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Dan Stein

Name:Dan Stein
Wrestling Style:Technical
Date of Birth:05/17/1987
Finisher Name:#Twitterbation
Finishing Move:Style's Clash
Theme Music:"The Touch" by Stan Bush
Signature 1:Rapid Hurricanrana
Signature 2:Oklahoma Stampede
Signature 3:Super Kick
Signature 4:Leg Lift Backdrop Hold
Bio:Dan Stein grew up on a farm in the outskirts of Cedar Rapids, IA, where he attended the Linn-Mar school district until high school, when he enrolled into a better school for his athletics (Xavier Catholic High School). Stein was an all-state swimmer in the winter for his school, which was the beginning of his lust for attention and stardom. Even while maintaining his school work and swimming, he still trained for professional wrestling in the afternoons. Dan Stein’s cousin is former SHOOT Project and OPW talent Cyrus O’Haire, which opened many doors for him, including his first gig in the Carolinas. Dave Dymond poached Stein out of high school and brought him to Outlaw Pro-Wrestling just before his graduation, at the tender age of 17 (he had lied and said he was 18 at the time). Debuting as Prototype-X, Stein immediately made an impact whilst feuding with Cade Sydal for the Atlantic Coast Championship, even beating the man in his second match in the company. From there, the world opened up for Dan Stein. Early in Stein’s SHOOT Project career, and other promotions in the meantime, Stein struggled to toe the tecnicos line which stunted his growth as a wrestler, but as Stein began to embrace his inner rudo, he went on to capture many different championships, including victories over several current EWA stars. Stein was at his peak with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship win over Donovan King in 2013, but quickly began to see his star fall. With SHOOT Project “under investigation”, Stein was believed to have been retired, but something has brought him back into the wrestling world. Just what that is remains to be seen.