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C.K. Butcher

Name:"Lord of the Flies" CK Butcher
Wrestling Style:Traditional Street Fighter, and Backwoods Brawler trained to be a Mat Tech and Suplex Machine
Weight:227 LBS
Date of Birth:01/16/1986
Country:US of A
Finisher Name:Meathook
Finishing Move:Double underhook powerbomb setup, opponent rests on CK's left shoulder, and is then taken violently to the canvas with a drop lariat to the throat.
Theme Music:"Drums of Drakkar" by Amoebacrew
Signature 1:"Spinegrinder" - Tiger Suplex *SETS UP FINISHER*
Signature 2:"Body Bag Bomb" - Kobashi Style Burning Hammer
Signature 3:"Elma's Revenge" - Texas Cloverleaf at an angle, heavily arching the opponent so that CKs left knee violently presses against the back of the opponents head and neck.
Signature 4:"Subjugation" - Rings of Saturn
Bio:C.K. Butcher took the SHOOT Project by surprise after showing up unexpectedly on May 31, 2020. Butcher, a native of Western North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountain region, had been highly scouted because of his athletic prowess and natural wrestling ability. An overwhelmingly talented catch wrestler, Butcher is also an above average mat technician with an irritating ability to cerebrally manipulate his opponent. He is also an extremely well spoken individual whose peculiar self-education bleeds into his vocabulary and speech. The leader of the Blue Ridge Butchers (with brothers Alden and Elvis Butcher), C.K. is also the 2020 SHOOT Project Redemption Rumble winner and current number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.