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SHOOT Project Presents: Animosity


The SHOOT Project logo fades in and out of your television screen, before a static takes over and then fades into the Animosity promotional image.  The pyro in the Thomas and Mack Center goes off, in a brilliant display of green and white!  The lights come up and reveal the capacity crowd, loaded to the brim with signs all over the place.  We finally zoom in to Other Guy and Dave Dymond, who’ve naturally already taken their seat at the broadcast table, ready to get this show on the road!

Dave Dymond:  OG!  We are LIVE and at Animosity!  Can you believe the electricity in the building tonight?!

Other Guy:  No kidding, Dymond.  In one night, we’re going to see all sorts of rivalries intensified, finished, started, who knows!?  I’ve even heard there are several of SHOOT Project’s old superstars in the back!  Could there be some returns tonight?

Dave Dymond:  It’s hard to say, OG.  We’ve seen a lot over the years from the guys here in SHOOT, and I expect tonight to be nothing short of memorable.  Also tonight, Jason Johnson has a HUGE announcement regarding the next edition of Revolution!  You know anything about that, OG?

Other Guy:  S’hard to say what the boss man has up his sleeve, but he’s promised a Revolution like none other before it, and that spans a LONG time.  But seriously…  let’s get started, kicking us off, Art De Luca faces Jun Kenshin in a lumberjack match!  Sam?


Samatha Coil: The next contest is your first match up for Animosity. It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit and will be a Lumberjack match!

We open up to our first match of the night as we see some guys heading to the ring. First, we catch C.J. Nelson who gets booed as Jared Walsh, Sepulcher, and Eli Storm follow behind. The guys head to the ring, musicless as they each take a side of the ring, Walsh and Nelson talk amongst one another as then we await our next wave of lumberjacks.

Other Guy: These guys aren’t getting too much love, are they?

Dave Dymond: Rightfully so.

Then we see the next wave of guys coming. FLASH Dynamite is the first from the back as he gets a good amount of cheers out of the crowd. Conor McLellan makes his way out from behind him, as finally we see Chris Lee. The fans give Chris Lee a standing ovation, obviously happy to see the old school vet coming out to be a lumberjack. He waves, showing his appreciation for the fans as the guys take their places around the ring as well.

Other Guy: Unfair advantage much? Seriously, Chris Lee?

Dave Dymond: Chris Lee isn’t here to interfere, OG, the guy’s here to make sure things go down the way they should.

Other Guy: Right.

"Art, Bitch" by Cansei De Ser Sexy hits the PA system as a good amount of the fans ring out in boos. Art De Luca emerges from the back with his black track jacket with a pink zipper and pink stripes down the arm. He also sports black boots, black knee pads, and black elbow pads… as well as his black short tights with "A.D.L." across the crotch in pink. He stands at the top of the stage and points his middle and index fingers down, creating an "A" with each hand.

Samatha Coil: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 192 lbs., he is Art De Luca!

Other Guy: Not much love for Art here, huh?

Dave Dymond: Would you expect anything else?

Art slowly heads to the ring, really paying no mind to the lumberjacks as he begins to circle around them. He stops at Chris Lee, staring into his eyes as he ‘bucks’ at him. Chris Lee just shakes his head, looking at Art De Luca as if he were trash.

Other Guy: Chris Lee looked scared, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Yeaaaah. Real scared.

Art eventually slides into the ring as his music cuts, he unzips his jacket and tosses it out to the outside, stretching as he awaits his opponent. "Undeniable" by Mos Def hits. The fans jump to their feet.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

Dave Dymond: I can barely hear Samantha, OG. These fans are ecstatic to see Jun tonight!


”Undeniable” by Mos Def plays over the speakers and the fans jump from their seats. Jun steps out from the back with white tights with green trim, and "UNDENIABLE" down the side. He stands at the stage, looking around to the crowd as he smiles, appreciating them. He then heads to the ring, staring at Art as he reaches the ropes. He wipes his feet on the apron and comes in.

Samantha Coil: He weighs in at 204 lbs., Hailing from San Diego, California. He is the UNDENIABLE, JUN… KENSHHIINNNNN!

The fans cheer louder as they hear his name. He hops onto the apron, using the top rope to pull himself up as he makes his way into the ring. He stares at Art as Art just grins back. Jun continues to look focused as we get ready for our opening contest!

De Luca and Kenshin are in the middle of the ring surrounded by the lumberjacks. On one side of the ring are Chris Lee, FLASH Dynamite and Connor McLellan. On the other side are Long Island Hardcore members Jared Reilly and CJ Nelson, Sepulcher and Eli Storm.

Dave Dymond: Look at these lumberjacks, OG. We got two former World Heavyweight Champions out there!

Other Guy: Yeah but where is Biggs and Stochanksy? I thought they were buddies with these guys.

Dave Dymond: Sepulcher has been on one hell of a roll lately. The big man is making serious waves in SHOOT but he gives me the willies.

Other Guy: Don’t forget Long Island Hardcore were associates with Deacon Summers who was Art De Luca’ s partner in a match.

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite and Connor McLellan round out the lumberjacks for Kenshin but they’re outnumbered.

Kenshin and De Luca square off in the middle of the ring and De Luca SPITS in Kenshin’s face! De Luca motions for senior referee Scott Kamura to detain Kenshin and De Luca dives out of the ring and into his realm of cheats and liars. Kenshin angrily wipes the spit off his face and is barking at De Luca to come into the ring. De Luca is wasting time getting in the ring but when he finally does get in, Kenshin is all over him!

Kenshin fires a chop to the chest of De Luca sending him a few steps backward. Kenshin follows with a kick to the thigh and a knee to the stomach. Kenshin has a front face lock and executes a snap suplex! De Luca arches his back in pain and decides to take a powder on the outside. Immediately, Long Island Hardcore come to block Kenshin’s path and they get boos from the crowd!

Dave Dymond: De Luca is so smart. He knows that side of the ring is either neutral or in Eli Storm’s case, hates Kenshin’s guts.

Other Guy: So you can take a break despite what Kenshin said.

Kenshin argues with the Long Island Hardcore team and this allows De Luca to sneak back into the ring. He hits Kenshin in the back of the head with a forearm smash knocking him down! The fans further boo the heinous act orchestrated by the Indie Superstar. De Luca puts the boots to Kenshin and the heels section of the ring loves every minute of it! Suddenly, "Coke and Wet" plays over the speakers and out steps Kilgore Stochanksy in his ring gear carrying a steel chair. He calmly walks down and sets his chair down in the middle of the two factions.

Dave Dymond: Stochansky just had to wait until this match started for him to come out.

Other Guy: He deserves the spotlight. He did defeat Jun Kenshin two weeks ago and he pinned Benjamin Biggs three weeks ago.

Stochansky and De Luca both give each other a hokey “thumbs up” as De Luca blatantly chokes Kenshin. Kenshin’s legs thrashes about wildly and he is coughing violently. De Luca gets up and rakes the sole of his boot to the face of Kenshin. De Luca now points at Chris Lee like “watch this” and De Luca tosses Kenshin out and onto De Luca’s side of the ring. Immediately, the four men POUNCE on Kenshin with wild cheap shots and stomping. The fans are growing riotous until Chris Lee spearheads his side to come over and at least break up the mugging of Kenshin. LIHC, Sepulcher and Storm back off while Stochanksy still looks on staying neutral for now.

Dave Dymond: De Luca wants those guys on the outside to do the work for him!

Other Guy: That’s smart!

De Luca grabs Kenshin by the head and he’s going to ram his head to the steel steps but Kenshin blocks it with his left hand and pops De Luca in the ribs with a punch. Kenshin grabs the bent over De Luca and slams his head to the steps! BAM! Kenshin then tosses De Luca back inside of the ring. Kenshin jumps on the top rope but he gets slipped up by Eli Storm! WHAM! Kenshin lands shoulder first onto the ring in an awkward fall.

Dave Dymond: We know the deep rivalry that Jun Kenshin and Eli Storm had.

Other Guy: What a great choice by Art De Luca to either choose or recruit Storm as a lumberjack.

Storm feigns innocence. The distraction causes De Luca to shake his head loose and get back up. De Luca now goes up to the top rope and flies off… top rope missile dropkick! Kenshin is floored!


Kenshin angrily kicks out at one!

De Luca looks to kick him but Kenshin catches the kick and sweeps De Luca down. Kenshin does a quick Shining Elbow onto the heart of Art. Kenshin hits his side of the ring now and then does a middle rope suicide dive onto the bad guys section taking out ALL FOUR GUYS! Storm, Sepulcher and LIHC were caught off guard. Kenshin is firing rapid fire right hands onto Eli Storm getting him back for tripping him up just now. Referee Kamura barks at Kenshin to get back in the ring and Kenshin climbs onto the top rope and does a top rope double Mongolian chop to the head of De Luca!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin knows so many styles of wrestling. This man can fly and he can submit you in any fashion. He’s so dangerous.

Other Guy: I’d say fearless too because he just threw his body into FOUR guys without even a thought!

The four guys indeed do get up and they’re angry! The big man Sepulcher gets up on the ring apron and he wants a go with Kenshin. The fearless superhero FLASH Dynamite comes to the rescue however when he gets on the ring apron and he chastises Sepulcher with a FIERCE warning! Sepulcher looks on with a confused look like “who is this joker?” De Luca shoves Kenshin into both guys standing on the apron and both guys gets knocked down! Kenshin is caught off guard and he gets rolled up!



Kenshin kicks out.

De Luca hits the ropes now in a hurry but he gets tripped up by Chris Lee! De Luca holds his nose in pain and clutching his face. Kenshin uses the assist by his buddy and then dropkicks both boots into the face of De Luca! Eli Storm now decides to come over and he smacks Connor McLellan with a cheap shot! Long Island Hardcore now attacks Chris Lee and a HUGE FIGHT with the lumberjacks BREAKS OUT! The fans POP loud for the impromptu brawl!

Dave Dymond: This is NUTS! We got seven guys brawling outside of the ring while we got a match going on!

Other Guy: And listen to these fans! They love this!

Scott Kamura has to break up the brawl from the lumberjacks and orders the men to go back to their corners. Long Island Hardcore is swearing obscenities at Chris Lee. Sepulcher wants a go with FLASH Dynamite now and Connor McLellan is clutching his jaw from Storm’s sucker punch. Meanwhile, there is a match going on INSIDE the ring incase people forgot. Kenshin is in the middle rope and he slaps De Luca with a sudden Shotai thrust turning him 180 degrees. Kenshin now grabs De Luca by the head and rolls forward in a somersault Stunner that he calls the San Diego Stunner! De Luca is down! Kenshin covers.



De Luca kicks out.

Kenshin wants to climb to the top rope but De Luca’s lumberjacks knows this and they position themselves onto their corners looking threatening. Kenshin hesitates for a second and he gets floored with a flying knee by De Luca. Kenshin was caught totally off guard by the knee. De Luca grabs the stunned Kenshin and he’s going for a Northern Lights Suplex and De Luca gets about half way up with the Northern Lights but Kenshin uses his momentum to swing back in the form of a DDT countering the Northern Lights! De Luca’s head is spiked like a rail road spike!

Dave Dymond: What a counter by Kenshin!

Other Guy: Poor Art! He’s two inches shorter after that sick DDT!

De Luca has enough awareness to roll to his side of the ring clutching his head. This team, the four lumberjacks surround him making a protective wall and this time, Kenshin knows an attack would be suicide so he backs off cursing his luck. De Luca clutches his neck while Kenshin holds the top and bottom ropes for him sarcastically wanting him to enter through the ropes but De Luca rolls his eyes and takes the ring steps. He barks at Kamura to make Kenshin back off and the San Diego does so. De Luca sticks a head in and when Kenshin enters, De Luca sticks his head back up forcing a clean break!

Dave Dymond: Give me a break. De Luca is wasting time here.

Other Guy: No, he’s buying time for himself while he recovers.

Sepulcher fakes coming in and that distracts Kenshin just enough so De Luca can sneak in unharmed. De Luca runs at Kenshin but Kenshin was playing sly and catches De Luca in the chin with a Mafia kick! Kenshin gets De Luca in the corner and props him up on the top rope now. Kenshin has himself on the middle ropes in a front face lock going for the superplex! De Luca is hanging on for dear life however and rakes the eyes of Kenshin. De Luca jabs the throat of Kenshin with his front four fingers and Kenshin is stunned. De Luca shoves Kenshin down onto the mat now. De Luca flies off with a frog flash but instead of landing on his chest, he contorts his body to a frog splash elbow!

Dave Dymond: Innovative move by the Indie Superstar!

Other Guy: Nice! I like it!

Art doesn’t opt for the pin though. Instead, he grabs Kenshin and snap mares him in front of his corner. De Luca does a snapping spine kick and Kenshin yells in pain in front of his lumberjacks. Lee, FLASH and Connor are slamming their hands on the ring apron and the fans play along. They stomp their feet, clap their hands in an attempt to start a “rally” for Kenshin. De Luca slaps on a sleeper and says that “he’s going to say night night”. Kenshin shakes his fist trying to get the blood pumping and gets to a vertical base while De Luca shakes his head no! Kenshin reverses and now, he slaps a sleeper on De Luca! De Luca comically waves his arms in a flustered motion and he panics into the ropes clutching on it for dear life. De Luca this time is not aware of his surroundings and is face to face with Chris Lee! De Luca decides to pick a fight with Lee and shoves him down onto the mat!

Dave Dymond: What the hell did De Luca do that for?

Other Guy: Chris Lee was in the way and did you forget he tripped Art earlier?

Dave Dymond: Which was a retaliation after Art’s lumberjacks mugged Kenshin!

De Luca smiles and rolls back in but now he’s face to face with Kenshin who saw the disrespectful act! De Luca turns around and gets a STIFF AS HELL CHOP to the chest! WOOO! De Luca is floored with one chop! He gets up and gets chopped again! Kenshin whips him to the ropes and if it was possible, he CHOPS him HARDER! De Luca shakes in pain and clutches his chest in agony and the fans are laughing at the misfortunes of the abrasive De Luca. Kenshin waves De Luca to get back up and comes over to Kenshin. Kenshin with a kick to the gut and a front face lock. One vertical suplex… two vertical suplex….a third vertical suplex…. A fourth vertical suplex….. Kenshin twists his hips this time but it’s a little slower because he’s fatigued…. He does a FIFTH vertical suplex and Kenshin is FIRED UP!

Dave Dymond: Five vertical suplexes by Kenshin!

Other Guy: That ain’t right.

Kenshin is ready for his superkick and NOW Stochanksy gets up from his steel chair knowing De Luca is in trouble. Kamura blocks Stochanksy but Stochansky throws something at De Luca. It’s the time piece that De Luca originally attacked Kenshin with! Suddenly, we see a man come from the crowd and it’s Benjamin Biggs and the fans go NUTS! The two warring lumberjacks are caught unaware! Biggs trips up Stochansky who was standing on the apron and Stochanksy falls nose first onto the floor! Kenshin can’t help but smile at the perfect timing of his friend and De Luca gets up and he’s got the time piece in hand! Kenshin is poised for his superkick.


The time piece goes flying out of Art’s hand.

Kenshin covers and the crowd chants along!




Samantha Coil: Your winner at 19 minutes and 11 seconds… JUN KENSHIN!

“Undeniable” plays and Chris Lee and Benjamin Biggs roll into the ring and raise the hand of Jun Kenshin. Kenshin invites his lumberjacks to come into the ring and he thanks Connor McLellan and FLASH Dynamite one by one by shaking their hand and pointing to them. Stochansky glares at Biggs clutching his nose and he retreats to the back. Storm, Long Island Hardcore and Sepulcher go to the back also.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin is all class. He went out of his way to thank his lumberjacks.

Other Guy: As well he should. Without their help, this match would have been a glorified handicap match.

Kenshin pumps his fist and slaps hands with the fans in the front row. The lumberjacks follow him and they go the back.

Dave Dymond: If that match was any indication to the rest of tonight. We’re in for one hell of a treat!

Other Guy: O fo sho!


A black BMW convertible pulls into the Thomas and Mack Center’s car park, the sight of which up on the Tron screen draws cheers from the crowd as the license plate "RAY5 UP" informs all onlookers just who is arriving, the resident fan-favourite – Ray Willmott.

Pulling into a space, the car door opens and out steps Ray with a shy grin as he spots the camera crew, shaking his head a little as he pulls his kit bag off the back seat, locks the car and straightens his SHOOT Project T-shirt. Raising his thumbs to the camera as he walks past, he draws more cheers from the crowd, but almost before the cameraman can turn, Ray falls to the hard concrete floor with a sickening, fleshy thud.

Gasps of horror around the arena turn to disbelief as the camera pulls back to reveal a man standing over the fallen Ray, a large form wearing black wrestling shoes, urban camo-style shorts and a black hoodie which pairs with some wrap-around sunglasses to almost completely obscure the face of the assailant. Not much is revealed, but it’s enough for the fans to know who it is and wonder why…

Soccer kicking the fallen hero right in the ribs, the attacker drops to one knee and rolls Ray over onto his back and straddles over to take a dominant mounted position, looking down at his victim with a smirk. Blood is streaming from Ray’s nose as his eyes open slightly and then widely as he recognises his attacker.

Ray Willmott: Osbourne?

Osbourne Kilminster: That’s right, Ray. It’s me. I’m back.

In the arena, the crowd boos loudly with disapproval at the unexpected return of the Englishman.

Ray Willmott: But… why?

Osbourne Kilminster: Because I can be, Ray. You see, unlike you… I think, therefore I am. Cogito Ergo Sum. But if you’re asking why you’re flat on your back, slipping in and out of consciousness, then the answer’s very simple.

Grabbing a handful of Ray’s hair, Osbourne leans down a little and pulls Ray’s face closer to his own.

Osbourne Kilminster: You called yourself my friend. You said you respected me. You trained with me, took the benefit of my hospitality, my friendship… and then when the time came, when I was in my hour of need… you weren’t there. When Del Carver and Jun Kenshin and Benjamin Biggs and Deacon Summers all decided that my time was up, when they all collectively handed out one of the most brutal beatings ever seen, where were you? When Roland Caldwell continued their work and beat me so badly that doctors thought I’d never compete again, where were you? I’ll remind you where you were, Ray – you were lapping up the love of the fans, telling them how you’re the great survivor and the shining light of this business. That’s right, Ray. You had no time for your ‘friend’ because you were too busy enjoying your spotlight, but we’ll see how you fare now, shall we?

Standing up, Osbourne pulls Ray to his feet in a chancery and holds him in a standing position with a Thai clinch.

Osbourne Kilminster: You think you’re the survivor, but I’ve seen and felt more than you can ever imagine and come back from it. I’ve been close to the edge, the edge of sanity, or life and limb… and I’ve lived to tell the tale. Can you do that, Ray? We’ll find out, huh?

Suddenly dropping down to one knee, Osbourne snaps Ray down from the Thai clinch, face-first onto his knee. Recoiling back, Ray stumbles, his legs turning to jelly as he falls flat onto his back with a sick crack which indicates he fell onto the back of his head. Standing with a snarl, Osbourne spits down at his former friend.

Shouts of shock resound throughout the Thomas and Mack as the fans are horrified by Osbourne’s treatmet of their favourite.

Osbourne Kilminster: You just got yourself a Wake-Up Call. Let’s see you come back from that.

Turning his back, Osbourne Kilminster shrugs his shoulders and arches his neck from side to side with audibly popping and cracking as the camera shifts back to the image of an unconcious, bloodied Ray Willmott and inside the arena, cameras pan across silent, stunned masses.

Dave Dymond:  I…  I don’t even know what to say right now.  I heard a SICK thud, and now…  I hear that EMTs are being brought out to assist Ray Willmott.

Other Guy:  Yo why was Ozzy so mad?  So does this mean that Ray Willmott is OUT of the contendership match?  What’s going on with that?

Dave Dymond:  I don’t even really know what to say about that.  I’d assume he’s out.  Ozzy is just a disgusting…  terrible human being.  What happened to the fun loving cheesy Osbourne Kilminster?!  What happened to THAT guy?

Other Guy:  Well, I mean, isn’t it obvious?  Dude got tired of piping in the reactions and just decided to go with the flow.  With Ray Willmott as the tragedy, I guess it works for him.  I’m sorta surprised he’d turn on his friend, though.

Dave Dymond:  Production?  Is there something else we can go to to wait and get an update on Willmott, for?


Dr. Loomis: These eyes will deceive you.

As the quote from Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” is spoken, a pair of pale, yellow, bloodshot eyes appears on screen. As a soft, yet eerie piano begins to play in the background, the camera pans back just slightly, revealing a bald head along with the eerie yellow, bloodshot eyes.

Dr. Loomis: They will destroy you. They will take from you, your innocents, your pride, and eventually your soul.

The camera pans out more to reveal a horrid face, a face that seems to have no eyelashes or eyebrows, no hair at all. A smiling individual, but the smile is made horrifying by the quality of the teeth. Green and yellow teeth, some which are missing. Still, the center of attention seems to be the eyes.

Dr. Loomis: These eyes do not see what you and I see.

The camera pans out more, revealing a gigantic torso. Wide and overpowering in demeanor, the man is clearly abnormally large.  In the arms of the giant individual is a small, deformed doll. The doll is burnt, the hair is charred, yet the eyes are glistening and shining, as if it were alive.

Dr. Loomis: Behind these eyes one finds only blackness, the absence of light.

The camera pans out even more to reveal just how giant this man is. He towers over the camera, his giant frame only made more frightening by the unclean and evil look on his face. The main points of attention are still the yellow eyes, and now the baby doll.

Dr. Loomis: These are the eyes of a psychopath.

Suddenly, the piano disappears and turns into a heavy, thrash metal guitar. “Laid to Rest” by Lamb of God begins to play. The scene of the man is now gone, revealing that same man in the middle of a ring. He drags a man into a gigantic clothesline that flips the man completely upside down.

“If there was a single day I could live.”

In the next clip, we see a man driven flat with a big boot.

“A single breath I could take.”

In the next clip, we see a man being held high in the air, high above the large figures head.

“I’d trade all the others away.”

As the guitar takes off again, the man being held in the air is thrown out of the ring, crashing down on the concrete below. The scene then cuts away to the monstrous man standing in the middle of the ring, holding that hideous doll and laughing.

“I‘m Sammy.”

The scene now cuts to the monster, who is now revealed as Sammy, standing in the middle of a new ring, a ring labeled SHOOT Project.

“I’m going to hurt you.”

The man looks nervous, afraid even. He holds the doll to his ear, as if he is listening to what it’s saying.

“I don‘t want to.”

He lowers the doll, cradling it again.

“But Mikey told me to.”

Lamb of God begins to fade away slowly. The scene begins to go to black, but fades back in to a close up of Sammy’s face.

Dr. Loomis: The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to move silently among us.

The scene then fades into a single sentence.

“Sammy Rochester debuts next Revolution”


Dave Dymond: As it is, the show must go on, but as you saw earlier, Ray Willmott has been attacked by Osbourne Kilminster and Jason Johnson has ruled that Willmott will not be able to compete tonight.  Thus, he’s made the number one contender’s match a singles contest.  I guess that works, but it’s just really disappointing for Ray and for the fans.  But, true to its name, Animosity is officially under way and up next, Other Guy, is something the SHOOT Project hasn’t seen in awhile, maybe ever if memory serves me correctly.

Other Guy: SHOOT’s got itself a long history, and I haven’t been around nearly as long as you Dave, but I think you might be right.  This next match ain’t goin down in the ring, hell it ain’t even going down in the arena!  We are gonna see a fight like no other from none other than Dave Marz’s own bar.

Dave Dymond: That’s right, what more fitting of place for two Irishmen to settle their differences, than in a bar room brawl.  We take you there now via satellite, and fans here live in attendance get to enjoy it from the SHOOT Video Screen.

Other Guy: It’ll be like a sold out crowd came to my house to watch it on TV.

Dave Dymond: Yeah… something like that.

The camera cuts away and for a moment it appears as if there is some technical difficulty, but a moment later the view of the Marz Bar is seen, and then a quick cut inside reveals Michael Collins, Killian Reilly, official Austin Linam, and a handful of lucky fans who got VIP front row tickets and are enjoying being patrons to the bar for this one night.  Reilly stands near the actual bar, while Collins is actually seen finishing a beer and then placing the empty mug down on a nearby small circular table.  All the moveable tables in the bar have been pushed to the side, almost making a make shift ring, but everything else in the bar remains exactly where it is.

Dave Dymond: For those who don’t know the rules of this match, it’s pretty simple.  These two fight to a pin fall, knock out, or submission, and pretty much anything inside the Marz Bar is one hundred percent legal.

Other Guy: It’s a brawl, if somebody out there doesn’t know what a damn brawl is, they shouldn’t be watching Animosity tonight.

Dave Dymond: It looks like the referee is set to start this match up, as Collins has finished his,  I guess pre-match beer and Reilly looks more than ready to just knock the head off of the Devil From Dublin.

Referee Austin Linam calls for both men to meet him in the center of the cleared area.  Collins and Reilly lock eyes and Linam points to Reilly first.

Austin Linam: To my left, weighing in at 240 pounds, Killian Reilly!

Linam then points to Collins.

Austin Linam: And to my right, weighing in at 230 pounds, Michael Collins!

Collins nods his head with a smirk and pats himself on the back. Reilly just looks at him with narrowed eyes and now Linam calls for the match to begin, and just for effect Timekeeper Mark Kendrick rings the bell inside the Thomas and Mack Arena.  Reilly comes out swinging and swinging fast, almost taking out the referee as well as he just DECKS Collins with a hard right hook.  Collins staggers away from the bar, only for Reilly to bounce him back in the other direction with a left hook.  Collins grabs onto a nearby bar stool to steady himself, and as Reilly continues on the assault, Collins quickly lifts up the bar stool, and JABS it into Reilly’s gut!

Reilly doubles over in pain and Collins now puts the stool down, gets Reilly by the back of the head and SLAMS him face first into the bar stool!  Reilly’s head bounces off the top of the stool, and the fans inside the arena are heard reacting with a collective "ooooh"

Dave Dymond: Reilly takes a stool to the face, and Collins not shy about using his surrounding area.

Other Guy: The guy is known for bar fights, Dave. We’ve seen him and that brother of his get into a lot of them, so really I’m thinkin’ this match favors The Devil From Dublin.

Dave Dymond: Maybe so, but Killian Reilly knows boxing better than anyone else in the SHOOT Project, and those fists can come in handy in a situation like this.

With Reilly staggering now, Collins fires a couple quick punches of his own, more like jabs to the chest, knocking Reilly back a bit.  Collins then charges, but as he does, Reilly ducks and just lifts up so Collins flips over and lands back first on a fixed small oval-shaped table!  The upper half of Collins’s body hangs off the edge, arms dangling downward and Reilly now picks up the bar stool, looking down at Collins’s prone body.  Some of the fans begin to cheer and Reilly just SMASHES the stool across Collins’s upper body!  The stool top just FLIES off, almost taking out an innocent bystander!  Quickly those fans on location move even further back, sticking to the booths that line the windowed wall of The Marz Bar.

Reilly lets Collins slump to the floor, and then he drops down and cover him.  Referee Austin Linam drops for the count.



Collins shoulders out, keeping himself alive in this match.  Reilly shakes his head with a bit of frustration, but just gets Collins right back up and now slams him head first onto the oval table.  Collins snaps back, clutching his forehead in pain, and Reilly spins him around, left hook, right hook, left hook… UPPERCUT!!!  Collins stumbles and falls over the table, spilling into some chairs set up.  Reilly continues on like a man possessed, but as Collins staggers up to his feet, he grabs a folding chair and just CHUCKS it at Reilly.

Reilly dodges it, but the chair throw gives Collins enough time to grab another chair, fold it up and just WALLOP Reilly across the face!  Reilly does a full spin and falls into a sitting position!

Dave Dymond: What a chair shot for Collins.  I don’t always like the man’s attitude, but even I admit he’s entertaining to watch.

Collins steadies himself once again now and gets around the table, back out into the clearing. Seeing Reilly somewhat out of it, Collins moves across the room, to the other side where one of the not fixed tables have been pushed off to the side, Collins smiles and grabs the table, bringing it out into the clearing.  Reilly starts to get up at this point, but Collins right there with a hard kick square to the side of the head! Reilly falls, only for Collins to pick him right back up and lay him out on the table.  Collins then gets up on the rather sturdy table as well, and pulls Reilly up into a front facing headlock.  The fans inside the arena begin to buzz now, seeing what’s about to come!

Other Guy: That table looks thick as hell, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Collins calling for it…


Other Guy: DDT!

The fans react as Reilly is bent over, top of the head just driven into the hard wood of the table, and the table shows no sign of give or anything!  Collins then pushes Reilly off the table and then drops to the floor himself, making a cover on Reilly. The count is made…



THR… NO!  Reilly shoulders out and Collins now pulls Reilly’s head up with one hand and then starts PUMMELING him with straight punches with the other.  Collins unleashes, then he just starts repeatedly bouncing the back of Reilly’s head off the floor!  This onslaught warrants boos from the fans now but Collins obviously can’t hear them. He continues and then finally makes a cover again.  Linam makes the count.




Dave Dymond: Reilly kicks out again!

Other Guy: He’s a boxer, like we’ve come to known; he can take a lot of trauma to the head.

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins thought he had it there, that he had just knocked Reilly out cold, but that is not the case and this brawl continues.

Collins gets up to his feet and turns now to where he set his mug down from earlier.  He grabs it quickly and turns to Reilly, but as he goes to swing it at him, Reilly gets his arm up and grabs Collins around the wrist! The fans pop as Reilly gets up to his feet slowly, staggering, while Collins tries to fight against Reilly and smash the mug over his head!  Collins’s arm shakes as Reilly reaches his full vertical base and then just hap-hazardly kicks Collins in the gut!  Collins doubles over in pain and Reilly now RIPS the mug out of Collins’s hand!

Dave Dymond: Looks like Collins’s own weapon of choice is about to be used against him!

Reilly is the one smiling now as he holds the mug, shouting for Collins to stand up.  Collins instead, drops to his knees, still clutching his stomach.  Reilly bites the bait and goes to pull Collins up, and Collins with a very blatant low blow!  Reilly winces, the fans boo, and Collins snaps up to his feet, grabs the mug and just SMASHES it into Reilly’s face!


Other Guy: He just busted that mug into Reilly’s face… and Reilly is down!

The referee quickly moves towards Reilly now, checking on his condition as Reilly screams and clutches at his face.  Collins stands there, his own hand bleeding from the mug handle shattering in his hand.  He shakes his hand, and the referee continues to check on Reilly who sits up now, his face bleeding from various spots… but the biggest cut is a large gash right about Reilly’s right eye.  Reilly wipes the blood from running into his eye and Linam asks if Reilly can continue. Reilly just swats the referee away, and starts to stand up, a clear signal he wants to keep fighting.

Dave Dymond: I respect the guts and the drive of Killian Reilly but his face is cut up pretty bad from that glass mug, and I don’t know if it smart to continue.

Other Guy: Again, it’s a bar room brawl, Dave.  Reilly backs out of it, he’s a coward.  It’s like the code of the Irish or something.  This one has got to end between these two, and it doesn’t end with someone walking away and leaving business unfinished.

Collins goes after Reilly who comes after him and nails the bleeding Reilly with a hard straight punch.  Reilly seemingly absorbs the blow and just FIRES with a right hook, then a left uppercut!  Collins staggers a great deal and suddenly Reilly just scoops him up and drops him with a sloppy body slam! Collins arches his back in pain, and Reilly turns to the bar now, and suddenly slowly climbs over it to reach the other side. A wall lined with various bottles and glasses.  Reilly grabs a large bottle of Jameson Whiskey now and he turns it upside down, emptying the remaining liquid inside.

Other Guy: He’s wasting perfectly good whiskey!

Dave Dymond: Yeah, but I think he’s going to make damn good use of the bottle itself.

With the bottle now empty, Reilly gets back over the bar counter, and now Collins is up to his feet he charges at Reilly, and Reilly ducks Collins runs right into the bar, winding himself on the edge. Collins nearly doubles over, face smacking onto the bar, and Reilly turns, holds the large Jameson bottle with both hands… and BREAKS it over the back of Collins’s head! More glass shatters and now Reilly grabs Collins’s hair, pulls him up and holds him over the shards of glass.  The fans at ringside are heard cheering, blood lust taking over… and Reilly’s eyes go wide, he doesn’t care what he’s about to do…


Other Guy: Holy shit… Dave!  Killian Reilly just stepped into the dark side, and he looks to be enjoying it!

Dave Dymond: Reilly grinding Collins’s face back and forth… a sight I didn’t think I’d EVER see.

Other Guy: Well we’re seeing it Dave, it’s ANIMOSITY!!!

Reilly eventually pulls Collins up, and then turns to the camera on location, showcasing Collins’s cut up and bloodied face.  Reilly then immediately snaps on a side headlock and clenches his fist tightly, looking for what he calls pub talk.  Collins however digs down deep, mustering up enough strength to take Reilly back to the floor with a backdrop suplex of sorts!  Reilly lands on pieces of the shattered mug, and he arches his back in pain. The camera catches a quick close up of some of the small shards now stuck in Reilly’s back.  Collins works on sitting up, head wobbling, and Reilly gets up a bit quicker he goes at Collins, lifts him up halfway, but Collins then DRIVES his shoulder into Reilly’s gut, pushing him all the way back up against a table!  Collins then UNLEASHES with a series of punches, driven solely by adrenaline as he screams and punches at the same time.  Reilly blocks some of the punches, but can’t get his arms up quick enough for some of the other ones.

Eventually though, Reilly shoves Collins back, but Collins comes CHARGING again and DIVES at Reilly both men CRASH through the table behind them, as the table snaps right in half!

Other Guy: That table did give way to the bodies, and a good thing it did, otherwise Reilly’s back would be broken in two!

Both Collins and Reilly lie amongst the wreckage now, both men breathing heavily side by side.  Referee Austin Linam checks on both men, shouting to see if either man can continue.  Collins slowly sits up, but Reilly swats him from the side with a chop across the chest.  Collins falls onto his back, and now Reilly works on sitting up, but Collins grabs him by the head and then brings a chop of his own across Reilly’s chest!  Then both men start using each other to try and get up… showing their own exhaustion as well.  Collins gets up almost at the exact same time as Reilly, both men holding onto each other to keep their own balance.  Collins looks at Reilly’s bloody face… Reilly looks at Collins…

And both men laugh!

Dave Dymond: Are you seeing what I’m…

Other Guy: Yes I am and I think both these cats have lost WAY too much blood.

The fans buzz with confusion as the laughter continues.  Collins then pats Reilly on the back, and Reilly returns the show of seeming friendship by patting Collins on the back as well.

Michael Collins: Ya cut my face up pretty damn good.

Collins wipes his hand across his face, his own blood covering his hand.

Killian Reilly: Oh and I suppose mine’s been left flawless.

Reilly laughs pointing at his cut up face as well. Collins laughs too.

Michael Collins: Nothin’ personal boyo.

Reilly nods and Collins does as well, he turns away, but then turns back…looking to DECK Reilly. Reilly blocks the punch, goes for a VICIOUS right hook of his own, but Collins ducks that and Reilly’s momentum spins him into a bad position as Collins hoists him up and out of the blue NAILS Reilly with a stiff Irish Car Bomb!!!

Dave Dymond: The cover!  And I’m not sure what we witnessed but cover made!

Linam drops to the floor and makes the count.




The referee gets back up to his feet and motions that the match is officially over.  Collins rolls off of Reilly and slowly sits up.

Austin Linam: The winner of the bar room brawl… MICHAEL COLLINS!!!

Other Guy: So just when it looked like these two were gonna forget the match all together, Collins turns it right back around and scores the big W.

Dave Dymond: The mood definitely changed though, and I’m not sure what that means for Reilly and Collins following this match, but as it stands, Collins brings some pride back to his name, like he wanted, by picking up a win here tonight on Pay Per View.

Collins looks back at Reilly now, who stirs on the floor. Collins just smiles, and nods his head at Reilly, showing some respect.  He then gets to his feet and walks towards Reilly as well, actually checking on him, and then helping him sit up.  Reilly pulls away at first, but then Collins just looks at him, holding out his hand.  Reilly hesitates, but then grabs Collins’s hand and uses it to pull himself up to his own feet.  The fans cheer as the two bloody man stand, wobbling and barely able to stand.


Back at the Thomas and Mack Arena, the fans are still buzzing about the insane bar room brawl they just witnessed on the SHOOT video screen.  The camera pans the arena for a minute then comes to rest on Dave Dymond and Other Guy at their ringside seats.

Dave Dymond: Animosity has started off with two intense matches, a brutal attack on Ray Willmott, and just now Michael Collins showed why he is the Devil From Dublin, scoring a bloody victory over Killian Reilly.

Other Guy: If this is any indication of how this night is gonna turn out, Dave, well then Animosity might just be an understatement for this Pay Per View.

Dave Dymond: You’re absolutely right, and we keep the night moving forward as the stakes only get higher.  NUMBER ONE Contendership is on the line next between two men who hate each other just as much as they hate the current World Heavyweight champion and…

Just then “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue picks up over the sound system, and at the same time, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion walks out from the back, wearing black jeans, a dark red button up shirt, untucked, and a black jean jacket.  Of course the focus of his attire is the world championship title that he carries over his shoulder.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of our world heavyweight champion, Trevor Worrens on his way to the ring right now.

Other Guy: Obviously he’s heading to the ring, but the question is, what’s the champ planning on doing here tonight. He’s not scheduled for a match, and he’s not set to referee or anything… so what’s his deal?

The music continues as Worrens walks up the steel steps and then enters the ring.  Samantha Coil is on hand, but stays off in the corner, obviously giving Worrens the spotlight.  Worrens looks to her and reaches out his hand.  Samantha then hands him her microphone and Worrens stands there, waiting as his music slowly fades out.

Trevor Worrens: Lumberjack matches… bar room brawls… strap matches… NO ESCAPE cage matches… Iron man matches… tonight SHOOT Project runs the gambit of high profile Pay Per View match stipulations. Good for them, good for this organization, good for all of you.

The fans aren’t yet sure of what Worrens is getting at, so they remain fairly quiet.  Worrens just shifts his belt so it rests more comfortably on his shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Yet still I hear the murmurs.  I hear the flat out bold statements of the so-called soldiers in the back.  They’re all asking, where is the World Heavyweight Champion?  This whole time most of you don’t even give me the time of day… this WHOLE time you’re more concerned with Cade Sydal and his broken life… about Jester Smiles and the horrible games Donovan King is playing with him.  Not once did anyone ask or even care about just how Trevor Worrens was holding up.

Worrens shakes his head a bit, a sense of disgust coming over him.

Trevor Worrens: Funny though, the second I’m not around, the second those bookings reached the wrestling world, and my name was NOWHERE to be seen.  People started caring.  People wanted to see a World Heavyweight title match.  It seems to me though, the same people who are asking where I am, didn’t care enough that I was in this very arena two weeks ago, didn’t pay enough attention when I BEAT Kaz Sato, and claimed to the world I was a free man.  That finally, for the first time in a LONG time I felt cleared of immediate burdens.  So now, here, at Animosity, everyone’s asking where is the World Heavyweight Champion…

Slowly Worrens lifts the title off of his shoulder and holds it up in the air so it hangs vertically down by its strap.

Trevor Worrens: And the answer is, I stand here, un-opposed.  I stand here, with no NEED to enter into some match up.  With no NEED to throw some glitter on it to keep your attention. I stand here as the man who DOESN’T NEED to prove himself tonight like everyone else does.  Because I stand here… UNCHALLENGED!

Some fans cheer, others boo as Trevor Worrens begins to ooze with confidence, something not usually seen from the troubled champion.  However his confidence is quickly brought down a notch as “Fight Club” by Fat Joe and Petey Pablo begins to play and it isn’t long before the SHOOT Project owner himself, steps out from the back, met with quite the reaction from the fans.

Dave Dymond: Hold the phone, El Presidente is out here himself, and as always, that must mean something big is about to go down!

Other Guy: If there’s one thing Jason Johnson is known for, it’s getting straight to business, and apparently something Trevor Worrens said has brought upon this appearance of the boss man himself.

The fans continue to make some noise, but as the music dies down, Jason Johnson motions for the fans to quiet down as well.  They settle in, wondering what he’s going to say, and that’s when Jason Johnson puts all his attention on Trevor Worrens.

Jason Johnson: Trevor Worrens, you’ve been talking a lot lately. And well, I’ve always been a man of action, so normally when you ramble on, I’m not happy about it.  Unfortunately, you do make a point tonight, and you did make a point last time on Revolution.  I can’t fault you for that.  As it stands, you are UNOPPOSED directly by anyone under the SHOOT Project banner.  Congratulations… enjoy that freedom.

Jason suddenly turns and starts to the back, the fans buzzing with confusion.  Worrens however knows better and raises a questioning eyebrow. Sure enough, Jason Johnson turns right back around.

Jason Johnson: Did you enjoy it, Worrens?  Because that’s about all the time you get.  Tonight, we all know a new number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship is going to be named. So you’re still free from having to defend that championship title tonight… BUT you’re not free from competition!

The fans pop big time at hearing Jason Johnson’s announcement and Trevor Worrens looks a bit agitated by this.

Trevor Worrens: What do you mean?

Jason Johnson: It’s pretty simple. You say you’re unopposed, unchallenged.  You come out here and show that confidence, well I like it. That’s what I like to see in a champion, but talk… it’s just that, words.  Tonight you WILL be in competition; tonight you WILL back up that newfound confidence, and believe me, your opponent is MORE than worthy of facing a champion. After all, he used to be a prominent one.

Trevor Worrens: Who is it then, Jason? You’re all about actions over words, so stop talking and just tell me who it is!

Jason just smiles.

Jason Johnson: You’re right, Worrens, I am a man of action. That’s why I booked the match. As for your opponent, I’ll let him introduce himself… LATER tonight.  In the meantime, rest easy, scout the next contender to your title.  Enjoy that momentary freedom, because as THE SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, you’re not going to get that easy feeling very often anymore, hell, I’d even go so far as to say that you’ll have a title defense in the very.  near.  future..

With that, Jason Johnson leaves the ring, “Fight Club” playing once again, and just as he leaves, Worrens exits the ring as well, sporting an entirely different mood than what he had when he came down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: huge announcement made and it looks like we WILL be seeing Trevor Worrens in action here tonight!

Other Guy: Makes sense. This is Pay Per View time, Dave, and the world champion has got to represent.

Dave Dymond: That match to come sometime later tonight, but right now it’s a heated rivalry that takes the next step with a number one contendership hanging in the balance… let’s take it to the ring with Samantha Coil as we get set for our next match!


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match up will determine the number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans buzz, their attention being brought to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And per orders of Mr. Jason Johnson himself, this match will be contested under STRICT disqualification rules! Also, Ray Willmott has been deemed unable to compete, so this match will be contested as a singles match!

“Sober” by Tool immediately begins to play as the lights change to orange and red hues, flashing with the beat of the driving music.  The SHOOT Video screen sees the image of Kaz Sato behind cage bars, pacing back and forth and looped between shots of that are quick clips of Sato doing some serious damage in the ring.

Dave Dymond: How about that, Other Guy, I think this is a first in SHOOT Project in a long while.

Other Guy: Where most organizations implement no disqualification as somewhat of a treat, we’ve got Roland and Kaz basically put on DQ lockdown.

Dave Dymond: Looking at the history of both men, this makes complete sense, though, and it sounds like Jason Johnson wants to make sure whoever is named the number one contender has truly earned it.

After a moment of just the music playing, Kaz Sato storms out from the back, met with a very mixed reaction from the fans. Sato still maintains a small cult following, but many of the people in the arena seem to be booing him as he walks down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, he weighs in tonight at 230 pounds here is “THE BEAST” KAZ SATO!!!

Sato slides under the bottom rope and quickly springs to his feet.  He begins to pace the ring, pivoting to change his direction each time.

Other Guy: We have seen a seriously messed up transformation of Kaz Sato, Dave, the man’s lost all direction and damn near gone crazy.

Dave Dymond: I think near is an understatement, Sato has in fact lost his mind if you ask me.  The man’s hell bent on ending Trevor Worrens’s career… and why?  Because lately people are saying Kaz Sato doesn’t belong in the main event.  Now I’m not exactly a Trevor Worrens fan, but in this case, O.G., seems like Worrens did nothing to bring this wrath upon him.

Other Guy: Obsession can be a dangerous thing, but in the case of this match, might just end up bein’ a useful tool.

Sato’s music fades out, and at the same time Sato stops pacing and turns his focus to the entryway.  The angry intensity of the crowd only grows within the arena as “Summer Overture-Remix” by Clint Mansell thunders over the sound system.  Everyone boos loudly as Roland Caldwell steps out from the back, eyes narrowed as he glares down towards the ring at Kaz Sato.  Roland then starts his way to the ring, looking out at the crowd every so often, just to sneer at them.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 290 pounds… here is ROLAND CALDWELL!!

The boos and shouts continue and Roland just swats his hand towards the fans as he passes by them, his focus once more placed on Sato.

Dave Dymond: This is not a fan’s choice match up by any means, and with Ray Willmott not in competition tonight, it really comes down to a lesser of two evils… if there is even one.

Other Guy: In this match, not so sure this is, Dave.  Both these cats are ruthless and basically don’t give two damns about these people, or the world champion. Straight up, Dave, I wouldn’t want to see either of these men gettin’ a title shot.

Roland reaches out and grabs the top rope and pulls himself up onto the ring’s edge.  Sato is ordered to back off by referee Tony Lorenzo, and as Roland enters the ring, Samantha Coil leaves.  The tension increases ten fold as now Roland and Sato stare at one another, with the referee standing in between both men.

Other Guy: I don’t envy Tony Lorenzo right now, Dave.  He’s right in the middle of a bad situation about to explode.

Dave Dymond: The number one contendership is on the line, and whether any of us like it or not, one of those men is walking out of Animosity and heading straight for the World Heavyweight Champion.

With both men quickly checked in, Lorenzo moves out of their path and calls for the bell.  The second he motions, both Roland and Sato charge in at one another, with Sato landing the first shot, a HARD elbow to Roland’s face just as the bell sounds.  Roland takes a step back, but recovers quickly and immediately lunges at Sato.  The two men lock into a quick grapple, but Sato fights out of it, bringing up a series of quick knees into Roland’s gut.  Roland loses his hold on Sato and now Sato grabs Roland by the arm and looks to whip him across the ring… Roland however reverses, pulling Sato in for a HUGE standing clothesline!

Dave Dymond: And just like that Roland Caldwell takes control.  It’s insane how that strength just comes out of the blue every time.

Other Guy: That’s why him with the championship title is a scary thought, Dave.

Roland lifts Sato off the mat, and then forcefully works him into the upper left corner of the ring.  Roland sizes up Sato and now lands continuous elbows into his face, constantly smashing him up against the turnbuckles with each elbow shot. Sato starts to slump, but Roland keeps him up on his feet and violently whips him towards the lower right corner post!  Sato hits sternum first and staggers back and Roland charges as fast as he can and DRILLS Sato in the back with a rising knee!

Dave Dymond: Hard knee strike by Caldwell, targeting the back with no mercy what so ever.

 Sato falls to his knees on the mat, clutching his back in pain and Roland stands behind him, looming over him. Without hesitation Roland starts nailing cross face strikes from behind, just bouncing Sato’s head from side to side in the process.  After about six consecutive hits, Sato falls forward, landing on his stomach and Roland stands over the fallen Sato, smirks, and then STOMPS down hard onto his back!

Sato writhes in pain and Roland now kicks Sato in the side, forcing him onto his back.  Roland then follows up with a cover.  Referee Tony Lorenzo drops to the mat and makes the count.



Other Guy: Sato shoulders out, but Roland not givin’ him a second to recover.

Dave Dymond: Sato YANKED up to his feet now and a quick whip into the ropes… clothesline attempt… but Sato ducks it!

The fans pick up a bit, excited to see this won’t be continually one sided.  Roland turns as Sato hits the ropes on his own and picks up momentum.  Roland charges at Sato, looking to cut him off, but Sato ducks Roland’s running clothesline, then stops and turns quickly.  With Roland’s back still to him, Sato lands a flurry of forearm shots into the neck of Roland and then he KICKS him right in the back of the legs.  Roland falters, and Sato again with forearm shots… and ANOTHER kick!  Roland staggering a lot more now, and Sato looks for the HUGE turn around by wrapping his arms tightly around Roland’s waist. Some of the fans start to rise up out of their chairs… Roland struggles trying to keep from being lifted up, and Sato breaks his own grip, and even MORE forearm shots are thrown. Roland is knocked for a loop…

Sato wraps his arms around Roland’s body again… and LIFTS HIM UP!!!


Roland CRASHES down onto the mat, and Sato just barely keeps his grip locked around Roland’s waist, arching his own back for a bridging pin!  Lorenzo drops as the fans are all buzzing…



Kick out by Roland!  Sato rolls away from Roland and gets up to his feet and before Roland can get up, Sato DIVES on top of him and just starts PUMMELING him with hard closed fists!  The referee quickly gets involved though and shouts a warning at Sato.

Other Guy: Sato goin’ to town on Caldwell, but those closed fists are against the rules in this STRICT Disqualification match.  If Sato doesn’t end by the five count, this one is over.

Roland’s head reels from the punches, and with Sato blatantly ignoring the referee’s warning, Lorenzo has no choice but to make the five count. 

One… two… three… four…

Sato gets up off of Roland and paces like a mad man!  Roland slowly starts to sit up, holding his face in pain.  Sato stops pacing and lowers his body positioning a little bit, waiting for Roland to get up to his full vertical base.

Dave Dymond: Sato a man on a mission now, and look at the eyes, Other Guy, we talked about crazy earlier, and those right there are the eyes of a man gone insane.

Other Guy: And the eyes of a man looking to maybe end this shit right here and now, Dave.

The fans watch on and as Roland gets up, Sato charges in and lifts up from the legs, looking for a spinebuster!  HE gets Roland up, but as he does Roland hooks his arm around Sato’s neck, and then pulls backwards DROPPING Sato with a stiff DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: That’s a mood killer right there as Roland counters the spinebuster into a devastating DDT.  And Sato looks to be out cold.

Other Guy: All it takes is one bad drop to end any match.  Let’s not kid ourselves about that.

Dave Dymond: Roland seems to have taken a bit of pain in the process though as he’s a bit slower to roll Sato over… but there’s the cover.

The fans all settle in, booing loudly now as Roland drapes his arm over Sato’s chest, believing this one to be over.



TH… strong shoulder up by Sato! 

Roland gets up quickly, looks to Sato’s head then drops a hard elbow, only for Sato to roll out of the way!  Roland’s elbow hits the mat and Sato springs up to his feet and just as Roland sits up… BUZZSAW KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!  Roland drops to the mat, laid out, and Sato with the cover now.



Dave Dymond: Is this it…


Other Guy: It ain’t Dave!  Roland kicks out and I don’t know, that kick sounded like it broke Roland’s skull.

Dave Dymond: Yet Roland continues on, and these two have been furiously going at it and holding nothing back in such a short amount of time… that kind of pacing takes a lot of out you in a fight.

Other Guy: No joke.  And that’s what’s scary.  These two don’t care about anyone’s well being, including their own.

Sato looks to referee Tony Lorenzo who only shows a two count and he is not happy.  Sato gets up off of Roland completely and suddenly goes outside of the ring.  He flips up the ring apron, but at the same time the referee shouts at Sato to get back into the ring.  Sato looks to the referee and then slams his hands on the edge of the mat from the outside.  Roland starts to sit up just as Sato slides back into the ring and moves towards him.  Sato fires with another stiff kick, this time square in the middle of Roland’s back, forcing Roland to arch forward in pain. Sato then grabs Roland by the head and starts to pull him up to his full vertical base.  Roland fires backwards with a blind elbow and catches Sato in the jaw.  Sato stumbles back, pressing up against the ropes and Roland suddenly turns and LEAPS with a dropkick!

Dave Dymond: Roland getting some height on that, and Sato SPILLS right back to the outside.

Other Guy: Sato coulda prevented that too, but I think he forgot just what was put in place in this match up.  Sato WANTED to go for a chair or somethin’ Dave, but then remembered, nothing is gonna slide in this one tonight.

Dave Dymond: That it will not, and that brief moment gave Roland some time to recover, and Sato finds himself outside, and hurting.

Roland takes a moment to regain all of his bearings before looking to Sato who clutches his right shoulder on the outside.  Roland starts out of the ring, but referee Tony Lorenzo shouts at Roland to stay in the ring.  Roland swats the air which makes the referee back up and now Roland goes to the outside.  Roland grabs Sato and holds his head with both hands.  Roland then directs his attention to the steel guard railing around the ring, but just as he looks to SMASH Sato head first into it, the referee puts himself in between the bodies and the railing, shouting and waving his arms.  Roland glares at Lorenzo with distain as the referee keeps him from using the guard railing.

Other Guy: Good call by Lorenzo, and I guess our referee’s still remember old school rules.

Dave Dymond: That’s right, anything that is not directly attached to the ring itself is considered an illegal object and use of it results in a disqualification.  And it looks like this rule is getting under both men’s skin.

Roland threatens the referee now, but he shouts for both men to get back into the ring.  Roland suddenly turns and just SLAMS Sato’s face down onto the edge of the mat from the outside, and then rolls Sato back into the ring, under the bottom rope.

Other Guy: That was legal!

Dave Dymond: Yeah and Roland with some extra force, nearly breaking the nose of Kaz Sato.

Roland gets up onto the ring edge now while Sato gets up to his feet, clutching his face in pain.  As he pulls his hands away, some blood can be seen running from his the bottom of his nose.  Sato shakes his head back and forth and turns now to face Roland who enters the ring.  Sato flies at him with a closed fist, but Roland juts out his arm at the same time and catches Sato around the neck…. Squeezing it tightly.  The referee immediately counts the illegal choke.

One… two… three…

Roland lifts Sato up…



Dave Dymond: Sato driven down onto the mat with that one-handed choke slam, and Roland means business tonight.

Other Guy: He means business every night, Dave, but it looks like he’s enjoying that business right now.

With Sato down on the mat, Roland could make the cover, but he doesn’t. Instead he pulls Sato back up to his feet.  With evil in his eyes, Roland sneers at the staggering Sato.

Roland Caldwell: Body Bag. Bitch!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell looking to use Sato’s own move against him!

The fans boo as Roland starts to lift Sato up into the widow’s peak… but Sato starts fighting, and manages to get free, falling behind Roland. Before Roland can turn, Sato gets his body into the right position, reaches up and LOCKS ON THE KATAHAJIME!!!

Other Guy: Oh shit, Dave, this just got heavy!

Dave Dymond: If Sato can keep this locked on then there is NO WAY Roland Caldwell is going to be able to win this match up!!

Other Guy: Roland’s trying to fight it… he’s got too much momentum!

Roland swings his body around now so that he’s facing the ropes, but Sato still has the katahajime locked on while referee Tony Lorenzo checks on Roland, seeing if he taps out. Roland shouts out no repeatedly and struggles for the ropes.  Sato keeps trying to hold him back, but Roland fights, seemingly getting stronger.  The fans watch on edge, and as Roland gets closer to the ropes, Sato tries to get his legs up, trying to wrap them around Roland’s waist to pull him back.  He gets both legs around Roland, pulling back, and Roland starts to sway, face beet red….

But just before Roland looks to be brought down, he lunges forward, his whole body in the ropes.  Lorenzo shouts for Sato to break the hold, and there is a collective “oooh” that sounds from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato was on the verge of winning this thing, and it looks like he might have even won over some more of the fans.

Other Guy: Some people like crazy, Dave.  I’m not a fan myself, but hey if it works it works.

Sato breaks his submission hold now and once both of Roland’s hands are free he drapes them over the ropes, taking in deep breaths now.  Sato shakes with anger as he starts pacing again, eyes never leaving Roland.  The referee checks on Roland for a moment, and then motions for the match to continue.  Roland slowly pulls away from the ropes, turning as he does so and Sato looks right into Roland’s eyes and pounds his chest.

Kaz Sato: Let’s go!

Sato taunts Roland now, which only angers Roland more.  Roland doesn’t back down though and moves in quickly towards Sato. Sato fires a hard European uppercut and snaps Roland’s head straight back.  Roland brings it right back down though… STANDING YAKUZA KICK!!!

Dave Dymond: MY GOD!

Other Guy: No kidding!  Roland nearly decapitated Sato, and I don’t think The Beast was ready for that kick, Dave! We gotta see that again.

The fans buzz with shock as Sato is on the mat in a blink of an eye.  Roland looks down at Sato and starts stomping away at him repeatedly, and while he does that a split screen shows us a replay of what just happened, with the kick coming just as fast the second time it is seen.

Dave Dymond: Roland is a bigger man, but still a quick individual when it comes to just taking an opponent down.

Roland drops to his knees first and then presses both his palms firmly on Sato’s chest from the side, making a forceful cover.  The referee drops to the mat and makes the count again…



THREE… NO!  The fans react as JUST at the last second Sato gets one shoulder up, breaking the pin.  Roland is a bit beside himself at that, but instead of hesitating, he gets up to his feet and starts to drag Sato closer to the lower left corner of the ring.  Once in a good position, Roland turns to the corner, goes to the outside… and ascends to the top rope.

Dave Dymond: Caldwell looking for a top rope maneuver here… BUT SATO SNAPS UP TO HIS FEET!!!

Roland has no time to react as Sato charges towards the corner now, running on pure adrenaline as he runs up the turnbuckles, wraps his arms around Roland’s waist and then LIFTS AND TURNS!!!  BOTH ROLAND AND SATO FALL TO THE MAT!!!

The fans pop HUGE!!!

Other Guy: Sacrificial belly-to-belly suplex, Dave!  The damage has been done, but to BOTH Sato and Caldwell!

“THAT WAS AWE-SOME!” clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!  “THAT WAS AWE-SOME!” clap, clap clap-clap-clap.

Dave Dymond: These fans coming alive now as both Roland Caldwell and Kaz Sato are now down and out, leaving Tony Lorenzo with no choice but to start the double knock out count.

Other Guy: Hell if its gotta end in a double knock out… this was THE way to have it go down, Dave.


Dave Dymond: Not sure what will come of the number one contender situation if it does, but neither man is moving.





The fans continue to watch on, with still no movement from either Sato or Caldwell.



Sato starts to stir now, and the fans who started to settle in get right back into things.  The referee sees Sato but continues the count.


Sato sits up now, while Roland stirs.  Sato looks to the referee and nods his head, and Lorenzo motions for the match to continue!

Other Guy: Sato is with it and we’re not gonna see this one end in a draw, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Not sure that was going to sit well with anyone if that was the case, as it wouldn’t really solve a THING regarding who gets the next shot at Trevor Worrens.

Sato all the way up to his feet and he goes to Roland now pounding his chest once again as if summoning some primal strength!  Some of the fans begin to cheer as Sato waits for Roland to get up to his feet.  Once Roland is up, Sato darts around behind him and looks for the Katahajime again…

But this time Roland reacts, DRIVING his elbow square backwards into Sato’s mouth!  Sato’s head snaps back and Roland turns and follows with a VICIOUS right hook, catching Sato in the face yet again! Sato spins from the impact, and the second his back is to Roland; Roland pulls him back into a reverse headlock!   Sato has no time to react and Roland lifts up only to DROP back with an inverted DDT… SPIKING Sato top of the head first into the mat!

Dave Dymond: The Burning Hammer!!!

Other Guy: Lights out, Sato!

The boos fill the arena as Roland wastes no time covering the now out cold Kaz Sato.  Tony Lorenzo drops to the mat and makes the count.




Dave Dymond: As grim as it is, it has become SHOOT Project’s reality. We are looking at the new number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship…

“Summer Overture” begins to play for a second time tonight as Roland Caldwell rises up to his feet, looking down at the defeated Kaz Sato.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and the number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship… Roland Caldwell!!!

Caldwell continues to stand over Sato, just looking down at him and then finally starts to walk away, the fans unhappy with the outcome of the match.

Dave Dymond: With this match over with now, Trevor Worrens’s night has only gotten worse.  He has Roland Caldwell waiting for him, and as it was announced earlier, Worrens STILL has a match coming up tonight…

Other Guy: But against who, Dave?  Jason Johnson has promised it’s more than a worthy opponent, but that could be a lot of cats.

Dave Dymond: Well eventually everyone will know, including us, but right now as it stands the only thing that is certain is that Kaz Sato’s quest to get at the world heavyweight championship has been put on hold, at least for the time being, courtesy of that man, THE demon of SHOOT’s past himself, Roland Caldwell.

Caldwell takes one last look at Sato in the ring, before turning around and heading to the back.


The shot pans to the back to see FLASH Dynamite grinning at the camera. In his orange body suit, with the yellow lightning bolts down the arms and legs, and on the mask, FLASH continues to grin as the camera pans out to see a smaller man standing next to him. A man dressed in a sky blue singlet with silver thin bolts of lightning down the side. A silver, jagged, KID LIGHTNING takes up the center of the slender man’s singlet. An unattached mask of sky blue and silver covers his grinning face as well. The man has silver arm bands covering his fists up to his elbows, with sky blue bolts along them. He wears silver knee pads, with sky blue kickpads covering his shins, that read “FLYING” down the right kickpad and “AVENGERS” down the left, in silver jagged lettering.

FLASH! Dynamite: Greeting SHOOT Project citizens! Allow me, at this time, to introduce to you my partner, and the third member of the Flying Avengers, Kid Lightning!

Kid Lightning grins hugely, his build somewhat familiar to SHOOT Project fans of old.

Kid Lightning: Thank you, FLASH! As you all know tonight, FLASH Dynamite is a student of Cade Sydal’s! What many of you may not know is that I, too, am a student of his! And tonight we aren’t here because we’re in a match, we’re here to make sure that no funny business goes down in tonight’s main event!

FLASH! Dynamite: That’s right, Kid Lightning! You see, there are three members of the Flying Avengers! FLASH! Dynamite, Kid Lightning, and the Vigilante Hero every superhero tandem needs, Cade Sydal! Now, of course, he’s a bit reluctant to call himself a superhero and–

Just then a door opens and slams shut. The camera pans out even wider as Cade Sydal walks past the two, in what can clearly be seen as a locker room, carrying a duffel bag. He stops after he passes them and drops the bag. He turns to them and looks at them both, looking between the two of them.

Cade Sydal: What the fuck are you two doing in here? And Chr–

FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning both quickly raise their hands, cutting Cade off. Cade rolls his eyes.

Cade Sydal: And Kid Lightning…what the fuck are you doing here?

Kid Lightning: Well, we’re here to make sure Ron Barker’s Cavalcade of Villainy doesn’t interfere in your match tonight! We’re your support! We’re your cavalry!

Cade shakes his head and puts his hand in front of Kid Lightning’s face, stopping him before he can continue.

Cade Sydal: Take some decaf next time. And no.

FLASH! Dynamite: But Cade, if they come down we have to stop them from getting involved! Its our superhero duty!

Cade continues shaking his head.

Cade Sydal: I said no. You two will not come down and interfere, no matter what.

FLASH Dynamite opens his mouth.

Cade Sydal: I said no matter what. Now go on, get out of here. Aren’t you a lumber jack tonight, FLASH? Go do that, and leave Ron Barker to me. If his friends come down, I’ll deal with them myself.

Cade turns on his heels, grabs his duffel bag, and continues the rest of the way past them.

Cade Sydal: Now seriously, get out of my locker room.

The shot moves back to FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning.

Kid Lightning: Well FLASH! The Flying Avengers seem to be needed elsewhere!

FLASH! Dynamite: Indeed they do! You wait back here, I’ve got to go meet with the rest of the lumber jacks!

FLASH speeds off, leaving Kid Lightning alone. He shrugs at the camera and flashes a grin, placing both hands on his hips. He leaves the cameraman with one final sentence.

Kid Lightning: Man, I really need a cool cape…


We cut to see the farmiliar hallway of the Thomas and Mack center.  Amidst the white walls and harsh flourescent glow, we see a lanky, black clad figure.  As we zoom closer, we can see that it is our man, the one and only Kilgore Stochansky.  He’s rocking a black tracksuit with red lines down the arms and legs, and a large Dia De Los Muertos skull design on the back.  He turns around, facing Intrepid Cameraman.  His shades cast a shadow over the rest of his face, and he appears to be holding…a gift basket?  Disregarding this, Kilgore points directly at the camera, his familiar ‘stach and canines grin on full display.

Kilgore: I’m more anxious than any of you good folks could ever imagine.  Heck, I could almost say I’m nervous.  I know, it’s a little bit strange to hear it coming from me…

He looks towards the ceiling, and sighs slowly.

Kilgore: …but I am only human.  You see us on the television night after night, and we seem like Titans.  We are larger than life, in personality and physique, and we seem nearly infallible.

Stochansky sets the gift basket down on the floor and crosses his arms, then smirks.

Kilgore: No matter, though.  Regardless of how invincible or incredible we might seem, everyone in this organization is just human.  We’re all prone to the same nueroses, the same fears and dreams and everything else that makes human beings such a great and complex construction.  So yes, I am nervous.  Who wouldnt be?  It’s a title match, and a pretty big one at that.

Our man uncrosses his arms and changes his stance slightly, leaning a little bit forward.  He begins to gesture with his hands.

Kilgore: See, if I’m nervous, I cant begin to imagine how Benjamin Biggs must feel.  We’re both probably quite anxious over this matchup.  But I’ve got the one advantage he hasnt and will not ever count on: I’ve got you!

His grin becomes bigger, almost entirely too happy with himself.

Kilgore: Benjamin never counted on the support of the people, or how it feeds me and fuels me into becoming something greater than I even am now.  There’s going to be a day of–

At this moment, he stops, as if interrupted.  He cocks an ear towards the camera, a confused look crossing his brow.

Kilgore: Hahn?  What’s that, Intrepid?

A few more seconds pass, and then Kilgore picks up the gift basket and points to it.

Kilgore: This?  It’s a gift basket.  You know, fruit, gift certificate, chocolate, altoids, etcetra etcetra.  Huh?  Why am I rbinging it with me?  Well, it’s a condolence gift for Benjamin Biggs. 

The look on his face is one of confusion, as if he cant quite grasp that Intrepid Cameraman would wonder why he would bring a gift basket.

Kilgore: It’s for when he loses.  A little treat, so when I take my title back, he doesnt fall Quite so hard into depression. 

Stochansky swings the basket absentmindedly, using his other hand to point to the camera.

Kilgore: Because, you see, I am taking it back.  I’m taking it back for every person in a seat out there, for every person watching at hom, every person whow orks for this company.  I am achieving glory so that they might vicariously know what glory feels like.  You wont stand a chance against what I bring to the table, Benjamin.  And not because I’m better trained than you…after all, I didnt fly to Japan for some sort of bizzare, sado-masochistic "training" session.  I’m going to come out on top, because I’m spearheading…the Revolution. 

He holds his arms out and smiles big.

Kilgore: The Revolution is happening, tonight!  And tonight the revolution will be televised.  But dont you fret, Benji.  Because even though you are being eclipsed by someone who is truly better than you…well…

Our man regards the gift basket.

Kilgore: …Condolence prizes arent so bad, are they? 

Stochansky breaks into a laugh, warm and slightly cruel sounding, as he walks past the Camera’s view.  He can be heard walking down the hall as we cut away…


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Law of Punishment Match for the Law of Survival Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, he weighs in tonight at 250 pounds. Hailing from Verona, New Jersey, this is KILGORE STOCHANSKY!

“Coke and Wet” plays. Kilgore Stochansky comes out and he’s carrying a gift basket with him, just like any other standard gift basket, fruits, summer sausage, cookies and a special present wrapped in decorative colors with a bright red bow on it with a card designated for Benjamin Biggs.

Dave Dymond:What is the meaning of this?

Other Guy:It’s a gift for Benjamin Biggs, silly.

Dave Dymond:Yeah, right.

Other Guy:When did you turn into such a scrooge, Dave?

Stochansky sets the gift basket onto a table and he gets into the ring.

Dave Dymond:We saw Stochansky earlier in that lumberjack match but now, it’s one on one with the champ.

Samantha Coil: Introducing the champion. Hailing from San Francisco, California and weighing in at 170 pounds. This is BENJAMIN BIGGS!

“Misfit Love” plays over the speakers and out comes Biggs with the Law of Survival Championship around his waist. He wastes no time getting in the ring. He gets right in the face of Stochansky and wants to go right now but the ref separates them.

Dave Dymond: Biggs is sick and tired of hearing about the controversy of how he won and how he retained his Law of Survival Championship.

Other Guy: It’s put up or shut up time tonight.

Dave Dymond: Benjamin Biggs went back to his roots this week to train and look at him. He’s not smiling or slapping hands with the fans. He’s all business tonight.

The leather strap is rolled into the ring and referee Heflin hands both men their side of the strap. Once they do that, he calls for the bell to ring. We’re on!

Biggs and Stochansky now each have their left wrist tied in. Both men seem a little hesitant about putting on the strap but they do so as instructed. Both men circle the ring and Stochansky rushes in but Biggs does a quick drop toe hold. Biggs grabs a handful of strap and TWAP! The sound of leather meeting flesh echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack! Stochansky curses loudly and quickly rolls to his back so he can see the second strike. Biggs rears back but this time Stochanksy tackles him preventing a second strike from the strap. Stochanksy gets to a mount position and hammers Biggs with rights and lefts. Biggs covers up as best he can but he is stunned by the blows. Stochansky gets Biggs up and does an Irish whip, Stochansky ducks his head for a back body drop but Biggs skillfully hurdles over him. A surprised Stochanksy looks around with no Biggs around and gets a spinning heel kick for his trouble knocking him down and onto the mat. Stochansky rolls to the outside obviously frustrated and he tries to take the strap off his wrist but referee Dennis Heflin warns him not do so. Stochansky argues with the referee but rolls back in.

Dave Dymond:Benjamin Biggs has been one step ahead so far in this match.

Other Guy:So far. Stochanksy will turn it around, you’ll see.

Biggs is on the apron now because the strap restricts his range. The fans get up in anticipation for a high flying move but Biggs just instead, he grabs Stochansky in an inverted facelock and applies an Armbar that he calls the Ichido Armbreaker! The crowd groans in sympathy and Biggs clutches his back in pain! Stochansky measures Biggs and does a kick to the back for further damage eliciting more boos from the crowd! The number contender to the Law of Survivals smirks relishing in the audience’s hate for him. Stochansky now grabs a handful of strap and measures Biggs. TWAP!

Stochansky lights the back of Biggs with the leather strap. Biggs cries in pain and Stochansky does another shot! TWAP! Biggs shakes in pain from the shot and tries to crawl away. Stochansky is jaw jacking with some fans and is unaware that Biggs has added distance between them. Suddenly… YANK! Biggs yanks Stochanksy right onto the steel post face first! Stochanksy is rammed onto the ring post!

Dave Dymond:That training by Biggs with the leather strap has been paying off so far!

Other Guy:Stochanksy got distracted by these stupid fans.

Biggs back is a blistered red from the two shots from the leather strap but he’s in better shape than the stunned challenger. Biggs grabs Stochanksy and rolls him back into the ring. Biggs grabs a hold of the strap clotheslines Kilgore with the strap! Heflin counts!



Stochanksy kicks out.

Dave Dymond:I thought Biggs ended this match early, OG.

Other Guy:Fat chance of that happening.

Biggs gets Stochansky up and shoots him into the corner. Biggs runs over in a Stinger Splash but Stochansky catches him in mid air and slams him carelessly onto the mat! Biggs was caught by the heavy hitter and Stochansky coughs several times still reeling from the top rope strap clothesline. Stochansky now wraps the strap around the throat of Biggs and proceeds to CHOKE THE HELL out of Biggs! Biggs trashes about wildly and the ref is letting the action go. Stochansky now has evil intentions in mind. He wraps the leather strap around his right fist and punches Biggs forehead with it! BAM!

Dave Dymond:What a shot!

Other Guy:Nighty night sweet prince.



Biggs gets a shoulder up.

Stochansky now climbs up to the middle rope and Biggs gets up shaking his head. Stochansky flies off with a double axe handle and Biggs is right back down! Stochansky covers.



Biggs kicks out.

Stochansky grabs Biggs by the hair and then does a hair toss not to do damage but to taunt Biggs and the crowd along with it. Stochansky raises his arms in mock triumph and that gets boo’s from the crowd. Biggs clutches his scalp in pain. Stochansky grabs him again but Biggs fights back with forearm smashes to the chin. Stochansky quickly cuts the comeback off with a big kitchen sink knee doubling Biggs over. Stochansky has Biggs in a standing headscissors and lifts Biggs up going for a powerbomb! NO! Biggs counters with a triangle choke!

Dave Dymond:Just when you think you can count Biggs out, he finds a way to escape!

Other Guy:And into a submission move! I thought Chris Lee was the grappler of the family.

Dave Dymond:This is a different Benjamin Biggs and it’s caught Kilgore off guard.

Stochansky gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. He waits for Stochanksy to get up and does a forward rolling kick in the tradition of Lyger. Stochansky tumbles onto the apron. Biggs gets a running start on the opposite side of the ropes but Stochansky sly takes off the leather off his wrist and drops down onto the floor causing Biggs to get yanked down! Biggs is down in a flash. Stochansky points to his head indicating that he’s picking up on the subtleties of the match. Stochansky mockingly waves at the audience with his free hand. Referee Heflin barks at Stochansky to put the strap back on and the challenger does so.

Dave Dymond:What a cheap tactic by Kilgore to take off the leather strap.

Other Guy:Cheap? I call that smart.

Stochansky tells the ref to take it easy and mockingly shows his wrist like “see, it’s on”. Stochansky then uses said wrist to do a fist drop onto the forehead of Biggs. Stochansky grinds his elbow onto the face of Biggs for a cover.



Stochansky pulls Biggs off. Stochansky now is behind Biggs and has both hands locked in getting ready for a German. Stochanksy pops the hips and has Biggs in mid air but Biggs counters with a forward roll REVERSING the German into a pin!




Stochanksy got up and he looks shocked that Biggs could do such a counter! Biggs tries to get up but gets a stiff running Yakuza kick to the mush for his troubles! Stochansky is furious at almost losing and takes it out on Biggs with vicious stomps and then a blatant choke!

Other Guy:Damn! That was close, Dymond.

Dave Dymond:Biggs knows Stochansky was going to go for the German Suplex. This is their third encounter so they know each other very well.

Stochansky whips Biggs into the corner but Biggs reverses and Stochansky is now in the corner. Biggs rushes in but Stochansky ducks his head and throws Biggs up and over to the floor but Biggs lands on the apron! Stochansky turns around and gets a shoulder block between the middle and top ropes by Biggs. Stochansky backs off just enough room for Benji to do some high flying theatrics. Biggs hops onto the top rope for a springboard but Stochanksy YANKS HARD on the strap pulling Biggs off the rope and onto the mat! CRASH! Biggs lands back first onto the mat! The crowd gasps in horror at Biggs crashing and burning.

Dave Dymond:We saw Biggs counter the German and now Stochansky counters the springboard.

Other Guy:Biggs back is taking a pounding in this match.

Stochanksy gets Biggs up and has him in a belly to back position. He grabs Biggs and drops him on his head with a BACKDROP SUPLEX!



Biggs kicks out.

Stochansky gets up. Biggs rolls to his stomach and Kilgore suddenly drops all his weight onto the back of Biggs in a senton splash. Stochansky now grabs the legs of Biggs and applies the Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Biggs cries out in pain and tries to get to the ropes. Stochansky is much heavier and stronger than Biggs but the reigning champion uses sheer will to try to get to the ropes. Biggs inches closer and finally gets there! Stochansky refuses to let the hold go and he breaks the hold up at the 4 second mark. Biggs rolls onto the apron now. Stochansky gets a running start and does another boot knocking Biggs down and onto the floor. Stochansky follows Biggs and shoots Biggs onto the ring steps! BOOM! Biggs crashes onto the ring steps with his back and he arches in pain. Biggs crawls to the other side of the steps but Stochanksy continues to follow him. Biggs gets up and throws a punch but Stochansky blocks it and Kilgore grabs Biggs and slams him head first onto the steps. Biggs face is on the steps now and Stochansky has something in mind. He grabs the steel chair from time keeper Mark Kendrick and he SLAMS the chair onto the prone Biggs.


Thankfully for Biggs, he ducks out of the way. Biggs fights back with a kick to the gut and Stochanksy drops the chair. Biggs now grabs the chair and with Stochanksy bent over and that back is wide open.


Chair shot to the back of Stochansky and Kilgore trembles in pain.

Dave Dymond:As if a leather strap isn’t enough, now we got a steel chair involved.

Other Guy:It’s all about who can survive this match.

Biggs throws Stochansky back in now. Biggs now takes off the leather strap off his wrist and he shoots his end of the strap between the legs of Kilgore who just got up. Biggs runs in and dives through the legs of Stochansky and in an Indiana Jones fashion; he slides and grabs the wrist while sliding. Biggs now grabs his end of the strap and YANKS up. Kilgore is CROTCHED with the leather strap! The crowd goes “OOOOOHHHH” in pain and Stochanksy comically falls down and the audience laughs at his misfortunes. Some of the fans clap at the innovative use of the strap by Biggs. Biggs now brandishes the leather strap and says “Do you want more?” The fans raucously responds with a loud roar wanting Kilgore to get strapped. Kilgore begs off and has one hand behind his back and with the hand attached to the wrist, he begs off.

Dave Dymond:This is ridiculous! Now, Stochanksy wants a truce.

Other Guy:Why can’t we just get along?

Biggs shakes his head like no way! Stochansky eyes are big as saucers and he wants no part of that leather strap. Biggs raises the strap for another shot but Stochansky gets up and throws himself onto Biggs with a desperation lariat! Biggs was completely unprotected and was knocked 180 degrees and he’s now facing the mat! Stochanksy gets up and now mockingly wants to shake hands again with Biggs. Stochansky fires off the double fingers onto the downed Biggs but Biggs sees it. Biggs is PISSED when he sees the double middle fingers and Biggs fights to get up! Stochansky gets a right and a left and another right hand but the comeback is cut off with just one thumb to the eye. Biggs is blinded and Stochansky gets more boos. Stochansky grabs Biggs onto his shoulders in a reverse fireman’s carry and he slaps on the Torture Rack of Doom!

Dave Dymond:Stochanksy goes back to work on the back of Biggs.

Other Guy:This time, he may have him. How’s he gonna escape out of this?

Stochansky pulls and pulls while Biggs screams in pain. Stochansky now does an added twist by spinning Biggs like a top and dropping to his butt with the Shock Treatment neckbreaker! Stochansky covers!



Biggs gets up.

Stochanksy wanders over to his gift basket and he pulls out a present wrapped in a Christmas paper with a big red bow on it. Biggs however gets up to a standing position and yanks Stochansky back onto him and Biggs knocks him down with a clothesline. Biggs is breathing hard and he clutches his back. Biggs and Stochansky are on opposite sides, they both get up and have the same idea. Running clotheslines but the ref is in the middle! The ref gets taken out! Oh no!

Stochansky shakes his head but he slowly gets up. He kicks Biggs with a punt to the crotch. A blatant low blow! Stochansky grabs the “present” marked for Biggs and hits him over the head with it!

Biggs is OUT!


Ref Heflin stars to stir and crawls over for the count!




Samantha Coil: Your winner at 20 minutes and 24 seconds and NEEEWWWW Law of Survival Champion… KILLLLLGORE STOOOOOCHANSKKKKYYYYYY!!!!!

The fans boo and some throw trash into the ring.

Dave Dymond:Kilgore Stochanksy cheated his way to becoming the Law of Survival Champion.

Other Guy:I couldn’t be any prouder! Christmas came early this year for MISTER Kilgore Stochansky.

“We are the champions” plays over the loud speakers. The ref hands Stochansky the Law of Survival Championship and Stochanksy blows kisses to the crowd. He finally gets to take off the leather strap off his wrist. He grabs the present for Biggs and he unwraps it. We see it’s a brick.

Dave Dymond:That was a brick!

Other Guy:What a guy! He gave Biggs a brick for Christmas. Ha ha ha ha!

Stochansky leaves the ring quickly with the Law of Survival Championship in hand.


Backstage, secluding himself from most of the rest of the SHOOT Project workers, Trevor Worrens sits on edge, knowing that at some point in the night he would have to go out into that ring and confront an unknown opponent.  And with the event slowly but surely winding its way to the night’s main event, Worrens seems tenser, looking off down the hall, lost in his own thoughts.


Worrens jumps up out of his seat and almost turns and punches Eryk Master’s head clear off his shoulders.  However, the world heavyweight champion holds back and just looks at Masters.

Trevor Worrens: Masters, what do you want?

Eryk Masters: I don’t want anything, champ. I’m just here to tell you, you’re up next.

Trevor Worrens: Just like that then? No interview, no “how do you feel, Trevor?” bullshit questions?

Masters just shakes his head.

Eryk Masters: No. Just delivering a message.

Worrens just nods his head once and grabs his championship title off of the table situated next to him.

Trevor Worrens: Good.

Worrens says nothing else as he just heads off down the hall, and Eryk Masters continues on his way in the other direction.


Upon returning back to the ring area, “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue immediately begins to play, with the SHOOT video screen showing the art house montage, which depicts Trevor Worrens from different angles.  The fans await the arrival of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, but even more so the arrival of his opponent.

Dave Dymond: So the time has come for our World Heavyweight Champion. And its an odd thing how one moment can change your whole outlook on an evening.

Other Guy: That’s right, earlier Worrens was sitting pretty believing he had cleared the hurdles that he had NO immediate challengers.  But now, not only has Roland Caldwell been named the new number one contender, but Worrens is also faced with an opponent that NONE of us even know.

As the music continues to play, Trevor Worrens finally walks out from the back, carrying with him the World Heavyweight Championship.  He is met with a mixed reaction from the SHOOT Project faithful as he makes his way down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match up is a special EXHIBITION match and is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first at this time, weighing in tonight at 233 pounds… he is the current reigning SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… this is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens reaches the ring and he rolls under the bottom rope and then rises to his feet. Dressed only in a pair of black jeans, Worrens looks to be ready for his opponent.  He keeps his championship title on his shoulder, while referee Willie Dean enters the ring as well.  Worrens’s music plays for a moment longer and then cuts off.  Immediately the fans come alive, all eyes on the entryway

Dave Dymond: Here we go, the moment of revelation. Jason Johnson promised Worrens would have a more than suitable opponent… the question now is who.

The arena darkens as the SHOOT video screen lights up. The screen shows a black Escalade come to a screeching halt in the parking area.

The driver’s side door pops open… and as it does so an ominous voice speaks.

"Your opponent tonight will be a SHOOT project legend."

A black Timberland hits the pavement.

"A man, who at one time, has held nearly every title in SHOOT!”

The camera rises slowly up, black jeans, long sleeved white t-shirt.

"That definitely includes the SHOOT project World Heavyweight Championship.”

Thick chested, broad shoulders and those eyes…those cold gray eyes!


The crowd erupts; no one in the arena is left sitting. Davis doesn’t move.  He only stares. After a few moments he takes a deep breath and exhales.  He’s about to speak, but the noise from the crowd at ringside is a bit over-whelming and so he doesn’t speak just yet.  He waits.

“DA-VIS! DA-VIS! DA-VIS!” the chant starts up and as it continues on Trevor Worrens just looks at the SHOOT Video screen, a bit in disbelief himself.

Dave Dymond: LISTEN TO THIS CROWD!  There were rumors of who might be coming out here tonight, and one rumor becomes a reality as we are looking at Christopher Davis!

Other Guy: Much love for this cat.  A man who’s done a whole hell of a lot in this industry… especially here in SHOOT Project… and let me just say if ya don’t feel it already… THIS IS HUGE!

Davis continues to stare ahead, and finally the crowd dies down, prompting Davis to breathe in and exhale again.

Christopher Davis: So, I’m sitting at home one night and I’m flipping through channels and I see OutKast and the Real Deal in the ring talking. My first thought was they finally came out of the closet and someone had released one of those celebrity sex videos.

The crowd erupts. Chris smiles to himself.

Christopher Davis: Then I hear words that I didn’t think I would ever hear again. I hear someone say that SHOOT had been reborn. The long, closed doors of one of the greatest federations of all time had finally been reopened.  Imagine my surprise. Imagine how I began to feel. SHOOT project had finally returned. The place where the Enigma became the Legend had been reborn!

The fans pop big and Davis just nods his head, feeding off their energy.

Christopher Davis: I was excited, happy, and fucking ecstatic! But I had problem. I was over in OPW doing what I do. I was under contract and having a fucking blast to be honest. And anyone that knows me knows that I will forever be loyal to the federation I am under contract to. I’m not one that is going to jump from place to place on a whim. I always honor my contracts.  But…but…but little did I know that my opportunity would soon present itself. OPW was about to close its doors and while I never want to see a federation close it’s doors, especially one with such history and pride. I knew that it was a matter of time before I’d be back in SHOOT. I just needed a situation to walk into.

Chris smirks.

Christopher Davis: And I’ll be damned if I didn’t have one handed to me. See when I was in SHOOT, the World Champion ALWAYS had a match at a pay-per view. It would be a travesty for the world champion to NOT be involved in such a HUGE event.

Davis’s eyes seem to look in the general direction of where Trevor Worrens is standing, and the smirk doesn’t leave his face.  Worrens however, looks away for a moment.

Christopher Davis: Now imagine my surprise, the total fucking shock when I found out that the SHOOT Project Champion did not have a match for Animosity.  I thought to myself ‘What kind of fucking world champion doesn’t have a match at a pay-per view?’ What kind of man, what kind of champion doesn’t DEMAND a match at THE biggest event of the month?  I had to know. I had to find out. See I know the history of that belt. I know the history attached to being SHOOT project world champion. Hell, I helped write some of that history…

And since I helped write some of that history, since I truly understand what it means to wear that belt. I figured the best way to find out what kind of champion SHOOT has was to come hear tonight. Walk into the arena, stroll down the ramp, climb through the ropes and find the FUCK out!

The smirk vanishes from Davis’s face.

Christopher Davis: So Trevor, sit tight…I’ll be there in a second.

The crowd absolutely goes nuts as Davis begins walking. The fans cheer as they wait in anticipation of the returning former SHOOT world champion.

"Its what you all been waiting for aint it?

What people pay paper for damn it

They cant stand it, they want something new

So let’s get re-acquainted

Became the hood favorite

I cant even explain it

I surprise myself too"

"Barry Bonds" by Kanye West featuring Lil Wayne blares into the arena taking the fans to another level of excitement.  Davis emerges from behind the curtain. He pauses, taking in the moment. He looks to his left and then to his right. He then focuses on the ring and his opponent.

"Life of a Don, lights keep glowin’

Comin’ in the club wit that fresh shit on, with something crazy on my arm

Ha Ha Hum, here’s another hit, Barry Bonds"

He stares a hole through Trevor Worrens as he strides towards the ring. He’s not dressed in typical wrestling gear, but from the look on his face he’s still ready for a fight. He steps through the ropes only to be stopped by Trevor, who holds a microphone in his hand.

Trevor Worrens: Before you say anything else, understand that I know EXACTLY who you are.  The thing is though, I’m not entirely sure you understand who I am.

Davis steps all the way into the ring at this point, cocking his head slightly to the side as if to say “enlighten me.”

Trevor Worrens: You see, Chris.  You and I have something in common.  You and I knew Vincent Mallows INCREDIBLY well.  And I stand here today, the man I am… struggling with a burden, struggling with a past I am trying to correct through actions I carry out in this very ring… because of that man.  But you know something, Chris. You want to know for as much as these fans respect you… hell for as much as I respect you… I also BLAME YOU for letting him ruining EVERYTHING for me!

Worrens walks right up to Davis who doesn’t flinch, but the mood has definitely changed.

Trevor Worrens: That’s right… I BLAME YOU, Christopher Davis! For not stopping him. I BLAME everyone LIKE YOU for letting that man get away with his horrible acts… for allowing him to mislead me… to take me down a path, only to FAIL ME when I needed him the most!

Worrens’s face becomes red from shouting; his emotions getting the better of him.

Trevor Worrens: And you come back now, you waltz right back into here to this standing ovation… something I don’t think you even deserve!  I was wronged, I WAS FAILED!  But I overcame it… I overcame it all and stand here as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!  I wasn’t scheduled for action because I was afraid…. But because nobody deserved a shot at me.  And you, you are no different, Davis, than any of them. You understand that?  You don’t deserve to just walk in here an make some statement, to show me this kind of DISRESPECT!

The fans let out a collective “oooh” and the tension seems to grow, but oddly enough Christopher Davis remains calm.  Worrens steps away from Davis, only for Davis to hold up his hand as if to say stop.

Christopher Davis: Look, I truly feel your pain as it concerns one Vincent Mallows, I do. I have called that man a friend and an enemy. He has been an ally and a deadly opponent inside this ring. He once bought five black slaves to get my attention and when he couldn’t shake me he slaughtered them.  This is the same man who once was one of my closest friends in this game. So Trevor, I truly understand your torment.

Davis steps closer to the SHOOT Project world champion.

Christopher Davis: You’ve been through a lot emotionally, but I’ll be damned if I stand here and listen to you blame me for anything that happened in your life. I’ll be damned if I stand here and allow you to turn any of bullshit that happened to you back on me. Anyone that had anything to do with Vincent Mallows has their scars. I have mine, Jonny has his, and we all do. But we have moved on. I never stood out here and blamed ANYONE for the shit I went through with Vincent Mallows.

Davis is almost right on top of Worrens now, the two standing nearly nose-to-nose.

Christopher Davis: Life is about choices, you made the wrong one and now you have to deal with the consequences, just like we all did.

You are the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION! You want my respect…come get it!

Davis steps back, preparing to fight.

Christopher Davis: Because I’m done talking!!!

The fans erupt with cheers now as Davis quickly tosses his microphone down, and at the same time Worrens hands his championship title and his microphone to a ring crewmember outside of the ring.  Referee Willie Dean quickly checks in both men, the fans continuing to buzz with excitement.

Other Guy: This is gonna be a big deal, Dave, can’t wait to see what Chris Davis has still got.

Dave Dymond: Well he’s been keeping in shape over in Outlaw Pro Wrestling, and with very little downtime, I’m not expecting a lick of ring rust, O.G.

With both Davis and Worrens checked in, referee Willie Dean calls for the bell, prompting the official start of the match.  The fans are already cheering loudly, and as Worrens starts to circle the ring, and Davis follows suit, the crowd breaks out with another round of “DA-VIS!” chants.  Davis shakes his head with a smile and then suddenly stops circling the ring and looks out the fans, pointing at them in the process. This gets another loud cheer and Davis looks at Worrens as if to say “you hear them?”  Worrens charges in at Davis now and both men lock up into a quick grapple.  Davis gets the upper hand and quickly breaks the grapple and turns out from Worrens, still holding his left arm.  Davis twists the arm around once, and then drives his elbow down onto it, letting go after hitting him.  Worrens reels back, pulling in his arm and Davis charges and NAILS Worrens with a hard clothesline!

Worrens goes down to the mat, but gets back up quickly, only for Davis right there, quick kick to the gut.  Worrens doubles over in pain and all at once Davis lifts him up so that he’s in a fireman’s carry position, but facing upwards at the rafters!

Dave Dymond: This could be it… Davis going for Angela’s ashes right off the get go… NO!

CRACK!  Worrens had slipped down behind Davis and brought him over his own back with a modified standing side backbreaker!  Davis bounces off of Worrens’s own body and staggers away a bit, holding his hand to his back.  Worrens is quick to stay on the offense, turning Davis around and nailing him with a quick palm jab to the sternum.  Davis reels slightly and Worrens fires with a few more, trying to wear the bigger man down.  With Davis staggering from the shots, Worrens follows up with a lifting knee strike to the gut, and then he goes to follow up with a standing DDT, but Davis fights back, shoving Worrens away.  Worrens keeps from losing his balance and goes right back, hooking Davis into a headlock and now wrenching the neck.

Davis looks to lift Worrens up…

But Worrens wrenches the neck again and then brings Davis all the way down with a modified face plant.  Quickly Worrens rolls Davis over onto his back for a cover…


Other Guy: NOT even a full one count as Christopher Davis shoves Worrens off to the side.

Dave Dymond: Davis is as tough as they come, and if this match is an indication of what he plans on doing here back in the SHOOT Project, then Trevor Worrens may once again find himself with more than one person seeing him as a target.

Worrens gets up to his feet and goes right back to grabbing at Davis and locking in a front face headlock, but this time Davis lifts him up, bends Worrens’s knee under him and drops him for a knee breaker!  Worrens winces in pain as he hobbles on one good leg for a moment and Davis capitalizes, wrapping both his arms around Worrens’s waist and TOSSES Worrens with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex!!! Worrens crashes down onto the mat and the fans cheer as Davis gets up to his own feet and stomps once, nodding his head with authority.  Worrens sits up from the impact, arching his back in pain and Davis is right there to pull him right up to his feet.

Davis WHIPS Worrens into the ropes… Worrens comes bouncing back and he quickly scoops Worrens up and takes him down via a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Other Guy: Davis COMMANDING some serious respect here from Worrens as another huge impact plants Worrens flat on his back.

With Worrens out Davis now makes a very strong cover on him, looking out to the fans who count along.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two…

But then Worrens kicks out.  The referee shows two, and Davis smirks and shrugs, the fans popping for his reaction.

Dave Dymond: Seems like Davis having a little fun now as he looks to have control of this one.

Other Guy: Not sure the world champ’s gonna be too happy about that though. He already feels disrespected, but if ya ask me, bein’ in the ring with a man like Christopher Davis brings a certain amount of respect anyway.

Dave Dymond: Very true, but a victory here for Davis tonight, well you can’t argue that that will send Davis right up to the top of the ladder as far as a right to the title.

Davis brings Worrens back up onto the mat, and goes back to the arm, twisting it around, then flat out yanking it down hard.  Worrens winces in pain and Davis twists the arm again… and another hard tug!  Worrens grabs at his shoulder and now Davis pulls it up behind Worrens’s own back, showing a more technical side.  Worrens struggles against the arm lock, but manages to connect with a backwards blind elbow.  Davis’s head snaps to the side, and Worrens gets out of the arm lock, turning around and now reversing it on Davis, pulling up his arm behind his back, but immediately Worrens shifts and looks to lock on a full nelson!  Davis struggles, and just WHIPS his body around and such a force that Worrens can’t fully lock it on and he stumbles off towards the corner.

Worrens shakes his head with frustration and charges right back at Davis, who ducks an incoming clothesline, grabs Worrens from behind immediately and just DROPS him with a reverse DDT!

The fans pop again and Davis snaps back up to his feet, looks down at Worrens and then out to the crowd.

Dave Dymond: The energy just got turned up inside the Thomas and Mack Arena as Christopher Davis looks to be calling for an end here.

Other Guy: Davis has dominated right from the get go, and I think tonight he just wants to make his statement and his presence felt.

Dave Dymond: Well if your Trevor Worrens, you’ve definitely felt Christopher Davis’s presence tonight.

The cheering fans suddenly begin to boo however, just as Davis pulls Worrens up, and looks to put an end to the World Heavyweight Champion.  Davis is quick to pick up on the booing and he looks behind him to see Roland Caldwell storming down towards the ring.

Other Guy: We’ve got company, Dave.

Dave Dymond: And not the kind you want either. Roland Caldwell walking with a purpose.

Davis drops Worrens now and turns his full attention to Roland Caldwell, not backing down at all.  Referee Willie Dean shouts for Caldwell to get away from the ring, but his eyes are locked solely on Christopher Davis.

Other Guy: Oh this is gonna blow up.  I think Roland sees Davis as a threat. If Davis wins this match up, he has JUST as much a claim to the title as the new number one contender does…

Dave Dymond: What a match up this would be, Davis and Roland now… is this going to happen here tonight!?

The fans pick up as Davis actually motions for Roland to get into the ring.  Roland continues his way down… when suddenly ALL the lights inside the Thomas and Mack Arena go out.  The fans buzz with confusion, and suddenly there’s a loud crackling noise, the sound of the arena’s sound system going on.

“A New Year, A New Life.”

The SHOOT video screen turns on to nothing but static… and brief images of a man’s face… but not so cryptic that you can’t tell that the man is none other than Vincent Mallows.

Redemption will come!

The video cuts off, the lights come on… and there behind Davis stands Jacob Delacroy and Sepulcher!

Dave Dymond: What the hell… that was Mallows we saw… but… and now Delacroy and Sepulcher are out here!

Before Davis can turn around, the two men CHARGE from behind, dropping him with a DEVASTATING double team clothesline!  Davis falls onto knees and palms and like two vultures; Sepulcher and Delacroy swarm over Davis, viciously stomping down on his head and back.  The fans boo loudly and the referee quickly throws the match out, calling for the bell while shouting at the team inside the ring.  Delacroy turns and just SWATS the referee across the face, knocking him down onto the mat… and with the referee down, Roland Caldwell enters the ring, and makes a B-line for the World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: It’s a mugging like nobody’s business, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Sepulcher and Jacob Delacroy making their own statement here tonight, and at the cost of the returning Christopher Davis!

Sepulcher and Delacroy both hoist Davis up now, but Davis isn’t down and out and he fights right back, throwing fists in every direction, not carry what or who he hits.  Sepulcher is knocked back, Delacroy is knocked back.  Davis turns his focus on Sepulcher… not even sure who it is he’s fighting, but before he can get anything going… Delacroy hits a violent double axe handle to Davis’s back.  Davis staggers forward right into a BICYCLE KICK from Sepulcher!  Davis is dropped… and just as he hits the mat, Roland Caldwell gets Worrens up… JACK KNIFE POWERBOMB!!!

Dave Dymond: I don’t understand, is Roland working with Delacroy and Sepulcher… or what is this!?

Other Guy: I have no fucking clue, Dave, but it’s complete anarchy, that’s for damn sure!

The fans continue to boo as Sepulcher lifts up Davis and shoves him into Delacroy, while Roland looms over Worrens, and again lifts him up… this time pulling him backwards into a reverse headlock.  Roland with no hesitation lifts Worrens EXTREMELY high up… and then SPIKES WORRENS ONTO HIS HEAD!!!

Dave Dymond: MY GOD! THE STIFFEST Burning Hammer that I’ve seen… and Worrens has been decimated!!!


Delacroy FIRES knee shot after knee shot right into Davis’s face and then DROPS the former SHOOT Project World Champion with a stiff pedigree!!!  Delacroy gets up after laying out Davis and now for the first time, Sepulcher and Delacroy lock eyes with Roland Caldwell.  Nothing is said, and Roland quickly turns away, leaving the ring, but not before walking by the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title.  Roland snatches it off the timekeeper’s table, and just hoists it high over his head, almost taunting everyone that watches him.  Then he just WHIPS it down at the ground, blatantly disrespecting EVERYTHING the title stands for.

Dave Dymond: This looks like two different motives happening at the same damn time, Other Guy, and there in the ring we see the destruction that has been caused.

Other Guy: Ya wanna talk about Animosity… man this is gonna cause a whole hell of a lot of that, Dave.

The arena is filled with near deafening boos as Roland leaves the ring, bravely choosing to walk out through the sea of people, while Jacob Delacroy and Sepulcher stands over Davis, both men smirking, more than satisfied with what they did.

Dave Dymond: What looked to be a tremendous return for a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion has turned into a disastrous homecoming.

Other Guy: I didn’t see this coming… and the video… what the hell Dave, does this mean Delacroy and Sepulcher are working with Vincent Mallows… or is Roland?  I mean what’s the deal.

Dave Dymond: I know just about as much as anyone else, which is nothing right now.  All we know is that we just witnessed two maulings at the same time… and look at Delacroy and Sepulcher… smiling like that.  It’s sick!

After taking in the moment, Delacroy and Sepulcher finally leave the ring, heading towards the back; their sinister smirks present the whole time.  As they disappear to the back, the camera focuses on Christopher Davis and Trevor Worrens, both men barely moving.

Other Guy: I don’t even know what to say right now, Dave. This was beyond unexpected, and usually I’m not left like this but right now… damn.

Dave Dymond: Let’s just go to I dunno…  something.


The Thomas and Mack arena plunges into darkness unexpectedly, catching the fans and announcers offguard…

Dave Dymond: Whats this?

Other Guy: Er… I dunno, man. No word from the back…

All that you know is at an end.



The fans in attendance are instantly on their feet jeering Osbourne Kilminster as he steps out from behind the curtain with his trademark smirk, illuminated by a single white spotlight.

Dave Dymond: He’s sure as Hell not Mr Popular here tonight.

Other Guy: Not after what he did to Ray Willmott – a guy these people adore.

I left my throne a million miles away

I drink from your tit

I sing your blues every day

Now give me the strength

To split the world in two yeah

I ate all the rest and now I’ve gotta eat you

Well I sing…



Stepping forward with slowly and deliberately, Kilminster shakes his head as he continues his steady march along the walkway, ignoring the boos and jeers and protestations of the crowd.

Other Guy: Hey, I know he’s wearing that baggy hoodie thing, but does it look to you like he’s put some weight on? His midsection seems unusually distended…

Dave Dymond: Well, so far as I’m aware, he’s been away from the ring for some time…

Jumping up onto the ring apron, Osbourne steps into the middle of the ring as his music cuts and his spotlight vanishes like a teardrop in the ocean as the arena lights burst back into life. The booing continues as Osbourne catches a microphone and bangs it with the palm of his hand. It takes a few moments for the crowd to quieten enough for him to bring it to his mouth and be heard.

Osbourne Kilminster: Now, you can all sit down and shut up. That’s right, every single one of you who burned all those ten calories it took to pry your arse from your seat can use up another ten by sitting right back down, closing your mouths and opening your ears. Yeah, I know you people aren’t so receptive to the concept of new ideas, but if you can hold your tongues down and your minds open for a few minutes, you never know, you might actually learn something. No guarantees, but let’s just see what happens, huh?

Dave Dymond: Check him out, patronising the SHOOT Project fans!

Other Guy: That’s not cool. Not cool at all.

As another bout of boos fades a little, Osbourne adjusts his hood, pulling it down so that it aids his sunglasses in concealing the better part of his face.

Osbourne Kilminster: You fans, you first and foremost, were the fastest to write me off when I came out here every week and tried to do something for you, to entertain you, to engage you, to make you feel a part of the SHOOT Project experience. It wasn’t enough for you, you wanted more, you got greedy and turned your backs on me when I needed you most. You! All of you! Everyone here tonight and everyone sat at home because they’re too cheap to buy tickets to see the show… you all wrote me off, cast me aside, turned the other cheek. You watched when Del Carver handcuffed me to the ring and I had to pull my shoulder out of joint to get free. You watched Kenshin and Biggs and Summers beat me down in a fashion so brutal you’ve never seen the likes of it before or since. You watched the chairs hit me, the fists, the feet, the shins, the ring-posts and you did nothing. Then, oh yeah… here’s the best bit… Then, you watched with little more than baited breath as Roland Caldwell tried to end my career. He didn’t want to hurt me, he didn’t want to send a message. No, he wanted to end my career and he didn’t care if he killed me in the process… but nor did any of you. There’s ten or maybe twelve thousand of you here and none of you did a damn thing when that man left me for dead. None of you. How does that make you feel, huh? How do you think that made me feel?

The crowd remains unusually silent.

Osbourne Kilminster: Well?! HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MADE ME FEEL?!

Pacing from one side of the ring to the other, Osbourne points out into the crowd in all directions.

Osbourne Kilminster: YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU DID NOTHING! Not one of you cared. Not one of you emailed me or texted me or called me or anything when I lay in hospital not knowing if I was brain damaged or if I’d have a career. Nobody cared when I left SHOOT. So here it is, people… if you don’t care about me, then I don’t give a fuck about any of you.

A chorus of boos descends upon the ring from every direction.

Dave Dymond: That’s not the way to win friends and influence people.

Other Guy: Wow. I dunno who’s more pissed off – Osbourne or the fans in the stands!

Riding the storm, shaking his head, Osbourne waits for a lull before continuing.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s time for the fun to end and the games to begin. When it came to the crunch, Ray wasn’t there for me and now the only place he’ll be is the hospital convalescing. Atleast Sato tried to help, pathetic failure that he was. Sato waited around, umming and ahhing backstage whilst I was taking a beating. Some friend he was, huh? Well, I guess Caldwell proved my point earlier this evening, huh? Caldwell, the darkest and most promising prospect SHOOT had to offer, bursting in and trying to destroy me just like that… but where’s it got him? Where’s he now? He’s doing nothing, and that’s the truth. He beat Sato. Boo fucking hoo. I’ve done that more times than Sato or I can remember, and I’m going to do it again as soon as he returns to action. But that’s the big question in my mind… what has Caldwell achieved since that night, since he took me out? Where’s his career going? NOWHERE!

A little uncertain of where Osbourne is taking this, the fans boo him a little less though still make it clear they don’t support his trashing of Sato.

Osbourne Kilminster: Roland waited until four men had finished with me before he came out and tried to end my career. Roland stalked around backstage like some kind of vulture and thought he’d pick at the bloody carcass left by those four hyenas. Roland was too scared to come to me face-to-face, and he thought he’d make a point by beating me down with a steel chair. He thought it’d rocket his prospects and boost interest in him, the shallow, self-righteous arsehole that he is. Wrong. Yeah, he got his five minutes in the spotlight for what he did, but he;s not going anywhere. Getting into fights with Sato, flirting with the idea of a World Title shot but not really getting the payoff he was hoping for… I’ve achieved more since that day than he has. I recovered from that night, I rehabilitated my body and I got my head back together and then I competed and became the last OPW Carolina Challenge Champion.

Unzipping his hoodie, Osbourne reveals the gleaming gold belt around his wait.

Other Guy: I never thought I’d see that on SHOOT Project TV!

Dave Dymond: Neither did I!

Osbourne Kilminster: Of course you didn’t, Dave, but being the cowardly piece of shit that you are, I bet you thought nobody would call you on your past, right? You who sits down there at the announce table like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, making your absurd judgements about everyone like some kind of preacher of the word. You, Dave Dymond, who owned and ran OPW, but ran out on everyone when the shit hit the fan. Yeah, you who sits down there and talks shit about ME, you who’s fallen from owning and running a successful company to being Jason Johnson’s tethered pet. For all the crap that flows out of your mouth, the truth is that OPW closed and nobody even invited you along to see the last show because they think you’re a prick for running out on them, Dave, so maybe you should think twice before you rant into your little microphone every time I step out from behind the curtain!

The SHOOT Project fans are out of their seats booing Osbourne, some even throwing half-full bottles of water into the ring as Dave Dymond gets to his feet. Other Guy puts his hand on Dymond’s shoulder to pull him back down, but Dave shrugs it off as his blood boils.

Dave Dymond: I’m twice the man you’ll ever be, Osbourne! Twice the man! I left a company to try something new, you ran from SHOOT with your tail between your legs because you had one bad night and because the fans saw what a prick you are!

Leaning over the ropes, Osbourne pulls back his hood and rips off his sunglasses to reveal the huge pink scar running across his forehead. Pointing to it, he then points at Dymond, who rips off his headset and steps out from behind the announce table! The fans are roaring as Dave makes a stand!

Osbourne Kilminster: THIS! This is why I left! This is what I suffered, what I endured! Maybe you’d like to have the same, Dave! Maybe, being ‘twice the man’, you think you can take it… well, you can have it!

Ripping off his hoodie and the C3 belt, Osbourne throws it down and ducks under the top rope just as a legion of SHOOT security flood the ring and the ringside area, pushing Dymond back into his seat and dragging Osbourne out of the ring and up the walkway to the back as fans pelt him with half-eaten burgers and half-full bottles of water. As Dave takes his seat and puts on his headset, Other Guy and the fans behind the announce table pat him on the back supportively.

Dave Dymond: What a prick. Truly, what a prick that man is.

Other Guy: I think we have ten thousand plus people here who’d agree with that, Dave. Are you alright?

Dave Dymond: Yeah, I’m fine. Forget about that jackass. On with the show…


The lights in the arena start to flicker and dim. A bright spotlight clicks on and starts crawl over the fans in the packed arena.  The spotlight slowly illuminates the fans on the floor.  “The One” by White Zombie starts to play. The spotlight continues to search the crowd, and comes to a stop in the second level. There, deep among the fans, we see Diamond Del Carver.  Carver is surrounded by the fans, many of which are patting him on the back and reaching out to touch him.  As soon as the spotlight hits him, Carver holds his arms over his head, and then starts to slowly pace through the crowd.  The fans part in front of him, as White Zombie continues to play and Carver goes down the stairs, into the floor section, and then weaves his way through the fans until he reaches the ringside area.  Carver hops over the steel guard rail, and stands at ringside.

Samantha: “Introducing first, from Jackson Mississippi and weighing in at 245 pounds, this is The Hardcore Outlaw…Diamond Del Carver!”

A female voice sings a single tone, and the sounds of an organ playing three notes simultaneously starts.  Then a small percussive "tick" sound hits, and the verse begins…

I plan with a clan of, well known omens:

swordsmen atop four horses, roaming

prophets… of the approaching apocalypse,

rotted flesh, breath smoking, toxic

"War" is the force of our brothers in anger

"Famine" represents the hands of Mother Nature

"Pestilence" relates to man, She hates us

"Death" is the resting place of all creation

Then a semi-long pause…

"I’m brutal…  inhuman."

Pyro goes off and white strobe lights start to hit the stage and flash all over the arena.  Then Corazon finally appears.  He holds the Iron Fist Championship over his shoulder and stands for a good five seconds before starting down the ramp.  The fans are rabid with boos, but Corazon naturally ignores.  He gets in the ring, and unclasps his belt.

Samantha Coil:  And next…  hailing from Mexico City, Mexico…  he stands in at six feet, three inches tall…  he weighs two hundred and thirty-five pounds… he is the current and reigning IRON FIST CHAMPION…  Corrrrrrrazonnn!

Corazon makes it to the bottom of the ramp and Del Carver slides out of the ring to meet him with haymakers, rocking Corazon! Carver grabs Corazon’s wrist and whips him hard, dropping to a knee to whip Corazon into the ringsteps, and Corazon meets the steps with his shoulder!

Dave Dymond: Del Carver is starting things off like a man possessed!

Other Guy: Well, to be fair, he is kinda. He’s pretty angry, and I don’t know if I blame him.

Carver follows Corazon with a running knee into the back of Corazon’s head, sandwiching it between his knee and the ringsteps! Carver pulls Corazon to his feet and body slams him on the arena floor! Tony Lorenzo begins to count the early down.



Corazon turns and gets to a knee. Carver pulls Corazon to his feet and slams his head off the ringpost quickly! Carver turns Corazon around and whips him into the guardrail!

Dave Dymond: Carver is maintaining the early advantage, and he is definitely bringing the fight right to Corazon in a way I’m not sure Corazon expected!

Other Guy: That’s because Corazon is a calculated technician, not a barroom brawler. Soon, though, Carver will make a mistake, and Corazon will do what he does best and that is exploit it.

Carver rushes Corazon and lifts his boot to drive it into Corazon’s face, but Corazon ducks out of the way and Carver crashes, groin first, into the security railing! Corazon turns and spots Carver hung up on the guardrail, slouching, and throws a clubbing forearm into his back! Corazon grabs Carver by the belt loops on the back of his jeans, and the front of his shirt, and starts dragging Carver across the guardrail, dragging his groin specifically across it!

Dave Dymond: Del Carver in a very precarious position, as Corazon is, as you said he would OG, exploiting that mental error!

Other Guy: Let’s call it what it is, Dave! Corazon is dragging Carver along the rail by his junk! Ha!

Corazon grabs Carver by the head with his right hand and swings his left arm across Carver’s chest, driving him over the guard rail to the front row! Tony Lorenzo leans over the railing to watch Carver and starts counting.



Carver grabs the railing and pulls himself to a knee. Corazon hooks him in a front facelock and pulls Carver the rest of the way to his feet before snapping Carver over the rail with a suplex! Lorenzo starts the count again.

Dave Dymond: I have to believe it will take more than a suplex to keep Del Carver out of this match!


Other Guy: But every time Corazon lets Tony Lorenzo count, he gets to relax a little and keep his stamina up.



Carver pushes to a knee, and Corazon pulls him up the rest of the way. Corazon ducks his head under Carver’s arm and rushes to the ring apron, driving the small of Carver’s back into the edge of the ring! Corazon straightens up and places both hands on Carver’s throat, choking him against the apron! Corazon maneuvers to get his knees on the apron, still leaning over Carver, choking him!

Dave Dymond: An interesting strategy by our Iron Fist Champion, taking the oxygen from Carver’s lungs!

Other Guy: Its perfectly legal, and if you can’t breathe it’s even harder to get up! It’s a perfect strategy.

Corazon places his foot on Carver’s chin before pushing to fully stand. Corazon slides his foot down and presses down on Carver’s throat with his boot before jumping up suddenly and dropping the leg across Carver’s throat, and Carver collapses to the floor gasping for air as Corazon sits on the apron, smirking.


Dave Dymond: We’re going to see just how well that strategy worked, I think, OG!



Other Guy: It may not get him the win, Dave, but it is definitely wearing Del Carver down!


Del Carver makes it to his knee, and Corazon drops off the apron behind him. Carver turns as Corazon reaches his hands for the side of Carver’s head. Carver grabs Corazon by the front of his biker tights and falls backward, slinging Corazon face first into the security railing! Corazon turns, putting his back to the railing, as he holds his head and face. Carver gets to his feet and steadies his breathing. Corazon starts to push away from the railing, and Carver rushes him to drive his boot into Corazon’s sternum repeatedly!

Dave Dymond: Someone might disagree with that being a perfect strategy, O, and his name is Del Carver!

Other Guy: He might be raining down the fire right now, but I think we both know that it’s only a matter of time before he gets so worked up he can’t breathe, and that’s where cutting his oxygen supply off comes in handy, once again.

Carver pulls Corazon away from the railing to his feet and scoops him up before turning and slamming him down across the ring steps! Carver drops to drive his elbow down on the chin of Corazon as his head hangs from the edge of the steps! Corazon drops off the steps to the floor, and Tony Lorenzo begins the count.

Dave Dymond: And now, while it may not pick up the win, Del Carver gets a moment to catch his breath!



Other Guy: Look at you, selling Del Carver short…I’m proud of you.


Dave Dymond: You know it’s not like that, OG! I just don’t think anyone believes that an elbow will end this match so suddenly!


Corazon rolls to a knee, cradling his head. Carver pulls him to his feet and whips him into the nearby ringpost! Carver rushes Corazon, and Corazon boots Carver in the chest! Carver stumbles backward and Corazon rushes away from the ringpost, only to be caught by Carver with a sudden powerslam! Carver gets to his feet as Lorenzo begins another count!


Carver pulls the ring skirting up and looks under the ring.


Carver pulls a huge spool of twill rope from under the ring and shoves it carelessly to the side


Carver pulls a table from under the ring! Corazon rolls to his belly.


Corazon gets to his knee and the count stops. Carver pulls the legs out from under the table and sets it up as Corazon pulls himself to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Del Carver is setting up some furniture, with evil intentions no doubt!

Other Guy: But Corazon is to his feet, and he’s definitely not just going to let Carver have his way!

Carver turns and punches Corazon! Carver grabs Corazon by the head and turns him to put his back against the table and continues to punch Corazon in the face! Corazon lifts a sudden knee into Carver’s abdomen, halting the assault and turns to drive Carver’s face down on the edge of the table! Carver stumbles backward into the guardrail, and Corazon follows with a stiff chop across the chest!

Dave Dymond: Corazon, for what it’s worth, is absolutely not allowing Del Carver to control the pace of this match for long!

Other Guy: And right now, he’s using the environment to his full advantage!

Corazon turns and grabs Carver by the head. He takes a running start and drives Carver down to the floor with a big running bulldog! Tony Lorenzo begins the count.




Carver rolls to his side.



Carver makes it back to his belly and pushes his knees under himself, breaking the count. Corazon shakes his head slowly and pulls Carver up, straight onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry!

Other Guy: He’s going for the Fury of the Dark Heart!

Carver knees Corazon in the side of the head and slides down Carver’s back, hooking him with a half nelson!

Dave Dymond: Diamond Death Drop, coming up!

Corazon stomps his right foot back down onto Carver’s toes! Corazon then throws his left elbow into the side of Carver’s head, breaking out of the half nelson, he turns and boots Carver in the gut! Corazon hooks Carver’s arms!

Other Guy: Ha! Original Sin!

Carver drops to a knee and twists under Corazon’s left arm! Carver leaps up!

Dave Dymond: Diamond Cutter!

Carver hooks Corazon’s head, but Corazon hooks him by the belt loops of the back of his jeans! Corazon runs forward the two steps and drives Carver into the ringpost, groin first!

Other Guy: Not so close, Dave! Corazon just sent Carver crashing into the post with his  crusty, old, jewels leading the way!

Corazon clubs Carver in the back and hangs him upside down in a makeshift tree of woe! Corazon backs up before taking a running start, he slides with both feet into Carver’s face, crushing it between his feet and the ringpost!

Dave Dymond: That’s a big time baseball slide that could, frankly, be the end of this thing!

Other Guy: When a man’s head is sandwiched between two feet and steel like that, it’s certainly possible, and now Corazon is unhooking Carver’s legs so Lorenzo can count!

True enough, Corazon finishes unhooking Carver’s legs from around the ringpost and lets him drop carelessly.



Corazon pulls up the ring skirting.


Corazon ducks under the edge of the ring.


Carver rolls to his side, slowly.


Corazon emerges from under the ring with a lead pipe in his hand!


Carver pushes up to his knees! Corazon runs at Carver from behind and swings, clipping Carver in the back with the pipe, dropping him back to his hands and knees!

Dave Dymond: Corazon just nailed Del Carver with that pipe!

Other Guy: That’s beautiful! Even though Carver got up, Corazon was prepared and made him pay!

Corazon stands above Carver’s head, shaking his head slowly as Carver starts to straighten up. Corazon swings the pipe for the side of Carver’s head, but Carver ducks! Corazon spins with the momentum of the swing, and Carver pops up behind him, catching him with a half nelson he snaps back with the big time suplex!

Dave Dymond: Diamond Death Drop! Out of nowhere!

Other Guy: How the hell?!


Carver clutches his back and cradles his head.


Carver leans against the ring apron, trying to ignore the pain.


Corazon pushes to a knee, but falls back forward onto his face.


Carver spits to the side.


Corazon gets his hands under himself again.


Corazon shoves himself up to his knees! Carver pushes off of the apron to join Corazon and meets him with a big right fist! Carver continues to thrust punches into Corazon’s face, until suddenly Corazon kicks his foot into Carver’s hip! Corazon grabs Carver by the head and drops to a knee with a jawbreaker, stumbling Carver back!

Dave Dymond: Corazon just took back the advantage with a well-placed jawbreaker!

Other Guy: See, for all the fire and hate Del Carver is showing, Corazon is remaining calm, cool, and collected. He’s going to brutalize Carver and keep that Iron Fist Championship.

Corazon slowly climbs up onto the ring apron, and Carver rushes to meet him with a running punch to the abdomen, stopping him from coming off the apron with any sort of aerial attack! Carver climbs up to join him on the apron, and Corazon meets him with a right! Carver delivers a right jab of his own! The two begin to steadily trade punches!

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure that going blow-for-blow with Del Carver is a smart move from the cerebral warrior, Corazon!

Other Guy: Its gotta be something Carver didn’t expect, and in that, it takes Carver by surprise, and thus is exactly something I would expect to see Corazon try to do.

Carver ducks a punch and hooks Corazon with a waistlock! Corazon throws his left elbow back hard into Carver’s face twice, releasing the hold! Corazon takes a step forward before turning on the apron to face Carver. Carver explodes, charging Corazon he spears him right off the apron onto the table set up outside the ring, and both men crash through it!

Dave Dymond: Del Carver just risked his own life to end Corazon’s title reign, and I think he may have succeeded!

Other Guy: At which one?!

Tony Lorenzo looks down at both men before beginning to count, as both lie motionless in the wreckage!





Carver turns over to his belly!


Corazon’s leg twitches.


Carver pushes himself to his knees as Corazon starts to roll to his side.


Carver pushes all the way to his feet.


Corazon pushes to his knees, and Lorenzo stops counting. Carver seems to grumble to himself as he bends to pull Corazon to his feet, struggling to do so! Corazon throws Carver’s hands off his head and pops Carver up into a fireman’s carry before swinging him into a DDT, on the debris!

Dave Dymond: The Fury of the Dark heart! Corazon just exploded with it!

Other Guy: Unfortunately that looks to have taken out a ton of Corazon’s energy, too!

Corazon clutches his back in agony, from the table and now the floor, as Carver lies motionless on the last bits of the table. Lorenzo begins his count once more.






Corazon rolls to his chest, holding his back with his left hand.


Carver rolls to his side.


Corazon pushes to his knees.

Dave Dymond: Corazon is safe from being counted out, but is Del Carver?!


Carver rolls to his abdomen! Corazon crawls on his hands and knees toward the spool of twill rope!

Other Guy: I wouldn’t bet on it, Dave, but Corazon is moving toward that rope the ring crew uses to tie all this stuff together with at the end of each show. Why?


Carver pushes to his knees, and Tony Lorenzo stops counting!

Corazon gets to his feet and turns at the spool of twill. Carver stands in front of Corazon and jumps into him, suddenly falling with the Diamond Cutter!

Dave Dymond: This is insane! Both men are trading devastating move after devastating move on the hard arena floor!

Other Guy: Both men keeping throwing themselves into these moves, and that is not doing themselves any favor, I have to say.







Carver makes it to his knees!


Dave Dymond: Del Carver has got to be wishing that that was enough to keep Corazon down and out!


Corazon rolls, finally, to his abdomen, while Del Carver lifts the ring skirting up and pulls a chair out from under the ring.


Other Guy: Even so, if Corazon does get up, Del Carver seems to be ready for him!


Corazon makes it to his knees! Carver turns toward Corazon and Corazon snaps his right arm straight up into Carver’s vastly over-assaulted groin! Carver drops the chair to the side, as Corazon pulls himself up to his feet, Carver drops to his knees in pain! Corazon pulls Carver into a standing headscissors, hooks both arms, and swiftly drops him face first on the floor!

Dave Dymond: Corazon just hit Del Carver with Original Sin!

Other Guy: Finally!

Corazon quickly grabs the spool of twill, while Tony Lorenzo begins his count.


Corazon looks frantically for something on the spool of rope.


Corazon continues hunting whatever it is down.



Corazon stomps on Carver’s forehead, as Carver lies motionless on his back, halting Tony Lorenzo’s count. Corazon drops beside Carver and has the end of the rope in his hands. He grabs Carver by the left wrist and wraps two full circles around the wrist, before grabbing the right wrist and starting to wrap the rope around Carver’s other wrist!

Dave Dymond: Corazon is trying to tie Carver’s hands together!

Other Guy: Brilliant!

Carver stirs and then starts to struggle suddenly as he realizes the situation and danger he is in. Corazon thrusts his elbow into the bridge of Carver’s nose, before mounting Carver and continuing to wrap the rope around both wrists, frantically now.

Dave Dymond: Corazon is trying to make Del Carver defenseless!

Other Guy: And how is that a crime? The rules of the match are simply to stop the other from getting to a position where the referee believes he can continue, usually the knees! If he can’t use his hands, it will be very hard for him to get to his knees!

Corazon quickly pulls some excess rope from the spool and fashions a makeshift knot around the wrists! Carver continues to struggle as Corazon gets to his feet, smiling evilly. Carver struggles to get to his side! Corazon finds the chair Carver dragged from under the ring. Carver manages to rock himself to his knees, but Corazon turns and whips the chair with sudden velocity into Carver’s face, dropping him to the floor!

Dave Dymond: Good God! Did you see how hard Corazon swung that chair?!

Other Guy: Corazon is trying to win a match by knock out, that is the nature of the beast, Dave. Why do you have such a big problem with that?

Corazon stands over Carver and swings the chair down hard across Carver’s ribs! Corazon continues to slam the chair down over Carver’s ribs and abdomen before turning and spotting the lead pipe! Corazon bends and grabs the pipe, while holding the legs of the chair by his left hand. He swings the pipe down on the crossbars of the legs of the chairs, driving the chair down into Carver’s abdomen as if he were hammering a spike into the ground!

Dave Dymond: Jesus! He’s not trying to win, OG, he’s trying to damage Carver’s internal organs! There’s no doubt in my mind!

Other Guy: And if Del Carver’s organs are beat up, how can he fight through to stand up? Again, that’s just the name of the game.

Corazon continues to slam the pipe down onto the chair, driving it into Carver repeatedly until Carver coughs and spasms suddenly, spitting out a long, thick stream of blood! Blood sputters out of Carver’s mouth in gruesome chunks, and Corazon tosses the pipe to the side, carelessly. Corazon grabs the chair by the other set of legs and starts hammering down onto Carver’s chest and abdomen several more times before backing off and snapping the chair out as if to sit on it.

Dave Dymond: Corazon has got to be letting Tony Lorenzo count now, because I’m certain Del Carver won’t be getting up!

Other Guy: I think there’s a good chance he might be doin’ that, now that he’s proven his point, Dave.

Before Lorenzo can begin to count, however, Corazon grabs Carver by the rope around his wrists and forcefully pulls him to his feet. Corazon grabs Carver by his bloodstained chin and jumps over the chair, driving Carver down face first, unable to use his hands to defend himself from the steel chair, across the chair, collapsing it in the process!

Dave Dymond: Corazon just nailed Del Carver with his own Diamond Cutter!

Other Guy: On the chair!

Tony Lorenzo begins to count, as Corazon gets to his feet.




Corazon lifts up the skirting of the ring, as Del Carver remains motionless.


Corazon grabs a chair from under the ring.


Corazon approaches Carver, slowly.


Corazon turns suddenly and swings, smashing the chair into Tony Lorenzo’s face! Lorenzo collapses to the floor unceremoniously, as Corazon turns back toward Carver.

Dave Dymond: What the hell?! Corazon had this won, all he had to do was sit back and enjoy it!

Other Guy: I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little confused by this myself.

Corazon starts smashing the chair down across Carver’s body, repeatedly and seemingly with no concern on where it hits as Carver convulses with every blow! The fans begin to boo loudly and they start to throw garbage at Corazon, one cup full of liquid pelts Corazon in the back, and Corazon stops momentarily to turn and face the offender! Corazon turns and starts insulting a fan five rows back, and security moves in to stop an altercation, while a man in a striped shirt runs down the ramp and moves toward Samantha Coil!

Dave Dymond: Scott Kamura has run down, and he’s…what’s he telling Samantha Coil?!

Other Guy: I don’t know Dave? Maybe he’s telling her that he’s the official in charge now?

Samantha Coil continue to talk, as Corazon turns back to Del Carver and starts smashing the chair down across Carver’s body again! Suddenly the bell sounds, and a sort of unfamiliar voice comes over the speakers.

Scott Kamura: Corazon, stop it right now! By order of Jason Johnson, this match is being ruled as a no contest, due to excessive force and your unwarranted assault upon the official assigned to this match!

The fans begin to boo the decision, though considerably less vocal than they were when Corazon was swinging the chair into Carver’s body.

Scott Kamura: Furthermore, as a result of the no contest, you, Corazon, are still the Iron Fist Champion! BUT! If you do not make your way to the back, right now, you will be stripped of the title by order of Jason Johnson, and you will be suspended indefinitely, without pay!

Corazon stares, almost hatefully, at Scott Kamura and drops the chair, carelessly on Carver’s body.  Carver, while seemingly unconscious, is starting to stir almost instinctively.  “Inhuman” hits the PA, as Corazon goes and grabs his Iron Fist Championship while staring straight into the eyes of Scott Kamura.  He looks back towards the ring, and at Carver who’s still struggling to move, but is also to his knees at the same time.  Corazon smirks, chuckles, and then walks past the ring towards the ramp, when a familiar voice catches him off guard. 

“Hey…  Corazon…  Hey…  CHAMP.”

Corazon turns around with HUGE eyes, as Del Carver is on his knees with mic in hand.  He coughs and some blood comes up, but he turns and looks right at the Iron Fist Champion, with bruises and welts starting to form all over his body.

“Yeah…  YOU…”

Dave Dymond:  I think it’s astonishing that Carver’s even breathing, much less talking.

Other Guy:  He’s a man possessed, Dymond.  Nothing more to it than that.

“You and me…  Corazon…  we’re…  NOT…  FINISHED.”

The crowd goes fucking BALLISTIC at that last phrase, but Del Carver collapses back to the canvas as EMTs come out to help escort him from the ring.  Corazon is absolutely astonished by Carver’s declaration as his eyes are simply, huge.  He eventually makes his way to the back, as we fade to backstage.


We cut quickly to the office of none other than SHOOT Project CEO Jason Johnson.  He sits at his desk, right after watching the carnage unfold before him.

Jason Johnson:  I’d just like to apologize for that no contest ruling there, but when you get to a point where the officials are getting hurt just so you can get in some extra damage…  it’s time to call a stop to that sort of thing.  Corazon will be fined for his attack on Tony Lorenzo, and it’ll be a quantity that will hurt him, no doubt about that.  He’s lucky to still be holding the Iron Fist Championship right now, as far as I’m concerned.  With that in mind, I feel like we’re in need of a change here in the SHOOT Project, and that’s what I’ve taken this screen time for.  To discuss change.

Moving a stack of papers from the side of his desk, he holds them up, allowing you to see the promotional image for Revolution.  He places it on his desk once more, before continuing.

Jason Johnson:   Now, before I get too involved with this, let me just say that we’re due for some change here in the SHOOT Project.  I’m not talking about just any kind of change.  This will be nothing more than a HUGE opportunity for some of you, and will also put some of you at a huge disadvantage.  I’m announcing a new, one time only style to Revolution.  So far, the working name for it we have is this:  Revolution:  Championship Edition.

He pauses to let that sink in, knowing that there’s not much reaction just yet.

Jason Johnson:   What that means is this:  On the next Revolution, EVERY Championship present and active in the SHOOT Project will be up for grabs.  That means any title from the World Heavyweight Championship, to the Iron Fist Championship, to the Laws of Survival Championship, to the Revolution Championship, will be defended.  No questions asked.  The reason there’s going to be a change, and why this is as innovative as it is, is that the people contesting for those titles?  They’ll have had limited to no involvement with those champions.  So, for example, here’s a teaser.  As you know, Kilgore Stochansky defeated Benjamin Biggs for the Laws of Survival Championship just a few minutes ago.

He pauses.

Jason Johnson:   At Revolution, Stochansky will be defending against none other than Jacob Delacory and Kaz Sato.  Every title match will be contested in such a way to change up the scene, if only for one night, a bit. So, when I mentioned to Worrens earlier tonight that he’d have to defend his belt soon?  Rest assured that on Revolution, you WILL be seeing a World title match.  You WILL be seeing an Iron Fist Championship match.  You WILL be seeing a Revolution Championship match.  And that…  my dear and loyal SHOOT Project fans, is Revolution:  Championship Edition.  Now then, I’m gonna get off your screen and let you get back to what you wanna see.  People beating the hell out of each other!

Back to the announcers table…

Dave Dymond:   What a BOMBSHELL by Jason Johnson!  He’s not kidding about wanting to change things up!  We could have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT title holders after Revolution next week!

Other Guy:   Boss man definitely knows how to get some shit done.  I’d heard he wanted to do this for awhile, but could never figure out a way to really work it in.  After a pay per view seems to be perfect, to me.  But I mean, I don’t wanna give the chief too much credit…  you KNOW Other Guy was involved in the creation of that whole thing, right?

Dave Dymond:   Sure dude.  I know you were.  I’m sure everyone saw it and was like, “Hey, I bet Other Guy came up with that shit, that’s awesome!  Way to go Other Guy!”

Other Guy:   You just keep frontin’, man.  Some day you’ll recognize my genius.  Don’t you worry about it.


The arena goes dim as the cameras all aim up to the barbed wire cage at the top of the arena, as the strobe lights aim directly at the frightening structure.

Dave Dymond:  So it’s come to this…what promises to be the final and bloody end to the ongoing war between Jester Smiles and Donovan King!

Other Guy::  It was, at first, a simple contest over the Revolution Championship.  Over the several months they’ve been at one another’s throats…this has become…man…a bona-fide war.

Dave Dymond:  Before we get underway, OG…tell ‘em what the No Escape Match is all about!

Other Guy::  Certainly, Dave.

The cameras show the cage up above the ring.

Other Guy::  The No Escape Match is, you know, relatively a cage match.  I say relatively because the door is welded completely shut.  Once that cage is lowered, no one can get in and no one can get out.  That’s it.  That’s all.  At the very top of that cage, to keep the two men in, there is a lining of full fledged barbed wire.

Dave Dymond:  My goodness.  I hope those two know what they’re getting themselves into.  Now…let’s take a look back…at Jester Smiles versus Donovan King.

The camera takes one final look at the barbed wire cage before going to a black screen where a strange beat resembling a heart beat echoes.  The beat picks up after a few long moments before the voice of Mos Def is heard.  The first image is of Jester Smiles grinning from ear to ear as we see Donovan King glare at Jester furiously, shaking with anger.  The second image belongs to Jester Smiles running down to hug the fans on the first edition of Revolution.

I uh…I against I

Flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind

The next image is of Donovan King glaring dead at Jester Smiles in the ring as he comes down the ramp.

Two of a kind but one won’t survive

My images reflect in the enemy’s eye and his images reflect in mine the same time

King and Jester glare at one another in the first four way.

I uh I uh…I against I

Flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind

Two of a kind but one won’t survive

Jester winning the Revolution Championship is seen next, followed up with him spraying King with green slime.

Right here is where the end gon’ start at

Conflict, contact, combat

King standing over Jester’s body clutching the dreaded pipe is shown next.

Fighters stand where the land is marked at

Settle the dispute about who the livest

Jester is then shown getting his revenge, charging King with a battle axe.

Three word answer

Whoever.  Survive.  This.

King is shown standing at the entrance of the arena holding the dreaded pipe and chain in his hands.

Only one of us can ride forever

So you and I can’t ride together

Can’t live or can’t die together

All we can do is collide together

The shot of King leapfrogging Harmston and nailing Jester with the top rope curb stomp to end the first one on one meeting between the two of them is shown next.

I uh…I against I

Flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind

King is shown parading the bloody Revolution Championship high over his head.

Two of a kind but one won’t survive

My images reflect in the enemy’s eye and his images reflect in mine the same time

Jester is shown bandaged, then quickly showing him attacking Harmston in their match up.

I uh I uh…I against I

Flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind

King is shown wrapping the chain around Jester’s face and locking in the Queen City Crossface, Jester broken and bloody.

Two of a kind but one won’t survive


Jester’s voice is overheard as he is shown staggering away from his defeat at Uprising.

Jester Smiles:  This hatred…I’ve never felt it before.  There’s a time to joke…there’s a time to fight.

Donovan King is shown being infuriated by Jester’s wit in one of their frequent verbal sparring sessions.

Donovan King:  I am a devil…dat ain’t no nickname.  Y’all finna learn the full extent uh my evil.

The next shot is the two men glaring at one another in their rematch on Revolution.

Reign supreme in yo’ U-N-I-V-E-R-S-E wit’ the sharpness

King is shown prompting the no contest ending for the rematch, further frustrating Jester.

Narrow row building no space for partners

No space for drivers, no space for walkers

The next shot is Jester having to handle King berating him as the guest referee of his match against Killian Reilly.

No space regardless

You’re on my path then get off it

Hardheaded and unresponsive

King glares at Jester as he has to count the successful pinfall over Killian Reilly which secured Jester’s rematch for the Revolution Championship.

Get their lives put on target wit’ harshness

Come wit’ the cannons sparkin’ they’re darken

King is shown snatching Ainsley Lake from behind, cupping his hand over her mouth.

Who am I?  One man squadron

Jester is shown going right after King in their ladder match.

I’mma stir the fire this time that’d snatch your tomorrow

The thousand yard spear that’ll pierce through yo’ armor

You can get it on right now if you want to

Jester is shown handcuffed to the top rope.

But when ya front nine get marched through, I warned you

You know who forever belong to

A shot of Jester Smiles is shown holding the Revolution Championship on the first Revolution is shown, split with a shot of Donovan King holding the Revolution Championship on the last Revolution.

I uh…I against I

Flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind

King points to the monitor and allows Jester to see Lake bound and gagged.

Two of a kind but one won’t survive

My images reflect in the enemy’s eye and his images reflect in mine the same time

The screen fades to black on King staring at Jester and Jester back at King.

I uh I uh…I against I

Flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind

Two of a kind but one won’t survive

A shot of King grinning at Jester, who is furious and determined, shaking with anger is shown as Jester’s voice is overheard.

Jester Smiles:  No hope.


A shot of Jester Smiles holding the Revolution Championship is shown once again.

Donovan King:  No chance.


A shot of Donovan King holding the bloody Revolution Championship is shown.

Jester Smiles:  No mercy.


Donovan King:  No escape.

Jester Smiles:  No escape.

A shot of the ring is shown again, this time with the cage slowly being lowered as officials are ready to fasten it to the ring itself.  King and Jester’s voices are heard consistently overlapping one another.

Donovan King:  No escape.

Jester Smiles:  No escape!


The fans are popping as the song ends with a final, grim shot of the barbed wire at the top of the cage.

Dave Dymond:  This promises to be literal Hell on Earth, OG!

Other Guy::  No doubt about it, Dave!  I can’t wait to see who will finally win this war!

The familiar opening to Three Dog Night’s “The Show Must Go On” bring the fans to their feet in excitement and anticipation until the sounds of the chipper Jester Smiles theme song is suddenly warped into the somewhat darker and far more sinister Dimmu Borgir’s “Kings of the Carnival Creation”.  The fans don’t really know what to make of it as Jester Smiles steps out and stares them all down.

Dave Dymond:  Jesus Christ.  Look at the look on Jester’s face.

Other Guy::  He looks…I don’t know, dude.  Like he turned to the dark side of the force or something.

Jester walks down the entrance ramp and looks up at the cage.  He inhales deeply and then enters the ring, finally looking to the fans and accepting their cheers.

Dave Dymond:  Donovan King has turned everything good and caring in Jester Smiles into a dark and disturbing individual, OG.

Other Guy::  I gotta agree.  Jester Smiles will never be the same, no matter the outcome here tonight.

As Dimmu Borgir dies down, the fans, Jester Smiles, Samantha Coil, and everything else in the arena are bathed in darkness.  There is, suddenly, a bell gong resonating in the arena, bringing the fans to boo slightly.  The gong echoes for a long moment before the words of the immortal Tupac Shakur are heard.

Makaveli in this…Killuminati…all through yo’ body…

The blows like a twelve gauge shotty…uh…FEEL ME!

Dave Dymond:  Donovan King is definitely out to make an impression out here tonight…and he’s also trying to get in the head of one Jester Smiles.

And God said he should send his one begotten son to lead the wild into the ways of the man

FOLLOW ME!  Eat my flesh, flesh of my flesh!

Other Guy::  Dude, this song is freaking me out.

Come with me…HAIL MARY!

Run quick see…what do we have here now…

Do you wanna ride or die?  La dadadada da da da

“Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac explodes over the PA system as a single image is shown on the SHOOT-Tron consistently.  A single golden crown, only to have it flash images of a frightened Ainsley Lake, prompting further boos from the fans in attendance.  Standing at the entrance, glaring dead at Jester Smiles is Revolution Champion Donovan King.

Other Guy::  And there he is.

King walks down the entrance ramp, glaring at Jester, clutching his Revolution Championship to his chest.  As he walks to the ring, he hands the belt over to Willie Dean, who hands the belt to time keeper Mark Kendrick.  King enters the ring and stands in his corner, while Jester stays in his, though you can see both men want out of their corners.

Samantha Coil:  The following is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a NO ESCAPE MATCH!

The cage is lowered as King begins to pace the whole side of the ring he’s on like a panther stalking his prey while Jester merely glares at him.

Samantha Coil:  This match is for the Revolution Championship and has a one hour time limit!  Introducing first…from Richmond, Virginia…he is the former Revolution Champion…weighing in at 245 pounds…he is…JESTER…SMIIIIIIIILES!

The fans pop BIG as Jester glares at his opponent since SHOOT opened, his hated rival.  The cage is completely lowered now, with only Jester Smiles, Donovan King, and Willie Dean in the ring.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…weighing in at 245 pounds…hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…he is the CURRENT Revolution Champion…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIING!!

King continues to pace on his side of the ring as the camera cuts over to the Revolution Championship on the announcer’s table.

Other Guy::  You know…since he wiped the blood off, this is a really beautiful title.

Dave Dymond:  King may have defended the title successfully…but parading with this title with Jester’s own caked up dry blood on the face plate makes me sick.

Willie Dean looks to the both of them and does not bother to check them for any sort of weaponry, as this is an anything goes match up.  He points to the two of them and then over to Mark Kendrick, who rings the bell and the match is on!

 Dave Dymond:  This is the match both of these men have been waiting for!

Other Guy::  There’s no chance of going out of the ring here tonight for these two…it’s literally no escape!

Donovan King and Jester Smiles glare at one another for a long moment, despite the fact that referee Willie Dean has called for them to begin.  King still seems to be pacing, but Jester is merely starting to tremble with anger.  The fans’ anticipation is growing to a fever pitch until suddenly Jester EXPLODES out of his corner and SPEARS King down to the mat!  The fans erupt as Jester pummels King with rights and lefts, only to get up onto his feet and kick King again and again and again as the fans are eating it up!  Jester backs off of King long enough to turn back around and pick King up off of the mat, whip him to the ropes and back body drop King HIGH over his head into the cage wall!

Dave Dymond:  Jester wasting no time in sending King flying through the air!

Other Guy::  One thing Jester promised was that he was a wholly different beast than the last time King faced him, and I don’t know if Donovan has it in him to handle what Jester may be giving him!

Jester grabs King by the head and begins to GRIND King’s head into the steel cage’s wall!  Jester continues to grind King into the cage wall, only to pull King off of the wall and RAM him back into it!  King is staggered as Jester grabs him again and points to the second wall!  The fans ERUPT as Jester SLINGS King into the second cage wall!  King staggers back and forth until Jester catches him one more time and points to the THIRD wall!  The fans cheer yet again and King is sent sailing headfirst into the THIRD wall!  The fans ERUPT as King staggers away from the cage and into the center of the ring and is about to fall, but Jester catches him again!  Jester looks at the fans and then to King


The fans ERUPT as King is thrown HARD into the FOURTH cage wall!  King’s head snaps back off of the wall of the cage and he staggers to the center of the ring for a long moment, a small bit of blood on his forehead, and he does a Ric Flair flop in the center of the ring!  Jester bounces off of the ropes and NAILS him with a kneedrop to the back of the head!  However, Jester immediately braces King’s neck with his knee and WRENCHES on King’s head!  King lets out a howl of pain as Jester picks him back up, but King hits Jester with a low blow!  Jester bends over in agony as the fans boo loudly for King’s great equalizer!

Other Guy::  It’s all legal here tonight!

Dave Dymond:  I’ll be damned!

King clutches his forearm, trying to shake off what appears to be some sort of pain as he picks Jester up, but Jester EXPLODES and nails a HARD back hand to King’s face, sending King reeling into the ropes!

Dave Dymond:  How did Jester come back from that low blow so fast?!

Other Guy::  Balls of steel, Dymond!  Jester Smiles has balls of steel!

Jester bounces King off of the ropes and hits him with a hip toss INTO the cage wall again!  King crumbles to the mat but Jester picks him right back up and measures him…and NAILS him with a devastating spinning heel kick!  The fans are LOVING it as Jester Smiles has dominated King early on here in this match!  Jester looks to the fans, who are cheering loudly for him, and then turns to King, who is pulling himself up by the ropes.  King looks at the cage and then looks at referee Willie Dean and orders Willie to have them raise the cage!

Dave Dymond:  What is King thinking?!

Dean tells King he can’t do that, but King refuses to listen to reason!  King has had enough of this match already!  Jester glares at King, and King flips Jester off!  The fans boo as King jumps up onto the cage wall and starts to climb!

Other Guy::  I guess King forgot the name of this match is No Escape!

Dave Dymond:  Something tells me Jester Smiles is about to remind him right about now!

Jester clubs King’s back and positions himself by placing his head between King’s legs…AND POWERBOMBS KING OFF OF THE CAGE WALL TO THE MAT BELOW.  The fans pop BIG as Jester picks King’s legs back up and NAILS a leg drop onto King’s genitals!  The fans are eating this up as King bellows in pain!  Jester stands up and glares back down at King.

Dave Dymond:  I know Jester Smiles said he’d be a different man in this match…but I can’t believe how brutal he’s become!

Other Guy::  Donovan King created a monster that I don’t think he’s ready to handle, Dave!  King’s not been able to do a damn thing to counter the shit Jester’s thrown at him, and it’s obvious Jester’s not about the win here tonight!

Dave Dymond:  He said it himself, OG, he doesn’t give a damn about the belt, about the win, about the fans, about anything!  Jester Smiles is out for blood tonight, and only Donovan King’s blood will do!

Jester walks over to one of the turnbuckles and begins to unlace the padding!  He pulls it completely off and throws it over the top of the cage and it lands in the front row of the fans, bringing more cheers from the fans.  He goes over to King and picks him up slowly, but King NAILS him with a desperation DDT!  The fans boo as King rolls away to catch his breath.  After a long moment, though, King pulls himself up and checks on the small bit of blood on his forehead.

Dave Dymond:  King managed to nail that DDT on Jester and he may have found his footing here!

King looks over to the corner where Jester exposed the turnbuckle, and King picks Jester up and IMMEDIATELY RAMS Jester’s head into the turnbuckle!  Jester staggers, but King is right there and slides to the mat and hits a drop toe hold on Jester, RAMMING Jester’s head right back into the turnbuckle!  Jester’s forehead is starting to bleed from the two hard connects with the turnbuckle, and King picks Jester up, only to hook him up with a vertical suplex…NO!  BRAINBUSTER!  King NAILS a brainbuster on Jester!  King sits up to look out at the angry fans as he turns around and drapes himself over Jester and referee Willie Dean is there!




Dave Dymond:  It’s gonna take more than that to keep Jester Smiles down!

King sprawls over Jester and starts to punch his long time rival in the face repeatedly.  He picks Jester up and whips him to the ropes, only to catch him with a DEVASTATING spinebuster!  He sprawls back over Jester and hooks the leg!  Willie Dean’s there!




King slaps the mat in frustration as he picks Jester back up and rams Jester’s face into the steel cage wall!  He bounces off of the opposing ropes and NAILS a STIFF AS FUCK Penalty Kick!

Other Guy::  Shades of…uh…

Dave Dymond:  You don’t even have a clue who does the Penalty Kick in Japan, do you?

Other Guy::  Like, half those Puro guys, right?

King hooks Jester’s leg and Willie Dean makes the count yet again!




Donovan King:  MOTHER FUCKER!

King grabs Jester’s face and starts to jam his thumbs into Jester’s eyes!  The fans boo loudly as Jester flails with King on top of him!

Dave Dymond:  Jesus Christ!

King stands up and puts the boots to Jester’s head after gouging at his eyes with his thumbs.  The fans show their displeasure as King picks Jester back up, hooks him in for an Exploder suplex, and CONNECTS with what he calls the Killswitch Suplex!  Jester collapses to the mat in a heap of flesh and bone, and King rolls him completely over to his back and goes for the pinfall with Willie Dean there to make the count!




The fans let out a collective OOOH that Jester powered out of the Killswitch, and King glares down at Jester, shaking his head.

Dave Dymond:  When is King gonna learn that he’s gonna have to put his best out there twice over if he’s got any hope of beating Jester Smiles?  Jester hasn’t backed down from anything King’s got and he’s still got fight left in him yet!

Other Guy::  Donovan King, you can see it in his eyes, has a little bit of fear for Jester Smiles!  He’s already tried to escape once, and it looks like that may be in his plans yet again!

King drags Jester’s face over to the steel cage wall and starts to grind Jester’s face into it!  He keeps hoping for blood and he finally gets just a little bit from Jester’s forehead!  King grins from ear to ear having caused some of Jester’s blood in exchange for his own!  He drags Jester to the center of the ring, runs to the ropes and leaps up to the middle rope and bounces off with a Lionsault!  It connects straight on and King goes for the pinfall with Willie Dean there!




Jester kicks out with authority from that one as King is immediately up and connects with a snap leg drop and sprawls over for another pinfall attempt!



KICK OUT!  King gets up and gets in Willie Dean’s face, complaining that the count was too slow!  The fans are jeering King as he slaps his hand thrice to show Dean how it’s done but Willie Dean will hear none of that!  He pokes King in the chest with authority and King immediately cowers back as the fans POP for Willie Dean!

Dave Dymond:  You just don’t fuck with a SHOOT Project referee!

Dean glares at King for a long moment before King shakes his head and goes back over to Jester, picking the clown up and whipping him to the ropes.  Jester gets caught on the return with an arm drag takedown and…QUEEN CITY CROSSFACE!!!

Dave Dymond:  This could be over, OG!

Other Guy::  King’s rarely locked in this hold, but if he’s trying to tear at Jester’s spirit, making the clown tap out may be his best shot!

King arches back HARD as Jester calls out in pain and agony!  Willie Dean is right there to ask Jester if he’s ready to quit, but Jester screams out NO!  The fans pop as Jester’s arm reaches out for a rope that he’s just nowhere near!

Other Guy::  That won’t matter, Jester!  No Escape!  Tap out!  Submit!  Give up!  It’s over, Prime!

Dave Dymond:  …Prime?

Jester reaches for the ropes one more time and King pulls back even harder!  The fans are hating this as Jester starts to rock back and forth!  King is holding the move in as tight as he can get it, but Jester is still trying to roll through!  Suddenly, Jester rolls King completely over, but King keeps the hold on!  Jester is STILL far from the ropes!  Willie Dean slides into Jester’s face and asks him again if he wants to quit, but Jester refuses to give it up here and now!  Jester reaches out one more time…and the camera focuses in on his face and he does not look like he’s got much left in his tank!  King arches back even more, as far as he can go, and Jester’s hand drops to the mat!

Dave Dymond:  Is that it?!  Has Jester Smiles finally been broken by Donovan King?!

Other Guy::  Oh…oh say it ain’t so…blah blah blah.  KO!  SUBMITTED!  CALL IT, WILLIE D!

Willie Dean looks down at the faded Jester Smiles and he picks Jester’s hand up and drops it down.


He looks at King, who is grinning from ear to ear.  He turns back to Jester and picks the hand up once again.


Dave Dymond:  Damn it.

Willie Dean picks Jester’s hand up one more time and goes to drop it…BUT JESTER FLIPS WILLIE DEAN OFF!  THE FANS ERUPT.





KING RELEASES THE HOLD AND KICKS OUT!!  King scrambles to his feet and he is met with a HARD Virginia Sidekick from Jester STRAIGHT to his eyebrow!  The blood is almost immediately as his eyebrow is split wide open and blood is GUSHING from King’s face!  King staggers against the ropes and rubs his face, staring at Jester who is on the mat trying to catch his breath from the painful Crossface.  King looks down at his fingertips and sees them drenched in blood, and then looks at the mat where he sees his blood dripping.  He drops to his knees and collapses!  Both men are down!!

Dave Dymond:  Jester Smiles has made Donovan King bleed!  The Revolution Champion is bleeding like a stuck pig!

Other Guy::  That is unfair!  That is bullshit!

Dave Dymond:  I call it like I see it, OG, and King is getting what’s coming to him!

Willie Dean stands over the two of them and begins to make the mandatory count!


Jester pulls himself up by tucking his knees underneath him.


Jester crawls slowly over to King, barely able to move.


Jester rolls King over and drapes one arm over him and Willie Dean makes the count!



THRE—KICK OUT!!  The fans POP as King thrusts his shoulder up for all to see!  Jester lies beside King as the fans are loving this!  Jester slowly pulls himself up and drags himself to his feet.  He picks King up and suddenly King hits him with a right!  Jester hits King with a HARD right!  King with a right!  Jester with a right!  The fans boo!  They cheer!  They boo!  They cheer!  Suddenly, King’s right is blocked and Jester hits ANOTHER right!  Another!  Another!  Another!  The fans are eating it up as Jester goes to whip King into the ropes, but holds onto King’s arm!  He suddenly wrenches King’s arm behind him, grapevines the leg, and NAILS the snap DDT!


Suddenly, Alexander Harmston charges down to the ring and LEAPS onto the cage, screaming at Jester!  Jester turns around and plants his boot down AND NAILS HARMSTON WITH A DROP KICK!!!  Harmston is sent FLYING from the cage!


Harmston picks himself up and shakes the cobwebs loose and immediately starts back up the cage!  Jester sprawls over King and Willie Dean is telling Harmston to get down!  Jester looks up as the fans count!  Jester doesn’t even wait for the referee to make the mistake of not counting his possible victory pinfall and he turns to see Harmston yet again!  Harmston starts to talk his trash to Smiles, BUT OUT FROM THE BACK EMERGES AINSLEY LAKE!!


Without warning, she LEAPS up ONTO Harmston’s back!  She slides her arm over Harmston’s neck and suddenly Harmston throws high into the air none other than Donovan King’s chain!!  Harmston frantically tries to keep a hold of the side of the cage, but the weight of Ainsley Lake DRAGS HARMSTON DOWN INTO AN INVERTED DDT OFF OF THE SIDE OF THE CAGE!!!  THE FANS ARE POPPING HUGE!!!

Dave Dymond:  I know I saw King’s chain somewhere…where is it?!

Other Guy::  Aw, damn it!

The fans are STILL loving it as Jester Smiles bends down…and picks up King’s chain!  The fans continue to mark out as Smiles looks over at all of the fans, and a grin crosses his face!  King is starting to pull himself up and he spots Jester coming over to him!  King does the only thing he knows to do…and he NAILS a low blow on Jester!  The fans boo as Jester…stands there?!  The fans POP as King hits ANOTHER low blow and Jester grabs King by his head with the chain wrapped around his other hand!

Dave Dymond:  Oh damn!  How is Jester shrugging off all of these low blows?!

Jester NAILS King in the face with his own chain and the fans pop yet again! 

Dave Dymond:  This man is BRUTAL, OG!  I NEVER thought I’d see such brutal behavior from Jester Smiles!

King’s blood splatters against Jester’s chained fist and the mat below as Jester slides his hand into his tights…and pulls out a cup!


Jester holds the athletic cup up for all to see and points to the bloody King, who is squirming on the mat, trying to get up!  Jester stands behind King and hooks him in a sleeper!  But not just any sleeper…oh no…HE GRINDS HIS CUP INTO KING’S FACE!!

Dave Dymond:  HA HA HA HA!!!  I bet that tastes just like your college days, huh, OG!!

Other Guy::  SHUT UP!  First it was ONLY experimenting and secondly…with King bleeding all over the place, that CAN’T be healthy!

King cries out in disgust and embarrassment as Jester throws the cup over the top of the cage and into the crowd!

Other Guy::  I can’t believe somebody out there is taking a guy’s dick guard home as a souvenir.  My God.  Only in SHOOT, Dave.  And it’s bloody, too!

Dave Dymond:  A bloody dick guard, eh, OG?  Must be JUST like your college days then—

Other Guy::  SHUT.  UP.

Dave Dymond:  Ainsley Lake is clapping at ringside, getting the fans even more riled up as Jester is looking to put the finishing touches on Donovan King!  Meanwhile, EMTs are helping Harmston get to the back, and he is OUT of here!  It doesn’t look like King is going to have any more help here tonight!

Other Guy::  God damn it!  Donovan King’s quote unquote mentor ruined this for him!  Ainsley is out here now…she has taken Harmston out and King is not only outnumbered, he’s bloodied and bruised!

Jester picks King up and suddenly puts King over his shoulders!  The fans pop BIG as Jester sets him up for the Side Splitter!  Suddenly, King counters!  Crucifix!  Willie Dean is there for the pinfall count!




Jester scrambles to his feet and goes for a lariat that King ducks, Jester is spun around, King gets Jester up on HIS shoulders!  He spins Jester over for the KTFO…BUT JESTER COUNTERS INTO AN INVERTED DDT!!!  JESTER GOES FOR THE PIN AND WILLIE DEAN IS THERE!!




NO!!!  NO!!!  NO!!!  KING KICKED OUT!!!  KING KICKS OUT!!  Jester lies on his back in shock as the bloodied Donovan King has kicked out of the inverted DDT!

Other Guy::  What a champion!  Donovan King has taken it ALL from Jester and is STILL fighting!

Jester rubs his own bloodied face in disbelief and is breathing heavily until he turns and looks at Ainsley at ringside, who is cheering him on.  He looks back at King with determination and pulls himself up!  He picks King up KING GETS JESTER ON HIS SHOULDERS!!!  KTFO!!!  KTFO!!!  JESTER GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!  King is OUT right beside Jester!

Dave Dymond:  King must have been acting on instinct!  He was out on his feet and NAILED Jester with the KTFO!  My GOD!

Willie Dean is there with the count!


Other Guy::  AMAZING.


Ainsley is slamming her fists on the cage to get Jester to stir!  King rolls over to his stomach!


King drags himself up to the other side of the ring!


Other Guy::  What is King doing?!

King picks himself up by using the ring ropes and Willie Dean calls for the match to continue!  King, however, starts to try to climb UP the cage!

Dave Dymond:  Oh man, is King trying to escape…again?!

King tries to pull himself up the cage as Jester is slowly starting to come to on the other side of the ring.  King looks over to Jester and walks over to Jester, sliding Jester into the center of the ring.  King looks at Lake and spits blood at her.  The fans boo as King yells at her.


Dave Dymond:  What?!  Jester Smiles and Ainsley Lake are friends, they are not in a relationship!

Other Guy::  He’s mocking them, Dave.

King drags Jester over to the corner and picks the Clown up, draping his arms across the ropes to keep him held up.  He then lifts Jester up to the top rope and slowly pulls himself up there as well!

Dave Dymond:  Oh no…no this can’t be good!


Other Guy: & Dave Dymond:  OH MY GOD!!

King springs back up, obviously working off of a second or even third wind and pops up to the corner and starts to scale the cage!  He climbs up to the top of the cage and starts to pull at some of the barbed wire!

Dave Dymond:  What is King thinking now?

King suddenly manages to get a portion of the barbed wire pulled off the top of the cage!  The fans are marking OUT as King drops the piece of barbed wire down to the mat below!  He hops down to the mat and stands over the fallen Jester, who is clutching his own bloody head in agony.  King slowly grins from ear to ear as he picks up his chain and wraps his fist up in it…and then he takes the barbed wire…and wraps his OTHER fist in it!

Other Guy::  Oh.  My.  GOD.

King stands over Jester and sneers as he pins Jester down to the mat and straddles his body, holding his chain-wrapped fist and his barbed wire wrapped fist up for all to see…AND THEN STARTS TO WAIL AWAY AT JESTER’S FACE!!!  The fans are going NUTS as Jester’s face is being MANGLED!  Pieces of Jester’s face as sliced open from the barbed wire and what’s not bleeding is being bruised from the FURIOUS chain shots!!  King is grinning from ear to ear as his OWN blood is dripping down onto Jester’s bloody face and body!  King unwraps the barbed wire from his one hand to reveal that hand is now a bloody mangled mess itself!  He cradles it in agony as he drops the chain as well!  Jester is barely there at all as he is a completely bloody mess!

Dave Dymond:  My God…that is sick.

Other Guy::  Remember that scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton tears up Jared Leto’s face?  Yeah…this is making that look like an episode of Veggie Tales, dude.  Jesus.

King stands there and looks at all the fans in attendance and holds his arms out to soak in their bonafide hatred.  He turns to Lake with a glare as she is screaming for Jester to get up or move, begging for him to be okay.  She looks nearly ready to cry as King slowly walks over to her.  She freezes up, staring up at the bloody King, who stares back at her with a look of evil in his eye.  He merely stands there and she slowly backs away from the cage, looking truly frightened at King as he stares her down and away from the cage itself.

Dave Dymond:  That man is a truly sick and deranged individual.  Jesus Christ, I just hope Jester’s okay.

King looks at Jester and stands over him, smirking.  King drops down to one knee and holds Jester’s bloody head with his good hand.  He seems to almost be…petting Jester’s bloody forehead?  He kneels down slowly and the camera zooms in on King and Jester’s face as King begins to speak to him in a normal tone of voice that the house mics pick up.

Donovan King:  Don’t worry, Eric…I’mma take reeeeeeeeal good care uh Ainsley, man.  Real good care.

King grins as the fans boo even more!  He puts one boot on Jester’s broken body and orders Willie Dean to make the count for him!

Dave Dymond:  This HAS to be academic…Jester is broken down and bloodied.  It’s over.


Other Guy::  He put up a good effort, but he can’t fuck with the King!


Dave Dymond:  I just hope security can get out here and keep King away from Ainsley, because Jester–KICK OUT!!!  JESTER SMILES HAS KICKED OUT!!!

The fans are ERUPTING yet again as King staggers against the ropes in disbelief as Jester has KICKED OUT.  King walks over to Jester and picks him up, but Jester pushes King off!  The fans are in disbelief as well as Jester BEGS KING TO FIGHT HIM!!  JESTER IS BEGGING DONOVAN KING TO COME AND TRY TO FINISH HIM OFF!!!  King’s eyes are full of what can only be considered pure fright as Jester is bloody, disgusting, and ridiculously torn up, but STILL coming for him!

Dave Dymond:  There is NO ESCAPE!  King has had enough!

King immediately jumps onto the cage wall and starts to climb!  The fans are popping as Jester is RIGHT behind him!  King makes it to the section without any barbed wire on it and tries to get away…but Jester is right there and is holding onto his foot!  Jester climbs up to face him and the two men are up at the TOP of the cage trading rights with King’s bloody hand and Jester’s free hand!  The fans are eating it up as King pulls himself to the top of the cage and Jester is right there with him!  Both men straddle the top of the cage and battle back and forth with rights and lefts!

Dave Dymond:  I’ve never seen such hatred!  King is trying to get away from Jester, but Jester will NOT back down!  He will NOT let King get away!



Donovan King is NOT stirring in the ring below as Willie Dean looks up to Jester and motions for him to come down!  Dean makes the universal “X” signal for the EMTs to come down to ringside.  The fans seem to be quieting down as King is NOT moving.  Jester situates himself at the top of the cage and suddenly…HE STANDS UP, BALANCING HIMSELF ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE!

Other Guy::  Jesus Christ no.  NO!!

Jester keeps his arms out, balancing himself, he looks back at King and Willie Dean is BEGGING Jester not to do it…BUT JESTER LEAPS OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE WITH A MOONSAULT!!  THE FLASHBULBS FROM THE CAMERAS IN THE ARENA GO OFF LIKE GLITTER IN THE SUN AS JESTER CONNECTS WITH A TOP CAGE MOONSAULT ONTO DONOVAN KING WHO WAS LAYING ON A STEEL CHAIN AND BARBED WIRE!!!  THE FANS ARE CHANTING “HOLY SHIT” ALL OVER AGAIN AS JESTER BARELY HAS THE ENERGY TO HOOK THE LEG!!  Dean does not want to make the count as he sees King barely even BREATHING…but Jester glares a HATEFUL glare at him…and Willie Dean makes the count!


Dave Dymond:  Oh.  My.  GOD.  I can’t believe Jester Smiles DID that!


Other Guy::  The EMTs are FORCING the personnel to lift this cage up!





No music yet, as Ainsley Lake slides underneath the cage that is slowly being lifted with Jester’s Revolution Championship in her grasp!

Other Guy::  My God I can’t believe it!  These two almost went as long as the Iron Man Match scheduled next!  King is barely breathing, though…and the EMTs are trying to get him out of that ring as fast as possible!

Ainsley picks Jester up to his knees and looks him in the eyes.  Jester looks at her and slowly smiles.

Jester Smiles:  I…got…him.  He…got…got…

Smiles smiles as Lake starts to laugh through her tears!  The fans are cheering loudly as EMTs begin to strap the bloody and battered Donovan King to a stretcher, obviously trying to get him out of there fast.  One EMT is shown peeling portions of King’s skin apart to remove the deeply embedded barbed wire as the EMTs carry King back to the back.

Dave Dymond:  I hope we’ll have an update for Donovan King’s condition as soon as possible but…my God…Jester Smiles and he just went through HELL in this first ever No Escape Match!

Other Guy::  I’d be scared to see another one of these matches, Dave.  No way can I call something this harrowing again.  No fucking way.

Ainsley picks Jester up and embraces him, and the fans ERUPT yet again!  “The Show Must Go On” by Three Dog Night plays finally as Jester hugs her hard right back!

Dave Dymond:  Jester may have lost his soul…he may have lost years off of his life…and he may have even lost a bit of his mind…but he didn’t lose this war!  Jester Smiles is your NEW two-time Revolution Champion…and he did it at the cost of Donovan King…maybe even Donovan King’s very career!

Other Guy::  I can’t…I really can’t believe that Jester was willing to DO that to King, Dave.  King took that devastatingly sick fall off the mat, his head snapped like his neck was broken or something…and Jester STILL hit him with that devastating cage top moonsault!

Ainsley hops up to the turnbuckle, clapping for her close friend as Jester Smiles finally stands in the center of the ring and holds the belt up high for all to see!  The fans pop BIG as Jester holds the belt up and turns to the next side of the ring, holding the title up for all to see!

Dave Dymond:  There’s your NEW Revolution Champion, SHOOT Project…Jester Smiles!

Jester holds the title up to the next side of the ring and then turns to see Lake clapping for him at the corner.  He smiles at her…AND SHE LEAPS OFF OF THE CORNER AND CONNECTS WITH THE HIGHER SIDE OF LOW!!!  The fans do not even hesitate to boo their ASSES off as she stands there over Jester, who is NOT moving.


Other Guy::  She took Jester out!

Dave Dymond:  That man just went through HELL for her, OG!  He was fighting for himself AND for her honor!  He…oh my GOD!

Lake stands there over Jester’s body for a long moment as trash begins to be thrown into the ring.  Slowly, however, she lets out a cutesy smirk before picking up Jester’s Revolution Championship.  She stares at it and then to Jester’s brutally beaten face and lets out a look of sickening disgust.  She drapes the Revolution Championship OVER Jester’s face and mocks him like she is going to be sick from looking at him.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t BELIEVE this!

Other Guy::  Believe it, Dave!  I think Jester may have won the battle…but whatever happened between Ainsley Lake and Donovan King…well…man…it looks like Jester’s war is FAR from over!

Dave Dymond:  But…but he beat Donovan King!  He is the new Revolution Champion!  Give him his damn moment, Ainsley, you terrible woman!

Other Guy::  I LOVE IT!  Apparently not only does Jester Smiles defeat the Revolution Champion Donovan King to BECOME Revolution Champion again…but he also gains himself his NEXT challenger all in one night!

Dave Dymond:  WHY did Ainsley Lake attack Jester Smiles after all they’ve been through?!  Is she in cahoots with Donovan King now?!  Is King’s career over with?!  Is King with Ron Barker now?!  Is she and King an…item?!

Other Guy::  Whoa whoa whoa!  Relax, Dave!  I know Jester has all these questions and more…and so do these fans but, my man…we gotta wait until Revolution for the answers!

Lake leaves Jester lying in the ring as EMTs scramble to help him.  She leaves the arena finally as EMTs surround Jester Smiles.

Dave Dymond:  Whatever the hell is going on…we will DEFINITELY be looking for answers on the next edition of Revolution!  Jester Smiles may not have gotten his complete happy ending…but I damn well hope that Cade Sydal can against Ron Barker tonight in an INSANE Iron Man Match and it’s our main event…and it’s NEXT!


For a moment Animosity fades to black. And immediately after “High Wire Escape Artist” by Boysetsfire picks up.

“Bleed out all empathy.”

A black and white slow moving shot of Cade Sydal walking to the ring.

“this vessel has no spirit left to hold on…”

His head is down; solemn.

“to lies I’ve lived in full”

A heavy guitar rift kicks in and a wipe reveals Ron Barker now, a sinister smirk on his face as he taunts Cade Sydal in the ring. Sydal says nothing, muscles tight though with anger.  This shot wipes then to Barker taking Sydal down with a powerful black hole slam; Perfection!

“How long can I hold tight… with every movement”

Next seen, is Sydal being laid to waste by the insane sumo… Hantakira!

“Tension binds and denies… my true nature”

A SNAP step up enzeguri from Sydal to Barker launches the song into its chorus.

“The balance has shifted warped sick and twisted

Grabbing at angels when I fall”

A second time we see Barker taking Sydal with his signature version of the black hole slam, with Sydal hitting the mat on the word fall.

“Because I am more than this idol endless recital

For all my demons to applaud”

Sydal is seen being arrested, with Barker smiling along with Ainsley Lake.

“I am free”

The quick guitar interlude plays background a quick burst montage of Barker and Sydal battling it out in an on the spot encounter.

“Hide myself from it all”

While every fear is Screaming night into dawn…”

Another guitar interlude shows another rapid-fire montage that leads right into the chorus yet again.

“Until I find”

This time we see Sydal getting the best of Barker, flying at him with revenge in his eyes!

“The balance has shifted warped sick and twisted

Grabbing at angels when I fall”

We see another step up enzeguri, with Barker hitting the mat on the word fall, replayed multiple times in a row.

“Because I am more than this idol endless recital

For all my demons to applaud”

Sydal is smiling at Barker now, and judging by Barker’s reaction he’s not happy in the slightest.

“I am free”


“I have to believe them (lies)

In order to attain fulfillment”


“I have to succumb to (lies)

All my inner fears that tear at me”


“I will never believe them (lies)

I’m sick of the weakness that controls me-now that I’ve fallen-I will not repent”


The chorus kicks in one last time, and as it plays we once again witness the anger of Sydal and Barker in physical form.

“The balance has shifted warped sick and twisted

Grabbing at angels when I fall

Because I am more than this idol endless recital

For all my demons to applaud”

The clips of Barker and Sydal’s encounters fade out, leaving us with a black screen.

“I am free”

The noise of static that the song ends with gives way to a voice.

“Animosity is what drives them… The Iron Man Match will settle the score.”


Samantha Coil: The following contest is the Main Event and is to be contested under No Disqualification, Iron Man Rules! With a time limit of 60 minutes!

The fans buzz with excitement, still riding the highs and lows of the rest of the event.

Dave Dymond: And now we have our main event, OG! I couldn’t be any more excited either, because this is sure to be a fantastic match-up!

Other Guy: It might not be pretty, but it definitely will be intense, I’ll give you that, Dave.

I’m the one natural one, make it easy

The opening sounds of Folk Implosions’ “Natural One” starts up and the fans begin to boo loudly, as Ron Barker steps through the curtain with a sneer on his face.

We can take it inside

where I can love how I like if I want it

whatever keeps me high

Ron Barker starts his slow walk down the ramp, doing his best to ignore the jeers and insults being hurled at him.

Yeah, we can take it

good and loose on an endless spree

good because we made it

and when momma’s not around

there’s no telling what we’ll do when we’re free

Ron Barker makes it to the bottom of the ramp and starts for the stairs, slowly stepping up them, clearly in no hurry.

I’m the one natural one, make it easy

we can take it inside

Barker wipes his feet on the apron and steps through the ropes calmly, his arms spread wide as Samantha Coil backs away from him into a corner.

I can have it cause I act like I love it

it’s a matter of pride

Ron Barker ascends to the middle rope in the center of the ropes, not in any corner, his left hand holding the top rope as his left foot rests on the bottom rope, one arm held up high.

Yeah, we can take it

good excuse for an endless spree

good because we made it

and if the world is falling down,

it may as well crash with me

Barker steps off of the ropes and backs up to the center of the ring as the music slowly fades out.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 260 pounds! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada! He is “Ravishing” RON BARKER!

The fans continue to boo as the music finally dies down.

Dave Dymond: These fans are definitely not behind Ron Barker tonight, and I for one can’t blame tem! He is a despicable human being, and he deserves every ounce of pain he’s going to get tonight, I firmly believe!

Other Guy: Calm down, Dave. You’re gonna stroke out. Ron Barker isn’t that bad, he does whatever it takes to get his message across.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar guitar and drum beat start up.

When I drop you

I’m gonna stomp you!

Pick you up again

And drop you!

When you’re down again

I’m gonna stomp you!


And when I stomp you

That’ll be the end of you~

That’ll be it!

That’ll be the end of you

Time to jump ship!

Because I’m a psycho

When I’m crazy!

And if you don’t

Then you’re gonna get hit!

Everybody DOWN!

Everybody DOWN!

I’m comin’ around, comin’ around

Comin’ around!

Everybody DOWN!

Everybody DOWN!

I need every single person

Right now on the GROUND!

Cade Sydal steps through the curtain as the fans explode into cheers while “Everybody Down” by nonpoint continues to invade the airwaves! Cade paces the stage, wearing a white hoodie with a zipper down the middle, with a blue dragon swirling around it. He stares angrily down at Ron Barker as he continues to pace the stage.

Dave Dymond: Listen to these people! They are definitely supporting Cade Sydal tonight!

Other Guy: Man, I don’t know about this…he looks really pissed off…

Cade continues to pace, soaking in the cheers, Samantha Coil decides to go ahead and do the introduction.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 179 pounds! From Southport, North Carolina! He is CAAAADE SYYYYDAL!

Samantha Coil gets out of the ring as the cheers continue to rise in volume and “Everybody Down” nears its end.

Dave Dymond: The tension is thick, and these two men aren’t even in the same ring yet!

Other Guy: I know you like the kid, so I’m tellin’ you Dave, he needs to get his emotions in check or he’s gonna get hurt tonight.

Cade stops pacing at the top of the ramp and unzips the hoodie and lets it slip off his arms to the floor of the stage. Cade sprints dead-on down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope. Cade gets to his feet quickly, and continues his dead sprint at Ron Barker, and Barker lunges his right foot upward! Cade ducks under the big boot attempt and grabs the top rope as he throws his feet through the ropes! Cade twists to swing his feet onto the apron and he springboards to the top rope and off immediately! Barker turns just as Cade rotates off the springboard with a spinning wheel kick, crashing into Barker’s face, and Barker is down!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is starting things off in full gear! He isn’t pacing himself one-bit!

Other Guy:That’s not a good sign for him, ‘cause he might run out of gas a lot quicker if he keeps this runnin’ around shit up!

Barker scrambles to his feet, and Cade meets him with forearms! Chops and forearms interchanging back Barker up to the ropes. Cade gives Barker several more shots, as Barker leans against the top rope. Cade rushes to the opposite ropes and rebounds, building up speed charging right for Barker! Barker ducks his shoulders at the last second and launches cade over the top rope! Cade grabs the top rope and swings himself to land on the apron, he grabs the back of Ron’s head and drops to a seated spot on the apron, snapping the back of Ron’s neck off the top rope! Ron snaps forward and lands face first on the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Cade is not allowing Barker to get out of the blocks!

Other Guy: There’s still plenty of time for Ron to let Cade wear himself out, then strike. Just sayin’, Dave.

Cade nods his head to the cheering fans. Cade slingshots over the top rope and lands with his foot planted firmly on the back of Ron’s head! Cade rolls Barker over and hooks a leg for an early cover!



Ron kicks out!

3:56, 0-0

Cade pulls Barker up to his feet and tries to whip him to the turnbuckle, but Ron reverses at the last second! Barker immediately follows and drives his boot into Cade’s face with a running Yakuza kick in the corner! Barker grabs Cade’s wrist and pulls Cade out of the corner into his arms and spins through with a huge spinebuster!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker has taken control over this match now after a really shaky four minutes!

Other Guy: And there’s the cover, Dave!




Cade kicks out!

5:02, 0-0

Ron slides out of the ring, shaking his head. He reaches under the ring skirting and pulls out a black steel chair! Ron slides back into the ring, holding the chair, as Cade is pushing himself to his feet! Barker swings at Cade’s head, but Cade ducks under and as he straightens up he kicks his right foot upward and brings them down on Ron’s wriss, making him drop the chair!

Dave Dymond: Cade just avoided having his head caved in, and got rid of the chair!

Other Guy: That’s probably the best thing for him right now, Dave, because if Ron starts swinging for the fences now, Cade might be concussed early on.

Cade kicks the chair out of the ring and then kicks his right shin across Ron’s chest for good measure! Cade hits the ropes, and Barker ducks his head for a back body drop, but Cade leaps up and lands with his feet on the back of Ron’s shoulders as he’s bent over! Barker shoots his body straight up to try and launch Cade off, but Cade jumps vertical instead of being catapulted, and lands with his legs around Barker’s head and snaps back with an excellent hurricanrana that spills Ron Barker through the ropes to the outside!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is definitely relying on his speed, agility, and ring awareness to keep himself a step ahead of Ron Barker!

Other Guy: How long can that last, though, Dave?

Cade runs to the ropes as Barker is getting to his feet, and Cade runs full speed at Barker! Cade dives head first through the ropes for a suicide dive, but Ron Barker managed to grab the chair and throws it directly into Cade’s diving head, and Cade crashes to the canvas in a heap as the fans groan, sympathetically.

Dave Dymond: I think Ron Barker just answered that question for you, OG! Good GOD!

Other Guy: That was definitely a vile fuckin’ shot, Dave. That shit hurt me…over here.

Ron opens the chair up and sets it up as if he were going to sit in it. He forcefully pulls Cade to his feet and Scott Kamura pleads with him to get it back in the ring. Barker sneers at the official and turns to stand beside Cade. Barker pulls Cade up and spins, before driving Cade’s back down across the back of the chair, Cade’s left foot dangles off the seat!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker just used that chair to deliver a dangerous backbreaker!

Other Guy: …that’s it right there, first fall of this thing!

Cade writhes on the arena floor in pain, and Barker yanks him back up to his feet and rolls him into the ring, forcefully. Barker follows right into a relaxed lateral press!




Cade kicks out!

9:49, 0-0

Dave Dymond: Cade kicked out!

Other Guy: How?!

Barker grabs Cade by his wrist and pulls him to his feet. Barker starts punching Cade in the face! Barker winds up for a big punch, and Cade ducks it! Cade grabs Ron by the back of the head and drops to a knee with a stunning jawbreaker! Cade clutches his back as he straightns back up, grits his teeth, and hits the ropes! Ron catches him on the rebound for Perfection! Cade kicks his legs hard and swings his legs under Ron’s left arm and wiggles free, right into a wheelbarrow!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal countered Perfection with a casadora!

Cade springs upward and reaches his arm back to hook Ron’s head, but Ron turns his body and swings Cade around and drives him to the canvas with Perfection, driving Cade down hard on the back of his head, Ron grabs Cade’s left leg and keeps him folded like an accordion!

Other Guy: Perfection!




Scott Kamura signals for the bell!

11:10, 1-0 in favor of Ron Barker!

Ron Barker grins at the camera as fans start jeering, Barker slides out of the ring and grabs the chair on the outside. He tosses it over the top rope and slides into the ring behind it. Barker grabs the chair and sets it upright in the center of the ring. Barker pats the seat and points at it before pointing at Cade and dragging his thumb across his throat!

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure what Barker has in mind, but this cannot be good for Cade!

Other Guy: But its going to be real good for us to watch, heh!

Barker bends and pulls Cade to his feet. Barker whips Cade off the ropes and Cade runs past the chair, Ron rushes to meet Cade on the rebound and ducks for a back body drop! Ron launches Cade straight up!

Dave Dymond: Back body drop!

Other Guy: On the chair, haha!

Cade rotates through and lands sitting in the chair! Cade holds his lowe back and hops up to land with his feet on the chair, he backflips right as Barker turns around and drives his foot into Barker’s face with a Pelle Kick! Barker staggers and Cade pushes himself to his feet, holding his lower back. Cade runs off the ropes behind Barker and grabs him by the back of the head and throws himself into it, driving Barker’s face down into the chair with a bulldog! The chair collapses under the momentum and impact!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal with a back-flipping kick and bulldog! He’s still in this!

Other Guy: How?! His back is destroyed!

Cade holds his lower back, clenching his eyes tight. He slowly crawls to Barker and shoves him over onto his back! Cade grabs the back of both of Barker’s knees as Scott Kamura drops to make the cover!




Barker kicks out!

14:48, 1-0 in favor of Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has got to get a fall! All Ron Barker has to do to win is stay defensive!

Other Guy: That’s the advantage of being in the lead, especially when you’ve exploited your opponent’s known weakness, Dave. With Cade’s back like it is right now, its gonna take a lot for him to be able to keep Barker down, and that works in Ron’s favor.

Cade slowly rolls out of the ring, holding his lower back. He moves around to be directly in front of Dave Dymond and Other Guy before he lifts up the ring skirting. He reaches under and pulls out a slender stick.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has a kendo stick!

Other Guy: That’s no good. No good, at all.

Cade grins at the kendo stick as the fans cheer him on! Cade rolls under the bottom rope and twirls the weapon through his fingers expertly, while Ron Barker picks himself up off the canvas! Cade swings for Ron’s face, but Ron ducks! Ron starts lunging punches into Cade’s face and backs him to the ropes, even though Cade keeps a tight grip on the kendo stick with his right hand! Barker whips Cade off the ropes and ducks for a back body drop! Cade puts the brakes on and swings the stick down hard across the back of Barker’s head, and Barker falls to the canvas! The fans explode into cheers!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is going to light Ron Barker up and these fans here can’t be any happier!

Other Guy: Put the stick down Cade! Fight fair! Shit!

Cade roars to the crowd as Barker pushes up to a knee, holding the back of his head! Cade swings again, smacking Barker right in the face and Barker is down on his back! Cade drops the kendo stick, at least momentarily, as he drops to make the cover, hooking a leg!




Barker kicks out!

18:59, 1-0 in favor of Ron Barker!

Cade gets to his feet, holding his back and bends for the kendo stick again as Ron Barker fishes in the front of his tights!

Dave Dymond: How did Ron Barker kick out?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but the longer this continues, the more confident I am that Ron Barker will be getting a shut-out victory against Cade!

Cade grips the stick as Barker starts getting to his feet. Cade turns and swings, but barker ducks! Barker swings his fist into Cade’s lower back, with a pair of brass knuckles on his fist! Cade drops the stick and drops to a knee, holding his lower back in pain. Barker tucks the brass knuckles back into his tights, for safe keeping presumably, and grins down at Cade.

Dave Dymon d: Ron Barker just used the same brass knuckles he used several weeks ago on Cade’s lower back, again!

Other Guy: How do you know they’re the same? They might be a different pair…just sayin’.

Barker pulls Cade to his feet and whips him off the ropes and ducks his head way early for a back body drop, yet again! Cade turns at the last second and places the small of his back against Ron;s shoulder to backflip through the attempted back body drop, his arms out wide! But Barker swings his arms out and hooks them quickly with Cade’s arms, locking tight as he straightens up! Cade starts kicking his feet frantically, trying to get out of the bad spot he found himself in!

Dave Dymond: Cade went to counter the back body drop again, but this time Barker was prepared!

Other Guy: Vertabreaker! It’ll break your spine! Vertabreaker! Does the trick every time! Haha!

Barker spins and drops, dropping Cade on his head with, in fact, a Vertabreaker! Barker turns, rolling Cade over onto his back, with a lateral press.




The fans boo as Scott Kamura signals for another bell.

22:27, 2-0 in favor of Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: With a two-to-nothing lead, things are not looking good for Cade Sydal here tonight at Animosity, OG!

Other Guy: Cade is definitely eating a big heaping of humble pie. He made this challenge, and now he’s not even getting one victory in it!


Barker moves to pick up the kendo stick as Cade rolls to his belly, clutching the back of his neck and his lower back with each hand. Barker makes his way to Cade and swings mercilessly down at Cade’s lower back, smashing his fingers in the process! Cade yelps in pain, but Barker relentlessly strikes Cade in the lower spine with the stick, over and over again! Barker throws the stick out of the ring and forcefully pulls Cade to his feet by the back of his shorts and his shoulder.

Dave Dymond: Barker is certainly having his way with the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: When you outweigh a man by that much, its pretty easy to manhandle him, Dave.

Barker pulls Cade straight up and turns him, dropping him across his shoulder in a Torture Rack! Barker doesn’t spend time cranking the hold on, however, as his right hand moves to the back of Cade’s knees, and his left to the back of Cade’s head! Barker shoves Cade upward hard, and falls to his back, thrusting both knees up as Cade falls freely down across the knees with a sickening backbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Cade has been broken in half!

Other Guy: Dude, no joke!

Cade rolls off Barker’s knees, clutching his back, his face contorted in pain and agony. Barker rolls Cade onto his back and plants a foot on his chest for a relaxed cover.




Cade kicks out!

25:21, 2-0 in favor of Ron Barker!

Cade grits his teeth and clenches his fists as Barker digs in his tights, pulling forth the brass knuckles once more. Barker starts to push the knuckles down onto his fist, but Cade lurches forward and kicks Barker in the hand! A second kick and Barker drops the brass knuckles! Barker stops Cade short, however, with a back elbow to the side of the head that sends Cade stumbling to the ropes!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal avoided getting hit with the brass knuckles, but Ron Barker isn’t done with him yet!

Other Guy: Of course not, there’s still over thirty minutes in this match, Dave!

Barker sends Cade off the ropes and extends his arm for Perfection! He snatches Cade up and swings, but Cade kicks hard and back flips over Barker’s arm in mid-swing! Barker stops himself short of crashing into the canvas and Cade rolls over Barker’s back with a schoolboy!




Scott Kamura signals for a bell right before Ron Barker kicks out of the roll-up!

27:00, 2-1 in favor of Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: And just like that, Cade Sydal keeps his hopes of victory alive!

Other Guy: Its still going to be a helluva mountain for him to climb, Dave!

Barker swings a clothesline at Cade, and Cade ducks it and hits the ropes! Cade rebounds and catches Barker on the rebound with a flying head scissors, and turns at the last second with an arm drag that sends Barker out of the ring in a hurry! Cade pushes to his feet, holding his back. He rushes the ropes and builds up speed! Cade sails over the top rope as Barker turns around, Cade corkscrews through the air and careens into Barker so hard he lands on his feet! The fans go absolutely crazy!

Dave Dymond: Every chance Cade gets, he is amazing this crowd with his incredible athleticism!

Other Guy: No one is denying he’s athletic Dave, but is that helping him win? Is he pinning Ron Barker on the outside? No. The answer is a resounding no.

Cade holds his back as he backs into the guardrail. Fans pat him on the shoulders and the chest, encouraging him. Cade turns and slaps hands with a few of them and can be verbally heard asking what they want. The answer is simple.

WE WANT TABLES! *clap clap clapclapclap* WE WANT TABLES! *clap clap clapclapclap*!

Cade nods and turns, kicking Barker in the side of the head before making his way around the ring, Cade digs a table out from under the ring, getting a huge pop from the fans!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal hears them loud and clear, and he is going to deliver!

Other Guy: But at what cost? Is he going to seriously allow these people to dictate his actions like this? Is that how he’s going to win?

Cade slides the table under the bottom rope and follows. Cade grabs the legs of the table and sets it up, turning it over and patting it with dull thuds. Cade rolls out of the ring as Barker is picking himself up, and he gives Barker a few kicks to the back of the thigh. Cade rolls Barker into the ring. Cade sends several punches into Barker’s face, rolling him onto the table with each punch. Cade punches Ron a few more times before turning to the turnbuckle. The fans cheer him on!

Dave Dymond: Cade is going to put Barker through the table from the top!

Other Guy: Well, that’s what these fans want to see, but is it going to work?

Cade starts a slow climb up the turnbuckles, obviously still in pain from the abuse his back has taken so far in this match. Barker rolls off the table as Cade makes it to the top rope, and barker shoves Cade’s feet from behind, crotching him on the top rope!

Dave Dymond: That is NOT how Cade wanted that particular moment to end!

Other Guy: No sane guy would, Dave. None.

Barker slides out of the ring and pulls the ring skirting up. He reaches under and pulls out a narrow black metallic object. A tire iron. Barker climbs up onto the apron and shoves Cade’s face backward, swinging him down into a tree of woe! Barker steps through the ropes and suddenly drives the blunt end of the tire iron into Cade’s abdomen! Cade lurches upward and Barker catches him behind the head with his left hand. The right hand raises, holding the tire iron in the air, and he drives it down over Cade’s still-fresh spike wounds! He repeatedly stabs the sharper end into Cade’s spike wounds, reopening them, he releases Cade’s head and lets him drop down! The blood flows freely, and starts puddling on the canvas as Cade hangs upside down!

Dave Dymond: Cade is busted wide open again! He is bleeding everywhere!

Other Guy: He came into this match with fresh wounds. He had to expect them to be exploited, Dave, and shit I’m only surprised that it took this long for him to start bleeding tonight.

Barker grabs Cade by the back of his freshly bleeding head and sits him straight up on the turnbuckle. Barker drops the tire iron and ascends the turnbuckles behind Cade! Barker unhooks Cade’s leg and hoists him upward as he joins Cade on the top rope! Barker snaps backward and hurls Cade through the air with a German Suplex off the top rope! Through the table!

Dave Dymond: What the fuck?!

Other Guy: Holy shit! He just killed Cade Sydal!

Barker slowly picks himself up, while Cade lies in the broken table in a motionless heap on his chest. Barker slowly makes his way to Cade, the huge suplex having taken its toll on Barker as well. Barker drags Cade out of the heap of broken wood, carelessly, and turns him over for the cover!




Scott Kamura signals for the bell again as the fans boo loudly.

33:48, 3-1 in favor of Ron Barker!

Ron backs into the ropes, and uses the top rope to hold himself up, as the fans continue to boo.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Cade will be getting up at all! All Ron has to do is leave him alone and he’s probably got this thing won!

Other Guy: Its about time you realized that this match will be in Ron Barker’s favor, and only Ron Barker’s favor!

Scott Kamura gets most of the tables remains out of the ring as Ron Barker steps through the ropes. Barker makes his way to Samantha Coil and forces her out of her chair, rudely. Without closing it, he tosses the chair into the ring over the top rope, and the chair actually lands on Cade’s chest, and Barker chuckles to himself as Cade continues to lie motionless, with the blood rolling over both sides of his face.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is a bloody mess!

Other Guy: And Ron Barker is taking it easy, he is in no hurry to further expand the gap between their scores. He knows he’s got it made, and that’s all he needs.

Barker slowly gets back in the ring, grinning at Cade the entire time. Cade rolls over to his side, and Barker kicks him hard in the spine! Cade rolls to his chest with the force of the kick. Barker grabs the chair and sets it up in the ring as if to sit on it, much as he did before. Barker pulls Cade up to his feet, struggling to do so, as the blood oozes down in a long thick, disgusting strand to the canvas.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker is not having an easy time getting Cade to his feet, and I think you’re wrong OG, I think he wants to dish out some more punishment!

Other Guy: Maybe he does, and who are we to fault him for that? Do YOU want to get in there and stop him?

Barker levels Cade and aims a punch right at his face. Cade drops to a knee and Ron misses! Cade jumps up and snaps into action for a NINJAGUIRI! Barker ducks and Cade lands on his feet! Barker shoves Cade in the back toward the ropes! Cade rebounds and Barker extends his arm for Perfection, but Cade ducks under it and grabs the elbow with his right hand! Cade twists his body under Barker’s arm and steps around the chair as he hooks his left arm over Ron’s face!

Dave Dymond: Cade has Barker locked in for a Nightcap!

Other Guy: How is he still moving?!

Cade snaps his body under Barker’s and drives narrowly avoids having his back collide with the back of the chair! Barker’s body contorts and twists, and his face drives into the seat of the chair for the second time tonight! Barker bounces off the dented seat, clutching his face, as the fans cheer loudly! Cade grabs Barker by the shoulder and shoves him to the canvas on his back and hooks both legs!




Scott Kamura signals for the bell as the fans cheer!

39:53, 3-2 in favor of Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just got closer to tying the score with his variation of a spinning ace crusher, the Nightcap!

Other Guy: There is no way he has enough in his tank to keep that up for the next 20 minutes though, Dave!

Cade slowly pushes himself off of Ron Barker’s chest and turns to the side. He stops moving as he catches a glimpse of something. His right hand moves and picks up the object off of the canvas and raises it. The pair of brass knuckles! Cade pushes himself to his feet and slowly shoves the brass knuckles down over his fist. Cade then makes his way over to the corner, his face gushing blood still, he drops to a knee in the corner and picks up the long, slender, black tire iron.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal with very clearly bad intentions on his mind with those weapons that Ron Barker brought into the fray!

Other Guy: To be fair, Cade literally asked for this kind of brutality and mayhem.

Cade looks at Barker’s nearly motionless body, as Barker has now gotten himself to his chest. Cade stands straight up and leans against the turnbuckles as he pulls out the top of his right kickpad! Cade slides the tire iron down into his kickpad as Barker shoves himself up to his knees, and the camera finally catches a good glimpse of his face. Blood rolls down Barker’s forehead, down over his right cheek, and slowly drips off his chin to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: The Nightcap on the chair must have busted Ron Barker open! Both men are now wearing the proverbial crimson mask!

Other Guy: Things are definitely looking more grim for your boy, Sydal, though Dave. Barker’s is like a slow running faucet, while Cade’s is like a fuckin’ geyser with that shit.

Indeed, Cade leans heavily against the ropes, as the blood continues to pour down his body staining his face and parts of his chest. Barker pushes himself to his feet and turns toward Cade, who explodes out of the corner and swings a heavy right! Barker ducks under the punch and catches Cade under his arm and snaps backward with a sudden back suplex! Barker pushes to his feet and steps on Cade’s right wrist, forcing him to open his hand! Barker reaches down and grabs the brass knuckles and starts to put them on his hand when Cade suddenly snaps his right leg up, catching Barker in the face with the loaded kickpad! Barker collapses to a knee and drops the brass knuckles once again!

Dave Dymond: The tire iron inside Cade’s kickpad surely helped add some extra umph on that particular kick!

Other Guy: No kiddin’! Ron Barker was knocked silly!

Cade rolls to his side and gets to his feet. He snaps his right shin, and the tire iron hidden inside his kickpad, into Barker’s chest, driving Barker to the canvas gasping for air! Cade grabs Barker by the hair as the fans cheer him on, and sits Barker upright again before snapping a second kick, this time into the back of Barker’s shoulder blades! Barker drops to his face, unable to breathe properly, and thus unable to cry out in sheer agony.

Dave Dymond: Under fifteen minutes remain, and Cade Sydal needs to tie the score quickly before Ron Barker can claim victory!

Other Guy: But will that be enough, Dave? I mean even if Cade ties the score, who’s to say that Barker can’t take it back with time to spare at the end?

Barker starts pushing himself to his feet, as Cade backs up into the corner, propping himself up on the ropes. Barker makes it to his feet and Cade runs out of the corner furiously, but Barker ducks the running clothesline! Cade stops in his tracks and leaps up, turning in mid-leap, just as Barker turns around and catches Barker full on the side of the face with a NINJAGUIRI!

Dave Dymond: NINJAGUIRI! With the tire iron in his kickpad!

Other Guy: Shit! No! Fuck!

Cade pulls the tire iron out of his kickpad and rolls it out of the ring before dropping over Barker’s limp body and covering him!




Scott Kamura happily signals for the bell once again!

47:31, 3-3!

Dave Dymond: For the first time since the initial pinfall, this match is all tied up!

Other Guy: Fuck! I can’t believe that shit!

Cade slowly pushes to his feet as Ron Barker continues to lie there. Cade points at the ropes and swings his fingers through the air signaling as if he were going to go for a high risk maneuver, and the fans cheer him on loudly, still cheering from the NINJAGUIRI moments ago. Cade makes his way to the corner and steps through the ropes. He stares at Ron Barker before slowly pushing his way up to the top rope! Cade measures Barker and leaps off, flipping backward in a Shooting Star Press! Rather than rotating to his chest, he rotates fully through still high in the air and comes sailing to the canvas leading with his back, doing a 450 through a Shooting Star! But Ron Barker rolls under Cade and avoids contact at the last possible second and Cade meets nothing but the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal took flight and came crashing down!

Other Guy: And it took him so long to get there and get ready for the move that I’m not sure he can win this in the end now! All Barker has to do is pin him and then let time run out!




Barker pulls himself to his feet, the blood on his face pouring into his right eye, he sloppily wipes it away. He spits down at Cade, sneering at him. Cade, meanwhile, clutches his back in agony as the blood continues to drool out of his forehead and into his hair now. Barker kicks Cade hard in his spine! Cade arches his back, and Barker bends to pull Cade to his feet. Barker looks at the destroyed chair in the middle of the ring and hooks Cade with a front facelock, looking to suplex Cade on the chair!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker has something evil in mind!

Other Guy: He’s gonna break Cade’s back on that chair, Dave!

Barker snaps Cade up but before he can bring him crashing down Cade thrusts a knee into Barker’s face! A second knee and Cade turns the momentum as Barker does indeed fall to the canvas, landing on top of Barker, locking his left arm behind him with a Kimura Armbar!

Dave Dymond: This is the hold Cade locked OutKast in to win the World Heavyweight Title!

Other Guy: How the hell did he manage to get that locked on?!

Barker, whose arm had yet to be damaged, rolls to his side, and Cade releases the hold and quickly scrambles to his feet. Barker sweeps Cade’s leg and hooks both of Cade’s legs, grapevining them, as he turns into a Texas Cloverleaf, or rather he tries to as Cade manages to grab the bottom rope before being turned over! Cade reaches with his left, then his right hand, and grabs the middle rope! Both hands quickly go up and he grabs the top rope before Barker shoves Cade’s legs upward, and Cade backflips over the top rope and he almost spills to the outside! But Cade lands with both feet on the apron! Barker swings a punch at Cade, but Cade ducks and quickly kicks up, snapping his left foot into the back of Barker’s head! Barker hits the canvas, and Cade steps through the ropes quickly! Cade locks Barker from behind with a Dragon Sleeper, from the camel clutch position!

Dave Dymond: Cade has Ron in a Dragon Clutch!

Other Guy: And Barker is having blood squeezed out of his face by this hold, while his neck is being cranked back! This isn’t looking good for him!

Barker quickly slaps the canvas with his right hand repeatedly, and Scott Kamura signals for the bell as the fans explode into cheers!

53:41, 4-3 in favor of Cade Sydal!

Dave Dymond: He did it! All Cade has to do now is keep barker from scoring another victory and he’s won the main event of Animosity!

Other Guy: I think we both know his pride will get in the way and he’ll keep on going, looking for a way to further embarrass Ron Barker, and that could cost him, Dave!

Cade releases the hold and places his right foot on the back of Barker’s head! Cade drives his foot down, but Barker moves his head to the side and Cade stomps the canvas! Cade turns to Barker, but Barker trips Cade with both arms, taking him to the canvas. Barker grapevines Cade’s legs and quickly turns him over into a Texas Cloverleaf, planting his right knee in Cade’s back for added leverage!

Dave Dymond: With an even six minutes to go, Cade Sydal could be in trouble! You know his back must be killing him!

Other Guy: This is where the superb strategy of Ron barker comes into play! Cade’s back has pre-existing injuries, and he’s been exploiting that all night. Cade can’t possibly hold out for long in this hold!

Cade claws and claws, trying to make it to the ropes, but he can’t even manage to get Ron Barker to budge! Making no leeway, with the fans booing, Cade slaps his hand on the canvas three times and Scott Kamura signals for the bell again!

55:15, 4-4!

Barker releases the hold and leers down at Cade. He glances at the clock and the score, and a look of disgust covers his bloody face.

Dave Dymond: I think Ron Barker just realized that even if he lets the time run down, he hasn’t won yet! It’s a tied score!

Other Guy: And these last four minutes are going to be filled with both men trying to win, I’m sure! Neither of them want it to end in a draw, and neither wants the other to claim victory!

Barker pulls Cade to his feet and whips him off the ropes! Barker extends his arm for Perfection, but Cade ducks under the arm and hooks it, swinging himself into the inverted facelock, looking for a Nightcap! Barker turns and forearms Cade off and shoves Cade backward! Cade leaps up for a NINJAGUIRI! Barker ducks under it and Cade lands on his chest, eating the canvas!

Dave Dymond: This could be the opening Ron Barker needs!

Other Guy: He better hurry, there’s just over two minutes left!

Barker grabs Cade in a wheelbarrow and snaps him up as if to suplex him! Cade shoves upward and lands sitting on barker’s shoulders! Cade snaps backward with the PoisonRana, an inverted hurricanrana that sends Barker backflipping to the top of his head!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker has got to be knocked out after landing on his head like that!

Other Guy: But how much does Cade Sydal have left?!

Cade pushes to his feet as Barker rolls to his back, clutching his head. Cade moves through the ropes and climbs up the ropes! Cade measures Ron Barker and leaps off quickly, turning his Shooting Star 450 once again, this time driving his back into Ron Barker’s chest! Cade bounces off of Barker, clutching his back!

59:40, 4-4!

Cade grimaces in pain as the blood rolls off his face! He moves slowly toward Ron Barker!

59:47, 4-4!

Cade grabs Ron Barker’s right knee and pulls it back for the cover!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal hit the 469 2k8 and he could be winning this right here and now!

Other Guy: No way! There’s not enough time!

59:52, 4-4




Scot Kamura signals for the bell!

59:58, 5-4 in favor of Cade Sydal!

Cade starts to push to his feet as the buzzer sounds! Cade Sydal collapses onto his back as the fans explode into cheers! The fans continue cheering, at deafening levels, as Samantha Coil proudly proclaims the winner!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, with a score of FIVE to FOUR! CAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAL!

The fans continue to cheer as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning both run down the ramp! They slide under the bottom rope and check on Cade, as Scott Kamura raises his limp arm! Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite both help Cade Sydal to his feet as the fans in attendance raise out of their seats, clapping and cheering when “Everybody Down” by nonpoint starts back up for the second time tonight! FLASH and Kid Lightning both clap for Cade as Cade moves away from them and slowly climbs up to the second rope, raising both arms!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal did it! Tonight, Cade Sydal beat his demons, if only for one night, and he has proven that he is still a force to be reckoned with!

Other Guy: I can’t deny that he did prove me and a lot of other people wrong tonight. As much as I hate to say this, he deserves every bit of this standing ovation he’s getting here tonight.

Dave Dymond gets out of his chair and starts clapping, as Cade shakily makes his way to another corner and ascends to the middle rope and raises his arms! The SHOOT Project logo slowly fades in as the Pay-Per-View fades off the air!