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Ayumi Seppuku

Name:Ayumi "The Ronin Wraith" Seppuku
Wrestling Style:Strong Style
Date of Birth:July 16, 1984
Finisher Name:Ikiryƍ Seppuku
Finishing Move:Spin Kick / Reverse Roundhouse
Theme Music:"Thrash Unreal" by Against Me!
Signature 1:Wakigatame
Signature 2:Modified Jumping Knee Kick
Signature 3:Step-Up Enzuigiri
Signature 4:Kick Rush
Bio:After vanishing from SHOOT Project a decade ago, Ayumi Seppuku found her way back to Las Vegas and back into a new-look company with many of her former rivals now in corner suites. While she kept her profile low, initially looking for ways to weed out Yakuza influence within the company, she grew to find friends and acceptance - moreso than she ever had previously. Now that she can truly fight as herself - she is ready to once again make a run for the top prize in the company and be a role model for all those looking to take that big leap and live their truth.