Azraith DeMitri

Name:Azraith DeMitri
Wrestling Style:Strong Style Puro with American influences
Weight:265 lbs
Date of Birth:November 9th, 1978
Country:United States
Finisher Name:Extinction '20
Finishing Move:Double Underhook Spike Powerbomb variation
Theme Music:"Leather Teeth" by Carpenter Brut
Signature 1:Die Hand Des Gottes: Single-Hand Chokeslam Backbreaker
Signature 2:Heaven's Night: Stretch Muffler Hold
Signature 3:Here Comes the Arm: High Impact Lariat
Signature 4:Fire of Motion: Modified Emerald Fusion/Flowsion
Bio:He was born for this. He lives for this. He'll die for this. He's saved the day and brought it's destruction. He has a daughter. He had a championship. He has a monster hunting him. He has a beast inside of him. Just another day in the life of The Sandman. The Avatar. The Ghost. The King of King's Row. Azraith DeMitri.