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Salvation: Day 2

The scene opens to a lone chapel in the middle of an empty desert.  The building is decrepit, but there is obviously several people inside.  In front of the congregation to this church, where there are no more windows as they have all been shattered, the orange sun creeps in violently revealing the level of disgust the building is in…all led by a single preacher.  He is dressed in a tattered robe, and he stands at his pulpit, his eyes peering into each and every soul he sees. 

It was the Apostle Peter who said…in this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials… 

Suddenly, the orange gives way to black and white images, quick flashes of a bloody face: Jonas Coleman. 

…so that the tested genuineness of your faith…more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire…may be found to result in praise and glory… 

A quick flash now of Cade Sydal, grinning as he holds the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high. 

…so you rejoice… rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory…obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls. 

Another quick flash, this one of Stellar Insanity face to face with The Hierarchy.  The black and white comes back to the orange bathed sanctuary.  The preacher closes the Book, leather bound…the SHOOT Project Helmet on the front cover. 

Let us pray. 

His eyes close, and immediately the screen goes black, “The Fire” by The Roots and John Legend kicks in. 

Ohhhh, the fire, the fire 

A single shot of Donovan King, screaming to the heavens. 

Ohhhh, the fire, the fire 

VAS is up next, pushing the World Tag Team Championship belts in the camera before taking off running when suddenly The Bad Ass Brotherhood appears onscreen, chasing them off. 

There’s something in your heart

And it’s in your eyes

It’s the fire, inside you

Let it burn 

Ben Jackman looks down at his wrist as he tapes it up slowly, his jaw tight as he contemplates what’s drug him back into the battle.  His eyes drift up momentarily. 

You don’t say good luck

You say don’t give up

It’s the fire, inside you

Let it burn 

Thomas Manchester Black glares at the camera, doing nothing.  His fists are clenched tightly. 

Yeah, and if I’m ever at the crossroads

And start feeling mixed signals like Morse code 

Frontline II TURBO cross their arms, glaring at their partner, Crazy Boy, who is staring blankly up. 

My soul start to grow colder than the North Pole

I try to focus on the hole of where the torch goes 

Alex Brooks grins and waves to the camera, the Rule of Surrender Championship around his waist.  He keeps smiling as he points to the skies. 

In the tradition of these legendary sports pros

As far as I can see, I’ve made it to the threshold 

X-Calibur and Azrael Goeren smirk at the camera, their Russian Assassin Yuri behind them…wearing the Potato Sack of Shame. 

Lord knows I’ve waited for this a lifetime

And I’m an icon when I let my light shine 

Speaking of ICONS, Stellar Insanity appear, the first image of actual fighting seen as Stellar Insanity make their return in Germany, in the middle of the ring. 

Shine bright as an example of a champion

Taking the advantage, never copping out or cancelling 

Isaac Entragian is shown spearing Lennox Ferguson through barbed wire while we see Jaime Alejandro holding the Iron Fist Championship high above his head. 

Burn like a chariot, learn how to carry it

Maverick, always above and beyond average 

Ichiro Seppuku is seen briefly before we go back to Cade Sydal planting Azraith DeMitri and becoming World Champion for a second time. 

Fuel to the flame that I train with and travel with

Something in my eyes say I’m so close to having the prize 

Jonas Coleman is shown, taking repeated attacks from Akuma Satsui, shifting quickly to Dave Dymond begging off any assault from Coleman. 

I realize I’m supposed to reach for the skies

Never let somebody try to tell you otherwise 

Tanya Black is shown, hooking Jester Smiles’ leg violently as the referee counts to three for her Sin City Championship. 

There’s something in your heart

And it’s in your eyes

It’s the fire, inside you

Let it burn 

We see The Gunslingers now, marching down to the ring the night they defeated Sovereign. 

You don’t say good luck

You say don’t give up

It’s the fire, inside you

Let it burn 

Mike Dexter is defiantly glaring at his Laws of Survival Championship, a bloody smiley face drawn onto it. 

One love, one game, one desire

One flame, one bonfire, let it burn higher 

Kenji Yamada, Adrian Corazon, and Isaac Entragian grin evilly to the camera before they glance upwards. 

I never show signs of fatigue or turn tired

‘cause I’m the definition of tragedy turned triumph 

Donovan King is shown snapping off a Dealbreaker to Thomas Manchester Black, quickly interspersed with Black attacking King from behind. 

It’s David and Goliath, I made it to the eye of the storm

Feeling torn like they fed me to the lions 

Alex Brooks stands tall, having survived the Rule of Surrender Gauntlet only to see that his next challenger is none other than Kenji Yamada. 

Before my time start to wind down like the Mayans

I show ’em how I got the grind down like a science 

Cronos Diamante is shown, his eyes closed as he sits in silence, deep in meditative thought, plotting his next several moves not just in the ring, but in his life.  His head never tilts upward. 

It sounds like a riot on hush, it’s so quiet

The only thing I hear is my heart, I’m inspired 

Laura Seton stands tall in an empty ring, her eyes looking skyward to the heavens. 

By the challenge that I find myself standing eye to eye with

Then move like a wise warrior and not a coward 

Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden stand in the same empty ring, Buck on the turnbuckle motioning with his hands that the belts are coming home while Magnus holds his fist in the air. 

You can’t escape the history that you was meant to make

That’s why the highest victory is what I’m meant to take 

Ben Jackman finishes wrapping his wrists and he throws the tape to the side, picking himself up and walking out of the locker room. 

You came to celebrate, I came to cerebrate

I hate losing, I refuse to make the same mistake 

Cade Sydal is finally shown, the music dying off for a single moment, the SHOOT Project World Championship around his waist.  He laughs an evil mocking laugh at the camera. 

Ohhhh, the fire, the fire 

That same empty ring is now shown, the ropes ablaze. 

Ohhhh, the fire, the fire 

The Crimson Riot is shown briefly, next are the Gunslingers.  Jester Smiles sneers as he looks up.  Akuma Satsui gouges into his own forehead, blood beginning to drip…only to pour as Dave Dymond grins. 

Ohhhh, the fire inside you 

The Flying Avengers look around at the flames in front of them, in awe.  Thomas Manchester Black sits in the nosebleeds, the flames flickering in his eyes. 

The fire inside you

The fire inside you 

Rocky Stellar stands with his longtime friend and ally, Loco Martinez.  They see The Hierarchy of Azrael Goeren and X-Calibur glaring across the flames at them.  Kenji Yamada is shown, his eyes fixated on the flames licking across the Rule of Surrender Championship faceplate as it rests on Alex Brooks’ shoulder. 

The fire inside you 

A quick shot of Jonas Coleman, Buck Dresden, and Charles Brandon Magnus as they see Akuma Satsui and VAS through the flames.  A single final shot of Cade Sydal hugging his World Championship tightly as we finally see Ben Jackman enter the arena, the flames completely engulfing the ring now. 

The entire SHOOT Project is here now. 

Let it burn…



Eryk Masters: As we get ready for the opening bout of night 2 of Salvation, I’ve just been handed a memo.

Other Guy: Why did they give you the memo? I’m the host of this PPV. I’m a certified broadcast journalist.

Eryk Masters: They gave it to me because I’m actually nice to the production crew.

Other Guy: So you going to read it or spend the ten minutes of the pay per view talking about how much of a nice guy you are.

Eryk Masters: It says the teams for our opening match Crimson Riot and The Gunslingers have some sort of tribute planned tonight and will not be entering to their theme music.

Other Guy: That’s a boring memo. Let’s get this thing started.

Samantha Coil does not enter the ring, but stands next to it with her microphone. The lights go out and a white light fills just the ring with a red spotlight in center making a representation of the Japanese flag.

Samantha Coil: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first the team of Jacob Fisher and Stan Erichson, THE GUNSLINGERS!

No music plays and there is mostly silence though the announcmenet of The Gunslingers gets a few cheers form the fans. A moment later Stan Erichson and Jacob Fisher step out onto the entrance ramp, both our wearing Rising Sun Pro Wrestling t-shirts. Stan is carrying the Japanese flag while Jacob is carrying the British flag. Instead of walking down the ramp they step off to the side.

Samantha Coil: Their opponents, the brothers Garcia, Evan and Logan, CRIMSON RIOT!

Evan and Logan step out onto the top of the entrance ramp standing next to The Gunslingers. Evan is carrying the American flag while Logan is carrying the SHOOT Project banner. The four men walk down the ramp together holding the flags high. When they get to the ring one flag is placed in a holder attached to the ringpost at each corner of the ring. The two teams stand in the center of the ring and shake hands than Logan and Stan go to their corner. As the fans cheer the opening showing of solidarity amongst wrestlers form all nations and their fans..

Eryk Masters: In the wake of recent tragedies in Japan and other areas of the Pacific Crimson Riot and The Gunslingers have done away with their usual entrances to show unity in this time of crisis.

Other Guy: You will also notice that The Gunslingers are wearing Rising Sun Pro t-shirts, which is the dojo Jacob trained at and Stan taught at. The dojo was heavily damaged during last week’s earthquake and tsunami. Both Stan and Jacob are donating their paycheck from tonights show and any Gunslinger merchandise sales to help rebuild the dojo.

Eryk Masters: There’s a ton of respect between these two teams and we’ve seen it at Dominion and again tonight.

Other Guy: Respect only goes so far, you can bet Crimson Riot wants to avenge their loss.

In the ring the ref calls for the bell and the match is officially under way.

Jacob and Evan lock up in the center of the ring and Evan quickly sends Jacob into the ropes and leapfrogs over him when he rebounds. Evan rebounds off the other side and JAcob puts on the brakes and turns around right into a spinning back elbow from Evan. Evan grabs Jacobs arm and quickly hits a russian leg sweep and rolls with it into an armbar. Jacob tries to grab the bottom rope but can’t quite reach.

Other Guy: Fast paced opening minute and this thing could be over already . Jacob can’t reach the ropes he may tap out.

Eryk Masters: I don’t see the young gunslinger giving up yet.

Jacob tries to pull himself towards the ropes with his free arm, he is about to grab the bottom rope when Evan lets go of the submission and drags Jacob by the arm back to the center of the ring and delivers a leg drop to the injured arm.

Evan drags Jacob by the injured arm again this time to his corner as he tags in his brother Logan. Logan gets into the ring and takes the arm from Evan and jumps up and yanks down on the arm. Jacob grbas his shoulder with his free arm. Logan jumps up and yanks down on the arm again. Jacob lets out a small grunt of pain, but before Logan can yank the arm a third time he spins around on his back and sweeps Logan’s legs out from under him.

Eryk Masters: Crimson Riot has been focuing on the arm of Jacob Fisher. Fisher needs to make a tag.

Other Guy: What makes you think that, the fact aht he’s had his ass handed to him for the past five minutes, or that he can barely move that arm.

Jacob crawls towards his corner he reaches out to make a tag, but Logan grabs his foot and pulls him away at the last second. Jacob flips over and kicks Logan in the face. Jacob gets to his feet and uses his good arm to to deliver an elbow to Logan’s gut and follows it with a rocker dropper leg drop. Jacob gets up and heads to make a tag. Logan grabs his ankle but Jacob shakes it loose kicking away the hand and tagging in Stan.

Eryk Masters: Business is about to pick up.

Other Guy: Logan is to his feet and has time to tag out, but he’s just watching Stan get in the ring and motions for him to come and get it.

The two men lock up in the center of the ring and Logan gets the advantage lifting Stan up and slamming him to the mat. Stan holds his back but rolls up to his feet and grabs Logan whipping him into the ropes and runs and goes for the polish hammer but Logan drops to his back to avoid the blow. Stan pulls Logan up but gets an elbow to the gut. Logan whips Stan into the ropes and takes off in the other direction.

Eryk Masters: This has car wreck written all over it.

Stan and Logan both rebound off the ropes and deliver devestating lariats. Both men collapse to the mat with an arm across the others chest. The ref drops to make the count.




Samantha Coil: Your winner…

Samantha looks at the ref who shrugs not sure what to say as both men had the wind knocked out of them and had their shoulders pinned to the mat for the 3 count. The ref is about to signal a draw when Stan gets to his feet and whispers something to him. The ref looks surprised at first but turns back to Logan who is sgetting to his feet. Stan walks over to Jacob and says something, Jacob starts to say something back but Stan doesn’t give him the chance. Stan gets out of the ring and heads to the back as Jacob gets in the ring.

Other Guy: What the hell is going on? Did we get a draw via double pin? Stan has left ringside, but Jacob hasn’t.

The ref says something to Logan when he gets to his feet. Logan is confused, but nods. Logan turns to Evan and says something and Evan nods and gets into the ring as Logan exits the ring and also makes his way to the back.

Eryk Masters: Now Logan is going to the back leaving Evan in the ring with Jacob, is this match going to continue as a singles match.

The ref pokes his head out of the ring and says somethign to Samantha.

Samantha Coil: I’ve been informed that since Logan Garcia and Stan Erichson were both pinned, but didn’t wnat the amtch to end in a draw both teams have agreed to let this match continue as an impromptu elimiantion matches. Whoever wins between Jacon Fisher and Evan Garcia will win for their team.

The ref calls for the bell as Jacob and Evan once again circle each other.

Jacob goes for a collar elbow tie up but Evan side steps it and delivers a standing drop kick to the damaged shoulder of Jacob.

Eryk Masters: Evan again targeting that arm and shoulder.

Other Guy: He’d be an idiot not to. If you know you opponent has a weak spot and you don’t exploit it you deserve to lose.

The momentum from the dropkick pushing Jacob forward into the ropes and almost sends him over to the floor but Jacob is able to maintain his balance. He turns around and catches Evan who is rushing towards him with a boot to the face causing him to spin around. Jacob follows up with a bulldog driving Evan face first into the mat.

Eryk Masters: Jacob hit a solid bulldob, but he may have done a little damage to himself using the arm that Crimson Riot has been working over all match.

Other Guy: One has to think if Fisher will be able to pull off the Dr. Bomb he likes to use to finish opponents. It’s hard to lift a guy with one arm.

Almost as if hearing him Jacob sets Evan up for the Dr. Bomb he attempts to lift him up for the gutwrnech powerbomb, but he can feel the pain in his arm and decides not to risk it and instead delivers a piledriver and makes the cover.



kick out

Jacob looks at the ref who shows two fingers and shake shis head and pulls Evan up to his feet. He goes for a short arm clothesline but Evan ducks and jumps onto his back and locks in a sleeper time.

Eryk Masters: You can bet both Stan Erichson and Logan Garcia are watching intently in the back as this was scheduled to be a nromal tag match, but an audbile was called after that double pin.

Jacob fights the sleeper and walks backward trying to ram Evan into the turnbuckles, but Evan knows it’s coming and jumps back onto the middle turnbuckle. As Jacob turns around Evan dives off the turnbuckle witha crossbody block but Jacob catches him and spins him around and slams him into the mat in one fluid motion, using Evan’s momentum agaisnt him to make a devestating powerslam. Jacob hooks the leg and the ref drops to count.




Jacob rolls off of Evan and lays there for a moment before slowly getting to his feet.

Samantha Coil: Your winners, Jacob Fisher and Stan Erichson, THE GUNSLINGERS!

Jacob reaches down and helps Evan up to his feet as Stan and Logan return to the ring. Logan shakes Jacob’s hand and then helps Evan to the back. Stan raises Jacobs arm in victory, then the ref raises both of their arms in victory as the fans cheer. Stan points to all the flags on each ring post. Jacob removes the SHOOT Project banner and waves it as The Gunslingers make their way up the entrance ramp to the back.


Its day two and, even though he isn’t part of the show, Loco Martinez has decided to come around and take in his new surroundings.  He’s walking backstage in a light blue #35 Hamels shirzee, blue jeans, and black Nike’s.  He smiles and exchanges pleasantries with various crew members.  He walks past a door, and pauses.  The sign outside says "Seton".  Something weighs on his mind for a few moments, but he shakes his head "no", and goes to walk away. Takes two steps, and sighs.  He turns around and looks nervous as he knocks on the door.  

Laura:  How much time do I have?

Loco:   No idea.  Can I come in?

Laura:   I guess? *to herself* Why would anyone need to come–

The door opens and we see Laura in her mock basketball uniform wrestling attire.  She’s cut off and immediately jumps into a defensive stance as Loco Martinez steps into her locker room.  Loco notices this and quickly throws his hands up in the air, innocently.  Luckily her sister Madison is there to break the tension, or make it worse.

Madison:   JAY!

As excited as Madison is, Laura is just as baffled.  Laura’s surprise sounds like she’d forgotten Loco’s real name, or is upset at Madison’s familiarity with Loco. 

Laura:   JAY!???

Madison runs over and gives Loco a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Loco continues to stare nervously at Laura who tenses up even more at this sight. 

 Loco:   Hey Maddie.  How’s it going?  You, know we should try to meet up for dinner and catch up!  I’ve missed my cheesesteak buddy,  but that is not why I’m here.  Can I have a few moments with your sister?  

Madison goes from happy to skeptical and worried.  

 Madison:  I don’t know, man.  This is pretty bad timing.

Loco turns and looks her in the eye, unwavering.

 Loco:   You have my WORD.  No shenanigans.  I can promise that no harm will come to your sister.  *Loco glances at the still tensed up, Laura* You need to relax.  *looking back at Madison*- But I’m not so sure the same can be said for me.   How about this?  You can wait across the hall so you’ll hear if one of us starts screaming for help, okay?  But I just want to say a few things to your sister, ‘kay?

Maddie nods and walks out of the door.  Loco turns towards Laura who takes a deep breath and relaxes a little.  Loco smiles nervously and nods at the camera.

 Loco:  This is the part of the comic book where we’d need asterisks… See:  The Uncanny Loco issues 87-91 and the Spectacular Seton issues 75-90 for the WHOLE story.  I just want… or, even NEED you to know that anything that happened between Madison and I had nothing to do with our mutual disdain for one another in Legacy.  You may still be skeptical about that, but its the truth… if I wanted to "use" that?  Why would I have kept it a secret?  

 Laura:  You already said all this over there.

 Loco:  Maybe so, but it needs to be reiterated.  I just want you to know I wasn’t using your sister.  She liked me and I liked her.  It wasn’t some attempt to "get to you".  Given the chance to do some things differently in Legacy, I WOULD, but that wouldn’t be one of them.  I’m not here to apologize or ask forgiveness… But I am asking for one thing.

Loco extends his hand.  Laura looks at it nervously.

 Laura:   Admittedly this isn’t what I expected.  I always thought if we met again your greeting for me would be a Locapitator for a final "Ha ha, got you for good!"

She slowly extends her hand and carefully places it in Loco’s.  Loco tightens his grip, showing this is more than just a token shake.  Feeling this, she tightens her grip and they officially shake.

 Loco:   Congratulations… and Good Luck Tonight.  Be the Heroine I know you are.  

Loco turns and walks out leaving a still more than slightly baffled Laura.  As the door opens Maddie bounds over, excitedly. 

 Loco:   Hey, lets try and not get in trouble HERE.  *He says with a wink* – If you want, AND its okay with your sister?  Give me a call sometime and we can get dinner.

Loco turns and walks off.  We get one more look at the baffled Laura.

 Laura:  What just happened here?

She has a confused shake of her head before we fade out.


Other Guy: Next up, Tanya Black puts her gold on the line!

Eryk Masters: A rematch of sorts, with Jester Smiles getting a shot at taking the Sin City strap back … but with a legend of LEGACY thrown into the mix, it’s going to be hectic!

Samantha Coil: This match is for the Sin City Championship, and is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Oshkosh, Wisconsin…

Sam Coil doesn’t even make it through her intro line as a good half of the crowd goes insane with cheers as the first notes of The Radio’s remix of "Whatever Gets You Through Today" hits the P.A. and Laura Seton leaps out from behind the curtain to a huge pop! With a huge grin on her face, she runs down to the barricades to slap hands with as many fans as she can, taking her time as the noise dies down enough for Coil to continue.

Samantha Coil: … weighing in tonight at one hundred seventy five pounds, she is the one, the only…. LAURAAAAA SETON!!!

Eryk Masters: An unbelievably positive reception for Miss Seton from the SHOOT Project crowd tonight!

Other Guy: A lot of these fans know her and love her from LEGACY, and those that don’t were probably impressed by her crushing Alex Cruz’s face at Dominion… but really, could we have a less appropriate challenger for the SIN CITY title?!

Laura slides between the ropes and gets checked over by the ref, grinning as she hears a "MILK AND COO-KIES" chant build up in the audience. Formalities complete, she waits in her corner, dropping down to make sure her high-tops are laced tight.

Samantha Coil: Her opponent, by way of Richmond, Virginia… at a weight of two hundred forty-five pounds, he is the previous Sin City Champion … JESTERRRR SMILES!!!

Maybe just over half of the crowd cheered for Seton, but ALL of them boo as the discordant guitar of "Sleep Is Wrong" fills the arena and Jester steps out onto the stage. The jeers and insults hurled his way elicit nothing more than a smirk from Smiles as he strolls down the entrance ramp towards the ring, glaring at Coil.

Eryk Masters: This Welsh crowd is pissed! Jester certainly gets under people’s skins since he commenced this twisted mission of his to find a new hero.

Other Guy: Speaking of pissing people off, Jester doesn’t seem too pleased that our ring announcer, Samantha Coil, mentioned him losing the belt… but the crowd appreciated her getting that little dig in!

Eryk Masters: Let’s hope that doesn’t end badly for Miss Coil. Jester’s got no problem using violence against women.

Smiles steps through the ropes and gets the once-over from Austin Linam, and flashes Coil another dirty look as he leans back against the turnbuckles opposite Seton.

Samantha Coil: Their opponent, from Boston, Massechusetts…

The lights in Cardiff Stadium dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of men and women being laid out and taken out with one person being a constant. Seeing the video the fans begin to focus their excitement as the speakers spring to life.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at one hundred forty pounds, she is the Bitch Killer, and the CURRENT Sin City Champion… TANYAAAAAA BLACK!!!

As "Keep The Beat Up" kicks into the second verse Tanya Black emerges out of the back, her Sin City title hanging from her waist as she dances to the beat while walking to the ring, shaking hands with the fans. She stops by one fan who’s holding up a sign saying "JESTER SMILES FUCKS PENGUINS" and snaps a quick photo with him!

Other Guy: Just like a lot of the guys backstage, it seems this crowd’s not quite sure what to make of Tanya Black. She seems to enjoy being the quirky misfit of SHOOT.

Eryk Masters: Do you think she’s any relation to Thomas Manchester Black?

Other Guy: Yeah, E, I can totally see a family resemblance between the twig-thin 140 pound white girl and the giant black convict.

Taking the stairs to the ring, Tanya stands in the middle of the ring and sings along to the song as it concludes, handing the belt off to the referee. She steps back into one of the empty corners and stretches, waiting for the match to begin.

Austin Linam signals for the bell! Seton and Black head towards the center of the ring, Black cautiously eyeing off Jester as he stays in his corner. He gestures to the middle of the ring in a mockery of courtesy.

Jester Smiles: Ladies first.

Black shakes her head in disgust and turns back to Seton. The two shakes hands briefly, then lock up. Black takes Seton down to a side headlock, but Seton twists it into a hammerlock – Black with a standing switch to an arm wrench – Seton rolls through it and brings Black down with an armdrag! Both women back to their feet and the crowd applauds the early athleticism, as Tanya and Laura exchange a nod and a smile.

Eryk Masters: Nice display of mutual respect here, but I’m still wondering why Jester Smiles is hanging back.

Other Guy: Strategy, Eryk. Why waste his energy when these two can just wear each other down ’til he can pick off the weaker one?

Eryk Masters: Because that would be a bitch move?

Seton goes to lock up again but Black takes her down with a drop toe hold and quickly scissors her arm!

Eryk Masters: She’s going for the crossface! She’s looking to end this match in the first two minutes!

Before Black can get the facelock on, Seton rolls over and uses her trapped arm to lever Black into a quick rollup!


Other Guy: Jester had better get involved soon if he wants his belt back, both these women have already shown this match could end in the blink of an eye!

Black keeps the pressure on as Seton gets back up, nailing her with a stiff knife-edge chop! And another! She feints the third, and as Seton goes to block it Black throws an arm over her shoulder, hoists her up – Side Effect! Before she has a chance to capitalize, Jester Smiles charges Black down with a Rolling Elbow! Laura Seton kips up, and Jester throws a snap kick that she narrowly avoids! Seton with a European uppercut! And another! A back elbow! Seton sends Jester to the corner with a hard Irish whip, and follows him in with another stiff elbow! Jester slides down to his ass, dazed. Black’s finally back to her feet, and sees Jester in a vulnerable position… with Laura and the crowd egging her on, Black charges in with a Bronco Buster to Jester in the corner! She backs up, takes another run-up – and nails him with a VICIOUS double knee to the face!

Eryk Masters: Ouch, that’s gonna mess his face up. Even the penguins won’t want him now.

Black steps back to survey her handiwork – Seton with the inverted facelock! GOLD MEDAL! Seton covers!



Other Guy: Laura Seton took advantage of Black when she wasn’t ready!

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black knows you always have to be careful in a SHOOT ring, OG! She’d have taken the same opportunity if she had the chance!

Seton waits for Black to get back to her feet, then goes for the collar-and-elbow tie-up… Seton forces the smaller woman down to a front facelock but Black counters with a double-leg take down, then slaps on a cross-armbreaker! Seton’s got nowhere to go! She tries for an ankle-lock counter but can’t get the leverage with only one arm!

Other Guy: Looks like our Goody Two-Shoes heroine is in trouble here. Black won’t hesitate to destroy that arm of hers to secure a win here!

Eryk Masters:*off-mic* Couldn’t make her free-throw shooting any worse…

Crying out with the pain as Black wrenches back on her shoulder and elbow, Seton digs her heels into the mat and shoves, turning herself around on the mat and sliding closer to the ring ropes! With her free hand she reaches out but comes up inches short! Black tries to drag her back a little, but Seton’s superior strength gives her the edge and she finally gets her hand locked around the bottom rope! Black releases the hold right away, rolling out to the apron to regroup.

Other Guy: Smiles is on the prowl again, and I think he sees a target!

Seton drags herself to her feet using the ropes, favoring that left arm… and Jester Smiles smashes a kick into the back of her knee, making Seton yell and dropping her down to her knees! He quickly locks in a rear waistlock, and dead-lifts her from kneeling, taking her over his head with a HARD bridging German suplex!




Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles within a second of reclaiming the Sin City Championship there, dropping Seton on her head with a Doug Williams style suplex!

Other Guy: Nobody’s going to go down that easily in SHOOT Project, E.

Eryk Masters: Maybe not down, but I think Laura Seton’s about to go out!

Sure enough, Jester has Seton by the back of the neck and grabs her by the trunks, tossing her between the ropes onto the floor! Jester goes stalking after Tanya Black, who slingshots into the ring with a cross-body, but Jester nails a BRUTAL elbowsmash to her head in mid-air, and she hits the canvas like a ragdoll! Smiles circles the crumpled Black, kicking her in the ribs a couple of times for good measure, then scoops her up and flings her into the turnbuckles! He sneers at Tanya as she tries to regain her bearings, then he unleashes a volley of kicks at her knees and thighs!

Other Guy: Jester said he’d have no problem beating women tonight, and he’s true to his word. He took Laura Seton out of the fight, and now he’s dismantling Tanya Black!

A chorus of boos washes over the arena, and Jester smirks. He buries a knee in Black’s midsection, but gets distracted from the fight as the boos give way to a chant…



Jester’s expression turns to one of fury as the crowd taunts him with one of Black’s favorite insults. He leans over the ropes to address the audience directly.

Jester Smiles: Real fuckin’ cute. You think you’re clever?! Watch me take her apart!

He stalks back to the corner, right in time for Black to swing a kick at his head! Jester blocks it and shuts that down with a stiff forearm, then waits for the chant to build up again…



… and nails Black with four quick jabs, in time with the claps that quickly dissolve into howls of outrage from the crowd!

Other Guy: Jester Smiles is on a tear here! The Welsh SHOOT Project fans tried to get inside his head, but they just seem to have fired him up!

Smiles grabs Black around the waist and hauls her onto the top turnbuckle. He gets up onto the second rope and hammers a clubbing forearm into her head, then hooks in a front facelock.

Eryk Masters: Jester setting up for the superplex! This is going to be nasty.

Jester pulls Tanya up so she’s standing on the top turnbuckle, but she swings a wild shot that nails him in the midsection! She wriggles out of his grip and cinches in a front facelock of her own, drilling a knee into his head to keep him subdued, nearly falling off the top rope herself in the process. She points to the crowd, who start to buzz with anticipation… then swings herself to one side, LEAPS backwards off the top rope and takes both of them all the way to the floor with an insane avalanche DDT!


Eryk Masters: My God, Tanya Black just drove Jester’s head into the floor from fifteen feet up! OG, you might need to get a towel…

Other Guy: Because your heart just peed a little bit?

Eryk Masters: Because my … shut up.

Tanya Black stumbles to her feet, holding the barricade to keep her balance. Smiles takes a while longer to stir, and only makes it up to one knee before Black takes the fight to him again, whipping him hard into the ring apron! Black vaults up onto the barricades, poses while a couple of fans take photos, then leaps at Jester with a diving lariat!


Eryk Masters: Tanya Black just drove herself into the ring apron with a diving clothesline attempt that did NOT pay off!

Jester takes a moment to smirk at the fallen Black, but Laura Seton picks that moment to charge FROM THE CROWD up to the barricade and off with a picture-perfect missile dropkick that slams him hard against the apron!



Other Guy: It’s carnage outside that ring! Laura Seton has an opportunity here while the other two fighters are down, but she can’t win this thing outside the ring!

Eryk Masters: That raises a good point… why isn’t Austin Linam counting these wrestlers out? Doesn’t anybody take pride in their job anymore?

Seton leaves Smiles where he fell and picks up Tanya Black, dragging her over to the barricade. She drives Black’s head down, but Black blocks it! She counters and slams Seton’s face into the barrier! Twice! Three times! Black grabs the Olympian by the seat of her pants and man-handles her over the barrier into the front row! Black again posing with cellphone cameras going off … but this time Seton pops up, grabs her by the head and drops into that split-legged modified jawbreaker, snapping Black’s head against the barricade!

Other Guy: Tanya Black’s love for the fans proving to be a liability here, as she gives Seton a crucial opening!

Seton high-fives a couple of fans and takes a few photos herself as the fallen Black gets scooped up and tossed back into the ring by Jester Smiles, who’s back in the game! Seton sees this and jumps the barrier, not about to let this match end without her! Smiles goes for an Irish whip but swings it around, pulls her in and transitions to a fireman’s carry –

Other Guy: Side Splitter time!

– but Black elbows him in the head, shakes her arm loose and she slaps the crossface on Jester while he’s standing!

Eryk Masters: TAP OUT BITCH! Tanya Black still has the arm scissored and is pulling back on the neck of Jester Smiles for all she’s worth, and he’s desperately trying to remember where the nearest set of ropes are!

Other Guy: Excellent counter from Black, turning one of Jester’s signature moves into an opportunity for that devastating crossface!

Before Jester can head for the ropes Laura Seton leaps up and nails a dropkick to his chest, sending both Smiles and Black to the canvas! Black staggers to a vertical base but before she can shake out the cobwebs Laura kicks her in the midsection, sets up the standing headscissors and flips her up for a powerbomb!

Other Guy: Seton levels the playing field here, and has a rare opportunity to show off a power move against the much smaller Tanya Black! She goes for the cover!



TH- KICKOUT by Black!

Seton gets to her feet, and Jester Smiles immediately slaps on a half nelson! He reaches for the chickenwing but Seton spins and counters into a half nelson of her own, trying to lock in the full nelson! Before she can get it cinched in, Tanya Black dropkicks Jester in the chest, sending him crashing down on top of Seton, just as Laura did to her earlier!

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black has just stopped Seton moments before she could hit Jester Smiles with the Cookie Cutter!

Other Guy: Just like Seton broke it up when Black was about to make Jester tap… what goes around comes around, E!

Black just shrugs and waits for Jester to get up on one knee… then BLASTS him with a sick-looking kick to the head!

Other Guy: That’s the move than won her the Sin City belt from Smiles! Pin him, lady!

Austin Linam drops into position!




Unbelievably, Jester avoids the pinfall! Black yells in frustration, drags Jester back to a vertical base and sends him to the ropes! Before she can swing for the lariat, Jester SLAMS her in the head with the Virginia Sidekick! Smiles hooks the leg!




Eryk Masters: More karma here, with Jester repaying Black for the kick in the head that lost him the strap they’re now fighting for!

Other Guy: Jester showing a hell of a lot of tenacity here, after more hits to the head than anybody should be able to stay awake through!

Jester kicks Black in the thigh while she’s down, but before he can go to town Seton leaps up and takes him down with a hurricanrana! She follows up with a legdrop, then pulls him up to vertical… Jester nails her with a hard chop to the chest! He sizes up the space between them and spins!

Eryk Masters: PUNCHLINE!

MATRIX EVASION! Seton bridged backwards to avoid the crescent kick, and seizes her moment as Jester has his back turned!



Eryk Masters: COOKIE CUTTER! Seton just nailed Smiles with the Cookie Cutter! She covers!





Austin Linam calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: At a time of twenty-three minutes, your winner by pinfall, and NEW Sin City champion… LAURAAAAA SETON!!!

Tanya Black rolls to the outside and leans heavily against the barricade, visibly annoyed at having lost her belt without being involved in the decision. Nevertheless, she claps along with the crowd as Austin Linam presents Seton with the championship belt. Seton holds the belt high above her head to huge cheers from the crowd!

Other Guy: We have a new Sin City Champion! And she’s possibly the least fitting roster member for a title of that name!

Eryk Masters: Here at Salvation, Seton has shown that her formidable reputation in other companies is well deserved! Only her second match in SHOOT and she’s holding gold already!

Laura clips the belt around her waist, rolls under the ropes past the still unconscious Jester, and dashes over the barrier into the crowd for an impromptu celebration! Tanya Black walks over to the guardrail and exchanges a few words with Seton… then raises her hand in victory!

Other Guy: Very gracious in defeat, Tanya Black… but do you know what they said, E?

Eryk Masters:*off-mic* Uh-huh, thanks… *back on* The security guard over that side of the ring tells me Tanya Black said "I’ll be back" … and Seton’s response was "I’ll be waiting".

Other Guy: The Sin City belt once again being hotly contested, and we have another Triple Threat match on the way! Don’t go anywhere, SHOOT fans!


Kenji stands alone against a wall. To his side is a door with a golden nameplate, "Ichiro Seppuku and Lennox Ferguson".  

His black boot tapping on the sparkling white floor, his shadow edging towards the open space in front of the door. Kenji knows someone is inside – he can hear the rustling of feet; the clang of lockers opening and closing.  

His shoe taps slightly faster. He can hear him coming. He can hear the sound of boots on pearlescent floor.  

His shoe taps even faster. The handle of the door turns, Kenji pushes off the wall and stands in front of the door.  

The blue door opens, a half cocked smile crosses his face. 

But the smile fades to a neutral grimace as he his comes face to face with Lennox Ferguson.  

The Ox stares back at him, not a word said. Lennox pauses for a split second before smiling and then side-stepping Kenji, pushing forward in the general direction of the rampway entrance. 

Kenji’s eyes don’t even follow Lennox as he moves – a dark and empty locker room is just visible before the door closes. 

Kenji sneers, a low hiss of air slipping from his teeth as he turns and walks away – toward the direction Lennox was headed. 

From several feet behind Kenji, a figure can be seen stepping out of the darkness. 

Ichiro Seppuku. 

The former SHOOT Project World Champion has a smile stretched across his face from ear to ear as he watches Kenji walk away. Ichiro hestitates a second before turning and walking in the opposite direction – taking a more scenic route to join up with his friend Lennox Ferguson.


Audio Track- "When The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash.

"And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder."

We hear the sound of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans, the SHOOT Project faithful, so many voices united as one.

"One of the four beasts saying, come and see."

A shot of Lennox Ferguson walking forward, zoom in on his face…we linger on his motivated green eyes.

"And I saw, and behold, a white horse."

The pallid demon Entragian sits in a darkened room, his smile so bright and sharp. Yamada’s stands to his left, and Corazon stands to his right, both with one hand resting on Isaac’s shoulders.

"There’s a man goin’ round, taking names."

The Saint stands under the bright lights of the arena, it’s like the illumination of heaven shines down on him, glinting off of his Iron Fist Championship.

"And he decides who to free and who to blame."

Lennox and Jaime shaking hands in the ring, both exhausted after a grueling match for the Iron Fist Title. Flash to an image of Lennox staring Jaime down with contempt, calling him a Judas, marking him as a great betrayer.

"Everybody won’t be treated all the same."

Isaac and Lennox exchange fists like madmen, neither willing to fall, the shots getting louder and louder, sounding like rifle cracks.

"There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down."

The albino climbs the turnbuckles, perching so high in the sky, before flying forward like a white dragon and clipping an opponent across the throat with his Wings of War clothesline.

"When the man comes around."

Lennox with a hellacious headbutt. Jaime with a bone-rattling discus punch. Isaac with an uppercut of the lethal variety.

"The hairs on your arm will stand up…"

SCAR’s Pale Rider tears into the prone carcass of The Ox, his pale flesh AWASH in the blood of his fallen enemy. His knuckles stained, brandishing a scalpel as he digs and stabs at Lennox’s back.

"At the terror in each sip and in each sup."

The image of a little girl crying as Entragian walks down the ramp, his sanity-stricken eyes boring holes into the child.

"Will you partake of that last offered cup?"

Alejandro goes to help Lennox up from the canvas, but The Ox VIOLENTLY pushes him away…a volatile gleam awakening in his eyes.

"Or disappear into the potter’s ground?"

A shot from Lennox’s point of view, watching as the pale demon known as Entragian spears him through barbwire ropes, the force behind it so hard that they SMASH up against the security barrier on the outside.

"When the man comes around."

Lennox Ferguson shadow boxing, snapping his head from side to side, preparing for war. Ichiro looks on; proud of his friend’s drive to obtain victory.

"Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers."

Jaime Alejandro wrapping his forearms in black tape, Iron Fist Title wrapped tightly around his waist. The light catches his eyes, one blue and one brown, a man of profound conviction.

"One hundred million angels singing."

Isaac Entragian sits indian style in the middle of a candlelit locker room, rocking back and forth, his bloodlust starting to call to him, the voices in his head becoming louder with each passing second.

"Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum."

Lennox flies forward, throwing out an arm for The Double Tap. Freeze frame on his Irish/Scottish features, his eyes green pools of unpredictable toughness.

"Voices calling, voices crying."

Jaime pauses in the middle of the ring, holding up an opponent and allowing blood to rush to his head. Freeze frame on Jaime DROPPING the man with a severe-looking Brainbuster.

"Some are born and some are dying."

Isaac holds an opponent on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, his face contorted with rage and lunacy, froth dripping down from his sharpened fangs. Freeze frame on Isaac throwing the man up and CRUSHING him down onto his knee.

"It’s alpha and omega’s kingdom come."





"When the man comes around."




As if on cue, the lights darken in the arena, pitching us into blackness.

"All the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"… and I’ll whisper "no."

There’s a pause, the crowd hushed by this new entrance from the man known as The Ox.


The lights in the arena go up, and suddenly "Horseshoes & Handgrenades" by Green Day begins to rock the audio speakers.

Finally Lennox throws back the curtains, Ichiro following closely at his side, wearing a black and red business suit. The Ox wears a black hoodie, black jeans and boots. His face is cold and set, eyes on the squared circle and nothing else.

The crowd starts in with a mixed reaction, some people cheering loudly, while others rain down boos on Lennox.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds, accompanied by ICHIRO SEPPUKU, HE IS THE OX, LENNOX FERGUSON!!!!

"I think I’m coming out

All the deceivers and cheaters

I’ve think we’ve got a bleeder right now"

Eryk Masters: Would you listen to this crowd? They don’t know what to think of this man. One minute he loves them and says he competes only for their entertainment, and the next minute he’s saying "fuck you" to them…I don’t even know what to make of him!

Other Guy: I do, Eryk. I think The Ox is finally wising up, he’s realizing that he doesn’t need these fans to get the job done, he’s out for HIMSELF now, he’s out to WIN, and that unpredictability factor is only going to play to his advantage if you ask me…

"So don’t you fuck me around

Because I’ll shoot you down"

"I’m gonna drink, fight and fuck

And pushing my luck

All the time now!"

"Maybe you’re the runner up

But the first one to lose the race

Almost only really counts in

Horseshoes and hand grenades."

Lennox wastes no time slapping hands, he’s ALL business tonight, walking straight down to the ring and climbing the steel steps to enter the ring. Ichiro remains on the outside, nodding his head in support of his friend. The Ox cracks his knuckles, focusing all of his attention on the head of the ramp.

Darkness consumes the Cardiff City Stadium once again, sending a hushed and murmuring silence through the crowd. The sound of a beating heart begins to reverberate through the building, and with each beat of the heart, a pulse of BLINDING white light sears through the arena, the illumination almost too much to bear, a literal white out.

Macabre imagery starts to flutter across the SHOOT Project Video Wall: War, famine, genocide, every sick atrocity on display, followed by the gnash of sharpened teeth, the flick of a forked tongue, and flesh so terribly pale.

Other Guy: Oh shit…I can already smell the brimstone, here comes terror on two legs!

Tool’s "Jambi" blasts forth with ear-splitting intensity, seeming almost to shake the masses and rile them up into a sea of hateful faces, thousands of fans vocalizing their disdain for the man who is coming.





The cameras focus on the head of the ramp on the left side, where we see a curling ground mist starting to appear. There’s a mechanical grinding noise, and a platform begins to rise up from the floor, the progress slow and foreboding.

As the mist starts to dissipate, we can just make out a rusty throne constructed of old metalwork, like the throne of some dark king long since fallen. The throne is COVERED in snakes, all sorts of species curling around the hand rests, the legs of the throne, and the OCCUPANT of the throne.

The Ivory Terror’s head hangs low, pure white hair hanging about his face. He wears white tights with black tribal serpents embroidered along both legs, PALE written down the left leg, and RIDER written down the right leg. His upper torso is bare, a conglomeration of alabaster muscle and deep, ragged scars.

A massive albino burmese python is wrapped around Isaac’s shoulders, it’s serpentine head pointed towards the camera, slitted reptilian eyes boring holes into viewers around the world. Very slowly, Entragian rises up to his feet, supporting the weight of the snake while a cannibalistic smile overtakes his pallid face.

Eryk Masters: Jesus Christ, if I was a religious man I’d drop to my knees right now and pray for GOD to take this hideous THING from my sight…

Other Guy: This entrance is…awe-inspiring. I’d heard rumors that Entragian is quite the showman when it comes to PPV events, but this takes the fucking cake…

Eryk Masters: What we’re looking at right now is PURE evil, ladies and gentleman. This man, if I can even call him that, has no heart, no mercy, no understanding of human compassion. He is, simply put…a dark thing from a dark place in time.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, weighing in at three hundred and twenty pounds…he is Project: SCAR’s PALE RIDER, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!!

Entragian carefully removes the snake from his shoulders and places it on the top of the throne, then he begins to stalk down the ramp, jets of flame BLASTING forth from the head of the ramp with each step the monster takes.

Other Guy: I LOVE this approach, Isaac is bad enough physically, but right now he’s preying on the mentality of his opponents, he’s out to feast on fear…and seeing something like this, the fire, the snakes, this HUGE, pale motherfucker coming for you? That’s bound to screw with ANYONE’s head…

Eryk Masters: Isaac is ALL about head games, and we’ll see if they pay off for him tonight. And if you want my personal opinion? If I was Lennox or Jamie right now, I’d be freaked the FUCK out…

Entragian reaches the apron, hopping up to step over the top rope. He faces Lennox, flexing his colossal frame and cracking his neck to the side, grinning broadly at The Ox.

A hush falls over the crowd, and suddenly the audio speakers are possessed by Johnny Cash’s powerful voice, belting out "God’s Gonna Cut You Down" at maximum volume!

The crowd starts to clap along with the clapping of the song, knowing that only one man is left to make his way down to the ring.




As if on cue, JAIME ALEJANDRO throws aside the curtains and appears at the head of the ramp, standing with the Iron Fist Championship draped over one shoulder. Jaime looks noticeably different, his head cleanly shaved, his beard full and black…and the conviction in his gaze is as always…unshakable!

Samantha Coil: Introducing last, he weighs in at two hundred and thirty five pounds…he is THE IRON FIST CHAMPION, THE IRON SAINT, JAIME ALEJANDRO!!!!!!!

The crowd ERUPTS with a myriad of cheers, showering The Iron Saint with praise and appreciation.

Eryk Masters: Whoa now, is it just me, or does Alejandro look like a brand new man?

Other Guy: As a matter of fact, this entrance is eerily similar to the one we saw from TMB during his match with Donovan King! Could there be some sort of connection there?

Jaime wears a black sleeveless hoodie, open at the chest, and we notice that his forearms are taped in black tape, with IRON SAINT written along them in white lettering.

Alejandro lowers is head, nodding at the fans in recognition, then he begins to stalk his way down the ramp. He stops near the apron, marking both of his opponents with his gaze, his blue and brown eyes burning holes into the opposition. Lennox Ferguson…"The Rambler & The Gambler" looks on with determined eyes, while "The Long-Tongued Liar" Entragian leers at Jaime with a grim expression on his face.

Finally The Iron Saint enters the ring, handing off his championship to a road agent standing on the outside.

With all three opponents in the ring, the bell sounds with a clang, and we’re OFFICIALY UNDERWAY!

Jaime waste no time, stepping to the very center of the ring. He points at the canvas, then at Entragian, taunting the monster to lock up with him. Isaac smirks, takes a step forward while putting his hands up for a tie-up…then in a flash he rears back and drives a HUGE big boot into Jamie’s face, knocking him FLAT!

Entragian then switches his focus on the drop a dime, barreling into Lennox while lowering his shoulder, proceeding to SPEAR him into the turnbuckles. Ferguson gasps as air escapes his chest, and Isaac traps him in the buckles, starting in with a furious barrage of left and right hands!

Other Guy: Damn! This thing started out ROUGH, that pale hellion is out for blood tonight! I can hear those shots all the way from here…

Eryk Masters: Entragian making use of those soup bones! The Ivory Terror can throw hands with the best of them, especially that dreaded uppercut he utilizes. He wears those white strike gloves for a reason…

Issac leans into a particularly devastating shot, putting all of his weight into a right hand to the kidney. The Ox hisses through gritted teeth, and then he snaps his head forward and SMASHES his own skull into Isaac’s face! Isaac stumbles backward, way off balance, and The Ox looks to follow up…but he gets BLASTED under the shelf of the jaw with a hellacious uppercut!

Other Guy: I can tell already, this match is going to be just as hard-hitting as you could want…first a brutal headbutt from Ox, then an equally brutal uppercut from Entragian.

Eryk Masters: When a human body has sustained enough damage from high impact assaults like that, then a ten count, at some point, WILL happen…

The Ox is ROCKETED back against the buckles, but in a moment of complete endurance Lennox shakes the cobwebs out and rakes the hell out of Entragian’s eyes. Issac takes a few steps back, scrubbing at his face. At this point Jaime is up, and he moves in on Lennox, but Ferguson flies off the buckles and almost beheads Alejandro with a clothesline right across the throat.

Jaimie goes down hard, and Lennox takes a step forward to continue the assault, but out of nowhere Isaac LEAPS UP AND SCORES WITH MARK OF THE BEAST! Lennox takes the bicycle kick RIGHT to the ear, and the impact spins his body awkwardly down to the canvas.

Eryk Masters: That was a beautiful clothesline from The Ox, and we follow that up with a straight-up NASTY bicycle kick…

Other Guy: That kick clipped Lennox right on the side of the head, could have busted the man’s eardrum for all we know!

As Lennox writhes on the canvas we zoom in slightly, seeing a drop or two of blood dripping out of his ear canal. Meanwhile Entragian spins on his heels, setting his crosshairs on Jaime Alejandro, who’s starting to rise up to a vertical base.

Entragian goes to grab Jaimie, but Jaimie throws off his hands, and quickly spinning his body into a full rotation he RAMS a fist into Isaac’s face with a discus punch! Entragian leans down, holding to the side of his face, and Alejandro takes advantage, snapping Isaac up around the waist before DROPPING HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH A GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

Eryk Masters: MY GOD, THE POWER OF THE IRON SAINT! That’s a three hundred pound man, and Jaime picked him up and dropped him down with EASE…

Other Guy: There’s a reason he’s the Iron Fist Champion, the man is GOOD at what he does…

The Ox has risen up to his feet at this point, and Jaime signals for him to stop for a moment and watch. Jaime then leans down, snatching The Ivory Terror up to his feet, then once more utilizing that shocking power The Iron Saint lifts Isaac up onto his shoulders and DROPS him again, this time with a samoan drop!

With the big man down and hurting, Alejandro motions to Lennox, almost tempting The Ox to dead-lift all of Entragian’s weight just like he did. Lennox nods while moving forward, reaching down to pick up the albino…then suddenly he turns his attention away from Entragian and sends a STRAIGHT KICK flush into Jaime’s face, knocking him backwards hard!

Eryk Masters: Well there’s no honor among contenders, Jaime trying to bait Lennox into a power game, and Lennox just ain’t having it…he’s out for the gold tonight.

Other Guy: I’m still impressed by Alejandro’s strength, able to pick that big white bastard up and drop him not once, but TWICE.

Jaime pushes back up to his feet, pinching his nose between his fingers, and he makes a beeline for The Ox while yelling obscenities, and Lennox meets him head-on, both men starting to trade punches. On the opposite side of the ring The Ivory Terror climbs up to his feet, unnoticed by both of his opponents. Isaac leans down, one hand on the canvas, his face curled up into a snarling mask. Suddenly the monster RACES FORWARD AND DIVES, DRIVING BOTH OF HIS SHOULDERS INTO THE MIDSECTIONS OF LENNOX AND ALEJANDRO WITH A DOULBLE GORE!!

Lennox flips backwards from the impact, landing on his stomach, while Jaime takes the hit straight to the gut, curling up in the fetal position on the canvas. Isaac pushes up to his knees, his eyes wide as he looks around, feeding off the carnage left in his wake.

Other Guy: HOLY FUCK!! Did you see that?!?! That crazy motherfucker speared BOTH of them at the same time!

Eryk Masters: Almost cut Lennox in half, and Jaimie took one helluva hit too! The NFL would ejaculate at the chance to get Entragian on ANY defensive line…

Entragian rises up fully vertical, motioning for the official while pointing down at Lennox Ferguson, a wolfish grin spreading across his face.


The referee does as he’s told, starting in with the ten count.




The Ox begins to stir, one hand held tightly against his ribs.



Lennox whips his upper body up, rising up to his feet with FIERY defiance in his eyes, denying Entragian the satisfaction of an early elimination. Isaac SEETHES, running forward he looks for some high impact move, but Lennox leaps into the air and smashes into him with a lou thez press! Both men tumble to the canvas, Lennox on top of Entragian…giving Lennox the opportunity to reach down and grab both of the albino’s shoulders, only to start BASHING him in the face over and over again with a series of headbutts!

Entragian coughs against the barrage, one eye already starting to swell as Lennox’s rock-hard skull pounds his face mercilessly!

Eryk Masters: Lennox Ferguson is taking it to another LEVEL tonight, The Ox isn’t tolerating any bullshit, he’s doing everything in his power to punish these men.

Other Guy: The Ox has one of the thickest skulls in the business, so these headbutts have to be sending BOLTS of pain through Entragian’s head and spine…

Suddenly from the left side of the screen, Alejandro makes his presence known, jumping up and diving down while sending a SICK low dropkick into Lennox’s ribs, knocking him cleanly off Entragian. Lennox rolls to the side in pain, and Isaac attempts to get up to a sitting position, but Jaime SETS HIS FEET AND CLIPS ENTRAGIAN ON THE TEMPLE WITH A BUZZSAW KARATE KICK! Isaac goes back down like a sack of bricks, his eyes partially glazed over.

Other Guy: Ohhhhh! God that was brutal…

Eryk Masters: Isaac might be riding down concussion street right now, for all we know.

Alejandro leans down, nodding his head confidently while pulling Entragian up by his white hair. Isaac stumbles up to a knee, then in a flash he draws on ALL of his monstrous strength, and he MEAT HOOKS A VICIOUS LOW BLOW INTO THE IRON SAINT’s GROIN! There’s so much power behind the low blow that Jaime’s body is actually elevated a few inches off the canvas, before he COLLAPSES into a gasping heap, drawing his knees almost all the way up to his chin.

Other Guy: The Saint just got castrated! I think I heard his testicles POP!!

Eryk Masters: Seriously, OG? You’re ridiculous. But I have to agree, that was HORRIBLE…that move right there might affect the Alejandro bloodline for many generations to come…

With Jaime down, his adam’s apple bobbing as he tries to overcome this EXCRUCIATION, Isaac just straight-up descends upon him like a feral dog, DIGGING his fingers into his face, before RIPPING his hand back to display Jaime’s prosthetic blue eye clenched between his fingers!


Eryk Masters: That’s Jaime’s glass eye! Does this repugnant son of a whore Entragian have NO shame?

The Ivory Terror holds this up high, much to the dismay of the crowd. Alejandro SOMEHOW pushes up to his feet, holding the ropes for support, one hand plastered against his lower belly. Entragian turns around, and Jaime lashes out with a HIGH angle muay thai kick, targeting Entragian’s hand and knocking the eye clean out of the ring!

Entragian holds his hand down in obvious pain, and on the outside the glass eye lands RIGHT next to the dress shoe of Ichiro Seppuku! Ichiro reaches down while smirking, and then TOSSES the fake eye into the crowd! Jaime watches on undaunted, proceeding to SALUTE Ichiro with two middle fingers. He then reaches into his tights, pulling out a white piece of fabric that he goes on to wrap around his empty eye socket.

Eryk Masters: Well I’ll give The Iron Saint one thing, he’s damn sure resourceful! It’s obvious that he’s not going to let the loss of his fake eye deter him in this match…

Other Guy: Matter of time before that eye shows up on Ebay…

Jaime rolls out of the ring and begins to dig under the apron, coming up with a kendo stick in his right hand. Meanwhile in the ring Lennox goes low and hits Entragian on the back of the knee with a chop-block, cutting the monster down to his knees.

Alejandro enters the ring with kendo stick in hand, and Lennox races over to meet him, but Jaime quickly BURIES a knee strike into Lennox’s abdomen, dropping The Ox to both knees. Lennox leans back on his knees, breathing hard…and Jaime points the kendo stick directly at his head.

The crowd roars, and Jaime starts to rear his arm back for a home-run hit, but out of NOWHERE Entragian barrels onto the scene and SMASHES a diving polish hammer into Alejandro’s face, dropping him down to the canvas. The kendo stick flies out of Jaime’s hand…and THE OX CATCHES IT IN MID-AIR!

Having crashed down to the canvas as well, Isaac struggles up to his hands and knees, breathing heavily through his mouth.

Eryk Masters: Oh shit, this could be bad for Isaac…The Ox is packing some serious weaponry right now.

Isaac finally pushes up to his feet, only for The Ox to CRACK him on the back of the thigh with a shot from the kendo stick. The monster staggers forward, and The Ox follows him, snapping the kendo stick at an angle right into Isaac’s lower back. Entragian almost falls, anguish traveling through his body, but he makes an attempt to spin round and clothesline Lennox, but Lennox ducks down and WHIPS THE KENDO STICK INTO ISAAC’S RIBS!

The monster drops down to one knee, horrible red whelps starting to appear along his alabaster torso.

Other Guy: This is SICK…and Lennox is showing no signs of stopping now.

Isaac glares up at Lennox, his pain evident, but beneath that is such a look of hatred that Ferguson can’t help but smirk. The Ox savors this for a moment, the monster brought to a kneeling position before him…and suddenly he JUMPS UP INTO THE AIR AND SWINGS THE KENDO STICK DOWN AS HARD AS HE CAN, SMASHING IT INTO OBLIVION RIGHT AGAINST THE TOP OF ISAAC’S SKULL! Splinters fly all over the ring, and Entragian’s body falls back to the canvas, total dead weight. As the cameras zoom in we see blood seeping down from a laceration along Issac’s scalp.


Other Guy: That man is on a mission to win…and it’s obvious that he’s taking no prisoners tonight in Wales!

Lennox roars at the official, demanding that he count the albino monster down.




At this point Jaime has risen to his feet, but instead of attacking The Ox he stands back for a moment, laying back against the turnbuckles as The Ivory Terror still lies motionless, simply watching.




No movement from Entragian. For all we know he may be dead, a pool of blood surrounding his head, soaking into his white hair.



The pallid fingers of Isaac’s right hand twitch.


In a flash, THE MONSTER ENTRAGIAN SITS THE FUCK UP! His face a crimson nightmare, his eyes BURNING with crazed fury. Lennox’s eyes go wide as he mouths the words "no fucking way"…and Jaime is too stunned to say or do anything.

The pallid THING bounds up to his feet mere SECONDS before the official can reach a ten count, effectively keeping himself alive!

Other Guy: WHAT?!?!? WHAT?!?! HOW IN THE FUCK?!?! That damned Entragian CANNOT be a human being…how is he standing right now?

Eryk Masters: I’m…shocked. I thought that bastard was DONE. But much to the chagrin of his opponents, he’s not done yet…

Alejandro is the first to rush forward at Entragian, but Isaac latches a hand around his throat and ROCKETS him across the ring with a choke toss, forcing Jaime to tumble to the canvas and roll right out of the ring under the bottom rope. Lennox starts forward next, and runs right into TWO pallid hands that lock onto his throat…and then ENTRAGIAN LIFTS LENNOX UP INTO THE AIR AND SMASHES HIM DOWN THE CANVAS WHILE LANDING ON HIM WITH ALL OF HIS WEIGHT, BOTH HANDS STILL LOCKED IN A DEATH-GRIP AROUND THE THROAT OF THE OX! Entragian just chokes The Ox for all he’s worth, tightening his hands into bands of iron as he digs against Lennox’s jugular from a mounted position.

Eryk Masters: Ferguson’s face is turning blue! He can’t get any air into his lungs…

Other Guy: This is BAD; it looks like Isaac is capable of committing murder at this point in the match…

Finally Isaac tears his hands away…and he just starts to RAIN DOWN FISTS on Lennox’s face from both sides, rights and lefts hammering Ferguson’s face into mush! Entragian puts all of his power into the punches, and as the cameras zoom in we start to see Lennox’s face bleeding and bruising, his flesh getting pounded into oblivion.

After a terrible barrage of shots Isaac leans back, holding his hands up to look at his own strike gloves, once white, but now SOAKED in red. He grins, lifting Lennox’s head up by the hair.

The Ox’s face looks like crushed hamburger meat, his left eyebrow is split wide open, his bottom lip busted against his teeth, one cheek red and swollen along with a deep cut running down past his cheekbone. The monster caresses Lennox’s ruined face, calling out to the fans with spittle flying from his mouth.

Entragian: SCARRED!

Eryk Masters: Oh my god, that is GRUESOME. Lennox’s face is a mess; he’s bleeding like a stuck pig in there! I don’t know if this young man even knows where he is at this point…

Other Guy: This monster is just…insatiable. Just when you think he can’t sink any lower, he does something like this…

Entragian stumbles his way up to his feet, and quite suddenly The Iron Saint appears behind him, wrapping arms around the albino’s waist before popping his hips and SNAPPING Entragian’s neck into the canvas with a release german suplex! Isaac lands awkwardly, his neck bending to the side, his whole body smashing down in a mixture of blood and sweat.

Jaime looks to both men, and then seems to make a decision, calling to the referee while pointing down at Lennox Ferguson, asking for a count down.





The Ox trembles against the canvas, shaky hands going up to gingerly touch his face, every inch of it sore to the fingertips.




Jaime looks on, nodding his head, Ferguson still lying on his back against the canvas.


The Ox starts to stir, rolling on his belly. With one trembling hand he takes hold of the middle rope…


Using every ounce of willpower and endurance he has inside of him, The Ox uses the ropes to PULL himself back up to his feet, effectively stopping the count!

Eryk Masters: Now THIS is a goddamn match! This is…amazing. The Ox REFUSES to die; he won’t allow himself to fall!

Other Guy: I’ll freely admit…I’m beyond impressed. The Ox’s threshold for pain is something to marvel at.

Leaning back against the ropes, Lennox is a horrible sight to see. His face is bleeding from several different places, his right eye swollen shut and totally bloodshot. Alejandro can only look on, almost shocked that Lennox is still alive, let alone standing…

With Jaime looking on, Lennox staggers forward, marking The Iron Fist Champion with his gaze…and then he motions for Jaime to BRING IT!

Other Guy: This fucking Ferguson…has the balls of an elephant, gotta respect that!

Jaime nods while scrubbing at his own face, his face overcome with emotion. Jaime walks forward, throwing out a fist aimed directly at Lennox’s bloody head, but Lennox fakes to the side at the LAST second, and reaching up he takes hold of Jaime’s neck and falls back, SPIKING Alejandro’s skull into the canvas with a neck-rattling DDT! Jaime’s body stays PERFECTLY VERTICAL for a few seconds before he crashes down on his back, his brains totally scrambled.

Eryk Masters: Can you believe it? The kid is half dead and he still has the resolve to DROP The Iron Saint on his head!

Other Guy: All three men are down right now, this will be a turning point in the match, whoever can gain a vertical base first will have a marked advantage…

Entragian slithers along the canvas on his belly, crawling toward Alejandro with such malevolence in his eyes. He reaches Jaime, and gingerly he climbs up to his feet, proceeding to YANK Jaime up to a shaky vertical base. The monster takes a step forward; palming the back of Jaime’s head he just PITCHES The Iron Saint over the top rope, throwing him out of the ring to unforgiving mats on the outside.

Jaime crashes down on his side, a cry escaping his mouth as he cradles his ribs. Isaac drops to his belly and slides underneath the bottom rope, following him out. The Ivory Terror reaches down and pulls Jaime up to his feet, but Alejandro sets his feet and spins, proceeding to SHOULDER Isaac into the security barrier! Isaac cringes as his lower back connects with the railing, his body sinking down a few inches.

Eryk Masters: Spine first, ouch…

A wobbly Iron Saint then slides back into the ring under the bottom rope, turning around to find Lennox, when OUT OF NOWHERE HE IS BLASTED ACROSS THE THROAT WITH A CLOTHESLINE, THEN IMMEDIATELY PULLED BACK IN FOR ANOTHER GIGANTIC CLOTHESLINE! There’s so much momentum behind the clothesline from hell that Jaime is flung over the top rope and clear out of the ring…



Other Guy: And MY GOD, that damned Entragian caught The Saint!!

The Saint is groggy as hell, not even realizing what a dangerous position he’s in. Isaac bears all of the Iron Fist Champion’s weight on one shoulder, and he then stalks over to the steel ring steps…BOOTING the top portion free before taking a step up onto the bottom portion of the steps…

Once there, ENTRAGIAN DROPS THE SAINT ON HIS HEAD WITH A SPINE-TINGLING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! There’s a HORRIBLE crunching sound as Jaime’s head connects with steel, and Jaime’s body immediately falls over at an awkward angle, his back laid across the steps with his head lolling, eyes totally glazed over.



Eryk Masters: That was DISTURBING to watch, god only knows the damage done to Jaime’s head and neck after taking that ride…

Isaac admires his handiwork while grinning, and he staggers back and leans against the security railing, motioning for the official to count The Iron Saint down.






The only thing that moves are Jaime’s eyes, darting here and there, as though he’s powerless to even attempt to rise.







Eryk Masters: The Saint is GONE! We are now GURANTEED to have a new Iron Fist Champion!!

Other Guy: And then…there were two.

The Ox lies against the turnbuckles, his face WEEPING blood, so much so that he has to gaze through a red haze. Isaac is equally fucked up, his white flesh streaked in crimson from his head all the way down to his chest and upper arms, yet STILL he comes…

The monster pauses for a moment, digging a steel chair out from under the apron, and then he slides into the ring under the bottom rope before gingerly climbing to his feet. The Ox sees him coming, and he also sees the weapon, yet in a display of herculean courage Lennox steps towards Isaac, putting both fists up while stumbling drunkenly, barely able to keep his feet.

Entragian watches him, something almost like respect in his eyes as he sees the fact that Lennox is STILL hanging in there. Isaac whispers the words…"YOU AND ME" through red-stained lips, and then he moves forward.

Eryk Masters: I know Lennox has turned his back on the fans, and I know he’s changed immensely as the weeks have gone by, but for the love of GOD, I’m pulling for that man! COME ON OX!

Other Guy: Uh, where’s this coming from Eryk? Biased much?

Eryk Masters: You take a GOOD look at Entragian, OG. See him for what he really is. Would you be PROUD to have that ABOMINATION as your Iron Fist Champion? At least Lennox is a HUMAN BEING; at least that man has a heart in his chest and courage in his blood. If Entragian comes out of this one the victor, we might as well be handing SHOOT Project’s Iron Fist Division over to Lucifer himself…

Lennox gathers up EVERYTHING he has, and he plants a target on Entragian’s chest, running forward while winding back that arm for a stellar clothesline…BUT ISAAC MEETS HIM HALFWAY, DRIVING THE EDGE OF THE STEEL CHAIR INTO FERGUSON’s GUT! Lennox doubles over; holding his belly, and meanwhile Isaac unfolds the chair and stands it upright in the middle of the ring.

Other Guy: It’s not looking good at this point…

With Lennox bent over, Isaac leans down and violently LIFTS The Ox up onto his shoulders, turning to face the chair while a look of such blatant sadism crosses through his green eyes. The Ox struggles weakly for a moment, and then ENTRAGIAN THROWS THE OX UP AND OVER, BUT INSTEAD OF EXTENDING HIS KNEE HE DRIVES LENNOX DOWN STOMACH-FIRST ACROSS THE SEAT OF THE STEEL CHAIR!

There’s a screech of bending metal and a hollow sound that echoes through the arena, the chair literally EXPLODING downward following the impact. Lennox rolls against the canvas, his eyes bugged out…coughing so raggedly you fear he may start spitting up internal organs, before his body goes limp and his eyelids flutter closed.

Other Guy: DISEMBOWELER ON THE STEEL CHAIR!! That young man may very well have internal injures as this point, that was goddamned ATROCIOUS!

Isaac begins to laugh, swaying back and forth from exhaustion, and immediately he points down at The Ox’s body while spitting a glob of saliva and blood onto the canvas. The referee drops down, starting in with the count.







There is no movement, not even the slightest twitch as the cameras focus on the carcass of Lennox Ferguson.





The bell immediately sounds, the fans screaming down boos at an alarming rate.


Eryk Masters: Well what I feared the most, is now…a reality. Our new Iron Fist Champion is that damned pale DEVIL standing before you right now…

Other Guy: That was an INSANELY chaotic match, I’m honored to have witnessed it firsthand. All three of these men dug DEEP for Salvation, but in the end, evil reigns supreme…

The Iron Fist Championship is thrust into the pale hands of it’s new owner, and The Ivory Terror literally marvels at the title, greed stating to encircle his black heart…YET something is missing. A light enters Isaac’s eyes, causing him to lean down and SLATHER one hand in the blood caked along Lennox’s forehead, before SMEARING it all over the faceplate of his newly won title.

With this done, Entragian stands TALL, whipping his title up by the strap to hold it high while flickering his forked tongue at the thousands in attendance for Salvation.

Eryk Masters: Fucking shameful…

Other Guy: Talk about making a statement. I think it’s safe to say THE AGE OF ENTRAGIAN has been reborn in SHOOT Project!

There’s a commotion outside of the ring, Jaime pulling himself back into the squared circle while another man races down to join The Saint!


We bring you back to the interview fiasco that was started yesterday evening. You can’t tell, but there is now an acrid odor of burning fabric in the air, however, "The Whole Fucked Up Show" Lunatikk Crippler, who was last night literally too hot for television, as the saying goes, has been extinguished. We noticed he is now wearing an ugly new robe, this time a bright green, and is now seemingly puffing on a pipe instead of a cigarette. He puts the pipe down for the moment, and we also see that his monocle has now switched eyes. It’s easier to pretend not to notice. Also, it should be pointed out that The Crippler is now wearing a red fez with a gold tassel. He also has a piece of paper in his hand.

Crippler: Before we continue, Abigail, I have been asked to read the following statement: Earlier in this interview, I expressed my own personal views of the carbonated soft drink, Pepsi. Those opinions are that of myself and do not necessarily reflect those of the SHOOT Project, or it’s affiliates. I apologize for saying that Pepsi was the drink of the Gods or for even thinking that Pepsi can cure erectile dysfunction. From this point forward during this interview, I shall try my hardest to refrain from any further shameless pandering. Thank you.

Abigail Chase is staring intently at The Crippler, as if she doesn’t believe a word he says.

Crippler: Ms. Chase, please continue.

Abigail: I don’t trust you.

Crippler: Look, I’m sorry, okay? All I wanted to do was entertain. Have a little fun, you know? Look, I’ve prepared some wrestling related questions for you to use. That should make you happy, right?

Abigail picks up a small stack of cards near her. She looks at the one on the top.

Abigail: Well, I guess these are okay.

Crippler: Great! Please be sure to hold each card up, just so you can make sure you can read them right. I know my handwriting can be chicken scratch sometimes.

Abigail lifts the first card up. What she is oblivious to is that the back of the card is the Pizza Hut logo.

Abigail: What is your opinion of the man who recently survived a gauntlet match to win the Rule of Surrender championship, Alex Brooks?

Crippler: That is an absolutely delicious question! To be honest, I think Brooks not only has a deep respect for the old school of wrestling, the kid has a lot of heart. I think we saw that when he won that championship. I mean, he personally beat some of the toughest men in SHOOT, as well as X-Calibur. I, for one, am interested in seeing how well he can do moving forward. Next question, por favor.

Abigail discards the first, then picks up the second question. This time, it is an advertisement for World of Warcraft for all the nerds out there.

Abigail: Where do you see yourself in a year? Still with SHOOT Project?

Crippler: Nah, I’ll probably leave here in two weeks, leaving many people disappointed. Seriously though (The Crippler had to add this quickly, because Abigail looked as though she was gonna kick him in the nads) I’d be a fool if I didn’t say that I would be SHOOT’s World Champion. Yeah, I know that Cade Sydal is the current champ, and Ben Jackman is getting his opportunity, but I’ll earn my shot. It’s my primary goal to work my way straight to the top here in SHOOT, and in a year, that’s where I want to be. Plain and simple.

Abigail discards the WoW card and the next question is brought to you by Trojan condoms. Ribbed for your pleasure.

Abigail: Tanya Black or Laura Seton?

Crippler: Wow, great question. Well, it all depends on the situation. The last time I saw Laura, she was caught in a comprimising position with my current fed head at the time, and I think that was a tough load to swallow. Literally. The position was on her knees. Tanya Black, on the other hand, has a nice rack. I’ve seen it. (Abigail looks shocked) What? Is it so suprising that she has a special mantle made to hold her Sin City Championship?

Abigail: Oh, um I thought you were…

Crippler: She sure does have some sweet melons, too.

Abigail: WHAT?!

Crippler: What? I like a nice, healthy snack sometimes and she brought in a delectable fruit tray from her garden at home. I went straight to the honeydew. You were there, remember?

Abigail: Oh. Well, yes, I guess it was good.

Crippler: And her twins are nothing to shake a stick at.

Abigail: Now, really!

Crippler: I know. But she rescued those identical Dauchsunds and from what she was told, their previous owner beat them pretty bad with a tree branch. Playing fetch with them just brings back bad, bad dog memories.

Abigail: Oh, well, I suppose.

Crippler: She’s got some nice tits, too.

Abigail pauses to make sure that The Crippler can’t turn it into anything else.

Crippler: So we are in agreement? Her funbags are great?

Abigail: WHAT?! No, you pervert!

Crippler: No? Tanya won’t like to hear that.

Abigail: That’s not what I meant!

Crippler: So you do like them?

Abigail: Yes!

Crippler: So you won’t mind if I tell Tanya you’d like to put your face in between them and just go BRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!

Abigail: Don’t tell her that!

Crippler: Gotcha. Our little secret. Next question, please.

Abigail is frustrated as she throws the card away. She picks up the next one, and on the back is an ad for Summer’s Eve Douche.

Abigail: What are your feelings about X-Calibur and, hang on, this is a two part question.

Ms. Chase picks up the next one as well, which bears the logo for Quilted Northern toilet paper.

Abigail: And his partnership with Azrael Goeren?

Crippler: Well, they certainly are committed to each other, you could say. They certainly fit the pictures on the back of their cards.

Abigail: Their what?

Crippler: Um! Nothing! He sucks! They suck! No, don’t do that, please!

Too late. Abigail turned the cards in her hand around to see the douche and the asswipe on the back of the cards. She picks up the stack of questions and looks at the backs.

Abigail: What is this? McDonalds?

Crippler: Hey, they love to see you smile! They told me themselves!

Abigail: Monopoly?


Abigail: I can’t believe this! After you said you would stop pandering!

Crippler: Technically, you did the pandering.

Abigail: This interview is over!

Crippler: WAIT!

Abigail folds her arms over her chest and glares at The Crippler.

Abigail: You have been nothing but unprofessional throughout this enitre affair while I am trying to do my duty

Crippler: Heh heh. Duty.

Abigail: While I am trying to do my JOB. Why the hell should I stay?

The Crippler picks up his pipe and straightens his fez.

Crippler: Because, Abigail, I really feel like I’ve truly gotten to know you in these past thirty minutes! Because, you know, deep in your very soul….You. Want. Me.

The Crippler puts the pipe in his mouth and blows on it, and bubbles explode from the end of it. Classy. He gives Abigail what I’m sure he believes is a seductive stare, but he just looks constipated. She absolutely glares at him, starring daggers with her eyes.

Abigail: I’m in room 312.

Crippler: Excellent! I’ll bring the Pepsi, as it’s refreshing, thirst quenching flavor also acts as an aphrodesiac.

Abigail: Really?

Crippler: Hell, I dunno. Whatever gets you to float my boat.

This concludes the interview. Tonight’s installment is brought to you by Blammo Bubble Pipes. Blammo: Pussy Guaranteed. Back to you, Other Guy!


"1000 Cigarettes" by MSTRKRFT picks up, bringing the fans to boo.  They boo loudly as the song continues…and nobody comes out. 

Other Guy:  Okay…um…what? 

The song continues, and a roadie, easily identified as Danny Evers, runs down to the ring and whispers something in Samantha Coil’s ear.  She walks over to Eryk Masters. 

Eryk Masters:  What?  Are you serious? 

She shrugs as she returns to her spot. 

Other Guy:  What’s up? 

Eryk Masters:  VAS refuse to come out first.  Champion’s privilege, they say. 

Other Guy:  They’re not…but they…okay. 

Other Guy shrugs as “1000 Cigarettes”  cuts off.  The drums kick in and the fans rise to their feet. 



The fans pop BIG as BUCK DRESDEN and CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS emerge from the back, wearing matching black and white tights.  Dresden wears his Cowboy boots while Magnus wears his normal wrestling boots.  The two men slide into the ring, nodding their heads to one another as they enter the ring. 


Magnus and Dresden glare at the entrance as their music dies down…and golden tickertape streams around the arena.  Magnus and Dresden look very irritated as they see the golden streams everywhere.  Suddenly, “1000 Cigarettes”  kicks back in as out from the back comes RAY VALJEAN and JAY SKYLAR.  The two of them stand at the entrance, dancing to their theme music as the hate rains down on them with the gold.  The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts rest comfortably on their waists as they walk down to the ring. 


VAS glare at Coil as they step into the ring, and Austin Linam calls for the bell, not even letting the music cut off! 

Eryk Masters:  Here we go! 

Buck Dresden and Jay Skylar start off the match.  Buck storms right at Skylar, but he ducks under the top rope, yelling for the referee to remove Buck from the offensive.  The fans boo as the referee admonishes both Skylar and Buck.  Skylar high fives Valjean, however, and suddenly Buck storms past Skylar and hip tosses Valjean into the ring! 

Other Guy:  You dumbass!  You just tagged your partner in! 

Skylar argues with the referee as Buck picks Valjean up and NAILS him with an STO!  Valjean cries out in agony, his scream high pitched and a bit whiny.  Buck nods his head to the fans as Skylar continues to bicker with the referee, only for Valjean to NAIL Buck with a low blow!  The fans boo as Valjean wraps Buck up in a small package and Skylar shoves the referee around and he sees it! 



Buck powers out while Magnus claps his hands to the fans, getting them riled up!  Valjean dives at Skylar for the tag, but Buck grabs his feet in mid air and brings him down!  The fans pop as Buck, still cradling his happy place, drags a kicking and screaming Valjean to the BAB corner. 

Eryk Masters:  This is what happens, I’m guessing, when you steal from the Bad Ass Brotherhood! 

Buck picks Valjean up and tags Magnus in, lifting Valjean up, allowing for Magnus to hit a springboard shoulder block to the smaller Valjean.  Magnus picks Skylar up and throws him HARD into his own corner!  Magnus glares at Skylar and demands he tag Valjean and get into the ring.  Skylar holds his hands up, wanting none of Magnus. 

Other Guy:  I guess Jay Skylar’s not wanting to see what Magnus has in store for him after the way he treated Magnus’s title belt! 

Magnus beckons Skylar on, and Valjean reaches up for his partner, but Skylar says no!  Valjean turns and glares at his partner and demands he tag himself in, but Skylar STILL says no!  Valjean yells at Skylar, but Magnus grabs Valjean from behind and RAMS him into Skylar, knocking him off of the ring apron!  Valjean is dazed, and Magnus hooks him up…belly to back suplex!  Magnus gets back up to one knee and looks at where Skylar fell, but he doesn’t see him!  He turns to Buck, who shrugs his shoulders and then looks over to the fans, who are pointing…at the ring! 

Eryk Masters:  Jay Skylar’s gone under the ring! 

Magnus scrambles from the ring as Austin Linam makes the count! 


Magnus walks around the ring, looking for where Skylar might come out at. 


Suddenly, he sees Skylar peeking out from under the ring apron, trying to avoid being seen! 


Magnus runs to Skylar, who ducks back under the ring apron, and Magnus gives chase! 


Eryk Masters:  What the hell…Jay Skylar and Charles Brandon Magnus are BOTH under the ring now? 


Jay Skylar suddenly appears on the other side, scrambling to get out from under the ring when suddenly Magnus’s hand shoots out and grabs his ankle! 


Jay Skylar is dragged BACK under the ring! 


Buck looks down at the ring apron, confused. 


Magnus slowly slides from underneath the ring.  He looks at Buck and pulls himself onto the ring apron. 


Magnus re-enters the ring, grinning at an obviously worried Ray Valjean. 

Other Guy:  Um…do we need EMTs under the ring? 

Magnus walks over to Valjean and immediately drags him over to Buck.  He tags Buck in and the two of them Irish whip Valjean to the ropes.  They catch him and IMMEDIATELY drive him to the mat with a HARD double Spinebuster!  Valjean grimaces in pain as Buck picks up Valjean and scoop slams him down to the mat.  He paces around his fallen foe as Valjean starts to slowly slink away to his corner, looking to tag in a partner who is no longer there.  Buck walks behind Valjean slowly, hunting his prey.  Valjean pulls himself up in his corner, and Buck quickly clotheslines him from behind into the corner.  Valjean is FLATTENED in the corner as Buck snatches him up, hooks the arm, and nails a Side Russian Leg Sweep!  Buck gets up quickly and picks Valjean up as well.  He whips Valjean into the Brotherhood corner and Magnus hits him with a HARD elbow shot, rocking the VAS member, turning him around…and Buck LIFTS HIM IN THE AIR WITH A GORILLA PRESS! 

Eryk Masters:  Look at the impressive strength from the Kick Ass Cowboy himself! 

Other Guy:  How is that impressive?  Ray Valjean weighs about as much as a wet pillow. 

Buck looks around at the fans as Valjean suddenly, snakes down the back of Big Buck and rolls him up for a pin! 




Buck looks furious that Valjean managed to try to get a pin attempt on him.  Buck stomps down on Valjean HARD before he walks over to his partner and tags Magnus in.  Magnus picks Valjean up when suddenly, the camera shifts to Buck Dresden to see Dresden knocked DOWN! 

Other Guy:  What?! 

The camera focuses and sees JAY SKYLAR clutching a STEEL PIPE over the body of Buck Dresden!  The fans boo LOUDLY as Magnus is unaware of what’s happening!  Magnus picks Valjean up, but Valjean throws Austin Linam into Magnus, who accidently clubs Linam down to the mat!  Skylar quickly slides the pipe into the ring and Valjean cradles it where Magnus can’t see it! 

Eryk Masters:  Ray Valjean has that damn pipe! 

Magnus shakes Linam a few times but gets no response.  He bends down and picks Valjean up…and Valjean CLOCKS him in the head with the pipe!  Valjean throws it from the ring as Magnus falls like a sack of potatoes!  Skylar sprints over to his side of the ring and hops up onto the ring apron, screaming for Valjean to tag him in! 

Other Guy:  That dumbass wants to get in the ring now that Magnus is down and out! 

Eryk Masters:  The Brotherhood are easy prey right now! 

Linam shakes off the cobwebs as Valjean slides over to his corner and tags Jay Skylar into the match!  The fans boo LOUDLY as Skylar prances around Magnus’s body, laughing.  He picks Magnus up to his knees…SWAGGER JACKER TO THE FACE.  Magnus rocks back and Skylar quickly catches him with the UGLY STICK!  The fans are booing HARD as Skylar puts him in position and runs up to the top rope!  He nods his head triumphantly as he leaps off…SO FLY!  The fans are LIVID as Skylar drapes himself over Magnus, counting along with Austin Linam! 


Eryk Masters:  NO! 



THREE…NO!  NO!  BUCK SAVES MAGNUS!  The fans ERUPT as Buck DOVE into the ring and saved his partner from defeat!  Valjean rushes the ring and Buck SLAMS him down to the mat!  Buck lifts Skylar up…BUCK SHOT!  He picks Magnus up, slapping his partner in the face to see if he’s up and ready to go.  Magnus looks confused and tired as Buck yells for him to get Valjean ready.  Magnus lifts Valjean onto his shoulders as Buck bounces off of the ropes…AND MAGNUS DROPS VALJEAN WITH A SAMOAN DROP RIGHT AS BUCK NAILS VALJEAN’S HEAD WITH A HARD BICYCLE KICK!  The fans POP as Valjean rolls from the ring, clutching his head.  Magnus is still out of it as Buck slaps him HARD in the face again, the fans loving it as the partners are amped and ready! 

Other Guy:  Jay Skylar is all alone out here now against the Brotherhood! 

Buck LIFTS Skylar up onto his shoulders, nodding his head with a grin on his face.  Magnus grabs Skylar’s head by his hair, lifts his head so the two of them can see eye to eye…and Magnus waves goodbye to him!  Buck THROWS Skylar UP…DOUBLE KNEE GUTBUSTER JUST AS MAGNUS NAILS AN ACT OF INHUMANITY!! 

Other Guy:  OUCH!  DAMN!  Double knees gutbuster from Buck Dresden comboed up with a HARD Codebreaker from Magnus and Skylar is OUT! 

Buck glares Ray Valjean down on the outside of the ring as Magnus falls onto Skylar’s body! 





The bell rings as Buck snatches the World Tag Team Championship belts away from Austin Linam and wraps his arms around Magnus’s neck, the two men loving this moment as “Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi kicks in. 

Eryk Masters:  It was short, it was sweet, but the Bad Ass Brotherhood have reclaimed their titles and retained their champion status! 

Other Guy:  The Brotherhood said from day one that you can run, you can hide, but eventually…they were gonna find you…and find VAS they did! 

Magnus and Dresden hoist their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts in the air for all to see.   

Eryk Masters:  You have to assume that after this, the Brotherhood have probably Frontline II TURBO in their sights for their next challenge…I mean, they’ve got probably the best record in the company, right? 

Suddenly, the lights go out. 

Other Guy:  What now?! 

Suddenly, a single blood red spotlight shines down at the entrance.  Standing there?  PROJECT: SCAR.  The camera focuses in on The Bad Ass Brotherhood as they glare at Laws of Survival Champion Adrian Corazon and Kenji Yamada, Iron Fist Champion Isaac Entragian nowhere to be found.  Magnus shakes his head as Buck walks over and grabs a hold of Samantha Coil’s microphone. 


Kenji sneers at Dresden as the lights come up, bathing the two members of Project:SCAR in pure white light. 

Buck Dresden:  What the HELL are you two thinkin’?! 

The fans ERUPT.  Magnus leans into Buck’s microphone, holding his belt up for them to see. 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I THINK they think they’re gonna jump in front of our next challengers. 

Buck Dresden:  Y’all greedy sumbitches want some of this right here? 

Charles Brandon Magnus:  It’s  gonna take a LOT more than cow livers to scare us. 

Eryk Masters:  You gotta think Frontline II TURBO is watching THIS and they can’t be happy! 

Dresden leans against the ropes, smirking. 

Buck Dresden:  Come an’  get it, you fucked up little bastards. 

The fans POP as Project:SCAR continue to glare HARD, their point made.  They slink back to the darkness as The Bad Ass Brotherhood slap their fists against their chests, holding their belts high, “Blaze of Glory” kicks back in, loud and proud. 

Other Guy:  I tell you what, if I was Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa, I wouldn’t stand for their.  They’re the unofficial number one contenders in my book, and these two sick freaks have torn up some of our heroes, and they don’t even care who’s next…be it these Brotherhood or the Frontline…all I do know is the SHOOT Project Tag Team Division is alive and well!  Hell, who knows what happens in the career of VAS, too! 

Eryk Masters:  I tell you this much, OG…I can’t wait to see…and I know I’m not alone in this…I can’t wait to see who the Bad Ass Brotherhood go up against next!


A video package plays, set to “The Battle Rages On” by Deep Purple.  As the music plays in the background, the fans at home and the fans in the arena are shown the history of the ongoing war between Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui. 

We see Dave Dymond’s return to Revolution months ago, and Jonas Coleman interrupting Dymond’s promo, and punching him in the mouth… 

We see Akuma Satsui attacking and tearing at the flesh of Jonas Coleman, stabbing at his forehead with his wooden “kagyaku” sticks… 

We see a bloodied Jonas Coleman throwing Dave Dymond into a vending machine, head first… 

We see Akuma Satsui shoving Jonas Coleman’s mother into an open grave, while Dave Dymond looks on, with an insane smile on his face… 

We see the first match between Coleman and Satsui; Coleman smashing Satsui with a steel chain, Satsui throwing a fireball into Coleman’s face, Coleman beating on Dave Dymond, and both men shoving the referee… 

We see Coleman painting the words “Hi Mom” across the chest of Dave Dymond in Dymond’s own blood… 

We see Satsui attacking Coleman with a chair, and breaking his hand as Dymond looks on in approval, shouting orders… 

We see Akuma Satsui throwing young Michael Seraph down the stairs of Eureka Tower in Australia with Dave Dymond looking on, with an insane expression in his face… 

We see the second match between the two men, with them brawling through the arena, into the back, and off the loading dock… 

We see Akuma Satsui brutalizing a group of unsuspecting wrestling students at the Layne Jacobs wrestling academy… 

We see Jonas Coleman being whipped across the back with a heavy gauge steel chain by his own partners, and the look of determination on his face as it happens… 

The scenes end, and we focus on a “face off” shot of Coleman and Satsui, and in the background a mischievous looking Dave Dymond smiles. 

The shot returns to the arena live, and we see that while the video package has been playing, the ring crew have been hard at work.  The ropes and turnbuckles have been taken down.  In their place, thick steel chain has been wound around the ring.  In the place of the turnbuckle pads (which have been removed) a small size of chain has been wrapped tightly around the corner – essentially creating a steel turnbuckle pad. 

“Station” by Russian Circles blasts from the sound system, and the fans leap to their feet, cheering their hearts out. Jonas Coleman appears at the top of the ramp, and you can tell he is psyched up beyond belief. The Butcher charges to the ring, using his uninjured hand to slap as many outstretched hands from fans with a high five as he can.  Coleman makes one full circuit of the ring, taking in the amazing ovation, and then he slides under the bottom strand of chain. 

In the middle of the ring, there is a massive length of heavy steel chain, with a wrist attachment on each end. Jonas Coleman snatches it up, and slaps it on his wrist, fastening it shut.  Coleman stands on one spot and limbers up, but you can tell he is keyed up to the max, and can’t wait to go to battle. 

The menacing sound of “Brotherhood of Man” by Motorhead starts to play over the sound system, and Dave Dymond appears in the spotlight at the top of the ramp. He is wearing blue jeans, brand new white jogging shoes, and a Salvation Pay Per View T-Shirt, covered with a black blazer. He is also wearing a black baseball cap with the SHOOT Project Helmet Logo, and he has his laminated SHOOT backstage pass hanging around his neck. 

The stocky and obnoxious manager for Akuma Satsui stands in the spotlight for a moment, as the capacity crowd blasts him with a chorus of jeers so loud that it almost drowns out the music.  As always, Dave Dymond’s mouth can be seen moving a mile a minute, even though he doesn’t have a microphone and nobody can hear him.  The former head booker for OPW and SHOOT Project play-by-play man is smiling widely, and after soaking up the negative attention for a few seconds, he turns and gestures into the darkness. 

Akuma Satsui emerges into the light, wearing a dark blue workout suit with a bright red sash, and a red towel over his head, obscuring most of his face.  We can see that he is clenching a sharpened wooden stick in-between his teeth, as per usual.  As the music continues to play, Dave Dymond leads Akuma Satsui up the aisle. All the while Dave Dymond is pointing into the camera that is following them along, and he is talking up a storm. Although he can still not be heard clearly, it appears that he is loudly proclaiming the supremacy of Akuma Satsui, deriding Jonas Coleman, insulting the fans, and basically saying anything else that comes into his mind. 

Finally the two men reach the ringside area.  Dave Dymond looks up at the ring, and takes in the sight of the ring encased in chains, with the steel turnbuckle pads, and the 8 foot length of chain laying in the center of the ring.  Jonas Coleman is pacing back and forth and pointing at Dymond and Satsui.   

Dave Dymond removes the towel from the head of Satsui, and tosses it aside.  Akuma Satsui removes his jacket and Dymond takes that and hands it to one of the ringside employees.  Satsui walks up the steps, looking at Coleman and grinning.  Akuma Satsui grabs his end of the chain and clamps it on his wrist, as his music fades.  Outside the ring, Samantha takes the microphone in hand, as Mark Kendrick rings the bell three times. 

Samantha Coil: This next match is your CO-MAIN EVENT for the evening and is a STEEL CHAIN MATCH! 

The fans roar in approval, and Dave Dymond looks out at the crowd and bellows at the top of his lungs for them to shut up. 

Samantha Coil: The rules for this match are as follows!  Both participants are chained together at the wrist, and there are NO RULES for this match – ANYTHING GOES!  The first competitor to render his opponent helpless and touch all four turnbuckles in sequence without being interrupted will be declared the winner! 

Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui have both voluntarily fastened the chain around their respective right wrists, and are now manacled together with an 8 foot heavy steel chain.  The two men are staring a hole into each other, but both seem eerily calm.  They are engaged in a stare-down, while on the outside of the ring Dave Dymond is pacing around frantically, waving his arms, pounding on the apron, yelling at the fans, and making a general pain in the ass out of himself.   

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, in the far corner! Hailing from Houston, Texas and weighing in a 260 pounds, this is the man the fans have dubbed “The Defender of the Faith” – THE BUTCHER: JONAS COLEMAN! 

The ovation for Jonas Coleman is astounding.  For a minute it feels as if an earthquake has hit the arena, as the fans are cheering, whistling, stomping their feet, clapping their hands, and yelling their hearts out for their hero.  The camera quickly scans the massive crowd, and there is a sea of signs supporting Jonas Coleman, some proclaiming THE BUTCHER, others THE DEFENDER OF THE FAITH, and yet others simply wearing the popular T-shirt with the face of Jonas Coleman on the font and “Come and Fucking Get It” on the back.  In the front row alone, there is a row of fans, each one wearing a white butcher’s apron with a red letter painted on the front – and standing in a row they spell out COLEMAN. 

At the sound of the incredible response for Jonas Coleman, Dave Dymond leaps to the apron, points out to the crowd and starts hollering at the top of his lungs, ordering them to be quiet.  The camera microphone at ringside can faintly pick up what Dymond is yelling, and it sounds like he is threatening to sue each and every one of the fans in attendance.  A noticeable “Dymond SUCKS” chant starts up, which sends Dave Dymond into one of his now famous temper tantrums, as he jumps up and down with a red face, and almost gives himself a fit from yelling so loud. 

Samantha Coil: His opponent is represented by the man who insists on being introduced as the SHOOT Project 2011 Manager of the Year: DAVE DYMOND! 

Dave Dymond immediately calms down and bows theatrically, even though he is not receiving one single cheer, and the boos and jeers are thunderous.  A fair amount of debris is raining down towards the former booker for OPW, but Dymond appears oblivious as he is now giving himself a hearty round of applause. 

Samantha Coil: Mr. Dymond represents, hailing from Japan and weighing in at 350 pounds – The Asian Nightmare: AKUMA SATSUI! 

Akuma Satsui remains in his corner of the ring, with his gaze focused firmly on Jonas Coleman.  Satsui does not even appear to notice the loud jeers in response to the announcement of his name, he simply remains locked in a stare-down with his adversary.  Meanwhile, Dave Dymond has jumped down from the apron and is standing in the corner of Akuma Satsui quietly. 

Referee Willie Dean is standing next to the ring, and he points at Dave Dymond and then turns and says something to Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil.  Samantha Coil nods and takes the microphone in her hand. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, referee Willie Dean has stated that this match cannot begin until Dave Dymond is chained to the ringpost in Akuma Satsui’s corner, as the match stipulates! 

A roar of approval goes up from the crowd.  Jonas Coleman is smirking as he points down at Dave Dymond and holds up his own chained wrist.  Dave Dymond starts to shake his head angrily.  Willie Dean approaches Dymond and points to the corner post, holding up a length of chain.  Dave Dymond shrieks and starts to back off. 

Finally Dymond runs past Dean and grabs the microphone out of the hand of Samantha Coil. 

Dave Dymond: First of all, you people need to SHUT UP! 

The boos and jeers are thunderous. 

Dave Dymond: There seems to be a misunderstanding here.  I will NOT allow myself to be chained up like a common criminal.  Just because I am Canadian, don’t think for a minute that I don’t know about the law.  Canadians are experts on Human Rights! 

The boos continue. 

Dave Dymond: I know that according to American history, General Isaiah Thomas signed the Declaration of Enunciation in the year 1976, guaranteeing all men everywhere the right to Life, Liberty, and Affordable Auto Insurance.  He FREED the slaves and ended the Gulf War. So I will NOT consent to being chained up! NO! 

The jeers continue. Some overzealous fans are throwing garbage along with the verbal abuse and a loud “CHAIN HIM UP” chant starts, which sends Dymond into a fit. 

Dave Dymond: NO! You will NOT chain me up!  I have a note from my doctor!  I can’t be chained up!  I have a medical condition!  I suffer from hypergonadism! 

Suddenly, a large group of security men appear from the crowd.  There is at least seven of them, large men wearing black SHOOT Project t-shirts with the word SECURITY emblazoned across the back.  The men go into formation and walk towards Dave Dymond. One of them grabs the chain from Willie Dean as they approach. 

Dave Dymond: Get away from me!  I’m warning you, don’t you touch me! I’ll sue you and your entire families! Is there no justice? Leave me alone!  Help! OH GAWD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME! SOMEBODY CALL FAHRENHEIT 911! GET MICHEAL MOORE! HELP! ATTICA! RODNEY KING! 

The security force jump on Dave Dymond, and easily drag him to the corner of Akuma Satsui. One of the men slaps the chain around the wrist of Dave Dymond, and secures it, while the others lock the chain to the post.  Nodding in satisfaction, they walk away, as the fans express their happiness with thunderous cheers. 

Satisfied, Willie Dean turns to Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil, and calls for the bell!   

Eryk Masters: We’re ready to get underway here with the latest battle in the ongoing war between Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui, and this one promises to be an epic confrontation. 

The Other Guy: As far as I’m concerned we got our money’s worth already. We got to see Dave Dymond dragged to the corner like a dog, and chained up.  Look at him, he’s having a damn fit! 

Indeed, Dave Dymond is pulling as hard as he can at his chain, to no success of course.  Dymond proceeds to lean back and scream at the top of his lungs, and jump up and down. 

In the ring, Coleman and Satsui continue to slowly pace around in a circle, each one tugging tentatively at the steel chain.  Finally, both men dig in, and start to pull back, in a vicious tug of war.  As both men dig in and pull with all their might, the fans start to chant over and over again… 




This does nothing to improve the mood of Dave Dymond, who proceeds to turn around and bellow at the crowd to be quiet.  Meanwhile, Satsui seems to be getting the upper hand in the tug of war, but there is a reason for that… 

The Other Guy: Satsui is winning this test of strength… 

Eryk Masters: I wouldn’t say that!  Coleman can barely use his left hand to pull with, it’s still broken!  It’s basically a guy that outweighs him by 100 pounds and has the use of both arms pulling him!  I’m amazed that Coleman has held his ground this long! 

With one final massive pull on the chain, Akuma Satsui yanks Jonas Coleman into the air, right towards him. Satsui sticks out his arm and flattens Coleman with a violent clothesline.  Coleman hits the mat, coughing and holding his neck. 

Satsui starts to stomp on Coleman, keeping him prone and softening him up.  Finally, he drops a big knee right into the midsection of Jonas Coleman.  As Coleman is doubled up in pain, Akuma Satsui circles around behind him, dragging the chain behind him. 

Akuma Satsui stands behind Jonas Coleman and starts to methodically wrap the massive length of chain around the neck of the man known as The Butcher.  Outside the ring, Dave Dymond has finally calmed down to a degree, and he is pounding his hands on the apron, shouting encouragement at Satsui.  Satsui now has the chain totally wrapped around Coleman’s neck, and he kneels behind Coleman and starts to twist and turn the chain, adding pressure. 

Eryk Masters: Akuma Satsui has that massive steel chain wrapped around the neck of Jonas Coleman, and he is using it to totally choke Coleman out, cutting off his air. 

The Other Guy: Yeah and he’s pulling and twisting on it, to top it off.  I don’t know how Coleman is going to get out of this… 

As the crowd goes eerily quiet, Akuma Satsui continues to squeeze the chain around the neck of Jonas Coleman, but Coleman is not going to go out easily.  The man known as The Butcher is kicking his legs and thrashing his arms around with all his might, twisting and turning his body in an attempt to break free.  Satsui bears down on the neck of Coleman, refusing to be shaken off. 

The face of Jonas Coleman starts to slowly turn bright red.  After that, his energy starts to die out, and his fighting starts to slow.  Coleman’s face starts to slowly turn a purplish shade, and he slumps over onto his side, breathing heavily.  Akuma Satsui stands up and looks down at Coleman with a crazed look on his face. 

Satsui reaches into the pocket of his Karate Pants, and pulls out one of his sharpened wooded kagyaku sticks.  Akuma Satsui brandishes the stick like a knife and looks as if he is about to start stabbing the unconscious Coleman with the stick, when suddenly Dave Dymond starts pounding on the apron and shouting at Satsui. Dymond is shaking his head and pointing to the corner, yelling in Japanese. 

Eryk Masters: Akuma Satsui is still in the driver’s seat here, and it looks like he has pretty much choked Jonas Coleman out with that chain – and now he wants to torture him a bit. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, but look at Dymond!  He wants Satsui to start touching turnbuckles, and get the win.  I think this shows that Dave Dymond is starting to respect Jonas Coleman, if not as a person then as a fighter. Dymond knows that it’s practically impossible to get Jonas Coleman to stay down. He knows that if you have Coleman down, you strike while you can.  

Akuma Satsui stands over Jonas Coleman, clutching the kagyaku stick in his hand, but now he is staring at Dave Dymond, as Dymond is shouting instructions. Satsui looks at Dymond, then down at Coleman, then back at Dymond.  Finally, he turns his back, and heads toward the far corner.  When he reaches it, he slaps the turnbuckle. 

Mark Kendrick rings the bell once, and Samantha Coil makes the announcement: 

Samantha Coil: ONE!  Akuma Satsui has scored one touch! 

Satsui is dragging Jonas Coleman behind him like a bag of garbage, as he heads to the next corner, and slaps the turnbuckle.  The bell rings twice. 

Samantha Coil: TWO!  Akuma Satsui has scored two consecutive touches! 

Satsui looks down at Coleman.  Coleman still has the chain wrapped around his neck multiple times, and he has gone from red faced, to purple, to an almost ashy-grey color.  He is no longer kicking or struggling.  Satsui heads to the next turnbuckle, the one above the post where Dave Dymond is shackled.  Satsui slaps the turnbuckle as Dave Dymond dances back and forth frantically – as much as he can. 

The bell rings three times.   

Samantha Coil: THREE!  Akuma Satsui has scored three consecutive touches! 

Suddenly, the eyes of Jonas Coleman open, and he looks around wildly, as if he has just woken from a dread.  Satsui has his back turned, and is starting to head to the fourth and final corner.  The fans go berserk at the sight of Coleman awake, and Dave Dymond places his hands on top of his own head and screams at the top of his lungs. 

As Akuma Satsui starts to slowly turn around, Jonas Coleman reaches up and starts to rapidly unwind the chain from around his neck.  As Satsui turns and faces him, Jonas Coleman scrambles to his feet, and leaps high into the air, nailing Satsui right on the jaw with a perfect standing dropkick.  Satsui hits the mat like a ton of bricks! 

As the crowd continues to rock the foundation with the volume of their cheers, Coleman finishes unwrapping the chain from around his neck, and he takes a long length in his hand and starts to swing it over his head.  With a fluid and sharp motion, he swings the chain downward, smashing it across the prone body of Akuma Satsui! 

The Other Guy: OUCH!  That has GOT to hurt like a SONOFABITCH! 

Eryk Masters: This is amazing!  The sound of the bell ringing three times served as some sort of psychological alarm for Jonas Coleman! The minute he heard that sound he came to life, and now he is swinging that chain like a whip, beating Akuma Satsui half to death!  And listen to these FANS! 

Jonas Coleman is repeatedly lashing Akuma Satsui with the chain, smashing it over his body like a whip.  Satsui his curled into a fetal position, and is protecting his head, but the repeated lashes are causing massive red welts all over the body of the man known as The Asian Nightmare – and as they do, his manager has a conniption on the outside of the ring. 

Finally, Coleman is done whipping Satsui with the chain, and he quickly wraps it around his hand a few times – his good hand – and then he leaps into the air and plants a dead-on fist drop right on the head of Akuma Satsui with his chain covered hand!  Satsui screams and we see a splatter of his blood immediately erupt from his forehead. 

The Butcher stands up, looks down in satisfaction, and then reaches over and slaps the top turnbuckle, the one that Satsui had been heading towards.  The bell rings once, and at ringside Samantha Coil makes the announcement… 

Samantha Coil: ONE!  Jonas Coleman has scored one touch! 

The Other Guy: So this means Satsui is leading three to one? 

Eryk Masters: Nope!  The rules to this match are exactly like the rules for an Indian Strap Match – you have to touch all four corners consecutively to win the match.  If your opponent interrupts you and touches a corner, you go back to zero and have to start all over again! 

The Other Guy: That explains why Dave Dymond looks like he’s about to have an aneurism out there.  Look at him. His face is purple, and he doesn’t have any chain around his neck! 

Although Akuma Satsui has been whipped with the chain and busted open with a chain-fist drop, he is still conscious and he gets to his knees, and then his feet. As Jonas Coleman starts to walk toward the next corner, Satsui comes up behind him, and sticks both his hands into the back of Coleman, and then rakes them downward, tearing at the flesh of The Butcher.  Akuma Satsui has his fingernails sharpened to points, so Coleman feels as if he has been scraped with knives, and he yells in pain as trails of blood start to instantly trickle down his back. 

Coleman turns around, but is met by a violent palm thrust in the throat from Akuma Satsui.  Coleman staggers backward, and Akuma Satsui clamps one of his hands over the face of his opponent, and then with his other hand he spins him around.  Satsui grabs a handful of Coleman’s hair, and with an insane scream, he lunges forward and rams the face of Jonas Coleman directly into the top turnbuckle at full speed – and that turnbuckle is of course covered with a spool of chain. 

Coleman’s head bounces back with a huge blood spray in the air, caused by the impact of his face into the steel.  It looks like Coleman’s forehead has been busted open, along with his nose and maybe even one of his lips.  Now both men are bleeding from the face liberally, and Satsui is covered in huge red welts from being whipped by the chain, while Coleman’s back is bleeding from being raked with Satsui’s claw-like nails. 

Eryk Masters: I need to warn you, I may throw up. 

The Other Guy: Hey, I have a question. When Satsui smashed Coleman’s face into the corner, did that count as a touch for Satsui, or Coleman? 

Eryk Masters: Very funny, OG.  Neither, and you know that. You have to slap the turnbuckle with your hand, not with somebody else’s face. 

Coleman is stunned from the impact into the corner, and Satsui stays on the attack. He actually lifts one of his legs into the air and nails Jonas Coleman upside the head with a savate kick. The flurry of offense by Satsui has helped quiet the crowd to a degree, and Dave Dymond is leaning on the apron, watching intently. 

Akuma Satsui releases a flurry of wicked knife edge chops to the side of the neck of The Butcher, which causes Jonas Coleman’s legs to buckle. Satsui grabs Coleman by the wrist and hurls him across the ring, as he runs close behind. Coleman hits the “ropes” but since the ropes have been replaced with tightly wound chain, The Butcher gets a chain shot to the back and kidneys, and he yells out in pain as he rebounds. 

Akuma Satsui swings with deadly precision, swinging both arms across in a cutting motion, executing a double arm chop across the face, neck and torso of Jonas Coleman. Coleman is raised into the air from the force of the impact, and then he falls back first to the mat. 

Satsui grabs Coleman by one of his ankles and drags him toward the corner.  Using some of the abundant slack provided by the lengthy chain, Akuma Satsui goes to work, chaining Jonas Coleman up to the corner, back first.  As Satsui winds the chain around Coleman’s body, Dave Dymond points upward and shouts encouragement from outside the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Akuma Satsui, the man known as The Narita Nightmare, the Terror from Tokyo, the Poison Spike from the Pacific Rim, he is in his element here.  No rules, and a prone opponent. 

The Other Guy: To me it’s pretty damn clear he isn’t worrying about winning this match right now.  He’s chaining Coleman so much that Satsui isn’t going to have enough chain left to reach the other corners. 

Jonas Coleman is now being held in the corner by the loops of chain covering his body. Akuma Satsui stands back and looks at Coleman. A slow, sick smile starts to spread across his face.  Satsui rears back his head, screams at the top of his lungs, and then leaps forward and BITES Jonas Coleman on the side of the face! 

The fans almost scream in shock, and Jonas Coleman starts to thrash around in vain, trying to escape as hard as he can.  His arms are chained at his side, and his legs are being held in place by the chain Satsui has wrapped him up with as well, so Coleman is at Satsui’s mercy.  Satsui pulls his face away finally, and his face is covered in a mixture of Coleman and his own blood.  Akuma Satsui is still smiling and he has the same insane look on his face. 

As the fans start to chant “LET’S GO BUTCHER! LET’S GO BUTCHER! LET’S GO BUTCHER!” Akuma Satsui reaches into his pocket and pulls out two or three of his sharpened wooden kagyaku sticks in his hand.  Satsui places one in his teeth, and brandishes one in each hand, and then he goes on the attack.  Akuma Satsui starts repeatedly jabbing, stabbing and jutting away at the trapped Jonas Coleman, piercing him in multiple places all over his torso. 

Eryk Masters: Oh no…come on, NO!  This is too much!  This isn’t wrestling, this isn’t hardcore, this is…this is SICK!  Akuma Satsui is basically stabbing Jonas Coleman repeatedly, all over with those damn sticks! 

The Other Guy: Nothing Coleman can do either!  He can’t quit, he can’t tap out! Only one way to win this match, so he’d better hope Satsui gets tired of stabbing him and stops, because there is nothing else that can stop this! 

The Butcher, Jonas Coleman is a mess.  His forehead is bleeding from being bashed into the corner, there is blood flowing from his nose, his upper lip is cut and swelling, and the left side of his face is bleeding from being bitten by Akuma Satsui.  He is chained in place, and he now has multiple small puncture wounds all over his shoulders, arms and chest – to match the scratches on his back. 

Akuma Satsui stops stabbing, and takes a step back, admiring his sick handiwork. Satsui does not look well either.  One of his eyes is totally swollen shut from the chained-fist drop by Jonas Coleman, and his body is covered with multiple swollen red welts.  Blood is also flowing from his forehead, nose and mouth. 

Satsui simply looks at the bloodied and beaten Coleman, and then looks down at Dave Dymond.  Dymond is jumping up and down and imploring Satsui to loosen the chains around from Coleman, get some slack, and start toward the next corner, to score a touch on the turnbuckle.  Satsui nods, and starts to unwrap the chain from around the bloodied carcass of Jonas Coleman. 

Eryk Masters: This is just insane.  I know these type of over the top death matches were popular in Japan, and even in some smaller independent organizations in North America back in the nineties, but this is SHOOT Project, and it’s 2011.  This is barbaric. 

The Other Guy: It is what it is, Masters.  There is so much hatred with these two guys, what are you going to do?  Have them wrestling in a Pure Wrestling best out of three falls match?   

As the announcers discuss the brutality they are witnessing, Akuma Satsui has finished unwrapping Jonas Coleman.  The Butcher slumps to his knees, and now he and Akuma Satsui are simply facing each other, with the chain binding them together on their wrists.  Satsui looks like he is ready to turn his back and start heading across the ring, but in one last shot, he aims a wicked looking kick, and smashes his bare foot squarely against the limp left hand of Jonas Coleman. 

Akuma Satsui has just kicked the broken hand of Jonas Coleman, as hard as he can. 

The massive crowd gasps loudly in sympathy for Jonas Coleman, and Coleman’s head snaps back, and he cradles his broken left hand in his other hand, and screams in total agony.  Akuma Satsui looks down at Jonas Coleman and as loud as Coleman is screaming in pain, Satsui laughs like a madman. 

Jonas Coleman focuses his eyes directly on Akuma Satsui, and with a deranged fire in his eyes, he goes into a three point stance, and charges at Satsui – full speed. The Butcher smashes into the midsection of Akuma Satsui shoulder first, catching the Japanese monster totally by surprise, and driving him back first into the mat like a bag of wet cement.  The fans of course, go crazy, leaping to their feet and cheering their hearts out. 

Eryk Masters: HOLY SHIT! 

The Other Guy: Masters!  Language! 

Eryk Masters: I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe it! 

The Other Guy: I was kidding, Masters. We’re on Pay Per View. I don’t give a fuck if you swear. 

Eryk Masters: What is it with Jonas Coleman?  Something inside this man just refuses to quit.  It’s almost like the more you beat him, the more you hurt him, the more determined he gets to come back at you.  I’m starting to wonder if this man can be defeated! 

The Other Guy: I think Dymond is starting to wonder that too. 

Outside the ring, Dave Dymond is having yet another spaz attack, kicking the ring skirt, cursing and slamming his fists on the apron.  Meanwhile, Jonas Coleman has taken a fighters stance over Akuma Satsui, he is on one knee over the winded Japanese monster.  As Satsui struggles to breathe after Coleman knocked the wind right out of him, Coleman quickly wraps the chain around his fist several times, but leaves himself plenty of slack.  He holds his chain covered fist up in the air, and as hard as it is to believe, the fans cheer and scream even louder. It almost feels as if there is an earthquake due to the pure volume of the cheers for Jonas Coleman. 

Jonas Coleman is crouched on one knee over Akuma Satsui, his fist wrapped up in the chain, and with a look of incredible determination, he goes to work.  The Butcher places his broken hand behind the prone head of Satsui, and then Coleman starts to smash his chain covered fist into the face of Akuma Satsui, again and again and again. 

Akuma Satsui was already bloody, but now the blood is literally starting to fly, as Coleman pounds away at the face of the Asian Nightmare, repeatedly.  The forehead, nose, and mouth of Satsui are bleeding profusely, so much so that his entire face is now entirely covered in blood. 

Suddenly, Jonas Coleman stops punching. 

Eryk Masters: Thank gawd.  I think Coleman punched himself into exhaustion. 

The Other Guy: Sorry Masters, but I don’t that’s what happened at all. I think things are about to go from bad to worse for Satsui. 

Jonas Coleman unwraps the chain from around his fist, and looks to his right. Laying on the mat is one of Satsui’s wooden kagyaku sticks.  With a gleam in his eye, Coleman snatches it up, and brandishes in the exact way that Satsui does – like a stabbing weapon. 

Coleman holds the stick over his head, and the fans roar their approval for the revenge they hope to see.  Coleman starts to repeatedly jab the wooden spike into the forehead of Akuma Satsui, even though Satsui’s head is already soaked with blood. 

Jonas Coleman’s arm is a blur as he jabs and stabs and sticks the wooden spike into the head of Akuma Satsui, over and over.  Satsui is kicking his legs wildly, and thrashing around, trying to escape, but Jonas Coleman has him in the MMA style mount position, and he is not relinquishing his control. 

Eryk Masters: I’ve called some screwed up matches in my time, but this might be the worst bloodbath I’ve ever called. 

The Other Guy: Both these guys are close to passing out from blood loss, and I’m not kidding.  The mat looks like a red cross truck crashed. 

Finally, Jonas Coleman tosses the wooden stick aside, and stands up.  He looks around the arena and holds both his arms high in the air, as the fans cheer their hero with every fan in the arena on their feet.  Coleman looks down at Satsui wallowing around in a pool of his own blood, and smiles in satisfaction. 

With Dave Dymond outside gibbering in panic, Jonas Coleman walks over to the corner above Dymond, gives Satsui’s manager the finger, and then slaps the turnbuckle. 

The bell rings twice… 

Samantha Coil: TWO!  Jonas Coleman has scored two touches! 

Coleman is not steady on his feet. He is wobbling, and needs to hold the chain/rope to keep himself upright, but he heads to the next corner and slaps the top turnbuckle with authority.  The bell rings three times. 

Samantha Coil: THREE!  Jonas Coleman has scored three consecutive touches! 

Jonas Coleman leans on the turnbuckle for a moment, dripping sweat and blood.  Akuma Satsui is rolling around on his back, looking like a beached whale covered in blood.  Coleman finally steadies himself, and starts to slowly head toward the next corner.  He knows and the fans know, he only has one more corner to touch, and he will be victorious. The fans are cheering their hearts out, reaching out, wanting to see the man who has stood up for them win this battle. 

Akuma Satsui slowly rolls over, and gets on all fours.  Blood is dripping to the mat, as Satsui rises to his knees.  His face is a mask of blood, and Satsui smiles widely. We can only see the whites of his eyes, and his teeth – the rest is red.  Suddenly, Satsui vomits blood, sending a stream of blood spattering out onto the mat.  There is a loud groan of disgust from the fans in attendance.  Akuma Satsui starts to cough, but as he does so, he grabs a handful of the chain and whips it violently, sending it flying in the air. 

Jonas Coleman feels the movement in the chain, and turns around.  He looks at Akuma Satsui in amazement.  Satsui stands up, wobbly at first but he gathers together a length of the chain in his hands and charges directly at Coleman, with the chain stretched out in front of him in a long line.  The chain connects with the neck of Jonas Coleman, clotheslining him backward into the corner. 

Eryk Masters: We’ve been singing the praises of Jonas Coleman tonight, but Akuma Satsui doesn’t want to lose this match anymore than Coleman does, OG. The dude just puked because of all the blood flowing into his mouth and down his throat from his head wounds.  This guy is hardcore. He is not going to let Coleman get that fourth touch easy. 

The Other Guy: Satsui sometimes almost gets overlooked in this whole feud, because he doesn’t talk, and Dymond never shuts up. Some people are making this out to be Dymond vs. Coleman more than Satsui vs. Coleman.  But you can’t overlook a 350 pound guy, especially when he’s crazier than a shithouse rat. Dymond has been totally neutralized in this match thanks to the chains, and Satsui has shown that he’s a mean motherfucker, with or without Dymond. 

Jonas Coleman is only temporarily stunned by the clothesline with the chain, and he starts to throw a series of quick rabbit punches across the face of Satsui, rocking the big man. Satsui responds back with his patented knife edge chops, aiming for the side of Coleman’s neck.  The chain drops to the mat, dangling between the two men, and soon enough we are seeing a replay of the brawl that led both men to fall off the loading dock the last time they met. 

Jonas Coleman is punching Akuma Satsui with perfectly timed and placed European style uppercuts.  As each punch lands, Satsui’s head snaps back from the impact, but he regains his composure quickly, and now he is raising his arm high over his head, and smashing the side of his hand down across the bloody forehead of Jonas Coleman, utilizing his hand like a cleaver, impacting the wounds on The Butcher’s head and worsening them. 

As the two men circle each other and face off, trading punches and chops back and forth, over and over, once again the fans in attendance have no choice but to come to their feet in unison, cheering the sight they are seeing – two men doing their best to destroy each other, neither one back down.  

Eryk Masters: One day when this war is over between these two guys, I think this might be the image of them that comes to mind when somebody mentions their feud.  The two of them, soaked in blood, standing face-to-face, toe-to-toe, and just pummeling the hell out of each other. 

The Other Guy: This thing between them has taken on a life of it’s own, that’s for sure.  It’s like all both of them care about is destroying each other. You don’t hear them talk about title shots, or the future, or using each other as a stepping stone.  They’re both totally focused on ending each other.  This is some intense shit. 

Jonas Coleman seems to be gaining the upper hand in the back-and-forth slugfest. Satsui appears to be running out of steam, and there is less and less force behind his chops. He is slowing down, and The Butcher can sense it.  Jonas Coleman leaps into the air, spins around, and lands a wicked spinning “Superman Punch” right upside Akuma Satsui’s head. 

Satsui staggers backward, wobbles, and as his eyes roll back in his head… 

He falls. 

The crowd roars as Jonas Coleman as once again put Akuma Satsui down.  Coleman looks exhausted, his forehead continues to bleed and his face is still mottled, red and cut.  He points at the corner.  He knows that this is it, all he has to do is touch the corner, score his fourth touch, and the match will be over. Jonas Coleman starts to stumble slowly toward the corner, reaching out. 

Dave Dymond is watching intently outside the ring.  As soon as Satsui fell, Dymond turned around and looked wildly at his surroundings.  Dymond only has a few feet of slack in the chain which is keeping him chained to the ringpost, but it is enough.  Dave Dymond reaches out, grabs a steel chair, and folds it up.  With a grunt, Dave Dymond flings the folded chair across the ring, where it hits Jonas Coleman across the ankles. 

Jonas Coleman turns around, and looks at Dymond with a mix of shock and anger.  Dave Dymond flips Coleman off with both hands, and starts to perform a bizarre jig as he gives Coleman the double-finger.  Coleman shakes his head, and starts to walk toward Dymond’s side of the ring. 

Eryk Masters: NO! Jonas don’t fall for it!  Just touch the corner!  That would hurt Dymond as badly as any beating you can lay on him! Don’t let him distract you dammit! 

The Other Guy: Way to be impartial, Masters. 

Jonas Coleman steps over the motionless body of Akuma Satsui, and then slides under the bottom chain, so he is outside the ring.  Coleman still has some slack left in the chain which is keeping him bound to Satsui.  He wraps the chain around his fist, and cocks it.   

With a straight right hand, The Butcher punches Dave Dymond right in the mouth, with a chain covered fist! 

Dave Dymond hits the ground as if he has been shot.  There is blood gushing from his mouth, and the ringside microphones can pick up the sound of Dymond screaming like a little girl, punctuating his screams with occasional curses and insults. 

Suddenly, the fans turn in unison and start looking up the aisle.  Two men have appeared at the top of the ramp, and they walk down the ramp and toward the ring, side by side, in step.  They are both very tall, well over six feet. They are both bald, they both have black goatees, and they are both wearing black suits, with black shoes, black shirts, and black sunglasses. 

They are virtually identical. 

The two men are marching quickly toward Dave Dymond and Jonas Coleman.  Coleman does not notice them coming, as he is now enjoying laying the boots to the helpless Dave Dymond.  Hearing the commotion of the fans, Coleman looks up in time to see the two identical men walking toward him.  We can see Coleman’s expression and the microphones pick up the sound of Jonas Coleman’s next statement… 

“What the fuck?” 

The Other Guy: So, Masters.  You, uh  – you see two guys there, right? 

Eryk Masters: Damn right, and they look like they mean business.  And they look identical! 

The Other Guy: Okay good.  I was just worried I was seeing double, or something. 

The two men arrive at ringside and leap forward, attacking Jonas Coleman! 

They have an almost bizarre poetry to their motion, as their fists are flying in perfect unison, and their feet are stamping downward at the same time in perfect synchronicity.  The two men are beating the hell out of the already bloody and beaten Jonas Coleman.  They are simultaneously punching and stomping him mercilessly.  As Coleman starts to fall, they pick him up and roll him into the ring. As soon as Coleman comes to a stop, they roll in after him. 

The fans are booing so loud it’s incredible, as the two identical looking bald men in black suits stand over the stunned Jonas Coleman.  They reach down together, and lift him up.  They have Coleman in the air, so he is facing the mat, face first.  They hold him vertical for a moment, and then drop him.  As he falls, both men drop to one knee, as they stand face-to-face. 

Jonas Coleman lands head first across their knees!  He bounces into the air, and then flops backward, bloody, and knocked cold.  The two men stand up, dust themselves off, and then nod to each other.  As the fans continue to jeer, the identical men roll out of the ring.  They take their place on either side of Dave Dymond, helping the bloody but joyous manager to his feet.  They straighten Dave Dymond up, and then simply stand on either side of them with their hands folded in front of them, no expression whatsoever on their faces. 

Eryk Masters: Who the hell ARE those guys? 

The Other Guy: Don’t ask me. They look like the Doublemint Twins from hell, or something.  But look how they are standing on either side of Dymond.  They put a whupping on Coleman, then they bashed his head across their knees, and now they look like secret service guys or something. 

Akuma Satsui rolls over, and sees Jonas Coleman laying on the mat next to him, beaten down.  Satsui gets to his knees, and pulls Coleman up into a sitting position by the hair. Satsui positions himself behind Coleman, and raises his right arm high in the air above his head, and holds his right hand up in the “claw” position – and it Satsui’s case it literally looks like a claw, due to his sharpened fingernails.   

With a scream, Satsui brings his hand swinging back down, and clamps it onto the cervicis muscle, on the side of the neck of Jonas Coleman, just above his left shoulder.  Satsui digs his fingernails into the neck/shoulder muscles of Jonas Coleman, screaming in laughter as he does so.  The body of The Butcher immediately starts to spasm in pain. 

Dave Dymond stands at ringside, jumping up and down like a demented child in a candy store.  He is still bleeding from the mouth, but the appearance of his two new identical companions seems to have energized him, and he is now enjoying watching Satsui squeeze the neck muscles of Jonas Coleman.


Eryk Masters: SHINKEI CLAW!  This is the move Dymond has been bragging about! He claims Satsui studied the human nervous system and knows the pressure points in the body which will destroy a person’s ability to stand pain or even keep their balance! 

The Other Guy: I don’t know what you want to call it, but Akuma Satsui is kneeling behind Coleman with his hand clamped down on his neck and shoulder muscles, with that nerve hold, and Coleman is in a world of trouble here. 

Finally, after what seems like a lifetime, Akuma Satsui releases the hold, and stands up.  Jonas Coleman collapses. He is beaten, bloody, and his foot is twitching.  Akuma Satsui slowly shuffles to the nearest turnbuckle, and slaps it.  The bell rings, and the fans boo.  They know that Satsui has now broken Coleman’s three touch lead. 

Samantha Coil: Akuma Satsui has scored one touch! 

Akuma Satsui slowly drags himself across the ring. His shoulders are slumped and he is dripping blood, as he shuffles painfully, dragging the chain behind him.  The chain is still attached to Coleman’s arm, but Coleman does not move.  Satsui hits the turnbuckle and bell rings twice. 

Samantha Coil: TWO! Akuma Satsui has scored two consecutive touches! 

Akuma Satsui leans against the corner, and looks as if he is about to collapse. Outside the ring, Dave Dymond is throwing a fit, pointing at the next corner, jumping up and down, screaming and encouraging Satsui to keep going. Satsui leans against the top chain-rope, and uses it to keep him vertical.  He reaches the far corner, and brushes the turnbuckle with his hand. 

The bell rings three times. 

Samantha Coil: THREE! Akuma Satsui has scored three consecutive touches! 

At the sound of the bell ringing three times, Jonas Coleman stirs.  He rolls over onto his stomach and slowly opens his eyes, even though blood is dripping down his face and obscuring his vision.  He sees Satsui slowly stumbling toward the final corner, the one in front of Dave Dymond.   

Coleman shakes his head, and tries to get up, but he cannot find the strength.  He starts to literally crawl across the ring, pulling himself forward with his fingernails.  The fans are deafening, exhorting Jonas Coleman to find the strength somewhere to rise one more time, but at the same time, Akuma Satsui starts to wobble.   

You can tell Satsui is faint because of blood loss.  He takes a couple of shuffle-steps toward the corner, and then stretches his arm out, and starts to fall forward.  He collapses, but as he falls, his fingertips barely brush the top turnbuckle.  Jonas Coleman weakly pulls on the chain, but it is too little, too late. 

The bell rings four times. 


The boos and jeers echo from every corner and every crevice of the entire arena, and garbage flies toward the ring from all directions.  Willie Dean unlocks Dave Dymond, and then rolls into the ring and unlocks the chain from the wrists of Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui.  Dean starts to wrap the chain up, and looks around at the carnage, shaking his head. 

As “Brotherhood of Man” starts to play, a huge group of men with the word CREW across their backs rush down the aisle, and ignoring the wrestlers, they start to take the chain ropes down, and dismantle the chain match set up.  Another group is already under the ring, pulling out the ropes and turnbuckles. 

In the ring, both Akuma Satsui and Jonas Coleman lay in a mess of blood. Both appear to be out cold.  Dave Dymond and his two new identical companions enter the ring, and Dave Dymond takes the microphone from Samantha Coil and holds his arm up. 

Dave Dymond: VICTORY!  You have seen the ultimate defeat, and last stand of your beloved Butcher, Jonas Coleman! 

A group of EMT’s have rolled the unconscious Jonas Coleman out of the ring, and onto a waiting stretcher.  Akuma Satsui has sat up and is now on his knees next to Dave Dymond, staring straight ahead with glassy, dead eyes. 

Dave Dymond: I warned Coleman if he put his hands on me one more time, he’d pay.  He didn’t listen, and he paid.  Let that be a lesson to ALL of you.  And now, I would like to introduce to you my NEW bodyguards, who will also be crowned the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions at the earliest opportunity. 

Introducing Clubber and Stomper… 

Ladies and Gentlemen, they are… 


As the two identical men hold Dave Dymond’s arms high into the air, a graphic appears on the video screens… 


The fans do not seem to be impressed with Dave Dymond’s Damage Control, and continue to jeer.  The ring is literally being dismantled around Dave Dymond and Damage Control, so the two huge men help Dave Dymond out of the ring, and Akuma Satsui staggers along with them. 

The shot changes to Eryk Masters and The Other Guy in the broadcast position. 

Eryk Masters: Akuma Satsui gets the win, but not without the help of Clubber and Stomper, Dave Dymond’s new bodyguards, and apparently SHOOT Project’s newest Tag Team – Damage Control. 

The Other Guy: I don’t care what Dymond says, I don’t think for one damn minute that this war between Satsui and Coleman is over.  The fact is, Satsui needed Damage Control’s help to put Coleman down.  Yeah, Satsui looked unstoppable, but so did Coleman, and he didn’t have any damn help either. 

Eryk Masters: I agree. I have to think we haven’t seen the last of Jonas Coleman, and neither has Dave Dymond and Akuma Satsui.  And the most amazing thing is, as we watch the crew set the standard ring back up…we’re not even done yet! 

The Other Guy: I know!  The Main Event is still coming!  What a show! I’m stoked for this next match, Masters!


The video feed cuts to the outside of the Cardiff City Stadium. Specifically, to the parking lot reserved for tonight’s very important people – wrestlers, referees, security, and so on down the line. The area is large – not overwhelmingly so – but there is a certain tension in the air as the building’s security lights spill into the darkness. 

Standing by the back entrance is Ichiro Seppuku, his hand still on the doorknob, his eyes locked across the parking lot. 

As the camera turns, we see Kenji Yamada standing in the dead center of the parking lot, his eyes locked on Ichiro Seppuku. 

A strong wind blows in but neither men move as the bottom of Ichiro’s black trenchcoat undulates like a serpant around his legs and Kenji Yamada’s hair seems to almost bristle upward. 

Kenji raises a thumb toward his throat and draws it methodically across. 

Ichiro responds by extending his index finger toward Kenji, pointing at him, then cocking his thumb upward and pulling back as a smile crosses his his face. 

Kenji simply stares back at his former friend, and rival, who turns his head to the side and pretends to blow away smoke from the mock gun before stepping backwards into the arena – the door slamming behind him as another strong wind howls through the night. 


Samantha Coil: The following contest is your Night Two Main Event, and is for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans begin to cheer loudly, in anticipation. The cheering gets louder as “Thickfreakness” by the Black Keys begins to play!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger!

Ben Jackman steps out from the back, suddenly, with his fists taped up. His black biker shorts trimmed in red, his black boots with red laces, he starts to make his way down the ring with a look of determination on his face, along with a smile for the appreciation he’s shown on his way down, pointing out a few pro-Jackman signs in the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: From Austin, Texas! Weighing in at 283 pounds! He is BENNNNNNNNNNN “The Blackout” JAAAAAAAAAAAACKMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Jackman throws his arms out as he walks up the steps and quickly steps into the ring, throwing his arms out wide again he grins as he soaks in the cheers. His music slowly fades out, and the smile fades with it.

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: Now it’s time to show everyone how a real star makes an entrance…

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: You can’t be serious with me.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: You know I am.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title rests comfortably over Cade’s other shoulder, his hand holding it in place as he grins at the sea of booing fans.

Cassi Ryan: Now that the Ghost of Christmas That never Was has made it, allow me to honor you all with the introduction of the finest man both in and out of this business to ever walk the face of this planet. The superior athlete, the ultimate champion! Your hero, and mine!

The couple continue their way down the ramp, seemingly ignoring the jeers they elicit, but lingering with each step just long enough to basically encourage it.

Cassi Ryan: Weighing in at 174 pounds, from Southport, North Carolina! He is the most decorated man in all of wrestling! God’s Favorite Wrestler, and the current two-time SHOOT Project World Champion! CAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

They stop at the bottom of the ramp, as Cassi tilts her head back to say his name. Cade kisses her cheek and swats her on the rear, pointing her toward the timekeeper’s table to wait and watch, he starts up the ringsteps himself and hands the title over to referee Tony Lorenzo.

Eryk Masters: Now normally Cassi gets in the ring with Cade.

Other Guy: But Ben Jackman likes to intimidate women, and so she’s staying out of the ring.

Samantha Coil gets out of the ring as Tony Lorenzo raises the belt in the air. He turns and gives both men last minute instructions, Jackman nods while Cade rolls his eyes, then he turns and hands the belt off to Samantha to take with her to the timekeeper’s table.

Other Guy: Man, I hate to say this, but Ben Jackman looks ready tonight.

Eryk Masters: He definitely has that fire in him right now. Cade’s in for more of a fight than he thinks he is, I’m sure of that!

The bell sounds as Ben Jackman glares across the ring at Cade Sydal, who returns the icy stare with a confident smirk. The two men start to circle the ring with slow steps, and Cade raises both hands up, his fingers spread wide. Jackman stops and looks at him with cautious disbelief before shrugging his shoulders and locking knuckles with Cade. Cade drops to his back and rolls backward quickly to his feet, twisting Jackman’s wrists awkwardly.

Other Guy: I gotta admit, I wasn’t too sure when he went for the ole’ test of strength, but that was a pretty smart move right there.

Eryk Masters: …look at you, marking out for the first move.

Other Guy: Hey! We have a champion we can all be proud of, you should feel honored to call this match!

Cade struggles, but manages to force Jackman’s hands down onto the canvas. Cade hops up, pulling his knees in tight to his chest he releases his grip on Jackman’s knuckles and stomps his feet down! But Jackman pulls his hands off the mat just a split-second before Cade’s feet stomp hard on the canvas and Jackman swings a straight left at Cade’s chin! Cade ducks under the punch and rolls forward, catching Jackman’s ankle as he does so to trip him up, Cade rolls over Jackman’s body, turning him over to his belly and quickly rolls up his body to grab him in a side headlock on the canvas, grinning cockily.

Eryk Master: Did you see that? Cade wants nothing to do with Jackman’s fists. He’d much rather keep things on the mat and use his technical experience.

Other Guy: Well of course he would! He’s the Technical Messiah, Eryk. C’mon now, you really should do your research.

Eryk Masters: I…what?

Jackman turns his body toward Cade and gets his knees under himself. He starts pushing Cade to his feet, and Cade shakes his head. He grabs Jackman’s left wrist and quickly swings under it, hooking it at the elbow he pulls him into a hammerlock. Jackman looks to throw an elbow back, but Cade quickly hooks under the arm and hooks a half-nelson, he swings under the half-nelson and comes around in front of Jackman, snapmaring him down to the canvas! Cade quickly covers him, hooking a leg and his arm tight!

Other Guy: Quick pin attempt!



Jackman kicks out and rolls toward his chest, and Cade catches his left wrist and swings under it, pressing Jackman to the canvas he presses his knee into the back of Jackman’s left shoulder and pulls the arm toward himself at a nasty angle.

Eryk Masters: Jackman kicked out with ease, but like a piranha Cade has latched onto him. He doesn’t want Jackman to get to his feet, he wants to keep him down on the ground where his size won’t matter!

Other Guy: It’s a good strategy.

Jackman starts to push up, however, and Cade removes his knee from the shoulder and tucks the elbow, pulling Jackman into a hammerlock once again. Jackman bends to pick Cade’s ankle, but Cade wrenches on the wrist and elbow, forcing Jackman upright again.

Other Guy: Jackman’s looking for a way out, but Cade refusing to let him find an escape from this hold!

Eryk Masters: The moment he gets to lay his hands on Cade will be worth it, I promise you.

Jackman bends down again and Cade wrenches on the hold once more. As Jackman straightens up he looks over his shoulder and throws his elbow back quickly, smashing it right into Cade’s smirking face! Cade releases the hammerlock as he instinctively grabs his mouth and turns to the side, he turns with a sneer toward Jackman, only to be met with a hard right jab and the fans cheer loudly! Another right jab follows and Cade turns his head right into a left cross that sends him reeling to the ropes!

Eryk Masters: That was prophetic!

Jackman whips Cade off the ropes and follows him, catching him as he rebounds off with a sudden high back body drop that sends Cade flying and crashing down on the opposite end of the ring!

Other Guy: He usually needs more…assistance to get that high!

Cade gets to his feet, holding his back and turns, spotting Jackman ready to pounce! Cade drops down suddenly to his back and rolls under the bottom rope, shaking his head and wagging his finger. The fans begin to boo as Cade regains his composure on the outside, ignoring Tony Lorenzo’s warnings that he can get counted out.




Eryk Masters: Look at him! He’s not even paying attention to the count, he’s just…talking to himself?

Other Guy: Self-motivating, E!

Jackman decides Cade’s had enough time and steps out through the ropes he drops down right behind Cade and taps on his shoulder. Cade shrugs his shoulder, waving his hand behind himself dismissively.

Cade Sydal: Leave me alone, Tod! I know how long I’ve got!

Jackman smirks before grabbing Cade by the shoulder for a moment. Cade blinks slowly, and as he realizes the hand is much larger than Tony Lorenzo’s he swallows a lump in his throat. Jackman turns Cade around by the shoulder and kicks him in the gut as Lorenzo begins to count again.


Jackman whips Cade toward the barricade, but Cade leaps up and lands on top of it with both feet.


Cade pushes off immediately and turns, planting the pursuing Jackman with a dropkick to the chin and both men hit the floor!


Other Guy: And it looks like the self-motivating worked!


Cade pushes to his feet, holding his ribs, he quickly rolls into the ring, pointing to the outside for Tony Lorenzo to keep counting!

Eryk Masters: Is he really looking for the count out victory right now?!

Other Guy: Why not? He keeps the title that way!

After some hesitation, Tony Lorenzo continues, as Jackman slowly shakes the cobwebs loose.



Jackman pushes to his feet, a little bit of blood trickling down from his nose.


Jackman rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and Cade quickly meets him with a stomp to the back of the shoulder before he can get up! Jackman pushes up again and as Cade comes toward him to kick, Jackman pushes his hands out into Cade’s chest, shoving him back hard! Cade stumbles back and sneers, he lunges forward with a Yakuza-style kick for Jackman’s face as he’s on his knees, but Jackman ducks! Cade stumbles off-balance as his foot stomps the canvas hard, he turns around and Jackman explodes off his knees to scoop him up and snap him over with a powerslam!

Eryk Masters: Did you see that?! He made that look EASY!

Other Guy: You’re telling me!

Jackman hooks Cade’s leg deep for a cover!




Cade kicks out, and Jackman quickly pulls him up to his feet. Jackman sends Cade to a corner and rushes in to follow with a clothesline in the turnbuckles, but Cade throws a foot up right into Jackman’s left shoulder. Jackman staggers back and Cade rushes out of the corner, turning he leaps into Jackman with a wheelbarrow! He pushes up off the canvas, but Jackman quickly steps forward and pushes him down, driving his face into the top turnbuckle pad! Jackman snaps back quickly, releasing Cade with a wheelbarrow suplex across the ring!

Other Guy: C’mon now, that was just mean!

Eryk Masters: Mean? That was crazy!

Jackman makes it to Cade and turns him over off of his belly and hooks both legs for the cover!




Cade kicks out, and Jackman is there to pull him to his feet again. Jackman whips Cade off the ropes this time, but instead of hitting the ropes and rebounding back Cade baseball slides under the bottom rope and lands on his feet, he waves his hands behind himself and starts walking toward the ramp.

Eryk Masters: That’s your champion? He’s leaving!

Other Guy: He’s not leaving he’s just…wait, he’s heading up the ramp. Is he leaving?

Jackman quickly follows behind Cade, though, and as Cade makes it about halfway up the ramp Jackman has caught up to him and barrels into him with both arms clubbing across his shoulders! Cade drops to the ramp with a thud!

Other Guy: Well that was uncalled for!

Eryk Masters: He was trying to walk out on the match!

Other Guy: We don’t KNOW that!

Jackman pulls Cade to his feet and grabs him by the head, dragging him toward the ring as Tony Lorenzo yells at them to get back in the ring, no count haven been started just yet. Cade suddenly slaps his arms down across Jackman’s wrist, making him let go of his head, Cade snaps a quick roundhouse kick to the back of Jackman’s head!

Other Guy: See, he was just playing possum…

Eryk Masters: That looked more like an act of desperation.

Jackman stumbles forward, grabbing the back of his head instinctively, and Cade quickly grabs him by the left wrist and slides into the ring only to quickly roll over the bottom rope and pull back hard on Jackman’s wrist and let it go, snapping his arm down across the canvas like a slingshot! Jackman cringes as Cade gets to his knees on the apron and grabs Jackman’s wrist, pulling it from under the bottom rope over it and leaning back behind his head fiercely as Tony Lorenzo starts ordering Cade to let go of the hold and get in the ring, Cade continues to ignore the warnings.

Eryk Masters: He doesn’t care if he gets disqualified, look at him!

Other Guy: Of course he doesn’t.

Tony Lorenzo starts to tell Cade that he’s going to count, Ben Jackman roars through the pain and turns his head to stare into Cade’s eyes, and he spits right in his face! Cade’s eyes grow wide and he visibly shakes with anger as the spit drips from his features.

Eryk Masters: I…I think Ben Jackman’s awake now!

Other Guy: You think he’s awake? Imagine what he just did to the champ? He looks PISSED!

Cade pulls back harder on the arm before suddenly letting it go and snapping Jackman’s forearm down to the canvas again with a stinging thud, Cade rolls into the ring and grabs Jackman’s wrist before he can pull his arm to himself, Cade pushes his feet on the bottom rope and pulls on Jackman’s wrist form inside the ring, tugging painfully at his shoulder while keeping him outside of the ring! Tony Lorenzo reaches down and grabs Cade, pulling his hands off of Jackman’s wrist!

Other Guy: He can’t do that!

Eryk Masters: Like hell he can’t! He knows Cade was trying to get disqualified, he’s not going to let it go down like that!

Cade rolls back out of the ring and grabs Jackman from behind as he pulls his arm in close to his body, Cade runs toward the guard rail holding Jackman’s shoulder and the back of his tights. But at the last second, Jackman turns his body and shoves his right hand into the middle of Cade’s back, shoving him into the barricade chest first instead! Jackman hooks Cade from behind and turns, quickly rolling him under the bottom rope, Jackman follows in and hooks Cade’s leg with his right arm!

Eryk Masters: Jackman with a well-timed reversal, and now he’s in control!



Cade kicks out!

Other Guy: But for how long, E?

Jackman pulls Cade up with his right arm, holding his left in close, he whips Cade to the corner hard and as Cade stumbles out clutching his back, Jackman snatches him up under both arms and pops his hips, sending Cade flying overhead with a release belly to belly suplex!

Eryk Masters: Ben Jackman has been suplexing Cade Sydal out of his boots literally every chance he’s gotten!

Other Guy: But if Cade keeps zoning in on Jackman’s left arm, its going to lessen the impact those suplexes have behind them.

Jackman makes his way across the ring as Cade starts to push up to his feet, and Jackman quickly catches Cade with a quick right jab to the side of the face that rocks him! Jackman grabs Cade by the right arm and whips him off the ropes, but Cade ducks under the arm and himself around to run up Jackman’s side, ending up on his shoulders! But Jackman drops back and leans back to bridge, stacking Cade on his shoulders painfully!

Other Guy: What the hell is that?!




Cade kicks out!

Eryk Masters: I have no idea, but it almost cost your boy the SHOOT project World Heavyweight Championship!

As Cade kicks out he turns to his belly, but Jackman quickly catches his leg and steps over it, dropping down he grabs Cade up around the face with an STF!

Eryk Masters: And now he’s showing him he can wrestle too! He’s got Cade in the middle of the ring with a perfect STF!

Cade claws at the canvas in a panic, as Cardiff explodes with cheers! Jackman pulls back harder, clenching his teeth as he fights the pain in his own left elbow and forearm! Cassi starts slapping the canvas, trying to cheer Cade on, who just screams at Tony Lorenzo to get out of his face! Jackman pulls back harder, and Cade screams out in pain!

Other Guy: Ben Jackman is about to break Cade’s neck with that hold!

Cade starts clawing at Jackman’s wrists, trying to break the strong grasp. Finding no way to do that he starts pushing the left hand of Jackman up over his mouth and fights to push a finger in, he bites down on it hard!

Other Guy: Well, there’s one way out of that!

Jackman screams out as Lorenzo chastises Cade, who keeps his teeth clamped down hard as Jackman releases the hold…until Jackman’s right fist comes across from the outside right into the side of his face again, forcing Cade to let go!

Eryk Masters: He took a page out of Mike Tyson’s book!

Jackman gets to his feet, as Cade rolls to his own, holding his cheek, he glares up at Jackman before leading in with a kick, that Jackman steps back to avoid, and Cade spins through with a roaring elbow! Jackman ducks under it and swings Cade up over his shoulder, hooking his head with the other arm! Cassi Ryan jumps up onto the apron and starts to come through the ropes, drawing the attention of Tony Lorenzo and Ben Jackman, who turns while holding Cade to stare at Cassi.

Other Guy: That-a-girl! Stop him from hurting your man!

As Tony Lorenzo starts yelling at Cassi, she argues back and Jackman starts to walk toward them, still holding Cade, when Cade suddenly manages to wiggle his legs enough to slide down Jackman’s back and after stepping back and out of Jackman’s grasp, he kicks his leg up right through Ben’s legs from behind! Jackman doubles over and drops to both knees, clutching at his groin in pain and coughing. Cassi throws her hands up in the air, and gets back out on the floor as Tony Lorenzo turns around to see Cade throwing his arms out wide, soaking in the chorus of boos!

Eryk Masters: That’s the act of a coward!

Other Guy: He was in a predicament and found a way out of it…I’d call that pretty smart!

Cade kicks Jackman over onto his back and stomps down hard on the top of his face, driving his head into the canvas Cade grins cruelly before running to the ropes and rebounding once to jump over Jackman, he comes off the opposite ropes and leaps into the air with a Shooting Star Press!

Other Guy: And the People’s Shooting Star Press to add insult to injury!

Cade hooks both of Jackman’s legs deep!




Jackman kicks out! And Cade grips the wrist and swings himself around Jackman’s body, trying to get a full mount and lock in the Kimura Armbar!

Eryk Masters: Jackman’s fighting off the Ecstasy Lock!

Cade continues to try and fight to get the hold on, as Jackman starts turning his body, getting his knees under himself. Cade quickly turns and drives a knee up into Jackman’s chin, dropping him back down to a knee, Cade grabs Jackman’s arm and swings under it quickly, placing a knee on the elbow he drops down to it, driving the arm into the canvas in the process! Jackman cries out in pain, as the fans boo again loudly.

Other Guy: He should have just stayed down! Cade wouldn’t have to break his arm like this if he did!

Eryk Masters: Cade will have to break his arm or knock him out to keep him down, I assure you.

Cade nods his head to Cassi, who quickly turns and moves to the timekeeper’s table. She grabs the World Championship belt forcefully from Mark Kendrick’s table before he can grab it, she turns toward the ring and Tony Lorenzo spots her with the belt, he immediately starts to question her! Cade moves to a corner behind Lorenzo’s back and quickly starts untying the top turnbuckle pad, with a grin on his face. Lorenzo makes Cassi put the title belt back on the table, and she stomps her feet with a pout as she does so. Lorenzo turns around just as Cade tosses the turnbuckle pad on the mat!

Eryk Masters: Busted!

Other Guy: Deny it, Cade!

Lorenzo picks up the turnbuckle pad, and holds it in Cade’s face, clearly asking if Cade took it off, and Cade shakes his head!

Cade Sydal: It fell off! I was trying to put it back on, I promise!

Lorenzo shakes his head and moves to start putting the pad back on, and Cade rushes to Jackman, kicking him in the chest as he starts to get to his feet! Jackman takes a step back from the kick and as Cade comes in for another kick he reaches out and catches the leg! Jackman pushes Cade back, forcing Cade to regain his balance! Jackman runs at Cade and leaps up for a flying shoulder tackle, but Cade ducks out of the way and Jackman crashes into Tony Lorenzo’s back, crushing him into the still-exposed turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Ben Jackman just took out Tony Lorenzo!

Eryk Masters: WHAT?! Are you kidding me!?

Other Guy: Did he hit him?

Eryk Masters: Yes, bu–

Other Guy: Well there you have it.

As Jackman pushes back to his feet, he looks down and spots the crushed official. He turns around, just as Cade runs in at him, he leaps, but Jackman catches under him and takes off running, he snaps down to drive Cade into the middle of the ring with a fierce spinebuster!

Eryk Masters: And just like that Ben Jackman DESTROYS Cade’s back!

Jackman pushes to his feet, throwing his arms out and keeping them straight, he lets out a primal roar! Cade starts to get to his feet, his back to Jackman, who grabs him up in a waistlock! Jackman snaps Cade back with a German suplex, and keeps his grip locked in, rolling he pulls Cade to his feet just as Willie Dean starts to run down the ramp!

Other Guy: No! This is a horrible time for a new referee to come out here!

Jackman moves his arms up, hooking Cade in a full nelson he snaps back with a Dragon Suplex! He rolls to the side and pulls Cade up with the full nelson before releasing first one arm and hooking it with an underhook instead, and then the same with the other arm as Cade struggles to try and break free! Jackman snaps back with a Tiger Suplex, bridging! Willie Dean is slow to slide into the ring!

Eryk Masters: Rolling Blackout!




Cade kicks out, and Jackman shakes his left arm to get more blood to flow to it! Jackman is to his feet first, and he pulls Cade to his feet he whips him to the ropes and catches Cade on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl! But Cade swings through, hooking around Jackman’s arm and drives Jackman down to the canvas with a flying Fujiwara armbar instead! Cade turns his body and rolls forward off his head to bridge, pulling Jackman’s arm up harshly behind his back toward the other side of his body!

Eryk Masters: Ben Jackman gave Cade just a moment’s worth of time to find an opening, and he seized it!

Other Guy: Like a champion should! And now it’s Cade’s turn to try to break the challenger with a submission hold!

Jackman screams out as Willie Dean asks him if he wants to submit, and starts reaching for the ropes with his right hand! Cade brings his hands closer to his own chest, pulling harder on Jackman’s left arm live a lever and Jackman screams out in pain again! Jackman claws at the canvas and starts moving toward the ropes, when Cade turns his body and rolls back over Jackman’s back, locking in a more traditional Fujiwara armbar.

Other Guy: C’mon, Cade! Don’t let him get any more ground!

Eryk Masters: If he can just make it about six more inches, Ben Jackman might be able to reach the ropes!

Instead of moving forward, however, Jackman turns his body toward Cade’s and rolls him over his body suddenly, stacking Cade on his shoulders with a schoolboy!



Cade kicks out and scrambles to his feet as Jackman is quick to do the same, Cade leaps up for a NINJAGUIRI! But Jackman ducks under it, and Cade flails his legs to land on his feet, barely avoiding crashing and burning, Cade turns right into a boot to the gut! Jackman pulls Cade up into a crucifix powerbomb quickly, Jackman snaps Cade over off and catches his head, dropping to spike Cade’s head into the canvas with a DDT!


The fans explode with cheers, as Jackman slowly turns Cade’s nearly lifeless body onto his back and hooks both legs!

Other Guy: NO!




The count stops, as Cassi rolls under the bottom rope and dives onto Willie Dean with a surprisingly well-placed elbow, stopping him from counting!


Other Guy: Oh thank God for Cassi Ryan!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on already!

Jackman looks over at the scene, and Cassi Ryan meets his gaze with wide-eyed horror. She starts apologizing immediately, putting her hands together she looks to start begging, as suddenly the bell rings! They both look over to see Willie Dean waving his hand toward the timekeeper’s table, holding the back of his head, as the booing continues!


Other Guy: Whoa!

Jackman looks at Cassi furiously, as she quickly starts crawling backward, she gets out of the ring quickly, pleading with Jackman not to hurt her as Samantha Coil reluctantly raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, via disqualification! BEN! “The Blackout” JACKMAN! However, the championship cannot change hands on a disqualification, and therefore the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion is STILL Cade Sydal…

She lowers the microphone slowly, shaking her head she mouths “I’m Sorry, Ben” to Jackman in the ring, who turns to look down furiously at Cade Sydal, who only just starts to push to his knees, “Thickfreakness” By The Black Keys begins to play. Cassi Ryan grabs the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title as Cade rolls out of the ring. Cassi catches him, and helps him to his feet while she hands him the title belt, but Jackman drops to the floor and slaps the title belt out of Cade’s hand, staring in his eyes!

Eryk Masters: Break his face, Ben!

Other Guy: Come on, Ben! You won, let him go man!

Jackman points to Cade, and then to himself, his stare never-wavering.

Ben Jackman: This isn’t over.

He shoves his hand into Cade’s chest and sends Cade to the floor, before starting up the ramp himself, leaving Cade and Cassi down at ringside. Cassi bending to pick up the title belt, as Cade tries to pick himself up on the ring apron, cradling his head with one arm as he does so.

Eryk Masters: Ben Jackman got robbed, and you know he means it when he tells Cade that this isn’t over!

Other Guy: You call that a robbery, I call that a smart retention strategy, E! Like it or not, Cade Sydal is still our SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. In his book, that’s a win, and you know it.

Eryk Masters: When Ben Jackman gets the rematch he absolutely deserves, he’s going to remember tonight and he’s going to crush Cade into a pulp!

The commentators continue to argue, as their voices face out. The shot fades out to the SHOOT Project Helmet logo.