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Alex Kincaid

Name:Alex Kincaid
Wrestling Style:Technician/Brawler
Date of Birth:1.14.1985
Hometown:Bearing, Alberta
Finisher Name:The Cobra Stretch
Finishing Move:Cobra Clutch Style Crossface
Theme Music:"The Phoenix" by Fall Out Boy
Signature 1:Inokigiri - Step Up Enzuigiri. He can hit this on standing, kneeling, charging opponents. Basically anyone.
Signature 2:The Princes Throne - Firemans Carry Gutbuster. Has a big match variation called the 'Second Throne" that starts from a gutwrench and gets spun out into double knees.
Signature 3:Sunset Drive - Running flipping senton on grounded opponent. Does a top rope variant called "Sunset Overdrive" that's basically a swanton.
Signature 4:The Twisted Perception - Cradle Shock.
Bio:A former SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion, someone who everyone thought would be a star a few years ago, and someone who has never quite managed to put the pieces together to make himself the star he feels he should be. Kincaid has always seen himself as the guardian of the wrestling industry and this tendency has driven him away from his coworkers. One too many burned bridges eventually led him to retire. He got married, he settled down, he tried to move on with his life...but wrestling called him back. An older, wiser, more stable Kincaid has returned to the SHOOT Project in 2022 saying he wants to do the right thing for wrestling. Is he telling the truth? Only time will tell.