slap hands with some of the fans at ringside. He gets near the ring, stopping only to hug one of the young fans near the ring stairs.

Other Guy: That young man right there is a true superfan of the SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: Billy Minsky, still a loyal fan even after the treatment he’s received from Dan Stein.

Other Guy: Hey, he had to refute all potential challengers for his title.

Eryk Masters: Save it.

Zex leaps onto the apron, and then swiftly springboards into a flip, sticking the landing in the center of the ring, garnering another reaction from the fans in attendance.

Other Guy: Up next, El Asso Wipo with his Floor Exercise.

Eryk Masters: Will you be serious? It’s obvious “The Artist” lives to entertain the masses!

Zex throws his arms up in the air, just in time to catch a slap to the face from Duck! The music shuts off and the bell has rung. This match has begun, officially. Storm steps forward, and Duck slaps the crap out of him, as well! Both men stare at the brazen young woman, and the fire off a double kick to the midsection, followed by a double spinkick to the head. Duck snaps back and hits the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Note to Duck: don’t do that again. Ever.

Storm and Zex begin circling each other. They lock up, and Storm quickly goes behind with a hammerlock. He paintbrushes Zex a few times in the back of the head, no pun intended, and shoves him off.

Other Guy: Eli Storm trying to get into the newcomer’s head quickly.

Zex eyes Storm warily, and goes to lock up again. Storm again quickly goes behind, but Zex QUICKLY counters, and throws a few paint brushes of his own! Storm releases himself from the hold, and stomps away, angry at being played at his own game! Duck has made her way to her feet, only for Eli Storm to take out his frustrations on her! He grabs her arm, attempting an Irish whip, but he reverses and easily snaps her into an Exploder suplex, sending her crashing into the corner!

Eryk Masters: OH JEEZ! She about landed on her head!

The crowd groans with the impact of that move, as Storm gets to his feet, grin on his face. Zex steps forward, the smile gone, ready to confront the former World Champ.

Other Guy: Why does he care about what happens to Duck?

Eryk Masters: She was defenseless, OG. Zex doesn’t much care for that type of bullying!

Zex gets Storm’s attention, who simply laughs at his opponent. Zex SLAPS Storm hard! Storm hesitates, unbelieving that someone would treat The Incredible One like that, and in the meantime, Zex gets a running start, rushing past Storm and springboarding off the top rope, and MOONSAULTING INTO A VICIOUS DDT! The fans pop loud as Storm’s cranium is driven into the canvas, and Zex quickly hooks the leg!



Storm kicks out! Zex wastes no time, getting another running start. Storm gets to his knees just in time to catch a Shining Wizard! Storm’s eyes cross momentarily as Zex continues his run, jumping off the middle rope this time, catching Storm with a mule kick to the back of the head that crumples Eli back to the mat!

Eryk Masters: Good lord, this is almost too fast to call! Zex is a house of fire, and burning fast!

Other Guy: Let’s see if he can keep it burning bright or if he is going to sputter out!

Zex moves over and goes to help Duck to her feet. She shoves him off. Zex looks a bit surprised, but she starts YELLING at him. Zex shrugs, and runs at her, hooking his legs around her neck with a hurriconrana that takes her through the ropes to the arena floor!

Other Guy: So much for caring about Duck.

Storm comes up from behind and clobbers Zex across the back! He picks him and tosses him over the top rope!


Eryk Masters: This guy….He’s exciting as hell to watch.

Other Guy: I don’t know if I like him. I think he should lose.

Eryk Masters: An expert opinion, OG.

Zex gets up and slides back into the ring. He gets to his feet only to get caught with a roundhouse to the temple from Eli Storm! Zex cringes, falling to the canvas almost limp. Zex’s adrenaline gets him to his knees quick, but Storm SNAPS him down with a DDT! He cradles the head and legs for a cover!



Zex kicks out! Barely! Storm picks him off the canvas, snarling. He drives an elbow to the side of Zex’s face, and throws him hard into the corner! Zex hits hard, chest first, and clutches at the turnbuckles.

Eryk Masters: Eli Storm, firmly in control now. Zex is in a world of hurt!

Storm rushes forward, driving a forearm into the back of his foe. He lifts Zex up to the top turnbuckle and then turns away, grabbing his neck! He rushes forward, driving Zex to the canvas with a neckbreaker! Zex rolls around, in agony, as Storm tries to stabilize him for a pin!


Two! Zex gets the shoulder up! Storm quickly locks in a submission: a rear chinlock, with a knee between the shoulders for added emphasis. Zex’s teeth are gritted behind the hands of Storm. Zex starts flailing his arms in rhythm, trying to get the crowd going! The fans start clapping in unison, trying to will “The Artist” on.




Eryk Masters: The fans are FIRMLY behind this newcomer!

Zex battles back, getting to a knee! Storm is shaking his head, disbelieving! Zex fights to his feet and the crowd is roaring! He drives an elbow into the gut of Storm, but the hold remains! Zex with a second elbow, and Storm transitions into a headlock! He goes to shove Zex into the corner, but Zex SOMEHOW swings himself around and takes Storm down with a drop toe hold! Storm is draped across the middle ropes! Zex looks down at him and takes a running start….BOOTING STORM RIGHT IN THE ASSCRACK!


Other Guy: Really? That’s what it’s called?

Zex turns and sees Duck trying to get back into the ring. He runs and BOOTS HER RIGHT IN THE MOUTH sending her back to the arena floor!

Other Guy: Let me guess: ORAL ZEX FROM ZEX!

Eryk Masters: I like it!

Zex turns back around, the crowd ROARING it’s approval, but Storm is right there and CRACKS Zex in the mouth with a heavy right hand! Zex staggers backward and Storm follows suit. He delivers a knee to the stomach, doubling Zex over and hooks his head. Storm HOISTS Zex up for a suplex, but Zex lands on his feet behind him! Zex LEAPS up, grabbing Storm’s head and planting his knees in his back and coming down with a back cracker!

Eryk Masters: What a counter!

Duck has made her way back into the ring and charges Zex, but Zex ducks under her clothesline attempt and catches HER with a back cracker as well!

Zex moves quickly to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. He LEAPS from the top as flashbulbs erupt, coming down with a red arrow shooting star press!

Other Guy: ZEX APPEAL!

Zex covers Duck and the referee is right there!




The bell sounds and the crowd erupts as “Wait” begins to play again and Zex’s arm is raised. He rolls out of the ring and goes right to little Billy Minsky, giving him a big hug!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, ZEEEEX!!!!

Eryk Masters: What a great match! And Zex moves one rung up on the ladder to the Sin City Championship! It could be interesting to see what’s going to happen in that division, OG!

Other Guy: Absolutely. This guy looked great tonight, but take nothing away from Eli Storm. And at least Duck showed up. Maybe she just wasn’t prepared for a triple threat situation. In any event, we hope to see more from all involved. Stay tuned folks, we’ve still got a lot ahead of us on Revolution!

A dark, sleeping city. Great man-made towers that stretch ever skyward, seeking to touch the very stars. Traffic crawling along busy interstates.

The interior of a club somewhere downtown. Bodies writhe to the music. Strobe lights flash and blind. Girls dance in metal cages that hang down from the rafters. Their bare legs glisten with sweat. They toss their hair. They run their hands down supple frames.

A midnight black Lamborghini cruises through the dark city. Sleek. Shadows cling to it. A stunning blonde is seen sitting the passenger seat. The window is rolled down and the cool evening air catches her hair. Her crimson cocktail dress is skin tight, the material light and thin. Her are nipples hard beneath. She reapplies her lipstick using the rear view mirror.

We’re in the loft of a high rise building. The floor is marble, the walls aged brick. The ceiling is low. The space is almost perfectly empty except for the king-sized bed with the red sheets and a headboard inlaid with the carved muzzles of slavering hounds.

The blonde is asleep. She’s nude beneath the red silk sheets, her bare back showing the flawless curvature of her spine. Her hair tumbles down against the pillow. She snores a little. It’s a soothing sound, like an angel whispering.

The man sits on the edge of the bed. He is very much awake.

His back is to us, and we see that his flesh is covered by a huge back piece tattoo consisting of a death’s head moth. His hair is long, luxurious…brown the color of old oak.

He gets to his feet and walks across the loft, bare feet slapping across marble.

His body is artwork; every muscle toned, every inch of flesh tanned, his physical attributes maximized to their fullest potential.

He stops before a redwood bureau with a full length mirror attached. He selects a shirt. A charcoal gray button-up with silver clasps. A pair of black slacks with the creases intact. A necklace consisting of several rings with rune-like identations.

A hand reaches out; the fingernails clipped down carefully, the veins of the hand conveying both masculinity and grace.

He selects the single sheet of paper that lays across the bureau.

A SHOOT Project contract.

He draws a ballpoint pen from one of the dresser drawers.

He pauses, pen in hand, inhaling deeply of the paper’s fresh scent.

Then he scrawls his name.

William “Billy” Winter.

We cut back to the ring, where Samantha Coil is ready.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall. Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, "The Firestarter" CAMERONNN ASSSSSHHHHHH!!!

"Love Lost In A Hail of Gunfire" by Bleeding Through begins to HAMMER over the speakers. The crowd cheers mildly, a few isolated sections of people cheering louder. Cameron Ash EXPLODES onto the ramp, pumping his fist. He looks out over the crowd for a moment before SPRINTING down to the ring and sliding in underneath the bottom rope. He pops up and hits the ropes, stretching and shaking himself loose. The music fades and he awaits his opponent.

Samantha Coil: And, his opponent! He hails from Allen Park, Michigan and weighs in at two hundred and ten pounds! Here is "Right Now" RYAAAAAAN SHAAAAAAAANE!!!

The crowd boos slightly as "Victim" by Eighteen Visions begins to play and Ryan Shane walks out onto the ramp. He walks to the ring, occasionally saying something to the odd fan. He steps into the ring and paces for a moment before the music dies down.

Eryk Masters: Here we go! I am excited for this one, OG. Two newcomers to the SHOOT Project about to go at it!

Other Guy: No doubt about it, this one should be fun to watch!

Austin Linam calls for the bell and this one’s underway!

As SOON as the bell rings, Cameron Ash takes off towards Ryan Shane, nailing him with a dropkick to the chest that sends Shane back into the turnbuckles. Ash pops up and rushes forward, jumping up and planting his feet in Shane’s chest and rocking back, bringing Shane up and over with a monkey flip! Shane quickly pops back up to his feet, but Ash rushes forward and NAILS Shane in the chest again with a corkscrew one-legged dropkick! The fans cheer wildly for the frenetic pace and Ash stays on the offensive as Shane gets to his feet again. This time, Ash digs in and WHIPS Shane to the mat with an armdrag! Shane quickly rolls to the outside, bringing a quick chorus of boos from the crowd!

Eryk Masters: Cameron Ash showing why they called him the Firestarter in CDW! He came out in a blaze, didn’t he?

Other Guy: Yea he did. But, Shane is no idiot. He knew enough to bail and slow the pace to his liking. The crowd doesn’t like it, but- OH MY!!

Other Guy never gets to finish his sentence because Cameron Ash has hit the ropes and DOVE up and over in a suicide plancha! BUT RYAN SHANE WAS READY! Shane steps to the side and Ash crashes and burns, hitting the ringside barricade face first. The crowd gasps as Shane looks down at Cameron. He brings him to his feet and almost nonchalantly rolls him into the ring. Shane follows him in under the bottom rope and makes the lax cover.




Cameron Ash manages to get a shoulder up and Ryan Shane looks down at him before nodding as if slightly impressed by his determination.

Eryk Masters: Cameron Ash went for a high risk move early and he really crashed and burned. But, he’s showing some tenacity here.

Other Guy: Yea, E. Shane had the common sense to make a cover right away, but Cameron doesn’t seem to want to give in. He wants to fight!

Shane brings Ash to his feet, Ash a bit wobbly, still feeling the effects of colliding with the barricade, his nose bloodied from the impact. Shane FIRES a series of left jabs into that nose and follows through with a BIG discus punch that FLOORS Ash!

Other Guy: He calls that the Southpaw Shuffle. And you can’t blame him for using it and targeting that nose. Ash wants to stay in it, he’s got to deal with the repercussions!

Shane drops down for another cover and Linam is there again.




Again, Cameron kicks out! This time, Shane just looks irritated. He brings Ash to his feet again and Irish whips him to the corner. Shane CHARGES forward with a lariat into the corner, BUT ASH LEAPS UP, catching Shane’s arms with his feet and rolls forward with a modified sunset flip out of the corner!




Eryk Masters: WOW! Out of NOWHERE he almost beat him there! That was so fast!

Shane kicks out with some authority and pops up furious. Ash is slower to get up and Shane hits the ropes, coming off with awesome speed!

Other Guy: WOW! Talk about FAST. He just nailed the SHANING WIZARD! That shining wizard came from nearly nowhere!

Eryk Masters: That should be all she wrote!

Shane covers Ash, hooking the leg angrily.




The bell sounds and Shane immediately gets to his feet to have his arm raised.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, RYAAAAN SHAAAAAANE!

Eryk Masters: Well folks, this match just goes to show you what happens when high risk DOESN’T pay off. Cameron Ash went for it all too early and Ryan Shane picks up the victory!

Other Guy: Indeed, E. Congratulations to Ryan Shane. And as for Cameron Ash, let’s hope he recovers and comes right back! We’ve still got more ahead folks!

Eryk Masters: Earlier tonight it was great to see the dedicated fans of the SHOOT Project returning to the Epicenter.

Other Guy: You can say that again. Fans started to arrive more than two hours before the doors opened, and they kept coming in droves!

A video clip rolls from before the show began. The parking lot is already full with a long line of cars stretching down the road waiting to get in. SHOOT Project fans mill about outside the Epicenter waiting to be let in to the arena. A city bus pulls up right outside the entrance, and fans start to pile out of both doors. A tall man with long blondish hair steps out of the back entrance, a black duffel bag slung across his shoulders and over his back. Without pausing he walks quickly passed the box office lineup and disappears around the side of the building.

Other Guy: Wait, was that the new kid?

Eryk Masters: Folks, Kale Tanev has arrived to make his SHOOT Project debut!

Other Guy: And he took the bus? That does not bode well for his career here.

Eryk Masters: Well, he seems a bit down on his luck lately. He doesn’t seem like a man who has had a whole lot go right for him in his life.

A bell tolls and the fans perk up immediately. The bell tolls again and the fans begin to cheer. The opening riff of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica strikes hard and sudden and the video wall lights up with two words shining brightly over the entrance stage:


The fans continue to cheer as the guitar riff continues to pound through the speakers. Spotlights begin to search through the crowd as the riff picks up. The bells return to the mix and the lights begin to strobe as the breakdown hits. The spotlights flit around the arena for a while while the video wall begins to fly through various clips of the man about to make his entrance. As the instruments continue to pound through the speakers, the spotlights converge on the center of the entrance stage. The SHOOT Nation nearly EXPLODES with cheers as none other than the Rule of Surrender Champion, “Die Hard” Dave Marz steps out onto the entrance stage.

Eryk Masters: Well, folks, it looks like our next match is going to have to wait for a bit. Here comes the reigning Rule of Surrender Champion!

Other Guy: He’s not scheduled to be here tonight, but anything can happen in the SHOOT Project!

Marz stands on the entrance ramp looking out at the sea of humanity cheering him wildly. The gleaming Rule of Surrender Championship rests on his shoulder. He taps it once and begins to walk forward.

Make his fight on the hill

In the early day

Constant chill deep inside

Marz walks down the entrance ramp, tagging the outstretched hands of the fans lining the ramp. The crowd continues to cheer Marz wildly as he makes his way towards the ring.

Shouting gun, on they run

Through the endless grey

On they fight, for the right

Yes, but who’s to say

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure exactly what Dave Marz has in mind here, folks, but it looks like he has something he wants to say!

Other Guy: Well, I’m all for hearing what the Rule of Surrender Champion has to say. “Die Hard” Dave Marz is a certified legend here in the SHOOT Project. If he has something to say, it’s going to be worth hearing.

Marz tosses the title belt into the ring and rolls in after it underneath the bottom rope. He pops to his feet and scoops up his title before turning in a slow circle to look at the crowd, displaying his custom SHOOT Project hoodie in Mets colors. The music plays for a few more seconds before Dave motions for it to be cut. The sounds of Metallica fade and the crowd begins to chant for Marz.


Marz steps forward and takes a microphone from Samantha Coil.

Dave Marz: I’m gonna make this short and simple. There are TWO championship matches on this show. One’s already happened, and there’s one to come. But, you know what? I’m here. I brought the Rule of Surrender Championship with me. And, I am going to put it on the line right here tonight, right now! I don’t care who it is back there. You want a shot at this? Come and get it!

Eryk Masters: Dave Marz just laid down the gauntlet folks!

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think you need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


The crowd explodes with cheers as Shinedown’s “Sound of Madness” kicks from the Epicenter speakers. Marz stares up at the entrance and slowly begins to nod his head. A few seconds later, the crowd gets even louder as Lunatikk Crippler steps out onto the entrance stage, staring hard down at the Rule of Surrender Champion. He paces back and forth on the entrance stage, Marz watching him from the ring carefully as he does.

The rowdy Epicenter fans cheer wildly and, even as the music cuts of at Crippler’s signal, they begin to chant.


Crippler and Marz stare at each other for a long moment as the crowd continues to cheer loudly. Marz holds the Rule of Surrender Championship up level with his face as Crippler steps forward. Both men stand face to face, jaw jacking at one another, but the cameras don’t pick up what they’re saying. Crippler SHOVES Marz and the champion SHOVES Crippler right back! The crowd continues to cheer LOUDLY, wanting the two men to go head to head. The trash talking gets more intense between the two and suddenly, SHOOT Project officials begin pouring out from the back, rushing to the ring to get between the two. The officials, including referees and road agents, pull Marz and Crippler apart, while the two men struggle back towards one another.

Eryk Masters: These two want to get at each other in the worst way folks! But neither of them are scheduled to compete tonight.

Other Guy: I say let ‘em go! This is SHOOT Project, not some other promotion. The man wants to defend his title and he’s got a challenger! Let’s do this!

Eryk Masters: Well, be that as it may, OG, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen tonight.

From the back, referee Scott Kamura comes sprinting down the ramp to ringside. He begins whispering rapidly into Samantha Coil’s ear. The crowd is in a frenzy, and begins to chant wildly.


Samantha Coil climbs up onto the ring apron, a microphone in her hand. The crowd seems to notice, as do everyone in the ring, including Marz and Crippler. She glances around and puts the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Scott Kamura has just informed me that the SHOOT Project Board has decided that this contest WILL take place tonight! And, it will take place right now! And, this contest will be for the SHOOT Project RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The crowd lets out a HUGE cheer and the officials in the ring shrug their shoulders and begin to clear out. Referee Scott Kamura slides into the ring as Marz pulls off his hoodie and Crippler rips off his t-shirt. Both men take a few moments to stretch as Marz hands the Rule of Surrender Championship to Kamura. The referee holds the championship up for all to see before handing the title to Mark Kendrick on the outside.

Eryk Masters: Well, I guess here we go!

Marz and Crippler get RIGHT in each other’s face. Crippler shoves Marz and the crowd goes crazy. Marz nods his head and SHOVES Crippler, but Crippler uses the momentum and grabs Marz’s arm, bringing him down into a crossface attempt! But Marz manages to free himself and roll away!

Other Guy: Crip suckered him there! Marz is gonna have to watch himself!

Marz gets to his feet and moves in a bit more cautiously this time. Crippler comes in with a head of steam, but Marz is ready for him and ducks under to a standing waistlock. Crippler fires an elbow back, but Marz ducks his head under the arm and LIFTS, dropping back with a BIG back suplex! Crippler rolls away, but Maz stays on the offensive, following Crippler and attempting to grab and arm, but Crip is too close to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope! Scott Kamura is right there and begins his count!





Marz releases the hold before five and backs up. Kamura shows Crippler two fingers, letting him know he only has two rope breaks left. Crip nods as he pulls himself to his feet. He runs a hand through his hair, seemingly calming himself down. The two begin to circle on another and step in for a tie up. Both men jockey for position, moving around the ring. Marz manages to back Crippler into the ropes. He grabs a wrist and FIRES Crippler across the ring with an Irish whip, but Crippler reverses, sending Marz into the ropes. Marz comes off on the rebound, but Crippler drops down, grabbing a lef and rolls through! Crippler switches position and butterflies the arms!

Eryk Masters: CATTLE MUTILATION! Crippler rolls through and he’s got Marz good!

Kamura is right there asking the champ if he wants to give up, but Marz shakes his head in the negative! Crippler wrenches on the hold and Marz lets out a shout of pain! But, Marz reaches out with a leg and hooks the bottom rope! Kamura sees this and immediately begins to tell Crippler to break the hold, beginning his count!





FI-Crippler releases just before the five count!

Other Guy: Fast and furious action here! And now BOTH men are down a rope break!

Marz clutches his shoulders in pain as he tries to recover. But Crippler is right on his case and begins to STOMP at the upper back and neck area of the champion! He drops and elbow for good measure and then brings Marz back to his feet.

Crippler sends a STINGING knife-edged chop to Marz’s chest, but Marz FIRES a forearm into Crippler’s jaw, staggering him back, Marz shakes out his arms and advances! He sends a stinging kick to Crippler’s leg! He fakes another kick, causing Crip to try and block, but floats behind and grabs and arm and Crip’s head!

Other Guy: Going for the Bone of Contention!

Crippler senses Marz trying to lock in the hold and drops to his knees, rolling forward, taking Marz over with the momentum! Marz pops up and turns around only to be met by Crippler, who snatches and arm and attempts to bring him down in an armbar, but Marz counters, picking an ankle! Crippler rolls away, but Marz follows, and attempts the crossface chicken wing again, but Crippler manages to duck between the ropes, taking Marz through them and to the outside!

Eryk Masters: BOTH of these men wanted a fight tonight, and we are seeing a technical clinic!

The crowd is cheering wildly as Marz releases the hold on the outside. Both men get to their feet gingerly. They lock eyes and BEGIN TO FIRE FOREARMS in each other’s faces! After a few shots, Marz gets the upper hand and, after landing a BIG right hand, Marz tosses Crippler back into the ring! The champion follows him in, just as Crippler gets to his feet. Marz slaps on a front facelock, but Crippler reverses to a hammerlock. Marz reverses into a hammerlock of his own and transitions to a headlock. Crippler FIRES and elbow into the champ’s midsection and grabs a wrist, attempting an arm wringer, but Marz reverses and ends up back to back with Crippler in a backslide attempt!

Other Guy: It’s hard to follow all this action, but we’ve got a test of wills here with the backslide attempt!

Crippler loosens his grip and Marz drops to his knees, winning the struggle, BUT CRIPPLER twists his body on the way over, keeping one arm and hooking the head into a crossface!


Kamura is right there in the middle of it all. Crippler wrenches back HARD and Marz reaches out to the ropes!

But they’re too far away! Marz has no other choice!

Other Guy: He’s TAPPING that’s it! That’s it!

The bell sounds and “Sound of Madness” begins to play over the speakers again as Crippler releases the hold and is handed the Rule of Surrender Championship.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and NEEEW RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION, LUNATIIIIK CRRRRRIIIIIPLEEEEERRR!!!!

Crippler hoists the title high in the air before dropping down and rolling out of the ring. The music continues to play as we have a new Rule of Surrender Champion.

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There is a buzz in the crowd as the camera fades back into the ring. The SHOOT Project faithful seem excited for some more action.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with a TWELVE MINUTE time limit!

The camera pans to the top of the entry way.

Eryk Masters: This should be very interesting. Kale Tanev will be making his SHOOT Project debut in just a few moments. This guy came out of nowhere when it was announced that SHOOT was returning, and he’s been more than a little enigmatic since then.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, in his first SHOOT Project match, it is Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale Taneeeeeeeeeev!

The crowd at the SHOOT Project Epicentre waits in anticipation for Tanev’s music to hit. Nothing happens after five seconds. The big screen above the entrance remains dark. Finally Tanev appears, wearing only a pair of old basketball shorts. His feet are bare, with only a few strips of athletic tape around the ankles. His hands are taped up across his wrists and lower knuckles.

Eryk Masters: Well this certainly is a little unorthodox.

Other Guy: Doesn’t this idiot know he’s supposed to have ring music?

Eryk Masters: I guess not. He did allude to the fact that this is his debut wrestling match during the past few weeks.

Tanev does not interact with any fans. He walks to the ring with a purpose, never diverting his eyes. He walks up the stairs and enters the ring between the middle and top rope. He walks to the opposite turnbuckle and proceeds to bounce, loosening up his wrists and legs. As Tanev prepares, “Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown hits over the PA as the lights in the Epicenter dim. Some boo, some cheer, but most just wait in anticipation to see what is going to happen.

Other Guy: Well, at least we get a song on this one.

The lights start to flash as the song builds up in momentum. Kincaid emerges from the back. He stares out at the Epicenter and the thousands of SHOOT Project faithful, drinking in every bit of energy inside the room. The ghost of a grin appears just briefly at the right corner of his lips.

I am the shadow and the smoke in your eyes. I am the ghost that hides in the night.

As the song kicks in hard, Kincaid focuses in on the ring and begins his walk, making eye contact with Kale Tanev. He pauses at the middle of the walkway, and an intense stare down breaks out.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, making his REDEBUT in the SHOOT Project Epicenter…KIIIIIN…CAAAAAAAID!!!

As his name is spoken, Kincaid bursts into a sprint and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He leaps up quickly, holding his arms out and shouting as loud as he can, letting out an eruption of energy that had built up inside him. The lights come back on full blast, and Kincaid spins around, letting the entirety of the epicenter feel his intensity.

Eryk Masters:Kincaid spoke this week of an uncertainty leading into this match. He doesn’t look uncertain in the least bit now, though. The man looks pumped!

Other Guy: The SHOOT Project ring has this effect on people E-man.

Austin Linam takes the center of the ring. He asks if either man would like to shake hands. Both men do not flinch. They stand across from the ring, eyes locked.

Eryk Masters: Both men have something to prove tonight. You can see it in their body language.

Other Guy: They both look hungry.

The bell rings. Both men charge across and engage in a collar elbow tie up.

The two SHOOT Soldiers jockey for position in the center of the ring. Kincaid has the slight weight advantage and begins to force his way forward, backing Kale up towards the turnbuckles, but JUST before he gets there, Kale shifts his weight and switches positions, pushing Kincaid into the corner! The referee calls for a break and gets one before he even can begin a count. Kale backs out of the corner and makes a slight motion for Kincaid to bring it on.

The fans are all abuzz as Kincaid nods slowly and steps back out into another tie up. Again he asserts his slight weight advantage and pushes forward. Kale again makes the switch using Kincaid’s own momentum, but Kincaid follows through and re-switches, firmly planting Kale in the opposite corner. Again, the referee calls for a clean break and gets one. This time, Kincaid steps backward, a slight smirk on his face as he nods to Kale. The fans begin to cheer a bit louder at the obvious “receipt.”

Eryk Masters: An interesting way to start this one off, OG. These two men are really feeling each other out. Looks like we’re getting a little one upmanship here.

Other Guy: No doubt, Masters. We’ve got two hungry Soldiers here and neither one wants to be outshone tonight. THIS is what SHOOT Project is all about. Straight up competition.

Kale nods slowly this time and moves out to greet Kincaid. The two stand toe to toe, never taking their eyes off one another and for a THIRD time, they lock up, but THIS time, Kincaid fakes the tie up and instead reaches over and snags a quick headlock. He grinds the hold for a moment, but Kale wraps his arms around Kincaid’s waist and begins to walk him backwards towards the ropes. Using the ropes as momentum, Kale SHOOTS Kincaid off, but Kincaid drops to a knee, keeping the headlock cinched in! He pushes back up to two feet and then quickly snaps down, bringing Kale down with a headlock takeover!

As soon as Kale’s back hits the mat, he uses his hands to force Kincaid’s head back and uses his own legs to lock in a quick headscissors, breaking the headlock. Kincaid gets his hands between the legs and kicks out. Both men roll away from one another and pop to their feet, turning to face one another in a stalemate. The fans applaud and cheer the abilities of the two Soldiers.

Eryk Masters: These two appear to be evenly matched so far, but sooner or later, someone’s going to make a mistake.

Other Guy: And in a match like this, one mistake can cost you big!

The two men step in for another tie up, but this time Kale stops short and PISTONS a European uppercut to the jaw of Kincaid! The crowd “Ohh’s” as Kincaid’s head snaps backward both from the impact of the blow and surprise! Tanev follows up and stays on the attack, booting Kincaid in the stomach and dropping a vertical elbow to the upper back. Kale brings Kincaid back to a full standing position and fires a quick right cross, rocking Kincaid, before hoisting him up and dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker! Kale with the quick cover!




Other Guy: It’s always good to go for a cover, but you’re not gonna get Kincaid that early with a backbreaker. He’s got more in his tank than that!

Kale doesn’t let up or argue with the referee. Instead, he simply brings Kincaid to a seated position before going behind him and dropping a knee to the spine! Kincaid arches back in pain and Kale slams him back to the canvas before covering him again!



Eryk Masters: This is sound strategy, OG. He’s hitting him with something and covering. Even if it’s not going to get the win, he’s forcing Kincaid to use energy to kick out instead of letting him recover from the maneuvers.

Kale brings Kincaid to his feet and grabs a wrist. He Irish whips Kincaid, but Kincaid reverses and then pulls Kale BACK in, LIFTING him with the momentum and DRIVING Kale into the canvas with a huge spinebuster! The crowd pops in surprise , but cheers nonetheless! Kincaid doesn’t bother with a cover. He stumbles to his feet, clutching his back from where the knee impacted and STOMPS Kale in the chest. He brings Kale up to his feet and boots him in the stomach before SNAPPING down with a NASTY looking DDT! This time, he makes the cover, hooking the leg!




Eryk Masters: This time it’s Kincaid with the same strategy. And look at him waste no time between the two count and continuing the offense!

Kincaid brings Kale back to his feet and boots him in the stomach again. This time he positions his opponent’s head between his legs in a standing headscissors.

Other Guy: Looking for that cradle piledriver?

Kincaid HOISTS Tanev up and DRILLS him into the canvas!

Other Guy: YES! He was! Gotch Driver!

Kincaid covers Tanev and YANKS the leg back!




Kale Tanev kicks out!! Kincaid shakes his head solemnly, a small bit of frustration beginning to form in his mind. He pushes himself to his feet and brings a wobbly Kale up with him. He doubles over Tanev and hooks a head for a bulldog. Kincaid get a running start, BUT Kale SHOOTS Kincaid forward, stopping in his tracks, and Kincaid loses the grip on the bulldog, going flying and landing on his back!

Eryk Masters: GREAT presence of mind there by Kale Tanev. He felt the bulldog coming and was able to counter. Now can he capitalize?

The crowd is on FIRE, cheering both men as Kincaid gets back to his feet. He turns around as Kale comes flying at him and EATS a flipping clothesline. Tanev gets back to his feet, so does Kincaid. Tanev moves in before Kincaid can react. Left jab! Jab! Jab! Right Cross! Kincaid is staggered. And Tanev NAILS him with a spinning backfist that turns Kincaid around! Kale rushes in, grabbing a waistlock and LIFTS Kincaid up and over with a HUGE German Suplex, keeping the bridge for a pinning combination!




Eryk Masters: Did he get him?!?

Other Guy: No! No, Kincaid JUST got the shoulder up! What a fight!

Kale shakes his head lightly before going right back on the offensive. He brings Kincaid back to his feet, but Kincaid FIRES a European uppercut into the jaw of Taneve. And Kale RETURNS FIRE with a European uppercut of his own! Back and forth they go, trading uppercuts! Now it’s Kincaid! Now it it’s Tanev! KINCAID! TANEV! KINCAID! TANEV! KINCAI-NO!

Tanev drops low and snatches Kincaid’s leg as he leans in for the uppercut! Kale rolls to the mat, bringing Kincaid with him and locks in a rolling kneebar! The referee is RIGHT there asking if Kincaid wants to give it up, but Kincaid shakes his head in the negative! Kincaid uses his free leg and begins to KICK at the hands of Tanev, breaking the grip! Tanev backs up slightly, but it’s enough time for Kincaid to hobble to his feet. Tanev gets to his knees on his way back to his feet, but KINCAID DRILLS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK!

Eryk Masters: OH! He calls that the Big Fat Kill!

And then the bell sounds vigorously throughout the arena. The fans are confused. The referee shoves Kincaid away from Kale. Kale slowly stumbles up to his feet and staggers forward, but the referee moves him back to the corner. He quickly confers with Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what’s going on here, folks, but let’s get the official word from Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the time limit in this match has EXPIRED! Therefore, this match is a DRAW!

The fans begin to boo, but not very hard as they continue to cheer the efforts of Kincaid and KaleTanev.

Eryk Masters: Well folks, it didn’t end the way we wanted, but I am damn sure we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of these two in the SHOOT Project’s near future!

Other Guy: Oh, there’s no doubt about it, E. I see these guys walking to the back right now. They’re not ashamed by a long shot, but you can tell they aren’t happy with that non-conclusive ending. But either way, this was a fantastic contest!

Eryk Masters: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve still got the Iron Fist Championship on the line tonight! And, don’t forget the World Heavyweight Champion is in action along with the number one contender, the former champion, and the Baddest Man Alive! Stay tuned!

Samantha Coil: The following match is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit, and it is for the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd begins to stir in anticipation for the identity of the mystery opponent for Jerry Matthews. However, boos fill the arena as Long Black Train by Josh Turner begins to play over the speakers. Jerry Matthews steps out onto the entrance stage, the Iron Fist Championship clasped firmly around his waist. The crowd boos loudly as Jerry starts forward, his bible raised in the air. Deacon Jeremiah steps out behind him and the champion and his spiritual liason begin to walk down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Guess we’re going to have to wait a little longer to find out who this “Mystery Opponent” is it seems.

Other Guy: True, but in the mean time it’s good to see the reverend, out Iron Fish Champion, looking as good as ever.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Redemption, Alabama and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds! Accompanied to the ring by Deacon Jeremiah. He is the current REIGNING and DEFENDING SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPION! Here is “The Evangelist” JERRRRYYYY MAAAAATHHEEEEWWWSSSS!!!

Matthews saunters down the aisle, Jeremiah in tow. He preaches out to the booing fans and taps the faceplate of the Iron Fist Championship around his waist.

Eryk Masters: Is it just me or does his holiness not look all that concerned at the fact he has no idea who his opponent is?

Other Guy: God works in mysterious ways.

The camera pans around the Epicenter as the SHOOT Nation faithful, still riding the high of the company’s return, are ready to jump out of their seats. Here comes their next reason.

Eryk Masters: We’re finally gonna find out who it is, the person being given a HUGE opportunity at the Iron Fist Title


The fans explode with cheers as "Battleflag" by Lo-Fidelity Allstars cues up and Corey Lazarus bursts out from behind the entrance curtain, his eyes hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Bans. He stalls and looks around, his trademark devilish grin creeping up, and then strolls to the top of the ramp, flings the hood of his entrance jacket off with a jerk and falls to his knees, his hands spread out wide to bask in the adulation.

Eryk Masters: How the hell was his involvement in this match kept a secret?

Other Guy: A non-disclosure agreement. Hollywood’s notorious for them.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, he weighs in tonight at 235 pounds and stands at 6-foot-1…

Corey pops back to his feet and shakes out his left knee, laughing a bit as he slaps a few hands reaching out to him on his way to the ring. He stops momentarily and removes his Ray Bans, looking to his left at a sign held by a girl sporting her sorority letters: "I CUM FOR COREY."

Eryk Masters: How was that sign not confiscated?

Samantha Coil: He hails from New York City, New York by way of Hollywood, California…

Corey walks over to her, giving her a wink, and then quickly plants her with one hell of a kiss. She swoons and fans herself off, blushing, and Corey just smiles before rushing up the ring steps and onto the apron, hooking the top rope behind him with one arm as he forms the "hang loose" sign with his other hand, dragging his thumb across his throat.

Samantha Coil: He is "The Premier Attraction"…CORRREEYYYYY LAAAAZZZZAAARRRUUUUSSSSS!!!!

Corey blows the nearest camera a kiss and slingshots over the top rope, tumbling to a raised knee in the center of the ring, taking a perfect stage bow. "Battleflag" dies down and he rises up, sliding off his entrance jacket and gently placing it in his corner.

Eryk Masters: So, now that we know Corey Lazarus is the fabled Mystery Opponent for the Iron Fist Championship, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and let these two titans clash!

Other Guy: … so cheesy, Eryk, so cheesy.

Matthews stands in the middle of the ring, he drapes the Iron Fist Title from around his hands like a holy rosary. A very pious and unafraid smile creeps onto his lips as Lazarus stands toe to toe with him, a cocky smirk that shows brilliant white teeth beaming at the Iron Fist Championship. Scott Kimura approaches Matthews to take the Iron Fist Title from him, Matthews drops to both knees and drapes the Iron Fist Title across his arms, he holds up to Scott Kimura like a sacred treasure. Kimura looks a little confused, but takes the title none the less, and holds it up to each side of the ring. When Kimura signals for the bell, Matthews is just getting back to his feet, the second he turns his head towards Lazarus he gets a harsh forearm right on the nose, dropping him like a sack of bricks.

Other Guy: For real, how stupid do you have to be to turn your attention away from Lazarus for even a second in the ring?

Eryk Masters: He was in mid-worship of the Iron Fist Title, apparently that supersedes his attention to detail and the fact that a very hungry Corey Lazarus is after it.

Lazarus grabs Matthews by the head and drags him to his feet, he tries to flip him to the mat with a snapmare, but Matthews plants his feed hard into the mat to prevent it. Lazarus tries one more time, but Matthews isn’t budging. Lazarus feigns one final attempt but instead throws a heavy elbow right on the chin of Matthews. He wobbles backwards and puts both hands up to his mouth to check for blood, but before any other reaction can happen Lazarus chops Matthews… RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!

Other Guy: Oh god… you thought getting your chest chopped like that hurts, try taking one of them right across the face.

Eryk Masters: You know, when he watches this over, Matthews isn’t going to be happy you use God’s name in vain.

Other Guy: Eryk… just shut up.

Matthews escapes into the corner, both hands shelter and cover his face as best they can. Lazarus leans up against the opposite turnbuckle, holding himself back with the ropes until Matthews uncovers his face. Lazarus shoots out of the corner at full speed in an attempt to crush Matthews, but Matthews ducks out of the way just in time and Lazarus steam rolls into the turnbuckle, the impact against the turnbuckle forces Lazarus into the middle of the ring, Matthews rebounds off the ropes, but Lazarus ducks under the attempted clothesline and fires off a roundhouse kick to the gut! Matthews doubles over, Lazarus hits the mat to get a perfect vantage point on Matthews’ face and delivers another chop right to the kisser!

Eryk Masters: The Iron Fist Champion’s face has got to be in all sorts of pain right now, seemingly that’s what Lazarus has decided to focus on thus far.

Other Guy: Thus far, we’re also seeing a bit of a different Corey Lazarus than we’re used to, he used to fly a lot more during his matches and make a huge spectacle of his ability to fly. But as we watch him now, he looks like he’s put on a bit of muscle and grown much more cautious in the ring.

Matthews writhes on the canvas, in the familiar position of using his hands as a shield for his face, while Lazarus throws his hands up at the crowd stirring them into a frenzy as he stalks the prone Matthews. The crowd goes absolutely crazy when Matthews gets up and Lazarus locks him into a front face lock.

Eryk Masters: He’s looking for the Box Office Bomb here, he’s gonna end this in record time!

But Matthews drops to his knees and delivers a low blow, forcing Lazarus to drop to his knees. Matthews grabs Corey’s hands and puts them into a prayer position, then Matthews starts to launch a series of furious headbutts right into the temple of Lazarus! After about six headbutts, Matthews finally lets Lazarus fall to the mat, Matthews hobbles back to his feet feeling the effects of the headbutts and practically throws Scott Kimura into the count on Lazarus.





FI- and Lazarus easily makes it back to his feet in time to beat the count, he shakes his head trying to loosen the cobwebs. But, before he can get his bearings back, Matthews rebounds off the ropes and slams his foot right into the temple of Lazarus, sending him right back to that cozy spot he was in on the mat.

Other Guy: Looks like our Iron Fist Champion is giving Lazarus a taste of his own medicine by focusing on the head area. Do unto others as they would do unto you and such and such, I suppose.

Eryk Masters: Oh right, and I’m the cheesy one…

Matthews takes this opportunity to stomp on the head of Lazarus, Matthews pauses after each stomp to properly enjoy just how much Lazarus seems to be pained by it. After doing this four times, Matthews drags Lazarus to his feet and hauls him into the air in a suplex position, but DROPS him on his head with a brainbuster! With Lazarus down and out, Matthews heads to ropes and starts yelling at the Deacon, who starts to fumble around under the ring until he finally produces a chair that he hands to Matthews.

Eryk Masters: This is an Iron Fist Rules match folks… this is perfectly legal…

Lazarus claws at the ropes, doing everything he can to get back to his feet. Matthews is practically frothing at the mouth with steel chair in hand, ready to end this. When Lazarus finally gets up and turns around, Matthews has the chair above his head and ready to strike and slams down hard… but Corey Lazarus instinctively falls out of the way, the chair hits the ropes and rebounds right into Matthews’ face!!! Corey sees the chair and grabs hold of it, an anxious smile on his face, as he throws Matthews out of the ring. Corey sets up the chair right near the ropes and holds his arms out like an airplane, much to the pleasure of the fans who know whats coming and start to wildly cheer. The crowd, seeing Matthews start to stir, all yell it out loud with Lazarus.


With a full head of steam, Lazarus vaults off the chair then onto the ropes, corkscrewing through the air… AND CAUGHT BY MATTHEWS! When Matthews rams Lazarus back first into the steel ring post, it feels like all the air had been driven out of not only Lazarus but the entire sold out Epicenter. Matthews rolls into the ring, flailing his arms towards Scott Kimura then at Lazarus, he has no choice but to start the count.








Lazaurs has started gripping at the ringside apron, practically ripping it off of the ring.


His fists are balled white as he claws and scratches…


Eryk Masters: There’s that high risk style we’re used to seeing from Corey, but it almost cost him his chance at the Iron Fist Championship.

Other Guy: Makes you wonder if instances like that are exactly why Lazarus has stopped taking so many risks and chose to beef up a little, you can only take so many crashes and burns in your career and Corey has taken his fair share of injuries…

Matthews looks on with nothing but frustration on his face as Lazarus is in a seated position in the corner. With a sneer that stretches across his entire face, Matthews starts running towards Lazarus… but Lazarus grabs him mid-stride and launches him into the corner with an uranage suplex! Lazarus’ eyes light up when he sees Matthews stuck in the corner, he goes all the way to the opposite corner, he looks to both sides of the crowd before sprinting right at Matthews and… REEL TO REEL, Lazarus; knee catches Matthews right in the chin, Matthews hits the mat like a ton of bricks. Lazarus jumps almost ten feet in the air and frantically screams at Kimura to get counting!






No movement from the champion!



Matthews has his hands on the bottom ropes now…



He’s got a grip on the second ropes…

TE-MATTHEWS IS UP! With what looks like all the energy Matthews had left he hauled himself up with the help of the ropes, Lazarus is absolutely beside himself with shock! Despite how they might feel about Matthews, the crowd can’t help but stand up and cheer for everything that’s happened in this match. Matthews has to stretch his arms across the top rope to keep himself standing, Lazarus nods at the crowd, he can feel it, and he can taste it. He grabs hold of Matthews, who tries to throw several wild punches and kicks but only catches air. Lazarus hauls Matthews up into an Argentina Backbreaker position… but Matthews slides out behind him and SHEPHERD’S CROOK, HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN!

Eryk Masters: But remember this is an Iron Fist Championship match, you can’t win the title via submission!

Other Guy: No, but if you choke the other guy out then how the hell’s he going to respond to a ten count?

Lazarus looks like he’s slowly fading, but he refuses to hit the mat and let Matthews get a grape vine in. Lazarus wildly starts to throw his head backwards hoping to connect… and he does! The back of his head collides with the nose of Matthews, when the blood starts to gush from his nose Matthews releases the hold and puts a palm to his face. Lazarus uses the last bit of adrenaline to hoist Matthews up again into the Argentina Backbreaker and… MERCURY DRIVER. But that took all of Corey’s strength to do, he’s down and out too!

Eryk Masters: Jesus Christ, Matthews has got to be seeing the Lord after that, there’s no way he’s even conscious right now… this is Corey’s match to win, he just has to get up!

Other Guy: That Mercury Driver is a deal closer, and it shows how far Matthews has taken Lazarus if he had to break that move out of his bag of tricks… but can he get up or is Matthews going to retain on a draw?



Matthews is out cold, Lazarus’ is barely moving his arms.



Lazarus is crawling for the ropes, still no movement from Matthews.



Lazarus has a grip on the bottom rope with both hands, his eyes groggy as he tries to force his whole upper body onto the second rope.



Corey’s chest is resting on the second rope, the lower half of his body practically limp behind him.


Corey is on his knees…


As soon as the bell sounds, Corey falls back to the mat, Matthews is still unmoving.

Other Guy: Did Corey do it!? I couldn’t tell if he made it up in time to beat the ten count, if he did it was by a split second.

Eryk Masters: I… I couldn’t tell either, I think Kimura was in mid-ten count when Lazarus used everything he had left to bounce to his feet. Right after the bell sounded he just collapsed right back to the canvas, let’s see what the verdict is!

Scott Kimura, after being in discussion with a few of the officials at ring side, starts talking to Samantha Coil and letting her know the decision.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…

She lets it sit like that for what feels like an eternity, everyone in the Epicenter holds their breath waiting to hear what happened…

Other Guy: Samantha Coil being a real tease about this one… either way, though, both these guys took themselves to the very limit, nothing to be ashamed of here.


Eryk Masters: HE DID IT!

The crowd lets out an uproar so loud that the floor practically shakes, the camera can’t even keep steady.


Other Guy: Incredible… just incredible. SHOOT returns home and these two guys put on a historic match where we see the crowning of a brand new Iron Fist Champion. I don’t think you could ask much more from these guys, man, my hats off to them.

"Battleflag" by Lo-Fidelity Allstars starts playing as the Iron Fist Championship is draped over the shoulder of Lazarus, who is just now being helped to his feet. He holds the title up as high as his arms will let him as the sold out Epicenter celebrates, on the return of SHOTO Project, the dawning of a new Iron Fist Champion.

One of the SHOOT Project’s affiliates, EXODUS Pro airs LIVE on FX every other week! Don’t miss it!

The crowd’s chants begin to louden, the rumble and hum within from the SHOOT faithful is beginning to reach a fever pitch. Their anticipation grows stronger as Samantha Coil enters the ring and beings to prepare for the final match of the evening…She stands centre of the ring, her professionalism almost broken as a “Maya” chant breaks out; and fans begin to stamp their feet. The atmosphere causes Samantha to feel both anxious and excited at the same time…

Eryk Masters: And now for the one you’ve all been waiting for…The main event, pitting Loco Martinez and SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion, and, as you can hear from the response of these fans, the ever popular Maya Nakashima…Against, “The Baddest Man Alive” Adrian Corazon and “The Wayward Son” Trey Willettt.

Other Guy: If they stamp their feet any louder, I’ll get a free back massage from this chair.

Samantha Coil steps forward, the lights in the Epicentre begin to drop, a spotlight forms above her head and the fans begin to quieten.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the MAIN EVENT of the EVENING!!

The crowd instantly come alive, rising to their feet in anticipation.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in first at a combined weight of Four-Hundred and Forty-Five pounds…”The Baddest Man Alive” AAADRIIIAAAN COOORAAAZOOON! And “The Wayward Son” TREEEY WIIILLEEETT!

“Baddest Man Alive” by the Wu-Tang Clan kicks in over the speakers, signalling the arrival of SHOOT Project legend Adrian Corazon…Who steps out onto the ramp, the cheers of the crowd drowning out the beat and lyrics of the music.

Eryk Masters: This is crazy. Other Guy: I. CANT. HEAR. YOU!

Corazon stands centre stage, looking out onto the crowd as “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Blue Oyster Cult blends in and then drowns out the rap beat… “The Baddest Man Alive” looks over his shoulder as Trey Willett joins him.

Eryk Masters: The outpour of loyalty from these fans these past few weeks has been outstanding, listen to this crowd as these two men enter the ring.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents…Weighting in at a combined weight of Three-Hundred and Forty-Two pounds…The team of…LOOOCOOO MAAARTIIINEEEZ and SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion…MAAAYAAA NAAAKAAASHIIIMAAA!

The lights die down again and then the fans begin to cheer wildly as the start of HORIZON by D’espairs Ray fills the arena. Spotlights search through the seats as the fans rise up from their seats in boisterous anticipation.

The words “CAN YOU FEEL THE NEW WORLD?” scribble across the SHOOT-Tron in elaborate silver script for a moment. The searchlights converge on the ramp, on Maya with his head bowed downward. The script on the SHOOT-Tron fades slowly into light particles, the moment Maya lifts his head, along with the SHOOT Project World Title, as the word “HOPE” etches its way across the video screen, and the spotlights SHOOT out in all direction as the lights in the Epicenter surge on to their most brilliant and brightest.

Other Guy: I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a crowd as loud as this.

Maya looks out to the fans, a huge smile etched into his face as “We R Who We R” by Ke$ha pounds out through the speakers, he joins Maya by his side and the roar from the crowd continues to grow.

Eryk Masters: What a star studded Main Event we have, tonight.

Other Guy: And the fans know it, look at them reaching out and chanting for Maya and Loco as they come to the ring.

Referee Lorenzo talks to Adrian Corazon and Trey Willett as Maya and Loco enter the ring, he then turns away having a few words with the champion, before making his way to the centre of the ring.

Eryk Masters: It looks like the World Heavyweight Champion, Maya Nakashima and Trey Willett are starting this one off, OG.

Other Guy: : It sure does; and would you listen to these fans, they’ve been rabid all night, but could they get any louder for this Main Event?

Eryk Masters: : Can you blame them?

Other Guy: You want me to blame them for having a good time? That’s a little cold Eryk.

Referee Lorenzo signals for the bell, a notion which causes a roar to rumble through the stands and echo throughout the arena. Both Maya and Trey glance to the audience; taking in the sight of every-single SHOOT Project fan standing on their feet.

Other Guy: All jokes aside. THIS IS AWESOME.

With a quick nod, Maya Nakashima and Trey Willett spring into action locking up with a collar-and-elbow tie, Willett being the larger of the two uses his size to yank Maya into a side headlock. Maya however is quick to act and pushes Trey forward.

“The Wayward Son” Sprints towards the ropes and comes flying back towards Nakashima, who leap frogs Willett and dashes towards the ropes himself…Both them hit the cables on opposite sides of the ring, their speed pacing up as they fly back towards eachother…Maya leaps up into the air, wrapping his legs around Trey’s head and dropping him to the ground with a hurricanrana.

Eryk Masters: That may have been the fastest Hurricanrana, I’ve ever seen.

As Trey lands, Maya is already racing back towards the ropes, he plants both his feet on the middle rope and then springboards back towards Willett, who rolls out of the way and begins to rise. Maya lands on his feet and hands with cat like precision.

The second Trey is back to his feet Maya springs up from his crouched position, twisting his body and wrapping his ankles and feet around Trey’s neck spinning out into a picture perfect Headscissor-takedown…Again, Maya rolls clean out of the move, hitting the ropes and flying back with a front flip landing down on Willett.

Eryk Masters: Nakashima is on fire tonight.

Other Guy: Don’t say that too loud, Corazon might hear you.

Maya spins, hooking the leg of the “Wayward Son.”


One and a half.

Trey kicks out with authority and both men roll out and get to their feet in double time, Nakashima charges towards Willett, diving up into the air with a crossbody, but Willett is quick to catch Maya with a standing drop kick that collides into the mid-section of the SHOOT Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy: If he hit Maya any harder, we would have found out what he had for lunch.

Maya crashes to the ground as Trey hits the ropes, on the rebound his drops out with a short sharp leg-drop across the throat of Maya Nakashima.

Willett stands and pulls Nakashima to his feet and whips him towards the ropes, on return Trey hits a spin kick to the chest knocking Maya onto his back. Before Willett can even blink, Maya kips straight up in the centre of the ring, causing the fans to erupt with cheers and…Wham! Nakashima connects with a lightning fast Pele-Kick.

Eryk Masters: A kip up into a Pele-Kick. That’s why I love Maya Nakashima.

Other Guy: Love is strange choice of words considering…

Before Other Guy can finish talking, Maya swings a high spinning kick…Willett ducks, scooping Maya’s leg as if attempting a cradle-suplex; Instead Willett spins-out, dropping Nakashima straight to the mat, while keeping the leg hooked; Tony Lorenzo drops to his knees and begins to make the count.



Maya gets his shoulder up, Trey rocks back onto his knees shaking his head before standing as Lorenzo affirms the kick out.

Other Guy: What would you call that take down Eryk?

Eryk Masters:I’d go for Cradle-Spinning-Powerslam.

Other Guy: Sounds Legit.

Willett reaches down and begins to pull Maya to his feet, when Nakashima plants his hand on the ground and connects an almighty Capoeira-inspired kick to the head, Trey staggers into the ropes and Maya is quick to keep his momentum going and rushes towards him.

Willett ducks, lifting Maya up and over the top rope…Instead of falling to the outside Nakashima holds onto the top tope, plants his feet on the middle rope and then springboards up, over and back into the ring, slamming his feet into the back of Willett’s head! The fans applauded Maya’s creativity as Trey staggers towards his corner tagging in a fired up Adrian Corazon.

Eryk Masters: Here comes the “Baddest Man Alive” And would listen to these fans!

The huge ovation spurs Corazon to charge into the ring like a wild man and level Nakashima with a thunderous lariat! The Mexico City native yanks Maya to his feet and hits a harsh forearm smash to the chest of the Heavyweight Champion before whipping Maya to the ropes…On the rebound Corazon simply hooks Nakashima over with a hip toss into a grounded Abdominal-Stretch.

Eryk Masters: What an explosive start for Corazon.

Other Guy: Explosive isn’t the word, that was Superman-Prime style explosiveness!

With the Abdominal-Stretch locked in place, Corazon raises his free arm and then smashes fists into Nakashima’s ribs before twisting out and locking Maya into an Armbar. Corazon pulls on the arm and uses his leverage to add extra pressure on the hold.

Other Guy: That has to hurt.

The fans get behind Maya, clapping in time, speeding up faster and faster. Corazon ignores the fan-participation and keeps his focus on the submission attempt…Maya tries to swivel his body to elevate the pressure, but Corazon shifts his bodyweight and cuts off the breakout attempt.

Eryk Masters: What Corazon did there was a thing of beauty, it may only have been a subtle redistribution of his weight, but he shut Maya down instantly there.

Maya continues to struggle, the fans cheer louder as he swings his legs towards the ropes. Refree Lorenzo steps in asking Maya if he gives, but the World Heavyweight champion shows his determination by throwing his leg out wildly towards the ropes…But somehow narrowly misses.

Eryk Masters: Almost, just a little bit further Maya.

Corazon, sensing the end slightly twists Nakashima’s arm and the tugs back as hard as he can …Lorenzo crouches, waiting for Nakashima to give, but Maya throws his leg out one more time, this time catching the bottom rope with his foot as the fans let out an elated cheer.

Other Guy: I thought Corazon was going to snap Maya’s arm.

Eryk Masters: So did the fans.

Nakashima rolls to the side the referee keeps Corazon at bay, Corazon nods as Lorenzo turns to check on the Japanese sensation. Maya powers through and begins to use the ropes to pull himself up, though clearly favouring his right arm.

Lorenzo turns to Corazon and nods, signalling the match to continue. Adrian steps in, shooting for Maya who rolls forward avoiding “The Baddest Man Alive” where he instantly tags in Loco Martinez; provoking a “Loco! Loco!” chant from the SHOOT faithful.

Other Guy: Here comes The Freakshow himself.

Martinez and Corazon collide in the ring, trading blows. Loco hits a right hand, Adrian fires back with one of his own. Martinez hits European Uppercut, Corazon smashes a forearm into the chest. “The Freakshow” returns the favour and the flavour by cracking Corazon with a forearm of his own, “The Baddest Man Alive” staggers back and swings a wild punch that connects to the jaw.

Eryk Masters: These fans are going crazy.

Other Guy: So am I, WooHoo! This is great.

Loco ducks the next punch attempt, the momentum spinning Corazon around where he lifts him up and down with an atomic drop…Corazon stumbles forward and Loco hits the ropes and comes flying forward with a bulldog and a cover.



Adrian kicks out, but Loco doesn’t let up, he instead takes a handful of hair and pulls Corazon to his feet, but Corazon is quick to act and slams his hand into the chest of Martinez with a Knife Edge Chop, the slap echoing around the Epicentre…The crowd holler as the move connects and Loco backs away reeling.

Eryk Masters: That chop had to hurt.

Adrian bumrushes Loco and slams him into the turnbuckle, where he instantly gets to work with even more unrelenting Knife Edge Chops, over and over as the fans count and cheer for every single one. Corazon then whips Loco to the opposite corner and chases after him…Loco has other ideas and runs up the turnbuckle and backflips over, catching Corazon by the neck and slamming him down into the mat with a reverse DDT.

Other Guy: Did you feel it?

b>Eryk Masters: Feel what?

Other Guy: That Warm Fuzzy Feeling!!

Loco hooks the leg…




Other Guy: Corazon kicks out!

The fans show their appreciation as Loco rolls away holding his now welted chest. Corazon catches his breath in the centre of the ring, shaking and rubbing the back of his head after taking the reverse DDT. Maya begins to clap, ushering loco towards him; a sound which also spurs Corazon to begin to move.

Eryk Masters:: It’s heart like this, that proves why SHOOT Project is second to none.

Loco gets to his feet and staggers towards his corner; Adrian, who is now kneeling begins to scramble towards Trey.

Martinez tags Maya and stumbles against the turnbuckle…Corazon tags Willett and pulls himself to the apron …And the fans once again go wild.

Willett rushes in with a clothesline, but Maya ducks and both men spin around, facing eachother…Loco who still hasn’t exited the ring steps forward with a high velocity spinning sweep to the back of Trey’s legs as Nakashima leaps into the air, landing a picture perfect wheel kick to the face.

The impact almost bends “The Wayward Son” in half before he crashes to the mat, the back of his head being the first thing to make impact with the Canvas.

Other Guy: You can go from London to Louisiana, Alabama to Albuquerque, Zimbabwe to Zanzibar and still never see anything as awesome as that, whatever THAT is called.

Eryk Masters: I have no idea. But if they are looking for input, I’d call it the Lunatic-High-Low.

Referee Lorenzo is in place, Maya hooks the leg.



Corazon dives into the ring.


But is too late to break up the pin count.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners! LOOOCOOO MAAARTIIINEEEZ and SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion…MAAAYAAA NAAAKAAASHIIIMAAA!

Maya arches back onto his knees, sweat dripping from his head, long hair flowing over his back and a look of utter elation etched into his face. Loco Martinez staggers forward and pulls Maya to his feet where the two battle torn warriors embrace, the fans showering them with cheers of congratulations.

Eryk Masters: Would you look at that scene, the fans are emotional, the soldiers are emotional, Samantha Coil looks emotional.

Other Guy: I’m emotional; I think…I might…

Eryk Masters: Are you crying?

Other Guy: No!

Loco turns, lifting Maya’s arm in the air as Referee Lorenzo places the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder…

And so we have risen.

The SHOOT Project…

Is Resurrected.