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Revolution 130: 10/11/2014

It begins not with a video package set to music, but with PAUL JARVIS in all his wonder somewhere within the inner workings of the Epicenter. He is dressed in a white silk shirt and pants with open toed sandals. His gold cross necklace dangles from his neck, swinging slightly from side to side with each turn of Jarvis’s head as he looks about his immediate area.

Paul Jarvis: What’s happened before, what IS happening, WILL not happen tonight. It’s worse than I originally thought and the reach of this corruption, these misunderstoods, these VICTIMS of circumstance and environment is getting out of hand.

There are some no named production crew meandering about; the ones who are just happy to have their foot in the door but will probably never serve much of a purpose, and they seem to be only half focused on Jarvis.

Paul Jarvis: So tonight we make sure there is safe travel to and from the ring and in and out of the Epicenter. As head of Project: HERO SHOOT Project Chapter, I am taking it upon myself to get the ball rolling. I lead by example, just as God has led me to do his work, and you know what, where God gets lazy from time to time… I, THE WONDER OF WONDERS, THE MIRACLE WORKER… will not falter.

Jarvis holds up a stack of sky blue colored paper. These flyers, while not easily read, do boldly sport the Project: HERO emblem.

Paul Jarvis: Who’s with me? Who will volunteer to join this neighborhood watch, who will be my eyes and my ears?

Nobody seems interested, in fact many seem to be trying to find anything to make themselves look even remotely busy.  Jarvis attempts eye contact, but people only look away. However they can’t help but stare the moment a hulking, blob of a man in an all black wrestling singlet (that had to be custom made) steps out from behind a closed door. Barely able to fit through the frame, the man stands by Jarvis’s side, his white dyed top knot the only thing slender about his otherwise bulging, body.

He’s intimidating to all but Jarvis who has the look of expectancy on his face.

Paul Jarvis: Ah Bradley. Just in time. I was asking these people, these very men and women who have sat by and done NOTHING while SHOOT Project has ruined lives for years, who wants to volunteer for my patrol.

Without saying a word this man, obviously named Bradley takes the flyers and approaches those standing about and forcefully shoves a few into EACH of their chests.

Bradley: Do what he says, or feel the wrath of Bradley Boom!

Bradley clubs his chest a few times then shouts BOOM!

Paul Jarvis: (nodding) you don’t want to feel that wrath. You think God dishes it out… you’ve never been in a fight with an unstable four hundred and twenty pound man.

The no named production people only nod their heads and quickly scurry off with flyers in hand.

Bradley Boom: Good nuf?

Paul Jarvis: Very good. I knew I brought you here for a reason, Bradley. After last week went so horribly wrong, I needed someone I could trust. Someone who has been here before and knows how this place can use and abuse. You deserved so much more than a goofy "fat man" count out loss to Cade Sydal. Now you can serve a FAR greater purpose.

Bradley looks about ready to club his chest again but Jarvis puts up his hand.

Paul Jarvis: No need for that. Right now I just need…

Jarvis’s attention is diverted as JONNY JOHNSON appears, somewhat beside himself.  He’s dressed more casually than in week’s passed.  MUCH more casually.  He’s wearing a black Project: HERO T-shirt.  Project is in a bold, white "stencil" font, with HERO being in red and in all capital letters with a yellow halo over the H.  Blue skinny jeans, sunglasses hooked on the collar of his shirt.  Same hip scruff and bed-head blonde hair as always.

The DEFILER: Paul!  (Relieved briefly, but now irritated) Goddamnit…  What are you doing?

Paul Jarvis: Just organizing a patrol for tonight… doing my job, attempting to clean up these proverbial streets.  Why something you needed to talk about?

Jonny shakes his head

The DEFILER: I thought we agreed to stay off camera so people don’t think this is some sort of "gimmick".  I worked tireless fucking hours for this nonprofit, man, and I’m getting REALLY annoyed that every fucking poster on EVERY forum of every fucking website keeps bad mouthing us.  I’ve literally been called ninety-seven variations of "douche"!  WHAT THE FUCK????

Sensing the dismay of his co-founder, Jarvis slowly brings his hands up then lowers them, the universal sign for "Calm down"

Paul Jarvis:

Jarvis smiles and then motions to Bradley

Paul Jarvis: And if anyone gets in our face about it anymore after the good we do tonight, Bradley will correct their views in a fashion most of these people are more familiar with.

Jonny seems confused at this slob-job oaf of a human.

The DEFILER: …Bradley?

Jarvis nods.

Paul Jarvis: Bradley Boom. An insurance policy, a volunteer for Project: HERO’s cause and frankly a little extra muscle that I think we SORELY need after the debacle that happened with Crusher and The Spot Monkey last time.  He’s done business for you before.

Having "done business" with a wide variety of low-card, no-named "help" over the years, Jonny struggles to recall ever having met Mr. Boom.  He stares at him and the back at Paul.

The DEFILER: (Hesitantly) I’ll just…  trust you on this one. 

He switches his gaze toward Boom, and reaches out his hand.

The DEFILER: You’re helping a good cause….  I’m sorry I don’t remember you.

Boom seems cautious and perhaps even a little hurt by Jonny’s poor memory, but he does extend his hand back and the two men shake.

Bradley Boom:No hard feelin’s. Good doin’ business again, Jon-zo.

Paul and Jonny both look at Boom.

Paul Jarvis: Probably don’t call him Jon-zo.  (Shaking his head) Not your best call.

Jonny ignores the weird nickname and returns to a more "business-like" manner as he changes the subject.

The DEFILER: I have three guys on cameras in the back, and Les and Peter are sifting through videos for the Project Hero WANTS YOU Campaign.  We already have around seven hundred submissions in and I’d like to be able to announce our opponents at Revolution One, Thirty-One.  Let’s keep tonight clean so people realize we’re legit.  Okay?  I want EVERY. FUCKING. ANGLE covered.  No empty halls.  No ignoring boiler rooms or…  weird fucking closets.  EVERY.  INCH.  We NEED THIS, Paul.    I’m not going to be able to handle another week of being called "Captain Dickbag" or "Douche Pac Shakor".

Jarvis opens his arms and signals for Jonny to calm down.

Paul Jarvis: Jonny, my sweet boy…

Jonny interrupts.

The DEFILER: I’m well over ten years older than you.

Jarvis nods.

Paul Jarvis: My bad.

The DEFILER: It’s fine.

Paul Jarvis: (Patting Jonny on the shoulder) Look.  It’s not always going to be easy.  We’ll have our detractors and our share of disagreements with the uneducated public from time to time.  We’ll cry.  We’ll rage.  But oh boy we’ll laugh and smile in the end, Jonny.   With me, Bradley Boom, and (pointing up to the ceiling) The Great G-Man upstairs…  Everything’s going to be okay.  And NO ONE will ever call you Douche Pac Shakor again.

His eyes narrow, but Jonny seems oddly put at ease.

The DEFILER: …Okay.  (Nodding) Good.  (Picking up one of the "dropped" flyers from the floor) These look great by the way.  (Enjoying the details) Yeah.  These are perfect, man.  I appreciate you.

He continues to nod to himself and walks away, handing the flyer to a tech kid who just so happened to be around at the wrong time.  Jonny vanishes from view soon after.

Paul Jarvis takes a deep, satisfied breath, before giving Bradley Boom an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

Paul Jarvis: Lots of work to get to, Bradley, my boy.  Lots.  Of.  Work.

Bradley Boom nods.


Is how Revolution 130 begins.

The arena is black, the crowd murmuring. The sound of a steel train bell is heard, it starts out faint, but gradually gets louder and louder. Then, a loud horn sounds and Halestorm’s “Freak Like Me” begins!

I’m on the train that’s pullin the sick and twisted,

Makin the most of the ride before we get arrested,

We’re all wasted,

And we’re not going home tonight.

The faces of Maya Nakashima, Corey Lazarus, Lunatikk Crippler, Dan Stein, and ANARCHY all occupy an even section of the SHOOT Project’s Epitron, blended with the championship belt that each holds.

Covered in black we lack the social graces,

Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,

They can’t tame us,

So if you’re one of us, get on the bus

The faces disappear as a flag with the SHOOT Project Helmet takes over the screen. The Epitron splits into three views, one with Maya Nakashima when he first captured the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship… the other with Dan Stein squaring off against Trey Willett… the third, Lunatikk Crippler hitting the Lunatikk Sweet!

If you’re a freak like me,

Wave your flag!

If you’re a freak like me,

Get off your ass!

It’s our time now,

To let it all hang out

The flag catches fire, as new faces come into the fray. We see Cameron Ash, Ryan Shane, Kale Tanev, and Eli Storm standing across from each other on an abandoned train platform. Corey Lazarus stands off to the side, watching the other four while Kincaid watches a monitor with vested interest as Jerry Matthews dusts off an old foe, defending the Iron Fist Championship.

We’re underground but we will not surrender,

We’re gonna give them something to remember, yeah,

ANARCHY’s T. Rex and Arch Angel grin, holding the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships up as Vermont’s Finest look on. That image is replaced by the gruesome burn that Corazon suffered, the fire burning into his back, but this time the fire takes the shape of the SHOOT Project helmet.

So write your name in gasoline,

And set that shit on fire

The train platform disappears as the burning helmet takes over the rest of the screen, and the last thing you see are the flames illuminating the silhouettes of all the SHOOT Project Soldiers standing, riding on top of a moving train through the black of night.

So shout if you’re a freak like me,

Don’t apologize,

They can’t hold you down,

You were born to rise!

It’s our time now to come out!

If you’re a freak like me!


Winter struts through the backstage corridors of the Epicenter like an entitled prince, the Iron Fist Championship locked around his waist and nestled around his washboard abdominal muscles. His hair is tied back into a chic half-ponytail and he’s chewing gum at a phenomenal speed, his jaw working almost as fast as he feet.

Elgin Blair stalks a few feet behind the showy Winter, the big Kentuckian having no trouble keeping up with Billy’s power walking due to his long strides.

Billy is so consumed with taking up ALL available space in the hallway that anyone who passes him has to practically FLATTEN themselves up against a wall just so that the Iron Fist Champion won’t run them down.

Winter turns a corner haphazardly and suddenly COLLIDES with someone, the man knocked back a step and Winter himself stumbling to the side.

Billy SPINS around with a sneer etching across his features and comes to face to face with the man he ran into.

It’s the Rules of Surrender Champion…

Kale Tanev.

Winter: SECURITY!!! This filthy, scum-encrusted hobo is trying to PANHANDLE ME!!! What’s the sob story, bub? Disabled veteran? Recovering crack addict? Or you just need five dollars for gas, right?? 

Billy scoffs.

Winter: I’ve heard em’ all. Don’t care. Elgin…get this guy outta my face so that I can go soak my shoulder in hand sanitizer.

Winter rubs his shoulder where Tanev collided with him.

Blair: Know who this is, right?

Billy raises an eyebrow.

Blair: It’s Kale Tanev. Rules of Surrender Champion…

A sudden recognition dawns on the face of Billy Winter…and he looks down just as Tanev picks his Rules of Surrender title up off the floor and drapes it over his shoulder. 

Winter can’t help but smirk.

Winter: Oh yeah…Tanev. So THIS is what the other champions in SHOOT Project look like. They wear…(Billy gestures to Tanev’s gear) tights from the Goodwill bargain bin. They smell…(Billy sniffs the air delicately in Tanev’s direction) like a mixture of cat urine and hot garbage.

Billy snickers at his own wit.

Winter: You cut a pretty impressive figure; champ…looks like you’re ready for must-see episode of BUM FIGHTS! Tonight only…the alley behind the Epicenter…with thousands of sewer rats cheering him on and someone smashing trashcan lids together as his theme music…KALE TANEV GOES TO WAR FOR A SOGGY DUMPSTER BURRITO!!!

Tanev has enough of Billy’s shit as this point, taking a step closer to the snide Iron Fist Champion. Billy takes a cautious step back, making sure Elgin’s flannel-clad barrel chest is there to hide behind if need be.

Tanev: Looks like we share the same taste in accessories, Winter.  I wouldn’t have taken you for the ‘hobo chic’ type.

Tanev nods in the direction of the Iron Fist championship belt around Winter’s waist, and pushes his own shoulder up to emphasize the Rule of Surrender title belt he carries.

Tanev: For once the mighty Billy Winter is silenced.  If I knew how to do it, I’d tweet about this moment.  It should be shared with the world.

Winter’s face goes a shade darker and Elgin takes a half step forward.  

Tanev: Listen, Winter. I’ve had a bit of a bad couple of weeks.  So I’m going to ask you once, just once, to get yourself – and your rent-a-lumberjack – the fuck out of my face.   Right now, tomorrow, and for the rest of your fucking life, for all I care. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but unlike either of you two, I’m in the semifinals of the Master of the Mat tournament.  

Tanev shoulders Winter, brushing past him.  Blair stands his ground silently, looking down at the uncharacteristically aggressive Tanev. After a moment, Tanev slides past Blair, muttering to himself as he takes off to get ready for his match with Corazon.

Winter yells after Tanev, his feathers ruffled like that of a perturbed peacock.

Winter: GOOD LUCK with Master of the Mat, Kale! Hope Corazon drags you out behind the dumpsters and stabs you right in the KIDNEY!!!

Winter makes a big show of leaping down the hallway towards Tanev, but of course Blair is there to stop him with a tree-limb like arm. Winter doesn’t struggle all that much…preferring to run his mouth from afar since he knows he’s got back up with him.

Winter: And GOOD LUCK when you come up against my boy Dan Stein for that Rules of Surrender Championship. I’ll enjoy watching him take away your prized possession…and I’ll enjoy seeing you slink back into the gutter where you belong!

Tanev vanishes around the corner at the end of the corridor, not even giving Winter the time of day at this point.

Winter watches him go, a snarl curling up at the corner of his mouth as we fade to black.

Eryk Masters: We’ve already had a lot go on and we haven’t even had our first match! Let’s get to the —


The arena lights dim as the distorted power-chords of Joe Walsh’s ‘Turn to Stone’ resound across the Epicenter eliciting a solid wall of boos from the crowd.  

Eryk Masters: Great, it’s the weekly ‘Injure the Crowd’ portion of the show…

Other Guy: Well, you DID try to get to some action and as you well know, Recoba’s a publicity Machine, Masters! He hasn’t spent one second in that ring between a bell and yet he has managed to keep his name on everyone’s lips! Why NOT interrupt the beginning of the show?

Recoba appears at the top of the ramp, the lights switch back to their normal level, he surveys the greeting he has received and smiles as he slowly starts to walk towards the ring.

Other Guy: Call me a detective but Recoba’s attire doesn’t suggest he’s ready to get into the ring right now.

Recoba, sure enough, is wearing a navy suit, the camera cuts as we barely make out various insults hurled his way as he passes the rampway patrons.

Eryk Masters: Fans, last week Cross Recoba issued an open challenge to anyone and everyone. We couldn’t uncover whether there had been any takers when we arrived at the arena today but, as you all know, a lot can change in the space of an hour or two here at the Epicenter!

Recoba reaches ringside and spots a fan holding a ‘EVERYONE ELSE>>>>RECOBA’ sign, he pulls back a fist and the fan flinches. Cross, satisfied, sends a wink Samantha Coil’s way as he approaches her seat to grab a microphone. Cross climbs onto the apron and begins to speak as he climbs through the ropes.

Recoba: Remember last week? When I came out here and had you all eating out of my hand? Little Trent nearly made the big one, nearly won himself a heap of money – sadly, Trent learnt to catch from Santonio Holmes, and that….that was that really.

The fans boo at the reminder of last week’s actions.

Recoba: Then….then I told Mary Kelly that this week, in this very ring, in front of this very crowd I’d be taking on anyone who wanted to see if they could hang with The Hammer!

Recoba leans over the ropes, speaking to the cameraman on the apron.

Recoba: Yet here I am, and wouldn’t you know it – not one member of the SHOOT Project answered the challenge…am I to believe that not one member of the roster takes me as a threat? That could be true for some here but I read my own press, I’m not shy about admitting that, so it must be that they’re….SCARED…

Eryk Masters: The only truth in what he just said is that he reads his own press, not just reads it, believes it too!

Recoba: So, Vegas, feel free to join in. As I’m going to give the roster a ten-count to show, bet it one, two, or all of them that come out here!…

Eryk Masters: Lord, have mercy…

Recoba: ONE….


The crowd’s boos grow louder.



Eryk Masters: He’ll do anything to avoid squaring off

Recoba: FIVE….



The lights drop again as the delayed bass on the opening riff of Papa Roach’s ‘One Track Mind’ hits over the arena. The fans cheer, thankful that someone has stopped the Cross Recoba One Man Show for the night.


Miles stands in his ring attire at the top of the ramp. His face says this is all business as he throws a signal to cut the music.

Miles: I think I speak for each and every member of the crowd, and the every member of the SHOOT Project when I say – LET’S GO!

Miles continues his walk down the aisle

Recoba: This is the best SHOOT Project has to offer? Aiden Miles? You and I go way back, to a time when Zex and Omar remember. You couldn’t best me then, you won’t best me now. Seriously, SHOOT, is this your best man?

Miles is now on the apron. Recoba drops the mic and pulls off his suit jacket, throwing it to the corner.

Eryk Masters: We’re about to find out if Recoba can back up his words from the last month!

Miles climbs through the ropes but Cross doesn’t let him enter the ring before lifting a knee to his chest. The Italian-American follows it up with two quick forearms and an Irish Whip to the corner.

Other Guy: Where’s a referee?

Cross charges at Miles but IS MET WITH A SUPERKICK!

Eryk Masters: Recoba is reeling!

The Hammer staggers back, stunned, the jolt to the jaw. Miles wastes no time and ducks a sloppy hook from the Vegas resident – GERMAN SUPLEX!

Recoba, running on instinct, gets back to his feet but staggers back against the ropes. The Standard sends a forearm into the temple of Recoba and follows it up with a spinning heel kick that sends Cross over the ropes to the arena floor.

Eryk Masters: Dennis Heflin is coming down to start the match!

Other Guy: I don’t think there’s a match taking place…

The camera cuts to Recoba who is livid, he grabs his jacket from the corner as he makes his way to the bottom of the ramp.

Recoba: This has only just begun, Miles!

Miles leans over the ropes clearly pleased to have shut up Cross, even temporarily, leaving Heflin out of breath and out of use with no match to take place.

The Standard’s music starts back up on the PA as Recoba continues to mutter inaudibles as he backs down the ramp.


Eryk Masters:  Not really sure how to describe what I just saw. 

Other Guy:  Yeah… but hey, at least now we can get into the action!  Master of the Mat semi-finals to open up this edition of Revolution!  Kale Tanev, the Rule of Surrender Champion, takes on Adrian Corazon, the Baddest Man Alive!

The crowd gets noisy as Kale Tanev walks out from the back, no music or anything.  He’s dressed in just basketball shorts, no shirt.  His arms are bandaged heavily and he basically looks like he just woke up. 

Eryk Masters:  Not real sure what’s going on with Tanev.  Kid’s a mess.

Other Guy:  You’ve seen the kind of people he hangs out with, you know that guy gets his party on. 

Eryk Masters:  I certainly hope that’s the case and it’s not something else.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first… he stands at six feet three inches tall, he weighs in at two hundred and twenty five pounds… he is the reigning Rule of Surrender Champion… Kale Tanev!

The lights dim and a purple glow circles the exit from the gorilla position.  “Baddest Man Alive” by the Wu-Tang Clan hits and the fans come alive once more.  The man with so many nicknames appears at the top of the ramp.  He keeps his eyes on Tanev as he begins his walk down to the ring.  This moment is everything to the both of them, and he knows that they’re both acutely aware of that fact.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon is business as usual, though. 

Other Guy:  For everything that he is or isn’t, what you can’t take away from him is that he’s a professional.

He’s returned somewhat to his regular ring gear, choosing to embrace that rather than shun it.  He stays staring at Tanev, even as he climbs into the ring. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing next… he stands at six feet, three inches tall and also weighs in at two hundred and twenty five pounds… he is the BADDEST MAN ALIVE… ADRIAN CORAZON. Finally, this match is for a spot in the FINALS of the Master of the Mat tournament! Your winner here will take on the winner of Isaac Entragian and Trey Willett later this evening!

The crowd pops for all of the information and Samantha takes a breath and leaves the ring.  Corazon and Tanev both smile at her as they meet in the middle of the ring with Willie Dean.  Willie goes over last minute instructions with them and calls for the bell. 

Eryk Masters:  Soon, we’ll have our first finalist.

Other Guy:  You know that’s right.

The bell ringing almost serves as a trigger, as Tanev tears across the ring and lights Corazon UP.  The match keeps that tone for a bit, with Tanev working Corazon over with flurry after flurry of strikes.  It becomes clear that Corazon was caught off guard by the fire that Tanev came with.  Tanev wasn’t even trying to wrestle a match, he was just trying to beat Adrian Corazon up. 

Eryk Masters:  Tanev is DOMINATING Corazon right now. 

Other Guy:  Corazon’s busted open, too.  You can see the blood trickle down from his lip and through his teeth. 

Tanev has been like a man possessed throughout the match, causing many to wonder whether or not Corazon can handle the assault.  The crowd’s buzzing with concern as they watch Corazon basically get taken apart by the Rule of Surrender Champion. 

Other Guy:  He’s catching a serious ass whooping, that’s for sure.

Eryk Masters:  With the exception of a small reversal every so often, we haven’t seen much of Corazon at all in this match. 

Other Guy:  Now, Corazon is a guy that can win a match out of nowhere, but Tanev has been methodical.  You can tell that there’s definitely something else driving this guy.  He’s practically unhinged right now. 

Tanev throws Corazon with an ugly suplex, but follows it up with more and more strikes, driving Corazon into the mat.  A quick cover and Tanev only gets a two count, which somewhat frustrates him.  He pulls Corazon to his feet and whips him into the ropes.  Synonymous with the beginning of this match, he drives and elbow into Corazon’s chest on the rebound which flattens the Baddest Man Alive and causes him to curl into a semi-fetal position.

Other Guy:  Is he foaming at the mouth? 

Eryk Masters:  He may as well be.  The crowd’s completely taken out of this and he can’t stop himself. 

Tanev gets Corazon back to his feet and pushes him into the turnbuckle.  Tanev takes a few steps back and then charges forward, but Corazon moves out of the way.  Tanev hits chest first into the turnbuckle and turns around.  He sees Corazon standing near him with a slight smirk on his face, the stain of blood still on his face.  Tanev boots Corazon in the gut, and hooks him in a front facelock.  He hooks the leg and starts to pull him up, attempting to put Corazon away with the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Corazon stops him. 

Eryk Masters:  Here we go…

Other Guy:  Signs of life…

Corazon NAILS Tanev.  The crowd starts to come alive.  Tanev puts a hand to his jaw and smiles and then throws a HARD right to Corazon, which catches him.  Corazon decides he’s not going to take anymore of those and goes one after the other, right and left, stunning the Rule of Surrender Champion!  Tanev comes forward and throws a wild right hand, but Corazon blocks it and immediately drops Tanev with a neckbreaker.  Corazon hangs on, pulling Tanev back to his feet.  He whips him into the ropes, Tanev rebounds and goes after him, but Corazon ducks a lariat. 

Other Guy:  He’s building momentum! 

Eryk Masters:  Let’s make one thing clear.  Adrian Corazon is not an underdog.  Yes, he’s been getting the shit kicked out of him this match, but Adrian Corazon is one of the TOUGHEST people in the world, nevermind this business. 

Tanev is wild eyed as he rebounds back towards Corazon.  Corazon doesn’t do anything fancy, but he does drop him with another hard right hand.  He pulls Tanev up by the hair and then wipes his hand off on his tights.  He snap mares Tanev back down and then backs up against the rope.  He comes off and drops one elbow, then he gets back up and drops another.  He goes for a cover! 




Eryk Masters:  Tanev kicks out! 

Other Guy:  Has the momentum officially swung? 

Corazon goes to pull Tanev back to his feet, but Tanev hits him with a right hand from the mat.  Corazon’s staggered, Tanev gets to his feet, and Corazon turns right into a Tanev right cross!  Corazon staggers, Tanev picks him up and drops him with that Fisherman Brainbuster!  Both men are down!  

Eryk Masters:  Hell of a turn! 

Other Guy:  Tanev is most certainly game, but he’s GOTTA get a pin off. 

Tanev goes for a cover. 




The crowd goes NUTS.  Tanev is in disbelief.  Corazon starts to get to his feet, Tanev scoots across the ring into the corner.  He shakes his head and pulls himself up by the ropes.  He sees Corazon on his hands and knees and runs over to him.  He tries to stomp Corazon back to the ground, but Corazon rolls out of the way!  He tries to stomp again, and Corazon continues to roll!  Finally, Tanev goes to pick Corazon up, but Corazon pulls him down into a small package! 



THRE—Tanev kicks out! 

Eryk Masters:  Tanev was REAL close to being eliminated from this tournament, OG.  Corazon is just a better wrestler than Tanev is, but he ALSO knows the danger of those strikes that Tanev has. Tanev’s a strong dude.

Other Guy:  You’re right, Eryk.  Corazon knows that he’s in constant danger as long as Tanev is on his feet.  They both have to be feeling the pressure now.  Have to be. 

The two get to their feet at relatively the same time.  Tanev charges in wildly AGAIN.  Corazon sees him coming and ducks him one more time.  Tanev turns and Corazon wraps him up and throws him over with a belly to belly overhead suplex!  Tanev hits the mat, but immediately gets back to his feet.  Corazon sees this as he’s getting to his own feet and DROPS HIM.


Eryk Masters:  THERE IT IS.

He covers! 




Samantha Coil: Your winner, moving on to the FINALS of the Master of the Mat tournament, at a time of fifteen minutes and twelve seconds… THE BADDEST MAN ALIVE… ADRIAN CORAZON!

Corazon gets to his feet and goes to help Tanev up.  Tanev shoves him away, and gets to his feet himself, holding the back of his head.  Willie Dean raises the hand of Corazon, but the crowd immediately starts booing!  

Eryk Masters:  DAN STEIN.   IT’S DAN STEIN! 

Other Guy:  He’s the number one contender to Tanev’s title! 

Stein hits the ring and Corazon turns only to get shoved from the ring by Stein.  He topples out and hits the ground HARD.  Tanev turns and goes to attack Stein, but Stein is fresh and ready.  He blocks Tanev’s punch, kicks him in the gut!  #TWITTERBATION!  The crowd BOOS. 

Other Guy:  Stein is getting a good lick in before they go into their PPV bout, CLEARLY.  He wants to hit that grand slam, there’s no doubt about that.

Eryk Masters:  That’s for sure, and now look…

The crowd boos even louder as Stein takes the Rule of Surrender Championship and holds it high over his head!  He stands over the fallen body of Tanev.  Then, he kisses the title belt and holds it up one more time.

Eryk Masters:  We’re gonna head to the back as we get this cleaned up.  Folks, Adrian Corazon is going to the Master of the Mat finals.  Who will he face?  We’ll find out later this evening.

Other Guy:  And also… Dan Stein came out here and made a statement for Kale Tanev, letting him know that, in his opinion, his reign is on borrowed time.  To the back we go!

We’re backstage and we see Loco Martinez involved in conversation with ANARCHY! They’re sitting off to the side at a table, both in their ring gear for their match later tonight. Loco leans in close to the two long time friends. Both men are listening intently, and not saying a word. Both men nod as Loco continues to get animated. He finishes with an emphatic slap of the table. From off camera we see Maya Nakashima step into frame. His eyes go wide as he sees Loco with ANARCHY! – He storms over. T.Rex sees Maya and stands up.

T.Rex: Maya, it ain’t what you think!

Maya: Don’t.

The steel in Maya’s voice silences T.Rex.

Maya: I need to talk to HIM… ALONE.

Loco smirks cockily for a second and then oozes sarcasm.

Loco: Aren’t you worried about a beat down? If you’re SO SURE I’m behind all this? Is THIS plan of attack wise?!

Uncomfortable silence. T.Rex and Arch Angel cock a concerned eye towards Loco Martinez who nods for them to leave. Maya paces back and forth, SHOOT Project World Title slung on his shoulder.

Maya: What the HELL was that about last week? I mean, you put on one hell of a performance trying to tell me, trying to tell those FANS, that you had no part in all of this. The only honest thing you had to say was that you’d do ANYTHING to get your hands on this SHOOT Project World Title. Even if it meant sending your "boys" to do your dirty work for you.

Before Loco can even respond, Maya continues. His voice becomes more hostile with each passing second as he lifts the SHOOT Project World Title in front of Loco’s face.

Maya: Is THIS worth all of that? Burning our supposed friendship to cinder and ash… for THIS? It’s not even that, you tried to cripple me and you tried to end my tenure in SHOOT Project. You know what… did you ever even like me, Loco? Or was this all a big ruse so that when THIS day came you could laugh your ass off. Laugh at how gullible I am, just a stupid KID that can’t see two inches in front of his face. Back then, back then this would have been exactly the type of thing you’d do… exactly.

Loco sighs heavily.

Loco: Maya, AGAIN. Its not like-

Maya puts a hand up, silencing Loco. His eyes deadlock with Loco’s.

Maya: You haven’t changed at all.

This line stings Loco we see a pained expression cross his face as if Maya had just slapped him a split second before his eyes narrow with rage.

Loco: I KNOW what it looks like Maya. I know you THINK you know that I’m behind all this. That I have decided to toss our friendship for this title match? That you believe that whatever I was capable of in the past I’m capable of right now. I can’t sit here and convince you… Clearly YOU have your mind made up about me. That, THAT-

Loco reaches out and aggressively pokes the title on Maya’s shoulder. Maya swats his hands away. The tension is palpable between the two.

Loco: Is more important to me than our friendship. That… THAT-

He pokes a little more aggressively this time setting Maya back a step or two.

Loco: Is more important than my WORD. Than my MISSION. That when I came back, not just to SHOOT, but to wrestling that I was going to do it the RIGHT way. That I was going to pour my HEART and SOUL into being a man people could rally behind. To being a little bit of light in the darkness of the SHOOT Project. That I’d come back and do everything in my power and ability to get the red out of my ledger. To not just show the people I’ve wronged and the fans that I AM a different man. That I AM a better man, but also to prove it to myself. You believe what you want to believe, but I KNOW… I had nothing to do with last week. I KNOW, the mission I’m on, as tempting as that title might be? I know I haven’t strayed from my path. I KNOW that I’m out to prove I can get that the right way. And at Master of the Mat? I’ll be doing exactly… THAT!

One more aggressive poke and Maya has had enough. He shoves Loco, hard. Loco stumbles back, landing with a thud on his backside. He pops up seeing red and the two men meet and tussle. They end up rolling back over the table that Anarchy was sitting it. They land with a thud exchanging a few shots before SHOOT Officials, and a returning ANARCHY come pouring onto the scene. They begin trying to pull the two men apart. Each man wild eyed staring at one another as a bevy of SHOOT security and backstage officials continues to put distance between the two man. We pan down to beneath the table where the SHOOT Project World Title fell during the scuffle. Chaos and noise surround it as it glimmers. We linger for a few moments on the Championship before we cut away.


We open to SHOOT Project’s intrepid backstage reporter Abigail Chase standing with the symbol of the Helmet etched into the wall behind her. Her trademark microphone is in hand and she’s looking UP at someone…and as the camera pans to the side we see that she’s being dwarfed by Isaac Entragian.

The Pale Rider’s wild white hair is tied back into a half ponytail and his gargantuan arms are crossed at the chest.

Abigail Chase: I’m standing by with Isaac Entragian, one of the competitors in the semi-finals of the Master of the Mat tournament. Isaac, how are you feeling going into your match with Trey tonight?

Isaac’s forked tongue slips out to wet his lips before replying.

Entragian: Trey is formidable. And as of late? He’s got a chip on his shoulder. That makes him desperate…and even more dangerous. He thinks he’s found my killer instinct…my “teeth” as he so eloquently words it.

Isaac pauses.

Entragian: Tonight…I’m gonna show him that I never lost it.

Chase nods along with Entragian’s confidence.

Abigail Chase: And then really quick, Isaac, while we have you here…  At the start of our show… a few short moments ago, Adrian Corazon defeated the Rules of Surrender Champion, Kale Tanev to move into the Master of the Mat FINALS, where he waits for you or Trey.  How much does KNOWING your potential opponent come into play tonight and, with it being Corazon, someone with whom you have SO much history, does that help you or hurt you?

Entragian is about to reply…when suddenly he notices something off camera, his jaw clenching. A little nervous twinkle alights in Abigail Chase’s eyes as she notices the new arrivals too.

Tom Quinn: (Hands up, defensively) We’re good….

Quinn is followed behind by Jordan Wailer.  Both men are in street clothes.  Quinn with cut-off jean shorts and a white T-shirt that simply says "Undecided" in black marker, grey converse, no socks.  Short brown hair parted boringly the right.  He looks a little slow.  A little out of it.  Blood shot eyes, and a cloudy gaze.

Wailer’s in the same clothes Wailer always wears.  Crusted black boots.  Baggy black, gimey jeans and a blood stained black Pantera T-shirt.  His thick, unwashed dreadlocked bangs hang over his dead eyes, while he silently rubs the putrid scar running down his right wrist.

Entragian hisses.

Entragian: I told you cockroaches once…to stay out of my way. Not so good at taking the hint, huh?

Quinn again holds a hand up to signal his peaceful intentions.

Tom Quinn: Easy Isaac.  We just had a quick message for you, man…

Entragian falls silent to his own lingering curiosity and Tom Quinn proceeds.

Tom Quinn: There’s a sense among some members of our community that you didn’t really take us seriously the last time we…  chatted.  I know the days go by so fast, man, and I don’t blame you for ignoring us if that was the case.  (Shrugging) I’m not going to put words into your mouth, and really, it doesn’t matter.  We just REALLY believe in something, dude.  And we’re gonna carry things out.

He pauses and actually turns toward Abigail, who certainly seems out of place at the moment.  He doesn’t say anything to her, but the message is clear.

She leaves.

Quinn stares again at Isaac.

Tom Quinn: So the deal with us, man… is uh…  (looking off for the words) I don’t know.  We don’t always agree on the roads we wanna take.  Some of us are a little aggressive and think that uh, you should fight…  You know, force the world to its knees.  They want to rule.  Kinda tyranical, but it’s not.. (Shrugging mid sentence) it’s not wrong.  They take what they want.  It’s beautiful, man.  And freeing…  But then…  Ya know, then some believe in destiny.  They think our message is the FATE of our world.  That we represent the…  the GIVEN.  It’s this…  organic… thing.  I don’t know.  I might not be wording it the best.

I’ve had a long few days.

He rubs his eyes and shakes out his body very slowly.

Tom Quinn: The vote was eleven to eight.  Eight people wanted to do everything they could to stop you.  To break you.  You’re an enemy and eight people wanted  to do you wrong at their own hands.  (Pause and a shrug)  ELEVEN others said that we shouldn’t.  That…  nature…  Gods.  Fate.  Destiny.  Chaos…  whatever.  That the right thing would happen to you and that no torture we could ever administer would be as cruel as what life has already planned.

He takes a deep breath and runs his hands slowly through his hair.

Tom Quinn: Two people abstained.  One didn’t have enough evidence.  And uhh…  the other… ME.  I’m just always on the fence with stuff like this.  So it’s Eleven to eight to…  to uhh… two.  You can go ahead and win Master of the Mat on your own.

Entragian: Eleven to eight, one hundred to seventy five, those numbers… for or against… do you think they mean anything to me? You can have a million hiding in the wings, and it doesn’t make me sweat. You three, the ones I’ve seen, no matter how twisted you think you can get… I’ve already been there. I wrote the book on pandemonium…and all I see right now are ambitious boys playing with matches in SHOOT’s backyard. If you keep lighting these little fires of provocation…then you might just force my hand. You might just ignite something that I don’t think you’re QUITE ready for yet, Mr. Quinn…

Isaac stares into the deadened eyes of Wailer, a symbolic glimmer of hellfire seeming to make The Pale Rider’s eyes shine just a little brighter.

Entragian: I’ve been idle…and I’ve let you three spread a little havoc…raise a little hell. Some guys have stood up against you…and you’ve hurt them. I see you preachin…I see you recruiting…I SEE you gaining your foothold here. I can practically smell it…like a festering wound spreading across SHOOT’s battlefield.

Isaac’s lips peel back from his razor-sharp teeth, that old slow burning rage awakening in his heart.

Entragian: So if you’re here to warn me…to threaten me? Let me return the favor. I’m losing patience. I’m feeling…a little provoked. You wanna run wild and fuck shit up…you wanna throw your weight against the Helmet and bring it crashing down?

Isaac pauses.

Entragian: That’s a problem for me…because I fight for the Helmet now…instead of against it. So no matter HOW MUCH you want to promote this fear campaign…no matter HOW MANY are drinking the kool-aide you’re serving up…I’m standing right in front of the SHOOT Project that you’re seeking to infest.

Isaac takes a step closer to Wailer.

Entragian: And when it comes to vermin…I am never merciful.

Wailer: How much…  How many? Nah Ike. It’s how little. How little you mean now, how little YOU’VE become.

Wailer’s outburst carries the weight of passion but the voice cracks with death and indifference.

Wailer: The smallest giant. The oak tree in the backyard… the tree that should have died but clings to this world with a few leaves. Fuck it man, You’re no Ivory tower. You’re nothing to marvel at… be it in dark beauty or grotesque horror. But You were… you were something. You were the gateway to finality.

Sweet sweet release, Issac. You had it..right there. In your dying hands. You just had to go. Show them the escape route… show ME the way out.

Wailer takes a single step forward, just enough to raise slight cause for concern. Issac doesn’t so much flinch as he simply tightens the muscles, anticipating something that may or may not happen.

Wailer: (eyeing Issac up and down) There the tower crumbles, and in his ruins everybody sees. But you crawled back. You clung to this wasted life for what reason? To march along with the rest of the unknowing, to stumble with the rest of the walking dead?

He huffs, though whether it is out of frustration or mockery of the man before him is hard to tell

Wailer: Or please use that word, redemption. Let is spew out of that mouth, drip from that forked tongue and spill to the floor like the last bit of vomit before you pass out. Look at that shit on the ground, at your feet. Stare at it. That’s all you offer this world now.

His step back does not lighten the tension, but it lures those watching into realizing there will be no fight tonight.

Wailer: You think you know pain, Ike? You think you understand darkness because you played with fire a couple of times? Your graphic novel life isn’t how this really works. So look at me.


The most apathetic rage escapes from his body

Wailer: My teeth, Issac. They chatter. My bones. They’re stiff. But it ain’t cold enough to freeze to death. It’s never cold enough… no matter how deep into the void you go.  You chose to stay… so now I gotta pull you back down inside.

Wailer ALMOST cracks a grin, but can’t curl his lips.

Wailer: Fuck you, Isaac.

He turns and walks away without any need for more official goodbyes.

Quinn lags behind, however, apparently willing to tempt fate and poke the dragon one last time.

Tom Quinn: I guess I should probably also tell you that our votes are just…  suggestions.

Tom shrugs.

Tom Quinn: I mean… you can’t really force a human to do anything.  Ever.  I don’t know, man.  We’ll see…

Entragian watches Quinn walk off in the same direction that Wailer took.

The Pale Rider’s expression hardens like stone, his eyes seeming to promise that this issue…is far from resolved.

We fade.


We cut to the ring where Samantha Coil is about to kick off the introductions for the next fight.

Samantha Coil: The following fight is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans pop for the title mention and the impending fight.

Samantha Coil: First, the challenger, from Miami, Florida. He weighs two hundred and six pounds! He is THE STANDARD…..AIDEN…MILES!!

"One Track Mind" by Papa Roach plays through the speaker system, as smoke fills around the entrance ramp, hovering a few centimeters above the ground.

Eryk Masters: Miles has made quite the impression on the SHOOT Project. He came into the company as part of the Master of the Mat tournament and a week after his exit he has a shot at taking the Sin City Championship from one of the hottest stars here at the Epicenter in Chaos!

A platform slowly rises from under the ramp, as Aiden Miles stands with his arms outstretched, with his head hung, almost like a rock star pose. As the ramp connects with the platform, Aiden Miles slowly walks down. A black army style shirt, arms cut off, unbuttoned flaps a little in the wind from the smoke machines.

Other Guy:: Miles looks determined to get back to his winning form after losing to Trey Willet in the Quarter-Finals.

Eryk Masters: If he takes the belt home tonight he’ll definitely have people talking but he’s going up against one of the most exciting talents on the roster, tonight!

Miles reaches the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and starts to pace around the ring, waiting for the Champion to arrive.

"Circus” by Britney Spears suddenly punctuates the ambient crowd noise of SHOOT Project’s Epicenter. The arena lights dim to a reddish glow as the opening words of the first verse fill the arena air.

”There’s only two types of people in the world

The ones that entertain and the ones that observe

Well baby, I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl

Don’t like the backseat, gotta be first”

Eryk Masters: You only have to hear that reaction to know the fans are going to be in for a treat tonight, no matter who comes out the other side with the belt they’re going to get a show.

A flash of blinding light erupts and the arena lights return to normal. Chaos is standing in the middle of the stage. He is dressed to look EXACTLY like Elvis Presley

Other Guy:: Did someone tell Chaos you don’t have to BE Las Vegas to hold the belt?

He is wearing a white bodysuit, covered in diamantes. He has the big elvis wig and massive fake side burns. The Sin City Championship Belt is strapped around his waist.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he, nor anyone in the Epicenter cares! He’s here, he’s the champ and he’s made it pretty clear this week that that’s the way he wants it to stay!

”I’m a like the ringleader, I call the shots

(Call the shots)

I’m like a firecracker I make it hot

When I put on a show”

Chaos walks back behind the curtain and brings out an extra dressed up as a cheeseburger and they skip to the ring, hand in hand.

Samantha Coil: Coming to the ring, weighing in at tonight at 230 pounds. Making his first defense, he is the REIGNING SIN CITY CHAMPION CHAAAAAAAOOOOOOOSSSSSSS!!!

”I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins

Spotlight on me and I’m ready to break

I’m like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage

Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus

When I crack that whip, everybody gon’ trip just like a circus

Don’t stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do

Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor just like a circus ahhhhha”

The "cheeseburger" takes a seat next to the timekeeper and Chaos rolls under the bottom rope. Dennis Heflin walks over to each man and explains the rules to them as the music continues to play.

Eryk Masters: This has all the makings for the Match of the Night!

Other Guy:: This is the sort of match where the fans should be on the edge of their seats. Both men have the ability to end this match with the flip of a switch.

Eryk Masters: Speaking from my own experience the key to going into these matches and knowing your opponent can put you away if you make one mistake is to have done your homework before you enter the ring. It’s too late for that now though as Dennis Heflin gives the signal to start the match!

The bell rings and the two men approach each other, locking up. Miles tries to place a leg behind Chaos, looking for a judo-style trip but Chaos steps back and takes his arm in a top wristlock.

Miles tries to reach for Chaos’ leg but the six-inches he gives up in height make it impossible. The Floridian tries to grab Chaos’ arm and wrench it off but the grip from the Sin City Champion is too tight. Miles postures up slightly before rolling through and going for a hip-toss but Chaos again blocks it, Miles circles into a waist-lock but Chaos circles round him to grab one of his own.

Chaos steps forward into a headlock but Miles slips out the back into a hammerlock. Miles looks to try and wear down the bigger man by pushing the arm up. Chaos reaches behind him and pulls Miles into a snap-mare, he looks for the kick but Miles is alert and sweeps his leg out leaving him on the floor. Aiden flips forward grabbing the legs looking for the pin but before Heflin can drop to the mat Chaos has kicked out.

Chaos runs at Miles but only gets an arm drag for his trouble. Miles approaches his opponent but finds himself on the wrong end of a Japanese arm-drag. Both men get to their feet and Miles charges at Chaos but the Champion drops to the ground, Miles returns and ducks a clothesline. A third time and Chaos leapfrogs as Miles rolls out the way and to his feet. Both men stare at each other as the crowd pop for the frenetic start to the match.

Eryk Masters: Both men have the other well-scouted it seems!

Miles soaks in the adulation but Chaos has other ideas. He reaches into his costume and pulls out two spoons. He calmly walks up to Aiden and ‘boops’ him on the head.

Other Guy:: Seems someone was watching The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon!

Miles is stunned by what just happened. Chaos hits him with the other spoon and Miles takes flight trying to distance himself from the Chaos Cutlery Charge. Chaos lands another couple of shots to the top of his head before Heflin steps in and takes the spoon away from him.

Eryk Masters: If this is how Chaos is going to act during his reign it’s not going to be one easily forgotten!

Heflin yanks both spoons out of the hands of the Sin City Champion and starts to admonish him. Chaos starts to pitch a fit – thrashing his fists against the ropes and turnbuckle. He drops to the floor and starts to thrash like a three-year old whose candy has been stolen. Heflin shakes his head and steps away. Miles looks to capitalize and sends a boot to the ribs of Chaos before lifting him by the hair to his feet. Chaos gets to one knee before unleashing a brutal European uppercut that floors Miles. He looks for a cover, but again before Heflin can count one Miles has kicked out. The Miami native rises to his feet and looks pissed to have been suckered in.

Other Guy:: Chaos is not someone you’d want to face, you can study all the styles round the world and still not come close to what you could expect from Chaos!

Miles kicks Chaos in the midriff and then follows with a stiff forearm shot to the temple for good measure. Chaos remains on his feet only long enough for Miles to complete the quick combo with a Dragon Whip Kick that sends the Champion to the floor.

Eryk Masters: Miles looks more focused than last week, that’s for sure.

Miles tries to follow up with a quick elbow but Chaos rolls out the way. Miles pops back up and goes for an Irish Whip but Chaos plants down a foot and sends Miles to the ropes instead. Miles has his wits about him as he wraps his arms around the ropes to stop him rebounding. Chaos charges at him and clotheslines him over the ropes onto the apron. Miles lands on his feet and misses the forearm thrown by Chaos and deliver a kick to the stomach of Chaos. He runs up the turnbuckle and leaps off in a fluid motion, connecting with a Missile dropkick in the process. He goes for the pin…


Eryk Masters: Both men are keeping up this pace it seems.

Other Guy:: Chaos need to ground Miles, he has a twenty-five pound advantage on him. A slower pace will nullify Aiden’s offence!

Eryk Masters: That may be so but he has to catch him first!

Miles stays on the offence – he drops forward and lands a knee to the head of Chaos to keep him down before sprinting to the turnbuckle. He leaps, turns, and hits a picture-perfect moonsault….CHAOS LIFTS HIS KNEES!!!

Miles holds his ribs as he hits the deck. The camera switches to ringside and we see the Cheeseburger place red and yellow squeeze bottles by the corner. Chaos nods his head in appreciation.

Eryk Masters: I dread to think what this could mean…

Chaos gets to his feet and waits on Miles to get to his. He grabs a front-facelock before delivering a stiff DDT to the canvas, Wasting no time he then pulls Miles back to his feet and whips him to the corner with a force that leaves Miles slumped in the corner. Chaos approaches him and kicks him in the side of the head before grabbing the bottles and holding him over his head.

Other Guy:: I think we’re about to find out…

Chaos walks to the centre of the ring, squeezing the bottles behind him to leave a ‘trail’ of what looks like ketchup and mustard behind him. He throws the bottles out of the ring and takes a few steps back. He runs and SLIDES HEADFIRST INTO THE GROIN OF MILES!

A collective groan exits every male in the arena wincing in brotherhood solidarity.

Eryk Masters: My Lord, I said before the match that the key was to scout your opponent but I don’t think a hundred matches would have turned that one up!

Miles holds his nether regions in pain. Chaos looks to capitalize and lifts up Miles. He lands a hook to the kidneys before hooking a leg and wrapping his arm around the neck of his opponent…T-BONE SUPLEX!



Chaos thought for sure he had him but Miles kicks out. Miles rolls to his stomach and goes for a big swing but the Sin City Champion beats him to it with a kick that doubles him over. Chaos lifts the lighter man up onto his shoulders looking for the powerbomb…Miles slides down the back.

Other Guy:: Miles was on his game there to know that could be coming!

Eryk Masters: From that position you can only go down, better of your own choosing than the alternative!

Chaos spins round and goes for another clothesline but Miles flips him onto the apron. Before Chaos can get his wits a textbook dropkick sends him to the floor. Miles looks at the crowd who cheer in an unspoken agreement as to what needs to follow Miles runs off the opposite ropes and SLIDES UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE INTO A HEADSCISSORS!!

Other Guy:: Miles is stepping up the pace here!

Eryk Masters: It’s how long he can keep on top of the Champ though! Chaos beat a very strong Dan Stein to get the belt, remember.

Both men are on the floor as the referee begins the count…


Miles gets to his feet and picks up Chaos, delivering another forearm shot to the temple.


The Standard goes to whip Chaos into the barrier but it’s reversed sending Miles into the barrier next to the time-keeper.


Chaos signals to the Cheeseburger who holds Miles in place. Chaos charges the smaller opponent and lifts a knee into his midsection.


The Cheeseburger keeps Miles from dropping. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a sesame-seed bun. Chaos takes it and places it over the hand of Miles.

Eryk Masters: You gotta be kiddin’ me…

Chaos takes a might chomp out the bun and the hand of Miles in the process. He spits the half-chewed bun into the face of Miles and grabs him by the hair.


He slams Miles’ head against the canvas and rolls him into the ring. He climbs onto the apron and takes his time climbing through the ropes. The referee stopping the count as he does so.

Miles gets to his feet and Chaos pounces on him – dropping him back to the canvas with a running bulldog. He looks for the cover…



Other Guy:: Miles is showing a level of fight that we saw in the early rounds of the Master of the Mat.

Chaos doesn’t let Miles rest and pulls him to his feet, he drops a forearm into the back of The Standard and tries for a quick belly-to-back suplex but Miles slides over the shoulder and locks on the Cobra Clutch.

Eryk Masters: Miles is trying to take the bigger man off his feet!

Other Guy:: Chaos is equally versed in technical wrestling as he is in high-impact and high-flying. Both men are evenly matched.

Chaos struggles with the hold, he look to grab the rope but Miles shifts to move him away from the rope. Chaos is in danger of losing his title on the first attempt at defending it as The Standard tightens his grip on the Champion. Chaos drops to a knee.

Eryk Masters: Miles might have him here!

Heflin asks if the champion wants to submit but he shakes his head. The Standard cranks down further on the hold but the Sin City Title Holder rallies against it. Desperate to keep hold of his new title he gets back to a vertical base and slides his foot through the ropes.

Other Guy:: Smart move from Chaos, he might be eccentric and off the wall but that showed some real ring smarts there!

Miles is asked to break the hold and he does so – backing away so that Chaos can step back into the ring. Miles stays on the champion though and deliver a quick kick to the leg of Chaos and immediately following up with an enziguri. He lifts up his opponent into a front-facelock…legsweep DDT!

Eryk Masters: If Miles can keep on the champion he might walk out with the belt!

Chaos lays on the floor, dazed from the leg sweep/trip DDT. Miles has the crowd amped up from the quick-fire combo of hits. Chaos gets to his feet and stumbles into Miles grasp. He hooks the leg and wraps an arm round Chaos’ neck.

Eryk Masters: He’s going for the Crash Landing!

Chaos deliver a quick punch to the face of Miles, he follows it up with an elbow that loosens Miles’ grip on his leg. The Champ drives the knee into the sternum of The Standard and gets some space between him and the challenger.

Other Guy: Chaos was acting on instinct!

Aiden Miles steps towards Chaos and looks for a superkick but Chaos catches his foot and spins him round into an atomic-drop. He lifts up Miles AND KICKS OUT HIS LEG TURNING IT INTO A MODIFIED FACE-CRUSHER!

Eryk Masters: Desperation move from the Champion!

Other Guy: You do what you have to to keep that belt, get counted out, get disqualified or just fight to survive!

Miles gets to his feet as Chaos does the same…Miles pulls back to strike but Chaos beats him to it with a knee to the gut and scoops him up…WAFFLEJACK!!




Heflin calls for the bell!

Eryk Masters: Chaos pulled it out the bag at the last!

Other Guy: Miles came so close to taking home the belt in his first SHOOT Project since signing a long-term deal with the company but Chaos showed why he’s the champion tonight!

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match, as a result of pinfall, and STILL SIN CITY CHAMPION….CHAOS!!!!!!

Chaos’ hand is raised as he lifts the title up in the air. ‘Circus’ by Britney Spears plays over the PA system as he rolls out the ring and drapes an arm around the Cheeseburger as both men make their way down the ramp to rapturous cheers from the crowd. They break into a ‘CHA-OS, CHA-OS,CHA-OS!’ chant as he smiles and clutches onto the belt, favoring his ribs.

Eryk Masters: Look who just joined in the action!

The camera cuts to ringside where Cross Recoba has leapt over the barrier. He rolls into the ring and sees Miles start to stir. He delivers a running boot to the face of Miles to send him back down to the mat. He stays on the offensive and kicks him in the ribs causing him to roll onto his front. He places a shoe onto the back of miles and lifts him up by the arms, arching his back. He steps through…

Other Guy: That was a Curb Stomp with a message! Recoba has not taken Miles’ getting the upper hand earlier lightly!

Miles head bounces off the canvas, the camera zooms in as Recoba can be heard berating Miles over the crowd’s boos.

Recoba: You think anyone buys you as belonging here? I’m the name on everyone’s lips! I’m the guy people pay to see!

Cross slaps him across the face as he shouts at him. He lifts up Miles by the hair and delivers a sickening boot clean to the face.

Other Guy: Something tells me this isn’t going to be the last of this…

Eryk Masters: Miles’ proved twice tonight that he’s as good, if not better, than Recoba, that was just a cowardly ambush.

Recoba rolls out the ring as we cut away from the ring.

Flanked by all 420 pounds of Bradley Boom, Jarvis’s apparent new bodyguard and the newest member of the Project: HERO SHOOT Project chapter, Paul Jarvis confidently strolls down another hall within the Epicenter, patrolling for the good of the company that cares not for its employees.

Paul Jarvis: Bradley you’re work here tonight has been good, but I think we need to do more. And I think you KNOW what that means.

Bradley Boom: You name the target and I WILL. BLOW.THEM.UP!

Jarvis sighs

Paul Jarvis: They get it, Brad. You’re like a giant walking, talking bomb. We don’t need the play on words EVERY time. So at Revolution 131, the very night Jonny and myself announce our Master of the Mat opponents, you will make your RETURN to SHOOT Project competition and…

TRUMPETS! SOOOOOO Many trumpets.  A group of 6 trumpeters to be exact, dressed to the nines in Medieval like garments form an inadvertent wall in front of Jarvis and Boom.

Paul Jarvis: Really? Is this a Chaos segment that I’ve wandered into or what the hell?

Like moses supposedly parted the Red Sea, so do the trumpeters part; in fitting fashion being in the presence of God’s Champion. However, it is not Jarvis who makes them part, but a smaller, maybe just five feet tall, man… and of course he carries a scroll.

Short Man: You are soon to be joined by the FUTURE Grand Slam Champion of SHOOT Project, please acknowledge his Grand Slamness… DAN STEIN!

Again, the trumpets blare their royal dance. Dan Stein, wearing his baby blue short-style trunks walks into the room, arm in arm with the red haired beauty, Molly, his assistant. Behind them walk Toni and Tina, the two large women from Flex magazine that have taken a liking to being at Dan’s side. Stein smirks at the camera, before turning toward the Ayatollah of Project: HERO, with a shocked look on his face.

Dan Stein: Paul? Paul Jarvis?! It is you! You are back!

Stein extends out his hand for a handshake, which Paul quickly grabs. Stein pulls his other arm out of Molly’s grasp, eagerly slapping Paul on the shoulder.

Dan Stein: I haven’t seen you since…

Stein thinks for a minute, rubbing his chin.

Dan Stein: Sky High, right?

Molly, the Assistant: Yeah, he’s the one that attacke–

Stein puts a hand up in Molly’s face, shushing her but continues to look at Jarvis.

Dan Stein: Quiet, Molly, can’t you see God’s Champion and the FUTURE Grand Slam Champion…

The trumpets EXPLODE once again, almost directly in Molly’s ear. Molly’s eyes grow wide. Stein speaks as she holds a finger to her ear and opens her jaw.

Dan Stein: …are having a moment?

Jarvis, while happy to see his long time friend, short time enemy, is less enthused about the blaring trumpets.

Paul Jarvis:A moment, indeed, Dan. I’ve been meaning to get around to catching up with you, but ya know how it is… God’s work, making believers, saving souls. When you have all that going on… plate’s kind of full.

Jarvis looks to Stein’s entourage for a moment and while Stein has surrounded himself with more bodies, his following takes up only just a little more space in the now crowded hall than Jarvis’s sole companion, Bradley Boom.

Paul Jarvis: But here you stand, on the verge of doing great things. So let me say it first…. it’s freakin’ great to see you (in friendly mockery)

  • Maddog.

Stein chuckles to himself, glancing at Boom and raising his head to him.

Dan Stein: And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a pleasure to see you, Acewing. Let’s take a walk. You can tell me ALL about what you and Jonny are up to, and G-man knows I’m not one to hold back when it comes to my motives.

Molly rolls her eyes as Stein and Paul turn away from the group, leisurely strolling away from the group.

Dan Stein: There’s a lot that we need to catch up on. Not only did I just show Kale Tanev, and these non-believers how close I am to becoming the latest, greatest Grand Slam Champion…

TRUMPETS!! Right in Molly’s ear. Again. Stein stops and turns to her, as she quickly attempts to block the horns from playing.

Dan Stein: …would you believe that at Master of the Mat last year, I went out and beat the heart and soul of SHOOT Project for the World Heavyweight Championship? (slapping the back of his hand against his palm) One, two, three, right there in the ring.

The fans in the arena rain down boos upon the scene of Dan Stein verbally jerking himself, so much in fact that the echoes of their hatred permeate the hallway in which the two plot. Jarvis acknowledges the boos with only a momentary smirk.

Paul Jarvis: And I always knew you’d break through and achieve your full potential. Beating the heart and soul of SHOOT Project when this organization is nothing but CORRUPT, is doing God’s work. In making an example of that that dirty, waste of life, homeless man Kale Tanev, you are in his good graces, proving that God only helps those that help themselves.

Jarvis smiles, flashing his nearly perfectly white teeth.

Paul Jarvis: And you clearly have helped yourself Dan, and in a way you’re helping me now. With Tanev out of the tournament and only mere weeks away from losing his title, its got to be only a matter of time before he just gives up and this place… hell this WORLD, is rid of him. It’s a small victory but one that makes our home a little better, safer, and cleaner. You’re doing good things, and I’d like to think I’ve played a small part in that.

Stein pinches his fingers together tightly, bobbing his head.

Dan Stein: Eh… I’d say something like… a ‘miniscule’ part, Paulie.

The Golden Boy looks over at his friend, realizing the seriousness in Jarvis’ words. Stein punches Jarvis on the shoulder, lightly.

Dan Stein: C’mon, man, you’ve been a friend in the business when I really didn’t have one, but… I think I pretty much created this Empire of Awesome on my own.

Stein pats Paul on the shoulder, grabbing it snug before shaking the shoulder loose. For a moment, Bradley Boom who has done nothing more than loom behind Jarvis tenses up,perhaps readying to come to Jarvis’s aid should confrontation arise. Stein’s eyes grow wide at the sight, as if the air had been sucked out of him, but the moment Stein let’s go of Jarvis’s shoulder and Jarvis flashes those nearly perfect white teeth, the tension fades.

Paul Jarvis: You did construct the empire on your own, sure. But I laid the foundation. My attack on you those years back, the “break” in our wall of friendship was actually a blessing to you AND me, in disguise. Was it not for that moment, we’d be tag team comic relief alongside Vermont’s Finest and Anarchy and not standing here today as (points to Stein) THE Golden Boy and (points to himself) GOD’S Champion.

Jarvis wraps his arms tightly around Stein, embracing him in the hug of all hugs.

Paul Jarvis: And I just want to say, that no matter how busy I get doing the work a Miracle Man like myself needs to do, that your continued contributions to the good fight are noted.

Jarvis pulls away from the hug.

Paul Jarvis: And let it be noted that no matter what happens, you’ll always be a Grand Slam Champion (TRUMPETS! Jarvis waits) …. in my mind.

Molly walks up behind Stein as Paul and Bradley Boom walk away.

Dan Stein: I’ve always liked that guy.

Molly the Assistant: I’m pretty sure he was ma–

Dan Stein: Grand Slam Championship.

TRUMPETS!! blaring in Molly’s ear. Stein grins to the camera as Molly clutches her hands to her ears.

Tag team wrestling has certainly seen better days.  Once a staple of the industry, it’s been shredded by larger than life egos and limited budgets.  "If you can’t get over on your own…  What good are you to us?" has become somewhat of a somber mantra in many regions, but not in the SHOOT Project.  To their credit, despite the shady dealings and questionable business practices, the organization has always done it’s best to seek out the best teams in the game and give them a home…  A place to compete.

There have obviously been bumps in the road and the competition has not always been "fierce", but the Tag Team championships have forever been held in high regard, and Master of the Mat one show away…  an official "Title" bout has yet to be announced.

Rumors are swirling, no doubt.  ANARCHY, the former champions, have a rematch due.  They were embarrassed in their defeat to Lunatik Crippler and Cory Lazarus, and have gone to great lengths to get themselves back into the necessary shape to make a legit run at what many call "THEIR" titles.  However, it would seem they’ve made doubters out of someone at the top of the company.  What is usually an "automatic rematch" has stalled.


T-Rex and Arch Angel have been relatively silent on the matter, having just recently taken up a bit of "mercenary work" from an unknown benefactor.

Was their "match" against SHOOT Project’s World Champion, Maya Nakashima as random as they made it out to be?  Or are, perhaps, the former champs trying to get back in SOMEONE’s good graces?

You also have the unexpected Meteoric rise of VERMONT’S FINEST.  In their conquest to stave off a trio of miscreant Punks in Jason Riley, Tom Quinn and Jordan Wailer, the once "joke" squad has found a new competitive edge.  EL ASSO WIPO, Officer Reeve Timmons, and Silas Mitchell have become a legitimate force, and have not held back their desire to perhaps have a shot at SHOOT Project’s Tag Team Gold.

With in fighting from the current champs, the division is certainly wide open.  It’s still widely believed that Anarchy will get their two-on-two opportunity at Master of the Mat, but they’ll need a big win tonight over an accomplished duo.

Omar Owens and Zex have seen their fair share of competition around the globe, but they’ll be officially working their FIRST bout under SHOOT contract tonight.  Both men saw frustrating eliminations in round two of the Master of the Mat tournament, but neither wants to fade into obscurity.

A victory tonight could just as easily get these guys in the hunt…

Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring, ready to announce this crucial tag-team affair.

A chorus of haunting chimes whispers over the PA system, interrupted by the single croak of a dissonant guitar chord…


…Or not.

Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) by Broken Social Scene screeches over the Epicenter PA, signaling NOT the arrival of either team, but instead, weirdly…  JONNY JOHNSON

Jonny rushes through the curtains, just as confused, perhaps, as the fans in the audience.  He still elicits a nice ovation, but his "questionable" antics the past few weeks have certainly left a bad taste in more than a few mouths.  He runs quickly down the aisle, looking around and trying to signal for the guys and girls in the booth to cut his music, en route to join Eryk Masters and Other Guy.

"Guys!  No.  C’mon.  Cut it!" A nearby camera picks up his plea.

"Well, I got SHOT~! right in the ba-aaaaack,

And you were there! you were theeeeeere"

I said I was NE-VER coming ba-aaaaack,

And you were there, you were theeeeeere"!

Other Guy: (Sighing) Well, I guess we’re not quite ready to start this one…

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentleman…  it uh…  (Noticing Jonny getting closer) It looks like we’ll be uhh…

Jonny grabs a headset, while the musically awkwardly cuts out.  Jonny shakes hands with Eryk (the closer of the two announcers), puts his headset on and takes a seat at the booth.

The DEFILER: I’m sorry about that.  I had no idea they were going to try and make this a big production…

Other Guy: Just another "accident" I guess…

The DEFILER: YEAH.  (Stated bluntly) It was a fucking accident, OG.

Eryk Masters: (Sensing the hostility) Gentleman…  let’s keep things civil…

The DEFILER: (Still irritated) Don’t try to convey some kind of "POP IN, What the fuck is going on" appearance.  You KNEW I was coming out for this.  It says on your fucking notes…

The cameras, on the booth instead of Coil or the ring, catches Jonny picking up a piece of paper near OG.

The DEFILER: See?  (Standing up, pointing hard at the paper in front of OG’s face) See that?

He tosses the paper to the side and sighs loudly before once again sitting back down.

The DEFILER: (Blurting out, while trying to keep his cool) Goddamnit….  (Shaking his head, turning back to OG)  I’m just offering a security blanket for the guys coming out.  Okay?  These teams have both been targets of some pretty brutal, disruptive attacks, and Project Hero’s CONTRACT with SHOOT… (As an aside) Yes,   OG, we have a contract… they ASK US to help…  (Back to his point) Our contract very clearly states that we are here to help keep things clean.  I was fine at my post in the back, but they wanted me to come out and do some color work.  So I’m here to chat tag team wrestling and make sure the competitors get a fair shake at things.  End of story.  Real simple, stuff.

His frustration leads into silence, as neither Masters nor Other Guy have anything to say in response.  They DID know he was coming out.

The cameras finally pan back up to the ring with the sounds of a familiar song.

"I’ve Got the EYE OF THE TIGER!"  

Katy Perry’s "Roar" rips through the Epicenter as T.Rex and Arch Angel step out.  Each men in black pants, white tight tanktops, with the red circle and "A" slashed through it.  The two stomp to a ring with a purpose.  

Eryk Masters: Well, last time we saw T-Rex and Arch Angel, they were attacked before one match, and then put into ANOTHER against our world Champion, Maya Nakashima.  And… whether you want to count it or not, at home, they DID pick up a victory.

Other Guy:  Fact of the matter, these two are paid to fight, and while they’re working themselves into shape the last few months, WHOEVER was going to make that match?  They would have taken it.  

The two slide into the ring, but very quickly head to the other end, closest to the commentary table.  They shout a few "unpleasantries" at Jonny, while Coil makes their official introduction.

Samantha Coil:  Entering the ring, from Seaside Heights, New Jersey, weighing a combine six hundred thirty three pounds, T.Rex.   ARCH ANGEL.   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.  AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR.  CCCCCCCHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Other Guy: Not big Jonny Johnson fans it would seem, and you probably can’t blame them…  They’ve had some real awful "luck" when you get involved.

The DEFILER: That’s a professional team in the ring.  They don’t have to like me, and they don’t.  It’s fine…  but don’t insult them with this "poor me, bad luck" garbage.  They’d never say or think that so you need to stop reporting it that way.  (Still annoyed) Jesus.  Is commentary ALWAYS this bad and sensational out here?

The two shout a few more things in Jonny’s direction before heading to their corner adamantly talking, hyping one another up.  There’s silence for the first time at the booth, and the focus is solely on what’s going on in the ring.

WHICH IS…  the introductions of ZEX and OMAR OWENS.

Their music hits, which is just a generic blend of both their personal entrance songs.  The crowd is confused at first, but only very briefly.  FN1, the questionable "hype man" of this little gang, flies out first, mouth running immediately.  Omar is out next, followed by Zex and the Epicenter fans POP with a noticeably loud cheer.

The DEFILER: I like these guys.  (Laughing) Pretty shitty entrance, but you work out the kinks.  A lot of potential heading down the aisle right now.

Zex stays near O2, chatting him up while slapping the occasional stretched out hand of a gracious fan.  FN1 is antagonizing a couple of folks off to the side and Omar has to stop listening to Zex to disgruntledly pull the FREAK away from any potential issues.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents…  weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred, seventy-two pounds.  They are accompanied by FREAK NASTY ONE…  O TWO, OMAR OWENS and ZEEEEEEEEX!!!!

O2 pats Zex on the shoulder and both men rush for the ring.  Omar slides in under the bottom rope, while Zex leaps onto the apron and springboards himself in over the top rope.  Zex claps his hands with excitement and anticipation, while Owens stays near their corner, scoping out their opponents.  T-Rex and Arch Angel look back and nod, both men stoically waiting in their corner, unfazed.

Eryk Masters: Big match for both teams.  It’s been a cloudy scene in the tag ranks, and for whatever reason, the folks in charge have not yet named opponents for Lunatikk Crippler and Cory Lazarus.  In fact, the belts have yet to be defended since the current champs won them well over two months ago.

The DEFILER: And uh…  certainly not a fan of the lack of defenses, Masters… BUUUUT I’m also glad to see WHOEVER it is making the calls, being patient and allowing for these teams to grow.  Having the titles swap around is just as damaging as not regularly defending them.  Double edge sword.  But you’re one-hundred percent right.  A win from EITHER TEAM, and I think it’s important that we bring Zex and Omar into this discussion…  either of these teams wins tonight, and you might be looking at your number one contenders come Master of the Mat.

After chatting it over with Owens, Zex starts out for his squad.  O2 pats him on the back, and the Artist gets fired up.  As for their opponents, Arch Angel takes the reigns, giving a fist bump to T-Rex, who exits to the apron.

The DEFILER: Noticeable size differential.  Ha.  Wow.  Those are some big boys from Jersey.

The size difference plays a huge factor in the early going.  Although Zex comes out firing with a fury of strikes, it’s simply not enough to faze the much larger Arch Angel.  The Artist quickly finds himself on the receiving end of some clubbing, punishing attacks.  A little slow and plodding, but effective.  An early bear hug, while not exciting, certainly slows the pace and winds Zex.  Angel works Zex into the Anarchy corner, throws in a few shots to the midsection, and tags in T-Rex.  Rex fires a back elbow into Zex’s face and continues the attack.

The DEFILER: Zex is gonna have to find a way to counter these attacks.  I know it’s early, but too much more of this and it’ll start going down hill reeeeeal fast.

Things don’t initially look too bright for the Artist.  He nearly escapes three or four times, but Angel and Rex do a great job of keeping him at bay.  The former champs combine some high impact moves with quick tags in and out.  Angel throws Zex into the ropes and catches him with a snap power slam.  A quick tag into T-Rex, sees the big fellow drop down with several elbow drops to the sternum.  Rex makes a cover.



Zex kicks out, but he’s clearly winded.  T-Rex tags in Arch Angel.  Angel drops four elbows.  T-Rex then "illegally" drops another two of his own, before being scolded out of the ring by official Austin Linam.  Angel hooks the leg.  Linam turns back around and makes a delayed count!



Zex kicks out.  Arch Angel doesn’t seem concerned.  He picks Zex up and goes back to work.

Eryk Masters: The former champs are really putting on a clinic right now.

Other Guy: The boys are back in shape.

The DEFILER: For the most part, yeah.  If Zex can get into a third or fourth gear, though…  I don’t know.  Anarchy’s size is imposing, but I think Owens and The Ar-TEEST are the better conditioned athlethes and maybe, actually…  the better TEAM.   And actually, to be super duper honest, they remind me a lot of Chris and I.  I was running around two-fifteen, two twenty those days.  Chris around two-sixty.  Similar build, and attitudes.  I really like them, man.

Other Guy: Annnnd five minutes in we have our first Beautiful People reference of the bout.

The DEFILER: I will seriously quit wrestling and take your job…

Other Guy: You wrestle?

Eryk Masters: Guys.  Enough.  (Back to calling the match) Zex is in bad shape…  You don’t necessarily expect a squash with the caliber of talent in the ring, but Anarchy is absolutely DOMINATING.

Omar is SCREAMING EVERY ENCOURAGING THING HE CAN…  but things do NOT look good!!!

Having Zex pinned to their turnbuckle, T-Rex and Arch Angel take turns tagging in and out, landing some HEAVY BLOWS.  Rex slams Zex in the face with a CLOBBERING forearm.  He tags in Arch Angel who SLAMS Zex with a back elbow.  Angel tags T-Rex back in, grabs him by the arm, spins and Irish WHIPS HIM TOWARD THE TURNBUCKE AND INTO ZEX!  The artist falls to his knees and Angel seems ready to finish this thing off.  He points at T-Rex, who nods in agreement.  He picks Zex up off the mat, puts his head between his legs and pulls him arms upward into a Pedigree position!  He takes a few steps backward…  and T-Rex makes his way to the turnbuckle!

The DEFILER: (Candid, almost inaudible) Fuck…

Eryk Masters: This could be an attempt at…

The DEFILER: Damnit!  We have a fucking breach…

Other Guy: What?

Jonny gets up from the announcer’s table, cell phone to his ear.  He’s clearly stressed about something, and yelling, but the cameras can’t pick it up outside of a few frustrated expletives.  The timing couldn’t be any worse…  T-Rex, in position to go for what looks to be a Vader Bomb, or what he calls "Extinction Event", stops on the second turnbuckle when he sees Jonny get up.  He shouts something at the former World Champ, but Jonny just walks by…  Angel shouts for his partner to pay attention, but in doing so, carelessly eases on his grip on Zex…

Eryk Masters: (Confused) T-Rex distracted by Jonny’s… departure…

Other Guy: Zex just got some room…  LOOK OUT!

Zex is able to come to his senses and push away from Angel.  He then CHARGES back forward, throwing ALL OF body weight at his opponent!  Angel STUMBLES HARD into the corner, which causes T-Rex to lose his balance and get trapped in between the turnbuckle and his partner!  Zex instictively CHARGES and elevates HIGH ENOUGH OVER ANGEL TO DROP KICK T-REX IN THE BACK!!  REX SPILLS FORWARD AND TOPPLES OVER THE ROPES, CRASHING HARD ON THE FLOOR!!!

Eryk Masters: WHAT ELEVATION!!!  WOW!!!

Zex scurries off the mat, while Angel tries to react on the fly!  "MOTHER FUCKER!" Angel shouts, looking back with concern at his partner…  only briefly, but it’s just ENOUGH time for Zex to get to his feet!  Angel is PISSED!  He charges at Zex!  Zex dodges away from a clumsy clothesline/body attack, uncoordinated effort on Angel’s behalf and is able to leap up and land a CRISP, DEADLY ENZUGURAI!!  Angel falls to a knee!  Zex shakes off the cobwebs, and running on PURE ADRENALINE tags in an ECSTATIC Omar Owens!!!

Having come off some tough defeats, Owens has NO INTENTIONS of getting cute.  He charges at Angel with a few solid strikes!  Angel defensively shoves him away!  Omar charges back with a clothesline!

Angel ducks!!  Omar stops his motion!  He turns!  Angel spins around as quickly as he can!  Angel fires of a Texas-Tornado style HAYMAKER!  OMAR DUCKS AND TWIRLS BEHIND ANGEL!!!


Eryk Masters: LAST GRASP!  This thing turned around JUST LIKE THAT!!!  Owens has that it LOCKED IN!!!

Other Guy: Angel’s too big, I think.  His neck and shoulders are just…  massive!  Can Omar tap him???  What the HELL just happened???

Omar pulls back as absolutely HARD AS HE POSSIBLY CAN!!!  Angel swings his body around as much as he can, but Omar won’t let go!  Angel drags him toward the ropes!!!

He reaches his hand out!!!



Zex is SCREAMING on the outside!!!

"TAAAAP!!!  C’MON!!!!"

Eryk Masters: NOWHERE TO GO!!!

Other Guy: I think he’s…

Eryk Masters: LOOK OUT!!!

OUT OF NOWHERE, T-Rex CHARGES INTO THE RING WITH A CHAIR AND OBLITERATES O2 FROM THE SIDE OF THE UPPER BODY, NECK AND POSSIBLY HEAD!!! He may have accidentally hit his partner too, but Rex has a look in his eyes that screams "I don’t give a fuck!!"  The impact forces Omar to release the hold!  Linam IMMEDIATELY CALLS FOR THE BELL, BUT HERE COMES ZEX!!!

Zex storms haphazardly at T-Rex who simply WINDS UP AND OBLITERATES HIM AS WELL!  A FULL ON SHOT TO THE HEAD!!!

The fans are stunned.  Rex CHUCKS the chair down to the mat and seems disguted with his actions.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…  the winners of this match as a result of a DISQUALIFICATION…  OMAR OWENS and ZEX!

Taking a knee next to his partner, T-Rex looks at Owens and Zex and slams his hand on the mat.  He slaps Angel a few times and tries to help him up.

Eryk Masters: Wow, OG.  That was…  (In disbelief) Heh…  I mean…  Talk about a melt down.

Other Guy: It started with Jonny’s departure…  I don’t know why they had him out here to begin with, but that’s beside the point.  Anarchy has to have more composure than that. That is NOT going to look good for them if rumors of them "having doubters" in high places are true…

T-Rex is able to get Arch Angel up and the former tag champs are able to make it out of the ring on their own.  In the meantime, a few officials rush in to check on Owens and Zex.  Omar seems to be responding alright, but Zex is out.

Eryk Masters: As you folks can see…  officials tending to Zex…  Looks like Omar’s okay.  Everyone concerned with that shot Zex took, though.  But, these two…  it didn’t look good early, but as we’ve seen from Zex…  he just needs "room".  If he can create space, it’s gonna be hard to contain the kid.  And Omar…  that was an impressive flurry at the end.  He got in the ring and knew exactly what he wanted to do…  Win.

Other Guy: And he did.  I mean…  call it a DQ, but Arch Angel wasn’t getting out of that.  Weird goddamn match, Eryk.  I still have NO idea why they sent Jonny out here or who this damn "They" even is.  We’ve heard that term a lot and I don’t like it, man.  SHOOT has had its share of dark times, but not like this.  Some kind of "corrupt authority"?  I don’t want to believe we’d have that sort of bull around here, Eryk.

Zex is moving a LITTLE but people seem to be treating this for a concussion, and so the doctors and his partner are being VERY careful with him.

Eryk Masters: Well, it’s a win for Omar Owens and Zex…  however you want to tell the story.  I don’t know what this means for the tag division or how it might affect any "decisions" waiting to be made.  I guess we’ll wait and see, And folks  we’re gonna take a quick break from ringside…  We’ll make sure Zex is okay.  He IS moving… as you can see.  But we’re gonna let the doctors do their thing and cut away for a few.

And the cameras do just that.

Frantic shots of the ground blur by, inaudible voices talk to each other in a panic as the sound of their feet pounding the concrete overshadow the conversation. When the footsteps stop, the scene lifts up to see Maya slumped against a wall, a slight blood trail runs down the wall, a small road map telling what happened to Maya. The cameraman shouts out at the top of his lungs for help while an attendant that came with him talks to Maya and try to get him conscious and gently puts a towel on the back of his head. Maya begins to blink slightly, his hand still clutches the SHOOT Project World Title, the face plate tarnished with a splatter of red.

The sound of incredibly heavy footsteps moving VERY fast resonates through the scene, and around the corner emerges Isaac Entragian racing forward like a rhino fixing to gore something. Isaac’s hands are only halfway taped up, giving us the idea that he was preparing for his Master of the Mat bout when he heard the cameraman’s shouts.

Isaac drops to his knees and swipes a few blood-drenched locks of hair away from Maya’s eyes. A burning, caustic RAGE seems to enter into Entragian…and he bursts up and GRABS the cameraman by the front of his shirt, literally holding the man a few inches off the ground with the camera pointing down at his face.

Entragian: Who the FUCK did this??

The cameraman shivers, shaking his head and muttering that he has no idea. Isaac replies by ROARING up at him, the sound like a guttural animal in the confined space.


A weak hand brushes against Isaac’s pant’s leg…and Isaac finally gets control of himself and drops the cameraman back to his feet. He kneels back down in front of an incredibly weakened Nakashima.

Entragian: Maya…who did this to you?

Maya’s eyes don’t stay open for long, they flutter every so often before fading.

Maya: I… I don’t… I don’t know… 

Maya plants his free hand on the ground, in a prideful attempt to stand up, but his arm shakes and doesn’t even lift him an inch off the ground.


Maya tries, in utter futility, to lift himself up again before an attendant scolds him and tells him not to move because of how much blood he’s lost.

Isaac helps Maya to at least rise up into a partial sitting position against the wall, some of Maya’s blood becoming grimed across Isaac’s pale hands in the process.

Suddenly someone else approaches the scene from across the hallway…Isaac rising up to turn around and face the newcomer.

It’s Loco Martinez.

Entragian: Loco. Here you are…

Isaac looks back at Maya, his brow furrowing.

Entragian: Were you just passing through? Seems a little…convenient, Freakshow. 

Isaac takes a step towards Loco, his fists clenching.

Entragian: Doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence to me.

Loco, wide eyed,  surveys the scene in total confusion.  He takes a defensive stance with the hulking mass of the Pale Terror approaching.

Loco:  Whoa.  First its EXACTLY that.  

Entragian:  So you just HAPPENED to be walking by?  

Loco:  Yeah.  I mean… I was looking for Maya.

Isaac takes another menacing step.  

Loco:  I mean not LOOKING for Maya.  But after what went down earlier I wanted to come and try to make things right.  

Loco takes pause seeing the blood on Entragian’s hands.

Loco:  And if we’re sitting here tossing out accusations?  What about YOU.   I’ve come into this scene and find you, literally, red handed!

Isaac looks at his hands and sees Mayas blood.  

Entragian: So you try to deflect the blame to ME?  Like I did this?

Loco:  One of the two of us helped KIDNAP that man and held him captive in the not too distant past.  So if you’re sitting there thinking its pretty damn convenient that I’M here?  It’s just as convenient for me to find YOU here.  I mean… holy shit… who else would be conniving enough to know to put ANARCHY into a handicapped match with Maya.  Who else would set up a ten man handicapped match and then come out and play the hero, only to bide his god damned time and make his mark, or SCAR… if you will.  

The two men stand fists and jaws clenched.  Tension oozes from this scene until Maya slowly starts to lift himself up off the ground, his arms tremble but he manages, after grabbing hold of Isaac’s arm, pull himself to his feet. His knees wobble, blood still trickled down his brow, but he stands in front of Isaac pulling the SHOOT Project World Title up to Loco’s face. His breathing is heavy and coarse and he looks back at Isaac and then right at Loco.

Maya: You… you’ll have to do better… than that.

We fade on Maya and Loco staring each other down.

You don’t necessarily expect a match like this, but then when has SHOOT Project EVER stuck to conventions?

Lunatikk Crippler and Cory Lazarus are different people.  No doubt.  Crippler lives, breathes, eats, sweats and bleeds professional wrestling.  He’s a grinder.  He’s a TRUE workhorse.  In the ring, his every move is meticulously plotted and out of it, he’s simply scripting out his next assault.  Laz…  well, he’s all Hollywood, all the time.  Wrestling is something you do for fun.  It’s something you do when you’re bored, and he just happens to be really good at it.  Add in some sobering legal battles as it pertains custody rights, and you have the recipe for "Wildly distracted Human."

The very thought that these Soldiers would be paired together, much less be SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions is a somewhat ridiculous notion.

But it’s also a fact.

As it’s recorded, Cory Lazarus and Lunatikk Crippler are the champs.

They won the titles back on June 10th, and have yet to defend the titles once.

You can’t get both men into the same room to sign a contract.  You can’t pin Laz down to a date, and the powers that be won’t allow Crippler to defend the titles on his own.  It’s created an uneasy environment in the tag ranks, and with no "true number one contender", the division has been left to its own devices.  A wild west world.

With Anarchy taking a frustrating loss earlier in the night, with the emergence of teams like Vermont’s Finest…  with the presence of a uncountable number punk anarchists lurking in the wings, and with the arrival of a pair like Zex and Omar Owens, victorious tonight…  A lot of eyes are on this next bout.

Crippler versus Laz.

A match that could tear the team apart for good and force the Titles to be vacated…  Perhaps left up for grabs at Master of the Mat?

Or would this simply be a catalyst for unity?  Can these two men get their aggression out and focus on what matters?

Focus on…  Being TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS?

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…

Coil introduces every contest with the utmost professionalism, and this bout is no different.  Lunatikk Crippler is introduced first, and is met with the same solid, respectful POP from the crowd that has always accompanied his entrances.  He seems a little ruffled…  tag title slewn over his shoulder.  He’s a PROUD champion.  Any title he holds.  He takes it seriously, but this is new for him.  The idea that people might see him, and say "That’s just a guy with a belt"…  it stings.  But what can he do?

Crippler is announced into the match, and, after making his way into the ring, waits for his opponent.

His partner.

The OTHER champion.

Cory Lazarus is introduced next, and the response he receives is a little "less" supportive.  There aren’t any "boo birds" out, but at the same time, this WRESTLING crowd isn’t exactly ready to go bonkers for a man who hasn’t shown to necessarily "care about the business" a whole hell of a lot.  Laz seems just as shaken as his partner, though.  What’s normally quite a VERBOSE arrival from the Hollywood Kid is nothing more than a somber, frustrated march to battle.

When he enters the ring, he raises his Tag Title into the air, in front of Crippler in what could be considered a "dick move".  Crippler mouths something and gives an equally "loaded applause" to his partner.  Laz hands the Title over to veteran official Scott Kamura, who takes both belts over to one of the ring attendants.  He hands them off and calls for the bell!

Eryk Masters: Pretty huge implications for the tag division at stake right here…

Other Guy: Short of these two working out their differences right here and now, I don’t see ANY possible way you can keep the belts on these men.  I hate that it has to be done, but I think our bosses are going to have to seriously consider stripping the titles.  Not a SINGLE defense in nearly four months?  We’ve seen "in-fighting" from teams in this sport, but I think this has reached a level of "unreconcialable differences".

Crip reaches out for a handshake, but Laz choses not to abide.  He doesn’t slap it away or anything, he just sorta shakes his head and starts going into his opening rituals; circling the ring, looking for any early holes.  Crippler is disapointed, but seems to have expected as much and follows suit.

Eryk Masters: And so you’d just hold them up?

Other Guy: Yeah.  I think you just have to cut your losses at this point.  You can SEE the animosity these two have toward each other just on their faces.  I say do the right thing…  strip the titles and then you have Anarchy and, if they’re healthy and cleared to go, Vermont’s Finest.  Just let your two best teams battle it out and move on.

Eryk Masters: But Anarchy was the team that originally LOST to these two.  And they lost again tonight.  So do you get Owens and Zex involved?  And the health of Vermont’s Finest is a real concern after the attack they suffered at Revolution One Twenty Nine by whatever you want to call our little "anarchist" uprising we’ve had to deal with.  So if they’re on the shelf for any amount of time…  I mean…  Ya know?

Other Guy: It’s a mess.  I know.

The early stages of this battle are relatively koshure.  Both men are sticking to the basics and we’re getting somewhat of a technical clinic.  Crippler wants to keep Laz grounded, while Laz looks for any opportunity to get into some of his more "explosive" attacks.  Both men are clearly tentative, however, as their seems to be an underlying respect for their position as "champions".  Perhaps, underneath the rage they’ve expressed toward one another is a greater desire to be the best team in the world?

Laz gets a little lazy with an attack on Crippler, and LC is able to counter that into the contest’s first actual advantage.  He grinds away at Laz with a series of strikes and attacks at the legs, before moving into some work on the neck.  You keep your opponent slow and then work on the sweet spot.  Crip is able to work Cory down to the mat and move into an eventual PINNING PREDICAMENT.


Cory kicks out pretty easily, but it seems to serve as a wake-up call.  Laz counters out of a headlock attempt and starts to turn the tides of the bout.  Working back to a verticle base, Laz is able to throw off a couple of heavier strikes followed by an overhead belly to belly throw suplex.  Crip holds at his back and Laz makes HIS first pin attempt!


Crippler kicks out at one, and something suddenly clicks.  The "niceities" subside and whatever rage these men were holding on to starts to take over.

The action picks up.  Both men move in for an elbow collar tie-up…  But Laz stops just short and instead goes at Crippler’s eyes!  A CLEAR RAKE!  Kamura scolds Laz loudly and gets in his face about the move.  Laz brushes Kamura off, but the slight delays allows Crippler room to EXPLODE!  LC comes back with an OPEN FIST SHOT to the mouth!  Laz is rocked!!!  Laz holds his face and whips around!  He throws a strike of his own!!!  Crippler fies back!  LAZ STRIKES HARDER!  Crippler is ROCKED!  Laz LEAPS at Crippler with a Thez Press!!!  They scuffle on the mat!  They fight back and forth!!

Eryk Masters: It’s allllll coming out now!  Some BRUTAL STRIKES!

Other Guy: It’s getting out of hand…  This is a pure FIGHT right now and Kamura might have to consider throwing it out.  Someone’s going to get hurt.

The aggressive scuffle continues with both men rolling on the mat…  Getting up…  Stikes, suplexes, throws, and take downs.  It’s even back and forth and the fans are REALLY starting to get into it.  Crippler’s lip is BUSTED OPEN.  Blood dripping down off his chin.  Laz has a cut over his eye!  Kamura starts physically involving himself.  He doesn’t want to throw out the match, and of all the officials, he’s certainly the least likely to do it.  But they’re testing his limit.  He pulls Crippler back!  Laz is back to a vertical base!

Both men charge each other again!

Strikes are being dodged, and countered, only to be recountered…  Both men weave in and out of offensive and defensive attacks, as the match begins to look more like an Amateur Collegiate bout.  Crippler is DEAD SET on the neck, while Laz continues to fire off with heavy, more "IMPRESSIVE" attacks.  However, both men counter fairly cleanly out of any MAJOR moments.

Eryk Masters: They are certainly "gettings things out of their system", OG.  MY LORD!

Other Guy: They’re into the extended playbooks, now, Masters…  It’s getting closer and closer to "thrown out" territory.

Crippler charges HIGH WITH A SPEAR, but Laz scoots out of the way while also directing Crip into the corner SHOULDER FIRST!!  LC hits HARD!  Laz follows by pulling the second rope up into Crip’s throat!  Kamura shouts for him to stop!  Laz ignores the request!

He starts his count and Laz VICIOUSLY COUNTS ALONG!

"ONE!"  "TWO!" "THREE" "FOUR!"

After four, but before his final count of five, Laz breaks the hold and flips the bird to Kamura.  He jaw jacks at a few folks at ringside and moves back toward Crippler.  He pulls him from behind, but LC shrugs him off and manages to knock him back.  Laz charges back in with a "diving splash" type move..  Crippler gets out of the corner and turns around just in time to catch him in a bear hug!  He then spins and WHIPS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!  The fans respond to the counter with a ROAR!!!  Laz hits the mat HARD!


Eryk Masters: Lazarus is very slow to his feet!!!  CRIP IS REEEEADY!!!


Eryk Masters: LOOK OUT!!!

Lunatikk Crippler hits EVERY SINGLE BIT of his patented SPEAR and absolutely LEVELS LAZARUS!!!







They collectively gasp after realizing LAZARUS KICKED OUT BEFORE THE THIRD COUNT!!!

Kamura signals that it is ONLY A TWO COUNT!!!

Eryk Masters: Lazarus is out at TWO and now…  WAIT!!!


Crippler wastes no time at all!  He gets up and SPINS LAZARUS OVER and VERY QUICKLY LOCKS IN A CROSSFACE!!!!


Lazarus reaches out, but realizes fighting this will be futile.  He IMMEDIATELY TAPS OUT!!!

Kamura calls for the bell!!! Crippler IMMEDIATELY and RESPECTFULLY releases the hold!  He SLAPS THE MAT both in primal victorious celebration, but perhaps also out of frustration for what he just went through…

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match…  LUNATIKK CRIPPLER!!!!

Sound of Madness by Shinedown begins to play, and Crippler is handed both belts by Kamura.  He forgoes the hand raising process and sort of shies away from Kamura’s attempt to publically showcase his victory.  He instead turns his total focus on Lazarus.  Cory tapped quickly enough that the damage doesn’t seem to be severe, but he’s still visibily shaken up.

Eryk Masters: A VERY competitive match…  Crippler looks to have exercised more than a few demons with this win, but now, perhaps…  concerned with the aftermatH of his actions.

Crippler starts to help Lazarus up off the mat, to which Cory obliges.

Both men at their feet, and Crippler puts the title over Laz’s shoulder.  The actions garners applause and cheers from the crowd.

And then the big one…

Crippler sorta hesitates at first…

But he puts his hand out. 

Lazarus takes a deep breath and considers the gesture…


The shrill siren sounds of "Empathy" by Crystal Castles echoe throughout the arena…  WHITE LIGHTS BLINK FURIOUSLY ON AND OFF…


Other Guy: LOOK OUT!

In the midst of CHAOS, Cory Lazarus is LAID OUT by a man in a DARK MASK, long strands hanging out the back… a noticeable beard pertruding out the front!  The SAME masked assaliant who came out of the crowd a week ago during the attacks on Anarchy and Vermont’s Finest!  Lazarus goes down to the mat!!  Crippler grabs the man, but by the time he can TWO MORE MASKED HUMANS ATTACK HIM FROM BEHIND!!!  They look the same. Same Dark mask with red lining around the eyes and mouth!  Same street jeans and dark hoodies!  All around the same size and build.  Less hair, but otherwise…  EXACT.  SAME.

It’s fucking weird.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is happening right now??!?

The beatdown is nothing short of efficient and epic!  PURE THUGGERY!  They kick and punch…  A SOLE FIRST  BOOT lands down on the side of Crippler’s head!  Lazarus is WHIPPED with a chain that the longer haired figured has in hand!  OVER AND OVER!!!  This is all happening while the music continues to play…  under ominous flashing lights!!!

Other Guy: HOW IS THIS HAPPENING???  We need some help or these guys might kill the champs…

Someone was on the same page as OG because a SLEW of backstage hands and officials storm out from the back, INCLUDING JONNY JOHNSON, PAUL JARVIS, and less famous BRADLEY BOOM.  The lights also come back up, and one of the masked guys starts to pick up the tag titles that had been uncermoniously dropped during the attack!  One of the other masked guys shakes his head and shouts something in response.  The first masked guy nods and instead drops the belts over the bodies of Crippler and Lazarus!  The third one motions off to their left.

All three NARROWLY make their escape out of the ring and back in the annonymous sea of people they came from.

Jonny SLIDES into the ring first and goes to both men, waving for the doctors to catch up.  They file in next followed.  Jarvis kneels down outside the ring, lowers his head and leads Bradley Boom in a quick prayer before they enter as well.  Jonny is very active in chatting with Crippler and Lazarus, while also watching the doctors’ blindspots in case of any more assaults.

It is certainly not a pretty picture for Lunatikk Crippler or Cory Lazarus.

Other Guy: Well…  Project Hero are apparently doctors now… And the tag division is somehow MORE murky than ever.  Unreal, man…

Eryk Masters: Very strange moment indeed, OG.  The attack on the champions certainly left its mark, and you have to wonder, again…  WHY are these things happening?

Other Guy: We can guess and make theories, but regardless, it’s becoming a problem. I know it’s hard to say… I HATE to say it… because I don’t want to give any credit to the idiots involved.  But this isn’t something we’re going to be able to ignore.  And as for the tag title situation…  I think you…

Eryk Masters: (Cutting him off) OG, I…  okay.  We have some news that.  (Suddenly a little more solemn) It looks like our broadcast collegue Dutch Harris is…  (Confused) I guess somewhere in the back with…  He’s with Jason Riley…

The cameras cut away from the ring and head somewhere to the back where DUTCH HARRIS is indeed with JASON RILEY.  Harris, in his SHOOT polo and khakis looks grimly into the camera, while Riley, in a ragged white T-shirt and torn black cut off shorts, could not appear any more sadistically jovial.

Dutch Harris: First and foremost, I want to wish Lunatikk Crippler and Cory Lazarus a…

Riley doesn’t like the direction of the interview and interrupts.

Jason Riley: (Into Dutch’s mic) Nope.  Nope, nope, nope, noooooope.  NOOOOOOOOOOOPE!

He shouts.  Dutch gets silent and Riley continues.

Jason Riley: The world is spinning and moving, you dumb fuuuuucking, dick sucking, pussy munching f******s!!!  And it is kicking people out, man.  People are falling off into space where they’re gonna die.  They explode man…  just (Snapping) LIKE THAT!  Hahaha.  HOW FUCKING COOL AND WEIRD IS IT, Dutch???

Harris doesn’t respond.

Jason Riley: Look, dude.  All I ever wanted was to hear someone say "They can’t be ignored."  I thought…  man…  if they JUST SAY THAT…  Maybe that’s all I’d need.  Ooooooh but FUUUUUUUCK was I wrong  No way.  You just want it all the time.  I’m gonna rule the fucking planet soon.  All of us are.  That’s why I grabbed you, Dutch.  I felt good about tonight.  And lord knooows no one wants to talk to your dumb fucking face.  You’re basically one of us now.  You know that, right?

Dutch ignores the remarks and attempts to ask a question.

Dutch Harris: What did we just see and why did we see it?  What is the point of this stuff?

Riley shakes his head.

Jason Riley: Dutch…  Jesus, dude.  Stop being such a company doooouche.  There’s no point.  You’re the bitch partner of a dude who couldn’t care any less about you.  He left you behind and you did what?  HAHA YOU GOT OUSTED FROM THE MAIN TABLE by a dude named "OTHER GUY".

THAT’S the fucking point.

Gay ass shit has been happening in this company forever.  It ruins people’s fucking lives.  It tells you EVERY FUCKING DAY…  YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  YOU’RE NOOOOOOOT GOOOOOOD ENOUGH!  ME, Dutch.  You, Dutch…  All of the dregs waiting in the wings, DUUUUTCH.  Not Tom.  Not Jordan. CERTAINLY not Jack…  But we all grew.  We evolved.  We FUCKING LEARNED, and when it’s time for a Better Tomorrow…  We’re gonna be the ones running the fucking world.

This "STUFF" is happening because it can’t NOT happen.  That too deep for you, fa****?  HUH?

This is just the world reacting.

WE are just the world reacting.

Harris seems less than willing to listen to any of this.  It’s clear by his expression and reactions that he doesn’t consider this to be anything more than the rambling of a drug addict.

Dutch Harris: Who were the men in the masks?  Why are they here?

Riley shrugs somewhat nonchalantly.

Jason Riley: That’s just Jack, man.  You can’t stop It.  Jack is the evil that unifies the world.  Jack is your sorrow and your pain, dude.  Jack is the physical manifestation OOOOH BIG WORD FROM NO VOCAB PUNK…  of everything we can’t overcome.  JAAAAAAAACK makes us all better people.

Riley shakes his head.

Jason Riley: These questions are fucking gay, man.  It’s weak.  (Laughing) It’s like this, you shit dripping puss f**, we’re eveywhere and we’re going to TAKE…  EVERYTHING.  Your show.  Your belts.  Your dignity.  Your dreams.  Whatever shit YOU have…  your iPods.  Laptops.  Girlfriends, boyfriends.  NAME A THING, DUTCH?

Harris, again, does NOT respond so Riley takes his microphone.

Jason Riley: Your MIC.  Maybe your JOB?  (Staring into the camera) HI, I’m Jason Riley with my guessssst…  JAAAAAASON RILEY…

He laughs before proceeding.

Jason Riley: We’re gonna take it…  (Dead serious) And fucking destroy it.  It’s all useless in the next life, Dutch.

He shrugs.

Jason Riley: You can’t ignore it because we’re always here…  And you can’t stop it…

Because we’re UNTOUCHABLE.

Riley hands Dutch the mic back.

Jason Riley: We won’t take your mic, man.  I was just kidding about that part. Heh.  I gotta go, though.  Gotta stay one step ahead of the good guys and heroes!

He pats Dutch on the back.

Jason Riley: You’re MY GUY, Dutch.  You’re oooooour fucking guy.  (Waving his hands) Go Isaac, right?  Got my DVR alllll over that shit!

He leaves Dutch alone, who looks off, despondently.

In silence.

It’s been an incredible night for the SHOOT Project. Soldiers have fought, Soldiers have fallen…and in the midst of it all, Master of the Mat rolls on.

The Epicenter is stewing with electricity, the capacity crowd having gone through a rollercoaster ride of an adrenaline rush as the show has panned out…and now it’s lead to this. Las Vegas is alive tonight. One can almost hear the very heartbeat of Sin City in this raucous arena…and that beat intensifies more and more with each passing second because THIS…is the main event.

Isaac Entragian enters first, throwing the curtains to the side. The Pale Rider’s jaw is set, the gaze in his eyes one of damn near unstoppable determination. The reaction is warm for the pallid monster…still some coldness in the crowd, but it seems the crowd is starting to root for Isaac a bit now. He’s starting to win some people over. He’s very SLOWLY…but surely…making a believer out of some of his old detractors.

“Bad Moon Rising” by Mourning Ritual serenades Isaac’s walk down the ramp. Each step has purpose; his shoulders hunched down into that of some great predator stalking his way towards what will certainly be a BATTLE for survival, a war for a meal reserved for only ONE.

Eryk Masters: He’s big…he’s bad…and this white wolf is huffing and puffing his way through Master of the Mat. Thus far? No other competitor to line the brackets has been able to stop this man.

Other Guy: Entragian has a singular focus, E. He is riding a rocky road of redemption that cuts STRAIGHT through this tournament…and each episode of Revolution he seems to gain more ground. He is changing. He is transforming. He is finding the humanity that he once thought was lost to him FOREVER.

Eryk Masters: Seems to fans are starting to notice that, OG. There are some cheers for Isaac here tonight. I even spot a few signs out there in the stands. It hasn’t been instantaneous…but it seems like Isaac is EARNING their respect.

Other Guy: He still has some doubters out there, though. I’m sure that incident earlier in the night with Maya is still weighing heavily on Isaac’s mind. Loco accused HIM of putting Maya down. That web of deceit continues to puzzle the minds of the SHOOT Project faithful…we’re still left in the dark there when it comes to who might be behind this systematic weakening of the World Heavyweight Champion.

Isaac has made it to the ring, starting to pace back and forth like a caged animal.

“Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas signals his arrival, and it also signals some loud, boisterous boos from the SHOOT Project faithful.    Trey storms to the top of the ramp, taking a moment to soak in the reaction. His eyes are dark, almost like a malevolent force is taking shape behind them. His teeth are gritted in anger. His fists are clenched, the nails biting into his palms.

There is acid in his gaze as he glares down at the ring, and there is a FURY burning in the soul of the Wayward Son as he slowly, methodically walks towards his Master of the Mat destiny.

Eryk Masters: He’s not the man he once was, OG. We talked about change and transformation earlier…and it’s so strange to think how the years have changed the courses of BOTH of these men. They’re going…in opposite directions right now.

Other Guy: Very true. The Wayward Son you see making his way down the ramp right now…is a different animal entirely. This isn’t the hero that once faced down Project: SCAR and WON the Master of the Mat tournament in 2011. This…is slow burning rage in human form. This is an individual who has turned his back on the fans because in his own words, they turned their backs on him FIRST.

Eryk Masters: Trey believes that he’s been passed by. He believes that opportunities have been stolen from him. There is a HATRED awakening inside of the Wayward Son…and over the past few weeks we’ve been seeing it develop. We’ve been seeing it grow and spread through every fiber of this man’s being. He want this win tonight…for HIMSELF. He wants Master of the Mat glory…because he feels that is RIGHTFULLY belongs to him.

Other Guy: And the most important thing to consider here, E? Trey has BEEN to the top of this Master of the Mat mountain before. He won the tournament in 2011. He KNOWS how big this is…how PIVOTAL this match is. I truly believe Trey Willett will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING….to get the top of that mountain again.

Trey slides under the bottom rope, remaining on his belly for a moment with his hands poised, his eyes glaring up at Entragian. He resembles a snake looking for the best place to strike.

Finally Trey rises…and backs up into his own corner.

Samantha Coil steps forward as the referee checks with both competitors.


The fans pop HARD!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first in this corner, weighing in at 320lbs…hailing from Mideon, Nebraska…HE IS THE PALE RIDER, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

Isaac gets a fairly positive reaction, his eyes never leaving Trey.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second in the opposite corner, weighing in at 220lbs…hailing from Staten Island, New York…HE IS THE WAYWARD SON, TREY WILLETT!!!

The fans give Trey some grief, but he pays them no mind. His snarl is reserved for The Pale Rider.

The tension is thick.

The crowd is on fire.

And the bell…rings loud in both men’s ears.

They brawl. They try to get the better of one another in the early moments. Trey’s chooses stinging knife-edge chops as his primary assault, sending CHOP after CHOP into the pale flesh of Isaac’s chest. Isaac answers EVERY SINGLE CHOP…with a skull-rattling right hand.

Trey is getting rocked, Isaac is staggered.

They break this assault with an irish whip, Isaac FLINGING Trey into the ropes with every bit of strength he has…and on the rebound Isaac THROWS Trey up into the air and FLAPJACKS him into the canvas!!

Trey lands roughly on his belly, rolling around and holding his midsection. Isaac follows up with a leg drop…but he MISSES! Trey takes advantage of this critical mistake with a FRONT DROPKICK to Isaac’s fanged maw. He follows up with an elbow drop to the heart.

And then another.

And another.


Each elbow drop driven RIGHT into the heart, stabbing downward like a knife. Perspiration starts to drip down Trey’s face…and he caps the assault off with a JUMPING elbow drop to the heart!!!

Trey SCREAMS down into Isaac’s face, spittle flying from his mouth.


The fans ROAR in disapproval!

Eryk Masters: This match immediately took a vicious turn. Trey obviously making a point here…he wasn’t a big fan of Isaac’s promotional work this week.

Other Guy: Willett is going to be a DANGEROUS foe for Entragian tonight. Considering that Trey has won Master of the Mat before and considering Isaac’s track record against him…I HAVE to consider Isaac the underdog in this match.

Eryk Masters: It’s crazy to think that a 320lb monster like Entragian would EVER be the underdog, OG….but I gotta agree with you. Trey has proven himself to be MORE than capable of handling The Pale Rider in past encounters.

The seconds turn into minutes with Trey REMAINING on offense. He sends a few nasty forearm shots into Isaac’s chest. He manages to bull the weight of the big man up only to RUN HIM CHEST FIRST INTO THE BUCKLES!!!

Isaac collapses, but Trey is relentless, dragging him right back up to LIGHT HIM UP WITH MORE CHOPS!!!

Trey’s error comes from going to the well too many times, because after catching one of Trey’s chops, Isaac wrenches Trey’s arm downward and FLIPS him to the canvas. Isaac then drops down and begins to just STAB knees into the back of Trey’s skull…ONE AFTER ANOTHER, TREY’S HEAD BOUNCING FROM KNEE TO CANVAS!!!!

Trey crawls towards the ropes to gain some separation and he uses them to pull himself back up to his feet on the apron…but Isaac hits the ropes and PLOWS INTO TREY WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE TO THE UPPER BACK!!!


Other Guy: GOOD GOD…Trey just ATE that guard rail!!!

Isaac notices Trey trying to rise on the outside, using the guard rail to pull and HAUL himself back up.

Isaac seems to consider something…and then he hits the ropes again, proceeding to LAUNCH HIS OWN BODY THROUGH THE ROPES LIKE A TORPEDO, THE 320LB MONSTER FLYING FORWARD AND OBLITERATING TREY WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!!

Trey gets violently PROPELLED backwards into the guard rail, and Isaac lands hard himself, his back arching in pain!!!

The fans cannot BELIEVE what they just saw!!!





Eryk Masters: That was IMPRESSIVE, OG…Entragian is doing stuff tonight that we have NEVER seen him do before. It’s all about Master of the Mat…it’s all about taking chances in a high stakes match like this!

Trey is STRUGGLING to get back up, he tries once…and FAILS, falling downward and grabbing the back of his neck. He starts crawling towards the steel steps, and he uses these to drag himself up to a wobbly vertical base.

Isaac slowly rises as well…and as soon as he sets his sighs on Trey he RACES forward and looks to slam into him, but Trey moves and TOSSES ISAAC CHEST FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

Isaac flies downward, the wind knocked right out of him…and he lands splayed out on his back across the steel steps.

Trey grins. It’s a hateful grin…and it is FULL of bad intentions.

Trey enters the ring to restart the referee’s ten count and then he climbs up onto the apron, still cradling the back of his neck from the guard rail hit he took earlier. Trey sizes Isaac up…AND THEN HE JUMPS OFF THE APRON AND SENDS A DOUBLE STOMP RIGHT INTO ISAAC’S HEART!!!

Isaac rolls off the steps and begins to cough VIOLENTLY!!!

Other Guy: AGAIN with the attacks to the chest!! Isaac’s sternum has got to be on FIRE.

Eryk Masters: If this keeps up Isaac’s going to have fractured ribs.

Other Guy: Maybe that’s Trey’s goal. Maybe he wants to tear Isaac’s entire ribcage open and pull that symbolic “heart” right out of him…

Trey is smiling ear to ear, an ACCOMPLISHED grin as he bulls Isaac up and works hard to push his heavy body back into the ring beneath the bottom rope.

Isaac crawls across the ring and grabs the ropes, pulling himself up to his feet while trying to rub the numbness from his chest. He staggers and stumbles his way up to his feet…and when he turns around…




Trey FALLS into the cover, a satisfied smirk on his face as he counts right along with the referee!!!




Isaac kicks out HARD.

Trey’s eyes become saucers. His mouth is gaping, his entire expression one of DISBELIEF.

The fans are going INSANE!!!


Eryk Masters: I have no idea…but Trey is INFURIATED!!!

Trey grab’s Isaac’s long white hair and PULLS his head up from the canvas while screaming into his ear.


Trey then LOCKS onto Isaac’s neck with a REAR NAKED CHOKE!! He rolls the monster to the canvas and grapevines his legs, putting on ALL of the pressure he can possibly muster!!

Eryk Masters: Talk about shades of the past, OG! This is the exact same move Trey used in 2011 to choke Isaac out the last time they fought in the Master of the Mat tournament!

Other Guy: It sealed the victory for him then…will it have the same effect tonight??

Isaac is FADING, his hands clawing and scrabbling across the canvas. His eyes are fluttering closed. His outstretched hand…is drooping.

The referee moves in and grabs that hand…raising it up.

It stays up…and the hand begins to tremble. It becomes a fist thrumming with strength…and Trey starts to shake his head back and forth, grinding back with the choke even harder. Entragian is SLOWLY starting to just POWER up off the canvas, lifting all of Trey’s weight right along with him.

The fans are getting behind The Pale Rider now, some of them cheering as the monster continues to rise!

Isaac gets all the way up…and he RIPS Trey forward and LIFTS him up onto his shoulders….AND THEN HE RUNS ACROSS THE RING AND POWERBOMBS TREY RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLE PADS!!!

Trey BOUNCES forward and while he’s still in midair Isaac CUTS HIM IN HALF WITH A SPEAR!!!!


Other Guy: But LOOK at Trey!!! How smart is this guy?

Sensing that he’s in a DIRE situation, Trey manages to roll out of the ring after taking the spear. He crashes down on the outside while holding his stomach AND the back of his neck.

Eryk Masters: I gotta believe had Trey not rolled out of the ring to avoid the pinfall…this thing would be OVER right now.

Now it’s Isaac’s turn to be frustrated, the monster slamming a fist down against the canvas. He slides out of the ring, still holding a hand against his upper ribs. The Pale Rider gathers Trey up and tosses him back into the ring…proceeding to slide in after him.

Isaac goes to continue the offense, but Trey has managed to stumble and stagger his way to his feet…and he just RUNS INTO ISAAC AND BEGINS TO CHOP THE ABSOLUTE HELL OUT OF HIS CHEST!!!

Trey is just RELENTLESS…screaming at the top of his lungs with each chop that connects!!

Isaac is REELING and he falls backwards into the ropes, barely even standing at this point. We zoom in on his chest and see that it is BEET red, several welts and blood blisters forming beneath the pallid skin.

Trey moves in to continue the assault…but Entragian fires back and DECKS Trey right in the center of the face with a MASSIVE UPPERCUT!!!

Trey FLIES backwards into the ropes and blood begins to SPLATTER down against the canvas, and when Trey looks up we see that plasma is RUNNING out of his nostrils like a faucet!!!

Eryk Masters: This thing is just becoming….a nasty, brutal SCRAP. Isaac’s chest has been practically torn to ribbons by those chops…and now Trey’s nose might be broken after that incredible knuckle sandwich he just fed The Wayward Son.

Other Guy: Trey’s nose almost looks BENT to the side. Is he even going to be able to BREATHE through that for the rest of this match???

Trey staggers and stumbles, swiping the blood away from his nose and flinging it to the canvas. He goes right back on the attack and just KICKS Isaac square in the gut, knocking the monster down to the canvas.

Trey then stumbles over to the turnbuckles…and HE BEGINS HIS FATEFUL CLIMB!!!

Eryk Masters: Trey is going up high. He’s going to a place where he excels. Could this be the END that he’s looking for??

Trey stands there poised at the top of the Epicenter world for a moment, his eyes locked on his prone victim in the middle of the ring.

The Wayward Son sets his feet, the crowd roars at the sheer COMPETITIVE nature of this match….AND TREY WILLETT FLIES!!!




Trey bounces off of Isaac’s knees while holding his throat…and Isaac takes advantage by SNAKING his arms around Trey’s throat and FALLING backwards with a REAR NAKED CHOKE!!!

Other Guy: This is the second time we’ve seen that choke utilized in this match…but now ENTRAGIAN has it locked in!!!

Isaac grapevines those huge legs around Trey’s body and just begins PULLING and GRINDING backwards on Trey’s throat, the monster’s face dripping with sweat but almost preternaturally calm and focused.

Trey is sputtering, he’s coughing, the blood is collecting in the back of his throat from his nose…

And it’s at this moment that Isaac whispers into his ear.

Entragian: Tick, tick tick…

Trey’s eyes bulge, his teeth grit. The pain is shocking his system…his lungs can’t seem to get any air.

Entragian: Seems your time…is slipping away.

Even past the pain in Trey’s eyes, the hate surfaces. He tries to claw the canvas…he tries to roll his body to the side…he tries EVERYTHING.

His tongue protrudes out of his mouth.

His eyes flutter.

His expression slackens.

The referee grabs his arm and raises it.

Once…it drops.

Twice…it drops.

Trey’s body goes completely still.

Three times…it drops.

The bell rings shrill in the Epicenter…but Trey Willett does not hear it.


Other Guy: HOLY HELL what a match! The exact same move that spelled the end for Isaac in 2011 just spelled the end for Trey in 2014! Seems time is a wheel…and it has rolled full circle in this one!

Eryk Masters: That was emotional. That was brutal. That was a perfect example of what a Master of the Mat battle is all about. These two men dug down deep…and then they dug down a little DEEPER.

Other Guy: Isaac Entragian dug so deep I think he may have cracked through the surface of Hell tonight…and this Pale Rider is riding death’s white horse straight to the FINALS.

Isaac rises, standing over an unconscious Trey Willett for a few moments. Blood droplets drip down from Isaac’s tattered chest as the referee raises his hand.

The Pale Rider goes to the closest turnbuckle…he climbs to the second rope…and he THRUSTS his fists into the air, an animalistic roar bellowing out from behind his razor-tipped teeth. Many of the fans RETURN that roar!!

Eryk Masters: A VERY personal victory for Isaac…finally overcoming a rival that has given him the fight of his life many times over the years.

Other Guy: And the Wayward Son might be down for now…but one can only imagine where he’ll go when he rises back up. If anything…this loss may pour fresh gasoline on the fires of his hatred.

Eryk Masters: Well, holy shit, OG. We’re… we’re going to get it. We’re finally going to get it. Adrian Corazon and Isaac Entragian. One on one.This may be a war that will shape the fate of SHOOT Project as we know it.

The shot fades on a roaring, victorious Entragian standing tall on the turnbuckles, and an image of Adrian Corazon standing tall work their way into the image as well, as the show fades to black.