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Arthur Pleasant

Name:Arthur Pleasant
Wrestling Style:Brawler/Hardcore
Date of Birth:10/30/1993
Country:USA (Utqiaġvik, AK)
Finisher Name:Calamity Pain
Finishing Move:Go 2 Sleep
Theme Music:"Seizure of Power" by Marilyn Manson (Link:
Signature 1:Provocation (Standing Shining Wizard; Eddie Edwards' Boston Knee Party)
Signature 2:Friends To The End (Back 2 Back Shining Wizards; Front/Back)
Signature 3:Insomnia (Pump-Handle Piledriver)
Signature 4:Land of Make Believe (Triple Rolling Brainbusters)
Bio:Arthur Pleasant spent his childhood in a small Alaskan town called Utqiaġvik (pronounced Oot-key-ag-vik”!), where the sun does not set for approximately a full month. What growing up in this environment did to Arthur Pleasant’s psyche is unknown, but rumor has it that Arthur spent a significant amount of time in various institutions and regularly seeks therapy. Beyond the age of 21, Arthur’s history is very much vague. All we know for sure, based on official documents for identification purposes, is that Arthur Pleasant is 27 years of age. We saw a glimpse of his wrestling style in Alpha Pro Wrestling where he showcased a penchant for knees, kicks, and various forms of kickboxing. He primarily focuses on the head with piledrivers and DDT's, in addition to his wicked strikes. His hardcore style hearkens back to the 90’s deathmatch style in Japan. Arthur has competed in some highly dangerous unsanctioned matches across the globe. Each horrific scar on his body tells a story, and if you be his friend maybe he'll be willing to share one.Will YOU be his friend?