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Dr. Ned Reform

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Name:Ned Reform
Wrestling Style:Chickenshit Heel
Weight:227 lbs
Date of Birth:02/09/1992
Hometown:Litchfield, CT
Finisher Name:The Ad Homineum
Finishing Move:Crossface Chickenwing
Theme Music:"Fure Elise" by Cole Rolland
Signature 1:The Thesis Statement (Top Rope Guillotine Leg Drop)
Signature 2:The Thinking Man's Uppercut (Goldust's uppercut)
Signature 3:The Syllabuster (Regal Bomb)
Signature 4:Shot w/class ring (behind ref's back)
Bio:Ned Reform believes himself to have all the insight, wit, and intellect to solve any problem. He understands that others lack this ability and are often jealous of his great mind, but he nonetheless wants to help make the world a better place in spite of the scorn that he might receive while doing it. People can’t help themselves but be bitter - it’s up to Reform to rise above all that and be the better man. A skilled athlete with a doctorate in… something… Reform currently believes it’s his mission in life to improve professional wrestling and elevate the sport as only he can. He has little time or patience for others' points of view on the matter and will not hesitate to get violent if he feels that his brilliance is challenged or if he’s not being given the respect that he deserves. The fact that he’s willing to take every shortcut in the book in the ring does little to shake his confidence. Have you ever met someone that wasn't as smart as they thought they were but insisted upon helping you solve a problem that you didn’t ask them to help solve? Then you’ve met Ned Reform.