Cal Crawford

Name:Cal Crawford
Wrestling Style:Technical with brawling tendencies
Weight:220 pounds
Date of Birth:11/03/1985
Country:United States of America
Hometown:Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Finisher Name:Swing Vote
Finishing Move:Bladerunner
Theme Music:The Stars and Stripes Forever (
Signature 1:The Filibuster (Nagata Lock/modified figure four)
Signature 2:Southern Strategy (low blow variations)
Signature 3:Attack Ad (rolling elbow)
Signature 4:Blue Dog (Dudley Dawg)
Bio:Cal Crawford, at heart, is a politician. He comes to SHOOT Project with the sole goal of being the man (of the people). He travels with his manager (Chief of Staff) and a perpetual entourage of advisors, staff, and rotating interns. He is on an active campaign to be the champion and will utilize his unmatched oration skills, clever campaign ads, and a litany of focus groups to do just that. Vote Crawford.