REIGN Signings & More!Big News in Atlanta! News coming out of the SHOOT Project is that there have been two fresh signings to REIGN and that one member of the SHOOT Project roster will be spending some time in REIGN for the forseeable future. **Michael Van Warren**, brother of the legendary SHOOT Project Hall of Famer X-Calibur has been inked to a deal, as well as Chinese import **Bai Zhao Shou** Additionally, news just came out that James "Scion" Johnson will be joining the REIGN roster on a temporary basis. SHOOT HQ notes that Johnson is wishing to flesh out his skillset and continue to learn from others around him. Van Warren, Shou, and Johnson will make their REIGN debuts at REIGN 8!
REIGN 8REIGN 8 is ON THE AIR!Check it out here:
RUINATION 5RUINATION IS ON THE AIR! Las Vegas comes alive for the SHOOT Project and RUINATION 5. Take a peek and see if your favorites won and your least favorites lost! The Sin City Championship Series gets underway, there's a Shut Up and Fight Championship defense, and more!
REVOLUTION 155REVOLUTION 155 IS ON THE AIR! That's right ladies and gents, it's REVOLUTION time! The SCCS continues and we have a HUUUUUGE main event, both in number AND in starpower. Check all of that out, plus a word from Nate Robideau, the Unholy Cyber Army, and MORE when you watch:
BOOKINGSREVOLUTION 156 and RUINATION 6 BOOKINGS LIVEThis morning, SHOOT Project HQ released bookings for the next set of shows, Revolution 156 and Ruination 6! Both shows feature Sin City Championship Series matches and Revolution will see an Iron Fist Championship defense, but there's rumors of the Iron Fist stipulation changing! Supposedly there'll be more on that later this week! Ruination 6 will take place on March 14th and Revolution 156 will take place on March 15th at the SHOOT Project Epicenter!
RUINATION 6 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 6Join the folks at the SHOOT Project for another edition of Ruination! Breedlove defends against Paulton, Dugnutt Vs. Dean! Teddy Palmer's in the house! All this and more, at RUINATION!
REVOLUTION 156REVOLUTION 156 is ON THE AIR! The PPV is announced! There's a new Iron Fist Championship stipulation AND a title defense to go along with it! All this, and MORE when you tune in!
BOOKINGSREVOLUTION 157 and RUINATION 7!Woooooo! Just like clockwork, the bookings for Revolution 157 and Ruination 7 are online! Check them out here: Ruination 7 will take place on March 28th and Revolution 157 will take place on March 29th!
Ruination 7/Revolution 157RUINATION and REVOLUTION are ON THE AIR! You heard it here first, folks! The go home shows for our next PPV event, Iron Will, are now available and online! Check 'em out here! There's a B I G announcement at the end of Revolution, too!
Iron WillIRON WILL Bookings are available! That's right, you heard it. You can catch those HERE:
IRON WILLIRON WILL IS ON THE AIR! It's MAYHEM AND BEDLAM here at the SHOOT Project as Iron Will hits the airwaves! Will we have new champions?! Check it out here!
BOOKINGSBookings for Revolution 158 and Ruination 8That's right friends, bookings for the next set of shows are available! Check them out here! Ruination 8 will take place on Sunday, May 2nd and Revolution 158 will take place on Monday, May 3rd.
RUINATION 8Ruination 8 is on the air! Here it is, ladies and gents! Ruination 8! Big time happenings on this show!
Revolution 158!REVOLUTION 158 ON THE AIR! It's here! Revolution 158 is on the air! Do we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!? Who won between Dan Stein and Lindsay Troy? Buck Dresden is in the house! Check it out!
BoOoOoOoOkings!BOOKINGS AVAILABLERevolution and Ruination Bookings are online! Ruination 9 is a BIG show with THREE title matches! Revolution sees a new debut in addition to the Sin City Championship Series! Check those out here!
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The Unholy Cyber ArmyBarbarians, or The Trumpets of the Pit WillEddie
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Dan SteinCD: Revolution 157 - Post Match WillGreg
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Dan SteinCD: 4/3/2021
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Dan Stein, Johnny Patriot, and Real DealCD - Post-Ruination 5 DevelopmentGreg and Josh
Lindsay Troy/Arthur PleasantClash of Royals 155 Bonus SegLindz and MJ
Judy-E/Azraith DeMitriA Long Way Down C
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Ria LockhartReflections
Clemson DeanClemson Dean Presser 1
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The Goddess Of Shut Up and FIGHT, Courtney HatchettMy Championship, The Championship 5MJ
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Michael Van WarrenMy Brother, The Gatekeeper (an intro) Development/REIGNMJ
Dan Stein and Real Dealx Reality Check x DevelopmentGreg and Josh
Dan SteinThat Championship 5Greg
X-Calibur and Loco MartinezLoCalibur© Productions Presents: "Wait... WHAT?!" 154Sir MJ and the Sheriff of Scottingham
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Loco MartinezThe Old Loco (Hiking History) Day // Storyline (mostly)Scootie Higgins
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"The Lord of the Flies" CK ButcherReckoning Day: A Lesson in Derridean Deconstruction DayBen2
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Arthur Pleasant, The Greatest Iron Fist Champion That Has Ever Fucking LivedBETRAYAL x FEAST DAYMJ
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Kenneth CaperNew Year, New Attitude 3Casper
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